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Welcome and thank you for purchasing this amazing guide. After a few minutes of reading, you’ll know you received a great deal. This method has been tried, tested and proven to return results! We made this guide as short and concise as possible without skipping any detail. So let’s get to it!
Table of Contents Introduction Overview Requirements Method Optimization Scaling
Traffic Sources Profitable Countries Common mistakes Advice
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Many marketers approach CPA marketing with this concept:
Traffic—Landing Page—Offer— Affiliate Network—Commission
Not only is that process exhausting, but also more risky. As marketers, we aim for the lowest risk possible. This strategy is much more simple, with an approach such as:
Traffic  Commission
Making this strategy perfect for marketers who don’t like: creating landing pages, finding new angles, writing sales copy, dealing with affiliate networks, picking offers and all the other tedious work needed to prepare an offer. That’s everyone right?
Strategy Overview: You will be sending tons of cheap traffic to various CPA offers optimized and managed by a company called YTZ International. Your main goal is to find the cheapest human traffic and optimize it for the best ROI. YTZ monetizes over 200 different countries, so there are plenty to choose from. In short, you’ll be turning every advertising $1 into $2+ commission.
Requirements: Free account with YTZ international. Free account with Voluum tracking. Free account with DNTX, Zeropark and 50onRed (to start out with, more later on). At least $500 to start buying traffic.
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Step 1. Create a publisher account with YTZ International.
It may take a couple days to get accepted, but you shouldn’t have any issues. (Skip to step 3 while you wait)
Step 2. Create a campaign.
Once you get accepted, login and create a new campaign.
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Select yes to tracking by domain names on the next screen. Now wait until campaign is approved.
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Step 3. Open advertising account with Zeropark and DNTX
This shouldn’t be hard.
Zeropark manually verifies new accounts, so be available for verification. Also, you need at least $200 to fund your account, don’t worry you’ll see results with that $200.
DNTX shouldn’t be hard either. Their minimum deposit is $50, but I recommend you start with at least $100. The more the better.
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Step 4. Open Voluum account. (Start with the free account.)
You’ll need a paid account as you progress with this method.
Step 5. Create a campaign in Voluum.
First, we need to set your postback URL in YTZ. Login into your Voluum account and click on the settings icon then select the setup tab.
Scroll down to your server-to-server postback URL.
Default server-to-server postback URL in Voluum
http://???? PTIONAL&txid=OPTIONAL
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Copy your link.
Paste it into the YTZ postback link section.
Insert {SUB1} after cid=
Insert {REVENUE} after payout=
Delete &txid=OPTIONAL
(See pic above)
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5.1 Setting up campaign in Voluum.
Return to your Voluum account and select add affiliate network.
Do the same for DNTX via the traffic source tab. Zeropark does not need to added, since Voluum owns them.
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Now select create a new campaign.
I’ll be sharing a campaign that has always made me money to get you started.
For this campaign group you’ll be tracking Norway, Finland, Malaysia and Singapore.
Create a separate campaign for each country.
I named the first campaign in Voluum, DNTX-NORWAY-YTZ RON.
I always name my campaigns so they are easy to find and segment because you’ll be creating many campaigns.
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Select Direct Linking then select New Offer
Insert your YTZ campaign link. (You get this after your YTZ campaign is approved.) Your campaign link will be used for all countries because YTZ redirects traffic to specific offers based on the detected country (country redirect). The only time you’ll need a new campaign link in YTZ, is when you use a different traffic type. So you can use the same link for all the countries you test with Zeropark and DNTX.
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{clickid} has to be the first sub id {s1} for tracking to work properly!
I also track the IP address in YTZ just in case. Voluum will automatically track everything else.
(See offer pic above) Save the offer.
Now copy your Voluum tracking link.
Step 6. Set up campaigns in DNTX and Zeropark.
Again, the key to this strategy is to send traffic from different countries then optimize them for the highest ROI. The most important part in finding profitable countries is your data. Start with one or two traffic sources and master them. This campaign will generate revenue, as well as get you familiar with this method and analyzing data.
YTZ monetizes all types of traffic: search, banner, pop-ups, pop- unders, mobile, direct navigation, email, SEO, dating, you name it. To start out, we’ll be focusing on direct navigation as it tends to have the highest conversion rate on cold traffic.
Create a new campaign in DNTX.
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Leave those options as is.
I usually manually start and stop my campaigns, but you can set up day parting if you want. Select the times and days as shown above if you are in the central time zone. I had the best ROI MONDAY-SATURDAY from 12:30am-7am central standard time. For example, it would be around 8am-2pm in Norway, 9am-3pm Finland, 2pm-8pm Malaysia and Singapore. (See pic above) However, with new countries you should run your campaign as
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long as possible throughout the day for a week for good data, so you can optimize effectively.
Next set your daily budget. I recommend $25-50 to start so you can gather some data and see what’s converting the best. (More info on this later)
De-select “include tablets” and target Norway, Finland, Singapore, and Malaysia. These were my control countries
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Start with a bid that is slightly higher than the minimum bid, otherwise traffic will be really scarce (ignore the High Bid). Paste your Voluum tracking link from the previous step. Complete!
Create separate campaigns for each country. This will make things easy to manage.
You can set the same campaign in Zeropark. Zeropark has much more traffic available, more specifically poor traffic that you’ll have to filter through (don’t worry its easy). However, Zeropark is a goldmine once you have your campaigns optimized. I’ll go over optimization next.
Now you have one campaign that will generate commissions.
To sum this section up: you are creating campaigns in DNTX and Zeropark,
sending traffic from the 4 countries I gave you. All traffic is being sent to your
YTZ campaign link. From there you just wait for conversions to come in then
optimize, repeat and scale.
Target whatever countries you want to test at any time. You have over 200 to choose from. There are so many possibilities here to make easy money with this CPA method.
Take a look at one of my weeks. (11 days to be exact)
(Sometimes YTZ reports a country as XX or AA, make sure you coordinate your stats with your tracking.)
When trying to optimize cost, the two most importatnt factors are CPM and RPM.
RPM= revenue per thousand visitors CPM= cost per thousand visitors
It should be obvious that you want a high RPM and low CPM.
So, YTZ is paying me $8.64 for every 1000 visitors I send from the US. My job is to make sure that I pay less than $7.00 for those thousand visitors or $.007 per visit, so that I have a reasonable profit.
One thing to know is that YTZ only tracks unique visitors, so there will be a discrepancy between your tracking stats and YTZ report. I found that the average was 10-15%
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Next, optimizing traffic.
Optimizing traffic is very easy with Voluum, after you have a decent amount of data. The key areas that you want to look are:
Hours of the Day Days of the Week Browser Type
These are the most common parameters you can filter with most traffic
Now, take a look at my stats from a very small campaign I ran. (Norway)
Notice my conversions came in the morning hours. If I ran this campaign for a week, I would definitely see an hourly pattern that I could capitalize on. Also, notice the non-converting hours as they provide insight on other countries in the same time zone. Remember, your data can often times be used for other countries.
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In Zeropark, you have the option to manually bid on targets. This is great, but also time consuming when you have a larger campaign.
After you have gathered data, you can simply go into Zeropark and cut the losing targets.
Important! As soon as you find a pattern in your data, implement it into your campaign and stick to it until it fails or you find a better pattern from your data. I found after a week or two of data (over 10,000 visitors) patterns form, allowing you be to create a precise campaign and eliminate losses.
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There are two types of scaling, Vertical scaling and Horizontal scaling.
With vertical scaling you simply increase your campaign budget to get as much traffic as possible. This type of scaling is best used when you’re optimizing landing pages and other back end areas. Since we are only optimizing the traffic, vertical scaling is not the most effective.
In my own experience when trying to vertically scale a campaign with this method, I found I was actually buying all the traffic I was optimizing against. There won’t be a plethora of traffic for every country and buying it all won’t necessarily make you the most money.
With horizontal scaling you take an optimized campaign and run it across many traffic sources, keeping a similar budget per campaign. This allows you to get diverse traffic.
For example, say you have a campaign that gets the most conversions Monday thru Thursdays between 12pm-4pm on desktop computers with Chrome browsers..etc. This data is not limited to the one source because this is data about internet users in that specific country. This campaign will more than likely perform the same on a different traffic source.
I found it easier to maintain a $20-$50 a day profit campaign (per country), than trying to get $200-$300+ a day profit campaigns. Not only do such campaigns require a much higher budget, but also if the campaign goes bad you are left with a big loss, which has happened to me.
I became satisfied with $20-$50 a day because it would only take 3-5 optimized countries to hit $60-$250 profit overall per day with minimal risk.
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Traffic Sources That Work:
2. Zeropark
3. Popads
4. Wigetmedia
5. 50onRed
6. Media Traffic
7. Revenue Hits
8. AdOn Network
9. Traffic Match
10. 7 Search
11. Affinity ( In-domain ads)
12. Infinity Ads
13. Trellian (I’ve done limited testing with this network)
14. eDomz (I’ve done limited testing with this network)
15. CPMoz (I’ve done limited testing with this network)
These are just a few good ones, but don’t them all at once. That would be a costly mistake.
Dating Networks To Sign-up 1. Slut Roulette 2. Live Free Fun 3. Catholic Soulmates 4. PinkWink Lesbian Dating 5. 6. OutPersonals 7. CharmingDate
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Other CPA Networks To Promote:
Here is a list of other CPA networks, sign up and look for dating websites to promote and apply to the method.
Some Countries That Work:
1. Norway
2. Finland
3. Singapore
4. Malaysia
5. Sweden
5. Australia
6. Canada (mainly with Zeropark)
7. France
8. Belgium
9. India
10. Brazil
Again, this a very small list of countries that are profitable. Simply test any country you choose.
Common mistakes:
The biggest mistake I ran into with this method was managing my overall budget. I would set a daily budget of $100, then suddenly I would get a good amount of conversions and my ROI skyrockets. So the next day I’d be excited and raise my budget to $500-$600, but the results weren’t as expected. The next day I’d lowered my budget to $50, I kept repeating this pattern for a couple weeks, until I was losing too much money. I got back on a consistent budget and followed my data accordingly. That’s when I started to see a consistent ROI.
Key Lesson: Follow your data, even when you have really good days. Your data (best conversion times, browsers, countries, etc.) is your money. Be consistent. If you’re fluctuating your budget constantly, then your data will give you bad patterns that will cost you!
Another common mistake is, cutting new countries too soon. In the beginning, I was testing many countries and if a country had no conversions after the first day or two, I’d cut it. It just so happens that my testing days were the non-converting days for that country.
Key Lesson: Run new countries consistently for one week. I also noticed that I didn’t start seeing conversions until after 800-1,500 visitors.
Here’s a little advice before I send you off.
• Stay in contact with Kate Porter the Account Manager for
• Make a monthly budget, and STICK TO IT, as YTZ pays
• Remember, small gains add up to large gain.
• Only test new countries when have 1-5 working countries, this will help you maintain your set budget.
• Don’t give up on this method, but do not cling to a country that is inconsistent and costly.
1. Create a publisher account with YTZ
2. Create an account with Voluum for tracking
3. Create advertising accounts with DNTX and Zeropark
4. Create campaigns in YTZ, Voluum and DNTX
5. Set up post back URL
6. Run campaign for one week
7. Analyze data to find patterns to implement into campaigns
8. Optimize campaigns
9. Scale horizontally by finding more traffic sources to run optimized campaigns on.
10. Continue to analyze and optimize
11. Test new countries
12. And of course repeat (6-10)
After one week you’ll have enough data to start optimizing your campaign. Test different countries and be consistent. This is the key to success with this method. You WILL see results, if you follow this guide. You’ll have great days, good days and bad days. Its all part of online marketing.
Well, thanks again for purchasing this guide. You should definitely make your money back and more. Good Luck! Go make some easy money.
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