Authority Product Blueprint

Authority Product Blueprint

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Module 1: The Authority Product Model
Module 2: The Idea Machine
Module 3: Product Creation
Module 4: Start Building Your Product Module 5: Product Review And Packaging Module 6: Selling Your
Module 7: How To Turn Product Creation Into A Full Blown Business
Authority Product Checklist
Resource Guide

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Well hello there! Before we get started I just want to give you a quick introduction. What I am
about to share with you in this guide is powerful. You See, When I started in Internet Marketing it
was like everything I did was backwards. I learned how to do everything to get people to my website
before I had a system in place to profit from it.
And I don’t want you to make that same mistake. When I got into product creation that is when the
amount of money I was making online catapulted to new heights. And not only that but I also really
started to pick up authority as people started noticing me. Daily I
was meeting new buyers, new affiliates, JV partners, and prospects just from marketing my own
And when you start to get those things this business becomes a whole lot easier.
I created this guide to get you started in product creation so you are ready to profit right from
the start. If you go through this guide and start launching your own products you can accelerate
the progress you are making online tremendously!
If you have any questions at anytime shoot me an email and I will be
glad to help.
To your success,

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Please note: This guide will walk you through each step of creating your product. This is the
detailed product blueprint. You will want to use this version the first couple times you create a
product until you get the hang of it as it includes more instructions of the various steps.
As you create more and more products you can use the Basic Product Blueprint which is just the
steps/templates without the instructions and reasoning behind everything.
Proceed through each step as you create your product.
This will walk you through all the way from concept to completing your product. But before we get
started lets get into why this is a powerful model.

Module 1 ­ Authority Product Model
First of all, I would like to thank you for investing in yourself and your future by purchasing
this training. Like I said in the sales letter the material covered in this training is what really
allowed me to finally see success online and that is why it is such an important topic for me to
cover. I get excited talking about this kind of stuff and I want
you to get excited too as this is your chance to see real success online
What makes this training unique is that by the end of it you’re going to walk away with something.
By the end of this training you should have at least created your first product.

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Now the second thing that makes this training really unique is that you are not only going to learn
how to do something you’re going to learn why you’re doing it. While the main focus of this guide
is set up to teach you how to create products there’s a lot of training in it that is a more high
level, strategy focused training that will really prepare you to be successful with this business.
Now let me say this… One thing that I consistently see holding people back is their
fears and doubts. So many people who are experts at what they do. They produce page after page or
post after post of amazing content but never make money from it.
Does this sound familiar?
And Its not because they’re not capable of making a product. It’s not because they can’t get
traffic to their sales page.
It’s because they can’t get over their fear of releasing an inferior product. Or they fear they
will be releasing an incomplete product.
Or they have doubts that they are not an expert.
A lot of you are going to have fears about what I’m going to teach you. You might think that you
may or may not be qualified to even do what I’m about to teach you.
And here’s my take on it:
If you are qualified enough to write content on a topic then you are qualified enough to do what
I’m about to teach you.
If you are consistently creating high quality content you probably already have 90% of the pieces
of a product. Often times a product is created from content that you have already completed. It is
a matter of organizing it in a logical/useful manner and filling in

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the gaps. Then taking the extra steps to make sure it is as helpful to the user as possible.
Most information people need is already out there. If people want it bad enough they will go search
for it for free. However, a product puts it in a nice package that they don’t
have to search for. On top of that it is presented to them in a manner that leads them through a
process to help them achieve their goals or overcome a problem. Remember this as you proceed
through this training.

The main goal of this training is designed to teach you how to create products and provide you with
the templates to do so easily. However, I want to give you the big picture of the Authority Product
So let’s start with a visual.
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Now this may look complex and like a ton of work…and frankly it is. But I want to give you
something to work towards. And once you nail down how to create one product you will create your
second one faster, and your third faster than the second, so on and so forth.
Eventually you will want to have multiple front-end products, a core offer, and top tier trainings.
And the best part is all of this snowballs. As you continue to create products it will become
easier and easier. You will get faster, you will become more knowledgeable on your topic, and you
will get more confidence to proceed.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

And having a model like this in place allows you to sale to your customers again and again and
increase the value of each customer you obtain.
And let me say this…
When I first started I was by no means an expert at any of this. I was scared out of my mind to
release an inferior product and put myself out there. I didn’t want criticism.
But what I quickly learned was that although I wasn’t the most qualified person to teach on my
topic there was people I could help. People were coming to my blog because I gave them simple
solutions to their problems that the experts couldnt give them.
Because the experts used very technical language and skipped steps that they thought everyone knew.
The experts were directing their training to high level, qualified prospects. These trainings
werent meant to help beginners.
And when people landed on my blog I was giving them simple solutions for simple problems.
So then I created products following that model and guess what…. People loved them!
Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get the occasional refund request from someone who was more
advanced. I certainly got those and I gladly refunded them.
And it also doesn’t mean that I didn’t get the occasional criticism from people.
But the good customer responses far outweighed the bad. And that is because I focused my products
on helping people!

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

And thats what I want you to do too. And if you follow all the steps relentlessly you will create a
product that your prospects absolutely love. In the first step of the blueprint we will be digging
into our target market to find out exactly what they want. This ensures you create a hot product
before you even start.
And right now is one of the best times to be creating products. Don’t believe me?
Look at how well just some of these products are selling:

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Thousands and thousands of products being sold.
Or what about the WSO section of the warrior forum:

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Creating and selling products is big business. It is just a matter of having the know how to do it.
And that is what this blueprint is all about.

One Of The Major Pitfalls Of Product Creation
One of the major pitfalls of product creation is that people try to make the perfect product. They
try to make the most in depth products covering all aspects of their chosen topic. They
meticulously edit, format, and redo things and shoot for perfection.
This often makes people spend months and years on creating a single product, or they eventually
give up on it. But let me give you a word of advice.

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First of all, not every product needs to cover every single topic in your niche. If you were
putting together a complete course with multiple hours of training then yes that product will
probably cover the majority of your target niche. And that type of product should be something in
your funnel in the future. It should cost your customers a lot of money and should be one of the
top tier products in your funnel.
What a lot of people do there first time is write a massive cumulative ebook covering their entire
topic and then they charge $7 for it. Or they record an extremely in­depth training on their topic
and charge $15 for it.
Guys you cannot fall into this trap.
Let me tell you this, there is a common misconception that a smaller product that doesn’t cover
everything in depth isn’t useful. But the truth is….a product can be useful if it covers a smaller
topic that is part of a big topic. Look at this example.
Now you could have an entire course on list building. A course that covers everything from start to
finish. And this could be one of your top tier products.
But from this you could have multiple front­end products that don’t cover the entire list building
process but cover one small piece of it. For example, you could have a small course that shows
people how to setup an autoresponder and put up a squeeze page.
No this product doesn’t cover everything about list building but is it useful? Absolutely!
People are going to get value from a course like this. No they’re not going to know everything
about list building but they didn’t pay for that type of training they paid a small amount to get a
specific bit of information.
So let’s recap what we learned here.

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First of all, products don’t have to be the most in depth training to be valuable. Yes you want to
have in­depth products in your funnel but those are for in the future when you create your top tier
products. You also need lower level products that provide value but do not cover your topic in
extreme depth. This is usually a small sub topic of the main topic.
We also learned that products do not have to be perfect. Obviously, you don’t want your products
full of obvious errors. But at the same time everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Because if you
focus on perfection you will never release products or you’ll spend way too much time creating
products. Focus more on the results that people will get from your products and less on the small
minor issues such as format and grammar mistakes.
Without further ado lets get started!
Before you get started understand the big picture idea of the product creation model. This will
give you a lot of clarity and motivation to keep going as you proceed through each step in this
process. Also, think about what I said about setbacks. Make sure you are prepared to overcome

Module 2 ­ Authority Product Idea Machine

This part of the guide is designed to get your mind flowing with product ideas. Much of it is
information that should get your mind moving but there are also sections that include extremely
important questions you should ask yourself before choosing a product topic.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Go through this section and soak in the information and answer the questions throughout. By the
time you get through this section you should have a great idea of the product you should create or
possibly a group of products you can create.

Use these product type ideas just to get the creative juices flowing. When you decide your topic
you will choose which format will make your product most useful for your customers. (We will get to
that later in this report).
Short Report ­ Not quite extensive enough to be an ebook but a short report that solves a problem
or answers a question in text format.
ebook ­ In depth guide.
Resource Guide/Tool Kit ­ A list of tools or resources to accomplish a single or group of tasks
Checklist ­ A checklist that usually lays out a process from start to finish that allows the user
to check tasks off as they are completed.
List ­ A compiled list of useful information for example: A list of good solo ad sellers.
Templates/Worksheets ­ Fill in the blank templates or worksheets that help your customer accomplish
a task or process easier.
Audio Training ­ Recorded audio lessons usually delivered in mp3 format.
Video Screencast/Over the shoulder video ­ Recorded video usually demonstrating how to perform
specific tasks. These are usually “watch and follow along type videos.”
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Video presentation ­ A video recorded training that is delivered with a presentation in the videos.
Interviews ­ Interview an expert and have them share their tips and tricks.
Training delivered via an autoresponder ­ Training delivered via autoresponder in specific
intervals such as weekly, daily, etc.
Packages ­ Multiple products bundled into one
PLR products ­ Content that customers can use under their own name or in their own business. A
common PLR product is article packs, ebooks, and other similar content.
Information Site ­ Training delivered via a website usually using one or a combination of text,
audio, images, and video.
Done for you products ­ A complete done for you product that requires minimal to no effort on the
customers part to put in place. For example: Done for you sales funnel, done for you squeeze pages,
Training with Q&A ­ Training lessons delivered in text, audio, video, with a Q&A
session where customers can ask questions.
Forum ­ An open forum where customers can be coached and asked questions.
Private social media group ­ similar to a forum but held within a social media website. For
example: Private Facebook groups.
Mastermind Groups ­ A group of individuals working towards similar goals that share ideas, give
feedback, and hold each other accountable.
Webinar live training ­ Live training or presentation delivered via a webinar.

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Graphics/Artwork ­ Graphics or artwork that customers can use. For example: Sales graphics, web
graphics, icons, etc.
Images ­ Images your customers can use. For example images they can use on their blog, projects,
products, etc.
Group Coaching ­ Coaching in a group setting.
1 on 1 coaching ­ One on one coaching directly with someone. Can be delivered via video like skype,
email, phone, etc.

In order to create a great product it has to be useful. People have to have a need or desire to
obtain the information that you are selling. Without a need or a desire for the information
included in your products it will never sell regardless of how good the material in it is.
And on top of that, it has to be portrayed in a way that people want to buy it. Now, here is
something that I want you to write down and remember every time you create a product.
The best headline for your sales letter is what your product accomplishes for your prospect.
This means that if you have really found a topic that your audience wants, the sales letter is
easy. Because the most important thing is that people want it. If people want it they’re going to
buy it, yes great sales copy can help but if it is really desired, and if it’s really in need,
people are going to buy it. This goes for every product you create.
So the first thing is finding things that people actually want. That is the first step towards
creating a great product.
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What is the number one thing your prospects want to accomplish/cure?
What are the steps, processes, and tools they need to accomplish those tasks. What are their major
frustrations or setbacks?
How do they like to consume content? Are they readers, podcast listeners, watch videos?

Now, the second step is identifying what strengths or things that you can do that can help other
people. Because information products are just you providing helpful information that teaches
somebody else how to do something. So then what better way to create a great product then to teach
somebody something that you are great at, something you are an expert on.
Now you may not feel like you are an expert on your specific topic that you want to create a
product on but there’s a good chance that if you’ve done something for a while you are a lot more
qualified on that topic then some people and those people are who you target with your product.
Now this is getting kind of off the scope of what I want to discuss in this section but everyone
seems to think they have to know every single thing or be the best in their market to create a
product. And the truth is…there needs to be people to create products at all levels.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Chances are, the most highly trained and most qualified people in your area are not creating
products targeted to help beginners. They’re most likely focusing on higher paying clients and
creating high level training. That leaves room for people like yourself to create products that
help people that are just getting started or below where you are in your market.
So at this point of the game you want to list out everything that you are good at or what you can
help people achieve. Now this first iteration of your list you may make it very high level. But
then you can break those high­level elements down into little details of how you can help people.
So one of the things on your list might be: I’m good at email marketing.
Well if you were to break that down further you might say I’m good at writing email campaigns.
I’m good at writing subject lines that get clicks. I’m good at capturing leads.
As you start to break down your list more and more you will start to see different product ideas or
sections of a product you could create. Using the example above you could do
a complete course on writing email campaigns. Or you could have a complete email marketing course
that includes all those topics you listed as sections of the course.
So list all of things you are good at/expert in.

Now break those down into smaller topics and tasks.

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Now make a list of things that you are interested in and could become an expert in.

Now make a list of things that you know an expert in.

Create a list of all things that you can think of off the top of your head that your niche would be
interested in. Nothing fancy here. Don’t think about it too much just create a brain dump in this
Niche Interests/Needs
● Interest/need 1
● Interest/need 2
● Interest/need 3
● Interest/need 4
● Interest/need 5
● etc

Are there existing products on this topic? (if so thats a good thing) List them here.
Does other digital and physical content exist for this topic (websites, blogs, forums, podcasts,
videos, magazines, books, etc.)
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The next thing that you want to do is look at competitor products. If you go to the leaders in your
industry there is a good chance you will find other products in your market. Some good, and some
A great thing to find is customer feedback. Look for honest reviews and/or feedback on products.
Often times you will find what people didn’t like about the product, what they absolutely love, and
what they feel is missing. These are all not only great ideas for what products to create but what
things you should include in them.
Make a list of at least the top 5 products you find. Underneath each one list the features/benefits
they listed on their sales page.
Then list the customer feedback for each one.
Product 1 ­ (Enter product name here)
● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:
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Product 2 ­ (Enter product name here)
● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:

Product 3 ­ (Enter product name here)
● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:

Product 4 ­ (Enter product name here)

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● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:

Product 5 ­ (Enter product name here)
● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:
Choose your product topic:
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Now that you have done all the research it’s time to pick your topic/problem you will solve and
name our product
List your products main benefit/end result your customers will get: Come up with a name for your
Homework: There is a lot to be done in this stage. Reason being, it is one of the most important
stages of the product creation model. Get this part right and you will set yourself up for success.
Before you move on you need to analyze your target prospects, identify your strengths/interests,
brainstorm your ideas, analyze your niche, research competitor products, choose your product topic,
write out your benefits, and finally come up with a name for your product. Whew, thats a lot of
work but believe me it will pay off!

Module 3 ­ Product Creation

This module will walk you through each step of creating your product. This is the detailed product
blueprint. You will want to use this version the first couple times you create a product until you
get the hang of it as it includes more instructions of the various steps.
As you create more and more products you can use the Basic Product Blueprint which is just the
steps/Templates without the instructions.
Proceed through each step as you create your product.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


In this section you will be listing out the features and benefits of your product. You might be
asking “Why, won’t I do this when I create my sales letter?” One of the greatest tips I ever
received was to write your product sales letter first.
We won’t be writing our entire sales letter but I believe there is something amazing that happens
when your write your product features and benefits first. When you write your product benefits you
are making sure that you will hit every single key point you want to hit in your products. Without
doing this first you will often leave out one of those major benefits or aha moments in your
Doing this before you create your product will set the tone for the entire project.

First of all, it is important for you to understand that a benefit is not a feature. A benefit is
typically the result of a feature.
For example: A sample feature in a list building product might be:
Feature: “A done for your squeeze page”
A corresponding benefit to that feature would be:
Benefit: “So that you a have a high converting squeeze page without all the guesswork.”
So if you put that all together you have:
Feature & Benefit: A done for your squeeze page so that you have a high converting squeeze page
without all the guesswork.
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Using what you just learned write out your product features and benefits using the following
“Feature so that Benefit”
I like to shoot for around 10 key benefits on every product I release. Some will have more some
will have less but you should be somewhere around 10 key takeaways.



Now you will create your product introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to give your
products “Big picture idea.” Start by answering these questions:
What is the end goal or result of using your product?

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Why is that end goal important to your customer?

Now, back up your big picture idea or end goal with proof, or statistics. Write those out.

Note: Your introduction can be as short or as long as you feel necessary. I am a very to the point
kind of person and personally don’t like long introductions so I keep them fairly short. But you
should play to your audience, what does your target customer desire or expect? Play to your
customers needs. Make sure you get them excited about why your product is important and give them
clarity of the end goal. If you can do that in your product introduction Mission Accomplished!
Organize your product features/benefits you created in step 1 into the order in which they should
be completed and/or presented in your product.
This will allow you to see your product as a whole in a logical order. Once you have everything in
the right order look for things that are missing that would make it a complete product. Sometimes
when your create your product and benefits you will leave out some essential steps in the complete
process. (Usually the not so exciting steps or information that is necessary to your product but
not a sales point.)
Now list your features/benefits you created in step 1 in logical order along with any additional
steps you need to have a completed product now:

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In this step we are going to expand the list you created in step 3 into a full product outline. You
will take that list and write an additional 5 to 10 bullet points under each one.
Tip 1: If you are creating an eBook you can plan to create a set number of pages with your outline.
For example: If you had ten features/benefits and 5 bullet points for each you could expect to
create a 50 page book. 1 page for each bullet point you create. And each feature/benefit would
become a chapter.
Tip 2: If you are creating a video course your outline could be used to create slides for a
Tip 3: Your product outline could be used as a getting started guide, overview worksheet, or even
converted into a checklist. All which could add a lot of value to your product or used as product
Create your product outline.
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a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Okay, so by this point you should have a solid outline in place for one of your products ready to
go. The process I’m going to teach you right now is going to be the same process that you will go
through on every single product that you create.
So at this point it’s about deciding which format you are going to make your products. Some ways
are going to be pretty fast while others are going to take you some time.
The most common formats for information products are:
● video course
● eBook/report/guide
● Audio
● Information site
Video Training ­ Video products are one of the most time­consuming methods. If you’re going to do a
video course you’re going to have to either record your screen as you
show people how to do something. Or, you have to create some type of presentation to present to
them as you teach them through audio.
This can be a lot more time consuming because you are working with multiple types of media and
making sure that everything is synced up, looks good, and you have editing time included. Also,
video files are big and they can take a long time to render, upload and download so you have to
factor that in as well.
Text ­ Creating an eBook, a guide, or a report can also be pretty time consuming. Especially if you
write it from scratch.
Audio ­ Audio can be a very fast way to create a product because you can simply start with an
outline and record yourself as you teach. The one problem that you will run into with audio
training’s is that a lot of people are not a big fan of audio. People typically want videos or
reports for some reason. While I love a great audio course a lot of people don’t.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Information site ­ Is typically made up of combination of the above three or one of those methods.
Creating each format is a similar process but each method has its pros and cons as mentioned above.

Module 4 ­ Start Creating Your Product
Now you have a choice. With your outline you can write a bunch of text next to each bullet point to
create a book or a guide. Or, you can take those topics and record videos or audio.
Then it is as simple as sharing your expertise on those topics and formatting it into a nice
packaged product.
If you’re recording audio it’s as simple as grabbing a mic and recording yourself talk over one of
those subjects.
Now, if you are someone that struggles with words and thinking off of the top of your head you
might be best to actually write out the script word for word. And in that case you might consider
creating a report or ebook instead since you will have to write it out anyways.
If you’re going to write an eBook, a guide, or report then take each feature/benefit and make that
a chapter and each bullet point a page of content. (Adjust as necessary).
Video Product
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Video can be a little bit more tricky. If you’re doing a screencast or just recording yourself
talking it can be fairly simple. However, if you’re going to be recording yourself talk while
playing a presentation it can be a little bit more difficult.
You will want to take your bullet points and make those slides on a presentation and then record
yourself as you present it. And this would just simply be recording your screen running the
presentation as you talk through it.

In this step you will now want to conclude your product (This is very important). To conclude your
product you will want to first summarize what you have covered in your ebook, audio, or video
Next, you want to highlight any key points your audience should takeaway from your product.
Finally, this is the point when you want to encourage your customers to take action. When you
create a product you should focus on getting results for your customers. If you can get results for
your customers than you are succeeding as a product creator.
When your customers get results they will trust you, buy from you again, invest in your coaching
programs, and spread the word.
That is powerful!
Bonus tip: Another great way to utilize your conclusion to your product is referring your customers
to where they can get more help.
Have a coaching program? Link to it in the conclusion.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Have another product your customers could benefit from? Link to it.
Homework: In this step you are actually creating your product. The key to success in this step will
be listing out your benefits in logical order, adding any missing elements, creating your product
outline, and finally recording or writing out your product.

Module 5 ­ Product Review & Packaging

Whew…. that was a lot of work right? Well, the good news is that you are almost done. We now want
to take an overhead view of our product as a whole. We want to make sure we arent missing any
critical components or essential steps that our customers will need in order for this to be a
complete product. They must have every step they need to achieve the desired outcome of your
The best way to do this is look at your product from start to finish and analyze your headings/sub
headings/chapters/etc. Doing this you can see every important element you have covered in your
product. You can even go back to the product outline that you originally created and review that.
Bonus tip: If you really want to add value to your product create a checklist of all the steps you
have in your product. This will not only help you make sure that you have added all the critical
steps to your product but it can make a great bonus offer for your product.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


I like to use formats and headings in the products I create. It makes things easier for your
customer to follow and refer back to when you use headings and subheadings.
If you created audio or video it helps to break them out into different sections (1 audio/ video
per section). This can be very helpful for your customers if they want to go back and listen or
watch a specific section of your training.
Finally, go through your product and fix any glaring mistakes. You want to eliminate as many
mistakes as you can without spending way too much time editing. Go through and proofread or make
adjustments to your audio and video.
I do highly encourage you to not get too hung up here. Products do not have to be perfect. If you
product is delivering value and has a few typos here and there people will not care one bit!
Congratulations! If you have done all the steps above and created your content you should now have
a full product ready to go. Now thats what I’m talkin about!
Now it is time to finalize things and package them. Let me give you a few words of advice before we
move on.
If you are just starting out you don’t have to have all the bells and whistles. You don’t need the
fancy packaging and sales copy. Yes….those things help but in the beginning you should focus on
taking action and creating solid products. If you really did your research before you created your
product than there is a good chance it will sell without these things.
If you just can’t live without all the bells and whistles outsource them if you have the funds
(unless you know how to do it yourself). In the resource guide included in this
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


product I will give you a number of different tools and resources you can use to create all the
bells and whistles.
I just want to point out the fact that a lot of people focus so much on creating the packaging, the
salesletter, perfecting their product, and then they lose steam and never release their products. I
don’t want this to be you!

If you plan on releasing an ebook you can save your document as a PDF. Almost any word processor
has this functionality including many free ones. You can do this in Word, Pages, Google Docs, Open
Office etc.
On all of my ebooks I like to include a 3d cover image on the first page. The majority of my covers
are created in Photoshop and I use a free action script to turn my flat image into a nice looking
book cover. If you are not sure how to do this you can skip this step or outsource it. You can even
outsource ebook covers to Fiverr and get quality work done.
I also like to include a header and footer on each ebook that I release that includes branding
information. This reminds someone everytime they go through your ebook who they got it from. This
builds brand awareness and helps get repeat business.
In the header I will usually create a product branded image like the one you see in this book. In
the footer I will include copyright information along with a link to my website and page numbers.

Audio Course
Audio courses are usually delivered as mp3’s as they are one of the smallest size audio files. Any
audio production software can be used to export audio as an mp3. I

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


personally use Reaper for my production needs but it is probably overkill for most users. A simple
software program such as Audacity can be used to record your audio and export as mp3.
Or if you have a mini handheld recorder you can usually export as mp3 as well. Also, there are many
smartphone apps that can now record decent voice audio quality and export as mp3.
Once you have your mp3’s ready to go you can deliver them in a couple of different formats. You can
put them in a zip file and load them to your website as a downloadable file or you can load them to
your merchant platform and have them download that file directly from there.
For example: Using JVZoo I can upload my product files directly to their servers to be downloaded.
Another option is to embed the files on your website for download or include a player where they
can directly play the audio files on your website. Keep in mind if you are embedding audio files
and/or video files to your server it can put a lot of load on your server if you have a lot of
people listening to your audio or watching your videos.
If that is the case you would be better of using a service like Amazon S3 to host your audio.
Video Course
If you are releasing a video course you will want to save your videos as mp4’s. If you
are creating a video course you will probably want to embed the videos on your website somewhere or
have them delivered in a download file the same way I mentioned above with the audio files.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


When I create video training i will usually embed it on my website but have it hosted on Amazon S3.
For recording and creating the videos I use Camtasia Studio and use the mp4 only option to export
as mp4.
Regardless of the type of product you create you should create a high quality image for it. This is
great for adding perceived value to your product. This can really help conversions on your sales
For each of my products I like to do at least two images. One for the ebook cover/software box and
then another one that is a banner like you see in the header of this book. The banner image is also
used on various pages of my website to promote my products.
For example, here is one that I did for my Authority Blog Launch Blueprint Training.

And then here is the banner that I made for that training:
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


While this little details arent necessary to launching your product they can be helpful and add a
lot of perceived value to your product. And if you put a lot of hard work into creating your
product you can back up that perceived value.
Other Things You Should Consider Adding To Your Product

About Me Section ­ Adding an about me section is great for branding and connecting to your
Legal Page ­ Add any copyright notices and legal disclaimers you need to add to your products.
Table Of Contents ­ This is nice so your readers can go exactly to the section of your report or
book they need to.
Other Products & Resources ­ Add an other products or resources section to your product. This is a
great way to cross sell some of your own products and to get affiliate commissions on products or
tools you use.
Homework: Before moving on you need to analyze your product from start to finish and make sure
there are no essential steps left out. Next you will proofread your product
and add any necessary formatting. And finally you will save your product in its final format (pdf,
mp3, mp4, etc.)

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Module 6 ­ Selling Your Product
When it comes to selling our product the first thing that we have to do is establish a pricing
structure. Now at first you may be inclined to put a high price tag on your products to reward
yourself for all the hard work you’ve done.
But our real goal here is to convert prospects into buyers. This not only adds buyers to our list
that we can sell to again again but it also allows you to convert more prospects to buyers which
will lead to more affiliates jumping on board to promote your product.
The key to this method is to price your product below $10. A common price for a front end product
is $7. Why? Well first of all its below $10 and second of all people seem to be fascinated with
sevens. This is going to help us convert more people to buyers which means building or buyers list.
And a list of buyers can be one of the most lucrative assets as a product creator. Once someone
buys from you once they are more inclined to buy from you again. Especially if you created a very
valuable product.
Now the key with this pricing structure is that you will be profiting more on the backend. As you
begin to create more products you can add immediate upsells to your products. This is when someone
who has just purchased is offered an additional product or upgrade to the product that they just
purchased. These tend to convert well as people have already showed their willingness to buy from
you. If it is a relatable over that allows them to do things faster or better it can do really
The other element of this is selling to your list of buyers who have purchased your products. You
will use your autoresponder to followup with your buyers and send them your future product launches
and possibly even affiliate offers.
Where To Launch Products

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


There are a lot of places to launch a product online but I am going to share with you my favorite
sites to launch products on.
First of all, you should be launching products on your own website. Your own website can be used in
addition to other platforms to launch your products. Affiliate platforms such as JVzoo, and
warriorplus allow you to host your offers on your own website and still tap into their large
affiliate bases.
Warrior Forum ­ Warrior Special Offers ­ If you are in the internet marketing niche the warrior
forum is one of the best places to be launching your own products. Not only can you get a lot of
affiliates on board from the third party affiliate systems like JVzoo and Warriorplus but you can
also get a lot of organic forum traffic. People are searching the Warrior Forum Daily for new
techniques and tools to make money online.
If you are outside of the internet marketing niche I highly recommend doing self hosted launches on
your own website but launching your product through either JVzoo or Both of these
sites have large affiliate bases in a large spread of niches.
Links mentioned in this section:­special­offers/
Creating Your Sales Page
Creating your sales page is one of the final pieces of the product launch puzzle. Depending on
where you are launching your product will determine the tools that you use to create your sale
One final note before we get started. Sales copy can seem very hard to new product creators. It is
one of those things where the more you do it, the better you get. Also, the
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


more sales pages you read the better you get. Before you even start writing your sales page view
some similar products sales pages that have sold a lot of copies. This can give you a lot of
inspiration and show you the format of winning sales copy.
The key elements to a sales page are:
● Attention
● Agitating the problem of your prospect
● Relating it you (your story)
● Offer a solution
● Show your benefits
● Support your solution with facts/testimonials
● Call to action
If you can include all those elements on your sales page you are on your way to creating a high
converting sales page.
The Tools
If you are going to be hosting your sales page on your own website there are a number of different
options for creating your sales pages. My favorite solution for this task is OptimizePress. It is
one of the best tools for creating any type of page on your website such as sales pages, squeeze
pages, membership pages, download pages, and more.
Any time I host my sales page on my own website I use OptimizePress to create it.
If you will be launching your products on other platforms such as the Warrior Forum you will have
to create your sales page in the forum editor.
For this reason I always create my sales pages in a word document and convert them to whatever
system I am going to use later. This is also a great way to ensure you always have a backup of your
sales copy in case something were to ever happen to your website.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Very Important! It is extremely important that we capture our buyers email address. This allows us
to build a relationship with them, sale them future products, sale them affiliate products, and
build an audience. A List of buyers is very important for any product seller. There are many
autoresponder services to choose from. Personally I have had great results with Aweber.
Create your buyers list
Once you have your account you will want to create your first list. In Aweber all you have to do is
click on create and manage lists.
Next click on create a list.
On the next page you will fill out the basic information for your blog. Once you have everything
entered just click on next step.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Enter a list name and list description and click next.
On the next page scroll down to the bottom and click on approve message and create list.

The last thing that we want to do is turn off confirmed optin. Confirmed optin sends your
subscribers through additional hoops when signing up for your email list and also leads to a lower
conversion rate for you because a lot of people won’t confirm. So I find it best for both me and my
leads to turn that feature off.
To do that click on list options and then list settings
Next click on confirmed optin.

Now turn off require opt­in on web forms.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Confirm that you want to turn it off and then click on save settings.
How you integrate this with your payment processor will be dependent upon the service you use. Each
payment processor should have instructions for doing this. In
WarriorPlus for example you simply select the list you want your buyers added to like

This will allow you to login through your autoresponder service and choose your new buyers list.
Now you can capture your leads and sale to them again and again!
Delivering Your Product
Delivering your product to your paying customers is a very important step in launching your own
products. The last thing we want to do is make a brand new customer unhappy right from the
beginning. This means we want to make sure our customers get access to their download immediately
after purchase.
One of the easiest ways to deliver your product is providing a download page on your own website.
Not only does this make it easy for the customer to get your purchase but
it also allows you to brand your business and customize your download page in any way you like.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Depending on the merchant/sales system you use this process will vary. One of the platforms I
mentioned above WarriorPlus makes it super simple to send your customers to a download page after
purchase. It is as simple as pasting your download link into the
delivery url:
The link you enter there will be a page on your own website that you deliver the product on. Let me
show you one of my product download pages as an example. This page is for my Next Level Content
course and it actually has 11 different videos that can be downloaded on the download page.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


And here is a download page from one of my recent training programs the Authority Blog Launch
Blueprint. This page is an example of a course that has each page of content hosted on my website.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Authority 810g Launch
81ueprint Course Oashboard


Thanks for you purchase! You can access each day of the blueprint below.
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D8V 14 -Learn出 w T。α闘 l e C剖ent Like A Pro
Davs15 -唱宮内lar自100 PO盛会
D”v821 -25 印国PO剖s
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810Q Launch日加eprínl very w剖1.
Copyright 2014・William Fletcher & Authority Powered・A11 Rights Reserved htto:1ゐ


Homework: It is finally time to launch this thing! Now you need to choose your payment processor,
create your buyers list, you sales page, your download page, and launch
your product. Open your business!

Module 7 ­ How To Turn Product Creation

Into A Full Blown Business

In the beginning of this guide I shared with you a complete product funnel. While I want you to
start simple with one product that model shared with you in the beginning of this guide is how you
can turn this into a full time business.
Creating your own products is one of the best methods you can use to build a business online. As a
product creator you open up a lot of opportunities you can build a real business from. So let’s
talk about why product creation is such a powerful method.
First of all, when you create a product you become the authority or the expert on that topic. When
you recommend a product as an affiliate yes people may trust you and believe your recommendations
but they don’t see you as the authority or the expert, they see you as the messenger.
So when you start creating your own products you start to be seen as the expert but you also begin
to directly impact people’s lives. Now think about that for a second…
If you are able to directly help somebody with a training you released and they got results do you
think that would build a relationship with them? Do you think they would be more likely to buy from
you in the future or take you up on your recommendations?
They say the money is in the list and it certainly is. And when you release your own product guess
what happens…. you add buyers to your email list. You add someone to
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


your email list that you know is willing to buy products. How do you know? Because they just bought
from you.
And now there’s a good chance that they will buy from you again. Whether it is a product that you
create yourself or a product that you recommend they’re more likely to buy from you again then
someone else on your list that isn’t a proven buyer
Now think about this. As you expand your internet marketing business you are most likely going to
start building bigger products at higher price tags and possibly adding coaching programs to your
business. Do you think that somebody who has only purchased affiliate offers that you are promoting
is going to want to join your coaching programs or buy your high ticket offers?
You may get a couple but most likely most people aren’t going to have that trust or that faith in
you to spend money on higher price offers unless you have created products that they get value out
People who have bought a product from you directly are going to be the people that want more from
you. These are going to be the people that buy your higher ticket offers and invest in your
coaching programs. Now for some of you this may be further down the line but you can start that
process right now. You can start establishing yourself as
an expert in your niche by creating your own products. You can start educating others in your niche
right now and building that trust and relationship with them.
And you can start building a solid online business by creating your own products.
What you want to do is start small. Start by releasing just one product. At first you will put all
your focus on that one product. And even if you are just getting started with this you can work
your way up to 10 sales pretty easily.
The beauty of this is the next time you release a product you already have 10 buyers on your email
list. 10 people who are proven to buy the type of product you are releasing.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


So when you release your second product you send an email to your list and a couple of them buy it.
Then you work your way up to 10 sales or more on that second product and now your list has doubled.
So the next time you release a product you have almost
20 buyers on your list.
And as you continue to release products it compound’s on itself. It builds and you start
to get more sales from your list right off the beginning which makes other people want to buy.
And as you begin to create multiple products you start to have a lot of content that you can start
piecing together to create core products or even coaching programs. So you can use some of those
products that you have already released as content in your higher ticket offers.

Wow, so you made it this far. You should now have you product ready to go. The only thing that is
left is to launch it. Great work!
Remember that this first product is only the beginning of your Authority Product Blueprint.
However, the process does not change. Every time you create a product you can go through this same
procedure. It doesnt matter if you are creating a $7 front­end offer, a core offer, a coaching
program etc. This same method of product creation works on every level.
Next time you create a product pull up these same templates and go through the same process.
Creating and selling products is one of the best ways to build a profitable business online. And
now you have the tools in front of you to do this. Focus on one thing at a time and truly try to
help people and you can be successful in this business.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

And one last note. I have tried to make this guide as simple as possible. If you have any questions
please dont hesitate to reach out to me as I will make every effort I can to
help you!
To Your Success, William Fletcher

Additional Resources:


● Analyze your target prospects
● Identify your strengths/interests
● Brainstorm product ideas
● Analyze your niche
● Research competitor products
● Choose what your product will be
● Write out the main benefit/what your customers will get out of your product
● Name your product
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved



● List your product features & benefits
● Write your product introduction
● Organize and arrange your benefits in logical order
● Fill in any necessary steps that are not included in your product benefits
● Create your product outline
● Create your product
● Conclude your product

● Analyze your product from start to finish to make sure there are no essential steps left out
● Make sure you covered all benefits you outlined in the initial stage of product creation
● Format & proofread
● Package your product in its final format
Sell Your Product
● Choose your payment processor
● Create a new email list for your buyers
● Integrate payment process with your autoresponder
● Create your sales page
● Set up your download pages
● Launch your product
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


StudioPress ­ I personally love the Genesis Framework and themes by Studiopress. The one in
particular that I use is the Metro Pro Theme.
Optimizepress ­ I use this tool to create squeeze pages, sales pages, affiliate pages, store pages
and more. This is an amazing tool!

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Easy S3 Downloads ­ I use this plugin to embed download links from Amason S3
hosted files.
Membersonic ­ Amazing membership plugin used to lock content and create secure membership areas.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Sonic S3 Video ­ I use this plugin to embed videos from Amazon S3 onto my website.
This is a great tool for video training products.
Photoshop ­ I use photoshop to create product graphics such as ecovers, software box graphics, cd
graphics, logos, product banners, etc. This is a must have tool if you want to create your own
professional graphics.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved



Camtasia Studio ­ I use this software to record screencast videos, tutorials, presentations, and
many other videos.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved



Google Drive ­ I use this tool to create a lot of ebooks and guides. It’s simple to use, accessible
anywhere you have an internet connection, and you can convert your documents into PDF’s.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Open Office ­ A Full suite of tools such as a Word Processor, Presentation software,
spreadsheets, and more. (Similar to Microsoft Office)

Reaper ­ This is my favorite tool for recording audio. However, it is a full audio production suite
which may not be necessary for most people creating audio trainings.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Audacity ­ Free audio production software that can be used to record and export audio

PayPal ­ This is the tool I use to collect money from selling products through JVZoo.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


JVZOO ­ I use JVZoo to create payment buttons and route and deliver products.
WarriorPlus ­ Warrior Plus is another great tool to launch your products and tap into their
affiliate base.
Aweber ­ I use this to capture customer emails and follow up with them via email with broadcasts
and follow­up series.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


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