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Table Of Contents
The Offer
The Offer Setup
Review Landing Page
Traffic Sources
FREE Traffic Source #1
FREE Traffic Source #2
Paid Traffic Source #1
Paid Traffic Source #2
Paid Traffic Source #3
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Thanks for picking up Simple Profit System. If this is your
first time getting a product from me then Welcome. If you
are returning Welcome back.
I like to get right into the action, and not spend too much
time on myself.
But if you have to know, here is the quick version.
Started online in 1997 and have been full time making
money from the internet. I have a family to support over
those years and it wasn’t always easy.
I had to try, and try, and try, a lot of stuff to see what
works. And now I am hear to give you all I know.
These are the same strategies I used today, and have
perfected over the years.
See, now that was short, right?
Ok let’s get right into the action. But I want to just talk
with you for a second. Again really quick because it’s
Free CPA Training
I will show you a few offers that you can promote from
“one” CPA network. I’m not in control of these networks
so I can’t guarantee you will be accepted. So if you’re not
accepted to the network I use, don’t get frustrated. Some
networks like you, some don’t. Just don’t take it
But the Good News…
… is there are close to 300 good networks that you can
apply. And I will guarantee one of those will be a match
for you.
And also the Great News…
There are over 41,000 offers you can chose from and
make money off.
The Offer
If you have picked up any of my others trainings you know
I want you to stick to 4 of the top niches for maximum
Free CPA Training
Dating is one of the top 4 niches that has the most buyers
and that means you can make the most money.
I’m going to show you 3 different offers that I put onto a
review site. I have found that when people are presented
with different choices they are more likely to chose “one”,
instead of nothing.
This means that if 3 offers are on a page, they will get
clicked on at a higher percentage than if you have one
leadpage with only one offer.
You give options, A, B, or C. Give the visitor options.
Dating is crazy huge and there are so many sub niches
that it’s almost scary the amount of money you can make.
Christian Singles, Singles over 50, Senior Dating, Dating
for Golfers, Fitness Dating, Hookups, Flirt Buddies, Black
People Dating, Asian Dating,
Etc, Etc….
You get the point. The sub niches are huge.
And, And…
Free CPA Training
The Traffic to dating sites is Huge. There are way more
people looking for dating online then there is marketers
like you and I who can supply that demand.
The offer I use are from the CPA network, CPA
Prosperity. They have some really niche offers.
Visit CPA Prosperity Here
If you can’t get accepted into CPAprosperity then you will
have to search for another Network.
Let’s find some dating offers
Go to offervault
Click on Advanced Search
Choose Dating, United States, Lead, and max $10
Free CPA Training
26 Offers come up. These are the offers to choose from.
Under $10 are easier to convert because they are always
free for the user to signup. But you still get paid for the
Choose a Network, apply, and then start collecting urls to
add to your landing page.
Free CPA Training
The Offer Setup
I’m going to show you the setup using CPAProsperity and
there offers. If you have another CPA network just apply
what I am going to show you using similar dating offers
that are in your network.
Search and find these 3 offers
(2004) Flirtbuddies DOI
(2655) Desktop
(2220) IHeartBreaker DOI
When you find the offers click on the link. A window will
open up and ask you the traffic source. From the drop
down click on PPC
Free CPA Training
Next you will have to wait for your account manager to
approve the offers. It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to your
account manager and let them know you need to get
these offers approved.
Once the offer is approved click on the link and get the
links to add to your landing page.
Click on creatives, then copy the link inside.
Free CPA Training
You should have 3 links from 3 different offers. Also if
you can find the link that leads directly to the join page.
Your conversion will increase if you can go straight to the
join page.
Review Landing Page
Now I want to show you the landing page I use and how
you can setup your own. If you are not able to setup your
own landing page, here are 2 sites that you can get
programmers to build a site for you.
Free CPA Training
Upwork will give you some great programmers to help
build you a review site.
Here is how you want your review site to look like. And I
will explain everything on here.
Free CPA Training
*** Do you want this exact same landing page so you
don’t have to hire a programmer to make it for you?
Click here and you will be able to download the exact
page, plus the 5 articles.
Free CPA Training
The next chapter I will talk about driving traffic to this
review site. But first let me break down each section.
I have a section for articles. This is the part the search
engines love. Plus this helps when buying advertising
space on Google and Facebook. It shows that you have
real content.
You can get programmers from upwork to create some
unique content to put on your review site.
*** How would you like a package of over 200 PLR dating
articles to add to your review site?
Click here to get ready to go articles that will give your
review site some fresh dating articles. Then you don’t
have to hire a copywriter to write them for you.
Free CPA Training
Under the articles I have “Dating Sites’. These links will
rotate between the 3 different offers.
The top banner is 468X68 size and can also rotate
between the 2 different offers.
The main section is the most important. What this does is
give the visitor a choice between the 3 different offers.
When people have a choice they are more likely to take
Free CPA Training
These are just the 3 dating offers I use and they work
great. You can pick them or use any, but the important
thing is to have choices.
Free CPA Training
People love review sites because they feel like someone
else has put in all the work for them. So they can just click
on the offers and take action. Then you get paid.
If you don’t want to create this landing page yourself, or
hire out a programmer. You can click here to get this
exact same landing page ready to go.
Traffic Sources
Driving massive amounts of quality traffic to your landing
is really the easy part. The hard part is converting the
traffic into leads so you get paid. But I have already laid
out a winning landing page that converts.
So now all we have to do is talk about traffic sources.
You only have 2 options when it comes to traffic. Buy
traffic, (easy and fast way) and Free Traffic (slow and hard
Either way works. It’s just up to you if you have the
patience or time to work on free traffic.
But I will talk about both. Let’s talk free traffic first.
Free CPA Training
With dating sites you have a few options, but first I want to
show you a stat on one of the CPA offers you will be
This is who is going to the website
You should notice that 95% of the traffic is Men. So when
you are working on free traffic sources, and paid, you
need to be targeting MEN. I’m a man, and I have no
problem doing what is takes to attract Men to an offer. I
want to get paid and so should you. And my wife does not
care how I attract Men to an offer also.
Ok, now that I got that off my chest. 🙂
Free CPA Training
FREE Traffic Source #1
First option for free traffic. Set Up an instagram account
as a female. Female picture and female name.
Remember you trying to attract men and using Free
If you don’t like these methods then just pay for the traffic.
Once you have your instagram account setup put your
landing page link inside your Bio. Now go out and ONLY
follow men. Once you start following men, try and follow
about 300 new users per day.
Everyday you can post photos of hot girls. NO NUDE,
just pretty girls. You can even call your instagram
username something like, “hotcaliforniagirls”
“beachbikinigirls”. Anything to attract MEN. Why
because men are the target audience.
You could build up a pretty big follower base if you are
posting everyday and following new MEN.
Free CPA Training
I know you may be asking how do I get photos of hot girls.
Go to google image and search.
FREE Traffic Source #2
Ok so using an instagram account with a female photo is
not your thing. Well then become an expert in the dating
Go to youtube and post a video each day, you talking into
the camera. Give tips, and strategies on how men can
find dates online.
Inside the description of your video put the link to your
landing page. Create one video every day until you have
a massive flood of traffic.
Are you thinking to yourself “1 new video a day what? that
is crazy” Well to get a flood of free traffic you have to put
out a massive amount of content.
Instagram and Youtube are the 2 biggest places to get
free traffic. I wouldn’t waste my time with facebook.
Facebook has closed down the free traffic sources and
squeezing everyone into a pay model.
Free CPA Training
Paid Traffic Source #1
If you want to get to the people who are actively looking
for dating related stuff online the #1 place is to find them
on search engines. Search engines like Google and
Bing are the sources people all over the world a going to,
to find stuff.
So naturally you can put a small “advertisement” next to
the search with your offer. And since your review landing
page has articles, well the search engines love websites
with content.
I feel that Google is way overpriced, so next will be Bing.
You can sign up for a FREE bing account here
Once you are inside the bing admin area it’s time to pick
some keywords and place your ad.
I could spend the next 5 pages going through in detail on
how to setup a bing campaign. But the best way to learn,
is just get in and set up a new campaign.
Free CPA Training
Send your traffic to your review landing page, and make
sure the keywords are dating related.
Keep trying new combination of things until you find a
When you find the right Title, Description, and Keywords
all of it will come together and give you a nice return on
your investment.
Paid Traffic Source #2
My next favorite traffic source is going to be Facebook
Ads. Now you might be thinking that I just said NO to
Facebook. Yes I did, but that was to try and generate
Free traffic.
Paid traffic on Facebook for Dating offers is the Money!!
Facebook is the only advertising platform that lets you
target specific groups, like MEN!
Free CPA Training
When you setup a campaign inside facebook. Start with
MEN only, duh, I know. Next you can segment out 3040
year old men. Or 4050
year old men who only live in the
state of California.
Use the News Feed ads and not the sidebar ads. News
feed ads work better.
Choose Desktop only, No Mobile, unless your landing
page is Mobile ready. And use the photos that Facebook
has in their stock image library. A good looking female
could work great in the ad.
Same rules apply here. Keep trying new things until you
get the right combination to work. Once it works then just
increase your ad spend.
Paid Traffic Source #3
My third best and could be #1 paid traffic source will be
This advertising platform really rocks it. You can target
specific website to place banners on.
Free CPA Training
Here is an example of a website you could put your dating
banner on.
25 million impression available. That is a huge amount of
people to get your offer in front of.
This website is so simple. Pick the banner size and
placement. Upload your banner with link and you’re good
to go.
Free CPA Training
This is all you need to be up and running and have a
profitable CPA campaign.
Find dating offers that convert. Usually under $10 is the
sweet spot. Those offers are always free to the end user,
but you get paid for the lead.
Set Up a review website to give your traffic some options.
With options people are more likely to click and take
Add some articles to your review site then start sending
quality traffic. The search engines will love your site for
the fresh content you provide. The advertising website
will also love your review site because it gives value to the
end user.
If you need a programmer to help with this setup then use
upwork or fiverr . Both have some really good people who
can help you out.
So take action on what you learned. Keep trying stuff until
you get the sweet spot of becoming profitable.
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To Your Future Success
Tyler Pratt
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