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Table Of Contents
The Offer
The Offer Setup
Review Landing Page
Traffic Sources
FREE Traffic Source #1
FREE Traffic Source #2
Paid Traffic Source #1
Paid Traffic Source #2
Paid Traffic Source #3
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Thanks for picking up Simple Profit System. If this is your
first time getting a product from me then Welcome. If you
are returning Welcome back.
I like to get right into the action, and not spend too much
time on myself.
But if you have to know, here is the quick version.
Started online in 1997 and have been full time making
money from the internet. I have a family to support over
those years and it wasn’t always easy.
I had to try, and try, and try, a lot of stuff to see what
works. And now I am hear to give you all I know.
These are the same strategies I used today, and have
perfected over the years.
See, now that was short, right?
Ok let’s get right into the action. But I want to just talk
with you for a second. Again really quick because it’s
Free CPA Training
I will show you a few offers that you can promote from
“one” CPA network. I’m not in control of these networks
so I can’t guarantee you will be accepted. So if you’re not
accepted to the network I use, don’t get frustrated. Some
networks like you, some don’t. Just don’t take it
But the Good News…
… is there are close to 300 good networks that you can
apply. And I will guarantee one of those will be a match
for you.
And also the Great News…
There are over 41,000 offers you can chose from and
make money off.
The Offer
If you have picked up any of my others trainings you know
I want you to stick to 4 of the top niches for maximum
Free CPA Training
Dating is one of the top 4 niches that has the most buyers
and that means you can make the most money.
I’m going to show you 3 different offers that I put onto a
review site. I have found that when people are presented
with different choices they are more likely to chose “one”,
instead of nothing.
This means that if 3 offers are on a page, they will get
clicked on at a higher percentage than if you have one
leadpage with only one offer.
You give options, A, B, or C. Give the visitor options.
Dating is crazy huge and there are so many sub niches
that it’s almost scary the amount of money you can make.
Christian Singles, Singles over 50, Senior Dating, Dating
for Golfers, Fitness Dating, Hookups, Flirt Buddies, Black
People Dating, Asian Dating,
Etc, Etc….
You get the point. The sub niches are huge.
And, And…
Free CPA Training
The Traffic to dating sites is Huge. There are way more
people looking for dating online then there is marketers
like you and I who can supply that demand.
The offer I use are from the CPA network, CPA
Prosperity. They have some really niche offers.
Visit CPA Prosperity Here
If you can’t get accepted into CPAprosperity then you will
have to search for another Network.
Let’s find some dating offers
Go to offervault
Click on Advanced Search
Choose Dating, United States, Lead, and max $10
Free CPA Training
26 Offers come up. These are the offers to choose from.
Under $10 are easier to convert because they are always
free for the user to signup. But you still get paid for the
Choose a Network, apply, and then start collecting urls to
add to your landing page.
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The Offer Setup
I’m going to show you the setup using CPAProsperity and
there offers. If you have another CPA network just apply
what I am going to show you using similar dating offers
that are in your network.
Search and find these 3 offers
(2004) Flirtbuddies DOI
(2655) Desktop
(2220) IHeartBreaker DOI
When you find the offers click on the link. A window will
open up and ask you the traffic source. From the drop
down click on PPC
Free CPA Training
Next you will have to wait for your account manager to
approve the offers. It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to your
account manager and let them know you need to get
these offers approved.
Once the offer is approved click on the link and get the
links to add to your landing page.
Click on creatives, then copy the link inside.
Free CPA Training
You should have 3 links from 3 different offers. Also if
you can find the link that leads directly to the join page.
Your conversion will increase if you can go straight to the
join page.
Review Landing Page
Now I want to show you the landing page I use and how
you can setup your own. If you are not able to setup your
own landing page, here are 2 sites that you can get
programmers to build a site for you.
Free CPA Training
Upwork will give you some great programmers to help
build you a review site.
Here is how you want your review site to look like. And I
will explain everything on here.
Free CPA Training
*** Do you want this exact same landing page so you
don’t have to hire a programmer to make it for you?
Click here and you will be able to download the exact
page, plus the 5 articles.
Free CPA Training
The next chapter I will talk about driving traffic to this
review site. But first let me break down each section.
I have a section for articles. This is the part the search
engines love. Plus this helps when buying advertising
space on Google and Facebook. It shows that you have
real content.
You can get programmers from upwork to create some
unique content to put on your review site.
*** How would you like a package of over 200 PLR dating
articles to add to your review site?
Click here to get ready to go articles that will give your
review site some fresh dating articles. Then you don’t
have to hire a copywriter to write them for you.
Free CPA Training
Under the articles I have “Dating Sites’. These links will
rotate between the 3 different offers.
The top banner is 468X68 size and can also rotate
between the 2 different offers.
The main section is the most important. What this does is
give the visitor a choice between the 3 different offers.
When people have a choice they are more likely to take
Free CPA Training
These are just the 3 dating offers I use and they work
great. You can pick them or use any, but the important
thing is to have choices.
Free CPA Training
People love review sites because they feel like someone
else has put in all the work for them. So they can just click
on the offers and take action. Then you get paid.
If you don’t want to create this landing page yourself, or
hire out a programmer. You can click here to get this
exact same landing page ready to go.
Traffic Sources
Driving massive amounts of quality traffic to your landing
is really the easy part. The hard part is converting the
traffic into leads so you get paid. But I have already laid
out a winning landing page that converts.
So now all we have to do is talk about traffic sources.
You only have 2 options when it comes to traffic. Buy
traffic, (easy and fast way) and Free Traffic (slow and hard
Either way works. It’s just up to you if you have the
patience or time to work on free traffic.
But I will talk about both. Let’s talk free traffic first.
Free CPA Training
With dating sites you have a few options, but first I want to
show you a stat on one of the CPA offers you will be
This is who is going to the website
You should notice that 95% of the traffic is Men. So when
you are working on free traffic sources, and paid, you
need to be targeting MEN. I’m a man, and I have no
problem doing what is takes to attract Men to an offer. I
want to get paid and so should you. And my wife does not
care how I attract Men to an offer also.
Ok, now that I got that off my chest. 🙂
Free CPA Training
FREE Traffic Source #1
First option for free traffic. Set Up an instagram account
as a female. Female picture and female name.
Remember you trying to attract men and using Free
If you don’t like these methods then just pay for the traffic.
Once you have your instagram account setup put your
landing page link inside your Bio. Now go out and ONLY
follow men. Once you start following men, try and follow
about 300 new users per day.
Everyday you can post photos of hot girls. NO NUDE,
just pretty girls. You can even call your instagram
username something like, “hotcaliforniagirls”
“beachbikinigirls”. Anything to attract MEN. Why
because men are the target audience.
You could build up a pretty big follower base if you are
posting everyday and following new MEN.
Free CPA Training
I know you may be asking how do I get photos of hot girls.
Go to google image and search.
FREE Traffic Source #2
Ok so using an instagram account with a female photo is
not your thing. Well then become an expert in the dating
Go to youtube and post a video each day, you talking into
the camera. Give tips, and strategies on how men can
find dates online.
Inside the description of your video put the link to your
landing page. Create one video every day until you have
a massive flood of traffic.
Are you thinking to yourself “1 new video a day what? that
is crazy” Well to get a flood of free traffic you have to put
out a massive amount of content.
Instagram and Youtube are the 2 biggest places to get
free traffic. I wouldn’t waste my time with facebook.
Facebook has closed down the free traffic sources and
squeezing everyone into a pay model.
Free CPA Training
Paid Traffic Source #1
If you want to get to the people who are actively looking
for dating related stuff online the #1 place is to find them
on search engines. Search engines like Google and
Bing are the sources people all over the world a going to,
to find stuff.
So naturally you can put a small “advertisement” next to
the search with your offer. And since your review landing
page has articles, well the search engines love websites
with content.
I feel that Google is way overpriced, so next will be Bing.
You can sign up for a FREE bing account here
Once you are inside the bing admin area it’s time to pick
some keywords and place your ad.
I could spend the next 5 pages going through in detail on
how to setup a bing campaign. But the best way to learn,
is just get in and set up a new campaign.
Free CPA Training
Send your traffic to your review landing page, and make
sure the keywords are dating related.
Keep trying new combination of things until you find a
When you find the right Title, Description, and Keywords
all of it will come together and give you a nice return on
your investment.
Paid Traffic Source #2
My next favorite traffic source is going to be Facebook
Ads. Now you might be thinking that I just said NO to
Facebook. Yes I did, but that was to try and generate
Free traffic.
Paid traffic on Facebook for Dating offers is the Money!!
Facebook is the only advertising platform that lets you
target specific groups, like MEN!
Free CPA Training
When you setup a campaign inside facebook. Start with
MEN only, duh, I know. Next you can segment out 3040
year old men. Or 4050
year old men who only live in the
state of California.
Use the News Feed ads and not the sidebar ads. News
feed ads work better.
Choose Desktop only, No Mobile, unless your landing
page is Mobile ready. And use the photos that Facebook
has in their stock image library. A good looking female
could work great in the ad.
Same rules apply here. Keep trying new things until you
get the right combination to work. Once it works then just
increase your ad spend.
Paid Traffic Source #3
My third best and could be #1 paid traffic source will be
This advertising platform really rocks it. You can target
specific website to place banners on.
Free CPA Training
Here is an example of a website you could put your dating
banner on.
25 million impression available. That is a huge amount of
people to get your offer in front of.
This website is so simple. Pick the banner size and
placement. Upload your banner with link and you’re good
to go.
Free CPA Training
This is all you need to be up and running and have a
profitable CPA campaign.
Find dating offers that convert. Usually under $10 is the
sweet spot. Those offers are always free to the end user,
but you get paid for the lead.
Set Up a review website to give your traffic some options.
With options people are more likely to click and take
Add some articles to your review site then start sending
quality traffic. The search engines will love your site for
the fresh content you provide. The advertising website
will also love your review site because it gives value to the
end user.
If you need a programmer to help with this setup then use
upwork or fiverr . Both have some really good people who
can help you out.
So take action on what you learned. Keep trying stuff until
you get the sweet spot of becoming profitable.
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To Your Future Success
Tyler Pratt
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Simple Business Formula

Simple Business Formula
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Key to Business
Chapter 2: How to Find a Niche In a Few Minutes
Chapter 3: Quick Product Creation
Chapter 4: How to Write an Unstoppable Sales Copy
Chapter 5: Driving Massive Amounts of Traffic
Chapter 6: The Money Explosion (For the More Daring

Chapter 7: The Squeeze Page Method
Disclaimer: This guide is not intended to make any promises of income. Results are based on many
factors. Like any business plan, results will vary.

I can personally guarantee that this course is something you have never seen before, I do not care
how many other online, IM, email marketing, or other business courses you have bought over the
Nobody teaches the information to the simplicity and effectiveness that you will see here. Here, I
teach how to build a business QUICK and SUSTAINABLY, and yes, those two things can go hand in hand.
DISCLAIMER: You will see external links to some recourses and websites I suggest to help you along
the way. I am in no way affiliated with any of the websites or companies and none of the links
possesses any affiliate links nor will I profit from you clicking or purchasing from any of the
Just as a quick intro, I’ve been a business strategist, economist, and organizational leader for
many years and I started when I was very young.
I have actually had other professionals tell me to never teach the material to the degree that I
do. They’ve also told me to never reveal my traffic strategies and resources here due to the insane
simplicity of this business. However, there are too many people getting scammed out there and
that’s not the type of world I want to live in.
This is not a get rich quick thing. This is a build a business that creates value and gives you a
sense of self-purpose while making a lot of money. Is it possible to follow your
passion and make a lot of money? Of course it is! I am going to teach you how.
Mark Cuban once said to never get into a business that you are not passionate about. I could not
agree more!
I truly hope this course will help those who read it and allow people to take action to make some
progress in their business and in their life.

Chapter 1: The Key To Business
So what is the key to business?
Some people say it the numbers, profits, costumers… all of those are partially right.
The overall encompassing key to business is SIMPLICITY! If you guessed it good for you, you’re
already ahead of the game.
“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself” -Albert Einstein
I don’t care if you’re company is General Motors or Average Joe’s Blog site, your business model
will only succeed in the short and long run if it is simple. With that said, let us go over the
principle elements that you are going to need for your business:
1). A great sales copy
2). A relevant and amazing offer
3). A great product
4). High-quality traffic
Now these things are the easiest things in the world to get. If any of these things have given you
trouble in your business before, do not fear, I am going to shatter all of your problems in this
course. In addition, If your business includes any more facets or moving parts than these 4
elements, then I would

recommend removing them from your business as you will not need them!
Knowing your business is about knowing your numbers. I.E how many clicks you’re getting, your
conversion rates, the value per customer, EPC (We’ll talk a lot about this), as well as various
other important metrics.
This is part of the reason why we must keep our business simple. If our business is too
complicated, there is no way are going to be able to properly track these numbers.
A recent study shows that over 83% of online marketers don’t keep track of any of their metrics.
Don’t be part of that percentage. Imagine the advantage you will have when you keep your business
simple and you know these numbers.
Here is what we are about to get into with this course:
1). How to do niche research in just a few minutes (If you’re not in the IM niche or if don’t
already have your own niche)
2). How to create a product in just a few more minutes
3). Why you only need a one-page simple website or in some cases no website at all.
4). How to get other to drive your all the traffic you need for free
5). How to get more money to your business than your ever thought possible
First,I will show you how to find an insanely profitable niche in just a few minutes

Chapter 2: How to Find A Niche In A Few
Minutes (For non-IM niche people)
The internet is full of great and profitable niches besides the IM niche (I know, hard to believe).
This section is meant for people who want to branch away from the IM niche and explore something
that they have a passion for,
you are going to be blown away on how fast you can conduct this niche research.
Many marketers teach that Niche research needs to take hours and hours and can only be done my
Harvard grads.
These are just tactics to scare you to buy something or to discourage you from becoming their
We will start this research at ClickBank.
And no, this business plan does not involve selling any ClickBank products, we will only be using
it for pure research. Click Bank is great for research because it shows us what is selling and not
selling. It shows us what we can scale and not scale. The beautiful thing is that all the numbers
we need for our research are available with just a few clicks of the mouse. We are going to start
at the ClickBank Marketplace. You do not need an account do to this! The Marketplace is located at
the top right side of their homepage…. I’m sure you can find this so I won’t show a screen shot
of this.

Next, click on advanced search:

Have you done that?…. Sweet!
Now what we are going to do is find a product that is selling well. There are tens of thousands of
products on ClickBank and many of them fail to make even one sale. We want to stay clear away from
those products as we know that they do not convert.
We sort out the product we want to look at by examining the gravity of products. Gravity
essentially tells us how well affiliates are able to sell the product.
Typically, the higher the gravity, the better overall the product converts and even though there
can be several reasons that

play into this number, we know that at least there is a market for what the product is selling.
I like to look at products that affiliates can sell at least something over 5 times a week. Type in
5.99 in the “Show items with gravity” box and make sure the drop down option says “Higher than”.

These are the products we want to start with. Pretty easy? I
think so.
Now, if you go ahead and hit “Search” with what we just did, you are probably going to get over a
thousand or so products that have this amount of gravity.

What does this mean? This means that niche that all of those products are in are potential niches
for you. You cannot go completely wrong with any of these niches, but I will show you how to weed
through these thousand or so options. This way of research is also good because it gives us very
specific niches. For example, instead of finding out that the internet marketing niche converts
well, we may find that the video software niche or graphic creation niche are the best converters.
Remember, this business is designed to be implemented quick and researching over a thousand
products and seeing what is exactly best for you isn’t exactly quick.
If you do not care what niche you dive into or one niche doesn’t exactly peak your interest over
another one, I recommend going through the products and start looking with the products that seem
to stand out as having exceptionally high gravity numbers.
As you start looking at what these products sell, do not look only at the general niche, but look
at the specific thing that the product is selling to get a more targeted idea about what consumers
in the niche are demanding.
Now, what I want you to do is type some keywords back into the advanced search engine we were at
earlier. Type in something that you passionate about or your find interesting while keeping the
same gravity number as earlier. Refer back to the Mark Cuban quote if you need to. Make this niche
something that you are passionate about or something you find interesting.
I typed in “Music”, but you can type in something even more specific if you want.
Even with something as broad as Music I now only have 42 results I need to sniff through. That’s a
lot easier than sniffing through over a thousand, I think you’d agree on that.
I see a lot of products on how to play guitar with excellent gravity. If I was interested in this
niche I would now know that this something I could possibly enter.
Now that you have found something you like, dig a littler deeper into the products.
As an example, I see a music production software product that is selling very well and is coming
with a big commission.
What does this tell me? It means that this is an In-Demand market and people are willing to pay the
big bucks in it.
You could then have an idea for a business that is centered around how to produce music properly or
get good sounds from a recording and make a product centered around those two things.
There is really no limit you can take this.
Another niche I highly recommend (if no other niches interest you) is the health niche. The health
industry is a massive
$600 billion dollar industry and it is always growing. There is

room for you in this niche, no matter what other gurus will tell you.
Here is a list of common diseases that you can jump right into.
Some will be more practical than others as you will be able to tell.
Now, here is when a lot of marketers tell you that you need to be worried about competition and
that you need to do more keyword research and all this stuff to make sure you’ve found a suitable
Feel free to hop over to the Google Keyword Planner if you’d like to see some competition and add
cost figures, but it not necessary.
The methods I will show you later in this ebook will show you why do not need to worry about this
Now that you have done your research and you have some ideas flowing in your head, I am going to
show you how to create a product in less time than you ever thought possible.
Chapter 3: Quick Product Creation
Doing affiliate marketing is great for some people, but to truly have a kick-butt business and
build a sense or reputation and purpose that humans desire, you are going to want to have your own
Now, having your own products is different than making your own products.
However, eventually you are going to naturally want to create your own products as it will be fun
and profitable.
For now, I am going to show you how you can have someone else create a product for you for cheap
without you having to do any of the content research. is a good place to go do some market research on good product creation ideas. This is
a site where you can get products and sell them as your own.
We will not be doing that!
This will mainly only work if you are in the IM niche or a related business niche.
Instead, we will be using them as a template for our own products.
We do not want to brand these products as our own and sell them directly. Although this is legal,
these products usually are
not filled with much quality content. Instead, we want to use them as an outline to our own
For example, you will probably be able to download a PLR
product about email marketing.
Look and the table of contents of this ebook or report or whatever it is. Use this table of
contents as a template to expand on. Essentially, this product did the brainstorming for you.
You can change the format around and make it your own. Go through the information and expand on the
information as you like and research some of the information that you are not familiar with.
Another good option in We all know what
Amazon is!
Take your niche selection and find the best selling books on the topic that you chose. You can do
this for any niche. Click on the product page then click on the book and more often than not you
will able to preview the table of contents.
You can then use this table of contents as your template for creating your product.
Once you have gathered your information, you can either make this into an ebook or a video course.
Whichever fits your style.
Even though you are currently reading an ebook made by me, I personally recommend making video
courses as your progress in your business. You can sell these at higher prices
and people enjoy them much more….(but I know you are loving this ebook so far!). If you really
want to deliver value, you can create a video course as well as an ebook to go along with it so
they have the option.

Remember how I said this process is supposed be quick? Here is how we are going to make it quick.
Once you have gathered your outline and have some information in mind, we are going to give this to
someone else to create the product for us.
I like to use
This is a website where we can hire people for cheap to create our product for us. We just hand
them the outline we

found from Amazon or the PLR product with whatever else we want to include and they will draft the
product for us.
Many writers on this site will even do the research for you once you given them the outline.
Some writers will be better than others, but truthfully, I have never really worked with a poor
writer from this site. Make sure they are experienced and read some of the reviews left on their
profile as well as their delivery time and reliability. I have found many good writers for very
reasonable prices. After you receive the book back, you can always make changes and expand on the
content as you seem fit.
Is that pretty easy? I think so!
The nice thing about this site is that they have a wide array of people you can choose from to
create your product. Some are better than others and some will be more expensive than others, but
you will be surprised on how cheap you can get a quality product made!
Let us go over some more characteristics that we want to look for in the person we hire.
1). They need to fluent in English (obviously) but they do not necessarily need to be from the US,
Canada, or the UK. In fact, some of the best free lance writers I’ve worked with have not been from
these countries.
2). Need to have extensive experience and willing to write to your style.
3). Need to have outstanding feedback.
You really should not settle for anyone that does not meet any of these standards.
Let me show you an example of someone we may or may not be willing to hire. This is a guy that
popped up when I typed “ebook writer” in the search bar.
I see someone named Michael here. He has a strong passion for writing and has been doing it for a
long time. We are
willing to adapt to meet new projects which means he is probably willing to adapt to yours.

He has a rate of $22/hour which may be a little higher than we want. We can certainly find a good
candidate that would be cheaper than him but remember that this product does not have to be long.
If you wanted, you could instruct if him to
only work on your project for 2 hours if that’s all you wanted to pay. And, of course, you could
always find someone cheaper.

Go through the options of people to hire to find out who suits your needs best.
After that, you can sit back and wait for them to deliver the product that you are going to sell.
This process can also be done with other freelancing sites such as Odesk and
Odesk is essentially the same process as we used with elance.
Freelancer is a little different and will probably be a little more expensive, but the types of
products that you can get made are amazing.
Here, you post the job you want to be done and people compete for your job. You will need to sign
up for the site which is not free and you will need to pay the product creator, so this may not be
the site to start out with if your budget is low.
Once you get your product made from your outsourcer, you can feel free to go through it and edit
anything you want. Make it more your own.
Like I mentioned earlier, eventually you are going to want to create your own products as they will
start to roll off like it is nothing.
They are fun and exciting to make! Let us go on to the next step.

Chapter 4: Creating An Unstoppable
Sales Copy
Believe it or not this is going be the most important part of our business. The sales copy makes or
breaks the business.
It is the truth that most people cannot sell a life jacket to a drowning man as sad as it is today.
If you chose to write your sales copy yourself there are a few things you should know to get
conversions, conversions, conversions.
Rule #1 is to keep it simple! Remember how I was talking about not having too many moving parts?
The same goes for this.
Check out this site:
It will help you create a simple yet effective sales copy without paying $300+ for someone else to
do it. You can tweak it however you feel fit.
Skip the fancy graphics for now. If you are writing an ebook, the only graphic you need is a mere
cover for your ebook. will get you a great looking graphic for just $5. If you are
familiar with photoshop or some other PSD software like it, that will work too.
I am not an expert copywriter nor do I have to be. People underestimate the art of simple sales
When writing your sales copy, if you chose to do it yourself, remember that you are not selling
your product, your service, your value, or anything else that you can ever give them.
You are selling a better version of themselves. Paint a picture in their mind about how much better
their life, business, and/ or both will be when they buy your product. This is a powerful
psychological sales technique that will guarantee massive conversions. Show them why they will love
you for allowing them to buy your product.
Once you have this idea that you are essentially selling a better version of themselves to them,
writing your sales copy is going be easy and the words will just flow out the tips of
your finger. Use this technique in conjunction with the outline I
provided or you can just go off on your own.
The more practice your have writing sales copy, the better you will be at it, just like anything
else. But it is possible to score big on your first try.
When writing your sales copy, there is a certain format that I like to stick. Follow this format,
and you will come off like a professional copywriter. Obviously
Remember, keep things simple!!!
The highest converting headlines are almost always in this format: How to [this] in [this amount of
I learned that trick from John Carlton, one of the best copywriters this world as ever seen. It has
worked wonders for me and it can work wonders for you too!
That’s it! Your headline does not need to be more complicated than that.
If you decide to outsource your sales copy, you can always return to the elance or Odesk as we used
If you really want some massive conversions and want the best sales copy money can buy. Look no
further than I am in no way affiliated with these guys, but they have proven to be
the best sales copywriters out there. These guys are not cheap however, but they will be able to
convert any product you are selling.
Chapter 5: Driving Massive Amounts of
Traffic to your Offer
Now that we have the product and sales copy all ready to go. The only thing left to do now is get
massive amounts of traffic to your product and I think you are going to be surprised how easy it
For this part, you are going to need a simple website. There are many WordPress themes that I have
found to work very well for sales page conversions. Optimize Press, Profits Theme, and Profits
Builder all work extremely well.
The best overall theme for the amount of money is Profits Builder. For just one payment, you can
create as many websites and sales pages as you want the customization is easier than you can
If you want, you can go back to our outsourcing websites and have someone design the website for
In addition, I recommend BlueHost to people who do not have hosting yet. They’re prices are
reasonable and their costumer service is top notch and is accessible 24/7.
So how are we going to get massive amounts of traffic to our site? We are going to use the only way
where we can get huge amounts of highly targeted traffic for free and get paid while it happens.
If you haven’t guessed it by now we are going to use affiliates to get our traffic.

There are a few ways we are going to do this. First, I know you are all familiar with the Warrior
Forum because you bought this product from that forum but have you ever heard of Warrior+? Note:
this method will only work if you are in the IM niche. I will talk about other niches a little
farther down. Warrior+ is an affiliate platform that allows vendors to submit their products and
have affiliates promote the products. The platform does all the technical work so we do not have
to! Pretty nice isn’t it?
We are going to sign up for a free vendors account. Warrior+
has two different payment options.
The first is free to sign up and Warrior+ takes a small percentage of each sale you make. This is
their premium membership and you will get the most features and benefits with this option.
The second is you pay a flat fee for an account and you keep all of the sales but certain features
are disabled.
I recommend you go the first option, especially when you are just starting out.
So the first step is to sign up for a vendor account.
If you chose not make a website, Warrior+ will host your sales copy for you. I recommend however
that you create your own website however as affiliates will be more attracted to your offer and
conversions will be higher.
The process for linking your product to their affiliate platform is very straight forward. Just
follow their instructions and you should have no trouble.
Once we have linked our offer up with Warrior+, affiliates are going to jump to our offer like
flies because of our amazing sales copy, our quality product, and our eye-catching website.
Just by listing our product on Warrior Plus, affiliates are going to be begging us to allow them to
promote our products.
This where were we really want to make sure our sales copy is solid and our website stunning (if we
have one). If we have these two things, this is going to generate high EPC (earnings per click) for
our affiliates because we will have high conversion rates. EPC is what affiliates mainly look at
when deciding what products to promote.
So how many affiliates do we need? Sometimes all we need to is 1 or 2 really good affiliates to
make us a lot of money. As these affiliates promote our products, we are making money while
building a mailing list at the same time. There is nothing to lose here!
The next place we are going to want to list our product is on JV Zoo. JV Zoo is another very
popular affiliate platform like Warrior+, but you can use JV Zoo in a wide variety of niches. You
will need your own website for JV Zoo as they do not host sales pages. Again, because of our killer
sales copy and website, affiliates are going to be begging to promote our products for us.
This section really reinforces why our sales copy needs to be strong. The name of the game is EPC.
We need to be able to manufacture high EPCs and be able to track these number. The affiliate
platforms will allow us to track these numbers.
Once we have this in place, we do not need to worry about any other traffic method. This method is
by far more effective than any method I have ever worked with before. I no longer mess around with
solo ads or PPC campaigns or any of that other stuff.
Your business will be more successful when you have affiliates driving you your traffic and
building your list for you.
For both IM and other niches, the most effective paid method for getting massive high-quality
traffic is Facebook ads. If you do Facebook ads properly, the ROI can be in the hundreds of
percentages. The most effective way we can utilize Facebook ads is retargeting.
What is retargeting? Retargeting is essentially showing adds to the same targeted people over and
over again. If you do retargeting, your ROI can be in the thousands of percentage points.
A person who sees your ad up to 4 times is much more likely to buy your product. As they see your
add several times, they are getting more conditioned to your product and they will be sold on it.
This method almost never fails so I would encourage you to give Facebook ads and retargeting a try!
One thing I want to note is the idea behind product launches and build up. The truth is, I don’t do
any of that stuff and you don’t either. Just get your product out there and on those platforms for
affiliates to see! You do not need to mess around with fancy launches right now!
Maybe one day when you create your $5,000 video series or software you can do a big fancy product
launch build up thing. But for now, just keep it simple.
Warrior Special Offers is a great way to get your product in front of the eyes of literally
thousands of hungry buyers for a very cheap price.
When crafting your WSO, there is no need (again) for fancy graphics and designs. Heck, you don’t
even need any graphics.
If you are creating a quick WSO and didn’t use the sales copy formate or outsource your sales copy,
this is the format you should use:
-Bold Headline (red)
-sub-headline (black)
-Another Bold Headline (red)
-another sub-headline (black)
-Testimonials when you get them
-Buy button

-From the desk of [your name] (and add a picture of yourself if you got one)
-Part 1 of your sales copy in short paragraphs
-Bullet points with benefits
-Part 2
-What you do or do not need for your product to work
-Part 3
-More testimonials
-Buy button
Of course, there are variations to this format that also work, but I know this format works and it
has worked for many WSO vendors. Essentially, use your kick ass sales copy that you have with a few
Don’t be fooled by the many fancy sales pages you might see on WSOs. Many of the most successful
WSOs are very, very simple.
Make your font big but not too big. Make sure you bold and underline what you feel necessary in
your sales copy.
Chapter 6: The Money Explosion (for the most daring marketers only)
Ok, so we have now learned the core roots of our business. However, I want to share with you
something that could make your business more successful than you ever imagined.
To be honest, some of you may already know the concept behind what I am about to share, and some
might think I am crazy for suggesting this, but this method has produced lots of money for lots of
The is the 100% methods. What does this mean? This means give your affiliates 100% commission on
every sale they make for you.
Why do you ask? It’s easy. Incentives!
Just imagine if you have a kick ass sales copy, a kick ass product, and a kick ass website that
converts like crazy (if you follow my instruction you will have all of these things) and you offer
100% commissions on each sale!
A number of affiliates you will get wanting to promote your product will be endless. You will start
building a different type of relationship with your affiliates than you would have before.
They are going to like you, cherish you, and jump on every opportunity to promote your products.
So what is the point of this? Where do we make the money?

Remember that every sale we make, we capture the email address of the person who bought our
product. I know you’ve heard the phrase “the money is in the list” about 100000 times.
Well, it is.
I guarantee you will 100% certainty that the value of each email address you acquire is going to be
much more than whatever the price of the product that you are selling is.
Now that you know how to build quality products, you can promote your new products as well as your
affiliate offers, webinars, and whatever more tools you have to your email list.
The power in this amazing and I know it might be hard to grasp right now.
This is a method that is probably best practiced after you have some successful product launches
and your have made some money on the front end first. However, this 100% method
could completely change your business one day.
Some marketers even offer over 100% commissions because they know the value of each email they
collect. Imagine the incentive for affiliates in that!
Let’s talk more about how we can maximize profits. So we are now giving affiliates 100% commissions
on sales. No

Say we create a complimentary product or up-sell to add to our sales funnel. This is a product that
compliments the product we just sold and usually comes with a higher price tag. If you create an
ebook, a good up-sell may be a video course explaining the concepts described in the ebook.
Keep the price of your front end product low, somewhere between $10-$20 is usually a good range.
You don’t want to make the price too low because this gives the impression that your product is not
top quality. This is same all throughout business.
You can then sell your up-sell at really any point above $25. If your up-sell is a good compliment,
conversions will be very high and you might even see more revenue coming through this up-sell than
the front end product.
Remmeber: The best time to sell to a costumer again is right after they just bought from you. They
are all excited to dive into your product, they will be thrilled to grab something that will only
help them along the process.
Many marketers will even add a second up-sell at a higher price point. You could literally set up a
Facebook fan page and create your own coaching program through this fan page. You don’t even need
your own website!
You can charge people to join this Facebook group and continue to interact and help your costumers.
This will allow you to build better relationships and super-start your reputation.
So now let’s go over how we are going to break up the affiliate commissions.
Commissions Breakdown
Front End Product: 100% Up-sell 1: 50%
Up-sell 2: 50%
You can vary this as you like, but remember it is more valuable to acquire a buyer, not a sale. You
want to please affiliates as much as possible.
By adding these up-sells, they are much more likely to promote for you because their earnings per
transaction now have the potential to be much higher.
Chapter 7: The Squeeze Page Method
This section is meant mainly for people that are not in the IM
niche or do not want to build a website.
Ok, so this can either be a supplement or a complete re working of the business model. This is a
very simple but powerful funnel method that most marketers overlook but one which many are making a
killing off of.
For this, all you need is a very simple one-page website and an email auto-responder.
Here, our product is no longer going to be a product. It is
going to be a freebie (something we give away for free). If you want to sell the product that you
have already created, just make another one using the methods we described earlier
just knowing that you are going to give it away for free.
We are going to create a very simple squeeze page. The best squeeze page creation software I’ve
used, once again, are Optimized Press, Lead Pages, and Profit Builder.
Your squeeze page should have a plain white background with just a headline sub-headline that
serves as an explanation of what you are giving away.
Need a headline idea? Instead of doing your own research, just use the research that companies paid
thousands and thousands of dollars to get.
Find a magazine, either online or in print that pertains to your niche and take one of their
headlines. They have done all kinds of market research to see which headlines hit triggers to
people in that niche which makes it the perfect headline to
use because you know it will convert.
Many marketers have seen 60-80% conversions with this method which is unheard of in this industry.
Imagine getting this kind of conversions while your competition is probably getting under 10%.
Once people opt-in to your squeeze page, you now have their email to do whatever you want with it.
As a general note, even though this is not really an email marketing course, do not email more than
once a day and do not try to sell anything in the first couple of days.
Provide value and content first and remind them why they signed up for your list (except for the
This is the information you need to know to build a 6-figure business. Once you start putting this
stuff into action, you will see that it is truly quite simple.
The best advice I can give you is not let this information sit in your brain. You need to apply
information and get your feet wet! The best way you can learn in this online business world is by
If you make some mistakes or your first product doesn’t do as good as you wanted it to, that’s
okay! Tweak and learn from your errors and make some adjustments.
Have fun applying this information!
If you have any questions or for support you can email me at


Scalable Profits Revolution

retail marketing
By Michel Sirois © 2015
Copy rights disclaimer: You have personal rights use only. You may not
share, duplicate, sell or giveaway this document.
Table Of Contents
About Michel Sirois………………………………………………………………………….Page 4

Introduction: …………………………………………………………………………………..Page 5

MODULE #1: Creating Your Free Report…………………………………………..Page 7

MODULE #2: Creating Your Funnel ………………………………………………….Page 10

MODULE #3: Your Auto-Responder…………………………………………………Page 21

MODULE #4: The Most Effective E-Mail Marketing Method…………….Page 22

MODULE #5: Adding “Follow-Up” E-Mails……………………………………….Page 24

MODULE #6: What To Promote In “Broadcast” E-Mails……………………Page 28

MODULE #7: Buying Traffic ……………………………………………………………..Page 29

MODULE #8: Solo Ads Rolodex – Trusted Sellers……………………………….Page 30

MODULE #9: Funnel Clicks Rolodex – Trusted Sellers………………………..Page 30

MODULE #10: Selling Traffic From Your E-Mail List…………………………..Page 31

MODULE #11: Where To Sell Of “Bank” Clikcs……..…………………………..Page 32

MODULE #11: “Pay Per Leads Programs”…………………………………………Page 33

Wrap-Up…………………………………………………………………………………………..Page 34

Contact Information………………………………………………………………………….Page 36

Subscribe to my Mastermind Group On Facebook…………………………….Page 37

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Sign-up as an affiliate……….………………………………………………………………..Page 37

1 On 1 Training………………………………………………………………………………….Page 38

And Remember That…
About Me

It all started in 1997… After many years as a bill collector, I ended up in a
“burn-out” due to the pressure of my work environment.

While I was on medical leave, I started spending time online… A lot of time! After browsing and
browsing some more, I ended-up on a blog offering “Work From Home” opportunities. I was impressed
and working from home was something I had been pondering on for quite some time.

To me, it became really appealing when I saw all the possibilities I could get from online
marketing. It took a bit of time, effort and investment for me to get there, but I eventually did!

So this how it happened …

First, I started building a FUNNEL in order to create a powerful e-mail list!

Then I learned about “LEAD GENERATION” so I could drive “Traffic”
(Visitors) to my offer!
Then I learned about BUILDING MY BRAND and building authority. Today,

I own my line of products
I am a “kno wn a nd re spe cte d” So lo Ad Se lle r
I own a 1100+ PLR Products membership site
I have a Mastermind Group
I have a Solo Ads Group
I Have My Own Coaching Pro gram An d “Do ne -For-Y o u” Se rvice s
I’ve had the pleasure of helping people like you, from all around the world, build their funnels,
generate traffic and build their “Brand”! It is a replicable process after-all!

Enjoy this training
Michel Sirois
Assuming you already have the basic tools to own a web based business such as: a domain, a hosting
account, an auto-responder, a web page editor and a tracker… If not, here are the tools I
personally use…

Domain: Namecheap

Hosting: Liquid Web

Auto-responder: Aweber

Web page editor: Optimizepress

Click Management Software: Quality Click Control

These are the basic requirements. Make no mistake… any online business needs AT LEAST these 5
tools to make money online and AUTOMATE your network and funnels.

You can always use generic products, there are plenty out-there but results may vary. I can only
voutch for the ones I use!

Before We Start, Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know

1) What Are Funnel Clicks:

Funnel clicks are simply clicks that come from a “Thank-You” page, a
BONUS page or a “Download” page.

Another type of click that is considered a “Funnel Click” is a “P.S.” that
you can add in your e-mail swipes.

2) What Is “Banking Clicks”

“Click Banking” is a terminology we use to “Bank” clicks. It has nothing to do with “Click Bank”,
the company…

The simple way to explain it is that: It’s an automated way to trade traffic
between marketers, by using traffic you ALREADY have in your e-mail list. I will show you later in
this training how we do this!
2) What Are “Solo Ads”

“Solo Ads” is a terminology that simply means: Renting “ad space” on someone else’s e-mail list.

To make it simple for you to understand, here is an example:

Let’s say you want to buy a Solo Ad from me… you would simply need to give me your “lead capturing
page” link and I would promote it through MY e-mail list by sending MY subscribers an e-mail
message holding your link.

Based on the number of clicks you want to your link, I would charge you
$0.55 per click.

Through this training you will learn how to sell Solo Ads from your list and how it works more in

What You’ll Learn Through

Scalable Profits Revolution
MODULE #1: Creating Your Free Report

Finding 1 problem, providing 1 solution!

A report can be done in 1 or 2 hours and it will be useful for life!

With that said, make it short and simple and it doesn’t have to be a work
of art!

Keep in mind that this report mostly serves as an incentive and most
subscribers won’t even read it!

For these particular reasons, writing a report that allows you to elaborate on 1 problem and
providing the solution, usually does the trick!
Little “HACKS” To Get Content Real Fast!

A simple way to find RICH content online is to:

Pick a topic where you know people are facing issues… Most of the time it’s about getting leads
(traffic) through: e-mail marketing, search engine placement, video marketing, automated systems,
online tools, etc… I’m sure you get it 
To find content, simply go On Warrior Forum and look for threads
on the subject you want to elaborate about.
Select 5-10 different threads from different marketers.
Look for marketers who have a good reputation in the Forum
(Meaning: That are active and that were thanked at least more than
100 times). Note down their advice in a Word Doc.
Gather all your content, pick what you need and start writing your report, in your own words. (Do
not simply copy/paste their texts… because you don’t have the rights to it.)
• All that will be left to do, is create an e-book cover for your report and/or a Facebook Header
image. If you have no design skills, you can always go on and have it made for $5. But
if you want to be able to work 1 on 1 with your designer, I recommend Graphic Bird. He’s not
expensive and works with you until you are satisfied. He’s actually the one who made my “Scalable
Revolution” Cover. You can reach him on Facebook here.


However, the EASYEST way to make a report to giveaway is by using
PLR/MRR Products!

The report is written for you, many of them come with their own squeeze
or sales page… so you don’t have to waste time on content creation!

When using PLR/MRR products (when the license allows it)… all you need to do is edit the product a
bit, such as adding your own images, your name and your one-time-offer!

PLR Products holds various types of products that are 100% related to:

Internet Marketing niche and
Weight-Loss niche…

Such as:

Video training series
Design tools
And much more!
Scalable PLR Products was created by marketers, for marketers, allowing you to build your “freebie”
e-mails lists, your “BUYERS” lists AND to also be able to giveaway free stuff to your audience from
time to time, to keep them engaged with you… they like that!
If you have n’t gra b be d the OT O #2 whe n it was pre sent e d to you while
you purchase d “scal able Pro fit s R e voluti o n”, grab it no w for a R IDICUL OUS
LOW PRICE of $47 for 1 whole year! Y o u’ll save $ 1 3 2 .4 0 o n the yearly subscription!
With that said,

It’s now time for you to watch this little video I made, where I show you exactly how your report
should be structured!

PLEASE NOTE: If I’m to make a video on report creation, I might as well show you the way to do it
for reports you want to sell OR giveaway. It’s pretty much the same structure either way!

But considering you are at the early stage of your funnel, making a free report is what you need to
focus on right now, in order to capture leads and provide branded content to get people to know
you, like you and trust you as a leader of your niche!
You’ll notice I use this same exact model for

“Scalable Profits Revolution”

That’s Right, I Practice What I Preach! – LOL!
MODULE #2: Creating Your Funnel

With today’s technology, you can make amazing looking web pages simply by “pointing and clicking”!
Also, these web page editors have “Built-In” templates that are already “done for you”.

The web page editor I use myself is OPTIMIZEPRESS. Up until now, it’s the only one I know that
doesn’t have any bugs at all. It’s the “Lamborghini”
of web page editors, and for serious people, it’s not a big investment
knowing it will last a lifetime, for 3 different websites!

If you cannot afford a web page editor at this time, don’t let it stop you!

Simply make basic HTML pages with this free editor for now:

If you don’t know how to set-up your server or upload your funnel to your server, you can contact
my web guy and he’ll be able to assist you for a very good price! – But you have to tell him I
referred you for the discount.
a) Overview
b) Creating Your Squeeze Page & Exit Page
– The less content you add on your squeeze page, the more people will opt-in.
– The only content that should be on this page is a Headline and a
“Call-To-Action” to OPT-IN!
– Don’t add images.
– Make sure that people don’t have to scroll down your page to enter
their e-mail.
– Make sure you add an “EXIT” page to your main squeeze page.
Before Getting Into The “Thank-You” page…

Here’s a “HACK” that ALL experimented marketers use and you’ll need it to “Automate” many tasks
starting from this point!
We Use A…

c) Click Management Software

A “C lick Management Software” has many benefits!
Just to name a few, it allows you to:

– Filter clicks by country.
– Redirect traffic.
– Sell traffic from your e-mail list. 
– Trade traffic with other marketers to grow your list through free click returns.
– Split test squeeze pages and offers.
– Converts raw clicks into unique clicks when done properly.
– Monitor Opt-in rates.
– Monitor SALES.
– BOT Protection.
– Detailed stats reports.
– You never have to go back in your web pages to change links… You do it from your “Click
Management Software”.

Do you now realize how valuable it is to use a “Click Management Software” and WHY this is the
“MONEY-MAKER” for any AUTOMATED business?

It’s safe to say that your “Click Management Software” is just as important as your auto-responder
or web page editor!

The “Click Management Software” I use is Quality Click Control (QCC) It has all the benefits
mentioned above and is TOTALLY RELIABLE!
What I like about it also is that it’s free to start and prices scale up as
your list grows. It’s really low-cost and I love that too. 

There are other “Click Management Software” out-there but I ONLY recommend stuff I use myself, to
be sure I recommend only the BEST products around!


Once you login to your “Click Management Software”, it takes 10
seconds to create each rotator…
Here are the most common ROTATORS WE USE:

– “Pay-Per-Lead” Rotator
– “Affiliate Offers” Rotator
– “Click Banking” Rotator
– “Funnel Click” Rotator (To Sell Funnel Clicks)
– “Solo Ad Rotator” (To Sell Solo Clicks)
– “BONUS” Rotator
– Optional but lucrative… “Blog Articles” Rotator: Each time I make a blog article, I also include
the page link of my article in this rotator. This is where I end-up redirecting the NON-Tier 1
Clicks that have seen ALL my offers and I make EXTRA CASH through my Adsense blocks. Adsense
doesn’t discriminate on country locations and they will pay you for each click, no matter where the
visitor comes from. It’s a great way to “SKIM TRAFFIC” with your NON-
Tier 1 traffic and your “REPEAT” NON-TIER 1 CLICKERS.

… I suggest that you create your rotators before moving-on to the
“T hank-Y o u” page s o that yo u have acc e ss to yo ur R OT AT OR LINKS for
what’s abo ut to co me . Y o u do n’t ne e d to add par tne rs, cl ie nts o r o ffe rs in
those rotators for no w… Just make th e ro tato rs to get access to the links of your rotators!
d) Now, Let’s Build Your “Thank-You” Page
Important When building Your “Thank-You” Page

– Fo r this to wo rk, y o ur “Tha nk -You” page s ho uld ho ld a
“RED IRECT ION ” sc ript where you will add a ROTATOR LINK of your choice. As you will learn
through this PDF, I’ll be suggesting that you use your “Funnel Clicks” or “Click Banking” rotator
for the “Thank- You” page.
– Using a redirection script will allow you to display a web page thanking your subscribers to
subscribe… before “redirecting” them to your ROTATOR link.
– This “R e dire ctio n” method allows you to FORCE 1 click for each new subscriber that
opts-in your e-mail list to other ROTATORS.

Here Is T he html “ RED IRECT” script To Add IN Your “T h ank -You”

<META http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0.1;URL=ADD ROTATOR LINK HERE”>

*** Alternative: You can avoid the page redirection instructions
above by adding 3 to 6 BONUS LINKS DIRECTLY on your “thank-you” page, that leads to your “Funnel
Clicks Rotator” or to your “Click Banking Rotator” as shown below…

Please note: As op po sed to the “R ed irec tio n” met ho d explai ne d
above, this one DOES NOT FORCE any clicks at all, but can give you more than a 1:1 click-through
– The most important thing when writing your text on your “Thank- You” page, is that you make your
subscribers want to click! – It’s not about selling, it’s about getting them to “click”! Be
Now… here are 3 ways to use your “Thank-You” page

You can use your “Thank-You” page for “monetization”…

a) Your Own Product/PLR Product/Affiliate Offer:

For this one, use the “Thank-You” page “redirection” method and
add your “Affiliate Offers” rotator link or a DIRECT link, in your redirection script.

b) To Sell Funnel Clicks:

For the “Thank-You” page “redirection” method, add your “funnel
clicks” rotator link, in your redirection script.
For the “Thank-You” Page “Alternative” method, link your “Funnel
Click Rotator”, to your “Bonus” buttons.

P.S. For Product Creators, I suggest this little “Hack” below…

Please note that if you use this alternative, you will be producing less funnel clicks but with a
good sales copy, you could be pulling nice sales from all your fresh incoming traffic AND sell
funnel clicks at the same time.
… Or you can use your “Thank-You” page to GROW your list:

c) By “Banking Clicks”

For the “Thank-You” page “redirection” method, add your “Click
Banking” rotator link, in your redirection script.
For the “Thank-You” Page “Alternative” method, link your “Click
Banking”, to your “Bonus” buttons.
If you don’t know how to “Bank” Clicks and find partners, simply watch
the video below as I give a good general over-view of what “Click
Banking” is about and how to do it safely!

Please note that in the “Cl ic k B anki ng” vi deo ab ov e , I only
present ed the sid e of “Cli ck B anking ” wher e you are t he o ne

– The reason I showed you only this side of things is to avoid you to go into a “Click Banking”
It’s a fact that if you try to build your list for free through “Click Banking”, by having people
send to your FIRST, you are 100% sure to end up in a “Click Banking” debt, meaning you’ll
eventually owe too many clicks to people and you will shoot yourself in the foot!

It sucks to owe clicks to people and not be able to give them back! It’s bad for business and one’s

If no one sends clicks to you first (Or just a few), you’ll never be in a
“Click Banking” debt! That’s the smart way to work if you ask me!

With that said, nothing is stopping you from finding partners who send
clicks to you FIRST… As long as YOU SEND MORE clicks FIRST rather than RECEIVING MORE clicks FIRST.
*** However, if you ask me, I suggest that you monetize your
“Thank-You” page and make e-mai l “bro adca sts” to se nd cl ic ks to
yo ur “ Clic k B anking” part ner s as explained in this video below:
e) Now Let’s Create Your “BONUS” Page (Optional)
The “BONUS” page is OPTIONAL but BENEFICIAL! It’s another page that I
use to sell Funnel Clicks and do some “Click Banking”.

N. B. If you are u sing t he “T hank -Yo u” page ALTERNATIVE, you can skip this one an d go direc
tly to t he “downloa d page” !
– The most important thing when writing your text on your BONUS page, is that you make them want
to click! – It’s not about selling, it’s about getting them to “click”! Be Generic…

Last, But Not Least…

f) Let’s Build Your “Download” Page

The “Download” page is a simple page where people can access the free report you promised them in
exchange of their e-mail.

This page is useful to add extra links and even an extra One-Time-Offer!
In my experience, I found that using my Rotators through this page is an effective strategy as

Through your “Download” Page, Aside from the download itself, you can:

Present a “1 Time Offer”
Sell funnel clicks
Add promotional banners

… Just don’t over-crowd it!
MODULE #3: Your Auto-Responder

Why I use Aweber To Capture Leads…


Aweber has, by far, the best deliverability rate in the industry!

And let’s face it, the better the deliverability is, the more people get to receive your e-mails!

So put all your chances on your side! 
With that said…

No Matter the Auto-Responder you will be using, you will need to create:

1. A “Campaign” to create your e-mail marketing automation.
2. Add “Follow-Up” messages to get people used to open/click/buy.
3. Add an opt-in form to capture leads.
4. And “Broadcast” messages daily to your e-mail list.

Now It’s Time You Set -Up Your Auto-Responder…
You’ll come to realize that setting-up an auto-responder is REALLY Simple when you know EXACTLY
what to do!

I’ve decided to add some resources from Aweber, that will show you step- by-step how to set-up!

I did not include GetResponse videos here, in case you took my OTO #1.
In the bundle there’s a training named: “Crazy Cash Converter” where I show how to use GetResponse
efficiently… for other aspects of your business like building “Buyers Lists”!

This limits confusion later for those who took the OTO #1.
Here Are Your Aweber Videos To Help You Set-Up:
Step #1: How To Create A Campaign

Step #2: How To Create An Opt-In Form

Step #3: How To Add Follow-Up Swipes

Step #4: How To Broadcast

P.S. Make sure your “campaign” is set to “Single Opt-In”

P.P.S. In the “Alre ady Su bscribe d” option, you can add your “Click
Banking” rotator link to deflect your repeat subscribers.
MODULE #4: The Most Effective E-Mail Marketing

“Hybrid” E-Mail Marketing
There’s an easy way to “Brand” your-self… and this method is called
“Hybrid” E-Mail Marketing!
If you aren’t selling any products, “Hybrid” E-Mail Marketing is a great way to add “Rich Content”
and transition with a free offer coming from your “Click Banking” partners or “Pay-Per-Lead”
programs to grow your list for example!

Here Are 3 Effective

“Hybrid” E-Mail Marketing Methods You Can Use

a) Rich Content Method

The concept here is to provide USEFULL INFORMATIONAL CONTENT, where your audience will LEARN
something VALUABLE, instead of being sold to.

At the end of your e-mail message, you could add your link and say something like this: “Click here
for more Money Making tips and tricks”

When people click on your link, it will send them to one of your products
or affiliate offers. This method works really well when you add your link as a P.S. signature.
b) Transitional Method

This method is powerful!

You start by writing “Rich Content” , where your subscribers LEARN something VALUABLE but half way
in your swipe, you make a TRANSITION to your product or affiliate offer!

Bottom line, the first half of your swipe is to EDUCATE and the 2nd part of your swipe is to SELL
the idea that your product is what they NEED!
c) “Branding” Method

This is a great way to “Rake-In Profits” and build a list of “Followers”.

All you need to do is write a SHORT swipe, where you only give them a glimpse of a blog article you

And at the end of the e-mail message, you can add something like:

“If Y o u Want To R e ad The Complete Arti cle , Clic k He re !”
This works well because your subscribers actually get what you promised them! It doesn’t get any
more RELEVANT than that!

And let’s face it, subscribers are less annoyed when no one is pushing offers down their throat!

… But nothing stops you from ADDING A VIDEO IN YOUR ARTICLES
that includes a button that leads to a CPA OFFER! 

Let’s not forget that making blog articles and making videos will allow you to get people to “Know
you, like you and trust you”, while you RANK in Search Engines.
MODULE #5: Your “Follow-Up” E-Mails

You will need to add “Follow-Up” E-Mail Messages for the days following your subscribers opt-ins.
This will allow them to get used to OPEN-UP your
e-mail messages as they slowly get to know you, like you and trust you!

During this process, if you are selling products, your FRESH subscribers will either “ Buy from
you” or “ Don’t bu y fro m you ” !

… And please, use the “Hybrid” method as much as you can to get a
better OPEN and CLICK rate from your auto-responders!
Even though you can simply do “Click Banking” and use “Pay-Per-Lead programs” through your
“Follow-Up” e- mails… you can also present affiliate offers.

Adding 15 to 21 “Follow-Up” E-mail messages

Why 15 to 21 Days?

Because after 15 to 21 days, if a subscriber has not purchased
anything from you, chances he never will.

… And AFTER that 15 to 21 days, that’s when the IMPORTANCE of

By selling traffic from your e-mail list, you allow yourself to make money off of those
“NON-BUYERS”. Remember that EVERY click you sell from your e-mail list is worth anywhere from $0.35
to $0.65 PER CLICK!

Many marketers Make $900 Per Day Just By Selling Solo Ads From Their E-Mail List and seriously,
it’s easy to start selling traffic when your list hits 3000-5000 subscribers!
Take A Look At My Own “Hybrid” Set-Up
Day #1. “Welcome E-Mail”

Day #2. Did you grab my BONUSES yesterday?

Day #3. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #4. Educational e-mail + PLR giveaway

Day #5. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #6. Affiliate Offer #1

Day #7. Survey

Day #8. Educational e-mail + PLR giveaway

Day #9. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #10. Affiliate Offer #2

Day #11. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link) + FC Rotator Link

Day #12. Get 15 Minutes Free Consultation – Skype Call

Day #13. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #14. Affiliate Offer #3

Day #15. Last Chance To Get 15 Minutes Free Consultation – Skype Call

Day #16. Blog Article

Day #17. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #18. Affiliate Offer #4

Day #19. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #20. Blog Article

Day #21. Affiliate Offer #5
P.S. To find offers to promote that CONVERT, simply go in, click the “Market Place” tab and then, click the “Top
Sellers” link as shown below…

Simply look for the offers that are repeated in the 4 following

 Today | Yesterday | Past 7 Days | Past 30 days
When you spot these converting offers, add the m to y o ur “ Follow-
Up” se que nc e.

P.S. Keep a steady look-out for new offers that rank from 1-30 days, so you can keep adding
converting offers to your “Follow-Up” e- mails.

Sooner than you think, you’ll have a “follow-up” series on auto-pilot, with affiliate offers that

Just be sure to keep educating your subscribers, for free, in between offers to keep them engaged
and wanting to buy more from you.
MODULE #6: What To Promote In “Broadcast” E-Mails

“B roa dc asting” is simply a te rmi no lo gy that means “E -mailing” ALL
your subscribers in 1 shot!

Every day, you will need to prepare 1 or 2 broadcasts, where you
will need to…
a) Beginners:

– In the early stages of building your e-mail list (From 0 –
5000 Subscribers), I suggest you work on growing your e-mail list and “Broadcast” by sending clicks
to your “Click Banking” partners, “Pay Per Leads” Programs and “Funnel Clicks”. This will help you
reach a “Traffic Flow” of 5000 subscribers, allowing you to sell traffic from your list.
b) Advanced: 3000-5000 Subscribers Or More

You Can Slowly Start Selling Solo Ads:

Solo Ads is simply a term that means: Renting “ad Space” through your e- mail list. Rather than
sending an e-mail with your affiliate link, you would be e-mailing your client’s link instead, by
using your “Solo Ads Rotator” link.

If you want to go deeper on how to sell Solo Ads from your list, in OTO#1
I added “Solo Seller Formula”, a complete guide that goes in depth on how to sell Solo ads from
your list, build a Solo Seller Funnel, how to get testimonials real fast and find clients to buy
clicks from you.

If yo u have n’t grab be d OT O # 1 ye t , you may get it here

Please note that I have students that start selling traffic after
3000 subscribers and are “rocking it”! – Depends on how responsive your list is and if you are
“Constant” in your work.

MODULE #7: Buying Traffic

Buying traffic can be a pleasant experience or a nightmare! Depending where you purchase your
traffic, you need to consider a few things.

I’ve taken the liberty to make a quick video about what to look for when buying Solo Ads. The same
concept is applicable for funnel clicks purchases.
Solo Ads Resources:

Solo Ads Testimonials

Solo Ads Sales Testimonials

Funnel Clicks Testimonials

MODULE #8: Trusted Solo Ads Sellers I Know And Use:

– Fouad Boukredine
– Nicholas Lal
– Matija Balantic
– KJ Mayes
– Paul DeSousa
– Emma Scott
– Piotr Sypola
– Jaason Lee
– Sam Cheong
– Aaron Solo King
– Ivan Paredes
– Alvin Neo
– Christopher Allen
– Philip Coble
– Michel Sirois

MODULE #9: Trusted Funnel Clicks Sellers I Know And Use:

– Emma Scott
– Piotr Sypola
– Domen Deu
– Avdo Hadziavdic
– Jorge A. Delgado
– Matija Balantic
– Nino Sem
– Logan Tailor
– Franck Silvestre
– Michel Sirois
MODULE #10: Selling Traffic From Your E-Mail List

So now that you know how to make your free report to giveaway, create your own funnel, set-up your
auto-responder and monetize your funnel, get free leads, sell traffic through Funnel Clicks … it’s
now time we go over the topic of SELLING Solo Ads from YOUR E-MAIL LIST!

You can sell traffic from your list anywhere from $0.35-$0.65 PER CLICK.

Let’s say that in the early stages, you sell 200 clicks per day at
That’s an EXTRA $90 Per Day!
Those revenues are generated with traffic you ALREADY have!
That’s a GUARANTEED $0.45 “Earning-Per-Click”, right off the bat!
Now there’s 7 days in a week, so your 200 clicks per day converts into a
NET PROFIT of $630 per week, $2730 per month or if you prefer…
$32,760 per year…

Now imagine when you’ll be selling 500-1000 clicks per day from your list! NO BRAINER, RIGHT?
Selling traffic from your list is just as simple as mailing for yourself to the
exception where you use your Solo Rotator Link in your swipes instead of the usual affiliate link
you would usually place there.

If you haven’t picked-up OTO #1 yet, my e-book & video training, “Solo Seller Formula” shows you
step-by-step how to use your Rotators effectively, how to sell traffic from your list and how to
create your own Solo Seller Sales Funnel to attract clients to buy clicks from you!

This is information you don’t want to miss!

Remember that ALL my products are just as good as this one you are on right now AND my strategies
– Don’t igno re thi s f act and ge t OTO #1 right now if you ha ven’t alre ady!
MODULE #11: Where To Sell Or “Bank” Clicks

> Platform To Sell Your Clicks: Solochecker & Solo Ads X & Udimi

> Warrior Forum: Many marketers use the Warrior Forum to get Solo
Ads buyers. I personally don’t use this method at this time but it’s still a
great way to get people to come to you.

> Solo Ads & Funnel Clicks Facebook Groups: There are hundreds of these Groups on Facebook. Posting
in 30 groups per day is enough.

> To find “Click Banking” partners in Facebook Groups:

Group #1 | Group #2
MODULE #12: “Good Pay Per Leads Programs”

PPL’s are great EXTRA source of income, especially if you use them with traffic you ALREADY have in
your e-mail list!

They pay you anywhere from $0.25- $3 per opt-in you collect!

All I did was create a ROTATOR, named it PPL AND I set-UP my TIER 1 countries properly (To 100% =

So each time I want to drive raw clickers (Who have seen my other promos), I can then redirect them
to my PPL ROTATOR to make some extra cash!

Here are my top 3 Pay-Per-Leads programs:

1) Ed Newman:


2) James Jordan’s Cash Superstar


3) Kevin Fahey


4) You ca n al so w o rk with CPL ’s t hr o ugh CPA ne twor ks li ke :

I hope you enjoyed “Scalable Profits Revolution” as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

With that said, let’s “recap” just to show you how simple it is to make money online:
1. Create a “Free Report” to give away as an incentive to “Capture
Leads” (E-Mail subscribers).
2. Create A funnel & Add Your Links As shown In “Scalable Profits

– Exit page
– Squeeze page
– Thank-You page
– (Optional) BONUS page
– Download page
3. Create Your ROTATORS

– “Pay-Per-Lead” Rotator
– “Click Banking” Rotator
– “Funnel Click” Rotator
– “Solo Ad Rotator”
– “Affiliate Offers” Rotator
– “BONUS” Rotator
4. Set-Up your auto-responder:

– Campaigns
– Opt-In Forms
– Follow-Up E-mails: “Hybrid” Technique Combined With: Your own
products Or PLR products Or Affiliate Contests.
5. Buy traffic:

– 80% Solo Ads
– 20% Funnel Clicks.
6. Trade traffic: Click Banking
7. “Broadcast” daily from your auto-responder:

– To “Bank Clicks”
– To Sell Traffic
– To Sell Your Products
– To Sell PLR Products
– To Promote Affiliate Offers

8. Something I didn’t speak of yet… but very important…


It’s always good to have a back-up of your subscribers in case you get banned from your
auto-responder company.

I know people don’t like to hear this but it happens.

So if it happens to you, at least you can import your leads to another auto-responder company if
you have a back-up of your subscribers.
To conclude…
Always Remember That

This Method Is 100% Scalable…
I suggest you keep re-investing your profits until you reach at least
15,000 subscribers! T his wi ll ensure yo u what I li ke to cal l a “Money
Ne st”.

At a certain point, you’ll make enough money to be able to take profits AND use a portion of your
profits to keep buying traffic to make sure your business keeps growing more and more!

Usually, when someone hits 15 000 subscribers in their list, they can easily live from it, no
matter the country they live in!

But first, think about growth, not profits.

List building is a scalable process when it’s done the smart way!

If you have all your tools and elements in place, you can only make money!
Remember, I’m Always Here To Help!


If you have questions about the video training, please don’t hesitate to
contact me anytime. I am here to help you become successful!
Connect with me: Facebook: Michel Sirois

Skype: Misteremarketing

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You Want To
If you bought “Scalable Profits Revolution”, you’re probably starting-up your business or are

It’s perfectly normal… Some people go to university to do what we do and
spend 1000’s of dollars!

But You Don’t Have To Go Through This!

Just like any other job or career, Internet Marketing requires education, training and there is not
1 product that can answer all your questions.

Sure, I can lay-down the essentials and show you the “big picture”, but the human mind is
programmed to ask questions. Because we are all individual beings, each individual has different
questions that disables them sometimes to progress.

I understand that it can be overwhelming when you start your own internet marketing business and
I’m here to help you as much as possible to make your dreams become a reality!
Learn From A Pro, Become A Pro!
Because Internet Marketing is like any other job it takes…

The right tools. The right training. The right business model.
You like how I promote myself through my websites, reports, e-books and business model?

Then let me bring my 17 years of online experience, directly to you! I can help you replicate what
I do very fast and for a very low cost!
As you know by now, the first step to success is to Take Action and figure
out how much you want it, to get where you want to be!
You want a Business Like Mine…

Check-Out Why My Students Love My

“Do ne -For-You” & Co ac hing Se rvic e
To your success,

Michel Sirois
By Michel Sirois©2015

RankXL Niche Site Course

Part 1: Niche & Keyword Research
Niche and keyword research is one of the most complicating things to do correctly. I’m going to simplify the entire process and show you step by step my entire process from niche research up to site launch.
Module 1
Niche & Keyword Research (Before Site Launch)
Pre-site planning: Essential steps before launching the site.
Unit 1 : Introduction
Before we do anything, we have to decide on a niche for our site.
BUT… before we select a niche, we have to understand the WAY niche selection works for the TYPE of site we’re aiming to build.
The problem today is: All the resources out there on how to properly select a niche is outdated.
Google has changed completely in the last couple of years, and the way to rank a site long-term has changed as well.
This course is about building an authority site to thousands per month. It’s not about building micro sites to $100/month.
So… our niche selection has to fit properly with that goal.
The OLD way of building niche sites
In the past, building niche sites was a fairly easy way to get to $100/month in a short amount of time. As long as you avoided big competition and went after long-tail keywords, it was easy to rank your sites quickly and get a good amount of traffic coming in.
Try using that same approach today, and I see people full of frustration.
Long-tail searches are not so easy anymore. The search results are full of authority sites no matter how small the search volumes are for the keyword.
And aside from competition, small keywords won’t get you to $10k per month. It won’t even get you to $3k per month. You can’t build a niche site around a few 500-1000 searches/month keywords and expect it to make you thousands of dollars.
Instead, we have to approach our niche sites accordingly with our goal: building a long-term business.
The NEW way of building niche sites
We first have to realize just how much weight is being given to big brands and trusted authorities now.
We can build all the micro sites we want. If we don’t build any authority to it, it won’t rank. It’s just that simple. Search volume is irrelevant.
We have to move away from the mindset of: “How can we throw up some Adsense sites and quickly make a couple hundred bucks?”
AND INSTEAD, move towards the mindset of: “How can we build out this site into a REAL business that makes 6 figures a year, and will be a SUSTAINABLE, LONG-TERM business model?”
The good news is that the conditions are better now than ever to do exactly that.
What it takes to build a site to $10k/month
This course is designed around building ONE site, NOT multiple sites.
Growing a single site to $10k/month is so much easier and faster than building a batch of sites that add up to $10k/month.
And this is a break down of the model we’re working towards…
The way we’re going to approach our authority sites is:
1. Target the biggest keywords in the niche. 2. Consistently build links to these pages targeting the big keywords. 3. Build out the site with inner articles. 4. Pull in tons of long-tail traffic. 5. Not right away, but eventually our rankings will rise for our big keywords.
That’s the model in the most basic description.
And I’m going to explain throughout the course exactly what goes into building it out and how to build the proper backlinks to establish powerful authority to your site.
In the long run, this approach to building an authority site will result in the following:
1. Our site will rank for the biggest keywords in the niche, and every variation of the phrase. 2. It will have great content that people love. 3. It will have powerful links from relevant external pages/domains. 4. Because of our built authority, our inner pages targeting long-tail keywords will rank almost instantly. Our site will be given so much extra weight over our competitors. 5. We will start getting traffic to our site from tons of long-tail searches which will eventually out number the number of visitors who come in through our biggest keywords (even when we’re ranking #1).
Benefits of using this strategy:
1. It’s sustainable and long-term. You don’t need to worry about spam updates demolishing your traffic overnight. 2. It’s passive once you build authority to the site, especially when using Adsense. I frequently take 3-4 weeks off and income stays the same or even increases. The beauty of Adsense. 3. You build a REAL business. $10k/month is a real business. We’re going to be driving a lot of traffic to our niche site and you have a lot of
opportunities to grow. 4. You have an amazing valuable asset. A site making $10k/month can be sold for around $250,000-$300,000. Especially with the type of links and the amount of authority we’re going to be building to our site, that alone makes the domain extremely valuable.
That’s exactly what we’re going to learn in this course.
Everything starts with niche selection.
Let’s move onto the next unit, where I’ll show you HOW to choose a niche, and HOW it should be built into your overall site planning.
*Throughout the course, you’ll have the option to mark units as completed. This is solely to help you keep track. You can ignore it, or use it. It will NOT affect your progress in the course, and it will NOT affect your access to any parts of the course. You have life-time access to the course and may return to any course unit you’ve completed in the future.
Finding Your Niche
*This unit is about finding a niche. If you already have a niche in mind, or if you’re experienced with this part, then feel free to skip this unit.
Now, let’s get started and choose our niche.
There are many moving parts to niche selection: Are there plenty of good keywords within the niche? Is it profitable? What is the CPC like? How competitive is it?
Forget all those things for now.
Let’s just narrow down a list of your interests to start.
Let’s get started
I’m going to take you through a few sources you can use. These are my favorite sources to use when doing niche selection.
While you’re browsing the lists, just write down on a piece of paper or notepad app a few niches you might be interested in.
Try to keep it between 5 to 10.
BROAD OR TARGETED? It doesn’t matter at this point. For instance, you can be as broad as just saying “basketball” or you can be as targeted as saying “jumping higher for basketball players.”
You can be as broad as you like or narrow it down as much as you want. We’ll get to sorting out that part in the next step.
My favorite source: StumbleUpon
Open StumbleUpon
If you haven’t been using StumbleUpon for niche selection, you’re missing out. It’s probably the best resource on the internet for finding niche ideas.
So let’s go ahead and make an account if you don’t already have one. It’s free, it’s fast, and there’s no verification or anything required.
Finding the list of niches
After you’ve made your account, click on your profile on the top right.
That should cause a new nav bar to slide down below it. Click on “Add Interests”
Once you do, you’ll be brought to their list of interests. Click on “All” and you’ll see a HUGE list of niches.
There’s nothing quite like this list. It’s organized in alphabetical order, there are images for better visualization, and there are a ton of topics to choose from.
Scroll down the list. As you do, note down any that might be of interest to you.
I browse through this list frequently even if I’m not planning to build out a site. It’s impossible to scroll down this list without coming up with any ideas for niche sites.
Other Sources
If you went through StumbleUpon’s list and didn’t find everything you needed, here are a few more great sources.
1. RedditList – Ever wonder what the hottest trending topics and sub-reddits are on Reddit? This website shows you in real-time. Although a lot of Reddit’s sub-reddits are not niche-site topics, you’ll often come up with some great ideas browsing what’s trending.
2.’s A-Z List – is probably one of the biggest content farms on the internet. They write about every topic you can think of, just using their enormous domain history and authority to rank for virtually every keyword out there. This list is their A-Z list of all the topics they write about.
3. Udemy – Udemy has high quality courses on a variety of topics. If people are willing to purchase a course about it, chances are it’s a pretty popular topic. You’ll come up with a lot of great ideas browsing through their courses. Go through different categories and skim through what types of topics people are creating topics on. It’s a great way to spark ideas for your niche site.
4. Barnes & Noble – Just a giant list of book categories. One of my favorite places to find niche ideas is at the book store. The section you find yourself going to most often is probably going to be a good idea to start your niche site about since you have an interest in it. Well, this is the probably the most extensive list of categories you’ll find.
Do you have your list of niches?
So by now, you should have around 5 to 10 niches written down that are worth analyzing. In the next section, we’ll go through each of them to see which one would be the most profitable.
Let’s move on.
Analyzing Your Niches For Keywords
So now that you have a few niche options selected, it’s time to examine them further and determine what the search traffic potential is for each niche.
What we’re going to do is come up with a few seed keywords for each niche.
What we’re looking for here are BIG keywords. Are there good keywords within this niche with a big enough search volume that will make pursuing this profitable?
First, go to Google’s Keyword Planner
This is the main tool I use for all my keyword research, and it’s what I’ll be using throughout this example.
Although using the Keyword Planner might be something you’re already familiar with, I’ll really go step-by-step through this in case you don’t have much experience with the Keyword Planner.
Enter in your keyword, along with any variations that you think of
I’ve chosen “potty training” as an example, along with some variations that I thought of.
I got these results. These are the search volumes for these keywords.
And these are the additional keywords that the tool suggested below.
There are about 800 in total that Google’s Keyword Planner brought back.
What exactly are we looking for here?
My criteria for keywords at this age is:
Over 50,000 searches
50,000 is the minimum that I would target as a main keyword.
This can be added up with similar phrases. For instance, ‘Potty Training’ gets 74,000 searches/month. But ‘Potty Training’ is pretty much in the same topic as ‘Potty Training Tips’ and ‘How To Potty Train’ along with several others.
Add them all up and you get over 100,000 searches per month.
Why over 50k searches/month? Because these are our main, biggest keywords. We want to build our sites in the beginning with the plan to get as much search traffic as possible. If our biggest keywords are only getting 10,000 searches per month, it’s not worth the effort.
Although I like to go after keywords with over 50,000 searches per month, anything from 30,000 and up is fine if you have trouble finding
them. We’ll go through how to combine the biggest keywords together in just a little bit.
Next Steps
Go through this step for all the niches you noted down. Not every niche will have big keywords that get over 50,000 searches per month.
Next, we have to analyze the competition to see if it’s something we’ll be able to rank our site for.
But before we do that, let’s go through an example of what type of keywords you should be avoiding.
Types Of Keywords You Should Avoid
Before we dive any further into our niche and keyword research, I want to go over a rule I have about targeting keywords:
Target information-related searches.
I avoid e-commerce / product-related keywords because they act kind of differently than normal search results. You have to understand the meaning behind the search.
For instance, let’s say one of the niches you’re analyzing is bowling.
An e-commerce/product-related keyword might be something like: “bowling shoes”
It gets a good amount of searches per month, and with the variations added onto it, it easily passes 50,000 searches per month.
However, an article about how bowling shoes are made, and what they’re used for will never rank highly for this search.
Why? Because of the MEANING behind the search. Google knows that the majority of people who search for “bowling shoes” are looking to buy. As a result, these are the results you’ll see.

As you can see, there’s nothing but e-commerce sites on those listings.
A better, information-related search would be something like: “bowling tips”
That brings us these results:

Much better. This is an information-related search.
Combined with variations of the keyword like “How to Bowl” this brings us just enough search volume to meet the 50,000 searches per month benchmark.
So that’s something we can move forward with.
Let’s analyze the competition for this niche.
How To Do Competition Analysis The Right Way
The way I do competition research for NICHE SITES is very different than what you may have read or learned from other sources. I see too many people over-complicate things during this stage.
It’s a lot easier if you understand the principles of our goal with building this niche site
You see, before you do competition analysis, you have to realize the TYPE of site you’re doing research for. Competition analysis is very different for an authority site than it is for something like a local business website or even a micro site.
The strategy and goals are different. With business websites, and micro sites we’re trying to rank for very specific keywords, and the success of our site will depend on how well we rank for them.
With our niche authority sites, we’re trying to rank for thousands of long-tail keywords in the long-run. The biggest keywords are targeted, but are long-term goals –> NOT short-term goals. Although we’re aiming to eventually rank for them, it’s not something that will make or break our site.
With that in mind, remember these 2 things before we jump into competition analysis:
1. The success of our authority site won’t be determined by our rankings for these big keywords. We’re going to target them, but it’s not do or die. Our
site will get TONS of long-tail traffic before we even get into the top 5 rankings.
2. Google is now all about authority. Any search you do today will bring back nothing but really high authority sites. The biggest thing holding people back from entering niches and starting their sites is competition. They see these high authority sites on the first page and decide it would be crazy to compete with them. DON’T let this intimidate you. We’re still going to analyze competition to make sure it’s not TOO competitive, but your criteria and metrics need to change to compensate for Google’s algorithm changes, and our goals with this site.
I can’t stress how important this is you understand these 2 points: There’s a fundamental difference in how sites that make thousands per month are built. It might be completely different than how you’ve approached niche site building in the past, and that’s a good thing.
Okay so now that we have that covered. Let’s get started.
The tools I use for competition analysis are Google search and Open Site Explorer.
You can use any backlink checker you like, but I like to use Open Site Explorer.
I’m going to show you just how simple the process is.
Remember, again, keep the above two points in mind as we begin the analysis.
Step 1: Analyze Google Search for Unbeatable Rankings
The first thing that I do is make sure that the rankings aren’t unbeatable.
What do I mean by unbeatable? I mean a search results page with government pages, official company sites, and organizations. These are pages that will NEVER be beaten. They’re just the most relevant search for the keyword you chose. End of story.
Here’s an example:
If you love the military and jets, something like Air Force training might seem like an awesome niche that you’ll enjoy writing about everyday.
Unfortunately, the Air Force and Military’s official pages will never be beaten no matter how many powerful links you build to your page. Long-tail keywords are going to be dominated by these official sites as well.
Most keyword searches aren’t like this, and it takes a little bit of common sense to spot these kind of results pages. But in the first stage of competition analysis, this is all we’re looking for.
If it does look unbeatable, then I would dump the keyword/niche.
If it’s not, then let’s move onto the next step.
Step 2: Metrics To Look For
Like I mentioned before, any search you do these days will show nothing but high authority sites.
If avoiding high competition on Google is your main deciding factor of whether to target a keyword or not, then you’re not going to have any keywords you can target.
It’s just the way Google is now, so you have to look for the right metrics.
Using Moz’s Open Site Explorer
My favorite tool for competition analysis is Open Site Explorer. You might prefer other tools like Majestic or Ahrefs, but I prefer Open Site Explorer.
Even if you normally use Majestic and Ahrefs, use Moz for this part because it provides the best metrics for this stage of your research.
For our analysis, we’re going to pay attention to page metrics instead of domain metrics.
What are page metrics?
Open Site Explorer brings back results about a site’s entire domain, and their specific pages that you search for.
Because Google’s results are full of high domain authority sites now, basing your research on domain metrics will prevent you from ever finding a good keyword worth pursuing.
What we have to look for is the strength of the actual page that’s ranking.
Let’s say we wanted to rank for “how to throw a punch” and we saw this page ranking highly:
If we checked Moz to see how powerful a domain WikiHow is, this is what it brings back:
Um… yeah… that’s pretty insane.
And you might decide not to waste your time competing with it.
But that’s the link profile for the actual domain:
Let’s look at the specific page that’s ranking:
That’s a major difference. There’s only 2 sites linking to it and 1 of them is wikihow, itself.
While domain authority is a powerful metric that enables websites to rank highly without any effort for their internal pages… page authority, and the number of backlinks going to the actual page that’s ranking is what you have to look at to determine if you can beat it or not.
To make this a little clearer, I’ll take you step-by-step through the analysis process for an example keyword.
Let’s go to the next unit.
Step-By-Step Walk Through of My Competition Analysis Process
So, let’s continue with our example niche from a few units ago: “Bowling tips”
Searching for “bowling tips” brings back these results.

Looks fine at first glance. Let’s dive in.
Who is
At first glance, it seems that is a pretty big player in the space. They’re ranking for the first 2 spots in the rankings.
I’ve never heard of before so I opened up their site to get some more information on who they are.
Not a good sign:
Would I consider them unbeatable? No. The keyword “bowling tips” is about bowling instruction. This is just a national membership organization. They’re not the prime authority for all things bowling tips.
If that sounds contradictory to my example with the air force, consider this:
“air force training” = There’s only one official authority on this: The Air Force. The only training you can really get is from The Air Force.
“bowling tips” = How to bowl. There is not one organization or company that is the official company for everything related to bowling instruction. is ranking #1 because of their high authority, but they are not unbeatable.
Which of their pages are ranking? is ranking for the top 2 positions on Google for this keyword. But look at the pages that are ranking.
What is that like 50 words and 10 internal links? That’s a really good sign for us if we’re going to pursue this niche.
We can easily blow their content out of the water with what we create.
That’s a little bit better than the #1 ranking page, but still… awful, outdated, and ugly UI.
Just from looking at this, we know we have one major advantage: We can totally whip this site’s butt in terms of value provided with our site. We can create something that knocks this page out of the water, which will make it easier for our site to get links.
Checking’s links
Step 1: Checking the link profile for the entire BOWL.COM domain
Before checking the links to the individual ranking pages, I want to get an idea of this site’s overall link profile… since they seem to be the current authority on bowling at the moment.
Before I even check the links to this site, I already know that it’s going to be super high authority. They’re the “official” organization for bowling in the U.S. so I’m guessing they’ll have a lot of links.
Just as I expected. A lot of powerful links.
Although their site is really high authority, remember that this is the profile of links going to the entiredomain.
Let’s take a look at the link profile for the SPECIFIC PAGES that are ranking for “bowling tips.”
#1 Ranking Page
– Only 1 site linking to their page (their own site, That’s it. – A page authority of 28, which is very beatable. – Only 5 social shares. Nobody’s sharing this page. This page is NOT a
good search result for people who want “bowling tips.” I can imagine their bounce rate to be really high.
#2 Ranking Page
– Same thing. 1 site linking to them (their own site, – A slightly higher page authority, but it’s pretty much the same thing considering their ZERO inbound links. – 6 social shares. Again, nobody’s going to share this page because there’s nothing to share.
Thoughts about
At first glance, it would seem crazy to compete with a site like But after analysis of quality of content, and the specific link profiles for the pages that are ranking, we can see that it’s going to be pretty easy actually.
Their content is horrible, it looks outdated, and it’s the prime example of what a high bounce-rate site should look like.
We can easily over-take this site as THE AUTHORITY in bowling tips and training.
There’s another good reason this keyword is wide open. That site is ranking for the top 2 spots. There aren’t 2 high authority pages in the top 2 spots. Beating 1, means beating both with one punch.
*When 2 pages from the same domain are ranking on the first page, they will always be grouped together.
Do you see what I mean about the power of authority sites?
This is what I’ve been talking about during our niche research stage. This is the kind of search results that are on the first page now.
No links to the page that’s ranking, but because Google sees that they’re an authority figure in the niche, they’re #1. That’s exactly what we’re going to do with our own sites, and start dominating for all the keywords available.
Let’s go through the rest of the sites that are ranking
Okay, before we decide this is an easy niche we can easily dominate, let’s check out what the rest of the competition looks like.
The next result is It’s just a blog roll with a bunch of posts about bowling tips.
TIP: A content-rich page full of information and useful links is a much better search experience than a randomized homepage blog roll.
Let’s take a look at their backlinks:
Awesome! That’s about as weak as you can get for a top search result for a moderately high search volume keyword. This site is ranking #3 right under’s 2 pages.
Only 6 sites are linking to them, with 16 total links. And this is to their overall domain… not just the specific page.
Things are looking good. Let’s go through a few more.
#4 RANKING PAGE: Wikihow
Seeing a Wikihow page is another great sign. Wikihow is weak. Before I even search the links going to the page, I know it’s going to be weak. The only reason they’re ranking is because of their high domain authority.
Yup, I was right.
Only 4 sites linking to this page. Weak.
#5 RANKING PAGE: YouTube Video
I don’t even have to check the links for this page. It’s going to be zero.
#6 RANKING PAGE: YouTube profile page
Okay, it looks like a guarantee that this is a wide-open niche by now. We can totally just overtake this niche.
The #6 ranking site is a YouTube user’s profile page!
I don’t even need to check the links for this page because I know it’s weak.
As soon as I see this page, I know it’s going to be super easy to beat. It’s a WordPress category page. Just a blogroll of posts related to “bowling tips.”
This is a page with some decent information. But looking through it, it looks like a Clickbank affiliate page. The page links to a clickbank bowling product.
Looking through the link profile:
Okay, so 28 sites are linking to him for a total of 320 links.
Can you guess the main reason it’s not ranking higher than the other sites even when it has more links than them? Hint: It’s not domain authority.
The links pointing to the site are absolute garbage. They’re not relevant, they’re on weird pages that have nothing to do with bowling. They’re weak, most of them are comment spam and directory links.
It’s a good sign that he’s ranking #8 with those links because the links we get will be SO MUCH MORE powerful than his.
This page is a mess. The information is all over the place and I don’t even know what I’m reading. Content-quality wise, it’s terrible.
Let’s take a look at the links:
Only 1 site linking to this page, their own site.
Thoughts after analyzing Page 1 of results
There are only 9 page results for this search because one of them is an image result.
So I just quickly went through all the sites on the first page. You were able to see exactly what I look for, and what makes a weak site weak.
After analyzing page one, I’ll usually browse through pages 2 and 3. I don’t go through all of them like I did for the first page.
What I’m mainly looking for is to check if there are other people doing SEO for that keyword. You can usually spot this by the domain name and the keyword-rich titles. They’ll usually be things like “”
But that part isn’t as important.
The most important part is analyzing the first page. And I think we can conclude that this is a pretty easy niche to target, AND ALSO… an easy niche we can totally dominate the rankings for.
Setting Up Your Pillar Keywords
In the previous unit, we went through how to do competition analysis for your keywords.
So what happens after you decide that a niche & keyword are worth pursing?
Here’s where it really gets interesting.
The next step is to set up your Pillar Keywords
What is a Pillar Keyword? It’s the process of intentionally ranking for every variation of your keyword through proper planning.
This is one of the biggest areas where I do things differently with my niche site building.
I remember when I first started my niche site, I learned from really well known bloggers in the space.
One of the times I had my “aha” moment was when even they were surprised by how they started ranking for things they never even targeted.
Their main keyword jumped to the first page, and they would say, “What’s interesting is that I’m also ranking for X, Y, and Z and I wasn’t even targeting them.”
They ranked for these terms by accident.
By targeting a major keyword, creating a high quality resource around it, and building a bunch of good links, they got to #1 for their main keyword.
However, because it was a high quality resource with a lot of good links, they started ranking for other keywords. By having some of the words in their title, headings, or body of the post, they were targeting them without even knowing it.
And they probably could have done it for even more keywords had they done the appropriate research.
That’s what Pillar Keyword setup is.
Even today, people are taught to target a single keyword and build their page around it. They ignore the fact that if they build up enough authority to the page to rank for their keyword, they probably could have ranked for a handful of others in the process if they just targeted them in some way.
A powerful strategy
After seeing that, I started experimenting with it… and now… it’s a MAJOR part of my niche site strategy.
I plan for it so it’s never an accident. This is the reason my big niche site jumped up in traffic all of a sudden.
Gaining enough authority that your site jumps to #1 for the biggest keyword is a big boost in traffic. If you’re targeting pretty much every keyword with that post, they’ll all rise to the first page and the traffic boost is ENORMOUS.
Your page will get so much more traffic without having had to do any extra work for it.
It’s just a result of good planning.
Here’s how to create your pillar keywords
I’m going to use Potty Training for this example because there are more variations available for my example.
I’ll go step-by-step through this because this process is very important for you to learn.
If you master this strategy, your niche sites will grow to a whole different level than it used to.
Traffic is multiple times greater in the long run than if you did the same amount of work without utilizing this strategy, so make sure you read through below until you can do it yourself for multiple keywords.
First, let’s take a look at the keywords brought back from Google’s Keyword Planner
So here’s the first page of results.

There are 800 results total, and I can’t post them all here so I’ll do my best to forge an example with what’s on the first page.
It should be more than enough.
First, start organizing
First, I’ll take the biggest keyword I want to target and list out all the relevant keywords that are DIRECTLY related to it.
What do I mean by this?
I’ll list all the keywords that are related to each other where ranking for one of them will pretty much mean I can rank for the others.
They’re just worded slightly differently.
For example, tips for potty training, potty training, and how to start potty training all fall under the same topic.
Each individual one gets a good amount of searches per month.
However, something like potty training pants and potty training toilet seat are not directly related.
So here’s the organized list of all keywords directly related to “potty training”
potty training – 74,000 potty training tips – 14,800 how to potty train – 8,100 tips for potty training – 880 tips on potty training – 720 how to start potty training – 2,400 when to start potty training – 8,100 when to potty train – 3,600
potty training boys – 18,100 potty training tips for boys – 2,900 potty training girls – 9,900 potty training tips for girls 1,600 potty training for boys – 1,600 tips for potty training girls – 720 tips for potty training boys – 390 how to potty train a boy – 9,900 how to potty train a girl – 6,600
toddler potty training – 720 potty training toddlers – 480 baby potty training – 1,000
All of these keywords are related searches that have the same MEANING: tips about potty training.
TOTAL = 166,510
We can target all of these through a single page, and that’s 166,510 searches per month. That’s just calculating using the keywords presented on the first page.
If we were to add up every little keyword, it would get closer to 200,000 searches per month.
REMEMBER: This is only counting the keywords listed in Google’s Keyword Planner. It’s not considering ANY long tail traffic, so the actual traffic numbers will be MUCH higher.
Results of using this strategy
People today are trained to look at that list and choose one keyword.
Maybe they’ll choose a keyword based around potty training girls. It’s a good keyword that gets around 20,000 searches per month if you add up all the variables.
But look at what we did here. By taking the biggest keywords and combining them together, we put our page in position to rank for all of them instead of just one of them.
In addition, our page is going to so much more jam-packed with information and provide value to our readers. It’s a monster and we’ll learn how to create content for these types of post in the next module in what I like to call Pillar Posts.
Pillar Keywords are the pillars of my authority site strategy
This is what I mean when I say authority sites don’t rely on single keywords to determine their success. Even if it takes forever to rank #1 for a keyword like “potty training” this article will bring in a TON of long-tail traffic.
Don’t pay so much attention to competition. Are you trying to rank your site for a single keyword and then making money off of it within a week? If you were, then competition looks tough for this.
But remember, we’re creating a valuable long-term authority site. It may not rank for all of these right away, but as we continue to build out our sites and do proper backlinking, it will.
And when it does, it will be more traffic than you’ve ever seen from any of your older niche sites.
Formatting the Content
This is better fit to be in the next module which talks about building out the site, but I’m going to go through it here while this is fresh in your mind.
I won’t go into detail about how to format the content of this post just yet, but I’ll give you an idea of how to combine them together.
Writing Our Title for this Monster Post
So now comes the part of smartly targeting all of these keywords so that ranking for one of them = ranking for all of them.
What we’re trying to do is make sure that we’re targeting every single one of those keywords in the list we made within our site’s Title and Description.
Here’s what I came up with:
Try and find one keyword from our list where that title isn’t relevant.
This is easier than it looks. All it takes is some creativity. You’ll have to play around with the title and descriptions a bit to get it just right.
I’m pretty happy with this one.
We’ll learn how to format the rest of the content in a later unit.
Pillar Posts
This is how I do keyword research for my biggest keywords. They’re the only ones I pay this muchattention to because they’re the ones that have the ability to drive substantial amounts of traffic to our site.
I like to call these types of pages targeting Pillar Keywords as Pillar Posts.
Why? Because as you’ll learn in the next section of this course, they act as the pillars of our niche site. They are the biggest resources on our site targeting the biggest keywords in our niche.
I normally try to create at least 2-3 of these Pillar Posts at the start of a site.
Only 2 or 3?
Yes. As you can see, we’re targeting a bunch of keywords here. The content for these types of posts also take a long time to put together (which we’ll get into later).
2 to 3 is enough for the beginning. You can do more if you prefer, but I like to add in smaller posts targeting long-tail keywords after I get just 2 to 3 of these published.
Follow along
During your keyword research stage, put together 2 of these posts first. We’re not going to write the content just yet.
Just do what I did above. List out the biggest keywords and try to target all of them within your site’s title and description.
Moving on
Most of the keyword strategies you find online discuss the same thing over and over again – how to find low hanging fruit with no competition using tools like Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro. It’s nice to know these skills, but it’s not the right strategy to build out big authority sites that can pull in thousands per month.
The most important part of my keyword strategy stems from what I’ve shown you above. It’s truly the most important difference of going from a few hundred dollars a month online to over $10,000 per month.
So, once you form your 2 Pillar Keywords using the strategy above, create the titles and descriptions for them.
In the next unit, I’m going to show you the best way to format your content for these Pillar Keywords and create your Pillar Posts.
Creating Your Pillar Posts
What I always do first is create at least 2 pillar articles (with 2000+ words each) targeting the biggest keywords in my niche. I make sure these are massive, well-written posts because they will define the quality of the new site.
It will depend on the topic of your site, but I don’t want to start out a site by publishing a couple of mediocre articles that were just ordered off of iWriter or something. I want to set a high standard.
People can spot garbage a mile away. I’m going to be using these posts to attract visitors and backlinks (which we’ll get to in the next module). Therefore, I need it to be awesome and liked by people who see it.
If you’re good at writing, write these yourself. Remember that you shouldn’t be finishing these in less than an hour. For me, it takes a day or two to write everything, edit it, add images, add links to resources within the article.
Make these extremely well-researched and put some time into them. You only need to do the work once, and this is going to help your site extremely for the long run.
This is one of the most important steps I take in creating my sites so don’t just overlook this section lightly.
Creating these golden pieces of information articles will make your site much easier to rank for smaller keywords in the long run.
Why Pillar Posts Are So Essential:
1. Really well written pieces of information on certain topics make it much easier to acquire links. Most people won’t link to an article on a brand new site if it’s just mediocre. But if it’s really above and beyond what’s already out there in the niche, they’ll be more inclined to link to it as a resource. This comes in handy when we get to the link building section.
2. If you target really big keywords and start to slowly rank for them, it becomes so much easier to establish your site as a major resource in the niche. A site targeting a bunch of long-tail keywords with 100-200 searches
per month won’t be considered an authority. But a site ranking for the biggest keywords will.
3. As your site becomes recognized as an authority in the niche, smaller keywords become a lot easier to rank for. And you don’t even need to get the #1 rankings. Once I get my biggest keywords to the 2nd and 3rd pages in ranking for these really big keywords, almost every new article I write targeting long-term keywords jumps to the first page immediately after I publish them. This is because Google sees your pillar articles and how much people are engaging with them and establishes your site a trusted source on the entire niche.
4. Writing Pillar Posts allows you to slack off (kind of) on the smaller articles. If you’re targeting really small keywords in the future, you don’t need to put in the same amount of effort as you did with your pillar articles. They can be 300-500 words long. But if your entire site was composed of these thin articles, your site wouldn’t get much trust and recognition. By establishing pillar articles on your site that are very high quality, it gives a boost to posts that aren’t so in-depth as well.
How to format your Pillar Posts
People know how to write good content, but very few people know how to create great content.
What’s the difference between a good article and a great article that gets shared and linked to?
A great article is thoroughly researched from multiple sources and covers each subtopic in-depth.
An example of a good article is like something you might find on or
Take a look at them. It’s well-written and tells you the basic background information on the topic, but that’s the extent of it. Would you classify these articles as great? If you really want to know about the topic, they’re not the best sources to dig deep into it.
You know a great article when you see one. They’re very thoroughly researched, each subtopic isn’t just a single paragraph of explanation, and it’s filled with interesting links to additional resources.
A few examples of great articles are from WPBeginner, CoDrops, and this one from AcquireConvert.
Wikipedia style formatting
How many times have you searched for something on Google where you would type in what you’re looking for, and “wiki” to find the Wikipedia page?
For me, it’s a lot. Whenever I need to look up information, I find myself searching directly for the wiki.
Why? Because I know Wikipedia’s style of writing and page formatting. It tells me everything I need to know (most of the time) and it covers every important subtopic about it.
Plus, it’s perfectly organized.
It’s the format I love to create with my own Pillar Posts.
As you’ve see from our keyword research, a Pillar Post will target the biggest keywords, and it will target a lot of them at the same time. So our article has to cover those topics extremely in-depth.
The Wikipedia model is the perfect way to format and organize that content.
Table of Contents with In-Page Links
Pillar Posts can get very long. For me, it’s always over 2000 words long, and sometimes much longer depending on the topic.
One of my favorite ways to organize the content on the page is to use a table of contents with in-page links. It’s one of the best ways to set up your page architecture for easy accessibility to your subtopics.
If you’re not clear what these are exactly, it’s this box you see on all of Wikipedia’s pages:
If you’re interested in learning about SEO as a marketing strategy, all you need to do is click #5 and it will take you right to that section. You can even link to it externally and it will take you there.
How to set up in-page links
This requires some basic HTML. I’ll use the example above to show you how that one was set up. The link is set up by using the name tag.
Right above your section, you would add this,
<a name=”seo-marketing-strategy”></a>
Then, from your table of contents, you add your link, and link it like this:
<a href=”#seo-marketing-strategy”>As a marketing strategy</a>
Clicking on that link would then take you straight to your section.
Creating this type of format isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s a great way to set them up.
How to research a Pillar Post?
I get asked all the time: Do you have to be an expert to enter a niche?
The answer is… Of course not! You’re basically researching and writing, much like you did in college. You’re not coming up with the entire article off the top of your head!
The way I like to research a topic and decide what to include into the article is by Googling my keywords.
A bunch of results will show up. Most of them will suck. They’ll be on high authority sites, which is why they’re ranking highly, but the actual content will be pretty thin. This is common across most keywords today.
What I do is open them all up and read through them carefully. Once you do, you’ll get an understanding of the basic material that are a MUST to include, and the smaller sub-topics that some sites talk about but others don’t.
What I do is make note of each one, and make sure my page talks about ALL of them. It’s pretty much re-writing, but in a grander fashion. You’re re-writing 10-20 pages of content and condensing the info onto a single page.
It’s not as hard as it sounds since you’re choosing what’s worthy of re-writing and what’s not. If you have trouble with the information overload, copy and paste each section separately first and then read and re-write in your own words.
For example, if I were writing a Pillar Post about potty training, and I decided to include a section about the difference between potty training girls and boys, I would open up all the pages in the first 2 pages of the search results. Then, I would start by copy and pasting all the site’s sections where they talk about specifically that topic onto a separate page.
Then, I would read through it, and condense all of that information into my own words. You’ll find each site only talks about a certain number of topics. If we were to include them all on our single page, that’s already a better article than most of them.
Remember the keywords that you used for your Pillar Keyword
Remember all the different variations that we combined into our Pillar Keyword creation? Make sure that they are all covered in your article as subtopics.
That sounds like an insane amount of work…[sigh]
If you’re writing your Pillar Post, then yes, it is pretty time-consuming to put this information together to create an epic resource on your keywords.
However, remember that these are only for our Pillar Posts. For our regular, inner page articles, we won’t be going through this much trouble.
Remember that we only have to do this work once. You only have to write the article once, and it will be used to rank your site long-term and bring loads of free organic traffic to your site.
When you think of it that way, it doesn’t seem so bad, does it?
Putting this much time and effort into our Pillar Posts also has other advantages:
1. You can seriously slack off on your inner posts. My inner posts are usually only 300-500 words long. They rarely go over that amount.
Now imagine that our entire site was built around these thin articles. Our site would be pretty thin and low-quality.
Our Pillar Posts are published first so that they can establish our site as a high-quality resource.
2. It becomes SO MUCH EASIER to get really powerful links. This is something we’ll cover in the next module, but having a resource like this makes it really easy to get people to link to you.
So at this stage of the niche site building process, you should have your 2 to 3 Pillar Keywords, and you should create your Pillar Posts for them.
After you’re done writing them, we’re going to launch the site.
Let’s move onto the next unit.
Launching The Site
A site launch for a niche site isn’t exactly a “launch.” It’s not like a hot new software product where thousands of people are signed up for the beta launch.
Launch just means it’s going live. Nothing exciting.
What are we launching our site with?
When I launch my sites, I do so with my 2 to 3 Pillar Posts. That’s it. Just 2 or 3 pages of content. Once I do my keyword research, put together my Pillar Keywords, and create my Pillar Posts for them, I launch the site.
Nobody’s going to visit your site at this stage. It’s not even going to be indexed in Google. We’ll get to those steps later.
DON’T Launch The Site Just Yet, Though
Before you do, we need to go over the next section of this module.
In the next section, I’ll go over site structure and on-site SEO. Basically, how to set up and structure your authority site for maximum success.
There are a few key things you have to do for authority sites that are very different from launching a small niche site.
So when you’re ready, let’s move over to the first unit of the next section.

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Email 3 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 3: Furnish The Affiliate Center……………………………7
Email 4 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 4: Ignite Your Program

Email 5 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 5: Launch Your Opportunity …………………………….11
Email 6 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 6: Invite Super Affiliates
Email 7 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 7: Aid

Email 8 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 8: Treat Affiliates Well
Email 9 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 9: Enlist an Affiliate Manager……………………………20

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Email 1 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 1: Arrange the Details

Hi [Name],

Welcome to “How to Setup an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Program!”

I’m really excited about this course, because setting up an affiliate program is one of the best
ways to get a lot of warm, highly targeted traffic to your website. Even better, a lot of this
traffic will arrive on your sales page with their credit cards in hand, so you’ll get great
conversion rates.

So let me give you a quick overview of what you’ll learn over the next nine lessons. You’ll get the
complete formula for setting up an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program, which includes these nine steps:

Step 1: Arrange the Details.
Step 2: Familiarize Yourself With Platforms
Step 3: Furnish the Affiliate Center
Step 4: Ignite Your Offer
Step 5: Launch Your Opportunity Step 6: Invite Super Affiliates Step 7: Aid Affiliates
Step 8: Treat Affiliates Well
Step 9: Enlist a Manager

You’ll find out what each of these steps entails as you go through the course. By the time you’ve
finished this course, you’ll know how to set up an affiliate program that can easily bring you a
whole lot of warm leads, customers and cash in the bank.

Today we’ll start with Step 1, Arrange the Details.

This is your most basic step. Before you can even think of setting up an affiliate program, you
need to figure out what you’re going to offer to your affiliates. Specifically, how much money will
they get when they make a sale?

Here are the factors you need to consider:

 The commission rate. If you’re selling digital products, then you should be offering at least
a 50% commission rate. You may offer more to select super affiliates. You might also offer more
depending on the other factors below…

 The price of your product. For low price products (such as $7 products), consider offering
100% to affiliates. Otherwise, most affiliates won’t be interested in promoting your offer if they
only make a few dollars on each sale.

 Residual commissions. If you’re selling memberships or anything with recurring fees, then
offer your affiliates residual income. In other words, instead of giving them 50% for the first
month and nothing ever again, give them a 50% commission for every month that their referral
remains a paying member. This is easy money for an affiliate, and you’ll have affiliates working
hard to promote your residual offers.

 Upsell/backend commissions. If you have an upsell on the order form, then be sure to offer
your affiliates a cut of these sales as well. These commission rates don’t necessarily need to be
the same for the front and backend. For example, for a low-price frontend offer with an upsell, you
might offer 100% on the frontend and 50% commissions on the upsell offer.

That’s it for this time. See you soon…

[sign off]

P.S. Keep an eye on your inbox, because next time you’ll find out which affiliate platform is a
good choice for you. Pick the wrong one, and affiliates won’t trust you. Get this step right by
checking out the next lesson.
Email 2 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 2: Familiarize Yourself
With Platforms

Hi [Name],

Welcome back to the “How to Setup an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Program” course! Last time we talked about
how to set your commission rate, pricing and other factors. Now this time we’ll look at Step 2 of
the process, which is to familiarize yourself with affiliate

Let’s jump right in…

The first thing you need to know is that there are two main types of affiliate platforms:

1. Self-hosted platform. This is where you install an affiliate script or plugin to run your own
affiliate program off your website. Note: you’ll need some technical expertise or you’ll need to
hire someone to manage your database and keep your website secure.
2. Third-party platform. This is where you entrust a third party to track affiliate links,
payments and so on.

If you’re just getting started as a vendor, I highly recommend you choose a trusted
third-party platform instead of a self-hosted script. Here’s why, in one word: trust.

If affiliates don’t know you, they won’t completely trust you. And that means they’ll be reluctant
to trust your self-hosted script for tracking their commissions, plus they won’t trust you to pay
them what you owe them.

End result? You get a low number of affiliates joining your program, and often these affiliates are
low-producing affiliates who don’t stand to lose much if your script’s tracking is faulty or if you
don’t pay affiliates what you owe them.

So let’s avoid all of this by using a trusted third-party host instead. Here are some of the
popular options from which to choose:

 This is one of the most trusted and longest- established affiliate
platforms. While the fees are higher than some other platforms, ClickBank handles absolutely
everything for you, from tracking links to issuing customer refunds to cutting affiliate checks.
Affiliates put a lot of trust in this platform since they know without a doubt that they’ll
get paid for their sales.

 This is a third-party platform with a lot of features such as the ability to
send instant payments to affiliates (which isn’t recommended unless you know and trust the
affiliate), profit sharing with JV partners and a sales page generator for those who don’t have a

 While this platform isn’t as well-known as the above two, it’s gaining ground.
That’s because it too has a lot of great features such as setting up sales funnels, one-click
upsells, generating comprehensive reports and much more.

So which one is right for you?

That’s going to depend on what you’re selling, the price and your business model. So take a few
minutes right now to visit the above three links to fully familiarize yourself with each platform,
and then decide which platform is right for you.

Once you’ve decided which one is the best fit for your particular business model and goals, then
you can move onto the third step of this process… which we’ll talk about next time, so stay tuned!

[sign off]

P.S. In Step 3 you’ll find out how to furnish your affiliate center. This is an important part of
making your affiliate program attractive to the best affiliates, so don’t miss this next email!

Email 3 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 3: Furnish The Affiliate

Hi [Name],

Welcome to the third step of setting up an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program, which is to
Furnish The Affiliate Center.

The affiliate center, which is sometimes called the affiliate dashboard, is the place where your
affiliates can get materials to promote your offer. This includes everything from Twitter tweets to
product reviews to graphics.

It’s your job to make it as easy as possible for your affiliate to promote your offer. They should
be able to just copy and paste ads, emails and other swipes. That’s why you’ll want to stock your
affiliate center with as many of the following swipes and creatives as possible:

 Solo emails. These are stand-alone promotional emails your affiliates can copy, paste and send
to their lists.

 Autoresponder series. This series might be a multi-part ecourse, such as “The Five Secrets For
Losing Fat Fast.” Each email would include a tip, a strategy, or other how-to information along
with a pitch for your product.
 Blog posts and other articles. Here you can offer a variety of articles including promotions,
how-to articles, tips articles, a product review article and similar. The content articles (such as
the tips articles) should naturally lead to recommending your product.

 Social media blurbs. This should include both short blurbs for Twitter tweets (maximum 140
characters), as well as longer tips and promos for other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

 Rebrandable reports. These are short reports that are useful yet incomplete, meaning your
product solves the rest of the reader’s problem. This may be a tips report, how-to report or
similar. (E.G., “How to Get Rid of Aphids in Your Organic Garden,” or “101 Ways to Get More
Traffic.”) Naturally, affiliates will be able to rebrand the report, meaning they can insert their
affiliate link and then distribute the report.

 Promotional video. This might be a demo video, how-to video, product review, tips video or
similar. Don’t include any links within the video itself. Instead, tell viewers to use the link “at
the bottom of this video.” This allows affiliates to embed your video on any page of their site and
include their affiliate link at the bottom.

 Graphical ads. This should include graphics of varying sizes, from regular banners to smaller
squares that affiliates can post on their blogs and elsewhere.
 Live events. You can offer yourself to affiliates for events, such as webinars and other

You don’t need to have your affiliate center completely stocked before you launch your affiliate
program. However, at a minimum you should include:

 Two or three solo emails.
 A rebrandable report.
 Two or three blog posts.
 Two or three graphics.
 Two or three social media swipes.

Once you have these items in place, you can launch your affiliate program. Just be sure to commit
to continually adding to your affiliate center so that both new and existing affiliates always have
fresh swipes to send to their lists, followers and visitors.

That’s it for this time. See you soon…
[sign off]
P.S. Keeping your affiliate center fresh is just one way to ignite your affiliate program and get
the traffic and sales rolling in. To discover some other amazing ways to do this, keep an eye on
your inbox, because next time you’ll find out what the smart vendors do to create successful
affiliate programs!

Email 4 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 4: Ignite Your Program

Hi [Name],

Welcome to Step 4 of the “How to Setup an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E.” course. This time you’ll find out how
to Ignite Your Affiliate Program. In other words, you’re going to find out how to make your program
as attractive to potential affiliates as catnip is to a kitty.

See, here’s the thing…

There are plenty of other vendors dangling some mighty attractive offers in front of your potential
affiliates. Some of your best affiliates are going to pick one product and promote it like crazy.
Obviously, you want them to choose your product. So here’s how to make your offer attractive…

Be Sure the Product is Awesome

Create something that is better than all the competition, and then use a USP (unique selling
proposition) to ensure the product stands out from the crowd.

This is common sense, and yet so many people try to make a fast buck by putting out subpar
products. Don’t do that. Instead, strive to have the best product in your niche, and you can bet
you’ll have plenty of affiliates.

Here’s how:

 Read reviews of competing products. Find out what people really like about these products and
what they really dislike. Then be sure your product includes the strengths while improving on the
weaknesses. As the old adage goes, your job here is to build a better mousetrap.

 Add value. The idea here is to give your customers a lot of value for their dollar. For
example, if your competitor is selling a home-study course, then you can offer a home study course
that includes a weekly coaching call.

 Bring in beta testers and reviewers. Get your prospective customers into the product
development phase to tell you how to make the product better. That way, you’ll be confident that
you’re launching exactly what your market wants.

Now that you have a great product, here’s the next tip for attracting good affiliates…

Create a High Conversion Rate

Don’t let your affiliates down on the sales page. If you don’t know how to write good sales copy,
then hire someone who can. And while you’re hiring a professional copywriter, be sure to also hire
a professional web designer to create a polished site that leaves a great impression.

TIP: Be sure to also track and test your sales copy so that you get as high of a conversion rate as
possible. The higher your conversion rate, the more money everyone makes. And the more money your
affiliates make, the more likely it is they’ll keep promoting your offer.

Make it Worthwhile

There’s no sense in having a great product and a sales page with a high conversion rate if you’re
offering your affiliates peanuts for commissions. Make it worth their while to promote your product
by offering big commissions. For digital products, this should be
at least 50% commissions on the frontend. Be sure to offer your affiliates a cut of the upsell
profits too.

So that’s it for this time. See you soon…

[sign off]

P.S. You’ve got a good offer and a good affiliate program. But how do you get your affiliate
program in front of good affiliates? That’s what you’ll find out next time, so keep an eye on your
Email 5 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 5: Launch Your

Hi [Name], Welcome back!
At this point, you have a really good product with a good conversion rate and attractive affiliate
commissions. You just know affiliates will love promoting this offer. Which brings us to the next

How do you recruit affiliates? There are two ways:
The first way is to personally recruit them by sending emails. This is the approach you’ll take
when you’re working on landing super affiliates. You’ll find out how to do this in
the next lesson.

The second approach is to launch and advertise your affiliate opportunity. That’s what you’ll find
out how to do in this lesson. Take a look at the simple steps you need to take to launch your

Get It In the Marketplace

Many affiliate platforms (such as Clickbank and JVZoo) let their vendors list their products and
opportunities in a marketplace. In some cases, the platform may list your opportunity
automatically, while in other cases you may need to request a listing. Either way, be sure your
products get listed.

Tell Existing Affiliates

Do you already have a list of affiliates from a previous offer? Don’t forget to dash off a quick
email to let them know about this new offer. Be sure to give them all the benefits of promoting
this offer, such as your attractive conversion rate and solid product.

Tells Your Subscribers, Followers and Visitors

The idea here is to simply tell everyone you know about your offer. This includes:
 Mentioning the affiliate opportunity in your newsletter.
 Blog about the opportunity.
 Tell your social media friends and followers.

Next up…

Guest Blog About it

For this method, all you have to do is locate blogs that cater to affiliate marketers (e.g., search
Google for “affiliate marketing blog”), check if they accept guest articles, and then submit a blog
post with affiliate marketing tips. You can then use your byline to promote your affiliate

Here’s an example byline:

Put these proven affiliate marketing tips and tricks to use today to pocket $54 commissions for
every sale. Find out more about this exciting opportunity by clicking here.
Tell Affiliate Communities

Still another way to get the word out about your affiliate opportunity is by advertising it in
affiliate communities, such as on affiliate marketing forums and Facebook groups. There are three
ways to advertise:
 Purchase advertising in the group where applicable.
 Place a free ad where permissible.
 Join the discussions and post a signature file with a link to your advertising opportunity.
(Hint: you can use the article byline from above
for your signature file.)

Get an Affiliate Broker

Is there someone in your niche who has a lot of connections to affiliates? Then you can offer this
person a cut of the profits if he or she helps you build your affiliate team. For example, you can
give the affiliate broker a 10% commission for every sale made by one of the affiliates he or she
brought to your team.

TIP: One way to do this is by setting up a two-tier affiliate system. Another way to do this is by
using JVZoo, which allows you to share profits with certain partners.

That’s it for this time. See you soon…

[sign off]

P.S. Next time you’ll find out how to recruit the super affiliates into your affiliate program.
This is one of the most profitable strategies you’ll ever discover, so don’t miss it!
Email 6 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 6: Invite Super Affiliates

Hi [Name], Welcome back!
In the last lesson, you learned how to advertise your affiliate offer so you can build your
marketing team. However, you won’t find your very best affiliates that way. That’s because the
super affiliates don’t spend a whole lot of time scoping out opportunities.


Because the opportunities come to them. Every week, they get plenty of joint venture and affiliate
proposals crossing their desks. They have more products then they have time to promote. And if you
want a shot at having them promote your offer, then you’ll need to approach them directly and
persuade them to join your affiliate team.

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Find Super Affiliates

The first step is to find super affiliates in your niche. Chances are, you probably already know
about the bigger marketers. Add these folks to your list, and then use these other strategies to
find more affiliates:

 Search marketplaces (like and to find out
who’s selling popular products. These vendors are all potential affiliates.
 Use Google to uncover popular blogs in your niche. For example, search for your keywords (such
as “weight loss” or “gardening”) alongside the word “blog.”

 Search Google for marketers with newsletters. E.G., “weight loss newsletter.”

 Search Facebook to find relevant Pages and Groups in your niche. The people who own the most
popular platforms on Facebook are potential marketing partners.

 Ask existing partners to introduce you to their partners. You might also ask your prospects
and customers to tell you about their favorite blogs, newsletters, products, groups, authors and
marketers in your niche.

Next up…

Step 2: Build Relationships

This step is optional, but building relationships with potential affiliates before you ask them to
join your affiliate program will help you get more “yes” responses. This is particularly important
if you’re approaching the super affiliates, who’re inundated with affiliate requests every day.
Simply put, they’ll be more likely to say “yes” if they know, like and trust you.

TIP: This isn’t something you do in a week. This is something you do over time by chatting with the
prospective affiliate on social media, commenting on his or her blog, talking to him or her at
offline events, and similar activities.

Last step…

Step 3: Send Them a Proposal

Once you’ve gathered up a list of super affiliates (and perhaps built relationships with them),
then the last step is to send an affiliate proposal. Keep these two tips in mind:

1. Send the product. Super affiliates shouldn’t have to purchase your product to see if it’s
something they want to promote.

2. Give them something special that’s not offered to the rest of the affiliates,
such as higher commission rates.

Here’s an example email…

Subject: Snag $xx commissions with this new opportunity…

Hi [Name],

It’s [your name] here from [your website], and I’m writing to tell you about a new affiliate
opportunity that both you and your customers are sure to love. Let me explain…

First off, let me tell you about the product. It’s called [name of product], and [say in a
line or two what it does].

You can check it out for yourself right here: [download link]

I think you’ll agree that this is an awesome product and a great fit for your audience. But what
makes this opportunity even better is the sales letter is converting at [%]. And with a [%]
commission rate that puts [$x] in your pocket for every sale, you can see how those commissions
will stack up fast.

Sounds like a good opportunity for you, right? Let me sweeten the pot with these added benefits:

 Backend commissions. [Explain the percent and amount of commissions they can earn on the

 You get a personalized landing page which is sure to give your sales a nice boost.

 [Any other benefits you’re offering to this affiliate, such as instant
payments, affiliate contests, etc.]

If you like what you see, then all you have to do is get your affiliate link right here to get
started: [link to affiliate program].

Thank you for your time, and let me know if you have any questions! [sign off]
P.S. You’ll find everything you need inside the affiliate dashboard to promote this offer. It’s
easy! Check it out now at [link to affiliate program].

Email 7 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 7: Aid Affiliates

Hi [Name],

You’ve been learning about how to set up your affiliate program, including recruiting affiliates
and super affiliates to join your team.

At this point, a lot of vendors stop and leave their affiliates to their own devices. That’s an
option, of course. But if you want a successful affiliate program with affiliates who keep on
promoting for you, then you need to take this seventh step, which is to aid
your affiliates in any way they can. After all, the more money they make, the more likely it is
they’ll keep promoting. And that puts money in your pocket and grows your customer list.

Earlier in this course you found out how to stock your affiliate center, which makes it easier for
your affiliates to promote. That’s one good way to aid affiliates. Here are three more ways…

Create Training Materials

Sure, your very best affiliates certainly don’t need to know how to promote your affiliate program.
However, there will always be a few people who join who don’t really know what to do. You can help
them out by providing a free affiliate marketing guide for them, including a monthly planner that
outlines exactly what to do every day for a month to start bringing in affiliate sales.

TIP: You don’t need to write this guide yourself. You can purchase private label rights or the
resell rights to a good guide. You can outsource it to a competent ghostwriter. You can even
partner up with someone who’s written a guide where you get to give their guide away for free, and
they get the backend profits from the links in the product.

Next up…

Make Yourself Available

When I say make yourself available, I’m referring to the following:
1. Make yourself available for interviews and webinars. This will help you and your affiliates
sell more products.

2. Make yourself available to answer questions from affiliates. In other words,
provide good “customer service” to your affiliates and handle all their
inquiries promptly. You can hire an affiliate manager to do this for you (which
you’ll learn more about just a bit later in this course).

Next up…

Motivate Your Affiliates

You should be sending out regular emails to your affiliates, which makes announcements about your
affiliate program, tells them about new offers for them to promote, lets them know when you’ve
added new swipes and creatives and so on.

Another thing you’ll want to do in these emails is motivate your affiliates. One very
good way to do this is by showcasing the success of their fellow affiliates. You can send out case
studies or other motivational articles or videos which interview some of your top affiliates about
how many sales they’re pulling down and how they’re doing it. A good story like this every week (or
at least every month) will inspire your affiliates to work hard promoting your offers.

Hold Contests

Still another way to motivate affiliates is to hold affiliate contests. Every contest should
include two components:

1. Prizes for the top affiliates. This promotes competition between your best affiliates and gives
your sales a nice boost during the contest period.

2. Random-drawing prizes where all active affiliates are eligible. Basically, everyone who makes
at least one sale during the contest period is eligible to win a prize. This motivates even your
smallest affiliates to promote your offer during the contest period, as they’ll still have a shot
at winning a prize.

That’s it for this time…

[sign off]

P.S. Next time you’ll find out how to keep your affiliates happy and promoting like crazy
for. Keep an eye out for it!

Email 8 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 8: Treat Affiliates Well

Hi [Name],

Welcome to the 8th step of the setting up an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program, which is to treat your
affiliates well.

This seems like common sense, right? And yet so many vendors take their affiliates for granted. As
mentioned in the last lesson, these vendors build an affiliate team and then just leave them to
their own devices. But that’s a mistake.

You see, it’s no secret that your affiliates joined your affiliate program because they want to
make money. But showing your appreciation to them and making them feel special goes a long way in
keeping them interested promoting your offers. In short: treat your affiliates well.

Here are three ways to do it…

Be Accessible

Sometimes vendors hide their contact information behind multiple FAQs and resource documents, as
they’re hoping their affiliates won’t “bother” them. Don’t do this. Instead, do the opposite by
posting multiple contact methods within your affiliate dashboard. This may include:
 How to reach you on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

 How to reach you via email (or via a help desk).

 How to reach you by phone or even by text message.

 How to reach you by Skype (include a “click to call” link to make it easy).

Naturally, you should make it a point to respond quickly. Don’t be the guy or gal with the one-week
response time, as that’s not acceptable. Aim to answer within one business day, and let affiliates
know how quickly they’ll get a response.
Encouraging your affiliates to get in touch is a good way for you to develop a good reputation in
the market, plus this sort of personal interaction also helps you build relationships with your

Which brings us to the next point…

Drop a Personal Note on Occasion

Obviously, you can’t write to each and every one of your affiliates personally, especially if you
have hundreds if not thousands of affiliates. However, you can make it a point to stay in touch
with your top affiliates. From time to time, drop them a note with one or more of the following
 Thank them for their hard work. Make this part personal. Show them what their partnership
means to you.

 Ask them if there is anything you can do for them. (And make this offer genuinely.)

 Ask them about personal things. In other words, nurture the relationship.
For example, if an affiliate told you about an upcoming vacation cruise, ask them how they enjoyed
the vacation when they get back. Or if they just had a baby, ask how the baby is doing. In short,
be a friend.

 Offer extra perks. From time to time, you may offer extra perks to your best affiliates, such
as bonuses and bumped up commissions for a set period (such as one month).

And finally…

Pay On Time

This is so easy, but so important. If you’re running an affiliate program where you’re responsible
for paying affiliates, then always pay on time. This gives you a great reputation among affiliates
in your niche, which builds trust and helps you grow your affiliate team.

That’s it for this time. See you again soon…

[sign off]

P.S. There are a lot of steps in building a successful A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program, but it’s
well worth the effort when you see just how profitable it is to build a good team of
affiliates. Still, you can make money without doing hardly any of the work. How? That’s
what you’ll find out next time, so stay tuned!

Email 9 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 9: Enlist an Affiliate

Hi [Name],

Throughout this course, you’ve been learning how to set up and run a successful
A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program. It’s not hard, but it does take some time to do it right.

Now here’s the good news…

You don’t need to do it yourself.

That’s right, you can enlist help to build and grow your affiliate program. All you have to do is
hire a good affiliate manager.

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Get Clear About What You Want

Affiliate managers can do as much or as little as you need to help you grow your affiliate program.
That’s why you need to get clear upfront about what all duties you want your manager to do, as not
all candidates are qualified to perform all tasks.

Take a look at some of the possible tasks:

 Advertise your affiliate program and personally recruit super affiliates.

 Create (or be in charge of outsourcing) the needed promotional content, such as solo email
swipes, reports, videos, graphics, etc.

 Managing affiliate contests.

 Maintaining an affiliate blog and mailing list.

 Sending out announcements and motivational materials to the affiliate blog and mailing list.
 Creating training materials for new affiliates.

 Coming up with new ideas to breathe life into an old offer.

And so on – an affiliate manager can handle a few key tasks (such as recruiting
affiliates), or they can handle your entire program. It’s up to you.

TIP: You may offer some form of a salary plus commissions for these tasks. For example, a straight
salary will cover tasks such as creating swipes, while offering a cut of the commissions will
motivate the affiliate manager to prioritize building relationships with affiliates and recruiting
super affiliates.

Step 2: Cast a Wide Net

Next, you need to look far and wide in order to find as many qualified candidates as possible. Cast
your wide net using the following tips:

 Spread the word to your fans, followers and visitors. This means blogging about it, telling
your email list about the position, and mentioning it on social media. Be sure to ask your readers,
subscribers, fans and followers to share this job opening with others.

 Advertise in affiliate and business communities. You can place paid advertising for the
position, or ask the community owner to announce the opening on your behalf.

TIP: Work at home forums and communities (such as are also good places to advertise these
sorts of opportunities, though you may need to do a lot of training if you’re pulling applicants
with very little to no experience.

 Post a project on a freelancing site like and
This works particularly well if you’re looking for someone to help you with
a few key projects (rather than hiring a full-time employee).

 Post local ads. This includes advertising your opportunity on sites like, as well as local websites and newspapers.

And finally…

Step 3: Hire the Right Person
Be sure to do your due diligence by researching and interviewing top applicants. If you’re hiring
locally, then meet them in person. If you’re hiring remotely, then get on a phone or video
conference. Be sure to also ask for references (and follow up with these references) to learn as
much as possible about each candidate before you make the
final hiring decision.

Take your time at this step, because hiring the right person will make all the difference to your
affiliate program.

That’s it for this time – see you soon! [sign off]
P.S. You’ve finished the A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. course, so now there’s one thing left for you
to do – take action on what you’ve learned. Because the sooner you do, the sooner you too will be
able to start and grow a successful affiliate program!

Are You…
You Can Do What I Do…

Click Here For More Information

Product Launch Ultimatum

Case Study:
How I Made $1843 in 20 Days
With 4027 Visitors from Warrior Forum
Written By:
Leo Banks
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– 1 –
Legal Disclaimers
All contents copyright © 2015 to Leo Banks. All rights reserved. No part of this document or accompanying files may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, electronic or otherwise, by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher.
This ebook is presented to you for informational purposes only and is not a substitution for any professional advice. The contents herein are based on the views and opinions of the author and all associated contributors.
While every effort has been made by the author and all associated contributors to present accurate and up to date information within this document, it is apparent technologies rapidly change. Therefore, the author and all associated contributors reserve the right to update the contents and information provided herein as these changes progress. The author and/or all associated contributors take no responsibility for any errors or omissions if such discrepancies exist within this document.
The author and all other contributors accept no responsibility for any consequential actions taken, whether monetarily, legal, or otherwise, by any and all readers of the materials provided. It is the reader’s sole responsibility to seek professional advice before taking any action on their part.
Reader’s results will vary based on their skill level and individual perception of the contents herein, and thus no guarantees, monetary or otherwise, can be made accurately. Therefore, no guarantees are made.
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– 2 –
Introduction …………………………………………………………………….. 3
What is a WSO? ………………………………………………………… 3
Find something that will sell ………………………………………………… 5
Product Creation Ideas ……………………………………………….. 5
My WSO Idea ………………………………………………………….… 6
Creating My First WSO …………………………………………………….…. 8
Sales Thread …………………………………………………….……… 8
Getting Targeted Traffic ……………………………………………………… 12
Traffic from WSO section ……………………………………… 13
The Result ……………………………………………………………………… 15
$388 at the First Day ……………………………………………….…. 15
4027 Views and 19 Sales in 20 Days ………………………………. 16
Extras: Start Having Your Own Success Story …………………………. 18
Coaching/Service WSO ………………………………………………. 18
Best Offer EVER! ……………………………………………………… 19
What If You Are Not an Expert? ……………………………………. 20
The Tipping Point ……………………………………………………… 20
Why People Will Pay You ……………………………………………. 21
No Need To Drive Traffic …………………………………………….. 21
How To Offer Your Coaching ……………………………………….. 22
Scale Up Your Business …………………………………………….. 24
Conclusion …………………………………………………………………….. 26
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 3 –
First of all, congratulation that you decided to buy this ebook. The first step to be successful is to be a great learner. And you are! What I’m going to talk about is something very simple but effective. I’m going to show you how I made $1,940 from my first WSO.
If you’re trying to make money online. I’m sure you’ve heard of Push Button Riches before, how you can get rich overnight. It floats around you.
So let me tell you honestly. There is no Push Button to make money. If you want the Push Button you still have to put your effort to create it. No one will create it for you. This means to make things happen, you need to work to get it. There is no shortcut to success.
The knowledge you have is worthless unless you start taking action and apply it. The good news is that you took the first action by purchasing this book. So the rest you have to do is to apply knowledge you read here and not take any other shiny objects which seem to be a shortcut.
The biggest mistake for most of new marketers is trying to find shiny new method without taking action until they see the result. Be patient and don’t get distracted with any other methods. Stick with one proven method and you will see the result.
For this ebook, I will make everything as simple as possible. Hence it’s easy for you to follow and apply. You will not see tons of content because I will make it straight to the point how I made it.
What is a WSO?
One of the best online marketing forums on the internet is Warrior Forum. It’s a great place to find out information and what’s new about internet marketing.
Many successful online marketers launched their careers there. We can say that Warrior Forum has created many millionaires.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 4 –
If you’re in internet marketing field. There is no better resource community than the Warrior Forum. So, if you’re not a member yet, head over to and sign up for an account now.
Warrior Special Offers (WSO) is one of the section on Warrior Forum. It’s the section where members can offer their products or services to other members with a special price.
Simply put your product or service to WSO section and you will get connected with eager buyers. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet.
And that’s what I realized. So I started to think what I could offer to those buyers, something which was valuable. What’s in my mind was that if I can help them get what they want, I will get what I want.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 5 –
Find something that sells
As I told you, what’s in my mind was if I can help people to get what they want, then I will get what I want. You should also have this mindset too, to help people reach their goals. It’s very simple. People want to pay anyone who can really solve their problems.
So I was thinking what I can do to help people. I do simple research to find out “what people are looking for”.
I went to Warrior Forum and checked Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum and Warrior Special Offers (WSO) section. I found out what people are looking for was how they can start making money online.
There are a lot of new marketers there who are looking for information which will help them to reach their goals. It’s not just how they can get started. They are also looking for other information about internet marketing such as creating squeeze page, using paid traffic, list building, increasing conversion rate, product creation, etc.
This is your opportunity to serve people. You have to find out what you are master at which can help people. Always ask yourself that, if you are a buyer, will your knowledge help them? If your answer is yes, then you can get started to create your own product.
Product Creation Ideas
For new marketers, if you don’t have any experience about product creation, you may think it’s very difficult to create your own product.
Also, since a lot of internet marketing products are about making money online. If you never made money online, how can you do it?
The answer is very simple, your WSO can be anything as long as you created it yourself. Remember, if you can solve people’s problem, they are willing to pay you. You just have to fulfill common need. Always deliver value in your product.
Here are some product ideas for you to create your WSO:
– Ebook
– Report
– Article
– Interview
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 6 –
– Video Course
– Tutorial
– Software
– Keyword Lists
– Webinar
– MP3 downloads
– Membership Site
– Website Template
And some service ideas which can be:
– Article Writing
– Web Design
– Graphic Design
– Programming
– SEO Service
– Coaching/Mentoring
– Anything else which people are willing to pay for you to do for them
You can see that there are a lot of ideas I gave you. Just transform your knowledge or skills into product or service, then you are ready to create your WSO.
For me, I chose Coaching/Mentoring.
My WSO Idea
I chose Coaching/Mentoring service as my first WSO. My coaching program idea is about how people can start making money online with Google AdSense which I already had knowledge and familiar with it. I was sure that I can help people with my coaching program.
How to make money online is a common need for people who are in internet marketing field. Moreover, not only new marketers but also for those who already attended in AdSense program and who already had their own websites, they should be interested in my offer if they can improve the result from attending my coaching program. I knew how to help them and that’s why people are willing to pay me.
Remember I always tell you to help people since this is the key of success for my first WSO.
It’s very simple for me to deliver service for my coaching program. After they made a payment, I just have to schedule a time for the session. My session takes about 2 hours which my clients will learn everything they need to know to create a simple site and start earning with AdSense.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 7 –
After that if my clients need help, I offer them support for free until they make the result. And that is how I provide value to my customers.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 8 –
Creating My First WSO
This is my first WSO and the first time I created my product. Somehow I wanted to make sure I do everything like advanced marketers since I don’t want people to judge me as a newbie who is trying to sell crap stuff and can’t really help them. If things turn out to be like that I will not be able to get any sale.
It seemed to be difficult for me since I didn’t have any reputation there. But I realized that the first thing people see on your offer and will judge if you are a newbie or advanced marketer is your sales page. This meant if I would like to be an advanced marketer, I have to act like advanced marketer.
In addition, you don’t need a website to create your WSO and get sales. You need only sales thread. This is the reason why you should create it as best as you can.
Hence I started looking for my sales page idea by searching on WSO section and considered how advanced and successful marketers did with their sales page.
I saw something in common for them. Organized well, easy to read, interesting headline and sales letter, told exactly what customer will get, offered satisfaction guaranteed, affordable price and had reviews.
It’s not too difficult to identify why some products are getting a lot of sales and some are not making any sales. I’m sure you can guess if each product will get sales by just visiting sales threads.
These were what I realized so I reverse engineered advanced marketer sales threads and made everything as similar as I can to them. I knew this would make me look like advanced marketer which I knew I am.
Sales Thread
So I started creating my sales thread. It’s very easy to do that. You can start your sales thread by just clicking ‘Create a new WSO’. Then you’re ready to setup everything.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 9 –
Then I filled up my WSO detail on this page.
My WSO title is “[Live Coaching] Start Making Daily Profits in Few Days with AdSense – GUARANTEED RESULT!”
I will not talk about this process much since when you do it, there will be an explanation note which you can follow very easily.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 10 –
Then I started creating my sales page here.
And this is how it looks after my thread get approved.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 11 –
Here is the URL to my thread.
You can go to URL above and check out yourself to see how my complete sales thread looks.
If you can’t access it, you can search for my username, imbnk. And find the thread I started.
And that’s how I did it. I paid attention a lot to my subject line, sales page, and reviews. I made sure it is what advanced marketers always do to their sales threads.
I decided to set my coaching program price at $97 which I would have to do online session and spent about 2 hours with my client after I got a sale.
This seemed to be high price for the first WSO. Somehow, I was sure that my clients would get value from my coaching program more than $97.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 12 –
Getting Targeted Traffic
Once you setup your sales thread, it’s automated. Very simple since ‘Traffic + Conversions = Sales’. And with WSO, you don’t need to play around with building sites. You need only a great sales thread with high conversion.
The more traffic you get and the higher the conversion, the more sale you will make. Money is made by traffic and conversions which convert traffic into sales.
The good news is that you get targeted traffic for free after you launched your WSO which costs only $20. Remember that people who are in WSO section are hungry buyers, so keep focusing on what you offer. If your WSO gives value to people and really help them then you will get tons of sales easily.
Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum section is another place you can get free traffic. You can see that there are a lot of people viewing it. As same as WSO section.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 13 –
There are many threads under Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum section. Which you can go to answer the thread with valuable content.
Don’t forget to add your signature which links back to your WSO so that people will be able to see it. If you do this every day, with consistency, you will get more targeted traffic to your WSO.
This is an example how I did it.
Do not spam your post since people will see clearly that you are spamming and just want to promote your WSO. You may also get notification from moderator for spamming reason. Make sure you read all the rules before doing anything.
Traffic from WSO Section
I did almost nothing after I launched my WSO since targeted traffic was already ready for me. With catchy WSO title, people would click to see my thread. I just had to prepare making sales and answering questions to people who are interested in my offer.
Let me show you the potential of WSO traffic.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 14 –
You can see that many threads have more than 1000 views of targeted visitors. Some of them reached 10k views and some reached over 100k views!
Although they might have to bump their thread many times to reach that amount of visitors, that doesn’t matter as long as they can make profit from it. I’m so confident that if it was you, you will do it too.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 15 –
The Result
The result I got from my first WSO was very surprised. I spent in total about 5 hours to setup everything; my subject line, sales letter, and graphic.
I didn’t have any reviews on my thread since this is my first WSO and I had no idea how to get it. The only thing I knew was I can really help people with my offer. And that’s enough.
After my thread had launched, there were many people asked me for more information about my WSO and sent me PM. After I answered all of their questions very quick and honestly how I could help them. Then I got my first sales!
$388 at the First Day
This is my first WSO and the first day after launching it I got 4 sales. And that means I made $388 in total revenue.
Here you can see my sales report.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 16 –
From the screenshot above, you can see that I got 703 views and all of them are from WSO section which costs only $20. Conversion rate might be a bit low since it is high price offer.
Somehow, I needed only 1 sale to make profit and this is the benefit of high price offer. In order to make $97, you can have $97 product which generates just only 1 sale or you can have $9.7 product which generates 10 sales. This depends on you.
4027 Views and 19 Sales in 20 Days
After launching my first WSO. I reached 4000 views in 20 days and this generated revenue in total $1843 from 4027 views and 19 sales. Is it interesting?
Here you can see my sales report in 20 days.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 17 –
I bumped my thread for only 2 times which means I got 4027 views from targeted visitors for just about $60. Only $60 for 4027 targeted traffic. And that’s very cheap.
This is why WSO section is one of the best place to promote your offer. For $60, if you buy quality solo ads, you will get only 100 visitors and you may not get any sales.
You can also see that it’s $1843 pure profit since I don’t have any affiliate payments. All sales are made from WSO section! What’s interesting is that if I scale this up and also get traffic from affiliates who promote product for me I will get more sales and generate more income.
Here is my stat on affiliate marketplace section.
My earnings per visitor or EPV is $0.43 which means each visitor will generate $0.43 for me. That’s not bad right?
Remember that my WSO is still running. So, if I bump my thread again and again, I will be able to generate more and more sales.
Targeted traffic is already waiting for you. It’s that simple – ‘Traffic + Conversions = Sales’. You just need to create product that sells. In addition, you can get started today. Don’t forget I spent only 5 hours and had been launching it for only 20 days to generate $1843. Hence I’m so confident that you can it too.
And that is how I made $1843 from my first WSO.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 18 –
Extras: Start Having Your Own Success Story
Now you know how I made my success story. It’s your turn to make your own too. There is no shortcut to success and start taking action is the key to reach your goal.
What most people believe is that they need to be technical or expert to make real money online.
Although I’ve been earning with Google AdSense. I don’t call it “Business” since I still have to wait for Google to approve my earning and pay me each month.
They hold the rules and my income can go back to zero anytime if they change it.
Google AdSense is a good income stream if you want to earn some extras money. But if you want to have a real online business, they can’t give you.
What I’m going to tell you next is how you can build your real online business, not just earning some extras money. It’s a starting point which you can scale it up and earn as much as you can.
Let me tell you that I’m not technical or expert. Even though I know how to create website, you can see that it didn’t involve in my success story you read.
From my success story, all I did is creating my sales page and offered coaching service I’m familiar with. So you can do it too. You just have to think what you can offer to people. And that’s enough to make real money online.
Coaching/Service WSO
As I explained you before there are many product ideas you can create for your WSO. A lot of newbies are intimidated by the idea of creating an ebook or video tutorial product.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 19 –
You can do like other too but you should know that offering coaching and/or a service is actually much easier… there is no product to research or create, just a sales page.
Another advantage of offering coaching/services is the higher payout (usually in the $50-$200+ range). Because the payouts are bigger, there is no need to recruit affiliates – you can make good money from just the organic traffic on the forum. Like what I already did!
So you know the advantages of coaching and service WSO. Does it sound interesting? Let’s talk in detail.
Best Offer EVER!
Create your sales page once and generate many sales of your coaching program to worldwide audience.
Ask yourself, ‘Is it worth?’ if,
You spend 2 hours to coach your client and earn $97.
You do one-on-one coaching via email and make $197.
You do one-on-one coaching via email and also give live call for 30 minutes a week per month and charge for $500.
‘Yes, it’s worth.’ right?
You can make tons of money very fast if you offer coaching WSO. As long as you give value to your clients, they will be happy to pay you.
There are tons of new marketers who are looking for offers which can help them solve their problems. All you have to do is to find what their problems are.
Find what they need, and fulfill their needs.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 20 –
What If You Are Not an Expert?
You don’t need to be an expert at any chosen field.
The main thing you should understand is that… You don’t have to change the world with your information. You just have to teach people who is less educated than you are on the topic you chose.
And that’s what makes you become an expert.
You don’t have to know everything. But have to know something someone else doesn’t.
You can coach clients in any niche market. I do suggest topic about internet marketing if you want to launch your WSO since it’s the most targeted niche in the forum.
If you never have any experience in internet marketing field… Find topic you’re interested in, study, and become expert about it. There are a lot of information on the forum which you can learn to become expert in short time.
The Tipping Point
I was classed as ‘newbie’ before. I had failed many times until I started making real money online.
I was thinking that I would make money first and then invest in a mentor to help me later. Then I still failed repeatedly for years.
Then I accepted I needed help from people who already achieved their success. And when I found my mentor, that changed my whole business.
You probably have no idea what you should do to start making results like I was before. But there’s someone who’s done it. You need to get help from this person who will make a huge difference in your business.
I talk from my experience. And that’s why I suggest you to consider offering coaching. A lot of newbies are looking for someone to help them get started something.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 21 –
And if you’re not expert at anything and not sure if you can really help people about what you’re going to coach them… Find a mentor. Then you will shorten your time to success.
Why People Will Pay You
Have you ever though “You wish you knew what you know now”?
A mentor can help you shorten your time to success. You can avoid common mistakes most people make with the support of your mentor.
And that’s why people will pay for you.
Ask yourself that “Are you going to pay for someone who can really help you achieve your goal?”
That’s what I always mentioned. If you can help people to get what they want, then you will get what you want.
Within one month of getting a mentor, I generated my first real money online. You can do it too if you have a mentor. Also anyone.
Now ask yourself this question, “What value are you going to offer to your clients?” And then start working on what you need to do and start helping people with your coaching.
For price of your coaching, this depends on value you give them. You can charge your client as much as you can as long as you give them value more than the price.
In my opinion, price range between $49-$197 would be reasonable and affordable for buyers in warrior forum. Anyway, you can charge more if you’re advanced marketer and confident that your coaching is worth the price you set for client who will attend.
No Need To Drive Traffic
I already mentioned what and how I did to get more than 4000 visitors in 20 days to my first WSO.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 22 –
You need only sales page. So just make sure your sales page is good enough and have high conversion. The best and cheapest way is to reverse engineer advanced marketer sales page.
By offering coaching WSO which costs just only $49, you need only 1 sale to make profit instantly. There is no need to recruit much affiliates to promote your WSO. Only traffic from Warrior Forum is enough to make just 1 sale.
After your WSO has launched, you just have to sit and wait to answer questions to people who are interested in your offer and start getting sales.
How To Offer Your Coaching
It doesn’t take much time to offer coaching to your clients. You can decide yourself how you will offer it. I will give you some idea.
After you got clients. You can deliver your coaching by…
Video – You can offer group coaching by creating coaching videos and send them to your clients each week by AutoResponder.
For example, you created 8 videos and set AutoResponder to send training lesson on Monday. Schedule a Q&A session each week on Thursday and answer client’s questions on the Q&A call, live webinar, or via email… This will save a lot of your time.
Email – You can offer personal coaching for each client by giving your personal email to your clients and give a lesson through it.
Your lesson depends on your client’s basic knowledge and will be different for each one. Your clients will have an opportunity to reach you personally via email every day or every week for a month.
Live Call – You can offer either personal or group coaching for each client by doing a live call via Skype.
I’ve seen someone who offers 1-on-1 coaching by giving a live call 30 minutes per week for a month to their client. And he charges $500 per client doing that.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 23 –
For Skype group coaching, you may also give Q&A session to answer your client’s question.
These are just ideas. Choose the method to offer it which is suitable for your coaching so your clients will be able to learn and get as much as value from your coaching.
Extra Tips: Step by Step Coaching Email
You may streamline your coaching program into 11 simple steps so your client can progress at their own pace while having a total clarity on what they need to do next.
Make sure your clients complete each step then you should review each step they’ve completed and give them suggestion. Let them sends their work for review at your email.
You should carefully review each step they’ve completed and give them suggestions. Treat their works as though it was your own and set high standard. Don’t give them a pass on low quality works.
Lastly, let them do actual work themselves but you guide them through the entire process from beginning to end.
Remember, do not let them move on to the next step until you’ve cleared for the previous one.
Here are the 11 steps:
1. Clients introduce themselves: This will let you know their marketing background.
2. Clients read your guide: You should have a guide which give them overview of what they have to do.
3. Clients brainstorm three topics: Let them think of at least three topics about their product ideas. They sent you ideas and you decide which works best for them.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 24 –
4. Clients create the rough draft of their product: They send their rough draft, you review it and give suggestion.
5. Clients create five subject lines: They need a great subject line for their sales thread. Let them send you at least 5 subject line ideas, you review them and give suggestions for developing the best one.
6. Clients create the sales page copy: They send their rough draft of sales page copy, you review it and give suggestion.
7. Clients set up sales funnel: They already created a finished product as well as their sales page and subject line. Then they need to set up their sales funnel.
8. Clients get reviews: Reviews give them better conversion rate for their product. Let them create a review invitation message and send you for review.
9. Clients get JV partners: JV partners affiliates help them promote their product. Let them create JV partner invitation message and send you for review.
10. Clients submit WSO sales page for approval (But don’t pay fee to go live yet.)
11. Final Step: Once everything is lined up (product, sales page, reviews, affiliates, etc.) you make a final assessment to make sure everything is ready for launch.
Please noted that this is just an idea. You don’t have to follow me every step. Just make sure that you have outline for your coaching program since that makes you easier to work with your coaching clients.
Scale Up Your Business
After you got sales and offered coaching to clients, always ask for reviews from clients who attended your coaching program. This will make you well-known and make it easier for new interested people to make a decision to join your coaching.
Copyright © 2015 | Leo Banks |
– 25 –
You already have your first success story, don’t just stop here. You can also place your offer on other marketplace like WarriorPlus or JVZoo. Here you will get more sales and affiliates to promote your offer.
Lastly, don’t forget to engage your AutoResponder to your offer. Doing that so you are building a list on autopilot. And… It’s not just a list. But a buyers list!
A buyer is always a buyer. When you have a list of buyers, you can promote your offers to them again and again.
Since your clients will become repeated buyers, that’s why you have to make sure you deliver value to your first time customer. So they will buy you again and again and again when you promote any offer.
One subscriber on your buyer list would generate you on average $1-$2 per month. So if you make 100 sales with one WSO you can make an extra income $100 per month.
Moreover, if they are your coaching clients which is high ticket product then you would generate more. Maybe $10 per month for each subscriber or $1000 per month extra income.
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– 26 –
I already told you how I did everything with my first WSO and how you can have your own success story. The rest for you is to start taking action and see the result as same as I did.
This is not just theory, it’s exactly what and how I did it. And I’m so confident to say it really works!
Your first WSO might not be perfect. You don’t need to be great to start, you just have to start to be great… Remember that people don’t pay for what you know but they pay for what you do. So it’s really important to take action if you want to see the result.
If you follow my steps exactly and take daily action, you will be able to generate income as much as you can. You don’t need a lot of money to get started, only $20 to launch your WSO. So, money shouldn’t be a problem.
You need to understand that you can become successful if you stick with one system and make it profitable. Stop chasing shiny objects and start doing real business.
Treat this like a business so you get business. Treat this like a part time job so you get part time job. You can choose it yourself.
Challenge yourself to stick with WSO creation. Make a 30 day commitment. Commit to yourself you will not chase for or apply any other methods until you make result from it…
Repeat to yourself “I will persist until I succeed” everyday… And with that mindset, I’m so confident you will make the result.
It’s time to prove it yourself. TAKE ACTION NOW!
To Your Success,
Leo Banks
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Presentation Profits 2.0

Presentation Profits 2.0
Income Disclaimer

This guide contains business strategies, marketing methods and other business advice that,regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for

you. I make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied that by following the advice below you
will make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables that
come into play regarding any given business. Primarily, results will depend on the nature of
the product or business model, the conditions of the marketplace, the experience of the individual,
and situations and elements that are beyond your control.

As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your
own discretion and at your own potential expense.
Liability Disclaimer
By reading this guide, you assume all risks associated with using the advice given below, with a
full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur as a result of
putting this information into action in any way, and regardless of your interpretation of the

You further agree that our company cannot be held responsible in any way for the success or failure
of your business as a result of the information presented in this book. It is your responsibility
to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if
you intend to apply any of our information in any way to your business operations.
Terms of Use

You are given a non-transferable, “personal use” license to this guide. You cannot distribute it or
share it with other individuals.

Also, there are no resale rights or private label rights granted when purchasing this guide. In
other words, it’s for your own personal use only.

Table of Contents

…………………….. 4 The Old Way of Doing Webinars
…………………………………………………………………………….. 5 The New
Way of Presenting So Your Content Is Not Boring ……………………………….. 8 The Image
Trigger Strategy
…………………………………………………………………………………. 11
Where To Find Images
…. 14 Using Bullets: The New Way
………………………………………………………………………………… 17
Preparing For Your Presentation
……………………………………………………………………….. 20 An Even
Faster Way of Doing Your Presentation ………………………………………………. 25
What If You Don’t Have PowerPoint?
…………………………………………………………………. 27 PowerPoint Slide
… 30 Where To Get Ideas (Sources for Slides)
……………………………………………………………. 32 Outsourcing The Work
… 34 Doing Presentations For Other People (Business Opportunity) …………………….. 37
……………………… 38


Hi There. I’m Debbie Drum and I am excited to share this information with you as it is much needed
in our marketing community!
I think it’s important to discuss “The Why” behind a product. We came up with the idea for this
product because there are so many
marketers who are boring the tears out of their webinar attendants
and we need to stop this once and for all.
There is certainly an old way of doing webinars and there’s a NEW way – a way that makes your
presentation more interesting, a way that makes it even easier for you to present and it even
decreases your preparation and practice time! How awesome does that sound?
I have been using this new webinar method for a while now and have seen fantastic results both in
the way I am presenting and my audience reactions to the new style presentation!
In this report I am going to show you how to make your presentations less boring, make them easier
to create and present and as a result, have your audience loving and getting the most out of what
you are teaching!
One more thing before we start…please read this entire report the whole way through before you
begin. You shouldn’t skip anything! I don’t just write to write – I write everything for a purpose
and each step is just as important as the next J
Let me get started by showing you the old, boring way of doing webinars.

The Old Way of Doing Webinars

Have you ever been to a webinar where the presenter had slides they put together like they just
didn’t care? The font is all messed up and it’s just plain ugly and boring?
This is more of an example of the wrong way of doing webinars, much less the “old way”.
Putting care into your presentations is #1 not hard to do, and #2 more than half of what you need
to have a successful webinar where
people thoroughly enjoy your presentation and get the most out of it. So what am I calling the “old
webinar style”?
It Looks Like This:

The Best Ways To Get Noticed

Build your own audience first!!
The magical power of Facebook allows you to legally steal audiences from these Celebrities
When you are somewhat established,then
you can approach other authors.
Think about the scenario and see how it plays out…..

How Is Instagram Different?
() Instagram encourages your customers to connect with you on a more personallevel as compared
to other Internet Marketing strategies

の This means your posts should be more personal
η Example:behind the scenes’ pictures and videos of your company,you can include virtual
tours,how-to videos,
company staff pictures and even bloopers,images of your products,and more.
η Your goal on Instagram is to build close relationships with your audience,and interact with them
on a whole new level
than any other social media platform

r…._’I”r”’” ……”L……守口1 L l… ..・争目・I l…l t..t..”、…l_.._司 も明
Do you see how ugly, boring, confusing and convoluted this slide above is?
This is a horrible slide and it’s also the typical way I used to do all my presentations.
Basically, the slide would appear and I would talk the talking points of each bullet. Not brain
From the webinar attendee’s point of view it’s not the best learning environment and slides like
this don’t keep people engaged because you are just reading off the slides. Sure you can add more
speaking points than what you have on the page but it could get boring and repetitive.
I found a better way…

The New Way of Presenting So Your Content Is Not Boring

As shown above, simply reading text on the screen can put your audience to sleep. When all that
text is on the screen, they are likely to read the text and not listen to you…and that’s a huge
So what is the other alternative?
Imagery Plus Simple Text.
Take a look at some of these examples:
Now, instead of having all this boring plain text on the screen with boring bullets until the cows
come home, you have a beautiful descriptive image and you are now able to tell a story and the
images will prompt you on what you need to say for that slide.
This will cause you to have less preparation time when it comes to practicing and memorizing what
you have to say for your presentation.
It’s quite amazing how this works and how your brain works.

The Image Trigger Strategy

The more stories and examples you use in your webinars and presentations, the better your
presentations will be and the more information your audience will retain and understand. This is
why examples and stories are very powerful.
The old way of doing presentations, I used to leave myself visual cues to tell a story I wanted to
tell or show an example.
Here’s what it looked like: [show a slide plus a picture]
This was fine to do. However now this is what I do:
In this example, I am telling a story about how people always look at what other people are doing
to dictate what they should do. Instead of having a boring slide with all talking points about
that, I simply have this picture of a horse with blinders on and it immediately triggers the story
I want to tell for my example. Do you see the power of this and why it works so well?
It is really fun playing around with this when you do it this way. Here’s another example:
You know how they say a picture is worth 1000 words? This is the epitome of that saying.
People can relate more to pictures than they ever will with a plain bulleted list on the slide.
Do you see how this example (especially the stress one) elicits emotion? Aren’t there days when you
feel like this lady in the picture? Where you just feel buried and you can’t dig yourself out? It’s
amazing how relatable this picture is!
These are the kind of presentation slides you want to strive to have.

1)First, they help your viewers because the images give
them something that will stick in their minds, which will make your presentation more memorable to
them. That’s powerful.
2)Secondly, it will be more helpful for you because instead of remembering text on the screen, you
are looking at an image and instantly being reminded of what you want to talk about on that slide.
When you relate something to a story or an image, it helps with remembering what you want to say.
That’s powerful too!
3)Lastly, these presentations will take you less time to create because if’s not writing anything.
You are simply taking an image and you are adding text to a slide. Hint: The text is usually
another small
cue for you to remember your talking point for that slide.
The main thing you want to really get right is matching your images with what you are talking
about. This is super crucial. Let’s look at some places we can easily get awesome images.
Note: The goal is to have only 1 to 2 places we get images. We don’t want to spend hours looking
for images. You can also outsource this part but you will need to teach your outsourcer what kind
of pictures to look for.

Where To Find Images

As said above, we don’t want it to take all day to find images for our slides.
I only have 2-3 sources where I find my images and that’s IT! The images are the most important
part of this entire process because remember, images elicit emotion and we want our presentations
to be meaningful and we want our audience to retain what we teach them. Images place a huge part in
this process.
Source 1: Dollar Photo Club –
Dollar Photo Club is great! You can pay as little as $10 per month for
10 images and if you don’t use all 10, they roll over which is great!
The only “negative” part about Dollar Photo Club is that your downloads expire so be sure to
download your images and save them to a folder on your computer where you will be able to easily
find them again.
Source 2: Deposit Photos –
Deposit Photos gives you a bit more options when it comes to downloading images per day. If you
have A LOT of images you need to use on an on-going basis, you will want to choose a higher monthly
plan (like $99 per month) and beautiful downloaded images come out to be about $0.33 cents a piece.
Source 3: Pixabay –
Pixabay has all images in the public domain which means 2 things: they are FREE and they don’t need
to be credited. You can freely use these images everywhere and anywhere because they don’t have a
You can find some nice gems on pixabay, HOWEVER; don’t use this for everything because many times
they don’t have the best options for every keyword.
Another thing to be careful with Pixabay is you need to understand their entire existence is to
entice people to click on the paid images surrounding the free images. This is how the site makes
money. They have stock photos that are much nicer than the free photos so you
can really see what you are missing by not paying for images. Don’t fall for it because all the
images are Shutterstock photos, which can be on the expensive side.
That’s it. Don’t let the finding of the images slow you down because you are searching for images
on 100 different sites. Keep it to 2-3 sites and you should be fine.
Finally, you can outsource this entire process and just explain to your outsourcer what kind of
image you want (the image should match the main idea you are going after on the slide and the image
should fill the entire slide).
Note: If the image does not fit the slide, don’t stretch the image and make it look distorted. What
you want to do is make the background color of the slide something that matches or complements the
color of the image.
Look at this one again:
Simple right click on the slide and change the background color to whatever you want it to be.

Using Bullets: The New Way

I know what you are thinking at this point…
You still want to use bullets in your slides right?
The good news is you can still use bullets, but in a better and different way.
Here’s the old way of using bullets:
Here’s the new way of doing bullets:

Insert Text Here
F内同日開; t…. ‘)()’1 c: t…… ・f f t..t..; 日日間穐 ,、円穐
The great part about this is that we’ve included 50 Done For You
Templates inside Presentation 2.0 Profits!
You can now use these inside of your presentations to make them much better and much more enjoyable
for your viewers.
Do you see the power behind this? When you pair images with just a little blurb of text, it makes
the entire experience more memorable for the people watching the presentation. People will be able
to easily absorb the information you are presenting to them.
With less text on the slide, people will be able to grasp the main point better and also listen to
you as you speak.
It’s a much better approach than cramming a ton of words on the screen.

Preparing For Your Presentation

With the new way of presenting, there is WAY LESS preparation time needed for your presentation.
If you’re putting the presentation together yourself, there will be way less preparation time to
rehearse your presentation because as you are putting together your slides, in essence, you are
getting a good idea of what you want to say for each slide. You are essentially practicing.
However, if you have someone else putting together your presentation like an outsourcer, then you
will have a bit more work ahead of you because you have to go through it and make sure you know
what you want to say for each slide.
Just by having the image on the slide will help you drastically remember your talking points. We
are visual creatures.
If I flashed this picture to you for 2 seconds:
And I asked you to speak for 2 minutes about the importance of a stop sign; you would easily be
able to do that.
However if I flashed you a slide that had a whole bunch of text on it about the importance of stop
signs, you would have to read through all the text to get your talking points, which would be
During a presentation, especially when you are presenting live, you have a lot of balls up in the
air. You’ve got to get the technology to work correctly, your slides and the sound, you’ve got
audience questions you’ve got to look after, and you are on center stage! It is VERY HARD to switch
to a screen that is just filled with text that you have to read through first to get your talking
points. You do not want to be in that situation at all!
There’s a lot of times where you put together a presentation with a thought in mind for a bullet
and when it comes to presenting it live, you have no idea what it means…have you ever been there?
Yeah, that’s uncomfortable!
Here are some recommendations to help you during your presentation so that you don’t need to
memorize the order of the slides.
First, having a dual monitor or multiple computers helps.
This way, on one screen you can have your Go To Webinar running and on the other screen you can
have a copy of your presentation on your other monitor so you can see your next slides to come and
you can see notes.
Utilize the notes section of the slides over here:
If you don’t have PowerPoint on both computers, that’s not a problem at all. What you need to do is
head over to Google Docs which is free, and upload your PowerPoint onto Google Docs Slides and you
will be able to see your PowerPoint on your other monitor. Don’t worry if the text and pictures get
jumbled a little bit, you are not using it to
present, you are just using that for your notes and to see what slides are next to come.
Also, it is not necessary you have a dual monitor, you can simply have 2 computers on your desk and
this entire process will work the same way.
If a duel monitor is not an option, print out your slides to the Handouts
(3 slides per page) option. It should look something like this:
In the notes section for each slide – you can bullet out what you want to talk about.
Doing either suggestion above will help you enormously so you can see the slides that are coming up
next. You can also cheat a little bit by having brief talking points for your slides on your other
monitor or on your notes (this can even be on an ipad or phone).
Notice when you do it like this, your preparation time gets less and less. This doesn’t mean you
don’t need to prepare and if you feel the need to prepare more, then by all mean, prepare more! If
you are an expert at your topic, the only time consuming aspect of this entire process is actually
putting together your presentation.
Now, let’s talk about an even faster way of putting together your presentation.

An Even Faster Way of Doing Your Presentation

Hopefully I’ve convinced you enough by now that making your presentations with more images than
text on the screen is the better way to go for you as the presenter, and more importantly for your
audience as the people who should get the most out of what you are teaching.
This report isn’t really on the content of your webinars, but this entire process will work whether
you are doing a teaching webinar or a sales webinar where you are selling something at the end. The
best selling webinars have a lot of teaching in them, and that’s why this works so well!
Now that that’s out of the way, I am going to tell what you need to do before you even open a
PowerPoint document.
Open up a Word Document or Google Doc or Text Doc. Heck you can even open up the note taking app on
your phone. I don’t care how
you do it…but you need to do this first.
Next – go ahead and write down your outline of talking points you want to have for your
This is what my outline looked like for this report:
Pretty messy / down and dirty right? That’s OK though!
By doing it this way, putting together and writing this report was very easy. I just sat down to
write because I had a guide to follow.
If you don’t do an outline, it is going to take you double maybe even triple the time to put your
presentation together.
I know this from experience.
My next tip will work if you are not completely pressed for time. What I like to do is start this
process a week or more before my presentation. After I have my entire outline, I break up the
amount of slides I need and then do a little bit per day. It’s easier making 5-7 slides per day
then it is doing 30 in one sitting.
The process of breaking it up will allow you to have more dedicated time per slide and your brain
will process the information better so by the time you are ready to take a look at the entire
thing, you are very familiar with the material for your overall presentation.
It works really well that way.
If, of course, you are pressed for time, be sure to start prepping about a week in advance so you
have more time to dedicate to the overall project.

What If You Don’t Have PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool to have in your business. Microsoft products in general are
I don’t buy the software anymore when I get a new computer. I subscribe to Office 365 and pay a
yearly fee to use the latest and greatest version of the entire office suite. You can use this on
either your Mac or PC.
Here are some solutions if you don’t have Microsoft.
1)Google Slides – Google slides is a great option. Going
back as little as 1 year ago, it wasn’t the best solution because it was very buggy. It has gotten
a lot better.
To access Google Slides, head over to your Google Drive, Press
NEW and right there you can create a PowerPoint document.
What’s great about this tool is that you can export your document as a .ppt doc and open that in
powerpoint later on. You can also import
.ppt files as well. It’s a great tool and a great alternative!
2)Open Office Impress – OOI is a full suite of all products like MS Office. Some folks claim they
even like it better than MS PowerPoint.

3)Web-based Slide Options – This is the last
recommendation if you don’t have MS PowerPoint, but honestly, I don’t like this option and it’s
really a last resort. It is pricey and not as flexible as the other options I recommended above.
These web-based options can include:
* Haiku deck
* Slide Rocket
* Pow Toon
You can read some of the reviews here:
Finally, you can always use Keynote on a Mac…but I am not a huge fan. It will do the trick if you
don’t want to use any of these options above.

PowerPoint Slide Sizes

We are going to be getting a little technical here but don’t be scared.
There are 2 sizes for your PowerPoint slides. There’s one size for videos you are filming (on
screen) and there’s another size for Live Webinar Presentations.
Video Slide Size
When you are filming a video, the ideal video size is 1280×720. That’s not a perfect square. If you
have slides that are a perfect square in a video that’s not a perfect square, it looks horrible
with black spaces on each side.
What you want to do is follow the exact steps in this video here:

This video shows you to format your slide size. It’s excellent.
Go To Webinar Slide Size
For the Go To Webinar Slides, you will want the default size of
PowerPoint. It’s usually a perfect square. This is the ideal size for the live sessions.
So, yes both video sizes are different and it makes it kind of a pain. Be sure that when you are
switching from one to the other you change the images because when you change the powerpoint slide
size, it’s going to distort the images. It’s all in the video right here:

Where To Get Ideas (Sources for Slides)

We just discussed the new way of doing images for slides. The next question is how to get inspired
for this next level of your presentations?
Here’s the strategy:
Find slides that you would want to use for your presentations and save their location.
Next – show the slides to your designer and have him / her recreate the slide. You can also simply
try to replicate the slide on your own.
Here are some resources you can use to find slides. turning-boring-into-visual/
presentation-feature-to-make-you-stand-out/ adding-text-to-images/

PowerPoint Tutorial For A Torn Paper Effect

91 Awesome Headline Formulas To Make Your Presentations Instantly Attractive
Outsourcing The Work

Everything we have talked about so far in this report is outsourceable, meaning you can hire
someone to put the slides together for you.
The only problem that might occur if you have someone else put the slides together for you is you
may have additional prep time because the practice of putting the slides together yourself is a
means of actually you practicing the presentation. By doing the work yourself, you will be
essentially practicing for the presentation. If you are not doing the work, you will have to look
over the work and get a sense of what’s going on and what you want to talk about.
Even the practice of finding the right images will give you a good idea of what you want to talk
about for each slide and you will remember it more if you go through the motions.
I don’t want to talk you out of outsourcing the job because it is very possible to save time and
have the work done for you, just know there will be some more prep time if you outsource.
Are we cool with this? Make sure you don’t move on until you really grasp this.
When we are talking about outsourcing when it comes to putting together these presentations, you
don’t have to hire a fancy graphic designer and pay a ton of money.
What you are looking for is more of a person who can read, understand and interpret your language.
For instance, you would show them text or slides that look like this:
Your instructions would be for them to convert this into a slide with a beautiful and relevant
picture and some descriptive text.
You can give them some examples.
This would be a great example:
This is a great example of taking one bullet point and making it’s own slide so you can take some
time to talk about this bullet point without breezing through it as just words on a slide.
One could go many ways with this example, but this is just one of many ideas you can give the
person who would be doing this job for you.
This individual would need to make a connection with the words you want to say and the images that
would need to be paired with them.
It’s really easy. It’s not brain surgery. It’s not going to be a position that you will have to
shell out big bucks for.

Doing Presentations For Other People (Business Opportunity)

The idea of doing presentations like this for presenters who desperately need this new style of
presentations is a great service.
This service is different from the outsourcer chapter above because now you are not some $17 per
hour (or less) person who does this…you are putting together entire presentations for the
presenters and that means taking it a bit further than just matching pictures to text.
This is a very valuable position for a presenter because they will not have to give you guidance
and you will be doing a very important job for them.
We have 2 services we offer at
The first is the $197 a month service where not only do you get the valet webinar service (we do
everything for you, webinar invite, sign up page, follow up and webinar hosting) PLUS you get
monthly content on how to get better conversions for your webinars, monthly presentation graphics
packets, and amazing content.
The second service is a complete Done For You Presentation. If you are interested in us doing your
entire presentation for you and giving you guidance on how to present, what order to say things in,
etc, please contact our support desk at


Now it’s your turn. Stop doing the old, boring, and plain Jane presentations. It’s time to spruce
up your presentations not only for your benefit but for the benefit of the folks taking the time
out of their day to listen to you.
I promise you this…if you’re presentations are great in this new style, people will start to
notice. They will compliment you on your amazing presentation skills.
This style goes way beyond pretty pictures on a slide. It’s much more than that. You will soon be
separated and become more respected as a presenter. This will change everything.
So, no more talking…Go ahead and take action.
All the best, Debbie Drum
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PayMe Instant Profit Spree

PayMe Instant Profit Spree

PayPal is a service that everyone who has been online for any amount of time
knows about. If for some reason you don’t know what PayPal is, or you have not
signed up for an account, then you should know that it is service that allows
people to make transactions online securely. With PayPal you can not only buy
certain products, but you can use PayPal as a gateway, to offer your own
products and get paid instantly. Since PayPal has been around for such a long
time, it is trusted and it puts users at ease, knowing that a professional service
is over their money distribution. Another thing that people can do is send money
to other users of PayPal.
That is what we will focus on in this exclusive report. Sending money through
PayPal. Now we will not be using the original PayPal website. What we will be
using is a new platform, just introduced by PayPal called This new
platform is modern and easier way to get people to pay you or send you money
that you are owed.
See PayPal acquired a mobile payment app last year called Venmo, that has
been a popular option with people that use smartphone devices. Venmo is an
app that allows users to request and send money with the tap of a few buttons.
This makes it an easier way to send money, instead of having to log on to and taking time to fill out a form, which can be a hinderance to
people paying you back faster.
What was created to do was integrate the Venmo app into the platform. This becomes an easier way to request your money from
someone or simply use a specific link, to send money to people that you owe.
It’s free to sign up with and after that you can create your own
unique link. Once you get your own personalized link, you can email it, text it,
tweet it or post it where ever you want online. When the person gets the link,
they can pay right there on the spot, making it much more faster to get paid
By now you should be getting a clue as to how we being Internet Marketers, can
use this new service to or advantage. That is what we will be focusing on in this
exclusive report. Since this unique link goes back to your account,
you can have people paying you through your link directly. This makes
spreading out your link online to potential customer more profitable. allows users to send the request themselves directly from their own
email or phone number. Since most people are in constant proximity to their
smart devices at any given time, this makes getting paid, so much easier. Now
you can collect money instantly.
Being online as a product creator or even an affiliate, you have to sometimes
wait for your payment processor that you are affiliated with, to pay you. This can
be a Net15 or Net30, which means that even if you make a sale that day, you
still have to wait 2 weeks
or at the end of the month to get paid. When you have bills that need to be paid
or you just need your money right then and there, then becomes the
best option, to get paid instantly.
How Does work?
All you have to do is sign up for a account which is free, if you don’t
already have one. When you get to, select Personal Account even if
you have a product to sell. Then click Continue and finish filling out the form
and you will be set up and ready to go, to use the service.
Now that you are set up with your Personal Account then go to Once there, you click on Get Started.
You will be directed to a page like the screenshot below. All you have to do is
make your own personalized unique link. After that, you will put in your account information to link your unique link with your
PayPal Personal Account. When you make your link, you have to choose one
that is personalized to you or it may already be taken. If that is the case, just
make it something else that will help you remember what the link is for.
Once you fill out your information on the next page, you will be
directed to the page below. On this page you can upload your picture, so that
people know that the payment request is coming from you. If you are sending
money, click Friends or Family. For us however, we want to click on Goods &
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reason you want to change your link, you can do so on this page, as this will be
the last time you can change it.
Once your link is set and ready to go, now you can share your very own
PayPal.Me link ( It is this link that you will give to your
customers and they can send you money for any service or product that you
have for sale. It is with this link that we will find out in this exclusive report, many
ways to get paid online.
What makes this better than the old way to send money through is
that your customers don’t have to know your email address or mobile phone
number, or even have the PayPal app to send you money. Now all they have to
do is click or tap on your link, go to your PayPal.Me, type in the amount, and
send the money.
If you have your own business, then you also have the option to set up a
PayPal.Me/YourBusiness and get paid quickly for the goods or services you sell.
With the business account however, you can only choose the Goods &
services payments option. You don’t have to do that however, for what we are
doing, we just want a way to get your customers to purchase through your link,
and you will get paid instantly. So for now, you will choose the personal option.
Your Unique Link
When it comes to your link, you can have it for long as you want, and it will
never expire. You do want to be choose your personalized link carefully, as you
can’t change it once you have created it. You can turn your link on and off
whenever you choose to do so.
Make sure not to use anything offensive or derogatory, or else your account can
be suspended, so keep it clean and use something that reflects the purpose of
what you are using your link for.
Another thing you need to be aware of is that you only get one active link per account. You can however make this link active or non active
whenever you want.
You don’t need a bank account to use this service, but you’ll need to link your
bank account or debit/ credit card in your Personal Account, to send
money or withdraw the money you receive. If you have your bank account linked
to PayPal account, then you can transfer the funds instantly to your bank.
Since the money goes straight to your PayPal account, you can log on to find
out what your balance is. This will be the same as any other PayPal transaction.
You can also log on to your account to check your balance.
When you set up your PayPal.Me link as a “Friends & Family,” it’s free for you
to receive money from people in your same country. If you choose the Goods
and services option there is a standard PayPal fee of (2.9% + $0.30)
If the person paying you back with the “Friends and Family” option, then
chooses PayPal Purchase Protection, the payment then becomes a “Goods
and Services” payment and you’ll have to pay the standard PayPal fee.
How to Make Money With
Ok, now that we understand what and how it operates, now we need
to find out how we can actually go about making some money with this new
platform. What we want to do is, use the latest IM strategies to utilize this
service to our advantage.
Below we will go through the many ways you can make money, as soon as
today and have money sent directly to your bank account. This money can be
used to pay bills, spend however you want, or put back into your ad spend, to
send even more people to your unique link and make more money.
l Product Creation and Upsell
1.. If you are a product creator and have a product, one thing that you can do
with your link, is pitch your product with a discount. Offering your
customers a discount, will go a long way to building up trust, in you and your
brand. Customers love knowing they are getting something at a lower price. All
you have to do is let them know the regular price of your product and then
reduce the cost. Let them know that if they order through your unique link only,
they will get a discount for your product.
2. If you are not a product creator or don’t have a product, then you can offer
One-on- One coaching. This can also be added to any product you may have as
an upsell. This will add value to your front-end product. People in IM, charge
from $500 to $10,000 for One-on-One coaching. Some charge even more, but
this is around the average. Use Google Hangouts to do live calls to your
prospects. Using Google Hangouts is easy to use. Just go to https:// and follow the instructions on how to get started so that
you can speak to your potential prospects and get paid.
3. Another upsell option would be to offer a paid Skype call. Being able to give
your prospects personal access to you, allows you to charge a premium price
for your time. When you Skype, you can charge from $100 to $5,000 an hour,
depending on the perceived value of your information. On Skype you have the
option to do voice calls and video calls. You can choose which will work best for
you. To get started, go here (for English countries)
sign up to Skype, if you haven’t already. It’s free to sign up. Use this as your
platform to offer your paid Skype call. Just give your prospect your unique link to get paid instantly into your account.
4. Having a low cost front end product, will allow you to promote a product like a
bootcamp, that you can create with a discount. Of course this would be an
upsell that you can charge a few hundred to a few thousand for. Your customers
will welcome a discount to a high ticket offer. A bootcamp usually has PDFs in
modules or videos that your customer can access. All you would need to do is
after your customer pays for your low end front product, then send them to a
page describing your bootcamp product, and then have your link, in
order to get paid straight to your PayPal account.
l Solo Product Creation
5. When you create a product, a way to get interest in it initially, is offer a prelaunch.
One way to offer this pre-launch to your customers is use a
link. You will offer a pre-launch discount for those who get on board early. By
having a product in demand that customers can get access to for a discount,
will get the interest needed upfront, so when you launch your product, people
are already familiar with it. All you would do is set-up a page on your website
for your pre-launch and let people know how long it’s going to be available for
the discount. Place your personalized link on this page and receive payments
to your account, as soon as they pay.
6. As a product creator, you probably have products that you have sold, and put
back on the shelf. Well now you can blow the dust off these old offers by
revitalizing them with a link. With this, you would take an old course
you used to offer, and spruce it up a little bit with the latest strategies that you
can look up online. Just repurpose your old content and add version 2, part 2 or
change the title completely, to make it unique to your customers. Also add some
new updated graphics to your product, which can be gotten for a small price at You would then change out your old payment
processing links and replace those with your new link.
7. Another way to add value for your customers, and make you more moolah is
create a bulk discount link deal. To do this, you will take a few of
your courses, and offer a bulk discount for purchasing them all at the same
time. With this strategy, you want to make sure your bundled products are
congruent, or at least have something to do with each other. You don’t want to
put a weight loss product, bundled up with IM products. Just keep it consistent.
8. Another thing you can do if you don’t have a bunch of products to offer your
customers, is to sign up for a PLR membership site. With a PLR site, you can
choose from an assortment of ebooks and products, focused on specific niches.
When you sign up to these membership sites, you pay a monthly fee, in order to
get the best products. Some PLR websites will allow you to join free, but in order
to get the newest premium products, there maybe a monthly fee. Just take the
best products from a particular niche and then add them as bundle on your site.
With PLR, the most effective way to use these products, is to have different
graphics for the products to make them unique to your buying customers. Once
you have this set up, set a higher price for retail value, but let your customers
know that you are giving them a discount. Once you place your unique link on
this page, you are ready to start receiving money.
9. There are always times where you can add seasonal promotions, like Black
Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. with a link deal. Whenever that seasonal
time period comes about, you can offer a discount on your products or services.
This will help you get buyers fast because one is a discount, and people love
getting discounts, especially during seasonal promotions. Most consumers
already have their credit card in hand,
ready to shop online. You just need to show up with your discount
link and a good offer to have money deposited to your account.
Crowd Funding
10. If you have not heard of crowd funding, you must just be coming from up
under a rock, or haven’t dabbled online in IM. This is a way for people to give
you money for a particular issue. You would ask for support for whatever issue
you may have, or even during a health crisis. All you need to do is use your link. Once they send you the money, it is yours to keep. Of course if
your issue is real, you would want that money to go to that issue, or health
crisis.Your link makes it easier for people to send you the money instantly.
11. Another way to use crowd funding is to ask for support for other colleague’s
health crisis. When you do this, make sure you have your link available. By
letting people know that the money they are sending is for a very important
reason, most of the time people will not hesitate to offer you money. If you don’t
have an issue or health crisis, then find someone who does. After you collect the
funds allocate the money needed for
the issue and the rest you can keep for the services you provided for this
12. When it comes to crowd funding, there are incentives that will prompt people
to give donations and that is to give away something. One thing that you can
give away is your own product for free when it is released. Just give them the
ability to get your newly-to- be-released product for free, for donating to your
crowd funding project. This is a great incentive to get people to give money on
your behalf, and if you set it up through your unique link to receive payments,
then you can have that money sent instantly to your account.
13. There may be a charity dear to your heart that you would like to raise money
for. If you have a cause in mind, more than likely there is a charity for it. You can
ask for charity donations for your favorite charity. This is an effective way to get
people through your link, and do some good work for someone in need. Let
everyone know the charity that’s dear to you, make a unique link for it, and then
post it to all the different places you think those people would be interested.
Some of the best places are on websites, Facebook, twitter, forums, and You
l How To Get Paid From Friends, Family or Colleagues
14. If for some reason you have dinner reservations that you want to discuss
business over, or to become more acquainted with colleagues or business
partners, then there is way to collect everyone’s money at the same time. Now
this is a way to collect money, but if you want to make money with this method,
then charge everyone a little extra as a fee, for your service, to make it easier
for them. Just let them know you have a unique link that they can pay through
and since you get fees for certain transactions, then ask for extra money. Then
use your unique link to collect the group’s dinner money.
15. You can also use your new link to collect retirement party money. Just let
people know what your budget is for the party, this way you can use your link to
make sure everyone you sent it to pays. You can send the link to their phone,
through texts, through email, or even on Facebook. If you want to earn money
from this method, then you would of course ask for more than what it would cost
to throw the party. After all, you are the event co-ordinator and you should get
paid for your efforts.
16. If you are good at party planning and things like that, then you can get paid
right away for your services using your link. A good way to do this is by
collecting money for a baby/marriage/celebration party. Since these parties can
run into the thousands, you can make money by getting the money upfront, and
then using it to pay for the party. What you have left over, you can put into your
bank account for your services rendered. As a matter of fact, you can turn this
into a business, by offering your services locally through your newspaper or any
other local ad channel.
17. You can use your link to collect Fundraiser money, so you don’t have to buy
Girl Scout cookies or Marching Band Candles. Just let the people know that you
are into fundraising and let them know your cause. Offer them your unique link
and if the cause is worthy, expect money to be hitting your PayPal account that
How To Make Money With Seminars
18. You may have something that you want to share with the world that would be
helpful. The best way to monetize your knowledge is to have a paid seminar.
What you would do is put an ad in your local newspaper, talking about your
niche, and then letting your potential customers know, if they pay before the
actually date, they will get a discount. Have them either come to your website for
more information, or have your unique link in the ad, where they pay right then
and there, to attend your seminar.
19. Another way to make money with seminars is to offer it for free. By offering
your seminar for free, it will attract more attendees, however it might not be that
many buying customers in the audience, it will work out with the averages of
having more people attend. Just have an upsell once you are through giving
your presentation. You can offer One -on-One Coaching, a high ticket product, a
membership product, services that may be helpful to your attendees, etc. for
more ideas, see the earlier options to make more money with your unique link.
20. With seminars, you can charge even higher prices, if you have a seminar
that lasts more than one day. The best way to do this is have very valuable
content to deliver to your audience. Then once you get to the best part of your
presentation, stop the seminar and tell your audience to get the second day
information, that they must attend your special V.I.P. Presentation that only
paying members will be able to access. They will be eager to get this new
information, not only that, they will feel compelled to return the favor of
delivering great content. Have them pay through your link right there on the
spot. Depending on your information and niche, you can charge anywhere from
$50 to $5,000. This will be money going instantly into your account. You can do
this each week and have a full time income.
How To Make Money With Live Streaming and Videos
21. If you’re on the latest “Periscope / Meerkat / Blab / Live Streaming” craze…
While on a live broadcast, sometimes you ask people to tap the screen or “like”
the broadcast for appreciation. Well now you can easily say “Hey, if you thought
this content was valuable, send me a donation to {insert link here}.”
22. A well known guru E. Brian Rose (co-founder of JVZoo) recently posted on
FB that once he sent a PDF short report to his email list and attached it to the
email as a test. In the email he said “Here’s my latest report. The cost of this
report is $7. If you like it, click the link below and pay me. If you don’t like it,
please delete it from your hard drive.”
This resulted in over 200 sales from a list of about 2,500 subscribers!
With your new link, doing that just got 3x easier.
23. We all know YouTube videos can bring mad traffic but aside from ads it’s
hard to monetize without creating a web page to send viewers to. Now you can
make videos and put your link in the description for donations if they
like the video.
24. Another idea with You Tube videos is to have a 2 part series, where you
leave a cliffhanger at the end of the first video, and then ask for payment to view
the second half of your video. By leaving people in suspense, it will certainly
make them curious to want to see the rest of the video, especially if the
information is useful and compelling. At the end of your video, you will have your
unique link available, once they pay, give them access to part 2 of your video. At
the end of this report, you will find a way to link your PayPal to your phone, so
that you will be instantly notified as soon as you get a payment through your link.
Well hopefully you have seen that you can use this new PayPay platform to get
money paid instantly to your account. Take your time and go through each one
of these strategies, and then put the best option for you to use, to start making
money today. If you have valuable information to share, then you can make a full
time income out of it. This is one of the quickest ways that you can make full
time income, online and offline. It won’t happen if you put this exclusive report
down, and don’t put it to use. If you want the fastest way to make money, this is
it. I wish you well in all your money making endeavors.
Bonus Information
If you want to get a text to your phone whenever you get a payment from your
customers click the link below to add this SMS to get text to your phone.
Text me when I get a PayPal payment
Notes: Great for eBay dealers (or anyone accepting money through PayPal)
who want to get a text whenever you receive money on PayPal and the funds
are available.
If want to get your payments sent to Google Sheets, then click the link below.
Parse Received Paypal Receipts in Google Sheets
Notes: This recipe will take emails you receive from Paypal notifying you of a
payment and put them into Google Sheets. The additional formulas parse out
the fields in those Paypal emails.

My AutoPilot Business System

My AutoPilot Business System
]That I Use To
Generate Massive
By Jason Richardson
● Introduction/ForewordWho
am I?
● This WSOThe
Key to Running Your Business on
Autopilot 24/7
● The Business Model
● How the internet works
● How my system works
● Process for going from 0 to 1 million in 12 months
● What is the most important question you need to ask
yourself daily?
● Proven ways to scale your business
● Bottlenecks
● Ways to optimize your time
● Hiring your first employee
● Structuring your business for success
● Key pointsPutting
it all together and creating that business
you’ve always dreamed of.
My name is Jason Richardson and anyone who knows me, is
aware of my passion, business. I am passionate about sharing
ideas which have helped me and countless others along the route
of business success.
It has been my observation that people search for success and
money through the same lens by which they see life. If your lens
is in focus on the correct means of getting that success, sooner
or later you will get there. However, that oftentime is not the
case. Many lenses are focused on the goal and not the means to
get to that particular goal.
After deciding during my law degree that conventional job types
and myself were a mismatch, I stumbled upon the world of
virtual business. I had a mental coup d’etat; and although I saw
my degree through to its end, my mind was now fully occupied
by internet basedbusiness.
However, as with anything new, I had to learn the ropes and
started off putting in painstakingly long hours with little to no
tangible success. I jumped from niche to niche with the hopes
that the newest one would offer me my long awaited
breakthrough. Now, sitting here a few years later, did I hit
success? Some would say yes, of course. I generated over two
hundred thousand (200K) in revenue after having started with
nothing to invest (the budget of a university student).
Noteworthy, is the fact that between December and February of
this year alone I systematically generated $108,533. I would like
to share with you the key elements which I had to put in place in
order to get me there. The same key elements which have helped
numerous, if not all, multi millionaires and billionaires to get to
their positions today and throughout history.
The Key to running your business on autopilot, online 24/7
You need systems, teams and processes to run a business. You
need to understand what your time is worth. Understand that
some activities are more productive than others. Therefore
which ones do you focus on. Which ones bring the biggest
return. You need to think like an investor; looking for low risk
opportunities and building businesses that bring repeatable
In this WSO. I am going to show you how the above can be
done. So you can free up your time, spend more time doing what
you want and build an autopilot income.
The Business Model
I’m going to teach you step by step the system I use to generate
passive income online. It is a very simple concept and no client
or customer of mine has information overload. They have sheer
laser focus.
So what business model do I use myself?
If you want a business that is scalable, automated and leverages
the skills and time of others, you need systems. They are the best
way to scale with minimal work.
I call my systemDOING
The number one reason why most people fail is because they do
not get any profitable actions done. They focus on the wrong
aspects of the business. The parts which generate no income.
They worry about traffic, creating perfect products, not enough
time, rather than just creating the product and the sales letters.
How The Internet Works
What do people browse the internet for?
The entire internet is simply people wanting stuff. Any
successful online business fulfils some need that people search
the internet to solve.
Therefore, your job is to provide that what people want. I would
actually take that one step further to say that your job is to
provide what people want online without lifting a finger: i.e., via
the use of a system.
Follow a system that already works.
Everything in life is simply a system. The more efficient the
system, the more effective the outcome.
Think about this for a second, what is the first fast food chain
that you can think of?
Does their menu change on a daily basis?
Let us take KFC as an example. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Where
would they be without a system? Imagine if you walked into
KFC today and they sold pizzas. Then tomorrow you returned
and their menu was Italian food? Would they be any bit as
successful as they are today? No!
They must implement a system made up of processes that any
new employee, any new manager, any existing customer can be
used to. Without a proven system, how can they implement the
same system in every KFC outlet?
Online business is no different. Your internet business is no
different. You need to implement a system which has already
been proven and which will guarantee that it can be replicated
where necessary. For example, a coupons website which has a
proven system to providing customers who come online in
search of products, a means of accessing coupons daily.
The internet is a chance for everyone to make money online. An
unlimited pool of wealth waiting to be deposited into your bank
account. The key is to unlocking that specific system which will
generate the income you want.
How my System Works
These are the stages to creating a business that runs on
1. Create a system that leads to/ results in creating products
2. Create a system that leads/ to results in marketing products.
However, before this you need to understand four specific
Your Market; Your Marketing Strategy/ Components; Your
System, The Team.
Key questions you need to answer.
1. What is the Market you want to dominate and who do you
want to serve?
2. What are the ads, sales letters, landers, offers you are going
to use to convert them into buyers?
3. What is your daily systems procedure that you follow to get
your daily desired outcomes?
4. Who are the people you need to hire to follow these
systems so you can hit your desired outcomes (products,
marketing), daily.
In the end you want to set up everything so it can run without
your input.
Process for going from 0 to 1 million in less than 12 months
1. Location: One proven location where you can place your ad
2. Offer: Make sure there is a market for your product by
assessing what is trending in the market
3. Price: identify the most competitive price for those
products in market
4. Copy: create the sales copy (ads/sales letters) to convert the
people in the market into your customers.
Let me give you an example:
If you have identified the information product niche as your
The location which best suits your market is the warrior forum.
In order to know whats the best selling products you can go
here: h ttps://,,
h ttps:// and .
By looking above, you can see what people want and are
buying. At least you know there is a market for your product.
Categories of offers that are profitable include offline business,
adsense, clickbank and Facebook traffic.
With all of these in place, you have followed a proven system
that will lead to you creating products that people want, and you
can sell to them where they are located.
Now each of the above processes has specific steps you can
1. Identify the competitors in you market. Then
you can go to as an example and
under referrals it will tell you where they are
getting their traffic from.
2. Record traffic sources in excel spreadsheets
and see if each traffic source has a place you
can advertise or sell your product.
1. Identify the best selling products
2. Improve them (if you have experience in
that market) add
your own angle
3. Brainstorm a few product ideas
4. Create a simple PDF to get started. (within
24 hours) the
quicker you get feedback, the
quicker you can improve and sell. (Ebook
1. Identify what the going price is for similar products and
make it the same. As it has already been proven that this is
the most attractive price point.
COPY; This process is a bit more complex and will be discussed
What is the most important question you need to ask
yourself daily
How can I generate more sales?
Thats it! You need to be thinking, what can I do to generate a lot
more sales.
Some examples of people following this process:
8 million door
to door selling organic fruit boxes (product organic
fruits 80%
of time selling)
took 6 months to perfect selling strategy.. One
product one
channel (door to door) selling
= keep it simple. (Abel & Cole)
or one mailing list and one product cheap
perfume 12
to 1 million
The key here is that he worked on his selling strategy and spent
most time writing ads and sending out.
or advertising company call
up companies that match criteria
or need help with advertising (most of time calling and speaking
to companies) and sell (80% of time)
Another interesting way of looking at it is this:
One Offer + One Channel that
can scale to 1 million
So for example One proven Offer on One proven traffic source
can get you to 1 million in sales.
e.g ONE warrior forum offer wso selling
in the WSO section.
Or ask yourself: W hat is the one most profitable thing I can do
now that will lead to the biggest results.
Some tasks that lead to massive results
e.g Write a sales letter
create a product
write an ad
hire a person to follow a proven process
All the above are assets once done will continue to make you
money without you.
Other questions:
How sales are doing? What new products can we launch? What
is our main advertising campaign (that is generating the most
Proven ways to scale your business
There are three ways to scale your company:
1. sell to more customers
2. higher prices
3. increase frequency of sales.
Other proven ways:
1. Identfiy new profit channels ( choose
biggest channel of your competitor)
2. Expand profits exponentially.(analyzing, measuring,
identifying and
then replacing underperforming
parts of
your business including things such as selling, marketing,
advertising, or operations with alternatives that perform
better). e.g You could have an ad running but because you
have the wrong headline it underperforms by as much as 20
or 30 times. So the first thing you change is the headline.
Everything can be tested; for example One price point can
pull a 3, 10, even a 15 times difference. That’s how you get
a 3,000 or 5,000 percent increase.
3. Do any one of these processes and you can grow in a linear
manner. Do any combination of the three and you grow
exponentially. You either increase the number of
customers, increase the unit of sale, or increase the amount
of times a customer will buy from you.
I believe that there is always ONE thing holding anyone back
from achieving their goals.
You need to ask yourself → WHAT IS THE ONE THING
Most times the answer lies in sales generation.
So the second question would be:
What is your sales process?
Don’t have one? Well lets create one now.
Specific steps to convert warriorforum customers into buyers.
1. research top sales letters (WSO’s)
2. take all of that information (benefits, structure) and use for
the bases when creating your own sales letter
3. write a sales letter that has these components
● Headline
● Opening
● Bullets
● Testimonies
● Guarantee
● Offer
● How To Order
4. Submit WSO.
Now you can break down each part of the sales process and
identify any parts that are underperforming.
OK, go through the process. How many signups? How many of
those converted? Then, rather than give up, realize there’s only a
few basic steps here. So test each one and try to optimize each
one. As you optimized each one you will eventually get the
formula right. That is a huge insight. IF YOU DO NOT DO
This is the mindset you have to have: w hen I started my
company, there were other companies already doing similar
things. I just did it better. No excuses.
Remember, your first objective in business is to get the first sale.
Only then do you know that there is a market for your product
and you can get feedback to improve it.
Ways to optimize your time
This is a method you can use to go FROM 1K A DAY TO 5K,
10k A DAY.
I set a goal:
Long Term Goal: e.g Get Affiliate Offer to 10k a day revenue
by a specific date.
Specific Short Term Goal: Identify one proven method to that
can be scaled to 10k a day revenue.
Fill in the blanks:
Keeping in mind my long term goal, I chose to concentrate on
ONE short term goal………
These are the things i must do to accomplish it, and the time
limit for each step:
This allows you to focus on finding that ONE THING that could
get your marketing, business or life to the next level.
Everything in life is ONE Big system. You need to focus on
finding the system to get the results you want.
Next, you want to start with targeting buyers probably
the key
to the whole system since without them you do not have a
What is the ONE most effective way to get buyers?
These people are in your market, they buy similar products and
many times you can target their fans (facebook).
This is what sets apart failure from success. If you implement
these processes, you increase your chances of success.
Another method I use is to w hen trying to identify your ideal
customer profile (e.g your profitable customer) is to record what
criteria your most profitable customer has. For example a re they
dentists, number of customers, or age etc.
Make Every Action Count. DON’T WASTE TIME!
Then you want to create highly profitable ads/landers. You do
that by studying what ads are working now and then using
specific tactics to make the ads convert even better.
● add something new to headline
● add a specific benefit to headline (like make $270 dollars in
an hour)
● add a new benefit to the headline
● change the call to action.
= Profitable process that leads to you hitting your goal.
This is the most import part of online marketing and there is far
too much to learn to put into this course.
The components of a sales letter are as follows:
● Headline Copy
proven headlines make
them better
● Opening a
story about you or the someone overcoming
the problem faced by your customer.
● Bullets the
biggest benefits to the customer (e.g save $400
dollars each year on gas now)
● Testimonies satisfied
● Guarantee e.
g double your money back, no questions
asked refund
● Offer what
are you offering? A service, a product and
how can it help the customer.
● How To Order This
is where you tell the customer what
they are ordering and how they can complete the purchase..
The components of an ad are as follows:
● Headline This
should be your biggest, most effective
● Subheadline More
benefits and a little bit about your
● Call to action Telling
the customer to click here, join now.
A command to get an action.
● Image what
is going to attract and convert my customers?
This is the process for most ads and sales letters. There is more.
But if it is structured like above you are starting in the right way.
Hiring your first employee
There are many sites you can use. By far my two favourites are and (If you are on a budget you can
hire someone on online jobs for 3 dollars an hour but you have
to pay a signup fee 1st).
Now when you hire an employee you have a proven process for
them to follow. You can even create a process for hiring new
employees. For example:
1) Go to
2) search for someone who has marketing skills
3) contact them through the site which forwards an email
4) ask them specific interview questions
5) if you have an employee doing this process, let them
forward the successful interviewees for a final interview
with you.
You are looking for hard working employees who are eager to
So the end result is a business that works without you on
autopilot 24/7.
The job of your business is to create financial freedom for you
so if you choose to you don’t have to work. And you do this by;
A business system is leverage that removes the key constraint of
everything relying on YOU.
Remember, it’s not hard to create a system, but the key is
creating a profitable system that works without you: The steps
are simple.
Do the proven things that will make you predictable profit. As a
result, you won’t have to do the work yourself and your time can
once again be your own.
My Facebook process I used to get to 2k a day within 30 days.
● Identify proven ads and budget
● Identify proven interests and ages
● Identify best time to submit ad
● Identify best time to increase budget of ad
Best time to submit ad is
Budget 10 dollars
If ads hit CPA objective (eg 100% roi) increase the budget at
7.40 am (Pacific time) to 200 dollars.
This is a proven process and has lead to 1k days.
Another Facebook Profitable Process
● step 1identify
proven (longest running) ad in prospective
niche (manually research or spytool)
● step 2identify
competitors (fan pages of company running
● step 3 set
up 10 dollar ad targeting the fans of these
competing companies
● step 4 increase
the budget if leads objective is met.
2k a day fb identify
new proven age each day to target
(variation of what works)
This is how I break down my day.
A activities (most time is
spent here)
Super profitable time
creating sales letters/ads
B activities (also productive,
but not in top 1%)
creating the offer
C activities (1. write systems
for all these tasks 2. hire
others to do.)
creating landing pages
hiring employees
D activities Any tech work
replying to emails
● reading emails
● studying without using it in your business
● checking facebook.
I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.

Mobile CPA Dominator

Mobile CPA Dominator

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Mobile CPA Dominator
Table Of Contents
10,000 Foot View
Join The CPA Network
A Good Offer
Mobile Traffic Source
The Callback
First Campaign
The Planner
Split Test
Mobile CPA Dominator
Hi, Tyler here and I want to welcome you. If this is your
first time with one of my products then welcome. If you
have picked up a report from me before, then welcome
I really like to cut all the fluff and stuff and get right to
business. But I wanted to just share some things about
what you will get from this report first.
This is all about CPA offers and using Mobile as the traffic
source. Combine these 2 and you have a lethal profit
machine banking you cash daily.
If there is anything I want to stress to you, it’s this.
Marketing online is very simple and the formula is this.
Targeted Traffic + Conversions = Money
I want you to make Big Time Money. That really is the
end goal for all of us. And this report will give you just
A tool you can use to make more money online.
Mobile CPA Dominator
So in the report I will show you Targeted Traffic and how
to Convert that traffic. And so when you know how to do
both, then you can make profits day and night.
I shouldn’t have to spend too much time explaining to you
that Mobile traffic is HUGE. Just take a moment and think
about all the people who have cell phones. And they
don’t have to all be smart phones. Even dumb phones
you can make money.
The numbers are ridiculous when you step back and think
about it. The good thing about Mobile is there is so much
traffic and it’s dirt cheap. And more people are doing stuff
on there mobile phones than on the computer.
Ok let’s continue.. But before we do. I want you to
understand that some of this stuff may be hard to
understand. And that is OK, only because it’s new.
Anything new will be difficult. So I want you to not be
afraid to try things, if it does not work, then change it up a
bit until it works.
I will do my best to give you the Newbie a very simple step
by step plan.
Mobile CPA Dominator
But you have to know that it may not work perfectly as I
describe it. That’s because you have different levels of
technical knowledge than me. So don’t get frustrated or
upset. Just keep working until all the pieces fall into place.
I know you are going to be great!
Now let’s move forward and upward.
10,000 Foot View
This is what I call the sky view. Or a look from above. It’s
important to see a visual of how this simple process
Mobile CPA Dominator
Advertiser This
is the company or person who creates
the offer. The advertiser is responsible for creating the
landing page, and converting the lead into more money.
Affiliate Network This
is the company that is the middle
man between the Advertiser and You. They handle all the
traffic flow. The network is responsible for making sure
you get accurate stats and get paid. The advertiser will
pay the affiliate network, and the network will pay out.
This way you know for sure you are dealing with a
company who has lots of cash and will always pay.
You It’s
your responsibility to find the traffic and drive it to
the offers. When you find targeted traffic you send that to
the Advertisers offer. The network tracks everything for
you. And the advertiser will make sure you get the best
possible conversion.
Ad Network This
is a company that has all the traffic.
They are responsible for finding the best places to get the
best traffic. You can go with a good network and know for
sure you are going to get high quality traffic to any Mobile
Mobile CPA Dominator
Mobile User This
person is the one who downloaded an
app to there phone. Inside the app will be banners. When
a user clicks on the banners and perform an action.
Usually it’s giving away their email address. Then you
make money.
3 Steps to make this all work!
Step 1: Find A Great Offer I
will help you pick out a
Step 2: Get Traffic For
this system to work you have
buy media mobile traffic. I will help you get that in a bit.
Step 3: Optimize Change,
Tweak, Just keep trying new
things to optimize your campaigns for max profit.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Join The CPA Network
Great News!! I’m going to show you a CPA network that
anyone can join. Yes you will be in the system in the next
10 minutes.
The Best mobile Network at this time is MobPartner. The
system is so easy and they offer a huge range of offers
that cover the entire world.
Go Here and register at Mobpartner
When you register make sure to put real information. If
you put in fake info then you will spend all this time and
your account will eventually get shut down.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Everything is easy to fill out. Under account type click
Once inside go to traffic sources and create a new traffic
source. Choose Buzzcity as the source.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Next is to create a new pool. Name it Buzzcity and All
That is it for joining and getting the first part setup inside
your CPA Network Mobpartner.
Next will will go over the Offer and setting up your first
A Good Offer
Finding a good offer for Mobile CPA is huge. And the good
news is I will give you one of the best converting offers.
First click on campaigns.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Next I want you to find the keywords and enter this inside.
When Mozook offer comes up click on the subscribe
Then wait a few hours and it will be ready to promote.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Mobile Traffic Source
The next step is getting Targeted Traffic. And the best
source for Mobile CPA traffic is buzzcity.
Same process here. Give them all your real information.
Register Here
The part that asked “I wish to signup as a” check
After you get inside your account, the first thing you want
to do is fund it. Start off with $20.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click on the link next to Ad Credits Balance. Then Click
on “Top Up Now”
You will have to wait a bit for them to verify a new account
and new purchase. But after that it will take a lot less
There, now you have an account with Buzzcity and its
funded ready to setup your first campaign.
Mobile CPA Dominator
The Callback
Let’s setup a call back from buzzcity to Mobpartner. This
just lets these 2 websites talk to each other about your
campaign. This way you can see what is converting.
Click on Advertiser on top and then Settings
Next click “Enable Clickcode” and Clickcode for CPA
networks. The first one that comes up is MobPartner
Mobile CPA Dominator
Put a check market in for your email and then hit “Submit”
Now got back into your Mobpartner Account. We will
setup the callback url.
Stay with me, this is easy and its necessary.
Click on “Traffic Sources” and Call back url
Click on Get the Buzzcity Callback URL, Enter in your
Buzzcity Partner ID
Mobile CPA Dominator
Ener both Partner Id and Hash into Mobpartner area
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click on Generate UR
Copy and paste the url into the left area. Turn on
“Advanced Mode” Copy the generated url in the “When
the transaction is created”
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click Save Configuration
Now you’re all set for the Call back between mobpartner
and buzzcity.
First Campaign
Your first campaign will be inside Buzzcity. There you will
send Mobile traffic to your Mozook offer inside Mobpartner
First click on “My Campaigns” then “Create a New
Setup your campaign with a daily budget of $5. You can
scale up later.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Now Go back to Mobparter and search under campaigns
for Mozook. When it comes up then click on the “Promote
it” link. We need to get the banners that will be inserted
into buzzcity.
I haven’t talked about the country yet but I want you to
choose India for the creatives
Mobile CPA Dominator
Download the right banner sizes and then upload them to
Buzzcity will fill in some of the other spots. If the banner
doesn’t look right then upload the exact size.
Next is the target url
Mobile CPA Dominator
Expand the countries and find India under Asia. Put in
Mobile CPA Dominator
Next is the Device. Select Platforms and choose Android
and Exclude Proxiedbrowser
Mobile CPA Dominator
Next select all channels except Adult, NO ADULT Traffic
to this offer
Mobile CPA Dominator
Hit submit and your campaign will be finished. Now just
wait for Buzzcity to approve the campaign.
The Planner
At this point you have your first campaign up and running.
I could just end this and say scale up from here. But I feel
I need to expand on that.
If you want to make the big bucks. You’re going to have to
spend money. As you make money you need to reinvest
your profits into more traffic.
You have 2 options. You can find other offers and repeat
the process of setting up a campaign. Or you can take
this one campaign and fine tune it until its profitable.
Mobile CPA Dominator
I think you can figure out how to find a new offer inside
mob partners and add it to buzz city. But let me show you
some tools you can use that will help you make the
Mozook offer profitable.
Go to the front page of buzzcity then scroll down until you
see “Campaign Planner”
Click View Planner. Inside you will see a map of the
world. Here you can zone in on what each country is
doing. I picked Iran because it is NOT one of the Big ..
USA, Canada, UK, countries. Iran has a lot of traffic
inside of buzzcity.
Mobile CPA Dominator
But what if your campaign is not producing profits like you
want? What can you do? Start buying traffic from
another country.
Don’t just get stuck on one country, you may find another
one that will give you a better return.
Lets click on India, you can see that county has a ton of
traffic. And very cheap.
Next click on “More Info”
This information is a goldmine. Remember how I had
you click only Android? Well I got that from here.
Click on Platform/OS, Android Kills it.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click on Handset Model. You will see that Samsung is the
So with this data you can adjust your settings inside of
Buzzcity to only target specific Mobile Phones.
See the Power in this? Target it down and you can make
a killing.
Again if India is not producing results then pick another
country and adjust the Mobile Phone specks.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Split Test
The last part I want to cover is split testing. What you are
going to do is split test different banners to see which one
is pulling in all the conversions.
How you split test is to setup different campaigns for
different banners and see the ones that pull in the most
At the end of our URL you can add in anything you want.
Add in banner 1, banner 2, etc…
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click on Clone and you make duplicate of the first
campaign. The just change the banners and the end or
your link and hit submit.
You will see the stats inside of your mobpartner account
that shows the banner that is converting.
Then just play around with the devices, country, operating
system. Find that sweet spot from all the data you collect
from the planner page.
Ok so I said in the beginning that if this is new then it
might come across as difficult. But it’s not.
Just follow everything I have laid out for you. Then
everyday adjust until you make is profitable.
You’re not going to hit a homerun the first time you buy
media traffic and send it to your offers. But as you see
Mobile CPA Dominator
what is working and dump what is not, then you will have
massive success.
To Your Future Success
Tyler Pratt
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