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MODULE #4: The Most Effective E-Mail Marketing Method…………….Page 22

MODULE #5: Adding “Follow-Up” E-Mails……………………………………….Page 24

MODULE #6: What To Promote In “Broadcast” E-Mails……………………Page 28

MODULE #7: Buying Traffic ……………………………………………………………..Page 29

MODULE #8: Solo Ads Rolodex – Trusted Sellers……………………………….Page 30

MODULE #9: Funnel Clicks Rolodex – Trusted Sellers………………………..Page 30

MODULE #10: Selling Traffic From Your E-Mail List…………………………..Page 31

MODULE #11: Where To Sell Of “Bank” Clikcs……..…………………………..Page 32

MODULE #11: “Pay Per Leads Programs”…………………………………………Page 33

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And Remember That…
About Me

It all started in 1997… After many years as a bill collector, I ended up in a
“burn-out” due to the pressure of my work environment.

While I was on medical leave, I started spending time online… A lot of time! After browsing and
browsing some more, I ended-up on a blog offering “Work From Home” opportunities. I was impressed
and working from home was something I had been pondering on for quite some time.

To me, it became really appealing when I saw all the possibilities I could get from online
marketing. It took a bit of time, effort and investment for me to get there, but I eventually did!

So this how it happened …

First, I started building a FUNNEL in order to create a powerful e-mail list!

Then I learned about “LEAD GENERATION” so I could drive “Traffic”
(Visitors) to my offer!
Then I learned about BUILDING MY BRAND and building authority. Today,

I own my line of products
I am a “kno wn a nd re spe cte d” So lo Ad Se lle r
I own a 1100+ PLR Products membership site
I have a Mastermind Group
I have a Solo Ads Group
I Have My Own Coaching Pro gram An d “Do ne -For-Y o u” Se rvice s
I’ve had the pleasure of helping people like you, from all around the world, build their funnels,
generate traffic and build their “Brand”! It is a replicable process after-all!

Enjoy this training
Michel Sirois
Assuming you already have the basic tools to own a web based business such as: a domain, a hosting
account, an auto-responder, a web page editor and a tracker… If not, here are the tools I
personally use…

Domain: Namecheap

Hosting: Liquid Web

Auto-responder: Aweber

Web page editor: Optimizepress

Click Management Software: Quality Click Control

These are the basic requirements. Make no mistake… any online business needs AT LEAST these 5
tools to make money online and AUTOMATE your network and funnels.

You can always use generic products, there are plenty out-there but results may vary. I can only
voutch for the ones I use!

Before We Start, Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know

1) What Are Funnel Clicks:

Funnel clicks are simply clicks that come from a “Thank-You” page, a
BONUS page or a “Download” page.

Another type of click that is considered a “Funnel Click” is a “P.S.” that
you can add in your e-mail swipes.

2) What Is “Banking Clicks”

“Click Banking” is a terminology we use to “Bank” clicks. It has nothing to do with “Click Bank”,
the company…

The simple way to explain it is that: It’s an automated way to trade traffic
between marketers, by using traffic you ALREADY have in your e-mail list. I will show you later in
this training how we do this!
2) What Are “Solo Ads”

“Solo Ads” is a terminology that simply means: Renting “ad space” on someone else’s e-mail list.

To make it simple for you to understand, here is an example:

Let’s say you want to buy a Solo Ad from me… you would simply need to give me your “lead capturing
page” link and I would promote it through MY e-mail list by sending MY subscribers an e-mail
message holding your link.

Based on the number of clicks you want to your link, I would charge you
$0.55 per click.

Through this training you will learn how to sell Solo Ads from your list and how it works more in

What You’ll Learn Through

Scalable Profits Revolution
MODULE #1: Creating Your Free Report

Finding 1 problem, providing 1 solution!

A report can be done in 1 or 2 hours and it will be useful for life!

With that said, make it short and simple and it doesn’t have to be a work
of art!

Keep in mind that this report mostly serves as an incentive and most
subscribers won’t even read it!

For these particular reasons, writing a report that allows you to elaborate on 1 problem and
providing the solution, usually does the trick!
Little “HACKS” To Get Content Real Fast!

A simple way to find RICH content online is to:

Pick a topic where you know people are facing issues… Most of the time it’s about getting leads
(traffic) through: e-mail marketing, search engine placement, video marketing, automated systems,
online tools, etc… I’m sure you get it 
To find content, simply go On Warrior Forum and look for threads
on the subject you want to elaborate about.
Select 5-10 different threads from different marketers.
Look for marketers who have a good reputation in the Forum
(Meaning: That are active and that were thanked at least more than
100 times). Note down their advice in a Word Doc.
Gather all your content, pick what you need and start writing your report, in your own words. (Do
not simply copy/paste their texts… because you don’t have the rights to it.)
• All that will be left to do, is create an e-book cover for your report and/or a Facebook Header
image. If you have no design skills, you can always go on and have it made for $5. But
if you want to be able to work 1 on 1 with your designer, I recommend Graphic Bird. He’s not
expensive and works with you until you are satisfied. He’s actually the one who made my “Scalable
Revolution” Cover. You can reach him on Facebook here.


However, the EASYEST way to make a report to giveaway is by using
PLR/MRR Products!

The report is written for you, many of them come with their own squeeze
or sales page… so you don’t have to waste time on content creation!

When using PLR/MRR products (when the license allows it)… all you need to do is edit the product a
bit, such as adding your own images, your name and your one-time-offer!

PLR Products holds various types of products that are 100% related to:

Internet Marketing niche and
Weight-Loss niche…

Such as:

Video training series
Design tools
And much more!
Scalable PLR Products was created by marketers, for marketers, allowing you to build your “freebie”
e-mails lists, your “BUYERS” lists AND to also be able to giveaway free stuff to your audience from
time to time, to keep them engaged with you… they like that!
If you have n’t gra b be d the OT O #2 whe n it was pre sent e d to you while
you purchase d “scal able Pro fit s R e voluti o n”, grab it no w for a R IDICUL OUS
LOW PRICE of $47 for 1 whole year! Y o u’ll save $ 1 3 2 .4 0 o n the yearly subscription!
With that said,

It’s now time for you to watch this little video I made, where I show you exactly how your report
should be structured!

PLEASE NOTE: If I’m to make a video on report creation, I might as well show you the way to do it
for reports you want to sell OR giveaway. It’s pretty much the same structure either way!

But considering you are at the early stage of your funnel, making a free report is what you need to
focus on right now, in order to capture leads and provide branded content to get people to know
you, like you and trust you as a leader of your niche!
You’ll notice I use this same exact model for

“Scalable Profits Revolution”

That’s Right, I Practice What I Preach! – LOL!
MODULE #2: Creating Your Funnel

With today’s technology, you can make amazing looking web pages simply by “pointing and clicking”!
Also, these web page editors have “Built-In” templates that are already “done for you”.

The web page editor I use myself is OPTIMIZEPRESS. Up until now, it’s the only one I know that
doesn’t have any bugs at all. It’s the “Lamborghini”
of web page editors, and for serious people, it’s not a big investment
knowing it will last a lifetime, for 3 different websites!

If you cannot afford a web page editor at this time, don’t let it stop you!

Simply make basic HTML pages with this free editor for now:

If you don’t know how to set-up your server or upload your funnel to your server, you can contact
my web guy and he’ll be able to assist you for a very good price! – But you have to tell him I
referred you for the discount.
a) Overview
b) Creating Your Squeeze Page & Exit Page
– The less content you add on your squeeze page, the more people will opt-in.
– The only content that should be on this page is a Headline and a
“Call-To-Action” to OPT-IN!
– Don’t add images.
– Make sure that people don’t have to scroll down your page to enter
their e-mail.
– Make sure you add an “EXIT” page to your main squeeze page.
Before Getting Into The “Thank-You” page…

Here’s a “HACK” that ALL experimented marketers use and you’ll need it to “Automate” many tasks
starting from this point!
We Use A…

c) Click Management Software

A “C lick Management Software” has many benefits!
Just to name a few, it allows you to:

– Filter clicks by country.
– Redirect traffic.
– Sell traffic from your e-mail list. 
– Trade traffic with other marketers to grow your list through free click returns.
– Split test squeeze pages and offers.
– Converts raw clicks into unique clicks when done properly.
– Monitor Opt-in rates.
– Monitor SALES.
– BOT Protection.
– Detailed stats reports.
– You never have to go back in your web pages to change links… You do it from your “Click
Management Software”.

Do you now realize how valuable it is to use a “Click Management Software” and WHY this is the
“MONEY-MAKER” for any AUTOMATED business?

It’s safe to say that your “Click Management Software” is just as important as your auto-responder
or web page editor!

The “Click Management Software” I use is Quality Click Control (QCC) It has all the benefits
mentioned above and is TOTALLY RELIABLE!
What I like about it also is that it’s free to start and prices scale up as
your list grows. It’s really low-cost and I love that too. 

There are other “Click Management Software” out-there but I ONLY recommend stuff I use myself, to
be sure I recommend only the BEST products around!


Once you login to your “Click Management Software”, it takes 10
seconds to create each rotator…
Here are the most common ROTATORS WE USE:

– “Pay-Per-Lead” Rotator
– “Affiliate Offers” Rotator
– “Click Banking” Rotator
– “Funnel Click” Rotator (To Sell Funnel Clicks)
– “Solo Ad Rotator” (To Sell Solo Clicks)
– “BONUS” Rotator
– Optional but lucrative… “Blog Articles” Rotator: Each time I make a blog article, I also include
the page link of my article in this rotator. This is where I end-up redirecting the NON-Tier 1
Clicks that have seen ALL my offers and I make EXTRA CASH through my Adsense blocks. Adsense
doesn’t discriminate on country locations and they will pay you for each click, no matter where the
visitor comes from. It’s a great way to “SKIM TRAFFIC” with your NON-
Tier 1 traffic and your “REPEAT” NON-TIER 1 CLICKERS.

… I suggest that you create your rotators before moving-on to the
“T hank-Y o u” page s o that yo u have acc e ss to yo ur R OT AT OR LINKS for
what’s abo ut to co me . Y o u do n’t ne e d to add par tne rs, cl ie nts o r o ffe rs in
those rotators for no w… Just make th e ro tato rs to get access to the links of your rotators!
d) Now, Let’s Build Your “Thank-You” Page
Important When building Your “Thank-You” Page

– Fo r this to wo rk, y o ur “Tha nk -You” page s ho uld ho ld a
“RED IRECT ION ” sc ript where you will add a ROTATOR LINK of your choice. As you will learn
through this PDF, I’ll be suggesting that you use your “Funnel Clicks” or “Click Banking” rotator
for the “Thank- You” page.
– Using a redirection script will allow you to display a web page thanking your subscribers to
subscribe… before “redirecting” them to your ROTATOR link.
– This “R e dire ctio n” method allows you to FORCE 1 click for each new subscriber that
opts-in your e-mail list to other ROTATORS.

Here Is T he html “ RED IRECT” script To Add IN Your “T h ank -You”

<META http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0.1;URL=ADD ROTATOR LINK HERE”>

*** Alternative: You can avoid the page redirection instructions
above by adding 3 to 6 BONUS LINKS DIRECTLY on your “thank-you” page, that leads to your “Funnel
Clicks Rotator” or to your “Click Banking Rotator” as shown below…

Please note: As op po sed to the “R ed irec tio n” met ho d explai ne d
above, this one DOES NOT FORCE any clicks at all, but can give you more than a 1:1 click-through
– The most important thing when writing your text on your “Thank- You” page, is that you make your
subscribers want to click! – It’s not about selling, it’s about getting them to “click”! Be
Now… here are 3 ways to use your “Thank-You” page

You can use your “Thank-You” page for “monetization”…

a) Your Own Product/PLR Product/Affiliate Offer:

For this one, use the “Thank-You” page “redirection” method and
add your “Affiliate Offers” rotator link or a DIRECT link, in your redirection script.

b) To Sell Funnel Clicks:

For the “Thank-You” page “redirection” method, add your “funnel
clicks” rotator link, in your redirection script.
For the “Thank-You” Page “Alternative” method, link your “Funnel
Click Rotator”, to your “Bonus” buttons.

P.S. For Product Creators, I suggest this little “Hack” below…

Please note that if you use this alternative, you will be producing less funnel clicks but with a
good sales copy, you could be pulling nice sales from all your fresh incoming traffic AND sell
funnel clicks at the same time.
… Or you can use your “Thank-You” page to GROW your list:

c) By “Banking Clicks”

For the “Thank-You” page “redirection” method, add your “Click
Banking” rotator link, in your redirection script.
For the “Thank-You” Page “Alternative” method, link your “Click
Banking”, to your “Bonus” buttons.
If you don’t know how to “Bank” Clicks and find partners, simply watch
the video below as I give a good general over-view of what “Click
Banking” is about and how to do it safely!

Please note that in the “Cl ic k B anki ng” vi deo ab ov e , I only
present ed the sid e of “Cli ck B anking ” wher e you are t he o ne

– The reason I showed you only this side of things is to avoid you to go into a “Click Banking”
It’s a fact that if you try to build your list for free through “Click Banking”, by having people
send to your FIRST, you are 100% sure to end up in a “Click Banking” debt, meaning you’ll
eventually owe too many clicks to people and you will shoot yourself in the foot!

It sucks to owe clicks to people and not be able to give them back! It’s bad for business and one’s

If no one sends clicks to you first (Or just a few), you’ll never be in a
“Click Banking” debt! That’s the smart way to work if you ask me!

With that said, nothing is stopping you from finding partners who send
clicks to you FIRST… As long as YOU SEND MORE clicks FIRST rather than RECEIVING MORE clicks FIRST.
*** However, if you ask me, I suggest that you monetize your
“Thank-You” page and make e-mai l “bro adca sts” to se nd cl ic ks to
yo ur “ Clic k B anking” part ner s as explained in this video below:
e) Now Let’s Create Your “BONUS” Page (Optional)
The “BONUS” page is OPTIONAL but BENEFICIAL! It’s another page that I
use to sell Funnel Clicks and do some “Click Banking”.

N. B. If you are u sing t he “T hank -Yo u” page ALTERNATIVE, you can skip this one an d go direc
tly to t he “downloa d page” !
– The most important thing when writing your text on your BONUS page, is that you make them want
to click! – It’s not about selling, it’s about getting them to “click”! Be Generic…

Last, But Not Least…

f) Let’s Build Your “Download” Page

The “Download” page is a simple page where people can access the free report you promised them in
exchange of their e-mail.

This page is useful to add extra links and even an extra One-Time-Offer!
In my experience, I found that using my Rotators through this page is an effective strategy as

Through your “Download” Page, Aside from the download itself, you can:

Present a “1 Time Offer”
Sell funnel clicks
Add promotional banners

… Just don’t over-crowd it!
MODULE #3: Your Auto-Responder

Why I use Aweber To Capture Leads…


Aweber has, by far, the best deliverability rate in the industry!

And let’s face it, the better the deliverability is, the more people get to receive your e-mails!

So put all your chances on your side! 
With that said…

No Matter the Auto-Responder you will be using, you will need to create:

1. A “Campaign” to create your e-mail marketing automation.
2. Add “Follow-Up” messages to get people used to open/click/buy.
3. Add an opt-in form to capture leads.
4. And “Broadcast” messages daily to your e-mail list.

Now It’s Time You Set -Up Your Auto-Responder…
You’ll come to realize that setting-up an auto-responder is REALLY Simple when you know EXACTLY
what to do!

I’ve decided to add some resources from Aweber, that will show you step- by-step how to set-up!

I did not include GetResponse videos here, in case you took my OTO #1.
In the bundle there’s a training named: “Crazy Cash Converter” where I show how to use GetResponse
efficiently… for other aspects of your business like building “Buyers Lists”!

This limits confusion later for those who took the OTO #1.
Here Are Your Aweber Videos To Help You Set-Up:
Step #1: How To Create A Campaign

Step #2: How To Create An Opt-In Form

Step #3: How To Add Follow-Up Swipes

Step #4: How To Broadcast

P.S. Make sure your “campaign” is set to “Single Opt-In”

P.P.S. In the “Alre ady Su bscribe d” option, you can add your “Click
Banking” rotator link to deflect your repeat subscribers.
MODULE #4: The Most Effective E-Mail Marketing

“Hybrid” E-Mail Marketing
There’s an easy way to “Brand” your-self… and this method is called
“Hybrid” E-Mail Marketing!
If you aren’t selling any products, “Hybrid” E-Mail Marketing is a great way to add “Rich Content”
and transition with a free offer coming from your “Click Banking” partners or “Pay-Per-Lead”
programs to grow your list for example!

Here Are 3 Effective

“Hybrid” E-Mail Marketing Methods You Can Use

a) Rich Content Method

The concept here is to provide USEFULL INFORMATIONAL CONTENT, where your audience will LEARN
something VALUABLE, instead of being sold to.

At the end of your e-mail message, you could add your link and say something like this: “Click here
for more Money Making tips and tricks”

When people click on your link, it will send them to one of your products
or affiliate offers. This method works really well when you add your link as a P.S. signature.
b) Transitional Method

This method is powerful!

You start by writing “Rich Content” , where your subscribers LEARN something VALUABLE but half way
in your swipe, you make a TRANSITION to your product or affiliate offer!

Bottom line, the first half of your swipe is to EDUCATE and the 2nd part of your swipe is to SELL
the idea that your product is what they NEED!
c) “Branding” Method

This is a great way to “Rake-In Profits” and build a list of “Followers”.

All you need to do is write a SHORT swipe, where you only give them a glimpse of a blog article you

And at the end of the e-mail message, you can add something like:

“If Y o u Want To R e ad The Complete Arti cle , Clic k He re !”
This works well because your subscribers actually get what you promised them! It doesn’t get any
more RELEVANT than that!

And let’s face it, subscribers are less annoyed when no one is pushing offers down their throat!

… But nothing stops you from ADDING A VIDEO IN YOUR ARTICLES
that includes a button that leads to a CPA OFFER! 

Let’s not forget that making blog articles and making videos will allow you to get people to “Know
you, like you and trust you”, while you RANK in Search Engines.
MODULE #5: Your “Follow-Up” E-Mails

You will need to add “Follow-Up” E-Mail Messages for the days following your subscribers opt-ins.
This will allow them to get used to OPEN-UP your
e-mail messages as they slowly get to know you, like you and trust you!

During this process, if you are selling products, your FRESH subscribers will either “ Buy from
you” or “ Don’t bu y fro m you ” !

… And please, use the “Hybrid” method as much as you can to get a
better OPEN and CLICK rate from your auto-responders!
Even though you can simply do “Click Banking” and use “Pay-Per-Lead programs” through your
“Follow-Up” e- mails… you can also present affiliate offers.

Adding 15 to 21 “Follow-Up” E-mail messages

Why 15 to 21 Days?

Because after 15 to 21 days, if a subscriber has not purchased
anything from you, chances he never will.

… And AFTER that 15 to 21 days, that’s when the IMPORTANCE of

By selling traffic from your e-mail list, you allow yourself to make money off of those
“NON-BUYERS”. Remember that EVERY click you sell from your e-mail list is worth anywhere from $0.35
to $0.65 PER CLICK!

Many marketers Make $900 Per Day Just By Selling Solo Ads From Their E-Mail List and seriously,
it’s easy to start selling traffic when your list hits 3000-5000 subscribers!
Take A Look At My Own “Hybrid” Set-Up
Day #1. “Welcome E-Mail”

Day #2. Did you grab my BONUSES yesterday?

Day #3. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #4. Educational e-mail + PLR giveaway

Day #5. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #6. Affiliate Offer #1

Day #7. Survey

Day #8. Educational e-mail + PLR giveaway

Day #9. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #10. Affiliate Offer #2

Day #11. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link) + FC Rotator Link

Day #12. Get 15 Minutes Free Consultation – Skype Call

Day #13. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #14. Affiliate Offer #3

Day #15. Last Chance To Get 15 Minutes Free Consultation – Skype Call

Day #16. Blog Article

Day #17. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #18. Affiliate Offer #4

Day #19. Educational + P.S. (CB, PPL Rotator Link Or FC Rotator Link)

Day #20. Blog Article

Day #21. Affiliate Offer #5
P.S. To find offers to promote that CONVERT, simply go in, click the “Market Place” tab and then, click the “Top
Sellers” link as shown below…

Simply look for the offers that are repeated in the 4 following

 Today | Yesterday | Past 7 Days | Past 30 days
When you spot these converting offers, add the m to y o ur “ Follow-
Up” se que nc e.

P.S. Keep a steady look-out for new offers that rank from 1-30 days, so you can keep adding
converting offers to your “Follow-Up” e- mails.

Sooner than you think, you’ll have a “follow-up” series on auto-pilot, with affiliate offers that

Just be sure to keep educating your subscribers, for free, in between offers to keep them engaged
and wanting to buy more from you.
MODULE #6: What To Promote In “Broadcast” E-Mails

“B roa dc asting” is simply a te rmi no lo gy that means “E -mailing” ALL
your subscribers in 1 shot!

Every day, you will need to prepare 1 or 2 broadcasts, where you
will need to…
a) Beginners:

– In the early stages of building your e-mail list (From 0 –
5000 Subscribers), I suggest you work on growing your e-mail list and “Broadcast” by sending clicks
to your “Click Banking” partners, “Pay Per Leads” Programs and “Funnel Clicks”. This will help you
reach a “Traffic Flow” of 5000 subscribers, allowing you to sell traffic from your list.
b) Advanced: 3000-5000 Subscribers Or More

You Can Slowly Start Selling Solo Ads:

Solo Ads is simply a term that means: Renting “ad Space” through your e- mail list. Rather than
sending an e-mail with your affiliate link, you would be e-mailing your client’s link instead, by
using your “Solo Ads Rotator” link.

If you want to go deeper on how to sell Solo Ads from your list, in OTO#1
I added “Solo Seller Formula”, a complete guide that goes in depth on how to sell Solo ads from
your list, build a Solo Seller Funnel, how to get testimonials real fast and find clients to buy
clicks from you.

If yo u have n’t grab be d OT O # 1 ye t , you may get it here

Please note that I have students that start selling traffic after
3000 subscribers and are “rocking it”! – Depends on how responsive your list is and if you are
“Constant” in your work.

MODULE #7: Buying Traffic

Buying traffic can be a pleasant experience or a nightmare! Depending where you purchase your
traffic, you need to consider a few things.

I’ve taken the liberty to make a quick video about what to look for when buying Solo Ads. The same
concept is applicable for funnel clicks purchases.
Solo Ads Resources:

Solo Ads Testimonials

Solo Ads Sales Testimonials

Funnel Clicks Testimonials

MODULE #8: Trusted Solo Ads Sellers I Know And Use:

– Fouad Boukredine
– Nicholas Lal
– Matija Balantic
– KJ Mayes
– Paul DeSousa
– Emma Scott
– Piotr Sypola
– Jaason Lee
– Sam Cheong
– Aaron Solo King
– Ivan Paredes
– Alvin Neo
– Christopher Allen
– Philip Coble
– Michel Sirois

MODULE #9: Trusted Funnel Clicks Sellers I Know And Use:

– Emma Scott
– Piotr Sypola
– Domen Deu
– Avdo Hadziavdic
– Jorge A. Delgado
– Matija Balantic
– Nino Sem
– Logan Tailor
– Franck Silvestre
– Michel Sirois
MODULE #10: Selling Traffic From Your E-Mail List

So now that you know how to make your free report to giveaway, create your own funnel, set-up your
auto-responder and monetize your funnel, get free leads, sell traffic through Funnel Clicks … it’s
now time we go over the topic of SELLING Solo Ads from YOUR E-MAIL LIST!

You can sell traffic from your list anywhere from $0.35-$0.65 PER CLICK.

Let’s say that in the early stages, you sell 200 clicks per day at
That’s an EXTRA $90 Per Day!
Those revenues are generated with traffic you ALREADY have!
That’s a GUARANTEED $0.45 “Earning-Per-Click”, right off the bat!
Now there’s 7 days in a week, so your 200 clicks per day converts into a
NET PROFIT of $630 per week, $2730 per month or if you prefer…
$32,760 per year…

Now imagine when you’ll be selling 500-1000 clicks per day from your list! NO BRAINER, RIGHT?
Selling traffic from your list is just as simple as mailing for yourself to the
exception where you use your Solo Rotator Link in your swipes instead of the usual affiliate link
you would usually place there.

If you haven’t picked-up OTO #1 yet, my e-book & video training, “Solo Seller Formula” shows you
step-by-step how to use your Rotators effectively, how to sell traffic from your list and how to
create your own Solo Seller Sales Funnel to attract clients to buy clicks from you!

This is information you don’t want to miss!

Remember that ALL my products are just as good as this one you are on right now AND my strategies
– Don’t igno re thi s f act and ge t OTO #1 right now if you ha ven’t alre ady!
MODULE #11: Where To Sell Or “Bank” Clicks

> Platform To Sell Your Clicks: Solochecker & Solo Ads X & Udimi

> Warrior Forum: Many marketers use the Warrior Forum to get Solo
Ads buyers. I personally don’t use this method at this time but it’s still a
great way to get people to come to you.

> Solo Ads & Funnel Clicks Facebook Groups: There are hundreds of these Groups on Facebook. Posting
in 30 groups per day is enough.

> To find “Click Banking” partners in Facebook Groups:

Group #1 | Group #2
MODULE #12: “Good Pay Per Leads Programs”

PPL’s are great EXTRA source of income, especially if you use them with traffic you ALREADY have in
your e-mail list!

They pay you anywhere from $0.25- $3 per opt-in you collect!

All I did was create a ROTATOR, named it PPL AND I set-UP my TIER 1 countries properly (To 100% =

So each time I want to drive raw clickers (Who have seen my other promos), I can then redirect them
to my PPL ROTATOR to make some extra cash!

Here are my top 3 Pay-Per-Leads programs:

1) Ed Newman:


2) James Jordan’s Cash Superstar


3) Kevin Fahey


4) You ca n al so w o rk with CPL ’s t hr o ugh CPA ne twor ks li ke :

I hope you enjoyed “Scalable Profits Revolution” as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

With that said, let’s “recap” just to show you how simple it is to make money online:
1. Create a “Free Report” to give away as an incentive to “Capture
Leads” (E-Mail subscribers).
2. Create A funnel & Add Your Links As shown In “Scalable Profits

– Exit page
– Squeeze page
– Thank-You page
– (Optional) BONUS page
– Download page
3. Create Your ROTATORS

– “Pay-Per-Lead” Rotator
– “Click Banking” Rotator
– “Funnel Click” Rotator
– “Solo Ad Rotator”
– “Affiliate Offers” Rotator
– “BONUS” Rotator
4. Set-Up your auto-responder:

– Campaigns
– Opt-In Forms
– Follow-Up E-mails: “Hybrid” Technique Combined With: Your own
products Or PLR products Or Affiliate Contests.
5. Buy traffic:

– 80% Solo Ads
– 20% Funnel Clicks.
6. Trade traffic: Click Banking
7. “Broadcast” daily from your auto-responder:

– To “Bank Clicks”
– To Sell Traffic
– To Sell Your Products
– To Sell PLR Products
– To Promote Affiliate Offers

8. Something I didn’t speak of yet… but very important…


It’s always good to have a back-up of your subscribers in case you get banned from your
auto-responder company.

I know people don’t like to hear this but it happens.

So if it happens to you, at least you can import your leads to another auto-responder company if
you have a back-up of your subscribers.
To conclude…
Always Remember That

This Method Is 100% Scalable…
I suggest you keep re-investing your profits until you reach at least
15,000 subscribers! T his wi ll ensure yo u what I li ke to cal l a “Money
Ne st”.

At a certain point, you’ll make enough money to be able to take profits AND use a portion of your
profits to keep buying traffic to make sure your business keeps growing more and more!

Usually, when someone hits 15 000 subscribers in their list, they can easily live from it, no
matter the country they live in!

But first, think about growth, not profits.

List building is a scalable process when it’s done the smart way!

If you have all your tools and elements in place, you can only make money!
Remember, I’m Always Here To Help!


If you have questions about the video training, please don’t hesitate to
contact me anytime. I am here to help you become successful!
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Just like any other job or career, Internet Marketing requires education, training and there is not
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Sure, I can lay-down the essentials and show you the “big picture”, but the human mind is
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I understand that it can be overwhelming when you start your own internet marketing business and
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