Easy Kindle Cookbook Profits

How To Create Simple Kindle Recipe Books That
Earn $50 A Day Passively …. Even Without
Much Promotion Or Reviews
Brought to you by Audrey Ly
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ensure the accuracy of the information. There is no guarantee of any income or success.
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This book consists of affiliate links in which I will earn a commission if you buy through my
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Table of Contents
Introduction ………………………………………………………………………… page 4
Selecting a Profitable Recipe Niche ……………………………………… page 6
Kindle Recipe Books Creation …………………………………………….. page 14
Publishing Your Kindle Recipe Books …………………………………… page 18
Set Up Your Automated Kindle Recipe Books Sales Machine … page 26
Conclusion …………………………………………………………………………… page 32
I started publishing on kindle 6 months ago. I have published many different type of
kindle books such as non-fiction, children stories, recipes, as well as fiction. I wrote some
and outsourced most of them.
In the beginning, I have no system, I simply published books in the niche which I have
interest in. Then I left them alone and see if they sell. If they do sell, I then invest further
to promote it and outsource more books in that niche. Then one day, my mom told me that
she wanted to share her own recipes that she has been compiling for over 20 years. She
basically wrote her recipes in scraps of paper and kept them in a paper folder.
We then spent the next 3 months compiling, put them in different categories and writing
them out in digital format. After all the hard work, we have 8 books ready to be published.
I uploaded the books to kindle… and waited. After the books were approved, I started
seeing sales coming in even before I started the free promotion. Then I did free promotion
and the download shot through the roof without me promoting it. It was pretty amazing as
our niche is not a popular one.
After that, I added a few tricks and the sales of the recipe books keep coming in month
after month. I will share all these little tricks and tips in this book.
Why Cookbooks?
First of all, why publish cookbooks? Aren’t there enough free recipes all over the internet?
Who would want to buy something that is available free?
People will pay for convenience and learning new ideas. People do not just buy one recipe
book, they will buy again and again just to discover a better , healthier , tastier way to cook
pasta, for example. I know one best selling book on breakfast sandwiches. The book is just
about different ways to making sandwiches for breakfast. And I am sure you have seen the
book on 101 ways to cook eggs.
Secondly, recipes are evergreen. The basic method of cooking spaghetti or steak is pretty
much the same in the next 10 years. You do not need to update it … ever. Truly create it
and forget it.
Thirdly, recipes are main stream. Everyone need recipes. From moms, dads, single men
and women, couples, kids, moms-to-be, grandparents, people with special health
conditions etc.
Last but not least, recipe books are easy to produce even if you can cook nothing but
instant noodles. More importantly, they are easy to outsource on the cheap.
If you are thinking if the recipe niche can be saturated, it probably is already. Think of it
this way, saturation means there is money to be made. The recipe niche is so huge that it
won’t be affected by saturation. Look at the book store, there are recipe books every
where! So, there is place for more recipes books. Don’t forget, you are selling to many
other countries around the world. The market for this niche is unlimited.
Selecting A Profitable Recipe Niche
How to find profitable niche keywords for easy ranking
Since we are writing recipe books, we are looking at the main category of Cookbooks,
Food and Wine. Under this category, there are many other smaller sub-categories.
Click on the sub-category you are interest in, if the top 3 books has a best seller ranking of
#20000 or less, the niche is good to go. The lower the ranking the better.
In the image above, the book is selling extremely well, ranking #1100 in the top 100 best
selling books in the Kindle store. Notice the sub-categories this book are ranking in.
Those are profitable too.
Decide on the sub-category you want to work on, you can now drill down further, to a
niche within that sub-category. Now, repeat the process above, look at the top 3 books
within the niche, and look at the ranking. Anything less than #50,000 is good to go.
Once you found your winning niche, now it’s time to do keyword research.
Searching For Profitable Keywords
Now that you have found your winning niche, next we have to find profitable keywords.
Why are keywords important? Picking the right keywords will help buyers find your
book. We will be using these keywords in our title, sub-title, description, and tags.
Use Amazon search tool to start your research in the Kindle store. Simply type in the niche
you want to work with. Let’s say “vegetarian”. This keyword has a whooping 5000 plus
books in the market. This keyword is too competitive. Now you can see Amazon is
suggesting popular keywords with the main keyword “vegetarian” that are being searched
for. This is a great way to get more targeted keyword ideas. The best keyword is one
that has many searches but not over competitive in the first page results.
To get even more keywords, you can start typing letters a, b, c, d, e, f, g etc to get more
Let’s try with “c”… Type in “vegetarian”, followed by the letter ‘c’, you can now see these
interesting ideas here:
I like “vegetarian crockpot recipes”, let’s check out on Amazon and take a look at the
results, there’s only 164 books! Ok, this is a good sign, not many competition here.
Now click the top few books in the results, look at their Best Seller Rank, are they selling?
Click on the 3 top results and scroll down to look at its Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR).
If they are ranking at less than #20000, it’s good to go.
The top few books on the page rank over #100,000 as shown below. This is not a good
sign. The books here are not selling well.
Now, let’s try with the letter ‘d’, here’s what Amazon suggests:
I like the “vegetarian diet”. Take a look at the books listed on the first page. Check out
their rankings. I found this book titled “Vegetarian: 365 Days of Vegetarian Recipes” has a
very impressive ranking of #6571 with only 4 reviews!
So we know this is a money keyword. We want to make sure this keyword is not too
difficult to rank. Let’s check out the last book in the first page results. This is what I found:
The ranking of this book is over #500,000. We are now confident that we can easily rank
on the first page for the keyword “vegetarian diet”. In fact, if the last book ranks over
#100,000, it’s good. Now you know you have a winning keyword, you can now go to the
next step.
Note: Amazon best seller rank is an estimated indication of the amount of sales the
book is getting. For details, please refer here:
Let’s recap:
When you type in your keyword, here are the questions to ask yourself:
1. Is this keyword too competitive?
Check the number of books available in this niche, if it is more then 2000, try a different
2. Is the keyword profitable?
Check the first 3 books, what is their best seller rank? If they are less than #20000, this is
good. The lower the rank, the better. If you see a rank of less than #5000, you found gold.
3. Can your book get on the first page?
Take a look at the last book in the first page results, if it ranks less than #20000, it is
probably different to compete. Check out the reviews too, if most of the books have tons of
reviews, it is probably difficult to compete too.
Kindle Recipe Books Creation
Creating a Kindle recipe book is not difficult, nor time consuming. Depending on your
preference, you can choose one of these methods to create your Kindle cookbooks.
Method 1: Create The Recipes Yourself
This works great if you are passionate in your cooking. If you love cooking, simply note
down the measurement and ingredients for your dish. Give some simple instructions and
you are good to go.
Alternatively, you can source recipes from your family and friends. Do you have a
traditional family recipes of some sort? That would be a great place to start. Many people
love to learn about traditional recipes. You can even post in popular recipe forums and ask
for recipes, you’ll be surprise at the response. Most are very willing to share their recipes.
If I am using other people recipes, do ask for permission if they allow you to publish their
recipes. I like to give them the credit for their contribution in the book.
Method 2: Rewriting Free Recipes
According to the US copyright law, measurements and ingredients in recipes are not
copyrighted. Only the details, illustration, introduction is copyrighted. You can read
more about recipes copyright law here: http://opensourcecook.com/recipes-copyright-law
All the questions on copyright are answered in that page. It includes a link to the US
copyright law as well.
So what does this mean for us? This is great! You have endless recipes to create kindle
books and profit from it! However, we have to use the information the right way.
Remember, we cannot just copy and paste as Amazon does not allow materials that can be
found free on the internet. So we have to be smart in using these free recipes.
This is what I do.
After deciding on a niche. I will start searching on the internet for free recipes sites. The
one I mentioned above OpenSourceCook.com is a great site. I use it a lot. Another great
sites are AllRecipes.com and Food.com. I usually compile 30-50 quality recipes for my
niche. I will then change the name of the dish, if possible. If I am familiar with the recipe,
I may want to add my own special ingredient to it. I will also rewrite the cooking
To make the recipes unique, I add a few sentences before the actual recipe to introduce the
dish and many add some interesting facts to it. If you are not familiar with the recipes, just
google the dish and get some interesting facts about it. For example, talk about where the
recipe originated from, what is the special ingredient in that recipe and so on. I sometimes
even talk about health benefits of the dishes as I write a lot on healthy recipes. People just
love those little nuggets about the dish.
Another option is adding a whole chapter of introduction of the recipe niche. For example,
if you are writing about “Authentic Italian Pasta Recipes”, you can add an introduction
about the various type of pastas, providing details names, shapes and cooking methods for
pasta with nice free images such as below. It’s very easy to write it yourself or outsource
for cheap.
Method 3: Outsourcing
If compiling and rewriting sound like a lot of work for you, outsource it! You can easily
find recipes writers from sites such as Fiverr, Elance, Freelancer and Odesk.
What About Images?
You do not need to include images in a recipe book but it is recommended. I have seen
many kindle recipe books that do not have even a single image and yet they are selling
Here are some options to obtain images for your book:
– Take the picture yourself – you can create the dish, and take a picture yourself.
– Source images from public domain and royalty free sites. Pixabay has many great
images and all of them are free to use. Flickr has a lot of great food images too.
However, only use the images with creative commons license as show below:
– Purchased from Fiverr gigs that provides royalty free pictures, such as this one
below. If you are new to Fiverr, simply go to Fiverr.com and do a search for “stock
photos”, when the results are displayed, click to sort results by High Rating, to get
the best quality gigs. Make sure you read the reviews to check on the seller’s
– Subscribe to stock photo sites such as Fotolia.com and DollarPhotoClub.com. You
can download images from both of these sites for as low as $1.
– Do take note that you are not using too many images in your book. The more
images you use, the bigger your book file will be, and Amazon will be charge you
more delivery fee, this means less profit for you. If you are using
UltimateEbookCreator, you can now optimize the size of your images easily
without compromising the quality. More details in the next section.
Publishing Your Kindle Recipe Books
For many new Kindle publishers, getting the right format to look good on Kindle is a great
challenge. I started with using the free Open Office to write my Kindle books. I typed out
my recipes as a normal documents. After publishing on kindle, I started getting bad
reviews and refunds from buyers. To my horror, I realized that the formatting and
alignment were completely out when the book is read on a Kindle. Moreover the images
were totally distorted.
I then started looking for options on the internet. There are many tools, both paid and free,
that can do the job. However, I found that most of the tools are not user friendly, has
limited functions and difficult to learn. After a long long search, I finally found the perfect
software to do the job.
Ultimate Ebook Creator
This is a great software that can create ebooks easily in the format that display beautifully
on a Kindle. It has a built in WYSIWYG so you can create your book right in the software.
There is a small learning curve, but the product creator has created very detail video
tutorials which includes a lot of tips and tricks on using the software to create many
different types of kindle books such as quiz books, game books, picture books etc. The
stuff you can do with this software is amazing! You can easily create different styles and
insert images seamlessly with this software.
Pro Tip 1 : I love most is this, you can easily reuse the recipes to create a different kindle
recipe book! For example, you have written a book on chicken recipes, which include
fried chicken, chicken stew, slow cooker chicken, chicken soup, etc. Then, you can easily
take the chicken stew recipes from this book and combine with other stew recipes (beef
stew, vegetable stew etc) and create a new recipe book titled “Healthy Stew Recipes for the
Whole Family”. I find this hack really speeds up my work creating many different
compilation of recipes.
Pro Tip 2: One problem I face when creating a cookbook is the huge size of the mobi file
due to many images that accompany the recipes. Huge files have 2 main disadvantages:
Amazon Kindle charges higher delivery fee for bigger files and it decreases user’s
experience when downloading and reading your book. UltimateEbookCreator has a
solution for this problem. Before you have completed your book, this cool software has
the ability to optimize the images without reducing the quality. I have cookbooks which
have files as big as 20MB and with this software, the file can be reduced to 3 MB with
only one click. I do not have to reduce the images size one by one. This is a huge time
saver and money saver as you save on delivery fee. This is done without compromising
the image quality. I do not know any other software which has this cool function.
The product creator gives impressive support too. He usually replies emails within a day.
If you plan to create Kindle books for the long run, do consider getting this tool. The price
pays back itself many times over. Other then Kindle, this software provide format
conversion as well the right format to publish on other platform such as Smashwords and
Lulu. If you do want to give this software a try, I appreciate if you use my affiliate link:
Click here to view the training videos and learn more about Ultimate Ebook Creator.
Alternatively, if you prefer to save time and not bother to learn about formatting, Fiverr
have some really great gigs for formatting Kindle books, such as this one:
There are many gigs doing formatting for Kindle books. Simply sort the gigs by High
Ratings to get quality gigs. There are many sellers who are doing sub-par work, so do your
due diligence.
Design Your Kindle Book Cover
Your cover is the first contact with your potential buyers. A clean and attractive cover
with a mouth watering, delicious food image works best. Do some research on the type of
food images that attract your target market. You can browse through the best selling books
in your niche and study their cover. Note what stands out. Use an image similar to it.
There are 2 options when it comes to designing your cover – you can design it yourself or
outsource it.
You do not need super technical designing skill to make a simple and attractive cover. For
a start, Kindle provides a free cover creator for you when you upload your book.
Personally I started with using this free tool. Simply choose the layout you like, add title ,
subtitle and author name, choose the color theme, click ‘create’ and you are good to go.
There is also another free tool which I use, http://www.canva.com. This website provides
tools to design various type of images such as posters, covers, Facebook covers, twitter
covers and so on. They offer plenty of free images you can use, you can upload your own
images as well. If you have used a good image inside your recipe book, simply it as your
cover. You can use an image as background, add the title and author name, and you have a
cover for your book.
If you rather outsource, check out the many kindle cover gigs over at Fiverr.com.
Publishing Your Recipe Book on Kindle
After your have completed writing, formatting and proof reading your book, you are ready
to upload to your Kindle account now. If you are not a Kindle publisher yet, you can sign
up free here: https://kdp.amazon.com/
Briefly, here are the steps to upload your book to Kindle:
1. Click on “Add New Title”
2. Fill in your book title and subtitle. Try to use your main keyword here. Eg.
“Vegetarian Diet: 101 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes For Weight Loss”
3. Next, fill in book description. Here is where you sell your book. Tell your buyers
what you are offering. Use your main and related keywords here. Do not stuff
your keywords, but use them within your description. Check out the top selling
books in your niche and model the way they write their copy.
4. Book contributors. Add your name/pen name as the author. If you have a
contributor for your recipes, add their names here.
5. Language – English
6. Verify your publishing rights – choose the option “This is not a public domain
work and I hold the necessary publishing rights. “
7. Categories. You are allowed to choose only 2 categories. You will be looking as
the Cooking categories and choose the most relevant sub-category or niche
8. Search keywords – here is where you add your main keywords and all related
keywords from your earlier research. You are allowed up to a maximum of 7
9. Book release option – choose to release your book now
10. Book cover. You can upload your cover or create a cover using this free tool
11. Next, choose “Do not enable digital rights management”. You want more people
to download or borrow your book. Then click “Browse” to start uploading your
content file. This will take a few minutes. After uploading, check how your book
appears on a kindle using the online previewer tool. Make changes if necessary.
12. Now you are ready to price your book. I usually starts with $0.99 to encourage
downloads and reviews. Once you get some reviews, you want to increase the
price to $2.99 or more to take advantage of the 70% royalty. Which price point is
best for your book? You can easily test a few price point, and Kindle will tell you
what price is the most profitable.
This is very cool. From the chart above, the most profitable price is $4.99. I used
to price most of my books at $0.99. I have more downloads but less overall profits.
However, once I start pricing the books with a higher price point, my profits
13. Finally, if you have a physical version of your kindle book, you may want to
choose it in Kindle Match book program. Otherwise, you can leave this blank.
Choose “allow lending for this book”. Amazon will still pay you if someone
borrows your book. Lending makes up of around 20% of my royalty.
14. Lastly, tick box to agree with Kdp terms and conditions and click “Save and
Publish”. Now your book will be under review and will be live in 12 hours once
Amazon approves it.
Set Up Your Automated Kindle Cookbook
Sales Machine
Personally, I prefer to spend my time create more products than spending time on
marketing. I prefer to set up marketing funnels once and let profits roll in month after
month. I do not like to spend time posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social
platforms. I do not even have an Author Central set up. But this is just me. If you are
already doing social marketing, forum posting, submitting to free books sites, please
continue to do so. What I am sharing below is just what I do.
Step 1: Create a series of cookbooks
Why a series? You can easily create a cross promotion with a series of cookbooks related
to a similar theme. When the buyer buys one of your book, you can sell your other books
in your series to the same buyer.
So what do I mean by the same theme? Let’s say your niche is Vegetarian recipes. You
create your cookbook titled, “Healthy and Delicious Vegetarian Burgers”, do you think the
same buyer would be interested in vegetarian soups, vegetarian appetizers, vegetarian
sandwiches, vegetarian curry, vegetarian rice, vegetarian spaghetti, vegetarian recipes for
kids, vegetarian recipes for dinner, vegetarian cake recipes, vegetarian recipes for the
whole family, Indian vegetarian recipes, Chinese vegetarian recipes, vegetarian recipes for
slimming, vegetarian recipes for diabetics and so on. Can you see how easy it is to create a
series of vegetarian recipe books?
If you are using the Ultimate Ebook Creator software, you can easily create the books
above as many of the recipes overlap with each other. (of course, do not go overboard
with using duplicated recipes for different books as many of your customers may be
repeated buyers.) By the way, vegetarian and vegan recipes are HOT!!! The cookbooks I
listed above are hot money makers!
Another option is to create a series of cookbooks to address a certain health condition. For
example, you can create a series of books for slimming, such as Fat Free Salad Recipes,
Low Fat Dessert Recipes, Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss, Sugar Free Chocolate Recipes,
Healthy Fat Free Burgers and Sandwiches Recipes and so on. I hope you can see the
potential here. You’ll have a list of buyers who want to lose weight, think about the
variety of other slimming products you can sell to them!
After you have all your recipe books done, you want to list all your books in the series at
the end of each cook book. Please refer to the recipe book template if you need a sample.
Step 2: Create a Freebie Related to Your Cookbooks
Now, you want to build your own customer list as well as people who are interested but
have not bought your book. This step is crucial as you want to have your own buyers’ list
so that you can sell to them again and again. Amazon Kindle does not share their
customers’ details with you. After the customers buy from you once, you lose them forever
if you do not capture their contact details.
Do not be put off by this process. It is easier than you thought. In fact, getting potential
buyers to opt-in in the cookbook/recipe niche is much easier then other niches.
Start by creating a free cookbook to entice your buyers/visitors to sign up for your list.
Creating a free cookbook is super easy. Remember we are not publishing this free book on
Kindle, so we can use our good ol’ PLR recipes! You do not even need to edit or rewrite
the PLR recipes. Simply create an attractive cover, and you are set! Just bear in mind that
your book has to be in the same niche as your series of cookbook. For example, if you are
doing the vegetarian niche, your freebie can be “All Time Favorite Vegetarian Gluten Free
If you are really lazy, simply offer an interesting Youtube video as a hook to get
subscribers to give you their email. Take a look at this example: Sample Opt-in Page
It took me only 10 minutes to find the video on Youtube and build the page.
Step 3 : Setting up Your Opt-in Page
An opt-in page (or squeeze page) is the page where you convince your visitor to give you
their contact information in exchange with your free cookbook. You probably have seen
these pages everywhere and opted in many of them. If you are familiar with opt-in pages,
you can skip the rest of this section and proceed to Step 4.
There are many ways to set up opt-in pages. You need to research the options and decide
what works best for you. I started with using free WordPress squeeze page plugin to build
my first opt-in page. I am not a technical person, and it took me half a day to set the page
right. I would not recommend free squeeze page plugins as a lot of them are buggy and not
supported by the creator. If you are really into WordPress plugins, you can check out
FunnelKit. I have bought and used it and it does a decent job.
If you rather not mess with WordPress like me, then you may want to check out this new,
easy landing page builder LandingPageMonkey.com . Similar page builder sites like this
come with a monthly fee. You can build unlimited pages and hosting for only a one time
payment of $29.95 (special early bird price)
They have extensive tutorial videos and their support is first class. Here are some sample
pages which only took me minutes to build:
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
If you like what you see, do give LandingPageMonkey a try and take advantage of their
early bird special offer. Similar competitors charges $29 to $69 monthly. So this is really
a great deal. Click here to watch a demo video of Landing Page Monkey page builder.
What should you write in your opt-in page?
First, you must have an attractive headline. Then tell your visitors what you are offering in
your free cookbook/video. If you need help in coming up with an irresistible headline, you
can use this free tool here: http://www.internetmarketingcourse.com/freeheadlinegenerator/
Simply key in your offer benefits, you should get some really cool ideas in creating an
attention grabbing headline.
You can list a few main benefits of downloading your cookbook. Alternatively, list some
best recipes your book offers. Add a cover image for your free cookbook. I usually ask
for subscribers’ emails only. You want to make it as easy as possible for the subscriber to
Step 4 : Set up Autoresponder Emails
To build a list, you need an autoresponder to automate sending emails to your subscribers.
As your list is your long term asset, you want to invest in a established autoresponder and
avoid using free ones. There are many paid autoresponders in the market with Aweber,
GetResponse and MailChimp as the main big players. All these companies have good
reputation and service. It is only a matter of personal preference. If you are just starting
out, I would suggest you to go with MailChimp. You get to use their service for free up to
2000 subscribers and 12000 emails. If you really want to go for a free autoresponder, do
check out Listwire.
What to write to your subscribers
The first email is the welcome email to thank your subscriber for requesting the free
cookbook and make sure they can download the book without problems. Let them know
that you will be sending them free recipes and cooking tips in the coming emails.
For the first 2 weeks, you can send them emails every day. Just pick a recipe from your
cookbook and followed by a link to buy your book. I would suggest to give them your
best recipes for free to entice them to buy your Kindle cookbooks.
After the first 2 weeks, I will send follow up emails every 2 days. In this emails, I can give
some cooking tips and promote related Amazon products that will help in their cooking.
For example, if you are giving them your free Italian pasta recipe, recommend a good
pasta maker using your Amazon affiliate links in your email. You can also promote other
related products from Clickbank or other affiliate networks. If you publish any new kindle
cookbooks, email your list about it. Once you get those subscribers on your list, the sky is
the limit.
So how many emails should you write? The more emails you write, the more money you
will make. The great about this is you only do this once and the autoresponder will do the
rest for you.
Step 5 : Promote Your Sales Funnel
Now that you have an opt-in page set up, with emails all loaded in your autoresponder, you
can now start promoting your opt-in page and start building your list.
For a start, place your opt-in page link in all your Kindle books. Place the link in the first
few pages of your book, preferably after the title page, where it is visible to those who are
browsing your book using the kindle “Look Inside” feature. Below is a sample of what
you can write:
Click here the link to download now: http://freecookbook.com
Limited Copies Only!
A bright colored and attractive cover image attracts visitors to click on your link. As show
above, I usually spell out the URL of the opt-in page as some older version of Kindles may
not display links properly. If that is the case, the visitor can still type out the link to visit
my opt-in page.
After your kindle book is live, you can now start promoting it. Make sure you your books
is listed under Kindle Select to use their free book promotion feature. I usually start
pricing my books at $2.99 or more to take advantage of the 70% royalty. Then promote
your book for free for 3 days, and 2 more days in the following week. I find that listing
my book at the higher price range gets more downloads that listing my book at $0.99
because readers think that they are getting a better deal. It is easy to get hundreds of
downloads for a recipe book especially in popular niches.
If your opt-in page is set up right, you should see loads of subscribers getting on your list.
Expanding Your Cookbook Empire Outside Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle, although it is the biggest, is not the only marketplace for self publishers.
There are other publishing platform which are quickly expanding, such as Draft2Digital,
and Smashwords, which distribute to popular publishers such as Apple, Kobo, Scribd,
Oyster and more.
When you first publish on Kindle, you want to enroll in KDP select to promote your books.
Once you choose KdpSelect, your book is not allowed to publish in other platforms for 90
days. Once your book is selling well, you may want to discontinue KdpSelect and publish
in other platforms. With the Ultimate Ebook Creator software, you can easily export your
book in different formats for these platforms without further work.
Let’s Recap:
Here are the steps to publishing your first series of successful Kindle recipe books:
1. Find a profitable recipe niche and keywords
2. Create your recipe books – decide if you want to:
– write it yourself,
– compile free recipes on the internet and outsource the rewriting
3. Create a free cookbook in your niche to be given away. Use PLR or resell rights
4. Create your opt-in page. Offer your free cookbook in exchange for subscriber’s
5. Write your promotional emails, offer free recipes and cooking tips.
6. Promote your opt-in page:
– Place opt-in page links in all your Kindle books.
– Use kindle free book promotion feature spread over 2 weeks to get as many
downloads as possible.
7. Start creating your next cookbook series and watch your profits roll in month after
month. 🙂
I have included a Resource file . If you have questions, please feel free to contact me :
audreylypublishing@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.
To your Kindle publishing success,
Audrey Ly

Easy List Cash Eruption

Easy List Cash Eruption
How You Can Get Paid To Build Your List In 2015 And Beyond
Philip Schaffer | www.hugeprestige.com
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Table Of Contents:
Introduction To Easy List Cash Surge
Overview Of The Method
Squeeze Pages (Landing Page, OptIn
Thank You Page
CPA Program
Overview of PPL
Building Your List With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
Step By Step Guide To Success
Step 1: Enroll in PPL programs
Step 2: Get your autoresponder set up
Step 3: Create a squeeze page
Step 4: Create a thank you page
Step 5: Get a free product to entice subscribers
Step 6: Drive Free Traffic To Your Squeeze Page
Other Free Traffic Source For Building Your List
Participate In Giveaways
Become Active In Relevant Forums
Write Quality Articles & Reports
Become A Guest Blogger
Offer “Subscriber Only” Discounts
YouTube Videos
Making Money From Your List
Selling Solo Ads
Selling Funnel Clicks
Sending traffic to affiliate offers
Final Words
Page 2 | www.hugeprestige.com
Introduction To Easy List Cash Surge
Welcome to Easy List Cash Surge, your ultimate guide generating
ultra targeted free traffic to your email list. If you’re reading this
guide you may have already realized how much potential there is
in building an email list. One just has to look at the sheer volume of
businesses out there applying this same exact method. Despite all
the earnings waiting to be made, you might not know exactly how
to jump in and get started to grab your slice of the pie.
Follow this report and you won’t need to worry about any of that.
You can use this manual as your one stop guide to getting your
email lists and sales funnels off the ground. We’ll go over the exact
same methods I use to generate real, tangible revenue every
single month.
Before we dive into it all, I’d like to thank you for downloading this
guide, you’ve made an important first move to becoming financially
independent. Simply by taking this step, you’ve started on the road
to being your own boss one day. If you can take away one lesson
from this report, make it this one: Take Action. Take your ideas
and actually implement them, your first try doesn’t have to be
perfect. What’s important is that you actually get something out
there. You can improve on it next time. Who knows, after your 4th
or even 100th try, you may have something amazing on your
Page 3 | www.hugeprestige.com
Overview Of The Method
The whole point of this guide is to get you paid while you grow your
list using free traffic methods. Essentially, getting paid to build your
list. Remember this is a brief overview, we will dive into the details
later on but for now I just want you to get familiar with the
Starting out you’re going to need a couple things:
need an autoresponder
need a squeeze page ( email opt in page )
need a thank you page
need to sign up for PPL programs
Once you have those things, this method first involves driving
traffic to your squeeze page so that you can get subscribers.
People that subscribe to your list will be automatically redirected to
your PPL program. A portion of those subscribers will enter their
email on that PPL page, getting you paid. This is essentially you
getting paid by having someone subscribe to your list. From then
on, you now have that subscriber as part of your email list.
And this is where the cycle repeats itself, you’ll use the relatively
passive free traffic methods of this book to constantly drive new
subscribers to your list. And while this is happening, a portion of
your new subscribers goto your PPL pages and make you even
more money. It’s a perpetual system!
Page 4 | www.hugeprestige.com
But not only are you getting paid to build your list, you now have
these subscribers on your list to do anything you please with.
That’s the basic formula in a nutshell, getting you paid, to build up
your list.
So I know that may have sounded a little hectic but believe me
doing all of that is easier than it sounds. We’re gonna dive into
each component that you need in detail now.
Page 5 | www.hugeprestige.com
An autoresponder is a service that allows you to build email lists
and send subscribers emails. If you’re serious about your business
then you need one of these. These services allow you to send
follow up series to each individual subscriber so that every one of
your potential customers will be sent every offer you want them to
see at the exact time you want.
I cannot stress how enormously helpful these tools are to your
online business! There are many different autoresponders out
there, some of the more popular ones are Aweber and
GetResponse. I personally use Aweber as they’re established,
they’ve been around forever and are one of the original
autoresponders. GetResponse is another which I’ve personally
heard good things about. Aweber allows you to get started for $1
for the first month and GetResponse lets you get started for free.
Page 6 | www.hugeprestige.com
Squeeze Pages (Landing Page, Opt-In Page)
A squeeze page serves one purpose, to turn potential leads into
list subscribers. At the most basic level, a squeeze page will
consists of a single opt in box where a prospect can enter his or
her email address. Once the potential lead enters their email
address, they become a subscriber to one of your email lists.
A squeeze page convinces your potential customer to give up their
email address (and sometimes other information) in exchange for
something the prospect finds irresistible. Typically it’s some sort of
free product that your potential customer would find useful.
Good squeeze pages are not difficult to make once you get used to
creating them but there a few important principles you should keep
in mind when making them. First, less is more when it comes to
squeeze pages. There have been studies done that show that the
more clutter you have on a opt in page, the worse it converts
(meaning the less people that enter their email address to become
a subscriber). Now obviously I’m not saying this is the only way to
lay out a squeeze page, but the following method works
swimmingly for me and a whole lot of other marketers out there.
First, simply have a single opt in box on your landing page where
the user can enter his or her email address. You can also allow
them to enter their names but I typically reserve this for my buyers
lists opt in boxes. Last, have a great, catchy above your opt in box
like, “Make $100 tonight using this free method!” (change that to
reflect your field or niche as needed). That’s it, squeeze pages
don’t need to be difficult. Check out the pictures below for some
Page 7 | www.hugeprestige.com
ideas on how easy it is to make a great looking, high converting
squeeze page.
Page 8 | www.hugeprestige.com
Freebies go hand in hand with your Squeeze Page. What better
way to convince someone to join your list than by bribing them with
some free content? A freebie typically promises to give information
that your potential customer will find enormously helpful.
Try to keep your freebies short but value packed. Give the
prospect some genuinely useful information that makes him or her
interested in what else you have to offer. There are two great ways
to get this content to give away (so that you can entice people into
becoming subscribers). The first method is making the freebie
yourself. If you already have a product that you’re gonna be
offering your potential customers, a great way to make a freebie is
by giving them a stripped down version of your product. Or
alternatively, by giving away the first section to your product. Then,
in your freebie just add a section that mentions that all of the
freebie content is expanded upon inside of your main product (with
a link to the sales page for that product of course)
Another fantastic method of creating freebies is by purchasing PLR
(private label rights) products. There are TONS of products out
there (related to your field or niche) that you can purchase rights
to, rebrand, and give away (or sell) as your own products! If you go
this route, I highly recommend using masterresalerights.
com as
they have tons of quality content for rebranding purposes available
on the cheap.
Once you have your giveaway, it’s simply a matter of advertising
the freebie on your squeeze page and driving traffic towards it.
Page 9 | www.hugeprestige.com
Thank You Page
This is an extremely simple page that is shown immediately after
people opt into your list. A thank you page can be useful in a
bunch of different cases but for our purposes we will typically have
a very simple page that looks something like the following:
Now what are those bonus links you might be asking yourself?
Those are simply links to your PPL programs! 🙂
Page 10 | www.hugeprestige.com
CPA Program
CPA stands for Cost Per Action. You can read that as how much
you get paid when one of your subscribers completes some sort of
action on a page you send them to.
These “actions” can be a whole range of things. A common action
is entering an email address in a web form. This form of CPA is
known as Pay Per Lead (PPL). Pages which ask for an email
address are going to be the ones we deal with throughout this
guide. Later on, I’ll cover the best places to sign up for PPL
The takeaway to remember here is that you are getting paid when
one of your subscribers completes some sort of action on a page
you send them to. It’s crucial to getting you paid to grow your list.
Overview of PPL
So now that you know what CPA is we can cover the main way
you’re going to make money from building your list with this guide:
PPL Programs. PPL stands for Pay Per Lead. PPL is just a form of
CPA in which you get paid by directing a potential lead (customer)
What this means for the purposes of this guide is you get paid
when you get someone to enter their email address into an opt in
Page 11 | www.hugeprestige.com
Now, how do you sign up for PPL programs? There are various
places where you can find them but I’ve found the absolute best
place to do this is in the “Pay Per Lead Insider” group on facebook.
This group provides a curated spreadsheet with the best and
highest paying PPL programs. It also helps protect you from any
potential scammers as the the group members are very vigilant for
any funny stuff.
You can find the direct link to the group here:
I highly suggest you request access to the group now, it should not
take long before you are granted access.
Again, we’ll circle back to this in more detail later and you’ll be able
to follow a step by step process for finding and signing up for the
best PPL programs.
Page 12 | www.hugeprestige.com
Building Your List With Amazon Kindle Direct
This is definitely one of the “newer” methods of getting highly
targeted traffic to subscribe to your lists. It’s a really simple method
but extremely powerful. The basic formula looks like this:
Step 1) Write/Get an eBook
Step 2) Place A Link To Your Squeeze Page In The eBook
Step 3) Publish your eBook on Amazon KDP
Don’t worry about writing or getting the eBook just yet. I promise
it’s much easier than you’re thinking it is and I’ll show you exactly
how to do this soon.
Again this is an extremely powerful method that can eventually
help you bring in hundreds of subscribers a month.
The real power of this method is in Amazon’s Free Book Promotion
which can net your books thousands of downloads. And when
those thousands of people read your book, a percentage are
almost guaranteed to click on the links to your squeeze page which
are contained within which leads to fresh subscribers for your list!
Now unfortunately you can only do a free book promotion once
every 90 days with KDP. That’s why in order to truly see great
results with this method you should have as many books as
possible, ideally enough to do a free promotion every week.
Page 13 | www.hugeprestige.com
This ensures free targeted traffic to your list every single week!
And as an added bonus, while your books are not in a free
promotion, they’ll be available to buy through Amazon. This means
you’ll be earning passive income AND growing your list for FREE
all year round. I hope you’re seeing how powerful this method is. If
you take one thing away from this book, let it be this method.
Now that you have the basic idea behind this method, let’s go
through each step of the process.
Page 14 | www.hugeprestige.com
Step By Step Guide To Success
Step 1: Enroll in PPL programs
The first step in this process is to get your PPL programs set up.
Go to the Pay Per Lead Insider group on facebook here:
Click on the files tab in the group and then open up the PPL
Programs Master List.xlsx. This is the curated spreadsheet with
approved PPL programs. You should see a spreadsheet like the
This spreadsheet shows the various PPL programs that you can
enroll in. Simply click on the “Link to sign up to the PPL Program”
for the program of your choosing.
Page 15 | www.hugeprestige.com
As for choosing a program, I’d simply say that you should go for
the ones with the highest “Earning per lead”. But also make sure
the program is “single opt in” I’ve personally found that I make
more money on the Single Opt In programs but feel free to try any
of them out.
A personal favorite that I have used is Yadira Barbosa’s Easy
Cash Leads program (still active as of 04/01/2015) so feel free to
consider that one “extra verified” ;)
Once you’ve signed up, feel free to message the program owner
on Facebook to expedite the approval process. Once you are
approved, you’ll be given account access and be able to login.
Once you login, grab the referral URL from account page. Copy
that referral URL down, you’ll need it later. See the example
screenshot below:
Page 16 | www.hugeprestige.com
Step 2: Get your autoresponder set up
The second step in this process is to get your autoresponder up
and running. Your autoresponder will allow you to start gathering
the email addresses of your subscribers. There are numerous
services that you can use, here’s a list of some popular
I personally have been using Aweber since I first started getting
into email marketing and haven’t looked back. That being said, I
have heard good things about all of these services from several of
my colleagues in the internet marketing field. Most of these
services have a free 30 day trial or allow you to get started for just
$1. Believe me however the cost of these autoresponders is well
worth the money. I should also note that ListWire is a completely
free service.
For the purposes of this guide I’m going to assume you have
Aweber but all of these other AutoResponders will follow the same
general template.
First, in Aweber, we’re going to create a new list. Start by logging
into Aweber and clicking “Manage Lists” in the top right corner.
Then click on the “Create A List” button.
Page 17 | www.hugeprestige.com
On the next page you’ll need to fill out some basic information
about yourself. Pay careful attention to the sender email. This will
be the email that people in your list will be seeing it as from. Once
done click “Next Step” and again enter the basic information
required on the next page. Then click “Next Step” one last time. On
the next page just immediately scroll to the bottom and click
“Approve Message & Create List”.
Once the page loads, you’ll see your new list selected as the
Current List. Now again near the top right, hover over the List
Options menu and select List Settings.
Page 18 | www.hugeprestige.com
On the new page, click on the “Confirmed OptIn”
button and then
scroll down to Step 2 where it says, “Require OptIn
on Web
Forms” and toggle the button so that it says “Off”. This will disable
the pesky double confirmation on your list (which hurts the overall
number of subscribers to your list). You should do this for every list
you create from now on. Make sure to save your settings at the
bottom of the page!
Ok awesome! Now you have your very own email list. Now you
need to create a web form. This will allow you to place a list
subscriber optin
form wherever you please on your website.
Whenever someone enters their email address into the form, their
email will get added to your list and you’ll be able to send them
Start by clicking the Sign Up Forms button at the top of the page.
Click the “Create Your First Sign Up Form” button. On the next
page, you’ll want to follow the screenshot below as a template.
Click the X button on form elements as shown below so that only
the email field and sign up button remain. Then click the “Goto
Step 2” Button. On the next page, you can enter a name for your
form and select a custom page for the user to goto after he or she
has subscribed. You should select your thank you page that you
made earlier so that when someone opts in to your list, they are
automatically taken to your thank you page. Typically the confirm
page will take the user to a “thank you” page that gives a download
link to the free product that enticed the user to subscribe in the first
Page 19 | www.hugeprestige.com
Save your form and click the go to next step button. On this page
you’re gonna want to copy and paste the form code from the
section shown in the screenshot below. Copy the raw html from
where it says “<form method…” all the way down to where it says
“</form>” and save the snippet for later.
Page 20 | www.hugeprestige.com
Page 21 | www.hugeprestige.com
Step 3: Create a squeeze page
For this step you’ll need to have a website. If you don’t have one
already I highly suggest you get one as soon as possible There’s
plenty of domain name registrars and web hosting out there (and
plenty of tutorials on how to get your basic website setup on
google). Personally I used HostGator to register my domain as well
as for my web hosting and have never had a problem. However
there are a bunch of great, well known providers out there.
GoDaddy is another popular service you have probably heard of
Once you have your basic website setup, I highly, highly
recommend you buy the OptimizePress theme. This WordPress
theme allows you to craft high quality sales and landing pages in
minutes by yourself (even if you don’t have any design
experience). It also lets you create beautiful squeeze pages very
If you don’t want to make the investment in OptimizePress, you
can also easily follow this step by using SqueezeRobot , a free
service that allows you to create Squeeze Pages in seconds.
For the purposes of this guide in general, I’m going to assume
you’re using OptimizePress (trust me it is well worth the money if
you’re serious about creating your online business).
Once you have OptimizePress installed, start by going to your
WordPress dashboard and create a new page hovering over the
OptimizePress menu button on the left side and selecting the page
Page 22 | www.hugeprestige.com
builder button. In the screen that pops up, enter a name for your
squeeze page and select the “Blank Page” button at the bottom.
Then select the “Proceed to Step 2” button. On the next page
select the “Landing Page” button and then the “Proceed to Step 3”
button. Finally select the top left most template on the next page
and then hit “Proceed to Step 4” button. On the final page, just
select the “Save Settings & Launch LiveEditor” button.
On the LiveEditor screen that comes up next, hover over the optin
form like the screenshot above and click the pencil icon. On the
pop up that comes up, make everything look like the screenshot
below (make sure to check the “Disable Name” field!) and then
Page 23 | www.hugeprestige.com
take that opt in form snippet you copied from Aweber previously
and enter it into the Form HTML field shown below.
Then simply hit the insert button and voila! You have a squeeze
page with a working opt in form tied directly to your list. Obviously
you need to modify the page a little bit more to make it look
presentable. Modify the page elements (headline text, logo) by
clicking the hovering over each individual page element and
clicking the pencil icon. In the pop up that appears change
anything as required and then click the “Insert” button. Finally
when you’re all done, select the “Publish” option from the drop
down on the left, and save the page. You can now access the
squeeze page from the URL you set up earlier in this step.
Page 24 | www.hugeprestige.com
Remember when dealing with squeeze pages less is more so keep
it as simple as possible. Have a good enticing headline that hooks
your leads, an email form, and a pretty background picture. That’s
all you need, really. See the screenshot below for an example of a
good squeeze page:
Page 25 | www.hugeprestige.com
Step 4: Create a thank you page
Now we’re going to create our thank you page. Again you should
follow similar steps to the above section and create a page that
looks similar to the below image:
The thank you page doesn’t have to be anything special and like
squeeze pages, typically the simpler they are, the better they
perform. Now remember when we copied our PPL links earlier?
We’re about to use it here. See those bonus links in the picture
above? Those links should all point to the PPL programs that you
signed up for earlier.
By the way, if you haven’t already, make sure the you set the
custom page I mentioned in the opt in form section earlier, to the
thank you page you just created!
Page 26 | www.hugeprestige.com
Step 5: Get a free product to entice subscribers
This step is super easy. You simply need to get your hands on a
small little free report that you can use to entice your users to
subscribing to your email list. So once they sign up using your
form, you offer a link to this “free” product.
Now you can go ahead and create this product yourself. But lately,
my favorite method is to go to masterresalerights.
com , buy a
cheap book on the niche that I’m appealing to, and give that away
for free. Whichever method you go with, don’t spend too much
brain power on this part, you just need something decent to
actually give your subscriber once they sign up.
Create a follow up email:
Ok so now you need to create a quick follow up email to send to
your list once they subscribe. This email will contain the actual
download link to your free product from the previous step as well
as more “bonus links” just like your thank you page. To create a
follow up email, goto Aweber again and click on the follow up
series button as shown in the image below.
On the next page click on the Create A Follow Up Button. On the
message crafting page that pops up next, you should craft a
message that looks similar the one below:
Page 27 | www.hugeprestige.com
This is actually the exact follow up email I send to one of my solo
lists today! Now obviously you should modify this slightly. For one,
the subject should match the headline that you used on your
squeeze page. And the body should be modified to match the
squeeze page as well. Finally, you should change the links. The
download link at the bottom should point to your freebie from
earlier. And the bonus links should point to your PPL program just
like on your thank you page. Finally, hit the save button, then the
Page 28 | www.hugeprestige.com
next button, and finally the save & exit button. On the following
screen you should see something similar to the below:
Ok congrats! You now have the basic funnel all setup! Now let’s
talk about driving free traffic to your squeeze page!
Page 29 | www.hugeprestige.com
Step 6: Drive Free Traffic To Your Squeeze Page
This is where our various free traffic methods come into play. Once
again, I’m going to focus on the Amazon KDP method here as I
think it’s one of the most surefire methods of building up your list.
Remember, the process will look like this:
Step 1) Write/Get an eBook
Step 2) Place A Link To Your Squeeze Page In The eBook
Step 3) Publish your eBook on Amazon KDP
Write/Get an eBook:
Now you’re probably thinking to yourself now, “do you really expect
me to write an entire ebook?” Now let me tell you about the
process that’s gonna make the “writing” process a million times
What you’re going to do is find a PLR book in the niche you’re
working in. Now, you’re not just gonna change the title and publish
it on the store as this is against Amazon’s policy. But you are going
to go through the book section by section and rework the content.
You can literally go through the eBook paragraph by paragraph,
paraphrasing and changing up sentences as necessary. By doing
this method the “writing” process becomes a much quicker affair
and allows you to publish new books constantly and quickly.
So let’s get right into it, first I want you to go to
com . NOTE: Any PLR selling website is fine,
I’m just using this site as an example because I am very familiar
Page 30 | www.hugeprestige.com
with it. On masterresalerights.
com , click on the “private label
rights” button in the menu. On the new page that comes up you’ll
see a search box on the right hand side. Simply enter keywords
related to your niche in the search box and go. On the search
results page, look for a PLR book that grabs your attention.
Once you find the book that appeals to you, add it to your cart and
and checkout. As for the cost of these books, don’t worry about it.
Page 31 | www.hugeprestige.com
You’ll be getting paid to grow your email list using these $5$
books so it’s more than worth the cost. So skip the afternoon
coffee one day and invest in your list. Trust me it’s worth it.
Once you’ve picked up the book, download it your computer and
open it in your document editor of choice. Once open I want you to
go through each paragraph and change the wording up as
necessary to make it your own book that you can publish on
Amazon KDP. Here’s an example of how I would I go about
changing my a paragraph using this method myself:
Here is a paragraph from another product of mine:
“Just follow the very easy instructions on the page to create your
advertising account. Once again Google will ask you to enter some
basic information about yourself as well as some tax information.
Once you’ve completed this and have your account, pat yourself
on the back, you’ve just completed ALL the basic foundational
work required to flip apps! This part is a one time thing (unless
you’d like to make accounts for a different company) and you’ll
never need to do this again! With that being said, there’s a lot more
to go so onto the next section.”
I would change that paragraph to something that reads like this:
“Follow the simple instructions on that page to create your
advertising account. Again, Google is going to ask you to enter
some information about yourself including some tax info. Once
you’re done and have your account set up, give yourself a pat on
the back as you’ve just finished all the foundational work required
Page 32 | www.hugeprestige.com
to flip apps! This section only needs to be completed once! But
there’s still more work to do so let’s get right into the next section!”
As you can see although the sentence structure is different the
underlying content is essentially unchanged. I wrote that “new”
paragraph in about 30 seconds so you can see just how quickly
you can write entirely “new” books that can be published on
Amazon KDP.
Also keep in mind that the PLR books you’re working with aren’t
hundreds of pages long. Most usually max out at 20 40
which is more than enough. You can honestly rewrite an entire
book in a couple sittings. I told you, it’s much easier than you might
have initially thought 🙂
Once you have your “new” book rewritten,
it’s time to add the
crucial links to your squeeze page. I personally like to give the
reader as many opportunities as possible to get directed to your
squeeze page so I place a link in the intro of the book, in the final
words, and in a footer that’s on every single page.
This will give your reader plenty of opportunities to become a
Page 33 | www.hugeprestige.com
So now that you have your book set up and ready to go, let’s go
through the process of publishing on KDP. The first thing you’re
going to need is a publisher account on Amazon KDP. Start by
going to kdp.amazon.com . This is where you can sign up to
publish your books on Amazon.
If you need to create an amazon account click the button that says
Sign Up. If you already have an account simply click the Sign In
Once you have created the account or signed in with your existing
account you’ll be brought to a terms of service page. Review the
terms and agree. Finally, before you can publish your books on
KDP, you’ll have to fill in your address and bank account
information so that they can pay you for any books that have been
Congratulations, you are now a publisher on Amazon KDP! Now
it’s time to publish your book. Click the “Add new title” button to get
the process started.
Page 34 | www.hugeprestige.com
You’ll be brought to a page where you enter all the information on
your book, as well as upload the actual file. Make sure you check
the KDP Select Box as shown in the screenshot below:
Page 35 | www.hugeprestige.com
The KDP Select program gives you the ability to enroll your books
in a Free Book Promotion which is what’s going to people squeeze
page. Make sure you tick that box!
Fill in all the required categories and any of the optional ones you
would like as shown in the screenshot below:
Page 36 | www.hugeprestige.com
Page 37 | www.hugeprestige.com
Make sure you enter keywords into the “Search Keywords” box!
This is what’s going to help potential subscribers and buyers find
your book. Enter keywords that are specific to your niche. For
example for my app flipping books, I enter the following keywords:
“App cloning, app flipping, android, reskinning, app reskinning,
skinning, reskinning”
Simply apply the same strategy to your particular niche.
When you get to the book cover section, I highly recommend using
KDP’s built in cover creator. It’s easy, fast, and the results look
pretty good in my opinion. But if you have a cover already created,
you can upload that one alternatively. If you want to create your
cover using Amazon’s tool, simply click the “Launch Cover
Creator” button.
This will bring you to a screen where Amazon will walk you through
each step of the process of creating your cover. Trust me it’s very
easy just like the screenshot below shows:
Page 38 | www.hugeprestige.com
Once you’ve filled out all your book details on Step 1, save your
changes and goto the next page in the process: Rights & Pricing.
On this page simply fill out your information as shown in the
pictures below:
Make sure you select Worldwide rights, this will allow the
maximum amount of people access to your content. On the next
step, selected the 70% Royalty option. This simply means that
when someone purchases your book you will get 70% of the
money from that purchase, with the other 30% going to Amazon.
Put your price at $2.99. This is the lowest price you can put for
books at the 70% royalty option and is a good balance between
Page 39 | www.hugeprestige.com
low barrier for entry for potential customers and a decent payout
for you 🙂 Don’t worry so much about the pricing though, any
money you make from book sales is just a nice extra perk. The
main thing we want from Amazon here is the Free Book
Page 40 | www.hugeprestige.com
Once you’ve filled out all the pricing information, scroll down to the
bottom and click the “Save and Publish” button. Congratulations,
you’ve just published your first book on Amazon KDP!
It’ll take a few hours before the book is visible on the store as
Amazon usually reviews everything before allowing it to go live.
But in the meantime, onto the next step: Starting your free book
At the top of the page, click on the KDP Select Benefits button and
you’ll be brought to a page like the following:
Select the Free Book Promotion option and then click the “Create a
new Free Book Promotion” button. On the next page you’ll be
asked to enter a start and end date for your Free Book Promotion.
Choose whatever dates you would like and click the Save
Changes button as shown below:
Page 41 | www.hugeprestige.com
Once you have done that you are all set. The promotion will start
and you should starting seeing downloads of your book that same
day. One those people start reading your book, a portion will click
the links to your squeeze page and become subscribers.
And a portion of those subscribers will enter their email on the PPL
pages you direct them to after they subscribe to your page, making
you money!
As an added bonus once the 5 day free promotion ends you will
probably starting see sales and book “borrows” as well. Both of
these result in money being credited to your account and you’ll
eventually start seeing monthly payouts from Amazon. Another
income stream that you get for building your list! Awesome isn’t it?
Now let’s talk long term strategy now. If there’s one downside of
Free Book Promotion program it’s that you can only enroll your
book once every 90 days. So I bet you’re already realizing that the
more books you have, the more chances you have to run the free
promotion that builds up your list.
Page 42 | www.hugeprestige.com
Once you get to around 10 books published in the store, you’ll be
able to run promotions fairly regularly, allowing you to be
constantly driving free traffic to your list. But obviously the more
books the better.
In addition, once you get to that amount of books published, you’ll
be earning a nice passive income simply from the KDP sales of
your books alone. So the moral of the story, keep publishing those
books 🙂
Page 43 | www.hugeprestige.com
Other Free Traffic Source For Building Your List
Participate In Giveaways
You can generate traffic to your website and recruit new leads just
by participating in giveaways.
Giveaways allow contributors to offer a gift to visitors in exchange
for each member joining their list. It’s a great way to build your lists
quickly but keep in mind that “freebie seekers” aren’t always the
easiest to later convert into buyers.
Still, it’s a simple way of jumpstarting
your list activity and giving
you the opportunity to gain experience from sending out
broadcasts, split testing campaigns and developing a relationship
with your list.
Page 44 | www.hugeprestige.com
Become Active In Relevant Forums
Forum marketing is an effective strategy for driving in fresh traffic
to your squeeze page and building your list, but it also helps you
build brand awareness in your niche market.
By being an active member of relevant community forums, you can
spread your marketing message quickly, while finding potential
joint venture partners and networking opportunities.
Just make sure that you include a direct link to your squeeze page
in your forum signature (when permitted) and that you do your best
to contribute quality, and useful information that will add value to
the community.
Page 45 | www.hugeprestige.com
Write Quality Articles & Reports
One of the main reasons people join mailing lists is to receive
fresh, quality content on a regular basis.
You first want to develop a content schedule that is consistent, so
that subscribers become familiar with your updates and know what
to expect, but you also want to make sure that you stay in close
communication with your subscriber base.
Consider sending out 23
emails a week that offer free content,
balanced with promotional based emails every 23
days. The more
value you offer your list, the more responsive they will be so you’ll
want to strike a good balance between free information and
Consider offering an ecourse,
where subscribers can receive
regular lesson plans, checklists, action plans and tasks lists that
help them learn more about your niche market.
You could also create short reports that provide valuable
information, while monetizing your content by embedding affiliate
links into your report, leading readers to external resources that
offer more information or enhance the material found in your free
Page 46 | www.hugeprestige.com
This strategy involves creating a blog post about something related
to your niche. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy in depth
but make it tantalizing enough for your reader that they would want
to learn more. Then suggest throughout the blog to opt in to your
squeeze page ( and for the love of god add an opt in box to your
blog page! ) This is another great way to generate clicks to your
squeeze page. This is a great method to combine with forum
posting as well. Once you create the blog post, definitely post to
forums and social media!
Page 47 | www.hugeprestige.com
Become A Guest Blogger
One way of gaining exposure and generating traffic to your
squeeze page is by signing up to become a guest blogger on
relevant blog communities. You can offer to write posts or update
content in exchange for a prominent link on the blog, directing
readers to your squeeze page.
Becoming a guest blogger will benefit you in many ways apart from
the fresh exposure you’ll receive and the opportunity to add new
subscribers to your mailing list.
As a guest blogger, you’ll also be able to build credibility within
your niche market, while “piggybacking” off of the popularity of the
blogs you are writing on.
Your posts should always be unique and provide quality
information that will genuinely help those reading your articles.
To find blogs that accept guest blogging contributions, run a
search through google for “your niche+guest blogging”, replacing
“your niche” with your primary keyword. You can also search using
the following queries:
[site:blogdomain.com] guest post
You can also contact the administrators of blogs you frequently
visit and ask them if they accept guest bloggers.
Page 48 | www.hugeprestige.com
Make sure that you become familiar with the blogs content and
writing style so that you can retain consistency when submitting
your own guest posts.
Administrators are far more likely to accept your contributions if
they match the existing content and quality of their website.
Page 49 | www.hugeprestige.com
Offer “Subscriber Only” Discounts
One great way of boosting list activity and motivating visitors into
becoming subscribers is by offering “subscriber only” bonuses,
discounts or coupons on paid products and services.
People are always interested in getting a deal and by offering price
reductions on popular products and services, you’ll be able to
entice visitors into subscribing to your list.
Furthermore, you’ll maximize your income by increasing your
chances that these subscribers will purchase your products. After
all, they are joining just to get the coupon or discount!
YouTube Videos
For this method, you’re basically creating a little video in which you
cover a certain topic related to your niche and posting a link back
to your site/squeeze page in the description. Again, it doesn’t have
to be anything super extensive, just give a decent amount of info
on something in your niche that will leave the viewer wanting more!
Page 50 | www.hugeprestige.com
Making Money From Your List
Even though this isn’t the main focus of this guide, I wanted to
leave you with some ideas of how to make money off your newly
built up list. Below are some of my favorite ways of profiting from a
list built using free traffic methods
Page 51 | www.hugeprestige.com
Selling Solo Ads
Again as a recap, selling solo ads involves you selling your traffic
to someone else, effectively “selling” or “renting” your subscribers
out to another person. Someone pays you to send an email to your
list with a link to their page or product. This a great, guaranteed
way of generating revenue from your list. There will always be
people willing to buy fresh new leads to their page or product in the
hopes of making money or gaining new subscribers.
It’s really easy to get started selling solos. Again my recommended
method of selling solos involves facebook groups. Of course there
are other websites that you can try to sell solos on such as the
warrior forum. But personally facebook is the easiest method for
Start by doing a facebook search for solo ad groups. Join as many
groups related to solos as possible. Once you’re accepted to a
bunch, you can start posting to these groups a message like:
“ I have an opening for 50 200
clicks that can start immediately.
Minimum 75% T1 and overdelivery
Check my testimonials here: LINK TO TESTIMONIALS
First come first serve. PM me for discount prices! “
Since you’re new to sellings solos, and you don’t have any solo
testimonials yet, you might want to mention that you’re new to
selling solos, looking for testimonials, and willing to offer a big
Page 52 | www.hugeprestige.com
discount for people that go with your ads. This is just a temporary
thing for until you get a few testimonials so that you look somewhat
You may also eventually want to create a sales page to direct
potential customers to. You can see my sales page here:
In general your sales page should be as simple as possible. Don’t
try to distract them with other products/blogs/ads on your solo ad
sales page. My sales page follows this format:
Again, keep it short, simple, and straight to the point!
Getting started is definitely the hardest part, but once you get
enough testimonials and clients, people will start coming to you as
you become more and more of a known seller. Remember though
the key is to be consistent! Don’t get discouraged in the beginning
if you’re getting new customers left and right. It will come with time.
When you get your first customers, DON’T just send their link in an
email to your list. What you should do is create a “Solo Ads” rotator
Page 53 | www.hugeprestige.com
and add their link to the rotator. Then, take the rotator link and put
that in the email to your list. Do the same for any other links your
customers give you. This way you prevent any wastage!
Page 54 | www.hugeprestige.com
Selling Funnel Clicks
Very similar to selling Solo Ads, this method is essentially selling
clicks from people that click on your “bonus” links on your thank
you pages. You can follow the same method as above for solos.
Just search for funnel click groups on facebook and post a similar
message as your solo ads post. Since you already setup your
rotator for your thank you page earlier, you can just add your
customers URLs to that rotator without ever touching your thank
you page. Simple isn’t it!
Page 55 | www.hugeprestige.com
Sending traffic to affiliate offers
The hallmark money making method for tons of internet marketers
is to direct their list to affiliate offers. What is an affiliate offer? An
affiliate offer is simply one in which when the customer buys it, the
referrer ( The person that sent the customer to the offer ) gets a
There are plenty of websites to get affiliate offers to send. I
generally stick to the well known sites, like warriorplus and
clickbank . Once you sign up for a particular site, you usually need
to request permission to sell a product by becoming an affiliate for
that product. Once you become an approved affiliate for a
particular product, you’ll get an affiliate link. This link is important! If
someone from your list buys an affiliate product after you directed
them to it, your affiliate link allows the product creator to know that
YOU sent that buyer.
An example affiliate link from warriorplus.com:
Page 56 | www.hugeprestige.com
All you need to do is send an email to your list ( with a nice,
enticing email that make them want to buy the product! ) with your
affiliate link. If anyone from your list buys that product after clicking
your link, you’ll get paid a commission!
Page 57 | www.hugeprestige.com
Final Words
After reading this report, your head should be full of ideas. Do
yourself a favor and write them all down while they’re still fresh.
Then simply take action and begin to implement.
There’s no good reason why you can’t do something big this year,
whether it’s with list building or another field where you feel you
can do something great.
Make big goals, follow your instinct, and let your purpose motivate
You may be amazed at what happens next!
If you ever have questions about where to go next or how to
properly implement one of your ideas, feel free to drop a line at
phil@hugeprestige.com or check out www.hugeprestige.com for
tips on how to take your business to the next level 🙂
Page 58 | www.hugeprestige.com

Easy Way To Flipping Domain Names

Easy Way To Flipping Domain Names
The Easy Way To Flipping Domain Names
Published by http://RebirthMediaGroup.com
Disclaimer: The rights of this ebook are owned by Rebirth Media Group. You are not allowed to copy, reprint, or sell this ebook. Violation of this will result in a copyright complaint being filed with Google against your website, as well as a civil court filing based on theft of copyrighted material. You are allowed to distribute this ebook in its entirety for free to others.
If you want to buy domain names at GoDaddy you can get .com domains for $.99 each or if you need hosting you can get a $3 per month plan with Hostgator. Click the below promotional links for the discount to be applied so you can and save. Also, if you need to find some great keyword domain ideas, eons of domains is the way to go!
.99 .com’s : http://rebirthmediagroup.com/godaddy99
$3 Hosting: http://rebirthmediagroup.com/hostgator3dollars
Keyword Domain Name Ideas: http://eonsofdomains.com
One of the easiest ways to make money online is by buying something for a low price and selling it for a higher price. It is even better when you don’t need to pickup or ship a product. Today we are going to talk about how to make money online by flipping domain names and how we personally have made tens of thousands of dollars in the past year doing this.
There are many places and ways you can purchase domain names. You can purchase unregistered ones through sites like Godaddy. There are forums where people will gladly try to sell you their domain name (usually though the domains being sold in forums are either crap or the asking price is so high it does not allow you any room to flip the domain). One of our favorite ways of obtaining domain names, is through an online auction at Namejet. Let’s first talk about Namejet and then we’ll talk about how we personally ring the register by flipping domains.
Namejet is a domain clearing house (at least that is our term for it). What happens is that people let their domain names expire every day. Some people just don’t need their domain anymore or some people forget to renew it, some people die, there can be hundreds of reasons why a domain will not be renewed. What the domain registrars want to do is cash in on the domain that someone forgot to renew, so they offer that domain to Namejet to auction it to the general public.
Think of it like a storage unit, someone doesn’t make their payment and the storage company hires an auctioneer to come and auction the storage unit to the general public. Namejet is doing this but for domain names. The bid for each domain starts at $69. What I LOVE about Namejet is the process… they let you search through the domains that are coming up for auction 30 days in advance. Whoever places a $69 bid on a domain will be entered into an auction when the 30 days runs out with everyone else who placed a bid. If you are the only bidder than you get the domain for $69. If there are 10 other bidders than there is a closed auction, meaning only you 10 guys can bid now against each other in a 3 day auction with the highest bidder taking the domain when the clock strikes zero. We love this because let’s say there is a great domain and it flies under the radar. If it goes to auction with only 3 or 5
or 7 bidders our chances of winning this domain at a very low price are great. We’ve won domains for $100 which we were able to flip for $2,000.
We won a domain for $2,500 which we flipped within 4 months for $7,500. We won a domain for $1,000 which we’ve turned down $5,000 offers on because we thought that we could get $10,000 for it. The key is to not overpay in order to leave yourself plenty of room to turn a profit when you flip the domain.
The first thing you need to do is signup at Namejet.com in order to get your account (signup is free). You can then use their search functionality to sort through all the upcoming domains for auction. Place bids for $69 on the ones you want to go to auction for. If you bid on 100 different domains for $69 each, and there is 50 bidders for each auction you need to understand you aren’t going to owe any money, you are not committing $6,900 to Namejet.
By entering that $69 you are getting an entry into the live bidding when the 30 days expire. Only if you are the ONLY bidder on a domain would you automatically win the domain and owe $69 to Namejet.
So what are some strategies to finding great domains to flip? Well, the first is to find quality domains. There are some sites that publish a daily list of good upcoming Namejet auctions like here: http://www.tld.org/tld-blog . This is an easy way without having to search to find some great upcoming auctions to bid on. If you have the time you can search Namejet yourself. The key to making money by flipping domains is to find domains that other people will want.
If the 30 day window period just started on a domain (for this example let’s say it was fastcars.com) you could use Google to search for ‘fast cars’ and ‘fastcars’ and see if you can find people who own sites that may be interested in this domain. Email them and ask them if they’d have an interest in purchasing the domain fastcars.com. If you get some bites you can then go and bid on the domain and if you win it you can flip it right away. Once you get some experience it will be easy for you to spot the domain names which you
can quickly and easily flip and you’ll also develop a good feel for what price you should pay to make yourself the amount of profit you want to make.
A rule of thumb that we follow is when we purchase a domain name we have to believe that we can flip it for a 100% profit. So if we spend $500 on a domain we need to feel like we can sell it for no less than $1,000. This way, even if we’re wrong in our estimation we still have some room to still turn a profit. And if worse case comes to worse case We’ve sold domains before for a $0 profit (it happens even to the best of us).
You have a domain name that you are either considering buying or placing a bid on, or you already bought the domain. You want to scout prospective buyers of this domain. What do you do? There are two approaches that everyone should take which are major, and then a whole bunch of minor ones that may work out once in a while. Let’s talk about these two major approaches. The first approach is to go to Google and type in your domain keyword. Meaning, if the domain we bought was BlueCars.com than We’d go to Google and search for the phrase – blue cars. See who the natural search engine results are. See who is paying to advertise for this keyword. You can either grab all those website URLs and check the Whois data to get the email address of the owner, or you can visit those sites and see if they have contact information. This first method provides you with some great potential leads. These are people who are either spending bucks to advertise for this term or people who have focused their SEO efforts on this term.
The second major method is to find out who owns all the other domain extensions for this term… meaning if we bought BlueCars.com than who owns the .net, and .org, and .eu, .es, .info, .tv, .mobi, etc… Because the .com domain is king, and if given the chance, most smart people would upgrade from a .net to the .com. By finding out who owns all these domains you’re getting another list of potential buyers. You should also consider who owns the hyphenated versions as well, i.e. blue-cars.com, blue-cars.net, etc… You can do this manually. You can use a site like LeadRefs.com to help you with this (they allow a few free searches per day and then they want you to subscribe). Or if
there’s any other good sites that do this out there you can use them too if you want to speed up the process.
Those are the two major approaches We’d recommend to you when looking to flip a domain name.
There are multiple minor ones which sometimes work to a lesser success rate. We’re not going to blab on about all these, the only one we will mention is take a look if any related domains sold recently. The historical domain sales site we like to use is http://www.dnsaleprice.com and in this example We’d type bluecar.com in there and see if any related sales are shown (it may show you something like fastbluecar.com or mybluecar.com or bluecars.com, etc….). If someone bought a related domain name then they may be interested in your domain. Get the whois of the domain that they bought and reach out to them to see if they are interested in purchasing your domain name.
We have already read your minds and we know we’re going to get emails asking about how to determine what to ask for your domain when you are selling it. We will write a part 3 about the negotiation process and who should make the first offer, how to determine what price to try to get, and how to know when you should take the money and run.
We did not touch on another method to buy domain names that can work well, but it runs hot and cold. That is by directly contacting domain name owners. Sometimes we’ll type a domain name into my browser and see what’s on the site. If the site is fully developed and looks like the owner put effort into it we usually don’t bother contacting that domain owner unless we really want the domain.
If we navigate to a URL and we see that there is nothing on the site or the site is a static one pager that looks like it originated in the mid 90′s we will give that domain owner a shout and see what‘s up. Sometimes the stars align and you will contact someone who has no use for the domain, they want to sell it, and you are the first one to ask them about it so you can negotiate a good deal. Other times (and this happens most of the time) you’ll contact a domain owner who has read articles about domain names that have sold for six or
seven figures and they have it in their head that their domain is worth that. Rarely is that true, but once someone has something in their head it can be hard to convince them otherwise. If you want to try you can find recent domain sales and show them what the current market rate is for a similar domain name. But some people you just can’t talk down.
You can also go to a domain name marketplace like Sedo.com, Afternic.com, or one of the other domain name marketplaces. There’s a bunch out there, Google is your friend if you want to find them all. And on the flipside, as a domain seller you can list your domains in these marketplaces in hopes of having a potential buyer locate your domain (most marketplaces will charge you a commission in the 10%-15% range if your domain name sells).
Almost forgot, there are also domain name brokers who will try to move your domain names for you (provided you have a domain name that is semi valuable). Our rule of thumb is to always try to sell the domain first on our own so that we don’t have to pay anyone a commission and we can maximize our profit. If we have no luck and we don’t want to spend the next 7 years trying to sell a domain than we’ll use marketplaces or domain brokers to try to sell it for us.
Moving on… pricing your domain.
You bought a domain name (let’s assume at an auction as mentioned in Part 1) and you want to flip the domain. Just like any business you need to price your goods. Think about what you paid for the domain name and what an acceptable profit would be for you. The less profit you are willing to take the quicker you will be able to potentially flip your domain name. Said another way, the more money you want to make on your domain the longer you may be sitting on that domain trying to find a buyer.
You need to determine what type of domain seller you are. If you’re a quick flipper then buying a domain for $100 and selling it for $250 is a good day for you. If you’re a value seller, you bought a domain for $100 and you think the value is $1,000 so you’re willing to part with it for $500. Or you’re a patient
profit maximize and you sit on the domain in the previous example until you found someone who would pay you $1,000 or more. It’s all about cash flow and profit in the domain flipping business. Those of you who have low cash flow will be quick flippers, while those who have stacks of money can afford to be more patient if you want. You need to come up with a plan and then stick to it. I’ve seen people who bought a domain for $XXX, sold it for $XXXX, were happy with their sale until a few months later they see that same domain sold for $XXXXX and then they get depressed. Why? As long as you are accomplishing the goal that you set out to accomplish don’t look back in regret. Maybe you can learn a thing or two for the future, but don’t hang your head.
What works for us? Ok, because you asked: What we usually do is look for quick flips on domains that we buy cheap that we don’t see a ton of value with. Why would we buy a domain if we don’t see a ton of value with it? Because you can’t always hit a home run so you should also look for the singles and doubles. If we buy a domain at Namejet for $69 or at GoDaddy for $50 we are happy if we can flip it quickly for a couple hundred if the opportunity presents itself (though we try to do quick flips and get as close to $1,000 as we can).
Now If we see value in a domain name (regardless of what we paid for it) We become a more patient seller and wait until we find a buyer who recognizes that value and is willing to pay us for it. The quick flips can add up and give us that cash flow that we need which allows us to be patient and sit on the higher quality domains waiting for that right offer to roll on in. Sometimes you will get stuck holding a domain longer than you anticipated and you will need to reevaluate and see if you still believe in the value you assigned to the domain or if you should lower your expectations in hopes of getting this asset off your balance sheet, moving it to your income statement and recognizing the sale on your cash flow statement.
How to craft emails to move your domains?
When it comes to sending out emails to people you found who may be interested in your domain name there is no magic bullet. Nobody has an email text that is guaranteed to sell your domain. It’s all about testing, tweaking, and revising. How we frame our email usually goes something like this: We’ll give them our name.
We’ll tell them the domain name that we own. We’ll let them know any special qualities of the domain and/or the reasoning why this domain makes sense for them. If we know the price we want, we’ll tell them the price, or if we want them to make an offer and we’ll then make an offer. And we’ll let them know we’re sending out a similar email to a few different parties who may have an interest in this domain. Putting it all together here’s how an email we send out might look:
Hi, my name is Jennifer. I own the domain fastcars.com and was contacting you today because I thought you may have an interest in acquiring this domain. FastCars.com was registered back in 1995 and this is the first time that I am offering the domain for sale. As the owner of FastCars.net I thought your business could benefit from owning FastCars.com. If you are interested in the domain name I am open to offers. I am sending out an email to other parties that I believe may be interested in this domain so my email to you is not exclusive and I’m looking to sell the domain on a first come first serve basis.
Thanks for your time,
Now you can applaud us or rip our email to shreds, but this is the type of email that works the best for us so we’re sticking to it. If the domain you are trying to sell is aged we find it is a good move to include that age in the email. Now while we have not owned FastCars.com since 1995 our wording can be
taken that way (which we don’t mind) because it will put some people into the mindset that there is a once in a 17 year opportunity which is a benefit to you.
We also tell them that we’re contacting other parties and our email to them is not exclusive because we want to apply a little pressure to them. Maybe they would have offered $1,000 and tried to low ball us and maybe they’ll come in with an offer more in tune with what we are looking for because they are afraid to miss out on the opportunity to own this 17 year old domain. After all, a domain name is not like a car, there are many of the same exact car so you can leave the dealership and come back another day if you want and still get that same model car even if someone bought the exact one you were looking at, but with a domain name each domain name is 100% unique and there’s no exact substitute for it. If you get someone to understand that then it can only help you in the negotiation process.
The only other thing we can think of is that we didn’t cover how to evaluate domain names and pick winners. This is a steep learning curve and the best way to describe it is that you need to get a feel for it. Sure, everyone can recognize those home run domains, but you are going to pay a pretty penny for them. The true skill comes in picking up those singles and doubles. And avoiding the strikeouts, doubles play balls, or getting benched.
That’s it, it’s really easy when you get the hang of the process. Hopefully you learned a thing or two on domain flipping. Good luck with the domaining.
About Us:
Our company is run by established internet marketers who has been earning six figures a year in internet marketing for the past 5+ years. We have a free to access site that discusses different internet marketing techniques, tactics, and methods as well as discussed other related topics such as SEO, CPA programs, software & tools to use, other ways of making money online (such as domain flipping), and many other useful information for anyone who wants to go kick their 9-5 job to the curb and work for yourself online.

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CPA List Cash Surge

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As always, the advice of a competent legal, tax, accounting or other
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CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
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CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Dear list builder,
First of all, we want to say a massive THANK YOU for buying this guide.
Our names are Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko…
We are really excited to spend the next couple of hours with you to take you
through our latest discoveries in list building.
We will show you a really cool way to build your list at either very little cost
or (after some tweaking) even while making money.
WARNING: The stuff we are going to show you is EXPLOSIVE.
It is not common knowledge, it is not some rehashed garbage, it’s stuff that
works today, in February 2015.
That’s why we are really excited to be sharing my information with you,
because we know that if you take action and implement this you will find the
course useful, concise, and easy to follow.
A bit about us…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko: “I first started dabbling online around 2006, and bought a
couple of information products explaining how to do Pay-Per-Click
advertising. I picked a dog training product on Clickbank, drove about $150
dollars’ worth of traffic to it and made one sale with a commission of
something like $25.
Was it a failure?
Possibly, but it also proved to me that people buy stuff online and there is
money to be made.
Since then, I tried a few different models… I built eBay mini-sites and did quite
well off them. But just as things were getting good, Google de-indexed all of
my sites.
I also tried creating tiny laser-sharp product review mini-blogs. Again, they
did very well, but due to Google changes they kept getting deindexed or just
dropped off the first page of Google for no reason.
It was crazy – I never felt like I was in control of my business or my income.
I needed to find a way to be able to predict my income with certainty…
That’s when I found list building.
Since 2013, I have been working with list building. And I have to say – this type
of business has been the most successful form of online business that I have
had so far.
The benefits are numerous:
 You have direct access to your list, and you don’t depend on Google for
 You are in control of your traffic and therefore in control of your income
 You can send an email and you can be pretty certain how many clicks
your email will get
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 If you have a list and a monetization system in place, then all YOU have
to worry about is driving more traffic into your funnel. The system will
do the rest
 If you can grow your list, you can grow your income – there is no need to
have a pretty website or to continue posting content on your site
Since 2013, I have built a huge email list in a couple of niches.
I sell solo ads. My list I growing by hundreds every single day, and it’s like a
massive snowball – the bigger my list is getting, the faster is growing.
That’s why, if you don’t yet have a list – I highly recommend you start building
one TODAY!”
Stefan Ciancio: “I got started online selling physical products. Nothing
glamorous- I was a reseller for products I found for cheap prices at garage
sales and thrift shops. Not that I didn’t love haggling with soccer moms to sell
their sons old video games for big profits, but I felt like maybe I was onto
something with the whole make money online thing.
I took to e-book publishing on Kindle, which was amazing to me, because the
selling of digital goods meant no storing of inventory and instant shipping.
How awesome is that?
Soon, I discovered the wonders of building lists. The true power of a list is
incomparable, especially when you’re free from Google changing one little
thing and you losing your business overnight.
I now love list building and email marketing. I market to a couple of different
lists on a daily basis. I also have released numerous products on the topics of
list building and email marketing.
As Greg mentioned above, we really recommend you build a list!”
How did we get into CPA?
We both have grown huge email lists over the past 6-8 months.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
We used to use “Clickbanking” (and still do some of it), which basically
involves swapping traffic with others (and is a whole different story to what
we are going to show here).
However, Clickbanking is quite time consuming. Once you have sent someone
100 clicks, you often have to wait for 2, 3 or 4 weeks for them to return your
traffic. And sometimes partners completely disappear to never be heard from
So we started looking for better ways to make money with our lists.
That’s how we got into CPA – we get paid straight away, and if we choose to
utilize paid traffic to grow our lists, we can simply reinvest the money we
make into more traffic.
No dealing with Clickbanking partners…
No time wasted waiting for them to return your traffic…
You get cash into your account, and do whatever you want with it.
So we now want to share our learnings with you.
So please read the material carefully, absorb it all, follow the “assignments” at
the end of each chapter and get ready to build a MASSIVE LIST!
Your assignment from “Preface”:
 Grab a beer (wine, coffee, or whatever your prefer)
If you are worried about whether it’s going to work for you or not, then
remember this:
The only sure-fire way to FAIL is to take no action
Without any further delay, let’s get into the details!
To your success,
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Disclaimer and Terms of Use ……………………………………………………………………………………… 2
Preface: Welcome! ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 4
A bit about us… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 4
How did we get into CPA? ………………………………………………………………………………………. 6
Your assignment from “Preface”: ………………………………………………………………………….. 7
Lastly… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 7
MODULE 1: Outline Of The Model ………………………………………………………………………….. 13
Objective ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 13
How it will work …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 13
Some high level calculations ……………………………………………………………………………….. 14
Your assignment from “Module 1”: ……………………………………………………………………. 17
MODULE 2: What you need to get started …………………………………………………………….. 18
Domain and Hosting ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 18
Autoresponder ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 19
Done For You Templates………………………………………………………………………………………. 20
Your assignment from “Module 2”: ……………………………………………………………………. 20
Cash Network …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 21
Clicksure ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 21
Clickbank …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 22
Your assignment from “Module 3”: ……………………………………………………………………. 22
MODULE 4: Create Your Optin Gift …………………………………………………………………………. 23
But what will people think about my report?.. ………………………………………………… 23
OK, so what do I put in there? (the hard way) …………………………………………………. 24
And now – the easy way ……………………………………………………………………………………….. 25
Your assignment from “Module 4”: ……………………………………………………………………. 26
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
MODULE 5: Your Squeeze Page ………………………………………………………………………………. 27
How to make a squeeze page ………………………………………………………………………………. 27
What to include ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 28
Technical setup ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 28
What to do with this code now… ………………………………………………………………………… 34
Your assignment from “Module 5”: ……………………………………………………………………. 36
MODULE 6: Your Thank You Page ………………………………………………………………………….. 37
Done For You Thank You page ……………………………………………………………………………. 38
Another alternative Thank You page layout ……………………………………………………. 38
Where should the links point? …………………………………………………………………………….. 39
Your assignment from “Module 6”: ……………………………………………………………………. 39
MODULE 7: Follow Up Message In The Autoresponder …………………………………….. 40
Let’s get started – first message………………………………………………………………………….. 41
Your assignment from “Module 7”: ……………………………………………………………………. 42
MODULE 8: Finding CPA Offers ………………………………………………………………………………. 43
Clicksure ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 43
CashNetwork…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 47
One more method… ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 50
What to do now… …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 51
What’s a good EPC …………………………………………………………………………………………………. 51
Your assignment from “Module 8”: ……………………………………………………………………. 51
MODULE 9: Clickbank Offers …………………………………………………………………………………… 52
What’s “overflow” traffic? ……………………………………………………………………………………. 52
How to find good Clickbank offers……………………………………………………………………… 52
Pick 1-2 good offers ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 55
Your assignment from “Module 9”: ……………………………………………………………………. 55
MODULE 10: Tracking ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 56
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Tools of trade ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 56
Rotators ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 56
What’s so cool about it? ………………………………………………………………………………………… 57
Let’s get the rotator going……………………………………………………………………………………. 57
How will the rotator work? …………………………………………………………………………………. 60
Conversion tracking ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 61
Tracking your funnel …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 62
How many clicks to send ……………………………………………………………………………………… 63
Link all of the funnel links to the rotator ………………………………………………………….. 64
Can I do this for free, without a rotator? …………………………………………………………… 65
Your assignment from “Module 11”: …………………………………………………………………. 65
MODULE 11: Free Traffic Methods …………………………………………………………………………. 66
Free Traffic – Guest Posts ……………………………………………………………………………………… 66
What to do if you run out of guest blogging sites ……………………………………………. 67
Kindle Books …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 67
MODULE 12: Buying Traffic …………………………………………………………………………………….. 69
Why Funnel Clicks? ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 69
Why do they convert better? ……………………………………………………………………………….. 70
Let me show you… …………………………………………………………………………………………………. 70
One more reason… ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 71
Select your provider ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 72
Let’s find a candidate …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 72
Contact the seller and buy ……………………………………………………………………………………. 74
Review your results ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 74
Your assignment from “Module 13”: …………………………………………………………………. 75
MODULE 13: How To Avoid Scammers …………………………………………………………………. 76
What to do ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 76
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
How to spot fake traffic that has been sent to you …………………………………………. 77
Your assignment from “Module 12”: …………………………………………………………………. 79
MODULE 14: Emailing Your List ……………………………………………………………………………… 80
What is broadcasting? …………………………………………………………………………………………… 80
How to structure your messages ………………………………………………………………………… 80
How will this work ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 81
What to write about in your broadcasts …………………………………………………………… 82
Automation ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 85
Your assignment from “Module 14”: …………………………………………………………………. 87
MODULE 15: The PROFITS Module ………………………………………………………………………… 88
Option 1: Automated Profits ……………………………………………………………………………….. 88
Option 2: Pay Per Lead offers ……………………………………………………………………………… 89
Option 3: Sell Solo Ads ………………………………………………………………………………………….. 90
Your assignment from “Module 15”: …………………………………………………………………. 90
Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 91
Recap ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 91
What’s next? ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 92
How to contact us…………………………………………………………………………………………………… 92
THANK YOU! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 92
Resources …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 93
The “Done For You” pack ……………………………………………………………………………………… 93
Essential! You Need Tracking Software ……………………………………………………………. 94
Want To Know More Tricks With This Mehod? ………………………………………………. 94
Need traffic fast? …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 94
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Welcome to Module 1!
In this module, we will get straight into the “meat” of the model so you can
start implementing this method as quickly as possible.
We will present you with “big picture” on how this will all work, before we
dive into the details of every step.
If anything sounds confusing, don’t worry: we will go through the details in
the later chapters. Also, don’t forget about our awesome Facebook group
where you can always ask for help.
With this method, our objective is to build an autopilot cash generating
We want to build a large list using the most hands-off techniques currently
known to man.
And we want to build a large list- our “magic” number is 5,000 subscribers.
Once you hit 5,000 subscribers, you can do a lot of very cool things with them
– but let’s not skip ahead of ourselves….
Don’t worry if this sounds like a large number – you can actually get there
pretty quickly, and we will show you exactly how.
Once you get your first 1,000 subscribers, things get much easier and quicker.
Once you hit 5,000 then you can get to 10,000 or even 20,000 fairly quickly.
It’s like a snowball – the more subscribers you have, the more money they will
generate for you and the quicker your business grows.
How it will work
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
We are going to be using something that has been working extremely well for
us recently – CPA.
In case you are not yet familiar with CPA – it stands for “Cost Per Action”. In its
basic form, CPA simply means you will get paid when the traffic you send to
the owner of the CPA program converts into a sale.
And we are going to be building our list using traffic from free and/or paid
sources, while monetizing our list and our traffic using CPA.
However – we will be doing it using a very specific, very precisely constructed
setup (called ‘funnel’) which will make us money while the traffic is flowing
through the system.
This is step by step how we will do this:
 Get traffic
 Give away a free gift in exchange for an email address
 After they opt in, we will use a special “formula” that will help us get
more than 1 click per subscriber to a number of different CPA offers
 They will go into our autoresponder
 We will continue marketing to these subscribers via emails
 We will show you a way to automate vast majority of this process
Some high level calculations
Just in case you’re a mathematical type… Then here is an overview of how the
system will flow:
 Let’s use 100 clicks as an example of how much traffic you will get
 100 clicks will come in
 You will set up a squeeze page and optimize it so that it converts at a
minimum of 50% (in fact you can get as high as 60-65%)
 100 clicks x 50% = 50 subscribers who join your list
 They will immediately be redirected to the Thank You page
 On the Thank You page, they will see four Bonus Links structured in a
very particular way
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 These bonus links will actually point to our CPA offers (explained in
detail in a later chapter)
 Our thank you page will be optimized until we get 1.5 clicks on average
per subscriber that joins our list
 So with the 50 subscribers, at 1.5 clicks per subscriber, it means we will
generate 75 clicks to the CPA offers.
 Once our subscribers sign up, they will be sent a message containing an
attachment with the free gift and 4 more links to more CPA offers
 With our current setup, 20% of the subscribers will also click those
links, so that’s another 50 x 20% = 10 clicks
 That brings the total clicks generated to CPA offers so far to 85
 You will then send broadcast emails to your subscribers, twice a day
(more on that later – and we will also show you how to automate the
message so you don’t have to log in and send them)
 Your minimum goal should be to generate 1% click through on each
email you send
 50 subscribers x 1% click through rate = 0.5 clicks per broadcast email,
twice a day, making it 1 click per day
 When you think of your funnel, the initial clicks you get are only the
beginning. Your ‘funnel’ actually also includes 30 days’ worth of
broadcast or follow up messages meaning another 30 clicks to the CPA
offers, or a total of 115 clicks (30 + 85).
 So here are the results:
o We brought in 100 clicks from our free source (or bought 100
o We have ended up with 50 subscribers
o We have also sent 115 clicks to our CPA offers
 The earnings per click you can see from the CPA offers is in the range of
$0.25 – $0.60 per click
 So these 115 clicks may generate you between $28.75 and $69 in
earnings throughout the life of the 30-day funnel. Of course there are no
guarantees we can give on your earnings – this is purely what has been
happening for us.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 If you use free traffic sources, then the whole amount of earnings is pure
 If you use paid traffic, we will show you how to get traffic for as little as
$0.30, so you can very easily end up in profit WHILE growing your list
 Don’t forget – all of this is happening while you’re also growing your list
 And you will still have your subscribers on your list after that 30 day
“funnel” has run its course
 So then you can cash our your earnings from the CPA program and
either reinvest into paid traffic and continue growing your list, or just
continue using the free methods that are working for you
LASTLY: We will also show you how you can place the whole thing ON
That’s right – you can use autoresponder to basically avoid sending any
messages manually. All you’ll have to do is just bring the traffic into the
squeeze page, and let the funnel do the work.
So we hope you can see just how powerful this strategy can be!
Plus… the results above are not unachievable. These are a pretty modest EPC
just because we don’t to hype up the expected results too much.
Here you can take a look at what a typical week looks like for us:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
In fact, it is entirely possible to get your squeeze page conversions even
higher, meaning your results will be even better.
You can literally explode your list building and your online business using
Your assignment from “Module 1”:
 Understand the model that we are going to use
 Move on to Module 2
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Here we will cover the basic setup that you will need to get started.
Domain and Hosting
If you are already have these, then you can skip this section.
Greg Kononenko:
I recommend you register both the domain and the hosting together. The
reason I recommend to do that together, is because you will generally get a
great deal – as you read my example below, you will see that you can save
around $10 immediately that way.
Your Domain is the web address, for example Google domain is
Hosting is a service that actually contains the information that your website
consists of. The website consists of folders and files, just like the files on your
The hosting company holds them for you, and makes them available to the
whole world to browse.
So if someone types in yourdomainname.com into their browser, they will see
your website – and your website will be shown to them by your hosting
You need hosting, there’s no way around it 🙂
I personally use Siteground – they are an absolutely awesome company, and
they are very cheap. I’ve been with other hosting companies (Hostgator and
NameCheap Hosting), but SiteGround are cheaper and their websites are
Get their cheapest package, it’s only $3.95 per month, and they will give you a
free domain.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
You can get creative with the domain names, but I recommend registering one
quickly so you don’t waste too much time.
You may come across some popular names that are taken, so just keep
searching till you find something that’s available.
Something like “listbuildingwithgreg.com” or “myonlinetips.com” will work
just fine.
Select the “.com” option – it’s the best and easiest to remember.
Follow the prompts to buy and pay for it.
Your account should get set up in 1-2 hours, you’ll get an email with advice.
The whole thing should only cost you $3.95 for the first month – hardly
Sign up page here (this is not an affiliate link).
In my view, there are only two real choices in the marketplace – Aweber.com
and GetResponse.com
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
They are the only two serious competitors, and I strongly urge you to have an
account with one of them.
While there are many other competing products out there (MailChimp and
others), these two are by far the best – they offer the highest % of emails
delivered, best functionality, good pricing, etc.
They have been in business for decades, and are not going away any time
soon, so you can easily trust them.
So I suggest you make a choice and register for one or the other – it doesn’t
really matter which one. Personally – I use Aweber today.
Done For You Templates
If you have not yet picked up our “DONE FOR YOU” templates, then you can do
so here.
The will help you get started as soon as possible and will be a great time saver.
Your assignment from “Module 2”:
 If you have Autoresponder, Domain and Hosting – no need to do
 If you don’t have them yet, register Domain and Hosting
 Sign up with Aweber or GetResponse
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok so let’s go ahead and register on all of the required networks. That way, if
you do this RIGHT NOW, you will probably be accepted very shortly after you
finish this report. Or possibly even while you’re still going through it.
Cash Network
Cash Network is one of our two favorite CPA sites.
They pay weekly, and we have never had any issues with receiving payments
from them. They have pretty helpful affiliate managers too who will answer all
your questions.
So head on over to CashNetwork and fill out the application form.
This is our other favorite network. They actually have many offers that have
been producing spectacular EPC’s. They are a little bit newer to us than Cash
Network, but we have been very happy with them so far.
They have a lot of what’s called “Binary” offers which normally pay a
commission of about $200 – $250 or even $300. Binary offers have to do with
trading foreign currency and options online.
However, we recommend you initially stay away from binary offers, simply
because yes they pay out a lot of money but they also convert at less than 1%.
You can make good money with them, however to truly test the offer you will
have to send 500-600 clicks to it, and that’s a lot of traffic for someone just
starting out.
As your list grows, 500 clicks will not be such a huge deal to you anymore so
you will be able to experiment with the higher end offers.
So you can head over to Clicksure and register as an Affiliate.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
You may be thinking… “What, Clickbank?? Isn’t Clickbank dead?”
No – it’s more alive than ever! In fact, it’s doing very very well for us, because
they have some really hot offers that convert EXTREMELY well for traffic that
is interested in making money online.
We will show you the exact best way to set up which traffic goes to your
Clickbank offers and which traffic we will send to CPA.
For now – please head over to Clickbank and register as an affiliate.
Your assignment from “Module 3”:
 Register at Cash Network
 Register at Clicksure
 Register at Clickbank
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The optin gift is a very simple report, which you can quickly create yourself in
30-60 minutes.
Alternatively, you can just buy it as PLR (Private Label Rights).
Since we will be working in the IM niche, here is a quick list of topics that will
always do quite well:
 How to make money with…
o … Affiliate marketing
o … Social Media
o … Fiverr
o … Facebook
o … YouTube
Most of the people on your list will be complete newbies, so you don’t want to
choose an advanced topic like “product creation”.
But what will people think about my report?..
Here is a little secret for you…
We have been closely tracking all of our stats, and here is what I have found.
You may be disappointed, but if we look at our history from the last couple of
weeks in the tracking software, only 14.74% of people who have joined our
list have actually clicked to download our report.
As you can see, I (Greg) have had a total of 1,302 subscribers join….
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
And only 192 actually downloaded the guide:
So that’s 14.74%.
And I bet only something like 2-3% will actually look at it.
So you don’t really have to worry about the content that much! Unfortunately
or fortunately, not many people will even look at it.
OK, so what do I put in there? (the hard way)
Well – now the weight is off your shoulders, right? Pretty much no one is
going to look at it, so it doesn’t matter what’s inside 
But – all jokes aside – you should be able to punch out a 2-3 page report one of
the topics suggested above in less than 30 minutes.
Just go to the Warrior Forum and read a few posts related to the topic.
As an example:
 Maybe you’ve chosen your topic to be “Fiverr”
 You can title your report “How to make $50 per day doing fun, simple
micro jobs”
 Then you would head over to Warrior Forum and search for “fiverr”
using advanced search
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
This is one of the results:
You can just go ahead and buy the report for $5, read it, and reword some
points from it into a 3-4-5 page guide.
DONE! You don’t need to make it any more complicated than this.
And now – the easy way
OK – we recommend you don’t waste your time and just buy a PLR report.
Save time and invest a few dollars to get started quickly.
Check out these 2 sites:
Browse to the internet marketing category, and check the license.
You need to have permission to “give away” the report for free.
That’s the easiest and quickest way.
Here is an example to a product that ticks the boxes:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Your assignment from “Module 4”:
 Buy a PLR Report
 If you don’t want to spend a few dollars, then just write a 2-3 page
report on one of the recommended topics
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Just in case you’re not familiar with a squeeze page – it’s a page whose sole
purpose is to capture the email address of the visitor.
This is what it may look like:
How to make a squeeze page
There are dozens of options for how to make a squeeze page…
There are lots of free options… For example, we have attached 5 HTML
templates which you can use as you like – you can edit them, change them in
any way using a program called “Kompozer”.
Alternatively, you can pick up our “Done For You” pack which already
contains a squeeze page.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The option that we are using ourselves are a paid WordPress plugin called
Epic Squeeze as well as LeadPages.
It takes us less than 5 minutes to set up a page that looks similar to the page
What to include
Squeeze pages are a whole science in itself. True masters of the art are able to
optimize and create squeeze pages with conversion rates of over 65%.
For our purposes, 40-45% is quite good. You can always tweak the squeeze
page down the road to increase the conversions.
Here are key elements:
 As little text as possible
 Try to make it sound exciting
 Don’t ask for the name (in my experience, you get higher conversions if
you only ask for the email)
 Put in 1-2 benefits of your free gift into the headline
The simpler – the better, this has been proven time and time again.
Technical setup
If you use our HTML templates, then you can follow the video instructions in
order to be able to integrate the squeeze pages with your Autoresponder.
If you decide to use Epic Squeeze, it comes with instructions on how to set it
up – just follow those.
Here are a few critical elements that we wanted to call out:
1) Make sure you turn off the “Confirmed Optin” or “Double Optin” in your
auto responder
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
In case you have not dealt with Confirmed Optin before – if you leave it ON,
then once your subscriber enters their email address, they will be presented
with a page that will advise them to go into their email and click a
confirmation link.
Then the autoresponder will send a confirmation email.
The subscriber will not be added to your list unless they click that link, and
you will lose as much as 50% of your potential subscribers if you leave
Confirmed Optin option as ON.
This is why it’s industry practice at the moment to turn the Confirmed Optin
option OFF.
Here is an example of how to do it in Aweber:
You can choose the “list” that you have created, then go into the List Settings:
Then choose the “Confirmed Optin” option:
… and then turn it OFF:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
2) After people opt in to your list, they need to be taken straight to your
Thank You page
Here is how you can do this in Aweber:
As you already know, to set up a squeeze page, you will need Aweber to
generate what’s called “sign up form”.
When you are creating the “sign up form”, here are the step by step
Create or choose the list that you would like to use for your campaign:
Then go into Sign Up Forms -> Create Sign Up Form:
Choose Design -> Popular
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Then choose “Basic”:
Remove name field:
In a similar way, remove Header, Footer, Privacy statement, and the Aweber
link until you only have the “Email” field left:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Click Go To Step 2:
Give your form a name, any name, and also choose the “Custom Page” for your
Thank You page:
Then in the Custom Page field, enter your squeeze page URL:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Do the same for your Already Subscribed page:
Go to Step 3 and choose the option “I Will Install My Form”:
IMPORTANT: Then choose “Raw HTML”, and make sure you untick the
“Include beautiful form styles” option:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
What to do with this code now…
Ok – now you have set up Aweber so that your subscribers will be added to
your list immediately, without confirmation.
You also now have your code in such a way that the Squeeze Page will redirect
straight to your Thank You page with the Clickbanking partner links after
someone enters their email.
Same thing will happen if they enter their email and someone is already on the
list – they will still go to your Thank You page with the Clickbanking links.
So now you can do one of the two things:
 Use our HTML template pack and follow the video instructions in the
pack – it will show you exactly what to do with that code and how to set
up the templates
 If you decide to invest into Epic Squeeze, then you also just need to
follow the video instructions that come with Epic Squeeze, they are very
easy to understand
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
One thing we wanted to highlight about Epic Squeeze which confused us a bit
initially, is this:
Under Autoresponder, you should choose “Other”, even though there is
“Aweber” option. I’m not sure why, “Aweber” option just didn’t work for us.
Then you should paste the code from the previous step into the box.
And enter the URL of your Thank You page into the third box.
It’s all shown here in a screenshot:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Your assignment from “Module 5”:
 Set up a squeeze page
 Ensure your autoresponder Confirmed Optin is set to OFF
 Test your squeeze page with your email to make sure everything is
working as it should
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Alright, so this is the most important page after your squeeze page.
This page will take one subscriber who opts into our page and turn that
subscriber into 1.2 – 1.3 or even 1.5 clicks to our CPA offers.
As you know, we have been using a pretty specific page for a while, and here is
exactly what it looks like. It’s remained unchanged for a few months and is
still working really well.
What will happen is that people who opt in to your list will see this page as
soon as they enter their email and hit “submit” on the squeeze page.
These people are excited because they have just got something for free. Now
they will see some bonus guides, and they will be very keen to get their hands
on more material.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Each of these links will go to a rotator and that rotator will send the clicks to
the CPA offers, and we will explain exactly how it works in the later chapters.
The main thing you need to remember right now – the above layout works just
Don’t be alarmed by the fact that it looks really basic, or “too simple”. It works
– and that’s all that matters.
NOTE: We are giving you Greg’s actual current page in the example above.
Please DO NOT copy it. Change a few things – like layout, design, fonts,
colours, wording.
This ebook is likely to sell well over 500 copies, so if everyone starts doing the
exact same thing – everyone will lose.
We will all be sharing many of the same visitors, and it won’t be good if their
visitors see the thank you page, then go to another person’s page and see the
exact same thing.
Done For You Thank You page
If you would like to get an HTML template of the Thank You page in the
required format, you can grab our “done for you” pack.
Another alternative Thank You page layout
Our good friend and brilliant solo ad coach Scott Price has recently released a
WSO which was awarded “WSO Of The Day” award on Warrior Plus.
Scott has built lists well into tens of thousands of subscribers, and is an
absolute gun when it comes to building lists.
He has let us mention his product here and tell you about the Thank You page
layout that he’s currently using. He has built this page using “LeadPages”.
This is what his Thank You page currently looks like and you can build it using
Lead Pages in 2 minutes:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Either layout will work, but if you don’t want to muck around with HTML,
then grab LeadPages (LINK) and grab Scott’s guide (LINK) and you’ll be up
and running in a matter of minutes.
Where should the links point?
In one of the later chapters we will explain how to set up your CPA offer
rotator in the best possible way.
For now, just set up this page without the Hyperlinks. You will add the
hyperlinks later, when we go through the instructions in detail.
IMPORTANT: if you end up using WordPress to do the Thank You page, make
sure you don’t have sidebars or header so that people don’t get distracted. We
want them to click the links and not to end up browsing your site.
Your assignment from “Module 6”:
 Set up your Thank You page. You can use one of the HTML templates we
include, or create your own, or use WordPress
 Make sure each of the link descriptions are exciting, yet generic enough
to work for pretty much any kind of offer
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
We like to keep things simple… That means automation.
You’ll remember from the 1st module that we need to have 30 days’ worth of
follow up emails, twice a day. That means 60 emails (also called ‘swipes’).
Ok… who wants to write 60 emails before you get started????
Yeah I know… It’s an absolute nightmare!
That’s why we’ve got an “easy way out” for you:
So here is our plan for those who are brand new to this:
 Set up just one immediate auto responder
 Log in to your autoresponder once a day and write 2 emails (We’ll show
you how to write them)
 Each email will link to the same CPA rotator (more detail in a future
 Schedule them as “broadcasts” to go at 7am and 7pm
 Repeat the process for 30 days
 By the end of this 30 day period, you will have 60 emails
 Then just take these emails and put them all into your autoresponder
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 Schedule them to go 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm based on local time of each
 Now you have 30 days’ of automated messages
 Then just take the same swipes (emails) and copy them to create a new
30 day cycle. Continue doing this until you’ve got several months’ worth
of follow ups
That’s exactly how it works – everything will be completely automated.
We will go through this in more detail in the “Broadcasting” module.
Let’s get started – first message
The very first message is going to be a very simple message that just thanks
people, gives them the PDF report as an attachment, and also contains a
couple more links, leading to the CPA Rotator.
Make sure you attach the PDF (and not link to it) – we will explain why in the
Module on “Broadcasting”.
You need to set this message to go out immediately after the person opts in.
Here is an exact copy of the email message Greg currently uses:
Thanks – Here Is Your Guide
Thanks for your interest in “Cash Getting Tricks” – your report is attached to
this email.
Here is how to get started FAST:
Step 1:
>> Grab this bonus (expiring in 2 hours)
Step 2:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
>> Easy newbie profits guide
Step 3:
>> Read the testimonials
Enjoy the read and speak soon!
To Your Success,
As you can see, it is all very simple.
The links starting with >> need to point to the CPA rotator, and we’ll go
through that in a later section.
Your assignment from “Module 7”:
 Write up a “Welcome” message
 Use “Thanks” in the subject line
 Schedule for it to go out “immediately” in your autoresponder, so your
subscriber gets it straight away
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The first network we will go over is Clicksure.
You should have already registered at Clicksure when you were reading the
beginning of this guide. If not – then please register as Clicksure Affiliate now.
Clicksure is a great CPA platform. However, they seem to specialize in “binary”
offers (we went over that at the start of the guide).
So when you’re just starting out, we recommend you look for Clicksure offers
which are not “binary” – and they are easy to tell, you just need to look for a
payout that’s under $200.
What’s good about Clicksure is that they put their best converting offers on
the front page of the log in area:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So now you can just click on each one of them and view the affiliate
In the example above, we clicked on “Verified Trader” and here is what we
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
It actually says that this is a “binary” offer and pays $250.
Looks great, but if you’re new, you might want to skip it, because in our
experience, you may get a conversion on your first 10-20 clicks, but you may
also need to send 300-400 clicks to this one to get a conversion. And it may be
very daunting for you to send so much traffic and see $0 commissions.
So let’s move on to the next one…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
This is what it looks like:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok looks like we’ve found a good offer – pays $120 commission when
someone buys the main product for $49.
This is really good.
Make note of this one.
So then just follow same steps and pick 2-3 offers that fit the above criteria
and are non-binary.
We love Cash Network.
They have MANY offers and they have a great variety of non-binary offers as
Here is how to find good offers…
Once you’re inside the account, click on the “News” section:
That will bring up the following page:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So now you just need to decide which ones out of the top EPC offers you want
to promote.
Go to campaigns…
… and in the window that comes up, start typing the offer number, say “1129”:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The predictive search will bring up the name, as soon as that happens – hit
The offer window will come up:
From here, you can go to “links + creatives” and preview the offer details, their
sales page, and in general what the offer is about.
We LOVE to promote “trials”. The reason is simple – they convert really well.
There are some offers that are requiring the subscriber to pay $5, $7 or $9 as a
trial, however you get the full CPA commission of $30 or $40 or more.
That’s because their sales funnel is so well perfected, that they know they will
make much more from each client in the future.
So to take advantage of the “trials”, simply start typing “trial” into the search
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So from there you will need to scroll through and take note of several offers
that relate to “make money online” niche, such as “earn at home club trial”…
Look at this – beautiful!! $4.97 trial and we get paid $37.
Do you think some people are willing to spend $4.97?
Hell yeah!   And we get the full fat $37 commission.
One more method…
Ok so this method works on both Clicksure and CashNetwork.
Make sure you keep an eye out for emails from both Clicksure and
CashNetwork. Every couple of days, they will send you emails with some “hot”
high converting offers. You want to take note of those, because they will also
give you an indication of EPC’s that they themselves are getting with those
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
What to do now…
Out of the offers you’ve looked at – pick 2-3 from Clicksure and 2-3 from
Get the affiliate links for each of them and store them somewhere handy. We
will soon set the up on the rotator.
What’s a good EPC
With these offers, essentially it all comes down to how much per click you can
We would say that anywhere from $0.30 is pretty good. $0.30 will mean that
you are very close to breakeven over 30 days, even if you’re buying traffic
(depending on your squeeze conversions).
However, many offers for us are currently doing $0.40 and over, which means
that we are able to get into profit by the end of the 30 day funnel.
Which means that after 30 days, we have subscribers on our list, and we have
made some money, even when using paid traffic.
Your assignment from “Module 8”:
 Find 4-5 total “non-binary” offers from Clicksure and CashNetwork
 Get the affiliate links
 Store them in a safe spot
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
“You’ve gotta be kidding me, Clickbank????”
But yeah, funnily enough, Clickbank is still very much alive and kicking some
serious ass for us.
The reason for that is pretty simple – we look for high paying offers, and send
all “overflow” traffic to those offers.
What’s “overflow” traffic?
You may have already noticed that most of the “CPA” offers have a note on
they saying that they only accept “US / CA / GB / AU / NZ” traffic.
Those signs stand for United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New
These 5 countries are known as “Tier 1” countries (abbreviated T1). T1
countries are the countries where there seems to be the highest number of
people who are willing to spend money online.
So a visitor from a T1 country is worth more, on average, than a visitor from a
non-T1 country, because givens same number of targeted traffic, T1 country
visitors will always buy more stuff.
So what we have found works really well for us is to send T1 country visitors
to the CPA offers, and any non-T1 traffic to Clickbank offers.
For some reason Clickbank offers sell pretty well to non-T1 audience. And
Clickbank offers don’t discriminate – they will pay you commissions
regardless of where the clicks came from.
And the rotator will help us split off non-T1 traffic really easily – the details
are in the following chapters.
How to find good Clickbank offers
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
First you’ll want to go into Clickbank marketplace:
Then on the left hand side you’ll want to click the “e-business and emarketing”
… and the sort the results by Gravity:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
If you’re not sure what Gravity is – basically just tells you how many people
have promoted this product and made a commission in the past 8 weeks.
So here you’ll be able to see that Google Sniper currently has Gravity of 341
which means that in the past 8 weeks 341 affiliates have made commissions
selling this product.
And of course they wouldn’t be promoting it if they weren’t making money
with it.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Pick 1-2 good offers
What you’ll want to do is skip through maybe 5-10 products, look at their
sales pages, and pick 1-2 products that will appeal to most people: those that
have a great sales page, decent Gravity (say over 50), and when you are
reading that sales page actually make you want to buy the product.
Once you’ve done that, grab the affiliate link and store it in a safe place
somewhere, we will use it soon.
Your assignment from “Module 9”:
 Find 1-2 good offers on Clickbank
 Make sure that their sales pages actually strike a psychological chord
with you and make you want to hit the “buy button”
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
This is a numbers business, which means that you NEED to track everything:
your incoming clicks, the quality of the incoming clicks, outgoing clicks and
quality, as well as how many people click each of your links etc.
Tools of trade
We personally are using a tracking tool called ClickMagick.
It really is an awesome tool which lets us do every single thing we need, and
still has power to do stuff we don’t really need right now.
So a truly, truly powerful package – and it’s only $17 a month.
There are competing packages like QCC (Quality Click Control) which are a
one-time fee, but the cost is $279 at the time of writing.
It’s up to you and how serious you are about this business. If you would rather
pay a one-time fee and NEVER have to pay a monthly fee again, then QCC is
also very good and you can use it.
But… It’s a lot of money to pay in one hit, where as $17 a month for
ClickMagick is much more palatable.
(It does go up in price after you hit over 10,000 clicks per month, but to be
honest if that happens then you will be making more than enough to pay for
that increase. Plus you can always switch to a different tool after you do 10k+
clicks a month).
ClickMagick comes with a ton of instructional videos, and they do a much
better job explaining how to set it all up than me.
So what we will do is go through the critical things for you to know and a few
examples – and you can learn the details from ClickMagick training videos.
The feature of ClickMagick that you will use to send the clicks out to your CPA
offers is called “Rotators”.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
A rotator is a really useful feature. Here is what it can do for you.
By now you should have found 4-5 great CPA offers.
You have got the links for them as well. You can add all these tracking links
into the Rotator. You can specify, for each link in the rotator, what % T1 traffic
to send to that link, and how many clicks to send.
The rotator will then produce a URL for you.
All you need to worry about from now on is just sending traffic to that one
Remember all those places where we said we would insert links to the
 4 bonus spots on our thank you page
 Welcome email
 The follow up emails
… all of these places will actually be sending links to this one rotator.
What’s so cool about it?
Well – if you ever want to change what offers you promote, you don’t ever
have to change your funnel.
All you will have to do is go inside the rotator and put a new offer in. That’s it,
easy as that. So your whole funnel, once set up, will never have to be changed.
Let’s get the rotator going….
There are a few different types of Rotators you can set up, we recommend
using “Spillover” – because it will help you “prioritize” the first offer in the list,
while at the same time maximizing your click power.
Here is what we mean by that:
Let’s say you have Offer 1, Offer 2, Offer 3, Offer 4, Offer 5.
You will set them up in the rotator as follows…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
And enter these details:
You will give it a name (CPA Rotator or anything else you want). Enter the
“link” – we have used “cpa1”.
Use the “Spillover” option.
And enter your Clickbank offer affiliate link into the Backup URL.
What this will do, is if one of the clicks the rotator receives doesn’t “fit” the
criteria, for example, it’s a non-T1 click, then that click will go to a Backup URL
(in our case, the Clickbank link).
Then you will need to enter your 4-5 CPA offers as follows…
Click the little dropdown arrow…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
And choose “add URL”:
… and then enter the URL from Clicksure or Cashnetwork here:
Set T1 to 100%.
Repeat that until you have all 4-5 offers in:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Then you can grab the rotator URL from here…
Click once on the rotator name:
It will give you the Rotator Link:
Now all you need to do is insert this rotator link into all of the places we’ve
covered before:
 Thank you page
 Welcome email
 All broadcast / follow up emails
How will the rotator work?
Here is how the rotator will manage these clicks in the best possible way:
 It will start from the first CPA offer you have entered – the one
appearing at the very top
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 If the same user (based on a cookie) clicks on another link in your
funnel, then they will see the second CPA offer. If they click again, they’ll
see the 3rd CPA offer etc.
 As an example, that same user may have clicked on Bonus Link 1 on
your Thank You page, and then clicked on Bonus Link 2, and then maybe
they might click on a link in your welcome email.
 That would mean that perhaps they didn’t take action on the first CPA
offer – and we are putting more offers in front of them – increasing the
chances that they’ll actually see something they like and end up buying.
 NOTE: Don’t forget to enter the Clickbank offer URL in the rotator as the
“backup” URL –so you don’t waste any clicks that potentially don’t fit
into any of the URLs that are above it (for example non-T1 clicks).
This is how you can leverage the clicks in the best possible way, because some
of your subscribers will clicks on multiple clicks of yours.
ClickMagick stores a cookie on their computer, and will keep sending them to
a different offer every time. At the same time, it will try to fill your first CPA
offer, so that you can actually get a good number of clicks to that offer quickly.
Conversion tracking
We also strongly recommend you use tracking to see the % conversion for
your squeeze page.
Here is how to do it – luckily it’s very simple.
Under any of your links, click this button
You will get this code:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Enter this code into your “thank you” page code – anywhere within the “body”
There are lots of instructions on the ClickMagick site on exactly how to do it
for HTML pages as well as for WordPress sites, so I won’t bore you with the
detail here.
We just want to stress that it’s important to do this, because you will need to
know exactly what your squeeze page conversion is.
Tracking your funnel
The other elements that we STRONGLY urge you to track is the elements in
your set up – the Thank You pages, Welcome email links etc.
You can use a ClickMagick feature called “Links”
Create a separate link for the bonus links on your Thank You page – Bonus
Link 1, Bonus Link 2, Bonus Link 3 etc… And a separate “link” for each of the
links in your first welcome email.
You can see how we’ve done it here, here I can see how many times each of
the links on my Thank You page has been clicked:
And this is how we’ve set up each individual link:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So when a user clicks the “bonus” link, the link will redirect them to the
Rotator URL and they will just go to whichever partner it’s supposed to go to.
What we get out of doing it through the tracking link is that we can actually
see how many people have clicked each link.
If we connected each “bonus” on my Thank You page straight to the rotator, it
would have redirected them to the Clickbanking partners too, but we wouldn’t
be able to tell how many people have clicked each individual link.
NOTE: you don’t need to set up this sort of tracking for your broadcast and
follow up emails apart from the very first immediate email. The reason we
want to track the very first email is because it’s where the large % of your
email clicks will come from, so we definitely want to track that.
Your additional emails can simply point straight to the rotator – Aweber will
tell you how many clicks each of them generates, so no need to track them
through Clickmagick.
How many clicks to send
We would recommend to start out by sending 200 – 250 clicks to each CPA
offer before declaring it a winner or a loser.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
If you haven’t had a conversion after 250 clicks on a $60 offer, then probably
it’s not going to convert very well.
Remember that after you’ve sent 200-250 click to each offer, you need to log
in to your Clicksure or Cash Network account and check your EPC.
As we discussed in one of the earlier chapters, your goal is to get over $0.30
Discard the offers that gave you a lower EPC after 250 clicks, and test out
some new ones.
Those offers that give you the highest EPC – place them as #1 into your
That way you will maximize your earnings – remember that the Spillover
rotator will give priority to the #1 link in the rotator (which should be the
highest paying offer, until you’ve found another one that pays even higher).
Link all of the funnel links to the rotator
Now that you have your rotator set up, you should go back into your Thank
You page, and link each of the links from your thank you page, via a “link” to
your “rotator”.
Like this:
TY Page Bonus 1 => Via Link 1 => CPA Rotator
TY Page Bonus 2 => Via Link 2 => CPA Rotator
TY Page Bonus 3 => Via Link 3 => CPA Rotator
TY Page Bonus 4 => Via Link 4 => CPA Rotator
And do the same thing for your welcome email:
Email Bonus 1 => Via Link 5 => CPA Rotator
Email Bonus 2 => Via Link 6 => CPA Rotator
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Email Bonus 3 => Via Link 7 => CPA Rotator
This will help you understand how many clicks each of the links in your funnel
is generating and which ones are underperforming so that you can tweak
Can I do this for free, without a rotator?
We get asked this question a lot – what if I’m on a really tight budget?
If that’s the case, then you can definitely still implement this method, but will
just need to insert direct affiliate links instead of the links to rotator.
So what you would do is take your best converting CPA offer (or the one that
you want to test first), and insert the direct affiliate link into the TY Page
Bonus 1. Then you can take another offer and insert the affiliate link as TY
Page Bonus 2.
Then you can wait till you’ve sent about 200-250 clicks to each offer, and
determine if the conversions are good enough to keep the offer.
Then you could simply swap over the links manually if the offer wasn’t good
enough, and start testing another offer.
Your assignment from “Module 11”:
 Set up your Rotator
 Add the CPA offers with 100% T1
 Add your Clickbank offer as “Backup URL”
 Set up the tracking for your whole funnel – create a separate tracking
link for each of the links on your Thank You Page, and your Follow Up
emails – they all need to point to your Rotator link so that all the clicks
go to your partners
 Hyperlink all of the links on your thank you page and in the welcome
email to be redirected through the ClickMagick tracking links and into
your rotator so you can track all of the stats
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok so now we are ready to get into the really exciting stuff – to actually start
driving traffic into our funnel.
The good news is that we have now set up our profit machine, and really all
you need to now worry about is just driving the traffic through the funnel.
Let’s talk about a few cool ways to drive traffic for free.
Free Traffic – Guest Posts
This section will be presented by Greg Kononenko.
Greg Kononenko:
Let’s talk about a method of getting traffic that I used with a lot of success
when I first started out. This method is guest blogging.
The idea of this method is that you will find a popular, high traffic website,
which accepts blog posts from guest bloggers. Then you will write a blog post
for that site, and place the link to your squeeze page somewhere in that post.
People will read that article, and come to your blog.
Here is a list of blogs that accepts guest posts in the “Make Money Online”

100+ PR1-PR8 Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

and here are some more…

List of Guest Blogging Sites (140+ best sites)

If you run out of ideas, just google “sites that accept guest posts” and look for
lists of sites relevant to your niche.
Next, familiarize yourself with their requirements, register, and then write a
post. Incorporate your links in the post, and submit it.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
You can often get easy 20, 50, or even 100 new subscribers just by doing one
guest blog. And don’t forget, that out of every 100-200 subscribers, you are
likely to get a sale giving you $30+ commission, as well as some “backend”
sales from all of the subscribers going through your email sequence.
What to do if you run out of guest blogging sites
I don’t believe you’ll run out of sites any time soon… If you search the way I’ve
outlined above, you will find dozens of blogs, and you can write for each of
them multiple times.
But – just in case you want to venture out into something else…
Here is what you can do. Find a top ranking, high traffic site related to your
niche. Look for a high number of comments, high number of social shares of
posts, high ranking for various search terms related to your niche.
Then find the “contact me” button on the site. And then send them a message
telling them that you are running a business in the XYZ niche, looking to
collaborate with other websites, and wondering if they need any unique
content. Tell them that you can write a high quality article for them for free –
you just want to be able to link back to your page.
Not everyone will respond, however with this tactic what you need to do is
contact 10-20 websites at a time.
You will generally find that 1 or 2 out of 10-20 will reply and say yes.
It only takes 30 mins max to contact 20 websites – just type up the same
message and copy and paste into each contact form.
From there, you can write an article, they’ll post it, and you will get visitors to
your squeeze page.
Kindle Books
This is definitely one of my favorite methods. I used this a lot in June / July
2014, and got a ton of traffic with this.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Basically it all revolves around publishing a short book for $0.99 on $2.99 on
Amazon Kindle. However, you will be given an opportunity to make a book go
onto a “free giveaway” promotion for 5 days out of every 90.
And you will get a ton of downloads of that book in these 5 days. Inside the
book, you can make reference to a “bonus” and put a link to your squeeze
Done! A huge wave of free subscribers on autopilot 
You can read about this method in a huge amount of detail in Bryan Harkins’
WSO titled “List Building Breakthrough”. I have made a deal with Bryan where
he has agreed for me to give you access to that WSO for free:
>> Grab Bryan’s “List Building Breakthrough”.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Paid traffic is our favorite, because it’s just so simple and easy.
It’s a little nerve wrecking for beginners to start paying $50-$100 for traffic,
but once you’re a bit more established and are actually making money, it’s
much easier to just take a % of profits and reinvest it into traffic.
It will cost us a little bit of money to buy the traffic, however it is money well
spent – because you can get that traffic quickly and you don’t have to waste
time trying SEO or other tactics trying to get the people into your list.
Why Funnel Clicks?
We love “Funnel Clicks”. Everyone these days talks about Solo Ads, however
we are actually falling more and more in love with Funnel Clicks.
This is definitely, and by far, our favorite method.
What is the difference? Well, Solo Ad clicks come from broadcast emails.
Funnel clicks come from the clicks in your funnel, such as Thank You page
The reason why we love Funnel clicks much more than Solo clicks is because
they tend to give a much higher optin % on your squeeze page.
Typically, when you buy a solo ad, you can expect 35-50% conversion on your
squeeze page (of course assuming your squeeze page is decent quality).
With Funnel clicks, the usual option % is 55-65%, so much higher, and that
just makes such a huge difference to how quickly you can grow your list and
make money from it.
With 35% conversion you are looking at getting 350 subscribers to your list
from every 1,000 clicks, and approximately 805 clicks to your CPA offers over
the course of 30 days. Not bad.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
With 65% conversion, you’re looking at getting 650 subscribers and 1,495
clicks to your CPA offers over the course of 30 days.
As you can see, the difference in both subscriber numbers and clicks out to
CPA offers is astonishing.
Why do they convert better?
Well it’s because of psychology.
Solo Ad traffic is “cold traffic”.
Imagine you’re getting a broadcast email in your inbox saying “blah blah blah,
make $100 per day, blah blah blah, on autopilot etc”.
You’re probably thinking to yourself “Hmmm ok I’ll check it out”. You don’t
have any emotional attachment at that point yet.
You see the squeeze page, and you may or may not opt in.
You will only opt in if you are REALLY excited by the headline on the squeeze
Now if you’re actually excited enough to optin to the squeeze page, it means
that the squeeze page was good and it struck an emotional chord with you.
So once you’ve opted in, you will be excited about seeing what it’s all about.
And right at that point you’ll be presented with an opportunity to get more
cool stuff for free.
And because of that emotional attachment, funnel clicks convert much better.
People are thinking “Awesome, I’ve just got this cool report, and here is an
opportunity to get even more”.
So Funnel click traffic is “warm traffic”, with emotional attachment, and that’s
why it converts so much better.
Let me show you…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
We always like to show my results of what we are talking about, so here it is –
a current solo ad and a current funnel click deal that I (Greg) have got running
right now.
This is what the solo conversion looks like:
And here is what the funnel click deal looks like:
Hope you can see a massive difference  And that’s exactly why we LOVE
funnel clicks!!
One more reason…
Ok and there is one more reason why we prefer funnel clicks, and it’s a
massive reason – PRICE.
For some reason, solo ad clicks are priced from $0.35 to $0.50 with average
being about $0.45 per click these days. We think they just got very popular in
the last 12 months, and everyone is going nuts over them.
Funnel clicks, on the other hand, are going for $0.30 to $0.4., with average
being around $0.35.
Why? Well, it’s demand and speed of delivery.
One of the advantages of solo clicks is that they are generally delivered within
a short time period. Solo sellers can control their lists – they know how many
clicks per email they can generate. And the current market expectation is that
they will be delivered within 24-72 hours.
So the solo sellers will not sell 1000 clicks if they know they can only do 200
within 24-72 hours.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
However, with funnel clicks, the delivery timeframe may be a lot longer. It’s
quite normal for funnel clicks to take 10, 15 or even 30 days to be delivered –
because they will get fulfilled whenever the seller has incoming traffic into
their funnel.
So, what do we have? Higher optins and lower price? Sold!! 
Select your provider
Ok, so we will want to find a high quality funnel click provider.
Here are two groups in which you’ll need to register right now:
You will be looking for the testimonials on sellers in those groups.
You should also register in this one:
This is a buy / sell group, where you can check out the current offers of any
potential vendors.
Let’s find a candidate
You should go into the Facebook group, and browse around:
Once you’re in the group, you should do a search for a keyword “sales” in the
top right corner:
This will bring up a list of testimonials which mention getting sales.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The reason why we want that is because unfortunately there are some sellers
out there that sell fake “bot” traffic.
However, if someone’s traffic is reporting to bring sales, then chances are their
traffic is real.
The very first result that comes up:
Yes, fair enough, the optin is not very high, however this is something that
could have been caused by the specific squeeze page.
So let’s do a search on “Delgado” and see what else he has delivered:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok so another person got 52% so that’s pretty good. We’d definitely add Jorge
A. Delgado to the shortlist.
So go ahead and find 5-6 providers who consistently have sales testimonials in
the group.
Contact the seller and buy
Contact them via PM and ask about their prices and packages.
Avoid paying more than $0.35 cents per funnel click ($35 per 100 clicks).
Once you’ve agreed, they will ask you for the tracking link – so you can use the
instructions from a previous module to set it up and give it to the seller.
You can set that up in ClikMagick.
Before you hand it over to the seller, test the link and make sure that it’s
redirecting to the right squeeze page, and that the click is being measured
properly (you can then just reset the ClickMagick stats back to zero).
Review your results
You might not get an amazing result straight away, but if you’ve done
everything correctly and have followed my advice, here are the results you
should be seeing:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 Squeeze page converting at 35-45% or better
 From every subscriber, you should be generating 1.3-1.5 clicks to your
CPA offers
Your assignment from “Module 13”:
 If you are going to use funnel clicks, then find a great funnel click seller
 Contact them on Facebook
 Buy the clicks (don’t pay more than $0.35 per click)
 If someone tries to charge you more than that, just ask more people for
 Review your results and tweak the funnel
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok, here is the unpleasant part about buying funnel clicks – you have to be
VERY careful and avoid scammers at all costs.
There are quite a few people out there that send “fake” traffic.
Basically what they do is they use a software program which creates lots of
email accounts, and then uses automated browser which will opt-in to your
page, and enter the email address.
Depending on the sophistication of the scammer, that automated program
may also click some links on the “Thank You” page, which means that you will
think that you’re getting clicks to your CPA offers and they offers are just not
What to do
So you have to be extra-careful.
Firstly, never buy solo traffic from people who are not trusted.
Here are some tips to help you:
 Avoid the following people:
o Those who joined Facebook less than 12 months ago
o Those who have “solo” in their Facebook profile
o Those who have a rockstar or a sexy woman photo as their profile
– it’s probably fake
o Those who have less than 20 personal photos on their Facebook
 Do the following checks:
o Ideally, only deal with people who have sales testimonials in the
“Funnel Click Testimonials” group. Robots don’t buy anything, so
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
if the user sends clicks which buy offers, it means that the traffic is
probably ok
 Never just say “yes” to people who approach you. Do your due diligence
on them first
How to spot fake traffic that has been sent to you
Here is a very cool way to identify face traffic that we have been using.
In ClickMagick, stick the following bit onto the end of the URL:
As you can see, we have added “?id=rt1119” to the end of the URL which we
have given to our seller.
This is just the squeeze page URL, but with that “?id=xxxxxxx” bit on the end.
The squeeze page will work as normal, but here is the cool part…
In Aweber, you can “search” your subscribers by a number of different
One of the searches you can run is to search for all subscribers whose “signup
URL” contains certain characters.
So if you enter that ID, in our case “rt1119” into the search criteria, then you
can find all subscribers that have been sent to you by that seller.
How cool is that?
But WAIT – it gets even better…
You can then search for those of them who have opened your first follow up
So if you have a seller who has sent you traffic where 0% of the subscribers
opened your follow up message, something strange could be going on.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Here is an example:
You can then actually click on the subscriber names to bring up some further
information, like this below:
You will be able to see exactly what was sent to them, and when they opened
As you can see, this seller has sent me traffic that opens emails, so it’s
probably ok.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
IMPORTANT: as you have read in the earlier module, only about 10-30% of
the people will actually open your follow up email. It’s just how things work –
they get bombarded with so many emails and it’s hard to cut through the
So don’t be alarmed if after you buy 100 clicks and only 5 or 10 of their leads
have opened the emails, it’s normal. You just need comfort that at least some
of them are actually opening your emails.
Your assignment from “Module 12”:
 Familiarize yourself with the content
 When you buy funnel clicks, make sure you enter the “?id=” feature in
the URL so you can track the opens by traffic source
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So if you have followed the steps in the guide so far, you should have a really
good idea on how to set up your funnel, and get some traffic in using free or
paid methods.
You will now start having some subscribers come onto your list.
One last thing that is remaining for you to do is to broadcast email messages
to your list.
What is broadcasting?
Well simply put, this is a one-off email message that you can send in your
autoresponder – like Aweber, GetResponse or another email management
program of your choice.
Broadcasts can be sent either immediately or at a certain future date and time
to your whole list.
How to structure your messages
Here are two very cools tricks that we’ve learnt just recently and they are
working very well for me.
Trick 1: Give something away
In every email, we give something away. We have bought a collection of 500
PLR products in the “make money online” niche, and in each email we give
away one of those reports.
This achieves two things – first of all, your subscribers start to like you,
because you are actually giving something valuable.
And don’t worry that it’s PLR – most of your subscribers will be absolute
newbies who know nothing at all, so they’ll actually enjoy the read.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Secondly, the fact that you’ve given them something away for free will actually
make them more likely to click the link to the paid offer and take action,
because in their head they are thinking “wow, this guy / girl is good, looking
after me, I really want to see what else he / she’s got”.
Trick 2: Attach the gift as PDF, don’t insert a link to the gift
What you will want to do, is to attach your free report as well as all future
Never link to the download page – just attach the report as PDF.
If you link to the report – you will waste a valuable click.
So as an example, with the initial welcome message, previously we used to
send people to a “download” page to get their guide, however we have
recently changed the approach. Now we attach the guide, and we have seen an
increase in our clicks to the CPA rotator.
So that’s why we want to just attach, and then all links in our email will
actually point to the CPA rotator.
How will this work
We broadcast twice a day, once at 7am US EST time and 7pm US EST time. You
can experiment with other times if you like to get an idea on when your list
responds the best.
Inside each email, you will place links to the same CPA rotator link that we set
up in earlier modules.
Our aim is to get around 1% or higher click-through rate with each broadcast.
If you love numbers, that means then if you have 100 subs, you will only
generate about 1 clicks per broadcast.
This is not much, however it will grow very quickly as your list gets bigger.
It is important to start broadcasting to your list from Day 1 – that way you will
keep your name in front of their minds.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
If you go for a week or more without sending a broadcast to your list, then
they will be reading someone else’s emails. Your subscribers may forget who
you are in 1-2 weeks, and then when they get your next email may mark it as
Also, if you get into the habit of broadcasting from Day 1, then you will very
soon have enough emails to put into your 30-day autoresponder and you
won’t have to send the messages manually anymore.
What to write about in your broadcasts
Well, here we have arrived to a topic with many different answers, where no
one way of doing it is right or wrong.
Many people have different styles and the best thing to do is to find what
works for you.
We will however do the following two things:
 We will tell you what we do and what works for us
 We will also then give you some guidance on how you can quickly learn
other methods
Personally, we like send stories about every day life.
You see, people love stories. If they feel that every time they open your email,
there is an interesting story there, they’ll probably click on it.
We then tie that story to online money-making opportunities, and connect the
links within the email to the CPA rotator.
Let us give you an example email, so you can see what we do.
“I got ripped off today!..”
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
First of all… I am very annoyed today!
But we will get to it later.
I wanted to open up by saying that I have just sourced an
awesome Twitter Traffic Secrets PDF for you.
It’s attached to this email – I really do hope that you find
great value in it and take action.
Now… About me being annoyed..
Yesterday I took my car for service, just a regular
yearly service.
And… they called me and said yes, it’s going to
be $320 which is a normal price…
The also said that my windscreen wipers need to
be changed and that will be an extra $90.
I know more about internet marketing than cars,
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
so I said “yes”.
Today I took my daughter to our local playcentre,
it started raining and I turned the wipers on…
… One of them FELL OFF!
Turns out they don’t fit the car at all…
Now, luckily, not everything is so bad in the online
business world…
You can still find some good information out there,
which doesn’t cost a thing… Like this one:
>> One of a few remaining no-cost resources
To Your Success
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
P.S. I am going to take my car back to these
bastards… I bet they gave me the wipers for $5
and charged the rest for labour…
What a rip-off…
As you can see, what we are doing here is giving away the PLR PDF that we
have previously purchased.
That instantly builds trust with our subscribers.
The link in the message will need to go to the CPA rotator that we set up in an
earlier chapter.
Writing stories like these is good enough for the system to work.
Here are some other ideas for you to get inspired:
 Write about something funny that happened
 Something negative that happened
 About your family, dog, cat, fish
 Share some tips (I do that as well, for example, where to get traffic etc)
NOTE: perfection is the worst enemy of progress. Just do it – assess the results
and tweak later  If something works – do more of it. If something didn’t
work – that’s also a lesson.
Often “good enough” will take you better results than trying to get awesome at
what you do but never actually getting around to taking action.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Once you’ve got about 60 broadcasts that you’ve written, here is what you can
Create 30 days’ worth of automated auto responder messages (follow ups) in
your autoresponder. Just take your broadcast messages and change them up a
little bit – like a new subject and a few words in the body. (Experts say it’s
good to change them up to avoid spam filters).
You will want to send the between 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm local time for all
your subscribers.
This is how to choose those options in Aweber:
So you would choose a message to go to 1 day after previous, between 6am
and 9am.
Then create another one to go “0” days after previous, however make the time
on it to be 6pm to 9pm.
That would send both of those messages same day however about 12 hours
Then schedule for them to go out twice a day automatically for 30 days.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Then simply replicate them once again to go out as follow up messages for
another 30 days, again changing a few words and subject line.
You can continue doing this until you’ve got several months’ worth of
That way you can create an automated marketing machine that is very much
NOTE: if you like to take a shortcut, then you might want to check out these
147 pre-written email swipes. They are of pretty good quality
Your assignment from “Module 14”:
 Start broadcasting twice per day at 7am and 7pm
 Once you have 60 messages, set them up as automated autoresponder
messages, for 30 days, twice a day.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
You now know everything you need to know to be grow a list and get nice CPA
commissions while growing the list…
If you optimize your funnel well enough, then you should be able to grow your
subscribers numbers fairly quickly.
If you use paid traffic, you should pretty quickly get to a stage where your CPA
payouts are covering the cost of your traffic expenditure. That way you can
just reinvest into more traffic to grow a larger list quicker.
So let’s now talk about what to do with your list…
Option 1: Automated Profits
This is something that we are doing right now and we LOVE the results.
Basically over the past month we have automated all our follow up messages,
so we don’t have to log in every single day and send emails.
Then we simply have all those clicks go to CPA offers.
This means that if we want to go away for a weekend, there is no need to log
in and type up emails, and this is AWESOME – truly hands-off profits.
If you pre-program your list for 90, even 180 days worth of emails, you can
simply change the offers in your rotator or add more offers, and you will
continue getting clicks and getting paid.
You will have subs coming into your funnel and they’ll just continue clicking
the links in your follow up messages.
And the good thing is that you will have many subscribers that will end up
clicking 3, 5 and even 10 or more links over their lifetime as subscriber. That
means that they’ll continue seeing new offers that they have not seen before –
because you will have a great selection of offers lined up in your rotator.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So it’s true hands-off profits.
Option 2: Pay Per Lead offers
We have recently found another option that works really well – Pay Per Lead
(PPL) offers.
You have a list of people who are not yet proven to be buyers… However, they
are proven to be interested in checking out free offers.
So you can give them EXACTLY what they want – free offers, and you will get
paid for them just doing so.
Pay Per Lead programs, if you are not yet familiar with them, are programs
which will pay you if you refer someone to them and they sign up for an offer.
The good thing is that a lot of PPL programs actually only require an email
address. Or a name and email address. They don’t require anyone to purchase
You can get as much as $0.75 to $1.50 for someone to just submit their email
address, even without them clicking a confirmation link.
So you can send an email out to your list, in one of the formats I discussed
earlier in the guide, and instead of linking to you Clickbanking partners, link to
the PPL offer.
Once someone leaves their email, you will get credited the agreed amount.
Here are some PPL programs:
Three Mouse Clicks
Kenny Tan is running a very high converting, profitable program where he
will pay $0.75 for a non-confirmed lead from a T1 country:
Mega Cash Leads
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
John Horan is running a very good program paying $0.75 as well for a nonconfirmed
The way to implement them would be to add them into the rotator just like
the CPA offers.
Option 3: Sell Solo Ads
You can cash in on the crazy surrounding solo ads right now, and start selling
You can charge anywhere from $0.35 to $0.55 per click – depending on your
experience and testimonials.
Once your list gets to about 5k, if you are hitting 1% click rate per broadcast
and you are broadcasting daily, you can generate 100 clicks per day. So you
can easily start selling 100 clicks every one or two days (allowing for a
variation in your click rate so you don’t accidentally fall behind).
That’s an additional $35 – $55 per day, depending on your price, which you
can reinvest back into your list 
Your assignment from “Module 15”:
 Decide how you want to monetize your list
 Implement one of the above models
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So – this is the end of this guide.
Thanks for reading the whole 90+ pages. Wow, it really ended up being quite
long, but we sure hope that you have picked up some useful and profitable
Let’s just do a quick recap of the method and we can call it a night 
So here is what you would need to, if we were to summarize the whole
 Register in Clicksure, CashNetwork, and Clickbank
 Register in the FB Funnel Click Testimonials Groups
 Get hosting, domain and autoresponder
 Create an optin gift (your own or PLR)
 Create a squeeze page
 Create your thank you page
 Create your immediate email
 Find 4-5 offers from ClickSure and Cash Network
 Find 2-3 offers from Clickbank
 Set up your rotator to send 100% T1 traffic to the chosen CPA offers
 Set up your backup URL with the Clickbank offer you want to test first
 Create a separate tracking “link” for each link in your funnel
 Connect all “links” from TY page and the immediate email to the rotator
 Start driving traffic (free or paid) – using listed methods or your own
 Once you’ve got 50-100 subscribers, start broadcasting to your list
 Once you’ve built a library of about 60 broadcasts, copy and paste them
as autoresponder series
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
That may look like quite a bit of work…. That’s because IT IS. However, once
your funnel is set up – it will do all the dirty work for you.
There is no such thing in this business as instant riches. They just don’t exist.
However those who are ready to take massive action upfront, can set up
everything in a very smart way and are going to enjoy some really cool handsoff
profits using these methods.
What’s next?
It was a pleasure sharing this information with you and we really look
forward to hearing about how you have put it into practice!
Like all of our WSOs, we know this stuff works because we are using all of
these things ourselves. So the only thing you have to do is put it into practice –
and the success will come.
If you ever get stuck with anything – just give me a shout in the Facebook
Join the Facebook Group
You will have the opportunity to network with fellow list builders in the
group, ask questions and share ideas.
We strongly recommend you join!
How to contact us
If you need to contact us, the best way to do that is through the Facebook
group – we will be hanging out there networking with you all and answering
any questions you have.
If you need to contact us privately, our email addresses are below.
Thanks for reading, and see you around 
To Your Success!
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Black Belt List Building Secrets Facebook Group (join the group to stay
connected with like minded list builders and to get help)
Here are some of the tools which we have either mentioned in the guide or
think will work extremely well with the methods described in the guide:
The “Done For You” pack
If you want to get started as fast as you can – you can grab our pack which
already contains HTML templates for the squeeze page, thank you page and
the download page. They have the right layout and will help you get going as
quickly as possible.
You can easily edit them to change a few elements so that your pages look
You can find that pack here.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Essential! You Need Tracking Software
You MUST track your funnel, clicks, opt in rates.
You also have to have a way to manage your Clickbanking Partners.
And to do all of that, right now nothing beats ClickMagick. Simple interface,
very reasonable pricing, and amazing functionality. They are offering a 14 day
free trial as well.
There are competing packages like QCC (Quality Click Control) which are a
one-time fee, but the cost is $279 at the time of writing.
It’s up to you and how serious you are about this business. If you would rather
pay a one-time fee and NEVER have to pay a monthly fee again, then QCC is
also very good and you can use it.
Want To Know More Tricks With This Mehod?
There is another AWESOME WSO by Winson Yeung called “Copy My
Template” which shows some alternative techniques which are very
complimentary to the method I teach.
Winson has mastered this type of funnel, and can get 181 clicks for each 100
subscribers that join his list.
He won WSO Of The Day for this WSO, and is giving away his exact templates
to those who buy the WSO. So we highly recommend you pick it up.
Need traffic fast?
Here is an EASY solution for you: FAST TRAFFIC SECRETS

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So, first things first, some things you will need to get up and running…
Here are some things you will need:
 A CPA Affiliate Network account (Go Below To See Recommended Ones)
 Account at AdClickMedia.com
 A small budget of $150 to start (Remember you only pay for the Clicks)
 Domain Name (Only if you want to build a list and not direct link)
(All from AdClickMedia Email Traffic)
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AdClickMedia.com is a HUGE PPC Ad display and email PPC network that has many different types of ads to choose from such as:
Photo Text Ads
Banner Display Ads
Full Page Interstitial Ads
Email Pay-Per-Click Ads (This is what we’re going to be doing only!)
Some stats you will want to know about this network…
They have over 900+ Million Ad impressions being served and they have over 37+ Million Email Data records we can buy/rent from.
That’s a LOT of email Data we can rent for our CPA/Affiliate campaigns don’t you think?
In just the Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marketing niche alone they have more than:
18+ Million Email Records
That we can advertise too and choose from. That’s just ONE niche!
With over 300+ Email Publishers in their network to choose from, where most publishers list sizes range from:
2,000 – 50,000+ and the BIG Email Publishers lists go up into the 1-10 million list sizes.
So, do you think we can get enough high quality traffic now for our offers? I don’t think there will be a problem to really scale our CPA offer campaigns.
Remember this is all 100% opt-in Email Traffic, this is the highest quality traffic you can ever buy, and if you have not heard it yet, you need to read it again!… “The Money Is In The LIST”
I am sure at some point online you have read or seen this from other email marketers, but you just didn’t believe it.
Well it’s time you believed it!…
When you can email your own list or Rent someone else’s list that they have built 100% opt-in and get them to send out an email to one of your offers, you will start to see great results.
Email Buys can be a little bit more expensive sometimes in the beginning. WHY? Because Email traffic is very high quality traffic, when you want quality traffic you need to pay for it.
Why do you think you can’t find many advertising networks that allow you to buy email data or rent email lists for your offers?
Because they make alot of their money from their own lists…
Why do you think Frank Kern has an email list? Not for fun and games, it’s his pride and joy! Because, when he recommends a product or a new product he brings out, what happens??
His list… Listens to him.
He has a, “Relationship”, with his list. Just like all these big Publishers in AdClickMedia, they have a relationship with their lists, so when they promote your offer, it converts much higher, because they’re proven to convert in your chosen Niche/List chosen.
It’s just like when you go buy a Solo Ad for example, what are you going to them for?
You’re going to a Solo Ad vendor who has a proven list they have built themselves and is making money with their lists that they promote to, CPA offers, Affiliate offers, their own offers and so on…
This goes the same with AdClickMedia Email PPC, all these Publishers have built their lists from scratch and are now giving YOU the chance to tap into their lists for your Offers or your Opt-in landing page to build your list.
I hope that has explained a good amount how AdClickMedia works and how email traffic is such high quality, towards any other traffic sources you choose.
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CPA Networks
Recommended CPA Networks:
 A2Ads.com
 ProfitKingsMedia.com
 GetOffersDirect.com
 PeerFly.com
 ClickDealer.com
 W4.com
Above I have recommended some CPA Networks that have a good amount of the Niches/Offers I have recommended in this eBook, ones like:
Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marketing/Forex/Binary
Insurance/Zip submits
Weight Loss/Diet
Online Education
Another way to find more CPA Networks and Offers/Niches in the recommended ones above, are to go to CPA Review Sites such as:
Than you can start to figure out what CPA Networks you need to be in and what networks have the offers and Niches you want to go after before going and signing up for a CPA Network.
Tips on getting accepted into CPA Networks:
Getting accepted into any CPA network is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. If you do find it hard in getting accepted into CPA networks, it’s because you’re doing it all WRONG!
Let me give you a tip… When the CPA network asks you questions like…
How are you going to promote our offers? OR What is your main traffic source you use? OR How long have you been online for and your experience? etc.
Best thing to tell them, you do Email Marketing and you own an email list in (choose a niche).
CPA networks love email marketers, as email is one of and still is the best traffic source, every ad network loves email, believe me. So if you have trouble, try saying you do email marketing but other than that, try and keep it as HONEST if you can when signing up to any network.
This makes it easier to build a strong relationship with your affiliate managers in the networks. When you build relationships, they will usually be more than happy to give you higher payouts that others are not getting.
Another Tip:
What you should always do, as soon as you finished signing up to any CPA Network, always follow up with a quick email telling them…
You just signed up and am very interested in getting started and getting into their network. Also tell them, if they ever need to contact YOU, please just let you know and you will be happy to answer any questions they have.
Another way to get accepted faster is to call them, this can really speed up the approval process, as they see you’re series and want to get started as soon as possible.
TOP Niches To Go After
Choose Your Niche:
• Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marketing/Forex/Binary offers
(These above are by far the BEST converting niche I have found with AdClickMedia)
• Insurance (Zip submits works great)
• Dating (none adult)
• Weight loss/diet/fitness
• Online Education
Write Email Copy That Converts!
How To Write Email Copy Like a Pro:
Here I am going to go over how important it is to learn how to write good email creative’s, and learn from your bad email copy to get better at writing good email copy that converts.
Good email creative’s and email Subject lines =
Higher Opens/Click rates and higher conversions on your offers.
Example of good Email Copy:
Subject Line:
[Open] Your request is inside…
Would you like to be our first BETA Tester?
… Go Here to Request
Simply fill out your info on the next page
and press the BIG Orange button to book
your seat…
… Go Here to Continue
As you can see in the email copy above you can see it’s short, straight to the point and doesn’t ramble on about this and that or how you can make a million dollars.
You can also see how there is, one line, then LINK with call to action, then 2-3 lines, then LINK with call to action.
When you get better at writing good email copy, short copy like the example above, is all you need, to get them to opt-in to your CPA/CPL offers or opt-in page to build your lists.
Keep it short, to the point, with a good call to action to get them to click and take action…
You want to write email copy that is not trying to sell them a product, you want them to know, what’s on the next page, it’s FREE, ” NO Cost”.
As, in this eBook we are 100% concentrating on Free CPA/CPL offers to begin with.
We’re not trying to go for a sale, you can do campaigns/offers that you have to make a sale to make money on that offer, that’s fine and up to you…
But, in this eBook, I will be 100% concentrating on Free CPA/CPL offers in the niches I explained more throughout this eBook, because free offers are much higher converters and much easier to convert too.
Most free CPA/CPL offers will payout anywhere from, $1.50 – $12+ for a simple free lead.
Now, this exact email swipe above I have used for many CPA campaigns. This same swipe can be used for anything in the niches of:
Biz Opp, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing and or Forex/Binary offers.
Don’t just copy and paste any email swipe and use it word for word, NEVER DO THIS! BAD!
You should always change up any email swipe you find to make it unique and put your own touch and spin on it.
Because, if you just use the same email swipe that thousands of other people can just find from Affiliate/JV pages…
And, you email the same lead that someone else has on their lists with the same swipe, then the Subscriber is going to either only pick one and miss yours altogether.
We Do Not Want That Do We!?
So, you need too, ” STAND OUT “, and to do this, change it up, use the swipes to go off and then change it to how you would do it.
Try to write swipes that are generic, as in, can be used for many different offers and not just targeted to just one offer/niche.
So if you’re rotating many offers, a generic swipe can convert for not just one CPA offer but many many offers at once.
To find good email swipes if you do not know how to write any email copy at all, the best places to go to are, finding offers in your Niche and go to their Affiliate/JV pages and find proven email swipes they give out.
Places to find good email swipes to learn from and go off are places like:
If you’re going after the top niche I talk more about of, Biz Opp/Make Money Online, these above networks are perfect for this niche.
You will find many high converting proven emails swipes in ClickSure you can learn from easily.
OK OK! – You’re now ready to get into the Step-By-Step setup of your campaigns:
Setting Up AdClickMedia Email
Steps For Setting Up Your Campaigns:
Step 1 – Let’s Get Signed Up:
Go here to sign up and create an account at AdClickMedia:
Fill out the sign up form, make sure you put in all real information.
This will be used to login with, so make sure you save down your login information for future use.
Once you have created your free account, Login Here:
Step 2 – What Are The
BEST Offers:
VERY IMORTANT: This is the most important stage and it is the most important part you need to think of before you do any kind of advertising online.
Don’t just go choose any random offer in your CPA network. NO!!
First, you want think of a niche that you may have tested in the past and done well with or you know from looking at top converting offers in your CPA network is converting well and is a strong offer.
OR… You have contacted your CPA Network Manager and asked them what are their top converting offers for today or this week. (They will know)
Here are some Top Converting Niches to go after for AdClickMedia Email PPC I have tested myself and recommend are:
• Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marketing/Forex/Binary offers
(These above are by far the BEST converting niche I have found with AdClickMedia)
• Insurance (Zip submits works great)
• Dating (none adult)
• Weight loss/diet/fitness
• Online Education
When you choose a Niche, stick with that niche until you have had success with it before testing multiple niches one after another.
Trust me on this, if you keep going from one offer to another and another, you will start getting very frustrated.
So start small, test…test…test, then once you find that winning offer, scale from there with raising your spend.
Above are a few niches which work very well with AdClickMedia Email PPC. I would recommend sticking with simple, easy to convert offers.
As in, offers that have a simple Email Address only field or, ones that ask for first name, email address or even just Zip Code.
Not ones that ask for 10+ fields to fill out or ones that ask for their credit card.
Credit Card/Sale Offers, these work very well, but you first need to test free CPA/CPL offers so you can first get used to this traffic source and find easy winners and expand from there.
Once you find the good Publishers and winning offers, you can then either keep going and keep finding more free CPA/CPL offers to promote or you can start testing sale offers.
That part is completely up to you, but as I said in the beginning of this eBook, I mainly concentrate on free CPA/CPL offers, that does not cost the subscriber anything for us to make money.
By CPL I mean, ( Cost Per Lead ), if you are not sure what CPL stands for, Cost Per Lead are free CPA offers, where it costs the Subscriber/Your Visitor, nothing to opt-in for you to make money.
These are the offers we want to be going after…
Step 3 – Email Copy & Ad Creation SetUp:
Now it’s time to get into the fun part, setting up your CPA Email PPC ad campaigns and choosing what offers we are going to promote.
By this time you should already have in mind what Niche/Offer you want to go after and promote on AdClickMedia Email PPC. If not, choose one from above and stick with it.
A reminder… When choosing any CPA offer, make sure it accepts Email Marketing traffic. Almost all offers will allow email traffic, as it’s the highest quality traffic, but it is always best to check.
Once you have created your free AdClickMedia account, use the same username and password to login to your Advertiser Panel and Publisher Panel.
We want to Advertise, so, login to the Advertiser Panel and you should be at the Dashboard Welcome area.
Once there, go down to where it says, Email PPC Advertising
Go Over to the Right Hand Side where it says, New Campaign, (Same Line), and click the Blue button, you should now be at a screen with lots of lists and categories to select your Lists, like this:
As you can see, there are more than 37+ Million Subscribers in their network we can advertise too!
You can also see, the average CPC rates, these rates will go up and down when you start advertising.
You do not need to worry about CPC rates at all, their system takes care of all this for you, but you can see the average CPC rates there above in your chosen categories/niches before you start.
The next step on this same page is to first select the Niche/Category you want to go after, so this is where your Offer selection as I said above is important and you should already have one by now.
So, if you were to go after the Biz Opp, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing niche, you would select these 2 categories in the screenshot below:
Once you have your categories you chose, click the, View Lists, button to show…
This will then bring up the total amount of lists/subscribers for your Niche.
As you can see above, there are over 18+ million subscribers in just this niche alone for, Biz Opp/Make Money Online etc, and…
In just the first 10 lists alone, there are lists from 300,000 and up to 6 Million.
This is where it’s at and these are the lists we want to advertise too, to get massive exposure for our offers, affiliate offers, build massive lists, whatever we want.
These are all 100% opt-in, personally built and personally manually reviewed by AdClickMedia to get you the highest quality traffic as possible.
Once you have chosen your Categories, it is now time to go to the next step, but before we can do this, we need to first Fund our account.
Reminder: You cannot get to the next step with setting up your campaign until you have funded your account!…
Now, if you cannot fund your account with Credit Card, the best and other option is by PayPal, but they will need to manually put the funds onto your account for you.
If you use PayPal, make sure you put in your AdClickMedia UserName and then contact them with your receipt.
So, to start click the, Start Email Campaign button right down the button of the page to fund your account first:
You can also fund your account by just going to the, Funds Tab and choosing either Credit Card or PayPal that way too…
Remember, the minimum amount to start an Email PPC campaign is $150.
Next Step:
Step-By-Step Campaign Setup
Now it’s time to get into the next step, setting up your Ad for approval.
If you look at the screenshot below, you will see what needs to go where, I will explain in more detail below:
Now, Let’s start from the beginning so nothing is missed…
Give your campaign a Name, this is for Publishers to see what your offer is, so what you can do is, just put in the Offer Name you’re promoting if you cannot think of something catchy.
For example, if you were to do a Biz Opp offer called, Profit With Michael, well know Biz Opp offer, that is what you can just put in as the Offer Name.
Or just, New High Converting YOURNICHEHERE Offer
Give your campaign a short description on what your offer is, if it is a Biz Opp offer, you can just say, Business Opportunity, or look at your offer you chose to promote and look at the landing page, what does it talk about?
Then put in what it is offering, so if its offering, How to make $1k Per Day sending Emails from home, put that as the description.
Or, New work from home opportunity. Anything will do.
Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a short description telling Publishers what it is.
This is the first step and the FIRST most important part you need to make sure you have good.
This is your Email subject line, this is what the subscribers will see in their Inbox to get them to Open your email.
So, this needs to be something catchy to get them to open.
If you remember the Email Creative example at the beginning of this eBook, that is what this is.
Example I used was:
[Open] Your request is inside…
Nice call to action, catchy and telling them, your request is waiting for them, so they need to Open the email to see what’s inside.
This is just an example, never use exact email swipes as I explained in the beginning of this eBook.
This is the second step and the SECOND most important part you need to make sure you have good.
This is the part where, once the subscriber Opens your email, your email creative is what is going to get them to Click to your Offer, Opt-in Landing page or whatever you’re promoting.
Keep it short, to the point with a good call to action, don’t ramble on about this and that, remember, I explained more about this at the beginning too.
Example I used was:
Would you like to be our first BETA Tester?
… Go Here to Request
Simply fill out your info on the next page
and press the BIG Orange button to book
your seat…
… Go Here to Continue
It’s short, to the point with a good strong, call to action, to get the visitor/subscriber to Click to the Offer and convert.
Remember, this is just an example, never use exact email swipes as I explained in the beginning of this eBook.
If you’re stuck on email creatives, I also explained in the beginning on how to find proven email swipes to go off and change them up, to make them unique and stand out from the rest for your campaigns.
Never Ever use exact email swipes from scratch!
This you just leave it as is:
No, use the ad above.
Unless you want to pay them to write your email copy for you, then that will be an extra fee, but you do not need too. So leave as No.This is where you’re going to be sending these high quality subscribers too.
Your Offer, Opt-in landing page to build your list etc.
You can copy and paste your direct Affiliate link in there or Opt-in landing page domain or you can use a tracking link to hide your Affiliate link…
So Publishers cannot see your Affiliate link and see your Networks you’re using.
I explain more on Tracking Links below in Step 4.
Here is where you will be telling all publishers who promote your offer what you do not want them to do.
It will already have something in there as:
Email Traffic Only. No Incentevized Clicks
Just leave it as that, as that is all we want.
Last step is to choose our GEO Targeting options.
This is where your offer you chose comes into play.
So, you need to check your offer and see what countries it accepts.
If it accepts all Top Countries as in, USA, AUS, UK, CA, NZ
You can put all if you like, but what I mainly do is target USA ONLY.
As, USA has the highest quality traffic from all countries alone, and it is the highest converting country by far.
Stick with just USA if your offer accepts all Top Countries.
The last thing to do now, after you have double checked your email copy to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, if it’s all good.
Then, all you have to do is click the, Submit For Approval, button and wait for it to be manually approved by one of AdClickMedia’s staff.
It usually takes 24-48 hours at most.
If there are any fixes needed, they will let you know.
If they do want you to fix something or update, go back into your campaign and make the necessary changes and submit your campaign again so it can be approved and go live.
Most the time there will not be any changes that is needed, but if they ask you to change your email copy because it’s to spammy…
Edit your email creative and just change a few words to remove the spammy words if needed.
You do not need to change the whole email creative, just adjust what you have and go from there.
It’s always best to keep your email creatives clean and not full of spammy words, we’re aiming for subscribers who read our email creative and the email creative, this will do its job to get them too,
Click >> Convert.
It’s really that simple.
Easy conversions then equals? More money for you…
Most CPA offers while running multiple ads with AdClickMedia Email PPC, I have found average conversions of anywhere from, 10%+.
With building your own list after the opt-in, I have seen 40%+ conversion rates from, opt-in to then the free CPA offer.
Remember, these are free CPA offers here, ones that just ask for email address or first name and email address usually, with payouts ranging from $1.50 – $12+
It really isn’t that hard to convert from Email Traffic to a free CPA offer.
It’s all about your email copy, work on that, learn from your mistakes if you do not know how to write good email copy…
Then go back up to the beginning of this eBook where I talk about how to find proven converting email swipes such as…
Clicksure, Clickbank etc, use them as a guide to go off and change them up to make them unique.
It’s the best way to learn fast without trying to think from complete scratch.
You also do not need to worry about any CPC bidding whatsoever, their system takes care of all that for you.
You just control your spend and your ads.
Just choose your categories, setup your email creative, restrictions and GEO targeting and you’re good to go.
Once we start to get some winning conversions on our offers, we can then optimize and scale our campaigns from there from spending more and setting up more offer campaigns.
If you have one winner, you’re not going to just stop there are you?
You’re going to keep going, keep advertising that same offer, and finding new offers as we go to expand.
Checking Your Campaign
Once your campaign is approved, you will see it in the Campaigns Tab under, Email PPC Ads.
Here you will see your stats from Clicks, conversions if you setup your Tracking Pixel (see below for more info), costs and status of your campaign.
You can Pause your campaign at anytime if you need to change anything.
Step 4 – Set Up Tracking:
Here I am going to go over tracking your conversions in AdClickMedia.
If you want to track conversions in your AdClickMedia Campaigns, all you need to do is get their tracking pixel and paste it into your chosen Offer Tracking Pixel area in your CPA Network.
You will find this in your CPA Network, simply paste the pixel in the tracking pixel area in your CPA Offer you chose to promote.
To get the tracking pixel from AdClickMedia, simply go back to your Dashboard Advertiser Panel and go down to your, Email PPC Advertising area and click on the, Conversion Tracking Code, button as shown below:
Once you have clicked on that button, you will be taken to another screen where you will find your tracking pixel, you can then copy into your CPA Network Offer you chose to promote, should be like this:
Simply copy and paste that code above into your Offer tracking area inside your CPA Network and you’re good to go.
Below, you do not need to do this but it is sometimes a very good idea to hide your affiliate links.
If you would like to hide your affiliate links and not just paste your affiliate link as the direct link in your campaigns, you can use a free tracking service like:
To hide your affiliate link in your campaigns if you like, you don’t have to but, it is there and free if you want too.
Sometimes it is a good idea to do this so the Publishers/Email list Owners, cannot see the affiliate link and CPA Network we’re using.
So, it is completely up to you.
It is a good idea to hide your affiliate links in my opinion, but again, it is your choice.
This will give you more tracking from, your tracking and then in your CPA Network tracking to compare stats.
Want To Build Long Term Profits?
Build Your List!:
Direct linking CPA Offers or any Affiliate Offers is a great way to make quick and easy money, and it’s what this eBook is all about, making you easy CPA commissions.
But, if you would like long term profits, building an email list is by far the best and only way to go.
Because, when you start building an email list from any traffic source like AdClickMedia, you can then promote to those same subscribers long term and keep making money off them for years to come.
If you do run your own Opt-in landing page campaign, what I recommend you do, as I do this myself too, on the next page when the new subscriber opts into your opt-in landing page, is…
Redirect them to a CPA Offer straight away.
You will see insanely HIGH conversions from doing this. I’ve seen anywhere from 40%+ conversion rates from, opt-in to CPA offer.
For example, if you have done any kind of Solo Ads before, what do you usually see or what would you do after the visitor opted in?
You would see an offer after they opt-in and you would also have follow ups setup to make more money on the backend.
Opt-in to any page promoting something, almost every time it will go to some offer, if it’s not after the opt-in, it’s in the backend in the follow ups.
WHY Does This Work So Well You ASK??
Because, the visitor/subscriber who just opted into your opt-in landing page, has now been pre-warmed.
So, when you have an Affiliate offer, a free CPA offer after they opt-in, it converts much higher simply because they got something for free first and were…
“Pre-Warmed”, and now they trust you more to follow what is on the next page after they opted in.
This is a great tip if you do any kind of list building, no matter the traffic source, to remember to always offer something on the next page.
Let’s Sum It Up
OK… we are now at the end of this awesome eBook.
I have gone through and shown you everything step-by-step on how to setup your campaigns with AdClickMedia.com
How to choose your offers, setup your campaigns, write awesome email copy and how to find email copy if you do not know how to write email copy at all and much more…
Now it is your turn, time for you to get this into Action and set this up for yourself to start ranking in those easy CPA commissions.
Everything in this eBook works. It will all come down to you, how much effort you want to put into getting a profitable campaign up and running.
Every offer will always convert differently of course! So remember that…
Remember, don’t just do 1 day of testing and say, this does not work.
Don’t just try one offer and give up!
When you go and advertise on any advertising network for example, do you ever just do one day of advertising or one offer and just give up and tell yourself, this doesn’t work??
You need to test, test, test, it’s the only way you will learn from your mistakes and learn how to choose great offers and write great email copy to have successfully great campaigns.
As, that is what it all comes down too, find a good offer, write great email copy, and the traffic will do the rest for you for great conversions.
There are thousands of advertisers who advertise on this network, this network is full of Affiliate Marketers promoting all kinds of Affiliate offers.
So, you’re in the right place to get your Affiliate offers in front of millions of people.
Once you have tested a campaign or a few and you found a winning campaign, that is getting you conversions, making you money…
We want to Scale Up, start spending more than $150. Only scale when you’re comfortable and have found some offers that are doing good for you.
As in, they’re making you money and you’re profiting.
I highly recommend sticking with simple free CPA offers, before going for the straight sale offers.
Once you master the easy CPA offers, you can then test sale offers later on. I only stay with free CPA offers as they are much easier to convert and there are thousands to choose from which can do anywhere from 10%+ conversion rates easy.
Whereas sales offers you would be lucky to get 1% conversion rates. So keep that in mind when choosing your offers.
Now, it’s time for you to start implementing the methods I’ve shown you and….
Need Help?
If you need any help setting up your campaigns etc…
Please contact me at:
To Your Success ! 🙂
Damon Korte
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Alright, enough the mumbo jumbo. How about you? If you seriously just read all this stuff, you are a
special indeed, my friend.
But that’s of little consequence with what we / you are about to embark on. Just don’t be a jerk
biscuit… mind your P’s and Q’s. Try your best. But don’t blame me if you don’t get it right the first
time. 😉
Legal page… done.
Right well let’s get into it with gusto and haste.
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About Me, if you care to!
You’re not here to hear about me and I’m not going to bore you. However there
are a certain types of people who digest information if they have a bit of
background information on just who put all this together.
My Name is Ian, and I got involved in the Internet Marketing World in January
2007. I started out like most thinking I was going to conquer the world and live
the life of Riley in a matter of weeks and spend the rest of my days lying around
the pool sipping my favorite beverage and watching my bank balance grow by
the minute.
Well believe it or not that did not happen and I ran from one shiny object to
another. All that did was see my bank balance head in a downward spiral my
hopes disappear into the distance and get me mightily frustrated.
Sitting down and having a serious chat with myself I realized that for things to
change something had to change. A light bulb moment you could say, so that’s
when I decided to do some market research and find out exactly what those so
called guru’s do. Long story short got myself hooked up with a mentor who
guided me in the right direction to make it in the IM world and after sorting my
head out the first thing we did was you guessed it, was how to make money with
So what you are about to embark on is me showing you how to ‘make money
with CPA’ avoid the pitfalls and do it right .
5 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
I’ve done the hard yards. It’s up to you to do what you’re about to
discover step by step. So lets get cracking and take some action NOW.
Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Ketchup Ketchup who?
Ketchup to me and I will tell you.
Woo hold on there partner this is serious stuff so lets get into the saucey (no
pun intended) bits and get going.
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rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
So you want to make a sh*t load of cash right. Great and you want to be able to
do it from home or whilst lying on the beach. Well I’ve good some good news
and some bad news, the good news – you can do that and lots of dudes out
there are doing just that.
However here’s the bad news, to do what you want to do there is a step, or in
some cases, a huge leap to get there. So what are you on about I hear you say.
Well it is the Be-Do-Have step (leap) yep still with me, hang in there brother and
it will be clear as a bell shortly.
7 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Well to have what you want to have “You’ve got to Be before you can Do and do
before you can Have” Now if this all sounds mumbo jumbo you’re no orphan
there partner (it did to me when I first learnt this stuff). It’s not that bad as I am
about to explain. I know this will be a bit of a paradigm shift but hey its worth it.
Here’s how it Works
So you want the life of the rich and famous, well if not then how about work
from home making a good quid with enough to pay the bills put food on the
table, pay the bills some beer in the fridge and have some loot left over at the
end of the month.
Okay let’s get real here, most, or is that everyone, wants to have a million
dollars in the bank and then they will feel like a millionaire…. Unfortunately life
doesn’t work like that.
Here’s the catch first off – You must BE the millionaire , yep thats before you
actually have the dollars in bank. Damm it.
So how does this work – here are a couple of examples. First off lets say you
want to be a millionaire.
● $1 million in say 3 years. That’s the result required – the HAVE
● So to get there, you have to BE proficient at what needs to be done and to
act do as a millionaire would and to implement what needs to be done to
achieve just that.
In a nutshell to BE the WHO, that can DO what it takes to reach the HAVE
If you are looking to make a living with online marketing and you aren’t there
yet then you need to create a new reality. By using the Be Do Have. You must
Be that person and Do the things that person would do first before you can
HAVE the life your are looking for.
8 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Using a smoker who wants to quit smoking as an example. They will quit for
awhile and then restart some 10 or so days later. Why-because they are caught
up in the DOING of a smoker. For change to happen they have to have the
mindset of BEING a non smoker.
On the other hand a person who is an exercise nut has no issue with getting up
early and going for a run. If you’re not a person of exercise and it is raining one
morning it all becomes too hard, you roll over and go back to sleep. Whereas
the runner made the decision to be a runner long ago, so gets up and goes
running because that’s what they do.
They also do things that runners do like – eat healthy foods, read running and
exercise books/magazines, associate with other runners, check out running
clothing stores, have multiple pairs of running shoes.
As you can see it is all about who you are BEING.
So if you want to be successful in this business don’t sit around waiting for the
results to appear like magic. To be a success you must BE the person that goes
about their day as a success, one that makes the decisions a successful person
makes on achieving their goals. To be a success you don’t make decisions based
on money you make decisions based on whether you are moving closer to your
goals, that’s your HAVE.
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rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Putting it All into Practice
Get yourself a sheet of paper then draw two vertical lines down the page so you
now have 3 columns. Label the first column BE the second DO and the third
HAVE. In the Have column list all the things that you want to have, then in the
DO column all the things you would have to do to have those things. Now all you
have to do is identify what it is that you have to BE so that you can DO so you
can HAVE
Are you still with me, if so well done, I will have lost about 95% of my readers by
now as they are looking for a fast fix and will be off buying the next shiny object.
So you’re about to enter some rarified atmosphere my friend as you stick it out
to the end and get some well deserved results (code for CASH) coming your way.
Well what are you waiting for, if you want to Have, this is what you have to
BEcome and Do.
10 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
What the Hell is CPA Marketing?
First off CPA stands for Cost Per Action referring to a type of marketing where
you generate leads for a business and they give you some of that cold hard stuff
when you generate a lead for the business.
This way of making a dollar has been around for a long time now and has
become very popular as lots of internet marketers saw the opportunities that it
created to make a profit.
The fact you don’t actually have to sell anything to get paid is of great attraction
as it is a lot of fun and you make money to boot.
So it works like this you generate traffic (leads) from one or several places which
you send to an offer. That offer is usually for some freebie, free trial or some
such thing that the lead needs to fill in a questionnaire, sign up for a newsletter
or in most cases just give their email address in order to receive their gift. When
they do that you get paid. Yeah about time
Okay how much do you get paid – well it varies from around $1 up to $30 or
$40, but before you get too excited those high payouts are very competitive and
the lead needs to jump through lots of hoops before you get to see any money.
So we’ll be sticking to the low hanging fruit where we know there is plenty of
easy pickings.
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rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
See This is How it Works
Lead visits landing page
Clicks on affiliate Link
Lead Enters their details
You Make Money
12 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
What Do I have to Do Now
If you are brand new and don’t know the difference between a domain name
and mySQL the let me show the way. If you already have a website and know
your way around wordpress then we will see in a short while when we get stuck
into the juicy bits.
Okay lets get into this – first up you will need a domain name nothing too fancy
something like “yournamelikesthis.com” will do, you will need to register your
domain name and then get yourself a hosting company.
I use name cheap to register a domain name . To save yourself a few pennies,
check out this site coupon promos for the current month’s coupon to get
yourself a discount.
Once you have done that if you don’t have a hosting company you will need to
get yourself one of these fan dango thingos.
There are a multitude of them around however it is best to play it safe and go
with one of the bigger ones. You won’t go wrong if you choose one of these
Host Gator or Go Daddy or you can check out Mid Phase
http://www.midphase.com/website-hosting/ you will be given heaps of options
but you are only after a real basic hosting plan at this stage. You can upgrade
later when the need arises so just look for the shared hosting option .
Now you’re in business – well almost. Next off you need to transfer your
nameservers across to your hosting company. To do that you need to get into
your account at your domain name register ( in my case that’s name cheap) and
setup your DNS (domain name servers) it is always 2 sets of numbers and almost
always starts with the letters NS then a number. Here is a link to how its done
for doing it with Name Cheap .
13 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
You will find more help if you google how to change nameservers (for your
hosting company).
Next step is to load the wordpress platform onto your site from your cpanel. You
will find a very helpful tutorial here on youtube
Once you have done that you need to access your wordpress installation and
make some basic changes so that it looks a bit more professional than it does
out of the box. Here is a video on how to make those changes
Great having got this far is an achievement in itself. If this is all brand new to you
it will all become second nature very soon as you navigate yourself around the
wonderful world of internet marketing and all it has to offer.
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rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Ready Set Go
The first thing that you need to do is join a CPA network these are the guys who
have lots and lots of offers for you to promote and then they pay you for the
clicks you generate.
Make sure you sign up as an affiliate sometimes referred to as a “publisher” not
advertiser as it is you the publisher who is publishing ads on your site, emails etc
using the pay per click advertising. Got it – that’s what were doing here.
Simple as. So who are these CPA guys – well there are quite a few around, some
great and some not so.
Plus they are a little picky on who they accept into their network. So there is a
bit of background work to do before we go in with all guns blazing.
Things that help getting accepted are :-
● a website that has been active for some time
● heaps of traffic to the site
● a large email list 5000+
Cricky I am brand new give me break! No sweat….. we are lookin out for ya
here so don’t despair. I was in the same boat when I first started out so what I
did was, be honest. Told them about my marketing plan and how I was going to
promote their offers.
Even got you a sample to use as a guide as to what to say when you fill in your
15 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
One of the questions will go something like this. How are you marketing online
currently and what websites do you plan on using?
Your response can go like this:-
As a newbie and just getting started in the online business I
currently do not have a website. However my plan is to implement two
major strategies.
I will be building websites around certain niches then have SEO’d
articles written as the sites content. I will also do some off page
SEO to get the websites ranked with the intention to get some organic
traffic to the sites.
By having a good CTA as the sticky post I will then be able to
generate a steady supply of fresh leads which I will then send follow
up messages to with the offer links embedded in.
I also intend to build a good squeeze page and optin
form from a
autoresponder which will capture more leads. I will send traffic to
the squeeze page with both free and paid traffic in the form of
Facebook, Google Adwords and Twitter. These subscribers will enter
their email details in exchange for a free gift.
Once these subscribers are on my list I will be sending them follow
up messages containing the link to offers.
Once I have more experience I will be trying some more methods as
Now that you have submitted your application it is a good idea to actually get on
the phone/skype be proactive give them a call. Best to wait about 15 minutes
then get on the blower and ask if they can look at your application with a view
to getting it approved more quickly.
This shows them that you are serious about business, are keen to get it done
right and care about your application and the CPA business.
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CPA Networks
You will find the signup page for Never Blue here
ClickBooth’s homepage is here
Convert2Media can be found here
The publisher signup application for Commission Junction
Cash Network publisher application form
Application page for publisher on Peerfly
If you find a network that has a great offer you wish to promote and you aren’t
too sure that they are the real deal head over to Odigger http://odigger.com/
click on network reviews
17 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Here you can see the results for peerfly
If you have a bit of a dig around on oDigger you will soon discover that there are
lots of networks and quite a few of them are a bit suspect. You have been
18 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Which Niche’s are Best
The life of a CPA marketer is all about making money so unlike affiliate
marketing where the niche selection is more to do with what interests you.
In the CPA business it’s all about what makes the most money.
To this end the best areas to look for offers would be in :-
● Health
Stress relief
Healthy eating
● Relationships
● Money
Make money online
Real Estate investing
Managing money
● Personal Development
Self esteem
19 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
So Where’s the Money
Picked your niche then the best way to find where the loot is hiding is to
do a bit of research. Head over to Google Trends
In the example below I have searched the personal development area and
the search term spirituality then chosen from the drop down boxes to
search worldwide and for the last 90 days.
As you can see from the graph there is a upward trend so this looks
promising. However more digging required. Fortunately google trends has
more info for us.
20 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Here we can see the top 5 countries are listed as to where the traffic is coming
from. As I mentioned earlier some offers only accept traffic from tier one
countries so using this tool we can see whether a niche would be suitable for us
or not.
21 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
You will also be able to see what some related searches are which may prove of
use in your research. As well as top searches you can see what is in the rise.
Another feature that comes handy is the ability to drill down and specify a
country and see what city or regions the searches are come from.
Here I have chosen the United States from the drop down menu
It is also possible to drill down and get a list of sub regions as well.
22 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
What’s the Best CPA Offer
This is where we do a bit of digging around to find the best deals for us.
Fortunately if you know where to go it is all there for you. So lucky for you we
are heading over to Offer Vault and it’s free though if you wish to use the
advanced search options you need to join which is also free. As you can see in
the screen shot below I typed Business in the search box and showing I am not
biased selected Peerfly as the CPA network from the drop down box
Now this search returned 49 different offers that we could use from the Peerfly
network starting off with a payout of $164 for a lead, however as I stated earlier
23 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
these are highly competitive and we will be going after the low hanging fruit. So
I scrolled down the page a bit and found one that could be a nice consistant little
money earner. Yep that’s the little sucker highlighted below in yellow and if you
were to click on the Offer Name you get another screen telling you just what it
Offer is Success System Revealed paying $2 a lead (email submit)
24 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Describing what the offer is about
25 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Another site you can check for offers is oDigger here it is, the
same as offer- vault, plug in your search details and prefered
affiliate network and you will get a list of appropriate offers, see
the screen shot below.
Screen shot of the oDigger website
You will notice in the screenshot above that the Linking Home
Incom e offer has some letters after it. This indicates that the offer
is only available to persons who reside in those countries. In this
case it is CA Canada, SG Singapore, AU Australia and NZ New
A lot of offers will only accept subscribers from Premium
countries like the USA, Canada , Australia and the United
26 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
However in some cases but not all there will be an international
offer for non premium countries. The payout will be substantially
lower than that for the premium countries but at least you get
As we saw when doing our research with google trends the
regional interest screen shows us the countries with the greatest
number of searches .
27 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Keyword Searches
Finding out how many searches are done for a particular keyword can be helpful
in your quest for online glory. Unfortunately the better keyword tools are paid
services today mainly google adwords however you can get a resonable idea
using a free tool Trellian Keyword Discovery , you will need to sign up to use it
but as I say it is free
Here we can see a total of 93 for spirituality
28 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
The dating niche seems a lot more attractive with 1071 searches
29 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Free Traffic versus Paid traffic
The old chestnut yep traffic the lifeblood of any online business. This is a whole subject just in
itself. Maybe another day however for the purpose of CPA Cash Storm we will have a look at
some of the options available and what is best suited to your situation whether you are a
newbie or an old hand at this caper.
Just to name a few of the more popular and most successful ways
to generate free traffic.
30 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Article marketing this entails writing articles and posting them on article
directories like Ezine directories an having a link to your site in your signature. If
you like writing one page articles not a bad option
SEO which amounts to you optimising your website so that it ranks on page one
of google and people then go to your website. Not as easy as it sounds. SEO is a
science in itself and google love em they keep moving the goal posts
Video marketing is where you make a video on the product /service you are
promoting and then you leave your affiliate link in the description which leads
them to your website.
Forum Posting is another popular way to connect with likely customers. On
forums you need to build up a level of credibility before you go in promoting
stuff. So you will need to get on appropriate forums where people have an
interest in what your product or service is and start to leave feedback on
questions and comments people are leaving before you start promoting your
website in your signature.
Paid Traffic
PPC or Pay Per Click yep this cost money. Guess what google is where most of
the action takes place though of late Bing is starting to become more prominent
in this area so are worth considering. Anyway with PPC you create an advert in
Google or Bing then when someone clicks on your ad Google / Bing get paid and
the client is sent to you website.
31 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
PPV – Pay Per View this model works where you pay every time someone views
your ad. Not recommended when you first start out or even with a new ad. Best
to only use when you know that an ad is popular and works
Media Buying this is where you buy advertising space on websites, be it banners
or display ads.
This isn’t the best model to start with, however it has been proven to work and
once someone has cut their teeth on a more basic CPA model sooner or later
they usually end up using media buys.
Social Media facebook is a good way to go if social media is your style.
On the page you will find lots of information on not only brands but also
products. You will also find celebs athletes even politicians. Apart from these
you will be able find trending twitter users in the sidebar.
32 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
So we now have a dilemma Free or Paid. Just how free are the free methods you
may ask.
FREE traffic costs TIME
33 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
PAID traffic costs Money
So which one is it to be
Do you have a job a family and social commitments. Do you have the time to
write articles sit on forums and blogs writing articles and making comments.
On the other hand do you have the money to invest in your business, to do the
PPC on google and / or Bing.
Can afford to run a few test campaigns to see what works before you spend on a
larger campaign. Maybe even be able to pay someone to write article’s so you
can post them on an article directory.
With paid traffic methods you will see results in one or two days. Whereas with
article marketing it could be several weeks before you start to see any results.
Still not sure which way to go and you have a few dollars budgeted for this then
may I suggest you ask yourself this. “How much is my time worth?”
34 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
● Set realistic goals
● Do something – choose a niche and do it
● Keep educating yourself – forums and blogs to name a few
● Use your affiliate managers – keep in touch and ask for advice
● Don’t lose focus
● Don’t give up
● Don’t over complicate things – keep it simple
35 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Fast Start
8 step quick action plan to get you going once you have applied and got
approval for your chosen network. Nothing too hard as it’s really quite simple
you just have to do it.
● Log on to your prefered network
● Check EPC to see which offers have the best conversions
● Use this information to determine your niche
● Look for 3 or 4 free offers in a sub-market with high earnings per click
● Create a website based on the sub market
● Create content promoting the offers
● Send free traffic to your site
● Rinse and Repeat
Once you get yourself organised and get the hang of what you are doing you can
then move onto some of the more advanced methods we covered earlier on.
36 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Yep this is it !
You have made it this far and for that I am grateful. It heartens me that you have
taken the time and effort to do something and for that I congratulate you.
I know if all this is foreign to you it is a bit daunting at times however if you stick
it out the rewards will be there for you in the end.
Persistence is the key and that means not giving up. So if one campaign doesn’t
work that doesn’t mean the system doesn’t work. You just need to get back on
the horse and get better with the next campaign.
I believe there is no such thing as a failure only a learning experience. Except of
course if you give up and quit. Quitters lose and Winners are Grinners.
So what’s next well if you flipped thru the book and came here first then high
tail it back to the beginning and get stuck in as you’ve got some catching up to
If that’s not you it would be a good idea to go back to beginning and complete
the steps as you work your way thru the book. I am hoping you do use this
information and start to produce an income from your online business and you
Become the person you need to Be and Do what you need to Do so you Have
what you want to Have.
Always Looking out for Ya
Ian Kane
37 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
RED HOT Resources
WPtwin this is a great tool for backing up and cloning sites a real time saver.
Namecheap a good place to get your domain name from
Get Response the preferred autoresponder and the first months free
OptimizePress2 get your squeeze pages looking great with No Fuss
MidPhase Hosting my preferred host, been using them for years with no issues
Funnel Kit Create Killer Sales Pages (great value at a low price)
38 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here

Content Broker Formula

Content Broker
Formula 2.0
By Christopher Moore
Content Broker Formula©2015
Manufactured in Canada. All rights reserved. No part of this book
may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or
mechanical means including, but not limited to, information
storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from
the publisher, except by a reviewer, who may quote brief
passages in a review.
This booklet was designed to give correct and helpful
information. The information contained herein is up to date only
to the date of publication. The author and publisher of this book
shall not have liability nor responsibility to any person or legal
entity in regard to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be
caused either directly or indirectly by the information contained
in this booklet.
Thank you for buying a copy of Content Broker Formula
My name is Chris and I’ve been working as a writer and online
marketer for 5 years.
Like most people in my position, I started selling my services to
the lowest bidder on internet marketing forums. I started at 5$
per article, like most writers do. I felt horrible. I had to meet
deadlines with arrogant and sometimes very demanding clients. I
finally burned out and had to stop for a while.
And then I found out something fundamental about content.
Content is very different from other products. It is completely
digital, meaning that there is no manufacturing involved and
anybody can sell content as long as they have the copyrights to
So why not let other people write content for me and sell it back
for a profit?
I know, a lot of people will think that it is immoral to have
someone else do all the hard work and enjoy the benefits, but
let’s look at it from another perspective. I remember back when I
used to work as a writer, I couldn’t care less what my clients did
with the articles, as long as they ordered from me.
So if they actually told me that they were going to sell the articles
back for 10, 15, 30 or even 100 dollars, I wouldn’t care less as
long as I got paid.
So don’t think that you’re exploiting poor writers when you hire
them. They couldn’t be happier. Fact is, many writers are very
talented, but are lousy marketers. At the end of the day, I know
where to find high end customers and they don’t; if they did,
they wouldn’t be selling themselves so low.
Second, some people will never buy articles for 5$, no matter
how good they are. For them, the very fact that the writer is
selling them so low must mean that they are low quality.
However, many very good writers are selling themselves cheap
because they aren’t aware of their value. They figure that the
lower they can sell their articles, the more chances they have at
getting hired.
While it is true that there is a huge market for cheap content out
here, they are just as much people looking for top quality
content. As a matter of fact, people who are looking for quality
content are usually the best clients. They tend to be repeat
customers and are surprisingly a lot less demanding than bargain
Most bargain hunters are fly by night marketers who don’t
understand the power of good content. People who try to pinch
pennies on something as crucial as content don’t usually last long
in this business.
You could sell a 5$ article to a client for 30$ and they would be
more than happy to pay for it as long as the content was good.
The importance is the quality of the content, not how much you
paid for it.
So don’t feel bad for “overcharging” clients if you provide top
quality content. That’s the main thing I always concentrate on,
providing great content to my clients. You only have one
reputation, and if there’s something that is crucial in this
business is how reliable you are.
To this day, I’ve received nothing but positive feedback even
though I never bought content for more than 1.5 cent per word,
which is the most you should pay in my opinion unless you want
to get into magazine quality territory.
There is definitely a quality ceiling when it comes to common
web content. Most people who look for information online are
looking for straight forward, straight to the point information. So
unless you’re trying to build the world’s greatest authority site,
there really is no need for top of the line, magazine quality
As long as you can provide simple, informative content written in
language everybody can understand, you’ll have clients lining up
for your services. However, if you do want to go for magazine
quality content, it is definitely feasible, all you have to do is find a
better writer to outsource it to.
And that is the beauty with this model. The possibilities are
endless. You could be selling sales copy, which is extremely
lucrative, ebooks or pretty much anything that can be written
and outsourced.
This business model in my opinion one of the easiest ways to
make money online, especially if you’re a beginner on a limited
budget. In this book, I will show you how you can start a
profitable content outsourcing business without investing a
single dollar.
A lot of people say that there is no easy way to make money
online. I generated 730$ in sales in one week and it took me all
but 3 hours of work to get there, and I’m being very generous. I
challenge anybody to tell me this hard work.
You’ve just stumbled upon one of the greatest secrets to making
money online, and don’t get mistaken, everybody is doing it.
Most internet marketing “gurus” have their whole content
written by third party writers, and there is really nothing wrong
with that.
So now that you’re all excited at the prospect of starting your
own, fully outsourced content business, let’s get to the meat of
this product, shall we?
The Process
Content arbitrage is simply the process of buying low and selling
high. That’s it.
I would love to tell you that the whole process is complicated,
but it’s one of the most simple business models you’ll find. It
goes like this:
1. Find clients
2. Get paid upfront (this part is very important)
3. Find a reliable source for content
4. Send the order details to the source
5. Review the content
6. Send the order to the client
7. Keep the profits!!!
It’s that simple. I used to think that dropshipping was the best
and easiest model out there, but I had to work with returns and
there is always an added element of stress when you’re dealing
with tangible goods. To this day, I haven’t had a single client
complaining about my work or demanding a refund.
Finding clients is not that difficult and I’m going to show you
places where you can find literally thousands of people looking
for content. Finding a reliable source to write content isn’t that
complicated either and I’m going to show you my favorite place
to find good content writers later in this book.
All you have to do is ask your client to outline the details of his
order in as much detail as possible and make sure that you
understand every aspect of the project before you ship it.
Once your writer turns around the article, you can either send it
to another third party for proofreading or you can review the
content yourself.
Since I’ve been a professional writer for many years, I do all the
proofreading myself which allows me to save money. However, if
you don’t feel like doing it, sending it to an editor is a great way
to save time.
However, the hardest part is finding people who will be willing to
pay good money for articles. If you want to make any kind of
substantial profits with this business, you’ll have to sell your
content for at least two times what you’ve paid for.
When I first started, there wasn’t as much competition in the
content business and I could find clients without much trouble.
However, there has been an explosion of content writers lately
which has somewhat overcrowded the market.
But, I have discovered a way that you can easily upsell your
product with little to no competition. You’ll be going after one of
the hungriest and ever expanding group of buyers out here. Just
read on to the next chapter.
The Formula
While the whole process of arbitrage is pretty simple, getting an
edge over literally thousands and thousands of other people
offering the same service as can be a challenge.
However, I’ve found a way to circumvent this. And it’s by selling
product reviews.
One of the most popular ways to promote products online is
trough review sites. The way they work is simple: people sign up
for an affiliate program where they get paid for every sale made
through their affiliate link. They then set up a site reviewing one
or multiple products and add their affiliate links. Once someone
is ready to buy the product, they follow the link to the vendor’s
site and the affiliate gets paid.
From the very beginning of internet marketing, review sites have
been, and still are, one of the most profitable ways to make
money as an affiliate marketer.
But there is one group of affiliates in particular who is craving
reviews and need them to sustain their business: A mazon
Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the best in the business. It is
incredibly easy to join and there are thousands of new affiliates
joining every day. What’s great about Amazon is that they sell
virtually anything which gives affiliates an infinite possibility of
niches to market to.
Amazon affiliates are some of the best clients you’ll ever find
because they know what they want and often do not stop at one
niche. That means that they are more prone to becoming repeat
One of the reasons I prefer selling reviews over regular articles is
because of how easy they are to write and outsource. You don’t
need to be overly stylish when writing reviews, all you have to do
is be accurate and informative. Nobody cares about fancy
language when they read a review, as a matter of fact, the
simpler the better.
This is why people who buy reviews never complain about the
content as long as it is decently written and follows their
guidelines. The problem with general articles is that people tend
to be finicky and you never really know what your client wants.
Another great reason to sell reviews is that there is virtually no
one selling this service. Not only will you have little competition,
but you’ll be able to charge premium prices for content you
would otherwise sell for a fraction of the price.
People will prefer going to you rather than regular content
providers because you’ll become the review guy. They will see
you as an authority because you will be selling reviews and
reviews only. This will become your speciality.
However, you don’t have to stick to reviews only. A lot of people
are still willing to pay for quality content, you’ll just have to work
harder to find them since you’ll have to compete with the
thousands of other content providers out there.
In my experience, there are two types of clients: bargain hunters,
who are looking for the cheapest content possible, and people
who look for premium quality content; there is really no middle
Charging 15$ for a 500 word article will be too much for bargain
hunters, and people looking for quality content might assume
that they will get poor quality at this price. This is why I tell
people that it’s always better to shoot for the moon if they feel
their content is worth it, because real marketers aren’t the type
to cut corners on content.
And people who will tell you that it’s easy to find premium clients
for your services are simply lying. People who spend big money
on content don’t just hire anybody. They conduct background
checks and unless you are a well-established content provider,
don’t expect people knocking on your door begging you to write
an editorial piece for them.
However, people will be more than happy to pay 15$ for a well
written review because they assume that it demands more work
and is therefore more valuable. They also know that they will get
a return on their investment on a well written review no matter
Unless you pick the wrong niche or have absolutely no idea how
to manage and market your content, reviews are definitely a
sound investment. Many amazon affiliates are making a killing
posting review articles either through their own sites or trough
web 2.0 sites like Squidoo or Hubpages.
I’ve been writing reviews for more than a year now and I’m not
going back. Selling and writing reviews is my absolute favorite
segment of the content creation business. You get minimum
hassle, deal with the best clients, and have a huge audience to
market to.
Now, let me show you where you can find clients fast. More in
the next chapter.
Finding Clients
One of the reasons a lot of people are afraid to get in the
outsourcing business is because they believe that they won’t be
able to find people to buy their services at a premium price.
However, you may not believe me, but finding clients is in my
opinion the easiest part of the process.
What you will do is advertise your services in front of literally
thousands of people who are waiting for your services. You can
always go with huge freelancing sites such as eLance or
Freelancer, but the people on these sites are often bargain
These sites are overcrowded with people who are willing to sell
the same services as you for pennies on a dollar and you’ll have
to compete against people from all over the world.
In my opinion, webmaster forums or forums revolving around
internet marketing are your best bet. And when it comes to
internet marketing forums, only two matter in my opinion:
Digital Point and the Warrior Forum .
Each one of these outlets has its advantages and disadvantages. I
personally prefer Warrior Forum, but Digital Point is a great place
to get started, simply because you can post a gig for free. As a
matter of fact the first time I posted a gig on Digital Point, I
received inquiries the very same day.
The main issue with Digital Point is that it attracts a lot of people
from less fortunate countries, which means that people aren’t
willing to pay as much for articles.
The process is pretty simple. Go to DigitalPoint.com, sign up for a
free account and you’ll be able to post gigs in their content
creation section after you’ve been through their minimal posting
requirements. At the time of writing, I believe the requirements
were 2 weeks and a minimum of 20 posts before you could post
a gig in their buy and sale section.
However, you have to be careful when offering your services on
Digital Point because it operates on a feedback system. This
means that buyers will be able to rate your services and
everybody will be able to see the feedback you’ve received.
This means that if you fall short of people’s expectations, your
reputation might be tarnished, so make sure that your clients are
satisfied with their work.
Another problem with Digital Point is that there are a lot less
people there, so you’ll have a harder time finding clients.
However, when it comes to internet marketing forums, none
come close to the Warrior Forum. The Warrior Forum is the
mother of all internet marketing forums. It is my #1 favorite place
to find clients and you can make thousands of dollars marketing
on Warrior Forum alone.
You can post a gig in the “warriors for hire” section for only 20$
which is great if you’re on a budget.
In the warriors for hire section, you’ll find people advertising
everything from content creation services, graphic and web
design and various SEO related services. The competition on
there can be fierce, but since you’ll be targeting a very specific
niche in the content creation sector, you shouldn’t have issues
finding clients.
When preparing your first job post, it is always better to look for
previous similar posts and look at how the thread is formulated.
This will give you a blueprint on how to write your thread. Do not
copy word for word what you saw on another thread, but inspire
yourself from the thread’s structure to create your own.
Here is the exact sales pages I used to get started. However,
please do not to lift it word for word. You can modify it as you
wish to tailor it specifically for your offer:
In the beginning, the most difficult part is finding people to use
your service and give their opinions. On Warrior Forum, social
proof is king.
Since people will be able to interact directly on your thread, their
opinions will be there for everyone to see. However, once a
couple people start giving positive reviews for your service, the
ball will start rolling and other people will be less hesitant to try
your service.
The quickest way to get reviews is to mention in your thread and
headline that you’re offering free review copies to a limited
number of warriors. You’ll be paying for these out of your pocket,
so I suggest you keep the number of reviews to 10. I suggest that
you also buy an article that will be used as a sample.
There are many ways to advertise on the Warrior Forum. Per
instance, once your post leaves the second page of the warriors
for hire section, you can’t bump it right back to first page for an
additional 20$.
I suggest that you wait at least 2 weeks to bump your thread so
that fresh eyes will have the chance to see it. All I did as far as
advertising is post my thread and bump it occasionally and this
gives me a steady stream of orders.
However, there are many other ways that you can advertise on
the forum if you want your thread to get more visibility. You can
buy a banner ad or pay to have an image added to your
signature. I’ve heard a lot of people say great things about these
options, but I didn’t need them to get the type of profits I was
looking for.
Getting paid
I suggest that you invest in a 123contactform account before you
get started. I use this service to accept orders with the least
hassle possible. However, you can always go the old fashion way
and ask people to send the details of their order through private
message or email.
123contact form allows you to set up as many forms as you want
with an integrated Paypal module for about 30 dollars per
month. Make sure that you include a field for the email address,
the number of articles, the article’s length, keywords and any
special instructions. You will integrate the form to your “warrior
for hire” thread and orders will be sent to your email address
with all the details.
All you’ll have to do is basically copy and paste the instructions
and ship them to you writer(s) and send them back to the client
once the articles are complete. It really doesn’t get as simple as
Make sure that you gain a good reputation for your services,
because once you start getting negative reviews, they stay there
forever. However, a good reputation goes a long way. People will
start recommending your services to other members and you’ll
start getting huge orders out of the blue.
In my opinion, you could make a steady living with Warrior
Forum alone if you do it right. I spend much of my time there and
I’ve gotten a lot of valuable information and built great business
relationships through this forum, so I suggest that you threat the
community with respect and it will serve you well.
Now, let’s find out where you’ll be f inding people to write your
How To Build An Army Of Writers
Another thing that scares people who want to get started in this
business is finding reliable writers to supply their articles.
For a long time, this was one of the reasons I was hesitant to get
in this line of business. I didn’t want to put my trust and
reputation in the hands of people I didn’t know.
But this was before I discovered iWriter
iWriter is a community of over 100,000 writers from all over the
world and it is, in my opinion, the best place to find good quality
content for a low price.
One of the best things about iWriter is that if you don’t like an
article that was written for you, you are under no obligation to
accept it. That means no payment upfront and you get to choose
until you find exactly the level of quality you’re looking for.
Another great thing about iWriter is that if you really like an
article that was written for you, you can keep the writer in your
favorite writers list. This way, you can assemble a team of highly
qualified writers who will be able to provide a lot of content in no
Imagine if you had a team of 50 high quality writers who could
write 5 articles per day; that would mean that you could process
250 articles PER DAY.
Imagine if you made a profit of 5$ per article, which is about
what I’m making now, you could generate 1250$ per day from
outsourcing. And since you’re outsourcing all the work, there
isn’t a big difference in effort between processing 10, 20, 50 or
100 articles since your writers will absorb most of the load.
Processing 10 articles takes me about 20 minutes at the very
most. Getting paid is instant, since you can automate the whole
process. Reviewing the articles and making minor changes takes
me about 1 to 2 minutes per article, but you can also hire
someone to edit and proofread your content for as little as 1
dollar per 500 words or hire a virtual assistant who you’ll pay by
the hour on sites like Odesk. But I’d rather keep the money and
do the editing myself, even though you won’t have to do much
proofreading if you work with good writers.
The process I use to recruit writers is simple. Once I get a project,
I will send a request out to all premium writers. iWriter offers
three levels of quality: basic, premium and elite. Articles written
by basic writers cost about 3$ per article, premium articles cost
5.50$ per 500 words and elite articles cost 10$. But, I’ve never
used the services of an elite writer and my clients have been
more than satisfied with premium articles so far.
Another thing that’s great with iWriter is that jobs are completed
with lightning fast speed, sometimes within an hour. Once you
get the articles, you can review them and reject the ones you
don’t like. Some articles will be junk, but you’ll quickly notice
writers with superior skills. These are the people you will be
adding to your favorite writers list.
However, make sure that the percentage of articles that you
accept isn’t too low. If you reject too much articles, it will show in
your statistics and writers might assume that you’re a difficult
client. I try to keep my percentage around the 75% mark, this
insures that my jobs are be picked off quickly and this percentage
is high enough to deter sub-par writers.
Once you have a big enough list of writers, you could knock out
as much as 50 to 100 articles in as little as one day. There is really
no limit to the number of articles that you could supply in one
day considering the huge amount of writers available on iWriter.
Make sure to treat your best writers well and send them regular
work. You also need to keep recruiting since you never know
when a writer might leave for greener pastures or just decide
they don’t want to write articles no more.
Besides iWriter, there are plenty of other places where you can
find reliable writers. Here are a few examples:
Warrior Forum
You can hire people on Warrior Forum and keep them as a
backup or main source for content. Make sure that you hire
people who have a positive feedback and are well established.
Also, make sure that sure that you check how established the
people leaving positive feedback are. If all the feedback is coming
from people who only have a few postings, beware, these could
be fake reviews.
Warrior Forum is not only a great source for content writers, but
it’s in my opinion one of the best places where you can find
reliable suppliers for all kinds of services ranging from web
design, graphic design, programming and SEO.
You can find great content providers on WF for as low as 5$ per
500 word article, even less. However, some people will charge
more for product reviews. If you can’t get under 5$ per 500
review article, it will be hard for you to make a substantial profit.
You can easily sell a 500 word article for 12.50$, so the lower
price you can get without compromising the quality the better.
In my experience, I’ve gotten better content from iWriter
because of the sheer number of writers available, but make sure
to keep a few good content writers in your back pocket in case of
Most major content providers on Warrior Forum work with a
team of writers and can produce huge amounts of content in a
very short time period, so they can come very handy in case you
have a huge job that you need done asap.
Digital Point
You can also find good content provider on Digital Point. Prices
are usually way lower there, but the quality isn’t always the best.
Digital point operates on a feedback system and you can check
what kind of score the supplier has before hiring them.
You can make a lot of money with Digital Point if you’re prepared
to cater to low ball buyers. In my opinion, the best place to hire
people is the Philippines. Most Filipinos speak fluent English and
can write pretty decent content. However, don’t expect them to
crank out stylistic gems.
Some will sell their services for as low as 2$ per article,
sometimes even less. And before you scream that it’s unethical
to pay people so low, please keep in mind that 2$ is more than
most people make in a day in some of these countries.
Considering that a skilled writer can write as much as 4 articles in
an hour, you could literally feed an entire family with one day’s
If you want to target low ball customers, Digital Point is definitely
the way to go. But, in my experience, low paying customers are
usually the most demanding, so be prepared for that. They are
also more inclined to ask for last minute modifications or special
requests. But, on the upside, there is a huge demand for cheap
content and you can make a handsome profit by targeting this
However, when it comes to programmers and graphic designers,
Digital Point is in my opinion the best place to hire people. I’ve
hired people on Digital Point for small programming jobs and
they came through all the time. There are tons of highly
proficient programmers on Digital Point, and since programing
and design demands only minimal English skills, you can hire
people from pretty much anywhere in the world who will charge
pennies on a dollar for otherwise very expensive jobs.
Before hiring someone on Digital Point, always make sure that
you arrange payment terms beforehand. When you have the
chance, demand for payment to be made upon completion only.
If you can’t, try to arrange a 50% pre-payment arrangement.
NEVER pay for the whole order beforehand if you don’t want
your supplier to skip with the money or end up being stuck with
sub-par content.
You can also look at sites like Fiverr , or other micro gig sites that
allow you to hire writers and a variety of service providers for as
low as 5$. Fiverr also allows buyers to leave feedback so you can
check the sellers’ reputation in a minute.
Just go to the content section and set the filter to show gigs in
order of higher to lower feedback. Then, look for the suppliers
with the biggest number of orders. This usually means that they
offer good service, which will minimize your risks.
To be perfectly honest, I’ve never used Fiverr for content,
however, you’ll find tons of good advertisement (especially social
media) and graphic design gigs up there for 5$, so it’s always
good to keep them as a secondary option.
Freelancer sites
Freelancer sites are another place where you can find tons of
content providers. I don’t personally use freelancer sites for
content providers, but I know a lot of people swear by these
Elance, F reelancer and O desk are probably the most popular
ones and they operate pretty much on the same model. You can
either post job offers or hire people based on their feedback.
Odesk is slightly different because it allows you to watch how
your job is progressing in real time via screen capture. This is
especially great when you’re working with people from oversees.
This allows you to tell if the person you’ve hired is really working
on your job.
If you’re intending to sell your services, I wouldn’t recommend
such sites when you’re just starting out because of the sheer
amount of competition there. You’ll have to compete with
people from all over the world and have to significantly lower
your prices.
I suggest that you arrange a Skype session with anybody you’re
intending of hiring whether it is on internet marketing forums or
freelancer sites. This will give you the opportunity to see if you’ll
be able to work with them and get a general sense of their
character. It will also allow you to establish trust and see if the
both of you are compatible.
Once you have built a team of reliable writers you’ll be virtually
unstoppable. While I prefer to work with premium clients, I’m
always open to people with smaller budgets. I usually market my
high end products on sites like Warrior Forum and keep a service
thread open on Digital Point where I market my services at a
lower price. By cornering every sector of the market you’ll have
more opportunities to make clients.
Also, I recommend that you retain the services of a few proof
readers if you feel like proofreading is too much of a job for you.
Warrior Forum is the best place to find people who will not only
proofread your articles, but improve them for you for as low as
1$ per 500 words. Sure, you’ll lose some of the profits, but you’ll
save a lot of time as well. You can also find tons of proofreaders
on eLance and Odesk.
Once you have your system in place, you’ll be a legitimate
content provider and you’ll be able to handle all types of orders
with full confidence. There is no better feeling then waking up to
400$ dollars in your Paypal account knowing that you’ll only have
to do a small portion of the work while helping someone else
make a living.
The content brokerage business is one of the most liberating and
rewarding sectors in the business. I get to work with tons of
interesting people every day and I get a great sense of pride
every time one of my clients tells me how satisfied he is with my
But, now that you have a prolific and efficient team of writers
waiting on you hand and foot, wouldn’t it be nice if you took full
advantage of them? I mean, providing services is great and you
can turn a great profit being a content broker, but if I told you
that there was ways that you could get paid 20$, 30$ even 50$
per article, what would you say? Well, in the next chapter, I’m
going to show you how you can take your business to the next
Building An Empire
While it’s nice to serve clients and all, wouldn’t it be nice if you
could take advantage of that huge army of writers for your own
benefit? Think about it, if people are willing to pay 15$ per
review, then it must mean that they are getting a return on their
investment, right?
Most review buyers have their own sites and add new reviews on
a regular basis. Having such a large team of writers who can
provide top quality content fast at a low price is an excellent
opportunity to start your own review site empire.
Setting up a review site isn’t as difficult as it seems. I learned
everything I know about web programing by watching YouTube
videos and trough sites like w3schools.com .
If you’re a novice, I suggest that you familiarise yourself with
Wordpress. WordPress is a blogging/content management
platform that is extremely easy to use. Everything is pretty much
drag and drop and anybody with minimal knowledge of html can
get a professional looking website up and running in seconds.
What’s great with WordPress is that you can change your site’s
complete design simply by switching the theme. You can either
buy themes or find free ones online. I suggest however that you
go the paid route since free themes can be infected with
malicious programs.
One of the most popular themes for review sites is the
ProReview Theme. This theme was popularized a big time
amazon affiliate guru and many people swear by it. There are
also tons of great review themes that you can buy on Warrior
When buying a theme, make sure that you buy the developer’s
license as well. This will allow you to flip your websites for profit.
By building review sites, you can get a huge return on your
investment. There are basically three ways that you can get paid
building review sites:
1. Building custom sites for clients
2. Create your own sites and make money as an affiliate
3. Create websites and sell them on sites like Flippa
All three models have their advantages and disadvantages. Per
instance, creating websites for third parties pays you instantly,
but you’ll have to deal with clients who might have last minute
recommendations or are just plain difficult.
On the other hand, building your websites and monetizing them
through affiliate offers is probably the best solution long term.
However, it can take time to start seeing substantial profits.
Building and selling websites on sites like Flippa allows you to get
paid pretty fast and gives you a lot of flexibility. All it costs to list
a website on Flippa is 20$ and you can either sell your website
for a set “buy it now” price or run an auction.
A decent review site should have at least five 500 to 700 word
reviews with a front page video if possible. If you don’t know
where to find people to do the videos, just check out Fiverr’s
video section and you’ll find tons of people willing to do them for
If you pay 5$ per review and between 5$ and 10$ for the video,
you could make over 100$ in profits if you sell each site for 150$.
This is, in my opinion, the best way to optimize your potential.
The possibilities really are endless. Cheap quality content is an
invaluable commodity and when you have content, you have
power. So use this power to your advantage.
Closing words
The business of content is ever expanding and there is really no
sign of slowing down. With the secrets I’ve just uncovered in this
book, you have the chance to corner a very lucrative sector of
the content creation market and hold a position of choice in this
multi-million dollar a year industry.
And you don’t even have to stop at content. You can outsource
web design, web programming, graphic design; pretty much any
service that can be sold online can also be outsourced.
Finding good content is one of the biggest challenges in this
industry, and with the secrets in this book, you’ll never have to
struggle for content again.
You should never underestimate the power of content. Content
is the life and soul of the internet, and having access to top
quality content on tap will give you a huge edge over your
So, on these words, I would like to wish you the best of luck in
the content brokerage business and I hope this will be the start
of a long and fruitful career in the IM business. Thanks!

Business Structure

The Internet
Marketers Survival
Guide on Setting-up
in Business
by Richard Calderwood
Given the uncertainty of world economies, guaranteed long-term
employment could become a thing of the past for many of us. The
global economy is now more interconnected and interdependent
than ever it was before – it has become a turbulent and
unpredictable environment in which to operate.
But the flipside, is that the alternative to employment is the
excitement of self-employment – working for yourself, and often
from home as a starting point.
Over the last decade, huge developments in technology with its
ever decreasing costs, particularly in communications, access to
international markets, and more affordable mobility, have all
enabled, and indeed positively favour, the small self-employed
business entities. It is these new nimble entities that can spring
up, blossom, and flourish in this ‘digital environment’, by outmanoeuvring
the large unwieldy establishments of the past.
But these self-same opportunities for you are equally ideal
opportunities for others, and the competition for space and
attention out in the marketplace can be fierce. The battlefield is
littered with the fallen, whilst the mighty go on to greater
The UK is now a nation of bootstrapping entrepreneurs, with
49% of small businesses revealing that they set up their business
with under £2,000 of capital. Nearly one in 10 needed no startup
funding whatsoever. According to new statistics (from the
national enterprise campaign run by the Centre for
Entrepreneurs think tank), there were over 526,000 business
start-ups registered at Companies House in the UK during the
past 12 months (to November 2014). And, in addition to these
will be many thousands of smaller and ‘internet’ style
businesses, run from home and not on the ‘radar’ of those
collating these statistics.
And in the USA there is the same ‘revolution’ taking off, with an
average of 543,000 new businesses started each month
(according to Forbes). According to their statistics, 52% of all
small businesses are home-based and approximately 75% of all
businesses in the USA are, what they refer to as, non-employer
So the future is bright for the smaller business – your own
business – offering you ‘career security’ in place of the once
valued ‘job security’. And leading the field currently are the
internet based businesses.
But beware – the failure rate of business start-ups and young
businesses is high – much too high.
According to Bloomberg (American bias) 8 out of 10
entrepreneurs who start businesses, will fail within the first 18
months. And, of those survivors, an equally large percentage will
fall by the wayside during the following few years – ie, by
deduction, some 95% of businesses started each year will not be
around after 5-10 years. (Note: various UK bank surveys over
the years support these ratios too.)
Although there are no specific numbers available for internet
business start-ups, there are many experts in the field that
reckon the failure rate for internet business is nearer 95% – but
frighteningly they say “within 120 days”!
This is scary stuff.
But even more scary, let me tell you, is that whilst the main
excuse for business failure is usually given as ‘running out of
cash’ or ‘bad luck’, evidence invariably points very clearly to an
lack of competence by the owners and managers – cracks in the
business always appear well before the brutal day of financial
“There is a common theme”, argues retail magnate Theo
Paphitis. “The reason people fail is because they don’t do their
homework. You wouldn’t sit an exam without doing any
preparation,” he points out. “A business is no different. It’s about
knowing more than the next guy or girl and performing better,
and the only way you can do that is through knowledge. It’s basic
stuff, but we don’t do it.”
So what do you need to do to make sure that you are not one of
the statistics?
In my experience, whilst there can never be any guarantees, you
can indeed put in place safeguards against failure.
And to help you understand what you need to do I am putting
together a number of reports on aspects of setting up in business,
and managing your business for optimum profit. This report
specifically deals with setting up your business, ensuring that
you choose the right trading structure for your business, and
that you pay due attention to some of the red tape that our many
bureaucratic bodies seem to throw in our way.
“Should I trade as a ‘company’, or trade as an individual ‘sole
trader’, or what?” is probably amongst the first, and most
common, questions asked by people becoming self-employed.
Although not set in concrete, the decision you make can have
major implications on the future of your business. And,
unfortunately there is no straightforward ‘right’ or ‘wrong’
answer – because different operating structures suit different
people in different situations and at different times. The
structure you choose will depend upon your own personal
situation, your aspirations, and the future plans for your
business. Picking the wrong structure, whilst okay in the
beginning, could see you eventually paying more tax than is
necessary, placing your personal assets at risk, or both.
Sometimes you don’t get an option. For example, a lot of
freelance individuals in the UK choose to operate as a limited
company for no other reason than because their potential clients
and agencies will only do business with individuals who operate
this way (to avoid payroll issues).
Having read this report through, and depending on your
situation, so you will have an idea on how you move your
business forward.
This report has been written at the request of a group of Internet
marketers who, at a busy meeting recently, expressed deep
concerns and frustrations over the lack of ‘easy to understand’
information about how to form and run their own businesses.
The contents of this report include: page
1. Business legal structure – overview and
comparatives matrix
2. Sole trader – details 17
3. Partnership – details 22
4. Limited company – details 26
5. Limited liability partnership – details 37
6. Incorporation Calculator 40
7. Companies House – finding your way 42
8. VAT – a basic outline 49
9. VAT MOSS – a basic outline 53
10. Data Protection requirements – a basic outline 56
11. Payroll and PAYE requirements – a basic outline 59
12. Accounting and record keeping 62
13. How to choose your accountant – and other
14. Outsourcing and subcontractors – things to watch 72
15. Employee incentive schemes 76
16. Research and Development 78
17. . . . . . and a few other things 80
18. Links to useful website, guides, etc 90
And to make it easier for you to flip between the contents,
summaries and details, navigational hyperlinks have been set up
throughout the report.
What I won’t be covering in this report is ‘running’ the business,
such as strategy, how to write a business plan, funding
requirements and raising the finance, marketing and research,
key performance indicators and critical success factors,
leadership teamwork and delegation, etc. All these will be
covered in a future guide currently being developed.
We look firstly at your ‘legal’ business structure – it is important
that you set up your business to operate within the parameters
of being incorporated, or not. Failure to get this right could
endanger your personal assets, and / or result in you paying
more tax than you need to. These structures are outlined in the
matrix below, and explained in far more detail later in this
report – this table is just a ‘quick and easy’ checklist of what
these structures are, and why or when to use them.
To keep it simple, you can be either ‘un-incorporated’, or
‘incorporated’, and within each category (mainly for tax
purposes) are further definitions as shown below.
Incorporated category
Sole trader
Company Limited by Shares
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
And, probably of little significance to you
and therefore not discussed in this report,
are the:
Company Limited by Guarantee
Community Interest Company
And the main advantages and dis-advantages of each, in relation
to certain considerations, are outlined in the matrix on the
following pages:
Matter for
(excluding LLP’s)
Legal liability
for debts
Unlimited liability –
you risk all your
personal assets (house
etc) in the event of a
crises in unpaid debts
by your business.
Liabilities stop with
the company, and your
personal assets (unless
surrendered by
guarantee) are safe
from the company’s
creditors. Same
safeguards of limited
liability apply to a
Taxed as an individual
on profits achieved –
biggest problem is
avoiding ‘higher rate’
taxes (see detailed
section). National
Insurance payable too,
but thresholds and
ceilings in place.
Trading losses (if any)
Companies pay
corporation (see
detailed section). Can
extract money partly
by way of salary (but
er’s NI costly) plus
partly by way of
dividends that don’t
attract NI. Can leave
money in the company
can be set off against
other personal income.
to avoid higher rate
income tax personally,
which can be helpful
where cash flow
needed for reinvestment
in the
business. Trading
losses can’t be used
Benefits and
Sole traders who work
from home can charge
a portion of shared
costs, such as
motoring, phone, light
and heat, etc to the
Benefits, such as the
provision of a car,
medical care, etc have
to be declared to
HMRC and attract tax
and NI. Other than a
token ‘use of own car’
allowance nothing
comes ‘free’ of tax.
Perception to
the market
Sole trader can often
be perceived by
customers and
suppliers as ‘too small’
– (trust, ability to pay,
A ‘company’ often is
perceived to be bigger
and more credible than
perhaps it is – ie
suppliers and
customers will trade
more readily
Growth Can be difficult to
attract high
performing staff, and
potential investors (if
needed) may be more
Easier to attract
investors, be it by way
of loans or acquisition
of shares, and also high
flying talent easier to
attract as business
perceive as more stable
long term.
Little requirement to
let the outside world
(including your
competitors) know
about your business
Director details,
abbreviated accounts,
etc published at
Companies House and
available to the public –
and your competitors.
Costs involved
Low start-up costs, and
minimal continuing
administrative costs in
terms of filing tax
returns etc
Costs more to set up,
plus annual filing fees
thereafter. Annual
statutory accounts and
tax returns more
costly. If company gets
really large, may fall
into ‘audit’
requirements (and that
is expensive). Required
to file
Annual return to
Companies House each
Ultimate flexibility to
change direction,
business policies,
extract or borrow
money, etc as you are
accountable to yourself
Statutory compliance
constraints, board and
shareholder meetings,
accountable to
expectations, etc all
make it more difficult
to change direction
quickly and easily.
No mechanism for
employee participation
in the rewards of the
business other than
through bonuses which
attract tax and NI.
Employee share
incentive schemes can
enable employees to
become partial owners
of the business and
thereby share in its
growth and prosperity.
A sole trade generally
ceases with the
proprietor’s retirement
A company’s lifespan is
not dictated by that of
its owners – it has a
statutory life of its own
that can continue over
hundreds of years.
Transfer of
ownership –
Exit plans
Transfer of ownership
can be difficult – can be
more difficult to ‘sell’
as often perceived as
dependent on the
owner’s expertise and
business relationships.
Transfer of ownership
(ie sales of shares)
usually easier,
especially in large
organisations as the
business comprises a
‘system’ that might
include, but is not
dependent upon, the
owners expertise and
LLP’s – note that the main benefit of a Limited
Liability Partnership is that the liability of the
partners is limited to their investment in the
business (as for companies), thus protecting
personal assets. In all other respects, apart from
having to disclose information and accounts, an
LLP can be considered alongside the unincorporated
entities) ie partners assessed to
income tax).
Perhaps an apology, as you plough through the following pages,
that in some cases I probably have given too much detail as
regards taxation etc. However it is perhaps better that you know
some of the detail and information before reaching your
If you start working for yourself, you are effectively classed as a
self-employed ‘sole trader’.
Setting up
Most small businesses start this way, especially if you are not
going to employ anybody else – it is an easy, inexpensive, process
without undue red tape. That’s not to say, of course, that a sole
trader cannot have employees – because they can and many do.
You are your own boss, answerable to no one (apart from your
family of course, and your customers too if you want them to
keep coming back). You have the freedom to come and go as you
wish, work with whoever you want to, and any decisions you
take can be implemented instantly. You just get on with it.
You can take on employees, including your spouse, but you will
need to operate a PAYE scheme and hand over tax and national
insurance directly to the Inland Revenue.
All profits, after tax of course, are yours to keep or reinvest in
the business as circumstances require.
Although this sounds ideal, there are a few drawbacks to this
Firstly, the law makes no distinction between the business and
its owner – this means that the debts of the business are yours. If
your business runs short of money and can’t pay your suppliers,
those suppliers will come to you directly for payment out of your
private funds. And if you personally are short of funds likewise,
then your creditors could apply to the court to seize your
personal assets (and maybe force you into bankruptcy).
Therefore, as a sole trader, you are extremely exposed to this
Taxation is the next consideration. As a sole trader, your profits
will be taxed under the income tax rules by HMRC. You will
initially have to register for self-assessment with HMRC and
thereafter fill in tax returns each year. Income tax rates (2015)
are broadly* 20% on earnings between £10,000 and £31,865, 40%
thereafter, and 45% above £150,000.
Tax rates and personal allowances change with time, so you need
to review your tax position continually.
You also have to pay national insurance class 2, which is a
standard £2.75 per week, plus national insurance class 4 at 9%
on your profits that exceed £7,956 (2015).
In general terms therefore, if your annual profits are low, then
being taxed as a sole trader can be beneficial. But as you earn
more, then the sole trader bears a larger slice of income tax and
national insurance than his counterpart as a company director.
Certainly, once a sole trader hits higher rate tax he has nowhere
to shelter his income, whereas the owner of a company can leave
some of his profits in the company, taxed at 20%, take out only
what he needs (stopping at the higher rate threshold if that
suits) and thereby avoid higher rates tax.
Also, if your profits are below £5,885 then you might want to
apply for an exemption from the £143 class 2 national insurance
you get charged automatically every year.
As an example, if your taxable profits are below £11,000, then
your taxation as a sole trader verses being a limited company is
probably as optimised as you can get it (at 2015 rates). Once
your taxable profits start exceeding £11,000, then perhaps you
should consider incorporating the business as a limited company.
At £24,000 profits per annum a sole trader would be paying
nearly £1,200 more tax than if he took the same profits out
through a company as salary and dividend – and at £75,000 the
additional tax burden on the sole trader would exceed £10,000
(depending on optimising the amount of dividend extracted),
Accounting and records
HMRC require you to keep accurate details and accounting
records of your business transactions for the year reported in
your tax return. These can be quite simple and there’s plenty of
software available to make the job easy. Much of it you can do
yourself, leaving your accountant to tidy things up and thereby
incurring a tolerably small accounting fee annually for the
accounts and self-assessment tax return
There are none – you are simply yourself.
In the event of cessation or retirement, a sole trade is very
simple to wind up, HMRC being the only statutory body
requiring notice.
*Note: Personal tax rates will vary with age allowances etc, hence
tax bands shown above will differ – also national insurance falls
away on reaching retirement age.
A partnership is basically two or more people carrying on
business together with a view to making a profit. Usually we are
talking about people (sole traders), but partnerships can also be
formed between companies, or between a company and a person.
The partnership model is particularly useful where two or more
people wish to work together to build a business. Most common
example would be a husband and wife set up, both working
together on the same business.
The advantages of a partnership are that the burdens of
management are shared, and when it comes to management
decisions, two heads might be better than one. Also, where one
partner may be ill, or on holiday, the other partner is there to
look after the business. There are also tax advantages.
In liability terms, the partners generally are jointly and
severally liable for partnership debts (although this no longer
applies to personal tax bills based on partnership profits).
This means that you are liable for all the debts of business to the
extent that they cannot be shared with the other partners, ie if
the other partner has no assets, then you carry the whole burden
of the business debt in the event of a collapse of the business. So
be careful when choosing who you go into partnership with, and
that you can trust them.
In tax terms, the partners would be taxed on the basis of their
legal status, ie as sole trader or company (where a company is a
partner). However, the great advantage of a partnership over a
sole trader is that the partners can share their earnings (in
whatever ratio they have agreed) and thereby utilise their
personal allowances and standard tax rates. By way of simple
illustration, £20,000 earned by a sole trader results in £2,000 of
tax, but shared equally by two partners the tax is zero.
Likewise, £60,000 earned by a sole trader puts him/her into
higher rate tax of 40% with a bill for tax and national insurance
in the region of £17,000 – the same income shared by two
partners (ie £30,000 each) would result in a £5,000 tax saving
between them.
Accounting and records
HMRC require you to keep accurate details and accounting
records of your business transactions for the year reported in
your tax return. These can be quite simple and there’s plenty of
software available to make the job easy. Much of it you can do
yourself, leaving your accountant to tidy things up and thereby
incurring a moderate fee for the accounts, the partnership tax
return, and the individuals partner’s self-assessment tax
It is always advisable to have a properly drawn up partnership
agreement that documents clearly the business arrangement
between the parties, including how the profits will be shared,
and how new partners will join and existing partners leave the
partnership. Even a husband and wife partnership should have
written partnership agreement, more so that this can be used to
show the Inland Revenue that both parties are genuinely and
actively involved in the business and therefore have the right to
share the profits in the ratios agreed.
Partnerships can be particularly messy and difficult to wind up
in the event of cessation or bust up between the partners, and
legal fees can escalate.
(incorporated entity)
Setting up a limited liability company is achieved through
Companies House. The company is incorporated as a separate
legal entity in its own right, capable of entering into its own legal
agreements (ie borrowing money) and trading in its own name.
The company is owned by its shareholders, who invest a nominal
amount of capital into the business by purchasing shares of the
company. For example you may purchase and then own one
share of £1, or 100 shares of £1, or more.
The company is required, although usually it has more, to have
at least one shareholder, and one director. You can be both, or
the shareholder and director can be different people. The
shareholder is the owner, and director basically is an employee of
the company and responsible for running the company. You can
also appoint a company secretary, but this is no longer the legal
requirement that it was in the past.
Once incorporated, there is no natural end to the life of a
company – it can continue on, forever.
The limit of your liability to the company (hence its name) is the
value of the shares you have in that company.
A company, being a separate legal entity, is accountable for its
own actions, owns its assets, and is responsible for its liabilities.
Hence, although the owner of the business, you are no longer
liable for the business debts and your assets (eg house, etc) are
thereby protected from the business creditors. Your only risk,
should the company go down, is that you might lose value of the
shares you bought the company – that is the limit of your
liability. But proviso – creditors have gotten smarter over the
years and often will only advance credit or money (your bank
especially) on the basis that you are ‘joined’ into the agreement
by way of a personal guarantee. If so, then your personal assets
are at risk.
For the reason outlined above, it is better to fund the cash
requirements of your business through loans to your company,
rather than by investing money in shares. As a lender to the
company, you become a creditor and thereby rank alongside
other creditors when it comes to a disaster and recovery
situation. In other words, you will share in the available funds
and assets of the company with the other creditors and thereby
possibly recover some of your investment in the business – as a
shareholder you would only get what was left, if anything.
Information disclosure
The trade-off for limited liability is that certain information
needs to be disclosed and made public. This is to provide some
measure of protection to those trading with the company in that
they can obtain evidence about the asset value of the business
and its viability. This is done through the publishing, annually,
the statutory accounts of the company through Companies
House. Anybody can then obtain and look at those accounts.
As with a partnership, you can own and operate the business
with others – have multiple shareholders and multiple directors
and, as with partnerships, probably the most common set up
being the husband and wife team. Certainly, if you have a team
of like-minded individuals with skills and talents, a limited
company is the ideal vehicle in which to conduct your business.
But a word of caution, a shareholder is always a part owner of
business (until they sell their shares) – so choose your fellow
shareholders carefully. Should there be a disagreement in the
future between shareholders, the consequences can become very
awkward, personally and financially. As joint shareholders,
today you might be great friends, partners, husband and wife,
but there’s no guarantee that relationship will continue in
perpetuity. The pressures and strains of running a business,
money problems, difficult customers and suppliers, employees,
etc, should not be underestimated. Working under stressful
circumstances can produce the worst in people, and relationships
can, and do, suffer. Not only that, people naturally change with
time, interests change, their affinities change, and maybe
pastures new beckon, leaving the ownership of the company
From the aspect of taxation, a company is subject to a flat rate
Corporation tax, 20% up to £300,000, and 21% thereafter (2015).
Unlike income tax, there are no penal higher rate taxes to worry
about. Bear in mind, however, that the £300,000 threshold is
split equally between companies that have associated control
Profits and dividends
Profits, after Corporation tax, can then be distributed to the
shareholders the ratio of shares held – ie each share receives an
equal amount. This distribution, known as a dividend, is received
by you net of tax paid (at10%). ie you could, for example, receive
a £9 dividend in your bank account, but your tax return will need
to show £10 gross dividend received with £1 of tax already paid.
Caution – you cannot pay a dividend that exceeds the
accumulated profits of the company after tax. To do so is
contrary to company law (ultra vires) as it depletes the capital of
the company, and the directors could be held liable for their
actions in declaring such a dividend.
It is a complicated area, and there is plenty of case law about it,
but in keeping it simple in as much as it affects you, the real
‘danger’ arises from the ‘interpretation’ of that overpaid dividend
by HMRC. They would view this as a ‘loan’ initially and, if not
repaid within nine months of receipt, would assess the amount to
tax as net salary received. The company would then be required
to pay to HMRC the employee’s tax and national insurance on
that together with employer’s national insurance.
Your company can take on employees, including your wife
(provided she doing work for you), but you will need to operate a
PAYE scheme and hand over the employee’s tax and national
insurance deductions directly to the Inland Revenue. There is
also an additional burden, an employer’s charge to national
insurance too, currently 13.8%.
As a director, you are an employee of the company. You don’t
have to be paid, but if you are, any salary paid to you will
attract, personal tax and national insurance due by you, plus the
employer’s charge to national insurance too.
Personal tax planning
Apart from the liability issue, one of the big advantages of
operating through a limited company is your ability to juggle
how you receive your earnings and profit from the business. You
would need to see your accountant to validate the exact figures
in your particular circumstances, but as a general rule, a balance
between salary and dividends produces a favourable result in
mitigating tax. If, for example, you withdraw a salary equal to
the maximum threshold before income tax and national
insurance is payable, then you pay neither tax nor national
insurance on that salary. You then draw the balance of your
monies by way of dividends which, although subject to income
tax, avoids personal and employers national insurance.
Also importantly, as regards withdrawing money from the
company, if your total of salary and dividends pushes you into
higher rate tax, but you don’t actually need the money, then you
don’t have to withdraw it from the company. You have the
advantage of leaving behind in the company the cash you don’t
need and thereby are not being forced into paying higher rates.
This a is particularly useful manoeuvre if your business has ups
and downs in its trading pattern, because leaving cash in after a
‘good’ year builds capacity for you to draw it out in a poorer year,
but at standard rate income tax (ie saving you 20% tax that you
would otherwise have suffered on that cash previously).
You may want to test this on the Incorporation Calculator (excel
application) included with this report to see just how these
factors play out.
Your accountant would probably advise you to set your salary
just over the threshold in order to trigger off a small tax and
national insurance charge, simply to retain your entitlement to
state benefits.
Also be minded that dividends currently don’t qualify for
pensions relief, so are not tax efficient towards growing your
retirement pot. But having said which, the status of pensions
and contributions is changing rapidly at the moment.
As in the case of a partnership, the earnings can be split between
the shareholders (partners) to utilise their personal allowances
and standard tax rates prior to moving into higher rate taxes.
But a word of caution before we move on – I have no reason to
think you might be going down the route of providing services
through your own company, but if you are and you as the
shareholder provide the bulk of the service, then you will need to
speak with an accountant to assess exactly your circumstances
and advise you about what HMRC classify as a ‘service
company’. Broadly, your income, if your business is classified as
a service company, could be taxed as though it was employment
income, incurring employee and employer national insurance
costs for you and the company. These extra costs would thereby
nullify the tax advantages discussed above, of balancing your
salary and dividends, and you might be better off reorganising
yourself as a sole trader. (This is a deliberate manoeuvre by
HMRC to combat the planning discussed above.)
The responsibility of the directors is a serious matter, not to be
taken lightly. As a director you are personally subject to
regulations to ensure you discharge your duties properly. Any
negligence or breaches of those duties could result in fines or
being found guilty of a criminal offence.
There is a perception that companies are generally larger and
more reliable to deal with than sole traders. This may be
historic, and possibly also due to the fact that financial
information can be obtained from Companies House, whereas a
sole trader can hide his financial status from the public.
Bureaucracy is the major reason cited against the use of the
company. The company is required to maintain certain registers,
containing details of its shareholders, its directors, any details
regarding secured borrowing, and a detailed file of minutes of
directors and shareholders meetings.
Any changes in directors need to be notified to Companies House
when they occur. This may be done electronically, and in fact
Companies House suggests that electronic filing is more secure.
The company is also required to file, with Companies House, an
annual return every 12 months, disclosing details of its
shareholders, directors, and abbreviated accounts. This may be
done electronically, as above, or in the post.
Also required by HMRC is the company’s annual Corporation tax
return, supported by a full set of annual accounts detailing the
trading activities of the company.
Accounting and records
HMRC require you to keep accurate details and accounting
records of your business transactions for the year reported in
your tax return. These can be quite simple and there’s plenty of
software available to make the job easy. Depending on the size of
the business, much of it you can probably do ‘in-house’, leaving
your accountant to tidy things up and thereby incurring a more
moderate fee than otherwise for the accounts and corporation tax
return. Usually, two sets of accounts are prepared – a full set of
statutory accounts prescribed by law for the shareholders, and
an abbreviated set of accounts with less detail as permitted for
filing at Companies House.
It is relatively easy to wind up the company when you wish to
cease trading. How you do it, would depend on the financial
status of the company at the time and your accountant should be
able to advise you which route to take. It needn’t be expensive.
Probably of little interest to you at this stage, however, a
statutory audit is compulsory for large companies. Once a
company exceeds the exemption thresholds enjoyed by smaller
companies, then a statutory audit becomes mandatory. This is a
very expensive process, but is deemed necessary in the public
interest to ensure that the information disclosed is reasonably
accurate and reliable.
The threshold is based on two figures – total assets, and
turnover. Currently the turnover figure is £6.5 million but this is
likely to increase to £10 million or more. The gross assets
threshold is currently £3.26 million, but expected to rise to
somewhere in the region of £5 million or more. These changes
are driven by the EU accounting directive and are anticipated
Again probably of little interest to you, but in case you want to
know, ‘plc’ is an acronym for ‘public limited company’.
Briefly, a private limited company, such as we’ve been discussing
above, comprises very few shareholders, who come together by
private arrangement and minimal share capital. A plc on the
other hand requires a minimum share capital of £50,000 and it
can, provided done properly, raise share capital from the public.
The reporting and audit requirements of a plc are onerous.
Not discussed above are companies formed, limited by guarantee
rather than shares, but this as an arrangement usually adopted
by associations, clubs, and the like, whereby the members of the
company financially back it up to an agreed amount. Its members
are not called shareholders.
A limited liability partnership is basically a hybrid – a
traditional partnership, with the benefits of a limited liability. It
is the UK’s newest trading vehicle.
Traditionally, many large professional firms, such as
accountants, lawyers and the insurance industry, operate
through partnerships. But of major concern, as partnerships
grew in size, was the liability of some partners to bear the losses
of others – limited liability partnership were introduced to
resolves this problem.
Setting Up
A limited liability partnership is incorporated through
Companies House in the same manner as a limited liability
company is set up. There is no limit to the number of partners,
but there must be at least two ‘designated’ members, responsible
for filing annual returns with Companies House.
A limited liability partnership is an incorporated entity, like a
limited company, whereby liability of the partners is limited to
their investment in the partnership. Basically their personal
assets are not available for creditors to plunder.
As in an ordinary partnership, each member’s share of profits is
taxed under income tax rules – the member having to register
with HMRC as a self-employed.
Accounting and records
HMRC require you to keep accurate details and accounting
records of your business transactions for the year reported in
your tax return. These can be quite simple and there’s plenty of
software available to make the job easy. Much of it you can do
yourself, leaving your accountant to tidy things up and thereby
incurring a moderate fee for the statutory accounts and tax
Included with this report is an ‘Incorporation Calculator’ on
which you can test different levels of profit and the most
beneficial business structure as regard profit extraction and
taxation – which works best for you – sole trader or a company,
and if a company, which blend of salaries, and dividends suits
your circumstances.
The Incorporation Calculator is for illustrative purposes only,
and cannot be relied upon for definitive figures because every
case is individual and different, with many other factors that it is
not possible, nor relevant, to consider here (ie other income,
investment income, rents, etc).
The calculator has been specially designed for this report, and is
in HTML format so that you don’t need ‘Microsoft Excel’ to use it
– simply open by clicking here.
It is simple to use, requiring you only to put in an annual ‘profit’
figure. Once done, you can also then adjust and balance salaries
and dividends, and consequentially the retained profits, to
optimise your tax bill verses your need to extract funds from
your company.
7. COMPANIES HOUSE – the processes
If you have decided that a limited company is the best route for
you, and you want to go ahead and set up the company, then one
of the things you might want to do first is choose an appropriate
name for your business.
To help you with this, and to make sure that the name is not
already taken, you will need to check with Companies House, as
no two companies can have a common name or use a name that
infers a common identity or connection with another name. The
name also has to be acceptable, and also there are certain
restrictions as the words you may not use, such as ‘Royal’, for
The Companies House website has been updated over recent
years and is now far more user-friendly and informative than
ever before, containing lots of information about how to form
your company and any restrictions thereon, about compliance
with your statutory obligations to file your company’s annual
returns, accounts, and other reporting matters.
But firstly, to check on company names, go here, enter your
proposed name in the search field, press search, and . . . . .
. . . . . . up will come the list of similar names.
Put your proposed
name in here, then
click search
(You can even use this route to check basic information on
companies, ie your competitors, that you would like to know
more about – simply by clicking on the company number listed.)
You should also, whilst checking your chosen business name on
Companies House, use a ‘domain names’ site (eg 123-reg.co.uk)
to check also on the availability of a URL – it’s beneficial to have
them the same if you can.
Once you have found a name that is acceptable to both you and
Companies House, you then need to register (or form) your new
company. There are several ways of going about this, depending
on how confident you feel. The most economic route is directly
via the Companies House ‘formation page’. This costs £15 and
usually takes about 24 hours to do. You will need to provide basic
information about the company’s name, registered address, and
directors and shareholders, and the value and number of shares
you wish to issue, and to whom.
The alternative route is to use a formation agent. If you are
uncertain about anything, then there are plenty of formation
agents to be found on the internet. Some you can talk to, others
not. Some will return your documentation on line, others
physically through the post. Depending on what you want, so the
price can vary – but you should be able to get the basics you need
for somewhere around £25-£55. You don’t need anything more
than the basics, but if you do, then the extras are simply added
to the bill.
Go with what you find comfortable – if you don’t want to do it
yourself, but would prefer getting your accountant or solicitor to
undertake this process on your behalf, then they will happily do
so, but beware the cost – this can work out very expensive indeed,
running into £250 – £600 plus vat!
What you get at the end of this registration process, is your
‘certificate of incorporation’ bearing your company’s unique name
and number, and your Memorandum and Articles of Association
(which, in loose terms, is the shareholders contract to form the
company (the memorandum) and the rules by which the
shareholders will run the company (the articles)).
These are effectively the ‘title deeds’ to your company – they are
important and need to be retained ‘ad infinitum’. You will need
to provide copies of these to your bank in order to open up your
bank account.
A ‘bonus’ video showing you the process in more detail is
included with this report – it takes you through all the stages of
the registration process, showing you what needs completion and
where. Also included are some ‘checklists’, which, if you
complete beforehand, will make the online registration process
much easier.
Your contact with Companies House would usually be on an
annual basis. You’re required to file an annual return every
calendar year by a specific date. You are also required to file
abbreviated accounts every year within nine months of the
companies trading year-end.
Failure to submit these forms on time will result in
escalating penalties, so beware. Six months late, and
expect a penalty of £1,500 to arrive on your doormat
It is a good idea, and companies house prefer you to do so, to file
your annual accounts and annual returns, etc, online. This is by
far the most secure method and prevents fraudulent paper filing
taking place. (A common crime has been for someone to set up
themselves as a ‘bogus’ director, by filing the necessary
appointment form manually through the post, and then going off
and ordering goods ‘for the company’ with no intention of ever
paying for these goods. The company is then landed with the bill.)
However, before you can commence electronic filing, you will
need to register your name with Companies House and obtain an
authentication code to enable you to access the company’s
Once any business, incorporated or otherwise, exceeds a certain
turnover threshold, it is required to register for VAT. The
threshold changes periodically, as do the rates of VAT.
Currently (2015) there are four rates of VAT – standard rate for
VAT is 20%, but certain items (utilities used in the home) can be
at the ‘reduced rate’ of (5%), whilst other items (food etc) can be
‘zero rated’, or ‘exempt’ (education, finance, etc). For more
information about the rating of various products and services
you would need to refer to the government website – the lists are
too extensive to précis within this report.
The VAT threshold is currently (2015) £81,000 of turnover
(trading sales) in a 12 month period. This is a moving period, ie if
you expect your turnover after next month to exceed the
threshold, then you must register immediately. However, if the
business is simply experiencing a brief ‘spike’ in sales, then some
discretion could be considered (although there’s nothing in the
legislation to allow this). Delaying registration (when you should
be registered) can be expensive as you may have to pay to HMRC
the VAT that you should have collected, plus a fine as well.
There are severe penalties for late registration and for VAT
Once registered, you will have to complete a VAT return every
quarter, declaring your output VAT (on sales) less your input
VAT (on purchases), and pay the difference across to the HMRC.
You will need to submit your VAT return online, and pay your
bill electronically. To make life easy, you can set up a direct debit
with HMRC, which means that once you have submitted your
return, the payment is sorted out automatically by HMRC.
Modern accounting software makes the submission online of
VAT returns relatively simple, and the process is no longer the
time consuming chore it used to be. Just make sure that when
buying accounting software, you ensure that there is the facility
to submit the VAT returns online. Meticulous and timely recordkeeping
is essential. You are clearly required to keep records of
all the sales you make and all the purchases too – invoices etcfor
up to 6 years.
And, to find out more about VAT generally, or register for VAT,
you can use this link to the government website.
There is a common misconception amongst individuals new to
business in that many think VAT is a tax on their own income –
it is not. VAT is borne by the ‘end-user’ or ‘consumer’ of the
product or service.
If you are not registered for VAT, then you will pay VAT on what
you buy – ie you are an ‘end-user’ for VAT purposes.
If you are registered for VAT then you are an intermediary in the
process – you become an ‘unpaid’ collector of taxes for HMRC in
that you have to charge your customers VAT on your sales to
them, collect it from your customer, and then hand that VAT
over to HMRC (less any VAT you’ve paid on the cost of supplying
those goods and services). VAT invoiced and collected is never
your money – it belongs to HMRC from the moment you raise
that sales invoice.
In the retail market, because most shoppers are end-users, prices
are often quoted as one price which would include the VAT
element. In the business arena it is more common to find prices
quoted before VAT, a VAT add-on (eg 20%), which then equals
total invoice. The result is the same, just the presentation of the
figures is different.
January 2015 brought with it an unexpected complication in that
the supply of digital services will now be taxed under different
VAT regulations to those of physical goods and services. This is
an EU driven change in the legislation and effects the UK, and
indeed anybody trading with another EU member state. It also
affects business from outside the EU trading with the EU.
The basic parameters of this new legislation is that VAT is now
payable in the country where the goods have been bought, and at
the rates applicable in that country. However, many EU
countries don’t operate a VAT threshold and therefore a single
sale, of say £10, in another EU country would require you to
account for VAT in that country.
To account for and make that payment to the EU country
involved you need to register through the VAT MOSS (mini one
stop shop) scheme, BUT, before you can do that you will need to
register locally in your own country for VAT.
There has been a huge outcry from small and micro businesses
who deal digitally across EU boarders, now to be burdened by
more bureaucracy and cost. It was also thought that these new
rules might jeopardise the VAT threshold making small
(currently non-registered) businesses account for VAT on all
their sales, but HMRC have since clarified the situation for UK
businesses by saying that UK (internal) sales, provided they
remain under the threshold, do not have to be reported. A ‘nil’
VAT return locally is therefore presumably acceptable (although
HMRC haven’t specified).
A more comprehensive report on VAT MOSS can be found at

Vat Legislation 2015

If you are involved in Internet marketing, then you need to be
familiar with the UK and EU data protection regulations. The
data protection act requires every data controller (ie an
organisation, company, sole trader, or individual) in the UK who
retains and processes personal information, to register with the
ICO (Independent Commissioner’s office) unless they are
exempt. The chances are that you are caught by the rules and
have to register if you’re processing names and addresses and
email addresses etc for the purposes of marketing.
If you are unsure, you can take this short online test that will
tell you whether you need to register or not. It only takes a
minute or so.
The cost for registration is only £35 per year, but not doing so is
a criminal offence, and the consequences can be quite severe,
currently a fine of £5,000 (but see note below re new EU
regulations soon to come in).
You may also like to download this PDF about personal
information online code of practice.
If you are using the information, i.e. an email addresses, to
forward marketing material etc then you need to be aware of the
different rules under the “Privacy and Electronic
Communications Regulations 2003”, details of which can be
found here.
You can find out more about registering with ICO from the
guides on their website.
There is about to be a raft of new ‘data protection legislation’
introduced, probably during 2015, driven by the EU, and
compliance is going to be rigorously monitored. This legislation
will apply one consistent set of requirements to organisations
that hold data on European citizens, and will require everyone
who holds such data to implement appropriate security measures
to protect that data.
Also, under the proposed legislation, the penalties for breaching
the legislation are far more severe – they are talking about fines
of up to €100 million or 5% of annual turnover.
So, please, take this stuff seriously.
If you employ staff, you normally have to operate PAYE as part
of your payroll.
PAYE is HMRC’s system to collect income tax and National
Insurance from employees. You’re only exempt from PAYE if
none of your employees is paid more than £111 a week, get
expenses and benefits, have another job, or get a pension.
However, even though you might be exempt, you must still keep
payroll records.
An employee, in broad terms, is someone who works
predominantly for you. They could be full-time or part-time. If
you use subcontractors or freelancers, be careful that you assess
their status correctly – they might come and go when you want
them to work, but if they work primarily for you and have no
other clients, then HMRC may well class them as an employee
(other tests apply).
Under the HMRC’s new real-time information (RTI) regime you
can no longer file your payroll returns manually on an annual
basis as in the past – you need to keep yourself and your records
right up to date, file your returns electronically on time (weekly
or monthly), and pay over your employees’ deductions, on time
every month. Failure to adhere to the Inland Revenue time
schedule will result in irritating (and costly) automatic penalties,
from which there is little you can do to wriggle out.
You have a choice of either running your payroll in-house, or
alternatively outsourcing it to a payroll provider to do it for you.
There are plenty of companies offering payroll services and
software and you need to find one that is not too expensive but
works well.
One bit of software that I’ve used over many years, one that is
inexpensive and has work extremely well for my firm, is
MoneySoft’s Payroll Manager (and in case you’re wondering,
“no”, I have no connection with that business at all other than
paying for and using their product), but check out a few others
Basically payroll software should make it easy, but if you fear
that payroll management is too complicated for you, then
outsource it – and if you’re having problems finding someone
suitable, email me for some ideas. Far more efficient to spend
your time being productive in your business than getting bogged
down in something that worries you.
12. ACCOUNTING and record keeping
I have to say, that one of the aspects that disappointed me most
when I was a practising chartered accountant, was the attitude
of many of the smaller clients towards their accounting processes
– most of them believed their accounts were being prepared solely
for the purposes of enabling HMRC to get as much tax as
possible from their ‘meagre’ income.
I persevered to change this attitude, and slowly won many
clients round to realising, that perhaps the most important use
of their accounting systems was the preparation and extraction
of reliable management information, crucial to the improvement
of their business performance. And indeed, some of them came to
express extreme gratitude for that advice as it enabled them to
make instant managerial decisions, based on sound fact, leading
to better profits – decisions they could never have made
previously without having access to that information.
I quote from internationally renowned consultant Peter F
Drucker, who said that “If you can’t measure it, you can’t
manage it.”
How true that is. You can only improve your performance if you
can measure and benchmark what it is, from one period to the
next. Simple questions, like ‘Are your sales going up, or down’?
‘what is your gross margin this month compared to last month’?
‘what are your average sales per customer now compared to last
week’? can only be answered if you have current accurate
information – and current accurate information can only come
from well maintained and up-to-date records and accounts.
There are lots of accounting packages available to small and
medium-sized enterprise, some simple, and others more
complicated. You don’t have to do complicated – you just need
something that will provide you with the management
information to help you make relevant and timely decisions.
I will be releasing a report shortly, dealing solely with obtaining
‘key performance indicators’ from your accounting records. These
are essential if you want your business to drive forward and be
successful – no business owner should manage without them.
I would, however, also suggest you focus on ‘cloud accounting’
applications. There are huge strides being made in cloud
accounting – these new applications tend to be far more user
friendly and intuitive than the older systems, programs that
were very much built around old fashioned bookkeepers, rather
than providing management information.
Not only are these new programs more efficient and
managerially focused, but there is a security benefit too – in that,
whilst as secure is your bank account, they are backed up
automatically every day (so you don’t have to), accessible by you
(and your staff) 24 / 7 from anywhere in the world (provided
there is an Internet connection, of course). Knowing what’s going
on while away from the office is crucial in this age of fast moving
Having an accounting program installed on your laptop leaves
you in huge danger – lose your laptop, lose your accounting
records, and lose your business.
There are plenty of cloud accounting systems out there, but if
you are confused about which one to choose, then drop me an
email with an outline of your business size and activity and
perhaps I could point you in the right direction.
“Where do I find an accountant?” is a question I hear all too
frequently. What it really means, I’ve discovered, is ‘where can I
find someone who will do all the work I need doing for very little
cost’. But, beware the cheap accountant. You have a business
requirement, and it needs doing properly, and making your
choice of accountant on the basis of cost alone could backfire on
John Ruskin is famously quoted as saying “It’s unwise to pay too
much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much,
you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay too little, you
sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was
incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common
law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot
– it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to
add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will
have enough to pay for something better.”
Choosing your accountant is a high priority, but don’t just look
for the nearest accountant you can find, or the one down the road
that your mate uses – after all, who’s to say he is any good at
determining what constitutes a reliable accountant – and how
successful was his business? But that is not to say that you
should dismiss recommendations, especially if you trust the
Some accountants are qualified and regulated, and some not.
Some understand the business that you’re in, and some not.
Some will be proactive, others reactive. Some will appear
expensive, others not. Some will charge on time basis, and others
on a ‘fixed fee’ or service delivered basis. And these dynamics
will apply equally to choosing other professionals that you will
need from time to time – choosing a lawyer / solicitor for
Your choice of accountant, or other professional, is a serious
exercise, and below are some guidelines as to what you can do
and can expect from your accountant. Take the trouble to sit
down and think clearly what it is you need and want them to do,
and then go and interview a few accountants to find someone
who you think will deliver the goods. And remember, once
chosen, it doesn’t mean forever – you can always change later on
if things don’t work out. Unfortunately, from experience, I
frequently find that young businesses will often choose on the
basis of cost, and then will stick with that accountant way
beyond their useful ‘sell by date’ – that really doesn’t help you or
your business.
 Before you start. Firstly, try and find an accountant before
you start your business. Then they will be there to help you
get the structure of your business correct from day one, and
help you develop your business plan. And please, don’t just do
it a day or so before you need them – it takes time to make an
appointment and to discuss your requirements.
 What do you want? Then, look at what you need your
accountant to do. If you are just starting a business, do you
need handholding? Are you going to want some bookkeeping
assistance? Do you need help with VAT or payroll? Is it tax
planning that you are worried about? Do you want help in
putting business systems in place? Do you want someone who
specialises in your area of business?
 Make contact. Once you’ve decided what assistance you
need, then ring up a few accountants and make appointments
to interview them. Discuss with them what it is you want,
and make sure they have the capacity, skills and knowledge
to deliver the service you want.
 Do they know your industry? Remember, what you are
looking for is an adviser who knows your market and/or
industry sector well – and ideally specialises in it. They need
to really understand how it works and be fully up to speed
with what regulations are likely to affect you now, and in the
 Conflicts of interest? They are unlikely to disclose details,
but ask if there are any potential conflicts of interest – you
don’t really want the same accountant to be advising both you
and your closest competitors.
 What is their fee structure? Discuss, and make sure you
understand, their fee structure so you don’t end up with any
nasty surprises on the bill. Opt for a ‘fixed fee’ arrangement
where you can. Don’t just go with the cheapest option – good
quality professional legal and accounting advisors can
effectively repay their fees several times over by giving you
valuable advice. Some professionals encourage you to set up
monthly standing order arrangements to even out your cost,
which is fine, but avoid paying too much upfront because you
might then feel ‘locked in’ to that accountant, when maybe
you might prefer to have someone else you’ve met
subsequently, do the work instead.
 Are they proactive? Whilst talking to them, get a feel for
how proactive they might be. In other words are ‘giving’ in
their advice to you, or are you having to ask for it. Will they
contact you, and help you throughout the year, or is it just a
year-end ‘minimal’ service? Perhaps the worst scenario is
where your accountant says to you at the end of the year “well
if I had known . . . . . then I could have . . . . .” You want
someone who thinks ahead for you all year round. If they’re
not proactive, ditch them!
 Qualified or not? Find out if the principals of the firm are
qualified or not, and what their specialist subjects are. Are
they sufficiently experienced in your area of business? Do
they have experience in, and do they understand, business
issues, as opposed to just being number crunchers? If they are
a small firm of accountants, find out what access and support
they have in the way of tax or other specialist needs from
associations they belong to? Do they have cover during
holiday periods? Is there always someone available that you
can talk to in the event of emergency?
 Do they communicate well? One of the most important
things you want from any accountant is communication – are
they good at explaining things properly to you, so that you
understand what is required from you, what and why you
have to do that they are advising about, and the consequences
if you don’t take that advice.
 Chemistry? The other big advantage of getting out and
meeting different professionals is that you will find someone
you feel you can work with, someone you like, and trust,
someone you feel comfortable talking to, someone where the
chemistry is right. There is no point in having an accountant
who you don’t feel that you have an open relationship with. It
is, at the end of the day, all about trust – your accountant and
lawyer are part of your business team.
 Why you shouldn’t beat them down? Once you have
chosen an accountant or lawyer, value their opinion and act
on the advice they give you. Don’t ignore them, and don’t
‘bargain down’ their fees continually, otherwise, just as you
would do, they move you down their priority list. Stay in their
‘preferred client’ list (people they want to work with), and
they will be more willing to ‘go that extra mile’. And when
your accountant asks for something, provide it quickly to save
their time and your fees.
 Going downhill? If the relationship with your accountant or
lawyer begins to deteriorate, then it is not difficult to find
another. In fact it is a very simple and straightforward
process that you needn’t worry about.
Hint. If you want to keep your accounting fees down, then learn
to do as much of the work yourself as possible. They have to pay
themselves and their staff, and the less they do, the less they
need to charge you.
Outsourcing to subcontractors, freelancers, virtual assistants etc,
is becoming a critical component amongst smaller and younger
businesses in that it provides flexibility in getting work done
quickly, and when necessary, without the expense of retaining
full-time employees. It is a cost effective way of building your
business fast.
Indeed, you can outsource work across international boundaries
simply by referring and communicating across the Internet. And
with international time differences, your work could be
happening whilst you’re in bed asleep and it will be on your desk
in the morning. And it is not just internet marketers who do this
– many professional firms such as architects, lawyers,
accountants and the like, IT firms and website design
businesses, etc, now do this on a regular basis.
But therein lies a danger. Many businesses are just waking up to
the threats inherent in overseas outsourcing – and some
businesses just don’t get it at all. The normal caveats in dealing
with service providers in other countries are compounded by
time, distance, culture, different laws and regulations, and
hidden layers of contractors, subcontractors and subsubcontractors.
Sensitive information can repeatedly cross international borders,
and the threat of theft and misappropriation of intellectual
property is very real, as is identity theft. It is happening every
Whilst not failsafe, if you are going to outsource to
subcontractors, freelancers, virtual assistants, or whatever you
call them, make sure that you have proper legal representation,
documentation, and contracts in place, signed prior to engaging
their services. And if they are genuine they too will want that.
Conduct checks as best you can, research reviews and feedback
and, where you can, talk to other businesses who have used their
services. Check out the security systems operated by your chosen
subcontractor, and put proper screening in place as regards your
own employees and systems and the information disclosed.
And be especially wary of how much you might be asked to pay
If thing go wrong, and I’m not suggesting they will, trying to
rectify the matter afterwards is well-nigh impossible,
enforcement being a nightmare if you have to resort to foreign
jurisdictions in foreign languages and different cultures.
If you use outsourcing closer to home, or indeed in your own
country, still ensure you have proper documentation in place,
signed prior to engaging their services. Enforcement, in your
home country, is clearly a lot easier than abroad, but without
proper documentation and a signed agreement, even here you
stand little chance of having your claim upheld.
By way of example, consider something as simple as having your
logo design outsourced to some internet company somewhere –
they will outsource the work across dozens of freelancers
elsewhere in the world, who may in turn use artwork (images off
the internet or clipart even) created by others. The scope for
copyright infringement is disturbing. And, in the final
assessment, who then actually ‘owns’ your logo, or components of
your logo, and are there others out there sharing elements of
your ‘unique brand’?
My purpose in mentioning this issue here is that it may help you
decide what business structure you need to adopt. I have no
intention of delving into all the differing schemes and how they
work, suffice to suggest that a limited company is an easier
vehicle through which the manage employee expectations and
incentive schemes.
Basically, if you employ staff, you will find one of your big hidden
costs can be recruitment – finding the right people for the job,
especially when key members of your team leave. An employee
incentive scheme can help minimise the turnover of staff and
save you money.
Likewise, an incentive to share in the profits and growth of the
business can also encourage team members to become more
focused and personally involved in the business, increases loyalty
and their personal fulfilment, thereby leading to greater
productivity for your business too.
Just a thought for you to ponder over.
It is probably worth mentioning here, but if you are involved
heavily in research and development activity, then in order to
benefit from various government grants, credits, incentives, and
tax reliefs, you need to be a limited company.
As a business owner, you will be contacting the outside world on
a regular basis, and below are a few of your statutory obligations
in this respect. Often you will know this information, but maybe
haven’t implemented it yet.
When deciding on your letterhead, you probably spent a lot of
time on the design and quality elements – after all, it is your
‘brand’ at issue here. But there are some simple legal
requirements attaching to business documents which you need to
follow too. And remember, in this day and age, the term
‘documents’ includes electronic versions thereof.
Sole traders can trade under their own name, or choose a
different business name. If however you choose a business name
that is not your own, then you must include your name, and your
business address, on all your letterheads and order forms etc.
Partnerships will often use a business name as it is usually
impractical to use all the partners’ names. Therefore the names
of all partners need to be on the letterhead, together with the
address of the main office. (Where there are too many partners,
then it is acceptable to state where a list of the partners may be
found, rather than filling up half the page with names.)
Limited companies require a number of different bits of
information to be included on their letterhead. If a company is
trading under a name different to its registered name, then both
names need to be disclosed. The minimum requirements for
disclosure by limited companies are as follows:
 Your full registered company name
 The company’s registration number, and place of
 The company’s registered address, and the address of its
main place of business if different.
 There is no longer a need to include the names of
directors, as the past, but if you choose to name any
directors, then they must all be named, not just some.
The requirements above are EU law also.
Not necessarily compulsory, but sensible, most letterheads will
include the ability for customers and others to contact and
communicate with you quickly, a telephone number, your URL
for the business website, and email addresses.
Emails are basically electronic correspondence, and therefore
need to carry the same evidence of identity as discussed above.
This is normally placed in the footer, or signature, of email.
Confidentiality is an issue with emails, maybe a misspelling or
incorrect address used in error. However, once sent, it’s bit late,
to say “don’t read this, is not for you”, so the best you can do is
place a confidentiality notice in your footer along the following
lines: ‘This message is private and confidential. If you have
received this message in error, please notify us and remove it from
your system’.
Disclaimers too are becoming more frequent in emails. You often
see something along the lines of disclaiming liability for any
viruses contained within the email or its attachments – but again
a bit late if it has already been opened.
However, if you are providing information, advice, or guidance
within your email, then a standard disclaimer, as you would with
written correspondence, is perfectly acceptable, and advisable.
An example of this is the disclaimer contained within this report.
There is no legal requirement for you to insert either a
disclaimer or confidentiality notice within your email or
documentation, but they can be used for your added protection.
The question of unsolicited emails is not for discussion in this
Websites need to display your identity, basically the same
statutory information as discussed in the section on letterheads.
It’s not necessary to place it at the foot of each page, but at least
somewhere easily found on the website.
Basically, the UK’s E-Commerce Regulations require you to
disclose your name, geographic address, and email address, and
where trading name might differ, an explanation. It is not
sufficient to include a ‘contact us’ form without also providing an
email address and geographic address somewhere easily
accessible on the site. A PO Box number is not sufficient.
If you are a member of a regulatory profession, and stating such,
then full details of the regulatory body should be included also.
For a company, the requirements are as above in the letterhead
If the business has a VAT number, it should be stated, even if a
website is not being used for e-commerce transactions. (And
whilst on that subject, don’t forget your Distance Selling
And it stands to reason, that all this information needs to be
legible, and in a language that your customers and recipients can
understand (ie your own language).
Terms and Conditions
Your trading terms and conditions are the legal basis upon
which you conduct your business, and one of the first things that
should be put in place before starting to trade.
It is all very well ‘telling’ your customer what your terms and
conditions are, but the main problem with oral contracts is
evidence and certainty when there is a dispute as to what
actually was agreed. Similarly, with emails racing around
different parties to an agreement, it can be difficult to work out
what actually was or was not agreed.
It is much easier to have your standard terms and conditions
printed out in full and in sufficient detail that explains your
position exactly. These can then be attached physically to
contracts and documentation, printed on the reverse of your
invoices, or attached to email correspondence, etc.
You may be able to find a set of standard set of terms and
conditions on the internet or elsewhere, but to ensure that they
are robust and applicable to your circumstances it would be
better to seek the services of your lawyer. In fact, in the event of
a serious dispute they could prove invaluable and save you far
more than the cost of having had them professionally prepared.
Being able to provide all your customers and clients with well
thought out and clear terms and conditions that are standard
will avoid missing out the less obvious, but equally important,
aspects such as timing, add-ons, delivery, etc and this lets the
customer know where they stand and will help in cases of
Whilst basically in place for your protection, your terms and
conditions don’t need to be wholly defensive – you can also
include rights and expectations of service for your customers to
provide them with reassurances as to how you will handle their
transaction. And a clear set of terms and conditions applied
consistently also helps you with providing good customer service
This report has been produced as a ‘guide’ only to setting up your
business. Its purpose has been to summarise and bring together,
in one place, lots of basic information that you need to know
about in setting up or running a business.
And whilst it will provide you with most of the basic answers you
need to consider, I would always suggest that you do further
research in those areas you are concerned about, and then
finalise your decisions in discussion with your relevant
professional advisers (lawyer, accountant, etc). They will be
skilled in reviewing your personal requirements, together with
your personal circumstances, and advise you accordingly –
something a report of this nature cannot do because, clearly,
circumstances differ for every situation. Hence the disclaimer
Also included in the disclaimer are any recommendations as to
any suppliers of software, or professional services, etc, whether
this information is contained in this report or provided at a later
date. Where such information is provided it is done so as a
‘starting point’ only and you may need to do your own further
research and make your own decisions as to what suits you best.
The information contained in this publication is for the purposes
of guidance only, generic in nature that may change with
legislative amendments from time to time, may not be appropriate
to your circumstances, and thus cannot be construed as advice.
Therefore, the writer cannot accept any liability for any decisions
or actions that you make or do not make based on the information
contained or not contained herein. If you need advice then it should
be obtained in writing from an appropriately qualified individual
or firm, who will review your specific circumstances and
requirements and advise you accordingly.
Companies House website
Check company names
Register your company
Forming your company -guide
Registering with companies house to enable electronic filing
Companies House guide to setting up a Limited Liability
Partnership (LLP)
Corporation Tax – registering your company with HMRC
They will send you an initial form soon after you have
incorporated your company
Data protection – ICO website
Data Protection – online test
Data Protection – ‘personal information online’ code of practice.
Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003
VAT registration – government website
Payroll Manager (from Moneysoft Limited)

Bitcoin Mamba

MeelisM – 2015
Hello guys! Just a quick introduction about me, so you know who you are learning
I’m Meelis.
I’m originally from Estonia, but right now i’m located in Silicon Valley, California.
I like to learn new things, get new experiences and expand my network a lot. I love
sports and listening to music.
I’ve always had a business mindset and I think it’s always great to acquire new
I’m currently enrolled in a 2 month entrepreneurial startup crash course here in
the valley. This place is a crazy technology hub.
Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber…
All the big tech companies are here.
+ thousands of other companies that are doing crazy technological things and
changing the world and life as we know it.
I literally live and learn across the street from a startup incubator that is only
concentrated on bitcoin companies. Incubator owners and VCs invest seed capital
to bitcoin startup companies.
The valley is full of people who are investing into bitcoin companies.
The more companies offer services in bitcoin, the more the price will rise slowly.
The times of crazy fluctuation are probably over, but since there is so much
venture capital directed into the bitcoin industry, there will be more adoption.
More adoption leads to bigger price.
Now is the best time to earn bitcoin, since it’s just in the beginning of the adoption
curve right now.
Now read on and we are going to get into it.
Down to the point
Ok let’s get to the point.
This WSO is going to show you how to trade cryptocurrencies and make crazy
profits from trading. It’s not going to go into explaining how bitcoin works or what
is blockchain or any of that. If you want to find out stuff about that, just go and
google it. There’s lots of information about that on the internet.
I suggest you to research it, because it will make you understand how the
cryptocurrencies actually work. I believe understanding the cryptocurrency
blockchain technology is an huge advantage. This knowledge can only impact you
in a good way. Both in trading and in your business ventures. So I suggest you
learn about it.
In case you are not technically very savvy on bitcoin – at the end of this WSO I have
attached a way to get the best information on what Bitcoin is and how it works.
It’s a book I was selling on kindle. It made the kindle bestseller list for it’s category.
The extra bonus book at the end of the WSO is called “BitcoinMamba – How Did
One Man Turn $27 Into $860,000?”
After finishing the WSO scroll over there and check it out!
Ok now to this WSO
This is a WSO that will open your eyes on the opportunity to earn money trading
cryptos. You will go through this WSO and you will open your mind up to a new
world. In some time during this WSO a lightbulb, an “ahaa” moment will come
through your mind. Just take action, try it out and see how much you can profit.
Just remember – they are super volatile and you might lose all your money, but you
might triple your money in one day. So follow the golden rule in trading – NEVER
Do not just throw money into the different cryptos randomly. Do some research on
them and see which ones might be raising in price.
All right. So why trade cryptos?
If you haven’t been living under a rock you have heard about bitcoin. The digital
currency that has been fluctuating in price wildly in the last couple of years.
The price is down to ~$200 in the end of January 2015. People say it’s dead.
Well guess what, it was $13 a couple of years ago.
The point is – the price is not the important thing. The important thing is the
blockchain technology.
More and more companies are investing into bitcoin.
The Venture Capital industry here in Silicon Valley is going crazy on it.
Check this graph for info on bitcoin venture capital investments (updated daily)

Bitcoin Venture Capital

In 2013, the total venture capital invested into bitcoin companies was $93.8M.
2014 it was $314.7M
Right now at the time of writing it’s February 3 and we are already at $100M+ for
this year!
Coinbase, a bitcoin company, just closed a massive $75M funding round on
January 20, 2015!
As you see the sector is growing
As bitcoin gets more and more adopted, the demand goes higher and the price will
go up.
That’s the long run.
What about the short run?
Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency!
Bitcoin is open source. It means, that everybody can take the source code and
start their own cryptocurrency.
Right now there are 500+ cryptocurrencies made.
Most of them are just copy pastes of bitcoin with another name and logo. Some are
actually better and some just have tweakes to them. The more successful ones
have communities built around them. The ones that are most adopted are the ones,
that raise in price.
Most are just built by the creators to make a quick buck. They premine (create the
coins) a big amount of the coins and then start promoting the coin.
Once the coin gets more adopted, the price will rise.
Then the creators sell the coins and people who saw them raise in price, buy them.
In hopes of the price rising longer term.
So what I do is I look for different coins that are going to be raising in price.
Sometimes the creators drive the price higher.
Sometimes people who bought these coins drive the price higher with marketing
(forums etc).
Once i recognize that a cryptocurrency is about to raise in price I buy a chunk of
I check the price real time. Just check the charts and when you believe it’s in the
top or close to it, just sell the coins quickly.
After a big raise in price the coins will drop very quickly. Usually this is followed by
a quick raise again.
Here is an example:
There’s TONS of other cryptocurrencies that are crazy volatile. That mean’s that
their value goes up and down like crazy! Sometimes they fluctuate from +-100% to
+-250% per day!
Let’s say a cryptocurrency you buy rises 70% in a day. That’s not rare at all. It
happens all the time.
7 day chart!
1) Price starts to
wobble. This means
there’s action going
The price might be
driven up by legit
news or it might be
manipulated by
different means.!
Eiter way – if you buy
low and sell high you
make a good quick
2) The price is now
going full swing up.
3) The price is
about to peak.
Time to sell. You
already made a
50%-400% profit
on a coin that has
a price that’s
pumping up
4) Price is back
down. The bubble
has burst.!
If you get too
greedy and don’t
sell in time – you
will still be keeping
coins here and you
will have lost the
profit. Don’t wait
too long when
Well if you buy $100 worth of the currency, by the end of the day it will be worth
Just one example from just now when I checked the market for today.
132% up in 24 hours.
$100 would have grown by $132 which would be $232 total. $132 profit just by
buying the right thing.
Now the cool thing is that there are different platforms that make trading cryptos
really easy and fast (almost instant).
You can trade them in real time just like stocks and different commodities.
Not all cryptos go up all the time so be careful on what you choose!
So the whole point of this WSO is for me to show you:
1) How To Get Bitcoin
2) Ways To Spot Which Cryptos To Buy Into
3) Where & How To Trade Them
1) How To Get Bitcoin?
Go through this guide really quick. It explains in the easiest ways to get your

How Can I Buy Bitcoins?

If you buy through some exchanges it will take you a couple of days usually to get
the coins into your wallet.
Fastest way is to buy from somebody you know, or go to http://
On this site you will find people in your area willing to sell you some coins.
Go get the bitcoin now. Just buy as much as you’re willing to lose. I started with
Head over to http://www.coinmarketcap.com
ust look around.
All the cryptocurrencies are there and the site gets updated very frequently. Just
play around on the site and see if notice anything interesting.
2) Ways To Spot Which Cryptos To Buy Into
Allright guys this part is awesome.
So when people saw that Bitcoin became popular they saw that a lot of people
made crazy money with it. Buying with $5 and selling at $1200. Imagine if you had
bought 100 coins at $5 each. If you sold at $1200 each you would have had $120k
in bitcoin. Lots of people did that.
People who missed out wanted to enjoy that kind of growth aswell.
So what some of them did, they started their own cryptocurrencies.
They have much smaller user bases and basically no adoption, but their prices
fluctuate wildly. Some people say that a year in the stock trading world is like a
week in cryptos.
I would even say a day. You sometimes see prices growing 200% or more in a day.
You also get big losses. Imagine losing 90% of value in a day. It happens in the
crypto world.
All right, let’s check out where to find info on different cryptos!
Go to http://www.coinmarketcap.com if you don’t have it open yet
You will see a huge list of different cryptos.
TIP: If you click “View All” or “Next 100”, you will see a lot more cryptos 😉
So what do we have here.
First you have the #. They are organised by market cap. It just means what is the
total value of the currency. It is calculated by (Price x Available supply)
“Price” is just current price of 1.0 units of the cryptos (You can actually buy
1,34211 etc… You don’t need to buy or sell exact amounts!)
Next we got “Available Supply”. That’s the total number of the coins. This number
usually rises, because the number of coins goes up when the coins are active. To
get new coins there must be miners. If a coin’s available supply goes up it means
that there are miners and the coin is active.
“Volume (24h)” is the total volume of trades on these currencies in last 24h
Now the interesting part. (% Change 24h). This shows us how the currency has
changed in price in last 24h.
Price graph shows the graph for 7 days.
Click on the price graph. You can now see different time lengths on the coins. This
will give you insights on how the coins are doing.
What you need to do now is…
…You have to go through different currencies.
Look at how the prices have been doing.
Has the price has been lowering for a long time?
Has the price been stable and it has just now today started to rise quickly?
What you’re looking for are coins that are likely to go for a fast rise.
What I advice you to do is click on the names of the coins and you will be directed
to the websites of the coins.
The coins with nice websites and communities are more likely to go up in price.
Also you can just follow different patterns on the prices.
ust start with a small amount at the beginning to get used to it.
If you trade a bit you will get the hang of it and you can start making nice profits.
Allright let’s go to the next part!
3) Where & How To Trade Them
Allright time to start trading.
There are different trading platforms, but the best one for the beginning is cryptsy.
Click here right now to create an account right now in 1 minute!
Once you’re signed up, we need to make a deposit of BTC from your bitcoin wallet.
Choose “Balances” from the Menu.
Next step:
Click “Deposit BTC”
Now You need to copy the bitcoin address and send your bitcoin to this address
from your wallet. Do it and we are ready to get started trading.
If you’re having trouble, just look for how to send bitcoin in your wallet provider.
Ok so how do we execute a trade in cryptsy to buy or sell different cryptos?
Go back to the Balances list
Let’s say we want to buy Dogecoins because you believe it will go up in price.
Hit Dogecoin in the list.
Now hit “Go to DOGE/BTC Market”
Now you’re at the DOGE/BTC screen.
You will see real time price charts and you can create orders here.
In order for you to be able to buy them, someone else has to sell them. And the
other way around.
Ok here enter the amount of DOGE you want to buy.
You can leave the price the same but you can play with it as well, see if you can
buy them for cheaper.
Let’s just change the Amount for now. Insert a number of how many you want to
When you have inserted the amount, now hit “Submit Buy Order”
Once you have submitted the order we have to wait until someone sells you the
coins. Once you have made the purchase it will give you a confirmation message
and you will have the Dogecoins in your account!
Now you have to make sure you trade them back to BTC when you think the price is
not going to rise anymore. That can be like 2 hours, 2 days or 2 weeks or whatever.
Just keep your eyes on the prices of coins.
I recommend checking the prices all the time.
A good source of information is http:www.bitcointalk.org
ust browse the forums for info.
Best 2 subforums for info on new alt coins and good coins that start going up are:
Bitcoin Forum > Alternate cryptocurrencies > Announcements (Altcoins)
Bitcoin Forum > Alternate cryptocurrencies > Altcoin Discussion
Also check reddit for cryptos and altcoins! ( altcoin is another term used for a
cryptocurrency that is not bitcoin, comes from the word “alternative coin”.
This is GOLD! You will get so much good info on which coins are about to blow up
and which ones to avoid!
Check them out and find good tips on where to invest 😉
Remember… This stuff changes really fast.. So always look for info on where to
invest. Combinate the forums and the graphs from coinmarketcap.com and you will
be bound to find some great ROI on altcoins.
Extra Tips
If you want to change your BTC into USD or EUR , then use the same exchange you
bought the BTC from, or just find somebody from localbitcoins.com or sell to a
friend who wants to buy them.
Again, do not risk too much money. Risk only the amount you can lose. Don’t be
selling your house and buying dogecoins. Might go up 5x some time but sure as
hell might lose everything as well.
Keep a calm head and what’s the most important thing…. Have Fun 😉
If you have
questions, be sure
to PM on
Warriorforum 😉
Liked this WSO? If you feel you got some
good advice from the guide, or you feel like it
opened your mind to something new, then I
would appreciate a review for my WSO. !
Leave a review on my WSO thread for this
product. !!!!
Thanks and have fun and enjoy the profits!
Sign up for the e-mail newsletter, click the
confirmation link in the confirmation email
and look in your inbox! Your free
bonus will be there 😉

Bigger Better Tee Profits

Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Bigger Better
Tee Profits
Written By Denise Hall
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Legal Notice:
No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,
or transmitted in any form or by any means – electronic, mechanical,
photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise – except as permitted under
Section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act, without the prior
written permission of the Publisher.
All trademarks and intellectual property are the property of their respective
Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: While the author has used her best
efforts in preparing this material, she makes no representations or warranties
with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and
specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose. No warranty may be created or extended by sales
representatives or any written sales materials.
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the
creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that she does not warrant or
represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly
changing nature of the Internet.
The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your
situation. You should consult with a professional in legal, business,
accounting, and finance field, where appropriate.
Neither the publisher, author nor any distributor shall be liable for any loss of
profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special,
incidental, consequential, or other damages.
No guarantee of income is made. Readers are cautioned to apply their own
judgment about their individual circumstances and to act accordingly. This
material is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or
financial advice.
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
First I’d like to say a heartfelt “thank you” for purchasing this report. I
hope you get a lot out of it and make some good money using the
information contained within. ☺
I’ll be introducing you to a relatively new t-shirt website that very few
Internet marketers in the “make money online” niche know about. Or
if they do, they’re not spilling the beans.
But those who are using it are absolutely crushing it and making
really good incomes selling t-shirts and hoodies.
This website’s business has exploded within the last 4-5 months.
They’ve gone from 700 sales per day to 8,000 sales per day at the
time of this writing.
And that means there’s a lot of money to be made by affiliates.
Unlike other t-shirt websites, you don’t have to create your own
designs and you’re not the only one selling your shirts if you do
create designs to sell.
If you are an artist or choose to hire someone to create designs for
you, you can have an army of affiliates selling your shirts with
NO extra work on your part!
How cool is that? ☺
I’d like to give you a little bit of background information on the
company before going any further…
I live in a small town in northern Michigan with a population of less
than 5,000. In fact, our entire county has a population of only 24,000.
So it seems a rather unlikely place to find what is quickly becoming a
huge dot com business. Nevertheless, my hometown is where this
online shirt company is located and more than 100 people have gained
employment there in the last few months due to its enormous growth.
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Considering Michigan was one of the hardest hit states during the
economic crisis of 2008 (mainly due to the auto industry) and still
hasn’t fully recovered, this is wonderful for our small community.
The owner of the company grew up here and has run a very successful
website design business for many years. In 2013 he started the t-shirt
business and at the time of this writing (February 2015) the company
has grown tremendously, as I already mentioned above.
I believe it will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, probably
doubling its sales by the end of this year.
Now let’s dive into how YOU can make money from it…
So What Is This Awesome Sauce Site?
The website I’m referring to is http://sunfrogshirts.com. As I already
mentioned in the introduction, a big chunk of their sales come from
their affiliates.
And they pay their affiliates very well, I might add.
I’ve never seen 35% commissions on physical products anywhere
As you probably know, Amazon pays 4%-15% associate commissions
based on the number of items you sell each month.
Zazzle pays 15% on all goods, regardless of how much you sell, which
is the best I’ve seen for physical products until now.
If you design and sell shirts on TeeSpring or other similar sites, you
might earn more than 35% depending on your sales volume and
But there are 4 major drawbacks with most t-shirt websites…
1. You have to design the shirts yourself OR pay someone to design
them for you.
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
2. You need stunning, high-converting designs that will sell. Otherwise
you’re wasting your time and possibly your money for designers
and paid ads.
3. You must sell a minimum number of shirts before they will print and
ship the orders to customers. If you don’t meet the minimum, your
campaign is cancelled and you don’t make a dime.
4. You are the sole seller of your designs, so it’s up to you to do all the
promotions of your shirts.
But with Sun Frog Shirts there is no minimum to sell. All shirts
are printed to order, so even if you only sell one of a specific design
your customer will receive their order and you will earn a commission.
All you have to do is grab your affiliate link for any shirt shown on the
website (there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands to
choose from) and promote it in any number of ways…
Share it on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, tweet about it on Twitter,
feature it on your website, etc.
As with other t-shirt sites, the artists who submit the designs set the
prices, but in general, t-shirts are $19-$22 and hoodies are $39-$42.
At the 35% commission payout, you will earn approximately $7-$8 per
t-shirt and $14-$15 per hoodie that you sell, and all you had to do was
share a link!
And if you happen to be an artist or you choose to hire a designer to
create designs that you can sell on Sun Frog Shirts, then you’ll earn
5.5% royalties every time one of your designs sells. It doesn’t
matter who sells it, you get paid!
Plus, you can promote your own designs and earn both the affiliate
portion and the artist portion of the sales, which comes to 40.5%!
And even if you already sell your own designs on other t-shirt sites,
there’s no reason you can’t add them to the Sun Frog Shirts site as
another avenue of income. Remember, you don’t have to promote
them if you don’t want to. Affiliates can promote them for you and
you’ll earn 5.5% royalties on every sale.
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Even though this is a U.S. based company, they ship shirts to 200
countries around the world. So no matter where you or your potential
customers live, you can rest assured that orders can be placed and
you will get paid.
Another thing I’d like to mention is that they have a relatively low
minimum payout to get paid your commissions. It’s only $50, which
isn’t really too difficult to attain in a month. Just 7 or 8 t-shirt sales or
4 hoodie sales and you’ve met it. ☺
Here’s a screenshot where you can see the features and benefits of
their site compared to other t-shirt websites:
I hope you can see why I’m so excited about this new opportunity and
hopefully you’re excited by now too. ☺
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Becoming An Affiliate
It’s easy to get started as a Sun Frog Shirts affiliate…
Just go to http://www.sunfrogshirts.com/Affiliates/, click the green
“sign me up” button, and fill out the information. You’ll be approved
instantly, so you can start promoting within minutes.
This screenshot shows just how simple it is to get your affiliate link for
any shirt on the website:
You simply locate the shirt you want to promote, copy the page url
from your address bar and add your affiliate ID at the end.
Easy peasy! ☺
You can even create “collections” of shirts and promote a whole page
of shirts at one time. It’s like having your own t-shirt web store.
To create a collection, simply click the “collections” icon on your main
affiliate screen (I circled it in the screenshot above) and then click
“new collection,” as shown in the screenshot below:
—————————————————–Page 7—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Next, you’ll see this screen:
You can name your collection anything you want to. I suggest naming
it for the type of shirts or the niche. For instance, Funny Nurse Shirts.
I also suggest hyphenating your words (funny-nurse-shirts) so that the
title on your collection page will look right: Funny Nurse Shirts. You
can see what I mean in my example link a little farther below.
Bear in mind that the name of your collection will be part of the url, so
it’s wise to use keywords instead of “John’s Shirt Store.”
The url that you will promote will look like this:
—————————————————–Page 8—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
After naming your collection, click the green “create” button and you
will be directed to this screen:
You can upload a banner if you would like to customize your web
store, as shown above.
To create your collection, click the green “add items” button at the
upper right side of the screen and you will be directed to the Sun Frog
Shirts home page.
—————————————————–Page 9—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Type your keyword or phrase into the search bar to view shirts for
your collection.
In this example I used the word “nurse” to locate shirts for my
collection titled Funny Nurse Shirts.
Notice that all the search results have a green plus sign with the word
“collection” next to it.
To add any shirt to your collection, simply click the plus sign. Your
affiliate ID is automatically carried through to your collection page for
each shirt you add.
When you’ve added as many shirts as you want (you’re allowed 100
for each collection), click the big green “finish” button on the upper
Now you’ll be returned to the page where you uploaded your banner.
It will look like this:
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
You can drag the images around if you want to change their order. You
can delete any that you decide you don’t want. And you can add more
by clicking the “add items” button at the top of the page.
Click “update” when you’re done, and voila! your collection (web store)
is ready to promote.
You can view my example collection here:
NOTE: just above the first row of shirts is my collection title – “Funny
Nurse Shirts.” If I hadn’t hyphenated my collection name (funny-
nurse-shirts) the page title would have been Funnynurseshirts, which
just doesn’t look right. ☺
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Customizable website widgets are also available for your use. You’re
provided with a simple copy and paste code to add on your website.
To get the widget code for any shirt, click “widgets” on your main
dashboard page. You will be directed to the page to create your
Then choose the category of shirts you want, and add a search term,
such as “dogs,” if you want to.
You can even customize the buy button text and color.
When you locate the shirt of your choice, just copy the code and paste
it into your website or blog wherever you want it to appear.
Statistics And Tracking
There are a number of affiliate tracking and statistics tools available
that you can access from your main dashboard page or by using the
links in the top navigation area.
NOTE: If you only sign up for an affiliate account, not an artist
account, you won’t have the “new design” and “manage designs” icons
in your dashboard or the “design” link in the navigation bar.
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
This is a graph report for affiliate traffic stats. There are also graph
reports for your affiliate sales, as well as art views and art sales if you
are also signed up as a Sun Frog artist.
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
You can also view your top performing links:
It shows you the shirt design along with number of views, sales and
conversions for each one. If you’re running paid ads you’ll know which
ones are generating the most income and you can adjust your ads
I won’t get into the details about the more advanced statistics tools,
such as Facebook re-targeting, because each one has video
instructions included.
To view the instructions, click the little red circle with white arrow on
the upper right side of the page:
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
And if you still have questions you can contact their affiliate support
department via the handy message system inside your affiliate back
To view your pending commissions or payout history, click on the
appropriate icon in your dashboard, as shown here:
The “current payout” screen will show you the date you made sales,
quantity sold, purchase prices, your commissions as an affiliate and
your commissions as an artist:
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
The “payment history” will show what you’ve earned and been paid in
previous months.
NOTE: the date shown is the payment date for the prior month’s
sales. In the screenshot below, 03/01/2015 is my payment for
February sales.
BREAKING NEWS:a new tab was added to the affiliate area since I
made my original screenshots. It’s called “events” and it shows
upcoming holidays and other celebrations such as National Nurses
Week. It will keep affiliates and artists on top of things to promote.
Under the “events” tab there is also information about affiliate contests
that are going on. For the month of April 2015 there’s a contest with
loads of prizes. Everyone who meets the goals wins the prize. You can
even win a prize for making your first affiliate sale ever. ☺
Promoting Your Affiliate Links
I’m sure you’ve noticed tons of t-shirt and hoodie ads when you’re on
Facebook. You’ve probably even liked or shared some of them on your
own news feed.
Facebook ads are a very feasible way to sell t-shirts and make a profit
when done correctly. (But by no means is it the only way to sell.)
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
You can use the ads manager at Facebook to create paid ads but
unless you want to pay for ads forever, I suggest you create a
Facebook page and pay to promote your posts and/or page.
Then as you get “likes” for your page, your audience will grow and you
can run less paid ads as time goes on.
So, create a Facebook page if you don’t already have one. It can be for
a specific niche (bulldogs, for instance) or a page that showcases all
kinds of t-shirts.
After you’ve created your page I suggest you post at least a few times
before you run any paid ads. That way, if people check out your page
after seeing your paid post, they’ll see some content and hopefully
“like” your page.
I use the “boost post” feature and set my budget at $5-$10 over a 2-3
day time frame. The more you spend, the more views your post will
get, but I like to test the waters first.
If a post doesn’t get much engagement (“engagement” means likes,
comments, and shares) after about 24 hours or so I’ll pause it.
But if it does get a lot of engagement and, more importantly, sales,
then I add more to my budget so that it will get more views.
I also suggest that you highly target the audience you want to show
your ad to. If you’re promoting a shirt about bulldogs, create your
audience using only the keyword “bulldog.” This way, you have a much
better chance of making sales rather than wasting money showing
your ad to people who are not interested in bulldogs.
To create a targeted audience, after you click the “boost post” button
on your post, choose “create new audience” as shown below:
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Notice at the top that once you’ve created audiences you can use them
for future ads by selecting them from the dropdown menu.
After you click “create audience” you will see this screen:
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Name your audience whatever you choose. I normally use the keyword
that I’m targeting OR the name of the shirt I’m promoting. You can
select what countries you want to promote to, and the ages and
gender of your audience.
Enter your keyword(s) where it says “interests.” Then click “save” and
finish filling out the information to “boost” your post – your ad budget,
how many days you want your ad to run, etc.
Of course, you’re under no obligation to pay for Facebook ads or any
other kind of advertising. As I mentioned earlier, you can simply share
your affiliate links on your social networks and/or your website.
And it doesn’t hurt if you ask your friends and family to help spread
your links as well. The more your links get passed around, the more
sales you’ll make. ☺
A word of caution…
When writing your ads, Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts or anything
else, be sure you adhere to all of Sun Frog Shirts’ guidelines.
You will read their terms and conditions when you sign up as an
affiliate, but here are some big mistakes affiliates make that could cost
you your commissions and possibly get your affiliate account closed…
Don’t use any misleading words or phrases such as “limited time
offer.” Unlike other t-shirt sites, the selling period is not limited,
except by the artists. If an artist retires their work, then the designs
are no longer viewable on the website, but otherwise they can be
purchased from now until the cows come home. ☺
Don’t say “free shipping.” Sun Frog Shirts does not offer free shipping.
Don’t say “buy 2 or more and save on shipping.” While customers
might save on shipping costs if they purchase more than one shirt,
they also might not. For instance, if they want one shirt shipped to
their address and one to a friend’s address, they would have to place
two separate orders and they probably would not save on shipping.
Don’t mention coupon codes. At this time, they are not offering
discounts of any kind, and if you find a coupon code floating around
the web, it’s not valid.
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Becoming A Sun Frog Artist
So far we’ve discussed selling t-shirts as an affiliate, but I would like to
touch on the artist side of Sun Frog Shirts, as well, for those of you
who are interested in trying your hand at it.
If you’re already signed up as an affiliate, simply login to your account
and click the “artist signup” button. You won’t need to enter your
name and other information again. Your account is the same for both
artist and affiliate. (And vice versa, if you sign up as an artist first.)
However, you’ll use the username you signed up with for your artist
page url if you want to display all of your designs on one web page
and promote it, rather than your affiliate ID number.
Once you sign up for an artist account, the artist tools are available to
you inside your back office in addition to the affiliate tools, as you saw
in the screenshot above of my dashboard.
The first step to getting your design online and making money for you
is to upload your art file. To do this, just click on “new design” in your
The required format for your art (shirt design) file is .png and the
minimum size is 2400×3200 pixels.
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
There’s a short how-to video that shows how to download their art
template, open it in Photoshop, place your design in the template to
size it correctly, save it as a .png file, then upload it.
You’ll need Photoshop again in the next step to add your design to the
shirt mockup templates.
Now, if you’re graphically-challenged like I am, you might be ready to
just forget becoming an artist at this point, but keep reading and I’ll
explain how I got my design online without using Photoshop
Before I go any further, here’s a quick explanation of the difference
between your art file (the actual shirt design) and a mockup…
Your art file is the design that will get printed on the shirts. It’s
the actual file that’s used in the digital printing process to print the
design onto the shirt.
The mockup is an image of a shirt. Your art file (design) image is
overlaid on it to show how the design looks on a shirt. This is the
image that customers see on the website.
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on…
Since I don’t own or know how to use Photoshop, here’s how I
got my shirt design online to sell…
I hired someone at Fiverr.com to create a t-shirt design. He gave me
the design in .png, .eps, and .ai formats. (The .ai and .eps files are
vector files that some other t-shirt sites require you to upload, but you
don’t need them for Sun Frog.)
Luckily, my designer was more than happy to also give me the .png
file in 300DPI (high resolution) format sized at 2400×3200 pixels as
needed in step 1.
Uploading the file is a breeze…
Just click “select art file” to browse your hard drive and choose the
appropriate image file to upload.
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
The designer had also given me a .jpg of my design on TeeSpring’s
mockup template, but Sun Frog’s mockup (shirt image) is different, so
I was unable to use that image.
However, I gave him the Sun Frog templates and he placed my design
on them for me, so I was able to upload my mockups in step 2.
There are 3 Sun Frog mockup templates – men’s t-shirt, ladies t-shirt
and unisex hoodie. The design has to be added using Photoshop
on any or all that you wish to sell.
As you can see in the screenshot below, all you have to do once your
shirt design is on the mockup templates is upload them from your
computer just like you did with the art file:
This is what the men’s and ladies t-shirt mockups look like with a
design on them. These are the images that appear on the Sun Frog
Shirts website for customers to see:
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
The default shirt color on the mockup templates is black, but you can
change the colors in Photoshop when you place your design on the
After uploading your mockup, make sure you choose the correct shirt
color from the choices in the dropdown menu.
You can sell your shirt in as many colors as you want to from the
available colors, but please keep in mind that the colors of your design
need to be seen on the color of the shirt.
Don’t try to place a dark colored design on dark colored shirt, or a light
colored design on a light colored shirt.
You can, however, create a light and dark version of your design and
submit them as two separate designs on appropriately colored shirts.
After uploading your mockup images and choosing your shirt colors,
you’ll move onto the last step, which is shown in the screenshot
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
First you’ll add a title for your shirt. I suggest you use a portion of the
wording on the shirt that customers might search for.
For example, you’ve probably seen ads for shirts that have the saying
“It’s A [FIRST NAME] Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand.” So your title
could be “It’s A [FIRST NAME] Thing.” (But use the actual name on
your design, not the words “first name.” ☺)
Or you can use keywords such as “Funny Nurse Shirt” or “Soccer Mom
But keep in mind that the more specific your title is, the easier it will
be for people to find your shirts when they do a search, not only at the
Sun Frog website, but in the search engines too. ☺
So, combining a few words from the shirt plus keywords is a good
idea, as long as your title makes sense. For instance, “Funny Nurse
Shirt – Feel Safe At Night, Sleep With A Nurse.”
Next you’ll choose a category for your shirt from the dropdown menu
as shown here:
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Choose the one that best fits your design.
Then you’ll add a description of your shirt. I highly suggest you use
the saying on the shirt in the description area. And depending on the
saying/design you can elaborate in other ways too.
For instance, if your design includes a first or last name, you can say
“let the world know that people named Bob are awesome.”
You can also say “exclusive design, not available anywhere else” if it’s
really not available on other websites.
Another good thing to mention in the description is “not available in
stores” if you are only selling it online.
And finally, like I mentioned about promoting your Sun Frog affiliate
links, don’t say anything that’s misleading or completely untrue,
such as “limited time offer,” “free shipping” or “save on shipping when
you buy 2 or more.”
—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Your description is basically a brief sales page, so make it catchy and
you’ll sell more.
The last step in the product description area is to add site tags. Site
tags are simply keywords that people may search for. Just use the
main words of your design or target market such as “nurse,” “funny,”
“feel safe,” “sleep with nurse.”
Do not “stuff” the keywords or use keywords that have nothing
to do with your design or target market.
When you’re done adding appropriate keywords, click the big green
“Finish Design” button and ta-da! your shirt is online, ready to sell!
You will need to upload a mockup in each color that you want
your shirt design to be available in, as well as the style of shirt –
men’s and/or women’s t-shirts and/or unisex hoodie.
If you hire a designer to place your shirt design on the mockup
templates, make sure you ask him or her to place the design on all of
the colors and styles that you want your shirt to be available in.
So, when you finish adding your art file and going through the steps
for one color and style, click the “edit details” button as shown here:
NOTE: Before I explain how to add additional colors and styles, I
would like to mention that there is a default price for t-shirts and
hoodies. If you want your shirt(s) to sell for more, you will need to
click “edit details” to change it.
—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
In the screenshot below, you can see the default prices for t-shirts is
$19. If you want to increase it, simply enter your price and click the
“update” button at the bottom of the page.
Now click the “add variation” button to add additional colors and styles
without uploading your art file again. This way, all of your color and
style choices show up together as a group on the product page
and can be viewed by customers for easy selection.
Once you click the “add variation” button (it’s hard to see in the
screenshot above, but it’s the green button at the top that I circled),
you’ll see this:
—————————————————–Page 27—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Where it says “choose file,” you’ll browse your hard drive, locate your
mockups in the various colors and styles, and upload one at a time.
Choose the correct style and color from the dropdown menu, then click
the “add color” button and you’re done with one color and style.
Continue this process for each color and style you want to sell. Be sure
you change the price and click “update” for each one if you don’t want
to use the default price.
The bottom section of the “edit details” page looks like this:
—————————————————–Page 28—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
If you make a mistake and upload a wrong mockup style or color, just
click on the wrong image at the top of the page where it shows all of
your colors and styles, then click the “delete” button. That will remove
your mistake and you can add the correct style or color by clicking the
“add variations” button again.
I suggest you always leave the button for “standard view” ticked. This
way, when customers visit the Sun Frog site, every style and color
that your design is available in will appear.
This view also allows them to navigate to any other page at the Sun
Frog website and make additional purchases, which will earn you
affiliate commissions.
In this same area you’ll see some other options:
• Exclude from site search
• Artist only page
• Do not allow Google to index
I personally don’t know why anyone would checkmark those boxes,
but if you have a reason to do so, then you can.
You can also choose to limit the time that your design is available for
sale. This is good for time-sensitive designs, such as holidays or most
recently, Pi Day shirts. Otherwise, I don’t suggest using that feature.
BREAKING NEWS:at the time of this writing,Sun Frog’s
programmers are working on a “tee wizard” so that Photoshop will no
longer be necessary to add your design to the mockups in the future.
All you will need to have is the 2400×3200 pixel .png file of your
design. ☺
Fiverr Designers
There are many designers on Fiverr that do t-shirt designs. Some of
them provide a TeeSpring mockup image with your order. Others
charge extra for that, as well as the vector (.ai and .eps) files, which
you don’t need for Sun Frog anyway.
Before choosing a designer, please read their description of which files
they will provide to you for your $5 payment. At the very least, you
—————————————————–Page 29—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
will want to get the .png file from them in 2400×3200 pixels so you
can upload your design file in step 1.
If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, I recommend contacting
Fiverr designers before you hire them to ask if you can give them the
Sun Frog mockup templates for them to add your design. They may
charge you an extra $5-$10 but it’s worth it to have your own shirt
designs to sell.
The designer I use can be contacted by using this link:
He does absolutely beautiful work (you can see proof in my mockup
images above ☺) and he will provide all of the files you’ll need for
selling your shirts via Sun Frog Shirts.
As you’ve discovered in this report, Sun Frog Shirts is a very unique
website in a number of ways, especially the affiliate program. And
that’s what makes it easy (compared to other websites) for anyone
to earn money selling t-shirts and hoodies online.
The hard part – designing the shirts – has been done for you. And in
case you’re wondering whether there are enough hot-selling designs to
earn a good income, well, I’d say 8,000 sales per day speaks for
itself. ☺
In my opinion, Sun Frog Shirts will be the top-selling t-shirt site
within the next couple of years. Their customer service is second to
none, and customers return again and again with repeat orders.
Plus, any customer who didn’t get shirts that they ordered through
other t-shirt sites because the minimum goals weren’t met will turn to
Sun Frog Shirts where they can buy without fear of not getting their
The way I see it, Sun Frog Shirts is a win-win-win situation – their
affiliates, artists and customers all win.
—————————————————–Page 30—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
I hope this report has gotten your marketing juices flowing and you’re
ready to sign up and make money. ☺ I’d love to hear your story, so
please feel free to contact me and let me know how it goes.
Wishing You Success,
Denise Hall
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