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Ezra Wyckoff
I can not guarantee you will make any specific amount of money with the information
presented in this training guide. Results will vary from person to person and is heavily
influenced by the amount of effort youput forward. Any example of income associated
with this product is only to be used as a reference to what is possible with this training.
Most income references are that of myself and/or my customers and does not mean you
will see the same results. You may not copy, rewrite, edit or share this training guide
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Thanks for picking up CPA Expressway! I’ve been away from spotlight for a while
and haven’t launched anything in quite some time. The reason being my attention
has been laser focused on my Teespring, eCom and CPA business.
Launching courses is fun but it can get old pretty fast, so I took a break and decided
to put all my focus on my business for a while. And it has seriously paid off. I
worked on a ton of new theories and ideas for techniques to make money with the
big 3, Teespring, CPA and eCom.
I think I’ve done a really good job managing my time to be able to work on all 3 of
these business at the same time and I want to share with you one particular method
that has been one of my long running, consistent go-to methods.
Now, trust me, you might be shocked at just how simple all of this will sound, but all
YOU need to do is follow the steps EXACTLY as I suggest and watch the magic
happen. Don’t stray far away from my suggestions as they are given from tons of
experience over the past few months of doing this method.
The work involved in this method is easy, however, there will be people who fail.
Why is that? There’s ALWAYS going to be people who fail and most of the time it has
nothing to do with the product but ALL to do with what that person did with the
product. Most of the time that is NOTHING, sometimes people try it a little bit, but
certainly not enough to be able to say they gave their best effort. Most people just
aren’t cut out for this game – they quit when a campaign fails or when something
doesn’t go how they expect.
Also, a lot of times it IS because of the product. It sucks. Just a bunch of theoretical
ideas that have never actually been tested. So there’s the biggest problems – before
we move on to the actual method, let’s address them.
First of all, the following technique has been tested rigorously. The way it’s set up
right now is NO WHERE NEAR how it started. That’s how things go when you
actually test things. It almost never works out right in the beginning. The true
winners stick it out, learn from failures, test new angles and figure it out.
I admit, it took me a while to figure this method out. But after a few weeks of tuning
and tweaking and tuning and tweaking I finally started to get leads pouring in. I
learned from a ton of mistakes FOR YOU and made sure to lead you down the right
path with this course, so FOLLOW it!
And when it comes to the first problem that some people just aren’t cut out for this.
This is the closest you can get to a fool-proof method of making money with CPA
and if you are reading this that means YOU can be successful with THIS method.
BUT… if you are in the area of someone who has tried a lot of different techniques, I
just NEED you to make a commitment to this method. Just give it 3 weeks. You will
be glad you did! If you are into Teespring or eCom stuff, this is a perfect method to
simply include to your daily schedule as it flows in perfectly with what we’re
already doing.
There’s two parts of this method, part one is simply setting everything up so you
can start making money and part two is getting traffic! Remember, keep it simple
and just follow the steps. If you get stuck or need help in between steps, please
reach out and ask for help! I want a very high success rate with this course, help me
reach that goal by making a commitment to stick at this for a few weeks.
Ready to get started? Let’s go!
Part1: Setting everything up
First, we have to get the entire method set up. Once you’ve got everything set up,
you’re ready to make money – you just have to figure out how to get high quality
traffic to your page!
The very first thing you need to do is sign up for two incentive CPA networks:
These are two networks that I personally use and can vouch for as great CPA
networks for all experience levels. They are not snobby when it comes to accepting
affiliates – as long as you at least know what you’re talking about and not “faking
the funk” completely, you should have no problem being accepted.
It’s very simple to be accepted to both of these networks. I believe CPALead accepts
everyone. I’m not sure if it’s instant(it used to be) but I know they hold their door
open for all experience levels, as long as you are performing within their TOS.
Which is pretty easy to do as they have a pretty loose TOS and breaking it pretty
much means you were doing something illegal. With AdWorkMedia, they are just as
open to letting you in, but you definitely need to put the right stuff in the
application and at least know what you’re talking about when it comes to Internet
Marketing in general.
When you sign up, the most important thing for you to do is to let them know that
you plan on using mostly paid forms of traffic like PPC, PPV, Display, etc. The main
portion of this method uses free traffic but there is a section later on covering a way
to profit using PPC. Most people reading this has enough knowledge to sign up to a
CPA network with truthful answers. Most of you have experience with FB ads, let
them know this. Let them know how long you’ve been into Internet Marketing and
that you’re really interested in checking out the CPA side of things.
So, if you don’t have an account with these two networks. Go ahead and sign up for
them right now and then come back to continue.
Alright, now you’re signed up. Take some time to snoop around each site, get used
to the interface, look around the offers, etc, etc. Once you are signed up to CPALead
and AWM, you have a plethora of offers sitting there waiting for you to promote.
It’s important to be signed up with both of these networks because I use them both
in different situations. Sometimes CPALead is the best option and sometimes AWM
has the best options, you want to make sure you are using them both so you’re
grabbing all of the potential money sitting on the table for you.
Signed up? Great.
Next, you need to go grab a .com domain. You can pretty much always find a $0.99
domain coupon laying around for GoDaddy or NameCheap. Make the name
something pretty general but having something to do with contests. Take a few
minutes to come up with something that sounds decent, looks official and is short
and easy to remember. Example: – thought of this split second
while typing, it doesn’t mean anything in particular but it is short and concise, easy
to remember and brand. And it has the “contest” ring to it with the Raffle word.
Got a domain? Great.
Alright, we needed that domain to create our offer pages. On these offer pages we
will be offering something of value to a niche audience. This “thing” has to really be
something they want. Not just something they like a little bit but something that
they want to point where they feel like they need it.
This creates a sense of desperation within your targeted audience, the more
desperate they are to own the “thing” you are hanging out as bait, the higher your
conversions will be. It’s easy to make money with this method, but it was profiting
that took me a while to understand. The main traffic we will discuss today it free
traffic(meaning NO ads) from Instagram and Twitter. We will also talk about one
paid form of traffic that works really well.
Now that you’ve got your domain ready to go, you need to get your first offer page
ready to go. Once you have your first offer page up and everything looks good,
you’re ready to start sending traffic and that’s where the money is made.
To create your offer pages, I suggest Profit Builder or a similar tool like Click
Funnels. I use Profit Builder, which I’m sure can be found with a quick Google
search. It’s simple, easy to use and does exactly what we need.
These offer pages are extremely simple. Headline, 2-column content, and a call to
action. That’s it. It’s important to keep it very simple. Your traffic will land here in
the mindset of checking out the price of your “bait”. They’ll hit this page and get
thrown into this contest funnel. At this point you have an option to capture a sale
before the customer continues, it’s totally up to them but it’s a win-win for you.
This all may sound a bit cloudy right now but it’ll all be crystal clear as you continue
reading through the course. For now, we will come back to this step.
Choose a niche
There’s a ton of ways to promote CPA – sometimes you just promote the offers
directly to an audience that isn’t any particular niche and sometimes you want to
get focused in on ONE particular niche until you have it down pat. For this method
we’re going with the latter.
Choose ANY niche that interests you AND that is profitable. Make sure it’s a decent
sized niche so that you have a big audience to advertise to. Don’t trap yourself in a
small box by going after tiny niches with this method. Use Facebook Audience
Insights to research any niches you aren’t sure about to make sure they have a nice
audience size.
This step is really self explanatory and shouldn’t be over-complicated, you’ll see
several examples later.
Got your niche? Great.
So I want to make sure you are keeping up with me and not letting the simplicity of
this method fly over your head, so I will use an example scenario to keep up with
the steps.
So, I’m John and I just signed up to CPALead and AWM.
I got accepted and I looked around at the cool members area of both networks.
I got Profit Builder so I can create my “offer pages”.
I decided on Wine as my niche.
Now I’m at this step reading about myself.

So now you want to think about the kind of offers you are going to promote here.
This part took me a while to get right. Lots of testing, lots of money down the drain
spent collecting data to find what works. Here’s the answer.
Whatever the network says is converting well.
For a long time I was direct linking to offers and trying to test which angle would
work best instead of REALLY taking advantage of the tools and technology that
returns big profits.
The real key is to use the Link Locker feature with CPALead/AWM and let them
show whatever offers are converting well. These offers will range in payout but the
real important thing is how well convert and they take this into consideration
automatically with the offers they show in the link locker. So I tried overcomplicating
it in the beginning and searching for specific offers to test one by one
and it turns out letting the Link Locker work is by far the best way to go.
So right now what you want to do is get your first link locker set up. Choose one of
your networks to start, for our example let’s roll with AWM. Setting up Link Lockers
for both is pretty much the same.
Check out these two videos on setting up your Link Locker to CONVERT:
Part 1
Part 2
Ok, got your Link Locker set up? Great.
So now we want to put this Link Locker at the end of an opt-in form. This is
NEEDED in order to properly carry out the method and keep things completely
ethical and built for the long-term.
Any autoresponder will work, I recommend Aweber or GetResponse because those
are the ones I’m familiar with and they have decent service. So all you need to do at
this step is set up a List for the niche you are on and then set up an opt-in form.
Check out this quick video covering the simple steps of setting this up.
Got your List & Link Locker set up? Great.
Now, let’s take it back to the offer page step. Now, we’ve got to get an offer page
built with a picture of your bait, a video walking your visitors through the process
and and a link to enter your contest. Fortunately, I won’t leave you with the duty of
creative a video as you can just use mine. It works, it’s been through a ton of testing
to get where it is, so why not just grab what I’m already using.
Click here to download your Walkthrough video that goes on every offer page you
set up from here on out for future niches you explore.
This video is universal to whatever bait you choose in whatever niche. Having this
video is key. We went a long time without it, testing different headlines, trying
dozens of unique angles but what we needed was a video that walks them through
the entire process beforehand, so they know what to expect.
One of the biggest hurdles of this method was trying to overcome doubt and
uncertainty. We went through a ton of testing to get to the point where we can send
cold traffic to our offer page and quickly develop a bit of trust before they even go
any further. I take a number of objections head on in the video and go with a really
straight forward approach that converts.
So you already have the video, which is one of two pieces of content needed in the
2-column landing page set-up I use for my offer pages. The only other thing needed
is a picture of your bait. So let’s talk about this bait.
The bait is something you are going to offer in return for your visitors filling out
your CPA offer. Now, this HAS to be something that passionate people of your
chosen niche really wants. Stick to items under $10. The cheaper the better but
remember what I said above. It has to be something they truly WANT. This can be a
t-shirt, phone case, necklace or a keychain to name some of the main ones I use.
I really like to do cool lower priced items around $1 – $2 most of the time because
the profit is awesome so I recommend starting with something priced below $5.
You can find some amazing deals for some reaaally cool things on AliExpress. If
you’re into eCom then I’m sure this is a website you are all too familiar with.
If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, just see what’s selling in the eCom
world, look for those hot items that are selling, and go after the virtually untapped
freebie seeker portion of that audience. You’ll get a nice amount of buyers along the
way if you put the optional buy link at the bottom btw 😉
My suggestion is to find something I listed above on AliExpress for under $5. Take
your niche to the search field and do some digging. If you’re new to AliExpress
you’ll be surprised at the amount of awesomeness you have access to for such a low
So to make this visually stimulating let’s choose as an example to roll with. Here’s
an awesome wine phone case that I know converts well and it costs about $1.50.
This particular case has a ton of life in it as it’s still a fairly new concept so a lot of
Wine drinkers have yet to see this and this is something most wine lovers would
really want when they see.
So this is an example of something that definitely passes qualifications to be your
bait. Not to mention, this thing cost a buck – that makes for an awesome return.
The above picture is just fine for a picture to use as the other piece of content in the
2-column landing page set-up on your offer page. It’s like this:
(optional: skip to buy)
The page is set up in very simple format on purpose. It controls the visitors
attention to exactly where you want them to be. The optional part at the bottom IS
recommended, you always want to leave the window open for people who want to
skip the contest and buy.
Please check out this video walking you through the setup of your offer page.
Freebie seekers are the big target here. For those current Teespring/eCom folks,
this is a great method for those shirt/items that get a good response but no sales. If
you’ve ran any Teespring campaigns you know how BIG the “freebie” seeking crowd
really is. It’s those people who comment saying they want it or wish they could get
it, the people who tag their friends and ask them to buy for them, the thousands of
people who click over to your Teespring/product page and leave after seeing a
price outside their budget.
Ask an eCom guy about how many people they see adding things to the cart and not
buying. Or ask a Teespring guy how many times they’ve had a campaign with a lot
of “I want this” comments but no sales. Even the most successful campaign ever will
have waaaaaay more add to carts than checkouts. The checkouts are the buyers and
the others fall into the category of a freebie seeker. And there’s an enormous
amount of those people in every niche.
It’s not very hard to reach these people. The good thing is… the best way to reach
them IS through free traffic techniques as opposed to paid traffic.
Before I move on, I want to bring in the John scenario again to make sure things are
clear at this point.
So yeah, I’m John, I’m now a member of CPALead and AWM. I got a domain called to host my offer pages. I got ProfitBuilder so I can build those
offer pages. I chose Wine as my niche. I set up my Link Locker. I created a webform
in aweber with my Link Locker as the “Thank you” page. I found some cool Wine
cases for my bait and finished setting up my offer page.
Part 2: Getting traffic
Getting traffic is really simple. Free traffic really seems to be the best route with this
method, even after me trying almost every paid traffic source known to man testing
this technique, none of them returned a greater profit than the simple FREE
methods that follow.
Our focus in Instagram and Twitter.
Create a new Instagram and a new Twitter to match your current niche. It has to be
named something that will catch your target audience attention. Example: Wine
Lovers of Instagram.
First you HAVE to build the page up a bit. You NEED social proof before anyone
even sees your page so get some posts up on your page related to your niche. On
instagram just post at least 5 – 10 cool pics/meme/ecards etc that have something
to do with your niche. On Twitter, just make a few tweets related to your niche, you
can even go to another (Wine) page on Twitter and just use a few of their tweets
where they post an interested article or photo. You can also post the same memes
and ecards that you posted on your IG on your Twitter.
Make this a quick step, don’t get caught up on something simple like this. Sit down
in one sitting and spew out some content on your IG and your Twitter so it doesn’t
look like a ghost town. Make sure you follow some people to make your profile look
natural and of course you NEED to get followers before promoting. You need these
initial followers for social proof so it doesn’t matter if they are quality followers or
not, just grab some followers using a “Get Followers” service and presto! You’re
ready to go!
Try for Instagram followers. Great timing because their prices
just went down for an October blow out sale. Having this social proof is vital, people
will visit your page to determine if you’re legit or not. This is a clear cut situation, if
they go to your page and you don’t have many followers, you’re X’d out
immediately. If you have a good number of followers, you will appear more legit.
This is just how it is in today’s generation where follower count is something they
take very, very serious. For most of the general population, when they see someone
with a lot of followers, they automatically get a sense that they are important. And
when someone arrives to a page with 43 followers, they’ll take that person or
business less serious.
For this to work, you have to look good. The biggest hurdle of this method was
getting people to trust me. Getting them to trust the process enough to spend a
minute or two entering a contest that they might not win. EVERYTHING must be in
place exactly how I suggest for this to be profitable for you and one of the most
important things to have in place is to have at least a couple thousand followers on
Instagram and Twitter.
As far as Twitter follower services, they are everywhere. Really easy to find those, a
bit harder to find the IG services which is why I let you guys know where to go for
that. Just look around anywhere on Google or Fiverr for Twitter followers.
Got your followers up? Great.
Once you’ve got things looking good on your Instagram and Twitter, meaning:
– You’re following people
– You have a lot of followers
– Your profile looks professional
– You have a decent amount of social content related to your niche
…then you’re ready to get started. Think of this like setting up a Facebook fanpage.
You’ve already got a niche in mind, you choose an attractive name, you pretty up the
page a bit, choose a niche profile picture and then you’re ready to start running ads.
With Facebook it’s pretty much the same except you don’t need to build any content
or get pre-existing followers for it ads to work. It’s a MUST that you get this social
proof already going beforehand though with THIS method. Get this done quickly.
The IG service I gave you is very fast. And you can find an express seller on Fiverr
for Twitter followers.
One thing I almost forgot to mention, on Instagram, make sure you find a quick
Fiverr gig for Instagram LIKES. You NEED to have likes on the initial photos you
post up before starting. This is another important part of social proof that connects
the dots.
And…I’m John, I’m now a member of CPALead and AWM. I got a domain called to host my offer pages. I got ProfitBuilder so I can build those
offer pages. I chose Wine as my niche. I set up my Link Locker. I created a webform
in aweber with my Link Locker as the “Thank you” page. I found some cool Wine
cases for my bait and finished setting up my offer page. I created a Wine Lovers
page on Instagram and Twitter. I prettied them up, chose a good profile pic and put
up some good content. I got a lot of followers, my pre-existing photos on IG has
likes and my pages look professional.
At this point you are pretty much done with every aspect of setting up. If you
followed my suggestions to the TEE, you will be in the position to CONVERT like a
mad man.
What you need to do here is get a post up about your bait, leading to your offer
page. For instagram, just post a picture of the bait with a simple CTA in the
description leading them to your BIO(put your offer page link in bio). For Twitter,
just make a simple but descriptive tweet with a photo of your bait attached and PIN
it to the top of your profile.
Getting traffic to your page at this point is all about consistency and patience. You
want to start building up your pages with real followers that are laser targeted to
your niche using the almighty power of hashtags.
You need to set aside time everyday for each of these social networks to work on
your following. I suggest putting at least 15 minutes to each. The more time you
spend, the faster your following will grow but 15-20 minutes per day for each is
fine, I personally don’t work on this for much longer than that.
There are two different techniques you want to work on at the same time and that’s
building your following using hashtags and connecting with other authority pages
within your niche.
Build your following to develop a real, consistent income stream long down the line
instead only running flash in the pan campaigns. Commit to the niche you choose
for this method, this isn’t the kind of method where you hop around from niche to
niche, which is why I told you to make sure you chose a niche with a nice sized
audience and one that’s proven to be profitable.
The jumping around will come in to play when you’re testing different bait items.
Test everything you think is really cool that will get your target audience excited.
Like I said, I’ve had and am having a ton of success with keychains, necklaces,
phonecases, and shirts. Don’t stop there though, I’ve also had a lot of success with
other outside the box items you can find on AliExpress like toys or little gadgets for
an example.
Connecting with authority pages
This is 1 of 2 traffic getting techniques you need to work on during your daily CPA
Expressway time. You MUST connect with pages in your niche that already have a
decent following.
This is easy. Just search for pages in your niche using the search feature – when you
find pages, be sure to write them down somewhere in a list. As soon as you find a
page, just start liking a bunch of their pictures(IG) or retweeting and favoriting a
bunch of their tweets(Twitter). This will grab their attention.
It may not get their attention on the first day. But if you continue to show them love,
without a doubt, you will get their attention. You want to show love to your list of
pages for at least 2 or 3 days without saying a word. Within that time frame, you
should notice some of your love being returned in the form of them FOLLOWING
you back or liking some of your pictures/tweets or in the best scenario possible,
sharing your “bait” post.
During this 2 or 3 days of showing love to your list of pages, you also want to snoop
around their posts/tweets and FOLLOW the people who are liking or
retweeting/favoriting. You can also just go the pages FOLLOWERS, and start
following them from there.
After this 2 or 3 days passes, it’s time to reach out to your list. Whatever means you
have to contact them do it. For those of them who followed you back, simply send
them a Direct Message. For those who didn’t follow back, just drop a comment on
an old picture(IG) or just send them a tweet(Twitter).
I’m really not going to tell you guys EXACTLY what to say because the specifics
aren’t important and also we don’t want a thousand people sending the same
worded message over and over on IG or Twitter and letting their filters catch up.
Use your own words and simply let them know about what you’ve got going on.
You’ll be surprised how many people will respond back quickly with lots of interest.
This is a set-up that impresses a lot of these pages so they would love to offer it to
their following because it will help them look good to their fans.
And of course, money talks. Make sure to include that you are willing to do a “pay
for post” situation where you pay them a couple bucks to post your ad. 75% of
people I reach out to turn out to be interested. Depending on the size of the pages at
hand, I’m usually willing to pay anywhere around $5 – $25 per post. If it’s a really
huge page, into the hundreds of thousands or millions, I’d definitely go higher
because the return would be astronomical regardless.
This kind of traffic converts GREAT – and just like running ads, the more traffic you
send the more you will make. With the CPA Expressway method, any investment for
traffic you do make is always far smaller than every popular paid traffic source out
For most niches you can find a bunch of niche related Twitter and Instagram pages,
you want to reach out to all of them. Yeah, some of them will be marketers who are
already making money from the page, that’s fine – you’ll find a some of them being
interested as well and willing to work with you. You’ll run into this scenario every
once and a while, these people are a bit more saavy and probably won’t go for the
pay for post model. When you run into this situation, just try to work with them!
Even a 50/50 will mean profit for you! You’ll reach all kinds of people who react in
different ways but NUMBERS should be your focus. Get out there start talking to
Build your following with hashtags
All the while your doing the above, you want to make sure you are building your
own following so eventually you won’t have to depend on anyone for traffic and you
have a solid, consistent income stream in a profitable niche.
As I said earlier, you want to always remain super active liking, retweeting,
favoriting, and just showing a lot of love to authority pages AND their fans. When
you see someone who’s your prime target, just shower them with some love on
their page and often times you will get a follow back. Especially on Instagram.
Using the search features on Instagram and Twitter and searching using different
hashtags related to your niche is very effective in finding those prime targets of
people who you want seeing your bait. Simply showing them love will often get love
back in the form of a follow to start, and when they see your bait, you’ll get love in
the form of CASH!
So I’d search hashtags like #winelovers, #ilovewine #ineedwine, #wineenthusiast
and anything else I can think of. Anyone posting these kind of hashtags is usually
someone I want seeing my bait.
Do the same thing here, simply go to people’s page who post these hashtags related
to your niche and show them love. You can follow some of them as well, but lean
more towards showing love because there are restrictions with how many people
you can follow per hour on Twitter and Instagram and that changes all the time.
Currently, I believe it’s around 30 for Instagram and right around the same for
Maintain a nice mixture between seeking out and contacting pages in your niche
and siphoning fans by snooping around their pages and by finding people through
hashtag searching and you will have a nice sized authority niche page in NO TIME,
trust me!!
Bonus: Paid traffic that works
Okay, so there’s one way to get a boost by using paid traffic but this is THE only paid
traffic source/technique that I actually make good money with and this all started
more recently. I tried my hand with Facebook for a while and spent a lot of money
without any significant return. In the end, I figured out the only way to put up a
fight with Facebook ads is to run video ads and you’ve got to make sure you’re
getting penny views.
This isn’t about FB ads though, it’s tough and I’m still doing a bunch of testing
trying to get to the point where I’m make a good return. However, there is one
traffic source that is newer and on the rise that I am just going googly eyes over and
that is Pinterest Ads.
Not talking about “buyable pins” but “promoted pins” where you actually post a pin
and promote it with ads. I don’t think this is publicly open to where you can just
walk up and open an ads account like Facebook but I think it is pretty easy to get in.
All you have to do is go to Pinterest and sign up for Promoted pins. They take a few
days to a week or more to get back to you but everyone I’ve told this to so far got
accepted pretty quickly.
Once you’re accepted you can get started by posting your first pin and promoting it!
As far as setting up ads go, it is SO simple. I love it. It’s kind of limited on features
and stuff, no crazy targeting capabilities like Facebook but that’s not needed over
here. Target broad. Broad!!
You can get a TON of engagements and clicks at a low price if you’re bait is
something that people really want, which will get people clicking through to your
website from your pin.
This is just $15 of ad spend on ONE campaign. To be clear, that’s 31k impressions
and 1.7k engagements for 15 bucks! And these are HIGH converting clicks. Of all
those engagements I had about 200 clicks to my website. I didn’t have a conversion
pixel set up so it shows 0 but I made about $70 from this $15 spend. This kind of
ROI in the CPA world is pretty much unheard of.
Here’s a quick walk-through of setting up a Pinterest ad. First you need to post a
pin, which is just a pic and a description just like any other ad.
Choose Get traffic to your website.
Click Create a new traffic campaign
Enter as many keywords related to your interest as you want. I suggest 5 – 10
keywords per ad set. These are Pinterest search terms. Head over to Pinterest and
start searching different terms for your niche and check out some of the
suggestions they give as well. Pinterest ads are just a little bit different from
Facebook ads in the way you want to approach the targeting in that you want to
always go as broad as possible.
Start each ad at a $5 daily budget with no more than 10 keywords(interests). If
more keywords remain, launch another ad at $5 for those seperate keywords. Do
this for however many keywords you can find and for however much you want to
commit to spending every day. I bump the daily budget up slowly every other day if
my ROI is positive. Simple as that.
Then, choose your location, language, device and choose a specific gender or both.
Lastly, you choose CPC bid. I suggest bidding at the top end of the suggested bid.
This traffic convert great and sometimes I even go above the suggested limit to bid
strongly and get even more traffic.
PINTEREST ADS ROCK. They are converting great for me promoting both sale items
where people have to pull out their credit card AND this CPA Expressway method
where they just have to enter a contest to win.
That’s it!
Don’t hesitate, hit the ground running and follow everything you just went through
to the TEE and just WATCH the magic unfold! Make sure you choose a profitable
niche and go hunt for some awesome bait!!!!!
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