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15 Minute Content Cash
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Directory of Websites for Turning Content into Cash
Here is a directory of websites where you can submit your articles and start getting paid
Submitting Your Articles to Content Companies:
Getting Private Clients:
Writing for Blogs/Other Content Sites:

http://thedailyheckle.net/write-for-the-daily-heckle- and-get-paid
http://writersweekly.com/writersweekly-com- writers-guidelines

http://www.workingmother.com/other/working- mother-writer-pr-guidelines
Great Web Resources for Finding Various
Blog/Content Sites:
http://www.minterest.org/how-to-make-money- writing-articles/

Writing/Blogging Jobs:

Article Template:
3 Point Article Template – This is a great template to use for about any topic and it’s the one
that I use most often.
(1.) Start with a general opening about the topic

(2.) Tell them the 3 points that you’re going to discuss.

(3.) Tell them what they’ll be able to do after they read your article.

First Main Point:

(4.) Make a general statement about the first main point.
(5.) Give 2 supporting sentences that back up your main point

Second Main Point:
(6.) Transition to your second main point.

(7.) Give 2 supporting sentences that back up your second main point.

Third Main Point:

(8.) Transition to your third main point.

(9.) Give 2 supporting sentences that back up your third main point.


(10.) Transition to the conclusion.

(11.) Summarize the 3 main points you just talked about.

(12.) Tell the reader what they can do now with the information in the article.
Example Article Using 3 Point Template:

3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Many people would like to improve their credit score but it can be difficult if you don’t know how.
(General Opening) Three ways to improve your credit score
are to always pay your bills on time (point #1), keep your accounts open as long as possible (point
#2), and correct all errors on your credit report (point #3). Read on and discover how you can use
these 3 simple steps to improve your credit score. (Tell what they’ll be able to do after they read
your article.)
One way to improve your credit score is to pay your bills on time. (point #1)
Your payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score. (detail #1)
Get into the habit of paying your bills on time to increase your credit score.
(detail #2)
Another way to improve your credit score is to keep your accounts open as long as possible. (point
# 2) Since 15% of your score is determined by the length of your credit history, it’s important to
keep these lines of credit open. (detail #1)
In fact, it’s probably best to make small purchases on your account and pay them off immediately to
improve your credit score. (detail # 2)
Finally, it’s important to correct any errors on your credit report. (point #3) Order your credit
reports often and keep track of anything that looks like a mistake. (detail #1) If you find any
errors, be sure to report them immediately to the credit reporting agencies so that they can
correct these mistakes. (detail
As you can see, improving your credit score can take some time, but it is well worth it.
(transition to conclusion) You’ll want to be sure to pay your bills on time, keep your accounts
open as long as possible, and correct all errors on your credit report. (summarize 3 main points)
Use these 3 simple steps to improve your credit score and get the credit rating that you deserve.
(Tell the reader what they can now do with the information in the article.)
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presented in this report. The purpose of this consumer report is to educate and guide. Neither the
nor the author warrant that the information contained within this consumer report is free of
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PPC Domination

Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 2
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Introduction To Google Adwords PPC …………………………………………………………………………… 6
Chapter 2 – How To Setup Google Adwords Account …………………………………………………………………….. 11
Chapter 3 – Google Adwords PPC Basics ………………………………………………………………………………………. 25
Chapter 4 – Keyword Research ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 28
Chapter 5 – Fine Tuning Your Adwords Campaign …………………………………………………………………………. 37
Chapter 6 – Measuring Your Ad Campaign Results ………………………………………………………………………… 51
Chapter 7 – Best Practices For Google PPC ……………………………………………………………………………………. 61
Chapter 8 – Advanced Google PPC Features …………………………………………………………………………………. 66
Chapter 9 – Daily Adwords Pay Per Click Activities…………………………………………………………………………. 75
Chapter 10 – Taking The Next Steps …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 78
About the Author ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 79
Appendix A – Pay Per Click Resources ………………………………………………………………………………………….. 80
Appendix B – Additional Services…………………………………………………………………………………………………. 81
Appendix C – Google Support Information ……………………………………………………………………………………. 82
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 3
Proven Google Adwords Pay Per Click
Strategies To Get High Quality Targeted
Traffic That Converts Into Red Hot Prospects!
Thank you for ordering this brand new ebook for 2015 called PPC Domination that will teach you how to properly use the powerful Google Adwords online marketing and advertising platform. You have made a very smart decision. 
As you will see in this book, I am a huge fan of Google Adwords pay per click advertising because it provides the most targeted and instant traffic that you can get online. And for whatever type of business you have, it is a great marketing platform to find targeted buyers for the products or services you offer.
The fact is, many businesses have been hit very hard over the last few years from Google with various search engine ranking algorithm changes called Penguin, Panda and Pigeon. All of these have impacted how websites are ranked for organic search and as a result, the amount of traffic a website gets.
But it has also created an opportunity for innovative businesses that recognize pay per click as a great online marketing strategy. With Google Adwords it is possible to get highly targeted traffic in just a few days from the exact people who are interested in the products or services you sell, and the markets you serve.
I encourage you to study the information in this book so you can take control of generating your own high quality targeted traffic for finding new prospects, generating new leads and growing your business.
Once you understand how powerful Google Adwords pay per click can be, we hope you adopt the information we are providing and make PPC a key part of your online marketing strategy.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 4
This ebook will give you a behind-the-scenes-look at why Google Adwords pay per click is the best online marketing strategy, and how you start attracting hot new prospects and start generating new high quality leads and sales right now.
We cover all the bases and you will learn everything you need to get a pay per click campaign off the ground. Included are proven strategies with examples of how to create campaigns that you can start using immediately.
These are the chapters included with this ebook where we will also show you …
 Chapter 1 – Introduction to Google Adwords and why we believe it is the best online marketing strategy for lead generation in 2015.
 Chapter 2 – How to setup your Google Adwords account with a detailed explanation of basic and advanced features that you should consider for your first Adwords campaign.
 Chapter 3 – Basic understanding of Google Adwords that you so you can understand to get the best results.
 Chapter 4 – The importance of keyword research in using Google Adwords with recommendations on free and paid keyword research tools you should consider.
 Chapter 5 – Tips and tricks to fine tune your Adwords campaign to get the best results.
 Chapter 6 – The various metrics that you should monitor to measure results and how to use that analysis to improve performance.
 Chapter 7 – Best practices with Google Adwords that you should consider for generating the most highly targeted real estate leads.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 5
 Chapter 8 – Advanced Adwords features you should consider to get the best results.
 Chapter 9 – Daily and weekly PPC activities you should be doing to keep your pay per click campaign running smoothly.
 Resources – Additional information and access to tools and resources to help better manage your campaign.
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with it!
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 6
Chapter 1 – Introduction To Google Adwords PPC
You will never find a higher quality prospect than someone that does a Google search for the products or services you offer, finds your ad at the top of the first page of Google and clicks on the ad to visit your website.
They are searching on Google because they are looking to solve a problem, or maybe to purchase a specific product, or need some other help with other information. They are typically further along in the buying process and simply put, they are ‘in the market’ to solve a specific issue.
When someone is actively performing a search on Google, they are looking to involve themselves in a process. Some may be further along than others. But having a prospect go to your website when they are initiating the search process provides a great opportunity to influence their buying decision.
So it is very advantageous that these people find your website at the top of the page when they are actively seeking information. Because if you are not listed at the top of Google’s first page, it is unlikely they will ever find your website. And that is the essence of the awesome power of a well implemented Google Adwords pay per click marketing strategy.
There are many benefits to pay per click advertising but these two are the biggest from our perspective:
1) Highly Targeted Prospects – It is possible to target the exact
types of prospects you want to attract. With Adwords
you can implement a pay per click campaign on the
specific products, services or business issues you
want to target. With the training that we provide in
this ebook you will know how to select and target
the keywords that are the best performing search
terms. And as a result, the only people who will see your ads are
Leverage The Power Of Google Pay Per Click
Marketing To Grow Your Business FAST!
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 7
those that are looking specifically for the products or services you offer. If you follow our guidelines, the ONLY people that end up on your website are those that are the most targeted prospects you could ever want to attract.
2) Measurable Results – With most advertising strategies it is very
difficult to measure what type of results you are
getting. Not so with Google pay per click. You will
have detailed analytics data on a wealth of
information that you do not have from other
advertising. This data includes:
a. Number of ad impressions (how many times ad was shown)
b. Number of clicks on your ad
c. Average cost per click
d. Number of leads that were generated
e. … more
One of the most important things to consider with any type of marketing strategy is being able to know if the money you spent provided a return on your investment.
Pay per click is far superior to any other form of advertising for because of the useful data that is available to measure results from the campaign. This allows you to run simple test campaigns for a week or two to determine if the marketing results are good for your business. From there you can adjust the campaigns to get even better results.
Landing Pages
This will be discussed in much more detail later, but we want to introduce the importance of the landing page strategy. This will impact the effectiveness of your Google pay per click campaign’s quality score and conversion rate.
It’s important to understand the ‘psychology’ of the search — what is it that drives someone to go to Google, type in specific search information
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 8
and start the search process? Actually it is very simple. These people are actively participating in the market to find information that fills a need for something they want to find.
That is why your landing page strategy with pay per click is so important. As you will learn in this training, the more you can target specific landing pages to specific search terms the better results you will get.
In other words, if someone is searching for a specific product or service, the landing page should be dedicated to that product or service. Following this strategy will ensure that any clicks you get will be very high quality and targeted to your business.
Now of course this means that you need to be able to segment and identify the solutions you provide for your target market. And you must also understand how to find keywords to bid on that are consistent with the way people search. In Chapter 4 we provide an in-depth overview of keyword research and the tools you should use to discover those targeted keywords.
The Google Adwords Auction Process
Each time someone does a search there is a unique Google search auction process that decides which ads are placed and in what order they appear. Because each search is unique, it is likely that different results might be returned each time a search is done.
Here are some of the factors where the ads are placed during a search:
– Your budget status
– Competitors budget status
– Match type compared to user search term
– Ad scheduling
– Bid price
– Quality score
– Location of search request
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 9
Since the auction process is repeated for every search on Google, each auction can have potentially different results depending on the competition at that moment. Therefore it’s normal for you to see some fluctuation in your ad’s position on the page and in whether or not your ad shows at all.
Google PPC vs. Facebook PPC
Many people are confused when comparing Google and Facebook PPC. Both advertising platforms can be very effective and both can have a place in your online marketing strategy.
But there is one key difference that puts Google pay per click ahead of Facebook in our opinion. And that is, Google PPC is based on someone actively taking the initiative of doing a search for a specific keyword that leads them to click through to your website. The direct response nature of their activity sort of pre-qualifies them before they even click.
Compare this to Facebook where your PPC ad is more of a passive advertising strategy placed in someone’s newsfeed. In a sense, Facebook PPC is just another form of ‘interruption’ based advertising where you are trying to capture someone’s attention while they are browsing other information.
That is the why we prefer Google PPC over Facebook. Google is a direct action and direct response advertising strategy unlike any other online or offline marketing platform.
Google Adwords Is The Bomb!
As you have probably noticed by now, I love the Google AdWords pay per click platform. There is an infinite amount of high quality traffic that can help you find high quality prospects. After completing this course, you will know how to get your Google ads in front of as many targeted prospects as you want.
Most businesses don’t understand how easy it is to get as much traffic as you want at the drop of a hat. Once you learn the proper techniques and strategies you will be in control of how much traffic you get and can time
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 10
the campaigns for the busy times of day, or busy season of the year, or just when you want more traffic.
You can literally start implementing these strategies within 15 minutes of finishing this book. And these same strategies will get similar results over and over again.
One last point … if there is any question on whether Google is a good long term strategy, this chart illustrates the expected growth in PPC advertising over the next few years.
This leaves you to consider that in today’s market, if you are not found at the top of Google you are being left behind. And if your prospects are not finding you, who are they finding?
In the next few chapters we provide step by step instructions on how to properly setup a Google account and an Adwords pay per click campaign to get the very best high quality targeted traffic to your website.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 11
Chapter 2 – How To Setup Google Adwords Account
In this chapter we are providing a step-by-step process on how to setup your Google Adwords account. The first part of the chapter can be skipped if you already have a Gmail address that you can use for the Adwords account. Even if you already have a Gmail account you may want to setup a new one to keep PPC separate from an email account that you use on a daily basis. It is totally up to you, there is no right or wrong approach.
The first thing to do is to go to https://mail.google.com/. This is the screen you will see:
The first thing to do is create an account by clicking on the link. You will then be taken to this page to enter your information.
Follow These Easy Steps To Get Your Google Adwords Account Setup Correctly From The Very Beginning
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 12
The red arrows signify areas that are required to complete, you can skip the mobile phone and current email address if you want.
After you have accepted the Gmail terms this step is completed. You will then be taken to this page:
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 13
At this point you can a photo and create a profile but this is totally unnecessary to complete and optional. I typically click on ‘No Thanks’ and move to the next step.
The next page is just a confirmation that the account is setup and you can click on ‘Continue to Gmail’.
At this point you will be taken into Gmail and your account is ready.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 14
Now that you have a Google Gmail account setup, you can use the same email address to setup your Google Adwords account.
The first step is to go to https://adwords.google.com and start the account setup process. This is the first screen that you will see:
Since you already have a Google Gmail account, click the ‘Sign In’ link to access the Adwords account.
The next page will list the Gmail accounts that Google recognizes on your computer. This may include any other Gmail accounts you have setup, just select the account you want to use for your Adwords marketing campaign.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 15
You will then be taken to a page that prompts you for account recovery information, I usually click on ‘No Thanks’ and continue. But if you want to provide this information just enter your information and click ‘Done’.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 16
Now you are ready to go through the Adwords account setup. There are quite a few screens to enter information and it is very important that you follow this process as we define it. As with anything else in business, getting everything setup from the start will help you have success in the future.
The first step is creating your account.
The first thing is to enter the email address you want to use for your Adwords campaign, again just use the Gmail account previously setup.
The next 3 steps are very important because it defines the country, time zone and currency. Simple questions for sure, but if you don’t get these setup you will have problems later on with billing, reporting and overall account management.
Once you have completed this info and hit ‘Save and Continue’, you will then be taken to a page where you can create your first campaign.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 17
The step here is simple, just click on the ‘Create your first campaign’ button. This is where the fun begins because you are now taking action on getting high quality targeted traffic to your website! This is the next screen you will see (several sections of this page are split into smaller images):
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 18
The image above might be the most important steps in getting an Adwords campaign setup correctly, so I am going to provide details of each step. Google kind of makes this confusing so I have brought highlight to a the following 8 key steps.
1) The FIRST thing you need to do is to select ‘Search Network Only’ under (beside) ‘Type’. This is extremely important to make this selection first. I have emphasized this by placing the #1 image beside this step.
2) The SECOND thing to do is to select ‘All features – All the features and options available for the Search Network’. You may get a popup message that says ‘Changes that you have already made to this page will be lost if you switch campaign types. Continue?’. Select OK and continue.
3) At the top of the page you should now see a message that says ‘Search Network Only – All features’. If you see this you have this step setup correctly. If not, go back to steps 1 and 2 to get this right.
4) Now you can start building the campaign. Enter a campaign name such as ‘Blue Widgets’ or some other text that can help you identify the campaign. As we will discuss later, a well-run Adwords strategy will have multiple campaigns and multiple ad groups defined.
5) You can skip the option for ‘or load settings from existing campaign’.
6) Leave the ‘Networks’ option as is with Google Search Network and the ‘Include search partners’ box checked. This will allow your ads to also show on AOL, ASK and other Google partners without any additional setup.
7) Leave the ‘Devices’ option set as is.
8) Under locations you can choose whatever you want, I typically select United States, but you might want to select other options. If you want to target a specific area where you want your ads to run then
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 19
enter a location in the box. Remember though, you should only use the specific locations if you want to limit your ad to run in a certain area or within an ‘X’ mile radius of a certain area. This is a powerful feature to use if you want to target a specific audience location.
The next image reflects what you will see when scrolling further down the page:
The language option will probably already be selected for English but just confirm and move on.
The bid strategy section is another very important area to get setup correctly. Make sure you follow these steps exactly as defined.
1) Make sure you select the option for ‘I’ll manually set my bids for clicks’. You want to have total control over the bid prices you set and do not want Google to manage this for you.
2) Bids for search terms can vary widely because of many factors, including type of business, location, and others. You will want to use
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 20
the average cost per click information that you learn in the keyword research phase to estimate what default bid amount you should enter. In a later chapter we discuss bid strategy in more detail and the optimal positions in the Google ads. We’ll give you a hint, it is not always best to have the highest bid or even the highest rank. There is much more information about how to manage your bid process in later chapters. But for now, enter a default bid to start.
3) The budget field is where you decide how much you want to spend every day on your Google ads. This is totally up to you, depending on the expected cost per click and the amount of advertising budget you want to spend on a daily basis.
A few more steps and your first campaign is setup and we can then move to getting the ads and keywords setup.
Skip all of these sections on ‘Ad extensions’ and ‘Advanced settings’ for now and just click on ‘Save and continue’.
Congratulations, you now have setup your first campaign. In the future you will probably want to add other campaigns, just follow these same steps.
Now let’s define the Ad Group and Ads.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 21
This is a quick run through of how to properly setup an Ad group and your first ad. I have entered some text in the various boxes only as an example.
1) Name the Ad group, something like ‘Homes For Sale’ (or whatever product / service you are offering).
2) Make sure the ‘Text ad’ button is selected.
3) Enter a headline for the ad (note you can see a preview of the ad to the right). You have 25 characters for the headline so sometimes it takes a little work to get the wording just right.
4) Enter the ‘Description 1’ and ‘Description 2’ fields. You have 35 characters each in these fields. Advanced feature: put a ‘.’ (period) at the end of ‘Description 1’ and you will have an enhanced ad when you are ranked in the top 1-3 positions. You can see what this looks like in the bottom ad of the Ad preview section.
5) In the ‘Display URL’ field, enter your website. This can we something like ‘yourwebsite.com’ or ‘www.yourwebsite.com’ (of course using your domain name in the entry).
6) In the ‘Destination URL’ enter the link for the landing page where the visitor will land. For example, it could be something like
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 22
‘yourwebsite.com/homesforsale’ with the link going to the specific landing page on your website.
You now have the ad defined; now it is time to complete the setup for the campaign and ad group.
In the box under the ‘Select keywords’ tab just enter one keyword for now, something like ‘homes for sale in <your city>’ replacing it with your location.
We will be discussing keyword research in much more detail in this document and suggest that you read all the way through before just randomly picking some keywords. In fact, that is one of the biggest mistakes most people make that are not familiar with the Google Adwords process.
For now, just click on ‘Save and continue to billing’.
The last step is setting up billing in your Google Adwords account. The easiest and most popular option is to place a credit card on file. Google will
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 23
then charge your credit card once per month for the actual costs of the clicks that you have accumulated. This is the process to follow:
Just hit continue to accept United States as the billing location.
This is a pretty simple form with the following steps:
1) Select whether this is a business or personal account.
2) Complete the business information section with all entries.
3) Complete the primary contact info.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 24
4) Select the method you wish to pay, either with a bank account or credit / debit card. Using a credit / debit card is much easier and is the best choice unless you are a large Adwords client spending thousands of dollars per month.
The setup continues below:
1) Enter your credit or debit card info.
2) Select the ‘Billing communication language’.
3) Review the ‘Terms and conditions’ and then check ‘Yes, I agree to the above terms and conditions.’ if you agree.
4) Click on the ‘Complete sign up’ button and you are done.
Congratulations, your Google Adwords account is setup. You have also created your first Ad group and your first ad. Next we will focus on keywords.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 25
Chapter 3 – Google Adwords PPC Basics
In this chapter we are going to cover some of the basic concepts of Google Adwords pay per click. These concepts are important basic building blocks to understand as you move through this document.
Here are basic terms that you need to understand as we go through the Google Adwords education.
 Impressions – the number of times your ad has shown in the ad rotation; a good measure of how popular a particular keyword is in your market
 Clicks – the number of times someone has clicked on your ad and landed on your website; each click should equate to one unique visitor to your website
 CTR (click through rate) – this defines the percentage of times your ad was clicked to the number of impressions; the higher the number the better, a good guide is to get anything above 1% CTR
 CPC (cost per click) – this is what it costs you each time someone clicks on your ad; Google provides an average CPC value for all ads and keywords
 Quality score – this is a very important thing to understand about Google Adwords; the higher your quality score the better performing your ads will be – including higher rankings at a lower cost
 Max. CPC – this is the highest price you want to set for a keyword bid; in other words you will never be charged more than the Max. CPC for any click
Setting A Good Foundation Of Google Adwords
Basics That Will Be Used Throughout This Document
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 26
 CPM – there are different bid types, including CPM which is based on the number of impressions your ads receive; CPM stands for ‘cost per thousand’ impressions, so you basically bid on how much you are willing to pay for 1000 impressions; CPM bidding is best used if you are trying to build awareness in the market and not for increasing traffic to your website or new sales
 Daily budget – you can set a daily budget of any amount depending on how much you want to spend on your ad campaign; you will never pay more in one month than your daily budget * 30.4 (Google’s definition of a month)
 Campaign – the highest level of your Adwords account; you can have multiple campaigns and each campaign has their own budget and other settings (location, scheduling, etc.)
 Ad groups – the second level of your Adwords account; you can have multiple ad groups in any campaign; ad groups allow you to segment your marketing strategy all within a single campaign
 Ads – the third level of your Adwords account; you can (and should) have multiple ads within any ad group
 Keywords – the fourth and final level of your Adwords account; keywords are assigned at the ad group level; you can have a few or many (thousands) of targeted keywords that you are bidding on
 Broad match – this is the loosest keyword match type; Google will match synonyms and other close variants to the keyword; using broad match keywords are great for reaching the most people but in return you will get the most non-targeted clicks; broad match is great for building market awareness if you want to reach as many people as possible that may be interested in your products or services
 Phrase match – this tightens up the search process to only include the search terms that are included in the keyword; using phrase match will reduce the number of impressions but the clicks will be
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 27
more targeted than broad match; there will still be some non-targeted clicks
 Exact match – this is the tightest of keyword match types; your ad will only show if the search term by the user matches exactly with the keyword you have placed into bid
 Negative keywords – it is wise to manage a negative keyword list so that you eliminate bad clicks that are triggered by keywords you don’t want to target; some examples would be jobs, careers, salary, review, classes, courses, tutorials as anyone keying in these terms are not actively in the market but just wanting to find information; the negative keywords are unique to every industry and maybe even to every location so this is something that you will need to take into consideration when setting up your Adwords account
 Ad extensions – you can add more content to your ad by using ad extensions such as sitelinks extensions, call extensions, location extensions, callout extensions and more; these help enhance the appearance of your ad while providing more useful content; Google also gives additional quality score points for properly using various ad extensions
 Cost per acquisition – an advanced metric that allows you to bid on how much it costs to acquire a new lead instead of cost per click; this is a great strategy to implement but it takes quite a bit of additional setup to accurately measure a conversion
 Manual bid strategy – you actually have an option to set your own manual bids or allow Google to set your bid automatically; while there are some advantages that Google touts with the automatic bid you basically turn over all pricing control to Google; most professional Adwords experts recommend that you use the manual bid strategy
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 28
Chapter 4 – Keyword Research
The #1 reason many pay per click campaigns fail is lack of solid keyword research. We’ll start this chapter off with a high level view of what keyword research means and why it is so important. Then we will provide real live examples of how to setup and manage keywords in the Adwords platform.
What Is Keyword Research
In our opinion, keyword research is the backbone of any pay per click campaign. Select the right search terms to target and the chance of a successful marketing campaign just got a little higher. Select the wrong keywords to target and you will never reach the full potential.
So it is important to understand what makes one keyword better than another. Here are some simple questions to consider:
– Does the keyword search term match the market you are targeting and the clients you want to attract? One simple example is that if you are selling blue widgets you will want to target keywords such as ‘blue widgets for sale’. But it goes much deeper than that. The keywords you target must define your marketing strategy, the types of clients you want to attract, the services you provide, etc.
– Are the keyword terms cost effective, in other words can you afford the cost per click? There may be some keywords you want to exclude to better manage costs.
– Are the targeted search terms what we refer to as ‘buyer keywords’? The best buyer keywords are typically ‘long tail keywords’ that you will discover during keyword research. As a general rule, the more specific search term that is entered, the closer they are to making a purchase decision. For example, someone searching for ‘cameras’ is
Understanding How To Keyword Research Is Perhaps The Most Important Step In Getting Good Pay Per Click Results
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 29
probably looking for general information. But someone searching for a specific brand and model of camera is looking for a very specific camera. They are not merely window shopping, they have already decided on the specific information they want to find. That is why we recommend targeted keywords that are as granular as possible to target. The more targeted the search term, the more targeted the prospect.
– Do the keywords you are targeting have sufficient traffic to make it worthwhile to pursue? Some search terms get more traffic than others so it is important to understand which are the highest performing keywords. Although if you follow the advanced keyword strategies we discuss later in this document, all relevant keywords should be targeted. But it is still important to know the expected cost for a keyword and if it has enough searches to make it worthwhile to pursue.
The reason that keyword research is important is because it defines the market that you are targeting and the types of clients you want to attract.
Slight nuances of similar keyword phrases can make a huge difference in average in the success of your ad campaign. So it is extremely important to make sure the right targeted keywords are selected.
There are multiple keyword tools available to find the best possible keywords for your business and the markets you serve. At the end of this chapter there is a list of recommended tools to complete the keyword research process.
There is a second element of keyword research, and that is determining the keyword search terms that your competitors are targeting. Besides knowing the specific keywords they are bidding on, with the right tools you can determine how much they are bidding on keywords, what their monthly paid advertising budget is, how effective their traffic is with their PPC marketing strategy, what their landing page messaging and content looks like, and much more.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 30
We are not advocating that you copy what the competition is doing. But doing proper competitive keyword analysis allows you to understand what they are doing and then identify windows of opportunity that are not being exploited.
Here are other key points about keyword research that you need to consider as part of your strategy:
– Long tail keywords – Throughout this document I note that the more granular you can be with your pay per click strategy, the more targeted prospects you will attract. Longer searcher terms may not get as many searches, but someone who makes a specific search and lands on a landing page for that particular product or service is a targeted prospect, almost a pre-qualified buyer if you will. So it is not always best to measure your campaign by how many clicks you get, but rather by how many targeted prospects you attract.
– Keyword match types – Without getting too deep in the weeds now, there are three keyword match types with Google Adwords: broad match, phrase match and exact match. We will explore these different match types later in this ebook. But different match types will yield different results. Again the more granular you get the better the results. And because of that we recommend that phrase match or exact match are the best options when bidding on keywords.
We could write a whole book on keyword research (and plan to do so soon) because there are many different things to consider when developing a keyword based marketing strategy for pay per click.
There are several free or paid tools and resources that you can use; here are the top 5 that we use every single day in our business:
1) Google keyword planner (free) – This info comes straight from Google so it is considered to be a good source of information. You can find hundreds of keywords by doing a simple search. The problem is that it does not provide an easy way to manage all the different processes required when working with a large keyword list.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 31
I use this tool primarily in initial research to help identify potential keywords that I want to explore further.
2) Keywordtool.io (free) – This is a relatively new keyword tool that returns keyword search results based on Google suggestions. If you have ever searched for something and see the drop down suggested list that Google provides, that is called ‘Google suggestions’ and is the data this tool provides. This is another great tool for doing initial keyword research. It is also good if you are looking for a small but very specific set of keywords. But like the Google keyword planner tool, it does not provide any way to manage a large list.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 32
3) SEMrush (paid) – This tool is available in either a free or paid version and may be the most indispensable tool for anyone interested in online marketing. Not only does SEMrush provide great keyword research information. But the competition module allows looking inside a competitor’s website to see the keywords where they have organic rank, what keywords they are bidding on, and much more. We highly recommend the paid version because of the additional functionality it provides.
4) Market Samurai (paid) – Another keyword research tool that is available in both a paid and free version, and another that we highly recommend buying. The power of Market Samurai is that it lets you build huge keyword lists and provides great editing tools to manage the list. You can drill down on selected terms; it allows you to build a negative keyword list as you go, etc. The power and flexibility of this tool makes it the must have keyword research tool for serious online marketers that want to focus on keyword based marketing. The image below is what a targeted keyword list looks like after several rounds of massaging and cleaning keyword data for a specific market.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 33
5) Keyword Pad (free) – While not really a keyword research tool, another great resource to have is Keyword Pad. I use this to segregate lists, isolate specific keywords, search and replace, and much more.
These are the exact keyword tools I use every day to identify and analyze the search terms that should be targeted in a PPC campaign.
Setting Up Keywords In Adwords
Up to now this chapter has focused more on the education of why keywords are important. From here, the focus will now be on how keywords are used in Adwords and how to set them up correctly.
Below is a screenshot of Google Adwords, to manage the keywords click on the ‘Keywords’ tab at the top.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 34
Then click on the red button with ‘+ Keywords’ which will open a small window where you can enter the keywords you want to target.
Copy the targeted keywords into the box where it says Add Keywords.
Don’t forget to select the Ad Group that you want to add the keywords. Then hit the ‘Save’ button to continue.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 35
At this point you now have the Adwords campaign populated with the keywords you want to target and they will show in this screen.
The last step is a very important step, which is adding the negative keywords. Doing this correctly will greatly reduce the number of ‘bad’ clicks that you get because you are identifying the negative keywords that should prevent from showing the ad.
There are many examples, but I typically make sure keywords that have job, jobs, career, salary, reviews, etc. are in the negative keyword list because people who search on those terms are most likely not looking to purchase a product or service.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 36
Simply click on the ‘Negative Keywords’ tab which will open a new window. I typically manage negative keywords at the campaign level but it is also possible to manage them at the Ad Group level if you want.
Simply copy the negative keywords into window and hit save.
Congratulations! You now have finished setting up your keywords for the Adwords campaign.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 37
Chapter 5 – Fine Tuning Your Adwords Campaign
At this point you are well on your way to getting high quality and targeted traffic to your website to attract your best prospects. You have accomplished more than many other website owners ever will and now have a basis of understanding on how to leverage the Google Adwords pay per click platform.
In this chapter you will now be able to fine tune the initial campaign and start learning about some of the more advanced features that are available in Adwords.
To get to scheduling, make sure you click on the correct campaign in the left sidebar and then click on the ‘Settings’ tab at the top.
You will then be taken to the settings page for the campaign, which is the same page where we initially setup the original campaign. This is the screen you will see.
Leverage The Power Of Pay Per Click Marketing
To Grow Your Real Estate Business FAST!
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 38
If you scroll down the page you will see a heading for ‘Advanced Options’. Click on the ‘Schedule: Start data, end data, ad scheduling’ option.
After you click the screen will expand and look like this:
Now you have more options. Beside ‘Showing ads all the time’ click ‘Edit’ and you will see:
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 39
If you want to create a custom schedule then click on ‘Create custom schedule’ and the screen will once again expand to show:
If you click on ‘All days’ the drop down box will appear with many more daily schedule options:
Now you can schedule the ad to run on certain days of the week and certain hours of the day. You can even have different hourly schedules by day if you want. This may be something you want to do if you know that certain times are better (or worse) than other times.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 40
Ad Extensions
Google has various ad extension formats that can be used to enhance your ad. For most local businesses, the 3 ad extensions that get the most use are:
Sitelinks extensions
Call extensions
Location extensions
By the way, this is a near perfect pay per click ad for real estate. Congrats to the owner of this website.
It is important to note that ad extensions only show when your ad is placed in the top 1-3 positions at the top. Ads with placement of 4 or below on the sidebar are not eligible for the ad extensions to display.
Ad extensions make the ads bigger and offers the person who is searching with more options to click through the ad.
Another very good reason to use ad extensions is that it helps to improve the overall quality score of the ad — which gets you higher rankings and lower costs per click.
These are the 3 most common Ad extensions:.
1) Sitelinks Extensions
Sitelinks extensions are very useful because they allow you to include additional links in your ad.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 41
In the ad above you will see 3 Sitelinks extensions that have been defined by this realtor. There are many ways you could this feature in your business to draw attention to specific pages on your website that have beneficial information for the person doing the search.
The steps to implement sitelinks extensions are noted below.
From the main campaign page, click the ‘Ad extensions’ tab.
To the left you will see a new tab called ‘View: Sitelinks extensions’, click on this tab.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 42
This will present a drop down box of the various types of ad extensions that are available. Click on ‘Sitelinks extensions’.
Now you need to add the first extension. Click on the red box with + Extension’.
You will need to select the campaign to assign the ad extension.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 43
Select the campaign you want:
Now click on the grey button for ‘+ New sitelink’.
A window will popup, enter the information in all the boxes as demonstrated below and click ‘Save’.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 44
You will now see the first sitelinks extension listed.
After you have entered the number of sitelinks extensions you want (minimum of 4) click on ‘Save’. You will then see all of your sitelinks extensions listed here.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 45
2) Call Extensions
Call extensions are very handy because they allow you to include your phone in the standard text ad, as shown below.
On a mobile device it shows as a call button and if clicked will call you directly.
But if the ad is seen on a desktop computer, someone might actually call you without clicking the ad. Can you say FREE!
As with any other ad extension, the call extension improves the ad quality and provides a larger ad which is always good — bigger is better in advertising.
This is how you setup a call extension in your ad. From the ad extensions window click the dropdown box to view extensions.
From the drop down list select ‘Call extensions’.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 46
Click on the red box that says ‘+ EXTENSION’.
Select the campaign.
And hit ‘Save’ …
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 47
Click on the button that says ‘+ New phone number’.
Make sure the button is clicked for ‘My own phone number’ (don’t use call reporting).
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 48
Enter the phone you want to have appear in the ad and click ‘Save’.
You will now see your call extension listed. Click ‘Save’.
And this is what the call extension looks like in your dashboard.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 49
3) Location Extensions
The location extension allows you have your company address displayed in the ad. This enhances the appearance of your ad and also notes that you are a locally operated business where the search is being done.
People want to do business with local businesses and this is just another way to subtlety show your prospects that you are a locally owned business.
This is one of the easiest ad extensions to set up. From the main campaign window click on ‘Ad extensions’.
Select ‘Location extensions’ from the drop down menu.
Click on the red box that says ‘+ EXTENSION’.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 50
It will pop up a window asking for you to link your adwords account with your Google + (My Business) account.
When you click ‘Done’, Google will automatically link the accounts together.
Congratulations, you now have your ad extensions setup!
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Chapter 6 – Measuring Your Ad Campaign Results
You will want to closely monitor your PPC campaign results so you know if you are getting a good return. Google provides a wealth of data on paid advertising and it is made available in various dashboard reports. You just need to understand how to find the data you need and what to look for.
There are several key metrics to watch, and these go across all reporting levels: campaign, ad group, ad, keyword. They are:
– clicks – This represents how many people actually clicked on your ad and landed on your website.
– impressions – This defines how many times your ad has shown, in other words this is how many people had the ad shown in their search results.
– click through rate (CTR) – This is the percentage of the number clicks divided by the number of impressions. The standard measurement is that anything above a 1.0% CTR is a well performing ad. Remember that the higher the CTR, the higher your quality score. And the higher the quality the score, the higher you will rank and the lower your clicks will cost. Managing CTR is a key metric to watch.
– average cost per click (CPC) – This is the average cost each click costs. As you will see during the campaign, different keyword clicks cost different amounts. In fact, the same keyword click can vary. Watching the average CPC is important because it will help you better set and manage a budget.
– cost – This is the total cost of the campaign for the period you are reporting. It basically is a calculation of the # of clicks * the average CPC.
You can only improve what you can measure! That’s one of
the oldest and best management principles to understand.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 52
– average position – This represents the average position your ad was ranked across all searches. To get the best results you should strive to be in positions 1-3. We like to manage the keywords at a granular level so that most fall in the average position of 1.5 – 2.5. That way you are almost always in the top 3 positions but you are not paying the maximum price.
– quality score – At the keyword level report only, there is another metric that is very important called quality score. This is a Google calculation on how relevant your ad is to the person searching. In general terms the search term, the ad content and the landing page content should all be relevant to each other and to the original search that was entered.
Google Adwords reporting is available at different levels: campaign, ad group, ad and keyword. Within each of those levels, there are a lot of other options. These next few screenshots will highlight some of these reports.
It’s important to understand that within each level, data is reported in a similar fashion. Most of the metrics noted above are available at each level, so in effect drilling down at each level is drilling down on the data.
The first is at the campaign level. This data would include all data for the whole campaign — every ad group, every ad and every keyword would be included at this level.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 53
If you have multiple campaigns then you would be able to drill down on the metrics at each campaign level and compare how each campaign is performing.
For real estate, if you are a real estate agent you might have separate campaigns for ‘Homes for Sale’, ‘Condos for Sale’, ‘Foreclosures’, etc. By having separate campaigns for each you are able to manage each campaign as a separate project with separate daily budgets, etc.
The next level is Ad Group. Reporting at this level includes metrics for all ads and keywords assigned to that Ad Group. This is very useful to compare how ad groups are performing against each other.
In real estate terms, you might have an Ad Group for each location you want to target. For example you would have an Ad Group for ‘city location 1’, a separate Ad group for ‘city location 2’, etc.
It is very important to segregate your Ad Groups effectively because it is at this level where keywords are assigned. To have an effective campaign you will want to keep each group separate to give you more flexibility in the campaign setup and in the ensuing reports that you will have available.
The next level is the various ads. It is common practice and highly suggested that multiple ads are setup for every ad group. There are
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 54
several reasons, but the most important is doing so gives you an opportunity to test various ad content.
This is called A/B testing where some of the searchers see one ad and other searchers will see different ads. Over time you will have data on which ad is performing better.
A practice I suggest is to have a minimum of 3-4 ads running at one time. Each week you should see which ads are underperforming against the others. Then you can remove the underperforming ad and create a new ad.
This will pay huge dividends over the course of the project because you will not have ads running that don’t get clicks. We have stated previously in this document how important click through rate is and one way to keep it high is to run multiple ads and weed out the bad performing ones.
The ad level is where you have the chance to impact the success of your campaign. Write good search term relevant content ads and people will click through to your website. And that is the purpose right?
The next level is at the individual keyword level. Here you will see how each individual keyword is performing. And be prepared, because it is at the keyword level where you can really start to understand the ‘psychology’ of the person who is searching.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 55
With the detailed data that Google provides, you will see how many times each keyword is triggered when someone does a search and how many clicks it got. This is very instructive data because 1) it illuminates what search terms are important to people who actually search, and 2) you can tell which keywords are best performing.
As mentioned above, one of the secrets to a successful PPC campaign is having well-written ad content. That is because your keywords that are triggered in a search should closely match the content in your ad. If that is the case you will have a higher click through rate. That metric tells you how effective your content and keywords match.
But this keyword report does not tell you the actual search term that was entered. That is the holy grail of the data because there are patterns that you can see from how people search that provides insight into how the mindset of the market as a whole.
To get to the actual search data you need to dig one level deeper. Note, this report can only be obtained from the keyword report tab.
Click on the ‘Details’ tab and a window will open. Then click on ‘All’ under ‘Search Terms’.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 56
Now let’s look at some other reporting data that is available from Google. I’m not going into as much detail, but want you to feel comfortable in knowing how to access the data that is available.
One handy reporting capability is see a graph of actual data. This data can be a variety of different metrics that you can see by clicking the drop down box noted below. You will see another drop down box where you can make your selection.
Note that the box just to the right has similar capabilities. You can choose a metric from each box to see comparison data.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 57
Note, you may have to click on the graph icon marked by the second arrow to see the graphical data.
The next item is at what level of time do you want data reported. Obviously starting off you should set this daily until you have enough data to see longer periods of time.
Another useful metric is the segment data. This provides data as time of day, search term match, device type (mobile or desktop), and other very useful information. Having access to this level of detail will help you understand your market better and have insight into where and how your prospects are searching.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 58
One thing you should know is that you have some ability to customize the reports by selecting which columns show in the each of the various reports. This customization needs to be done at each level so you can see the data you need to make best decisions.
This is accessed by clicking on the ‘Columns’ button and clicking on ‘Customize columns’. From there you get a window to open with many different options.
As you see below, you now have a wealth of data elements to include in your dashboard reporting. Don’t be timid, you can’t hurt anything. If you accidentally delete something you can add it back. But you will want to play around with this so you understand the level of detail that is provided by Google reporting.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 59
The last thing to cover in Adwords reports is how to download a report. Typically you would download the report into Microsoft Excel so you can save it, manipulate it, etc.
From any reporting level this is very simple, just click on the down arrow as noted below.
That will then open up a new window where you have various options on how to download or save the report. You can even schedule the report to be emailed on a scheduled basis if you want.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 60
One last note… This chapter only addressed the reporting that is available from Google Adwords. If you have all the Google properties properly integrated, there is much more data available in Google Analytics and in Google Webmaster Tools.
Congratulations, you now know how to monitor your Google Adwords campaign results!
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 61
Chapter 7 – Best Practices For Google PPC
Google Adwords has a ton of functionality if you want to take advantage of everything that is offered. But for most people, staying basic provides enough to get the targeted traffic results that they want.
We have covered a lot of technical details in this document on how to use Adwords, or how to properly setup various components of Adwords features. In this chapter we will delve into non-technical best practices types of Adwords management that you should consider.
Think of this information as how to get more results without spending any more money or maybe without doing any additional work.
1) Get granular – This is the single biggest way that you can get better results than your competition. In your market, there are certain areas where you probably try to specialize — maybe a certain type of product or service; or maybe a specific business issue that you can help clients solve. So why not target your Adwords strategy to find prospects who are actively seeking information about those areas?
Getting granular means that you target specific keywords for the specific markets of focus which will have your ad showing only when someone is searching for that defined market. It also means that your ad content and website landing page must be targeted at that same specific level.
So when someone is searching for a specific subject, your ad content should include that keyword. But more important is that the landing page MUST be optimized and MUST provide information for that specific area.
The best Adwords pay per click results can come from the smallest but most meaningful changes to the campaign.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 62
There are several benefits to a granular strategy with Adwords:
1. You will have less competition meaning that your ad placement will be much higher
2. It will cost you less money because there is less competition
3. The people who click are your ad are more targeted prospects
Getting granular with your Adwords campaign should be the #1 priority because you will get much better results at less cost.
2) Set your Max. CPC to get top positions – Another common mistake made with Adwords is setting your bid price too low. There are several reasons why you want to set the bid high enough to get top rankings. The biggest one is you want to get people to your website right?
You are protected by the daily budget so you are never going to spend more money than you want and the only way to get leads is to get people clicking through to your website. If you are priced too low you might be ranked in the 8th position where no one ever clicks.
Almost 90% of all clicks happen in the top 4 positions so if you aren’t placed there you probably are not going to get results. The best ranking positions are actually #2 and #3 because they still get a lot of clicks but you don’t pay the top price of what it costs to be #1.
In reality you will have different keywords that have different average positions but you should try to manage the campaign to have as many keywords as possible in positions #1 – #3. While quality score plays a huge factor in the ranking position, setting the right bid price helps you to get those top positions.
3) Quality score – This is a subject discussed extensively in this document but it is a primary factor in getting the campaign results you want with Adwords. While easy in concept it can be a difficult process to manage.
Google assigns every keyword in your campaign a quality score of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. The concept is that the search term that was
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 63
entered by the user is relevant to the ads in your campaign which are relevant to the website landing page. This means your ads and your website landing pages are optimized for the keyword search terms that are entered.
In essence what you have to do is try to match all of those so the user has a quality user experience of finding the information that they searched. That is Google’s #1 objective and they reward advertisers that are able to provide that quality experience.
But it goes further than that. Your actual cost per click is impacted by your quality score. Google has deemed a quality score of 7 to be the standard, with scores below that paying a penalty and scores above that getting a discount.
See the image below for more details on how your quality score can impact your cost per click:
4) Landing page conversions – So it’s great to get all of this targeted traffic to your website but if they don’t convert into leads or sales it really isn’t worth the time, money or effort you are spending.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 64
To generate leads and sales there are three (3) very important considerations:
1. Your website must be mobile optimized or at least mobile responsive because of the high volume of traffic that is now coming through search engines from mobile devices;
2. The website landing pages must be optimized to convert;
3. You must have a call to action that works.
You will definitely have some tire kickers, people who are just looking. But the easier you can get them to convert into a lead the sooner you can start working to turn them into a client.
It’s hard to say that any one thing is more important than others with a Google pay per click campaign, but having a landing page that converts is right up there at the top. It can be the difference in having no success or having great success with your PPC campaign.
5) Expanding your campaign – There is a lot to learn just getting your first Adwords campaign going so it is best to start with a small campaign and budget. That way you can work out the kinks while learning and also protect from spending too much.
But one of the best things about the Google Adwords advertising platform is the ability to scale up or down at will. If things are working great, just expand the campaign either through more products and services or by increasing the daily budget. If they are not going so well you can just do the reverse and scale the budget back.
These changes happen almost immediately. Another way to expand the campaign is by adding more keywords as you should always be searching for new keywords to target. Google even helps you with this and occasionally recommends new keywords to add. But make sure you examine these closely; their recommendations are sometimes too broad to meet the specific targeted campaigns you want to achieve.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 65
6) Maximize your budget – One of the best ways to maximize your budget is by managing your keywords bids and your quality score.
With proper management you can squeeze additional profits by getting more clicks without raising your budget. If you have a high converting landing page, more clicks can easily turn into more leads.
On a weekly basis at least, you should be examining the keyword report to figure out where you can get better results. It is well worth the time and effort considering the additional traffic you will get over an extended period of time.
7) Display URL – There are two URL’s that must be set in an ad, the ‘display URL’ (what searchers see in the ad) and ‘destination URL’ (the link where the click is directed). The display URL is very important because you can use it to bring attention to a specific area of focus.
For example, if you are selling different types of equipment, your display URL might look something like: www.yourwebsite.com/tumblers or www.yourwebsite.com/bagfillers.
The display URL gives people an idea of where they will arrive and what type of information they will get if they click on the ad. This can enhance the performance of your ad results because people know they are going to find the information they want at the display link.
8) Proper Use of Caps – When you properly use capitalization in your ads you will get better results. Each word in the title and description lines should be capitalized because it makes the ads easier to read. Studies have shown that ads with proper use of caps also get more clicks.
9) Landing page links – One very important note. Make sure your landing page has links in the footer or other place on the page for the following: Home, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About Us. While these are not a 100% requirement, Google really likes full open transparency so the website visitor can make a good informed decision.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 66
Chapter 8 – Advanced Google PPC Features
We have covered a lot of information so far in this ebook that will help you run a very productive Google Adwords campaign. If you follow the guidelines we have provided you will be in front of 95% of every other business that is trying to do Adwords pay per click without this information.
The information we have provided is a result of our many years of online marketing experience across multiple industries. As well, we have passed rigorous exams from Google and have earned status of ‘Google Certified Adwords Professional’ and ‘Google Partner’. This gives us an ample mix of real world experience as well as a detailed understanding of the Google Adwords platform.
Just like any other endeavor, the difference between what the top professionals know compared to others is just a result of the experiences they have and the areas they have studied.
The focus of the content in this chapter are things you can do to make your Adwords campaign even more productive.
1) Advanced location strategies – During the setup you can select where you want the ads to run. In most cases we recommend that you leave this to United States or United States and Canada.
If you are a local business like a lawyer, dentist, realtor, painter, builder, etc. you will be running campaigns for your local locations. This is where advanced location strategies are used to only show ads in your operating area.
Location options are at various levels, including: country, state, county, city, zip code, mileage radius from an address, etc.
When you are comfortable with the basics make sure you take the next step in getting your campaign fully ready!
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 67
2) Bid Management – Managing your bids is a very important part of the pay per click process. One of the interesting things to watch during the campaign process is the results that different keywords provide. For example, which keywords have the:
a. Highest CTR
b. Best quality score
c. Lowest / highest CPC
d. Highest average position
e. … and other important metrics
Some of these results can be affected by good bid management which requires analysis of each keyword and how it is performing. And then ask the question, if I adjust the bid up (or down), will it improve the results of this individual keyword?
For example, you may have a keyword in position 7.6 that is getting lots of impressions but has a very low click through rate. That keyword would be a prime choice to adjust the bid price up because the fact that it is getting a lot of impressions means that it is a very popular and relevant search. But there are no clicks because the ranking position is so low.
You may have campaign with hundreds of keywords so it can take time to go through this process. It’s not something that has to be done every day but it is an exercise that will give you a lot of insight into how people are searching, what search terms are relevant and which keywords you should be more aggressively bidding on.
3) Bid Strategies – With Adwords there are several different bid strategies that you can use to get the best traffic.
Maybe you want to get more traffic to your website, in which case you would use manual cost per click bidding. You might want to just build more online brand awareness about your business, in which case you would use cost per impression bidding. Or you might want to focus on getting visitors to take a specific conversion step, in which case you would use cost per acquisition bidding (note, this
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 68
requires extra work in both Adwords and your website to setup and manage).
Further, you have options for automatic or manual bidding on each of these different bid strategies. With automatic bidding Google sets your bids to get the best results (supposedly). Most PPC experts agree that it is much better to manage your own bids so that you can manage the important aspects of your advertising strategy.
But in any case, these bid option strategies should be considered as you are setting up and then managing your Adwords campaign.
4) Bid simulator – Adwords bid simulator allows you to see how different bids might change your ads’ performance. This handy tool allows you to estimate the clicks, costs, impressions, conversions, and more that your ad will receive by changing the Max. CPC bid. This is accomplished by the data that Google Adwords has collected from ad auctions across the network and combines them with the expected quality score of your ads. The data insights that the bid simulator provide are for the last seven days and may or may not be a reflection of future performance. But it is a very useful tool to use to estimate the impact of moving the Max. CPC bid up or down and the impact it will have on your campaign.
5) Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) – As mentioned several times in this document, quality score is a very important metric to measure. The quality score is calculated on a formula of how relevant your keywords are to your ads and to the website landing page.
In other words if someone searches on ‘blue widgets’, the ad and the website landing page needs to be about ‘blue widgets’. Now this sounds simple, but if you are managing hundreds of keywords (or more) in a campaign how do you make every ad relevant to the keyword search term?
This is where dynamic keyword insertion comes into play. It basically is a special set of code that you put in the ad that looks like this:
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 69
{KeyWord:Blue Widgets}. What this code does is replace the ‘blue widgets’ with the exact search term that the person entered.
If for some reason it can’t match (too many characters, etc.) it will default to ‘blue widgets’. What this does is makes the ad content match the search term which helps improve the quality score.
But it also has a psychological effect on the person doing the search because they see the same phrase they searched in your ad.
Dynamic keyword insertion is something that you should use whenever possible. Sometimes you might have specific ad content that you want to use where DKI is not relevant, but we highly recommend using this feature.
6) Search vs. Display Network – We really haven’t talked about the Google Display Network because we are not big fans of using this in general. But it does have use for some markets.
While it sounds great to have your ads popping up all over the place, in reality display ads are just another form of ‘interruption based’ advertising. These ads are not nearly as targeted as search ads are and the vast majority of people who see the ads are not prospects.
You might be able to pick off somebody here or there but you are basically spending money on non-targeted advertising. And that goes against the grain of the major benefits that pay per click advertising provides.
Search marketing on the Google Adwords pay per click platform provides the most targeted online traffic that you can ever find. Why not spend your money wisely to get the most bang for your buck out of your advertising budget?
We recommend sticking with the search network at least at the beginning of your pay per click experience. Display advertising takes a lot more effort to do right and can be a little intimidating to setup.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 70
So it is very important that you don’t accidentally include the display network when you are setting up your campaigns, choose search network only.
7) Keyword match types – One of the best ways you can control your Google ad spend is to use the right keyword match types. This is probably the #1 most common problem that people make that have not been properly trained on how pay per click works.
Since they don’t know that there are different options, they just randomly enter keywords that ‘sound good’ (which is mistake #1). And since Google automatically defaults to broad match the campaign starts off with bad keywords and wrong settings. These mistakes will cause your ad to show for a variety of different combinations and variations of your keywords – and earn you a lot of ‘bad’ or non-targeted clicks.
Broad match gives you the least targeted results meaning that your ads will show for searches that do not bring you targeted visitors – which ends up costing you more money for non-targeted clicks.
Phrase match is the next option and gives you more control. Using this match type the keyword you are bidding has to partially match the search term, in other words it closely matches what was entered. Phrase match type is still loose enough to pick up other similar targeted search terms.
Exact match is the most targeted keyword match type of all. The keyword and search term must match exactly for your ad to appear. This eliminates any and all bad clicks because the person had to enter an exact matching search term. The only downside is that your keyword research also has to be very exact so that you can capture all the clicks for the wide variety of search terms that people actually enter.
8) Integrating other Google properties – The good news is that Google has a lot of different tools that you can use to measure the overall effectiveness of your Adwords campaign. The bad news is
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 71
that you must manually integrate these Google accounts together. While not difficult to do, it is time consuming and has to be done exactly right to get the level of reporting detail you want.
There are 4 Google properties you must consider integrating with each other:
a. Google Analytics
b. Google Webmaster Tools
c. Google+ (My Business)
d. 4) Google Adwords.
There are settings in each property to integrate them altogether, sort of a jigsaw puzzle to get each integrated with the other.
The steps on how to complete this integration is not included in this document because of the level of detail required. Our goal is to release a supplement to this ebook with detailed instructions at a later point.
9) Mobile ads – We all know that mobile searches are growing at an astoundingly fast rate. Some studies show that nearly 50% of all searches are now coming from mobile devices. So making sure you capture this traffic is very important.
Managing mobile ads are not really that difficult because in most cases Google manages it for you. But there are some key things you need to make sure of to get the best mobile ad results:
a. Your website must be mobile responsive; the last thing you want is for someone to click on a mobile ad and be taken to a page that they cannot see on a mobile device.
b. You can make some ads that are mobile preferred, in other words they will only show for users on a mobile device;
c. You can use a mobile bid adjustment strategy to pay more (or less) for searches from a mobile device if you want to target people who are actively looking while on their mobile.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 72
10) Managing Max. CPC bids – When you first start your Adwords pay per click campaign you will begin with a default cost per click bid. But after the campaign has been running for a while you will notice that some keywords you have higher placement with click costs less than the Max. CPC bid while other keywords are not getting high enough placement because your bid too low. You should watch this data religiously so you can adjust bids as needed on specific keywords to get the best results.
The recommended strategy is to price the clicks so that you always have an average position between 1.5 and 2.75. Studies have indicated that positions 2 and 3 are the most optimal placement because you still get high clicks but at less money that having the top #1 position might cost. But each campaign is different and you need to watch this closely.
Other keywords you might have trouble getting up that high because the bid is too low, so you might want to adjust the cost per click bid higher. It is easy to spot which ones you should consider.
If there are keywords that are getting a lot of impressions but your average position is low, then these are the ones you need to consider raising the bid. The reason is — if those keywords are getting high impressions, those are the targeted search terms people are entering. And those are the keywords you should be targeting.
Realize you may have hundreds of keywords so managing each one at a granular level requires some time and effort. But it is worth the time because you will be able to better manage your budget to get better results.
Remember if you are getting ‘X’ clicks for your current budget but you can get ‘X+’ clicks by managing the campaigns better, that means more clicks and potentially more leads without spending any additional money.
11) Remarketing / Retargeting – One of the very neat advanced features with Google Adwords is remarketing. This provides an
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 73
opportunity to reach people that have already shown an interest in your business. You have probably experienced these remarketing ads yourself after you visit a website and then start seeing their ads on other websites.
Some people call these ‘stalker’ ads because they seem to follow you everywhere you go. They are implemented through a Google feature called ‘remarketing’ or sometimes also known as ‘retargeting’. These are totally legit and provide much added value to your campaigns.
There are two components to setting up a remarketing campaign:
 Placing a tracking code (pixel) on your website that is stored as a cookie in the users browser
 Combining your normal PPC search campaign with a display network campaign
This allows you to build a large scale reach over time from people who have visited your website. And because you can have different remarketing campaigns for various activities on your website, you can track the level of interest from a visitor.
You can have a remarketing pixel on your landing page which identifies that person as someone who was interested in your offer. You could have another pixel on your sales page so that you can identify those were interested in learning about the cost. And you could have another pixel for someone who actually purchased. With this information, you could setup remarketing campaigns that are targeted at each group. Think about the possibilities!
Remarketing is one of the more advanced features in Adwords and requires considerable more setup and planning. For example, besides the additional campaign settings that are required, you will also need to have graphics banners in various banner sizes required by Google to use for the display network ads.
12) Advanced scheduling – You can setup the campaign so that ads show on the specific days or at the specific times you want. One easy example is … your business is open Monday-Friday, 9:00am-
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 74
5:00pm and you don’t want after hours calls, so you only want your ads to run during these hours.
Another more advanced example is that there are certain days or times during the day that are ‘better’ or ‘worse’. You can set bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids during these specific days or times.
By default Adwords shows ads all time, so make sure you change these settings if you want to run ads on a different schedule.
13) Flexible bid strategies – This is a very advanced feature that allows you to automatically adjust bids to meet pre-defined performance goals. Some examples are:
a. Maximize clicks
b. Target search page location
c. Target cost per acquisition
d. Enhanced cost per click
e. Target return on ad spend
14) Adwords ‘Dimensions’ tab – This is an advanced reporting feature that allows you to ‘slice and dice’ the campaign data. This makes the dimensions tab a great diagnostic tool to drill down into the data to see what is going on inside the campaign. Use this tab to learn things like:
a. Time analysis by hour of day, day of week, week, month, etc.
b. Geographic analysis to learn how your ad performed in relation to your location
c. Search terms analysis to find the exact phrase that someone entered that led to a click (note: this same data is also available in the ‘Keywords Details’ report that we discussed earlier)
d. Call details analysis will provide feedback on your ‘touch to call’ conversions
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 75
Chapter 9 – Daily Adwords Pay Per Click Activities
One of the nice things about Google Adwords pay per click is that once you get the campaigns running and then optimized for best performance, the campaigns pretty much run on auto-pilot. That’s not to say there aren’t things you need to do because in reality you should be inside your Adwords account almost every day.
Here are the recommended daily activities you should be doing on a consistent basis. Some actually can be weekly activities once you are comfortable that everything is working correctly.
1) Monitor results – You will want to watch this daily, maybe even multiple times per day. Things to look for are what keywords are getting clicks, how is your average position holding up, which keywords need work on quality score, are there keywords that need the bid adjusted, etc. The closer you can keep tabs on all the various metrics that Google provides the better your campaign will perform.
Find areas that need improvement and make little tweaks that work towards overall better campaign performance. A penny saved here or there can really add up with large volumes of keyword searches.
2) Continue with keyword research – PPC professionals know that keyword research never stops. There always seem to be an endless number of new keyword opportunities that you can leverage. Maybe you want to go more than local, maybe you want to even go ‘hyper local’.
As you learn how to do proper keyword research it is amazing how many different ways you will find that different people can search for the same thing. In Chapter 4 of this book about keywords there a number of keyword research tools that are listed. Learn how to use
Manage your Adwords pay per click account daily
and you will find new areas of opportunity.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 76
these tools and maybe even find some other keyword tools that help you find the exact keyword search terms that people use when searching for properties in your market.
3) Competitive research – Identify your competitors that are also doing Google pay per click advertising. Study their ad content to learn good and bad things that they are doing.
There are online tools available that you can even determine where they send their traffic when someone clicks on the ad, so you can examine their website landing page. You should also look at what other businesses are doing outside your market because if something is working in Chicago (or some other location), it will probably work in your market.
Remember, companies that are investing money in Google Adwords are probably getting results or they would not be spending their advertising budget there. With that assumption, if you see what someone else is doing and is working then by all means learn from them and implement a similar strategy for your business.
4) Write new ad content – You should always be putting up new ads because the new content might just attract more prospects. It is very easy to tell if the ads are good or bad.
One way is you can view how many impressions a specific ad has received compared to how many clicks there were which is the CTR (click through rate). If the CTR is low then you know this ad is not working very well and needs to be changed or even deleted.
Having fresh new content is always good because people get ‘ad blindness’ over time if they keep seeing the same ad over and over again. If you are targeting specific locations write ads that are specific to those locations.
Put yourself in the shoes of the person doing the search … what is the compelling ad content that will make them want to click through
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 77
the ad to visit your website? So write new ad content on a consistent basis.
5) Weed out bad keywords – If you have keywords that are not getting results, remove them from your list. Google sometimes associates search terms to your keywords in weird sorts of ways so you will need to study what search terms are triggering your ads. Google makes this information available in their keyword details report and you can learn which keywords are not returning good results.
6) Mange negative keyword list – Very closely associated to weeding out bad keywords is managing your negative keyword list. Take what you learn from the keyword details report and determine which words are triggering ads that you don’t want. Some examples are words like ‘classes’, ‘tutorials’, ‘webinars’, ‘free’, ‘reviews’, etc. These are non-buying keywords if you will. People who include these terms in their search are just looking for information and are not probably in the market.
You can simply add these negative search terms to your negative keyword list. That will insure that your ads are not shown when someone includes those terms in their search.
7) Dig down into the reports – Google makes a wealth of data available for your Adwords campaign. Using some of the advanced reporting capabilities you can determine: mobile vs. desktop results, time of day or day of week that your ads are being shown, how your sitelinks extensions are performing, and much more. There are nuggets in the details and you should be looking to maximize your campaign any way you can every single day.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 78
Chapter 10 – Taking The Next Steps
You now have the information you need about Google Adwords pay per click – the most powerful marketing tool on the planet – to generate high quality targeted traffic to your website. We invite you to embrace the concepts we covered in this training to get the best possible value.
If you are new to pay per click, there were probably many areas that you may not have understood the content. Like anything else, PPC is a learned subject and the more you do it the more you will understand it.
We invite you to go through this material again and follow the step-by-step process that we have put together in this ebook.
There is also another option to get more information. At the time you purchased this ebook you had an opportunity to also purchase the advanced video training that accompanies the ebook and instructional videos. The advanced video training takes the concepts outlined in this ebook and takes the information to another level.
For example, there are 45+ videos covering a broad range of pay per click topics. In these videos we explain some of the PPC concepts in much more detail and provide strategic insight into the value that pay per click provides.
If you did not purchase the video training course previously, you can click on the link below to get immediate access to join our private membership site where all videos and much more info are available. Click here to join:

PPC PowerClass

I hope you enjoyed this guide because I certainly enjoyed putting it together for you. 🙂
All the best wishes and best of luck!
Ron Blackwelder
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 79
About the Author
Ron Blackwelder spent 25+ years in the corporate technology world in a variety of positions including software development, marketing and sales. He has also been an active online marketer for 10+ years having built multiple online businesses.
As a Certified Google Professional and a Google Partner, he has years of experience in using Google Adwords pay per click to help businesses get more targeted traffic and generate more high quality leads. Clients include many different types of businesses including lawyers, realtors, chiropractors, engineering firms, manufacturing companies, entertainment, and much more.
These various types of businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars per month on Google advertising. You now have an opportunity to leverage everything he has learned because of the detailed information that has been included in this ebook.
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 80
Appendix A – Pay Per Click Resources
The following is a summary of resources we discussed in this ebook:
Keyword Research Tools:
– Market Samurai: http://ppcdomination.net/market-samurai
– SEMRush: http://ppcdomination.net/semrush
– Keyword Pad: https://goodkeywords.com/keyword-pad/
– KeywordTool: http://keywordtool.io
– UberSuggest: http://ubersuggest.org
Landing Page Tools
– Optimize Press: http://ppcdomination.net/optimizepress
– InstaPage: http://ppcdomination.net/instapage
– GetResponse: http://ppcdomination.net/getresponse
– Rapid Mailer: http://ppcdomination.net/rapid-mailer
Google Tools / Information
– Google Keyword Planner: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner
– Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/analytics
– Google Webmaster Tools: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/
– Google Adwords Support: https://support.google.com/adwords/
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 81
Appendix B – Additional Services
There are a number of services that we can provide to help you have a successful pay per click marketing campaign:
1) Adwords management – If after reading this ebook you would like to have professional management for your Adwords campaigns, we would love to work with you. We have a variety of monthly plans that will allow you to leverage our experience and knowledge. Click here to request more information: http://ppcdomination.net/adwords
2) Keyword Research – One of the most important elements of an Adwords campaign is the keyword research phase. We can offer extensive keyword research services to provide you with the best keyword search terms for your campaign. Click here to request more information: http://ppcdomination.net/keywords
3) Adwords Consulting – Maybe you just need a guiding hand and coaching to have the level of comfort you need to kick off your Adwords campaign. We can offer a variety of monthly consulting services to provide you the hands on knowledge you need and a resource to answer any questions you might have. Click here to request more information: http://ppcdomination.net/consulting
Copyright 2015 Confidential Information Page 82
Appendix C – Google Support Information
Google Adwords Online Support
• Extensive documentation and videos
• Great search capabilities
Google Adwords Phone Support
• Support phone #: (866) 246-6453
• Fast response, hold times < 2 min.
• Get any question answered
• Excellent support staff
• Must have client ID number available

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Traffic Tree Monetizer

Traffic Tree Monetizer
James Here
Let’s get right to it. I’m all about finding new ways to get traffic. Not just new ways but also
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the scene just a couple of months ago. After Al Gore and I created the Internet I have been able to
find every new traffic source before anyone else in the world. I love it when people give me a hard
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pretend I did ok? It makes me feel important.

I’m talking about tsu.co
Extremely interesting site. This site is a social media website that has taken the Internet by
storm as of late. It has been heavily debated due to the fact that it actually pays its users
simply for making content (which other sites are not doing) and it has intrigued me on a lot of
levels as of late.

What first grabbed my attention in a major way was the fact that it only took this site 5 weeks to
gain a million active users. That is absolutely incredible. That is explosive.
Considering it took Facebook 10 months to do the same thing.

Then what blew me away was the fact that out the gate every person that uses the system makes
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When you are on sites like Twitter and Facebook you are creating content. Obviously. But… in a lot
of ways you don’t expect to be compensated for that content. With Tsu you are. You are compensated
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Here is the difference between other social media sites and
Tsu. When you make a post and it is viewed or liked or shared the companies are making money from
advertisers. A lot of money. To the tune of billions. You aren’t getting any of that. You do all of
the work and they make all of the money. With Tsu they give 90% of the revenue brought in from
advertisers directly to the users. If this site reaches just 10 percent of the reach that Facebook
does that will be a ton of money flowing to the users. That is amazing.

Think about it for a second. You don’t need a list, you don’t need email, you don’t need anything.
All you need to do is create content. But even without having any of those
things you can get a list, you can get interaction and you can get money starting with nothing.
When people see your content and like it, view it or share it you get paid. It is as simple as
that. I really don’t know of an easier model
than that.
I have to give it up to them for doing this.

What also intrigued me was that not only can you use
them from your computer but also from your iphone if you had one. I didn’t see how that was
possible since they are paying all of their users. I look at it as incentivization. But what they
are doing is not in violation of Apple’s terms of service because they are not incentivizing like a
pay per install. They are REWARDING their users for the content they provide and Apple recognizes
that business model. With Apple’s ok it made me that much more interested.

The beauty of it is that it is just in the beginning stages. It launched approximately 3 months
ago. So it is extremely early. It now has over 2 million users in such a short period of time. It
has huge potential going forward.
Here is also a crazy part of it. So you have to be invited to get into the platform. I have several
tsu accounts. If you want to sign up under the account I made for this launch
go for it. The link is https://www.tsu.co/renoufj

If you don’t want to sign up under me do a search online for Tsu invitation code and you will see
others. Here is the thing about invitation links and the virality of it. When you get someone to
sign up and they put up content you are getting paid for that also. Not only are you being paid for
what you do but being paid for the content others do. One of the great things about it is that it
is totally free. So you don’t have to pay to join or have someone pay to join with you. It is just
a sign up link. So one of the strategies with this is sign up and make content just like you would
on Facebook or Twitter. The other is to have people sign up and when they do the same you get paid.
According to Tsu the average user with 2000 friends making a regular amount of posts should be
$1,000 a year. Would you like to be paid 1k for doing the same kind of monkeying around that you do
on Facebook? Why not get paid for it. Screen shot from a network television interview about the

However that is just one part of it. Sure you can make money doing what you normally do. That is
easy and anyone can do it. But I see it as so much more than that.

It is easy to get views on any social media site by posting funny things about cats or making
comments on hot topics
or news stories. Sure go ahead and do that. You will get people commenting on your posts more on
this network than the others. Why? Because the people that are in this site want to make comments,
they want to interact because they want you to friend them. They want to build up their followers
also. They are incentivized/paid to do so. So hopefully that makes sense that it is much easier on
this platform. It is easy to get friends on here. Do a search for a topic and see posts and people
commenting on it. Like it, comment on it, friend those people and you will see that a good amount
friend you back. It is incredible how many people are thrilled to leave comments and interact with
you. Why? Because they are being paid.

But… In one way this is the low hanging fruit. I see it as so
much more than that.
Here is what I can tell you about the early adopters of this platform. Remember over 2 million plus
in just weeks. The vast majority are in this because they want to make money. You get it? You see
the potential? 2 million people and counting! How many of us are happy to have let’s say
2,000 or 20,000 people on our list that want to make money. With this there are over 2 million.
They don’t know what you know. They are not Internet Marketers. So this group is ripe for you. It
is like your own personal 2 million person make money list. Absolutely incredible.

I was just doing simple searches about Tsu online and seeing comments from people such as the
below. I see this kind of validation of my thoughts everywhere.
That is the perfect kind of person that I am after. You hit people like that up. Sure let’s talk
about making money. You make a contact, you might make a sale. Who knows? That is up to you as a
marketer but the connections are there. When you cultivate them correctly you get paid. Just like
with any other source. I get my customers from many different avenues and so should you. Not all of
your customers are going to come from Tsu, just like they are
not all going to come from Twitter or Facebook or
Youtube. The fact is you should be getting some from all of them and others. As you know I am
constantly looking for new traffic sources. Tsu is new, it is hot and it has a ton of engagement
right now of people looking to make money. Much more than the other networks on a per user basis so
now is the time.
This platform is not full of marketers in fact it is basically untouched. So when you make a post
about your latest strategy or way to get traffic or whatever it is, this is extremely interesting
to them. To me the major benefit from this is not they money I make from my posts and what the
people that sign up from me do. That is great and everything but the real money is from interacting
with these people and turning a bunch of them into prospects. Getting them to sign up to your
lists. Getting them to buy your products. Getting them into what it is that you are selling.

You should be doing the same.

Not just that. You should have multiple accounts that are specific to your given niche. Obviously
the majority of the people on here want to make money. But of those people
they are also into different niches. They are into all of the niches we know. Weight loss, Cars,
Learning new languages etc. You name it.

So it is in your best interest in my opinion to differentiate yourself. If one of your niches is on
cars go ahead and make a tsu account that is solely focused on cars. That way you are drawing the
people to your account and posts that are into cars. (You have to use a different email per sign
up.) Don’t have one account that is talking about a ton of different topics that you are trying to

No one is doing that right now. So whatever it is that you do or that you are into, focus on that
one niche and you will attract those that are into it. Again they are incentivized to interact with
you but even much more so
when it is on a topic that they are into. If you want to put a direct link to sign up to your list
or offer go ahead.

Another big part is don’t be a spammer. Make good original, quality content and you will do much
better. Don’t beg for people to follow you. Don’t try and make
1000 posts a day. I would rather you make a few relevant
posts a day and get 1000 followers that interact with you then a ton of posts that get a ton of
followers that don’t interact with you as much or care about what you have to say.

There are so many people that have made a ton of money, become stars or gurus in their respective
fields from Youtube, Twitter, Vine and other networks. This network is new and a small group of
users will climb to the top of this one and get paid handsomely. I am not personally
trying to be the person with 1 million followers. I want to be the person that gets the few
thousand passionate followers in the few niches that I focus on. It is up to you how you want to
pursue it.

Even celebrities are jumping on board like Guns N Roses, and Leann Rimes just to name a couple.
Their marketing people know that this is a great avenue to add to their bottom line. There is no
reason why you can’t have a piece of that pie also.

This can also be completely outsourced. You can get content writers for as little as .99 cents an
article to write good content for you.

Tsu has a cool feature in that the money you make goes
into the “Tsu Bank”. They have an option that money from this bank that has been generated can be
between users. So right there you have 2 millon people with money. If you want to sell a $5 report
for example, the people can send cash directly to you from within the system. I know it can be hard
to get people to pay you online with products but on Tsu in a way it is like it is not real money.
They are getting paid for doing what they normally do on other networks. Do they want to make more
money? Sure just send over $5 of that Tsu money to me real quick.

To sign up go to an invitation link. From mine or someone

It is a typical sign up.

Once in you have a dashboard

Feed is like a typical feed on Facebook. You see what your
“friends” are posting. You can comment, like reply, share
You will see on the right the amount of likes, comments and shares on posts. I am seeing really
good interaction on many niches. In my cases I have no previous interaction with them prior to
being on Tsu. They are not from my list at all.
The Analytics are awesome and show you all kinds of great stats per day. Showing you what posts
have the most comments and other great information.
You also have the ability to advertise on Tsu. I personally have not advertised but the option is

There is an invite people option on the left hand side

This will give you either a link to share, a place to email someone to join (obviously have a
relationship with that person first) and an option to share on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

When you make your posts make sure to use a hashtag # symbol. In the upper left hand corner users
can search. They are searching for hashtags. This will be one way that people will find you due to
the relevant hashtags that you use.
To create a post simply click on the create button
Put in relevant content, picture or put in an embed code
for a video that you made on Youtube. This site is all about original content so make sure that you
do your own work.

This site is easy to use, the traffic is there, the interaction
is there and so is the inherent monetization along with the ability for you to pull users off of
the platform into your own lists / products.

I hope you enjoy this platform as much as I have been. James

Underground Traffic Source

Underground Traffic Source
That Gets You
High Quality Leads In ANY NICHE

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your purchase. I’m glad to have the opportunity to show you an underground place to
get genuine traffic to build your list in ANY NICHE YOU WANT! You don’t need to do keyword research
or look for solo sellers or trying to bargaining with website owners etc. And the price per lead is
very cheap compared to what others are doing (Think of astronomical prices for finance keywords bid
on Google Adwords!).
I’ll keep this WSO report to the point and explain everything as briefly as possible. Without
further ado, let’s begin!
Underground traffic source to build a list in any
niche you want
The little known traffic source is called Opt Intelligence. It’s a place where you can get high
quality subscribers at a fraction of the cost of compared to other traffic sources like solo ads or
banner advertising.
The good thing about Opt Intelligence is that you only pay for the subscribers you get, NOT per
click like solo ads! That means you get what you pay for. This traffic source is like a goldmine if
you know how to market to them. I’ll explain more about this later in the report.

While Opt Intelligence is a co-registration company, don’t be fooled by their quality of leads!
Your leads are from high quality websites such as The New York Times etc. And unlike some
co-registration companies who may have bad reputation over time by forcing people onto different
list owners without the subscribers knowing about it, Opt Intelligence will only send you legit
leads since all subscribers actually AGREE TO BE ON YOUR LIST. Look at their step 4 below of how it
*The people on your list are willing to be subscribed and never forced so there’s no cause for spam
complains! They run their business legitimately by delivering legitimate leads to your list! This
is one of the part where they stand out compared to others out there.
Let’s now head to their website and I’ll show you how anyone can start creating a campaign in less
than 5 minutes.
First, head to http://opt-intelligence.com/
You may wish to read a bit more about them here before you begin: http://opt-


Here is how their network works: http://opt-


To start advertising with Opt Intelligence you’ll just need to open an account here:
https://leadserve.opt-intelligence.com/ls/signup.action? signUp&accountType=advertiser&ref (If you
click “Get Started”, you’ll be forwarded to a contact form and will need to email them and wait for
reply. It’s better to use the direct link above to sign up immediately free of charge)
Once you have your account created you’ll see a welcome page for the first time:
Then continue to Dashboard where you can start creating your first campaign:

Once you’re in the Dashboard, click on “Get Started Now! Create Your First Campaign

& Offer”

Step #1 Name your campaign. I’ll call it “weightloss1” for example.

And select if you want to start the campaign now or set a date and time. Click Next

Step #2 Specify your audience, category, price per lead and age group. I’ve selected Health and
Fitness as category since I want to promote a weightloss offer. For target audience, choose the
countries you want your leads from.
*Opt Intelligence even has a function where you can target specific postcodes. How cool is that for
offline marketers who want to promote their local services?
**Opt Intelligence even allows you to choose gender, something that solo ads, banner ads and even
Google Adwords can’t do. Your leads will be very very targeted!

***And you can even target specific age group! Do you now see how powerful this is as a lead
generation tool? You can be very specific about what you want for you leads….even down to the
postcode! And for local businesses you may even ask for their phone number too!

For many categories, their minimum price is only $0.50 per lead all the way to $1.50 for categories
like finance. That’s per lead, not per click or per view! $1.50 for a financial lead that is
legitimate and highly targeted is pretty cheap if you have the right offer for them!
Step #3 Create your Ad

First, you can upload a small image for your ad. Branding is important since people are from well
known sites like The New York Times you do want to present yourself to the right audience.
It’s actually quite simple to do!

One option is to use free stock images: http://pixabay.com/en/

Pixabay is a great resource for free stock images. If you’re stuck with finding a nice image for
branding this will save you time. You can read their FAQ on usage here:

For weightloss, you can find good quality images like this: http://pixabay.com/en/belly-
body-clothes-diet-female-2473/ Just download it and save it to your computer.
To re-size images to their requirements, simply go to: http://www.shrinkpictures.com/
and under: “2 Select New Maximum Image dimension” choose custom and put 120 and

88 respectively.

For the ad copy, simply say what the offer is about in an attractive way without being too much
For privacy policy, you may use their default by clicking “Load Default”

Click Next to continue after you’re done with the ad copy and image.

Step #4 Choose if you want confirmation email to be sent.

You may choose to have subscribers to receive a confirmation email after they join your list. It’s
a way to welcome them on board and getting them to know you and trust you so they may buy from you.
This step is optional.

Step #5 Last Step: Integrate with your autoresponder account

This one is self explanatory. Choose your autoresponder provider and follow the instructions. They
support over 35 different autoresponder services from their drop down list.
And there you have it! Creating a campaign in any niche you want for very low cost and generating
high quality leads!

Final Thoughts
Opt Intelligence is a very good source to get real human subscribers who are willing to sign up to
your list and become your leads. Their costs are very reasonable compared to other mainstream
advertising platforms like Google Adwords even in competitive
niches like health and finance. It’s very fast and hassle free to create a new campaign as
there’s no keyword research or looking for solo sellers or bargaining with site owners. And you
only pay when you get new leads, not per click, not per view.
It is best to use relationship building model to get your leads engaged with your emails and then
once they know and trust you they will be likely to hear your recommendations!
Thank you once again for letting me presenting this amazing lead generation tool!

Kimi Haydon

2016 Outsourcer Rolodex

2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
2016 Outsourcer
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Earnings & Income Disclaimer
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Table of Contents
Outsourcing Overview …………………………………………………………………… 6
Introduction …………………………………………………………………………………. 6
What is Outsourcing? …………………………………………………………………… 6
Outsourcing Has Incredible Benefits ……………………………………………….. 7
Getting the Most from This Guide …………………………………………………… 8
Making the Most Money from Outsourcing ……………………………………… 9
Vetting the Outsourcer ………………………………………………………………….. 9
Access Controls …………………………………………………………………………… 9
Milestones and Delivery ………………………………………………………………. 10
Service Clients with Outsourcing …………………………………………………. 11
Solving a Problem ………………………………………………………………………. 11
How to Get Some Fast Cash Action ……………………………………………… 12
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex…………………………………………………………….. 14
Graphics and Design ………………………………………………………………….. 14
Banners and Headers ………………………………………………………………. 14
Banner Ad Design ……………………………………………………………………. 15
Business Cards……………………………………………………………………….. 16
E-book Covers and Packages …………………………………………………… 17
Flyers and Brochures ……………………………………………………………….. 18
Illustrations …………………………………………………………………………….. 19
Landing Pages ………………………………………………………………………… 20
Logo Design …………………………………………………………………………… 21
Photography and Photoshop …………………………………………………….. 22
Presentation / Sales Material …………………………………………………….. 23
Web Design ……………………………………………………………………………. 24
WordPress Site Set Up …………………………………………………………….. 25
WordPress Development ………………………………………………………….. 26
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Social Media Covers ………………………………………………………………… 27
Mobile Site Design …………………………………………………………………… 28
Mobile App Design …………………………………………………………………… 29
Product Development …………………………………………………………………. 30
Video Development …………………………………………………………………. 30
Project Management ………………………………………………………………… 32
Product Writing ……………………………………………………………………….. 33
E-book Formatting …………………………………………………………………… 34
Software Development……………………………………………………………… 35
App Development ……………………………………………………………………. 36
Game Development …………………………………………………………………. 37
Video and Animation …………………………………………………………………… 38
Animation ……………………………………………………………………………….. 38
White Board Videos …………………………………………………………………. 39
Testimonials and Actor Reviews ………………………………………………… 40
Voiceover Work ………………………………………………………………………. 41
Writing and Translation ……………………………………………………………….. 43
Copywriting …………………………………………………………………………….. 43
Press Releases……………………………………………………………………….. 44
Proofreading and Editing …………………………………………………………….. 45
Copy/Content Proofreading ………………………………………………………. 45
Resumes and Cover Letters ……………………………………………………… 46
Translation Services ………………………………………………………………… 47
Article Writing …………………………………………………………………………. 48
Social Media ……………………………………………………………………………… 49
Get Fans & Followers ………………………………………………………………. 49
Send Tweets and Other Social Media …………………………………………. 51
Search Engine Optimization ………………………………………………………… 52
Keyword Research ………………………………………………………………….. 52
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Backlink Building ……………………………………………………………………… 53
Full SEO ………………………………………………………………………………… 54
SEO Scanning / Reporting ………………………………………………………… 55
Local SEO ……………………………………………………………………………… 56
Other Services …………………………………………………………………………… 57
Reputation Management …………………………………………………………… 57
Advertising ……………………………………………………………………………… 58
Sales ……………………………………………………………………………………….. 59
Cold Calling ……………………………………………………………………………. 59
Lead Generation ……………………………………………………………………… 60
Sales Funnel Set Up ………………………………………………………………… 62
Affiliate Manager/Recruiter ……………………………………………………….. 63
Reviews ……………………………………………………………………………………. 64
Amazon Reviews …………………………………………………………………….. 64
Google Reviews ………………………………………………………………………. 64
Partner With Me ………………………………………………………………………….. 65
In Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………… 68
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Outsourcing Overview
Thanks for purchasing the 2016 Outsourcer Rolodex! This guide is an
absolutely goldmine, not just because it will give you a huge list of people
who will do all your hardest, most challenging work for you, but because it
also gives you a plan for selling the stuff an outsourcer makes for a
massive profit.
I’m going to give you some basics, and then move onto covering the best
practices of outsourcing. And then I’ll tell you how using outsourcers as a
resource can see you building a 5 or 6 figure consulting business by selling
the things that these outsourcers produce.
By using these outsourcers you will create huge sums of money, seemingly
out of thin air, and without doing much work. For example, here is an app
developer who will build an iOS or Android mobile app for about $500.
You can easily take this app and sell it to a business owner for $5,000!
That’s a whooping profit of $4,500! …the amount of work you do to get that
$4,500 will be nothing compared to what you would have to do to learn
programming, mobile artwork, and everything else you need to personally
build mobile applications. This is powerful, profit-getting stuff!
What is Outsourcing?
Outsourcing is simply paying someone who is not a direct employee to do
the work. It is more like hiring a consultant or service company to fulfil the
needs of your business or project. It will save time and money by having
someone else do the work, and it allows us to work less, spend more time
with family, or focus on the things we’re good at.
Businesses often hire teams of offshore companies to do the work that the
business would otherwise find too expensive. This makes for a fantastic
opportunity for us to sell these services to business owners and outsource
all the work. So we do less actual work, and make most of the money.
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
I talk more about outsourcing as a service and how it creates a money
making opportunity for us a bit later in this guide. Before we talk about that,
let’s look at the benefits of outsourcing.
Outsourcing Has Incredible Benefits
If you’re like me, you see the clear benefit to having someone else do the
work for you as gaining more time. We both know time is an irreplaceable
resource. If you can buy yourself just an hour of extra time each day, what
could you accomplish?
Imagine this; your outsourcer lets you have an extra hour per day. What
would you do with that hour? Spend with your family and do something you
really love?
How much happier would you be spending time with your kids or your
spouse, knowing that the hard work is being done by somebody else? Time
is a massive benefit of having an outsourcer, but it not the only one.
Everybody has weaknesses. Mine is artwork.
The extent of my artistic ability hovers somewhere between stick figures
and arranging letters in my alphabet soup.
I always go straight to two graphic design outsourcers because they make
awesome covers, flyers, and presentation artwork in less than an hour. I
know what they make will look and work better than anything I can produce
in a few hours of toiling in Photoshop.
So the other benefit is filling in the gaps, or making up for your own
In other words, if you’re incapable of making banner advertisements, an
outsourced graphic designer could create it cheaply in a fraction of the time
it would take you to learn design, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.
Another benefit is productivity. If you can have someone producing custom
widgets for you, how many different products could you have to sell to
clients? If software development is not a passion and strong-suite, an
outsourcer can greatly increase the volume and value of products you offer.
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Getting the Most from This Guide
Where this guide will best serve you is when you already have an existing
need, however, just looking through the list may give you some ideas for
selling products or providing services to clients.
The outsourcers in this guide, along with the strategies we’ll cover in the
next chapter, will help you find the right outsourcers or team for the project
or client you are working with.
And for those of you with even the most basic project management skills,
I’ve included a section below that will give you some insights in using
outsources to service clients.
Just keep in mind that it is best not to approach outsources until you have
an immediate need, because nobody likes to have their time wasted, so
just reaching out to an outsourcer without the express need for their
services is frowned upon.
If you have a client pending, and you’re looking for the right person, then
that’s another story. The point here is to avoid contacting sources if you
don’t have any work for them or a project to bid on.
Choosing an outsourcer is secondary to booking a client and discovering
the client’s or your project’s requirements.
How can you choose the best outsourcer if you don’t know exactly what the
client or project needs?
This is why we get the client (or define the need) before we start sending
messages or spending money on securing a source’s services.
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Making the Most Money from Outsourcing
Before you go looking for someone outsource your work, it helps to know
what you need. For example, a source might know how to make a flyer in
Adobe Illustrator, and they may even be able to give you a few designs, but
they won’t know what you want to say on the flyer itself. This is because
they don’t know what your mission is. They will only have a loose idea
about what it is you’re trying to accomplish. You’ll have to fill in the details
by providing ideas, instructions, and a starting point.
Take a few minutes and imagine what your finished job will look like. So for
this example, imagine a flyer. What does it look like in your mind? What
colors will be used? Can you see any pictures on it? What might the
headline say? What is the flyer selling?
These questions help you define what work needs to get done, so you can
give the source the proper instruction to finish the task.
Vetting the Outsourcer
When it comes time to make a decision on who to hire for a gig or project,
you want to do your due diligence. Look for online reviews of that source.
Read their profiles and feedback carefully. Review their portfolio and check
to make sure their stated turnaround times are often met and also work well
with your project goals.
A source might look like the perfect fit, but if their work is always late, or
you didn’t realize it takes longer to deliver on the gig, you’ll just be making
more work for yourself, defeating the whole purpose of outsourcing in the
first place.
Access Controls
You wouldn’t give a stranger the keys to your car, so why would you give
an outsourcer the password to your web server if he/she is just making
graphics for you?
Under certain circumstances, such as hiring someone to install WordPress
websites for you, it makes sense. In general, only give outsources enough
access so they can do their job. Don’t give someone access to everything
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
the moment they start working with you. Build trust, and add responsibility
over time.
If you give total access, and the relationship turns sour, it’ll be a real pain in
the neck when you need to rush to change the passwords to all of your
accounts. You’ll feel even worse if the outsourcer beats you to it.
Milestones and Delivery
When working with more elaborate projects, it is a good idea to set
milestones. A milestone is simply a point in the project where certain tasks
are expected to be completed.
To help motivate outsources to meet milestones, a payment or a bonus is
sometimes applied to meeting milestones. For simple projects, this doesn’t
make sense, but for more complex, multi-week endeavors, a few
milestones will help move your project forward.
Milestones are usually broken up into halves and thirds with payments
scheduled at points where milestones are met.
With any outsourcer, delivery should be discussed before any money
changes hands. This is setting the expectations on when the outsourced
work will be delivered.
You also want to define what form or format you expect the work to be
delivered in. For example, if you have a source build a flyer, you ask for
both AI and PSD file formats so you can edit the artwork locally using
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Service Clients with Outsourcing
Solving a Problem
The key behind any successful service or consultancy is the real value you
can deliver to the business owners you want to serve. This comes in the
form of the problem you solve for that biz owner.
That value might be saving the business time or money, delivering a higher
quality of work, or bringing new talents and skills to the business. All of
these things can move a business forward and help them grow.
The problems and needs of a business must be uncovered before you
bother approaching that business with an offer. This is why you choose a
specific business to help, instead of taking the shotgun approach and trying
to help everyone. It just simplifies your hunt for the problems and needs.
While most businesses buy on the potential value that they can gain from a
consultant or marketing agency, they are buying because they see a way
for your service to solve an urgent problem, and provide for that pressing
However the key to making this outsourcer resource into a service that
repeatedly sells itself to clients has to be more specific.
You wouldn’t be selling ‘graphic design services.’ You would position
yourself as a resource that businesses can use. Successful consultants
present themselves as a “boutique marketing agency that specializes in
portfolios and sales materials.”
Do you see the difference?
The first product “graphic design services” is very general and vague.
Great, you can have someone make artwork, but what does this do for a
The second product has more red meat. You build portfolios and case
studies that are used by the sales team to help the business secure more
leads and clients. To do this, all you do is hire the outsourcers to build the
sales materials after you’ve sold the client on working with you.
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
The many sources we give you in this guide are more than enough to meet
the marketing needs of almost any local corporate, mom & pop, or retail
Just uncover the needs or problems with smart direct questions and careful
analysis of a business’ day to day operation.
When an owner says “I have a need / problem with xyz” …look through the
outsourcer rolodex for someone who can solve this problem or meet the
need, and agree upon a fair price to manage the project.
How to Get Some Fast Cash Action
So you need to make some quick cash in the next week? How does $150+
in your pocket by next week sound to you?
Whenever I feel like making some play money, I just sell some assets that I
have an outsourcer create for me. It should take you just one hour to set
this up.
Spend just a few dollars getting some assets created on Fiverr from these
You could take it a step further and have other gigs write social media
content and email templates for the niches and include them as part of the
Anything you add to this package will increase its value and help sell it.
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Put a short sales letter together selling these videos as web commercials
and social media content for niches.
Post it up on the Warrior Forum using WarriorPlus:
Use This Link to Create a New Warrior Special Offer
Or post it in the Warrior Classified Section:
Use This Link to Create a New Classified Offer
Set your price to $27.
For an upsell or OTO, include assets with even more content, like social
media or blog posts and price it at $47. If you don’t want to write the sales
copy yourself, have an outsourcer write it for you:
This is a sure-fire way to get at least a handful of sales. Just 10 sales
makes you a few hundred of dollars.
You see, make a few of these offers a month and you’re banking a
thousand dollars AND building an email list. Not bad a bad profit for a
handful of $5 gigs and a couple of hours work.
You could simply look at any of the JVzoo or WarriorPlus marketplaces,
see what kind of assets are selling, and have a few of the outsourcers
make up all the pieces of the product, and even set it up for you.
One trick I’ve used in the past is to look at other people’s products and
identify what is missing. You can determine this by reading reviews and
complaints in the Warrior Forum threads
Just think about the customer (your buyer) and consider what he or she
may need, or what urgent problem they are having, and how you can
provide them with things (like videos, sales presentations, templates,
content, graphics) …stuff that will help them and make their lives easier.
Now, let’s get to the 2016 Outsourcer Rolodex in the next chapter…
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Graphics and Design
Banners and Headers
Create website banners for your WordPress sites or for client sites. You
can sell a package of these to a business. I’ve seen success with these by
selling packages of banners for each of the seasons and major holidays.
Website Banners in Two Days
Site Banners in 24 Hours
WordPress Banners
Web Banners & Artwork
Static Website Header Art
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Banner Ad Design
Use these graphic designers to build advertising, template packages, and
social media graphics that can be sold to businesses or used to improve
your projects. Companies that sell products online don’t always have the
best designers, so use these sources to make banner-advert packs to sell.
Ad Design Specialists
Ad Banner Design Packages
Web Banner Advertisements
Animated Banner Design
Flash / HTML5 Banner Packages
Facebook Advertisement Design
AdSense Advertisement Design
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Business Cards
You never get a second chance at a first impression. Use these
outsourcers to produce unique and professional business cards that
impress both clients and peers.
Five Business Card Designs
Unique Biz Card Service
Printable Business Card Design
Print-Ready Cards & Letterhead
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
E-book Covers and Packages
Cover art is a great way to increase conversions on your online products
and review sites. One test I did saw a 15% increase in click-through when
compared with an offer that didn’t have cover art.
Kindle Cover Designs
E-Book Cover Art
3D / 2D Art Covers
Info Product Cover Artwork
CD, DVD, Book Cover Art
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Flyers and Brochures
Offline businesses are in constant need of sales material. A restaurant
needs to print out thousands of take-out menus each month at great
expense. They usually include coupons or promo material with these
menus. Use the sources below to have great looking sales materials
designed quickly.
Flyers, Posters, Brochures
Full Service Flyer Design
Flyer Designs in 24 Hours
Brochure and Flyer Artist
Corporate Style Brochures
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
The professionals below will design almost any illustration you can think of,
giving your sales materials, presentations, and websites original graphics
that are sure to impress visitors.
Hand Drawn Illustrations
24 Hour Illustrations
Character Design
Custom Illustrations
Sketch / Concept Art
Photo to Vector Sketches
Advertising Illustrator
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Landing Pages
Whether you’re an online or offline marketers, the landing page is often the
first experience your customer has with your offers. Make sure it’s a good
one by hiring one of the designers below.
Page Design & Graphics
Full Site Graphic Design Services
Landing & Squeeze Page Design
Squeeze Page Landers
Responsive Landing Page Designs
WordPress Landing Pages
OptimizePress Specialist
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Logo Design
A logo says a lot about a company. Use the logo designers below to create
the perfect brand image for your projects. You can also use them to
introduce new graphic design services to biz owners who might have a
terrible and outdated logo for a fast $250 payday for a logo that only cost
you $100 to have created.
Logo Design Services
Branding Design Specialist
Logo / Print Package Design
No Upfront Fee Logo Design
Logo Design in 24 Hours
Luxury Branding
Retro Logo Design
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Photography and Photoshop
If you’ve ever browsed a real estate website, and seen some terrible
pictures of the homes for sale, it is because the agent never bothered to
have the pictures touched up. Some even over-touch the pictures
themselves and make them look worse. You can easily sell photo
retouching services to real estate agents, who already know they suck at
Photo Retouching
Professional Photoshop Services
Background Removal
Amazon / Product Photo Retouch
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Presentation / Sales Material
Having a professionally designed presentation, or any other sales material
for that matter, is very important because when selling you need to make a
great impression. When making sales presentations, enlist the services of a
sales copywriter so your material actually does the selling. A great
presentation can do all the selling for you, giving you time to do fun things
instead of stressing out over your designs.
Keynote, PowerPoint Design
PowerPoint Creation
Full Presentation Deck Design
PowerPoint Illustrations
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Web Design
Having a web designer doing all your web work makes life a lot easier.
Unless you want to learn how to program websites, use an outsourcer
below to build out all the sites and features either you or the client desires.
UI / UX Web Design
Custom Website Design
AdSense Approved Niche Design
HTML5 PHP Design
Front End CSS Designer
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
WordPress Site Set Up
Use the people below to help install and customize your WordPress demo
sites, projects, and client work. When I’m managing my clients, I’m often
using a few outsourcers to help keep everything updated with the latest
security patches. I sell this as a management service for $97 a month per
client and never even login to the client’s site.
$5 WordPress Install
Theme Setup & Demo
WordPress Setup Services
WordPress / CMS Management
WordPress Bug Fixing
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
WordPress Development
When you can’t find the perfect theme or there isn’t a plugin that does the
things you need; the best thing to do is hire a developer to build it. You can
also hire these developers to customize existing plugins or themes to fit
your specific needs. Even better, you can hire them to customize
WordPress software for a specific niche, and then sell your new version to
clients who will pay you big money for a tailored solution.
PHP / WordPress Developer
WordPress Web/App Development
Full Stack Web Development
Custom WordPress Design
WordPress Theme Designer
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Social Media Covers
A social media profile without original artwork tends to look half-baked and
rushed. Use the sources below to create some original graphics and profile
Social Media Cover Design
Custom Facebook Covers
Google, Twitter, Facebook Covers
24-Hour Social Media Cover Art
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Mobile Site Design
Mobile software is a hot commodity with local businesses that realize the
mobile marketplace is a massive source of customers. These sites and
supporting software are selling strong. About half of my clients are strictly
mobile software and optimization customers. Find a business with a poor
mobile site, then have a solution built by the outsourcers below, and then
sell the design to multiple businesses.
Responsive / Mobile Site Design
Website to Mobile Conversion
HTML/PSD to WordPress Design
Mobile Menu Design
Mobile Conversion
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Mobile App Design
Mobile Applications are big money! You can get paid $5,000 to over
$10,000 with the right client. These outsourcers will be able to build you
highly functional mobile applications you can sell as your own to
businesses, or on the Apple/Google app stores.
Android Mobile App Design
iOS UI/UX Mobile Design
Cross Platform Designer
Cross Platform Mobile App Design
iOS Design Specialist
Mobile App Icon Designer
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Product Development
Video Development
Video is the most engaging tool available to us. People response to video
more than any other media, and having a poor video really hurts us. Why
bother making a bad video? Use the producers below to quickly and
cheaply create compelling sales videos, presentations, and other materials
that will engage with audiences.
Social Media Video Promotions
Explainer Video Producer
Video Presentation Design
Video Production Designer
Video & Animation Editor
Sales Video Marketing
Motion Graphics Designer
Video & Sound Engineering
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Video Animation Specialist
CG Animator
Video Editor
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Project Management
A product many parts, so when you got a lot going on, it helps to have
someone who can keep tabs on all the moving pieces. This is why I will hire
a project manager to make sure my projects run smoothly and to give me
ideas how best to expand them. The value of a good project manager
cannot be understated! How else do you think I run so many projects at the
same time? You are only one person. A project manager is like having
another set of hands.
Process Improvement / Project Manager
Product Manager
Virtual Project Manager
Inventory Management
Project Management Coaching
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Product Writing
What could be better than coming up with a product idea, and making other
people write it for you, while you keep all of the profits? Hire a writer to
build out your products, or have them do all the writing work for a client.
Many of these writers have a passion for this kind of work and will put their
heart and soul into your product.
Product Content Writer
Product Development Specialist
Product Architecture
Product Writer
Creative Writer
E-book Author
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
E-book Formatting
So let’s say you’ve written an awesome guide for helping clients get
customers on social media. You typed it up in Microsoft Word, and hand it
to a client, but never got a response. Perhaps your book wasn’t easy to
read and needed some formatting? Use the outsourcers below to better
your reader’s experience with your material. You can also use them to
prepare your reports for other markets like Kindle and Createspace.
Kindle Formatting
Createspace Formatting
MS Word Doc Formatting
Kindle E-book Formatting
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Software Development
Developers are an amazing bunch. They take our ideas and turn them in
reality. If you’re not willing to learn software development, use the sources
below to bring your ideas to life, or to implement new tools for clients.
These guys & gals would also be able to help you develop cool products
you can sell online or directly to businesses.
Software Developer
Automation Development
Developer Management
WordPress Theme Customization
Genesis Theme Expert
WooCommerce Developer
WordPress Plugin Developer
Theme & Plugin Development
Drupal / PHP Expert Provider
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
App Development
Custom applications is big business. Apps can sell for $10,000 to $50,000!
These developers below can realize your mobile app ideas so you can sell
them direct to clients or on the app stores.
Windows Development
iOS App Development
ActionScript / Flash App Developer
Mobile / Web App Development
JavaScript / Java Developer
FLEX / AIR Mobile Development
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Game Development
Even a simple game can bring in enormous profit when people find it fun
and addicting. These developers can design and build your Facebook, iOS,
or Android game.
Design Consulting Services
Mobile Game Development
iOS / Android Game Development
Flash Game Developer
Web Game Developer
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Video and Animation
Adding animations to your video content can make your videos more
engaging and compelling. Use the artists and animators below to quickly
and cheaply take your videos to another level. Of course, you can develop
quick 1 minute promotional videos using these designers and sell the
videos over and over again to many different businesses. One could make
a six and seven figure business just using the animators and video
producers in this guide.
Cartoon Animation Service
Art Design & Animation Specialist
Adobe After-Effects Expert
3D Animations / Art Director
3D Maya / Max Artist
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
White Board Videos
White board videos are quite popular these days and do a great job at
educating our audience and compelling them to take action. Use the
outsourcers in the list below to build out your sales, explainer, and
promotional videos. You can also use them to make video social media
content which gets shared more frequently than any other media.
White Board Video – General
White Board Video Designer
White Board Video Animations
Handyman Whiteboard Video Creation
Hand Written White Board Videos
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Testimonials and Actor Reviews
Reviews are great, but if you don’t have a video presence or don’t know
how to act on video, these actors and review personalities can give your
product review a professional touch and deliver a much more compelling
Amazon Review Videos
Product Review Actor
Production Demonstration
Doctor / Medical Spokesman
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Voiceover Work
Don’t have a golden video voice like Luther Landro? Hire some of this voice
talent to narrate your whiteboard, sales, and explainer videos.
Neutral American Male
British / American Accent
Young American Male
African American Male
Santa Claus Voiceover
Young American Male
Male Narration
Australian Female
Spanish Female
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Spanish Male
Jamaican Accent
German Male
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Writing and Translation
Copywriting is the art of the written word. A copywriter is someone who will
author the sales, landing page, email, or video copy we use in our products
and materials. Use the folks below to create compelling sales and material
copy. You should know that most business owners are terrible at
copywriting and they know it. Reselling these services to local companies
brings in a windfall of cash as copywriting is in heavy demand and highly
Sales Copywriter
Sales Page Copywriter
Sales Copywriting & Page Design
General Copywriting
Kindle / Content Writer
Email Marketing / Copy
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Finance Writer
Freelance Writer
Business Writer
Press Releases
Local businesses buy press releases as a means of getting traffic to their
promotions and websites. Large businesses use them weekly to get press
for their companies. These professionals will craft you a great press
release; another service you can offer to clients when they have this need.
Press Releases – General
Press Releases – SEO Specialist
General PR Distribution
Google PR Distribution
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Proofreading and Editing
Copy/Content Proofreading
Remember when your teachers would say “check your work?” Whether you
write the copy yourself or have another outsource do it; use the outsourcers
below to check that copy for spelling and grammatical errors. Errors in
documents are distracting, and can often turn people away from your
1000 Word Proof-read for $5
Content Proofreader
Book Editor / Proof Reader
Copy Editor / Writer
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Resumes and Cover Letters
There are many people who are actively looking for work, and many of
these same people know their resumes need improvement. Imagine this,
you put a simple free ad on craigslist and offer to rewrite resumes and
cover letters for $100. Then you pay $10 to the writers in the list below to
fix up that resume for a cool $90 profit that only took you 30 minutes to
Resume Designer
Cover Letter Design Services
Resume Writer
Cover Letter Writer
Resume / Cover Letter
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Translation Services
A friend of mine owns an Italian Bistro in the city and asked me to translate
his menu into Italian for him. He thought that an Italian menu would make
his bistro feel more authentic. I really didn’t have the time, but he offered to
pay me $500, so I looked up some translation outsourcers and was able to
make an easy $450 just farming the work out for a cost of $50.
French / Spanish
French / Korean
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Article Writing
Selling content that other people write has some of the highest profit
margins of any service I’ve ever offered to clients. Nowhere else is this
more effective than selling monthly social media content plans and blog
content. Get a client to agree to pay you $1500 to write custom content for
their blog and Facebook pages, and then pay an outsourcer below to write
the articles and material. You’ll be able to keep 75% to 90% of the payment
as profit.
Article Writing
Blog and Article Writer
500 Word Search Articles
Product Review Articles
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Social Media
Get Fans & Followers
When your social media pages are new, a little help from one of these
professionals can pull you out of obscurity. Hundreds of thousands of local
business fan pages, profiles, and social media accounts suffer from this
same problem and will pay you over $1,000 to help them get social media
leads. Use the specialists below to service them.
Social Media Manager
Social Media Strategist
New Media Expert
Social Media Campaign
250k Social Link Promotion
Social Media Promo
100k Twitter / Facebook Promotion
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Youth Marketing Promotion
2MM Social Media Promotion
Google Followers
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Send Tweets and Other Social Media
Getting a pro to help your social media projects can save you tons of time
and money figuring out how to engage with audiences. And imagine getting
just a 3 local clients to hire you to manage their social media presence?
Each of these clients paying you $1200 to handle the posts, content, and
management. You could easily put $1000 in your pocket from each client
just by reselling the services below and do very little work yourself.
Content Creation
Content Specialist
Creative Writer
Content Creator
Social Media Manager
Twitter / Facebook Promotion
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Search Engine Optimization
Keyword Research
Research is perhaps the most important part of any SEO campaign.
Without solid research, you’re just guessing. Using the specialists and
services below, you can be sure your research will be spot on. The lowest
fee SEO research for clients is $750. Most research services will run you
about $50 to $100, so you can turn this research around for a great profit.
SEO Research and Servicing
Local Biz Keyword Research
SEO Targeting Research
Key phrase Data Mining
Niche Keyword Research
Competitive Keyword Analysis
Micro Niche Research
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Bing Keyword Research
Backlink Building
Backlinking is the key to ranking pages in search engines. These sources
will get the authority and social backlinks that will rank your lead pages,
product offers, and client sites. Whenever I need backlinks for my lead
pages, I got to these outsourcers:
Authority Link Building
Link Building Specialist
Social Media SEO
US Edu Backlinks
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Full SEO
Getting a one-stop-shop to handle all your SEO is a great time saver and
key to getting the most profit out of an SEO client. SEO services sell from
$750 to $3,000, and these sources below can do all the work for you while
you sit back and collect the check.
Google Ranking Services
One-Stop SEO Solution Provider
Full Service SEO
Complete SEO Service
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
SEO Scanning / Reporting
Providing a SEO report for free is a great way to get your foot in the door
with any local business who uses websites to generate customers. Simply
pay these outsources $5 to get a nifty report that you can use as a
conversation starter. The best part is that this report then become a list of
things that you will charge the customer for fixing.
SEO Problem Scan
AHREF Reports
SEO Scan & Report
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Local SEO
These outsourcers will provide you with custom tailored local SEO
campaigns that businesses will find irresistible because they focus on
getting search customers and local leads. Businesses pay top dollar to get
ranked in local directories and Google for Biz. Use these services to deliver
an in-demand service and get paid a minimum of $300 for each site you
Niche Ranking
Strategic SEO positioning
Local Search Optimization
Google Maps Citations
Local SEO Coaching
Off-Page Local SEO
Local Directory Marketing / SEO
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Other Services
Reputation Management
When a business has a bad online reputation, it costs them thousands of
dollars in lost business. They’ll pay almost anything to have the bad
reviews and negative feedback drowned out by good reviews and
testimonials. Use these services to outsource all the reputation needs of
clients and demand high fees upwards of $1,500 a month.
Reputation Management Agency
Review Management
Public Relations Specialist
Reputation Repair Manager
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Converting profitably on paid traffic is an excellent way to make money, but
it requires good research and a keen sense to test. Take a shortcut by
using these outsources as skilled talent who can worry about all the
research and ad buying for you. Your consulting clients know even less
about online advertising than most people; these sources are a resource
for you to offer online advertising as a service that you can charge a flat fee
of $1,000 or 20% of their budget.
Google / Bing Ad Specialist
Online Marketing Specialist
Paid Advertising Expert
Facebook Advertising Specialist
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Cold Calling
Even though cold-calling sales is one of the fastest way for you to put
money in your pocket, some people find it incredibly challenging. If you’re
having trouble, then hire a dedicated phone specialist to do all the cold
calling for you! Hire one of these “phone-guys” and a lead generation
outsourcer to get the sales consultant numbers to call, and you’ll be setting
up a small sales team that can generate tens of thousands of dollars each
Sales Consultant
Cold-Calling Consultant
Telephone Salesperson
Telephone Salesperson
Telephone Salesperson
On-Phone Sales / Client Follow Up
Telephone Sales
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Lead Generation
Use these outsources to generate leads for your services or to build a
rolodex of leads you can sell to any lead-dependent business like
attorneys, insurance agents, realtors, and contractors. These niches pay
$50 to $150 per lead!
Lead Generation Research Service
Internet Lead Specialist
Internet Commerce Data Mining
Data Mining and Web Scraping
Lead Generating Landing Pages
Lead Prospecting
Prospecting and Lead Generation
Real Estate Lead Generation
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
MLM Lead Generation
LinkedIn Lead Generation Specialist
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Sales Funnel Set Up
Whether your offer is online or part of an offline service you are offering, if
you need help putting a high-converting sales funnel together, these
outsourcers are uniquely skilled at creating irresistible offers both online
and off. Your typical local biz won’t have a clue about setting up these
kinds of offers, which means you can sell these funnels as a service to
local clients for thousands of dollars.
Social Media Sales Funnel Designer
Done For You Sales Funnels
Sales Funnel Creation
Complete Sales Funnel with Upsells
Sales Funnel Review
Sales Funnel Architect
Sales Funnel Specialist
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Affiliate Manager/Recruiter
Taking a converting offer from $20,000 to $100,000 is usually just a matter
of more of traffic. One of the best ways to get traffic to your offers is to hire
an affiliate recruiter to find and get affiliates to promote your offer. Use
these outsourcers to find affiliates that will promote your offer to their email
Alexander Teo
Mike Merz
Marc Goldman


Affiliate Recruiter
Affiliate Marketing Manager
New Business Specialist
Affiliate Manager
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Get an experienced marketer to review your product and give your
audience the insights that influence the decisions of online shoppers. A
couple of honest positive reviews will help ensure you get the sales you
Amazon Reviews
Product Review Services
Amazon Product Listings
Google Reviews
Product Review Generalist
GooglePlus Review Shares
Authentic Google Reviews
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
Partner With Me
I’m looking for 5 people who want to partner directly with me to launch a
product to my subscribers, and I think you fit the bill.
Everyone who has taken me up on this offer in the past has built 6 and 7
figure businesses as a result. The most recent one pulled in $30,000 in
sales his first month (you can read his story in the success stories section
of Profit Hackers).
Here’s how this partnership would work:
First, we work together in a one on one call to come up with a simple
product idea that my customers and affiliate’s would love.
You can either create this product with my help, or I can help you find an
outsourcer to get it done cheaply.
Next, I’m going to help you develop the perfect sales funnel and copy to
earn as much money as possible from the launch. Over the past 6 months,
my launches have been pulling in 6-figures each using strategies and ninja
copywriting that has been developed and tested for the last 5 years.
And on the day we launch your product, I am going to promote the funnel to
my customers and subscribers which will give you an immediate boost in
This would be your product, you would keep all the profits and keep the
buyers list (which is worth more than just the sales).
The last promotion I did for a student brought in over $5,000 in sales from
my list alone, and the student went on to do over $30,000 in sales on their
launch… Not to mention having a buyers list that is pulling in 5-figures a
month consistently for him.
This is not for everyone.
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
You will have to commit to doing the work in creating a product and putting
this launch together. I will guide you every step of the way to make sure
you create a funnel capable of bringing in 5-6 figures however you must be
willing to do the work.
We’ll start with a 1 on 1 coaching call to establish a game plan and
determine what first steps need to be taken. After that we can correspond
via email/skype to keep everything on track until the day we launch your
As I said before, I am only looking for 5 serious people to partner with.
To make sure that you are willing to commit to doing the actual work, and
will follow through until we have a launched product you will need to make
a small deposit of $2500.
This is only to make sure I am paid for my time. My normal fee for 1 hour of
coaching is $2,500 so I’m sure you’d agree that a $2500 deposit for
unlimited access to me is quite a bargain…
…especially since you are getting an email blast to my subscribers when
you launch (which can easily pull in over $5,000 in sales)
Here’s what you can expect after having gone through this launch
• $10,000 – $30,000 in sales on a typical first time launch
• Buyers list that you can email new offers daily earning money every
• Be part of my inner circle of affiliates so you always have people
ready to promote your offers
• A proven system you can repeat for every launch (you will have short
cut the learning curve by years with this)
Remember: These benefits only apply to you if you are willing to follow
through and do all the work involved.
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
I will guide you, help you, and tell you what to do step by step, but YOU
must be willing to take the actions necessary.
Send me an email right now with the subject “Partnership”.
Just put a simple “I’m interested in this partnership” in the body of the email
and we’ll go from there.
My direct email is: Luther@SuccessWithLuther.com
I look forward to hearing from you.
2016 Outsourcer Rolodex
In Conclusion
That’s it for this course, the only thing left is for you to take action!
Remember: Reading this book will not make you any money, only going
out there and contacting clients who need the services these outsources
provide will.
Set yourself an easy goal. Maybe 3-4 proposals a week, or 1-2 per day if
you are really ambitious. The more proposals you present, the more calls
you have your outsourcers make, and the more emails you send out will
generate leads, clients, and cash that you can put right in your pocket.
I’d love to hear from you personally, your successes, your troubles, and
any suggestions you may have for me.
If you have a question or comment for me directly, feel free to drop me an
email here: Luther@SuccessWithLuther.com
I do get a lot of email, but I try to check it every day and respond when I
If you need faster help, submitting a ticket to our help desk is the fastest
way to get a response:
And remember, the more action you take… the more money you will make.

Bigger Better Tee Profits

Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Bigger Better
Tee Profits
Written By Denise Hall
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Legal Notice:
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All trademarks and intellectual property are the property of their respective
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specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose. No warranty may be created or extended by sales
representatives or any written sales materials.
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the
creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that she does not warrant or
represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly
changing nature of the Internet.
The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your
situation. You should consult with a professional in legal, business,
accounting, and finance field, where appropriate.
Neither the publisher, author nor any distributor shall be liable for any loss of
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No guarantee of income is made. Readers are cautioned to apply their own
judgment about their individual circumstances and to act accordingly. This
material is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or
financial advice.
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
First I’d like to say a heartfelt “thank you” for purchasing this report. I
hope you get a lot out of it and make some good money using the
information contained within. ☺
I’ll be introducing you to a relatively new t-shirt website that very few
Internet marketers in the “make money online” niche know about. Or
if they do, they’re not spilling the beans.
But those who are using it are absolutely crushing it and making
really good incomes selling t-shirts and hoodies.
This website’s business has exploded within the last 4-5 months.
They’ve gone from 700 sales per day to 8,000 sales per day at the
time of this writing.
And that means there’s a lot of money to be made by affiliates.
Unlike other t-shirt websites, you don’t have to create your own
designs and you’re not the only one selling your shirts if you do
create designs to sell.
If you are an artist or choose to hire someone to create designs for
you, you can have an army of affiliates selling your shirts with
NO extra work on your part!
How cool is that? ☺
I’d like to give you a little bit of background information on the
company before going any further…
I live in a small town in northern Michigan with a population of less
than 5,000. In fact, our entire county has a population of only 24,000.
So it seems a rather unlikely place to find what is quickly becoming a
huge dot com business. Nevertheless, my hometown is where this
online shirt company is located and more than 100 people have gained
employment there in the last few months due to its enormous growth.
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Considering Michigan was one of the hardest hit states during the
economic crisis of 2008 (mainly due to the auto industry) and still
hasn’t fully recovered, this is wonderful for our small community.
The owner of the company grew up here and has run a very successful
website design business for many years. In 2013 he started the t-shirt
business and at the time of this writing (February 2015) the company
has grown tremendously, as I already mentioned above.
I believe it will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, probably
doubling its sales by the end of this year.
Now let’s dive into how YOU can make money from it…
So What Is This Awesome Sauce Site?
The website I’m referring to is http://sunfrogshirts.com. As I already
mentioned in the introduction, a big chunk of their sales come from
their affiliates.
And they pay their affiliates very well, I might add.
I’ve never seen 35% commissions on physical products anywhere
As you probably know, Amazon pays 4%-15% associate commissions
based on the number of items you sell each month.
Zazzle pays 15% on all goods, regardless of how much you sell, which
is the best I’ve seen for physical products until now.
If you design and sell shirts on TeeSpring or other similar sites, you
might earn more than 35% depending on your sales volume and
But there are 4 major drawbacks with most t-shirt websites…
1. You have to design the shirts yourself OR pay someone to design
them for you.
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
2. You need stunning, high-converting designs that will sell. Otherwise
you’re wasting your time and possibly your money for designers
and paid ads.
3. You must sell a minimum number of shirts before they will print and
ship the orders to customers. If you don’t meet the minimum, your
campaign is cancelled and you don’t make a dime.
4. You are the sole seller of your designs, so it’s up to you to do all the
promotions of your shirts.
But with Sun Frog Shirts there is no minimum to sell. All shirts
are printed to order, so even if you only sell one of a specific design
your customer will receive their order and you will earn a commission.
All you have to do is grab your affiliate link for any shirt shown on the
website (there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands to
choose from) and promote it in any number of ways…
Share it on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, tweet about it on Twitter,
feature it on your website, etc.
As with other t-shirt sites, the artists who submit the designs set the
prices, but in general, t-shirts are $19-$22 and hoodies are $39-$42.
At the 35% commission payout, you will earn approximately $7-$8 per
t-shirt and $14-$15 per hoodie that you sell, and all you had to do was
share a link!
And if you happen to be an artist or you choose to hire a designer to
create designs that you can sell on Sun Frog Shirts, then you’ll earn
5.5% royalties every time one of your designs sells. It doesn’t
matter who sells it, you get paid!
Plus, you can promote your own designs and earn both the affiliate
portion and the artist portion of the sales, which comes to 40.5%!
And even if you already sell your own designs on other t-shirt sites,
there’s no reason you can’t add them to the Sun Frog Shirts site as
another avenue of income. Remember, you don’t have to promote
them if you don’t want to. Affiliates can promote them for you and
you’ll earn 5.5% royalties on every sale.
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Even though this is a U.S. based company, they ship shirts to 200
countries around the world. So no matter where you or your potential
customers live, you can rest assured that orders can be placed and
you will get paid.
Another thing I’d like to mention is that they have a relatively low
minimum payout to get paid your commissions. It’s only $50, which
isn’t really too difficult to attain in a month. Just 7 or 8 t-shirt sales or
4 hoodie sales and you’ve met it. ☺
Here’s a screenshot where you can see the features and benefits of
their site compared to other t-shirt websites:
I hope you can see why I’m so excited about this new opportunity and
hopefully you’re excited by now too. ☺
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Becoming An Affiliate
It’s easy to get started as a Sun Frog Shirts affiliate…
Just go to http://www.sunfrogshirts.com/Affiliates/, click the green
“sign me up” button, and fill out the information. You’ll be approved
instantly, so you can start promoting within minutes.
This screenshot shows just how simple it is to get your affiliate link for
any shirt on the website:
You simply locate the shirt you want to promote, copy the page url
from your address bar and add your affiliate ID at the end.
Easy peasy! ☺
You can even create “collections” of shirts and promote a whole page
of shirts at one time. It’s like having your own t-shirt web store.
To create a collection, simply click the “collections” icon on your main
affiliate screen (I circled it in the screenshot above) and then click
“new collection,” as shown in the screenshot below:
—————————————————–Page 7—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Next, you’ll see this screen:
You can name your collection anything you want to. I suggest naming
it for the type of shirts or the niche. For instance, Funny Nurse Shirts.
I also suggest hyphenating your words (funny-nurse-shirts) so that the
title on your collection page will look right: Funny Nurse Shirts. You
can see what I mean in my example link a little farther below.
Bear in mind that the name of your collection will be part of the url, so
it’s wise to use keywords instead of “John’s Shirt Store.”
The url that you will promote will look like this:
—————————————————–Page 8—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
After naming your collection, click the green “create” button and you
will be directed to this screen:
You can upload a banner if you would like to customize your web
store, as shown above.
To create your collection, click the green “add items” button at the
upper right side of the screen and you will be directed to the Sun Frog
Shirts home page.
—————————————————–Page 9—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Type your keyword or phrase into the search bar to view shirts for
your collection.
In this example I used the word “nurse” to locate shirts for my
collection titled Funny Nurse Shirts.
Notice that all the search results have a green plus sign with the word
“collection” next to it.
To add any shirt to your collection, simply click the plus sign. Your
affiliate ID is automatically carried through to your collection page for
each shirt you add.
When you’ve added as many shirts as you want (you’re allowed 100
for each collection), click the big green “finish” button on the upper
Now you’ll be returned to the page where you uploaded your banner.
It will look like this:
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
You can drag the images around if you want to change their order. You
can delete any that you decide you don’t want. And you can add more
by clicking the “add items” button at the top of the page.
Click “update” when you’re done, and voila! your collection (web store)
is ready to promote.
You can view my example collection here:
NOTE: just above the first row of shirts is my collection title – “Funny
Nurse Shirts.” If I hadn’t hyphenated my collection name (funny-
nurse-shirts) the page title would have been Funnynurseshirts, which
just doesn’t look right. ☺
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Customizable website widgets are also available for your use. You’re
provided with a simple copy and paste code to add on your website.
To get the widget code for any shirt, click “widgets” on your main
dashboard page. You will be directed to the page to create your
Then choose the category of shirts you want, and add a search term,
such as “dogs,” if you want to.
You can even customize the buy button text and color.
When you locate the shirt of your choice, just copy the code and paste
it into your website or blog wherever you want it to appear.
Statistics And Tracking
There are a number of affiliate tracking and statistics tools available
that you can access from your main dashboard page or by using the
links in the top navigation area.
NOTE: If you only sign up for an affiliate account, not an artist
account, you won’t have the “new design” and “manage designs” icons
in your dashboard or the “design” link in the navigation bar.
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
This is a graph report for affiliate traffic stats. There are also graph
reports for your affiliate sales, as well as art views and art sales if you
are also signed up as a Sun Frog artist.
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
You can also view your top performing links:
It shows you the shirt design along with number of views, sales and
conversions for each one. If you’re running paid ads you’ll know which
ones are generating the most income and you can adjust your ads
I won’t get into the details about the more advanced statistics tools,
such as Facebook re-targeting, because each one has video
instructions included.
To view the instructions, click the little red circle with white arrow on
the upper right side of the page:
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
And if you still have questions you can contact their affiliate support
department via the handy message system inside your affiliate back
To view your pending commissions or payout history, click on the
appropriate icon in your dashboard, as shown here:
The “current payout” screen will show you the date you made sales,
quantity sold, purchase prices, your commissions as an affiliate and
your commissions as an artist:
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
The “payment history” will show what you’ve earned and been paid in
previous months.
NOTE: the date shown is the payment date for the prior month’s
sales. In the screenshot below, 03/01/2015 is my payment for
February sales.
BREAKING NEWS:a new tab was added to the affiliate area since I
made my original screenshots. It’s called “events” and it shows
upcoming holidays and other celebrations such as National Nurses
Week. It will keep affiliates and artists on top of things to promote.
Under the “events” tab there is also information about affiliate contests
that are going on. For the month of April 2015 there’s a contest with
loads of prizes. Everyone who meets the goals wins the prize. You can
even win a prize for making your first affiliate sale ever. ☺
Promoting Your Affiliate Links
I’m sure you’ve noticed tons of t-shirt and hoodie ads when you’re on
Facebook. You’ve probably even liked or shared some of them on your
own news feed.
Facebook ads are a very feasible way to sell t-shirts and make a profit
when done correctly. (But by no means is it the only way to sell.)
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
You can use the ads manager at Facebook to create paid ads but
unless you want to pay for ads forever, I suggest you create a
Facebook page and pay to promote your posts and/or page.
Then as you get “likes” for your page, your audience will grow and you
can run less paid ads as time goes on.
So, create a Facebook page if you don’t already have one. It can be for
a specific niche (bulldogs, for instance) or a page that showcases all
kinds of t-shirts.
After you’ve created your page I suggest you post at least a few times
before you run any paid ads. That way, if people check out your page
after seeing your paid post, they’ll see some content and hopefully
“like” your page.
I use the “boost post” feature and set my budget at $5-$10 over a 2-3
day time frame. The more you spend, the more views your post will
get, but I like to test the waters first.
If a post doesn’t get much engagement (“engagement” means likes,
comments, and shares) after about 24 hours or so I’ll pause it.
But if it does get a lot of engagement and, more importantly, sales,
then I add more to my budget so that it will get more views.
I also suggest that you highly target the audience you want to show
your ad to. If you’re promoting a shirt about bulldogs, create your
audience using only the keyword “bulldog.” This way, you have a much
better chance of making sales rather than wasting money showing
your ad to people who are not interested in bulldogs.
To create a targeted audience, after you click the “boost post” button
on your post, choose “create new audience” as shown below:
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Notice at the top that once you’ve created audiences you can use them
for future ads by selecting them from the dropdown menu.
After you click “create audience” you will see this screen:
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Name your audience whatever you choose. I normally use the keyword
that I’m targeting OR the name of the shirt I’m promoting. You can
select what countries you want to promote to, and the ages and
gender of your audience.
Enter your keyword(s) where it says “interests.” Then click “save” and
finish filling out the information to “boost” your post – your ad budget,
how many days you want your ad to run, etc.
Of course, you’re under no obligation to pay for Facebook ads or any
other kind of advertising. As I mentioned earlier, you can simply share
your affiliate links on your social networks and/or your website.
And it doesn’t hurt if you ask your friends and family to help spread
your links as well. The more your links get passed around, the more
sales you’ll make. ☺
A word of caution…
When writing your ads, Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts or anything
else, be sure you adhere to all of Sun Frog Shirts’ guidelines.
You will read their terms and conditions when you sign up as an
affiliate, but here are some big mistakes affiliates make that could cost
you your commissions and possibly get your affiliate account closed…
Don’t use any misleading words or phrases such as “limited time
offer.” Unlike other t-shirt sites, the selling period is not limited,
except by the artists. If an artist retires their work, then the designs
are no longer viewable on the website, but otherwise they can be
purchased from now until the cows come home. ☺
Don’t say “free shipping.” Sun Frog Shirts does not offer free shipping.
Don’t say “buy 2 or more and save on shipping.” While customers
might save on shipping costs if they purchase more than one shirt,
they also might not. For instance, if they want one shirt shipped to
their address and one to a friend’s address, they would have to place
two separate orders and they probably would not save on shipping.
Don’t mention coupon codes. At this time, they are not offering
discounts of any kind, and if you find a coupon code floating around
the web, it’s not valid.
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Becoming A Sun Frog Artist
So far we’ve discussed selling t-shirts as an affiliate, but I would like to
touch on the artist side of Sun Frog Shirts, as well, for those of you
who are interested in trying your hand at it.
If you’re already signed up as an affiliate, simply login to your account
and click the “artist signup” button. You won’t need to enter your
name and other information again. Your account is the same for both
artist and affiliate. (And vice versa, if you sign up as an artist first.)
However, you’ll use the username you signed up with for your artist
page url if you want to display all of your designs on one web page
and promote it, rather than your affiliate ID number.
Once you sign up for an artist account, the artist tools are available to
you inside your back office in addition to the affiliate tools, as you saw
in the screenshot above of my dashboard.
The first step to getting your design online and making money for you
is to upload your art file. To do this, just click on “new design” in your
The required format for your art (shirt design) file is .png and the
minimum size is 2400×3200 pixels.
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
There’s a short how-to video that shows how to download their art
template, open it in Photoshop, place your design in the template to
size it correctly, save it as a .png file, then upload it.
You’ll need Photoshop again in the next step to add your design to the
shirt mockup templates.
Now, if you’re graphically-challenged like I am, you might be ready to
just forget becoming an artist at this point, but keep reading and I’ll
explain how I got my design online without using Photoshop
Before I go any further, here’s a quick explanation of the difference
between your art file (the actual shirt design) and a mockup…
Your art file is the design that will get printed on the shirts. It’s
the actual file that’s used in the digital printing process to print the
design onto the shirt.
The mockup is an image of a shirt. Your art file (design) image is
overlaid on it to show how the design looks on a shirt. This is the
image that customers see on the website.
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on…
Since I don’t own or know how to use Photoshop, here’s how I
got my shirt design online to sell…
I hired someone at Fiverr.com to create a t-shirt design. He gave me
the design in .png, .eps, and .ai formats. (The .ai and .eps files are
vector files that some other t-shirt sites require you to upload, but you
don’t need them for Sun Frog.)
Luckily, my designer was more than happy to also give me the .png
file in 300DPI (high resolution) format sized at 2400×3200 pixels as
needed in step 1.
Uploading the file is a breeze…
Just click “select art file” to browse your hard drive and choose the
appropriate image file to upload.
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
The designer had also given me a .jpg of my design on TeeSpring’s
mockup template, but Sun Frog’s mockup (shirt image) is different, so
I was unable to use that image.
However, I gave him the Sun Frog templates and he placed my design
on them for me, so I was able to upload my mockups in step 2.
There are 3 Sun Frog mockup templates – men’s t-shirt, ladies t-shirt
and unisex hoodie. The design has to be added using Photoshop
on any or all that you wish to sell.
As you can see in the screenshot below, all you have to do once your
shirt design is on the mockup templates is upload them from your
computer just like you did with the art file:
This is what the men’s and ladies t-shirt mockups look like with a
design on them. These are the images that appear on the Sun Frog
Shirts website for customers to see:
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
The default shirt color on the mockup templates is black, but you can
change the colors in Photoshop when you place your design on the
After uploading your mockup, make sure you choose the correct shirt
color from the choices in the dropdown menu.
You can sell your shirt in as many colors as you want to from the
available colors, but please keep in mind that the colors of your design
need to be seen on the color of the shirt.
Don’t try to place a dark colored design on dark colored shirt, or a light
colored design on a light colored shirt.
You can, however, create a light and dark version of your design and
submit them as two separate designs on appropriately colored shirts.
After uploading your mockup images and choosing your shirt colors,
you’ll move onto the last step, which is shown in the screenshot
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
First you’ll add a title for your shirt. I suggest you use a portion of the
wording on the shirt that customers might search for.
For example, you’ve probably seen ads for shirts that have the saying
“It’s A [FIRST NAME] Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand.” So your title
could be “It’s A [FIRST NAME] Thing.” (But use the actual name on
your design, not the words “first name.” ☺)
Or you can use keywords such as “Funny Nurse Shirt” or “Soccer Mom
But keep in mind that the more specific your title is, the easier it will
be for people to find your shirts when they do a search, not only at the
Sun Frog website, but in the search engines too. ☺
So, combining a few words from the shirt plus keywords is a good
idea, as long as your title makes sense. For instance, “Funny Nurse
Shirt – Feel Safe At Night, Sleep With A Nurse.”
Next you’ll choose a category for your shirt from the dropdown menu
as shown here:
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Choose the one that best fits your design.
Then you’ll add a description of your shirt. I highly suggest you use
the saying on the shirt in the description area. And depending on the
saying/design you can elaborate in other ways too.
For instance, if your design includes a first or last name, you can say
“let the world know that people named Bob are awesome.”
You can also say “exclusive design, not available anywhere else” if it’s
really not available on other websites.
Another good thing to mention in the description is “not available in
stores” if you are only selling it online.
And finally, like I mentioned about promoting your Sun Frog affiliate
links, don’t say anything that’s misleading or completely untrue,
such as “limited time offer,” “free shipping” or “save on shipping when
you buy 2 or more.”
—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Your description is basically a brief sales page, so make it catchy and
you’ll sell more.
The last step in the product description area is to add site tags. Site
tags are simply keywords that people may search for. Just use the
main words of your design or target market such as “nurse,” “funny,”
“feel safe,” “sleep with nurse.”
Do not “stuff” the keywords or use keywords that have nothing
to do with your design or target market.
When you’re done adding appropriate keywords, click the big green
“Finish Design” button and ta-da! your shirt is online, ready to sell!
You will need to upload a mockup in each color that you want
your shirt design to be available in, as well as the style of shirt –
men’s and/or women’s t-shirts and/or unisex hoodie.
If you hire a designer to place your shirt design on the mockup
templates, make sure you ask him or her to place the design on all of
the colors and styles that you want your shirt to be available in.
So, when you finish adding your art file and going through the steps
for one color and style, click the “edit details” button as shown here:
NOTE: Before I explain how to add additional colors and styles, I
would like to mention that there is a default price for t-shirts and
hoodies. If you want your shirt(s) to sell for more, you will need to
click “edit details” to change it.
—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
In the screenshot below, you can see the default prices for t-shirts is
$19. If you want to increase it, simply enter your price and click the
“update” button at the bottom of the page.
Now click the “add variation” button to add additional colors and styles
without uploading your art file again. This way, all of your color and
style choices show up together as a group on the product page
and can be viewed by customers for easy selection.
Once you click the “add variation” button (it’s hard to see in the
screenshot above, but it’s the green button at the top that I circled),
you’ll see this:
—————————————————–Page 27—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Where it says “choose file,” you’ll browse your hard drive, locate your
mockups in the various colors and styles, and upload one at a time.
Choose the correct style and color from the dropdown menu, then click
the “add color” button and you’re done with one color and style.
Continue this process for each color and style you want to sell. Be sure
you change the price and click “update” for each one if you don’t want
to use the default price.
The bottom section of the “edit details” page looks like this:
—————————————————–Page 28—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
If you make a mistake and upload a wrong mockup style or color, just
click on the wrong image at the top of the page where it shows all of
your colors and styles, then click the “delete” button. That will remove
your mistake and you can add the correct style or color by clicking the
“add variations” button again.
I suggest you always leave the button for “standard view” ticked. This
way, when customers visit the Sun Frog site, every style and color
that your design is available in will appear.
This view also allows them to navigate to any other page at the Sun
Frog website and make additional purchases, which will earn you
affiliate commissions.
In this same area you’ll see some other options:
• Exclude from site search
• Artist only page
• Do not allow Google to index
I personally don’t know why anyone would checkmark those boxes,
but if you have a reason to do so, then you can.
You can also choose to limit the time that your design is available for
sale. This is good for time-sensitive designs, such as holidays or most
recently, Pi Day shirts. Otherwise, I don’t suggest using that feature.
BREAKING NEWS:at the time of this writing,Sun Frog’s
programmers are working on a “tee wizard” so that Photoshop will no
longer be necessary to add your design to the mockups in the future.
All you will need to have is the 2400×3200 pixel .png file of your
design. ☺
Fiverr Designers
There are many designers on Fiverr that do t-shirt designs. Some of
them provide a TeeSpring mockup image with your order. Others
charge extra for that, as well as the vector (.ai and .eps) files, which
you don’t need for Sun Frog anyway.
Before choosing a designer, please read their description of which files
they will provide to you for your $5 payment. At the very least, you
—————————————————–Page 29—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
will want to get the .png file from them in 2400×3200 pixels so you
can upload your design file in step 1.
If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, I recommend contacting
Fiverr designers before you hire them to ask if you can give them the
Sun Frog mockup templates for them to add your design. They may
charge you an extra $5-$10 but it’s worth it to have your own shirt
designs to sell.
The designer I use can be contacted by using this link:
He does absolutely beautiful work (you can see proof in my mockup
images above ☺) and he will provide all of the files you’ll need for
selling your shirts via Sun Frog Shirts.
As you’ve discovered in this report, Sun Frog Shirts is a very unique
website in a number of ways, especially the affiliate program. And
that’s what makes it easy (compared to other websites) for anyone
to earn money selling t-shirts and hoodies online.
The hard part – designing the shirts – has been done for you. And in
case you’re wondering whether there are enough hot-selling designs to
earn a good income, well, I’d say 8,000 sales per day speaks for
itself. ☺
In my opinion, Sun Frog Shirts will be the top-selling t-shirt site
within the next couple of years. Their customer service is second to
none, and customers return again and again with repeat orders.
Plus, any customer who didn’t get shirts that they ordered through
other t-shirt sites because the minimum goals weren’t met will turn to
Sun Frog Shirts where they can buy without fear of not getting their
The way I see it, Sun Frog Shirts is a win-win-win situation – their
affiliates, artists and customers all win.
—————————————————–Page 30—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
I hope this report has gotten your marketing juices flowing and you’re
ready to sign up and make money. ☺ I’d love to hear your story, so
please feel free to contact me and let me know how it goes.
Wishing You Success,
Denise Hall
Awesome Method to SUPER Target Your T-Shirt Ads:
Get 157 Gorgeous Graphical Designs For Your T-Shirts:
365+ T-Shirt Designs And A Brand New Design Daily:
Drive Maximum Traffic To Your Websites With Pinterest:
Discover How To Easily Find Keywords That Will Be Profitable:
—————————————————–Page 31—————————————————–
Denise Hall Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved
Simple Affiliate Strategy For Promoting Amazon Or Zazzle:
Super Easy Method To Promote Amazon Products On Pinterest:
—————————————————–Page 32—————————————————–

Surefire Profit System

Copyright 2009 by Derrick Van Dyke
Surefire Profit System
Module 1: The Battle Plan
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke
LEGAL NOTICE: You should have ordered this product from SurefireProfitSystem.com or an authorized reseller. If you did not, please contact us with details of where you got the product. If you let us know of someone illegally selling the product, you may be entitled to a cash reward.
No part of this course may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without expressed written, dated and signed permission from the author.
The information presented herein represents the views of the author as of the date of publication. Because of the rate at which conditions change, the author reserves the rights to alter and update his opinions based on the new conditions.
This course is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information.
While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author and his referrals cannot assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional.
Copyright 2009 by Derrick Van Dyke
Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION ………………………………………………………………………………………….. 2
THE CORE BUSINESS MODELS …………………………………………………………………….. 3
THE BASIC BUSINESS MODEL PAGE FLOW ………………………………………………………………………………. 3
YOUR SQUEEZE PAGE ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 4
YOUR SALES LETTER ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 6
YOUR REGISTRATION PAGE…………………………………………………………………………………………………… 7
YOUR DOWNLOAD PAGE ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 8
THE ADVANCED BUSINESS MODEL PAGE FLOW ……………………………………………………………………….. 9
YOUR FREE TRIAL OFFER …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 10
UPSELLS ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 13
ONE TIME OFFERS …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 14
DOWNSELLS …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 15
YOUR MEMBER’S AREA ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 15
WHY THIS MODEL WORKS …………………………………………………………………………………………………. 16
WRAPPING UP ………………………………………………………………………………………….. 16
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 2
aking money online isn’t hard. I don’t mean the “not hard” you hear when you read a sales page screaming about how money will fall from the sky at the press of button. I mean that the basic formula for making money online is straightforward.
While there isn’t one right way to structure an online business, there is a method of doing things that will help you
 See profits relatively soon
 Develop a healthy business that comes close to running itself on a day to day basis
 Experience the largest degree of financial and lifestyle success in the long run
It’s not really magic, but it can feel like it when things start clicking for you.
The Surefire Profit System Course is going to show you how to create this kind of online business for yourself. You’ll learn about the various components in the six modules of this course.
In this first module, I’m going to give you a relatively quick overview of how all the parts fit together, and what options you have at different stages. That will help you get your mind around the “big picture” so you don’t get lost in the details as you go.
What you need to know right here at the beginning is that there’s no reason to bounce around trying to find what works. The Surefire Profit System works very well, and I’ve proven over and over again in my business, with multiple income streams.
Maybe you’ve tried to make money online before, and you’re frustrated at your lack of success. If so, this system is exactly what you need to start succeeding.
Maybe you haven’t tried to make money online yet, and you don’t know where to begin. If so, this system is what you need to cut through the confusion and start moving in the right direction.
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 3
The Core Business Models
ogi Bera once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably get there.” But will you like where you end up? Probably not… So let’s start the process by looking at two core business model you’re going to be implementing. Once you’re familiar with it, I’ll talk about the various options for each part of the model.
The Basic Business Model Page Flow
The basic business model looks like this:
Here’s the process flow in words:
 Your squeeze page gets prospects on your email mailing list before sending them to the sales letter. Once they’re on your list, they’re in a follow-up loop that will continually send them back to the sales letter and give them more opportunities to buy. Some research shows that most buyers buy somewhere between the fifth and twelfth time they see an offer, so follow-up has been proven to increase your overall conversion.
 Your sales letter is where you entice the reader to buy your product. The copy on this page might be long or short, depending on your product and market. Somewhere near the end of the page you’ll have an order button or link to let prospects start the purchase process.
 Your registration page is where you send new buyers after they make their purchase. Behind the scenes (in your autoresponder), this is where you’ll add buyers to your customer list and remove them from your prospect list.
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 4
 Your download page is where you’ll deliver your product, and possibly offer announced or unannounced bonuses. It’s also a great place to add additional offers to expand your profits.
As simple as that sounds—four pages, each with a clear purpose—that’s as hard as it gets. I’m going to show you ways to expand on that model, but keep that core page flow in your head. It’s the roadmap you’ll use nearly every time.
Now let me talk about some options for each stage in that flow.
Your Squeeze Page
You’re going to make a free offer on your squeeze page. It’s going to look like a membership signup, meaning somebody will fill out a form to sign up for your offer.
What’s going on behind the scenes is that your autoresponder code will redirect a person to another page when he submits your squeeze page form, like this:
Don’t worry the technical autoresponder details. I’ll explain that stuff later. For now, just understand that when somebody submits your form, you can redirect him to any URL you want. Here are the two typical ones:
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 5
 Your sales page (the most common, and the one I showed in the picture)
 A confirmation page, where you tell him to confirm his subscription by clicking a link in the confirmation email your autoresponder just sent
And you also have the option of not using a squeeze page at all.
I’ll talk more about this later, but some affiliates (partners who promote your product for a cut of the profits) complain about squeeze pages, because they say those pages reduce initial sales. So you can use a different approach:
 You can reserve an alternate link for affiliates who complain. Most of your general affiliates aren’t building a list—they’re driving traffic straight to your site. So if you have a good set of follow-up emails in place, you’ll help them make more sales. But some will have their own squeeze page to build their own list, and will want to redirect new subscribers straight to your sales letter. You should provide alternate links for these affiliates.
 You can use an inline form. This means planting an opt-in form somewhere on your sales page, in a place that doesn’t break the flow of your sales presentation. For example, you could introduce a topic and then offer a free report if somebody joins your list. After he subscribes, you can redirect him back to the same spot on the sales page (using an HTML bookmark tag).
 You can use a pop-up. Traditional pop-ups are blockable, but iframe popovers are not. There are lots of scripts for creating these with special effects (flying in from a given direction, etc.), or you can have your pop-up appear when a visitors first arrives on the page or when he attempts to leave.
Those additional options let you present your offers and build your list without alienating potential partners. That can mean higher profits for you in the long run.
But back to those “typical” redirection targets. You don’t want typical results, so you won’t do the typical thing! Instead, you’ll redirect new subscribers to…
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 6
Your Sales Letter
The traditional online long copy sales letter is much like a direct mailer you might get in your mailbox at home. There’s usually a main headline to get your attention, some copy to build a case for why you should want the product, some testimonials to prove it’s a good product and delivers on its promises, and a call to action at the end.
Online sales letters are different because they offer the immediate opportunity to buy by clicking a button. In most cases, clicking the order button takes a prospect through a process like this:
First he’ll go to a secure order process of some kind. When he’s completed his order, you’ll redirect him back to your site, most often to a page that delivers your product.
But you have some options for what happens when a prospect clicks your order button.
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 7
Your sales letter can have a single offer, or it can present several related offers in a rational sequence, based on a prospect’s or buyer’s actions. Here’s a quick overview of some of those options…
Your Registration Page
It’s a lot easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. So you’ll definitely want to move your prospect onto a customer list after they make a purchase.
In the past, I would set up a registration page to get new customers onto a buyers list. It’s basically a squeeze page that asks the customer to register their product before continuing to the download page or member’s area.
The Easy Sales App software now does this automatically and eliminates that extra step. You simply add the customer list name when you create a product. Your customers will automatically be added to that list after they purchase.
Automation Rules
Quality autoresponder services like Aweber have what is called “Automation Rules” to move subscribers from one list to another when an action occurs.
You can use automation rules to automatically unsubscribe or subscribe someone to a specific list when that person unsubscribes or subscribes to another list. Automation rules can help you unsubscribe customers from your prospect list when they make a purchase.
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 8
Your Download Page
This may seem straightforward. But there are options and additional profit potential for your download page.
Your first option is to simply thank your customer, give them basic instructions, and display the download links. You’ll also need to remind them that their credit card or bank statement will show a charge by [Your Company Name].
If you’re selling a high-priced product or you’re planning to add updates or bonuses, then you may want to consider protecting the download page. You can protect any page or an entire site with the Easy Sales App software.
To create a password-protected membership site, simply check the “Enable Membership Management” check box. Your customers will then be issued a password to log in and access your content. If they refund on a purchase or cancel a subscription, they will automatically lose access to the member’s area.
Adding Profit Potential
The best time to sell to an existing customer is immediately after they purchase when they’re still in buying mode with credit card in hand. So why not make a “customers only” special offer on your download page?
It could be a special price on another product you own or a special deal you made with another product owner to get a better price (you still make a commission on the sale!).
Another option is to make a free offer (like a free CD) that converts into an affiliate sale for you. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll find plenty.
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 9
The Advanced Business Model Page Flow
The advanced business model looks like this:
I’ve already covered the squeeze page and the basic sales process. Now let’s look at some advanced options…
 Your continuity offer is where you tell your new subscriber that he has to sign up for a free trial of a monthly recurring billing product in order to get your free squeeze page offer. Once the person signs up, you’ll send him to…
 Your upsell or one-time offer (OTO), which will be for a related product. The subscriber can accept or decline your offer. If he accepts, you’ll take his payment, add him to your customer list and remove him from your prospect list (behind the scenes in your autoresponder), and send him to your member’s area. If he turns down your OTO, you’ll send him to…
 Your OTO downsell, which is a reduced version of your OTO offer. You’ll strip out some material and offer it at a lower price than the original OTO. If somebody accepts your downsell, you’ll handle it like you did when somebody accepts your OTO. If somebody turns you down, you’ll simply redirect him to your member’s area.
 Your member’s area, where you’ll deliver your product and initial content for your continuity offer. You also might offer announced or unannounced bonuses. And you’ll offer your OTO again for a higher price.
As simple as that sounds—five pages, each with a clear purpose—that’s as hard as it gets. I’m going to show you ways to expand on that model, but keep that core page flow in your head. It’s the roadmap you’ll use nearly every time.
Now let me talk about what you’ll do at each stage in that flow.
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 10
Your Free Trial Offer
To get your free squeeze page offer, a new subscriber will have to accept a free trial of your continuity offer (I’ll explain what that is in just a second). You’ll overcome resistance to this by letting him cancel at any time and still keep everything he’s gotten to that point, including your free squeeze page offer.
Okay, on to explaining continuity…
Continuity offers are a powerful way to make more profit. They have the potential to make you significant recurring income. I think you’ll be pretty excited when I show you this.
What’s A Continuity Program?
Do you remember the old record clubs or (if you’re younger) the CD of the Month clubs?
That’s a continuity program. It’s a way to get a customer in the door, perhaps by giving him something free, and then billing him on a recurring basis until he cancels.
There are basically two different types of continuity programs:
 Membership sites deliver some kind of content every month. The content might be articles, videos, audios, turnkey packages, teleseminars, webinars, resell rights, private label rights (PLR), or other things. Or it could be some combination of those. This is like the CD of the Month club, but typically it’s based on digital (meaning downloadable) content.
 Software sites are life-line services like an autoresponder and usually have a higher retention rate because it’s too much trouble to move to another solution. This kind of continuity program is more like your home phone or cable television—you need it, or want it strongly, and it’s a pain in the neck to switch.
The advantage of a continuity program is passive monthly income. You get paid over and over on the same sale. That’s usually true even if a new member doesn’t use your site at all. Some people join memberships and then forget about it for a few months before they cancel. It’s like when
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 11
people join a local gym and never actually work out—they’re paying monthly, but not using the facility at all.
And it’s that likely reality of people staying members for at least a few months that can mean very nice revenue for you.
The Income Potential
It’s easy to get carried away with the numbers. I’m sure you can imagine a membership site that charges $5,000 a month. At that rate, you’d probably only need one or two members to replace your day job. But that’s not usually the way it goes.
It’s smarter to sell a less expensive product that people almost don’t notice they’re paying for every month. The key is adding the monthly income thought process. For example, you could create a turnkey website package and sell a limited quantity for $47, or you could create them every month and charge $29.95 per month. Why would you do that? Consider the math.
The average stick rate (how long a member stays a member) is four months. Let’s compare the math for the one-time sale versus the continuity sale.
Let’s say you limit your $47 offer to 100 people and you sell out every month for four months. You’d make $18,800.
If you offered a continuity program instead at $29.97 per month with an average stick rate of four months, here’s how much you’d make if you sold 100 memberships per month, and I’ll round up to $30 to make the math easy:
100 x $30
200 x $30
300 x $30
400 x $30
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 12
But it gets even better…because even if you didn’t get any new customers in month five and you lost 100 members due to attrition, you’d still make $9,000 without doing any extra work for it!
Forced Continuity
A forced continuity program automatically starts billing on a monthly basis, and keeps billing automatically until a member cancels. For example, you can offer a free trial or a low-cost product that automatically rolls over into a monthly payment.
There is nothing wrong with this approach. Most of the record and CD clubs I mentioned before used it, so it’s not illegal…but you need to be very careful.
If you use this type of offer, make it absolutely clear that the customer will be billed monthly. Some marketers use language that tricks people into thinking it’s a one-time payment, and actually hide the monthly payment details in small print further down the page. This is unethical at least, and is probably illegal. It’s not worth the risk—make the offer clear.
Free Trials
I mentioned free trials a minute ago. That’s a great way to build a loyal customer base when you launch a continuity program.
The only challenge is what amounts to theft.
If you’re offering downloadable content, many people who sign up for the free trial, take the content they want and quit before you can bill them. Then they’ll sign up for another free trial later when you add new content.
There are some ways around this “free trial raid” problem, but they usually involve one of two strategies:
 Using a membership site script that lets you restrict access to some material that only long-term members can see
 Releasing your material to members over time, such as a 12-month course where each member gets one lesson per month
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 13
Is Continuity Always The Right Answer?
I can’t say that absolutely, but I can state two things from experience:
1. Most of my online income comes from and has come from continuity programs (and mostly in the Internet marketing universe of sub-niches)
2. There’s usually a way to create a continuity program out of something you thought was only fit for a one-time sale
So continuity isn’t always the right answer, but it’s typically an available option you ought to consider. The financial upside is big enough for you to give it serious thought.
How Continuity Fits In the Flow
When you offer someone a free trial, you’re forcing him to sign up for a monthly charge. He can cancel at any time, even before he’s billed once. But you’re essentially funneling him into a recurring revenue stream for your business. That’s a powerful marketing tactic that has worked wonders for my own income, and can do the same for yours.
But you won’t stop with your continuity offer. There’s more money to be made! After somebody signs up for your free trial, you’ll send him to…
You can offer an upsell in several different places in your page flow.
One flavor of upsell is where you offer the main product and a premium version on the same page, something like this:
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 14
A slightly different version is where you offer the main product on the sales page, but you give the customer the option to upgrade to the premium version on the order page.
A third version is where you sell a low-cost item, and then make a limited time or limited quantity offer to the new customer after he completes his order.
One Time Offers
You’ve almost certainly seen an OTO before. This is an offer where you sign up for a free item (that’s the usual scenario) and you’re taken to a sales page that starts with something like this:
WAIT! You’re only going to see this page one, ever…
That’s usually followed by a special offer you can only get if you purchase right away. Then at the bottom of the page, you’ll see two options:
 The option to purchase the offer
 The option to decline and download your free item, often with link text something like, “No thanks, I’ll pass on this offer…”
In this case, you’re going to offer a product related to your continuity offer. It can be anything you want, as long as it’s tightly related to the offers your new subscriber has just seen. If the person buys it, you’ve just increased your profits, and you can redirect the buyer to your member’s area (more on that in a minute).
But you’re also going to be smart about your “no thanks” option.
Not everybody will take you up on your OTO…so give yourself another shot at selling to the people who turn you down. You can do that by routing the “no thanks” folks to…
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 15
A down-sell is sort of the opposite of an upsell. An upsell adds to an initial offer and gives the buyer a chance to spend more. A down-sell, on the other hand, takes something away from the initial offer and gives the prospect a second chance to buy at a lower price.
For example, let’s say your initial offer has six PLR videos and four bonus videos for $97. But that’s a little too much for Bob to spend, so he clicks the “no thanks” link. When he does, you could offer him the first six videos without the bonus videos for $67 as a down-sell.
Down-sells are a way of recovering sales you might otherwise lose because a given prospect isn’t interested in your initial offer because of price resistance.
If somebody takes you up on your downsell, you’ve increased your profit. If somebody turns you down, you simply redirect him to your member’s area at this point—there’s no sense in presenting an annoying cascade of third-, fourth- and fifth-chance offers.
Your Member’s Area
This is where your subscribers or buyers end up. Remember, everybody who gets here has accepted your forced continuity free trial, but they can get here through one of several paths:
 They can purchase your upsell
 They can purchase your downsell
 They can turn down both your upsell and your downsell
Once somebody arrives at your member’s area, you can still offer your upsell at a higher price. It’s important to note that if you made a One Time Offer, your price for people who don’t accept the original OTO must be higher, or people who did accept it will be rightfully upset.
In essence, what you’re offering in your member’s area is an upsell.
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 16
Why This Model Works
Now you know the flow of the core business model, and you know several of the options you have for customizing it.
I won’t promise you overnight riches when you use this model, but I will say it has worked for me for years, and I’m not alone. It’s the model almost every successful online marketer uses.
But why does it work so well? I think there is one big reason behind its effectiveness…
It’s based on prospect and buyer psychology. People were shopping long before the web came along, and the Surefire Profit System business model is consistent with how people shop. It draws prospects in, presses the right hot buttons in their brain, and guides them smoothly from pitch to purchase. If you implement the model according to the steps I’ll show you in this course, you’ll be “going with the flow,” so to speak.
The next module in this course will give you ideas for creating your front end product (your squeeze page offer), your continuity offer, your upsell, and your downsell. Don’t worry, it’s probably much easier than you think it is. Even better, I’ll give you templates for everything and the software to make the entire system work.
Wrapping Up
his brief overview gives you the big picture. I’ve obviously glossed over a lot of the details. Don’t worry; we’ll come back to all of them.
This course is comprehensive, and I’m not going to abandon you to try to connect the right dots in the right way. We’ll hit all of the topics in this overview again, in much more implementation detail. The difference is, now you know where you’re headed.
If you get nothing else out of this overview, though, let it be this…
You do not need to find a model that works. This one does. It has for years.
Copyright by Derrick Van Dyke Page 17
If you use the core model and sell a product for a one-time payment, that’s perfectly fine. You can make a lot of money that way.
Personally, if I were just starting out I’d be pretty excited by continuity programs, though.
I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about “push button profits”. Nothing’s ever quite that easy (if it were, everybody would be a billionaire). But continuity programs make recurring monthly income no more difficult than selling a product for a one-time fee. The core model shows you how to do that, and continuity just keeps the money rolling in.
Which approach you use is entirely up to you. I’ll show you both.
In the next module, we’re going to get you all set up to do business. There are some basic things everybody needs to do in order to make money online, and I’ll walk you through each of them. If you think you already know all that stuff (are you sure?), it’ll still be a great review for you.
Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of the course.

CPA List Revolution

CPA List Revolution
By Yair Dolev

1 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
This publication is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized
Reproduction is Strictly Prohibited.
The information contained in this publication and the accompanying materials is for general
information purposes only.
While we endeavor to keep the information up-to-date and correct, we make no representations or
warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability,
effectiveness, suitability or availability with respect to this publication or the information,
products, services, related graphics, or any contents contained in this publication for any
Any reliance you, the reader, place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. If
you wish to apply ideas contained in this publication, you are taking full responsibility for your
actions. We disclaim any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any
particular purpose. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including but not limited
to; indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of
data or profits stemming from or in connection with the use of this publication.
We cannot guarantee results as results will differ from person to person
and will depend on the effort taken. You are taking the decision to try these
methods, and there are no guarantees to your success. Nor are we responsible for any of your
actions. As always, the advice of a competent legal, tax, accounting or other professional should
be sought.

2 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Table of Contents


Table Of Content

Table Of Content

Table Of Content




What are we going to learn?

Mindset, the 4 mistakes that prevent you from

The 5 step process you’re going to use

Few tasks to complete before you

Few tasks to complete before you

The Complete Funnel

Let’s start (Conclusion)

Module One

Choose a

Join a CPA Network

How to get accepted to CPA Network

How to choose a CPA Offer

How to choose a CPA Offer

How to choose a CPA Offer

Module Two

Squeeze pages

How a squeeze page should look

Exit redirect

The leadmagnet

The leadmagnet

3 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package


Track, yes, and tweak


Traffic overview



My best traffic sources

My best traffic sources

My best traffic sources

Keyword research

Keyword research

Keyword research

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Tracking, testing,

Scaling it

Scaling it


Paid traffic is easy

Paid traffic is easy


Why does building a list is so

The type of lists

The type of lists

Email your list

Email your list

Email your list and promotion template
4 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Double your list

Double your list

Double your list

Double your list

Double your list

Double your list – turn them on you

Module Five

Outsource and scale it up

Outsource and scale it up

5 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
First of all, I’d like to thank you for buying my eBook. I’m going to do my best to make sure you
won’t regret this decision.

Let me tell you more about myself. My name is Yair Dolev and I’ve been
making income online for a few years now.

Personally, I have seen and bought a large collection of methods in hope that they would result in
me generating a stable and fair income. However, next to none of them worked. And that’s how this
method was born. I truly do know what you feel, and I know you heard it 1000’s of time. But you’re
not here to read a story, so let’s get to the real business right away.

Sometimes, it’s not the written quality of the method which is slated, it’s actually the customers’
skills that are tested in the E-Book, which results in failure to earn. Some E-Books have set
requirements, such as skills or possibly investments which make the person able to earn.

If you are the kind of person who gives up after a couple of attempts, then maybe you shouldn’t be
thinking of earning online. Online income often takes up lots of time, but also produces a huge
amount of success and income once completed.

I will now teach you and give you my knowledge, which resulted in me generating around $100-$1000
every day, with as little work as possible using CPA offers and building my list in the process.
Before I start, I’d like to introduce you to two groups of people. Group 1 – forfeiters, people who
read a method, test it, and give up once they encounter the tiniest of
issues. Group two – hard workers, people who read, try, and overcome
obstacles and problems which they may face down the line.

You can have the best money making method known to mankind, but if you
don’t apply effort correctly, you won’t make a dime.
This isn’t just your average “Get Rich Quick” scheme thrown together by
some 12 year old on a PC. This is essentially a business within a few
thousand bites of text.

6 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Let me make something else clear for you, it really doesn’t matter what your experience level is to
do this course. I’ve made this course simple to follow and easy to understand, so whether you’re a
beginner that never tried CPA or an advanced Internet Marketing, you’ll have no problem doing this.

A huge number of people buy methods like this, however they never attempt them. You must apply what
you learn.

Don’t hesitate if you don’t know where to start, because I’m going to make this program
step-by-step, all you’re required to do is follow and take action.

The information provided below isn’t just a rough idea that came to my mind; it is accurate
statistics based on my head-on experience with the industry itself.
I also would like to reassure you. I’m here to watch over you. Every step you take, I will assist
you in your hour of need. Simply email me, I’ll do my best to reply within 24 hours.
7 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Zero

What are we going to learn?

The methods I’m going to show to you in this E-Book are possibly the easiest and most profitable
CPA and List building methods you’ll ever come across. They are LONG-TERM. You see, that’s what I
love about CPA and being an affiliate. You make quick money, and you can easily repeat that. But
repeating that all the time might become annoying, that’s where most of the people give up. And
guess what, I have a solution for that.
I’m going to teach you a lot stuff, so let’s get to it.
We’re going to use CPA and List building. Yes, you heard me right. CPA known to make easy and fast
cash, and list building known to be the ultimate thing as everyone says these days “the money is in
the list” and they’re right, it’s the best income for long-term profits.

I found a great combination of both, and I’m going to teach you exactly how
to do it.

Picture it. Imagine you could actually live off that email list. Imagine that you could click on
one button, and see after few hours hundreds of dollars in your CPA network. The best part is yet
to come; you can repeat it OVER and over again and SCALE it up!

If you don’t understand, please don’t worry. Keep reading and I ensure it’ll
be crystal clear soon enough.
8 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

I know some of you hate all this mindset stuff so I’m going to keep this short, but you do really
need to read the four things that prevent you from succeeding.

(#1) Negativity. If you’re hesitant, skeptical and have a negative attitude, you need to change
now. Being negative would not earn you anything.

Start getting motivated and be optimistic, I promise you that you can make money, and you can make
good money. You just have to trust on me on this and know when to apply the skills you learn here.

(#2) Over analyzing. CPA and List building is by far one of the EASIEST ways of making money
online. Also, after you have set everything up, it is nearly auto-pilot!

(#3) No self-belief. Believe in yourself! A lot of the people I know have a very negative attitude,
as well as a lack of faith in themselves.

(#4) Thinking you need experience. On my first introductory attempt with this method I made around
$500. It took me a huge amount
of time at the start, mainly because I didn’t have a guide like this to help me
along the road. This is why I’ve created this E-Book to save you time and effort. I’ve been able to
help those who aren’t making a single dime, to those who are making $100+ a day, and I guarantee
that I will be able to do
the same with you.

9 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The 5 Step Process
Step 1 – Choose a niche

You will choose a niche, join an affiliate network (CPA Network) and choose
the offer you’re going to promote

Step 2 – Create your squeeze page

You will create your squeeze page, your lead magnet, and learn what the full funnel talked about in
this Ebook is about

Step 3 – Traffic

Traffic! A major issue for some people, well, not anymore. I’m going to
cover how to send the best type of traffic.

Step 4 – Your email list

You’ll learn how to setup your email list, what to email them, and even how to DOUBLE or TRIPLE
your list size. This is the profit module, a lot of important information is contained here.

Step 5 – Outsourcing and scaling up

Making some money? Good, I’ll show you how to double that, or triple
that, every DAY!
10 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Few tasks you need done

Alright, so we’re at the point in this course where we are starting to understand the basics, so
it’s time to get started! Before we get started, however, you are going to need a few things.
Please set aside 5-30 minutes to complete the following tasks. These tasks are very important to
ensure your success!

Task 1: Goals

It’s important to set realistic goals. In this step you need sit down and really think about what
you want from this process. Consider how much time per day you can allocate to this method and set
realistic goals from there. Please do not expect to earn $200/day if you refuse to work for longer
5 minutes
Task 2: Hosting

There are many web-hosting companies out there. I and many other Warriors are using HostGator.
CLICK HERE FOR A DISCOUNT. They can easily handle with almost any amount of traffic and you won’t
have any problems with them. Just go over to the link I gave you. And unclick the following
features so you won’t be charged for stuff we don’t need.
Task 3: An auto responder account
11 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
There are few great auto responders, I personally recommend Aweber. You can get yourself a trial
Aweber Auto responder account for only $1.

Simply go over to http://www.aweber.com and do it. It is a really important step, without an auto
responder you won’t be able to have a successful business. Aweber has plenty of options and it is
user friendly, when your list grows you’ll have even more advanced options there. You can also use
GetResponse. Both of them are really good, so just choose one.

Setting your auto responder messages sometimes can be complicated if you’re un-experienced. If you
do need any help just contact your auto responder company, they will support you. It’s really so
easy and once you understand it you’ll be on your way to make money just with one click of a
button. Also, make sure to go to your list settings on Aweber and under the confirmed opt-in tab
turn “Require Opt-In on Web Forms” to “off’.
You don’t want people to get messages like “Are you sure you want to be on this list?” most of the
people will give up and won’t confirm this, so
make sure to put this on OFF.
12 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The sales funnel

This is the complete funnel you’re going to use, using a funnel like this one will maximize your
profits big time.

Exit redirect to CPA offer
Squeeze page
After they opt-in they’re in
your list
Day 0: Once they opt-in send the lead magnet

Day 1: Free Content Day 2: CPA Offer Day 3: CPA Offer Etc…

Redirect to


Make more money and…

Email them

Even if you pay $1 per click on paid traffic with this funnel (which is a lot), you almost
can’t lose, you can sell them FOREVER, as long as they stay in your list.
13 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Let’s go

As you already know we’re going to focus on a few things. First of all, growing our email list,
with our sales funnel. With an email list you can sell your own products, affiliate offers, CPA
offers and more.

Some of you may be confused at this point, but I have only briefly touched upon some of the basics.
As this E-Book continues, I will explain every step in detail in order to enhance your knowledge in
list building and CPA. This is a proven, easy, reliable and most important of all, steady method of
making a great amount of money.

This is also a good way to gain knowledge which will benefit you heavily in the future! It really
can’t get any better than this. You are barely doing any work for the results you can get. And this
is a good way to take your first steps in the list building world.

Once you have wrapped your head around what we will be doing, move onto the next section because
things are about to get intense.

As you know, the devil is in the details so in the next few sections I’m going
to teach you absolutely everything I know about this industry and how this
will ensure your success.

14 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module One

Choose a niche

Choosing a niche is a very simple part. You just need to focus on a few things.

Ideally, you want something that’ll make your money over and over again, and that you would like to
work in. Remember, you’ll make money from that list over and over again so choose something that
interest you.




Health (How to lose weight, gain weight, etc.) Soul, Spirit, Happiness, Self-Improvement, etc.
These are subjects that people have always been interested in, and will
always be. I know that probably one of your biggest struggles is choosing a niche, but it’s
actually easy. And let me make it even easier for your, choose one of the niches above, and I’ll
show you in the next few pages to narrow
it down to a sub niche.

Once you have your niche, I recommend to buy a domain name. You can get a domain at $1-$2 at
godaddy (Search in Google for coupons.)

The domain name you should buy can be anything related to your offer, if your niche is health and
you find an offer that’s about “how to lose weight without working out” your domain can be
“loseweightnoworkout.com” or anything like that. Just make sure that it is actually related to the
offer and to the niche.

There is a reason why this page is so short, that’s because choosing a niche is SIMPLE! Don’t
15 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Join a CPA Network
The first thing you’re going to need is a CPA account on a CPA network. Don’t hesitate if you
haven’t found a website. I’ve made a list of many sites
that will accept you in a matter of minutes. You will need to join one in order to access to
different offers and get paid for them.

There are many other CPA networks out there. As long as you can get accepted, it doesn’t really
matter which one you join. You also in the end want one that will actually pay for your work.

Personally, I use Peerfly and Maxbounty but that’s up to you. They’re simple to get accepted into.
Just search around on Offervault. It’s a great site. There are loads of options located there. (We
will use it as well when choosing the offer)

Here is a list of CPA networks: http://www.CPALead.com http://www.Neverblue.com
http://www.Clickbooth.com/ http://www.maxbounty.com/ http://www.CPAWay.com http://AdscendMedia.com
http://www.PeerFly.com http://ClickDealer.com http://Dollarade.com http://PointClickTrack.com
16 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Few tips to get accepted to them
Here are few tips to get accepted to the CPA networks.

 Use a professional email address. “hornybunny1990@gmail.com” isn’t going to get you accepted to
anywhere. Use something like your “firstname+lastname+2digits of last year and you can even use a
domain name if you have it. For example, JohnCohen90@gmail.com looks professional, and
John@JohnCohen.com even more. You don’t really need to spend money on it, but if you already have
one feel free to use it.

 Always call them. They don’t care how you sound, how you speak, how your accent is like, so
don’t worry about it. Call them up, tell them you just registered and ready to start driving
traffic to their offers using PPC, and they WILL accept you, easily. They want to know you are
honest marketer with quality traffic sources, and not a
spammer, that’s it.

17 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
How to choose a CPA offer

One of the things you can target is offers that pay per email/zip submit, or 1 step survey. You can
also target per sale, that’s up to you. This is EASY stuff! And a great place to find those offers
is OfferVault. This tool compares offers, and help you choose the highest converting opportunities.

This is an example of an offer as I explained.

With the funnel in mind; first the visitors will see an opt-in page and only after that they will
see the offer itself. There is an option, when the users will put their email in the squeeze page
and opt-in. They will only have to click “submit” and their Email will be added to the CPA offer.
This raise up conversions like CRAZY!

I’m not so sure if everyone allows it but a lot of the email submit offers should, you will need to
contact your CPA Network or your affiliate manager and ask him about a specific offer.

18 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Email submit offers are one of the quickest ways to make money, also one of the simplest. I found
this to work the best, and have the least resistance from the visitors.

In the niche part I talked about narrowing it down to a sub niche. For example, if you’re in the
health niche and you see an offer about “how single mothers can be happier” and you want to promote
it then single mothers in the health niche is your sub niche. You can advertise a lot of offers
that are related to single mothers.

Just to go offervault.com, then search for email submit offers: Click:

The main reason I love these offers is essentially because your audience are only needed to enter
their email in order to make you money. These offers usually pay around $1 to $7 just by inputting
an email. 1 step offers work great as well, you want something that won’t be time consuming and
won’t require them to spend any money.

So you searched for the niche you’re interested in, and you got some really good offers but how do
you choose from them? There are a few things you’ll want to look on.

1. Is the CPA Network reliable? (Will they actually pay you?)
2. Are they paying $1 + per lead?

19 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
3. Is the offer easy to complete?
4. How much EPC’s do the offer have? (earnings per click)

That’s what I’d look at when choosing an offer, especially an email submit offer.

This is one of the quickest ways to make money, also one of the simplest. In this method, I’m going
to teach you how to make an opt-in page. Not only you are getting paid for the email input, but
also getting paid for building your list, how great is that? Just imagine having a list of 10,000
people that are seeking for free offers. What’s in it for you, you say? Well, we know
that they are interested in free stuff and most likely they are short on money. So we can send

– Other CPA offers later (free iPhone, free iPod, free Xbox and etc.).

– Business opportunity offers (Clickbank)

– Solos (Selling clicks) and a lot more…
20 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Two

Squeeze page

After you have successfully joined and been accepted into a CPA network of your choice, you’ll need
to set up your landing page, which will basically generate the leads to your list.

When setting up your landing pages, you need to remember two things.

1. Offer free reports, videos, or anything like that (lead magnet)
2. Capture the email

The thing is about opt-in pages, which those that are offered by companies such as Get Response, or
Aweber aren’t made by marketers and they’re not converting very well. That’s why I always recommend
to get a good one. You can get a ready done for you squeeze page from the DFY package or you can
buy one/find free ones online.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE DONE FOR YOU PACKAGE Just remember, in the squeeze page, you want to:
1. Keep it simple (I mean really simple, a background image, nice
headline, and a box for the email address)
2. Address the solution
3. Get the email address (this is what our goal is)
21 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
How a squeeze page should look
So to break it down:

Headline – should attract the user’s attention, get them to keep reading
and make them know that it’s relevant for them. (Note: I could’ve made the headline red, to attract
more attention, but I choose to go on with a really simple version right now, you can use red in
the headline) Also make sure that your headline will be relevant to the CPA Offer! The FIRST word I
is FREE, people want free stuff, and they will feel attracted to it, that’s the
nature of humans. So always use “FREE” as your first word.
Background – Something that is relevant to them, when using the making money online niche, a
beautiful car. When using the health niche, a fit girl or guy, you get the idea.
Call to action – “Take advantage of the secret formula” and “YES! LET ME IN” are perfect examples.
You tell them to take action, then you show them exactly how to do it.
22 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Exit redirect

As you know, people will come to your opt-in page first, and then to the
CPA Offer.

And 50% or more will leave the page without putting their email and opt-in. So in order to make
money of them, you will want to put an exit redirect.

It means that when someone clicking the X button to close the page, they’ll be redirected to the
CPA offer itself, so you can still make money out of them if they don’t want to be in your list.

Make sure to do it in order to maximize profits!

You can do it in WordPress, or with basic HTML coding. Like you know, I don’t like going in to the
technical stuff in the eBook because simply you can find it free on Google and even get 1-1 help
from the company itself. I like to keep stuff straight to the point.
I personally use WordPress for that, you can use whatever you want. This is how an exit redirect

23 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Lead magnet

So you got a squeeze page, how do you get people to put their email in the box? How do you get
people to opt-in? You will need to offer a lead magnet.

You need to offer your audience something free that they have interest in, and then you want to
capture their email.

So you must give them something like an E-Book, a report, or anything like that. As long as they’re
getting something valuable in return they will have no problem submitting their email.

You can get some reports at some sites as Fiverr, theplrstore, and even free
PLR sites. Or you can just create them, it’s simple.

Keep in mind that the EBook or report you’re offering them has to be related to the interest of
your opt-in page visitor. So if you’re promoting a how to lose weight in 10 days offer, you can
give them an EBook about few tips to lose weight, or anything like that.

A lot of people are willing to submit their email just because they will get the EBook in return.
You want to offer something that has a high value, and once they are in your list you can start
showing them more offers. It has to be to be a free, irresistible offer.
The content in your lead magnet should be super valuable. You want your visitors to think that is
was an awesome product and
they can’t wait to hear about more stuff from you.

24 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
So decide what you prefer:
1. You can create your lead magnet (It can just be a short few pages eBook that has value) in my
opinion long lead magnets are the worst, you should offer something that is valuable to the visitor
but its content shouldn’t be long

2. Offer a PLR as a leadmagnet and tweak it a bit (you can get
PLR stuff from theplrstore, fiverr, etc. PLR means that you
can use an eBook or a report like you are the author of it)

25 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

So let’s say you send the paid traffic to the squeeze page, try to get that squeeze page to convert
at 50%. That means out of 100 people that visit your squeeze page 50 of them will enter their name
and email to opt-in.

It’s not overnight, it takes tweaking, and testing, and tracking, and then you can get to 50%. You
got to focus and tweak and test and then it will convert for 50%.

When people opt-in to your list, you are going to market to them OVER and over again and continue
to sell them and make more money ongoing via your list.

So they opt-in to your squeeze page with their email, hit enter, and then you hit them with the CPA
offer and make money, from the CPA offer while building your email list at the same
time. You need to test, test, test and test! You want to track and tweak and test until it WORKS.

Most people quit before they even try to tweak with it and test it. Meanwhile people like me and
hopefully you keep going, because if you quit you’re never going to succeed!

So if you never quit, you’re going to get there.
Even if you send paid traffic to the squeeze page at $50, get 50 leads, out of them you make $50+.
You will make money, and build your list for free at the same time!

And if you don’t you just email them until they buy!

So if you want to pay for traffic, you got to have that sales funnel.

If you can’t make that squeeze page convert, or if you’re already using a converting one, you’re
not going to make any money. Most of the people will start from scratch, they will ignore what I
just said and they won’t make any money, they won’t test and
they will just throw money… Don’t be like them.

26 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The key is conversions. Period.

Even my 10 years old cousin can go and setup a campaign with $50 to spend and drive traffic to any
site they want, traffic is easy! You can get traffic within a few minutes. The key is conversions.
Too many people think traffic is the key, it’s NOT!

So make your squeeze page convert, test and tweak, and don’t start
from scratch.

Start making your sales funnel, and test it, and tweak it, track it, until it converts and once it
does then you hit the jackpot. You’re going to make money so you can pay for traffic much as you
want, then it’s just a matter of scaling up.

Most of the people don’t follow these steps, they’re looking for
schemes and loop-holes that’s why most people FAIL.

The real gurus out there, are tweaking and testing, and they’re working and not quitting no matter
what, no matter what personal problems, fears and challenges they had. They kept going until their
sales funnel converted really well and made them tons of MONEY. But to get there, you want to focus
on conversions!

If it can’t convert, the traffic is worthless, and if you don’t have a sales funnel, it’s just a
waste. But if you have a plan, and you are trying to build a real business and a sales funnel, your
funnel will convert.
27 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Conversions, track, test, tweak

So you probably know you need to track and test, but how do you do it? Like I said, track, test,


Aweber/GetResponse: Your autoresponder can track it for you, I personally don’t track with my
autoresponder, but if you don’t want to pay for a tracking tool, it’s a very good option.

Google Analytics: Amazing tracking tool, you can track conversion there and everything. Here’s a
great YouTube guide about how to do it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IzxqN0WLjM) if you are
really a technical newbie you can even call them and they will guide you through it.


Test the conversions with: (One at a time)

Different headlines Different headline colors Different call to action buttons Different
Always split test and see what converts better for you, and then it’s time to


Does the squeeze page have a higher conversion rate with red headline? If yes, change the headline
to red, and continue to test until you reach your conversions goal which should be 40-60%
conversion rate. And once you got a winner, all you got to do is send more traffic and enjoy the

28 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Three

Traffic Overview

In this chapter I will talk with you about the different ways to get traffic to your opt-in page.
Traffic = money.

You need to do it once you got an awesome squeeze page that converts like crazy, a sales funnel,
etc. Now you need people to see your opt-in page…

Here are the traffic methods we’re going to use…

PPC (Cost Per click)

PPC is not easy at first, if you stick to it and focus on it you can get this to become easy
traffic and easy money, you got to be patient, Start small and grow over time.

You got to track, test, and tweak, like always. But do not worry, I will show you exactly how to do

29 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

A lot of people are very scared to enter this field. Paid Traffic is one of the best ways to be on
your way to 6 figures online income.

Most people fail when it comes to paid traffic because:

• People just flinging traffic, being lazy, and looking for a quick fix without a system in
place. They just slinging traffic and hoping it converts.
• Afraid of spending money and investing, life is too short, go for your dreams and take a little

Let’s say you drive some traffic to your squeeze page

Most of the people that fail on PPC do so because they barley try, they lost
money, they couldn’t make it work and they gave up.

Most of the people don’t even want to spend money on traffic,
but let me ask you this.

If you spend a $100 a day, on traffic and you make a $1000 a day based on that traffic, would you
keep spending that $100? Would you even scale that up?

So people quit because they spend $20, and in the next day, again, and again, and they start
getting scared and they cancel the campaign, delete it and give up.

The reason why it’s not working, Is because their conversion don’t work,
and they simply aren’t doing it right.

Most of the people that are trying to make money online are quitters, actually sticking to PPC is
extra ordinary.
I can teach you how to sign up to a traffic platform, and show you
how to setup a campaign, ad group etc. That’s not the point,
everyone can do that. If I want you to succeed, I want you to

30 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
understand why everyone else is failing, because traffic is a matter of tracking, tweaking,
testing, and conversions!

What you need to understand, is that it is going to require discipline, and consistent work even if
you fail.

31 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
My best traffic resources
In PPC we want to start small, there are few sites you can use.

• Clicksor

• Bidvertiser

• Adbrite

• Infolinks (.02 per click traffic!)

• Bing

Infolinks requires a one-time $25 fee, completely worth it. It’s a
great place to get really cheap traffic to get the ball rolling.


This is a different site, you can put advertising on their sites, and put keywords that will show
up in articles in really high traffic websites.


I don’t really have much to say about this site, I personally never
used it but heard good reviews.


This is a really good site, they even advertise at big sites like
32 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Just go ahead to Outbrain, and click acquire traffic.
Then click “Get Started”
33 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

The recommend price is .15 cents per click, but you can go down to even 5 cents.

In BuySellAds, you can buy banners and more. You can search the marketplace there and see all kinds
of big sites you can advertise on, including via apps and tweets!

I strongly recommend you to get an account there, it’s really useful.

One of the best! I really recommend it and you can get really cheap clicks.

34 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Keyword research

How many of you hated this word? Keyword research, sounds so complicated.
Don’t freak out! It isn’t a rocket science, it’s actually really easy. So let’s start, here’s the
best place to get keywords: http://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner

Make sure to sign up with an Adwords account if you don’t already have one. We only need this for
our keyword research.

Once you do that, click on “Search for New Keyword & Ad Group Ideas”

35 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

You want your keyword to be VERY general, basically EXACTLY what it is. For example, I choose lose
weight. Then click get ideas.
36 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Now click here, so it can sort by only the highest monthly searches:

You want to go through it and select each keyword that has 10,000 searches a month.

You can go and search with your sub niche as well. Let’s take the example we started with, losing
weight for single mothers and search results to that. However, usually writing down the general
idea works.

Don’t worry, about the high CPC (cost per click), a lot of the networks you’ll use aren’t as strict
as Adwords and are going to let you get these clicks at a really cheap price.

For now, add as many keywords as you can that have high search volume, because the more visitors,
the more money you will make.
37 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Setup Traffic Campaign (Example)

I’m going to show you how to create a campaign and get traffic cheap with Bing for this example.
You can use any other traffic source, the process is very much alike.

We’re going to use BingAds, the #2 PPC network in the world. BingAds minimum CPC is $0.05.

Go over to BingAds and sign up, I don’t think I’ll have to walk you through that. If you don’t know
how, there are plenty of tutorials out there that will teach you how to sign up, but I don’t
believe you’ll need it, it’s very easy to sign up to there.

After you signed up, go ahead and create a campaign
After you click that, you will need to choose your campaign settings, keywords, etc.

In campaign settings:

38 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Just choose a campaign name, and add your options. I recommend starting with $5-$10 daily budget
and scale it up as you go and test your system. After you choose options for the first step.

(If you’re a beginner I recommend to go on $5.

Now in “create an ad” we’re going to do something a little bit tricky, let’s go to Google and
search for our niche.

39 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Go to the ads section, you’ll find good example to take from there. Just do your research and put
some of the top keywords, this is just a quick example that I wrote, spend some time on it and find
the right choice.

Add all the keywords that you collected from the last section as well.

40 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
In the boxes below create one 01your ads Remember you can always create more ads later TlpS on
wntlng great ads

Ad type Text ad
• ø
Ad tltle MaKe Money From Home
5 Characters remlunl1g

2 characters re咽 .tng
Ad text • Learn how to maKe $5.000 a month. wtlh Just
Dlsplay URL • yourdomain com

21 ct祖国cters remalll1g

Destmatlon URL • yourdomaln com/Keyword

1002 characters rem&l”Il”1g
These ad preview layouts mlght be dlfferent than what you s田 on Bing or
Yahoo! Leam more
Slde ad

Make Money From Home yourdomam com
Leam how to make 55 000 a month,
with Just one hour a day. for free!

Malnllne ad
Make Money From Home Iyourdomam com
41 I P a g e
B y Y a i r D 0 I e v
save work and make more monev with mv Droven and Done For You Packa e:e
In the type just leave it as that.

42 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
If you make a money making campaign, just include everything related, such as: Make money, money,
job from home, make income, work from home, how to make money from home, earn, cash etc.

Make sure not to choose too many specific keywords, you want to try to include long tail keywords
and general broad keywords also.

You need to find the right keywords, in order to do that simply google the keyword you want your ad
to be in and see if there’s any competition, if there is it means that it’s a good one because
people are probably making money from it.

Now you’re only going to bid $0.05 per click, you will only know how much your keywords cost until
the clicks start to kick, but if your conversion is good you won’t have any problem.
After that you can add targeting options, I recommend you to follow my picture:
43 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
I also recommend to use Demographics and target only the people from the country that your CPA
offer allows, otherwise you might lose money.
Now all you got to do is click save and add payment, and start to work! Remember what I told you
about tweaking, and testing, and
tracking? You got to do it! You can’t just choose keywords and let
your project run, you want to monitor you keywords and pause
the ones that aren’t converting for you.

Start with $0.05 minimum bid, and scale it up. You can setup even
100 of those campaigns, the idea is to setup a lot of them. Once
you find out those that work for you, all you will need to do is scale it up.

Check your campaigns and give it a few days to run, remove the poor performing ads and keywords. If
something makes you money, increase the bid by couple of cents. And remember: TEST, AND TWEAK,
continue to tweak and test your squeeze pages and optimize them for a better conversion!

It is amazing how a few minutes of correct keywords research and the right tracking can insanely
boost you earnings!

I know you maybe want to throw things around and start ASAP, but believe me when I say this, start
slow and scale it up, it will pay off big time.

44 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Tracking, testing, tweaking
If your keyword is highly competitive, you won’t receive much clicks for
$0.05. If you are not receiving clicks, bump up your bid a couple cents each time until you start
getting some clicks.

For example, start at 0.05, and if you’re not getting any clicks, bump your
bid up by 0.01-0.03 cents each time.

So 0.05 to 0.07 to 0.09 until you find the best bid! Once you find it, stick with it.
Don’t spend too much money testing offers, if you’re promoting an email submit offer which pays
$1-$7 give it a $5-$10 budget and let it work for you, if you don’t get a single conversion, ditch
it and create another campaign.

The goal here is to TEST A LOT OF OFFERS, and find the winning ones.

Once you do, don’t even think about the cost per click, just the return on investment, if you’re
making your money back and more, then it’s time to scale the campaign and let the fun begin.
45 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Scaling it up
Time to scale everything up.

Imagine you started with $5. While testing, you finally found a winning campaign that generates you

On day 2, increase it to another $5 to $10, nothing else. On day 3, increase it to $15
On day 4, increase it to $20

On day 5, increase it to $25

You want to burn out your daily budget, that way you’ll get many clicks and
make more money.

It’s a simple concept, the offer converts, you get leads, you make money, you build your list and
you tested everything, now you just need to send as much traffic as you can.

If by the end of day 5 you aren’t burning your daily budget, increase the
CPC by 0.02 cent, like I talked about before.

Now that you got a campaign that will cost you $25 everyday, let’s say you’re getting 250 clicks
from it (if you’re paying 0.10 cent per click)

Time for Yair’s Math Class 😉

So 50% of them will opt-in (assuming you tracked, tested, and tweaked your squeeze page) and some
of them will exit redirect to your CPA offer, that’s about 125 MINIMUM clicks to your CPA offer.
And if your CPA Offer has 0.40 EPC, that’s 200% Return on investment when building your list!
125 x 0.40 = $50.

Now you’re probably saying that $25 a day is small.

46 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

But that was just with 1 campaign. That’s $750 a month with 1 campaign, and THOUSANDS of people to
your list that will continue to fill your CPA Offers. So after 1 month you will have over 3,000
people in your list that will want to fill your CPA Offers and make you money.

Now, 1 campaign is easy.

If you make 5 campaigns, and test each of them, well… Do the math
yourself, but you will definitely be happy to hear those numbers.

The bottom line is that you’ll need to test before scaling up, and make sure
everything is going like planned. The fun begins once you do scale up.

The main goal is to build your list!

The list is the real profit, even if you’re making $1 a day and building your list in the process,
you’re going to make a lot more from that list later on.

47 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
You’ll need to give the EPC a good attention. EPC stands for “Earnings per Click.” EPC is directly
proportional to the amount of money an affiliate can make per lead. Technically speaking, EPC is
calculated as an average based on all affiliate traffic sent to a merchant within a specific period
of time.

So to put it simply, EPC means how much are you earning per click.

Let’s say you’ve made $1500 promoting an offer, and you got 1000 clicks.

$1500, divided by 1000, that’s $1.5, that means you are earnings $1.5 for every click you send to
that offer.

When choosing a CPA offer, make sure to focus on the EPC and not on the payout!

When buying paid traffic, your goal is to pay the minimum and get the maximum. That way, you will
get a higher EPC.

You also want to test, for example if you see an offer with EPC at $1 (here’s
an example of where the EPC can be found)
48 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Paid traffic is really easy, I just shared one of the best resources to get a lot of cheap traffic.
This will help getting the ball rolling.

If you want to use JV affiliates, you can initially use cheap traffic. After that you can build a
subscribers list and start with JV. You can then make yourself some solo ads and build a list.

A list is everything, once you got a big good list you’re deep in
the game, you can say a famous IM “Hey, I got a list and that and that I will promote for you if
you’ll promote for me” and you can double your list and keep doing it. You can potentially get to a
situation where you can click one button, push one email and make thousands of dollars.
But it all starts with the first thing, you got to get the traffic rolling, you got to have
conversion, get people to opt-in and now you have a list. You can start with really cheap traffic,
2 cents, 5 cents, build yourself a list, make sure your squeeze page is converting really good, get
the ball rolling, and get your list going and you’re in the game!

It can become realistic, and paid traffic is easy to get started, but most people quit, they quit
too soon.

 Conversions
Is not easy.
 Paid Traffic is easy!

There’s not any secret resource, traffic isn’t really the big deal. Paid traffic is easy if you can
convert, and must people suck at conversions.

Most people want to make money while continue sucking at conversions, it’s harder to work on
conversions than it is to convert. What you need, is conversions.
49 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The difference between successful people and failing ones is not talent, IQ, experience, or
anything like that. The difference Is, that the successful people didn’t QUIT, they just kept going
and going, they’re not quick quitters.

The people that succeed online had the same challenges, obstacles, and learning curves you had, the
difference is that they don’t quit, they stick to it even if they need to work harder, even
if they have personal problems, they stick to it. That’s why they’re
making money.
If you want to be successful with traffic, you need to be successful with conversions.

When you get good at conversions, traffic is easy as hell!
50 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Four

Your email list

Why is building your lists so important?
This course is focused on building your lists for various reasons:
Selling affiliate products
You can actually go to Clickbank, or Warriorforum, or any place you want, find a product you want
to promote, send an email to your list and in few hours your PayPal will blast with payment
notifications. How cool is that?
There are people that are making really good money from affiliate
marketing, and it’s a really good way to make some quick money.
CPA Offers.
You can simply send CPA offers to your list and make some good money from it.

You can sell clicks (if it’s a freebee seekers list) and make good
money as a solo ad vendor.

Having a list is such a powerful tool, once you will start growing your list, you will be in a
situation when you send your list a CPA offer or an affiliate offer and you will be able to make
3-4 figures overnight…
You can be at a situation when you’re clicking a button and
making thousands of dollars from your list…

51 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The type of lists.
There are two types of lists, most of the people just use one of the two lists but understanding
that there are actually two types will save you a lot of time and effort. You saw that I talked
about buyers list and freebee seekers list, let me explain what each one is.
Type 1: Freebie Seekers

Freebie Seekers are the people that sign up to your list in exchange for an E-Book, a report, a
video, or anything like that. There are a few important things you want to remember with those
Since they didn’t spend any money to get into the list, you don’t know who of them are actually
willing to spend money for affiliate products or for you own.
Since they have no problem to opt-in into pages to get free stuff they’re really great to send solo
ads to, as well promoting CPA offers. Many of them just spend their day reading emails and
opt-in to the offers that sound good. That’s why solo ads and
email submit CPA offers work so good with them.
Type 2: Buyers

Buyers are people that bought something and got in to your list. It means that they’re in your list
because they bought something from you or opt-in in your “freebie-seekers” list and then purchased
something from you.
If they purchased a product from you before and they’re satisfied, they will do it again. That’s
why the buyer list are the “gold mine”.

52 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

You can create multiple list in one autoresponder account or have
2 autoresponder accounts, so this allows you to separate your list into two parts. One for Freebee
Seekers, and one for buyers.
This will save you time and effort, and even make you more money because you will know who to send
the right email.
Let’s say you want to promote a CPA Email submit offer, there is no point in sending it to the
buyer lists, right? They’re too valuable for this and you don’t want to lose them.
In another situation, you released a free product and got some opt-ins, after that you sent a paid
product to that list and had some buyers, those buyers should go to the buyer list, because if you
want to promote that product from time to time you don’t need to resell it to the ones that already
bought it. So once someone buys it and he is in the buyer list you want to sell other
stuff to them.

53 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Email your list
Once you got some subscribers, you’ll need to email them on a daily basis.

Also remember to setup a welcome email in your auto responder with a link to what you promised.
You’re establishing a relationship by having the visitor take that first action on something you
have offered. Psychologically, this will instill positive feelings regarding future email offers
you send to people on this list. (An email from you means something GOOD and not SPAM.)

Once you’ve added new members to your email list you need to start emailing them on a daily basis.

Usually people are setting up one week pre-written emails to go out each day as the person opts in
the list.

So everyone will get emails as a person opts in to the list. This is how it goes!
Email number one: Welcome email Email number two: Value email Email number three: Sell Offer Email
number four: Sell Offer
Email number five: Sell Offer

Email number six: Give something for free.

Note: this isn’t math, mix up your emails, sometimes send free content and sell stuff that fits to
your list when you can or send CPA offers daily.

The first email you send should be a welcome email.

So after they opts in and subscribing to your list, you want to send them something like that.
54 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
So Day number 1:

“Welcome, I’m so glad you were able to get this book and I was able
to help you achieve your goals at XXX, you will get this in a second. Here is your access to XXX
P.S: I like to keep in touch with the people on my list, so I will keep in
touch with you at a daily basis with new tips and EBooks at XXX” XXX = your niche/offer/whatever…
The next day, they get email number 2, and you want to make a habit of them to open your email, so
you want to give them a
quick tip about your niche, just something valuable so they’ll open
your next email and buy/opt-In what you sell.

Now, you have created a lot of trust, and you will get a lot more open rate and conversions.

So now you can keep selling them stuff, and from time from time give them a valuable tip, don’t
just sell to them and advertise to them.

Also, sell only affiliate offers or CPA offers that fits to your list, doing that and that also
adds value to your list.

The key here, is emails, you got to make those emails really good, get those people to know, like,
and trust you, that’s the key!

Brand yourself to those people, be visible to them, do live calls, training, anything, get them
stuff, engage with them and they will buy from you.

Don’t send them TOO much free stuff also, but once in a while
send good free quality eBooks, or anything like that.

Once you got much subscribers on your list it will basically be a money making, full income
provider list. With one button, it can
generate you many sales.

55 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
So you can start promoting your CPA offers there, your products, or other someone else’s products.


1. DO NOT email your list more than 2 times a day.
2. Send them a free quality eBook about your list’s niche.
3. Keep engaging with your list page on a regular basis.
4. Keep sending traffic and keep growing your lists. Traffic = money, and when your list is bigger
your pocket is also bigger.

Promotion template

You’re probably wondering how to write an email promotion… well it’s
pretty simple, use this template.
Subject: (Your subject goal is to attract the visitor’s attention. Get them to keep reading, and
make it relevant to them! Nothing else.)

First part: Tell them what the offer is, and how great it is.

Call to action: Tell them to take action (e.g. “click here to get this now”) this is important! If
you don’t tell them what to do, they won’t do it.

Second part: Tell them the benefits of the product (how will it help them? Not the features, the

Call to action (different call to action.

Sign off.
56 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Double your list
Once you have about 500 subscribers to your list what you want to do is Ad-Swaps. Swapping daily is
the fastest way to grow your list.

You may be wondering what Ad-Swaps is, let me explain.

– An “Ad Swap” is the same idea. However, two people exchange each other’s lists in order to
advertise. If one has a much larger list than the other, the one with the smaller list may need to
mail twice, to send a fair amount of
traffic. They will send an email with a recommendation
and link to your free opt-in offer squeeze page, and you will exchange clicks.
By far Safe-Swaps is the BEST site for this, and this is the site we’re
going to use.

Believe it or not, most of the TOP marketers and best sellers are in SafeSwap, that’s why most of
them are not talking about this because it is so powerful.

You can also find people from the Facebook groups:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1487464751472696/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/134986830030397/
And more, search for “swaps” or “click banking” for more groups.

It’s the best place for doing Ad-swaps, or buying solo ads. So you can expect your list to build in
a super high velocity.

Before starting, you need to be sure of the following:

57 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Make sure that…

1. Your opt-in page is up in your hosting and domain and working correctly, just opt-in to your
own list and check if you’re being redirected to the Facebook fan page.
2. Your auto responder is working well and everything is okay.
3. You got the freebie you are exchanging with the visitor for his/her name and email address. Can
be your own product/E-book or a PLR you have giveaway rights too.
4. At least 300-500 subscribers in your email list.
Alright so let’s get you some subscribers, first go over to Safe- Swaps and sign up.

After signing up you will need to create your email swap. For example:

Subject: $350/day With 3 simple steps? Copy This FREE report To
Make 5 Figures a Month
Body: Have you ever wanted to make money online as an internet marketer but failed miserably?
Well now is your chance to uncover the truth about making real money on the internet…
==> Click Here To Get Instant Access
This free $5K/Month report reveals the “techniques” super affiliates use to bring in between $5,000
– $20,000 profit each and every month.
58 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
I’ve not seen anyone talk about this before (and I’ve seen a lot of suffering as a direct
==> Click Here To Get Access Now
To your success…


Anything like that would work, of course don’t use these exact work just spend few minutes and
create your own one.

After you’ve build your email swipe and you are happy with that, go over
to settings.
Than to my swipes.
59 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

To do so, just mark the part where you want the hyper link to be, click the icon and add your
opt-in URL.

You will see tons of potential swap partners that have the same goals you have, make sure they have
one + positive rating for previous steps they’ve done, you don’t want people to not actually send
clicks back at you.

Just go to their profile, by clicking their name or avatar, then click on
BOOK AD SWAP and choose an available date.

After you did that you’ll be able to send him a message, just ask him if he’s interested on
swapping and if he got any questions he can let you know.
After your partner has accepted your swap request, go to
“Partner’s swipe” and copy the tracking link.

Copy and paste it under your Aweber (if you’re using Aweber) under your

Make sure the tracking link looks like:
60 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
After you have your partner swipe waiting in your broadcasts click on the “I AM ALL SET” button so
your partner knows their swipe is ready to go in your autoresponder.

Make sure you don’t send his swipe to the list before the swap date, because safe swaps doesn’t
start tracking clicks until the swap date starts.

Also, don’t click on your swap partner’s tracking link after the swap date starts.

61 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Turn them to you
• If you’re renting a list, you got one email. Don’t just drive traffic to your squeeze page,
turn those prospects on YOU as well. They don’t know you, they don’t like you, they don’t TRUST
you, and so they are not likely to buy from you.
• You want to get the new leads to know you, like you, and TRUST you! You want to turn them
towards you. If you can accomplish that, they’re going to buy a ton more from you!

But, but Yair… How can I turn them towards me?

• GIVE! Help people, give, give away your best stuff, solve problems, teach and solve needs, give
advice, unconditionally try to help people.
For example, do you have a way for people to lose weight? SHARE IT! Don’t hold it, don’t even sell
it, just share it and people will want to pay you money to coach them or get more information.
• Get them to know you – Talk about you, where you live, who you are, what you like, what you do,
your story, stories, etc.

62 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Five

Outsource and scaling it up

So you’re making some money, and you understand everything about this method from A-Z. What now?
Rinse and repeat? Sure, that would be nice, to do it again and make the same amount of money.

But what if I told you, that you can double it, and work LESS?

What you want to do, is outsource. Don’t panic!

You can hire FULL TIME 40 hours per week workers for $300-$400 a month. Imagine how much money you
can make with 1 worker? Or with 5, or with
10? That will go and all day, manage your campaigns, build your squeeze pages, drive you traffic,
and do all the work for you.

The workers here are from the Philippines, a country that is full of absolutely wonderful, kind,
and intelligent people.

Nearly everyone speaks English (some of them extremely well). Not only that, but most people from
the Philippines are very loyal and dedicated to having a paying job. Now, you can get workers on
per-job basis, but I like to have people on my team full time.

If you’re looking for 1-time work I recommend you check out the following sites:



63 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
“How can I trust them?”

No matter what, give them a trial test, teach them what to do, if they do it right you can hire
them full time. Once you have success with one guy, you just start scaling it up and make more
money… Don’t go overboard and hire few people at the same time without even knowing them, take it
easy step, by step.

Philippines are trusted (most of them) and they’re just looking to make
$300-$400 a month. You see, where they live, it’s a lot and enough to provide for their families.
They don’t want to open and start managing a business.

I know a guy that asked his worker if he wants to learn how to make money and that he will teach
him to do what he does, free, but the worker wanted just to keep working for him for the $300 a
month that he got, and he was super happy! They are just not entrepreneurs. They just want to get
their stable income and think it’s too risky to try it on their own

Think about the potential and what you can do with this, scaling up easily, making it your own
auto-pilot business that makes money when you sleep, and when you sit back and relax.

They literally do almost everything you need them to do, and if they can’t,
they will after you will teach them a bit.

64 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

That’s the end of this, I hope you will take action and start banking big time
and building a huge list!
CPA and List building are the most exciting ways to make money online, so take advantage of what
you learned!
Make sure to download all the templates and tools. If you’re ready to take
your business to the next level, and save a lot of time and a lot of money, use the done for your
you package!
Just a quick recap…
1. Choose an offer, make sure it pays over $1 per lead and has high conversions rate
2. Once you did, you create a squeeze page, link it up
3. Drive traffic
4. Customize, test, track, tweak.
5. $$$$$$$$$$$
6. Scale it up, double your list and more!
It’s really easy as it sounds, and the sky is the limit….
If you need support feel free to reach out to me at any time:
-Yair Dolev.

65 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

Smartphone Arbitrage Bankroll

Smartphone Arbitrage Bankroll
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
I cannot and will not guarantee you or anyone else any specific
amounts of money that will be made with this method, if any.
The method works for me but it does not mean it will work for
you or anyone else, especially if you are not willing to put in the
time and effort to make it work. With that being said, you can
make money with this method but it really all depends you and
the hours you are willing to put in.
With that being said……lets get started!
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
For This Method You Will Only Need 3 Things
– AliExpress.com Account OR Dhgate.com Account
(both are Chinese wholesale websites, Dhgate.com you will need a credit card as they
don’t accept Paypal as payment but they accept the PayPal card)
– Paypal Account
(to accept payments)
– Offerup.com Account
(which you will need to download from the App Store or GooglePlay)
You are going to find items on AliExpress or Dhgate and sell them
on Offerup.com! That’s it! It’s a pretty simple method that has yet to
be tapped into. Offerup.com is a perfect place to sell items!
No More Craigslist or Ebay!
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
Offerup.com is a place were you can sell your items locally in your area. This site has
not had that much exposure yet so it’s a perfect place to sell items. People are actively
looking for items to buy and they can browse by photos to find items they like.
The app also makes a cool “Cha Ching” sound when someone sends you a
message or an offer!
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
Popular Categories
Kids & Baby Clothing
Kid & Baby Toys
Woman’s Clothing
Small Kitchen Appliances
Beauty Products
Pet Supplies
Yes! it will work because it’s not in the rules that
you have to be local. It is suggested that you don’t
ship any items, but I haven’t ran to any issues.
Some buyers will say no and that’s okay, that’s
why you post many items and make sure you
sound like a real person and not a spammy sales
robot when you talk to them, just tell them this is
your business and you are looking for new ways
to reach customers.
To the right are some popular categories that I
have seen that sells the best on Offerup.com I
would look into selling within these areas first,
then you can branch out and experiment with
other categories.
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
The pricing really is up to you, but I would
take in account that people are going to
bargain with you so price higher than you
want to sell it for.
I want to sell this clock
The seller is selling it for $10.87 each.
I would like to make at least a $7-$10 profit.
So I am going to sell the clock for $27.
Expecting to get bargain down to $20-$17.
Most people are going to bargain down
between $5-$10 for low cost items. So this
will give you a little wiggle room for those
who want to bargain.
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
When you found your product, look at the suppliers page for it. Find a picture that
has no watermarks and doesn’t have any writing on it and use that as your picture.
As far as the description goes, just pick out the main features of the product and use
that. You don’t have to list everything just the features a buyer would want to know.
—————————————————–Page 7—————————————————–
Title: Spider-Man LED Digital Clock
Price: Asking $27
Description: LED 7 Color Changing Digital Alarm Clock. Glows in the Dark! Does
not Include Batteries.
—————————————————–Page 8—————————————————–
Well it sucks that you can’t upload online yet, but I have found a way that works
for me. What I do is I write my listings out and I copy the link to the product and I
email myself!
Since I get my emails on my phone I simply click the link and go to the page and I
find the image I want to use and I save the image to my photos.
I then upload my image to my offer and then I copy and paste my listing text into
the description box and add the asking price!
Once you have done this a few times it gets easier. Just email yourself all your
products in one email (in list form).
On the next page is an example of what I do….
—————————————————–Page 9—————————————————–
URL to listing to get image
My Product listing
Just Copy & Paste!
Suppose to be $27
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
This is the script that I use.
“Hi There! unfortunately I just sold the last one I had on hand, but
I can still arrange to send you the [item name] if your interested.
How does [price they offered] plus free shipping sound?”
You are free to use mine but please tweak it or come up with
your own script. Test out different ones and see which gets
more buyers.
Remember it’s all about testing!
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
The ONLY way to accept payments would
be using PayPal. I wouldn’t suggest using
anything else. Buyers know about PayPal
and they are trusted. Also you can always
tell the potential customer that PayPal has
a 60 day money back guarantee if they
don’t receive their item.
All you have to do is ask the customer for
their email so you can request the money
from them. After they send you the
money, you ask the buyer what address
and name you would like you to ship too.
After they give you their information you
go over to the website were your product
is (AliEpxress Or Dhgate) and buy the item.
enter email address
of the buyer
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
When it comes to shipping times. I suggest looking for products that have a
delivery time of at least 7-12 days.(mostly on DHgate.com) This way your
product doesn’t take too long to get to your buyer.
Let your buyer know that your item ships from your warehouse or your
supplier and has a processing time of at least 2 days (to check and make sure the
product is working correctly) and then it ships out.
Let them know that if they don’t receive their product after 2 weeks to contact
you so you can contact your warehouse or supplier to get a status update.
Make sure to supply your buyer with a tracking number so they can track the
package themselves.
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
Make sure to CONTACT the seller and tell them to not disclose any information about
their company and have NO trace of price on anything that is shipped. You can tell the
seller that this item is being dropped ship and you don’t want the buyer to know were
you got the product from.
Once the seller sends you conformation that the item was shipped you can go back
and give the buyer the tracking number if your seller has provided you with one
(which they should).
Ask the buyer to let you know when they receive the package and ask them if they are
happy with the purchase.
The last step is optional, but it does make you seem more professional and makes the
buyer feel more at ease that you want them to follow up with you after they receive
the product.
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
This is however is not as easy, this will require you do so some work. I haven’t
posted in random states under one account yet as I’m not trying to get my account
shut down or look scammy to potential buyers, you want to look as real as
So if you want to scale this to different cities I suggest you open a account for each
state you want to promote. Which means you will have to have a different email
for each state. I suggest gmail or yahoo for multiple accounts.
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
Look for products that have a delivery time of 7-12 days (Mostly on
Look for product images with no watermarks or text! Your not allowed to use
stock photos (no white backdrops) so look for an image that looks less staged.
Contact the Seller and tell them you want no traces of the company info or
pricing on the item and packaging.
Try to get your buyers to rate you after they received their package (only if they
are happy with it) – Good ratings will only make you look better!
Contact the Seller first with your questions BEFORE you list your items.
Common questions: Do you ship to PO BOXES? What is your return policy? Can
you ship with no pricing or company info in or on package?
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
Set up each account with at least 10-20 items you want to sell. More If you can.
Use an actual persons profile picture. You don’t have to but it will make you
look like an actual person.
Get rid of the products that haven’t sold and upload more products until you
find that all your products are selling.
Use the same products that are selling for all your accounts in different States. If
they don’t sell rinse and repeat until you find all products that are selling.
Set up a website with your products and direct buyers to your website. This will
give your more creditability and they just might bookmark it and come back!
Try to be accessible! When you have an offer jump right on it and message them
back don’t wait until the end of the day. Strike while the iron is HOT!
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
Sold 4 of
these to
ONE Buyer!
Cost: $4.04 each
x 4 = $16.16
Profit: $12.96 each
x4 = $51.84!
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
Cost: $4.04
Profit: $12.96!
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
If you have money to spend this will be a good way to get money from everyone that
makes you an offer. However this is not going to work for everyone. You need to…
Instead of shipping the item you are going to buy the item(s) in bulk and then sell
them locally.
So your going to post the products you plan on buying and see which ones get more
offers and buyers. Tell your buyers that you sold your last one, but you have a new
order coming in 2 weeks and if they would like to wait you will give them a discount
(a few bucks off works wonders!)
After your buyer agrees, you then can make a purchase in bulk. I would wait until
you at least have a few buyers before buying in bulk…unless your confident you can
sell them all.
Make sure to meet your buyer in a PUBLIC place and only accept CASH
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
Well that’s the end! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found some value from this.
It can be hard to make money online especially when you don’t have any money. I just
gave you my way of making some quick cash in a short amount of time.
I found this method because I had no money in my PayPal account and I needed some
quick cash to fund my other project and to my surprise it worked and it worked well.
I actually like this method because it doesn’t require a lot of effort and you are being
contacted by actual buyers! These people want the the product your selling and if
their getting a good deal, they will wait.
Plus it doesn’t hurt that no one really knows about this method yet.
To Your Success!
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Authority Product Blueprint

Authority Product Blueprint

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Module 1: The Authority Product Model
Module 2: The Idea Machine
Module 3: Product Creation
Module 4: Start Building Your Product Module 5: Product Review And Packaging Module 6: Selling Your
Module 7: How To Turn Product Creation Into A Full Blown Business
Authority Product Checklist
Resource Guide

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Well hello there! Before we get started I just want to give you a quick introduction. What I am
about to share with you in this guide is powerful. You See, When I started in Internet Marketing it
was like everything I did was backwards. I learned how to do everything to get people to my website
before I had a system in place to profit from it.
And I don’t want you to make that same mistake. When I got into product creation that is when the
amount of money I was making online catapulted to new heights. And not only that but I also really
started to pick up authority as people started noticing me. Daily I
was meeting new buyers, new affiliates, JV partners, and prospects just from marketing my own
And when you start to get those things this business becomes a whole lot easier.
I created this guide to get you started in product creation so you are ready to profit right from
the start. If you go through this guide and start launching your own products you can accelerate
the progress you are making online tremendously!
If you have any questions at anytime shoot me an email william@authoritypowered.com and I will be
glad to help.
To your success,

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Please note: This guide will walk you through each step of creating your product. This is the
detailed product blueprint. You will want to use this version the first couple times you create a
product until you get the hang of it as it includes more instructions of the various steps.
As you create more and more products you can use the Basic Product Blueprint which is just the
steps/templates without the instructions and reasoning behind everything.
Proceed through each step as you create your product.
This will walk you through all the way from concept to completing your product. But before we get
started lets get into why this is a powerful model.

Module 1 ­ Authority Product Model
First of all, I would like to thank you for investing in yourself and your future by purchasing
this training. Like I said in the sales letter the material covered in this training is what really
allowed me to finally see success online and that is why it is such an important topic for me to
cover. I get excited talking about this kind of stuff and I want
you to get excited too as this is your chance to see real success online
What makes this training unique is that by the end of it you’re going to walk away with something.
By the end of this training you should have at least created your first product.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Now the second thing that makes this training really unique is that you are not only going to learn
how to do something you’re going to learn why you’re doing it. While the main focus of this guide
is set up to teach you how to create products there’s a lot of training in it that is a more high
level, strategy focused training that will really prepare you to be successful with this business.
Now let me say this… One thing that I consistently see holding people back is their
fears and doubts. So many people who are experts at what they do. They produce page after page or
post after post of amazing content but never make money from it.
Does this sound familiar?
And Its not because they’re not capable of making a product. It’s not because they can’t get
traffic to their sales page.
It’s because they can’t get over their fear of releasing an inferior product. Or they fear they
will be releasing an incomplete product.
Or they have doubts that they are not an expert.
A lot of you are going to have fears about what I’m going to teach you. You might think that you
may or may not be qualified to even do what I’m about to teach you.
And here’s my take on it:
If you are qualified enough to write content on a topic then you are qualified enough to do what
I’m about to teach you.
If you are consistently creating high quality content you probably already have 90% of the pieces
of a product. Often times a product is created from content that you have already completed. It is
a matter of organizing it in a logical/useful manner and filling in

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


the gaps. Then taking the extra steps to make sure it is as helpful to the user as possible.
Most information people need is already out there. If people want it bad enough they will go search
for it for free. However, a product puts it in a nice package that they don’t
have to search for. On top of that it is presented to them in a manner that leads them through a
process to help them achieve their goals or overcome a problem. Remember this as you proceed
through this training.

The main goal of this training is designed to teach you how to create products and provide you with
the templates to do so easily. However, I want to give you the big picture of the Authority Product
So let’s start with a visual.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Now this may look complex and like a ton of work…and frankly it is. But I want to give you
something to work towards. And once you nail down how to create one product you will create your
second one faster, and your third faster than the second, so on and so forth.
Eventually you will want to have multiple front-end products, a core offer, and top tier trainings.
And the best part is all of this snowballs. As you continue to create products it will become
easier and easier. You will get faster, you will become more knowledgeable on your topic, and you
will get more confidence to proceed.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

And having a model like this in place allows you to sale to your customers again and again and
increase the value of each customer you obtain.
And let me say this…
When I first started I was by no means an expert at any of this. I was scared out of my mind to
release an inferior product and put myself out there. I didn’t want criticism.
But what I quickly learned was that although I wasn’t the most qualified person to teach on my
topic there was people I could help. People were coming to my blog because I gave them simple
solutions to their problems that the experts couldnt give them.
Because the experts used very technical language and skipped steps that they thought everyone knew.
The experts were directing their training to high level, qualified prospects. These trainings
werent meant to help beginners.
And when people landed on my blog I was giving them simple solutions for simple problems.
So then I created products following that model and guess what…. People loved them!
Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get the occasional refund request from someone who was more
advanced. I certainly got those and I gladly refunded them.
And it also doesn’t mean that I didn’t get the occasional criticism from people.
But the good customer responses far outweighed the bad. And that is because I focused my products
on helping people!

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

And thats what I want you to do too. And if you follow all the steps relentlessly you will create a
product that your prospects absolutely love. In the first step of the blueprint we will be digging
into our target market to find out exactly what they want. This ensures you create a hot product
before you even start.
And right now is one of the best times to be creating products. Don’t believe me?
Look at how well just some of these products are selling:

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Thousands and thousands of products being sold.
Or what about the WSO section of the warrior forum:

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Creating and selling products is big business. It is just a matter of having the know how to do it.
And that is what this blueprint is all about.

One Of The Major Pitfalls Of Product Creation
One of the major pitfalls of product creation is that people try to make the perfect product. They
try to make the most in depth products covering all aspects of their chosen topic. They
meticulously edit, format, and redo things and shoot for perfection.
This often makes people spend months and years on creating a single product, or they eventually
give up on it. But let me give you a word of advice.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

First of all, not every product needs to cover every single topic in your niche. If you were
putting together a complete course with multiple hours of training then yes that product will
probably cover the majority of your target niche. And that type of product should be something in
your funnel in the future. It should cost your customers a lot of money and should be one of the
top tier products in your funnel.
What a lot of people do there first time is write a massive cumulative ebook covering their entire
topic and then they charge $7 for it. Or they record an extremely in­depth training on their topic
and charge $15 for it.
Guys you cannot fall into this trap.
Let me tell you this, there is a common misconception that a smaller product that doesn’t cover
everything in depth isn’t useful. But the truth is….a product can be useful if it covers a smaller
topic that is part of a big topic. Look at this example.
Now you could have an entire course on list building. A course that covers everything from start to
finish. And this could be one of your top tier products.
But from this you could have multiple front­end products that don’t cover the entire list building
process but cover one small piece of it. For example, you could have a small course that shows
people how to setup an autoresponder and put up a squeeze page.
No this product doesn’t cover everything about list building but is it useful? Absolutely!
People are going to get value from a course like this. No they’re not going to know everything
about list building but they didn’t pay for that type of training they paid a small amount to get a
specific bit of information.
So let’s recap what we learned here.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

First of all, products don’t have to be the most in depth training to be valuable. Yes you want to
have in­depth products in your funnel but those are for in the future when you create your top tier
products. You also need lower level products that provide value but do not cover your topic in
extreme depth. This is usually a small sub topic of the main topic.
We also learned that products do not have to be perfect. Obviously, you don’t want your products
full of obvious errors. But at the same time everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Because if you
focus on perfection you will never release products or you’ll spend way too much time creating
products. Focus more on the results that people will get from your products and less on the small
minor issues such as format and grammar mistakes.
Without further ado lets get started!
Before you get started understand the big picture idea of the product creation model. This will
give you a lot of clarity and motivation to keep going as you proceed through each step in this
process. Also, think about what I said about setbacks. Make sure you are prepared to overcome

Module 2 ­ Authority Product Idea Machine

This part of the guide is designed to get your mind flowing with product ideas. Much of it is
information that should get your mind moving but there are also sections that include extremely
important questions you should ask yourself before choosing a product topic.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Go through this section and soak in the information and answer the questions throughout. By the
time you get through this section you should have a great idea of the product you should create or
possibly a group of products you can create.

Use these product type ideas just to get the creative juices flowing. When you decide your topic
you will choose which format will make your product most useful for your customers. (We will get to
that later in this report).
Short Report ­ Not quite extensive enough to be an ebook but a short report that solves a problem
or answers a question in text format.
ebook ­ In depth guide.
Resource Guide/Tool Kit ­ A list of tools or resources to accomplish a single or group of tasks
Checklist ­ A checklist that usually lays out a process from start to finish that allows the user
to check tasks off as they are completed.
List ­ A compiled list of useful information for example: A list of good solo ad sellers.
Templates/Worksheets ­ Fill in the blank templates or worksheets that help your customer accomplish
a task or process easier.
Audio Training ­ Recorded audio lessons usually delivered in mp3 format.
Video Screencast/Over the shoulder video ­ Recorded video usually demonstrating how to perform
specific tasks. These are usually “watch and follow along type videos.”
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Video presentation ­ A video recorded training that is delivered with a presentation in the videos.
Interviews ­ Interview an expert and have them share their tips and tricks.
Training delivered via an autoresponder ­ Training delivered via autoresponder in specific
intervals such as weekly, daily, etc.
Packages ­ Multiple products bundled into one
PLR products ­ Content that customers can use under their own name or in their own business. A
common PLR product is article packs, ebooks, and other similar content.
Information Site ­ Training delivered via a website usually using one or a combination of text,
audio, images, and video.
Done for you products ­ A complete done for you product that requires minimal to no effort on the
customers part to put in place. For example: Done for you sales funnel, done for you squeeze pages,
Training with Q&A ­ Training lessons delivered in text, audio, video, with a Q&A
session where customers can ask questions.
Forum ­ An open forum where customers can be coached and asked questions.
Private social media group ­ similar to a forum but held within a social media website. For
example: Private Facebook groups.
Mastermind Groups ­ A group of individuals working towards similar goals that share ideas, give
feedback, and hold each other accountable.
Webinar live training ­ Live training or presentation delivered via a webinar.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Graphics/Artwork ­ Graphics or artwork that customers can use. For example: Sales graphics, web
graphics, icons, etc.
Images ­ Images your customers can use. For example images they can use on their blog, projects,
products, etc.
Group Coaching ­ Coaching in a group setting.
1 on 1 coaching ­ One on one coaching directly with someone. Can be delivered via video like skype,
email, phone, etc.

In order to create a great product it has to be useful. People have to have a need or desire to
obtain the information that you are selling. Without a need or a desire for the information
included in your products it will never sell regardless of how good the material in it is.
And on top of that, it has to be portrayed in a way that people want to buy it. Now, here is
something that I want you to write down and remember every time you create a product.
The best headline for your sales letter is what your product accomplishes for your prospect.
This means that if you have really found a topic that your audience wants, the sales letter is
easy. Because the most important thing is that people want it. If people want it they’re going to
buy it, yes great sales copy can help but if it is really desired, and if it’s really in need,
people are going to buy it. This goes for every product you create.
So the first thing is finding things that people actually want. That is the first step towards
creating a great product.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

What is the number one thing your prospects want to accomplish/cure?
What are the steps, processes, and tools they need to accomplish those tasks. What are their major
frustrations or setbacks?
How do they like to consume content? Are they readers, podcast listeners, watch videos?

Now, the second step is identifying what strengths or things that you can do that can help other
people. Because information products are just you providing helpful information that teaches
somebody else how to do something. So then what better way to create a great product then to teach
somebody something that you are great at, something you are an expert on.
Now you may not feel like you are an expert on your specific topic that you want to create a
product on but there’s a good chance that if you’ve done something for a while you are a lot more
qualified on that topic then some people and those people are who you target with your product.
Now this is getting kind of off the scope of what I want to discuss in this section but everyone
seems to think they have to know every single thing or be the best in their market to create a
product. And the truth is…there needs to be people to create products at all levels.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Chances are, the most highly trained and most qualified people in your area are not creating
products targeted to help beginners. They’re most likely focusing on higher paying clients and
creating high level training. That leaves room for people like yourself to create products that
help people that are just getting started or below where you are in your market.
So at this point of the game you want to list out everything that you are good at or what you can
help people achieve. Now this first iteration of your list you may make it very high level. But
then you can break those high­level elements down into little details of how you can help people.
So one of the things on your list might be: I’m good at email marketing.
Well if you were to break that down further you might say I’m good at writing email campaigns.
I’m good at writing subject lines that get clicks. I’m good at capturing leads.
As you start to break down your list more and more you will start to see different product ideas or
sections of a product you could create. Using the example above you could do
a complete course on writing email campaigns. Or you could have a complete email marketing course
that includes all those topics you listed as sections of the course.
So list all of things you are good at/expert in.

Now break those down into smaller topics and tasks.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Now make a list of things that you are interested in and could become an expert in.

Now make a list of things that you know an expert in.

Create a list of all things that you can think of off the top of your head that your niche would be
interested in. Nothing fancy here. Don’t think about it too much just create a brain dump in this
Niche Interests/Needs
● Interest/need 1
● Interest/need 2
● Interest/need 3
● Interest/need 4
● Interest/need 5
● etc

Are there existing products on this topic? (if so thats a good thing) List them here.
Does other digital and physical content exist for this topic (websites, blogs, forums, podcasts,
videos, magazines, books, etc.)
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


The next thing that you want to do is look at competitor products. If you go to the leaders in your
industry there is a good chance you will find other products in your market. Some good, and some
A great thing to find is customer feedback. Look for honest reviews and/or feedback on products.
Often times you will find what people didn’t like about the product, what they absolutely love, and
what they feel is missing. These are all not only great ideas for what products to create but what
things you should include in them.
Make a list of at least the top 5 products you find. Underneath each one list the features/benefits
they listed on their sales page.
Then list the customer feedback for each one.
Product 1 ­ (Enter product name here)
● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Product 2 ­ (Enter product name here)
● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:

Product 3 ­ (Enter product name here)
● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:

Product 4 ­ (Enter product name here)

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:

Product 5 ­ (Enter product name here)
● Feature/benefit 1
● Feature/benefit 2
● Feature/benefit 3
● Feature/benefit 4
● Feature/benefit 5
● etc.
Customer Feedback:
Choose your product topic:
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Now that you have done all the research it’s time to pick your topic/problem you will solve and
name our product
List your products main benefit/end result your customers will get: Come up with a name for your
Homework: There is a lot to be done in this stage. Reason being, it is one of the most important
stages of the product creation model. Get this part right and you will set yourself up for success.
Before you move on you need to analyze your target prospects, identify your strengths/interests,
brainstorm your ideas, analyze your niche, research competitor products, choose your product topic,
write out your benefits, and finally come up with a name for your product. Whew, thats a lot of
work but believe me it will pay off!

Module 3 ­ Product Creation

This module will walk you through each step of creating your product. This is the detailed product
blueprint. You will want to use this version the first couple times you create a product until you
get the hang of it as it includes more instructions of the various steps.
As you create more and more products you can use the Basic Product Blueprint which is just the
steps/Templates without the instructions.
Proceed through each step as you create your product.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


In this section you will be listing out the features and benefits of your product. You might be
asking “Why, won’t I do this when I create my sales letter?” One of the greatest tips I ever
received was to write your product sales letter first.
We won’t be writing our entire sales letter but I believe there is something amazing that happens
when your write your product features and benefits first. When you write your product benefits you
are making sure that you will hit every single key point you want to hit in your products. Without
doing this first you will often leave out one of those major benefits or aha moments in your
Doing this before you create your product will set the tone for the entire project.

First of all, it is important for you to understand that a benefit is not a feature. A benefit is
typically the result of a feature.
For example: A sample feature in a list building product might be:
Feature: “A done for your squeeze page”
A corresponding benefit to that feature would be:
Benefit: “So that you a have a high converting squeeze page without all the guesswork.”
So if you put that all together you have:
Feature & Benefit: A done for your squeeze page so that you have a high converting squeeze page
without all the guesswork.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Using what you just learned write out your product features and benefits using the following
“Feature so that Benefit”
I like to shoot for around 10 key benefits on every product I release. Some will have more some
will have less but you should be somewhere around 10 key takeaways.



Now you will create your product introduction. The purpose of the introduction is to give your
products “Big picture idea.” Start by answering these questions:
What is the end goal or result of using your product?

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Why is that end goal important to your customer?

Now, back up your big picture idea or end goal with proof, or statistics. Write those out.

Note: Your introduction can be as short or as long as you feel necessary. I am a very to the point
kind of person and personally don’t like long introductions so I keep them fairly short. But you
should play to your audience, what does your target customer desire or expect? Play to your
customers needs. Make sure you get them excited about why your product is important and give them
clarity of the end goal. If you can do that in your product introduction Mission Accomplished!
Organize your product features/benefits you created in step 1 into the order in which they should
be completed and/or presented in your product.
This will allow you to see your product as a whole in a logical order. Once you have everything in
the right order look for things that are missing that would make it a complete product. Sometimes
when your create your product and benefits you will leave out some essential steps in the complete
process. (Usually the not so exciting steps or information that is necessary to your product but
not a sales point.)
Now list your features/benefits you created in step 1 in logical order along with any additional
steps you need to have a completed product now:

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved



In this step we are going to expand the list you created in step 3 into a full product outline. You
will take that list and write an additional 5 to 10 bullet points under each one.
Tip 1: If you are creating an eBook you can plan to create a set number of pages with your outline.
For example: If you had ten features/benefits and 5 bullet points for each you could expect to
create a 50 page book. 1 page for each bullet point you create. And each feature/benefit would
become a chapter.
Tip 2: If you are creating a video course your outline could be used to create slides for a
Tip 3: Your product outline could be used as a getting started guide, overview worksheet, or even
converted into a checklist. All which could add a lot of value to your product or used as product
Create your product outline.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.
a. b.
c. d.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Okay, so by this point you should have a solid outline in place for one of your products ready to
go. The process I’m going to teach you right now is going to be the same process that you will go
through on every single product that you create.
So at this point it’s about deciding which format you are going to make your products. Some ways
are going to be pretty fast while others are going to take you some time.
The most common formats for information products are:
● video course
● eBook/report/guide
● Audio
● Information site
Video Training ­ Video products are one of the most time­consuming methods. If you’re going to do a
video course you’re going to have to either record your screen as you
show people how to do something. Or, you have to create some type of presentation to present to
them as you teach them through audio.
This can be a lot more time consuming because you are working with multiple types of media and
making sure that everything is synced up, looks good, and you have editing time included. Also,
video files are big and they can take a long time to render, upload and download so you have to
factor that in as well.
Text ­ Creating an eBook, a guide, or a report can also be pretty time consuming. Especially if you
write it from scratch.
Audio ­ Audio can be a very fast way to create a product because you can simply start with an
outline and record yourself as you teach. The one problem that you will run into with audio
training’s is that a lot of people are not a big fan of audio. People typically want videos or
reports for some reason. While I love a great audio course a lot of people don’t.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Information site ­ Is typically made up of combination of the above three or one of those methods.
Creating each format is a similar process but each method has its pros and cons as mentioned above.

Module 4 ­ Start Creating Your Product
Now you have a choice. With your outline you can write a bunch of text next to each bullet point to
create a book or a guide. Or, you can take those topics and record videos or audio.
Then it is as simple as sharing your expertise on those topics and formatting it into a nice
packaged product.
If you’re recording audio it’s as simple as grabbing a mic and recording yourself talk over one of
those subjects.
Now, if you are someone that struggles with words and thinking off of the top of your head you
might be best to actually write out the script word for word. And in that case you might consider
creating a report or ebook instead since you will have to write it out anyways.
If you’re going to write an eBook, a guide, or report then take each feature/benefit and make that
a chapter and each bullet point a page of content. (Adjust as necessary).
Video Product
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Video can be a little bit more tricky. If you’re doing a screencast or just recording yourself
talking it can be fairly simple. However, if you’re going to be recording yourself talk while
playing a presentation it can be a little bit more difficult.
You will want to take your bullet points and make those slides on a presentation and then record
yourself as you present it. And this would just simply be recording your screen running the
presentation as you talk through it.

In this step you will now want to conclude your product (This is very important). To conclude your
product you will want to first summarize what you have covered in your ebook, audio, or video
Next, you want to highlight any key points your audience should takeaway from your product.
Finally, this is the point when you want to encourage your customers to take action. When you
create a product you should focus on getting results for your customers. If you can get results for
your customers than you are succeeding as a product creator.
When your customers get results they will trust you, buy from you again, invest in your coaching
programs, and spread the word.
That is powerful!
Bonus tip: Another great way to utilize your conclusion to your product is referring your customers
to where they can get more help.
Have a coaching program? Link to it in the conclusion.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Have another product your customers could benefit from? Link to it.
Homework: In this step you are actually creating your product. The key to success in this step will
be listing out your benefits in logical order, adding any missing elements, creating your product
outline, and finally recording or writing out your product.

Module 5 ­ Product Review & Packaging

Whew…. that was a lot of work right? Well, the good news is that you are almost done. We now want
to take an overhead view of our product as a whole. We want to make sure we arent missing any
critical components or essential steps that our customers will need in order for this to be a
complete product. They must have every step they need to achieve the desired outcome of your
The best way to do this is look at your product from start to finish and analyze your headings/sub
headings/chapters/etc. Doing this you can see every important element you have covered in your
product. You can even go back to the product outline that you originally created and review that.
Bonus tip: If you really want to add value to your product create a checklist of all the steps you
have in your product. This will not only help you make sure that you have added all the critical
steps to your product but it can make a great bonus offer for your product.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


I like to use formats and headings in the products I create. It makes things easier for your
customer to follow and refer back to when you use headings and subheadings.
If you created audio or video it helps to break them out into different sections (1 audio/ video
per section). This can be very helpful for your customers if they want to go back and listen or
watch a specific section of your training.
Finally, go through your product and fix any glaring mistakes. You want to eliminate as many
mistakes as you can without spending way too much time editing. Go through and proofread or make
adjustments to your audio and video.
I do highly encourage you to not get too hung up here. Products do not have to be perfect. If you
product is delivering value and has a few typos here and there people will not care one bit!
Congratulations! If you have done all the steps above and created your content you should now have
a full product ready to go. Now thats what I’m talkin about!
Now it is time to finalize things and package them. Let me give you a few words of advice before we
move on.
If you are just starting out you don’t have to have all the bells and whistles. You don’t need the
fancy packaging and sales copy. Yes….those things help but in the beginning you should focus on
taking action and creating solid products. If you really did your research before you created your
product than there is a good chance it will sell without these things.
If you just can’t live without all the bells and whistles outsource them if you have the funds
(unless you know how to do it yourself). In the resource guide included in this
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


product I will give you a number of different tools and resources you can use to create all the
bells and whistles.
I just want to point out the fact that a lot of people focus so much on creating the packaging, the
salesletter, perfecting their product, and then they lose steam and never release their products. I
don’t want this to be you!

If you plan on releasing an ebook you can save your document as a PDF. Almost any word processor
has this functionality including many free ones. You can do this in Word, Pages, Google Docs, Open
Office etc.
On all of my ebooks I like to include a 3d cover image on the first page. The majority of my covers
are created in Photoshop and I use a free action script to turn my flat image into a nice looking
book cover. If you are not sure how to do this you can skip this step or outsource it. You can even
outsource ebook covers to Fiverr and get quality work done.
I also like to include a header and footer on each ebook that I release that includes branding
information. This reminds someone everytime they go through your ebook who they got it from. This
builds brand awareness and helps get repeat business.
In the header I will usually create a product branded image like the one you see in this book. In
the footer I will include copyright information along with a link to my website and page numbers.

Audio Course
Audio courses are usually delivered as mp3’s as they are one of the smallest size audio files. Any
audio production software can be used to export audio as an mp3. I

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


personally use Reaper for my production needs but it is probably overkill for most users. A simple
software program such as Audacity can be used to record your audio and export as mp3.
Or if you have a mini handheld recorder you can usually export as mp3 as well. Also, there are many
smartphone apps that can now record decent voice audio quality and export as mp3.
Once you have your mp3’s ready to go you can deliver them in a couple of different formats. You can
put them in a zip file and load them to your website as a downloadable file or you can load them to
your merchant platform and have them download that file directly from there.
For example: Using JVZoo I can upload my product files directly to their servers to be downloaded.
Another option is to embed the files on your website for download or include a player where they
can directly play the audio files on your website. Keep in mind if you are embedding audio files
and/or video files to your server it can put a lot of load on your server if you have a lot of
people listening to your audio or watching your videos.
If that is the case you would be better of using a service like Amazon S3 to host your audio.
Video Course
If you are releasing a video course you will want to save your videos as mp4’s. If you
are creating a video course you will probably want to embed the videos on your website somewhere or
have them delivered in a download file the same way I mentioned above with the audio files.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


When I create video training i will usually embed it on my website but have it hosted on Amazon S3.
For recording and creating the videos I use Camtasia Studio and use the mp4 only option to export
as mp4.
Regardless of the type of product you create you should create a high quality image for it. This is
great for adding perceived value to your product. This can really help conversions on your sales
For each of my products I like to do at least two images. One for the ebook cover/software box and
then another one that is a banner like you see in the header of this book. The banner image is also
used on various pages of my website to promote my products.
For example, here is one that I did for my Authority Blog Launch Blueprint Training.

And then here is the banner that I made for that training:
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


While this little details arent necessary to launching your product they can be helpful and add a
lot of perceived value to your product. And if you put a lot of hard work into creating your
product you can back up that perceived value.
Other Things You Should Consider Adding To Your Product

About Me Section ­ Adding an about me section is great for branding and connecting to your
Legal Page ­ Add any copyright notices and legal disclaimers you need to add to your products.
Table Of Contents ­ This is nice so your readers can go exactly to the section of your report or
book they need to.
Other Products & Resources ­ Add an other products or resources section to your product. This is a
great way to cross sell some of your own products and to get affiliate commissions on products or
tools you use.
Homework: Before moving on you need to analyze your product from start to finish and make sure
there are no essential steps left out. Next you will proofread your product
and add any necessary formatting. And finally you will save your product in its final format (pdf,
mp3, mp4, etc.)

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Module 6 ­ Selling Your Product
When it comes to selling our product the first thing that we have to do is establish a pricing
structure. Now at first you may be inclined to put a high price tag on your products to reward
yourself for all the hard work you’ve done.
But our real goal here is to convert prospects into buyers. This not only adds buyers to our list
that we can sell to again again but it also allows you to convert more prospects to buyers which
will lead to more affiliates jumping on board to promote your product.
The key to this method is to price your product below $10. A common price for a front end product
is $7. Why? Well first of all its below $10 and second of all people seem to be fascinated with
sevens. This is going to help us convert more people to buyers which means building or buyers list.
And a list of buyers can be one of the most lucrative assets as a product creator. Once someone
buys from you once they are more inclined to buy from you again. Especially if you created a very
valuable product.
Now the key with this pricing structure is that you will be profiting more on the backend. As you
begin to create more products you can add immediate upsells to your products. This is when someone
who has just purchased is offered an additional product or upgrade to the product that they just
purchased. These tend to convert well as people have already showed their willingness to buy from
you. If it is a relatable over that allows them to do things faster or better it can do really
The other element of this is selling to your list of buyers who have purchased your products. You
will use your autoresponder to followup with your buyers and send them your future product launches
and possibly even affiliate offers.
Where To Launch Products

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


There are a lot of places to launch a product online but I am going to share with you my favorite
sites to launch products on.
First of all, you should be launching products on your own website. Your own website can be used in
addition to other platforms to launch your products. Affiliate platforms such as JVzoo, and
warriorplus allow you to host your offers on your own website and still tap into their large
affiliate bases.
Warrior Forum ­ Warrior Special Offers ­ If you are in the internet marketing niche the warrior
forum is one of the best places to be launching your own products. Not only can you get a lot of
affiliates on board from the third party affiliate systems like JVzoo and Warriorplus but you can
also get a lot of organic forum traffic. People are searching the Warrior Forum Daily for new
techniques and tools to make money online.
If you are outside of the internet marketing niche I highly recommend doing self hosted launches on
your own website but launching your product through either JVzoo or Clickbank.com. Both of these
sites have large affiliate bases in a large spread of niches.
Links mentioned in this section:
http://www.jvzoo.com/ http://www.clickbank.com/ http://warriorplus.com/
Creating Your Sales Page
Creating your sales page is one of the final pieces of the product launch puzzle. Depending on
where you are launching your product will determine the tools that you use to create your sale
One final note before we get started. Sales copy can seem very hard to new product creators. It is
one of those things where the more you do it, the better you get. Also, the
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


more sales pages you read the better you get. Before you even start writing your sales page view
some similar products sales pages that have sold a lot of copies. This can give you a lot of
inspiration and show you the format of winning sales copy.
The key elements to a sales page are:
● Attention
● Agitating the problem of your prospect
● Relating it you (your story)
● Offer a solution
● Show your benefits
● Support your solution with facts/testimonials
● Call to action
If you can include all those elements on your sales page you are on your way to creating a high
converting sales page.
The Tools
If you are going to be hosting your sales page on your own website there are a number of different
options for creating your sales pages. My favorite solution for this task is OptimizePress. It is
one of the best tools for creating any type of page on your website such as sales pages, squeeze
pages, membership pages, download pages, and more.
Any time I host my sales page on my own website I use OptimizePress to create it.
If you will be launching your products on other platforms such as the Warrior Forum you will have
to create your sales page in the forum editor.
For this reason I always create my sales pages in a word document and convert them to whatever
system I am going to use later. This is also a great way to ensure you always have a backup of your
sales copy in case something were to ever happen to your website.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Very Important! It is extremely important that we capture our buyers email address. This allows us
to build a relationship with them, sale them future products, sale them affiliate products, and
build an audience. A List of buyers is very important for any product seller. There are many
autoresponder services to choose from. Personally I have had great results with Aweber.
Create your buyers list
Once you have your account you will want to create your first list. In Aweber all you have to do is
click on create and manage lists.
Next click on create a list.
On the next page you will fill out the basic information for your blog. Once you have everything
entered just click on next step.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Enter a list name and list description and click next.
On the next page scroll down to the bottom and click on approve message and create list.

The last thing that we want to do is turn off confirmed optin. Confirmed optin sends your
subscribers through additional hoops when signing up for your email list and also leads to a lower
conversion rate for you because a lot of people won’t confirm. So I find it best for both me and my
leads to turn that feature off.
To do that click on list options and then list settings
Next click on confirmed optin.

Now turn off require opt­in on web forms.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Confirm that you want to turn it off and then click on save settings.
How you integrate this with your payment processor will be dependent upon the service you use. Each
payment processor should have instructions for doing this. In
WarriorPlus for example you simply select the list you want your buyers added to like

This will allow you to login through your autoresponder service and choose your new buyers list.
Now you can capture your leads and sale to them again and again!
Delivering Your Product
Delivering your product to your paying customers is a very important step in launching your own
products. The last thing we want to do is make a brand new customer unhappy right from the
beginning. This means we want to make sure our customers get access to their download immediately
after purchase.
One of the easiest ways to deliver your product is providing a download page on your own website.
Not only does this make it easy for the customer to get your purchase but
it also allows you to brand your business and customize your download page in any way you like.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Depending on the merchant/sales system you use this process will vary. One of the platforms I
mentioned above WarriorPlus makes it super simple to send your customers to a download page after
purchase. It is as simple as pasting your download link into the
delivery url:
The link you enter there will be a page on your own website that you deliver the product on. Let me
show you one of my product download pages as an example. This page is for my Next Level Content
course and it actually has 11 different videos that can be downloaded on the download page.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


And here is a download page from one of my recent training programs the Authority Blog Launch
Blueprint. This page is an example of a course that has each page of content hosted on my website.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Authority 810g Launch
81ueprint Course Oashboard


Thanks for you purchase! You can access each day of the blueprint below.
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810Q Launch日加eprínl very w剖1.
Copyright 2014・William Fletcher & Authority Powered・A11 Rights Reserved htto:1ゐuthoritvoowered.com


Homework: It is finally time to launch this thing! Now you need to choose your payment processor,
create your buyers list, you sales page, your download page, and launch
your product. Open your business!

Module 7 ­ How To Turn Product Creation

Into A Full Blown Business

In the beginning of this guide I shared with you a complete product funnel. While I want you to
start simple with one product that model shared with you in the beginning of this guide is how you
can turn this into a full time business.
Creating your own products is one of the best methods you can use to build a business online. As a
product creator you open up a lot of opportunities you can build a real business from. So let’s
talk about why product creation is such a powerful method.
First of all, when you create a product you become the authority or the expert on that topic. When
you recommend a product as an affiliate yes people may trust you and believe your recommendations
but they don’t see you as the authority or the expert, they see you as the messenger.
So when you start creating your own products you start to be seen as the expert but you also begin
to directly impact people’s lives. Now think about that for a second…
If you are able to directly help somebody with a training you released and they got results do you
think that would build a relationship with them? Do you think they would be more likely to buy from
you in the future or take you up on your recommendations?
They say the money is in the list and it certainly is. And when you release your own product guess
what happens…. you add buyers to your email list. You add someone to
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


your email list that you know is willing to buy products. How do you know? Because they just bought
from you.
And now there’s a good chance that they will buy from you again. Whether it is a product that you
create yourself or a product that you recommend they’re more likely to buy from you again then
someone else on your list that isn’t a proven buyer
Now think about this. As you expand your internet marketing business you are most likely going to
start building bigger products at higher price tags and possibly adding coaching programs to your
business. Do you think that somebody who has only purchased affiliate offers that you are promoting
is going to want to join your coaching programs or buy your high ticket offers?
You may get a couple but most likely most people aren’t going to have that trust or that faith in
you to spend money on higher price offers unless you have created products that they get value out
People who have bought a product from you directly are going to be the people that want more from
you. These are going to be the people that buy your higher ticket offers and invest in your
coaching programs. Now for some of you this may be further down the line but you can start that
process right now. You can start establishing yourself as
an expert in your niche by creating your own products. You can start educating others in your niche
right now and building that trust and relationship with them.
And you can start building a solid online business by creating your own products.
What you want to do is start small. Start by releasing just one product. At first you will put all
your focus on that one product. And even if you are just getting started with this you can work
your way up to 10 sales pretty easily.
The beauty of this is the next time you release a product you already have 10 buyers on your email
list. 10 people who are proven to buy the type of product you are releasing.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


So when you release your second product you send an email to your list and a couple of them buy it.
Then you work your way up to 10 sales or more on that second product and now your list has doubled.
So the next time you release a product you have almost
20 buyers on your list.
And as you continue to release products it compound’s on itself. It builds and you start
to get more sales from your list right off the beginning which makes other people want to buy.
And as you begin to create multiple products you start to have a lot of content that you can start
piecing together to create core products or even coaching programs. So you can use some of those
products that you have already released as content in your higher ticket offers.

Wow, so you made it this far. You should now have you product ready to go. The only thing that is
left is to launch it. Great work!
Remember that this first product is only the beginning of your Authority Product Blueprint.
However, the process does not change. Every time you create a product you can go through this same
procedure. It doesnt matter if you are creating a $7 front­end offer, a core offer, a coaching
program etc. This same method of product creation works on every level.
Next time you create a product pull up these same templates and go through the same process.
Creating and selling products is one of the best ways to build a profitable business online. And
now you have the tools in front of you to do this. Focus on one thing at a time and truly try to
help people and you can be successful in this business.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

And one last note. I have tried to make this guide as simple as possible. If you have any questions
please dont hesitate to reach out to me as I will make every effort I can to
help you!
To Your Success, William Fletcher

Additional Resources:


● Analyze your target prospects
● Identify your strengths/interests
● Brainstorm product ideas
● Analyze your niche
● Research competitor products
● Choose what your product will be
● Write out the main benefit/what your customers will get out of your product
● Name your product
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved



● List your product features & benefits
● Write your product introduction
● Organize and arrange your benefits in logical order
● Fill in any necessary steps that are not included in your product benefits
● Create your product outline
● Create your product
● Conclude your product

● Analyze your product from start to finish to make sure there are no essential steps left out
● Make sure you covered all benefits you outlined in the initial stage of product creation
● Format & proofread
● Package your product in its final format
Sell Your Product
● Choose your payment processor
● Create a new email list for your buyers
● Integrate payment process with your autoresponder
● Create your sales page
● Set up your download pages
● Launch your product
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


StudioPress ­ I personally love the Genesis Framework and themes by Studiopress. The one in
particular that I use is the Metro Pro Theme.
Optimizepress ­ I use this tool to create squeeze pages, sales pages, affiliate pages, store pages
and more. This is an amazing tool!

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Easy S3 Downloads ­ I use this plugin to embed download links from Amason S3
hosted files.
Membersonic ­ Amazing membership plugin used to lock content and create secure membership areas.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Sonic S3 Video ­ I use this plugin to embed videos from Amazon S3 onto my website.
This is a great tool for video training products.
Photoshop ­ I use photoshop to create product graphics such as ecovers, software box graphics, cd
graphics, logos, product banners, etc. This is a must have tool if you want to create your own
professional graphics.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved



Camtasia Studio ­ I use this software to record screencast videos, tutorials, presentations, and
many other videos.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved



Google Drive ­ I use this tool to create a lot of ebooks and guides. It’s simple to use, accessible
anywhere you have an internet connection, and you can convert your documents into PDF’s.
Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Open Office ­ A Full suite of tools such as a Word Processor, Presentation software,
spreadsheets, and more. (Similar to Microsoft Office)

Reaper ­ This is my favorite tool for recording audio. However, it is a full audio production suite
which may not be necessary for most people creating audio trainings.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


Audacity ­ Free audio production software that can be used to record and export audio

PayPal ­ This is the tool I use to collect money from selling products through JVZoo.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved


JVZOO ­ I use JVZoo to create payment buttons and route and deliver products.
WarriorPlus ­ Warrior Plus is another great tool to launch your products and tap into their
affiliate base.
Aweber ­ I use this to capture customer emails and follow up with them via email with broadcasts
and follow­up series.

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2014 ­ William Fletcher & Authority Powered ­ All Rights Reserved