Presentation Profits 2.0

Presentation Profits 2.0
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Table of Contents

…………………….. 4 The Old Way of Doing Webinars
…………………………………………………………………………….. 5 The New
Way of Presenting So Your Content Is Not Boring ……………………………….. 8 The Image
Trigger Strategy
…………………………………………………………………………………. 11
Where To Find Images
…. 14 Using Bullets: The New Way
………………………………………………………………………………… 17
Preparing For Your Presentation
……………………………………………………………………….. 20 An Even
Faster Way of Doing Your Presentation ………………………………………………. 25
What If You Don’t Have PowerPoint?
…………………………………………………………………. 27 PowerPoint Slide
… 30 Where To Get Ideas (Sources for Slides)
……………………………………………………………. 32 Outsourcing The Work
… 34 Doing Presentations For Other People (Business Opportunity) …………………….. 37
……………………… 38


Hi There. I’m Debbie Drum and I am excited to share this information with you as it is much needed
in our marketing community!
I think it’s important to discuss “The Why” behind a product. We came up with the idea for this
product because there are so many
marketers who are boring the tears out of their webinar attendants
and we need to stop this once and for all.
There is certainly an old way of doing webinars and there’s a NEW way – a way that makes your
presentation more interesting, a way that makes it even easier for you to present and it even
decreases your preparation and practice time! How awesome does that sound?
I have been using this new webinar method for a while now and have seen fantastic results both in
the way I am presenting and my audience reactions to the new style presentation!
In this report I am going to show you how to make your presentations less boring, make them easier
to create and present and as a result, have your audience loving and getting the most out of what
you are teaching!
One more thing before we start…please read this entire report the whole way through before you
begin. You shouldn’t skip anything! I don’t just write to write – I write everything for a purpose
and each step is just as important as the next J
Let me get started by showing you the old, boring way of doing webinars.

The Old Way of Doing Webinars

Have you ever been to a webinar where the presenter had slides they put together like they just
didn’t care? The font is all messed up and it’s just plain ugly and boring?
This is more of an example of the wrong way of doing webinars, much less the “old way”.
Putting care into your presentations is #1 not hard to do, and #2 more than half of what you need
to have a successful webinar where
people thoroughly enjoy your presentation and get the most out of it. So what am I calling the “old
webinar style”?
It Looks Like This:

The Best Ways To Get Noticed

Build your own audience first!!
The magical power of Facebook allows you to legally steal audiences from these Celebrities
When you are somewhat established,then
you can approach other authors.
Think about the scenario and see how it plays out…..

How Is Instagram Different?
() Instagram encourages your customers to connect with you on a more personallevel as compared
to other Internet Marketing strategies

の This means your posts should be more personal
η Example:behind the scenes’ pictures and videos of your company,you can include virtual
tours,how-to videos,
company staff pictures and even bloopers,images of your products,and more.
η Your goal on Instagram is to build close relationships with your audience,and interact with them
on a whole new level
than any other social media platform

r…._’I”r”’” ……”L……守口1 L l… ..・争目・I l…l t..t..”、…l_.._司 も明
Do you see how ugly, boring, confusing and convoluted this slide above is?
This is a horrible slide and it’s also the typical way I used to do all my presentations.
Basically, the slide would appear and I would talk the talking points of each bullet. Not brain
From the webinar attendee’s point of view it’s not the best learning environment and slides like
this don’t keep people engaged because you are just reading off the slides. Sure you can add more
speaking points than what you have on the page but it could get boring and repetitive.
I found a better way…

The New Way of Presenting So Your Content Is Not Boring

As shown above, simply reading text on the screen can put your audience to sleep. When all that
text is on the screen, they are likely to read the text and not listen to you…and that’s a huge
So what is the other alternative?
Imagery Plus Simple Text.
Take a look at some of these examples:
Now, instead of having all this boring plain text on the screen with boring bullets until the cows
come home, you have a beautiful descriptive image and you are now able to tell a story and the
images will prompt you on what you need to say for that slide.
This will cause you to have less preparation time when it comes to practicing and memorizing what
you have to say for your presentation.
It’s quite amazing how this works and how your brain works.

The Image Trigger Strategy

The more stories and examples you use in your webinars and presentations, the better your
presentations will be and the more information your audience will retain and understand. This is
why examples and stories are very powerful.
The old way of doing presentations, I used to leave myself visual cues to tell a story I wanted to
tell or show an example.
Here’s what it looked like: [show a slide plus a picture]
This was fine to do. However now this is what I do:
In this example, I am telling a story about how people always look at what other people are doing
to dictate what they should do. Instead of having a boring slide with all talking points about
that, I simply have this picture of a horse with blinders on and it immediately triggers the story
I want to tell for my example. Do you see the power of this and why it works so well?
It is really fun playing around with this when you do it this way. Here’s another example:
You know how they say a picture is worth 1000 words? This is the epitome of that saying.
People can relate more to pictures than they ever will with a plain bulleted list on the slide.
Do you see how this example (especially the stress one) elicits emotion? Aren’t there days when you
feel like this lady in the picture? Where you just feel buried and you can’t dig yourself out? It’s
amazing how relatable this picture is!
These are the kind of presentation slides you want to strive to have.

1)First, they help your viewers because the images give
them something that will stick in their minds, which will make your presentation more memorable to
them. That’s powerful.
2)Secondly, it will be more helpful for you because instead of remembering text on the screen, you
are looking at an image and instantly being reminded of what you want to talk about on that slide.
When you relate something to a story or an image, it helps with remembering what you want to say.
That’s powerful too!
3)Lastly, these presentations will take you less time to create because if’s not writing anything.
You are simply taking an image and you are adding text to a slide. Hint: The text is usually
another small
cue for you to remember your talking point for that slide.
The main thing you want to really get right is matching your images with what you are talking
about. This is super crucial. Let’s look at some places we can easily get awesome images.
Note: The goal is to have only 1 to 2 places we get images. We don’t want to spend hours looking
for images. You can also outsource this part but you will need to teach your outsourcer what kind
of pictures to look for.

Where To Find Images

As said above, we don’t want it to take all day to find images for our slides.
I only have 2-3 sources where I find my images and that’s IT! The images are the most important
part of this entire process because remember, images elicit emotion and we want our presentations
to be meaningful and we want our audience to retain what we teach them. Images place a huge part in
this process.
Source 1: Dollar Photo Club –
Dollar Photo Club is great! You can pay as little as $10 per month for
10 images and if you don’t use all 10, they roll over which is great!
The only “negative” part about Dollar Photo Club is that your downloads expire so be sure to
download your images and save them to a folder on your computer where you will be able to easily
find them again.
Source 2: Deposit Photos –
Deposit Photos gives you a bit more options when it comes to downloading images per day. If you
have A LOT of images you need to use on an on-going basis, you will want to choose a higher monthly
plan (like $99 per month) and beautiful downloaded images come out to be about $0.33 cents a piece.
Source 3: Pixabay –
Pixabay has all images in the public domain which means 2 things: they are FREE and they don’t need
to be credited. You can freely use these images everywhere and anywhere because they don’t have a
You can find some nice gems on pixabay, HOWEVER; don’t use this for everything because many times
they don’t have the best options for every keyword.
Another thing to be careful with Pixabay is you need to understand their entire existence is to
entice people to click on the paid images surrounding the free images. This is how the site makes
money. They have stock photos that are much nicer than the free photos so you
can really see what you are missing by not paying for images. Don’t fall for it because all the
images are Shutterstock photos, which can be on the expensive side.
That’s it. Don’t let the finding of the images slow you down because you are searching for images
on 100 different sites. Keep it to 2-3 sites and you should be fine.
Finally, you can outsource this entire process and just explain to your outsourcer what kind of
image you want (the image should match the main idea you are going after on the slide and the image
should fill the entire slide).
Note: If the image does not fit the slide, don’t stretch the image and make it look distorted. What
you want to do is make the background color of the slide something that matches or complements the
color of the image.
Look at this one again:
Simple right click on the slide and change the background color to whatever you want it to be.

Using Bullets: The New Way

I know what you are thinking at this point…
You still want to use bullets in your slides right?
The good news is you can still use bullets, but in a better and different way.
Here’s the old way of using bullets:
Here’s the new way of doing bullets:

Insert Text Here
F内同日開; t…. ‘)()’1 c: t…… ・f f t..t..; 日日間穐 ,、円穐
The great part about this is that we’ve included 50 Done For You
Templates inside Presentation 2.0 Profits!
You can now use these inside of your presentations to make them much better and much more enjoyable
for your viewers.
Do you see the power behind this? When you pair images with just a little blurb of text, it makes
the entire experience more memorable for the people watching the presentation. People will be able
to easily absorb the information you are presenting to them.
With less text on the slide, people will be able to grasp the main point better and also listen to
you as you speak.
It’s a much better approach than cramming a ton of words on the screen.

Preparing For Your Presentation

With the new way of presenting, there is WAY LESS preparation time needed for your presentation.
If you’re putting the presentation together yourself, there will be way less preparation time to
rehearse your presentation because as you are putting together your slides, in essence, you are
getting a good idea of what you want to say for each slide. You are essentially practicing.
However, if you have someone else putting together your presentation like an outsourcer, then you
will have a bit more work ahead of you because you have to go through it and make sure you know
what you want to say for each slide.
Just by having the image on the slide will help you drastically remember your talking points. We
are visual creatures.
If I flashed this picture to you for 2 seconds:
And I asked you to speak for 2 minutes about the importance of a stop sign; you would easily be
able to do that.
However if I flashed you a slide that had a whole bunch of text on it about the importance of stop
signs, you would have to read through all the text to get your talking points, which would be
During a presentation, especially when you are presenting live, you have a lot of balls up in the
air. You’ve got to get the technology to work correctly, your slides and the sound, you’ve got
audience questions you’ve got to look after, and you are on center stage! It is VERY HARD to switch
to a screen that is just filled with text that you have to read through first to get your talking
points. You do not want to be in that situation at all!
There’s a lot of times where you put together a presentation with a thought in mind for a bullet
and when it comes to presenting it live, you have no idea what it means…have you ever been there?
Yeah, that’s uncomfortable!
Here are some recommendations to help you during your presentation so that you don’t need to
memorize the order of the slides.
First, having a dual monitor or multiple computers helps.
This way, on one screen you can have your Go To Webinar running and on the other screen you can
have a copy of your presentation on your other monitor so you can see your next slides to come and
you can see notes.
Utilize the notes section of the slides over here:
If you don’t have PowerPoint on both computers, that’s not a problem at all. What you need to do is
head over to Google Docs which is free, and upload your PowerPoint onto Google Docs Slides and you
will be able to see your PowerPoint on your other monitor. Don’t worry if the text and pictures get
jumbled a little bit, you are not using it to
present, you are just using that for your notes and to see what slides are next to come.
Also, it is not necessary you have a dual monitor, you can simply have 2 computers on your desk and
this entire process will work the same way.
If a duel monitor is not an option, print out your slides to the Handouts
(3 slides per page) option. It should look something like this:
In the notes section for each slide – you can bullet out what you want to talk about.
Doing either suggestion above will help you enormously so you can see the slides that are coming up
next. You can also cheat a little bit by having brief talking points for your slides on your other
monitor or on your notes (this can even be on an ipad or phone).
Notice when you do it like this, your preparation time gets less and less. This doesn’t mean you
don’t need to prepare and if you feel the need to prepare more, then by all mean, prepare more! If
you are an expert at your topic, the only time consuming aspect of this entire process is actually
putting together your presentation.
Now, let’s talk about an even faster way of putting together your presentation.

An Even Faster Way of Doing Your Presentation

Hopefully I’ve convinced you enough by now that making your presentations with more images than
text on the screen is the better way to go for you as the presenter, and more importantly for your
audience as the people who should get the most out of what you are teaching.
This report isn’t really on the content of your webinars, but this entire process will work whether
you are doing a teaching webinar or a sales webinar where you are selling something at the end. The
best selling webinars have a lot of teaching in them, and that’s why this works so well!
Now that that’s out of the way, I am going to tell what you need to do before you even open a
PowerPoint document.
Open up a Word Document or Google Doc or Text Doc. Heck you can even open up the note taking app on
your phone. I don’t care how
you do it…but you need to do this first.
Next – go ahead and write down your outline of talking points you want to have for your
This is what my outline looked like for this report:
Pretty messy / down and dirty right? That’s OK though!
By doing it this way, putting together and writing this report was very easy. I just sat down to
write because I had a guide to follow.
If you don’t do an outline, it is going to take you double maybe even triple the time to put your
presentation together.
I know this from experience.
My next tip will work if you are not completely pressed for time. What I like to do is start this
process a week or more before my presentation. After I have my entire outline, I break up the
amount of slides I need and then do a little bit per day. It’s easier making 5-7 slides per day
then it is doing 30 in one sitting.
The process of breaking it up will allow you to have more dedicated time per slide and your brain
will process the information better so by the time you are ready to take a look at the entire
thing, you are very familiar with the material for your overall presentation.
It works really well that way.
If, of course, you are pressed for time, be sure to start prepping about a week in advance so you
have more time to dedicate to the overall project.

What If You Don’t Have PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool to have in your business. Microsoft products in general are
I don’t buy the software anymore when I get a new computer. I subscribe to Office 365 and pay a
yearly fee to use the latest and greatest version of the entire office suite. You can use this on
either your Mac or PC.
Here are some solutions if you don’t have Microsoft.
1)Google Slides – Google slides is a great option. Going
back as little as 1 year ago, it wasn’t the best solution because it was very buggy. It has gotten
a lot better.
To access Google Slides, head over to your Google Drive, Press
NEW and right there you can create a PowerPoint document.
What’s great about this tool is that you can export your document as a .ppt doc and open that in
powerpoint later on. You can also import
.ppt files as well. It’s a great tool and a great alternative!
2)Open Office Impress – OOI is a full suite of all products like MS Office. Some folks claim they
even like it better than MS PowerPoint.

3)Web-based Slide Options – This is the last
recommendation if you don’t have MS PowerPoint, but honestly, I don’t like this option and it’s
really a last resort. It is pricey and not as flexible as the other options I recommended above.
These web-based options can include:
* Haiku deck
* Slide Rocket
* Pow Toon
You can read some of the reviews here:
Finally, you can always use Keynote on a Mac…but I am not a huge fan. It will do the trick if you
don’t want to use any of these options above.

PowerPoint Slide Sizes

We are going to be getting a little technical here but don’t be scared.
There are 2 sizes for your PowerPoint slides. There’s one size for videos you are filming (on
screen) and there’s another size for Live Webinar Presentations.
Video Slide Size
When you are filming a video, the ideal video size is 1280×720. That’s not a perfect square. If you
have slides that are a perfect square in a video that’s not a perfect square, it looks horrible
with black spaces on each side.
What you want to do is follow the exact steps in this video here:

This video shows you to format your slide size. It’s excellent.
Go To Webinar Slide Size
For the Go To Webinar Slides, you will want the default size of
PowerPoint. It’s usually a perfect square. This is the ideal size for the live sessions.
So, yes both video sizes are different and it makes it kind of a pain. Be sure that when you are
switching from one to the other you change the images because when you change the powerpoint slide
size, it’s going to distort the images. It’s all in the video right here:

Where To Get Ideas (Sources for Slides)

We just discussed the new way of doing images for slides. The next question is how to get inspired
for this next level of your presentations?
Here’s the strategy:
Find slides that you would want to use for your presentations and save their location.
Next – show the slides to your designer and have him / her recreate the slide. You can also simply
try to replicate the slide on your own.
Here are some resources you can use to find slides. turning-boring-into-visual/
presentation-feature-to-make-you-stand-out/ adding-text-to-images/

PowerPoint Tutorial For A Torn Paper Effect

91 Awesome Headline Formulas To Make Your Presentations Instantly Attractive
Outsourcing The Work

Everything we have talked about so far in this report is outsourceable, meaning you can hire
someone to put the slides together for you.
The only problem that might occur if you have someone else put the slides together for you is you
may have additional prep time because the practice of putting the slides together yourself is a
means of actually you practicing the presentation. By doing the work yourself, you will be
essentially practicing for the presentation. If you are not doing the work, you will have to look
over the work and get a sense of what’s going on and what you want to talk about.
Even the practice of finding the right images will give you a good idea of what you want to talk
about for each slide and you will remember it more if you go through the motions.
I don’t want to talk you out of outsourcing the job because it is very possible to save time and
have the work done for you, just know there will be some more prep time if you outsource.
Are we cool with this? Make sure you don’t move on until you really grasp this.
When we are talking about outsourcing when it comes to putting together these presentations, you
don’t have to hire a fancy graphic designer and pay a ton of money.
What you are looking for is more of a person who can read, understand and interpret your language.
For instance, you would show them text or slides that look like this:
Your instructions would be for them to convert this into a slide with a beautiful and relevant
picture and some descriptive text.
You can give them some examples.
This would be a great example:
This is a great example of taking one bullet point and making it’s own slide so you can take some
time to talk about this bullet point without breezing through it as just words on a slide.
One could go many ways with this example, but this is just one of many ideas you can give the
person who would be doing this job for you.
This individual would need to make a connection with the words you want to say and the images that
would need to be paired with them.
It’s really easy. It’s not brain surgery. It’s not going to be a position that you will have to
shell out big bucks for.

Doing Presentations For Other People (Business Opportunity)

The idea of doing presentations like this for presenters who desperately need this new style of
presentations is a great service.
This service is different from the outsourcer chapter above because now you are not some $17 per
hour (or less) person who does this…you are putting together entire presentations for the
presenters and that means taking it a bit further than just matching pictures to text.
This is a very valuable position for a presenter because they will not have to give you guidance
and you will be doing a very important job for them.
We have 2 services we offer at
The first is the $197 a month service where not only do you get the valet webinar service (we do
everything for you, webinar invite, sign up page, follow up and webinar hosting) PLUS you get
monthly content on how to get better conversions for your webinars, monthly presentation graphics
packets, and amazing content.
The second service is a complete Done For You Presentation. If you are interested in us doing your
entire presentation for you and giving you guidance on how to present, what order to say things in,
etc, please contact our support desk at


Now it’s your turn. Stop doing the old, boring, and plain Jane presentations. It’s time to spruce
up your presentations not only for your benefit but for the benefit of the folks taking the time
out of their day to listen to you.
I promise you this…if you’re presentations are great in this new style, people will start to
notice. They will compliment you on your amazing presentation skills.
This style goes way beyond pretty pictures on a slide. It’s much more than that. You will soon be
separated and become more respected as a presenter. This will change everything.
So, no more talking…Go ahead and take action.
All the best, Debbie Drum
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