Stupidly Simple Arbitrage

Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Workbook 1 – Profit from Physical Products
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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“Right now, there are more people hurting based on a lack of immediate income in today’s economy than at any other time in history; but there is also more opportunity than any other time in history. The only difference is being able to educate people to close the gap between the desire that they have and the ability to make it happen!” Peter Sage
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Congratulations! You’ve made a wise choice.
First of all let me welcome you into the profitable world of Arbitrage. You‘re about to discover the Stupidly Simple methods I and many others use daily to create fantastic incomes WITHOUT any up-front costs.
Sound good?
Great; however, before we get started, I’d like to give you my recommendations for getting the most out of what I’m about to share.
Some folks will dive straight into the “how-to” of this course, which is fine; in my experience though, those who take the extra 15 or 20 minutes to understand the WHY behind what we do will be in a far greater position for success and this will save you frustration and potential headaches once you put the pedal to the metal so to speak.
Ideally, you should use this workbook alongside the video training as the videos will provide you with an additional learning perspective and utilise more of your senses, therefore engaging more of your brain and subconscious allowing you to retain more information.
I’ve done my best to simplify every aspect of these methods enabling you to absorb the training quickly and more importantly shortening the time between learning and implementation.
With that said, I would suggest your study the contents of this workbook and the content of the videos more than once just to ensure you grasp the essence of the methods I share.
Ready to get started, great, Let the journey begin…
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Table of contents
Table of Contents
Introduction ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 4
Why I Created This Course ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 6
Here’s What You Are Going To Learn ……………………………………………………………………………………….. 7
The Methods …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 8
Arbitrage …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 9
The importance of … “Buyer’s Perception of Value”. …………………………………………………………. 10
The Beginning ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 17
Physical Product Arbitrage …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 19
IMPORTANT: “ONLY SUPPLY TO ORDER”! ………………………………………………………………………….. 19
Identifying The RIGHT Products To Sell! ………………………………………………………………………………. 21
How to Research Manually ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 30
Keeping Track ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 31
How To Research Like a BOSS – Me in this case  ………………………………………………………………… 36
How To Research Like a BOSS – eBay Method. …………………………………………………………………….. 40
Recap (and to catch our breaths) ……………………………………………………………………………………….. 43
Amazon to eBay Case Study ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 44
The EXACT Process I Use To Sell From Amazon To eBay ……………………………………………………………. 46
Step By Step Process …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 47
How to price for profit ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 52
Congratulations you’ve made a sale… …………………………………………………………………………………. 55
Beyond Amazon …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 59
Retail Arbitrage Case Study. ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 61
FAQ’s ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 63
Final Words …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 64
Research Tools/Sites …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 65
Image Tools ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 65
Pricing Tools – eBay/PayPal ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 65
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Why I Created This Course
There are a number of reasons why you have this course in your hands today.
One, I believe is fate and it has somehow brought you to my teachings so you, like many, many of my previous and current students can finally break free of the LACK and finally break into the World of ABUNDANCE.
Don’t worry I’m not going to go all “new-age” and start spouting paragraphs from “ancient teachings” I do; however, believe that Things Happen for a Reason!
Maybe you’ve found yourself at a crossroads, maybe you’ve been banging your head against a brick wall “trying” to make it online or offline and yet, success still eludes you?
Maybe, you’re just starting out on your journey as an entrepreneur; or you’re at the other end of the spectrum, burnt out, stressed, desperate to change your fortunes and finally show the world and others just how successful you can be?
Maybe, just maybe, you’ve decided enough is enough, “if it’s to be it’s up to me” and you’re ready and willing to do something about it!
Sound at all familiar?
The painful truth is that there are thousands of people around the World experiencing something similar and it is my task, no quest, to show you a better, simpler way to finally creating that income you’ve always dreamed of.
My GOAL as “quoted” by Peter Sage at the beginning of this workbook; is to help YOU “close the gap between DESIRE and the ABILITY to make it happen!”
Together we can make the change today!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Here’s What You Are Going to Learn
This workbook is where we are going to delve into the Stupidly Simple World of Physical Product Arbitrage.
There have been NUMEROUS courses created on Physical Product Arbitrage and for VERY good reasons…
Physical Product Arbitrage SIMPLY works!
It is without doubt one of the quickest and in my opinion BEST ways to generate a great income without any up-front costs.
However, this “course” is NOT all about Amazon to eBay, although we’ll be covering this in great detail, I want to give you even MORE methods that will increase your income without having to spend a dime in set-up costs etc.
You’re going to learn how to MAXIMISE your time and efforts by listing “in-demand” products rather than the “scatter-gun” approach used by the masses.
Rather than throwing mud at the wall hoping some will stick, you will be laser targeting the TOP selling and MOST POPULAR items which will increase your chances of hitting a home run and bringing home the bacon.
You’ll discover how to position your products to sell more and also learn why PRICE is NOT the be all and end all.
You’ll discover WHERE to find products that are priced to sell and priced for profit and how to tap into little known places to uncover some real gems!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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The Methods
The methods I’m about to share with you are NOT new, in fact they have been around for centuries; however, we NOW have the added benefit of living in the digital age where we can “source” products and/or services locally or globally within a few seconds at the touch of a button!
Once you know EXACTLY what your potential buyers are looking to buy, you can run a few simple searches and come up with a multitude of results that will allow you to make a good profit.
Firstly, let’s look at why these methods work so well:
Perception of value.
By leveraging the above, we are able to provide our customers with EXACTLY what they are looking to buy and they will thank us for doing so again and again.
Once you embrace this concept you will see unlimited opportunities where you can apply what you are about to learn and make a great profit. Even better, if you choose, you will NEVER have to handle any product or provide any service yourself, in fact you will simply become the “middle guy/gal” who marries the end customer to the original seller, and what’s more both parties will thank you for it!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Don’t worry this is NOT a crash course on hedge-fund trading or any other complex financial undertaking, no, in fact this is the most BASIC methods of making money be it offline or online.
Let’s look at some definitions first and then add our own “spin” on them!
“The opportunity to buy an asset at a low price then immediately selling it on a different market for a higher price.” Economics Glossary
Both of the above examples provide a “clear” definition as to the “what is” and the “mechanics” of arbitrage; however, there is a more “human” element that comes into play when we look at examples of arbitrage in the real world.
And that is…
“In economics and finance, arbitrage (/ˈɑrbɨtrɑː3/) is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices. When used by academics, an arbitrage is a transaction that involves no negative cash flow at any probabilistic or temporal state and a positive cash flow in at least one state; in simple terms, it is the possibility of a risk-free profit after transaction costs. For instance, an arbitrage is present when there is the opportunity to instantaneously buy low and sell high.” Wikipedia
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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The importance of … “Buyer’s Perception of Value”
Psychological Factors
There has been millions of dollars spent on extensive research to try and “make sense” of this human trait with some very well-known “behavioural economics experiments” shared publicly.
If you Google “buyer’s perception of value” you will have access to hundreds if not thousands of articles on the study of “buyers” and how the “perceived value” influences their decision to purchase.
So let’s get back to this wonderful sounding word “arbitrage”.
Here is an example of an arbitrage opportunity.
Let’s say you are able to buy a toy doll for $15 in Florida and in New York the exact same doll is selling for $25 (forget shipping costs etc. for now).
If you are able to buy the doll in Florida and sell it in New York you can profit from the difference without any risk because the higher price of the doll in New York is guaranteed.
However, Arbitrage doesn’t have to relate to physical products or even financial trading, it can also be service based, for example.
Beliefs and Attitude
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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I ran an SEO agency and as well as SEO we also carried out reputation management services.
As a “company” over 90% of what we did was outsourced. All of the actual “tasks” were handled by our guys in India, the Philippines and Romania.
Apart from the interaction with the end client, we were very “hands-off” when it came to doing the real work.
We also “white-labelled” these services, which meant other “agencies”, were using our company as a service provider for their clients!
Were our agency partners happy? You Bet.
Were our agency partners’ clients happy? You bet.
You see we provided the EXACT service at a price the end client was happy to pay for.
Our clients and our agency partner clients had a “perception” of how much a service such as “reputation management” should cost and this perception
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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meant they ignored other agencies offering lower-priced services and instead were willing to pay much higher fees for a similar service.
Were the other agencies who charged 50%, 60% or even 70% less for a similar service offering sub-standard solutions?
Probably not; however, because the client had in their own mind, established a “perceived value of service” they were blinkered by the low price points and simply discounted them as being far too “cheap”.
After all how much would you pay to protect your “online reputation?”
Another example of “online arbitrage” has seen the rise in people purchasing products from Amazon and selling them on other sites such as eBay.
Now you may think this sounds crazy, after all how can Amazon offer products cheaper than eBay, so much cheaper in fact that “marketers/sellers” can still make a profit?
“Buyers Perception of Value”
Here’s a little quiz…
TIP: Never Be Afraid To Price Your Products Higher Than Your Competitor.
It Is Always Easier To Discount Your Prices Rather Than Trying To Increase Them Later!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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When you think of what comes to mind?
If you said cheap deals, bargains, great prices etc. then you’ve answered similar to around 80% of the folks we have surveyed.
Next, what comes to mind when you think of
If you said customer service, more expensive than eBay, speed of delivery, packaging etc. then again your answers are similar to the folks we asked.
You see, we are programmed to “perceive” various things as being fact. This plays out in “brand snobbery” and “brand loyalty” time and time again.
It is this “perception” that allows us as “service providers” to bridge the gap and be rewarded handsomely in return.
So let’s look at a great example of “brand snobbery” and “brand loyalty”…
Apple inc.
I’m sure you’ve witnessed this yourself, perhaps you’re also an Apple devotee?
One thing that is for sure, folk who love Apple, REALLY LOVE Apple!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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They become raving fans of the brand and products, so much so they are willing to set up camp outside their local Apple store for hour’s sometimes even days just to get their hands on the latest greatest Apple release.
And woe betide anyone trying to convince them “It’s only a phone or laptop”…
One thing is for sure, Apple fans truly are passionate about their brand and will do almost anything to get their hands on the latest releases.
We also see this same passionate brand loyalty with car brands, for example in the USA it’s Ford Vs GMC.
Funny enough that same “rivalry” can also be found in Australia and to some extent in the United Kingdom.
We also see “brand snobbery” between Audi and BMW and then BMW and Mercedes.
When I owned a Porsche, we had friendly rivalry with the Honda s2000 owners.
Either side backed their “brand loyalty” with passion and gusto!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Other non-car related examples are:
McDonalds vs Burger King
Walmart vs Target
No doubt you could come up with many more examples.
And of course we have the obvious earlier online example, Amazon vs eBay.
Everyone has their own personal favourite and in many cases, they are “blinkered” when it comes to alternatives.
A high percentage of people simply ignore other available options and instead stick to their favourite brands, stores and websites.
Many times these actions are further reinforced by their “circle of influence”, friends, family, colleagues, peer groups etc. et al.
OK so we have dwelled a little on the “psychology” of arbitrage and “buyer perception of value”; however, this is simply my way of reinforcing the opportunities that are sitting right in front of you on a daily basis.
Oh and before we move onto the “how-to” and real life case studies, here’s a MASSIVE opportunity for you right now.
Peripheral Circle
Intermediate Circle
Primary Circle
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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“Retail Snobbery”…
I bet you have a discount store in your neighbourhood that sells items for a few dollars or pounds (depending where you live)?
I also bet there are “other” discount shops either offline or online that offer brand-name products at knock down prices.
Guess what?
Some people would not be seen dead in stores like these, on the off chance they were spotted by their “circle of influence” and peer groups.
Here’s the kicker…
Right now, there are items in those stores that you can sell and make a good daily profit from.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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The Beginning
As I mentioned earlier, arbitrage isn’t new, it’s been around for centuries.
My first foray into “online arbitrage” was back in the good ‘ole days when you could make a great income from Google adsense.
This was the crazy Google Gold Rush days where you could throw up a site, add a few strategically placed Google adsense ad blocks and earn a pretty penny.
Heck, even back then my “landing pages” had adsense on them!
My thoughts were, “if the visitor isn’t going to buy what I’m promoting, I may as well make a few cents when they click on someone else’s ads!”
I know crazy right?
However, it did work and those “pennies” soon added up and covered the cost of my advertising.
This isn’t the arbitrage example however, nope…
The real arbitrage came from “how” I got visitors to my sites in the first place.
The formula was simple…
1) Buy “clicks” from 2nd and 3rd tier search engines such as 7search and MIVA for around $0.05 cents per click (PPC – Pay Per Click)
2) The person who “clicked” my advert would then be directed to one of my websites or landing pages.
3) They saw other more attractive ads from Google advertisers and “clicked” on those.
4) I’d earn an adsense commission. I typically made $0.25 per click from Google adsense, giving me a $0.20 cent profit
All I did was keep feeding the 2nd and 3rd tier search engines and collect a decent adsense income month in and month out.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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I would churn out at least five “mini-sites” per week, sometimes even throwing up “Blogger” blogs as often as I could to save on domain name costs.
It was the “Gold Rush” and those who worked the system reaped the rewards.
Sometimes when I’m feeling a little sentimental I’ll “Google” – “pay per click arbitrage 2006 or 2007” and look at the other “mavericks” who were also in on the game back then, it makes for interesting reading if you’re ever bored or suffer from insomnia!
Anyway, enough of the rocking chair chat; let’s bring things right up to date…
I’m a firm believer in keeping things Stupidly Simple, hence the title I chose for this “course”. So let’s dive into Physical Product Arbitrage, these are proven strategies that are super easy to implement and best of all won’t cost you a penny up front to get started!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Physical Product Arbitrage
This in one of the simplest ways to make money you will ever come across.
We simply find an in demand product from one website and sell this on another.
Most people restrict this to selling on eBay and buying from Amazon or vice versa; however, there are other “online” retailers that can be used to source products at knockdown prices, offering fantastic profit margins!
Physical product arbitrage can become very, very addictive, as the potential for profits is MASSIVE!
However, please remember you’re doing this to make money, NOT pay for a ton of stock you can’t shift later. The way to avoid this is simple, treat everything you do as transactional, remove all emotions and STICK to the PLAN.
Let me explain.
I shared these methods with a friend of mine and after their initial successes; they decided they wanted to “scale up” a little. Despite my advice, the “green eyed monster” had struck and they went out and bought stock that they thought they were going to sell easily and make a ton of profit.
(They still have a lot of that stock sitting in their garage today!)
Greed had taken hold and they ignored the very basics of what I’m about to share.
There are elements you must keep in mind to ensure your success.
The KEY to getting off the ground with Physical Product Arbitrage is to understand the basics of “money in vs money out”. Everything you do should be to ensure you are always in a 100% cash positive position.
This is easily achieved by using these methods as you will be selling first, ordering second and shipping third!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Because there are so many opportunities within Physical Product Arbitrage, I’m going to select my personal favorites and walk you through each method step by step in their own dedicated chapter; however, the components of each one are exactly the same.
Part 1 – Identifying the right products to sell.
Part 2 – Research potential suppliers where you can “source” the product that will allow a good margin for profit.
Part 3 – Place your advertisement or listing.
Part 4- Make sales (DO THIS FIRST!)
Part 5 – Order the product from your “source”.
Part 6 – Either the “supplier” ships direct to your customer or you ship the product to your customer (more on this later).
Part 7- Follow-up and make sure your customer has received their goods. Thank them once again for their order! (Don’t ignore this).
That really is all there is to it. It’s not rocket science; it is however, Stupidly Simple and that is why so many people overlook this as a great way to make money and as something that can lay strong foundations of a truly scalable business.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Identifying The RIGHT Products To Sell!
A few years ago when I had a “boss”, we were sitting in a small rowing boat in the middle of the Lake of Menteith in Scotland; one of only two lakes in Scotland and a huge expanse of water.
We were both keen trout fishermen, although this was the first time either of us had fished the lake.
My boss turned to me and asked…
“This lake is huge, where should we go try first?”
I looked at him and without hesitation replied.
“Where the fish are feeding of course”!
I’ve always had a “knack” for stating the obvious 😉
Of course knowing where the “fish are feeding” is only part of the battle, we must also know “WHAT” they are feeding on 😉
Catching A Wave – Making HUGE Profits Selling Plastic Hamsters!
A few years ago I was carrying out some consultancy in a major blue-chip organization.
During the morning coffee break, I began chatting to a colleague who I noticed was totally stressed and frustrated.
So I asked him what was wrong.
As it turned out his demeanour had nothing to do with work, in fact he told me, “hamsters, plastic hamsters!”
He told me how his daughter had come home from school insisting she MUST have a “Go Go Hamster” for Christmas as all her friends were getting them!
My friend was at his whit’s end as the “local” shops had run out of stock.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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So I did a quick search on Amazon and found the very hamsters he was looking for and pointed him over to the site. The hamsters also went by the name “Zhu Zhu Pets”
My friend hadn’t even considered trying Amazon or using the “alternative” name and that’s when I realized, there must be other “desperate parents” out there in the same position. Boy was I right!
Anyway, back to the plastic hamsters. The demand was outstripping the supply as these poor parents were entering a bidding war not only for the “hamsters” but also for the accessories such as “hamster ball”, “playpark”, “hamster run” etc.
The price of these hamsters quickly jumped from around $9 to over $65 and on top of that the “accessories” were a MUST HAVE, this meant the average customer order was over $200!
Back then I was also BIG into Amazon Associate marketing and I simply “plugged-in” to the craze and within a matter of a few short days I had cleared over $2500 profit!
These “seasonal crazes” aren’t unusual and in fact in December 2014, we witnessed another craze for “toys” relating to the Disney film Frozen and also
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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for talking minion toys especially Dave and Stuart (more on these two characters in the case study section).
Getting back on subject…
If you’ve ever seen that Christmas movie Jingle All The Way, you’ll recall the crazy lengths Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character went through to get his hands on a “Turbo Man” toy for his son.
Each year these same events play out time and time again and it’s NOT just during the festive season!
As this chapter is all about “finding items”, let’s look at a few ways we can identify what to sell.
Seasonal Items – We’ve touched on Christmas bestsellers; also in winter, consider skiing equipment and clothing, sledges, snow shovels, insulated clothing, portable heaters, car and other vehicle covers etc. In spring, consider items such as camping equipment, outdoor sport items, grills/BBQ’s and accessories as people prepare for the summer. In summer things switch to the outdoors, paddling pools, adventure sports items, holiday/vacation items, outdoor toys, grills/BBQ’s, flea powder for dogs etc. In autumn/fall consider leaf blowers, leaf rakes, leaf compactors. I’m sure you get the idea?
Remember your job is simply to connect a hungry buyer with the item they are looking to buy; it really is that simple and the simpler you keep it, the MORE money you will make!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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For my research, I simply keep an eye on the Amazon homepage, as many times it shows you “seasonal offers” which fits in nicely with the above.
There is also the “department menu” on the left hand side of their homepage.
As it’s currently winter here in the UK; Amazon within their “garden and outdoors” department, are highlighting furniture covers, wild bird care, hand tools, snow removal, winter car care, solar lights and plant protection.
I guarantee there are at least 100 items in this department alone that you will be able to source and make a profit!
Personal Gifts – Again you can simply utilize the “departments” within Amazon to quickly look up the “popular” items and use that as a base for your research. Within each “department”, you have the option to filter the results by price, newest arrivals, customer reviews and of course, popularity.
You can turn to Google and simply type “top gifts for xxxx in year” replacing “xxxx” with either men, women, boys, girls or even Valentine’s Day and replace the “year” with the current year and you’ll discover even more potential items to sell. For example, you might search “top gifts for men winter 2015”.
Niche Items – This is a personal favourite of mine as it allows me to build up a “list” of potential buyers that I can then email and sell more items too repeatedly. I’ll cover EXACTLY how to do this in a subsequent chapter.
Making Use of Online Tools
I’m all for automation and minimizing my efforts where I can and this is where I turn to certain online tools.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a HOT product that was selling on eBay right now? Well you can by using a site called
This site shows you the most “watched” items on eBay and you can select various countries and categories or you can enter a “keyword” to see what is popular right now; it also shows the number of items sold.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Another feature of Watchcount is the ability to see the popular “search terms” being entered into eBay. This is a goldmine when you drill down into the results.
There are many other features that can lead you down various rabbit holes, I tend to just use the category search and sometimes the popular “search items” functions.
With watchcount, you not only find the fish, you also discover exactly what they are feeding on. (Please refer to the video training for a more in-depth walkthrough of Watchount and the other research sites).
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Looking at the above you can see number of watchers as well as the total number of past sales!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Other Research Sites and Tools etc.
If you will be selling on eBay™ or Amazon™ then the one of the BEST investments you can make is in a good quality research tool.
The best ones aren’t free; however, many offer a free trial and most then offer a monthly subscription based on the LEVEL you choose.
There are a number of tools you can use and whilst some seem very similar there are others that stand head and shoulder above the rest.
These tools can be the difference between a part-time “hobby” income or a fulltime income and maybe the catalyst to creating a highly successful six figure or more business.
I would always suggest learning about the basic methods of making money selling physical products first, make regular sales and build both your bank and your confidence before signing up for one of these sites.
Remember: Our “goal” is ALWAYS to be in a 100% cash positive position, so we ONLY invest from the earnings we make. DO NOT fall into the shiny object syndrome trap like so many others!
These TOOLS are NOT essential to begin making money; however, once you have built up a good income stream you may wish to consider using these to increase your chances of success.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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This is perhaps the grand-daddy of ALL eBay™ research tools. They also offer an Amazon™ research function within their “Professional” Plan.
With Terapeak you can dig into sales history going back as far as 365 days, you can legally “spy” on your competitors, see the average selling prices of items, and track products to monitor demand and also the best day and even time of day to post your listings.
There are some fantastic features for established sellers and once you have built up your income from your selling activities I’d recommend you grab a free trial of Terapeak and also check out their training webinars on YouTube!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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NOTE: Please check their FAQ’s and Support forums to ensure your country is covered by this tool! This is 100% USA functional, so if you are based in the USA this a GREAT tool for you.
Currently the subscription price is $19.95 per month.
There are numerous other tools you can check out to; however, I simply wanted to share these with you so you are aware there are other ways of researching rather than having to carry out research manually.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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How to Research Manually
The truth is there is NO real magical way to research potential profitable items, there is; however, a way to improve your chances of tapping into a best seller or even something that shifts a lot of units making you a nice regular income.
You will uncover products and suppliers where you will be able to make $100+ profit and that’s great, although you will soon discover those items take a lot longer to sell and your MAIN income earners will be those that return a profit of between $5 and $35 profit per item.
So when researching items DO NOT ignore them for only having a small profit margin as with a fair wind these items are often the ones that sell hundreds of units.
Note: Always make sure you allow for ANY costs that you may incur when selling an item, these may be listing costs in eBay™ or Amazon™, PayPal fees, shipping costs (we always try to avoid these where possible) or any other “expense” that may be incurred.
There are fee calculators available at eBay™, Amazon™ and PayPal™ that you can use to calculate your potential costs.
Here’s some basic math for you:
Source price = $15.00 (the price you can BUY the item for)
Selling Price = $29.95 (the price you can SELL the item for)
Costs = $ 7.50 (selling fee’s etc – this is an example only!)
Profit = $ 7.45 (what you earn as income before taxes)
In the example above we are making $7.45 every time we sell this item before any income tax etc.
The key is to be organised and TRACK your potential and active items that you are selling.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Keeping Track
Before we go through the process of Manual Research, I’d like to prompt you to consider how you are going to stay organised and keep track of your business.
I personally like to set up a Dropbox folder for each month and within that folder I then set up sub-folders and then save my relevant documents something like this…
This means not only do I have everything organised and tracked, it is saved to the “cloud” so I can access the information from anywhere and on any device I have set up.
I also have Dropbox downloaded onto my computers so I can save “locally” and then Dropbox “auto sync’s” my files and folders up to my account.
Believe me staying organised like this really keeps you focused and also allows you to look back through previous months “research” files where you may just find the price has changed and you’ve a Winner on your hands!
Note: I use Dropbox because I have an account with 2TB of space available.
Classified Add Sites
Physical Products Biz
Docs Etc
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Google Drive (It’s FREE!)
If you have a Google Drive account you can create an “online” workspace where you can set up your tracking files and folders and also utilise the numerous apps available that will allow you to track, find and schedule things easily.
You get 15GB of storage FREE which is more than enough to begin with and you can always increase your limit as your business grows.
The bottom line, the more organised you are the MORE successful you are going to be!
The use of SPECIFIC folders and tracking documents such as MS Excel or Google Sheets and “note taking” documents such as MS Word or Google Docs will ensure you have all the information you require at your fingertips.
Note: once your business grows you can also use Google Drive to collaborate and share “folders” , “sheets” and “docs” with your outsource staff, this really adds POWER to your business!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Here’s an example of a Google Sheet that I use for tracking. This is what I would use for product that I have chosen to sell only.
As you can see it’s NOT rocket science to create a simple tracking sheet like this; however, being organised from the get-go will ensure your have a clear view of exactly where your business is at any given point. The comments are quite self-explanatory, the first column is the Product ASIN that you will find against products in Amazon, don’t worry I’ll explain this in more detail as we progress. (We DO NOT always use Amazon!)
For research I like to use a Google Doc or MS Word document as that also allows me to add the product image, for example.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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I’m restricted on how I can show the TRUE value of using Google Docs to record your sheets within this document; however, in the videos I walk through exactly how I do my research and how I use the built in features within Google Docs to speed up my research.
Using Google Docs has reduced my research time drastically.
Using these tools and my research methods I can easily find 50 or more products each morning that are suitable for listing on eBay™ or selling on another site etc.
NOTE: Once you have grasped the concept of HOW to research you could easily outsource this function and have your outsourcer(s) upload their “finds” into a shared folder on Google Drive!
If you use Google Docs to carry out and record your product research, there is a “research” bar on the right hand side that allows you to research at the same time.
This is a fantastic tool to use!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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I use the Amazon ASIN number to track ALL the products I source from Amazon. This number is specific to each item and ensures I find the EXACT item I am looking for rather than relying on the product name.
The ASIN can be found within the product description and also in the URL – Web Address Bar as shown below
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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How To Research Like a BOSS – Me in this case 
These are the EXACT methods I use to research suitable products and I’ve found it the BEST way to really drill down into some winners that I can source for a decent price and then sell for a good profit.
My first port of call is ALWAYS Amazon. As I’m in the UK I use; however, these methods work on ALL Amazon sites around the World.
The process here is VERY simple; all we are trying to do is to use the “recommended” keywords from Amazon to drill further into the results and Amazon return the most searched for keywords at that time.
Note: These results change often so please DO NOT forget to use the same SEED keyword daily to see the NEW results generated. – A “seed” keyword is basically the starting point to generate more “specific” or long-tail keywords making it “easier” to target the exact products people are searching for.
SEED Keyword: Dog – very vague
1st Result: Dog Basket – slightly more specific
2nd Result: Dog Basket for small dogs – VERY specific
NEVER use an Amazon PRIME account when using these methods. I always recommend if you have Amazon PRIME to set up another account without PRIME.
The reason(s) will become clear as we go through the rest of this workbook
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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I’ll lay out the steps first and then show you some screen shots so you can see the results I am seeing.
Step 1 – Choose a “niche” keyword, this is your “seed” keyword!
Step 2 – Enter the “keyword” in Amazon search bar with a “space” after the word.
Step 3 – Make a note of the TOP three “keyword results”. (You can always return to this Step and grab even more potential keywords later if you wish).
Step 4 – Take the TOP “keyword” and enter this in the Amazon search bar again leaving a “space”.
Step 5 – “Click” on the TOP result
Step 6 – “scroll” down and on the Left Hand Side of the Amazon results page look for the “check” box that says “FREE Delivery from Amazon”. It is in the “refine by” section. Check that box.
Step 7 – scroll down again and select the “Average Customer Review” 4 stars and up – we are looking for BEST sellers here that customers have reviewed highly. We only want to promote TOP selling products.
Step 8 – Select the “products” that are priced for FREE shipping only. NOTE: in the UK we get FREE shipping on orders over £10.00, in the USA it is free shipping on orders over $35.00, In Canada it is free shipping via their Super Saver Shipping for eligible products over $25.00. You will be able to find the FREE shipping limit via your local Amazon site.
Side Note: Even though we may choose a different “source” for the product I always start by searching Amazon in this way and then I may “uncheck” the “free shipping” option to discover even more potential products.
Step 9 – Select the TOP products from that page that are above the “minimum” value and qualify for free shipping and then enter these in your Google Doc or MS Word or other Word Processing document as shown above.
Step 10 – Now do the same for the other “top three keywords” you discovered in Step 3 above.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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When you research like this you will NEVER be stuck for product ideas and if you set aside dedicated “research time” you will be able to discover at least 50 GOOD products that you can sell within 15 to 30 minutes.
The main benefit of this exercise is you are uncovering POPULAR products that sell on Amazon which is a GREAT indication that people are probably actively searching for these products on OTHER sites etc!
Here is the “seed” keyword
Here are the search results from the 2nd search
In this instance the search returned 8 GREAT keyword phrases we can drill into. Note: I typically ignore the top two that have the orange writing after them.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Here are some “seed” keywords that I’ve had great success with in the past.
There are thousands more and you’ll soon discover your own successful “seed” words that you can drill into to create those “long tail” phrases buyers are using right now on Amazon.
Remember, stay organised and keep your research results in a file and folder where they are easy to find!
Please take the time to research at least 50 items as this will put you in a much better position for success going forward.
It’s not difficult to do; however, it’s the difference between a few dollars a day profit or a few hundreds even thousands per day profit!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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How To Research Like a BOSS – eBay Method.
So far we have used the inbuilt “search function” within Amazon to uncover potential profits that have GREAT ratings and feedback (above 4 stars), now I want to show you how to use eBay’s built in search function so you can once again drill down into BUYERS key phrases and find products that you may wish to sell.
The steps are similar to Amazon as we will start with a seed keyword and then drill down once again.
NOTE: For best results it is recommended you are logged into your eBay account. If you do not have one, please take the time to set one up now and then return to this section.
Once again I will lay out the steps first and then show you some screen shots so you can see the results I am seeing.
Step 1 – Choose a “niche” keyword, this is your “seed” keyword!
Step 2 – Enter the “keyword” in eBay search bar with a “space” after the word.
Step 3 – Make a note of the TOP three “keyword results”. Ignore the results that say “in” i.e. dog cage “in” Dog Supplies
Step 4 – Take the TOP “keyword” and enter this in the eBay search bar again leaving a “space” after the word.
Step 5 – “Click” on the TOP result
Step 6 – “scroll” down and on the Left Hand Side of the eBay results page look for the “check” box that says “Buy It Now”. It is in the “format” section. Check that box.
Step 7 – These results are the TOP selling results for that search term and will highlight what is HOT on eBay now.
Step 8 – Select the “products” that are priced over your local Amazon minimum price for FREE delivery. Enter these in your Google Doc or MS Word or other Word Processing document as we did before.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Here is the “seed” keyword
Here are the search results from the 2nd search
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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The REASON you want to be logged into your eBay account is so you can see the NUMBER of sales and also how many watchers.
Do you think this is a POPULAR product? 9,764 units sold, 2 sold in the past hour and over 2000 people currently watching this!
This is how you find EXACTLY what is selling and is HOT right now!
NOTE: TOP niches like the pet niche are notoriously difficult to break into successfully; however, with “some” effort and doing the EXACT opposite of everyone else you have a GREAT chance to uncover and sell items that can become MASSIVE winners!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Recap (and to catch our breaths)
So far we have discovered…
1) Buyers Perception of Value and WHY people shop the way they do.
2) How WE get paid simply for being the “middle man or woman”.
3) We’ve stepped into the World of Arbitrage and more specifically Physical Product or Retail Arbitrage in this section.
4) We know the Formula for SUCCESS* (see below)
5) We know how to discover WHAT people are looking to buy right now using “tools” and manual methods to carry out our research.
*Do this and make money… It’s “Stupidly Simple”
Part 1 – Identify the right products to sell.
Part 2 – Research potential suppliers where you can “source” the product that will allow a good margin for profit.
Part 3 – Place your advertisement or listing.
Part 4- Make sales (DO THIS FIRST!)
Part 5 – Order the product from your “source”.
Part 6 – Either the “supplier” ships direct to your customer or you ship the product to your customer (more on this later).
Part 7- Follow-up and make sure your customer has received their goods. Thank them once again for their order! (Don’t ignore this).
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Amazon to eBay Case Study
“Sourcing” products on Amazon and selling them on eBay is one of the simplest and most “hands-off” ways to make a great living from Arbitrage.
Here is an example of one of my popular items in November 2014.
As you can see I sold 15 units for £20 plus £3.20 shipping – ($30.47 plus $4.70)
My “cost” price was £9.09 and was shipped for free from this “seller” direct to my customers as a “gift” – more on this later.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Here’s a “breakdown” of the “per unit” stats.
Source price = £9.09 – how much I paid for the item
Selling Price = £23.20 (selling price plus additional money from postage)
Costs = £ 3.66 (selling fee’s etc)
Nett Profit = £10.45 Per Unit ($15.92)
Overall for 15 sales the figures were as follows…
Source price = £136.35
Sales Income = £348.20 – gross sales figure
Costs = £ 50.00 (selling fee’s etc)
Nett Profit = £161.65 (That’s $246.25 USD profit)
So as you can see from the figures above, you don’t have to be selling hundreds of items to begin earning a decent income; however, the MORE listings you have on eBay the more chance you have of success.
Profit is PROFIT! You don’t need to be making $20 plus profit per item to make a great income, as long as you are making a NETT profit get the item listed and do not try to compete with others on pricing!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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The EXACT Process I Use To Sell From Amazon To eBay
“Quality over quantity” has always been my moto in everything I do online. Sure the MORE listings you have on eBay means the more chance of success; however, I’d rather have MORE of the RIGHT listings online so I’m not wasting my time and effort listing something that may not sell.
That is why I have spent so much time in the previous section to ensure you grasp the “concept” of researching the “in-demand” items.
Before we go into the EXACT “how-to” there are a couple of things you are going to need.
1) An eBay account. You don’t need to be fancy here, a personal eBay account will work just fine in the beginning; however, once you begin to sell regularly I would urge you to switch to a business account.
2) A PayPal account, this is so you can accept instant payments so you are receiving the money from the sale before you are ordering the products. Again in the beginning you can use a personal PayPal account; however, as your business grows and your sales volume increases I would recommend setting up a Premier or Business PayPal account.
3) A basic Amazon account WITHOUT Amazon Prime. –We NEVER ship from Amazon via PRIME as this will get your account flagged and you WILL lose your PRIME benefits.
Details on how to set up the accounts below are in the accompanying Workbook “eBay, Amazon, PayPal guide”.
Note: I’d urge you to carry out your own due diligence regarding trading as an individual, setting up a company or any other commercial entity as the laws and regulations differ from country to country.
Likewise, I’d recommend you check out the information regarding the use of PayPal and eBay to ensure you conform to their Terms of Service and Terms of Conditions/User Agreements.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Step By Step Process
I’ve carried out my research and have my 50 plus products that I will be listing on eBay.
So let’s go list our product on eBay with a TWIST 
Here’s my research item:
This item was uncovered on selling for between £65 and £95, that’s $98 USD and $146 USD.
NOTE: We typically ONLY sell items that are shipped FREE from Amazon.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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164 units sold, 40 people watching. Selling price £95.99
Same pan set for sale on for only £49.99, that’s a GROSS profit of £46.00 or $70 USD!
My first “test” listing will be priced the same as the MAIN competitor, £95.99 and I will monitor it for 48 hours and if no sales during that period I will reduce my price.
The FIRST thing I am going to do is create another folder within my Dropbox/Google Drive Monthly eBay folder and simply save it as the product name.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Next, I will grab the images from and save these within this folder.
To do this I simply right click on the image and “save image as” and then save in that folder. I do this with ALL the images shown in the Amazon description.
Once I have ALL the images downloaded, I do one of two things.
1) Remove the white background as MOST of my competitors simply use the STOCK images so the bulk of the eBay listings look the same.
2) Overlay my images on a “relevant” image or add other relevant images onto the product image.
We want our listings to STAND OUT.
I use Photoshop to remove the backgrounds; however, you could use free programmes such as GIMP, or even free sites such as or
Can you guess which listing is mine below?
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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From the previous image you can see MOST of the other sellers are simply using the stock images and they end up causing “image blindness”.
By spending a few minutes to “tweak” the main product image our listings STAND OUT from the crowd and “catch” the eye of our potential customers.
There’s nothing complicated about removing image backgrounds and adding a simple border to one of the stock images and then pasting these on a “related” image; however, taking the time to learn and apply this could be the difference between one or two sales or MANY sales!
It’s these “little” things that make a LOT of difference.
You should treat your eBay listing the same as any other marketing medium; however, DO NOT use sales jargon or any kind of “hype”, I’ve discovered this actually turns people off and can cost you sales.
Instead provide CLEAR product information and “re-purpose” the copy you find in both Amazon and on eBay. Do not simply copy your competitors listing verbatim.
Again we want to stand out from the rest of the pack where possible.
You should always TEST elements of your listings until you discover what converts best for you.
Test the product title, images, main headline and the copy within the listing itself. Check out those advertisers who are making a LOT of sales and take note of everything they are doing!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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How to price for profit
Two subjects always arise whenever I’m teaching my students how to do Amazon to eBay marketing.
1) What price should I sell my products for?
2) How much are the listing fee’s on eBay?
Let me answer question 2 first and I will do so by providing you with two other great tools/sites that I use to ensure I have enough margin for profit built into my pricing structure.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Currently Salecalc only works for (USA) and and like ALL tools it is important you take the time to understand how it works and how to ensure you get accurate information out of it.
eCal is another great tool and unlike salecalc it also works for users from Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.
The interface isn’t as “slick” as salecalc and it isn’t as intuitive; however, there is a good “help” section that will walk you through exactly how to use the tool.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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This leads nicely back to Question 1 – What price should I sell my products for?
The simple answer is…
“You sell your product for whatever your potential customers are willing to pay”!
Ok that may be TOO simple; however, I see so many people, trying to compete on “price” and it leaves them with little or NO margin to make a decent profit.
Here’s a VERY simplified pricing formula that has worked well for me.
Day 1 – List your item for the same price as your highest competitor for the same product.
Day 3 – Reduce your price by 5% (if no sales only)
Day 5 – Reduce your price by another 5% (providing you have enough margin built into your price)
Don’t be in a rush to discount your prices too early as you may miss the “sweet spot”. This is the price-point where not only are you getting the bulk of your sales; you are also getting a good margin of profit.
You can repeat the 48 hour price reduction until it no longer makes viable sense as there is NO profit left in the item.
As long as I’m making 10% profit or more I will list that product!
NOTE: if a product isn’t selling simply, delist the item, move on, find another product to list and forget about the ones that are not making you money. I would also suggest removing listings over 7 days old that a) have not made sales or b) do not have at least 15 “watchers” – people who have “clicked” to watch the item in the off chance they may buy.
You will learn to be ruthless with your listings and replace the duds with fresh listings that may just be the ones your potential customers are going to snap up!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Congratulations you’ve made a sale…
There is no feeling quite like making your first sale!
Because you have set yourself up for success and “organised” your business as shown in the previous sections, fulfilling the order will take you under 5 minutes! (Please take the time to get organised)
Simply refer back to your research folder and locate the item and you’ll have all the information needed to find the product in Amazon, especially if you have used the product ASIN number within a spreadsheet.
Simply enter the ASIN number in the Amazon Search bar and hit “enter”
You’ll be taken to the EXACT product you have listed and sold so there is ZERO chance of sending the wrong item to your new customer.
Next we are going to place the order.
I’ve said this before; however, it is important you understand WHY you should NEVER use an Amazon Prime account for shipping.
Amazon will BLOCK your PRIME benefits and may even close your account if they see you “drop-shipping” from your PRIME account. This is why I always recommend setting up another, non-prime account.
There are NO restrictions with a non-prime account and we simply order products as a “gift” that way there is no “Amazon Invoice” included in the packaging.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Once you have found the product in Amazon, the ordering process could NOT be simpler; however, there are FEW things you MUST do to ensure a seamless order and delivery process.
Step 1 – Add To Basket
Step 2 – Check the box “This order contains a gift”
Step 3 – Proceed to Checkout
Step 4- ADD a NEW delivery address (these details are from the eBay order details when you make a sale. NOTE: add YOUR telephone number!
Step 5 – Click on “deliver to this address”
Step 6 – At the top of page “Select Gift Options”, make sure you “check” the “hide prices on the packing list for this purchase”
Step 7 – Click on FREE shipping option
Step 8 – Complete the order and pay.
(Remember, since we have been paid FIRST we already have the funds in PayPal).
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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How simple was that?
It literally takes two minutes per order and I do TWO order runs per day. Typically I will place my morning orders before 4pm and my afternoon orders later that day by 9pm.
NEVER delay an order, always place your order as soon as you can to ensure your customer receives their goods FAST. This will benefit your business as they are more likely to leave a POSITIVE feedback and this DOES improve your chances of selling more long-term.
Follow Up
This is a VERY important step; however, MANY people do not do this and as a result they may receive refunds/returns are poor reviews.
I wait until 1 day after they have received the goods and email the buyer with this message.
“Hi it’s (your first name),
I just wanted to drop you a message to thank you for buying (product name) and to make sure you are fully happy with your purchase.
We’ve had great feedback about (product name) and we are sure you are going to be 100% satisfied with your decision to buy.
If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, please let us know and we’ll be sure to take action.
Once again thank you for your purchase.
Kind regards (your full name)
PS – If you know anyone else who would LOVE (product name) please feel free to tell them about your purchase and direct them to our listing, thank you! 
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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That “little” message has done wonders for my sales, and reduced any customer complaints; in fact I have 100% Positive Feedback on ALL of my eBay accounts, which DEFINITELY reflects on my sale success!
Stupidly Simple works EVERY time!
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Beyond Amazon
What I LOVE about Physical Product Arbitrage is the freedom to “source” items from numerous suppliers where I can SELL first then order and either they ship the goods direct to my customer or I take care of the shipping.
Some of these suppliers can be found online and others could be right on your doorstep.
NEVER underestimate the POWER of the obvious.
Here’s a case in point…
Amazon had ran out of a certain product, so I simply copied the product name into a Google search and lo and behold here was the same product priced even cheaper, what’s more the company did FREE shipping with 24 hour delivery within the UK.
I’ve used this method several times now and now I search the “shopping” results of Google almost as often as I search Amazon!
You’ll uncover NUMEROUS suppliers who are more than happy to ship the items for you as a “gift” without the invoice inside the package, just as we do when shipping items from Amazon.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Don’t forget to check out “Budget Retailers”, you’ll be amazed at the prices and the potential for profit!
Here’s a list of my FAVOURITE online sites to grab bargains that can be sold for great profits on eBay. Most offer discounted and even FREE delivery and they WILL ship as gifts, many times in plain packaging.
Home Depot
Dollar General
Freds Super Dollar
JC Penney
Home Bargains
Home Discount
This Is It Stores
There’s way too many to list; however, if you do a Google search for “discount stores” and your country you’ll soon uncover some real hidden gems!
Remember when it comes to pricing, profit is profit and also start your prices at a HIGHER price and reduce ONLY of the product hasn’t sold after 48 hours.
NOTE: When doing Retail Arbitrage like this it is VERY important you factor in any and all shipping costs. Each store will have their own shipping charges and you should ensure you factor that into your overall pricing.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Retail Arbitrage Case Study.
My daughter and I were sitting down chatting one day and I asked her what TOY she thought I should sell in the run up to Christmas.
Without hesitation she said “minions, talking minions”!
Unless you’ve been living in a cave you’ve probably seen these little yellow bodied characters EVERYWHERE. They were and still are VERY popular.
Here’s the thing…
I quickly searched eBay to see how much they were and how well they were selling. WOW! I couldn’t believe my eyes, check this out!
This guy had sold 880 of these “Minions” at £41.99 each!
So I went “scouting” around the online discount stores and within minutes I had uncovered TWO retailers who had these is stock and better still they were retailing them for only £24.99. I double checked their stock levels by contacting their local branches and five minutes later I had created my eBay listing.
Within three hours I had sold a Minion Stuart and a Minion Dave to the same customer 
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
Page 62 of 65 © Copyright WPYO Ltd
As you can see I priced them at £45.99 each. Yes I priced my items HIGHER than the other seller on purpose.
I actually went to the local store and collected these and then shipped them myself which cost me £4.30 each in postage (recorded delivery).
Here’s the full breakdown
Sale Price £45.99
Cost Price £24.99
Postage £ 4.30
Fees £ 6.71
NETT Profit £ 9.99 EACH
These continued to sell right through until around mid-January when the other “sellers” decided to get into a price war and lower their prices.
Stupidly Simple no UP FRONT costs and I received payment before I had to collect and ship, how much easier can it get?
Right now there are THOUSANDS of products waiting for YOU to go and uncover them.
Following what I have shared you could be making GREAT profits within 12 to 24 hours, all you have to do is learn and apply and just keep listing items, after all there is NO costs involved only your time.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Q “Won’t people complain that they are getting their items from Amazon?”
A You may “rarely” get a customer who will ask this; however, my stock response is “we also sell on Amazon and we choose them to ship the goods as they typically arrive with you much quicker”.
Q “will Amazon get upset with me effectively using them to drop-ship the products to my customers on eBay?”
A Definitely NOT as long as you DO NOT order through your Amazon PRIME account they will be more than happy to do so.
Q “What is your typical profit per product?”
A I don’t really have a “typical profit” as it all depends on the demand of the product and how much I can source it for. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a minimum of 10% NETT profit.
Q “What happens if my customer doesn’t receive their items?”
A Great question! The simple answer is, Amazon use shipping companies who provide “tracking” information so you’ll be able to see EXACTLY where the product is. I recommend updating your customers with this tracking information as soon as you receive it. This serves two purposes 1) your customer can see the item has been dispatched and 2) they KNOW you are using tracking information which reduces the possibility of “fraud”. Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people in the World who will say they never received the product. However, remember you have “buyer” protection from Amazon and also “seller” protection from PayPal should a dispute arise.
NOTE: If you are shipping products yourself ALWAYS send the packages recorded or special delivery so your customer has to sign on delivery. It costs slightly more than normal postage; however, it is well worth it for the peace of mind it provides.
Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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Phil Henderson presents… Stupidly Simple Arbitrage
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