YouTube Ultimate

YouTube Ultimate

Table of Contents
Obligatory Earnings Disclaimer
Table of Contents
Making Money on YouTube the Smart Way
YouTube Marketing Is Different From Traditional Search Engine Marketing
Not Every Type of Content is Suitable for YouTube
YouTube Videos Must Contain Quality Original Content
The Method
How to Monetize the Videos
Promoting Affiliate Offers
Displaying Ads With AdSense.
Choosing the Correct Monetization Method
What You Need.
YouTube Account
And… That’s It!
Step-by-Step Method
Picking a Topic and Finding Relevant Quotes .
Finding Images
Finding Music
Creating the Quote Pictures
Creating the Video
Uploading the Video to YouTube
How long does it take to create a quotes video? .
How many videos can I upload per day?

Can I lose my YouTube account?
I live in X, can I use this method?
Appendix A: YouTube Monetization Issues
Appendix B: You Don’t Have an Adsense Account

First off, let me thank you for purchasing this e-book and wish you great success on
your path to building a profitable online business based on YouTube marketing.
Making money on YouTube can be challenging, especially if you have zero experience
on the online video streaming platform, but, when done right, it can be extremely
If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, feel free to reach me at
Making Money on YouTube the
Smart Way
In this chapter, I will guide you through the treacherous waters of YouTube marketing
and introduce the basic concepts of my method.
YouTube Marketing Is Different From Traditional Search Engine Marketing
In the past, many Internet marketers tried their luck at YouTube and failed miserably
– I know because I was one of them. The reason many IM enthusiasts fail at YouTube is
because they apply the same methods to the online video streaming platform than
they do to regular Google search results.
By doing so, they forget to take one crucial thing into consideration: the user’s intent.
Let me take an example. A couple of years ago, I started playing around with YouTube
and decided to start uploading my own videos. For my first upload, I settled on
promoting an affiliate offer from a Web hosting company. I wrote a script, hired a
couple of actors and even shot and edited the video using professional equipment. I
named the video “You won’t believe that amazing 90% discount at XXX Web Hosting!”
and waited for the visitors to flock to my new video and click on the affiliate link I
had pasted in the description box.
The results of that experiment? 528 views in 12 months and about $20 in affiliate
commissions for a video that had cost me at least ten times that to make.
And I am not alone here: many Internet marketers – even very successful ones – have
failed miserably when trying to promote offers on YouTube, causing them to dismiss
YouTube entirely with a casual “No one makes money on YouTube unless you’re a
As I mentioned earlier, the problem with my video was not its quality, but rather the
fact that I had not taken into consideration the average YouTube user’s intent.
Not Every Type of Content is Suitable for YouTube
When people go to Google to search for something, they do so for a multitude of
reasons, from buying something to learning about a specific topic, finding hotel
reviews or discount coupons, meeting people… The list is endless.
On the other hand, when people go to YouTube, they only do so to either get
entertained or to learn something. Any video that does not fall squarely into either
one of these two categories is doomed to fail.
Now, let’s go back to my original video. Why did it fail? Well, it failed simply because
no one ever goes to YouTube to type “web hosting discount” in the search box.
People do so on Google, not on YouTube.
At this point, you may think: “Hey, wait a minute there, Nick! When I go to Google, I
get YouTube results in my search results and they always rank high! So, even if no
one ever found my “Get the Best Mortgage in Toronto” video on YouTube, people
would still find it when they search for “best mortgage Toronto” on Google!”
Short answer: nope. Google is quite good at finding out the user’s intent based on the
keywords or phrases she entered and will only return YouTube videos on the first page
of the SERPs if it thinks the user is looking specifically for video content or for
instructional/entertainment-type content.
YouTube Videos Must Contain Quality Original Content
Over the years, many Internet marketers have come up with ways to try to “game”
YouTube by uploading quickly-made videos created with Animoto or by re-uploading
videos that have a “Creative Commons” tag. Some have even published WSOs
promoting those same methods to unsuspecting Warriors.
The fact is, YouTube users should never be underestimated. They – very quickly –
upvote content that they enjoy or click the Dislike button on videos that are poorlymade
or videos that they have already seen on other channels. In short: you can’t
“game” YouTube. Your only option if you want to make it big on YouTube is to give
the site’s users what they want: original, quality content.
Unfortunately, creating original quality content is not easy. Sure, there are YouTubers
out there who got famous and are now making millions thanks to their videos but,
let’s face it, not everyone has the personality, looks or sense of humor required to
make it big thanks to their personality alone.
Unless you have great on-screen presence and a ton of confidence to boot, your
chances of making it big on YouTube while appearing on screen or doing voice-overs is
close to nil.
Which brings me to my method.
By using the method I am about to outline, you will be able to create original, quality
content that people actually want to watch on YouTube without having to appear on
screen or in voice-overs.
The Method
Based on what we just discussed, your videos should fulfill three criteria:
– They should be original.
– They should feature entertaining or informative content that people actually
want to watch.
– They should contain quality content.
In addition, to avoid losing your account due to copyright takedowns, your videos
should only contain legal content.
Finally, to make the method scalable, your videos should be easy to produce. Ideally,
you should be able to make several videos per day with minimum hassle.
The method I am going to outline right now does fulfill those five criteria, therefore
allowing you to create hundreds of hours of popular content for YouTube.
But, what is this method about? Well, it’s about quotes.
Yes, quotes.
Rather than spending a couple of paragraphs trying to explain what a “quotes video”
is, I am going to ask you to go watch the following three videos right now. Don’t
worry, they’re less than 5 minutes long and it won’t take too much of your valuable
Quotes About Life Lessons (
Love Quotes and Sayings (
Once a Wise Man Said (
Done? Alright.
As you’ve just seen, quotes videos, typically, are slideshows of images featuring
quotes on a specific topic with music playing in the background.
By using license-free images and music along with anonymous quotes or quotes from
religious figures or famous people – which cannot be copyrighted –, you can create an
10 | P a g e
endless number of quotes videos, each targeting a specific issue or interest, from
loneliness to depression, love, friendship, school, the Bible or even, if you feel so
inclined, certain types of afflictions.
As we will see in the next section, this makes monetizing such videos really easy by
only attracting highly-targeted viewers.
In addition, quotes videos can be made quickly, using either free software or
programs that are already installed on your computer. You won’t have to spend a
dime to make them. Time-wise, it usually takes me about 30 minutes to make a full 3-
minute video, which means that you could easily make 10 videos per day, or even
How to Monetize the Videos
You can make money off quotes videos by using one of two distinct methods:
promoting affiliate offers or displaying video ads using AdSense, Google’s ad platform.
Promoting Affiliate Offers
As I mentioned in the previous section, creating quotes videos lets you attract a
highly-targeted audience.
Let’s consider, for example, a video titled “Quotes About Break-Ups.” Just by looking
at the title, I can safely guess that the audience for that particular video is going to
be mostly people who recently experienced a break-up and are looking to get over it.
In addition, because quotes videos are more popular among women than men, I know
that the audience is going to be overwhelmingly male.
In other words, I now have a captive audience of women who just broke up with their
boyfriends or fiancés. Wouldn’t that particular audience love to hear about a
downloadable guide on how to find the perfect man, or sign up for a free trial on a
cool dating site? Of course, they would love it!
For such a video, I would personally look at available offers on ClickBank or other
affiliate platforms and search for dating-related offers, especially offers targeting
women rather than men. I would then copy the affiliate link and place it in the
description box of the video, along with a few words enticing viewers to click on it.
Actually, this is exactly what I did a while back. The click-through rate to the affiliate
offer for that particular vid was over 15%, which is insane. All of that because of the
highly-targeted audience quotes videos attract.
Displaying Ads With AdSense
As an alternative to using affiliate offers, you can opt to display ads on your videos by
ticking the “Enable Monetization” check box when uploading a new video.
Please note that doing so is only possible in select countries and if you already have
an approved AdSense account. In Appendix A and Appendix B, located at the end of
this e-book, I outline how to circumvent the country limitation and how to get an
AdSense account approved fast by following a few simple steps.
Once you have enabled monetization on the video, Google will start displaying video
ads before your video or small banner ads at its bottom. You will be paid a
percentage of the ad revenue generated by those banners and video ads.
Choosing the Correct Monetization Method
Personally, I have had far better results using affiliate offers than I’ve had using
AdSense. The only downside to adding affiliate offers to videos is that finding the
right offer, signing up for it and pasting the link can be time-consuming if you’re
uploading several videos a day.
However, I personally find that the financial rewards far outweigh that little bit of
extra effort.
What I would strongly encourage you not to do, however, is to use both at the same
time. Because Google is good at what they do, they will usually present the same type
of offers in their ads than the ones you are pitching in the description box. Given the
fact that affiliate offers let you earn more money, the last thing you want is for
someone who was looking exactly for the type of offer you were promoting to click on
a Google ad instead.
My final advice: pick a method and tinker it until you achieve maximum commissions.
What You Need
Obviously, for this method, you need a computer. Because the steps outlined in the
next chapter rely on Windows Movie Maker, a free program from Microsoft, your
computer should ideally run under Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1, or Windows 10. If
your computer is running under MacOS X, Linux or older versions of Windows, you will
not be able to run Windows Movie Maker. There are, however, other free alternatives
out there for your operating system.
You don’t need an extremely fast computer to follow this method. Any computer –
laptop or desktop – released within the last five or six years should be able to output
the videos we’re going to create.
As I mentioned earlier, for this method we are going to use Windows Movie Maker. In
addition, you will need a graphics editor to create the images containing the quotes.
While you can obviously create great pictures with a paid program such as Photoshop,
you can achieve very similar results with a free program such as (not to be
confused with the dreadful Paint program built into Windows) or GIMP, which are both
available under a wide variety of operating systems.
YouTube Account
Since you are going to upload videos to YouTube, you obviously need a YouTube
account. Both brand new and aged accounts are perfectly suitable for this method. If
you already have a YouTube account, you may want to create a new channel
dedicated to your quotes videos. You can find more information about creating a
YouTube channel over here:
And… That’s It!
See? I wasn’t lying when I said you could create videos without spending a dime! 😉
Step-by-Step Method
Picking a Topic and Finding Relevant Quotes
Your first step when it comes to creating a quotes video is to find its topic, the “X” in
“Quotes About X”. Fortunately, doing so is not that hard as any topic is suitable for a
quotes video, as far as it somewhat resonates on an emotional level. For example,
“Quotes About Having a New Baby Girl” would make for an excellent quotes video,
while “Quotes About Choosing a Shower Curtain” would not.
Of course, your choice of topic may sometimes be influenced by other factors. If you
plan to reach a specific audience to your video – for example, if you plan on
promoting a specific affiliate offer – you may want to select a topic that is likely to
attract the people you’re looking for, for example by choosing “Quotes About Love
Over the Age of 60” to promote an offer for a senior citizen dating site.
Very broad topics are all probably saturated by now, so you may want to aim for
something slightly more specific. For example, while “Quotes About Depression” is
too broad, “Quotes About Teenage Depression” hits the sweet spot between being
specific enough to avoid getting buried under hundreds of similar videos and still
finding a sizeable audience.
There are several tools that can help you get ideas for new topics. First off, there is
of course YouTube itself. Look at other quotes videos and see how you could slightly
tweak their titles to create a new topic. Then there is the good old Google Keyword
Tool, which can provide you with a bunch of fresh ideas. Finally – and this is my
favorite one – you can just sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and try to list any
issue, feeling or situation you or your loved ones have experienced in the past. Once
you are down listing them, discard the ones that are unsuitable for a quotes video and
use the remaining ideas to come up with topics.
Note: If you feel so inclined, religious quotes (quotes from religious books such as the
Bible or the Quran, or quotes from famous religious figures such as Abraham or
Buddha, for example) are also extremely video-worthy. While such videos may
attract a slightly less-targeted audience than regular videos, they can still provide
you with a sizeable amount of traffic.
Once you have found a suitable topic, go to BrainyQuote, QuoteGarden or even just
Google and use those sites’ search engines to look for quotes related to the topic you
Make a list in Notepad of 15-20 quotes.

Warning: Regular quotes – as in words spoken by someone famous – cannot be
copyrighted and are therefore free to use. While film quotes are somewhat of a gray
area in terms of copyright, song lyrics are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced
without permission. In other words, stay away from lyrics.
Finding Images
While you can technically place your quotes on a black background, I personally find it
more eye-pleasing to have quotes placed against an inspiring or beautiful picture.
To avoid having to find new images for each video you make, I suggest you only
download pictures of landscapes or natural locations, such as a beach, a meadow,
etc… The reason behind choosing those types of pictures is that a landscape picture,
for example, can be used for any type of quotes video, regardless of its topic. On the
other hand, a picture of a man holding a woman’s hand is only suitable for topics that
are somewhat related to romance.
Of course, you can’t just grab any picture off the Internet, as most images are
copyrighted. Fortunately, Google Images comes with a handy feature that lets you
find pictures you can legally modify and use in your own projects.
Go to Google Images and enter a search term in the box. For example, “sunset.”
Click the Search Tools link.
15 | P a g e
Open the Usage Rights menu and select Labeled for Reuse With Modification.
All of the pictures displayed in the search results are now pictures you can legally use
in your project.
Download about 20 photos featuring varied landscapes, celestial elements or locations
and save them in a new folder on your hard drive.
– For optimum results, download photos that are, at the very least, 1024 pixels
by 728.
– Flickr, a Yahoo website, also contains a vast collection of rights-free images.
Finding Music
YouTube is an audiovisual platform. Viewers typically expect videos to come with
some sort of an audio track, and quotes videos are no exception.
You can find rights-free music by using YouTube’s new music library. This library
contains hundreds of music tracks that you can freely use in your projects.
One thing you should keep in mind before downloading a track is that the length of
the music track you download is critical as it is going to determine the time each of
your quotes is going to stay on screen. For example, if you have a video with 20
quotes and a 2-minute audio track, each quote is going to stay on screen for 6 seconds
(120 seconds divided by 20). Optimally, to allow viewers to properly read the quotes
displayed in your video, each quote should stay on screen for at least 8 to 10 seconds.
For a video containing 20 quotes, it means that your audio track should ideally be
between 2 minutes and 40 seconds (160 seconds, or 8 seconds * 20) and 3 minutes and
20 seconds (200 seconds or 10 * 20).
16 | P a g e
Now, let’s start downloading some songs.
First, head on over to YouTube’s Audio Library and make sure Free Music is selected
at the top.
Enter a keyword in the search box. In this example, I chose “Romantic.”
Click the arrow icon to preview a track and, once you have found that suits your
video, click the downward-pointing arrow icon to download it in the MP3 format.
If an icon is displayed in the Attribution column next to the track is selected, it
means you must credit the author of the song in your video’s description. Copy the
attribution text and paste it in Notepad. Don’t forget to add that text to the
description when uploading your video.
Creating the Quote Pictures
Launch your favorite graphics editor, open the images you previously saved and type
or paste the quotes onto them, one image per quote.
– Do not use Paint for this step, as it is dreadful. If you have a Creative Suite
subscription, use Photoshop. Otherwise, download either or GIMP,
two free graphics editors.
– Play around with the font, font color and the Drop Shadow effect to ensure
viewers can properly read the quote.
Once you have placed all of your quotes onto background images, proceed to the next
step where we will create the video.

Creating the Video
To create the video, we are going to use Windows Movie Maker, a program from
Microsoft that is part of the Windows Live Essentials suite. If you haven’t done so
already, download Live Essentials from Microsoft’s website and install the program.
– Windows Movie Maker is only available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. If you are
still running Windows XP, consider upgrading your operating system or using a
commercial video editing application such as Camtasia.
– Mac owners can create slideshow videos by using iMovie.
Let’s get started.
Launch Windows Movie Maker and click the Add Videos and Photos icon in the Home
Select all of the quote images you previously created to import them into your
Next, click the music note icon above Add Music and use the file browser to select
the MP3 music file you downloaded earlier.
19 | P a g e
Open the Project toolbar and click the Fit to Music icon to sync the slideshow with
the music.
Preview your video by clicking the Space key on your keyboard and, if you are happy
with the results, export the movie by opening the File menu, clicking on Save Movie
and selecting For Computer or For High-Resolution Display. Name the file and click
The For Computer setting generates a file that is roughly 40MB per minute of screen
time, while the For High-Resolution Display generates a file that is over 300MB per
minute. While the HD option may offer better quality, I personally stay away from it
as the prospect of uploading a 600MB file to YouTube is not particularly appealing.
Uploading the Video to YouTube
To upload your movie file to YouTube, go to the Upload page on the YouTube website,
click the Select Files to Upload icon and select the movie file Windows Movie Maker
just created.
While your file is uploading, enter your video’s title – which should contain the word
“Quotes” – and a description containing, if needed a link to your affiliate offer. If you
prefer to enable AdSense, open the Monetization tab and tick the check box next to
Monetize With Ads instead.
Congratulations, you just finished creating and uploading your first quotes video!
How long does it take to create a quotes video?
Personally, it takes me less than 30 minutes to create one from scratch. If I choose to
reuse content I already have, such as photos or music, it’s even less than that.
How many videos can I upload per day?
As many as you want!
Can I lose my YouTube account?
No, everything outlined in this tutorial is not only perfectly legal, it also fully
complies with YouTube’s terms of service.
I live in X, can I use this method?
Yes, you can use this method regardless of where you live!

Appendix A: YouTube
Monetization Issues
NOTE: The information in both Appendixes only apply if you plan on displaying ads on
your videos, NOT if you simply want to link to an affiliate offer.
If you live in a Western country, in Japan or in Australia (along with a few other
countries), you’re in luck because video monetization is available on your regional
YouTube website. You just need to enable it via your Video Manager.
However, if you happen to live in a country where monetization is not available, you
will see a message telling you that monetization is not available in your country if you
try to do so.
Fortunately, there is a workaround.
Go to your channel’s homepage and click on the “Edit” pencil icon that is at the
bottom-right of your channel’s cover photo. From the menu that pops up, select
“Channel settings.”
There, change your channel’s country to a Western country (France, Germany, United
Kingdom, etc…) and save your new settings.
It is important to note that this setting only affects your channel. Your Google
account, as well as your Adsense account’s country will not be modified.
You should now, however, be able to enable monetization in your Video Manager.
Appendix B: You Don’t Have an
Adsense Account
Getting an Adsense account approved can be tough. It used to be really easy until, a
few years ago, Google realized that spammers had started abusing the system. So,
now, you need to go through a rigorous application process just to get your account
Fortunately, you can do it in just one week.
One quick note, though: Unless you happen to already have a YouTube channel with
many high-quality, original videos, do not try to apply to Adsense by using your
YouTube channel.
If you already have a website with plenty of original content, you’re in luck. Go to the
Adsense homepage, submit your application and wait about an hour. After an hour, go
back to the homepage, create an ad code, place it anywhere on your website and
wait about three days for the Adsense bot to crawl your website. If the bot thinks
your website is suitable for Adsense, you will get an email telling you that your
account is officially approved.
If you don’t have a website yet, here is a quick, simple and tested method that works:
1. Sign up for a webhosting account at Hostgator. In my opinion, they’re the best
webhosting company out there (and they’re pretty cheap).
2. Order a domain name.
3. Log in to cPanel and use the QuickInstall feature to install WordPress.
4. Create 15 posts on your new blog with a minimum word count of 500.
5. Apply to Adsense with your new blog.
As a quick tip, do not create a technology or cooking-related blog, as those sites
rarely get approved by Adsense. Personally, I have found that travel-related blogs are
the easiest one to get approved with.
By the way, the 500-word blog posts do not need to be mind-blowingly good. As long
as they’re on-topic and written in decent English, you should be fine.
If you don’t like writing, you could even order those blog posts on Fiverr. Just make
sure to pick sellers who sell quality articles, not spun content.
Good luck!

If you enjoyed this method, please take the time to post a review on the Warrior
Forum to help your fellow warriors make an informed decision when it comes to
purchasing it.

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YouTube and Affiliate Marketing


A recommendation for you is that in order to get the maximum appraisal then you should check out the GRAVITY of your Niche. If you don’t have niche with millions of views then please it.
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Competitive niches…
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So basically what I am saying is that if the niche is not
HUGE…like weight loss, make money, cooking etc… then stop here
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YOU’RE SHARE EASILY! (In this case more views/clicks on your link)
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

So as I said…
WEIGHT LOSS EBOOKS AND MAKE MONEY ONLINE EBOOKS Work the absolute best for me and there is so much traffic in these Categories. Not just on YouTube but on the internet in general.
You can try and search for your own high converting niche… be my
I’m all for individuality and thinking outside of the box, but if you want to make that fast buck by doing what is proven to work
For me then just do as I say and test niches along the way as you progress.
Go to and find yourself a good diet product.
Usually I don’t tend to go with the popular CB products because they are seen all over the place. People are banner blind to these products so to speak I usually find those low key, low rising, just released CB products that no one promotes convert way better.
Now be aware, not all of them are high quality when it comes to the sales page so you still have to inspect the offer and its sales page.
Be sure to read the sales page or sales video to see if you
PERSONALLY would love to purchase this product.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Place yourself in the shoes of the visitor and see if you are persuaded to purchase the product in question.
(Massive tip: Products that have VIDEO Intro Of Product convert the ABSOLUTE BEST on YouTube traffic. Its very logic because they are redirected from 1 video to another video sales letter!!!)
*Little warning, don’t always go for the high gravity (most selling) CB products…
Most of them got awful conversion rates for some strange reason.*
Thus, when you have completed the first part, you are now closer to the victory. The next step requires your complete attention. You have selected the product niche, now come to plan for video making.
Now the ball is in your court, so prepare your video as you like.
If you are a naïve and you are not the spendthrift then I can suggest you a simple solution. On your webpage, open a new tab and go to Product’s sale page. This is an ideal case for you so you can download the video from here.
Most of the product, i.e. approximately 80% of the products have their own videos on sale page. So you would have to download the video and then you can upload at YouTube channel.
While uploading your video you should follow these uploading rules to rank higher your video in YouTube and google
Let us take an example of it. Consider a product of
Warrior plus “FB ads Booster” and now our main aim is to
Promote FB ads Booster through widely used media, “YouTube”. YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Video Uploading Rules Step By Step
1. Change the name of your video file as your product name
Or main keyword.
2. Upload your video (with a modified file name) on YouTube.
And use title comprises of both “main keyword and
Second related keyword”.
For example, if we want to promote Fb ads Booster then
Title will be like;
Fb ads Booster Review – Fb ads Booster Free download.
3. Title and Description are the key parts of your video.
So after title, switch to description that begins with your
keyword “Fb ads Booster Review ”
And place your affiliate URL with google shortens.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
4. The description of video should include a special keyword spider.
For our assumed product, let us explain the steps in an easy way.
Here is the keyword spider for any product you can use in
YouTube videos
FB Ads Booster, FB Ads Booster EBook, FB Ads Booster Bonus,
FB Ads Booster Review, reviews on FB Ads Booster, FB Ads
Booster reviews,
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The FB Ads Booster review, the FB Ads Booster reviews, FB Ads
Booster bad reviews, FB Ads Booster reviews, FB Ads Booster reviews negative,
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Search Terms: FB Ads Booster
FB Ads Booster EBook FB Ads Booster bonus FB Ads Booster video
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Customer reviews on the FB Ads Booster
Honest FB Ads Booster review
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What is the FB Ads Booster Reviews?
FB Ads Booster pdf
FB Ads Booster program
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FB Ads Booster review
FB Ads Booster system
Reviews of FB Ads Booster
FB Ads Booster reviews
FB Ads Booster book
FB Ads Booster download
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

You would be a bit shocked by looking at such a stack of keywords
And their corresponding names, but it is a fact that they work like magic words. The only task that you are supposed to do is to change the name of the product in keyword spider.
5. Now use any five of the keywords in your video as tags. No need to pile up your video with a bundle of tags. Five to Eight will be appropriate.
6. Now come the thumbnail. You can use any one of your own
Choice but it looks better if you opt the custom thumbnail.
7. Make the video unlisted.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
The annotations are quite important for your video. So they can be added by clicking on the video manager and then on tab of annotations. Subtitles also add a grace to your video so never forget to add your subtitles. It will create a comfort for people from different countries that they could Understand the context of your video. Subtitles can be added from Video Manager Tab. You can either write these subtitles or you can ask someone to do this job. 9. To allow everyone to access your video, make your video public.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Now index your video in google by adding your video url at google webmaster tool.
It will add the URL of your video in google.
You will notice that your video will get a good ranking just because of the procedure that you have followed in the above steps. Your video will get good ranking within a couple of minutes.
So, the crux of the matter is that you can easily download a video
and then later on you can upload it by altering a few things. If you take fifteen minutes for a single video, then you can utilize your time for more videos and they would be highly ranked.
No need to stop uploading videos even if you have worked really hard. Keep on uploading them till you start earning 100$ or even more amount a day. This should be the minimum goal set by you.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
•Find a hot niche product.
•Download its own video from product home page.
•Upload it on YouTube and use keywords in your title use keyword spider in your video descriptions.
•Short your off URL with google or bitly and use in your video descriptions.
•Use main keywords as your video tags 3 to 5 tags are enough
•Make your video unlisted.
•Now go to video manager and add subtitles and annotations.
•Now make your video public and add your video URL in google webmaster and done. (Y)
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
YouTube and Pay per Install
Here comes the second method of earning via YouTube which I have been Using since last few years and to be honest with you, I have earned big $$$$ with i
WHAT is pay per install?
Pay per Install is another branch of CPA offers, which converts or you get paid when you get the user to install your offer software/app on his/her computer, Laptop or mobile phone.
You might be thinking how you can make someone to install a software on his/her computer, well you don’t need an Aladdin Jennie for that purpose, After reading this EBook, your mindset will surely change. It’s as easy as making a cup of tea.
So here comes the easy part, where I guide you step by step on how you can ? YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Do wonders with pay per install offers and earn unlimited dollars.
You might have seen sometime when you download a free software from a website, a toolbar starts to appear on your browser and you start thinking how the heck this happened.
Continuing the discussion, sometimes you open your browser and you are Surprise to see your default search engine changed.
Did you ever see your browse showing ads at places where there were?
No ads earlier?
Yup, you thought it right, this is the magic of Pay per Install.
This magical mechanism is called the adware, which shows adds in your search engines and browsers, most people confused it with malware, Well it’s not, because malware is virus and that’s what we will never promote.
The next big thing is, where to get these pay per install offers and what techniques we can use to promote them, well this problem is resolved as you would most probably be going to become one of my followers so why not I share my secret with you guys. I have been working with many Pay per Install networks but few of them are really good for beginners and also pay quite well, these goldmine Networks are:
In case you are thinking that I don’t know about any other networks, Well I do and would ask you to find other networks as well using but initially I would recommend that you start with these.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
How to Earn Money with Pay per Install Method?
Here is my secret method, for this example I will be using Media Kings as my Pay per Install Network, so first sign up with network and then when you login in to your account you will get to see a link section.
after clicking on links section you will see this page with pay per install links. YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
these are our pay per install links where we need to send traffic and when visitor will click on these link an automatic download will start ..
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

in-fact we will promote it like someone is finding a game on YouTube and we will give him our pay per install link to download the game he is finding .. when he will install it, we will get paid and i know it is not any game he was finding on YouTube but don’t worry it is also not a virus … it is just an adware (ads showing tool) which will show ads in his browser and that’s it .. no harm no risk no malware 🙂
and we can change our pay per install link with same game name which he was finding 🙂 so the chances are high that he will definitely install it 😉 Here is a tutorial about how to make your own pay per install link .
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
first select any link from these pay per install links .. Now before opening this link make a little changing in url .. change the name of your eBook, game, software or whatever name you are going to use to promote this link .. you can see {REQUEST_STRING} written in all pay per install links .. and now we have to change {REQUEST_STRING} with our desired name which we are using to promote our links .. here is an example .. real link{REQUEST_STRING}?type=video changed link{GTA-5}?type=video Most interesting part of this method is easy to use procedure, as a visitor clicks on the offer link , your link will begin downloading automatically
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

Now we know how to create our pay per install links ? Now moving to the next step.
HOW to promote these links through YouTube. ?
The basic point is to think about a product which is famous among people and they are in need of it. They want to have it at any cost. They will definitely look to download that product for free, if available.
Now you have a chance to find that kind of product.
I hope you have learnt what I am trying to convey to you.
Let us take an example of GTA V ? What is it so famous about it? You will come to know that Gamers are addict of it, they want to Have it and they struggle enough to find a link where they could have it for free.
Are you worried about finding GTA V free of cost? Seriously?
Oh please! Don’t do that. You don’t need to do that.
You should just know the product name and its corresponding
keyword that will excite every other user who will be in search of it.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Let us take another example. People have uploaded fake video regarding “hacking of fb in seconds” ? Can any software do that ? No! Certainly not. so here is what we will promote now for example “how to hack Facebook account” and now we need a video where we will show this Facebook hacking tool in action .. and we don’t need to create this video :p we will find this vide on YouTube and will upload it on our channel .. seems simple ? okay let me show you examples
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Here you can see people are using these kind of videos to promote pay per install and pay per download offers .. YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
and in these videos they show us a software can hack Facebook account in seconds 🙂
and then they recommend you to get this software download link from the descriptions of this video and that link is your
here you can see all these kind of videos have a link in description 🙂 and these link are CPA offer , pay per install offers , pay per download offers 🙂
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Whenever a visitor will visit to the offer page being developed by you, he will see the same name on your page as he was searching for.
Do you remember about what am I talking about? Yes, the same
software that you have used as a product.
Here you go, check the results that how does it look when changed. YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
The maximum chances are that the users will install it in their system and it will be fun along with crazy.
before moving to the getting traffic part let me remind you again all steps about how to create your pay per install link
1) join any good paying pay per install network. 2) now come to the YouTube and find some videos where you see a tool is used to hack any account like Facebook twitter or Gmail ..
3) now download this video and upload in your channel and follow all uploading rules (check first part of this eBook ).
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

4) now go to your pay per install website links section and create a link with the name of that tool which you are going to show in your video (facebook-hackv5.5)
5) short this URL with google or bitly or any other url shorter service you like
6) paste this link in description of your video
So Now Time To Focus on Getting Traffic TRICK 😉
For trying this method I will warn you from using your own Gmail account. It is a bit scary so make new Gmail accounts. If you are unaware of procedure, read my book, “YouTube Tricks and Tips” It will guide you in making unlimited Gmail accounts Free”
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Let us suppose that you have a plan to upload a new video regarding hacking of a yahoo account. What will be the first phrase of it? Yes, definitely, it will be “How to Hack yahoo Account” You will just google this phrase and find out a few videos related to it on YouTube too. The example related to it is given in the below link;
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

Now for better understanding you should download a number of
easily downloadable videos. The conditions of videos include:
The quality of video should be HD.
Time duration will be minimum 1:30 minutes.
Video should be free of flashing web links.
Right after downloading videos, upload them on YouTube.
You can read YouTube and Affiliate Market Section of This
EBook to follow uploading rules.
When you are finished with uploading this video, mark it as unlisted and then use this free software with that you can generate 301 views on your video in 10 seconds :p
Seems interesting? Oh yes it possible
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
getting a lot of views help us to RANK higher in YouTube INSTANT But we can’t get more than 301 views with this software 🙁 The real issue is that whenever your video gets more than 301 views quickly, it stops counting more views. The YouTube check out whether they are real or fake. Now After downloading and installing this software, you would have to add a link of your video URL in this tool. Then again click on run. Check the results. Views will increase in seconds. When views reach to 301, make your video as a public. That’s all how it works. Even you can see you can rank any keyword in seconds with this method.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Are you amazed by looking at these people who earn more than
100$ a day with this method ? YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
All videos ranked with fake views method are stopped at 301 views 🙂
But unfortunately it is a black hat method so our video will go delete with in few days ..
So we need to keep uploading and downloading videos ..
And again i warn you guys don’t try with your own Gmail account ..
Try to make few extra accounts and then apply this method and you will see your earning started with in 24 hour 🙂
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Now let us summarize the main points to make it easy for you.
1) Search a hot topic/software for which people are running behind
2) Download related videos available on YouTube.
3) Upload them on your favorite chosen channel by following the mentioned rules.
4) Mark your video unlisted and use that secret software to get
5) Make your video public after achieving the required (301) views
The method is quite beneficial as it works for all kind of crack tools, games, hack, keygen and even code generator keywords.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Why are you waiting? Just download the videos and upload on your own channel.
If you are tired up of slow procedures then there is a great solution for you. Just buy a windows RDP (remote desktop protocol). Being quick, it will speed up your every task.
Here you can buy a cheap pricing RDP for this method
Just follow the simple steps as mentioned and play with downloading and uploading videos.
I hope that it will be really useful for you.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

What Works Now

What Works Now

I test things.
I test a LOT of things.
I’m ALWAYS trying new things.
It’s a nasty little habit <grin> – but it’s a habit that has served me well over the years.
As I enter the end of another year and find myself jumping into the holiday shopping season (again!
Already!), I’m doing what I always do at this time
– I review and analyze all the crazy little tests I’ve run throughout the year to see what’s
working for me.
That way, I can take the successful and profitable ideas I’ve tested and go tweak my other web
pages with those tactics to help them convert even better through this year’s holiday season…and

I’ve tested a LOT of things this year and have accumulated a long list of things that are working
really well for me when it comes to converting my web pages to Amazon affiliate sales.
I’d like to share those tactics with you in hopes that you will find an idea (or 2 or 5 or 10) that
will help YOUR Amazon affiliate web pages convert better for YOU.
Anyone can get content online – but getting that content to convert to clicks and sales is a whole
different story, isn’t it?
That’s what this guide is for: to share what works for me – what works
NOW – to help YOUR conversions improve.

Table of Contents

1 – Text
2 -Images.
3- Buying Tips
4 Twitter
5 Embedly
6 – Speaking of Images

7 –Yellow
8 – Table ofContents
9 –Screenshots
10 – BIGImages
11 –Reviews

12 –Mobile
13 – Mobile PopOverAds
14 –Stars
15 – Keywords =Problems
Bonus Tip

Before we jump in to all this… a few disclaimers. These things should be obvious, but I’ll say
them out loud anyway.
First off, these are MY results from the tactics and tweaks I have tested. I’m not claiming to have
invented these ideas… I simply implemented the ideas to test them (ie, I took action).
The things listed in the guide have worked for ME – I make no promises that they will work for you
as well.
This guide is a simple “brain dump” of my results from this year and strategies/tools/tactics I
plan to use going forward.
The things listed in this guide are not the ONLY things that work for me – they are simply the most
prominent things I’ve tested and done that have improved my Amazon earnings.
I do not work for Amazon… I’m just an affiliate for them like you are. I can’t guarantee that
Amazon ‘approves’ of any of these strategies today…or will tomorrow.
I’ve been using the strategies outlined in this guide on all kinds of sites –
from my own WordPress sites to other free sites. I test them everywhere.
Some things I’ll be mentioning can only be done on your own WordPress- based site – but all of them
can be tweaked to fit your own situation.
My ultimate hope by sharing this guide is that everyone that reads it will have at LEAST one “Hey,
that’s a cool idea!” moment and go use that technique on their own site and see better Amazon sales
as a result.
I simply want to share my results to help us all be better, do better, and earn more.
Got all that?
Great! Let’s dig in!

1 – Text Links
I am sure you are NOT impressed with this first technique. Text links have been around since the
beginning of the internet.
But to this day, in content links work better than any other type of link,banner, widget, tool,
gizmo, plug-in, etc.

Simple little text links, like the one in the screen shot above, do VERY, VERY well for me. That’s
not new… and it’s not something I ‘tested’ this past year, but it is so worth pointing out the
obvious when it seems we are constantly being bombarded with tools and gizmos. Text links are
Text links anywhere in your content are always good – but there is one place that they do
exceptionally well for me.
I started testing this wayyyyyyyy back in my early Squidoo days (for those that remember Squidoo).
We had what was called an ‘intro module’ where we’d add a picture and type our opening paragraph
for our web page.
It’s such a simple thing, but WOW, what a difference it makes. After your first few sentences of a
web page, do this:
Simple, right? Write a little, and then link them out.
I thought that this tactic would stop being so effective over the years, but it sure has NOT.
If anything, it’s gotten better.
I truly think that’s because the internet users of this world (like myself)
have gotten painfully impatient – they want something to click ASAP.
If you have a web page that is getting decent traffic, but just doesn’t convert to clicks and sales
as well as you would like, try this.
You just might like it =)
2 – Images
Wow, this one drives me crazy – both as a marketer AND as a consumer. You see an image on a page,
it appears to be clickable…you click it and…. it links to the image file.
WHY do that? I either don’t make it clickable at ALL – or best yet, it links to Amazon.
We are getting more and more mobile traffic – images are big, people want to click them – make
those clicks work for you.
No, this isn’t a news flash, but I see it SO often that I have to add this to this years guide.
Speaking of images….here’s a neat tactic I’ve tested that works really well…

3- Buying Tips
Make an image that lists out a couple buying tips for whatever you’re promoting. Then make some
sort of call to action at the bottom of the image that looks like a text link.
Here’s an example:

I tripped over this idea. I had some powerpoint slides I made for a slideshare test and needed an
image for a blog post – so I used the one above.
It works extremely well.
Note for Reverse Attack Marketing members: Think of all the sites we use that pull images from a
web page. These type of images get clicked a LOT.
Don’t skip this idea because you think it’s too hard to implement. It’s not! I have horrible
graphic skills and I still managed to make
something that was useful, helpful, and clickable for my readers.
This tactic is one that I WILL be adding to my web pages to amp up my sales this year and will be
using on many web pages I create it the future.
I was a bit shocked at how WELL it worked when reviewing my stats – who- da-thunk it?
4 – Twitter

I’ve talked about this before in some bonus training of mine, but it really is worth repeating.
Twitter is good for lots of things. Sure, you can get out there and build a following and be
‘social’ and all that good stuff…but that’s not how I use it when it comes to my Amazon stuff.
I really could care less if anyone follows me…lol!
I like Twitter because…. it’s so easy and so effective to embed tweets.
You simply tweet an Amazon product, add a sentence, publish it, then click on the date of your
Then you can click on the little dots at the bottom and grab the embed code.

Take that embed code Twitter gives you, and pop it into your web page.

It’s really a beautiful and effective way to monetize your web page without it LOOKING and FEELING
When the tweet is embedded on your web page, it’s clickable…and it’s all your Amazon affiliate
link =)
Try it out some time.

5 – Embedly
I’m one of those that gets annoyed playing with code, that’s why I love this little tool I’m about
to tell you about.
With this tool/plugin on your WordPress site, you don’t have to mess with all that embed code and
You just put the url of the tweet (or any web page) into your edit/create post screen and the
embedly plugin automagically turns it into a pretty preview link (or full embed – depending on the
web property).
For example, for my tweet, I’d just put the url of that tweet, and since I
have the embedly plugin installed on my site, it automatically embeds the
tweet for me.
You can test out how it works here: (that tool will give you embed code for
virtually ANY web page).
If you want embedly to work on your site, get this plugin:


btw, embedly makes really nice embedded Amazon links too =)
note: ALWAYS check to make sure your affiliate tag “stuck” in the url –
sometimes they disappear.

6 – Speaking of Images
Images are more important now that EVER for your web content.
You may have already heard of a free image design tool called Canva? (if not, check it out – it’s
pretty awesome and makes it so easy to create good-looking images).
But did you know that Canva has a free wordpress plugin?

Once installed and activated, you will see a button like this whenever you are creating a new page
or post:

Just click that, design your image, and then click ‘publish’ and canva will save your image to your
site and put it in your post.
Here’s a really fast example I made to show you (really rough but should give you the overall

I can mess around with the image size and alignment, but when done, it works just great!

I bet that example post above sure makes you want to buy a blue widget, doesn’t it? Lol!
Now that’s a really, really rough (and quick) example, but since we already talked about the power
of images for Amazon affiliates, I thought it was important to show you one of the easiest ways I
know of to create them and get them in your posts very quickly (without leaving your site).
Now let me show you my next technique that works REALLY well… remember that post example above.

7 – Yellow
This is so not my own original idea. I had seen it done on a few non- Amazon affiliate type sites
so thought I’d give it a test.
Turns out, it’s very effective =)
Remember that post example about blue widgets from above? If I simply turn it into something like
this… it gets even better.

See that yellow box? Of course you do… anyone and EVERYONE that comes to that page would see that
yellow box – and the link inside it.
Now that’s a really rough and fast example. As I said, it’s not my unique invention – I just tested
it on my Amazon affiliate pages and it works really well.
I borrowed the idea and the code from Brian Dean that he shared in his post here:
It’s about 2/3 of the way down on that page… under the subtitle of:
Pro Tip: The Power of the Yellow Box
The whole article is really great, but that part made me go hmmmmmmm…. and off I went to test it.
And here is one of my reviews where I use the Yellow Box – and it works very well:

Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ Blender Review

In fact, you will see a LOT of my “conversion tactics” on that one review page.
So, let’s talk about each one.

8 – Table of Contents
When you first look at that page, you’ll see my intro paragraph and my image (which is clickable,
of course). Then you’ll see the Yellow Box…then, in this particular review, my immediate call to
action link is a bit lower.
Then, you’ll see me using a Yellow Box to let people know that all images are clickable – then, a
clickable Table of Contents that link to specific parts of the content on that page.
I can not stress enough just how AWESOME that Table of Contents is.
It’s all done automatically with a free little plugin called Table of Contents

Table of Contents Plus

It really helps with click-thrus from Google…. because it helps to make your listing in Google
search results to look like this:

See that little “jump to” link inside the Google description for my web page?
Yep, those really, really help!
Great for SEO, for ranking, for better CTR from the search engines…. and super useful and helpful
for my readers.

9 – Screenshots
I am BIG with screenshots of web pages.
I don’t copy their text content (no one wants the text of their page copied), but I do take a
‘snippet picture’ of what I’d like to share from another web page and have that image be clickable
(with my Amazon link, of course).
You’ll see lots of examples of these screenshots in
action all over that web page – like the one to the right.
Yes, people love to click those. Did YOU try and click it? =)
There are lots of free tools to make these screenshots of an area of a web page. Jing is one of
them…. I use that and I also use one called DuckLink Screen Capture.
They each have some options to edit the screenshot – add arrows, some text, etc.
10 – BIG Images
Along with my screenshot images, you’ll also notice some bigger and really nice Amazon product
These work great for clicks and sales… and for making your web page
LOOK really great as well.
I’d love to say I coded all them myself, but I most certainly did not.
For that, I use an unbelievably wonderful tool/plugin called Easy Azon.
EasyAzon allows you to search for Amazon products, get their links, AND some great images right
from inside your wp-admin dashboard while you’re writing your post.
It is not only a HUGE time saver, it is very effective for improving my CTR (clicks) and
I started testing “in the picture” links and had great results… like this:
The picture is clickable as well, but that ‘in the picture’ text link seems to really help. If I
was reading this guide, I believe I would test ‘in the picture links’ in a Yellow Box (like we
talked about earlier).
EasyAzon is one of the most important tools in my toolbox – see the demo video here.
11 – Reviews
According to the Amazon Associate Terms of Service, we affiliates are not supposed to copy/paste
customer reviews on our sites.
Amazon wants all that unique user-generated content for their web pages –
which makes sense, doesn’t it?
But – those reviews can really help convert our traffic to clicks and sales. I have tested a few
ways to get that ‘real review’ content on my web
I’ve copied a sentence or two (a short snippet) or a review with a text link that says ‘read more’
or ‘read the rest of this review’ – and that does ok.
Problem is, online consumers are now almost ‘trained’ to recognize and trust the way Amazon reviews
So based on that, I also tested something
I did on that blender review page –
a screenshot of a couple reviews, uploaded to my site, and made into a clickable image.
Like the image to the right. Works great…and people
totally click them.
Those gold stars are what consumers are looking for…
and those blue ‘read more’
links really stand out and make people want to click and read more =)

As a consumer, I like when web pages do this…. it let’s me see some reviews that help me decide
what to get or if I want that particular thing, etc etc.
And since it’s an image, there’s no issue with those crazy fears of duplicate content or anything
like that.
Now, there is yet another way to get Amazon reviews on your site and it works really great.
It’s done with a free plugin called ‘ScrapeAzon’.
It uses your Amazon advertising API credentials to go through the Amazon API and literally frame in
the product reviews on your site… AND… all the links in the reviews are your affiliate links.
These are real reviews with tons of active links. Here’s an example:

Every single link in those reviews is your affiliate link to that product page
(or to that specific review).
Once the plugin is installed and activated, all you do is add a shortcode to your web page that
looks something like this.
[scrapeazon asin=”FG78123”]

That FG78123 is the spot where you put the ASIN number of the product you are working with (I just
made that number up).
Then, on the live published version of your post, you’ll see the live Amazon reviews for that
product framed in.
You can tweak the height and width and some other things, but that’s the gist of it.
Very simple and very effective.
Only issue I’ve had with it while testing it was on mobile view of some of my sites – it did some
weird things. The plugin has been updated recently which seems to have fixed the issues I had
The ScrapeAzon plugin is here:
Speaking of mobile…

12 – Mobile
I had been noticing more and more sales come through from mobile traffic in my Amazon sales report
so I set out to take a good look at just what people were seeing on my sites when it was loaded in
a mobile/phone browser or a tablet, etc.
It was a VERY eye-opening experience!
It’s not just about having a responsive website…it’s
about what people SEE when your web page first loads…and when they scroll.
The biggest problem I saw on many of my pages was that the call to action links weren’t really
clear and friendly to someone using a cell phone or small device.
Subtle little blue text links just didn’t ‘pop’ when viewed that small.
So a big change I made was to really look at my web pages – especially those that seemed to convert
well with desktop traffic – and make a few tweaks to make the clickable stuff more obvious.
The Yellow Box sure works well for helping mobile traffic. See the image –
that’s how that blender review page looks on a mobile phone.
I am still working on and testing more ways to help my mobile traffic, but just adding a clear call
to action with a Yellow Box or a good image or a button has really helped.
Just a little tip… remember those Twitter embeds I talked about earlier? They work great and look
great in these situations.
Here’s an easy way to see how ANY web page looks on ANY kind of device.
For PC users, simply push and hold Ctrl+Shift+M all at the same time and you’ll get a screen just
like the one I showed of my blender review page above.
You can change it to all sizes of screens and browsers so you can see what
THEY see.
When you’re done, just click the little x at the top left and you’ll be back to your normal view.
That one little trick of ctrl+shift+m has really opened my eyes and helped me to be better able to
convert my mobile traffic.
I’m not a Mac user, but from what I’ve read, you push Cmd+Opt+M to see
any web page in mobile view and other screen sizes. And while we’re talking about mobile traffic…
13 – Mobile PopOver Ads
I don’t hear many Amazon affiliates talking about this pretty awesome option inside our Associates
dashboard, but I’ve been testing it, and it’s working pretty darn well.
Amazon calls them their Mobile PopOver Ads.
It’s a simple piece of code that you add to your web site and once installed, when someone is on
your web page via a mobile device only and they are scrolling past an Amazon link on your page,
something like this pops up at the bottom.

These ads only show when you are truly on a mobile device, but
they work pretty darn well. And it’s so easy… just pop a little code on your site and forget
about it.
When you’re logged in to your Associates dashboard, go to this url to get more info and your code: popover/main.html

I can’t think of any reason to NOT have that code and those mobile popover ads on all your sites –
sure doesn’t hurt anything, but it absolutely helps.
Note: you can also ad this code to Blogger/BlogSpot blogs as well
Instructions to add the code and some FAQ’s: popover/faq.html
Something I’ve noticed when testing on my own phone…. it seems that when you use those Amazon
short links, those mobile popover ads may, or may not show.
Go ahead and install the code on at least one of your sites and then pop on your phone and check
out your web pages on that site.
It’s a total attention getter when, as a consumer, you’re on a page reading about some product and
a little pop up shows telling you that thing has been found on Amazon with the current price and
sale price and review stars and count. Good stuff!
Speaking of stars…
14 – Stars!
Not too long ago, Amazon came out with what they call their Native
Shopping Ads for affiliates.
The tool to make these is inside your Amazon Associate account:

I fell in love with these ads as soon as I saw them- what a simple way to add relevant, targeted,
and up-to-date products to my web pages!
There are 3 kinds of Native Shopping Ads:
1 – Recommendation Ads: in these ads, you pick the specific products to show OR the ad code will
pick the most relevant products to show based on your page content.
2 – Search Ads – these ads show products for a search you define.
3 – Custom Ads – these ads show the specific products you pick. I’ve played with them all, but I am
big fan of the Search Ads.
Why? Because they also have an active/usable search tool included. Here’s an example of how they

The tool settings to create the ads is on the left and a preview of the ad is on the right.
VERY effective… has all that stuff that online shoppers have grown to know and trust – the Amazon
logo….the Prime logo… very clickable.
BUT…. there USED to be the stars and ratings count in the ad code when the Native Ads were first
introduced to affiliates…. now the stars are gone.
That did NOT make me happy so off I went to figure out how to get the stars back. And yep, I
figured it out =)
It’s a simple line of code you add to the Native Shopping ad code Amazon gives you.
amzn_assoc_rating = “true”;
I just add it to the bottom of the code like this:
That makes the ad go from this….
To this:

WAY better… and has that extra piece of magical social proof that consumers need…want… and
Affiliate marketing has become somewhat of a ‘fine science’ these days. Once upon a time, you could
type this is awesome, check it out! And people
would click…and buy.
Not so any more. Consumers are smarter..they don’t blindly click like they used to, they want the
info they are looking for right N-O-W – and if you give it to them, THEN they will click.
They (consumers) really do NOT want to read, but we affiliate marketers have it beat into us that
our reviews have to be long and thick and full of tons of amazing content in order to have a chance
at ranking in Google.
That’s so not true.
Listen: the longer your content, the more chance your content has of ranking for multiple longtail
phrases based on all the words on your page.
If you’re honest with yourself (as an online marketer), if you didn’t think you had to type that
much for Google, you wouldn’t do it, would you?
People don’t read..they really don’t. Think about what YOU read as a consumer of online content.
As for me, if it doesn’t grab me right away, I MIGHT scroll and scan… but usually it’s the back
And its so so SO much worse these days!
I’ll be scrolling through Facebook, see an article link that looks interesting, and bless my heart,
I click it….and it’s yet ANOTHER ad-loaded heavy useless webpage that takes forever to load.
I’ve been around this business for quite some time – you’d think I’d learn by now…lol!
Internet users these days, myself included, are impatient, and well… we’ve got a BAD case of
Technology ADD. Keeping our attention is super hard to do.
One of the best ‘tests’ I’ve run to help my Amazon earnings is a test I am constantly doing on my
own personal ‘guinea pigs’ – my family and friends.
I watch them while they search online. Click, click, scan scroll, click, scan, scroll…. on and on
and on.
It’s exhausting to watch…lol!
And it’s really hard to market to if you believe
you have to have tons of expert WORDS on a page to make sales.
People don’t want experts (in most cases – there are some exceptions) –
they want to hear from other PEOPLE – people like THEM.
That’s why Amazon reviews and those darn stars are so effective. Those stars represent what other
people like them have to say. Heck, I know all this and **I** am a victim of the stars quite often

What’s really scary is that even for medical reasons, people trust what other ‘like them’ folks
have to say.
This is kind of hard to see since I had to squish it up some, but look at the query typed into
how much ibuprofen can I take for back pain
now, look at these results:

Yahoo Answers? For medication advice?!?! Ack! Makes my ‘Mom Brain’ shiver…ugh!
Sadly, that’s what people trust.

It’s also what they want – a quick answer from a ‘real person’.
A quick answer/solution to their problem from someone else who had that same problem.
That’s all Google searches are… people looking for solutions.
That brings me to my final – and best tip – for making more sales.

15 – Keywords = Problems
When I first started online, it was all about having an exact keyword phrase on your page and you
could rank for that phrase.
You’d rank, people would come… see a link, click it…and a good bit of them would buy.
I’d simply make a web page about the Best Blue Widgets… link to the “best” blue widgets… they’d
click, the sales page would tell them what problem that widget would solve for them, and it was
another sale.
In essence, our web pages were the ‘social proof’ back then – Amazon changed all that.
The review section on an Amazon product page is POWERFUL stuff.
Not very long ago, we could just link to an Amazon product page and that’s all we needed to do –
Amazon would do the rest to convert them to at least one sale.
For the most part, for medium to low-ticket items, it still works that way… unless people aren’t
sure which product solves THEIR problem.
If they knew which product was ‘the one’ – they’d just go straight to
Amazon, right?
Seems everyone knows Amazon. Seems everyone trusts Amazon. I sure do – I am a Prime-aholic….lol!
But what do I do – what do YOU do – when we need a ‘something’ to be a solution to our problem?
Here’s an example:
Recently, one of my cats was diagnosed as being diabetic. Not to be crude but diabetic cats pee – a
I needed a new GOOD cat litter box for her.
So off I go… straight to Amazon (like many folks do these days) and type in:
best cat litter box
and I get this:
Holy Reviews, Batman!
5,837 reviews on the first “best” one…. next has 2,434 and then the next has 1,352 reviews?!!??!

I don’t have time to read all those reviews!
So, I refined my search to: best litter box for diabetic cat
and get this:

ONE litter box returned as a result… and it’s not even a helpful product. (it’s a special litter
box that allows you to collect the urine from your cat to test for Ketones. While that’s helpful,
it’s NOT what I’m looking for).
So there I am, stuck back with those original Amazon search results with thousands and thousands
and THOUSANDS of reviews.
Now, keep in mind that I’m a normal internet user and I have Technology
ADD… so what do I do next?
READ all those reviews? Oh heck no! I go to….. GOOGLE.
That, my friend, is where we affiliate marketers fit in.
Specific product solutions to their problems.
As a consumer, I was already presented with thousands and thousands of
reviews – I want an ANSWER.

And my answer is a product.
If I Google’d what I needed, and found YOUR web page… you’d make a sale =)
So, as the affiliate in this example, let’s talk about how you’d make your web page on the Best Cat
Litter Boxes.
The only real “keyword” you need is just what your title is: Best Cat Litter
But in your content, you need the problem phrases so you can offer the solution.
READ through some of the reviews. Look at the words real people use when reviewing the product.
Their apartment doesn’t stink like a litter box anymore. Trust me, that’s a big solution for many
cat parents out there =)
You should have that in your content – something like, “…those that live in small spaces, like an
apartment, will love the odor control from this litter box. No one even knows we have cats!”
The reader who is looking for the ‘best litter box for an apartment’ will read that on your page…
click through to your product solution… probably scroll a few other reviews and see that others
have said the SAME THING about that litter box…and it’s click – Add To Cart =)
And would ya look at this… people are really LOOKING for a solution to that problem:
Seems people have many litter box ‘problems’ and are looking all over
Google for a solution:

Starting to see what I’m trying to say?
You don’t need a keyword tool for this part. Just head to Google and start typing.
Just fill in the blank with your ‘thing’ best for
best that doesn’t best that has
best with best without which

Just keeping doing searches like that making a list of the problem words.
And look at that, others are searching for a litter box for their diabetic cat, too =)
If you really want to use a keyword tool to make this faster, here is a great free one:
It gives you all the Google suggest phrases very quickly.

It also gives you search volume, but do NOT get hung up on search volume.
It’s the biggest myth in our business these days – don’t even get me started on all!
Yes, some phrases are searched for more than others, but do not focus on supposed search volume. My
best results have come from ‘problem phrases’ that show NO search volume.
But regardless of search volume, the tool is very handy:
Now, you keep a little list of those problem words. Multiple cats
odor control for kittens large cats
for apartments disabled cats diabetic cats etc etc etc
Remember the Table of Contents plugin I told you about in section 8?
Yep, that’s where this comes into play =)

Starting to see how it all comes together now?
Everybody and anybody can do, and IS doing, “review” sites, but here’s the thing that I realized –
there are MILLIONS of reviews already on Amazon.
If someone has a problem and they don’t KNOW which product solves their problem, then those
thousands of reviews on each Amazon product page are overwhelming.
So they go to Google… they want a quick answer to point them in the right direction on Amazon.
Enter: YOU.
Your one thick web page has quick links to all kinds of problems litter box buyers have with
product solutions for each problem.
And because you used a table of contents plugin (or html coding), you get nifty little ‘jump to’
links in your Google description that address the searchers SPECIFIC problem or question.
For example, I’m thinking of buying a Nutri Ninja blender and not quite sure I want to spend all
that money on one. I COULD read ALL the reviews, but…

Yikes, over 1600 reviews to read? Uh, no thank you!
So, I’ll just go to Google because I trust Google to give me the best answers.
(People really, truly believe Google only gives the best answers at all times. The thought that web
page owners could manipulate their way to the top never crosses their mind).
So… off to Google I go and I ask Google:

I look at the Google results, and would you look at that? That 3rd result has a link right to the
answer to my question – I should click that! And I end
up here on that web page:

Well that helps… so I scroll a little more on that page, read little snippets of more info on
that page that truly helps me… click their link… and go buy me a new blender =)

See how that works?
And the beautiful part is… you don’t have write some 1,000 word masterpiece on ‘The Best Cat
Litter Boxes”.
You break it down into problem words…then write a few sentences under each subtopic/problem …
then link them out.
Yes, you will have to do a little research FOR them in order to write these kinds of articles, but
that’s what you SHOULD have to do in order to earn the sale.
Be USEFUL – save them time. It pays off big time =)

Now, that’s one way to do this with a single page of content (ie, one article that has answers to
multiple problems).
You can also do this in a “mini site” type of concept – each “problem” has it’s own short page with
the solution.

And yes, that DOES work =)
Make your home page one thick article that talks about litter boxes and mentions each of the
problems…and when you mention the problem, link it to a short post on your site that is an answer
to that specific problem.
If you’ve read Erica’s One Hour Affiliate, think about how she talks about doing those fast little
posts. Now, think about a site that has a home page that has one thick “overview” article and then
the rest of the site is those quick little solution posts.
I LOVE making these kind of little sites –
and it’s one the biggest reasons I love being a member of Wealthy Affiliate
– I can make unlimited amounts of those sites (or any type of site) as I
GREAT for testing niche ideas!
I just pick a url for my site, give it a name, pick a theme, and then click
“build my site” – and I’m off and running!
As I was typing this, I thought, “Heck, just go make an example site real quick for readers to look
So, I did =)
That is just a rough outline of what I’m talking about. I just used an EzineArticle for my home
page article, but added my own unique opening paragraphs.
This is totally allowed as long as you leave the links in tact. The only reason there isn’t a link
to the author’s site is because the site no longer exists. I use EA articles a lot.
Also, the individual posts would have more content than just those Amazon
Native Shopping ads =)
But that’s the general idea of how to set it up.
I did each “problem” as a post, but if you think you might grow the site out, make the ‘problem’
content as pages…and then use your posts for anything ‘cat’ related.
That little demo site took me oh, maybe 20 minutes. Most of the time was spent looking for a
remotely decent article to use for the home page.
Having access to a really quick way to make sites is priceless to me. So much better than using
something free, like Blogger/BlogSpot – Google owns those and can (will) shut your site down in a
heartbeat if they even THINK you might be over-marketing.
WA doesn’t do that to sites… AND you get the boost of being on a strong main domain. I have some
VERY VERY strong earning Amazon affiliate sites there – love it! Plus, I don’t have to pay for a
domain name, or pay for the hosting, or DEAL with the hosting issues.
If you’re serious about your affiliate marketing exposure, amping up your knowledge, and building
your toolbox, join Wealthy Affiliate for free here– SO worth it!

Bonus Tip –
This tactic to improve your Amazon earnings will
sound so obvious, but it’s amazing how many affiliates don’t take the time to focus on it – and do
it properly.
It’s also a tip right that Amazon gives in their
Associate Performance Tips
found towards the bottom of the left side on your main page inside your Associates account.
One of the pages in their Performance Tips area is titled Selecting the Best
Products to Feature on Your Web Site.
It’s just five quick bullet point tips: pick products that match your site content, consider
cross-merchandising (ie, related products), discover additional products from the product page
(people who bought this also bought, similar products, etc), review your orders report (look for
related things you are selling but not linking to directly)….and this gem:

Promote higher-priced items.
Makes ya wanna say, “Gee thanks, Captain Obvious!” hahaha!
Even though it appears to be so ‘obvious’, there’s a right time – and a wrong time – to start
promoting high-priced products.
In my opinion, the wrong time to do it is when you are a new Amazon affiliate and you make a few
sales a month or none at all.
First off, if a new Associate account doesn’t make a sale within it’s first 180 days, the
powers-that-be at Amazon can (and usually do) close your account.
And I have to say, I don’t blame them. If Joe Affiliate is sending tons of traffic/clicks to my
site – a site that converts better than any other e- commerce site online – and doesn’t make a sale
at all in 180 days? 6
Months!?!? There’s something wrong there and that would make me believe that the traffic that Joe
Affiliate is sending to my site is BAD traffic.
There’s just no way to send traffic to Amazon for 6 months and never
make a sale – unless something is really wrong.
Amazon takes their site, and their conversion stats, VERY seriously. And even with a half-assed
affiliate effort (real effort), it’s close to impossible to not make a sale in 180 days.

So based on all that, if your Amazon affiliate account is new, or you’re making very few sales,
don’t go rushing off to try and promote high-priced products. Stick with products that are $50 or
less – in consumer’s ‘impulse range’ – they are much easier to convert to sales. And by using a few
tips from this guide, you can send those people to Amazon thru your link in a better mindset so
they make that purchase more often and much easier.
That will get your conversion rate up AND your payout commission percentage will go up based on
your volume of sales.
My general rule of thumb is that you need to be selling about 300 items per month before you start
working on high-priced items.
If you are having a hard time converting impulse-priced products through your affiliate promotions
(web pages, etc), then it’s going to be extra hard converting high-priced items.
High-priced items don’t convert as easily – and there is a lot of “looker” traffic. You have to
really prepare the reader for that purchase before you send them over to Amazon.
That means, you will have a LOT of clicks and very few sales. Your conversion rate will plummet and
Amazon will start taking a look at your account. That’s no good.
If you wait until you are selling 300 or so items a month, you will have those sales to cushion
your conversion rate AND you will have learned how to convert traffic to impulse-priced product
Yes, you can promote high-priced items via one-page “reviews”, but my best results have come from
making full sites – in-depth, answer everything, types of sites.
It’s a whole ‘nother training guide for another day – if there is enough interest, maybe I’ll do a
“brain dump” on promoting high-priced items and all the little tips and tricks I’ve learned that
have worked for me.
Bottom line, it REALLY helps your overall Amazon earnings when you start really focusing in on and
working high-priced items.
It takes your daily earnings report from looking like this:
To looking like THIS:
It’s makes a MAJOR difference in my bottom line to have such a drastic increase in my commissions.
Between the monthly volume of items I have already built up to, plus the added promotions and
campaigns and web sites for hand-picked high- priced items, Amazon went from being some nice extra
money each month, to being a serious income stream.
It’s also my favorite income stream.
No clients, no products, no phone calls, no schedule…just me and my content – and once that
content is out there, it’s hands off unless I want to add or tweak something.
Yes, I have a LOT of Amazon content out there… a LOT. In fact, there’s stuff I forgot I even have
out there. Such is life as an Amazon affiliate =)
Do I Write All My Content Myself?
No, I do NOT write all that content myself.
I hire out a good bit of my content. When it’s written, I post it, add my tweaks and stuff, and
also add bits and pieces of “problem” words to the content to make it more as I want it.
I find hiring someone to write the initial big chunk of the content to very helpful. There’s many
times I’ll look at a blender (as an example) and start to write about it…and my mind goes BLANK.
Having the big base piece of the content written FOR me really, REALLY
helps me be more productive overall.
I don’t pay a lot for my content to be written either.
I’ve used this article writing service a ton since it first opened and I really, really like it.
If you’d like to see the quality of the articles they write, well, you already did. That blender
review was written by this service.
I just started using this service, and the first batch of 15 articles or so have turned out really,
really good and the price was exceptional (AND the turn- around was SUPER fast!)
Do I have ALL my content written?
Oh no, absolutely not. For example, it’s really ME writing THIS guide =) (note: anything with my
name or PotPieGirl on it was absolutely written by
ME. I don’t outsource ME… I outsource tasks)
The higher the price of the item(s) I am working on promoting, the more likely I am to pay for that
content to be written.
If the content is for a $10 product, I’ll just write it myself. It would take a
LOT of $10 sales commissions to recoup the cost of that article.
However, if the product is about $100, paying $10 for a really good article to be written FOR me
makes perfect sense.
WHERE the content is going also comes into play.
If it’s MY site, I’m more likely to hire out the content.
If it’s MY site and a high-priced product ‘niche site’ – I totally get all the starter content
written for me.
I spend a lot of time picking which high-priced product to promote – which keyword angle to focus
on – picking the right products to recommend – and good chunk of time picking and
reverse-engineering the right keywords/problems to target.
I do all those things, then turn in my article requests based on what my research shows me to
target, and then work on setting the site up the way I want it while the content is being written.
I have a pretty set certain way I set high-priced product sites up based on what works for me so I
like to be the one to do that part. I COULD outsource all of it, but well, I don’t think I’m
capable of being THAT hands off =)
Then, in about 24 hours, all my articles are ready and then I set about getting them all formatted
and tweaked and inter-linked and published.
Then I say, “Come and get it, Google!” haha!
Gee, wish it was THAT easy…lol! Actually, I get Google in to start indexing and I set about
off-site promotion of the new site (I almost always use Reverse Attack Marketing sites for this –
works great).
If you’re interested in having content written FOR you at really good prices, I highly recommend
both of these services:
– iNeedArticles
– Hire Writers

So this wraps up this edition of What Works NOW.
I sincerely hope you read at least an idea or two in this guide that made you say, “Oh cool idea!
I’m gonna try that!”
And you DO try it…and it works great for you as well. Any questions, etc, feel free to email me
Just please keep in mind that I get a TON of email and do the best I can to keep up with it (thank
Best of luck!

Warriors Autoblogging Guide

Warriors Autoblogging Guide

3. Introduction
4. Setup Your WordPress Blog
5. Create a Subdomain
8. Install WordPress Tutorial
13. Install WordPress Theme
15. Auto-Blogging Machine
16. Introducing IFTTT
17. Install IFTTT Bridge
19. Configure IFTTT Bridge
20. Syndicate Feeds to WordPress
34. Ping Your Blog Posts
35. Stop Link Juice Links
36. Post Expirator Plugin
37. Newsletter Subscription Popup
38. Conclusion
39. Want more?

Imagine having a WordPress blog that is updated daily with fresh blog posts on autopilot. –

And then everyday a list of subscribers is updated when a new blog post is made.
In this guide we are going to setup an autoblogging system on WordPress that will offer a way for people to subscribe to the blog. – At zero-cost to maintain.
Email marketing and list building without the headaches and costs!
This strategy guide offers you the ability to choose not to install the autoblogging system and to only use the blog email subscription features to update a list of subscribers each time that you create a new WordPress blog post. – Your choice.
Get your gear and let’s get started! –
If you choose to accept this mission you will need the following:
WordPress Blog
IFTTT Account
Gmail Account
Feedburner Account
Should you choose to accept this mission the whole process should take the average person 1-2 hours to setup.

*If you already have WordPress installed you can skip these steps and proceed to page 15 to setup the auto-blogging machine.
To use the extended features within WordPress you need to setup a self-hosted WordPress blog. WordPress self-hosted blogs offer the ability to add plugins and custom themes.
We recommend that you purchase GoDaddy cPanel hosting because GoDaddy cPanel hosting is fast, the price is right and their customer service is top-notch. Additionally, their cPanel hosting makes it really easy for you to create multiple sub-domains, multiple email accounts and many other powerful features.
Note: When purchasing GoDaddy’s cPanel hosting make sure that you purchase the plan that allows you to host unlimited domains if you are looking to create multiple website/blogs.

For this demonstration we are going to setup a self-hosted WordPress blog on a GoDaddy cPanel hosting account using a sub-domain.
Once you have purchased GoDaddy’s unlimited cPanel hosting navigate to cPanel. The domain to your cPanel should look something like this:
Login to cpanel using your login credentials.
Note: If at anytime you need help you can call GoDaddy directly and they will answer all of your questions. Their customer service is top-notch! (480)505-8877

Once logged in to cPanel scroll down and click on the “Subdomains” option.

Select which domain that the subdomain will be created on and give the blog a name.
That’s all there is to creating a subdomain using cPanel! It’s that easy. Now lets install WordPress on your new subdomain. (Continue to next page)

From within cPanel click the “Home” tab at the top of the page. From the home page scroll down and click on the “WordPress blog” option.

The next page is where you will install WordPress on your subdomain. Click on “Install this application” on the top right hand side of the page.

You will then be brought to the page that you will configure the WordPress installation options. Leave the directory option blank.
…scroll down to continue filling out the installation options

For the most part the default options can be left as they are. Set the WordPress user name and password. Once everything is filled out click “Install” at the bottom of the page.

Your new sub-domain blog is now installed.
Now it’s time to login to the WordPress dashboard and to install a WordPress theme. (Continue to the next page)

Login to your sub-domain blog by navigation to the WordPress admin page. Example:

Once inside install and activate the theme of your choice from within your
WordPress dashboard. You can choose to upload your own theme that you have purchased or use one of the free themes in the WordPress theme directory.
Check out TemplateMonster’s premium themes. – Their customer support is great and their themes are top-of-the-line.

And now for the good stuff. – Turn WordPress into an autoblogging machine!
The following instructions will show you how to keep your blog updated with the content from your favorite blogs. This setup will keep an otherwise unmaintained blog updated with fresh content.
The Social-Ops team has setup an example blog that utilizes this strategy. Seen here:

First things first, you have to go to IFTTT (If That Than This) and sign up for a free account.
IFTTT is a free feed syndication service which will give you the ability to update your WordPress blog with the feeds of other blogs, social updates, etc. *Some people even choose to use the feeds from other peoples YouTube accounts, Twitter and elsewhere.

Now that you have signed up for IFTTT you have to install the IFTTT Bridge plugin on WordPress in order to connect IFTTT to your blog. The IFTTT Bridge plugin can be installed within the WordPress plugin directory or by downloading the plugin from here.

Install the IFTTT Bridge plugin like you normally would install plugins through the WordPress dashboard.

Next, configure IFTTT Bridge. Be sure that you have entered your WordPress admin and user name into the required fields.
Press “Save Changes”. The IFTTT Bridge is all set to go. Now let’s syndicate some feeds to your WordPress blog.

Login to IFTTT. Once you have logged in click on “My Recipes” and then click on “Create a Recipe”. (See image below)

On the next page that pops up click on the word “This”.
After you click on the word “This” more options will pop down. (See next page)

This is where you will choose what action that you want IFTTT to take. In this case we want IFTTT to grab a feed to syndicate to WordPress so click on the RSS feed option.

After you click on the RSS feed icon another drop down with a couple of options will appear. This is where you will choose what will trigger the RSS feed. In this instance we are going to choose the “New feed item” option.

After you select the trigger options from the last page yet another dropdown will appear. Within this drop down you will insert the RSS feed that you would like IFTTT to syndicate.
Note: Before inserting the feed into IFTTT check to make sure that you have chosen a working feed. You can throw the feed into your browser to see if it is indeed a working feed. (For an example see the next page)

Most blogs offer an RSS feed. To see if the blog that you interested in has an RSS feed simply place the word “feed” after the blogs url. Here is an example of what a working feed looks like in your browser:
Okay, now back to configuring IFTTT….

Now that you have found a working feed and have inserted it into IFTTT you will be brought to yet another dropdown. In this next dropdown click on the word “That”.

The next dropdown that appears is the action channel. This is where you will choose what action that you would like IFTTT to take every time that the feed is updated by the blog owners. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the WordPress icon.

The next dropdown that appears is where you will connect your WordPress blog to IFTTT. Click on the “Connect” button. Once you click on the connect button a popup will appear. Within this popup you will configure IFTTT to syndicate to your WordPress blog. Paste in the URL, username and password for your WordPress blog.

Click “Done” and the popup will automatically close. – Then, click “Connect”.

Yet another options page will appear. On this page click “Continue to next step”.
Note: You only have to configure your WordPress blog once to connect to IFTTT. Every time after that you will just have to create a new recipe and configure your new feed to syndicate to your WordPress blog.
The IFTTT Bridge plugin is now connected.
After you click the Continue to the next step button you will be brought to another page. On this page you will choose what action that you would like IFTTT to take every time that the feed is updated.
In this instance we will choose the “Create a post” option.

The next page that pops up is where you will configure what information will be used in the blog post.

The default settings for the title can remain as they are. We recommend pasting the following code into the body portion of the action fields:
Read the full article here: {{EntryUrl}}<br><br>
If you will be using FeedBurners newsletter options (as described on page #37) then it is recommended that you place your businesses name, address and other contact information within the body to look like this:
Read the full article here: {{EntryUrl}}<br><br>
Business Name<br><br>
1 Business Address<br><br>
2 Business Address<br><br>
Business Phone<br><br>
Important: Modifying the code to include your business name and address information will help the emails that FeedBurner sends to have higher in-boxing rates.
Within the action fields option you can also choose the category and tags options. It’s up to your personal preference how you want to configure these options.
Once everything is filled out press the “Create Action” button .

The last page that comes up is where you will finalize the process. Press the create recipe button.
That’s it! You are now automatically syndicating feeds to your WordPress blog from another blog. – Every time that the blog updates your blog will update too!
You can syndicate as many feeds that you wish to your WordPress blog. – So have at it!

To insure that your blog post gets indexed by the search engines before the original blog post does we recommend installing the free Pingler plugin. The Pingler plugin can be downloaded here:

With this auto-blogging system you will now be losing a lot of link juice (links pointing out of your blog). To stop losing link juice you can install the “No Follow All External Links” plugin:

Don’t want to overload your server with 1000’s of old blog posts? Install the free “Post Expirator” plugin. This plugin will delete posts after a set amount of time.

Are you looking for a no-cost method to offer website visitors to subscribe to your blog? Install Elegant Subscription Popup. This free plugin will pop up after a few seconds after a web visitor has arrived at your blog and will offer a way for people to subscribe to your blog.
In order for Elegant Subscription Popup to work you have to first activate the email subscription options within FeedBurner. Sign up with FeedBurner using your Gmail account:
For more extended strategies on how maximize the effectiveness of FeedBurner look for our other strategy guide: “Email Inboxer”.

The strategies in this guide are not an end-all solution to your blogging needs.
For best results it is suggested to use these strategies on blogs that currently have very little activity – to keep them fresh. For your more important blogs manually creating content the old fashioned way will return the best results.
Many people choose to create blogs using this system to keep their blogs updated with the latest industry news for their subscribers. – A powerful auto-blogging and newsletter system!

Viral Adsense Cash

Viral Adsense Cash
By Jan Roos
Legal notice.
Thanks for investing in my Viral Adsense Cash program.
What I am about to share with you is a fool proof system that
anyone can use to start making $50 – $100 per day virtually from
day one and then grow the site over time to earn much more than
In fact, lots of people are earning hundreds of thousands per month
with this method and some even millions.
The beauty of this system is that you can set it up and then only
spend about 45 minutes a day on the site. When you start to make
money from the site you can just outsource all of the work and sit
back watching your business grow pretty much by itself.
That’s how I have grown my site from $0 to $6K in 3 months flat.
Viral Adsense Cash 1
It gives me the time and money to do more of the things that I love
such as spending time with my family, playing golf, tennis, surfing,
travelling etc.
It is a great lifestyle that is within reach of anyone that is willing to
put some effort and dedication into it.
In this course I am going to show you exactly how I choose my niche,
setup my site, get traffic, easily create viral content, how I monetize
the site and of course how I outsource everything.
The earning potential for this system is endless and if you work it,
then you will be almost guaranteed to succeed.
I am going to show you some ninja traffic sources that you might
have never heard about where you can get extremely high quality
traffic from sites such as The Guardian, CNN, Huffington Post, The
Telegraph, Yahoo and more for only 3 cents per click.
I am also going to show you how to get all the free traffic you can
handle, because with this system, we are going to be creating
content that has a high possibility of going viral on social
networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Viral Adsense Cash 2
Then of course the main part of the course is how to monetize that
traffic and scale over time. This system is not complicated, so I am
purposely going to keep this course short, simple and to the point.
There is no need to over complicate things. All you have to do is get
started and you’ll see how easy it is from there.
Ok without further ado, let’s begin.
The Strategy
You are going to create a viral content site such
and others like them.
Upworthy is one of the fastest growing websites in the world with
over 7 Million visitors a month and you can be sure they are raking
it in with ad revenue. gets almost 500K visitors per
month and you can be sure they are also earning a great 6 figure
income with that site.
The kicker is that these types of sites are super easy to build.
Viral Adsense Cash 3
My site is only about 3 months old and it is growing like crazy, why?
Because the content I put on there is proven to be interesting and
engaging to visitors and they share and comment the hell out of the
I have also spent some time and money testing ad and site layouts
proven to be profitable with this method.
In this course I will give you the exact site and ad layout that I use so
that you can be profitable right away and not have to spend lots of
time, energy and money testing these things for yourself.
Go have a look at those sites and you will see that they are basically
scouring the internet and especially Youtube and Facebook to see
what is popular at the moment.
They then take the topic or video that is hot and curate it as a new
post on their own sites.
Creating the curated content is also very easy. I will show you how
later in the course.
Viral Adsense Cash 4
They then have Adsense ads, Yahoo/Bing Ads and other Ads from
content recommendation engines such as
, and
So what happens is that people watch the video or read the article
and then right under the content there are social share buttons
which gets them to share the video on Facebook, Pinterest and
The post goes viral and the site gets lots of additional traffic and
activity which leads to lots of clicks on ads, which means lots of
money for the site owner on Auto Pilot.
They also have their own Facebook Fan Pages, Pinterest and Twitter
pages where they post their new content which generates instant
traffic and revenue for them every time they post something new.
Your site can also have a popup which invites people to join your
newsletter. You then send those people an email when you post new
content which then drives instant traffic to your site which creates
instant revenue.
Those people then also share the content on Facebook and Twitter
which brings more people to your site to click on Ads, Join your
newsletter and become a fan on your Facebook page.
Viral Adsense Cash 5
This is how you eventually grow into a media powerhouse. You can
then either, keep the site and live stress free from the ad revenue, or
sell the site for massive profits and create another site while
investing your profits for long term wealth.
Ok, so after you have created your site, optimized it with ads and
loaded it with great share worthy content it is time to get traffic.
Getting traffic for these sites is extremely easy.
If you go to any of the web’s most popular sites such as,, The Guardian, Slate, Seattle Times, National Geographic
You will see that at the end of their content they have content
recommendation widgets, which recommends content from other
You have probably seen these before on sites you frequent. Here is
an example from a post on Yahoo.
Viral Adsense Cash 6
See where it says, from around the web? That is where you will
advertise your content as well.
The networks I use is and
I pay around 3 to 5 cents per click from these sites and the traffic is
of very high quality. There is an unlimited amount of traffic from
these networks and it won’t dry up any time soon. does around 50 billion recommendations a month
which is a shit ton of traffic. Taboola does even more.
Viral Adsense Cash 7
If you can find a way to turn all of that traffic into profit which I will
show you how, then you are set. You can grow your site very quickly
and in many cases be profitable from day one.
You do not have to pay for your traffic but everyone I know who is
making a full time income from home pays for at least part of their
Yes, you will get to a point where you do not need to pay for traffic
anymore because your social media marketing and your newsletter
will drive more than enough traffic to your site.
But why quit buying traffic if it makes you money. Would you spend
$15 per day to earn $50 back? Or spend $100 to make $300 back?
Of course you would. And that is what I am going to teach you in this
course. If you really do not want to pay for traffic, that is fine as well.
You can still create your site and focus only on Facebook, Twitter
and Pinterest for traffic. Get your content out there and build your
own Fan base. You will get lots of traffic that way.
As a matter of fact, that is how Upworthy did it and today they are
the world’s fastest growing media company.
Viral Adsense Cash 8
Read this great article on how they did it and take pointers.
Here is an excerpt from that article.
“Upworthy’s pageviews aren’t particularly impressive. Neither are
its direct visits.
In September, Upworthy had 6 million unique visitors and 8.5
million pageviews, less than 2 pages viewed per person.”
My site has an average of 3 page views per visitor and beats the
pants off Upworthy.
So once my site reaches say 6 million visitors I will have 18 million
page views where Upworthy only has 8.5 million.
This means my site will earn at least double than what Upworthy
would earn if they were monetized the same way.
Can you start to see the power of this system? This is a once in a
lifetime opportunity for you to become financially free or even
outright rich, and live the internet lifestyle everyone dreams about.
Nobody else is teaching this stuff and you can get in on ground zero.
I am handing it to you on a silver platter.
Viral Adsense Cash 9
Ok, so now you know what type of site we are going to build and
how we are going to drive traffic to it.
Next, we have to monetize the site.
The way I like to monetize the site is to have Adsense ads above,
below and on the sides of the content.
If you do not have an account, try and get one. If you
do not have a site then create one like I am going to show you and
start driving traffic to it without adsense ads.
Once your site is generating some traffic go ahead and apply for an
Adsense account. Adsense want to see some traffic to your site
before they will approve you.
Or/and you can join Yahoo/Bing ad network on I
find them to work well also.
There are also other ad networks such as
and which I have not tried myself but heard
good things about.
Then, at the bottom of your site’s content, just below the Adsense
code , you put the content recommendation widget.
Viral Adsense Cash 10
Every time a visitor clicks on one of the stories in the widget you get
paid just like every time someone clicks on one of the Adsense or ads you get paid as well.
Once you have built up your newsletter you can also start sending
out solo ads to your list.
This is very lucrative especially if you have a responsive list, which
you will have, because of the great engaging content you post on
your site.
If you have a list of say 10k- 40k or more subscribers, there are
companies that will pay you good money to send an email to your
Do one or two of those mailings a week in between the mailings for
your own content and you’ll make a killing.
As your site grows you can then get advertisers to pay you directly
to advertise on your site which will cut out the middle man which in
our case is Google and Yahoo/Bing.
You charge per thousand impressions and you will make much more
money than you did with Adsense.
This will also allow you to buy more traffic and therefore increase
your earnings, Newsletter subscribers and Facebook Fans even
Viral Adsense Cash 11
Once your site has a million or more page views per month you can
exchange the widget for the Taboola widget which pays
Once you get to this stage my friend, you are a Big Dog.
You will have the financial freedom you’ve always dreamt about
while having plenty of free time for yourself and your family. That is
what it is all about at the end of the day, for me at least.
Anyway, after the widget I like to have the Disqus widget
as well. It is also a content recommendation widget that works well.
They also pay you for every click plus we use Disqus as our
commenting platform on the site.
Ok so that’s the strategy. Don’t worry if you feel a bit overwhelmed
at the moment, I am going to show you exactly how to do it and how
easy it really is to build one of these sites.
Decide Which Type of Site to Create
There are 3 types of sites that work well from my experience. You
can choose to emulate any one of these types of sites to quickly build
yourself a money generating machine.
Viral Adsense Cash 12
Read though them carefully and choose the type of site that you
would like to build for yourself.
1. Viral content sites.
These are sites that post funny, controversial, news or any
other types of written or video content that is designed to
trigger an emotion in people.
People share the heck out of these types of posts which is great
for the site owner.
Examples of these types of sites
are www.viralnova
.com and
The site that I grew from $0to $6k per month is one of these
viral sites.
Here’s how to easily create viral content for your site.
Every day you browse through the other viral sites on the net
such as the ones listed above.
I follow them on Facebook and get their new posts on my
Viral Adsense Cash 13
I would then check what story is popular for the day which can
easily be determined by checking the number of Likes and
comments the story receives on social media.
I would then create my own post about that story.
It is important to note that you should never copy the work of
other people. Create your post about the same topic but make
the post unique.
Write it in your own words, put your own spin on it and use a
unique headline and image in your post.
That’s it. Boom! You have a hot new post on your site that has
been proven to be popular.
Another even easier way that I use to create very popular posts
is to check which videos are going viral on Youtube.
Find a video that is popular at the moment and create a new
post on your site about the video.
One example could be the video that is going viral today about
the shark attack on an Australian pro surfer here in South
Africa during the JBay Pro Surfing Event.
Mick Fanning was surfing in the final when he got attacked by a
huge great white on Live Television.
Viral Adsense Cash 14
He got knocked off his board and started punching the shark.
Luckily he got away with just a few scratches.
See the little description I just gave about the video?
You can create a new post on your site with a Catchy Headline
such as…
“Caught On Live Television – Huge Great White Attacks Pro
Then you grab the embed code of the video on Youtube and
paste it into your post.
Here’s a screenshot of how to do that in WordPress.
Viral Adsense Cash 15
Click on the share button below the video and then click on
Copy that piece of code and paste it into your WordPress post.
Make sure you paste it into the text part of your post. That is
where you can post html code.
Viral Adsense Cash 16
Then you can click back on the visual editor and write up a
description of the video.
Make the description about 300 – 400 words long.Then click
The video will then be embedded into your site for everyone to
People will watch it, share it with their friends, comment on it
and of course click on ads.
The video strategy is awesome because you can create a hot
post in about 15 minutes.
Viral Adsense Cash 17
Share it with your followers and start making money right
away. There are literally thousands of viral videos on Youtube
you can create posts about.
I suggest you mix up the video posts with longer article type
The videos work well though. That was my main strategy for
quickly growing my site to the $6K per month mark.
2. Alternative News Sites.
These sites publish up to date news that you will not find on
the main stream media sites.
The demand for these sites are exploding as more and more
people realize that it is important to get both sides of a story
and that most of the main stream media is completely biased
towards pushing the agenda of their owners.
Here are some examples of very successful Alt News
Sites… www.trueacti
To create content for these types of sites you just do the same
thing again.
Viral Adsense Cash 18
See what’s hot on other sites and also on Youtube and create
your own unique posts.
Aim for at least one a day. It will take you 20 minutes to an
hour to do.
3. General Information and Numbered List Sites
These sites would publish general information that the vast
majority of people are interested in such as life hacks,
relationship advice, travel tips, numbered lists etc.
Example sites are and
Numbered list type sites works really well and all they do is
publish content such as..
– Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands Of The World
– Top 10 Richest People You Have Never Heard Of
– Top 10 Most Popular Hair Styles of 2015
– Top 10 Best Beaches In Thailand
– Etc.
People love reading these Top 10 types of posts especially if
you add nice pictures in there.
Viral Adsense Cash 19
People read the posts share them and click on the ads.
That’s a winning combination for the site owner.
All you have to do is create 1 new top 10 post per day and
share it with your followers on social media and on other
traffic platforms.
You can create the content yourself or you can outsource it to a
professional writer for around $10 to $30 each.
Lately I have seen a couple of these top 10 sites sell for big
money. They work well.
How To Build Your Site
Now that you’ve decided which type of viral site you want to build it
is time for me to show you how to build the site and how to
monetize the site.
I am going to give you the exact ad layout I use on my site.
From Lots of Testing I have come up with a layout that works well.
I use WordPress to build all my sites.
Viral Adsense Cash 20
Wordpress is super easy to use and you do not need to be a techy at
all to learn it.
The whole system is template based and very straight forward.
I have added 22 WordPress Tutorial videos as a bonus to this course
which you can go through.
The videos will show you everything from installing WordPress on
your Hosting account to making new posts etc.
I use the Thesis theme for all my sites because of it’s awesome
A lot of the really big authority sites you see on the net are built on
the thesis theme.
The code is really clean, the design is great and the search engines
love sites built on Thesis.
There are also a lot of really talented designers that can design you a
beautiful site based on Thesis.
I just used one of the out of the box skins to build my viral site on.
No need to hire a designer.
Viral Adsense Cash 21
All I had to do was upload my logo to the site and it was done.
Another awesome theme that a lot of these viral sites are using is
from Studio Press.
Go have a look at their awesome themes as well.
If you do not want to spend the money on Thesis, that is fine as well.
There are plenty of free themes on the net that you can use to get
your site going.
Then once you made some money you can use the profits to upgrade
your theme to the Rolls Royce of WordPress themes.
For hosting I use Hostgator. You can get the most inexpensive
account to start with.
Once your site grows really big you might have to upgrade your plan
but for now, the small plans are just fine.
The small plans cost around $9.99 a month which is very
The next thing you will need is a catchy domain name.
Viral Adsense Cash 22
I buy mine through and they cost around $10
per year which is also very reasonable.
Have a look at the domain names of other similar sites in your niche
and then come up with something similar.
Finally you will need a nice looking logo for your new site.
You can find lots of people that will create a nice logo for you
without charging an arm and a leg.
I use and to find people to design
my logos for me.
I also use Elance to find high quality writers to write my posts for
Once you have your logo and WordPress installed on your hosting
account it is time to create your first post.
Go ahead and create your first post with a nice catchy featured
The WordPress tutorial videos will show you how to do that if you
don’t know.
Next it is time to insert your Adsense ads.
Viral Adsense Cash 23
I have created 2 plugins that will put your ads where they should be
automatically into each post.
The first Ad I put right below the menu on your site.
The ad is the 728×90 one you can grab from your Adsense account.
This way, people will immediately see an ad when they come to your
Just click on create ads and choose what size you want.
Viral Adsense Cash 24
Then copy the ad code and paste it where you want it to appear on
your site.
Some themes let you easily add the Adsense code to the top of your
site just below the menu. That way the code will automatically be
there on every page and post of the site.
On thesis it is quite complicated to do that. My employee does it for
me with the use of hooks that is built into the theme.
You can have my employee do it for you for $20. Just email us
Otherwise you can just manually post the Ad code to the top of every
post. Make sure to also use the text editor when you do that.
The second ad I put just below your post like so..
Viral Adsense Cash 25
You can just manually add the code into the bottom of your posts or
you can have us add it in there for you permanently just like with
the ad code on the top of your posts.
We will include the bottom one as well for the $20.
Below the last Adsense Ad I have the Disquss Widget show more
related content from around the web.
You can grab that widget here.
Every time someone clicks on one of those related stories, you get
Below that widget l have the comments section which also runs on
Viral Adsense Cash 26
This will happen automatically when you install Disqus on your site.
It is straight forward to do just like
You will find that people will start discussing the content on your
site which is great because they keep coming back to your site for
the discussion each day which drives up your traffic numbers and ad
Then finally below the comments I have the related
content widget.
Every time someone clicks on one of those stories you get paid as
In the sidebar of my site I will have a large 300×250 Adsense ad on
the top like they do on this post.
See how they have the Facebook Like Widget, Recent Posts and Also
a 300×250 Adsense ad in the sidebar?
It works! Do something similar with yours.
Viral Adsense Cash 27
I put the Facebook like widget on the sidebar as well. This widget
shows how many people have liked my page and it also makes it
easy for people to like your page with just one click.
Remember, one of your big goals is to get as many Facebook
followers as possible.
This way you will get an instant surge of traffic and Ad clicks to your
new content when you share it on your Facebook page.
Below the Facebook widget I will have a list of the most recent
and/or most popular posts on the site.
This way, people can easily read more of your content.
It is also important to add Privacy, Contact Us and About us pages to
your site.
Congratulations! You now have a site that can earn you a ton of
All that’s left to do is to keep adding new content each day and
getting traffic to that content.
Traffic Getting
When it comes to traffic you have a few choices.
Viral Adsense Cash 28
You can pay for your traffic, get free traffic or do both like me.
Let’s start with Paid traffic.
I love paid traffic because it allows you to quickly get large amounts
of traffic to your site and start earning money from day 1.
I use 2 traffic networks to drive visitors to my content.
Like I mentioned in the beginning of this course, Outbrain and
Taboola have their related content widgets installed on thousands of
high quality websites such as CNN, Yahoo, Seattle Times, GolfWRX
and a ton more.
I bet you have seen these widgets on a lot of sites that you frequent.
Us as advertisers can then have our content appear in those widgets
and pay a fee every time someone clicks on our content.
Since our content is awesome and interesting, people click on them
like crazy.
Viral Adsense Cash 29
I have discovered a way to pay as little as 3 cents per click for my
Make sure to upload at least 2 different titles for your article and
make the titles as catchy as possible.
Do the same thing with the image. Upload at least 2 catchy images
for your article.
You can do this from within Outbrain’s interface. I also suggest you
watch their training videos on how to do these things in your
Now, start your bid at around 11 – 14 cents per click and run it for a
few hours to a day.
Set your daily budget to $10.
After you’ve reached your daily budget, look at your ctr for your
article. If your CTR is above 0.4% then you are doing great and you
should drop your bid to $0.07.
Then run your content again for another day until you’ve spent your
$10 budget.
Viral Adsense Cash 30
If by then your ctr is still above 0.4%, go ahead and drop your bid to
$0.03 per click.
You should then be able to get 3 cent clicks for as long as you want
to that article. If not, just raise your bids a little bit until you see the
traffic coming in again.
I suggest you start with Outbrain first.
Put 5 new posts on your site and add them to Outbrain like I show
in the course.
Go to your Adsense account and add those 5 post urls to your url
When you add a url to url channels on Adsense, it will track all the
Adsense earnings for that specific post.
Viral Adsense Cash 31
This way you will know how much each of your posts is earning on
Let’s do some Math.
If you have a post promoted on Outbrain and you got 200 clicks to
that post at a cost of 3 cents each, it will cost you $6 total.
Now, if you make that $6 back or more with Adsense earnings you
are in the profit.
Because remember you still have and Disquss Related
content ads making you money as well.
Unfortunately those platforms do not allow us to track our post
earnings individually but that is fine. Adsense is the main earner
Let me show you an example of one of my post earnings.
This was over a 2 week span.
Viral Adsense Cash 32
If you look at the first url channel you will see that it got 91,064
visitors and 10,666 clicked on an ad which resulted in me earning
$3,140 on that post.
I paid 3 cents per visitor from Outbrain and Taboola at a cost of
That left me with a profit of $409.00 from Adsense alone.
This is awesome because remember I am also earning from and Disquss. earns much better so let’s have a look at the average
earnings for the site during the same 2 week span.
Viral Adsense Cash 33
As you can see on Average 7.16% of people who visit my site clicks
on a story which earns me $0.11 per click.
So, from my first post we can say that 7.16% of the 91,064 people
clicked on which is 6,370 clicks and earned me 11 cents
each for a total of $700.00
I made $400.00 profit on Adsense and $700.00 on plus a
little bit on disquss for a total of around $1,100.00
That’s not bad for a post that took me 20 minutes to create and
another 20 minutes to add to Outbrain and Taboola.
Now, I have a lot of other posts running as well.
Viral Adsense Cash 34
Lots of them are also profitable and some of them aren’t.
If a post is not profitable then you just pause it on Outbrain.
If you find a winner then you immediately add it to Taboola as well
to get as much traffic as you can.
You only need a handful of posts to be winners in order to make
great money with this method.
Set your initial budget to around $5 or $10 per day just to test until
you find a winner.
Then up your budget and turn the traffic loose.
Btw, that post I just showed you was a simple post I made by
embedding a popular Youtube video and writing a 300 word
I hope a lightbulb just went off in your head.
Can you see how easy and profitable this can be? It’s all got to do
with some basic math.
Viral Adsense Cash 35
This is exactly how I grew my site to $6K profit per month within 3
I tell ya, I love paid traffic because I am in control and it is an instant
thing. You add your content to Outbrain and Taboola and turn the
campaign on.
Within hours you see floods of traffic coming to your site.
It is awesome!
Free Traffic
If you do not want to spend money on traffic, that is fine as well.
You can totally grow your site by just using social media sites to
promote your content.
This is something I am also actively doing while my paid campaigns
are running.
Create a nice Facebook page for your site and also a twitter account.
Start following the other sites in your niche and befriend their
Viral Adsense Cash 36
Comment on their Facebook pages and follow their fans on Twitter.
Lots of them will start to follow you back and also like your fan page.
Do not go out there and post links to your stuff on other pages.
That comes across as being spammy and it will get you blocked
Leave insightful comments on their pages and become part of the
People will start to take notice of you and like your fan page or
follow you on twitter.
Then they will start seeing the content you post on your Fan page
and Twitter page.
If you post good content with catchy headlines like I showed you
then the people will click on to your site and start sharing your
Before you know it you will start seeing traffic and earnings coming
in. Then as you go on it will start to snowball and get better and
better all the time as more and more people start following your
Google will also start sending you traffic once it sees that a lot of
people are liking and sharing your content.
Viral Adsense Cash 37
They will rank your pages for a lot of related searches on Google
which will result in a lot of good free traffic over time.
The thing with free traffic is that it will take some time.
You have to be prepared to stick with it and be consistent for a while
until you start developing a following and then you will start seeing
There you have it.
Create one of these sites and stick with it for a few months to see
how your financial life changes.
I hope you enjoyed this course as much as I enjoyed making it for
Talk soon,
Jan Roos
Viral Adsense Cash 38
Viral Adsense Cash 39

Video News Jacker

Video News Jacker
Universal Video
On-Page Optimization
The Only Guide You Need To Know How
To Properly And Effectively Optimize Your
On-Page Video SEO
In this guide you will learn the very simple process for optimizing your onpage
video SEO for your videos.
This is something that most regular video uploaders fail to do but gives you
a significant advantage over most video owners.
Proper on-page video optimization is crucial to the success of every one of
your video marketing campaigns.
Here you will learn how to do it properly and effectively. And you can use
this handy guide as a quick reference as opposed to watching a video over
and over.
Although, this is a simple process, it should not be ignored.
I call this the universal on-page optimization guide because it doesnʼt
matter if youʼre setting up a campaign for affiliate marketing, news jacking,
local businesses, etc… Itʼs all the same.
You focus on your main keyword and follow the simple steps below.
Weʼll be concentrating more on Youtube optimization for this because
Youtube has the traffic and Google owns Youtube.
When you go to upload a video you will see these exact things and should
follow the steps in order.
Weʼll break this down into easy to follow steps.
Step 1: Name Your Channel
This step is optional but if you are going to make a bunch of videos in the
same niche, itʼs very beneficial for SEO and ranking purposes.
Letʼs say you are going after the male pattern baldness niche and you plan
on creating a ton of videos to promote several different products.
You would want to create a BRAN NEW Youtube account specifically for
that niche. You would want to make your new username fit your niche…
Something like – StopMalePatternBaldness
… Or something like that.
This will help Google and all the other search engines see that you have
the best video content on the niche and deliver the best content to the user
so they give you priority.
On the other hand, if you were wanting to rank your videos for a single
keyword only that has the most searches per month.
Like – Cures For Male Pattern Baldness
… You would make your username and the name of your channel our main
Of course, you can upload other videos targeting other keywords to that
channel, but this will help target where you want to be in the rankings.
Again, itʼs optional but does help.
Step 2 – Video File Name
After youʼve created your video and you export it to your desktop or file,
youʼll need to rename that video file to your main keyword.
Usually, when you export your video the file name comes out looking like
How is that supposed to let Youtube, Google and all the other search
engines know what your video is about from the spiders and robots end?
It canʼt.
So the simple way is to change the file name of that video to the keyword
that your video is targeting.
Sticking with the example above…
Instead of A0-234GDJ, change your file name to
CuresForMalePatterBaldness (dashes in between words are optional – it
doesnʼt matter if you use them or not).
Once you have done this you begin to upload to Youtube.
Step 3 – Write Your Title
Hereʼs where the true optimization begins…
Your title or as I like to call it, your headline is one of the most important
things for two reasons.
1) By inserting your main keyword in the title 2 times, you are letting
the search engines know exactly what your video is about and what you
want to rank for. (sometimes you canʼt work your main keyword in a title
two times because it reads funny and thatʼs fine – we want the clicks)
2) If you write your title like a you would write a headline for an ad then you
increase the chances of getting click-throughs when people see your
video in both Google and Youtube. Dramatically!
So letʼs go with the balding example for when you canʼt fit your keyword in
twice and write out title here:
Cures For Male Pattern Baldness – Top 10 Ways To Save Your Hair
You see I couldnʼt fit the keyword in twice but I did write a compelling,
benefit driven headline that anyone with this problem would click. People
love top 10 lists by the way.
Now letʼs switch it up and write a title with the keyword twice with the
keyword Balding Cures.
Balding Cures – Top 10 Balding Cures Proven To Work In 2012
See how I worked that?
I put the main keyword first thing in both examples. Why? Because the
earlier you insert your main keyword the easier it is for the spiders to find
out what your content is about. Simple as that.
In the second example you can see how I worked the main keyword in
twice to create a great title that people would want to click.
I also worked some numbers into the title. I have found that when you put
numbers in your titles it increase your click-throughs. Try it.
Most people write boring titles so if you spruce yours up and write it like a
headline with keyword focus… Youʼll pull most of the clicks once you rank.
Step 4 – Description
First things first, your call to action and link.
You want those two thing that the visitor see in your description.
You will always want to put those first at the top of your video description.
It should look something like this:
Learn Where To Get These Cures For Male Pattern Baldness From
So one thing you may notice is that in my call to action I like to insert my
main keyword the video is targeting right before the link.
In the past I would recommend link first ALWAYS!
Iʼve since changed that with some testing and have seen a great spike of
click-throughs to my links with this. Give your visitor that extra call-to-action
to get them to click.
This also works especially well now that Youtube has changed the design a
bit in the past few weeks.
The links you insert in your description are now a light grey color until you
hove your mouse inside of the description box.
Do what I said above and the black call-to-action text sets a bit of contrast
off to the light grey color of the link. And when the visitor hover in the
description box it makes the link to blue and it sorta pops out.
Anyway – back to what you should write in the description box after the call
to action and link…
A little trick I like to use is to have my video transcribed by someone on
Fiverr for $5 bucks (yes this cost can add up but thereʼs an alternative).
I do this so that I can insert that text in as my description without having to
think much about it.
Then, you can review that description to make sure itʼs keyword dense and
youʼre good to go. I like to make sure that I have my keyword in my
description 2 to 3 times depending on the length. And yes, your call to
action text at the top does count as a keyword.
Donʼt over do it.
Now if you donʼt have $5 bucks to drop every time you make a video then
just write a 250 word “article style” description. With your keyword in it as
well as related keyword.
To find related keywords go to Google and type in your main keyword, donʼt
fish typing your keyword so that you can look at that drop down menu.
Those are your related keywords that people are searching for.
Also, if you speak or type naturally about the subject then related keywords
will come out anyway. Find related keywords only if you speak or think like
a robot =-)
The reason you want to have a long, keyword focused description is that
you can use it for two things.
-To let the search engines know exactly what your video is about and what
it should rank for.
-So that you can re-purpose your description content for the use as a
captions file.
So itʼs pretty important.
Step 5 – Tags
Iʼm not going to give you a long thing about tags because itʼs simple.
Tags help Youtube and Google know what your content is about AND it
helps Youtube to serve up your videos on other related videos.
Theyʼre great for SEO and natural views from Youtube.
One thing I like to do is make a short list of tags that videos that are closely
related to mine and that have lots of views are using.
You canʼt see the tags on Youtube videos anymore so a neat trick I like to
use is to:
-Find videos closely related to your topic that have lots of views.
-Click to watch those videos.
-Pause the video.
-View the page source from your browser.
-Look for this:
If you look closely at the source code you will see something call META
NAME… All the keywords after that are the tags. Copy those for a few
videos into a notepad.
Now when it comes time to actually insert your tags you will start with your
main keyword that you are trying to rank for first. Then, a related keyword.
After that, insert the competitors tags that you found so you show as
related videos to these videos that have high view counts.
You know your competitors videos get views so why not piggy back off of
them so when their visitors are done watching their video, they see yours.
More free, targeted traffic!
Step 6 – Upload A Captions File
One great thing about Youtube is that they allow you to upload captions
This is meant to be for the hearing impaired but for SEOs itʼs just another
way to make sure Google and Youtube find us and rank us high!
So remember that keyword focused description that you either had
transcribed or wrote yourself?
Now is where is comes in handy AGAIN.
Rather than me explain how to do this… Google has all the help you need
to learn how to upload it. Itʼs very easy.
Just make sure you use your description only. It doesnʼt have to be
captioned for people with hearing disability specific to the video because
your description caption would help them just as much.
Hereʼ the link:
Please make sure you upload a captions file.
Step 7 – Publish
This is easy. Just select your thumbnail if you have the option and click
… but your not done.
Step 8 – Insert Your Link
Once your video is uploaded and youʼve completed all the steps above you
still have one final thing that I recommend.
You should put your live Youtube link at the very bottom of your Youtube
description for that video.
You do this so that other video site that scrape and pickup video content
can find your URL and put it on their sites. More views.
Also, it helps Google.
So copy and paste your live Youtube URL, go back and edit your vide,
paste your URL at the very bottom of the description.
Thatʼs all there is too it.
Itʼs very simple and the way I see it, a little common SEO sense goes a
long way.
If you follow this step-by-step on-page video optimization guide, youʼll be
way ahead of the competition.
Also, when you blast your video out to all the other video sites with
something like Traffic Geyser or Heyspread you can simply copy and paste
each of these elements so that those videos are optimized too.
Good luck!

Video Marketing Game Plan

Video Marketing Game Plan
Legal Notice
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the Publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject
matter herein.
This publication is not intended for use as a source of legal or accounting advice. The Publisher wants to
stress that the information contained herein may be subject to varying state and/or local laws or
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or Reader of these materials.
Any perceived slights of specific people or organizations are unintentional.
Video Marketing Starter Tools 8
Types of Videos 13
Specificity Is Key 16
An Active Niche 17
Is The Niche Profitable? 18
Pick A Niche That You Like 19
Understanding Your Audience 19
What Is The Most Popular Niche 20
The Giveaway 22
The Sueeze Page 27
What You Need 32
Google Adwords 51
5 Simple Steps to Create Google Adwords Campaign 55
Ad Rank in Google Adwords 59
Content of Follow-Up Emails 64
Affiliate Offers 67
Chapter 1:
Video Marketing Game Plan
Video marketing has become one of the highest rising and most
popular traffic generations. You’ve made the right decision in investing
in this course where you’ll learn how to get torrents of traffic in just a
few easy steps.
Video Marketing Game Plan is the key to your marketing success. With
it, you will find out how to grow your mailing list, generate massive
traffic to your website, increase the conversion and purchase rate, of
course, so much more.
The best part of video marketing is you can achieve all these by
broadcasting a short video that is not that hard to produce and get a lot
of free traffic from a simple video. I am going to lead you through these
amazing traffic-generating techniques throughout this book.
I believe that most of you had the experience of watching a sales video
in a sales page, or in other social media platforms. And you know how
powerful it is to have videos to do the selling, because nowadays, a
500-word sales letter just doesn’t cut it anymore. Now, we use a 1 to 2-
minute videos instead.
Here’s how powerful videos are as a communication tool:
– YouTube has more than 1 billion users all over the world.
– Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on
YouTube and generate billions of views.
– The numbers of hours people are watching on YouTube each
month is up 50% year over year.
– 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
You can see how powerful it is to have your own videos for marketing
purposes. This is the trend now. People are switching from reading to
watching instead. Without further ado, let’s move on to the course.
Why is Video Marketing the Right Way to Go?
So now we gather that video marketing is hot and it is the ideal time to
take advantage of this fast growing advertising medium. But why is
video marketing the best option to market your products?
Video is the best approach because the average attention span of a
web user today is measured by seconds. As I’ve mentioned, people
nowadays are used to have instant access; they want things to be fast.
Visuals always work better than text in this case.
There are tons of information out there on the Internet and many of
which cause the users to have an information overload. If you could
summarize a 3-page website into a 2-minute video, definitely people
would choose to watch it. Why tell when you can show? Users have
the tendency to browse and skip through information.
However, if you are able to engage the users and present your
information in visual form, then you’re a huge step ahead. People
would prefer to watch a short video instead of reading a long text.
Furthermore, visuals create an experience to the audience if compared
to text. People could actually imagine and realize that what your
information is about. For instance, if you were to sell a product online,
instead of telling them in words, you can tell them by showing them
exactly how the product will be like in the video.
This way, the people wouldn’t have to put in much effort in grasping
your messages.
Video Marketing Starter Tools
So, now that you already know the reason why you need a video for
your marketing. The next step is to prepare the necessary tools. Here’s
a list of things that you need to prepare.
#1: Niche
This is especially for newbies – find a niche for your business.
Choosing a suitable niche is the utmost important task you should do
before anything else. Some of you may be in the business long
enough, but let us revise a bit on the niche research.
One of the criteria of niche is that it must be an active niche. The
reason you need to choose an active one is because the chances that
you are going to get active buyers from it is obviously higher when the
niche is highly active. Almost every single marketer would tell you that
growing a list of active buyers is better than getting a long list of
passive subscribers.
Moving on, you must have a targeted niche – more specific niche. It
would be a bad idea to get a general niche. There are many reasons
for this. One of them is that the market is huge, so you’ll face large
competitors from all over the world. Another reason is so that you’ll
know who to target.
You’d want a specific target audience who demand a specific thing.
What you can do is find a specific, targeted niche, such as Internet
marketing niche. This can be said an evergreen niche that could will
remain significant for a long, long time. This way, when you are
creating product for this niche, you can focus on any Internet
marketing-related topics.
Now, you may be wondering how to find the suitable niche to start your
business, and how to ensure the status of a niche, whether it is an
active or a passive niche. You can start with joining the Facebook
groups. Search for keywords in Facebook, you can see that some
groups show up in the results.
Some of them may be a closed group. Send them a request to join
their group. Do not hesitate to join them. These groupswill be the key
for you to understand and connect with your niche.
One way to build the relationship with them is by demonstrating your
value to them, by promoting their launch first. This is how you win their
trust and establish credibility. Especially when you are new to the
business, always provide value FIRST.
#2: AutoResponder
Next thing you need to prepare is an AutoResponder account. An
AutoResponder is basically an online service that manages your
mailing list. Instead of mailing out to the subscribers one by one
manually, you can do it all at once. The software is a huge time saver
that saves you a lot of work and time for other important tasks.
You can simply upload your mailing list to the AutoResponder, and
then the emails that you want to mail out to them. It will then take care
of the rest for you. Isn’t this amazing? If you have a series of emails
lining up to send, you can even schedule the dates you want to mail
out to them.
The recommended AutoResponder are Aweber and GetResponse.
#3: Squeeze Page
After you’ve created an AutoResponder account, you’ll need a
squeeze page or landing page now. A squeeze page is basically there
to collect the emails of the visitors, and grow your mailing list.
As you already know that building a list is very, very critical to the
success of any business, regardless an online or offline one. So, a
squeeze page is definitely a must.
A squeeze page must be straight to the point, simple and looks great.
The only thing you need to include in the squeeze page is the opt-in
form for them to fill in their name and email address, and the features
and benefits.
In addition, if you are going to offer them a free product as return of
their subscription, you can mention about it in the squeeze page as
well. I am going to talk about free products later.
In your squeeze page, do not make them read too much. You should
make their focus on the opt-in of their email address. Some squeeze
pages require a 2-step opt-in, but from my own experience, a simple
opt-in in the main page will bring the same result.
A small reminder here, remember to ensure the opt-in form is
connected to your AutoResponder. If you do not link the opt-in form to
the AutoResponder, you will not get the email address from them.
Hence, the traffic would be wasted.
#4: Free Report
As mentioned just now, you can offer a free product in your squeeze
page. When you offer a free product, you make them more tempted to
subscribe to you. The free report can be in any form, to give them
basic information on what your product is.
For instance, if you were to offer them the lead generation course in
your one-time offer page later, you can offer them a free report on 20
Reasons To Have Your Own Leads. This would give them an idea on
what it is all about after they’ve subscribed to your newsletters.
The visitors will get the free report with access to the collection of
powerful Internet business tips, updates and articles simply by
subscribing to you. Remember, this offer is a free offer. You can’t lose.
Your free report could be in any of these forms:
– E-book
– Video courses
– Report or case studies
– Software, or
– PLR products
#5: Download Page
Right after they’ve opt-in their email address, you’ll lead them to the
download page to get their free report. This is really important. You
need to be sure that the product gets delivered to them. If you make a
mistake here and create a bad impression, the follow-up emails you’ll
send to them later will be ineffective.
The download page can be in 3 forms:
– Attach download link in email, send through the first email
– One-time-offer page, which I highly recommend
– Through a Thank You page
If you are choosing the first method, you can send them the link via
email. Once they’ve clicked on the subscribe button, they’ll receive an
email from you with the attach link to download the product.
The content of the email can be a simple one. It can be just to express
appreciation to them for their subscription to your newsletters, and
along with a link for them to download their free product.
The second method is a highly recommended way to send them their
download link. You are going to offer them another product with special
discounts just for the subscribers. Remember, to make the one-time
offer irresistible by implementing the scarcity factor, which will create
the sense of urgent.
Thirdly, simply direct them to a thank you page with a download link
attached in the page. I am going to explain more on this later in
another chapter.
#6: Generate Traffic with Videos
This would be the core of the whole course – generating massive
traffic through your videos. The higher rank of your video, the higher
chance it can bring you organic traffic. An organic traffic is a massive
number of free traffic generated through the video itself without you
paying a single cent.
Isn’t this exciting? Of course, there are many other ways to generate
traffic to a website. But in this course, I am going to talk about video
marketing only.
In a worst-case scenario where your video couldn’t bring much organic
traffic to your site, you’ll need to spend a little bit money on buying ads
from YouTube or Facebook. You’ll be shown the steps to create an
advertising campaign and set up your budget in their respective
Types of Videos
Before you start your production, the first thing that you should do is to
decide on the type of video that you want to create. There are several
types of videos you can consider:
– Screencast / Video screen capture
– PowerPoint / Keynote slides
– Talking Head
– Interviews
– Livestream/ Webcast
– Animation
The first one is screencast, or video screen capture. It can be used
to demonstrate a product of tutorial. You can do this by recording your
screen of the product and narrating at the same time about your offer.
This is one way you can do with screencast.
Other than introduce and demonstration, you can make it an on-screen
tutorial as well, where you walk the audience through a series of
videos on how to use a particular product or training. This type of video
is very effective for training purpose, because users will be able to
watch the video’s step-by-step activities on screen.
The recommended software to use for the video screen capture is
Second type of video is PowerPoint or Keynote slides. Basically
you’ll deliver your message to your viewers through PowerPoint or
Keynote slides as you narrate. This type of videos is extremely
effective if you have a really long and extensive topic to share. You can
even make it a series of videos to share with them every week or
month when thenumber of followers increases.
With bullet points and guided text, your viewers will be able to follow
through your presentation easily.
Moving on, the next one will be talking head. This is a type of video is
very good for personal branding, because the audience can see what
you look like and how you interact with them.
You may use this method to either share on your tips, advices or invite
them to your upcoming launch or webinars.
Besides putting only yourself in the video, you can create a video
where you are interviewing someone. This would be the next type of
video – interviews. There are 2 ways to conduct the interview, either
to interview an expert in your business field to endorse your services or
your customers for testimonials as a social proof.
The impact is always greater when someone else endorse your
product than talking about it by your own self.
Next, you can choose to put the video on live in the net, which is called
livestream or webcast. Webinar is the trend now to interact with your
subscribers or viewers. Unlike a live seminar, you’ll be spared the labor
of event organizing. To conduct webinars, all you need is a laptop with
a decent webcam and dependable Internet access.
Go to or, and you can record live video of
yourself or an interview with expertise online. Viewers can have access
to that video with just a click.
Finally, if you are not so keen on appearing in person, you can use
animation instead. There is plenty of software available online that
could make your work easier, such as Video Maker FX.
Select the angle of the story that suits your topic, there will be a series
of short clips you can use to complete your video. You do not need to
have the skill on designing and video filming; all of these are readymade
for you.
Now that you have the general idea of what you’re going to do, it’s time
to jump in to the rest of the course.
Chapter 2:
How To Find Profitable Products To
Your whole marketing campaign including all the details such as the
scriptwriting of your video making will base on your niche. So, the first
thing you need to do is to find a niche and to have a strong
understanding on the market.
In this chapter, we’ll take a look at how you’re going to find the perfect
niche and how to determine whether they’re profitable or not. It’s a little
detour from the main topic which is Video Marketing but this chapter
wouldn’t be here if it’s not important.
Specificity Is Key
When it comes to a niche, you need to be as specific as you can. The
market of your choice is huge, competitive, and most likely saturated.
It’s easier and wiser to have a specialized and focused target rather
than being too general.
If you have a specific field that you are interested in, you’ll have to
break it down and choose a more specific niche. For example, if you
want to go through with the “Make Money Online” niche, you can’t be
too general and just make products about various ways of making
money online and sell them to a general niche. Chances are, your
sales will be unremarkable.
Be more specific with your niche and product. For example, instead of
just going for the “Make Money Online” niche, choose “Affiliate
Program” instead. Now, it’s more focused and it will be easier for you
to target the market.
Or, if you can go even further, it would be better. Instead of just
focusing on affiliate programs, that is still quite general, go even more
specific. Perhaps, you can cater to the digital products affiliates. What
is important here is that you know who to approach with your product.
This is why you need to be as specific as you can.
An Active Niche
Now that you’ve gotten an idea of which niche you want to choose,
next, you have to make sure that the niche is active.To find an active
niche, you would need to monitor their online activities. There is an
easy way to do this, which is through the most accessible social media
platform there is, which is Facebook.
On Facebook, you can just do a quick search in the ‘Groups’ search
box for your niche. For example, ‘affiliates program’, then Facebook
will show you the search results that are probably by the dozens or, if
you’re lucky, by the hundreds. There are two types of groups; one is
private and the other is public.
A private group with thousands of members is privatized usually
because they don’t want any bot or spam account to join their circle.
First, make sure you have a legit Facebook account first before you
request for access.
Anyway, this is one of the easiest and accessible ways you can
determine whether a niche is active or not. If there are still activities,
especially online, that means the niche is definitely viable. But how do
we know whether it’s profitable?
Is The Niche Profitable?
The only way to find out is by monitoring the products sold to that
niche.For example, the affiliate program niche, which is an information
product. You can go ahead and find products that are related to this by
a search on a marketplace like WarriorPlus, ClickBank, or JVZoo.
These marketplaces have an eclectic collection of products that you
can find. They cater to almost all niches you can possibly find.
After you’ve found these products, you can go on to look for their
reviews and ratings. In fact, if you can find them in the marketplace
that means there is demand for the products. It’s best that you look at
the products that are top sellers and sell products on that niche. You
can find them in the main pages of all the marketplaces.
Here, in these marketplaces, you can learn a lot about your niche and
the products that are related to them.First of all, you can look at the
sales pages of these products and read the copy and watch the video,
if there are any. Do it with as many products as you can for your niche
so that you’ll learn how to approach them and ‘speak their language’,
so to speak.This will help you to design your video sales letter or even
help you write the video.
Pick A Niche That You Like
In school, you’ve probably been told by your English teacher to “write
what you know”. Why do they encourage this? Well, because when
you work on something that you’re familiar with, or interested in, you’ll
be motivated to work harder and you’re more likely to deliver a better
quality work.So, if you’re going to invest money, a lot of time, and
energy, might as well do it on something that you enjoy.
However, this should come last. The first thing you need to consider is
the profitability of the niche. Most of the time, what we like doesn’t
really bring profit.
Understanding Your Audience
Now that you finally know your niche, it’s time for you to a bit deeper
and know your target audience. You can’t be generic when it comes to
target audience. For example, if your niche is affiliate program, it’s not
enough to just target “people who are interested in affiliate programs”.
You have to know their gender, age group, nationality, language, and
many other specifics.
To do this, it usually takes experience and lots of research. The best
kind of research is when your rub shoulders with your target
audience.You can do this by joining Facebook groups, forums, and any
other type of discussions you can find online. This is how you learn
their attitude, their language, and most importantly, their concerns.
Use your online reach to expand your knowledge and understanding
on your target market. You will need to interact with them. Not only
that, you can also take the opportunity to network and strengthen your
presence in the market.
It’s important to know your audience well so that you would know how
what kind of approach you should use and what is it that appeals to
them.The best way to approach this isby making a customer avatar. A
customer avatar is a representation of your customers.You have to
personify your whole target audience.
How does this work? It’s easy. All you have to do is to imagine a
person that represents your customers to be their avatar. So, you’ll
need to find out their age, gender, average income, lifestyle, etc. From
all those information, you create an avatar that represents most of your
customers. With a customer avatar created, it will be easier for you to
do creative work.
You might think that it is a folly idea but it will really help you in writing
promotions and having a deeper understanding of your audience.
Besides, it’s easier to write for one person than imagining the whole
audience.Remember, all the videos and sales you’re going to make
are all about them.
What Is The Most Popular Niche
If you go through all the marketplaces that have been recommended
and you look at all the top selling products tables, you’d notice a
pattern in all the ranked products. They are all related to the Make
Money Online niche.This has always been one of the most profitable
and popular niche you can find.
If you want to start a lucrative business, one of the safest and surest
ways to achieve success is by choosing this niche. The competition is,
of course, more fierce than other less popular niches, which is why as
mentioned earlier in this module that you need to be more specific
when choosing a niche.
However, it’s still entirely up to you which niche you want to venture in.
This is just a recommended niche.
Chapter 3:
Crafting your Offer
The Giveaway
Now that you’ve found your niche, the next thing you need to do is find
an appropriate giveaway item. This will be the item that you offer your
prospects for free on your squeeze page, in exchange for their name
and email address. We’ll talk more about squeeze pages a little later
For now, let’s focus on finding the right giveaway gift. It’s not as simple
as just picking up any random item from an online store – especially if
you want to get the most out of it.
Firstly, you need to determine which types of content work best for
your targeted audience.
Here are some popular choices for giveaway content:
 Ebooks
 Audio books
 MP3 downloads
 Blueprint
 PowerPoint slides
 Video Tutorials
 Free Report
 Software
 Mobile app
Ask yourself, what sort of media would appeal more to my visitors? Are
they busy, on-the-go businessmen who would prefer an audio file
which they can listen to while commuting? Maybe they are motivational
speakers or counselors who want to insert slides into a PowerPoint
Presentation for their presentations? Would they want to use your
content as PDF handouts for a training workshop or seminar?
Once you have a clearer idea of the sort of media which appeals to
your audience, you can then move on to finding the right topic to cover.
You’ve already identified your niche but your need to narrow it down to
a more specific topic because you don’t want to be giving away an
encyclopedia which takes a whole month to read or a 5 hour long video
For now, let’s say your niche is gardening. What you need to do is
discern which gardening topics your visitors would like to learn more
One way to find out which topics are in hot demand is by paying
attention to the frequently asked questions or comments on gardening
sites and Facebook groups. You can then find out which area of
gardening is being talked about the most.
Try also going through recent emails that you’ve received from your
leads. Is there a common question which keeps coming up? You can
also consider setting up a short survey or poll on your landing page to
find out which gardening topics your visitors would like to find out more
People love learning and finding ways to improve on their passions.
Think about offering content highlighting the “Best Practices” or “Worst
practices” of everyday gardeners. These types of content tend to get
many downloads, as learning the dos and don’ts help one better hone
their craft. Tips and guidelines for beginners and intermediates is also
a topic which has proven to be profitable.
Content which is timely or immediately relevant also have the potential
to sell very well. If you’re setting up this offer to go live in the late
summer, how about offering your visitors an e-book on the best ways
to grow produce in the fall? Maybe there’s a popular agricultural
festival coming up soon – you can offer them a free report on the best
ways to get their booth noticed at the upcoming festival.
You’ve found your niche, you’ve discerned which mediums work best
for your target audience and you’ve narrowed down your giveaway
content topic. It’s now time to create your giveaway product.
Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when creating content:
Audiobook or MP3 file –
 If you are camera shy, but you have a good voice, you can
create an audio MP3 file or even an audiobook.
 Remember to script down what you want to say before you start
recording so that you can focus on just reading material allows
and you won’t have to worry about coming up with things to say
on the spot.
 Be sure to also pronounce your words clearly and to try
speaking in an even, consistent tone and volume.
 Create a report, shoot a video about it, take out the audio from
the video and create a multi format gift. Make it easy for your
subscribers to consume it.
Ebook, Blueprint or Free Report –
 Share info which you either have some extensive knowledge on
or have done significant research about.
 Make sure the gift you giveaway is closely related to what you
are thinking of promoting to your list in the future.
 Have it in PDF! It’s easy to work with and accessible across
more platforms than Microsoft Word.
Powerpoint Slides and Video Tutorials –
 If you’re offering a live action video tutorial, be sure to have
enough lighting and a good microphone.
 Keep PowerPoint slides light and easy to read – avoid using
animations and make sure your text never takes up more than
80% of any one slide
 Convert your PowerPoint slides into a screen capture video
using Camtasia and add audio (more on this later)
Not feeling the creative juices flowing? Not to worry – you don’t need to
create the products yourself, thanks to PLR content.
PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR contents are contents,
which, once purchased, you are legally allowed to manipulate and
publish as your own. You may even include your own name as the
creator or author. That is to say, that when you purchase PLR content,
you then own nearly all of the rights in the work, often including the
rights to attribution, resale and so forth.
PLR products are a great option for giveaways, as they don’t cost very
much to purchase. The price can range anywhere from 1.00 USD to
15.00 USD, depending on the type of content. You must be careful
though to ensure that the item you purchase also comes with the rights
to offer the item as a free giveaway. Most PLR websites will usually
provide a list of rights, which come along with the purchase of one of
their PLR products.
There are loads of online stores from which you can purchase PLR
products. Here are some helpful links to start with:
Regardless of where you choose to get your product, be sure to vet
through it for quality, before offering it as a giveaway to your visitors.
You don’t want them to receive a freebie from you which has no real
value. In fact, this rule applies whenever you are handing your viewers
any product, whether you created it yourself or purchased it from a
PLR site.
The Sueeze Page
Example of a standalone squeeze page.
The first part of creating your offer was finding a suitable giveaway
item. The second part, which is in no way less important, is building
your squeeze page.
A squeeze page is a landing page designed to capture opt-in email
addresses from potential subscribers. The goal of a squeeze page is to
convince, cajole, or ”squeeze” a visitor into providing their email
address in exchange for a free product or giveaway. This e-mail
address is valuable as it will help you expand your mailing list and,
hopefully, score some sales later on.
With minimal to no other clickable links except for the opt-in or submit
button, a squeeze page is a kind of ultimatum. Visitors need to make
the active decision to either input their details in exchange for receiving
your free gift or leave the page completely.
While you can set up a standalone squeeze page such as the one
pictured above, there are also two other options – splash pages and
pop-up pages.
Pop-up pagesare small windows that ‘pop up’ on top of web pages in
your internet browser. These sorts of squeeze pages tend to be not
very popular with visitors.
A survey conducted by Jakob Nielsen found that 95% of users found
their online experience was negatively or even VERY negatively
affected by pop-ups. Equally horrific, it was found in another study that
over 50% reported that pop-ups negatively affected their opinion of the
These statistics speak for themselves – pop-up squeeze pages are a
bad idea! So, unless you’ve set up a standalone squeeze page, we’d
recommend that you use splash pages instead.
Splash pages are custom pages which you redirect your users to when
they initially visit your homepage. If you use a splash page, do include
a clearly visible button for your visitors to opt out and return
immediately to your homepage – it’s much better for them to head
back to your website than to just close the tab on you and lose interest
in your business completely.
Also, make sure the design, copy, and feel correspond with your
regular homepage. You don’t want users to wonder where they are
and to dismiss your splash page as spam. You may also consider
using an internet cookie so that your visitors aren’t redirected to your
splash page again when they visit your homepage a second time.
Let’s now talk about what sort of information you should have on your
squeeze page.
Firstly, have an image of the free item that you are offering your
visitors. Whether it’s an e-book or video tutorial, do ensure that the
image you use is one that looks professional. Packaging can be the
make or break for you in this case.
Next, create bullet-point copy that highlights not only the features of
the product, but how the item can benefit your visitors. People want to
know why they should get this item, so make try to make your copy as
convincing as possible. Find ways to emphasize how easy your
information is to absorb and use.
If you have any testimonials, you may also include some short snippets
on your squeeze page. Do limit it to just one or two though as more
than that might create too much clutter – which is the last thing you
want for a squeeze page.
An Internet user’s data is extremely important in today’s day and age,
which is why many people think twice before sharing their email
addresses. To counter this, add a link to a page containing your
privacy and data policies.
Lastly, have a Name and Email Address field for your visitors to input
their details, along with a button for them to submit their information.
Important to note that you should only ask for their Name and Email –
asking for more information will cause your visitors to be suspicious
and wary.
You may even consider having a two-step opt-in format. Instead of
having the name and email address fields for your visitors on your
splash page, get them to click on a button which then opens a small
pop-up window, for them to insert their name and email address.
This two-step opt-in is a popular choice because it takes minimal effort
for someone to click the button on the squeeze page and when the
pop-up window appears, a lot of visitors think “Well, I’m already this far
in, so I might as well continue”. It’s simple psychology at its best.
For someone who is knew to lead generation and list building, it could
sound daunting to create a squeeze page from scratch. Thankfully,
there are many websites which make creating your squeeze page a
piece of cake (for a price).
Here are some, which we would recommend for their easy to use
Another facet to squeeze pages which you might want to consider is
setting up an autoresponder to deliver your free giveaway immediately.
You can choose to manually send your giveaway content to those who
opt-in, but an auto-responder saves you a lot of time and effort.
The way it works is the minute a prospect submits their email address
to you, the autoresponder will send them an email from your own email
account, with the attached PDF or audio files. This goes without saying
but you can, of course, choose the text and contents that go into the
automatic emails ahead of time and the auto-responder will take care
of the rest.
Some page building websites come with their own auto-responder.
You can also check out these links to other popular autoresponder
Chapter 4:
Creating Videos The Easy Way
Making videos, with the proper know-how, can be a real walk in the
park. You don’t really need to invest, without guarantee of quality and
effectiveness, in hiring professionals anymore. Plus, usually when you
outsource a video production project, it would take a very long time to
be completed. Before you know it, you’ve wasted a lot of time and
money already.
This is why it’s best that you make your own video instead. That way,
you don’t have to wait for the video to complete. You’ll have the full
control of the video and on top of that, you can ensure its quality. It
may seem daunting because it sounds hard, isn’t it? But, it’s actually
not. With the right mindset and determination, anything is possible.
In this module, you are going to learn about making videos in the
easiest of ways and, of course, that will bring you big profit. You will be
introduced and guided through various dependable and popular videomaking
What You Need
So, now, as promised, you’re going to learn about making videos
yourself using nothing but affordable, accessible tools and resources.
Just a little head’s up, for hardware, it’s best that you get a good
microphone, though. All laptops and desktop computers come with a
microphone now but it’s best that you find one with a higher quality. If
you’re planning to do a Talking Head video, where you appear as a
speaker in the video, it’s best to get a good camera, as well.
Tutorial Videos – Camtasia
Now, with that out of the way, let’s jump into what you need in making
a tutorial video. The best video editing program you can use for a
tutorial video is Camtasia. It’s highly recommended and it’s very
Camtasia allows you to do an on-screen recording. For those who
don’t know what this is, it’s a recording of your computer screen as you
go. In other words, it records your screen activity. It’s perfect for when
you want to give a guided tutorial without going through the hassle of
Plus, it records your voice, too. As you go on giving the on-screen
tutorial, you can provide comments vocally. With the help of visual and
audio, your presentation is more comprehensive than just presentation
It’s great for if you’re teaching your audience on some hands-on work
like, for example, image editing. We all know that image editing can be
a real piece of work. It’s no walk in the park and teaching people how
to use it using only text doesn’t really help for most. The audience
needs to see how things are done step-by-step so that it’d be easier for
them to absorb.
Why is it hard to explain using only text for programs like editing tools?
Well, like Photoshop, for example, there’s an array of tools to be used
that the user has find in the cluttered interface where vital tools are
sometimes hidden. The interface can really be confusing for someone
who is new to it.
Speaking of tutorials, Camtasia works well for presentation slides, as
well. Remember, Camtasia allows you to do on-screen recording. If
the content of your video is just presentation slides, you can play those
slides in full screen while you give a voiceover elaborating your points
on top of those slides. Think of it as a live presentation. You have full
control on your slides’ timing and you can go on your comfortable
It also allows you to perform basic editing on the video. For example, if
you want to make adjustments to the sound or cut some scenes, you
can do it on Camtasia without having to access to other video editing
A lot of tutorial videos are presented this as audience finds it easier to
listen than to just read.
Sales Videos – VideoMakerFX
VideoMakerFX is an excellent program. With real basic editing skills,
you can produce an animated video in literally within minutes.
It provides templates of characters and animations. We all know that
sales videos need a little personal touch in order for it to be appealing.
What VideoMakerFX lets you do is to incorporate animated characters
or customer avatars into your video. Not only that, it makes it easy for
you to add animated texts on your videos too. You can also upload the
image your company logo in the video.
Most importantly, all of this can be done with just a few clicks. You
don’t need any intensive training or comprehensive understanding of
the program to operate it. All the functions and tools are very direct. All
you need is just basic editing knowledge and you’re good to go.
Now, these characters that you can choose in VideoMakerFX are
animated with multiple choices of emotions and actions. One character
can be happy, sad, worried, and many others.
Hence, with basic editing knowledge, you can rearrange these
sequences to form a complete video. For example:
1. If you’re selling a slimming product, you can choose a character
that appears to be overweight.
2. This character is animated with emotions, so you can display
that they are sad with text appearing on the video, “Meet Emma.
She’s been trying to lose weight.”
3. Next, you can display your product along with its logo.
4. Then you can choose a thinner version of the same character to
visualize your product’s effectiveness.
There’s a wide range of choices of characters you can choose from.
You can cater to whatever niche you want as there are a number of
avatars. There are avatars of construction workers, professionallooking
man and woman, an average Joe and average Jane, and
many more.
Not only you can animate the characters and texts, you can also
animate the background. If you’re planning to make a video that is
solely texts, having an animated background is great to make it less
It is also highly customizable. You can choose fonts, colors, and size
for your text. There’s also a wide range of options for you to choose
the background art, color, and animation.
The best part is that VideoMakerFX it is not high-priced. It’s definitely
way cheaper than other programs like MoviePlus and Pinnacle
Talking Head Videos
For those who have not heard of the term Talking Head video, it is
actually where the speaker (usually the product vendor) appears in the
video in person.
When it comes to adding a personal touch to a sales video, there’s
nothing more personal than a talking head video. This kind of videos
really helps businesses where personality and credibility play a crucial
role, for example, coaching programs and webinars.
For this kind of video, there’s no way to make production easier with
programs like VideoMakerFX. Instead, it depends heavily on you, the
presenter, to be charismatic enough to sell. A talking head video needs
a strong script and topnotch equipment. Lacking one of those would be
a big problem to make sales.
The editing programs for a talking head video would be basic tools
because it’s not as complex as using animation like VideoMakerFX.
In fact, if you record using a phone, you can edit directly from it.
However, if you’re after some more complex editing, you can go for
programs like Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or Sony Vegas. Any of these
programs is fine.
Outsourcing Your Work
If you don’t have the time or completely have no knowledge in the
technicalities of video editing, you can go ahead and outsource the
There are two popular websites where you can easily find and hire
freelancers, which are and
On these websites, you can find freelancers from all professional fields
like writing, editing, designing, voice acting, and many more.
Now, we’re going to talk about what you have to do after you’ve
completed shooting the video.
In every video production including films, there are three stages that a
project goes through, which are:
1. Pre-Production
This is the preparation stage. This is where you plan your video that
encompasses all aspect of the video including writing the script,
drawing storyboards, budgets (if you have any) and all that is similar.
2. Production
This is where you actually record the video, the filming stage.
3. Post-Production
This is where you put together all the footages shot into your final
product. In other words, this is the editing.
What we’re going to talk about now is the post-editing stage, which is
the post-production. Now, we’re not going to talk about how you want
to arrange sequences for your video as that is entirely up to you.
But we’re going to talk more on the branding side of your video. It’s still
important to have branding in your video just like all of your products.
You’ll want these to be recognizable so that your presence in the
market would be stronger, giving a great boost in sales.
What you should include in your sales videos are texts, images, and
videos. All the editing programs that are listed above allow you to do
this. Seasoned entrepreneurs know that a sales video does more than
just selling the product. It’s also about selling your brand. However, it’s
not a good idea to abuse the feature by bombarding your video with
logos, texts, and images of your brand.
For the VideoMakerFX program, you can do this rather easily. The
whole video is about inserting text. Putting text is so easy in it; it’s just
a matter of a few clicks. It also allows you to upload images of your
brand logo.
The most basic element you can include in your video to strengthen
your brand is a watermark. It’s not really a tough task to do and it
doesn’t seem like it’s of great importance. In fact, some may forgo the
idea. But, as mentioned, it’s just something to make it your brand more
Chapter 5:
Marketing Your Video Part 1
We’re now going to go into the nitty gritty details of how to run ads for
your videos via Youtube. There’s a two-step process to this. First you’ll
need to set up your Ad details on Youtube, then for the second step
you will be required to create or sign into a Google AdWords account,
as all billing will be facilitated through AdWords. We’ll talk more about
the AdWords side of things a little later on.
Now, we’re going to take a step by step look into how to run your ads
with Youtube. These ads will help your videos get more views which
can translate into more contacts to add to your list. For the purpose of
clarity, we’ve include some photos to guide you.
To get started, go to your Youtube channel where your video has been
pre-uploaded and click on the “Video Manager” button. Find the video
you want to promote, click the “Edit” tab and then select “Promote”.
This will then bring you to a Welcome page, introducing you to
promoting your videos. Click on the ‘Create a campaign’ button, which
will then bring up the following page.
This is where you can specify your budget. You have an option to set a
daily budget or an overall campaign budget. If this is your first time
promoting videos, we’d recommend that you start first with a daily
budget, as it gives you a little more flexibility.
After selecting your choice of currency, input the amount of money you
are willing to spend per day on ads in the “Your budget” field. This
amount can be anywhere from a dollar to a thousand but we’d
recommend you start small. 5 US Dollars a day is a good, safe amount
you can start with. It might seem like 5 Dollars a day for a whole month
is quite a bit, but remember that the point of these ads is to build your
list – you will make up for the money spent on advertising via the sales
you acquire through list-building, so it all works out.
Try running the campaign at 5 dollars a day and after a week or so,
check to see if your list has grown, or if any of your backend products
have been purchased. Once you start gaining significantly more sales,
you can then consider upping your daily budget.
For setting your audience, you can choose either of the options
provided. For now, just selecting “Everyone” will do. You can refine
your target audience Demographic, Interests, Keywords s later on in
Google Adwords. Once you’re done, click on the blue button to move
on to the next step.
This next step is all about designing your ad to promote your video
First and foremost, you need to come up with a suitable headline.
Think also about the keywords that are used in this niche and see if
you can include them in your headline – this will increase the likeliness
of your video turning up in Youtube searches. You also want
something that sounds exciting and relevant to your target market to
entice them to click on the ad.
The same can be said about your description lines as well. Only this
time, try to explain a bit more about what your video has to offer your
You’ll also need to choose a video thumbnail. Youtube will have
narrowed down some options, so you’ll not need to spend too much
time on this. We’d recommend choosing a thumbnail image which isn’t
too text heavy. Visual work better than copy, unless you have
something very powerful to say which can also be digested in the 3
seconds it takes someone to skim over your ad.
The column on your left will show you an estimate of the amount of
people who will see your ad and the estimated number of views your
video will gain from it. Beneath that, there’s a preview of how your ad
will look like to viewers. Once you’re happy with the design of your ad,
click the blue button to proceed to the next step.
This page will prompt you to sign into your Google AdWords account. If
you don’t have one yet, you will need to create one which will take no
more than 5 minutes. Be sure to have your billing information on
standby as you will need to link up your credit card before you can
launch your campaign.
Once you’ve completed your AdWords sign up, you will be brought to a
review page, where you can then hit the “Create and Launch
Campaign” button. You will then be brought to you AdWords Campaign
If you look at the Status column towards the bottom right corner of the
page, it will inform you that your ad has not yet gone live and that it is
currently under review. It shouldn’t take more than a full business day
for AdWords to approve your ad, unless you have gone against some
of their advertising policies.
The main thing we want to do with AdWords is sharpening our
audience targeting group. However, we can also use it to send viewers
to our squeeze page. Hover over your video ad to bring up the pen
icon, which will bring you to the edit page.
In the in stream section, insert your homepage or company website in
the display URL field – this will create a link in your in-stream ad which
people can click on. In the final URL field just below it, insert the link to
your squeeze page. This way, whenever someone clicks on the link
displayed, it will send them to your squeeze page which can help you
grow your list. This is a really basic marketing tool, but it can greatly
help with driving traffic to your squeeze page.
Once, you’ve done this, you can start targeting your ad, so that it
reaches all the right people. Start by clicking on the Settings tab so that
we can refine the countries and states you would like to target.
Targeting locations is especially handy if your business only ships to
certain countries or if you’re offering a face-to-face consultation in your
home state.
In the settings page, look for the section on locations. Click on the edit
button. Next, select the “Let Me Choose” option and start typing
countries or states you’d like to target your ads to. When you type in a
country or state, you will be given the option to either “add” or
“exclude” this country from your targeting group. This can help you
filter out countries which you don’t want to advertise to.
We can further narrow down who we would like to see our ads, using
the “Targets” tab. This is one of the most important tools when it
comes to successfully advertising your video. To get started, click on
the “tab.
Google AdWords has provided four main criteria which you can
determine when it comes to setting your targeting group, aside from
Under the Demographics section, you will find variations for age
groups, gender and parental status. Check the details with correspond
with your target market. Once you’re satisfied, click the red “+
Demographic” button.
For Interests and Topics, you can also find variations which Google
AdWords has prepared for you. It works similar to the Demographics
section except instead of check boxes, the variations are presented to
you in the form of lists. Go through the list and select the topics and
interests which are related to your video.
When it comes to targeting Keywords, the mechanism works slightly
different. Start by typing out a keyword which is relevant to your video.
AdWords will then suggest other related keywords based off the
keyword you just typed out. Go through the suggestions and add the
ones you want to add to your campaign. Be sure to only pick key
words which are related to your video to get the most out of this
Once you’ve narrowed down your targets, your video should show up
in all the right searches to guarantee you more views. It’ll also help you
save on marketing, as you won’t be wasting your money advertising to
people who have little to no interest in the sort of content you are
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Google
AdWords can lend to your video marketing efforts. In the next chapter,
we will give you a broader understanding of how AdWords works and
explain more about the functions which you can customize to maximize
your marketing potential.
Chapter 6:
Marketing Your Video Part 2
I hope you already get the concept of video marketing. You already
know what are the tools that you need to prepare to get your videos up
to the platform, and you know what a squeeze page is and how to
make an irresistible offer by give away free product in your squeeze
Now, here we continue to cover the core of the course – traffic
In this chapter, you will learn how to generate enormous number of
traffic through Google Adwords. This is one of the techniques used by
most of the marketers. Besides getting organic traffic from the video
alone, they pay to get traffic to their site as well.
Google Adwords
If you are new to the Internet marketing, you might be wondering what
this Google Adwords is. For another group of people that already have
some exposure in buying adverts from Google, you may have the
rough idea on what Google Adwords is all about. But, let us revise the
idea of Adwords before we go any further.
Google Adwords is a keyword planner. You will choose your own
keyword in the title of your video and bid on it with the purpose of
moving your site to the first page by significance or even top of the
search result page in YouTube. This would be extremely essential
especially newbies, because it gives you the idea on what kind of
keyword will be best in your niche.
Once you’ve created the campaign with Google Adwords, your video
will appear as an advertisement depends on the types of
advertisement you choose when you are setting up the campaign.
However, you must know that bidding isn’t the only factor that
determines where your site will appear. The placement of the site,
whether on top, bottom or side will be determined by Google based on
the relevancy of the search request. This is why researching on
keywords is important to get higher rank in Google Adwords.
Google Adwords is a recognized paid advertising platform and it’s not
like getting free organic traffic. With the huge number of users, Google
can be said to be the most significant search engine in the world.
For your information, Google has 86% of the market in search engine,
far more ahead from the other search engines. More than three-quarter
of the people in this world use Google search engine in their daily life.
You can imagine how much traffic Google can actually drive to your
site. Not only the chances that your advertisement posting with Google
Adwords can be seen are higher, the traffic to your site can be doubled
or even tripled.
Moreover, Google Adwords advertise with SEO, the search engine
optimization. To further understand the concept of SEO, you need to
study more about the keywords in your niches in order to get a good
result for SEO. However, I will not talk much about SEO in this book
because it is a whole different ballgame from the video marketing
You may be wondering how much you will need to pay for Google to
advertise for you. Do not worry about it; the flexibility of setting up your
budget with Google Adwords enables you to have full control on the
budget you are going to spend for the advertising campaign. You get to
set your own daily budget or campaign budget for the whole campaign,
which I will talk about this further in details later in the chapter.
So, how exactly the advertisement campaign works? When your site
has met all the requirementsset by Google, your video will standout in
the search results. Hence, boosting the exposure of your video to your
targeted group based on the keyword searched by the users.
The competition with Google Adwords is going to be tough, because
you are competing with millions of webmasters to fight for the ranking.
Therefore, you need to be careful not to choose highly competitive
Now that you know how effective it is to use Google Adwords to bring
massive traffic to your video, and, of course, you know that good things
will never come for free. You need to pay a price based on your bid to
Google based on how many views they managed to send to your
video, which is called the cost-per-view.
This linked back to the daily budget I’ve mentioned about just now. For
instance, if you’ve set the daily budget in $5.00, and cost-per-click is
10 cents, Google will stop sending traffic to your video after 50 views
on that particular day.
Other than appearing on top of the search result page, Google do
advertising in other people’s video page as well. You can choose the
type of advertisement, in-stream or in-display, to advertise in other
people’s page. You need not to worry about getting permission from
the site owner; Google already did that for you.
This is how Google Adwords works in a nutshell. I hope you already
get the concept of Google Adwords by now. The next thing you will
learn is to create an Adwords campaign for your videos in YouTube.
Without further ado, let’s move on to the steps on how to create the
5 Simple Steps to Create Google Adwords
To start the advertising campaign with Google Adwords, you just need
to follow 5 simple steps.
Step 1: Create Adwords Account
Create your own Adwords account will be the first thing to do. No
worries, creating this account is free. In addition, it is extremely easy to
create the account. Google had made the sign up process as easy
where you only need to key in your email address and your password.
Google will automatically fill in the other fields for you if you are already
a Gmail user.
Even if you are not a Gmail user, all you need is to fill in the other fields
and click on submit button. Within a few minutes, you are now in for
the competition.
Step 2: Choose Video Campaign
For some of you who are already in the business for long enough,
you’ll know that Google Adwords is not only a platform to advertise
your video, it can be a platform to advertise your websites as well. So,
the second step after you’ve created your account would be switching
it to create a video campaign instead of website campaign.
A website campaign and video campaign would be a total different
ballgame. You can refer the previous chapter.
Step 3: Select Daily Budget
After you’ve selected on video campaign, you’ll be directed to another
page where you get to select your budget for the video campaign. You
can set your daily budget or campaign budget based on your financial
You can do it in 2 ways. First is by expecting the views that you are
going to get from Google and set your budget, and second is by setting
up the maximum daily budget without expecting how much traffic
Google can drive to your video site.
To make things clear, here’s an example for each of the situation. For
the first situation, you’ll bid for 100 views per day, and the cost-perview
is 10 cents on average. Your daily budget will be 10 cents times
100; it sums up to $10 a day.
For the second situation, you’ll set your maximum daily budget. Let say
the maximum you can put is $20, the maximum traffic Google is going
to send will be 200 views a day. You do not expect how many views
you want it to be in this situation.
Of course, after some time of testing over the traffic, you can then
change your daily budget from Google Adwords anytime to increase
the views to your video. There’s no limitation on changing your daily
budget for the campaign.
Step 4: Choose Delivery Method
You can choose the delivery method. There are 3 methods:
– YouTube Search Page,
– YouTube Videos Advertisement,
– Video on Google Partner sites, apps, and display network.
You choose this based on what your target audiences are in your
niche. However, if you do not know which one would bring the best
result, you can choose all of them.
Under the same page to choose the delivery method, you can choose
the locations you want your video ad to be shown as well as the
languages your target audiences speak. This is a simpler version of
setting up your audience definition.
Under the advanced settings, you can schedule your start date, end
date, and ad scheduling. It is advisable to have an end date for it, just
in case if you forgotten to end the campaign and charged extra from
the campaign.
Step 5: Choose the Type of Advertisement
As mentioned, you’ll get to choose what type of advertisement you are
going to use for your video. There are 2 types of ads:
– In-stream, and
– In-display.
The in-stream video ad plays before another video on YouTube videos.
Viewers can choose to skip your ad after a few seconds. You are going
to pay only if a viewer watches for 30 seconds or to the end of the ad,
whichever comes first.
On the other hand, if you choose the in-display video ad, it includes an
image and some text. This ad will show differently, depending on
where on YouTube it appears. Either in the search results page,
YouTube related videos, as a YouTube overlay, or on partner
websites. You pay only when someone clicks your ad to view your
Ad Rank in Google Adwords
The ultimate goal of doing all the bidding with the keyword is to move
your video to the top of the Ad Rank. This is the competition in
Adwords. The higher your rank is the better exposure of your site.
Ad Rank is decided by Google. You might be wondering on how this
actually works. You will see later on.
For Google to determine the placement of your ads, it depends on a
few factors. One of them is, obviously, the auction for views, which is
how much you bid on the maximum cost-per-view. Every user gets to
choose how much to bid. However, it is not only based on how much
you’ve bid, as mentioned.
Now, you may be asking how to get a higher rank for this, is it the
highest bidder gets the highest rank. This is indeed the biggest myth
with using Google Adwords. This is not true. Google wants to show
only pertaining videos to their users, and avoid advertisers to simply
buy over and fill the ad space with irrelevant ads.
The Ad Rank Formula
So, here’s how you can move your video up to the top in ad rank if you
follow this ad rank formula, which consist of 3 elements. If you manage
to master the skill to balance up all these 3 elements, you are going to
get yourself up to the top of the rank.
#1: Bid
This is the bid of your maximum cost-per-view. As you already know by
now, you are at the same time competing with millions of advertisers
all around the world, so make sure you do the calculation of your own
financial budget before you put in the price for it.
For instance, if your ideal cost-per-view is 20 cents, you can set 20
cents as your maximum CPV. Hence, you’ll pay a maximum of 20
cents when someone watches your video. I hope that you already have
a clear idea on what bidding on maximum cost-per-view is.
#2: Relevancy of Video
Google analyze the relevancy of the video by reading the language in
the site. This is related to the headline and text you are going to put
under your video. Once again, this proves how important it is to choose
your keyword wisely according to your niche.
It is really important to do the keyword research beforehand, because
this will determine whether how well your video will be rank.
Here are some tips for you when you are doing the keyword research.
In general, Google tends to use video results for the types of
– How-to keywords
– Reviews
– Tutorials
– Fitness or sports related
– Funny videos
These are some of the usual keywords that will rank high in the results
#3: Performance Factor
Final element to rank high in the search results page is the
performance factor, such as view rates. Google will evaluate your
videos with the keywords you’ve set and calculate the expected view
rates of your video.
This is really unpredictable by us, because it is determined by Google
based on their own prediction on how many views they expected can
be sent to your video. Google does not simply evaluate your video.
They conduct surveys to their users every once in a while to collect
data for the evaluation.
Conclusion: All these elements will sum up the ‘quality score’ of your
video advertisement. The higher the quality scores for your campaign,
the higher your ad rank will be.
Google Adwords Dimension Tab
There are many amazing features in Google Adwords that enables you
to check on the conversion rates, click-through rates, and the other
statistics for your campaign. Among all those, I would highly
recommend you to use the dimension tab in Google Adwords.
The main function of dimension tab is to analyze, from the account
level up to the campaign level. It analyzes everything that is related to
your advertising campaign. It consists of 3 parts:
– Time Analysis
– Geographic Analysis
– Search Terms
#1: Time Analysis
The first element that dimension tab analyze is the time. To further
refine the performance of your ads, the time analysis tab enables you
to see when the best time to put the ads on is. From hour of day up to
year, they analyze and will present you the data.
Do you remember the advanced setting that allows you to schedule
your ad? You are able to know exactly what time is the time that most
users are active through the statistic. This way, you can schedule your
ad time ahead. For instance, the result shows that Saturday has the
lowest performance, you may pause your ads on weekends.
#2: Geographic Analysis
While time analysis is vital for the refinement of your ad performance,
geographic analysis is as important especially for businesses that sell
across the world. You can check on the geographic analysis tab and
know in which area of the world your ad performs the best.
When you know where your video performs the best, you can then
target your advertisement to be shown in that particular area when you
are setting up your target audience in the future.
#3: Search Terms
The last feature in dimension tab is the search terms. The search
terms analysis allows you to know all the other search terms that
triggered your ads from multiple views. It is so important to mention
once again here, choose your keywords wisely. It is vital in your ad
rank as well as the impression to your audience.
At this point here in the search terms analysis chart, you may see what
kind of keyword the users usually search in the search engine that will
lead to your site. You may find some useful keywords here for future
use as well.
Besides, if you happen to find some irrelevant terms, you can negate it
right away. This way, your video will not simply appear in the search
results with irrelevant keywords. It is better to be accurate and create
great impression than high exposure with bad impression because of
the irrelevant search terms.
Chapter 7:
How To Increase Your Sales
Now that your audience has received a free gift that you provided,
went through the one-time offer page and now you have their emails in
your list, what’s next?
You now have a list of subscribers. Your list is your asset and it’s
actually a yardstick for your success as an Internet marketer. But the
list shouldn’t be left to be cold. You need to have email activity so that
you don’t have all those subscribers for naught. There is a way for you
to monetize your list of subscribers.
This chapter will focus on how you’re going to make the best out of the
list you’ve grown and also a little bit about affiliate programs or the
important bits of it.This will be a great way to get income while you wait
for any future products.
Content of Follow-Up Emails
For those who are not familiar with follow-up emails, they are a series
of emails that are sent to the subscribers. You’ve probably received
them after making a purchase online or when you subscribe to a
The contents of these emails can be anything from a newsletter, blog
posts, articles, to offers. The purpose of these emails is so that the
subscribers don’t subscribe for nothing. You have to give them
something in return and you need to constantly be engaging with them.
Another reason to send follow-up emails is so that the subscribers
don’t forget who you are. They are your subscribers, which means they
are most likely interested in any product you are going to sell in the
future. But you can’t be quiet and suddenly pop up one day with an
offer. You have to keep in touch with them.
What you should do is to have content ready for the series of emails.
As mentioned, they can be anything from a newsletter or blog posts.
They can be anything that is related to your niche. For the content, you
can choose to write your own. Perhaps if you have insights, opinions,
or tips, you can share them with the subscribers.
However, if you have trouble coming up with content, there is an
alternative. You can always purchase Public Label Rights (PLR) from or any other PLR that you might find.
There are various products of PLR you can find including ebooks.
However, when you’re looking for content for your follow-up emails,
you should go for articles. There are articles sold as PLR in bulk. For
articles, they don’t cost as much as an ebook.
When you find a PLR package, it usually contains 10 to 15 articles
about a certain topic. For example, if your niche is ‘fly-fishing’ you can
search for PLR articles on You’ll be able to find articles
that are related to fly-fishing in no time. What you should look for is a
package with the most articles.
Why choose a package with the most articles? This is so that you have
abundant content to share with your list. Let’s say you purchase one
with 15 articles about fly-fishing and you email your list twice every
week, you have at least 7 weeks’ worth of emails already. Easy, isn’t
it? All you need to do is just purchase the PLR product. It sure beats
coming up with your own content.
A little word of caution here: Even though you have ownership and
rights on your PLR, it’s still a good idea to read and peruse through
any terms and conditions and legal notice from the provider. You do
not want to transgress any copyright law because there will be legal
Once you’ve made sure you’re in the clear to use the PLR product
however you want it, it’s time to send them to your list.
There are various ways to send them the content. One way is that you
can just send them as newsletters. This way, the subscribers get the
articles instantly, which makes it more likely for the customers to read
them. One extra thing you can do in your newsletters is to include a
link to your Facebook page or group that they can ‘like’. If you have
them on Facebook too, you’ve made your reach even wider.
Another way is that you can post the articles on your blog on your
website and share the link to that blog through the follow-up emails.
This is a great way to maintain traffic coming in to your website. The
customers will get familiarize with your website if they visit it often and
this indirectly builds trust. Trust leads to sales.
Affiliate Offers
Now, we’re going to divert from the main topic, which is video
marketing, in case you’ve forgotten amidst the excitement of learning
about follow-up emails, a little bit further.
From this list that you have, there is a way to monetize it without
having to wait and work on a new product. When you don’t have any
product to sell, you can participate in an affiliate program.
For those who do not know what an affiliate program is, it is a sales
program where an affiliate sells products online for commission.
Anyone can apply to be an affiliate and it’s just a matter of approval
from the vendor before you can get down to business.
To apply to be an affiliate, you can go through these marketplaces:
Of course, you would want to sell to your subscribers the products that
are related to your niche. To find those products, just go on any of the
marketplaces listed above and do a quick search. You will definitely
find the products there.
Depending on the niche you’re doing, look for products that are
related. It can be anything from tutorial videos, documentaries, or even
membership sites where users can gain access to exclusive content.
You can participate in affiliate programs for physical products however,
it’s better that you just go with digital products as they prove to be
more profitable than physical products on the Internet.
Once you’ve found the product you want to sell, you’ll have to apply to
be an affiliate and wait for the vendor to approve your request. When
your request is approved, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link. You’ll
want your customers to click through that link so that when they make
a purchase, the commission goes to you.
What happens after that? You start selling.
In previous pages, we’ve talk about follow-up emails. Now that you
have a product to sell, you can include the product offer in between the
follow-up emails. For example, after two follow-up emails of articles,
post the offer after that before going back to posting articles.Establish
a pattern that you find most suitable for your subscribers.
There are various ways to get your subscribers to click through your
affiliate link. If your follow-up emails are the PLR articles you’ve
purchased, you can just send include the link in the article itself.
Or if your follow-up emails follow the nature of a newsletter, you can
advertise the link of the product directly there. This makes the product
you’re selling more visible than just a link.
If your follow-up emails are instead linked to your blog and website,
you can instead advertise your product there. There are many ways to
get your subscribers to click through your affiliate link. It doesn’t matter
which way you choose to do as long as you get them to click through.
With all the follow-up emails and articles ready, and with products to
sell, you’re pretty much taken care of. You don’t have to worry about
your list of subscribers being left cold.

viddy Click

Viddy Click
Let’s make this short and simple to understand.

This information is for educational purposes only. All claims made are my own and true. By using
this information you are not guaranteed to make any money as results are not typical. It all
depends on you and how much work and dedication you put forth.

This information is copyright of the creator. If you feel any of the information violates a
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Please respect our intellectual property and we will respect yours.

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If you bought with the sole intention on refunding this product please email me and be honest with
you. I will then politely give you your money back and then blacklist your Paypal email so you
be allowed to purchase from me again. More, I will also submit your email to the community
blacklist so you can’t buy from some of the most popular sellers in our marketplace.

Other than that – enjoy!


©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Thank you and congratulations on investing in this training. My name is Derek Allen and I’ll be the
one guiding you through this slick video marketing method.
Because you are reading this right now that tells me that you know that video is the content king
at this point. Even better, it’s only going to get bigger in the years to come. Despite what many
think video marketing has yet to hit it’s full potential. So whether this is your first try at
video marketing or a seasoned vet, you should be excited that you are a part of the video marketing
Now, I know what you’re thinking… What is THIS particular strategy about?
Well, did you know that Youtube is also a search engine? It’s actually the second largest search
engine in the world.
And with this strategy we are going to treat it that way.
You’ll simply be matching videos to search phrases for product keywords that people are typing into
However, there’s a nice twist that my partner on this project, Mike, came up with that sets this
apart from other “create a video and rank it” courses out there. It’s been his little secret for
many years.
With this little trick your viewers will have no choice but to
click your links to go to your products or affiliate products so you can earn those commissions!
One other thing you should know before you get started… Those slideshow videos where we put text in
a Powerpoint presentation, or images, those won’t work here. Trust me. I tried.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
But that’s not a bad thing because with the way Mike does his videos, it gives it a true “human
feel” to them which build trust with viewers so they do click on your links.
And you’ll be able to leverage $5 dollar bills to get other people to do 85% of the work for you as
far as video creation goes. So that’s a plus. These videos are the kind of videos people want to
see when they do their search on Youtube.
Really the whole concept around this strategy is managing those small $5 dollar bills and a slick
marketing technique to get two of the biggest sites online to promote your videos… Youtube AND
This is a simple strategy that is meant to be fast, scaleable, and to get results in the fastest
most efficient way possible without you having to play babysitter.
Just set it up, let roll, and create another one!
So from here we’ll start step by step. In each step we’ll have some text and a video for each step.
As long as you follow them in order you should understand every bit if it.
Just remember to go through everything once while taking notes. Once you are finished with the
training you can get started and refer to this document as needed.
So from here we’ll start step by step. In each step we’ll have some text and a video for each step.
As long as you follow them in order you should understand every bit if it.
Just remember to go through everything once while taking notes. Once you are finished with the
training you can get started and refer to this document as needed.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS

Remember, we are treating Youtube like a search engine. So if we were to try to rank for a keyword
on Google for a traditional site,
we would look for buyer keywords that actually have the searches, right?
No different here.
When selecting a niche for Youtube itself you have to take into consideration what people on
Youtube are typing in that has some sort of buying intent AND fits a Youtube search.
Let me give you an example…
If you were selling a book about “The Top 50 Paleo Recipes Of
2015” you wouldn’t go to a car collectors forum to pitch it. The reason is because while some of
the people on that car collector forum would probably be interested in Paleo, they are not there
Paleo. They are there to talk about their cars and such.
The key to a successful Youtube video promo is to sell to people exactly what they are looking for
in the place they are looking for it. Be where they already are, and have what they know they
already want.
There are also a couple of golden rules you must abide by. I’ve learned these the hard way through
much trial and error so I’d like to save a ton of frustration for you and just lay them all out.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
The 3 Golden Rules To Dominating With Youtube Marketing: Rule #1 – The Product You Are Selling Must
Be Tangible
This might sound crazy. But I’ve found that when I’m marketing for Youtube and not trying to do
affiliate marketing for digital products, my sales are exponentially better when selling a real,
physical product that people can order, have it shipped to their house and hold in their hands.
The reason? Because the best niches that work best for Youtube searches are usually physical
product niches. If someone is looking for reviews on a certain physical product and we try to sell
them a product on Clickbank, do you think they are going to buy the Clickbank product? No,
negative. Not unless the person is super rich and just likes to give away money.
Also, when we get our visitor over to Amazon it’s much easier to let Amazon do the selling for us
because people know, like, and trust Amazon.
Now we are in no way saying you shouldn’t promote digital products because you should. Just not
with this strategy. This is best suited for Amazon and other sites like that.
Rule #2 – The Product You Are Selling Must Be Available To
EASILY Buy Online From A Trusted Source
This is a big rule and it’s something that if you miss, you won’t get very far so make sure you
note this.
With this we are selling physical products. And I know that you being an internet marketer and me
saying something like “it must be available to EASILY buy online” sounds stupid.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
But it’s really not when you think of it like this…
There are certain product that marketers jump head first into that will make them next to zero in
sales because not all products are created equal.
If you were in the market for a new cell phone, wouldn’t you want to visit your nearest mobile
retailer to play with phone first? Get totally hands on before you commit to buy?
Of course. You wouldn’t go online and buy it as soon as you got the urge.
There are just somethings that people want to test out before they buy. Things like cell phones,
furniture, expensive clothing and shoes, jewelry, or other super expensive purchases.
But there are exceptions. Most people will go get hands-on with most consumer electronics in store
to find what they like and come home to look for reviews and cheapest prices. And those are the
people we want.
So keep this rule in mind because if you are promoting or thinking about promoting a product like I
mentioned above, stop or don’t because your conversions will suffer.
Just ask yourself when picking your niche, “Would I want to see this for myself before making a
purchasing decision?” and if you do that you will be fine.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Rule #3 – The Product Your Are Selling Must Be Something
People Are Actively Seeking Reviews For
Smart online shoppers look for reviews on most products. Most of the time though the product is in
the $20 dollar or higher category. For products cheaper than that you can count on most people
impulse buying the product without researching any further.
And anything new that has hit the markets or is causing a stir, people will generally seek out
reviews first before buying.
Review seekers are great for people like you and I because we can’t get in front of them pretty
easily (especially if the product is new and we go after a product name + review keyword on
Oh… and where do people generally go to search for reviews? AMAZON. See where we are going with
Now if you pick a niche and a product following those 3 golden rules you can’t fail with this.
But what exactly is a good Youtube niche?
I’ve already touched on the difference, but there are some markets on Youtube that just shine in
the physical product category.
Here’s a small sample of some of the best performing niches that
I’ve found:
1.Workout Supplements
2.Cooking Contraptions
3.Fitness Equipment
4.Books Based On Movies (small commissions but they sell)
5.Make Up
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
6.Video Games
Workout Supplements – This niche is great because guys and gals who are looking to get fit or add
muscle are always looking for an edge. Plus they are easily reviewable. There’s a ton of different
supplements out there with more being released everyday so you’ll never run out of this to promote.
Cooking Contraptions – Cooking is a passion niche for most but a hassle to others. You can play off
of any of those angles to sell something to someone. This is a HUGE market with all the gimmicks
and gadgets out there. And if you look on Youtube there are tons of videos out there for these
things. Again, there’s no shortage.
Fitness Equipment – Now this market is tricky on Youtube. There’s tons of fitness equipment out
there. And usually it’s expensive. Most people like to buy these types of things online because
some of the equipment is quite large and they can have it shipped to their door without the hassle
of doing it themselves. But because some of these things are so pricey and because there’s
so much, people like to do their homework before they buy. Plus, just like the supplement niche
people are always looking for the next great thing so they are always buying. Just make sure
whatever you promote in the fitness niche is priced $50 or higher.
Books Based On Movies – Or movies based on books, however you want to say it, always do well
because people on Youtube are always looking for movie trailers, book reviews, etc… and people who
are fans of these books always seem to turn into their own little “cult” so that’s good because
they are spreading the word for you and when people catch wind of a book you can be right there on
Youtube waiting on them to come to you. Commissions on Amazon are embarrassingly low, but it can
add up.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Make Up – Point blank. People are getting rich on Youtube doing make up tutorials and selling make
up products. Make up is one of the most popular search terms on Youtube. There’s no reason you
can’t get a piece of the pie online. Plus because women are
always looking for the next “miracle product” your videos can catch some serious steam. Also
consider the fact that make up is something that women will need to buy more of when they run out
and you’ve got a winner. Make up products can be very expensive and if you speak directly to a 20
something who is un-married and out in the dating scene, you can’t go wrong. And there’s
something new coming out everyday.
Video Games – Just like make up, video game videos get MILLIONS of views. When the next big thing
game comes out Youtube practically explodes. People don’t like to just watch gameplay though, they
like review videos. And then once they do get the video game in their hands they want strategy
guides and whatever else they can get their hands on. If you focus on the newest games, they don’t
even need to be mega-popular new games either, you can get tons of traffic to your videos and
clicks on your links.
Toys – Oh my goodness. Did you hear about that lady who sits around and plays with Play-Doh and
other Disney toys all day long and made roughly $7 MILLION DOLLARS in 2014? Well it’s true. This
mystery lady was in the list of the top 10 highest earners on Youtube. She even beat out Taylor
Swift. While it’s a little creepy to watch grown adults sit around and play with these toys like
they are 6 years old, the proof that it works is there. If you can find someone to review the
latest Ninja Turtle toy or whatever is trending at the time you can turn that into a ton of views
from the Youtube Search and related videos along with some serious commissions.
If you already have a niche that fits the requirements discussed

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
above then stick with it. But if you don’t have a Youtube niche yet or want to dive into something
new, you can’t go wrong with the one’s above.
So at this stage you should pick a market using the criteria above. Find a product on Amazon to
promote. And get ready for the next step.
If you aren’t a part of the Amazon Associates Program you can find the link to sign up here:
It’s easy to join but you will have to make some sales for them to keep you on. If you don’t make
any sales for like 6 months or something you’ll have to reapply.
And if for some reason you can’t join Amazon you’ll need to find a site like it.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Step 2: Get Your $5 Dollar Bills

Is there something that you’ll gladly take time out of your day to go get that cost $5 bucks? Maybe
it’s a coffee or maybe a value meal at a fast food restaurant.
Whatever it is… if you see $5 dollars as a stretch, sacrifice one of your daily rituals until you
save about $20 bucks to get a couple of videos created for you on
Because if you do you should get many $5 dollar bills back in return.
Now there is a specific strategy we are going to use with our video here. All you need is one video
review of whatever product you chose to be created by a fiver provider.
But why pay someone? For one it frees up our time and allows us to scale this method. Two, if you
want to jump into a ton of different niches there’s no way you’ll have these products sitting
around your house. But on Fiverr you can probably find someone who does.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
So if you don’t have a fiver account by now (who doesn’t) then go to the link below and sign up:
Watch this quick video for a more in-depth explanation of the exact process you should do to find
the best candidates for your video creation job:

But what should you have your provider say in the video they are creating for you?
It’s really simple. Just tell them you need a 2 minute video of them giving a review of a product.
Just tell them to keep it genuine.
These videos are not full on sales videos. They are supposed to be real and that is what makes them
so effective because they are coming from real users. No call to actions are needed because you are
going to add those in yourself.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Step 3: Getting Easy Traffic To Your
Youtube Videos

The beauty of this strategy is it’s speed. The faster you get your videos up, the faster you can
get more videos up. And the faster the traffic comes and the faster you get clicks and commissions.
Now this is the part of the training where I’m supposed to make things really technical and
difficult to follow. I’m not going to do that here.
There’s been a thousand and one guides, reports, and video courses out there that teach you how to
optimize your videos to rank in Youtube and Google. Let’s just keep things simple by showing you
one trick that worked 3 years ago and still works today.
But promise me you won’t fall to the floor when I tell you this big secret…
I told you we would keep this simple.
Now before you throw your hands in the air let me explain how to use tags with THIS system.
Lately, I’ve been seeing people preach tag jacking (that’s what the cool kids call it) a lot
lately. People have even created and sold thousands of copies of software that find the tags for
But you don’t need to pay for any software to find the tags a video is using or to find the most
popular videos.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
There’s also another cool little trick that you can use that involves titles.
Watch the video below to find out how to find these tags and
EXACTLY how to use them with this method:

Now there’s a lot of different data points that we could go into about how Youtube determines
related videos and how watch times matter and all that, but for now this is all you need. And the
even better news is that if your title and video image catches a users eye and they watch your
video as a result of another video… your video is only going to boost in even more related video
I will give you one more important tip here about what not to do… And I should have covered this in
the video above but it slipped my
If you are searching through videos to find the newest video with the highest number of views and
you land on another video where ALL the related videos belong to the owner of the video you
currently pulled up (like the example in my video), move on and find a different video to copy
tags. The reason why is because
Youtube has tracked user data and found that if a person watches one video from a creator and they
usually watch another video
from the same person Youtube only shows visitors videos made by that creator in the related videos
section. Make sense? So it would be tough for you to land there.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Step 4: The Special Sauce Alright. So up to this point you should understand the working parts so
But what is the secret sauce that makes this so effective?
Well you could do everything I mentioned above and get people to click your links in your Youtube
website annotation links or description links, but that can usually result in a low click through
rate, and we want to maximize those click through rates to put people who were already interested
in the product you are promoting on a page where they can easily buy the product.
So essentially you are taking people and putting them through a nicely engineered funnel while
allowing Youtube to promote your video for you to get the clicks and for Amazon to promote the
product you are selling for you to turn that click into cash.
That’s the entire goal here.
By the time you get to this step you should have already had someone on fiverr to create a video
review (with their face on camera) of some kind of product you chose in a market that meets all the
criteria above.
Good. You’re well on your way now. Here’s where this is going to get good. Have you ever heard of a
cliffhanger video?
In a brief nutshell, it’s when you promise to give somebody something but you make them do
something else in order to get it.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
You see cliffhanger primarily on t.v. shows where something crazy happens but you have to tune in
next week to see what it was while the whole week your looking forward to watching the show again.
Well that same principal works incredibly well with video marketing too.
I’ve shared this strategy before when it comes to list building, but never with physical product
This cliffhanger strategy is commonly referred to in the copywriting world as an “open loop”.
It’s where you tell people something. Get them fired up about it. And then tell them they have to
wait to see what it is, or again, do something else in order to fulfill a need.
The reason cliffhangers work so well is because we are playing on the psychology of the human
As humans, when we start something or get interested in something and that something ends without
resolution it drives us crazy. When something is started in the brain it has to cycle all the way
through in order to find that resolution, or close the loop.
If you think about it, when was the last time a friend was telling you juicy story or came up to
you and told you they had a secret but suddenly somebody interrupted the conversation and you
weren’t able to find out what the ending of the story was or what the
secret was?
Did it drive you nuts? Was your brain churning with thoughts of what the ending or the secret was

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
I’d be willing to bet it was.
So that’s exactly what we are doing to our viewers on Youtube. We are creating that open loop and
the only way for the viewer to
find resolution is to click out link. We are practically forcing people to do it. Thus, resulting
in much, much higher clickthrough rates and sales.
It looks like this:

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
But how exactly do you do this with your videos?
Watch as I breakdown all the steps and tell you exactly how to pull this strategy off and make it
all come together.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
So that’s it. A completely simple strategy that you can get started on in a matter of minutes. And
is super scaleable for passive income for years to come.
Before we end let’s do a quick recap:
1. Pick a good Youtube niche that fits the criteria mentioned above. Start with one of the 7
listed in this guide if you aren’t sure or just want to dive into a proven niche.
2. Hop on over to Fiverr and post a gig request to get providers to come to you. Tell them you
need a review video of a certain type of product.
3. Take the video that the Fiverr provider sent you and split it into two videos with something
like Camtasia or Screenflow. Upload the hook video to Youtube with a call-to-action slide telling
viewers to click your cloaked Amazon affiliate link for part 2 of the review. Upload the second
part which is the main review of the product to Amazon so that you can put people right on the page
where they can buy said product.
4. Get traffic for your Youtube video by way of tags for popular videos and using the title tricks
in the video above.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
I hope you enjoyed this training and that you get incredible results with it.
It’s simple enough that anyone can do it and there’s no doubt that it just works.
Thanks for picking it up and let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at:
Talk again soon,


Solo Detective Solodex

Solo Detective Solodex
The Solodex
Seller Facebook Profile Sales Page

Peter Fan Yin Matija Balantic Scott Price
Domen Campa Thomas Utt Fouad Boukredine Jesper Yeo
Nicholas Lee Contact via
Igor Kheifets Khaled Ibrahim


Michel Sirois

Robin Andersson
Contact via Facebook

Paul De Sousa Aliz AJ Cyza Zakaria
Eliran Harary

Moshe Lugasi John Kneita Jorge Delgado
Igor Finkel

Alessandro Serra

Riz Nicolas Bob Beckett Sapan Verma
Fotis Beks Winson Yeung Galit Algrably Lenin Govea
Nicholas Lal

Kalle Viidik Justin Spencer Tomer Algrably Arun Obulisamy
Logan Tailor
Contact via Facebook
Tom Georg

Diego Cohen Faisal Hussain Moses
Fraser John Lee Liviu Ungureanu Kujtim Guga
Brian Boyd Steven Jenkins Ivan
Rendulic Pat Selby
Jason Thompson

Pete Bruckshaw

Augustinas Ramelis Eugene Collinger Ed Newman
Daniel Cheng

Omer Baron Steve Wilson
Contact via Facebook
Karim Watson JP Drago Kenny Tan
Ori Topolanski

Desmond Choo Contact via

Anoop Chawla Sean Russell Dominykas Gobe
Roberto Vallejo Kalon Willis Dylan Young Juan C. Vallarino
JR Quarles Dan Daniels Paul Graham Alvin Neo
Jamie Jangula Bobby Pereira Erez Tall Kweku Martin
Simon Huppertz David King
Rich Ciufo


Maurice Hamilton Jonathan Stanley Juan Morales
Rodney Stokes


Juan Franco Deepak Kulkarni Julio
Salceda Virginia Wei Eliran Mukdasi Kevin

Traffic That Converts

Jan Brzeski

Joseph Latham Yuli Azarch
Loy Puckett

Loy’s Solos

Danny Tang Charles Mutrie Wilfred Bakker Alex
Leizerovich Yuri Novitsky Contact via Facebook
Zeid Makkawi

Will Henderson Matt Michel Nino Sem Michael Glovis Brenda

Patrick Niba
Recommended Resources







Click Magick

Squeeze Pages
Landing Page Monkey

This “solodex” is a very powerful weapon to have in your marketing arsenal! I have confidence in
every single one of these sellers listed. Do yourself a favor and don’t just order from the top 10
or 20 sellers. Notice I did not number the list because no one seller is better than the next. All
of these sellers send REAL traffic that is highly interested in “biz opp” and “make money online”

In order to get the most out of your solo ads, you must have an effective funnel. That means not
only must you have a high converting squeeze pages, but you must also have an attractive offer on
the back end. I highly recommend promoting CPA offers that pay at least $75 per sale. The whole
idea when it comes to solo ads is to make enough money to cover your cost so you will building your
list for free!

If you need any help with your funnel, or any advice on your squeeze page, don’t hesitate to shoot
me an email anytime! Thanks for your purchase. I wish you lots of success!

Sincerely, CJ Mollo




Turbo Traffic Hacks

Turbo Traffic Hacks
Copyright © 2015 by Daniel Silvestre.
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be
reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any
means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or
mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the
publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in
critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted
by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher
Although the author and publisher have made every effort to
ensure that the information in this book was correct at press
time, the author and publisher do not assume and hereby
disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or
disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or
omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.
While every effort has been made to accurately represent Turbo
Traffic Hacks and its potential, there is no guarantee that you will
earn any money or be able to reproduce Dan’s results following
the information in this program. Remember that in order to be
successful with traffic, you need to make it convert.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
You Made the Right Call
Thank you for downloading this no-fluff
report on how to get turbo traffic to your
website. This will be short and sweet.
A quick intro about me: my name is Daniel
Silvestre and I am a full-time writer. This is
what I do all day, every day (yep, I do enjoy
working on weekends as well!). I’ve been a ghostwriter for a
couple of years now, ghostwriting articles, ebooks, sales pages,
newsletters and whatnot. I simply love what I do and wouldn’t
want it any other way. I have ghostwritten more than 1000 blog
posts for more than 100 clients. I’ve decided to share my small
successes with others.
I have tried and tested different strategies to bring traffic to my
blogs and today I’ll share traffic sources that have brought traffic
FAST and with great results in terms of building my list (so it’s
super laser targeted traffic we are talking about).
These methods have bought me a decent chunk of traffic to a
brand new blog on a very specific niche. So this tells you that it’s
quite feasible using these methods alone to bring traffic AND
leads to your blog, old or new.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
Remember, however, that is one thing to bring traffic but quite
another to convert it to subscribers and sales, for which you
need to have a landing page, to gather subscribers you can sell
to, linked up with an auto responder. Mail your list often and
grow a relationship with them and you will be golden.
Finally: if there is anything I can help you with please do not
hesitate to contact me shooting an email to dsilvestre7 at Gmail
dot com. Here’s what I would love to hear from you about:
– How these strategies worked for you, results you achieved.
Share your success;
– Discussing other traffic sources that have worked well for
– Content you need to have created by a professional writer.
Let’s get in touch!
To Your Traffic Success,
Turbo Traffic Hacks
Everyone Likes Winning
I love winning stuff, whether it’s a simple Teddy Bear by playing
darts at a local fair or a free shampoo at the supermarket. Truth
is: everybody (sometimes secretly) does.
However it tastes even better when it comes from your efforts,
like winning a sports final and raising the cup with your team or a
diploma that you get by winning that short stories competition (I
still have those, I always say I was born with a pen in my small
Online it’s no different really.
Nevertheless I haven’t encountered many people who are doing
this online and it baffles me every day how they can be missing
Turbo Traffic Hacks
on such a simple strategy that reaps so many benefits with so
little work on their part.
And the best part of this technique is that not only does it go
viral but you get to become an instant authority in that specific
Crazy, right?
Now most of you have probably heard about banner
advertisement and how it can send a massive amount of traffic
to your website throughout the time, especially if your banner is
a) very well designed, b) has great placement in a website and
especially c) it’s on a authority website.
But here are the problems with that:
a) It can cost you a lot of money to get the design right and
see which one convert best
b) The best placement might be already gone and you’re
stuck with lousy placement
c) Money! You might have to spend quite a hefty sum to get
your into an authority site (and the price goes up for the
best placement and great design, obviously)
And worst of all: the website owner can deny your ad just
because you don’t have an authority website yourself.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
Man, banner ads can be tricky.
But what if I told you there’s a secret door to get your banner for
absolutely nothing in a lot of authority websites while almost
never be denied placement?
Are you getting as excited as I am?
Good, you should, because what I am about to reveal is a simple
goldmine when it comes to getting laser targeted traffic from
major authority websites…
You’ve probably guessed it by now, haven’t you?
Yep, that’s right; you are going to give them an award.
Remember how everyone likes winning? Good. You are going to
tell them that they have won.
But Dan wait a sec here… won what?
Well young Padawan, whatever you want really.
One strategy I use is compiling lists of the top websites/blogs of
a specific niche or area.
Let’s look at the specific niche of freelance writing where we turn
into a website called The Write Life (man I wish I had come up
with that name, right?).
Now scroll down a little bit and notice this:
Turbo Traffic Hacks
If you happen to click that banner you are directly to a post
called “The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2015”, where you
will see, by category, their choice for the best websites.
So far so good?
Now here’s the kicker: when you click those websites you’ll
notice some of them have listed that specific banner in their
sidebar and if you click on it you’ll be redirected to – guess what
– The Write Life post with the full list.
Aliventures is using it (although the 2014 banner):
Turbo Traffic Hacks
As is Jami Gold in his website:
And The Procrastiwriter too (it even has two awards there):
And many, many others.
It’s a given that not all of these websites list that specific award
in their sidebar – last time I checked it was about 25% of them –
but you will be reaching out to a lot of influencers about
something you want to do for them AND link to A LOT of top
blogs/websites, which is great for building organic out links.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
As for getting the awards done, you have three choices here:
1. Design them yourself if you think you’re good with design
2. Outsource it to a professional in freelancing websites
3. Create one for free using this fantastic tool (it won’t give
you state of the art design but it’s pretty decent)
So let’s recap this simple yet very effective method:
1. Decide on an award you want to give out
2. Compile a list of blogs and get their contacts, tell them
their website was selected a winner (if you want ask them
for a small snippet about their website – not necessary but
makes your writing work a lot easier)
3. Write a “Top XX in YY” blog post linking to those websites
4. Send them the award linking to your award blog post
5. BOOM: traffic!
So that method alone will generate a lot of targeted traffic to
your website the generous way. That hack could very well be an
entire WSO and people would love it.
I want you to adore me ,) So let’s move on!
Turbo Traffic Hacks
Sharing Is Caring
I don’t think there was ever a time when being a reporter was so
hard as nowadays. There is so much information going around
and so fast that is just ridiculously difficult to keep up with
everything: getting facts, finding the right people, writing the
right words, conversions on how much of an article people read,
online media, offline media, setting up larger projects, working
with teams, travelling to get inside scoops… And I could go on
and on and on about this.
Thankfully I do not have to.
Truth is: I like reporters. They work in the same niche as I do
(writing) and to be honest I wouldn’t like to be in their position.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
One could say I sympathize with them. And I would like to help
them out.
And that’s exactly what we will be doing.
We will be “Helping a Reporter Out” (in short: HARO).
Here’s how HARO describes itself:
“From The New York Times, to ABC News, to
and everyone in between, nearly 30,000 members of the media
have quoted HARO sources in their stories. Everyone’s an expert
at something. Sharing your expertise may land you that big
media opportunity you’ve been looking for.”
Go over to their website and sign up with them.
HARO will bring you extra publicity for FREE! Make sure to be
very specific when signing up about you area of expertise and
Turbo Traffic Hacks
how you can contribute. Remember that reporters have a very
limited time on their hands and use this website to gather more
information about your niche.
Ok great that we took that out of the way…
Here are their categories:
Now, after confirming your sign up HARO will send you emails
about three times a day with info from the reporters and what
they are looking for. Expect them to be super specific so make
sure you only hit reply if you can contribute with meaningful
information (if you do not send relevant information they can
blacklist you and you won’t be able to use this hack again). Wait
for the perfect fit to jump in.
After helping a reporter out you will get links from his/her story
once it’s published. This is quite awesome since you are going to
be recognized as an expert in that particular niche AND you are
getting a great link from an established website.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
Not convinced yet?
All right, what about this: well-established bloggers also use the
HARO service and you will, once again, get valuable links and
traffic back to your website for your efforts!
HARO has been growing a lot in the past few months so there
will be some competition but as long as you are an expert in a
particular niche you should be able to get into a story soon
enough. It takes time to get that first story but once you get your
word out there it will be much easier to get the next one, and
then the next one.
I hope you’ve realized by now the powerful source that HARO is.
Moving on then.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
As Seen On…
Raise your hand if you have seen any of those symbols (or others
similar) below the text “As Seen On” in a website.
Did you touch the sky?
You probably did.
A lot of websites use the credibility of these sources to enhance
their own credibility. It’s marketing, pure and simple.
By adding a powerful source using the logo in their website they
are perceveid as more trustable, professional and knowledgable.
It’s that simple.
Now I am going to teach you how to do the same exact thing,
being feature in a major channel that will bring tons of traffic to
your website while also building your credibility.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
Ever wanted to be big enough to be featured on the news?
Well, good news (pun intended) is: you don’t need to! You just
need to be at the right place at the right time.
The right time is right now.
The right place?
More specifically: CNN iReport.
This is a website secretely released by CNN a couple of years ago
and it’s every marketing and authority traffic buff wet dream.
You get to add one of these to your website:
Plus you are getting a powerful backling from CNN!
So here we go…
iReport is a plataform that allows you to write about anything
you want. The key though is to make the article appear like a
REAL news article and not just a spammy article that you post to
GoArticles or Ezines.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
Best of all, this can be done in ANY niche out there.
As you can imagine the headline is crucial here. Don’t go with
something generic like “How to Lose Weight Fast!” but rather
make it look (or read in this case) like a real news headline such
as “Overweight Obesity in Midlife Linked to Earlier Onset of
Alzheimer’s” (disclaimer: this is an actual title, read it here).
PRO TIP: You can easily get some ideas by searching google for
“your keyword” + “news”/”headline news” and you will get a
couple cool suggestions in the first results.
It’s not about stuffing your keyword in there, getting people to
buy from you instantly or directing affiliate links. Forget about
that for a minute and think about adding value and getting
yourself in front of serious traffic (you include your link at the
end of the article).
#1. Sign Up for a new account with iReport
Turbo Traffic Hacks
#2. Login to your dashboard and click the “Upload” button
#3. Go to the “Choose Assignment” tab and either choose
something that is relevant to your niche or “Breaking News”.
Remember to give your article a very news-like headline. Don’t
rush this!
#4. Write an article about 400-500 words related to your niche.
The writing must be impecable here, make sure you edit and
proofread it before clicking go. Include keywords related to your
niche in the “Tags” box, increasing your chances to be found.
#5. Include an “Author Bio” at the end of the article with a link
(make sure to include “http://www.”, otherwise it won’t work).
Add relevant, high-quality images to your article to make it look
more professional.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
PRO TIP: you don’t need to use your real location if you are not
truly comfortable with that
#6. Agree to the terms of service and click “Upload”
That’s it, you’ve submitted your article and will start to receive
high-quality target traffic from it. Make sure to submit it to social
bookmarking websites for even more views. Check
IMAutomator, a great tool with a free trial for automating this.
Finally, grab this and add to your website:
Turbo Traffic Hacks
Get to Work
And… That’s all folks!
I just gave you three SUPER powerful traffic sources that you can
now go OUT there and make it happen.
But I can’t make it happen for you.
You are the only one that can do that.
So keep this blueprint open to make sure you follow all the steps
necessary but by all means TAKE ACTION right now!
That’s truly what separates the winners from the losers.
Turbo Traffic Hacks
The people that are making an income online and the ones just
barely making or – even worse – still looking to make their first
dollar online.
Don’t become one of those people, I beg you…
Get your face out there, get your website or blog in front of the
right people.
All righty then, this is goodbye for me. Feel free to email me at
dsilvestre7 at Gmail dot com if you have any questions or want
to drop me a line.
Also check my other super product here:
It covers a simple hack that I used to
build a targeted list of 538 people in 11
days. It’s so stupidly simple even my
dog can do it. Best of all: it only takes
you 5 minutes to automate it.
Buy me a beer and it’s yours!
To Your Traffic Success,