Underground Traffic Source

Underground Traffic Source
That Gets You
High Quality Leads In ANY NICHE

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your purchase. I’m glad to have the opportunity to show you an underground place to
get genuine traffic to build your list in ANY NICHE YOU WANT! You don’t need to do keyword research
or look for solo sellers or trying to bargaining with website owners etc. And the price per lead is
very cheap compared to what others are doing (Think of astronomical prices for finance keywords bid
on Google Adwords!).
I’ll keep this WSO report to the point and explain everything as briefly as possible. Without
further ado, let’s begin!
Underground traffic source to build a list in any
niche you want
The little known traffic source is called Opt Intelligence. It’s a place where you can get high
quality subscribers at a fraction of the cost of compared to other traffic sources like solo ads or
banner advertising.
The good thing about Opt Intelligence is that you only pay for the subscribers you get, NOT per
click like solo ads! That means you get what you pay for. This traffic source is like a goldmine if
you know how to market to them. I’ll explain more about this later in the report.

While Opt Intelligence is a co-registration company, don’t be fooled by their quality of leads!
Your leads are from high quality websites such as The New York Times etc. And unlike some
co-registration companies who may have bad reputation over time by forcing people onto different
list owners without the subscribers knowing about it, Opt Intelligence will only send you legit
leads since all subscribers actually AGREE TO BE ON YOUR LIST. Look at their step 4 below of how it
*The people on your list are willing to be subscribed and never forced so there’s no cause for spam
complains! They run their business legitimately by delivering legitimate leads to your list! This
is one of the part where they stand out compared to others out there.
Let’s now head to their website and I’ll show you how anyone can start creating a campaign in less
than 5 minutes.
First, head to http://opt-intelligence.com/
You may wish to read a bit more about them here before you begin: http://opt-


Here is how their network works: http://opt-


To start advertising with Opt Intelligence you’ll just need to open an account here:
https://leadserve.opt-intelligence.com/ls/signup.action? signUp&accountType=advertiser&ref (If you
click “Get Started”, you’ll be forwarded to a contact form and will need to email them and wait for
reply. It’s better to use the direct link above to sign up immediately free of charge)
Once you have your account created you’ll see a welcome page for the first time:
Then continue to Dashboard where you can start creating your first campaign:

Once you’re in the Dashboard, click on “Get Started Now! Create Your First Campaign

& Offer”

Step #1 Name your campaign. I’ll call it “weightloss1” for example.

And select if you want to start the campaign now or set a date and time. Click Next

Step #2 Specify your audience, category, price per lead and age group. I’ve selected Health and
Fitness as category since I want to promote a weightloss offer. For target audience, choose the
countries you want your leads from.
*Opt Intelligence even has a function where you can target specific postcodes. How cool is that for
offline marketers who want to promote their local services?
**Opt Intelligence even allows you to choose gender, something that solo ads, banner ads and even
Google Adwords can’t do. Your leads will be very very targeted!

***And you can even target specific age group! Do you now see how powerful this is as a lead
generation tool? You can be very specific about what you want for you leads….even down to the
postcode! And for local businesses you may even ask for their phone number too!

For many categories, their minimum price is only $0.50 per lead all the way to $1.50 for categories
like finance. That’s per lead, not per click or per view! $1.50 for a financial lead that is
legitimate and highly targeted is pretty cheap if you have the right offer for them!
Step #3 Create your Ad

First, you can upload a small image for your ad. Branding is important since people are from well
known sites like The New York Times you do want to present yourself to the right audience.
It’s actually quite simple to do!

One option is to use free stock images: http://pixabay.com/en/

Pixabay is a great resource for free stock images. If you’re stuck with finding a nice image for
branding this will save you time. You can read their FAQ on usage here:

For weightloss, you can find good quality images like this: http://pixabay.com/en/belly-
body-clothes-diet-female-2473/ Just download it and save it to your computer.
To re-size images to their requirements, simply go to: http://www.shrinkpictures.com/
and under: “2 Select New Maximum Image dimension” choose custom and put 120 and

88 respectively.

For the ad copy, simply say what the offer is about in an attractive way without being too much
For privacy policy, you may use their default by clicking “Load Default”

Click Next to continue after you’re done with the ad copy and image.

Step #4 Choose if you want confirmation email to be sent.

You may choose to have subscribers to receive a confirmation email after they join your list. It’s
a way to welcome them on board and getting them to know you and trust you so they may buy from you.
This step is optional.

Step #5 Last Step: Integrate with your autoresponder account

This one is self explanatory. Choose your autoresponder provider and follow the instructions. They
support over 35 different autoresponder services from their drop down list.
And there you have it! Creating a campaign in any niche you want for very low cost and generating
high quality leads!

Final Thoughts
Opt Intelligence is a very good source to get real human subscribers who are willing to sign up to
your list and become your leads. Their costs are very reasonable compared to other mainstream
advertising platforms like Google Adwords even in competitive
niches like health and finance. It’s very fast and hassle free to create a new campaign as
there’s no keyword research or looking for solo sellers or bargaining with site owners. And you
only pay when you get new leads, not per click, not per view.
It is best to use relationship building model to get your leads engaged with your emails and then
once they know and trust you they will be likely to hear your recommendations!
Thank you once again for letting me presenting this amazing lead generation tool!

Kimi Haydon


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