The InstaList Formula

The InstaList Formula
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Other than that – enjoy!
First, thanks & congratulations for investing in The InstaList Formula. My
name is Derek Allen and I am the CEO of
Over the last 6 years I think I’ve tried just about every list building
technique know to man. Some have flopped and other worked like magic.
The strategy you are about to learn is one that works like magic. But
magic it ain’t.
Even though this system is designed to put tons of new emails onto your
list, it’s up to you to make it happen. That means work. Please don’t let
this sit on your hard drive until you “get around to it”. Use this starting
today and you can thank me later.
I recommend you grab a notepad and a pen and go through this training in
it’s entirety at least once while taking notes. This is going to help you grasp
the concept. And if you have any questions you can ask them before you
get started. Doing this will also help you understand what you’ll need to
prepare before you get started.
Store this document is a safe place. I’m sure you’ll refer to this and the
videos inside of this document more times than once.
This is referred to as a v-book. Similar to an ebook book except you’ll find
links to videos inside that you should watch. This is an easy way to get
you your content so you can take it anywhere you go and access it from
anywhere without having to deal with password, url’s, or any of that other
Enjoy the training, use it, and build yourself a nice passive profit stream
while you’re at it.
If you have any questions at all, even if you get stuck on something simply
send me (Derek) an email to:
Other than that, enjoy the training!
-Derek Allen
Module #1: The Formula Overview
Here I will give you a bird’s eye view at what exactly you’ll be doing.
Start here:

Module #2: Key In On The Hungriest People
In this series of videos I cover how to find the best market to build a list in
(for what you prefer). You’ll discover why you can even tap in the richest
niches online that you thought were impossible to tap into due to
Here’s the video:

Module #3: Laying The Foundation By The Brick
In this module you’ll see what accounts you’ll need and tons of other stuff
to get your first campaign up and running.
Watch Video 1:

Watch Video 2:

Watch Video 3:

Here’s the diagram from video 3 above:
Module #4: The Terrific Traffic Trap
Let’s take a deep dive into the “secret” source of traffic that is scalable,
super targeted, and haven’t been hassled by other marketers. Just make
sure you take notes here because you’ve got to do certain things to make
this work.
Here’s The Video For Module 4:

Module #5: Kick Your List Building Efforts Into
High Gear / Next Steps
This is where you send your campaign live. You’ll also learn several key
things to building a super response list that will help you build a bigger,
badder business that can be set on complete auto-pilot.
Here’s the last video:

**Special Section**
Because you were a fast action taker (look at you 😉 you got the 3 special
These are all designed to help take your list building and your e-mail
marketing up a notch.
I hope you get a lot out of these.
Bonus #1- Click Here To Access The SqueezeBox Method
Bonus #2- Click Here To Access The 5 E-mail Campaigns
Bonus #3- Click Here To Access Video Bolt
*PLEASE NOTE: If you would like for me to record some videos diving
deeper into setting up your WordPress site and the funnel, send me an
email to let me know.
Also, if you need me to cover how to set up your Aweber as well as a new
list, email formatting, etc… Let me know that too!
I didn’t record these video specifically because everyone uses different
I don’t mind to do it a bit. I just need to know if this is a need.
But I don’t want anyone left out in the cold. It’s my job to give you
everything you need to be as successful as possible so let me know.
Once I get them recorded I will let all the buyers know. So please make
sure you confirm your subscription to the list that should have already hit
your inbox. This will be the only way I can communicate with you if/when
updates are ready. Deal?
Here’s my email again:


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