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Legal Disclaimer
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One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Legal Disclaimer ……………………………………………………………………….. 2
Introduction …………………………………………………………………………….. 4
How Much Money Can You Make? ………………………………………………….. 5
Not Yet an Amazon Associate? ……………………………………………………… 6
What You Will Do in One Hour ………………………………………………………. 7
Choose the Right Niche ………………………………………………………………. 9
Setting Up a Strong Blogger Blog ………………………………………………… 13
Find a Product ………………………………………………………………………… 43
Easy Content Template …………………………………………………………….. 45
Before You Apply for Your Amazon Associates Account …………………. 68
Traffic – Two Minutes to Getting Indexed in Google …………………………… 70
See What You Did? ………………………………………………………………….. 78
Scaling it Up ………………………………………………………………………….. 79
Change Up the Post Title Formula ……………………………………………… 79
Target More Expensive Products ……………………………………………….. 79
Improve the Visitor Experience and Traffic …………………………………… 80
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Welcome! My name is Erica Stone and I’m a full time
affiliate marketer. My main focus has been the Amazon
Associate affiliate program for over five years now. I build
websites that feature products other people are selling on
Amazon in exchange for a commission on any sales I
Even with five years of experience under my belt, I remember exactly how
frustrating it was trying to break into this business. Eighty percent of my
energy was spent reading and sorting through the multiple, confusing
explanations of how to get started that I found online, ten percent of my
energy was spent taking misguided action and ten percent of my energy was
spent convincing my husband that this wasn’t a waste of time.
If there’s a mistake to be made, I’ve made it – but those mistakes only
helped me uncover what WORKS.
I want to show you what I wish someone had
shared with me 5 years ago.
I want to show you just how simple it is to get started earning commissions
as an Amazon Associate.
My email address is Erica@extremereviewer.com and can also be found in
the closing section of this book. If you have any questions about what
you’re doing as you follow the instructions below don’t hesitate to contact
me. Just reference “One Hour Marketing” and let me know any questions
you may have.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
How Much Money Can You Make?
Let’s cover a basic explanation of “online affiliate marketing” before we get going.
Online affiliate marketing is the process of helping retailers earn more product sales by creating content online that sends prospective shoppers to those retailers by way of special links in the content in exchange for a commission for each sale generated.
Many large retailers have affiliate programs including Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and Target.
Amazon’s program is by far my favorite of all the retailer affiliate programs for physical products because consumers are so familiar with Amazon that they’re not afraid to click on your links or buy from Amazon’s site. In addition, Amazon pays you a commission not just on the item to which you linked but on (almost) everything else the consumer buys at the same time.
But…you want to know how much you can make as an Amazon Associate, right?
I don’t outsource the work on any of my sites. I don’t have a team of people helping me. I enjoy working alone and on my own terms and schedule. I want you to understand that making a living from the Amazon Associate program does not depend on you having a large operation.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Will you make that much money? That’s up to you. The strategy in this guide is just one of several that I use but it’s one of the easiest and it works. You have to be willing to do the tasks but I’m going to make it as easy for you as possible.
Not Yet an Amazon Associate?
Don’t worry – you can STILL do all the steps in this book even if you’re not yet an Amazon Associate. I have you covered in the instructions so just keep reading. You need a site in order to apply for your Amazon Associates account so follow all the steps and create your site.
NOTE: Residents of the following states are not currently eligible to participate in the Amazon Associates program – Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Missouri, Rhode Island, or Vermont. If you live in one of those states you ARE eligible for the Walmart affiliate program (and other programs where the retailer has both online and brick and mortar stores). Whenever the instructions mention Amazon simply refer to Walmart instead.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
What You Will Do in One Hour
Making money online is a very simple formula – one you’ve probably read before if you’ve spent any time at all trying to do so.
Find a problem – present the solution – get the content in front of the right audience (traffic).
But, Erica, people who want to shop on Amazon don’t have a problem, do they? YES, they do! They’re looking for a product and not finding it so they’re searching Google. You’re going to help them find the right product.
And, yes, the steps in this book can all be done in one hour even if you have no prior experience!
You don’t need any fancy tools, you don’t need to buy anything, you don’t need to hire anyone, and you don’t need any technical website experience.
When you see how simple this is you’re going to want to keep going!
Read through this book and promise yourself you’ll actually follow the instructions.
I’ve laid out every step in such detail that there’s no reason you won’t be able to do this. There’s not a single item left out. Just walk through every,
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
very thorough step and you’re going to walk away with light bulbs going off left and right.
You’re going to walk through the steps to start what I call a “gift site” on a free blog platform.
For the sake of this book, a gift site showcases gifts that all fit a specific niche. You might have a site about “gifts for golfers” or “gifts for teachers”. (Don’t worry – I have a long list of niche ideas for you!)
By using a free blog platform you don’t have to spend anything for hosting or a domain name in order to see if you like this method.
Gift sites are a great strategy because people buy gifts all year long. Certainly there’s lots of gift shopping around the winter holidays but people buy gifts for many other occasions, too – birthdays, weddings, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, graduations, and other special events.
The problem you’re solving is that experienced by people struggling to find a gift idea for someone who is into a certain hobby, profession, or passion.
My husband is a golfer and although – after years of exposure – I understand the equipment and the game I still never know what to get him when I want to buy him something related to golf.
If I were to build a gift site for the golfing niche, my MAIN keyword would become “gifts for golfers”. I’d want the home page of my site to rank for that phrase. To do that, I’d build a site where all the posts had to do with gifts for golfers.
By building up content that is related to my main phrase the home page can eventually rank for the main keyword. In the meantime, all the individual posts will rank for lots of long-tail keywords related to the phrase and bring in their own traffic and sales.
In this book you’ll learn EXACTLY how to:
1. Choose a niche for your gift site
2. Set up a free Blogger blog that:
a. Looks good on desktop AND mobile devices (mobile friendly)
b. Is optimized to rank well in search engines
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
c. Doesn’t reveal your identity even if you’ve connected your Google account to a Google Plus profile
d. Looks nice and clean
3. Find a product to write about
4. Write the content (the words) for that keyword
5. Insert products from Amazon in a way that will improve traffic potential (images will be optimized to rank in Google’s Image search engine, too)
6. Publish your first post
7. Get the post indexed in Google in under 2 minutes
Setting up the site is a one-time event.
After that, you’ll be able to create a new post using this method in less than 15 minutes!
Choose the Right Niche
The best niches for this strategy fall in one of three categories: HOBBY, PROFESSION (when people in that profession are notoriously proud of being in that profession), or PASSION.
Hobby examples would be:
 Sewing
 Crochet
 Baking
 Golf
 Soccer
 Baseball
 Fishing
 Photography
Profession examples would be:
 Teachers
 Lawyers
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
 Mechanics
 Firemen
 Police Officers
Passion examples would be people who love anything to do with:
 Sharks
 Butterflies
 Horses
 Rainbows
 The 80s (the 50s, the 60s, the 70s etc.)
 Opera
 Football (fans not players)
 Soccer (fans not players)
The formula for your main keyword depends on your niche type:
 HOBBY MAIN KEYWORD FORMULA = Gifts for [hobby] OR Gifts for People who [hobby
o Examples:
 Gifts for People who Sew
 Gifts for People who Crochet
 Gifts for Bakers
 Gifts for Golfers
 PROFESSION MAIN KEYWORD FORMULA = Gifts for [profession]
o Examples:
 Gifts for Teachers
 Gifts for Lawyers
 Gifts for Mechanics
 Gifts for Fireman
 PASSION MAIN KEYWORD FORMULA = Gifts for People who Love [passion] OR Gifts for [passion] Lovers
o Examples:
 Gifts for Shark Lovers
 Gifts for People who Love Sharks
 Gifts for Butterfly Lovers
 Gifts for People who Love Butterflies
 Gifts for Horse Lovers
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
It doesn’t matter which version of the phrase you choose for your main keyword – there’s going to be search volume. You don’t have to do any research on the niche or on the search volume. Google will eventually know that your site is a fit for either version of your main keyword.
The BEST niche for YOU is one in which you have a personal interest either because you, yourself, enjoy the hobby or profession or because someone with whom you are close enjoys the hobby or profession. This makes it much easier for you to write the content for the posts (although the posts are short so this isn’t really difficult). However, the more you know about the niche the more likely you are to use words and phrases that are part of the “language” of the niche. Your visitors will relate more easily to your writing.
Here’s a longer list to get you started. Pick one of these niches or come up with your own:
 Gifts for People who Sew
 Gifts for People who Crochet
 Gifts for Bakers
 Gifts for Golfers
 Gifts for Football Players
 Gifts for Football Fans
 Gifts for Soccer Players
 Gifts for Soccer Fans
 Gifts for Baseball Players
 Gifts for Baseball Fans
 Gifts for People who Fish
 Gifts for Photographers
 Gifts for Teachers
 Gifts for Lawyers
 Gifts for Mechanics
 Gifts for Firemen
 Gifts for Policemen
 Gifts for Shark Lovers
 Gifts for Butterfly Lovers
 Gifts for Horse Lovers
 Gifts for People who Love the 50s
 Gifts for People who Love the 60s
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
 Gifts for People who Love the 70s
 Gifts for People who Love the 80s
 Gifts for People who Love the 90s
 Gifts for People who Love Opera
 Gifts for Music Lovers
 Gifts for Doctors
 Gifts for Hunters
 Gifts for Musicians
 Gifts for Engineers
 Gifts for Boaters
 Gifts for Sailors
 Gifts for Softball Players
 Gifts for Tennis Players
 Gifts for Volleyball Players
 Gifts for Basketball Players
 Gifts for Basketball Fans
 Gifts for Cyclists
 Gifts for Outdoorsmen
 Gifts for Giraffe Lovers
 Gifts for People who Love Penguins
 Gifts for Drummers
 Gifts for Firefighters
 Gifts for Knitters
 Gifts for Architects
 Gifts for Car Lovers
 Gifts for Dancers
 Gifts for Truck Drivers
 Gifts for Whiskey Lovers
 Gifts for People who Love Turtles
 Gifts for History Buffs
 Gifts for Swimmers
 Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers
 Gifts for People who Love Frogs
 Gifts for Bowlers ASSIGNMENT: Pick one of the niches above or come up with your own.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Setting Up a Strong Blogger Blog
The least expensive way to get content online is to create a free blog using Google’s Blogger product (also sometimes referred to as Blogspot). This is a great way for beginners to publish content online because it requires no investment in hosting or a domain name.
There are some downsides to using Blogger – the templates (the designs) aren’t always coded to include good on-page ranking factors and while Google is okay with Amazon affiliate links in these blogs you’re at their mercy should they ever change their mind.
Google can also decide to delete your blog with no warning. Eventually you should really build your own site on your own domain however using Blogger will let you try out this strategy for free until you’re more comfortable building your own site.
You should read Blogger’s terms of service before you build a blog with their product. Make sure to adhere to those terms. You can read them here: Blogger Terms of Service.
Here’s how to create a brand new Blogger blog with enhanced on-page search engine optimization so it will rank better in Google. NOTE TO THOSE OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES: Blogspot automatically redirects to a country specific URL for your blog when it is viewed in some countries. When you build your blog and if you live in one of those countries, the domain you see will end in blogspot.[your country code]. However, the .com version is also created and displayed to users in non-country-specific-URL countries. You can read more about why that is here: https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/2402711?hl=en. Once you’ve finished the site set up steps below and IF you want to remove the country redirect, you can follow the instructions here: http://www.labnol.org/internet/prevent-blogger-country-redirection/21031/ but only AFTER you’ve completed my instructions below as I’ll be having you change the Blogger template anyway.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
This may look like a lot of steps but that’s because I’ve included LOTS of screen shots. It’s really nothing more than pushing the right buttons and doesn’t take long at all:
1. Go to http://blogger.com
2. Register for an account with Google if you don’t already have one OR log in with your existing Google account
3. Click the New Blog button
4. Enter a generic title for your blog – DO NOT use your main keyword as the name of your blog. That’s just boring and looks spammy. You’re building something of value so give it a cool name. It should relate to your niche in some way but it really doesn’t matter much. Your individual posts are going to help your site’s home page rank for your main keyword no matter what you call your site. You could do something like Baseball Faves or Butterfly Dreams or Arty Smarty. Make it a name you’d be proud to tell your friends or family. Keep it short, too – otherwise it will be hard for your fans to remember.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
5. In the Address field (under the Title field), enter your chosen title with no spaces and no capital letters followed by “.blogspot.com”. This will be the URL for your blog’s home page. Blogger will tell you if the URL has already been used in which case you’ll need to pick something new for the Title field and try the address field again.
6. Once you have an Address that is available, click on the AWESOME INC design in the Template section and then click the Create Blog button
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
7. Google will try to sell you a domain name – just click the No Thanks button
8. You should now be looking at your blog Overview screen
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
9. Click on Settings in the left sidebar to expand the Settings options
10. Click the Basic link under the Settings section in the left sidebar
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
11. Click the Edit button for the blog Description
12. In the Description field, enter a short, one line description about your site. Don’t over think this – just write something short and sweet like “Great gifts for baseball fans” or “Awesome gifts for people who sew”. Then click the Save Changes button.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
13. Click the Post and Comments link under the Settings section in the left sidebar
14. Where it says “Posts – Show at most” change the number from 7 to 5
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
15. In the Comments section change the “Who Can Comment” field to “Only members of this blog” and change the “Comment Moderation” field to “Never”. This will prevent visitors from being able to comment and will stop any spam. You can always change these settings later as you grow the site and want to allow interaction with your site visitors.
16. Click the Save Settings button in the upper right corner of the screen
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
17. Click on the Layout link in the left sidebar
18. This screen shows the different “gadgets” (or sections) that make up your site – find the About Me gadget in the right sidebar and click the Edit button
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
19. Click the Remove button in the pop up screen and then click the OK button to completely remove this gadget
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
20. Click the Edit link for the Blog Archive gadget in the right sidebar
21. Click the Remove button in the pop up screen and then click the OK button to completely remove the Blog Archive gadget
22. Click the Add a Gadget link in the right sidebar
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
23. Scroll through the list of gadgets and click the + sign next to the Text gadget
24. Put the word “Disclosure” in the Title field for the Text gadget
25. Amazon requires that all Associates put a specific disclosure on their sites. Even if you’re not yet an Amazon Associate, I want you to put this disclosure in the text gadget on your site. That way, when you become an Amazon Associate this step will be covered. Paste the following text into your Text gadget but replace [Name of Your Blog] with the actual name of your blog.
 [Name of Your Blog] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
26. Click the Save button in the text gadget
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
27. Click the Edit button for the Main/Blog Posts gadget
28. Uncheck the boxes for:
a. At: time (we don’t need to show the exact time we published the post and having it just adds an unnecessary link inside our posts to an archive we’re not using)
b. Show Share Buttons (these just add a lot of unnecessary outbound links to our posts and this kind of site only really needs to be shared on Pinterest and that can be done without having the share buttons at the bottom of every post)
c. Location (no reason to show our geographical location in every post)
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
29. Scroll down and click the Save button for the gadget
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
30. Click the Save Arrangement button in the upper right corner of the screen
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
31. Click the Template link in the left sidebar
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
32. Click the Customize button under the preview of your blog
33. Click the Adjust Widths option
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
34. Move the top slider to the right to make the Entire Blog width 1200px
35. Click the Apply to Blog button
36. Click the Advanced link on the left
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
37. Make sure you’re on the Page tab of the design tool
38. Scroll through the font styles and click on one you like – I prefer Cuprum
39. Click the arrow next to the font size and click a larger font size. You want your post font to be easy to read. I prefer 16px for the Cuprum font style.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
40. Click the little arrow next to the font color and select black – black is easier to read on a white background
41. Click the Apply to Blog button to save your changes
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
42. Click the Back to Blogger link
43. Click the Edit HTML button under your blog preview
44. In a different tab in your browser go to this URL: http://www.extremereviewer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Awesome-Inc-Theme-SEO-Edits.txt (That link brings up a text file that contains new code for your Blogspot Awesome Inc template which has been edited to improve the on-page search engine optimization of your site – there’s nothing in this new code that is unethical or malicious. There are no Google violations in this code. I’ve only changed some of the CSS styling, changed how the theme handles post titles to use proper SEO tags, and changed the post author name to “The Editor” so it won’t link to your Google Plus profile.)
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
45. Copy EVERYTHING in that text file – make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of that file so you don’t miss a single character
46. Open a notepad file on your own computer and paste the code you copied from that URL into your blank notepad file
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
47. Click the Edit and then the Replace button in Notepad
48. Put MY blog title in the first box (Sweet Posey) and YOUR blog name in the second box (you want to replace the name of my blog in the code with the name of your blog)
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
49. Click the Replace All button to swap out the name of my blog in the file for the name of your blog
50. Click the Edit and then the Select All options in Notepad to highlight everything in your Notepad file
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
51. Click Edit and Copy in your Notepad file to copy EVERYTHING in the file
52. Go back to the Blogger screen and highlight EVERYTHING in the default file and delete it
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
53. Put your cursor at the start of the empty box and paste in what you copied from your Notepad file
54. Click the Save Template button (it might be hiding a bit under your content box)
55. Right click on the View Blog button and open your blog in a new tab in your browser – make sure everything looks good (no funny characters or things that overlap or look out of place). If it doesn’t look right you may need to go back to Templates/Edit HTML and copy the text file back into the file field, save the template and check again. The tiniest missing character can cause an issue. If things still don’t look right go back to step #44 and start over.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
56. Once you’ve confirmed your blog looks fine, click the Template link again in the left sidebar
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
57. Click the Settings icon under the Mobile preview of your blog
58. Click the little down arrow for the “Choose Mobile Template” box and then click on the Custom option at the bottom of the list
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
59. Click the Save button – this will apply all the changes in the new XML file to the mobile view of your blog, too
The foundation of your site is now in place and you won’t have to do these steps again in the future.
If you change to a different template in the future you’ll lose the customization built into the file I had you install. You can, however, change fonts in the Template/Customize section of the blog dashboard without any negative impact to the file. ASSIGNMENT: Create your Blogger blog using the steps above.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Find a Product
You’re going to start by creating single posts on your blog that each feature one product on Amazon.
You don’t have to write more than 5 sentences. Amazon is fine with short posts as long as the writing is UNIQUE. Don’t copy material from Amazon or any other site.
Google is okay with short posts, too, as long as the content is USEFUL.
I’ll show you how to meet both requirements easily but first, we have to find a product to include on the site.
The product needs to be something your niche would love. If you’re doing a hobby niche, don’t pick expensive gear that goes with the hobby.
The equipment for a hobby is so integral to the hobby that the person someone is shopping for either already has what they need or knows what they want.
Later you can add detailed, quality reviews of expensive hobby equipment to help people who are researching reviews on the equipment but, for now, we want to focus on gifts that celebrate or recognize the love for the hobby, profession or passion.
Think t-shirts, key chains, license plate frames, wall art, sweatshirts, books, car accessories, etc.
For a golfer, a great gift for this post might be a case that holds collectible golf balls. For a teacher, a great gift for your post might be a t-shirt that says “World’s Greatest Teacher”. For someone who loves to sew you might look for a great book of new patterns or earrings in the shape of small sewing machines.
Before you start worrying that you won’t make much selling small items like these, remember that you’re going to make a commission not only on whatever someone buys after clicking your affiliate link but anything else they buy through Amazon at the same time.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
I’ve had sales where the person bought a small, $50 item I was promoting and then went on to buy 50 hard cover medical books. The total value of the books was over $1000 and that was a huge commission! Plus, as I mentioned, you can expand your site later to include other kinds of posts targeting more expensive products. We’re just starting nice and easy.
To find a product for your first post:
1. Go to Amazon.com
2. Type in a word for your niche (examples: sewing, golf, horse, butterfly, teacher, etc.)
3. Go through the products that come up and see if you find something that would make a great gift for your niche. If you don’t see something you’re comfortable meets your needs then look at the list of related departments on the left hand side and click on a department you think might have something more gift-like. If you see Clothing, Accessories, or a Jewelry department listing, look in those to find something.
a. You can also try doing a search in Amazon for “love [niche]” (without quotes)
i. Example: love crochet
ii. Example: love golf
iii. Example: love golfing
iv. Example: love knitting
b. You can also do a search in Google Images for the phrase “for [niche] site:amazon.com” (without quotes) and find product images where the text mentions that it’s for your niche
i. Example: for people who crochet site:amazon.com
ii. Example: for golfers site:amazon.com
iii. Example: for football fans site:amazon.com
iv. Example: for butterfly lovers site:amazon.com
4. When you find something that would make a great gift, click on the product to open the product page in Amazon. Keep your browser tab on that product page ASSIGNMENT: Find a product on Amazon that would make a great gift for your niche.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Easy Content Template
You’ve chosen your niche, created your blog and found a product to promote.
Now, it’s time to create and publish the first post on your blog. Many beginning affiliate marketers worry over what to write and struggle with this part of the process but I’ve included an outline that makes this easy.
In addition, the code I had you use for your blog removed any reference to your name that might be associated with your Google profile. No one (except Google) is going to know who created your blog or wrote the post unless you tell them. No one is going to laugh at you or judge you and you can always revise your written content later. Just give it a try!
When you get to the guidelines on writing your content pretend you’re just writing an email to a friend or family member. This makes your writing more natural and – often – makes it easier to write because you feel less pressured to be perfect.
Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re only going to write a few sentences. You can do that, right? You do want to make sure you check your spelling and grammar but don’t stress out about what people are going to think about your writing. Consumers are just going to be glad they found a post that helps them find something they’re looking to buy.
Two notes to guide your writing:
1. Don’t copy content from anywhere. Write your own words. Your content must be unique in order to do really well in Google.
2. Don’t use the words in your keyword too many times. That not only sounds unnatural (if you say “t-shirt” over and over when you only have a few sentences of content it just sounds over-done and unnatural). Google also doesn’t like that because it looks like you’re trying too hard to rank for a specific keyword.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
There are two sets of instructions below depending on whether or not you are already an Amazon Associate.
If you already have an Amazon Associate account, follow the instructions below.
If you don’t yet have an Amazon Associates account then click here to jump to your instructions: NOT YET AN AMAZON ASSOCIATE INSTRUCTIONS
1. Log into your Amazon Associates account so you can add your new blog to your account settings:
a. Click on Account Settings and then click the “Edit your website list” link and add blogspot.com as one of your domains (Amazon won’t take the longer URL for your blog so all you can do when using Blogger is to enter “blogspot.com” instead of the full URL to your blog’s home page)
2. Click on Account Settings again and select the option to “Manage your tracking IDs” so you can add a new tracking ID that will be unique to this blog (that way you’ll know which site is generating sales in case you have more than one site)
a. Click the button to add a tracking ID
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
b. Give the tracking ID a short name that relates to your site so you’ll be able to tell which site is generating the clicks on your Amazon links and then click the Search button
c. Amazon will automatically create a new tracking ID using the words you entered – it may add additional characters to the end of the word if it that exact phrase is not available. Make a note of the final tracking ID that was generated by Amazon.
3. Go back to your Blogger dashboard and click the option to add a new post (depending on what Blogger screen you’re on you may see a different button or link for a new post than what’s in the image below – if you don’t see any option to start a new post then click on the link in the upper left corner for My Blogs and look for the new post button next to the name of the blog you just created)
4. Give the post a title – the formula for this post’s title is: ADJECTIVE + SHORT DESCRIPTION + Gift for [NICHE]
a. Work in an adjective or two at the start of the post title – DO NOT use the product name from Amazon as the exact title of your post. Amazon is already trying to rank their page for that title so why try to beat them? Instead, think
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
of other ways to describe the product. Consumers search with adjectives: “small Chihuahua figurine”, “pink t-shirt for nurses with funny quote”, “brass framed inspirational photo”, “extra-large coffee mug”. By working an adjective or two into the post title you’ll rank better for related, long-tail search words in Google.
b. After your adjectives, tack on a short description of the product – “Women’s T-Shirt”, “Coffee Mug”, “Motivational Poster”, “Keychain”
c. Put the words “Gift for [your niche]” at the end of the title
i. Example final post title might be: Aqua Cotton I Love T-Shirt Gift for People who Crochet (the words “aqua” and “cotton” were my adjectives, the words “I Love T-Shirt” describe the product, then I added “gift for people who crochet” to represent my niche)
5. Put your post title in the title field at the top of the post editor screen
6. Click the Options tab in the right sidebar
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
7. In the Reader Comments section click the Don’t Allow button, in the Compose Mode section click the Interpret Typed HTML button, and then click the Done button
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
8. By default, Blogger puts you in the Compose editing screen when you create a new post. We want to use the HTML editing screen instead so that we can format our post in a specific way. So, click on the HTML tab in the post editor.
9. This will change how the post editing screen looks by removing some of the formatting options. Your screen should look like this:
10. In another tab in your browser, go to this URL and copy all of the text in that file: http://www.extremereviewer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Blogger-Post-Code.txt
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
11. Go back to Blogger and paste the code into the post content box
12. Inside the code are some spots marked with pairs of XXs. You need to replace all of those spots with the right information for your product like this:
a. The first spot to replace is: XXAFFILIATELINKXX. You need to get your affiliate link from Amazon and paste it into that space. To get your affiliate link from Amazon:
i. If you have Site Stripe enabled, click the Link to This Page link in Site Stripe. If you don’t have Site Stripe enabled then, in your Amazon Associates dashboard, go to Settings and click the option to manage Site Stripe. Turn on Site Stripe and go back to the product page for the product you want to include in your post. Click the “Link to this page” link in Site Stripe:
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
ii. Use the drop down box to select the tracking ID you created for this site
iii. Click the Image Only tab (some products don’t have an Image Only tab – that makes it harder to get the product image for this style of post – if you run into
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
this you might look for a different product to promote)
iv. Amazon provides your affiliate link and the link to the product image inside some HTML code but we don’t want to use their HTML. We want to use our own HTML so we can add some things – an image alt tag to help with ranking the image in Google Image searches, a larger product image, and a buy button. So, we’re only going to grab the URLs we need from the code and NOT the whole code. Copy JUST your affiliate link URL from the code. The affiliate link is the first URL that follows the “href” at the start of the code. Highlight that URL only and copy it:
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
v. Go back to your Blogger post, highlight the spot marked for your affiliate link and paste the link from Amazon in that spot (be careful to leave the quotation marks around the XXAFFILIATELINKXX line in place – just replace the XXAFFILIATELINKXX phrase):
b. The second spot to replace is: XXIMAGEALTTAGXX. An alt tag is a phrase you use to describe an image so that search engine bots know what is actually shown in the image. With a good image alt tag, search engines can include images in image searches. This means you can rank your post in web searches and also rank your post by way of the image in image searches. To replace this, copy your post title and paste it into that spot but remove any symbols or characters from the alt tag. Don’t include quotations around phrases inside your post title (it interrupts the code) – don’t include periods, exclamation points, commas, or apostrophes. Search engines will still be able to read the information:
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
c. The third spot to replace is: XXAMAZONIMAGEURLXX. We want to get the URL for the product image from Amazon and put it in this spot. To get the Amazon image URL go back to Amazon and look for the first ‘src=” in the affiliate code box. The URL that follows is the product image URL. It looks like this:
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
i. Back in Blogger, highlight the spot marked XXAMAZONIMAGEURLXX and replace it with the image URL from Amazon (make sure to leave the quotation marks before and after the XXAMAZONIMAGEURLXX in place):
ii. This next part gets a little tricky but inside that image URL from Amazon is a number that defines the size of the image. We want to make the image larger than what Amazon gave us in the code. You need to find that number and replace it with the number 500 so the image will be 500px wide. The number inside the URL almost always follows the letters SL:
iii. Leave the SL in place (sometimes this is SX or another pair of letters) and replace just the number after it with the number 500 like this (be very careful not to delete any of the other characters in the URL):
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
d. The next spot to replace is: XXSENTENCE#1XX. Highlight that spot and replace it with a sentence you write that introduces the product to the reader and include your post title in the sentence:
i. Example: I heart this aqua, cotton “I Love” t-shirt gift for people who crochet!
e. The next spot to replace is: XXSENTENCE#2AND#3XX. Highlight that spot and replace it with two sentences that further describe the product in your own words. The content MUST be unique. I’ve confirmed with Amazon that short posts are fine as long as the content is unique. Obviously you may have some of the same words (a mug is a mug is a mug) just describe the product DETAILS in your own words.
i. Example: It’s 100% cotton and comes in other colors, too. The message on the front uses a beautiful, black font and is detailed with a pink heart with a white trim that resembles a sewn stitch.
f. The next spot to replace is: XXSENTENCE#4AND#5XX. Highlight that spot and replace it with two sentences that tell people why this product is fun or appropriate for your niche.
i. Example: We who crochet love to talk about our craft and a shirt like this opens the door for more discussion. It’s fun, colorful, and the design is really unique.
g. Your content box should look something like this:
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
h. Click on the Preview button to see what your post will look like when it is live and make sure everything looks okay. It should look something like this:
i. When you’re done checking the post, click the Publish (or Update) button to the right – a pop up box may appear asking if you want to share your new post on Google+. I usually hit the Cancel button on that box as I don’t have Google+ followers who would be interested in my affiliate marketing posts.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
j. Your post is now live and you can click the View link under the post title in your list of published posts to see how it looks:
k. Both the image and the buy button will be clickable and are linked to Amazon with your affiliate link. You can check this by hovering over the product image or buy button and checking to see that your affiliate link is showing in the lower left corner of your browser:
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
ASSIGNMENT: Publish your first post.
You did it! Your first post is published! Click this link to jump ahead to the next task: Getting Indexed in Google.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
1. In your Blogger dashboard, click the option to add a new post. Depending on what Blogger screen you’re on you may see a different button or link for a new post than what’s in the image below. If you don’t see any option to start a new post then click on the link in the upper left corner for My Blogs and look for the new post button next to the name of the blog you just created.
2. Give the post a title – the formula for this post’s title is: ADJECTIVE + SHORT DESCRIPTION + Gift for [NICHE]
a. Work in an adjective or two at the start of the post title – DO NOT use the product name from Amazon as the exact title of your post. Amazon is already trying to rank their page for that title so why try to beat them? Instead, think of other ways to describe the product. Consumers search with adjectives: “small Chihuahua figurine”, “pink t-shirt for nurses with funny quote”, “brass framed inspirational photo”, “extra-large coffee mug”. By working an adjective or two into the post title you’ll rank better for related, long-tail search words in Google.
b. After your adjectives, tack on a short description of the product – “Women’s T-Shirt”, “Coffee Mug”, “Motivational Poster”, “Keychain”
c. Put the words “Gift for [your niche] at the end of the title
i. Example final post title might be: Aqua Cotton I Love T-Shirt Gift for People who Crochet (the words “aqua” and “cotton” were my adjectives, the words “I Love T-Shirt” describe the product, then I added “gift for people who crochet” to represent my niche)
3. Put your post title in the title field at the top of the post editor screen
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
4. Click the Options tab in the right sidebar
5. In the Reader Comments section click the Don’t Allow button, in the Compose Mode section click the Interpret Typed HTML button, and then click the Done button
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
6. Put your cursor in the content box
7. Write one sentence that introduces the product to the reader and include your post title in the sentence:
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
i. Example: I heart this aqua, cotton “I Love” t-shirt gift for people who crochet!
8. Write two sentences that further describe the product in your own words. The content MUST be unique. I’ve confirmed with Amazon that short posts are fine as long as the content is unique. Obviously you may have some of the same words (a mug is a mug is a mug) just describe the product DETAILS in your own words.
i. Example: It’s 100% cotton and comes in other colors, too. The message on the front uses a beautiful, black font and is detailed with a pink heart with a white trim that resembles a sewn stitch.
9. Write two sentences that tell people why this product is fun or appropriate for your niche.
i. Example: We who crochet love to talk about our craft and a shirt like this opens the door for more discussion. It’s fun, colorful, and the design is really unique.
10. Your content box should look something like this:
11. Since you’re not yet an Amazon Associate, you can’t use their product images. You can, though, link to Amazon with a straight (non-affiliate) URL so people could find the product on Amazon. Go back to your browser tab that has the Amazon product page open and copy the link address for the product page
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
12. Back in Blogger, highlight a couple of words in your first sentence that describe the product
13. Click the Link button in the toolbar
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
14. Paste the URL from Amazon into the Web Address field, check the box to add ‘rel=nofollow’ attribute to the link and click the OK button
15. Click on the Preview button to see what your post will look like when it is live
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
16. It should look something like this:
17. When you’re done checking the post, click the Publish (or Update) button to the right – a pop up box may appear asking if you want to share your new post on Google+. I usually hit the Cancel button on that box as I don’t have Google+ followers who would be interested in my affiliate marketing posts.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
18. Your post is now live and you can click the View link under the post title in your list of published posts to see how it looks:
ASSIGNMENT: Publish your first post.
You did it! Your first post is published!
Before You Apply for Your Amazon Associates Account
You can use this blog to apply for your Amazon Associates account but you should beef it up with more content first. You should have at least 5 product posts using the instructions above AND add at least 5 more posts that do not link to Amazon.
Here are 2 kinds of posts you can include to make up those additional 5 posts:
1. If you have a personal interest in the niche you chose, write a post about how you got interested in this niche. You can insert your own images into the posts, too, for visual interest. Just use the “insert image” icon in the post editor toolbar.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
2. Find a video on YouTube that’s related to your niche and write a post about that video and why people in your niche would like it. You can click on the “insert video” icon in the post editor toolbar to embed a YouTube video in your post.
Once you have ten posts on your site using this strategy, apply for your Amazon Associates account here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/join/landing/main.html.
Once you’re approved for an Amazon Associate’s account, go back and edit all of your previously published posts and refer to the instructions for those who have an Amazon Associates account to insert the images and affiliate links into your published posts.
ASSIGNMENT (if you don’t yet have an Amazon Associates account): Publish 4 more product posts and 5 additional posts and then apply for your Amazon Associate account. Once approved, go back to your previously published posts and follow the instructions for those who have an Amazon Associate account to insert images and affiliate links into your posts.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Traffic – Two Minutes to Getting Indexed in Google
Publishing the post is only the first step in getting your content in front of your target audience.
Until Google finds your post and indexes it in their database, no one can find your post.
Fortunately, Google offers webmasters an online tool to use for notifying Google of new content. Using this tool will almost always result in your post getting indexed in Google within a couple of minutes. Cool, right? This means your content can start working for you right away!
Before you can use this tool you need to add your blog to a Google Webmaster Tools (now called Google Search Console) account.
To add the site to your Google Webmaster Tools account:
1. Log into Google Webmaster Tools or create a Google Webmaster Tools account here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/
2. Click the Add A Property button
3. Put the URL for your site’s home page in the URL field and click the Continue button
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
4. You should see a confirmation message that your site has been added and are now on the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard for your site
5. Click the Crawl link in the left sidebar
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
6. Click the Sitemaps option under the Crawl section
7. Click the Add/Test Sitemap button to the right of the dashboard
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
8. Put ‘sitemap.xml’ in the sitemap field and click the Submit button
You only have to do the above one time. Google will now provide information about your blog and knows how to find your sitemap to help them crawl your site and find your new posts.
However, if we wait for Google to crawl the site, it could take a few days to a week or more for them to include your post in their index. A post can only rank in search engines once it is indexed.
If you do a search in Google for your new post by entering the post URL in the search box and see that your URL does not come up in search results then the post is not indexed:
So, let’s use Google’s special tool for Webmasters to get the post indexed right away so it can start working for us!
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
At 4:56am, my new post is not indexed. Let’s see how long it takes to get the post indexed.
1. Click on Fetch as Google in the left sidebar of your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
2. Google pre-populates the beginning of your post URL so you only have to enter the last portion (after the .com/) of your post URL in the URL box and then click the Fetch button
3. You should see the URL show up in the data section along with a green checkmark showing that it was submitted. Click the Submit to Index button to the right of the Status column
4. Check the box to ‘Crawl only this URL’ and then click the Go button
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
5. Go back to Google and search again for your post by the URL and you should see the URL now shows up in the search results (if it doesn’t show up right away, wait a couple of minutes and check again)
Look at that! At 4:56am my new post was not in the Google index but by using Google Fetch it was in the index by 4:58am – 2 minutes to get a new post in the index!
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Just because the post has been indexed doesn’t mean it ranks on the first page of Google yet. It simply means that Google knows the post exists and can start working on where it should rank.
However, a good test to find out what Google thinks about your post is to search for the post by your post title. By 5:09am I’m in the #1 position in Google for my new post when I search for it using the post title:
That’s a great sign!
I’m not trying to fool you – I know there aren’t a lot of people searching for “aqua cotton I love t-shirt for people who crochet”. However, this is just a start. As the post ages, it can rank for shorter phrases that will get more search activity such as “aqua crochet t-shirt” or even “crochet t-shirt”.
On one of my gift sites a post a very long title ranks #2 in Google for a 3 word search phrase that gets more traffic – as well as ranking for 15 other phrases. That’s why these short posts can work. They’re targeted, they bring in traffic for multiple variations of your post title words, and they very nicely display a great product match with an obvious call to action button Amazon.
It just takes time. Your rankings will improve. You’ll rank first for very long-tail phrases and start to move up in Google for shorter, related keywords which means more traffic and more sales for each post.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
You should use the Google Fetch process every time you publish a new post. Eventually, Google will crawl your site automatically within minutes of you publishing a new post and then you can stop using Google Fetch.
ASSIGNMENT: Add your site to Google Webmaster Tools, submit your site’s sitemap and use Google Fetch to get your first post indexed in Google.
See What You Did?
It’s hard to tell with all the detail outlined in the instructions just exactly how this works out to a one hour strategy but here’s the outline of what you’ve accomplished above:
1. Chose a niche – 10 minutes
2. Created a search-engine-optimized, free Blogger blog – 15 minutes
3. Found a product for your niche on Amazon – 5 minutes
4. Wrote 5 sentences about the product – 10 minutes
5. Published a new post using your written content and linking to a product on Amazon – 5 minutes
6. Got the post indexed in Google – 5 minutes
Total: 50 minutes (and that included creating the blog and submitting your blog’s sitemap to Google which you only have to do once!)
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Scaling it Up
To continue growing your site you simply repeat the process for adding a new post to the Blogger blog you already created. You only need to build a new blog if you want to build one for a different niche.
This strategy requires that you create a LOT of posts. Your income will be in direct proportion to the number of posts you create.
Change Up the Post Title Formula
Don’t use the same post title formula every time. You don’t want to put the word “gift” or the phrase “gift for [your niche]” in every post title.
Here are two additional post title formulas you should alternate into your strategy:
o This leaves out the word “gift” and the phrase “for [niche]”
o Example: Aqua Cotton “I Love Crochet” T-Shirt
o This uses a synonym for your niche so you target other terms people use when searching for gifts in your niche
o Example: Aqua Cotton “I Love” T-Shirt for Crocheters
See how those examples changed from the original post example title “Aqua Cotton “I Love” T-Shirt for People who Crochet”?
Target More Expensive Products
Different kinds of keywords and more expensive products require a different approach for your post content. I use the Ninja Reviews strategy to create detailed reviews when promoting more expensive products for higher commissions in my niche. That method is used to target “reviews” keywords. Doing review posts is one of the most consistent, highly converting post types in my arsenal. If done correctly, a single review post can earn more than $10,000.
One Hour Amazon Affiliate Marketing 2015
© Erica Stone
Improve the Visitor Experience and Traffic
Once you have lots of posts you might look at using post Labels (a Blogspot feature) to organize your posts into categories, customize a navigation menu to make it easier for visitors to find related posts by category, add a custom header image), and drive more traffic from social sites (Pinterest Pinplosion can work for this kind of site, too, for example).
Keep adding new posts and you’ll soon become a source of excellent gift ideas for your niche and will rank for multiple phrases per post!
Erica Stone
Amazon Expert at Online Business Insiders

Affiliate Hacks For Beginners

Affiliate Hacks For Beginners
Strategy #1: Siphoning Search Engine Traffic
Search engine traffic is one of the hottest traffic you can
possibly generate. Instead of marketing to cold leads, these
prospects are actively looking for us.
Think about it…
If someone was to type into Google a specific search query a
nd your website appeared on the first page of the search res
ults, because your site is relevant to what the prospect is
looking for, just how targeted would that be?
Not to mention that once the site is completely set up, we’r
e talking about free traffic on complete autopilot.
In this first strategy, I’m going to show you how to set up
these sites properly, so that you can rank for specific keyw
ords and make some very easy affiliate commissions.
Now, as promised, I’m going to walk you through each strateg
y from A-Z. So, if you already know how to build a website,
feel free to skip this next section.
Fundamentals to building your website
There are only two things that you need, when it comes to bu
ilding your website: a domain name and a hosting server.
A domain name is just the name or address of your website, w
hile a hosting server is an online server, where you save an
d host all your data.
I personally use Godaddy.com and NameCheap.com to register m
y domain names, and Host Gator and Traffic Planet for hostin
For this first strategy, I recommend going with Host Gator,
because we’re dealing with low volume traffic review sites,
for which shared hosting will be adequate.
However, when you purchase your hosting server, you will be
offered different add-on features at the checkout. I persona
lly think that these aren’t necessary and you won’t need the
m, so I suggest you skip all that and only pay for the hosti
ng package you selected.
When it comes to registering your domain name, I highly sugg
est you come up with a domain name that is relevant to the p
roduct you want to promote. Ideally, you want your prospect
to know exactly what your site is about, even before they cl
ick on it. That’s why I recommend going with a niche specifi
c name like “OnlineHealthProducts.com”.
Domain names like “ProductXReview.com” with the actual produ
ct name in the domain can very easily be over optimized, bec
ause Google may see this as keyword stuffing, since you are
going to use your keyword (in this case, “ProdcutX Review”)
in your actual review article as well. This in turn will res
ult in you getting penalized. So stay clear of that!
I like choosing a niche specific name for your website, beca
use you can literally repeat this
strategy over and over again with different affiliate offers
in the same niche using the same website. For instance, if
your website is “DogTrainingProductsReviews.com”, you can wr
ite reviews on multiple products and publish them on your si
You can get quite creative with domain names, especially if
what you initially wanted has already been taken. So for exa
mple, if “DogTrainingProductsReviews.com” was already taken,
you could simply purchase the domain name with a different
suffix like ‘.org’, ‘.info’, ‘.net’, and so on.
Generally though, I like to stick with ‘.com’, because I fin
d that this gives me more credibility. You could also make s
ubtle changes to the domain name, like:
 DogsTrainingProductsReviews.com
 DogTrainingProductReview.com
 DogTrainingProductsReviewed.com
 DogsTrainingProductReviewed.com
 Dogs-Training-Product-Review.com
 Dogs-Training-Products-Reviews.com
 And so on.
The more words you add to your domain name, the more combina
tions and permutations you can come up with.
You can also use substitutes like “2” instead of “two” or “t
o”. I think you get the point!
Once you have a domain name and a hosting server, all you ne
ed to do next is to point the name servers over to your host
ing and install Word Press.
This is actually a very simple process and I have shot a vid
eo for you to make it easier to follow.
 Simply click on the thumbnail below to watch the video.
Once you have your website all set up and Word Press install
ed, the next step is to follow this 5-step process:
1. Get a hold of the affiliate product you’re promoting if p
2. Write a quality review/tutorial/walk-through article
3. Add “Extras” to enhance ranking and reader engagements
4. Target additional “Low Competition” keywords
5. Write additional 10 posts on related topics
I know that some of you may think that this is a lot of work
, but trust me; it’s not at all. In fact, you can set this a
ll up in a matter of hours. I know writing may be a daunting
task to a lot of people, but once you get started and see t
he simple structure that you have to follow, it’s literally
a piece of cake!
1. Get a hold of the affiliate product you’re promoting if p
So let’s say you’re promoting an affiliate product called “P
roductX” created by someone called “Bob Doe”. The first step
is to reach out to Bob and ask him, if it is possible for y
ou to get a review copy. Most product creators are more than
happy to give review copies to affiliates, because the trut
h is they rely on affiliates to bring in the sales.
Just reach out to them politely and tell them you’re going t
o promote for them. Tell them that you would like a review c
opy first to see, if it’s something you can approve of.
(IMPORTANT: You can definitely make sales from promoting jun
k products, but just understand that the refunds can be quit
e high and you may lose all your credibility. Simply put, I
just don’t think it’s worth your effort!)
Another option is to purchase the product yourself, so you c
an gain a full understanding of what it is about. This is th
e best option, if you want your product review to stand out,
because having gone through the product yourself, you are a
ble to describe the best features of the product in more det
ail compared to your competitors, who are simply rewriting o
ther people’s reviews.
Keep in mind that finding a quality product to promote is im
portant. To look for affiliate digital products you can go t
o marketplaces like ClickBank.com or JVZoo.com and check out
the top selling products in different niches.
Make sure you always check out the sales page of the product
that you choose to promote and critically analyse it. Simpl
y put yourself into your prospect’s shoes and ask yourself,
if you would buy the product after watching or reading the s
ales page. If your answer is ‘No’, then it is very likely th
at your prospects won’t buy it either.
A good tip is to sort the products on Clickbank by Gravity s
core. This is a performance score that basically tells you h
ow many affiliates have been making money promoting a certai
n product in the past 12 weeks. However, keep in mind though
that a higher gravity score may also mean more competition.
After you have gained a sound understanding of what the prod
uct is about and how it can benefit buyers, the next step is
to write a review about it. The reason for this is, because
only a small portion of people will actually buy the produc
t on the first go. The majority of them will always look for
additional information about the product before making the
decision to buy. That’s where we come in and rake in the sal
2. Write a quality review/tutorial/walk-through article
The review article should be long enough for you to cover th
e following points. Generally, I find that a review of 1,000
-1,500 words is really decent. Having that said, the length
of your article may vary, but try to keep it at least 500 wo
rds long.
What is important is that you make your article easy to read
and include all the relevant information your prospect is l
ooking for.
This is what you want to cover in the review:
1. Who is the creator/owner of the product and why should yo
u trust them? (This gives the product more weight and credib
– Has the creator launched other products in the past?
– Do they have a long track record of industry experience or
other personal successes?
– When was the product created?
2. Tell them that you have gone through the product, so your
review is based on personal experience.
– People want to read reviews from others, who have actually
bought or used the product.
3. What is the format of the product?
– E.g. 52-page PDF, Video Series, Audio-Book, Membership Sit
e, Personal Coaching, Downloadable Cheat Sheets and so on.
4. What is the actual product about and what does it include
– What problem can the product help solve?
– E.g. step-by-step instructions on how to toilet train your
puppy. The product may include an eBook and video training,
but also access to an active forum on which members can get
ongoing support and discuss issues relating to their pet.
5. Who is the product intended for and is it actionable?
– E.g. is the product newbie friendly, or does it require an
intermediate level of technical skills?
6. Pros and Cons of the product.
– Make sure you start with the pros, because you don’t want
the reader to leave your site by starting with the cons.
– If you run out of pros and cons to talk about, remember th
at a lot of the time, a positive feature can easily be turne
d into a negative one and vice versa.
– E.g. the great detail covered by a product may be a good
thing, but on the other hand, this can mean that it will tak
e readers a long time to get through the product.
7. Call to action to buy from your affiliate links
– Tip: Most review sites just have their affiliate link scat
tered everywhere without a strong call to action. You want t
o stand out and offer bonuses or even just tell them upfront
to click on your link to purchase.
– The call to action concludes your product review. You must
not forget to specifically ask your reader to click the but
ton at the bottom of your review.
– Remember that your ultimate goal is for them to buy the pr
oduct through your link. So make sure to tell them to click
the button! Don’t be afraid to close the sale!
If your review article includes all the 7 points discussed a
bove, it should be more than enough for you to make commissi
ons. However, to further make more sales and enhance ranking
, you need to add in some “Extras”.
Quick tips on writing the review article:
 Use active language over passive language. This will make
your article sound more conversational and helps build rappo
rt with your reader. An example of active language is “This
product teaches you how to earn money online”. An example of
passive language is “You will be taught how to make money o
nline”. Note how in the active version of the sentence, ther
e is an emphasis on WHO or WHAT that carries out the action.
 Add descriptive adjectives but do not use big fancy, flamb
oyant words that your reader might not understand. Use a lot
of adjectives and emotive words in your writing.
 Wherever you can, add your own twist to the article. Make
your personality shine through your article!
 A good way to start the first paragraph of the article is
through rhetorical questions that immediately engage the rea
 Essentially, the review article is a little piece of persu
asive writing. As such you really need to work on building a
good relationship with your reader. A useful trick is to us
e a lot of personal pronouns such as “you” and “I”, but also
more inclusive ones like “us”, “we” and “ours”.
 Keep your paragraphs short. For instance, when you highlig
ht the top benefits of the product, the paragraph may get to
o long and chunky. In such case, break it into two paragraph
s. Ideally, your paragraphs should be roughly the same size.
This will make it pleasing to the eye and easy to read.
 Subheadings are useful to break up your article and struct
ure it. This is also helpful because some readers do not lik
e to read every word you have written, but only skim through
the subheadings to see what is of interest to them.
 Keep sentences short. You want to sound conversational rat
her than dry and didactic.
 You want your review to be engaging. Avoid a sales pitch a
t all cost. Instead, try to come across as honest and friend
 Promote the product with an air of authority and
confidence. This may put you off at first, but consider this
: If you have bought and gone through the product yourself,
you have studied it enough to be an expert on the product. E
ven if you only got to know the product through other people
’s reviews, you still know more about it than the large majo
rity of people out there.
Building up your confidence is important because it will sho
w through your writing. And, of course, if you sound confide
nt, your readers are going to trust you more.
3. Add “Extras” to enhance ranking and reader engagements
“Extras” can be anything like images (e.g. screen shots of t
he product, call to action buttons, image of bonuses, screen
shots of the product in action), videos (e.g. on how the pr
oduct works or video testimonials), and social proof taken f
rom the sales page of the product, credentials and so on.
The pictures or videos you have chosen to include should inc
lude the keywords in their file name.
If you have some of these extras on your review site, it wil
l make it a lot more engaging for your readers. This in turn
will add more weight to your article and give you more sale
s and better ranking.
For images, I always try and look for some proof of income a
nd testimonials. You can usually find these on the sales pag
e of the offer.
Let’s just say that social proof is king, when it comes to s
Up until this point, you should have the following ready to
 a full review site that is packed with good information ab
out the product
 lots of nice looking images,
 a strong call to action to buy from your affiliate link.
4. Target additional “Low Competition” keywords
Let’s talk about targeting other low competition keywords, s
uch as “ProductX Bonus” or “ProductX Scam”, which include ba
sically any other search queries that your prospect may type
into Google to find additional information about our produc
You want to include some of these additional keywords a few
times in your article and also in your additional posts, whi
ch we will talk about in the next section.
Keep in mind that you want to make sure the content is uniqu
e and not just a copy from someone else’s review site. I men
tioned earlier that you will be penalized for keyword stuffi
ng, which is the overuse of certain keywords.
However, for me personally, I don’t actually calculate my ke
yword density as long as my articles read nicely and make se
The reason why “bonus” and “scams” are very good keywords to
target is because there are some people, who have already d
ecided to buy the products, but are looking for additional b
onuses, while others simply want to know, if the product is
legit or a scam.
When adding in bonuses, they can be anything like personal s
upport/coaching or extra products that you have the right to
give away (e.g. a free report on a specific topic, which yo
u can easily write up after a little bit of
research, or a related, but repurposed Private Label Right (
PLR) product, which you can find by doing a simple Google se
arch on your specific niche).
5. Write additional 10 posts on related topics
Believe it or not, we’re almost done with building our site.
The last step is to tell Google that your site is legit and
active. To do this you need to post additional related post
s at regular intervals (e.g. with 1 or 2 days in between pos
ts) to keep the site active. You can target related keywords
here, but you don’t have to write a full-blown article. It
is also okay for you to include posts that don’t have any of
the keywords in them, as long as it is relevant.
Now, the number 10 is arbitrary. Your additional posts are o
nly there to let Google know that your site is active and be
ing updated. This will also make your site look more like a
blog, rather than a page purely optimized to make affiliate
Now, when it comes to ranking, many marketers think you need
to have billions of backlinks or that it is impossible, if
you don’t have all the premium SEO tools and resources.
The truth is, after combining all the 4 strategies that you’
ll learn in this guide, ranking shouldn’t be an issue (thoug
h of course, it will take time, but that we don’t have contr
ol over), especially with the new Google update that is prim
arily focused on quality content and good user experience.
You’ll know what I mean when you go through all 4 strategies
Strategy #2: Warrior Sniper
The second strategy also revolves around the idea of creatin
g review articles, however, instead of creating an entire ni
che/review site, we are publishing our work on an authority
You have probably already guessed it. We are going to post o
ur reviews on WarriorForum.com, which according to SimilarWe
b.com has on average 2.6 million visitors per month.
First, let me show you proof that it is quite easy to rank b
y leveraging Warrior Forum’s authority.
These are just screen shots of a few popular examples. You m
ay have come across some of these products yourself. The bot
tom line is: posting product reviews on Warrior Forum works.
When you go about writing your review article, use the same
outline as discussed in Strategy 1. However, for our purpose
s here, the review does not have to be as long. 450-500 word
s and 3-4 images are sufficient.
Now, I know the most obvious thing you could do is to simply
copy and paste your article from your review site and publi
sh it again on Warrior Forum.
However, Google will penalize you for this, because it doesn
’t like duplicate content. Having that said, feel free to re
write your first article though and then publish it on Warri
or Forum. Assuming you have already written one review artic
on the product you want to promote, writing a second one wil
l not take you long!
Another thing to keep in mind is that with Warrior Forum, yo
u will get not only search engine traffic (from visitors fin
ding your post, which is ranking on the first page of Google
’s search results), but also organic traffic (from Warriors,
who browse around on the forum itself).
For this reason, your headline and your first paragraph, nee
ds to account for organic traffic as well by capturing their
attention immediately, before they click out of your articl
e. The best way to do this is to add a little bit of hype in
your headline and the first sentence of your introduction.
 Example: Can you really make XXX/Month by following Produc
tX? In this post, I’m going to exposed the truth etc.
Optimizing The Article Or Review Post
Next, you have to optimize your article, before it can go li
ve on Warrior Forum. This is extremely important, because yo
u want to rank on page one on Google. Keep in mind that what
I am about to share with you, are things that I found have
worked very well for me. It is by no means an absolute formu
la, because you will find other people telling you different
The following is my personal outline of necessary steps to o
ptimize your article on Warrior Forum. This means that you m
ight have to go back and tweak your article a little.
 The keyword you are targeting needs to appear in the title
and in the first sentence of your introduction. An example
of how you can do this is:
 The keyword needs to appear bolded, italicised and underli
ned separately once anywhere in the article.
 The last paragraph must contain the keyword at least once.
 Choose a term that is not part of the keyword and link it
to an external authority site such as Wikipedia. For example
, if your article is reviewing a product that has something
to do with affiliate marketing, you could highlight the term
“affiliate” or even “affiliate marketing” and link it to Wi
kipedia’s page on “affiliate” or “affiliate marketing”.
 Next, you need an external link pointing to a squeeze or s
ales page from the keyword anywhere in your article.
 Lastly, you also need one internal link from a “non-keywor
d” word. Ideally, this links to a previous related post you
have submitted or to any post in Warrior Forum that is relev
ant to your product.
 It is good to have 2-3 images in your article. Obviously,
try to place them so they look evenly spaced throughout your
 The images should be related in some way. For example, you
could use a picture of the product itself or the title of t
he product in a header and use that as an image.
 The pictures you have chosen should have the keywords in t
heir file name.
 Note that Warrior Forum only allows images to be uploaded
from URLs. As such, you have to upload the image to your blo
g (if you own one) and then insert the URL to the image.
 Alternatively, you can upload the picture to a photo shari
ng website and then paste the link to it on Warrior Forum. A
few examples of those websites are:
 flickr.com
 picasaweb.google.com
 photobucket.com
 imgur.com
 tinypic.om
 postimage.org
 500px.com
Posting Your Article On Warrior Forum
Now it is time for you to post your polished review article
on Warrior Forum. First, maake sure you
are logged in. Then, look for the Classified Ads section und
er Special Offers.
Create a new thread. Copy and paste your article and add the
pictures you have selected through a URL. The editing optio
ns allow you to centre the images, which I highly recommend
you do, so that the presentation of your review looks more p
Remember to bold any subheadings that you may have and also
bold, italicize and underline the keywords.
To add the external and internal links, just highlight the w
ord or words that you want to link and hit the hyperlink but
ton. This will open a window, where you can enter the URL yo
u want to link to.
Do not forget to add a call to action button! You do not wan
t to put your readers off by using a button that says, “Add
to Cart”. People are tired of the sales pitch!
Instead, use a button that says “Find Out More”, “Access Now
” or “Learn More”. These phrases are more neutral and conver
t much better.
If you have a knack for graphics, you can try creating a but
ton yourself. Essentially, it is just an image that is linke
d to your affiliate page. Again, you would have to upload th
e button image to a photo sharing website first and then cop
y the URL to the image into Warrior Forum.
When submitting the article, you have the option to submit t
ags. Tags are keywords that will make your post more visible
to search engines. It is good to choose between 1-3 tags th
at include your keywords. Do not over do it with tags becaus
e you do not want to confuse the search engines and risk not
ranking at all.
You can PREVIEW your post and see how everything looks like
so far. Double-check your work. Once you are happy with it,
you can submit the post.
Note that your post will not go live straightaway. It will b
e subjected to admin approval, which may take anything from
hours to a few days.
If your thread is approved, you will be asked to make a paym
ent of $20, before your post will go live. You will be requi
red to make this payment for every new thread that you creat
e in the future.
Once your article goes live, it is good practice to go over
your article once more. Check your tags at the bottom of the
page. Make sure they are there!
Just like how you added additional relevant posts to your re
view site in Strategy 1 to keep it updated, I recommend you
reply to your own thread once it goes live.
Simply type something like “reserved for FAQ” and post it. T
his allows you to reserve the first spot below your review a
rticle, so that you can go back and update your post with re
levant information or more testimonials that you have collec
ted along the way.
On a last note, I recommend you subscribe to your own thread
. This means you will get notifications, when someone posts
a question or comments on your thread. Make an effort to res
pond to these posts, so that Google will see your post as ac
tive. Of course, this in turn will increase your chances of
ranking on Google.
Here is an example of a Warrior Sniper that you can model fr
1. http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/
Strategy #3: YouTube Hi-Jacking
This third strategy involves getting hot quality traffic fro
m YouTube. The concept is very similar to Strategies 1 and 2
, but instead of just relying on Google alone, we’re going t
o double the traffic by playing with Google and YouTube!
Now, instead of writing a review for ProductX, you’re going
to be shooting a review video. A review video is actually a
lot easier to sell, because it’s quick, honest and transpare
Here are some tips when shooting a review video
1. Webcam-style videos work the best, because it’s 100% tran
sparent. The viewer can actually see who you are, so it is e
asier to identify with you and build rapport.
2. Having an engaging thumbnail will increase your click thr
ough rate, when your video is shown in the search engines. S
o, I suggest using vibrant colours with big bold text to gra
b attention.
3. Have your strong call to action with your affiliate link
in the first line of your description. We want to make sure
our viewers can see the CTA clearly, so that they can click
on your link without having to scroll down the page or expan
d the description box.
4. Shooting a screen cast of the actual product helps a lot,
because again, it shows that you have the product and that
you know what you’re talking about.
5. Make sure to include some cons in your video. This is som
ething a lot of people forget, because they think that in or
der to sell the product, you must only talk about the good t
hings. Most review videos out there say very similar things
like “This product is the best, blah blah blah”. However, yo
u want to appear as unbiased as possible in your review, but
still have a strong CTA to make those sales. Remember, that
you can turn something negative into a positive aspect and
vice versa.
6. Adding bonuses with your CTA is extremely powerful, if yo
u really want to push for those sales. You could say somethi
ng along the lines of:
“ProductX is highly recommended if, you’re a beginner and wa
nt to look into XYZ. Not only is it very affordable, it is a
lso very actionable and newbie friendly. On top of that, I’v
e also added ProductY, ProductZ and ProductV as my bonuses,
if you decide to grab a copy of ProductX from the link in th
e description. So, click the link in the description and sec
ure your copy now! It comes with a 30-day refund period and
the good news is that, if you decide it’s not for you, you c
an still ask for a refund and keep all my bonuses as well. N
o hard feelings and 100% risk free!”
If you can incorporate these 6 steps, you should have a very
good selling video. As I said, it is definitely not hard to
sell with videos, because so many other marketers are too a
fraid to show themselves or even take action in the first pl
ace for that matter.
Once, you have your video all edited and ready to go, the ne
xt step is to upload it onto YouTube and optimize it to help
it rank on page 1 of YouTube.
Here is how you optimize your video
1. Rename your video file to include the keyword you’re tryi
ng to rank for, e.g. “ProductX Review”.
2. Have your keywords (“ProductX Review”) in your title, in
your description and also in your tags.
3. Include related keywords like “ProductX Scam”, “Is
ProductX Worth It”, and “Buy ProductX” etc. in the descripti
on and tags.
4. Write a short review in the description box. Something li
ke 200-400 words is more than enough. Just make sure to incl
ude your keywords, whenever you can. Unlike Google, you can
really “push” your keyword density, when optimizing your vid
eos on YouTube.
5. Add links in your description pointing to your Warrior Sn
iper Thread (Strategy 2) and your review website (Strategy 1
). Something like, “For more reviews on ProductX, please vis
it YourSite.com and YourWarriorSniperThread.com”
6. Again, add your call to action and affiliate links on top
of the description box.
Believe it or not, when it comes to YouTube marketing, it’s
really that simple. Don’t over complicate it like most other
After you have uploaded your video to YouTube with everythin
g all optimized, the next step is to embed the video on your
review site and your Warrior Sniper site.
This will increase your watch time and views, which will fur
ther help you rank the videos. It will also increase the ran
king of your website and your Warrior Sniper site. Ultimatel
y, this will get you sales!
The last strategy is the only one that involves paid traffic
, but it is still extremely crucial.
Strategy #4: Quality Email Traffic
The final strategy involves buying traffic from other market
ers, who already have a ginormous list of subscribers. What
you’re really doing is leveraging off other people’s subscri
bers and making them your own in the process.
This traffic generation method is also known as buying Solo
The process looks something like this:
As you can see, we’re going to be sending traffic to our own
squeeze page to build our own list. You have probably heard
the saying “The Money is in The List”.
Even though that saying is not entirely true, a huge list is
without a doubt the most important asset you can possibly h
Here are the only 3 tools you have to invest in to make sure
this strategy works very smoothly.
 LeadPages.Net: This is a marketing page builder that top 6
-7-Figure earners use to build their own list. We have been
using Lead Pages for years and I can say without a doubt tha
t nothing compares to it. Watch This Video For A Full Tutori
al On Lead Pages
Check Out Lead Pages Main Website Here
 GetResponse: This is one of the most popular autoresponder
s out there, especially for internet marketers. It is very r
eliable and extremely affordable. An autoresponder will stor
e all your leads’ email addresses and will allow you to do a
n email broadcast, whenever you want. Watch This Video For A
Full Tutorial & Review On Get Response. Create Your 30 Day
Trial Account Here
 ClickMagick: This is the tracking tool of choice for most
internet marketers. It can pretty much do everything you wan
t it to do and it’s a lot cheaper than the other tracking to
ols. The reason why you need a tracking tool is, because you
want to be able to track your clicks, as well as all of you
r results and your conversions. Let’s just say you must be t
racking, if you want to know what campaigns are bringing in
the sales. Watch This Video Here For A Full Tutorial On Clic
Create Your 14 Day Free Trial Account Here
Once you have these three tools, the next step is to build y
ourself a nice looking squeeze page (i.e. a page to capture
leads with).
Creating squeeze pages with Lead Pages will probably take yo
u around 5 minutes, if you’re a beginner and 2 minutes once
you’re more experienced.
The main key point, when creating your squeeze page, is unde
rstanding WHY your visitors will want to give you their emai
l address.
Below are a few examples of squeeze pages to help you come u
p with angles and different styles:
As you can see, it doesn’t involve rocket science to build t
hese squeeze pages. As I said, it literally takes a few minu
tes to build high converting squeeze pages. That’s why I str
ongly recommend you invest in Lead Pages, if you’re serious
about building nice looking and effective squeeze pages.
Before continuing, please make sure you have everything set
up correctly and that everything is working. Please watch th
ose video tutorials I have linked to above.
There are quite a few technical things that you need to know
to set up everything correctly, so please watch those video
s and invest in your tools first before proceeding.
Now, the last step is to approach marketers, who have a big
email list of subscribers and buy some traffic from them.
Two of my favourite places to look for these solo ad sellers
 Facebook Solo Ad Testimonials https://www.facebook.com/gro
 the Warrior Forum Classified Ads Section http://www.warrio
You can literally look for hundreds of sellers, who can sell
you anything between 100 to 20,000 clicks at a time. I sugg
est you start off by testing small. Remember, to track every
thing, so that you can tell where the clicks are coming from
and whether the quality of the traffic is any good. If it’s
all good, then you can always go back and order more clicks
What to do when buying Solo Ad traffic…
1. Do they have any testimonials from real customers?
– You want to buy traffic from trusted solo ad sellers and n
ot just from someone, who isn’t trusted and has no credibili
ty at all.
2. How much do they charge and how much tier 1 traffic are t
hey going to send you?
– Make sure the price is reasonable and that the traffic you
are promised is of high quality.
– Most sellers will promise you 75% tier 1 traffic and 10% o
ver delivered clicks. This just means that 75% of the traffi
c will come from countries like US, AUS, UK, CA and NZ, and
that they will give you extra clicks that amounts to 10% of
the total number of clicks you paid for.
3. Special discounts.
– Always negotiate a special discount or deals with the solo
ad sellers. Remember that they are charging based on curren
t industry standards. There is always room to negotiate for
cheaper clicks.
4. Can you use your own email swipes?
– Some sellers will use your email swipes, when sending an e
mail to their list, while others will use their own swipes.
– Always try and get them to use your email swipe, because y
ou can pre-frame opt ins and close the sale a lot easier.
– Solo ads venders tend to prefer their own swipes, which ar
e full of hype so that they can deliver the clicks you have
Once you’ve bought traffic from these solo ad sellers, the o
nly thing left to do is to sit back and wait for the traffic
to pour in. It’s really that simple.
Remember that you’re sending the traffic to a squeeze page t
o build your own list first, before going for the sale.
With an email list, you can pretty much market to your prosp
ects, whenever you want and promote just about anything you
Here are some tips when it comes to email marketing
1. Promote the same product 3-4 times, before promoting anot
her product. Most people don’t buy on the first go, so don’t
stop after promoting a product just once.
2. Make sure you have a few follow-up emails loaded into you
r autoresponder to automate email marketing. Follow-up email
s will be sent out on complete autopilot, which means all yo
u need to do is focus on building your list.
3. Don’t spam your subscribers. (This goes without saying)
4. Don’t forget to broadcast to your subscribers and promote
more products to them. They have given you their email addr
ess, which means you have the right to email them, whenever
you want and promote anything you want. Just make sure you d
on’t spam and always stay complaint to the laws.
5. Build rapport and establish trust with your subscribers.
One of the easiest way to make sales from your subscribers i
s to actually communicate with them like they are your frien
ds. Treat them right and they will happily buy from you!
6. Don’t forget to send your leads to your review sites, you
r Warrior Sniper site and also your YouTube videos to increa
se traffic and further boost those rankings and sales.
This is pretty much the end of this guide…

AffManual 2.0

AffManual 2.0
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 1
Affiliate Products and YouTube
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 2
This method I was shown by my IM buddy on Skype last night.
I was blown away and surprised (in a good way) how easy he makes

money for a living
with just YouTube.
Being so excited and pumped up I JUST HAD to document that!
What surprised me the most is that he’s making money:
▪ without creating any videos!
▪ without even uploading any videos!
The only thing he uses is his empty personal YouTube account. And nope, this doesn’t
involve comment spam or anything illegal.
While we were having a chat, he told me only the basics.
But that’s more than enough for me to figure out all the rest 🙂
Method Overview
The method is super simple:
1. He find high trafficked YouTube videos (I will show you how in just a moment)
2. He message the video owners and ask them if they could add his affiliate
link in the description box for a one time, or recurring fee.
That’s it! Simple as that.
Takes around 10 min to implement and if agreed, he start making money almost
INSTANTLY. Total genius!
What’s the fee you ask?
It depends on the niche and how savvy those video owners are.
Usually it cost him around $10 to $20 (one-time payment).
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 3
Just imagine a kid having a viral video that knows nothing about internet marketing.
Offering him a free $20 for just throwing a link in the description is like a dream come true
for him.
Some video owners are smarter and could ask a recurring fee. Which is also not bad
considering if you made money in the first month and the traffic (views) are still stable.
So, if you are ready to test this stuff, let’s move on to the Step-By-Step process and some
LIVE examples to get some ideas running.
Finding a trending (high
trafficked) video.
There are a few ways of finding these kind of videos.
First is an official YouTube Trends Dashboard website:
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 4
Using TrendsDashboard you can spot videos that are currently trending and getting
momentum in a real time.
Some of them are by established channels, but there are also many videos from innocent
YouTube users that caught some crazy event, uploaded to Youtube and went viral.
These should be your first target to choose.
Another obvious place would be clicking on the „Popular on Youtube“ link
(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF0pVplsI8R5kcAqgtoRqoA) as shown below:
Again, lots of videos to target.
Which videos get the most views?
Below are categories that get the most views and interest:
• Music videos (single tracks, remixes, mixes)
• Trailers (movie trailers)
• Games (Minecraft, GTA and etc.)
• Magic tricks
• Viral/event/funny videos (filmed with smartphones by amateurs)
• Pet videos (cute puppies, dogs, cats)
Keep in mind that any of these categories can be monetized.
We will overview monetization strategies in just a moment.
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 5
Live examples
After doing some research on this method, I have picked a few examples to get a closer
look on how they have been monetized.
One video that really caught my eye was:
It’s a dubstep music mix with over 2.8 mill views and growing.
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 6
Take a look at the description 😉 Clickbank affiliate link!
What I like about this particular example is how smart this guy adopt the angle to the
Since this is a music video, he found a Beat Making Software on Clickbank and boom 🙂
Luckily for us, there are many similar videos (with many different music styles to choose
from) that are waiting for us to add our affiliate link.
PLEASE NOTE: I’ve not tested this personally, so I can’t guarantee any results. But since
he’s using his affiliate link for a while now, that means it is working for him.
Here’s another great example. This time in the „Magic Tricks“ niche.
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 7
Magic trick related videos get a nice amount of views too and I know for sure that
Clickbank has some great offers in that niche as well.
Another example is again in the music niche.
Katy Perry remix video.
This guy is using a very similar approach as the above dude with the dubstep mix.
So I guess it’s working after all?
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 8
How to monetize
generic videos?
Above examples are somehow related to the affiliate offer, but you will often find videos
that are very generic (funny/prank/event and etc.)
These videos are untargeted and for a very broad demographic. This is where I’ve seen
many marketers use CPA email submit offers (such as Free iPad, Free iPhone).
How it works?
Every time someone click on the link and enter his or her email address, you get paid
anywhere from $1.20 to $2.
With a very highly trafficked videos these numbers can add up very quickly.
If you don’t have an account in any CPA network, I recommend joining
They have many email/zip submit offers you can use.
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 9
Contacting the owner
and proposing a deal
Let’s find a video.
Visit the „Popular on YouTube“ section by clicking here:
Ok. So, after scrolling down a bit, one video in the “Cars & Vehicles” category already got
my attention:
Let’s see what is inside…
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 10
Looks good to me.
No link in the description box.
Uploaded today and already has 13K views.
Not much, but I would probably still offer 10 bucks for adding my „Free iPhone“ CPA link
in the description box.
Auto insurance CPA offer would be also a smart idea to test on this one as well.
Let’s message the author:
1. Click on his channel name below the video.
2. Inside the channel hit „About“.
3. And then click on „Send message“.
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 11
I would write something like this:
Nothing fancy.. Attention grabbing Subject and a quick message.
I would wait for him to get back and then negotiate the price depending on how fast he
replied and how excited the owner would sound in his message.
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 12
If the owner is excited and replied very fast, that means he’s desperate and probably one
time $10 payment would be more than enough.
Buying Youtube
What you are about to discover is something that is going on under the radar, but no one
is talking about very loudly.
One of the reasons is that Youtube don’t allow that kind of practice.
The good news is though that it’s not easy for Youtube to control or catch those who are
doing this.
Some of the highest caliber affiliates I know are making crap load of money simply by
buying already successful Youtube channels and monetizing with CPA and affiliate offers.
Basically, they go and find channels with videos that get a lot of traffic and are somehow
related to the Clickbank offers.
Then they message the Youtube channel owner and offer anywhere from $100 to $200
per channel.
Here’s a blog post from ShoeMoney on buying Youtube Channels to get a better idea of
how the whole process works.
Please note: I do not own or claim to own rights to the following blog post.
All the credit goes to ShoeMoney.
In fact, I highly recommend checking out ShoeMoney’s blog.
He’s at the top of the game.
You can visit the blog and read the same blog post here:

How To Make Money Buying YouTube Accounts

And here’s the actual blog post:
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 13
How To Make Money Buying YouTube Accounts
I’ve been playing around with buying Youtube accounts lately for traffic and wanted to
share some of my story…
Now you might be wondering why would anyone want to buy a Youtube account?
Well if you can find a good account with a lot of views in your niche then you can promote
your website or affiliate links on those accounts pretty easily.
Take for example this video…
As you can see, this video has 77,258 views on it
It’s not a ton, but if the account has 20-30 videos like this then it would be well worth it to
try and buy the account.
All you have to do is go to Clickbank and find a workout of diet product and promote it with
an affiliate link under the video.
You can also add annotations to the video so that you can direct them to your URL
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 14
(redirect it) as well…
Now the other way you can do this is to find accounts that have just 1-2 KILLER videos
with millions of views.
This is what I try to do.
Most of these accounts are run by kids who have no clue that the views they have are
worth anything.
So for a 12 year old kid, if you offered him $100 for the account he would probably gladly
take it.
This is where it boils down to a numbers game.
Most of the accounts you want, you’ll have a hard time getting an answer from the owner.
And if you do, most of them are skeptical that you’re going to scam them or steal their
identity (cant happen, but people are skeptical)
I heard some good tips on this from a Jason Moffat video I watched a while back – he said
that what was working for him was using something like this in a private Youtube
Hey, I just came across your Youtube account and Im interested in buying it.
My buddy and I are having a competition to see who can get the most traffic to
our websites and I want to use some of the videos you have to do that.
If you want to setup the videos on another account thats fine with me, I just
want your account as it is.
I can pay you like $100 for the account – and Ill send you the money via
Paypal or a check in the mail.
Let me know if youre interested.
Now one of the keys to this is that you have to find accounts that someone has no
emotional or economic attachment to.
If someone has a bunch of workout videos for their own site and they are making money
with it, they arent going to sell it to you.
And if some little kid has a bunch of his favorite WoW clips on his account, then he’s prolly
going to be hesitant with giving it up…
This is why you either have to tell them they can keep all the vids and move them to a new
account – or you need to find accounts that just have 1-2 really good videos that have 1
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 15
million+ views….
Once you agree on a price, then all you need to do is get the password from them.
Make sure you change it right away (along with any other information)
And then you can start to monetize the videos by linking them to your affiliate links – or by
sending them to your own website.
The best ways to link up is in the “About” box and also put annotations on the screen that
direct people to your website or redirecting URL.
One of the easiest ways to figure out which accounts to buy would be to go Clickbank and
find products that would fit certain types of videos.
So if there is a Youtube video of a 7 year old doing a killer solo on guitar then find a “learn
how to play guitar” product on Clickbank and put an affiliate link in there.
You could literally do this for almost every niche that has a product on Clickbank.
So far I’ve bought 5 accounts for $650 total.
My total affiliate commission made off all the accounts has been $1750.
Now the good thing is, if these accounts all stay active and the traffic stays the same, I’ll
make an extra $10,000-$12,000 dollars this year off the accounts.
I havent hit a MAJOR winner ($5k or more per month), but Im going to keep trying to see if
I can find one…
– Justin
Resource: http://www.shoemoney.com/2011/01/27/buying-youtube-accounts
Pretty powerful huh?
Hope you enjoyed this report 🙂
Raimundas M.
„The AffManual 2.0“ by Raimundas M. Page 16

Affiliate Sniper Pro

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A Warm Welcome From Surya Kumar
Thanks for purchasing Affiliate Sniper Pro, A step by step system which explains how I am earning
over $1,000 bucks everyday by working only 1-2 hours.
This is a Affiliate Sniper Pro, however it is written and narrated by me – Surya
This guide was created after we noticed how many “dummies” were making a lot of money. Yet all the
smart people were still broke.
We realized that it boiled down to the dummies using super easy and basic techniques which were so
simple – all of the smart people like yourself glanced over and didn’t pay attention to.
So I dug up some resources, spent a little money on testing and I was able to make over $7000 in 1
week – and I only spent 1-2 hours each day to do it.
Maybe, that’s not a lot of money, but its EASY and its passive – NO COMPLAINTS HERE!
As usual, Affiliate Sniper Pro prides itself on creating extremely high quality, low cost products
for you to enjoy!
Our principles are easy;
1. Keep integrity and honesty first!
2. Treat all of our customers, clients, and subscribers with care and respect – NO MATTER WHAT!
3. Provide only the best information. And present it in a way that’s easy and fun to read.
4. Execute excellence in all we do.
So kick back and enjoy the read, you’re in good hands. Team Affiliate Sniper Pro,
Surya Kumar
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Table of Content
Introduction 1
The Power of Reviews in Affiliate Marketing 7
Getting Started 12
Product Selection 13
Finding a Great Keyword 19
Writing Killer Reviews 22
Setting up a website 30
Generating Traffic 39
Action Plan 44

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If you’ve ever been interested in jumping into affiliate marketing but you found yourself asking
a million different questions such as:
• WHAT kind of products should I promote?
• WHERE do I find the best products?
• HOW do I get paid?
Then this special report is exactly what you’ve been looking for because not only I will show you
how to uncover the best, highest paying products in affiliate marketing but you’ll uncover
some of the most powerful time-saving strategies ever revealed so that you can jumpstart your
affiliate marketing career while shortcutting the entire process!
You know for yourself that affiliate marketing is where the real money is. As an affiliate you
don’t ever have to worry about the cost and time involved in product creation, or dealing with
customer support (Amen!). As an affiliate, your only job is to drive targeted traffic to hot, high
converting offers that sell like hotcakes, and then sit back and collect the paycheck at the end
of each day.
And now is the best time to get started. You see, years ago affiliate marketing while still
viable, required a lot more effort than it does today.
With fewer products on the marketplace, a lower number of viable markets, and limited options in
terms of how you got paid, what type of offers you were able to promote and even how you were
allowed to promote them, setting up campaigns were often incredibly frustrating and time
And at the end of the day, it wasn’t always so rewarding, especially if you weren’t even sure how
much you earned or when you’d get paid for all of the work involved.
But today, the affiliate marketing arena is entirely different. Not only are you given unlimited
options in regards to the type of products you promote, but there is an endless supply of high
quality products in every market imaginable that you can feel proud to promote.
Don’t forget, in affiliate marketing, your name is all that you have and so the last thing you ever
want to do is promote shoddy offers or questionable products. Thankfully, with an ever-growing
marketplace that was created with affiliate marketers in mind – and where the entire community is
focused on transparency, you will never have to worry about any of that again!
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
1. The Power of Reviews in Affiliate Marketing
Reviews are said to be the most important component of affiliate marketing. There are some subtle
and not-so-subtle reasons for that.
1) People like to feel you’re in their “corner”.
When an affiliate marketer takes the time to nurture the members of her niche, solve their
problems and look out for their interests, each member comes to trust the person who does good
things for them – and consistently helps them succeed.
How do you do all these good things?
By finding them exactly the product they need to solve this week’s problem or enhance their lives
(or even just their hobby). You do this by focusing on their problem, not on the product. Strange
as this may sound.
After you’ve showed them the pros and cons of a product, directing them to your affiliate link
should feel as if it’s almost an afterthought, or – even better
– as helpfully supplying the exact way to do what you’ve just been talking about.
2) People don’t like being “sold” to.
Nobody likes to be manipulated, and that’s what the old-school style of aggressive selling amounts
to, in most people’s minds today. When you’ve shared a secret method of making money with your
reader, it should feel as if you’ve truly shared a secret method, and helped them in the process.
This level of service is what online readers demand nowadays.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Yes, “in your face” selling still works – but at the cost of your credibility, if your skills
aren’t quite at the level of Billy Mays or Anthony Sullivan. You’re seen as the next best thing to
a carnival hawker; and while these people do a unique and mesmerizing job and that comment is not
meant to judge them, there’s a reason most of them end their days as carnival hawkers, still living
on a shoestring; and not living next door to another celebrity or otherwise enjoying their
particular dream lifestyle.
But there’s another, far simpler reason to avoid “hard sell” techniques, and it has nothing to do
with your customers:
Most affiliate marketers just don’t have the “hard sell” personality. They don’t enjoy
manipulating and pushing people into buying. They actually enjoy finding products people rave
about. And all of us love a good paycheck – one that allows us to comfortably live the lifestyle
we’ve chosen, taking care of people we love. Writing reviews is a perfect way to:
• Recommend products you’ve tried that really work
• Show people how to solve a problem
• Make a connection, and enjoy a relationship with your readers
In fact, Affiliate Sniper Pro embodies this softer sell, service-based method of selling – as well
as helping you comfortably maintain your integrity and ethics.
Crystal’s Secret
Years ago, I had an opportunity to watch a friend at work in a “tack” (equestrian
supplies) store. This happened on a busy Saturday, and it was a revelation to see how patiently and
helpfully she matched customers and their horses with the right saddles and bridles. By patient
questioning and listening, she focused on the areas of horsemanship each customer indulged in,
taking into account their budget, and what would give them the best performance and comfort for
their needs. She repeated the same focused, patient procedure for Western boots, specialty horse
feed, hoof products, supplements, riding apparel, hoof picks and English safety-approved helmets,
too. No product was too “small potatoes”, if it would help her customer and his horse enjoy a
better equine experience.
It was clear that my normally-shy, horse-loving friend, Crystal, was having an absolute blast – but
there wasn’t a shred of ego in it. She was not “showing off” her knowledge; all her efforts were
100% customer-focused.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
During a rare lull, I couldn’t help commenting: “Crystal, I thought you absolutely hated selling. I
remember you trying to sell those vacuum cleaners, and quitting in tears, less than a week into it.
You swore then you’d never sell anything again – and here you are today, you’ve made over $6,000 in
sales, right before my eyes, in less than a morning. I’m stunned at how well you do it, and how
much you seem to enjoy it. You’ve got those customers avoiding the other two girls, lining up to
wait just for you. They’re eating out of your hand.”
I’ll never forget how surprised Crystal looked.
“But this isn’t `selling’,” she blurted out. “I’m helping them.”
And that’s how I’ve approached my own marketing, since, with every customer or client.
(It’s a fun way to live!)
But Does It Really Make You More Money?
That is the million-dollar question. But think about it… how many vacuum cleaners would you sell,
if you hated every moment knocking on doors? You’d procrastinate, chicken out, and present a
miserable, half-hearted sales spiel (just as Crystal did) when someone did finally, grudgingly let
you inside.
I also remember vividly that she didn’t sell one single vacuum cleaner. That type of approach
just didn’t gel with her personality – or interests.
You have to have a particular mindset to be an in-your-face, aggressive salesman. Most of us
aren’t hard-wired that way. And that’s the beauty of affiliate sniper pro…
It doesn’t matter what your favorite topic is, or whether you like to review products via podcast,
presenting yourself on video, or by writing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the business of
internet marketing, insurance, electronics or any other specialty niche: Reviewing products your
niche will find valuable is a made-to-succeed formula for anyone.
You’re dealing with passionate people, when you’re dealing with a niche. Help them find exactly
what they need, and in their eyes, you’re already a celebrity.
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.

I am showing you some of my income screenshots, not to brag on myself or anything silly like that,
but just to show you what’s possible with my system.
Is It a Lot of Work?
Affiliate Sniper Pro is something you can do full-time, or part-time. It doesn’t take long to reach
authority status, particularly once top marketers or professionals in a niche notice that your
reviews bring them sales – and list members notice you always bring them good advice.
In fact, you really can work relatively short hours a day, once you’ve got your methods down pat,
and no longer have to look up how to set up a WordPress blog or how to create an affiliate link
You can spend as much or as little time you like in promoting and driving traffic to those blogs,
too – but you can do it in a way that fits in with your lifestyle and personality preferences.
Here’s how to help propel yourself more quickly towards success:
1) Follow a “formula” (template), to give your reviews consistency and a distinctive style. (People
psychologically love and align themselves to repetitive patterns.) And if you don’t have a formula
or template – create one, and stick to it for each review.
2) Listen to your readers (or your niche market, if you’re brand new).
Find out which problems haven’t yet been solved, and do your best to solve them by finding the
right products – and telling they why it’s right for their needs.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
3) Present yourself intelligently. Study top affiliates, and see what little signature tricks
or quirks they employ that set them above the “herd”. While all the other would-be review bloggers
are buying book after book, all telling them to do the same things, over and over, spend your time
studying the super affiliate reviewers and their sites – to see what they do differently.
4) Always focus on your readers. This can’t be said too many times.
Remember, no one is really interested in your expert opinion, even while they’re wanting you to be
that expert. They’re too busy focusing on “Is this going to show me how to do X at last?”
5) Don’t be afraid to be unique, and let people know who you are. Both you and your readers will
have more fun – and the sales you attract will be less likely to generate refunds, because they’ll
be more in line with your market’s real needs.
In this course you will learn how I am earning money on the Internet for the last three years and
how you can easily copy this system with only 1-2 hours of work in total and cash in hundreds of
dollars with only one website.
Yes I know, you heard such promises approximately 1 billion times. And yes I heard them, too. I
bought dozens of expensive Marketing courses, spent thousands of dollars and lost many many
hours of my time.
But please before you close this course and „throw“ it away:
Read the entire e-Book, and start doing what you will discover in a few minutes. Please believe
me that earning money online really is not that hard. You just need to focus on one thing and keep
working on it.
This course is designed for everyone who speaks the english language.
Even if you don’t know anything about Internet marketing, I promise that at the end of this course
you will understand how to build a website fast, without much expenses and earn hundreds of dollars
with it. Actually you don’t need any domain name and a hosting account but need to invest $30 every
month to set the whole system.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Getting Started:
The concept behind this foolproof method to making money online is simple. We’re going to create
review posts, put your affiliate links inside them and rank them on Google.
It’s a 5-step process:
Step 1. Find a good niche and a good product to promote.
Step 2. Find a keyword to market the product with
Step 3. Writing Killer Reviews
Step 4. Put it all together, publish it to your website Step 5. Generate traffic and start earning
cash! Ready to make money? Let’s get started!

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
STEP 1 – Product Selection
Affiliate marketing is where a vendor of a product (such as an eBook) rewards an affiliate (you)
for selling their product usually by paying the affiliate a percentage of the revenue received as
commission for the sale. For example, if you have a blog you could post an affiliate link to an
eBook about losing weight written by someone else. Whenever a visitor comes to your website,
clicks the affiliate link and purchases that eBook for $20, you receive a percentage of the sale.
One of the most popular digital marketplaces with and affiliate program is Clickbank. It’s got
a huge range of over 50,000 products and is very straightforward to use. Many of the products
also sell for quite high prices, giving you a massive commission per sale. For these reasons we’re
going to be using Clickbank as our affiliate network. If you’re interested you might also want to
check out Clicksure, Jvzoo and Clickbetter etc for a different range of products. Jvzoo also have
the option to pay via Paypal, where as Clickbank, Clicksure & Clickbetter does direct bank
Clicksure: http://www.clicksure.com/
Clickbetter: https://clickbetter.com/
Jvzoo: https://www.jvzoo.com/
Alright! Lets jump over to Clickbank…
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Click Here to Sign up as an Affiliate
You’ve probably watched those so-called super affiliates with envy, haven’t you? Don’t be
embarrassed. Everyone started somewhere, and they all looked on with wide-eyed wonder as a select
few individuals seemed to pull money out of thin air.
But is it really that difficult?
No! Honestly, it’s not some kind of voodoo magic. Absolutely anyone can pull in the kind of sales
super affiliates do. You just need to know the tricks!
Here’s the thing… those super affiliates will often tell you to just put up some links online and
that the products really “sell themselves”. Nope. That’s total BS. The fact is, only a very few
products sell themselves. The rest need serious help!
Because most vendors are totally lame. Like, to the max, dude.
They may have the greatest product ever made, and they may have poured their heart and soul, and
tons of money, into its development. It may have even taken them months or years!
But they fell so in love with their product that they believed everyone in the world could see its
value just like they do, so they slapped up any old sales page and figure it would work.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Then they went out and tried to recruit some affiliates to sell it for them, figuring it would
sell itself because it’s just such an awesome product.
The prospect can’t see the quality of the product until after they’ve bought it! So it doesn’t
matter how good that product is if the sales page doesn’t sell it! Here are a few of the most
common factors that cause problems on sales
• Low response sales copy – It just doesn’t excite people. It doesn’t push any emotional buttons.
It’s just blah.
• Sloppy page design – This makes people fear the quality of the product and also makes them worry
about scams. A professional design puts people at ease.
• A Sales Page leak – If the sales page links to a bunch of stuff that won’t make you any money,
it’s costing you sales! It shouldn’t have ads on it. It shouldn’t link to Facebook or Twitter.
It shouldn’t link to the vendor’s blog. It should have critical links only!
• Commission hijacking – Sometimes the vendor is just plain shady. He might have multiple
payment links on the page, but only one gives you commission. The other gives him the direct
sale. (It could be accidental, but it still costs you money!)
So should you promote a sales page with these types of problems? Yes!
If the product is solid, but the sales page is terrible, you can work with it!
There are some tactics you can use to boost your conversions even on products with terrible sales
You’re going to learn how to get killer sales on products with really lackluster sales pages. As
long as the product is good so you don’t harm your reputation, you’re all good!
So now that you understand the basics of what affiliate marketing is, and
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
you’ve signed up for an account, it’s time to choose a product to sell and become an affiliate!
One of the crucial factors in how much money you’ll make from this system is your choice of
product. It should come as no surprise that some products sell better than others. A product that
sells well will net you a nice profit where as a product that doesn’t sell will obviously not get
you any commissioned sales!
You want to advertise a product that customers actually want and which they genuinely find useful.
So how do you choose a good product?
If you look at the Clickbank marketplace you’ll be able to see all of the products
available for sale, in a variety of niches (a niche is a specifically focused subset of a
market). They have many different statistics which you can use to choose a product.
Here you can search for products in specific niches if you want to and you can see statistics about
each product. You’re able to see how much you’ll get per sale of a product as well as what royalty
percentage you receive in commission. There is another statistic here called gravity which is very
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Gravity measures how popular a product is with affiliates. It is also loosely related to how well a
product sells. It’s calculated based on the number of affiliates who have made a sale on that
product recently. A high gravity score means that many affiliates have sold that product recently.
A low score means that not many affiliates have sold that product recently. It does not take into
account the total number of sales for a product, only the number of affiliates that have sold it
recently. It is a good indicator of which products are worth promoting from the marketplace and you
should generally try to choose a product with high gravity.
You want to choose a product that has high gravity, but not too high. A very high gravity score
means that you’ll be competing heavily with other affiliates for a piece of the pie since it’s so
popular. Start off by choosing a product with a gravity score of between 20 and 50. Later on you
can experiment with a range of products.
Some niches have more paying customers than others and certain niches are generally just more
popular. Niches such as health, self help, personal development, weight loss, Xbox, Playstation,
Forex, Diablo, and World of Warcraft are always popular. If you don’t really mind what niche your
product comes from then you can simply use gravity to determine which product is
best for you.

I do advise however that you stay away from any products in the “Make Money Online”, “Gambling” and
“Forex” niche as it is highly saturated (many affiliates in this niche trying to promote the same
products) and it will be difficult to compete amongst all the noise.


You want to choose a product that gives you a high return every time it is sold. The “Average
$/sale” will tell you how much you receive for each affiliate sale. Higher numbers are always
better! Most products have a good return, so choose whatever you are comfortable with. $15 per sale
is a pretty good minimum to aim for.

Once you’ve found a product, the next step is to generate a hoplink. A hoplink (also known as an
affiliate link) is a unique web address that customers can visit to go to the sales page of the
product that you are promoting.
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
When a customer buys the product through that page (having been directed there via your hoplink)
you will receive commission. The hoplink is the part of the affiliate system which identifies you
as the one who drove a customer through to purchase.
To generate a hoplink, find the product that you are promoting on the Clickbank marketplace. If
you’ve found your product you may have to search for it on the Clickbank marketplace. Click the
promote button.
Next, ensuring that your account nickname is entered correctly, Click Create.
You don’t need a tracking ID. They are used for advanced traffic analytics.
Finally, copy the hoplink to notepad so that we can use it later.
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
And THAT will be our targeted keyword – the product name.
There is an awesome advantage when you promote the products from
Clickbank – There is literally low competition on Google!
Let me show you an example:
Name of the Product: Diabetes Destroyed
Gravity: 58.44
At the time of writing this report, which is the 2nd of December 2014.
The author of the product is Ricky Everett and his new product is called “Diabetes Destroyed”.
(YES, I’m promoting his product launch. It’s just a great example for you to understand the
principle of my own way to find great buyer keywords.)
Let me Google this product name and show you how ridiculously low the competition for the product
name is right now:
So we have 5k results for “Diabetes Destroyed Review”. If you know only a little thing about
internet marketing you should understand, that this is absolutely no competition.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
BUT you have a huge advantage now. You can easily establish your website and take over the first
places within HOURS.
In fact, you will most probable achieve first page rankings just by creating your website and
optimize a few things on that site. Of course I’ll go deeper into the subject of search engine
optimization later in this course.
The buzz which the “big players” create by sending promotional emails to their immense lists will
make the people want to read more about the product and see if it really is worth the money.
Of course the first thing these people will do then is to Google the product name.
However after an in-depth research of the traffic to my affiliate sites in the past years. I’ve
found out that these people not only look for the product name itself, but also for several other
keywords in combination with the product name which you definitely need to consider to target as
Here are the most searched keywords combined with the product name: “Product Name” Review
“Product Name” Bonus
“Product Name” Scam “Product Name” Download “Product Name” Book “Product Name” Does it Work Buy
“Product Name”
and much more…
People who search for these terms want to find out more about the specific product. And you should
be the first one they will find!
Don’t worry I’ll show you HOW to be the first one they’ll find.
Let’s do it now…
Now that we’ve got a great product to promote, we need to find a great keyword to go with it!
A keyword is a short phrase such as “Diabetes Destroyed” which relates to the product. The keyword
is going to be used to generate traffic so that people can find out about the product we
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
promoting. We want a system where people search for our keyword on Google, find our related
review website, and then click the affiliate link contained within. For this reason, your
keyword must be related to the product you are promoting.
Many keywords related to your product will already be highly competitive. This means that many
other people are also trying to drive traffic to their own websites with the same keyword.
You want to select a keyword which isn’t competitive, but still has many people searching for
it. This is both an art and a science.
Another way to find a keyword related to your product:
Go to the product’s sales page, scroll to the bottom, and look for a link called something like
“Affiliates”. Most of the clickbank product has the affiliate page but some of them don’t have it.
If you find, you’ll have a whole bunch of resources for helping you promote the product better
such as graphics and articles, but you’ll also hopefully find some keywords that the vendor
has researched for you in advance.
Copy these keywords into a notepad on your computer for now.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Once you’ve chosen a product, you need to review it. And that’s where you will build your
reputation as a blogging and review “authority site”.
What’s an “authority site?” Usually one that has been around a good while, continually refreshed
with fresh content, feedback and reputable backlinks. For a great example, check out Darren
Rowse’s Problogger site. Notice the extraordinary number of comments to his posts and guest
posts, as well as the powerful amount of content. These are both hallmarks of Authority sites.
The “been around a good while” is simply something you need to build for – but you can get going
right away with continually refreshed (“new”) content and a solid reputation.
The best way to do this is to concentrate on only one niche, if you haven’t got your list yet, and
start going out of your way to help them solve all their problems. It’s especially important to
start this way if blogging (and review blogging) is new to you – a common mistake would-be review
bloggers make is to set up and try to serve too many new blogs at once.
You’ve heard it all before: “Write as you would to a friend”, etc. Be honest in your reviews.
Review only products that are of high perceived value to them. Never “fake” or force anything. And
follow a plan and review structure.
This doesn’t mean you’ll be imprisoned by plans and structure. It just means that having an
overview and helping readers know what to expect from your reviews works better than haphazardly
zipping off posts on everything that comes along. But the main thing to do? Make yourself an
authority for one niche – and serve it well.
Let’s go over these one by one, in a little more depth…
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Your Post Headline
This is one of the most important aspects of creating strong review posts. Think back to all the
most intriguing posts you’ve read. Why did they catch your attention?
Ask a Question – In many cases, you’ll find they asked a question. Instead of just “Jean Solar
Powered Fountains” as your post heading, change it to something along the lines of “How Long Do
Jean Solar Powered Fountains Really Last?”

Number it – People like things they can quantify. “3 Things No One Ever Mentions About Jean Solar
Powered Fountains” is far more likely to intrigue curiosity, too.

Diss it – What are people really looking for, when they search for reviews on the net? They’re
looking to see if anyone has gotten scammed by the product creators. So play along with it –
honestly, of course. If there’s one feature you didn’t like or that didn’t work for you, don’t be
afraid to let people know about it: Doing that will set you far apart from other reviewers who only

Human nature being what it is, “The Single Biggest Drawback of using Jean Solar Powered Fountains”
will catch people’s attention quicker than “The Single Biggest Advantage…”
Be Controversial – don’t do this just for the sake of doing it or being obnoxious, but
if there’s something relevant to your product review that goes against popular practices, don’t be
afraid to hint at that in your headline (but make sure you follow through). For example, “The One
Time You Shouldn’t Use Jean Solar Powered Fountains”.

Your Introduction
A good introduction should have a strong “hook” to make the reader want to keep reading. You want a
show stopper of a sentence – but don’t forget, show stoppers aren’t always the most sensational
sentence. They are, however, sometimes the most unexpected.

Relate the introduction to your reader. One way is to use “you” words. “Where were you, when
internet marketing began online?” But however you start your post, quickly introduce your product
– “Search tools have come a long way since the 1990’s, and Handy Dandy Niche Tool is about as far
from its roots as you could get.”

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Most of all, however, your introduction needs to quickly summarize for the reader which product
you’re going to review, what it does, and who makes it. Do this – and then make doubly sure you
cover each one of these promises.
Putting Images in your Posts
The latest data suggests strongly that images enhance a blog’s readability and attractiveness –
but there are some small but important “do’s” and “don’ts” you’ll want to keep in mind.
Don’t make the image huge, and do make it relevant.
In a product review, usually your image would be a screen shot or a graphic provided by the product
merchant: However, if you can come up with another relevant image – especially one that’s
unexpected or unusual (but still really appropriate even to the dimmest of readers) – go for it.
If you can’t create visual interest with an image, then do it instead with white space. Break up
your text with subheads and bullets. Make it visually easy to scan for information – internet users
are turned off by dense chunks of text.
But the most important image to use on your review blog? Yours.
Seriously, people will come to identify you with the good information they’re reading.
And make sure your name is on the post, if you’ve got yourself logged in as “admin”. You can do
this either by including a by line, or a resource box for yourself at the beginning or end of the
post. (It does improve “branding” of your persona as an authority figure. Otherwise, people
often forget who is writing what they’re reading!
Pros and Cons
Of course you want to include the pros – but don’t be afraid to tackle the “cons” too. To find
out what sort of problems people are worried about, with similar products, try to figure out extra
terms they might be searching with in Google, and work from that.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
A word of warning, however… It’s true people will input the word “scam”
beside any product they’re not sure about, when searching in Google, like so…
But if a product isn’t actually scamming someone, resist the temptation to make that word part
of your post, just for SEO purposes. If you ignore this suggestion and go for the easy catch, and
your reader clicks on your link, and sees instead of an honest scam report, glowing praises of your
product, with the careless disclaimer, “Jean solar powered fountains are no scam”, you will rapidly
and completely lose all credibility in her eyes.
Some other words that people use in searches that you may be able to substitute for “scam”…
• Review
• Flaw
• Drawback
• Problem
• Not worth it
• Rip-Off
U s e Wordtracker’s free keyword tool and try out your own potential search terms, relating them
closely to how you, yourself, feel about your niche tool product. Feel that it’s got a flaw? Look
to see if there are any searches in the free keyword tool for “niche tool flaw”. Feel that it’s
more of a glitch? Try searching with “niche tool glitch”. The best way to figure out what your
niche customer would search for is to literally put yourself in his place!
A final word about reporting flaws in a product – always remember flaws can actually be seen as an
advantage, to some people.
Example: “It’s true that the Handy Dandy Niche Tool is ridiculously easy to use
– but this is offset by the fact that it’s not highly customizable for those who need a more
in-depth statistical analysis. It is definitely the “for dummies” version of a niche finding
tool – only simpler!”
Now, if your entire target market is composed of complete newbies, this “flaw”
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
is likely to appeal to them greatly! You weren’t being dishonest – but you were
positioning your flaw to actually become a benefit.
Of course, if your review blog was called “Advanced Marketing Techniques”, this wouldn’t work at
all – its simplistic, foolproof operating mode really would be a disadvantage – but if you’re
running a blog called “Marketing for Newbies”, you’re home free.
How it Works
Most products benefit from a brief description of how it works.
This doesn’t mean you have to spill all its creator’s secrets. It does mean you should focus in on
one aspect you’re particularly pleased about, or hit what you consider are a number of high points.
(“The first benefit that sets Handy Dandy Niche Tool apart from its competitors is…”)
What you are doing is drawing a vivid mental sketch for your reader of the reasons this tool will
work for him or her. You really don’t need to provide a step-by-step manual, and take all the
mystery out of it.
Anything you can do to provide proof of the benefits you’re revealing will go a long way to
solidify the impact of your review on your reader. Be very careful, however, about income claims –
the new FTC rules are very specific. If you mention how much money you made using a system, not
only have you got to be able to prove it with actual documentation, you also need to provide an
overview of what the average user can expect – and that representation has to be provable too.
But there are other ways to provide “proof” too. You can do things like:
• Quote the number of sales since its release
• Show screen shots of some wonderful benefit (e.g., a great keyword phrase turning up in your
Handy Dandy Niche Tool)
• Quote the complete lack of refunds (providing your figure is accurate)
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
This is just a short paragraph wrapping up the other end of your “parcel”, and mirroring or echoing
your opening statement: For example, tying back to our fictional opening statement: “Where were you
when internet marketing started online?”, we might conclude with something like: “You may not
have been even aware of the internet when marketing online started, but sales aids with advantages
of Handy Dandy Niche Tool can certainly help you get ahead of the pack now.”
Your Call to Action
But you’re not quite done yet. Now comes the most important part of your post
– your “Call to Action”.
As marketers, we’re all familiar with this principle – yet it’s surprising how many people
actually fail to include it!
What is a call to action? In the particular case of review blogs, its simply making sure your
reader knows how to instantly access the product, if he wants to purchase it – in other words,
you provide a link. And don’t forget to tell him, even though it may feel like stating the obvious,
to go visit it.
If you’ve written a “non-review” post – something just to provide your readers with really
valuable information about their niche – you can finish with a different type of call to action:
One which positively invites comments.
No matter what you’re posting about – even if it isn’t a review – always include that call to
action. (If nothing else, it’s 50% more likely to generate comments
– and comments are good!)
Crushing The Competition
All affiliates have competition. If you’re in an extremely competitive niche like internet
marketing, you’ll have to stay way ahead of the competition in order to survive.
There are a few ways you can do this, and start bringing in the same types of commission checks the
big boys do.
Make sure your blog contains the following:

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
1. Product reviews and announcements. Be honest in your reviews. Don’t just review products for
2. Upcoming products. People want to hear about the latest products right away!
3. Newsletter signups. These are obviously invaluable!
4. Contests. People love contests and will come to your blog just to enter one. They’ll also share
the contest with others!
You always want to presell prospects, because the sales page may not be enough to get them to
buy. Additionally, they’re already warm because they know you and trust you. (Remember, you’ve
built authority!)
So how should you go about preselling? First, establish the basics:
1. Make sure they know and trust you. If they like you and trust you, they are much more likely to
2. Add value. People will always prefer to buy with a bonus. Who doesn’t like free stuff?
3 . Trigger reciprocity. If you give someone something for free, they feel indebted to you. This
makes them more likely to do what you ask.
4. Presell the product itself. Let them know how good it is and why you think it’s so good.
Once the basics are in place, it’s time to start preselling in earnest. Even if the vendor’s sales
page is pretty good, preselling will always boost conversions.
Here are some ways you can presell prospects:
1 . Use an email series. Build excitement and anticipation using a series of related articles or
2 . Share the product’s benefits. Tell them exactly what is in it for them if they buy. What
benefits will they see? What problems will it solve? Push those emotional buttons!
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
3. Use a strong call-to-action. Make sure you tell them exactly what you want them to do. Don’t
expect them to guess! Tell them, “Go grab your copy right now, because my special bonus is only
available for another 24 hours!”
4. Use notification bars. You can overlay a bar over the sales page that will draw attention to a
special offer, create a sense of urgency and include a call- to-action. This will increase
conversions. (We’ll take a closer look at this bar later.)
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
STEP 4 – Put it all together, publish it to your website
Now here comes the autopilot money making machine! We’re going to create a review blog, fill it
with information on the product that you’re promoting, and place our affiliate link at the end. The
idea is that people will read this review, follow the affiliate link to the vendor’s page, buy a
copy and earn you money.
Sound simple?
It is.
You can review the products you want to promote in the pages of static websites, and in blogs.
We’re going to concentrate on using a blog format. It’s easier than static site reviews by far,
because it takes only minutes to add a new post – and you don’t have to use HTML or CSS.
Most people prefer WordPress as their content management system (CMS) for blog setup and
maintenance – but a word of caution: We are not going to use wordpress.
We are going to use a very secret platform (NING) to make this system work for you auto-pilot. I am
sure that no other course/program has ever used this platform in the history.
The reason, I am personally using this platform because it ranks very well in Google with very less
backlinks effortlessly and you can publish unlimited posts.
Let’s do it.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Create your account: http://www.ning.com/
It is FREE of cost for first 14 days and then after $30 every month.

Go for the Basic and Click “Get started for Free”
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Name Your Social Site: Give it some interesting name.
Choose Your Ning Url: It should be similar to your site name.
Once you are done, check if the Ning Url is available then click the next step button below the
sign up form.
You are almost done, Submit your payment details and click “Set up Site”.
On this process, we just need to choose “BLOG” and the other two are not required, so just click
In the step, if you want you can update all of these but its not really required. So, skip to the
next step.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Choose any one of the theme design for your site. I prefer the 1st design to get started with.
>> Click here to watch the video on How to Start up with Ning <<

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
So What about the FTC?
There’s been a lot of furor over the “new rules” brought in December 1, 2009, by the FTC. Although,
strictly speaking, these rules only apply to the U.S., if you do business with the U.S., it’s a
wise precaution to respect them. These new rules were meant to put an end to wild claims of
6-figure incomes in an impossible number of days, and curtail or monitor the practice of reviews
that were actually 100% paid for, while masquerading as spontaneous, independent reviews.
It’s your responsibility to have pages on your blog such as:
• Disclaimers
• Privacy Policy
• Contact information or contact page
But remember – seeking legal advice, checking out the new FTC rules for yourself and including the
necessary disclosures is your responsibility.
We have created a ready-made format of the above 03 required FTC pages and it can be found in the
members area on the “FTC pages” folder. Hence, you need to do some necessary changes and can be
published it on your website.
Lets set up the FTC pages now..
Click on the “Social Site Manager” that can be found when you log in to your website at the top
Click on the “Sites & Pages” to set up the pages.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Finally click the “Save” button.
In the same way you need to add all the 3 FTC Pages..

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Lets Publish our First Review Post Now…
Go to “Blog” and click on the “+” to create a new review post and once you are done click “Publish”
to make it LIVE.
Now, if you’re lucky enough, your vendor may have even given you some articles already to copy and
paste, meaning you don’t have to do any work at all! Check the same affiliate page that we
mentioned before, the one which hopefully also gave you some keywords. If there’s an article in
there, great! Paste it into your document and format it so that it looks nice.
If you don’t have an article written for you then that’s no problem. Instead, just grab all the
information that you need from the sales page of your product!
Start by copying the headline (the title of the product) and underneath it place the subtext or
whatever other eye-catching statements are at the top of the page. If the product uses images for
its headlines you might want to use those too.
Next, take the core benefits of the product and list them as bullet points. You can often find a
list of summarized benefits somewhere on the sales page. Then use any more information you think
might be interesting to finish creating an exciting article about your product. Your document
should be about a page long, and you can use large fonts to help pad it out.
At the end of your article write “CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS!” in a large font and hyperlink it
to your affiliate/hop link that you saved earlier. You can hyperlink in Microsoft Word by
highlighting the phrase that you wish to hyperlink, right-clicking it and entering your URL. If
you’re unable to hyperlink your affiliate link then simply paste it at the bottom underneath “CLICK
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
IiV 恥V蜘副 Home My 同 e 川

IsDl・』調匂 国勧司副R圃 I Iy Wo晴、The n”開削d 州開町? 向st剖 by白明刷mar o同 Novem出r 15,2014 at 12:32am

What is Diabetes Destroyed Review by間cky Everett A11 a回ut? Is Diabetes Destroyed Scam? You MuslRead
this honesl
Dlabeles Destroyed Review
Product Descrlption

Ifyou悶reading th民either you or someone closeωyou has diabetes and you’re looking for a 田 lulion
thalmay alleviate the symptoms or even cure the diabeles. There are severalonline guides in the
mar1<ellhat make 回d claims of beinQ able 10 revere
or even cure the diabe日es

These claims are often met with skepticism and I1allloo陥likea s田m.lnm田 t 回目5,ilisas国 m.The Diabetes
however is NOT a s回m.Crealed by 岡山y Everett,this gui由州I show diabeles palients that prevention is
better than山晴 1I
shows specific methods 10 keep blood glu曲目levels under ∞附d
Aπ’est the causes and that’s half the ba制e won. The hard,unfortunate truthIs that the money Is In
the treatment and not the cure
Doo。眠 ho削tals and big pharma回 m同川es would rather keep同alingyour ∞ndilionthan印同ng you immedialely
uptheir 回 sh 回 w…Youl
You may ∞nsumemed国lionspr田町bed by doclors and 田 e resulls. However,you’re merely lIealing Ihe
symploms and nolthe cause.The pro凶emw川always be Ihere.The Dlabeles Destroyed willleach yoU to Ilve
life In a way thal官llats the problem h。加国IIy 刷Iha few出anges in your dieland co 問 cting some
aSpeCIS of your life,you 糊11 針。叫y discover Ihat you do nolneed m岡田tion anymore.You would have
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The Good Points:

The Dia国tesDes回yed is very affordable and il’s a one.time inveslmenl. Com岡崎d 10
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There is a 100 凹rcent money back guaranlee. Thalmakes this program risk 加e.11also proves thal間出切
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The Dia国tes Destroyed is very infonnative and althe same time pract国i 1. 1wI ill clear up any m
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The Bad PoinSl :

刊s 陥 an online product.You v馴11 need a 回mpuler and an inlemel nnection 10 purchase it and read it

刊e pr句rammustbe ∞nsistentlyfo 側副 Thisis 加e剛山any holistic prog悶m.Similaげ ωlosingweight,y山内陥由州11 ne回ω
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the plan.If you do it, Ihe 問wardsare 制eet. Alife 刷thout田nstanlwo町 abαutyourdiabel

This 同 nola small5 page gulde you回n ∞m帥le in 30 minutes.11is com問 hensive andαf,
匹削隠田on.lllea出esyou everythlng you need10 kn側 lounde醐 nd the disease and gel ∞n同1 of il and g.1nd of
il.叫1I 凶ke you some time 10 gel Ihroughlh.∞ursebulitisw副 worth yourtime

Should You Gel11
印刷itely.lfyou have diabeles,il’s always allhe back ofyour mind. Y叫have 10∞nslantlywo町
thefc∞<1you ea,lelc

Enough is enough.The Diabeles Destroy回 has helped thou田ndsof問叩le around the wor1d gelthe upper hand
on diabetes lrs lime for you 10 join Ihem and do the日 m.
Download Now!


Here’s the example that 1 came up with. It’s a mixture of images and copy taken from articles on
the sales page. Get creative and add your own flair to make it more interesting!
。2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Once you successfully publish your first post, you just need to copy and save the link of the post.
Something like this:

The above link we need it for the seo process.
Alright now you already learned how to build a website from A-Z. You know how to pick a domain name
and where to host the site and how to create a killer content for your website etc.
Now here comes the fun part of the course.
Seeing your site ranking on the first place on Google for a product on the launch day is an awesome
This is your main target. You want your website on the front page of Google. Obviously the higher
the Google rank, the more sales you’ll get.
This is only achievable with some very important rules which I am going to teach you now…
On to the final step… generating traffic.
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
So now it’s possible for people to view our review post and buy our promoted product, but how do
they find the post/site in the first place?
We need to build some traffic towards our post.
By simply submitting your post link to directories, users will be able to find them naturally
through search, however to supercharge this process we’re going to make them rank higher and allow
more people to find them easier with traffic generation.
There are some very straightforward ways to get additional traffic towards your post, some take a
little more effort than others, but all of them bring in more people to look at your post/website.
One of the key concepts here is that we are going to create backlinks to your post. This simply
means creating links from other websites on the internet to your post which will allow them to rank
higher in search engines as well as letting people find them through natural search methods.
Before we start building backlinks it’s very important that your website is first indexed by search
engines. Being indexed means that search engines such as Google know that your website (or post in
this case) exist.
You should never build backlinks to your review post or website before it is indexed or you may get
sandboxed by Google, taking weeks to show up in results.
Using a service like Pingomatic will send webcrawlers from Google and other search engines to your
website to let them know that your website (or post) is

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
live and has new content. If you don’t use Pingomatic then the webcrawlers have to find your
website manually which can take much longer.
Even though Pingomatic is designed for blogs, it can be utilized for all types of web content,
including our post.
Go to Pingomatic.com and under “Blog Home Page” put the link to your post.
Under “Blog Name” put the human readable title of your post, which should contain some keywords as
Hit “Send Pings” and you’re done.

© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
Once you’ve sent a ping, webcrawlers will eventually get around to indexing your post. This process
can take anywhere from a few minutes to a matter of hours. You can check that your site has been
indexed by typing the URL in a search engine such as Google. If it appears, congratulations, you’re
indexed! Once your document has been indexed, the next step is to build some backlinks.
The following sections describe great ways to build backlinks and generate traffic towards your
Go to socialmarker.com and submit the link to your post. Fill in the bookmark details using the
same information you’ve collected throughout this whole process and manually submit your site to as
many social bookmarking sites as you can. It’s slow at first, and takes a little effort, but gets
quicker the more you do it.
Join some Facebook groups dedicated to your particular niche. Post interesting discussion questions
or information along with the link to your post link.
© 2014 Affiliate Sniper Pro. All Rights Reserved.
For example, for the Diabetes niche you could join a Diabetes group and post: “I found a really
good way to gain experience points quickly from this guide, what do you guys think?” followed by
the link to your post.
The key with the marketing is that you want to add actual value to whatever you’re posting. Don’t
be another spammer on the Internet! Not only is it ineffective but your posts will just get removed
very quickly.
4) Article Marketing
A lot of my daily work has to do with article marketing. There are a few big sites which you really
don’t want to miss.
Just add one or two articles for every product you want to promote to these article sites. You will
get visitors through these articles, as well as high valued backlinks.
Here are the main free article directories:
http://www.articledashboard.com/ http://www.articlesnatch.com/ http://www.articlesbase.com/
http://www.articlecity.com/ http://goarticles.com/ http://www.articlebiz.com/
However I know how annoying it can be to write articles. See if you have several websites it can be
a pain to submit dozens of articles to each site seperately.
This is why I HIGHLY recommend you to try the Article Marketing Robot.
Currently this tool comes with a list of over 6,000 article directories. It is amazing how fast it
submits to ALL the directories.
You will get 6,000 HIGH Quality backlinks to your website in no time!
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5) Natural Backlinks
I already mentioned social networks in the last chapter.
Believe me these networks are traffic goldmines and you absolutely have to use them!
You need to give your visitors the chance to share your content with their friends.
Place a small Facebook “like” button at the end of every post. If the visitor likes your content he
will share the post with his friends.
Create a twitter profile and put a “follow me” button on the end of every post. If your content is
good enough, people want to hear more from you and follow
Often people even link back to your article or piece of content from their own websites.
All in all you don’t have to do additional work in order to get backlinks. Just post content which
people really like to read and they’ll be happy to share it with other!
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Well done! If you’ve followed the 5-steps giving above then you’ve already mastered the system. The
best thing about this system is that it’s scalable. If you really want to super charge your profits
you can repeat the steps given in this book for many different niches, products, keywords, posts
etc. The combinations are endless. It’s just a matter of how much time you’re willing to put into
sticking to one system and making it work.
What follows is an action plan summarizing the 5 steps so that you can follow it and execute the
method quickly. If you repeat the action plan every day you’ll easily build up a huge network of
affiliate links which will earn you commissions in your sleep!
1. Select a product on Clickbank with 20-50 Gravity in a Popular niche.
2. Find some keywords using the sales page
3. Create a Review using information from their sales page
4. Publish your post to your ning website
5. Generate traffic using your preferred method(s)
The first time you execute this plan it may take 01 hour or more, but I know that if you keep at it
you’ll be able to go through steps 1 to 5 in 30 minutes!
Thank you once again for reading through this book. I hope that you’ve learnt some new things and
that you’ve applied the method to the best of your ability.
If you have any questions or comments, please send create a ticket at
To Your Success, Surya Kumar

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Legally “Steal” Traffic from Guru’s Launches and Rake in $25,000 every Month!

“The Secret SEO Recipe” that Allows me to Catapult all of my
Affiliate Sites to the Top in Record Time?

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Tiny List, Massive Profits

Tiny List, Massive Profits
We have taken every precaution to ensure that the information presented in this eBook is 100%
accurate and with your best intention in mind.
Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. There is no
guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and
ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as
a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our
product, ideas and techniques.

Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your
level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote
to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since
these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level.
Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

Materials in our product and our website may contain information that includes or is based upon
forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995.
Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events. You can identify
these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They
use words such as “anticipate,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe,” and
other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential earnings or
financial performance.

Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express
our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual
results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s,
in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques in
our material.

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1. Introduction
2. The Tiny List
3. The Welcome Email
4. The Nurture Sequence
5. List Segmentation
6. The Promotional Sequence
7. The Earnings
8. Massive Imperfect Action

There is one thing we think every business must do well in order to succeed and that is… to thank
their customers at every chance they get.

Tina and I have been lucky to build a small base of loyal, engaged customers in a very short

Many of you have welcomed us into your work lives and trusted us to advise you towards your journey
to financial freedom. Itʼs a huge honor and we don’t take it lightly.

Taking that to heart, everything we create is always with your best interest in mind.

So, we hope youʼll find not just some value… but massive amounts of it in the following pages to
We appreciate you and we’re genuinely so thankful for you. With Gratitude,

Taylor Rizer & Tina Kane
Co-Founders of Zappy Marketer http://zappymarketer.com

Hey there!

You may already know me from my blog, ZappyMarketer.com.

If not, that’s okay. Let me take this quick second to formally introduce myself.
My name is Taylor Rizer and I’m just a regular 29-year-old guy from sunny California.
I guess the only thing that makes me sort of “unique” is the fact that I
make 100% of my income from the internet.

Like you, I got involved with this crazy world of internet marketing a few years back because I was
stuck in a bad financial situation.

I was intrigued by the possibility of making money online… but I
wasn’t totally sold on whether or not it was actually possible.

I started with humble beginnings of just wanting to make an extra $10 per day… and now, seeing
$1,000+ days have become the norm!
I didn’t have any “special” ability and I definitely wasn’t blessed by some internet marketing God.
I just put in real effort and that’s all it took.
The truth is… success can happen… and it can happen relatively fast. Today, I’m incredibly
lucky to have a loving wife, an amazing dog,
awesome friends, and a (mostly automated) online business that allows me to spend most of my time
with them.

But, that’s enough about me…

Let’s talk about what this report is going to do for you…
About Tiny List, Massive Profits

How many “guru” email lists are you on? Let me guess…
9 times out of 10… they hit you over the head with promo after promo. Am I right?
Don’t copy what they do.
This is the fastest way to burn out your list and lose attention, trust, and future sales (also
known as the churn-and-burn tactic).
This is the worst thing you could possibly do because eventually your list will either:
1. Unsubscribe or
2. Become completely unresponsive
And as a result, you will have to continuously add new leads to your list – which we all know takes
a lot of work!
For many people, email marketing is synonymous with spam. Buying lists, scraping email addresses,
and sending to people you don’t have a relationship with are all spam.
But that’s not what we are talking about here.
The thing is… making money with your email list is a bit counter- intuitive. This is where a lot of
internet marketers get it wrong.

What I mean is… if you’re trying to make money, you have to stop trying to squeeze every last penny
out of your email list with affiliate promotions.
Instead, the goal of email marketing, when done right, is to provide immense value to your reader
with each email.
Your goal should be to grow a list of subscribers that know, like, and trust you.
When you nurture your list with love and respect, you will be able to make a LOT more money in the
long term.
In fact, your subscribers will even thank YOU for promoting affiliate offers to them!
And no, this is not an exaggeration.
This is an ACTUAL Facebook message I received after sending out a promotional email:

So if you’re ready to learn how to make your email subscribers:

• Love you
• Trust you
• Thank you
• And most importantly… BUY from you…
Keep reading, because this case study is going to change the way you do email marketing forever.
One thing I’ve noticed is that most internet marketers use “small email list” as an excuse to why
they’re not making money.
The truth is…
Many people with big lists don’t make much money either!
It’s not about the size of your list… It’s about what you’re doing (or not doing) with your list.
I’ve seen friends with 10,000+ email lists struggling to make six- figures per year…
And on the contrary – I’ve seen personal clients of mine reach six- figures with just a
2,000-person email list – all by simply tweaking how they communicate with their subscribers and
the kinds of offers they make.
Don’t let a “small list” hold you back from making money sooner rather than later in your business.
You don’t have to wait for a big list before you can generate a significant amount of money.
A Change In Perspective
It seems that many internet marketers have a really bad habit of under-valuing their email lists
due to size. You read tips about email marketing, or read other people’s stories of using their
email lists to make good money. Then, you look at your own list…
Not so big. Maybe under 100 people? Doesn’t really measure up, as you see it. Then maybe, you think
the following thought (which is suicidal, really)…
“I’ll wait until my list is bigger to start doing email marketing.”
Or, if you’re using a email service like GetResponse to host them, you consider canceling your
account because you feel as if your email marketing work isn’t paying off.
No. No. Let’s put something in perspective here…
Every single person who subscribes to your list is a real, live, breathing human being who has
raised their hands and said, “I’m interested in what you’ve got.”
Now, you tell me, if you have 50 people like that, does that make those 50 people any less
valuable? Any less interested in you? Any less worthy of you standing up to the plate and giving
them the value they signed up for?
Those 50 people could end up being your biggest fans and brand promoters – EVER. If you treat them
And if you don’t think 50 people is a lot, imagine being up on that stage with 50 people sitting
there looking at you. Yeah, all of a sudden, it hits you like a ton of bricks – THOSE ARE REAL
I’ve heard people tell me, almost in a lowly tone, “Oh, my list isn’t that big. It is only a few
hundred people.” Yeah? That’s awesome!
Imagine, now, a few hundred people sitting there STARING at you. That’d be a pretty big crowd.
Oh, did I mention they all have wallets, too? Yeah ☺
The Dangers of Comparisons

When you hang around in this internet marketing space, numbers begin to all look the same. The only
ones that stand out are BIG numbers. Especially when you read the “guru” sites and they talk
nonchalantly about their big numbers. As a person still working on making it to that point, it can
make you feel small and inconsequential.
Whether it be pixels on your analytics graph, or subscriber counts in your GetResponse account –
they’re all numbers. But, they’re actual PEOPLE.
You don’t need a list of 100,000 people to make a killing online. I
don’t have a list of 100,000 people and I’m doing just fine. You don’t even need 1,000.
You have 50 subscribers? 25? 10? Hey, it’s all good! You’ll build it over time, but don’t make the
mistake of delaying the flow of value until you’ve got the big list. You take those 10 people,
those 25
people – and you take good care of them. Turn them into evangelists. Do everything you would do
with a larger list.
… Because it’ll grow that way. Not to mention, you’ll build a LOYAL following, and that will beat a
big unloyal following any day of the week.
Don’t underestimate your reach.
That being said, it’s not the size of the list that matters, it’s how responsive it is. If you have
a list of 100,000 people but only 5% of them open your emails, then you basically have a list of
only 5,000 people.
In this case study, I use an email list that only has a little over 1,300 subscribers.
These emails were collected from a Women’s Health blog that I run at
Nothing too fancy…
Just a humble sized list of women – who have voluntarily exchanged their email for more information
on how to lose weight.
Once a person subscribes to my list, they are automatically sent a welcome email that goes a little
something like this…

The Welcome Email
First impressions last a long time.
When your subscribers discover you for the first time, they’re going to naturally try to categorize
you and figure out where you rank in terms of positioning, legitimacy and most importantly – a
sense of commonality.
This happens instantly whether they know it’s happening or not.
The truth is, most marketers try to get away with just being average. But an average marketer
produces mediocre results. It’s the ones
that put in a little extra effort to exceed subscriber expectations that create raving fans who
purchase more often and share their experience with others.
In this chapter, you’ll learn the importance of exceeding subscriber expectations to build a
business that breaks past mediocrity and makes more money.
Are you up to the challenge?
The One-Time Opportunity You’d Be Crazy To Squander
Your welcome email is the message that’s sent automatically to new subscribers after confirming
they want to sign up for your list.
In its simplest form, it’s a short thank you message. And if you offer your subscribers a juicy
sign-up incentive, it’ll tell them how to get that too.
In fact, that might be the reason that welcome emails have the highest open rate – up to 70% – of
all types of marketing emails.

Given those numbers, you’re missing a huge opportunity if your welcome email says nothing more than
“Thanks for subscribing!”
When your new subscribers open that first email, their interest levels are at an all-time high.
It’s a rare situation in which you have your reader’s undivided attention.
So here’s a quick and highly effective way to make sure you (and your subscribers) get every ounce
of value from your welcome email.
Over-deliver With The Best You Have To Offer
When subscribers first join your list, they have a mixture of emotions. They hope they’re going to
get a ton of value from being on your list,
but they also fear they’ll be disappointed.
That’s why you need to impress them as soon as possible after signing up with the very best you
have to offer.
This will widely depend on what niche you’re in but… because free “bribes” are so commonplace, even
a genuinely valuable giveaway can sometimes feel underwhelming.
Here are my favorite ways to over-deliver with my welcome email:
1. Give away my very best material in a free report or
2. Include an unexpected free bonus report or
3. Include a list of links to my best blog posts that have already proven to be popular with my
This is a great way to build trust early in the relationship and to position yourself as a person
who can deliver the goods.
Results In Advance

Know the best way to make sure people are glad they joined your list?
Provide them with a solution that will get them some results right away. Or even something that
they can implement right away.
Even a teeny tiny tip that teaches them something valuable right now can have a powerful effect.
It doesn’t need to deliver huge results, just quick results. Here is my welcome email:

Welcome Email (Day 1)
SUBJECT: Welcome! Here’s Our “Best of the Best”
Hi {!name},
Welcome to Slender Shortcuts!
Yay on taking action today! You’re now signed up to receive my free newsletter, which shows that
you’re serious about seeing some real changes in your life.
My name is Taylor Rae, and I would love the opportunity to help you re-gain control over your
weight and have your life be enriched through proper nutrition and habits.
Motivational wisdom, inspiration, and some pretty darn helpful weight-loss tips will magically
appear in your inbox twice a week.
If you’re ready for some life-changing tips now, here are a few of my recent favorites:
< LINK >
< LINK >
< LINK >
< LINK >
< LINK >
Even if all you do is read this email and realize that it’s possible to change – and have a better
life, regardless of your current weight – than my mission is already accomplished.
The way I see it, life’s too short to be weighed down (excuse the pun) with obesity.
Explore and enjoy,
XOXO, Taylor
P.S. I’ll have more headed your way tomorrow. Talk soon!

The Nurture Sequence
For long-term success, you can’t expect to survive the changing online business environment,
without delivering trust-building quality content.
This isn’t anything new of course, but realizing how to truly embed this culture into how you run
your business is more difficult than you might think.
Why? Because it’s so easy to fall for the lure of the quick buck.
It’s too easy to be lazy, and most people aren’t prepared to wait and put in the effort to
establish themselves. They want a return on their work in a matter of days, not the weeks it’s
going to take to build your following, set up systems and ultimately, establish a quality business.
Most online marketers in recent years have built email lists that they essentially use to
constantly promote affiliate products and launches.
Finding a marketer who sends content out to their list, even as often as 50% of the emails they
send, is rare.
Once customers get sick of the spam, it’s those marketers who built an autoresponder system that
uses quality content to foster trust, and not hit their customers with excessive pitches, who
The Emotional Bank Account
Imagine a person gives you their email because they want to read your report on how to improve your
putting game in golf.
Following the email that gives the report, the next day you send them an email that asks them to
buy a putter you recommend (through
your affiliate link of course).

Then you ask them to buy golf balls (affiliate link), then a manual on how to chip out of bunkers
(affiliate link), then something else.
Your subscriber may have tolerance for one or two pitches especially since they are related to the
reason he first subscribed, but by the fifth email they’re starting to wonder why they should keep
their relationship with you if all you ever do is show them things they can buy.
Instead, imagine if the emails that follow the report include a free video showing a tip on how to
hold a putter correctly, then a free interview with a professional golf coach who explains what
most amateur golfers do wrong with their putting.
The next email gives a great story from the game of golf you played on the weekend, which relates
how you learned a special way of thinking to improve concentration during putting.
Think of it this way…
Trust, which is an emotion, starts at zero in the emotional bank account (maybe even negative in
markets that have a reputation for scamming people).
Each time you help your subscriber without asking anything from them, they trust you more – and
that’s a deposit.
Each time you include a pitch that requires they spend their money, you’re subtracting from that
bank account.
Obviously there are subtleties and ways you can pitch with content, but the base rule is clear
because we all know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of an email that asks you to buy
It’s not usually something that makes you like the person who sent you the email.
The goal with the nurture sequence is to build a friendship with your new subscribers and let them
get to know you first.

Immediately after the welcome email, you want to send an email the next day so that your subscriber
gets used to receiving emails from you.
At this point in the stage, they are freshly interested in what you have to say and are eager to
learn more.
Delay any longer and you risk having them either lose interest or forget who you are.
The purpose of the nurture sequence is to:
• Share more about you
• Provide value (tips)
• Share stories
• Build a friendship + trust

• Encourage subscribers to click on your links
We can provide value in any form that you wish, whether it’s a blog post, video, podcast, article,
Here is the exact nurture sequence I sent in this case study:

Nurture Email #1 (Day 2)
SUBJECT: How I lost 150 Pounds and Regained My Life Today, I wanted to quickly encourage you with
my own story… Weighing 305 pounds isn’t fun.
Four years ago I lost over 150 pounds and regained my life.
I didn’t have gastric bypass surgery, took no supplements, never ate weird food and didn’t even
join a group.
There were so many times over the ten years that I was obese that I wished I could lose weight. I
seemed to be continually dieting, but always ended up gaining even more weight than I had lost.
The weight crept up, and my self-confidence dropped. I resigned myself to being fat for the rest of
my life. I tried to accept that this was how I would always be.
But one day I got scared for my health and my life, and finally made a change.
You can read what happened here:
Taylor Rae

Nurture Email #2 (Day 5)
SUBJECT: Why It’s So Hard To Lose Weight
If it were easy to lose weight, everyone who wanted to drop some pounds would be able to.
However, just look around and you can clearly see there are people who want to lose weight but
seemingly cannot.
I was one of those people during the 10 years that I was morbidly obese.
I tried so many things to lose weight and talked about losing weight so much that I know my friends
and family got tired of hearing it. I often jokingly refer to the fact that they had “diet
Honestly, I had diet fatigue as well.
Losing weight is much more than inputting food into a calculator or monitoring your exercise and
calorie intake. There are a lot
of reasons while losing weight is hard but I feel as though there are 10 common reasons that weight
loss is difficult.
Read them here:
< LINK >
Knowing why it’s hard can help you identify where you might be struggling.
XOXO, Taylor

Nurture Email #3 (Day 8)
SUBJECT: How To Stop Thinking About Food
I used to think about food for many, many hours every day.
If I’m honest, I thought about food all the time except when I
was asleep. From the minute I woke up, I started thinking about what I was going to eat. Then when
I was eating brownies for breakfast, I was already thinking about what food would come next.
It was a crazy existence.
I still remember holding a McDonald’s Quarter Pound Cheeseburger in one hand and trying to decide
what I was going to have next.
Food, food, food.
It occupied my mind even while I was doing other things. I would be talking to a friend on the
phone and flipping through a dessert cookbook at the same time. I could talk to John or the girls
and still be thinking about what kind of food I should eat next.
In today’s article, I want to show you how I got myself to finally stop thinking about food all the

Hard-Sell Your Personality
While you can definitely do well enough just by delivering useful content, your results will be 10x
better if people feel that they have a connection with you in some way.
And this is a very, very easy thing to do – although it does require you to “open up” and let your
guard down a bit.
Let me explain…
What you want to become is someone who not only has answers (in the eyes of your subscriber) – but
someone who is genuine, believable and like them.
What this does is it instantly elevates you from being “noise” to being a trusted advisor.
If you demonstrate your “humanness,” then more people will come to like you as a human, and this is
by far the strongest selling technique you could ever master.
Now imagine that your email sequence does all of that for you automatically.
It’s logical stuff, but unfortunately so many people are stuck on short term gain mode, or just
plain desperate to make money, they forget they are dealing with other human beings at the end of
their emails.
The goal here is to make a connection with your subscribers. They’ll feel like they can relate to
you in some way.
The result will be that the stage is now set for future contact from a
“connected” friend or advisor.
Instead of hard-selling a product initially, what you actually want to do is “hard-sell” your
personality (which is far more natural and effective anyway).
So whatever you want your persona to be – humorous, sarcastic, inspiring, straight-talker, intense,
comedic, etc – sell that to your subscriber.
This will let them know that you’re a real person and enable you to be more memorable.
And being memorable is what will pave your way when it comes to getting your emails opened, read,
and responded to with action.
An added benefit is to train your subscribers to click on links from emails from you (in the
future, these links will be affiliate links).
Just remember: it’s not really about you.
When you share your personality, it’s not for therapy or to make yourself feel good.
The most enduring way to maximize those “sales” is this: Keep your attention focused obsessively on
your customer.
While there are no direct-pitches going on here…
That doesn’t mean you have to refrain completely from making any money.
Some of these articles that I link to may have affiliate links casually embedded into them…

Or they may stumble upon my ebook and decide to purchase while they’re on my website.
The point is that you want to continue delivering immense value but without blatantly pushing for a
sale (yet).
While you’ll be able to earn a few sales here and there from these odd clicks, this is just bonus
income. This will be peanuts compared to when we release our actual promotional campaigns.
The next section is where the sneaky magic starts to happen…

List Segmentation
Within each niche – there are multiple sub-niches.
For example, in just the weight loss niche alone there is:
• Weight loss for moms
• How to get a six-pack
• How to lose belly fat
• Getting rid of cellulite
• Losing weight after a pregnancy
• How to lose 100+ pounds
• How to lose 20 pounds
• Etc, etc, etc.
The point is… Not everything I promote is going to appeal to everyone on my list.
If I were to continuously promote each of these products to my list – I
would burn out a lot of people in the process. List segmentation is a solution for this.
The Problem With The Shotgun Approach
As you probably realize, the shotgun approach isn’t the best. It gives you maximum spread, but you
miss a lot more than you hit.
So in the case of email marketing, only a small percentage of my total email subscribers would open
and read my emails and then an even tinier percentage of those people would click the link in the
The problem with the shotgun approach is I might do okay with convincing some of my readers to
click the link, but I may also
damage the relationship I have with a lot of the other readers who do not.
Simply put – there’s no way every single email I send out is going to be of value and interest to
every single subscriber I have.
But with the power of segmentation, you can zero in on those subscribers who show interest, without
annoying the members who did not.
We are attempting to match what people want with what you have to offer and avoid as much
mismatching as possible. (This is the sole job of a marketer!)
When done right, this form of marketing is beneficial to everyone. People who joined your list for
a certain type of information receive
what they want, and people who don’t are not bothered with repeat
messages about something they do not want.
Of course you can’t please all of the people even with segmentation and in almost all cases you
will have people unsubscribe from your list after every email you send, but it will be a very small
percentage of your subscribers, and probably people who really shouldn’t be on your list anyway.
List segmentation allows you to move away from a shotgun approach to email marketing and refine
your messages to a more precise and targeted delivery of your content (like a sharpshooter).
The end result of this process is – more people taking the action you want, which of course will
lead to more sales and thus more profits, and a strengthening of the relationships you have with
the members of your newsletter.


So, the big secret to prevent burning out your list is to segment your master list into smaller
“interest lists.”
The idea is to get your subscriber to raise their hand and give you permission to market a
particular product to them without them realizing it.
In this case, I wanted to promote a product that promises to increase metabolism.
Instead of promoting the product to the entire list, I sent out what I call a “segment email” to
pre-qualify buyers.
This is basically a way for me to get people who might by interested in increasing their metabolism
on a separate email list.
Then I can promote this product to this separate interest list without bothering everyone else on
the main list.
This does 2 things:

1. Prevent subscribers from burning out
2. Sky-rocketing your conversions because only people who are already interested will be hearing
your message
Here’s what a segment email looks like:

Segment Email (Day 11)
SUBJECT: The Secret To A Super Fast Metabolism
Here’s some good news…
You may have inherited your mom’s slow-mo metabolism, but you’re not stuck with it.
Here’s the thing. In my process of losing weight, I learned that it’s possible to trick your body
into burning calories more efficiently.
If you’re into speeding up your metabolism, check out this article and I’ll have more info headed
your way:
If that’s not your thing, that’s okay too. Next week’s email will probably be more in tune with
what you want to hear.
XOXO, Taylor
When a subscriber clicks on the link in this email, I’ve set my email responder service
(ConvertKit) to automatically add this person to a new list.
Out of the 1,326 people that this email was sent to, 411 subscribers clicked on the link and were
automatically added to my new interest list.

Note: If your email provider doesn’t allow you to automatically move subscribers from one list to
another, you can set this up by leading your subscriber to a new optin form for a new list on the
other side of the link in your email.
This way, once they click the link, they’ll have to optin in again and they will get added onto a
new “interest list”.
Now that we have a highly targeted segment of people, it’s time to make an irresistible offer!

The Promotional Sequence
The vast majority of marketers make one of two mistakes:
1. They do too much selling without giving away enough content
2. They give away too much content without doing enough selling
And it’s costing them a lot of money.
Now that you’ve done the “hard” work.. it’s time to finally reap the rewards of what you sowed!
Let’s make one thing clear: Selling is not bad!
The only time selling is bad is when you try to sell something that you don’t believe will actually
help your subscribers.
But when you’re promoting something that will actually help them, selling is GREAT and absolutely
The only way you get paid is when something is SOLD (whether it be your own products/services or an
affiliate product/service).
You can create a fantastic living for yourself and a fantastic relationship with your readers just
by recommending things that will help your customers get closer to achieving their goals.
For example: Most internet marketers do NOT have a background in web design or web development.
So one product I proudly recommend is, OptimizePress. It allows anyone, and I really do mean ANYONE
to easily create high- converting marketing pages that will help them build their list and sell
more stuff.
For anyone who has never heard of OptimizePress before… they’re extremely thankful whenever I
recommend this awesome plugin.
Because otherwise, they wouldn’t have known about it. See how that works?
The 3-Day Promo Tactic
I don’t promote often, but when I do… I’ll really promote something. I’d rather promote once or
twice a month and make 4-5 figures off a
single promotion rather than promote something every day and make a couple $100 (+ lose cool points
with my subscribers).
The 3-day promotional sequence is a sneaky way to get your customers hooked on to your marketing
It is a series of three emails that are closely tied together to pitch one product.

This 3-part series works because there are three primary reasons why people buy just about

• Lack – We buy things to fill voids that we believe we lack.
• Deal – We buy when we feel like we’re getting a great deal.
• Fear – We buy because we’re afraid something is going away.

Each email in this 3-part sequence focuses on one of the above starting with Lack.
Promo Email #1 – Lack (Day 12)
SUBJECT: Here’s Why You Still Have Stubborn Fat…
Years ago, I saw a story on the front page of Yahoo News that completely changed the way I thought
about weight loss.
It explained why I’d never been able to lose weight. And just like that, the final piece of the
puzzle fell into place.
Now make sure to pay attention because I’m about to reveal exactly what that was…
The key was…
Learning how to activate my fat-burning metabolism.
Up until then (without even realizing) I was doing everything wrong.
What I really needed to have in order to control my weight wasn’t another crazy diet or a crazy
exercise regime. What I really needed was: metabolism control!
The truth is – our metabolism rate naturally slows down as we get older. It happens to everyone.
But what most people don’t realize is that we can control our metabolism and even speed it up to
burn fat on autopilot.
Certain foods can speed up the rate of your metabolism while other foods (that I was unknowingly
eating) can drastically slow it down.
Once I learned these loopholes… losing weight made much more sense.

Now my body was working WITH me and not AGAINST me.
Imagine how much easier weight loss would be if you had your own body working FOR you.
Find out how you can easily accomplish a faster metabolism almost effortlessly:
XOXO, Taylor

Lack Email Review:
The purpose of this email is very simple: tell the reader what they are missing and what they have
to gain.
In this example: a fast metabolism.
The Perception of Lack That Drives Desire
Everyone is running the same basic story in their head… And it’s the story that they lack
And if they HAD that something THEN they could FINALLY
be happy!
Nobody is going to buy anything from you unless they FEEL their lack. Of course, this lack is only
a perception – an illusion.
A person who FEELS they have more than enough doesn’t seek more.
Recognize what people believe they lack – that’s the only conversation you need to recognize.
Promo Email #2 – Deal (day 13)
SUBJECT: Free Copy of my Latest Recipe eBook!! Remember what I mentioned about [product name]
yesterday? But before you rush off to purchase, I want to quickly tell you
more about my very exclusive and private bonus.
Metabolism has had such an amazing effect on my own personal transformation that I have gone ahead
and created an additional recipe eBook that includes all the foods on the “recommended list.”
You will be able to follow the easy and simple recipes in this bonus guide to drastically speed up
you metabolism – for free!
However, I’m only making this bonus available for those who purchase [Program Name] today. After
that, I’m selling this eBook on it’s own for $19.95.
That’s how much I love and fully endorse [Program Name].
Remember, faster metabolism = faster weight loss. Lots of love,
P.S. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns at all. Happy to help ☺

Deal Email Review:
This is one of the most important things you can do when promoting an affiliate product – ADD A
BONUS for all the buyers who buy via your affiliate link.
A lot of people follow most people in the industry so by you offering a free consult, review,
product, download etc.. you will stand out.
Your subscribers will choose to buy via your affiliate link over someone else’s.
As humans, we love a great deal. It’s just human nature.
If you go to the store and there are two identical boxes of cereal available for sale at the same
But one of them includes a plastic toy that the other doesn’t… Which will you buy?
Nobody wants to feel they’re losing something they could have EVEN IF they don’t want it.
Silly humans…

Promo Email #3 – Fear (day 14)
SUBJECT: Last Call!
This is your last chance to get [product name] plus my brand new eBook free!
After tomorrow, [bonus name] will become a stand-a-lone product priced at $19.95…
But when you purchase [product name] today, I’ll include it for free. Just email me a copy of your
receipt and it’s yours. Super simple.
This will be the last time you hear me talk about [product name].
Get in now, or risk missing out completely!
P.S. Remember, not only will you get a faster metabolism when you buy [product name] but you’ll
also receive [bonus name] as a free bonus when you purchase today!

Fear Email Review:
This is the MONEY email and also the shortest email in the entire sequence.
We turn up the heat by deploying the fear of loss (which is quite strong!).
Let me give you an example:
Imagine putting a $100 bill into the trashcan. Man, that hits ya doesn’t it? It’s pure fear of
In fact, the fear of loss is more strong than the hope for gain!
People would much rather save something they’ve already got, than get something they want. It’s
hardwired into our heads.
People who know they want the product you’re promoting will purchase on the first day.
Everyone else who is still on the fence will purchase on this day due to fear of missing a great
Do not put any other links or unnecessary information in this email. Short and concise wins.
Double Your Open Rates with One Simple Trick
An “open rate” is the ratio of emails opened by the number of emails sent.
Sadly (but truthfully), not everyone who you send an email to will open it.
In fact, even an open rate of only 50% is considered GREAT in most niches. That means… at least
half the people on your list ARE NOT OPENING your emails.
Why work so hard if only 1 out of every 2 people open your emails? Here’s one solution…
No matter what your initial open rate is, there is one thing you can do that will immediately
increase your open rate, and it only takes a minute:
Re-send the email to everyone who did not open it.
A lot of people focus on growing their list size bigger, but they don’t realize that simply
doubling your open rate is just as effective as doubling your list size.
(Remember earlier how I mentioned that your list size is only as big as your email-opened size?)
So, here’s how to increase your email open rates by an additional
30% at least.
Step 1. Take the SAME email you sent and CHANGE the subject line to something new
Step 2. Email it out 6 hours later JUST TO YOUR NON-OPENS

By doing this, your subscribers won’t look at their inbox and see two of the exact same emails.
They won’t know the body is the same, because, well, they didn’t open it the first time.
This is a feature you an do within almost every email provider.
Afraid of Unsubscribes?
A lot of people get panicked when faced with the idea of sending multiple emails in a short span of
time (within a week). I understand that.
Before I got the hang of it and understood the power of selling, I felt the same way.
But here’s the thing: the reason people are afraid to send emails to their list is because they’re
afraid of getting unsubscribes and/or people getting mad because of too many emails.
Let’s address these issues one by one.
First off, unsubscribes are the BEST thing that ever happened to your list. Seriously.
Look at it this way – people join your list because they’re interested in what YOU have to offer,
and you’re in the business of SELLING
useful products/services to people who are INTERESTED in what you have to offer.
If they unsubscribe, they’re not interested. Therefore, they’re not potential customers, they were
browsers. No loss on your end. Sure, the list size may decrease, but the proportion of INTERESTED
people to dead weight will shift to a more favorable ratio.

And if you’re saying “Wait a minute, I don’t want to constantly lose people on my list, I’ll have
no one left!” here’s what you need to know.
You’ve got to get yourself into a position where a good number of people are joining your list
every day, so the dead weight unsubscribes don’t matter.
You do that by continuing to nurture your list.
The bottom line is that you are running a BUSINESS, and the purpose of your list is to attract
people INTERESTED in buying (as well as providing stellar free content for people who aren’t sure
if they’re ready to buy yet. We like those people).
You are not running a CHARITY. You are running a business. Treat it like one. Create content for
your list that makes it worth staying on (even for non-buyers), and don’t be afraid to promote
within those emails.
The unsubscribes weren’t going to buy from you anyway. Cull your list until it’s full of interested
potential buyers, not browsers who can’t handle a link or two in the middle of great content.
So Let’s Talk Numbers
I want to show you an example from this case study promotion which is typical for any affiliate
These numbers will help you feel good about your next promotion. Here they are:
• 29% of sales came from email 1
• 12% of sales came from email 2
• 58% of sales came from email 3
This. Is. Typical.
チ zappymarketer

Generall抗 there’s a spike on day 1,a lull in the middle,and a monster spike at the end when you’re
ending the promotion.
The Earnings
When you have a hyper-engaged audience and an offer that perfectly matches their needs…
You have a simple recipe for $$$
This is what my inbox looked like an hour after sending that last promotional sequence email:


This is literally the closest thing to legally printing your own money.
At the end of the day, I had a total of 224 sales for a $47 product and
75% commission for a total profit of $7,896.
224 sales from a 411-person “interest list” is a whopping 54%
conversion rate.
To get a landing page with a 54% conversion rate is challenging enough – but to have sales at a 54%
conversion rate is unheard of. And here’s the kicker… I literally spent a total of 2 hours writing
8 emails and programming them to be sent automatically.
Plus I spent $150 to get the bonus ebook completely outsourced
Think about that for a second.
One promotional sequence to a list of 1,000 subscribers has the potential to generate $8,000/month
in profits ($100,000/year) for you.
… from just one promotional sequence, to a tiny little list.
That’s excluding all the new subscribers you’ll be adding on to your email list throughout the
This is the power of email marketing done correctly.
Massive Imperfect Action
As you can probably tell by now, Tina and I do pretty well with internet marketing. But we didn’t
get to where we are by just reading about it.
We learned by actually applying these concepts into practice. The biggest single piece of advice I
can give you at this point is: Do NOT get lost in the weeds!
By this I mean, do not get lost in every tiny detail. Getting good at making money online requires
you to just take action rather than trying to get every last detail in order.
Even if you are feeling unsure about whether or not you’re doing things correctly, it is far more
important to just get started. I can’t stress this enough.
I promise that results will come with just some practice and some experience. That is literally the
only thing separating you from the amount of income you desire.
Donʼt worry about whether or not everything is 100% perfect or feeling skeptical whether or not
this will work for you. Just do it.
All of these excuses will only stunt your growth.
Take action, NOW. Not tomorrow. Because your success depends on the action you take today.
With all of that out of the way…
Itʼs been a great pleasure writing this manual for you and I sincerely hope this guide has brought
massive amounts of value your way.
Take care and I can’t wait to hear about the results you have with the strategies outlined in this
Taylor Rizer & Tina Kane
Co-Founders of Zappy Marketer http://zappymarketer.com
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