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Turbo Traffic Hacks
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You Made the Right Call
Thank you for downloading this no-fluff
report on how to get turbo traffic to your
website. This will be short and sweet.
A quick intro about me: my name is Daniel
Silvestre and I am a full-time writer. This is
what I do all day, every day (yep, I do enjoy
working on weekends as well!). I’ve been a ghostwriter for a
couple of years now, ghostwriting articles, ebooks, sales pages,
newsletters and whatnot. I simply love what I do and wouldn’t
want it any other way. I have ghostwritten more than 1000 blog
posts for more than 100 clients. I’ve decided to share my small
successes with others.
I have tried and tested different strategies to bring traffic to my
blogs and today I’ll share traffic sources that have brought traffic
FAST and with great results in terms of building my list (so it’s
super laser targeted traffic we are talking about).
These methods have bought me a decent chunk of traffic to a
brand new blog on a very specific niche. So this tells you that it’s
quite feasible using these methods alone to bring traffic AND
leads to your blog, old or new.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
Remember, however, that is one thing to bring traffic but quite
another to convert it to subscribers and sales, for which you
need to have a landing page, to gather subscribers you can sell
to, linked up with an auto responder. Mail your list often and
grow a relationship with them and you will be golden.
Finally: if there is anything I can help you with please do not
hesitate to contact me shooting an email to dsilvestre7 at Gmail
dot com. Here’s what I would love to hear from you about:
– How these strategies worked for you, results you achieved.
Share your success;
– Discussing other traffic sources that have worked well for
– Content you need to have created by a professional writer.
Let’s get in touch!
To Your Traffic Success,
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
Everyone Likes Winning
I love winning stuff, whether it’s a simple Teddy Bear by playing
darts at a local fair or a free shampoo at the supermarket. Truth
is: everybody (sometimes secretly) does.
However it tastes even better when it comes from your efforts,
like winning a sports final and raising the cup with your team or a
diploma that you get by winning that short stories competition (I
still have those, I always say I was born with a pen in my small
Online it’s no different really.
Nevertheless I haven’t encountered many people who are doing
this online and it baffles me every day how they can be missing
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
on such a simple strategy that reaps so many benefits with so
little work on their part.
And the best part of this technique is that not only does it go
viral but you get to become an instant authority in that specific
Crazy, right?
Now most of you have probably heard about banner
advertisement and how it can send a massive amount of traffic
to your website throughout the time, especially if your banner is
a) very well designed, b) has great placement in a website and
especially c) it’s on a authority website.
But here are the problems with that:
a) It can cost you a lot of money to get the design right and
see which one convert best
b) The best placement might be already gone and you’re
stuck with lousy placement
c) Money! You might have to spend quite a hefty sum to get
your into an authority site (and the price goes up for the
best placement and great design, obviously)
And worst of all: the website owner can deny your ad just
because you don’t have an authority website yourself.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
Man, banner ads can be tricky.
But what if I told you there’s a secret door to get your banner for
absolutely nothing in a lot of authority websites while almost
never be denied placement?
Are you getting as excited as I am?
Good, you should, because what I am about to reveal is a simple
goldmine when it comes to getting laser targeted traffic from
major authority websites…
You’ve probably guessed it by now, haven’t you?
Yep, that’s right; you are going to give them an award.
Remember how everyone likes winning? Good. You are going to
tell them that they have won.
But Dan wait a sec here… won what?
Well young Padawan, whatever you want really.
One strategy I use is compiling lists of the top websites/blogs of
a specific niche or area.
Let’s look at the specific niche of freelance writing where we turn
into a website called The Write Life (man I wish I had come up
with that name, right?).
Now scroll down a little bit and notice this:
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
If you happen to click that banner you are directly to a post
called “The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2015”, where you
will see, by category, their choice for the best websites.
So far so good?
Now here’s the kicker: when you click those websites you’ll
notice some of them have listed that specific banner in their
sidebar and if you click on it you’ll be redirected to – guess what
– The Write Life post with the full list.
Aliventures is using it (although the 2014 banner):
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
As is Jami Gold in his website:
And The Procrastiwriter too (it even has two awards there):
And many, many others.
It’s a given that not all of these websites list that specific award
in their sidebar – last time I checked it was about 25% of them –
but you will be reaching out to a lot of influencers about
something you want to do for them AND link to A LOT of top
blogs/websites, which is great for building organic out links.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
As for getting the awards done, you have three choices here:
1. Design them yourself if you think you’re good with design
2. Outsource it to a professional in freelancing websites
3. Create one for free using this fantastic tool (it won’t give
you state of the art design but it’s pretty decent)
So let’s recap this simple yet very effective method:
1. Decide on an award you want to give out
2. Compile a list of blogs and get their contacts, tell them
their website was selected a winner (if you want ask them
for a small snippet about their website – not necessary but
makes your writing work a lot easier)
3. Write a “Top XX in YY” blog post linking to those websites
4. Send them the award linking to your award blog post
5. BOOM: traffic!
So that method alone will generate a lot of targeted traffic to
your website the generous way. That hack could very well be an
entire WSO and people would love it.
I want you to adore me ,) So let’s move on!
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
Sharing Is Caring
I don’t think there was ever a time when being a reporter was so
hard as nowadays. There is so much information going around
and so fast that is just ridiculously difficult to keep up with
everything: getting facts, finding the right people, writing the
right words, conversions on how much of an article people read,
online media, offline media, setting up larger projects, working
with teams, travelling to get inside scoops… And I could go on
and on and on about this.
Thankfully I do not have to.
Truth is: I like reporters. They work in the same niche as I do
(writing) and to be honest I wouldn’t like to be in their position.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
One could say I sympathize with them. And I would like to help
them out.
And that’s exactly what we will be doing.
We will be “Helping a Reporter Out” (in short: HARO).
Here’s how HARO describes itself:
“From The New York Times, to ABC News, to HuffingtonPost.com
and everyone in between, nearly 30,000 members of the media
have quoted HARO sources in their stories. Everyone’s an expert
at something. Sharing your expertise may land you that big
media opportunity you’ve been looking for.”
Go over to their website and sign up with them.
HARO will bring you extra publicity for FREE! Make sure to be
very specific when signing up about you area of expertise and
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
how you can contribute. Remember that reporters have a very
limited time on their hands and use this website to gather more
information about your niche.
Ok great that we took that out of the way…
Here are their categories:
Now, after confirming your sign up HARO will send you emails
about three times a day with info from the reporters and what
they are looking for. Expect them to be super specific so make
sure you only hit reply if you can contribute with meaningful
information (if you do not send relevant information they can
blacklist you and you won’t be able to use this hack again). Wait
for the perfect fit to jump in.
After helping a reporter out you will get links from his/her story
once it’s published. This is quite awesome since you are going to
be recognized as an expert in that particular niche AND you are
getting a great link from an established website.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
Not convinced yet?
All right, what about this: well-established bloggers also use the
HARO service and you will, once again, get valuable links and
traffic back to your website for your efforts!
HARO has been growing a lot in the past few months so there
will be some competition but as long as you are an expert in a
particular niche you should be able to get into a story soon
enough. It takes time to get that first story but once you get your
word out there it will be much easier to get the next one, and
then the next one.
I hope you’ve realized by now the powerful source that HARO is.
Moving on then.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
As Seen On…
Raise your hand if you have seen any of those symbols (or others
similar) below the text “As Seen On” in a website.
Did you touch the sky?
You probably did.
A lot of websites use the credibility of these sources to enhance
their own credibility. It’s marketing, pure and simple.
By adding a powerful source using the logo in their website they
are perceveid as more trustable, professional and knowledgable.
It’s that simple.
Now I am going to teach you how to do the same exact thing,
being feature in a major channel that will bring tons of traffic to
your website while also building your credibility.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
Ever wanted to be big enough to be featured on the news?
Well, good news (pun intended) is: you don’t need to! You just
need to be at the right place at the right time.
The right time is right now.
The right place?
More specifically: CNN iReport.
This is a website secretely released by CNN a couple of years ago
and it’s every marketing and authority traffic buff wet dream.
You get to add one of these to your website:
Plus you are getting a powerful backling from CNN!
So here we go…
iReport is a plataform that allows you to write about anything
you want. The key though is to make the article appear like a
REAL news article and not just a spammy article that you post to
GoArticles or Ezines.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
Best of all, this can be done in ANY niche out there.
As you can imagine the headline is crucial here. Don’t go with
something generic like “How to Lose Weight Fast!” but rather
make it look (or read in this case) like a real news headline such
as “Overweight Obesity in Midlife Linked to Earlier Onset of
Alzheimer’s” (disclaimer: this is an actual title, read it here).
PRO TIP: You can easily get some ideas by searching google for
“your keyword” + “news”/”headline news” and you will get a
couple cool suggestions in the first results.
It’s not about stuffing your keyword in there, getting people to
buy from you instantly or directing affiliate links. Forget about
that for a minute and think about adding value and getting
yourself in front of serious traffic (you include your link at the
end of the article).
#1. Sign Up for a new account with iReport
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
#2. Login to your dashboard and click the “Upload” button
#3. Go to the “Choose Assignment” tab and either choose
something that is relevant to your niche or “Breaking News”.
Remember to give your article a very news-like headline. Don’t
rush this!
#4. Write an article about 400-500 words related to your niche.
The writing must be impecable here, make sure you edit and
proofread it before clicking go. Include keywords related to your
niche in the “Tags” box, increasing your chances to be found.
#5. Include an “Author Bio” at the end of the article with a link
(make sure to include “http://www.”, otherwise it won’t work).
Add relevant, high-quality images to your article to make it look
more professional.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
PRO TIP: you don’t need to use your real location if you are not
truly comfortable with that
#6. Agree to the terms of service and click “Upload”
That’s it, you’ve submitted your article and will start to receive
high-quality target traffic from it. Make sure to submit it to social
bookmarking websites for even more views. Check
IMAutomator, a great tool with a free trial for automating this.
Finally, grab this and add to your website:
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
Get to Work
And… That’s all folks!
I just gave you three SUPER powerful traffic sources that you can
now go OUT there and make it happen.
But I can’t make it happen for you.
You are the only one that can do that.
So keep this blueprint open to make sure you follow all the steps
necessary but by all means TAKE ACTION right now!
That’s truly what separates the winners from the losers.
Turbo Traffic Hacks IMDanSilvestre.com
The people that are making an income online and the ones just
barely making or – even worse – still looking to make their first
dollar online.
Don’t become one of those people, I beg you…
Get your face out there, get your website or blog in front of the
right people.
All righty then, this is goodbye for me. Feel free to email me at
dsilvestre7 at Gmail dot com if you have any questions or want
to drop me a line.
Also check my other super product here:
It covers a simple hack that I used to
build a targeted list of 538 people in 11
days. It’s so stupidly simple even my
dog can do it. Best of all: it only takes
you 5 minutes to automate it.
Buy me a beer and it’s yours!
To Your Traffic Success,


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