Tiny List, Massive Profits

Tiny List, Massive Profits
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1. Introduction
2. The Tiny List
3. The Welcome Email
4. The Nurture Sequence
5. List Segmentation
6. The Promotional Sequence
7. The Earnings
8. Massive Imperfect Action

There is one thing we think every business must do well in order to succeed and that is… to thank
their customers at every chance they get.

Tina and I have been lucky to build a small base of loyal, engaged customers in a very short

Many of you have welcomed us into your work lives and trusted us to advise you towards your journey
to financial freedom. Itʼs a huge honor and we don’t take it lightly.

Taking that to heart, everything we create is always with your best interest in mind.

So, we hope youʼll find not just some value… but massive amounts of it in the following pages to
We appreciate you and we’re genuinely so thankful for you. With Gratitude,

Taylor Rizer & Tina Kane
Co-Founders of Zappy Marketer http://zappymarketer.com

Hey there!

You may already know me from my blog, ZappyMarketer.com.

If not, that’s okay. Let me take this quick second to formally introduce myself.
My name is Taylor Rizer and I’m just a regular 29-year-old guy from sunny California.
I guess the only thing that makes me sort of “unique” is the fact that I
make 100% of my income from the internet.

Like you, I got involved with this crazy world of internet marketing a few years back because I was
stuck in a bad financial situation.

I was intrigued by the possibility of making money online… but I
wasn’t totally sold on whether or not it was actually possible.

I started with humble beginnings of just wanting to make an extra $10 per day… and now, seeing
$1,000+ days have become the norm!
I didn’t have any “special” ability and I definitely wasn’t blessed by some internet marketing God.
I just put in real effort and that’s all it took.
The truth is… success can happen… and it can happen relatively fast. Today, I’m incredibly
lucky to have a loving wife, an amazing dog,
awesome friends, and a (mostly automated) online business that allows me to spend most of my time
with them.

But, that’s enough about me…

Let’s talk about what this report is going to do for you…
About Tiny List, Massive Profits

How many “guru” email lists are you on? Let me guess…
9 times out of 10… they hit you over the head with promo after promo. Am I right?
Don’t copy what they do.
This is the fastest way to burn out your list and lose attention, trust, and future sales (also
known as the churn-and-burn tactic).
This is the worst thing you could possibly do because eventually your list will either:
1. Unsubscribe or
2. Become completely unresponsive
And as a result, you will have to continuously add new leads to your list – which we all know takes
a lot of work!
For many people, email marketing is synonymous with spam. Buying lists, scraping email addresses,
and sending to people you don’t have a relationship with are all spam.
But that’s not what we are talking about here.
The thing is… making money with your email list is a bit counter- intuitive. This is where a lot of
internet marketers get it wrong.

What I mean is… if you’re trying to make money, you have to stop trying to squeeze every last penny
out of your email list with affiliate promotions.
Instead, the goal of email marketing, when done right, is to provide immense value to your reader
with each email.
Your goal should be to grow a list of subscribers that know, like, and trust you.
When you nurture your list with love and respect, you will be able to make a LOT more money in the
long term.
In fact, your subscribers will even thank YOU for promoting affiliate offers to them!
And no, this is not an exaggeration.
This is an ACTUAL Facebook message I received after sending out a promotional email:

So if you’re ready to learn how to make your email subscribers:

• Love you
• Trust you
• Thank you
• And most importantly… BUY from you…
Keep reading, because this case study is going to change the way you do email marketing forever.
One thing I’ve noticed is that most internet marketers use “small email list” as an excuse to why
they’re not making money.
The truth is…
Many people with big lists don’t make much money either!
It’s not about the size of your list… It’s about what you’re doing (or not doing) with your list.
I’ve seen friends with 10,000+ email lists struggling to make six- figures per year…
And on the contrary – I’ve seen personal clients of mine reach six- figures with just a
2,000-person email list – all by simply tweaking how they communicate with their subscribers and
the kinds of offers they make.
Don’t let a “small list” hold you back from making money sooner rather than later in your business.
You don’t have to wait for a big list before you can generate a significant amount of money.
A Change In Perspective
It seems that many internet marketers have a really bad habit of under-valuing their email lists
due to size. You read tips about email marketing, or read other people’s stories of using their
email lists to make good money. Then, you look at your own list…
Not so big. Maybe under 100 people? Doesn’t really measure up, as you see it. Then maybe, you think
the following thought (which is suicidal, really)…
“I’ll wait until my list is bigger to start doing email marketing.”
Or, if you’re using a email service like GetResponse to host them, you consider canceling your
account because you feel as if your email marketing work isn’t paying off.
No. No. Let’s put something in perspective here…
Every single person who subscribes to your list is a real, live, breathing human being who has
raised their hands and said, “I’m interested in what you’ve got.”
Now, you tell me, if you have 50 people like that, does that make those 50 people any less
valuable? Any less interested in you? Any less worthy of you standing up to the plate and giving
them the value they signed up for?
Those 50 people could end up being your biggest fans and brand promoters – EVER. If you treat them
And if you don’t think 50 people is a lot, imagine being up on that stage with 50 people sitting
there looking at you. Yeah, all of a sudden, it hits you like a ton of bricks – THOSE ARE REAL
I’ve heard people tell me, almost in a lowly tone, “Oh, my list isn’t that big. It is only a few
hundred people.” Yeah? That’s awesome!
Imagine, now, a few hundred people sitting there STARING at you. That’d be a pretty big crowd.
Oh, did I mention they all have wallets, too? Yeah ☺
The Dangers of Comparisons

When you hang around in this internet marketing space, numbers begin to all look the same. The only
ones that stand out are BIG numbers. Especially when you read the “guru” sites and they talk
nonchalantly about their big numbers. As a person still working on making it to that point, it can
make you feel small and inconsequential.
Whether it be pixels on your analytics graph, or subscriber counts in your GetResponse account –
they’re all numbers. But, they’re actual PEOPLE.
You don’t need a list of 100,000 people to make a killing online. I
don’t have a list of 100,000 people and I’m doing just fine. You don’t even need 1,000.
You have 50 subscribers? 25? 10? Hey, it’s all good! You’ll build it over time, but don’t make the
mistake of delaying the flow of value until you’ve got the big list. You take those 10 people,
those 25
people – and you take good care of them. Turn them into evangelists. Do everything you would do
with a larger list.
… Because it’ll grow that way. Not to mention, you’ll build a LOYAL following, and that will beat a
big unloyal following any day of the week.
Don’t underestimate your reach.
That being said, it’s not the size of the list that matters, it’s how responsive it is. If you have
a list of 100,000 people but only 5% of them open your emails, then you basically have a list of
only 5,000 people.
In this case study, I use an email list that only has a little over 1,300 subscribers.
These emails were collected from a Women’s Health blog that I run at
Nothing too fancy…
Just a humble sized list of women – who have voluntarily exchanged their email for more information
on how to lose weight.
Once a person subscribes to my list, they are automatically sent a welcome email that goes a little
something like this…

The Welcome Email
First impressions last a long time.
When your subscribers discover you for the first time, they’re going to naturally try to categorize
you and figure out where you rank in terms of positioning, legitimacy and most importantly – a
sense of commonality.
This happens instantly whether they know it’s happening or not.
The truth is, most marketers try to get away with just being average. But an average marketer
produces mediocre results. It’s the ones
that put in a little extra effort to exceed subscriber expectations that create raving fans who
purchase more often and share their experience with others.
In this chapter, you’ll learn the importance of exceeding subscriber expectations to build a
business that breaks past mediocrity and makes more money.
Are you up to the challenge?
The One-Time Opportunity You’d Be Crazy To Squander
Your welcome email is the message that’s sent automatically to new subscribers after confirming
they want to sign up for your list.
In its simplest form, it’s a short thank you message. And if you offer your subscribers a juicy
sign-up incentive, it’ll tell them how to get that too.
In fact, that might be the reason that welcome emails have the highest open rate – up to 70% – of
all types of marketing emails.

Given those numbers, you’re missing a huge opportunity if your welcome email says nothing more than
“Thanks for subscribing!”
When your new subscribers open that first email, their interest levels are at an all-time high.
It’s a rare situation in which you have your reader’s undivided attention.
So here’s a quick and highly effective way to make sure you (and your subscribers) get every ounce
of value from your welcome email.
Over-deliver With The Best You Have To Offer
When subscribers first join your list, they have a mixture of emotions. They hope they’re going to
get a ton of value from being on your list,
but they also fear they’ll be disappointed.
That’s why you need to impress them as soon as possible after signing up with the very best you
have to offer.
This will widely depend on what niche you’re in but… because free “bribes” are so commonplace, even
a genuinely valuable giveaway can sometimes feel underwhelming.
Here are my favorite ways to over-deliver with my welcome email:
1. Give away my very best material in a free report or
2. Include an unexpected free bonus report or
3. Include a list of links to my best blog posts that have already proven to be popular with my
This is a great way to build trust early in the relationship and to position yourself as a person
who can deliver the goods.
Results In Advance

Know the best way to make sure people are glad they joined your list?
Provide them with a solution that will get them some results right away. Or even something that
they can implement right away.
Even a teeny tiny tip that teaches them something valuable right now can have a powerful effect.
It doesn’t need to deliver huge results, just quick results. Here is my welcome email:

Welcome Email (Day 1)
SUBJECT: Welcome! Here’s Our “Best of the Best”
Hi {!name},
Welcome to Slender Shortcuts!
Yay on taking action today! You’re now signed up to receive my free newsletter, which shows that
you’re serious about seeing some real changes in your life.
My name is Taylor Rae, and I would love the opportunity to help you re-gain control over your
weight and have your life be enriched through proper nutrition and habits.
Motivational wisdom, inspiration, and some pretty darn helpful weight-loss tips will magically
appear in your inbox twice a week.
If you’re ready for some life-changing tips now, here are a few of my recent favorites:
< LINK >
< LINK >
< LINK >
< LINK >
< LINK >
Even if all you do is read this email and realize that it’s possible to change – and have a better
life, regardless of your current weight – than my mission is already accomplished.
The way I see it, life’s too short to be weighed down (excuse the pun) with obesity.
Explore and enjoy,
XOXO, Taylor
P.S. I’ll have more headed your way tomorrow. Talk soon!

The Nurture Sequence
For long-term success, you can’t expect to survive the changing online business environment,
without delivering trust-building quality content.
This isn’t anything new of course, but realizing how to truly embed this culture into how you run
your business is more difficult than you might think.
Why? Because it’s so easy to fall for the lure of the quick buck.
It’s too easy to be lazy, and most people aren’t prepared to wait and put in the effort to
establish themselves. They want a return on their work in a matter of days, not the weeks it’s
going to take to build your following, set up systems and ultimately, establish a quality business.
Most online marketers in recent years have built email lists that they essentially use to
constantly promote affiliate products and launches.
Finding a marketer who sends content out to their list, even as often as 50% of the emails they
send, is rare.
Once customers get sick of the spam, it’s those marketers who built an autoresponder system that
uses quality content to foster trust, and not hit their customers with excessive pitches, who
The Emotional Bank Account
Imagine a person gives you their email because they want to read your report on how to improve your
putting game in golf.
Following the email that gives the report, the next day you send them an email that asks them to
buy a putter you recommend (through
your affiliate link of course).

Then you ask them to buy golf balls (affiliate link), then a manual on how to chip out of bunkers
(affiliate link), then something else.
Your subscriber may have tolerance for one or two pitches especially since they are related to the
reason he first subscribed, but by the fifth email they’re starting to wonder why they should keep
their relationship with you if all you ever do is show them things they can buy.
Instead, imagine if the emails that follow the report include a free video showing a tip on how to
hold a putter correctly, then a free interview with a professional golf coach who explains what
most amateur golfers do wrong with their putting.
The next email gives a great story from the game of golf you played on the weekend, which relates
how you learned a special way of thinking to improve concentration during putting.
Think of it this way…
Trust, which is an emotion, starts at zero in the emotional bank account (maybe even negative in
markets that have a reputation for scamming people).
Each time you help your subscriber without asking anything from them, they trust you more – and
that’s a deposit.
Each time you include a pitch that requires they spend their money, you’re subtracting from that
bank account.
Obviously there are subtleties and ways you can pitch with content, but the base rule is clear
because we all know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of an email that asks you to buy
It’s not usually something that makes you like the person who sent you the email.
The goal with the nurture sequence is to build a friendship with your new subscribers and let them
get to know you first.

Immediately after the welcome email, you want to send an email the next day so that your subscriber
gets used to receiving emails from you.
At this point in the stage, they are freshly interested in what you have to say and are eager to
learn more.
Delay any longer and you risk having them either lose interest or forget who you are.
The purpose of the nurture sequence is to:
• Share more about you
• Provide value (tips)
• Share stories
• Build a friendship + trust

• Encourage subscribers to click on your links
We can provide value in any form that you wish, whether it’s a blog post, video, podcast, article,
Here is the exact nurture sequence I sent in this case study:

Nurture Email #1 (Day 2)
SUBJECT: How I lost 150 Pounds and Regained My Life Today, I wanted to quickly encourage you with
my own story… Weighing 305 pounds isn’t fun.
Four years ago I lost over 150 pounds and regained my life.
I didn’t have gastric bypass surgery, took no supplements, never ate weird food and didn’t even
join a group.
There were so many times over the ten years that I was obese that I wished I could lose weight. I
seemed to be continually dieting, but always ended up gaining even more weight than I had lost.
The weight crept up, and my self-confidence dropped. I resigned myself to being fat for the rest of
my life. I tried to accept that this was how I would always be.
But one day I got scared for my health and my life, and finally made a change.
You can read what happened here:
Taylor Rae

Nurture Email #2 (Day 5)
SUBJECT: Why It’s So Hard To Lose Weight
If it were easy to lose weight, everyone who wanted to drop some pounds would be able to.
However, just look around and you can clearly see there are people who want to lose weight but
seemingly cannot.
I was one of those people during the 10 years that I was morbidly obese.
I tried so many things to lose weight and talked about losing weight so much that I know my friends
and family got tired of hearing it. I often jokingly refer to the fact that they had “diet
Honestly, I had diet fatigue as well.
Losing weight is much more than inputting food into a calculator or monitoring your exercise and
calorie intake. There are a lot
of reasons while losing weight is hard but I feel as though there are 10 common reasons that weight
loss is difficult.
Read them here:
< LINK >
Knowing why it’s hard can help you identify where you might be struggling.
XOXO, Taylor

Nurture Email #3 (Day 8)
SUBJECT: How To Stop Thinking About Food
I used to think about food for many, many hours every day.
If I’m honest, I thought about food all the time except when I
was asleep. From the minute I woke up, I started thinking about what I was going to eat. Then when
I was eating brownies for breakfast, I was already thinking about what food would come next.
It was a crazy existence.
I still remember holding a McDonald’s Quarter Pound Cheeseburger in one hand and trying to decide
what I was going to have next.
Food, food, food.
It occupied my mind even while I was doing other things. I would be talking to a friend on the
phone and flipping through a dessert cookbook at the same time. I could talk to John or the girls
and still be thinking about what kind of food I should eat next.
In today’s article, I want to show you how I got myself to finally stop thinking about food all the

Hard-Sell Your Personality
While you can definitely do well enough just by delivering useful content, your results will be 10x
better if people feel that they have a connection with you in some way.
And this is a very, very easy thing to do – although it does require you to “open up” and let your
guard down a bit.
Let me explain…
What you want to become is someone who not only has answers (in the eyes of your subscriber) – but
someone who is genuine, believable and like them.
What this does is it instantly elevates you from being “noise” to being a trusted advisor.
If you demonstrate your “humanness,” then more people will come to like you as a human, and this is
by far the strongest selling technique you could ever master.
Now imagine that your email sequence does all of that for you automatically.
It’s logical stuff, but unfortunately so many people are stuck on short term gain mode, or just
plain desperate to make money, they forget they are dealing with other human beings at the end of
their emails.
The goal here is to make a connection with your subscribers. They’ll feel like they can relate to
you in some way.
The result will be that the stage is now set for future contact from a
“connected” friend or advisor.
Instead of hard-selling a product initially, what you actually want to do is “hard-sell” your
personality (which is far more natural and effective anyway).
So whatever you want your persona to be – humorous, sarcastic, inspiring, straight-talker, intense,
comedic, etc – sell that to your subscriber.
This will let them know that you’re a real person and enable you to be more memorable.
And being memorable is what will pave your way when it comes to getting your emails opened, read,
and responded to with action.
An added benefit is to train your subscribers to click on links from emails from you (in the
future, these links will be affiliate links).
Just remember: it’s not really about you.
When you share your personality, it’s not for therapy or to make yourself feel good.
The most enduring way to maximize those “sales” is this: Keep your attention focused obsessively on
your customer.
While there are no direct-pitches going on here…
That doesn’t mean you have to refrain completely from making any money.
Some of these articles that I link to may have affiliate links casually embedded into them…

Or they may stumble upon my ebook and decide to purchase while they’re on my website.
The point is that you want to continue delivering immense value but without blatantly pushing for a
sale (yet).
While you’ll be able to earn a few sales here and there from these odd clicks, this is just bonus
income. This will be peanuts compared to when we release our actual promotional campaigns.
The next section is where the sneaky magic starts to happen…

List Segmentation
Within each niche – there are multiple sub-niches.
For example, in just the weight loss niche alone there is:
• Weight loss for moms
• How to get a six-pack
• How to lose belly fat
• Getting rid of cellulite
• Losing weight after a pregnancy
• How to lose 100+ pounds
• How to lose 20 pounds
• Etc, etc, etc.
The point is… Not everything I promote is going to appeal to everyone on my list.
If I were to continuously promote each of these products to my list – I
would burn out a lot of people in the process. List segmentation is a solution for this.
The Problem With The Shotgun Approach
As you probably realize, the shotgun approach isn’t the best. It gives you maximum spread, but you
miss a lot more than you hit.
So in the case of email marketing, only a small percentage of my total email subscribers would open
and read my emails and then an even tinier percentage of those people would click the link in the
The problem with the shotgun approach is I might do okay with convincing some of my readers to
click the link, but I may also
damage the relationship I have with a lot of the other readers who do not.
Simply put – there’s no way every single email I send out is going to be of value and interest to
every single subscriber I have.
But with the power of segmentation, you can zero in on those subscribers who show interest, without
annoying the members who did not.
We are attempting to match what people want with what you have to offer and avoid as much
mismatching as possible. (This is the sole job of a marketer!)
When done right, this form of marketing is beneficial to everyone. People who joined your list for
a certain type of information receive
what they want, and people who don’t are not bothered with repeat
messages about something they do not want.
Of course you can’t please all of the people even with segmentation and in almost all cases you
will have people unsubscribe from your list after every email you send, but it will be a very small
percentage of your subscribers, and probably people who really shouldn’t be on your list anyway.
List segmentation allows you to move away from a shotgun approach to email marketing and refine
your messages to a more precise and targeted delivery of your content (like a sharpshooter).
The end result of this process is – more people taking the action you want, which of course will
lead to more sales and thus more profits, and a strengthening of the relationships you have with
the members of your newsletter.


So, the big secret to prevent burning out your list is to segment your master list into smaller
“interest lists.”
The idea is to get your subscriber to raise their hand and give you permission to market a
particular product to them without them realizing it.
In this case, I wanted to promote a product that promises to increase metabolism.
Instead of promoting the product to the entire list, I sent out what I call a “segment email” to
pre-qualify buyers.
This is basically a way for me to get people who might by interested in increasing their metabolism
on a separate email list.
Then I can promote this product to this separate interest list without bothering everyone else on
the main list.
This does 2 things:

1. Prevent subscribers from burning out
2. Sky-rocketing your conversions because only people who are already interested will be hearing
your message
Here’s what a segment email looks like:

Segment Email (Day 11)
SUBJECT: The Secret To A Super Fast Metabolism
Here’s some good news…
You may have inherited your mom’s slow-mo metabolism, but you’re not stuck with it.
Here’s the thing. In my process of losing weight, I learned that it’s possible to trick your body
into burning calories more efficiently.
If you’re into speeding up your metabolism, check out this article and I’ll have more info headed
your way:
If that’s not your thing, that’s okay too. Next week’s email will probably be more in tune with
what you want to hear.
XOXO, Taylor
When a subscriber clicks on the link in this email, I’ve set my email responder service
(ConvertKit) to automatically add this person to a new list.
Out of the 1,326 people that this email was sent to, 411 subscribers clicked on the link and were
automatically added to my new interest list.

Note: If your email provider doesn’t allow you to automatically move subscribers from one list to
another, you can set this up by leading your subscriber to a new optin form for a new list on the
other side of the link in your email.
This way, once they click the link, they’ll have to optin in again and they will get added onto a
new “interest list”.
Now that we have a highly targeted segment of people, it’s time to make an irresistible offer!

The Promotional Sequence
The vast majority of marketers make one of two mistakes:
1. They do too much selling without giving away enough content
2. They give away too much content without doing enough selling
And it’s costing them a lot of money.
Now that you’ve done the “hard” work.. it’s time to finally reap the rewards of what you sowed!
Let’s make one thing clear: Selling is not bad!
The only time selling is bad is when you try to sell something that you don’t believe will actually
help your subscribers.
But when you’re promoting something that will actually help them, selling is GREAT and absolutely
The only way you get paid is when something is SOLD (whether it be your own products/services or an
affiliate product/service).
You can create a fantastic living for yourself and a fantastic relationship with your readers just
by recommending things that will help your customers get closer to achieving their goals.
For example: Most internet marketers do NOT have a background in web design or web development.
So one product I proudly recommend is, OptimizePress. It allows anyone, and I really do mean ANYONE
to easily create high- converting marketing pages that will help them build their list and sell
more stuff.
For anyone who has never heard of OptimizePress before… they’re extremely thankful whenever I
recommend this awesome plugin.
Because otherwise, they wouldn’t have known about it. See how that works?
The 3-Day Promo Tactic
I don’t promote often, but when I do… I’ll really promote something. I’d rather promote once or
twice a month and make 4-5 figures off a
single promotion rather than promote something every day and make a couple $100 (+ lose cool points
with my subscribers).
The 3-day promotional sequence is a sneaky way to get your customers hooked on to your marketing
It is a series of three emails that are closely tied together to pitch one product.

This 3-part series works because there are three primary reasons why people buy just about

• Lack – We buy things to fill voids that we believe we lack.
• Deal – We buy when we feel like we’re getting a great deal.
• Fear – We buy because we’re afraid something is going away.

Each email in this 3-part sequence focuses on one of the above starting with Lack.
Promo Email #1 – Lack (Day 12)
SUBJECT: Here’s Why You Still Have Stubborn Fat…
Years ago, I saw a story on the front page of Yahoo News that completely changed the way I thought
about weight loss.
It explained why I’d never been able to lose weight. And just like that, the final piece of the
puzzle fell into place.
Now make sure to pay attention because I’m about to reveal exactly what that was…
The key was…
Learning how to activate my fat-burning metabolism.
Up until then (without even realizing) I was doing everything wrong.
What I really needed to have in order to control my weight wasn’t another crazy diet or a crazy
exercise regime. What I really needed was: metabolism control!
The truth is – our metabolism rate naturally slows down as we get older. It happens to everyone.
But what most people don’t realize is that we can control our metabolism and even speed it up to
burn fat on autopilot.
Certain foods can speed up the rate of your metabolism while other foods (that I was unknowingly
eating) can drastically slow it down.
Once I learned these loopholes… losing weight made much more sense.

Now my body was working WITH me and not AGAINST me.
Imagine how much easier weight loss would be if you had your own body working FOR you.
Find out how you can easily accomplish a faster metabolism almost effortlessly:
XOXO, Taylor

Lack Email Review:
The purpose of this email is very simple: tell the reader what they are missing and what they have
to gain.
In this example: a fast metabolism.
The Perception of Lack That Drives Desire
Everyone is running the same basic story in their head… And it’s the story that they lack
And if they HAD that something THEN they could FINALLY
be happy!
Nobody is going to buy anything from you unless they FEEL their lack. Of course, this lack is only
a perception – an illusion.
A person who FEELS they have more than enough doesn’t seek more.
Recognize what people believe they lack – that’s the only conversation you need to recognize.
Promo Email #2 – Deal (day 13)
SUBJECT: Free Copy of my Latest Recipe eBook!! Remember what I mentioned about [product name]
yesterday? But before you rush off to purchase, I want to quickly tell you
more about my very exclusive and private bonus.
Metabolism has had such an amazing effect on my own personal transformation that I have gone ahead
and created an additional recipe eBook that includes all the foods on the “recommended list.”
You will be able to follow the easy and simple recipes in this bonus guide to drastically speed up
you metabolism – for free!
However, I’m only making this bonus available for those who purchase [Program Name] today. After
that, I’m selling this eBook on it’s own for $19.95.
That’s how much I love and fully endorse [Program Name].
Remember, faster metabolism = faster weight loss. Lots of love,
P.S. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns at all. Happy to help ☺

Deal Email Review:
This is one of the most important things you can do when promoting an affiliate product – ADD A
BONUS for all the buyers who buy via your affiliate link.
A lot of people follow most people in the industry so by you offering a free consult, review,
product, download etc.. you will stand out.
Your subscribers will choose to buy via your affiliate link over someone else’s.
As humans, we love a great deal. It’s just human nature.
If you go to the store and there are two identical boxes of cereal available for sale at the same
But one of them includes a plastic toy that the other doesn’t… Which will you buy?
Nobody wants to feel they’re losing something they could have EVEN IF they don’t want it.
Silly humans…

Promo Email #3 – Fear (day 14)
SUBJECT: Last Call!
This is your last chance to get [product name] plus my brand new eBook free!
After tomorrow, [bonus name] will become a stand-a-lone product priced at $19.95…
But when you purchase [product name] today, I’ll include it for free. Just email me a copy of your
receipt and it’s yours. Super simple.
This will be the last time you hear me talk about [product name].
Get in now, or risk missing out completely!
P.S. Remember, not only will you get a faster metabolism when you buy [product name] but you’ll
also receive [bonus name] as a free bonus when you purchase today!

Fear Email Review:
This is the MONEY email and also the shortest email in the entire sequence.
We turn up the heat by deploying the fear of loss (which is quite strong!).
Let me give you an example:
Imagine putting a $100 bill into the trashcan. Man, that hits ya doesn’t it? It’s pure fear of
In fact, the fear of loss is more strong than the hope for gain!
People would much rather save something they’ve already got, than get something they want. It’s
hardwired into our heads.
People who know they want the product you’re promoting will purchase on the first day.
Everyone else who is still on the fence will purchase on this day due to fear of missing a great
Do not put any other links or unnecessary information in this email. Short and concise wins.
Double Your Open Rates with One Simple Trick
An “open rate” is the ratio of emails opened by the number of emails sent.
Sadly (but truthfully), not everyone who you send an email to will open it.
In fact, even an open rate of only 50% is considered GREAT in most niches. That means… at least
half the people on your list ARE NOT OPENING your emails.
Why work so hard if only 1 out of every 2 people open your emails? Here’s one solution…
No matter what your initial open rate is, there is one thing you can do that will immediately
increase your open rate, and it only takes a minute:
Re-send the email to everyone who did not open it.
A lot of people focus on growing their list size bigger, but they don’t realize that simply
doubling your open rate is just as effective as doubling your list size.
(Remember earlier how I mentioned that your list size is only as big as your email-opened size?)
So, here’s how to increase your email open rates by an additional
30% at least.
Step 1. Take the SAME email you sent and CHANGE the subject line to something new
Step 2. Email it out 6 hours later JUST TO YOUR NON-OPENS

By doing this, your subscribers won’t look at their inbox and see two of the exact same emails.
They won’t know the body is the same, because, well, they didn’t open it the first time.
This is a feature you an do within almost every email provider.
Afraid of Unsubscribes?
A lot of people get panicked when faced with the idea of sending multiple emails in a short span of
time (within a week). I understand that.
Before I got the hang of it and understood the power of selling, I felt the same way.
But here’s the thing: the reason people are afraid to send emails to their list is because they’re
afraid of getting unsubscribes and/or people getting mad because of too many emails.
Let’s address these issues one by one.
First off, unsubscribes are the BEST thing that ever happened to your list. Seriously.
Look at it this way – people join your list because they’re interested in what YOU have to offer,
and you’re in the business of SELLING
useful products/services to people who are INTERESTED in what you have to offer.
If they unsubscribe, they’re not interested. Therefore, they’re not potential customers, they were
browsers. No loss on your end. Sure, the list size may decrease, but the proportion of INTERESTED
people to dead weight will shift to a more favorable ratio.

And if you’re saying “Wait a minute, I don’t want to constantly lose people on my list, I’ll have
no one left!” here’s what you need to know.
You’ve got to get yourself into a position where a good number of people are joining your list
every day, so the dead weight unsubscribes don’t matter.
You do that by continuing to nurture your list.
The bottom line is that you are running a BUSINESS, and the purpose of your list is to attract
people INTERESTED in buying (as well as providing stellar free content for people who aren’t sure
if they’re ready to buy yet. We like those people).
You are not running a CHARITY. You are running a business. Treat it like one. Create content for
your list that makes it worth staying on (even for non-buyers), and don’t be afraid to promote
within those emails.
The unsubscribes weren’t going to buy from you anyway. Cull your list until it’s full of interested
potential buyers, not browsers who can’t handle a link or two in the middle of great content.
So Let’s Talk Numbers
I want to show you an example from this case study promotion which is typical for any affiliate
These numbers will help you feel good about your next promotion. Here they are:
• 29% of sales came from email 1
• 12% of sales came from email 2
• 58% of sales came from email 3
This. Is. Typical.
チ zappymarketer

Generall抗 there’s a spike on day 1,a lull in the middle,and a monster spike at the end when you’re
ending the promotion.
The Earnings
When you have a hyper-engaged audience and an offer that perfectly matches their needs…
You have a simple recipe for $$$
This is what my inbox looked like an hour after sending that last promotional sequence email:


This is literally the closest thing to legally printing your own money.
At the end of the day, I had a total of 224 sales for a $47 product and
75% commission for a total profit of $7,896.
224 sales from a 411-person “interest list” is a whopping 54%
conversion rate.
To get a landing page with a 54% conversion rate is challenging enough – but to have sales at a 54%
conversion rate is unheard of. And here’s the kicker… I literally spent a total of 2 hours writing
8 emails and programming them to be sent automatically.
Plus I spent $150 to get the bonus ebook completely outsourced
Think about that for a second.
One promotional sequence to a list of 1,000 subscribers has the potential to generate $8,000/month
in profits ($100,000/year) for you.
… from just one promotional sequence, to a tiny little list.
That’s excluding all the new subscribers you’ll be adding on to your email list throughout the
This is the power of email marketing done correctly.
Massive Imperfect Action
As you can probably tell by now, Tina and I do pretty well with internet marketing. But we didn’t
get to where we are by just reading about it.
We learned by actually applying these concepts into practice. The biggest single piece of advice I
can give you at this point is: Do NOT get lost in the weeds!
By this I mean, do not get lost in every tiny detail. Getting good at making money online requires
you to just take action rather than trying to get every last detail in order.
Even if you are feeling unsure about whether or not you’re doing things correctly, it is far more
important to just get started. I can’t stress this enough.
I promise that results will come with just some practice and some experience. That is literally the
only thing separating you from the amount of income you desire.
Donʼt worry about whether or not everything is 100% perfect or feeling skeptical whether or not
this will work for you. Just do it.
All of these excuses will only stunt your growth.
Take action, NOW. Not tomorrow. Because your success depends on the action you take today.
With all of that out of the way…
Itʼs been a great pleasure writing this manual for you and I sincerely hope this guide has brought
massive amounts of value your way.
Take care and I can’t wait to hear about the results you have with the strategies outlined in this
Taylor Rizer & Tina Kane
Co-Founders of Zappy Marketer http://zappymarketer.com
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