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How to Avoid Stupid Mistakes when Hiring
1. Never pay for the entire large job before doing a small test job. If
you are using Fiverr and it costs 5 gigs, split it into 5 separate smaller
jobs. No outsourcer has ever had a problem with this.
If the job is small, just ask for a sample after they complete a portion
of the work. This applies to task oriented work such as data entry.
Example: if you need 5 articles, order 1 to make sure it is of good
quality. On Fiverr, I usually only pay for 1 gig at a time. After I
develop good rapport and I know their work rocks, I no longer worry
about this.
Regardless of the positive reviews and recommendations, you
can still have a bad experience. So, please always do your due
diligence by reading the last 5-10 reviews and looking at
samples of their work.
2. Never trust that the job will be done on time without getting
progress updates daily. If it is a big job, have them send the
completed work everyday. I made this mistake once and got screwed.
After two weeks, I asked for the work and she told me that she never
started. This outsourcer was highly recommended and had great
reviews. This does not always matter.
3. Never assume that everyone understands what you mean. Break it
down like you are explaining it to someone that has never done the
job before and is 5 years old. I don’t mean to be condescending. Just
be as clear as possible and explain each step.
Always give an example and explain it and then summarize it again at
the end. Have them send you part of the work after one section is
done to be sure you are on the same page.
4. Be patient with your outsourcers. Don’t just assume they are poor
because the job was not up to your standards. Give them a chance to
redo it.
One of my favorite outsourcers had some trouble at first, but is now
my go to person. It was my fault that I didn’t explain it well enough.
Also, remember that there is often a language barrier.
5. Don’t assume that you have to get your outsourcers from one
country. Some people seem to think that the best outsourcers at the
best prices are always from the Philippines.
There are definitely some great outsourcers there, but there are many
other countries that have great outsourcers as well. Just keep an
open mind.
6. Always read at least 5-10 of the most recent reviews to
make sure this outsourcer is still producing quality work. Even
if you buddy recommends them, still make sure you check the
most recent reviews. One negative review is not a big deal.
Any outsourcer’s work can slip at any time, so never rely
solely on their past performance or referrals.
Have you ever had a worker go bad? I certainly have. My old plumber
was great. But, he screwed up the last 2 jobs he did. So, I found a
new plumber that is awesome. This is why you should always read the
last 5-10 reviews just to be sure.
7. Train them-This is time consuming and frustrating. But, if you make
the effort, you will often have a go to person that loves to work for
you and will put your work first.
8. Don’t be cheap or try to squeeze every cent and minute out of your
outsourcers. Some people might disagree with me, However, I used to
worry about how long things would take my VAs for a particular task.
Now, I really don’t care.
Example: I had a college girl proofread some things for me. I paid her
one gig which was suppose to be for 3 hours. She was fine doing the
required work for one gig. But, I am not sure how long it took. Even if
she did it in half the time, I don’t care. It was still well worth the $5.
She did a great job with a quick turn time and I am happy. Therefore,
I never even asked about the time. Basically, I have been paying a
little more and throwing my steady workers some easy jobs from time
to time.
Example: if I need a graphic edited, I used to wait until I needed a
handful of easy edits. Now, I often just pay the $5 to give them the
easy job.
9. Give good workers a tip-they will love you and really appreciate it.
It is good to reward workers that knock it out of the park once and
while. They will pay you back for sure.
10. Be Nice! This is a common sense and a funny one. It reminds me
of what Seinfeld said to George “You be Nice”. This is very easy to
overlook. We all do it.
Just make sure you are polite and appreciative. Always thank your
workers, leave a good review if you liked their work, and mention that
they did a good job. This will build good rapport, and they will
remember you for future jobs. If they really hit it out of the park,
leave a tip.
It is essential to build a good team of outsourcers that you can
depend on to complete your jobs. This is easy to do over a little time.
Always have a back up in case they get sick or swamped with jobs.
In this guide, I mostly mentioned Fiverr since they are favorite place
for outsourcers. However, don’t forget about the 3 other sources for
great outsourcers (elance, Odesk, Warrior Forum).
Thank you so much for purchasing my WSO!
If you need anything, please feel free to contact me.
Niles Miller


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