Affiliate Supremacy

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Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement
This report is supplied for information purposes only. The content of this
report reflect the opinions of the author at the time of writing. The information
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The report is sold with the understanding that the author is not providing legal,
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consult with an appropriately qualified professional before making any business
Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it’s potential.
The level of success that can be achieved by following our programme is dependant
upon many factors including the time you have available, your knowledge, skills and
abilities. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money by following the
information in this program.
You are fully responsible for all actions you take as a result of reading this report.
We do not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from the business
decisions made by purchasers.
Any perceived slights of specific people or organizations are unintentional.
No part of this report may be copied, changed,resold or used in any other way without
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Page 4. Introduction
Page 7. Module 1 – Affiliate Marketing
Page 14. Module 2 – About Affiliate Supremacy
Page 18. Module 3 – Finding A Profitable Niche
Page 28. Module 4- Your Money Site
Page 47. Module 5 – Creating Pre-Sell Content
Page 57. Module 6 – Social Media Assets
Page 68. Module 7 – Free Targeted Traffic
Page 75. Module 8 – Paid Traffic Overdrive
Page 79. Module 9 – Outsourcing
Page 81. Module 10 – Scaling Up
Page 84. Final Word
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Who Am I? And why it matters…
I’m not interested in telling you my life’s story, or bragging about how
successful I am or flexible life that I’m able to live, I want to take a minute
to give you my background so you’re comfortable with the fact that what
you are about to read truly is a roadmap to success.
Why? Because, if you don’t believe the messenger, you won’t believe
the message.
My name is Craig Dawber and I’m a UK based Online Entrepreneur and the
creator of the Affiliate Supremacy System.
I guess I’m like a lot of people who started out struggling to make their
living marketing online. I bought lots of make money courses, tried a lot of
different things, but for a long time, nothing really worked for me.
I’m not a quitter; but I’m not quite daft enough to keep hammering
myself over the head with the same brick every day expecting that one
day it will start feeling good.
So I stopped buying product after product and supporting the extravagant
lifestyles of the self proclaimed “gurus”, and decided to step back and
analyze everything that I had purchased.
I decided that the best way to progress was to test half a dozen methods
and going forward, put maximum effort into the method that yielded
the best results.
It was time to rinse, repeat and improve.
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Less than a year later, by shutting out the ‘noise’ and focusing on Affiliate
Marketing, I was able to kiss goodbye to my day job and start earning 100%
of my income Online.
That was back in 2009.
Since then, Affiliate Marketing has changed a lot. Google has updated their
algorithms several times over, social media websites have come and gone,
while some of the most effective traffic sources of 2008-2010 are now hardly
worth mentioning.
As a result, lots of affiliates have dropped out of the game.
However, by constantly evolving my business, I’ve not only been able to
continue making money as an affiliate, but actually been able to take my
business from strength to strength.
Affiliate Supremacy is the blueprint of what works right now. Forget all
about the outdated Affiliate Marketing methods that you’ve read in the past.
If you read this report, believe the message and apply the strategies, you
will change your life.
Without further ado, let’s get into it.
Craig Dawber
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Module 1 – Affiliate Marketing
What Is Affiliate Marketing?
If you already know what affiliate marketing is, feel free to skim this section.
However, if you’re brand new to Making Money Online, it’s essential that you
read this in order to understand how you will make money with the Affiliate
Supremacy Method.
There are millions of products and services for sale on the Internet, ranging
from books to clothes, from software to vacations, and just about everything
else in between.
The vast majority of Internet retailers and will to share some of their profits
with marketers who help drive buyers to their websites. These marketers are
the ‘affiliates’ or ‘affiliate marketers’.
As an affiliate, you earn a ‘commission’ every time you help a retailer make
a sale. That commission is a percentage of the item’s retail value, usually
ranging from 5% for expensive items such as flights and vacations, through to
100% for digital products such as PDF reports and video tutorials.
Yes, you did read that correctly – Some digital products give affiliates 100%
commission, that is the entire value of the product that they help to sell.
Often, digital products have no manufacturing costs (PDF guides for example)
and because of that, retailers who are primarily interested in customer leads,
will give affiliates 100% commission for promoting their entry level products.
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How do you become an affiliate?
Every product or service that has an affiliate platform (enables affiliates) is
part of an affiliate network (or has their own).
An affiliate network is essentially a website that connects affiliate marketers
with retailers. Through the affiliate network, we are able to apply to become
affiliates for each retailer (and/or product) and upon approval, are given a
completely unique web hyperlink retailers website. This is our affiliate link.
Depending on the affiliate network we join, our approval as an affiliate for a
product can be instant or delayed (if manually approved). Some networks
also choose to pay us instantly when we drive a sale, others will make us
wait for a certain period of time.
Every network is different, so you should read the terms in order to understand
how and when you’re going to get paid.
When we have our affiliate link, our aim is to drive targeted traffic (visitors)
through that affiliate link. If a visitor makes a purchase after arriving through
our affiliate link, we make a commission.
There are many different Affiliate Networks. Some of the big ones for digital
products include Clickbank, JVZoo and Clicksure. The big affiliate networks
for physical products include Market Health, Commission Junction and
Rakuten. Many big companies such as Amazon and Ebay have their own
affiliate platforms.
Generally, you can find details of how to become an affiliate for a product or
service in the footer of their website or by Googling ‘product name + affiliate
program’. To sign up for any affiliate program, you will find the instructions
on the affiliate network’s website.
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What are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?
You’re probably thinking, why do I suggest affiliate marketing rather than
creating your own products or opening your own online store?
Firstly, I want to make it clear that I’m not writing either of these methods off.
In fact, I’d strongly suggest going down these roads the future. However, it
makes perfect sense to get started with affiliate marketing…
Creating your own digital product can be extremely time consuming with
research, writing, video creation, design and so on. As a retailer, you are also
responsible for handling customer support forever. Having to spend hours
solving problems for customers who bought a $10 report from you 2 years ago
can be counter productive.
As an affiliate, you could setup multiple income streams in the time it takes
to create a single product and after you’ve made the sale, you never have to
deal with any of the customer’s problems.
Setting up an Online store to sell physical products requires a huge investment
in terms of time and money. Technically, you need to understand how to setup
a store or pay someone to do it for you. You’ll also need to spend money on
stock and warehouse space, as well as being responsible for shipping and
customer support.
Affiliates can sell physical and digital products, 24/7/365, while working from
anywhere in the world, without ever having to deal with any customers
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Affiliate marketing also gives you the opportunity to test different markets
and niches. If there’s a niche that you’re doing particularly well in as an
affiliate, you can then decide to take the plunge into creating your own
product in that niche, knowing that you definitely have the ability to drive
targeted traffic in that niche.
I’d suggest starting by becoming an affiliate for a digital information product,
that way, you can achieve the best commission percentages and put yourself
in a position where if you do really well, you too can create a product in
that niche. It’s far easier for you to create your own information product
than creating a clothing line!
Here’s what you need to do at this point.
✔ Sign up with the top 3 digital affiliate networks, Clickbank, JVZoo and
Clicksure as well as 2 additional affiliate networks of your choice. This will
enable you to come become accustomed with creating accounts, getting
accepted and put you in a position to be ready to start promoting digital
products from day 1.
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Module 2 – About Affiliate Supremacy
Affiliate Supremacy is a simple, easy to follow, 3 step formula that if applied,
will generate regular affiliate commissions.
Here are the steps…
1) Find a profitable niche
2) Create a money site is that niche that pre-sells affiliate offers to visitors
3) Leave your digital footprint on high traffic websites, driving thousands
of visitors to your money website
It doesn’t matter if you want to drive traffic to your review website or to a
squeeze page, the traffic methods in step 3 will work just as effectively for
any type of website.
However, in the Affiliate Supremacy Model I’m going to be talking about
creating review websites (blogs) and driving traffic to them, because that’s
the method that I personally use to make the bulk of my sales as an affiliate.
The more Affiliate Supremacy websites that you create, the more money you
can make.
As you become experienced at creating Affiliate Supremacy websites, you
will be comfortable creating multiple sites at once.
But for your first Affiliate Supremacy site, I want you to focus on creating
just one site without cutting any corners.
That way, you’re far less likely to ‘jump’ to another method before even
implementing this method. Jumping from method to method is a sure fire
way to fail.
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Well, I’m not going to do that to you. I promise that the Affiliate Supremacy
recipe that I’m about to give you will have the exact same “ingredients” as the
one that I use. I want you to make “meatballs” that are as good as mine. Heck;
I want you to make even better ones!
This step by step process that I’m about to show you is designed to take you
about 2 -3 hours per day. I used to have a day job when I first started using this
method and despite it’s evolution, everything can still be setup very quickly.
At first it may take you a little longer; it did for me. But once you get up to
speed, you’ll breeze through the steps and still have plenty of time for golf,
or to spend with your family and loved ones.
An important note about my friend’s Grandmother:
I have a friend whose Italian Grandmother is a wonderful cook. She has
recipes she learned from her mother and grandmother back in the old
If she makes something you like, and you ask for the recipe, she never
writes it down. She’ll tell you: “Oh, I use a little bit of garlic; some salt;
chopped onions and ground beef to make my meatballs.” And if you follow
her recipe, I guarantee that your meatballs won’t taste the same.
Why? Because she always leaves something out. And why does she do
that? It’s because she doesn’t want you to make meatballs that are as
good as hers.
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
If you cannot get through the steps each day, don’t get discouraged and quit.
Just keep at it and do as much as you can. Start each day by picking up where
you left off the day before. Just keep working and you will get results.
Before you begin, it’s important you realize that that this process is 100%
repeatable. Let’s say you work up to a point where you are making, say, $20
per day from one niche. That’s Great! That’s $140 per week and $7,280 per
year. And that’s from just one site!
Now, all you have to do is repeat this exact same process all over again. But
this time you’ll do it with another niche. And if that second niche makes you
$20.00 a day as well, now you’re up to $40.00 each day, $280 per week,
and $14,560 per year!
How many of those little successes do you need to be able to say goodbye to
your day job? Do the math and figure out how many $20 per-day sites you need.
Then make a sign that reads:
And hang it on the wall by your computer. Every time you add another $20
producer, cross out the previous number and write the new, lower number.
Don’t worry if you mess up your sign with a lot of crossing out. Every time
that number gets lower, your income becomes greater.
In the last part of this course, I show you how to grow the number of profitable
sites quickly. It’s OK if you go there and take a sneak peek. But do yourself a
favor: Don’t skip ahead and try those techniques yet. They will only work once
you have mastered the basics.
I need X Sites Making Me $20 Per Day To
Kiss My Job Goodbye!
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Module 3 – Finding a Profitable Niche
If you’ve been around the ‘Internet Marketing’ or ‘Make Money Online’ forums
for any time at all, then you’re probably aware that ‘niche selection’ is a
vitally important step for affiliate marketers.
If you choose to create or promote products in niches that aren’t profitable,
you’re not going to make the money that your effort deserves, if you make
any money at all…
Before we talk about how to use keyword research to evaluate if a niche is
profitable, we must start by answering the age old question…
What is a niche?
To answer that question, we first need to define something else: Market.
But we’re not just after any market, we want to find a profitable market.
Because a profitable niche, will be found inside of a profitable market.
A Market is “a segment of the general population that share a common need
or desire”.
A profitable market is:
1. A segment of people who have a common need or pain…
2. Who are motivated to buy your product or service to ease that pain…
3. Who have the capacity to pay for your product or service…
Let’s dig deeper…
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1) A segment of people who have a common need or pain…
Some examples include – Mothers, Students, Unemployed, Chefs, Golfers,
Runners, Dog Owners, Bodybuilders – the list goes on…
Can you think of other examples?
Ideally, you’re going to be looking at markets which are high in numbers. For
example, if you market is sufferers of a disease which only effects 1 in
10,000,000 people, that market is too small to consider (You want to make
sales on a daily basis, right?).
2) Do these people have the capacity to buy?
There’s a lot of common sense to be applied here. Let’s take an obvious example
to illustrate. Newborn babies all have common needs, but do they have the
capacity to buy? Obviously not. But what about their mothers? This example
illustrates how targeting the wrong market (newborns) could lead to
considerably less sales than targeting mothers.
Adults will obviously have more of a capacity to spend money than teenagers,
as will certain adult demographics over others. For example, 99 times out of
100, the unemployed will have less disposable income than someone in a
well paid job.
Teenagers and children are ‘influencers’ because although they have less
disposable income than adults, they have the ability to influence their parents
to buy products or services that they want. Just look at iPhone sales to young
people if you don’t understand what I mean.
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
3) Are they motivated to buy?
An ideal market is one with people who are motivated to buy.
Here, you have to ask yourself, how important is it for that market to solve their
If there was a ‘secret’ method that would help sprinters reduce their 100m time
by a second, you can bet that all sprinters who could afford to buy the method
would, because 1 second is vitally important for them.
At the same time, if the problem is particularly painful or embarrassing, such as
premature ejaculation, acne, losing your ex or otherwise, people are often
willing to spend money to fix that problem, because it’s painful.
Now, back to our original question. What exactly is a niche?
A niche is simply a sub-set of a larger market (In our case, a profitable market).
One common market are “Bodybuilders”. A niche within the bodybuilder market
might be “Get Six Pack Abs” or “Build Bigger Arms”.
In order to find out if your market is suitable, simply type it into Youtube and
Amazon and see how many views / reviews the top videos and books have.
If they have millions / tens of thousands, you know this market is popular
and therefore, niches within this market should be popular too.
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
An even more specific niche, sometimes referred to as a “micro-niche” is a
subset of a niche. Examples include “Build a chest like Arnold Schwarzenegger”,
“build biceps fast” or “diets for 6 pack abs”.
Can you see how we have funneled down from the mega market of
“Bodybuilders” to the much more niche specific example of “diets for 6 pack
Need More Niche Ideas?
There are plenty of free magazine websites that you can use for brainstorming
niches and ideas.
Just to name a few…
These sites all tend to work the same way – they will be organised by categories
(markets) and then within the magazines, you’ll find niches and sub niches.
Advertisments in the magazines will give you an idea of products that you can
promote as an affiliate.
Articles related to solving problems will give you ideas of ‘information products’
that you can promote and even give you ideas of products you can create yourself
in the future.
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
Here’s what you need to do at this point.
✔ Select a niche.
✔ Think about sub niches and write them down.
1) Select a niche
By going through the above process, you should be able to find a profitable
niche that you’ll base your money site around. Ideally this niche should be
something that fits all of the criteria and if possible, something that you’re
interested in. That way, when it comes to creating content for your website
and online assets, it’s going to be far more enjoyable.
To ensure you’re picking a suitable niche, the last step is to head on over
to Amazon Kindle and and ensure that there are information
products (books) for sale within that niche. You want to make sure that there
are affiliate products to ‘promote’ within that niche before deciding on it
100% (Example on next page).
2) Think of a sub niche
We’re going to want to create ‘pre-sell’ content based around ‘micro niches’,
within your niche. You should start brainstorming ideas for ‘micro niches’
within your specific niche now, write them down, we’ll examine if they’re
profitable later on in this course.
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Module 4 – Your ‘Money Site’
Your money site (affiliate review blog) is the central hub for all of your
online marketing activity.
You will be using your ‘money site’ to…
1) Establish your authority on the niche
2) Pre-sell the affiliate products that you choose to promote
You will be driving traffic to your money site by leaving a ‘digital footprint’ on
a variety of different websites. It’s important that you get your money site
looking professional and ready before you start driving traffic.
Here’s what you need to do at this point.
✔ Buy hosting and domain
✔ Install WordPress + Theme + Plugins
✔ Write A Bio + Establish Authority
✔ Get An Autoresponder
✔ Create An Opt In Form / Giveaway
1) Buy Hosting and a domain
Hosting and a domain name are the bare essentials required when creating
your own website. Hosting is the server space where the html and assets
for the website are stored. Every website online must be hosted.
When you’re getting started, a simple shared hosting package which enables
you to host unlimited domains (sites) is solid starting point. I personally
use Hostgator as my weapon of choice.
—————————————————–Page 29—————————————————–
You can usually buy your domain from your hosting company or another domain
retailer. Namescheap have some great offers on domains, so you should Google
‘Godaddy Coupons’ to see if there are any great offers on at the time of reading.
Selecting your domain
Just a few years ago, domain selection was vitally important. Back then, if
you could grab an ‘exact match domain’ you would essentially guarantee a top
ranking for that keyword. For example, if you could grab
or, you would almost guarantee a top ranking for the
search term “build muscle fast”.
Since then, Google realised marketers were using this ‘exact match trick’ as
a ‘loophole’ to snag top rankings for sites. Because many of these sites were
never updated (set and forget), Google significantly reduced the ranking
value of the exact match domain, ‘slapping’ many of these sites from the first
page and beyond.
The good news for us as marketers, is that this significantly reduces our
competition. Many marketers decided to give up on creating ‘review blogs’
after their content was slapped, just leaving the proactive marketers like
us to ‘switch up’ our traffic generation and grab the best results.
As a result, when buying a domain, we want to essentially look for a domain
that we can brand. This could be our own name (if we want to be seen as
an expert), a pen name (the same reason) or a catchy, memorable, branded
name related to the niche.
—————————————————–Page 30—————————————————–
Some examples of domain ideas (Fitness niche as an example)
Name Domains Samples –
Brandable Names –
Don’t just use my ideas though. Be creative with your brand.
You’re going to want to link your domain with your hosting too. If you’re
purchasing hosting and domain from the same company, this should be done
automatically. If not, you’ll need to use the nameservers provided by your
hosting company when setting up your domain. Then, set up an ‘addon’ domain
from your hosting cpanel.
2) Install WordPress
In this day and age, to get love from Google (which isn’t part of our core plan,
but always useful) we’re better off creating a multiple page, functional
website. I like to call it an authority.
The easiest way to manage your site is using a Content Management System
(CMS). You can use any platform you want – WordPress, Blogger, Joomla,
Drupal or otherwise, but I personally prefer a self hosted WordPress
site because it’s easy to manage and you’re in control of your own files.
—————————————————–Page 31—————————————————–
Installing WordPress on your webspace is quick and easy. Here’s a short
overview of how to do it:
> Through your host, you should have access to a Cpanel. Login to it.
> In the Cpanel, you should have a link to Fantastico (or Fantastico De Luxe)
> On the left hand side, you see a variety of solutions you can install
automatically, click WordPress (Under blogs).
> Click ‘New Installation’.
> There are some self explanatory boxes to fill in, including the URL of the
installation and setting up your username and password for administrator
> Click ‘Finish Installation’ to complete.
> You should now be able to visit the site and login.
Ensure that your WordPress site is live and that you can login to the
administrator section before moving on to the next step.
—————————————————–Page 32—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 33—————————————————–
Install Theme
You’re probably already familiar with ‘Themes’, but if not, they are essentially
templates which change the way your WordPress blog (or rather, site) look, at
the touch of a button.
There are literally thousands of themes available, both free and paid, that
will instantly make your website look professional.
Note: I personally opt for my own, custom made, proven to convert affiliate
themes (Built on the Genesis theme). As an Affiliate Supremacy customer,
you you can take a look at these exclusive themes by clicking here.
Alternatively, there are thousands of free themes for those who prefer to try
them out first. If you Google ‘Free WordPress Themes’ you’ll be confronted with
hundreds of sites that demonstrate and allow you to download themes.
Here are a few theme websites worth looking at in the first instance:
Note: When selecting a theme, you really want to look at the overall foundation
and layout of the website, rather than design of headers / banners etc. It’s 99%
likely that headers, banners etc will not be in your niche anyway in the demo
theme, so will need to be changed. Changing a banner isn’t very expensive
to outsource.
Essentially, you should be looking for is an attractive layout, that is easily
to navigate. Features such as a sidebar, that you can use for an opt-in form
(giving away a free gift), would be useful.
—————————————————–Page 34—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 35—————————————————–
Here’s how you install your theme:
> Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel.
> Select the “Appearance” button from the menu on the right.
> Click ‘Themes”.
> Click ‘Add New’ (top of screen next to ‘Manage Themes’ label.
> Click ‘Upload’ (second option, top of screen under ‘Install Themes’ label.
> Click ‘Browse’ and navigate to the theme zip file you saved earlier.
> Click on the file name and then click ‘Install Now’. Wait for the upload
to complete.
> Click ‘Activate’. Your new theme is live.
> To view the new look, click “View Site” at the top of the Panel’s screen. If it
turns out you don’t like the theme for some reason, find another and repeat
the process.
You should ensure that you have a theme installed that you like before
moving on to the next step. If you need new headers, banners or graphics, head
over to to find suitable designers who will be able to create them
for you at a reasonable price.
—————————————————–Page 36—————————————————–
Install Plugins
WordPress makes it easy to add additional functionality to your blog by
installing prewritten software modules called plugins. You don’t have to know
a thing about writing software to use these. All you have to do is locate the
plugins offering the functionality you want, and then install them.
I’m going to give you a list of ‘must have’ plugins, but first, here’s how you
install them:
> Locate the ‘plugins’ taskbar on the left of the Admin Dashboard and click on
“Add New”.
> The Search screen appears. You can now search for WordPress Plugins you can
install. The search screen gives you the option to browse available plugins, or to
search by keyword, author or tag.
> We’re going to search by keyword. I use the actual name of the plugin as
the keyword. When you’re searching for new plugins that are not on my list
(you don’t know the name of the plugin you require), just enter keywords
similar to what you would enter if you were searching for software on Google.
For example; if you wanted a Contact Form plugin, just enter the keywords
contact form.
> Type in search term and click “Search Plugins”
> When you find the plugin you want, click “install”
> You’ll be transferred to the plugin page, click “install now”
> Click “activate plugin”
—————————————————–Page 37—————————————————–
Top plugins
Here’s a list of my current top 10 WordPress plugins.
#1 WordPress SEO by Yoast
Athough SEO doesn’t play such a huge role in affiliate sites as it did a few
years ago, it’s certainly something that you shouldn’t ignore. WordPress SEO
by Yoast is a complete optimisation tool that enables you to add titles and
descriptions to articles, add open graph meta data, do page analysis,
publish an xml sitemap and much more.

Yoast SEO

#2 Akismet
Akismet is the oldest and most trusted comment spam filter for WordPress.
Not only does this plugin make your site look more professional (without
spammy comments) but also decreases the amount of maintenance work
for you.

Akismet Anti-Spam

#3 Disqus
Disqus is a multi-functional comment plugin that helps you to build a more
solid relationship with your readers. Disqus can do a range of things, from
auto replying to comments, to social login, to voting. This plugin will
increase user participation on your website.

Disqus Comment System

—————————————————–Page 38—————————————————–
#4 W3 Total Cache
The loading time of your site is vitally important for the best user experience
and search rankings. W3 Total Cache performs object and browser caching
to optimise the loading times and performance of your website.

W3 Total Cache

#5 WP Smush IT
You already know how important loading speeds of your site are and WP
Smush IT is another plugin that reduces them. With the touch of a button,
WP Smush IT can compress image and reduce loading times by up to 40%

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

#6 Contact Form 7
Creating Contact Forms can be tough if you don’t have coding experience,
but with Contact Form 7, you can create a variety of elaborate forms
without touching a single line of code at all.

Contact Form 7

#7 WordPress Meta Robots
The Meta Robots plugin gives you control over allowing search engines to
index or not index any page or post at the touch of a button.
—————————————————–Page 39—————————————————–
#8 Share Buttons by AddToAny
This pluging enables visitors to share, save, and Email your posts and pages
using any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Reddit,
Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and well over 100 more sharing and
social bookmarking sites.

AddToAny Share Buttons

#9 Login Lockdown
A fantastic security plugin that records login attempts by time and IP
address in order to protect the site from brute force password breaking

Login LockDown

#10 Pretty Link
Last but by no means least is Pretty Link. Pretty Link is an affiliate link
cloaking tool, which is important to use for 2 reasons. Firstly, it makes
the affiliate links you’re sending people to look more legit (affiliate links
are generally long, ugly urls) and stops people who are ‘anti affiliates’
from noticing straight away that your recommendation is out to make you
As well as cloaking links, Pretty Link also provides tracking statistics.

Shortlinks by Pretty Links – Best WordPress Link Tracking Plugin

—————————————————–Page 40—————————————————–
An Affiliate Supremacy specific plugin
#11 WP Review
WP Review is a review plugin that will enable you to give, star, % or point
reviews of products or services (in our case affiliate products). The reviews
can be placed inside content (articles) or as a widget in the sidebar. This
plugin is extremely powerful for our review blogs.

WP Review

You don’t need all of the above plugins to run the Affiliate Supremacy model.
However, I would strongly suggest installing WordPress SEO, Akismet, Pretty
Links and W3 Cache along with WP Review to start with. It’s up to you if
you choose to install the others – Discussion and Forums are not essential
in the Affiliate Supremacy model but do no harm if you want to go down
that route.
—————————————————–Page 41—————————————————–
3) Write a Bio + Establish Authority
These days, people don’t just buy into your message, they buy into you.
Behind almost every successful Internet company has a face behind it that you
know, recognise and associate with. People want to associate with you.
An ‘About Page’ with a Biography is a great place to start.
Here’s how to write one:
> Your Name and Position. Steve Nelson is a certified personal trainer and
wrote the Usain Bolt recommended book ‘Shape up in 60 days’.
> Credibility. Have you been featured on any well known website? In any
known publications? Published your own book? If so, mention it here.
> Work. List jobs that you’ve had in the past and don’t forget to mention
if you’ve worked with any recognisable clients.
> Awards. If you’ve won an award, even a small one, you shouldn’t forget
to include it here.
> Education. Believe it or not, even in this digital age, some people still value
a formal education. If you hold any qualifications, include them.
> Your Mission. You mission actually tells people about you, your philosophy
and what you want to accomplish. While the other elements of your bio will
aid your credibility, your mission is what readers will relate to.
—————————————————–Page 42—————————————————–
Write your bio and add it to an about me page before continuing to the next
step. Consider getting some professional photography done or getting a logo
or mascot created. There are plenty of sellers at Fiverr offer this for $5, it
makes you appear a lot more professional.
Insider tip: You can usually get professional photography (or close to
professional level) for a low cost (or sometimes for free), if you have a
local university or college with photography courses. Students are usually
looking to shoot people to boost their portfolio.
4) Get an Autoresponder
You’re going to want to try to collect Email addresses of people who visit
your website so that you can market to them over and over again.
Ideally, you’re going to have an autoresponder service to store and
automate the mailing process.
As well as storing subscriber details and automating Emails, an
autoresponder also provides the tools to create opt-in forms (forms to
collect Email addresses of prospects) and much more.
An autoresponder is a core tool for anyone looking to make money online
and an investment that will pay for itself multiple times over if you take
action. Both Aweber and Getresponse will work well for this, so I strongly
suggest you check both out and go for the one which best suits you.
—————————————————–Page 43—————————————————–
5) Create A Giveaway / Opt-in Form
In order to build a subscriber list, you’re going to want a free gift to
exchange for someone’s Email address. Your free gift should be something
that can be downloaded instantly, such as a report (PDF).
Creating a free report isn’t as difficult as you think. The report only needs
to be a few pages. Here’s a simply formula:
1) Identify a problem
2) Solve the problem, step by step
3) Sign off
Here are some great ideas (just to get you thinking)…
(Online business niche)
• A new traffic method
• How to use a new social network
• Introduction to a paid advertising platform
• 6 Pack abs diet
• How to calculate your macros for lean weight gain
(Stop smoking)
• Self hypnosis to stop smoking
(Pick up girls)
• How to pick up girls online
—————————————————–Page 44—————————————————–
You can easily look on Youtube for videos that cover any of these topics,
and rewrite the content in your own words in report format.
Alternatively, you can look on the Amazon Kindle read a few books, and
take the best ideas from each and rewrite them as your own.
In case of emergency: If you’re just not comfortable creating a ‘how to’
report, the alternative is to create a ‘resource list’. A resource list is
simply a research based list of resources in a certain niche.
For example – A list of social media sites with over 10 million users, a list
of discount codes for muscle building companies or any other useful
Upon completion, the download link of the report should be placed on a
secret page of your website (Hidden from search and not in the menu).
Your Opt In Form
An opt-in form (sign up form) is the form that you place on a web page for
prospects to enter their Email address in exchange for the free gift.
On your review blog, your opt-in form will usually be placed on the sidebar
and/or at the bottom of each page or post.
In order to create your form, you first need to log into your autoresponder
and create a new list.
Then, you want to configure the ‘welcome Email’ (the first Email that goes
out to subscribers automatically), to include a link to the page which hosts
the download (mentioned above).
—————————————————–Page 45—————————————————–
Now you’re ready to use the drag and drop editor provided by your
autoresponder company to create the form itself. The form simply
needs to include a box for Email address and a submit button with the
text ‘Instant Download’ or ‘Download Now’. It should match the design of
your site.
Set the form so that it directs to a custom page on your WordPress site
after submission. This page should simply say that the download link has
been Emailed.
The framework of your site should now be setup. You should have a free
gift with a fully functional opt-in form. A professional about page which
helps to establish your authority and a niche specific website ready for
—————————————————–Page 46—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 47—————————————————–
content. Now you can move onto the next step.nload link of the report will
be mailed to the Email address provided.
Module 5 – Creating ‘Pre-Sell’ Content
The ultimate objective of our money site is to drive as much targeted traffic
through our affiliate links as possible and make sales.
However, if all content is your site is pushing visitors directly through to
affiliate offers, they’re quickly going to catch on that you’re only out for money
and not going to build the trust with you to buy the products or services
that you recommend to them.
50% of content should not sell at all
50% of content is designed to sell
Now if you’re thinking 50% of content not selling is a little high, think about
If your prospect reads a high quality, informative article on your website
that doesn’t sell anything, they’re likely to read another and another, and
eventually, when you make a recommendation to them – it’s going to seem
much more genuine, because you haven’t been selling in every article.
Also, they’re going to be more likely to ‘opt-in’ for your free gift now they
trust you – and you can sell to people through Email.
Pre Sell Content
Our aim is to use our content to ‘prime’ visitors for the offer we’re promoting.
We don’t need to ‘sell’ the offer, the product sales page should do that,
however we do need to provide valuable content that does the following…
1) Remind prospects of the benefits of solving the problem.
2) Educates your prospects (without teaching them everything).
—————————————————–Page 48—————————————————–
Your website content is likely to be written (articles) or video – in this
section I’m going to talk about the best types of pre-sell content.
Review Articles
Review articles are great because they’re specifically related to an individual
product, so you’re pre-selling it simply by giving an honest appraisal of it’s
pros and cons.
Here’s how I write a review article.
1) Title
Product Name + Review will usually suffice.
2) Product Background
Tell people what the product’s purpose is and a little bit of information about it.
Remind prospects of the benefits of solving the problem that the product
aims to solve.
3) Pros and Cons
Create 5 categories that relate to all products within the niche and rate this
product in each of them. Describe why you’ve given this particular rating,
including a brief overview of what the product covers in each category.
4) Conclusion
Sign out with an ‘overview’ of the whole product. Include your affiliate link.
—————————————————–Page 49—————————————————–
Insider Tip 1: Using WP Review will make your review look professional.
Insider Tip 2: Try not to sound biased and always give a balanced review. If every
article on your site says every product is great and contains an affiliate link,
people will probably find you hard to trust. If you say some products are
pigs (the one’s that are) people will trust your opinion more.
Insider Tip 3: You’re probably wondering, how the hell can you write a review
article when you don’t have the product? That’s why you contact the product
creator for a review copy. Facebook is a great place to find the marketers
behind these products and contact them. If you can show that you’re an affiliate
with a professional website, you’ll usually get a copy for free.
How to Articles
All review articles will contain affiliate links, so not all of your ‘how to’ articles
have to. A how to article is simply an article teaching someone ‘how to’ do
something, step by step.
Here’s how to write one.
1) Title
How to + Problem (eg. Fix Your Golf Swing)
2) Product Background
Tell people about the problem that you’re going to teach them ‘how to’ fix. Focus
on the benefits of solving this problem.
—————————————————–Page 50—————————————————–
3) How To
Step by step, explain how to solve the problem.
4) Conclusion
Sign off by reconfirming the benefits. If you are going to add an affiliate link,
do it here. Explain why the product you’re linking will help the reader.
List Style Articles
I always find that list style articles are releatively easy to write, because they’re
broken down into several bite size chunks.
The best lists are those which give several reasons why you need to solve
a problem. Essentially increasing the desire for the prospect to obtain a
5 Reasons why you need to last longer in bed…
5 Reasons why you need to quit smoking…
10 Reasons why your girlfriend might cheat on you…
And so on.
The format is the same as the ‘how to’ article, with the reasons being used
instead of the ‘how to’.
Again, you should finish some of these articles with affiliate links, but not
every time.
—————————————————–Page 51—————————————————–
Pre-Sell Article Example
Here is an example of a list style article. Pre-selling the
doesn’t mention the product – but essentially touches on the main benefits of
the product. If we did link through to the sales page at the end of the article,
the sales page handles the hard sell for us.
product. As you can see, the article itself
How to gain chest muscle
Looking to build a chest that is big, bold and commands respect? If so, you’re
probably going to need to know how to gain chest muscle. In this article i’ll
explain the top 7 exercises for gaining chest muscle.
#7 – Peck Deck
The peck deck is a machine that you’ll find in any gym, that you can just sit
down on, adjust the weight and get going right away. The primary function of the
peck deck is to exercise the inner chest muscles.
#6 – Dips
Chest dips are a bodyweight exercise that tone the chest and triceps. Simply
hang on a dip machine, or between two bars if you’re in the park, lower your
elbows to drop yourself down and then contracting the chest, bring yourself
back up. You will need some good base strength to execute chest dips, so start
slowly and build up.
—————————————————–Page 52—————————————————–
#5 – Cable Crossovers
If you have access to the gym, one of the best machines for a variety of chest
exercises in the cable machine. A personal favorite exercise is the cable
crossovers, where you grab two pulleys and pull the cables, using your chest
muscle, until your arms crossover. Angle your body and increase / decrease
weight to maximise the intensity of your workout.
#4 – Machine Chest Press
Like the peck deck, the machine chest press is a machine that you can work on
even if you’re brand new to weight training. Simply sit down, set a weight
you’re comfortable with and lift.
#3 – Flyes
The fly is an exercise that can be performed with both dumbbells and machines
to work the inner and upper chest. The most common form the fly is the
dumbbell fly which can be performed on the bench using an incline or decline.
#2 – Push Ups
The push up, or press up as it’s sometimes referred to is a bodyweight exercise
that can be performed anywhere. Don’t let the fact that this exercise uses body
weight fool you, it’s highly effective. The pushup is effective for building the
chest, abs and core, with your body being a plank position throughout. There
are a variety of different variations of the pushup to hit different chest muscles.
Variations include different hand positions, different techniques and even using
a single arm.
—————————————————–Page 53—————————————————–
#1 – Bench Press
If you’ve read anything about how to gain chest muscle, then you’ll have read
about the bench press. The bench press is the most effective chest exercise out
there. Set the bench to an incline to build the upper chest or a decline to build
the lower chest. Ideally, a mix of flat and inclines will build the perfect,
proportional chest.
—————————————————–Page 54—————————————————–
You can create this content using articles or video or a mix of both. You can
even use other people’s videos to compliment your article if you want to
(but should avoid any that promote competitors).
Before promoting your website, you need some content on there ready to go.
Here’s what you need to do at this point.
Write at least 5x Review Articles

Write at least 2x ‘How To Articles

Write at least 3x ‘List’ Articles

If you’re not comfortable writing, feel free to skip to module 9, where I
discuss outsourcing.
Need help writing articles?
Head over to Ezine Articles to find existing articles in your niche. If you find
any that read well and excite you, use them as a base to rewrite in your
own words for your website.
There are various article ‘spinners’ available on the market which turn one
article into several ‘unique’ articles by changing words around for other
words with the same meaning. If you’re looking to fill your site up with lots
of content, you can try them, but writing high quality content from scratch
is the best way to get humans sharing your work. More about that in the next
At this point you should have a site with content and affiliate links that is ready
to drive traffic to. Now we’re ready to make some money.
—————————————————–Page 55—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 56—————————————————–
Module 6 – Social Media Assets
The Affiliate Supremacy model involves leaving a ‘digital footprint’ (backlinks)
on as many high traffic websites as possible. Some of the top trafficed websites
on the Internet that we can exploit quickly are the Social Media websites.
The great thing about Social Media websites is the speed at which your message
can spread. If someone ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ your content, their friends will see that,
causing the message to spread virally.
Here’s what you need to do at this point.
✔ Create a Youtube channel
✔ Create a page for your website at Facebook
✔ Join Facebook groups
✔ Create an Instagram page for your business
Join any other relevant social media websites

1) Create a Youtube channel
You’re probably already familiar with Youtube, but might not be familiar
with it’s huge potential. Firstly, Youtube search is the second most used
search engine in the world after Google but has significantly less competition
with only Youtube videos in the results.
Secondly, Youtube promote your videos for you. Your videos can be ‘suggested’
on the right hand side of other people’s videos on a similar topic. Enabling
you to raid your competition for their visitors.
Thirdly, you can make additional advertising income by becoming a Youtube
partner. If you check out, you’ll be able to get an
idea of how much advertising revenue all of your favorite channels generate.
—————————————————–Page 57—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 58—————————————————–
You should always have a link to your ‘money site’ in the description and
overlayed on all of your videos. Youtube is a traffic monster, but you want
to send people back to your website where you’re preselling.
Your Video Empire
With every laptop coming equipped with a built in webcam, tons of free
screen capture software such as Jing and Camstudio, and most mobile phones
having 1080p recording capability – there is no excuse for you not to be
creating high quality web videos.
There are several different types of videos that you create to establish
1) Camera Facing Videos.
You can record camera facing videos from your webcam directly into Youtube,
getting started in just minutes.
You can buy stedicams designed specifically for mobile phones, enabling you
to record steady moving videos simply and easily. While universal tripods can
cost as little as $10 to record, fixed, camera facing videos.
2) Screen Capture Videos.
Screen capture videos are awesome educational videos for anyone teaching
in technical IT or Internet related fields. Camtasia and Jing are the most
common paid and free software solutions on the market.
—————————————————–Page 59—————————————————–
3) Screen Capture Presentations.
Using screen capture software along with a mic or headset, you can turn a
simple slideshow presentation created in Powerpoint, Open Office Impress
or Prezi into a video that can educate and inform your readers.
4) Digital Presentations.
GoAnimate and Powtoons are two common digital video creation tools that
can be used to create, attractive, informative videos without any prior
technical know how.
5) Whiteboard Videos.
Chances are that you’ve seen whiteboard videos at one time or another.
Whiteboard videos are attractive digital presentation videos which are
hand drawn as the video evolves. The great thing is, you can create your
own whiteboard videos without having to be able to draw or have any
expensive extras, using Sparkol.
6) Live Video.
Chances are that high that you’ve heard of Google Hangouts by now. If not,
It’s Google’s video chat platform that enables you to stream video live to an
unlimited number of viewers through Google+, Youtube and your own website,
for free.
Insider Tip 1: There’s nothing better than camera facing videos to entertain
and educate your viewers. While whiteboard and digital videos might be
‘flashy’ camera facing videos is what will really build trust and rapport with
your prospects and when you have that trust, people will buy from you.
—————————————————–Page 60—————————————————–
Optimising Your videos
Optimising your videos helps them to get found in Youtube search for the
keywords that you have identified.
1) Title the video file with your keywords.
2) Place keywords within a descriptive video title. Keep the title under 65
characters (best suited for Google Search display).
3) Use a keyword optimised video description with your primary keywords
as close to the beginning as possible.
4) Make use of Youtube tags. Use as many tags as possible with both plural
and singular words.
5) Youtube enables you to upload a transcript of your video, so they’re able
to provide captions. Google reads those captions to understand what the
video is about. A good keyword frequency within your transcript will help
you video to rank for that particular keyword or keyphrase.
6) Use annotations with keywords to engage the visitor and give background
information about the video.
Insider Tip 2: Earlier on, I showed how Youtube promotes videos on the right
hand side of other videos. Now, you don’t want to promote your competitors
do you? I thought not. So, the best way to stop your competitors videos
showing here, is to devise a unique (meaningless) tag, that you use as the
first tag for all of your videos. For example TYLBDE777. This should be
something completely random. When Youtube reads this tag, it will think
all videos are related and cross promote your own videos (because nobody
else’s videos have this unique tag).
—————————————————–Page 61—————————————————–
Insider Tip 3: If you’re comfortable doing camera facing videos, don’t hesitate
to speak to Youtube authorities in your niche for a collaboration. Doing a guest
appearance on their channel can increase your reach significantly.
2) Create a page for your website at Facebook
I’m willing to bet that you don’t know many people who aren’t on Facebook.
That shows the reach that Facebook has and why it can’t be ignored for
marketing purposes. You need to have a ‘page’ for your website. Every
time someone likes that page, their friends will be informed via the
news feed.
When posting quality content on groups (more about that in a sec), you’re
going to want to be posting under the alias of your page. That way, if people
click on your name, they’re sent back to the page for your business, rather
than your personal account.
Your page should link to your external website.
3) Join Facebook groups
Facebook groups can have hundreds or thousands of members. Often, because
they’re moderated by whoeever created the group, the moderates don’t know
anything about marketing.
With that in mind, some people try to post affiliate links directly into Facebook
groups. Personally, I suggest sharing quality, informative content in the form
of articles or videos. When you do that, people will take notice and often
like and share your content. In the case of videos, your url should be overlayed
on the video itself.
—————————————————–Page 62—————————————————–
4) Create an Instagram page for your business
In any niche where ‘results’ can be illustrated with photos (make money,
bodybuilding, sport, fashion etc) Instagram is a great tool. Instagram can
enable you to promote your external site very quickly simply by uploading
5) Join any other relevant social media websites
There are many other social media websites that are highly trafficed that
enable you to link back to your money site. You should join as many as
you can. Linkedin, G+, Pinterest, Vine and Twitter are a few of the most
popular ones. You have to use your own initiative here.
What content to post on Social Media
Because you’re using social media for marketing purposes, you want people
to share your messages. With that in mind, dull content isn’t going to cut
Breaking news in your niche is one of the best ways to get your message to
spread virally across social networks. Your followers will always be keen to
pass breaking news on to their friends and followers.
How to find breaking news in your niche?
1) Follow Twitter Authorities.
By following other Authorities on social networks, you can quickly find out
when news breaks. Due to the nature of micro messages, Twitter is usually
the network where news breaks the fastest.
—————————————————–Page 63—————————————————–
2) Subscribe to Blogs.
Authority blogs are usually quick to break news in the same way that you’ll
want to. By subscribing to those blogs, if they hear about news faster than
you do, you can ensure that you’re not far behind.
3) Google Trends.
Google Trends will help you find the hottest searches at any given time
on Google. You can set up a ‘subscription’ on Google trends to receive
weekly Email updates on noteworthy events in any topic of your choice.
Setting up a Google trend subscription is a simple way
to find out of any noteworthy events related to your keywords/niche.
4) Google Alerts.
By setting up a Google Alert for your keyword (search query), you can
receive real time updates of new web content based on your search query.
5) Google News Search.
As well as the traditional web search, Google also has a news search which
posts only news results for your keyword. To access the news results, simply
click the ‘news’ tab after conducting a Google search. By using ‘search tools’
you can modify the results by time, to find news from the last hour, 24 hours
and so on.
It’s important to ensure that when you’re breaking news, it’s accurate. So
ensure when something breaks on Twitter that it’s from a reputable source.
—————————————————–Page 64—————————————————–
At this point you should have a network of social media websites which
all link back to your functional money site. I would suggest updating your social
websites at least daily and following / friending people who are interested
in your niche in order to get to know more prospects.
You should consider joining some share 4 share groups on Facebook, which
essentially enable you to link exchange with other Facebook pages.
—————————————————–Page 65—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 66—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 67—————————————————–
Module 7 – Free Targeted Traffic
As well as social media websites, there are also several other high traffic
websites that you can use to place your content in the public eye, along
with a link back to your money site.
1) Forums
Discussion forums are websites which are occupied by a large number of people
who are interested in talking about a certain topic or niche. Some forums
enable you to have a link back to your website in your signature – these
can be a goldmine for traffic.
How likely you are to find a good forum that enables you to link back depends
a lot on your niche. Here’s how you can find forums to check if they allow
signature links.
Simply use the following Google search queries:
use the following Google search queries:
“powered by SMF” your keyword
“powered by IPB” your keyword
“powered by MyBB” your keyword
“powered by PunBB” your keyword
“powered by Phpbb” your keyword
“powered by vBulletin” your keyword
SMF etc are the most popular forum software.
—————————————————–Page 68—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 69—————————————————–
When you find forums that enable signature links, you should essentially be
looking to post as many quality answers to questions and discussions as
you can. When you come across as a knowlegable expert, people will want to
click the link in your signature and find out more about you.
2) Slideshow Websites
It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, it’s almost certain that you can put
together an education powerpoint presentation. With that in mind, one
website that you could take advantage of is Slideshare. Slideshare is considered
‘the Youtube of presentations’ and a place where you can upload your
educational presentations and use them to link back to your money site.
3) Article / Content Based sites
There are dozens of websites where you can leave your articles, linking
back to your website. Article syndication sites (where other marketers
look to find content for their sites are a good place to start).
The good thing about syndication websites is that if someone uses your
article on their site, they have to use the link in your resource box too
(linking back to your website).
The best article syndication site is EzineArticles.
—————————————————–Page 70—————————————————–
4) SEO
There was a time when SEO was the holy grail of my affiliate marketing
business. These days it’s secondary to building a digital footprint.
That said, you should still consider writing all of your content to target
long tail keywords that have search volume but not massive competition. That
way, you can generate search traffic as well as direct traffic from your
digital footprint.
Here are the steps for effective SEO:
1) Keywords Planner
Google Adwords keyword planner is a tool used by advertisers to identify
what keywords to target for their ad campaigns. For us, this enables us
to identify how many monthly searches different long tail keywords have.
To find out, simply login with your google account at Keyword Planner.
Type in your product or service name (for example, build biceps) and then
click ‘get keyword ideas’ to get statistics of related keywords.
Ideally, we should focus on long tail keywords (keyword phrases) that have
a reasonable average monthly search of say 50-200, with low competition.
The more words in the phrases, the better.
We can then use this phrases for the title of our articles.
—————————————————–Page 71—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 72—————————————————–
2) On Page Optimisation
On Page Optimisation essentially refers to confirming to Google that our page
is all about the keyword phrase that we have identified.
Wordpress SEO plugin should help us to place our keyword phrase in all of
the right areas for the article that we’ve written to suit, this includes the
title, description, header tags and within the page content itself.
Insider Tip: SEO is becoming more influenced by social signals which is why
your activity on the social media sites is more more important than trying
to ‘optimise’ your pages for high competition keywords. If people like and
share your content, it will be considered valuable. That’s what you should
be aiming for.
You should now have a full monetised site, an active social media presence
and a digital footprint in place from some high traffic websites that will
drive traffic on an ongoing basis to your site.
—————————————————–Page 73—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 74—————————————————–
Module 8 – Paid Traffic Overdrive
Paid traffic is most certainly not required to master the Affiliate Supremacy
method, but I’d like to touch on it just in case you’d rather use it to
drive traffic than setting up your own digital footprint.
There are many paid traffic options out there, so it’s impossible to
cover them all.
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click refers to a method of advertising where you only pay for
every click through to your website that you receive. Some of the top
Pay Per Click providers include Google, Bing and Yahoo.
The great thing about Pay Per Click is that you can set your own budget
and never risk spending too much.
Facebook has a variety of Advertising options ranging from Pay Per Click
through to your website, to buying video views, to likes, to promoted posts.
All options serve a purpose and the only way to know what is best is to use
trial and error. Buying likes can be particularly fruitful prior to using
share 4 share, which can require you to already have a following.
Banner Ad Bidding
There are a variety of Banner Ad Bidding websites which connect
publishers with advertisers. As advertisers, we bid a daily rate for the
opportunity to place a banner ad on the publisher’s website.
My current favorite Banner Ad bidding service is Project Wonderful
—————————————————–Page 75—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 76—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 77—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 78—————————————————–
Module 9 – Outsourcing
You might hate design, you might hate creating content, you might even hate
creating social media profiles – the good news is that you don’t have to do it
all yourself.
Here are some of the best places to outsource:
1) Fiverr
Back in 2010, a website called Fiverr was born. Jam packed with hungry
service providers who are willing to do a multitude of different jobs for $5,
this is a dream for marketers like us.
We can use Fiverr to get banners created, articles written, ecovers for our
free report, logos and much more. It’s a fantastic resource that we can use
essentially to run our business.
2) Warrior Forum
There’s lots of people who know and understand marketing but just don’t
quite have the ‘get up and go’ to get their own business going. The great thing
is, these guys often make awesome service providers because they know the
industry inside out – you can find people like this at the Warrior Forum.
The fact that people are offering their service on the WF suggests they know
marketing inside out, despite this, quality writers can be hired for as little as
$5-$10 per article.
Insider Tip: There are a variety of freelance sites that you can use to get
bigger jobs done, but the Affiliate Supremacy model is so simple, you really
don’t need to look beyond these 2 sites to get everything you need.
—————————————————–Page 79—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 80—————————————————–
Module 10 – Scaling Up
First of all, it’s important to know that everything that I’ve taught you inside
of Affiliate Supremacy can be rinsed and repeated in different niches.
That said, there are a variety of things that you can do to increase your
1) Don’t ‘set and forget’ your website
With the Affiliate Supremacy model, you have the choice of setting and
forgetting your site or continuing to update it on a regular basis. Both will
make you money, but the latter will make you more. I suggest for each site
that you have, that you spend at least 10 minutes per day active on your
social media accounts promoting. I’d also suggest that 1-2 new articles
each week can be the difference between $10 and $20-$50 per day. After all,
that’s potentially 100 extra articles per year.
2) Mail affiliate offers
Don’t just settle for people coming through your affiliate links from your
content, you should also be looking to mail the list that you’ve built at least
2-3 times per week with value and recommendations.
3) Let other marketers mail your list
You’ve probably heard of solo ads, where other marketers will pay you
directly for the opportunity to mail your list. Well, that’s something you
can consider doing. If you’re in the ‘Make Money’ niche, you can simply
search Facebook or Skype for Solo Ad groups and start making money
the same day if you can drive at least 100 clicks. If you’re outside of the
Make Money niche, you can contact other website owners directly and
offer them the opportunity.
—————————————————–Page 81—————————————————–
4) Do Ad Swaps
Ad Swaps are a bit like solo ads, except rather than selling the opportunity
to mail to your list, you swap Emails. This enables you to partner up
with other marketers and both grow your lists at the same time. Meaning
more people see your affiliate links when you promote.
Safe Swaps is a good place to find partners to start with. You can also
check the JV sections of popular marketing forums, such as the WF or
approach potential partners directly.
5) Sell Advertising
I’ve already explained how you can become a Youtube partner to monetise
your Youtube channel for advertising, as well as providing quality sharable
content that increases traffic to your money site.
But you can also sell advertising space on your money site itself. As well as
being an advertiser on sites like Project Wonderful, when you have a big
enough traffic base, you can also be a publisher.
You now have the knowledge to not only get paid when your visitors make
purchases through you affiliate link, but also, just for generating visitors
to your website. This move alone can turn $20 per day into $30+. If you have
multiple Affiliate Supremacy websites, this can add hundreds or thousands
of dollars to your bottom line each and every month.
—————————————————–Page 82—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 83—————————————————–
Thank you for taking the time to read Affiliate Supremacy. By reading this far,
you have proven that you have the desire to succeed, now you just need to go
out and do it!
The Affiliate Supremacy method can be the difference between working in a
dead end job, scraping ice off your car on winter mornings or working from
home (or anywhere with an internet connection), choosing your own hours,
spending more time with your loved ones and being in control of your
own destiny.
The more sites you set up and maintain, the more money you will make.
The great thing is, when you have all of the social media accounts set up and
running, normal people will do your marketing for you simply by liking your
content. By learning the art of providing value – you can make big strides towards
So please take action and let me know how you get on. I know this method
will work for many of you and I’d love to hear your success stories.
Best wishes,
—————————————————–Page 84—————————————————–

YouTube Cash on Demand

YouTube Cash On Demand

I have spent many hours and days of my life trying to figure out the best way to help people get money online in the simplest and non-overwhelming way possible.
This Report is meant to be used for complete newbies as an easy read you immediately take action on in order to start seeing results TODAY.
The Truth is (as hard as it was even for me to accept when I was a newbie)…
reading a report is not enough…you have to act on it and use it in order to reap
the benefits it offers. Although, since you decided to take action on getting this report…
you don’t have to worry about this at ALL. You have already told me you are the type of
person who wants to get money online fast and easily as possible.
Finally, I am grateful to be able to help you now and whenever you need me…to start getting money into your pockets ASAP and more importantly…the freedom to do whatever the hell you want to do .
Also, if you find this report simple and even take offense to how
simple it is…then I know I did my job properly.
BTW do me a favor, and send me your comments, ideas, and complaints. I want to know what you think.
Thank you for buying this EBook, which is not just another nicely written book with fake tips and tricks but in reality this EBook will share my seven years of experience with YouTube Marketing.
Now the biggest question that comes in mind is, why in the world of internet marketing I have only gone for YouTube marketing,
Well reasons are quite obvious, I think I may not waste your time and my time in explaining why YouTube,
Few facts need to be get straight these are
YouTube is ranked on 3rd Position in global world when it comes to general public favorite website.
YouTube is world 2nd largest search engine with 25% traffic from United States of America and if you are not new to
internet marketing, you would have a great idea,
What U.S.A traffic really means?
If I start giving you reasons like this, even the most obvious reasons.
List would be so long that I would get tired, days would gone by and still I be writing some simple yet powerful reasons of why YouTube Marketing is the best.
YouTube Cash On Demand
Well, enough talking, coming back right to main point, as you may have known, google has been introducing many updates in past few years with likes of Penguin, Panda and so on, so life as a blogger or a website owner has really become quite difficult,
So instead of spending huge amount of money in setting up a blog, It’s better to do video marketing and that too on YouTube, because google loves its own partners.
There are hundreds of methods that I can tell you, on how to earn money from YouTube,
Few might do well and few might not work best for you,
But in this EBook, there is no such thing like this method will or may work,
All the tips and tricks that I will share, will work and even if you don’t want them to work, they would still earn you many dollars.
YouTube Cash On Demand


First PART of Our Course YouTube and Affiliate Marketing and Listen please!! I do not play around, I don’t fill up the report with useless screenshots and tiny little details on how to sign up for Gmail and YouTube lolx .. I need you guys to at least do something and take some action, because I’m basically giving you guys my bread and butter! So let’s get straight to it! Chances are that the way I implement the methods are totally different from what most people are doing. So i was talking about YouTube.. YouTube is a bigger search engine and we will upload our videos to YouTube about affiliate products and we will be adding our affiliate links in the description of videos. Sounds basic right? But there is a right way to do this and there is a wrong way… After working for a couple of years and getting experience about videos on YouTube, I have come to the conclusion that your success in this field is dependent on the quality not quantity. The quality work is appreciated in every department. The value and worth of a video gets enhanced by the content in it. If the content is worthy of appreciation then the number of likes on that video will boost up by a significant number.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing


A recommendation for you is that in order to get the maximum appraisal then you should check out the GRAVITY of your Niche. If you don’t have niche with millions of views then please it.
No need to waste time on it further.
Your views may contradict from mine, but it is an exceptional rule that leads to success, so I will always enforce my followers to find a good niche first. Make it as the basic principle of your interest.
And finding a HOT NICHE is SUPER EASY ON YOUTUBE! You know why? Because YouTube is a huge search engine…
And what do search engines have? Massive traffic, so this means
if a niche is huge on google, it probably is just as huge on
So what I discovered is that YouTube works best in popular and
Competitive niches…
That’s why I only promote WEIGHTLOSS EBOOKS and
So basically what I am saying is that if the niche is not
HUGE…like weight loss, make money, cooking etc… then stop here
and do something else because you will be fighting for small traffic amounts not worth fighting for…
YOU’RE SHARE EASILY! (In this case more views/clicks on your link)
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

So as I said…
WEIGHT LOSS EBOOKS AND MAKE MONEY ONLINE EBOOKS Work the absolute best for me and there is so much traffic in these Categories. Not just on YouTube but on the internet in general.
You can try and search for your own high converting niche… be my
I’m all for individuality and thinking outside of the box, but if you want to make that fast buck by doing what is proven to work
For me then just do as I say and test niches along the way as you progress.
Go to and find yourself a good diet product.
Usually I don’t tend to go with the popular CB products because they are seen all over the place. People are banner blind to these products so to speak I usually find those low key, low rising, just released CB products that no one promotes convert way better.
Now be aware, not all of them are high quality when it comes to the sales page so you still have to inspect the offer and its sales page.
Be sure to read the sales page or sales video to see if you
PERSONALLY would love to purchase this product.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Place yourself in the shoes of the visitor and see if you are persuaded to purchase the product in question.
(Massive tip: Products that have VIDEO Intro Of Product convert the ABSOLUTE BEST on YouTube traffic. Its very logic because they are redirected from 1 video to another video sales letter!!!)
*Little warning, don’t always go for the high gravity (most selling) CB products…
Most of them got awful conversion rates for some strange reason.*
Thus, when you have completed the first part, you are now closer to the victory. The next step requires your complete attention. You have selected the product niche, now come to plan for video making.
Now the ball is in your court, so prepare your video as you like.
If you are a naïve and you are not the spendthrift then I can suggest you a simple solution. On your webpage, open a new tab and go to Product’s sale page. This is an ideal case for you so you can download the video from here.
Most of the product, i.e. approximately 80% of the products have their own videos on sale page. So you would have to download the video and then you can upload at YouTube channel.
While uploading your video you should follow these uploading rules to rank higher your video in YouTube and google
Let us take an example of it. Consider a product of
Warrior plus “FB ads Booster” and now our main aim is to
Promote FB ads Booster through widely used media, “YouTube”. YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Video Uploading Rules Step By Step
1. Change the name of your video file as your product name
Or main keyword.
2. Upload your video (with a modified file name) on YouTube.
And use title comprises of both “main keyword and
Second related keyword”.
For example, if we want to promote Fb ads Booster then
Title will be like;
Fb ads Booster Review – Fb ads Booster Free download.
3. Title and Description are the key parts of your video.
So after title, switch to description that begins with your
keyword “Fb ads Booster Review ”
And place your affiliate URL with google shortens.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
4. The description of video should include a special keyword spider.
For our assumed product, let us explain the steps in an easy way.
Here is the keyword spider for any product you can use in
YouTube videos
FB Ads Booster, FB Ads Booster EBook, FB Ads Booster Bonus,
FB Ads Booster Review, reviews on FB Ads Booster, FB Ads
Booster reviews,
Customer reviews on the FB Ads Booster, honest FB Ads Booster review,
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Review of the FB Ads Booster, reviews the FB Ads Booster, reviews FB Ads Booster,
The FB Ads Booster review, the FB Ads Booster reviews, FB Ads
Booster bad reviews, FB Ads Booster reviews, FB Ads Booster reviews negative,
what is the FB Ads Booster reviews, FB Ads Booster pdf, FB Ads Booster program, FB Ads Booster program review, FB Ads Booster system review, FB Ads Booster system, FB Ads Booster book, FB Ads Booster download, review on the FB Ads Booster, review on FB Ads Booster, review the FB Ads Booster, review Ads Booster, reviews about the FB Ads Booster, reviews for the FB Ads Booster, reviews for FB Ads Booster, reviews of the FB Ads Booster, reviews of FB Ads Booster, reviews on the FB Ads Booster, reviews on FB Ads Booster.
Search Terms: FB Ads Booster
FB Ads Booster EBook FB Ads Booster bonus FB Ads Booster video
FB Ads Booster Review Reviews on FB Ads Booster FB Ads Booster reviews
Customer reviews on the FB Ads Booster
Honest FB Ads Booster review
Review of the FB Ads Booster Reviews on the FB Ads Booster Reviews on FB Ads Booster Reviews the FB Ads Booster Reviews FB Ads Booster
The FB Ads Booster review The FB Ads Booster reviews FB Ads Booster bad reviews Get FB Ads Booster
What is the FB Ads Booster Reviews?
FB Ads Booster pdf
FB Ads Booster program
FB Ads Booster program review
FB Ads Booster review
FB Ads Booster system
Reviews of FB Ads Booster
FB Ads Booster reviews
FB Ads Booster book
FB Ads Booster download
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

You would be a bit shocked by looking at such a stack of keywords
And their corresponding names, but it is a fact that they work like magic words. The only task that you are supposed to do is to change the name of the product in keyword spider.
5. Now use any five of the keywords in your video as tags. No need to pile up your video with a bundle of tags. Five to Eight will be appropriate.
6. Now come the thumbnail. You can use any one of your own
Choice but it looks better if you opt the custom thumbnail.
7. Make the video unlisted.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
The annotations are quite important for your video. So they can be added by clicking on the video manager and then on tab of annotations. Subtitles also add a grace to your video so never forget to add your subtitles. It will create a comfort for people from different countries that they could Understand the context of your video. Subtitles can be added from Video Manager Tab. You can either write these subtitles or you can ask someone to do this job. 9. To allow everyone to access your video, make your video public.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Now index your video in google by adding your video url at google webmaster tool.
It will add the URL of your video in google.
You will notice that your video will get a good ranking just because of the procedure that you have followed in the above steps. Your video will get good ranking within a couple of minutes.
So, the crux of the matter is that you can easily download a video
and then later on you can upload it by altering a few things. If you take fifteen minutes for a single video, then you can utilize your time for more videos and they would be highly ranked.
No need to stop uploading videos even if you have worked really hard. Keep on uploading them till you start earning 100$ or even more amount a day. This should be the minimum goal set by you.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
•Find a hot niche product.
•Download its own video from product home page.
•Upload it on YouTube and use keywords in your title use keyword spider in your video descriptions.
•Short your off URL with google or bitly and use in your video descriptions.
•Use main keywords as your video tags 3 to 5 tags are enough
•Make your video unlisted.
•Now go to video manager and add subtitles and annotations.
•Now make your video public and add your video URL in google webmaster and done. (Y)
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
YouTube and Pay per Install
Here comes the second method of earning via YouTube which I have been Using since last few years and to be honest with you, I have earned big $$$$ with i
WHAT is pay per install?
Pay per Install is another branch of CPA offers, which converts or you get paid when you get the user to install your offer software/app on his/her computer, Laptop or mobile phone.
You might be thinking how you can make someone to install a software on his/her computer, well you don’t need an Aladdin Jennie for that purpose, After reading this EBook, your mindset will surely change. It’s as easy as making a cup of tea.
So here comes the easy part, where I guide you step by step on how you can ? YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Do wonders with pay per install offers and earn unlimited dollars.
You might have seen sometime when you download a free software from a website, a toolbar starts to appear on your browser and you start thinking how the heck this happened.
Continuing the discussion, sometimes you open your browser and you are Surprise to see your default search engine changed.
Did you ever see your browse showing ads at places where there were?
No ads earlier?
Yup, you thought it right, this is the magic of Pay per Install.
This magical mechanism is called the adware, which shows adds in your search engines and browsers, most people confused it with malware, Well it’s not, because malware is virus and that’s what we will never promote.
The next big thing is, where to get these pay per install offers and what techniques we can use to promote them, well this problem is resolved as you would most probably be going to become one of my followers so why not I share my secret with you guys. I have been working with many Pay per Install networks but few of them are really good for beginners and also pay quite well, these goldmine Networks are:
In case you are thinking that I don’t know about any other networks, Well I do and would ask you to find other networks as well using but initially I would recommend that you start with these.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
How to Earn Money with Pay per Install Method?
Here is my secret method, for this example I will be using Media Kings as my Pay per Install Network, so first sign up with network and then when you login in to your account you will get to see a link section.
after clicking on links section you will see this page with pay per install links. YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
these are our pay per install links where we need to send traffic and when visitor will click on these link an automatic download will start ..
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

in-fact we will promote it like someone is finding a game on YouTube and we will give him our pay per install link to download the game he is finding .. when he will install it, we will get paid and i know it is not any game he was finding on YouTube but don’t worry it is also not a virus … it is just an adware (ads showing tool) which will show ads in his browser and that’s it .. no harm no risk no malware 🙂
and we can change our pay per install link with same game name which he was finding 🙂 so the chances are high that he will definitely install it 😉 Here is a tutorial about how to make your own pay per install link .
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
first select any link from these pay per install links .. Now before opening this link make a little changing in url .. change the name of your eBook, game, software or whatever name you are going to use to promote this link .. you can see {REQUEST_STRING} written in all pay per install links .. and now we have to change {REQUEST_STRING} with our desired name which we are using to promote our links .. here is an example .. real link{REQUEST_STRING}?type=video changed link{GTA-5}?type=video Most interesting part of this method is easy to use procedure, as a visitor clicks on the offer link , your link will begin downloading automatically
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

Now we know how to create our pay per install links ? Now moving to the next step.
HOW to promote these links through YouTube. ?
The basic point is to think about a product which is famous among people and they are in need of it. They want to have it at any cost. They will definitely look to download that product for free, if available.
Now you have a chance to find that kind of product.
I hope you have learnt what I am trying to convey to you.
Let us take an example of GTA V ? What is it so famous about it? You will come to know that Gamers are addict of it, they want to Have it and they struggle enough to find a link where they could have it for free.
Are you worried about finding GTA V free of cost? Seriously?
Oh please! Don’t do that. You don’t need to do that.
You should just know the product name and its corresponding
keyword that will excite every other user who will be in search of it.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Let us take another example. People have uploaded fake video regarding “hacking of fb in seconds” ? Can any software do that ? No! Certainly not. so here is what we will promote now for example “how to hack Facebook account” and now we need a video where we will show this Facebook hacking tool in action .. and we don’t need to create this video :p we will find this vide on YouTube and will upload it on our channel .. seems simple ? okay let me show you examples
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Here you can see people are using these kind of videos to promote pay per install and pay per download offers .. YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
and in these videos they show us a software can hack Facebook account in seconds 🙂
and then they recommend you to get this software download link from the descriptions of this video and that link is your
here you can see all these kind of videos have a link in description 🙂 and these link are CPA offer , pay per install offers , pay per download offers 🙂
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Whenever a visitor will visit to the offer page being developed by you, he will see the same name on your page as he was searching for.
Do you remember about what am I talking about? Yes, the same
software that you have used as a product.
Here you go, check the results that how does it look when changed. YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
The maximum chances are that the users will install it in their system and it will be fun along with crazy.
before moving to the getting traffic part let me remind you again all steps about how to create your pay per install link
1) join any good paying pay per install network. 2) now come to the YouTube and find some videos where you see a tool is used to hack any account like Facebook twitter or Gmail ..
3) now download this video and upload in your channel and follow all uploading rules (check first part of this eBook ).
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

4) now go to your pay per install website links section and create a link with the name of that tool which you are going to show in your video (facebook-hackv5.5)
5) short this URL with google or bitly or any other url shorter service you like
6) paste this link in description of your video
So Now Time To Focus on Getting Traffic TRICK 😉
For trying this method I will warn you from using your own Gmail account. It is a bit scary so make new Gmail accounts. If you are unaware of procedure, read my book, “YouTube Tricks and Tips” It will guide you in making unlimited Gmail accounts Free”
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Let us suppose that you have a plan to upload a new video regarding hacking of a yahoo account. What will be the first phrase of it? Yes, definitely, it will be “How to Hack yahoo Account” You will just google this phrase and find out a few videos related to it on YouTube too. The example related to it is given in the below link;
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

Now for better understanding you should download a number of
easily downloadable videos. The conditions of videos include:
The quality of video should be HD.
Time duration will be minimum 1:30 minutes.
Video should be free of flashing web links.
Right after downloading videos, upload them on YouTube.
You can read YouTube and Affiliate Market Section of This
EBook to follow uploading rules.
When you are finished with uploading this video, mark it as unlisted and then use this free software with that you can generate 301 views on your video in 10 seconds :p
Seems interesting? Oh yes it possible
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
getting a lot of views help us to RANK higher in YouTube INSTANT But we can’t get more than 301 views with this software 🙁 The real issue is that whenever your video gets more than 301 views quickly, it stops counting more views. The YouTube check out whether they are real or fake. Now After downloading and installing this software, you would have to add a link of your video URL in this tool. Then again click on run. Check the results. Views will increase in seconds. When views reach to 301, make your video as a public. That’s all how it works. Even you can see you can rank any keyword in seconds with this method.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Are you amazed by looking at these people who earn more than
100$ a day with this method ? YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
All videos ranked with fake views method are stopped at 301 views 🙂
But unfortunately it is a black hat method so our video will go delete with in few days ..
So we need to keep uploading and downloading videos ..
And again i warn you guys don’t try with your own Gmail account ..
Try to make few extra accounts and then apply this method and you will see your earning started with in 24 hour 🙂
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Now let us summarize the main points to make it easy for you.
1) Search a hot topic/software for which people are running behind
2) Download related videos available on YouTube.
3) Upload them on your favorite chosen channel by following the mentioned rules.
4) Mark your video unlisted and use that secret software to get
5) Make your video public after achieving the required (301) views
The method is quite beneficial as it works for all kind of crack tools, games, hack, keygen and even code generator keywords.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing
Why are you waiting? Just download the videos and upload on your own channel.
If you are tired up of slow procedures then there is a great solution for you. Just buy a windows RDP (remote desktop protocol). Being quick, it will speed up your every task.
Here you can buy a cheap pricing RDP for this method
Just follow the simple steps as mentioned and play with downloading and uploading videos.
I hope that it will be really useful for you.
YouTube and Affiliate Marketing