AdWords Profits 2

AdWords Profits 2
• Introduction
• Chapter 1.

My AdWords Method
• Chapter 2.

How To Choose Your Affiliate Products
• Chapter 3.

Choosing The Keywords You Must Only Use
• Chapter 4.

Writing Effective AdWords Ads
• Chapter 5.

Creating A High Converting Landing Page
• Chapter 6.

Beating The Minimum Bids
• Chapter 7.

Why And How You Must Build Your Opt-In List
• Chapter 8.

Content Network Vs Search Network
• Chapter 9.

Using PLR And MRR Products
• Chapter 10.

How I Created A Product In Less Than 1 Day
• Chapter 11.

Affiliate Marketing / ClickBank / PayDotCom / 7DollarOffers
• Chapter 12.

Creating A Google AdWords Account
• Final Words And to Whom I Owe Big Success
Welcome to AdWords Profits 2, where my winning AdWords methods and
techniques will be shared with you.

First of all, I would like to thank you for downloading my ebook.

I value your trust, and because of this, I’ll be more than happy to share all of my
AdWords knowledge and examples of my campaigns with you.

AdWords Profits 1 vs AdWords Profits 2.
What’s the difference? Is there one?
AdWords Profits 1 is the very first product I created, it is a small report targeted
for AdWords beginners, with only one technique to prevent newbies from losing
money while running their AdWords campaigns.

However, AdWords Profits 2 contains all the information and methods that I
personally use to make 5 figures a month with Google AdWords.

The title of this ebook is AdWords Profits 2, but you won’t just find information
on how to optimize your AdWords campaigns like in any other AdWords ebook
out there.

Here you’ll also learn the easiest ways to start a highly profitable, life-time
Internet business.
So you’ll learn more than just AdWords in this ebook.

Before I continue… I must tell you that not everyone that gets this ebook knows
the basic concepts that I put into use here, so I had to start by explaining some
basic information in each of the chapters.

Some more basic information such as: what affiliate marketing, Clickbank,
PayDotCom and 7DollarOffers are, how to promote products from those
marketplaces, how to create a Google AdWords account and how to register for
Web hosting, are explained in the last two chapters.

I know that you and probably 80% of the people that got this ebook, already
know all of the basics, as described above, and what you really want to read are
new and advanced methods… and that’s exactly what you’ll find here.
there’s still the 20% that needs to read the basic information, so I had to write it

The most important section of this ebook that you must NOT skip is
the first chapter (My AdWords Method), because there you’ll learn
what my profitable methods are, why they work and how you will be
able build a profitable, long-term online business by using them, and
in record time.

You’ll be amazed at how simple building your Internet business is with AdWords.

But, while hearing all this incredible news you might be wondering who I am?
My name is Jacobo Benitez, I was born and currently live in Mexico.
I’m 21 years
old, but with a well established Internet business that I was able to create in less
than a year, and that enables me to earn 5 figures every month in profit.

My primary promotion tool has always been Google AdWords.
With AdWords I
started my online business, and I must say that it wasn’t thanks to what I learned
from past AdWords ebooks, even though I did buy a lot of them in the hope of
making easy money online when I was first starting out in the complex world of
Internet marketing.

Those ebooks tell you how AdWords works, but they don’t tell you how to use
AdWords to build you online business.
Important concepts that you are about to
learn here to help you build a long-term Internet business with

So lets get started, please read the next chapter as many times as you need as it is
one of the cornerstones of my entire method.

My AdWords Method
Please read this chapter as many times as needed, its short but hopefully this will
make the things look simpler to you.
Here it is briefly explained the key to your
online business, and the simple method that enables me to earn 5 figures a

Before continuing, I must warn you that if you are a newcomer to Internet
marketing, you’ll find some concepts that are unknown for you.
If so, just grab a
paper and write down the concepts you didn’t understand, you’ll find them
explained while you continue reading the later chapters of this ebook.

AdWords has recently changed their rules, and it makes almost impossible for a
newcomer to profit from promoting products through AdWords.

Before, almost anyone was able to choose an affiliate product and setup a
profitable AdWords campaign, seeing daily sales and their total commissions
being higher than the money they spent in AdWords clicks.

But that is not possible anymore, Google changed their rules and there is too
much competition, so our methods had to be changed in order to still making big
money from AdWords.

You need to think of AdWords like a promotional tool for your business only, not
of AdWords as your business.

By business, I mean having quality products that you can sell online in a specified
niche that allows you to build a reputation in that specific niche.

I don’t know what you are passionate about, it could be about golf, about dogs,
cars, or you just want to show people how you make money online.
Whatever it
is, is the niche you should be targeting.

Now in that niche, you have to build a business, and then use AdWords to get
known as an expert on the topic you talk about.

But it’s not as hard as it sounds, actually, building your online business can be
done in as little as one day.

Here are the steps needed, very briefly:
Find a niche you like and you know some about it.

Grab resell rights to a quality product in your niche, or build your own.

There is no better product to sell online than a digital book (ebook).

Setup a squeeze page (a single page Web site with the ability to capture
your visitor’s name and email address).

Inside your squeeze page, give something of value to your visitors in
exchange for their name and email address, it could be a report you wrote
or whatever you got with PLR or MRR and that is relevant to your topic.

After they opt-in, offer them a paid product, it could be an affiliate product
where you’ll get x commission for the sale.
Then connect with your
subscribers by email, sending 2 to 3 offers a week of your product or the
affiliate product you are promoting until they buy from you.
Experts say it
usually takes 7 emails until a prospective customer make a purchase.

But wait, don’t be scared…
You might be inside of the 20% that don’t know how to do each of the 5 steps
above, but you’ll learn how-to while you continue reading this ebook.

Now here is something that you probably already heard dozens of times but you
should never forget: If you want people to buy from you, you have to be
recognized as an expert in your niche and give them valuable information so that
your customers will continue buying from you in the future.

You can’t just grab an affiliate product from ClickBank, create a campaign and
start seeing profits, not even if you know how to do keyword research and beat
minimum bids.

You’ll have to build a long-term business in order to pull big profits from

I think you will understand this better with a quick example, so here is one of a
small but killer campaign that I got going 2 months ago.
I was selling my
AdWords Profits 1 small report for $4.
97 and I was promoting it through
AdWords’ content network only.

My average CPC (Cost Per Click) was $0.
02 (you’ll achieve this or even lower with
the techniques show later in this ebook) and my campaign was converting at
about 15% (a decent conversion rate because of the email offers I sent to the
subscribers that opted-in through my squeeze or landing page).

Now lets say you do the same, selling the small AdWords Profits 1 report with the
Resell Rights you got as a free bonus for grabbing this ebook.

If you sell the report at just $4.
97 and if your campaign converts at only 10%,
you’ll make about $44.
5 per 100 visitors, but you’ll have to spend $2 in AdWords
(for those 100 visitors at $0.
02 per click) so that’s $42.
5 in profit, not bad.

Get 200 visitors daily (which is really easy following the methods shown later in
this ebook) and you’ll profit $85 a day.

But you must be building an opt-in list at the same time, and with an
average of 30% sign up rate and 200 visitors a day, you’ll get 60 opt-ins a day,
that’s 1,800 new subscribers on your list every month, just for running that
simple AdWords campaign.

Imagine promoting a new Internet marketing product every week, with your list
growing that quickly for just one low costing AdWords campaign.

In one month (with 1,800 subscribers), you send an e-mail promoting a $47
product of which you earn 75% commissions, and based in real “regular guy’s”
percentages, about 30% of your subscribers will open the e-mail you sent to
them, so that’s 540 people viewing it.
But only 60% of them will click on your
affiliate link, so that’s 324 visitors you send to the product’s site that you are
If you offer a nice bonus to the people that buy from you and if the
product converts well, expect a decent 5% conversion rate (usually more), that’s
about 17 sales at about $32 commission per sale, so you earn $544 for just one
promotion you send to your first month’s 1,800 subscribers’ list.

But you should send a new promotion every week (four a month), and with your
list growing everyday… do you now see the potential?
These stats are for a “regular guy”, however, with more credibility and a bit more
experience you can double or triple these stats and get much better results.

This is why you must build your business (credibility and opt-in list), instead of
just promoting products in hope to get daily sales.

But first, you need to learn how to achieve such low cost per clicks, high
conversions, how to build a decent squeeze page with a high sign up rate, how to
choose your products and more.

So please continue reading the following chapters.

A very important thing when creating a profitable AdWords campaign is to have a
product that converts well.
If you have the best ads, the best keywords, the best
landing pages, but the product you are promoting doesn’t convert well, you will
make no money.
At least not from your first offer.

So here I’ll show you what I always do to find good products to promote.

I only promote electronical products such as ebooks, software, memberships, etc.

Because the publishers for those kinds of products often offer higher
commissions, and those kind of products sell very well on the Internet.
There is
no inventory to keep, no shipping, and no hassles.
The customer pays them
online, get instant downloads and you keep your commission.
It’s that simple.

In the first chapter you were told about three marketplaces to find good products
that you can promote: Clickbank, PayDotCom and 7DollarOffers.

I only use those 3 sites to find products.

Let me explain you why, by shortly telling you the benefits of each one of those

Clickbank – Is the most trusted electronical products payment processor.
If you
promote Clickbank products, you can be 100% confident that all of your
commissions will be always paid to you twice a month via check.

PayDotCom – The publishers at PayDotCom pay your commissions directly to
your PayPal account every 15 or 30 days.
But the only payment processor
accepted is PayPal.

7DollarOffers – Here the publishers offer 100% commissions on their front end
sales, and you are paid instantly to YOUR PayPal account on every sale you refer.

Clickbank – Go to the Clickbank’s marketplace which is located at:
There you’ll find 9 main categories.
No matter what category you choose.
Each of
them have great products that you can promote and that you can be sure will sell
very well.

The four most important factors to keep in mind about the Clickbank’s
marketplace are:
$Earned/Sale: Average net amount earned per affiliate per referred sale.
that this is the net earned per actual sale, and so it is impacted by refunds,
chargebacks, and sales taxes.
Unfunded sales, such as returned checks, do not
impact this number.

Future $: Average total rebill revenue earned by the affiliate due to sales from a
Generally this equates to the average sum of all rebills.

Total $: The sum of all initial sales and rebills divided by the number of initial
It is the average total $ per sale, including all rebills that may come from
that sale.

%Earned/Sale: Average percentage commission earned per affiliate per
referred sale.
This number should only vary if the publisher has changed their
payout percentage over time.

%Referred: Fraction of publisher’s total sales that are referred by affiliates.

Gravity: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a
paying customer to the publisher’s products.
This is a weighted sum and not an
actual total.
For each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks we add an amount between
1 and 1.
0 to the total.
The more recent the last referral, the higher the value

To find the highest converting products, I recommend you to sort the
marketplace by Gravity.

Those products ranked higher are the ones you should promote because they are
being sold very well by the affiliates that are promoting them.

PayDotCom – Login to your PayDotCom account at:
Once you are logged into your account, click on the “Promote Products” tab, then
on the “From Marketplace” sub-link.

Select the category where you feel that you’ll find a product worth to start an
AdWords campaign for.
Just go with the category you know the most about.

Select a subcategory and then you’ll see all the products having an “APS” number

[APS] is The Affiliate Power Score.

This score is calculated on a daily basis and it depends on a number of factors
such as the number of sales, total refunds, and affiliate earnings with special
emphasis put on the number of unique affiliates making sales over the last 150
days with recent transactions having more relevance.
There are other factors
including the amount the affiliate earns and others but we do not publish this
algorithm to protect the integrity of the score so that it is not manipulated in any
way and it will always represent the most accurate representation of top products
to promote for affiliates.

So go with the products ranked higher (with a higher APS).
Those are the
products that are selling better by their affiliates, so you can be sure that a high
APS product will convert well, also make sure the commission offered is high
enough and convenient for you.

After you find a good product to promote, click on the “Promote” link below the
product listing and it will be automatically added to your PayDotCom account’s
product list.
After you click the “Promote” link, you will be transferred to a site
where you will be given your affiliate link for the product you choose to promote.

Your PayDotCom affiliate links are big, so you can cloak them by using a free
service such as TinyUrl at:
That service converts a large and ugly affiliate link into a short one, so that your
customers won’t even notice that you are an affiliate and that you are getting a
commission for the sale.

7DollarOffers – You don’t need to register there, simply visit the their
marketplace which is located at:
Click on the category you know most about.

There is no formula there to be sure what are the products that convert better, so
you have to click over the products you feel that will sell better, read through
their sales page and if you think that they will convert well, then you can either
buy the product (they are priced at a very low price, and some are given for free to
upsell another product) or email the author asking him to send you a free copy of
their product so you can review it and make a quick landing page.

To get 100% commissions by promoting products at this marketplace, you must
use the next affiliate link format:
For example, if you were to promote my first AdWords Profits report that uses
the $7 dollar scripts and assuming that your PayPal email is:
com then your affiliate link for that report would be:
And whenever someone buys that report you will keep 100% of the cost of the
report paid instantly to YOUR PayPal account.

So there is no waiting weeks or even months to receive checks if you promote
these products.
And they sell like crazy because they’re so inexpensive.

But the best way to find products that sell very well is to stay tuned for
new launches, for promotions from the known Internet marketers
and to use IM News Watch.

You can register at IM news watch here:
Most of the Internet marketing product news are posted there in detail.

By being an IM News Watch member, you can get all the necessary information
about a new product, even before it launches.

That way you can get your campaigns ready, start building your list, building buzz
with your subscribers, and then announce the launch and make big money from

So always be tuned for news from IM news watch and for promotional emails
from the gurus.
There is a profitable product launch every week, and there are no
better product to promote than the newest launches.

Don’t waste your time and money creating campaigns for old and non-converting

Choosing The Only Keywords You Must Use
This is not as hard as everyone says.
This is actually the easiest task for me when
creating an AdWords campaign.

Use your common sense.
Think about what keywords people will use when
searching for what you have to sell.

Track your conversions, and delete the keywords that haven’t made you money.

Just stick with those that convert, even if they are just 5 or even 1.
I have many
campaigns running very profitable and I’m only using one single keyword.

If you don’t track your keywords you are lost because you’ll be paying for clicks
on keywords that are not making you money.

Tracking your keywords is easy, here’s what you must do:
Log into your AdWords account.

Click on the “Conversion Tracking” tab at the top.

Click “Get Conversion Code” on the right side.

Choose your conversion type (lead, sale, etc).

Customize your conversion tracking look.

Copy the code that Google gives you and paste it on your “thank you page”, or
the page that your customer sees after the payment.

This will add 3 columns under the Campaign Summary section of your AdWords
account that are “Conv.
Rate”, “Cost/Conv.
” and “Conversions”.

A great free tool you can use to get keyword ideas is Seo Book Keyword
Suggestion Tool which you can find at:
Type your niche or a keyword there, for example: if the product you are
promoting is about learning how to play golf just type: “learn golf” and click the
“Submit” button.

You will see a list of keywords/keyphrases variations about “learn golf”:
See that I’ve selected a few long tail keyphrases, my common sense says that
these keywords are going to convert, but I must first see how many sponsored ads
are showing for each keyphrase to see how much competition and how much
each cost per click is going to be.

To find how many sponsored ads a keyword has, I always use a tool called SpyFu
(they have a paid service that gives you much more results, but you can use it for
free to get the top ads and keywords, and that’s the only thing needed).

There you should type the keyword you want to see how much competition it has
(how much sponsored ads are appearing for that keyword).

With SpyFu you can also see what keywords an ad is using, simply click over an
ad, just like it’s shown in the image below:
And then you’ll see a list of the keywords that the ad you clicked on is using.

Please see the next page for an image example…
As you can see, this free service gives you a limited number of keywords,
however, we don’t need more than 10 highly targeted keywords.
If you want more
variations you can buy the membership, but its not a lot needed, so its up to you.

I personally don’t recommend using keywords that have more than 8 sponsored
ads, this is to prevent you from needing to bid higher or do too much on-page
optimization to get a first page ranking.

If you choose keywords with less than 8 sponsored ads, you have your first page
placement guaranteed so you don’t have to beat other ads by paying more.

After you got your keyword list, you have to use the three Google keyword
matching options that are:
Broad Match – This is the default option.
If your ad group contained the
keyword tennis shoes, your ad would be eligible to appear when a user’s search
query contained tennis and shoes, in any order, and possibly along with other
Your ads could also show for singular/plural forms, synonyms, and other
relevant variations.
For example, you ad might show on tennis shoe or tennis
Run a Search Query Performance Report to see what keyword
variations trigger your ad.

Phrase Match – If you enter your keyword in quotation marks, as in “tennis
shoes,” your ad would be eligible to appear when a user searches on the phrase
tennis shoes, in this order, and possibly with other terms before or after the
For example, your ad could appear for the query red tennis shoes but not
for shoes for tennis, tennis shoe, or tennis sneakers.
Phrase match is more
targeted than broad match, but more flexible than exact match.

Exact Match – If you surround your keywords in brackets – such as [tennis
shoes] – your ad would be eligible to appear when a user searches for the specific
phrase tennis shoes, in this order, and without any other terms in the query.
example, your ad wouldn’t show for the query red tennis shoes or tennis shoe.

Exact match is the most targeted option.
Although you won’t receive as many
impressions with exact match, you’ll likely enjoy the most targeted clicks – users
searching for your exact keyword typically want precisely what your business has
to offer.

Negative Keyword – If your keyword is tennis shoes and you add the negative
keyword -red, your ad will not appear when a user searches on red tennis shoes.

Negative keywords are especially useful if your account contains lots of broadmatched
It’s a good idea to add any irrelevant keyword variations you
see in a Search Query Performance Report or the Keyword Tool as a negative
Learn more.

I’ve seen a great increase in my Quality Score when using the three keyword
matching options, and most AdWords experts agree with this.

To automatically wrap your keywords, I recommend using the free tool called
“AdWords Wrapper” from Mike’s Marketing Tools:
Copy all your keywords there, then click “Wrap AdWords” and the program will
automatically wrap your keywords for you.
This will save a lot of time.

Then what you have to do is to beat your minimum bid so you can pay as low as
05 to $0.
01 per click (with the “beating your minimum bid” method from the
th chapter).

If a keyword that has more than 8 sponsored ads is a high converting keyword for
your product, you can try it but you’ll need to improve your ad’s Quality Score in
order to get a decent position while paying less than your competitors.

You’ll learn about Quality Score in the next chapter.
But first, please see the next
page for a brief explanation on negative keywords.

Negative Keywords
Use negative keywords only if you run a search network campaign (see search
network vs content network in the 8th chapter).

If you use broad keywords, people who search for any word that is included in
your broad key-phrase will find you.

But don’t be too glad about it, you should not be found by people that is not
looking exactly for what you have to offer, at least not if you are using AdWords
as your promotional tool, because each click will cost you, so you have to drive
targeted traffic only, so that your ROI can be the highest possible.

The most common negative keyword to use is “-free”.
As you are mostly using
AdWords to offer paid products, you don’t want to pay for visitors that are
looking for free information.

The most common negative keywords that you should always include in your
search network campaigns are:
Besides those keywords, when running a search network campaign, use any other
negative keyword that you need to avoid paying clicks for untargeted visitors.

This will save you a lot of money and will highly increase your ad’s CTR.

Writing Effective AdWords Ads
Your ads are probably the most important factor of a profitable Google AdWords

Your ad is the first thing that your potential customers will see about your
product or the one you are promoting as an affiliate.
So this is one of the most
important things you must know how to write effectively.

You should know that without a good ad copy, your AdWords campaigns will
never be able to compete with your competitors’, so you’ll never get clicks, no
visitors, no list, no sales and as a result, no money.

But writing good ad copy is not an easy task.

About 95% of AdWords advertisers don’t know how to write good ads.

What makes an ad great is relevancy.
You must give the searcher exactly what he
is looking for.

A great thing about your AdWords account is that you can create various ad
groups for each campaign, and each ad group can contain various ads with a
different keyword list.

It’ll let you test your ads to find out which one gets the best Click Through Ratio
(CTR) and the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC).

More on this in a bit.

Skip the next paragraph if you already have AdWords campaigns and
ads running:
Login to your AdWords account, then go to the “Campaign Management ->
Campaign Summary” section and click over the only campaign you have, then
click over your ad group.
We’ll edit your ad, so you must click over the “Ad
Variations” tab, and then click the “Edit” link on the “Actions” column.

Since relevancy is the main factor of a great ad, you should create different ad
groups for each of your campaigns and each ad group must contain a relevant
family of keywords.

I’m going to give you an example of a profitable campaign that I
created for a Golf ebook that I was successfully promoting.

For that Golf campaign, I created two ad groups, each ad group contained 10
long-tail and relevant-to-the-ads keywords.

The first ad group focused in the key-phrase “learn to play golf” while the
second ad group focused in the phrase “how to be a golf pro”.

The first group, the one that was targeted to the phrase ”learn to play golf”
contained these ads:
Headline: Learn To Play Golf
Description line 1: Learn From A Golf Expert
Description line 2: How To Play Like The Pros
Display URL: jbc8.
Destination URL: http://www.
Headline: Learning How To Golf
Description line 1: Playing Golf Isn’t As Hard As It
Description line 2: Seems – You Just Need Creativity
Display URL: jbc8.
Destination URL: http://www.
While the second ad group, the one that was targeted to the phrase ”how to be a
golf pro” contained these ads:
Headline: How To Be A Golf Pro
Description line 1: Learn The Tips & Secrets Pros Use
Description line 2: Lower Your Score Quickly And Easily
Display URL: jbc8.
Destination URL: http://www.
Headline: Be The Next Golf Pro
Description line 1: Learn From The Best Golf Pros
Description line 2: Claim Your Free Course Now
Display URL: jbc8.
Destination URL: http://www.
Note that each ad group has ads that are relevant to the phrase that we were
This was in order to give Google exactly what it wants, relevancy.

Always keep this phrase in mind: “Google loves relevancy”.

So if your ads, keywords, landing pages are relevant and if you add high
converting products to that, you’ll win at AdWords.

Also note that in the URL’s I used the domain name (jbc8.
info) and my sites were
located at the “Click-Here” and the “Download-Now” folders.

I did this because it’s proven that if you use a call to action in your ad, it will
get a higher CTR.

Google won’t let you use a call to action in the headline nor the
description lines.
It is against their Terms Of Service and they will
deny your ad if you do so.

So what you can do in order to add a call to action, is to create a domain name
that has a call to action text, or do what I did: I registered the domain name:
info, then created a folder for each product I wanted to promote and named
it with a call-to-action.
Examples of folders’ names I used are: “Click-Here”,
“Download-Now”, “Order-Now”, etc.
But without the quotes.

Use this method and you’ll see a great improvement in your ads’ CTR.

Another great tip to improve your CTR is to do the following:
In your headline type this: {KeyWord:Learn To Play Golf}
This will make your headline to be the exact keyword/key-phrase that the
searcher typed in the Google search box, and your headline will be bolded.
If the
keyphrase is more than 24 character long, the default phrase “Learn To Play
Golf” will appear on the headline instead.

This is a great trick if you want to get as many clicks as possible, but if you use
this, Google won’t reward you with higher Quality Score even if you get a high
CTR, it’s a rule of their algorithm.

Having a high Quality Score will greatly help your ad to rank higher while you
will be able to pay less per click than your competitors.

Quality Score is calculated by measuring a keyword’s click-through rate, and ad
text relevancy.
Other factors that make up a quality score are historical keyword
performance, the quality of an ad’s landing page, and other keyword attributes.

This score is the basis for measuring the quality of keywords and determining
minimum bids.

Keep the above definition always in mind, because Google AdWords is
all about Quality Score, and Quality Score is all about relevancy.

Please head to the next page to see how to find the best performing ads…
Finding The Best Ads
This can only be done by testing.
And as you already know, AdWords let you
create different ad groups for each campaign, and each ad group can contain
different ads and keywords.

So, to find the best ads, the best you can do is to create different ads for your
campaign, and you can even create different ad groups.

Each ad group can contain unique keywords and different ads, so you can test
and see which one converts better, which one gets the lowest CPC’s and higher
CTR’s and then delete those ads that aren’t making you money.

To do this, simply login to your AdWords account, click over your campaign, and
you will see a list of your ad groups.
What I recommend you is to first create two
ad groups and inside each ad group, create two different ads.

Use the conversion tracking that comes with your AdWords campaign.
If you’re
not familiar with how to activate and set it up, then follow the next steps:
Log into your AdWords account.

Click on the “Conversion Tracking” tab at the top.

Click “Get Conversion Code” on the right side.

Choose your conversion type (lead, sale, etc).

Customize your conversion tracking look.

Copy the code that Google gives you and paste it on your “thank you page”, or
the page that your customer sees after the payment.

By activating it, you will be able to track your campaign’s results.
You’ll see
which keywords and which ads are the ones making you the sales.

Delete those ads that are getting lower CTR’s and that are not converting at all.

Leave the best performing ads and try creating new ones to see how well they
perform, so that you can make the best ad selection.

This may take you a whole week, but it’s worth it.

You’ll be tightening your campaigns up to perfection, so you’ll lower your
advertising costs while bringing more profits to your pocket.

I am telling you this from experience that this is the only way you can find out the
best performing ads, and that is: TESTING.

But in order to be able to test your ads, you first have to:
Login to your AdWords account.

Click on your campaign’s checkbox.

Click the “Edit Settings” button.

Inside the “Advanced Options”, choose “Rotate: Show ads more
evenly” as the “Ad serving” option.

If you don’t change this option you won’t be able to compare which ad is
performing better, because Google will more often show the ad that started
getting better results, even when that ad could not be the best one.

So very briefly: change that setting, keep a close eye on your ads, delete the bad
performing ones and keep creating new ads until you find your best selection.

It’s that easy.
There is no better word to describe this as TESTING, and you now
know how to do it.

Creating A High Converting Landing Page
Knowing how to create simple Web sites is needed if you want to succeed online.

But not only creating a Web site will guarantee your success, you have to optimize
your Web site to sell, and to sell well.

So I decided to write this chapter where you’ll learn how to create a landing page
and how to make it to effectively sell what you have to offer.

With AdWords you are going to bring targeted traffic to your landing page, but
you have to convert those visitors into buyers.

The first thing to keep always in mind is the word: relevancy.
So your landing
page must be relevant (targeted) to your AdWords ads and your keywords.

We will start with some basic information, followed by the advanced techniques.

If you have no clue on how to create a simple Web page to use it as a landing or
squeeze page, then I’ve created a squeeze page template for you, so that you can
just personalize it using Microsoft Front Page or any other Web editor and upload
it to your Web server.

You can download your squeeze page template from:
Every Web site needs a Web server (Web hosting) so that you can upload it to the
Internet and make it available for everyone.

The Web hosting service I use is HostGator, because it offers big disk space and
bandwidth, they also offer the ability to host unlimited domain names in one
account and many more great features for a very low price.
They also give you one
domain name (yoursite.
com) for free if you order one of their hosting packages.

So if you don’t have a Web hosting account yet, I strongly recommend you to
register one at:
Go for Web hosting and purchase the Baby plan.
You don’t need more and it
is a low priced and great package.
That’s the best package you’ll probably find

And then…
Then write the domain name you want to register or choose the second option if
you already have a domain name that you wish to use for your account.

Continue the process and you’ll get your Web hosting account where you’ll be
able to upload all of your squeeze pages for your profitable AdWords campaigns.

Now you have to create your landing page, but with the correct
information to make it convert your visitors into buyers, or into optins
subscribers at least.

Making a high converting landing page is simple, really.

Just get into your visitors’ shoes and think what they want, them give them
exactly what they’re looking for just the way you’d like to have it given to you.

Treat your visitors like persons, not like numbers.
You must understand their
problem and give them a solution.

Assuming that you are promoting a “landing page creation product”:
People will first search at Google something like this: “how to create a
high converting landing page”.

They will see your ad because you used that keyword in your ad group.

Then they click on your ad because it stands from all others, simply
because it convinces the searcher that he is going to improve his landing
page’s conversions by following your methods.

The person then arrives to your landing page (so he is now your visitor), he
sees a compelling headline and then follow to read the review that you
wrote about the product you are promoting.

He likes the benefits of the product and then clicks on your affiliate link.

He’s then transferred to the publisher’s site, but having your
recommendation in mind.
He reads through some other important
sections of the sales letter and clicks the buy now button.

Then you and the product owner are credited a commission.

About a 50% of the sale was made thanks to you, not only because you sent the
visitor to the publisher’s site via your affiliate link, but because in your landing
page you convinced the visitor that the product you are promoting will solve his

The publisher could be you (if you created the product) or the author of the
ebook, program, course or software that you are promoting.

Here are the elements that a successful landing or squeeze page must have:
This is the first thing your visitor will see on your landing page, so here
you must grab his attention and make him want to find out more.
A header is
usually formated with a big centered text of one to five lines.

This will reinforce your header and is used to build intrigue so
that your visitor will keep wanting to read more.

Here is where you write a review of the product you are promoting.

Bullet Points.
You must use this to highlight the most important things of your
product or the one that you are promoting.
The bullet points tend to attract the
customer’s attention, so there you must write all the product’s benefits.

Sign Up Form.
Highly important as here is where you’ll paste the opt-in code
generated by your autoresponder to capture your visitors’ name and e-mail
address, so that you can keep in touch with them in the future with the strategies
shown in the 7th chapter.

Audio (optional).
It could be useful to use an audio introduction for some
products, but most people tend to find it annoying to hear someone talking when
they join a site.
If you are using audio make it optional, only play it when the
visitor clicks the “Play” button.

Video (optional).
As shown with previous tests, video don’t work like everyone
thinks, you can use video to explain the product’s benefits, but it’s not really
important, as it doesn’t really improve conversions.

You should use a graphic that describes the product you are
It could be a book image, a box image, etc.
I’m sure you’ve seen
ecover images on almost all of the sales letters you’ve arrived, so you know what I
mean with this.

On the next page you will find a screen shot of the squeeze page template that I’ve
created for you, there I show you where the most important elements explained
above must be placed inside of your squeeze page.

You can download your squeeze page template from:
Then edit it with Microsoft Front Page or any other Web site editor you have.

On the next page you’ll find the 4 components that your landing page must have:
Get to the point.
Be brief and direct.
The content of your landing page must be
exactly what you promised in your AdWords ad.
Don’t get off topic and just talk
about the benefits of the product you are promoting and how it will help your
Web site visitor if he buys that product.

Use a call to action.
Use a text that urge the visitors to take action, for
example: “Click here to download” or “Enter your first name and email to receive
my free report”, etc.

After they see your review, they must be sent to the publisher’s page to make the
purchase, so using a call to action will get your visitor to the next level.

Keep a unique look.
Your visitors can never be lost inside your site, make it all
look the same way, use the same layout, font and colors on your landing page.

Don’t collect too much personal information.
If you give something away
for free, do not ask the visitor for more than their name and their email or you
will get nothing.

It is enough to have their first name and their email address so you can keep in
contact with them in the future, but no more information is needed.

But there’s much more information on opt-in list building in the 7th chapter.

Beating The Minimum Bids
Now that you know how to create a high converting landing (or squeeze) page, is
time to drive low cost and targeted traffic to it.

Relevancy is the key for low cost clicks at AdWords.

Since your squeeze page doesn’t need to have the best copy, you can focus in your
keyword density.
The more keyword dense your squeeze page is compared to the
keywords you are using in your AdWords ads, the higher your Google Quality
Score will be.

An example of this is when I was promoting a “Car Buying Tips” report, I created
two campaigns to test.

Both of the campaigns had the exact same ads and the exact same keywords.
the first campaign was sent to a different squeeze page than the second one.
amazing part of this was that the first campaign would let me have my minimum
bid to $0.
05 while the second campaign to $0.
30 only.

What was the difference? Why were two exact same ads with the exact same
keywords giving me highly different minimum bids?
The answer is that the first squeeze page was much more keyword dense than the
second page.
In other words, the first squeeze page had the keyphrase “Car
Buying Tips” in the headline, and at least 8 times in the page text.
While the
second squeeze page only had the keyphrase “Car Buying Tips” twice.

Beating your minimum bids is amazingly easy, your landing or squeeze page just
has to be relevant, targeted, keyword dense or whatever you want to call it, to the
ads and keywords that you are using for your AdWords campaign.

To analyze how keyword dense your landing page is, use this free tool:
And now here is a way you can create a highly relevant landing page without even
needing to write the majority of it.

First go to some article directories such as:
Now, for example, if you are going to create a squeeze page to promote a “learn to
play golf” ebook through AdWords, below are the steps to do it and beat your
minimum bids:
Go to one of the article sites listed above, lets try “Articles Base” this time.

Search for the keyphrase “learn to play golf”.

Select one of the top articles, those at the top are the most relevant, so
those are the articles that we want to look at, for example:
And after quickly reading through the top articles, the one marked with a red
arrow was the one that fits better for your squeeze page.

So what you have to do next is to copy the whole article and paste it inside your
squeeze page, but leave the article source intact.
If you don’t want it to be there,
you’ll have to contact the author and ask him for permission to use his article and
to remove his name and source to it.
But almost no one will let you to do so.

The main reason of using these articles is that they are already keyword dense
and relevant to the key-phrase you looked for, that’s why they appeared in the top
positions for your search at the article directory.

Just adding that article will dramatically lower your campaign’s minimum bid.

Add the article below your opt-in form, see my squeeze page template for an
example on where you must place it:
Why And How You Must Build Your Opt-In List
I’m sure that you already heard (several times) the phrase: “the money is in the
And that’s very true.

If you don’t build a list you are leaving a lot of money in the table.

So if you are running an AdWords campaign to promote your product or
someone else’s as an affiliate, make sure you build an opt-in list.

There are several autoresponder systems out there, but the two most popular are
GetResponse and Aweber.

I personally like GetResponse more than Aweber, as GetResponse is more user
friendly than Aweber, but that’s just a personal opinion.

GetResponse is very reliable and is more affordable than Aweber.

So without any doubts, you must an autoresponder right now.

If don’t want to pay for one, you can do a Google search for a free autoresponder.

But I don’t recommend you free services as they are not reliable, and you want
your list to be there forever.

So I recommend you the same service that I use, GetResponse:
You can try that service for free, or you can go with a year paid subscription to get
a nice discount, but it’s up to you.

Building a list will let you to stay in contact with your visitors, so that you can
send e-mails to them until they buy the product.
And send some back-end offers
in the future.
All of this will greatly increase your profits.
Otherwise, you might
never again see the people that go to your site and leave without buying.

Actually, this is how all the top affiliates are making their money.
We setup an
AdWords campaign to promote a squeeze page while offering a free product in
our niche in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address, then we offer
them a paid product, and if the visitor doesn’t buy it, we will keep sending our
visitor an email once every other day about the product’s benefits until he buys.

And thanks to the autoresponders this can be done automatically.

When the visitor buys from you, you can obviously now call him your customer,
and get him added to your “customers list” on your autoresponder.
This list is
worth gold, because if you treat your customers well, they will continue buying
new products from you for a long time.

So what you have to do is to create a squeeze page, you can use the squeeze page
template that I’ve create for you:
As shown in the template, create a quick review using all the information that has
been explained in previous chapters, and go back to the first chapter to get an
idea of how all of this works.

But the important thing here is: “how should you treat your subscribers?”
You have to get them to trust you, and to identify you as an expert in your niche.

To do this, it is sometimes needed that you grab some PLR and MRR products
and send those to them for free, so that your subscribers can realize that the only
thing you want is to help them.

Never let a week pass without emailing them, but only e-mail them with
something useful to them, something of value.

As weeks pass they will be building trust in you and soon they will see you as an
honest expert on your niche because all the e-mails you’ve been sending them
have been on useful information.

An example for this is: you are in the Internet marketing niche, and you created a
squeeze page that offered a free report about how to start an AdWords campaign
(lets say this report is AdWords Profits 1, which you actually got MRR to as a free
bonus for being my customer).
Okay, you get his name and his email through
your autoresponder code that is on your squeeze page, and then your
autoresponder sends him the report to his e-mail inbox, and redirects the visitor
to the AdWords Profits 2 site through your affiliate link.

Look, by then you’ve gotten the visitor’s contact name and email, you have the
visitor interested in learning AdWords, and you offered him a good product.

If he buys AdWords Profits 2, you will get a 75% commission, however, if he
doesn’t, he will then see the AdWords Profits 1 report that is waiting for him on
his email inbox.

While he reads that report, he will learn basic but useful information on
AdWords, however, he will now think he is ready to learn the full power of
AdWords, so he goes to the AdWords Profits 2 site through a link that is in the
AdWords Profits 1 report, and buys AdWords Profits 2, and since he still has your
Clickbank affiliate ID cookied, you will be credited a huge 75% commission.

This was just an example of how the good affiliates promote my own products,
and how I actually promote others’ products.

This has been the best proven way to see real profits from AdWords.

Lets briefly summarize this:
All of what you are about to read in the next paragraph can be done automatically
thanks to the use of an autoresponder, so go get your GetResponse autoresponder
now, as it’s a “must have” tool to succeed with AdWords and with Internet
marketing in general.

You gave something of value to your customer for free, but you got his name and
email address and he was then offered a paid product where:
He could buy the product right away and you get your commission.

He doesn’t buy the product, but he reads the free report (or any product
you gave to him), and he starts to get interested in the paid product that
you offered him, because:
You gave something of value to him, so he’s starting to trust you.

The product you gave him shows how he can start reaching his
goals, so he’s now more confident in buying something from you.

You keep in contact with him through your autoresponder, building
more interest and trust.

He decides to purchase the paid product, and because that product
is good, he is now even more confident in buying from you what you
have to recommend to him.

The next week or so, you send him an email through your
autoresponder offering him another related product, it’s actually
something that could be useful to him, and coincidentally it has
your affiliate link at the bottom of the email.

He has already bought more than once from you, so he knows you
recommend good products, and he is probably almost 100%
confident to buy any product that you recommend to him.

Now, if you automatically do this with thousands of your site’s visitors, you get
ongoing commissions forever, and you’ll be actually helping others to reach their
goals, by recommending them good and useful products.

The more value you give to them, the more you receive their ongoing trust (and
affiliate commissions).

This might sound too simple to be true, but actually this is how simple Internet
marketing is, you just have to treat your customers like persons, not like
Help them as if they were your friends, and you will start seeing great

If you utilize this along with my “beating your minimum bids, keyword selection”
and other methods, you have your AdWords success guaranteed.

Go take a look at the two campaign examples that I’ve created for you.

If you haven’t yet downloaded them, please check your download link on your
email inbox, and get ideas from those campaigns.

Content Network Vs Search Network
Google allows you to show your sponsored ads at the Google search or Google
search partners.
But it also allows you to show your ad in every relevant site that
has AdSense ads.
And you can select whether to appear in both or just one of
those networks.

I don’t recommend you to use both at the same time or you won’t be able to test
your campaigns and they might get messed up.

I always create one campaign for content network and another campaign for
search network.

Most people get lost with this, and this is their main mistake, so here are the
advantages and disadvantages of each network:
• Search Network.
Here your ads tend to get a higher CTR because they
are only shown whenever someone searches at Google or its partner sites
for your keywords.

This is much more targeted than content network, but it is also much more

While search network clicks can cost you $0.
10, content network clicks can
cost you $0.

• Content Network.
Here you get lower cost per clicks, but those clicks
are less targeted than the search network clicks.
However, it’s better to use
this network if your main concern is to build an opt-in list.

You can use this network to build huge opt-in lists at low cost, so that you
can later send backend offers to your subscribers and make long term
profits from it, as shown in chapter 7.

As default, your campaigns have both networks activated, so you must turn one
off, and below is how to do so.

Login to your AdWords account, click your campaign’s checkbox and then click
the “Edit Settings” button.

There you will see the Networks section.
See the next page for an image…
Remember to only select one network per campaign.

If you will create a search network campaign check the first two boxes only, if you
will create a content network campaign then, obviously, check the third box only.

See that the last option says “Content bids”, you don’t need to check it because
you won’t use it, that is only useful when creating a campaign that runs both
content network and search network.

But always stick to one network per campaign so that you can fully optimize it in
order to get great results.

If you run a campaign on both networks, you will get a poor CTR because of the
content network being activated, and it will dramatically hurt your search
network listings, because your Quality Score will drop down causing your
minimum bids to skyrocket and your ad would get the very last positions as a

As an “AdWords Profits 2” customer you receive two campaign examples, one
content network and one search network.
So please take a look at your AdWords
campaigns examples to get a better understanding of this.

If you haven’t downloaded them yet, please see your email inbox, and open the
“thank you for purchasing AdWords Profits 2” message for your download link.

Using PLR And MRR Products
I mostly use Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR)
products to sell them through my squeeze pages that are being promoted with
The main reason of this is that I can create a single payment button
with PayPal and there is no way I get my commission hijacked by my buyers.

Other great things about using MRR and PLR products is that you can give them
away (if the author gives the rights to do so) to build your list as shown in the 7th
And then offer your main product or your affiliate product as an upsell.

A great place to find fresh PLR and MRR content is without doubt the WSO
section of the popular Warrior Forum:
A lot of experienced marketers write new and unique content, they put it together
into a report or an ebook, and sell PLR or MRR through the Warrior Special Offer
section of the Warrior Forum.

By grabbing PLR products, you can call them as your own.
That means editing
the products and putting your name in it as if you were the author.

This is of great help if you are going into a small niche, because you can use these
reports to give them away and place a link inside that those reports that redirects
the reader to a paid product offer where you’ll get a commission as an affiliate.

This chapter was intended to be taught to you by email, but I wanted to touch
upon it here just a little bit.
So in addition you receive more about through email,
since it’s an important and wide topic, but one that needs to be explained in
steps, one at a time.

Stay tuned for emails from me, as I’m going to be explaining to you how to make
the best use of PLR and MRR products.

For now, you can download the AdWords Profits 1 report with MRR, its sales
letter and ecover image from:
You can sell it at any price tag you want or even give it away for free to build your
That report converts very well.
I strongly recommend you to go back to the
first chapter to see how you can make a great use of that report.

Note – The Master Resell Rights are for just for the “AdWords Profits 1” report.

The “AdWords Profits 2” package comes with personal right only, it cannot be
sold or given away.

However, if you want to join my high paying affiliate program and earn huge 75%
commissions on 2 levels, please visit:
In the next chapter you will find a great use for PLR content, and how I used it to
create a product and start profiting from it in less than 1 day.

How I Created A Product In Less Than 1 Day
It all started while browsing at the “Warrior Special Offers” section of the great
and popular “Warrior Forum” that you can join for free at:
Since it is a great source of information on Internet marketing, I usually read and
contribute to it.

Whenever I need good information, articles, products, etc, I always browse their
Warrior Special Offers (WSO) section.

A lot of marketers offer great information, products and services for great prices
or even for free.

So for me, there is no better place to find high quality information at such low
prices than the WSO section of the Warrior Forum.

While I was browsing through their WSO forum, I found a marketer offering 50
private label rights articles on golf and gardening, each package of 10 was sold for
97 if I remember correctly.

I contacted the author of that WSO, asking him if he could give me a better price
if I buy all of his 50 articles at once, and he agreed to sell them all for only $12.

So, for only $12, I got 50 high quality private label rights golf articles.

What I did after was to select the best articles and open Microsoft Word to make
a table of contents with the titles of those 24 articles.
I then copied and pasted the
articles into that Word file, formated the font and size to make it look good and

The result was a high quality 48 page ebook about Golf.

I then used PdfEdit995 (a free PDF converter) to convert the Word document
into a PDF ebook.

So I already had the ebook (spent 10 minutes of work and $12 for high quality

The next step was to create an e-cover image and a quick sales page.

Since I needed a professional e-cover image, I contacted Adam Generale, a
great designer and marktererd.

In 30 minutes, he had my e-cover finished with a high and professional quality.

While he made the ecover image, I was thinking about the sales letter.
I was
confident about the quality of my Golf ebook so I started writing a quick sales
letter using Word again.

After 5 pages I thought it was enough because the ebook was going to be priced
low there was no need to write a lot about it.

Having the ebook, the sales page and the ecover ready.
I bought a $10/year
domain name and uploaded the site to my Web server.

I then added my ebook to a popular marketplace, priced it at $29.
95 and offered
a 60% commission to the affiliates.

In less than one day I had everything ready to cash in.
Within two days I started
getting orders, and each day more and more.
This was thanks to the affiliates
promoting the product for me, since I was paying them a high 60% commission,
they were more than happy by promoting it.

I was enjoying big money coming into my PayPal account with less than 1 day of
work, $22 from my pocket and no need to do any kind of advertising myself.
mean, I didn’t even create an AdWords campaign for this product to start seeing
the money coming in.

So look at the WSO section of the Warrior Forum for high quality content, and
whenever you find it, buy PLR’s to the author and create your own product
(report or ebook) with it, then pay someone such as Adam or find your preferred
designer on the Web to create a professional ecover image for you, then create a
quick sales page.

If you are not good at writing high response sales letters, I highly recommend you
to hire a great, experienced and perfectionist copywriter like Dean Dhuli.
you can contact Dean at:
When you get everything ready, add your product to one of the marketplaces that
I mentioned at the beginning of this ebook, offer good commissions to your
affiliates, then sit back and watch the money come into your account, with no
effort or money involved in any kind of advertising.

Never inflate the price of your product, remember that lower prices often get
higher conversions.

And unless you create your own content and its worth charging more, do it.
not, do not charge more than $30 for your product, this will help you to avoid
refunds as well.

Just let the affiliates do their job, and reward them with high commissions so
they will want to promote your product.

Within a week or even less, you should start seeing orders.
And when more
people and affiliates know about your product, and when you gain a higher
affiliate power score or gravity at ClickBank, even more people will start
promoting and of course, buying it.

So give it time and you will be able to make a full living with just one product if
you do it right.

But you shouldn’t stop there.

Create as many high quality products, following the steps explained above, and
enjoy easy money rolling into your account everyday.

Affiliate Marketing / ClickBank / PayDotCom /
Here is the basic information I told you about in the introduction.
I add this as
not everyone knows the basic concepts.
And I wouldn’t want people telling me
that they don’t understand a thing I’ve told them in this ebook because they
didn’t know the basics.

Affiliate Marketing
Is a system for selling others’ products via a link on your Web site, and earn a
commission for it.

For example, if you have a Web site that talks about online gaming, you could put
a banner that promotes an online gaming store.
If the visitor clicks in the banner
at your site, he will be sent to the online gaming store via your affiliate link.
whenever the visitor makes a purchase at the online gaming store, you will be
credited a commission.

Is the biggest and most trusted electronical products’ retailer.

An example of an electronical product is an ebook, software, membership site,

You can register for a free affiliate ClickBank account at:
ClickBank is the easiest place to find high converting electronical products.

E-products are the easiest you can start selling online, because the customer can
download them instantly after they make their payment.
So there is no shipping,
insurance, stock, etc.

The best thing about info products is that the merchants can pay you a 50% or
even 75% commissions for each sale.
And such high commissions are not always
possible with tangible products.

Is also a great marketplace.
There you can find physical and electronical products
that you can promote and earn big commissions.

I use this service a lot because with it I get my commissions paid directly to my
PayPal account every 15 or 30 days.

You can register for a free PayDotCom account at:
PayDotCom has lower fees than Clickbank, and if you choose to add your own
product to their marketplace, you can do once for free.

It is a marketplace dedicated for low priced electronical products, most of them
are small reports priced at $7.

But the great thing about this marketplace is that you can keep 100% of the
profits for each sale you refer.

You can find these products at:
I promote a lot of these products because they convert so well, and the refunds
are minimal because they are so inexpensive.
They are great to build targeted optin

So now that you understand what affiliate marketing is and that you got your
ClickBank and PayDotCom accounts, is time to create an AdWords account.

If you have no clue on how to create one, please see the next chapter.


Creating A Google AdWords Account
Here is more basic information (how to create your Google AdWords account).

You must first go to http://adwords.
com and click on the “Start now>>”
button to get started.

The next screen will give you an option between two types of accounts, Starter
and Standard.
And since we are going deep into AdWords, select “Standard” and
then click “Continue”.

On the next page, you’ll choose the languages you want to target.
So if you were in
Spain and wanted to target Spanish-speaking Google users, you would select
Google also let’s you target specific countries, specific regions and cities
or even a specified geographic location (such as a 30-mile radius around a certain
street address).

But for now, we’ll select English language and we will target all locations by
clicking on the “Change targeting” link.
The next image shows where:
Then, the next window will open: See the next page…
Select the “Bundles” tab and you’ll see the next window where you’ll need to
scroll down the bundles and select the “All Countries and Territories (Bundle)”

See the next page for an image example…
And then click the “Finished” button below on that window.

You will then be returned to the “Welcome To AdWords” screen, where you’ll
need to click the “Continue >>” button.

Then you will be transferred to the next page (see image below) where you’ll be
asked to create you AdWords ad.

See the next page for an image example…
Fill all the fields with any text and then click the “Continue >>” button.

Because we will change your ad later, for now we just want to continue creating
our Google AdWords account.

After you click “Continue >>” you will be transferred to the next page where
you’ll need to choose your keywords.

See the next page for an image example…
Choose only one keyphrase that you are sure no one will search for it, for example
“sdjfhsfg” (use a different one), then click “Continue >>”.

Inside this ebook you’ll learn how to create effective ads and how to choose the
highest converting keywords that you must only use.
And then we will modify our
ad copy and our keywords.

Now you will be transferred to the next page where you’ll choose your daily
budget and your max CPC (Cost Per Click).

See the next page for an image example…
I highly recommend you set your daily budget to $3.
00 and your Default CPC bid
to $0.
10 for now.

This will prevent you from losing money when starting out a new Google
AdWords campaign.

We will then switch it as needed, but all of this will be explained later.

After you set your budget, click on the “Continue >>” button.

You will then be transferred to a confirmation page.

There you’ll have to click the “Continue to Sign Up >>” button.

On the next page (Set Up Account page), select the option that best describes you.

See the next image…
Fill the form and click on “Create Account >>”.

You will then be transferred to the “Sign-up complete” page.

See the next page…
Go to your email inbox and open the email with the subject “Google AdWords
Account Verification Email”, then click on the confirmation link and you will be
sent to this page:
Click on the “Click here to continue.
” link and you’ll be transferred to the next
See the next image…
Write your email and your Google password, then click on “Sign in”.

You’ll then see your Google AdWords account page where you’ll have to submit
your payment information by clicking the next link (at your account page):
You will then see this page:
Select your country, time zone and promotional code if you have one.

Then click “Continue >>” and you will see this page:
Select your preferred payment method and click “Continue >>”.

On the next page you will have to read and agree to their Terms and Conditions
and click on the “Continue >>” button.

Submit the information they will ask you for and your AdWords account is all

Final Words
Please feel free to use the campaign examples that I gave you, and to put to use
all the knowledge that you’ve gained from this ebook.

I want to hear your success stories.
Nothing would make me happier than
knowing that you were able to start a long term business with AdWords by using
the information that I’ve shared with you here.

But AdWords Profits 2 doesn’t ends here, whenever a change is made to
AdWords or whenever I find a new profitable AdWords strategy, I’ll let you know
it by email.

That is a life-time bonus you get for being my customer.

Lastly, I want to thanks Alex Goad, because I owe a lot of my success to him.

He is not just an amazing Internet marketer, but he is a great guy and friend.
helped me with my project and he is always there whenever I need him.

But that’s just the way he is, always there to help others, and he proves it in his
new, really good and private club called Players With Money, which
unfortunately, the doors closed now.

Stay tuned for free updates about AdWords and much more.