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List Building Messiah How To (LEGALLY) Use Content Created By Other People To Build Your Email List In Any Niche And Make $5-$100 Daily In The Process
Mk Akan
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Short Introduction
Hi my name is Mk Akan.
Before I started building a list, I was scared of so many things.
The main fear was …fear of not being a guru.
This made me delay building my list.
Fortunately I began building a list after a while …and these 2 secrets helped me OUT. Read it and take action.
2 Way To Legally Use Content Created By Other People To Build A List In Any Niche And Make Money At The Same Time
Most people who want to build a list believe they have to be called experts before they can do so.
Well you don’t.
One can still build an email list by positioning yourself as a newbie…or you can position your emails to your list as a documentary of your journey.
Here’s are the 2 ways to do it.
Method 1
The Hero’s Journey
When I was interested in creating an IPhone app, i signed up on an email list of a guy who started a blog…and positioned his emails list as information about his mistakes, discovery and journey.
He had not created an app already…but promised to share his discoveries and mistakes and successes to subscribers.
He was not an expert with building apps…but he positioned himself differently and got me as a subscriber.
You can do the same if you are just starting out in a niche…or if you are scared of calling yourself an expert.
In the first email you send your subscriber tell them you are not a guru …but you are just starting out, so you’re chronicling your journey.
Tell them you’ll reveal anything you find useful via email.
And this will help them avoid mistakes.
Tell them you will try things out in the niche and report results to them.
In the process, you can share articles you read online, courses you have bought and anything you find interesting and related to the topic.
This can work in any niche.
Method 2
The Curator Method
You can position yourself as a curator in your market place- as someone who reads about a subject and shares your discoveries with subscribers.
You can mail them articles you read, books you read, paid courses you have studied and videos (etc)…all around the subject.
So in your first email tell subscribers you are not a guru.
But you spend time studying the subject or niche daily.
And because of that you usually find helpful tips and advice from many sources and will share it with them.
This makes it possible for you to share anything around that niche to subscribers …whether it was written by you or by another person.
So YouTube videos, articles, books and courses can be emailed to subscribers.
You do not copy anyone anyone’s work.
All you do is summarize whatever you read in 1 sentence then send that mail with a link.
You’ll see the sample emails in the email folder.
You job now is to help subscribers get the best information about the subject.
With these 2 strategies, you don’t have to be a world renowned expert to build a list…you can position yourself differently and still get people interested to join YOU.
You can even combine the 2 strategies and use it to send emails to your list.
See the exact blueprint below.
The Step By Step Blueprint
Step 1
Pick A Profitable Niche
Everything starts with a niche. You need to pick a niche with people who have needs and have money to pay for it.
Think volumes of people and people who have money to pay for things.
Pick a niche with many offers and products in the market.
This training is not about niches so I’ll stop there.
If you love to learn more about picking niches, check the bottom of this page for a link to my products on picking niches.
Step 2
Pick 5-10 Experts In The Niche
Depending on the niche, there are usually people in it before you.
They may be well known and are called experts or gurus.
Pick a number of them who have these 2 things-Content and offers.
You will use their content to create your emails and will also promote their offers.
So go to or (any affiliate plaform)…and search for your niche keywords.
Click open the offers and find out if they have blogs, YouTube channels etc.
You can also search Google using your keyword. Click open the results, land on their sites, and then check if they have offers.
Just make sure you pick 5- 10 people who are well known or fairly well know…who have offers and content.
Sign up and join their affiliate programs.
Write their names and websites down on a notepad.
You’ll need it for the emails.
Step 3
Open the Email Template Bonus Document
I have added an email template to this course titled – Email Templates. It’s in Microsoft word and notepad format.
Open it. This is where you will write out all the emails to be sent to your subscribers.
I have arranged how the emails should be sent and have done some work for you. Start by adding your name or editing it to your taste.
Leave it open and do the next step.
Step 4
Pick One Expert And Study Him /Her
Now it’s time to started doing some work. Head to the content of one of the gurus you have already picked. (Blog, YouTube channel, podcast).
Read an article, Watch a video or Listen to a podcast.
When you are done, pick 3- 5 of the most valuable content and write out a 1 sentence summary of what the content is about.
Here’s an example. If you are in the golf niche and you just watched a video about putting, you can write this.
This article (video, whatever) reveals how one can putt golf balls using a new technique called balh blah.
Or whatever.
Do this for 3-5 articles or content created by that person.
Copy the link to the content, and then write these 1 sentence summaries under them.
Step 5
Modify The Email Template
Using the summaries of the content you just consumed, write out simple emails with links to the original articles.
See an example below using the golf niche.
This template is found in the email template file.
Subject- How To Putt Golf Balls Like A Pro
I just read a great article (or watched a video) showing how to (benefit of reading the article or video here)
It will help you (benefit).
Click here to go see it.
(Link to content)
Your name.
PS-there’re some more goodies from this guy/gal, I’ll share some more tomorrow or in a few days.
There is also a premium program to help you get better with your (niche).
More coming so stay tuned.
You can modify the email.
Do this for all the 3 – 5 articles you have read and summarised.
Step 6
Add The Emails To The Template
Add the emails you have written in the email file. You will now have 1 welcome email and 3-5 email from one expert.
The last 2 emails about the expert will be emails promoting his/her offer.
You’ll see how this is done using the email template file.
See an example below.
Subject- This is how to (benefit)
For the last few days you have read articles (videos) from (name of expert). Well, he has a premium program that will help you (benefit).
You can check it out here.
Link to program.
Ps- I got some more goodies coming a few days so stay tuned.
The last email from the expert will be a reminder about the offer.
You’ll see in the email template bonus.
Step 7
Create a Freebie To Giveaway
After you have set up all the emails and funnel, it’s time to create a freebie to give away.
You can do this in many ways.
Either you create it yourself or you get people do it for you.
You can even ask they experts you’re promoting to hand you a freebie. Most of them have rebrandable PDF freebies with your affiliate links.
They will willingly give it to you.
Use it build your list.
My bonus training talks more about this in details.
Upload this freebie to your website or even upload it on free sites like dropbox or Google drive.
Copy the download link of the freebie and place in the first email and the second email. (As the case may be)
See where to place in in the email template bonus file.
Step 8
Join An Email Marketing Service
You need an email marketing service to build a list. I use and recommend GetResponse.
Go here and sign up.
You’ll get a 1 month free trial.
I have added a bonus to this package that reveals how to set up your GetResponse account, setup your sign up forms, set up auto responders etc.
After the setup, copy and paste the emails you have written using the email template and queue them up.
Subscribers will receive these emails when they sign up.
I have shown how to do this in the GetResponse Setup Handbook.
Step 9
Build A Squeeze Page
There’re many tools for building squeeze page.
I have used many tools, but I now use Landing Page Monkey.
See it here - (aff)
It’s a tool that creates a squeeze page without you downloading anything.
They even host the squeeze page for you free. So you can build squeeze pages without buying a domain name or website.
You can use any other tool you like.
On the squeeze page, ensure to have a headline line connected to the free offer.
So if the free offer says, how to putt golf balls like a pro.
Make sure the squeeze page says the same thing. (Or something close).
See a sample squeeze page by LandingPageMonkey.
You can pick more gurus in the niche and slowly introduce subscribers to them and their articles. Then later promote products these gurus sell as an affiliate.
You can send subscribers to 3 articles written by a guru, then that same week promote products the guru sells.
At the same time, add you discoveries and experience. Help your subscribers and also make money.
The end.
Hope this Course has given you the confidence to start building your email list. Don’t delay. Step into action. Get started NOW.
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