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CPA Income Boss
Hey Guys, Jason Finley here on behalf of my partner Sam, I would like to thank
you for INVESTING in CPA Income Boss. Before we get started, Let’s make one
thing very very clear. We like to keep things simple and straight to the point.
No fluff, no BS. Just pure content.
Making money online can be very easy once you have a system in place, and
for me I believe paid traffic is the fastest and easiest way to money online
period. I like to set up paid traffic systems that give me consistent ROI,
meaning for every $1 I spend on advertising, I receive $2 or more back each
With this system we will be advertising Simple CPA Offers on AdPad, very few
have heard about this traffic source and no one else is teaching it. AdPad is
keyword based advertising just like Google and Bing.
AdPad traffic is very affordable and best of all you can get started advertising
on AdPad for as low as $1, yes you heard right only $1 single dollar bill. I would
recommend spending at least $5 or more to test out different keywords to
find the most profitable ones.
AdPad accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal as account funding
options. AdPad has a very user friendly and easy account dashboard, and you
are also assigned your own personal dedicated account manager, who will
assist you with any questions you may have.
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Now in this section we will go over what is required of you in order to profit
with this super simple system I have set in place for us.
You must sign up for an AdPad advertising account since we will be advertising
CPA Offers on AdPad.
Since this is paid traffic you will need to a have an advertising budget to start
with, but as mentioned before AdPad accepts PayPal payments as low as $1. I
do recommend starting out with at least $5+ to do some testing with different
CPA Offers. (Recommended amount is $30)
If you have to start small that’s fine. The key is to continue to test different
offers until you find winning campaigns, a winning campaign is any
campaign that is giving you positive ROI.
As long as you’re getting back more than your putting in that is a winning
campaign and when we find them we want to ramp up our efforts on them to
achieve higher and higher ROI.
Once you have those 3 simple steps in place you are ready to profit with this
great money sucking system.
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1. You need an AdPad Account. Don’t have one? CREATE ONE.
2. Set a Marketing Budget in mind. Whether it’s $5 or $30 (recommended),
keep it in mind. You can easily TEST around 6 – 8 campaigns with $30 and once
you find a winning one that is generating good ROI, we will scale it up.
Here is the EXACT system, broken into simple steps.
Step 1. Getting Into A CPA Network
Step 2. Picking An Offer
Step 3. Researching It
Step 4. Setting Up The Ad Campaign
Step 5. Tracking
Step 6. Scaling
Step 7. Guide To $300 A Day
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If you do not currently belong to a CPA Network, here are some top networks I
The main thing they are looking for is to make sure you are an honest
marketer that advertises with quality traffic sources, and that you’re not
someone who goes around spamming people.
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Here are the top performing categories I personally use.
If you want more offers… check out
Simply go through the listed offers and join the related network to promote it.
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Don’t freak out. This isn’t rocket science research.
You see, AdPad is a KEYWORD BASED ad network kinda like Google Adwords.
So before we get started building our campaign, we need targeted high
volume keywords.
Best Place to get keywords:
Make sure to sign up with an AdWords account if you don’t already have
One. We only need this for our keyword research.
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Make sure you sign in. Once you do that, click on “Search For New Keyword &
Ad Group Ideas”
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You want your seed keyword to be exactly what your offer is, so using our
example offer we would enter in itunes. Leave the settings as they are and
click Get Ideas.
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Now, Click on “Avg. Monthly Searches” to sort by Highest Searches.
You want to go through the keyword list and select every keyword that fits
your ad and has a search volume of 10,000+, if you’re using a smaller niche,
you may add keywords that have 1,000+.
Now note them down in a text file/notepad.
AdPad is not strict like AdWords so you don’t have to worry about quality
scores or sky high CPC. We want to add keywords that have a high search
volume cause the more visitors equals more $$$ for you.
Time to create your first campaign. Sign into your AdPad account and hover
your mouse over Campaign MGMT, then click on Create a new campaign.
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Now you will be taken to the Campaign Wizard.
Setup Your Campaign
Pay Type : CLICK
Name your campaign something you can keep track of.
Select Automatic as your start up.
Set Daily budget to what you are comfortable with. I personally recommend
$5.00+. Start max CPC at 0.05 to analyse your data. Not a penny more, not a
penny less.
You want to only target to allowed countries by the offer you choose and to do
this click “Advanced” in the Geography section.
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Then click on Country Targeting, type in the first few letters of the country you
want to add. It will auto populate and then click on the country you want.
Keep doing this until all countries (that your offer accepts) have been added.
Part 2 : Define Your Ad Group
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Name your Ad Group something you can keep track of.
If you are using an adult offer please select yes for adult content.
Part 3 : Build Your First Ad
Model your ad after the offer you choose to promote.
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Title:Click Here To Receive A $100 iTunes Gift Card
Description:Enter Your Email To Receive Your $100 iTunes Gift Card Today!
Main thing you want with your ad is something that will catch their attention
you do this with the Title.
For the Description you want to include a call to action like I did in the example
Visible URL : should be clean, so according to our example offer, use
something like this:
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Click URL : This should be your Affiliate link for the CPA Offer you chose to
If you want to track your campaigns in detail, here is a great video by Luke
from PeerFly explaining how to use prosper202.
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Part 4 : Keywords
Simply copy and paste the keywords you gathered in STEP 2 and paste it into
the Keywords field. One per line.
And THAT’s IT. Time to fire up your first campaign.
Take a deep breath (optional  ) and Hit the CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN button.
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If your keyword is super high competitive, you won’t receive much clicks for
$0.05. If you are not receiving clicks, bump up your bid a couple cents each
time until you start getting some clicks.
Example => start at 0.05 if not getting many clicks bump up your bid by 0.02
each time
0.05 => 0.07 => 0.09 and so on until you find the “sweet spot”.
Once you find a good CPC, stick with it.
Please not that you will have to do this for each and every campaign you
promote because you will be targeting different keywords with different
competition. Hope that makes sense?
Do not spend too much $$$ on testing offers. You should know when it quit.
If the offer you’re promoting pays $2.00 a lead, give it a $5 budget and let it
If you don’t get a single conversion at the end of the campaign, ditch it and
start a new campaign with a new offer.
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This way, you can test a lot of offers and find a winning one that generates
Once you find a winning offer/campaign, do not look at CPC, do not look at
anything… just look at the ROI. If it’s positive, the campaign IS A GO . Let it
run. We will talk about taking it to the next level in the next step.
Once you find a winning campaign, scaling is absolutely easy.
Let’s say you started with $5. After a bit of testing, finally found a winning
campaign that generates POSITIVE ROI. Congrats.
On Day 2, increase the budget to $10. Don’t touch ANYTHING ELSE.
On Day 3, increase your budget to $15
On Day 4, increase your budget to $20
On Day 5, increase your budget to $25.
Now, if you aren’t burning your daily budget at the end of day 5, it’s time to
increase your C-P-C. Like I mentioned before,
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Raise it by 0.02.
The thing, you want to burn through your daily budget… well daily. This way,
you can increase your CLICKS & PROFIT.
The logic is simple. The offer converts. Now all we need to do is send as much
traffic as possible while still maintaining a good ROI .
Pulling in around $300 a day is pretty easy.
All you need is around 6 campaigns each on a $25 a day budget generating an
easy 200% ROI.
Even if you couldn’t find 6 campaigns in a week, I am pretty sure you can find
atleast one? And that right there is an easy $1,500 a month.
That’s pretty crazy considering the fact that YOU ARE NOT selling ANYTHING.
Rinse and Repeat from STEP 2.
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Find Offers, Research, Set Up Campaigns, Track, Scale .
That’s it.
A really cool trick is to check your CPA NETWORK account dashboard and you
will see something like this.
This is the list of all the top performing offers in the CPA network, scroll
through this and copy all the simple CPA submit offers you find. I would keep
all the offers that are about 3 fields or less.
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We want to use these campaigns because it is telling us these offers are
working for others promoting them so with our quality traffic source we
should have no problem getting those offers to convert for us.
Focus on offers that are currently TRENDING. They tend to convert
For example, Currently the NFL season is underway and American
football is a very popular sport this time of the year, what makes the
sports niche so great is that people are very passionate about their
sports and put a lot of emotion into it.
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What is great about that is emotion drives action so when someone
is emotionally into something they are more likely to take action
which is great for you because that means high conversions, here is a
great offer to use.
CPA Network: A2Ads
Payout: $1.40
Sign Up URL:
You can find similar NFL offers on tons of networks just search on and
You can also search for similar offers in the sports niche I
recommend using MLB,NBA,Soccer offers because they are very
popular sports and the offers convert very nicely.
To take your profits to the next level, I highly recommend building a list.
No doubt about it you can make a nice income direct linking to CPA offers just
fine, but if you really want to ramp up your income building a 3list is the best
thing you can do. By building a list you have an asset that will continue to make
you money, the bigger you grow your list the more your profits will continue to
fly through the roof. To build a list you will need an auto responder and the
one I personally use and recommend is GetResponse.
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Free 30 Day Trial + $30 Account Credit when using this special link.
What is really cool about GetResponse is you can build capture pages right
inside without having to host it on your own. Another way to build your list
using CPA offers very easily is to just create a simple webform.
Using our example iTunes offer you can just create an ugly quick webform as
shown below, we want it short and straight to the point. We don’t really care
how pretty it is as long as it serves it’s purpose for us and that is getting their
What is nice about using webforms is that they look great on mobile devices.
Now regardless what they do after this point, you now have their email which
you can continue to market relevant offers to meaning if you create a list in
which the audience is interested in freebies. You will want to send them other
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freebie offers in the future. The best thing about this is you can grow lists in
any niche you so choose just make sure to only send relevant offers to that list.
This is a very simple system I have laid out in front of you, go out there and
make yourself some profit.
This is a very nice hidden traffic source that no one is talking about, this traffic
source is totally untapped with a ton of potential for you to have $100+ days in
no time.
Once you get the hang of it try testing out different offers such as high paying
trial offers like diet and skin care offers as well as insurance offers, these offers
can be very lucrative paying on average $10-$20+ per conversion.
If you have any questions I am always glad to help out with anything you may
There is no such thing as a dumb question so don’t be afraid to ask me.
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To Your Greatest Success,
Sam Mann & Jason Finley
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