Ready to Turn Leads Into Dollars?

Ready to Turn Leads Into Dollars?

The biggest frustration that marketers invariably come across when building their lists is that
of conversions.
It can be absolutely agonizing to see hundreds of new subscribers being thrown onto your list,
without a single one of them buying a damn thing from you.

I’ve identified two major challenges that bring this about…

1. Your audience is indifferent to you.

This means that you didn’t make an impression. Either the information you’ve presented to
them was outdated, ineffective, or irrelevant… or you just presented it in a really boring, dull,
cookie-cutter sort of a way.
If this is the case, you really need to step your game up. From your squeeze page to your
freebie to your follow-up and promo emails, you must strive to inject real personality into your
marketing. Open yourself up. Seek first to entertain… then to educate. In that order!
2. Your audience doesn’t like you.

Many factors can contribute to a marketer falling out of favor with his or her email list. For
starters, being just blatently promotional without injecting any personality, value, or empathy is
just plain wrong. People who take this approach don’t stay in business very long.
Another reason why some marketers develop rotten reputations is that they promote crap. If
you don’t believe in a product with every fiber of your being, then it’s very likely that the
people to whom you “sling” it won’t believe in it either. Then, they’ll wonder why you
recommended it.

When it becomes clear to them that you’re only in this for the money, and that you’re just
looking at them as a bunch of ATM’s, you’re gonna be in real trouble.
Sadly, this is how many marketers approach their lists right out of the gate, dooming
themselves to fail before they ever really had a chance to get started.
So What’s the Solution?

Well, if you really want to engage your audience, make them fall in love with you, and have
them buying every little thing you recommend, then I suggest that you take a look at people in
your life who already love, trust, and respect you.

What is it that you do to make these people like you? Are you funny, playful, generous,
gracious, humble, real? Whatever it is, this is what you need to bring to the table in your
marketing. It’s the only way to beat the “low-conversion blues.”

Introduce you really great course that goes into the specific details of this. It’s called
Email advance. I also gives you some extraordinary mix n’ match content that you can use in
your own marketing to boost your conversions. It’s definitely worth a look.
Otherwise, just remember to be yourself. Your BEST self.
Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.
Until next time,


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