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Getting Started
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The Crush Campaign
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The Fence Shaker Strategy
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Bonus Strategy
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Email Strategy
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Chapter 1

Getting Started
Welcome to Copy Paste Commissions, the battle tested, commission creating, affiliate Strategies
that myself and Michael Cheney are sharing with you today.

You are in for a real treat.

This is the first time that Michael and I have teamed up on something, and put together some
amazing content for you.

Our businesses generate millions of dollars per year in combined commissions. That probably
represents somewhere between 30% to 40% of our revenue.

We know a lot of affiliate strategies that other affiliates just do not know. We’ve invented them
ourselves. You’re going to learn them on this training and you will be able to apply them in your
business and get results quickly.

In this ebook and all the supporting material that’s included with this product, you’re actually
going to discover just how much money you can make when you use two of the top affiliate marketers
in the industry’s strategies combined in your own marketing.

There’s a lot of powerful commission creating strategies that we’re handing you here on a silver
platter. We highly recommend that you take notes, take action, and then take home the money.

Discover Our Confidential Traffic-Driving Strategies

We are confident that by following our strategies you’ll find that your income has increased
immensely. You’ll learn about the ways we drive traffic to affiliate offers and how we create the
bonuses that we do for our customers.

We’ll explain how we’re able to offer such bonuses and how we deliver them. We’ll discuss what NOT
to do in your efforts to drive traffic, create bonuses and in your email marketing and what you
should definitely implement.
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Our traffic strategies will teach you how we generate traffic for FREE using Facebook and also how
to target your prospects using Facebook ads and what we do in order to create HUGE Facebook

Michael and I go into depth here on how to get the most clicks from your email marketing and what
NOT to be afraid of when emailing your lists.

We’ll cover how you can really engage your customers through your emails and how to have them
craving for more.

You’ll even learn how you can make all this money even if you don’t have an email list and you’re
just starting out.

Now remember…

Everyone is different and the results may vary. Regardless, Michael and I have worked hard to bring
this to you. We hope that you enjoy this and we look forward to getting to know you and your
business better.

Be sure to take notes, absorb everything in here, read it again and again and let everything sink
in. We want you to be successful and we want you to apply what you learn here.
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Chapter 2

The Crush Campaign
The Crush campaign is something that I started testing out years ago. There were several pieces of
the puzzle when it came to the crush campaign. They included:

● Mailing out multiple times
● Having a bonus
● Total involvement in the project

Top Tip: Remember you can use this method even if you don’t have an email list. You’ll learn how to
drive tons of free traffic to your affiliate offers later on…

What you are getting right now is the full package, the full puzzle placed together that many would
pay thousands and thousands of dollars for because it has been so influential in our businesses.
The crush campaign alone is responsible for making millions and millions of dollars for everyone
that I’ve shared it with because it simply works.

It was tested at least a dozen times before being shared with the first person, who was John
Thornhill. Once John started using it, before you know it, myself and our affiliates (aka my
friends) all started using the crush campaign to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars with
this system.

The crush campaign is an email sequence (you can also duplicate this process with posts on your
blog or Facebook).

It’s a sequence that you create for a specific product that you’re promoting.

This email sequence is based on urgency and scarcity. It’s one email building on top of another
email every time. It’s been created to work over a three day period and initially, with six emails.
We’ve seen hyper crush campaigns that expanded off of that and have found that they’ve worked well

How to Make Exponentially More Money With The Same Effort

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The bottom line is this… when you concentrate your email strategy over a three-day period, you’re
going to exponentially increase the amount of money you make. We’ve proven this system works over
and over again. This is not in any way theory, this is as solid as solid can be. If you were to
send six emails this week over six days, you could potentially make (with a list of 10,000), $600
or about $100 a day. Now let’s take those same six emails and condense them using scarcity and

Mail them over a three day period, have those emails coincide with the countdown timer on the bonus
page, do you know what will happen?

I’ll tell you.. that $600 that you would’ve made with those six emails now becomes

Sounds crazy right? I know.

But it’s not crazy and this system WORKS. It works simply because you condensed the campaign into
three days and you built it on urgency to coincide with a countdown timer. That, in essence, is the
crush strategy.

From there, we derive what we call a crush campaign. Within our little affiliate clique, we call
ourselves the “Affiliate Jedi’s”, each has customized the campaign with his own style.

Michael has customized crush campaigns to work in his particular style, I use them in my own style,
and so on. John and the other guys all now teach their students about the crush campaign as this is
something that simply works.

We’ve been using this for a long time, and we all made a lot of money with it. It’s been picked up
by the industry as a whole now, and it’s kind of become the defacto standard for how you promote
and launch.

Because of this, we all make a ton of commissions as an affiliate when the launch is wrapping up.
You really want to be doing this. What we’re going to demonstrate now are our favorite, most
powerful strategies.

We’ll come onto step by step examples of the crush campaign in action shortly but first let’s get

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Chapter 3

The Fence Shaker Strategy
Let’s talk about how most people make buying decisions.

What happens when people are faced with a buying decision?

Typically, they will try to delay that decision. They will get distracted, they’ll go off and do
something else.

They’ll come up with what they feel are “reasons.”

However, I believe that what they’re doing is simply coming up with “excuses.” It doesn’t matter if
it’s a $50 piece of tech kit or a $50,000 car. People are just afraid of making decisions, PERIOD.
Never mind buying decisions.

What we are going to tell you about right now is what we call the “fence shaker strategy.” It gets
people off the fence. When I say “it gets them off the fence,” I mean, people who are indecisive on
whether or not they want to make that particular purchase you placed in front of them.

This is a specific type of strategy you can use during a crush campaign.

Typically, this is done on the last day of the campaign. It’s the first message that goes out on
the final day. It will always have the subject line, “Deadline Date Today for ABC,” (whatever the
product is) “FAQ Inside.” We actually put frequently asked questions inside the email.

And remember – while we are focusing on sending this out as an email you can still make a ton of
money with this by posting it on Facebook and using the Free Facebook Traffic Method we’ll cover in
a moment.

2 Powerful Reasons You’ll Make More Money Doing This

1. The customer has been told that it’s the deadline day for this particular product.
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2. We said look, here’s all your questions, here’s an FAQ. What you‘re trying to achieve with this
kind of fence shaker strategy is to get people off the fence. Get them to commit, to make a
decision. To take action.
At this point, if you’ve been promoting for two, three, four maybe even five days, don’t kid
yourself and think that you’ve done all the sales that you can. There are probably 80% of the
people that have seen all those emails that are still on the fence. They’re not a no, they’re a
maybe or a yes.

Most people will still be on the fence, even after receiving a few emails from you. This strategy
of sending out this FAQ email as the first email on the last day of a launch with a subject line,
“Deadline Day [FAQ Inside]” will get you a ton of money.

There are a couple of things you should do with this FAQ.

First you want to recap and reinforce what you’ve already gone through. Even if you sent multiple
emails, there’s maybe somebody that’s just reading this email for the very first time, even this
late in the crush campaign.

If you do the emails in the way that we’ve instructed, and if somebody has been reading for the
whole campaign, the emails are going to be very, very powerful.
However, the emails also stand in isolation if people come into the email sequence late. Therefore,
in the FAQ email, you want to recap and reinforce the previous messages.
For example, you basically want to say;

“It’s deadline day, this is why I want you to get this product and I also want to address these
FAQs that we’ve had coming in.”

Make the Skeleton Dance!

You want to make the skeleton dance, this is a phrase from George Bernard Shaw.

It very simply means, if there’s something wrong, don’t hide it away in the closet, make the
skeleton dance; bring it out in the open. This includes if there’s been an oversight.

People may be thinking, “Wait a minute, why are you sending me all theses email?”

Talk about it in your emails.

Use that as one of the questions in your FAQ email. I would address that question
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something like this:
Q: What’s the deal with all these emails, why are you sending me so many?

A: I’m sending you all these emails because A) I really believe in this product. B) You should get
it as it’s an essential purchase for every internet marketer. C) Because I make money every time I
email you.

Ask Your Prospects These Questions To Drive More Sales

When coming up with your questions to include in your FAQ email, remember to use “yes”
questions. When you’re structuring this FAQ, don’t ask questions that are answered with a “no,”
such as…

Q: Is this difficult to do?
A: No.
You don’t want that in your FAQs, switch every question around. For example:
Q: Is this easy to do?
A: Yes, it is.
Q: Should I buy this product?
A: Yes, you should.
Make sure that every single question that you get, or the ones that you create, are structured in a
way to be answered “yes.” Here’s an example from a previous fence shaker that I’ve used..

Q: Can you really make money with this just by doing XYZ?
A: Yes. I know it sounds bonkers and you need to go through Michael’s training but once you’ve done
that, you’ll generate recurring sales.

This is a huge sales technique for anybody that’s ever gone through any kind of sales training.
This means in any kind of selling whatsoever, whether it would be phone sales, face to face in
retail, door to door, anything. Whether you sold cars or you sold bicycles, it doesn’t matter. This
is a fundamental skill in sales and marketing, and that is you ask “yes, yes, questions”.
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You don’t ever ask open ended questions.You never want to give the prospect the opportunity to say
no, you want to train them to say yes. You want to ask questions that you KNOW they’ll respond with
a “yes.”

“Hey, you breathe oxygen, right?” “Yes.” “So do I.” “Awesome!”

You want to ask questions that it’s impossible for them to say “no” to. “Hey, you’ve drank water
before, right? Of course you have, now let’s talk about why you need to…[and you move on to the
next YES question]”

How To Make Tons of Easy Sales Using Secret Emotional Triggers

These are the kind of things that are selling skills that you need to carry over into your sales
copy and into your email copy. When you start framing the email, you’re eliciting emotion.

Nobody wakes up in the morning or schedules to look at your bonus page and buy from you today.
They’re doing it all on impulse, they’re doing it on emotion.

Reality is that people buy based on emotion, they make purchase decisions based on emotion, then
they justify those purchases later on with logic. That’s just the way the human mind works.

Since we know that it is emotion that we’re bringing out in them to get them to buy, why would we
want to create negative emotion? Why would we want to create negative energy?

Why would we even want the word “no” in their mind at all during the time that they’re being
pitched, that they’re reading this email or reading sales copy from us?

We want them thinking “yes, yes, yes, I love you, this is awesome, this is great, I want this, I
need this, yes, yes, yes.” Still, we’ll see people starting their delivery with questions such

“Hi, how’s your day today? I hope you’re having a great day.
Let me tell you about this and this.
Have you ever had a problem with so and so?”

Oh man, there’s about ten mistakes being made right there with that kind of an opening.
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You created that kind of an opening because you’re trying to be polite and politically correct, and
you want to be liked by everyone else.

The reality is that there is no selling going on in the way that you’re talking, there is no
impulse building going on, and there’s no positive emotion being created because you’re asking a
shitload of open ended questions that’s giving rise to the word no.

Like, “no, I’m having a shitty day today” or “No, as a matter of fact I never even heard of this
thing that you’re trying to sell” or “no, I wasn’t planning on looking at this today.”

Why give them the opportunity to answer that even in their mind? Just because you asked the
question in an email rhetorically in the opening statement, they are still answering it
subconsciously as they’re reading. Their mind is answering it and creating chemicals, and
endorphins, and things that are going to determine whether or not they buy, whether or not they
take action.

If You Don’t Use This Simple Money Tactic You’re Missing a Trick

This isn’t psycho babble.

If you dismiss it as psycho babble, you’re an idiot. You really need to pay attention to the things
that you’re writing and saying, the order that you’re saying them in, or what you’re doing.

You also want to pay attention to what you’re not doing because it is going to determine whether or
not this person sees value, sees entertainment and continues reading.

This will determine whether or not they follow the breakpoints and pushes all the way through to
that link on the order page. Which we know will be putting money in your PayPal account.

This is critical stuff.

The word “YES” makes you money. You don’t even know how important that is and I’m stressing it
right now because we want you to really, really write that down and look at ways to write emails
and create copy that makes the word YES pop up in the mind of your prospect.
It’s Sales 101, you want to be getting people on the yes train, this is what it’s all about. Even
if they don’t read your email in full which most people quite frankly probably won’t,

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even if you find some scrollers, at least they’re seeing yes, yes, yes. They may not even be
reading the questions, but imagine the alternative; they’re just scrolling and they see yes, no,
maybe, no, yes.

They’re going to be all over the place when it comes to clicking on the link, even if they haven’t
read the questions. Make sure you get them on the yes train, only ask questions that you can answer
with a “yes.”

Double Whammy Money-Making Questions

Now let’s talk about double whammy money making questions that you should ask your prospects. These
are obvious questions, obvious not as in it’s so obvious that we’ll put this in an email, but
obvious in terms of the answer you give.
These are questions that people have in their mind regardless of what you’re doing. Let’s say we’ve
sent emails before, we’ve done a campaign over seven days and we’ve
sent 30 emails over those days.

During those seven days, we’ve explained all the benefits, all the features, everything about the
product. Psychologically, we’ve given them reason, given them logic, we’ve spoken about the
benefits, the bonus, the whole nine yards.

Do you know what happens even though we’ve given them all the things that answers their questions?
I’ll tell you…

What happens on the last day of the launch is that I get a bunch of emails asking if they should I
really buy this?

I simply don’t get it.

We’ve spent 13 hours telling you why you should buy this, yet they still feel the need to ask.

How to Easily Crush All Buyers Objections in One Fell Swoop

How do we resolve this?

How do we decrease the amount of emails we receive asking if we feel this is something they should
purchase? Well, we do this within the FAQ email. We simply add it in there so that the question is
no longer asked to us. We hit that head on.
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Now don’t get me wrong.

We’ll still get some people who will ask regardless. They’ll ask because they’ve overlooked all the
logic, they want to know.

The next question that they typically ask is;

“Do you recommend this for me?”

You’re basically saying, “Yes, I really do vouch for this.”

Again, it comes back to that thing we mentioned right at the beginning about confidence, about
conviction. They want to know if you’re doing this for the money or is this really something that
you feel that they should buy?

One of the main objections of people is;

“I really want to buy this but I don’t want to be a victim of shiny object syndrome.”

This is a good one to include in your FAQ list. “I don’t want to fall victim to shiny objects
syndrome, but I want to buy this. Is this right for me?” The answer is always;

“Yes, it’s right for you.”

What we’ve come to learn is that when people don’t buy, it is really either people have decided not
to buy or have just failed to make the decision to buy.

This Tactic Turns Negative Skeptics into Red Hod Buyers

These two things are two distinctly different things AND It’s usually because they are afraid of
making a bad decision.

You might think that it’s because they don’t have the money, but it’s not. Let me tell you
something. If some emergency came up, be assured these people CAN put together $47,
$147, or even $1,000. God forbid the roof caved in and they had to fix it, I can guarantee that
they’ll find a way to fix it.

Everyone has access to money.

It’s real easy for us as affiliate marketers and vendors to use the money excuse as a fulcrum of
why we didn’t make sales all the time.

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The reality is that people don’t buy because they’re afraid of making a bad decision. They need
that reassurance, they need that deflection, they need to be able to have that safety net to be
able to say later on;

“I bought this because he told me, it wasn’t because I made a bad decision. It was because I was
influenced to make this purchase.”

You’ve got to give them that, you’ve got to reassure them, you’ve got to remove risk, you’ve got to
make them feel like they’re making a good decision. You’ve just got to do that for them.

Some vendors, for example, use the guarantee.

That’s how they try and remove risk. They say well look;
“You’ll get your money back if you’re not satisfied, there’s no risk on your side.” Everybody does
that, but as we mentioned before – you can’t do what most people do. That’s what separates us from
the general internet marketing crowd and how we’ve been
able to make millions of dollars as affiliates. We don’t do what most people do, we go the extra
mile. We do different stuff, we invent new strategies, we test new things out.

We actually recently tested an offer without a guarantee which curiously gives people even more

You’re like;

“Look, this is so good, We’re not even letting douchebag refunders in here. If you want to become a
member and purchase this product with a negative state of mind then you might get your money back.
However, frankly, we don’t want your money to begin with, if you’re not even willing to do the

However, you can also go into this with the mindset like, “hey, this is the best stuff you’ve ever
seen, and we’re not giving it away unless you’re willing to come in and basically apply it and make
money. In this case it’s a zero refund strategy.”

There’s different ways of doing this but ultimately, it goes back to what you were saying earlier,
about being transparent.

Just tell people how much you believe in this product and that’s why you’re mailing them.
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Yes, of course we’re going to generate a commission but we’ve used this product, it’s awesome.
Maybe there’s one thing wrong with it, but we’ve satisfied and we’ve improved the product with our

This Money-Making Method is Powerful – Don’t Abuse It!

This is seriously the thing that you should really do but It’s got to be done with integrity.
Please note, that you can’t do this with every single product.
If you find yourself struggling to do this and it doesn’t quite feel right, don’t promote the
product. We’ve pulled out of promos before.

You get all excited about a product you’re planning to promote and then you get in and you see it
and you think…

“Oh my gosh, that’s just not ethical and the product is not even ready.”

You’ve got to be true to yourself and true to the people on your list. That right there, will make
you good money combined with all sorts of strategies and the secret kind of ninja tactics that
we’re giving you here.

Just to clarify, we’ve done additional training on the crush campaign.

This is something that we never get tired of talking about. It’s a super condensed impulse building
series of emails that we send over a three day period. We’re sticking to the fundamental numbers
here that we’ve created, because that’s what always works.

As I mentioned before, the crush campaign is something that all of us in our syndicate do to
generate a HUGE income when promoting a product, yours or an affiliates.
However, each of us in our syndicate might have a slightly different crush campaign. Michael has
said he sends four emails a day and he does this hyper crush campaign. He
might teach it a little bit differently.

How To Turn Six Emails into Six Thousand Dollars

It’s really the condensed email campaign that’s really the core of the crush campaign. Like I said
before, sending six emails over a six day period might make you $600, but sending six emails over a
three day period can make you $6,000.
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You’re probably thinking…
“Wait a second. How exactly do you mean $6,000?” Two ways…..

1. You simply are going to get more people to buy because they see more emails, more intensity,
they feel that you’re more behind the product, and they get more interested
in it. This is the recipe for you to make more sales.
2. You’ve just put this thing on hyper drive, so you’re going to now be able to win some prizes and
that added to your total. Therefore, what would have been $600, has maybe turned into $2,000 or
$3,000 in commission. Throw in the fact that you’re also winning $2,000 or $3,000 in prize money.
That’s what brings you to the approximate $6,000.
Let’s say that you send six emails over the course of 6 days and probably would have
made $600.

Not only did you make only $600 for the six days, but you’re not even becoming one of the leaders
on the board.

Now, if you follow the crush campaign, 6 emails in 3 days, now you’ve got a better
chance of becoming one of the affiliates that is on the leaderboard. Or even better, you’re on the
top of the leaderboard because you had the balls to run an intense campaign and mail multiple times
a day.

You created an awesome email chain link with connecting subject lines and body copy and you created
killer bonuses and you used these strategies.

Guess what?

You’re on the top of the leaderboard, baby and you just won a prize. You just got $3,000
PayPal’ed to you, you just made $6k in three days instead of $600 over six days. This is what the
crush campaign is all about.

How To Hit Home the Urgency And Drive Up Your Sales

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Each email builds on the prior email and it coincides with the countdown timer. What exactly does
that mean?

That means that we wrote these things to make sense when you read them in order, but you can jump
in at any time and read any one of those emails for the first time and you’re still okay.

If you’re on the last day and you just jumped in and you’re reading the FAQ, it’s not like you’re
lost. You can read anyone of the emails in the sequence and understand what’s going on.

However, for someone that’s been reading every one of these emails, it’s almost like the story’s
been building, the impulse have been building, the urgency has been building. You’ve been
mentioning the time and you’re referencing the time throughout your emails.

When we send the third email, it may say something like;

“Hey guys, there is currently this amount of time left. We’ve been telling you up until now that
you’re gonna run out of time. Right now, we’ve got 15 hours on the clock, this is what you’re going
to miss out on.”

In every email, it should mention where they are and how much time they have left. We see that it
creates this bottleneck at the order button on that last day.

We’ll then send another email after 6:00PM on a Sunday reminding them that the timer is running

The Best Day of The Week to Make Money Is…

We recommend that the last day of the promotion be on a Sunday.

The reason that we do this, is because we’ve learned that ending product launches and promotions on
Sunday at midnight by far surpasses ending it on any other day of the week. PERIOD.
Vendors just don’t understand how important it is to end your launch on a Sunday. Until the vendor
tries this, they don’t realize the power in it. We will never end another
one of our own product launches on any other day of the week than on a Sunday at
midnight Eastern time.

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We’ve done many launches and we’ve ended them on Mondays, on Tuesdays, on
Wednesdays, on Thursdays, on Fridays, and on Saturdays. Sunday always wins. Why do you think?
Because people are home, they’re not out partying on Sunday nights, because they’re getting ready
for work and they’re dreading work in the morning and they’re looking for ways to make money. We
don’t know, give it a name, think it up.

The point is that ending on a Sunday night just seems to work.

When I’m queueing up my email sequence for our promotion, something that I do is correspond my
emails with the timer. As the end of the timer is approaching, the emails I send becomes shorter
and more urgent as that deadline approaches.

We do this because when the timer reads that you’ve got an hour left, we don’t want you to have to
take an hour to read our email.

We want it to be short and to the point. Our last email might just be a one or two liner because
we’re just like;

“Hey guys, hurry up, it’s running out, this is your last chance, go right now.”

Meanwhile, our first email that we sent in that crush campaign might’ve been a longer email with a
little bit more explanation. The urgency builds as the deadline approaches.

Focusing on Fear of LossTowards the End of a Promo Skyrockets Your Sales

The first few emails, will focus on everything that they’re going to get if they move fast while
later emails focus on everything that they’re losing if they move slow.

What I’ve found is if we go back and look at all the crush campaigns that we’ve written over the
years, the first few emails in the campaign tend to talk about everything they’re going to get when
they take action fast before the clock ends.

However, the last few emails we send are more about what they’re going to LOSE. We even have an
email subject that says,

“You’re about to lose out big time.”
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Whereas, the first email that we’ve sent our list might be something like,

“Look at everything you’re gonna get if you grab this now.”

As you see, it’s the same idea but there are two angles that you’re using and that there’s a shift
right in the middle of the crush campaign that goes from one angle of selling to another.

The Best Time to Send Your Emails if You Like Making More Money

One of the things that you have to be mindful of with a crush campaign is the send times. The most
successful campaigns we’ve seen revolve around Eastern, United States business hours.

What we mean by that is we’d like to have the first email be in their inbox after they’re at work,
or way before they’re getting ready for work. In addition, we always queue crush campaigns in

We simply write them all in one sitting, and queue them all up to go out. We don’t just go and log
into our computer an hour before each one of these emails should hit our prospects inbox.

The emails are pre-queued to go out sometimes a week in advance.

One thing that I can advise you is that you want to try to avoid what’s called the
“morning purge,” as Ryan Deiss calls it.

Usually in the morning when people get up, they try clearing their emails, it’s one of the first
things on most people’s to do lists everyday when they go to work or when they start their day.

They think;

“Let me clear my messages, let me see if I’ve got any messages while I’ve been in bed, and now let
me go to my to do list for today.”

This just tends to be how people start their day. You don’t want your email to be part of that
purge. What we want is for our email to be sitting at the very top of their inbox at the time that
they sit down to pay attention to what’s on their computer and in their inbox.

There was a specific study performed within a specific age range. I believe the range
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was between the age of 20 and 36 or something like that, don’t quote me.

Well, the studies showed that most people between that age range actually reach over and check
emails on their phone before they even get out of bed in the morning. That’s not just some number
we’re making up.

The point is that you should be mindful of trends, you should be mindful of the mindset that your
target audience is in at the moment that they’re reading your email. Where do you want your email

Do you want in sandwiched in between an email from their boss telling them what they have to do
today and an email from their grandmother sharing all the pictures from last week’s birthday party?

Is that where you want to be?

Obviously, you’re in between two more important emails for them.

Avoid Sending Promos During this “Marketing Rush Hour”

You want to try to send your emails while avoiding these busy times for your customers. What are
those times? We have found them to be in the morning after 9:00AM but not getting close to lunch

We’re going to send email so that it’s maybe somewhere around 08:30 to 09:00AM
because by 8:00 to 8:30 they’re in their commute.

We like hitting them during their commute so that when they get to where they’re going, we’ve
already passed the purge from when they were laying in bed checking their emails on their phone.

We’ve hit them while they were in their commute and now they get to work and your
email is sitting right at the top of their inbox. It’s not buried by everything that they got last
night. If I send at 7:00AM, I’m going to be at the bottom of the list.
Everything that they received between 10:00PM last night and 8:00AM this morning. People are on a
dozen other lists, you’ve got people like John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson
sending emails saying,

“Don’t buy this bonus until you hear from me.”
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We want to get ours at the top of the inbox when they’re actually looking at it. You’ve got to
think of the logical times.

How To Tap Into the Minds (and Wallets) of Your Prospects

Here’s another thing;

We want to get in at that time at the end of the day for them when they’re checking their emails
before they’re going to bed when it’s the last thing that they’re kinda doing.

It’s after dinner, it’s maybe 8:00 to 9:00PM, 10:00PM maybe, they’re sit down watching
Netflix and they’re at their laptop or their iPad and they’re checking emails.

When you send emails at these times, you’ll find that they’re really good for making sales because
your prospects can now pay more attention to what’s going on. If you hit them at
4:00PM in the afternoon, they’re thinking about going home, their evening commute, getting dinner

That’s what’s going on in their heads.

What we’ve found is that most of our buyers and our readers are on the Eastern Seaboard of the
United States. If we tend to follow that business schedule, we can expect a better response from
our list.

However, keep in mind that this will vary and we encourage you to look at your stats. You can do so
by logging into your server.
There you can see what specific time zones are hitting your sites, where most of your customers,
your buyers, your subscribers are. With just a little elbow grease, you can look into this and know
where you’re going to be targeting your subscribers, customers and/or current members.

What we want you to take away from this is that there’s more to this than just thinking;

“Let me just throw a bunch of spaghetti on the wall and let me see if this subject line works.”
No, there’s the send time, there’s a subject line, there’s a body copy, there’s the bonus. There’s
everything to consider when you’re sending emails and actually doing what we
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call affiliate marketing.

Our opinion is when it comes to internet marketing, way too many people that call themselves
internet marketers spend way too much time on the internet and not enough time on the marketing. If
you want to be an internet marketer, you better be spending more time on the marketing part of it.

Marketing entails a strategy, a tactic, creating awareness.

To do that, you’ve got to be beating the other guy into that inbox. You’ve got to be creating
relevance above and beyond what the other guy is doing and sending your emails at specific times.

These things are very important for you to know in order to become successful at this.

Secret Prospect Knowledge Means More Money For You

Studies show that 79% of people aged 18 to 44 have their smartphones with them 22 hours a day and
check their smartphones first thing when they wake up, literally before they even get out of their
bed. This was an IDC Research Report from 7,446 people, So it’s not like they just surveyed 100
people that were in Times Square. They really created a big focus group for this, nice.
Remember how we mentioned earlier that we queue up all of our emails in one sitting? Well that’s
because that’s the way that you’re going to get them to really build on one
another. You can think that you’re this awesome email marketer and that you’re going to
remember what that email you sent 3 days ago said. Really?
Do you want to even take that chance? No, don’t, that’s my advice.
Sit down and queue them all up at once.
We usually create a drive document using Google Drive for everything because it’s right there if we
need to share it with anybody else on the creation team. We can easily just share the page with
whomever we want to get involved with this. We do this all the time. We’ll share sales pages with
someone else on the team who will go in and put notes.

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Our team member can write in the in the margin,” this sucks”, or “I like this, talk more about

Want Bigger Commissions? Timing is Everything…

When creating your email copy that you’re going to be queueing up, make sure your email times
actually makes mention and it matches the clock on the target page.

You have to do the math.

Trust me, we’ve been known to screw up a countdown timer once or twice as a vendor and as an
affiliate, it happens sometimes. It takes a little bit of concentration because we have time zone

This can become a bit confusing sometimes especially when we have the Eastern Daylight and Eastern
Standard, and then you throw in the GMT. Sometimes, it gets a little tricky. This is why it’s
important to make sure that your math is correct.

A one hour or two hour difference is a big deal. You don’t want your final impulse building email
to go out two hours AFTER the timer closed.

You need to pay attention!

That might mean looking at the product, opening up a calendar. It might mean Googling what time
it’s actually going to be in YOUR time zone. It might take a little bit of planning. Don’t forget
to make sure in your emails that you mention time that the clock is going to run out on the page.

I really recommend that you don’t send an email saying;

“Hey, there’s only ten hours left,” when there’s actually 18 hours left.

You definitely don’t want to send an email when there’s only ten hours left saying, “Hey, there’s
18 hours to go.”

The More Messages You Put Out, The More Money Will Come In

Don’t be afraid to send all the way up to the last minute. I used to just send my last email only
one to two hours before the clock runs out. That used to be my cut off.

A couple guys were like;
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“Hey Omar, with your crush campaign, I just want to throw this out there, but we tried sending one
just a few minutes before close and man, it just worked”

At the end of the day, that really just supports the initial statement that we made when we started
The more that you mail, the more money you will make, that’s the bottom line. Michael introduced a
20 minute email as his last one, with 20 minutes to go. It makes
more money, it’s just kind of a no brainer. Maybe one day we’ll be sending 60 emails in
the last hour, let’s see what happens. 🙂
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Chapter 4

Let’s move on to the traffic strategy.

The first traffic method that we want to talk to you about is the FREE Facebook traffic method.
This is a really good method for a number of reasons. First, ANYONE can do this. You don’t need a
mailing list, you don’t need to pay money for ads, you don’t need any experience or skills or
whatever. You can just do this right now since we’ve told you this, you can go off and start
getting traffic from Facebook.

What is it and how does it work? Firstly, let’s talk about…
Why Facebook Kills Most Affiliate Marketers Dead in Their Tracks

You might have noticed, if you put an affiliate link on Facebook, it will get either taken down, it
will get instantly removed, or it won’t get out to all your followers on Facebook.

If you put any kind of link on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg comes along with a large hammer and smacks
you on the head and says;

“No, do not try and take traffic away from my FB-controlled dominion.”

What you’ve got to do is come up with a way to put links on Facebook and still get a big reach to
all of your followers. Trust me, if you put an affiliate link in your post, it’s gonna get smacked
down. Hardly anybody will see it. We’re going to tell you how you can get around that.

You are going to need some followers on Facebook. Michael taught this method before and people are
“Yeah, but we don’t have any followers, how are people going to click?”

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Of course you need people following you on Facebook.

The Quick, Easy Way To Pinpoint Profitable Prospects on Facebook

You need to get into your niche, you need to get interactive, you need to start following the big
movers and shakers in your industry. If that industry is internet marketing, then you need to start
connecting with those who dominate that industry.

Connect with THEIR followers by becoming interactive with them. Use what is called a
“giver’s gain philosophy.”

You’re giving first, you’re not just going out and immediately starting to pitch to them promos in
their face, you’re liking their stuff, you’re sharing their stuff, you’re commenting on their

You say, “Oh, that’s cool,” or “thank you, that’s a great tip.” You’re getting INVOLVED.
You’re actually establishing real relationships with people in your network.

Regardless of what you may think, it doesn’t take long to establish a relationship with people
online. You can do this in just a few hours, maybe an hour a day for a week.

You can start from scratch with a Facebook profile. By the end of it, you can have a few hundred
followers in your niche that are open and receptive to your messages. What you then do is you tell
a story with a lesson and you segue into the product as we showed
you earlier on.

You tell a story by adding some kind of metaphor, segue into the product, and then use what we

The Secret Link Method Which Bypasses the Facebook Police

There’s a couple ways you can do this.

The first way is to put the link as a comment to the post. You can simply write a post, something
that sounds like just anyone would write it, not just someone using a link to a product.

For example, something like;
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“You won’t believe this! Someone went to the car dealership the other day and you won’t believe
what happened, and blah blah blah.” Rather than putting the link in the post, you just tell your
readers to “see the link in comments.”

Don’t forget to add the actual link.

That’s happened before. LOL. What you’ve got to watch out for is that sometimes, it can get buried
if people are making a lot of comments. So your post may get hidden away.

Another way that you can put that link on there, and this is a preferred method, is just to put a
space in the URL.

You don’t want to put the http://, don’t put that in there because it will be recognized by
Facebook as a link even though it’s not active. You’ll just want to put the domain. com in the
post. Notice how I put a space in after the dot? It will still look like text, it won’t be
clickable, but anybody with half a brain will realize what they need to do to get to that product.

Once you train people, once you train your followers on this, they will get it. We’ve tested this
out, we’ve done promotions using this method, it gets sales and it’s free. All you
need to do is get some followers on Facebook, it’s a free way to do it.

Remember… I’ve said this over and over again….

Regardless, you’re going to pay for the traffic. You’re going to either pay with your TIME or
you’re going to pay with your MONEY.
You simply have to determine which is more valuable for you.
The other reason this is so cool and it works so well is the profit pumping power proof. What
happens is when people buy the product through your link, they’ll post about it or
they’ll even comment on that exact post you made saying something like;

“Oh yeah, I just grabbed this. I’m just going through it, it’s great training. Thanks for putting
this offer out there and the bonuses.”

It stacks up, it’s that social proof that I was talking about earlier on.

It’s right there on Facebook, people start sharing it, commenting on it, liking it. It’s a really
great strategy. If you’ve already got followers on Facebook you can start using this
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strategy right away. I’m serious, you can use this right now and start getting people to your
affiliate offers.

2 Amazing Reasons Why Anybody Can Make Money Doing This

1. Anybody can do this and you don’t have to spend a whole bunch of money on ads. We use Facebook
ads a lot and man, we’ve run into situations when you’re creating an ad, if you use a link and
Facebook doesn’t like the ad, they go ahead and they just block that link. Now, you can’t even
create another ad to try and appease them because
your link has been blocked. You can’t even post that in a regular Facebook post because that link
has been completely blocked. It sucks BIG time.
When we create ads, we are going to be at the whim of an ad arbitrator, so to speak or somebody
that actually works, a human person that works for Facebook and is confirming that the ad is in
compliance. You don’t have to have that level of scrutiny when you’re just creating a post or a
comment and I love the strategy of putting a
space in the link, that is simply just awesome!
2. Not only is it free, but those that purchase through your link can comment on the post and that
will generate more sales for you. Your customers can outsell you 10 to 1. PERIOD! By them
commenting on your post thanking you for showing them this offer or thanking you for the bonus,
will create what we call “greed factor.” More people will jump on board to purchase because Johnny
said it was an awesome product and is excited about the bonuses you’ve provided for them.
This is something that is very powerful. This is why, in our business, not only do we mail our list
when we’re promoting a product, but we also post it in our groups and on our own Facebook wall.
It’s simply a no brainer to pick up some more sales.
How To Break the “Chicken and Egg” Cycle
of Getting Traffic and a List

Let’s talk a little bit more about our traffic strategies.

Our customer lists are the primary source of traffic for us. This is why we encourage all affiliate
marketers to also be product creators. Being a vendor and selling a product is
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what creates a list for us. We used to think that we had to set out and be a list builder because
obviously if we want to monetize lists, we have to have a list to monetize in the first place.

The way that we have a list is we grow and build the list, we create squeeze pages, we create

The reality is a list is a byproduct of building a business.

When you start to build a business by launching products and creating a portfolio of those
products, a list will come by default.

However the inverse is not true.

Meaning, if you set out to build a list, a business will not come by default. BUT if you set out to
create products and sell them, you will automatically build a list.

However, if you set out to just build a list, you will NOT automatically have products. For us,
it’s all about the end game. One day, we want to be able to sell our company for eight figures.

The only way that’s going to happen for us is to get an eight figure evaluation of our company
assets and if we have a product portfolio then that will increase the value of our company.

We understand that.

For us, we understood from the very beginning how important it is to create and launch our own
products as well as doing affiliate marketing. I

t’s something that we’re always doing. It’s why the affiliate marketing angle of things,
even though it makes us millions of dollars, it’s 40% or so of our income. The other 60%
comes from products that we launch and services that we offer.

This is important for us and it’s why we encourage you to also create products as well as use these
strategies, including affiliate marketing, email marketing, crush campaign and things like that to
make money.

Proper list building with viral sales funnels will also give rise to you building a very profitable

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How To Get a Massive List, FAST, Using This Simple Viral Twist

Building a list by just creating a squeeze page and putting a product on it is one way to start
building a list.

This is especially best to do if you don’t have any source of driving traffic right now. If you
want to promote a launch, let’s say, next month, you’ll want to build a list between now and next

But let me tell you, you’re gonna have your work cut out for you. Building a sizable list in a one
month period by just putting up a squeeze page and a product is a tough task, although it is not

You’ll just have to work really hard to accomplish this.

Let’s say you do want to accomplish this with a viral squeeze funnel, that’s something that really
can grow very fast. Even within a month’s time, you can have a list that you can start monetizing.
With a viral squeeze funnel, you create a squeeze page for prospects to opt in to. You do this by
offering them something for free for the price of their email address.
Before you give your prospect that freebie you promise them, you’ll have them receive
another message that says something like;

“Wait, would you like to get another free thing? You can simply get xyz for free when you just
invite some of your friends by sharing this on Facebook.”

This is very powerful and it works like crazy.

What you’re doing is you’re incentivizing every subscriber to bring you more subscribers for you,
that’s called a “viral squeeze.” We actually create an entire product about it called Buzzinar.
We’re not trying to push Buzzinar on you, but rather trying to impress upon you the things you need
to be doing in order to grow your list.

Creating and launching products is one method, and another method is to create viral squeeze pages.

Your list is going to be the most valuable asset in affiliate marketing. We would be doing you a
disservice if we said to you that we only drive traffic and make all these millions of dollars by
using these free methods and stuff. We build our lists through

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launching products and through creating viral squeeze pages so it’s important that you’re doing
that sequentially or in parallel to doing your affiliate marketing.

I want to discuss another very powerful traffic method with you…

The Right Way to Advertise on Facebook and Make Big Profits Doing It

Facebook ads are great source of traffic because we can select the exact demographic of people that
we want to target, this is regardless of the niche that you’re in.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be “make money online”, or “internet marketing”. You can be in the
golf niche, you can be in the underwater basket weaving niche, in the nail biting niche, cat
juggling, whatever the hell it is that you do.

People are hunter gatherers by nature, we flock into groups. People love to flock into groups of
interests that they can share with other people.

What we find is that if you follow a niche, on Facebook, you can actually target those groups of

If you create an ad on Facebook when you’re in the targeting section, you can basically tell
Facebook who you want to target.

You can choose to target everybody that’s liked a particular page about underwater basket weaving
or a page about wicker brands, or different types of baskets. You get the point.

Every single fan page related to that niche that you’ve selected, you’ll be able to target all of
the members to those groups. You can also target public figures that are big basket weavers

Again, this is just an arbitrary example that we pulled out of thin air here for the purpose of
making you visualize the impact this is.
With Facebook ads, we can get very, very targeted as to who sees what we are offering. This is very
different, than if you try other paid advertising methods like Google Adwords
or something like that. Well yeah, you can do some targeting there but not as fine tuned
as you can with Facebook ads. That’s one of the reasons that we like using paid

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Facebook ads as a way to drive traffic.

You know what, you don’t need to have a huge budget, you can start with $5, $6 a day
and scale it as you start getting results.

Something that we really love about running ads with Facebook is that we can customize our
audiences and continue to retarget them.

This is a huge, money maker for us. What we do on every one of our bonus pages, is actually set a
pixel on the page.

Let’s talk about…

The Simple Sure-Fire Way to Multiply Your Sales From Every Promo
Using the Secret Power of Facebook Retargeting

Facebook gives everyone their own pixel; it’s a retargeting pixel, which you’ll be able to see
inside of your Facebook account.

All you gotta do is go to manage ads and then there’s another drop down called custom audiences,
and then there’s a little tab that says copy your pixel. You can copy your pixel and paste it on
the pages that you create. You can do this within your WordPress pages by using a plugin or you can
just paste that code onto the HTML of your website.

The point is, when you add your pixel to your pages, and someone lands on your bonus page, that
pixel registers them as a visitor.

Facebook can then identify what Facebook member has been to your bonus page. This is when it
creates an audience.

Essentially, it builds a list for you.

We have tens of thousands, probably at this point, hundreds of thousands of people in custom
audiences on Facebook. It is essentially a new place to build a list of people you can market to,
and it’s FREE. Building this list through Facebook and the pixel, won’t
cost you any money. This is something that Facebook will provide for you at no cost at all.
However, creating ads and targeting them isn’t free.
However, our point is that you can start doing this right away and you can start targeting people
that land not only on your bonus pages but also on your buyer pages.
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How about people that are going to your bonus download pages that have gotten bonuses from you
before? Why not target those people as well?

How To Find Thousands of Untapped Buyers Right on Facebook

Once you’ve got these audiences built, there’s amazing stuff that you can do with
Facebook ads.

Let’s say you build a Facebook audience of a thousand people. You can then use a feature inside of
Facebook called lookalike audiences.

Once we create a lookalike audience, we can tell Facebook to create a lookalike audience based on
this audience of 1,000 people that have been interested in my bonuses and have purchased from me in
the past.

What Facebook then does is analyze all of the characteristics those 1,000 people have in common.
Maybe those people that have all bought from you, or that have all been on
your bonus page. It creates an audience of millions of people depending on how far you want to
scale it that have those similar traits.

If these thousand people bought from you, we’re going to create a lookalike audience of a million
people that would possibly be buyers as well based on our algorithm that we had chosen.

You can then target those people thereby hugely expanding your audience. Imagine the power here.
Imagine using the free Facebook strategy we have been talking about, imagine using the Facebook ad
strategy, building custom audiences, using your Facebook pixel on your bonus page and your buyer
download page.

How about targeting these people using a lookalike audience, or by using a proper bonus. Are you
starting to see it?

Are you starting to see the possibilities here?

Unlocking the Profit-Pumping Potential of Facebook “Virtual Real Estate”

Ok, so now I’m going to share with you what another thing that we do is. I like to call it,
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“deck out” our whole Facebook walls.

What that means is that when we’re promoting a product, we create header graphics for all of our
groups, create a timeline graphic,.

If we’re promoting one of Michael Cheney’s products, say, Fan Page Money Method we’ll get our
graphics guy Stevie over at GFX1 to make us banners for all of our groups saying, “Hey, Fanpage
Money Method is awesome.” In the description of that image, we make sure that we put our affiliate
link or website link in it.

By doing this, you help create buzz for that promotion or product launch that you’re having.

At the very least, it creates a seamless continuity, a seamless branding, a seamless awareness to
all our list subscribers, Facebook followers, all of our custom audiences that we’ve created.

When we decide to promote a product, for example, we wrap our arms around it.

This means no matter how you interact with us, whether on Twitter, Facebook, on one of our mailing
lists, on our blog, wherever, ““ is in your freaking face that week.

We’re decorating our entire business and every arm and hairy leg and every limb of our company that
you might come into contact with. they’re going to have banners, a bracelet, something, anything
that we can, that says, “”

It’s almost like decorating your house or your desk for a holiday.

During that holiday season, everyone is going to know you’re celebrating that holiday. Well, just
like that, during this launch, what everyone is going to know is that we are celebrating the launch
of a product called

What we’re doing is creating some major buzz and it’s a great way to attract your loyal friends and
People love when we do this, we’ve been known to theme our promotions or launches. When we do this,
we’ll use that movie style theme that we’ve decided to use and we’ll
then create these banners using that theme.

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Everything usually coincides like a big puzzle piece.

We create conversations and post cool images to update people on what’s going on. We dress up our
timeline and groups with the launch that we’re promoting. In essence, we “decorate” our Facebook
pages so that everyone knows what we’re celebrating.

We go all out!

We make it our focus during that time.

How To Recruit an “Army” Of People Sending You Targeted Traffic

Ultimately, we’ve got to be honest. One of our huge ways to drive traffic to a launch has been by
getting prospects and buyer to share OUR own bonus page.

Yes, you read that correctly.

We get prospects or people on our list to spread OUR link to a bonus page we’ve built for a
promotion we’re running on the internet.

Whether it’s being spread via Facebook, their blogs, Youtube, etc.

They basically saturate the internet with OUR affiliate link to a product we’re promoting. It’s
actually pure genius if you ask me. 🙂
How do we do this? It’s actually pretty simple BUT it’s NOT FREE! There really isn’t a such thing
as FREE traffic.

As I’ve mentioned before we either pay with our TIME or we pay with our MONEY. This holds true even
when we’re wrapping our arms around a promotion for a launch that is taking place.

Ok, so how do we do this when it comes to a promotion we’re running? How do we invest our time or
money? Well.. in the instance I’m going to describe to you, we invest BOTH our TIME and our MONEY
into this promotion in order to drive the most traffic possible.

We’re using our time because we have to take the time needed to create a congruent bonus page for
the promotion that we’re doing.

We then have to create a contest page for our prospects to drive traffic to that bonus page and we
have to provide prizes for the contest that would make your prospects
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WANT to participate in the contest in the first place.

The prizes that we usually add to the contest are typically physical prizes. Meaning, prizes that
we actually have to ship to those that win the contest.

We usually give prizes away for the top 5 people. So that’s 5 physical prizes OR 3 time consuming
prizes and 2 physical prizes.

When I say “time consuming prizes” this means things that are going to require our, or our teams
time in order to award.

Things such as, building a bonus page for them, or a membership site for them, or maybe promote a
product with them.

You get the point right?

Keep in mind that when we decide to do this for a promotion we’re talking about campaigns that will
generally make us six figures or more just as an affiliate. The traffic doesn’t necessarily come
from our list, or from Facebook ads or custom audiences that we’ve created.

Our traffic will come from the viral aspect of things.

Ok, let me explain how we are able to do this…. we use a contest plugin that actually keeps track
of how many times our prospects are sharing our own bonus page for a particular product we’re

Think about this for a second… you come and you visit our bonus page and we say to you;

“Hey listen, we’re doing a bonus for product which is launching next week. However, before
that launches, what we want you to join this contest we’re having. We want you to start spreading
the word about the launch and our upcoming bonus. We’re going to keep track of how many times you
do that and we’re going to award you points. The person with the most points can win any one of the
prizes on this page.”

How To Turn Your Prospects Into Your Best Sales People

What we’re doing is we’re creating a frenzy of people spreading our affiliate link and our bonus
page around because they’re competing for the prizes we’re offering them.
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They’re doing this because they want to earn points, so that they can win a prize.

What we essentially do is recruit our prospects to become our sales people, to become our
marketers, to become the people that go out there and spread flyers and links and stuff about our
upcoming bonus.

You can have hundreds of people spreading the word and helping you make money in the process.
They’re doing that just because we took the time to create a contest and to invested a couple
hundred bucks on some physical prizes for them to compete for.

The way the contest plugin works allows anyone to have a chance to win, regardless if you got the
most points or not.

At the end of the contest, what the software does is randomly chooses a winner based on the
settings you’ve created. So you can choose for it to identify a winner from the top
20 contestants in the contest.

What this does is gets the prospects excited about continuing to spread the word even if they know
that they’re not in the top 10 because they want to try to win the prizes and they know that it
will be a random drawing.

We continue to look for viral strategies when promoting a product. We sit down and we plan out a
campaign long before the product launch.

We think of ways that are going to get people to WANT to spread our affiliate link and our bonus
page around. This is how we promote product launches and we make $150,000 in sales.

This is how we promote things and make $80,000 in sales. Yes, from a promotion, not as the vendor,
but as the affiliate promoting somebody else’s product. We typically make six figures plus in
commissions by doing these kind of viral strategies.

It takes some planning, you’re obviously not going to come up with that the night before the
launch. This is why we hate it when people contact us and ask us to promote their product launch
only for us to find out that the launch is happening in a week.

We run a real business, we plan our stuff in advance and that’s how we make the kind of money that
we make.

These are the traffic strategies that work for us.

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Chapter 5

Bonus Strategy
We’ve wracked our brains, looked at all the millions of dollars that we’ve made in commissions, and
picked our favorite and most powerful strategies that have been used to generate an absolutely
massive amount of money.

We will cover these so you can copy the method, copy the strategy, and paste it into your business.

The reason this next one works and the reason this is so successful is that it taps into people’s
love for money.

It’s a pretty obvious statement, “People love money.”

When it comes to promoting an affiliate product, what you really want to try and do is get close to
the money.

People make this mistake all the time.

They see a product, and they talk about the product. They talk about the software or the widget but
they don’t talk about the money that can be made applying the software, or using this product, or
applying this training.

The closer you can get to the money with your affiliate promotion, the more likely it is that
people are going to buy from you.

Always Get “Close to the Money” in
Your Affiliate Promos and Messages

For example, recently, there was some software where you could create ecovers and a lot of people
were promoting it.

However, what most people were talking about was how you could use this software to create ecovers.
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We took a different approach.

We got closer to the money and and let our prospects know that this is a money making opportunity.
We let them know that they can in fact create ecovers, but that you can sell them and make money
with it as well. That entire bonus was about how you can actually make money with this product.

That’s what you want to have your prospects get into the mindset of. When you’re
looking at or have chosen a product to promote think of the closest way you can get your promotion
to be angled towards the money aspect of it.

That’s the most important thing in terms of getting people to take action and buy from your link.

We definitely, suggest that anyone that’s trying to really dip into affiliate marketing leverage
the power of bonuses.

Don’t Make This Commission-Killing Affiliate Mistake

A very common mistake that people make when creating a bonus is a similar mistake they make when
they’re creating sales pages for their own products.

This is, they focus too much on the features and all the cool little bells and whistles that the
product itself might have.

But we all know that at the end of the day, even though features might be cool, it’s the benefits
that are going to sell, it’s the benefits that are going to motivate that prospect to actually take

Your prospects are thinking:

What am I going to get with this purchase? How am I going to benefit?
What value is going to be added to my life after this purchase? How am I going to enjoy that
feature, that bell, that whistle?
That’s what sells, that’s what creates emotion, and that’s what gets people to buy.

When we think of how to put a bonus package together, we want to stand out in the
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crowd. We want to set ourselves apart from everyone else offering a bonus package. You should be
asking yourself a few questions….
What can I do to actually incentivize people to buy from me rather than anyone else? I
know some people actually give commissions away to their customers.

They let them know that if they purchase the product from their link, then they’re going to receive
50% of the commissions that they’ve received for their purchase.

In my opinion, this is a massive, big, no-no.

You will be blacklisted quicker than you can say “Lickety Split.”

If the vendor finds out that you’re giving commissions away to your buyers, it will just undermine
the value of the product. It’s a big, big no-no. It’s tempting and we can see why people do it, but
you really don’t want to do this.

How to Give People a No-Brainer Offer
Which Makes Them Buy Through Your Link

What’s the best way to convince someone to buy through your link?

Well, you can talk about the product. You can talk about how close it is to the money and if you
use it in this way, this is how it’s going to generate income for you.

Or, this is how it’s going to save time for you.

You can explain how time equals money and it’s going to make money for you that way. How can you
actually physically give people money when they buy from you?
One idea is to give your customer the money that you may get with a prize you will win.

Most launches nowadays have a prize associated with them. It can either be a top prize, cash prize,
sometimes it’s a physical prize if you can get on their leaderboard.

Sometimes that means even if you come in 10th place, you can win a prize. Some affiliates will give
spot prizes away for people that make over five sales in a day or over ten sales in a day. It’s not
totally impossible to get a prize like this. What you can do is you can offer a share of this prize
to your buyers.

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This is what we have done and done very successfully time after time. By doing this, you’re not
undermining the vendor and you’re not giving commissions away. You’re basically telling your
customers that if you end up on the leaderboard and win a prize, then you’re going to split it with

Let them know that if you get a top prize of $10,000, everybody that buys through your link, they
can get a share of that money and you’ll PayPal them directly.

How You Can Guarantee Every Prospect Will Make Money
(And Drive Sales Skywards)

People go mental for this. At first they’re not sure if they can believe you. They’re thinking…

“Really? You’re going to PayPal me some money?”

Just be honest with them.

Let them know that you will Paypal them money if you win the bonus and that you’re doing this to
get them off the fence. Tell them that you’re doing this to incentivize them to buy this product
because you believe in it so much that you’re willing to fund part of their investment in it.

You’re stressing how confident in the product you are and how you believe that the product is just
that good that you’re willing to give them money from your own pocket to actually buy this product.

When you get that message to register to them, you’ll see that your prospects will click that buy

At the end of the day, and you’ll see a lot of this when we get into some more advanced strategies
later on, people need that conviction.

They need belief that this is the right thing to do. They’re being hit over the head every single
day, buy this, buy this, buy this. They want to know that what you’re offering them is the thing
they need.

They’re wondering if you really believe in this product or if you have the conviction that they
should buy this product.
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With you offering to give them a percentage of the prize money you win, you’re basically telling
them that you believe in the product so much that you’re willing to Paypal them some cash for it.

The Power of Transparency in this Converts Your Buyers into Raving Fans Who Recruit More Customers
for You

You tell them right from the beginning what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

That’s why this angle will work so well for you. You see, other people do it in a shady way, trust
me. I’ve seen people try to do things as rebates.

Basically telling people that they’ll get a rebate which is really seen as part of the commission.
As a vendor, it’s almost like you’re dropping the price of my product. It also upsets other
affiliates that you’re in competition with.

We really love the transparency angle on this because it adds a level of legitimacy that makes
people think:

“Wow, why should I buy this from anybody else when I’m going to get bonuses from Michael or Omar
and they’re going to share money with me. Hell, I want to contribute, I want to make sure that they
win the prize.”

In most cases, not only are they going to buy from you, but they’re going to start sharing your
affiliate link as well.
This is an awesome, awesome, angle and it doesn’t piss anyone off in the process. When you do
something like this, people start following the leaderboard. As affiliates, we
follow the leaderboards.

We want to know where we’re at, where our competition is, and how far off the pace
Dave Nicholson is.

We check the leaderboard on a regular basis.

The prospects also check the leaderboards when you do this because they want to see where we are on
the leaderboard because they know that they’re going to make some money when we win.

They start fighting in your corner and actually putting your link out on social media as well.
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You’re probably thinking… why would I give the prize money away?

Surely, that’s part of the reason of promoting this, is to make a ton of money from prizes. What’s
gonna happen if I give all the money out?

Why Giving Away Your Prize Money Can Make You Twice More Money

If you hit that leaderboard, You’re still going to get the kudos. You’re still going to get that
profile in that market.
People are still going to see your name in the leaderboard, and your list will love you for it.
Yes, you might’ve given all the money away, but you still get that kudos of hitting the

To be honest, when you get established, which you will do quickly when you follow THESE strategies
we’re teaching you here, it will get to the point where getting those number one spots is actually
more valuable and gives you more of a buzz sometimes than the actual money that you make.

This is why your goal is always to reach number 1 on the leaderboard.

You know, being at the top of the leaderboard, and possibly having to give away all the money, will
do a few other things than just giving you the recognition. It will get them and other vendors
wanting YOU to promote their product.

In many cases, they may offer you an additional incentive that they didn’t offer their other
affiliates. Such as, a higher commission percentage, a guaranteed promotion for your next product
launch and much more. These are just a few examples but I’m sure you get the point.

Remember, it’s all about authority and branding in your industry. We’re all product creators, we’re
affiliate marketers, we depend on JV relationships. There is absolutely no better way, no more
authoritative, no more commanding way to get your name out there, to get on people’s radars than to
show up on leaderboards.

This is why I find it naive and almost foolish when people use clever little names and monikers to
put on their handle.

We want our name, our actual names, to display on leaderboards.

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Not a pen name.

If you see me on a leaderboard, you’ll see Omar and Melinda Martin. We’re usually in first place,
with Michael’s name in second [Omar’s idea of a joke – MC], and Dave’s in third.

Not all the time, but usually.

Getting on that leaderboard is important. It’s something that you should be paying attention to.

How To Go Down In Internet Marketing History and Join The IM Hall of Fame

If there’s a $2,000 prize, yeah that’s an additional $2,000 in our pocket for that week if we win.
But let’s be honest, that’s going to be spent within a couple days or a couple weeks. Or in my
case, Melinda will spend that money before I even see it, lol. However, the
notoriety that we get, just the authority that we get from being number one on a
leaderboard that lives forever. How forever?
Because that thing is gonna be there on their leaderboard until that product gets relaunched.

Being number one on a leaderboard will give you that kudos and it gives you that momentum moving
forward. When people see your name all over the place, they start connecting with you. As I
mentioned before, people will start reaching out to you to promote their product and offer to
promote yours as well.

When it comes to offering your customers a percentage of your winnings, believe it or not, not
every buyer claims the freaking cash.


That may shock you, or maybe not. But I’m serious. I’m sometimes pretty baffled at how such a large
percentage of people that purchase through our link don’t claim their bonuses. Sometimes they wait
months or years to claim them.
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Of course, you don’t just PayPal everybody who does claim their bonus instantly the moment they buy
from you.

First off, they may refund after you’ve sent them money via Paypal.

Secondly, you’ve got to verify that they actually bought through your link. It’s important to watch
your back on this.

How the Laziness of the Population Can Fill Your Bank Account

We’re not just throwing cash out the window and watching it all tumble down. You’ve got to make
people jump through a couple of hoops before you send them cash.

Such as, make them wait for the refund period to end. Let them know that as soon as the refund
period is over that then you’ll send them over some cash. Another thing that you should make them
do is to actually claim it.

This means that they’ve got to step forward, submit a ticket and let you know that they’re waiting
for their bonus and provide you with their PayPal address.

Like I mentioned before, not everybody claims their bonuses. There are no percentages on this, but
we’ve probably done this five or six times now and the percentage was pretty low considering how
many sales we made.

Honestly, I don’t even believe that half of the people who buy actually go ahead and claim this,
it’s insane. The crazy thing is you still end up with some of the prize money. It’s totally legit,
it’s not like you’re holding it back.

If they can’t get off their butt and send you an email or post a ticket and provide you with what
you need, it’s not your fault. They’ve got to jump through that one hoop. PERIOD! If they don’t,
then they don’t get any money.

This is an amazing phenomenon and it actually accents much further than just sharing prize money.

How To Create the Best and Biggest Bonuses
Without Going Bankrupt

A lot of people often ask us how we can offer the type of bonuses that we do. For one particular
product we promoted, we offered to make a free video for every single buyer.
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We made HUNDREDS of sales. How the hell can we do that? Who has the time?
If you outsource it, by far it’s going to cost you more money than you won.

The simple answer is that not every buyer will claim the bonuses we offer. This phenomenon in our
businesses has proven to be a very, very small percentage of people actually go and request.

For example, if we’re promoting a product and one of the bonuses is that we will promote their
product to our list and do an entire campaign for it, guess what?

That requires before your customers can claim this bonus they need to have a product and to take
some action.

Trust me, you’re going to have a fraction of people take you up on it which enables you to actually
make this part of your bonus without getting overwhelmed in fulfillment after the fact.

This is something where a lot of people are just afraid to take that action, they’re afraid to
offer something big and valuable because they actually think that people will take them
up on it.

We’re not saying go ahead and put things up that you can’t afford to fulfill, you should
always be prepared to fulfill whatever it is you’re offering.

What we are saying is that the truth is, that a very small fraction of people will ever actually
claim the bonuses.

Personally, over the last six years of business, bonuses and affiliate marketing bonus strategy
turned our company around.

We were just plateauing, we were just kind of going through the day to day, making money on the

When we started really mapping out how to do bonuses and the strategies we use when promoting
products, from theming the product to even the bonus delivery strategy, and reintroducing people
into the funnel, and the types of things we do with bonuses have
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created an entire revenue stream that comprises almost 40% of the total income we make.

At the time of this training, myself and my wife are averaging anywhere from $80,000 to
$100,000 per month and about 40% of that comes from affiliate marketing and bonus strategies.

One of the things we started doing created this huge shift, this paradigm shift in our company, was
we started entertaining people with bonuses.

You can’t just put a list of features and sell the bells and the whistle, you actually have to wrap
it around a story, you’ve got to wrap it around the benefits.

Learning the Money-Making Secrets of the
Multi-Billion Dollar Entertainment Industry

What we found is that when you throw a little entertainment value in there while you’re educating
them about the product, you’re going to get such huge engagement.

We love making it fun.

As we mentioned before, sometimes we’ll grab a movie theme and tie it in with the product that’s
being sold.

For example, let’s say the new Batman versus Superman movie is coming out. We might take a picture
of one of us wearing a Superman cape and maybe theme the web page sort of like the movie.

You gotta be careful though, you don’t want to infringe any copyright or anything like that.

You create things that elude towards the movie, we’ll get people thinking about what movie you’re
referring to but you’re not actually using pictures from the movie or anything like that.

With a little creativity here, you can create some really, really cool and entertaining videos,
themes, and just basically engage people more with your bonuses.

By the way, when people are having fun and they feel entertained, they’re more prone to share your
material as well.

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Not only are you going to keep them there and keep them watching, but they’re going to be willing
to share what it is that you’re doing.

You’ll come across me talking about this thing time and time again in this training.

It’s just that entertainment is where it’s at right now in internet marketing. Very few people
realize this, and very few people are actually applying this tactic, or even know how to do it.

Michael and I are probably two of the very few people that actually know how to do this. If you’ve
seen any of our bonus pages, or our videos, you’ll see that we just get talked
about more than the average person promoting.

More importantly now, we’ll touch on that again later, entertainment gets attention.

The industry as a whole right now is so noisy, there’s so much going on. Just a promotional offer,
a bonus, or a discount does not work anymore. People in their busy lives want entertainment.
The likes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, 24, all these kind of series have taken off. There’s
more entertainment out there than ever before. Netflix has all these choices
because of a huge demand.

We’re all busy people and we want to switch off. If you can actually give people that fun factor,
entertain them while also pitching to them and educating at the same time, you are going to be onto
a winning strategy here. We’re going to share with you how to do that.

Obviously right now we’re talking about bonuses.

However, we’re going to be talking about how you can do that in your emails later on as well.

When thinking about what bonuses we want to offer, we sometimes create some original and congruent
bonuses that actually incorporate the name of the product.
The Right Way (and Wrong Way) to
Use Private Label Rights in Your Promos

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Too many people decide to do a bonus only because Michael and I have said the it was the right
thing to do.

So what do they do?

They go and find some PLR stuff to add to their bonus page.

They see that for $5 they can get 362 PLR reports, that were written in 1971 (ok maybe not that
long ago but you get it), so they buy it.

Once they buy it, they choose to put it all in a giant zip folder and then upload it JVZoo because
they automatically deliver the bonus.

Do you know why that won’t usually work?

It’s because they’re not putting the effort and the energy into creating a bonus.

When we decide to wrap our arms around a product launch, we put so much energy into the product
launch that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from that launch to one of our own.

We promote it and put that much into it.

We sometimes put more time and effort into creating bonuses than the product creator put into
creating the damn product, well, that’s just how it feels sometimes.

Michael and I have ourselves, our wives, our teams, we’re all working on a freaking bonus for a
month or more.

When we choose to do this, I can’t help but to feel as if maybe this vendor made the product in two
weeks meanwhile it took us a month to make the bonus.


Because we want to be number one on that leaderboard, because the material that we create that’s
going to go along with that product is going to be congruent.

What exactly does congruent mean?

It doesn’t mean that it looks like the product, it doesn’t mean that it sounds like the product, it
means that it actually interfaces with the product and helps the user get more benefit from the
original product.
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How do we do that?

We actually speak with the vendor, we don’t just say okay, I’m going to put this vendor’s logo on
this PLR product and now boom, there you go, it’s ABC Product.

You can’t just do that.

Talk to the product creator, find out what would be the best compliment to his product and why.

Just let him know that you’re aware of his upcoming launch and want to know that if he had another
month to work on his product and create a whole other module for it, what would that module be
about have been about?

As he answers that question for you, just take notes on what the hell he says. Then, go out and
make it.

Once you make it, you can then go back to him and let him know you created it and wanted to know if
you can add his logo on the box cover image and call it something like the “unreleased module” or
something like that.

More than likely, the vendor will say yes because you created something that he simply did not have
the time to create.

What are some of the benefits of doing this other than getting on the vendors radar? I’ll tell

All of a sudden when people start seeing your bonus, they’re thinking that you’ve got a part of the
product that is going to be missing if they don’t get your bonus.

Now you’re onto something. You’re creating that frenzy of people that are convinced they simply
have to purchase from your link or they’re going to miss out on that module if they don’t.

What sometimes happens when you create a bonus like that, is customers will contact you asking if
it’s ok to refund their purchase that they made from another affiliate to purchase from you instead
since they saw your bonus and want that one instead.

The answer to that is always no, obviously.

We don’t want to encourage a refunding to switch bonuses here and there. People will try
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to do that, a very small fraction of people, but nonetheless they’ll try.

If this happens, we let them know that we reserve the right to NOT award our bonuses to them.

The point here is to create original and congruent bonuses.

If You Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail…

It’s a cliche but it’s true.

You can’t do this the night before the launch.

You should be running your business like a business, planning not just your own launches and
promotions but your bonus creation strategies in advance, 30 days in advance, 60 days in advance.
Right now, we have our calendars further than six months ahead and we’re planning what we’re going
to be doing.

That’s the way business is done.

You can’t do this by accident, it’s not a last minute thing where you just go onto Google and type
in traffic, grab some and slap it up.

You’ve got to put some thought into this. Really, this is another common thing you’re going to see
coming up time and time again in this training.

Don’t do what most people do.

If you do what most people do, you’ll get what most people get, and most people get jacked. Most
people don’t put a bonus together and those that do, they just throw it together last minute.

You need to be providing your customers with something that’s going to either complement the
product, it’s going to improve the product, or it’s going to fill that gap as mentioned earlier.

It’s going to fill a hole that somehow the product’s left out.

The way to do that if you can’t get in touch with a product owner, is to look at the sales letter
of the product. Work out maybe what’s missing or what you think would even improve the product
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We are not saying that PLR is a bad thing, and don’t want you to think we’re dissing PLR, PLR is
very useful.

The Quick Way to Turn PLR Products into Pure Profit

However, what’s very important is the rebranding of that PLR.

A lot of people don’t do this because they’re either lazy, they just don’t want to take the time,
or they didn’t give themselves enough time to actually do it.

You should, if choosing to use PLR, thoroughly rebrand it.

That doesn’t mean that you’re just going and making a new cover for it. This means that you’re
going to be opening up the PLR document itself, reading it, going through it, changing things

We actually got a product the other day, we saw they were offering a bonus for some
Squidoo training.

That website doesn’t even exist anymore.

We contacted the person and when we asked him if he realized that he was offering a
Squidoo product as a bonus, and that the site isn’t even active, he didn’t even know.

That’s because he didn’t take the time to go through his PLR material and read it, check the links
in the product, etc.

The point here is that people are watching, and people are paying attention.

If you’re going to use PLR products which definitely helps you and they definitely save time,
they’re a good place to grab material that you can use as filler.

You definitely just shouldn’t be regurgitating PLR as it came from the factory, so to speak. You’ve
got to be creating additional supporting content for it.
For example if you get a PLR ebook, maybe opening that bad boy up, taking a look at that table of
contents, reading through it, maybe changing some things around, maybe now turning on your
microphone and recording it, maybe narrating it, recording an audio version of it, maybe going and
opening up your PowerPoint or your Keynote, copying and pasting some of the content from the book
and creating some slides, etc.
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How long would it actually take?

Maybe you could actually spend two or three hours repurposing a PLR product and actually make it
something unique, something that’s going to be seen as completely original from you.

PLR is a good shortcut but it’s not an “off the shelf solution.”

Don’t just take this flat pack thing that you get delivered through the mail and just give it
straight to the customer.
You’ve got to construct that yourself, you’ve got to give it your own style, your own flavor.
You’ve got to add to it, add more value, add different media or different stuff to that,
otherwise people are going to see right through it.

People aren’t stupid.

They’re going to know that you’ve done nothing apart from changing the title, they’re going to know
it’s been written by some guy in another country.

You’ve got to check the stuff out. Check it out, improve it, AND rebrand it.

We’ve seen a lot of people have success by offering a bonus that they just create off the whim, and
just mentioning it in an email.

We’ve even seen some people have success by creating a Facebook post listing with a few things that
they’re going to give away.
Why Making a Bonus Video Will Make You
More Moolah (And What To Say On It)

We’re not saying that creating a fancy schmancy bonus page or video is the only way to go, but
definitely saying it’s the more profitable way to go.

We’ve proven that video sells more than text in our business.

We know other people that have trained their list in different ways, they might sell better in
different ways.

For us, creating an engaging bonus video is something we always do. However, just

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like medical advice, if you ask ten different marketers their opinions on this, you’ll get ten
different answers.

In our opinion, our bonus video and our copy on our bonus pages, is what sells the bonus.

We don’t talk much about the product that we’re promoting because that’s what the vendor’s job is.
When they get to the sales page, the vendor’s going to sell them the product.

I want to sell them the bonus that they’re gonna get when they buy the product from our link. We
preface the product. We introduce the vendor on the bonus page. We tell them that Michael Cheney is
an expert at XYZ and that he’s going to show them the solution for XYZ that he’s releasing.

We let them know on our bonus page that when they take action we’re going to give them all these
bonuses which is going to make their lives easier and that they’re going to make this much money.

We’re going to paint that picture and we’re going to sell our bonus. We’re going to let the vendor
sell the product, we will sell the bonuses that will then help the vendor sell his product to our

The Key To More Sales is Raising Impulse – Here’s How To Do It

What’s really, really important on the bonus page is raising IMPULSE. Nobody wakes up in the
morning and turns to their spouse and says;

“Hi honey, good morning. I really hope to run into a bonus page today from Omar Martin or Michael

Nobody does that.

They come across it because they open a link in their email and all of a sudden they’re on this

They didn’t schedule this purchase into their budget this month, they’re going to buy it because
your bonuses impulsed them to do so. It’s urgency, it’s scarcity, it’s greed factor, it’s the fear
of loss. It’s this impulse that you’re raising that’s going to get them to buy.

I don’t care how good the product is. At the end of the day, people make these purchase

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decisions based on emotion more than anything else.

It’s your job as the affiliate marketer when you create your bonus to implement urgency and

We do it with a countdown timer and a number of bonuses remaining. This is a very common mistake in
our industry. People screw up the vernacular, they don’t really understand the marketing behind it.

They put a countdown timer on their pages because they see other marketers doing it, and then they
call it scarcity. Countdown timer does not indicate scarcity, that doesn’t mean your product is

That countdown timer might run out and you might still have an abundance of products left that you
didn’t sell. Scarcity and a timer are not related.

A timer indicates the time remaining.

That indicates urgency, this is an urgent matter attached to this time limit. Scarcity implies a
number of units remaining.

There’s a big difference between the two. When you use them both hand in hand, you’re going to
exponentially create this impulse that’s going to make people buy.

Ok, let us give you an example. You’ve got 30 minutes left to buy this product. Your page should
read something like this…

“As you can see right now, we’re at 29 minutes and counting down. By the way, we’ve got 42, oh
wait, 41 items, wait a second it says 39 now; these things are moving quickly. The countdown timer
is now down to 28 minutes, what’s gonna run out first? I’m not sure if we’re going to have enough
products left. It’s very possible that the countdown timer might run out before the actual units
do, but then again… oh my god, somebody just bought a ten pack of these, we’re down to
24 packs. Oh my god!!”

Do you see what I’m creating here?

I’m creating impulse using urgency and scarcity, a timer and a number of units remaining.

That is very important.

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Why Just Whacking a Countdown on Your Page is For Chumps

True marketers understand the power of this. There’s a total of four factors of impulse, we’ll
explain the other two in another chapter.

It’s not just about putting a countdown timer on the top of it and saying;

“Hey guys, this is a bonus that’s going to run out on this day.”

That’s not it.

You’re half assing it.

You’re only putting part of the marketing into it. Urgency and scarcity together are what’s really
going to create that frenzy.

This all ties back to a previous point. You might be wondering how I can limit my bonus, am I
right? The answer is give more value.

Give something that can only be done a certain number of times like create a product for someone,
promote for someone, or a Skype call with someone. You can also consider giving away a bonus like
giving them email access to you for 30 days, or whatever it is.

Simply put, you need to raise your game.

You need to give something that is truly scarce.

That way, you can limit the number that you give away.
You’re probably wondering;

“Omar, Michael, how the hell could I possibly take a month to create a bonus?”

I’m going to say create systems. What we’ve done is we’ve created a skeleton so to speak and we
have a bonus template that we use all the time.

After years and years of doing bonuses, we came up with a formula that works. We came up with a
type of style of layout for the page.

We learned a long time ago that it’s important to have cookie clearing instructions on the page. We
learned a long time ago that it’s important to have a copy of a snapshot of the payment page,
highlight your affiliate ID on the page.
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We generally have a style and have a specific template so to speak.

How Enlisting the Help of a “Skeleton” Will Have You
Rattling Your Bones (and Cash) All the Way to the Bank

We call it the skeleton.

When we’re going to do a new bonus, we just pop open our skeleton template. We clone it, drop it
into a new site, and start to flesh something out that’s already got the bones there. It’s already
built and now we can repurpose it.

This saves us a huge amount of time, it’s not like we’re starting with a blank HTML doc starting to
center tags, background images, and all that, we are not doing that. We’re saving a huge amount of
time because we know that we’ve already had success and now create a habit of using this same exact

You’re going to want to create winning habits, you’re going to want to create bonuses that maybe
works a little better for you than it did last time.

Obviously you’ll know that because you’ve tested a few different ways to see which works best for

If there’s something that you’ve added to your bonus page for a particular bonus and you realized
it did awesome, use that, add that to your template. Next time, start with the updated version of
your template.

You should be creating that skeleton and repurposing it every time.

When you start doing this kind of thing, you’ll see that you’re actually going to save a lot of

Once you’ve done this, what would’ve taken you three weeks to create, you can do it in three days
because you’ve already prepared your work environment.

It’s kind of like when you’re going to get something repaired.

That worker has all his tools laid out, he has all the common things that he uses all the time in
front of him.

You go in there, you drop off your TV to get fixed or whatever thing you’re getting fixed, you come
back, you pick it up, it’s already done.
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Because he’s got all the common fan belt sizes, he’s got all the cogs and gears and the things that
are needed to repair your TV because people come in all the time. In your business, you should have
that work bench as well with all the things you use often ready to go.

By doing this, when a new product comes in to promote, you don’t need to start from scratch.

You don’t need to spend all that time doing something you’ve done over and over again for prior

How To Tap into the Lost Art of Leveraging to
Quadruple Your Profits (Even on Last-Minute Launches)

Now, here’s the other thing, sometimes, vendors won’t give you 30, 45, or 60 days notice about
their upcoming launches.

Sometimes, you only get three or four weeks notice and it’s like boom, I’ve got to be able to
create something within a week here for this, and it needs to be significant. How the hell am I
going to do that if I have to create PLR and I have to do all this stuff?

You’re going to get better and better and better at repurposing stuff that you’ve done
and dual purposing your work.

One of the things that my wife and I have done is built something called the Bonus

In there, we’ve got all of our bonuses that we’ve ever promoted for years and years and years.
There’s certain bits and pieces of certain bonuses that we could reuse.

There was one thing that we did just recently, we went back a year ago and found a bonus that we
had created that hadn’t been used.

It’s a timeless bonus, it’s something that actually you can use it anytime in your business.

So what did I do?

I actually went into that bonus, I took just one piece of that bonus that I did a year ago. I
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took that part and I added it to a bonus that I was doing now.

I repurposed some stuff and what was once old is now new again. You want to create these kind of
skeletons and these kinds of tools for yourself that you can use again and again.

It’s about leverage!!

It’s about leveraging what you’ve already done and building on it time and time again. Rather than
with every promo starting at ground zero, you should always start from what you did last time,
build on that, and grow on it.

By the time you’ve done half a dozen promos, you’ve got this thing down.

You’ve got something almost ready made, you just need to change it and drop in a couple of
different pieces.
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Chapter 6

Email Strategy
Now, we’re moving on to the topic of generating massive commissions by doing email marketing in the
RIGHT way.

The one that we want to share with you first is called “The Hollywood Commission

We use this in just about every single promotion that we’ve done. If you’re on our list, you will
have seen it and it works really well. Let’s get right into exactly what this one is and how it

Why do we get attention by using a play on either a title or a quote from a movie? You look at
what’s current, what’s been out, or maybe just something that you’ve seen in the movies, or you’ve
seen on Netflix and you get inspiration from that.

Do something different that’s actually going to get some attention. We’ll give you an example.
This is for one of our lawyer’s products that I was promoting. The subject line was;

“On your feet, maggot!”

What a subject line like that does is it creates this huge curiosity. If people don’t know what the
movie title is, they don’t get the play, they don’t recognize the quote, they’ll be drawn in. If
they do kind of recognize the quote, they’re like;

“Yeah, I recognize that, it’s from that movie. What’s this about?”

It gets that curiosity, and curiosity is king when it comes to getting your emails opened, read,
and clicked on.

Stories Sell. Here’s An Easy Way to Do It Which Works Every Time…

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What we did with this particular email, it says, “On your feet, maggot!” and then it goes into the
email. Basically it says this is a line from the Tom Cruise movie Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of
Tomorrow where this recruit keeps reliving the same day over and over.

Everyday, he learns something new on the battlefield, but everyday he dies and comes back to life
again at the same point with the sergeant screaming at him, “On your feet, maggot!”

Then, we basically move into what we talk about here which is telling the story of what’s happening
in the movie in this particular case.

This is what Tom Cruise, the main character, goes through.

He tries to learn a little bit more to try and defeat the enemy everyday, but he gets killed, he
gets a little bit further but then he gets killed and goes right back to the beginning.

Then, what we do on the next part is we connect into the offer. What we did in this example is we
said look, this is you, you are this character. You’re stuck in internet marketing groundhog day.

Everyday, you’re fighting this battle but everyday you probably feel dead or defeated at the end of

Well, in this analogy, I’m Tom Cruise at the end of the movie. I’ve been on the internet marketing
battlefield for 15 years, I’ve died a thousand deaths in internet marketing.

To save you the time, I’m telling you right now this is the best thing you should do, this is the
product that will get you through that battlefield, here’s the link, go and get it.

This kind of “Hollywood Commission Buster” strategy works really, really well. It also lifts the
kind of pressure from you in terms of how do you write an email. What should I write about?

How am I going to say something different?

When you’re promoting, you need to be putting out a lot of emails. We’ll comment on that later on.
It becomes a point in your promotion where you’re like, “What the hell am I going to say about

We’ve already spoken about benefit a, b, and c, and spoken about the deadlines, we’ve spoken about
our bonus, what’s left is the story.
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A story and a theme.

We have already spoken about a theme for the bonuses in your bonus page, what you can do in your
email is maintain that theme throughout.

For this example, we went with this military subject line, and the military story of the movie,
then we said;

“You’re dying a thousand deaths, this is the product that’s going to save you on the battlefield.”

The call to action is:

“Put on your marching boots, strap on your rifle, and go and grab this link now before you get shut
down in the internet marketing battlefield.”

You’ll maintain this theme throughout, and people love it. We get daily replies from people;
“I love your emails, they’re great.”

People share them.

Just today, somebody was Facebook-ing about how my subject line read “Don’t take a balloon to a
gunfight.” People are saying that it was the best subject line ever and that they couldn’t help but
open it.

Let Me Entertain You (And Get Paid a Bunch of Greenbacks in the Process)

Our emails are just getting inspiration for stories from movies, from TV, from songs, from things
that happened in our life and linking them to products.

The key point to remember here is that you want to entertain people.

We’ll mention this a lot throughout the training. It’s just simply that important.

Entertain them and they will open your emails time and time again.

If you just pitch them over and over, they will see your name on it and they will ditch your email.
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If you entertain them every time you email, they will see your name and they will think;

“I’m going to read this, it’s going to be fun, and yeah I probably might buy something again.”

This email copy I just mentioned was such a powerful email because it was promoting a product of
ours and the sales just started flooding in as a result.

We started using this same strategy a while ago. We found that you can do it not just
with current movies, but if you’re trying to target a specific audience, you can also go and search
for movies of that era.

If I’m trying to tap into baby boomers, if I’m trying to tap into people that are in their 30s, you
can target maybe the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks and pull a line from there.

One that we used recently actually was the subject line “Peanut Butter and Jealous.” You know what,
we got so many people that were like;
“Oh my god, that’s such a great subject line, how did you ever think of that?”

It’s a line from a movie.

The movie “The Interview” with James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Another line that came out of that movie was, “They hate us because they ain’t us.” I
used that one as well in a subject line.

A couple of things are happening here. For starters, it’s a play on words, the people that know the
movie are instantly captivated and pulled in, and they open the email because they want to see how
you tied it in.

The people that don’t know the movie, they’ve got their eyebrow raised wondering….

“What the hell is he talking about? Where did he get that line from?”

So they open the email.

Regardless, they’re opening the email which is the main reason that you want to do this. I can hear
it all now, I can hear people crying about this right now.
“Oh my gosh, but I don’t want to do that, I can’t afford Netflix, I don’t go to the movie
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theater that’s why I bought this product, so I can become wealthy and buy a TV.”

I’m not a fan of whiners and I’m not necessarily saying that you are, but somebody reading this is.

Here’s the thing, there’s the thing called Google, and you can actually go and search famous movie
picture lines.

You can do these searches and you can come up with websites that have the entire script of a movie.
You can come up with famous quotes from specific types of movies, you can really go and find

Not just that, but then let’s move over to another industry, let’s say music. You can use quotes,
titles, names of songs, and artists or things that have been in the media; things that people are
already familiar with.

You can leverage someone else’s household name, someone else’s fame and their famous line, and you
can use that as long as you tie it into what you’re talking about so that it makes sense.

Don’t Ever, Ever, Be This Guy

Here’s an example of what NOT to do with clever wording.

You don’t want to create a subject line that just says, “Free beer.” Then, the opening line of the
email says;
“Okay, now that I got your attention, let’s talk about this internet marketing product.”

That is not what you want to do.

What we’re talking about here is getting that whole clever line from a movie, or from a song, or
from some sort of a current event, and then taking that and tying it into the story and like we
said, tie into the offer somehow.

That email strategy right there is going to lead you to so much money, so much interaction, so many
clicks and so many opens. I’m sure you can tell how excited I get about this because this truly is
life changing stuff.

These are all of the little tiny tweaks in your business that you can do in order to generate

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more income. If you just follow the things that we’ve talked about so far, you’re going to have
such a huge increase in the amount of money you make promoting products, creating a bonus, and then
using these kinds of email strategies. You have no idea how big this can be for you.

Following suit on the email strategy, we want to talk a little bit about what we do.

Every Tiny Component of Your Email is a Potential Leakage Point

Creating powerful chain links from the subject line to each segment of the body.

We have already emphasized how important it is to segue, emphasizing the subject line and
connecting it all the way through to the offer.

That’s what we call chain links.

The entire funnel all the way through to the product is only as strong as your weakest chain link.

If you have an awesome subject line but then either the body sucks, it does something stupid, it
doesn’t follow through or it doesn’t connect properly, you just lost them there.

They never even got to the sales page.

You’ve got a whole bunch of opens but you got very little, if any, clicks. Since you didn’t send
any clicks to the page, you ended up making no money.

Each link is a breakpoint.

When we reference “link,” we don’t mean physical hyperlink.

We’re speaking figuratively like this is a chain and each piece of this email chain is a link that
can be broken, it’s a link that can be strong, it’s a link that can be weak. You have to pull the
string with people.

Why Throwing Carrots at a Donkey Will Not Make You Money

It’s like having a carrot in front of a donkey to get them to walk. You want to actually put it in
front of the donkey.

Let’s say you were standing in front of donkey. Your goal is to get that donkey to the other side
of the road. Now on a table beside you, you have a bowl of carrots.

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The way I see it is that you have two choices.

You can either stand behind that donkey and throw the carrots at him and make him run forward, or
you can start standing in front of the donkey and hold the carrots in front of him and make him
walk towards you.

I think a lot of people try to push the carrot onto people instead of pulling them in with the

That’s what writing clever headlines and clever references are about.

Each part pulls them into the next race, each part is like a little carrot. That subject line is a
carrot that’s going to bring them to the body. The body is a carrot that’s going to bring them to
the link.

The link is a carrot, the anchor text and link itself is a carrot that’s going to bring them to the
sales page.
The sales page is a whole series of carrots that’s going to bring them to the order button. The
order button is hopefully going to take them into JVZoo where they’re going to pay.
Once they pay, they’re going to get the product, and you’ll get the commission. It’s a
series of things that have to happen, you can’t just throw the carrots at the donkey and think that
the donkey is going to end up buying something.

I’m not calling your customers a bunch of asses, but I’m just using the whole donkey and carrot
thing as an example.

I’m sure you get the picture right?

The Weird-Ass Bruce Wayne Tactic to
Getting More Opens, Clicks and Sales

What we do is create audience specific, suspenseful, Batman style headlines.

We make references to age specific movies, TV shows, people, places, things that are gonna raise an

Things that are going to make people think. One of the things that you can do is tap into mass

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What’s the current event?

What is something that’s being talked about right now?

Here in the United States, everybody has been bombarded, at the time that I write this, with news
of a big presidential election.

We’ve got a whole bunch of colorful characters all over the media, all over the news. My point is
that there’s a whole bunch of stuff in the media about these election characters, about these
presidential candidates, if we can even call them that. So why not leverage those names, those
things that people are hearing in their everyday lives, on the news channels, in the newspapers and
all that?

Why not factor that into the marketing?

Why not actually use these current events and put them into your marketing?

We use the “Batman Style Headlines” as the glue that will actually make that connection between the
chains. The glue that brings them from the subject to the body, from the body to the anchor link,
from the link to the sales page.

Here’s what we mean by Batman styles.

If you’re our age, you may remember those old Batman shows where at the end, it would say;

“Dun, dun, dun, tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel, to see if Batman and Robin

When this happens, what are you thinking? You’re thinking;

“No, wait, I got to see what happens.”

I mean, you know he’s going to survive, but you’re gonna tune in to see how can he possible get out
of the situation he’s in.

It’s that suspense that gets people through to the next line.

We create subject lines and create references inside of the email itself that get people to read
the next part.

We’ll give you an example of what we mean by this. Michael set out to go and buy a new
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car. He pulled into the dealership and you won’t believe what happened next.

What’s running through your mind at this time? If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “what do you
mean, I won’t believe what happened? What happened?”

It causes you to ask the question what happened next?

What happens next is that you’ve got to read the next section, you’ve got to get to the next
breakpoint in his chain, in his email chain to find out what happens next. That’s what we mean by
those Batman style headlines.

The point is I’m pulling the string with people, I’m getting them to the next part by luring them

When writing body copy in emails, we use impulse factors BIG time. We alluded to this before when
we talked about the difference between urgency and actual fear of loss or scarcity. We call these
the FIGS. Here’s what it stands for:

Fear of loss Indifference Greed
Sense of urgency.

Ok, let me break what each of the “FIGS” mean and how we use them.

● Fear of loss – You’re going to lose out because they’re going to run out of items. Fear of loss
is the fact that we don’t know if we’re going to run out of items. In that particular case, the
consumer or the prospect is in a race with other consumers to grab those
items before they run out.
● Indifference – This is just posture. It just means, “hey look, whether you buy this or not, and
we hope you get this, but it’s really no big deal. We’re going to be closing this at
this time whether you like it or not.”
Indifference is the opposite of being needy, it’s being indifferent.
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● Greed Factor – In internet marketing, we call that social proof. What we do is we want
to add the social proof. We want to show them that there are all types of people that are
purchasing your product. You’ll want to give them examples such as how a construction worker from
New York, a soccer mom in Orlando, Florida and a business owner in Scotland have all become one of
your customers. If you’ve got a wide array of people, then chances are that your prospect can
relate with someone in that social proof.
● Sense Of Urgency – That’s that clock we spoke about earlier. That’s that countdown timer that
puts the prospect in a race with the clock. With fear of loss, they’re racing against other
customers. With sense of urgency, they’re racing against a clock.
For me, and again, this is not for everyone, but it’s become very evident that being straight
forward and politically incorrect are what work best for me.

We see a lot of “fake it till you make it” out there. We see a lot of people trying to be all prim
and proper.

As a matter of fact, Michael posts all the time about people that get butt hurt when he sends an
email that tells it like it is.

“Oh my goodness, Michael, you said the word ass. How dare you? I had to read that, I
was forced to read that because I opened your email.”

Oh my gosh, it’s just amazing the ridiculousness and the fraud that the people try to perpetrate.
You’re a freaking adult, man.

How To Create Lifelong Lucrative Loyalty in Your List

Frankly, as I said before, we’ve found that the straight forward and politically incorrect approach
when we write body copy has worked really well for us. It’s worked in creating a following of
people that are loyal.

A lot of people, they think that it’s important to just have a whole bunch of people on their list.
Yeah, having a lot of people, is a good thing. I mean, it is a number’s game. However, in my
opinion, it’s loyalty that you really want.

Do you know why?

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We’ll tell you why…..

When someone’s loyal, they only buy from YOU.

There’s a very big difference between someone that’s loyal and someone that’s SATISFIED. If you
make them happy and you give them what they want, and you write the way they want and you’re
politically correct, they’re just satisfied. When you’re yourself, when you say it the way that it
is, and when you’re genuine, people become LOYAL.

If you’re not understanding the difference between the point that we’re trying to make between
satisfied and loyal, ask yourself this. Would you rather your spouse be satisfied or loyal?

Think about that for a second.

Some of the most successful people such as Simon Cowell, Howard Stern, Chef Ramsay polarize people.

You either love those guys or you hate them. You don’t see guys that are just nice trying to please
everybody being as successful as these guys are. Well it’s the same in marketing.

You have got to polarize your list. You’ve got to have some cajones, and say;

“This is who I am. If you don’t like it, get off my list.”

If you’re a single guy and you’re reading this and I gave you a dating strategy that basically had
a 50/50 chance of either, you got punched in the nuts when you said this or you got instantly laid.

Would you rather have the 50/50 dating strategy or a strategy that always gets the girl just to
hold your hand for five minutes and then walk out?

That’s your choice.

You can either polarize and take the 50/50 risk of getting punched in the nuts or instantly laid by
the hot chick, OR you can use that “be nice” strategy and just be the guy that gets to hold hands
for five minutes.

Which would you choose?
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What risk would you rather take?

You Can’t Please All The People All The Time
(But You Can Sell To Them)

In my opinion, one of the fastest ways to fail at anything that requires you becoming an authority
in, is to try to please everyone.

You’re not going to, PERIOD. So why not just be yourself?
When you’re being genuine then you don’t have to keep reminding yourself to play a role. At the
same time, we will say one thing. That isn’t a blanket excuse to be a dick, or to behave badly, or
to be mean to people. I’m not saying that.

That’s not right, either.

There’s some common courtesy and some etiquette that you should have.

What we’re saying is, don’t change who you are, don’t change the person that you are based on.

For our weekly webinars, I always have a disclaimer.

I basically thank people for being on the webinar and let them know that I’m glad that they’ve
joined us.

However, I’m pretty firm with them that I would never ask them to be something that they’re not
just to make me feel more comfortable around them, and I’m not going to say all the politically
correct things they want to hear just to make them feel more comfortable about where they are in

I believe that as long as we got that straight that we can move on.

However, I make it very clear that if they don’t like what I’ve said that they can go and
unsubscribe right away because we’re just going to end up pissing each other off later on so we
might as well part ways before it even gets to that.

Again, be yourself and use that straight forward approach.

It’s always going to do better for you to be straightforward, especially in your emails.

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You’re probably wondering why the hell do you keep talking about this shit.

It’s because email is about communication, email is about how you talk and how you present yourself
to your people.

That is what’s going to determine the amount of value, of trust that they place in you, and how
much money they spend with you long term.

We wanna talk about the physical parts of constructing the emails.

We think a lot of people mess this up because it’s a whole package. Remember, there’s a whole bunch
of breakpoints here.

The Little-Known Secret to Making Your
Emails Look Awesome on Mobile
You can have a great subject line, you can have an awesome body copy, but guess what? If your email
looks like hammered dog shit and it’s impossible for me to read it or see it
on my device, that awesome, clever, high catching headline that you have may be illegible, or I
can’t make it out, or it doesn’t look right, the font sucks, then you’re going to lose me.

Now, let’s say that it didn’t work. You’re wondering;
“Oh my god, I did what Omar and Michael said but it didn’t work.”

Did you make sure that all of your emails were laid out to be viewed comfortably on mobile devices?

For us, our statistics on our autoresponder and on our server tells us that over 52% of people that
visit our websites and click on our links are doing so from some sort of a mobile operating system,
whether android or iOS.

That means it behooves us to make sure that our websites, our emails, and everything that we’re
sharing with the public, is visible properly and looks good and functions well on mobile devices.

We lay our emails out for mobile, and do that by using a size 18 or size 20 font, and keep
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each line within 37 characters.

You may have seen those long and skinny emails that we type.

Michael does the same thing, sometimes I see three word sentences with Michael. The point is that
there’s a reason for this.

We make millions of dollars through affiliate marketing.

If you think it was accidental that you got that skinny long email from Michael, you’re mistaken,
there’s a reason.

Everything that we do is purposeful and we’re testing. If we don’t have a reason for it, it’s
because we’re testing it right now.

We found that when we use an 18 or 20 size font, as long as you keep it within 37 characters per
line, it is always going to look fine on a mobile device without breaking lines and leaving empty
white space where it’s vertical or horizontal, regardless of how they’re holding their device.

That’s the formula. How do we know that?
Because we spent a freaking day testing it.

We’ve tested it on an iPhone, on a Samsung, and we even tested it on a Blackberry. We tried all
different ways and then realized okay, this is how the emails look best; with this font size, this
amount of characters.

Why You Should Avoid Fancy-Looking Emails Like the Plague

Some people are just a little old school if you ask me. We personally know a lot of people they
just swear by HTML email templates because they’re all pretty and all that.

You know what? We avoid them.
We avoid them for two reasons.

We generally don’t use HTML in our emails because we know there’s HTML code behind
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the email itself even if it’s a plain text email. Our point is those pre-made pretty templates that
have little images on top, borders, and all that stuff; we stay away from that.

We don’t generally use a whole bunch of images in our emails. However, that’s not to say that we
don’t use it.
We do use them from time to time as a way to get people to click but it’s not something we do often
at all.
We’ve used that trick where there’s a picture of a video screen with a play button on it. That
definitely gets a lot of clicks but, it also kind of gets that empty feeling. You take the
wind out of the sales when they realize, “oh, it’s not a video. I just got tricked.”

We don’t use it all the time so it doesn’t get desensitized.

How to Fly Under Your Prospect’s Radar and Straight into Their Wallet

We try to stick with just plain text emails, just hyperlinks.

I do use a lot of bolding in my email, I do use increased font sizes for certain words and things
like that because we want to add some structure and we want to pull people’s eyes to certain parts
of the email.

Our point that we want to make here and what we want you to take away from this particular point is
that the layout is important.

You should pay attention to the way that the email looks. We don’t want people to open an email and
instantly think;
“What? I’m in promo mode, it’s commercial mode. This guy’s trying to try and get me to buy

We want them to let their guard down.

An email from Cheney is like it’s an email from Dave asking me for a beer on Friday night. We want
them to be in the same psychological zone that we’re in.
We try and keep it as old school as possible. However, having said that, we still send
HTML emails. The emails are in text, but they’re still actually HTML. We create that text

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in an HTML format so that we can track the clickthroughs. If you send a pure plain text email out
with an autoresponder, you’re not going to have to track open rates and clickthrough rates unless
you put a funky thing in there that’s going to make the link look absolutely horrible.

Remember, this has gotta be mobile friendly.

More and more people are checking mail on cellphones nowadays, you can’t avoid or risk not doing
that being prepared for them to read your emails on their mobile devices.

This, I know, is going to freak a couple of people out, especially if you’re newer in the industry.
I think it’s just the defacto way of thinking when you become an internet marketer.

So many newer people think you shouldn’t be mailing people all the time because you might disturb
them or something.

Here is the bottom line…

The sooner you start implementing it, the better it will be and the more money you will make.
We’ve learned that mailing often, multiple times per day even, has been the distinguishing factor
in what has really made a difference in my email marketing.

You are the catalyst, don’t ever let any subscriber dictate the way that you market. Don’t ever let
the person who says this dictate how often you mail;
“Oh my god, you sent me two emails today. I’m appalled by this.”

Who gives a shit?

Get off of my list, I don’t care. As a matter of fact, what I want is people on my list who were
planning on buying.

You’re on my list, I am not on yours.

You’re on my list for a reason, and that is to learn marketing, to buy products. Instead of trying
to criticize the way that I market, you should be learning from it.

If you were to get two letters in your postbox today, you wouldn’t go and drive down to the post
office and throw a fit at the postmaster, would you? Of course not. Why? Because it’s stupid.

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Because you have the digital divide, there’s this keyboard and screen that separates us, all of a
sudden you want to be a tough guy and send me this email and pretend to be all upset.

It’s going to ruin your day that you got two emails, really?

At the end of the day, remember that growth for the purpose of growth is the ecology of the cancer

You want to grow your list with a purpose, and growing your list is for the purpose of making

Don’t Be a Pussy – It’s Your Business, Your List and Your Income.
Don’t Let Prospects or Customers Tell You What To Do

You only make money when you mail your list.

The fact of the matter, regardless of how much you want to try to kid yourself from this reality or
not admit it, is that the more that you mail, the more money you will make. If you worked hard to
grow your list, mail it, mail it often.

Don’t be afraid to send multiple emails per day.

The key to this, the trick to doing this, is the emails are purposeful, that they are connected,
that they build upon one another, that you’ve prefaced and you’ve trained the recipient to
understand what you’re doing and why they’re receiving these emails.

If you do it with a strategy, if you do it with intent, people will understand.

If I send you a letter in the mail explaining to you that over the course of the next seven days,
as long as the post office worked properly and didn’t group my letters, they should be receiving
one postal letter from me every single day and on the last day they should receive three.

You know what we’ve done? We’ve created an expectation.
If it’s done that way then you’re not going to get upset when you go to your mailbox tomorrow and
see three letters from me, are you?

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No, you’re actually going to go to the mailbox tomorrow looking to see if you’ve got letters from

This is the mentality behind it, and I urge you to get behind the idea of mailing your list often.
There is no one day that you will arrive at having built your list. Building a list is an ongoing
perpetual thing.

Don’t set out to build your list and then after you’ve built your list start mailing it.

The moment that you get one subscriber on your list, you need to start mailing it. This is an
ongoing thing that you’re going to want to do.. mail OFTEN, mail multiple times per day even.

A year or so ago, at the time that I write this, we started emailing people everyday. During
launches we would still send multiple emails on those kinds of days when the launch is wrapping up.

When we started emailing daily, we made a ton more money. Then, started emailing twice a day.

Then, three times.

The more we mailed, the more we made.

Why Emailing Once a Day is the BARE Minimum You Should Be Doing

At the time this was written, we email Monday through Friday, four times a day. You know the kind
of complaints we get?
Zero, zip, nothing, no single complaint at all.

If you go out and email every week in the way that most people are doing;

“Buy this, buy this, 25% discount, it’s closing, it’s closing.”, if you do it that way, then yes,
you’ll get a ton of complaints, refunds, a ton of unsubscribes, and you’ll piss a lot of people

However, if you use stories in your email, if you entertain people, if you got this
edu-tainment thing where you give them a little bit of information and a little bit of fun, then
you give them a link, and you use a different story or different angle, or different
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hook every single time.

They will love you for it, and feel like that they simply can’t get enough.

We’ve had guys that buy the product and we’ve taken them off the list for that product they

Next thing you know, they’re contacting us and complaining that they’re not getting our emails and
wondering what’s going on.

Wondering if we took them off our list and why. Sometimes this happens because I’ve segmented them
and added them somewhere else and they actually get upset because they want to see our emails and
they’re saving them.

They’re saving them so that they can study them, so that they can learn from them. That’s what can
happen to you if you apply the tactics that we’ve already taught you in this training.

We want to thank you for the time that you’ve invested in us here and want to congratulate you for
taking this one step, this one little step into your financial future.

We’re here to guide you along the way. We really want you to start taking action on this right now.

Your head is probably spinning right now. We know, we get it…
You’ve Just Been Handed a Multi-million Dollar Copy and Paste Blueprint

And perhaps you simply don’t know where to start right? Have no fear, this is why you’re here.
At the end of the day, we can show you this stuff, we can tell you all about it and we know it’s
worked for us.
But it comes down to YOU. What are YOU going to do? What are you going to do next?
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You gotta take notes.

Read through your notes, read this report again to scar these killer money making strategies into
your brain.

You’ve got to TAKE ACTION! Pick one method that you learned and apply it today. Not tomorrow, don’t
just say or think that something sounds good and that you’re going to do that.

Most people will say or think that and then move on and keep stuffing their face with
Oreo cookies only to move onto the next shiny thing.

No, take action, pick one of the things that we talked about.

Whether it’s the movie theater blockbuster method, whether it was the custom audience thing, or if
you’re going to do bonuses, or maybe start writing your first crush campaign.

Take home the money!!

Contact us through our support desk if you need help. More importantly, if you want to share your
success story with us. We love hearing success stories from people that put things into practice
and they actually take action.
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