Traffic Tree Monetizer

Traffic Tree Monetizer
James Here
Let’s get right to it. I’m all about finding new ways to get traffic. Not just new ways but also
how to interact with that traffic. One of the biggest challenges that I hear from my customers
comes from two things. That is how to get
traffic and how to monetize it. I am very excited about this new traffic source that has come onto
the scene just a couple of months ago. After Al Gore and I created the Internet I have been able to
find every new traffic source before anyone else in the world. I love it when people give me a hard
time when I share new traffic sources  “You didn’t discover or create it James!” Let’s just
pretend I did ok? It makes me feel important.

I’m talking about
Extremely interesting site. This site is a social media website that has taken the Internet by
storm as of late. It has been heavily debated due to the fact that it actually pays its users
simply for making content (which other sites are not doing) and it has intrigued me on a lot of
levels as of late.

What first grabbed my attention in a major way was the fact that it only took this site 5 weeks to
gain a million active users. That is absolutely incredible. That is explosive.
Considering it took Facebook 10 months to do the same thing.

Then what blew me away was the fact that out the gate every person that uses the system makes
money. How can that be? There model is really quite something.
When you are on sites like Twitter and Facebook you are creating content. Obviously. But… in a lot
of ways you don’t expect to be compensated for that content. With Tsu you are. You are compensated
for your content period.
Here is the difference between other social media sites and
Tsu. When you make a post and it is viewed or liked or shared the companies are making money from
advertisers. A lot of money. To the tune of billions. You aren’t getting any of that. You do all of
the work and they make all of the money. With Tsu they give 90% of the revenue brought in from
advertisers directly to the users. If this site reaches just 10 percent of the reach that Facebook
does that will be a ton of money flowing to the users. That is amazing.

Think about it for a second. You don’t need a list, you don’t need email, you don’t need anything.
All you need to do is create content. But even without having any of those
things you can get a list, you can get interaction and you can get money starting with nothing.
When people see your content and like it, view it or share it you get paid. It is as simple as
that. I really don’t know of an easier model
than that.
I have to give it up to them for doing this.

What also intrigued me was that not only can you use
them from your computer but also from your iphone if you had one. I didn’t see how that was
possible since they are paying all of their users. I look at it as incentivization. But what they
are doing is not in violation of Apple’s terms of service because they are not incentivizing like a
pay per install. They are REWARDING their users for the content they provide and Apple recognizes
that business model. With Apple’s ok it made me that much more interested.

The beauty of it is that it is just in the beginning stages. It launched approximately 3 months
ago. So it is extremely early. It now has over 2 million users in such a short period of time. It
has huge potential going forward.
Here is also a crazy part of it. So you have to be invited to get into the platform. I have several
tsu accounts. If you want to sign up under the account I made for this launch
go for it. The link is

If you don’t want to sign up under me do a search online for Tsu invitation code and you will see
others. Here is the thing about invitation links and the virality of it. When you get someone to
sign up and they put up content you are getting paid for that also. Not only are you being paid for
what you do but being paid for the content others do. One of the great things about it is that it
is totally free. So you don’t have to pay to join or have someone pay to join with you. It is just
a sign up link. So one of the strategies with this is sign up and make content just like you would
on Facebook or Twitter. The other is to have people sign up and when they do the same you get paid.
According to Tsu the average user with 2000 friends making a regular amount of posts should be
$1,000 a year. Would you like to be paid 1k for doing the same kind of monkeying around that you do
on Facebook? Why not get paid for it. Screen shot from a network television interview about the

However that is just one part of it. Sure you can make money doing what you normally do. That is
easy and anyone can do it. But I see it as so much more than that.

It is easy to get views on any social media site by posting funny things about cats or making
comments on hot topics
or news stories. Sure go ahead and do that. You will get people commenting on your posts more on
this network than the others. Why? Because the people that are in this site want to make comments,
they want to interact because they want you to friend them. They want to build up their followers
also. They are incentivized/paid to do so. So hopefully that makes sense that it is much easier on
this platform. It is easy to get friends on here. Do a search for a topic and see posts and people
commenting on it. Like it, comment on it, friend those people and you will see that a good amount
friend you back. It is incredible how many people are thrilled to leave comments and interact with
you. Why? Because they are being paid.

But… In one way this is the low hanging fruit. I see it as so
much more than that.
Here is what I can tell you about the early adopters of this platform. Remember over 2 million plus
in just weeks. The vast majority are in this because they want to make money. You get it? You see
the potential? 2 million people and counting! How many of us are happy to have let’s say
2,000 or 20,000 people on our list that want to make money. With this there are over 2 million.
They don’t know what you know. They are not Internet Marketers. So this group is ripe for you. It
is like your own personal 2 million person make money list. Absolutely incredible.

I was just doing simple searches about Tsu online and seeing comments from people such as the
below. I see this kind of validation of my thoughts everywhere.
That is the perfect kind of person that I am after. You hit people like that up. Sure let’s talk
about making money. You make a contact, you might make a sale. Who knows? That is up to you as a
marketer but the connections are there. When you cultivate them correctly you get paid. Just like
with any other source. I get my customers from many different avenues and so should you. Not all of
your customers are going to come from Tsu, just like they are
not all going to come from Twitter or Facebook or
Youtube. The fact is you should be getting some from all of them and others. As you know I am
constantly looking for new traffic sources. Tsu is new, it is hot and it has a ton of engagement
right now of people looking to make money. Much more than the other networks on a per user basis so
now is the time.
This platform is not full of marketers in fact it is basically untouched. So when you make a post
about your latest strategy or way to get traffic or whatever it is, this is extremely interesting
to them. To me the major benefit from this is not they money I make from my posts and what the
people that sign up from me do. That is great and everything but the real money is from interacting
with these people and turning a bunch of them into prospects. Getting them to sign up to your
lists. Getting them to buy your products. Getting them into what it is that you are selling.

You should be doing the same.

Not just that. You should have multiple accounts that are specific to your given niche. Obviously
the majority of the people on here want to make money. But of those people
they are also into different niches. They are into all of the niches we know. Weight loss, Cars,
Learning new languages etc. You name it.

So it is in your best interest in my opinion to differentiate yourself. If one of your niches is on
cars go ahead and make a tsu account that is solely focused on cars. That way you are drawing the
people to your account and posts that are into cars. (You have to use a different email per sign
up.) Don’t have one account that is talking about a ton of different topics that you are trying to

No one is doing that right now. So whatever it is that you do or that you are into, focus on that
one niche and you will attract those that are into it. Again they are incentivized to interact with
you but even much more so
when it is on a topic that they are into. If you want to put a direct link to sign up to your list
or offer go ahead.

Another big part is don’t be a spammer. Make good original, quality content and you will do much
better. Don’t beg for people to follow you. Don’t try and make
1000 posts a day. I would rather you make a few relevant
posts a day and get 1000 followers that interact with you then a ton of posts that get a ton of
followers that don’t interact with you as much or care about what you have to say.

There are so many people that have made a ton of money, become stars or gurus in their respective
fields from Youtube, Twitter, Vine and other networks. This network is new and a small group of
users will climb to the top of this one and get paid handsomely. I am not personally
trying to be the person with 1 million followers. I want to be the person that gets the few
thousand passionate followers in the few niches that I focus on. It is up to you how you want to
pursue it.

Even celebrities are jumping on board like Guns N Roses, and Leann Rimes just to name a couple.
Their marketing people know that this is a great avenue to add to their bottom line. There is no
reason why you can’t have a piece of that pie also.

This can also be completely outsourced. You can get content writers for as little as .99 cents an
article to write good content for you.

Tsu has a cool feature in that the money you make goes
into the “Tsu Bank”. They have an option that money from this bank that has been generated can be
between users. So right there you have 2 millon people with money. If you want to sell a $5 report
for example, the people can send cash directly to you from within the system. I know it can be hard
to get people to pay you online with products but on Tsu in a way it is like it is not real money.
They are getting paid for doing what they normally do on other networks. Do they want to make more
money? Sure just send over $5 of that Tsu money to me real quick.

To sign up go to an invitation link. From mine or someone

It is a typical sign up.

Once in you have a dashboard

Feed is like a typical feed on Facebook. You see what your
“friends” are posting. You can comment, like reply, share
You will see on the right the amount of likes, comments and shares on posts. I am seeing really
good interaction on many niches. In my cases I have no previous interaction with them prior to
being on Tsu. They are not from my list at all.
The Analytics are awesome and show you all kinds of great stats per day. Showing you what posts
have the most comments and other great information.
You also have the ability to advertise on Tsu. I personally have not advertised but the option is

There is an invite people option on the left hand side

This will give you either a link to share, a place to email someone to join (obviously have a
relationship with that person first) and an option to share on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

When you make your posts make sure to use a hashtag # symbol. In the upper left hand corner users
can search. They are searching for hashtags. This will be one way that people will find you due to
the relevant hashtags that you use.
To create a post simply click on the create button
Put in relevant content, picture or put in an embed code
for a video that you made on Youtube. This site is all about original content so make sure that you
do your own work.

This site is easy to use, the traffic is there, the interaction
is there and so is the inherent monetization along with the ability for you to pull users off of
the platform into your own lists / products.

I hope you enjoy this platform as much as I have been. James


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