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Michael Harris
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Create Your First Sales Letter From Scratch (A Case Study)
About the author
My name is Michael Harris, author and internet marketer. Back when I was a newbie, I used to
struggle a lot with internet marketing.

I would buy all sorts of ebooks, WSO’s, video courses, memberships, and everything that I thought
would help.
But I was always seemed to be missing something that would keep me from succeeding.

It really got me upset to the point that I started creating

my own products. I was tired of “the gurus” who seemed to have all of the answers, but provided
little value.

I now feel that I make a difference by providing helpful content for my audience.

To your success, Michael
First, I want to say a huge thank you for purchasing this WSO today. It means a lot that you put
your faith in me to show you unique way of building your internet business.

Today I’m going show you special formula that you can use anytime you’re creating a sales letter.
It doesn’t matter what product or service that you’re selling because it works well for most of

As you probably know, you can have the greatest product in the world, but if your visitors aren’t
clicking on your buy button and making purchases – what does it matter? This course will show you a
proven way to create high-converting sales letters that will get your visitors to start taking
ACTION and buy.

We are going to look at a unique way to structure your sales letter so that they get maximum
conversions for your offer.

This product will show you how to do it. As long as you approach this with an open mind and take
action, you will see some awesome results.

So let’s get started…

I’ll be showing you how I’ve written the sales letter for this product, “How to Create a Sales
Letter From Scratch,” which you’ve purchased.

The fact that you’ve purchased this product is proof that this formula works and you can use it to
create your sales letters in the future, also.
So, I’ll be referring to this example throughout this training.
Now writing a sales letter is an art form. There is no right or wrong way to do it. However, there
are a few key points to keep in mind as you begin to write your sales letter. In this training, I’m
going to be focusing on writing a sales letter for products that you might list on the Warrior
Forum as a WSO. Of course, you can use this process for any sales letter on any platform.
So here are the steps that I’d recommend for you to take now:
1. Go through the sales pages of past WSO of the Day products. When you read through the copy, take
note of what you liked and didn’t like. This will give you a good idea on sections/words to include
in your sales copy and sections/words to avoid.

2. Begin by presenting pain points and then offer your report as the solution to their pain. You
need to take time listing the benefits of your product instead of listing the features. A feature
lists what’s included in your product. A benefit tells your buyer what the product will do for
3. Make sure you arouse curiosity within the copy. The longer the customer reads the copy, the more
likely they are to make a purchase. If you arouse their curiosity, they will continue reading which
increases the chances of them making a purchase.
4. Go back to Warrior Plus and review the reports that sold over 100 copies with 10%+ conversions.
Make note of what these reports have in common.
5. The MOST important tip to keep in mind as you write your sales letter is to make sure that
everything you claim and say in your sales letter is included in your report!
Begin by presenting pain points and then offer your report as the solution to their pain. You need
to take time listing the benefits of your product and what result your reader will have after they
purchase it.
As you are working on your sales letter, a few points to keep in mind with the Warrior Forum.
First: No income claims are allowed. You can’t tell readers that they will make $XXX amount of
dollars in a certain period of time.

That would go for exact number of subscribers someone could get or website traffic or rankings. You
can say this will help you get subscribers, higher rankings or website visitors, but no exact
numbers allowed.

Second: Blind sales copy that doesn’t explain what the buyer actually will learn or the method
taught, is not allowed. If you are confident in what you are teaching and it works, you should have
no problem helping people making an educated decision to buy.

If you have to trick or hide what you are teaching to get buyers, this won’t make for a good
experience for either of you with increased refund rates and buyers who don’t trust you and
unlikely to buy affiliate offers you recommend.

Third: You need to have a clearly stated refund policy. No matter how good your report it, you are
going to get a small number of refund requests. This happens to all of us so don’t freak out when
you get
your first. Here is a simple refund policy you can use that helps keep serial refunders at arms

“Use the methods taught in the report for a full 30 days. If you don’t get results as taught,
contact me for a full refund. Thank you!”

Then if a buyer hits you with a refund request, kindly ask them for examples of what they did
during the past 30 days and see if you can help them before issuing a refund. After you reply to
their refund request, 90% will just move on and not even bothering to try to get their money.

Fourth: You need to include contact information for support. Keep it professional with your new
business and let your readers know how they can contact you if they have a question.
On the next page is an overview of a proven formula that I use to put together sales letters,
especially if you’re selling WSO’s…
I have to give credit to Sean Mize for the theory behind this formula. It works really well and
I’ll show you how I apply it to my business.
Next, I’ll explain each step in more detail…

Implementing the
Step-By-Step System For Creating A Sales Letter to Launch Your WSO

Here Is An Overview of this 9 Step System:
1. The Headline
2. Ask questions to identify their problems.
3. Relate their problems to you (or others).
4. Tell what you have created.
5. Explain what they get.
6. Explain the value of what they get and how it will benefit them.
7. Offer (Price)
8. Refund Policy
9. Close/ Call to Action (Buy this!)
Ok, let’s show you how to set each one up correctly…
Here is the Super Simple Sales Letter Formula Explained Step by Step:
Step 1 – The Headline
First, you need to start off with your headline. Two of the best headlines are…
“Discover the secret to doing XYZ” or
“”How To Do XYZ” Example:

Then I type a subhead:

Your subhead should tell a little more detail about the benefits of your report.
After your subhead, you’ll want to introduce yourself. If you can take a picture of yourself and
put it at the beginning, that’s even better. It will let your reader know exactly who is talking to
them. This helps build trust.
So this is what I do next…
Step 2 – Ask questions to identify their problems.
You have to remind your reader that they have a problem that needs to be solved.
So in order to do this, you ask some questions.
We need to ask them 3 questions to help them remember that the problem is big enough for them to
find a solution to it and solve it now.
Here are the 3 questions that we ask:
“Are you frustrated…?” “Is it irritating..?’
“Are you struggling…?”
Dear Fellow Warrior,
Step 3 – Relate their problems to you (or others).
In this section, you’ll want to tell a story that identifies with the reader’s pain. This will let
them know that you understand what’s going on in their world and get them into a state of wanting
to take action to solve it.

Step 4 – Tell what you have created.
In this section, you’ll tell about some of your struggles and then how you came upon your discovery
that changed everything. You’ll want to mention that you’ve decided to share your discovery with
them and ask if that would be helpful.
Now “level” with them and tell them the truth as to why they are not currently having success:
This next section isn’t necessary, but we’ll call it a bonus. After I explain my struggles and how
I came upon my discovery, then I want to try to tell my reader something valuable that they may not
know. I call this the “leveling with them” section. I want my reader to know that I’m honest and
tell them a nugget of truth that they may not get anywhere else. Again, this helps build trust.
Example of the “leveling with your reader” section:
Step 5 – Explain what they get.
In this section, you’ll want to tell more about your discovery. You want the reader to feel that
if they can copy your formula, then they’ll be successful like you.
After this section is usually a good point to place your “buy button.” Just make a note in your
sales copy for now and you can go back and place the buy button later. You don’t want to interrupt
your thought process at this point. Just keep the ideas flowing.

Now list everything that’s included in your report. These can be listed in “bullets.”
We’re going to list what’s included in your report as a benefit to your reader.
I usually like to have at least 10 – 15 bullet points per product. You could have more or less.
Just use these as a guideline.

(At this point, I usually put another Buy Button.)
Then, list more bullet points to show the tremendous value…

Then I list the rest of the bullet points, to show even more value…
Next, tell them it’s everything that they need to help solve their problem. Also, tell them who
this product is for:

Ask the reader imagine how this will change his/her life.
It’s important for them to visualize the results.
Step 6 – Explain the value of what they get and how it will benefit them.
Next, tell your reader how discounted this training is compared to the tremendous value that
they’ll receive.
Step 7 – The Offer (Price)
Tell your reader the tremendous value that they’ll get compared to the low price that you’re
offering. Mention that they’re getting a special discount because this is new information and you
want people to try it out first. Also, mention the fact that you’ll probably raise the price once
you have testimonials.

Step 8 – Refund Policy
Tell your reader what kind of guarantees they receive and the refund policy.
I recommend that you have a conditional guarantee so that it will give people a chance to try it
out first. This will stop your serial refunders who get excited and purchase your product and then
want a refund 30 minutes later.
Step 9 – Close/ Call to Action (Buy this!)
In this next section you want to let the reader know that they’re making a good choice in buying
this. Also, I add my picture and name so that it builds trust.
I use the “P.S.” and “P.P.S.” as a “call to action” to let the reader know that they should buy
this now or their life will stay the same and they won’t solve their problem.
To finish the sales letter strong, I put in one more “call to action” with a buy button.
That’s it! You have just completed your sales letter. Now, go on to the next page and we’ll finish
this process.
Final Notes:
You now have a system in your hands to make as many sales letters as you want.
But you also have to put it into practice for it to work.

So, let’s quickly review your action plan

1. Create A Headline
2. Ask questions to identify their problems.
3. Relate their problems to you (or others).
4. Tell what you have created.
5. Explain what they get.
6. Explain the value of what they get and how it will benefit them.
7. Offer (Price)
8. Refund Policy
9. Close/ Call to Action (Buy this!)
After you get into the swing of things, you can easily make several of these sales letters every
Quite frankly, the more products and sales letters that you can make, the more chances you have to
make money!

You could create several sales letters per month and have multiple streams of income coming in a
regular basis from your efforts.

Imagine how you’ll feel whenever you’re finally making the money that you deserve!

Now, it’s time to get to work and put this plan to use. The main thing is start taking action

To Your Success,

Michael Harris
P.S. – I’m not someone who likes to hide behind my products or services. Don’t be afraid to reach
Contact me at if you have questions.
Also, visit my blog at for more info. Or, if you’d like more individual
help in setting up a customized plan for yourself that will take your internet business to the next
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