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©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Thank you and congratulations on investing in this training. My name is Derek Allen and I’ll be the
one guiding you through this slick video marketing method.
Because you are reading this right now that tells me that you know that video is the content king
at this point. Even better, it’s only going to get bigger in the years to come. Despite what many
think video marketing has yet to hit it’s full potential. So whether this is your first try at
video marketing or a seasoned vet, you should be excited that you are a part of the video marketing
Now, I know what you’re thinking… What is THIS particular strategy about?
Well, did you know that Youtube is also a search engine? It’s actually the second largest search
engine in the world.
And with this strategy we are going to treat it that way.
You’ll simply be matching videos to search phrases for product keywords that people are typing into
However, there’s a nice twist that my partner on this project, Mike, came up with that sets this
apart from other “create a video and rank it” courses out there. It’s been his little secret for
many years.
With this little trick your viewers will have no choice but to
click your links to go to your products or affiliate products so you can earn those commissions!
One other thing you should know before you get started… Those slideshow videos where we put text in
a Powerpoint presentation, or images, those won’t work here. Trust me. I tried.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
But that’s not a bad thing because with the way Mike does his videos, it gives it a true “human
feel” to them which build trust with viewers so they do click on your links.
And you’ll be able to leverage $5 dollar bills to get other people to do 85% of the work for you as
far as video creation goes. So that’s a plus. These videos are the kind of videos people want to
see when they do their search on Youtube.
Really the whole concept around this strategy is managing those small $5 dollar bills and a slick
marketing technique to get two of the biggest sites online to promote your videos… Youtube AND
This is a simple strategy that is meant to be fast, scaleable, and to get results in the fastest
most efficient way possible without you having to play babysitter.
Just set it up, let roll, and create another one!
So from here we’ll start step by step. In each step we’ll have some text and a video for each step.
As long as you follow them in order you should understand every bit if it.
Just remember to go through everything once while taking notes. Once you are finished with the
training you can get started and refer to this document as needed.
So from here we’ll start step by step. In each step we’ll have some text and a video for each step.
As long as you follow them in order you should understand every bit if it.
Just remember to go through everything once while taking notes. Once you are finished with the
training you can get started and refer to this document as needed.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS

Remember, we are treating Youtube like a search engine. So if we were to try to rank for a keyword
on Google for a traditional site,
we would look for buyer keywords that actually have the searches, right?
No different here.
When selecting a niche for Youtube itself you have to take into consideration what people on
Youtube are typing in that has some sort of buying intent AND fits a Youtube search.
Let me give you an example…
If you were selling a book about “The Top 50 Paleo Recipes Of
2015” you wouldn’t go to a car collectors forum to pitch it. The reason is because while some of
the people on that car collector forum would probably be interested in Paleo, they are not there
Paleo. They are there to talk about their cars and such.
The key to a successful Youtube video promo is to sell to people exactly what they are looking for
in the place they are looking for it. Be where they already are, and have what they know they
already want.
There are also a couple of golden rules you must abide by. I’ve learned these the hard way through
much trial and error so I’d like to save a ton of frustration for you and just lay them all out.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
The 3 Golden Rules To Dominating With Youtube Marketing: Rule #1 – The Product You Are Selling Must
Be Tangible
This might sound crazy. But I’ve found that when I’m marketing for Youtube and not trying to do
affiliate marketing for digital products, my sales are exponentially better when selling a real,
physical product that people can order, have it shipped to their house and hold in their hands.
The reason? Because the best niches that work best for Youtube searches are usually physical
product niches. If someone is looking for reviews on a certain physical product and we try to sell
them a product on Clickbank, do you think they are going to buy the Clickbank product? No,
negative. Not unless the person is super rich and just likes to give away money.
Also, when we get our visitor over to Amazon it’s much easier to let Amazon do the selling for us
because people know, like, and trust Amazon.
Now we are in no way saying you shouldn’t promote digital products because you should. Just not
with this strategy. This is best suited for Amazon and other sites like that.
Rule #2 – The Product You Are Selling Must Be Available To
EASILY Buy Online From A Trusted Source
This is a big rule and it’s something that if you miss, you won’t get very far so make sure you
note this.
With this we are selling physical products. And I know that you being an internet marketer and me
saying something like “it must be available to EASILY buy online” sounds stupid.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
But it’s really not when you think of it like this…
There are certain product that marketers jump head first into that will make them next to zero in
sales because not all products are created equal.
If you were in the market for a new cell phone, wouldn’t you want to visit your nearest mobile
retailer to play with phone first? Get totally hands on before you commit to buy?
Of course. You wouldn’t go online and buy it as soon as you got the urge.
There are just somethings that people want to test out before they buy. Things like cell phones,
furniture, expensive clothing and shoes, jewelry, or other super expensive purchases.
But there are exceptions. Most people will go get hands-on with most consumer electronics in store
to find what they like and come home to look for reviews and cheapest prices. And those are the
people we want.
So keep this rule in mind because if you are promoting or thinking about promoting a product like I
mentioned above, stop or don’t because your conversions will suffer.
Just ask yourself when picking your niche, “Would I want to see this for myself before making a
purchasing decision?” and if you do that you will be fine.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Rule #3 – The Product Your Are Selling Must Be Something
People Are Actively Seeking Reviews For
Smart online shoppers look for reviews on most products. Most of the time though the product is in
the $20 dollar or higher category. For products cheaper than that you can count on most people
impulse buying the product without researching any further.
And anything new that has hit the markets or is causing a stir, people will generally seek out
reviews first before buying.
Review seekers are great for people like you and I because we can’t get in front of them pretty
easily (especially if the product is new and we go after a product name + review keyword on
Oh… and where do people generally go to search for reviews? AMAZON. See where we are going with
Now if you pick a niche and a product following those 3 golden rules you can’t fail with this.
But what exactly is a good Youtube niche?
I’ve already touched on the difference, but there are some markets on Youtube that just shine in
the physical product category.
Here’s a small sample of some of the best performing niches that
I’ve found:
1.Workout Supplements
2.Cooking Contraptions
3.Fitness Equipment
4.Books Based On Movies (small commissions but they sell)
5.Make Up
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
6.Video Games
Workout Supplements – This niche is great because guys and gals who are looking to get fit or add
muscle are always looking for an edge. Plus they are easily reviewable. There’s a ton of different
supplements out there with more being released everyday so you’ll never run out of this to promote.
Cooking Contraptions – Cooking is a passion niche for most but a hassle to others. You can play off
of any of those angles to sell something to someone. This is a HUGE market with all the gimmicks
and gadgets out there. And if you look on Youtube there are tons of videos out there for these
things. Again, there’s no shortage.
Fitness Equipment – Now this market is tricky on Youtube. There’s tons of fitness equipment out
there. And usually it’s expensive. Most people like to buy these types of things online because
some of the equipment is quite large and they can have it shipped to their door without the hassle
of doing it themselves. But because some of these things are so pricey and because there’s
so much, people like to do their homework before they buy. Plus, just like the supplement niche
people are always looking for the next great thing so they are always buying. Just make sure
whatever you promote in the fitness niche is priced $50 or higher.
Books Based On Movies – Or movies based on books, however you want to say it, always do well
because people on Youtube are always looking for movie trailers, book reviews, etc… and people who
are fans of these books always seem to turn into their own little “cult” so that’s good because
they are spreading the word for you and when people catch wind of a book you can be right there on
Youtube waiting on them to come to you. Commissions on Amazon are embarrassingly low, but it can
add up.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Make Up – Point blank. People are getting rich on Youtube doing make up tutorials and selling make
up products. Make up is one of the most popular search terms on Youtube. There’s no reason you
can’t get a piece of the pie online. Plus because women are
always looking for the next “miracle product” your videos can catch some serious steam. Also
consider the fact that make up is something that women will need to buy more of when they run out
and you’ve got a winner. Make up products can be very expensive and if you speak directly to a 20
something who is un-married and out in the dating scene, you can’t go wrong. And there’s
something new coming out everyday.
Video Games – Just like make up, video game videos get MILLIONS of views. When the next big thing
game comes out Youtube practically explodes. People don’t like to just watch gameplay though, they
like review videos. And then once they do get the video game in their hands they want strategy
guides and whatever else they can get their hands on. If you focus on the newest games, they don’t
even need to be mega-popular new games either, you can get tons of traffic to your videos and
clicks on your links.
Toys – Oh my goodness. Did you hear about that lady who sits around and plays with Play-Doh and
other Disney toys all day long and made roughly $7 MILLION DOLLARS in 2014? Well it’s true. This
mystery lady was in the list of the top 10 highest earners on Youtube. She even beat out Taylor
Swift. While it’s a little creepy to watch grown adults sit around and play with these toys like
they are 6 years old, the proof that it works is there. If you can find someone to review the
latest Ninja Turtle toy or whatever is trending at the time you can turn that into a ton of views
from the Youtube Search and related videos along with some serious commissions.
If you already have a niche that fits the requirements discussed

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
above then stick with it. But if you don’t have a Youtube niche yet or want to dive into something
new, you can’t go wrong with the one’s above.
So at this stage you should pick a market using the criteria above. Find a product on Amazon to
promote. And get ready for the next step.
If you aren’t a part of the Amazon Associates Program you can find the link to sign up here:
It’s easy to join but you will have to make some sales for them to keep you on. If you don’t make
any sales for like 6 months or something you’ll have to reapply.
And if for some reason you can’t join Amazon you’ll need to find a site like it.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Step 2: Get Your $5 Dollar Bills

Is there something that you’ll gladly take time out of your day to go get that cost $5 bucks? Maybe
it’s a coffee or maybe a value meal at a fast food restaurant.
Whatever it is… if you see $5 dollars as a stretch, sacrifice one of your daily rituals until you
save about $20 bucks to get a couple of videos created for you on
Because if you do you should get many $5 dollar bills back in return.
Now there is a specific strategy we are going to use with our video here. All you need is one video
review of whatever product you chose to be created by a fiver provider.
But why pay someone? For one it frees up our time and allows us to scale this method. Two, if you
want to jump into a ton of different niches there’s no way you’ll have these products sitting
around your house. But on Fiverr you can probably find someone who does.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
So if you don’t have a fiver account by now (who doesn’t) then go to the link below and sign up:
Watch this quick video for a more in-depth explanation of the exact process you should do to find
the best candidates for your video creation job:

But what should you have your provider say in the video they are creating for you?
It’s really simple. Just tell them you need a 2 minute video of them giving a review of a product.
Just tell them to keep it genuine.
These videos are not full on sales videos. They are supposed to be real and that is what makes them
so effective because they are coming from real users. No call to actions are needed because you are
going to add those in yourself.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Step 3: Getting Easy Traffic To Your
Youtube Videos

The beauty of this strategy is it’s speed. The faster you get your videos up, the faster you can
get more videos up. And the faster the traffic comes and the faster you get clicks and commissions.
Now this is the part of the training where I’m supposed to make things really technical and
difficult to follow. I’m not going to do that here.
There’s been a thousand and one guides, reports, and video courses out there that teach you how to
optimize your videos to rank in Youtube and Google. Let’s just keep things simple by showing you
one trick that worked 3 years ago and still works today.
But promise me you won’t fall to the floor when I tell you this big secret…
I told you we would keep this simple.
Now before you throw your hands in the air let me explain how to use tags with THIS system.
Lately, I’ve been seeing people preach tag jacking (that’s what the cool kids call it) a lot
lately. People have even created and sold thousands of copies of software that find the tags for
But you don’t need to pay for any software to find the tags a video is using or to find the most
popular videos.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
There’s also another cool little trick that you can use that involves titles.
Watch the video below to find out how to find these tags and
EXACTLY how to use them with this method:

Now there’s a lot of different data points that we could go into about how Youtube determines
related videos and how watch times matter and all that, but for now this is all you need. And the
even better news is that if your title and video image catches a users eye and they watch your
video as a result of another video… your video is only going to boost in even more related video
I will give you one more important tip here about what not to do… And I should have covered this in
the video above but it slipped my
If you are searching through videos to find the newest video with the highest number of views and
you land on another video where ALL the related videos belong to the owner of the video you
currently pulled up (like the example in my video), move on and find a different video to copy
tags. The reason why is because
Youtube has tracked user data and found that if a person watches one video from a creator and they
usually watch another video
from the same person Youtube only shows visitors videos made by that creator in the related videos
section. Make sense? So it would be tough for you to land there.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Step 4: The Special Sauce Alright. So up to this point you should understand the working parts so
But what is the secret sauce that makes this so effective?
Well you could do everything I mentioned above and get people to click your links in your Youtube
website annotation links or description links, but that can usually result in a low click through
rate, and we want to maximize those click through rates to put people who were already interested
in the product you are promoting on a page where they can easily buy the product.
So essentially you are taking people and putting them through a nicely engineered funnel while
allowing Youtube to promote your video for you to get the clicks and for Amazon to promote the
product you are selling for you to turn that click into cash.
That’s the entire goal here.
By the time you get to this step you should have already had someone on fiverr to create a video
review (with their face on camera) of some kind of product you chose in a market that meets all the
criteria above.
Good. You’re well on your way now. Here’s where this is going to get good. Have you ever heard of a
cliffhanger video?
In a brief nutshell, it’s when you promise to give somebody something but you make them do
something else in order to get it.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
You see cliffhanger primarily on t.v. shows where something crazy happens but you have to tune in
next week to see what it was while the whole week your looking forward to watching the show again.
Well that same principal works incredibly well with video marketing too.
I’ve shared this strategy before when it comes to list building, but never with physical product
This cliffhanger strategy is commonly referred to in the copywriting world as an “open loop”.
It’s where you tell people something. Get them fired up about it. And then tell them they have to
wait to see what it is, or again, do something else in order to fulfill a need.
The reason cliffhangers work so well is because we are playing on the psychology of the human
As humans, when we start something or get interested in something and that something ends without
resolution it drives us crazy. When something is started in the brain it has to cycle all the way
through in order to find that resolution, or close the loop.
If you think about it, when was the last time a friend was telling you juicy story or came up to
you and told you they had a secret but suddenly somebody interrupted the conversation and you
weren’t able to find out what the ending of the story was or what the
secret was?
Did it drive you nuts? Was your brain churning with thoughts of what the ending or the secret was

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
I’d be willing to bet it was.
So that’s exactly what we are doing to our viewers on Youtube. We are creating that open loop and
the only way for the viewer to
find resolution is to click out link. We are practically forcing people to do it. Thus, resulting
in much, much higher clickthrough rates and sales.
It looks like this:

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
But how exactly do you do this with your videos?
Watch as I breakdown all the steps and tell you exactly how to pull this strategy off and make it
all come together.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
So that’s it. A completely simple strategy that you can get started on in a matter of minutes. And
is super scaleable for passive income for years to come.
Before we end let’s do a quick recap:
1. Pick a good Youtube niche that fits the criteria mentioned above. Start with one of the 7
listed in this guide if you aren’t sure or just want to dive into a proven niche.
2. Hop on over to Fiverr and post a gig request to get providers to come to you. Tell them you
need a review video of a certain type of product.
3. Take the video that the Fiverr provider sent you and split it into two videos with something
like Camtasia or Screenflow. Upload the hook video to Youtube with a call-to-action slide telling
viewers to click your cloaked Amazon affiliate link for part 2 of the review. Upload the second
part which is the main review of the product to Amazon so that you can put people right on the page
where they can buy said product.
4. Get traffic for your Youtube video by way of tags for popular videos and using the title tricks
in the video above.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
I hope you enjoyed this training and that you get incredible results with it.
It’s simple enough that anyone can do it and there’s no doubt that it just works.
Thanks for picking it up and let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at:
Talk again soon,



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