Outsourcing All Stars

How to Avoid Stupid Mistakes when Hiring
1. Never pay for the entire large job before doing a small test job. If
you are using Fiverr and it costs 5 gigs, split it into 5 separate smaller
jobs. No outsourcer has ever had a problem with this.
If the job is small, just ask for a sample after they complete a portion
of the work. This applies to task oriented work such as data entry.
Example: if you need 5 articles, order 1 to make sure it is of good
quality. On Fiverr, I usually only pay for 1 gig at a time. After I
develop good rapport and I know their work rocks, I no longer worry
about this.
Regardless of the positive reviews and recommendations, you
can still have a bad experience. So, please always do your due
diligence by reading the last 5-10 reviews and looking at
samples of their work.
2. Never trust that the job will be done on time without getting
progress updates daily. If it is a big job, have them send the
completed work everyday. I made this mistake once and got screwed.
After two weeks, I asked for the work and she told me that she never
started. This outsourcer was highly recommended and had great
reviews. This does not always matter.
3. Never assume that everyone understands what you mean. Break it
down like you are explaining it to someone that has never done the
job before and is 5 years old. I don’t mean to be condescending. Just
be as clear as possible and explain each step.
Always give an example and explain it and then summarize it again at
the end. Have them send you part of the work after one section is
done to be sure you are on the same page.
4. Be patient with your outsourcers. Don’t just assume they are poor
because the job was not up to your standards. Give them a chance to
redo it.
One of my favorite outsourcers had some trouble at first, but is now
my go to person. It was my fault that I didn’t explain it well enough.
Also, remember that there is often a language barrier.
5. Don’t assume that you have to get your outsourcers from one
country. Some people seem to think that the best outsourcers at the
best prices are always from the Philippines.
There are definitely some great outsourcers there, but there are many
other countries that have great outsourcers as well. Just keep an
open mind.
6. Always read at least 5-10 of the most recent reviews to
make sure this outsourcer is still producing quality work. Even
if you buddy recommends them, still make sure you check the
most recent reviews. One negative review is not a big deal.
Any outsourcer’s work can slip at any time, so never rely
solely on their past performance or referrals.
Have you ever had a worker go bad? I certainly have. My old plumber
was great. But, he screwed up the last 2 jobs he did. So, I found a
new plumber that is awesome. This is why you should always read the
last 5-10 reviews just to be sure.
7. Train them-This is time consuming and frustrating. But, if you make
the effort, you will often have a go to person that loves to work for
you and will put your work first.
8. Don’t be cheap or try to squeeze every cent and minute out of your
outsourcers. Some people might disagree with me, However, I used to
worry about how long things would take my VAs for a particular task.
Now, I really don’t care.
Example: I had a college girl proofread some things for me. I paid her
one gig which was suppose to be for 3 hours. She was fine doing the
required work for one gig. But, I am not sure how long it took. Even if
she did it in half the time, I don’t care. It was still well worth the $5.
She did a great job with a quick turn time and I am happy. Therefore,
I never even asked about the time. Basically, I have been paying a
little more and throwing my steady workers some easy jobs from time
to time.
Example: if I need a graphic edited, I used to wait until I needed a
handful of easy edits. Now, I often just pay the $5 to give them the
easy job.
9. Give good workers a tip-they will love you and really appreciate it.
It is good to reward workers that knock it out of the park once and
while. They will pay you back for sure.
10. Be Nice! This is a common sense and a funny one. It reminds me
of what Seinfeld said to George “You be Nice”. This is very easy to
overlook. We all do it.
Just make sure you are polite and appreciative. Always thank your
workers, leave a good review if you liked their work, and mention that
they did a good job. This will build good rapport, and they will
remember you for future jobs. If they really hit it out of the park,
leave a tip.
It is essential to build a good team of outsourcers that you can
depend on to complete your jobs. This is easy to do over a little time.
Always have a back up in case they get sick or swamped with jobs.
In this guide, I mostly mentioned Fiverr since they are favorite place
for outsourcers. However, don’t forget about the 3 other sources for
great outsourcers (elance, Odesk, Warrior Forum).
Thank you so much for purchasing my WSO!
If you need anything, please feel free to contact me.
Niles Miller

YouTube Lead Sniper

YouTube Lead Sniper
The content in this course is for your personal use only. You may not, for any reason, reproduce the content enclosed herein or to distribute this course to any third party, or via any third party website.
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This document contains marketing strategies, and suggest methods. However, Any business advice that, regardless of my own results & experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you.
Every marketer follows their own self discretion when using this material, therefore, no guarantees, rather implied or expressed, are provided.
You assume all risks associated with the use of this content. By using this material you are responsible for anything that may occur as a result of putting these strategies and associated information into action. The author cannot be held responsible in any way for the success or failure of your business as a result of the information presented below.
About Me
Hello, I’m Jeffrey Poling, I’m from south-central Nebraska on the outskirts of Holdrege, population of 6,000. I grew up in this area, and moved away for college, University of Nebraska. Most of you will know Nebraska from our football team, the only sport in Nebraska being we have no professional teams. After graduating I lived the corporate life for many years, mostly in the Finance and IT fields. I was able to climb my way to success, but the hours and stress of a corporate job left me desiring a lot more. I simply got tired of managing politics, dealing with a myriad of human resources/employee issues, etc. I finally made the decision to vacate the city and come back home. It has been one of the best decisions I have made.
I found my way into Internet Marketing out of necessity. I certainly did want to live in the city, but the professional opportunities in rural Nebraska are very slim to non-existent. I came across the Warrior Forum while I was trying to launch a mobile app business, obviously a tough go with there being more cows then phones, or businesses in need of marketing their wares. I have had the opportunity to have good coaches, and quickly learnt the Internet Marketing business from the ground up. I now find myself surrounded by other successful marketers and product creators. I have truly found my calling after discovering this field. I’m looking forward to many years of success in this business and surrounded by people who not only excel, but have genuine care for one another.
To succeed as an Online Marketer you must always be building your list, and strengthening your eMail marketing skills. The ability to which you are able to do this is based on your authority within the marketplace. However, I am here to tell you that adding ‘X’ number of subscribers won’t mean much if they aren’t ‘responsive’. You get responsive subscribers on your list through targeted opt-ins. By following what I will lay out in the strategy I’m about this disclose you will start adding highly responsive subscribers to your list. Better yet, I’m going to tell you how to add these ‘RESPONSIVE’ leads for free? Yep FOR FREE! You’re in luck as the ‘YouTube Lead Sniper’ approach does just that.
I have successfully used this strategy, and the use of video marketing is deadly effective. My strategy lends itself to almost any field including
1) Make Money Niche – IM, MMO, MLM, etc.
2) Evergreen/Hungry/Embarrassing Niches
YouTube Lead Sniper produces results since:
– You generate nearly instant ROI as you aren‘t PAYING FOR TRAFFIC. The Internet Marketers Holy Grail.
– Your video has ‘Staying Power’. As long as you’re not spamming your Channel, your YouTube powers will only increase. The video will remain indefinitely. Serving its revenue generating mission.
– Videos can easily be created through free tools, or PowerPoint
– If done correctly, video marketing has the highest response rates. It simply captivates your audience, increase their awareness and appetite for your wares, and emotionally ties them to your ‘Authority.
To actually make money from the YouTube Sniper system you need to:
1) Research – Research the market. You have to know what keywords will yield results. You need a firm foundation under which you can launch successful campaigns. Keywords will be the key to your video marketing success.
2) Content – Creating the video. Unfortunately throwing up just any ‘content’ simply won’t cut it. In today’s ‘Attention Busting’ world you need to captivate your audience and then bring them to action.
3) The offer. You must have something that your audience desires. You can create the most effective video. But if there isn’t a genuine interest, well nothing else will matter. Your job as a marketer is to deliver ‘Value’. Value will only come from satisfying a need or fulfilling a want.
4) Call To Action. You must move your audience to action. If you can’t create an emotional response nothing else will matter.
Primary Niche Overview
There are two types of niches. Make Money Online (MMO) and Hungry Markets.
Make Money Niches – These are either business opportunity or network marketing related. We normally think of offers on Warrior+ or JVZoo.
Hungry Market Niches – These are what will usually call ‘Evergreen Niches’ and ‘Embarrassing Niches’. Niches full of info products which are always in demand. A quick review of the top Clickbank sellers will include:
Some typical ‘Hungry Niches’ include:
Niche Research
You must invest time to identify the needs of your niche. Your success as marketer is determined by: 1) Identifying the need. 2) How your product fulfills that need. Marketing is the process of ‘conveying value’ and if you are missing one of these items, you won’t be successful.
How to Pick a Niche
Use these strategies to find a niche:
1) Go to Dummies.com and check out some of the books they have written, if they have written a book about it you can bet it will be profitable.
2) Check out the ClickBank.com marketplace for some ideas. This is also where we will find products to promote.
3) Google Trends. Timely events often spur the desire for information. Some of these niches may not have even existed a short time ago. By acting quickly you capitalize.
4) Your local magazine stand. There are plethora of magazines, a quick look over these will yield some instant ideas.
Competitor Intelligence
Studying Your Market
– Join a Facebook group and see what people are discussing. Attend local meetings if you can find any. Make notes. Find out what problems they have, and what really makes them emotional.
– This can work in nearly any market, because most niches have at least a few forums, Facebook groups or other places where people gather. And people naturally talk to each other about their problems, because they know the group understands what they are going through.
– In order to really make this effective, you need to join in. You can ask people questions and offer feedback. This is invaluable!
– Best of all, you’ll be able to read months, even years of archives. These are a wealth of information that will help you improve your sales pages, because you’ll be able to spot recurring themes that will help you know which problems are most common.
– Read reviews of your competitors’ products. Make noted of what they like and don’t like, and make sure you use these to tweak your product as well as your sales page.
– Let’s say your competitor has a lot of reviews that complain they were hungry constantly. You now know that people struggle to lose weight because they get hungry and end up eating more than they should. Not only can you tweak your product itself, but you can be sure to use that emotional button in your sales copy.
– Don’t trust testimonials on sales pages. They’ll either be fake, or they’ll pick only the most glowing reviews. Instead, read reviews elsewhere. This is especially helpful if you find reviews on forums that are made by long-term members.
Is Your Niche Represented
One true sign of the market potential in your niche is to quickly survey how many videos are in that niche already. If it’s worth pursuing then I gurantee that other people have already created videos. We are going to learn from
other people’s successes, seeks out the soft spots in the top rated videos, etc.
Finding Top Videos
When you pull up a video you’ll see other suggestions for other searches. It would be worth typing in those phrases and doing a search on them also.
All of these videos will be getting a decent amount of views. You’re going to find that the videos ranking near the top have a very specific title telling you the exact, desirable result you are going to get from watching this video.
What can you take away from this?
– You should pay attention to the title of your video and make sure that it is enticing and also informative.
– Be specific, and create a video which promises the viewer a benefit, and then deliver on that promise.
– Viewers are allowed to “favorite” videos and recommend them to their friends, and if you create a high quality video, they will want to do that.
– It’s also a good idea to look at some of the videos that got the least views, and try to figure out why. Those videos will be towards the end of the list.
– You especially will want to check out the videos (in your same subject area) which have the most views. Clearly, they are doing something that people like!
– Read the comments on other people’s videos. See what people liked and didn’t like.
Before I send you off to start making videos, I want you to understand:
1) What else exists in that field and
2) What videos are most popular?
3) Figure out why. i.e. “reverse engineering” – examining how it was created so that you can do something similar.
How well do you know your niche? Do you really know the information that your viewers are hungry for?
A) Look through the top videos in your niche, watch them, and write down the main message they are sending.
B) Are they creating good enough pain points?
C) How are the solutions being sold in the videos?
D) Are they creating a real ‘Call to Action’?
Keyword Research
Creating a good YouTube video takes lots of effort. The effort is worth it. That is why there are so many videos out there. I assure you that the majority of this content is monetized. Videos can do an excellent job in driving traffic to your products and services. Creating a good video is not enough. To achieve your objectives, you need viewers need to easily find your videos.
YouTube Algorithms and Keywords
The algorithm that ranks YouTube videos takes a variety of factors into consideration when ranking videos for particular search query. We don’t know what those factors are exactly, but what we do know, is that keywords that are used in video titles and descriptions are very important. They allow algorithm to understand what your video is about and show it to the right audience.
When you enter search terms, how does YouTube know which videos to pull up and list for you? It’s done with keywords, this relates to YouTube tags. So how are we going to know what keywords to use? There is a free tool which is just as effective as anything paid. It’s called KeywordTool and you can find it at: www.keywordtool.io
Keyword Tool is the best YouTube keyword tool alternative. It uses YouTube autocomplete feature to generate highly relevant long-tail
keywords about a particular topic. YouTube autocomplete just as Google autocomplete was created to make user experience better. It helps users to find videos faster, by recommending particular keywords when they start typing in their search query.
– You’ll notice on the left to the right of the keywords I want that they are greyed out – You select by clicking on the right of the word.
– In the upper right there is a ‘Copy All’ – you’ll use this to paste the keywords into the YouTube video keyword location we saw above.
It’s important to use descriptive keywords, AND unlike the description of your video, we can place as many keywords as tags as we want without getting penalized.
So make sure that you type in as many tags as possible.
– Try to think how the people searching for videos in your subject area would think.
– The more descriptive tags that you put in, the easier it will be to find
Using the three steps below, you will discover some opportunities you have not yet identified.
A) Are there are any related niches or topics which you may not have thought about? Write these down.
B) Are there any crossovers from your niche into another?
C) If you can think of related niche think of using some associated keywords.
Developing Your Free Offer
Now that you have completed your competitor intelligence, and developed the keywords you will be targeting, it’s time to focus on your lead magnet.
When developing your lead magnet always keep in mind the wants and needs of your viewers. You must be ALWAYS deliver what you’re promising the lead. If your video promises ‘oranges’ then your report had better be about oranges or at the least orange juice. Delivering a lead magnet centered on apples is going to confuse your prospects and your opt-in rates will reflect this.
Creating Your Free Offer
Once you know your audiences pain point, you need to ‘blow it up’. You will be using this throughout your video creation, your squeeze page, your salesletter etc.
If you are targeting bloggers needing more traffic than your will need to paint the scenario that very few bloggers are successful in monetizing your blogs and the need for traffic to increase their revenue. So write the report about how they gain viewers, the ways to get free traffic etc. Offer an easy step by step plan for increasing their traffic.
Your lead magnet doesn’t need to be long. You should actually leave them wanting more, so eluding to other traffic tactics you can provide will make them tune into your emails. Also, make sure to include some affiliate links throughout the report. You may as well be making money from it.
Now there are short cuts to creating your lead magnet. The use of PLR is a great way to save time, or get your creative juices flowing. DO NOT use PLR the way it comes, it should only be used as an outline in developing your magnet.
Where to Source PLR
A Very good PLR membership can be found here: http://www.bigproductstore.com/119.html
Here is an example of PLR content for Acne.
The last thing you are going to need is an E-cover for your report; I recommend going to fiverr.com and ordering one for 5 bucks.
If you bought a PLR report you should already have graphics for your free report, but, there are others out there who are probably using the same graphics so if you want, I recommend getting a new cover.
Look at your competitors lead magnets. What type of report etc are they using to entice optins?
List Building Architecture
In order to get the subscriber onto your list you will need to have a few things to facilitate your squeeze, and the follow-up messages for further monetization.
Creating Your Squeeze Page
Alright, now that you have your free report all finished up the next step is to create a squeeze page so you can collect email addresses.
You don’t need to spend hundreds just to get a squeeze page. There are plenty of WP Plugin Squeeze Creators. Goto www.wordpress.org and search for a plug-in for a squeeze page.
WP Lead Plus Free Squeeze Page Creator
If you would still like to look at other options then here are a few I recommend. A good free squeeze creator:
If you don’t already have a hosting account I’d recommend Hostgator, I’ve had accounts hosted there for many years and never had issues. To get your first months service for $.01 use my coupon code: jeffs1centspecial
Click here to sign up now
Domain name
Whether or not you have a domain name already you are going to want a new one for your squeeze page. I highly suggest getting a domain name from NameCheap.
Auto Responder
The money is in the list! And GetResponse is the program that will let you build and communicate with your email list. I recommend using GetResponse it is by far the best auto responder on the market.
Click here to sign up for GetResponse
Alright, let’s move forward, once you have all the things I listed above go ahead and get your squeeze page set up.
*** I am not going to go into detail about how to do the technical stuff because you can find it pretty much anywhere on the internet.
Tips for Successful Landing Pages
Why build a better mousetrap when the one that exists already works so well? Why not just reproduce the success of the original by producing more of them?
Well, that is precisely what you should do when you create a landing page. Don’t copy other people’s pages. Instead, we can borrow elements from those pages that we know are already successful.
There are a few elements you should focus on no matter what type of landing page you create.
1. Headline – As with any type of page, you need a headline to grab attention and get people interested right away. The headline is the most important element of the page, because it’s usually the first thing people see.
2. Media – You’ll generally want some kind of imagery, whether it is video or image-based. This is usually a picture of the product or a video ad, but it could be any type of supporting media. This is usually the second thing people notice on a landing page, but of these four elements, it’s the least critical. You could still have an effective landing page with no graphics or video, but typically graphical elements and videos capture interest and lead to better conversions.
3. Benefits – Every landing page needs a list of benefits. Whether this is benefits of the product or benefits of your newsletter that you want them to subscribe to, you must give people enough reasons to take action.
4. Call-to-Action – A call-to-action is another vital element for any landing page. You must tell people what action you’d like them to take. This could be something like, “Click here to get your copy of this unique marketing system now!” Or it could be something like, “Enter
your name and email address to receive your free copy of this life-changing report today!” A strong call-to-action can mean the difference between getting the visitor to take action and having them leave, so pay close attention to this component.
A landing page can have other elements, as well. Just remember that the four elements listed about are crucial to the success of any landing page, so time must be spent making sure these elements are finely tuned for conversions.
Copywriting & Conversion
Creating a real Call to Action – Intensifiers
Evoking an emotional response is relatively simple if you understand your market at all. It’s important to get inside the head of your average prospect and really understand what motivates them.
Here are a few examples:
● A golfer might want to improve his swing so he can stop being embarrassed whenever he goes golfing with his friends.
● An overweight person might want to look better in order to attract a mate or feel better so he can do his favorite activities without getting out of breath.
● Someone who is looking to make money quickly is probably afraid they will become homeless or lose their possessions.
● A single person is lonely and feels the pain of that loneliness most at holidays and special occasions or when they see happy couples out together.
Once you’re inside the prospect’s head, and you know what he feels and why he feels it, you can choose the right intensifier to boost conversions like crazy.
Okay, so what exactly is an intensifier?
An intensifier is something that is placed on a page that helps remind the prospect of their pain in order to evoke the emotional response that will lead to an opt-in
Also, it’s important to make sure you turn a need into a want, because a want is always more emotional than a need. How so?
Well, think of a smoker. He knows he should quit smoking. He’s seen the warnings. He’s heard the news about how many people die every day from smoking related illnesses. His family may have even nagged him to death to quit.
But unless he truly wants to quit, he won’t. Period. No amount of warnings, nagging, begging, pleading, and even threats, or bribes will get him to quit unless he really wants to. Even if he’s finally nagged into quitting, he’ll likely fail unless he wants it badly enough.
Let’s look at exactly why this works:
1. It grabs attention. It gets the prospect to identify himself as a person who has a problem he needs to solve.
2. It turns a need into a want, which increases emotional pull.
3. It makes the prospect realize you understand the problem, which makes them more likely to listen to your solution. Thus, they are more likely to read your sales page and purchase the product.
Intensifiers are tailor made for sales pages, but you can also use them effectively on many other pages such as a squeeze:
● You can use them on squeeze pages to encourage opt-ins.
● You can put them on blogs to engage readers.
● You can put them on pre-launch pages to stir excitement.
● You can put them over videos to increase views.
They’ll work nearly anywhere you’d like to increase responsiveness.
Getting Into Your Prospect’s Head
– Intensifiers are practically useless, as is any type of sales page or squeeze page, if you don’t understand your market fully. You need to be inside the mind of your average prospect in order to understand how to push the right emotional buttons.
– You must learn as much as you can about your prospects. Never, ever make assumptions, especially if you don’t understand the market on a personal level. (You shouldn’t make assumptions even if you do, because you may not be the “average” prospect in your market.)
– You also shouldn’t blindly trust that your competitors know the market any better than you do, because it’s quite possible they made assumptions themselves!
Getting the Viewer onto Your List
If you are successful with your ‘Call To Action’ then you need to enable the mechanism the viewer will use to actually navigate to your squeeze page.
In order to get the user onto your list you will need to provide them a way to ‘click through’. There are two ways to link the video to your squeeze page. You can use YouTube Annotations (recommended) or a link within the description of the video. You need to allow for both, but the use of YouTube annotations is the best.
Annotations are clickable text overlays on YouTube videos. Annotations are used to boost engagement, give more information, and aid in navigation. Be inventive! Producers are consistently finding new, creative uses for annotations.
Subscriber Annotation
Creating an annotation
Here’s how to access annotations and add them to your video:
1) Go to your channel Video Manager
2) Next to the video you wish to edit, click the down arrow to the right of the Edit button and select Annotations
3) Click the Add annotation button on the right.
4) Click Publish when you’ve finished creating your annotations.
Some suggestions for using annotations:
– Notes, Speech Bubbles and Spotlights, can be linked to “content” (such as other videos, same video, channel pages, playlists, search results). Similarly, they can also be linked to “calls to action” (such as subscribe, compose message and upload video response). Here are some ideas and recommendations for using links:
– Use spotlight links rather than text links: Although adding links in Notes or Speech Bubbles may be the quickest way to add them to a video, another option is to put spotlight annotations around items in the videos. This will create a “clickable hotspot”. Some creators embed thumbnail images or video-in-video spots just for this purpose. This technique often yields better results with a much higher click-through rate than text links.
– Put video links at the end of your video: When viewers reach the end of a video they are confronted with the question “what shall I watch next?”. We recommend adding links at the end of your video so as to present these users with a set of links to related content (either yours or others’). Some YouTube creators find this a very effective way to cross-promote their content and to drive additional views.
– Make your video interactive: By using links in your videos you’ll create an experience and content that seem to respond to viewer commands. For example, you could present a video for a new car
and present the user with multiple color options. Each color option takes the viewer to a different video of the car in the specified color.
– Create chapters: In long videos that contain multiple distinct sections, it’s a good idea to put a set of links at the beginning of each section. For example, at the start of a gadget review video there may be links to the chapters: “Unboxing”, “Specification”, “Charging” etc.. Then the viewer knows about available content and can choose videos which are relevant and of interest to them.
– Build branching storylines: One technique which is popular among viewers is branching storylines, also known as “choose your own adventure”. This involves creating a plot that spans multiple videos. At the end of each video the viewer is presented with a choice as to how to proceed – each option is a link to a subsequent video that matches this choice. This puts the viewers in charge, challenges them, gets them more involved and engaged.
– Add subscription links: A good way to add subscribers is to add a subscription link towards the end of a video, when viewers had a chance to appreciate the quality of your videos and are likely to want more.
– https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1092582?hl=en
Video Creation
Video Creation Tools
Creating videos does not require fancy software such as Camtasia. Consider these free tools.
Free Creation Software

11 Best Free Software To Create Presentations

Many marketers have PowerPoint already. You can make very good quality videos through PowerPoint. It has a simple interface.
Open Office Impress
You can use Open Office Impress to Create Videos.
Download here: http://www.openoffice.org/download/
The first step in creating your video is to decide which keyword you are going to target, for this example I am going to target “how to potty train a puppy” now having a target keyword won’t help too much in the beginning when we are buying traffic, but it will help us rank later after we stop buying traffic.
Once you decide on your keyword the next step is to write the content for the video so that you have at least a general outline of what to say. The key to getting people to click through from your videos to your report is to give great content and then ask them to click through.
The Video Outline
– Give your viewer an introduction to yourself and/or the content which will be covered.
Viewer Benefits
– Tell the viewer what benefits they will get from watching. What will you be teaching them in broad strokes.
Give them what You Told Them
– Deliver the contents
– Remind them what you told them. Make sure you have delivered true value.
Call to Action
– Move the viewer to Action. Move them to click through.
– If you want to ‘get our report’ ‘if you want to learn more’
– Give on screen visualizations of what to do next
– Redirect their attention away from other competing videos
This also bears repeating over and over:
Focus on benefitting the viewer! Make sure your presentations are moving the viewer towards your magnet.

YouTube Video Optimization
Prepping Your MP4 for Upload
It seems that the more you help YouTube the more they reward you. So by putting some basic information into the properties of your .mp4 you do get a certain boost.
File Properties
Prior to Uploading
Edit File and Upload Video
1) Rename you video file to the long tail keyword – ex howtobuildalistquickly.mp4
2) Right click file and go to details – you want to put the same name in for title
3) For the subtitle you want to input some LSI keywords
(ex Tired of slowly building a list? Watch this video to learn how to learn easy to implement tips)
4) In tags you’ll want to put in your keywords, separated by a semi-colon.
5) In comments put something related + some lsi keywords – don’t keyword stuff else risk penalized for keyword stuffing
Another Word on Niche Competition
Let’s revisit some specific points regarding Video Niche Competition. You must keep your competition in perspective if you’re going to rank effectively.
Depending on your niche, the odds of finding a video that is PROPERLY optimized are slim. Let’s concentrate on the basics – focusing on these will get us placing in the upper 5% out of the gate.
Video Title: Is the real KEYWORD in the video title?
Video Long-Tail Keywords: We need to focus on Long-Tail Keywords as these
1) Show buyer intent
2) Drive on on-page video SEO
Video Description: We need to follow best practices here. We cannot over-optimize, but we also want to ‘prime’ the description all we can.
Video Tags: Ensure we have all the keywords possible. We ARE NOT going to be penalized here. Hint: Opportunity.
Video Views: The Google algorithm (on SERP) and YouTube algorithms (On-page) use views as a primary means when returning results.
Video Likes: How many likes or “thumbs up” does this video have? How many social signals have been sent.
Writing a Good Title
Use the video keywords as a title. Remember to name some videos with buyer intent words: Review, Demo, How To, Product X vs Product Y
– The main keyword for which you are trying to rank HAS to be in your YouTube video title (for instance we are wanting your beagle puppy to stop biting)
– I recommend that you place the keyword is near the beginning of your video
– You want to include as many LSI words as possible
– You also want people to click on the title so short form CTA (Call to Action) is important. Make it benefit oriented.
Description Optimization
The very first thing in your description should be a link to your squeeze page.
For the rest of your description I recommend either using your exact transcript, or writing an article to fill the space. You should try and use every ounce of space they give you, YouTube has said that the longer your description the better chance you have to rank.
Also at the very end of your description you want to insert a link to the video page. It will end up linking to itself, but if someone scrapes your description you will receive a link. Just doing this usually gets you 20 or so backlinks.
Warning: DO NOT keyword stuff your video description, use your keyword when it is appropriate, don’t go out of your way to use it, that is the fastest way to get the boot!
Tag Optimization
Use the keywords and long tails you discovered during your research stage. The more long tail tags you put in here the better. Feel free to put as many in here as you can think as you won’t be penalized.
Video Optimization
To rank effectively you will need to optimize your videos. This optimization has to do mainly with keyword titles, video description, video tags
Repeating keywords
Be careful how often you repeat keywords. 1 in 100-150 words in the video description is ideal. You risk being penalized if you exceed this.
Video Description
YouTube favors videos which have 300-600 words. This only helps flag the video as true content.
Use the same category as those videos which are currently ranking high
Audio Encoding and YouTube Signals
A large factor in how YouTube determines the authority, and subsequently the rank of you video is the actual audio in the video. YouTube actually:
1) Will strip the audio and convert into text and transcribe it themselves
2) They’ll analyze the keywords you talk about in your video
** If you want the highest rankings possible – then you need spoken words – and your script best have those keywords you are trying to rank in there
Transcription and Closed Captioning
Help YouTube discover your keywords and LSIs You need to:
1) Upload a transcription of what is said on the video. YouTube place more authority for the video if the audio and then the transcription is matching.
2) Turn on closed captioning (it’s okay to let YouTube perform this)
1) Find your file
2) Click on edit
3) go to caption (if you try and keyword stuff with the caption – they will know)
– It’s a good idea to separate your sentences inside the transcription box
– What it does know after you select sync – is compare your audio with your transcript to make sure it is correct
For more information on CC inside YouTube:
Video Settings
Some setting you will want to have for you videos are below:
Make sure it’s public.
Here are my recommended advanced settings:
Channel Optimization
Channel name
– Your channel name will appear across the site in search, suggested channel and channel browse placements.
– Your channel name is distinct from your channel URL; the name can be edited from the channel page.
– Pick a channel name that is short, memorable and gives your audience an idea of what your channel is about.
Channel description
– The first few sentences of your channel description appear most frequently across the site so highlight your most important content upfront.
– Accurately describe your channel.
– Use relevant keywords in the description.
– Include your upload schedule, especially if you host multiple content types or series.
– Example of a great description: VICE: “VICE specializes in exploring uncomfortable truths and going to places we don’t belong. Now, thanks to YouTube, we have compressed two decades of our unique immersive approach to these subjects into delicious bite-size morsels. Herein you will find people talking frankly about their hatred and love for various things, general heresy, the only travel and news documentaries you’ll want to watch, tons of exclusive new stuff, and probably a lot of cats. You’re welcome.”
Channel icon
– Upload a square, high-resolution (800px x 800px) image that is recognizable at smaller resolutions. This image will be your channel’s icon throughout the site.
– Use text sparingly; it can be illegible at smaller resolutions.
Channel art
– Create customized, visually-compelling channel art. Use the channel art tool to choose how the image appears on desktop, mobile, and TV. Remember, busy images don’t scale well so try to keep the image simple, yet representative of your brand.
– Channel art should reflect your channel’s personality. Make the audience feel like they’re connecting with a person or character and not just a brand.
– Add website and social media links to the About tab. These links can also be exposed on your home tab and help tie your YouTube presence to the rest of your online brand.
– Check how your channel looks in search, related channels and the channel browse page. Do your channel icon, channel name and channel art do a good job of describing your channel to potential fans?
– https://www.youtube.com/yt/playbook/channel-optimization.html
For more pointers check out:
Look through YouTube’s online information. It is all very well written and easy to understand. You’ll probably want to add this to your bookmarks. You can find this information at:
Ranking Your Video
Simply placing uploading your video to YouTube won’t be effective to get viewers to send to your landing page. In order for you work to pay off you’ll need to do use some tactics.
Our Ranking Strategy:
Viral Signals
A unique trick to get YouTube to think more highly of your video is to make YouTube think it has gone viral. This is done by initially leaving the video as private, driving real/organic views to the video, and then switching to ‘public’
Initial Video Settings
We will want to make our videos private initially. We’ll do this in order to pimp the video in terms of views, etc. There seems to be some signals that YouTube picks up and uses to rank the video when you turn the video from private to public. But in order to strengthen these signals there is some groundwork which needs to happen. Just make sure you initial video upload setting is set to private.
Getting Initial Views
There are a number of Fiverr gigs which will provide views for an excellent price, however, you are risking your video (and potentially entire account) from being blacklisted. Since we are after a long-term use of our video we will follow safe practices here.
We’ll need a minimum of 1,000 views prior to activating out videos – changing from ‘private’ to ‘public’. The safe way to get views is to make sure they are organic views. There are a few resources we can use to generate views but here is my recommendation.
To get cheap (a few cents per view) ‘real views’ go to:
Social signals are important for your YouTube optimization if you want long-term stickiness. This can be performed in many different ways but keep these things in mind:
– You need to roll it out slowly – this reinforces your video if you want it rated for a long time – so it’s sticky
– Use a combination of social bookmarking and social shares
Fiverr Gigs
There are a number of Fiverr gigs which can be used for backlinking, etc.

Also consider a service called ‘Tribepro’. Tribepro is a social backlinking service. Go To:
Here is my recipe for performing backlinks, and rolling out the SEO (backlinks)
Round One:
1) Social Backlinks Batch 1 -> YouTube Video Link
2) SEO it over a month period – YouTube Video Link
(so roll the gig out over a month period)
Round Two:
1) Social Backlinks Batch 2 -> Social Backlinks Batch 1
2) SEO over a month period -> Social Backlinks Batch 1
(second month – just do linkage to the first batch of social backlinks)
When you start pointing the original backlinks then you get an exponential return – more momentum. Think of this as link juice.
Ends up looking like:
Batch 2 -> Batch 1 -> YouTube Video
Again, your goal is to look natural.
Making Google Aware:
In order to get make the SERPS aware of your videos presence you’ll need to announce it. You can use two primary methods to accelerate this process.
Go to http://www.bulkping.com
1) Add your:
– url
– keywords / niche name
– After you click submit you should see the following message :
YOUR URL Pinged Successfully to 104 Search Engines with Random Private Proxies
… CONGRATS Webmaster… Pinging is DONE … checkout other tools at BulkPing.com.
Do further RSS work:
Anthony Hayes has made free tools available. These are invaluable resources and he should certainly be charging money for these. This is one of the best:
YouTube RSS Feed Tool

YouTube RSS Feed Tool

Appendix A: Getting Your Accounts Setup
– If you plan to use dedicated accounts for your videos, It’s a good idea to take time to setup your Google accounts/profiles so they appear real to Google, and this entails the accounts below:
– Create an account. I suggest creating something generic in nature.
1) Google Alerts
2) RSS Feeds
3) Google Calendar (Setup some recurring appointments – set for re-occurring)
4) Send a few outgoing messages to some of your current accounts
5) Send a some inbound emails from the accounts you sent to from step 4.
– If you are going to use multiple accounts, let’s say per product then you Google profile has to be built out. It has to look real.
– Subscribing to Google Alerts, RSS feeds, etc. can help make the account show activity and convince Google the same.
– Likewise add recurring appointments, Follow people, etc. In other words treat it like it is a real persona
Create your Google+ profile name
For information on setting up your Google+ profile:

– Add some friends to your circles
– Subscribe to news events
– Add some persona data to your Google + Profile
– Finished Profile
Now it’s time to setup your YouTube account. In upper right of your Google account simply select YouTube.
Setting up your YouTube account can be found here :
– Blogger is a free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video.
– We will use this to help generate social signals. It’s a Google property therefore has high authority social juice.
– Go here to create an account:
– A Blogger ‘Getting Started Guide’ can be found here:
Additional Web 2.0 Accounts
– There is juice generated when sharing out your video once uploaded into YouTube. Having this account pre-created may make the process flow smoother.
– There is juice generated when sharing the embed link through Facebook Videos. The more attractive your video, the more chances for social interaction.
– If you have Fanpages use them.
Appendix B: Video Creation Tips
Here are a few additional tips you can use to create better presentations:
– Don’t Include Too Much – Remember that if you try to include too much information in one presentation, you’ll overwhelm viewers. Include only enough information to support your main point.
– Plan Thoroughly – Be sure to plan your presentation carefully. Outline it before you get started, and create your presentation around those few key points.
– Use Various Media – Don’t forget to include a wide variety of media to engage the audience and grab interest. Words alone cannot fully express and engage like sound, music, photographs and videos can. Don’t add media just to add it, but be sure it’s useful and helps better present your key points.
– Remember a Call-to-Action – Don’t forget to tell people what you want them to do after they view your presentation, whether it’s joining your email list, visiting your blog, buying your product, or simply taking action to use the information you presented.
– Create Value – One thing you should not do is focus solely on your message. Sure, you may be creating a presentation to get traffic to your blog, sales to a product, or subscribers to your mailing list, but people don’t care about that! What they want is something useful! Make sure your presentation provides truly valuable information. This will not only engage your audience, but it will help make it more likely that people will share your presentation, thus increasing your reach.
– Entertain – Just because a presentation is useful does not mean it has to be boring. If it suits your presentation, add some humor or fun to it! This could really spice things up and captivate your audience!
– Use Repetition – As mentioned earlier, use repetition to drive home your main point. This is an extremely valuable tip that can make everything you do online more effective! (And it was just done by repeating this point!)
Appendix C: Suggested Readings
The Ultimate Guide To Interactive YouTube Videos

Ultimate Guide to Making Your YouTube Videos Interactive

E) Resources
Video Creation Tools
Free Creation Software

11 Best Free Software To Create Presentations

Open Office Impress
You can use Open Office Impress to Create Videos.
Download here: http://www.openoffice.org/download/
Free Training Resources
Creating Simple Video Slide Shows
Free Online Open Office Impress Class
Free Music Tracks

20180920YouBank Profit System

YouBank Profit System
Getting views
The number of views help people click on your video, and the more clicks/views you have the
higher your ranking. The higher your rankings the more views you get. Together with increasing
number of social bookmarks it is sort of a snowball effect.
YouTube ranking depends on the following criteria, in this order:
1) Views
2) Subscribers
3) Favorites
4) Likes
5) Comments
Additional Criteria:
– Video title
– Description
– Tags
– Number of incoming links
– Number of shares
– Age of video
– Number of playlist additions
– Flagging
– Number of embeds
– Channel views
– Number and quality of sites that host or point to your video
However, it is a combination of all of the above as well as your keyword research, backlinks and
page optimization. Also, there is a lag on YouTube and sometime it takes more than a week to get
to the first page.
To help with your view count, there are free view exchange programs. There are many of them.
The main idea is that you automatically watch videos of the network members and earn credits. In
turn, you submit your video’s URL and get views from other participants.
Among those programs, in my opinion, the best one is http://www.Vagex.com
Vagex views are “natural” views. The reason vagex is “natural” is that you can install a viewer to
view videos – which earns you credits.
You can then spend those credits on your videos – which puts it in the rotation, having other people
watching them.
In essence, it’s a “trading strategy” – you watch someone elses video and they watch yours.
You can, however, buy credits and allocate them, so you don’t have to watch any videos yourself.
But if you want to do it for free, watching others videos is a start.
In combination with other similar view exchange tools (see below) you can get a huge amount of
views very quickly which definitely helps your rankings.
A few other view exchange sites:
1. Hitleap
2. U2BViews
3. View2.be
4. Enhanceviews
6. Addmefast
14. megayoutubeviews
15. Fantwister
I hope you enjoyed this whole product. If you have any questions hit me on me@raimundasm.com
or my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raimundas-M/413035442102535
Now get to work and let me know the results!
To your success,
Raimundas M.

WSO Monster

WSO Monster
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete
as possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that
he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within
are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.
While all attempts have been made to verify information
provided in this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility
for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter
herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or
organizations are unintentional.
In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there
are no guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on
their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act
This book is not intended for use as a source of legal,
business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to
seek services of competent professionals in legal, business,
accounting, and finance field.
Copyright information contained in this report may not be
distributed or copied publicly in any way, including Internet, e-mail,
newsgroups, or reprinting.
Any violator will be subject to the maximum fine and
penalty imposed by law. Purchasers of this product are granted a
license to use the information
contained herein for their own personal use only. Any violators will be
pursued and punished to the fullest extent of the law.
About Me
Hey, it’s Naidy!
Congratulations and thank you for purchasing WSO Monster and I
guarantee you won’t be disappointed in what I have in store for you.
I really appreciate you putting your trust in me and I’ll try my best to
reward you for investing your time and money in this course.
If you haven’t heard of my boring story… My name is Naidy Phoon,
I’m a full-time Internet marketer from Malaysia.
I dropped out of college at the age of 19 and have been doing Internet
marketing ever since.
IM has allowed many people to escape the rat race, but I was able to
avoid it altogether.
Never had a job in my life, and I intend to keep it that way.
I specialize in product creation and affiliate marketing. Throughout
my IM journey I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned from the best, and I
love helping other people achieving their goals.
In this guide, I’ll show you how I made $3372.62 in just 5 days with
one WSO. The WSO was awarded WSO Of The Day as well.
You’re going to love this because this system is very easy to follow and
By purchasing this guide you’ve put yourself ahead of 99% of people
trying to make money online.
I’m not just saying that because it’s my guide, I say it because it’s true.
Some might argue that this is an arbitrary figure but I stand firm at
99% or more.
Let me explain.
For most people, the thought of creating their own products never
cross their minds. They have a ton of objections, I did too – before I
overcame them.
That’s why 95% of people will only be affiliates. They never create
their own products. It’s like how 95% of people will only be
employees, the thought of starting their own business never crosses
their minds.
So by even having the intention of creating your own product, you
belong in the 5% of people trying to make money online.
And most people who create products don’t know how to sell them.
They don’t know how to choose a hot topic, how to recruit affiliates,
how to create sales letters,etc.. So they do it half-heartedly, and fail.
But we’re different. We follow proven systems because we know that
systems don’t fail – people do. WSO Monster is a step-by-step
blueprint that will allow you to create and launch your very first WSO.
So that effectively puts you ahead of 99% of the crowd.
I really want you to take a slowly and steadily, especially if it’s your
first attempt at creating a WSO. I’ve laid out everything for you in a
step-by-step manner, so you just have to follow the steps accordingly.
Focus at the tasks at hand, ex. When you’re at chapter one, don’t
think about launching your product just yet – focus on the step that
you’re in. There’s no need to worry – I’ve left nothing out.
Having said that, I’ve created the guide in a way that caters to people
of all experience levels so you should proceed at your own pace – if
you’ve performed some of the steps already or you already know what
it’s all about, just give it a quick glimpse and proceed.
Anyone Can Do This
You’ve picked up this guide, so I assume you’ve already swept aside
any objections you may have had about creating your own products.
But I really want to dial this in.
You can do this.
If you had asked me a couple of months ago whether I would create
my own products, I would have called you crazy. I didn’t even know
what a niche was!
Most people never create their products.
They think that they can’t create their own products because :
l They’re not experts
l They don’t have skills or knowledge
l They don’t think that anyone would listen to them
l They think there’s too much competition
See, it’s natural for people to have objections or self-limiting beliefs.
But once we break through them, we can achieve anything.
Look – let’s not kid ourselves.
The only reason you bought this guide is to make a monetary return,
so I’m not going to sugar-coat anything. I’ll tell you exactly what you
need to do to make money.
Let’s get started.
I shan’t insult your intelligence by giving an introduction to the WSO
section or the Warrior Forum because by now you probably already
know about them and the power of WSOs.
But I’ll say this. The WSO section can be life-altering. It has
kick-started many,many million-dollar businesses. So if that’s your
intention (to use the WSO section as a stepping-stone to bigger
things) then you’re going to love this guide.
If you intend to have the WSO section as your long-term platform for
launching products and really make it big, that’s great too!
Regardless of what your goals are, this guide will show you how to
obtain maximum profits and/or sales using the WSO section of the
Warrior Forum.
Step 1 : Choosing Your Topic
Identifying Hot Topics (or niches in the IM market)
Choose a hot topic, and selling your WSO will be as easy as rowing
People will always want the newest and the freshest stuff.
There’s a sense of “cool-ness” associated with having the latest and
hottest products.
New implies relevance and relevance implies effectiveness.
The expiry periods of goods are diminishing day by day – especially
digital products.
This is due to perceived obsolescence – when a customer is convinced,
that he/she needs an updated product, even though his/her existing
product is working well.
That’s why every time a new version of the Iphone is released, people
swarm to the stores to buy it.
We can turn this into our favor with relaunches, but let’s not get
ahead of ourselves.
The way that I identify hot topics is to take a look at current
top-sellers on WarriorPlus and JVZOO. These are two of the most
popular platforms that vendors in the Internet marketing space use.
The top-sellers list for WarriorPlus can be seen immediately when
you go to http://warriorplus.com
Take a look at the products and translate them into their respective
topics. I like to look at the last 30-days top sellers as it’s more
From the list above we can see that video marketing and email
marketing are recurring themes in the top-sellers list. And I can tell
you that at the time of writing these are indeed incredibly hot topics.
* Quick Tip : Email Marketing WSOs tend to do well because
it’s a hot topic, and affiliates who promote tend to have big
lists by virtue of them specializing in email marketing.
Here’s how to access the top-sellers list in JVZOO :
Go to http://jvzoo.com > Marketplace > Top Sellers
Once again, take a look at the products and translate them into their
respective niches/topics.
We can see some similarities between this list and the one over at
WarriorPlus. And the recurring topics are indeed incredibly hot topics
at time of writing. So it’s fair to say that the top-sellers list is quite an
accurate reflection of current hot topics.
** Quick Tip : There’s another type of offer that is popular
on the WSO section – which are “quick-cash” offers.
Your Task Now : Identify At Least 5 Hot Topics
Choosing The Right Topic For You
Now it’s time to choose the topic that is right for you. See how I
identified the hot topics before choosing the one that is right for you?
“Chase the green, then the dream”.
Just because you and I like something doesn’t mean that it’ll be
profitable – and again, my priority for you with this guide is maximum
monetary return on investment, so I’m telling you as it is.
Anyways… Here are some criteria that you should take into
consideration when picking the right topic for you.
l Have you achieved results of any kind
Now this is not a must, but it would help greatly if you could prove
that you’ve acheived results of any kind in the topic.
Ex. Money, traffic, list, knowledge, lessons learned, happiness,etc..
In the WSO section, proof of results is paramount. People will ask.
Obviously money results are the best but if you don’t have any, others
are okay too.
l Do you have any skills/knowledge/experience
Again, this is not a must, but it would really help.
Being knowledgeable and/or skillful in an area really opens many
doors for you as you’ll be able to answer questions better and it allows
you to create many kinds of WSOs.
Now, on the sales page of WSO Monster, I did promise that you could
do this without any skills or knowledge, so if you don’t meet the two
criteria above, this one is a must.
l Are you passionate about the topic/willling to research
If you’re passionate about a particular topic or are willing to do your
research, then creating your product will be a breeze.
Content creation can get mundane at times but not if you’re
passionate or interested in the topic.
This ensures that you’ll follow through because it’s much easier to
stick to something when you find it interesting.
It’s best if you meet all three criteria above, but if you don’t have any
results nor do you have any skills/knowledge/experience, the third
criteria will suffice – though it does limit your WSO-type options.
Your task now is to choose one of the hot topics that meet as many of
the criteria above.
Step 2 : Your Big Promise and Product Name
Nobody wants products. They want the things associated with the
acquisition of the product.
Certainty. Happiness. Instant gratification. Clarity. ROI.
Status. Third-party approval. Freedom. etc…
People will always be asking the question : “what’s in it for me”
(WIIFM) when contemplating whether or not to go ahead with a
Hence, we want to sell and create our product in a way that revolves
around a big promise.
Our big promise should be specific and unique.
It’s important to be specific because specific imply accuracy which
implies truth.
It’s important to be unique because everyone out there is promising
the exact same things!
And what happens when everyone promises the same things? The
marketplace gets more sophisticated and immune to the same old
You need a unique selling proposition to differentiate yourself from
the crowd.
You don’t need something ground-breaking or genius. Your USP may
not be derived from a unique attribute of your product. It may just be
a unique take on promises that haven’t been made by your
competitors or promises that weren’t emphasized.
Remember in the previous chapter we talked about different types of
results and our topic? Here’s how we’re going to use those elements
in formulating our big promise.
The formula for doing this is :
This product will allow people to :
“ Get results (same one as you got) using your unique hot
topic product within time period without your prospects’
main objections”
Here’s the big promise for WSO Monster :
This product will allow people to :
Copy my $3372.62 in 5 days formula and create their own WSO using
my simple yet powerful WSO creation and launching formula without
any skills, knowledge or experience.
The results promised should be congruent with the results that you
got because your big,central promise will be used to :
Craft your sales copy
Tell other people about your product
Create your product content
And much more..
If you don’t have any results or topic ideas (refer to previous chapter),
here’s a really cool way to get topic ideas.
Take a look at the sales page of the popular products.
Scroll down until you reach the bullet points. From there,
some of the individual bullet points can be product
topics by themselves!
Product Name
There are many ways to come up with names for your WSO. This is
something I admittedly don’t pay much attention to – but I do pretty
well, so I wouldn’t say that it’s something that makes or breaks your
business – but it’s still something to keep in mind.
Here are two formulas that I use :
“Adjective + result-oriented/product-relevant noun”
Ex. Super Easy Profits, Ultimate Traffic Explosion, Simple List
“ Adjective (optional) + Your topic + special/power word”
Ex. WSO Monster (this is a good one 😀 ) , CPA Cash Demon (mine
too) , Ultimate Product Creation Blueprint, Google Sniper, Traffic
Ignition, etc.. These are all real product names by the way.
Again, I don’t want you to get bogged down by this because it’s really
easy to do – that’s why I don’t go into much detail.
Just get it done and over with. You can survey your friends or family
(or list) by giving them a couple of product name options and asking
them which is the best one.
Or you could post in the Warrior Forum and ask for Warriors’
Your task for now is to come up with your big promise and product
Step 3 : Choosing Your Product Type And Format
As you might already know there are many types of WSOs. Let’s take
a look at them and we’ll see which one is ideal for you.
Service WSOs
If you have a particular skill that is in demand in a hot niche, ex.
Video marketing such as creating graphical sales video, you could
make a lot of money selling your services.
Below are examples of service WSOs :
Product Creation – Ebook Writing
SEO – Link Building
This type of WSO is ideal for those who possess a particular skill set
such as writing, recording, etc.. but I don’t recommend doing this
because it’s almost impossible to get WSO of The Day with these
WSOs – unless you’re really strapped for cash and/or want to do this
full-time and/or already have a proven track record in the subject
“How To” WSOs
These can be tutorials of using certain tools or guides that lead to a
specific outcome.
This is a guide by Trevor Dumbledore which shows people how to
move their squidoo lenses to their own domain name.
These “how to” WSO doesn’t require you to have achieved any results
of any kind – you just have to be willing to research and learn how to
transfer your squidoo lens to your own domain name and you’ve got a
Here’s another one :

This WSO by Reed Floren shows you how to build your very own
Obviously for this WSO you’d need some results as proof that you
actually know your stuff – because you’re promising a specific
outcome and people will ask for proof especially since it’s a hot topic.
“how to make xx $$ in xx days” type products require you to have
some proof of results too.
But here’s something cool – instead of a “how to build your first list”
guide, you can create a “how-to” guide on using the Getresponse
autoresponder and like the first 2 examples, you just have to be
willing to research!
The other type of “how-to” WSOs are those that promise a specific
These sellers don’t name their WSOs “how to xx” but the concept is
the same.
Take WSO Monster for example, the promise is for you to create your
first WSO without any experience, skills or knowledge.
Another example of this is “copy this” by Bill Hugall.
It shows you simple tricks that you can use to boost your conversions
and ultimately make more money.
There are literally thousands of “how-to” guides that you can create
regardless of skills, experience, or knowledge.
“Resource” Type WSOs
These are “lists” WSOs – here are some examples.
This is a WSO by Matthew Olson which is a list of high-ticket affiliate
programs which pay up to $500 per sale.
As you can see there’s no need for any kind of income proof of claims
because it simply solves a need that many people have – people are
constantly looking for high-ticket affiliate programs because they’re
tired of being paid peanuts as an affiliate.
This is another by David Mcalorum which is a list of paid traffic
And here’s one that I did with Coach Comeback which shows you 14
little-known sites you can use to generate niche ideas.
Once again, these WSOs don’t require you to have any prior skills or
knowledge, you just have to be willing to research!
And people wouldn’t care if you didn’t have skills or knowledge,
because these WSOs solve a need. It’s something that they would
either outsource or research themselves.
Interview WSOs
Interview WSOs are great because you get paid to learn stuff!
Nobody can have too much authority. You’ll find that many experts in
their field are more than happy to be interviewed.
Here’s one that I did with Alessandro Zamboni. I was creating a
product called Fiverr Cash Ninja and I wanted to interview an expert
on Fiverr so I approached him and we did it.
Case Study WSO
A case study WSO is a documented account of you doing something
and achieving certain results.
Again, there are many forms of results such as money, traffic,
followers, subscribers, happiness, etc..
There are many other types of WSOs out there like selling PLR rights
to products, etc.. But those are more advanced and I’ve never done
those so I’ll stick to what I know best and I can tell you that the above
WSOs are very lucrative and you should start off with those first.
WSO Formats
The types of product (digtal) formats include :
It really depends on which ones you’re comfortable with. I
recommend having all three because you can sell one as your main
product and sell the others as an upsell (more on upsells later) or
offer it as a bonus.
Reason being different people prefer different formats. I used to
perfer videos – but now I prefer PDF because it saves me a lot of time.
Videos and audios typically have a higher perceived value than ebooks
because it seems like there’s more work involved.
There’s also software but I’d stay away from that for your first launch.
I will talk about the technical side of creating these products later, but
for now just decide on your product format.
Your Task For Now Is To Choose Your WSO Type And Format
Step 4 : Your Sales Funnel
A sales funnel is the sales process from initial contact to the final sale.
A typical sales funnel looks like this :
Suspect > Prospect > Lead (not applicable in this case) >
Customer > Repeat Customer
Someone is browsing on the WSO section and lands on our WSO
thread (suspect) > He/she reads our sales copy and is contemplating
whether or not to purchase (prospect) > He/she purcahses (customer)
Now there are two ways that customer becomes a repeat customer.
l Immediate repeat sale
This sale is generated via an offer right after they purchase.
These are one-time offers (OTO) that are presented when people
access their purchase via your chosen platform.
Upsells are higher priced offers that are congruent with the main
product. An upsell should complement the main product, but should
not be essential.
If they say no to the upsell(s), customers may be presented with a
downsell, which is a lower-priced, downgraded version of the product.
Then,from there there can be more upsells and downsells.
l Backend sale
A sale generated via follow-ups either via email, direct mail or phone
This is why you often hear the mantra “the money is in the list”.
Having a list of buyers is the closest thing you can have to autopilot
income,push-button profits,passive income or whatever catch phrases
people come up with nowadays.
Having a list of leads and buyers allows you to build a relationship
with them before selling them much higher priced items.
For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be talking about generating
immediate repeat sales.
Upsell Ideas
Your upsell should be as congruent as pssible to your main product.
For example, McDonalds sells burgers as their front end product, and
upsells the drinks and fries.
Here are some upsell ideas :
These are things that speed up the results of your customers and
saves them time.
Examples of these are cheatsheets, done-for-you services, homework
sheets, etc..
Things that automate the methods taught in your main product or
methods that are typically used in your niche.
Examples of these are plugins, software, etc..
– Premium/Upgraded Version of Main Product
You can simply offer a better, more advanced, more detailed version
of your main product.
For example if your main product consists of 10 sites that people
could use to get free content, your upsell could be a product that
consists of 20 sites.
These are the “deluxes” , “premiums”, “pros”.
Again, the upsell is complementary, not essential to the main product.
They don’t need the extra 10 sites, they may want it though.
– Different Formats of Main Product
Remember the section on different product formats? Like I said you
could sell one as the front end product and offer the others as an
upsell. (or bonus if you want)
– Coaching/Consulting
Pretty self-explanatory here. You can charge premium prices if you
have authority in the niche and/or are willing to devote more
personal attention.
The coaching or consulting can be in the form of email, Skype calls,
phone calls, etc..
These upsells are not mutually exclusive. You can package a couple of
the above elements as a single package and sell them as one offer or
sell them as different offers.
For example you could sell coaching and the different formats as a
single package.
This is the easy part, really.
The downsell is typically a discounted, downgraded version of the
So there can be less elements than the upsell ex. If your upsell is
coaching and the different formats your downsell could just be the
different formats.
You always want to take away something to justify the lower price –
don’t offer a discounted package just to make the sale. It may sound
like you’re sweetening the deal, but you lose their trust because you
were just about to charge them a much higher price for the exact same
stuff that you’re now offering them at a lower price – so what’s the real
value of your offer?
I’m talking about immediate discounts here, you could always sell
them a discounted package in the backend without taking anything
Here’s the typical price range for WSOs (paid) :
Ebooks : $7-$27
Video courses : $7-$37
Software: $17 -$97
Coaching/consulting : $97-$997
When you’re just starting out you may not have the atuhority to sell
$17 ebooks with ease, so I’d price it ion the end low end, like $7, $5,
or even $1.
Now this may sound like you’re leaving money on the table, but
actually you’ll end up making more money because you get more
people into your sales funnel, and you get more total buyers which
you can profit from over and over again.
I know it can be heart-wrenching pricing your the product that you
worked so hard on so low, but you’ll be creating a name for yourself as
someone who overdelivers in a massive way and this will do you a lot
of good in the future.
Now, here’s how to build your funnel.
First, we’ll list the assets and product components that we currently
have at our disposal and those that we plan to create.
For examle..
Homework sheet
Cheatsheet software
Video version of product
Audio version of product
And now we’ll take those components and place them into the funnel.
For example..
Front End > Upsell > Downsell > Upsell
Main Ebook ($7) > Other formats + Software ($37) >
Software ($17) > Coaching ($197)
Front End > Upsell
Main Ebook ($7) > Coaching ($197)
Front End > Upsell > Downsell
Main Ebook ($7) > Other formats + software ($37)>
Software ($17)
Regarding how deep the funnel should be, it’s really up to you.
It depends on how comfortable your are and how willing you are to
create those components.
Your task for now is to create your sales funnel and finalize your
Step 5 : Finalizing And Outlining
The previous 4 chapters were pretty conceptual – in this chapter we’re
going to get into the nitty-gritty stuff and actually get something on
the plate!
We’re going to finalize each of the components in the funnel.
We’re going to answer some core questions for each and every
components. This will allow us to create our product content and our
sales copy.
What is it called?
What does it do?
How does it do it?
How will this help the buyer?
***These questions must revolve around your big promise. (see
previous chapter)***
Let’s take this product, WSO Monster as an example. Here’s the big
Copy my $3372.62 in 5 days formula and create their own
WSO using my simple yet powerful WSO creation and
launching formula without any skills, knowledge or
And here are the answers to the questions :
What is it called?
WSO Monster
What does it do?
Gives the buyer a clear picture and a complete understanding of the
entire WSO creation and launching process.
How does it do it?
The entire process is broken down into bite-sized steps and each step
is explained in a detailed fashion.
What’s in it for the buyer?
This will allow the buyer to create and launch their first WSO, and
more importantly acquire the knowledge to repeat the process over
and over again for short-term and long-term income.
Do this for other components and proceed.
Refund Policy
Regarding your refund policy/guarantee, it’s really up to you. It’s your
product. Common marketing sense dictates that the bolder the refund
policy, the better the conversion rate. But it all comes down to testing.
Having said that, I usually go with the 60-day no question asked
money back guarantee.
After answering those fundamental questions, it’s time to outline your
If you’re doing a “how-to” type product, outline the chapters.
If you’re doing an “interview” WSO, outline the questions.
If you’re doing a “case-study”, outline the steps that you’ll take.
You get the idea.
Now… AGAIN – Always make sure they’re congruent with your big
If your case study is about how you drove 3000 visitors to your site
and made $1000 with Craigslist, don’t go talking about Facebook all
of a sudden
Don’t talk about creating WSOs, don’t talk about Youtube.
Also don’t talk too much about the history of Craigslist because it’s
not relevant to the big promise, i.e. Driving traffic and making money.
If you don’t know enough about the topic to create an outline, you can
buy other relevant products and see the topics that often occur and
outline your product accordingly.
Also, here’s a super cool way that you can use to find thousands of
PDF files that you can use to bounce ideas off.
Remember, don’t plagiarize. The ramifications could be severe. It’s
okay to extract some key elements, but don’t copy word for word.
First, go to google.com.
Then, in the search bar, key in this search term :
Your Sub-Niche/Niche filetype:pdf
So if your sub-niche was weight loss for women, you would key in
weight loss for women filetype:pdf
You’ll see a ton of PDF files that you can download and get ideas and
content from.
Your task for now is to finalize your product components ,refund
policy and outline your product.
Step 6 : Your Sales Page
This is, in my opinion the most important step. Your sales page is
your automated salesman that works 24/7. Send traffic to it and it’ll
sell the heck out of your product for you.
Why is it important to have a good sales page? (Good=high
Let’s take a look at some terms :
Conversion rate
The number of visitors that take a specified action divided by the
number of total visitors
So let’s assume a mediocre sales page selling a $7 product converts at
You send 100 visitors to take page. That means 5 people will buy,
earning you $35
Imagine if the sales page converts at 10%
Out of the 100 visitors, 10 people will buy, earning you $70, that’s
double the earnings!
And with a higher conversion rate, comes with a higher :
Earnings Per Click/Value per visitor
As the term implies, EPC is the total dollar amount earned divided by
the number of visitors.
This is the dollar amount that each click that is sent generates. For
example using the above example, if the 100 visitors generates 10
sales which equates to $70, that means the EPC is 70/100 = 0.70.
This is the main, if not the only metric that affiliates look for when
deciding whether or not to promote a product. Why? Because they
want to maximize their profits for each visitor that they send.
It’s not rocket science, but it’s crucial that you understand these
Now that we understand the importance of having a high-converting
sales page, it only makes sense to have one, does it not?
But truth be told, copywriting is not something that can be learned in
a day, a week, a month, or even a year. Plus, even if you went out and
chased after affiliates and they promote for you, they’ll be
disappointed by the conversions and will be highly unlikely to
promote next time. That’s why I’m adamant on outsourcing your sales
copy – it’s that important. A small investment will make you back a lot
of money. Directly and indirectly.
Two copywriters that I recommend are Nick Arnold and Matthew
Roe. You can look them up on Facebook. I’m not affiliated with any of
them – I’ve had my copy done by them before and they were good.
The number of sales pages will depend on how deep your funnel is. If
you have just one upsell, then you’ll need two sales pages (front end
and upsell).
If you’re strapped for cash just go for Nick, he provides the copy and
graphics at a super affordable price.
And if you can find other better copywriters by all means go with
them. If you’re really,really on a tight budget, you can just skip the
graphics and outsource the copy. It’s not required – most of the sales
pages of the top WSO sellers such as Reed Floren and Sean Mize have
hardly any grpahics on them.
At this point outsourcing should be a breeze because you’ve outlined
your product, finalized your sales funnel, name, and price and
formulated your big promised. You have everything that your
copywriter needs to know.
If you’re absolutely adamant on writing your own copy, use this
fill-in-the-blank tool right here :
Side Note : I wrote my own copy for WSO Monster, but only
because I’m not under any pressure to make this WSO a
huge success right now. Plus I’ll be sending my own pre-sold
traffic to it, and if affiliates promote it it’ll be because it
converts because I’ve done zero affiliate-chasing
Your task for now is to write or outsource(recommended) your sales
Step 7 : Pre-Launch Thread
This is something that most people never do, so by doing this you’ll
put yourself on the front foot.
A pre-launch thread is essentially a WSO thread that teases about
your upcoming launch and the main purpose of the thread is to collect
early-bird leads that have “raised their hands” and expressed interest
in your WSO.
That way when it goes live you will mail these people and most of
them will be likely to buy and the ratio of buyers : visitors will be
huge, raising the EPCs, attracting affiliates (see previous chapter) and
hopefully landing you WSO Of The Day.
You don’t need much copy on your early-bird thread, just tell them
what it’ll be about and offer an incentive to opt-in, ex. Free
gift/discount, etc..
To create a new thread in the WSO section use this link :
Don’t use the “create a WSO”
because it lacks the functionality of other platforms and you don’t
have the opportunity to get WSO Of The Day (awarded by
WarriorPlus and could result in many more sales) From there just
write your offer and leave a link to opt-in.
If you don’t know how to create a squeeze page, just use page builders
like unbounce and leadpages. But if you’re willing to learn it’s really
easy – just grab some HTML templates online and edit them. You’ll
also need an autoresponder account – I recommend Aweber.
Once you’ve posted your thread, you’ll have to wait until it’s approved
and once it is, you’ll receive a private message saying that your thread
has been approved and just pay $20 and your thread goes live.
Then, you’ll want to reserve a spot below the thread like so. It should
say “reserved for FAQ”. You’ll see why this is useful later.
After you set up your pre-launch thread, it’s time to get some reviews
for your WSO.
Many people suggest going to the Warriors For Hire section and
giving away the product to reviewers. That’s fine – but I prefer
approaching my friends who have a name in IM and have them leave
a review. That’s because they have more authority and credibility.
If you don’t already have a network of marketers, no problem.
Go to WSO threads similar to yours. Look at the people leaving
reviews. If he/she seems like a reputable warrior, you can approach
him/her and give away your review copy. They’ve proven that they’re
willing to leave reviews and check their inbox, so why not.
Ideally ou’ll want to get reviews during the pre-launch because that
social proof will increase your opt-in rate, which leads to better
Your task for now is to set up your pre-launch threa and get reviews to
the thread.
Step 8 : Product Creation
I know what you’re thinking – Finally Naidy.. NOW you’re asking me
to create my product? It’s about time!
Calm down – I have an explanation.
Let me tell you a story. A story you might have heard of especially if
you’ve been marketing long enough.
Think of the best ever burger that you had. A juicy, tasty and tender
burger. It’s a burger that you will never forget because it’s just that
good. It’s one that you will tell your grandchildren about…
Now answer this question.
Were you thinking about a McDonalds burger?
I bet you weren’t. 99% of people don’t.
But McDonalds manage to generate over 28 BILLION dollars in sales
last year.
What does this prove?
It proves that it doesn’t matter how good your product is, it’s all for
naught if you don’t market and sell it well. Product creation makes
you zero dollars, product selling makes you money.
I used to spend 90% of my time creating ebooks instead of marketing
and selling them. Big mistake. The result was 200-page ebooks with
20 sales. When I shifted my emphasis towards marketing and selling,
I saw a big difference in sales and in my income.
I’m not saying to produce thrash, what I’m saying is don’t get it
perfect, get it done. Don’t line your ducks up in a row before deciding
to release your product, you’ll never get anything done.
Also, by formulating your big promise, outlining your product,
creating your sales page, finalizing your pricing, name, and all that –
you can make sure that your product delivers on the promises made
on the sales page and stays congruent with the big promise!
Let’s get right into it.
While we wait for our sales page and build our pre-launch list, we’ll
create our product.
Here are some of the tools that I use to create my products :
Recording (Video+Audio) – Camtasia Studio
Recoding (Audio) – Audacity
Ebook writing – Openoffice
Screenshots – Skitch
Interviews – Skype + Pamela For Skype OR Vodburner
Lenovo Yoga laptop
Logitech C920 webcam
Blue Yeti microphone
Fiverr Gigs
Syncing powerpoint with audio
There’s not much to say, really. You’ve done all the heavy lifiting and
this is the easy part.
If you’re doing a case study, use Camtasia to create videos or Skitch to
take screenshots and document your journey step-by-step and the
results that you got.
If you’re doing an interview, approach your expert and interview them
– make sure to give them the questions in advance so you two are
When creating any kind of products, it helps to follow the
what-why-how-what if format.
What is the current step? Why should they do it? How should they do
it? What happens if they do it? Here’s an example:
Now it’s time to set up an autoresponder account. An autoresponder
allows us to manage and automate our email marketing efforts.
First, sign up for an account at Aweber. Once you’ve signed up, you
should be redirected to your member’s dashboard and you’re ready
to start sending emails!
At this point you should have set up your pre-launch thread and
ordered your sales pages. While waiting for your sales copy (or while
writing),bump your thread at least 3 times and create your product.
(Optional:Email your pre-launch list to warm them up about the
Step 9 : Preparing To Launch
Launch day is getting closer, I hope you’re ready! At this point you
should have your sales copy, built a pre-launch list, your product
created and reviews on your thread.
Now it’s time to set up your WarriorPlus account.
In my opinion it’s absolutely crucial that you use WarriorPlus as the
platform to launch your WSO.
Reason being they’re more affiliates on there and if you don’t already
have an existing network of marketers this can be extremely helpful.
Also these affiliates are more willing and prepared to promote WSOs –
since they’re on the WarriorPlus platform.
Honestly, if this is your first WSO, chasing after affiliates will do you
little good. This is because you don’t have a proven track record and
these people are inundated with requests to promote their products
every day.
Instead, let your stats do the talking. If you did as I told you
outsourcing your sales copy, building your pre-launch list beforehand,
your stats will be good you’ll be naturally pulling in an army of
affiliates, instead of pushing your offer in their faces.
Also, with WarriorPlus you have the opportunity of getting WSO Of
The Day which can boost your WSO sales quite significantly.
First, go to warriorplus.com and create an account if you don’t
already have one. They have step-by-step instructions on setting up
Click here to access the knowledgebase.
Also, one day before the launch, you should email your pre-launch list
to tell them that the WSO will go live tomorrow and that there’s a
time-sensitive discount.
Email your lists when it comes to launch time and bump your thread
Step 10 : Launch Day and Customer Support
When it comes the time to launch, all you have to do is bump your
thread to the top, and email your pre-launch list telling them that it’s
live, and you’ll be good to go.
Now it’s time to kick back and relax, and see the sales rolling in.
If you’ve done everything like I’ve shown you, you should see some
nice sales coming in and affilates applying to promote your product.
Typically I approve anyone above 50 sales (below 7.5% refund rate)
and reject the rest. You can set this to autopilot.
You should watch your thread tightly for the first hour, answer
questions that pop up, and add them to your reserved for FAQ thread
if it’s a recuring question. You can even insert one or two questions in
there that handle pre-existing objections that someone might have
before purchasing.
Keep refreshing your browser too because you’ll have private
messages coming in.
Inevitably you’ll get refund requests. Regardless of how good your
product is, different people have different criteria for assessing the
quality of a product. Plus, there are people who will buy with the
intention of requesting a refund right-after. No worries. These people
weren’t going to buy anyway. Just be gracious and refund them.
To do so go to WarriorPlus > Vendors > Transactions.
You can search for the transaction either by entering the transaction
ID, email or item # . If he/she requestor doesn’t offer these, ask for
Customer Support
No matter how streamlined your sales process is, you’re going to get
support emails.
Make sure to create “support templates” which are copy-and-paste
responses to common questions.
Have a “have not received downloads” template, a “file corrupt”
template, a “refund request” template, etc…
Answer thread posts, private messages, emails, handle refund
requests and create support templates.
Special Offer To You :
Thank you so much for grabbing WSO Monster, by
doing so it shows that you’re serious about building a
real business and get results.
If you would like me to hold your hand and guide
you presonally to success, I have a limited coaching
offer that you can take advantage of.
In my 28 days to success program,
I’ll show you the exact N.A.I.D.Y. system that I use
to reach #1 on the JVZOO and Warriorplus
top-sellers list over and over again, selling AT
LEAST 1500 copies every single time…
The coaching program is designed for fast results –
the goal is for you to have your first successful
product launch within 28 days or less.
This offer is extremely limited and I’m expecting the
spots to be filled up very soon..
So get in now while it’s still available :
Final Words
You’ve done all the heavy lifting, and now it’s time to lay back and
reap the rewards.
I really hope that this guide has served you well.
Please take action – go out there and launch your very first WSO!
If you follow the steps that I’ve outlined in the guide, I have no doubt
that your WSO will be a hit.
To Your Success,

Video Persuasion

Video Persuasion
: How to stop making videos that suck
and finally become filthy freakin’ rich
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Earnings & I ncome Disclaimer
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Table of Contents
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Your Videos Probably Suck
Does your advertising suck?
Are you consistently pulling in 4-5 figures in sales per day with your
products or affiliate products?
Can you regularly create ad campaigns that earn you $3… $5… or even
$10 in profits for every dollar you spend on banner and Facebook ads?
Listen: It doesn’t matter if you sell physical products, information
products, services, affiliate products…
…Or even if you’re a newbie marketer struggling to make your first
dollar online. One thing is certain:
Learning To Create Persuasive Advertising That Compels Your
Audience To Send You Money Is The Most Important Skill You Can
Master In Business.
In this book I am going to walk you through the form of advertising that
has made me the most money: writing persuasive web sales videos.
There is no medium I have advertised on that has produced the greatest
return. I’ve run classified ads, direct mail campaigns, long form text
based sales letters, and I have even run a local TV infomercial for a local
business client.
Video sales letters are all the rage these days, and yet so many people
are getting it wrong. With everyone jumping on the bandwagon you
must know how to stand out and get your message across. This is the
book to get you there.
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
How to make sure no one buys your product
How many ads do you see online per day?
Every time you refresh your Facebook you’ll see 3-4 new side bar ads
and at least 2 few promoted posts in your news feed…
Every blog you read has an average of 2 ads in their banners and side
Every time you do a Google search you’re likely to see 5 – 8 ads in your
Estimates Range That The Average Person Will See About 1,500
Ads Per Day Online.
1,500 PER DAY!
Think about that for a second: If you are advertising your products or
services you are competing with 1,499 other advertisers every day for
your prospects attention.
And each ad promising a greater benefit than the next…
If one company touts 8 minute abs, it’s not long before some rip off
artist is promoting 7 minute abs.
The lesson to be had?
Odds are, your prospective buyer does not care about you or your
product and is looking for any excuse to leave your ad just like the other
1,499 ads they came across that day. This is especially true of cold traffic
where you have not established any relationship with the prospect yet.
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
2 Biggest problems in advertising (And how to solve them)
This brings me to the two biggest problems in advertising. Smart
marketers keep these 2 problems in mind when writing their ads (and
you’d be surprised how many don’t)
In fact, I have dedicated an entire section of this book to solving these
two problems and so I will touch on them briefly here.
Problem #1: No one wants to read your ad.
We’ve all heard the term ‘banner blindness’. This simply means that the
average web visitor is ‘blind’ to the banner ads on their page. They’ve
seen so many that they hardly ever click on them. Most banners are
successful if they get just a 0.1% click through rate…
Imagine… Out of every thousand visitors to a site, only one will click on a
When you place an advertisement in front of someone, whether it’s a
banner ad, a video landing page, or an email in their inbox, you are
usually interrupting what they were doing previously.
The first step in any ad is to get your ad read, and in our case… get your
video sales letter watched!
As you will find out in the next section of the this book, the best way to
not only get your advertising read, but to make your prospects want to
read it and even share it with their friends is to make your advertising
itself valuable.
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Problem #2: No one believes your claims enough to buy your product.
One of the first lessons in sales is to sell the benefits of your product,
and not the features. This is sounds advice, prospects don’t care about
what your product actually does, but they do care about what your
product does for them.
For example, anti-lock brakes is a feature in most modern automobiles.
The benefit of this feature is that your car will not skid uncontrollably if
you ever slam on your breaks. In other words, it can save your life if you
ever need to stop short in bad weather!
The problem is that our prospect has been bombarded with 1,500 sales
message per day promising them every benefit under the sun.
Lose weight fast, make money in their sleep, attract the woman of their
dreams, cure their eyesight without the need for glasses…
Advertising In This Day And Age Is All About Over Promising And
Under Delivering. This Has Made Prospects Very Skeptical.
And how do most advertisers compensate for this skepticism?
They promise more, and keep adding more benefits.
Truth is, there is a much better way to deal with this problem than not
only allows you to end the rat race of adding more and more benefits to
your products… But will actually get your customers to pay you more
for less than your competition is offering…
Interested in learning this strategy? Just hang on for the next section.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Why videos are so damn persuasive
So how is it I am able to write videos that are able to produce over $10
per visitor on email traffic and over $4 per visitor on cold PPC traffic?
Maybe the better question is, why are videos converting orders of
magnitude higher than long for text sales pages?
Listen: In nearly every market that I sell products, both as a vendor and
as an affiliate, video is blowing away the conversions of text based sales
letters. In most cases, video sales letters are converting 2-3 times higher
than a long form text based sales page using nearly identical copy.
Switching to video based selling has been the biggest shift in my
business since… well… ever!
Going from an average of $1,000 – $2,000 per day in sales of my
products to regularly doing over 5 figure a day in sales:
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Video has a number of advantages over plain text sales letters:
•Video forces your prospect to hear your entire pitch – Eye
movement and scroll heat maps consistently show the same
results: readers do not read through your sales letters from start
to finish the way you intended them to. They will generally read
your headline, skip to the bottom (the reason most letters include
a PS) and if they have any interest they read the rest of the body
copy. Although, more like skim the rest of your copy.
With video, your viewer will hear your entire pitch from start to
finish the way your sales letter was designed to be consumed.
•Video sells over multiple modalities – Video allows you to
combine reading with visual ques and audio to get your sales
message across. This is important, as not every prospect responds
to the same methods (modalities) of communication. Some
respond great to written communication, some respond better to
audio communication, while others are visual and respond best to
visual communication. Video allows you to capture all of these.
•Video allows you to communicate nonverbally – Psychologists
say as much as 75% of our communication is nonverbal. That
includes body language, tone of voice, and other vocal inflections.
All of this communication is lost in the written word.
However with video, all of your vocal inflections are kept intact.
Any good salesman would tell you that 90% of the sale not about
what you say, but how you say it.
•Video puts your viewer into a state – What state of mind is your
buyer in the moment they hit your sales letter or video? The
answer depends on what they were doing before they clicked on
the ad or link.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Perhaps they were on Facebook chatting with a friend before they
saw your ad… Perhaps they were reading a completely unrelated
article and clicked on your ad out of curiosity… Or maybe they are
pre-sold from an email they received by another marketer they
Your visitors will be in any number of states when they land on
your page. It is much easier to pull your prospect into a state of
curiosity, desire, and urgency with video than it is with the
written word.
The sounds, visuals, and vocal tonalities we will use will interrupt
whatever state your buyer was in previously, and pull them into
your video with curiosity and desire. Something that is nearly
impossible to do with written letters alone.
•Video is 4 times more likely to be consumed than text – The
average web visitor will spend 4 times as much time consuming
video content than they will written content online.
And if you plan to market to an audience that uses a mobile device
(which is practically every audience) consider this:
48% of tablet time is spent watching Long form video.
Check out the statistics for yourself in this blog post:
At the end of the day… if you are not selling your products are services
with video, you are missing out on the majority of your potential
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
You’re going to be filthy f@#&ing rich
Writing persuasive sales videos is one of the greatest skills you can take
the time to master no matter what business you are in.
It doesn’t matter how good your product is, how many benefits you
offer, or how good of a service you provide to your potential clients. If
you can’t sell customers you will not stay in business for very long.
We live in an incredible time… You can right now bottle up your best
salesmanship into a video, upload it to the web at no cost…
Then collect payment and deliver your products digitally with virtually
no overhead.
And… With the power of Facebook and search advertising you can reach
practically anyone on the planet for just a few dollars per day in
Take the commitment right now, to mastering the art of selling over
video. I promise this will change your life.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
2 Revelations Only Rich Advertisers Have
Time to think outside the box and tackle the two biggest problems in
advertising today.
Listen: If you were to read any section of this book, it should be this
section. The high level principles you are about to discover can be
applied to all of your advertising, not just video sales letters.
Keeping these two principles in mind will do wonders for your business
no matter how you advertise and generate sales.
No one reads your ads (unless you’re doing this)
The average person will see 1,500 ads per day online…
People also receive on average 416 commercial email messages per
month. That’s just from retailers and places they shop, odds are that
number is at least double if the subscribe to any niche lists (especially
internet marketing).
Your email is one of 20 that your prospects will be receiving in a day.
And this brings us to a very important point:
Why Are Prospects Reading Your Ad In The First Place?
Unless your product fills a specific need that your prospect has in that
very moment, they are just going to pass by your ad like they do the
1,500 others they see on a daily basis. People don’t like to be sold, and if
you are buying cold traffic ‘interrupting’ your audience to get them to
read your ad…
Don’t expect them to be interested in what you have to sell. People don’t
like to be sold, no matter how many benefits you offer.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
So what is the secret to getting our advertising read? Simple:
Make Your Advertising Itself Valuable.
The late mail order marketer Gary Halbert has his infamous A pile/B
pile argument.
Gary believed that the average person opens their mail over a garbage
bin, putting personal, interesting mail in pile to read (the A pile) and
tossing anything into the trash that remotely looks like an ad (the B
pile). The goal when writing direct response mail is to have your
package end up in the B pile and actually get read.
So how did Gary accomplish this task?
Well, he made all of his mail packages look like personal mail instead of
David Ogilvy considered one of the fathers of modern advertising said
that making his placement (magazine and newspaper) ads look like
editorials instead of an advertisement he was able to increase response
by 50%
Imagine that… Getting more people to read your ad by making them
look like articles instead of ads!
The same concept is true of online media like email…
If you listen to any of the internet marketing gurus or subscribe to their
mailing lists you will find all of their email comes from a personal name,
and are written in a very personal style.
If you want your ad to get read, don’t make it look like advertising.
Instead, format your ad in the same format your reader is used to
consuming his information.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Before the FTC cracked down on it, fake blogs were among the most
effective landing pages in the work from home and weight loss niches.
These fake blogs where made to look like real blog posts reviewing
products, complete with fake comments on the post as well. These
landing pages worked because they had an authentic look, and did not
look like a advertisement.
However making your advertising look valuable is only half the battle.
Most of the sales videos I write average about 40 minutes long (and the
buy button doesn’t even appear until the 20 minute mark). People will
generally not interrupt their day to watch a 40 minute sales pitch on
something they probably don’t want, however they will watch a 40
minute expose on something they are interested that leads them to a
The trick is to provide useful, but incomplete information on topics that
interest the viewer, and pull in news sources and intriguing stories.
Make your videos interesting and provide so much value that they are
shared virally.
One of the best way to sell higher ticket products is via webinars. Good
webinars are never a pitch fest… They provide value to the viewers, and
the viewers will sign up in advance to watch the presentation. You want
to take the position of a webinar in your sales pitch… Provide so much
value that people actually want to view your sales material.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Benefits don’t sell… Because no one believes you
This section will make you a millionaire. Read it twice.
One of the earliest advice I ever got in my sales/marketing career was to
‘sell the sizzle and not the steak’. It’s the first lesson in copywriting:
people do not buy products for their features, they buy products
because of what those features will do for them. The ‘benefits’ of those
And if you want to compete in this day and age, most marketing experts
would say, you better have a long list of ‘unique’ benefits that no one
else is offering. Your product must be faster, easier, and cheaper than
everyone else in the market.
If your competition is selling a product called 8 minute abs, your
product better deliver their abs in 7 minutes!
We live in a world of hype and promise, with every ad trying to out
benefit the next one. Your audience has heard it before, and has been
promised everything under the sun.
Your reader is skeptical and has been burned before.
Here is one of the great revelations rich marketers have:
The Only Benefits That Count, Are The Ones Your Customer
Believes With Certainty.
Let me give you an example to drive this revelation home…
If you are reading this product now I imagine you have bought other
‘internet marketing’ courses in the past and are familiar with the sales
pitches in this niche.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Let’s say for example you clicked on a banner ad, or email and landed on
a sales page with the following headline:
“Simple Done-For-You Method Allows Anyone To Bank $10,000 Per
Month Working Only 3 Hours A Day!”
Does this headline make you curious?
Did the little voice inside your head say “there is no way this is
If you have been around the internet marketing community for any
length of time, I’m sure you’ve seen countless headlines and ads that
promise something similar. Heck, I bet you even bought a course or two
only to be left disappointed.
Now… Imagine this headline made you curious enough to read the rest
of the ad, and you realized they were selling a short report that outlines
their “$10,000 per month, 3 hour method” for just $7?
Would you be willing to part with $7? Even if it’s just to satisfy your
curiosity on this wonder method? I mean who knows… There’s a small
chance that this could actually work? (Like a lottery ticket)
And what if we improved the ‘benefits’ of this headline like so:
“Simple Done-For-You Method Allows Anyone To Bank $20,000 Per
Month Working Only 2 Hours A Day Starting Tomorrow!”
Making $20,000 a month is better than $10,000 isn’t it?
And now you only have to work 2 hours instead of 3!!!
And, you can get started tomorrow! (Brilliant copywriting eh?)
This is how most marketers go about trying to market their products.
They add and improve the benefits and try to promise more than their
competition in order to stand out.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Would these improved benefits make you more likely to part with $7 to
discover the method?
Let me ask you a bigger question:
Would you spend $10,000 on this report?
Of course you wouldn’t. You don’t believe the promise that is made in
the headline, and I can’t convince you to believe by promising more or
adding benefits.
But let’s consider another offer, one that I will make to you personally
for reading this far into my book (only 50% of customers ever even
open the books they buy).
What if I could promise you an income of $10,000 a month from the
comfort of your own home in exactly 3 months from now?
You won’t make much, if any money for the first 2 months but by the
third month I personally guarantee you will be able to quit whatever day
job you have, and you’ll be able to make $10,000 each and every month
from home. You will also need to work a full 40 hours a week with me,
creating sales videos to accomplish this.
If you believed with 100% certainty that I could deliver on this promise
to you… How much would you pay for it?
And I do mean 100% certain that in 3 months time you would be living
this dream…
What would you be willing to pay?
Would you pay me $1,000 to personally help you make this a reality?
Would you pay $5,000 for me to coach you and build your business for
How about $10,000 to make it my personal mission over the next 3
months to see you succeed as a marketer?
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Is $10,000 a worthwhile investment if you were absolutely 100%
certain it would allow you to build a 6 figure business in the next 3
Of course it is. That’s why my coaching students pay me that much. They
are certain I can deliver, and I do. Every time.
I promise students something realistic: Building a 6 figure business in 3
months’ time that requires a full 40 work week. It’s a promise that’s not
as sexy as most of the $7 ebooks make.
So why would you be willing to pay $10,000 for less of a promise?
Because the promise is believable. It’s simple:
The Amount Of Money People Will Pay Is Related To The Benefit
They Are Certain They Will Receive.
Let me give you another example in the weightless niche.
People will have no problem forking over $20 for a fat loss ebook that
promises a diet and an easy to follow recipe plan. One that the customer
believe they MIGHT stick to and MIGHT work for them.
That same customer will pay hundreds of dollars a month for diet pills
and meal delivery services. Such things deliver the same benefit of the
ebook but have a greater chance of success in the mind of the prospect.
And that same customer would pay thousands of dollars, even tens of
thousands for gastric bypass and liposuction treatments that have a
near 100% certainty of getting what they want.
At the end of the day, the core benefit is the same: Losing weight and
having a nicer body.
The only difference is the level of certainty in achieving that benefit.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Moral of the story: While everyone else in your market is promising
more benefits and charging customers less… You should be promising
less, proving more, and charging your customers more.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
How To Write A Sales Video That Makes You Rich
Now it’s time to get down and dirty and start talking about writing
converting sales videos. I hope you took the time to read the previous
sections, because without the right mindset going into writing your
sales videos (or any ad for that matter) no one will read your ads, and
even if they do you won’t convince them to send you money.
Keep it simple stupid. No, really!
The outline that follows is one that I use for every one of my sales
videos. Follow along with each section step by step and don’t bother to
reinvent the wheel.
When recording the videos I use a simple power point presentation that
You can see an example of one of these videos here.
Flat black text, with each word capitalized in a Power Point
Presentation. One to 3 sentences per slide.
I use Camtasia to record and edit these presentations. Camtasia is the
perfect software for web video, and even allows you to upload to
YouTube directly from the software.
You can get a copy of Camtasia here.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
The video persuasion formula…
Ok, time to dive into the formula. Follow each of these sections and you
will have a completed video sales letter ready to start producing
Step1: Video Introduction
Key point to remember: You want your video to provide value to the
There are two things you must immediately accomplish once your video
1.Change the viewer’s state
2.Sell them on watching the rest of the video.
In the introduction, it is your job to change the user’s state by first
breaking him out of whatever pattern he was in previously.
Consider what your viewer was doing before they clicked on your ad to
see the video:
Where they browsing their friends statuses when they came across your
Where they actively searching for a solution on Google or Bing and saw
your ad as their answer?
Where they reading a blog post and your banner caught their eye?
When people click on your ad and start watching your video, they will
be filled with skepticism and looking for any excuse to exit out of your
video and return to chatting up friends on Facebook.
The first thing you must do is interrupt their normal thought process
when they click on an ad. In NLP this is called a pattern interrupt
because we are literately interrupting their normal pattern of behavior.
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Once you’ve broken their normal pattern, you want to invoke a feeling
of curiosity and desire to keep watching.
Here are some of the best ways to start your video and interrupt their
Quote alarming facts – General information about your targets
problem will pull your viewer in more than information about your
These facts should simultaneously provoke fear, as well as curiosity in
your viewer. Let me give you some examples on how I would open with
a strong fact:
“Fact: 1 in 4 Americans are pre-diabetic, and over 50% don’t even know
it. If you or a loved one have been feeling fatigued, stressed, have been
gaining or losing weight, you may be at risk.” (notice the symptoms I
mention can apply to practically anyone. This is a great tactic to use in
any health related product.)
“This is a public service announcement for anyone collecting social
security benefits. 83% of all retirees are only collecting half of what they
are entitled too because they have not been made aware of this simple
legal loophole.”
“Breaking news: Stipulation in Obamacare allows any unemployed
American to collect social security benefits regardless of their age”
Expose –One of the best ways to get someone to consume your video is
to format it in medium they are used to consuming. Formatting your
video as an expose news story will immediately disarm the viewer in
thinking your video is an ad, and will pull them into your story.
A quick 5 second news style intro before your opening statement can
increase your viewership by as much as 30% (split tested for
investment related products).
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Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Here are a few video templates I have used successfully in the past to
increase the viewership of my videos:
Broadcast Design – Complete News Package
TV Broadcast News Packages
After the news intro use a news style opening line, like the examples
that follow. This intro works exceptionally well if you can incorporate
actual topics that are trending in the news.
“Breaking: Ebola lands in America… How to protect your family in the
event of an epidemic”
“Expose – The case against Atkin’s diet: New research reveals the Atkin’s
diet may increase your risk of heart disease”
“Money news exclusive: Why are Warren Buffet and George Soros
DUMPING shares of this major technology company?”
Starting your video in this news fashion will immediately disarm the
skepticism of watching a normal ‘ad’ and drive their curiosity wanting
to hear more about your news.
News stories with sensational headlines are what people are used to
watching… and sharing with their friends.
Random and unexpected – A great, and common way to take someone
out of the state of skepticism is to simply display something completely
random, but relevant to what you are offering.
Let me give you two examples that have worked well for me:
Using a picture of Kim Kardashian: http://reillylabs.com/wp-pay-by-
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Using a random picture as a metaphor for the offer:
The first example, using a picture of Kim Kardashian, worked extremely
well and the highest viewer retention rates out of any other intros I
tested. It’s certainly not what you would expect when clicking on an ad,
and so it momentarily interrupts your thought process and pulls you
into the video.
A word of warning though: Your random interrupt should be relevant to
the story you are telling in your ad. In the example above, Kim
Kardashian was the inspiration for a product, and tied nicely into the
Sexy story – I am going to be dedicating an entire section on stories, but
if your story is compelling and interesting enough you can jump into it
as part of your introduction.
People love a good story, especially one they can relate too. Here is the
ultimate test to know if your story is any good:
Go out to a bar with a friend and tell the story to them.
What is their reaction?
Are they pulled into the story?
Do they look to you to complete the story if you stop half way through?
Does it stimulate their emotions the whole way through and leave them
wanting more when you have finished?
If your story is compelling and relatable, then you can use it in your
intro to pull your viewer in.
Here is an example video where I start with the story, as well as a strong
visually proved benefit:
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Massive benefit/proof combo – Sometimes the best way to grab your
user’s attention is to show them a strong benefit right off the bat and
immediately prove it visually.
Now, I am not talking about a hyped headline, I am talking about
massive undeniable proof right up front.
A few examples would be:
A screen shot of your bank account showing you earned a million
dollars online.
A dramatic before and after picture of how you or a client lost weight.
A picture of you laughing surrounded by beautiful women for a
relationship product.
You can see an example of this being used here:
Show the undeniable proof of a benefit your market wants, and let the
viewer know that you will reveal how you did it in the video.
Step 2: Promise Value In The Video
After breaking our viewer’s pattern and putting them in a state of
curiosity, we need to sell them on watching the video all the way
through. You want to promise a unique benefit that will be revealed
later in the video, build anticipation.
Here are a few examples:
“Watch this presentation until the end to find out if you are at risk of
diabetes, and how to immediately reverse it without medication.”
“Keep watching and I will reveal the 3 foods you must avoid in order to
lose belly fat.”
—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
After promising to reveal valuable information, you can introduce your
“Before I get into details on this method, I am going to tell you a quick
story. You need to hear this story and how you’re being lied to by the big
pharmaceutical companies in order to know why this method is so
Step 3: Story Telling
Stories are one of the best ways we can communicate to our viewer.
Telling stories is how normal people communicate in everyday
situations. By walking the viewer through a story, they will picture the
events in their mind, and begin to feel the points you are trying to make.
There are a few types of stories that I use in my videos:
News reporting, expose – My favorite style of storytelling in video
sales letters is a news style story. These stories can weave a conspiracy
that points the blame for your viewer’s ales on some higher authority.
The trick to these stories is research… A smoking gun. Anything that
goes against conventional wisdom works best.
Some examples:
How a PR company won the Oscars of public relations for selling sugar
to the public making everyone fat and diabetic. (true story)
How the internet marketing gurus came together to launch a traffic
solution that no longer works so they could get rich.
The point of this story is to make the viewer angry that they have been
deceived, and want to get even.
—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Embarrassing admission / Inspirational tale – Personal tale of
overcoming the hardships your viewer has and finding the solution you
are offering. In this story you will walk through your own personal
hardships and just how you came to discover your solution.
You want your hardships to be relatable to your audience. If you can
describe their problem better than they can, they will think you have the
This would follow the typical rags to riches story format. You had a hard
time with something your audience has a hard time with:
“I struggled my entire life with my weight”
Name specific instances where this affected you:
“I was always the kid who was last picked in soccer”
“I could never get a date”
“I took my sister to my senior prom”
Next you want to talk about the turning point that made you look for a
“I remember the day I decided enough was enough…”
Next you describe the process of discovering the solution:
“I studied every medical journal and saw every weight loss doctor”
“I finally discovered the secret, it turned out certain food additives
where keeping me from losing weight no matter how hard I tried”
And finally you describe your life after finding this solution. You want to
describe everyday details that your audience can relate too:
“I feel healthier, I finally get admiring looks form my secretary, and my
wife actually gets jealous when she sees me with my secretary.”
—————————————————–Page 27—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 4: Provide Useful, But Incomplete Tips
After telling your story, you want to make good on your previous
promise and deliver the tips/information on how your viewer can help
You want your tips to be useful for the viewer, but without painting the
whole picture so they would have to buy your product in order to put
them to use. Leaving out information also increases curiosity, which
keeps the viewer watching to find out more. Here are some examples:
“You can eat as many carbs as you like when you have diabetes… In fact
carbs will actually help restore your blood sugar, but only if you get
them from the right sources…” (the right sources of carbs is left out to
keep the viewer watching)
“You will lose more weight exercising for only 10 intense minutes a day
than you would spending an hour on some cardio machine. The trick is
to do the right exercises, at the right time of day…” (The exercises and
time of day are intentionally left out)
“Cheating on your diet and eating your favorite foods will help to
restore your hormone levels and actually help you lose weight. But
ONLY if you do this at the right times during the week…”
I usually include 4-5 specific tips in my videos. Leaving out some crucial
piece from each one keeps the viewer watching and ultimately
interested in the product.
—————————————————–Page 28—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 5: Agitate your Viewers Problems
After giving our viewer tips, the next step is to agitate their problem
further. Also expound on the difficulties of getting it fixed as well as the
difficulty in following your tips from before. This will make a great
segway into introducing our product, as the easiest/done for
you/fastest solution to their problems.
I like to use a mix of facts and personal day to day struggles associated
with the prospects problem. You want to remind the viewer of the pain
they feel in their current situation and make them realize that their pain
will be worse if they do not take immediate action. Here are some
For a diabetes product:
“Listen: If you are struggling with diabetes… The daily injections, the
constant worrying about your blood sugar, now is the time to take
control – before it’s too late. You see, diabetes is the leading cause of
kidney failure, amputation, and the number one cause of blindness in
newly diagnosed adults. You may be managing your diabetes with
medications now, but soon enough it won’t be enough.”
For a make money online product:
“Listen: if you have ever tried to make money online, you know it’s not
as easy as the guru’s make it out to be. Dealing with the technical details
of web hosting, SEO, mailing lists… Finding the right niche, building
products, writing advertising… It’s no wonder 90% of entrepreneurs fail
to even make their investment back in their online business.
—————————————————–Page 29—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 6: Introduce Your Product
In the last step we have sold our viewer on the need to take action in
order to prevent their problem from getting worse, and now we will
introduce our product as the solution. This section would only take up 1
or 2 slides.
The introduction starts by questioning a possible solution using a
benefit, and then introduces the product. The formula for this is as
1.“What if there was a solution to PROBLEM that also BENEFIT..”
2.“How much would your life change?”(Optional sentence)
3.“Well, thanks to STORY ELEMENT you now can…”
4.“Introducing: PRODUCT NAME”
Let me give you some examples:
“What if there was a way you could lose weight without having to do
hours of cardio? Well, thanks to the discovery of HIT training, you now
can! Introducing: The 5 minute weight loss solution.”
“What if there was a way you could make money that is also fun to do?
Well, thanks to the power of viral Facebook posts, you can! Introducing:
The $100k Facebook Formula”
“What if there was a way you could invest your money in stocks but
have the security of a mutual fund? Well thanks to the creation of
exchange traded funds, you now can! Introducing: The Fund Traders
—————————————————–Page 30—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 7: Explain What The Product Is
Immediately after introducing your product, you want to spell out it’s
USP or unique selling position. What benefits dose your product offer
that is unique in your market?
Are you the cheapest? Fastest?
What makes your product unique?
Here is the formula I use for product descriptions:
The NAME OF PRODUCT is the {only/best/cheapest} product that
allows you too BENEFIT while BENEFIT.
Here are a few examples to make this more obvious:
“The 5 minute weightless solution is the only weight loss plan that
requires no exercising and allows you to eat all the carbs you want.”
“The $100k Facebook Formula is the fastest way to make money on
Facebook without spending a penny on ads.”
“The fund traders handbook is the easiest way to buy and sell funds
with the ease of buying stocks”
—————————————————–Page 31—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 8: Explain What The Product Is Not
After our product description, spend a few slides giving reasons that
your product is different than anything else your market may have seen
in the past. This is especially important if you are in a crowded market
place like weight loss or make money online where the prospect has
more than likely heard similar sales pitches in the past.
One of the biggest objections for your audience is “I have tried other
products and they didn’t work for me, why should I try yours?”
In this section we will overcome that objection before we start naming
prices and working to close. This also allows us to subtly discredit our
competition without naming names.
I usually to begin this section with an intro:
“Now before I tell you more about PRODUCT NAME, let me tell you what
it this is not:”
“You may be thinking you have seen everything when it comes to {Your
niche} before, however let me tell you why this is not like anything you
have tried before:”
Here are some examples (Notice that each example mentions a method
that is sold in other products, and then discredits the method.):
“This is not some dangerous starve yourself every other day diet plan”
Method: starvation diets
Discredited: Called dangerous
“This is not another ‘buy penny clicks and send them to CPA offers’
course that never ends up profitable”
Method: Buying penny clicks and sending them to CPA offers
Discredited: It never ends up profitable
“This is not another SEO program that gets your website banned”
Method: SEO (Search engine optimization)
Discredited: Gets your website banned
—————————————————–Page 32—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
“This is another diet telling you to stop eating carbs and making your
exhausted all day”
Method: Stop eating carbs
Discredited: Makes you exhausted
—————————————————–Page 33—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 9: Product Bullets
At this point we have made our prospect realize they need to take action
(Step 5), we introduced our product as the solution (Step 6), expressed
how our product solves their problem in a unique way (Step 7), and
proved it is a unique solution by discrediting the benefits offered in
other products (Step 8).
Now it’s time to dig in deep and sell our product’s benefits using bullets.
A bullet is a mini headline – invoking desire and curiosity by expressing
specific benefits of your product.
A simple formula that works for any product is to start with a feature of
your product, and follow it up with one or two benefits. Let me give you
a few bullet examples using this format. Notice I start with a feature, and
talk about the benefit in a way that makes the viewer curious, and adds
to their desire.
I usually start the benefits with a simple introductory slide like this:
“Here are just a few of the things you will learn inside {PRODCUT
And the list out my bullets, one per slide:
“Lean the ‘negative selling’ strategy that not only discredits everyone
else in your market, but makes your product stand out as the only
credible solution to their problem…”
“My 5-Minute fat burn workout – Learn how you can burn more fat in a
5 minute work out than you can with hours of cardio. (The Japanese
doctor who invented this workout used it to train Olympic athletes)”
“How to make money with mutual funds in bear markets – Learn the
insider secret to shorting funds when the markets go bad (I’ve made
millions when everyone else is running for the hills in bear markets)”
—————————————————–Page 34—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 10: Additional Proof Elements
At this point in the video we have made a lot of promises to our
prospect and they are likely to be skeptical. We have them full of desire
after seeing all the benefits of our product, and are now making up their
mind to buy. Now is the perfect time to prove our claims.
Here are some proof elements you can add at this point in the video.
•Testimonials – There is no proof like social proof. This is the
perfect time to read off customer testimonials or provide video
testimonials from customers who have achieved the benefits you
promised in your bullets.
There is nothing stronger than the one two punch of compelling
benefits followed by social proof from customers that have
achieved these benefits.
•Hard Proof – Hard proof can be anything from pictures of your
bank statements for a financial product, to you before and after
photos for a weight loss product.
Even better: combine hard proof with testimonials, use customers
before/after photos or hard copies of their bank statements.
•Guarantee – Guaranteeing results can be considered proof in
itself. Your buyer is skeptical of buying because they may not
receive the benefits you have promised, and the act of
guaranteeing the results can be enough to put their mind at ease
especially when combined with other proof elements.
We will offer a full guarantee after our call to action, but for now
you can make mention of the guarantee by saying things like:
“And your results are completely guaranteed… I’ll go into that in a
minute, but first I want you to hear what some of our other
customers have had to say about {PRODUCT)”
—————————————————–Page 35—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
•Demonstration – Sometimes nothing can sell better than a good
demonstration, especially if you are selling a physical or software
product. Just watch the salesmanship of late night infomercials, a
good product will have a ton of demonstrations.
Pro tip: Stack your proof elements the way you would stack your
benefits. The more proof you can offer, the less skeptical your prospect
will be.
Step 11: State The Value Of The Package
The next step is to express the dollars and cents value of your product
package, adding bonuses to increase the value. The total value that you
express in this section should be at least 4 times the final price point.
Here are the steps:
•Introduce the full package including bonuses – Start by
introducing everything in your product package, and assign a
value to each one. You can include fast action reports and state
their value at $17, bonus software at values ranging from $17-
$497, recorded teleseminars, etc.
Pro tip: many product vendors would be willing to give you copies
of reports or products they have written to sell as bonuses. This
gets them exposure and possible product sales, all the while
increasing the perceived value of your product and establishing a
potential affiliate relationship with the vendor.
•State the total value of this package if bought
normally/separately – Add up the total perceived value of
everything you are including in your package and state it as the
normal value. Here is an example slide:
“Now if you were to buy {PRODUCT NAME} and all the bonuses,
this would cost you $197.”
—————————————————–Page 36—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
•Promise a better value – Immediately after stating the perceived
value of your product, tell your prospect that you have a better
deal coming for them. This raises their curiosity further, and
keeps them watching your video.
“However you will not be paying $197 today, I’ve got a much
better deal coming your way so keep watching.”
•Give a reason for the discount – Stating a faux price and then
offering a discount is one of the oldest tricks in the book and your
customer knows this. TV infomercials have been using this tactic
for decades, and your prospect is naturally skeptical that their
‘special deal’ is genuine, and that your product is actually worth as
much as you say.
Like everything else… you need to prove it.
There are two way to prove the discount: Proof that the package
is in fact selling at the normal price, and a reason for the discount.
Proving that your package is selling at the normal price is quite
simple, just sell it elsewhere on your site for the prices you have
suggested and show a screenshot in the video. Word of caution:
you need to actually be selling your product at this price in order
for this to work, otherwise it would be considered false
advertising. Luckily it’s as simple as a separate sales letter
somewhere else on your site at the normal price in order for this
claim to be considered legitimate.
And second, what is the reason for this discount? Is this a fairly
new product and you want to get the word out? Is this a relaunch?
Has the product been updated? Is this a special promotion for
customers of another product? Give a legitimate, and believable
reason for the discount and your prospect will believe it.
—————————————————–Page 37—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 12: Express The Cost Of Not Buying
Now that our prospect is sold on our unique benefits, and is certain we
can deliver these benefits from our proof elements, the only thing
holding them back is price. We are going to overcome price resistance in
3 ways:
1.Demonstrating it costs them more if they don’t buy
2.Demonstrating they will immediately save money by buying
3.Comparing our costs to something they would be guilty spending
money on
Is this step we are demonstrating loss if they don’t buy. This will depend
heavily on your market and your product, but it really comes down to
asking yourself one simple question:
What is my prospect currently spending money on that they will no
longer need too once their problem is solved.
Here are some examples:
“Just think of how much money you will spend in doctor’s copays and
medications if you don’t get your diabetes under control”
“Without organic traffic to your website, you will have to spend
hundreds, or thousands of dollars every month in advertising to get
people to your website.”
“How much money have you wasted on diet pills, diet food programs,
and cardio machines that simply don’t work?”
—————————————————–Page 38—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 13: Demonstrate Savings With Buying
In this step we will demonstrate how buying our product at the
‘retail/faux’ price actually saves them money. We do this by comparing
it to the expenses we mentioned in the last step:
“$197 is nothing compared to the money you will save in doctors’ bills
over the next month”
“$197 to learn how to generate free traffic to your website is nothing
compared to the money you will save on PPC ads.”
This tactic is to get them to agree that the product is worth it’s full price
in a strict dollars and cents perspective. It makes buying a complete no
brainer since the actual price will be less than 25% of what they are
now agreeing is a worthwhile price.
Step 14: Call To Action/Pricing
From here you will step down the prices until you reveal the final price
of your product.
Pro Tip: Naming the final price is the optimal time for the buy button to
appear below the video. In all of my testing across a variety of niches,
dropping the buy button at this point has tripled my conversions over
having the buy button there in the beginning. You can test other times to
make your buy button appear, but this has been my go to point.
Here are some examples:
“However you will not be paying the full price of $197. Nope, you won’t
even have to pay half that. Not even $97. Your total investment in
{PRODUCT NAME} is only one easy payment, of only $47”
Of course the pricing will be different as well as the payment options
(multiple payments can work great for higher ticket items).
—————————————————–Page 39—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Step 15: Guarantee Their Results
As soon as you name your price and drop the buy button below the
video, you want to state/reiterate your guarantee. Be as specific as
possible, and use this as an opportunity to reiterate the main benefits of
your product.
“Listen: {PRODCUT NAME} is backed by our 100% iron clad guarantee.
If you don’t {MAIN BENEFIT} or {SECOND BENEFIT} then I will refund
you every penny, no questions asked. You can even keep the product.”
This is a sneaky way to reiterate, and further prove that your product
will deliver the benefits you promise. Using this guarantee format right
after final pricing has doubled my buy button clicks in testing.
Step 16: Use Scarcity To Get The To Buy Now
At this point in your video prospects will have either clicked on your
buy button and going through your checkout page, closed the window
because they were not sold, or are sitting on the fence about buying
(hence they are still watching).
Most fence sitters are ready to take action and buy your product, just
not at that very moment. In many cases they want to ‘think about it and
come back to make their decision’. The sale at this point is less about
benefits, more about taking immediate action instead of waiting. We will
use scarcity, and fear of missing out in order to push them off the fence.
You want to state that your offer is only good for a limited time, and give
a reason. Perhaps you will no longer be offering this discounted price, or
one of the bonuses are only available during the presentation. Perhaps
this entire product is a launch and will not be available after a certain
period. Here is an example:
“Listen: This discount and all the bonuses are only available now, during
this presentation. If you don’t act now I will be forced to charge you the
full price and you will miss out on the bonuses.”
—————————————————–Page 40—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
This generic example will work in almost every case, however the more
specific a reason you can give, the better.
Step 17: Call To Action
At this point in the video you want to specifically tell your prospect
what to do. Let me give you an example:
“Look below this video right now. Click on the button that says ‘Buy
Now’ and secure your discounted copy before this promotion ends.”
Add a red arrow pointing below the video to draw the viewers’
attention to the buy button, and let the video pause for around 15
seconds before moving on to the FAQ section.
Step 18: Use An FAQ To Overcome Objections
At this point anyone who is still watching our video is still on the fence
and may have a specific objection. We can use a section of frequently
asked questions to overcome objections, like we would if we were
selling the prospect in person.
What are the most common objections prospects have to your product?
If you don’t know, you can easily survey your customers and list to see
what their biggest objections were when they bought. It also helps to
keep a line of communication open with your customers via email,
forums, and support. Keep a log of any questions that customers ask
about your product, or any complaints they have. Odds are for every
person that takes the time to ask a question, you’ve got ten other
potential customers who had the same question but didn’t take the time
to ask.
Pro Tip: Treat the customers who ask you questions (even silly
questions) like gold. They can be your greatest insight into what’s going
on in your prospects head when they read your sales copy.
—————————————————–Page 41—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
I set up the FAQ section of my video with the following line:
“If you are still watching, I bet you have some questions about
{PRODUCT NAME}. Here are a few questions that other satisfied
customers have asked me in the past:”
From here, go one by one through each question and follow up with an
“Q: Will you diet work if I have a thyroid problem?”
“A: Of course! In fact this diet will help normalize your hormone levels
naturally which will give you more energy throughout your day
especially if you have a thyroid condition.”
Follow up with as many questions and answers as you can. At this point
in the video if the person is still watching you might as well cover every
base to try to convince them to buy.
Step 19: Final Call To Action
Once you have finished going through your FAQ’s, end your video with a
final call to action and a red down arrow pointing to the buy button
below. You can use the same close that we outlined before.
—————————————————–Page 42—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
How to buy ads/traffic for a positive return
Creating completing sales videos for your product is 90% of the battle
as long as you are able to attract the attention of affiliates to promote
your offer. There are thousands of affiliates on Clickbank (myself
included) that are always on the look out to promote the latest high
converting offer to our lists and traffic sources.
If you use the formula and strategies in this guide, your video sales
letters will outperform the majority of other products in the affiliate
To help you get started making sales a bit faster, I am including this list
of my favorite traffic sources as well as a few pointers to start buying
traffic profitable to get you started. This is not meant to be a course on
buying traffic, but following along here will get you your first few sales.
Let me start by giving you my favorite traffic sources when promoting
my video sales letters:
Facebook Ads: I hate Facebook but the rest of the world seems to love
it and spend a lot of time on this site, so why not advertise here.
Facebook has some of the best targeting out of any ad network, from
demographics to interests, to life events. The downside is that ads on
Facebook seem to burn out quickly, and their guidelines are getting
stricter every week.
—————————————————–Page 43—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Bing Ads: Seriously, this has to be the most underrated ad network. If
you have an offer in the health niche especially, you need to try
converting traffic from Bing. Out of all the networks I am mentioning on
this page, this is the easiest traffic source to get profitable.
Think about it: You can target people who are actively searching for a
solution to a problem, or even a competitor’s products. There is not as
much volume on Bing as there is on Facebook or Google, but the traffic
is the highest quality out of any source I currently buy.
I recommend starting here if you are brand new to buying traffic:
Traffic Vance: My secret weapon (especially international accounts).
With Traffic Vance you will want to open two accounts, one for US traffic
and one for international traffic. This ad network prefers to work
directly with product vendors and do not normally approve affiliate
marketers so make sure you have a completed product and video sales
letter before applying.
FYI – this is the first place I buy traffic when testing a new offer. The
quality is high and they have very few guidelines which means you can
promote almost any offer and not have to worry about quality scores or
ad content like you would with Facebook or Adwords.
BuySellAds: BuySellAds is a hidden gem that can get you a steady flow
of profitable traffic. I’ve had campaigns on BuySellAds that return a
600% ROI every month, just sending traffic to video sales letters.
BuySellAds has a network of over 1,500 sites that you can choose to
advertise on from health sites, to wedding sites, to internet marketing
—————————————————–Page 44—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Insider Tip: This network is where I buy almost all of my traffic in the
internet marketing niche.
Let me give you a few general tips when buying traffic to your video
sales letter:
80/20 Rule: I have been buying traffic for over 5 years, I’ve had 6 figure
monthly campaigns, and I’ve mentored under one the big names in
direct response copywriting.
Even with all that, at least 80% of my ad buys don’t break even. I’m not
saying this to dissuade you, but to explain how ad buying works:
80%-90% Of Your Ads Will Fail.
The trick is to find the 10% that are profitable, and keep running them.
Let’s break this down:
Let’s say you pick 10 ad placements and spend $100 on each one.
9 of those ad placements don’t make a single sale, and one of them
generates $200 in sales or an ROI of 100%.
This means you invested a total of $1,000 ($100 X 10 ad placements)
and made back $200 in sales.
However the next time you go to buy ads, you can spend the entire
$1,000 on the one ad placement that doubled your money… And have a
return of $2,000.
You need to be willing to lose money an advertising in order to find the
ads that will make you money.
So here’s the strategy: Spend money to uncover the 10% of ads that will
give you a positive ROI, and then spend all your ad dollars on those
—————————————————–Page 45—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Budgeting: Set a daily budget for advertising you are willing to lose. I
always tell beginning students to start with $100 per day in traffic.
Rule of 10x: As a rule of thumb, you must spend at least 10 times your
customer value on an ad before you have enough data to make a
judgment on that ad.
Let’s say you have a product that sells for $50. You need to spend at
least $500 on advertising in order to have enough data to know if that
ad is returning positive. Anything less will not be statistically significant.
Tracking and testing: The only way to know which ads are making you
money and which are not is to track the results of your ad buys. There is
free software that can handle this for you:
Ad Copy: Sell the video not the product. You video sales letter should be
written to provide value to the viewer. Remember our principle from
before: Make your advertising itself valuable.
When your advertising is itself valuable, and it provides that value in a
way that entices your prospect to buy, you can let it do all the heavy
lifting for you. Your banner ads and Facebook ads only need to sell the
value in the video, and not presell the product.
Write your ads to sell the tips you give away in your video:
“Free video reveals the 3 diet foods that make you fat”
“Do you make these mistakes in your marketing? Watch this free
presentation to find out”
Using a news style intro in your video allows you to create ‘news
headline’ style banners that work like crazy:
“Breaking News: Diabetes drug recall you MUST know about”
“Money News Exclusive: Why are hedge funds dumping shares of
—————————————————–Page 46—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Extra ninja tips for getting rich with videos
Here are a list of advanced video maketing tips in no particular order to
take your video sales letters to the next level:
Use Wistia – I have used a number of video hosts for my videos
including YouTube, Easy Video Suite (terrible BTW), self-hosting, and
none of them compare to my go to host Wistia:
Affordable, easy to use, and works like a charm. Can’t recommend them
Make Your Video Clickable – Wistia has the option to add a call to
action right in the video, making the video a clickable link. After your
video sales letter ends, have text appear across the video:
“Click here to buy now”
And make the link take your viewer to your checkout page. I find as
much as 20% of viewers who watch until the end will click on this link
instead of the buy button. Think of how many lost sales you might have
by NOT doing this.
Remove video controls – Removing the scroll bar, pause buttons and
other controls ALWAYS increases conversions. I have never had a case
where adding the controls increased sales. You want your viewer to
watch your video from start to finish the whole way through, and not be
able to skip around. This one tip will increase your sales.
Exit pop to a text version – If the viewer closes the window before the
video is complete, use an exit pop script to direct them to a text version
of the sales letter. Some people prefer to read than to watch a video, and
so this method will capture both audiences.
—————————————————–Page 47—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Use a belcher button – The highest converting buttons that I use
include a button, text link, price, and credit cards also known as a
‘beltcher button’. You can see an example below:
Notice the text link below the button…
Having a blue underlined text link below the button will increase your
clicks by as much as 20% in my tests. People are trained to click on link.
—————————————————–Page 48—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
In Conclusion: Do Something…
If I handed you a check for $10,000 next week… How much of an impact
would that have on your life?
What if I handed you 500 checks at $20 each?
Or 10 checks at $1,000 each?
Truth is you are just 1 video sales letter away from making this happen.
All it takes is for you to put what you’ve learned in this guide to work for
you, starting right now.
$10,000 in your bank account by next week… Here’s how I would do it if
I were you…
Sell some products (500 X $20 checks)
If you were to put together a product and sell it for $20 you would need
500 sales in order to make $10,000. This is not including upsells or
affiliate sales promoting other offers to these buyers, this is just front
end sales.
Now 500 sales on a new product is not that hard to do… My video sales
letters generally convert at around 15%, which means you would need
to get about 3,400 people to view your video sales letter.
Average affiliates can send about 1,000 people when promoting an offer
to their buyers list. That means you would only need 3-4 decent
affiliates promoting your video sales letter in order to do $10,000 in
And if you follow along in this guide and make your video sales letters
valuable, and they convert because you prove the benefits than affiliates
will actively seek you out!
—————————————————–Page 49—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Just create a VSL and post it on one of my 3 favorite affiliate networks:
Clickbank – http://www.clickbank.com/
JVzoo – https://www.jvzoo.com/dashboard
Warrior Plus – https://warriorplus.com/
Pro Tip: Most affiliate networks will provide you with a marketplace of
top sellers. Sending a simple email to these sellers with an invitation to
promote your offer will get at least 4 people. Even if only 1 out of 10
sellers you message decides to promote your offer, you only need to
send 40 messages to generate enough traffic to make you $10,000…
That’s less than a day’s work in promotions.
And of course, if you have gone through the motions and created a
converting offer that provides value to the viewer, I’d consider
promoting the offer myself. Just send me an email with the details:
Sell yourself (10 X $1,000 checks)
Selling yourself… the world’s oldest profession.
Jokes aside, there is a HUGE demand for professional video sales letters
and marketers/business owners will pay top dollar for them.
I’ve paid as much as $30,000 to have a video produced (even after
writing the copy myself) so if you offer clients video copywriting AND
video production services for a flat $1,000… You’d have marketers
lining up to hire you.
The best way to attract video clients is to produce an example sales
video and posting it on internet forums where potential clients can find
—————————————————–Page 50—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
You can start by targeting internet marketers at the top marketing
forums on the net:
Warrior Forum – http://www.warriorforum.com/
Digital Point – https://forums.digitalpoint.com/
Wicked Fire – http://www.wickedfire.com/
IM Talk – http://www.imtalk.org/
And, I’ve managed to book clients in different sales industries as well
like realtors, loan officers, accountants, lawyers, and other sales based
industries that need to attract and sell clients.
Here is a list of some of the top industry specific forms:
Agents Online – http://www.agentsonline.net/forums/ubbthreads.php
Real Estate Webmasters –
IQ Real Estate – http://www.iqrealestate.com/realestateboard/
Car Sales Forum – http://www.carsalesforum.com/
Broker Outpost –
Posting a video on EVERY forum in this list will generate some interest
and get you inbound calls and emails from potential clients. Each video
should only take you a day to write and produce, and so at $1,000 each
you’re looking making that $10 grand just ten days from now.
Listen closely: whether you decide to sell your own product or offer
video creation services all it takes is effort. Just get started.
—————————————————–Page 51—————————————————–
Video Persuasion: How to stop making videos that suck and finally become filthy freakin rich
Stay in touch
That’s it for my video persuasion course!
I’d love to hear from you personally, your successes, your troubles, and
any suggestions you may have for me.
If you have a question or comment for me directly, feel free to drop me
an email here: reilly@reillylabs.com
I do get a lot of email, but I try to check it everyday and respond when I
If you need faster help, submitting a ticket to our help desk is the fastest
way to get a response:
And remember, the more action you take… the more money you will
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Video Marketing Mayhem

Video Marketing Mayhem
Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible
in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does
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While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in
this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors,
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Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations
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This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business,
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Table Of Contents
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Introduction To Video Marketing
Chapter 2:
Enter YouTube
Chapter 3:
Basics Of Video Marketing
Chapter 4:
Simple Tools For Creating Videos
Chapter 5:
4 Ways To Use Videos In Your Online
Chapter 6:
How To Boost Profits Using Videos
Chapter 7:
Video Marketing Ninja Tactics
Chapter 8:
Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
Wrapping Up
If your looking for an opportunity that you can send this traffic to while earning $17.95 payments that are paid out weekly as well as a residual monthly income just by giving away a simple high converting website then click here
With the growth of the internet and technology, videos have
increasingly become a more powerful tool in getting more leads and
growing one’s business.
The commercialization of video editing tools and ease of sharing
videos via video sharing sites such as YouTube has made the growth
of the video industry explode rapidly.
Currently, it doesn’t matter if you are a small time marketer or a
corporate giant, you stand lots of gain through leveraging on videos to
grow your business.
This e-book aims to uncover the strategies you can tap into to start
making money through videos immediately.
Let’s begin!
Video Marketing Mayhem
Learn How To Harness One Of The Most Profitable Tools On The
Chapter 1:
Introduction To Video Marketing
The trends of internet marketing have always been evolving. Back
then, it was article marketing. Then came the paid advertising era of
PPC and PPV. Today, we have Video Marketing.
What is video marketing? Video marketing is the art of using videos
to market and grow your business. This could be in the form of using
videos for getting leads, building traffic or selling a video product.
Video marketing is great because it has the ability to grow virally.
Viral marketing as in it spreads as fast and as widely as a biological
virus, but in the marketing sense. This can help you reach a wide
audience in a short amount of time and at a low cost.
People love watching videos, so much more because you can
incorporate visual and audio elements which can excite emotions and
make content interesting. E-books are so yesterday and have a hard
time keeping up with videos which have been getting better and
One of the most useful sites out there is YouTube – The world’s
largest video sharing site. We shall look into the power of YouTube in
the next section.
Chapter 2:
Enter YouTube
As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing
website. Why are they called video sharing sites? Its because everyone
who uploads videos are like a TV channel of their own – You can get
subscribers and people who watch your videos can freely share it with
others through a wide variety of social media sharing tools available.
The popularity of YouTube has exploded, and businesses, big or small
stand a lot to gain by tapping into this phenomenon. You
YouTube allows you to upload videos for free, and if your videos meet
their standards they will offer you a director’s status, where you can
post up videos longer than 10 minutes.
One good thing about YouTube, is that you can post descriptions
down at the bottom box of your videos. This allows you to draw traffic
to your website and write descriptions about your videos.
YouTube also has that added benefit of being owned by Google, the
largest search engine in the world. Because of that, YouTubes videos
rank highly on Google, and you can draw tons of traffic by targeting
keywords with high search volume and are related to your niche.
Chapter 3:
Basics Of Video Marketing
This chapter is about the basics of video marketing. For the purposes
of this chapter, we will be focusing on using YouTube as the mainstay
for marketing your business using videos.
We have seen the potential of YouTube – Huge user base, easy to
upload videos and easy to share them as well.
Here’s how you start marketing your business using YouTube:
1) Create a video worth of valuable content related to your niche
2) Make sure there’s a call to action at the end of the video
3) Upload your video to YouTube
4) Add a description below each video
5)Be sure to include a link to your website (traffic drawing purposes)
6) Share your videos with your target audience
Remember, a very important part of video marketing is the sharing
component. Get your subscribers or followers to share your videos
with others to get more views. The more views you get, the higher
your video will be ranked.
Videos with higher rank will usually be featured in YouTube’s channel
listings and this will further garner you more views.
Chapter 4:
Simple Tools For Creating Videos
Let’s look into some simple tools for creating videos for marketing
purposes. One of my favorite combinations is Microsoft Powerpoint +
Microsoft Powerpoint allows you to create video content through
slides, animations and sound effects. Camstasia allows you to record a
screen capture, so when you play your slides in real time, you can
record every single thing that is happening.
Combo-ed with some cool music, you can make powerful informative
videos which your customer base will like.
Camstasia also allows you to edit your videos with basic features such
as audio editing, slide transitions etc. Post video production is
followed by uploading to YouTube, all can be done instantly via
Last but not least, you will need to sign up for a YouTube account
before you can start uploading videos.
In short, these tools will help you create simple yet powerful videos
for getting traffic and customers, as long as you have good content
that your target market would enjoy.
Chapter 5:
4 Ways To Use Videos In Your Online Business
Okay, we’ve talked about YouTube and how you can market your
business online using it. Let’s look at some 5 other strategies for using
videos to market your business.
1) Share video content on your blog
-You can share video content of interest (doesn’t have to be done by
you) on your blog which probably already has an existing fan base.
Get your readers to comment on the video down at the blogs
comment section or share it with others for some SEO magic
2) Sell them as a product
Video products usually convert better than e-books and can be sold at
a higher price as a “premium” product because it costs more to create
3) Share them on Facebook
If you have a Facebook fan page, you can share good video content
and get people to interact with your shared content whether in the
form of comments, sharing or “liking” to create buzz in your Fan Page
4) Use them as a video course
You can bundle together videos and sell them as a video tutorial
course to either get new leads or make big profits.
Chapter 6:
How To Boost Profits Using Videos
Did you know that videos have the ability to double, even triple your
usual profits when used correctly? Yep you heard me right.
You can do so by using them as a backend product. You see, after
someone buys a product from you (an e-book for example), there is a
high chance that they will buy something again if you position your
products properly.
A video is the perfect product for an upsell, meaning that since you
already sold them something, the video can be something related to
your e-book but priced even higher but give double the value!
You have to make it such a way that it would be foolish to give up on
such an opportunity. Your video product could be a video version of
the e-book for a slightly higher price, or a massive video collection
that complements the e-book priced higher than the e-book.
Or, you could also sell your video as a one time offer (OTO) and tell
the customer that they will never have the chance to get this special
offer again after they leave the site.
– 10 –
Millions are left on the table because marketers fail to tap into
backends for extra sales. So start creating your backend products
today using videos!
– 11 –
Chapter 7:
Video Marketing Ninja Techniques
Here’s a cool ninja-trick to get your video SEO-ed and more easily
found on the search engines.
It’s got to do with keyword research. First go to the Google Keyword
Tool to research highly searched keywords or key phrases with little
to no competition. Once you’ve identified a few keywords, using these
keywords as the title of your videos (one keyword/phrase will do).
Next, in your video description, the first line should be the direct link
to your website. This is so people are more likely to see your link
when watching the video and this boosts clickthrough rates.
After a link, add a brief description in a paragraph form, with the first
line of the paragraph containing your target keywords and perhaps
sprinkle a few more throughout the body description.
End the description with a call to action and your link to your website
once again.
This tested and proven technique has helped many marketers gets
their videos to the top searches and the first page of Google so don’t
hesitate in using it now!
– 12 –
Chapter 8:
Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
Videos can be a great way to grow your business fast, when used
correctly. But if you commit these common video pitfalls, your
business stands more to lose than to gain so becareful. Check out
these common mistakes now:
Not leveraging on communities. There are powerful communities on
sites like YouTube that allow people to comment on videos, share and
participate in conversation and subscribe to videos. You should take
advantage of this community. You have to get involved in the
community and show the other users that you care about them.
Not tapping into other video sharing communities. YouTube is the
biggest, but there are other big video communities such as MetaCafe
and Vimeo. If you fail to tap into these communities, you’ll be leaving
lots of money on the table.
Not making your videos viral. Viral videos are quirky, interesting
videos which make people want to share it with their friends because
of it’s funny value.
Caring too much about views. Too often, businesses produce videos
and hope to get 1 million views. On today’s social web, success isn’t
– 13 –
always counted with stats or measured in view counts. What’s
important is meaningful engagements instead.
– 14 –
Wrapping Up
In summary, videos are a great powerful tool for helping you grow
your online business in many aspects.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same way traffic doesn’t happen in an
instant. However, if you diligently practice these video marketing
methods, your business will surely have a lot to gain.
The best way to build a budding business online is to leverage not just
on videos, but on as many marketing methods as well such as article
marketing, SEO and paid advertising.
Once you have found what works best for your business, replicate and
multiply your efforts and in no time you’ve built yourself a solid
business empire streaming with thousands of followers.
I wish you all the best in your video marketing endeavours!
Warm Regards,
Ethan Poltrack
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– 15 –

Video Cash Bonanza

Video Cash Bonanza
By: Ivana Bosnjak

Copyright 215 http://videocashbonanza.com
All content including images published within this ebook is protected by copyright laws. You may
not reproduce or republish this work or change it in any way shape or form without first acquiring
permission in writing from the lawful author.
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this ebook,
notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within
are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the Publisher
assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter
herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional.
In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made.
Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act
This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice.
All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting,
and finance field.
Material Connection Disclosure
You should assume that the publisher of this ebook has an affiliated relationship and/or another
material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned in this publication and may be
compensated when you purchase from a provider.
Translation: I will get a commission if you click on a link in this email and you buy the product
listed. I know, it’s obvious, but I want you to be an informed buyer!
Remember, you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via
the Internet, the same as you should buying offline.
You are encouraged to print this ebook for personal easy reading 🙂
Module #1 – Overview of Video Cash Bonanza Course

As you noticed. Video Cash Bonanza is a course that is laid out in step by step video setting,
however, not everyone learns by following videos, so the entire course has been added in this PDF
file. We still advise to go through bought-video and PDF in order to learn how this strategy works.
First. What are you going to learn here, is exactly how to generate some passive cash, with READY
to purchase buyers.
We are not going to focus on untargeted traffic. We are not going to focus on gigantic traffic, we
are going to focus on Ready to purchase BUYERS. Plus, we are going to help you build buyers list
plus generate sales with jvzoo marketplace.
If you are brand new to the Internet Marketing, don’t worry. This works for

everyone. Including you. 😉 and you will see how easy it is. So let’s get started…
Module #2 – what are the best videos

There are 3 types of videos that work the best. How to videos, Review videos and coupon
code/discount code videos. That is when it comes to generating pretty much instant cash. Why?
When people search for how to videos – they have a problem they are looking to solve.
When they are looking for review videos, they are ready to buy, and when they search for coupon
They already made the decision and now is the time to purchase!

This strategy is simple. You are going to “ride the wave” of buzz around products. You are going to
focus on products that are about to be launched. That means – that many people are promoting those
products and you will focus on making those buyers who are looking at either review or coupon code
in order to make that final decision to buy.
Module #3 – Good and Bad Videos

Often we get asked, is it good to create long or short videos. I would say, it does not matter as
long as you are giving them what they want. At the same time, don’t over do it. People are short on
time, and want solutions NOW.
So create simple videos – that give them exactly what they want to know.

For example, I did a video giving a review + coupon code and it was less than 3 minutes. And it
ended up generating over $400 in commission. That is exactly what you want to do. (Please note –
stats show $654.63 – but that is with sales from my lists and I am not calculating upsells as I
don’t know exactly which referral brought those in.)
Module #4 – How to Find Offers and Bonuses

Ok, with this strategy we are going to focus on JVzoo market place, but remember you can do any out
If you are brand new to JVzoo you can create your account right here. It is very simple to
register. All you have to do is fill out this form and register your account.
Please note – JVzoo requires phone verification. Your next step is to find offers.
You can promote something that is HOT today, or something that is coming soon. Now here is the list
you should keep. You will find the best offers listed here.

When you go to any of the groups or notification sites. You need to search for their
JV page. This is for affiliates / JV partners. (Meaning you ;-))
You want to subscribe to be on the JV list (so you get updates and also search for bonuses and
other marketing material they provide!)
This is what you will be giving out. This is what you need to build buyers list –
meaning bonuses.
Remember. Buyer rarely buys first time around, so building a buyers list is a must as you can offer
that product again. OR you can offer them another product.
JVzoo Offers
Also, get familiar with JV zoo and you want to pay close attention to this button!
When you click on Affiliate Details, you will get next window.

To request permission to promote. Add a personal message with exact plan on how you plan to
promote. If you are brand new, they will most likely put you on a delayed commission. Accept
delayed commission to until you get some sales in, after you get established, approvals will come
in fast. But sometimes at first, it takes a bit of time.
Also, notice that normally inside of affiliate information the details. You can access their jv
page. (Again, that is a page to get your other marketing material!)
Also, for coupon code strategy – contact the owner, and tell them, you are optimizing video for
coupon code keywords, and ask for coupon code. ANY. Even if it is $1.
IF they say NO – I suggest you research the internet, any coupon code that they provided for other
JV partners/affiliates will work. How do you know if it works? Just test to see if it actually
applies on their checkout page!
Side note: for me, the best are those that are personalized with my name.

Module #5 – Complete Campaign Setup


For this strategy to work, you need buyer keywords. Such as:

Buy Product Name Product Name Bonus Product Name Review Review of product name Get product name
discount Product name coupon code
Product name discount code
You will also need to create title that stands out. Such as:
Social Engage Review|Social Engage Coupon Code PLUS ***7 Software*** Bonus
Hi there…Ivana here…To claim your social Engage coupon code and Bonuses please go to this url
To use a coupon code and get $10 off – PLUS my bonuses please go to:
Click on the buy now button and under step #2 – you can add this coupon code. to get $10 Off
Thanks for stopping by to watch this social engage review and by following that link, you will get
additional coupon code.
Also, this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw254ewLmR4 does not offer you these bonuses.
Your bonuses as listed in my video are only available through my link. so feel free
to purchase through it here: http://ivanabosnjak.com/se.html
also, feel free to subscribe to my channel and let me know below how you found this video:
Did you search using these below: Social Engage Review
social engage coupon code
social engage discount code social engage detailed review
Social Engage Bonus
Social Engage Exclusive bonuse
Buy Social Engage
Social Engage: Do You Really Need This? Social Engage: Don’t Buy Until You Read This Social Engage:
STOP Before You Buy This
Thanks so much!

Use the same tags as keywords you are trying to rank for. Always add 2 top keywords first and the
rest after.

Creating your video Using Google Hangouts

Click on Start a Hangout on Air
Once this window pops up.

Name video with keywords
Add little description, and keep public.
(Btw – if you are doing this the first time, you will need to connect your youtube account with
google hangouts and you will get those instructions prior to getting hangout on air video. )
After you will get this window, and click start:

Next window- click SKIP
Click on Screenshare, select the screen you want to share, and click start broadcast. Next Step –
click on showcase – yellow button and click start broadcast
Where it says showcase… make sure you enter the URL you would like to show, and
check show item. This is important.
Once done, click to go off air and click on stop broadcast.

As soon as you close your viewing, it will post on youtube. (Sometimes it takes 5-
10 minutes.)
Once your video is live, go over to editor, and edit Title, Description, thumbnail and tags.
Make sure you change your thumbnail to something that is standing out. Such as:
Module #6 – Advanced Method – Adding Overlay

Next STEP – Optional BUT powerful!
Once you are done with your video.
Head over to the Google Adwords account.
Add your video in.
Select your options – in stream and in display. Add your dedicated URLs. Once done click
Click Save and Continue.
Next step. Select bidding and audience. Makes sure you bid .01
Click save target group on the bottom.
Now. Go over to your youtube video manager. Click again on edit button.

Click on Call to Action Overlay and add your urls. In there and Save. This will add overlay over
your video!
Module #7 – More traffic plus link

It is no secret that getting links plays a huge roll in your rankings. Google hangout will get you
ranked fast… BUT we suggest for you to add more links from Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit and
so forth. This will increase your rankings.
Also, go over and comment of few other popular channels.
Add URL of your competitor inside of your description. This will help you get more traffic from
search results on the side. This method does not have direct benefit, HOWEVER, it does help you get
more traffic from other related video results.
Please look over 3 modules on traffic –so you learn how to set up your accounts to so you get links
plus shares.
Module #8 – Case study

For example, I did a video giving a review + coupon code and it was less than 3 minutes. And it
ended up generating over $400 in commission. That is exactly what you want to do. (Please note –
stats show $654.63 – but that is with sales from my buyers lists and I am not calculating upsells
as I don’t know exactly which referral brought those in.)

Module #9 – Bonuses

 Find 5 products you want to promote (Make Sure you have Demo and bonuses to give out)
 Optional- ask the owner for special coupon code prior to the
launch (with your name in it)
 Add it to the schedule spreadsheet
 Create Google Hangout Video
 Edit your Description in Youtube Video Edit section
 Edit your Title (if needed to add more characters)
 Add Stand out Thumbnail Image
 Publish
o Optional: Go over to the Google Adwords – Set up video campaign
o Come back over to Youtube video and add additional overlay
Squeeze page that converts at 50-70%
Spreadsheet for tracking
Module #10 – MASSIVE Buyer List Building

Once you get your list going and few sales in. Ask people who are launching their products to put
your bonus in. (Bonus with an opt in!)
That virtual real estate is PRIME advertising spot. You are getting your optin page right in front
of the buyers that just recently spend money.
Buyers who are spending money are most likely going to spend more and that is how your tiny list
can beat any huge freebie list.
If they say NO – ask to be put at the bottom. And if they still say no, that is ok, eventually they
will say yes.
We hope you enjoyed this course. We tried to lay it out in an easy to follow setting, with PDF as
well as Videos.
Don’t forget. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.
Ivana Bosnjak http://IMTrafficHub.com

VAT Victory

Tax Changes in Europe Will Affect YOUR Online Business
Learn What You Should Do NOW

Mike Major
Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement

The author and publisher have used their best eforts in preparing this eBook and make no
representaton or warrantes with respect to the accuracy, applicability, or completeness of the

The informaton delivered in this eBook is strictly for educatonal purposes. You should seek the
advice of competent legal, tax, accountng or other professionals before relying on the informaton
provided herein and you take full responsibility for your actons if you elect to apply concepts
contained in this eBook.

The author and publisher disclaim any warrantes (express or implied) of merchantability or ftness
for any partcular purpose and shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct,
indirect, punitve, special, incidental or other consequental damages arising directly or
indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided “as is” and without warrantes.

Additonally, the author and publisher do not warrant the performance, efectveness or applicability
of any websites listed or linked to in this eBook. Such links are for informaton
purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.
Under FTC regulatons you are advised to assume any links presented in this eBook are afliate links
and that commissions may be paid to the author and publisher.

Because each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedicaton, desire and motvaton,
there is no guarantee that any person will earn any money from implementng the concepts and systems
described in this eBook.

Copyright © 2014 Dynamic Media S.A.

This publicaton contains informaton protected under Internatonal and Federal
copyright laws and treates. It may not be reproduced by any means including electronic storage and
duplicaton. Any unauthorized reprint, resale or use of this material is strictly prohibited.

Welcome to VAT Victory

Thank you for buying VAT Victory. I appreciate your trust.
I’m committed to helping all my business clients to improve their sales and profits by using simple
strategies that have been proven to work.
Since 2006 I’ve been selling ebooks and digital products online, with customers in 11 countries.
As of January 1, 2015, there will be significant changes to the European VAT rules on sales of
digital goods and services to retail consumers in Europe. These changes increase the VAT compliance
burdens on all sellers, wherever those sellers are located.
I haven’t registered for VAT in any European jurisdiction – and I have no need to do so. I have a
simple solution, which you can apply to every digital product you sell.
The good news is that the ideas and examples that are explained in this short guide are logical,
practical and are very easy to apply.
I hope you’ll use VAT Victory to create a successful and profitable online business.

Mike Major Founder TheBizAdviser.com
VAT Victory

There’s Good news and Bad news for the thousands of online business owners and solopreneurs who
sell digital products and services online, direct to consumers worldwide.
As of January 1, 2015 there’ll be significant changes to the European VAT (value added tax) rules
on sales of digital goods and services to retail consumers in Europe. You might be worried this
suddenly means you need to charge a tax if you make a sale to someone in the UK or another European
Well there’s some slightly good news and some really BAD news. So, here’s the Good news. . .
Unless you’re in Europe, the changes on 1 January 2015 mostly apply to what I call the “Amazon
Trap.” And I’ll explain that shortly.

European-based businesses
These new regulations firstly affect digital sales by EU-based businesses to EU-based consumers –
none of this applies if you’re selling to businesses. Digital downloads and services sold to
European retail consumers are taxed at VAT (value added tax) rates of up to 27%.
As of now, European suppliers must charge the VAT rate of the country from which the sale is made.
From January, suppliers must charge the VAT rate of the country where the purchaser lives.
So let’s say that Rodney, who lives in Manchester, UK sells an ebook to Patrick, who lives in
Dublin. In the UK, the VAT rate is 20% so as of now Rodney adds that to the price which Patrick
must pay.

But the VAT rate in Ireland is 23% so, from 1 January, Rodney must charge Patrick 23% VAT for his
ebook, not 20%.
Worse still for European businesses, especially the little guys, the tax now applies to the very
first dollar/euro of sales. The ‘Amazon Trap’ means that whenever an ebook or pdf is sold to a
consumer in the EU the seller is automatically liable for VAT MOSS. (That stands for Mini-
One-Stop-Shop, which is the registration mechanism.)
Why do I call this the “Amazon Trap?” Well, Amazon cleverly based their European operation in
Luxembourg, where the VAT rate is 15%.
As of now, if Patrick buys a product on Amazon, he’ll only pay 15% tax. Amazon, Google, Apple and
the other big guys were only playing by
the rules, which you’d think they’re entitled to do. But that didn’t go down well in Brussels – the
“capital” of the European Union.
They looked at the millions of euros in taxes they felt they were entitled to have, without looking
at the effect on all of us smaller guys. So the rules of the game have been changed, effectively
catching Amazon in a trap.
It means, from 1 January, if Patrick in Dublin buys anything on Amazon then he’ll be paying not 15%
but 23% VAT.

Non-European businesses
I guess you’re feeling better, now you know this only applies to sellers in Europe?
You’re still sitting down, right? Because here’s the bad news. No, I mean it’s the REALLY BAD news.
Because you’ll be surprised to learn VAT has been due on any and
all sales of digital goods and services to retail consumers in
Europe, since 2003.

THAT’S RIGHT! It’s already a requirement! What’s new is, the level of enforcement will increase.
You might be a US-based business (or Canadian, Australian, etc) and you’re not a ‘tax-resident’ in
the EU. So you’re wondering what this has to do with you?
Well, if you make a sale of any “electronically supplied service” – which includes just selling an
ebook for download – to a customer in the UK or any European country, then you’ve just become a
“non-resident seller.’
That means you’re obliged to collect and pay VAT on all digital goods and services sold in the EU
consumer market.
The VAT is due at the VAT rate of the European country in which the consumer is located. (So the 1
January change is just bringing local suppliers into line with us foreigners.)
Actually, you’re supposed to register BEFORE making any sales to European customers. So if you’ve
launched a hot ebook about Facebook Advertising and someone from the UK has bought and downloaded
it, then you’re already in breach of European law!

Registration Process
According to the bureaucrats in Brussels, anybody selling products or services online is obliged to
be properly registered for VAT in each of the 28 European countries in which the seller expects to
have consumers.
Or else you can make a one-time choice to use a simplified registration and filing procedure to
meet your European compliance obligations. It’s called MOSS (a Mini-One-Stop-Shop) and there are
actually two versions – one for EU based suppliers and one for Non-Resident Sellers.

Either way, you’ll still need to calculate and report the appropriate VAT amounts for each relevant
EU member state in which sales of your digital products have been made.
Say what?!

Managing your sales
As with any business, you’re keeping records, right? It’s the law, most anywhere. Your payment
provider tracks customer names and addresses and, if you’re in Europe, you already track VAT
However, now you need to match every single European sales transaction to the country of the buyer,
so you can collect the proper VAT due for each country. No, you’re not as big as Amazon or Apple
but, unless you track sales manually, you’ll need sophisticated and expensive billing systems.
Of course, micro businesses selling digital products rely on automated purchase and delivery, not
manual tracking. Without automation, creating and selling low priced information products isn’t
possible. If
‘human intervention’ is needed for each purchase, the costs will quickly make the business model

It’s only going to get worse!
Business owners will need to adapt to the global trend of more taxes, more reporting, and more
regulation of online commerce.
Rick Minor, writing in Forbes magazine, says the globalization of regulation is a direct
consequence of the globalization of consumer markets which digital supply chains have created.
And he says the European VAT system for taxing the sale of digital goods and services is being
celebrated by tax policy institutions like the OECD as a template for a global VAT system of
taxation on digital

commerce, and is already in the process of being embraced by the
OECD and other VAT jurisdictions.
Remember, this relates to Digital Goods and Services and the definition includes almost any product
or service that can be bought online and downloaded or accessed online. From ebooks and e- courses,
to recorded training videos, music and audio downloads.
If you sell any of these to residents of an EU country, then you probably should check you have
enough margin to cover an unexpected tax assessment for up to 27% of your sales volume.

Selling to businesses
The VAT rules for non-EU suppliers selling to business customers in the European Union remain
unchanged. VAT is paid by the importing company, under existing ‘reverse charge’ arrangements.
That is, the business buying an online product from you will declare the purchase on their VAT
return as paid to you at the time of supply. This gives you the responsibility to account for
payment of the VAT.
If you sell to any business located in the EU, then you’ll need to acquire their VAT number as part
of the payment process and make quarterly tax returns.
The catch is that, unless you register for MOSS, then you need to register for VAT in every EU
state, because there’s no minimum threshold – so the tax is payable from the very first sale!

For a small business based in the UK, it gets worse. Because, if their turnover is below the VAT
registration threshold (currently £81,000) they won’t be able to use the MOSS scheme. They lose
their tax free ‘cushion’ and, instead, they’ll have to register for VAT in their customer’s country
and account for VAT on sales through a local VAT return.

What can you do?
One of the big accounting firms says every business that is a publisher or ‘non-resident seller’
(ie YOU) needs to make an Action Plan:
• Identify all sales channels you’re using for digital products
• Confirm the contractual relationship for each sales channel
• Identify the European jurisdictions in which you make sales
• Confirm your need for VAT registration on a country-by-country basis or assess whether the MOSS
scheme is suitable
• Register for VAT in each jurisdiction – or – register for MOSS and set up a reporting and payment
system for each jurisdiction.
• Decide whether you will offer a single VAT- inclusive price and absorb the different VAT rates as
a cost, or offer an individual retail price for each jurisdiction.
• If you sell through online retailers such as Amazon or Apple iTunes, be ready for price
negotiations because they’ll likely want publishers to absorb the increased VAT costs.
• Set up a monitoring system to ensure your VAT obligations are accounted for.

Or else. . . . you can use VAT Victory

After reading the first section of this report, you’re probably starting to realize there’s a world
of pain awaiting when you make online sales to customers in Europe.
So. . . if possible, avoid the risk.
The Concept

The solution is summed up in two words: contracting out.
You see, it’s your product and your business and you can decide where and with whom you want to do
Here’s an example: Amazon
(Actually, it’s a surprisingly good example, because the reason is just the same: tax liability.)
The states of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and
Connecticut tried to make Amazon liable for state sales tax on any affiliate sales made online by
state residents.
They argued that appointing affiliates created a “nexus” for Amazon in the state – a tangible
connection – thus making Amazon liable for collecting the tax.
Amazon simply banned residents in those states from becoming affiliates. Technically, they refused
to enter into an affiliate agreement – they “contracted out” of any relationship.
You can do the same.

The Principle

The key principle is, that YOU don’t want to be responsible for VAT payable in the European
countries. So you contract out from selling to anybody who could make you liable for VAT.
And how is that done?
Simple. You make it a CONDITION of buying your digital product that: (a.) the buyer is not
purchasing for business purposes*, and (b.) the buyer is not resident in the European Union, or
(c.) the buyer agrees to accept responsibilty for paying any VAT

* As mentioned earlier, the VAT rules for non-EU suppliers selling to business customers in the
European Union remain unchanged and a sale to a business imposes an obligation on YOU to pay the

The Method

1. Create a Terms and Conditions page
You should already be including Terms and Conditions in your sale. In a litigious society it just
makes sense to state your position, which must be accepted by anybody who wants to buy from you.
I generally include terms relating to liability, service continuity, earnings disclaimer and an FTC
affiliate link disclosure.
I’ve included template Terms and Conditions pages at the end of this ebook: one for products, one
for services.

2. Add your contract out clauses
Here are the three clauses I include in my Terms and Conditions:
11. We reserve the right to refuse sale to any person or organization without explanation.

12. You affirm that you are not purchasing the product for business purposes and you affirm that
you are not usually resident in any country forming part of the European Union; or otherwise you
personally accept, and agree to take necessary steps to discharge, liability for any Value Added
Tax which may apply to your purchase.

13. You agree that by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button you have accepted these Terms and Conditions
and aver that they describe our complete agreement excluding any other representations whether in
writing or otherwise.
So here’s what you’ve done.
• In clause 11 you’ve said you don’t have to sell to everybody.
• In clause 12 you’ve made them confirm either (a), (b) or (c) above: it’s not for business, they
don’t live in Europe, or they agree to pay the VAT.
• And in clause 13 they’ve accepted your terms.

3. Now upload your Terms and Conditions page.
If you make it generic, then you can link to it from all your products and won’t have to make a new
page for every new product.
(But you might need one for each service.)
If you don’t know HTML, you can make a quick and effective page using Jason Fladlien’s
It’s a plug-in for WordPress and yes, that’s an affiliate link. But I use it myself and recommend
it, so get it here: 3go.co/enlighten

4. Link to your Terms and Conditions
Lastly, put a link under ‘Buy’ or ‘Subscribe’ buttons, with an advisory message, such as: “Click
the Buy Now button to accept our standard terms”
Here’s how I do it:
Make sure the link opens in a new window (_target=”blank”) You don’t want to close the sales page!

The Result

You may be thinking: “Wait! I’ve removed the risk of any VAT liability, but now I’m going to be
losing sales.”
Interestingly, that doesn’t seem to happen.
Assuming that your product/service is wonderful (of course!) and your sale page is powerful
(definitely!) then people in Europe will be as eager to buy from you as are customers anywhere
Testing pages with the advisory message against pages without the message doesn’t show any decline
in conversions.
I think there are three possible explanations:
1. Customers are blind to the advisory message. They’ve seen so many and besides they know, like
Software Licenses, either you accept or you go without. I’ve never had a click-through ratio of the
terms link vs. the sales button above 5%.
2. Customers don’t properly read the Terms and Conditions.
The contract-out clause is always at the end, so perhaps most of the few who do click-thru to read
them start to lose interest in the legal mumbo-jumbo.
3. Customers ignore the contract-out clause. If they want it, they’ll buy it. They’re
unlikely to need it as a business purchase, or maybe they’re not permanent residents of the country
in which they buy your product. Perhaps they’re happy to pay the VAT themselves. Or maybe they’re
just lying.
Whatever the explanation: it’s none of your business. You’ve clearly stated the terms on which
you’ll accept their business and by clicking the button, they’ve agreed to your terms.
With sufficient investment in software and systems yes, you could track
IP addresses – but you can’t track intentions.

Unless you sell digital products on an industrial scale, it can be argued that it’s unreasonable
for you to do more than you’ve done to avoid any VAT liability.
You have what the CIA might call “Plausible Deniability.”
Once again, thank you for buying VAT Victory and good luck with your online sales.

Appendix 1: Terms and Conditions template (product)
Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. The Supplier (we, us, our) and the Purchaser (you, your) agree this eBook, Report, or
information material, however described, (The Product) will be supplied according to the following
Terms and Conditions:

2. The relationship between the parties shall be as Supplier and Purchaser.
{Corporate-Name} trading as {Trading Name} will supply the product in return for the prescribed

3. The authors and publishers of the Product have used their best efforts in preparing this
information. They make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability,
completeness, or suitability of the content.

4. The authors and publishers expressly disclaim all and any liability to any person and/or
organization in respect of any action or omission and for the consequences of any such action or
omission purported to be taken by such person or organization in reliance, whether in whole or in
part, upon any part of the contents of this Product. If advice or assistance is required, the
services of a competent professional should be sought.

5. The authors and publishers disclaim any warranties (expressed or implied) as to merchantability,
or fitness for any particular purpose. They shall in no event accept liability for any loss or
other damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages,
including loss of profits.

6. The Product contains information protected under International and Federal copyright laws and
treaties. Any unauthorized reprint, resale or use of this material is strictly prohibited.

7. The Product contains no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money,
or any money, or not lose money, as a result of purchasing the Product.
8. As with any business, your results will vary and will be based on your personal abilities,
experience, knowledge, capabilities, level of desire, and an infinite number of variables
beyond our control, including variables neither we nor you have anticipated. There are no
guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience in your business. There are unknown
risks in any business and each person’s results will vary.

9. The use of our Product should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that we are not
liable for your success or failure.

10. Additionally, the author and publisher do not warrant the performance, effectiveness or
applicability of any websites listed or linked to in this Product. Such links are for information
purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.
Under FTC regulations you are advised to assume any links presented in this Product are affiliate
links and that commissions may be paid to the author and publisher.

11. We reserve the right to refuse sale to any person or organization without explanation.

12. You affirm that you are not purchasing the product for business purposes and you affirm that
you are not usually resident in any country forming part of the European Union; or otherwise you
personally accept, and agree to take necessary steps to discharge, liability for any Value Added
Tax which may apply to your purchase.

13. You agree that by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button you have accepted these Terms and Conditions
and aver that they describe our complete agreement excluding any other representations whether in
writing or otherwise.

Appendix 2: Terms and Conditions template (service)
Terms and Conditions of Supply

1. The Supplier (we, us, our) and the Hirer (you, your) agree the {Service-Name} service (The
Service) will be supplied according to the following Terms and Conditions:

2. The relationship between the parties shall be as Supplier and Hirer. {Corporate- Name} trading
as {Trading Name} will supply the Service and facilities for your benefit.

3. The Service will source prospects who have visited a related website and will verify the contact
address of those who choose to opt-in (a Lead); and you agree to pay a fee to us for each verified
Lead notified to you in the manner described at
7 (c) below.

4. Payment for the Service is as follows:
a. A one-time setup charge of $000
b. A usual fee of $00 for each verified Lead, excluding the first four leads, which are considered
to be pre-paid by the setup fee.

5. At the time of purchase and otherwise thereafter at our option we may offer you the opportunity
to purchase Leads in advance at a discount to the usual fee (a Pre- paid Lead).

6. You agree to pay our invoice by automatic credit card deduction within 24 hours of issue and you
agree and acknowledge that should any fees invoice remain unpaid for more than 24 hours then we may
suspend the Service and no further Leads will be notified to you until we receive payment.

7. For as long as your account is current, you shall be entitled to:

a. use of our registration service with opt-in form and associated download and thank you pages,
which will be mobile-optimized and will be hosted as a part of the service; and
b. use of our management service to capture the names of prospects who register interest and also
to verify their contact details; and

c. use of our notification service to advise you of verified leads, which notification will be
sent to the email address you used to register for our Service unless otherwise advised; and

d. optionally, when offered and accepted, use of our emailing service for the purpose of sending
regular emails to your database subscribers; and

e. optionally, when offered and accepted, use of an automated sequence of email messages, written
and emailed to database subscribers on your behalf.

8. Although the names and contact details of your prospects are captured in our management service,
we hold them for your benefit only.

9. If you cancel the Service, then the database names will be exported from our records and
delivered to you as a .csv file.

10. Although we have selected providers whose uptime exceeds 99.99% we do not guarantee the Service
will always be accessible. In the event of a service interruption we and our providers will apply
best efforts to restore the Service but shall not be liable for any losses flowing from such
service interruption.

11. In no event shall we or any of our providers, suppliers, subsidiaries or affiliates, be liable
for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to loss of
use, loss of data, loss of business or profits. To the extent permitted by applicable laws we do
not accept any liability for: errors, mistakes or inaccuracies in materials produced for the
service; you acting, or failing to act, on any information we advise in connection with the
service; any unauthorized access to or use of our service; any interruption or cessation of
transmission to or from any servers or websites associated with the service; or for any other
reason. Liability, if any, is limited to an amount equal to the fees paid in the previous month.

12. You may cancel this agreement at any time and for any reason by sending an email to us and the
Service will cease immediately. Any unpaid fees invoice will remain due and payable.
13. If you cancel the service and there is an unused balance of Pre-paid Leads then we will refund
the unused Leads at our usual fee.

14. We may suspend the Service if any fees invoice remains unpaid for a period exceeding 24 hours.
We will reinstate the Service upon receipt of payment.

15. We may cancel the Service if any fees invoice remains unpaid for 7 days. We accept no
obligation to reinstate the Service should payment be subsequently received.

16. We reserve the right to refuse service to any person or organization without explanation.

17. You affirm that you are not subscribing for the Service for business purposes and that you are
not usually resident in any country forming part of the European Union; or otherwise you personally
accept, and agree to take necessary steps to discharge, liability for any Value Added Tax which may
apply to your subscription.

18. You agree that by clicking the ‘Subscribe Now’ button you have accepted these Terms and
Conditions and aver that they describe our complete agreement excluding any other representations
whether in writing or otherwise.

The InstaList Formula

The InstaList Formula
Legal Notice
Let’s make this short and simple to understand.
This information is for educational purposes only. All claims made are my own
and true. By using this information you are not guaranteed to make any money
as results are not typical. It all depends on you and how much work and
dedication you put forth.
This information is copyright of the creator. If you feel any of the information
violates a copyright that you own you may send a detailed notice to Derek Allen
at convertedclicks@gmail.com
Please respect our intellectual property and we will respect yours.
Refunds: refunds are granted at the sole discretion of the creator and owner of
this material. While there is a guarantee and valid refunds will be granted within
a timely manner, people with a known case of serial refunding will be denied
(regardless of if you file a Paypal dispute or not). If you bought with the sole
intention on refunding this product please email me and be honest with you. I
will then politely give you your money back and then blacklist your Paypal email
so you won’t be allowed to purchase from me again. More, I will also submit
your email to the community blacklist so you can’t buy from some of the most
popular sellers in our marketplace.
Other than that – enjoy!
First, thanks & congratulations for investing in The InstaList Formula. My
name is Derek Allen and I am the CEO of ConvertedClicks.com
Over the last 6 years I think I’ve tried just about every list building
technique know to man. Some have flopped and other worked like magic.
The strategy you are about to learn is one that works like magic. But
magic it ain’t.
Even though this system is designed to put tons of new emails onto your
list, it’s up to you to make it happen. That means work. Please don’t let
this sit on your hard drive until you “get around to it”. Use this starting
today and you can thank me later.
I recommend you grab a notepad and a pen and go through this training in
it’s entirety at least once while taking notes. This is going to help you grasp
the concept. And if you have any questions you can ask them before you
get started. Doing this will also help you understand what you’ll need to
prepare before you get started.
Store this document is a safe place. I’m sure you’ll refer to this and the
videos inside of this document more times than once.
This is referred to as a v-book. Similar to an ebook book except you’ll find
links to videos inside that you should watch. This is an easy way to get
you your content so you can take it anywhere you go and access it from
anywhere without having to deal with password, url’s, or any of that other
Enjoy the training, use it, and build yourself a nice passive profit stream
while you’re at it.
If you have any questions at all, even if you get stuck on something simply
send me (Derek) an email to: convertedclicks@gmail.com
Other than that, enjoy the training!
-Derek Allen
Module #1: The Formula Overview
Here I will give you a bird’s eye view at what exactly you’ll be doing.
Start here:

Module #2: Key In On The Hungriest People
In this series of videos I cover how to find the best market to build a list in
(for what you prefer). You’ll discover why you can even tap in the richest
niches online that you thought were impossible to tap into due to
Here’s the video:

Module #3: Laying The Foundation By The Brick
In this module you’ll see what accounts you’ll need and tons of other stuff
to get your first campaign up and running.
Watch Video 1:

Watch Video 2:

Watch Video 3:

Here’s the diagram from video 3 above:
Module #4: The Terrific Traffic Trap
Let’s take a deep dive into the “secret” source of traffic that is scalable,
super targeted, and haven’t been hassled by other marketers. Just make
sure you take notes here because you’ve got to do certain things to make
this work.
Here’s The Video For Module 4:

Module #5: Kick Your List Building Efforts Into
High Gear / Next Steps
This is where you send your campaign live. You’ll also learn several key
things to building a super response list that will help you build a bigger,
badder business that can be set on complete auto-pilot.
Here’s the last video:

**Special Section**
Because you were a fast action taker (look at you 😉 you got the 3 special
These are all designed to help take your list building and your e-mail
marketing up a notch.
I hope you get a lot out of these.
Bonus #1- Click Here To Access The SqueezeBox Method
Bonus #2- Click Here To Access The 5 E-mail Campaigns
Bonus #3- Click Here To Access Video Bolt
*PLEASE NOTE: If you would like for me to record some videos diving
deeper into setting up your WordPress site and the funnel, send me an
email to let me know.
Also, if you need me to cover how to set up your Aweber as well as a new
list, email formatting, etc… Let me know that too!
I didn’t record these video specifically because everyone uses different
I don’t mind to do it a bit. I just need to know if this is a need.
But I don’t want anyone left out in the cold. It’s my job to give you
everything you need to be as successful as possible so let me know.
Once I get them recorded I will let all the buyers know. So please make
sure you confirm your subscription to the list that should have already hit
your inbox. This will be the only way I can communicate with you if/when
updates are ready. Deal?
Here’s my email again: convertedclicks@gmail.com

The 25 Minute Fiction System

The 25 Minute Fiction System
25 Minute Fiction
From 0 to 20,000+ Words in 25 Minute Blocks!
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
Let’s Go!
The idea of writing a “book” is
intimidating. In fact, if you’ve
tried and failed, it probably
seems downright impossible. I
get it, and I know you struggle
with it. That’s why I created a
“color by numbers” system that
allows you to follow a very
basic plan to attack this process
one easy step at a time.
In fact, this system is so “easy” that you’re going to be amazed it can (and will) actually
be used to write a full length novella. The hardest part of writing, or doing anything, is
Taking action and seeing results = Empowerment.
Once you start, it get’s easier. Getting off the bench and in the game is actually MUCH
harder (and more painful) than playing in the game. You’ll experience this for yourself
when you take this system and implement it TODAY.
The best part about this system is that it only requires you to do one thing: Write 750
words four times. 750 x 4 = 3,000 words.
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
Write 3,000 words
3k x 7 = A New Book (Royalties!)
If you can follow a few basic steps and write 750 words, you’re as good as published.
Feel free to adapt this system as suit your needs, but keep the basic structure the
Nothing works for me, I can’t do it…
As most of you know, my breakthrough online came from publishing to kindle. I had
tried and failed with so many other things. I had tried my hand at PPC, mobile ads,
blogging, niche sites, offline consulting, CPA, etc– and I failed.
I failed A LOT. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time with nothing to show for it. I
worked regular low end gigs– like waiting tables and minimum wage factory jobs in
uncomfortable conditions (I know, cry me a river).
I spent much of the money I made buying new training and implementing some of
what I learned, yet I always came up short. I constantly felt like I was getting close,
that I was on the verge of a breakthrough, that one day all the pieces were going to
come together and I would magically wake up with some secret method that would
make me lots of money.
When I finally realized that would never happen, I became disheartened. So
disheartened that I closed my laptop and said “screw it” to making money online. I had
tried for a couple years, and I just couldn’t do it. It was time to stop pretending. So I
It was eight months before I came back to internet marketing out of complete
I was twenty two, and I couldn’t find a job to save my life. You know what’s worse than
working a job you hate?
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
Looking for a job you know you’re going to hate, and not being able to get it.
When Subway wouldn’t hire me, I knew it was time to make or break. On the evening
of New Years day 2012, I was given a kindle course that changed everything for me.
What’s funny is that I didn’t even have enough money in bank account to pay for it. It
was like $50 and I only had about $23.
I messaged the vendor (who was selling it on the warrior forum) and told him I would
paypal him the rest of the money in my account ($23) and leave him an honest review
in exchange for his course. Instead of taking me up on my offer, he gave me the
course for free.
I dug in immediately. What I learned THRILLED me.
I discovered there was a simple way to create books that people would pay me for. I
followed the directions to a ‘T’ even though I found the work tedious and boring at
When I pushed “publish” and used the promotion technique I had learned…
I made about $20 in 24 hours…
Hardly anything, but it was SOMETHING; and suddenly a switch inside my brain got
flipped. I realized “I can do this. I can make money online.” After that epiphany, I
applied myself even more. I worked harder. I made some changes to my book (added a
new cover and a few other things) and re-launched it. This next time,
I made $150 in 24 hours.
From there on out, it was gravy. Once I knew it could work, I applied myself and
worked hard. And that turned out to be “the big secret”. Most of you reading this fail
only because you give up too soon. If you KNEW beyond the shadow of a doubt that
your efforts weren’t futile, that they would bring you money, you wouldn’t give up.
You would keep working until you hit the jackpot.
I need you to understand that.
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
The trick is finding a system that makes the workload easier. Follow this system and
you will see results.
The REAL “Secret” The Gurus
won’t tell you…
I’m going to introduce you to a harsh truth:
Work = Success
Work = Money
Work = Making Money Online
There is no way around hard work.
But the upside is that hard work becomes easier the more you do it. Even better, it
will ignite a fire inside your chest. A fire that will propel you to new heights. When you
challenge your greatest creative enemy– Resistance– to a fight and you lick it, your
life will begin to improve almost overnight.
I know that’s quite a claim to make, but I stand by it because I’ve personally
experienced it. In fact, I’ve experienced it numerous times.
I understand what it’s like to be stuck in a rut where progress simply doesn’t feel
possible. I know what it’s like to sit in front of a glaring computer screen and feel
completely and utterly lost.
But I also know how to beat that feeling.
This system will help you beat that feeling too.
I’ve tested this. In fact, when I first started developing this system, it looked very
different. I had a whole PDF all typed up and ready to go, and I had to throw it out and
write another one.
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
Simply because it wasn’t as effective as it could have been.
I spent hours testing and tweaking the system to make sure it would work. And now it
does work.
What’s funny is that it isn’t really my system. Though it started out unique, it quickly
morphed into an adaption of “The Pomodoro Technique” which was developed by
Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s.
The Pomodoro Technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals traditionally
25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks1.
The 25 Minute Fiction System works in the same fashion, hence the name. What
makes this system unique is that I’ve adapted it to work within a plot template;
allowing you to take a template and create a unique story quickly, efficiently and as
painlessly as possible.
Make no mistake, writing is hard work. If you don’t do it much, it will be painful at first.
Just remember, even if your finished story is terribly written, it will still be a story and
can be sent to a professional creative editor who will make it shine. That’s part of the
beauty in this system. You’re following a template that will guarantee a story, no
matter how shoddy your writing is.
I just want you to know…
You CAN do this. I don’t care who you are or what your background is, you CAN do
this. It is entirely possible. I explained my breakthrough to you. I explained that I had
banged my head against the wall for years before my breakthrough. I told you that it
all changed when I found a system that worked. What I didn’t tell you was that
following the system and doing the nitty-gritty was HARD in the beginning.
I can still remember sitting in my room, trying to get that first book finished…
Struggling with doubt, making excuses to stop working and do something else. But I
pushed through it, and so can you.
That’s why…
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
I want to Challenge you..
If you’ve been itching to get in the game and replace your income from home, then I
want to challenge you to use this system once a day, for seven days in a row. Do you
Make the decision right here and now.
If yes, continue reading.
If no, close out of this PDF and come back to it when you’re ready. Because if you can’t
commit to it, you aren’t going to have any success with it.
If you do accept my challenge, seven days from now you will have a 21,000+ word
novella finished. It may need some editing, but the hardest part will be done. In seven
days from now you could have your big breakthrough.
Think about that for a moment.
If you’re still on the fence, remember this: The ONLY thing this system requires is
that you write 750 words. If you will trust me and follow five very simple steps,
you WILL succeed.
For some of you, this is going to be pretty easy. For others, well… it’s going to hurt like
hell. Don’t worry, there’s hope in that. The harder this is, the more it’s benefiting you.
Just like muscles, you can’t grow until you tear. No pain, no gain– and all that jazz.
Again, the pain is temporary, the reward is a lifestyle.
So I ask you again,
Are you in or out?
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
The System
Before you start, clear all distractions. Clear your workspace, clear your desktop.
Silence your phone and move your laptop to a new location (I want you to work
somewhere you’ve never worked before), if you don’t have a laptop, don’t worry
about it. Just make sure your surroundings are neat and clutter free. Make sure
you place yourself in an environment where you can’t get interrupted or
The only two resources you’ll need are an eggtimer and the tomighty timer
The system is simple: Break each chapter apart and extrapolate each scene in blocks
of 750 words (written in 25 minutes) divided by short 5 minute breaks (try to keep
your breaks at 5 minutes). This is done a four times for a total of 100 minutes.
I know for many of you, 100 minutes seems like a long time, but the fact of the matter
is that there are no shortcuts. If you want to do anything worth doing–making money
online and being free of a JOB included– you’ve gotta put in the time.
Make sure you place yourself in an environment where you can’t get interrupted or
1. To get the juices flowing and to clear your mind, you’re going to start with a 5 minute
stream of conscious writing exercise. This is very simple. All you do is open a blank
word document and write whatever comes to your mind without stopping. The only
rules are:
Never stop writing.
Never think about what you’re writing.
Never read what you’ve already written.
Simply set a timer a timer for five minutes
(you may use http://www.e.ggtimer.com)
and write down whatever comes to your mind.
You can literally start this exercise like this:
I don’t know what to write, but I’m writing. I see bluebirds and yellow fields, and bananas
and watermelons. When I was eight I ate an ant. When I was twelve I swallowed a tac. I
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like duct tape, but only the silver duct tape. I wish there was blue duct tape. Perhaps there
is blue duct tape. This exercise seems silly, but it only takes five minutes so I’m doing it. I
like snow and otters and full moons…
It literally does not matter what you write. It doesn’t matter if it makes absolutely no
sense. It doesn’t matter if every other word is spelled wrong. This is not a test. You cannot
fail. The only thing you must do is write for 5 minutes.
Do NOT skip this step!
2. Take a moment to look at the scene you’ll be writing. For this example, that will be
Chapter 1. Scene 1.
CH 1/ Scene 1 – Daphne Taylor lives a quiet life. She is retired but still working.
Perhaps it was an odd concept some years ago, but for Daphne it had been her
plan all along. She bowed to the exigencies of her bosses for too many years. Now,
however, she is free to work at her own pace, doing what she loves best: editing
and writing books. From her apartment’s exceptional vista, she can watch the fickle
ocean moods, the sandy beach bathing in the sun or soaking in the pouring rain,
and the people going about their own lives.
Read this a few times. Read it once out loud. Don’t worry about how you’re going to
extrapolate on this little paragraph, just read it and let it sink in.
This should never take more than 5 minutes!
3. All distractions must be eliminated. Close all other windows or browsers on your
computer. You should have nothing open besides the word document and the
paragraph describing the scene you’re going to be writing. Open your word
document and start your “tomighty timer”.
You now have 25 minutes to write 750 words.
It is CRITICAL that you do not look at this writing as something that is going
to be perfect, or even good. Chances are, everything you write is going to feel
forced, it’s going to feel like total gibberish. This is OK, it means you’re on the right
path. Ignore all the negativity and stop thinking. Your job is only to write 750
25 minutes may seem like a long time, but it is not. If you try to edit yourself or you
think too much while you’re writing, you’ll be lucky to get 400 words.
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You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
Don’t read over anything you’ve written. Just keep writing. The only exception is
that you may look at your reference paragraph (for this example: CH 1./SC 1. ). You
may also take a sip of your drink if it’s right next to you.
Do not get up for any reason. If you have to use the bathroom, wait. If you urinate
in your chair you’ll remember to use the bathroom before you start next time.
4. When the timer goes off, finish the sentence or thought you were writing. As soon
as it’s finished, write a quick note about where you left off and what you need to
write to tie things together for the next scene.
Take a 5 minute break. If you’re using the “tomighty timer” you simply click “short”
break and the timer will set itself for five minutes.
During this time you must get off the computer. Do not check emails, or browse the
web. Leave your computer for 5 full minutes. Drink a glass of water, eat some
peanut M&Ms or use the bathroom.
When the timer dings, resume your position.
During this time it is CRITICAL that you don’t get on your computer! Leave the
room if necessary. Seriously, go outside. Cold and rainy– all the better! There’s a
lot of psycology behind this that I’m not going to get into. Just trust me. Leave your
computer and go do some jumping jacks.
5. When you sit back down, repeat steps 2 and 3 (step 2: read the paragraph for the
scene you’ll be working on next and step 3: check your notes), as it’s likely you’ll have to
tie the first scene into the scene you’re about to start writing.
Then, start your “tomighty timer” and write like the wind! You have 25 minutes to
write 750 words.
That’s it! Now that you’re in the flow of things, repeat steps 2 through 4
another 3 times, until you’re at 3,000 words. Remember, at the end of each
push you should be jotting down a few notes for the next time, using your
writing momentum to lay the groundwork before you take a break.
If you come to a section where there simply is not enough to elaborate on you can
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Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
A. Continue from the previous section and merge it into the second section
B. Simply write what you can for the skimpy section and move onto the next section.
Say you’re writing CH 1./ SC 3. and scene three provides you with very little “meat” to
elaborate on, but the end of the previous scene wasn’t totally finished, or it simply has
more to elaborate on. If that’s the case, drag the end of scene 2. into the beginning of
scene 3. to stretch out your total word count.
If there is nothing at the end of scene 2. you can elaborate on further, simply write as much
as you can for scene 3. and then move onto the next scene. Keep in mind you need to do
this quick. Do not pause or restart your timer. Look at the paragraph for scene 4. and start
writing. Remember, making this scene longer to make up for the brevity of the previous
scene may be necessary.
*Keep in mind, I’m not advocating you add “filler” to your story. Writing is the art of
saying much with little, but that comes with practice. In the beginning, you want to
write a lot of words. You want to get in the state of “flow”.
If you come to a place where more elaboration is needed, treat it like another section and
write as much as you NEED to move the story forward.
Recap (VISUAL)
I am using one of the plots as an example. It should go without saying that when I say
“THIS SCENE” I’m just making sure we’re on the same page. Insert the scene from
whichever plot you’re working on, starting from the first.
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.
You’re done for the day. Pat yourself on the back. Treat yourself to something nice.
Sleep well and repeat for six more days. You’ll notice it get’s easier the more you do it.
Pretty soon, you’ll be writing novels in your sleep!
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Leonard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
You may not share, duplicate or use this material in any way without written permission from Ryan
Leonard. Failure to comply will result in legal action.