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How To Write A Book In Less Than 24
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Hi, my name is Stefan Pylarinos and welcome to this book on How To Write A Book In
Less Than 24 Hours.
The truth is, writing a book is much easier than you’ve been led to believe. In fact, most
people get intimidated by the thought of writing a book because they think that it’s a
long, grueling process.
The #1 objection people have is that it takes too long to write a book!
I’m going to share with you a simple 10-step process that I go through that has allowed
me to write multiple books in less than 24 hours.
First, let me share with you my philosophy which allows me to write and create my
books quickly…
It’s important to understand that the purpose of a book should be first and foremost to
add value to your readers.
Your book should either focus on helping them in some way, solve their problem, meet
a need, or at least provide some entertainment value.
People usually buy books based on the cover or title, primarily because they want the
benefit that the title of the book promises.
When someone purchases the book “The 4 Hour Work Week”, it’s because they want
that benefit.
But here’s the bad news…
Did you know that less than 10% of people that purchase books actually read past
the first chapter?
Yes, that’s an unfortunate reality.
That means that this book that most people spend months or years to create doesn’t even
get fully consumed by those that purchase it.
This means that most people do NOT get the value they received from the book when
they purchased it.
Sad, I know…
I believe that the biggest reason why people don’t fully consume these books is because
they get intimidated and most books are too big for people to consume.
That’s why I’m a fan of creating shorter books, no more than 50 pages in length, that
focus on solving a specific problem or adds value in a very specific way.
With the rise of Kindle publishing and e-book publishing, there has been significant data
that tells us that this is what consumers want as well.
Instead of consuming a massive 400-page book on “Dating Advice”, people would
much rather consume shorter books consisting of 50 pages or less on the specific areas
of dating advice.
For example, one could break down the topic of Dating Advice for Men into the
following sub-topics:
How To Be Confident
How To Overcome Approach Anxiety
How To Meet And Approach Women
How To Have A Conversation And Attract Women
How To Get A Date
First Date Tips
Get the idea?
What is now being proven to be more efficient is to create a SERIES of books that are
still all relating under one topic, but consist of shorter books that solve specific
problems or needs.
Not only are these books less intimidating, but they sell better. People are more likely
to purchase a book that speaks to their specific problem, rather than purchase book that
covers a broader area.
It’s also more profitable for you, as if people enjoy your book, they are likely to
purchase the other books in your series also.
My point is this – It shouldn’t take 9 months to write a book and 400 pages to
communicate what you have to share and add value. You should be able to easily
communicate your book and add value in a one hour conversation about it.
The second biggest thing that stops people from writing a book is trying to make it
Here’s the reality: Your book will NEVER be perfect.
Perfectionism is something that doesn’t exist. It’s unattainable.
If this is true, then why are you spending so much time and effort to make sure your book
is perfect?
Do you think that your readers are even going to notice the little details or extra effort
you’re putting in to try to make sure your book is perfect?
Maybe, but probably not.
Like I said, less than 10% of people are actually going to read past the first chapter of
your book. Out of those 10% of people, most don’t care or even notice most of what
you’re busy obsessing about – the only thing they care about is, “Is this book going to
solve my problem?” or “Am I receiving value from this book?”
Thatss itt!
Oops, did you just notice on the last slide that I had a spelling error?
I made it fairly obvious…
I wrote “Thatss itt!”
Now, let me ask you… do you really care about that spelling error?
Does that spelling error mean that this is a horrible program and that you’re going to
leave negative reviews about it?
No – you probably don’t care. You just care about the value you get from this course.
The very first book I wrote took me over a year to write. I wanted to make sure
everything was perfect and ideal. I had to make sure every paragraph and word was
Did people notice?
Did people even care?
In fact, I feel I wasted too much time and it was a disservice to others by taking so long
to release the book.
80% of the book would have been good enough to really help people and provide some
significant value.
But it was my “perfectionism” that got in the way.
Dan Sullivan has a book called “The 80% Approach”.
In it, he shares to get 80% of things done.
Not 100%, only 80%.
He says that the 80% is the most valuable part of anything, and I agree with him.
If you get a book done that is 80% done, then it’s good enough to get out there and help
people with.
Don’t view your book as an “end result”, but rather a work in process. Something that
you can continually improve and make better based on your customers feedback.
I want you to keep these two concepts in mind when going through the 10 steps that I’m
going to go over with you in the rest of this course.
Remember, focus on writing shorter, more specific books and don’t try to be perfect
with this process.
Just do the best you can with it.
Now, is it possible to actually write a book in less than 24 hours?
I’ve personally written many books in less than 24 hours, and all of them are high
quality and have great reviews.
I could give you many examples, but here’s a book that I recently wrote in 6 hours:
Kindle Marketing Secrets – 33 Ways To Promote Your Kindle Book And Get More
Yes, 6 hours! It’s over 13,000 words and 86 pages long.
If you don’t believe me, then search for it on Amazon or Kindle and you’ll see for
While I understand you might think that I’m probably a freak of nature and a crazy fast
typist (which both are true), the truth is anyone can do the same within 24 hours.
If it took me 6 hours, then you should easily be able to do the same within 24 hours,
even if you aren’t a fast typist or don’t even know much about your subject.
But, do you have to write the book in less than 24 hours?
No you don’t have to. It’s perfectly acceptable if you want to write your book in a
weekend or a few days, or even if it takes you a week.
Go through these steps at whatever pace that you want. But please remember what I said
and don’t try to be “perfect” with things or procrastinate.
I created this program to show you how fast you can do it and to more importantly, get
you to actually finish a book fast!
I’d recommend to set your own goal or deadline for when you want to have your book
finished by.
If it’s 24 hours, then set that deadline for yourself. If it’s this weekend, then set your
Having that deadline is going to be crucial for you successfully completing this program
and getting your book finished.
Now that I got all of that out of the way, let’s get started with the 10 steps. We don’t
have time to waste!
Move onto the next chapter to get started.
Links And Resources
Here are the links and resources that were mentioned in this lesson:
The 80% Approach by Dan Sullivan:
Kindle Marketing Secrets – 33 Ways To Promote Your Kindle Book And Get More
Sales by Stefan Pylarinos:

Step 1 – Make A Commitment To Yourself And Schedule
A Full Day For Yourself
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to walk you through the first step, which is to make a
commitment to yourself and schedule a full day for yourself.
Commitment And Scheduling
It’s important that you fully commit to completing your book by your deadline preferably
within 24 hours. It isn’t going to be easy or comfortable. You might want to give up at
times. But if you make a commitment to yourself and set that deadline, then you can push
through it and complete it.
This is no different than completing a school project that is due tomorrow.
If you can, make a public commitment.
Share with people on Facebook or Twitter. Tell your friends and family members what
you’re doing and ask them to hold you accountable. This will create more pressure for
you to get it done.
Pressure is a good thing. Pressure creates diamonds.
Once you’ve made that commitment, then schedule a full day for you to complete your
Set those hours for yourself right now.
If you’re going to start tomorrow, then make sure that you schedule early in the morning,
let’s say 9AM until 9PM at night.
Make sure you don’t have anything else going on during that time, as you might need to
dedicate the entire day to this.
You might finish sooner and if you do, great. But just to be sure, make sure you have no
other commitments during that day.
Finally, make sure you eliminate ALL distractions.
Turn off your cell phone. Do NOT use Facebook or e-mail.
These will only interrupt your flow and you won’t be fully focused at the task at hand.
I also recommend to get a timer that you could use, which will help you work more
Any timer will do, but if you want a free one online, then go to Once
you’ve fully committed to completing your book and scheduled a full day to work
towards this (while getting rid of distractions), then you’re ready to move onto Step 2.
Links And Resources
Here are the links and resources that were mentioned in this lesson:
Egg Timer:

Step 2 – Find A Topic Or Subject To Create A Book On
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to come up with a topic or subject to write a
book on.
Coming Up With A Book Idea
The first thing we need before creating our book is to find the topic or subject to create
a book on. Hopefully you already have some ideas for this, but if not then that’s okay
What I recommend to do is to take out a pen and paper and begin a brainstorm process.
Begin writing down as many ideas that you can think of that you could write a book on.
You’d want to make sure that there’s a MARKET for your book and that there will be
some demand for it, which is extremely important in terms of making money from your
Analyzing your book idea, ensuring there’s a market and that it isn’t too competitive is
all stuff that I go into in my Kindle Money Mastery course, but for now you just need
some ideas.
To come up with ideas, I often just do a search on or on a website like You can easily see the categories of books and articles on there,
which is useful for brainstorming.
These are just some of the resources that I use to come up with some ideas, but really,
there are so many out there.
You’ll want to take out your pen and paper and begin writing some of these ideas
I’d suggest to come up with at least 10.
Make sure to set your timer while doing this and spend no more than 30 minutes on this
Don’t try to be perfect.
Once you have your list of 10 ideas, begin eliminating them one by one until you get
down to the one topic or subject that you’ll write a book on.
Once you’ve finished this, continue on to Step 3
Links And Resources
Here are the links and resources that were mentioned in this lesson:

Step 3 – Research For At Least 60 Minutes And Compile
What You Come Up With
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to research information for your book and
compile everything that you come up with.
Researching Your Book
Now that you’ve got your subject or topic, it’s now time to begin doing some research
on it.
Maybe you already know a lot about your subject or topic which would be good and
help you get through this process quickly. But if you don’t, then you want to make sure
that you do some research and compile everything that you come up with into a
When doing research, you want to make sure to do it quickly.
Don’t worry about wanting to cover everything on your subject or topic, just do the best
you can. I recommend to set your timer for 60 minutes and do as much research as you
can online during that time.
To summarize, some of the ways that I’ll conduct research for my book topic or subject
Amazon/Kindle – looking at other books in the market
Google – searching for my topic and subject
YouTube – look up videos on your topic or subject
Blogs, Message Boards, and Yahoo Answers
You’ll want to make sure to write down things that stand out to you that you could cover
in your book.
Get ideas for chapters or sections of your book for now.
You can even copy and paste things you find on other websites or blogs into a document
for now, so that you can refer back to it later (Evernote is great for this).
I’d even copy some links or resources into a document, so you can go back and re-visit
those if you need to get more information on something.
Really push yourself to complete this in 60 minutes. If you don’t know much about your
subject or topic already, then you can definitely spend more time on this if you feel more
comfortable with that.
Just remember your deadline and commitment. If you aren’t as rushed to get this done in
24 hours and can still make your deadline, then feel free to spend more time on this.
Once you’ve done sufficient research on your topic or subject, you should now have a
good sized document that you can refer to while creating your book. This will be
valuable for us moving forward. You’re free to move on to Step 4 once this is compete.
Links And Resources
Here are the links and resources that were mentioned in this lesson:
Yahoo Answers:

Step 4 – Create The Chapters And Outline Of Your Book
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to create the chapters and outline for your
Creating Your Book Outline
At this point, you should have a document compiled with your research and information
about your books subject. With this document, we’re now able to begin putting together
the chapters and outline for your book.
Start by going over your research and write down the most important areas that your
book will cover.
Don’t worry about the sequence or ordering anything just yet. For now just create a list
of the 10 biggest and most important sub-topics.
For example, with Binge Eating, I came up with these 10 areas that my book can cover:
1. What Is Binge Eating Disorder?
2. The Causes And Triggers Of Binge Eating
3. Effects Of Binge Eating Disorder
4. How To Overcome Binge Eating And Compulsive Overeating
5. 10 Strategies To Stop Binge Eating Now
6. How To Stop Emotional Eating And Control Your Emotions
7. Overcoming Sugar Addiction
8. Alternative Binge Eating Treatments
9. Stopping Binge Eating Long-Term
10. The 30 Day Challenge
These would all make great chapters for a book on how to overcome Binge Eating
Disorder, as it’s all based on my research.
However, not all of these chapters might even be necessary for this book, as there might
be quite a bit of overlap.
That’s why I’ve decided to remove a few chapters and narrow my book down to 7 of
the most important areas that I want to cover. You can do the same for your chapters –
remove anything that would be “fluff” or isn’t necessary for your book.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll then want to create a sequence or order for your chapters.
Organize these chapters in a sequential manner that makes the most sense. In my case,
this is what I came up with:
1. What Is Binge Eating Disorder?
2. The Causes And Triggers Of Binge Eating
3. Effects Of Binge Eating Disorder
4. How To Overcome Binge Eating And Compulsive Overeating
5. 10 Strategies To Stop Binge Eating Now
6. Alternative Binge Eating Treatments
7. Stopping Binge Eating Long-Term
You’re almost done!
Next, just add an Introduction/Preface as the first chapter, as well as a Conclusion at the
end, and you’ve got yourself a good looking outline for your book.
I’d also recommend to make sure you are happy with the titles of each chapter and that
they are descriptive and compelling.
That’s it, this should take you no longer than 30 minutes.
Once you’re happy with this, move onto Step 5.

Step 5 – For Each Chapter, Write Down 3 Things To
Teach Or Cover In This Section
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to clarify what to write about in each book
What Each Book Chapter Will Include
Now that you have your chapters and book outline set up, it’s now time to go into each
chapter in more detail.
For each of your books chapters, write down at least 3 things to teach or cover in each
This is going to help us to know exactly what each chapter is about, so that when we
begin writing it, our job is going to be easy.
For example, for my chapter on What Is Binge Eating Disorder?, I can put down:
• Eating Disorder that usually lasts around 2 hours and involves compulsive eating,
overeating and emotional eating
• Usually triggered by emotions or state
• Struggle with feelings of guilt, disgust and depression. Beat themselves up for not
having self-control. Want to stop, but can’t.
Coming up with at least 3 things for each chapter might require a bit more research if
One easy way to further research a chapter if you’re unsure about it is to just type the
title of your chapter in Google and see what comes up.
When I typed in What Is Binge Eating Disorder, it provided a bunch of information that I
was able to gather that I could include in this chapter.
Okay, now it’s your turn.
Go ahead and make sure to write down at least 3 main things to cover in each chapter.
Don’t worry about covering everything, just focus on the 3 most important things for
This is an important step, as it will make writing the book very easy and
straightforward. Set your timer for 30-60 minutes while doing this.
Once you’ve finished this, move on to Step 6.

Step 6 – Write 500-1000 Words For Each Chapter, Or
Record Yourself Talking About
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to write each chapter of your book, or to
record yourself talking about it.
Create Each Chapter Of Your Book
You’re now ready to begin writing your book, kind of.
You see, I have two different strategies that I’ve personally used to write a book.
One strategy is to actually write the book myself.
In this case, what I’d recommend is to write 500-1000 words for each chapter that we
just created in the previous lesson.
Writing your book can be fun. It also shouldn’t require much time for you to do this, as
you already know what each chapter will cover and you will now just have to write up
a few paragraphs on it.
The other strategy that I use is to record myself talking about each chapter. I use
something called Dragon Naturally Speaking, which will record my voice and
automatically transcribe it to text.
This method does cost some money – but it will make things much easier for you if you
absolutely do not want to write.
The other strategy is that you could still record yourself talking about each chapter and
then hire a human transcriber to transcribe it for you.
This costs a bit of money too, but you can do it rather inexpensively using websites like
If you don’t want to spend the money, then I’d suggest to just write each chapter
Even if you’re a slow typist or a horrible writer, you should still easily be able to write
each chapter in less than an hour per chapter.
When writing, do not worry about perfect sentence structure or grammar or spelling.
Just think of this as a draft and try to focus on writing fast.
Do not filter your thoughts, just write. We can proof- read and go over it later. Set your
timer for each chapter and begin writing!
I’d suggest to set the timer for 30 minutes for now and see how much you can write in
that amount of time.
The average typing speed is 50-60 words per minute, so that should mean if you’re
writing a 500 word chapter, then you could technically do it in about 10 minutes.
Of course, I understand there is some creativity involved and it might take longer than
that, which is why I like to set the timer to 30 or 60 minutes per chapter.
Once you get into a flow, it will become easier and you’ll become faster with your
future chapters.
If you catch yourself taking too long to write each chapter, then I’d suggest that you’re
still too much in your head and trying to make sure things are perfect.
STOP! Stop filtering your thoughts and just write!
If you find you have “writers block”, then I’d suggest to take a quick break and change
your state and physiology.
One of the easiest ways to overcome writers block is to get out of your head and go for
a quick walk or exercise.
Just taking a 10 minute break and doing some physical will alter your state and get you
out of your head, which will make writing much easier.
Begin writing each chapter now. Don’t forget to include your Introduction and
Once complete a rough draft of each chapter, move on to Step 7.
Links And Resources
Dragon Naturally Speaking:

Step 7 – Proof Read Your Book
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to proof read your book.
Proof Read Your Book
Did you finish writing each chapter of your book? If so, congratulations. The hard part
is now over. You now just have to proof read the book and complete some of the
finishing touches before you’re ready to publish it.
Before proof reading your book, I’d recommend to take a 30 minute break. The reason
why I suggest taking a break is so that you can change your state and come back to look
at your work from a different space.
When you look at your writing from a different state and begin to go over it, you will
begin to look at things differently and will begin to notice mistakes that you may have
made or other things that you can include.
If possible, take a longer break than 30 minutes – just make sure that you are aware of
your deadline and don’t put this off. When you’re ready to come back, continue on with
the rest of this step.
Okay, ready to begin proof reading?
Make sure your energy is high and you’re ready to go through this.
When proof reading, I recommend to read your book out loud.
The reason for this, is you will keep your energy high and you will be able to see how
things sound to you out loud and not just in your head.
If anything doesn’t sound right or you notice mistakes, then correct them and re-read the
sentence again until it sounds right. Go through each chapter one by one while doing
this. Set your timer for 15 or 30 minutes for each chapter.
Do the best that you can with this. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect – we can always
come back and change things later.
When finished, continue on to Step 8.

Step 8 – Have Someone Else Proof Read Your Book
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to have someone else proof read your book.
Have Someone Else Proof Read Your Book
How did the proof reading go?
Were you able to improve your book?
I hope so.
In this step, I recommend for you to have someone else proof read your book and go
over it.
The reason for this is because by having someone else go through your book, they will
notice things that you missed. You will get an outsiders perspective on your writing and
gain some valuable feedback.
This step isn’t mandatory, but I do recommend it.
You don’t necessarily have to have a professional proof read your book, even a friend
or family member will do. If you want to hire someone, you could always go to Fiverr
and do a search for a proof reader.
There’s many people that can go over your book and proof read it in less than 24 hours
and send it back to you.
Again, this is optional – I’ve published many books that I personally have proof read on
my own successfully.
Once you’ve had someone else proof read your book, or you’re comfortable with it and
feel that it’s good enough, then move on to Step 9.
Links And Resources

Step 9 – Come Up With A Title For Your Book
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to come up with a title for your book.
Come Up With A Book Title
You’re almost finished!
Now that the book is complete, you just need to come up with a title for your book.
When coming up with a title, you want to make sure that it clearly describes what your
book is about and mentions the benefits of your book.
As mentioned at the beginning of this training, people buy benefits.
The title is extremely important in selling people.
Your title should consis t of a TITLE and a SUB TITLE. I like to make my title short, no
more than 4 words. I then make my sub- title longer and more descriptive.
For example, for the Binge Eating example, here’s some titles that I could use:
The Binge Eating Cure
The Binge Eating Solution
Stop Binge Eating Now
Do you see how the titles are short and have a benefit?
For a sub title, I could use the following:
The Most Effective, Permanent Solution To Finally Overcome Binge Eating Disorder
For Life
How To Stop Binge Eating Disorder And Compulsive Eating In 30 Days
Secrets To Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder From An Ex-Binge Eater
You see how these are descriptive and contain more benefits?
I’d suggest to come up with at least 10 potential titles that you could use to name your
Think of your title as a HEADLINE. It needs to grab people’s attention and makes them
think, “I want that!”
Once you come up with 10, then begin eliminating a few and narrow it down to the best
When you have the best 3, then I’d recommend to get some feedback on your title from
some of your friends.
You could ask people on Facebook or Twitter, or just call people up.
Take your time with your title, it’s important.
Make sure that it sounds good to you and more importantly, is something that will
compel people to buy your book.
Once you’ve come up with your title, then congratulations, you’re almost done. You’re
ready for Step 10.

Step 10 – Choose A Platform To Publish Your Book On
Lesson Overview
In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to choose a platform to publish your book on.
The Best Platform To Publish Your Book On
Congratulations, you’ve finished writing your book!
Whew… how does it feel?
You’re one of the few who do versus the many that talk.
There’s only one step remaining, which is to choose a platform to publish your book on.
The platform that you choose to publish your book on will determine the best strategy
for you to market your book and begin selling it.
You will also need to format your book for that particular platform as well, as each
platform is different.
Let me share with you what your options are.
The biggest and most popular platform to publish your book on is Amazon Kindle. They
are by far the top retailer of books in the world and from my experience, you will make
the most amount of money with them.
They are by far my favourite.
The other most popular options are Nook (Barnes and Nobles), Kobo (Chapters), and
These other ones aren’t as popular as Amazon Kindle, but they can still be another
distribution channel for you to publish your book.
With Amazon, you have the option of publishing your book as an e-book on Kindle.
I’ve found this to be the easiest way to get your book out there, as you can just upload
your book file on Amazon and begin selling it right away.
If you want to create a paperback or hardcopy version of your book, you can also easily
do so using CreateSpace, which is affiliated with Amazon. This can allow you to
publish an e-book and print version of your book. I’d recommend to do both!
You can also explore other options of distribution later, but based on my experience,
Kindle and Amazon are your best bet.
In order to publish your book on Kindle, you are required to format it a specific way so
that it looks good in a Kindle reader.
You will also need to learn how to market and promote your Kindle book on Amazon,
so that you can begin making money from your new book.
f you want to learn my complete step-by-step process of how to publish your book on
Kindle and make money from your book, then check out my course called Kindle Money
Kindle Money Mastery will show you how you can successfully rank your book in
Amazon for your specific keywords and in your categories, so that you can turn your
book into a bestseller.
To find out more, go to:
Thank you for completing this course!
I wish you the best of luck with your new book and now it’s your duty to get it out there
to as many people as possible and begin adding value.
Good luck!
Links And Resources
Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP):http//
Nook (Barnes And Noble):
Kobo (Chapters):
Kindle Money Mastery:

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VSL 7 – CB, Video + Copy, Richard Design

I really want to thank you for reading this book. I sincerely hope that you received value
from it and it helps you write your own book fast! Now it’s up to you to take action and
apply what you’ve learned here.
If you want to use the How To Write A Book In 24 Hours Or Less video program, I
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I want to reach as many people as I can with this book, and more reviews will help me
accomplish that!
Not only that, but you will get some good karma and will increase your chances of
getting more reviews for your Kindle books also. 🙂
Thank you for your time. I wish you the best of luck with your Kindle books!
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Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………4
Getting Website Traffic …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….6
What are Solo Ads? ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….8
The Sales Funnel ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………9
Finding The Right List ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 11
Structuring a Solo Ad …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 13
Example Solo Ad …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 15
Example Landing Page …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 16
Placing Your Solo Ad ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 18
Getting Started With Udimi ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 19
Follow Up To Your Solo Ad …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 23
And Finally …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 25
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 4
It took me a long time to discover the power of Solo Ads, many years in fact. It
was a term I had come across occasionally but I had never tried to use them.
To put that statement in some kind of context I have had my own successful
business providing consultancy and services relating to IT and the Internet since
Along the way as part of my ongoing education I bought a lot of courses about
making money on the Internet and traffic generation, but somehow none of
them had any focus on Solo Ads.
I have had clients ranging from startups through to multi-national corporations,
much of my work relates to building websites and software, and I have done a
lot of work with optimization to pull in organic traffic.
One of my long term clients is an original panelist on Dragons Den, I look after
all of his websites. I tell you this not to show off but to make the point that I am
a serious professional and have spent many years learning my trade.
Those clients who have wanted to buy traffic were all mainly interested in using
Google Adwords.
One of the campaigns I was involved with had a PPC budget of $40,000 a month
and we hired a specialist agency to oversee some very detailed testing and
tracking, you would not believe the amount of work that went in to it.
I do build and make money from my own websites as well as working with my
clients to help them do the same. Part of my business strategy is to have
multiple sources of income, but it also means that I am constantly able to learn
and get better at what I do.
Despite all my experience and training I was really struggling to make money
with a few of my niches in competitive markets. Getting decent volumes of
organic traffic was way too slow and involved more work than I had time
available and frankly was even willing to put in. Other paid traffic techniques
were not really working for me either.
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 5
I can honestly say that starting to utilize Solo Ads has made a huge difference to
me, not least in building my mailing list and the speed with which I have been
able to do so.
Like anything new there is a learning curve with the process and understanding
the tricks of the trade, and I hope to save you a lot of time and effort in trying
to work it all out for yourself.
I have invested in training on this myself, and I am also fortunate in having a
leading marketer as a mentor who has helped me along considerably (in fact it
was he who introduced me to the idea of running Solo Ads).
All this learning is incorporated here.
The fact that you are reading this shows that you already understand the value
of investing in yourself and learning new skills and techniques. Mastering how
to drive traffic to your site puts you on the fast path to achieving business
It is fair to say that Solo Ads are a fairly well kept secret for most website
owners, but they have their origins in well proven direct marketing principles
and can be incredibly effective.
When I did discover Solo Ads and work out how to use them properly they
rapidly became my favourite way to generate traffic quickly.
I will explain why and take you step by step through how to do this yourself.
Also I am going to show you a brokerage site you can use that takes away a lot
of the hard work and risk, and to help things along I have used actual examples
of what worked for me.
None of this is technically challenging, you just have to think hard about your
marketing – like any form of advertising you need to understand why someone
would want to buy your particular product or service, and give them compelling
reasons to do so.
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 6
Getting Website Traffic
If you were to survey an average group of website owners and ask them their
biggest day to day challenge, most would tell you that it was getting regular
good quality traffic.
It takes time and effort, and often money, to build a decent website. You will
have ambitions for it to do really well, the future of your business may even
depend on it.
From a lot of the adverts and media messages you see for tools, designers, and
developers there is a perception that if you build a really great website the
visitors will come.
No they won’t! At least not without you taking action to publicise your site and
finding ways to attract traffic.
Many website owners hope for free traffic from the search engines. The holy
grail for traffic generation is to have Google sending you high volumes
completely free, we would all love to have this.
Here is the problem. High volumes of traffic only tend to exist in markets with
high volumes of competition, this makes it very difficult to get the page
rankings you need for visitors even to find you.
This is the whole subject of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which I won’t go
in to here – suffice to say it is tough and time consuming, and if you are up
against big players with big budgets it is a battle you are unlikely to win.
What a lot of people don’t factor in is the value of their own time. Seriously, if
you spend an hour or two a day writing blog posts or articles, and doing SEO
related activities is that really generating ‘FREE’ traffic? What value do you put
on an hour of your time?
Of course if you build your own email list and get a reputation as being an
expert in your field you will have an easier time with getting free traffic, but this
takes time.
If you do have a market with high demand and very little competition, I salute
you – please let me know how you found it!
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 7
If however you have written an ebook about how to teach Giraffes to swim
under water, you may not have to worry about competition but you won’t be
planning early retirement on the sales.
In the online marketing world you have the option of either throwing time and
effort in to trying to get free traffic (with very little guarantee of results) or you
have to pay to get your visitors.
There is another big downside with organic traffic from Google. You can spend
months putting a lot of time and effort in to getting page 1 rankings for some of
your top keywords only for Google to change their algorithm, causing your site
pages to lose all their traffic literally overnight. Many site owners have lost their
businesses this way.
It’s vital that you have multiple ways of bringing visitors to your site, you can’t
afford to have all your eggs in one basket.
Which brings us on to the subject of paid traffic. I am most definitely a fan as it
allows you to bring traffic to your site very quickly. I have been fortunate to
learn from a number of successful marketers, they all without exception make
use of paid traffic (think about that for a moment, it is an important fact to
digest if you want to be successful online).
Here is the thing, if you knew that every time you spent a dollar on traffic you
would make that back plus a profit would you have any second thoughts on
doing so? It’s self evident that you would buy as much traffic as you could in
order to increase your profits.
I will come on to testing and proving that you can make a profit with paid
traffic, but without doubt you can grow your business and start making sales
massively faster with paid traffic than you will be able to do with the many free
traffic generation methods.
If you can build in to your marketing a mixture of free and paid traffic
generation methods you will have found the best of both worlds. This will give
you good growth and sustainability and help to maximise your profits.
As with free traffic you have many different ways of paying for traffic. Probably
the best known is Pay Per Click (PPC), the Google Adwords system being a good
example. Facebook have their own version of this and there are many others
such as 7Search.
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 8
However there is quite a lot involved in setting up a successful PPC campaign
and many people will find it daunting.
I have an Adwords ‘How To’ guide I refer to that is literally hundreds of pages
long, there is fair bit of learning involved.
By contrast learning how to drive traffic using Solo Ads is a lot easier, and they
have other benefits that I will explain as we go along here.
My aim here is to give you a good understanding of –
How Solo Ads work
Why they could be an effective traffic generator for you
How and where to run your own Solo Ads
How to maximize their effectiveness and make you more money.
What are Solo Ads?
This is a concept that has existing in the mail order industry for decades.
If you want to send out a sales letter in the post you can go to a mailing list
broker who will rent you a list of names of people who have previously bought
or taken an interest in your particular industry or sector.
You pay so much for each name and address and hopefully you now have a pre-
qualified list of potential buyers. The direct response industry continues to
operate this way, for the simple reason that it works!
Solo Ads work on the same principle. Successful online business owners who
have built large lists of buyers and subscribers can offer to send your advert via
email to their lists, this is a Solo Ad.
So if you want to sell an exercise plan you could for instance find a website
owner who has a list of people who have bought other exercise plans or
something directly related such as weight loss products.
This is a highly targeted advert going to individuals who are already motivated
to take action, you have the opportunity to not only sell to them but also get
them on your own email list.
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 9
The beauty of Solo Ads compared to traditional mail order is of course the
massively reduced costs. Mail order has significant postage and printing costs,
as well as the labour costs for addressing and stuffing envelopes.
The finances alone around direct mail require precision engineering, you have
to have a deep understanding of your margins and conversion rates to avoid
running up large losses very quickly.
You can run a Solo Ad for as little as $10 or so, AND (read the following
sentence carefully) you get a guaranteed number of visitors to your site!
How good is that? With a normal advert you might get no response at all.
I recall placing an offline advert many years ago that I was very pleased with. It
was a box ad in a regional paper that I spent weeks pulling together, all linked to
a self improvement product that I thought could not fail. Total sales from the ad
were a big fat zero! I even ran it again in another paper, convinced it was a one
off failure and got exactly the same result!
With a Solo Ad you buy a certain number of clicks through to your site and the
advert keeps running until you get them.
All you have to do is write a short email advert (I will come on to this with an
example of one of my actual successful ads) and put a landing page on your
website with an offer that you direct the traffic to.
The Sales Funnel
Before you start placing Solo Ads it is important to have a clear understanding
of the financial aspects.
This is true for any form of paid traffic and you need to be very aware of it.
If you have been involved in online marketing or any form of sales for any
length of time you will be aware that it is a numbers game.
Only a small percentage of the visitors to your site will purchase something, this
will vary according to your market and the price of the product or service.
When running Solo Ads I have these objectives –
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 10
Add subscribers to my mailing list
Sell a small volume of a low cost initial offer
Start a long term relationship with new customers
Overall I expect the actual Ad to make a small profit or break even, but I can
now make money by marketing follow up offers to my list (the saying that ‘The
money is in the list’ is very true).
NOTE – If you want to send your visitor on to a Sales Page, you can deliver the
free offer via an attachment or as a link in your Thank you email following their
This is the sales funnel and you should have additional, and generally higher
price, offers that you can sell following your initial offer.
As an example let’s assume the following –
1.Your initial offer is an ebook you sell for $17
2.You spend $40 buying 100 visitors to your offer
to your
Mailing List
Thank You
Sales Page
Automated Emails
Sell your own
Endorse as an Affiliate
& Up-sells
Solo Ad
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 11
3.30 visitors provide their email address and get added to your list
4.You get a 3% conversion in to buyers, this earns you $51
So in this example you made $11 in profit . This might not look very exciting but
you also added 30 new subscribers to your mailing list.
You can now make additional offers to your list with follow up emails, this will
cost you nothing. A higher priced follow up offer can make you hundreds, or
even thousands, of dollars very easily.
You only have the one product or service? No problem. Just sign up as an
affiliate for other associated products and services already on the market and
sell those.
You won’t make as much as an affiliate as you would with your own product but
it is all profit, and you can always add in your own stuff later.
Generally you will make a lot more money with follow up offers than you do
with your initial offering. In any business most of the marketing costs go in to
acquiring a new customer, the real money is made in selling more to those
same customers.
Finding The Right List
Now we get to the interesting part, the actual process of placing a Solo Ad.
You are going to be asking another marketer to run your advert in an email to
their list.
I am going to be taking you through the nuts and bolts of a platform called
Udimi that makes finding a list and doing all of this very easy for you, but it is
important that you understand the basic principles of how this all hangs
The first thing you need to do is find an email list that is already highly targeted
to your offer. If you sell Judo instruction videos you don’t want to send an offer
to a general Martial Arts list that contains mainly Karate enthusiasts.
Having found a potential list you now need to get some very specific
information about the list –
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 12
1.How recently was the list built?
2.Does the list contain buyers as well as subscribers
3.How often are new buyers added and when did they last buy?
4.How much did the buyers spend?
5.What is the geographic composition of the list?
6.How often does the owner send offers to the list?
The aim of all these questions is to make your offer as targeted as possible, you
want a list that is regularly updated (i.e. has many additional subscribers every
day) and is used to receiving offers but is not bombarded.
If the list is full of people who signed up for free or who only bought very cheap
offers, they may well be very hard to sell to if you are hoping to sell a product
for $497.
You don’t want to be advertising to a list of people who only respond to free
offers, ensuring there are people who have been actual buyers will greatly
increase your chances of making sales.
Also if the list is full of buyers in Europe and you want to sell in North America,
you don’t want to find this out after your Solo Ad!
Pre-qualify the list, it could be the difference to you making or losing money.
The whole power of this is that it is in your hands to make your Ad as targeted
as possible. You are able put your offer in front of a specific crowd of people
you already know have previously bought related products or services.
Like all forms of marketing you need to do some testing here. I buy a small
number of clicks to a list to see what type of response I get and check where
subscribers are actually located.
Always start small and build up gradually. If you find a really responsive and
appropriate list that is making you money you can of course scale up, just don’t
take unnecessary risks with your initial Solo Ads.
There is another very god reason why you might want to stick to buying
relatively small numbers of clicks. If you buy 50 or 100 clicks you often find you
actually get at least 10% more than you pay for, i.e another 5 or 10 clicks. Buy
1000 clicks and you probably only still get 5 or 10 more. So buying 10 tranches
of 100 might well get you 1100 clicks rather than one tranche of 1010.
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 13
The Udimi platform I am going to be showing you solves the problem of where
to find lists, but you do not have to limit yourself to this.
You could approach other list owners in your sector and see if they would be
willing to advertise to their list. If you sell dog training and they sell dog
products it could be a good fit for both of you, they get something else they can
offer out of the deal. When your list is big enough you can pay nothing but just
swap clicks to each other’s lists.
Also you can look in Internet Marketing forums (find them by doing a Google
search on “Internet Marketing” inurl:forum), and look for recommendations.
On Facebook I know of at least one group that exists purely for the purpose of
giving reviews on Solo Ad sellers, so if you hunt around you will find other
Structuring a Solo Ad
These are the component parts of your Solo Ad –
1.The email advert
2.The Landing page on your site (also known as the Squeeze page)
3.The Sales Page for your product or service
4.A follow up sequence of emails to visitors who subscribed or bought
I will explain each of these steps in detail.
At step 2 visitors either join your list and become subscribers, or they leave the
page and head off elsewhere.
Subscribers go on to step 3 to see your offer. This is a really important point to
grasp, whether they buy or not you now have another subscriber who you can
follow up with using email.
Even if you just break even with initial sales from your Solo Ad (or even make a
small loss) you have subscribers who you can now build a relationship with, and
when you get them in to your sales funnel this is when the big money can come
Let’s start with looking at the structure and content of your email advert.
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 14
This is the email that the owner will send out to their list. It needs to be concise
and focused. It will contain a link to your Landing page, so bear in mind that you
are effectively sending them on to another advert.
The email is the place just to grab their attention or curiosity enough to click on
the link.
The list owner is of course going to want to review your email before he sends
it out, so it could get rejected as not deemed appropriate for the list. The owner
may also make changes to your Ad such as putting their name at the end rather
than yours, or in extreme cases writing their own Ad.
You have to remember that whilst trying to make money the owner also will
usually want to try and guard their reputation with their list. So it is down to
you to decide if you want to run your Ad with any amendments they request.
When placing a Solo Ad (often referred to as a ‘Swipe’), bear in mind that you
are buying a certain number of clicks through to your Landing page. So even if
your Ad is not fantastic you will still get the traffic, you need to focus on then
converting those visitors in to subscribers and buyers.
A really good tip here is to pre-qualify potential subscribers at this point. By
which I mean actively discourage the ‘Tyre Kickers’ and other individuals who
would be inappropriate for your list.
How to do this? In the advert be specific about who your offer is for (or
alternatively who it is not for).
You want the people clicking through to be as targeted as possible for your
offer, you are paying for each click through so you don’t want visitors being
directed to your Landing page who are not likely to buy.
As an example if you sell dog training don’t write an Ad that appeals to dog
owners generally, make it clear that your offering is about training.
Your email Ad should lead into your Landing page which in turn leads in to your
Sales page. Keep them all to a tight theme, don’t meander between different
products or you will confuse people and lose them at some point in the process.
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 15
Example Solo Ad
Let me show an actual Ad I ran recently.
When I last ran it this Ad achieved nearly 50% opt ins on the Landing page that
the traffic clicked through to.
To make the point that different lists you advertise through will perform
differently, the previous time I ran exactly the same Ad with another seller I got
just over 30% opt ins.
Test, test, and test some more!
Apologies for stating the obvious but don’t forget to add the link to your
Landing page in your Ad, and then check that it works!
A previous version of this Ad that I tested was identical but without the third
paragraph where I actively discourage inappropriate visitors. That previous
version achieved a best opt in rate of about 25%, so that paragraph insertion
had the desired effect.
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 16
Example Landing Page
This style of landing page is commonly known as a Squeeze page or Lead
Capture page.
Having now brought the visitors to your website you of course want them to
take some action.
The tried and proven way of doing this is to send them to a squeeze page with
the intention of capturing their email address.
As a side note, some Solo Ad sellers will only let you make a free offer as they
don’t want their list to get jaded. Your squeeze page may make a free offer or
lead on to a low cost initial offer.
In the example squeeze page I am about to show you I offered a free report as
an extra incentive to join my list and then sent them on to a sales page for a low
cost offer.
This also meant I did not have to worry about finding a Solo Ad seller who
would not allow paid offers.
This is the page that my Solo Ad sent visitors to.
As with the Ad I have tested a number of variations of this page, this is the one
that has so far worked the best.
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 17
With copywriting it is important to use a mix of compelling sales points with
powerful psychological triggers. Many people who create a squeeze page miss
either one or both of those elements.
These psychological triggers include the following, try to get one or more in to
your copy –
Reciprocity. This is particularly powerful and often undervalued, a favour
given demands a favour in return. Just think about it and how it applies in
the rest of your life.
Fear of loss. For some reason people are more motivated to prevent loss
than to make a gain.
Scarcity. The fear of missing out. You will have seen this many times in
the form of ‘Only 10 remaining’, ‘One time not to be repeated offer’, etc.
Social proof. People follow the crowd and also like evidence.
Testimonials, or ‘10,000 copies already sold’, ‘Our most popular program,
Similarity. People do business with people they like or who are like them.
‘Dear fellow gardener’, ‘Like you I had trouble for years with back
problems’, etc.
Contrast. Show what good value you offer by comparing your product to
others. ‘Half the price of xxx’ or ‘Proven to work twice as quickly as’,
‘Lasts twice as long as xxx’ etc.
Also make sure that you have a compelling call to action. Take your visitor by
the hand and tell them exactly what to do, just make sure you use language that
suggests they are about to get something of value not have to buy something.
Words such as “Get Instant Access” or “Download Now” are very different to
“Give Your Email Address”. Psychologically we are giving in the former but
taking in the latter.
Another factor you need to consider and test is having got a visitor to give you
their email address, are you going to set up your auto-responder for single or
double opt in?
If you are not familiar with auto-responders these are handled by email
management software that capture the email address, send automated follow
up emails, and send the visitor to your Sales page or Thank You page.
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 18
I use a service with who are a market leader that I highly
When you get a subscriber good practice says that you send an email back to
them asking them to confirm that they wish to continue. It is very likely that you
have been a recipient of these yourself.
This stops fake email addresses being used and also stops people from using
somebody else’s actual email address.
However there is a downside in that confirmation emails often do not get
opened. If you have your service set to double opt in, even though your visitor
has provided their email address they do not become part of your list until they
click the link in your confirmation email.
Your auto-responder service will show you who clicked but did not confirm, so it
is something else you are able to track and test.
So generally a double opt in will produce a lower percentage of subscriptions
from your Landing page. You need to decide how you personally want to handle
Placing Your Solo Ad
As mentioned earlier I am going to show you step by step how to place your
Solo Ad using
This a fairly new platform that offers a lot of advantages if you are new to Solo
Ads. Not least of which is that you can find a lot of sellers all in the one place.
Udimi is basically a brokerage that matches up buyers and sellers and,
importantly, controls the payments. It has some really nice features such as the
Stats pages which show you each of your clicks and the exact location they
came from.
Udimi also provides Escrow Payment Protection. Any money you pay for a Solo
Ad is not sent to the Seller until all the clicks you bought have been delivered,
this prevents you from being cheated or in any way defrauded. This is very
important when you are just starting out and learning the ropes, you have the
peace of mind that comes with knowing you are safe.
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 19
All Udimi users also benefit automatically from an arbitration and dispute
All of this protection of course will deter unscrupulous sellers from registering
on the platform in the first place, they will not last very long. So you have the
comfort of knowing that not only are your interests are being looked after but
that unethical sellers simply won’t be able to survive on this platform.
If you cut your teeth and gain your confidence using Udimi it will then be a lot
easier for you to find sellers and run your Ads elsewhere.
I have shown screenshots and referenced the Udimi menus to help you along.
Being a fairly new platform the site owners may make changes that impact
these, but the principles will remain the same.
Getting Started With Udimi
Unsurprisingly when you go the first thing you need to do is to open
an account.
Of course you should spend a little time finding your way round the site and
going through the menu options, there are a lot of features to get familiar with.
Before you place your first Ad you are going to have place some money in your
account. The platform works with USD and the minimum amount you can top
your account up with is $50.
In the Internet Marketing niche which I have been using for my examples here I
typically pay somewhere between $0.30 and $0.45 per click. Click costs vary
quite broadly across the platform as a whole.
Udimi refers to your actual Ads throughout as Swipes. You can set up as many
of these as you like and then when you buy a Solo Ad from a seller you just
select which one to use.
When you sign in to Udimi this is the first page you are presented with, note
that I have edited out the names and pictures of the sellers being displayed. I
have not used any of these particular sellers and I don’t want this screenshot to
be misinterpreted as any kind of recommendation or sales pitch:
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 20
The next step is to click on the My Settings option in the left hand menu.
On the top menu click on My List and select the niche you want to advertise in.
To set up your first Ad click the My Swipes menu option, this page will show you
a list of any Ads you have set up previously.
You will now see a blue button titled ‘New Swipe’ on the top right of the screen.
Clicking on this will present you with the following screen.
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 21
As you can see it is a very simple screen that you just enter your proposed email
title and content in to.
Now when place a Solo Ad any ‘Swipes’ that you have created will be presented
to you to choose from. Note that you cannot place an Ad until you have at least
one Swipe already set up.
On the very top menu you will see the options ‘Find Solos’ and ‘Solo Deals’. The
‘Find Solos’ option will show you a standard listing of sellers, and ‘Solo Deals’ as
the name implies gives you a list of sellers who are pushing Solo deals at that
Below is what the ‘Find Solos’ screen looks like.
Check the List Niche field carefully and make sure you have selected the correct
one for your offering.
Now you can scroll the list of sellers and click on each one to find out more
about them.
Clicking on a particular seller shows you when they next have availability to run
a Solo and will then take you on to details about them and their list. Here is an
example on which I have again edited out the personal details.
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 22
These are the selection criteria that I use when finding a seller-
Read the reviews given by buyers and look for consistent good feedback
Check the top tier percentage in Countries (if you click on this you will get
a global map covering their list), I look for at least 70% as I don’t want opt
ins from subscribers that are less appropriate for my offering
List size of at least 10,000 and also I like to see commentary that they are
getting a good volume of additional subscribers each day
I want to see that they have buyers on their list, I want subscribers who
are proven to spend money in my niche already.
If the detail page for the seller is not specific enough to answer the questions I
outlined earlier you can send them a message and get these questions
answered before you commit.
It is always nice to find sellers who state that they over-deliver (ie they will give
you more clicks than you actually purchase), a few do state this in their profiles.
All you have to do when you have found the seller you want to use is to click on
the buy button. You will be taken to a screen displaying calendar dates and
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 23
availability, select the date you want and you will be taken to this screen where
you can buy your Ad.
The Ad will be pre-populated with the Swipe you already set up.
Just be careful with the number of clicks you select, you get options depending
on the minimum and maximum that particular seller accepts. When you have
chosen this the price of your Ad will be confirmed.
When testing a new Ad or seller I only generally buy 50 clicks, but you will find
that some sellers have a minimum that is higher than this.
All you have to do now is wait for confirmation from the seller. If they don’t like
your Ad then can refuse to run it. I have not had any refusals but am very
careful not to make any false promises or put anything contentious in my Ads.
If you Ad is accepted you now get to look forward to monitoring opt ins and any
sales the day the Solo Ad runs.
Follow Up To Your Solo Ad
After your Solo has run you will be asked to give feedback about the seller, they
in turn will give feedback about you as the buyer.
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 24
It is generally something short like “Good solo, nice over-delivery”. If for any
reason you are unhappy with the seller I recommend that you take it up with
them directly or contact Udimi before you think about making critical
Generally I have had all my clicks delivered in the space of about 24 hours. The
seller is given a maximum time limit to deliver.
Things can go wrong for technical reasons, if you don’t get all your clicks in this
time contact the seller to find out what is happening, although I would hope a
good seller would contact you!
You can track the progress of your Ad on Udimi in the My Solos area, and you
can see how many clicks you actually received.
On the My Solos page all of your Solo Ads can be seen, this is a screenshot from
my page.
By clicking on Statistics for a Solo you can see exactly where in the world each
of your clicks came from.
With any form of paid traffic it is critical to track results. You now know how
many clicks you got. How many of them subscribed to your list? How many
went on to buy something?
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 25
By analysing your numbers you will know how much on average it costs you to
add a subscriber to your list. When you have made some sales of your initial
and follow up offers you will also start to understand whether your Solo Ad
campaign is profitable.
If you are making a profit you can scale up, buy larger volumes of clicks, and
make even more profit. Just don’t forget to test individual lists carefully with
small volumes first, you can get radically different results from different lists.
If you are new to marketing on the Internet make sure you focus on the fact
that when you have added people to your mailing list with your Solo Ad the key
now is to keep in touch with them.
Whether or not you made a profit with the Ad itself make sure that you have an
auto-responder sequence in place to deliver follow-up emails which reiterate
your original offer or sell them bigger and better things.
Don’t get in the mindset of feeling pushy. You have product(s) or service(s) that
solves people’s problems, so you need to tell them about it and they need to
get familiar with your name and the quality that you offer.
My auto-responder sequences typically follow up daily with new subscribers for
at least 10 days and I then keep in regular contact.
And Finally
Don’t forget to test the whole sequence end to end ensure your links all work,
there is nothing much more annoying than running paid advertising that you
later figure out sent visitors to the wrong place!
I hope you have found this useful. I have tried to avoid using too much jargon
but inevitably I have had to reference some technical terms – it is the nature of
the beast we have been dealing with here.
If you have enjoyed and benefited from these tips any kind of Testimonial or
Endorsement would be very welcome! You can do this or give comments on my
site here –
—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 26
I can also be contacted via email – support at, and
will be happy to answer any questions or assist you.
If you have taken the time to read this report you are clearly about making the
effort to get visitors to your site.
There are a multitude of other sources of traffic, and the following links provide
a lot of further information about this –
The Internet Marketing Review
The Copy and Profit Blueprint
—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–

Golden Keywords Course

Golden Keywords Course
© 2015

This product is for information purposes only. The author makes no claims to how much money “you”
the downloader can make by implementing the methods taught herein. The amount of money that an
individual can make is subject to several variables such as but not limited to:

(i) Current knowledge

(ii) Total time spent implementing

(iii) Accuracy of implementation

Author is also not responsible from lost or gains of money that may result from implementing the
methods herein. As with any business there are expenses that the owner(s) will occur such as domain
name registration, hosting expenses, and web design. You the downloader are solely responsible for
the success or the lack of it for your business. Also, the web is constantly
fluctuating industry and web results could vary quickly and may be different depending on your
location. It’s a good possibly that some of the data in the screenshots may not reflect what you
get which is NOT an issue as they are for illustrational purposes.
The important thing is that the methods taught throughout this product are up to date and are still

Table of Contents


Module One: Fast Track to Keyword Success

 Building unbreakable foundations

 The perfect formula for maximizing success

o The Perfect Intersection

o Interstate of keywords

o Keyword elucidation
Module Two: Demystifying the Magic Behind Keyword Tools

 The secret to how keyword tools work

 Why over 95% of webmasters are wrong about keyword tools

 The ultimate Guide to mastering the New Google Keyword Planner

 How to get 100% accurate keyword estimates
Module Three: The Secret to finding the best keywords

 Wikipedia

 Twitter

 It’s abo ut t he blog baby !

o The top blog posts method

The keyword balloon

o Thesaurus

o Plural and singular forms

o Those not so pesky misspellings

o Prefixing

o Suffixing

o Stemming



The secrets of your everyday search engine

The starting point of any online activity is keywords. This may be a hard process to imagine but
just think of how you got to this pdf. More than likely you saw an advertisement for this product
that had keywords that triggered your attention.

All the sites you visit, the products you order, and the emails you read were originally triggered
by keywords. Keywords are essentially the voice of the web. When you’re in a public setting you
choose to tune into conversations based off the keywords you hear.

Someone talking about “football” may cause you to tune in, while someone talking about “vegetarian
dishes” may cause you to tune out. The same concept applies online and this process typically
starts in the search engines.

Depending on what results you get you keep refining your search until satisfied with the listings.

This is the basics of how search works, but there is still a lot to learn about it. The goal of
this product is to demystify keyword research so that you can learn how to select the best keywords
for optimizing your site.

Selecting the right keywords can be the difference between making a lot of money, and making none
of it.

If I were you I’ll recommend mastering the techniques in this product so that you can be within the
small percentage of webmasters that are making a lot of cash.

Module One: Fast Track to Keyword Success
Building unbreakable foundations

I prefer teaching through examples because from my experience it expedites the learning process.
Let’s take a trip down memory lane and let’s think of the last time you purchased something online.

Before you started typing you already had an idea of what you were aiming for which is phase one of
the search cycle referred to as general search.

The web user may not come up with the perfect pair of keywords that’ll deliver to them exactly what
they’re seeking in this phase, but the general keywords will allow them to get one step closer.

So, let’s go back to the previous example about the last time you purchased something for someone.
During last holiday season for example, I asked my dad what he wanted for Christmas and he gave me
the generic response:

“It doesn’t matter; just get me something I like son.”

Since dad was making life more difficult for me I reflected on some phone conversations we had
earlier the year.

I remembered one conversation in which he talked about how he no longer likes the coffee in the
local café he frequents and how he needs to get his own coffee maker.

A light bulb moment immediately went off in my head and I pulled
up Google to do a search on “coffee maker.”


Take a step back and don’t listen to me but think for yourself. You
hear it so many times that it’s not a good idea to optimize your site

for general keywords. Do you often use general keywords to help find content online? If so, do you
use them because you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or do you use it because you want
to check out a variety of sites? Think about this question and write down your response somewhere
on a piece of paper. Brainstorming how you engage in the search process will help prepare you for
picking proper keywords.


The next step is to refine the search for clarity. If I’m looking to purchase an item that I know
very little about then it’s rare that I’ll pick the right search phrase the first time.

I’ll need to analyze the general results and then refine my search query based off the content I’m
shown. This is the process that many web users utilize when they’re trying to narrow down the

Going back to my example, after I entered “coffee maker” into Google I was naturally shown a large
amount of products and had no idea what to get. Then, I remembered that my dad like electronics
that not only functioned well, but also had nice design. Therefore I decided to look for a green
coffee maker as that’s his favorite color and he’s also one of those go-green enthusiasts.

After refining my search to “green coffee maker” I was still overwhelmed with results so I decided
to enter the third phase of the cycle which was research.

I decided to check out some of the features of the various coffee makers to see which one has more
value for the price since I never liked the idea of paying more for something that didn’t warrant

After I conducted my research I was left in the final phase which
was decision. I could purchase one of the three coffee makers I was deciding on, or I could just
stop researching and decide to get my
dad a different product. I decided to purchase Cuisinart DCC-1200
Coffee Maker in metallic green and called it a day.

I was happy that I did because my dad ended up liking it a lot. You can see the process illustrated
in the diagram below:
The perfect search query I needed was “Cuisinart DCC-1200 Coffee Maker in metallic green”, but it
took me several minutes to get that “long tail keyword” as I had to complete all four phases of the
search cycle.


Time to reflect: What keywords are you using to sell your products/services? Are you optimizing
your site for general keywords or are you optimizing them for keywords that will bring more
targeted visitors? Do you feel what you’re doing is helping you reach your business goals? If not,
then it’s time to get in the mind frame of re-optimizing your site.

The perfect formula for maximizing success

Method (I): The Perfect Intersection

The ability to switch gears from searcher to marketer will help your keyword planning process go
more smoothly. If you enter the marketing phase with the searcher in mind then this will help you
to better optimize your site.

A question you need to answer is will your website meet your visitors’ expectations? I’ll recommend
imagining a user navigating your site for the first time.

How did they get there? Most webmasters have their go-to internet marketing method which brings
them their highest number of visitors. It could be banner advertising, ppc, facebook marketing,
etc. If you don’t know what your number one traffic source is then I’ll recommend investing in my
Google Keys course which will teach you about Google analytics.

Once you found out what it is I’ll recommend imagining the user navigating from it to your site.
Once they’re there “visualize” them using your site.

Do you think your site meets user expectations? You could have some nicely written content but if
it’s not what they’re expecting then it doesn’t serve them much use.

Going back to my example about the coffee maker when I clicked on a search result that had “green
coffee maker” in the title, but failed to show one I ended up clicking away quickly as it was of
little relevance to me.

That’s something that you do not want because it will kill your conversions. Below is a graphical
depiction of what you should be aiming for.

This is a Venn diagram that has two parameters which are “user expectations” and your “site

For optimal conversions where do you think your site content should fall between? The answer is
within the intersection or the blue shaded area.

This is where the user’s expectations collide with your site content which equals success. Just
think about it, when you surf the web do you stay on a page that doesn’t meet your expectations?
The answer is NO!

Now, think to when you found a page that did meet your expectations. Were you more likely to stay
there? Were you more likely to complete an action such as signup to a newsletter or order a
product? The answer is YES.

Method (II): Interstate of keywords

Are you familiar with the Interstate Highway System? If not, then I’ll save you some researching
and tell you that it’s a network of interconnected freeways that was advocated by President Dwight

It has many uses but the one I’ll concentrate on is to help travelers get from one location to the
next quickly on land.

While a commuter is driving they’ll see various roads that they must get on until they arrive at
their destination.

The roads are analogous to the cluster of keywords you’re using to help guide visitors on your
site, while the destination equals the end result that your visitor takes such as signing up to
your newsletter
or purchasing something.

Most websites are not one page sites, but are like multi page terminals that guide a client from
one point to another. If the keyword that the user used to find a site appears not only within the
text but in the images, video, or audio throughout the site then this will help the user “bond”
with it and which is exactly what you want.

However, if a website doesn’t contain the correct keywords that the user is looking for then
they’ll feel like they are traveling in the wrong direction and will change their route or navigate
away from the site.

Therefore, instead of using one keyword throughout your site you should be using an array of
keywords that are all related to the main keyword you’re targeting.

Method (III) Keyword elucidation

Optimizing your site for visitors’ expectations is a beautiful marketing strategy to follow but the
million dollar question is how exactly can you do this?

The secret formula I use is called “keyword elucidation.” In this method you build up a virtual
profile of visitors that come across your site which you can do in one of two ways.

You can use quantitative analysis by conducting surveys which I prefer. Even though I like surveys
I can’t deny that participants tend to provide inaccurate information.

How do I know this? I ran several successful surveys in the past and
I used the method of gifting to promote it.

In other words, if you fill out this awesome survey then I’ll provide you a free downloadable gift
via email.

Unfortunately, a relatively large percentage of users (20-35%) end up submitting junk information
to the form like: “kdhbshdhndjnjsnjjnj.”

Another 20-30 percent end up submitting inaccurate information to mislead you, and the remaining
percentage of users submit accurate information. As you can see not many web users end up
submitting accurate data, but I’m ok with that because those that do allow me
to have insights into my niche that NONE of my competitors have which is a large competitive

If you want to use quality software to administer surveys then I’ll recommend using limesurvey. I
have used it in the past and I personally think it’s an excellent piece of software.

Alternatively, you can get highly accurate data by using a quality analytics program like Google
Analytics. There is a ton of amazing data that you can extract about your visitors using GA such

 Age

 Gender

 Interests

 Language

 Location

 Behavior

 Browser
In addition to building a virtual profile you can analyze how your web visitors are finding your
site. You may think that they are typing in the exact keyword phrase you’re optimizing your site
for, but if you look into your GA keyword reports then you may be surprised. The beauty of
analytics is that you can soon stop guessing what you “think” is happening on your site as your
data will reveal what’s really going on.

Module II: Demystifying the Magic behind
Keyword Tools

A fatal mistake that many beginner webmasters make is investing in keyword tools without knowing
how they truly work. I’m a firm believer in understanding how marketing tools work as doing so will
allow you to exploit them to your fullest.

There are many factors that you probably don’t understand about the premier keyword research tools
on the market, and not understanding them could be the difference between selecting a keyword that
will generate profits for years to come and selecting keywords that will produce duds.

My objective is to answer common questions about keyword tools
and to also demystify them as it’s that important.

The Secret to how keyword tools work

Ever wonder where third party keyword tools get their data from? This was something that troubled
me because I couldn’t phantom how tools built by third party vendors could accurately estimate the
traffic for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Well, to answer your question they don’t accurately determine
the traffic levels for keywords, they just provide a relative measure. Let’s think about this in a
practical situation which is described below:

Let’s say that a coder wants to build a keyword tool. Would you have any idea where they would
start? Well, before they can get anything done they must find a database that they can perform data
mining on. If they want the EXACT numbers from Google, Yahoo, and Bing then they will need access
to their servers.

However, this is NOT going to happen for several reasons such as a breach in privacy for their
users. Therefore, if vendors can’t get data from the original source then where are they pulling
the data from?
Well, it depends on the keyword tool. Wordtracker for example utilize smaller search engines such
as dogpile and metacrawler.

They’re able to do this because they have a business relationship with them. What type of deal do
they have? I’m not entirely sure but I imagine that these search engines make a portion of their
analytics available to Wordtracker so they can use the data to extrapolate keyword counts. The
problem with this is several:

1. Wordtracker state that the database they use represents around 1% of US traffic. This is not
surprising as dogpile and metacrawler are tiny compared to the top-tier search engines. You may be

“I can use Wordtracker to estimate keyword traffic, and then multiply that number by 100 in order
to accurately measure how much traffic it’ll generate across the entire web.”

This is definitely an inaccurate measurement. The reason for that is Wordtracker uses two small
search engines and it’s highly unlikely that the search volumes in their database will be perfectly
proportional across all niches.

2. The data that Wordtracker and other third party keyword tools provide are relative measurements
compared to absolute ones.

3. The keyword count is much smaller than other keyword tools as they under rather than over

4. The data that you get is slightly dated.
Below is a simplified illustration that shows how keyword tools should work in order to provide
accurate information.

Even though keyword tools have their drawbacks that don’t mean they’re useless for your internet
business. As long as you’re conscious that keyword tools will NOT give you absolute measures then
you’ll have the right mentality when using them.

Why 95% of webmasters are wrong about keyword tools

When I was researching various webmaster forums to get an idea on what’s the most popular keyword
tool I discovered something peculiar.

Many webmasters tend to favor one tool over the other without clearly explaining why. My only
conclusion is that they simply do not have a strong grasp on how to conduct effective keyword
research. They simply input keywords and watch the tool spit back lots of data which they think is
useful. That’s rubbish! Keyword tools will always over or underestimate the traffic quantities for
a particular keyword.

However, a good keyword tool will tell you exactly how they estimate these numbers, and will also
provide you with insights on long tail keywords. In addition, a good keyword tool in my opinion

does not hook into G oogle’s a dwords a pi . This may sound like an odd statement but let me tell
you that I’ve seen many popular seo tools that many webmasters claim are “so amazing” to suddenly
stop working because Google makes a change in their api, or even worse, ban the software developer
from accessing it altogether!

Google is very protective over their search engine as it’s their best selling product so they
continually make changes to their policies.

Therefore, tools that scrape data from Google will most likely become ineffective in the future as
it’s against Google’s tos to use automated queries.

So, before you invest in a keyword tool make sure that you do your due diligence and find out how
they’re collecting information. Here is an interesting article that you can read from search
engine land that talks about search engine tools that lost their effectiveness due to violating
Google’s api tos.

The ultimate Guide to mastering the New
Google Keyword Planner

Since Google Keyword Planner has replaced the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (GAKT), I figured that
it’ll be best to start off explaining the differences between the two.

Change number one: In order to use Keyword Planner you must
login to your adwords account here. You don’t need to spend money
on advertising in order to use this tool, but it’s geared towards advertisers. Below is a
screenshot of how the new interface looks:


Change number two: Exact type is the default search

With the old keyword tool anytime you typed in a keyword the default search type was “broad” search
which is NOT the case with keyword planner as the default type is exact.

The purpose of this change is to provide webmasters with more accurate estimates of traffic. If
you want to figure out what search type to use then use the traffic estimate tool as indicated in
screenshot below:
With the old keyword tool there was a considerable amount of
overlap between the “broad” and “phrase” search types.

However, the traffic estimates tool has been updated to take this into account so it’s a good idea
to try different match types to see the different traffic estimates.
I understand that this may be confusing at first so I’ll explain this
using an example in the upcoming “let’s play” section.

Change number three: No device earmarking

With the old tool you could research keywords by device type like mobile or tablet. However, with
keyword planner this is no longer the case as all devices are targeted by default.

That means when you bid on a keyword you’ll be targeting Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices. With
that being said Google is acknowledging that they’re working on an upgrade that’ll allow
advertisers to get traffic estimates by device type.

To read more about this read this article here. I believe the reason this was done was so
advertisers will be displayed more results by the Keyword Planner.

Remember, the exact keywords are shown which shortens the amount of results that advertisers
receive. If Google were to only make Desktops the default device type then that would lessen the
results as a considerable amount of web users now use tablet and mobile devices.

Data that’s too refined could be just as annoying as data that’s too general which is why I believe
Google integrated all device types by default.

Change number four: Updated data columns

When you use the keyword tool you’ll notice that there has been
several upgrades made to the data columns as highlighted in the screenshot below:


Here is an explanation of each highlighted item:

Avg. monthly searches: This estimates the number of people that have searched that exact phrase
over a twelve month average. Keep in mind that this is simply an average, which means the monthly
traffic for the keyword could be lower or higher each month than the average.

Keyword traffic is constantly fluctuating as it’s influenced by many variables such as seasonality,
current events, and market shifts.

It’s always a good idea to stay on top of the keywords you’re targeting… I almost treat mines like

Competition: This tells how competitive the keyword is relative to all other keywords across
Google. In other words, if there are many advertisers bidding on the keyword then Google will tell
you that
the competition is high, and conversely if there are few advertisers bidding for that keyword then
Google will tell you that the competition is low.

If the level of competition falls within both spectrums then Google will tell you that the
competition is medium. Keep in mind that the results are dependent on the region and search
network you select.

Suggested bid: This is what Google recommends how much you should pay per click for the keyword.
This is only an estimate and your actually costs will most likely vary.

Google computes this number by analyzing the costs-per-click
(CPCs) that advertisers are paying for the keyword, and also
factoring the geographic location and search network settings
you’ve selected.

Ad impression share: Google computes this number by taking the total number of impressions you’ve
received and dividing it by the total number of searches in the last calendar month.

Let’s Play with Keyword Planner!

When I was roaming several webmaster forums I couldn’t help but notice the discontent that many
webmasters have with the upgraded tool. I’ve seen many comments like “it sucks” and that they wish
Google would’ve kept the original tool.

I couldn’t help but disagree as this new tool is miles ahead of the old one. With Keyword Planner
you can search for new keywords, get search volume for keywords, get traffic estimates for
keywords, and multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas.

The new tool is quite an upgrade so it’ll take some time to get use to, but once you do you’ll soon
forget about the old one.

The main benefits of using Keyword Planner

High depth keyword research: Do you have a couple of general keywords to start with but need help
finding more targeted ones? Or, do you have no idea on what keywords you should use to optimize
your site? The Keyword Planner has the tools you’ll need to accomplish this.

Analyze historical statistics and traffic estimates: You can make use of the statistics like
search volume to decide which keywords you should use for new or current campaigns.

You can get many metrics such as estimated clicks so that you can guess how a keyword may perform
with your bid and budget. This can help you to decide your seo marketing plan.
How to use the Keyword Planner

The very first option you’ll see is highlighted in the screenshot below.
Let’s say that I’m interested in starting a website in the “golf” niche, and I want to build a
little portal site that sells a series of information products about it.

Simple enough, where should I start? If you have no idea then simply enter “golf” in the form below
as indicated in the following screenshot:

If you have a website done then you can enter your landing page and the product category in the
appropriate fields so that Google will provide more relevant results to you.

In addition, there are other parameters that you can modify for your Google ppc advertising. Under
the “targeting” column the four parameters you can modify are:

 Location

 Language

 Search network

 Keyword filters

The metrics are shown in the screenshot below:

In this example I’m going to target United States and United Kingdom. I can add an additional
country by clicking on the pencil icon.

As for the search network I’ll modify this to be “Google and search partners” as I want to reach
the widest amount of web users possible. Here is how my updated targets look:
Keep in mind you can always modify these parameters later. The last parameter you can modify under
the targeting option is “negative keywords” or keywords which your ad will NOT show up for.

Negative keywords are not a priority for me at the moment so I’m going to click on the “Get ideas”
button. Below is a screenshot of what I got:


Get familiar with this interface as you’ll be doing a lot of keyword research with it and it’ll
provide you with deeper insights into your market.

By default, the ad groups are shown which is highlighted in the screenshot below:
This is a cluster of related keywords that Google provides you with upon entering the search term.
I’m going to navigate through this list and look for keywords that would better fit my site.

If I can’t do that then I’ll have to find another keyword to plug into keyword planner that’ll
hopefully provide better results. Luckily, I won’t have to do that as I have several keywords that
fit perfectly with the scope of my site. There are no tools that magically tell you:

“Hey friend, this keyword will work perfectly with your website so use this when optimizing your
This is something that you as the webmaster have to determine.

Keyword shopping cart

The keyword group that I plan on analyzing further is “Golf swing.” Just to give you a heads up the
Keyword Planner comes with a neat feature that allows you to graphically view traffic trends of
keyword groups, or individual keywords.

To view the trends simply click on the graph icon that’s located to the right of the keyword list
as highlighted in the screenshot below:
If you point your cursor over the icon you should see a graph pop
up as indicated in the screenshot below:
I would recommend looking at the search statistics for each keyword individually as it may be
difficult for you to draw conclusions when there are too many keywords clustered together.

However, if you plan on implementing a ppc campaign in which you target many keywords
simultaneously then it would aid you to look at the keywords trends as a whole.
This graph shows the trends for all the keywords in the group combined but after clicking on the ad
group you will see the keywords displayed individually.

Once there you’ll see a list of keywords sorted by relevance as indicated in the screenshot below:

The keyword that I’m going to analyze is “golf swing video.” The reason for this is the estimated
number of monthly searches is not too low, and it’s very relevant to the site that I wish to

Remember, I wish to sell golf videos and the keyword is very specific because the searcher is
looking for videos on this subject. Does this keyword tell me that the searcher is looking for a
product to purchase?

Not necessarily, but I’ll feel that my job is easier in converting this searcher into a purchaser
because they already have an interest in this subject.

All I need to do is develop a site that provides them quality information about a golf swing and
then slowly but gradually
convince them into purchasing my 15 step golf swing mastery
videos. While I’m at it I’m going to take a look at the statistical history of the keyword which
is indicated in the screenshot below:

As you can see the traffic levels are lowest from November through March, and it starts picking up
from April through September. This coincides with my market research as individuals tend NOT to
play golf during the colder months compared to the warmer ones.

I would highly recommend analyzing the monthly searches and making sense of it. I would never
recommend blindly believing data, but to draw inferences based off your knowledge of the market.

After analyzing the keyword I decided that I’ll use it to optimize my site.

How to create groups

The Keyword Planner has a neat feature that allows you to save and store keywords in your account.
This effectively replaces the need to download and open keywords into a spreadsheet program.

So, the first thing I’ll recommend is creating a keyword group which is indicated in the screenshot

To create groups click on the “plus” icon, and to edit the group click
on the “pencil” icon. I’m going to create a new ad group named
“golf swing site” as indicated in the screenshot below.
Ok, I’ve created my group so the next thing for me to do is to add the keywords to my shopping
cart. All you need to do is click on the arrow underneath “Ad impression share” as highlighted in
screenshot below:
Once you click on the arrow the keyword in that respective row will be added to your plan and your
cost estimate will be updated. To get more granular with your results you can click on the blue
continue button highlighted in the screenshot below:

The Keyword Planner will then take me to this portion of the
interface indicated in the screenshot below:
This is extremely useful as it allows you to estimate clicks, impressions, and costs daily.

The default measurement will be “clicks per day” but you can easily
modify this by clicking on the dialog box as indicated in the screenshot below:
This feature only becomes useful if you know exactly how to use it so let’s play with it a little.
The first thing you should do is
understand what each variable of the graph indicates.

Remember in grade school we learned about the two dimensional Cartesian coordinate system? You
learned that graphs have an x and y axis and that the y variable is dependent on the x variable
right? In the illustration below I simplified the Keyword Planner:

To play with this graph you should move your cursor along the x- axis and see how it affects the
changes in the clicks, impressions,
and costs per day as circled in red in the screenshots below:
More importantly, you should compare one Max CPC to another Max
CPC and analyze the differences between them. You don’t want to pay more if you don’t get better
results correct? So, I’m going to

compare the current Max CPC ($4.01) to the Max CPC of $9.50 as indicated in the screenshot below:
As you can see, your budget will increase from $197 to $229, and your clicks will go up from 46 to
56. Out of curiosity, I’m going to increase the max cost per click to $29.93 and see how the stats
change which is illustrated in the screenshot below:
As you can see the only noticeable difference is the change of price as the clicks and impressions
won’t change much. Why this the case?

Well, if you compare the average position stats you’ll see that the ad position didn’t change much
so after a certain price point your traffic increase will be minimal.

This is obviously important when you’re thinking about advertising on adwords as the key to
getting optimal results is to minimize your expenses and maximize your results.

Enter Keyword Lists
The the next feature I want to experiment with is getting multi search volume estimates for
keywords. To do this I’m going to click on the “search for keywords” icon as indicated in the
screenshot below:
A dialog box with several options should pop up as indicated in the
screenshot below:
Click on the “Get search volume for a list of keywords” option. You can either upload keyword sets
or enter them delimited by a comma. Here are the file types that Keyword Planner allows you to

This feature provides traffic estimates for the keywords you enter. You can consider modifying the
search type to get different estimates. Simply click on the set match type icon as indicated in the
screenshot below:

The default search type is “Broad match” as indicated in the
screenshot below:
You’ll be able to modify the type by clicking on the one you want. Upon doing so you should get a
notification asking you if you would like this change to affect all the keywords in your plan as
in the screenshot below:
Click yes to have the changes propagate throughout your entire keyword list. Upon doing so you
should see your traffic and daily cost estimates reduced significantly.

The reason for this is because web users are less likely to type in an exact search into Google.
Exact matches mean that the user has to type in those keywords only, while a broad match means that
the search just needs to have the keyword in it (additional keywords are allowed).

Multiply keyword lists

Do you have a list of keywords and want to merge them? Great, Keyword Planner takes care of that
for you! For example, let’s say that you have the following.
List 1 List 2 Multiplied List

cheap golf cheap golf

discount golf course cheap golf course

discount golf

discount golf course
This is how this feature works and it’s useful if you have keyword lists collecting dust on your
computer, and you want to use them to generate new keyword ideas.

Download Keyword Lists

As mentioned previously Keyword Planner allows webmasters to save their keyword lists, but if you
want to download a copy it’s very easy to do.

You should see a download button in the same row as the detailed estimates by ad group highlighted
in the screenshot below:

Upon doing so you should get a dialog box to appear indicated in
the screenshot below:
You can segment the list by month or you can choose to get the average monthly stats.

In addition, you can choose to download the file in Adwords editor CSV, or you can download it in
Excel CSV. You can find out more about Adword’s compatibility with CSV files here.

100% accurate keyword estimates

Even though I recommend using Keyword Planner I want to remind you that the numbers are not one
hundred percent accurate as they’re simply estimates and averages.

There’s only one proven method to getting accurate search counts for keywords quickly, which is to
put up Google ads for that keyword.

You can spend all your hard earned money on the newest keyword tools but it won’t give you the
accurate numbers like running your own ad will.
I’ll recommend bidding high enough so that your ad will appear on the frontpage of the paid
results, and then I’ll recommend recording the impressions per day as this is the live daily search

I wouldn’t recommend making your ad copy attractive as this will cause your clicks to increase
which will deplete your funds. In addition, I’ll recommend creating a throwaway account so that the
low click through history won’t affect your other campaigns.

However, if you do get clicks make sure to analyze them in Google analytics so you can learn more
about the quality of the keyword.

If you get a high bounce rate then that tells you that many visitors are leaving your site which
should be a red flag that either your website is not optimized for optimal conversions or that the
keyword is not worth targeting as the searchers will not convert.

Hot Keyword Tip: The Magic Keywords
Are you getting traffic from odd keywords in Google Analytics? You can check this by logging into
your account and click on the
Acquisition ->Keywords->Organic, as indicated in the screenshot below:
By accessing this metric you’ll be able to see the organic keywords
that users are utilizing in order to find your site in the search
engines. Once you find them I’ll recommend analyzing them in Keyword Planner. Do the keywords have
good search numbers? Where are you currently ranked for that keyword in Google?

Do you think it’ll be worth your time to increase your site to the number one spot for that
keyword? These are important considerations that for your search engine marketing.
Module Three: Hard to find keyword discovery methods


Were you ever interested in ranking for a keyword to find that the number one spot belongs to
Wikipedia? I have, and if you’ve ever done market research I’m sure you have as well.

It may be discouraging because Wikipedia is a very authoritative website but after I reveal this
method that may soon change. Use this tool to estimate how many page views the wiki page gets.

You can then cross reference this tool with the results you get from Keyword Planner to help decide
if the keyword is worth competing with Wikipedia.

In addition, you can use this tool for more possible keyword ideas. Here are the top 1000 keywords
in Wikipedia.


Everyone knows Twitter as the popular micro blogging service, but I
see it more as a research tool. If you ever followed someone then you have most likely saw # next
to certain tweets, like #blackfriday for example.

These symbols are called hashtags and they help users to spread
and organize information on Twitter. There is so much disorganized information flowing around on
Twitter so hashtags were invented to help keep topics centralized.

For example, hashtags are a commonly used mechanism for individuals hosting events like
The event organizers encourage Twitter users to use the tag in every tweet about the event so that
those following it will be able to read all thoughts and comments about the subject.

So make to keep note of the hashtags that could make good keywords.

Once you find them I’ll recommend entering the keyword in Here are the keyword trends
for “seo” as illustrated in the screenshot below:

In addition, there are a host of other Twitter analytic tools that you can use for keyword
discovery. You can search the Twitter database by going here.

It’s about the blog baby!

Blogs are an incredible resource for conducting market research. One, they’re a major focal point
of industries.

Consumers are constantly posting comments and opinions about products and services on blogs.
A strategy I use to make sure I’m up to date with industry trends is to monitor established blogs.
What constitutes an established blog? My three criterions are:

 Traffic

 Comments

 Frequency in which the blog is updated

If a blog updates just once a month then it’ll be difficult to consistently get relevant industry
news, and if it updates daily but get 3 comments a week then it’ll be difficult to extract consumer

Therefore, it’s crucial that you monitor blogs in your industry that meets these standards so that
you can get the most out of it. An easy way to do this is to utilize Technorati which is a site
that categorize blogs by popularity.

Also, don’t forget about popular niche forums as they can be just as helpful. Navigate popular
niche forums and pay attention to buzz words and jot them down for future reference.

To find popular forums in your niche simply use the query
“keywords forum.”

For example, let’s suppose you’re interested in tapping into online gambling. The appropriate query
to enter would simply be: “online gambling forum.” In addition, here is a Wikipedia list of
popular internet forums.

The top blog posts method

There’s a sneaky little method that’ll allow you to discover the best topics to blog about in your
A simple way to do this is to research the top blog posts for a blog. For example, every year
popular blogs tend to do a roundup or
summary of their most popular posts.

Discovering this is simple, just type: “website na me + mo st popular
po sts (insert yea r).”

For example let’s assume the website name was “randomblog”, and you want to discover the most
popular blog posts for 2012, simply type in this query: “randomblog most popular blog posts 2012.”

You can keep modifying the year to see if you get different results. This is a good method to use
you want to be aspired to write about new topics.

The keyword balloon

All you need to get started with keyword research is a tiny list of keywords. Once you have 3-5
keywords you can easily expand this list into the hundreds using my time-tested keyword expansion

The expansion process is very simple and is depicted in the illustration below:
Once you have one keyword you’ll be able to extract more keyword ideas from it, and then from those
you’ll be able to extract new keywords and so on.
Technique number one: Thesaurus

This is such a simple method that the average webmaster simply overlooks it. Do you have a
thesaurus somewhere in your house? If so then grab it and start inputting your general keywords in

If you don’t have a physical thesaurus there are alternative routes you can take on your computer.
Consider using the built in thesaurus in Microsoft word.

To access it simply slick on: review -> thesaurus. If you don’t like using the built in thesaurus
then you can consider using an online thesaurus like the one found here.

Below are the search results for the term “software.”
operating system program spreadsheet
freeware groupware shareware

application software bundled software courseware

file management
My advice is to not take synonyms and plug them back into the
thesaurus as you’ll simply get an overlap of results which wastes time.
You can use a new online thesaurus to find out more synonyms for your keyword, or you can plug in
definitions from the first thesaurus into the second one.

Here’s another online thesaurus I’ll recommend. Here are the
extracts for the search term “software” in the second thesaurus.
computer software
software package
softwar e
software system
package computer science
computing code

alpha software
authoring language
beta softwar
compatib le
computer- aided
CAD freeware


operating system
OS comput er progra
computer program me
programm e
program subprogram subroutine

procedure routine functio n
sharewar e
shrink- wrapped
spyware supervisory software
software documenta

documentatio n
database managem ent
DBMS upgrade computer hardware
As you can see the second thesaurus includes a lot more results, but some of these definitions can
easily be interpreted for something else in every day speech.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to navigate through these definitions before adding them to your
keyword list. Once you have extended your list using this method make sure to research them in
keyword planner to see if it’ll be worth your time to target it.
This is a very simple method to use to extend your keyword list which is why I highly recommend it.

Plural & Singular

This is another technique that’ll only take a few minutes of your time. You just need to analyze
the list of keywords that you have and see if they would benefit from a plural or singular
variation of it.

For example, if your keyword was “video game” then you can consider making it plural or “video
games” and then add it Keyword Planner to see if it’ll reduce or increase the number of results.

Many keyword tools include singular and plural variations of keywords by default, but it’s not
uncommon for them to miss significant ones so this is something that I’ll recommend checking.

Those not so pesky misspellings

There’s no doubt that certain words are easier to spell than others. As you analyze your keyword
list you should make note of the keywords that you have a hard time spelling.

If you constantly need the help of the auto correct feature then this is the type of keyword I’m
talking about! The best way to derive the correct misspellings for keywords is to spell them out
yourself on the qwerty keyboard, and then create a separate keyword list for the misspelling

It only makes much sense to target misspellings for highly trafficked keywords that are difficult
to spell. The reason for this is if you decide to target a misspelled long tail keyword then the
traffic you’ll get from it will most likely be unnoticeable.

In addition, if you would like to look up the common misspellings of your keyword then check out
this helpful tool here.
Also, for statistical purposes here is yourdictionary list of the top
100 misspelled words.

Info please has a list here which is slightly different than the one listed in yourdictionary.

If any of your keywords contain these words then it’s imperative that you make a keyword list for
the misspelled variations.


In the context of English grammar think of prefixes as words that are placed before another.
Therefore, what you should do is analyze your keyword list and think of all of the possible words
that could come before it.

You’ll have to imagine your ideal searcher behind their computer typing in the keyword. Most web
users will not just type in the general keyword, they’ll usually add either some prefix or suffix
to it.

Let’s use the keyword “car” for example. What might be some prefixes that web users attach to this
keyword? I have listed some examples in the table below:
used car new car sedan car

certified cars used truck certified used cars

mazda cars hyundai cars classic cars
This is an excellent example of keyword expansion as typically one idea may lead to the next and
before you know it you have
successfully expanded your keyword list in very short time.
If you’re having some difficulties figuring out what to use as your prefix then simply add your
general keywords into Google and read the title and meta descriptions for the first page listings
to get a general idea.

If this still doesn’t work then you can consider looking at the paid ads for inspiration. Even if
you don’t see any specific prefixes you may have “a-ha” moments that’ll help you to think of clever
prefixes to use.


Suffixes are the opposite of prefixes in that they come AFTER the keyword. Below are some examples:
car reviews car prices car models

car features car buying car ratings

car news car purchase car guide
There are tools that can help you aid in this but remember, computer programs can never replace the
human mind.

You owe it to yourself to conduct some brainstorming and I’ll highly recommend using Google to find
niche sites that can give you ideas.

Read their homepage text and analyze the meta tags for ideas on where to start.

Keyword Stemming

This is a powerful technique for seo purposes and it works by taking the root base of a word and
then expanding it in either direction.
This will increase the number possible combinations of keywords you’ll have which will allow you to
have better insights into your keyword lists.

Let’s use an example to help illustrate this concept. Let’s say that you have a keyword list that
revolves around the keyword: “internet marketing”.

Internet is the noun in this case so let’s remove that and focus on the verb which is “marketing.”
The root of marketing is market, so how can we expand this? Well, if you think about it carefully
there are three ways which is indicated below:

 marketable

 marketed

 markets

Don’t be overly critical of yourself during this process as the point of this is just to expand
your keyword lists. If you can think of real words then you have done your job. Once you have
expanded the root, combine it with other keywords to help create more specific phrases as indicated

 internet marketable

 internet marketed

 internet markets

As you can probably see, two of these keywords don’t really make much grammatical sense so more
than likely they’ll be of little use to you.

The only new keyword that we have derived from this stemming is “internet markets.” Now, let’s turn
back to our noun “internet.” What is the root for this keyword?

I suppose you can use “intern” but it wouldn’t make much sense to
combine this root with the keywords in our list.

Congratulations for not only making a smart investment in your business but for also reading it.
Now, the next step of the equation is to implement these strategies. Keyword research is the
fundamental base for an array of internet marketing methods and a weak understanding of this
concept is detrimental for your business. This e-guide shows you the most needed mechanics for
taking your keyword research to a new level so that you can confidently start dominating your
competition. Make a plan and then execute as you have everything you need is this nifty little

From the Top

From the Top
@2015 1
Table of Contents:

1. I’d Set a Goal, Define My Niche, and Master
2. I’d Write a Damn Book… And Some Sales
Quick Break: Your Questions
3. I’d Launch My Book As a
4. I’d Make Tons of Fast Friends and Bonus It
5. I’d Promote Affiliate Offers and Get
6. I’d Create & Launch a Supported
7. I’d Keep My Foot On the Gas Until I Was
More From Lee

©2015 2
Legal Matters:
This book comes with personal use rights only. Please do not attempt to redistribute this
publication in any form, written or otherwise. No part of this product comes with giveaway, resell,
master resell, or private label rights.
Please enjoy this book. Apply its contents. But also be aware that you follow it entirely at your
own risk. The author assumes no liability for any time, money, or business lost as a result of you
following the guidance set forth herein.
Understand that no income guarantees have been, nor will be made. Your own skill level, work ethic,
niche selection, time investment, startup capital, and/or luck may all play a role in your success,
or lack thereof. The author’s results are not typical.
The author may have affiliate relationships with propietors of goods and/or services mentioned and
linked to from within the pages of this guide. He may be financially compensated via affiliate
commissions for sales or actions generated via such links.
Your support is greatly appreciated.
Alright, “the author” has had enough of this ridiculous, redundant nonsense. How about you? If you
seriously just read all this stuff, you are a special breed, my friend.
But that’s neither here nor there. Just don’t be a jerk biscuit… mind your P’s and Q’s. Try your
best. But don’t blame me if you don’t get it right the first time. 😉
Legal page… check.
Let us get crackin’ now, yes?
©2015 3

What do you get when you cross a dirty needle with a hooker’s neck? I have no idea. Why, did she
say something?
Alright, fun’s over. Time to work.
I’ve written this report for folks starting at the very bottom… or even re-starting after an
agonizing spell of frustration, confusion, or worst of all, self-doubt.
I’ve been there more times than I care to recount. Feeling like everything I had done up to a
certain point had all been for nothing. I had nothing to show for all of my countless hours, hard
work, optimism, and never-say-die attitude.
Seriously, nothing.
I, as an Internet marketer, have found myself in situations where I had no money, no influence, and
no hope… hell, I even had no home at one point!
But I clawed my way to the upper levels of this great business.
And now I’m in a position to help others find the traction they so desperately crave. I’m not even
talking about success yet… just the confidence in knowing that YOU CAN succeed… and that you’re
taking THE RIGHT STEPS to do so!
That’s a huge distinction.
I know that a lot of people jump from one thing to another to another, simply because they never
fully believed in themselves. Every action they took was first riddled with optimism and
But within a few days’ time, doubt set in and had them running for the hills.

©2015 4
If you can relate with this, I think you’re gonna find “From the Top” to be a mighty refreshing
read. Heck, this could be the guide that finally takes you from where you are now… to where you
truly want to be.
In this meaty, power-packed resource, I’m simply gonna share with you the specific steps that I
would personally take, knowing everything that I know now, to go from absolute zero… to earning
real money online within the shortest span of time possible. Not just peanuts, but money that a
mofo can live on!
And not only that, but I want you earning this money in a way that you’re fully confident you can
repeat again and again for the rest of your life… and ALWAYS get favorable results. In other
words, you’re gonna have true self-confidence!
The process I’m about to share with you just plain works.
As an active contributor to various mentoring groups, I see NEW people making this stuff work to
their advantage every single day! And by that, I mean… well, they make freakin’ money! Real
dollars pouring into their real Paypal accounts.
Please know that you’re in extremely good hands right now…
Some of the best hands you can be in when it comes to this business, truth be told. Sorry if that
comes across as over-confidence. But it’s 100% accurate.
My name is Lee Murray.
It’s a pleasure to assist you. Now let’s begin…
©2015 5
1. I’d Set a Goal, Define My Niche, and Master It!

The very first thing I’d do is set myself a goal, just for the sake of motivation.
I’d set a goal to be earning $50 per day ($1500 per month) beginning one month from today. As of
this writing, the date is November 24, 2014… So by Christmas Eve. Well, let’s just say that
starting on January 1, I’ll be bringing in $50 a day.
The very next thing I’d do would be to very clearly define my niche.
Defining Your Niche
So, knowing what I know now, I would definitely operate within the internet marketing space. It’s
far and away the fastest and easiest niche to succeed in. There’s just such an immense and active
community of people helping people.
You don’t have nearly as many advantages in any other market.
I realize that some people have ethical hang-ups regarding this market, but let me tell you
something, possibly at the risk of over-sharing…
When I was living in a homeless shelter surrounded by 100 men who had absolutely given up on
themselves in every sense… and I was taking the city bus to the public library in an effort to
hop online and change my reality…
And my little baby boy was in another state and I missed him with the entirety of my being. And I
wept myself to sleep each night… and I stood in front of the Spokane River entertaining the idea
of throwing myself in and saying goodbye…
Those ethical hang-ups could go fuck themselves. Just keepin’ it real with you.
So again, knowing what I know today… I’d pick IM. All day.
Besides, there’s nothing unethical about helping people out of situations they hate.
©2015 6
For all intents and purposes… we’re creating jobs here! But even better. We’re changing lives in
ways that a job never could.
Internet marketing would be my market… but not my niche.
A niche needs to be more specific. It’s pretty difficult to be an internet marketing expert. That
means you’d have to be a master at SEO, list building, Amazon, PPC, Clickbank, Facebook, web
design, Fiverr, copywriting, Adsense, PLR, and on and on.
Nobody is an expert at all of these things, and therefore, there is no such thing as an
IM expert… which essentially means that it’s not a niche.
So what I would do is pick one (or maybe 2-3) of the niches from the paragraph before last, and I’d
commit to it. Hear what I said? I would absolutely COMMIT myself to it. Flexibility is a gem, sure.
But in this case, you need to get stubborn.
I know from experience that list building, email marketing, and product creation are the right
niches for me. This is my current skill set. So I should teach them.
But wait. If I weren’t already proficient in these disciplines (after all, I AM starting over,
right?), then what I’d do is go to and do the following…
1. I’d check the listings along the right side of the page (today’s top sellers).
©2015 7
And as I’ve just done, I’d take a look at each of the product offers and see what specific niches
they were covering.
Then, I’d click the “Deal of the Day” button and do the same thing with each “WSO
of the Day” winner for each day of the week…
So it’s a mixed bag, but there are a few top-sellers which reside within the same niche. It may
just come down to me picking something that I already have an interest in. And here’s a hint:
For anyone reading this right now who may feel like IM is not a great choice
because it’s kinda icky… as in “I don’t want to make money by teaching other people how to make
money by teaching other people how to make money…”
Then Amazon might be a really, really good option for you.

©2015 8
Now listen, I’m not talking about you yourself necessarily becoming an Amazon affiliate. I’m
talking about teaching other people how to become successful Amazon affiliates. That said, if
you’re gonna teach it, you prolly should do it, too!
In any case, I’m not trying to talk you into the Amazon niche by any stretch. I’m simply letting
you know that you’ve got options that may seem a little less “unethical” or whatever.
Personally, I’d choose product creation… and by default, email marketing to the resulting buyers
I’d do this for one major reason… Speed.
This is the type of thing that you can apply as you’re learning it. In other words, you can learn
how to do this stuff… and apply what you’ve learned by teaching it. You know, the whole teach
others to teach others to teach others thing!
Sure, it can be viewed as an “empty calorie” of sorts. No real end user. But dude… so what? It’s
fast, it works, and it legitimately helps people, oftentimes in truly life- changing ways! And
it’ll help YOU in the process.
If I want to branch out into other disciplines later, cool.
But for now, if my main concern is changing my life fast, I choose product creation and email
marketing. Period. Besides, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of nuances and ways to learn. This is
a REAL niche with a REAL need for REAL education. So let’s
fill that need, I say!
Final Answer: I Choose the Product Creation and Email Marketing Niche
So now that I’ve chosen a niche that I KNOW will be crazy profitable, I’m going to move onto the
next step, which is to become an absolute expert in the niche.
And just like becoming an expert in anything, this step starts by hittin’ the books.
©2015 9
The very first place I would go to develop an expertise in my chosen field is, which is a free Webinar directory. It’s chock full of absolute internet
marketing GOLD that you can access for no cost whatsoever.
Sure, they’ll pitch some shit at the end. That’s the nature of most webinars. But the free
information they share before the pitch begins is what you’re after.
So here’s what I’d do…
©2015 10

Then, I’d just watch these videos… up to the point where the product pitches began. I’d take
notes. Lots and lots of notes. I’d jump straight from one webinar to the next, taking really good
notes the whole way.
If I had any questions along the way, I’d jot ’em down on a separate sheet of paper or word
document. So one document for notes, another document for questions. This is extremely important.
If I did happen to have a few bucks I could invest, I would buy a few good courses (cheap WSO’s are
fine) within my niche and take notes (and jot down questions) on these, too.
I would literally spend every waking hour doing this until I knew my niche backwards and forward.
You’d be surprised how badass you can become in a matter of a few short days doing this.
Seriously, when I actually DID this for list building, I promise you that I knew more about my
craft-to-be than at least 80% of everyone else in the niche knew. This is no exaggeration. In fact,
it was probably closer to 90%!

©2015 11
But I digress…
Next, after I had gone through all the relevant webinars, products, and even YouTube videos I could
find in my niche, I would read through all of my notes to reinforce everything that I had just
learned. Repetition is the mother of skill!
I would also search for any discrepencies in advice. For example, if one source had recommended
that you email your list every single day with a hard promotion… while another resource
recommended that you only send out a promotional email once or twice a week. I’d ask “what up wit
dat shit, yo?”
Except I’d make it sound all gangsta. 😉
So these discrepancies would be added to my list of questions.
I’d then take these questions over to the Warrior Forum (if you don’t have an account, stop reading
this book right now and go get one) and see if other people have asked the same questions. I’d dig
in, with a genuine and powerful sense of curiosity. I’d see how folks are answering these
If I still wasn’t satisfied, then I’d start a new thread and ask the questions myself. I wouldn’t
just accept answers at face value. I’d dig deeper. I’d find out why people feel the way they do.
I’d present a counterpoint and see if their current position still holds up under scrutiny. I’d get
to the damn bottom of the matter! 😉
Why would I go through all this trouble?
Because facts don’t sell. Well-informed opinions sell. Let me give you an example:
Fact-based content
You can load up your autoresponder to send out emails daily, every other day, or however frequently
you’d like for your messages to go out. They will be sent out
©2015 12
automatically, based upon when your lead was added to the autoresponder.
The emails you send can be promotional, educational, or a combination of the two. One common type
of marketing done using email is affiliate marketing. This means that you promote somebody else’s
product in exchange for commissions.
You can also try CPA (cost per action) marketing, where you get paid whenever somebody clicks a
link or enters their zip code or enters their email address, etc.

Opinion-based content
While the frequency with which you load up your autoresponder is ultimately up to you, let me make
one thing crystal clear right here and now. In the IM space, people are being bombarded with
marketing emails on a daily basis. If you’re not getting in front of your audience, you can rest
assured that someone else is!
Now this isn’t to say that you need to hit them with a hard sell every day of the week. In fact, I
most assuredly advise against it. But a nice hybrid wherein you share something of value and then
link them to a relevant resource using your affiliate link will serve the purposes of both
relationship building and profit! 😉
Affiliate marketing is probably the quickest, easiest, and most profitable way to get started with
email marketing. CPA is cool, but it can be a drag trying to get approved to those networks. You
can go grab an affiliate link right now!
Hopefully I don’t need to tell you which of these two pieces of content is more effective at
establishing user engagement. So knowing what I know now…
I would tell you that your primary job when becoming an expert in your niche is to form lots and
lots and lots of opinions on the subject. And be prepared to express these opinions with passion,
authority, and confidence.
That’s what I’d do, anyway! 😀
So yeah, I’d watch dozens of webinars and Youtube videos. I’d grab a few courses
©2015 13
(free or paid). I’d take tons of notes. I’d craft tons of questions. I’d ask these questions in the
Warrior Forum. And I’d form tons of opinions as a result.
One final step if you want to establish even greater mastery…
If your niche is list building and email marketing, start signing up for as many IM lists as you
can. Hundreds. Use a separate email account. Each day, check your inbox. See which subject lines
make you wanna open, and which emails make you want to click through. Take notes, especially on
your thoughts and feelings.
Did something disgust you? Did something excite you? Did something strike you as incredibly cheesy
or “off ?” Why have you had this reaction? What would you do differently? What would you do the
same? What would you do freakin’ better?
List building is just one example, obviously. If your niche is blogging, then start seeking out
blogs in your niche and really examine your likes and dislikes with them. If product creation is
your thing, then buy or otherwise acquire e-books and video courses from which to form quality
opinions. And so on.
I hope you can see how powerful going through this process is.
I’d do this all day every day for 3-5 days. Longer is fine, but don’t go too long. Limit it to 10
days or less. You still have shit to do. Expertise is not a difficult, time- consuming thing to
acquire in internet marketing. It’s really not.
Just follow the steps I outlined above. That’s what I’d do if I were starting over. And I’d become
an overnight EXPERT in my niche. No question.
Alright, on to the next thing I’d do…
©2015 14
2. I’d Write a Damn Book… And Some Sales Copy!
I would immediately start writing an e-book after going through the mastery process. This is when
the information is freshest, your opinions are strongest, and your writing process is already fully
I’d waste absolutely no time working on my e-book.
That said, there are 3 very quick things I’d do before I actually dove in head-first.
1. I’d commit to a price point of $5. This is particularly important if nobody really knows who
you are yet. That would obviously be the case for me if I were starting anew. 5 bucks is a low
barrier to entry.
Also, I think it’d help me to relax knowing that the book’s gonna sell for cheap. I wouldn’t feel
quite so pressured to create the ultimate masterpiece of the freakin’ century. Know what I mean?
2. I’d choose a main, specific problem to solve for my readers. You don’t need to write the
definitive guide to SEO, or whatever. Just a book about .edu links… or internal site
navigation… or keyword density… or blog networks…
For my chosen niche of product creation, buyers list building, and email marketing, I’d probably
write a book about how to create and sell a $5 e- book in 48 hours or less. Just like I’m about to
show ya! 😉
At the end of the day, I would use the results of my mastery research to guide me. If I found that
I had a particularly strong set of opinions regarding JV “back-scratching,” for example, then I
might roll with that.
3. I’d name the e-book before I ever wrote a word. And I’d have a cover image made up. For the
example I just mentioned, I might name my book “JV Backscratch.” Then I’d come up with a
sub-headline. This would simply be what I plan to deliver in the book.
Maybe it’d be “Together, We Get Richer!” I dunno.
©2015 15
I’d then go to Fiverr and have a cover image created.
Well, first I’d go into Google Images and find a photo (or illustration) of maybe a back being
scratched… or a back with scratch marks on it. Something either sexy or funny. Hmm, I like this
Then, I’d save this image to my computer, go over to Fiverr, and tell either Nisha or Rdezines
that I want this to be a soft (paperback) e-cover. Title: JV Backscratch. Subtitle: Together, We
Get Richer! Author: Lee Murray
If I didn’t have the five dollars to pay with, I’d go donate plasma… or write articles in a
freelance capacity… or ask a family member… or panhandle with a sign that read “Trying to Fund
My Online Business. Please Help.” Whatever. The point is, I’d be resourceful. I encourage you to be
resourceful, too.
Oh, and I’d also be sure to ask the designer to give me the flat 2D image (in addition to the 3D
softcover) to use as my title page. Just scroll to the top of this book to see what I’m talkin’
’bout, Willis.
©2015 16
Finally, I’d get my butt to writing my e-book while the cover image was being created for me. Post
freakin’ haste, baby! Let’s hop to it right now…
To write an e-book that your audience is gonna absolutely LOVE, it needs to be real (achievable),
specific, easy to comprehend, and fun to read. It should also be warm and personal. In other words,
don’t just spew out a bunch of facts.
Again, facts don’t sell. Opinions sell. Emotion sells. Entertainment sells.
I’d probably start my book off with a joke, like the absolute abomination I kicked this sombitch
off with! 😉 Or with a warm, heartfelt welcome. Who knows?
To date, I have over a dozen e-books in circulation. Five of them have been awarded WSO of the Day.
And each of them has its own unique flow. I never followed a formula. No templates or any of that
crap. I had no interest in making my stuff look and sound like everyone else’s. I encourage you to
act in kind.
That said, if you really need a formula to adhere to, then I’ll just tell you how I’d write a book
like “JV Backscratch.” And you can use the same general process as your template… if you insist.
1. Title page – this will be the flat 2D image returned to you from Fiverr.
2. Table of contents – self-explanatory.
3. Legal page – you can basically copy the one from this e-book.
4. Introduction – I would thank my readers, start with a joke, offer a sincere thank-you, and let
them know they’re in good hands. I would share my qualifications, which at the very beginning
stages, would be that I’ve watched all the masters “like a hawk.”
I’ve done my due diligence and never took anyone’s word at face value. I’d basically brag about
what I had done to become an expert. “I watched over
100 hours of product creation videos, found discrepencies in popular opinion… and went out and
hunted down the actual truth,” and so forth.
©2015 17
I’d then tell them how what I’m about to share with them will help them. “When you partner up with
other marketers, even if you’re all beginners, incredible things can start to happen. Ideas flow.
You help to get each other traffic. You make sales for each other. You build each other’s lists.”
To close the introduction, I’d encourage my readers not only to read the e- book, but also to take
action. I’d then tell them to roll up their sleeves, because we’re ready to get to work right
5. The first chapter would cover where to find JV partners. I’d talk about the Warrior Forum,
LinkedIn, and Facebook mainly. And whatever else I’d learned in my extensive research. 😉
6. The second chapter would cover how to treat JV partners. How to become their actual friends,
take a genuine interest in their lives, and perhaps even talk a little trash with each other…
like real friends do. I’d tell ’em that JV partners are like an extended family of like-minded
7. The third chapter would be about pooling resources. That is, first getting a group put together
in Facebook… and then having each member of the group go out and recruit new members to the
group, so that your social circle grows organically and virally.
8. The fourth chapter would be about everyone working together to acquire bonus spots on their
homies’ download pages. (I’ll actually be talking about much of this stuff right here in “From the
Top,” so stay tuned.)
9. The fifth chapter would be about scheduling product launches in a way where all members can
support each other without competing against each other.
I’d cover how helping your fellow group members serves the whole group by getting outside traffic
entering the overall funnel, etc.
I would then include a conclusion chapter, followed by recommended resources where I’d add some
affiliate links. These resources could be additional training, software, tools, or anything else
that’d help my readers enhance their results.
The conclusion chapter will generally just consist of summarizing all the steps they
©2015 18
need to take, re-iterating why they need to take the steps, and urging them to actually get their
butts out there and do this stuff, rather than just reading.
If I were honestly just getting started online, and didn’t yet have a website, then I’d probably
just not bother including a branded footer. But just in case you do have a website, and want to
know how to brand your e-book, I’m gonna go ahead and do that with “From the Top” and share the
screen shots with you.
Oh, and by the way, I personally use OpenOffice to create all my e-books. That’s what I’d be using
if I were starting from scratch. It’s 100% free!
So here’s the process for creating a branded footer…
©2015 19
噛 – d @回二三 鍋 @ 固 ‘W Q, Ð .Fr 一百川.
3 ru== Gl B IU 司三下塁 A:: ::: A .aS?•. .
E三三三z ‘一一1 • 2 • 3 ..: 4
• 5 • 6 • 1i
1 1 2. Click on the ce 伽alignme山 on. I
, Wñter

FQrmat T呈bl e 1 00ls Win dow tielp
罰 画呈 旦 竺[I ‘ー-型二空二喝 . < fi 圏.41 晶 0 1
IlCa mbri a G,Ii3百18 1 II 歪目歪雲 ζ :z
一一一一一一一一一一 r . . I • • .烹 ,,,,,1
3. Select the font style you’ve chosen for the rest of your e-
book… then select 13pt. font. (1
use 14pt. for my main text.)
@2015 20

迎i n dow H elp

届 邑臥 場 回
日E吋巾 日

4. CIick “1 nsert ,” then
“Special Characters.”

nD a
Special Cha racters
s c
t n


I Cam bria
日Su bset
同 I OK
。 ” # s 9も & *
+ ,ー 自
/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ,〈
〉 ヲ @ A B C D E F G H K L M
N P Q R s T び V w X Y Z \

!::!el p
,、 、

a b c d e f E h t k 町B
n 。p q r s t u. v 、N x y z
~ e E ロ ¥ 5 @ 曇 << 「 ⑧

Cha racters.:

土 ? 交 μ
宮 >> % ぬ
U+0020 (32)
5. Click on the copyright symbol. It’s the “c” with a circle around it,as shown above.

@2015 21

@2015 L凶血lildingW凶Lee.coml
6. Directly after the copyright symbol,type in the year,followed by your
闘よwしebsite address. 司
菌From-出e-Top型土空 Writer
.Eil f dit Y.酬匹不E印刷t Tbl Iool5 盟indow 出I p
•• –
! 1 Footer 日1 Ca m bria
日113 81 B 1 II 三|
日 .
7. Click “Insert,” then “Fields,”
F and “Page Number.”

。2015 22
As far as formatting your e-book is concerned, I’ll leave that up to you. You have eyeballs. You
know what looks good. Personally, I use Cambria font set to 14pt. But options abound, kimosabe!
This is YOUR book, make it look the way YOU want it to.
Once your cover gig on Fiverr has been completed, go ahead and use the flat 2D image as your title
page. Just click “Insert,” then “Picture” and “From File.” Upload the image that you downloaded
from Fiverr. Easy peasy!
So let’s take a look at the top 10 e-book “best practices” that I’ve come to learn over

©2015 23
the course of my almost 7 years as a professional internet marketer…
10. Maintain a logical sequence. We’re walking them through an A to Z process. So start at A. Then
go to B. You may need to check a chart to see which letter comes next. I suck at math.
9. Always encourage action. This isn’t only the right thing to do, but it really shows that you
care about your readers’ success. And, as a positive side effect, it demonstrates a level of
authority. You’ll be looked upon as a coach.
8. Use the best grammar you can. If you don’t know how to spell a word, look it up. If you’re not
sure how to word a particular phrase – or which punctuation to use – look it up. It’s hard to take
the message seriously when it’s wrapped in poor English. Not trying to be a dick… just keepin’ it
7. Use lots of headlines, sub-headlines, and images.
6. Use short paragraphs. Never overwhelm your reader with giant blocks of text.
Use this book as an example. I never let a paragraph go longer than 4 lines. And often, I’ll use
just one or two lines… to break it up and make things a whole lot more digestable for my readers.
5. Don’t go over their heads. If you’re a smarty-pants, it’s not imperative that
you show such things off. In fact, it could be detrimental. Try to write at about a 7th or 8th
grade level. Use lots of plain talk and relatable concepts.
4. As an extension of #5, it’s perfectly cool to use slang. Kinda, rather than kind of. Lemme,
rather than let me. Gonna, rather than going to. Please don’t overdo it, obviously. But there is
nothing wrong with showing your “regular person” side in your writing. Your readers will find it
hella refreshing. 😉
3. Be as accurate and current as possible. If you did the type of mastery research that I
illustrated above, you should have no problem with this. But if I catch you trying to re-write some
crappy, heartless old PLR, I’m gonna reach through your computer screen and take that crack pipe
outta your mouth!
2. Be playful and/or expressive. Please don’t become a boring-ass “fact-ory.”
©2015 24
Your job is not to spew facts into your readers’ brains. Your job is to compel them to take good
action and get good results. Seriously. That’s your job.
1. DO NOT STRIVE FOR PERFECTION! This is easily the most important piece of advice I can offer
you. A good product in the hands of 10,000 people is FAR more powerful than a masterpiece in the
hands of ZERO. Never forget that.
One final piece of advice that you can take or leave…
I really don’t recommend that you become such an opportunist that you’re only looking for ways to
“squeeze the most money out of your customers as possible.” I personally hate that shit.
In other words, don’t load your book up with affiliate links. One or two throughout the content,
maximum. You can also include a “Recommended Resources” chapter at the very end, where you promote
maybe 2 or 3 affiliate products.
For one thing, going berzerk with the affiliate links looks cheesy. You’ll immediately be perceived
as a spammer and all that good branding and authority you were trying to establish will go right
out the damn window. Much of it will, anyway.
I want you looking at the bigger picture here, okay?
You want to establish a reputation for being a rock-solid marketer… a good person. If you put out
excellence (again, not perfection) today, then you can expect your
next book release to be a hit. And if THAT product kicks ass, then your NEXT book release will
likely be a MAJOR hit. And next thing you know, the whole world will open up to you. Way more
powerful than squeezing in a few affiliate commissions!
Dude, why don’t you stop me when I go off on these rants? That’s on you, playa. 🙂
Alright, you wanna talk copy? Well I do, and it’s my book, so…
©2015 25
Writing Jaw-Dropping, Insanely-Converting Sales Copy
Ah, my favorite.
Not that I’m trying to condone chemical dependency or anything, but I always drink red wine when I
write my sales copy. It’s a robust, emotional buzz for me.
Did you see the key word there?
If your sales copy doesn’t hit your prospects on an emotional level, you can expect
3-5% sales conversions. This percentage will rise in direct proportion to how much of your
prospects’ deepest emotions you’re able to tap into.
As with the actual e-book itself, I don’t bother with templates when writing copy. There are,
however, certain key elements that you should include, which only a fool
would dare to ignore. Here’s the basic flow of a winning sales letter…
1. Pre-headline
2. Headline
3. Post-headline
4. Shocker
5. Situational pain
6. Personal introduction
7. Personal pain/story
8. Potential for relief
9. Product introduction
10. Benefits-focused description
11. What’s inside
12. Included bonuses
13. Price teaser
14. But first, the dream
15. Slow-burning price reveal
16. Reminder of benefits
17. Money-back guarantee
©2015 26
18. Squashing objections via mock Q&A
19. Strong call to action
20. Sign off
21. Two post-scripts with calls to action
Hot damn… I didn’t think I had a template. 😉
What one discovers about oneself when teaching one’s process… Wow!
So there ya go.
Need a bit more detail? Yeah, I thought you might.
But in the spirit of keeping this cheap report concise and manageable, rather than elaborating on
each of those 21 points individually, I’m just going to link you to three of my WSO of the Day
winning products.
These are products that each converted at over 15% (27% for Health Market Gold, I believe) during
their respective launches. These percentages have gone down since, as the prices have all been
dramatically increased from where they were at launch.
Know what I mean?
I want you to study these sales pages. Notice the emotion… and the structure. You are absolutely
welcome to emulate my copy in your own sales letter
construction. That said, don’t even think about trying to adopt my personal style. It is for your
own benefit that you remain true to who you are. Be yourself, dammit! 🙂
Be a leader. An innovator. A badass.
Okay, so here are those sales pages. I hope you get a lot out of them…
©2015 27
Health Market Gold
21 And Done
Email Slick

If you’d like additional, fully-detailed guidance on writing top-shelf sales copy from me, please
let me know, won’t you? If enough people ask for this training, I will most assuredly create an
entire copywriting course. Just go to my website (see footer) and use my Contact form to let me
know. I appreciate it.
Okay, so that’s what I’d do.
I considered writing a mock sales letter for this “JV Backscratch” concept, but dude. I get
reeeeally into this stuff. I’d end up spending two days and 25 pages crafting this sales letter…
and that’s time I just don’t have to spend on it.
So please just use the examples I linked to above. They’ll help you immensely!
Okay, so before I move on to the NEXT thing I’d do, I want to spend a little time answering some
questions that I just KNOW a lot of my readers have at this point.
I’ll also recap what we’ve covered thus far… and give YOU an assignment if you feel like actually
taking action on this stuff and making a profound change in your life.
Sound good?
Cool, less dew it dien…

©2015 28
Quick Break: Your Questions Answered, Part 1
What do you get when you cross a dirty needle with a hoo… Oh yeah.
I forgot. Sorry.
Alright, so let’s answer some questions that you may have up to this point…
Q: What should my goal be?
A: Something that puts a smile on your face when you think about reaching it… and something that
gets you almost maniacally excited because its attainment seems so realistic to you. I obviously
can’t give you a specific. But it must be both exciting and achievable. Also, be sure to set a
specific timeline. “I’ll make $25/day starting 3/1”

Q: Do I have to be in the IM space?
A: If you want to do what I would do (which is the basic concept of this book), then yeah. It’s the
fastest, most reliable, and easily scalable market on the web.

Q: How much time should I dedicate to mastery research?
A: How long does it take a college freshman to become a medical doctor? I really don’t want to hear
anyone getting impatient about becoming a master in the IM field. By way of comparison to most
professions, it’s no time at all. Try 50 hours.

Q: Do I have to write a book, or can I make a video (or software) product?
A: Again, I’m showing you what I would do if I started from nothing. When I was working from the
public library, I couldn’t very well create a video course, could I?
©2015 29
That said, you’re perfectly welcome to embrace your own desires and skills. Go ahead and create a
video course or software program, if that’s whatcha wanna do.

Q: Lee, are you really as devilishly handsome in real life as your pictures would suggest that you
are? I mean, damn son!
A: No, I’m just drunk. That clouds your judgment and lowers your standards. 😉
Q: How long should my book be?
A: Don’t worry about it. I have absolutely no clue how long “From the Top” is gonna be when I’m
finished writing the sucker. Just write, baby. Go to effin’ town!

Q: What about taking payments, getting testimonials, and all that?
A: We’re covering that in the next chapter.
Q: What should my Warrior Forum username be?
A: Excellent question! I’m glad you asked. You want it to be whatever name you’re branding yourself
with. If that’s your real name, then it should be your real name. Remember, branding is everything.
Don’t try to be cute or clever. My Warrior Forum username is Lee Murray. I suggest that you use
your real name, as well.
Your Assignment:
1. Set a goal.
2. Pick a niche.
3. Gain expertise by watching vids & reading books. Ask questions. Form opinions.
4. Write a book.
5. Write your sales copy. Use my sales letters as guides. Next thing I’d do…

©2015 30
3. I’d Launch My Book As a WSO!
A Warrior Special Offer (WSO) is a very leveraged way to release a new digital IM
product (in our case, an e-book). Let me tell you why…
1. You don’t need your own website… just use the forum thread!
2. You don’t need to recruit affiliates… affiliates are built right in!
3. You don’t need to promote your book… traffic is automatic!
4. You don’t need to host your product… that functionality is included.
5. You don’t need to get testimonials… that happens organically!
6. Saves you massive tech. time and frustration integrating your autoresonder!
7. You don’t need to create payment buttons… the system does it all for you!
In other words, all you need to do is plug in your product and sales copy, click a few buttons to
integrate your autoresponder (covered in just a moment), and perform a little bit of ongoing
maintenance (answering thread questions, incorporating your best reviews into your sales copy,
handling customer support… easy stuff).
I’ll show you how I’d do all of this right now…
First, I’d get a paid Warrior Forum account. So I’d upgrade my free account to paid. Now, the
Warrior Forum has changed ownership fairly recently, and I have no idea what it takes to be able to
run a WSO these days.
I just Googled it, but couldn’t find a satisfactory answer quickly enough, and I’m impatient. So if
you’re already able to run WSO’s, then great. If not, then just follow the steps I’m about to cover
and – if it turns out that you need to upgrade your account – then just do what the forum says to
I can’t imagine it costing any more than 20-40 bucks. Don’t have the money? Sell your ass on the
streets! Run a yard sale. Do some temporary labor. Get the money, upgrade your account, and prepare
for a massive positive change in your life!
Once you’ve got the green light to post WSO’s…

©2015 31
The very first thing you’ll want to do is bypass the actual forum’s “Warrior Special Offers”
section, as this will force you to use the forum’s own “Warrior Payments” program as your payment
gateway and affiliate management system.
We’re going old school. 🙂
We’ll be using WarriorPlus. I’ll have you sign up for a WarriorPlus account very soon. But first,
let’s just get your thread approved by the forum mods, okay?
I’m about to hit you with some screen shots. But the VERY FIRST thing you MUST
do is click this link:
That’s the link to post your new WSO thread WITHOUT using Warrior Payments. Okay, so now…
*Your WSO title will be seen in the forum as the title to your thread. Make it enticing and
benefits-focused. If you’re following what I would do, then make this a $5 WSO and lead your title
off with [$5 WSO] to capture the attention of value-seekers.
©2015 32

*BBCode is the “language” that forums use to do their version of html. It uses
[braces] rather than <these tags>. Forward slashes (/) still apply. To insert an
image, the code will be [IMG]http: //imageurl. com[/IMG]. If you have an image file, but no url,
you’ll need to first upload it to your site, a free blog, or dropbox.
Then just grab its new url and insert in between [IMG] and [/IMG].
©2015 33
Wherever you want your payment button to appear, simply type in “[reserved for payment button]” on
its own line… and center it. I’ll leave it up to you where you decide to feature your button. I
always just go with my gut, anyway.
While You’re Waiting for Thread Approval…
It can take up to 12 hours for the moderators to approve your WSO thread. Sometimes, it’s
significantly shorter. No matter, you don’t have to pay and launch until you’re damn good and ready
to do so. No need for any anxiety whatsoever.
So just chill, baby! 😉
Well, not really. There’s still plenty of work to be done.
If it were me, and I was starting from nothing, here’s what I’d do…
1. I’d get me a free account at – I like this payment and affiliate
platform. I like the “WSO of the Day” (now called “Deal of the Day”) potential. In retrospect,
winning this award changed my life.
2. I’d make sure that my profile was complete, that my username was my real name, Lee Murray
(just like we discussed above in regards to our Warrior
©2015 34
Forum account), and that my Paypal email address* was accurate.
* If you follow these steps, then Paypal is how you’ll be getting paid. You need a Paypal account.
If you don’t have one, get one. If you don’t have a Premier or Business account, get one. It’s
really easy to upgrade. Just click this link to do it.
3. Once my account was all set up, why, I’d just…

©2015 35
Warrior+Plus []邑i

it Market lace Vendors Affiliates Oealof the Oa Su ort
Vendors I dashboard offers products stats transactions affillates commission rules
affillate cont
事曾 ‘The Automated Lead Machine’ Is A Dream Come True…
DAY “…this i 、争、1.. . :…1 :……1 1.. ,..” • 噌’‘
p… Jamie & David in<
16. Click “products.”


Transaction ID

7. Click “New
Product.” 町…
2却…10加 …

Show AII

。 36

PROOUCT / SALE TYPE Buy Now I Smgle Payment
Product Nae帥‘
From Ihe Top 8. Fill out all this info. For
Delivery File @亘孟函From-Ihe-Top 似

DO NOT use Deliverv UR!. to link to OTOs/Upse
Delivery URL
otif刷 on? • Manage Notìfì臼 ti( Refllnd period 60 days
now,I’d just upload my book via “Delivery File,”
leave “Delivery URL” blank. and select 60 days for a refund period.
offer refunds. Enter .0.for no refunds. (60 days or
Ipc;;:c;;;; rρrnmmpnrlp市

• _..””_ …. I _…………….•.. M …….•.. … p”….‘-、.

w M•••••凶‘…….
……•••••••–•w••……….. ………、. …. …….W輔、M•2 •……… _.
The type of content this product cont剖ns (select all

印刷ory 1 [” Mar胤In9 印刷tlon : Afflll 陶「附lngJ 1
札” Ma陶 ting Education : Email Marketing I
Il” Ma削 ing Education : αherJ
Keywo陥 1[ ” product CreationJ [” Sta代ing From ScratchJ
Il” Emall 州側tlng1

Prodllct Illlage
Change Relllove
口Reset to default?
LÎlllit Sales

Support Details
9. Fill in all this stu仔…
and I’d upload my flat
20 image (be sure to use your e-book cover image in the actual WSO thread!)

I wouldn’t limit sales.
sales of thls product,enter the max quantlty you want to s巴11

Support Email

The emall address glven to buyers to contact you for supp口氏
。2015 37
*$17 is what I’ll likely end up selling this book for once the launch phase is over. You can say
$17 because it’s a common, standard price for e-books. The sale price of $1 is what we’re going to
start at, but it’ll be rising on a dimesale, as shown below…
©2015 38
*My message essentially tells them that this offer is on a dimesale that caps off at 5 bucks, that
they’re earning 100% affiliate commissions, and that my back-end always converts like crazy. (If I
really were just starting, I wouldn’t say that… but this is my actual WarriorPlus listing for
“From the Top,” so…)
In any case, you can tell your affiliates whatever you’d like. You can just say “Thanks for the
support,” if you don’t feel like getting detailed. I’d also write email swipes for my affiliates
and link them to a page where they can access these swipes. You don’t have to do this either,
though it is a good idea as you gain more experience.
Okay, so finally I’d…
©2015 39
Once you’ve clicked save, check to make sure there were no errors. If there were, the system will
let you know what they are and you can easily go in and make the necessary corrections. (Oh, and
make sure “Deal of the Day Eligible” is turned ON!)
Alrighty-roonie, Looney Toonie!
“Lee, That Was Super Lame, Dude.”
You’re super lame. Leave me alone.
Now that we got that little argument out of the way, let us proceed to literally the most important
step of the entire launch setup process… your autoresponder.
The whole purpose of this initial product launch, and the very reason why this is the exact process
that I would personally go through if I were to start my career all over, from the very beginning,
is this…
It’s called building a buyers list.

©2015 40
Now, I can tell you from experience that there is literally no more important way for an online
marketer to spend his or her time than by building an email list full of buyers. Sure, marketing to
this list is crazy important too, but they’re really two sides of the same coin, right?
So building and promoting to a high-quality buyers list can make you rich!
I know that now, which is why that’s the only thing I’d be putting my time, energy, and resources
into… from DAY ONE… if I were starting all over again today.
So to do just that, I’d get myself a FREE autoresponder account at GetResponse.
It won’t always be free, but it IS free for the first month, which would be plenty of time for me
to make a whole lot of money. And once GetResponse did start charging for their service, I’d really
only have to pay like 19 bucks a month anyway!
(Note: Today I pay $45 a month… and I have a buyers list of 3500!)
Now, you’ll hear people say that each free subscriber you put on your list is worth about a dollar
per month to you… and that each buyer is worth about $10/month. Well, I don’t know about that. I
certainly don’t make 35k each month! 😀
But I’m up to about $8000 on a really good month… half of that on a “bad” month. That said, I
also don’t do everything I could to make the really big bucks. I don’t
have a solid group coaching program or high-ticket membership site. I just
essentially sell my own stuff, promote affiliate offers, and do some 1-on-1 coaching every so
often. So take all that for what it’s worth.
But I digress…
What I would do is click this link and get started with a free month of GR right now! It’s the
most important tool you’ll ever get for free!
Once I had my free GetResponse account, I’d login and go to my dashboard. From there, I’d go ahead
©2015 41
白n帥lMil四es stahstlcs SUlveys 附 b Forms 叩 page

e 附… lilIi:l

1. Click the little triangle to the right
] of “Your current campaign” (maybe it’s different when you first get
川 started. I can’t remember). Then,I’d
Iclick the “Create Campaign” link.
白Enter 伺m阿p咽,.gn Q
3waysto33 beat打a、nor
bonllsyear cabgrab
childstagepotty ddlb
emailslick eslickpluscontent hmgae
Create campaign

Slart a brand new email markeilng campaign!

Each campaign has i s separale se世ings,allows you10 creale autoresponder messages,newsletters,and
Create Campaign

E伺aヰばヨ r:l’:’A靴LLLJl:ι1!U.

2. Name your campaign after your book,
then click “Create New Campaign.”

。2015 42
Your campaign was successfully created!
What would you like to do now?

Add Contacts Edit Campaign Settings

5 Create Autoresponder
3. Click “Edit Campaign Settings.”

Need a hand? We are here to help!

冒国璽冨圃・・区 Campaign Name: froll1thetop
Profile 4. Leave everything as-is.
Click on “Permission.”

Send notifi削 0削 0: r lee@lis州 dingwithlee.coll1 コl幽幽幽

@2015 43
General Enable confirmed opt-in: I J Email subscriptions
Pro自le •J Web
口Import subscriptions

Acon 副rmation emal\”1薗臨時nt to each new 剖bヌヨrber whos唖ns upu耳19 these田 b 1嗣岡山凶s
5. Make sure all three of these boxes
are un-ticked. The top two are generally ticked by default. I’d change dat chet.

General Enable confirmed opt in: ロEmail su出c巾tions
Pro前le oWeb

6. Make sure that my new campaign was selected on the right,then I’d click “Messages.”

M師e時s附s0伊9e叫目削t [戸百高高,;e二cc;;ωい 伽yo叫uru剖sb闘$山叫凶pU叫向州 onto’Uc加p脚岬0叫nn叩伊gIT州’叫
-. 温刷11111•IIr,ll1刷••’”持品川•回•
.. 幽凶幽

@2015 44
Dashboard 臼 nta由 t回 s…Web … L叩 page
…回Create Autores



7. From the

“Messages” dropdown menu,I’d
choose “Create Autoresponder.” I’d make sure the rest
looks the same as it
On day
| 0 1
does here. “Time- based,” “0,”etc.
e ••••••

Send message
immediately 、,

Send message Iimlmediately
send on I Monday TueSday wednesday Thursday イFrlday Saturday

8. Send message “immediately,”
keep all days ticked,and click
“Create new email.”
Choose n、essaae

Autoresponder name

The nðn暗f •o< Y刷 r reference- onty
Message name
Subject 11 Welcome to “Fr川
E立銀国単呈 811且S 皿坦l
From ” Lee Murray”<> – ♀凶凶立旦鎚b:.:I且
1わ怜s lI wtlal鶴P M m曾’le Fr倒< 明伽嗣or”誕xr句. “開11emlil di 酬t酬,…、eγ 問。尉咽t陶 .men訓”
Track 伽 -through 圏直三I Go勾leAnalyt口「日司
9. Type in a message name that only 1’11 see. Then,
I’d type in my 州側line a附 lick “Ne州 eP” lave 恒司|
1 column layout
2 columns – asymmetrical 1 column-3 合 1
column-1 合 81ank template 合

2 columns – symmetrical

3 columns

Predesig叫 10 _ Click “HTML code editor_”

My template

I 可TML ∞de edltor I

Order temolate
2 columns-2s 合 3 columns-3 合 3 columns-1 合

Emall desion from oros

@201S 46
*You likely already received and read this email. You can use it as inspiration for your own
welcome email. Just don’t copy me word-for-word or anything. Thanks.
Alright, then I’d freakin’…

©2015 47
(Because I’m so badass and can apparently define my own numbering system just fine, I’d go ahead
and just skip step 14 entirely…)
©2015 48
Plain Text
Close ]
HTMl 10 Plaìn Wrap lono lìnes Personal ìze
ーー 戸『 円一 内 ••7 可一ー ザ………•. 、..- -….-リ日円山一r-下一• r向. 日•「、……….-…..”
world.You help me put f o』CodEnlndhEmaynsfon-sr bheρlctyf … and Keeping your trust and ongoin

So read the dan 16. Click “Close.”

And please don

Always in your corner,
自 口 、‘4 ‘11 _ B I J.l -z v i 三 i三“日

17. Click the gear icon to the right of the WYSIWYG editor.

。 49
邸 周 u ‘:t rI’ f) 、11 …l’ B _ ‘ U 喜三喜ミ三官r i=i二 “| 山
れL tt Q . 5三 寺 町 .ph i州 マ 4 (14pt) 下品 ゐ 割
品1 ー 苓

制限日:118. Highlight all text again. Select
“Arial” and “4 (14pt)” from their
,reputation…J respective dropdown menus.
19. CIick “Test message,”then “Send
test message.”

旦豆4 皇話 。Test message …
Save as …


@2015 50

Finally, I’d…
©2015 51
22. Go back into my
GetResponse editor and click “Next step.1I
旦血h 星 。Test message • Save as •
Send message immediately …
Send on Monday ../ Tuesday 可Wednesday Thursday ダ Friday ../臼turday

From the Top Weにome Emali

一一一一一 一ー一一一山一一一一ー-ー一 一一一
|23. Click “Save and publish

三塁且且盟主主劃皇 or g:呈呈注旦皇主主

Autoresponder name From the Top Welcome Email
The n副時 îs世fl
間ur refere 間 e only

@2015 52
At 由is point
I’d go back into my WarriorPlus product listing and add my new
autoresponder campaign. Like this…

…every sales ..
円UW Ull己11 lU 111(,;’ピd
Max Price 5.00
The maximum priCl
blank for no max)

Email Service If you
want your bL
lìst / autoresponder
1. I’d click “Connect Service” next to ..Email Service.”

Select your service and list to connect to.

List :
2. I’d select “GetResponse” and
“fromthetop,”then I’d click “Save.”
@2015 53
So if you’ve been following along up to this point, you will now have:
A goal
A niche
Dozens of pages of notes Real, rock-solid expertise An e-book
A sales letter
A pending WSO thread
A WarriorPlus (WSO Pro) product page
A free GetResponse account linked to this product page
A welcome email
Excitement in your belly! So what’s the next step?
For you, it honestly depends. If you wanted to leave this process as-is, you totally could. You’d
just wait for your thread to be approved, insert your actual payment button code (from WarriorPlus)
into your thread in place of the “[reserved for payment button]” placeholders you created, and
freakin’ launch away!
Another step you can take (that I may or may not personally take, even if I was starting over)
would be to go into the Wanted – Warriors Looking to Hire You

©2015 54
section of the Warrior Forum. I don’t need to tell you what to write. You’ll see
LOADS of other product creators asking people to review their shizzy! Just write similar things.
Then, you’ll have some built-in testimonials coming in to your thread. I’m not sure if I’d do that,
even starting from scratch, simply because I don’t know how much weight those types of reviews
really hold. It’s totally up to you.
Another option might be to try contacting bigger product creators (not me, please leave me alone…
I already have half a dozen or more people each and every day asking me to review their stuff ! 😉
But try contacting those who may not have the same blessing/curse. Haha!
Not trying to be mean, but damn. White boy can only handle so much.
But yeah, you’ll just hand out a few free copies… and once you decide to make your thread go live
(covered momentarily), you’ll give these reviewers your WSO thread URL and have them drop their
You can then take screen shots of the positive reviews, upload them to your site, dropbox, a free
blog, or whatever… and then insert them into your sales letter for social proof. Remember to use
BBCode [IMG]image url starting with http[/IMG].
Now comes a very, very important consideration.
This will come down to two things: patience and resourcefulness. The consideration is this:
To Upsell Or Not to Upsell
My first successful launch was for a product called “Sales Funnel Supreme,” which was actually a $5
WSO! The very day I launched it (actually later that night), it was awarded “WSO of the Day.” I was
paying 100% commission… and had no upsell.
The sales started pouring in! I believe I ended up making over 400 sales just from
©2015 55
WarriorPlus alone. Actually, let me check my stats…
So yeah, Mike Lantz (the man behind WarriorPlus) alone made 449 sales. Overall, Sales Funnel
Supreme sold 1100 copies! But without a back-end, I made very little.
I had my own small freebie list that, combined with direct forum traffic, was responsible for a
nice little chunk of sales… maybe 200. But those other 900 sales came from affiliates that I paid
out 100% commissions too. No money in my pocket!
In all, I may have made a thousand bucks from non-affiliate generated conversions. A nice little
payday… but what if I’d have had an upsell (OTO) funnel in place?
I didn’t wanna wait to find out.
Fortunately, Sales Funnel Supreme was one of four e-books that I had written. The other e-books
just weren’t all the way finished when I got WSO of the Day. So as the sales started pouring in, I
was frantically working on finishing them.
It was something I had planned on doing anyway. I was just procrastinating it. I had
NO IDEA that I was gonna get WSO of the Day! So I scrambled like crazy. Then, I had to write the
upsell sales page.
Took hours and hours.
And those front end sales were just FLAVORING my life with bittersweetness. Finally, I finished the
upsell and made it go live. Here’s what happened.
©2015 56
So of the $5,245.25 that Sales Funnel Supreme generated, I earned a grand.
But the OTO (and the downsell – which is listed as OTO2, and took me next to no extra time to put
in place) were paying out 50% to affiliates, rather than 100%.
So I actually made well-over half of that revenue (remember, not all sales were generated by
affiliates)… so I actually put around $1500 in my pocket for those late- to-the-party upsells!
Damn, if only I’d have put them in place BEFORE the WSOTD!
Anyway, we live and we learn, right?
Click Here to See My VERY First WSO – Sales Funnel Supreme!
It’s kinda interesting for me to go back and see what my thought process was like back then. I
wasn’t even all that successful at that point. It could be a good thing for you to model. Notice
how I was less BraggyPants then than I am now! 🙂
Anyway, let’s get back to the heart of the matter…
What Do YOU Wanna Do?
It’s not like launching without an upsell only comes with cons, and no pros. For starters, it’s
obviously much faster to get started without one. Also, for
©2015 57
whatever reason, a lot of customers really LOVE it. Check some of the comments in my SFS thread.
Some folks tend to equate not having an upsell with being ethical.
In their minds it’s like “Now here’s someone who’s really trying to help… and isn’t just trying
to make a bunch of money and make us jump through a bunch of hoops.”
This may earn you some trust.
And that’s very good for your future email marketing endeavors.
If I were starting over from scratch, I would absolutely put an upsell funnel in place. I’d go
three deep, and one of them would be a recurring income product.
But I guess that’s easy for me to say… I’ve already got everything in place to do that. It takes
a lot of time and effort to get to that point.
So maybe skip it?
I dunno. Again, I’ll leave it up to you.
The bottom line is that there will be future launches. And you will have upsells as time goes on.
This may be a situation where you need to be impatient about launching… and patient in regards to
offering upsells.
Remember, priority #1 is to build a buyers list. And you can do that just fine without any OTO’s.
That said, if you’re REALLY desperate for immediate cash, then an OTO or two may be just what the
doctor ordered. I’m not in your situation, so I don’t know. But…
Let’s go ahead and cover it real quick-like either way! Sound good?
Okay, so…
There are a number of different types of upsell that you can offer. Some will be
more time consuming than others. Heck, some will take next to no time at all… right
©2015 58
now, anyway. Some will be low-ticket offers, others will garner higher price-points, and others
still can earn you an ongoing income for months or years to come.
You can offer:
Another pdf or bundle of pdfs
The audio and/or video version of your e-book
Other video/audio
More detailed training on the same topic as your main offer
A service (ie. blog installation, content, squeeze pages, graphics, etc.) A monthly membership
Group or 1-on-1 coaching
FB group access
A JV partner’s offer (split the profits) PLR or MRR rights to your e-book Other PLR content
An interview with an expert (or “guru”) in your niche
I would personally go with “other plr content,” “a monthly membership,” and
“another pdf or bundle of pdfs” for my own upsell funnel.
All I can do is live in the present, so I’ll offer my award-winning “Email Slick”
program at a discount for all new “From the Top” customers.
As an upsell/downsell to that, I’ll offer 49 DFY emails that I’ve personally written for this
purpose. And as an upsell/downsell to that, I’ll offer my weekly DFY promo email service
($19.95/mo., half-order downsell for $9.95/mo).
You can create sales letters or sales videos for each.
I love to write, so I usually just write compelling sales letters, which is exactly what I’d do if
I were starting over from scratch (especially if I were working from the public library)!
At this point, however, I already have most of the sales materials at my disposal. So
I’ll just modify a few things and get it all set up and ready to blast!
©2015 59
Oh, one more definite positive of having an upsell funnel in place… Affiliates, affiliates,
Some potential affiliates really won’t even consider promoting a product if the earnings potential
isn’t high enough. And without a back-end offer set up, the most an affiliate stands to earn by
promoting your $5 WSO is… well… five dollars!
That’s not gonna excite many good affiliates.
But if you offer 50% commissions on a $19.95 upsell, now your affiliate can make up to $15 total
per sale. If you have two of these 20-dollar upsells, your affiliate can make up to $25. And if you
add a $19.95 per month recurring offer…
Get ready to approve a WHOLE LOT of affiliate requests, put tons and tons of buyers on your list,
and make some pretty nice upfront profits in the process!
Damn, I’m a confusing sombitch. 😉 My final answer…
If you have the time and patience to put together an upsell funnel, it is very well- worth it for
you to do so!
In WarriorPlus, we’ll be using “Offers” to set this all up. Lemme show you how: Alright, so I guess
I forgot to mention… you’re really gonna need to have a website.
That means a domain, hosting, and WordPress. You could use a free blogging
platform like Blogger or for this, but I totally wouldn’t. Too risky. Too
unprofessional. Trust me, you wanna go self-hosted.
Now because I am, indeed, so confusing… let me just tell you that, if you don’t happen to have a
website at this point (nor do you already know how to set a self- hosted WordPress site up), go to
page of this book right now. Then come back! 😉
©2015 60
Again, if you DON’T already have a website (domain name, hosting account, WordPress site), then GO
Remember, you’re on page 61 right now. Please return after you’ve gotten yourself set up with your
own self-hosted WordPress site. Thank you.
The following instructions are pre-supposing that you already have an active website with WordPress
installed and all your settings and configurations done.
Here’s what I’d do…
First, I’d obviously determine how many upsells I have. I’m running three.
Next, I’d create one sales page for each of these three upsells. (Three pages total.) I would
create these sales pages using WordPress. I used to use HTML pages, but
Wordpress seems faster and easier to me… plus I use the Video Effects Press theme, which makes
my pages look pretty stinkin’ great!
You can create sales letters, sales videos, a combination of the two, or use a letter for one OTO,
a video for the next… whatever you want to do.
I see a lot of people simply creating a short video with a buy button and “no thanks” link directly
underneath it. This is a quick and easy way to go about things. There are plenty of examples of
these online. You’ve probably got many of these upsell video pages bookmarked in your browser right
now. 😉
I actually just recorded my first one using my computer’s built-in webcam. Seriously, no
third-party software. Just recorded it straight to my computer, uploaded it to YouTube, and
embedded it into my sales page. Super easy.
You can learn how to do such things online, so I won’t waste your time here. Now, just like we did
before with our main front-end WSO thread in the Warrior
©2015 61
Forum, wherever you’d like to feature your payment buttons on your upsell pages, simply use the
“[reserved for payment button]” placeholder for now. Then, go ahead and publish each of your
Wordpress sales pages.
Remember, you don’t want these pages to be posts, or even pages where they’ll be publicly displayed
on your site. DO NOT make these part of a blog. We’re not creating a blog here at all!
Find a good landing page theme. There are WordPress themes designed exclusively for the purpose of
creating landing pages (sales, squeeze, and download pages). Some of these themes are paid… but
many of them are free or very, very cheap.
Again, I love my Video Effects Press… but it’s a bit on the expensive side ($37).
A quick and easy Google search for things like “Wordpress sales page themes” or
“landing page themes for WordPress” will make good things happen for you. 🙂
Now, I’d Add My Upsell Products to WarriorPlus:
Once I’d gotten all my sales pages set up, I’d go back into WarriorPlus and set up each of my
upsell products individually. I’d do this in exactly the same way that we set up our original $5
You can run dime sales, if you’d like. I won’t personally do that. I’ll use set pricing.
My 49 DFY Emails upsell will sell for $19.95 (50% off). My “Email Slick” program will sell for
$13.50 (50% off).
My DFY Promo Email Service will sell for $19.95 per month recurring.
Be sure to upload the delivery files to WarriorPlus, rather than using delivery url. If you’d like
to create separate email campaigns in GetResponse for each of your
upsells, you can. Or just leave all that blank and your front end offer will be the only sales that
put leads on your list. I’ll do a new campaign for each. 🙂
My first campaign is fromthetop, my second will be fromtopwithemails, etc.
©2015 62
Make sense?
So again, I’ll use WarriorPlus’ autoresponder integration feature to link this up. Once all of the
upsells have been loaded up into the WarriorPlus system as
“Products,” it’s time to move on to the next essential task…
Finally, I’d Construct My WarriorPlus Offer:
This can be a little tricky to get a grasp on initially. I’ve done it a few times now, so I “kind
of ” know what’s up. If I were just starting from scratch, I’d undoubtedly have to go through a
slight learning curve with this particular functionality.
Lots of moving parts and what-not.
But lucky for you, you’ve got big, bad Poppa LeeLee to walk you through this shit!
Whatever, dude. Whatever.
So here’s what I’d do…

©2015 63
Warrior+Plus 唾D ,守恒哩型型型哩彊
陶mll:l 四
Vendors I dashboard offe目 products stats transactions affil’ates commission nlles
affiliate contests jv center
Create Your Offer – Step 1of 2
Ti tl e Lee Murray’s “From the Top”

Oescriptlon Dlscover what a near 6.flgure earnlng,7刊arlM

veteran would do if he had to START ALL OVER AGAlN… from scratch! This means no money,
products,emaillist or reputation. Freakin’ WOW
1. After clicking “Vendors,””o仔ers,” and “new 0仔er,”|’d fHl
in the details of my
wso. The title would
Marketing Edllcation
A1filiate Marketing

be the same name as
Keywords IL)( sta代的m sc日 tchJ duct creation J
区 emailma的古司

Prodllct lllage
Change Relllove
Reset to default?
川 c 固
my front-end product.
町市 seo ” \wπnouttne quotes )J.

(optional) upload an image for your product. This will be shown on varlous pages around the site
and n
the marketplace. f you do not upol ad one,then the
defau仕 one shown will be used. The image should be
125px x 125px目

Tum this ON if you want this 0仔’er to be displayed in
2. Set “Public” hi
to “ON” and click “Create.”

@2015 IMWithLee,corn 64
Cre.ate Your Offer – Step 2 of 2
Success!Your offer has been cr 官ated.
NEW!SetuPilluttiole sa 恰soa口es for sp比lt•esting,affiliates and m eType 岡田卜r

Salespage URlIhttp://’ vw.warriorforum ∞m

WSO Post (none selected)
Click here to create a new WSO post,if needed
3. Choose “External” and type in any Salespage URL (as
a placeholder until
my thread goes live).

prelaunch Option No Prelaunch
Your prelaunch settings.
A川 Affiliates ..

A符ì1iate Information 100% on theincredibly high-converting Iront end
50% on all back-end offers,induding a r白 川mng
∞m川ssion lor all sales 01 rtr{ weekly 1Mpromo el
se刊ice M叫B 蜘.wl para til

】V PageURl
••••••• •••

4. Scroll down. Then I’d turn “Allow Affiliates” on, enter my affiliate info,turn “A’仔iliate
Program Accel.”
on,and click “Create.”
A何ì1iate Updates list

NEW!Affiliate 固
program Accelerator
E盟 Cancel
。 65

Lee Murray’s “From the Top”
Thiso符巴r is not yet active.In order to use this 0仔ér,you must fìrst add at least one product.

Offer Pages
5. Under “Main page ,”
I’d click “Add a product.”

IIUM園 、Cet Code

6. Choose the correct
product (the front-end WSO) from the dropdown menu.
Then,I’d click “Save.”
@2015 66
Lee Murray ‘s “F rol1l th e Top”

This offer is not yet帥•同. In orderω use 柏is 0伽” you must ñ円t activate it and 拙向山 rt date.

Of f er Pages

,lee M urray’s “From the T叩” 0
“‘ij’#5” 哨 Get C吋. 41 ‘
Have an Upsell?
Click here to create I

7. Click the upsell link.

Create New Page

8. I’d type in the name of my upsell, click “External,”

enter the sales page url (on my site),and
then click “Save.”

@2015 67

Offer Pages
49 OFY 1M Emails
。 =!!II!!!11
“L目 Murrayγfrom the Top” 0 page ís e叩t>IAdd a product I
国盟国叩… Î 0 1 圃盟国<. Ge:t C仙
-電Offer Map (Sales Funnel)

49 DfY 1M Email s
Page ís empty
坐止 ro血g
9. I’d now
click “Add a product” for
this upsell.
Add P .-oduct to ’49 DFY 1M Emails’

Avaílable Products:
10. I’d select my
‘ first OTO from

Upsell page : Ð
圃司 the drop
(No Up副 1)

Downsell page: Ð
Commíssi on Rate:

50% ‘

Commíssi on Bump Ð


– ‘J •一 :: .!.F1’•圃



everything else alone,and click
@2015 68
I would then just keep repeating this process for all of the products in my upsell funnel, clicking
“add a new page” and the little black cross thingy to link ’em up.
I’m gonna do this for the rest of my products right now. There will be a downsell at the end, and
I’ll show you how to handle that, as well. 😉
©2015 69
Oh, you know what?
I’m actually doing a downsell for each product in my OTO funnel. I hope I can explain this
1. People go to my $5 WSO thread. If they buy, they’re taken to OTO1, which is my 49 DFY emails.
2. If they buy, they’re taken to OTO2, which is “Email Slick” for 50% off. This, of course, is
called an upsell. But… if they don’t buy OTO1, they’re still taken to OTO2. Naturally, this
called is a downsell.
3. If they buy OTO2, they’re taken to OTO3 (upsell), which is my weekly IM
promo service. If they don’t buy OTO2, they’re still taken to OTO3 (downsell).
4. If they buy OTO3, that’s it. The funnel ends there. There are no additional upsells. However,
if they don’t buy, then they’re presented with OTO4, which is my promo service half order. So no
upsell, but there is a downsell.
Ultimately, my funnel looks like this: main product > upsell only > upsell and downsell > upsell
and downsell > downsell only.
To create a downsell, instead of using the black crosses, use the red ones. By the way, once you’ve
successfully added an upsell, the black cross will become an upward-pointing black arrow. When
you’ve successfully added a downsell, the red cross will become a downward-pointing red arrow.
Handy, right? 😉
Next, I’d start incorporating my payment buttons, “no thanks” links, and exit pops.

©2015 70
We won’t do this with the main offer until our WSO thread goes live. But we can do this with all of
the upsell (and downsell) pages on our site. So let’s do it…

©2015 71

<center><if rame “idt h= “640” height= “480” s rc=”//””” ,youtube
,com/embed/t4XYJlYtZVPs?re1=&amp;sho lYinf o=0;autop1ay=1
</ ifram>

(50 t hat ‘s d umb 01• me ,p1aya, NÝ do you see why 1 don ‘ t do videos? Hahaha ! )
3. On your sales page,
[ button and l in k ]


<hl>Seriously ” , Congrats On


find your placeholders and paste in the code.

<h4>You ‘ ve honest1y ju s t set yourse1f u p f or a qua1it y of success t hat f ew
peop1e wi11 <u >ever</u> expe rience

Embed Code: 49 DFY1M

Button Cod P胃胃帯情理罰開
Use this !i nk to get the buyer to next step in the runnel or the ‘thank you’ page if there
are no additional products to show ,
Li nk Code ( HTMl)
<a 国f=”!l!!膝11県臨則峨必fJio/限胞虫色ダ組掛j”>No thanks,Lee. 1 already ha四this!<la>

Li nk Code (fo rum) [URL=市ttps:llwarrioφlus.corn’o/nothankslxgnl5l’]No Thanks[/URL)
4. Now click the “No Thanks Link” button. Change the text to read what
you’d like… then copy the HTML code.
@2015 72
Then, we’d make sure there was no pesky “step 6” and just move straight to 7…

©2015 73
<script type=”text/お耳鼻総見瓜. 主ι=ι”!l.ll且主• / /.Iarri 刷、D1υ$.( 。m/o/お/級以品” defer=”defer”></ ript>

Word ∞unt:140

8. Paste this code in at the bottom of your sales page.

9. Update your page,homie! 4 @ 7:51 .E.出I Then,view it live.
page Attributes 企
@2015 74
10. Make sure your button displays nicely. If you don’t like it,90 back into WarriorPlus and fix
dem shits,babyl
(50 that’s dumb 01′ me,playa. NOW do you see why 1don’t do videos? Hahaha!)

Rこgular Prこi こ:–$3つ.つ5 Today: $19.95

:: :回当 paypal

Ed rt Page ,OFY Emails b,x ” Log into GetR 目 ponse

Confirm Navigation

Wait!Before you go check this out… Click ‘Stay on this Page’ Are you sure you want to leave this
凶四this句e ,r 日ay on this P呼
11. Try to exit out of the page and
make sure that your exit pop fires. Click “Leave this Page” to make
sure it takes you to your downselll
。 75

Now, go back into WarriorPlus and…
©2015 76

Now, you’ll repeat this process for any and all of your upsells and downsells. Is it a lot of work?
But it’s a whole lot faster & easier to go through these steps than it is to go through all these
steps and take screen shots and commentate in text the entire way! 😉
On other words, you can do it.
Finally, once your thread is approved by the mods, you’ll pay 20 bucks, it goes live, you’ll
integrate your payment button into your sales copy (over your placeholders), and you’ll be the
first to comment on your thread with “reserved for FAQ.”
That’s what I’d do, anyway!
©2015 77
Holy crap, this is gonna be a long book.
When I first started writing it, I though it’d be around 20 pages. I just get so passionate about
and involved in this stuff.
I sincerely hope you feel that you’re being served, rather than bombarded. It’s important to me
that I “give it all” to you… but I don’t wanna overwhelm you.
Know what I mean?
It can be a difficult line to discern.
Anyway, we’ll let this sleeping dog lie and move ahead to the next thing I’d do…
©2015 78
4. I’d Make Tons of Fast Friends and Bonus It Up!
Alright, so we’ve covered a TON of ground up to this point.
And I really don’t want to give either of us more to do than is necessary to get the ball rolling
and build some income, momentum, and confidence.
So I’ll just say that this step is really an ongoing type of thing.
When I first started in this business, perhaps the biggest mistake I made was that I wanted to go
it alone. I wanted it to be all about me, me, me. I had heard of IMers working in concert with
others and being all buddy-buddy with each other.
“Not for me,” I thought. “I just got outta the restaurant business. I’m sick of people. I
just want to earn my fortune by myself, behind the scenes.” For me, the fortune never came.
So if I were starting all over from scratch, with no money, list, website, influence, products, or
friends… the first stuff I’d work on would be products, list, and friends.
We’ve already got the first two of these items tackled. So let’s tackle the third. First, let’s
take a very quick look at why it’s important to make friends with other
marketers online:
You build a support system. While your family members and “real friends” may not understand what it
is that you do (and how tough it can be), your marketing buddies will understand where you’re
coming from very clearly.
You become part of a “brotherhood” of sorts. You’ll feel a sense of pride and belonging that you
could never feel going it alone.
You’ll learn so much. Whenever one of your buddies stumbles upon a new discovery (perhaps he or she
went through a course that you didn’t… or tried something uncommon), this discovery will most
likely be shared with the
©2015 79
group. Moreover, y’all can ask and answer questions, strategize, etc.
You can strike JV deals with each other. This is perhaps the most profound reason to make friends
and start (or join) some groups. When your friend has a launch, you can promote it to your list.
When you have a launch, all your friends can promote it to their lists. It’s beautiful. You all get
rich together!
You have ready-made resources. Perhaps one of your friends is a kickass graphics designer who will
cut you a tremendous discount on a gorgeous sales page. Perhaps you’re great at copyrighting and
can strike a barter deal.
The more friends you have, the more friends you make. Remember, each person you meet and befriend
online very likely knows other marketers that you don’t yet know… and those new friends can pull
in more new friends, etc.
There are other reasons, I’m sure.
But this should drive the point home that positioning yourself within a high-quality, ever-growing
IM social circle is a very good idea.
If I were just starting from scratch, I would absolutely embrace this fact. And after embracing it,
I would begin to take immediate action. Here’s what I’d do…
Step One: I’d Go Facebook Crazy!
In retrospect, I wouldn’t have used my personal Facebook account to do this. I
would have created a separate account exclusively for my online business dealings.
The reason for this is that I have A LOT of smart-ass friends in the non-IM world. You know, all my
high school and musician buddies, etc. So now I’m always afraid of posting any kind of marketing
message because who knows what one of those loud mouth freakenheimers is gonna chime in with? 🙂
So if I were starting from scratch, I’d start a separate Facebook account. But I’d still use my
real name, Lee Murray. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing cute.
Remember, it’s all about that branding!
©2015 80
Then, I’d just start looking up other marketers of whom I was aware. Perhaps friends I already have
on the Warrior Forum. Maybe I’d start entering the names of people whose lists I was on. Or
customers of my freshly-launched WSO.
(In fact, I’d probably go back into my OpenOffice document, insert a few mentions of my Facebook
address, and ask my readers to “Friend” me. Then, I’d convert it to pdf and re-upload my product to
I’d send friend requests (I’ll spare you the screen shots… no doubt you already know how to do
this shizzy) to all the people I find. But not only that, I’d visit their pages and look at THEIR
friends. I’d discover which of their friends were marketers, and which ones weren’t. I’d send
friend requests to all the IMers I could find.
The more, the merrier.
Likewise, I’d spend time on these people’s pages to see which groups they were subscribed to. I’d
start requesting to join as many of these groups as possible… especially the larger groups!
And at this point, I’d just do this.
Sure, there are other things a person can do to extend their reach. You can create your own group
(recommended – learn how), your own fan page… and then go crazy joining as many LinkedIn groups
as you can and getting as many of your LI and FB contacts as possible to come join YOUR group,
where you can direct traffic.
But I don’t think that’s where I’d spend all my time initially.
I think I’d be content just using my new business Facebook account as my base of operations. Less
work, less hassle, and when you start getting thousands of marketing friends… the world is your
Embrace simplicity when doing so is a quality option. That’s what I’d do, anyway.
©2015 81
Step Two: I’d Go Value Crazy!
I’d start participating on my timeline. You’ll see these other marketers’ feeds in your timeline…
you know the drill. Many of them will be personal, sharing pics and stories of their kids, spouses,
pets, etc. Like and comment as you would normally.
Always be kind and gracious.
If it’s a marketing-related message, like it. Then ask yourself “Is there an opportunity here for
me to assist this person? Can I invest my time, assistance, expertise, advice, etc. and provide
real value to this person right now?”
If so, then feel free to do so.
Remember, you want to build genuine friendships here. These aren’t just marketers, they’re people.
And people have real hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns… just like you do! If you want others to
step up to the plate and help you succeed in your biz, then you can rest assured that there are
folks out there who would LOVE your help!
Be a force for good, homie. 😉
Also, be sure to update your own status relatively often. At least a couple times per day. And
again, be a regular person. Don’t be all Markety McMarketballs. That sucks.
If you do talk about marketing, don’t just spam your needs all over the damn place, okay? Link to
cool, inspirational videos on YouTube. Talk a little philosophy. Be a cool mofo. Ask stuff. Elicit
genuine discussion. Have fun and be fun. Your new FB friends will come to know you… and love you.
That’s what I’d do, anyway.
Step Three: I’d Go Review and Bonus Crazy!
Once I’d been participating in Facebook for a while (maybe 3-4 days or so), I’d post a “review
copy” message on my status. Now remember, I wouldn’t be doing this
pre-launch. My WSO would already be live and generating sales.
©2015 82
As an additional mention in my post, I’d ask other marketers who happen to have an upcoming launch
if they need a good bonus product to include with their offer.
My actual post would probably look something like this:
Hey all, I’ve got 10 bonus copies of my brand new “Sales Funnel Supreme” WSO. It challenges the
notion that the money is in the list… and puts the pressure on your sales funnel! Anyway, the
first 10 people to reply are in. I’ll send you your review copy and the thread url in a private
Also, if there are any product creators out there with upcoming launches, please consider “Sales
Funnel Supreme” as a worthy bonus to add value to your offer, increase conversions, and help your
customers achieve even greater results. Let me know if you’re interested… I may even mail for
your offer, if it’s a good fit.
Thanks for reading, y’all! 😉
Obviously, the more people you’ve befriended up to the point of sending this message, the better
your results will be. Also, if you’ve taken the time to establish rapport in any of the groups
you’ve joined, you can post this message there, too.
You’ve got options.
Remember, I don’t believe in giving too many detailed, step-by-step instructions. You never know
what kinds of results you’re gonna get… and what kinds of cool doors are gonna open up for you.
If you’re adhering too tightly to a set-in-stone script, then you’re gonna miss out on some golden
Let your successes take you where they will. It’s a beautiful thing. That’s what I’d do, anyway! 😉

©2015 83
A Few Important Notes About This Process…
If you don’t get your 10 reviewers, you can simply send out a reminder post. Be friendly. If that
doesn’t work, maybe you just don’t have enough friends yet. 🙁
When joining groups, really favor the groups that have to do with WSO launches, product creation,
etc. In a close second would be groups that have to do with your specific niche (i.e. Amazon, list
building, SEO, etc.) directly.
Your best best for this process, however, will definitely be WSO launch-specific groups. Here is
where you’ll find the most active product launchers who will be far more responsive to your bonus
offer than pretty much anyone else.
So what’s with the bonus anyway? This is absolutely huge!
My friend Shane Farrell calls it “Bonus Buyers Profits.” My other partner in crime, Phil Steptoe,
calls it “Buyers List Arbitrage.” Essentially, this is a form of list building that fills your
GetResponse account up with buyers…
But you don’t actually sell anything!
You offer your product-creating IM buddies a high-value free bonus (one that’s currently selling as
a WSO) to their fresh customers. These customers, who just PAID MONEY for an IM product, are then
presented with a link to your squeeze page, where they opt in to claim their “free” bonus.
These people don’t end up on your list because they were looking for a freebie. They end up on your
list because they’re proven buyers who are cashing in on a
little extra value promised to them by the person from whom they bought.
Make sense?
Okay, so there are a few things you’re going to need to make this strategy work.
©2015 84
And these things will require an investment, although it will be a small one.
You’ll be well-served to get these tools now:
A hosting account
A domain name
A GetResponse account (you should already have one at this point) Video Effects Press (optional)
Let’s take a look at each of these individually…
A Hosting Account:
I personally use HostGator. Have for years. I highly recommend them. Their support is absolutely
fantastic and their dependability is first class.
What you want to do, if you don’t already have hosting, is go to and look at their
hosting packages. I strongly recommend you go with the Baby plan. It’s cheap, good, and lets you
host as many domains as you want!
I personally get 6 month billing (costs me like $55 every 6 months), but you can go yearly,
monthly… whatever you want to do. If you don’t have money for hosting, run a lemonade stand for a
day or two… or grab your loose change and take it to a Coinstar, where you can have it deposited
right into your Paypal account! 😉
A Domain Name:
I get my domains from Godaddy. Many of my friends swear by Namecheap. I don’t really think it makes
a difference. Just make sure that you find an online promo code and use it at checkout.
As far as the domain name you select, if is available, that’ll do, pig. Otherwise,
just play with names in your head. My domain name is List Building With Lee dot com. Kinda long. If
I were starting over from scratch, I’d probably come up with something more concise.
is available…
Gosh damned hindsight!
©2015 85
You k•••noW” 1 may just grab that anyway. 1 kinda like it better than LBWL… plus 1 do
so muchw more than list building these days. 1 just talked myself into it. I’ll even
change the白f、eooter ofthis book! d now I’ll show you some screen shots…
f也 o
怜6ω01)均ad御dI町V’ A11l P問r叫。
t司s、go tlme.
Good news,this domain is available

imwithI1_. Type in a domain name. If available,click
担制ヂ $12.99量 E.. m-
s shop per4 “Continue to Cart.”

r _,ド l; , _、 庁、ピL_r rl” 町、ー、.aU_!- 、ー、–lrl rr ,ト門司、- h•門L、i
円 + 咽日、且 ” ; r 日hr 、
2. Scroll to the bottom
of ther、

next page (don’t buy anythingnヨa)
and click “Continue to Cart.”

‘, 1,2 3,^ ^,+,+七件+ Click here for product lim tat ions.

< 86
Review your current order

You have 3 items at risk of expiring• RENEWNOWI
… Tenn …巴 旬以向l

Totalcost | USO$ v I
|1 1Y拍r v 1 1


③Remove United States
.COM Domain Registration
13% 。仔
合Plus!CANN fee of SO.18/yr
Save $2.00
ICANN Fees禽 $0.18

@ Kee

3. Your “Term” will be set to 5
Years by default. Sneaky


@ bastards. Change it to 1 Year.
Totalsavings 事2.00

-E盟国E盟国 – 岳圭&.99 $6.99 + Add
Go gIe Igodaddy promo code november 2014
Web News Shopping Ima es Videos More. Searchlools
Abo凶184.000 results (0 40 s田 onds)

Black Friday Hosting Sale•
図W州 •
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85% Off Godaddy Promo Code •
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4. Do the Google search shown above. Use your current month and year. 1m gonna try
that PLUGIN295
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Showcases the best cou閃ns the Webトas to offer – metrO. lS
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coupon and see
Iwhat comes of it.
IGOd州 Promo Code List • \ferified Nov帥 er 2014 ②I

lyOllr puにhases at凹 PLUGIN295 for $2.95 .com domains.terified November
。2015 87
Add a domain to your order

口 Round up for 伽rity (optional) ①
Ha.v@ a. Pr白moC口d@!

5. Back in Godaddy,scroll down and click “Have a Promo Code?” We want to cut that $14.32 down to

,,’-”-‘ \..4 ‘-‘….,川•’”””’1 、….,J ….,….. •v •….””•

IC刷N Feeダ① $0.18

Ixes $1.15

tal ∞st
tal savings $2. 00
|∞m v 置

Oω吋undu叩p for 仁小ha r (o同ptio∞n ①


ICANN Fees食① $0.18

6. Paste your
Taxes $1.15
otal cost $14.32
code into the box
otal savings …

and click “Apply.n
ωd ル|
@2015 88

I could’ve even gotten a cheaper domain. Right after paying for this, I went to close out the
Google search results page and noticed a $1.49 .com promo code! Ah well, I spent $1.50 for the
speed of just getting’ the show on the road!
Money well-invested. 😉
Okay, so if you’re following along, go ahead and complete the checkout process and put your new
domain name smack-dab in the center of your life.
I’ll show you how to hook your domain name up to your hosting account in just a moment. First,
let’s cover the last two tools that you’ll need.
A FREE GetResponse Account:
You should absolutely already have this, if you’ve been following along with this program. If you
don’t yet have a GR account, get started here – again, it’s free!
And that’s all I have to say about that.
©2015 89
Video Effects Press (optional):
VEP is a great WordPress theme that makes really beautiful looking video background landing pages.
I use it for all of my sales pages, squeeze pages, JV pages, download pages… everything, really!
You don’t have to get this theme. It’s not exactly cheap, unless you think $37 is cheap. You can
absolutely go with a free alternative theme. But if you’ve got the cash, I can’t recommend VEP any
more fervently. The OTO (15 more videos), too!
If you peeped my “Email Slick” sales page earlier, then you already saw VEP in action. You can also
see my “White Hot List 2” squeeze page by clicking this link.
This is what you can do with VEP.
But again, if you don’t want it or can’t bring yourself to make the investment at this time, you
can use any squeeze page template you like. WordPress, HTML… whatever you’re comfortable with.
That said, I do recommend WordPress for this process.
If I were starting from scratch, knowing what I know today, I would go donate blood a few times…
or write some articles or emails for another marketer… and I would buy Video Effects Press and
the 15 background videos OTO!
That’s what I’d do, anyway.
And I’d do it because every day, I have subscribers and customers telling me how much they enjoyed
being on my pages. Since switching to VEP, my conversions have skyrocketed. If you get it, I have
no doubt that you’ll gladly use it for years to come.
Sorry for the pitch. I just personally dig it a bunch. It’s natural enthusiasm, baby! Okay, so are
you ready to watch me put all this crapola together?
Now, I don’t currently have any partners lined up with whom to run “From the Top” as a bonus offer.
Heck, I haven’t even launched the son of a bitch yet. It’d be kinda weird if I did, wouldn’t it?
Considering I’m still writing it and all. 😉
©2015 90
But I’ll just pretend that I do have a bonus partner lined up.
“C’mon, Lee… You Big Knucklehead… Hop to It and Do It!”
Ummmm… okay.
The first thing I’m gonna do is link up my new domain to my hosting account. Naturally, I already
have hosting. I can’t remember if the process for doing this is different for a brand new hosting
account. Actually, I’m quite sure that it is.
If you’re using a brand spankin’ new hosting account, just follow their step by step instructions.
They’ll get you set up quickly and easily. Nothing to it.
If you have a pre-existing hosting account, then watch these video instructions on how to get
yourself set up properly. This is a series of videos I’ve pulled from YouTube to show you how to
point your nameservers to Hostgator from GoDaddy, add your domain to Hostgator, set up your email
address, and install WordPress.
After you’ve watched the videos and followed the instructions you were given, first of all… pat
yourself on the damn back! Nicely played, my friend. I’m incredibly impressed by your action. You
should feel pretty amazing about yourself right now.
That’s real.
After you’ve acknowledged yourself for being the absolute badass that you are, go ahead and proceed
to the next steps.
Attention: These steps walk you through what I would personally do, which entails uploading and
using Video Effects Press. If you choose not to invest in and/or use this particular WordPress
theme, please follow along anyway… the actual squeeze page content and organization stuff will
still apply to you!
If you do wish to try Video Effects Press, you can pick it up through this link.

©2015 91
Ok都 sogoahead andlogin toyour WordPressdashboard.Then…

‘ ihQ

‘” i” i411c.;
• r:m :mrnm

11 Appearance 4


ιIIIlI.Dl円UP.L_=ì mnmiI M肝11U
MOJO T emes
Bm !IiIil

1. Click “Appearance,”
then “Themes.”


⑥ 92
Themes . …mes … Themes l AddNew I Search in
2. Click “Add New.”

Twenty Thirtee

Ifyou have a theme in a .zip format,you may install it by uploading it here.
巨hoose File INo •e chosen Install Now
3. Click “Choose File.”
@2 015 93
.u p

画video17-t叩日Isunsets.mp4 4/ 2120147•24 PM MP4 Video
3 255 KB 白video17 troplC山間t川由m 4/ 212014 7:25 PM Firefox HTML
Ooc… 2 362 KB 歯 video18-streetflower.mp4 4/ 212014 7:24 PM
MP4 Video 5 277 KB 白video18 streetflow飢W曲m 4/
2120147:25 PM Firefox HTML Ooc… 8 367 KB 画vid 回 19 w川町k.mp4
4/ 2120147:24 PM MP4 Video 643 KB 画video19 wind 町 k.webm
4/ 2120147:25 PM Firefox HTML Ooc… 2 963 KB 画video20
w州 附indow.mp4 4/2/20147:24 PM MP4 Video 4 213
4/ 2120147必 PM Firefox HTML Ooc 2 356 KB
5122120149:47 PM Comprmed (zipp 1 465 KB
4. Double-click “videoe仔”

Ifyou have a theme in a _zip format,you may install it by uploading it here.

i Choose File I videoeffe 出 pr巴 Install Now
5. Click “Install Now.”

@2015 94

Installing Theme from uploaded file:

Unpacking the pa<kage

Inst剖ling the theme

Theme installed successfully.
6. Click “Activate.”

New User Default Role Subscriber Y

17. Click “Settings,” ‘
then “Permalinks.”


1 1 /3012014

30/1 1/2014

Custom: F j,Y November 3C

@2015 95
N u meric
http•// im”ith rch ives/123
• Post nam e

Optiona l
•••••••••• Ea •••••••
Cu stom Str u ct ure
— iu
.F n
http:// im,,ith l%postname%1 回

If you like,you may enter custom leave these bla nk the defaults wi l
Category base

Tag base
8. Choose “Post name,”
then click “Save Changes.”

ewould ma

Activate Edit Delete
Used by mil
sleep.To ge


回 Se仕1m
9. Click “Plugins,”
then nAdd New.”
L Jetpack by Bring the pc
Jetpack Deactivate Edit onlyavailab
@2015 96
a ntivirU5
Word press Pluein Director’ior upload a plugin ‘n ,zip format via 虫色且gg,
州内110. In the “Search Plugins” 酔IINow
50cial networkir box,type in “antivirus” and
box,Build a soc
network for you
:hol hit your “Enter” key.

By The 8uddyPr,
いtail s

AntiVirus l命|WP Antivirus
Usefur plugin that will scan your theme templates for
ma licious injections. Automatically. Every day. For more blog

里y Serg句 Müller

**合*合 (112) Last U pdated: 3days ago
688.968 downloads ザ Compatible with your version of
Site Protection

11. Click
“Install Now.”
Vl rus/Malware detection and removal.


@2015 97
J 札Jι::’ (:11 I lI VII U

盟国墨田 The page at imwi says: x
Aryou ure you want tointall thiplugin?

OK l

巴巴j 12. Click “OK” Install Now
More Oetails

Installing Plugin: AntiVirus 1.3.8


Installing tl Successfull’ Act区道主且旦gjn
13. Click “Activate Plugin.”
。 98

***食合 (38)

Simple Firewall

Complete and Simple WordPress Security Unrestricted. No
Pre円、ium Features

8y iControlWP
Last Updated: 6 days ago
v’ Compatible with your version of
14. Repeat this whole process for “WordPress
Simple Firewall.”

合会合合合 (229) last updated: 2 wee

Note: The WordPress Simple Firewall plugin does not automatically turn on featl
Click to read about any impo代ant updates from the plugin home page.

山 j
• Comments

,’:t. Marketplace

Okay.hîde this notîce and go to the plugin dashboard.

15. Click “Media,”
then “Add New.”
@2015 99
Drop files here

5elect Files
——————-_.•• •••••••••••••••••••••
。wser uDloader i
16. Click”Select Files.”

巴!:J •…….”‘” “1”‘ ”””••,..,….•’”” .,,1,0.•…•• 守J 晶Jιv.守 ..ιd
••.. ,”…•V^’ “”,•…..,..,…… 守,Vゐ品目、‘’ 歯 vid!07叫 skylin .
4/2/20147:23 PM MP4 Video 1,234 KB
圃v出,7。-(如kyline.web m 4/2/20147:25 PM Firefox HTML 00(…
4,444 KB
園川叫-n叫 orkskyline.mp4 4/2/20147:23 PM MP4 Video
1,271 KB 圃vide08•newyorkskyline.w伽1 4/2/20147•25 PM
Firefox HTML OO( 1,762 KB 祖 v悦9。’jets.mμ
4/2/20147:23 PM MP4 Video 2 091 KB 凪 vide09•.jets.w伽
4/2/20147•25 PM Firefox HTML 00(… 4,297 KB 凶vid 回10叫
skyb帆 4/2/20147:23 PM MP4 Video
748 KB 凪 video10 刊 d均bi瓜webm 4/2/20147:25 PM Firefox HTML
00(… 2,757 KB 国vid 回11•lond加from山 ve.mp4 4/2/20147:23 PM MP4
Video 8,371 KB 白video1•1 londonfror川
4/2/20147:25 PM Firefox HTML 00(… 4,266 KB 回video12•mlmo附 民m凶
4/2/20147:23 PM MP4 Video 459 KB
凪 virl.n17•mimnc:.iltr,.,..w,.hm 4000147•]PM Firt’lny HTMI f)nr
]171 KR


n : “vide020•winte附indow.webm” “vide02•australia nla nds日 pe.m p4” “vide02•australia nlar ‘0:
You are usi ng the multi-file u ploader. Problems? Try t he Qrowser uDIDader instead.

117. Highlight all of your video background
files (both .webm and .mp4) and click “Open.”
@2015 100

Okay, so again… if you choose NOT to use VEP, that’s totally fine. What I would do is search
online for free landing page templates… in particular, WordPress themes.
There’s all kinds of stuff out there… you’ve just gotta be resourceful.
Once you’ve found a theme that you really enjoy, just follow the same basic steps outlined above,
sans the VEP-specific ones, obviously. The squeeze page creation steps below will still apply, no
matter which theme you’ve decided to use…

©2015 101
Of course, since I would personally use VEP, some steps specific to that particular theme will also
be included. I trust that you’re smart enough to extract the information that’s relevant to your
situation as you proceed through the steps. 😉
Okay, so let’s continue…
*Just use whatever words you need to use to convey the product vendor’s name and/or their product
name + your product name + bonus. Using initials are fine.

©2015 102
*Earlier, I told you to only copy one file url, and that it didn’t matter if it was for the .mp4 or
.webm file. Here’s where that comes into play.
Simply paste the same url into both boxes, then change the extension on the “wrong” file url. In
other words, if you copied the .webm file url, then paste it into both boxes, but in the .mp4 box,
change the .webm at the end of the url to .mp4.

©2015 103
+ Hea耐Options

+c側 ent Options 5. Scroll down a
+N 帥訂 Options
bit and click
“Content Options.”

Responsive Optin Options (Use [veprè亘ponSlveoptm] sJ1丙(0司匂
+Autoresponder C州 guration

Cont nt Width 日
100軸 content width

6. Set “Content
Border Wdi th 日 Width” to 850px,
Border Position 刈l
Border Style Solid

Border Color .’:1 11 11

“Border Width” to
1px,and “Border
目rd。r Radius 日 IRadius” to 10 px.
7. Scroll back up and
click “Save DraR,”
* Visibility: Public 盟主
l …l

then “Preview.”
曲Publishimmediately Edit
page Attributes

@2015 104

Okay, so right now, I’m going to give you a basic template to use, okay?
You can literally copy this and paste it right into your WordPress page. Just make sure that,
before you paste it in, you select the “text” tab, as shown here…

Okay, so here’s the template I want you to copy and paste into your page…

©2015 105
<center><h1>Congratulations On Picking Up (Product Creator)’s NEW (Product type, i.e. course,
software, plugin, etc.), “(Product Name)!”</h1>
To claim your “(YOUR product name)” bonus from (YOUR name), simply register your copy below. Be
sure to use your best email address to ensure proper delivery.
<strong>I WILL NOT send you to any upsell offers. You’ve obviously got enough on your plate as it
is. But you WILL be added to my email list. Not to worry, I
<u>detest</u> spam. Your information is safe with me, and you’ll only receive emails from me when I
am convinced they will genuinely help you!</strong>
Be sure to go through (Product Creator’s FIRST name)’s training first. Then, use
“(YOUR product name)” to set yourself up for even greater results! How’d you get so lucky? 😀
<strong>Enter Your Details Below:</strong>
(insert your GetResponse javascript web form here)
Remember, this is NOT a free course. Others have to pay for it. <u>You’re</u> receiving it as a
FREE bonus because (Product Creator) is a friend of mine… and there is no doubt that the
combination of his and my training will help you reach great new heights with your IM
<strong>Thanks and enjoy,
<img src=”(an image of you – optional)” width=”250″ height=”200″ /> (YOUR name)</strong>

©2015 106
Awe, you’re welcome! 😉
That’s how I do my bonus squeeze pages, kimosabe! And knowing what I know now, it’s exactly how I’d
do ’em if I had to start all over from the beginning.
Oh, let’s grab that autoresponder code really fast, yeah?
Go ahead and login to your GetResponse account and go to your dashboard…
©2015 107

Your campaign was successfully created!
Edit Campaign Settings

p Create Autoresponder

[ … 4 Campaign Name: fromthetopbonus
Pro自le Campaign Language: English
Campaign Email

Receive an emailevery time a sut via web form,email,survey or la仰

@2015 108

Enable confirmed opt-in:

Confirmation message:
:16. Making sure that y曲our new
mport sl campaign is displayedE•••‘•,•
i “Web Forms” and “Create New.”
7. Underneath the form,click “Header,””Footer,” “Name,””Privacy,”
and “Powered by.”


‘20〉 ,
Subnlt Button Standard — —

H附e刊ler t-
決 YES,Lee! ICan’t Wait!
YES,LeelICan’t Waltl


lY民L州 C州 I
8. Edit your submit button to sound enticing. See above.


r-ー ー一一、

9. Use the slider to expand form to approx. 425-450 px.

⑥ 2015IMWithLee com 110
Labels 守 一一 マ ー .
B 1 11 囚 P州問n c_
決 Your BEST Email:

Your BEST Ema:il

Input value:

URemove tlle text when clicked

10. Edit “Email” to read “Your BEST
Email” Click “Apply.”

11. Select “Body” from
wl the drop-down menu,

click the color picker to open,and tick the

“Transparent” box. Then,click “Apply.”

。2015 111

12. Click “Save Web Form,”
then click “Next Step.”
ne 凪 Counter む Capにha 0 Priva句 。Powe削 by

也監函函函巴幽ー – NextStep
Design 温•冨E圏••

Conmr.剖 Opt.n /S recomended. Here’s why
To find out more,V1Srt our GetRespon盟副司

13. Name your web form after yourbonus
paはner and his or her product.

Default Thank-you page
Choo .11 ,. d f”.Th 川•yoo pag.
.,Custom Thank-you page
Use your own pe urll

|http://imwithl com刷-dl凶

Stay on current page
5tay on c山rent page
You can create a download page* to link to. Click
“Next Step.”

。 112
牢Your download page is just like any other landing page,as far as constructing it is concerned. You
can watch YouTube videos on setting up a download page. It’s 仕eakin’ super simple though. 1’11
just end up being redundant if 1 take screen shots
ofthe process! 😉
Whowill pu削除h this web form to your website?
.,I will install my web form
14. Select “1 will install…” Select “Show
Javascript Code.” Highlight and copy the code.
JavaSc同pt Code: •監悩it幽il’畠i圏幽直俗画珂制iI温il.l盤附司面ti調l!1l Show HTML Code
P回 se a.出 thefollO\’珂 HTML code to your <script type=”text/主主箆王瓜.I!t•’
we同胞 旦r:.f:::”h.!!E
:I/ M\_)J.法主主主R斗?=8311703&u=銭的”>
Sample “From the Top” Bonus
Permalink:httpプ:limw,thlee 印刷詞mple-fro肝the-top-bonusl Ed,( V1ewPðge
q,AddM吋,a it Shortcod巴

Visual Text
b ,’.nk b-quote d世 tns img ul 01 ti code more
close日 gs





To r 帽 (v. R

15. Highlight the “(inseは your GR…)” line in the template I gave you


to ensure propOer


< strong>t HILl 00τse
\orry” 1 <u>detest<u!
(which you pasted into your site)
and paste the actual web form code

lail list. “柏t to genuinely help
Be sure to go through

reater results!
一 …

How•d you g.t 50 luck
you just copied in GetResponse.

<strong>fnter Your Details Below: </strong>

( :!L1軍国F T’I1′:.回目冒相官置管樗官官同置可置田町冒古宮司

lPaste your c

e. 😉

mine… and there is no doubt that the 印刷bination of his and my training \vi11 help
you reach great new heights with your !!1 business!</center>

< strong>Thanks a.nd en joy,

。 113
Wanna see the finished product?

Sample “From the Top” Bonus

And this finished link (yours, not mine) is what you’d give to anyone who is gracious enough to
give you a bonus spot on their product launch. Also be sure to give them a copy of your e-book
cover and possibly even a personal pic.
Then, just sit back and watch those buyers start flooding into your GetResponse account. I mean
dayum! It really is a sight to behold, and you need to very seriously jump on board with the
rockin’ of the bonus spot circuit. It’ll set you free!
That’s what I’d do, anyway! 😉 But what’s the next thing I’d do?

©2015 114
5. I’d Promote Affiliate Offers & Get Noticed!
Affiliate marketing has been hot since the Internet was born.
It’s one of the easiest, most hassle-free ways to earn a living online. I love its guts.
As such, over the years, I’ve kinda made it my bitch. 😉
The trouble is, most people getting started online want to start with affiliate marketing, which is
truly ass-backwards. I get it though. It’s seductive.
You don’t need to create the product.
You don’t need to handle customer support. You don’t need to process refunds.
You don’t need to write any sales copy.
You don’t need to put together an upsell funnel.
Upsell funnels are usually put in place for you, for maximum commissions. You usually make more
money per sale than the product vendor.
Super affiliates are super freakin’ rich! Again, I totally get it.
But consider this…
How many affiliates do you know who get over 20-30% (and sometimes even upwards of 40%) sales
conversions… without being a trusted authority in their niche? That is, how many non-product
creators pull these kinds of numbers?
None? Almost none? Well… I do.
My product-creating compadres do, too.

©2015 115
So if you’re following along with me in this guide, then this is the perfect place to begin your
affiliate marketing career. Not before you’ve created your WSO!
In fact, if you’ve been following along, congratulations! You’ve set yourself up for the best kind
of affiliate marketing going… reciprocal affiliate marketing!
Yep, now that you’ve got a large (and ever-growing) community of IM friends on Facebook (and
possibly LinkedIn), you can begin to cross-promote each other’s products. With one MAJOR caveat…
You never, ever want to promote garbage.
The only online relationships that are more important than the relationships you have with your
friends, JV’s, and other fellow marketers are the relationships that you have with your
customers… and with your email list! Don’t ever forget that.
As such, you want to actually make sure that you’re going through any product you consider
promoting to them. Check the quality… the comprehensibility, accuracy, personability, uniqueness,
and actionability all need to meet your high standards.
And it needs to be relevant to your niche. So like if you’re in the Amazon niche, you may not wanna
promote a “how to land local attorneys for SEO services” product.
Otherwise, your sales conversions will suffer.
Also, never be afraid to tell somebody that their offer just isn’t right for your list… even if
they’ve promoted your product in the past. There are plenty of other JV’s in the sea. Or fish on
the Internet. Or nice, respectable gentlemen on Bryan’s mom.
(Sorry, mister… had to throw one in! You know I luh you.) Okay, so what would I do?
First and foremost, I’d keep my damn eyes open!
People are never shy about their upcoming launches. If you’ve got hundreds of marketing Facebook
pals and are joined up with a few WSO and other product
©2015 116
launch groups, you’ll likely see multiple announcements daily.
In fact, today I receive promo invitations constantly. People seek me out directly because they
know my reputation. But when I was first starting out, that wasn’t the case at all. Either way, I’d
keep my eyes open and see what people were offering.
Anyway, I could just go on and on about how to get the most out of your affiliate marketing, which
in our case, will be done via email. But the thing is, I’ve really already covered the subject of
high-level email marketing ad nauseam in my previous works… and really have nothing to add at
this point.
So what I’d really like for you to do right meow is go into your bonuses folder (it came with this
book) and open up “The Leederboard Method.” This is how I’m able to pull the kinds of numbers I am
during big launches with JV prizes to be won.
Like $790, $1350, and even $1800 for sending just 3 or 4 simple emails.
“The Leederboard Method” goes through this process in detail. So please, for your own sake, crack
that puppy open and give it a really serious looksie.
Getting Noticed
I want to keep this brief, so let me just say this…
When you position yourself on leaderboards, people take notice in a big way. This doesn’t mean that
you need to win… just compete to the best of your ability.
By doing so, the product vendor will certainly take notice of you, and may very well promote your
upcoming launch (discussed in the next chapter). But you know what? So will a lot of the other
affiliates with whom you were competing!
This is why IM is such a great market for people who are just starting out online. It’s so easy to
get yourself on other big marketers’ radars… and the more active you are, the more active your
JV’s will be. Everyone wins!
You’ll start getting a ridiculous number of friend requests (from really top people)
on Facebook. Approve them all! Get on that upward spiral of fun, success, and joy.
©2015 117
That’s what I’d do, anyway!
If you’d like additional email marketing training, there is no question that the finest email
marketing resource a person can invest in is my very own “Email Slick.”
I even have an ongoing weekly promo email service that can supplement and enhance your own efforts
in a major, life-changing way.
I’ll link to these in the “More From Lee Murray” section at the end of this book.
For now, just get excited about the potential you now have to make it really, really big in this
here Internet marketing game.
I’ve seriously given you the keys to the kingdom here.
Like I said – and don’t think for a second that I was bullshitting you – what I’m showing you in
this guide is precisely what I would do if I were starting from nothing in this business. I’m
leaving nothing out.
But it gets even better. Here’s what I’d do next…

©2015 118
6. I’d Create & Launch a Supported Product!
So in the spirit of keeping this book somewhat manageably sized, I’m just gonna really quickly give
this to ya in a concise, hard-hitting manner.
What I would do is, just like with my $5 WSO, create a good product based upon my newly-acquired
expertise… and possibly some newfound personal experience.
I’d write another e-book most likely, but you could do a video course or whatever. You know the
drill. 😉
I’d follow all the same launch steps that we covered in chapters 2 and 3. But this time, I’d make
sure to hand out review copies well-before I went live.
I’d also check sites like and to intelligently pick a launch date that
wasn’t absolutely riddled with stiff competition.
Then, I may or may not create a JV page.
I’ve done the whole JV page, Muncheye thing in the past and it’s helped. But it can be a lot of
extra work. For “From the Top,” I’m just launching the sucker… no JV page or anything… I may
offer email swipes, if I have the time to write ’em up.
For now, let’s just skip the JV page.
I may share the process in a future update, but it’s really not necessary. Just let people know
when you’re going live. Send out reminders. I’m probably no better at this stuff than you. It’s not
my strong suit. So I’d just wing it.
The important people that I’d contact directly would be the product vendors whose products I’ve
promoted… and the affiliates with whom I was in competition during any leaderboard contests that
I happened to rock.
I’d seek them out on Facebook and in the WF and just tell them what was up.

©2015 119
Details I’d include would be:
The title of my upcoming release
What it’s about
Who it’s designed to help
When it’s launching (date and time… I’d shoot for Sunday night at midnight) The front-end price,
including any dimesale details
The front-end commission
The nature of the back-end funnel, including prices
The back-end commissions
Review access is available
Any marketing tools (email swipes, banners, etc.) Any specials, rewards, bonuses, prizes, etc.
I’d also offer bonus spots to the first four people who agreed to promote, in the order that they
agreed. I’ll show you how I’d put this all together in a moment.
Finally, anytime a person of favorable repute agrees to promote for you, feel free to brag about
this to others. “Hey, this launch is gonna be great… I’ve got Lee Murray and Bryan Harkins on
board for this one. I’d love to have your support, too.”
Know what I mean?
So that’s what I’d do, and as far as offering bonus spots to my promoters, here’s how I’d go about
doing it…
1. I’d have my partners (about 3 or 4, no more) each pick one of their paid products that we both
agree would be a good fit for my main offer.
2. I’d have each of them create a squeeze page where their product was available for free… as
YOUR bonus.
3. I’d link to these bonuses on my download page. I’d also include the links in my welcome email.
I may even create a pdf with their squeeze page links in it and add this to my “bonuses” folder and
include it with my main product, which would be packaged in a zip file. If you don’t know how to do
this, learn.
©2015 120
It’s really that simple.
Argh, I hate it when I’m done with a chapter but it ends all the way at the top of a new page. I
guess I could go and find a funny-ass pic for you to look at…
S_meb_dy sh_uld give her a c_py _f “Fr_m the T_p.” That’s what I’d do, anyway! 😉
But what’d be the next thing I’d do? Hmmm….
©2015 121
7. I’d Keep My Foot On the Gas Until I Was Rich!
At this point, there is no question that I would have achieved an inspirational level of success.
Perhaps I’d have earned a WSO of the Day award or two (and if you’ve been following along, then you
may very well have done the same).
Well guess what…
Now is no time to relax!
Arguably the biggest mistake that an IMer can make in their career is to stop just when things are
gettin’ good. That’s where the whole “shiny object syndrome” thing comes into play. They experience
a wee tiny bit of success doing one thing, but instead of getting excited and scaling it, they get
frustrated with the small results…
And move onto the next big thing.
The only problem is, for over 90% of would-be IM greats, this cycle never ends… until the day
they quit all this “pie in the sky” bullshit and re-enter the “real world.”
So I wouldn’t even think about letting up.
In fact, you wanna know what I’d do? I’m assuming you do, given the fact that you’re on like page
400 trillion of this book. You must really, really like me! 😉
Uh, yeah… so here’s what the heck I would do…
I would create at least one new WSO per month. I’d keep offering my older WSO’s as bonuses with
which to build my buyers list… and as OTO’s. I’d keep getting on those leaderboards. Remember,
the more products you sell, the bigger your list gets. Before long, you’ll be CRUSHING those
leaderboards. No question.
So my popularity and reputation would grow both amongst my JV friends and my customers &
subscribers. And the more they grow… the more they grow. Know what
©2015 122
I mean? Each positive thing leads to more positive things which leads to even more.
Okay, so I’d keep the whole thing growing… my customer base, Facebook friends, repeat JV’s,
leaderboard prizes, product line, etc.
But I would ALSO keep bumping all my WSO’s. If you’re unaware, you can bump your WSO back to the
top of the forum thread listings every time it reaches page 3.
So for the sake of easy math, we’ll just say that, at the end of a year, I’ve got 14 of these $5
WSO’s (that may or may not be the price I’d settle upon) all live on the Warrior Forum. That’d be
pretty kickass right?
Well what if each day of the week, I bumped two of them? It costs 20 bucks to bump. That means that
as long as I can get 4 front-end sales per bump, I’d break even and put 4 fresh buyers on my list,
cycling through my 14 WSO’s once a week.
Maybe the first bump would be at 6am and the second one would be at 6pm. At two per day, I’d cycle
through my 14 WSO’s once a week.
That’s 8 buyers per day added to my list. That’s 56 buyers per week added to my list. That’s 240
buyers per month added to my list. That’s 2,880 buyers per year added to my list.
And this is in addition to all the other strides I’d be making in my business. All for just
clicking a button twice a day! That’s the power of having your own products!
Anyway, I’m primed to go off on a tangent here, so let me not. This book has gone on long enough,
and I’d sure like a break! 😉 So whattaya say we wrap this puppy up?
I think it sounds like a fine idea, too…
©2015 123
Well look at you, big dawg!
You made it all the way through all my crunk-ass hooplah!
I couldn’t be more grateful for and inspired by your support, action, and tenacity. Kudos!
I know this has been a lot. But hey, that’s business, yo. As stated a thousand times throughout
this book, these are the exact same actions that I would take if I were starting back at the
beginning, knowing everything I know today.
I knew I’d be doing you a massive disservice if I left anything out for the sake of brevity. So I
essentially “pretended” I was starting over with this very publication! And I just basically
documented the entire damn process for ya. 😉
I hope you can appreciate such things. So what’s next?
Ummm… go back to the top of this book and read it again. But this time, if you haven’t already,
follow along! Complete the action steps you see me completing. For the love of Mike Tyson’s ability
to hear out of his mouth, take some freakin’ action!
“That Was Kinda Dumb, Lee.”
You’re kinda dumb.
The point is, there is no “next.” Just do what I’ve shared with you in this book. There’s really
nothing more to do until you’re earning a FT living online. What I’ve shared with you today is all
you need to become a wild Internet marketing success…
And if you don’t believe that, then it’s that lack of belief that’s the real problem.

©2015 124
I’ve actually included an extremely concise, step-by-step action plan for you to follow if you
really wanna do what I’d do if I were starting all over.
The “From the Top Checklist” can be found in your bonuses folder. I got your back, baby!
And I really do hope that you do this stuff.
I realize that it’s not the sexy push-button riches horse shit that gets everyone all hot in the
undies, with dollar signs where their eyeballs used to be.
Sorry about that.
I like to do stuff that actually works to produce a real income. I know… weird.
But if you’re as crazy as I am, and you want to build a real business that can feed you and your
family for life, then hey… this is what I’d do!
Thanks for playing along. 😉
I hope this has served you tremendously well.
Always in your corner,
Lee Murray
©2015 125
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©2015 126
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Thank you so very much. I appreciate you more than you even know. 🙂

©2015 127
Lee Murray . Bryan Harkins •Mark Tandan
Phil Steptoe . Shane Farrell

。2015 128

When They Laugh, They Spend!

When They Laugh, They Spend!
In out last email, I shared with you the true secret of converting your email subscribers into
rabid buyers.

If you remember, I suggested that you consider the people who most enjoy, respect, and trust
you… and what it is that you do to earn such a response from them.

Then, of course, I recommended that you apply this same “persona” to your marketing.
Whether it’s genuine kindness, humor and playfulness, a superior level of expertise or
communication… or some combination of these things.
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I seriously advise you to click that link and get your hands on “Email advance”
program. There’s really nothing else like it, and if you’re truly committed to transforming your
subscribers into valued customers, I can’t recommend another program more highly.
It’s the best of the best, and that’s precisely what you and your business deserve. 😉
I’ll keep this email short. Click that link and check out Lee’s offer. Even if you decide not to
buy it today, you’re still going to get a TON of value just from visiting the page.
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Talk again soon,

Ready to Turn Leads Into Dollars?

Ready to Turn Leads Into Dollars?
The biggest frustration that marketers invariably come across when building their lists is that
of conversions.
It can be absolutely agonizing to see hundreds of new subscribers being thrown onto your list,
without a single one of them buying a damn thing from you.

I’ve identified two major challenges that bring this about…

1. Your audience is indifferent to you.

This means that you didn’t make an impression. Either the information you’ve presented to
them was outdated, ineffective, or irrelevant… or you just presented it in a really boring, dull,
cookie-cutter sort of a way.
If this is the case, you really need to step your game up. From your squeeze page to your
freebie to your follow-up and promo emails, you must strive to inject real personality into your
marketing. Open yourself up. Seek first to entertain… then to educate. In that order!
2. Your audience doesn’t like you.

Many factors can contribute to a marketer falling out of favor with his or her email list. For
starters, being just blatently promotional without injecting any personality, value, or empathy is
just plain wrong. People who take this approach don’t stay in business very long.
Another reason why some marketers develop rotten reputations is that they promote crap. If
you don’t believe in a product with every fiber of your being, then it’s very likely that the
people to whom you “sling” it won’t believe in it either. Then, they’ll wonder why you
recommended it.

When it becomes clear to them that you’re only in this for the money, and that you’re just
looking at them as a bunch of ATM’s, you’re gonna be in real trouble.
Sadly, this is how many marketers approach their lists right out of the gate, dooming
themselves to fail before they ever really had a chance to get started.
So What’s the Solution?

Well, if you really want to engage your audience, make them fall in love with you, and have
them buying every little thing you recommend, then I suggest that you take a look at people in
your life who already love, trust, and respect you.

What is it that you do to make these people like you? Are you funny, playful, generous,
gracious, humble, real? Whatever it is, this is what you need to bring to the table in your
marketing. It’s the only way to beat the “low-conversion blues.”

Introduce you really great course that goes into the specific details of this. It’s called
Email advance. I also gives you some extraordinary mix n’ match content that you can use in
your own marketing to boost your conversions. It’s definitely worth a look.
Otherwise, just remember to be yourself. Your BEST self.
Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.
Until next time,

Fast Product Ideas Generator

Fast Product Ideas Generator
How To Generate 100s Of Product Ideas Any Niche In 1 Hour Or Less…By Visiting FREE Websites
Mk. Akan
Terms of Use: You are given a non-transferable, “personal use” license to this product. You cannot distribute it or share it with other individuals. Also, there are no resale rights or private label rights granted when purchasing this document.
In other words, it’s for your own personal use only.
Thank you.
When I look for product ideas to create in any niche, I use 2 simple methods.
The first one is something I learnt from the late Gary Halbert- a great copywriter and marketer.
In his book –the Bond Letters, he advised his son to be a student of markets.
He further asked his son to study what people already spend money on. And to be wary about of what people say they will buy.
So in summary, you can find product ideas by studying what people are already buying.
On the internet, there are free websites and market places where vendors and customers meet.
These market places list products and number of units sold.
You can come up with 100s of product ideas by just spending 30 minutes to 1 hour on these free websites…just by studying products people buy.
So when you see a product people already buy in your niche, you can create your own version …or create something related to the topic.
Or create a better version of what people already buy. Don’t feel because it has been created already you can’t make yours. No. You can create your version with your own twist.
See the exact steps below.
Method 1- Watch Your Market Like A Hawk
I want to assume you have already picked a niche or market. Perhaps you want more products to create and sell in your niche.
Remember a profitable niche is a group of people with needs or people who want to solve a problem. And they have money and are willing to pay for to solve their problems.
There are thousands of niches. Select one with a large volume of people.
This course is not about niche selection. So pick the one you are interested and get started. Then do the next step.
Step 1
Visit A Market Place And Study Products People Already Buy In The Niche
A market place simple refers to free websites where products are listed for people to buy.
Search for these market places and see what people are buying.
Here are some examples.
For Internet Marketing and the Make Money Online Niche, the big market places are: and
These websites are free to join and visit.
There are other market places like , and .
Visit these free websites and look around.
Step 2
Take Note Of Products People Buy In Your Niche
Let me use internet marketing as an example.
When you register and log into, click on affiliates then offers. (As seen above) A page about products and stats will open up.
Look at the different products and units sold. Click the ones with 100+ sales and above. Take note of the product and the problem it solves.
See products and units sold on Warrior Plus below.
Scroll down and look for products people are spending money on. But remember you may still find good products ideas that may not be selling well.
So just scroll, look around and take lots of notes.
Scroll to the bottom and link the arrow to go to the next page.
Look at the different offers and the units sold.
Keep taking notes as you scroll down.
For the example above, here are some product ideas I found.
a. How to create products
b. Niche selection
c. Video creation course
And many more.
I now know some of the things people are buying in the niche. So I can now go ahead and create my own products around it.
You can do the same thing with JVZoo,, and any other market place found online.
See how to use to generate product ideas.
Information Product Ideas From is one of the biggest market place for physical and digital books.
So it is a great free website for finding information products ideas.
So head to
Select kindle or books category and search for a keyword or phrase in your target niche.
Study title of books people are buying in your niche. What problems they want solved. Here’s an example.
If you are in the dog niche, you can do the following search.
Here are other books people buy. Look through the different book listings. Click the ones with lots of reviews. These are popular books people buy in the niche.
Look at 5 star reviews and 1 star reviews.
Note down what people love and hate about each book. You can copy and paste on a note pad. Here is an example of a 1 star review.
Here is another example of a 5 star review
This information will be used in outlining and creating your high quality product. It ensures you give people what they want and what the market demands.
Take note of the following…
a. Title of book
b. What the complain about
c. Who they bought it for
d. Why they bought it
e. What they liked
All these will help you in product idea generation, product creation …and in marketing your product.
After you spend an hour on these free market places … you will uncover 100s of information product ideas in your niche.
Second Way To Generate 100s Of Products Ideas From Free Websites
Another way I generate products ideas is to listen to problem people have. People usually buy solutions to problems. So if you can get people to tell you their problems, you can also use this to generate hundreds of product ideas.
Here’s how to do it.
Method 2 – Talk To People In Your Niche Directly
Many people hate to do this but it is a great way to generate lots of product ideas. It is as simple as getting someone in your niche on the phone, on Skype or talk to them live in person.
Just ask them what problems they have.
Here’s a template you can work with.
After the usual pleasantries, just ask…
“So what’s your biggest difficulty with (niche)?
Replace niche with your target topic. This could be gardening, make money online, golf, dating, training your kids etc.
So what’s your biggest difficulty with gardening?
Method 3 – Visit Facebook Groups And Pages
This is another gold mine where you can listen to people, uncover their problems, find out what they want to buy and get 100s of information product ideas.
Every topic under the sun has a Facebook group. So go to Facebook and search for a group where prospects in your niche are congregating.
Search for the main keywords in your niche to find these groups.
Request to join the group, when you are accepted, dig in and start looking at everything people are asking and saying.
Note; closed groups are usually better because people don’t spam in closed groups.
When you are accepted into the group, start noting the various difficulties and problems people talk about. Note down the pain they have. The problems they need solutions for.
Use the search button on the group page to search for questions like …
“How do I”
“What is the solution”
“Where can I”
“Who can advise me on”
“I am frustrated with”
“I am in pains”
Questions like these reveals needs or problems people have.
Also look out for posts with many comments.If many people talk about something…many people are interested in it.
You can just scroll through all the post and comments to see reoccurring problems and needs. Note them all on a notepad or word processor.
See an example below.Use the search bar to find specific niche groups on Facebook.
When you find a group you like, request to join. After you get accepted, start searching for needs and problems. This is how to make a search.
When i searched the group using the phrases above, I found the following needs and problems.
This can give you a product titled …How to Stop Your Dog from Biting and Having Itchy Skin.
Here’s a product idea from this.
How to train stubborn puppy dogs. Or how to train your dog to tolerate other dogs.
Here’s an idea from this.
How To Stop Your Dog From Barking Or Attacking Strangers And Visitors.
So look for the Facebook group posts with lots of comments and reactions.
Type in different questions….and find the one with lots of people talking. Spend some time to look through and take note of all the problems people have. These problems are information product ideas.
When you are done…you have just harvested gold that can be used to create products, services and for marketing.
Method 3 – Head To Online Forums
This is another gold mine.
People talk freely in forums and reveal their inner needs and problems.
Just go to Google and search for “niche topic forum”.
So for my example if I am in the German shepherd niche I would search for.
“German shepherd forum”
Google will show me loads of German shepherd forums.
See an example below.
Click the top 2 or the 2 most popular and see what’s in the forum.
Go to the search button and search for the same phrases I showed you.
See what I found.
Click each result and read.
Take huge notes and discover the different needs, pains, and frustrations your target market has.
Spend time reading the treads so you can harvest more information products ideas.
Read the posts and the comments.
Pick up problems.
Note down that pains and frustrations.
Then note the reoccurring problems people have.
These reoccurring problems …are ideas for your products.
Offers that solve these problems are hot information product ideas.
Every niche has these problems and frustrations. Spend time to dig them up and write them all down.
Here is what I found for the German shepherd niche.
1. Coping with loss of their dogs
2. Frustration with dog anxiety problems
3. Frustration with potty training for puppies
There are many more but I reveal these 3.
In whatever niche you pick…dig deep and find out what people want to solve.
Now that you have read this course…you may think …
“Damn. This was too simple”
Well it is …but so many people don’t do it…and that’s why the struggle to get products ideas.
If you do this …and do it well …you will be surprised at the different hot topics, products and services that people are dying to pay for.
I challenge you to go try in Now.
Try it.
I promise you it works.
Simple things work best… 😉
Thank you.
Please do something for me.
If this training has helped you, please drop a comment or short testimonial on the WSO thread. I will really appreciate it.
1 More Way To Generate 100s Of Product Ideas In Your Niche
Method 4 – Ask Your Audience
If you have access to an audience like an email list, a Facebook page or Facebook group, then you can ask them what problems they have.
Remember, people buy products to solve problems, so if you know what problems your audience have, you can create products to solve these problems.
How do you do it?
a. Send an email and ask them this simple question.
“What’s the biggest problem you have with (niche)?”
b. Ask this same question on your Facebook page or group…or as your status update.
From the response, you will have lots of information products ideas and even services to offer.
Thank you.
The end.
About Mk Akan
Mk Akan helps other marketers’ make money and become successful in their business.
See his products and other recommended resources.
1. [FREE WSO ] How To Build A List And Build A Relationship With Your Subscribers By Legally Using Other People’s Knowledge And Content — Click Here
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More coming soon.

Fast Traffic Code

Fast Traffic Code
Disclaimer: This WSO is for informational purposes only. I
am not held reliable for any results. All refunds and support
questions should be sent to
with the subject line : Fast Traffic Code only.
Fast Traffic Code is a simple little system I discovered when a
friend told me about it.
I don’t like fluff at all. It’s just not worth it. I want you to get
through with this WSO fast and quickly.
What I am going to show you is a simple little trick using a
famous little app.
Most social networks in today’s world are connecting people
to thousands of people.
If you have ever been on Facebook and Twitter, you would
see that social media connects you to thousands and millions
of people.
However, so many sources on the web are filled with
thousands of people already optimizing them, so it becomes
harder to succeed.
I have found that you can’t just go to the same place as
everyone else. You need to diversify.
Think of this WSO as your next new venture online. This
source is at their beginning stages online, and you can hit it
big with it before everybody else does.
This single WSO is going to pave the way to new
opportunities and ways of marketing.
What Is This WSO going to focus on?
I’m going to focus on one specific social network.
Now, you first have to decide how you’ll use this system. I
would recommend trying it with just getting website views to
see how it goes. You could go straight to an affiliate product if
you would like.
I won’t go into detail what affiliate marketing is if you’re a
newbie, but you can do a Quick Google search for it, or if you
want, (I’d gladly send you a free copy of one of my old WSOs
if you ask nicely)
What I’m going to show you is Vine.
Vine is one of the most popular apps on the web right now.
Vine has created huge social media celebrities.
Vine takes on the idea that you make 6 second videos. Most
people are able to reach HUGE audiences with this app.
You’ll need a smartphone to access and make use of this
strategy the most.
Download Vine right now to your phone.
Create a username and password. All pretty explanatory.
When you sign up, you want to start revining stuff so your
account looks like its a real account of a real person.
Just go through the different categories in the search section
(the search section is the second button on the bottom area)
Just find a category you find interesting, start looking for
different Vine videos that you enjoy, and just revine it. The
revine button is the arrow that you see under each new video.
Revines will pop up onto your profile. This helps make you
look active. Just enjoy for a little but since most vines are
generally very funny, you shouldn’t get bored or anything.
The nice thing about this technique is how much fun you’ll
have watching videos. You can head to the Popular Now page
to enjoy some of the Vines there. It’s amazing how you have
millions of videos to revine, so just revine a few.
You just want to look legit.
Here is where the magic happens:
Note: this technique won’t get you *extremely* targeted
traffic, but it can bring your offer to thousands of people at
any given moment. (PERFECT FOR CPA)
What you’re going to do now is to head to the search box and
just type in “I Follow Back” or “follow back”. Just look for
the vine accounts that have thousands of followers and are
following tons of people.
Just simply follow every single person you see in their list of
followers. It may take a few minutes. When you see all of
these people, just click on the button next to their username.
Just follow each person there.
Follow as much as you can. Try to only follow about a couple
hundred people. Wait about 30 minutes, and then go for
another thousand or so. When you’re able to click on the
followers that quickly, it’s amazing how quick you can get
Let me tell you again: there’s MILLIONS of people on Vine,
so you’ll never lose out on people to sell to.
Here’s the thing: the people you are following are the people
FOLLOW YOUR ACCOUNT BACK. What you’re going to
do now is when you start getting people following you back,
which may only take a few minutes to do, you have the option
can send a direct message to people who aren’t following you,
but when they follow you, they SEE IT EASIER AND
FASTER, and 99% of these messages are read.
That may not be a real statistic, but anyone who is on this app
knows that their Vine messages are really important to check.
This is when it gets exciting, because you can have thousands
of people following you back, and it’s easy to send them a
message now.
To send a VM to the people following you, click on the top
right happy face. It should lead you to an empty inbox.
Click on the three dots on the top right side of this page, and
then click on every person who is following you.
Send them a quick message, or if you’re brave enough, a
But a message is enough.
You can promote to them whatever you want.
Again, it isn’t targeted traffic, but a lot of these people are
very interested in almost any type of industry.
Is this spamming?
Not exactly. It’s not spamming because these people are
actually spamming themselves, to an extent. They just really
like getting the followers and someday using their accounts to
promote anything down the road.
In your messages, you can send a short and to the point
message about ANYTHING YOU WANT.
You cannot post links, but you can still get the traffic by using
a tinyurl and telling them what to type in. YES, THIS IS
You can actually send out a message telling them to try out a
CPA offer, which is where I think you will have the most
success with. (If you don’t know how to get started with CPA,
just ask for help and I’ll gladly send you a free copy of my old
WSOs about CPA marketing.)
Here’s a message I once used for a CPA Offer:
“Thanks for the follow back! Do you want to check out this
(insert CPA offer niche here). You’ll get (insert the benefit
I recommend using strictly CPA at first simply because you
aren’t selling anything, and you won’t get anybody blocking
you this way. Building your list is another option. (Promoting
anything related to free stuff always gets them)
But I have promoted Clickbank products a few times with
plenty of success.
The nice thing about Vine is that there are so many open
opportunities. I have been working on so many things to
maximize my time using the app. This is just one of the things
I’ve done using it, and it’s all up to you to decide what you’ll
be doing.
“Can You Share Your Vine Accounts?”
I would tell you, but Vine accounts can get suspended in
SECONDS if anybody reports any mischievous behavior, so
it’s being saved just for me!
This simple technique is just one trick, so try to see what
works for you. Experimenting is always helpful.
I also recommend just trying different things because you
never know what may work for you.
What’s The Demographic Of People On Vine?
It’s very wide, and ultimately, it varies from person to person,
but rest assured, there are so many people to follow on this
Tips When Using Vine
– You Can Build A Real Following
You can actually build a real following. The nice thing about
Vine is that you can have Dozens of accounts. Some may be
deleted if they are inactive, so if you’re going to try and
maintain maybe five or six accounts, keep them active and
sign into them every two days or so to avoid an account being
deleted. None of my accounts have been deleted, but I make
sure to update them and revine vines at least once every other
day to show that I’m using the account.
I highly recommend building one using this technique that I
have explained above, build another one trying to target
another set of accounts, and maybe two or three accounts all
doing the same thing.
And then you can try building a real following by doing the
things below:
– Repost Vines
Head down to the On The Rise page or the Popular Page, and
just take the videos people have posted and repost them. You
can download them to your computer, and you can just repost
it to the Vine platform through your own account. You can be
sure that people will like since it has been viral before.
– Using Hashtags
Hashtags are great. When you post vines, you need to make
sure that you put the most popular hashtags in your
description. Posting a vine is fairly simple when compared to
uploading a YouTube video.
Vine is like another YouTube.
It’s a place that HASN’T been exposed as a place for
marketers to take advantage of.
YouTube is filled with marketers….. It’s filled with spam
content. Vine is still trying to avoid such marketing material,
but to there are ways around it, and that is why the blatant
promoters get excused off.
Vine is just at the beginning stages.
Think of this opportunity as a place to really get yourself out
there for once. There are people using Vine to do all kinds of
things. If you want to make serious cash, make a boatload
from it by actually getting started on it now before others start
taking advantage of it.
Vine could be used online if you don’t have a smartphone, so
please keep this in mind. I haven’t been able to research all
about this, but there are many websites that do specialize in
this, and the main website allows you to create an account
I would recommend building a following on a real account
promoting whatever niche you want, whether it’s making
money, fitness, cooking, or anything, and then on the side
creating tiny accounts that are meant to just help you get
those quick cash for Clickbank, CPA or whatever you want to
get fast traffic.
Please send me any questions here if you need help:

FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide

FAT Stacks Authority Site Guide
Plus access to a whole slew of information that teaches exactly how I launch and publish highly profitable niche blogs… by profitable, I mean tens of thousands of dollars per month.
By Jon Dykstra
FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
© 2014 JGD Holding Company Ltd. Page 1
Thanks for requesting this guide.
My name is Jon Dykstra and I’m the publisher of FAT Stacks.
I’ll keep this short and to the point.
Adsense and/or can ban your account for any reason. They can ban my account. Relying on display ads for revenue can be risky. In fact, if they ban your account, they may withhold accrued earnings. It’s an ugly reality. Please understand these risks.
The ad placement and ad design I share in this guide is what I do on my niche sites. Just because I’m not banned or have lost my Adsense/ accounts does NOT mean you will not lose your account. My ad placement is aggressive. It also does not mean you’ll make any money. My results are atypical. The point of this guide is to simply share with you what I do. That’s it.
This guide contains affiliate links. Assume all outbound links are affiliate links.
Finally, while this guide is protected by copyright, you do have permission to share it (but not sell it). If you share it, no part of the content may be altered or edited.
Proof This Guide Works (Earnings for 1 Niche Site)
Adsense (Sept 1 to 30, 2014):
FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
© 2014 JGD Holding Company Ltd. Page 2 Ads:
Total: $107,706.80 Revenue for 30 days in September 2014.
Notes about earnings:
 Adsense revenue is Canadian dollars (I’m in Canada). revenue is USD.
 I had to invest money for these earnings. Approximately 57% of this revenue was spent in advertising (Canadian dollars).
 Profit for 30 days from 1 niche site: $45,365.70 (display ads only. I also generated revenue from affiliate commissions).
 This site was launched in February 2014. I topped $45,000 per month profits within 8 months. Not bad.
 These revenue results are not typical. I’ve been testing and working with display ads for nearly 2 years. Requesting this guide does not mean you’ll generate similar results (or any results). I’m merely sharing what I do with my niche sites.
How Did I Create Such a Profitable Niche Site So Quickly?
This guide covers my precise ad display secrets used to create an incredible income.
FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
© 2014 JGD Holding Company Ltd. Page 3
The secret is as follows:
1. Excellent ad placement and ad design (see below).
2. Use a display-ad friendly site layout (see diagram below).
3. High quality, viral traffic (content people like to share).
My other free resources: Click here to learn the following (no opt in required):
1. Content: My content strategy (unique type of content I publish) that generated $150,000 + profit in 8 months. Click here.
2. Blog Set Up: Free video tutorials on exactly how I set up my highly profitable niche blogs. Click here.
3. Niche Selection: 4 criteria I carefully follow for choosing a niche. Click here.
4. More Page Views (equals more revenue): How I generate an additional 20,000 monthly page views. Click here.
5. Bonus display ad secret (not set out below): This one tactic generates more than $6,000/mo. in Adsense and revenue. Click here.
6. YouTube Videos: Learn how I create videos in minutes that generated over 100,000 video views in less than 12 months. Click here.
Below I explain my display ads formula for high niche blog revenue.
Display Ads Used
I currently use Adsense and That’s it. However, I max out the units from each I’m permitted. That’s 3 Adsense units and 3 Units.
FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
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WordPress Theme Used
I use Eleven40 Pro Theme by StudioPress (you need to also get the Genesis Framework – you can buy them as a package). This theme is by far the best display ads theme I’ve ever used (and I’ve used many – I have a developer licenses to several theme companies). It’s great because it’s simple and has a content area wide enough to accommodate a 728×90 Adsense ad unit.
Ad Placement
The following is a screenshot revealing exactly where I place which display ads.
FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
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FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
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Adsense Unit Design:
1. I enable both image and text based ads.
2. Font: Arial
3. Color scheme: Ad title and URL is the same as the hyperlink color on my theme (I use the Eleven40 Pro Theme by StudioPress).
4. I input with an image “Sponsored Links” notice above both 728 x 90 ads. This alerts visitors that these are ads and not navigation links. That said, I place the notice to the right (right aligned).
5. FYI – the colors used in the above diagram are for illustration purposes only. See number 3 “Color scheme” above for how I design my Adsense ads color-wise.
6. Website Design Trick: I’ve found with Eleven40 theme that I generate more Adsense revenue when I set font to “Arial” and font size to 15 pixels with color 555. The following is a screenshot of the portion of the CSS for the Eleven40 Theme:
You can find the CSS in your WordPress dashboard by clicking Appearance => Editor.
Once in the CSS, search “font” and return until you get to the above section. The above content font settings is what I’ve found to work very well with Adsense (I don’t know why, it just does).
Adsense Placement:
FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
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I STRONGLY recommend the Eleven40 Pro Theme (read more about why this theme works so well on my blog here) – largely because it’s a simple design (ads stand out) and more importantly, the content area is 860 pixels wide which accommodates 728 x 90 banner ads.
 I place one 728×90 Adsense unit below the blog post title.
 I place one 728×90 Adsense unit below the first large image.
 I place one 336×280 Adsense Unit at the top of the Sidebar (I place the sidebar on the right).
See the diagram above.
FYI: I have an Adsense rep. I speak with them almost weekly. One of their first comments when reviewing my site was “I really like your site… it’s so clean and the content is outstanding.” That’s from a Google employee trained to review Adsense publishers. Therefore, I can’t recommend the Eleven40 Theme highly enough.
CAUTION: Do NOT place an Adsense unit in a fixed/floating zone in the sidebar. This is a violation of Adsense TOS. Instead, place a 250×250 ad unit in the sidebar fixed floating zone. Ad Design:
With you must apply with each site. Therefore, I recommend your site looks good and has some traffic before applying.
A big benefit of is you get a rep right off the bat who can help out. They can be a bit picky about which sites they accept, so make your site look really good.
I LOVE because they pay pretty decently and their ad designs are ideal for below content and sidebar ads. Their ads look like menu navigation, which converts very nicely. Plus you can design them pretty much any way you like so they look like an extension of your site. ad design is very important. There are many customization options (far more than Adsense). The following is a design that works really, really well on the WordPress theme I use for my display ad sites (*Eleven40 Pro Theme by StudioPress).
The following is the exact ad design I use for all ads. It converts extremely well on the Eleven40 theme. I use the exact same design show below for the 250×250 ad unit I place in the sidebar.
FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
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See the site layout diagram above for where I place each ad unit (and the sizes used).
TIP: When a person clicks one of the links in the above ad style, it takes the visitor to a landing page on which is a list of links. You don’t get paid until they click one of the links on the landing page. In other words, it’s a 2-click system.
A really good way to increase conversion is to ask your rep (everyone gets a rep, which is a great benefit of to create a custom landing page with your website colors and logo. Ad Placement
See the site layout diagram above.
Essentially, I place ads as follows:
 250×250 in bottom of sidebar in a fixed/floating zone. A fixed/floating zone is one that scrolls down with visitors as they scroll down the page. This is very effective for ad clicks.
 One 650×250 unit at the bottom of the content.
 One 650×250 unit at the bottom of the site (after comments, related posts thumbnails, etc.
FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
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Obviously to generate revenue with display ads, you need traffic. The best-optimized site for revenue won’t make a nickel without traffic.
The key for me to getting to mid-five figures profit per month in well under one year was scaling my traffic generation very, very fast.
What I did is as follows:
1. Published high-quality content that people LOVE to share.
2. Buy low-cost, high quality targeted traffic from 3 sources.
3. Generate profit from paid traffic.
4. Use paid traffic to quickly build up a Facebook page (i.e. lots of fans… 75,000 fans in 8 months).
5. Build out multiple social media channels.
6. Drive social media traffic over and over 7 days a week.
7. Long tail keyword research for organic search traffic (leveraging authority built with a highly social and high traffic website). Currently, my niche site attracts 3,200 to 5,000 daily organic visits from Google search (growing monthly)… without building a single link other than social media links.
8. Set up YouTube channel – leveraging content into 100+ videos (85,000 views in 8 months) and funneling much of that traffic to my niche website.
9. Build an email list fast (12,000 subscribers in 8 months – 100 to 150 new subscribers per day).
Rinse and repeat… just keep adding viral content, buying low cost traffic, profiting from paid traffic and generating higher profits with free organic traffic.
My other free resources: Click here to learn the following (no opt in required):
FAT Stacks Display Ads Secrets
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1. Content: My content strategy (unique type of content I use) that generated $150,000 + profit in 8 months. Click here.
2. Blog Set Up: Free video tutorials on exactly how I set up my highly profitable niche blogs. Click here.
3. Niche Selection: 4 criteria I carefully follow for choosing a niche. Click here.
4. More Page Views (equals more revenue): How I generate an additional 20,000 monthly page views. Click here.
5. Bonus display ad secret (not set out below): This one tactic generates more than $6,000/mo. in Adsense and revenue. Click here.
6. YouTube Videos: Learn how I create videos in minutes that generated over 100,000 video views in less than 12 months. Click here.
Learn how I get the truckloads of website traffic to generate over $45,000 per month profit from one niche website. Hint – I get well over 1 million monthly page views and achieved this in 7 months. Traffic grows every month.
Get all the details in the Fat Stacks Authority Site Guide here.
In this guide I reveal in a step-by-step manner everything I did and continue to do to be the publisher of an extremely profitable niche website.
I share where I get content (type of content and how I format it is central to generating so much traffic and revenue), plus so much more.
 Click here to learn more.

FB Post Engagement Profits

FB Post Engagement Profits
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 1
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 2
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 3
Very Warm Welcome 
First we want to congrats you on making a right decision and we hope
this guide will help you in getting success with Facebook.
Yousaf Saeed
My name is Yousaf Saeed. I have been doing Internet
Marketing for more than 7 year. I am mentored by many
top Gurus and Expert. Including John Thornhill, Marc
Miburn, Bill Hugall, Adeel Chowdhy, Shane Farrell,
William Murray and few others too.
I am a Flippa Supper Seller with 100% rating. I am also
a Trainer, Mentor, Author, Product Developer, do
Product Launches, Joint Venture, Sales Funnel and lot
more. I have helped and trained more than 10,000 people
locally. Now want to help you.
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 4
Irfan Elahi
I am Irfan Elahi. I have been an Internet
Marketing (Specifically Social Media
Marketing) Consultant & Evangelist for
more than 5 years by now and have
launched a couple of internet marketing
related start-ups, getting spectacular
engagement & success in Facebook for
myself and the people I teach to.
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 5
What is Engagement and Why it is Important?
Social Media is somewhat a new domain. And trust me,
most of the marketers and “gurus” are taking it wrong
and are using/preaching it wrongly. There is so much
confusion out there. Every platform and media requires
different set of approaches that govern how the
objectives are approach.
Compliance with those approaches is undeniably
important otherwise you always undercapitalize their
potential e.g. if you are posting on Forums, you can’t be
a glib & officious marketer all the time. If you are
running a blog, you can’t always do hard-core selling.
Rather, you follow an approach that’s highly value-
concentric and are compliant with the norms of those
We are living in an information-deluge age yet
information is still the most important, valuable and
cherished commodity. Consumers are also evolving and
they don’t want to be sold. They like to be entertained
and engaged. It’s a tangential shift from conventional
specifically via social media, people like to be:
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 6
And amidst these strategic tactics, a true social media
marketer crafts a way to achieve his desired business
So coming to Facebook, the most ubiquitous and
engaging social platform, people basically come for and
mainly one purpose: To interact with their peers and
expressions and stories. Conversations are happening
everywhere on Facebook. Amidst this deluge of social
conversation, a marketer should try to be a part of this
conversation sphere.
Social media requires a thoroughgoing content plan. As
per the practices of the leading gurus of Social Media
like Mark Schaefer, Kim Garst, Razor Social etc, most
of the time you should be expansive about your
customers; not about your business. You should be
conversational and engaged in “talks” with your
customers. Most of the time you should be interacting at
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 7
human level with your customers and get to resonate
affinities. However, no one tells you HOW?
Also, this “engagement” isn’t just karma like philosophy
of Social Media. Rather Facebook also loves this. Posts
that are engaged get higher reach. It reaches out to
friends of users who are interacting with your posts.
Your Page’s “Talking about this” also increases. Your
page’s Edge Rank also flourishes which determines the
overall reach of your page’s posts as well.
Not to mention that Facebook is now excessively
deprecating promotional posts too. Conversation and
engagement is an important factor.Many articles by
experts are emphasizing the need for engagement in FB
Pages and are underscoring it over LIKES. However,
again, no one provides a framework: HOW?
—————————————————–Page 7—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 8
The Gist of Engagement: Self-Effacing i.e. All about Users:
People rarely interact with “officious” and “sales-
pitchy” posts. They interact with the ones that accord
with their interests.
So in order to achieve this, one should be creative
enough to come up with status message that may trigger
such conversations. You will have to scratch your head a
lot, meditate a lot to find status messages that may
trigger engagement flood on sure-shot basis.
If you google about this, you may rarely find blogs
about such statuses stuff. Only a few are available and
the ones that are good are quite pricey. I’ve used those
pricey services as well and didn’t find them up to the
So if you are someone who is frustrated with attenuated
reach of your pages, nearly absent engagement from
your audience, declining TALKING ABOUT THIS and
are scrambling internet to find some good status that
may inject some life in your pages, look no further. This
ebook contains 300+ such status messages that may
—————————————————–Page 8—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 9
drive your page’s engagement to next level. So don’t
look further. You can add your own spin to these
statuses and you will never be short of status messages
again. So are you ready to make your audience fall in
love with you? 
My Success with these oven-fresh Status Posts:
I believe that experience is the ultimate master. And it’s
most edifying and fruitful from the experience of others.
What I am about to share with you has worked for me.
I’ve seen immense increase in my engagement. Here are
some recent snapshots:
—————————————————–Page 9—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 10
Here’s another example when asked about their favorite dish (one of the status posts that I will
share in this ebook)
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 11
When asked that they never visit cinema without ________ (one of the status posts that I will
share in this ebook)
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 12
Resultantly, I’ve seen my engagement shooting up to something like this:
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 13
more than 50% engagement! Whereas for others, its usually below 2-
5%. This article also validates this.
This is one of the examples! Are you ready to pump such life in your
pages too?
Type of Statuses that Drive Engagement:
As per my experience, the posts that explicitly invoke the user to interact
are the one that result into good engagements. Those posts which are
about them, their lives, their interests etc. The art here is to blend your
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 14
Page/Brand with their interest! This can be a tricky stuff but not
Following formats of status posts have continuously proven to do the
Fill in the Blanks
You can add a relevant image to these status posts to make them more
visually compelling. For more advanced techniques to take your page
management to the next level, stay tuned for my next book!
Question & Answers based Status Posts:
As you will see in these status posts, these are incentivized with giveaways. This is a great way to fuel
engagement. Users loved to be rewarded. So if you have something that may appeal to your audience
(e.g. shirt, sample of your product, lead-magnet ebook or anything) it would be great to tout it as a
giveaway. If you don’t, still you need not worry as this is just an option 
1.What is your favorite motivational quote?
2.Post it in the comments below and whichever comment gets the most Likes by 5pm will get a
3.Got a pet? Post a picture of your furry friend in the comments and we’ll select 1 lucky person to
get a [giveaway if possible]
4.Who is excited for Winter/Summer/Autumn? Like this post for your chance to win [INCENTIVE].
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 15
5.Click LIKE if you remember what life was like before cellphones and instant messaging
6.”Like” this post if you are having a snack right now. 🙂 Post its picture in the comments.
7.Click LIKE if you consider yourself an ambitious person. What are your ambitions?
8.Click LIKE if you’re actually a lot cooler than people think you are.
9.[CONTEST] Want to win a FREE [INSERT PRIZE]? It’s really simple – just click Like on this post for a
chance to win! We’ll pick a winner Friday at 4pm EST.
10.What did you do this past weekend? Share a photo that you took in the comments – picture
with the most ‘likes’ will be our featured cover photo for the rest of the week! Contest ends on
Monday at 11am PST.
11.We just released an incredible new product and wanted your feedback. Tell us if you’ve used it
yet and what you think in the comments below.
12.Anyone who comments will be entered to win a free copy of the product!
13.What are you eating for dinner? Post a picture of it in the comments below and the picture with
the most likes by 8am tomorrow gets a $20 gift card to [HOTEL – form a partnership if you can]!
14.When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? Share your dream in the
comments to win [INSERT PRIZE].
15.The comment with the most Likes by 5pm EST on Friday wins.
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 16
16.What is your favorite motivational quote? Post it in the comments below and whichever
comment gets the most Likes will get a FREE [INSERT PRIZE].
17.Want 50% off your next purchase from our site? [if you have a product to offer]
18.Comment “I WANT 50% OFF” in the comments below. We’ll pick a winner at random at 5pm
19.What word begins with B and ends with S?The person with the most Likes on their comment
wins a free [INSERT PRIZE].
Sizzling tip: Modify it with any combinations of letters!
20.[PHOTO] Guess who? Be the first to answer and you’ll be in for a big surprise!
21.Click “like” if you love our logo for a chance to win our T-Shirt/giveaway!
22.[PHOTO] Not exactly sure what to say about this photo. Give us a caption! WINNING caption
wins a [PRIZE] from us!
23.Android or iPhone? Give us your reasons why and the comment with the most Likes wins a $20
giftcard to either Google Play or the Apple Store. Contest ends 5pm Friday.
24.What is your favorite Christmas memory?
25.*WE ARE GIVING AWAY _______!* All you have to do is like this post and comment with what
you or your kids like the most about going to [FAN PAGE NAME].
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 17
26.We’re almost to xx,xxx fans and we’re celebrating with a giveaway! Click like for your chance to
win a [INSERT PRIZE]. We’ll post the winners name at [INSERT TIME/DAY] on our page.
27.On a scale of 0-10+ how much do you love [ENTER BUSINESS NAME]. Tomorrow at 5pm EST
we’ll pick our biggest fan and will feature them in our cover photo!
28.My cat goes most crazy for _______. The best answer wins.
29.[If you are a Restaurant]If you could eat only one thing from our menu for 365 days, what would
it be? Share with us for your chance to win a giftcard!
or if you sell books:
If you could read just one book from our collection, what could it be?
30.Who was the first astronaut to go into space? Answer correctly, and you could win [your
31.[CAPTION CONTEST!] Give us your best caption for the photo below. The comment with the
most Likes by 5pm EST on Friday wins [INSERT]
32. My favorite song is ________ by _______. Post your favorite song and artist below and win
33.Click LIKE on this post and write in the comments the 1st word you see in this image.
34.If you had $100 given to you what would you do with it? Leave your answer and the comment
with the most Likes gets a [giveaway]!
35.CAPTION CONTEST! Comment with most likes wins a ________________________!
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 18
36.[CONTEST] What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard? The comment with the most Likes
by 5pm EST wins [INSERT PRIZE HERE]!
37.[PHOTO] Guess who? Be the first to answer and you’ll be in for a big surprise!
38.[PHOTO] Contest!… whoever gives the best caption for this photo wins a [—]. Comment with the
most LIKES wins!
39.My favorite thing to do at the beach is _______. Share your favorite beach-day hobby with us,
and you could win a trip to Cancun for Spring Break! Giveaway ends at 4pm EST tomorrow.
40.The first rule of Facebook is _______.
41.“A flute without holes is not a flute. A donut without a hole, is a Danish.” – ?? Name who said
this quote and from what movie, and you could win a [INCENTIVE]!
Sizzling Tip: Try adding different quotes (not too famous ones which are easy to guess 😉 )
42.Tomorrow is our 50% in sale! Click like for your chance to win your entire purchase, free (max
43.How many cups of coffee is too many? Comment below for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks
giftcard! Winner will be picked at 9am EST tomorrow
44.So here’s the deal. We’re giving away [YOUR PROMO]!
45.To join, please tell us the reason why you love [YOUR PRODUCT] in 2 sentences or less.
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 19
46.We love supporting you guys and know you all have best friends that support you! Post a
comment below and attach a picture of you and your best friend for a chance to win [INSERT
PRIZE HERE] for you and your best friend!
47.If you were Mark Zuckerburg what feature would you add to Facebook?
48.Click LIKE if you love babies/puppies/cats/brownies/chocolates/pizzas…
Fill In the Blanks based Status Posts:
Another popular format that’s instrumental behind huge engagement. You will be surprised and amused
to see what your target audience has to say in response to these posts:
49.I always __________ this time of day.
50.I want to be just like __________.
51.Fill in the blank: Today was a __________ kind of day.
52.I went to the University of __________.
53.My favorite outdoor winter activity is __________.
54.It would be fun to trade places with ____ for a day.
55.If I were a __________ I would __________.
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 20
56.The one vegetable I can’t live without is __________.
57.The first V word that pops into my head is ___________.
58.The 7 natural wonders of my world are ____________.
59.Today I’m going to ___________ and love it.
60.I would shave my head bald if someone gave me ____ dollars, but no less.
61.My favorite time of day is _______________________.
62.The natural gift I’d most like to possess is __________.
63.The more time I spend with my parents, the more I __________.
64.______ always makes me smile.
65.The most impressive building in the world is __________.
66.Have you ever had a day when you just wanted to __________ ?
67.If I could snap my fingers and be the CEO of any company, I would be CEO of __________.
68.The ONE bad habit I must break is __________.
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 21
69.I think I’ll __________ after I __________.
70.I would like to __________ before I die.
71.If someone paid me $1M to never step foot in my home country again, I would __________.
72.I love [YOUR BRAND/PAGE/WEBSITE] as much as ____________.
73.I love mornings because __________.
74.I love going to __________ with __________.
75.You don’t want to mess with __________.
76.I would never __________.
77.Today is the day that I finally __________.
78.I want to be just like __________.
79.My ideal day would be __________.
80.Most people don’t know this, but I __________.
81.”If I won the lottery, one of the first things I would do is _____”
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 22
82.My dream car/smartphone/city is a __________.
83.In the next three years I will __________.
84.What did I do with my __________?
85.”_____ is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.”
86.The more time I spend online, the more I __________.
87.There is always room for __________.
88.If I had to give up being or not being, I’d give up __________.
89.”One of the first major road trips I remember taking involved _____”
90.TV/Facebook/Youtube has become nothing but __________.
91.Fill in the blank: Wearing my favorite fragrance makes me feel _________.
92.I go crazy when I can’t __________.
93.The last book I read was __________.
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 23
94.Cold weather makes me feel __________.
95.I never spend a weekend in __________ without __________.
96.Finish this sentence: The most AWESOME person I know is ________.
97.It was just a big __________ in my life!
98.”If I could live in any movie universe, I would choose _____”
99.The most important feature in a smartphone is ___________.
I am too old to __________.
Question Answers based Status posts:
Here’s another buffet of Question Answers based status posts that you can use. You can always plug
incentives with these status posts too to bolster more voracious engagement from your audience!
Q: if you had to choose one, would you rather be a salesman, a teacher, or a reporter?
Have you ever won a trophy? What for?
What’s the first A word that pops into your head?
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 24
What’s the most you have spent for a haircut?
If you had the opportunity to have any celebrity as your sibling, who would you choose?
Q: What are the qualities of a good boss?
Are you on twitter? Share your Twitter @handle in the comments for a follow from us!
Would you rather live without music or live without TV?
Who is your biggest hero?
Q: If you could time travel to any day in history, which day would you choose to visit?
What’s your favorite old school product?
If a biography is written about you, What would the title of your biography be?
“when in Rome, do as the Romans do”… Always good advice or not?
Your office crush is finally hinting he likes you and making moves. How do you tell him
the feeling is mutual?
Share with us: What made you smile today?
Help us lighten up the week: what is the funniest YouTube video you’ve watched
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 25
Are you a lover or a fighter, would you rather kiss someone for a [YOUR PRODUCT] or
duel for it?
What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen online recently?
Q: How would you spend your time if there was a social media blackout?
Q: what activity makes you lose track of time?
What was the saddest book you’ve ever read?
Who was your favorite band as a kid?
Q: What is your ideal job?
What is the best joke you know?
What’s your favorite show right now? Any recommendations?
Which curse words do you use the most (if any)?
Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round?
What are the top future headlines or stories (imagined, desired) of 20[—]?
Do onions make your eyes water?
—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 26
Who doesn’t love that new car smell? If you could afford any car in the world, what
would you drive?
What slang word or phrase is most over used?
If you could change something about your home, without worrying about expense or
mess, what would you do?
On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your conversation skills with the opposite sex?
Put on your thinking caps!Riddle: I end the race. I am the beginning of the end. The start
of eternity and the end of space. There are two of me in Heaven and one in hell. I am in water,
fire, sunshine and darkness. I am the beginning of earth and the end of life. What am I?
Who’s your favorite musician?
Q: What’s the strangest thing you had to learn in school as a kid?
What is the most interesting thing you have in your purse/wallet?
We talk to happy customers all over the country that tell us about the great cities they
live in. What’s the best part about living in your neck of the woods?
Who wants to play a game? 🙂
Hey TXTers — what would you TXT us if you had our number?
What’s the story behind your biggest scar?
—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 27
How many of your Facebook friends would you invite over for dinner?
How long is your average shower?
Where is your most favorite place on this earth?
What is the furthest east you have traveled?
Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
If your house was on fire and you could grab only 3 things before leaving, what would
they be?
Q: If you could take any academic class, which would you choose?
How do you concentrate at work when it’s sunny outside?
Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?
—————————————————–Page 27—————————————————–
Yousaf Saeed & Irfan Elahi – FB Posts Engagement Profits
Page 28
What’s next:
Its time to take action! Use these status messages, add your twist in these
and get engaged with your audience. Make your audience to become
besotted with your page! Here are more tips:
1.Be sure to post at times when most of your audience is online. Use
your Page Insights for further info.
2.If your users comment, try to indulge in further conversation with
them by asking further about them. It’s a time consuming task but the
loyalty that you will garner as a result of this is simply valuable.
3.Mash these status posts with photos.
However, to truly gain the benefit out of your page, you need:
1.Updated tips, tactics & strategies to keep your FB Page optimized.
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