Done For You List Building Funnel

Done For You List Building Funnel
Killer List Blueprint
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Killer List Blueprint
Introduction: The Most Important Chapter of this course
Hi there. Thanks for downloading my report. You just made a wise move, because I’m
about to show you some very practical ways to build a responsive email subscriber’s
list. And with it, a permanent income stream for you. But before I jump into things, I’d
like to tell you one thing, you should listen to this carefully- this introductory section is
the most important part of this report. Let me repeat, this introductory section is the
most important part of this report. So, please pay attention. Try to grasp everything I
discuss here. If you do, list building would be a “no problemo” thing for you.
Listen, when I started to build my own list back in 2009, I went through several courses
to master the techniques and to jump start my List building efforts. The courses were
from very successful Internet marketers. Some of the courses were video courses, and
some were just reports. Every angle of list building methods and strategies were
discussed in those courses. However, I noticed one thing common in all of the courses.
Almost half of the course materials were dedicated to a motivational purpose, to
motivate the readers on list building rather than teaching the readers different list
building methods. That means that they spent half of the course to motivate the
readers to stick with the techniques they are going to teach in the latter half of the
course. In a 12-part-List-building-video tutorial, I noticed that the first 5 of them were
motivational. They utilized all their experience, all their enthusiasm, and all their wits to
motivate us towards building an email list.
Sales funnels, JV giveaways, Solo ads, product launches, etc. are some of the proven list
building methods. But no methods will build us an email list of subscribers, unless we
go for it, unless we take actions, and unless we stick to our actions. How are we going
Killer List Blueprint
to stick to our actions? We have to be focused enough; we have to be motivated
enough to stick to the list building process.
So, what could motivate us the most? Well, they knew it all right! Money, what else! It
is the most powerful motivator of all time. It is true for almost everybody. That’s what
they were trying to do! They were trying to convince us that there is money in the list.
And if we can build one, we could earn money from it.
In most List building courses, I noticed an almost identical introduction. First, the writer
or the coach will introduce himself or herself. Then they will share his or her life’s story
– the story of that time when they hadn’t started list building and making money. They
would mention their financial and general condition and their social standings with
Why? Why did they bother to share their lives with us? Because they wanted to show
us that they were at the same position as we are now. To show us that they were not
super humans, but rather ordinary human like us; who made mistakes, felt frustrated,
and felt lost. Still, being an ordinary human being like us, they could build a list and
make money. Why it would be different in our case? They did it from scratch, and we
can too!
Next, they would discuss how they started their List building; their initial successes and
failures; how they were further motivated by their first successes, and how they
overcame their failures.
Why? Because, we will be experiencing the same successes and failures if we are going
Killer List Blueprint
to build our list. They discussed the exact incidents that are going to take place in the
case of our own list building efforts.
Next, they would show us some proof of their earnings from their subscriber’s mailing
list. Not only that, there would be examples of their students, who are successful list
builders by now, and are making money from it. This is a very interesting and highly
motivating move. This is when most of us decide that we are going to go for it.
So, as you can see, we can build a money-making list of our own if we try. But there are
conditions. They have indicated those conditions in his or her life stories. The purpose
of sharing their life stories with us was merely an attempt at pointing out the
conditions related to our list building. Their point was “unless we fulfill these
conditions, we cannot be successful building a list.” So let’s see,what the conditions are
that we can summarize from these life stories:
Condition 1: We have to convincingly believe that a list of subscribers will make us an
income stream.
Condition 2: We have to believe that, like Tom, Dick, and Harry, we too have the ability
to build a list.
Condition 3: We have to take list building as any other business where many obstacles
may arise, and we have to be determined enough to overcome them.
Fulfill these conditions, and we can build a list of 100 subscribers very quickly. Stick with
the process, and our list will reach 5,000 subscribers in no time!
So are we ready to start our list building? Are we ready with these three conditions? If
Killer List Blueprint
yes, we’ll move forward together to our success.
Note: Many terms may seem unfamiliar to us if we are just starting out our Internet
marketing journey. We may not understand many words while going through this
report. Don’t bother and just go on! We are going to grasp every term by the time you
reach the end of this report. Don’t let a small obstacle stop our journey to success.
Alternately, we can always Google any term to know what it means!
So, what are we going to get from this course?
Firstly, we are going to show you some simple list building techniques that just about
anyone can do, but more importantly, they are DEADLY effective when it comes to
having a responsive email list, and building an online business.
Secondly, we are going to show you how you can build a list in 90 days that will earn
you at least $3,000 per month. That means, if you follow this course and put into
practice what is said here for 90 days, you will be able to build a list that will give you at
least $3,000 per month, and your earnings will grow from there with the numbers of
your subscribers.
I know; you are thinking: “would it be possible for me to earn $3,000 per month after
90 days?” Yes, it would be possible. Just get the list built, and the money will roll in. It is
that straightforward. It is simple math! I am going to show you right now how simple it
Killer List Blueprint
Let’s say that our target after 90 days is to earn $3,000 in one month — so we have to
earn $100 per day.
Let’s say that we have a product that gives us a $25 commission per sale. Yes, yes; I
know we don’t have any product right now. But let’s assume that we have, because we
are going to show how we can have one in this very course! Now, we have to make four
sales a day to earn $100 per day as commissions from our product.
If the conversion rate of our product is 1%, (that means our product makes one sale in
100 clicks), our offer will need 400 clicks per day to make four sales. Now, if only 10% of
the total subscribers of our list click to our offer, we have to have a list of 4,000
subscribers. So, you see, we have to build a list of 4,000 subscribers to make $100 per
day or $3,000 per month. Is it possible in 90 days?
Okay, to build a list of 4,000 subscribers in 90 days, we need 45 new subscribers per day
from our sign up form (opt-in form) at our site. At a 30% opt-in rate, we will need 150
targeted visitors per day to get 45 new opt-ins per day! Simple! Does it seem impossible
to us now?
Let’s Grasp the List Building Process
You see, there are only two basic parts involved in the list building engine. They are:
1. Traffic and
2. A Sales funnel
We have to attract traffic in and drive them out through our sales funnel. That would
Killer List Blueprint
build our list, and make us money. We are going to make money while we are building
our list; i.e., building a list and making money simultaneously! Then we are going to
utilize our list to make money repeatedly. That’s true. We will make money out of our
list, as long as they keep our subscription. But first, we have to understand what a sales
funnel is and what it does. We will discuss the methods of driving traffic into a sales
funnel after that.
Sales Funnel
If we want to keep it simple, we can say that a sales funnel is nothing but a series of
web pages. These web pages are arranged methodically one after another, interlinking
with each other. If the traffic passes through the pages, they transform from random
prospect to qualified leads and finally, to buyers.
Say some web visitors visit the 1st web page (squeeze page) of our sales funnel. At this
time, we can call them “random visitors.” If they go to the 2nd web page of our sales
funnel passing through the 1st page, they are no longer a random visitor. Their interest
on the issue on the 1st page drove them to the 2nd page, and turned them in to “leads”
or “prospects” to us. By the time they reach the 3rd page of our sales funnel, they
would become our “buyers,” because we would put some products on our 2nd web
page of our sales funnel. They could not go to our 3rd web page, unless they buy that
product. The interesting thing is our buyer bought one product from us so far, but we
captured their email in the process. Now, we can send them emails with our other
offers, our own or affiliate, any time we want.
Below is a step by step example of how sales funnel works.
Killer List Blueprint
We are going to discuss how we can set up a sales funnel for us that is similar to this
right ahead.
The sales funnel is a series of inter-linking web pages. But there must be some
important and interesting elements in these pages that would entice the visitors to visit
one page after another. We must prepare these elements before we put together a
sales funnel. The elements needed are:
1. A free giveaway product
2. A product to sell and make money
3. A series of pre-written emails
4. Services of an email auto-responder company and
5. Services of a payment processor
1. A free giveaway product
This product can be a report on a specific issue of Internet marketing, a video tutorial,
or it can be software that solves specific problems. If a visitor is interested in learning
Killer List Blueprint
specific things and getting it for free, he or she generally jumps for it, giving away their
name and email address. And that’s the exact thing we are trying to capture; their
names and email addresses.
2. A product to sell and make money
After we get the name and email, we place this product in front of the visitors to buy.
Some of them buy immediately, and some decide not to buy at this point.
Note: We will discuss how we can make the products we need for our sales funnel.
3. A series of pre-written emails
We have to prepare some strong, motivating emails that discuss the benefits of our
paid product. We are going to send these emails to the people who did not buy our
paid product the first time we placed it before them. They may change their mind after
learning the benefits through the emails we sent.
4. Service of an auto-responder company
An auto-responder is a compulsory tool for every list builder. An auto-responder is a
software database for email and an email list management system. We keep our list of
subscribers in this account. It collects and manages the sign-ups for us. We can set a
pre-written email sequence to send out to our subscribers with the auto responder.
Despite the pre-written email sequence, we can send a special email called “broadcast
email” with our offer any time we want.
We have to pay monthly fees to use an auto-responder service. This is the only monthly
investment we have to carry in this business model. Charges are different for different
companies and vary from $10 to $20 per month initially. There are many autoresponder
companies on the market. Aweber and Getresponce are the two best, in my
opinion. I use both, but prefer Getresponce over Aweber because I can buy some
Killer List Blueprint
cheap leads from Getresponce that converts well for me and makes a few bucks!
Moreover, there are some excellent training videos in the member area!
5. Service of a payment processor
We will need a payment processor to get paid for our products. We need a payment
processor, so that we can put a clickable link for “pay now” on our product pages for
our visitors. We will use PayPal for this purpose because it is internationally accepted
and easy to use. Therefore it is important to create an account with if we do
not have one already. There are categories for the accounts at PayPal, depending on
the purpose. We need to pay or receive payment. So we need a “Business account.”
However, a basic account could be upgraded to a “Business Account” any time needed.
There will be easy instructions of how to generate codes for “pay now” buttons in the
PayPal dashboard. All we have to do is follow instructions to generate a “pay now”
button code and place it in appropriate places on our web pages.
How to create Give away and paid products and the
Pre-written Email series
We need a product to give away for free in exchange for the emails, and we need at
least another product to sell to them. Let’s say, we offer a free report on “How to build
an email list fast” in exchange for their emails. But if they find the report not intriguing,
they will “unsubscribe” from our list as soon as they finish reading our report. To keep
them on our list, we should make them think, “Oh, yes, I can build a list and make
money with this!” The same goes for the product we are going to offer to them to buy.
Killer List Blueprint
If we are just starting out the journey, my advice is to pay the experts in the relative
fields to create the products. It will cost us $200 to $500. We can find someone on
oDesk, Elance, or the Warrior forum to make our products.
But there are ways we can put together a report for free as well. W90e need to spend a
bit of time, and do a bit of research for that. First, we are going to find some contents
on the subject from the web. We can find many places with such content from a Google
search. We have to go through them to make a complete picture of a subject and then
we have to write our own report from the findings. It doesn’t have to be a very long
report! 20-30 pages will be enough!
An easier option will be to buy a Private Label Rights (PLR) report similar to our subject,
and then rewrite it to make it unique. , http://master-resalerights.
com and are some of PLR sites. There are many sites on the
web that sell PLR products. We can acquire a report or two for $5-$10. A piece.
Making a unique free giveaway product that has some value is the key to list building.
We are expecting names and emails in exchange for this product. This product is
compulsory for a sales funnel.
The product that we want to sell to our list will have to be on same subject as our free
report. It may be an extension, a step by step tutorial, a video tutorial, or software that
supplements our free report. This product is called a “one-time time offer” or “OTO” in
the sales funnel. We cannot compromise with its quality if we want to make some
money out of it. We can write a free giveaway report from scratch, but making a
product to sell is a different issue. We would advise goinjg to an expert to create our
Killer List Blueprint
first paid product. Like I said, it may cost between $200-$500. We can be assured that
we can earn many times more shortly if we invest this amount initially. Experts can be
found on the places like oDesk, Elance, the Warrior forum, and marketplaces similar to
We recommend that we obtain our own product to sell to our list. We can maximize
our profit by taking the full advantages of our subscribers. But we can place an affiliate
product there to sell as well, if we are short of investment right now to create our
product. In that case, we have to find a product from the market related to our free
report. The owner of this product is somebody else, but we can place it on our thank
you page and make an affiliate commission on any sale.
There are many places that we can find a similar affiliate product of high value. Click
Bank, Digiresults, Warrior Forum, Rap Bank, and JVZoo are a few popular places. Just
find a related product from there, and become an affiliate. We have to place the
product on our web pages with the affiliate link to make a commission out of the sale.
It was mentioned earlier that we need some motivating pre-written email sequence to
place in our auto-responder. We can make our pre-written email sequence via the same
method we use to create our free and paid products.
Now we know about the elements that are needed in our sales funnel. Let’s get to the
web pages of our sales funnel. The web pages we are going to make initially are as
1. A squeeze page
2. A thank you page with OTO and
Killer List Blueprint
3. A product download page
1. Squeeze page
Check the picture below, it is a screen shot of a Squeeze page.
What do we see here that is important? A web page containing a beautiful picture of a
tropical sea beach in the background? Okay, this is important too! The eye-catching
background gives us a pleasant experience, changes our mood, and maybe entices us to
visit those kinds of places! But the center of attraction is the rectangular box hanging in
the middle of the picture with some easy to understand text written on it. The message
is very clear and to the point. It says, take this report for free! Yes, for free! Free for you
if you are interested in learning about the list building system. Well, leave us your email
here so that we can deliver the report. We are also going to send you a series of related
content that will supplement this report and your list building efforts.
Killer List Blueprint
Effective Squeeze page Tips
 Use simple and basic design
 Use a simple auto-responder web form
 Start with an intriguing headline
 Provide benefits in bullet form
 Include a specific call to action
 Include an image of a free giveaway product
 Add an introductory video
 Guide the visitor with an arrow mark
 Include a “Disclaimer” and a “Privacy Policy”
We do not have to add all these features in one squeeze page, but only what is needed.
We can discard many features if we add an introductory video that describes the
benefits of our report.
2. Thank you page & One-Time Offer (OTO)
The Thank you page is another web page like our “Squeeze page.” We send the visitors
to this page immediately after they agree to take our Free Report and give us their
names and email numbers at our “Squeeze page.” The page is meant to thank them for
downloading our report for free. We also thank them to give us the opportunity to send
them additional tips on list building.
One-Time Offer (Instant money maker)
Killer List Blueprint
By this time, we already gave away our free report and captured their emails. We also
thanked them at our “Thank You page” for downloading our free report. Here, in this
very thank you page, we are going to offer our paid product with a discount. We sell
this at higher prices at other places. This offer is called a “One-Time Offer” or OTO.
They can see this OTO only once. If they take it now, they will get it at a discounted
price. If they don’t, they will lose the opportunity to buy it at a lower price. Conversion
of OTO into sales is much higher because of the psychology behind the process.
Placement of the OTO on the “Thank you page” gives us the opportunity to start
earning right after our visitors decide to grab the free report at our squeeze page.
We need a convincing sales letter for our OTO product. We can outsource our sales
letter or create it for free at
We should also familiarize ourselves with two terms, upsell and downsell, that will
come in handy at the next stage. An upsell page is a web page with our payment
processor, where a visitor can purchase one of our products. If they do not buy it on the
upsell page and try to move away, they are redirected to another web page called the
downsell page. Here, they can purchase the same product at a reduced price (and
possibly with reduced features).
Here is a screen shot of a Thank you page:
Killer List Blueprint
3. Product Download Page
This web page is the web page where we keep the link of our product to download. The
visitor is sent here if they buy our product at our thank you page. They can download
the product immediately after they make the payment at our thank you page. Here is
an example page:
Killer List Blueprint
Many visitors can opt not to buy our OTO product at our thank you page. But we can
place our product in front of them many more times. We will send them a series of
emails telling the benefits of our product with a link to buy our product.
Now, our simple sales funnel is complete with these three simple web pages, a squeeze
page, a thank you page, and a product download page. Driving traffic to our squeeze
page will build us a list at the same time as making us some money. We will discuss a
killer sales funnel strategy later in this report.
How to Design Our Web Pages
Killer List Blueprint
Our Squeeze page is the most important element of this business model. It is our
greatest tool to convert our visitors into our subscribers. So, we recommend you go to a
professional to design your squeeze page if you have some money to invest. But there
are tons of free ways to get an effective squeeze page if we do not want to invest
money at this point. We are going to discuss the two best ways to generate a simple
squeeze page.
Free Template
Don’t be fooled into thinking that we need to have web design skills to develop a
squeeze page. There are plenty of templates available that we can use. We recommend for free squeeze page templates. We can sign up for
free, and follow the instructions to set up a simple squeeze page. Just spend some time
and play a bit with the templates and tools until you are satisfied with the squeeze page
you generate.
There are tons of free squeeze page templates on the web. All you have to do is Google
search “Free squeeze page templates,” and select one you like.
Using Word Press Platform
If we go for the simplest way to get a squeeze page, this is it. The only thing we have to
do is install Word Press software. There are tons of free manuals and Youtube videos on
how to install Word Press. There are tons of free and paid Word Press squeeze page
themes on the Internet too! Just Google it to find it and use it to generate your squeeze
Killer List Blueprint
page. Here are some free and paid Word Press theme sources we can utilize:
Free WP Squeeze Page Themes at
– Optimizepress at
– Squeeze Theme at
– Flex Squeeze at
Similarly, we can generate our thank you page and download page using the same
Now that we have our sales funnel web pages at hand, we will need some additional
tools that are a must to set up our sales funnel. We need a domain name and a hosting
account to upload our web pages. And we need the service of an auto-responder
company to send our emails with offers in bulk to our list.
First, we need a domain name to keep our web pages recognized on the web. Choose a
domain name of your choice. A domain name with the extension of dot com, dot net or
dot org works best on the web. We have to register the domain name to make it our
own. There are many domain registrant companies but I use and We need a hosting company after we acquire a domain.
There are many web hosting services on the market. I use Host Gator. We can start with
Host Gator, paying as little as $ 3.96 per month. Blue Host is also a good option. These
two are the best and the most professional on the market. But that’s my opinion. We
can choose any company we want. Just make sure the hosting company we are
choosing is supported by the c-panel system. We have to sign up for a hosting account
choosing a suitable package and upload our Squeeze Page, Thank You page, and
Killer List Blueprint
Download page to our hosting account. In our hosting member area, we can find some
video training on how to upload our files in our c-panel. There are tons of videos on the
YouTube site as well.
Killer Sales Funnel Strategy
We have discussed how to make a simple sales funnel already. Now we are going to set
a killer sales funnel strategy. The idea is to place our offer in front of our visitor as many
times as possible. That will increase the possibility of our sales. We have created this
funnel based upon the trial and error systems over the years, and it works great for us.
We need a few more web pages and a few more products to implement our killer
strategy. We don’t have a few more products? Not to worry, we can always use affiliate
products and make commissions! Now, look at this diagram below and try to
understand the flow:
Scenario 1
Killer List Blueprint
(1) OTTO: We got the email address we are looking for, as soon as someone signed-up
at our squeeze page. We will immediately send them to our thank you page with our
OTO. Let’s say we sell a list-building report at our website for $37, and we are giving
away the same for $10 at our OTO page.
(1.1) Upsell: Congratulations to us for our first sale. A subscriber has just become a
customer! But why stop there? Let’s grab the opportunity to place another product
before our customer!
1.2) Upsell 2: If they bought the OTO and Upsell 1 then there is an opportunity to show
them the Upsell 2 products.
Scenario 2
We sent our subscriber to our thank you page with OTO; it’s turned down. It can
happen. But in that situation, we will send them to our downsell page, where they can
buy the equivalent product (with reduced features) at a lower price. We will include a
downsell page after every Upsell page on the same principle.
There will always be some subscribers who end up purchasing nothing. But we can send
them our convincing pre-written auto responder emails to persuade them.
Methods of Driving Traffic to your Sales Funnel
Now that our sales funnel is complete, our primary task will be driving traffic to our
squeeze page, as many as we can, in as many ways as we can. More traffic to our
squeeze page means more sign ups, and more sign ups mean more sales.
Killer List Blueprint
There are many proven ways to derive traffic to our squeeze page. Some generate
random visitors and some targeted visitors. Some are free methods and some need
investment. A successful list builder hardly uses all the methods to drive traffic. It is a
bit difficult to master and run all the methods simultaneously. Mastering one or two
techniques is more convenient, and brings a satisfactory result as well.
We are not going to discuss all the methods in depth here. Discussing each traffic
driving method in-depth would require a separate report for each method! We are
going to discuss two free methods and two paid methods of traffic generation. We will
take it a step further and actually disclose which four strategies have worked the best
for us and which ones have brought the most subscribers.
Free Methods
1. Blogging
Blogging is one of the best free methods for getting targeted traffic to visit our squeeze
page. We already have our domain name and hosting account. Now, we have to setup
a Word Press blog. There are many video tutorials on how to set up a Word Press blog
on the net. We have to post new and fresh content daily at least twice, the more the
better, always with a link or two to our squeeze page. We are going to add our autoresponder
opt-in form at the side bar of our blog as well.
A Word Press blog always gets traffic. Whatever we post on our blog, there will be
visitors to read it. We are going to post content related to our gift if we want targeted
traffic at our opt-in form. Let’s say our gift is a report on list building. We should post
contents that are related to listing building. This way, the reader will know what to
Killer List Blueprint
expect from our gift before they opt-in. That makes them a targeted prospect, and we
can consider them our valuable leads.
We have to write our content that we are going to post at our blog. The interesting
thing is, most of us think that we do not have any writing ability what-so-ever. But in
the end, most of us (Internet marketers) become pretty good writers! The thing is, we
can write if we try to write. Initially, it won’t be easy but with practice and persistence,
it comes out fine! We cannot write, say on list building, if we do not know anything
about list building. The key here is to find valuable contents on list building and read
and research the subject. We can always write or rewrite on an issue of list building in
our own words if we know about it.
There is the alternate way to get content if we do not want to write ourselves. We can
invest some money to get content written by others. It may cost $3- $10 for a 500 word
article. There are marketplaces for these writers often called “ghost writers.” We can
find them at, or even at Another good place
for cheap content is Here we can get a 500 word article for $3 apiece.
Traffic generation with blogging is the most stable way to get targeted traffic. This
method alone could fulfill our target of 45 subscribers per day. Setting up a blog with
the first content may not bring expected visitors. But the number of visitors grow very
fast if we post our contents regularly. Visitors increase with the age of the blog as well.
Overtime it collects visitors from search engines.
The ey to the success with the blogging is the consistency; that is posting fresh content
at regular intervals. That being said, there are many rules, good practices, techniques,
tricks and tips for blogging successfully. Going through a course on blogging is a good
Killer List Blueprint
idea to take full advantage of blogging. We recommend the best course in the current
market named, “Blogging to the Bank.”
2. JV (Joint-venture) Give away
JV Give away is the event where some Internet marketers come together and submit
their gift. These gifts could be a report, a video tutorial, or software or any IM related
element. All the gifts of the contributors are kept in the JV Give away site, that is, on a
web page. Everyone on the Internet is free to visit this page and download gifts for free
in exchange for their email. Not only that, all the contributors (who obviously possess a
considerable sized list of subscribers) are bound to drive their own traffic to the page.
Now, we can get many sign-ups for free if we become a contributor and submit our gift
for such an event.
Where to find these JV giveaway events? There are two kinds. One is public, and
another is private. Public JV Giveaway events are open for all to contribute, and many
events could be found at any time from a Google search. Just type “JV Give Away
Events.” Each event may have different rules, so we have to go through their terms
before we decide to submit our gift. Here are few popular public JV Giveaway events:
Private JV Giveaways work like public JV Giveaways. But the role of a contributor is not
open to all. Each day, many private JV Giveaway events take place. All we have to do is
find them. We can find them by searching Google or by building personal relationship
with Internet marketers. There are a number of JV groups on Skype. We can find a
Killer List Blueprint
highly active Skype group with the purchase of a JV giveaway event hosting plugin on
Wordpress named JV Giveaway plugin.
With this plugin we can run our own JV giveaway events and request other contributors
to join in. WP Venture is a similar plug-in. These plug-ins are easy to set up and come
with an instruction manual.
These are the two best free list building methods. These have proved to bring success.
We were heavily dependent on these two methods for our own list building at the
initial stage. We are using a few paid methods currently, but we never stopped using
the two free methods we discussed here.
Paid method
1. Solo Ad
We are starting to build our subscribers list, but many marketers have been doing it for
5 or 10 years. They have huge numbers of subscribers on their list. One of the many
ways to earn from the list of subscribers is to send another person’s email for a small
fee. The people that are paying the list owner generally attach few links to his or her
squeeze page in the email. This system of advertisement to another person’s
subscribers is called a Solo Ad.
There are places where we can buy at $30, $100, or $300 a Solo Ad from the sites like,, or Directory of Ezines.
A Solo Ad is one of the cheaper and effective methods of building a targeted list very
fast. We can easily fulfill our quota of 45 subscribers a day with this system.
Killer List Blueprint
2. Free WSO
This is a cool way to get targeted subscribers, and we have been doing it over and over
since 2009. I am talking about offering our gift to, WSO section for
free. WSO stands for Warrior Special offer. The general rule is to offer a deal for Warrior
Forum members at a much lower price. That means the deal is offered at higher price
on some other websites or marketplaces. WSO is a privilege for the Warrior Forum
members. We can offer a deal as WSO and earn money but there is also an option to
offer a WSO for free.
Why bother to offer our gift to Warrior Forum? It’s because of the traffic. 20 to 30
thousand or more people worldwide are logged in at any given time. We have the
chance to place our offer in front of 20 to 30 thousand pairs of eye. Isn’t that intriguing!
Do we need more traffic to fulfill our quota of 45 subscribers per day?
Running a WSO, free or paid, requires special skills and understanding. We can go and
try to post an offer (which will cost $ 40 per WSO) at Warrior Forum and learn the
process with trial-and-error methods. This has been the process since 2009. We can
also take advantage of our step by step video tutorial on how to create a product, how
to post it as a WSO and how to get most out of our WSO. Our tutorial can be found
Subscribe & Unsubscribe
You see, some of our subscribers will unsubscribe from our list. There is an option to
unsubscribe from the list at the bottom of every email we send through our auto-
Killer List Blueprint
responder account. Unsubscribing happens to every list builder in the world. It is
normal. We subscribe to a newsletter because it appears valuable to us. We expect
valuable content related to the product we are interested in. But after some time, the
newsletter may not appear as valuable as it looked before. Or we may lose interest to
the product or the niche related to it. We generally unsubscribe in this situation. So, we
cannot afford to stop our list building efforts. We have to look out for new subscribers
all the time. A number of new subscribers with a few un-subscribers will keep our list
healthy and on the rise.
That’s all from “”. But don’t forget to check our tutorial “”. (Insert your product page link
Final Statement
We are going to build a list of at least 4,000 subscribers in 90 days, if we put into action
what we have learned here. We are going to earn at least $3,000 a month with our list.
What that means is we have to setup our sales funnel and make it fully functional first.
Then we are going to use the traffic driving methods described in this report to derive
traffic for our sales funnel for 90 days. It would be easier for us if we follow the action
steps below. We have to complete one step before we move on to the next.
Action Steps
1. Prepare/outsource a free give away report
2. Prepare/outsource a related product to sell or find a related affiliate product as an
Killer List Blueprint
3. Prepare/outsource a sales letter for your OTO product
3. Prepare/outsource a series of pre-written emails
4. Prepare/outsource a Squeeze page, thank you page, and product download page
5. Buy domain name, hosting account, and auto-responder account
6. Upload the web pages to the domain and hosting account
7. Set thank you page with OTO and email sequence at the auto-responder account
8. Test the sales funnel
9. Start driving traffic for 90 days
10. Don’t stop there, keep driving the traffic. :D)
———That’s all folks! Happy List Building!——–
List of Resources:
Domain name Registrant:
Hosting account:
Payment Processor:
Killer List Blueprint
Outsourcing Marketplace:
PLR Sites:
Marketplaces for affiliate products
Resources for html Squeeze page
Sales page creator
JV Giveaways
JV Giveaway event word press plugin
WP Venture
JV Giveaway Plugin
Killer List Blueprint
Solo Ad Resources,
Directory of Ezines.
Resources for word press hosted Squeeze page
List Building
This will be more than enough to get you started with building your list efforts, but if
you’re eager to take your list building and Internet Marketing profits to the next level,
we highly recommend checking out the offer below.
Click Here To Find Out More
(Linked To Your Site)

Email Cash Blueprint

Email Cash Blueprint
#1: 7 Days of Content Emails
makes your customers know, like & trust you more. Establishes you as the expert.
have to be 7 days, can be 3 or so. Whatever works best
email provides value on a certain topic
can lead the last email into a promotion
#2: 3 Day Pre-Sale Emails
boosts your conversions on the offer.
can also be valuable content, which makes your customers like you more.
this to capture interest in an offer. Build up anticipation for the launch.
emails should convince people why they need to grab the offer when it’s released.
email can state the problem, 2nd email can state the offer as a solution, 3rd email
can give more info on the offer & lead into the upcoming launch.
#3: Sell High-Ticket Offers
way to make $1k is to sell something for $1k.
though the price is higher, the offer will still convert.
can open your own highticket
offers, or even promote someone else’s offer.
can be a ‘doneforyou’
offer. Coaching also works great.
can always have a link to this under your signature in emails.
#4: Involve Scarcity Into Your Emails
converts into sales. It’s proven.
can raise the price at a certain point, or close the offer.
countdown timer will really help to improve the effect.
warn them to take action before the timer runs out, or they’ll miss out.
can add this into just about everything you’re promoting.
#5: Involve Curiosity Into Your Emails
will drive people to open, click & buy.
don’t give too much away in your subject lines or emails.
them a reason to click to find out more.
will boost open rates & click through rates.
subjects: “WOW! I Did Not Expect This…” or “Boost Your Profit With THIS…”
#6: Add Bonuses Into Your Promos
people a reason to buy through your affiliate link rather than someone else’s.
works especially great on affiliate promotions.
will give you an upper hand on big launches.
can give out anything as a free bonus when people buy through your link.
the bonus relates to the offer you’re promoting, it will do great.
If promoting a list building offer, give out some of your own list building tips.
If promoting a subject line swipe file, add in your own subject swipes.
can give away something that you’ve released before, and that works great.
out PLR is also a great solution.
you give out something high value or never released before, it does extremely well.
#7: Bold Your Entire Link (Including The Arrow)
helps to boost your CTR.
people don’t feel like reading the whole email, they can easily find & click the link.
==> Click Here To Learn More!
==> Click Here To Check This Out!
to do this on every email that you send out.
#8: Add Special Symbols Next To Your Name (*)
makes you stand out in people’s inboxes.
are getting hundreds of emails every day, so you need to stand out. This helps.
*Temper Thompson*
#9: Mail Every Single Day (Or More)
people read their inbox and open emails every day, whether you mail or not.
worry about bothering them, because they open & buy anyway.
you don’t mail for an offer one day, then they’ll buy it through someone else’s link.
you don’t mail regularly, people will start to forget who you are.
every day keeps you fresh on their minds.
#10: Mail “RE:” Emails To Unopens
is a great way to capture missed leads.
“RE:” part often gets great open rates, and better responsiveness.
never really have a reason not to do this, so go ahead. You’ll pick up extra sales.
can easily mail just to unopens through most autoresponders.
take the take subject line as before, then add “RE:”.
can also use the same email as before, but put this in the beginning:
“Hey, I noticed that you missed my last email. This is really a great opportunity and it
won’t last forever, so I just didn’t want you to miss out:”
#11: Always Give a Reason To Mail
matter what it is, you can always have a reason to mail.
can do this whether it’s a content email or a promo email.
are some examples:
didn’t want you to miss out on this…
are only 12 hours left, so I just wanted to make sure that you’re not left out.
just got some great news!
just got some pretty bad news.
just found something great…
#12: When Something Works, Do It Again
something does well for you than you should always do it again.
no need to reinvent the wheel. You can just do the same thing that worked.
a launch converts great, then launch it again in 6 months or so.
a subject line gets a great open rate, then use it again later.
#13: Add 21 Spaces Below All Text (Above Unsub)
provides a nice spacing between the end of your text body & the unsubscribe link.
lowers your unsubscribe link, because it’s not in their plain sight.
newer people don’t do this, so I wanted to add it in.
#14: Survey Your List (Give What They Want)
is a great way to find out exactly what your list wants, then give it to them.
can use this to get ideas for products, highticket
offers, etc.
you know what they want, then you know exactly what you should sell to them.
also boosts your customer relationship, because it’s 1on1
can also boost your delivery rate, because people are replying to your emails.
#15: Give Out Occasional Content Emails
you deliver valuable content in your emails, it gives a reason to stay subscribed.
will get your customers to pay more attention to you, so open & CTR with go up.
content email can be based off anything, as long as it’s relevant.
example, you could let your list know about a useful article, a trend, etc.
works great if you can lead it into a sale.
the content you provide is relevant to the offer you promote, then it will work great.
#16: Lead Every Email Into a Sale (Even Content)
email should be able to drive sales.
in the email itself doesn’t link directly to an offer, then the email can build
anticipation for the upcoming promo email.
if the email isn’t leading into anything, if it’s just a oneoff
content email, then you
could just drop a link to a highconverting
offer under your signature.
#17: Create Empathy & Sympathy With Your List
really works great in the longterm.
makes your customers know, like and trust you.
can make an avatar of your target customer. Then every time you write an email,
write it to that person. This makes your customers feel like you’re writing to them.
let them know that you’ve been in their position, you know what it’s like.
Like most people, when I started out list building, I wasted tons of money but ended
up nowhere.
Isn’t it frustrating when lots of people buy your Kindle book, yet none of them leave a
review? I’ve struggled with this issue for a long time, so I know exactly how it us. Luckily,
I’ve recently found a great solution.
#18: Add “Stay Tuned For My Next Email”
works really well. It boosts open rates by building anticipation for the next email.
can put this at the end of your email text, above your signature.
works great on a launch. It builds anticipation so that people look forward to your
first email and buy from it right away. It makes them plan & expect to open your email.
works really well on a presale
series of emails.
can say “stay tuned for my next email tomorrow at 11AM!”
long as your next email will be related to your current email, add this in.
#19: Use Crazy, Funny & Unusual Subject Lines
is similar to the “involve curiosity” strategy.
makes people curious, so that it subtly forces them to open your emails.
your subject line stand out, so that it’s something they don’t often see.
wouldn’t do this with every single email, but you can do it often.
Subject: LOL!
Example Subject: WOW!
Example Subject: RIPOFF!
Example Subject: Screw You, Google!
Example Subject: I fell out of my chair when I saw THIS…

Smartphone Arbitrage Bankroll

Smartphone Arbitrage Bankroll
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
I cannot and will not guarantee you or anyone else any specific
amounts of money that will be made with this method, if any.
The method works for me but it does not mean it will work for
you or anyone else, especially if you are not willing to put in the
time and effort to make it work. With that being said, you can
make money with this method but it really all depends you and
the hours you are willing to put in.
With that being said……lets get started!
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
For This Method You Will Only Need 3 Things
– Account OR Account
(both are Chinese wholesale websites, you will need a credit card as they
don’t accept Paypal as payment but they accept the PayPal card)
– Paypal Account
(to accept payments)
– Account
(which you will need to download from the App Store or GooglePlay)
You are going to find items on AliExpress or Dhgate and sell them
on! That’s it! It’s a pretty simple method that has yet to
be tapped into. is a perfect place to sell items!
No More Craigslist or Ebay!
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————– is a place were you can sell your items locally in your area. This site has
not had that much exposure yet so it’s a perfect place to sell items. People are actively
looking for items to buy and they can browse by photos to find items they like.
The app also makes a cool “Cha Ching” sound when someone sends you a
message or an offer!
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
Popular Categories
Kids & Baby Clothing
Kid & Baby Toys
Woman’s Clothing
Small Kitchen Appliances
Beauty Products
Pet Supplies
Yes! it will work because it’s not in the rules that
you have to be local. It is suggested that you don’t
ship any items, but I haven’t ran to any issues.
Some buyers will say no and that’s okay, that’s
why you post many items and make sure you
sound like a real person and not a spammy sales
robot when you talk to them, just tell them this is
your business and you are looking for new ways
to reach customers.
To the right are some popular categories that I
have seen that sells the best on I
would look into selling within these areas first,
then you can branch out and experiment with
other categories.
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
The pricing really is up to you, but I would
take in account that people are going to
bargain with you so price higher than you
want to sell it for.
I want to sell this clock
The seller is selling it for $10.87 each.
I would like to make at least a $7-$10 profit.
So I am going to sell the clock for $27.
Expecting to get bargain down to $20-$17.
Most people are going to bargain down
between $5-$10 for low cost items. So this
will give you a little wiggle room for those
who want to bargain.
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
When you found your product, look at the suppliers page for it. Find a picture that
has no watermarks and doesn’t have any writing on it and use that as your picture.
As far as the description goes, just pick out the main features of the product and use
that. You don’t have to list everything just the features a buyer would want to know.
—————————————————–Page 7—————————————————–
Title: Spider-Man LED Digital Clock
Price: Asking $27
Description: LED 7 Color Changing Digital Alarm Clock. Glows in the Dark! Does
not Include Batteries.
—————————————————–Page 8—————————————————–
Well it sucks that you can’t upload online yet, but I have found a way that works
for me. What I do is I write my listings out and I copy the link to the product and I
email myself!
Since I get my emails on my phone I simply click the link and go to the page and I
find the image I want to use and I save the image to my photos.
I then upload my image to my offer and then I copy and paste my listing text into
the description box and add the asking price!
Once you have done this a few times it gets easier. Just email yourself all your
products in one email (in list form).
On the next page is an example of what I do….
—————————————————–Page 9—————————————————–
URL to listing to get image
My Product listing
Just Copy & Paste!
Suppose to be $27
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
This is the script that I use.
“Hi There! unfortunately I just sold the last one I had on hand, but
I can still arrange to send you the [item name] if your interested.
How does [price they offered] plus free shipping sound?”
You are free to use mine but please tweak it or come up with
your own script. Test out different ones and see which gets
more buyers.
Remember it’s all about testing!
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
The ONLY way to accept payments would
be using PayPal. I wouldn’t suggest using
anything else. Buyers know about PayPal
and they are trusted. Also you can always
tell the potential customer that PayPal has
a 60 day money back guarantee if they
don’t receive their item.
All you have to do is ask the customer for
their email so you can request the money
from them. After they send you the
money, you ask the buyer what address
and name you would like you to ship too.
After they give you their information you
go over to the website were your product
is (AliEpxress Or Dhgate) and buy the item.
enter email address
of the buyer
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
When it comes to shipping times. I suggest looking for products that have a
delivery time of at least 7-12 days.(mostly on This way your
product doesn’t take too long to get to your buyer.
Let your buyer know that your item ships from your warehouse or your
supplier and has a processing time of at least 2 days (to check and make sure the
product is working correctly) and then it ships out.
Let them know that if they don’t receive their product after 2 weeks to contact
you so you can contact your warehouse or supplier to get a status update.
Make sure to supply your buyer with a tracking number so they can track the
package themselves.
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
Make sure to CONTACT the seller and tell them to not disclose any information about
their company and have NO trace of price on anything that is shipped. You can tell the
seller that this item is being dropped ship and you don’t want the buyer to know were
you got the product from.
Once the seller sends you conformation that the item was shipped you can go back
and give the buyer the tracking number if your seller has provided you with one
(which they should).
Ask the buyer to let you know when they receive the package and ask them if they are
happy with the purchase.
The last step is optional, but it does make you seem more professional and makes the
buyer feel more at ease that you want them to follow up with you after they receive
the product.
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
This is however is not as easy, this will require you do so some work. I haven’t
posted in random states under one account yet as I’m not trying to get my account
shut down or look scammy to potential buyers, you want to look as real as
So if you want to scale this to different cities I suggest you open a account for each
state you want to promote. Which means you will have to have a different email
for each state. I suggest gmail or yahoo for multiple accounts.
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
Look for products that have a delivery time of 7-12 days (Mostly on
Look for product images with no watermarks or text! Your not allowed to use
stock photos (no white backdrops) so look for an image that looks less staged.
Contact the Seller and tell them you want no traces of the company info or
pricing on the item and packaging.
Try to get your buyers to rate you after they received their package (only if they
are happy with it) – Good ratings will only make you look better!
Contact the Seller first with your questions BEFORE you list your items.
Common questions: Do you ship to PO BOXES? What is your return policy? Can
you ship with no pricing or company info in or on package?
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
Set up each account with at least 10-20 items you want to sell. More If you can.
Use an actual persons profile picture. You don’t have to but it will make you
look like an actual person.
Get rid of the products that haven’t sold and upload more products until you
find that all your products are selling.
Use the same products that are selling for all your accounts in different States. If
they don’t sell rinse and repeat until you find all products that are selling.
Set up a website with your products and direct buyers to your website. This will
give your more creditability and they just might bookmark it and come back!
Try to be accessible! When you have an offer jump right on it and message them
back don’t wait until the end of the day. Strike while the iron is HOT!
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
Sold 4 of
these to
ONE Buyer!
Cost: $4.04 each
x 4 = $16.16
Profit: $12.96 each
x4 = $51.84!
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
Cost: $4.04
Profit: $12.96!
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
If you have money to spend this will be a good way to get money from everyone that
makes you an offer. However this is not going to work for everyone. You need to…
Instead of shipping the item you are going to buy the item(s) in bulk and then sell
them locally.
So your going to post the products you plan on buying and see which ones get more
offers and buyers. Tell your buyers that you sold your last one, but you have a new
order coming in 2 weeks and if they would like to wait you will give them a discount
(a few bucks off works wonders!)
After your buyer agrees, you then can make a purchase in bulk. I would wait until
you at least have a few buyers before buying in bulk…unless your confident you can
sell them all.
Make sure to meet your buyer in a PUBLIC place and only accept CASH
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
Well that’s the end! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found some value from this.
It can be hard to make money online especially when you don’t have any money. I just
gave you my way of making some quick cash in a short amount of time.
I found this method because I had no money in my PayPal account and I needed some
quick cash to fund my other project and to my surprise it worked and it worked well.
I actually like this method because it doesn’t require a lot of effort and you are being
contacted by actual buyers! These people want the the product your selling and if
their getting a good deal, they will wait.
Plus it doesn’t hurt that no one really knows about this method yet.
To Your Success!
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–

Reputation Management Master

Reputation Management Master
Traffic Multiplier Bonus: LinkedIn Optimization Pro Cheat Sheet & Workbook
As I stated in the main guide, having your LinkedIn profile optimized for success is critical if you want this
method to work. Simply put, you will be using LinkedIn to drive traffic- you need your profile to look
professional so your customers will feel comfortable buying from you. There is something like
120,000,000 people on LinkedIn and we are going to get the most out of them. Having a properly set-up
profile will help you drive more traffic as well as convert that traffic. This part of the system is VERY
EASY but VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure to review the cheat sheet below as well as the action workbook
for best practices.
Step1: Sign up for a LinkedIn account and you will have the option to update your profile immediately.
Step 2: Make sure your status is marked as employed, Put in a company name (even if you don’t have
one), pick “Online Media” for industry and for job title I usually put “owner” or “president.”
Step 3: Click on “create Profile.”
Step 4: Skip the rest of the steps until you are on your LinkedIn homepage
Step 5: Confirm your email if you haven’t all ready
Step 6: Click “Profile” at the top of your screen.
Step 7: Use the wizard to optimize your profile. If it does not start automatically, you will see a blue box
that says “Optimize your Profile.” Begin to answer all of the questions that you are asked.
Step 8: Click “Finish” when you have answered all of the questions you feel comfortable with. Your goal
is to get as close to 100% as possible in terms of profile completeness.
Step 9: At the top of the page, Click “Profile” then “Edit Profile” then “Add Photo.” Adding your photo is
VERY important as it will give you increased credibility.
Step 10: Populate the profile box with pertinent information. Make sure to add to your past, your
twitter and especially the website that you are using for your newsletter.
Step 11: Next to Professional Experience & Goals in the Summary section you are going to add your
email address on the first line. Directly under it you are going to write a summary of what your company
does. An example would be:
“I work to increase brand awareness and recognition with small companies all across the United States.
My services are in place to create awareness in the eyes of local customers as well as to position then as
an authority in their area. The end result is that my customers achieve a higher percentage of the market
share which ultimately increases their bottom line.”
Step 12: Fill in your specialties. The first one that you want to put is “Newsletter Creation and
Marketing.” After that, you can put anything else that you feel comfortable with. The key is to list a few
different specialties so that your profile is as robust as possible. Here is an example of what it could look
• Newsletter Creation and Marketing
• Increasing Brand Awareness
• Positioning as an Authority
• Online Marketing and Consulting
• Content Creation
Step 13: Click “Save Changes.”
Action Workbook – LinkedIn for Online Business
Using LinkedIn for online business can help streamline and focus your networking while building a strong
business profile. It is not just your calling card on the net, but a powerful reference from clients and
Setting up your profile is not something to rush through. Making the most of LinkedIn’s unique benefits
and features can fast-track you into a position of niche prominence — but you won’t do it if your profile
doesn’t accurately reflect who you are, where you’re going and what you can offer to those who join
you for the ride.
It’s important to know not only how to set up your basic profile, but what you want to achieve on
LinkedIn — and where your profile and core marketing efforts fit in with your goals.
This workbook will help you set up your own strong profile and position you to attract beneficial
connections and recommendations. Let’s go through the seven basic steps to ensuring you exhibit a
well-rounded LinkedIn presence.
Setup Tips
The backbone of your strong LinkedIn presence will be your profile. Before you rush to do this,
however, it’s important to understand how LinkedIn differs from other social networking platform, as
well as how to set up your profile without missing opportunities.
Remember that your profile headline, custom URL and summary should all support the professional
persona you are showing your niche. While you can be friendly and personal within LinkedIn’s format,
you don’t want to do anything that doesn’t fit with your goal, since thoughtless posts can actually
weaken your overall standing. (LinkedIn’s biggest benefits can also hide its biggest drawback too.)
Using LinkedIn will help you make the most of connections to your niche’s unique celebrities and
experts, as well as bolstering the authority you’ve already built (and helping you cement your own
professional reputation.)
Having a properly set up LinkedIn profile can offer you:
• Peer-validated expert status
• Specific, valuable recommendations and references (think “testimonials”, if you’re a marketer)
• Free expert advise from respected, proven niche authorities
• Allows you to establish and strengthen your professional brand
• Promote your knowledge, services and skills to perfectly targeted audience
• Rock-solid positioning for others to create a buzz about you or your company
• Rock-solid positioning as a reliable JV partner
• Increase in perceived value to those who would need your services
Start by deciding who you want to be to the LinkedIn community. Are you more important — or is it
your company you really want to promote? What’s your personal style in your professional arena?
Does it fit in with your target clientele? Peers? People you want to impress? Are you speaking with
your own voice, yet fitting in with your particular crowd?
Do you need to be formal and to the point, or does your business zero in more on the human element?
Do you need a fact-based overview and summary, or a mission statement targeting the emotions and
needs of your niche?
Remember that connecting with emotion always trumps technique — but make sure both elements are
in play, whenever possible.
Remember that keywords you use will form the backbone of who LinkedIn presents you to and connects
you with.
Edit your profile to include a custom URL, changing it from the generic default assigned (which will look
something like “”) to your name (For example,
“”) or — if that’s taken — choosing a strong keyword such as
Decide whether your ideal target contact will respond better to a fact-based, cut-and-dried summary or
a mission statement that taps directly into his or her deepest emotional needs.
More about Your Headline
A well-optimized profile should start with a strong headline (the line underneath your name), to tell
people what you do and what you offer.
Don’t just put your official title (e.g. “Marketer”): If you do, you’ve wasted a golden opportunity.
Research keywords used within LinkedIn and seed the best ones naturally into your headline.
(Remember it’s all about understanding what someone on LinkedIn will use, when searching for
someone like you.)
Make that headline direct and straightforward, or catchy and memorable. (Combining both can be
golden, if you can do it!) Let it convey to people things like:
• What you offer
• What you do
• Your USP
• Your biggest advantage or benefit
• An emotional trigger designed to connect with your ideal contact
• A promise to fulfill their immediate concern or need
(If you can figure out a natural way to do it, include a call to action too!)
Have a look at other headlines people use, decide what grabs you, analyze why and you’ll have a
stronger grasp of the best way to word your own.
(And remember there’s nothing wrong with combining a straightforward title with a catchy tagline, and
using both as your LinkedIn headline. For example, “Brian Boyd, President. Bringing more customers to
The Picture Matters
Having the right profile photo can sometimes mean the difference between a “yes” and a “no”, when it
comes to someone deciding to use your services.
On LinkedIn, more than any other network, your photo can speak volumes about who you are and
whether you’ll “fit in” and be a good source to know.
LinkedIn itself recommends a “professional” headshot with a neutral background. While this is always
acceptable, you may wish to use a photo more in tune with your niche.
For example, if your niche tends towards formality, you’ll want a more formal pose (perhaps with only
the hint of a smile) and a highly neutral background. If your niche consists of ardent outdoor campers,
you can use an outdoor headshot with sky in the background, and you wearing upscale casual clothing.
No matter what type of photo you choose, however, make sure there are:
• No elements or background details that detract from your “message”
• No photographic flaws that might brand you subliminally as an “amateur”
• No visual inconsistencies (e.g. using an old, clean-shaven photo of you at age
twenty-six, whereas now you sport a beard, have gained thirty pounds and look
every inch of your fifty-two years)
It also helps establish you as a brand to use the same headshot for all your social media profiles.
Link Responsibly
One of LinkedIn’s biggest advantages lies in allowing you to link to outbound sites that truly showcase
your services or value. Make the most of this, and ensure you include links to:
• Your newsletter website
• Your company website
• Highly relevant articles on directories if applicable
You can do this and create your own custom destination link simply by:
• Selecting the “Edit” option
• Selecting “Other”
• Writing your own unique link title (e.g. “The Rules” or “My Online Garden”)
• Pasting in your specific link URL
Connect, Connect and Connect
How you make connections on LinkedIn is vitally important. Unlike other social networks, there is a
strong etiquette here of not chasing after people you don’t know.
Connect first and foremost from your own contacts and peers. You will need an “introduction” to
people you don’t know (or you risk them rejecting you by selecting the “I don’t know this person”
button. If five people or more choose that option in response to your requests, you could find yourself
permanently banned, as spamming is Cardinal Sin # 1 on LinkedIn).
Start with:
• Your email address books
• Other networks (e.g. your Yahoo contacts)
• Companies you have worked for (or with)
• Past educational institutes (e.g. your college or University)
• Organizations you are associated with (professional, non-profit or niche-related:
E.G. The Holland Marsh Camera Club)
• Twitter
It’s not that hard to quickly build up your connection list. Once you connect with a viable contact, you’ll
instantly be presented with a list of her own contacts — which most likely will include people you already
You can send an invitation instantly to people on her list that fall into this category. (But don’t use the
“default” message in the invitation form: Always rite a personalized note of your own, explaining why
you want to connect.)
You can also request that people not currently on LinkedIn join you… but remember that you’re asking
them to make time for yet another social network. Don’t sweat it, if they don’t respond. You may find
three months down the line they suddenly discover they need LinkedIn — and you’ll be able to connect
with them after all.
By all means, ask for recommendations immediately, if you’ve worked with or for a contact in the past.
Only ask those people whose recommendations would be of the highest value, however.
Reciprocate those who friend you with specific, detailed recommendations of your own (targeted to
their goals and niche). Just ensure that these recommendations are accurate and welcome: A
recommendation that says “Justin is a really cool guy” is going to annoy your recipient (it will bring down
his credibility), whereas one that says “Martina streamlined my office procedure and shaved an hour
and ten minutes off my work day” will enhance (providing Martina is not profiling herself as a gourmet
caterer nowadays).
Finding Groups that Reflect your Goals and Values: One way to build your network speedily and make
yourself known to people, if you’re a relative newbie with limited connections: Join relevant Groups.
It’s easy enough to do — simply click on the “Groups” tab in your top menu bar, and browse through
“Groups You May Like” or the “Groups Directory”. Then (if the group selected fits in with your goals)
request to join.
In most cases, you’re speedily accepted, and you should then make a regular habit of contributing
relevant posts or providing valuable feedback to your fellow group members’ posts.
Remember you can also create your own group. (This works better if you already have a fairly strong
network — though if you’ve chosen a dynamite keyword and identified an area with need, it will “fly”
LinkedIn Answers
Not only can you find valuable niche information on LinkedIn Answers, you can become one of those
responding to questions. Answering questions in the “Answers” section is another fast, effective way to
be branded (by both LinkedIn and your peers) as an expert. Your visibility can improve, along with your
(Giving ineffective answers, however, can sideline you quickly too — something to think about!)
The rule? Give your best value. Provide real help.
Final Thoughts
So, there you have it. Remember- you can put whatever you want in your profile. Add as much
information as you like so that your profile is 100% unique. Make sure to add relevant facts about your
previous work experience and accomplishments so that your profile is as robust as possible.
The most important thing is that it looks good. This will allow you to gain trust in the eyes of your
potential customers. The fact that you are listed the president or owner of an online media company will
also be helpful.
One final thing of note, when someone sends you a message about your services through the LinkedIn
network make sure to invite them to connect immediately. This will boost up the number of
connections that you have which will make you even more credible.
As always, if you have any questions please let me know. I can be reached at
Have a great day!
Brian Boyd

Referral Engine Pro

Referral Engine Pro

Welcome to Referral Engine Pro

The power of glitzy advertising and elaborate marketing campaigns is on the wane; word- of-mouth referrals are what drive business today. People trust the recommendation of a friend, family member, colleague, or even stranger with similar tastes over anything thrust at them by a faceless company.

Most business owners believe that whether customers refer them is entirely out of their hands. But science shows that people can’t help recommending products and services to their friends—it’s an instinct wired deep in the brain. And smart businesses can tap into that hardwired desire.

Referral Engine Pro offers practical techniques for harnessing the power of referrals to ensure a steady flow of new customers. Keep those customers happy, and they will refer your business to even more customers.

Each of the four sessions in the Referral Engine Pro program begins with a video lesson. You can also download the PDF version of the slides and transcript of the video lesson, both below, to take notes and read along. Each lesson ends with a list of action steps that may also include forms to help you complete the steps. In addition you will find supplemental content with each lesson group that supports the major components of the lesson.

Lessons include:

Session #1 – Your Referral Marketing Strategy
Session #2 – Educate Your Referral Sources
Session #3 – Customer Offers and Campaigns
Session #4 – Launch and Follow-up
The secret to generating referrals lies in understanding the “Customer Referral Cycle”—the way customers refer others to your company who, in turn, generate even more referrals. Businesses can ensure a healthy referral cycle by moving customers and prospects along the path of Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat, and Refer. If everyone in an organization keeps this sequence in mind, Jantsch argues, your business will generate referrals like a well-oiled machine.

This practical, smart, and original guide is essential reading for any company looking to grow without a fat marketing budget.

Profit Streams

Profit Streams
This e-book has been written for information purposes only. Every effort
has been made to make this ebook as complete and accurate as possible.
However, there may be mistakes in typography or content. Also, this ebook
provides information only up to the publishing date. Therefore, this
ebook should be used as a guide – not as the ultimate source.
The purpose of this ebook is to educate. The author and the publisher does
not warrant that the information contained in this e-book is fully complete
and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions. The author and
publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity
with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly
or indirectly by this e-book.
Table of Contents
Introduction ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 4
1. Freelance Writing………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 5
2. Write and Submit ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 7
3. Article Marketing ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 8
4. Graphic Design ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 10
5. Logo and Design Contests ……………………………………………………………………………………….. 12
6. Web Design ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 13
7. Web Development …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 15
8. Create Your Own Information Product – Text………………………………………………………………. 16
9. Create Your Own Information Product – Audio ……………………………………………………………. 18
10. Create Your Own Information Product – Video ………………………………………………………….. 20
11. Interview and Sell ………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 22
12. Affiliate Marketing ………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 24
13. Affiliate Marketing via Videos…………………………………………………………………………………… 25
14. Sell Others’ Products ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 26
15. Sell Your Own Product …………………………………………………………………………………………… 28
16. Sell Stock Photos…………………………………………………………………………………………………… 29
17. Blogging……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 31
18. Blog Management………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 32
19. Audio/Video Transcription……………………………………………………………………………………….. 34
20. Video/Audio Editing ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 35
21. Odd Jobs ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 37
There are many, many ways to make money online, but by no means are
they created equal. There are those that don’t work out well, there are the
scams, and then there are the proven ways to make money online.
In this e-book, we discuss 21 of the best proven ways to make money
online. After reading through this, you may very well be fired up to get into
making some money online! Note that the order we listed these methods
does not imply any greater or lesser value, since people have different
strengths and circumstances.
The greatest requirements to make money online are creativity and
diligence. The Internet is basically a canvas which you can use to your
gain, but you will need to work hard to make things work. With that said,
let’s begin looking into just how you can make some money online.
1. Freelance Writing
Freelance writing refers to the activity wherein you will write for various
clients. The content and length of the material greatly varies. You can find
jobs that ask for short 100-word snippets to full-blown thousands-of-wordslong
e-books. It really depends on what your clients are looking for.
These job requests can be found on many websites dedicated to job
requests, and there are even websites specifically catering to writing job
requests. A quick Google search for “freelance writing” will pull up a slew of
As a freelance writer, your potential clients are website owners, bloggers,
marketers, and small business owners. The subject matter can cover just
about anything under the sun – you’ll find job requests for rifle scope
descriptions to electronic product reviews to skateboarding website copy.
You can choose to focus on a few topics, or go with the flow and take up
whatever job requests come your way. The latter tends to be more
interesting, even if it can tend to slow down your writing (because of the
research required) and lower your output.
One very important facet of this proven way to make money online is
keyword research. On the Internet, the search engine is a prime mover
because it directs people to where they want to go. Websites are
multitudinous and often in competition, and so search engine companies
evaluate websites to enable better result filtering and improved user
satisfaction. One way that search engines evaluate websites and
webpages is by analyzing their keywords for type, frequency, and
As a freelance writer, your output will often be required to have proper
keyword application. You can conduct your own research, or even better,
you can get the job order complete with keywords and frequencies.
Remember to distribute the keywords as evenly as you can throughout the
entire article.
In practice, there are two ways to conduct your freelance writing. One, you
can write articles and sell them in batches; think “3 300-word articles on
web marketing for x dollars” kind of thing. In this case, you will need to
conduct your niche research well, and also know where to go to advertise
your output.
The other approach is to get yourself hired by picking up posted requests.
This entails more time spent trawling websites for requests and conducting
communication with job request owners, but it does provide you with better
Here are some recommended freelance sites:
You may also like to try micro outsourcing sites:
2. Write and Submit
This is different from freelance writing because you are not selling your
services to a certain person or party. In this proven way to make money
online, you write articles on your own time and then submit them to article
directories, or even to magazines.
Again, you will see a great range of potential niches and topics. In theory,
the range of potential subjects for writing is endless – you’re only limited by
your expertise and willingness to cover those topics. The length also varies,
but in this method you will mostly be limited to articles between 200 words
and a thousand words. This is because you are writing “articles” that are
readable in one short sitting, and yet are substantial enough to justify the
space they occupy.
Article directories are quite simply orderly repositories of written material,
generally of the informative sort. A visitor can access the directory and use
keywords to search for articles, and then peruse at their leisure. As a writer,
these directories allow you to get views for your articles while having a
regular outlet for your written material.
How does this make money for you? Well, some directories pay for each
visitor who comes to read your articles. Of course, you can also use your
articles to market various products and get money from sales or
commissions. On the World Wide Web, making money often involves
multiple overlapping strategies. This may seem intimidating to the budding
Internet-based moneymaker but you’ll get the hang of it quickly enough.
Remember to pick out the right categories for your articles, or they could
end up getting misclassified and may suffer penalties. Additionally, do not
forget your keyword research. Though in this method the keyword research
is not as important as in freelance writing, you will still get more hits if you
use the right keywords.
3. Article Marketing
What makes article marketing different from the two previous writing-type
methods to make money online? It’s really a difference in context. Whereas
freelance writing means writing and giving your clients partial or full
ownership of the material, and writing and submitting means publishing
material under your own name for the sake of writing, article marketing is
more directly profit-oriented.
Article marketing refers to the set of activities revolving around the writing
of articles to promote and sell various products and services. Like in the
“write and submit” method, you own your material, but the principle is
different. Article marketing is all about making money from your words by
selling something that you or someone else is offering.
Though different in spirit, article marketing does also require research into
the keywords that are popping and generating lots of interest. Aside from
helping you choose a niche, you can also use the keyword variants that get
more views, or you could cover the less-used keywords to take advantage
of under-explored markets.
These articles are also submitted to various websites and directories where
they can get more exposure. More exposure equals more hits equals
greater chances of converting into a sale equals more money for you. It’s a
simple equation, really.
In article marketing, you have to put on your plastic smile and pull out all
the stops on your ability to act (as far as writing is concerned). Remember
that you are trying to sell something, so the more convincing you are, the
more effective and efficient your methodology is. Know your audience and
adjust your writing style to get better results.
Recommended article directories to submit to:
4. Graphic Design
Are you a deft hand at Photoshop or other image editing software? Do you
have a good grasp of graphical style and mechanics? Then graphic design
may be the path to your online fortune! Graphic design covers a broad
range of disciplines that are highly valued in this digital age. To be a great
graphic designer, you will need to train yourself to get many skills, and also
develop your aesthetic sense and even a personal style.
When we talk about graphic design, we are talking about anything from
simple cropping and resizing to editing for clarity and style, all the way to
full-blown image creation from scratch. These images make their way into
various websites, either as material for use in published articles or as
elements in the design of static portions of the website. Some of these
images even make their way offline, to printed ads and billboards – that’s
where the big bucks are! But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.
More often than not, the images that you will create as a graphic designer
will be sued as advertising material by small business owners and web
developers. This is not a bad prospect. If you build up a good name for
yourself, you can charge more for your work.
Of course, this entails a great amount of creativity, skill, and the ability to
translate your clients’ wishes into the finished product. However, creative
types will find this work fulfilling and enjoyable.
If you want to develop a sense for what’s popular, in style, and works well
in various contexts, then you should spend lots of time viewing other
people’s works and analyzing them.
Graphic artists can also work with physical media and translate them into
digital forms via scanning or high-definition photography. You can also
make a name for yourself as an artist by sharing your work on various artoriented
websites like deviantArt.
If you do share your work as art, be prepared to face both praise and
criticism; as they say, beware of the trolls.
If you are going to use images that you did not make yourself, then make
sure that you are allowed to do so to avoid lawsuits. Check out royalty-free
stock photography options.
Also, brush up on copyright and intellectual property rules so you don’t end
up “stealing” someone’s work, or having the same done to yours.
One trending niche is the creation of backgrounds for personal profile
pages like those on Twitter and so on. These backgrounds can also include
wallpapers for smartphones and other devices. Take a peek into this
method and see if you like it.
The Warrior Forum is a great place to offer your graphic design services to
fellow Internet marketers. Go to
and post your service there. Be sure to include some samples of your work.
5. Logo and Design Contests
There are a surprisingly large number of logo and design contests to be
found online. If you are good with image creation using digital or traditional
tools, then you will want to keep an eye out for these contests. Each
contest is not just a chance to make money – some of the prizes can get
quite large – but also to get your name out and in the spotlight.
As with all the highly-creative methods to make money, you will need a
goodly bit of imagination and aesthetic sense to pull this off, not to mention
the actual technical skills. Many logo contests are held by companies
looking to modernize their look, and that means you will need to get a good
grasp of the contemporary art styles.
Unlike in graphic design, logo and design contests will constrain you with
rules and requirements. However, you can also view these not as restraints
but as guideposts to help you direct your energies more efficiently.
Remember that your art will face much analysis and criticism, but if you do
win, then it was well worth it. You will need to bring your A-game every
time, should you choose to pursue this path.
Remember to review the rules and regulations of the contests, specifically
with regards to the Intellectual Property rights after submission.
Like the previous method, you can submit your design services at
Another great site is Services offered on this site are high
in demand.
6. Web Design
Because first impressions count, all websites need good web design.
However, not all websites are created equal. Some are nicer to look at,
some are so-so, and others look outdated or just plain yuck.
Web design can pay a lot, but you will need to compete with many strong
web designers. This should not be a discouragement, but a challenge that
can be overcome!
In web design, you will have to concern yourself greatly with things like
layout, color schemes, font faces and more. However, more important than
the individual components of design is your ability to deliver a consistent
look across all pages of the website.
There has to be a “theme” and also a seamless overall look that binds the
whole website together. Even a slight shift in the position of the header or
footer can be a jarring and unfavorable experience for the user.
Here are some things you will want to keep in mind: color theory, size and
proportion of page elements, readability, bandwidth load, and userfriendliness.
It’s a lot to keep in mind, but these are all essential for any
great website design.
Discussing each of these would take a whole book in itself, so we had best
leave them at that.
There’s a common joke about how web designers face problems with the
translation of the clients’ wishes into the design. At most, this is only a halfjoke.
As a web designer, you will need to have very high quality
communication with your client, and we are not talking about the clarity of
your webcam and microphone.
You and your client should be able to converse and exchange ideas with
each party understanding what’s being discussed. Without this
communication, you will end up doing many revisions and facing much
7. Web Development
If web design concerns itself with the appearance of the webpages, web
development concerns itself with the underlying structure of the website. To
give an analogy, web designers are responsible for the control panel with
all the buttons, bells, and whistles, while web developers ensure that all the
wires are laid out and attached correctly.
However, that analogy is oversimplifying it. A web developer’s world is
highly technical, with many different technologies to consider. Aside from
knowing these technologies, a web developer also needs to think about
how they can be applied and integrated with each other. Compatibility can
mean the difference between a few copy-and-pasted program statements
and a programming purgatory.
Web developers use various technologies that enable websites to work as
they do. Databases, security, bandwidth management, responsiveness,
and so many technical criteria keep web developers busy. There is no end
to the demand for these services, and if you can deliver high-quality results
then you can find yourself rolling in the dough.
Compared to the other proven methods to make money online, web
development is the most technical and logical. Programming is not just
knowing the code structures and constructs; it is also a mindset. Logic is
essential because not only does it enable the programmer to construct the
website in an organized and efficient manner, but it also allows succeeding
programmers to understand the code easily.
This is one method that you cannot just jump into. It will require training and
practice, not to mention self-promotion to get clients. It is not for the faint of
heart, but the potential rewards are appropriately great too. Once you get
your skills up to par, build a few websites on free hosts so you can have
something to show in your portfolio. Also, don’t forget to build and trick out
your own website, so potential customers can get a feel for what you can
do for them.
8. Create Your Own Information Product –
A trend that has seen massive growth in the past few years is that of
information products. Information products are basically any constructed
item containing information that customers may find valuable in one way or
The most common type of information product is the electronic book or ebook.
When you put your thoughts down on digital paper and package it as
a salable product, then you already have an information product.
You can start typing out an e-book using basic word processing software
like Microsoft Word or the free alternative called OpenOffice available at
The hardest part of using information products to make money is not the
creation, but the marketing. Setting aside the amount of competition you
will face, it is not exactly easy to get people to part with their money for
things that have no physical form – though in the past couple of years this
mindset has been changing. Nevertheless, you will need to put your writing
prowess into not just the creation of the product but also in its promotion.
The length of a text information product varies, but normally it is
significantly longer than any given “article”. That means you are looking at
something that is at least a couple thousand words long, written in an
organized manner and packaged to be a cohesive unit. That may sound
like a task and a half, but experienced writers can do this naturally.
Of course, with any material that gets this long, you will need to consider
editing. Editing is the process where someone (preferably not yourself)
reviews your work for contiguity, flow, and value per section, aside from the
usual spelling and grammatical errors.
If you have friends or family members who don’t mind helping you out, then
ask them. Don’t forget to acknowledge them in your book’s public
In practice, you can even get others to write your books for you, but you
must not forget to read it yourself and edit as needed. It should come out
sounding like you, or else you risk being “busted” for using a ghost writer.
Almost any topic is fair game for information products. Even hobbies like
gardening and crochet get quite a few books written on them. You should
conduct your research to ensure that you have a significant market to
eventually sell your product to.
Choose your niche carefully and plan the topics you will discuss so you can
sustain the cash flow from your information product series.
Information products are generally informative or instructive in nature, but
that is not to say that you cannot sell creative information products. You
can produce comics, novels, and other static media works and sell them. A
business strategy will be required, but let’s leave that for some other day.
On another note, one file format that you may want to look into is PDF.
PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and provides improved text
flow mechanisms and also greater security – extremely valuable in
protecting your intellectual property.
9. Create Your Own Information Product –
Aside from text-based information products, you can also go with audio.
Audio is great because it improves the dynamism of your product and
encourages customers to pay closer attention to the material. Audio is also
a great option for people who want to produce dynamic media while not
being confident of their appearances. Audio is “heavier” than text, but it is
also more lightweight compared to video (more on this later).
So what can you put into your audio products? Just like with text-based
information products, you can cover just about any topic. In fact, audio can
deliver more punch than text discussing an identical topic because audio
enables you to express emotion more effectively. For example, sarcasm
may be hard to detect in written material, but a sarcastic voice and speech
pattern reveals many layers of thought and information.
You can conduct your audio recordings as you would your text products. In
fact, you can even read out previously-written and published material. It’s
like getting a second product with only half the effort! Basically, you can
make your own audio books. Audio books are great for customers who
don’t want to bring around clunky e-book readers or fiddle about with tiny
smartphone screens, as they can simply transfer the files to their audio
players and listen during commutes or whenever they have time.
Another way to conduct your audio recording is as free talk sessions.
Instead of reading material, you have a set of topics prepared and you
deliver your material like you would when talking with a friend, client, or a
hall full of people. You can add some humor to keep things upbeat, or
express your emotions and connect with your audience.
You can start recording audio using a program called Audacity, available at
You’ll want to choose a file format that balances size and quality. MP3 is
the most common audio file format, and is a good choice. You don’t need
the extreme clarity of lossless formats like FLAC, since the files are much
larger and you aren’t exactly a philharmonic orchestra. You’ll probably want
to edit out all the dead air and uhms and aahs, as well as adjust the
volume. Audacity is a great free program for recording and editing audio,
and is a perennial favorite.
Of course, you will want to review and improve your speech. How’s your
grammar and pronunciation? Do you speak clearly or do you chew up your
words? Can you speak spontaneously and expressively? Think, observe,
analyze, and improve!
10. Create Your Own Information Product –
In the world of information products, video is the heavyweight. It provides
the most impact and perceived value. It’s also the heaviest in terms of file
size or bandwidth. Even the most efficient video file formats still consume
more space than the average audio file of the same length. However, file
size is a small price to pay for the quality of expression and heightened
value that you get.
Just like with audio, you can translate previously published material into
video. Of course, you can also cover all-new material, which is definitely of
higher value. Unlike text-to-audio conversion, you can’t just read out your
material. If you are going to convert text to video, then you will need to add
illustrations or change the presentation to suit the dynamic potential of
No one wants to watch you just reading from a sheet or from the screen –
they’d think why didn’t you just record it as audio and save us from the
excess file size?
Again, just like with audio, you can do a free-talk style of presentation in
video. This takes advantage of the dynamic potential of video and allows
you to access various “connections” with your audience. If you want to use
the emotional connection, you’ll want to get your acting chops onboard.
You can be serious, or you can be a fool, but don’t be a bad actor.
The true value of the video medium comes to the fore when you want to
demonstrate a process. As a thought experiment, consider the Japanese
art of origami or paper folding. In this case, text with pictures is reasonably
effective. Audio is far less effective and efficient – imagine all the times
your listeners would go “fold what, where, and how now?” However, if you
use a video with voice-over or inserted text, you get maximum instructive
Movie editing programs are many and varied, and you are free to explore
your options. One great free option for basic video editing is Windows
Movie Maker, which comes bundled into some versions of Windows. Check
your PC; you may already have it installed.
Recommended screen recording software:
Camtasia –
Jing –
Screenflow (Mac) –
11. Interview and Sell
You can make a surprisingly good amount of money from interviewing
people and selling the recordings. It all depends, of course, on who you will
interview. Interviewing a nobody won’t get any hits, no matter how
interesting the actual content is – at least, that’s how it is at the start.
Why do interviews sell? Maybe it’s because people like knowing how other
people think. Maybe they want to understand why someone did something.
Or maybe there’s some drive to uncover more private and intimate details
about other people. Whatever the case, interviews can make for some
prime salable digital products.
You can generally conduct your interviews in two ways. The first is the
traditional Q-and-A format. In this format, you can have questions prepared
and then ask them and get answers in return. While this can be a little dull
at times due to lack of spontaneity, it does keep things organized and on
The other method to conduct an interview is free talking. In this format, you
come up with questions and ask them as they come to mind. This can be a
little less organized but more credible because the result comes out as
natural and not constructed. Moreover, this leaves you freer to pursue
follow-up questions when needed.
If you will use the free talk format, here are a couple of things to keep in
mind. One, learn what you can about your interviewee, so you know what
avenues of inquiry to pursue. Two, keep a written list of questions on hand,
for quick reference when you need to change the topic or simply avoid
dead air.
Be sensitive to your interviewee’s preferences when it comes to questions.
Asking questions that they really don’t want to answer can lead to trouble.
Your interviewee may clam up, lash out, or simply walk out on your
interview. A little sensitivity can go a long way.
As for formats, you can sell text transcripts, audio recordings, or videos of
the interview.
12. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is an activity where you promote and advertise products
or services not as the seller, but as an affiliate. You are not the seller, but
you are promoting the product or service. Affiliate marketers get paid by
the sellers on a commission basis or on a per-visit basis. For the per-visit
basis, it is usually implemented by the seller giving the affiliate marketer a
customized link that provides the seller with affiliate marketer data when
clicked. This link is then added to one’s blog posts or website material,
where visitors can see them and click through.
Unlike directly selling to customers, affiliate marketing is easier but can also
be rather slow to build up an income flow. On the plus side, you don’t need
to manage inventory or have space to house the salable products, and you
don’t need to concern yourself with the sale and shipping systems. On the
other side of the balance sheet, you need a lot of visitors to click on your
affiliate link – you will need hundreds or thousands of hits to make even a
little money.
The trick to affiliate marketing is to get huge amounts of traffic to come to
your website. That way, you can let your advertising skills work their magic
and get people to click on your affiliate link. There are many methods to
increase your website traffic, but the bottom line is that you will need to
work to get people to come and visit you.
Many affiliate marketers establish multiple websites to advertise different
products or services. This is simply an application of parallelism, and gives
you both greater exposure and increased chances of converting visitors
into interested parties who will click on your affiliate link. Moreover, you can
overcome the bandwidth limitations on a single website by spreading the
traffic more evenly; that is at least until you max out the bandwidth on all
your sites too! Of course, this multiple-point approach also requires more
investments and attention, since all the sites will need traffic boosting.
Clickbank ( is the number one affiliate network for
digital products. Sign up for free and start promoting products for
13. Affiliate Marketing via Videos
Are you the imaginative type who can make use of video as a medium to
express creative and interesting material? Then affiliate marketing via
creative videos may be just the ticket. Ever since YouTube took off, there
has been a change in the way we look at video as a medium. Now, video is
no longer the province of cinematographers, and even the most ordinary
person can make a video if they have a camcorder to record it with, and
then share via the World Wide Web.
Adding your affiliate links into your videos can be done in several ways.
One is as part of the video, such as holding up a board with the URL, or
adding a cutaway to display the URL. This is highly recommended, since
the viewers have no choice but to see it. Another way is to add the URL via
annotations. Yet another way is to add the URL in the description box
below your video. For brevity’s sake, you may want to use URL shortening
services like and tinyurl.
Why is video effective in affiliate marketing? Well, it’s simply because of the
chance that your video will “go viral”, or enjoy a massive surge in popularity
as people share and link through to your video. With all those hits, you
might as well exploit the traffic and turn it to affiliate marketing.
While the traffic tends to come more naturally than it does with marketing
blogs, the success of your venture to apply affiliate marketing via video will
depend mostly on the content of your video. It must be interesting,
compelling, and shareable in order to get the popularity and hits needed to
make money from affiliate marketing.
14. Sell Others’ Products
The most common form of individual-owned business online is selling
products. Just like how your average brick-and-mortar shop gets its
products from suppliers and sells them, so to can you buy sellable items at
bulk discounts and sell them at a profit via a website. You do not even
have to have your own website to sell products online. You can sell via
websites like eBay, which even facilitate digital-world “shops”. This is
traditional buy-and-sell business in a digital context.
The biggest problem is choosing the products that you will sell. There are
so many kinds of products out there and so many variants of each type too.
You will need to conduct your research to identify which may prove most
profitable so you know what and how much to purchase and subsequently
sell. You will also want to examine the market to identify what the going
prices are so you can maximize profit without offering prices that are too
Advertising can play a major role if you have your own website. You need
to get people to come to you and browse your offerings, so you need them
to know your shop exists in the first place. You can choose to employ
banner ads and many other advertising methods. You can even hire
affiliate marketers to spread the word for you and pay them on per-visit
You can choose a blog-style website or a full-blown website with multiple
pages and linked structure. If you are selling many products, you should
know how to categorize them.
As expected of such a business, you will need the physical space to store
your inventory, as well as an organized inventory system to keep track of
stocks and item locations. You should also explore your options for
receiving payment from customers. PayPal is highly recommended, but
make sure to provide options for potential customers who don’t have
PayPal accounts.
15. Sell Your Own Product
Do you have a hobby that produces physical, salable items? Are you good
with your hands at making various artisanal craft products? Then why not
sell them online?
While it is possible to sell the fruits of your handiwork via a meatspace
shop, a cyberspace shop increases your exposure and improves the price
point for your products. Just because it seems like no one wants to buy
your stuff locally does not mean that there aren’t interested parties
somewhere in another city, state, or country.
It does not matter if you are making hardcore punk bracelets or cute hats or
even paintings, you can sell them online. Etsy is a great digital marketplace
for all things handmade. Visit the website and check out just how vibrant
the handmade item market is, and how varied the options are.
You can also sell via eBay and other similar websites. Of course, you can
also advertise your products on your blog or website, but again you need to
somehow increase traffic to improve the likelihood of sales.
There is a chance that your products become so popular that you can turn
your hobby into a full-time source of income. When that happens, you will
be able to do something that you like and make money out of it. You’d
probably want to look for another hobby for relaxation, though.
Avoid skimping on quality. When it comes to handmade objects, people
expect attention to detail and care in manufacture, so the implicit standards
for handmade products can be quite high. You can actually charge more for
a handmade product than a factory-manufactured product, because it is
handmade. There is the emotional aspect that subconsciously pushes
customers to overlook the extra markup, but only so far.
Since you will be selling your own stuff, you need to think about shipping.
This can be tricky if your products are fragile – things like glass sculptures
and paintings, for example – and may require special shipping, and
consequently special fees. Make sure to factor in shipping costs when
taking orders!
16. Sell Stock Photos
With the advent of more affordable high-quality digital cameras, it has
become easier than ever to capture scenes from our world. In fact, your
photos can be worth quite a bit of money, and we are not talking about
entering them in contests – though by all means, you can try.
Stock photography is the production of photographs for paid or even free
use. Unlike more traditional photography business models, stock
photography does not require the user to pay royalties for each use. The
business models applied to stock photography can vary.
The idea is to photograph various objects, scenes, and people in a way that
they become symbolic of stereotypes of exemplars of their object type. For
example, you can photograph a pickaxe in such a way that it becomes a
symbol of hard work, or in a way that it can be used as an element in edited
You can photograph people displaying emotions not for the reason of
photographing the person, but for capturing the emotion so the image can
symbolize that same emotion, as opposed to portrait photography.
Remember to get the consent of the people you photograph!
Stock photographs are valuable commodities. They can make their way
into advertisements and even games. The important thing to know is the
proper way of assigning rights to your stock photos.
Though some stock photos are free of charge, most are purchased from
the sellers. However, stock photos tend to lean towards a “pay once, use
unlimited times” model. You can place limits on the time period that the
image may be used, or territories where it may be used.
You can also choose to maintain ownership of your photographs or grant
exclusive rights to an interested buyer (meaning no one else but the buyer
can use the photograph). As with so many things these days, it pays to
examine the laws governing the ownership and trade of stock photos.
Recommended stock photo sites:
17. Blogging
Blogging can make money for you in and of itself, but usually it is best
when combined with other techniques such as affiliate marketing and
selling your own products.
“Blog” stands for “web log”, or an online record of your activities and other
things you want to share. Many personal blogs act as public diaries where
a blogger can record their emotions and get feedback from the community.
There are also marketing blogs, which are constructed solely for the
purpose of promoting and selling various products and services.
If you have a personal blog which is intended not for business, but for your
feelings and thoughts, then you may want to consider adding a “donation”
feature. You might be surprised at the generosity of people who find your
blog posts – and even you, by extension – interesting. It won’t be much, but
it is something.
Of course, the big money in blogging comes from selling products and
services. You can use your blog as a canvas for your affiliate links.
Depending on the type of blog you are keeping, you will need to balance
the business side and the personal, emotional side.
Here’s something to remember: privacy on blogs is an illusion. Don’t ever
think that the stuff you put on your blog (or social networking sites, for that
matter) won’t be known by undesirable parties. Also, be prepared to face
flaming and trolling from the public, as there will always be people who do
not know how to express their criticism properly. Ironically, that which was
meant to record your emotions and thoughts can become an emotional
rollercoaster in itself.
Be careful when sharing personal information on your blog, by which we
mean your ID numbers and real-world address. Any chance to become a
celebrity also means that there is a chance that you will be targeted by
stalkers, thieves, and other ill-wishers.
Recommended blogging platforms:
Wordpress (hosted) –
Wordpress (self-hosted) –
Blogger –
18. Blog Management
There’s a really popular blogging platform called WordPress. In case you
haven’t heard of it, it is basically a software program that enables you to
write and publish blogs with a lot of the steps being automated.
WordPress’s functionality is highly flexible and expandable through the use
of small bits of code called plugins.
These plugins can perform various tasks automatically, such as monitoring
statistics, automatically generating text, and much more. With WordPress
and plugins, maintaining a blog is not the problem; choosing and managing
your plugins is! There are so many plugins are available, and they are not
made equal, not to mention that some are incompatible with each other.
Every problem is a challenge and an opportunity to do business and profit.
In this case, you can offer your services as a blog manager, specifically to
users in need of help with their plugins. This is a great opportunity, since
you can finish your tasks in a few minutes and yet charge
disproportionately large amounts of money.
To enable such an opportunity to appear, you need to familiarize yourself
with WordPress and its plugins. Moreover, you might want to come up with
your “standard” set of plugins and configurations and use it as a template
when revamping or tuning a customer’s WordPress setup.
You can also offer to perform certain functions for the blog. For example,
you can offer to take charge of answering inquiries or managing special
orders from customers. This is all about helping blog owners with their
problems and getting paid for it.
19. Audio/Video Transcription
It was mentioned previously that you can turn text-based information
products into audio or video. However, you can do the exact opposite too.
Transcribing the audio and even video scene information can result in a
separate salable information product, or an “extra value” add-on.
Transcription can also enable those with damaged auditory senses to
experience the media more completely. For example, a deaf person senses
loud sounds by the vibrations they cause.
However, in a video, a loud noise can occur and the deaf person won’t be
able to experience it. However, if the transcript, embedded as subtitles,
describes the sound effects, then the deaf viewer may understand the
video better.
Aside from transcribing your own material, you can also do the same for
others. Offer this service to other people who have their own audio and
video information products. Chances are they want transcripts but are not
motivated enough to do it themselves.
This is also quite easy as it requires little more than attention to the media
being played back and a reasonably good level of typing skill.
20. Video/Audio Editing
Audio and video editing can be time-consuming. Also, the difference
between a sloppy edit and something with impact requires a fair amount of
skill. If you think you have the skills to pull it off properly, then you can offer
audio or video editing services to others.
Lots of people use video editors to arrange, split, join, and enhance videos
and audio. However, due to time constraints and a lack of professional
focus, the results are often lackluster. That is why more professional editing
services can be worth a lot of money.
You can edit anything from interviews to family videos. Think wedding day
montage or vacation overview. Even better, you can help others produce
more professional-looking ads and potentially-viral videos. It’s a question of
impact and style.
Choosing a video or audio editing program can be tough. There are so
many competing products, and most cost money. It is up to you to do your
research and select the ones which you might like working with. Many such
editors offer demo versions which, while limited in functionality, can give
you a good feel of the features and overall workflow of the software.
Again, if you are going to use sound effects and images that you did not
make yourself, you should examine the terms of use for that particular
material. No one wants to get sued, right? Look for royalty-free media –
though they are not always of high quality, they don’t cost much, if at all.
On the other hand, there are some royalty-free sound effects or images
that can be exactly what you want, so explore and take note of the ones
that you like.
21. Odd Jobs
Why focus on just one way to make money online if you can mix it up and
keep things fresh by doing odd jobs? Websites like Amazon Mechanical
Turk and Fiverr are open marketplaces where people can post and accept
job requests with secured and guaranteed channels of payment. On a more
professional note, you can join sites like oDesk which get a little more
serious and of course, pay off better too.
When we say odd jobs, we mean it in the figurative and literal sense. There
are some rather strange job requests to be found online, and it will be up to
you and your good judgment to pick the ones that are right for you.
In general though, most jobs are related to the previously mentioned items.
You can find request to write articles and reports, requests for video and
photo editing, and so on.
Doing odd jobs like this can make it easy to squeeze in a little
moneymaking whenever you feel like it. The pay can vary greatly, and you
will have to communicate with your potential clients.
However, it does feel more spontaneous and leaves you more capable of
adjusting your extra income-making to your daily schedule.

Teespring Business

Teespring Business
Here we go!
First thing you should know, finding a
niche is NOT a factor of your success.
In fact trying to find the best niche to go in for profit on
facebook is the reason why you fail.
If you’ve been in the business and bought a few course
before this one, you know that gurus are teaching people to
go to the graph search and type interests in the search bar
to find all the interest you can imagine in order to give you
ideas of what to go for.
Here’s the truth: If you narrow yourself in a niche, you will
Well, let me rephrase that.
If you’re looking to make big pay checks like you’ve seen on
their crazy 6 figures screenshots, with the previous
technique, you will fail.
The only time you should narrow yourself in a niche is when
you control the asset (Fanpage, Mailing List, Association,
When you have a fanpage with 50K+ who are engage and
looking for your next post its super easy to sell thousands of
Often time they don’t even have an ad campaign behind the
post and it will sell like crazy.
Just to demonstrate I made a quick search on
Here’s one example of a niche : Grandparents
1834 sold, not bad!
Do you think you could replicate the design, make it better
and sell a thousand of those with an ad campaign targeting
Well you could… I mean people win the lottery everyday!
But I think you are heading for a failure here’s why:
First I clicked on the shirt to see the campaign, then I copied
the url and I went on google and type this code. “”
Basically the code will search facebook for the teespring
campaign link and here’s the result I got
Now if you click the link here’s what you would see.
Great now we can see that there’s an asset behind, tons of
likes and tons of shares.
Also as I see it I’m pretty sure they have some kind of an ad
campaign behind also just because of the ad copy they got.
But one thing for sure, they had a great asset before…
222K+ Fans and they are SUPER engaged see:
btw: this is a regular text on a background with an inspiring
saying that’s all!
The most important thing I want you to get here is this: It’s
not because a shirt is successful on teespring that you can
replicate the shirt, put an ad campaign on facebook and get
the same success.
Personally I would stay away from anyone who tries to lure
you into that kind of thinking.
I hope I won’t be responsible for a riot all over the internet
marketing community here but what I’m about to say will
shake every cells of ever marketer’s body…
Look for & Market to the broad niches!
I told ya! Now before thinking I’m an idiot please read on, it
will make sense to you.
If you really want to go from nothing to make real money
with teespring and facebook this is the way you got to think.
You see, I’m not looking to hit a homerun with my
campaigns I don’t care closing a campaign with 20 sales of a
goal of 50… let me explain.
Would you prefer break even on a campaign that sold 1800
or close 10 campaigns at the right time and cash out a
300% ROI on each of your smaller campaign?
300% of course!
If you want to hit big numbers don’t look for homeruns or
you’ll lose your t-shirt 😉
The problem is most people want the big hit, the glory of
seeing their campaign with 1000 sales… The Ego game
Don’t worry I’ve been there too and my goal today is making
sure that you don’t repeat the same errors that I’ve made.
Ok so if we’re not looking for big hits, what are we looking
Multiple High ROI micro campaigns
I’ll go into details later but first… Here’s what I mean by a
broad niche.
Jobs, College Teams, Military, Animals, Hobbies, Causes,
Sports etc…, Are broad niche.
Just pick one it doesn’t matter. I’m serious.
Here’s an example:
Create a big list of sub-niches don’t go in the sub-sub-niches
yet this is too narrow for now but that’s something to keep
in mind for the long run.
You can take the one in the example I don’t care you can
also go into the more obscure jobs if you want.
Here’s my mindset when I start a new campaign.
I always assume I’m the first in the world to market the
people I want to market to.
So would I want to be the first to market to engineers? YES
Be the first to market to nurses? YES!
Be the first to market to firefighters? YES!
Would I want to be the first to market to the sheep manure
collector? Well, maybe not.
You get the idea.
Please don’t think that the market is saturated because it is
not and it won’t be.
Your ultimate goal is creating a massive list of broad niches,
sub-niche and sub-sub-niche.
Once you got your massive list you’ll never have to search
for niches ever again!
Having a killer design is not a factor
of your success
Show me someone who is looking to replicate a great design
and ready to pay 20$/design and I’ll show you someone
who’s going bankrupt with his t-shirt business…
Let’s be honest, people you reach on facebook are not on
facebook to buy your shit whatever it may be.
Selling t-shirt on facebook is only a matter of creating the
impulse for people to buy.
They won’t shop elsewhere to see if they could find better
design at a better price.
They see the ad, they buy or they don’t.
That’s about it!
But not buying now doesn’t mean they won’t buy it
Like I said it’s an impulse buy.
They may not want it today but show them the same ad
tomorrow and they will buy 3.
Go figure!
The thing to remember is this: They don’t connect with the
They don’t care about your design.
Here’s the proof:
This is a great example of people buying on impulse.
No design.
Not even straight and 25 sales.
So you’re not a designer?
Well you have an advantage because you won’t waste your
time making it perfect.
Here’s THE secret. People connect with the CONCEPT!
It’s quick, it’s easy, 3 lines, a rime, emotions, a laugh and
they will hit the buy button like crazy.
Everyone here saw the KEEP CALM concept?
Tell me; where’s the design?
There’s none
You need to find mass replicable concepts.
This is how I make money, this is how big dogs make money
and this is how you will make money too.
Before you go crazy and run to find a good concept please
read the next part…
3 Types of Concept
When it comes to finding a concept you have 3 choices:
1- Create A Brand New Concept
2- Replicate an existing concept
3- Find an hybrid of 1&2
1- Creating a new concept can be quite rewarding since
you’re the first one to target the market.
If your first massive campaign is successful you can quickly
spread out to other multiple niche (refer to your niche list)
and make a killing.
The main cons are there’s a chance that your first massive
campaigns fail which will result in a loss of funds.
Like some gurus says: “You’re not loosing money you’re
buying data” They’re absolutely right but are we obligated to
be the one who make the investment for the other? No.
Especially when starting in the business. So let’s keep this
option for people who have a boatload of money for
2- Replicate an existing concept is the best idea for people
who never run a teespring campaign or never dealt with
facebook ads.
The concept works in many niches already. So you are
running for a piece of a proven pie.
It will cut down the time lost in research, will reduce your
risk of a major loss of money in fb ads.
Will get your feet wet while you learn how to master the fine
art of marketing a tshirt on facebook.
A major con is that it’s a piece of a pie and 90% of the time
you won’t get campaign with crazy sales numbers but you
know what?
We don’t care about selling 1000 shirts right?
We want big ROI
3- Find an hybrid of 1 & 2. This method will take more time
to make the proper research but this one is the most
rewarding method I know.
The hybrid concept is a concept that is currently successful
but still new in the market, so there are plenty of other
niches to get into.
The magic here is if a concept works in a niche it is most
likely to work in another. It’s not a 100% guaranteed thing
but this is where I put my money night and days.
It’s like spying on the guy who took the first bite in the pie
to see it he liked it and if it was good enough to take
another piece.
And if it was good… well I will try my best to get all the rest
of the pie!
A.K.A The Real Serious Stuff
Here’s what most people get it all wrong and for some
obvious reasons this is not teach very much.
I said obvious reason because some “Teespring Preacher”
makes some good business selling their stuff and if people
would master this part (that I’m about to show you) well, it
would put an end to their 6 figures/year teespring coaching
No, I’m not against the gurus.
Most of them are great teachers and coach.
Some of them will share more info’s than the others and to
get the info you got to dig deep into their sales funnel and in
your pocket, of course.
What I despite is when you dig down and there’s nothing
waiting for you in the end.
Usually there are no refunds on private coaching so…
Here’s a word of warning: What I’m about to share with you
can raise your anger level tremendously toward all the other
so called Teespring Preachers.
You’ve been warned 
This is the missing key: My campaign doesn’t revolve solely
on PPE ads but is spread into 3 crucial phases instead.
Here’s the sequence I use for all my campaigns.
Phase 1: PPE
Phase 2: CTW
Phase 3: CTW – Retargeting
Before I start explaining the phase there’s one thing you
should understand: Even if you choose to start with a 7 days
campaign your campaign can last for months.
There’s so much people who are stick with the mindset that
the campaign need to be successful only for the length of
the campaign… this is mind boggling!
So you can run your ad campaign for as long as you get a
Please don’t get caught with the idea that your ad campaign
will end in 7 days or you will leave a lot of moolah on the
Even if you campaign ends you can re-launch the same
campaign over and over again.
So the entire sequence can have a total length of 3 weeks…
1 month… 6 months… as long as you got a positive ROI.
I mean why would I stop a campaign that still has a 300%
ROI in the 2nd phase on the 6th day? It makes no sense.
Don’t worry everything is explained below and it will make
sense to you.
(Page Post Engagement)
For now I won’t go deep into how to setup everything but I
will explain it later on.
In this phase I concentrate on 3 things.
First thing is to put the concept in the face of the niche and
see how they react to it.
Remember that doing PPE ads facebook will select the
people who are the most incline to engage within your niche
based on the interest you’ve provided to them of course.
So, if your concept is good, it won’t take long to get likes,
comments and shares. People in the niche will react, they
will tag their friends make comments like “I Want One”
You will get a good CTR and your cost per engagement will
be low.
If your niche doesn’t engage with your ppe ad as much as it
should your CTR decrease and your cost increase but the
main thing you should understand is that this one concept
doesn’t work with the niche.
It doesn’t mean the niche is not good… it simply not
connecting with the niche.
Second thing is that I want to find the best interests to
target BEFORE getting in the second stage (CTW)
Because, I like the idea of keeping the full control on my ad
expenses at any time.
More work to do? Yes sure!
Don’t be sloppy when playing with hard earned money or
you will go bankrupt or you’ll get out of the business whining
that the t-shirt business is a scam.
You want big numbers like the big dogs?
Well play it like the big dogs.
You got to come up with a list of the best interests and
create an ad set for each of your interests.
Here’s an example:
This was a test in the nursing niche
In order the interest were the following:
lippincotts nursing solutions – US – W – 24+
American Association of Nurse Practitioners – US – W – 24+
University of Florida College of Nursing – US – W – 24+
Duke University School of Nursing – US – W – 24+
BTW I stopped this campaign… Why?
Because, numbers are telling me a story and if you can
interpret what they say… well good luck.
But you’re at the right place.
I will go deeper in the subject later but let me go off topic a
little bit to tell you the story I see.
Just for the record all the CTR were over 6%
Good CTR, Low Cost, Good engagement. So why the hell did
I stop this campaign?
The reason is the concept design.
Didn’t I say that the design wasn’t a factor of your success??
Yes it’s true.
But sometime you have to adapt the concept with the niche.
Particularly when you want to re-launch the same concept
again after you squeezed out all the ROI possible from the
first campaign.
So to the concept we would add an image often time just a
clipart to the original concept.
Teacher – apple
Nurses – syringe
Firefighter – fire trucks
So the problem was the concept design. I have added a
clipart to the concept and even if I had good engagement for
the whole concept… No sales!
You see 99% of the time when you got good CTR (above 6-
7%) low engagement cost (0.08 or less) and lots of
comments and shares but no sales or negative ROI, your
problem is your concept design.
Yes a simple image can ruin everything!
It’s not because the niche sucks… It just didn’t connect with
It didn’t make sense to them.
Therefore no impulsive purchase is possible.
Now let’s get back to the PPE Ads
Third thing is I’m looking to get a positive ROI out of the
testing campaign.
Most of the time it won’t happen in the first hour but if it
does it’s a bonus.
All interests are separate and I budget 5$ on each of those.
I wait to get 100 – 200 in reach and I kill everything with
obscene cost like 0.25$ and above.
It’s not an exact science because facebook ad interface is
not in real time but most of the time I’m right so this is how
I do it.
After killing the definite looser I’ll wait to the other interests
analytic to settle a little bit longer 2-3$ this is where I take
the final decision to keep the winner run until the end of the
5$ and kill all interests who exceed 0.10$/engagement.
Another thing you MUST DO is refine your demographics
What is the age range of your buyers?
Male or female?
Desktop or Mobile?
You absolutely have to get these infos if you want to
It’s crucial.
Now that you get your best interest nailed in you got to
decide if you kiss that campaign goodbye or not.
If no sales, usually I don’t bother pursuing and try to force
the concept to work.
I don’t care because I have 20 other campaigns running at
the same time for the same concept.
But if the campaign has a positive ROI but a low one like
below 150% I could keep this campaign in the PPE stage
only and monitor closely to see if it would be worthwhile to
push it in the second stage after a few days.
If the campaign has a ROI of 150% and more then I would
take this campaign and push it into the stage 2.
And in stage 2, I will use only the best interests AND the
right buyers demographic.
Here’s a big question… Do I stop the stage 1 after pushing it
in stage 2?
Stage 1 is already making you money so while I wait for the
CTW to be approved YES I will keep the PPE ad run as long
as it makes me money.
It’s only a matter of monitoring your ROI.
Now, What I’m about to reveal might be a real breakthrough
moment for you and make you rich beyond your wildest
This is serious.
Here it is: When you push your campaign in stage 2, the
new main role of stage one is to SUSTAIN the ad cost of
stage 2 which is building your custom audience (retargeting)
and prepare for stage 3 whilst bringing you a positive ROI at
the same time to scale up and put some money in your
Often time the phase one will cover the ad cost of phase 2
giving me FREE facebook ads!
If stage one can’t support the ad cost of stage 2… I’ll keep
my campaign in stage 1 (PPE) and monitor for a future
If no breakthrough I might decide to cash out right now
ending the teespring campaign and move on or just let it go
until the end of the teespring campaign.
Make sure to read it until you get it.
Now here’s a question for you.
How many “so called guru” told you that kind of guru stuff?
Not many I guess…
Now that you have a strong PPE ad running with a good ROI
it’s time to push it in phase 2.
Like I said before the first main goal of phase 2 is to build
your custom retargeting audience for the last squeeze.
Second main goal is to split test your creative (ads)
First you will split test the ad copy.
I don’t know if you ever saw a CTW ad but it differs from the
PPE ad.
Here’s what it looks like:
Of course an ad copy with so much pressure is used at the
end of the campaign only because there is so much pressure
you can put on people before they just break away
completely from your offer and begin to hate your advert.
This is an ad copy I use in stage 3. Why?
I also use a really powerful psychological trigger you can see
at the bottom of the ad that used the fear of lost with the
“YOU’RE GOING TO MISS IT!” and right at the bottom I offer
them the relief AND the call to action that would create the
relief for them. “DON’T PUT YOURSELF AT RISK!”
In other word… you know you want it and you know that if
you’re not taking action now you will miss it… why are you
doing that to yourself, why would you wait the whole day
worrying about the fact that you might miss it or forget
about it… Get It Now!
Their magic pain relief become the action of buying the shirt
And guess what?? They buy it!
Feel free to put this one into your arsenal… it works like
Me, I prefer to be soft and gentle at first (phase 1) and
finish them with a sledgehammer (phase 3)
It’s also easier to split test when you are using CTW because
you can edit your image/ad copy at will without losing all the
engagements you’ve got already.
When you got your ad copy nailed in you can now test split
your creative (ads) Border or no border, red or green,
background or not, one tee or multiple, buy button or not.
Personally if my ROI is good from the start in stage 2, I
won’t go wild with split testing.
Some people are addict to split testing and if it works for
them then perfect, I got no problem with that.
Me, I tweak a little bit until I’m comfortable with the ROI I
got. If it works don’t fix it.
When you are spot on with your ad, stage 2 can last for as
long as you get a positive ROI above 150%, preferably
200% and up.
I don’t care if your campaign is ending in 2 days… AS LONG
If you’re campaign ends perfect, re-launch the same
campaign and just continue as long as your ROI is good
This is where the money begins to hit your pocket.
Think about it, your phase one (PPE) is paying itself and also
pays the cost of your CTW campaign so the positive ROI of
the stage 2 is money in your pocket and more budget to
scale this baby up!
At this point you just have to monitor your ROI and make
sure it stays stable or going up.
So can you see how the real money is created?
Don’t worry; In this module it’s all about changing your
mindset and putting you on the right track to breakthrough.
I will go in much deeper detail later.
You will enter this stage when you spot a continuous
decrease in your ROI in stage 2 not before!
I can’t tell you the exact moment it will happen; this is why
you need to monitor everything closely.
Stage 3 is dedicated solely to market your shirt again and
again to your custom retargeting audience you’ve been
building all along in stage 2.
This is where the real money is. YES! for some campaign
you might just break even in the 2 other phases… heck you
could even have lost a little bit of money BUT guess what??
You got your custom audience! IT’S YOUR BIGGEST ASSET.
And good for you, because you’ve been using CTW in phase
2, you now have a huge custom audience to market to.
This is the Holy Grail really because this is a huge list of
targeted people who saw you ads and for some reasons they
didn’t bought your shirt…
Maybe they wanted to wait for a check to come; maybe they
were at work and didn’t have the time to checkout and they
forgot about it, maybe this maybe that…
Like I said it’s an impulse buy and Life Happens!
So many things can happen to us in a few second.
With the retargeting campaign it’s time to tell them that we
know they were interested in buying the shirt and they have
to do it right now or they will have to say goodbye forever!
Right there the fear of losing the opportunity is so high that
they will buy.
Not everyone of them will, of course, but this is the cream of
the crop and most of your money will comes from phase 3
You will get higher CTR and lower cost per click.
Now remember…
You determine what was the best creative by tweaking your
ad in phase 2 now it’s time to use that super optimized
creative and put more scarcity into the mix.
You can edit your optimised creative with a teespring
screenshot were you show them how many sales you’ve got,
this will give you social proof to your campaign: If so many
people bought it MUST be good!
They are used to see your optimized ad so by keeping the
same ad and adding screenshot to it makes it pop and they
will click the ad again and see your shirt again.
They see the image and in their brain it’s like… “wow 250
sold Really?” and they will click you ad just to check if you
lied to them.
Chance are that they will see a bigger number like 255 or
even 280, this is what I call social proof.
You can also update your Ad copy headline and let them
know how many days left to the campaign.
3 Days Left! / Only 2 Days Left Hurry Up! / You’re Hoodie Is
Waiting – 1 Day Left!
Here’s another secret scarcity twist… I call it the “back to the
future twist” lol btw, I just made that one up! 😉
HEADLINE: Sorry, It’s Too Late!
BELOW THE PICTURE: This is how it feels to miss out! Only
Few Hours Left! Get yours Now!
What I just done should be illegal but it’s not. I projected my
customer into a future situation where they’ve miss to buy
the shirt so they can feel what it really feels like to miss out
in the present time and then I release the pressure by telling
them they can get it now and avoid feeling so bad in the
So it’s not far from the “back to the future” movie right?
You bring them in their future to let us know how bad it will
be, then you bring them back in the present so they can
change it!
Genius, I know!
Again, how many gurus out there told you that kind of stuff
uh?… not many? None? Freakin’ good stuff then right?
Let’s move on…
Ok trivia question for you… In phase 3 do we stop phase 1,
phase 2 or both?
You stop BOTH!
Trivia question #2… Why Both?
Because phase 1 was running to pay for the cost of phase 2
and since you ROI declined in phase 2 we need to close
them both or it will eventually suck all the profits from phase
3 and trust me you don’t want that…
It just suck to break even with a campaign that could earned
you 50K+ and because you forgot to close the 2 other
phases, most of the profit is gone in ads spend.
Lesson Learned!
Usually I like to start phase 4 days before the end of the
campaign so I can use all my scarcity tactics that I’ve
explained and make sure I reach most of my audience.
Does it mean that this is the end of that campaign?
Of course not but to use scarcity you need the fact that your
campaign is ending to make it work at its best
Then at the end of the campaign you can wait a few days a
RELAUNCH the same teespring campaign and market to your
custom retargeting audience right away!
Think about it there’s a bunch of people who REALLY missed
it! I don’t know why they didn’t believe us when we told
them they would feel that way but you know… Life & things
So you come back with a headline like this one
Hey! Its back for X days!
XXXX Sold in the first campaign. This Is Your Last Chance.
Or if you like the sledgehammer approach try this one
Back for XX Hours Only!
XXXX sold in the first campaign…. Blablabla get it now!
So, even if the relaunch campaign is set for X days you close
everything XX hours.
Monitor the ROI. At the end of the campaign if the ROI still
high what do you do?
RE-LAUNCH again!
Again and again, until your ROI decrease.
END of Phase 3 – Time to cash out!
Pay the advertising debt and spoil your wife/husband and
kid(s) they deserve it
Now you got the real “What’s need to be done” to make big
bucks on teespring.
Remember what you have into your hand IS NOT a tshirt
It’s an advertising business!
And the good news is if you are successful as an advertiser,
it works with teespring!
(print it and pin it near your desk)
1- Don’t narrow yourself in a niche, choose a broad niche
and target multiple sub niches at once.
2- You don’t need a good design; you need a good
replicable concept. This way you can target multiple
niches at the same time.
3- Selling t-shirt is not just about PPE. There’s 3 phases
– Phase 1 PPE : (testing concept, Define your
demographics, Find best interests, pay for phase 2)
– Phase 2 CTW (Building your custom retargeting
audience, tweaking your ad & creative, Monitor Your ROI,
keep alive until ROI decreases)
– Phase 3 CTW (Kill phase 1 & 2, Market only to
your custom retargeting audience, Use Social proof and
scarcity, re-launch as many time as needed, When ROI
decrease Cash Out!)
Now that you get the right mindset and you’re back on the
right track it’s time to go deeper in the detail and get your
first campaign rolling!
Check out all the other modules I have segmented
everything so you can find what you’re looking for faster and
So far I hope you like it and having a great time as much as
I have sharing everything with you!

all about digital marketing

Keyword Cash Loophole

Keyword Cash Loophole
Keyword Cash Loophole – Keyword Finding Cheat Sheet
Speciality Search Strings
Possible Qualifiers
Main Keyword Example: Blood Pressure
Clinical Name
Scientific Name
Medicine Name
Side Effects
Main Keyword Example: Workouts
Full Body
Look For Keywords In The SERPS
Extreme / Full Body
Quick Results
Fitness Guru
Fitness Companies
Workout Websites
Workout Slang (eg: Abs)
Workout Supplements
Supplement Ingredients
Use Your Brain
Foreign Words
File Extensions
People In The Niche
Course Names
Book Names
Product Names
Technical Name (For)
Actor’s Names
TV Characters
Niche Specific Slang
Top Of The Pops
Top 10
Top 20
Top 50
Most Popular
Latest (Diet Pill for example = contrave)
Once DEEP In A Niche – Qualifiers
Watch xxxxx Online
Episode Guide
Niche Slang
Check out the Video Series for even more examples of how to find super profitable keywords for lot of great FREE online marketing information from Derek and Lee.

Laid Back Profits

Laid Back Profits
P a g e | 1
I’m going to show you how I sold over $10k in total revenue, profited $XXXX and built a buyers list of almost 500 in only 10 days…
…and how that buyers list now brings in $50 – $100 paydays and lands me on leaderboards like clockwork!
P a g e | 2
Laid Back Profits – Moolah Marketing LLC © 2014
No part of this report may be reproduced in any shape or form without the
written permission of the author.
Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Laid Back Profits – Moolah Marketing LLC © 2014
All Rights Reserved.
Legal Disclaimer
This report has been researched and compiled with the intent to provide information for persons wishing to learn about making a profit using various online resources.
Throughout the making of this consumer report, every effort has been made to ensure the highest amount of accuracy and effectiveness for the techniques suggested by the author.
The report may contain contextual as well as typographical mistakes.
None of the information provided in this report constitutes a warranty of any kind nor shall readers of this report rely solely on any such information or advice. All content, products, and services are not to be considered as legal, financial, or professional advice and are to be used for personal use and information purposes only. This report makes no warranties or guarantees express or implied, as to the results provided by the strategies, techniques, and advice presented in this report. The publishers of this report expressly disclaim any liability arising from any strategies, techniques, and advice presented in this report.
The purpose of this report is to educate and guide.
Neither the publisher nor the author warrant that the information contained within this report is free of omissions or errors and is fully complete. Furthermore, neither the publisher nor the author shall have responsibility or liability to any entity or person as a result of any loss or damage alleged to be caused or caused indirectly or directly by this report.
P a g e | 3
Table of Contents
About Me ……………………………………………………….. Page 4
Introduction ……………………………………………………. Page 5
How It All Started ……………………………………………. Page 6
My Process ……………………………………………………… Page 9
The Launch ……………………………………………………… Page 3
The Chain Reaction …………………………………………. Page 19
Rinse & Repeat ……………………………………………….. Page 29
P a g e | 4
About me
I am not going to into a two page summary of who I am and what my internet marketing experience is. I wanted to create this report with no filler or fluff and get right down to what I want to teach you… but if you don’t know me and you want to know who the hell I am, then I have created a video just for you so you can get to know me.
Click Here To Learn About Me!
P a g e | 5
First off, I want to thank you for picking up this case study. I feel that you are going to walk away with a new found confidence after you see what’s possible with the methods I am going to go over. I always loved buying case studies myself, because you actually get to hear and see exactly how someone did a certain method and what kind of money they made from it. It’s one thing to learn about something, but it’s another to actually see and hear how someone else did it. It can really open up your eyes!
Now before moving on, I am going to break some news to you… This has to do with creating and launching a product. But don’t close this and run away… I am here to show you that creating and launching a product is really not hard to do at all. It’s actually quite simple.
I am actually going to reveal how you can create and launch a product with only doing half the work!
Look, if I can do it then you can too. I never, ever thought I was going to be creating products back when I first started internet marketing. Even when I started seeing success with IM, I still never thought that I would be like the “Guru’s” and make a product and have a huge product launch. But there was one day where I decided to create a product and give it a go… I mean all the big guys do it, and they make a lot of money. Also, everyone kept saying how it was the best thing to do… So I gave it a shot.
You are about to learn what happened when I took that shot…
P a g e | 6
How it all started…
So back when I first got the idea to finally create and launch my own product, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I had purchased a few courses on how to create a product, how to write sales copy, and so on. I decided to just take a little bit from each course and try and create a product.
So I created a report on a strategy that I was having success with at the time. It was about making money from the freebie seekers you get on your list from solo ads. (Go here to check out the product)
After that I created one upsell and one downsell. After becoming a successful solo ad seller and buying a lot of solo ads, I knew the importance of having a funnel that had at least one upsell. In this case I had the upsell and then I created a downsell which was just half of what the upsell offered for a lower price.
So after creating everything, I went ahead and wrote my own sales copy. Then after getting my autoresponder ready for my new buyers that I was about to get and a few other remaining tasks, I was ready to get rolling.
My plan was to launch it on the Warriorforum as a WSO. I was really just going to rely on the traffic from the forum, as I didn’t know the importance of getting affiliates or really how to do it. I mean I was still new to this and figured who the hell would want to promote my product anyway.
So I set up the WSO thread and put in my sales copy and then paid the $20 to make it live! I was so excited because I thought the product was
P a g e | 7
super valuable and I was going to make $1,000 the next day and get a ton of new buyers on my list…
Well it didn’t quite happen that way.
Look, it really wasn’t THAT bad. I did have quite a few sales and did have a pretty good launch for my first product. See my results here:
Not $1,000+ and not job quitting type of income…
But look, the one positive thing to take away from this is the fact that I really didn’t know much of what I was doing and I just willy nilly launched a product and still managed just under $300 and 32 new buyers on my list. So not all bad…
But definitely not good either…
This wasn’t going to pay the bills, I can tell you that.
So anyways, when I first made the product live, there was one very well-known affiliate that I wanted to get ahold of and see if they would promote the product for me. I knew he was a super affiliate because he sold quite a few products and has made THOUSANDS of sales. Also, I was always seeing him on leaderboards for launches. On top of all that, I have been a buyer of his products multiple times because I just loved his teaching style and his methods.
So I went to him and asked him if he would promote it. He kind of turned me down because he said he only promotes products once they have launched for a bit and have really good conversions. Well my
P a g e | 8
product had just launched so I couldn’t prove the conversions yet (and in the end they weren’t all that great). But he did actually still take the time to go through my product.
After he went through it, he actually really loved it and offered me to close down the launch and re-launch the product with him.
I was REALLY excited when he said that!
But then we realized that there was a problem. The product had already launched and people were already buying it as is and commenting on the thread and we agreed that it just wouldn’t be right or work out that well to close it down and re-launch it since it was already live.
So we let that one go… but not all was lost. He offered me a chance to create another product and partner up with him and his partner to do a big, official launch that he said will be 10x better than the one I just did.
Of course I said yes… (HELL YES in my head)
As for my Freebie List Profits product… in the end, for my first product and WSO launch, almost $300 wasn’t bad. After paying the bump cost, I ended up profiting about $260 in about 2-3 days.
So as you can see, even on a launch where I did basically no affiliate recruiting or anything… just put together a pdf report, put it on a download page, and launched a WSO thread, I was still able to profit over $250 in a few days.
Imagine how much MORE that could be if you did everything the right way? Well I am about to show you… 
P a g e | 9
My Process
Okay, so remember, I am now onto a new project. A new product that I am going to launch with two very well-known affiliate marketers. Super affiliates really… As you see them on leaderboards day in and day out!
So I started thinking of ideas on what to do for my next product. I wanted to try and find a way to incorporate the method that I taught in my first WSO, since I didn’t think it was seen by enough people and it was a very good method that many people could benefit from.
Plus, this was going to be my first official product launch, so I wanted to over deliver on the value. Plus I was going to be launching with two well-known affiliates, so I wanted to meet their reputation.
Now, before I go any further… creating a product isn’t hard at all. There are many ways you can have your own product. In this situation, I had already seen success in Internet Marketing and was doing it full time. So I wanted to incorporate actual methods that I had success with in my business. But creating a product doesn’t necessarily have to follow the same thing.
You can always Google whatever problem you want to solve, learn about it and then put a short pdf together about what you learned. You can even do that same thing and implement the strategies that you learn and if you get results from it then you can create a product about that (either create a case study or re-teach the methods step by step). People love numbers and concreate proof, so this is a good way.
P a g e | 10
You can also re-brand PLR products. Find a high quality PLR product and change the name, graphics and add your own spin and bonus golden nuggets and that’s your product.
There are many ways you can create a product very quickly and easily.
That’s all I am going to say about it for now because I am going to include a bonus training that will give you ideas on how you can get your first or next product created.
Now, back to my new product… like I mentioned I wanted to incorporate my other product into this new one. So after about 15-20 minutes of brainstorming, I finally figured out what to do.
I decided to teach the exact methods that allowed me to quit my full time job and continue to be a full time marketer.
After figuring out my overall product, I found that I could break it down into 3 phases. I wanted to give my customers a chance to follow step by step instructions to get them to a full time income within 30-90 days. So that’s exactly what I did.
I made phase 1 essentially the same thing as the methods I taught in my first WSO. I felt this was a great starting point because what I wanted to teach my customers first was to build a list (which I am a big advocator of). That WSO taught them exactly that and not only that, it taught them how to break even while building a list so it’s free or even possibly profit.
By the end of this phase, the customer would have a list of about 2500-3000 subscribers and be able to send a certain amount of clicks per email send.
P a g e | 11
By this point they could move onto phase 2. This phase had 2 main goals. One was to teach how to continue to grow their list for free and the other was to teach the customer how to start making money from that list. The main method to make money from the list was the same exact method I did that allowed me to quit my full time job.
So as you can imagine, this phase was super powerful. By the end of this phase, the customer could be making anywhere from $50 all the way up to $300 or more per day.
Once they had a consistent income flowing in from this phase, then they could move onto phase 3. This is where I taught them how to double their income by creating their own product and building a buyers list.
So in the end, you can see that this was designed to take someone from $0 – $100+ per day, build a huge list, build their brand, and ultimately allow them to go full time in their business.
As for putting it all together, all I did was open Microsoft word and type up each phase in a separate document. Nothing long or drawn out… I just simply spilled my thoughts and ideas onto the document. Then at the end I converted them to pdf and WA-LAH! I had a product.
In the end it didn’t take me all that long to do. In this case it was maybe around 3-4 hours total. But that was just because I wanted to add a ton of value to the product that was going to be its first official launch. Using some of the other methods to create a product, some of them only take 20 minutes! Seriously… it really just depends on what the product is about and how you format it.
P a g e | 12
There are many different ways you can create and launch a product and in this case study I am just showing you one.
(Be sure to check out the bonus trainings for product creation ideas)
After I was done the front end product, I then created my upsell. It was bonus traffic methods, my personal rolodex of traffic providers and also a done for you funnel that sped up the process in phase 1.
This was also just pdf documents for the most part (except for the done for you funnel)
Then a downsell, which was just the done for you funnel from the upsell. Half the contents for a lower price essentially.
*TIP* When creating an upsell, you never want it to be necessary for the main product to work. It should only compliment the main product or add on to it.
That’s pretty much it for creating the product. There were a couple more upsells and downsells in this funnel, but I didn’t create them. They were my partner’s previous products that we just added into the funnel.
That’s the great thing about partnering up with a JV partner or partners. You can just add in any of their prior products as upsells or downsells, as long as they are related to your product.
This would cut down half of the work!
As for the sales copy, sales page graphics, and membership area for the products… my jv partners told me exactly where to go for all of this. All of it was completely outsourced so I didn’t have to do the work.
P a g e | 13
My partners already had the connections, so I went with them. You can always write your own sales copy if you feel confident, but at the time, I leveraged the experience and recommendations of my partners.
During this entire process, we got up the JV page to attract affiliates and set a date about 2 weeks out for the launch that way we could get a bunch of people on board and increate interest.
Here is a big takeaway from this…
If you want to launch your first product, then one of the best tips I can tell you is to partner up with well-known affiliates/JV partners. Anyone who has experience and can help you through the entire process and has connections to help you get sales copy done, graphics, and many well-known affiliates on board for your launch is going to help you have a successful product and launch!
P a g e | 14
The Launch
Okay, after everything was done and ready to go, we launched!
We set it up to launch for 7 days. This didn’t mean that we closed the product after 7 days; this was just the time that affiliates were able to compete for the prizes that we had available.
You can see the prizes and the whole JV page here.
For this launch, I didn’t even have to worry about emailing affiliates or paying them out. My partners did all of that for me.
You can see I continually mention that I didn’t have to do half the work!
That is why I HIGHLY suggests partnering with JV partner(s)!
All I had to do was create the product and they practically did everything else for me!
Now… I was a bit nervous since this was my first big official launch.
We even had some technical issues on the morning of the launch which made things even more stressful!
But most of it was just in my head.
But all that stress was gone when everything went live!
Sales started POURING IN!
I was just shocked!
Sale… after sale… after sale…
It was a GREAT feeling!
P a g e | 15
After 18 minutes, we had 57 sales and were converting at almost 20% and Earnings Per Click (EPC) was over $2… yes… ONLY 18 MINUTES!
Here are the results after 6 hours…
After 12 hours…
P a g e | 16
After 24 hours…
Almost 400 sales in the first 24 hours!
It was awesome!
It solidified all of the hard work I put into not only my product, but my overall business!
The THOUSANDS that I lost my first year of internet marketing and all of the struggles I put my family through, were all worth it.
Yea, I found success before this launch, but I dug myself into such a deep hole that even though I was full time, I was still digging myself out.
This was awesome to me because it was working! I conquered the fear of creating and launching a product to the world…
… and you can do the EXACT SAME THING!
So back to the launch… by the end of the launch, we had over close to 800 in total sales (including upsells and downsells)
But what about the $$$
Here you go…
P a g e | 17
We ended up making over $10k in total revenue!
We paid out almost $6,000 to affiliates…
Then after splitting up the rest of the profits between the three of us we each netted a little over $1k
Not too shabby… eh?
But the best part?
I had built a buyers list of about 500 new buyers!
This was the best part about the launch. Because a buyers list is the best list you can have in your business!
P a g e | 18
I am going to go over what this buyers list has done for me in the next section.
But in the end, this was a VERY successful launch. It had AWESOME conversions, made a ton of money, made affiliates a ton of money, gave the three of us a nice chunk of cash and helped me build a list of around 500 buyers!
All from some simple PDF reports that gave value!
If I can get these results, then you can to!
The most important part is to conquer your fear and JUST DO IT!
P a g e | 19
The Chain Reaction
So like I mentioned in the last section, I was able to build a buyers list of almost 500 buyers from this single launch!
I was always told how powerful a buyers list is, but never really was able to see for myself.
Until now…
I started to utilize my new buyers list a few days after the launch.
Basically you want to treat your customers better than a list of freebie seekers.
You only want to promote products that are high quality and can actually work for them. Stay away from just random garbage. Only stick with products that have a lot of testimonials, are from well-known and reputable marketers, or products that you have personally been through yourself.
So this is what I started to do, and the results were amazing!
You have to realize, a buyers list consist of subscribers that are serious about their business. They are proven to purchase already and are willing to buy other products to help further their business. You don’t have to worry about converting them to a buyer because they already bought from you.
So now you can recommend valuable offers to them through email.
So that’s what I did… and everything that everyone has said about a buyers list is TRUE!
P a g e | 20
Here are some results of some of the affiliate promos I sent to my list.
This one made 13 sales and almost $100 and was within 24 hours!
Here are two more promos that did very well for me.
Here is another campaign that did VERY well for me.
P a g e | 21
Even off days can still bring in small, but pure profit…
But that is not the only way to bring in cash. Some of the best offers to promote to your list are ones that are launching and have leaderboards and prizes.
You can win additional cash if you place on the leaderboard and on top of that, by being on the leaderboard you are getting your name out there. Other affiliates are getting to know your name and that helps you for any of your future product launches!
I have had the pleasure to land on quite a few leaderboards and win some nice cash prizes. 
Check out some of my results below:
P a g e | 22
Was in 3rd place for a bit for this one, but ultimately placed 4th (battled with some big names affiliates) this was a product by a VERY well-known marketer name Kevin Fahey.
And received a very nice $100 for doing so!
P a g e | 23
Placed 2nd in this launch
… and got a nice $70 from it!
Placed 4th on another launch by a well-known affiliate:
P a g e | 24
Here was his FB announcement:
4th place was a mini portable usb mic, but I opted for the cash value instead 
Third place on another…
P a g e | 25
These are just a few, but I won’t clutter the rest of this report with more.
But as you can see, there is so much that a buyers list can do for you!
Also remember… this is a TINY buyers list of just under 500!
Imagine 1,000 buyers…
The possibilities are endless!
Now I have only gone over promoting affiliate products. But now that you have a buyers list of customers that know, like and trust you… you can then create more of your own products and promote to them.
You can benefit from the profits from another product and launch. Then you can send to your own customer base which will help you increase profits and conversions of any new product you release.
Here are some results from mini launch that I did after the big one.
(I did minor affiliate recruiting for this and utilized the Warriorforum traffic a lot)
P a g e | 26
Some daily snapshots:
Funnel conversions:
P a g e | 27
Overall Sales:
Total paid out to affiliates:
This left me with a profit of:
Over $800
And the best part???
More BUYERS on my list!
So here’s the thing.
Once you create one product.
You will be more comfortable creating more!
P a g e | 28
I’ve created two more since my big launch and I have been getting better and better at it.
It gets to the point where its second nature.
Some of my products are big launches and some are just small ones on the warrior forum.
But either way they are adding new buyers on my list which in the end is what you want to do.
Any money you make from a launch is just a bonus!
P a g e | 29
Rinse & Repeat
Once you create and launch a product, after that it’s just rinse and repeat.
You keep on creating new products that give value which in turn will allow you to keep on building your buyers list.
Some products will make 500 sales and add 500 buyers on your list.
Some will only add 50 buyers on your list.
In the end, adding buyers is adding buyers and it all adds up.
I am doing a strategy now where I launch 3 -4 WSO’s per month. Some of these WSO’s might only make $300 and add 50 buyers on my list.
But some will make me $1,000 and add 200 buyers on my list.
Some could even be a big hit and make 1,000+ sales and add a SH*T ton of new buyers to my list!
Either way I am going to grow my buyers list and increase my overall income by promoting quality products and training to them.
I am also trying to do one BIG product launch per month as well.
That’s where the big cash and buyers come in!
But like I said, once you start making and launching products, which is simple to do, it starts to become second nature to you and you start implementing it as a major part in your business.
You start to get known in the industry by both customers and other affiliates.
P a g e | 30
Once you can start promoting other launches and sending sales to other affiliates, then they will return the favor and do it for you.
This is where you start making connections.
Once you make these connections is when you start having successful product launches because your reputation is increasing, your buyers list is increasing and your overall income will EXPLODE!
It can get to the point to where the product launches can give you a full time income and on top of that your buyers list can give you a full time income as well!
That’s when you start getting in the high 4 figure and 5 figure per month range.
I hope after reading all of this it has motivated you to get out there and create and launch your own product.
Like I said, partnering with a successful affiliate it going to be one of the best ways to have a big launch and get a TON of buyers.
This is by far, in my opinion, the best way to build a buyers list and increase your brand in the marketplace.
This is how you create a long stable income!
Be sure to watch my bonus training on ways you can create and launch a product.
To Your Success,

concept of internet marketing

AdWords Profits 2

AdWords Profits 2
• Introduction
• Chapter 1.

My AdWords Method
• Chapter 2.

How To Choose Your Affiliate Products
• Chapter 3.

Choosing The Keywords You Must Only Use
• Chapter 4.

Writing Effective AdWords Ads
• Chapter 5.

Creating A High Converting Landing Page
• Chapter 6.

Beating The Minimum Bids
• Chapter 7.

Why And How You Must Build Your Opt-In List
• Chapter 8.

Content Network Vs Search Network
• Chapter 9.

Using PLR And MRR Products
• Chapter 10.

How I Created A Product In Less Than 1 Day
• Chapter 11.

Affiliate Marketing / ClickBank / PayDotCom / 7DollarOffers
• Chapter 12.

Creating A Google AdWords Account
• Final Words And to Whom I Owe Big Success
Welcome to AdWords Profits 2, where my winning AdWords methods and
techniques will be shared with you.

First of all, I would like to thank you for downloading my ebook.

I value your trust, and because of this, I’ll be more than happy to share all of my
AdWords knowledge and examples of my campaigns with you.

AdWords Profits 1 vs AdWords Profits 2.
What’s the difference? Is there one?
AdWords Profits 1 is the very first product I created, it is a small report targeted
for AdWords beginners, with only one technique to prevent newbies from losing
money while running their AdWords campaigns.

However, AdWords Profits 2 contains all the information and methods that I
personally use to make 5 figures a month with Google AdWords.

The title of this ebook is AdWords Profits 2, but you won’t just find information
on how to optimize your AdWords campaigns like in any other AdWords ebook
out there.

Here you’ll also learn the easiest ways to start a highly profitable, life-time
Internet business.
So you’ll learn more than just AdWords in this ebook.

Before I continue… I must tell you that not everyone that gets this ebook knows
the basic concepts that I put into use here, so I had to start by explaining some
basic information in each of the chapters.

Some more basic information such as: what affiliate marketing, Clickbank,
PayDotCom and 7DollarOffers are, how to promote products from those
marketplaces, how to create a Google AdWords account and how to register for
Web hosting, are explained in the last two chapters.

I know that you and probably 80% of the people that got this ebook, already
know all of the basics, as described above, and what you really want to read are
new and advanced methods… and that’s exactly what you’ll find here.
there’s still the 20% that needs to read the basic information, so I had to write it

The most important section of this ebook that you must NOT skip is
the first chapter (My AdWords Method), because there you’ll learn
what my profitable methods are, why they work and how you will be
able build a profitable, long-term online business by using them, and
in record time.

You’ll be amazed at how simple building your Internet business is with AdWords.

But, while hearing all this incredible news you might be wondering who I am?
My name is Jacobo Benitez, I was born and currently live in Mexico.
I’m 21 years
old, but with a well established Internet business that I was able to create in less
than a year, and that enables me to earn 5 figures every month in profit.

My primary promotion tool has always been Google AdWords.
With AdWords I
started my online business, and I must say that it wasn’t thanks to what I learned
from past AdWords ebooks, even though I did buy a lot of them in the hope of
making easy money online when I was first starting out in the complex world of
Internet marketing.

Those ebooks tell you how AdWords works, but they don’t tell you how to use
AdWords to build you online business.
Important concepts that you are about to
learn here to help you build a long-term Internet business with

So lets get started, please read the next chapter as many times as you need as it is
one of the cornerstones of my entire method.

My AdWords Method
Please read this chapter as many times as needed, its short but hopefully this will
make the things look simpler to you.
Here it is briefly explained the key to your
online business, and the simple method that enables me to earn 5 figures a

Before continuing, I must warn you that if you are a newcomer to Internet
marketing, you’ll find some concepts that are unknown for you.
If so, just grab a
paper and write down the concepts you didn’t understand, you’ll find them
explained while you continue reading the later chapters of this ebook.

AdWords has recently changed their rules, and it makes almost impossible for a
newcomer to profit from promoting products through AdWords.

Before, almost anyone was able to choose an affiliate product and setup a
profitable AdWords campaign, seeing daily sales and their total commissions
being higher than the money they spent in AdWords clicks.

But that is not possible anymore, Google changed their rules and there is too
much competition, so our methods had to be changed in order to still making big
money from AdWords.

You need to think of AdWords like a promotional tool for your business only, not
of AdWords as your business.

By business, I mean having quality products that you can sell online in a specified
niche that allows you to build a reputation in that specific niche.

I don’t know what you are passionate about, it could be about golf, about dogs,
cars, or you just want to show people how you make money online.
Whatever it
is, is the niche you should be targeting.

Now in that niche, you have to build a business, and then use AdWords to get
known as an expert on the topic you talk about.

But it’s not as hard as it sounds, actually, building your online business can be
done in as little as one day.

Here are the steps needed, very briefly:
Find a niche you like and you know some about it.

Grab resell rights to a quality product in your niche, or build your own.

There is no better product to sell online than a digital book (ebook).

Setup a squeeze page (a single page Web site with the ability to capture
your visitor’s name and email address).

Inside your squeeze page, give something of value to your visitors in
exchange for their name and email address, it could be a report you wrote
or whatever you got with PLR or MRR and that is relevant to your topic.

After they opt-in, offer them a paid product, it could be an affiliate product
where you’ll get x commission for the sale.
Then connect with your
subscribers by email, sending 2 to 3 offers a week of your product or the
affiliate product you are promoting until they buy from you.
Experts say it
usually takes 7 emails until a prospective customer make a purchase.

But wait, don’t be scared…
You might be inside of the 20% that don’t know how to do each of the 5 steps
above, but you’ll learn how-to while you continue reading this ebook.

Now here is something that you probably already heard dozens of times but you
should never forget: If you want people to buy from you, you have to be
recognized as an expert in your niche and give them valuable information so that
your customers will continue buying from you in the future.

You can’t just grab an affiliate product from ClickBank, create a campaign and
start seeing profits, not even if you know how to do keyword research and beat
minimum bids.

You’ll have to build a long-term business in order to pull big profits from

I think you will understand this better with a quick example, so here is one of a
small but killer campaign that I got going 2 months ago.
I was selling my
AdWords Profits 1 small report for $4.
97 and I was promoting it through
AdWords’ content network only.

My average CPC (Cost Per Click) was $0.
02 (you’ll achieve this or even lower with
the techniques show later in this ebook) and my campaign was converting at
about 15% (a decent conversion rate because of the email offers I sent to the
subscribers that opted-in through my squeeze or landing page).

Now lets say you do the same, selling the small AdWords Profits 1 report with the
Resell Rights you got as a free bonus for grabbing this ebook.

If you sell the report at just $4.
97 and if your campaign converts at only 10%,
you’ll make about $44.
5 per 100 visitors, but you’ll have to spend $2 in AdWords
(for those 100 visitors at $0.
02 per click) so that’s $42.
5 in profit, not bad.

Get 200 visitors daily (which is really easy following the methods shown later in
this ebook) and you’ll profit $85 a day.

But you must be building an opt-in list at the same time, and with an
average of 30% sign up rate and 200 visitors a day, you’ll get 60 opt-ins a day,
that’s 1,800 new subscribers on your list every month, just for running that
simple AdWords campaign.

Imagine promoting a new Internet marketing product every week, with your list
growing that quickly for just one low costing AdWords campaign.

In one month (with 1,800 subscribers), you send an e-mail promoting a $47
product of which you earn 75% commissions, and based in real “regular guy’s”
percentages, about 30% of your subscribers will open the e-mail you sent to
them, so that’s 540 people viewing it.
But only 60% of them will click on your
affiliate link, so that’s 324 visitors you send to the product’s site that you are
If you offer a nice bonus to the people that buy from you and if the
product converts well, expect a decent 5% conversion rate (usually more), that’s
about 17 sales at about $32 commission per sale, so you earn $544 for just one
promotion you send to your first month’s 1,800 subscribers’ list.

But you should send a new promotion every week (four a month), and with your
list growing everyday… do you now see the potential?
These stats are for a “regular guy”, however, with more credibility and a bit more
experience you can double or triple these stats and get much better results.

This is why you must build your business (credibility and opt-in list), instead of
just promoting products in hope to get daily sales.

But first, you need to learn how to achieve such low cost per clicks, high
conversions, how to build a decent squeeze page with a high sign up rate, how to
choose your products and more.

So please continue reading the following chapters.

A very important thing when creating a profitable AdWords campaign is to have a
product that converts well.
If you have the best ads, the best keywords, the best
landing pages, but the product you are promoting doesn’t convert well, you will
make no money.
At least not from your first offer.

So here I’ll show you what I always do to find good products to promote.

I only promote electronical products such as ebooks, software, memberships, etc.

Because the publishers for those kinds of products often offer higher
commissions, and those kind of products sell very well on the Internet.
There is
no inventory to keep, no shipping, and no hassles.
The customer pays them
online, get instant downloads and you keep your commission.
It’s that simple.

In the first chapter you were told about three marketplaces to find good products
that you can promote: Clickbank, PayDotCom and 7DollarOffers.

I only use those 3 sites to find products.

Let me explain you why, by shortly telling you the benefits of each one of those

Clickbank – Is the most trusted electronical products payment processor.
If you
promote Clickbank products, you can be 100% confident that all of your
commissions will be always paid to you twice a month via check.

PayDotCom – The publishers at PayDotCom pay your commissions directly to
your PayPal account every 15 or 30 days.
But the only payment processor
accepted is PayPal.

7DollarOffers – Here the publishers offer 100% commissions on their front end
sales, and you are paid instantly to YOUR PayPal account on every sale you refer.

Clickbank – Go to the Clickbank’s marketplace which is located at:
There you’ll find 9 main categories.
No matter what category you choose.
Each of
them have great products that you can promote and that you can be sure will sell
very well.

The four most important factors to keep in mind about the Clickbank’s
marketplace are:
$Earned/Sale: Average net amount earned per affiliate per referred sale.
that this is the net earned per actual sale, and so it is impacted by refunds,
chargebacks, and sales taxes.
Unfunded sales, such as returned checks, do not
impact this number.

Future $: Average total rebill revenue earned by the affiliate due to sales from a
Generally this equates to the average sum of all rebills.

Total $: The sum of all initial sales and rebills divided by the number of initial
It is the average total $ per sale, including all rebills that may come from
that sale.

%Earned/Sale: Average percentage commission earned per affiliate per
referred sale.
This number should only vary if the publisher has changed their
payout percentage over time.

%Referred: Fraction of publisher’s total sales that are referred by affiliates.

Gravity: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a
paying customer to the publisher’s products.
This is a weighted sum and not an
actual total.
For each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks we add an amount between
1 and 1.
0 to the total.
The more recent the last referral, the higher the value

To find the highest converting products, I recommend you to sort the
marketplace by Gravity.

Those products ranked higher are the ones you should promote because they are
being sold very well by the affiliates that are promoting them.

PayDotCom – Login to your PayDotCom account at:
Once you are logged into your account, click on the “Promote Products” tab, then
on the “From Marketplace” sub-link.

Select the category where you feel that you’ll find a product worth to start an
AdWords campaign for.
Just go with the category you know the most about.

Select a subcategory and then you’ll see all the products having an “APS” number

[APS] is The Affiliate Power Score.

This score is calculated on a daily basis and it depends on a number of factors
such as the number of sales, total refunds, and affiliate earnings with special
emphasis put on the number of unique affiliates making sales over the last 150
days with recent transactions having more relevance.
There are other factors
including the amount the affiliate earns and others but we do not publish this
algorithm to protect the integrity of the score so that it is not manipulated in any
way and it will always represent the most accurate representation of top products
to promote for affiliates.

So go with the products ranked higher (with a higher APS).
Those are the
products that are selling better by their affiliates, so you can be sure that a high
APS product will convert well, also make sure the commission offered is high
enough and convenient for you.

After you find a good product to promote, click on the “Promote” link below the
product listing and it will be automatically added to your PayDotCom account’s
product list.
After you click the “Promote” link, you will be transferred to a site
where you will be given your affiliate link for the product you choose to promote.

Your PayDotCom affiliate links are big, so you can cloak them by using a free
service such as TinyUrl at:
That service converts a large and ugly affiliate link into a short one, so that your
customers won’t even notice that you are an affiliate and that you are getting a
commission for the sale.

7DollarOffers – You don’t need to register there, simply visit the their
marketplace which is located at:
Click on the category you know most about.

There is no formula there to be sure what are the products that convert better, so
you have to click over the products you feel that will sell better, read through
their sales page and if you think that they will convert well, then you can either
buy the product (they are priced at a very low price, and some are given for free to
upsell another product) or email the author asking him to send you a free copy of
their product so you can review it and make a quick landing page.

To get 100% commissions by promoting products at this marketplace, you must
use the next affiliate link format:
For example, if you were to promote my first AdWords Profits report that uses
the $7 dollar scripts and assuming that your PayPal email is:
com then your affiliate link for that report would be:
And whenever someone buys that report you will keep 100% of the cost of the
report paid instantly to YOUR PayPal account.

So there is no waiting weeks or even months to receive checks if you promote
these products.
And they sell like crazy because they’re so inexpensive.

But the best way to find products that sell very well is to stay tuned for
new launches, for promotions from the known Internet marketers
and to use IM News Watch.

You can register at IM news watch here:
Most of the Internet marketing product news are posted there in detail.

By being an IM News Watch member, you can get all the necessary information
about a new product, even before it launches.

That way you can get your campaigns ready, start building your list, building buzz
with your subscribers, and then announce the launch and make big money from

So always be tuned for news from IM news watch and for promotional emails
from the gurus.
There is a profitable product launch every week, and there are no
better product to promote than the newest launches.

Don’t waste your time and money creating campaigns for old and non-converting

Choosing The Only Keywords You Must Use
This is not as hard as everyone says.
This is actually the easiest task for me when
creating an AdWords campaign.

Use your common sense.
Think about what keywords people will use when
searching for what you have to sell.

Track your conversions, and delete the keywords that haven’t made you money.

Just stick with those that convert, even if they are just 5 or even 1.
I have many
campaigns running very profitable and I’m only using one single keyword.

If you don’t track your keywords you are lost because you’ll be paying for clicks
on keywords that are not making you money.

Tracking your keywords is easy, here’s what you must do:
Log into your AdWords account.

Click on the “Conversion Tracking” tab at the top.

Click “Get Conversion Code” on the right side.

Choose your conversion type (lead, sale, etc).

Customize your conversion tracking look.

Copy the code that Google gives you and paste it on your “thank you page”, or
the page that your customer sees after the payment.

This will add 3 columns under the Campaign Summary section of your AdWords
account that are “Conv.
Rate”, “Cost/Conv.
” and “Conversions”.

A great free tool you can use to get keyword ideas is Seo Book Keyword
Suggestion Tool which you can find at:
Type your niche or a keyword there, for example: if the product you are
promoting is about learning how to play golf just type: “learn golf” and click the
“Submit” button.

You will see a list of keywords/keyphrases variations about “learn golf”:
See that I’ve selected a few long tail keyphrases, my common sense says that
these keywords are going to convert, but I must first see how many sponsored ads
are showing for each keyphrase to see how much competition and how much
each cost per click is going to be.

To find how many sponsored ads a keyword has, I always use a tool called SpyFu
(they have a paid service that gives you much more results, but you can use it for
free to get the top ads and keywords, and that’s the only thing needed).

There you should type the keyword you want to see how much competition it has
(how much sponsored ads are appearing for that keyword).

With SpyFu you can also see what keywords an ad is using, simply click over an
ad, just like it’s shown in the image below:
And then you’ll see a list of the keywords that the ad you clicked on is using.

Please see the next page for an image example…
As you can see, this free service gives you a limited number of keywords,
however, we don’t need more than 10 highly targeted keywords.
If you want more
variations you can buy the membership, but its not a lot needed, so its up to you.

I personally don’t recommend using keywords that have more than 8 sponsored
ads, this is to prevent you from needing to bid higher or do too much on-page
optimization to get a first page ranking.

If you choose keywords with less than 8 sponsored ads, you have your first page
placement guaranteed so you don’t have to beat other ads by paying more.

After you got your keyword list, you have to use the three Google keyword
matching options that are:
Broad Match – This is the default option.
If your ad group contained the
keyword tennis shoes, your ad would be eligible to appear when a user’s search
query contained tennis and shoes, in any order, and possibly along with other
Your ads could also show for singular/plural forms, synonyms, and other
relevant variations.
For example, you ad might show on tennis shoe or tennis
Run a Search Query Performance Report to see what keyword
variations trigger your ad.

Phrase Match – If you enter your keyword in quotation marks, as in “tennis
shoes,” your ad would be eligible to appear when a user searches on the phrase
tennis shoes, in this order, and possibly with other terms before or after the
For example, your ad could appear for the query red tennis shoes but not
for shoes for tennis, tennis shoe, or tennis sneakers.
Phrase match is more
targeted than broad match, but more flexible than exact match.

Exact Match – If you surround your keywords in brackets – such as [tennis
shoes] – your ad would be eligible to appear when a user searches for the specific
phrase tennis shoes, in this order, and without any other terms in the query.
example, your ad wouldn’t show for the query red tennis shoes or tennis shoe.

Exact match is the most targeted option.
Although you won’t receive as many
impressions with exact match, you’ll likely enjoy the most targeted clicks – users
searching for your exact keyword typically want precisely what your business has
to offer.

Negative Keyword – If your keyword is tennis shoes and you add the negative
keyword -red, your ad will not appear when a user searches on red tennis shoes.

Negative keywords are especially useful if your account contains lots of broadmatched
It’s a good idea to add any irrelevant keyword variations you
see in a Search Query Performance Report or the Keyword Tool as a negative
Learn more.

I’ve seen a great increase in my Quality Score when using the three keyword
matching options, and most AdWords experts agree with this.

To automatically wrap your keywords, I recommend using the free tool called
“AdWords Wrapper” from Mike’s Marketing Tools:
Copy all your keywords there, then click “Wrap AdWords” and the program will
automatically wrap your keywords for you.
This will save a lot of time.

Then what you have to do is to beat your minimum bid so you can pay as low as
05 to $0.
01 per click (with the “beating your minimum bid” method from the
th chapter).

If a keyword that has more than 8 sponsored ads is a high converting keyword for
your product, you can try it but you’ll need to improve your ad’s Quality Score in
order to get a decent position while paying less than your competitors.

You’ll learn about Quality Score in the next chapter.
But first, please see the next
page for a brief explanation on negative keywords.

Negative Keywords
Use negative keywords only if you run a search network campaign (see search
network vs content network in the 8th chapter).

If you use broad keywords, people who search for any word that is included in
your broad key-phrase will find you.

But don’t be too glad about it, you should not be found by people that is not
looking exactly for what you have to offer, at least not if you are using AdWords
as your promotional tool, because each click will cost you, so you have to drive
targeted traffic only, so that your ROI can be the highest possible.

The most common negative keyword to use is “-free”.
As you are mostly using
AdWords to offer paid products, you don’t want to pay for visitors that are
looking for free information.

The most common negative keywords that you should always include in your
search network campaigns are:
Besides those keywords, when running a search network campaign, use any other
negative keyword that you need to avoid paying clicks for untargeted visitors.

This will save you a lot of money and will highly increase your ad’s CTR.

Writing Effective AdWords Ads
Your ads are probably the most important factor of a profitable Google AdWords

Your ad is the first thing that your potential customers will see about your
product or the one you are promoting as an affiliate.
So this is one of the most
important things you must know how to write effectively.

You should know that without a good ad copy, your AdWords campaigns will
never be able to compete with your competitors’, so you’ll never get clicks, no
visitors, no list, no sales and as a result, no money.

But writing good ad copy is not an easy task.

About 95% of AdWords advertisers don’t know how to write good ads.

What makes an ad great is relevancy.
You must give the searcher exactly what he
is looking for.

A great thing about your AdWords account is that you can create various ad
groups for each campaign, and each ad group can contain various ads with a
different keyword list.

It’ll let you test your ads to find out which one gets the best Click Through Ratio
(CTR) and the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC).

More on this in a bit.

Skip the next paragraph if you already have AdWords campaigns and
ads running:
Login to your AdWords account, then go to the “Campaign Management ->
Campaign Summary” section and click over the only campaign you have, then
click over your ad group.
We’ll edit your ad, so you must click over the “Ad
Variations” tab, and then click the “Edit” link on the “Actions” column.

Since relevancy is the main factor of a great ad, you should create different ad
groups for each of your campaigns and each ad group must contain a relevant
family of keywords.

I’m going to give you an example of a profitable campaign that I
created for a Golf ebook that I was successfully promoting.

For that Golf campaign, I created two ad groups, each ad group contained 10
long-tail and relevant-to-the-ads keywords.

The first ad group focused in the key-phrase “learn to play golf” while the
second ad group focused in the phrase “how to be a golf pro”.

The first group, the one that was targeted to the phrase ”learn to play golf”
contained these ads:
Headline: Learn To Play Golf
Description line 1: Learn From A Golf Expert
Description line 2: How To Play Like The Pros
Display URL: jbc8.
Destination URL: http://www.
Headline: Learning How To Golf
Description line 1: Playing Golf Isn’t As Hard As It
Description line 2: Seems – You Just Need Creativity
Display URL: jbc8.
Destination URL: http://www.
While the second ad group, the one that was targeted to the phrase ”how to be a
golf pro” contained these ads:
Headline: How To Be A Golf Pro
Description line 1: Learn The Tips & Secrets Pros Use
Description line 2: Lower Your Score Quickly And Easily
Display URL: jbc8.
Destination URL: http://www.
Headline: Be The Next Golf Pro
Description line 1: Learn From The Best Golf Pros
Description line 2: Claim Your Free Course Now
Display URL: jbc8.
Destination URL: http://www.
Note that each ad group has ads that are relevant to the phrase that we were
This was in order to give Google exactly what it wants, relevancy.

Always keep this phrase in mind: “Google loves relevancy”.

So if your ads, keywords, landing pages are relevant and if you add high
converting products to that, you’ll win at AdWords.

Also note that in the URL’s I used the domain name (jbc8.
info) and my sites were
located at the “Click-Here” and the “Download-Now” folders.

I did this because it’s proven that if you use a call to action in your ad, it will
get a higher CTR.

Google won’t let you use a call to action in the headline nor the
description lines.
It is against their Terms Of Service and they will
deny your ad if you do so.

So what you can do in order to add a call to action, is to create a domain name
that has a call to action text, or do what I did: I registered the domain name:
info, then created a folder for each product I wanted to promote and named
it with a call-to-action.
Examples of folders’ names I used are: “Click-Here”,
“Download-Now”, “Order-Now”, etc.
But without the quotes.

Use this method and you’ll see a great improvement in your ads’ CTR.

Another great tip to improve your CTR is to do the following:
In your headline type this: {KeyWord:Learn To Play Golf}
This will make your headline to be the exact keyword/key-phrase that the
searcher typed in the Google search box, and your headline will be bolded.
If the
keyphrase is more than 24 character long, the default phrase “Learn To Play
Golf” will appear on the headline instead.

This is a great trick if you want to get as many clicks as possible, but if you use
this, Google won’t reward you with higher Quality Score even if you get a high
CTR, it’s a rule of their algorithm.

Having a high Quality Score will greatly help your ad to rank higher while you
will be able to pay less per click than your competitors.

Quality Score is calculated by measuring a keyword’s click-through rate, and ad
text relevancy.
Other factors that make up a quality score are historical keyword
performance, the quality of an ad’s landing page, and other keyword attributes.

This score is the basis for measuring the quality of keywords and determining
minimum bids.

Keep the above definition always in mind, because Google AdWords is
all about Quality Score, and Quality Score is all about relevancy.

Please head to the next page to see how to find the best performing ads…
Finding The Best Ads
This can only be done by testing.
And as you already know, AdWords let you
create different ad groups for each campaign, and each ad group can contain
different ads and keywords.

So, to find the best ads, the best you can do is to create different ads for your
campaign, and you can even create different ad groups.

Each ad group can contain unique keywords and different ads, so you can test
and see which one converts better, which one gets the lowest CPC’s and higher
CTR’s and then delete those ads that aren’t making you money.

To do this, simply login to your AdWords account, click over your campaign, and
you will see a list of your ad groups.
What I recommend you is to first create two
ad groups and inside each ad group, create two different ads.

Use the conversion tracking that comes with your AdWords campaign.
If you’re
not familiar with how to activate and set it up, then follow the next steps:
Log into your AdWords account.

Click on the “Conversion Tracking” tab at the top.

Click “Get Conversion Code” on the right side.

Choose your conversion type (lead, sale, etc).

Customize your conversion tracking look.

Copy the code that Google gives you and paste it on your “thank you page”, or
the page that your customer sees after the payment.

By activating it, you will be able to track your campaign’s results.
You’ll see
which keywords and which ads are the ones making you the sales.

Delete those ads that are getting lower CTR’s and that are not converting at all.

Leave the best performing ads and try creating new ones to see how well they
perform, so that you can make the best ad selection.

This may take you a whole week, but it’s worth it.

You’ll be tightening your campaigns up to perfection, so you’ll lower your
advertising costs while bringing more profits to your pocket.

I am telling you this from experience that this is the only way you can find out the
best performing ads, and that is: TESTING.

But in order to be able to test your ads, you first have to:
Login to your AdWords account.

Click on your campaign’s checkbox.

Click the “Edit Settings” button.

Inside the “Advanced Options”, choose “Rotate: Show ads more
evenly” as the “Ad serving” option.

If you don’t change this option you won’t be able to compare which ad is
performing better, because Google will more often show the ad that started
getting better results, even when that ad could not be the best one.

So very briefly: change that setting, keep a close eye on your ads, delete the bad
performing ones and keep creating new ads until you find your best selection.

It’s that easy.
There is no better word to describe this as TESTING, and you now
know how to do it.

Creating A High Converting Landing Page
Knowing how to create simple Web sites is needed if you want to succeed online.

But not only creating a Web site will guarantee your success, you have to optimize
your Web site to sell, and to sell well.

So I decided to write this chapter where you’ll learn how to create a landing page
and how to make it to effectively sell what you have to offer.

With AdWords you are going to bring targeted traffic to your landing page, but
you have to convert those visitors into buyers.

The first thing to keep always in mind is the word: relevancy.
So your landing
page must be relevant (targeted) to your AdWords ads and your keywords.

We will start with some basic information, followed by the advanced techniques.

If you have no clue on how to create a simple Web page to use it as a landing or
squeeze page, then I’ve created a squeeze page template for you, so that you can
just personalize it using Microsoft Front Page or any other Web editor and upload
it to your Web server.

You can download your squeeze page template from:
Every Web site needs a Web server (Web hosting) so that you can upload it to the
Internet and make it available for everyone.

The Web hosting service I use is HostGator, because it offers big disk space and
bandwidth, they also offer the ability to host unlimited domain names in one
account and many more great features for a very low price.
They also give you one
domain name (yoursite.
com) for free if you order one of their hosting packages.

So if you don’t have a Web hosting account yet, I strongly recommend you to
register one at:
Go for Web hosting and purchase the Baby plan.
You don’t need more and it
is a low priced and great package.
That’s the best package you’ll probably find

And then…
Then write the domain name you want to register or choose the second option if
you already have a domain name that you wish to use for your account.

Continue the process and you’ll get your Web hosting account where you’ll be
able to upload all of your squeeze pages for your profitable AdWords campaigns.

Now you have to create your landing page, but with the correct
information to make it convert your visitors into buyers, or into optins
subscribers at least.

Making a high converting landing page is simple, really.

Just get into your visitors’ shoes and think what they want, them give them
exactly what they’re looking for just the way you’d like to have it given to you.

Treat your visitors like persons, not like numbers.
You must understand their
problem and give them a solution.

Assuming that you are promoting a “landing page creation product”:
People will first search at Google something like this: “how to create a
high converting landing page”.

They will see your ad because you used that keyword in your ad group.

Then they click on your ad because it stands from all others, simply
because it convinces the searcher that he is going to improve his landing
page’s conversions by following your methods.

The person then arrives to your landing page (so he is now your visitor), he
sees a compelling headline and then follow to read the review that you
wrote about the product you are promoting.

He likes the benefits of the product and then clicks on your affiliate link.

He’s then transferred to the publisher’s site, but having your
recommendation in mind.
He reads through some other important
sections of the sales letter and clicks the buy now button.

Then you and the product owner are credited a commission.

About a 50% of the sale was made thanks to you, not only because you sent the
visitor to the publisher’s site via your affiliate link, but because in your landing
page you convinced the visitor that the product you are promoting will solve his

The publisher could be you (if you created the product) or the author of the
ebook, program, course or software that you are promoting.

Here are the elements that a successful landing or squeeze page must have:
This is the first thing your visitor will see on your landing page, so here
you must grab his attention and make him want to find out more.
A header is
usually formated with a big centered text of one to five lines.

This will reinforce your header and is used to build intrigue so
that your visitor will keep wanting to read more.

Here is where you write a review of the product you are promoting.

Bullet Points.
You must use this to highlight the most important things of your
product or the one that you are promoting.
The bullet points tend to attract the
customer’s attention, so there you must write all the product’s benefits.

Sign Up Form.
Highly important as here is where you’ll paste the opt-in code
generated by your autoresponder to capture your visitors’ name and e-mail
address, so that you can keep in touch with them in the future with the strategies
shown in the 7th chapter.

Audio (optional).
It could be useful to use an audio introduction for some
products, but most people tend to find it annoying to hear someone talking when
they join a site.
If you are using audio make it optional, only play it when the
visitor clicks the “Play” button.

Video (optional).
As shown with previous tests, video don’t work like everyone
thinks, you can use video to explain the product’s benefits, but it’s not really
important, as it doesn’t really improve conversions.

You should use a graphic that describes the product you are
It could be a book image, a box image, etc.
I’m sure you’ve seen
ecover images on almost all of the sales letters you’ve arrived, so you know what I
mean with this.

On the next page you will find a screen shot of the squeeze page template that I’ve
created for you, there I show you where the most important elements explained
above must be placed inside of your squeeze page.

You can download your squeeze page template from:
Then edit it with Microsoft Front Page or any other Web site editor you have.

On the next page you’ll find the 4 components that your landing page must have:
Get to the point.
Be brief and direct.
The content of your landing page must be
exactly what you promised in your AdWords ad.
Don’t get off topic and just talk
about the benefits of the product you are promoting and how it will help your
Web site visitor if he buys that product.

Use a call to action.
Use a text that urge the visitors to take action, for
example: “Click here to download” or “Enter your first name and email to receive
my free report”, etc.

After they see your review, they must be sent to the publisher’s page to make the
purchase, so using a call to action will get your visitor to the next level.

Keep a unique look.
Your visitors can never be lost inside your site, make it all
look the same way, use the same layout, font and colors on your landing page.

Don’t collect too much personal information.
If you give something away
for free, do not ask the visitor for more than their name and their email or you
will get nothing.

It is enough to have their first name and their email address so you can keep in
contact with them in the future, but no more information is needed.

But there’s much more information on opt-in list building in the 7th chapter.

Beating The Minimum Bids
Now that you know how to create a high converting landing (or squeeze) page, is
time to drive low cost and targeted traffic to it.

Relevancy is the key for low cost clicks at AdWords.

Since your squeeze page doesn’t need to have the best copy, you can focus in your
keyword density.
The more keyword dense your squeeze page is compared to the
keywords you are using in your AdWords ads, the higher your Google Quality
Score will be.

An example of this is when I was promoting a “Car Buying Tips” report, I created
two campaigns to test.

Both of the campaigns had the exact same ads and the exact same keywords.
the first campaign was sent to a different squeeze page than the second one.
amazing part of this was that the first campaign would let me have my minimum
bid to $0.
05 while the second campaign to $0.
30 only.

What was the difference? Why were two exact same ads with the exact same
keywords giving me highly different minimum bids?
The answer is that the first squeeze page was much more keyword dense than the
second page.
In other words, the first squeeze page had the keyphrase “Car
Buying Tips” in the headline, and at least 8 times in the page text.
While the
second squeeze page only had the keyphrase “Car Buying Tips” twice.

Beating your minimum bids is amazingly easy, your landing or squeeze page just
has to be relevant, targeted, keyword dense or whatever you want to call it, to the
ads and keywords that you are using for your AdWords campaign.

To analyze how keyword dense your landing page is, use this free tool:
And now here is a way you can create a highly relevant landing page without even
needing to write the majority of it.

First go to some article directories such as:
Now, for example, if you are going to create a squeeze page to promote a “learn to
play golf” ebook through AdWords, below are the steps to do it and beat your
minimum bids:
Go to one of the article sites listed above, lets try “Articles Base” this time.

Search for the keyphrase “learn to play golf”.

Select one of the top articles, those at the top are the most relevant, so
those are the articles that we want to look at, for example:
And after quickly reading through the top articles, the one marked with a red
arrow was the one that fits better for your squeeze page.

So what you have to do next is to copy the whole article and paste it inside your
squeeze page, but leave the article source intact.
If you don’t want it to be there,
you’ll have to contact the author and ask him for permission to use his article and
to remove his name and source to it.
But almost no one will let you to do so.

The main reason of using these articles is that they are already keyword dense
and relevant to the key-phrase you looked for, that’s why they appeared in the top
positions for your search at the article directory.

Just adding that article will dramatically lower your campaign’s minimum bid.

Add the article below your opt-in form, see my squeeze page template for an
example on where you must place it:
Why And How You Must Build Your Opt-In List
I’m sure that you already heard (several times) the phrase: “the money is in the
And that’s very true.

If you don’t build a list you are leaving a lot of money in the table.

So if you are running an AdWords campaign to promote your product or
someone else’s as an affiliate, make sure you build an opt-in list.

There are several autoresponder systems out there, but the two most popular are
GetResponse and Aweber.

I personally like GetResponse more than Aweber, as GetResponse is more user
friendly than Aweber, but that’s just a personal opinion.

GetResponse is very reliable and is more affordable than Aweber.

So without any doubts, you must an autoresponder right now.

If don’t want to pay for one, you can do a Google search for a free autoresponder.

But I don’t recommend you free services as they are not reliable, and you want
your list to be there forever.

So I recommend you the same service that I use, GetResponse:
You can try that service for free, or you can go with a year paid subscription to get
a nice discount, but it’s up to you.

Building a list will let you to stay in contact with your visitors, so that you can
send e-mails to them until they buy the product.
And send some back-end offers
in the future.
All of this will greatly increase your profits.
Otherwise, you might
never again see the people that go to your site and leave without buying.

Actually, this is how all the top affiliates are making their money.
We setup an
AdWords campaign to promote a squeeze page while offering a free product in
our niche in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address, then we offer
them a paid product, and if the visitor doesn’t buy it, we will keep sending our
visitor an email once every other day about the product’s benefits until he buys.

And thanks to the autoresponders this can be done automatically.

When the visitor buys from you, you can obviously now call him your customer,
and get him added to your “customers list” on your autoresponder.
This list is
worth gold, because if you treat your customers well, they will continue buying
new products from you for a long time.

So what you have to do is to create a squeeze page, you can use the squeeze page
template that I’ve create for you:
As shown in the template, create a quick review using all the information that has
been explained in previous chapters, and go back to the first chapter to get an
idea of how all of this works.

But the important thing here is: “how should you treat your subscribers?”
You have to get them to trust you, and to identify you as an expert in your niche.

To do this, it is sometimes needed that you grab some PLR and MRR products
and send those to them for free, so that your subscribers can realize that the only
thing you want is to help them.

Never let a week pass without emailing them, but only e-mail them with
something useful to them, something of value.

As weeks pass they will be building trust in you and soon they will see you as an
honest expert on your niche because all the e-mails you’ve been sending them
have been on useful information.

An example for this is: you are in the Internet marketing niche, and you created a
squeeze page that offered a free report about how to start an AdWords campaign
(lets say this report is AdWords Profits 1, which you actually got MRR to as a free
bonus for being my customer).
Okay, you get his name and his email through
your autoresponder code that is on your squeeze page, and then your
autoresponder sends him the report to his e-mail inbox, and redirects the visitor
to the AdWords Profits 2 site through your affiliate link.

Look, by then you’ve gotten the visitor’s contact name and email, you have the
visitor interested in learning AdWords, and you offered him a good product.

If he buys AdWords Profits 2, you will get a 75% commission, however, if he
doesn’t, he will then see the AdWords Profits 1 report that is waiting for him on
his email inbox.

While he reads that report, he will learn basic but useful information on
AdWords, however, he will now think he is ready to learn the full power of
AdWords, so he goes to the AdWords Profits 2 site through a link that is in the
AdWords Profits 1 report, and buys AdWords Profits 2, and since he still has your
Clickbank affiliate ID cookied, you will be credited a huge 75% commission.

This was just an example of how the good affiliates promote my own products,
and how I actually promote others’ products.

This has been the best proven way to see real profits from AdWords.

Lets briefly summarize this:
All of what you are about to read in the next paragraph can be done automatically
thanks to the use of an autoresponder, so go get your GetResponse autoresponder
now, as it’s a “must have” tool to succeed with AdWords and with Internet
marketing in general.

You gave something of value to your customer for free, but you got his name and
email address and he was then offered a paid product where:
He could buy the product right away and you get your commission.

He doesn’t buy the product, but he reads the free report (or any product
you gave to him), and he starts to get interested in the paid product that
you offered him, because:
You gave something of value to him, so he’s starting to trust you.

The product you gave him shows how he can start reaching his
goals, so he’s now more confident in buying something from you.

You keep in contact with him through your autoresponder, building
more interest and trust.

He decides to purchase the paid product, and because that product
is good, he is now even more confident in buying from you what you
have to recommend to him.

The next week or so, you send him an email through your
autoresponder offering him another related product, it’s actually
something that could be useful to him, and coincidentally it has
your affiliate link at the bottom of the email.

He has already bought more than once from you, so he knows you
recommend good products, and he is probably almost 100%
confident to buy any product that you recommend to him.

Now, if you automatically do this with thousands of your site’s visitors, you get
ongoing commissions forever, and you’ll be actually helping others to reach their
goals, by recommending them good and useful products.

The more value you give to them, the more you receive their ongoing trust (and
affiliate commissions).

This might sound too simple to be true, but actually this is how simple Internet
marketing is, you just have to treat your customers like persons, not like
Help them as if they were your friends, and you will start seeing great

If you utilize this along with my “beating your minimum bids, keyword selection”
and other methods, you have your AdWords success guaranteed.

Go take a look at the two campaign examples that I’ve created for you.

If you haven’t yet downloaded them, please check your download link on your
email inbox, and get ideas from those campaigns.

Content Network Vs Search Network
Google allows you to show your sponsored ads at the Google search or Google
search partners.
But it also allows you to show your ad in every relevant site that
has AdSense ads.
And you can select whether to appear in both or just one of
those networks.

I don’t recommend you to use both at the same time or you won’t be able to test
your campaigns and they might get messed up.

I always create one campaign for content network and another campaign for
search network.

Most people get lost with this, and this is their main mistake, so here are the
advantages and disadvantages of each network:
• Search Network.
Here your ads tend to get a higher CTR because they
are only shown whenever someone searches at Google or its partner sites
for your keywords.

This is much more targeted than content network, but it is also much more

While search network clicks can cost you $0.
10, content network clicks can
cost you $0.

• Content Network.
Here you get lower cost per clicks, but those clicks
are less targeted than the search network clicks.
However, it’s better to use
this network if your main concern is to build an opt-in list.

You can use this network to build huge opt-in lists at low cost, so that you
can later send backend offers to your subscribers and make long term
profits from it, as shown in chapter 7.

As default, your campaigns have both networks activated, so you must turn one
off, and below is how to do so.

Login to your AdWords account, click your campaign’s checkbox and then click
the “Edit Settings” button.

There you will see the Networks section.
See the next page for an image…
Remember to only select one network per campaign.

If you will create a search network campaign check the first two boxes only, if you
will create a content network campaign then, obviously, check the third box only.

See that the last option says “Content bids”, you don’t need to check it because
you won’t use it, that is only useful when creating a campaign that runs both
content network and search network.

But always stick to one network per campaign so that you can fully optimize it in
order to get great results.

If you run a campaign on both networks, you will get a poor CTR because of the
content network being activated, and it will dramatically hurt your search
network listings, because your Quality Score will drop down causing your
minimum bids to skyrocket and your ad would get the very last positions as a

As an “AdWords Profits 2” customer you receive two campaign examples, one
content network and one search network.
So please take a look at your AdWords
campaigns examples to get a better understanding of this.

If you haven’t downloaded them yet, please see your email inbox, and open the
“thank you for purchasing AdWords Profits 2” message for your download link.

Using PLR And MRR Products
I mostly use Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR)
products to sell them through my squeeze pages that are being promoted with
The main reason of this is that I can create a single payment button
with PayPal and there is no way I get my commission hijacked by my buyers.

Other great things about using MRR and PLR products is that you can give them
away (if the author gives the rights to do so) to build your list as shown in the 7th
And then offer your main product or your affiliate product as an upsell.

A great place to find fresh PLR and MRR content is without doubt the WSO
section of the popular Warrior Forum:
A lot of experienced marketers write new and unique content, they put it together
into a report or an ebook, and sell PLR or MRR through the Warrior Special Offer
section of the Warrior Forum.

By grabbing PLR products, you can call them as your own.
That means editing
the products and putting your name in it as if you were the author.

This is of great help if you are going into a small niche, because you can use these
reports to give them away and place a link inside that those reports that redirects
the reader to a paid product offer where you’ll get a commission as an affiliate.

This chapter was intended to be taught to you by email, but I wanted to touch
upon it here just a little bit.
So in addition you receive more about through email,
since it’s an important and wide topic, but one that needs to be explained in
steps, one at a time.

Stay tuned for emails from me, as I’m going to be explaining to you how to make
the best use of PLR and MRR products.

For now, you can download the AdWords Profits 1 report with MRR, its sales
letter and ecover image from:
You can sell it at any price tag you want or even give it away for free to build your
That report converts very well.
I strongly recommend you to go back to the
first chapter to see how you can make a great use of that report.

Note – The Master Resell Rights are for just for the “AdWords Profits 1” report.

The “AdWords Profits 2” package comes with personal right only, it cannot be
sold or given away.

However, if you want to join my high paying affiliate program and earn huge 75%
commissions on 2 levels, please visit:
In the next chapter you will find a great use for PLR content, and how I used it to
create a product and start profiting from it in less than 1 day.

How I Created A Product In Less Than 1 Day
It all started while browsing at the “Warrior Special Offers” section of the great
and popular “Warrior Forum” that you can join for free at:
Since it is a great source of information on Internet marketing, I usually read and
contribute to it.

Whenever I need good information, articles, products, etc, I always browse their
Warrior Special Offers (WSO) section.

A lot of marketers offer great information, products and services for great prices
or even for free.

So for me, there is no better place to find high quality information at such low
prices than the WSO section of the Warrior Forum.

While I was browsing through their WSO forum, I found a marketer offering 50
private label rights articles on golf and gardening, each package of 10 was sold for
97 if I remember correctly.

I contacted the author of that WSO, asking him if he could give me a better price
if I buy all of his 50 articles at once, and he agreed to sell them all for only $12.

So, for only $12, I got 50 high quality private label rights golf articles.

What I did after was to select the best articles and open Microsoft Word to make
a table of contents with the titles of those 24 articles.
I then copied and pasted the
articles into that Word file, formated the font and size to make it look good and

The result was a high quality 48 page ebook about Golf.

I then used PdfEdit995 (a free PDF converter) to convert the Word document
into a PDF ebook.

So I already had the ebook (spent 10 minutes of work and $12 for high quality

The next step was to create an e-cover image and a quick sales page.

Since I needed a professional e-cover image, I contacted Adam Generale, a
great designer and marktererd.

In 30 minutes, he had my e-cover finished with a high and professional quality.

While he made the ecover image, I was thinking about the sales letter.
I was
confident about the quality of my Golf ebook so I started writing a quick sales
letter using Word again.

After 5 pages I thought it was enough because the ebook was going to be priced
low there was no need to write a lot about it.

Having the ebook, the sales page and the ecover ready.
I bought a $10/year
domain name and uploaded the site to my Web server.

I then added my ebook to a popular marketplace, priced it at $29.
95 and offered
a 60% commission to the affiliates.

In less than one day I had everything ready to cash in.
Within two days I started
getting orders, and each day more and more.
This was thanks to the affiliates
promoting the product for me, since I was paying them a high 60% commission,
they were more than happy by promoting it.

I was enjoying big money coming into my PayPal account with less than 1 day of
work, $22 from my pocket and no need to do any kind of advertising myself.
mean, I didn’t even create an AdWords campaign for this product to start seeing
the money coming in.

So look at the WSO section of the Warrior Forum for high quality content, and
whenever you find it, buy PLR’s to the author and create your own product
(report or ebook) with it, then pay someone such as Adam or find your preferred
designer on the Web to create a professional ecover image for you, then create a
quick sales page.

If you are not good at writing high response sales letters, I highly recommend you
to hire a great, experienced and perfectionist copywriter like Dean Dhuli.
you can contact Dean at:
When you get everything ready, add your product to one of the marketplaces that
I mentioned at the beginning of this ebook, offer good commissions to your
affiliates, then sit back and watch the money come into your account, with no
effort or money involved in any kind of advertising.

Never inflate the price of your product, remember that lower prices often get
higher conversions.

And unless you create your own content and its worth charging more, do it.
not, do not charge more than $30 for your product, this will help you to avoid
refunds as well.

Just let the affiliates do their job, and reward them with high commissions so
they will want to promote your product.

Within a week or even less, you should start seeing orders.
And when more
people and affiliates know about your product, and when you gain a higher
affiliate power score or gravity at ClickBank, even more people will start
promoting and of course, buying it.

So give it time and you will be able to make a full living with just one product if
you do it right.

But you shouldn’t stop there.

Create as many high quality products, following the steps explained above, and
enjoy easy money rolling into your account everyday.

Affiliate Marketing / ClickBank / PayDotCom /
Here is the basic information I told you about in the introduction.
I add this as
not everyone knows the basic concepts.
And I wouldn’t want people telling me
that they don’t understand a thing I’ve told them in this ebook because they
didn’t know the basics.

Affiliate Marketing
Is a system for selling others’ products via a link on your Web site, and earn a
commission for it.

For example, if you have a Web site that talks about online gaming, you could put
a banner that promotes an online gaming store.
If the visitor clicks in the banner
at your site, he will be sent to the online gaming store via your affiliate link.
whenever the visitor makes a purchase at the online gaming store, you will be
credited a commission.

Is the biggest and most trusted electronical products’ retailer.

An example of an electronical product is an ebook, software, membership site,

You can register for a free affiliate ClickBank account at:
ClickBank is the easiest place to find high converting electronical products.

E-products are the easiest you can start selling online, because the customer can
download them instantly after they make their payment.
So there is no shipping,
insurance, stock, etc.

The best thing about info products is that the merchants can pay you a 50% or
even 75% commissions for each sale.
And such high commissions are not always
possible with tangible products.

Is also a great marketplace.
There you can find physical and electronical products
that you can promote and earn big commissions.

I use this service a lot because with it I get my commissions paid directly to my
PayPal account every 15 or 30 days.

You can register for a free PayDotCom account at:
PayDotCom has lower fees than Clickbank, and if you choose to add your own
product to their marketplace, you can do once for free.

It is a marketplace dedicated for low priced electronical products, most of them
are small reports priced at $7.

But the great thing about this marketplace is that you can keep 100% of the
profits for each sale you refer.

You can find these products at:
I promote a lot of these products because they convert so well, and the refunds
are minimal because they are so inexpensive.
They are great to build targeted optin

So now that you understand what affiliate marketing is and that you got your
ClickBank and PayDotCom accounts, is time to create an AdWords account.

If you have no clue on how to create one, please see the next chapter.


Creating A Google AdWords Account
Here is more basic information (how to create your Google AdWords account).

You must first go to http://adwords.
com and click on the “Start now>>”
button to get started.

The next screen will give you an option between two types of accounts, Starter
and Standard.
And since we are going deep into AdWords, select “Standard” and
then click “Continue”.

On the next page, you’ll choose the languages you want to target.
So if you were in
Spain and wanted to target Spanish-speaking Google users, you would select
Google also let’s you target specific countries, specific regions and cities
or even a specified geographic location (such as a 30-mile radius around a certain
street address).

But for now, we’ll select English language and we will target all locations by
clicking on the “Change targeting” link.
The next image shows where:
Then, the next window will open: See the next page…
Select the “Bundles” tab and you’ll see the next window where you’ll need to
scroll down the bundles and select the “All Countries and Territories (Bundle)”

See the next page for an image example…
And then click the “Finished” button below on that window.

You will then be returned to the “Welcome To AdWords” screen, where you’ll
need to click the “Continue >>” button.

Then you will be transferred to the next page (see image below) where you’ll be
asked to create you AdWords ad.

See the next page for an image example…
Fill all the fields with any text and then click the “Continue >>” button.

Because we will change your ad later, for now we just want to continue creating
our Google AdWords account.

After you click “Continue >>” you will be transferred to the next page where
you’ll need to choose your keywords.

See the next page for an image example…
Choose only one keyphrase that you are sure no one will search for it, for example
“sdjfhsfg” (use a different one), then click “Continue >>”.

Inside this ebook you’ll learn how to create effective ads and how to choose the
highest converting keywords that you must only use.
And then we will modify our
ad copy and our keywords.

Now you will be transferred to the next page where you’ll choose your daily
budget and your max CPC (Cost Per Click).

See the next page for an image example…
I highly recommend you set your daily budget to $3.
00 and your Default CPC bid
to $0.
10 for now.

This will prevent you from losing money when starting out a new Google
AdWords campaign.

We will then switch it as needed, but all of this will be explained later.

After you set your budget, click on the “Continue >>” button.

You will then be transferred to a confirmation page.

There you’ll have to click the “Continue to Sign Up >>” button.

On the next page (Set Up Account page), select the option that best describes you.

See the next image…
Fill the form and click on “Create Account >>”.

You will then be transferred to the “Sign-up complete” page.

See the next page…
Go to your email inbox and open the email with the subject “Google AdWords
Account Verification Email”, then click on the confirmation link and you will be
sent to this page:
Click on the “Click here to continue.
” link and you’ll be transferred to the next
See the next image…
Write your email and your Google password, then click on “Sign in”.

You’ll then see your Google AdWords account page where you’ll have to submit
your payment information by clicking the next link (at your account page):
You will then see this page:
Select your country, time zone and promotional code if you have one.

Then click “Continue >>” and you will see this page:
Select your preferred payment method and click “Continue >>”.

On the next page you will have to read and agree to their Terms and Conditions
and click on the “Continue >>” button.

Submit the information they will ask you for and your AdWords account is all

Final Words
Please feel free to use the campaign examples that I gave you, and to put to use
all the knowledge that you’ve gained from this ebook.

I want to hear your success stories.
Nothing would make me happier than
knowing that you were able to start a long term business with AdWords by using
the information that I’ve shared with you here.

But AdWords Profits 2 doesn’t ends here, whenever a change is made to
AdWords or whenever I find a new profitable AdWords strategy, I’ll let you know
it by email.

That is a life-time bonus you get for being my customer.

Lastly, I want to thanks Alex Goad, because I owe a lot of my success to him.

He is not just an amazing Internet marketer, but he is a great guy and friend.
helped me with my project and he is always there whenever I need him.

But that’s just the way he is, always there to help others, and he proves it in his
new, really good and private club called Players With Money, which
unfortunately, the doors closed now.

Stay tuned for free updates about AdWords and much more.