CPA Hotel Monopoly

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CPA Hotel Monopoly
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1. What is Hotel Marketing?
2. Hotel Marketing Methods
3. Traffic Method
4. Hotel CPA Networks
5. Affiliate link redirect
6. Keywords and Campaign set up
7. Landing page bonus
8. Upgrade Opportunities
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1. What is Hotel Marketing?
Every business needs marketing these days and Hotel Marketing is a
booming industry. It is about selling specific hotels services to people all
over the world. This is usually done by advertising the hotel online, in
different magazines, newspapers travel agencies, attending trade fairs,
exhibitions. There are so many people who like traveling, in the
meanwhile, there are many hotel booking websites out there, and there is
a big opportunity for you to make some money. I mean you can make a
lot of money and become a top affiliate by promoting CPA hotel offers.
This is a booming field. At this moment, there are main methods about
promoting CPA hotel offers, in this guide I will show them to you one by
one and focus on the third method which is making me money.
2. Money Making Methods:
2.1 Method 1-Build Hotel Website and SEO
This method is traditional, the pros and cons are obvious, it needs a lot of
hard work and time, but it is a long-term business and you don’t need to
spend money on advertising. There are a lot of people are promoting CPA
hotel offers with their own websites, I know a guy who makes hundreds
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
of dollars per month by publishing several posts to his website every day.
The beginning is hard but after your system is on the track you can make
some easy money. If you are interested in this method, just set up a
WordPress website and use this Travel theme (It is mobile optimized)
You can get it on my blog for free.
To see the result as soon as possible, you can ask me for a secret back
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link builder software, it is amazing.
2.2 Method 2 CPA Hotel offer + Mobile
Yeah, mobile is hot, by 2020, worldwide smartphone subscriptions are
projected to top 6.1 billion. According to travel industry research
authority Phocuswright, now that travel companies are catching up, with
multiple apps and iterations under their belts, it’s time for them to move
beyond the basics. You can find a lot of CPA hotel offers in all kinds of
CPA networks because the travel companies are promoting their own
travel apps.
Let’s Check some of them.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Take Neverblue for example:
Pick an offer,
Read the Terms & Conditions
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Read the restrictions and get the link,
Mobile Traffic Source:
Let’s check some mobile traffic sources,
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
AirPush is the 2nd largest ad network for Android developers with a
global network of over 40,000 apps and 2,000 advertisers. The biggest
advantage of Airpush is that it delivers your ads message in the
notification tray of the smart phones and not within the app. Hence the
message can be more easily viewed, which increases customer
engagement to a considerable extent.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
This mobile traffic source boasts several parameters and various
customizations available. It is also an RTB enabled self-serve market
Millennial Media
Jumptap has been acquired by one of the biggest players in the mobile
advertising space – Millennial Media. Consequently, you can now look
forward to more precise customer targeting based on behavioral,
contextual, location and several other parameters. Millennial Media is
one of the market leaders in providing breakthrough innovative creatives
for mobile ad campaigns.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
InMobi serves billions of ads daily. With 350+ data scientists, engineers
and analysts spread across the globe, InMobi continues to lead the
industry in building architecturally superior mobile-first platforms.
Leadbolt is a mobile advertising network which was founded in 2010.
Originally founded as a web focused CPA Network in the niche area of
Content Locking, in 2011 it launched its mobile advertising platform. As
of 2014, Leadbolt serves 5 billion ads a month across 65000 apps in 150
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
You can make some money with these traffic sources by promoting CPA
hotel offers, but you need to setup tracking system, test and optimize until
you get a profitable campaign, Yes, some affiliates are making big money
with this model but it is not that easy for newbie because of a lot of things
to do and a lot of things to optimize.
I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this, I just want to tell you my
Newbie Friendly method which can make you money immediately!
Easy to setup, easy to scale up, 0 investment, NO Risk!
Let’s get straight into this method!
2.3 Method 3 –Mr. Right’s Genius method
Traffic Source: Bing ads
Why bing ads?
Lower CPC – You get more for your dollar. I have found that we get
clicks 2-3 times cheaper than we would have on other networks. You can
make do with less conversion and still be profitable or you can get higher
profit margins.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Less competition – I really like that Bing Ads currently is almost as
Google Adwords in the early days. It seems in the early days as rumor has
it that people could easily upload profitable campaigns because of the
lower CPC and lower competition. Less competition means you don’t
need to adjust your bids as much and you can get more traffic.
Quality Traffic – Bing Ads network isn’t your typical PPC network. The
traffic is comparable in quality to what we’ve seen with Facebook ads
(even better actually) and certainly many others (Cannot compare with
Google Adwords due to the high CPC).
Great Support – It is worth noting that Bing Ads also has very good
training material and intuitive ad network platform (they have many
features from Google Adwords too)
Another important factor is that Bing ads provide free Advertising credits
to people!
This point is super awesome, that means you can get started with 0
investment, you don’t worry about losing money or burning money on
You can get as many bing ads coupons as you can use your own, your
father, your mother, your friends, your relatives’ information to apply
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Bing ads Coupon. Let’s get started!
Get bing ads free advertising credits directly!
If you have any questions about Bing ads coupon just contact with Bing
ads Bing ads Support Hotline
You will receive an email like this one after you
Re: Service Request 12******
Hi ****
This is *** with Bing Ads Support. It was a pleasure chatting with you. This is a recap of what we
have discussed today.
As mentioned, you are requesting for a coupon code to be used on your new account. We do have
requirements for us to be able to request for a free coupon. Please complete first the creation of your
campaign and once done, it will undergo an automatic system review which takes 24-48 hours. I will
be monitoring your account and will check if the ads are delivering. Once everything is all good, I will
be requesting a free coupon as one-time courtesy since you are a new advertiser. Rest assured, I will be
sending you updates about the coupon.
If you have further questions or if you wish to discuss this further, please reply to this email or contact
our support hotline at (800) 518-5689 for immediate assistance. I will wait for your response. Please
take note of this service request number as a reference to our conversation, 12********.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Thank you for contacting Bing Ads. Enjoy the rest of the day.
Chelley, Bing Ads Accredited Professional
Phone: 1-800-518-5689
We are listening. Your partner in search marketing.
Check out the latest improvements coming
your way from Bing Ads at
If you have any questions,
you can contact Bing ads support hotline at (800) 518-5689
Don’t miss these bing ads coupon links!
United States
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
New Zealand
Get Bing ads coupon code from Bing Webmaster
Bing Webmaster is sending out $25 Bing Ads coupon codes for anyone
who sign-ups for their Bing webmaster (something like Google
webmaster). (US Traffic)
Go to and add your website.
You will get $25 voucher for free in your email once your website is
($100) Get Bing ads coupon Code from Your Host
Take hostgator for example
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Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Promote Cpa Hotel offers
There are so so many CPA networks out there, Peerfly Mundomedia
Clickdealer Adworkmedia, of course you can promote those hotel offers
with bing ads, but I recommend newbies to start with this one : Hotel
Combined because it is easy to get approved and everyone can make
some money with it. Very Easy to get conversion.
CPA Network: Hotel Combined
Notice: The Payment Frequency of this CPA network is Monthly not
weekly or BI-Weekly. And, it take a little time for them to do the
accounting. So the lead is not immediately shown in the affiliate portal,
but it will update in 2 to 4 days.
So, if you don’t like it, you can try other platforms and other hotel offers,
there are a lot of CPA Hotel offers out there, such as booking
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Check our income proof:
Ok, let’s go on.
Sign up
Get your own affiliate links.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
According to my own experience, I recommend you guys to promote
some hot cities, don’t only promote country or province, and target City.
After you get your affiliate link.
Login your bing ads account:
Create Search & content campaign
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Create Ad
About the Display URL and Destination URL ,
if you don’t want to use the website as landing page ,if you prefer direct
link , you can use your own domain to redirect the affiliate link.
Such as:
NOTICE: Very Important!
You can only use redirect link or landingpage !
You can’t use direct link,
I mean you can’t use the affiliate link directly!
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
It is easy to setup a redirect link in your host cPanel:
For example
Login your cPanel Account
Click “Redirects”
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
About Keywords.
You can research keywords by yourself and optimize by yourself of
course you can copy my 500 campaigns.
Take one of my campaigns for example.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
There are many cities and states in India, so in this India Campaign we
need to create a lot of ad groups for its cities or states
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Take Goa for example
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Notice: The bid of every keyword is 0.05, if you get zero click, raise the
price by 0.01, such as 0.06, 0.07, 0.08…0.1.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
This strategy is just for this hotel CPA network, if you want to promote
other products or other cpa offers, it is not suitable, or you will get 0
The rest can be done in the same manner, and
The sky is the limit.
You know, there are so many countries and so many states all over the
world. You can copy my 500 campaigns! Just copy paste you will make
If you want to use the landing page for this hotel network,
I recommend you to use this one:
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
The pirce of this theme is more than $70, you can get this website with
full data from me for free by sending an email with your transaction id to
After you get this website, set up according to this tutorial
Setup the website
Go to your file manager
Upload this file
To your host.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Extract the file.
Edit the file called:
Input the Database name, Database Username Database Password.
Of course you need to create the database name and database username in
your Cpanel. Then visit your website url:
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Input the Blog Title and your email, Click the tab “Install WordPress “
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Import the database
Select wordpress
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Import the database file
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
All done!
Then go to themes
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Go to
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Select the Default (ShopperPress Theme)!!!
Disable Link cloaking
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Let’s Save Changes!
Do this now!
Ok, let’s visit our website!!!
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Of course we all know that the show prices link is affiliate link.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
C. Change the affiliate links into yours.
Click posts
Click Edit
Change this link into yours
D. Post your new hotel link.
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Click Add New
Ok, here is the title and content
Ok, when it comes to the important thing, be careful!
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
The amazon link is the link which will show here
The image is the link which will show here
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Select the category and click the button called “Publish!”
Copyright by Mr.right & Linming Wu
Upgrade opportunity:
Of course you can just Copy My 500 Campaigns, try to imagine, if one
campaign make you $1 per day, what will you make in just a single day?
Click Here To Upgrade To OTO 1 & Get My 500 Money Making
Campaigns Now
To your success,


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