5 Step Money System

5 Step Money System
The Business Model
This business model is purely and simply about buying a service at one price, and selling it for a higher price. This is known as arbitrage.
What we are buying and selling is Solo Ads!
There are two main reasons why this model works:
1. We are not limited to how many Solo Ads we can sell. This is because we are not delivering them from our own list.
2. Solo Ads are in high demand sell themselves. This means that you do not need write complicated sales ads to persuade people to buy, because people know they need them and therefore they sell themselves.
The 5 Steps required for the business model are:
1. Create a list of your go to Solo Ad sellers
2. Create your Sales Page
3. Setup your Solo Ads
4. Collect money from your Solo Ad buyers
5. Place your Solo Ad orders
Step 1 to 3 should take a few hours to setup and once that is done you will only need to repeat Steps 4 and 5 to make money, so this is a very light tough business model.
Step 1: Creating a List of Go-to Solo Ad Sellers
We need to find a very particular type of Solo Ad seller that are selling high quality clicks with good reviews, at price that is lower than the others.
Because of the demand on Solo Ads, the market has moved to a point where selling a click for 60c-$1 has become very acceptable. However many Solo Ad providers are still scared to increase their prices as they want to maintain their current customer base, so this is perfect business.
What we are going to be doing is selling out Solo Ad for 55-60c per click (or more if you want to try for a bigger return), which means we will be targeting sellers are selling at 35-45c per click.
The difference between the buy and sell price is the profit.
Here are examples of some what can be achieved: Clicks Sell Price Income Buy Price Expenses Profit
Transaction A
Transaction B
Transaction C
Transaction D
Your aim will be to build up to at least one transaction per day, and then grow to around 3-5 transactions per day.
To get started I suggest setting up a new document, spreadsheet or text file and create a Solo Ad Sellers Shortlist. Record details such as:
 Name
 Sales Page URL
 Packages
 Price per click for Packages
You can find Solo Ad provided from the following sources:
Go to Manny Hernandez Facebook group called “SOLO ADS TESTIMONIALS”. At the time of writing this guide this group has around 20,000 members.
Here is a link to the group:
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoloAdsTestimonials
This will take you to this page:
You can join the group if you wish but it is not necessary.
Look for good feedback and reviews which have links to the Solo Ad provider’s page. Review their sales page and if they match our criteria record them in your Solo Ad Sellers Shortlist.
You can also search through other Solo Ad groups on Facebook. Try searching for “solo ads”, “solo ad testimonials”, “solo ad providers”, “buy solo ads”, etc. Through Facebook alone you should be able to enough Solo Ad providers to get started.
Warrior Forum
I have used the following Warrior Special Offers to find good quality Solo Ad providers. If you are needing to add more to your Solo Ad Sellers Shortlist, I suggest also getting the following:
By: Marco Du Plessis
Link: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/941818-finally-i-have-started-making-consistent-100-per-day.html#1
By: Matt Bacak
Link: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers/833311-wso-day-solo-ad-black-book-most-solo-ads-garbage-250k-test-revealed.html#1
Solo Ad Directory
Reed Floren has spent thousands of dollars testing various Solo Ad sellers and found out who consistently provides the best opt-in rates. Here you will find many suitable Solo Ad sellers to add to your Solo Ad Sellers Shortlist.
Link: http://www.soloaddirectory.com
Search Google
Search for “solo ads”, “solo ad testimonials”, “solo ad providers”, “buy solo ads”, etc, on Google and add worthwhile sites to your Solo Ad Sellers Shortlist.
Step 2: Creating your Sales Page
You need a Sales Page so our customers can order your Solo Ads. I have setup two sales pages which are:
1. A Classified Ad on the Warrior Forum
2. A self hosted sales page using WordPress
I suggest starting a Classified Ad on the Warrior Forum is you will get some immediate traffic. Make sure you communicate well with your customers and deliver what you promise, to ensure you always receive good comments and feedback.
To assist with setting up a Classified Ad on the forum, view this video:
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooI02ZEKv6Q
Your main focus on how to edit your thread and remember you want to be posting in the Classified Ads section and not the Special Offer forum.
Here are some samples of Solo Ads in the Warrior Forum Classified Ads section for reference:
 http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/707296-john-kneitas-solo-ads.html
 http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/998773-get-more-than-just-solo-need-reliable-clicks-converts-into-sales-denas-quality-solo-ads.html
 http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/760547-amazing-solo-ads-top-quality-subscribers-superfast-delivery-buyers-included.html
Step 3: Setup your Solo Ads
You now need to get customers visiting your sales page and buying your Solo Ads. This can be done by working through the list below:
 Add a link in your Warrior Forum signature. This will provide additional traffic to your Classified Ad
 Join Safe Swaps and sell your Solo Ads to their 40,000 unique visitors per month
 Join Facebook Solo Ad Groups and offer your Solo Ads there
 Search for Skype groups about Solo Ads. These group are very lucrative
 Advertise or offer your Solo Ads on sites you found while building your Solo Ad Sellers Shortlist
Consider selling your Solo Ads at a break even rate to start with, to build up clients and get reviews. Positive reviews will also help your sales page convert.
Also once you have successfully delivered some Solo Ads to new customers, you will also start receiving orders through word of mouth.
The main thing is to get your Solo Ads listed in as many places as you can find to keep ramping up your Solo Ad exposure.
Step 4: Collect money from your Solo Ad buyers
When you receive an order make sure you communicate well with your customers. Ensure that you confirm you have received their order and when you expected to deliver the order by (you can get this from your Solo Ad sellers you have chose to deliver your order). If anything changes along the way make you communicate this as well.
The key here is to deliver what you promise to ensure you always receive good comments and feedback from your customers.
Step 5: Place Your Solo Ad Orders
Once you receive an order from a customer just place your order with a suitable matching seller in your Solo Ad Sellers Shortlist. Once they have completed your order provide the
details back to your customer. Please note it is important that you remove and details of your seller in your communications with your customer.
What I have just taken you through is my Business Model for one of my income streams. With this model you can begin making $20 per day quickly and form up to $100 per day with some effort. If you give this your full attention for a number of weeks this can be worked up to a $500+ per day model.
All that is required is you take action and keep focussed to be successful.
If you need any support I can be reached at: Rex-IM@outlook.com


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