5 Steps to 7 Figures

5 Steps to 7 Figures
The 7 Figure Webinar Blueprint by Andrew
Fox & Peter Parks – How To Generate Over
$1,000,000.00 Revenue.
The Keys To The Kingdom – the whole enchilada. Take action, implement and
rock n roll.
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Dear Customer,
Everyone has their own ideas about how to run a webinar.
Each to their own I say and if it works for you … excellent.
So you’ve bought this blueprint either to
1) Learn how to do webinars
2) Are already doing them but want to increase your ROI.
Whatever your situation this guide will 110% help, if you implement what I’m about to show you.
(Note before we begin. I am not a perfectionist at spelling and grammar. You may hear the
occasional cuss word, find a few typos. What I am an expert at is massive action and making tons
of cash)
Below I’m going show you the exact model of webinars I’ve used with Peter Parks promoting our
DNA Wealth Blueprint product. We also use similar models in multiple other markets and found
great success.
We generated high six figure sales in 2014 and in 2015. We aim to smash $1,000,000+ using
webinars as just one promotional vehicle. An extra million revenue is always tasty.
With our model
Our refunds are under 3%…
Our customers love us…
And they enjoy our products so much some go on to spend $10,000’s with us.
First let’s give you the ‘birds eye’ overview of the webinar
From the day you first announce the webinar (Tuesday) ’till the day the offer ends (Sunday) you are
not looking to necessarily make a ton of sales on the live call.
In fact the whole system is built on the “Exposure Model”
Let me explain this
From the beginning of the sequence to the end you are wanting to warm up, educate and nurse your
prospects and turn them from prospects to paying customers.
You DO NOT want everyone to join. You want the right customer.
Then by using a strong marketing sequence you close the sale (Which I’m going to hand to you on
an open platter).
This is where many people screw up. They always think with “money first” than overall strategy.
They think by driving as many people to the call as possible and getting as much registrations is the
key to webinar riches.
Crap I say!
Yes – more registrations and people on the call is good BUT what is 4 times more important is
1) How you acquired the registrations in the first place (Source of traffic)
2) What state of mind they are in when they enter the webinar (How you have pre sold and
educated them prior to the live call)
3) How you close the webinar and campaign after (which is where 70% plus of sales come from).
Here is some of our stats from 2014 which are pure golden nuggets;
– For # of registrations you can expect about 27% – 50% to turn up live on the call. Anything less
and they are probably not that interested in the offer. You could maybe scrape 20-25%, but over
25% is a good bench mark.
So if you have 1000 registered, expect 270 – 500 to turn up.
– You can expect to have about 50-66% more people on the call 7-9 minutes after the stated time.
So if your webinar is at 8PM EST and 200 people are on the line expect around 8.09 PM to have
over 300 on the call.
For this reason for the opening 5-10 minutes we do a general intro, interact with the crowd. We will
get more into the nitty gritty of that in the actual webinar content module. Let’s get started with part
The source of the webinar leads.
In 2014 we drove leads from 3 main sources.
1) Selecting highly targeted JV Partners 2)
Drive Traffic from paid advertising sources
3) Integrate to the backend of product launches.
Let’s break down each lead source separately as each sequence is slightly different.
JV Partners
So DNA Wealth Blueprint is a paid advertising course about FB and costs $2000.
Our target JV partners were people with lists of customers willing to pay for more expensive
courses about paid traffic, particularly FB.
If we went after the wrong type of JV partner we knew the promotion would not be successful.
When you are sizing up partners do your research and get the right ones.
Go on JVZoo.com, Clickbank.com and search the top 20 vendors. Segment who is in the niche you
want to go after and contact them.
Is your product more suited to
-Video Based Marketers
-List Building
There will always be a ‘cross over’ between lists but the more you can dial in, your results will be
exponentially better.
Best way to contact JV partners…
Most people screw this up so badly. They Skype or FB Message them saying “Hey I got this
product xyz and it would match your list, blah blah’.
You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
Drill that into your head
Instead go to your potential partner’s product page.
1) Do they have a FB Account? Try to add them as a friend. See what their interests are, how
they talk to their subscribers. BUY their product. Don’t be a cheap ass and pester them for a copy of
a $27 product. Leave them a message “Bought your product and think it’s great” – You want to
open dialogue and engage them. There is no better way of engagement than complimenting the
owner of their product. Recognition is a powerful tool.
2) Try add them to Skype for a chat. Better still arrange a Skype call. Present your offer there.
Don’t be pushy. Show a shared screen of what you have on offer.
3) The old fashioned is still the best. Meet at popular offline conferences in your niche. Build
the relationship there, then follow up via points 1 & 2.
Once you have a great JV partner and they run a successful promo they will do it over and over
Once you get results you now have LEVERAGE. You can take that proof of your results,
commissions paid out and show other people the stats. Get video testimonials from your JV
There’s nothing complex in the above. Now go out and do it 🙂
2) Paid Traffic
Using paid traffic can be a great source of ongoing leads.
But what is most important is your customer avatar for your product.
What pages do they like?
Who do they follow?
What is your ideal age segment?
Once you know your demographics (All that stuff is taught in the
DNAWealthBlueprint.com course) then you can start your campaign.
For example. We knew that the IM customers who are the higher paying more sophisticated
group were people who like Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern etc.
This enabled us to target our prospects much better.
We hired an expert Nicholas Kusmich to handle our campaign. He’s a ninja. Contact us at
support@Dnawealthblueprint.com if you want to get in touch.
With paid traffic you have 2 choices…
You learn how to do it yourself or you hire an expert.
Also depending on your situation and resources you can do a trade. So if you are in the
fitness niche post in a popular IM group like IM Super friends “Looking someone who’s an
expert at PPC to run my campaign in exchange for me getting them in the best shape of
their life in 6 weeks”
Look at your own talents/assets and leverage if money and resources is tight. It’s calling
hustle and thinking outside the box.
3) Integrate into the back end of a product launch (Either your own or an affiliate).
When you do a product launch, in the thank you page of the product download have a link
to your “customer only” webinar training. Once they opt in put them into an email sequence
like the one shown below.
So in your email you write “Hey Andrew, So you bought product XYZ. How’s it going for
you? Would you like to see a great way to use product XYZ. Well here’s something I’ve
been using and how it works.”
Best day to host a webinar is Thursday. Time wise varies according to your market but if you are
serving the USA mainly we usually go for 9PM EST
It lets you get your list warmed up Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so by the time they get on
the webinar they are really excited. We use Go To Webinar /gtw
Send one email each day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Tuesday Email
Subject: Protect Yourself in 2015 against this
(Fear of something is a great motivator or opener in emails. Desire is another but fear is always
Facebook and paid traffic is about to have a MAJOR shift as we enter 2015.
Find out the secrets this $50 million a year underground Jedi is using to protect his business moving
in 2015.
(Numbers work well in any niche. If it was weight loss “How this Ex Fitness model got the body of
his dreams in 20 minutes a day by actually eating MORE of the foods he loves)
Webinar Reg Link
This is a One Off Training call
Spending over $100,000 a day on Facebook alone this is a rare treat to listen to over 60 minutes of
pure gold.
This is a ONE OFF training and will never be repeated.
Are you going to adapt & grow in 2015…. Or get swept away by these imminent changes?
Webinar Reg Link
Wednesday Email
Subject: Something BIG is coming…
Facebook made tons of people almost ‘overnight successes” in 2014.
But in 2015 that is set to change, and those that don’t protect themselves against the imminent
changes will feel their wrath.
This Thursday our insider $50mil a year man will reveal what he’s doing to protect himself in this
‘One off special training’.
(We knew that a lot of people had success with FB in 2014 therefore they had something to LOSE.
This is the market we were going after. Existing FB marketers and paid traffic people. Using
numbers like 2014 and 2015 shows this is real time. Fear is a MASSIVE driver)
In fact – here is some preview content, a 7 page PDF Report “How to escape FB’s wrath in 2015”.
Download it now.
(THE PDF can just be some of your sample slides for the webinar, with an intro page. Give away
some good content here. In the PDF at the footer of each page have the reminder about the webinar,
give the reg link)
Be sure to download your pdf and register for the call now on DATE, TIME
Over XXX registered already –
Thursday Email (Send about 12 hours before the webinar)
Subject : BAD NEWS
(This subject works KILLER – the trick is not to over use it)
Just logged into and checked our stats. Looks like tonight’s webinar about ‘TITLE OF WEBINAR’
is already full.
Obviously I knew tonight’s call was important but seems you people are really concerned about the
big changes coming.
I’ve made a few calls to the webinar company and we are increasing the number of lines. If you
have not registered yet, this is truly your last call.
Two very important things before tonight’s call
1) Make sure you download the PDF “How to escape FB’s wrath in 2015” immediately here.
2) Close down FB, Skype and any other distraction, lock yourself in the room and read every
word. It’s really that important.
(Why are we telling people to do this? This is very advanced psychology where we are
CONDITIONING people to obey our commands. It’s an anchoring process so when we tell people
to buy on the webinar call they are more likely to take action).
Remember – this is a ONE OFF call with a $50 mil a year man.
It’s a very rare special treat and happens in less than 12 hours right here.
See you tonight on the call – get there 5-10 mins early as well.
Webinar settings
What system we have found to be the “best case” solution.
We use Go To Webinar
There are a ton of solutions out there. GTW (Go to Webinar) has generally been reliable for us.
We cannot comment on other systems as we have not personally used them.
We do recommend when hosting the webinar, you record a screen cam back up on another
HINT: Ask your FB Followers or email list if they would mind recording a backup. 99% of the
time they will. Leverage your customers to help you out.
Step by Step Set up Of Webinar With Go To Webinar
1) Title and Description.
For Title Use “numbers” as they typically work well. $2789/day with Amazon etc.
2) Email Settings
It’s very important all these are filled in correctly.
Reply To Email:
Make sure you use a REAL email that either your staff or you monitor. When people register and
get sent their follow up emails etc., they can reply to this address. These leads can often be of a
high calibre so if you do not keep on top of it, you are throwing money down the toilet! Stay alert.
I prefer cash in my pocket not the toilet
Confirmation Email:
In the confirmation email include a link to your downloadable PDF and tell people to call in 5 – 10
minutes before the call starts.
Reminder Email:
Same info as the Confirmation Email, Reminder of PDF link and tell them to call in 5-10 mins
Follow Up Email to Attendees:
You MUST fill these out before the webinar begins! Otherwise the traffic is wasted.
Here is a basic template of the follow up email…..
Thanks for being on the call TITLE.
We’ve got a ton of positive feedback which is fantastic to see.
If you need to watch the presentation again please go to;
It’s only up for 72 hours then will be removed – so watch it now while it’s fresh in your memory.
(Side note: We use Lead pages for our webinar replay pages – they have ACTUAL webinar
replays) http://dnawealthbueprint.com/leadpages
Absentee Follow Up Email to Attendees:
For some reason you missed the call about TITLE.
You missed some killer stuff including GIVE A GOLDEN NUGGET
Lucky for you we have just uploaded a replay at LINK which will be taken down within 72 hours
(Side note: We use Lead pages for our webinar replay pages)
Chat soon,
PS. Hit reply with any questions. I’m personally monitoring this email
Actual Webinar Content
So, I’m going to give you a XX bullet point breakdown of the points you need to cover.
Here’s how your webinar structure should go;
– Opening 5-10 minutes. As explained earlier you can expect over 50% more
attendees after 7- 9 minutes. So you should engage with the crowd. Ask them where they
are from, how they are feeling. Reply to people in the question box and welcome them by
name “Welcome Roger from Houston great to have you here” etc.
– Show a piece of shocking proof to get their eyes glued to the screen. Something big,
juicy and RECENT to get them hooked for the rest of the presentation. Example; “Here’s a
recent screen shot of an offer I ran that did xxx on DATE. So today we are gonna cover the
process on how I did that”
– For demonstration training of the “meat” of the webinar, make this last about 35-50 minutes.
– You want to give away some content and then tell them ‘to get the rest you’ll need
the software /course’.
Example if there are 12 modules which feature 12 core points per module, give away
ACTUAL content out of the modules. 2-3 points of module and then leave them hangin’
“To get the rest you’ll need the course” – but NEVER give the link during the presentation –
Only at the end.
-As you are doing this with your audience, you are educating and continuously warming
them up while dangling the carrot. The reason we don’t give the link to them is to really get
them pushed over the edge by the end of the presentation.
– If you are selling software a fantastic way to sell it is this; manually show the
process and how long it takes. Let’s imagine you were selling an accounting software that
does payroll, state tax, income tax, costs etc. etc. You show a spreadsheet of filling it all in
and working out manually taking 20 minutes. But when you use the software it is less than
60 seconds. Sell the time savings “19 Minutes per day is over 2 hours per week – 100 hours
per year. Is spending time with your family, less stress and not having to worry about
‘manual mistakes’ worth it to you? Imagine the IRS finds out you’ve made a mistake – will
they care about your error? Hell no and you are the one who will pay the fine/fee”.
– Another example. Weight management. If you had to work out your proteins, fats
and carbs per meal and keep a diary by manually looking at the back of the packet. But with
the software, you just enter the name of the product and BOOM it enters it all in for you and
works it out.
– Be authoritative. If you don’t truly believe in yourself and the product you are selling it will
– Use “engagement” triggers during the webinar but not overkill. Pop up a survey during the
call (You can add this in Go To Webinar).
– Case Studies are GOLD. Show how people (just like the ones on the call) age groups, sex,
current jobs etc. are using your system with success. Always explain, no result is typical.
How you should make your pitch…
– This is where we do things different to most. Most product vendors try to overload their
callers with bonuses, beg for the sale and make silly offers.
It is not needed. If you have the right type of people on the call for your offer and have
demonstrated good value they will be willing to buy.
Now with DNA Wealth Blueprint here is the process we used.
It’s a $2000 product about Paid Advertising.
The product is going to require an ad budget of $30 – $50 per day, ideally for 30 days and
then reinvest the profits to grow.
It’s not a newbie entry level product and for those that are afraid of hard work.
So when people asked for payment plans, we offer two payments of $1197, and that was it.
Because we knew the mindset of our ideal customer – if they are asking for payment plans
beyond this, chances are they are scraping the money together.
And how are they going to have advertising money to spend once they get into the course?
The answer is, they won’t – and they are going to give us headaches.
86% paid in full.
The other thing was refund policy.
We stated that refunds would only be given at our discretion and they must show proof that
they have implemented the system or at least tried. We would then try to help them out via a
Skype call and if it still wasn’t working we would issue the refund.
Here’s how Peter and I both feel about refunds.
Refunds are a privilege not a right. Internet Marketing has let people abuse refund polices
for too long and we are making a stand.
And let me tell you this, the quality of customer you get when you adopt a policy like ours
They are the coolest customers to talk to. They take action on what they buy, they are polite
and willing to do what it takes.
Because they have invested $2k and realised there is no turning back, they need to get off
their butt and take action because the “I think I need a refund to pay my credit card bill this
month” simply isn’t going to fly with us.
And guess what?
When they succeed and make money because they are invested and took action, they will be
a CUSTOMER for life. If you have a 500 person customer base of $2000 each and treat
them right you can do six/seven figures of that list alone.
Customers Wins/ You Win. It’s a beautiful place to be in.
So at the end of the pitch, be honest “Here’s what I got… here’s your options and if you have
any questions please ask now or forever hold your peace”.
A typical Q & A session can last for 20-40 mins but this is VERY important for several
1) Many people will hang around to the end before they buy. They just want to hear what
everyone asks.
2) They will have specific questions and if one person asks it chances are 5-10 people are
thinking it. This is great to understand your markets core objections. A great sales man
always listens carefully and overcomes objections.
3) They just like to see you are a real person on the other end.
4) This is the PERFECT fodder for your all important Q&A email (which we will show
later on).
Before you hang up here’s another golden nugget that works like gangbusters.
Have a link to your Facebook asking people what they thought of the call.
Then say “Guys we appreciate you being here and even if you didn’t buy can I ask you a
favour? Would you mind taking 2 mins and leaving a comment here if you got value from
the call LINK”.
You should get a TON of people saying great things.
– This will be used for the “post webinar marketing”. This is the true sign of a business
owner thinking ahead. Always leverage what you have.
– At the end of the webinar thank people for the call and for taking time out of their
Always be humble and thankful.
Number Crunching – Don’t be Scared
Have you ever seen the TV program ‘Prison Break” where Michael says to his brother “All you
need is a little faith”?
Well that’s what you have to do here – have faith.
Because with this webinar selling method you NEVER make the most sales on the live call.
In fact you can expect to usually do 2.5 – 4 times of your live call sales by the aggressive follow up
sequence I have laid out below.
Once we did $10,000 on a live call but by the end of the campaign 3 days later we did $70,000.
Granted we had a few tech problems on that particular call but it shows the power of a good follow
Remember – we always look at the bigger picture. We always want the right customers.
Follow Up Magic –
This is the most CRUCIAL part of the sequence to close those sales.
So pay close attention and follow through to the end my friend.
You want to get the replay out EARLY the next day, 7AM EST.
A lot of people just wait around for the replay so they will be expecting it.
So this is how we are going to do it.
We start off “Gentle” and as we build up to the close on Sunday we become super aggressive.
Look, I’ll be honest guys – people in person say I’m a nice guy (most of the time 😉 ) but when it
comes to closing that sale I make that shit happen.
This isn’t the time to be pussy fooling around. This is war time!
So let’s begin the sequence…
Send this email Friday around 7AM EST
Subject: Great news – Webinar TITLE uploaded now
“Hey NAME,
Ok great news – we’ve uploaded the TITLE of Webinar replay here now. Here we go
Now the bad news is that it’s only up for 72 hours and then it’s gone – zip, nada and won’t be back
So you can make your own decision but it would be best to watch now so you don’t miss out
PS: Here’s just a few comments from the call, it rocked the house!
This would be an example of your replay page using Leadpages
Send this email Saturday around 8AM EST
Subject: Case Study – How Sambo did $232,000 in 12 days
This dropped into my email inbox a few weeks ago and was breathtaking
By implementing the DNA Wealth Blueprint system Sambo was able to scale up his
results within a matter of weeks.
The exciting part… you can get your hands on the same system that Sambo used.
Now we are not going to “promise” any kind of results but it is safe to say the system works.
Watch the webinar replay here
And come join us inside DNA Wealth Blueprint.
24 Hours and we close down
Send this email Sunday 6AM EST
Ok – this is a very important email.
We are into the last 24 hours. Sometimes you can expect 50% of your total campaign sales to come
in on this day if you do it right!
I’ve tested and refined this email from years of testing.
Up to this point, we have been fairly “nice” to our subscribers.
But now it is time to drive home the message “If you do not haul ass and buy today this opportunity
is gone for good!”
For this we use a deep psychological sequence .We explain up to this point up THEY have had the
control, the power of the buying decision.
But now that is being taken away from them in less than 24 hours
While others have stepped up, they will be left out in the cold if they don’t join.
Then we use a VERY detailed Q&A. To gather your Q&A data, listen to your responses.
-What did they ask on the live webinar?
– What questions have they emailed you over the last few days? –
Have they posted on your FB Wall?
Really dissect their objections and overcome them. You can see in the Q&A below how we
achieved this.
This email works like gangbusters
PRODUCT NAME is being taken of the market AT MIDNIGHT tonight PST.
I’ve put together a VERY detailed ‘Q & A’ below
…so if you are ‘on the fence’ it’s time to make a decision. Because soon, that
opportunity will be taken out of your hands.
Ultimately only YOU can make it – we can only educate you if it’s the right thing
for you to do. If you want to order right now go to.
It’s going to be very rare when you get the chance to learn Facebook from a guy
doing $100,000/ Day and white hat. No cloaking or anything.
Can you afford to pass up that opportunity?
Q & A
Q. How do I really use Facebook Ads to market my product or even find my market
will you show me how?
A. Yes if you follow the outline here you should do very well. The process is
simple and we’ll show you how at greater depth…
1. Find a hot starving evergreen market that constantly is buying products or
subscribing to services that are sensible up sell paths.
You find this market by using the following tools to help you drill into your
ideal demographic, Quantcast, Alexa, industry niche reports, and any major
magazine that has an online website, you can look under that tab on their
website that says “media kit” or something like that, you’ll be able to see
your market.
With that you can look at Facebook to see where your market is.
2. Build a list with targeted Facebook ads for your ideal demographic. While
presenting an entry level (get them closer to their goal type offer) and survey and
segment the database.
3. Put the surveyed and segmented database into a content based sequence
that turns into a promotional based sequence selling your products or services.
4. Run that same segment through an ascension based funnel to extract
maximum value out of that segment… (always, always, always giving them great
actionable content which you “drip” out on a consistent basis to basically get
them to contact you for recommendations, other resources (related to your
ascension funnel) thus they take the next step to buy higher end services and
5. Own, recycle, and LEVERAGE the assets.
Want to order now or get more info? Go to
Q. Are newbie marketers able to follow your course and what level of support do
you offer?
A.Newbie marketers can learn from our course because you have not been jaded
or tainted with training that is outdated or untested.
The intent of this course is to help entrepreneurs who want to chance their
lifestyle to do so. You can start out with a small budget and from there you
must reinvest your profits back into your campaigns or you’ll never really
be able to scale your business.
There are many free tools out there to get you started so you are not spending
any extra money out of the gate if you are boot strapped, like many startups you
need to be efficient with your spend.
If you want to setup the best free tracking around use Facebook conversion pixel
combined with google analytics and you have something very valuable to get you
Q. What three things are critical to get right early on so your scaling is
A. 1. most important is finding your controls, you’ll have a tough time scaling
without spit testing to know what works when refining your campaign i.e. ad
headline, copy, image targeting etc. etc. etc. and beating your control piece.
So, when you create new ads based on better CTR, ROI you have a winning combination
to duplicate winning ads and scaling them to reach more of your target audience.
2. When it is all said and done, you really should be looking at the offer.
If you can get a good offer most of the marketing is done for you, the
advertiser has dialled in their funnel so all you have to do is send pre qualified
traffic to the offer.
3. You have to setup your tracking, because if you do not set that up
properly from the word get go, you’ll have a tougher time really looking at
what happened before your prospects hit the offer or what they did. Get
started here http://www.dnawealthblueprint.com/
Q. How much traffic will he run to an offer before he determines it’s the offer
not converting well vs the traffic?
A. Well in this instance, most times the offer sucks because the advertisers are
lazy and do not want to test their offers, they do small testing bring it to the
network with bogus or less than righteous metrics and hope that the affiliates
will drive insane traffic on their dime to test the offer out.
Not all advertisers are like that, there are some killer offers out there, you’ll find them in
certain private Skype mastermind groups where real players are making it. You’ll find them
when you have an experienced Affiliate Manger who is dialled into his network and knows
which offers the super affiliates are running and where they are running, so it is always best
to ask smarter questions to smarter people to get smarter answers.
And sometimes you’ll get lucky about hearing from one through groups where some
people may want to show off and say…”Yea I’m killing it with this offer” blah blah
blah so you might go and check it out, do some intel, pick up the phone and call the
support for the advertiser or the call centre for the offer and get really hardcore intel
before you spend a dime.
Q. Which CPA offers should you go for and what criteria to use for picking them. How to
implement tracking?
A. I’m a lead gen guy, always have been always will be. Love building a
list, even if it is to test the market I’ll still go out and build it, send the data
off to the advertiser and followup.
Again, I hate wasting money.
So I look for Payout both front and backend – again I’ll talk to the AM or the advertiser
to see what they are paying other affiliates and I’ll get a good feel for what their
backend is. This way, I’ll know how much they are paying me VS another super
affiliate and 9 times out of 10 I’ll ask for a bump.
If you can bring the heat, why not ask for it, you don’t ask you don’t get.
Next I look at overall landscape, who else is promoting this offer, how are
they promoting this offer, can I get on their list? If they are not building a list,
why not? Are they direct linking, if so, why? Make a note. etc. etc. etc.
I want to know how the payout is, frequency, method, auditing process.
These are important things to know because it affects your cash flow, and in
this business when you get to my level, it is all about cash flow.
Tracking is crucial, you don’t track you don’t know. I do not like to guess about
any step when it comes to paid media. I need to know what I’m getting into, need
to know what my potential ROI is, what is my ad spend for this campaign, what
do I do when I hit it etc. etc. etc., lots of moving parts to this business that next to
no one talks about.
It is all about the shiny object syndrome.
Q. If you can run a campaign, we’re talking CPA here at a minimum of 20% to start
ROI, you are in a good place and there is room to improve and get up to 30% – 40%
ROI which is killer.
A. If people are smart they should be building a list with each niche they go
into survey the list, build a product for the list, and make six figures a months
for a very long time to come.
Simple killer business model with very little stress. Sh*t if you can get someone to
buy a shirt, how far off would it be with you providing them content and
surveying them to see what else they want? Position a simple Ebook or
multimedia product in their path to buy using “just in time CD duplication”, and
now you have a full blown little biz model.
So guys – that’s it! If you want to jump on board you have less than 24 hours to
You have control of your own destiny and that buying decision – but in less than 24 hours that
decision gets taken from you.
You’re either in with the other savvy bunch of entrepreneurs rocking the house or left out in the
Prosperous Regards,
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leak all over FB and social media and you’ll be thinking “Dang – I wanna get in” but quite simply
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Ok – So this is the 2nd email today. We have one more to go after this.
This email is
1) For the people that have already opened your first email, read over it but are still ON THE
FENCE… some will read over again, scan it and buy.
2) For the people who didn’t open the first email. Too busy, didn’t notice it, just scanned.
Remember guys, we are in in age of massive distraction. You need to fight for their attention.
Here’s the email
SUBJECT: Did you miss it (Urgent Email Earlier)
Sorry to bombard you with another email today but it’s very urgent you read the below.
It expires in around 8 hours (live countdown on the site will show you exactly how much time you
have left) http://www.dnawealthblueprint.com/
Also – if you missed the email below earlier with the detailed Q &A here it is.
Email I sent earlier…
PRODUCT NAME is being taken off the market AT MIDNIGHT tonight PST.
I’ve put together a VERY detailed ‘Q & A’ below:
…so if you’re ‘on the fence’ it’s time to make a decision. Because soon that
opportunity will be taken out of your hands.
Ultimately only YOU can make it – we can only educate you if it’s the right thing
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It’s going to be very rare when you get the chance to learn Facebook from a guy
doing $100,000/ day and white hat. No cloaking or anything.
Can you afford to pass up that opportunity?
Q & A
Q. How do I really use Facebook Ads to market my product or even find my market?
Will you show me how?
A. Yes, if you follow the outline here you should do very well. The process is
simple and we’ll show you how more in depth.
1. Find a hot starving evergreen market that constantly is buying products or
subscribing to services that are sensible upsell paths.
You find this market by using the following tools to help you drill into your
ideal demographic; Quantcast, Alexa, industry niche reports, and any major
magazine that has an online website, you can look under that tab on their
website that says “media kit” or something like that, you’ll be able to see
your market.
With that you can look at Facebook to see where your market is.
2. Build a list with targeted Facebook ads for your ideal demographic. Present
an entry level (get them closer to their goal type offer) and survey and segment the
3. Put the surveyed and segmented database into a content based sequence
that turns into a promotional based sequence selling your products or services.
4. Run that same segment through an ascension based funnel to extract maximum value out of
that segment… (always, always, always giving them great actionable content which you “drip” out
on a consistent basis to basically get them to contact you for recommendations, other resources
(related to your ascension funnel) thus they take the next step to buy higher end services and
5. Own, recycle, and LEVERAGE the assets.
Want to order now or get more info? Go to;
Q. Are newbie marketers able to follow your course and what level of support do
you offer?
A.Newbie marketers can learn from our course because you have not been jaded
or tainted with training that is outdated or untested.
The intent of this course is to help entrepreneurs who want to chance their
lifestyle to do so. You can start out with a small budget and from there you
must re-invest your profits back into your campaigns or you’ll never really
be able to scale your business.
There are many free tools out there to get you started so you are not spending
any extra money out of the gate if you are boot strapped, like many startups you
need to be efficient with your spend.
You want to setup the best free tracking around use Facebook conversion pixel
combined with google analytics and you have something very valuable to get you
Q. What three things are critical to get right early on so your scaling is
A. 1. most important is finding your controls you’ll have a tough time scaling
without spit testing to know what works then refining your campaign i.e. ad
headline, copy, image targeting etc. etc. etc. and beating your control piece.
So when you create new ads based on better CTR, ROI, you have a winning combination
to duplicate winning ads and scaling them to reach more of your target audience.
2. When it is all said and done, you really should be looking at the offer.
If you can get a good offer most of the marketing is done for you, the
advertiser has dialled in their funnel so all you have to do is send pre qualified
traffic to the offer.
3. You have to setup your tracking, because if you do not set that up
properly from the word get go, you’ll have a tougher time really looking at
what happened before your prospects hit the offer or what they did.
Get started here
Q. How much traffic will he run to an offer before he determines it’s the offer
not converting well vs the traffic?
A. Well in this instance most times the offer sucks because the advertisers are
lazy and do not want to test their offers, they do small testing bring it to the
network with bogus or less than righteous metrics and hope that the affiliates
will drive insane traffic on their dime to test the offer out.
Not all advertisers are like that, there are some killer offers out there, you’ll
find them in certain private Skype mastermind groups where real players are
making it. You’ll find them when you have an experienced Affiliate Manager
who is dialled into his network and knows which offers the super affiliates are
running and where they are running, so, it is always the best to ask smarter
questions to smarter people to get smarter answers.
And sometimes you’ll get lucky about hearing from one through groups where some
people may want to show off and say…”Yea I’m killing it with this offer” blah blah
blah so you might go and check it out, do some intel, pick up the phone and call the
support for the advertiser or the call centre for the offer and get really hardcore intel
before you spend a dime.
Q. Which CPA offers to go for what criteria he uses in picking them and how to
implement tracking?
A. I’m a lead gen guy, always have been always will be. Love building a
list, even if its to test the market I’ll still go out and build it, send the data
off to the advertiser and followup.
Again I hate wasting money.
So I look for Payout both front and backend – again I’ll talk to the AM or the
advertiser to see what they are paying other affiliates. I’ll get a good feel for
what their backend is so I’ll know how much they are paying me VS another
super affiliate and 9 times out of 10 I’ll ask for a bump.
If you can bring the heat why not ask for it, you don’t ask you don’t get.
Next I look at overall landscape who else is promoting this offer, how are
they promoting this offer, can I get on their list? If they are not building a list
why not? Are they direct linking if so why? Make a note, etc. etc. etc.
I want to know how the payout is, frequency, method, auditing process. I
mean these are important things to know because it affects your cash flow,
and in this business when you get to my level it is all about cash flow.
Tracking is crucial, you don’t track, you don’t know. I do not like to guess about
any step when it comes to paid media, I need to know what I’m getting into, need
to know what my potential ROI is, what is my ad spend for this campaign, what
do I do when I hit it etc. etc. etc., lots of moving parts to this business that next to
no one talks about.
It’s all about the shiny object syndrome.
Q. If you can run a campaign, we’re talking CPA here at a minimum of 20% to start
ROI, you are in a good place and there is room to improve and get up to 30% – 40%
ROI which is killer.
A. if people are smart they should be building a list with each niche they go
into survey the list, build a product for the list, and make six figures a months
for a very long time to come.
Simple killer business model with very little stress. Sh*t if you can get someone to
buy a shirt, how far off would it be with you providing them content and
surveying them to see what else they want? Position a simple EBook or
multimedia product in their path to buy using “just in time cd duplication”, and
now you have a full blown little biz model.
So guys – that’s it! If you want to jump on board you have less than 24 hours to
You have control of your own destiny and that buying decision – but in less than 24 hours than
decision gets taken from you.
You’re either in with the other savvy bunch of entrepreneurs rocking the house or left out in the
Only 8 Hours left!
Prosperous Regards,
PS. And one thing that is going to make you truly mad is when you start seeing the success stories
leak all over FB and social media and you’ll be thinking “Dang – I wanna get in” but you no longer
can . Is that what you want?
Now this is just a short and sweet reminder. You’ll be surprised at how many sales this one brings
Subject: Final Call
Ok – this is my last email. 4 Hours and DNA Wealth Blueprint is closed for good

I’ve done everything I can. The rest is up to you.
Chat soon,
PS. Did you read about NAME’S experience with D.N.A Wealth Blueprint?
Put in testimonial here or paste FB Screenshot
Closing Summary
So there you have it folks.
The exact blueprint we have been using to smash $100,000’s in 2014 and will continue to use in
Of course I’ll always be in the lab testing and trying out new things.
And I’ve got a super special bonus for you.
If you are one of our DNA 2.0 Customers use this module to create your own webinar sequence,

how to become an online marketer

CPA Commission Takeover

CPA Commission Takeover

By Kevin Brown
Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.
Legal Disclaimer
No part of this publication, in part, or in its entirety, may be reproduced, stored in any type of retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise, except as permitted under Section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act, without prior written permission of Jason Finley. While the publisher and author have given their best efforts in the preparation and presentation of this book, they make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
No warranty may be created or extended by sales representatives or written sales materials. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation. You should consult with a professional where appropriate. Neither the publisher nor author shall be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. Income and Earnings Disclaimer This guide makes no promises of realized income, ranking placement within search engines, or any type of success whatsoever. You recognize and agree that the author has made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you will earn any money, with respect to your purchase of this e book, and that the Author has not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. Any earnings or income statements, or any earnings or income examples, are only estimates of what you think you could possibly earn.
There is no assurance you will do as well as stated in any examples. If you rely upon any figures provided, you must accept the entire risk of not doing as well as the information provided. This applies whether the earnings or income examples are monetary in nature or pertain to advertising credits which may be earned (whether such credits are convertible to cash or not). There is no assurance that any prior successes or past results as to earnings or income (whether monetary or advertising credits, whether convertible to cash or not) will apply, nor can any prior successes be used, as an indication of your future success or results from any of the information, content, or strategies. Any and all claims or representations as to income or earnings (whether monetary or advertising credits, whether convertible to cash or not) are not to be considered as “average earnings”.
Affiliate Disclaimer : Per the FTC’s recent policy update that requests you be transparent about any and all affiliate relations you may have in this guide, you the visitor or customer should assume that any and all links in this guide are affiliate links. If you utilize these links and visit the resulting site, a cookie may be set in your web browser that will cause you to receive a commission if you make a purchase.
Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Brown and I want to start off by saying a big THANK YOU for putting your trust in me and into this CPA blueprint. Get ready for a wild ride with this income producing cash cow!
Making a full time income online, especially a PASSIVE one is an amazing feeling and my goal with this guide is to get you on that path to freedom as fast as possible.
One of my favorite and easiest ways to build up a fat income online is by jumping into the CPA game. I love promoting CPA because:
 There are generally offers to promote in every market
 There is ALWAYS a network that you can get into (and eventually all of them will accept you once you get some experience under your belt)
 There is very low resistance in order to get the conversion with CPA (email submits, zip submits, free trials etc)
 You get paid every 7 – 14 days with most networks
Once you find a few converting offers you can easily be making upwards of $200+ a day just by scaling up the traffic. It’s so dang easy once you do it a couple times that it almost seems unfair to everyone out there slaving away at their 9-5 J.O.B!
What You Will Be Able To Accomplish After Reading This Blueprint
Once you have learned the methods I am about to expose you to you will be able to easily:
Get accepted into a CPA network
Filter out bad offers and locate top converting offer to promote
Get an avalanche of laser target traffic to your CPA offer
Supercharge your earnings on autopilot with free traffic from Google
In other words, once you are finished with this guide you will know exactly how to go out and set up little cash cows that bring you in money night and day over and over again. All you need to do is SCALE UP to your desired income. This system, when
implemented with intention will blow the roof off what you thought was possible to make in earnings each month.
What To Do Now
Before you begin, I want to you take a few minutes and take care of anything that might distract you over the next 30 mins. I want to have your full concentration for the next 30 minutes so you can learn this system. Get out a notepad on your PC and take notes, seriously! You WILL forget things that you read in here if you don’t take notes and you won’t even realize your forgot it until you come back 2 months from now and re-read this guide. Don’t let yourself do that, take this seriously as if you are in college taking notes for an exam. Alright, ready? Good let’s go.
What Is CPA?
Before you get into the main system I want to touch base on a primer of what CPA is all about and how to get into a CPA network. This way you will have all the information you need.
If you are already familiar with CPA you can skip this section but if you’re new let me explain what CPA is and how it works.
CPA is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money on the internet. What it consists of is you sending traffic, usually from paid sources such as advertising networks or from free sources such as an email list or SEO, and directing that traffic to a form that the visitor fills out. These forms can be simple forms such as entering an email for a free gift card, all the way up to complex forms such as an auto loan. The more complex the form is, or in other words the more pages the visitor has to go through and the more actions they have to complete, the higher the payout is for you.
Higher payouts don’t always mean more money for you though so understand that. In fact, the easier forms that don’t ask the visitor for money, a phone number, or their home address and personal info, convert much easier. That is why so many people like to promote email and zip submit offers because it’s easy to get a person to give you their email address or their zip code, but it can be a challenge to get them to pull out their wallet.
There are ways to make getting higher conversions easier and one of my favorite types of offers to promote are free trial offers. These can be for health supplements, work from home kits, and anything else that the company is willing to offer a free trial for.
The most common ones are in health supplements such as weight loss pills. The person can pay shipping and handling and receive a free trial of the product and when they fill out the form you make anywhere from $20 – $45.
In the system I will be sharing with you here, you will be using all of the above to maximize your earnings.
Getting Into A CPA Network
Many people have this fear about CPA networks because they think they are difficult to get accepted into. Most of them are NOT, some of them can be very picky but who cares, there are plenty out there for you not to worry about the ones that won’t accept you. I recommend you start with:
Those are 2 great places to “get your feet wet” and they have plenty of offers for you to test. Later in this guide I will show you a site that you can use to find many more CPA networks to sign up to.
How Do You Get Accepted?
Don’t stress! All these networks are trying to do is keep out spammers and let in serious marketers who are going to help sell the offers they have in their database. The interview process is simply to make sure you are serious about promoting the offers and you are not a spammer looking to make a quick buck by cheating the system.
They want to know if you have any type of experience online and they like to hear they you DO. If you have read anything on the internet about marketing, setting up WordPress sites, traffic generation, etc. Then you have PLENTY of knowledge to get accepted. Just tell them you have been marketing online for ‘x’ amount of time and you are now looking to expand your business (yes call it a business, that is what you are building here right!) by offering CPA offers on your website.
Tell them you will be creating specific landing pages for each offer you promote in order to maximize the conversions.
Also, let them know you plan on using high quality paid traffic and SEO to drive traffic. Lastly, mention that once you go into a niche you will be split testing different offers to find the best converting offers and would appreciate it if they would let you know which offers are converting the best because it will help you weed out the less performing offers faster.
They like to hear that you are interested in the best offers because they make their money when you make money so by having a team of good affiliates they get paid more. By you saying all the things I just mentioned, you will have no problem getting into networks.
Once you get inside you first CPA network the fun begins. Go ahead and sign up to the 2 above and let’s get into how this CPA system works.
The System
System Part A – Paid traffic for quick profits
To start out you want to find the offers that convert and you want to do that in the shortest amount of time possible so you can focus your attention on scaling up for bigger and bigger money. How do you that? I am sure you have already figured it out from the title but you do that with paid traffic, now there are plenty of places that you can get the paid traffic from but the network that I like the most for quick, cheap, and effective traffic is called:
I like AdPad because you can get super cheap and targeted traffic which is perfect for CPA offers because if you are targeting say an offer that pays out $1.50 per lead you don’t want to be spending .25 per click just to send traffic to the offer. With AdPad you can get traffic similar to the same prices you get with PPV traffic at rates between .01 – .10 per click.
Alright so go and sign up for AdPad here
Once you’re signed up it’s time to pick a CPA offer to promote and find out if it converts. In other words what you are using AdPad for is
1) To test and filter out CPA offers as fast as possible to find the ones that convert well for you for part B of this system
2) Bring you in money quickly
So head inside your CPA networks and pick 5 offers to test. These offers can be dating offers, gaming offers, health free trial products, insurance offers, home business type offers, and weight loss offers. Those are the niches that seem to do the best for me and that is what I recommend you start with.
Offer Criteria
Now I hesitate to give you strict guidelines to go by because honestly you just don’t know if an offer is going to convert well or not until you try it and if you go in with the mindset of “I am going to test as many different offers as possible” you will find little gems that nobody else is finding because they are skipping over them.
That being said, here IS a criteria I want you to keep in mind when choosing your offers:
Stick with zip code submits, email submits, and free trial offers. Don’t waste your time with full blown questionnaire form type CPA offers. Those pay out more but are much harder to convert and you want to follow the path of least resistance with CPA, especially when you are paying for the traffic!
So again zip code submits, email submits, and free trial offers.
Once you have an offer to test it’s time to set up your first campaign and find out if it is a winner or not so you can either move onto the next offer or move on to part B.
Setting Up Your First Campaign
Setting up a campaign is pretty darn simple…
1) Inside your dashboard click on “Campaign Mgmt” and select “Create New Campaign”
2) Name your campaign something you will be able to keep track of. For instance if I was going to be promoting this Samsung galaxy zip submit offer from Peerfly that you see below, I would name my campaign “samgalaxys4-esub-032415”.
esub stands for email submit and 032415 is the date I started the campaign. This is just my personal way I like to do things so I can keep track of what each campaign is at a glance.
Leave “StartUp” alone and for the end date make it 7 days from the day the campaign starts, this way you are giving enough time to get results but also making sure the campaign will eventually stop if you forget about it. (since you are not sure its profitable you want to make sure you do not blow through all your money with a run-a-way campaign.)
For daily budget I suggest you make it 3 times the payout of your offer, so my offer pays out $1.40 and 1.40×3 = 4.20 so I like to round up to $5.
For the CPC I recommend starting at .03 and if you are not receiving much traffic raise it by .01 each day until you start getting enough traffic.
Now, one rule of thumb I like to go by is keeping the CPC BELOW the EPC of the CPA offer. So in my offer the EPC is .09. EPC = Earnings Per Click…so what they are telling me is for every 100 people that click the offer is converting roughly 6 of them. Which equals out to around .09 per click. So if that doesn’t makes sense here is another way to look at it.
You send 100 people to the email submit offer and 6 of them fill out the offer. You make 1.40 x 6 = $8.40
So it took 100 clicks to make $8.40 so 8.40/100 = .084
It cost you roughly .09 per every visitor you sent to the form
If that still doesn’t make sense you don’t need to worry about it, just know that you want to keep your CPC lower than the EPC. 
I like to keep it .02 lower and at worst, if I HAVE to no higher than equal to it.
So for this campaign my goal would be to start at .03 and raise it by .01 until it got to .07 CPC. If I was either not receiving any traffic or not making enough conversions to be in profit, I would scrape the offer and test a new one.
Don’t get caught up on if the offer converted or not, seriously. You will find A LOT MORE offers that DON’T convert than you will find offers that do. Just understand that and find as many bad offers as fast as possible because each bad one is one step closer to a killer converting one! Think of it like digging for gold.
Moving on….
Fir the Ad group, just name your adgroup something to help you remember the campaign and if you are promoting an adult site, make sure to select adult content.
Creating Your Ad
Creating your ad is pretty simple, you just need to look at what the landing page is for your offer and write something similar. You see, these companies that have these offers have already been testing the best text and what to say to get the form to convert so you just need to copy them.
*The reason an offer might not convert is the traffic source, some traffic converts better to certain offers than others
Here is my ad text:
The visible URL can be anything as long as it is not a real registered domain (unless you use one of your own real domains) just make it relevant to the offer as you can see I did
above. Before I chose that I went to Google and checked to make sure it was not already registered:
To get your keywords you are going to head over to the Google Keyword Planner and type in your offers main product and or theme, so in my example I would type in Galaxy S4 or Android phones.
Click on “Keyword Filters” and put in the first box 1000 so you only get back keywords with at least 1000 searches a month.
From there click “Get Ideas” and grab all the keywords that are relevant to your niche. If the person is interested in an Android I would grab the keyword.
After click on “Create New Campaign” and you’re done!
While Your Campaign Is Live
Once your campaign is live, if it is not receiving any traffic raise the bid by .01 per day until it does. Once you spend your daily budget, so if it takes 3 days or 1 day to spend $5, it doesn’t matter just once you have spent your daily budget the first time, check your campaign stats and see if you made $$$. Did you?
If yes, were you in profit? If not, then try lowering your CPC by .01 a day until you either get into profit or stop getting traffic. If you stop getting traffic ditch the campaign and start over.
Once you find a profitable campaign, keep it running and if you are able to be way under your EPC try increasing your CPC so you can get as much traffic as possible while still making a good profit.
So raise the CPC .01 per day again until you notice you were making more money at a lower CPC and lower your CPC back down to that mark and leave the campaign alone and either repeat the process or move onto part B of this system!
System Part B – Killer keyword research + Easy SEO + proven converting CPA offer = easy first page rankings and passive CPA profits
Alrighty, welcome to part 2 of this system! Now that you have found a profitable campaign it’s time to start bringing in the free traffic along with the paid traffic so you can really start getting the $$$ rolling in!
To do this you are going to focus on building a tiny 5 – 6 page site and going after long tail keywords that most SEO’s are ignoring but that are getting searched for enough to make you a great profit. Now there is a sneaky trick here so don’t assume this is standard long tail keyword SEO.
You are going to be putting together a site that gets you 1000’s of visitors a month from long tail keywords and you are going to shuttle those visitors to your CPA offer that you already know is converting! CHA-CHING!
Now to switch it up a little bit in order to show you guys different types of offers to promote and since I am bored of talking about Samsung phones, in this example I am going to use a free trial offer to build the site around.
The concept is the exact same as I would do for the Samsung offer that I just showed you however I just want to talk about a different niche now to mix it up 
Part B
For this example I am going to choose “Lavo Smoke” – an e-cigarette. Now again, let’s assume that I started at AdPad and ran my campaign test and this offer was converting for me so here I am with it in Part B. Here is the payout for the free trial offer:
You can see that it pays out $35.00 every time someone signs up for the free trial.
Now what you want to do is take a look at the landing page for you offer that you are going to be building this site for.
Now rather than heading over to the Google Keyword Tool and typing in the first word about e-cigarettes that comes to your head like I did when working with AdPad, what you want to do is look over the page and look for keywords you can use. In other words, you get your keyword ideas from the landing page itself first. This helps you separate yourself from your competition who are most likely NOT doing this.
From looking at this page I see the keywords:
 Electronic Cigarette
 vaporizer pen
 vaporizer kit
 Vape pens
 Smoke Juice
 pure liquid nicotine
Write down the keywords you see and then let’s head over to the Google Keyword Tool and paste those keywords into the search box. As you can see these search terms return quite a few searches but you don’t just want to grab those search terms and call it a day. What you want to do is use those search terms as your root keyword and find other keywords that consist of the root phrases.
To do this, you choose one of the search terms, such as “smokeless cigarettes” (as you can see from the image above) and you take that over to Google.com and put it in the search box. When you do that Google will give you a list of suggestions that people are typing into Google.
These suggestions are what you are looking for.
We will make a list using them and that will be your keyword category for your webpage. By doing this the SEO competition will be very low in most cases.
Don’t stop there…another great way to find even more keyword ideas that every other SEO is not paying much attention to is by looking at the related suggestions at the bottom of the page.
I just typed in “e cigarette reviews” and used the suggestion box to find this phrase, “e cigarette reviews best vapor”:
Once I clicked on that term, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and look at what I found:
Notice the keywords “vapor cigarette free trial” and “vapor cigarette starter kit”…PERFECT!
As you can see there are plenty more keywords that I can go after. You can literally do this all day and find endless untapped keywords!
Moving on…
Quickly Checking Competition
You will then run each of the keywords you choose through a backlink check and make sure the top 3 results don’t have over 100 unique backlinks pointing to them (most of the time you will find that they have 40 or less).
If you run into an instance where that happens then just pick another root keyword to start with and grab some other suggestion phrases using that root keyword.
Ok, so what you are going to do is take each keyword and type it into Google, no quotes or anything, just paste the keyword in the box and hit search.
Now what you want to do is take a look at the top 3 domains and make sure the competition isn’t too hard to beat. What you are looking for is to make sure that these pages that are ranking don’t have hundreds of backlinks pointing to them.
That is the only criteria I like to look for when it comes to these long tail types of searches. The reason I only check the number of backlinks is because I will be sending powerful backlinks to my own site (as you will to) which will beat the competition for these types of search terms quite easily (more on that later).
To check the backlinks let’s head over to a free tool called Open Link Profiler: http://openlinkprofiler.org
Once there, insert the full domain of the page ranking in the #1 spot for our search term: “best electronic cigarette review” and click “Get backlinks”. Once the results pop up scroll down to the Filter Backlinks section and check the box that says: “Only unique domains”.
From the results you can see that this page only has 16 unique domains pointing to it. That is great! Now if that would have said 100 or more I would try to find a new keyword with less competition. The lower the unique domains the easier time you will have beating the competition.
You want to shoot for 2 – 5 keywords per root keyword because you will be using these keywords to create your broad targeted web page to absolutely kill it in the search results. More on that in a moment….
Now you have a list of keywords to use:
 smokeless cigarettes
 smokeless cigarettes review
 smokeless cigarettes Walmart
 smokeless cigarettes where to buy
 smokeless cigarettes brands
Now go through and do that same process for the rest of the root keywords. Use the suggestions to get even more ideas. You will see that it is easy to find more than enough keywords here.
Here is the list I came up with. Now most of these keywords are buyer keywords, meaning that when people are searching for these terms they are looking to buy or are on the verge of buying and just need a little push to make the decision:
Group 1:
 best electronic cigarette brand
 best electronic cigarette review
 best electronic cigarette juice
 best electronic cigarette
 cheap electronic cigarette
 cheap electronic cigarette starter kit
Group 2:
 smokeless cigarettes
 smokeless cigarettes review
 smokeless cigarettes walmart
 smokeless cigarettes where to buy
 smokeless cigarettes brands
Group 3:
 vapor cigarette
 vapor cigarette starter kit
 vapor cigarette reviews
 water vapor cigarette reviews
 vapor cigarette free trial
 what is the best water vapor cigarette brand
Group 4:
 cheap vaporizer pen starter kit
 vaporizer pen starter kit
 best vaporizer pen starter kit
 best vaporizer pen
Group 5:
 pure liquid nicotine
 best place to buy pure nicotine liquid
 buy pure nicotine liquid
Group 6:
 e cigarette liquid reviews
 e cigarette liquid
 best e cigarette liquid
 e cigarette liquid flavors
 e cigarette liquid cheap
 buy e cigarette liquid online
That is 6 groups of keywords you can use to create your affiliate site.
Each group will count for a single page on your site. So in this case you will have a 6 page website (not including privacy pages etc.).
How to Structure Your Page for Broad Rankings
* Since most marketers these days use WordPress or a similar type of blogging platform I am going to assume you will to. If you are using standard HTML make sure to put your title in an H1 tag and your description will be in your meta description tag.
How do you structure your on page SEO so that you can rank for multiple keywords instead of just 1?
It’s easy, here is the key.
You need to have your keywords in either the title or the description and they don’t have to be in order. Not having to put them in the exact order they are displayed in lets you create much more NATURAL titles and descriptions.
Let me show you an example:
I am going to use the keyword group “e cigarette liquid” for this example. Here is the list of keywords that need to fit in the page Title or Description:
 e cigarette liquid reviews
 e cigarette liquid
 best e cigarette liquid
 e cigarette liquid flavors
 e cigarette liquid cheap
 buy e cigarette liquid online
Here is the title I would use:
“Buy E-Cigarette Liquid at a Cheap Price”
As you can see I have just taken care of the keywords ( I bolded them to make it easier to see):
buy e cigarette liquid, and e cigarette liquid cheap
Key point:
As long as the words are in there somewhere, in any order it counts! So I just needed to make sure I got e-cigarette, cheap, and buy in the title, in any order it doesn’t matter.
I could have made the title: “Looking for Cheap Liquid E-Cigarette Juice? Buy It Here!”
That title will work just as well.
If you can get them in there in the exact order do that, but if not, it’s OK to make it sound natural.
We tell Google what you want to rank for with your anchor text backlinks. You just need to show Google that your page is relevant to what you want to rank for by having the keywords somewhere in the title or description.
Now for the description:
I still need to hit the keywords, best, reviews, flavors, and online.
Here is what I came up with off the top of my head:
“Read your e-cigarette reviews and learn which brands and flavors are the best and where you can get them online for free.”
You don’t want to put the exact keywords in there over and over, that will get you penalized for over optimization.
Mix it up and just write naturally like I did above and you will be just fine. Don’t be afraid to use keywords that you aren’t trying to rank for either. If it sounds natural and makes sense use it!
How to use the keywords in your article body:
Now when you write your article you want to sprinkle your keywords throughout your article 1 – 2 times each. Make it sound natural again but this time put them in there exactly as they appear. So if your keyword is “buy e cigarette liquid” you want to place it in the body of the article just like that. This just helps increase the keyword density of the exact phrase you are wanting to rank for.
So to recap:
Titles and Description: Use keywords where you can and if you need to switch around the keywords and just make them sound natural, as long as they are in the title or description you are good.
Body of article: Try to keep the keywords exactly as they appear and sprinkle them throughout the article 1 – 2 times each.
Pro Tip:
Once you are done writing your article if you want to view how Google sees your webpage, go plug it into the Google Keyword Planner under the “Search for new keyword ideas” section.
If Google returns a bunch of keywords that re relevant to what your webpage is about you did a good job and the Google bots will understand what you are writing about.
If you see a bunch of words that are NOT what you are writing about and that don’t make sense, then you need to re-write your article and sprinkle in the main keywords a couple more times because it’s not clear enough what your site is about to Google.
What Can You Expect?
So let’s take a look at what you have here in terms of search volume:
If you paste the keywords into the Google Keyword Tool and add up the search volume you see that you are looking at a total search volume of 55,290 searches a month!
Now keep in mind that is including the root keyword which will be the toughest to rank for in the beginning.
Let’s take out the root keywords from the search volume and get a better idea of what you can expect in the beginning before you start ranking for the root keywords.
So without the root keywords you are looking at 4,760 searches a month from easy to rank for and PROFITABLE keywords.
This guide isn’t meant to teach you all about backlinking but I will give you a quick overview.
What I always do before starting any anchor text specific backlining is create a Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus profile really quick and link to my sites URL from those pages. This build trust and authority for Google.
Next I like to go on Fiverr and get a $5 gig that send PR1+ web 2.0 links to my site in a link wheel fashion. The KEY here is to use what’s called a ‘naked URL’ for the anchor text. So DO NOT use any keyword anchor text links…just give the fiverr guy your website URL and some random keywords like “click here”, “here”, etc.
This build a layer of links pointing to your site that helps make sure you don’t over optimize your backlink profile when you start sending keyword specific anchor text links to your site.
You want to keep your keyword specific anchor text ratio under 2%. So if you have 100 web 2.0 ‘naked’ links…you can send 2 anchor text specific links to your site. If you need more just buy another fiverr gig first.
For backlinking, go out and send a couple high quality, keyword relevant, high Page Rank backlinks to your page and you’re in the money use your exact keywords in your anchor text and try to fit as many in there as possible.
You don’t need to backlink every single keyword either. Just send a couple high PR 2+ (PR = page rank) backlinks and see what happens after a week or two. If you need more send more, it’s simple as that.
I like to use a site called Links Management to buy my PR links:

Buy DA40-DA100 Backlinks from $1 per Link Using One Way Link Building Service

You can get some powerful links for $5 – $10 per month on that platform. One thing to know is when you find a powerful link, jot it down and you can use it for all your future sites as well.
Using this strategy you only need to create a single page and a single 500 word article for each keyword group and you will dominate the search results with multiple rankings and send a rush of traffic to your site.
Talk about a lot less effort!
Let’s have some fun and do some quick math here. If your website ranks in the top positions for each of your pages (which won’t be difficult to do since we chose long tail
easy competition keywords) and you get 40% of the monthly traffic to your page (statistics show that the #1 position gets 30 – 40% of search traffic).
So 4,760 x .40 = That is 1,904 visitors a month to your site.
Let’s assume you did a decent job writing a pre-sell offer and you are getting 30% of those people to click on over to the landing page and 10% of those people take the free trial.
1,904 x .30 x .10 = 57
That means we are looking at 57 sales a month from a little 6 page website.
57 sales x $35 per sale = $1995 a month! …and that’s not including when the search volume picks up from our root keywords improving their rankings.
This can easily turn into a $3000 a month website in no time with proper backlinking.
Even if you only got a 3% conversion rate on the free trial offer that’s still $600 a month profit.
That is all not even including Part A of this system…are you excited yet?! 
Now, if every site you built in Part B of this system made you $500+ a month, you don’t need that many to get the allusive “internet marketing lifestyle”.
Go out there, start using the entire strategy A & B from this guide and start killing it!
Here’s to your success!
Kevin Brown

CPA Expressway

Ezra Wyckoff
I can not guarantee you will make any specific amount of money with the information
presented in this training guide. Results will vary from person to person and is heavily
influenced by the amount of effort youput forward. Any example of income associated
with this product is only to be used as a reference to what is possible with this training.
Most income references are that of myself and/or my customers and does not mean you
will see the same results. You may not copy, rewrite, edit or share this training guide
with anyone without proper permission
Thanks for picking up CPA Expressway! I’ve been away from spotlight for a while
and haven’t launched anything in quite some time. The reason being my attention
has been laser focused on my Teespring, eCom and CPA business.
Launching courses is fun but it can get old pretty fast, so I took a break and decided
to put all my focus on my business for a while. And it has seriously paid off. I
worked on a ton of new theories and ideas for techniques to make money with the
big 3, Teespring, CPA and eCom.
I think I’ve done a really good job managing my time to be able to work on all 3 of
these business at the same time and I want to share with you one particular method
that has been one of my long running, consistent go-to methods.
Now, trust me, you might be shocked at just how simple all of this will sound, but all
YOU need to do is follow the steps EXACTLY as I suggest and watch the magic
happen. Don’t stray far away from my suggestions as they are given from tons of
experience over the past few months of doing this method.
The work involved in this method is easy, however, there will be people who fail.
Why is that? There’s ALWAYS going to be people who fail and most of the time it has
nothing to do with the product but ALL to do with what that person did with the
product. Most of the time that is NOTHING, sometimes people try it a little bit, but
certainly not enough to be able to say they gave their best effort. Most people just
aren’t cut out for this game – they quit when a campaign fails or when something
doesn’t go how they expect.
Also, a lot of times it IS because of the product. It sucks. Just a bunch of theoretical
ideas that have never actually been tested. So there’s the biggest problems – before
we move on to the actual method, let’s address them.
First of all, the following technique has been tested rigorously. The way it’s set up
right now is NO WHERE NEAR how it started. That’s how things go when you
actually test things. It almost never works out right in the beginning. The true
winners stick it out, learn from failures, test new angles and figure it out.
I admit, it took me a while to figure this method out. But after a few weeks of tuning
and tweaking and tuning and tweaking I finally started to get leads pouring in. I
learned from a ton of mistakes FOR YOU and made sure to lead you down the right
path with this course, so FOLLOW it!
And when it comes to the first problem that some people just aren’t cut out for this.
This is the closest you can get to a fool-proof method of making money with CPA
and if you are reading this that means YOU can be successful with THIS method.
BUT… if you are in the area of someone who has tried a lot of different techniques, I
just NEED you to make a commitment to this method. Just give it 3 weeks. You will
be glad you did! If you are into Teespring or eCom stuff, this is a perfect method to
simply include to your daily schedule as it flows in perfectly with what we’re
already doing.
There’s two parts of this method, part one is simply setting everything up so you
can start making money and part two is getting traffic! Remember, keep it simple
and just follow the steps. If you get stuck or need help in between steps, please
reach out and ask for help! I want a very high success rate with this course, help me
reach that goal by making a commitment to stick at this for a few weeks.
Ready to get started? Let’s go!
Part1: Setting everything up
First, we have to get the entire method set up. Once you’ve got everything set up,
you’re ready to make money – you just have to figure out how to get high quality
traffic to your page!
The very first thing you need to do is sign up for two incentive CPA networks:
These are two networks that I personally use and can vouch for as great CPA
networks for all experience levels. They are not snobby when it comes to accepting
affiliates – as long as you at least know what you’re talking about and not “faking
the funk” completely, you should have no problem being accepted.
It’s very simple to be accepted to both of these networks. I believe CPALead accepts
everyone. I’m not sure if it’s instant(it used to be) but I know they hold their door
open for all experience levels, as long as you are performing within their TOS.
Which is pretty easy to do as they have a pretty loose TOS and breaking it pretty
much means you were doing something illegal. With AdWorkMedia, they are just as
open to letting you in, but you definitely need to put the right stuff in the
application and at least know what you’re talking about when it comes to Internet
Marketing in general.
When you sign up, the most important thing for you to do is to let them know that
you plan on using mostly paid forms of traffic like PPC, PPV, Display, etc. The main
portion of this method uses free traffic but there is a section later on covering a way
to profit using PPC. Most people reading this has enough knowledge to sign up to a
CPA network with truthful answers. Most of you have experience with FB ads, let
them know this. Let them know how long you’ve been into Internet Marketing and
that you’re really interested in checking out the CPA side of things.
So, if you don’t have an account with these two networks. Go ahead and sign up for
them right now and then come back to continue.
Alright, now you’re signed up. Take some time to snoop around each site, get used
to the interface, look around the offers, etc, etc. Once you are signed up to CPALead
and AWM, you have a plethora of offers sitting there waiting for you to promote.
It’s important to be signed up with both of these networks because I use them both
in different situations. Sometimes CPALead is the best option and sometimes AWM
has the best options, you want to make sure you are using them both so you’re
grabbing all of the potential money sitting on the table for you.
Signed up? Great.
Next, you need to go grab a .com domain. You can pretty much always find a $0.99
domain coupon laying around for GoDaddy or NameCheap. Make the name
something pretty general but having something to do with contests. Take a few
minutes to come up with something that sounds decent, looks official and is short
and easy to remember. Example: RaffleBurner.com – thought of this split second
while typing, it doesn’t mean anything in particular but it is short and concise, easy
to remember and brand. And it has the “contest” ring to it with the Raffle word.
Got a domain? Great.
Alright, we needed that domain to create our offer pages. On these offer pages we
will be offering something of value to a niche audience. This “thing” has to really be
something they want. Not just something they like a little bit but something that
they want to point where they feel like they need it.
This creates a sense of desperation within your targeted audience, the more
desperate they are to own the “thing” you are hanging out as bait, the higher your
conversions will be. It’s easy to make money with this method, but it was profiting
that took me a while to understand. The main traffic we will discuss today it free
traffic(meaning NO ads) from Instagram and Twitter. We will also talk about one
paid form of traffic that works really well.
Now that you’ve got your domain ready to go, you need to get your first offer page
ready to go. Once you have your first offer page up and everything looks good,
you’re ready to start sending traffic and that’s where the money is made.
To create your offer pages, I suggest Profit Builder or a similar tool like Click
Funnels. I use Profit Builder, which I’m sure can be found with a quick Google
search. It’s simple, easy to use and does exactly what we need.
These offer pages are extremely simple. Headline, 2-column content, and a call to
action. That’s it. It’s important to keep it very simple. Your traffic will land here in
the mindset of checking out the price of your “bait”. They’ll hit this page and get
thrown into this contest funnel. At this point you have an option to capture a sale
before the customer continues, it’s totally up to them but it’s a win-win for you.
This all may sound a bit cloudy right now but it’ll all be crystal clear as you continue
reading through the course. For now, we will come back to this step.
Choose a niche
There’s a ton of ways to promote CPA – sometimes you just promote the offers
directly to an audience that isn’t any particular niche and sometimes you want to
get focused in on ONE particular niche until you have it down pat. For this method
we’re going with the latter.
Choose ANY niche that interests you AND that is profitable. Make sure it’s a decent
sized niche so that you have a big audience to advertise to. Don’t trap yourself in a
small box by going after tiny niches with this method. Use Facebook Audience
Insights to research any niches you aren’t sure about to make sure they have a nice
audience size.
This step is really self explanatory and shouldn’t be over-complicated, you’ll see
several examples later.
Got your niche? Great.
So I want to make sure you are keeping up with me and not letting the simplicity of
this method fly over your head, so I will use an example scenario to keep up with
the steps.
So, I’m John and I just signed up to CPALead and AWM.
I got accepted and I looked around at the cool members area of both networks.
I got Profit Builder so I can create my “offer pages”.
I decided on Wine as my niche.
Now I’m at this step reading about myself.

So now you want to think about the kind of offers you are going to promote here.
This part took me a while to get right. Lots of testing, lots of money down the drain
spent collecting data to find what works. Here’s the answer.
Whatever the network says is converting well.
For a long time I was direct linking to offers and trying to test which angle would
work best instead of REALLY taking advantage of the tools and technology that
returns big profits.
The real key is to use the Link Locker feature with CPALead/AWM and let them
show whatever offers are converting well. These offers will range in payout but the
real important thing is how well convert and they take this into consideration
automatically with the offers they show in the link locker. So I tried overcomplicating
it in the beginning and searching for specific offers to test one by one
and it turns out letting the Link Locker work is by far the best way to go.
So right now what you want to do is get your first link locker set up. Choose one of
your networks to start, for our example let’s roll with AWM. Setting up Link Lockers
for both is pretty much the same.
Check out these two videos on setting up your Link Locker to CONVERT:
Part 1
Part 2
Ok, got your Link Locker set up? Great.
So now we want to put this Link Locker at the end of an opt-in form. This is
NEEDED in order to properly carry out the method and keep things completely
ethical and built for the long-term.
Any autoresponder will work, I recommend Aweber or GetResponse because those
are the ones I’m familiar with and they have decent service. So all you need to do at
this step is set up a List for the niche you are on and then set up an opt-in form.
Check out this quick video covering the simple steps of setting this up.
Got your List & Link Locker set up? Great.
Now, let’s take it back to the offer page step. Now, we’ve got to get an offer page
built with a picture of your bait, a video walking your visitors through the process
and and a link to enter your contest. Fortunately, I won’t leave you with the duty of
creative a video as you can just use mine. It works, it’s been through a ton of testing
to get where it is, so why not just grab what I’m already using.
Click here to download your Walkthrough video that goes on every offer page you
set up from here on out for future niches you explore.
This video is universal to whatever bait you choose in whatever niche. Having this
video is key. We went a long time without it, testing different headlines, trying
dozens of unique angles but what we needed was a video that walks them through
the entire process beforehand, so they know what to expect.
One of the biggest hurdles of this method was trying to overcome doubt and
uncertainty. We went through a ton of testing to get to the point where we can send
cold traffic to our offer page and quickly develop a bit of trust before they even go
any further. I take a number of objections head on in the video and go with a really
straight forward approach that converts.
So you already have the video, which is one of two pieces of content needed in the
2-column landing page set-up I use for my offer pages. The only other thing needed
is a picture of your bait. So let’s talk about this bait.
The bait is something you are going to offer in return for your visitors filling out
your CPA offer. Now, this HAS to be something that passionate people of your
chosen niche really wants. Stick to items under $10. The cheaper the better but
remember what I said above. It has to be something they truly WANT. This can be a
t-shirt, phone case, necklace or a keychain to name some of the main ones I use.
I really like to do cool lower priced items around $1 – $2 most of the time because
the profit is awesome so I recommend starting with something priced below $5.
You can find some amazing deals for some reaaally cool things on AliExpress. If
you’re into eCom then I’m sure this is a website you are all too familiar with.
If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, just see what’s selling in the eCom
world, look for those hot items that are selling, and go after the virtually untapped
freebie seeker portion of that audience. You’ll get a nice amount of buyers along the
way if you put the optional buy link at the bottom btw 😉
My suggestion is to find something I listed above on AliExpress for under $5. Take
your niche to the search field and do some digging. If you’re new to AliExpress
you’ll be surprised at the amount of awesomeness you have access to for such a low
So to make this visually stimulating let’s choose as an example to roll with. Here’s
an awesome wine phone case that I know converts well and it costs about $1.50.
This particular case has a ton of life in it as it’s still a fairly new concept so a lot of
Wine drinkers have yet to see this and this is something most wine lovers would
really want when they see.
So this is an example of something that definitely passes qualifications to be your
bait. Not to mention, this thing cost a buck – that makes for an awesome return.
The above picture is just fine for a picture to use as the other piece of content in the
2-column landing page set-up on your offer page. It’s like this:
(optional: skip to buy)
The page is set up in very simple format on purpose. It controls the visitors
attention to exactly where you want them to be. The optional part at the bottom IS
recommended, you always want to leave the window open for people who want to
skip the contest and buy.
Please check out this video walking you through the setup of your offer page.
Freebie seekers are the big target here. For those current Teespring/eCom folks,
this is a great method for those shirt/items that get a good response but no sales. If
you’ve ran any Teespring campaigns you know how BIG the “freebie” seeking crowd
really is. It’s those people who comment saying they want it or wish they could get
it, the people who tag their friends and ask them to buy for them, the thousands of
people who click over to your Teespring/product page and leave after seeing a
price outside their budget.
Ask an eCom guy about how many people they see adding things to the cart and not
buying. Or ask a Teespring guy how many times they’ve had a campaign with a lot
of “I want this” comments but no sales. Even the most successful campaign ever will
have waaaaaay more add to carts than checkouts. The checkouts are the buyers and
the others fall into the category of a freebie seeker. And there’s an enormous
amount of those people in every niche.
It’s not very hard to reach these people. The good thing is… the best way to reach
them IS through free traffic techniques as opposed to paid traffic.
Before I move on, I want to bring in the John scenario again to make sure things are
clear at this point.
So yeah, I’m John, I’m now a member of CPALead and AWM. I got a domain called
RaffleBurner.com to host my offer pages. I got ProfitBuilder so I can build those
offer pages. I chose Wine as my niche. I set up my Link Locker. I created a webform
in aweber with my Link Locker as the “Thank you” page. I found some cool Wine
cases for my bait and finished setting up my offer page.
Part 2: Getting traffic
Getting traffic is really simple. Free traffic really seems to be the best route with this
method, even after me trying almost every paid traffic source known to man testing
this technique, none of them returned a greater profit than the simple FREE
methods that follow.
Our focus in Instagram and Twitter.
Create a new Instagram and a new Twitter to match your current niche. It has to be
named something that will catch your target audience attention. Example: Wine
Lovers of Instagram.
First you HAVE to build the page up a bit. You NEED social proof before anyone
even sees your page so get some posts up on your page related to your niche. On
instagram just post at least 5 – 10 cool pics/meme/ecards etc that have something
to do with your niche. On Twitter, just make a few tweets related to your niche, you
can even go to another (Wine) page on Twitter and just use a few of their tweets
where they post an interested article or photo. You can also post the same memes
and ecards that you posted on your IG on your Twitter.
Make this a quick step, don’t get caught up on something simple like this. Sit down
in one sitting and spew out some content on your IG and your Twitter so it doesn’t
look like a ghost town. Make sure you follow some people to make your profile look
natural and of course you NEED to get followers before promoting. You need these
initial followers for social proof so it doesn’t matter if they are quality followers or
not, just grab some followers using a “Get Followers” service and presto! You’re
ready to go!
Try www.followbang.com for Instagram followers. Great timing because their prices
just went down for an October blow out sale. Having this social proof is vital, people
will visit your page to determine if you’re legit or not. This is a clear cut situation, if
they go to your page and you don’t have many followers, you’re X’d out
immediately. If you have a good number of followers, you will appear more legit.
This is just how it is in today’s generation where follower count is something they
take very, very serious. For most of the general population, when they see someone
with a lot of followers, they automatically get a sense that they are important. And
when someone arrives to a page with 43 followers, they’ll take that person or
business less serious.
For this to work, you have to look good. The biggest hurdle of this method was
getting people to trust me. Getting them to trust the process enough to spend a
minute or two entering a contest that they might not win. EVERYTHING must be in
place exactly how I suggest for this to be profitable for you and one of the most
important things to have in place is to have at least a couple thousand followers on
Instagram and Twitter.
As far as Twitter follower services, they are everywhere. Really easy to find those, a
bit harder to find the IG services which is why I let you guys know where to go for
that. Just look around anywhere on Google or Fiverr for Twitter followers.
Got your followers up? Great.
Once you’ve got things looking good on your Instagram and Twitter, meaning:
– You’re following people
– You have a lot of followers
– Your profile looks professional
– You have a decent amount of social content related to your niche
…then you’re ready to get started. Think of this like setting up a Facebook fanpage.
You’ve already got a niche in mind, you choose an attractive name, you pretty up the
page a bit, choose a niche profile picture and then you’re ready to start running ads.
With Facebook it’s pretty much the same except you don’t need to build any content
or get pre-existing followers for it ads to work. It’s a MUST that you get this social
proof already going beforehand though with THIS method. Get this done quickly.
The IG service I gave you is very fast. And you can find an express seller on Fiverr
for Twitter followers.
One thing I almost forgot to mention, on Instagram, make sure you find a quick
Fiverr gig for Instagram LIKES. You NEED to have likes on the initial photos you
post up before starting. This is another important part of social proof that connects
the dots.
And…I’m John, I’m now a member of CPALead and AWM. I got a domain called
RaffleBurner.com to host my offer pages. I got ProfitBuilder so I can build those
offer pages. I chose Wine as my niche. I set up my Link Locker. I created a webform
in aweber with my Link Locker as the “Thank you” page. I found some cool Wine
cases for my bait and finished setting up my offer page. I created a Wine Lovers
page on Instagram and Twitter. I prettied them up, chose a good profile pic and put
up some good content. I got a lot of followers, my pre-existing photos on IG has
likes and my pages look professional.
At this point you are pretty much done with every aspect of setting up. If you
followed my suggestions to the TEE, you will be in the position to CONVERT like a
mad man.
What you need to do here is get a post up about your bait, leading to your offer
page. For instagram, just post a picture of the bait with a simple CTA in the
description leading them to your BIO(put your offer page link in bio). For Twitter,
just make a simple but descriptive tweet with a photo of your bait attached and PIN
it to the top of your profile.
Getting traffic to your page at this point is all about consistency and patience. You
want to start building up your pages with real followers that are laser targeted to
your niche using the almighty power of hashtags.
You need to set aside time everyday for each of these social networks to work on
your following. I suggest putting at least 15 minutes to each. The more time you
spend, the faster your following will grow but 15-20 minutes per day for each is
fine, I personally don’t work on this for much longer than that.
There are two different techniques you want to work on at the same time and that’s
building your following using hashtags and connecting with other authority pages
within your niche.
Build your following to develop a real, consistent income stream long down the line
instead only running flash in the pan campaigns. Commit to the niche you choose
for this method, this isn’t the kind of method where you hop around from niche to
niche, which is why I told you to make sure you chose a niche with a nice sized
audience and one that’s proven to be profitable.
The jumping around will come in to play when you’re testing different bait items.
Test everything you think is really cool that will get your target audience excited.
Like I said, I’ve had and am having a ton of success with keychains, necklaces,
phonecases, and shirts. Don’t stop there though, I’ve also had a lot of success with
other outside the box items you can find on AliExpress like toys or little gadgets for
an example.
Connecting with authority pages
This is 1 of 2 traffic getting techniques you need to work on during your daily CPA
Expressway time. You MUST connect with pages in your niche that already have a
decent following.
This is easy. Just search for pages in your niche using the search feature – when you
find pages, be sure to write them down somewhere in a list. As soon as you find a
page, just start liking a bunch of their pictures(IG) or retweeting and favoriting a
bunch of their tweets(Twitter). This will grab their attention.
It may not get their attention on the first day. But if you continue to show them love,
without a doubt, you will get their attention. You want to show love to your list of
pages for at least 2 or 3 days without saying a word. Within that time frame, you
should notice some of your love being returned in the form of them FOLLOWING
you back or liking some of your pictures/tweets or in the best scenario possible,
sharing your “bait” post.
During this 2 or 3 days of showing love to your list of pages, you also want to snoop
around their posts/tweets and FOLLOW the people who are liking or
retweeting/favoriting. You can also just go the pages FOLLOWERS, and start
following them from there.
After this 2 or 3 days passes, it’s time to reach out to your list. Whatever means you
have to contact them do it. For those of them who followed you back, simply send
them a Direct Message. For those who didn’t follow back, just drop a comment on
an old picture(IG) or just send them a tweet(Twitter).
I’m really not going to tell you guys EXACTLY what to say because the specifics
aren’t important and also we don’t want a thousand people sending the same
worded message over and over on IG or Twitter and letting their filters catch up.
Use your own words and simply let them know about what you’ve got going on.
You’ll be surprised how many people will respond back quickly with lots of interest.
This is a set-up that impresses a lot of these pages so they would love to offer it to
their following because it will help them look good to their fans.
And of course, money talks. Make sure to include that you are willing to do a “pay
for post” situation where you pay them a couple bucks to post your ad. 75% of
people I reach out to turn out to be interested. Depending on the size of the pages at
hand, I’m usually willing to pay anywhere around $5 – $25 per post. If it’s a really
huge page, into the hundreds of thousands or millions, I’d definitely go higher
because the return would be astronomical regardless.
This kind of traffic converts GREAT – and just like running ads, the more traffic you
send the more you will make. With the CPA Expressway method, any investment for
traffic you do make is always far smaller than every popular paid traffic source out
For most niches you can find a bunch of niche related Twitter and Instagram pages,
you want to reach out to all of them. Yeah, some of them will be marketers who are
already making money from the page, that’s fine – you’ll find a some of them being
interested as well and willing to work with you. You’ll run into this scenario every
once and a while, these people are a bit more saavy and probably won’t go for the
pay for post model. When you run into this situation, just try to work with them!
Even a 50/50 will mean profit for you! You’ll reach all kinds of people who react in
different ways but NUMBERS should be your focus. Get out there start talking to
Build your following with hashtags
All the while your doing the above, you want to make sure you are building your
own following so eventually you won’t have to depend on anyone for traffic and you
have a solid, consistent income stream in a profitable niche.
As I said earlier, you want to always remain super active liking, retweeting,
favoriting, and just showing a lot of love to authority pages AND their fans. When
you see someone who’s your prime target, just shower them with some love on
their page and often times you will get a follow back. Especially on Instagram.
Using the search features on Instagram and Twitter and searching using different
hashtags related to your niche is very effective in finding those prime targets of
people who you want seeing your bait. Simply showing them love will often get love
back in the form of a follow to start, and when they see your bait, you’ll get love in
the form of CASH!
So I’d search hashtags like #winelovers, #ilovewine #ineedwine, #wineenthusiast
and anything else I can think of. Anyone posting these kind of hashtags is usually
someone I want seeing my bait.
Do the same thing here, simply go to people’s page who post these hashtags related
to your niche and show them love. You can follow some of them as well, but lean
more towards showing love because there are restrictions with how many people
you can follow per hour on Twitter and Instagram and that changes all the time.
Currently, I believe it’s around 30 for Instagram and right around the same for
Maintain a nice mixture between seeking out and contacting pages in your niche
and siphoning fans by snooping around their pages and by finding people through
hashtag searching and you will have a nice sized authority niche page in NO TIME,
trust me!!
Bonus: Paid traffic that works
Okay, so there’s one way to get a boost by using paid traffic but this is THE only paid
traffic source/technique that I actually make good money with and this all started
more recently. I tried my hand with Facebook for a while and spent a lot of money
without any significant return. In the end, I figured out the only way to put up a
fight with Facebook ads is to run video ads and you’ve got to make sure you’re
getting penny views.
This isn’t about FB ads though, it’s tough and I’m still doing a bunch of testing
trying to get to the point where I’m make a good return. However, there is one
traffic source that is newer and on the rise that I am just going googly eyes over and
that is Pinterest Ads.
Not talking about “buyable pins” but “promoted pins” where you actually post a pin
and promote it with ads. I don’t think this is publicly open to where you can just
walk up and open an ads account like Facebook but I think it is pretty easy to get in.
All you have to do is go to Pinterest and sign up for Promoted pins. They take a few
days to a week or more to get back to you but everyone I’ve told this to so far got
accepted pretty quickly.
Once you’re accepted you can get started by posting your first pin and promoting it!
As far as setting up ads go, it is SO simple. I love it. It’s kind of limited on features
and stuff, no crazy targeting capabilities like Facebook but that’s not needed over
here. Target broad. Broad!!
You can get a TON of engagements and clicks at a low price if you’re bait is
something that people really want, which will get people clicking through to your
website from your pin.
This is just $15 of ad spend on ONE campaign. To be clear, that’s 31k impressions
and 1.7k engagements for 15 bucks! And these are HIGH converting clicks. Of all
those engagements I had about 200 clicks to my website. I didn’t have a conversion
pixel set up so it shows 0 but I made about $70 from this $15 spend. This kind of
ROI in the CPA world is pretty much unheard of.
Here’s a quick walk-through of setting up a Pinterest ad. First you need to post a
pin, which is just a pic and a description just like any other ad.
Choose Get traffic to your website.
Click Create a new traffic campaign
Enter as many keywords related to your interest as you want. I suggest 5 – 10
keywords per ad set. These are Pinterest search terms. Head over to Pinterest and
start searching different terms for your niche and check out some of the
suggestions they give as well. Pinterest ads are just a little bit different from
Facebook ads in the way you want to approach the targeting in that you want to
always go as broad as possible.
Start each ad at a $5 daily budget with no more than 10 keywords(interests). If
more keywords remain, launch another ad at $5 for those seperate keywords. Do
this for however many keywords you can find and for however much you want to
commit to spending every day. I bump the daily budget up slowly every other day if
my ROI is positive. Simple as that.
Then, choose your location, language, device and choose a specific gender or both.
Lastly, you choose CPC bid. I suggest bidding at the top end of the suggested bid.
This traffic convert great and sometimes I even go above the suggested limit to bid
strongly and get even more traffic.
PINTEREST ADS ROCK. They are converting great for me promoting both sale items
where people have to pull out their credit card AND this CPA Expressway method
where they just have to enter a contest to win.
That’s it!
Don’t hesitate, hit the ground running and follow everything you just went through
to the TEE and just WATCH the magic unfold! Make sure you choose a profitable
niche and go hunt for some awesome bait!!!!!
Contact me any time for support: ezra@wyckmarketing.com

7 Minute Articles

7 Minute Articles
What This Report Can Do For You
It’s possible to write a high quality article in 7 minutes.
It has nothing to do with ability or talent. It’s simply a m
atter of “assembly line” methodology. I will give you the me
thodology in this report.
When I refer to writing an article in under 7 minutes, I’m t
alking about an article around 400 words, meant to be a gene
ral guide for the reader, to entice them to want to seek mor
e information, and follow the links/resources that are provi
I am not referring to an article designed to grab your reade
rs by the eyeballs and make them jump up and down, excited b
ecause you have unveiled the biggest secret in the world.
No. That’s what the sales copy and the information product a
re supposed to do! 🙂
All kidding aside, what this guide will teach you to do will
be sufficient to become an expert at “bum marketing”, or us
e articles to drive traffic back to your site, or a site of
your choice.
Besides that, it will offer the “got to have cash tomorrow”
crowd a way to get some money fast. Most people are happy to
pay money for the articles I write. In fact, I know I am se
verely under priced for the quality I deliver, because no on
e has ever complained about my price!
So you can use this process to start cranking out ghost-writ
ten articles for cash right away.
I want you to know I don’t always write an article in 7 minu
tes. However, I almost never write an article in more than 1
0 minutes, when it is around 400 words in length. And someti
mes it’s even faster than 7 minutes.
However, if it took you even 10 minutes to write an article,
let’s do some math. If you were writing them for someone el
se, and getting paid $4 per article, you could make $24 an h
our. It will not make you rich, but it’s better than what mo
st people make. And you can do it from the comfort of your o
wn home.
$4 an article is cheap. You can charge a lot more than that.
Also, you can write articles for yourself, and with the righ
t keyword selection and proper business model, I have found
that each article makes me around $5-$20 depending upon the
niche, keyword selection, and a lot of factors that are out
of my control. The only downside is that it takes a while to
see a return.
To sum it up, article marketing is a good way to start makin
g money right away, or to start building your own business u
p, in terms of valuable content and traffic. It’s not the en
d-all solution, but it’s a great way to start the journey to
creating a successful online business.
Let me conclude this introduction with this thought. Willie
Crawford released a book called “20 ways to make $100 a day
on the Internet”. Here’s my schedule. From 6 am until noon i
s when I try to reserve time to write for clients. Even on a
bad day, I always make over $100 just for writing for other
That leaves me to do whatever I want after lunch. Usually th
at’s writing more articles for my own businesses, or taking
my money and investing it into other resources to help me bu
ild upon my businesses.
You can use article marketing as a business model itself, or
a way to build up your capital to create an even more profi
table business model.
I’m on pace to make $52,000 this year, just from article mar
keting. It won’t be enough for me to post cool pictures of c
ars and houses on a sales page. But it’s more than my mom or
my dad make in a year. And I’m a young kid who dropped out
of college. Go figure.
What can it mean for you? Well it depends on what you do wit
h it. But I’m sure you can come up with a whole list of enti
cing ideas on how to cash in on the ability to write an arti
cle in less than 7 minutes!
How to Write An Article In 7 Minutes
If you can develop content that is informative, provides a s
olution, and is unique, you’ve solved a lot of problems that
come with making money online.
And unless you have some capital to play with, you probably
won’t be able to outsource “content creation” for a while. S
o you have to learn how to do it on your own.
First, let’s strike down some myths. You don’t have to be a
good writer in order to write good articles. Especially arti
cles that will get visitors to your website. Second, your ar
ticles don’t have to be comprehensive. Often times, you only
need to make three points in a 400 word article. You’re not
aiming to give them a thorough education.
You’re aiming to give them enough information to where they
want to go further into your website… and further into you
r sales funnel.
If you want to learn how to write an article in 7 minutes, y
ou don’t need to know how to write well, only how to follow
a formula well. Let’s cover that formula now.
All articles have three phases:
1) Research
2) Writing
3) Proof Reading
When I’m at the top of my game, I can constantly write artic
les in 7 minutes. I’ve tracked over 140 articles, and broken
down the time it takes me in each area. Usually, 1 minute f
or research, 4 minutes for writing, and 2 minutes for proof
1 minute for research!? How is that possible?
Let’s simplify. For almost all articles, I only need to cons
ult three different sources. They are:
1) Ezinearticles.com
2) Wikipedia.com
3) Google.com
So before I begin to write any article, I will open up each
of these three pages. Let’s say I’m writing an article on th
e benefits of breast feeding a child. Now, since I’m a 24 ye
ar old single male, I have no personal experience or knowled
ge about this topic. So I first plug in the topic to ezine a
rticles. I’m looking for three different articles that seem
most relevant.
The best articles are ones that are a list of tips, contain
“how to” in the title, or seem to indicate it will be easy t
o pick up some quick facts from.
For most articles, I only need three main points. I find the
m as quick as possible. If I can’t find them in ezine articl
es, I then go to wikipedia. And finally google.
For each main point I find, I then jot down two or three sin
gle words/short phrases for each point. These are reminders
of the things I will cover to support the main point.
Once I get two or three key ideas from each point I go to wo
rk on writing the article.
I won’t lie. It might take you a while to get good at being
able to grab the right key points right away. But not as lon
g as you think. It took me about a week to get really good a
t it. That’s it. I used to spend 8 minutes researching a top
ic, and after only a week of writing articles, I cut it down
to one minute. Are you willing to put in a week’s worth of
effort to see this improvement?
If not, you’re hopeless.
Moving on.
The writing process is next. Before you write ANYTHING, you
should have your three main points, and two to three sub poi
nts to back each point up. Now it’s simply mechanics. We’re
aiming at around 400 words per article. Here’s how the artic
les break down. One paragraph for the intro, one paragraph f
or each main point, and one paragraph for the conclusion.
Each paragraph will be about 70-85 words apiece.
Let’s start with the introduction. Here’s how it works. Star
t with an opening sentence. I usually like to use a generic
IF/THEN approach. For example, “If you’re looking for 3 amaz
ing health benefits of breast feeding, then you will want to
read this article.” Almost every article I write starts off
like this. Unless I have a better or more creative way, tha
t doesn’t require any pause for thinking, then I will use an
IF/THEN opener.
Next, I describe what my three main points will be in one to
two sentences. Then I sum it up with what the reader will b
e able to do after reading this article. Something simple li
ke “After reading this article, you should be able to breast
feed your child with peace of mind.” You don’t have to get c
razy here.
Now we move onto main point number 1. Here’s our aim for our
three main points. Write without having to stop. After abou
t a week of practice, you should almost never have to stop t
o think about what you’re going to say next. Think about it.
If you type at 80 words per minute, in order to write the c
ontent in your article in 4 minutes, that means 320 words is
the best you can do.
The best.
Which leads us to our next point. If you can’t do over 80 wo
rds per minute, you either need to become faster at typing,
or get voice recognition software.
Now here’s a misunderstanding. Voice recognition software is
not a magic pill. I use it, and I can get about 170 words p
er minute with 95.1% accuracy. (http://www.typequick.com/tte
st/start.asp). However, I do find I pause more to think. Thi
s is because when I am typing an article, I can think while
I go throw the mechanical process of typing. I’m thinking of
my next point while I’m typing. Can’t do that as easily wit
h voice recognition software.
The second caveat is that instead of taking 4 minutes to wri
te, and 2 minutes to proofread, it usually takes 3 minutes t
o write and 3 minutes to proof read. I have to correct more
mistakes when I use voice recognition software.
To bring it back to our main point. Voice recognition softwa
re is NOT required in order to write a 400 word article in 7
minutes. But, good touch typing abilities are required. I w
ould recommend that you start your first week or two typing
your articles, and timing yourself. This way you can get bet
ter at the process, and realize how much of your time is goi
ng where.
Then you can decide whether you want to invest in some voice
recognition software. I use dragon natural speaking, it’s p
robably the best on the market and only costs about $75. You
can get it at http://www.nuance.com/naturallyspeaking. WARN
ING: It will take you a bit to get used to the software, and
to get your accuracy up to 95% or higher.
So back to the formula. Your goal when writing your whole ar
ticle is to never pause to think. That’s why you created you
r outline, and wrote down you main points and sub points. Ju
st keep them by your side and glance at them, and keep writi
ng. After working this formula for a few days, you’ll pick u
p some stock phrases you can use ANYTIME you’re stumped on w
hat to say next.
You’ll develop your own “swipe file” so to speak.
So after your introduction, you write on your first main poi
nt. You make a general statement about it. Then you make a m
ore specific statement about it, as it relates to your sub p
oints. Then you simply communicate each of your sub points.
And you close out the paragraph with a summary of the points
, and/or a transition to the next paragraph.
This gives you 4 to 5 sentences per main point. since the av
erage sentence is around 15-20 words, you’ll get about 85 wo
rds per paragraph. Which is perfect for an article around 40
0 words in length.
Then you close the article out. Make a closing statement abo
ut your subject. Then sum up each of your three points. Now
tell you reader what they should be able to do after they ha
ve finished reading your article.
Now, I want you to know I don’t always follow this formula t
o a T. If I come up with a unique way to present the article
, while I’m doing the research, then I’ll go that route. How
ever, if I am in doubt, or have to pause and think, then I w
ill stick with the formula as a back up.
Either way, almost all well written articles follow the para
graph breakdown. Main point introduced. Specific point made
about the main point. 2 or 3 items to back up the main point
. Next paragraph.
Let’s be realistic now. Will you write an article in 7 minut
es after you read this guide? Not likely. But when were you
able to do things perfectly the first time you tried them?
Heck, as a kid it took me two months to learn how to tie my
shoe, and I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 22.
When I first decided to start writing articles, I would take
more than 1 hour to write an article. My articles were a bi
t higher in quality, but not enough to make a difference in
the marketplace. That’s when I decided to sit down and study
the whole process. And that’s when I mapped out the formula
I outlined above.
The first time I put it to use, it took me 30 minutes to wri
te an article. Not bad, 100% increase in productivity! I was
actually aiming for a goal of 15 minutes per article, and f
igured it would take me a month to achieve. But with a bit o
f discipline and focus, I achieved 15 minutes in 3 days!
So learning this formula intuitively didn’t take near as lon
g as I thought it would. And literally, within 7 days I wrot
e my first 7 minute article.
Article Writing Cheat Sheet
If you want to learn about MAIN SUBJECT, then you’ll want to
read this article. Specifically we’ll discuss MAIN POINT 1,
MAIN POINT 2 and MAIN POINT 3. After reading this article,
you should be able to INSERT MAJOR BENEFIT HERE.
MAIN POINT 1 is introduced in the first sentence of the arti
cle. Then, use this second sentence to describe something mo
re specific about MAIN POINT 1. Show how SUBPOINT 1 relates
to the main point. Support it with SUBPOINT 2. If you have s
omething left you want to include, do so with SUBPOINT 3. Th
en SUM up the points and/or transition to MAIN POINT 2.
Follow the above for the next two main points.
Now for the CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH, make a general statement a
bout the information above for your first sentence. Then, me
ntion again the three main points you discussed above. Now t
ell your reader what they can do with the information you’ve
Sample Article Using the Cheat Sheet
The Only 3 Things You Need to Know About Time Management
If you want to increase your output, get more accomplished i
n your life and fulfill your ultimate destiny, there are onl
y three concepts you need to know. They are clarity, product
ivity and flexibility. I will explain each of these concepts
in this article, and show how you can leverage them to crea
te your own ultimate time management system.
Managing your time is only worthwhile if you have clarity as
to what you want in life. Otherwise, why put in the effort?
You’ll have a lot more time, but that time will not be used
for any useful purpose. Time management will only work if y
ou create compelling goals that motivate you. To gain true c
larity, you need to set a goal that is measurable, obtainabl
e and has a deadline attached to it. Only after you have don
e this should you try to become more productive.
Increasing productivity is actually easy once you have clari
ty. It becomes ever easier if you understand the 80/20 rule,
which states that a majority of your results on any task wi
ll come from a few, key actions. For example, 80% of crimes
are committed by 20% of criminals, 20% of people control 80%
of our wealth, and 80% of crashes are caused by 20% of driv
ers. To use the 80/20 rule in your life is simple. Just isol
ate and focus the majority of your effort on those few criti
cal actions that give you most of the results that you desir
e. If you are not sure what those are, you must experiment u
ntil you discover them.
Experimentation requires flexibility. Flexibility is key to
time management, because while you’re goal is clear, the pat
h you take to get there isn’t. Just like a heat seeking miss
ile goes left and right before hitting it’s target, you must
also make mid-course corrections as you shoot for you goal.
Naturally, you’re going to take chances, and most of them w
ill not work. That’s OK. Just look at each experiment as a w
ay to get feedback, not a failed attempt.
Clarity will put you on the path toward your goal. Increasin
g your productivity will speed up the process by which you r
each your goal. And being flexible will not only assure that
you don’t get off course, but it will also allow you to dis
cover better approaches to manage your time. Put these princ
iples to use in your life today, and enjoy a more fulfilling
[end of article]
This article was written off of the outline I created below,
based on my research. Notice how I used each main point and
sub point in the article.
Main Point 1: Clarity
Sub point 1:Time for what?
Sub point 2: Compelling goals
Sub point 3: Goal definition
Main Point 2: Increasing Productivity
Sub point 1: 80/20 rule
Sub point 2: Examples
Sub point 3: How to apply it
Main Point 3: Flexibility
Sub point 1: heat seeking missile example
Sub point 2: goal > path
Sub point 3: Feedback, not failure
***Note: If I were submitting this article, I would break up
the paragraphs and do some formatting to make it more invit
ing to read. I have only kept them intact so they are easier
to follow along with, when comparing them to the template.
If you’d like to promote this product and get 50% of the sal
es, then sign up at http://www.instantcontentcreation.com/af
If you enjoyed this product, perhaps you’d like to check out
my other product called “How to Create an info product in l
ess than 48 hours that you can sell for $47-$97”. You can fi
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Also, discover how I write winning sales letters in one sitt
ing at http://www.3hourad.com
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anyone can get a high paying copywriting client in seven da
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To learn a simple system I used to go from $0 to over $50,00
0 in under six months, go to http://www.internetmillionairer
To check out a swipe file I created of Gary Halbert Ads, and
to see 55 videos of ad analysis of Gary Halbert’s best copy
writing strategies at work, go to http://halbertswipefile.co
Also, I am up for doing free teleseminars. If you have a lis
t of any sort, and would like to endorse this product to the
m and get a percentage of sales, I’m willing to get on a tel
econference call with you and create a special bonus just fo
r your list. Again, email me if this is of interest to you.

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inspiration to do this. So a big thank you to you for putting your trust in me and this training 🙂
One thing that I constantly preach to people new to making money online is that you have to start
simple. Successful business models are based on simplicity. Yes as businesses grow they get more
complex and the systems get more complex. But, the overall business model remains simple.
And that is exactly what I’m going to be teaching you in this training. Yes, membership sites can
be extremely complex and technical to set up. But that’s not what this training is all about. This
training is all about using the membership site model (simple) to generate recurring income with a
simple setup.
With that being said I want to dig into the training. Please note that if you need anything
I am always here for you. You can email me directly william@authoritypowered.com
All the best,

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Module 1 ­ Introduction to membership sites
Building membership sites has a lot of advantages. One of the main advantages being the fact that
you can build a steady income stream that can last for many years from one single website. As long
as you keep the site up and running it will pull in income for as long as you have members.
Despite the power of membership sites many people never give them a shot. There seems to be a
common misconception that membership sites have to be extremely technical and hard to create.
Throughout this guide I will show you really simple ways to create awesome membership sites that
can pay you for years to come.
Membership sites are not a new concept but they are constantly evolving. Now days even physical
products are being sold via membership. Here are a few examples:
Dollar Shave Club

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For just a couple dollars a months you can have Dollar Shave Club send you new razors.
Stitch Fix
Or a site like Stitch Fix where you are assigned a personal stylist who picks out and delivers
clothes to you as a membership.
I show you these for a couple of reasons:
1. Its a great business model. Membership sites are profitable and steady income.
2. There are so many unique ideas out there for amazing membership sites.
Now I am not recommending you go out there and create a site with physical products for your first
membership site. I am just showing you the possibilities and the fact that many industries are
adopting the membership model because of its profitability.

Membership Site Basics
Before we get too deep into things let’s cover the basics.
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First of all, what is a membership site?
The basic way to describe it is when someone pays you for a subscription to access your website.
Membership sites can include a variety of types of content from videos, audio, webinars, PDF’s,
software, etc.
Membership sites are often successful because people often view membership sites as a one stop shop
for everything that they need on a particular topic. Instead of buying multiple books, trainings,
courses, etc. they can go to one place to get all the information they need.
In this guide I will be breaking down two different types of membership models that are easy to
setup but can be very effective and profitable. However, don’t limit yourself with what you can
create. The goal is to show you just how easy it can be and inspire you to set up your first
membership site and start profiting.
Membership sites are a numbers game?
As I mentioned before membership sites are a great way to create a steady recurring income month
after month. Unlike products that are sold here and there a membership site will continue to pay
every month. For example:
If you have a 100 members at $10 a month you are going to make $1,000 a month from your membership
site. Now obviously some people will cancel their membership but you will also be continually
adding new members. Not to mention there are many different price points you can offer to change
the amount you make per month from your site. We will get into pricing in detail in a later
The key here is knowing that the amount of members you have and the amount you charge can provide a
very nice predictable income. Also, if you know how much you want to make online. You can adjust
the math to meet your goals. If you know you want to make $3,000 a month online you can setup your
membership site to meet those goals.

For example: 100 members at $30 a month. Or 300 members at $10. Now you have a direct goal that you
can shoot for. Knowing your numbers can be very powerful!

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Benefits of a membership site
There are many benefits of a membership site. Probably the biggest known benefit is a recurring
income stream. This is often the reason people get involved in building membership sites. They want
a more stable reliable income stream. Membership sites deliver that.
Another great benefit of a membership site is you can be seen as the authority on a particular
topic. Having your own membership site shows potential customers you are an expert in your field.
People come to you and join your membership because it has some of the greatest content in the
Another powerful benefit is the fact that once the content is created it can become completely
passive income. You could preload your autoresponder that sends out messages once a week, once a
month, or however you want to break it down and have content sent out for as long as you want.
This could all be completely automated after your create it. This means you can spend all your time
driving traffic and bringing in new members into your membership site.

Module 2 ­ How to come up with profitable membership ideas
The cool thing about membership sites is that you can create them on so many different topics. From
hobbies, to business, and fitness there are membership sites for all different niches. However,
evergreen niches are the best.
Evergreen niches are the ones you want to build membership sites around. These are the type of
niches that your site can pay you for years to come. Think about like this:
People will always want to lose weight, look beautiful, make money online, etc.These types of
evergreen niches work extremely well. If you don’t operate in evergreen niches thats fine too but
things will always be evolving and you will have to update content or move on to new membership
Here are a few of the top evergreen niches:
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1. Make money online
2. Personal development
3. Relationships
These three niches are evergreen. People will also have a desire for this niches therefore there
will always be a need for products and memberships in these niches. This niches are full of hungry
buyers looking to invest in all of these things.
You could break these niches down further like this:
● Make money online
○ Blogging
○ Affiliate marketing
○ List building
○ Driving Traffic
○ Video Marketing
○ Fiverr
● Personal Development
○ Fitness
○ weightloss
○ goal achievement
○ Time management
● Relationships
○ Dating advice
○ Finding a partner
○ Getting your ex back
Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a niche picked out make sure you try to find
an angle to make it evergreen. Choose your niche and move onto the next step.

Once you have your niche selected it is time to do some research. There are many places to do
research for profitable membership ideas but I am going to show you some of my favorite places.

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First and foremost let’s head over to Udemy.com
It looks like this:
Type in your niche keyword in the search box.
For example I typed in lose weight. This is what I get:

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Instantly I am presented with many different courses on losing weight. Here is where the fun
starts. I can select one of those courses and see what type of content is inside.
Here is a snapshot of some of that content:
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Doing this alone would give you enough content ideas to create the outline for your own content. Or
maybe you want to start a membership site in a brand new niche you know nothing about? You could go
over to Udemy, take a couple of courses, take thorough notes, put your own spin and marketing in
place and create your own membership site based on that info.
This is powerful! You can find topics that are proven winners and selling already. Another very
cool thing is that each of these courses have reviews. You could see what
people liked, what they didn’t like and make sure you have the best content in your
membership site that others don’t offer.

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Here is a look at some of the reviews for this particular course:
But this isn’t just for the fitness niche. There are courses on all types of subjects. For
example here are some video marketing courses.
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You can literally find something within almost any niche. You could even dig deep to
find the ones that are the most popular to find an extremely profitable membership topic.
Udemy is just one of the many places you can search. Look at clickbank for example. It has a ton of
products you can use as inspiration. On the homepage alone it is full of great ideas under the
featured products section.
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But that’s not the only place to find great ideas. You can dig into the marketplace to find
products in almost any niche. Also, you can even tell which ones are selling well by looking at the
gravity score. This is priceless information!
You could literally take this information and know you have winning membership idea before you even
start. Then you could focus all your efforts on marketing until you fine tune it to sell.
Here is a look at the niches you can find in Clickbank.

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You could open up your niche sort results by gravity score and find a great course to
use for inspiration in your own course. Something like this:

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By now you probably have all the information you need to make sure you create a membership site on
a profitable idea. You also should have a great idea of the type of content you should include.
However, there are other places you can use for research as well. If you are in the internet
marketing niche for example http://www.jvzoo.com/ and http://warriorplus.com have plenty of great
products that you could use for information. You could look at the product of the day and deal of
the day products to find sure winners for membership sites.
There is also another great site: http://www.lynda.com/ that you can use to find ideas. It is more
focused on tech tutorials but a great site to find ideas nonetheless.
All of these places can give you great ideas. If you are unsure always ask these questions:
● Do people buy a lot of products in the niche?
● Are there magazines and blogs about them?
While these are simple questions they are also a great indicator of a profitable niche.

Module 3 ­ Membership site structure and pricing
In this module I am going to share the best membership models to use. There are a lot of different
ways to structure your membership site and many different pricing options. So lets break them down.
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Fixed term membership
This is a membership model that is based on a certain period of time. It can be processed a couple
of different ways.
For example: I have been part of one membership that is a fixed term 10 month membership. However
the price of the membership is $200 per month. So for a 10 month period I will be charged $200 each
The other way to do it using that same example would be to pay upfront for the 10 month period. So
in this case $2,000 upfront to be a member for 10 months.
Fixed term memberships have the benefit of locking people in for a certain period of time. However,
they do expire and some people won’t renew. So this model has its good and bad.
Unlimited Recurring membership
With this type of membership the customer is charged a fee in certain intervals. For example: $10 a
month until cancelled. The issue with this model is that people can cancel their membership at
anytime. However, some people will stay with you for years. So there is good and bad to both
The fixed term membership often works better on non evergreen topics that will continually evolve.
While the unlimited recurring usually works better on evergreen topics.

However, you should test this. I recommend you start with the unlimited recurring membership and
measure your retention. (Find out how long the average member stays a member.) If it is a short
period of time you may consider a fixed price setup. However, if people stay members for a long
time you can stick with the unlimited recurring membership model.
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If you go with this model I recommend using a monthly billing cycle. Meaning your customers will
pay each month. It seems to be the most effective. It’s not billed too often but it’s also not so
delayed that people forget about the membership cancel, and refund.
There are a lot of different pricing models that you can have. It really all depends on the type of
value you want to provide in your membership site. It is hard for me to tell you what your pricing
should be as your business is totally different from mine.
What I can do is show you different pricing models and how they work. One thing to keep in mind
when you just get started is you can always start with a lower price to get interest in the
membership and get some members. As you progress, create more content and so on you can raise the
price. You may also get testimonials and positive reviews from members that will allow you to raise
the price later as well.
Less than $10 a month
There are many memberships out there for less than $10 a month. This is a great strategy for
retaining members for the long term. Many people don’t mind let alone even notice small membership
fees of less than $10 a month. This makes it very easy to retain members.
$27 ­ $47 ­ $97 a month
Now here is something that may surprise you. All these price points have very similar retention
rates but front­end conversions will vary. The biggest reason is that all of these rates are
impactful for people.
They don’t go unnoticed like a monthly fee of less than $10 a month. But the cool thing is there is
not much of a difference in the retention rates all the way up to $97 a month. (Based on my
experience.) When you get up to these amounts they have significance to the buyers therefore people
are more likely to cancel their membership.

Another thing to think about is that the higher the price the more value you need to provide. You
want your membership to be awesome and well worth it to people. This is how you keep people around
for a long time. This doesn’t mean that your membership

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has to have the most extensive amount of content it just means that it needs to provide real value
to people for the price they pay.
Remember, start low and work your way up as you build credibility with your audience.

Additional pricing options
There are two additional pricing options I recommend anyone have that is starting a membership
site. These two options can really pull in some significant income and add more members to your
Lifetime membership
The first one is the lifetime membership. With the lifetime membership you offer people a certain
price they can pay upfront to always be a member of your site. Having this pricing will pull in a
couple of sales each month (based on experience) and will be significant paydays as you can charge
a significantly higher price for it.
Choosing pricing for you lifetime membership can be difficult and will be something that you want
to test. For starters you can charge how much it would cost to be a member
for a year. So if you are charging people $10 a month to be a member you could have a lifetime
option of $120.
Over time you may decide to raise the price especially if your retention rate is often over a year.
The $1 trial
This is a very powerful technique. By no means is it new or groundbreaking but plain and simple it
works! Why get fancy when you have a proven model that works.
There is very important way you need to setup your $1 trial offer. Where most people go wrong is
they give people too much time to go through and get all the content. Then people cancel after
their trial.

Instead you should make your trial period really short. This gives people enough time to see the
value of your membership but it also prevents them from having enough time to

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go through all the content. This gives them a taste of how awesome your membership site is and will
leave them asking for more when the trial membership expires. And this leads to awesome
Module 4 ­ Easy membership models
There are many different types of memberships you can create. The possibilities are endless. But
there are certain types of membership sites you can sell before you even create all the content for
them. Why is this so powerful?
You can be sure you have a winning idea before you go and create massive amounts of content. If
noone buys you haven’t wasted weeks or months creating a bunch of
So how do you do this?
Now I am going to give you a couple of different models that you can sell before you create all the
content. However, don’t limit your membership site ideas to just these. These are just ideas to get
started into building a membership site.
First Model ­ The autoresponder model
With this model you will be drip feeding your members content via an autoresponder. (More on how to
set this up later.) The key here is you only need to create the first weeks content to launch your
membership program.
You would sell people on all the things they will get in your membership site. And once they buy
that is when you create it. And if you are releasing new content each week you could actually
create the content as the weeks progress. Each week you could spend
an hour or two creating the week’s content. Or less, depending on what type of content you are
Word of caution: If you use this model you want to make sure you stay ahead with
your content. The last thing you want to do is have members cancel because they didn’t get the next
week’s content. Try to stay a couple of weeks ahead to give yourself plenty of time.

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2nd Model ­ Mastermind membership
This model works really well with Facebook. Basically you create a mastermind on a specific topic.
For example an IM Niche mastermind idea might be PPC advertising. This would be a group where you
share advice with your group and allow them to mastermind with other members on what’s working and
what’s not.
Another good example of this would be a weight loss group. Maybe you have a membership where you
provide a diet or exercise program via PDF and the group is their for accountability and support.
You can keep members on task with diet and exercise routines while also answering any questions
they may have.
The beauty of masterminds is that there is little to no content you need to have created upfront.
Another great aspect of a mastermind is there is a ton of user generated content. People will be
sharing ideas, techniques, and strategies. All of this information is valuable to new members. As
your group grows the more and more content your mastermind will have that is user generated.
Group coaching can also be held in a Facebook group. However, I don’t want to go in­depth with it
as group coaching and coaching in general can be put at a much higher price than your standard
With either of the two methods above you could get a brand new membership site up and running in
just a matter of days! Now of course you could do more but these options are easy to start and work
very well.

Module 5 ­ Setting up your membership site
Many people never create a membership site because they believe that you have to have a complex
system that is extremely technical and difficult to set up. But in this report I’m going to show
you two very simple ways to set up a membership site that can be very effective. This is literally
all you need to launch your own membership site.

Now, yes you can go out there and get way more advanced systems. You can go out there and spend a
bunch of money getting a membership site developed. Or, you can use the simple systems that I put
together in this guide to get your membership site launched and start making money.

© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com

Facebook Group
Yes you read that right. One of the easiest ways to start a membership site is using the power of
Facebook groups. They are extremely easy to set up and are a great way to host a membership site.
Yes there will be a little bit of manual work involved adding new members and removing members from
your site when you first get started. Unless you were to go buy a payment processor that integrates
directly with Facebook groups. However, I’m recommending that you start simple.
There’s a good chance you’ll be starting small and not adding hundreds and thousands of members
instantly to your membership site. So using a Facebook group you can quickly and easily get your
membership site up and start adding people manually once they purchase access. You could use a
simple Google spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of everything for now.
Then once you start adding lots more members you can at that point purchase a more advanced system.
Here is a group that I set up just like I am talking about here:
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com

Setting up your Facebook Group
Setting up your Facebook group is super easy. That is why I recommend it for an easy to start
membership site.
Heres how you do it.
When logged into Facebook you will see a section called groups along the left hand side. Beneath
the groups listed you will see Create Group. It looks like this:
After that you will be presented with a form that looks like this:
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Enter your group name. And any members you want to add at this point. If this is a brand new group
you probably won’t have anyone to add. Facebook will require you to add at least one person to
start your group. You can add a friend, spouse, a fake account etc. to get past this. You can
always delete them once the group is set up.
I click to add the group to my favorites. That way it always displays when you log into
For Privacy you have a couple of options but here is what I recommend. I choose to set the group to
secret. If not it will show up as related pages when people join other groups. This means you will
get a lot of requests to join your group. Secret means that people can only request to be part of
the group if you send them the link to it or if you manually add them. I like this option for paid
groups best.
After choosing the secret option click on create. Next choose an icon for your group or just hit
From here you have a bunch of options. I would fill in all the details including photos and cover
photos. Although we are setting up our membership site on Facebook we want to have a professional
appearance. This will help you acquire and retain members.
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
Go through and add a description, cover photo, group photo, etc. Also, if you already have some
content to add or rules you can add them in there as well. You can do this
by adding posts to your group or by clicking on files and uploading documents and other things.
Here is a test group I created to walk you through the setup:
If you want to add a member you simply type their name under the members section where it says add
people to group.
The easiest way I have found to make this work smoothly is to create a welcome email that is sent
out to people when they purchase your membership. Then provide them with a link to your group so
they can request to become a member. Then you can approve them into your group.
Why Facebook Groups are great for membership sites
One thing I have found about using Facebook as a membership platform is that people love it. People
are already spending a lot of time on Facebook so adding your membership content into Facebook is
very convenient for them. Its not another site that they have to go to, login to, and remember the
username and password. They simply log into Facebook and click on your Facebook Group and that’s

This method is also great because it already has built in social functionality. People can easily
work together, share ideas, ask questions, and build relationships and

© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
accountability within your membership site. This is a powerful side effect of using a
Facebook group for your membership site.

Autoresponder method
The second membership model that I recommend is the autoresponder model. Yes this model cost a
little bit to get started but with one or two paying members a month it can pay for itself.
Here’s how it works.
When people purchase your membership they are added to an email list. Within this email list you
will have autoresponder messages that are automatically sent out based on an interval you decide.
For example, you might send a new lesson each week. To do that you would simply add a message into
your autoresponder to have that week’s lesson sent out.
The beautiful thing about this model is that once you get it all set up it can be completely
hands­free. You could have a membership site loaded with autoresponder messages
for the next year or two worth of lessons. Meaning that when someone signs up for your membership
they’re sent a new lesson each week for the next couple years or until they cancel. This is
extremely powerful and simple to set up.
Setting this up
There are couple of ways that you can set this up. One way is to directly deliver the content
within the emails that you send out. This works great if the majority of your training is in text
If you’re wanting to offer alternative training formats such as videos, PDFs, images, and more
there is another method that I recommend. With this method you would simply send a short email
within your autoresponder messages that sends them a link to a training on your website or a
download link for a PDF, etc.

Now you might be saying well how would I protect the content? First of all, the people looking to
steal your content will probably find a way to get access to it for free anyways.

© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
However, there is one simple way that you can make it difficult for the thieves to get your
membership content.
To do this we will protect the page with the content with a password. This can be done within
WordPress with no additional plugins or anything needed. WordPress has built­in functionality to do
Here’s how you do it:
On the page or post you want to protect you will see this when editing the page in the top right
hand part of the screen:
Click on edit next to the visibility setting.
Next choose password protect. Add a password and click ok. Once you are done editing your page or
post you click update.
Now that page is protected!
When you send out the email for that lesson make sure you include the password for them to log in.

How to set up the autoresponder sequence for your membership site
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
One of the first things you will need to do is setup your new list that you will use. I will
demonstrate how to do this in Aweber but the process is similar in other autoresponders such as Get
In Aweber all you have to do is click on create and manage lists.
Next click on create a list.
On the next page you will fill out the basic information for your website. Once you have everything
entered just click on next step.
Enter a list name and list description and click next.
On the next page scroll down to the bottom and click on approve message and create list.

© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
The last thing that we want to do is turn off confirmed optin. Confirmed optin sends your
subscribers through additional hoops when signing up for your email list. So I find it best for
both me and my leads to turn that feature off.
To do that click on list options and then list settings
Next click on confirmed optin.

Now turn off require opt­in on web forms.

Confirm that you want to turn it off and then click on save settings.
Now that you have your list set up you can start adding your autoresponder messages. So starting
with your first email you will add them to your sequence.
Here is how you do it in Aweber:
Once you have logged in make sure you are under your new list that you have just created.

© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com

Next click on messages and follow up series.
Next you will click on create a follow up.
Next you will compose your email or paste your content into your first message and add your subject
Then you click on next.
Now you will set your interval.
Your first message will be set to immediate. Which means they will get it within a few moments of
subscribing. The interval for your following messages will depend on how you want to set it up.
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
If you are using Facebook as your membership site you will thank you customers for purchasing in
your welcome email and include instructions for them to get added to your Facebook Group as we
discussed above.
If you are using the autoresponder model you will thank them for purchasing and give them access
instructions for their first lesson. Remember this can be a link on your site that includes the
training or just text within the email. If you are doing just text training your welcome email can
be dual purposed for welcoming them and providing the first lesson.
From here you would add your new content to your autoresponders and set the interval to how you
want to release the training. If it is once a week you will make it 7 days after the previous
email. If it’s once a month it would be 30 days after the previous email, etc.

Module 6 ­ Open the floodgates
In this module you’ll learn exactly where to find people willing to spend their hard­earned cash
every single month on your memberships site. The problem with traffic is people don’t spend the
time to make traffic work or they totally over complicate things.
Traffic is simple. Its a matter of finding your audience and bringing them to your offer. So where
do you find buyer traffic that will invest in your membership site?
The good thing is you have probably already done a lot of research on your niche when you came up
with your membership site idea. That means you have probably already started to find places where
people in your niche congregate online.
In this part of the training I am going to reference some of the information in my targeted traffic
authority training. The reason being I believe it to be some of the most powerful ways to drive
You see, driving traffic is always the same but as the internet evolves the places we go to get it
and the ways we go about it change. But overall its about finding your audience and bringing them
to your offer. Whether its membership sites, coaching, products, affiliate offers, etc. it doesn’t

Here is one last thing I want to say before we dig into traffic. This is where most people get hung
up and quit. DONT let that happen to you! At first this won’t be easy. But as

© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
you start to get more content out there and spread the word about your membership site the faster
you will get results.
Set a goal to make this work and don’t let this stage stop you from being successful. For many of
you this will mean you will have to go outside of your comfort zone. It won’t feel good at first
but know that is a necessary part of growth. When we are outside of our comfort zone that is when
we make big leaps towards being successful.
Step 1 ­ Find The Top 10 To 20 Websites, Forums, And Blogs
In Your Niche
What! I can’t push a button and get thousands of visitors to my site. Bare with me my friend :). We
are going to tap into some of the best traffic you have ever had.
In this stage we are going to do some serious research, but don’t worry as it is going to pay mass
dividends in the end. Now, I said we are going to find the top 10 to 20 but in reality we are
probably going to find closer to 20 to 50 sites and then narrow that list down to the most popular.
(The ones that will get us the most traffic)
Lets look at a membership site example:
Niche: Graphic Design ­ In this example let’s say you are a graphic designer who has a membership
site teaching other designers how to create graphics in Photoshop.
Based on that we could easily come up with some keyword ideas. So what would our target audience be
searching for? Off the top of my head I came up with this:
1. Photoshop Tutorials
2. Photoshop Guide
3. Photoshop Design
4. Photoshop Tips
5. Photoshop Basics
Not sure where to start?
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
Take your main keyword “Photoshop” and go over to ubersuggest.org
Plug in your keyword and hit search. Then search through to find relevant keywords that
are targeted to what you are promoting. See screenshots.
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com

@ phot儲hop
@ photoshop f ree
@ photoshop t u to,;als
@ photoshop online
@ phot田hop elements
@ photoshop 尚
photoshop e日entials
@ photoshop actions
@ ph。o叫tt儲訓h。p叩 bnu凶』
@ ph刊叫o。tt。由s帥hl 。p叩cc
。photoshop +

@ phot儲hop free
@ photoshop t u to,;als
@ photoshop online
@ photoshop elements
@ phot田hop cs6
@ photoshop essentials
@ photoshop actions
@ photoshop brushes
@ phot儲hop α
@ photoshop f ree t,;al
。photoshop + a

@ phot儲hop acttons
@ photoshop app
@ photoshop alternatives
@ photoshop animation
@ photoshop adobe
@ photoshop animated gif
@ photoshop am担on
@ photoshop and lightroom
@ phot儲hop app for iphone
@ photoshop ad justment layel

There was a lot more on the page but you get the idea. G 0 down that list and grab the keywords
that would be most targeted to your membership site
。2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered com

Google Time!
Now that you have your keywords it’s time to Google them to see what kind of results you get. This
will be the first step in finding our targeted traffic sources.
Are there blogs coming up, forums , etc?
Visit the top sites for each one of your keywords. Also, copy the URL and put it either into a
spreadsheet or a notepad. We are going to use this later when we narrow down the sites we are going
to target for traffic.
Next we are going to Google what people would be searching for that are interested in your
membership site. This time we’re going to get more specific than just keywords.
We might Google something like this: How to learn the basics of Photoshop Example:
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
Or if your training is more advanced you might search something like this:
How to do advanced graphic design in Photoshop
Grab all the good looking sites you see here and put them in your spreadsheet or notepad as well.

Search for blogs and forums specifically
Now you are going to take your keywords and search them again but add the word blog keyword + blog
Example: Photoshop tips Blog
Then do the same thing except this time add forum
Keyword + forum
Photoshop tips forum

© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com

Again you want to continue to compile the results into your spreadsheet or notepad.

Use content aggregation sites for ideas
Now that we have done this we can go to the content aggregation sites. There is a good chance that
you have already found a great list of potential sites to target. But I like to know what sites the
content aggregation sites think are the best.
So lets start with alltop.com
Searching for photoshop gave me a couple of different good results to look at.
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com

I clicked on Photoshop. This gives me an awesome list of popular blogs about photoshop as well as
trending content. This is powerful stuff! Now we are getting
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
Again keep taking your findings and compile them into your spreadsheet or notepad.
Bonus tip: You can also see the popular content on those sites. These could be compiled for content
ideas on your own blog, facebook page, Youtube channel, etc.
The next site I am going to go to is http://feedly.com/. Feedly is more of a feed reader than an
aggregator but I use it to aggregate my own content. In order to use feedly you will need a Google
account or Facebook account.
I logged in using a Google account.
Once you are logged in type one of your keywords into the search bar. I actually went back to my
base keyword of “Photoshop.” This will give you more results.
As you start typing in the search bar Feedly will autofill popular results on the right hand side.
It even shows you how many Feedly readers they have. This can be a decent indicator of how much
traffic they get. If they are getting a lot of traffic from Feedly you can bet there are getting a
whole lot of traffic elsewhere.
So lets look at my example:
Hard to see in the image but those sites have 3k, 5k, and 15k readers just on Feedly!
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
By now you should have a good list of potential sites to target. If you don’t have more than 20 yet
add some more keywords to your original search and go through these exact same steps again.
Step 2 ­ Narrow Down Your Targeted Sites
Now it is time to narrow down our list. Here is what we are going to be looking for.
1. Guest posting opportunities
2. Advertising opportunities
3. Active communities (forums with users, blog commenters, Social media groups) So lets look at
some examples from earlier.
One of the sites I found in Feedly: http://scottkelby.com/
I immediately found a guest post as the second post in the blog feed, score! See below:
And boom an author box:
This leaves a prime opportunity for us to land some guest posting spots on this site or even a
regular writing gig. With an author box that we can send traffic back to our membership site. Or we
could send them to a squeeze page that we then sell them on
our membership site via our autoresponder follow up campaign.
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
The cool thing about this is that it isn’t just traffic…It’s targeted traffic!
Also that post was getting some decent social shares:

I have also found that sites that accept guest posts are usually more open to advertising
opportunities. Especially if you do some guests posts for them with great content a couple of times
and start to build your name on their site.
Next example:
Here is an example of a forum I found earlier when I searched Photoshop tips forum:
It has current posts with lots of views and replies (active community) and to top it off a ton of
people asking for help. This is a great way to tap into EXTREMELY targeted
traffic that could really benefit from your membership training. Imagine if you were to get in
there and post with a link in your description to your membership site. If your were providing real
value you could probably get clicks to your membership site all day long
with this one method!
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
And these are just a few of the many examples I found. Imagine if you were to find 10 to
15 more sites just like these and actively got involved?
Homework: Go through your list of sites from earlier and narrow these downs to blogs that accept
guest posts, advertising, allow commenting. Also narrow down on active forums and social groups
such as facebook groups and Google Plus communities.
Step 3 Turn Your List Of Sites Into Traffic
Now it’s all about finding a way to get your message on those websites. But before we get started
with that I want to give you an offline example so that this makes a little more sense.
The biggest key with success with traffic is having targeted traffic. So the more targeted the
traffic the more memberships we are going to sell.
Offline example:
So think about it this way. If you were a retail store the ideal place to be would be inside the
mall. Where the community already exists and where people are already going to be.
The next best place to be would be a store located on the way to the mall. That way you get traffic
as people are going to the mall and see your store.
And then the last example would be a billboard sign on the way to the mall for your store that’s
located elsewhere.
So now let’s relate that to getting traffic to your online business. The more you get involved on
those websites the better chance you have to be in the community (the mall). So your best bet would
be a guest post on a blog or a comment on an active thread of a forum.
Your next best placement would most likely be a header advertisement, in content advertisement or
possibly even a sidebar advertisement.

And then the lower echelon (billboard) would be things like blog comments or footer advertisements,
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
So the next step would be looking for guest posting opportunities. Getting involved in an active
forum. Or landing advertisement spots on those sites.
If you are following this process on the top 10 to 20 sites you can get massive targeted traffic
anytime you want. And over time you will start to build a presence on all of these different top
websites in your niche.
Think about it this way. If somebody Googles something about your topic and every result that they
look at is content that you put together on all these different sites do you think you going to
look like the expert?
That is powerful marketing right there.
The next step is building your own content platforms. You could do this on your own blog, on
YouTube, on Facebook etc. I have personally had great results with YouTube promoting membership
sites because you are already teaching them on something in your niche. It easy to ascend them to
your paid training this way.
If you really want to go the extra mile you can even start posting great content on your own
website. And as you start to spread your reach on all these other popular websites people are going
to start linking back to your site. Especially when you start to be seen as the expert in your

Module 7 ­ How to sell your membership site
In this module I am going to show you the easy way to sell your membership site without a sales
page. Here’s the thing, I’ve studied all the industry leading membership sites and found an
extremely effective method to sale a membership without one word of sales copy.

Now you could create a traditional sales letter for your membership site and there is a good chance
you could acquire many members. You could hire a good copywriter and pay them good money to create
a high converting sales letter. I am not here to say that this method don’t work.
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
I am here to say that there is an extremely simple way to sell your membership site without a sales
letter. This is great for two reasons:
1. You don’t have to be a sales copy expert
2. You don’t have to pay a copywriter to create your sales copy
So how do we do it?
As I mentioned before I studied what some of the most popular membership sites are doing.
Here is the layout of the “sales page” that they have.
1. A brief description
2. Bullet points of featured highlights of the membership
3. The course layout with video previews. Thats it!
Occasionally there will also be an introductory video that basically highlights the same things
covered in the course description and bulletpoints as well.
Let’s look at a Udemy course for example. Here is a Photoshop course. Screenshot 1:
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com

Photoshop CS6 仁rash Course
Photoshop C56 willbe yours to ∞mmand in 4 hours!
合合合合合 177 ratings,8014 students enrolled
Instructed by Jeremy 5hubaζk Design / Design Tools /

Course Descrlptlon .—-戸
This 仁ourse takes you from knowing nothing about Photoshop to having an incredibly good handle on
the program in as little time as possible.

The three legs of Photoshop are:
合 Layers
合 5elections
合 Color (“nrrρrtion
Full detalls

What are the requlrements?

What am 1 golng to get from thls course?

• Over 68 lectures and 4 hours ofιontent!
• Understanding the Basics – goes over how to navigate the interfa日,basic shortζut keys,adding
working with images,and other features to get you up and running as quickly as possible
• Layers・shows you how toζombine multiple images,resi ze them,split them apa同a,nd add in color
・5elections – starts by showing how to remove simple images from a photograph and finishes by
how to select out strands of hair and ζhange the background.
• Color Correction – goes from simple correζtions to in depth theory.It uses4il t t {‘
j r ゐ自 photographs,ζhange the color of a shirt from yellow to green,and even turn part of
an image into bl aζk and white
• Object Removal- isn’t just about how to remove a pimple,l t covers remo叫ng wires,large objects
such as
a fen post,and even how to get rid of something like a date stamp when it is in front of a
person’s face白
• Beauty Retouching – 1 show you how to remove wrinkles,increase the size of an eye or de日 ease
your nose 引ze,how to smooth skin,what to do if you make a mistake,and how to fix problems suζh as
bloodshot eyes
• Compo引ting – you see how all ofthese individual tools we’ve learned along the way can actually be
combined to aζζomplish just about anythinιfrom merging together household goods to to removinga
person from a photograph and putting someone else in that person’s pla臼.
• Wrap Up – shows how this is a solid grounding and while there’s 5til plenty to learn you now
know enough to be dangerous
。 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
Screenshot 2:
。Lecture 1 Intro to the Photoshop C56 Four Hour Crash Course

Lecture 2 Example Files for Course
Secωtlon 1:Unders悶t and川lng the Bおa剖s制Ic此α訓s .—-戸
。L同虻Ee叩C刷αture 3


The 州W0叩巾
阿pacαe … 阻園

。凶ture 4 州or S加凶t 陶s … 盟国ー
。Lecture 5 A似ngText … 園田.. -ー
。凶ure 6 Adding and Transforming1m符es … 園田ー一
。Lecture 7 Auto Select Check Box … a圏一




Sectlon 2:Layers
。Lecture 8 Understanding Layers …
。Lecture 9 Aligning Layers …
。Lecture 10 Multiple Undos With The History Panel …
。Lecture 11 Smart Objects vs Normal Layers …
。Lecture 12 Canvas Size vs.Image Size …
。Lecture 13 Duplicate With Alt …
。Lecture 14 Flipping layers …
。Lecture 15 Transform Tool Modifiers …
。Lecture 16 linking layers …
。Lecture 17 Grouping ayers • 00:27
。Lecture 18 linking Groups …
。Lecture 19 Unmerge Layers ・ 04:41
。Lecture 20 Split An Image In Half …
。Lecture 21 Adding Color 5quares 、 05:50
。Lecture 22 Layers Wr山・回国 00:33

To save space I only took partial screenshots but you get the idea. There is a video,
course description,bullet points,the course contents,and previewable content.

@ 2015 VVilliam Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
Lets look at an example on Iynda.com:

The Practicing Photographer with 8en Long
Takea lour

Start Your Free Trial Now
Q. S国財、th陪∞u悶@ Search Cou同ed剖alls
T悶nscñpt FAQs
.. Ine…同 ClIC’”9 ..no109惜p憎ト 明日

New Thls Week
∞ ∞

Watch the Online Video Course The Practicing Photographer
Sh l’ in9 a slow.shu er z m d・

spin sholforlighleffect1:1諒
11h 52m Appropriale for all 問 May 16,2013 U凶aled Jul 30,2015
マ Introductlon lm 35a Viewers:72,736 in178
coun同l es Walching now: 17

In r<訓ducing官1e Prac icing

.. Prevlous Eplsodes
i Ch蹴 íng a 則的
i Look吋 alíghlas a subjecl
i Us吋asmall reft田 lor10 add fill light





In The Practicing Fhotographer,pholographer and leacher Ben Long shares a weekly se刊ing of
pholographic inslruclion andins印刷on,Each inslallmenlfocuses on a pholographic shooling
scenario,a pi回 e 01gear,or a software lechnique. Each insal llmenl ∞ncfudes wi h a call 10
action designed 10 inspíre you 10 pick up your camera (or your mouse or smartphone) 10Iry Ihe
lechníque for your鵠11

Su則e回: Photography

Author: Ben long

@2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
This is extremely similar to what you saw on Udemy. Not sure if you are aware but Lynda.com is one
of the most profitable online membership sites. I can guarantee you that this sales page format for
their membership is a big part of that reason.
So why is this so effective?
The big key here is the fact that they can see the contents of the training. If you did a good job
when researching you will know exactly what people are dying to learn about in your niche. Then you
display that within your course contents. This will get people really excited about your membership
site and ready to buy.
The next key component is having previewable content. And by previewable content I don’t mean
snippets of training. I have found that just offering some of your lessons for free is extremely
So lets use an example to demonstrate. For this example we will say that your membership site has
20 lessons in it. Each one of those lessons would be listed on your sales page with a nice
description of the training content.
Pick 2 of your best trainings in the membership and make those free. Once people see how good the
content is in those videos they will want to dig into more. However, to access the rest of your
content they will have to join your membership. This is extremely effective.
You are delivering value before you sell to them. On top of that you are not being salesy at all.
There isn’t sales letter, just a course description, some bullet points, and the contents of the
course along with FREE content.
Now obviously your sales page doesn’t have to look like either of the above examples although it
could. The key is to use the format that they use. This format could easily be created on a simple
wordpress page. Or you could create something a little more fancy with a plugin like
wpprofitbuilder or OptimizePress.
Here is an example of a recent course that I created that I could easily implement this model for:
Partial Screenshot:
© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com


.- ー. ・一一一』目白.
– ・ム .

‘抽ゅT…….鯉l例V 創………

州In”.tolnc: u ・lu ro温,・・鍾幽個舗・・‘
師側馴….’…1同 “01_ …..・. ・
…Cht .晴樹
M瑚併岬噛‘ 納句同州”“


[ 知……刊T同肝恥刊山T巾r:刷:alJ帥a山
N悦o唯広e僧惚”加1.1、1mωa釧11l”lr. 口iEiI!Il廿r剖alIi1川川暗n[;1:1∞。1m包浬n川企臼1iI 出 t:1白IIftl、r.1 1白
Core Training

l Q…吻|
l … …l’I’1J

l1li問削r …[r!]儲 |
l rM1jW巾…tIrO恥期的
l -…恥湖町 Ontinued
@ 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
Now this screenshot is the actual members area. Also, note this is a partial screenshot. There are
a lot more videos not shown here. Now I could make a similar page to this add a course description
and bullet points above. I could then change the description to show which videos are free. For
example the first one could read:
Free: Launch Formula Introduction
And maybe the 7 Step Product Launch Formula could also be a free video and changed to say something
Free: 7 Step Product Launch Formula
When they click on those videos they would be able to watch the training. If they clicked on one
that isn’t free you could send them to a page that says “Sorry, this is for members only, Click the
buy button below to join and get instant access to all videos” Beneath that would be your buy now
Its as simple as that!
Another great way to lay it out would be to have embedded videos for your free lessons and video
screenshots with play buttons that look like embedded videos for your paid lessons. It would work
the same way as above. When the free ones are clicked the video will play. When someone clicks to
play one that isn’t free they would be taken to the Sorry this is for members only page to purchase
a membership. This is really effective because the images with play buttons make people want to
click to play them.
The only downside with this method is it takes longer to create the video images for each training.
I really hope you see how powerful this is and how easy it is to sell your membership without a
sales page. This gives you an incredible advantage to create and launch your membership and let the
content sell it for you. Then it’s just a matter of taking what you learned in the last module and
driving traffic to it.

© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com
Thats it for this training! Simple yet very effective is the motto I wanted for this training.
Please take what you learned in this guide very seriously and implement it. When you get stuck
DON’T give up. See it as a learning process. Figure out how to overcome whatever is stopping you
and carry on.
This is a business model that is proven to work and I have no doubt that YOU can make it work with
a little effort and determination.
Also, know that I am always here for you. You can email me directly at
All the best,

© 2015 William Fletcher & AuthorityPowered.com


You are about to learn 5 extra GIGS you can use to really delve into Fiverr and pump out some serious sales! Some of these GIGS will require more time than others BUT they are VERY popular and will make you serious cash.
I recommend that you stick to 2-3 GIGS at a time because, before you know it, you are going to be VERY popular which means that you are going to have a TON of customers knocking at your footsteps.
Just remember… you need to make sure you deliver quality and it is hard to deliver high quality AND high quantity.
As you devote more time to your Fiverr business, you will be able to diversity your GIGS allowing you to spread your presence all over Fiverr!

The goal is to implement all of these strategies to increase your Buyers List and Fiverr Revenue by 5x the normal amount! Let’s take a look at some alternate GIGS you can use along with your standard SEO GIG… Create a Squeeze Page Creating a squeeze page for a customer is easy and fun! With plugins like “epic squeeze” you can create a quick and simple squeeze page in minutes! You can also check out squeezepagecity.
All you have to do is find out exactly what the customer is promoting, think of a good headline for the opt-in and tag on snazzy photo of something related to their topic! Once you are done, all you need to do is deliver the file, tag on your “Thank You” letter and add them to your buyers list!

Create an IM Video This is another fun and easy IM related product to promote… You can ask your customer for a power point you can just read and click through while doing a screen record.
You can also create a power point presentation for your customer as an upsell if they don’t already have one.
You can use Camtasia Recorder to record an Internet Marketing video for your You can use different editing programs like Adobe After Effects to spice up your videos and really make them stand out from the others.
Sell Web Research Ok… you might be thinking about your main GIG… SEO, BUT there is a whole lot more than just SEO that you can research.
People need information for various topics and you can be the one to get them simple information but for a price! Research can be fun and easy! All you need to do is get the information on the topic and do the research and write a short report.
I would say that $5 is a good offer for a 5 page report.
$1 per page is very reasonable for a quality report.
Report writing opens a door for an upsell also! Because you are about to become a pro on Highly Searched keywords, you can offer 100 highly researched “topics” to your buyer! Keywords are “topics” so you can provide them with different “topics” to spark their imagination.
Oh yea… and they will probably just pay you to write about a couple of those “topics” you provided… It’s pretty much a self-perpetuating cycle!!!

Sell Domain Research You can offer Domain Name Research using your ability to quickly find High Quality and Highly Researched keywords that you can include in a domain.
Most people don’t realize the importance of the words within a domain name and how powerful they can be when it comes to SEO ranking! Use Google’s Keyword Research Tool and find keywords related to the niche your customer is targeting.
Once you do the research, you can take a look at GoDaddy and start looking for good Domain Dames with Highly Trafficked keywords embedded within.
Just make sure the keyword is researched 1000 times or more a month and stick to .
com, .org, or .net.
Sell 10-20 Pre-Written Emails If there’s one thing that people don’t really like to do, its write emails.
You can spend a day creating a list of 10-20 emails that your customers can use to email their lists.
You definitely want to modify you emails to make them as original as possible.
Chances are that you have already created that many emails and sent them to your list so you can model emails after ones that you have created or after emails that you have received! If you really enjoy writing then you can just start from scratch.
The best part of modeling emails after those that you have sent is that you have seen the results of the emails you created.
You could also create an email follow-up series which is huge when it comes to IM Funnels! Ideally, you want to start from scratch when you create your emails however, its ok to use the general format and writing style.
Growing Your Buyers List Like I said in my book, the goal here is to get your customers onto your Buyers List.
Once again, you will be offering a HIGH QUALITY free product that you will advertise within your free product.
NOTE: You NEED to ENSURE that your free product relates to the GIG that you are selling!

DO not try to offer someone that purchased your Fitness Product a free product on SEO in exchange for their email address.
Conclusion Ok, now you have an additional 5 ideas that you can use to generate a lot of extra income and actually have fun doing it! The setup of these GIGS is the same as I showed you within “Fiverr Funnel Kraze”! You just need to fill in the information as it pertains to your particular GIG.
I would HIGHLY recommend that you do go out of your way to learn something new! Fiverr is up and coming when it comes to hiring people for simple projects that can be done in far less than an hour! Remember, continue to develop relationships with your customers… You can apply ALL of these GIGS to the world of IM so all of these customers can potentially be sold affiliate products!


com The Number 1 email marketing platform This report comes with a personal use license and cannot be shared, sold or given away.
Please make sure if you use the programs you follow the instructions correctly or you will be banned from the program without compensation.
The rules aren’t that hard to follow so make sure to play safe, better than to be sorry.
Other than that i think the report will be clear enough, so let’s dig in! Becoming The Freebie Seeker Cash Guru Thanks for picking up the OTO! I hope you liked the first report and acknowledge the value of it and take action to create your new income stream.
I’m sure if you do that you’ll be making good money in just a few weeks time.
Now even when you realize how easy it is to make money with this system, there’s a shortcut to be making even bigger profits super fast! If you take action and follow the easy steps of the main report, you’ll create a semi-automated income stream from your freebie seeker list.
And by all means, keep doing what you’ve learned! However, in this report you’re going to learn how to become a freebie Seeker Cash Guru and literally explode your new income stream, so enough with the fluff, here we go! If you follow the steps I explain in the main report and integrate the PPL programs into your funnel, you should know in a couple of weeks how much money every newly acquired subscriber brings in for you.
With this in mind, it will be very easy for you to implement the two most important things in every business: Automation and Leverage.
If you know how much every new subscriber is worth, you can simply start your own PPL program and make other people build your list for you! I know you might have heard it a million times, but creating your own products is essential for really making it big online.
But the fact of the matter is that product creation is not for everybody, so in order to acquire an army of affiliates who will make money for you on autopilot, you need to be creative instead.
 So first let’s do some math.
Here’s a very simple calculation of what I mean exactly when I talk about knowing how much money you earn from every subscriber to your list using the strategy in the main report.
This will help you to determine how to set up your PPL program.
Let’s say you start a PPL program and pay $0.
50 for every subscriber that opts in to your list.
Now you can calculate the profit you’ll be getting from every subscriber: – $1 / Subscriber will make you $0.
50 – $2 / Subscriber will make you $1.
50 – $3 / Subscriber will make you $2.
50 Surely you get the idea  There’s a very good reason there are so many PPL programs, it’s because they make bank! Plus it’s by far the easiest way to build a massive email list, since listbuilders will be adding your squeeze page into their funnel and drive the traffic for you.
So now that you know how easy it is to make money from every new subscriber to your list, there’s nothing holding you back to get started with your own PPL program! But how on earth can you do that you might ask? Don’t worry, a PPL program can be set up in about an hour  There’s a WordPress plugin called List Profit Generator which actually sets up an entire PPL system for you.
All you need to do is install the plugin, configure the settings to however you want them and you’re done.
You can really configure your very own PPL program the way you want, here are some of the options and most important features: – Geo Targeting -> Perfect for allowing only tier 1 countries, the same countries you promote in the other PPL programs yourself that make you money.
– Built in tracking system -> Even if you invest in the My Click Boss software, you’ll get double security.
– A section to easily add affiliate tools so your affiliates can promote your PPL program.
– Easily check your daily stats so you know exactly how much subscribers have been added to your list today, and how well your squeeze pages are converting.
If you know how to install a wordpress plugin, you can have your own PPL program and you’ll be able to recruit people who will promote your PPL program and grow a massive list which will bring in tons of cash! So what about payments you might ask? Most PPL programs that you promote in your funnel will pay you the first week of the month straight to your Paypal account.
When you have set up your own PPL program, all you need to do is collect the money you made from other PPL programs and use that to pay your own affiliates and keep the difference.
 This is Pure Leverage and a nearly automated income stream which you’ll be adding to your business! No matter whether you’re a complete newbie or an experienced internet marketer, there is no way you can’t make tons of money from this! In our Lead-Swaps forum we’re dedicating an entire section on PPL programs, and you’ll be allowed to promote your own PPL program too so every listbuilder using this method can instantly add it to their funnel, so recruiting affiliates who will be building an enormous email list for you will be very easy  And ofcourse if you have set up your own PPL program, you can contact me and I’ll add it to the main report so people will also add your PPL program to their funnel.
Just from me a PM in the Warrior forum! Conclusion You have learned in the main report how to setup a semi-automated income stream, and i advice you keep doing just that.
Buying solo ads, doing ad swaps and clickbanking will build your list very fast, and you’ll be able to make a very nice profit if you monetize your funnel with PPL programs and use the sneaky trick to get paid for every new subscriber to your list.
After all, it won’t take more than 30 minutes of your day to do so.
But if you really want to become a Freebie Seeker Cash Guru, now you have the chance to build your list without lifting a finger! So whenever you reach the point that you know how much profit you get from every new subscriber, don’t hesitate to get this plugin, set everything up and recruit affiliates.
Take action and prosper  I wish you all the best! Jens

Getting Free Traffic From Solo Ad Sellers

Getting Free Traffic From Solo Ad Sellers
The truth is, this one
simple method is so powerful that you can focus on just this and click banking
and you can build up a massive list! Although this is a method that I don’t do
anymore because I am at the point where I don’t mind spending money on a
solo ad, when I was first getting started I had no money to spend so I used this
method on almost a daily basis and believe it or not, it was a lot of fun! How
many times can you say that about work? I was able to get solo ad sellers to
send me free traffic almost every single day! If you don’t have money to spend
on a solo ad make sure you do this, it’s a great way to help you get started.

You can get 500+ visitors per week for free using this method, so trust me
when I say you really do want to take action on this.

What Is A Solo Ad?
For those of you that don’t know, a solo ad is when you approach someone
who has a large list and purchase clicks from them.
These clicks usually cost
anywhere from 30-50 cents per click and are a great way to build your list
because all the visitors you are receiving are already on someone else’s list so
you already know they have no problem giving away their email address in
exchange for a free gift.

How To Get Sellers To Send You Free Clicks
Believe it or not, getting solo ad sellers to send you free traffic is actually
really easy! All you need to do is offer them something of value in exchange
for 100 or so clicks.
I consider myself to be decent at website design, so I
would approach solo ad sellers who I thought had a terrible solo ad sales page
and offer to completely redesign their sales page in exchange for 100 clicks.
would only take me about an hour or so to redesign a sales page so I was
getting 100 clicks for about an hour’s worth of work.
When I was first getting
started my goal was to try to find 3 sellers each day who needed a new sales

Another great strategy is to find solo ad sellers that don’t have a sales page at
all and offer to create one for them for free.
You would be surprised at how
many solo ad sellers don’t have a sales page.

A solo ad sales page would usually cost them at least $100, so if you approach
them and tell them you will create one for them in exchange for 100 clicks,
you bet they will take you up on that offer! They usually charge people $30-
$50 for 100 clicks, so they are saving a lot of money by doing that instead of
paying someone money to build a sales page for them.

You All Have A Skill
My skill was web design, but you don’t have to have to do web design in order
to get free clicks from them.
Just think of what kind of service you can give
them in exchange for clicks.

Some of you might be great at graphic design and be able to create new
graphics for them to use when posting in Facebook groups.

Some of you might be great at sales and can go find customers for them.
is actually a really good idea because most solo ad sellers hate trying to go out
and find customers.
I had one guy tell me that for every 5 customers I get him,
he would send me 100 clicks.
So all I did was make posts in the facebook
groups trying to get sales for him.
Then after the 5th customer he would send
me 100 clicks.
It was a good deal for both of us!
Just be creative here, think of a skill you have and use that skill to your

Where To Find These Sellers
There are two main places to find solo ad sellers who might be in need of your
The first place is to look in the Facebook groups.
Remember how I
had you join all those Facebook groups in the main guide? Well, there are solo
ad sellers making posts in those groups every single day.
Just send them a
message letting them know you are just getting started and don’t have money
to spend, but you can offer them whatever service you want to offer them.

Sure, some might turn you down and some might not reply, but there are
some who will happily agree.
You never know until you try.

The other great place to find these solo ad sellers is http://Safe-Swaps.

Just sign up for a free account with them and start sending the sellers
There are a lot of solo ad sellers on Safe Swaps who don’t have a
website at all.
If you know how to design a website Safe Swaps is a great place
to find people to do web design for.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
When I first had this idea, it took me a few days to actually implement it
because I was kind of a shy guy.
I didn’t like the thought of approaching
someone who was more successful in list building than me and asking for free
clicks in exchange for my service.

But you know what? When I finally got over that fear and started to do it, I
was pleasantly surprised at how friendly some of these people were.
Even the
ones who turned me down were still really nice about it and told me they
aren’t interested at the moment but thought it was a good idea.
So don’t be
afraid to send people messages like that.

Now that I have become a little more successful in list building, if I had
someone send me a message telling me they would offer a service in exchange
for clicks, if it was a service I was interested in I would totally take them up on
that offer!
Honestly guys, if you really want to, you can get over 500 visitors per week
doing this method.
So please use it, you all have some sort of skill, you might
as well take advantage of it and use that skill to help you build your list.

Your Free Solo Ad Strategy
The strategy here is really simple.
I want you to message 10 different solo ad
sellers every single day this week.
By the end of the week you will have
messaged 70 different sellers.
I can guarantee you that some of them will be
willing to send you clicks in exchange for your service.

If you don’t know what to say to them, just say something simple.
Here’s what
I would send when I was still using this strategy:
“Hey [Insert Name Here]!
My name is Bryan and I am new to list building and saw you sell solo ads.
be honest, I don’t have any money to spend on solo ads right now, but I am
pretty good at web design.
If you are interested I can create a solo ad sales
page for you in exchange for 100 clicks.
No worries if you aren’t interested,
just thought I would ask :).

Don’t copy that word for word, but it should give you a good idea on what to
say to them.
Like I said if you send a message like that out to 70 people per
week, you will more than likely get at least 5 of them to agree which would be
500 clicks every single week.
Actually, there is a good chance you will get a lot
more than 5 to agree, but the goal should be to get 500 clicks per week out of
this method.

This is a great method that I really haven’t seen anybody talk about.
advantage of your skills and use them to help you get free clicks!
Your Revised action plan when
using this strategy
Day 1
 Create your goals!!!!
 Join Aweber or GetResponse
 Purchase a few PLR products
 Read through them and figure out which one is the best and use it as
your free gift
 Set up your squeeze page
 Create an opt-in redirect page or a thank you page
 Create your first follow up email
 Join all the facebook groups
Day 2:
 Post in the Facebook groups and find 3-4 click banking partners
 Purchase My Click Boss or My Click Boss Light (or any other tracker)
 Create your Link Rotator
 Put your click banking partners links in the link rotator
Day 3 & Beyond:
 Find a few PLR ebooks
 Rewrite a few of the chapters
 Compile them into the Kindle Template that I gave you
 Publish Them On Kindle
 Make 5 posts at a forum (Warrior Forum if you are in the IM Niche)
 Message 10 solo ad sellers and ask them for clicks in exchange for your
That’s all there is to it! Now it’s a little tough to create an action plan for day 3
and beyond because it might take some of you a little longer to finish
rewriting your Kindle book.
Also, you might get a lot of solo ad sellers
messaging you back saying they would love to do a deal with you.
If that’s the
case then you need to spend time delivering the service you promised them in
exchange for clicks.

Here’s how I did it.
If I had to deliver services to solo ad sellers, I would take
care of them first before anything else.
Once I took care of them I would begin
rewriting my Kindle report.
Making 5 posts in the forum only took me a few
minutes so I would make my 5 posts every single day no matter what.

Every single day I was doing something.
If I didn’t have to deliver services to
any solo ad sellers I would spend my day rewriting Kindle reports.
to just do something!

1$-4$ Per Subscriber

1$-4$ Per Subscriber
Get Paid 1$-4$ Per Email Subscriber
While Building Your Own List!
I have spent many hours and days of my
life trying to figure out the best way
to help people get money online in the
simplest and non-overwhelming way
This Report is meant to be used for
complete newbies as an easy read you
immediately take action on in order to
start seeing results TODAY.
The Truth is (as hard as it was even
for me to accept when I was a newbie).
reading a report is not enough.
you have to act on it and use it in
order to reap the benefits it offers.
since you decided to take action on
getting this report… you don’t have to
worry about this at ALL.
You have already told me you are the
type of person who wants to get money
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I am grateful to be able to help you
now and whenever you need me.
to start getting money into your
pockets ASAP and more importantly…the
freedom to do whatever the hell you
want to do .
if you find this report simple and
even take offense to how simple it
is…then I know I did my job properly.
BTW do me a favor,
and send me your comments,
and complaints.
3 Step Formula Summary
Setting up your lead generation system
so that you get PAID to build your own
list is painfully easy and can be
broken down in to 3 steps:
1) Set up your own landing page
2) Apply to a CPA Network
3) Direct those who opt-in to your
landing page directly to your PPL page.
We are going to dive in to each step
into more detail and a bit of the
covert “psychology” of why this is so
STEP 1 – Set Up Your Own Landing Page
So what actually IS a landing page?
Simple…it’s a page that offers
something that your prospective
customer wants.
For your customer to get what they
all they have to do is put in their
e-mail address.
Here is an example of a landing page:
On your landing page be sure to say
that their gift or free video will be
sent directly to their email.
A line that I write in all of my opt-in
pages is: **Important: Your FREE gift
will be sent instantly to your e-mail
That way when those who just subscribed
get sent to your PPL offer they won’t
be confused or angry.
Now You CAN create your own landing
page using all those html codes…But You
don’t have to!
I get it.
using all those codes and stuff drove
me insane as well! I’m just a simple
guy who HATES getting overwhelmed.
As a result,
If you haven’t heard of it already,
there’s a web site called leadpages.
that is PERFECT for people like us who
pretty much want the “landing page
template” stuff done for them.
This site is (for a lack of a better
term) the BEST,
as they literally give you templates
to use for virtually any particular
They also show which templates are
converting the best at the present
The templates involve lots tools to use
(timers, countdown, etc.) In additi既存のon,
Leadpages connects PERFECTLY with any
email service provider.
Not to sound like this is a pitch for
but this site is honestly a well-kept
secret from 90% of marketers (I didn’t
know it for years and wasted so much
time and money creating my own personal
landing pages that barely converted!).
Check Out LeadPages
(If you’re not sure how to set up your
leadpages account DO NOT WORRY,
If you need help with it ask me on the
free webinar)
what most people do is just set up
their landing page,
have traffic go to it,
and just try to get leads…which is
great but…they are leaving out A LOT of
money on the table!
STEP 2- Apply To a CPA Network
Once you have your landing page it is
now time to get accepted by a Pay Per
Lead (PPL) or Cost Per Action (CPA)
So first what is a PPL/CPA network?
It is essentially a group of people who
will PAY you for leads.
Most of these offers offer a good
amount of money in return for each
subscriber you can get them.
Now there are A LOT of PPL/CPA networks
out there that are in most niches that
you may decide to market in…However I
put a quick list to help you get
– Peerfly.com
– ABClead.com
– Adfish.com
– Adreporting.com
– AdsMarket.com
– Affiliateer.com
– Azgoogle.com
– Clickbooth.com
– Datinggold.com (Dating)
– Curadebt.com (Debt/Finance)
– Maxbounty
**Hint: Try applying to as many of
these networks in your niche as you can
that way you will be up and running in
no time.
How to get accepted into cpa networks
(especially if you’re a newbie):
The fact is a lot of CPA networks
REQUIRE you to submit an application
and A LOT of people (particularly
newbies) never get accepted.
Want to know a little secret?
A lot of CPA networks really don’t care
who comes into their network.
What they care is that:
You’re human
You’re willing to use their stuff for
The problem is CPA networks usually
HATE newbies because they wrongly
ASSUME they are going to use their
offers incorrectly because of their
lack of experience.
So what’s the best way to solve this?
Simple: Don’t say you’re a newbie.
that doesn’t mean create fake numbers.
Just tell them all the research,
knowledge and stuff you’ve done in the
GENERAL sense.
For ex: say “I’ve been involved with
bing ppc for 3 years.
S THEY LOVE people who have used ppc.
This doesn’t even mean you’ve done BING
PPC or have any numbers.
This could simply mean you’ve HEARD
about it.
The key is it needs to SOUND like
you’ve had experience.
The funny thing is this isn’t unethical
at all because you’re not bringing up
random numbers or getting too specific.
If they ask for a phone conversation:
If they ask for a phone conversation.
do not be afraid.
They just want to make sure you’re
human and not some spam bot.
Just have a prepared script of what
you’ve done (exactly in the same
“general” way that SOUNDS like you have
experience as we discussed above).
They also might ask what particular
niche you are in,
and what traffic source you use.
as long as you don’t burp or cry
during the phone call you should be
Step 3- Direct Those Who Opt-in to your
PPL Page
Now that you got accepted to a network,
look around and try to find the best
offer that fits with your niche.
That way they are much more likely to
fill out their email address on your
PPL offer.
Example: You are in that dating niche
and your initial landing page tells men
how they can get a date from Match.
From there send them to a PPL offer
that gives them tips/tricks on how to
do well on the actual date.
Do not send them to a PPL offer about
cleaning their fish bowl as that is
totally unrelated… making it less
likely that they will put in their
email address.
So how do you send them to your PPL
after they opt-in? Simple just go to
your auto responder service and put the
thank you page to your PPL URL just as
pictured below:
(We’re Using Aweber Here)
After doing this the person that just
opted in to your list will be directly
taken to your PPL offer,
which will make you money every time
they fill it out.
So Why Is This So Effective?
This works so effectively because after
a person took the initial “leap of
faith” to put in their email address
into your landing page,
they are MUCH more likely to take this
second “leap” again for the PPL offer.
if your subscriber cost is .
30 and your PPL offer pays you 1.
30 per lead…do you know what that means?
It means that this PPL offer will not
only pay for your traffic costs…but
generate you a PROFIT!
Just by copy and pasting this simple
url you get cash wired straight into
your pocket.
The crazy part is that with these
subscribers on your list you can then
start selling them products and start
even making MORE money.
Do Not Worry.
Here Are my Three Favorite Landing
Page/Squeeze Page Tweaks That Can
Skyrocket Your Opt In Rate! (Landing
Page and Squeeze Page Are The Same
Thing BTW.
3 Major Landing Page Tweaks That Will
Boost Your Opt In So You Can Get Leads
To See Your Offers!
Short squeeze pages- Short squeeze
pages with clean straight to the point
title and text such as This
(I got this template from LeadPages)
Are MUCH better than long drawn out
landing pages with info and pic’s
The fact is NO one likes doing work.
Sodon’t make it harder for them,
by adding a bunch of pic’s and words
and getting them overwhelmed.
Use the “secret code” of your niche –
What are power words? Words or terms
that your target market constantly uses.
For ex: In Internet Marketing,
LIST BUILDING is a power word because
NO ONE else besides internet marketers
would use that term.
This really helps your target market
feel like you understand them.
To find these power words look through
your niches forums and products your
niche buys.
Look for words or “secret code
language” that are CONSISTENTLY used.
Use “Attention: etc….
” As the main above headline- Using the
word “ATTENTION” really is the best way
to call out your buyer target market.
For ex:
You see what I mean? After doing
thorough research on the forums,
I figured out that my target market
for this particular
offer is “basketball players under 6
” This title CALLS them out directly
and weeds out everyone Else.
That’s All Fellow Marketers!
I showed you 3 steps that will get you
paid while building your list!
Now you can literally build your list
for free or even a PROFIT before even
sending your first email!
The crazy thing is that by doing this
you can then send them additional
offers to help you get more money.
Thank you again for taking your time
and business seriously in reading this
If you found this report useful or
Thank You!