Affiliate Hacks For Beginners

Affiliate Hacks For Beginners
Strategy #1: Siphoning Search Engine Traffic
Search engine traffic is one of the hottest traffic you can
possibly generate. Instead of marketing to cold leads, these
prospects are actively looking for us.
Think about it…
If someone was to type into Google a specific search query a
nd your website appeared on the first page of the search res
ults, because your site is relevant to what the prospect is
looking for, just how targeted would that be?
Not to mention that once the site is completely set up, we’r
e talking about free traffic on complete autopilot.
In this first strategy, I’m going to show you how to set up
these sites properly, so that you can rank for specific keyw
ords and make some very easy affiliate commissions.
Now, as promised, I’m going to walk you through each strateg
y from A-Z. So, if you already know how to build a website,
feel free to skip this next section.
Fundamentals to building your website
There are only two things that you need, when it comes to bu
ilding your website: a domain name and a hosting server.
A domain name is just the name or address of your website, w
hile a hosting server is an online server, where you save an
d host all your data.
I personally use and to register m
y domain names, and Host Gator and Traffic Planet for hostin
For this first strategy, I recommend going with Host Gator,
because we’re dealing with low volume traffic review sites,
for which shared hosting will be adequate.
However, when you purchase your hosting server, you will be
offered different add-on features at the checkout. I persona
lly think that these aren’t necessary and you won’t need the
m, so I suggest you skip all that and only pay for the hosti
ng package you selected.
When it comes to registering your domain name, I highly sugg
est you come up with a domain name that is relevant to the p
roduct you want to promote. Ideally, you want your prospect
to know exactly what your site is about, even before they cl
ick on it. That’s why I recommend going with a niche specifi
c name like “”.
Domain names like “” with the actual produ
ct name in the domain can very easily be over optimized, bec
ause Google may see this as keyword stuffing, since you are
going to use your keyword (in this case, “ProdcutX Review”)
in your actual review article as well. This in turn will res
ult in you getting penalized. So stay clear of that!
I like choosing a niche specific name for your website, beca
use you can literally repeat this
strategy over and over again with different affiliate offers
in the same niche using the same website. For instance, if
your website is “”, you can wr
ite reviews on multiple products and publish them on your si
You can get quite creative with domain names, especially if
what you initially wanted has already been taken. So for exa
mple, if “” was already taken,
you could simply purchase the domain name with a different
suffix like ‘.org’, ‘.info’, ‘.net’, and so on.
Generally though, I like to stick with ‘.com’, because I fin
d that this gives me more credibility. You could also make s
ubtle changes to the domain name, like:
 And so on.
The more words you add to your domain name, the more combina
tions and permutations you can come up with.
You can also use substitutes like “2” instead of “two” or “t
o”. I think you get the point!
Once you have a domain name and a hosting server, all you ne
ed to do next is to point the name servers over to your host
ing and install Word Press.
This is actually a very simple process and I have shot a vid
eo for you to make it easier to follow.
 Simply click on the thumbnail below to watch the video.
Once you have your website all set up and Word Press install
ed, the next step is to follow this 5-step process:
1. Get a hold of the affiliate product you’re promoting if p
2. Write a quality review/tutorial/walk-through article
3. Add “Extras” to enhance ranking and reader engagements
4. Target additional “Low Competition” keywords
5. Write additional 10 posts on related topics
I know that some of you may think that this is a lot of work
, but trust me; it’s not at all. In fact, you can set this a
ll up in a matter of hours. I know writing may be a daunting
task to a lot of people, but once you get started and see t
he simple structure that you have to follow, it’s literally
a piece of cake!
1. Get a hold of the affiliate product you’re promoting if p
So let’s say you’re promoting an affiliate product called “P
roductX” created by someone called “Bob Doe”. The first step
is to reach out to Bob and ask him, if it is possible for y
ou to get a review copy. Most product creators are more than
happy to give review copies to affiliates, because the trut
h is they rely on affiliates to bring in the sales.
Just reach out to them politely and tell them you’re going t
o promote for them. Tell them that you would like a review c
opy first to see, if it’s something you can approve of.
(IMPORTANT: You can definitely make sales from promoting jun
k products, but just understand that the refunds can be quit
e high and you may lose all your credibility. Simply put, I
just don’t think it’s worth your effort!)
Another option is to purchase the product yourself, so you c
an gain a full understanding of what it is about. This is th
e best option, if you want your product review to stand out,
because having gone through the product yourself, you are a
ble to describe the best features of the product in more det
ail compared to your competitors, who are simply rewriting o
ther people’s reviews.
Keep in mind that finding a quality product to promote is im
portant. To look for affiliate digital products you can go t
o marketplaces like or and check out
the top selling products in different niches.
Make sure you always check out the sales page of the product
that you choose to promote and critically analyse it. Simpl
y put yourself into your prospect’s shoes and ask yourself,
if you would buy the product after watching or reading the s
ales page. If your answer is ‘No’, then it is very likely th
at your prospects won’t buy it either.
A good tip is to sort the products on Clickbank by Gravity s
core. This is a performance score that basically tells you h
ow many affiliates have been making money promoting a certai
n product in the past 12 weeks. However, keep in mind though
that a higher gravity score may also mean more competition.
After you have gained a sound understanding of what the prod
uct is about and how it can benefit buyers, the next step is
to write a review about it. The reason for this is, because
only a small portion of people will actually buy the produc
t on the first go. The majority of them will always look for
additional information about the product before making the
decision to buy. That’s where we come in and rake in the sal
2. Write a quality review/tutorial/walk-through article
The review article should be long enough for you to cover th
e following points. Generally, I find that a review of 1,000
-1,500 words is really decent. Having that said, the length
of your article may vary, but try to keep it at least 500 wo
rds long.
What is important is that you make your article easy to read
and include all the relevant information your prospect is l
ooking for.
This is what you want to cover in the review:
1. Who is the creator/owner of the product and why should yo
u trust them? (This gives the product more weight and credib
– Has the creator launched other products in the past?
– Do they have a long track record of industry experience or
other personal successes?
– When was the product created?
2. Tell them that you have gone through the product, so your
review is based on personal experience.
– People want to read reviews from others, who have actually
bought or used the product.
3. What is the format of the product?
– E.g. 52-page PDF, Video Series, Audio-Book, Membership Sit
e, Personal Coaching, Downloadable Cheat Sheets and so on.
4. What is the actual product about and what does it include
– What problem can the product help solve?
– E.g. step-by-step instructions on how to toilet train your
puppy. The product may include an eBook and video training,
but also access to an active forum on which members can get
ongoing support and discuss issues relating to their pet.
5. Who is the product intended for and is it actionable?
– E.g. is the product newbie friendly, or does it require an
intermediate level of technical skills?
6. Pros and Cons of the product.
– Make sure you start with the pros, because you don’t want
the reader to leave your site by starting with the cons.
– If you run out of pros and cons to talk about, remember th
at a lot of the time, a positive feature can easily be turne
d into a negative one and vice versa.
– E.g. the great detail covered by a product may be a good
thing, but on the other hand, this can mean that it will tak
e readers a long time to get through the product.
7. Call to action to buy from your affiliate links
– Tip: Most review sites just have their affiliate link scat
tered everywhere without a strong call to action. You want t
o stand out and offer bonuses or even just tell them upfront
to click on your link to purchase.
– The call to action concludes your product review. You must
not forget to specifically ask your reader to click the but
ton at the bottom of your review.
– Remember that your ultimate goal is for them to buy the pr
oduct through your link. So make sure to tell them to click
the button! Don’t be afraid to close the sale!
If your review article includes all the 7 points discussed a
bove, it should be more than enough for you to make commissi
ons. However, to further make more sales and enhance ranking
, you need to add in some “Extras”.
Quick tips on writing the review article:
 Use active language over passive language. This will make
your article sound more conversational and helps build rappo
rt with your reader. An example of active language is “This
product teaches you how to earn money online”. An example of
passive language is “You will be taught how to make money o
nline”. Note how in the active version of the sentence, ther
e is an emphasis on WHO or WHAT that carries out the action.
 Add descriptive adjectives but do not use big fancy, flamb
oyant words that your reader might not understand. Use a lot
of adjectives and emotive words in your writing.
 Wherever you can, add your own twist to the article. Make
your personality shine through your article!
 A good way to start the first paragraph of the article is
through rhetorical questions that immediately engage the rea
 Essentially, the review article is a little piece of persu
asive writing. As such you really need to work on building a
good relationship with your reader. A useful trick is to us
e a lot of personal pronouns such as “you” and “I”, but also
more inclusive ones like “us”, “we” and “ours”.
 Keep your paragraphs short. For instance, when you highlig
ht the top benefits of the product, the paragraph may get to
o long and chunky. In such case, break it into two paragraph
s. Ideally, your paragraphs should be roughly the same size.
This will make it pleasing to the eye and easy to read.
 Subheadings are useful to break up your article and struct
ure it. This is also helpful because some readers do not lik
e to read every word you have written, but only skim through
the subheadings to see what is of interest to them.
 Keep sentences short. You want to sound conversational rat
her than dry and didactic.
 You want your review to be engaging. Avoid a sales pitch a
t all cost. Instead, try to come across as honest and friend
 Promote the product with an air of authority and
confidence. This may put you off at first, but consider this
: If you have bought and gone through the product yourself,
you have studied it enough to be an expert on the product. E
ven if you only got to know the product through other people
’s reviews, you still know more about it than the large majo
rity of people out there.
Building up your confidence is important because it will sho
w through your writing. And, of course, if you sound confide
nt, your readers are going to trust you more.
3. Add “Extras” to enhance ranking and reader engagements
“Extras” can be anything like images (e.g. screen shots of t
he product, call to action buttons, image of bonuses, screen
shots of the product in action), videos (e.g. on how the pr
oduct works or video testimonials), and social proof taken f
rom the sales page of the product, credentials and so on.
The pictures or videos you have chosen to include should inc
lude the keywords in their file name.
If you have some of these extras on your review site, it wil
l make it a lot more engaging for your readers. This in turn
will add more weight to your article and give you more sale
s and better ranking.
For images, I always try and look for some proof of income a
nd testimonials. You can usually find these on the sales pag
e of the offer.
Let’s just say that social proof is king, when it comes to s
Up until this point, you should have the following ready to
 a full review site that is packed with good information ab
out the product
 lots of nice looking images,
 a strong call to action to buy from your affiliate link.
4. Target additional “Low Competition” keywords
Let’s talk about targeting other low competition keywords, s
uch as “ProductX Bonus” or “ProductX Scam”, which include ba
sically any other search queries that your prospect may type
into Google to find additional information about our produc
You want to include some of these additional keywords a few
times in your article and also in your additional posts, whi
ch we will talk about in the next section.
Keep in mind that you want to make sure the content is uniqu
e and not just a copy from someone else’s review site. I men
tioned earlier that you will be penalized for keyword stuffi
ng, which is the overuse of certain keywords.
However, for me personally, I don’t actually calculate my ke
yword density as long as my articles read nicely and make se
The reason why “bonus” and “scams” are very good keywords to
target is because there are some people, who have already d
ecided to buy the products, but are looking for additional b
onuses, while others simply want to know, if the product is
legit or a scam.
When adding in bonuses, they can be anything like personal s
upport/coaching or extra products that you have the right to
give away (e.g. a free report on a specific topic, which yo
u can easily write up after a little bit of
research, or a related, but repurposed Private Label Right (
PLR) product, which you can find by doing a simple Google se
arch on your specific niche).
5. Write additional 10 posts on related topics
Believe it or not, we’re almost done with building our site.
The last step is to tell Google that your site is legit and
active. To do this you need to post additional related post
s at regular intervals (e.g. with 1 or 2 days in between pos
ts) to keep the site active. You can target related keywords
here, but you don’t have to write a full-blown article. It
is also okay for you to include posts that don’t have any of
the keywords in them, as long as it is relevant.
Now, the number 10 is arbitrary. Your additional posts are o
nly there to let Google know that your site is active and be
ing updated. This will also make your site look more like a
blog, rather than a page purely optimized to make affiliate
Now, when it comes to ranking, many marketers think you need
to have billions of backlinks or that it is impossible, if
you don’t have all the premium SEO tools and resources.
The truth is, after combining all the 4 strategies that you’
ll learn in this guide, ranking shouldn’t be an issue (thoug
h of course, it will take time, but that we don’t have contr
ol over), especially with the new Google update that is prim
arily focused on quality content and good user experience.
You’ll know what I mean when you go through all 4 strategies
Strategy #2: Warrior Sniper
The second strategy also revolves around the idea of creatin
g review articles, however, instead of creating an entire ni
che/review site, we are publishing our work on an authority
You have probably already guessed it. We are going to post o
ur reviews on, which according to SimilarWe has on average 2.6 million visitors per month.
First, let me show you proof that it is quite easy to rank b
y leveraging Warrior Forum’s authority.
These are just screen shots of a few popular examples. You m
ay have come across some of these products yourself. The bot
tom line is: posting product reviews on Warrior Forum works.
When you go about writing your review article, use the same
outline as discussed in Strategy 1. However, for our purpose
s here, the review does not have to be as long. 450-500 word
s and 3-4 images are sufficient.
Now, I know the most obvious thing you could do is to simply
copy and paste your article from your review site and publi
sh it again on Warrior Forum.
However, Google will penalize you for this, because it doesn
’t like duplicate content. Having that said, feel free to re
write your first article though and then publish it on Warri
or Forum. Assuming you have already written one review artic
on the product you want to promote, writing a second one wil
l not take you long!
Another thing to keep in mind is that with Warrior Forum, yo
u will get not only search engine traffic (from visitors fin
ding your post, which is ranking on the first page of Google
’s search results), but also organic traffic (from Warriors,
who browse around on the forum itself).
For this reason, your headline and your first paragraph, nee
ds to account for organic traffic as well by capturing their
attention immediately, before they click out of your articl
e. The best way to do this is to add a little bit of hype in
your headline and the first sentence of your introduction.
 Example: Can you really make XXX/Month by following Produc
tX? In this post, I’m going to exposed the truth etc.
Optimizing The Article Or Review Post
Next, you have to optimize your article, before it can go li
ve on Warrior Forum. This is extremely important, because yo
u want to rank on page one on Google. Keep in mind that what
I am about to share with you, are things that I found have
worked very well for me. It is by no means an absolute formu
la, because you will find other people telling you different
The following is my personal outline of necessary steps to o
ptimize your article on Warrior Forum. This means that you m
ight have to go back and tweak your article a little.
 The keyword you are targeting needs to appear in the title
and in the first sentence of your introduction. An example
of how you can do this is:
 The keyword needs to appear bolded, italicised and underli
ned separately once anywhere in the article.
 The last paragraph must contain the keyword at least once.
 Choose a term that is not part of the keyword and link it
to an external authority site such as Wikipedia. For example
, if your article is reviewing a product that has something
to do with affiliate marketing, you could highlight the term
“affiliate” or even “affiliate marketing” and link it to Wi
kipedia’s page on “affiliate” or “affiliate marketing”.
 Next, you need an external link pointing to a squeeze or s
ales page from the keyword anywhere in your article.
 Lastly, you also need one internal link from a “non-keywor
d” word. Ideally, this links to a previous related post you
have submitted or to any post in Warrior Forum that is relev
ant to your product.
 It is good to have 2-3 images in your article. Obviously,
try to place them so they look evenly spaced throughout your
 The images should be related in some way. For example, you
could use a picture of the product itself or the title of t
he product in a header and use that as an image.
 The pictures you have chosen should have the keywords in t
heir file name.
 Note that Warrior Forum only allows images to be uploaded
from URLs. As such, you have to upload the image to your blo
g (if you own one) and then insert the URL to the image.
 Alternatively, you can upload the picture to a photo shari
ng website and then paste the link to it on Warrior Forum. A
few examples of those websites are:
Posting Your Article On Warrior Forum
Now it is time for you to post your polished review article
on Warrior Forum. First, maake sure you
are logged in. Then, look for the Classified Ads section und
er Special Offers.
Create a new thread. Copy and paste your article and add the
pictures you have selected through a URL. The editing optio
ns allow you to centre the images, which I highly recommend
you do, so that the presentation of your review looks more p
Remember to bold any subheadings that you may have and also
bold, italicize and underline the keywords.
To add the external and internal links, just highlight the w
ord or words that you want to link and hit the hyperlink but
ton. This will open a window, where you can enter the URL yo
u want to link to.
Do not forget to add a call to action button! You do not wan
t to put your readers off by using a button that says, “Add
to Cart”. People are tired of the sales pitch!
Instead, use a button that says “Find Out More”, “Access Now
” or “Learn More”. These phrases are more neutral and conver
t much better.
If you have a knack for graphics, you can try creating a but
ton yourself. Essentially, it is just an image that is linke
d to your affiliate page. Again, you would have to upload th
e button image to a photo sharing website first and then cop
y the URL to the image into Warrior Forum.
When submitting the article, you have the option to submit t
ags. Tags are keywords that will make your post more visible
to search engines. It is good to choose between 1-3 tags th
at include your keywords. Do not over do it with tags becaus
e you do not want to confuse the search engines and risk not
ranking at all.
You can PREVIEW your post and see how everything looks like
so far. Double-check your work. Once you are happy with it,
you can submit the post.
Note that your post will not go live straightaway. It will b
e subjected to admin approval, which may take anything from
hours to a few days.
If your thread is approved, you will be asked to make a paym
ent of $20, before your post will go live. You will be requi
red to make this payment for every new thread that you creat
e in the future.
Once your article goes live, it is good practice to go over
your article once more. Check your tags at the bottom of the
page. Make sure they are there!
Just like how you added additional relevant posts to your re
view site in Strategy 1 to keep it updated, I recommend you
reply to your own thread once it goes live.
Simply type something like “reserved for FAQ” and post it. T
his allows you to reserve the first spot below your review a
rticle, so that you can go back and update your post with re
levant information or more testimonials that you have collec
ted along the way.
On a last note, I recommend you subscribe to your own thread
. This means you will get notifications, when someone posts
a question or comments on your thread. Make an effort to res
pond to these posts, so that Google will see your post as ac
tive. Of course, this in turn will increase your chances of
ranking on Google.
Here is an example of a Warrior Sniper that you can model fr
Strategy #3: YouTube Hi-Jacking
This third strategy involves getting hot quality traffic fro
m YouTube. The concept is very similar to Strategies 1 and 2
, but instead of just relying on Google alone, we’re going t
o double the traffic by playing with Google and YouTube!
Now, instead of writing a review for ProductX, you’re going
to be shooting a review video. A review video is actually a
lot easier to sell, because it’s quick, honest and transpare
Here are some tips when shooting a review video
1. Webcam-style videos work the best, because it’s 100% tran
sparent. The viewer can actually see who you are, so it is e
asier to identify with you and build rapport.
2. Having an engaging thumbnail will increase your click thr
ough rate, when your video is shown in the search engines. S
o, I suggest using vibrant colours with big bold text to gra
b attention.
3. Have your strong call to action with your affiliate link
in the first line of your description. We want to make sure
our viewers can see the CTA clearly, so that they can click
on your link without having to scroll down the page or expan
d the description box.
4. Shooting a screen cast of the actual product helps a lot,
because again, it shows that you have the product and that
you know what you’re talking about.
5. Make sure to include some cons in your video. This is som
ething a lot of people forget, because they think that in or
der to sell the product, you must only talk about the good t
hings. Most review videos out there say very similar things
like “This product is the best, blah blah blah”. However, yo
u want to appear as unbiased as possible in your review, but
still have a strong CTA to make those sales. Remember, that
you can turn something negative into a positive aspect and
vice versa.
6. Adding bonuses with your CTA is extremely powerful, if yo
u really want to push for those sales. You could say somethi
ng along the lines of:
“ProductX is highly recommended if, you’re a beginner and wa
nt to look into XYZ. Not only is it very affordable, it is a
lso very actionable and newbie friendly. On top of that, I’v
e also added ProductY, ProductZ and ProductV as my bonuses,
if you decide to grab a copy of ProductX from the link in th
e description. So, click the link in the description and sec
ure your copy now! It comes with a 30-day refund period and
the good news is that, if you decide it’s not for you, you c
an still ask for a refund and keep all my bonuses as well. N
o hard feelings and 100% risk free!”
If you can incorporate these 6 steps, you should have a very
good selling video. As I said, it is definitely not hard to
sell with videos, because so many other marketers are too a
fraid to show themselves or even take action in the first pl
ace for that matter.
Once, you have your video all edited and ready to go, the ne
xt step is to upload it onto YouTube and optimize it to help
it rank on page 1 of YouTube.
Here is how you optimize your video
1. Rename your video file to include the keyword you’re tryi
ng to rank for, e.g. “ProductX Review”.
2. Have your keywords (“ProductX Review”) in your title, in
your description and also in your tags.
3. Include related keywords like “ProductX Scam”, “Is
ProductX Worth It”, and “Buy ProductX” etc. in the descripti
on and tags.
4. Write a short review in the description box. Something li
ke 200-400 words is more than enough. Just make sure to incl
ude your keywords, whenever you can. Unlike Google, you can
really “push” your keyword density, when optimizing your vid
eos on YouTube.
5. Add links in your description pointing to your Warrior Sn
iper Thread (Strategy 2) and your review website (Strategy 1
). Something like, “For more reviews on ProductX, please vis
it and”
6. Again, add your call to action and affiliate links on top
of the description box.
Believe it or not, when it comes to YouTube marketing, it’s
really that simple. Don’t over complicate it like most other
After you have uploaded your video to YouTube with everythin
g all optimized, the next step is to embed the video on your
review site and your Warrior Sniper site.
This will increase your watch time and views, which will fur
ther help you rank the videos. It will also increase the ran
king of your website and your Warrior Sniper site. Ultimatel
y, this will get you sales!
The last strategy is the only one that involves paid traffic
, but it is still extremely crucial.
Strategy #4: Quality Email Traffic
The final strategy involves buying traffic from other market
ers, who already have a ginormous list of subscribers. What
you’re really doing is leveraging off other people’s subscri
bers and making them your own in the process.
This traffic generation method is also known as buying Solo
The process looks something like this:
As you can see, we’re going to be sending traffic to our own
squeeze page to build our own list. You have probably heard
the saying “The Money is in The List”.
Even though that saying is not entirely true, a huge list is
without a doubt the most important asset you can possibly h
Here are the only 3 tools you have to invest in to make sure
this strategy works very smoothly.
 LeadPages.Net: This is a marketing page builder that top 6
-7-Figure earners use to build their own list. We have been
using Lead Pages for years and I can say without a doubt tha
t nothing compares to it. Watch This Video For A Full Tutori
al On Lead Pages
Check Out Lead Pages Main Website Here
 GetResponse: This is one of the most popular autoresponder
s out there, especially for internet marketers. It is very r
eliable and extremely affordable. An autoresponder will stor
e all your leads’ email addresses and will allow you to do a
n email broadcast, whenever you want. Watch This Video For A
Full Tutorial & Review On Get Response. Create Your 30 Day
Trial Account Here
 ClickMagick: This is the tracking tool of choice for most
internet marketers. It can pretty much do everything you wan
t it to do and it’s a lot cheaper than the other tracking to
ols. The reason why you need a tracking tool is, because you
want to be able to track your clicks, as well as all of you
r results and your conversions. Let’s just say you must be t
racking, if you want to know what campaigns are bringing in
the sales. Watch This Video Here For A Full Tutorial On Clic
Create Your 14 Day Free Trial Account Here
Once you have these three tools, the next step is to build y
ourself a nice looking squeeze page (i.e. a page to capture
leads with).
Creating squeeze pages with Lead Pages will probably take yo
u around 5 minutes, if you’re a beginner and 2 minutes once
you’re more experienced.
The main key point, when creating your squeeze page, is unde
rstanding WHY your visitors will want to give you their emai
l address.
Below are a few examples of squeeze pages to help you come u
p with angles and different styles:
As you can see, it doesn’t involve rocket science to build t
hese squeeze pages. As I said, it literally takes a few minu
tes to build high converting squeeze pages. That’s why I str
ongly recommend you invest in Lead Pages, if you’re serious
about building nice looking and effective squeeze pages.
Before continuing, please make sure you have everything set
up correctly and that everything is working. Please watch th
ose video tutorials I have linked to above.
There are quite a few technical things that you need to know
to set up everything correctly, so please watch those video
s and invest in your tools first before proceeding.
Now, the last step is to approach marketers, who have a big
email list of subscribers and buy some traffic from them.
Two of my favourite places to look for these solo ad sellers
 Facebook Solo Ad Testimonials
 the Warrior Forum Classified Ads Section http://www.warrio
You can literally look for hundreds of sellers, who can sell
you anything between 100 to 20,000 clicks at a time. I sugg
est you start off by testing small. Remember, to track every
thing, so that you can tell where the clicks are coming from
and whether the quality of the traffic is any good. If it’s
all good, then you can always go back and order more clicks
What to do when buying Solo Ad traffic…
1. Do they have any testimonials from real customers?
– You want to buy traffic from trusted solo ad sellers and n
ot just from someone, who isn’t trusted and has no credibili
ty at all.
2. How much do they charge and how much tier 1 traffic are t
hey going to send you?
– Make sure the price is reasonable and that the traffic you
are promised is of high quality.
– Most sellers will promise you 75% tier 1 traffic and 10% o
ver delivered clicks. This just means that 75% of the traffi
c will come from countries like US, AUS, UK, CA and NZ, and
that they will give you extra clicks that amounts to 10% of
the total number of clicks you paid for.
3. Special discounts.
– Always negotiate a special discount or deals with the solo
ad sellers. Remember that they are charging based on curren
t industry standards. There is always room to negotiate for
cheaper clicks.
4. Can you use your own email swipes?
– Some sellers will use your email swipes, when sending an e
mail to their list, while others will use their own swipes.
– Always try and get them to use your email swipe, because y
ou can pre-frame opt ins and close the sale a lot easier.
– Solo ads venders tend to prefer their own swipes, which ar
e full of hype so that they can deliver the clicks you have
Once you’ve bought traffic from these solo ad sellers, the o
nly thing left to do is to sit back and wait for the traffic
to pour in. It’s really that simple.
Remember that you’re sending the traffic to a squeeze page t
o build your own list first, before going for the sale.
With an email list, you can pretty much market to your prosp
ects, whenever you want and promote just about anything you
Here are some tips when it comes to email marketing
1. Promote the same product 3-4 times, before promoting anot
her product. Most people don’t buy on the first go, so don’t
stop after promoting a product just once.
2. Make sure you have a few follow-up emails loaded into you
r autoresponder to automate email marketing. Follow-up email
s will be sent out on complete autopilot, which means all yo
u need to do is focus on building your list.
3. Don’t spam your subscribers. (This goes without saying)
4. Don’t forget to broadcast to your subscribers and promote
more products to them. They have given you their email addr
ess, which means you have the right to email them, whenever
you want and promote anything you want. Just make sure you d
on’t spam and always stay complaint to the laws.
5. Build rapport and establish trust with your subscribers.
One of the easiest way to make sales from your subscribers i
s to actually communicate with them like they are your frien
ds. Treat them right and they will happily buy from you!
6. Don’t forget to send your leads to your review sites, you
r Warrior Sniper site and also your YouTube videos to increa
se traffic and further boost those rankings and sales.
This is pretty much the end of this guide…


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