CPA Commission Takeover

CPA Commission Takeover

By Kevin Brown
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Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Brown and I want to start off by saying a big THANK YOU for putting your trust in me and into this CPA blueprint. Get ready for a wild ride with this income producing cash cow!
Making a full time income online, especially a PASSIVE one is an amazing feeling and my goal with this guide is to get you on that path to freedom as fast as possible.
One of my favorite and easiest ways to build up a fat income online is by jumping into the CPA game. I love promoting CPA because:
 There are generally offers to promote in every market
 There is ALWAYS a network that you can get into (and eventually all of them will accept you once you get some experience under your belt)
 There is very low resistance in order to get the conversion with CPA (email submits, zip submits, free trials etc)
 You get paid every 7 – 14 days with most networks
Once you find a few converting offers you can easily be making upwards of $200+ a day just by scaling up the traffic. It’s so dang easy once you do it a couple times that it almost seems unfair to everyone out there slaving away at their 9-5 J.O.B!
What You Will Be Able To Accomplish After Reading This Blueprint
Once you have learned the methods I am about to expose you to you will be able to easily:
Get accepted into a CPA network
Filter out bad offers and locate top converting offer to promote
Get an avalanche of laser target traffic to your CPA offer
Supercharge your earnings on autopilot with free traffic from Google
In other words, once you are finished with this guide you will know exactly how to go out and set up little cash cows that bring you in money night and day over and over again. All you need to do is SCALE UP to your desired income. This system, when
implemented with intention will blow the roof off what you thought was possible to make in earnings each month.
What To Do Now
Before you begin, I want to you take a few minutes and take care of anything that might distract you over the next 30 mins. I want to have your full concentration for the next 30 minutes so you can learn this system. Get out a notepad on your PC and take notes, seriously! You WILL forget things that you read in here if you don’t take notes and you won’t even realize your forgot it until you come back 2 months from now and re-read this guide. Don’t let yourself do that, take this seriously as if you are in college taking notes for an exam. Alright, ready? Good let’s go.
What Is CPA?
Before you get into the main system I want to touch base on a primer of what CPA is all about and how to get into a CPA network. This way you will have all the information you need.
If you are already familiar with CPA you can skip this section but if you’re new let me explain what CPA is and how it works.
CPA is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money on the internet. What it consists of is you sending traffic, usually from paid sources such as advertising networks or from free sources such as an email list or SEO, and directing that traffic to a form that the visitor fills out. These forms can be simple forms such as entering an email for a free gift card, all the way up to complex forms such as an auto loan. The more complex the form is, or in other words the more pages the visitor has to go through and the more actions they have to complete, the higher the payout is for you.
Higher payouts don’t always mean more money for you though so understand that. In fact, the easier forms that don’t ask the visitor for money, a phone number, or their home address and personal info, convert much easier. That is why so many people like to promote email and zip submit offers because it’s easy to get a person to give you their email address or their zip code, but it can be a challenge to get them to pull out their wallet.
There are ways to make getting higher conversions easier and one of my favorite types of offers to promote are free trial offers. These can be for health supplements, work from home kits, and anything else that the company is willing to offer a free trial for.
The most common ones are in health supplements such as weight loss pills. The person can pay shipping and handling and receive a free trial of the product and when they fill out the form you make anywhere from $20 – $45.
In the system I will be sharing with you here, you will be using all of the above to maximize your earnings.
Getting Into A CPA Network
Many people have this fear about CPA networks because they think they are difficult to get accepted into. Most of them are NOT, some of them can be very picky but who cares, there are plenty out there for you not to worry about the ones that won’t accept you. I recommend you start with:
Those are 2 great places to “get your feet wet” and they have plenty of offers for you to test. Later in this guide I will show you a site that you can use to find many more CPA networks to sign up to.
How Do You Get Accepted?
Don’t stress! All these networks are trying to do is keep out spammers and let in serious marketers who are going to help sell the offers they have in their database. The interview process is simply to make sure you are serious about promoting the offers and you are not a spammer looking to make a quick buck by cheating the system.
They want to know if you have any type of experience online and they like to hear they you DO. If you have read anything on the internet about marketing, setting up WordPress sites, traffic generation, etc. Then you have PLENTY of knowledge to get accepted. Just tell them you have been marketing online for ‘x’ amount of time and you are now looking to expand your business (yes call it a business, that is what you are building here right!) by offering CPA offers on your website.
Tell them you will be creating specific landing pages for each offer you promote in order to maximize the conversions.
Also, let them know you plan on using high quality paid traffic and SEO to drive traffic. Lastly, mention that once you go into a niche you will be split testing different offers to find the best converting offers and would appreciate it if they would let you know which offers are converting the best because it will help you weed out the less performing offers faster.
They like to hear that you are interested in the best offers because they make their money when you make money so by having a team of good affiliates they get paid more. By you saying all the things I just mentioned, you will have no problem getting into networks.
Once you get inside you first CPA network the fun begins. Go ahead and sign up to the 2 above and let’s get into how this CPA system works.
The System
System Part A – Paid traffic for quick profits
To start out you want to find the offers that convert and you want to do that in the shortest amount of time possible so you can focus your attention on scaling up for bigger and bigger money. How do you that? I am sure you have already figured it out from the title but you do that with paid traffic, now there are plenty of places that you can get the paid traffic from but the network that I like the most for quick, cheap, and effective traffic is called:
I like AdPad because you can get super cheap and targeted traffic which is perfect for CPA offers because if you are targeting say an offer that pays out $1.50 per lead you don’t want to be spending .25 per click just to send traffic to the offer. With AdPad you can get traffic similar to the same prices you get with PPV traffic at rates between .01 – .10 per click.
Alright so go and sign up for AdPad here
Once you’re signed up it’s time to pick a CPA offer to promote and find out if it converts. In other words what you are using AdPad for is
1) To test and filter out CPA offers as fast as possible to find the ones that convert well for you for part B of this system
2) Bring you in money quickly
So head inside your CPA networks and pick 5 offers to test. These offers can be dating offers, gaming offers, health free trial products, insurance offers, home business type offers, and weight loss offers. Those are the niches that seem to do the best for me and that is what I recommend you start with.
Offer Criteria
Now I hesitate to give you strict guidelines to go by because honestly you just don’t know if an offer is going to convert well or not until you try it and if you go in with the mindset of “I am going to test as many different offers as possible” you will find little gems that nobody else is finding because they are skipping over them.
That being said, here IS a criteria I want you to keep in mind when choosing your offers:
Stick with zip code submits, email submits, and free trial offers. Don’t waste your time with full blown questionnaire form type CPA offers. Those pay out more but are much harder to convert and you want to follow the path of least resistance with CPA, especially when you are paying for the traffic!
So again zip code submits, email submits, and free trial offers.
Once you have an offer to test it’s time to set up your first campaign and find out if it is a winner or not so you can either move onto the next offer or move on to part B.
Setting Up Your First Campaign
Setting up a campaign is pretty darn simple…
1) Inside your dashboard click on “Campaign Mgmt” and select “Create New Campaign”
2) Name your campaign something you will be able to keep track of. For instance if I was going to be promoting this Samsung galaxy zip submit offer from Peerfly that you see below, I would name my campaign “samgalaxys4-esub-032415”.
esub stands for email submit and 032415 is the date I started the campaign. This is just my personal way I like to do things so I can keep track of what each campaign is at a glance.
Leave “StartUp” alone and for the end date make it 7 days from the day the campaign starts, this way you are giving enough time to get results but also making sure the campaign will eventually stop if you forget about it. (since you are not sure its profitable you want to make sure you do not blow through all your money with a run-a-way campaign.)
For daily budget I suggest you make it 3 times the payout of your offer, so my offer pays out $1.40 and 1.40×3 = 4.20 so I like to round up to $5.
For the CPC I recommend starting at .03 and if you are not receiving much traffic raise it by .01 each day until you start getting enough traffic.
Now, one rule of thumb I like to go by is keeping the CPC BELOW the EPC of the CPA offer. So in my offer the EPC is .09. EPC = Earnings Per Click…so what they are telling me is for every 100 people that click the offer is converting roughly 6 of them. Which equals out to around .09 per click. So if that doesn’t makes sense here is another way to look at it.
You send 100 people to the email submit offer and 6 of them fill out the offer. You make 1.40 x 6 = $8.40
So it took 100 clicks to make $8.40 so 8.40/100 = .084
It cost you roughly .09 per every visitor you sent to the form
If that still doesn’t make sense you don’t need to worry about it, just know that you want to keep your CPC lower than the EPC. 
I like to keep it .02 lower and at worst, if I HAVE to no higher than equal to it.
So for this campaign my goal would be to start at .03 and raise it by .01 until it got to .07 CPC. If I was either not receiving any traffic or not making enough conversions to be in profit, I would scrape the offer and test a new one.
Don’t get caught up on if the offer converted or not, seriously. You will find A LOT MORE offers that DON’T convert than you will find offers that do. Just understand that and find as many bad offers as fast as possible because each bad one is one step closer to a killer converting one! Think of it like digging for gold.
Moving on….
Fir the Ad group, just name your adgroup something to help you remember the campaign and if you are promoting an adult site, make sure to select adult content.
Creating Your Ad
Creating your ad is pretty simple, you just need to look at what the landing page is for your offer and write something similar. You see, these companies that have these offers have already been testing the best text and what to say to get the form to convert so you just need to copy them.
*The reason an offer might not convert is the traffic source, some traffic converts better to certain offers than others
Here is my ad text:
The visible URL can be anything as long as it is not a real registered domain (unless you use one of your own real domains) just make it relevant to the offer as you can see I did
above. Before I chose that I went to Google and checked to make sure it was not already registered:
To get your keywords you are going to head over to the Google Keyword Planner and type in your offers main product and or theme, so in my example I would type in Galaxy S4 or Android phones.
Click on “Keyword Filters” and put in the first box 1000 so you only get back keywords with at least 1000 searches a month.
From there click “Get Ideas” and grab all the keywords that are relevant to your niche. If the person is interested in an Android I would grab the keyword.
After click on “Create New Campaign” and you’re done!
While Your Campaign Is Live
Once your campaign is live, if it is not receiving any traffic raise the bid by .01 per day until it does. Once you spend your daily budget, so if it takes 3 days or 1 day to spend $5, it doesn’t matter just once you have spent your daily budget the first time, check your campaign stats and see if you made $$$. Did you?
If yes, were you in profit? If not, then try lowering your CPC by .01 a day until you either get into profit or stop getting traffic. If you stop getting traffic ditch the campaign and start over.
Once you find a profitable campaign, keep it running and if you are able to be way under your EPC try increasing your CPC so you can get as much traffic as possible while still making a good profit.
So raise the CPC .01 per day again until you notice you were making more money at a lower CPC and lower your CPC back down to that mark and leave the campaign alone and either repeat the process or move onto part B of this system!
System Part B – Killer keyword research + Easy SEO + proven converting CPA offer = easy first page rankings and passive CPA profits
Alrighty, welcome to part 2 of this system! Now that you have found a profitable campaign it’s time to start bringing in the free traffic along with the paid traffic so you can really start getting the $$$ rolling in!
To do this you are going to focus on building a tiny 5 – 6 page site and going after long tail keywords that most SEO’s are ignoring but that are getting searched for enough to make you a great profit. Now there is a sneaky trick here so don’t assume this is standard long tail keyword SEO.
You are going to be putting together a site that gets you 1000’s of visitors a month from long tail keywords and you are going to shuttle those visitors to your CPA offer that you already know is converting! CHA-CHING!
Now to switch it up a little bit in order to show you guys different types of offers to promote and since I am bored of talking about Samsung phones, in this example I am going to use a free trial offer to build the site around.
The concept is the exact same as I would do for the Samsung offer that I just showed you however I just want to talk about a different niche now to mix it up 
Part B
For this example I am going to choose “Lavo Smoke” – an e-cigarette. Now again, let’s assume that I started at AdPad and ran my campaign test and this offer was converting for me so here I am with it in Part B. Here is the payout for the free trial offer:
You can see that it pays out $35.00 every time someone signs up for the free trial.
Now what you want to do is take a look at the landing page for you offer that you are going to be building this site for.
Now rather than heading over to the Google Keyword Tool and typing in the first word about e-cigarettes that comes to your head like I did when working with AdPad, what you want to do is look over the page and look for keywords you can use. In other words, you get your keyword ideas from the landing page itself first. This helps you separate yourself from your competition who are most likely NOT doing this.
From looking at this page I see the keywords:
 Electronic Cigarette
 vaporizer pen
 vaporizer kit
 Vape pens
 Smoke Juice
 pure liquid nicotine
Write down the keywords you see and then let’s head over to the Google Keyword Tool and paste those keywords into the search box. As you can see these search terms return quite a few searches but you don’t just want to grab those search terms and call it a day. What you want to do is use those search terms as your root keyword and find other keywords that consist of the root phrases.
To do this, you choose one of the search terms, such as “smokeless cigarettes” (as you can see from the image above) and you take that over to and put it in the search box. When you do that Google will give you a list of suggestions that people are typing into Google.
These suggestions are what you are looking for.
We will make a list using them and that will be your keyword category for your webpage. By doing this the SEO competition will be very low in most cases.
Don’t stop there…another great way to find even more keyword ideas that every other SEO is not paying much attention to is by looking at the related suggestions at the bottom of the page.
I just typed in “e cigarette reviews” and used the suggestion box to find this phrase, “e cigarette reviews best vapor”:
Once I clicked on that term, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and look at what I found:
Notice the keywords “vapor cigarette free trial” and “vapor cigarette starter kit”…PERFECT!
As you can see there are plenty more keywords that I can go after. You can literally do this all day and find endless untapped keywords!
Moving on…
Quickly Checking Competition
You will then run each of the keywords you choose through a backlink check and make sure the top 3 results don’t have over 100 unique backlinks pointing to them (most of the time you will find that they have 40 or less).
If you run into an instance where that happens then just pick another root keyword to start with and grab some other suggestion phrases using that root keyword.
Ok, so what you are going to do is take each keyword and type it into Google, no quotes or anything, just paste the keyword in the box and hit search.
Now what you want to do is take a look at the top 3 domains and make sure the competition isn’t too hard to beat. What you are looking for is to make sure that these pages that are ranking don’t have hundreds of backlinks pointing to them.
That is the only criteria I like to look for when it comes to these long tail types of searches. The reason I only check the number of backlinks is because I will be sending powerful backlinks to my own site (as you will to) which will beat the competition for these types of search terms quite easily (more on that later).
To check the backlinks let’s head over to a free tool called Open Link Profiler:
Once there, insert the full domain of the page ranking in the #1 spot for our search term: “best electronic cigarette review” and click “Get backlinks”. Once the results pop up scroll down to the Filter Backlinks section and check the box that says: “Only unique domains”.
From the results you can see that this page only has 16 unique domains pointing to it. That is great! Now if that would have said 100 or more I would try to find a new keyword with less competition. The lower the unique domains the easier time you will have beating the competition.
You want to shoot for 2 – 5 keywords per root keyword because you will be using these keywords to create your broad targeted web page to absolutely kill it in the search results. More on that in a moment….
Now you have a list of keywords to use:
 smokeless cigarettes
 smokeless cigarettes review
 smokeless cigarettes Walmart
 smokeless cigarettes where to buy
 smokeless cigarettes brands
Now go through and do that same process for the rest of the root keywords. Use the suggestions to get even more ideas. You will see that it is easy to find more than enough keywords here.
Here is the list I came up with. Now most of these keywords are buyer keywords, meaning that when people are searching for these terms they are looking to buy or are on the verge of buying and just need a little push to make the decision:
Group 1:
 best electronic cigarette brand
 best electronic cigarette review
 best electronic cigarette juice
 best electronic cigarette
 cheap electronic cigarette
 cheap electronic cigarette starter kit
Group 2:
 smokeless cigarettes
 smokeless cigarettes review
 smokeless cigarettes walmart
 smokeless cigarettes where to buy
 smokeless cigarettes brands
Group 3:
 vapor cigarette
 vapor cigarette starter kit
 vapor cigarette reviews
 water vapor cigarette reviews
 vapor cigarette free trial
 what is the best water vapor cigarette brand
Group 4:
 cheap vaporizer pen starter kit
 vaporizer pen starter kit
 best vaporizer pen starter kit
 best vaporizer pen
Group 5:
 pure liquid nicotine
 best place to buy pure nicotine liquid
 buy pure nicotine liquid
Group 6:
 e cigarette liquid reviews
 e cigarette liquid
 best e cigarette liquid
 e cigarette liquid flavors
 e cigarette liquid cheap
 buy e cigarette liquid online
That is 6 groups of keywords you can use to create your affiliate site.
Each group will count for a single page on your site. So in this case you will have a 6 page website (not including privacy pages etc.).
How to Structure Your Page for Broad Rankings
* Since most marketers these days use WordPress or a similar type of blogging platform I am going to assume you will to. If you are using standard HTML make sure to put your title in an H1 tag and your description will be in your meta description tag.
How do you structure your on page SEO so that you can rank for multiple keywords instead of just 1?
It’s easy, here is the key.
You need to have your keywords in either the title or the description and they don’t have to be in order. Not having to put them in the exact order they are displayed in lets you create much more NATURAL titles and descriptions.
Let me show you an example:
I am going to use the keyword group “e cigarette liquid” for this example. Here is the list of keywords that need to fit in the page Title or Description:
 e cigarette liquid reviews
 e cigarette liquid
 best e cigarette liquid
 e cigarette liquid flavors
 e cigarette liquid cheap
 buy e cigarette liquid online
Here is the title I would use:
“Buy E-Cigarette Liquid at a Cheap Price”
As you can see I have just taken care of the keywords ( I bolded them to make it easier to see):
buy e cigarette liquid, and e cigarette liquid cheap
Key point:
As long as the words are in there somewhere, in any order it counts! So I just needed to make sure I got e-cigarette, cheap, and buy in the title, in any order it doesn’t matter.
I could have made the title: “Looking for Cheap Liquid E-Cigarette Juice? Buy It Here!”
That title will work just as well.
If you can get them in there in the exact order do that, but if not, it’s OK to make it sound natural.
We tell Google what you want to rank for with your anchor text backlinks. You just need to show Google that your page is relevant to what you want to rank for by having the keywords somewhere in the title or description.
Now for the description:
I still need to hit the keywords, best, reviews, flavors, and online.
Here is what I came up with off the top of my head:
“Read your e-cigarette reviews and learn which brands and flavors are the best and where you can get them online for free.”
You don’t want to put the exact keywords in there over and over, that will get you penalized for over optimization.
Mix it up and just write naturally like I did above and you will be just fine. Don’t be afraid to use keywords that you aren’t trying to rank for either. If it sounds natural and makes sense use it!
How to use the keywords in your article body:
Now when you write your article you want to sprinkle your keywords throughout your article 1 – 2 times each. Make it sound natural again but this time put them in there exactly as they appear. So if your keyword is “buy e cigarette liquid” you want to place it in the body of the article just like that. This just helps increase the keyword density of the exact phrase you are wanting to rank for.
So to recap:
Titles and Description: Use keywords where you can and if you need to switch around the keywords and just make them sound natural, as long as they are in the title or description you are good.
Body of article: Try to keep the keywords exactly as they appear and sprinkle them throughout the article 1 – 2 times each.
Pro Tip:
Once you are done writing your article if you want to view how Google sees your webpage, go plug it into the Google Keyword Planner under the “Search for new keyword ideas” section.
If Google returns a bunch of keywords that re relevant to what your webpage is about you did a good job and the Google bots will understand what you are writing about.
If you see a bunch of words that are NOT what you are writing about and that don’t make sense, then you need to re-write your article and sprinkle in the main keywords a couple more times because it’s not clear enough what your site is about to Google.
What Can You Expect?
So let’s take a look at what you have here in terms of search volume:
If you paste the keywords into the Google Keyword Tool and add up the search volume you see that you are looking at a total search volume of 55,290 searches a month!
Now keep in mind that is including the root keyword which will be the toughest to rank for in the beginning.
Let’s take out the root keywords from the search volume and get a better idea of what you can expect in the beginning before you start ranking for the root keywords.
So without the root keywords you are looking at 4,760 searches a month from easy to rank for and PROFITABLE keywords.
This guide isn’t meant to teach you all about backlinking but I will give you a quick overview.
What I always do before starting any anchor text specific backlining is create a Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus profile really quick and link to my sites URL from those pages. This build trust and authority for Google.
Next I like to go on Fiverr and get a $5 gig that send PR1+ web 2.0 links to my site in a link wheel fashion. The KEY here is to use what’s called a ‘naked URL’ for the anchor text. So DO NOT use any keyword anchor text links…just give the fiverr guy your website URL and some random keywords like “click here”, “here”, etc.
This build a layer of links pointing to your site that helps make sure you don’t over optimize your backlink profile when you start sending keyword specific anchor text links to your site.
You want to keep your keyword specific anchor text ratio under 2%. So if you have 100 web 2.0 ‘naked’ links…you can send 2 anchor text specific links to your site. If you need more just buy another fiverr gig first.
For backlinking, go out and send a couple high quality, keyword relevant, high Page Rank backlinks to your page and you’re in the money use your exact keywords in your anchor text and try to fit as many in there as possible.
You don’t need to backlink every single keyword either. Just send a couple high PR 2+ (PR = page rank) backlinks and see what happens after a week or two. If you need more send more, it’s simple as that.
I like to use a site called Links Management to buy my PR links:

Buy DA40-DA100 Backlinks from $1 per Link Using One Way Link Building Service

You can get some powerful links for $5 – $10 per month on that platform. One thing to know is when you find a powerful link, jot it down and you can use it for all your future sites as well.
Using this strategy you only need to create a single page and a single 500 word article for each keyword group and you will dominate the search results with multiple rankings and send a rush of traffic to your site.
Talk about a lot less effort!
Let’s have some fun and do some quick math here. If your website ranks in the top positions for each of your pages (which won’t be difficult to do since we chose long tail
easy competition keywords) and you get 40% of the monthly traffic to your page (statistics show that the #1 position gets 30 – 40% of search traffic).
So 4,760 x .40 = That is 1,904 visitors a month to your site.
Let’s assume you did a decent job writing a pre-sell offer and you are getting 30% of those people to click on over to the landing page and 10% of those people take the free trial.
1,904 x .30 x .10 = 57
That means we are looking at 57 sales a month from a little 6 page website.
57 sales x $35 per sale = $1995 a month! …and that’s not including when the search volume picks up from our root keywords improving their rankings.
This can easily turn into a $3000 a month website in no time with proper backlinking.
Even if you only got a 3% conversion rate on the free trial offer that’s still $600 a month profit.
That is all not even including Part A of this system…are you excited yet?! 
Now, if every site you built in Part B of this system made you $500+ a month, you don’t need that many to get the allusive “internet marketing lifestyle”.
Go out there, start using the entire strategy A & B from this guide and start killing it!
Here’s to your success!
Kevin Brown


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