Successful WSO Formula

There is a very specific formula you need to follow if you want to create a WSO that works. Your product has to be a simple method or software that is: 1. Fast. 2. Newbie friendly. 3. Gets more cash, more leads or more traffic to your customers. The more your WSO fits this formula, the more potential it has. Russ created a WSO about video marketing and this is how he positioned it on the market: “Watch Me Bring In $76,882.93 In FOUR MONTHS With Simple, 10-Minute Videos That ANYONE Can Create!”.
This product hits every single piece of the WSO formula; it promises cash ($76,882.93), it’s fast (just 4 months) and newbie friendly (10 minute videos anyone can create). If you can create a WSO that hits these points then you have the recipe for success. All the copy and all the graphics on your sales page must fit this formula. Especially the headline: look at how Russ constructed his headline; he added all the hot ingredients his product had to offer: it promises cash, it’s fast and newbie friendly. It worked for him very well and it will work for you too if you apply it. On the Warrior Forum people are mainly looking for fast ways to get results and that’s why this formula works so well. There’s a new rule that I need to let you know about: don’t mention any income claims in your sales copy unless you can prove it. The Warrior forum moderators will ask you to provide proof of your income claims before they approve your WSO. So if you have proof, it’s a really great way to stand out. The biggest road block that newbies face is that they don’t know what their WSO should be about. All you have to do is look at what other top WSO’s are about and try to create an improved version of them. If you look closely, around 95% of hit WSO’s are expansions, upgrades or improvements to methods or software that have already been released. WSO’s that are %100 original are very, very rare on the Warrior Forum. The same topics get covered over and over again. For example look at how many viral sharing plugins or how many SEO courses are on the market right now. What does this mean? This is actually great news because you don’t have to create an original WSO; just take what is already proven to work and improve it, give it your unique spin to make it better, to make it fit the WSO formula more closely. If you bought a bunch of WSO’s in the past that talk about how to get traffic, now is the time to go through them again carefully and see how you can improve the methods presented there; since you bought those courses, it’s a good chance you actually put those traffic strategies to test and know what works best. You don’t have to plagiarize anybody, just talk from your experience and try to make those techniques better, faster, cheaper and more step-by-step newbie friendly. To take one step further you should think about how can you automate these methods by hiring a programmer to create a software that will perform all those tasks automatically.
If you have no experience whatsoever then the best thing to do is go on the Warrior Forum, select a topic that fits the WSO formula, buy 3 to 5 top WSO’s on the topic, study the methods, put them to test and synthesize the new concepts found into a new method that’s yours. Just by doing that you can create a five figure payday for yourself and add a couple thousand subscribers to your list. All the people that get on your list are not freebie seekers, they are buyers. A list of buyers is worth at least ten times more than a list of freebie seekers. If you did a good job with your product, these people are going to be super excited about what do you have to teach them in the future and you can sell to these people again and again and again. Once you got your product created following the WSO formula, you need 3 things to launch it successfully: – Excellent Sales Copy; – Social Proof; – One or Two JV partners. When you have these three things, you have massive sales potential. If you created the product following the WSO formula closely then you already have won %85 of the battle. The next most important thing is writing excellent copy. Copy is everything. You can’t afford to put your WSO on the market without great copy. It does not matter how good your product is, it won’t sell if your copy is mediocre. The copy should be designed to make the WSO fit the formula more closely – to position your offer as faster, cheaper, newbie friendly, etc. Emphasize the benefits: it’s a fast way to cash, it’s a fast path to making more sales. The best and easiest way to create great copy is to hire professional copywriters but not all of us can afford it. So naturally the best next thing you can do is study the copy of the most successful WSO’s, write the copy yourself and hire a copywriter to critique the copy for you. That way it will cost you a lot less. You can find many copywriters on the Warrior Forum who will critique your sales page for a few hundred bucks. If you can afford it then this is one of the best investments you can make.
A product that fits the WSO formula and great copy represent the 99 percent of a successful launch and this is where you should focus %99 of your energy. Russ got to the point that he will literally do the sales copy before he even makes the product. It’s that important! Don’t get hung up on creating the perfect product because we are not product creators, we are marketers. So you want to have a good product but most important it is to have superb copy. That’s the formula for success anywhere on the internet. Copy is more important than graphics, copy is more important than having a great product and anything else. For example, a good graphic designer can be hired for a couple hundred bucks, an excellent ghost writer can be hired for $1,000 but if you want to hire a top copywriter you need to pay as much as $25,000 to write a sales letter. You can see the difference. If the people don’t get moved by the sales copy they are not going to buy and will never see how great your product actually is. Once you got great copy, you need 5-10 people to give you a review and one or two JV partners with responsive lists to mail for you. To get reviews you should hit up every contact you have on the Warrior Forum – even if it’s just someone who’s “thanked’ one of your posts – and offer them a review copy. Next you need to do is getting one or two JV partners with responsive lists to mail for you. JV’s on the Warrior Forum care about one thing and that is EPC which means earnings per click. In other words this means how much money can they earn from every click they send to your offer. You can check the EPC of every new WSO on the Warrior Forum by using Warrior Pro which is nothing more than an affiliate program created to promote WSOs and which tracks how many clicks and sales every WSO gets. Most great WSOs land between $2-$4 EPCs on launch day which is almost unheard of anywhere else online. That’s why some warriors are able to make $30,000 in 7 days. Again, this is only possible with great copy! All you need is two or three JV partners to mail right when your WSO goes live to “seed” your offer. Once your JVs mail your offer to their list, the EPC Of your WSO will start to get higher and as a result more people will sign up as affiliates and mail your offer to their subscribers.
If it’s really good, your WSO could get chosen as the WSO of the day and promoted by Mike Lance, the creator of WSO Pro. When that happens you can easily pick up another thousand ot two thousand sales almost instantly. That’s what happened to Russ when he first launched a WSO and he didn’t even have any JVs to promote his product. His WSO caught fire just because people on the Warrior Forum saw it, loved his sales copy and the product and that was sufficient to make the EPCs go high enough to make all the big guys notice and start promoting it as well. The first 2 hours are crucial. If the WSO sells well, more people will notice and mail. If it does not go well it means your copy and your product weren’t good enough and you’ll stall out. One of the simplest ways to boost your EPC is to offer 100% commissions. By offering 100% commissions instead of %50 you’ll double your EPC right off the bat. Even if you’re not making any money on the front end, this still makes sense financially because now you have a list of buyers to promote any offers you want in the back end. With paid traffic, it will cost you around $3-4 per sign up to build a list of freebie seekers. With a %100 commission WSO it costs you nothing to build a list of buyers. How to get JVs. Contact every warrior you know that has a solid reputation on the Warrior Forum and demonstrate that your WSO has excellent copy and fits the WSO formula. When you’re contacting a potential JV, first thing you got to do is say these magic words: “What can I do for you?” Tell them that you’re on their list, you love their products, you think they’re awesome and ask them if there is anything you can do for them. That’s a great introduction that will help you get your foot in the door and it shows that you’re willing to offer something in return for their favor. Try to get two or three JVs with large lists of subscribers to promote your WSO. If your product and sales copy look good they will consider mailing for you even if they don’t know you. What you should do next is post your launch on and if you can. Pick an open date so that you’re not coming up against heavy hitters with huge lists because you don’t want to launch on the same day as those guys.
Great graphics are not a must but they can help so don’t be afraid to hire a good graphic designer for your WSO. Also you need to create a good-looking JV sign-up page with a video introducing the WSO, explaining the concept behind it, explaining that it fits the WSO formula. On the page people can sign-up to become affiliates, can grab your e-mail swipe, etc. Here’s The Six Figure Formula for you:  Release 1-2 WSOs every month  One week after release, offer your new buyers some kind of high ticket coaching or workshop. Russ Ruffino offered coaching after the release of his second WSO and made an extra $30,000. If you just launch a few WSOs every month and then a week later you pitch to your list some kind of mid-level ticket or product for a couple hundred bucks, you can have a six figure business in the next 6 months. Once you realize how easy this is you should start thinking that you can TOTALLY do this. What Russ is saying is that there is nothing special about him or a dozen of other successful WSO creators; they were willing to learn and took action.
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