My AutoPilot Business System

My AutoPilot Business System
]That I Use To
Generate Massive
By Jason Richardson
● Introduction/ForewordWho
am I?
● This WSOThe
Key to Running Your Business on
Autopilot 24/7
● The Business Model
● How the internet works
● How my system works
● Process for going from 0 to 1 million in 12 months
● What is the most important question you need to ask
yourself daily?
● Proven ways to scale your business
● Bottlenecks
● Ways to optimize your time
● Hiring your first employee
● Structuring your business for success
● Key pointsPutting
it all together and creating that business
you’ve always dreamed of.
My name is Jason Richardson and anyone who knows me, is
aware of my passion, business. I am passionate about sharing
ideas which have helped me and countless others along the route
of business success.
It has been my observation that people search for success and
money through the same lens by which they see life. If your lens
is in focus on the correct means of getting that success, sooner
or later you will get there. However, that oftentime is not the
case. Many lenses are focused on the goal and not the means to
get to that particular goal.
After deciding during my law degree that conventional job types
and myself were a mismatch, I stumbled upon the world of
virtual business. I had a mental coup d’etat; and although I saw
my degree through to its end, my mind was now fully occupied
by internet basedbusiness.
However, as with anything new, I had to learn the ropes and
started off putting in painstakingly long hours with little to no
tangible success. I jumped from niche to niche with the hopes
that the newest one would offer me my long awaited
breakthrough. Now, sitting here a few years later, did I hit
success? Some would say yes, of course. I generated over two
hundred thousand (200K) in revenue after having started with
nothing to invest (the budget of a university student).
Noteworthy, is the fact that between December and February of
this year alone I systematically generated $108,533. I would like
to share with you the key elements which I had to put in place in
order to get me there. The same key elements which have helped
numerous, if not all, multi millionaires and billionaires to get to
their positions today and throughout history.
The Key to running your business on autopilot, online 24/7
You need systems, teams and processes to run a business. You
need to understand what your time is worth. Understand that
some activities are more productive than others. Therefore
which ones do you focus on. Which ones bring the biggest
return. You need to think like an investor; looking for low risk
opportunities and building businesses that bring repeatable
In this WSO. I am going to show you how the above can be
done. So you can free up your time, spend more time doing what
you want and build an autopilot income.
The Business Model
I’m going to teach you step by step the system I use to generate
passive income online. It is a very simple concept and no client
or customer of mine has information overload. They have sheer
laser focus.
So what business model do I use myself?
If you want a business that is scalable, automated and leverages
the skills and time of others, you need systems. They are the best
way to scale with minimal work.
I call my systemDOING
The number one reason why most people fail is because they do
not get any profitable actions done. They focus on the wrong
aspects of the business. The parts which generate no income.
They worry about traffic, creating perfect products, not enough
time, rather than just creating the product and the sales letters.
How The Internet Works
What do people browse the internet for?
The entire internet is simply people wanting stuff. Any
successful online business fulfils some need that people search
the internet to solve.
Therefore, your job is to provide that what people want. I would
actually take that one step further to say that your job is to
provide what people want online without lifting a finger: i.e., via
the use of a system.
Follow a system that already works.
Everything in life is simply a system. The more efficient the
system, the more effective the outcome.
Think about this for a second, what is the first fast food chain
that you can think of?
Does their menu change on a daily basis?
Let us take KFC as an example. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Where
would they be without a system? Imagine if you walked into
KFC today and they sold pizzas. Then tomorrow you returned
and their menu was Italian food? Would they be any bit as
successful as they are today? No!
They must implement a system made up of processes that any
new employee, any new manager, any existing customer can be
used to. Without a proven system, how can they implement the
same system in every KFC outlet?
Online business is no different. Your internet business is no
different. You need to implement a system which has already
been proven and which will guarantee that it can be replicated
where necessary. For example, a coupons website which has a
proven system to providing customers who come online in
search of products, a means of accessing coupons daily.
The internet is a chance for everyone to make money online. An
unlimited pool of wealth waiting to be deposited into your bank
account. The key is to unlocking that specific system which will
generate the income you want.
How my System Works
These are the stages to creating a business that runs on
1. Create a system that leads to/ results in creating products
2. Create a system that leads/ to results in marketing products.
However, before this you need to understand four specific
Your Market; Your Marketing Strategy/ Components; Your
System, The Team.
Key questions you need to answer.
1. What is the Market you want to dominate and who do you
want to serve?
2. What are the ads, sales letters, landers, offers you are going
to use to convert them into buyers?
3. What is your daily systems procedure that you follow to get
your daily desired outcomes?
4. Who are the people you need to hire to follow these
systems so you can hit your desired outcomes (products,
marketing), daily.
In the end you want to set up everything so it can run without
your input.
Process for going from 0 to 1 million in less than 12 months
1. Location: One proven location where you can place your ad
2. Offer: Make sure there is a market for your product by
assessing what is trending in the market
3. Price: identify the most competitive price for those
products in market
4. Copy: create the sales copy (ads/sales letters) to convert the
people in the market into your customers.
Let me give you an example:
If you have identified the information product niche as your
The location which best suits your market is the warrior forum.
In order to know whats the best selling products you can go
here: h ttps://,,
h ttps:// and .
By looking above, you can see what people want and are
buying. At least you know there is a market for your product.
Categories of offers that are profitable include offline business,
adsense, clickbank and Facebook traffic.
With all of these in place, you have followed a proven system
that will lead to you creating products that people want, and you
can sell to them where they are located.
Now each of the above processes has specific steps you can
1. Identify the competitors in you market. Then
you can go to as an example and
under referrals it will tell you where they are
getting their traffic from.
2. Record traffic sources in excel spreadsheets
and see if each traffic source has a place you
can advertise or sell your product.
1. Identify the best selling products
2. Improve them (if you have experience in
that market) add
your own angle
3. Brainstorm a few product ideas
4. Create a simple PDF to get started. (within
24 hours) the
quicker you get feedback, the
quicker you can improve and sell. (Ebook
1. Identify what the going price is for similar products and
make it the same. As it has already been proven that this is
the most attractive price point.
COPY; This process is a bit more complex and will be discussed
What is the most important question you need to ask
yourself daily
How can I generate more sales?
Thats it! You need to be thinking, what can I do to generate a lot
more sales.
Some examples of people following this process:
8 million door
to door selling organic fruit boxes (product organic
fruits 80%
of time selling)
took 6 months to perfect selling strategy.. One
product one
channel (door to door) selling
= keep it simple. (Abel & Cole)
or one mailing list and one product cheap
perfume 12
to 1 million
The key here is that he worked on his selling strategy and spent
most time writing ads and sending out.
or advertising company call
up companies that match criteria
or need help with advertising (most of time calling and speaking
to companies) and sell (80% of time)
Another interesting way of looking at it is this:
One Offer + One Channel that
can scale to 1 million
So for example One proven Offer on One proven traffic source
can get you to 1 million in sales.
e.g ONE warrior forum offer wso selling
in the WSO section.
Or ask yourself: W hat is the one most profitable thing I can do
now that will lead to the biggest results.
Some tasks that lead to massive results
e.g Write a sales letter
create a product
write an ad
hire a person to follow a proven process
All the above are assets once done will continue to make you
money without you.
Other questions:
How sales are doing? What new products can we launch? What
is our main advertising campaign (that is generating the most
Proven ways to scale your business
There are three ways to scale your company:
1. sell to more customers
2. higher prices
3. increase frequency of sales.
Other proven ways:
1. Identfiy new profit channels ( choose
biggest channel of your competitor)
2. Expand profits exponentially.(analyzing, measuring,
identifying and
then replacing underperforming
parts of
your business including things such as selling, marketing,
advertising, or operations with alternatives that perform
better). e.g You could have an ad running but because you
have the wrong headline it underperforms by as much as 20
or 30 times. So the first thing you change is the headline.
Everything can be tested; for example One price point can
pull a 3, 10, even a 15 times difference. That’s how you get
a 3,000 or 5,000 percent increase.
3. Do any one of these processes and you can grow in a linear
manner. Do any combination of the three and you grow
exponentially. You either increase the number of
customers, increase the unit of sale, or increase the amount
of times a customer will buy from you.
I believe that there is always ONE thing holding anyone back
from achieving their goals.
You need to ask yourself → WHAT IS THE ONE THING
Most times the answer lies in sales generation.
So the second question would be:
What is your sales process?
Don’t have one? Well lets create one now.
Specific steps to convert warriorforum customers into buyers.
1. research top sales letters (WSO’s)
2. take all of that information (benefits, structure) and use for
the bases when creating your own sales letter
3. write a sales letter that has these components
● Headline
● Opening
● Bullets
● Testimonies
● Guarantee
● Offer
● How To Order
4. Submit WSO.
Now you can break down each part of the sales process and
identify any parts that are underperforming.
OK, go through the process. How many signups? How many of
those converted? Then, rather than give up, realize there’s only a
few basic steps here. So test each one and try to optimize each
one. As you optimized each one you will eventually get the
formula right. That is a huge insight. IF YOU DO NOT DO
This is the mindset you have to have: w hen I started my
company, there were other companies already doing similar
things. I just did it better. No excuses.
Remember, your first objective in business is to get the first sale.
Only then do you know that there is a market for your product
and you can get feedback to improve it.
Ways to optimize your time
This is a method you can use to go FROM 1K A DAY TO 5K,
10k A DAY.
I set a goal:
Long Term Goal: e.g Get Affiliate Offer to 10k a day revenue
by a specific date.
Specific Short Term Goal: Identify one proven method to that
can be scaled to 10k a day revenue.
Fill in the blanks:
Keeping in mind my long term goal, I chose to concentrate on
ONE short term goal………
These are the things i must do to accomplish it, and the time
limit for each step:
This allows you to focus on finding that ONE THING that could
get your marketing, business or life to the next level.
Everything in life is ONE Big system. You need to focus on
finding the system to get the results you want.
Next, you want to start with targeting buyers probably
the key
to the whole system since without them you do not have a
What is the ONE most effective way to get buyers?
These people are in your market, they buy similar products and
many times you can target their fans (facebook).
This is what sets apart failure from success. If you implement
these processes, you increase your chances of success.
Another method I use is to w hen trying to identify your ideal
customer profile (e.g your profitable customer) is to record what
criteria your most profitable customer has. For example a re they
dentists, number of customers, or age etc.
Make Every Action Count. DON’T WASTE TIME!
Then you want to create highly profitable ads/landers. You do
that by studying what ads are working now and then using
specific tactics to make the ads convert even better.
● add something new to headline
● add a specific benefit to headline (like make $270 dollars in
an hour)
● add a new benefit to the headline
● change the call to action.
= Profitable process that leads to you hitting your goal.
This is the most import part of online marketing and there is far
too much to learn to put into this course.
The components of a sales letter are as follows:
● Headline Copy
proven headlines make
them better
● Opening a
story about you or the someone overcoming
the problem faced by your customer.
● Bullets the
biggest benefits to the customer (e.g save $400
dollars each year on gas now)
● Testimonies satisfied
● Guarantee e.
g double your money back, no questions
asked refund
● Offer what
are you offering? A service, a product and
how can it help the customer.
● How To Order This
is where you tell the customer what
they are ordering and how they can complete the purchase..
The components of an ad are as follows:
● Headline This
should be your biggest, most effective
● Subheadline More
benefits and a little bit about your
● Call to action Telling
the customer to click here, join now.
A command to get an action.
● Image what
is going to attract and convert my customers?
This is the process for most ads and sales letters. There is more.
But if it is structured like above you are starting in the right way.
Hiring your first employee
There are many sites you can use. By far my two favourites are and (If you are on a budget you can
hire someone on online jobs for 3 dollars an hour but you have
to pay a signup fee 1st).
Now when you hire an employee you have a proven process for
them to follow. You can even create a process for hiring new
employees. For example:
1) Go to
2) search for someone who has marketing skills
3) contact them through the site which forwards an email
4) ask them specific interview questions
5) if you have an employee doing this process, let them
forward the successful interviewees for a final interview
with you.
You are looking for hard working employees who are eager to
So the end result is a business that works without you on
autopilot 24/7.
The job of your business is to create financial freedom for you
so if you choose to you don’t have to work. And you do this by;
A business system is leverage that removes the key constraint of
everything relying on YOU.
Remember, it’s not hard to create a system, but the key is
creating a profitable system that works without you: The steps
are simple.
Do the proven things that will make you predictable profit. As a
result, you won’t have to do the work yourself and your time can
once again be your own.
My Facebook process I used to get to 2k a day within 30 days.
● Identify proven ads and budget
● Identify proven interests and ages
● Identify best time to submit ad
● Identify best time to increase budget of ad
Best time to submit ad is
Budget 10 dollars
If ads hit CPA objective (eg 100% roi) increase the budget at
7.40 am (Pacific time) to 200 dollars.
This is a proven process and has lead to 1k days.
Another Facebook Profitable Process
● step 1identify
proven (longest running) ad in prospective
niche (manually research or spytool)
● step 2identify
competitors (fan pages of company running
● step 3 set
up 10 dollar ad targeting the fans of these
competing companies
● step 4 increase
the budget if leads objective is met.
2k a day fb identify
new proven age each day to target
(variation of what works)
This is how I break down my day.
A activities (most time is
spent here)
Super profitable time
creating sales letters/ads
B activities (also productive,
but not in top 1%)
creating the offer
C activities (1. write systems
for all these tasks 2. hire
others to do.)
creating landing pages
hiring employees
D activities Any tech work
replying to emails
● reading emails
● studying without using it in your business
● checking facebook.
I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.


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