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Bigger Better
Tee Profits
Written By Denise Hall
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First I’d like to say a heartfelt “thank you” for purchasing this report. I
hope you get a lot out of it and make some good money using the
information contained within. ☺
I’ll be introducing you to a relatively new t-shirt website that very few
Internet marketers in the “make money online” niche know about. Or
if they do, they’re not spilling the beans.
But those who are using it are absolutely crushing it and making
really good incomes selling t-shirts and hoodies.
This website’s business has exploded within the last 4-5 months.
They’ve gone from 700 sales per day to 8,000 sales per day at the
time of this writing.
And that means there’s a lot of money to be made by affiliates.
Unlike other t-shirt websites, you don’t have to create your own
designs and you’re not the only one selling your shirts if you do
create designs to sell.
If you are an artist or choose to hire someone to create designs for
you, you can have an army of affiliates selling your shirts with
NO extra work on your part!
How cool is that? ☺
I’d like to give you a little bit of background information on the
company before going any further…
I live in a small town in northern Michigan with a population of less
than 5,000. In fact, our entire county has a population of only 24,000.
So it seems a rather unlikely place to find what is quickly becoming a
huge dot com business. Nevertheless, my hometown is where this
online shirt company is located and more than 100 people have gained
employment there in the last few months due to its enormous growth.
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Considering Michigan was one of the hardest hit states during the
economic crisis of 2008 (mainly due to the auto industry) and still
hasn’t fully recovered, this is wonderful for our small community.
The owner of the company grew up here and has run a very successful
website design business for many years. In 2013 he started the t-shirt
business and at the time of this writing (February 2015) the company
has grown tremendously, as I already mentioned above.
I believe it will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, probably
doubling its sales by the end of this year.
Now let’s dive into how YOU can make money from it…
So What Is This Awesome Sauce Site?
The website I’m referring to is As I already
mentioned in the introduction, a big chunk of their sales come from
their affiliates.
And they pay their affiliates very well, I might add.
I’ve never seen 35% commissions on physical products anywhere
As you probably know, Amazon pays 4%-15% associate commissions
based on the number of items you sell each month.
Zazzle pays 15% on all goods, regardless of how much you sell, which
is the best I’ve seen for physical products until now.
If you design and sell shirts on TeeSpring or other similar sites, you
might earn more than 35% depending on your sales volume and
But there are 4 major drawbacks with most t-shirt websites…
1. You have to design the shirts yourself OR pay someone to design
them for you.
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2. You need stunning, high-converting designs that will sell. Otherwise
you’re wasting your time and possibly your money for designers
and paid ads.
3. You must sell a minimum number of shirts before they will print and
ship the orders to customers. If you don’t meet the minimum, your
campaign is cancelled and you don’t make a dime.
4. You are the sole seller of your designs, so it’s up to you to do all the
promotions of your shirts.
But with Sun Frog Shirts there is no minimum to sell. All shirts
are printed to order, so even if you only sell one of a specific design
your customer will receive their order and you will earn a commission.
All you have to do is grab your affiliate link for any shirt shown on the
website (there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands to
choose from) and promote it in any number of ways…
Share it on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, tweet about it on Twitter,
feature it on your website, etc.
As with other t-shirt sites, the artists who submit the designs set the
prices, but in general, t-shirts are $19-$22 and hoodies are $39-$42.
At the 35% commission payout, you will earn approximately $7-$8 per
t-shirt and $14-$15 per hoodie that you sell, and all you had to do was
share a link!
And if you happen to be an artist or you choose to hire a designer to
create designs that you can sell on Sun Frog Shirts, then you’ll earn
5.5% royalties every time one of your designs sells. It doesn’t
matter who sells it, you get paid!
Plus, you can promote your own designs and earn both the affiliate
portion and the artist portion of the sales, which comes to 40.5%!
And even if you already sell your own designs on other t-shirt sites,
there’s no reason you can’t add them to the Sun Frog Shirts site as
another avenue of income. Remember, you don’t have to promote
them if you don’t want to. Affiliates can promote them for you and
you’ll earn 5.5% royalties on every sale.
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Even though this is a U.S. based company, they ship shirts to 200
countries around the world. So no matter where you or your potential
customers live, you can rest assured that orders can be placed and
you will get paid.
Another thing I’d like to mention is that they have a relatively low
minimum payout to get paid your commissions. It’s only $50, which
isn’t really too difficult to attain in a month. Just 7 or 8 t-shirt sales or
4 hoodie sales and you’ve met it. ☺
Here’s a screenshot where you can see the features and benefits of
their site compared to other t-shirt websites:
I hope you can see why I’m so excited about this new opportunity and
hopefully you’re excited by now too. ☺
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Becoming An Affiliate
It’s easy to get started as a Sun Frog Shirts affiliate…
Just go to, click the green
“sign me up” button, and fill out the information. You’ll be approved
instantly, so you can start promoting within minutes.
This screenshot shows just how simple it is to get your affiliate link for
any shirt on the website:
You simply locate the shirt you want to promote, copy the page url
from your address bar and add your affiliate ID at the end.
Easy peasy! ☺
You can even create “collections” of shirts and promote a whole page
of shirts at one time. It’s like having your own t-shirt web store.
To create a collection, simply click the “collections” icon on your main
affiliate screen (I circled it in the screenshot above) and then click
“new collection,” as shown in the screenshot below:
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Next, you’ll see this screen:
You can name your collection anything you want to. I suggest naming
it for the type of shirts or the niche. For instance, Funny Nurse Shirts.
I also suggest hyphenating your words (funny-nurse-shirts) so that the
title on your collection page will look right: Funny Nurse Shirts. You
can see what I mean in my example link a little farther below.
Bear in mind that the name of your collection will be part of the url, so
it’s wise to use keywords instead of “John’s Shirt Store.”
The url that you will promote will look like this:
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
After naming your collection, click the green “create” button and you
will be directed to this screen:
You can upload a banner if you would like to customize your web
store, as shown above.
To create your collection, click the green “add items” button at the
upper right side of the screen and you will be directed to the Sun Frog
Shirts home page.
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Type your keyword or phrase into the search bar to view shirts for
your collection.
In this example I used the word “nurse” to locate shirts for my
collection titled Funny Nurse Shirts.
Notice that all the search results have a green plus sign with the word
“collection” next to it.
To add any shirt to your collection, simply click the plus sign. Your
affiliate ID is automatically carried through to your collection page for
each shirt you add.
When you’ve added as many shirts as you want (you’re allowed 100
for each collection), click the big green “finish” button on the upper
Now you’ll be returned to the page where you uploaded your banner.
It will look like this:
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
You can drag the images around if you want to change their order. You
can delete any that you decide you don’t want. And you can add more
by clicking the “add items” button at the top of the page.
Click “update” when you’re done, and voila! your collection (web store)
is ready to promote.
You can view my example collection here:
NOTE: just above the first row of shirts is my collection title – “Funny
Nurse Shirts.” If I hadn’t hyphenated my collection name (funny-
nurse-shirts) the page title would have been Funnynurseshirts, which
just doesn’t look right. ☺
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Customizable website widgets are also available for your use. You’re
provided with a simple copy and paste code to add on your website.
To get the widget code for any shirt, click “widgets” on your main
dashboard page. You will be directed to the page to create your
Then choose the category of shirts you want, and add a search term,
such as “dogs,” if you want to.
You can even customize the buy button text and color.
When you locate the shirt of your choice, just copy the code and paste
it into your website or blog wherever you want it to appear.
Statistics And Tracking
There are a number of affiliate tracking and statistics tools available
that you can access from your main dashboard page or by using the
links in the top navigation area.
NOTE: If you only sign up for an affiliate account, not an artist
account, you won’t have the “new design” and “manage designs” icons
in your dashboard or the “design” link in the navigation bar.
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
This is a graph report for affiliate traffic stats. There are also graph
reports for your affiliate sales, as well as art views and art sales if you
are also signed up as a Sun Frog artist.
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
You can also view your top performing links:
It shows you the shirt design along with number of views, sales and
conversions for each one. If you’re running paid ads you’ll know which
ones are generating the most income and you can adjust your ads
I won’t get into the details about the more advanced statistics tools,
such as Facebook re-targeting, because each one has video
instructions included.
To view the instructions, click the little red circle with white arrow on
the upper right side of the page:
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
And if you still have questions you can contact their affiliate support
department via the handy message system inside your affiliate back
To view your pending commissions or payout history, click on the
appropriate icon in your dashboard, as shown here:
The “current payout” screen will show you the date you made sales,
quantity sold, purchase prices, your commissions as an affiliate and
your commissions as an artist:
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
The “payment history” will show what you’ve earned and been paid in
previous months.
NOTE: the date shown is the payment date for the prior month’s
sales. In the screenshot below, 03/01/2015 is my payment for
February sales.
BREAKING NEWS:a new tab was added to the affiliate area since I
made my original screenshots. It’s called “events” and it shows
upcoming holidays and other celebrations such as National Nurses
Week. It will keep affiliates and artists on top of things to promote.
Under the “events” tab there is also information about affiliate contests
that are going on. For the month of April 2015 there’s a contest with
loads of prizes. Everyone who meets the goals wins the prize. You can
even win a prize for making your first affiliate sale ever. ☺
Promoting Your Affiliate Links
I’m sure you’ve noticed tons of t-shirt and hoodie ads when you’re on
Facebook. You’ve probably even liked or shared some of them on your
own news feed.
Facebook ads are a very feasible way to sell t-shirts and make a profit
when done correctly. (But by no means is it the only way to sell.)
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
You can use the ads manager at Facebook to create paid ads but
unless you want to pay for ads forever, I suggest you create a
Facebook page and pay to promote your posts and/or page.
Then as you get “likes” for your page, your audience will grow and you
can run less paid ads as time goes on.
So, create a Facebook page if you don’t already have one. It can be for
a specific niche (bulldogs, for instance) or a page that showcases all
kinds of t-shirts.
After you’ve created your page I suggest you post at least a few times
before you run any paid ads. That way, if people check out your page
after seeing your paid post, they’ll see some content and hopefully
“like” your page.
I use the “boost post” feature and set my budget at $5-$10 over a 2-3
day time frame. The more you spend, the more views your post will
get, but I like to test the waters first.
If a post doesn’t get much engagement (“engagement” means likes,
comments, and shares) after about 24 hours or so I’ll pause it.
But if it does get a lot of engagement and, more importantly, sales,
then I add more to my budget so that it will get more views.
I also suggest that you highly target the audience you want to show
your ad to. If you’re promoting a shirt about bulldogs, create your
audience using only the keyword “bulldog.” This way, you have a much
better chance of making sales rather than wasting money showing
your ad to people who are not interested in bulldogs.
To create a targeted audience, after you click the “boost post” button
on your post, choose “create new audience” as shown below:
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Notice at the top that once you’ve created audiences you can use them
for future ads by selecting them from the dropdown menu.
After you click “create audience” you will see this screen:
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Name your audience whatever you choose. I normally use the keyword
that I’m targeting OR the name of the shirt I’m promoting. You can
select what countries you want to promote to, and the ages and
gender of your audience.
Enter your keyword(s) where it says “interests.” Then click “save” and
finish filling out the information to “boost” your post – your ad budget,
how many days you want your ad to run, etc.
Of course, you’re under no obligation to pay for Facebook ads or any
other kind of advertising. As I mentioned earlier, you can simply share
your affiliate links on your social networks and/or your website.
And it doesn’t hurt if you ask your friends and family to help spread
your links as well. The more your links get passed around, the more
sales you’ll make. ☺
A word of caution…
When writing your ads, Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts or anything
else, be sure you adhere to all of Sun Frog Shirts’ guidelines.
You will read their terms and conditions when you sign up as an
affiliate, but here are some big mistakes affiliates make that could cost
you your commissions and possibly get your affiliate account closed…
Don’t use any misleading words or phrases such as “limited time
offer.” Unlike other t-shirt sites, the selling period is not limited,
except by the artists. If an artist retires their work, then the designs
are no longer viewable on the website, but otherwise they can be
purchased from now until the cows come home. ☺
Don’t say “free shipping.” Sun Frog Shirts does not offer free shipping.
Don’t say “buy 2 or more and save on shipping.” While customers
might save on shipping costs if they purchase more than one shirt,
they also might not. For instance, if they want one shirt shipped to
their address and one to a friend’s address, they would have to place
two separate orders and they probably would not save on shipping.
Don’t mention coupon codes. At this time, they are not offering
discounts of any kind, and if you find a coupon code floating around
the web, it’s not valid.
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Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Becoming A Sun Frog Artist
So far we’ve discussed selling t-shirts as an affiliate, but I would like to
touch on the artist side of Sun Frog Shirts, as well, for those of you
who are interested in trying your hand at it.
If you’re already signed up as an affiliate, simply login to your account
and click the “artist signup” button. You won’t need to enter your
name and other information again. Your account is the same for both
artist and affiliate. (And vice versa, if you sign up as an artist first.)
However, you’ll use the username you signed up with for your artist
page url if you want to display all of your designs on one web page
and promote it, rather than your affiliate ID number.
Once you sign up for an artist account, the artist tools are available to
you inside your back office in addition to the affiliate tools, as you saw
in the screenshot above of my dashboard.
The first step to getting your design online and making money for you
is to upload your art file. To do this, just click on “new design” in your
The required format for your art (shirt design) file is .png and the
minimum size is 2400×3200 pixels.
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
There’s a short how-to video that shows how to download their art
template, open it in Photoshop, place your design in the template to
size it correctly, save it as a .png file, then upload it.
You’ll need Photoshop again in the next step to add your design to the
shirt mockup templates.
Now, if you’re graphically-challenged like I am, you might be ready to
just forget becoming an artist at this point, but keep reading and I’ll
explain how I got my design online without using Photoshop
Before I go any further, here’s a quick explanation of the difference
between your art file (the actual shirt design) and a mockup…
Your art file is the design that will get printed on the shirts. It’s
the actual file that’s used in the digital printing process to print the
design onto the shirt.
The mockup is an image of a shirt. Your art file (design) image is
overlaid on it to show how the design looks on a shirt. This is the
image that customers see on the website.
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on…
Since I don’t own or know how to use Photoshop, here’s how I
got my shirt design online to sell…
I hired someone at to create a t-shirt design. He gave me
the design in .png, .eps, and .ai formats. (The .ai and .eps files are
vector files that some other t-shirt sites require you to upload, but you
don’t need them for Sun Frog.)
Luckily, my designer was more than happy to also give me the .png
file in 300DPI (high resolution) format sized at 2400×3200 pixels as
needed in step 1.
Uploading the file is a breeze…
Just click “select art file” to browse your hard drive and choose the
appropriate image file to upload.
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
The designer had also given me a .jpg of my design on TeeSpring’s
mockup template, but Sun Frog’s mockup (shirt image) is different, so
I was unable to use that image.
However, I gave him the Sun Frog templates and he placed my design
on them for me, so I was able to upload my mockups in step 2.
There are 3 Sun Frog mockup templates – men’s t-shirt, ladies t-shirt
and unisex hoodie. The design has to be added using Photoshop
on any or all that you wish to sell.
As you can see in the screenshot below, all you have to do once your
shirt design is on the mockup templates is upload them from your
computer just like you did with the art file:
This is what the men’s and ladies t-shirt mockups look like with a
design on them. These are the images that appear on the Sun Frog
Shirts website for customers to see:
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
The default shirt color on the mockup templates is black, but you can
change the colors in Photoshop when you place your design on the
After uploading your mockup, make sure you choose the correct shirt
color from the choices in the dropdown menu.
You can sell your shirt in as many colors as you want to from the
available colors, but please keep in mind that the colors of your design
need to be seen on the color of the shirt.
Don’t try to place a dark colored design on dark colored shirt, or a light
colored design on a light colored shirt.
You can, however, create a light and dark version of your design and
submit them as two separate designs on appropriately colored shirts.
After uploading your mockup images and choosing your shirt colors,
you’ll move onto the last step, which is shown in the screenshot
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
First you’ll add a title for your shirt. I suggest you use a portion of the
wording on the shirt that customers might search for.
For example, you’ve probably seen ads for shirts that have the saying
“It’s A [FIRST NAME] Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand.” So your title
could be “It’s A [FIRST NAME] Thing.” (But use the actual name on
your design, not the words “first name.” ☺)
Or you can use keywords such as “Funny Nurse Shirt” or “Soccer Mom
But keep in mind that the more specific your title is, the easier it will
be for people to find your shirts when they do a search, not only at the
Sun Frog website, but in the search engines too. ☺
So, combining a few words from the shirt plus keywords is a good
idea, as long as your title makes sense. For instance, “Funny Nurse
Shirt – Feel Safe At Night, Sleep With A Nurse.”
Next you’ll choose a category for your shirt from the dropdown menu
as shown here:
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Choose the one that best fits your design.
Then you’ll add a description of your shirt. I highly suggest you use
the saying on the shirt in the description area. And depending on the
saying/design you can elaborate in other ways too.
For instance, if your design includes a first or last name, you can say
“let the world know that people named Bob are awesome.”
You can also say “exclusive design, not available anywhere else” if it’s
really not available on other websites.
Another good thing to mention in the description is “not available in
stores” if you are only selling it online.
And finally, like I mentioned about promoting your Sun Frog affiliate
links, don’t say anything that’s misleading or completely untrue,
such as “limited time offer,” “free shipping” or “save on shipping when
you buy 2 or more.”
—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Your description is basically a brief sales page, so make it catchy and
you’ll sell more.
The last step in the product description area is to add site tags. Site
tags are simply keywords that people may search for. Just use the
main words of your design or target market such as “nurse,” “funny,”
“feel safe,” “sleep with nurse.”
Do not “stuff” the keywords or use keywords that have nothing
to do with your design or target market.
When you’re done adding appropriate keywords, click the big green
“Finish Design” button and ta-da! your shirt is online, ready to sell!
You will need to upload a mockup in each color that you want
your shirt design to be available in, as well as the style of shirt –
men’s and/or women’s t-shirts and/or unisex hoodie.
If you hire a designer to place your shirt design on the mockup
templates, make sure you ask him or her to place the design on all of
the colors and styles that you want your shirt to be available in.
So, when you finish adding your art file and going through the steps
for one color and style, click the “edit details” button as shown here:
NOTE: Before I explain how to add additional colors and styles, I
would like to mention that there is a default price for t-shirts and
hoodies. If you want your shirt(s) to sell for more, you will need to
click “edit details” to change it.
—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
In the screenshot below, you can see the default prices for t-shirts is
$19. If you want to increase it, simply enter your price and click the
“update” button at the bottom of the page.
Now click the “add variation” button to add additional colors and styles
without uploading your art file again. This way, all of your color and
style choices show up together as a group on the product page
and can be viewed by customers for easy selection.
Once you click the “add variation” button (it’s hard to see in the
screenshot above, but it’s the green button at the top that I circled),
you’ll see this:
—————————————————–Page 27—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Where it says “choose file,” you’ll browse your hard drive, locate your
mockups in the various colors and styles, and upload one at a time.
Choose the correct style and color from the dropdown menu, then click
the “add color” button and you’re done with one color and style.
Continue this process for each color and style you want to sell. Be sure
you change the price and click “update” for each one if you don’t want
to use the default price.
The bottom section of the “edit details” page looks like this:
—————————————————–Page 28—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
If you make a mistake and upload a wrong mockup style or color, just
click on the wrong image at the top of the page where it shows all of
your colors and styles, then click the “delete” button. That will remove
your mistake and you can add the correct style or color by clicking the
“add variations” button again.
I suggest you always leave the button for “standard view” ticked. This
way, when customers visit the Sun Frog site, every style and color
that your design is available in will appear.
This view also allows them to navigate to any other page at the Sun
Frog website and make additional purchases, which will earn you
affiliate commissions.
In this same area you’ll see some other options:
• Exclude from site search
• Artist only page
• Do not allow Google to index
I personally don’t know why anyone would checkmark those boxes,
but if you have a reason to do so, then you can.
You can also choose to limit the time that your design is available for
sale. This is good for time-sensitive designs, such as holidays or most
recently, Pi Day shirts. Otherwise, I don’t suggest using that feature.
BREAKING NEWS:at the time of this writing,Sun Frog’s
programmers are working on a “tee wizard” so that Photoshop will no
longer be necessary to add your design to the mockups in the future.
All you will need to have is the 2400×3200 pixel .png file of your
design. ☺
Fiverr Designers
There are many designers on Fiverr that do t-shirt designs. Some of
them provide a TeeSpring mockup image with your order. Others
charge extra for that, as well as the vector (.ai and .eps) files, which
you don’t need for Sun Frog anyway.
Before choosing a designer, please read their description of which files
they will provide to you for your $5 payment. At the very least, you
—————————————————–Page 29—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
will want to get the .png file from them in 2400×3200 pixels so you
can upload your design file in step 1.
If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, I recommend contacting
Fiverr designers before you hire them to ask if you can give them the
Sun Frog mockup templates for them to add your design. They may
charge you an extra $5-$10 but it’s worth it to have your own shirt
designs to sell.
The designer I use can be contacted by using this link:
He does absolutely beautiful work (you can see proof in my mockup
images above ☺) and he will provide all of the files you’ll need for
selling your shirts via Sun Frog Shirts.
As you’ve discovered in this report, Sun Frog Shirts is a very unique
website in a number of ways, especially the affiliate program. And
that’s what makes it easy (compared to other websites) for anyone
to earn money selling t-shirts and hoodies online.
The hard part – designing the shirts – has been done for you. And in
case you’re wondering whether there are enough hot-selling designs to
earn a good income, well, I’d say 8,000 sales per day speaks for
itself. ☺
In my opinion, Sun Frog Shirts will be the top-selling t-shirt site
within the next couple of years. Their customer service is second to
none, and customers return again and again with repeat orders.
Plus, any customer who didn’t get shirts that they ordered through
other t-shirt sites because the minimum goals weren’t met will turn to
Sun Frog Shirts where they can buy without fear of not getting their
The way I see it, Sun Frog Shirts is a win-win-win situation – their
affiliates, artists and customers all win.
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I hope this report has gotten your marketing juices flowing and you’re
ready to sign up and make money. ☺ I’d love to hear your story, so
please feel free to contact me and let me know how it goes.
Wishing You Success,
Denise Hall
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