2015 KD Blueprint

2015 KD Blueprint
All right. Well, welcome to the 2015 Kindle Blueprint. I wan
t to kind of explain to you how this is going to work. OK? F
irst of all, thanks so much for picking up the 2015 Blueprin
t. It means a lot to me that you have place your trust in my
abilities. And I’m excited to share with you my big takeawa
ys from 2014 and my big plans for 2015.
So let me explain to you how this is going to work. OK? This
is not going to be something with a ton of spit and polish.
I want to give you real, raw, and relevant information inst
ead of having something that was fancily produced. So whethe
r you’re listening to this on audio or you’re watching the P
owerPoint – my map video, please understand, this is going t
o be like you and I in your favorite location having a drink
, alcoholic or not, you decide. It’s not going to dictate th
e information.
But I really just want to share with you what I learned in 2
014 and how I’m applying that in 2015 and how you can apply
it to your business. I learned a lot of tremendous and amazi
ng things that I want to share with you that I think are goi
ng to immediately benefit not only how you produce your cont
ent, how you promote it, how you stand out from the crowd, a
nd most importantly, how you scale it up to make whatever in
come level that you desire.
So again, welcome. Thank you so much for picking up the Blue
print and let’s get started. Now, if you’re brand new, if yo
u have no experience, you may be thinking, “Well Tim, why is
it that you are so excited about Kindle and why is it that
you continue to focus on Kindle year after year?”
Well, the reason I like Kindle is it has got a lot of things
going forward. The first thing is I can outsource a majorit
y of the work. When it comes to editing, when it comes to gr
aphic design, when it comes to formatting, when it comes to
promotion even, a majority of that stuff I can outsource and
have someone else do the work.
The other reason I like it is real simple. I get a 70% commi
ssion every time they sell a book for me. So if I sell a boo
k for $2.99, I get a lower two bucks a pop every single time
they sell one of my books. And as long as I do the initial
pumping promotion work, Amazon usually does a really good jo
b of promoting my book in the future. OK?
For me, I like the status of being a bestseller. I’m a two-t
ime bestselling author on Amazon with The Creativity Checkli
st and the 2kH Formula. It’s a status thing. It’s an ego thi
ng. It’s one of the things that when they put me in the grou
nd, they’ll say, “Bestselling author, Tim Castleman.” So I’m
super excited about that.
That is an absolute ego stroke to be able to say, “Oh, I’m a
bestselling author.” Conversely, even when I wasn’t a bests
elling author, it was still really cool to say I was an auth
or. Back when I decided years ago to quit my job, I remember
my mom was, “Well, what are you going to do with your life
and how’s this going to work and how is X and Y and Z going
to all pan out?” And basically, I just told her one day in a
fit of frustration, “Mom, I’m going to write a book.” And i
t suddenly changed everything. I went from, “That’s my son.
He quit his job. He’s going to do something on the internet,
” to, “Hey, that’s my son. He’s the author.” Like the halo c
ame down from the sky and seas parted. It was just a total n
ight and day reference.
And if you don’t believe me, do this. Next time you go out a
nd someone asks you what you do, don’t tell them what you do
. Don’t tell them whatever it is. Tell them, “Oh, I’m an aut
hor. Oh, I’m a writer.” And see the response that you get fr
om them. Everybody believes and I do believe that everybody
has got a book inside them. They just have to find the best
way to get it out and get in front of those people that need
ed the most. And that’s what I’m here to help you with. All
The other thing I like is you have the ability to scale up q
uickly depending on your niche, depending on what type of bo
oks you’re going after, depending on if you want to do it yo
urself or outsource it. You can scale up very, very rapidly.
At the height of it, I could produce a book every 7 to 14 d
ays if I was outsourcing it. It takes longer if I’m writing
it myself. But the fact of the matter is I’m only limited by
my budget and my imagination.
And the great thing is this, it has got a low risk, high rew
ard. Now, think about this. If you were going to do Facebook
ads and you’re going to do $20 a day like all my friends su
ggest that you do and even I suggest that you do, in 10 days
, you will have spent $200 dialing in that ad. It may be wor
king for you. It may not. You may have some sales. You may n
ot. You may have a list. You may not. But what you don’t hav
e is anything tangible for that 200 bucks. You probably can’
t source a physical product from Amazon for – to sell on Ama
zon for 200 bucks.
But for 200 bucks, you can get a well-written by English wri
ters a story up on Amazon, published, ready to go and probab
ly less than 200 bucks with the pleasure being the fact that
you have something now that you can use forever. You can us
e it for content on a blog. You can use it as PLR if you wan
t to down the line. You can use it as a lead generator. Ther
e are so many things you can do with an actual physical piec
e of content that you can’t do with paid advertising or you
can’t do while you’re trying to initially source out product
s to Amazon.
So, I really like Kindle because it has got low risk and it
has got high reward. For my bestselling books, they were sel
ling hundreds of copies a day and I wasn’t doing anything. A
ll Amazon was doing that. And the great news, Amazon takes c
are of everything for me. They take care of the promotion. O
nce I do the initial part right, they take care of the publi
cation. They take care of the refunds. They take care of tak
ing care of customers. They do all that great stuff for me.
And as a result, I don’t have to worry about that and I stil
l get the lion share of the money.
And you do have the ability to have passive income. Now, I w
ill tell you this. OK? In order to be successful on Amazon,
you have to be a regular and frequent publisher. That’s a wr
iter downer by the way. In order to be successful on Amazon,
you have to be a regular and frequent publisher. Every four
to six weeks, you need to be putting out new content of som
e kind. So don’t mistake easy for simple. And certainly, don
’t think, “Oh, I’m going to put one book up and I’m going to
just retire to St. Barts off of all that.” Because that’s n
ot going to happen.
What you need to do is be a regular producer of content and
once you get a system set up, it can be done extremely passi
vely. And OK, let’s just be real, if you’re like me and you
get overwhelmed sometimes with the other parts of life and y
ou want to be the “lazy”, that’s OK because you can still ma
ke passive income. On a few of my books, I haven’t touched t
hem in
months just because I’ve been busy with other projects. But
Amazon is still sending me checks month in, month out giving
me money because they have been publishing and promoting my
books for me.
All right. So, who am I and why should you be listening to m
e? Well, my name is Tim Castleman. If we haven’t had the ple
asure of meeting, welcome. It’s great to have you here. I’m
excited that you’re learning from me. I’m excited to share w
ith you what I’ve learned. I want to let you know why I’m an
expert on the subject. I’ve published 27 books over the las
t 14 months in five different niches.
Now, majority of these were outsourced. However, the two boo
ks that I have actually taken the time to write myself, and
by the way, each one took about 8 hours, so I spent about 16
hours total writing those books, The Creativity Checklist a
nd the 2kH Formula, they both went on to be Amazon bestselle
rs and my bestsellers to date, bringing in probably the lion
share of my income in 2014 and beyond with the self-publish
ing work. OK?
My goal in 2014 because I don’t want to over pressure myself
and say, ‘You know what? Can we bring a consistent four fig
ures per month on average?” and we are able to do that. So m
y scale in 2015 is to scale that up. My goal I should say in
2015 is to scale that up to five figures per month. And I’m
going to share with you my plan to do that exactly step-by-
step during our time together today.
So, I’ve written up a few books that have gone to be bestsel
lers. I published a bunch more that are consistent earners a
nd we went from four figures, now we’re going to five figure
s. So, let’s start at the very beginning which is the idea g
eneration process. This is probably one of my favorite thing
s to do is just sit down and come up with ideas.
Now, if you are a die-hard do-it-yourself for and it has got
to be something that you do then what I recommend is you do
the four square exercises. And what that is take a piece of
paper, fold it into four squares and on it, I want you to w
rite four main headlines, previous jobs, skills learned, hob
bies and interests, and people I know; jobs, skills, hobbies
and interests, people I know.
And then I want you to spend 15, 20 minutes filling out each
one of those sections and write down every single job that
you’ve had that you can remember. And then go job by job and
go, “OK, what skills did that particular job do for me? Wha
t skills did I learn because of that?” And then go down the
hobbies and interests. Maybe you like photography. Maybe you
like playing guitar. Maybe you like doing crazy diet experi
ments. Maybe you have a crazy hobby. Maybe you like to trave
l for really cheap. Maybe you like to go to Vegas and spend
as little money as possible and have this great time as poss
So, find out again, jobs, skills, hobbies and interests, and
then if you’re just like the most boring person in the worl
d and you don’t have any of that, think about all the cool a
nd exciting people you know or could easily get access to. I
mentioned this before but I have access to my family which
may not sound exciting at first but my mom started a busines
s in her 60s. I’m sure there are a lot of people at her age
or around her age that would like to know how she did that.
that’s something that we could cover and that’s something th
at we could definitely talk about. I know some people are pr
ofessional poker players. Again, that’s a cool topic.
And believe it or not, if you spend the time, if you spend 2
0, 30 minutes and you fill this form out, you’re going to be
shocked and amazed at how many people you know and how many
skills you have and how many abilities you have and how man
y hobbies and interests that would be interested in learning
And the thing that I want you to understand about idea gener
ation is it’s not – I’m not looking for a homerun here, OK?
I’m not looking for the guy that cured cancer although if yo
u have a book about that, I’m going to guess that will proba
bly do pretty well, I’m looking for the guy that has done so
mething that is important enough for me to give you $3. So w
henever you’re freaking out and you’re like, “Well Tim, this
isn’t going to like set mankind back a hundred years if we
publish this.” It’s like let me ask you a question. Would I
be willing to pay you $3? If a friend would be willing to pa
y you three bucks or the cost of like a crappy drink at a cr
appy bar, chances are, people are going to be interested to
know that information especially if it relates to diet, heal
th, financial, well-being, fitness, relationships or hot nic
he or trend in the markets, which is the next thing which ar
e hot topics and niches.
Now, I’m shooting this video in January 2015 and we just hav
e gone through the New Year’s resolutions. So, all the gyms
are full right now. Everybody is on their diet. Everyone is
doing everything they’re supposed to be doing for at least a
nother couple of weeks until they fall off the wagon and eve
ntually revert back to old behaviors except for you because
this year is going to be different. But for unfortunately a
majority of people, that’s what happens.
Well, if you can – if you know every single year there are g
oing to be people that want to get in shape, simplify their
life, get their finances under control, write a book, have a
better relationship with their family, get a new job, learn
a new skill or hobby. You know that’s going to happen every
single year. So if you can just set up your books to be aro
und a central topic that maybe gets brought up each and ever
y year, you’re going to have built-in traffic. Every single
year, you’re going to have – for instances, one of our books
is a thanksgiving cookbook. We do a book of thanksgiving re
cipes. That book sells tremendously well each and every year
because of the fact that it’s Thanksgiving. And we have bui
lt-in traffic each and every year.
So, if you would do books about resolutions or how to change
some area of your life and it’s something that people espec
ially during the month of January thinking about improving h
ow they could do better and better and better and better the
n you’ve got a built-in homerun.
Upcoming events, now this one I always look at when it comes
to like movies. So to give you a cliché one that has been b
eat to death, I’m just thinking about what I’m about to talk
about and the fact I said beat to death but everyone has he
ard of the book, the Fifty Shades of Grey. If you haven’t, i
t’s an erotica novel. It’s self-published. I think the perso
n like now owns an island. They’re so rich. It’s just ridicu
So the books came out, all these horny housewives read these
books. Well now, the movie is coming out. It’s actually com
ing out in one month. So if I knew that which you do now kno
that by the way, what I would be doing is how can I tap into
what’s already going on in the marketplace?
So here’s what’s going to happen. A lot of people are going
to go to Fifty Shades of Grey, see that then they’re going t
o go buy the book because they want to see if the book is be
tter than the movie. Then when they get done with that book,
they’re going to go, “Hey, you know what? I still want to r
ead similar style books. Well, I’ve already gone through all
the author’s books so now what are some secondary authors t
hat I could go through with or that I could read to fulfill
this need?” if you will.
So, always be looking at upcoming events. Find out is there
a major holiday coming up? Is there a major movie? Is there
a major trend? So last year was really like the Paleo or the
caveman diet seemed to be really huge. So this year, it wou
ld be interesting to see what the big diets or the big fitne
ss fads are in 2015. I actually read an article the other da
y that said in the fitness field, body weight exercises are
popular and are making a comeback where you do squats and pu
sh-ups and sit-ups. You don’t have to use fancy gym equipmen
t or whatever.
So if I knew that and I really believed that that’s what was
going to happen then what I would do is I would be producin
g books around that trend and it’s like, hey, if the Paleo d
iet is really awesome then you know what? Let’s do a book on
the Paleo diet. Let’s do a book on Paleo diet recipes. And
then you could even niche and go even more specific like wel
l, let’s do Paleo breakfast, Paleo dessert, Paleo dinners, P
aleo snacks. And you can really go down and be that niched-s
pecific. And if someone is hardcore about that diet just lik
e I have been in the past about slow carb or low carb diets,
it’s like, well, I’m going to get as many books as possible
to make myself as successful as possible.
And whenever you’re looking for success, you can do no bette
r than looking at the current bestsellers. Find out what is
already selling well and make sure it’s not something that’s
a fad, meaning not something that someone has just promoted
for one day and it’s selling well. But if you see the same
books over and over and over and over and over again on the
bestseller that means it has got sticking and longevity.
My book, The Creativity Checklist was a bestseller for 90 pl
us days. It’s number one in its category whereas my other bo
ok, the 2kH Formula, was a bestseller for about 45 days. The
difference being that The Creativity Checklist was wide. Me
aning, it has a wide net. It was like OK, anyone who wants t
o be creative should buy this book. Compare it to the 2kH Fo
rmula, which was just for writers and people who wanted to w
rite faster. So, that’s my recommendation when it comes to t
If all of this fails by the way, here’s a real simple one an
d I call it the self-improvement challenge, and that is, wha
t was your resolution 2015? Whatever it is, is there a way t
hat you can track that you can say, “Hey, listen. Here’s the
thing. I wanted to become a writer so I’m going to start a
blog and I’m going to talk about my process and I’m going to
share my discoveries and my struggles and my triumphs with
these people and I’m going to give them all of the knowledge
and skills and ability that I have so that they can benefit
from it as well.”
Just remember, what is someone willing to pay you $3 for and
you don’t have to be a bestselling John Grisham style write
r in order to have success. You can simply say, “Hey, I’m ju
st a few steps ahead of you and because of that, let me show
you the pitfalls you’re about to experience.” I would much
rather learn from someone that is just a few steps ahead of
me than from someone that’s at a complete and total top of t
he mountain.
All right. So continuing on, so now that you got all your id
eas, now we got to go into niche research. Now, I’m not goin
g to sit here and tell you that Amazon is not becoming sligh
tly more competitive. It is. Here is the thing. The bar is s
till so low that you can separate yourself from the competit
ion quickly and easily by doing just a few things.
The first thing is, I want you to start ratcheting down your
niche categories. So back in the day, it used to be well, f
ind a niche that has an Amazon bestseller ranking of 50,000
or below and you’ll be OK. Well now, with things being more
competitive, I want you to get even more stringent. So here’
s what we do now. If we can’t find let’s just say for instan
ce, we were going to do the Paleo. Let’s just stay with that
So Paleo diet, say we’re going to do that. If I can’t find t
hree books within the first 20 books in that Paleo category
that have an Amazon bestseller ranking of 20,000 or below, I
’m not interested in appearing in that niche because at 20,0
00 or below, you’re selling a few dozen copies per day.
And if – let’s just say you’re selling 12 copies a day at $2
a pop, you’re making 24, 25 bucks per day, which doesn’t so
und like a lot of money. But when you have three books doing
that, you’re making close to a hundred. And when you have m
ore, then of course you’re making more. And if you have that
homerun book that’s selling a couple of hundred copies or 5
0 to 75 copies per day, well then you’re making some real mo
So again, going back to the research part, let’s just say –
I was saying about getting a Paleo, I would go look in the P
aleo category and I will find books that have a bestseller r
anking of 20,000 or below. The next thing is just as importa
nt to me as books can be easily assembled or written by me.
So for me, easily assembled mean books that are 20,000 words
or less. I’m not trying to write the next Warren Peace. I d
on’t want to write the next Warren Peace. I don’t want to sp
end 9, 10, 12 months on a single book, put it out there and
then it flop. I’d much rather spend a few focused hours, day
s or weeks putting a book together, it not doing so well and
not having so much of my life invested in it.
So, I’m looking for quick books that I can put out, quick, q
uality books. Let me preface that. This isn’t pump and dump.
This isn’t just copy Wikipedia article and put it there. Th
is is none of that crap. It’s quick, quality books. Short in
duration but not short on quality or good information.
Another reason why, I’ll just be real honest with you, I go
with short books is this, we as human beings are getting bus
ier and people are finding it harder and harder to read. Ask
yourself this
question. How many years have you said to yourself, “You kno
w Tim, this will be the year …” you probably would not say T
im because you’re probably not talking to me and if you are,
you should probably talk to someone about that. But where y
ou said to yourself where you’re like, “Hey, I want to read
more this year. I want to read more.” And then next year, “D
ammit! I wanted to read more and I just couldn’t find the ti
I think the average American reads 12 pages, I think it’s a
month of books if that, and it may be even less than that, m
aybe 12 a year. So by having a short book, you can not only
produce them quicker but your end user gets through them. An
d because they get through them, they have the sense of acco
mplishment because they’re like, “Holy crap! I got through t
his book.” And they are better off to actually use the infor
mation provided inside of said book instead of just blowing
it off and relegating it to someday, which of course we all
know leads to nothing and never. All right?
So once – so I have decided, let’s just stick with the Paleo
example just because it’s simple and easy for people to und
erstand then I’m going to start taking over that niche. I’m
going to start my plan. So my plan whenever I enter a brand
new niche, when we did this all in 2014 and we’re going to c
ontinue it in 2015 is I want to commit to producing a minimu
m of three books in that specific niche. This is another rea
son why I want short books because I want books that can be
produced and published rapidly. I don’t want something that’
s going to take six months lead time for each and every book
And the reason why I want to do three is a couple of reasons
. One, it allows me to bundle those books up so I can actual
ly get four books out of them so that – or four listings on
Amazon so I have a better chance. But the real reason is thi
s, you’re going to make some mistakes every time that you pu
blish your books. Look, I published over 20 books, almost 30
books in five different niches. We still make minor mistake
s each and every time. We still learn each and every time th
at we do something. So don’t expect perfection because that’
s never going to happen. Just expect progress and try to get
better with each and every one.
So maybe, your title isn’t as great on the first book as it
is on the second so it doesn’t have the same hook as it norm
ally would. Maybe – who knows? Maybe someone got really mad
and left you a negative review and that kills your first boo
k sales right off the bat. These things unfortunately do hap
pen. But if you have three swings at the plate, you have a m
uch better chance of hitting something than you do of just t
aking one. So, commit to three books within a specific niche
So again, Paleo, I’m saying I’m going to do three books on P
aleo. Maybe I’ll do a Paleo dessert, a Paler dinner, a Paleo
lunch, a Paleo breakfast, whatever those type of books. Wha
t I’m not going to do is go to a Paleo one then one on like
coconut oil and one on proper shoe tying techniques or whate
ver. Not that there’s anything wrong with those books. If th
at’s you, feel free to do it. But for me, I want to keep it
in a specific niche because you want to build a name and a b
rand and a reputation in that specific niche.
So, with those five different niches that I talked about in
the beginning, what I was able to do was set up a pen name f
or each one of those authors along with a domain name for ea
ch one of
those authors so that if those books blew up, I was able to
keep – stay under that pen name and have that credibility.
The other reason I did it was if you use the same pen name f
or your kid’s books as you do your adult erotica books, chan
ces are you’re going to have some angry parents and really h
appy kids if you kind of screw that up. So what I would tell
you is a single niche, a single focus, a single name. That’
s a writer downer, a single niche, a single focus, and a sin
gle name.
And you can use pen names. Don’t make it overly complicated,
OK? I’ll go on Facebook and I’ll take the – if I’m writing
for a male pen name, I’ll find the first male. I’ll take his
first name then I’ll find the next person below them, take
their last name and that’s my writer. I’ll put them into Ama
zon. I’ll make sure nothing crazy comes up. And that way, I
can rank really easy for the name and that becomes my writer
. Don’t overcomplicate things. Don’t get it out of Ouija boa
rd and have sounds [0:29:20] [Phonetic] or anything. Just pi
ck a name. Go put it in Google, make sure it doesn’t come up
with anything horrific or anything popular.
For instance, if I came up with the accidental name of Tim F
erriss, probably not going to use that because Tim Ferriss i
s kind of badass and well-known and respected throughout the
community, right? So that’s the first thing, is I’m going t
o commit to producing three books in a specific niche.
Also again, 20,000 BSR, that’s bestseller ranking that’s on
Amazon. I want to find three books within the first 20 that
have an Amazon bestseller ranking of 20,000 or below. And th
en I want to find books that I can be successful that have a
word count of 20,000 or below. And trust me, that’s easy to
do. In fact, I have to go back and look. But I’m pretty sur
e all of my books are 20,000 or less words and a lot of them
are even smaller than that especially if you get into liker
recipe books, children’s books. You’re talking about less t
han a thousand words. OK?
Now, here is what I recommend. You don’t have to follow this
advice. But I’ve been pretty successful with it so maybe yo
u should. I enroll in KDP first. So I enroll all my books in
Amazon and I put them all in KDP for at least the first 90
days because here is the truth of the matter, if you can’t m
ake it work on Amazon, chances are you’re not going to be ab
le to make it somewhere else. OK? I mean that’s just the bot
tom line is that if you’re not going to make it work on Amaz
on, you’re not going to make it work anywhere else. And that
’s just my belief and that’s just kind of what I’ve seen.
So with KDP, that gives me access for free days. It gives me
access to countdown deals. It gives me access to Kindle Unl
imited. So I want to initially put them in KDP and see what
And then above all, if I could just implant one thing into y
our brain, it would be a regular content production schedule
. Amazon – this is how I equate it. Amazon is like your new
best friend. So you move into a new town. You meet this guy
named Bill. And Bill goes, “Hey man, I want to take you arou
nd and introduce you to everybody.” So over the next course
of a few days, weeks and months, he introduces you to his fr
iends until one day Bill looks at you and go, “Hey man, look
, I’ve introduced you to everybody I know. Best of luck to y
Well, unless you – Amazon is the same way. They’re going to
take your book and as long as it does well and sells well an
d has got good reviews and people are happy with it, they’re
going to keep pumping and promoting it to as many people as
possible. But after about 30 to 45 days, they’re going to g
o, “All right, dude. We’ve done everything we can. We’ve pus
hed it as hard as we can. Do you have something new that I c
an go back out and say, hey remember this guy? You liked him
so much. Well guess what? Now, he’s back and he’s got this.
” If the answer yes, they’re going to go, “Hurray! Let’s go
back on this world tour again.” If the answer is no, chances
are, Amazon is going to say, “OK. Well, let me know when yo
u do have something.”
OS the more regular and the more of a schedule you can produ
ce for content, the better it is. When I see anyone on Amazo
n doing well, doing bad, I mean anybody that’s really doing
well, I mean anybody at all that’s really, really, really do
ing well, they’re doing it because they’re producing on a re
gular schedule. They don’t have one book. They have ten book
s. And the guys are doing better have 20 and the guys that a
re doing better have 40 to 60. So please understand. This is
something that’s going to take on-going effort on your part
. You can scale it up to where you feel comfortable with.
And also understand, if you miss a little bit like I have wi
th my nonfiction books, I have not released my third book ye
t. It’s long overdue. I’m still making four figures a month
even though I screwed this up. So understand its importance
but don’t let it freak you out and paralyze you with an acti
Now, if you’re like me when I first got started, I like to h
ire outsourcers. I find – I learned a ton hiring 27 differen
t authors for the books that we’ve produced and I kind of wa
nt to share with you my big takeaways from that. I started o
ff the year using oDesk and then I quickly switched to Elanc
e. A lot of people on oDesk, they cracked down on erotica wr
iting which is funny because that’s where we’re getting a lo
t of our writers for. And I just found the quality of oDesk
kind of dropping off.
So, what we do now is we use Elance. I really enjoy using El
ance. It’s very similar to oDesk. You can sign up and go thr
ough that whole process. What I focused on now and again, th
is is different in the beginning of 2014 is I want US writer
s or US-speaking writers. I don’t want someone from a third
world country or someone where English isn’t a primary langu
age. And I just do that because I believe in my heart of hea
rts that the US writers, they understand the language, they
understand the lingo. I don’t have to explain to them. They
get to call for reference and they just write and speak and
talk naturally instead of being very forceful or being direc
tor or reading like a medical text.
And the good news is you can get US writers for about a penn
y per word in the fiction category. The more specific, the m
ore specialized, obviously, it’s going to cost you some more
cash. So, just kind of understand. But for basic, every day
good writers, it’s going to cost you about a penny per word
Now, here’s my hiring process I kind of want to share with y
ou. The first thing I do is I post the job description. I te
ll them exactly how many words I’m looking for. But a lot of
times, I will
create or I will buy plots and give them a plot and say, “He
y, this is what I want you to do with the plot.” So a lot of
times, I will do that.
But one of the things I always do is I include some type of
keyword trick where I basically say, “Thanks so much for you
r interest in writing this adult novella story. When you res
pond, please use the word “Red Dragon” in your first respons
e so I know you’re a human being and not a bot.” If they don
’t use those words, 95% of the time, I will eliminate them b
ecause one, they can’t follow direction and two, if you’re n
ot going to listen to what I need specifically enough to do
it how I asked now, chances are, after I gave you money, it’
s not going to get any better. All right?
So in addition to that, I will also ask for them to create a
piece of sample work. And if I’m not sure about sample work
or I’m not sure if they can write it, I will ask them, “Hey
, would you please write a little bit of the story? Could yo
u write the first chapter? Could you write the first couple
of paragraphs?” Whatever. And I will tell them, “Hey look, I
’ll pay you for it.” Don’t go cheap here. I know the thing i
s like, “Hey, I want you to do this 97 test and if you do th
is test then I might grace you with a job.” Don’t do that.
Instead what I want you to do is say, “Hey look, it’s betwee
n you and Bob. I’ll pay you both $20 each if you write it. A
nd figure it this way, you’re paying 20 bucks to find out th
e person you do want to hire and you’re also paying 20 bucks
to find out the person maybe you don’t want to hire. So che
ck out their sample work. Have them create a sample work, ju
st a small piece of work. Don’t ask them to do a whole story
for 20 bucks. Ask them to do a little bit of it.
And then what I do is if I like it then I talk to them. And
one thing I always tell them because it’s true is, “Hey, if
this does well, I really want to hire you for a long term wo
rk.” I’m not looking for someone to just create one book or
one story and disappear. I’m looking to hire someone for thr
ee stories minimum. And if those go well then we’ll probably
looking to do more.
And the last thing and this I started doing towards the end
of 2014 was we actually had them start signing releases, our
writer, which basically gave us all the rights to the infor
mation. I went to a lawyer and add an official document, a r
elease drawn up that basically says, “Hey, it gives us all t
he rights and makes it very clear that we’re paying you. We
own the work. Once you’re done with the work, we own it free
and clear. You have no rights to it.” And that’s more of a
CYA. I didn’t run into any issues. And again, I wouldn’t let
it stop you from hiring someone if you can’t get them to si
gn a release or if you don’t buy a release to have them sign
. But I just like to have the legality of it in case for som
e reason it ever comes back.
So if you’re looking for something like that, reach out to u
s. We do have one that’s available for sale. That way, you d
on’t have to spend the 600 bucks that we did getting it draw
n up. It’s way more affordable than that.
So, that’s if you want to hire an outsourcer. If you’re like
I have in the second part of 2014 and for the foreseeable 2
015 and you want to write it yourself, I just keep things ve
ry, very simple. Again, I keep my two books that were bestse
llers were both under 10,000 words. They were books that I w
as able to create in just a matter of 8 to 10 hours after I
went to the outline process
and wrote it all out and got it all taken care of. But 8 to
10 hours, I was able to write the book that I wanted to. As
a side, I’m getting ready to write my third book and I’ve se
t aside two days, two separate full complete days to be able
to write. And by being able to set aside those two days, I’
m 99% confident that I’ll be able to have that book complete
ly and totally done.
So real quick, here’s the nonfiction writing formula. I have
a product called the 8 Hour Bestseller that goes into huge
amounts of details with you. I just want to give you the hig
hlights here. What I do with this is I just break it down in
to four different categories which is why, what, how, and if
then. So why is basically, well why would you want to do so
mething or how did this come into – how did this system or e
xperience come into being? What is the complete and total sy
stem? How is exactly how they implement the system? And if t
hen is, if things go well, here’s what you do. If things go
badly, here’s what you do instead.
So again, why is multifaceted, right? Why is here’s who I am
, here is why you should listen to me and here’s why this ha
ppens. So with The Creativity Checklist for example, I say,
“Hey, here’s why this checklist happened. For years, I strug
gled trying to come up with the ways to organize my ideas an
d get them out there in front of the right people but I fina
lly was able to once I came up with this checklist.”
And then I told them a story of how I was out boozing with m
y buddy and we were having a good time and all of a sudden,
all these questions started pouring into my head and I was l
ike, “Man, I need to write this down. These are great questi
ons. These should be used for every time that I come up with
a product or a service or an idea.”
The what is the complete system. So again, with The Creativi
ty Checklist, I told them, “Hey, here is all of the 11 quest
ions that I asked myself each and every time. Here is an exp
lanation of each and every question. So question one is what
is your story about this.” And then I would just explain. H
ere is what I mean by that and let me give you some examples
. Let me give you some helpful tips and tricks that can help
you out. So, that’s what the what section.
And then the how is, well, here’s how I use it. So for that,
again sticking with The Creativity Checklist, what I did wa
s very simple. I said, “Hey, here’s what I do. I sit down. I
take out a yellow legal pad, my blue Pilot G2 pen and manua
lly write all these answers to all these questions here.” I
manually write all these answers to all the questions here.
And then if then, if the system goes well and the checklist
comes out completely, then here’s what I do with it. If I ge
t to the checklist and it’s a struggle and I’m not able to a
nswer it and I don’t feel like it’s good, then here’s what I
do with that instead.
So why, what, how, if then. If you learn nothing else about
the nonfiction writing process except this formula, it can h
ave a tremendous and radical impact. Go check out the 2kH Fo
rmula and The Creativity Checklist. You will see they follow
this formula to a tee. And again, if you want to learn more
about actual nonfiction writing, just go check out the 8 Ho
ur Bestseller.
Now, let’s talk about where I spent my money in 2014 and whe
re I’m going to keep spending it in 2015. The first thing is
cover. It amazes me with all of the graphics people out the
re and how
cheap it is, how crappy a lot of publishers, self-published
covers look. Here’s the thing. You want to avoid as my frien
d, Bryan, tell me, you want to avoid the stink of self-publi
shing. Meaning, you do not want to look like you were self-p
ublished. You want to look like a major publishing house pub
Now, this is a little bit of bragging. But if you go look at
the 2kH Formula and The Creativity Checklist covers, they a
re amazing-looking covers that stand out from everyone else
around them. Those covers by the way cost me less than 50 bu
cks a piece. Oh my gosh, Tim! $50 for a cover. Guess what? I
f they do amazing work then it will pay for itself. You will
stand out. And above all, you will be proud of that work.
I’ve had my books transferred from Kindle to CreateSpace. I’
ve had them printed. I’m proud to give them to people and I’
m proud to share them with people and I’m proud to say, “Hey
, this is my book. Take a look at it.” And it doesn’t look l
ike some self-published piece of crap. So cover is number on
e. The reason why they say people judge a book by its cover
is because you judge a book by its cover. Just like you judg
e wine by its fancy label. The majority of people do. The sa
me thing with books. If it looks pretty, it probably is pret
ty inside. If it looks like crap, it’s probably crappy insid
The next thing I started doing was I realized that much like
my English writer said, my writing was an abomination. And
that I just needed some help when it came to editing. Now, I
write just like you and I are talking right now, in a very
conversational tone. So, I write like you and I are having a
beer and I don’t want them to edit from my tone or voice. W
hat I want them to add is the grammars, syntax, all the crap
that I slept through in high school, junior high and colleg
Again, very, very inexpensive. You can get people on Fiverr.
But this is what they do. They’re professional editors and
they’re looking to make some side scratch. And for 5 bucks,
they’ll edit a few thousand words. I think when we were doin
g our erotica books, don’t quote me on this but I want to sa
y our cost to edit was anywhere from $20 to $30 per book. Ag
ain, this is something that specializes or that makes you st
and out from the audience. It’s like holy crap! This guy has
a nice cover and he has an editor that looked through this?
Now, I don’t give my editor any credit like as far as in th
e book or anything like that, as I’m speaking this to you, I
’m thinking I wonder if I should just because it will give t
hat air of credibility. It’s like, “Oh, this guy has an edit
or. Wow! This is pretty freaking awesome.”
So, I highly recommend that you spend money on your cover an
d your editing because a neutral third party can give you so
much more information and feedback than you because you’re
in it, you believe it, you just – in your heart of hearts, y
ou know X, Y and Z instead of having someone that no emotion
al attachment to it that can say, “Hey, this is really good
or this sucks or we need to change this or we need to do any
thing like that.”
And then the last thing is list building. I have – with a co
uple very simple tools, with the WordPress domain, WordPress
setup, and a squeeze page, I have been able to generate alm
ost 2,000 people, maybe even over 2,000 people in a year on
my various list by just using a very simple setup to do list
building. And the reason why you want to build an email lis
t is pretty well-known but I definitely want to talk about i
t because here is the thing. Initially, you’re going
to be using Amazon to get some leads, get some buyers, and g
et some sales. But where the real power comes is in the list
because you can send that list anywhere that you want. Anyw
here that you want, you can send that list. You can send the
m back to Amazon for a new book. You can send them to Barnes
& Noble. You can send them to Smashwords. You can send them
to Apple books.
But guess what? If for some reason tomorrow, my Amazon accou
nt just totally got fried and they said, “You know what Tim
Castleman? We don’t want any devilishly, good-looking, succe
ssful humor authors anymore. We’re all full up here.” I can
still go to my list and say, “Hey guys, look. We’re no long
on Amazon but now we’re over on Barnes & Noble and you can p
ick up our books here. Here is this new book.” So you defini
tely, definitely want to build an email list. What I do to b
uild mine is very, very simple. I use a plug-in called Lead
Rocket. It’s on ClickBank. I think it’s 47 bucks. If you wan
t to get an affiliate link from us, you can. If you want to
go buy it direct, feel free to.
But the cool thing is, we just set up a single page on the d
omain and all they can do is opt in. There’s not a blog. The
re’s not anything else about us. All they can do on that sin
gle page is opt in. And if they opt in, then they get an eth
ical bribe. They get either what I call a missing link which
is something that will help them. So for instance on our re
cipe books, we give them like a printout guide of the recipe
s and a shopping list so that they can just take that to Wal
mart and get that taken care of. So, that would be an exampl
e of something that’s a missing link.
Or, it’s in addition. So, “Hey, if you like volume one of Bo
dy Snatchers, sign up here to get a free mini Body Snatchers
story sent to you free of charge.: So it’s like, “Man, I re
ally like it and I want to have an additional story. Or, “He
y, you know what? I really like this book. I’d like to get t
he recipe guide and how can I put it out there and give that
to people?” So what happens is people go to the website. No
w, where did they get and find out about it? At the very beg
inning of the book, I tell them. I’m like, “Hey, thank you s
o much for buying. Here is where you go get your free gift.”
Before they see – I think it’s even before they see the tab
le of contents. Let me grab one of my books here.
So, The Creativity Checklist, you got page one table of cont
ents. Page two is my free gift to you. So page two, right af
ter table of contents, it’s right there. Again remember, if
the average reader only reads 121 pages a month, well chance
s are, if you bury that in the middle or you bury it at the
end, you’re not going to have as much success as if you put
it right at the front when they’re all hot and bothered and
excited about the prospect. Just like the same people that t
his month are buying gym memberships and workout plans and n
utritionists and diet guides and blah, blah, blah, blah, bla
h. If they tried to buy or sell the same thing next month, t
he enthusiasm would already be gone because people had coole
d off. It’s February. They’ve already forgotten whatever it
is that they were working on. And oh well, I’ll try it again
next year.
So, simple domain with squeeze page set up. And again, if yo
u check out the 2kH Formula or Creativity Checklist, you’ll
see those. And then give them a free story or a missing link
to help get the email list. So I call them an ethical bribe
. There’s nothing wrong with doing that to get people on you
r email list and it’s highly, highly effective. And then onc
e they’re in the email list and you can tell them, “Hey, thi
s is the new book I have coming out. Hey, these are some top
that I’m thinking about writing about. What would you be int
erested in? What questions do you have?” I mean there is a n
o limit to what you can do when it comes to getting informat
ion or helping people on your email list.
And again, all I need is a domain to set up WordPress. You h
ave someone on Fiverr set up WordPress for you. Have someone
set up the plug-in for you. Get an email autoresponder. I p
ersonally use GetResponse. You can use whoever you want to.
And get it taken care of. It’s very, very simple to do. And
if you don’t know how to do it, go to Fiverr. Tell someone.
Show them this part of the video and tell them, “Hey, this i
s what I need.” And have them do what they need to do and th
ey’ll get you taken care of. OK? And I do this again all bef
ore I’m getting ready to release the book.
Now, now it’s time. So we’ve had the book written our self o
r we’ve outsourced it. We’ve got a nice cover. We spent mone
y on editing. We have an email opt-in page set up. We have t
hat in front of the book and the book of the book so that we
can get people at all times. Now, it’s time to actually lau
nch it.
Now, if you have a name and a following, do the three-day la
unch plan. If you don’t, do the Pump the Brakes. And then wi
th your second book, do the launch plan. So let’s do this. I
’m going to share with you the launch plan because this is w
hat I did with tremendous success. And I’m going to share wi
th you the Pump the Brakes stuff, at least the high level ov
erview of it.
So, what I did with all my books in 2014 that had tremendous
success in niches that I had in email list or following is
I would run a limited promotion and I would say, “Hey guys,
the 2kH Formula is out. And for 99 cents, it’s going to be f
or the next three days. Go grab it now.” And then a day late
r I would say, “Hey, just a reminder, 99 cents, this book is
99 cents. It goes up to 2.99 in 48 hours.” In the last day
I would say, “Hey, here’s the last day.” And do that.
What happens is you get a huge boost in sales when you do th
at initially right off and Amazon takes notice and then they
put you on the hot new releases or the up and coming list.
They put you on a lot of different various list. So that’s r
eally cool. And use time-based scarcity with your email list
and let them know, “Hey, this is 99 cents. When we get done
in three days, it’s going to be 2.99.” And then you raise y
our price to 2.99. I have found 2.99 for me to be the sweet
spot. What I’m going to be doing more in 2015 that we didn’t
do in 2014 but I want to do it is I want to get it up to 2.
99 where it’s consistently selling then I will bump it up to
3.99. And as long as sales stay relative as far as total in
come and stuff like that then maybe I want to take it up to
4.99 and basically see where the limit is.
When I start noticing a huge decrease in sales or people ups
et with the information then I will reduce the feedback down
a dollar. Again, keeping in mind that 98% of the world unde
rstands it’s a $3 book that hopefully their life will be cha
nged but maybe not because I’m spending less than the cost o
f a cup of coffee. The 99% of world gets it. Are you still g
oing to have idiots that are like, “I paid 99 cents for this
book. I’m deeply disappointed. I was here at the public lib
rary on the public bus system reading over the shoulder of t
his homeless guy on his Kindle for a 99 cent book and I was
really disappointed by it.” Of course, you’re going to have
those people.
But you know what? You’re not going to be able to please eve
rybody. And in times like that, you just have to ignore them
unless it’s really what you got to do. So, 99 cents for a l
imited time, 72 hours then raise it up to 2.99. If it keeps
selling well after that, raise it up a buck. Raise it up ano
ther buck. Raise it up until the market goes, “Well hey, we’
re not willing to pay a $197 for a six-page book. Thank you.
Thank you.”
Now, if you’re like the majority of people and you don’t hav
e any initial customers and you’re starting from scratch, th
at’s OK because here is what we did when that happened to us
. The Pump the Brakes is this. What we do is we use Fiverr o
utsourcers to promote your free book on Amazon. So what we d
o is we go hire specific people and they go around to specif
ic book sites and they list your book. You got to give them
7 to 10 days advanced notice. But let’s just say you’re like
, “Oh, next weekend I want to have my book free for three da
ys.” So they go around and they put all the information on t
hose sites for you manually so that you don’t have to screw
with them. And it’s well worth the 10 or 15 bucks.
Then what happens is this. We leave it free for 24 hours. So
we get all these people to download the book for free which
is awesome. And the other thing that’s really cool is we’re
building an email list. Now, you’re not going to build a hu
ge email list but if you give them another free story or you
give them a missing link or something that can help them wi
th the book they just bought then guess what? You are going
to build a better email list and just going, “Hey, sign up f
or my list.”
So, the first 24 hours, we leave it free. Then the second 24
hours, we look at it. If we have a high level of downloads
then what we do is we switch it from free to paid at 99 cent
s. Here is what happens. Customer goes, they see it, they’re
sent to it and they go, “It’s only 99 cents. I’m going to p
ick it up.” Bam! “I’m going to pick up.” Bam, bam. Bam. Then
what happens is you start making more sales. Amazon takes n
otice of it and it improves your sales ranking. Again, putti
ng it on those different people’s lists.
If you’re not comfortable doing that, I understand that. Som
e people don’t have the stomach for marketing and sales. So
what you could do is just leave it free for two or three day
s. I like to do the Pump the Brakes where we switch it from
free to paid, free to paid, free to paid because at the end
of the process, I do not want people out there going, “Hey,
thanks. You now have the book.” Downloaded five million time
s but nobody actually sign up for email list or more importa
ntly, you didn’t make any money off of it. So, I recommend y
ou alternate between free and paid.
So again, day one, 100% free all the time. Day two, free unt
il about noon then switch it to paid. If the sales starts sl
owing down then you switch it back to free again. And then u
ltimately, leave it at paid at the higher price. So this is
the world’s worst domain. But if you go to kdptb.com, you ca
n pick up our Pump the Brakes promotion. It gives you the ou
tsourcers that we do. It explains the process in detail. I w
ould do it here except it’s two and a half hours long and I
know we’re already approaching an hour and I don’t want to k
eep you here any longer than necessary.
So, I typically do a three-day promotion on Pump the Brakes.
First day is free. Second day, we pump it. Third day, we pu
mp it and then we let it go from there. So it’s a great way
to build that
initial list and that following. And then what you do once y
ou build that initial list is you go back and you do the thr
ee-day launch plan with them. So if you’re brand new, if you
’re brand, brand new then you just do the Pump the Brakes. I
f you have an email list and you this and that then what you
do is you do the three-day launch plan. So build an email l
ist and then do the three-day launch plan.
Now, here is another cool thing. When you build a list, you
can start asking a little more stringently for reviews. Now,
let me be clear. You should not purchase reviews. You shoul
d not influence reviews in one way or the other. For instanc
e, if I were to email you and say, “Hey look, I want you to
go buy my book and I want you to give me a 5-star review.” T
hat’s not going to happen. And I’m breaking a lot of Amazon
terms and service and ultimately, I don’t want to get screwe
d and lose my account by doing it. So that’s one thing I rec
ommend that you don’t do.
Here’s what I do. When I email my list I say, “Hey, listen.
Here is the book. It’s 99 cents for three days. If you would
be so kind to go pick it up and leave me a review, I will s
end you something as a thank you gift.” Now, I’m asking them
to leave me review. I am not telling them it will be a 5-st
ar or 1-star. That is up to them to decide. So, what I tell
them is, “Hey, leave me a review. Take a screenshot of it. E
mail it to me at this email address and I’ll get you the spe
cial gift,” or the ethical bribe to get a review left.
And again, if they leave me a one star review and they scree
nshot it and they send it, they get the same gift as a 5-sta
r. So you can’t pick and choose. Everybody has got to get th
e same gift and it’s got to be as neutral as possible. You c
an’t ask for a good review. You can’t ask for a 5-star revie
w. I just say, “Go and leave me a review.” And I have had pe
ople leave me one star review, screenshot it, send it in and
they got the same thing that a 5-star review person got. No
w, they may or may not got kicked off the list after that bu
t at least fulfilled my end so that they couldn’t go and go,
“Yes, this person asked and I didn’t get my gift after I ca
lled his book “the worst thing ever written”.” So understand
Now, I will admit to this. One of the reasons we have the sc
reenshot is one, to make sure that Amazon has all those revi
ews. But the other reason is very simple and that is this, h
ow many do you know are going to leave a negative review, sc
reenshot it and then email it into you? Not that many. Have
I had a few? Of course, I have. That’s fine. They get it. We
move on from those people.
And let me also talk about that. I don’t have it down here b
ut I do want to talk about it because this was a big lesson
I learned in 2014. And that is this. If you get negative rev
iews, it’s going to happen. Both my books that I’ve written
myself have close to 200 reviews each and they have one star
reviews. One guy wrote that it was a scam because I wrote a
product on outsourcing even though I wrote the book myself.
That guy is just an idiot and you can’t fix those. Amazon i
s not going to take them down.
I used to get a big verbal battle with these people. And her
e’s the thing and the truth about it. No matter what happens
, no matter what’s said, no matter any of that stuff, you’re
the person that comes looking off bad because you’re the au
thor. So you’re supposed to be the well-respected guy that c
an hold his or her own temper and anger and all that stuff.
You’re supposed to be the
guy that can do that. But if you don’t, you come off looking
like a jackass and that’s just being real.
So, I used to engage all those people. Now after talking to
my buddy, Kamal, who is a bestselling author, now what I do
is I just ignore them. What I try to do is go in, learn from
them. So if they’re like, “Oh, the formatting really sucks
and the content blue and his mom is fat.” Like I would be li
ke, “OK, so the formatting sucks and the content needs revie
w. OK. Those are two things I can learn.”
But if it’s just like for instance, I had someone that ironi
cally was on my email list that was upset that I emailed my
list for reviews and how dare I use marketing and sales to s
ell my book, what a terrible human being I must be because I
actually took the time over the last five years to build an
email list up that I could email cool stuff out to really i
nexpensively and then ask them to help support me when I nee
ded something. What a terrible human being I was and think o
f the manatees and the puppies that were killed.
I actually had a negative review from some crack head custom
er. I got into it with him. I came off looking bad. Ultimate
ly, I just decided to ignore him. And you have to understand
this. It’s an unrealistic expectation although we still hav
e it as human beings that we, “Oh, everyone is going to like
me. I just want everyone to like me.” Not everyone is going
to like you. There are tons of people in this world that ha
te your freaking guts for no good reason or for a food reaso
n. And you just have to understand sadly and unfortunately,
that’s a part of life.
And if you let the negative people drag you down then they w
ill gladly do that because they’re dragging you down and I’m
not talking about people that leave constructive criticism.
I’m talking about people that are just trolls. They are dra
gging you down because their life sucks because they live in
their mom’s basement because they never had the balls or th
e stones to publish something because they don’t believe tha
t you deserve the life that you want to have. And to those p
eople, I say this. Cover your ears if you don’t like dirty w
ords. But fuck them.
Seriously, just ignore them. Let them be in their little cys
t pool of hate and let them go to their shitty job, live in
their mom’s basement and continue to troll the internet for
years upon. Just let them go. Ignore them and wish them the
best in life because they clearly need it. So, that’s what I
would tell you about getting reviews. And more importantly,
just don’t respond to negative ones. Let them spew. Learn f
rom it. If you notice two or three reviews have the same thi
ng then feel free to learn from it. If not, just ignore them
and just do what you need to do and keep producing your con
tent. All right?
Now, let me tell you about some cool things that you can do
to help your success plan going. First of all, I enroll all
my books in Kindle Unlimited. What that is for those of you
who aren’t familiar is it’s a cool program by Amazon. You pa
y $9 a month and you get unlimited Kindle books. And the coo
l thing is, an author is you don’t get paid when someone dow
nloads your book. You get paid when someone reads 10% of you
r book.
So for us, what we do is we do smaller books so that we can
get to that 10% quicker. Now, when you open up and you got t
able of contents and when you’ve got free gift and you got a
welcome note, chances are, that gets you to that 10%. OK?
So the cool thing about it is I get paid right now, currentl
y, about a $1.30 per book. There are some debates because yo
u used to get paid about – normally, I get paid $2. So I’m l
osing 70 cents per book. But here’s the thing. I look at it
as free and found money. And here’s the other thing, with Am
azon, the Kindle Unlimited borrows count towards your Amazon
bestseller ranking. So if I only sell 15 copies of a book b
ut I get 15 borrows, to Amazon, they equate that, well, that
guy made 30 sales today. So it counts towards your Amazon b
estseller rankings so it counts towards your visibility.
I don’t know what’s going to happen with Kindle Unlimited. I
t would be very interesting to see how it plays out in 2015.
For the time being, I’m going to use it at least initially
to prove the viability of the product. And then if I start n
oticing that it’s cutting my sales down or that it’s just no
t doing well then I’m going to opt out of Kindle Unlimited b
ecause you can opt out with it without opting out of KDP Sel
ect and I’ll just be like, “Hey, you’ve got to buy my book.
That’s what you have to do. You have to buy my book and that
’s all you can do right now.”
So Kindle Unlimited is a great thing I believe for initial a
nd starting artist, look at it long term. Who knows? But at
least initial, heck yeah. I’d much rather make a $1.30 guara
nteed than someone go, “Well, I’m not going to buy that book
because I don’t want to spend the two bucks.” OK?
Kindle Countdown Timer Deals, this is something we just fail
ed to take advantage of in 2014 that we will be making up fo
r in 2015. So here’s how this works. You can lower the price
but still get paid your full commission. So what I can do w
ith the countdown deals, I can say, “Hey, you know what? For
the next five days, this book is going to be 99 cents. It’s
normally $2.99. Buy it.” You buy it at 99 cents, you’re lik
e, “Goddam! I got a great bargain. I’m happy because I get p
aid my full commission on the $2.99 sales price.”
Now, you have to be able to lower the price a minimum of a d
ollar. So $2.99 down to $1.99. It can’t go 99 cents down to
zero. That just doesn’t work. OK? You have to be in KDP, Kin
dle Direct Publishing for 30 days and it has to be 30 days f
rom your last price change. So what I would typically tell y
ou to do because you can’t do a free promotion and a countdo
wn promotion at the same time is this, I would do in your fi
rst 90 days in KDP, I would do a free promotion if you’re tr
ying to build a list. If you’re like me and you already have
a list then I would do the countdown timer deals.
If you do both of these with various books to where I’m goin
g to do a free deal on book one so I’m going to get people t
here. Book two and three are going to be on sale via the cou
ntdown deal. You’re going to have a better chance of success
. And again, what people are hot and bothered, they’re super
excited about your product or service, guess what? They’re
going to be like, “Man, I bought this book. I really like it
or I got this book for free. I really like it. These other
books are on sale but for a limited time. Bam! I’m going to
pick them up.” Because I put a countdown timer on the page a
nd it’s just a really, really, really, really freaking smart
way for
you to get paid your full amount of commission and have some
built-in scarcity that you can use to create more sales.
And again, let’s say you take those three books and you bund
le them up like I told you to. Now, you got a fourth book. W
ell, you can release that book free or on a countdown timer
and then have the other ones be free to kind of lead to. I m
ean there are just so many ways that you can do this that yo
u can make good money doing it with building a list off your
free days, with doing Kindle Countdown Timer Deals, with do
ing a limited price time scarcity.
And the other thing is this. You can drop your price to a do
llar anytime. And I’ve seen successful authors do that. They
just go, “Hey guys, you know what? My book is normally $2.9
9. I’m making it 99 cents for this weekend. Enjoy.” And they
get another burst of sales from people who are super-duper
excited about it or who were upset because they missed it th
e first time because we all know there are bit times when we
wanted to take advantage of a sale but we missed it for one
reason or another.
So let’s talk about the exciting thing, how I plan to go fro
m four to five figures in 2015. I’m going to do a combinatio
n. I’ll just tell you. I’m going to do a combination of writ
ing books myself and then using the profits and the proceeds
from that to outsource my books. Now, I’m not going to get
into the niches that I plan of going into yet just because I
want to test them out and make sure they’re viable without
having the whole market watching. And then once I find the v
iable niches that are making me money, I’ll be more than hap
py to share those with you.
But here are my specific plans for scaling up. One, I want t
o publish a book every four to six weeks whether this is a s
elf-published book, a book that I’ve written, a self-written
book or an outsourced book. I want to build and continue to
build my email list at every chance possible. Then once I g
et those three books done in this new niche that we’re going
to, I’m going to bundle the books together to give me anoth
er chance to sell them all together and to give what I call
a slack adjuster. Actually, I call it that way because Dan K
ennedy calls it that. But that’s basically a way to go and s
ay, “Hey, if you like these three book that are $2.99 a piec
e, why don’t you buy all three of them for $4.99?’ And now,
I’m making a higher commission off of those.
And as long as I make a profit off my first three books and
continue to scale it up or as long as I have those three boo
ks, let’s just say for easy math, each one of those books co
st me a hundred bucks. And at the end of 90 days, so my cost
for the three books are $300 and then you can bundle them t
ogether. So let’s just call it 350. And at the end of 90 day
s, I’ve made more than 350 bucks or I’ve made darn near – if
I made 349 bucks, I would scale up. If I made more than 350
bucks, I’m going to reinvest my money.
Think of these as like mini real estate properties. You don’
t make any money with one real estate house. Trust me. I hav
e one real estate house. You don’t make any money with it. Y
ou’re just keeping it afloat. Where real power and leverage
comes is having multiple real estate properties that are pay
ing you rent so to speak, each and every month, each and eve
ry month over and over.
Now, what’s better than one house? Ten houses. What’s better
than ten houses? A hundred houses. And then you can start t
o expand to different niches and topic and then you can go w
ide. But I want you to go deep first. Stay in one niche. Pro
ve it successful. Go deep. Go deep. Go deep. Then when you g
et tired of that niche then you could say, “OK, here is the
thing. I’m tired of that niche. Here’s what I’m going to do
So let’s say I do the three books and it just bumps. OK. Wel
l, life experience, that sucks. That happens. I’ll keep them
out there. I’ll over time make my money back because all I
got to do is sell 50 copies of a book between now and the re
st of my life to make my money back. So I may not be making
10 to 15 to 20 sales a day but maybe I’m making one to two a
week and over time that will still pay for itself. And then
I’m going to go out. I’m going to find another niche to app
roach and I’m going to repeat the entire process.
And again, I’m going to go one niche at a time. One of our b
iggest problems that we had in 2014 was we were trying to do
too much too fast. It was like, instead of saying, “OK, we’
re going to just do romance. That’s all we’re going to do, r
omance and we’re just going to focus on that for all of 2015
.” We were like, “All right. We’re going to do romance. We’r
e going to do kids. We’re going to do recipes. We’re going t
o do this. We’re going to do that and that and that.” And we
just spread ourselves too thin and we never gave ourselves
the ability to win inside of a specific market.
So for 2015, I’m going to pick one specific market or two sp
ecific markets, three specific markets at most to go into. I
’m going to go very deep with them. I want to set up long fu
nnels with lots of books that can be producing income and th
en and only then will I either scale up or eject or go to a
different niche. So pick one niche. Give it a minimum of 90
days. Focus completely and solely on that. Then look at the
results. If the results dictate it, give it another 90 days.
If they don’t, pick another niche.
And then once successful, once successful then consider enro
lling in KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited and all that and th
en start transferring your books over to Barnes & Nobles, Ap
ples, Smashwords, all of that that stuff. Again, I truly bel
ieve this, is that you are not going to be – if you can’t ma
ke your book work on Amazon with all the tools that they’re
giving self-published authors to be successful, you’re not g
oing to be able to make it anywhere. If a book doesn’t work
on Amazon, I doubt it’s going to work on Barnes & Noble. And
if I’m wrong, that’s fine. I don’t mind being wrong. And I
hope I’m wrong in that. But in my experience, I haven’t been
So, what I’m going to start to do in addition to trying a bu
nch of new marketing techniques in 2015 is I’m going to take
some of my books that are high-performing books and scaling
them out to other platforms just to see what the response i
s, just to see what happens and just to build a bigger secur
ity net. Because that way, if Amazon goes away, yes, it will
hurt but not as much as if Amazon was the only thing that w
e currently have.
So with that in closing, let me share with you the fast acti
on plan for you for 2015. First, I want you to create a list
of ideas. Then I want you to start researching them, keepin
g in mind, 20,000 or less words and 20,000 or less Amazon be
stseller ranking. When you do that, I want you to select a n
iche and I want you to commit to that niche. I want you to g
ive yourself, I want you to
have an obligation to that niche. I want you to say, “I’m ob
ligated to this niche for at least the next 90 to 120 days.”
If you do a 120 days that means you could do three differen
t niches in 2015. Trust me. That will be more than enough to
get you started.
Then I want you to hire a writer or outline the book yoursel
f. Then I want you to create a squeeze page or have a squeez
e page created for you with an ethical bribe. Publish your f
irst book. I would not publish your first book by the way un
til your second one is written and almost ready to go becaus
e what you don’t to do is to be waiting on an author or an o
utsourcer to complete the work. So I would not publish the f
irst book until the first two were done or number two is dam
n near finished like being formatted. Just so you know it’s
there and you’re happy with it and you don’t have to fight w
ith it or anything like that.
So, publish your first book then know four to six weeks, you
need to publish book number two. If you don’t’ have a list
and I know most of you don’t, use the Pump the Brakes promot
ion. Again, you can find out more about that at KDPTB.com bu
t use the Pump the Brakes promotion, get the rush of sales,
get the people on your list. And then once you have people o
n your list then do the three-day launch on your second book
or once you have a list and start getting those people trai
ned to, “Hey, the book came out at 99 cents. It’s going to b
e 99 cents for three days. Now, is your time to grab it. Gra
b it now. Grab it now. Grab it now. Almost gone. Too late. S
till enjoy it.”
And then once those three books are all done then you want t
o bundle all of your books and use a countdown timer with yo
ur books in order to successfully see how well they do. At t
he end of 90 days, tally up your cost, cost for production,
cost for promotion. Tally that all up. Tally up your number
of sales. And as long as you have broken even or made more m
oney or very close to it, continue to scale in that niche.
Remember, real estate property. Ten houses is better than on
e. A hundred is better than ten. One is better than none. Do
not let perfection paralyze you here. So many people want e
verything to be perfect. It’s never going to be perfect. Aga
in, we published 20 plus, almost 30 plus books and we’re sti
ll making mistakes each and every time. Now, we just use the
m as learning opportunities because we look for progress not
perfection. And that’s what I want you to look for is progr
ess not perfection.

Azon Christmas Cash

Azon Christmas Cash
Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 1
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
Hello friends,
THANK YOU for your purchase of this very special report.
Over these next few pages I’m going to be sharing some of my absolute favorite
BUYING keywords for the 12 top selling Amazon niches.
Use this to create content for your Amazon sites and rake in easy affiliate commissions before
the holidays.
If you need any help, please know I’m here for you 100%. If you have any questions on
exactly how to use these keywords, I’ve included some resources and training for you at the
end of this report.
If you want to learn how to do keyword research for yourself though, check this out:
And if you ever need more detailed help with keywords for a different niche, check this out:
Read through this research and then TAKE ACTION. If you do, get ready to have a very
Merry Christmas indeed!
To YOUR Success,
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 2
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
Niche #1
In “The Techie” category, the most popular gift item (as well as one of the highest priced
products) was “robotic vacuums”. You’ve seen these, right? They’ve been around for a while,
but in the past were more novelty than useful. Things have changed! Check this out, it’s pretty
cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OadhuICDAjk
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 3
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
Ranging in price from around $130 to $450 or more, this would make for a great Amazon site
IF you had the right keywords. Let’s review a few of those keywords below.
The first column above contains your keyword. In this case “buy roomba 880”. The next
column, 170, is your keyword’s average monthly Exact Match search volume. And the last
column, 4,550, is this keyword’s number of competing sites.
While it’s true some keywords do have a higher search volume that 170, please understand
that this is a very strong BUYING keyword. If you can rank at the top of Google for this
phrase, then the traffic you receive will be from people looking to make a purchase. If people
make a purchase you get an affiliate commission!
So the real question is, How possible will it be to rank? Let’s review the SEO data below to
find out.
Above you see the top 10 ranking sites for this particular keyword. Notice the “URL” column to
see the sites in question. The “DA” column refers to the Domain Age and the “PR” refers to
the Page Rank of each individual page ranking. While important overall, neither of these are
essential to first page ranking. So while you should keep these numbers in mind, don’t give
them too much thought.
The first column of real interest is the “BLP” column which refers to the number of backlinks to
the page. Look closely and you can see that site #3 takes the lead with 266 backlinks. This
may seem like a lot, but it’s really not. It’s actually quite low. Better yet, the second highest
site has only 52 backlinks and several others actually none at all. For example, look at the
BLP column of sites #1, #2, #5 and #6. These low backlink numbers are a great sign for you
and indicate ranking first page to be very possible with but a few backlinks of your own.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 4
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
Finally, notice the last four columns to the far right. The “Title”, “URL”, “Description”, and
“Head” columns all seek to answer whether or not this particular site is properly optimized for
the keyword in question. An “N” means no, and a “Y” means yes. If you see a lot of N’s ­
which we certainly do above ­ then you know these sites are not optimized. By simply
including this keyword then in the Title, URL, Description, and Header Tags of your own
content, you stand a great chance at ranking very well.
Here are some additional keywords of interest.
First, notice the 590 Exact Match searches for “robotic vacuum reviews”. The only type of
keyword more profitable than outright buying keywords (like our first example) are “review”
keywords like this one. And to help fill your potential review site with content, the last two
keywords are incredible. First, you have a specific model “roomba 780”. Notice the INSANE
search volume of 14,800 for it! Then you have a comparison “vs” keyword. Both are great
In “The Techie” category, you’d be hard pressed to find a better nice than this one! Next up
though we have “The Designer” category.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 5
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
Niche #2
One of the highest priced items in this category, ranging in price from $150 to $1,400, is
“outdoor patio heaters”. There’s nothing better than a little heat on a cool night under the stars
with friends, which is why these items are so popular.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 6
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
Let’s take a few specific keywords and give them a closer look. Here is one great example.
We just mentioned that “reivew” related keywords are huge money makers, and this is
certainly the case here. Notice how the keyword “patio heater reviews” has an incredible
1,000 average Exact Match monthly searches. The competition is also very weak as you can
see below.
Remember, the first column we want to pay special attention to is the BLP column referring to
the number of backlinks to the page. Site #1 ranks at the top with only 17 backlinks, and many
others have even less. Site #5 has the highest count with only 40, and relatively speaking, this
is practically none at all. Also, the on­page SEO as seen in the last four columns to the far
right is quite weak as well. Only site #9 maintains proper on­page content optimization. By
simply including this target keyword in your Title, Description, URL, and Header Tags, you
can boost your own ranking potential tremendously.
Here are a couple of perfect keywords to add to your possible “review” site.
These keywords are for very specific brands that you can review. With a combined search
volume of 2,900 monthly potential visitors, the affiliate commissions you could earn here are
In “The Design” category, people are willing to pay good money for comfort and aesthetics.
This niche is a perfect example of both. Next up we have “The Entertainer” category.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 7
—————————————————–Page 7—————————————————–
What better way to entertain guests than by showing off your brand new “outdoor pizza oven”.
This year, these products are HOT sellers, and the keyword below would make for a perfect
way to target this niche.
With an average price of around $500, this popular niche is certainly one to tap into. Here’s
the keyword to start with.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 8
—————————————————–Page 8—————————————————–
A nice 260 people are searching every single month specifically to “buy pizza oven”. This is a
direct, buying keyword, meaning great potential for you. Let’s review the SEO data below.
Site #4 has a high BLP count (remember, this is what we’re supposed to look at first), but no
other site even comes close. Site #1 is worth mentioning though as it maintains proper
on­page optimization as seen in the last four columns to the far right. It should be easy to
build a few quality backlinks of your own. By doing this and by maintaining proper on­page
SEO, ranking first page could soon be yours. Here are a couple of product specific “pizza
oven” keywords to also consider.
Next up we have “The Chef” category.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 9
—————————————————–Page 9—————————————————–
Niche #4
While many keywords could fall into this category, I’ve selected just one particular brand that
has been popular for some time and has only grown in popularity this year: “KitchenAid”.
With such a wide variety of products for such a trusted brand, it was hard to choose just one
keyword. If I had to, here is one fantastic example worth targeting.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 10
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
This keyword is absolutely incredible. Just imagine being able to rank for a phrase that
received 9,900 Exact Match searches every single month. Is it possible? Let’s see below.
The BLP column ­ which by now I’m sure you remember ­ is the very first column we ought to
look at. The good news for you is it’s full of very low numbers. Site #2 takes the lead with a
meager 75 backlinks. This is easily matched with just a few quality backlinks of your own.
Now, the real strength for this particular keyword phrase lies in the on­page SEO. Fortunately
though this is easily matched and even overcome with proper on­page optimization of your
own. Often by simply including your keywords in the appropriate places in your content, you
can rank well even for keywords like this one.
Here are a couple more ridiculously high search volume but weak competition keywords.
This would be a great niche to focus on. There’s still more to come though!
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 11
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
Niche #5
If you live somewhere cold, this hot “Leisure Seeker” item should excite. you! Check it out.
This is a very popular niche right now over the holidays and will only grow in popularity as the
warm summer months near. Let’s highlight one of the best, most profitable, keywords below.
You’ll notice a very nice 880 monthly Exact Match searches for “inflatable hot tub reviews”. By
reviewing various products, you can make a very healthy affiliate commission simply by
offering your recommendations. Let’s review the SEO data below to see if ranking is possible.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 12
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
Site #4 has 770 backlinks and site #5 has 204. No other site comes close. Even the on­page
SEO as seen in the last four columns to the far right is very weak. Overall, ranking should be
quite easy for this keyword phrase.
Something else you’ll notice here and in several of your other keywords, is the presence of
YouTube. Notice site #3. Traditionally when you see free user generated content ranking for
such high searched for keywords, that is in an indication of weaker competition. Such as is
the case above. What’s more, it makes me think if this type of content can rank so well, there
is no reason you could not have similar content do the same.
Here are a couple of extra awesome keywords to consider.
While the keyword just above does have a smaller search volume, these are very strong and
very profitable BUYING keywords. If this niche is at all interesting to you, jump on these
keywords immediately.
With five niches down, let’s keep moving!
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 13
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
Niche #6
There are certain essentials every “starter home” needs. This is true year round so it makes
for some especially great gift ideas. Here’s a perfect product example.
While not necessarily as expensive as other items we’ve reviewed in this report, this is one of
those items that overall MORE people are likely going to buy. Instead of some luxury item like
“inflatable hot tubs”, “cookware sets” are more of an everyman type of gift. Let’s review one of
my favorite keywords below.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 14
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
A very nice 590 people are searching every month for “cookware sets on sale”. You can make
some nice affiliate commissions from a keyword like this. The SEO data is below.
Site #1 has the 3rd highest backlink count with only 3 total backlinks! And, it ranks in the #1
spot. This should give you an idea of just how weak this particular niche is. Build a few quality
backlinks of your own, maintain proper on­page SEO in the Title, Description, URL, and
Header Tags, and ranking first page could easily be yours.
You could also create review content and rank for keywords like these.
These “cookware sets” will sell like hot cakes, so hurry and create your site if you want to
target this great niche.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 15
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
Niche #7
So, what comes to mind when you think of the “spotless home” niche? It’s probably an easy
Fortunately, it’s also an easy niche to target. It’s not robotic, but it is a high priced, super
popular item that you definitely want to target: it’s “vacuums”. We’ll focus on one specific
brand: “Dyson”. Here is our keyword.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 16
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
Look, you literally cannot get any more BUYING in nature than this keyword phrase. Not only
are the searchers looking to “buy”, but they already have a very specific model, “dyson dc59”,
in mind. All you have to do is say “Look, here it is! Go buy it!” and BOOM, you get a
commission check! Here’s the SEO data for your review.
In case you haven’t noticed by now, all those green boxes mean weak competition. If the
competition were strong, those boxes would be shaded red. With several sites having no
backlinks at all (sites #2, #3, #8, and #9 for instance), and most sites completely lacking all
on­page SEO altogether, no wonder it’s all “green for go”. This is a winning keyword no doubt.
I highly recommend you target it.
Here are some similarly strong buying keywords to add to your list.
Pardon the pun, but you can really CLEAN UP with these cashing SUCKING phrases!
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 17
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
Niche #8
Here’s the thing about an “organized home”. You not only have the inside to think about, you
have the outside as well. With that in mind you’ll completely understand the relevance of this
product (especially if you live somewhere with harsh winters).
Here’s our keyword of interest for “snow thrower” or “snow blower” related products.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 18
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
While this particular keyword doesn’t include the word “buy” nor is it asking for “reviews”, it still
lends itself to both of those ends. What’s more, there is an incredible 9,900 Exact Match
searches making this a keyword of huge potential. Notice the SEO data below for more
details on first page ranking possibility.
We don’t normally look much at the “PR” column. It’s stronger here than in most. Fortunately
though we want to dive right into the BLP column which has no backlink count higher than 81.
These numbers are easy to bypass for sure! Just be sure to maintain proper on­page SEO.
Most sites above are properly optimized, but as was said earlier, this is easily matched and
even overcome with proper content optimization of your own.
Here are a couple of other great keywords to consider.
This is a very popular niche as it makes great gift ideas for “dads”, plus it’s fairly expensive
and contains some wonderful keywords for you to use.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 19
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
Niche #9
You don’t have to live on a farm to be a farmer; at least not anymore. The “urban farming”
niche is booming, and it’s only going to grow larger. I advise jumping on this niche for
Christmas and BEYOND.
Here’s our keyword of interest as it related to “indoor gardens”.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 20
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
A very nice 590 people every single month are searching for an “indoor garden kit”, most
probably to be given as a Christmas gift. Let’s see if ranking for this particular buying keyword
is possible.
Indeed, ranking first page is quite possible. Site #1 ranks with only 23 backlinks and no
on­page SEO. Several other sites do have proper on­page SEO, but if you optimize your
content AND build some quality backlinks, no one can stop you here. This is a great keyword
phrase with huge potential.
To add to your list for this niche, here are a couple more awesome keywords.
Notice the first keyword “indoor garden ideas” is not as direct a buying keyword as most
others. I still love it though as it allows you plenty of room to grow your site. Since this niche
will be so popular even past Christmas, future growth is definitely something to keep in mind.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 21
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
Niche #10
This “hobby” ­ and our recommended niche #10 ­ has been popular for ages. It’s very trendy
and hip, and is expected to be so for quite some time. We’ll focus on one particular brand.
“Brother Sewing Machines” are great quality, very popular, and offer a nice potential for
affiliate commission. Let’s review your main keyword of interest below.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 22
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
As has been mentioned, very specific product keywords such as this one are very strong in
their buying potential. With a quite nice 320 Exact Match monthly searches, let’s review the
SEO data below to see if ranking on the first page is possible.
Sites #6 and #7 are both from YouTube. Don’t forget that when you see free user generated
content like this (or like articles from article directories), that is an indication of weaker
competition. Build a few quality backlinks and maintain proper on­page SEO and you will do
very well with this keyword.
Not only this keyword though, you could also do well with these additional phrases.
There are plenty of “sewing” related keywords, which is great since this is one of the most
profitable niches. Take advantage of this in­demand niche, and enjoy some nice affiliate
commissions as a result.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 23
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
Niche #11
No Christmas is complete without a good stocking stuffer. Instead of just one main keyword
focus, I’ll list several great high search and low competition options for you to consider below.
Each of these items represent perfect “stocking stuffers”, and with such strong search
volumes across the board, the potential here is huge.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 24
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
Niche #12
Just as no Christmas is complete without good stocking stuffers, likewise, no Christmas is
complete without at least one good fun game of “White Elephant”!
Like above, here are a small sampling of the great keywords you can find for this niche.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 25
—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–
What To Do Next?
Part 1: Backlinks
Here are some practical steps (and some SEO advice) to see your future Amazon site begin
ranking for any of these keywords mentioned. We’ll use the key phrase “best coffee grinder”
as an example, but this advice still stands for any other keyword of interest.
1. Include your keyword in the Title, Description, and URL whenever possible. If this is
not feasible for your current domain, create simple content such as articles or landing
pages that link back to your main site. For example, write an article “Best Coffee
Grinder: 7 Brands To Look Out For” and have that article link back to your main site.
This not only allows you to potentially rank for this keyword based on your on­page
optimization, but it builds backlinks to your main site.
2. In regards to building backlinks, an essential element is building “targeted backlinks”.
There are many factors at play when it comes to climbing the search engine rankings,
but targeted backlinks are a big piece of the picture. What then are “targeted”
When you link to your site it could link like this …
Or it could look like this…
Totally irrelevant words that just happen to be hyperlinked such as “Click Here”
But a “targeted backlink” for the above keyword would like like this.
Best Coffee Grinder
By using your target keyword phrase as the “anchor text”, Google will naturally
associate your site with this phrase and assign it prominence in the search engines.
This “double punch” of targeted backlinks and proper on­page SEO will give you great
ranking potential.
If you need help building backlinks to your content you can:

Access some free trainingHERE, or

Outsource it cheaply HERE.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 26
—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–
What To Do Next?
Part 2: Optimization
Here are 12 easy steps to ensure your content is properly optimized for your chosen
1. Include Keyword In The Domain
By including your keyword in the actual domain name (if at all possible), you can usually
outrank a lot of your competition right away, especially if you have a few targeted backlinks to
go along with it.
Now, the best domains to use are .com, .net, and .org. Avoid .info, .biz, etc.
If you cannot find an available domain name using either of these three extensions, don’t fret.
Here are a couple of solutions:
a) use a hyphen (main­keyword.com)
NOTE: Avoid using more than one hyphen per domain domain name as this could be
considered “spammy”. Hyphens are perfectly acceptable for blog post titles and things of that
sort, but keep it very limited in the selection of your actual domain. If your target phrase
contains more than two words, you might want to try this next solution instead.
b) use a prefix or suffix – (mymainkeyword.com or mainkeywordinfo.com)
NOTE: A suffix is always better than a prefix because you want your actual keyword to
appear as early in the domain as possible. The search engines will naturally give more
precedence to the beginning of a phrase than the end. This is also solid advice when writing
any piece of content, but we’ll discuss more about this later.
If you’re having trouble finding a domain name, here is a tool you might find helpful…
All you do is type your keywords into the search box and it will generate a list of relevant
domain names for you. Notice the advanced options to include (1) only the domains currently
available, as well as (2) whether to include hyphens or not.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 27
—————————————————–Page 27—————————————————–
2. Include Keyword In The TITLE Tag
Listen to what Jill Whalen, an SEO expert has to say about Title Tags,
“The Title Tag has been – and probably will always be – one the most important
factors in achieving high search engine rankings. In fact, fixing just the Title Tags of
your pages can often generate quick and appreciable differences to your ranking.”
If your site is a blog, then using the Title Tag is very easy. It’s simply the title of your blog.
However, if you’re running a static HTML website, the Title Tag looks something like this…
Google reads the Title Tag and uses it heavily in determining what your site is about. Use
your main keyword early in your Title Tag, and you will notice a positive boost in your ability to
rank for that particular phrase.
Now you’ll also notice the “description” and “keywords” tags just below the Title Tag. Google
claims that they do not take these into consideration, and while this may be the case, it is still
advisable to include your keyword in them. After all, Google is not the only search engine out
there, and other companies may very well consider them.
3. Include Keyword In The URL
This is important when you want an internal page (such as a specific blog post) to rank for a
certain keyword. Simply create your new page or post, and include your target keyword in the
URL or title. For instance, let’s say you’re targeting the weight loss niche as a whole, but one
of your many keywords of interest is “lose weight tips”. Well, it should look something like
4. Include Keyword In H1, H2, And H3 Tags
These tags are normally the headings of paragraphs. Most blog editors have the option to
create these tags on the fly. Even in this word processor where I’m typing this document I
have that option. The point is, it’s really easy (and important) to do.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 28
—————————————————–Page 28—————————————————–
Your Main Keyword With H1 Tag
Your Main Keyword With H2 Tag
Your Main Keyword With H3 Tag
Of these, H1 is by far the most important. This helps optimize your site, and when you include
your target phrase in these tags, Google will easily know what keywords your site is all about.
5. Include Keyword In The FIRST Sentence
Numerous experts agree, and much testing has confirmed, that when you include the
keyword in the first sentence of your content (or at the very least, the first paragraph) you will
experience far greater success in being able to rank for it.
6. Include Keyword In The LAST Sentence
Same as above. Even if you just have to include a “summary” at the bottom of your text, doing
so will create a nice bookend feel to your content, with a consistent focus on your target
keyword at both the beginning and the end. This helps make your content all that more
relevant, which is ultimately what Google is after.
7. Include Keyword At Least 2% To 4% Of The Time
This is something called keyword density. In other words, it is the percentage of times your
target keyword appears in any one piece of content. As a general rule, a good keyword
density is around 2% to 4%.
Now if you’re worried about how in the world to figure this out, check out this really helpful
It’s very simple to use.
Just enter your URL along with the keyword you’d like to check, click “Analyze”, and there you
have it.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 29
—————————————————–Page 29—————————————————–
8. Include Keyword In At Least One Internal Link
OK, this may sound complicated, but trust me, it’s not. It’s simply a link within your content to
another piece of your content on the same site or blog (thus the name “Internal”).
Now just make sure this link is “Targeted”. What I mean by that is be sure and use your
keyword as the anchor text. Just like I would here if lose weight tips were my main keyword.
This makes it clear to Google what your page is talking about.
As mentioned above, Google looks for relevance above all else.
9. Include At Least One Reputable Outbound Link
You may have caught on by now, but since Google loves relevant content, if they see your
site or blog post linking to a reputable and authority site in your niche, then you will be
If all else fails and you can’t really think of a site, Wikipedia is always a great example.
Of course, it’s important to style it so it does not look like a link that drives your visitor away.
Here is an example:
<a style=”text­decoration:none;color:black;”
href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyword_research” ref=”nofollow”> Keyword Research</a>
(removes the underline)
(makes the link your normal font color)
(keeps your “link juice” strong)
This will make your link look exactly like normal text. This way, you reap the SEO benefits
without having to worry about your visitor clicking on the link and forgetting about your site.
10. Keyword Optimize Your Images
Surprisingly, most people do not even know that you can optimize your images. There are two
ways to do this: (1) the “Alt text” set to your target keyword, and (2) the image file name itself
should include your keyword. An image name of lose­weight­tips.jpg is much more SEO
efficient than typical image names such as DSC18363538.jpg.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 30
—————————————————–Page 30—————————————————–
Since Google does not “read” images, including your target keyword in these two ways will
help even your site’s pictures actually increase your search engine rankings.
11. Bold, Italicize, And Underline Your Keyword
Google goes so far as to even look at a text’s decoration to determine what the content is
about. Since we want Google to know for sure what our website is about, then at various
times we should bold, italicize, or underline our target keyword phrase.
Don’t go crazy with it, but use text decoration 2 to 5 times, depending on the length of your
12. 500 Words Of Relevant Content
Now you don’t need every piece of content you create to be this long, but if you wish for a
particular page or post to rank for a specific keyword, longer content is better. A target of 500
words is a good goal. This is lengthy enough for Google, while not too long for an average
reader to peruse through in a few minutes time. Again though, 500 words of gibberish will do
no good whatsoever next to 50 words of relevant content.
Now to recap, here is a simple checklist of the 12 steps we’ve discussed above:
______ keyword is in the domain
______ keyword is in the title
______ keyword is in the url
______ keyword is in h1, h2, and h3 tags
______ keyword is in the first sentence
______ keyword is in the last sentence
______ keyword density of 2% ­ 4%
______ one internal targeted link
______ one outboard authority link
______ keyword optimized images
______ bold, italicize, and underline
______ 500 words of relevant content
Now you won’t get all 12 every time, but do get as many as you can as often as you can.
My hope is that these simple steps will help you properly optimize your Amazon content. It
doesn’t matter how many backlinks your site has, if your content is not correctly optimized for
your chosen keyword, you will never experience your full ranking potential.
And that my friend is my hope for you: to experience your full ranking potential!
Please, take these Amazon keywords, create your sites, build your backlinks, and optimize
your content. Do this, and expect to cash in big this holiday season.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 31
—————————————————–Page 31—————————————————–
And guess what, you can not only benefit from the site this year, but NEXT year and the next
and the next.
But you have to put the work in.
You have to get started.
Will you get started today?
Please know that I’m here for you 100%. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach
out anytime.
Good luck and happy marketing!
P.S. ­ Many people are asking how I found these keywords? I’ll show you! Click below!
→ Keywords Simplified Free Report
P.P.S. ­ Maybe you want to take this to another level? Check this out.
Azon Christmas Cash Cow:A Keywords Simplified Report
Page 32
—————————————————–Page 32—————————————————–

Azon Arbitrage Blueprint

Azon Arbitrage Blueprint
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Amazon Arbitrage Blueprint
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author.
Terms & Disclaimer
Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. Any claims made of actual earnings, testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using any of the ideas in this ebook. By purchasing and reading this book you agree to these terms, conditions and disclaimers. You agree to hold harmless the creators of this material from any and all litigation.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
A Brief Forward:
Perhaps the most repeatedly asked question I see on the Warrior Forum is “How do I get started?”
“What’s a quick way I can make money without experience or a list?”
Without fail these questions are inevitably asked everyday by those who are vigilantly searching for answers on how to make money online. I know those are the questions I asked when I first started. I just wanted a simple system to make some money online that actually worked without all the fluff or spending months learning the complexities of internet marketing. I wish I had the information i’m about to give you back then. It took me years to figure it out but the answer to the questions above is “arbitrage”! The premise of arbitrage is a simple one; buy low and sell high. But it’s extremely powerful! If done in the right way with the right tools & sources one can see vast earnings potential. That’s what I hope to share with you today: an arbitrage method presented in an easy to understand, systematic way so you can realize
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
your own earnings potential! So read on, learn something new, take action and find success!
I wish you all the best!
The Method:
So as mentioned above the way arbitrage works is to buy low from one source and sell high on another source. This is perhaps the simplest business model there is, it’s also extremely profitable! What I’m going to teach you is how to source hot selling profitable items on amazon and then resell them on other marketplaces for a nice profit.
Step 1: Sourcing Hot Selling Items; So where do you find hot and in-demand products that you can buy at a low price and resell higher for a profit? The answer may surprise you, it’s the world’s biggest online retailer http://www.amazon.com/
Amazon has a catalog of more than 200 Million individual products, and a
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
considerable number of these products are highly discounted. They range from clothing items to sophisticated electronics and everything else in between. Many of these discounted items are hugely popular and high in demand. And that’s what we’re going to focus on, finding these hot products for a discount and then reselling them for a profit on other popular marketplaces.
So let’s dive right into it; how do we find these products? My #1 Secret Source: http://www.nonozama.com/
This little known site offers extraordinary updated data on products you can buy and flip for a profit. As you might have noticed already the products aren’t exclusive to amazon; there are many retailers listed on this site whose products you can flip but for the purpose of simplicity we’ll stick to Amazon. The products are sorted by popularity but the really cool part about this site is it also gives you all the numbers you need to calculate your profit margin.
Let’s take a look at how it works!
1. Enter Nonozama and click on the Amazon link to view all the amazon products.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
There are many products listed and they are continually being updated. You can immediately see how popular they are with the demand rating. A demand rating of Excellent or Good means this is a product you can sell fast. However, even the low rated products can be sold for a nice spread.
2. Select an item that has a good margin and profitability.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
This Thermal imaging Camera looks pretty cool and profitable! By hovering over the item and clicking “show more” you can see detailed data about the product including: the price we can buy it at through amazon, the average eBay Price it’s selling for and a breakdown of sales over the past month. To get a rough estimate of your margin click the estimate profit button.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Not bad, it’s giving us an estimate of $21.66 profit. *However, because there are many factors affecting selling fees and the final sales price take note that the margin could be much greater than what the listed estimate is.* We need to do some more research to gain a better idea of what we can sell for to maximize our profit.
By clicking on the “show sold listings button we can also see recently sold units through eBay to gain better insight as to what price we can sell for.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
As you can see this item has been sold recently for as high as $270 and consistently around $240. That’s a good indication that this item is selling for more than the listed average price and additional profit.
But let’s dive even deeper to get more sales history and numbers. Go to http://www.ebay.com/ and type in the product name in the search bar; then click search.
A list of your items will pop up and what we want to do is find a list of the sold items. Scroll down and look on the left-hand side of the page for “sold listings”
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
and check the box.
Now you will see a much better detailed list of all the recently sold items. We can use this information to better gauge a selling price and see how well our selected item is selling.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Now you can literally see all the units of this product that have sold on ebay, when they sold and for how much.
If you’re happy with your product selection and your profit spread go back and get the item.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Once you’ve got everything in hand now it’s time to flip for a profit!
Step 2: Flipping your items for a profit
Selling is the easy part when you have a hot and in demand product! I want to give you two ideas on where to sell.
1. The first is obvious http://www.ebay.com/ we already know how much we can sell for, now all that’s left to do is create a listing. Once you’re logged into ebay just click sell at the top.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Click “Sell it myself”
Type in the product description and click “Get Started”
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Ebay should automatically find the correct listing category for you. You can leave the title the same or change it; just remember to include keywords that your buyers will be searching for. The condition should be new and you can use a nice stock photo as a picture.
Under details you can use the manufacturer’s specs or write your own. Look at the sold listings again if you want to see and incorporate what other sellers have
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Next, choose to list your item as “Fixed Price” with the selling price you deem appropriate.
Don’t allow buyers to send you their best offer unless you want to negotiate on your margin. A listing of 30 days should be more than sufficient to sell your product.
That’s it! Submit your listing, wait for it to sell, get paid and ship it to the buyer. Take your profit and do it again!
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
2. The second way to sell your product is to list is locally and sell it directly to a buyer. You can do this easily with any product using the world’s largest online local classifies http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites .
All you have to do is select your local area and click “post to classifieds”.
From there click “for sale by owner”
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Now select the correct category for your item.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Next create your listing; enter your contact information in the form above. Make a posting title that will stand out to a buyer. List your price and write a brief description in the posting body. Continue on when you’re done.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
On the following screen you’ll have the click “edit images” to add a picture. And then hit publish.
You now have a live craigslist ad in your local area. Sit back wait for a buyer to contact you and collect your cash. You should have made a nice profit and you can do it all over again.
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Cultivating the entrepreneurs mind for continued success:
In any business there are challenges, the two biggest reasons I see why internet marketers don’t succeed are: 1. Lack of action; most people who start something never finish it because they lack action and follow-through. They quit at the first sign of a challenge. Do you want to know the key formula to overcoming this? It’s “persistence;” meaning that you consciously make the decision you’ll never quit. If you’ve already made
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
up in your mind that you’ll just quit if something doesn’t work out exactly the way you want it to, you’ve already failed before you’ve even begun. Create a strong conviction inside yourself that you will succeed and no hurdle can stop you.
2. The willingness to try new and different ideas: Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, a lot of the time when we hear a new idea we say, “That can’t work for me” because of a number of different excuses. Be bold and willing to try a different approach on new business ideas. If you reach a hurdle and don’t know what to do next, use your creativity to try and navigate through the problem. Chances are you’ll come out with a solution that puts you above and beyond your competition.
I want to hear your success stories and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the forum. In addition please read through the Arbitrage Retail Secrets bonus eBook. I distilled my Retail flipping knowledge into it to create a guide that can launch your ecommerce business into new heights! I hope you will use it to create a long lasting, profitable business!
Now go out there and make it happen!
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
Here are a few more awesome resources you can use to find and source other hot profitable items and get more ideas on how you can be a successful amazon arbitrage flipper.
http://camelcamelcamel.com/ – This site will show you items Amazon has recently discounted. This is another great way to search for deeply discounted products you can resell.
http://www.amazon.com/gp/goldbox/ – Amazon GoldBox lists all amazon deals.
http://rssfeeds.s3.amazonaws.com/goldbox – This is an RSS feed detailing amazons deals of the day all in one place.
http://linuxmagazines.com/save-up-to-90-at-amazon/ – This is a nifty page the breaks down the biggest deals on amazon by percentage discounted.
http://dealsalon.com/news/all_deals.xml – A second RSS feed detailing all 35-80% off items at Amazon.
http://spendfish.com/ – Lists the top amazon deals for every category.
http://slickdeals.net/ – For Sourcing outside of Amazon. There are seriously a ton
Copyright © 2015 by Cameron Peddycord, All Rights Reserved.
No part of this ebook may be republished or redistributed in any way.
of products here you can buy at a huge discount and resell for some sweet profit!
http://www.watchcount.com/ – This site breaks down the most profitable items on ebay by how many people are watching them. Search the categories to instantly find what products are high in demand.
http://www.reddit.com/r/Flipping/ – This is a community of arbitrage flippers who come together to share ideas, topics and products. Read through the forums to get more great ideas about flipping.

Autopilot Cash Funnels

Autopilot Cash Funnels
Table of Contents
Section One –
Prepare for Action
Information Products Rock…………………………………..
Know Your Market………………………………………………….
The Number 1 Habit for Making Money Online…….
Take ACTION – Procrastination Killers & Productivity
Section Two –
Finding Profitable Niches
Page 3
Page 5
Page 7
Page 9
Finding Profitable Niches ……………………………………..
What are you passionate about……………………………
Leverage existing skills…………………………………………
Amazon –the Great Big Idea Generator……………..
The Amazon Marketplace……………………………………..
Go One Step Deeper………………………………………………
Going Undercover at Amazon……………………………….
Connect With Your Market…………………………………….
Amazon Affiliates – Use Your Statistics………………..
The Affiliate Networks……………………………………………
Magazines are Amazing…………………………………………
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
Page 22
Page 22
Page 23
Page 26
Page 28
Page 29
Page 30
Page 35
Secton Three –
Researching Your Product
Researching Your Product & Making Notes…………..
What’s Your Market Asking You to Create? ………
Leverage Your List with a Survey………………………….
Build Authority into Your Work………………………………
Page 48
Page 50
Page 52
Page 52
Section Four –
Creating Your Product
Creating Your Product……………………………………………
Organizing Your Product Chapters ………………………
Time to Start Writing ……………………………………………
Editing Your Product – Ready, Fire, Aim ………………
Fonts & Formalities ………………………………………………
Page 58
Page 58
Page 60
Page 65
Page 68
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
Section One
Prepared for Action
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
Information Products ROCK!
for that same product – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Informarketer extraordinaire, Dan Kennedy, said everyone should get
into infomarketing. That you should learn a skill, become an expert and then
sell your expertise through information products.
Why? Because it’s so damn profitable.
The internet allows you to can sell information as a digital download –
with no physical product to create and nothing to ship – the biggest expense is
the few days you spent creating the product.
No stock, no employees and no boss.
Every now and then I rock on over to Bob Bly, Marlon Sanders and
Jimmy D. Brown’s websites to check out their catalogue of information
products. Made from the comfort of their home (or Starbucks) these products
give them complete control over their income, their hours and let them do
what they want, when they want.
No more working for ‘the man’.
Got a bill to pay? All you have to do is flip open your laptop and start
pounding those keys, create a new information product and start selling it. I
hear Bob Bly did exactly that to pay for a dentist bill!
Infomarketing lets you make money from your kitchen table, regain
control over your life, your income and lets you live how and when you want.
It’s certainly the lifestyle for me 
Infomarketing is arguably the most profitable businesses on the internet.
You find a market, you create a product and you get paid over and over
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What You Have To Do
think there most be more to it so they keep looking for something more
They stumble upon the truth, then get up as though nothing had every
happened and carry on looking for something more complicated.
Here’s what you do:
1.You start by finding a market to sell to.
2.Then you ask yourself “How can I servethis market?”
3.Ask “How can I accessthis market?”
4.Then think about how you can follow up with a 2nd, 3rd and 4th
You start by finding a group of people gathering online with a problem.
You find out what problems they are having and listen to the questions they
are asking. Then you create your product to access the market and fulfil their
When you’ve sold your first product you follow up with a second, third
and fourth product. You first product gets you started, gets you known and
builds a list of contacts and customers you can market to again and again at
the touch of a button.
It’s the future products that will make you the most amount of money.
Let’s get started…
The business model is simple… it’s so simple most newbie marketers
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Know Your Market
This is my second attempt at creating this product.
I’d never imagined. So I stopped and started again – from scratch.
Because this product is not about me or what I want to explain…
It’s about YOU! And what you want to learn.
Lesson number ONE….
Create Products Your Market are Already Asking For
You have to create products that answer your market’s questions. And,
sometimes, those questions will be silly things because your market doesn’t
understand the problem they have… so you have to give them what they want
and SNEAK in a little of what they need.
“Find out what they want, sneak in a bit of what they need
and give them what you sold them.”
First time around I got distracted and lost focus.
The product was taking over, getting out of control and taking me places
– Paul Myers
Example: Over the years I’ve met hundreds – maybe thousands of
people – who come to learn self-defence against various forms of
attacks. Men, women, teenage boys and girls all scared of violence.
Unfortunately their looking for physical techniques – how to punch or
kick harder and ninja skills to disable a gang of armed attackers that
doesn’t exist.
What they really need to know is their safety is largely due to their daily
They need to learn simple stuff like awareness of their surroundings,
learning to spot and avoid trouble and how to talk yourself out of a fight
before it becomes physical.
Only then do you need to know how to strike and hit hard, hit first and to
be furious.
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As a martial artist I teach them the techniques they want to learn and
sneak in the ‘awareness and avoidance’ training they really need.
market and creating products they need and they’re looking for.
Learn to listen and understand your market first… create the product
Creating the product is easier (since you’re simply answering real
questions) and selling it is a synch because they’re already asking for what
you’ve made them.
When you’re creating products the first step is learning to listen to your
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The Number 1 Habit For Making Money
easiest ways to start making money online.
I can’t think of any business easier to set up from home – a real kitchen-
table business – anyone can start no matter your age or level of experience.
A lap top, an internet connection and somewhere comfortable to work
from… if you don’t like your kitchen table, take the Marlon Sanders approach
and go sit in Starbucks for a couple of hours everyday.
When you’ve had your daily quota of coffee –it’s time to pack up for the
day and go do something a little more fun. Living the internet lifestyle is about
balance and doing the things you want to NOW and not in 6 months, a year or
5 years time. Your internet lifestyle and early retirement begins now –don’t
put it off 
The barrier to entry is low, the set-up costs are low and the earning
potential is unlimited.
And it all begins by learning to…
Get Your Buy Buttons Up!
Might sound obvious to you or I but a lot of people never figure out the
number #1 way to living the internet lifestyle comes from SELLING something
to somebody.
Next time you hear someone say “I can’t make money on the interweb”
find out how many “Buy Now” buttons they have out there and how many
people are clicking those buttons.
I can guarantee the answer is “Not many” and… er…“None”.
Your income is directly related to the number of “BUY NOW” buttons
you’ve got out there and how many people click on those buttons.
Get ’em up FAST!
Stop Trading Time for Dollars!
The real big motivation for me – when it comes to creating – information
products is you’ve stopped trading time for dollars, pounds, euros or whatever.
Trading time for dollars caps your income.
Making your own products is without doubt one of the quickest and
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to squeeze more work into a 24 hour day that’s already far too short.
You need to learn about leverage.
When you learn to leverage every hour, every subscriber on your list,
every buyer who’s spent money and your joint venture relationships to their
You’ll work once and get paid for years to come, you’ll send an email and
watch money pour into your account and you’ll take time off work and still
make money.
You’ll only every earn number of hours x pay per hour and end up trying
Now It’s Time to “Name THAT Marketer”
For a long, long time I busted my what-sits to build my list and promote
other peoples products. I focused on affiliate marketing.
It took a while but I soon learned the most successful marketers aren’t
just affiliate marketers.
They are product creators AND affiliate marketers.
Name someone you like and follow who teaches internet marketing and
how to make money online – name that marketer – and now ask how they
make their money online?
They’re never ‘just affiliate marketers’ or ‘just product creators’.
Most successful internet marketers know that creating products will make
a lot of money, then they find JV partners, recruit affiliates and build a list of
If you think…
Selling your product = money
And building a list = more money
Plus finding JV Partners and affiliates = even more money
… then you’ve got yourself a fairly big money making machine.
In fact if you focused on nothing more than creating (and acquiring) a
catalogue of products, building yours list and finding JV/affiliate partners…
you’ve pretty much got a business in a box.
Creating a product is your first step.
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Take Action – Tips to Get IT Done!
there – at the top – has to be getting started and then finished.
Doing something badly will always get better results than doing nothing
at all.
I don’t know anyone NOT GUILTY of starting and failing to finish so stop
beating yourself up right now and start making a commitment to yourself to
get your product up, running and selling.
Me… I’m better when I’m desperate and scratching around trying to find
out how I can best pay my tax bill. When I’ve got too much time and not
enough urgency… I mess about, get distracted and fail to focus.
Let me tell you about a fighter I know called Danny.
Man that boy can eat, drink and party like anybody I know. He can put
on over 28lbs after a fight because he’s got nothing to train for and nothing to
focus on.
But when he’s got a fight coming up, when he’s prepared to throw
punches, kicks, knees and elbows at someone (and they’re doing their best to
hit him back) he trains like a monster. He trains hard out of necessity to
survive the battle of the ‘nerves’, the adrenaline and the fear of failure in the
Maybe you’re the same?
Late Copywriting Legend – Gary Halbert – sums it up well in his
newsletter, just substitute the word “message” in the quote below for “product”
and you get the idea.
“Gun-to-the-head-thinking” can get you out of a jam or tough time. If
someone had a gun to your head, and to save your life you had to craft the
best message you could, what would you say?
Everyday I read a new email about #1 Reason for Failure but right up
mindset towards getting it done.
A while back I was listening to an NLP audio by Jason Fladlien (he’s a bit
of whizz-kid when it comes to getting things done fast) and he was comparing
typing to hitting the keys on a cash-register.
If you can ‘frame’ your work differently –perhaps thinking of that you’re
Often it’s not really the work that’s theproblem… it’s our approach and
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not typing words onto your computer screen… you’re adding zero’s to your
bank balance then maybe you’ll get more done.
Maybe that’ll work for you?
And other times all it takes is discipline and determination – tell yourself
to shut up, turn the TV off and just crack on – you are after-all your own boss.
How to Overcome the Fear of Failure
The other week my girlfriend and I set out to buy paint for our new
home. We walked up and down the aisles of the paint store for about an hour
trying to imagine what colors would look best in our flat – both fearful that
we’d pick a color our friends might laugh at.
It’s funny how we create objections in our mind, problems thatdon’t
really exist and then let them stop us achieving our goals.
Really we should have thought differently about failure. So what if we
picked an odd color our friends didn’t like or made fun of. It’s our flat, our
personal touch and – if it really was that bad – we could always repaint it.
Next time you’re worried about failing because you pick the wrong niche,
create the wrong product or spent too long working on a project task ask
yourself –
“So what? Can I survive? Will I come back stronger? Will I learn from
the experience and bet better next time?”
Someone once said to me that if I wasn’t failing online with some
projects then I wasn’t pushing hard enough or doing enough. Learning to fail
fast is an important part of business – find an idea and get it up fast. If it fails
then so what? You’ve not wasted too much time or money on it and you can
move on to the next project.
Plus you got experience (something no amount of money can buy you)
and a product you can give away for free, sell as PLR or use as a bonus for
future projects.
Procrastination Killers…
“In psychology, procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority
actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a
later time.”
– Wikipedia
I recently bumped into some guy who did a Double-Ironman competition!
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(54.4 mile run)! It took 40 hours for him to complete it.
He talked about the winner – a Marine – he chatted to during the event.
The biggest single difference between the Winner and Losers was Mindset.
The Marine got on with it. While everyone struggled up the hills, he just
battled through. When asked how he did it, he replied “The quicker I get it
done, the quicker I can get home.”
We’re all guilty of checking our emails, reading forum posts and checking
out multiple offers (all promising wealth). I know I’ve spent many an hour
‘working’ when all I was really doing what ‘reading about working’.
Just get on with it… the faster you get things done, the faster you’ll be
enjoying the results.
Time management is a big player in overcoming procrastination.
Stop sitting down for Ironman-like hours on your computer. Instead work
solidly for short periods of time – 30 minutes to an hour is fine – then reward
yourself with a break.
This has the added benefit of giving your unconscious mind to work,
come up with solutions and ideas you’d otherwise not have thought of.
When you’re done… you’re done… down tools and pack up for the day.
Spend time doing what you enjoy and live the lifestyle you dream of NOW.
PPPPPPP… Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Pi** Poor
Learn to plan your work and work your plan. Map out your projects, put
realistic time frames in place and then stick to them.
Once your project is planned – create a weekly and daily plan.
Don’t find yourself turning on your computer and thinking “What am I
going to do today?!” That thinking, that deliberation leads to procrastination…
you’ll put off the important stuff that makes you money.
When you sit down at the computer you should know exactly what you
have to do, how long you have to do it and then get it done! You sit down with
a clear purpose and ‘begin with the end in mind.’
If you fail to achieve your daily work it’s either because you didn’t focus
or you were unrealistic. Try keeping a diary with a record of what you have to
do and the progress you’ve made.
That’s 224 miles on the bike, 4.8 miles swimming and a double marathon
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
Me… I keep a Notepad file and at the end of everyday I update it with
what I’ve done today, what I’ll do tomorrow and if I’ve achieved my goals for
the day.
It’s nice to scroll down and read past-entries. It’s a little like keeping a
food diary… you never realize how ‘bad’ you’ve been until you look back and
see how many days you ended up messing about, reading emails and checking
forum posts – instead of taking forward steps.
Perfection… doesn’t exist so stop trying to get everything perfect!
I remember a story by Dan Kennedy about the guy in a warehouse who
spent ages trying to tape a box up neat and tidily for shipping.
Then you had his colleague who simply wrapped the tape ‘round the box
and got them done twice as fast.
“Good enough is good enough!”
Learn (and have the discipline) to set timescales… get the work good
enough and then start selling it. This becomes your Version 1.0.
When your product is selling and you’ve got feedback from the
marketplace you can invest some more time, improve the product and release
Version 1.1, 1.2… 2.0
Think about all the ‘New, Improved’ detergents, toothpastes and recipes
released on a regular basis. They’re simply newer versions of the same, old
product… improved and re-sold to the same hungry market.
Software firms get this concept and release a version of their product
and then release subsequent updates. Sometimes they even release a product
with bugs they didn’t know about… until the market tells them… so they fix it
and still make millions!
Not only is this a quicker way to release your products… it’s a great
reason to keep in touch with your buyers, interact and ask questions… then
build a super-successful product based on real user feedback.
Quick Tip: Ever read a forum where they review a product?
These are goldmines of information where you’ll find real user
reviews pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly aspects to
the product.
You’ll read the pains the market are experiencing (in their
own words and vocabulary), what they liked and disliked about
the product and how you can tap into the marketplace.
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So there’s another product already out there… maybe it’s been out for a
while, maybe they got it out days before you.
So what!
When you find a hot, hungry market you’ll never reach the entire market
and you’ll never satisfy their desire to consume new information. Hot markets
are so big there will always be a percentage of people who’ve never heard of
you and want to find out more.
How many weight loss DVD’s can you think of that teach the same
thing… they’re just endorsed by a different celebrity?!
Of course it’s nice to be different, to be unique and be first BUT in a
hungry market NEVER let the fact that someone got there first put you off.
Instead ask yourself…
1.Are they’re negative reviews I can fill with my product?
2.Do I have personal experience that will make your product different?
3.Is there a unique angle or twist I can highlight and sell?
4.Do reviews and feedback on my rival’s product reveal new product
5.Do I have a solution that’s quicker, easier, more complete or more
Rival products come out all the time and raises everyone’s game. Don’t
let competition and the fact that someone has already ‘done it’ put you off.
Failure to Finish Projects
Writers block, analysis paralysis, boredom and overwhelm are all reasons
for NOT getting your projects finished.
If I’m staring at a blank screen wondering what to write and where to
start the best thing (in my opinion) is to simply start writing… anything. As
you type the words will start to flow naturally but first you have to start typing.
It’s where the magic begins (don’t ask me how).
Not sure who said it but “Write fearlessly and edit ruthlessly!” is the best
way to cure writer’s block (same goes for video and audio courses – simply
edit out the fluff). Just start writing and get your thoughts down – you can
come back and edit it later.
This is a great technique for squeezing in 10 minutes work here and 10
Someone beat me to it… is another great reason to NOT do
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
minutes there when life is getting tough and everything seems to get in the
There are times you’ll feel overwhelmed with work andanalysis
paralysis sets in. This is a simple 2 step process to help you conquer it once
and for all.
First, prioritise your work–if you’ve a choice of writing an eBook or
formatting the look –write the eBook every time because it’s the content that
makes you money! If you’re wondering whether you should create graphics or
get your buy button up then get the buy button up –it’ll make you more
The second tip is to ask yourself “What should I do?” Instead of
always doing what you want to choose the tasks deep down you know you
should do and will make you money.
Same can be said of food. There are the foods you want to eat and the
foods you know you should eat. When it’s time to choose ice-cream or an
apple… you want the ice-cream but know you should eat the apple.
9 times out of 10 you’ll pick the right task.
And if you’re still not sure, maybe it’s a toss up between two equally
important tasks – should I create the product or write the sales letter – then
give yourself 1 minute, flip a coin, roll a dice… just pick one and TAKE
Now you’ve got no excuses not to start working on your new product.
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
Set yourself a goal and start small. Don’t go crazy and decide to write a 200
page report with video and audio…
Instead create a short 20 – 30 page report on a specific topic and make a
promise to yourself to get it done this week.
Treat this as a confidence builder – you have your own product to sell,
giveaway to build a list and get feedback on.
You can sell it cheap to see what the demand is like, how happy your buyers
are and discover for yourself that’s it’s not really that hard.
When I created my first product and sold it for $17 I was scared to death of
refunds… two year later it’s still selling and I’ve not had a single request for
any money back. That means I need to raise the price somemore!
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Section Two
Find a Niche & Make
Sure It’s Profitable!
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
Finding Profitable Niches
Millionaire called Lloyd Irvin. He has one of the best, most envied and most
controversial grappling teams in the States.
Because he has a system – a checklist if you like – to stack the odds in
his fighters favour and it works time and time again.
Master Lloyd used to study old video tapes of the best grapplers on the
planet. When he watched and studied these athletes as they moved from
beginner, to intermediate, to top-level competition athletes he discovered
something amazing…
They all did the same thing…
Now when I say the ‘same thing’ I don’t mean the same techniques but
there was a fundamental similarity happening no one else had noticed.
He discovered they don’t do fancy tricks, they don’t use a gazillion
techniques and they didn’t need magic bullets or push-button systems.
They ALL had good basics and MASTERED one skill in particular.
If they were winning competitions as a beginner with arm locks… they
won competitions at intermediate and professional levels with arm locks.
If they were winning competitions with chokes… guess what… they won
with chokes at beginner, intermediate and professional levels.
Master Lloyd decided that everyone in his competition team and school
starts by getting good basics and when they discover the ONE SKILL they’re
good at…
… they MASTER it.
If you’ve never made a dime online you need to take this away – learn
the basics of internet marketing and get good at one thing in particular.
The Niche Profit System
Profitable niches are all around you. Ask yourself “What is the one thing
EVERYONE needs?”
Until recently I’d no idea how much commission people made selling
There’s an MMA School in Baltimore run by an Internet Marketing
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
furniture, fridges and freezers and then realized everyone needs a bed,
everyone needs somewhere to sit, everyone needs fridges and freezers!
There are mass markets all over the place, markets so broad they
literally target everyone. And each market has a wide variety of individual
niches within them.
It’s better still when the niche has repeat buyers. Our throw-away
society means we’re more likely to buy a new washing machine in 5 – 10 years
than keep it for 25 years plus… which keeps the sales team in commission
until retirement.
It’s why health, wealth and relationships are the three BIG markets and
so attractive for business.
We all need money, we all need to look after our health (and will have
health problems) and we all want to have long-term, fulfilling relationships
with a partner.
If you’re not sure where to start (and you think you might procrastinate)
then pick a big, proven market like health, wealth or relationship. Within each
market there are lots of sub-niches for you to target, profit from and expand
Here are five questions I always ask myself before getting involved in a
market or niche.
1.Is there paid advertising?
2.Are there a variety of different affiliate programs
3.Are other affiliate promoting products
4.Are there continuity or high ticket products on sale
5.Are there magazines for the subject
Answer “Yes” to all five questions it’s a good sign there’s money to be
made and the market is tried n’ tested.
What Are You Passionate About?
There are two schools of thought on making money with your passion.
One schools says it’s a great way to start because you’re doing what you love
which means you’re more likely to stick with it and see it through to the end.
I couldn’t agree more.
The other school says go where the money is because passions aren’t
profitable. Good advice provided you can STICK it through to the end.
Once upon a time I was heavily involved in the Forex niche building
review sites and reading up on different trading systems so I could pre-sell
them effectively.
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
fair few that remain unfinished (still on the to-do list) to this day. I made
some good money but it was just like having a job!
The passion vs. profitable niche question is actually very easy.
If your passion is profitable then follow it whole-heartedly and go for it!
A lot of people choose to start internet marketing because they hate their
job, they hate the daily commute, hate their boss and don’t earn enough
Thing is… if you ‘go into internet marketing’ and end up in niches that
bore you to death –simply because they’re profitable – then the dream
lifestyle can soon start to become very job like.
If your passion isn’t profitable then make a list of what you’re good at. It
might be a skill you use at work, at home or something you were good at in
the past. My uncle works in the auto industry but as a 20 something he was
always building stuff with wood out in his shed. That’s a skill you can leverage.
Leverage Existing Skills & Expertise
The quickest way to enter a market and build your business is through
leverage –I guess it’s a bit like learning a language.
I’ve a good friend who’s a great linguist.
He learned English from his father and Spanish from his mother. He was
well ahead of the curve at school when we all had to learn French. The
similarities between Spanish and French meant he was leveraging his existing
knowledge and he passed his exams in less than half the time everyone else
The quickest way for you to get started is by asking yourself “What skills
do I already have?” What area’s have you experienced first hand and could
offer advice on?
Don’t be scared to think outside the box and don’t exclude life-skills.
The other day I was flicking through old cover issues of Parenting magazines
for ideas and kept coming across two subjects.
1.Dealing with temper tantrums
2.Helping fussy eaters
Two life skills I’m sure many mothers and fathers have first hand
experience at and managed to deal with. And even if you’re not a parent or
It bored me to tears and I ended up with some finished projects and a
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
your children were ‘delightful’ I’m sure you could very easily research either
topic and create a report very quickly.
Quick Tip: If you find yourself doubting yourself or
questioning whether or not you’re qualified to provide
the information you’re not alone!
Remember expertise is relative. On a scale of 1 to 10 if
you’re a level 5 then you market your product to people
at level 1 – 4.
It’s no different to the Science teacher at primary
school, high school or university. They’re all qualified
to teach at different levels and you should think the
Learning to leverage your skills and knowledge is a fundamental skill as a
marketer and can help you find success much, much faster.
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
Amazon! The Great Big Idea Generator
some of the best research tools out there. When people spend money on
magazines and books they’re spending money on information.
Sometimes it’s “hard information” on how to do something.
Sometimes it’s softer information, more entertaining or what you might
call “infotainment”.
A lot of hobby magazines and books fall into this category.
Let’s surf on over to Amazon because there are few retailers better when
it comes to displaying the HOT topics people are paying for – and importantly –
paying for online!
The Amazon Marketplace
The Amazon marketplace is amazing. There’s so much information
available it’s scary. It’s important to start thinking laterally, looking for angles
and markets you’d otherwise have missed.
Here’s what I mean.
I’ve gone to Amazon.com and on the right hand side of the page I’ve
clicked on Digital Games & Software > Game Downloads and then clicked
Browed Bestsellers at the top of the page.
I’ve never even heard of this Bestseller called Crysis 2.
Magazines, top selling books and that infamous store – Amazon – are
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
This is a market I’d never even think of and simply browsing markets
opens your eyes up to opportunities.
Computer games like Crysis 2 are an interesting because you know the
market has spent money to buy the game and you know they spend that
money on the internet. Two good signs!
I know there are online communities, forums and lots of people looking
for cheats and walk-thru guides to help them finish the game faster. If you’ve
ever played a video game and got stuck with no idea how to bust through…
then you know the feeling!
If you’re into Farmville – game that went viral through Facebook – then
you may not realise there are some very well heeled Internet Marketers who
created products on this game and sold them through Clickbank.
Believe it or not there’s already
a Crysis 2 guide on Clickbank!
It’s hard to tell how well the
product is selling and only further
research will tell you how big the
market is but…
If you’re a gamer (or know
someone who is) then I’d recommend
scouring Clickbank for Video Game
products selling like hotcakes. Maybe
you could make your own?
Go One Step Deeper at Amazon.com
Amazon isn’t just a great place toget ideas on information that’s selling…
it’s a great way to start building your product and see what your customers are
REALLY thinking.
It’s vital you keep in touch with your market – after all –they’re the ones
spending money so learn as much as you can about what they’re doing, saying
and thinking.
I’m always looking for niches and take short-cuts through the book and
magazine sections to have a quick glance at headlines and niches. There is
always a range of magazines on Home & Garden.
Shoot on over to Amazon…
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
and as you browse through you’ll see the number 1 best seller is on
“Downsizing, Decluttering and Simplifying” your home.
It’s no surprise Amazon have there own busy Home & Garden section
Clean” for two very simple reasons.
First reason… it looked like an easy product to recreate. I’m absolutely
confident that with some decent research I could easily come up with some
great tips on house cleaning.
Tips to make cleaning easier, faster and look at myths and old-fashion
methods that have been forgotten. Looking for practical ideas I’d never have
thought of by myself and information that shocks, surprises, entertains and
sets off light bulbs in peoples heads. While cleaning is seriously dull to me… I
know a lot of people obsessed with keeping their homes pristine and perfect!
Second reason… this is a great example of a “List Product”. We’ll go
into List Products more a little bit later but there is no order or sequence of
events. You could simply go and find 52 of the best cleaning tips out there and
stick them in your book.
Plus these are really easy to format and organize (when compared with a
I was instantly drawn to number 4 in the best sellers called “31 Days to
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
step by step guide that must be compiled in an easy to read yet logical
You could experiment by organizing the tips by room, by product, by
problem or simply mix them up so you alternate between the fascinating, the
extreme, disgusting and boring.
Quick Tip: I’m fortunate enough to still have a living
grandparent who remembers what it was like to go to
school barefooted through fields. A couple of years back
I got her talking about her life – she never told us
because she didn’t think we’d be interested – and WOW!
Some of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard and I’m
99% sure if I sat her down I could get some great tips
and techniques they used in the past to clean their
homes. Cleaning tips that didn’t cost money (because
there was none) and how everything was done without fancy
detergents and liquids.
There experts all around you – you just got to start
asking questions and bring up topics in conversation.
Here’s another two list type products doing well at Amazon:
Stress Proof Your Life (52 Brilliant Ideas)
Boost Your Memory (52 Brilliant Ideas)
—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–
Seriously… these products ain’t rocket science and they’re making
somebody some easy money!
Going Undercover at Amazon!
I’m into my fitness training… so it puts me in a perfect place to connect
with members of that niche. It’s my hobby, my career, my passion and (best
of all) it’s profitable.
Cyclists, golfers –we’re all the same –we’ll spend money on equipment
and ways to improve our game. Sometimes we’ll have equipment worth more
than our car in our car!
My dad’s the same… this niche is huge!
So strolling over to the Amazon marketplace and going through Best
Sellers in the Sports section I find a book on Barefoot Running.
This is cool because I know Barefoot Running is hip, trendy and running
shoes that mimic the barefoot retail at well over $100. Might sound odd that a
barefoot runner buys shoes but they’re a good way to bridge the gap… plus
they’re pretty cool.
Everyone loves a gadget and this is the runner’s equivalent!
Here’s how we go ‘Undercover at Amazon’ and let them do the hard work
for us!
The product page for books usually has
a nice big “Click to LOOK INSIDE!” option
at the top right side of the book cover.
Inside you’ll get to look at the table of
contents and even read some of the pages.
This is perfect “Inside Information” on the
authors thoughts on what’s important and
what people want to read.
The Barefoot Running has a
particularly nice layout with sections and
chapters. This is where you need to start
thinking about specific problems.
You don’t need to create a whole book you can always find a section
(ideally the hottest section) and focus your product on that and nothing else.
Section II and Section III of “Barefoot Running” really grab my
—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–
an expertise scale of 1 – 10 these are the people at < 5 and you just need to
be slightly ahead of them to create your product.
Section Three is cool because it’s about running FASTER! It appeals to
the competitive side and egotistical nature of people, emotions get involved
and that’s good for selling 
I’d like to highlight chapter 6 because it mentions Vibrams and halfway
solutions. These are the shoes (eg. Vibram Five Fingers) and there’s a definite
case for making affiliate sales here if you reference them in a Barefoot Running
digital product.
Imagine creating a product on “How to Start Barefoot Running”. You sell
the product and you build a list. Inside the product you can use affiliate links
and in your emails you have endless possibilities for reviews and
recommendations of shoes, equipment and other information products.
That’s a cool business to be in!
Section Two deals with “How to” elements of barefoot running.
This is what everyone brand new to barefoot running wants to read. On
—————————————————–Page 27—————————————————–
vests, shorts, supplements and some very expensive watches and heart rate
timers (several hundred dollars a piece).
You could even give away a short report on Barefoot Running simply to
build a list you can market affiliate products to, survey and later create a full-
paid for product to sell.
Amazon Helps You Connect With Your Market
This is big, bigger than most give credit
for. You can read customer reviews at
They’ll tell you exactly what they liked,
what they didn’t like. If the product was any
good and even recommend alternatives.
You can really connect with the market
here and don’t forget to learn their language
too! Look at the words they use – the jargon,
the slang – if you learn to speak their speak
then selling your product will be 10 times
The top right review catches my eye as
it talks about the pain of injury and
remember if you find negative reviews this is
something you can try to do better in with
your product.
Amazon Affiliates… USE Your Statistics!
I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for some time, setting up little mini-sites
reviewing and pre-selling bestsellers, hot sellers, the movers and the shakers.
It’s a nice income and I highly recommend it.
One of the great things about Amazon is it’s so good at converting people
into buyers and it’s extremely rare shoppers buy just one product.
My Amazon sites promotes electrical products and below is an image of
what some of the people who visited Amazon after coming to my website
The affiliate sales aren’t even limited to shoes. You could recommend
—————————————————–Page 28—————————————————–
The items ordered include 5 different information products
1.Microsoft Money 2006 for Dummies
2.One Yard Wonders
3.Serger Secrets
4.Sew Serendipity
5.Brazillian Jiu Jitsu
Information products that teach you ‘How to’ do something and
information I’m sure you could easily create in text, audio or video format.
Plus you can check out the real user reviews to find out the negatives and then
create your product but do it that little bit better.
Quick Tip: The best and easiest information products are
those specific to a need. Don’t think you have to create
an entire product on Microsoft Powerpoint!
Instead create one specific to internet marketers who
make PowerPoint presentations and want to improve the
quality of their screen capture videos, make them look
more professional or do it faster.
Find a market and then tailor it to a specific group of
—————————————————–Page 29—————————————————–
The Affiliate Networks
“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”
– Albert Einstein
need of inspiration… affiliate networks are a great place to get your mind
Clickbank is a popular place to start simply because it focuses on digital
downloads – information products – unlike many of its rivals which also sell
physical products.
There is no hard, fast rule as to what is and isn’t selling, there are many
variables including how professional the product vendor at Clickbank is. They
could have a fantastic product and have simply failed to market it right. Or
they could have a poor product and an amazing marketing system in place.
When you visit www.clickbank.com the first thing you need to do is click
on the market place. This will take you to all the products listed.
Click on a Section and Subsection on the left hand side of the screen and
you’ll have the most popular products listed in front of you. The image below
shows the Health & Fitness Section of Clickbank which is always topped by
products helping people lose weight, get a better looking stomach or build
If you’re stumped for ideas, worried if you’re thinking profitably and in
—————————————————–Page 30—————————————————–
through the different categories, scroll through the different products and try
using the search function to see what catches you eye and read the sales
With the economic difficulties and riots happening around the world I
tried typing “survival” into the search box and came up with some interesting
My advice is not to restrict yourself and keep an open mind. Scroll
—————————————————–Page 31—————————————————–
the end of the world. Looks like the market is being catered to as there are
many products on surviving just about
anything on Clickbank… cancer, divorce,
marriage and 2012.
Having just lived through riots in the
UK I’m sure there are many people looking
for help on how they survive and stay safe if
more riots occur.
There have always been people predicting the break down of society and
—————————————————–Page 32—————————————————–
research your market.
Remember it’s all about being specific.
Instead of creating a guide on survival you can create a guide on survival
for the wild, the outback, urban riots or self-defence and home invasion.
Every country is different and you can market your product to specific
countries too.
As I scroll through the sales page for “Survive Anything” I notice a box
showing the four key components of the course.
The sales pages for many Clickbank products are a great resource to
All of these have the potential to be standalone products. When I look at
the rioting picture above I know my key concern would be my own personal
safety, self-defence and protecting my home.
Have you experience back-packing or trekking and know all there is to
know about sourcing and cleaning water then you’re an expert here.
Are you any good in the garden? Do you grow your own crops, have
your own chickens and feed your family from your own land? People want to
learn that stuff!
Or are you a dab hand when it comes to solar power and creating your
own energy supply from home? This is a growing issue!
Of course Clickbank isn’t the only affiliate network worth checking out.
Whenever you come across an idea simply head on over to your favourite
search engine and type in your main keyword with “affiliate” or “associate”
Here’s a few places you might want to check out:
—————————————————–Page 33—————————————————–
Associate Programs by Allen Gardyne


Associate programs is a resource I discovered when I first started online
and Allen Gardyne has been making money as an affiliate since 1998. This is a
great place to find affiliate products and start your research.
Click on the ‘Affiliate Programs Directory’ for a listing of lots of different
Affbuzz and Offerbuzz
Affbuzz and Offerbuzz are resources I rarely hear anyone talk about. It’s
a website the aggregates and rounds up a lot of the affiliate and CPA networks
out there.
A lot of the offers listed are CPA networks offering payouts for leads (not
sales) and may make a great, additional revenue if you add the occasional
(and relevant) link inside your product.
More Niche
A great place to find product ideas in the ‘desperate category’ and while
these are all physical products… an information solution is also an option.
Not my niche but the male enhancement niche has products on most
networks (including Clickbank) and I noticed a bonus for one of their products,
called Male Xtra.
Check out the product image below:
—————————————————–Page 34—————————————————–
get a stack of information of information products.
This bonus material is likely to have been tested to improve conversions
of visitors into buyers and all of these have the potential to be stand-alone
products focused on a specific problem.
It might not be your niche either 
When you buy MaleXtra you don’t just get the physical product… you also
—————————————————–Page 35—————————————————–
Magazines are AMAZING!
When I first discovered this… it blew my socks off.
entertainment – or infotainment! You wan to learn, enjoy and be entertained
by the content.
Magazines got this down to an art… they create infotainment products
and if they’re not profiting then they’re not going to print and you won’t be
seeing them in your local store!
Check this image search I did using Google for Men’s Health Magazine…
Now magazines are information products and cross over into
and you’ll see clear themes running through them. In the image above there
are three different editions all using the same “Get Back in Shape” headline.
Find a recurring theme (and it isn’t hard with mainstream magazines)
and you’ve got a winner. When I did the same exercise for Classic Toy Trains I
kept coming up with the layout of tracks, towns and scenery. For Parenting
Magazines it’s usually temper tantrums and fussy eaters.
These recurring themes are SELLING issues by the thousands.
I’m sure you get the idea when it comes to magazines. Plus their
information is rarely complete, thorough or even written by an expert. They
You can do it for Cosmopolitan, Parenting Magazine, Classic Toy Trains…
—————————————————–Page 36—————————————————–
simply touch on a handful of hot tips to wet their readers appetite.
You on the other hand can take one of these headlines and create a
much more substantial product specific to that topic very easily. Next time you
see a Men’s Health magazine pick it up, have a read and see for yourself they
only really scratch the surface of a topic.
—————————————————–Page 37—————————————————–
Stay Switched On To New Niches!
Trends & Fads
As a martial arts enthusiast I like to laugh at the latest fad for Mixed
Martial Art (MMA) style workouts. Then I realize people are bored with their
current routines, they appreciate the strength and conditioning fighters have,
they like their physiques and they want to look like these fighters.
Without joining an MMA club, sparring or getting hurt.
These adverts have been running on television and (thanks to
remarketing) follow me around on the internet as I browse forums, websites
and Facebook. There is even a Wii Fit Mixed Martial Arts workout routine.
This is a niche any experienced martial arts instructor or personal trainer
could easily go into. Again you can be even more specific.
For example: create an MMA style workout for people who want to gain
muscle, or lose fat, or get lean and toned or – maybe – want to get fit enough
to try a real MMA class but don’t have the confidence right now.
Identify those emotions, connect with your market and find out what’s
really driving them.
Bill Boards & Advertising
When I drive through the city I see adverts on buildings and buses
selling specific supplements for Male and Female Health –there’s several hot
niches right in front of my eyes I can tap into.
Google +
This year we’ve seen the launch and release of Google + and products
have already been released and sold. All the creators did was spend time
doing the dirty work, finding out how Google+ worked, reading the terms
service and put it into an easy to read layman’s guide.
Could you have done that?
Now you’ve identified some niches you need to run some profitability
tests on them!
—————————————————–Page 38—————————————————–
Is Your Niche Profitable?
you probably don’t have a formula for determining how much profit there is to
be made from a niche.
But you can stack the odds in your favour by running through some key
questions and making sure you get a ‘Yes’ to the majority.
1.Is there paid advertising when you Google your main keyword?
If people are paying for advertising that is a sure sign there is money to be
made somewhere! No one is going to pay to advertise if they are losing
2.Are there magazines devoted to the subject?
As you’ve already seen magazines are only produced if there is money to be
made and the market is passionate. Not only does it demonstrate your
niche is alive, well and spending money –they’re a great source of
3.Do the market meet online (ie. forums and blogs)?
If your market is meeting online and searching for a solution using the
internet then they can be accessed through SEO, paid advertising, forum
signature links, affiliates and through social media.
4.Can you create multiple products in that market?
The hard part is making your first product and getting your first buyers. It’s
also the most expensive part in terms of time and money but your second
product allows you to LEVERAGE these assets.
After your first product you’ll know your market better, you’ll have feedback
from your buyers, you have the contact details or your buyers and it’s
easier to create a new product in the same market than a new product in a
new market.
Choose a market that lets you create multiple products that can all be sold
to the same people (eg. Bigger biceps, rock hard abs or double your bench
press could all be sold to the same Muscle Building Market).
5.Are there competing & related products to mine?
It’s good if there are competing products too. If you’re creating an ebook or
video course… there should be competing ebooks and courses – the market
should be interested in buying information.
Unless you’re super-scientist and psychologist – Dr. Glen Livingston –
—————————————————–Page 39—————————————————–
6.Are there affiliate programs (networks and privately run)?
Like competing products – affiliate promotions confirm there are buyers –
but better still affiliate products give you a ready supply of alternative
products you can sell to your customers. An additional revenue stream to
diversify your income!
7.Is there more than one affiliate program?
If there’s only one affiliate program out there I’d be worried! You don’t just
want to promote other products as an affiliate – later you want to recruit
affiliates to sell your product for you.
If there aren’t many affiliate programs then there is a good chance there’s
not too many affiliates either!
8.Are there high ticket items or continuity programs?
Finally… not many people get rich selling low-priced items. The presence of
high ticket items and continuity programs demonstrates a market willing to
spend LOTS of money so you can start small by selling your first product
and scale up towards bigger, more expensive products, packages and
coaching (or sell someone else’s if they have an affiliate program)!
If you don’t want to create your own high-ticket items or continuity program
then at least you can plug into someone else’s and profit from their
A Note on Continuity: The best thing about a job is the
regular pay cheque. Week in, week out you get paid for the
work you do.
The internet’s a funny beast and building regularity into your
payments is a critical part of becoming a full-time marketer.
Creating your own membership program or promoting someone
else’s is the closest thing you’ll get to a regular income
online and one of the best things to build into your business
before quitting your day job.
—————————————————–Page 40—————————————————–
Short list 10 different niche markets you’re drawn to… don’t fuss, don’t sweat
just pick 10 that catch your eye, interest you and get ready to do a little
profitability check on them.
If your niche turns out to be a winner… great… if it’s not what you’d hoped for…
don’t worry! Remember this is your first attempt and you’re going to get
started fast by creating a short report to ‘test’ the market.
We don’t want to fail but don’t be scared to fail and learn to fail fast!
Most marketers are in 2 or 3 different niches and quite often the niche you
start out in isn’t the one you’ll finish up in. Life has a funny way of taking us
to places we’d never imagined (did you for one moment every think you’d
become an internet marketer?)
Use the checklist above to find out if your niche has potential and shortlist the
3 niches that are both profitable and appealing to you.
Then pick one of them… the other two can sit on the sidelines for later 
—————————————————–Page 41—————————————————–
Beware of the InfoProduct Pawn Sharks
I know a pawn broker who gets a kick from buying old and valuable
jewellery from desperate old women with no idea what it’s really worth.
They come into his shop and share with him their family’s inheritance. He
stares at it, shakes his heads and tells them “I’m really sorry… it’s not worth
much at all. I’ll give you [insert modest sum here] and I’m not even sure I’ll
be able to sell it.”
He gives them their money – they leave his pawn shop – and he walks
out back with a great story on how “Some old dear came in with a lovely bit of
jewellery… I told her it was only worth [insert amount]… it’s worth [pick a
figure much, much bigger]!” and then claps his hands with a great big smile
upon his face.
Believe it or not there are marketers online doing something very similar
but it’s not your jewellery they want–it’s your product.
They’ll scour the internet and affiliate networks like Clickbank, they’ll
email their list and advertise on forums. They’re looking for your product and
they want to buy it dirt cheap.
You see they know there are tons of products created – good products in
hungry markets –where the product creator (vendor) just couldn’t sell them.
Because the vendor didn’t think that far ahead.
Don’t become a victim and end up selling off your hard work to someone
else only to see them turn a profit and change their own life for the better!
If you were going to open a coffee shop – hopefully the first thing you’d
ask is where! Where do you find an army of coffee drinkers you can drop your
shop in-front of and have then come and go… all day… every day?
Those three words –location, location, location– spring to mind.
Well selling online needs –traffic, traffic, traffic– you have to be able
to access your market online and the more you can access… the more money
you’re going to make.
Before investing the time into researching and creating your product stop
for a moment and consider how you’re going to get the traffic you need to sell
your product.
It’ll save heartache later!
—————————————————–Page 42—————————————————–
The Only Two Types of Traffic
Traffic is easy because there are only two types.
Free traffic and Paid traffic –don’t make it harder than it is!
Chances are you’ve stumbled across both while checking to make sure
your niche was profitable. And if product creators are using both – free and
paid – traffic sources then you’re onto a good thing.
Let’s start with everyone’s favourite traffic source… the free kind.
Free Traffic Sources
Organic Search Engine Traffic
The best free traffic source for me has been organic search engine traffic
– Google in particular. For one of my reports I managed to pick up an exact
match domain (www.yourkeywordexactly.com) and it ranks #3 in Google for
that keyword.
For zero work it’s been the easiest traffic and sales I’ve ever got and it
feels good however your sales are always going to be limited by the traffic you
can get to your sales page.
If only 1000 people are searching for your keyword every month and
you’re ranking #3 in Google then you’ll only ever get a % of 1000 checking out
your page.
Search Engine Optimization isn’t my speciality and other than buying
exact match domains, optimizing my site and building backlinks I know very
little. The www.warriorforum.com is wealth of knowledge and you can get all
the information you need there for free.
A couple of kind chaps there once checked out my site and did a critique
of my sites on-page SEO and came back to me with suggestions – experts
trying to boost their reputation and credibility helped me for free – good for
me, good for them.
Make the most of the good guys on these forums.
I also recommend checking out www.SEOmoz.comwho’s daily blog
updates might be a bit overwhelming but they know their stuff and are always
monitoring Google updates (and the best ways to overcome them).
Article Marketing
Since the Google Panda update a ton of people said “Article marketing is
dead!” Truth is article marketing is boring (at least to me) but certainly not
—————————————————–Page 43—————————————————–
here –it’s not going to die in my lifetime 
The great thing about great content on sites like Ezinearticles is it will get
shared around the internet and many of the good folks who share your article
will leave your links in check.
Some won’t… it’s a tough life… but many will.
One of my sites gets roughly a 3rd of its traffic from articles that have
been shared around the internet by people who have legitimately taken my
article from Ezinearticles.com and published it on their website with my links
Something I’ve noticed is the articles most likely to be shared are those
written enthusiastically – not professionally, not overly technical – more like the
trashy newspapers and magazines.
I guess they’re more entertaining and it comes back to providing
Forum Signatures
Most forums let you add a signature which is beneath all the posts you
make. Posting on forums is a good way to build your reputation, get backlinks
to your site and you will get traffic to your sales page but the volume of traffic
is hit or miss.
It depends on the readership of the forum, your profile and reputation,
how frequently you post and the quality of the posts.
It is a good way to start out but forum signatures can become a real time
vampire and suck hours out of your day (plus you might get distracted while
you’re posting)!
It’s possible to sell eBooks and product on Fivver but be careful not to
devalue your product by doing so. You may decide to create an shorter, taster
version you can sell for $5 on Fivver and inside the shorter report include links
promoting the full-version.
Blogging and Blog Commenting
Hot niches have busy bloggers talking about their latest findings, gossip
and new trends in your niche. Blogging (as it was intended to be used) builds
a community and is good for the search engines too.
Good content aimed at your users will never die –I’ll stick my neck out
—————————————————–Page 44—————————————————–
Ezinearticles.com, comment on other people’s blogs and bookmark all of these
and you’ll quickly become a part of the community.
If your niche is your passion – this is easy – if not then you could
outsource this or perhaps allocated 30 minutes per day to blogging just to
build up a base level of traffic.
Of course you’re goal is to always get people back to your site, onto your
list or clicking on links to find out more about your product –don’t forget that!
Joint Ventures
Joint venture relationships are a good way to strike up friendships and
boost your business. The hardest part for many is getting started and
approaching people.
First off don’t be silly or unrealistic and start asking massive names in
the industry to promote your product and help you out. The best way to build
relationships online is by helping others out first.
Here are some ways to get started:
1.Private Message and get to know people you’ve helped or commented on
together on the same forum threads. If you think the same and agree
with each others comments you’re already on the same wavelength.
2.Start blogging about an authority you follow and promote their products
as an affiliate – you will get noticed and it makes approaching someone
3.List owners ask survey their list and ask for feedback – when they do –
provide it and help them out. You’ll start to stand out.
4.Keep busy and treat your online adventures like a business – if your
income, your mortgage and paying the bills was purely based on the
internet would you want to deal with someone who treated it like a
5.Get involved with adswaps where you promote their free offers to your
list and they promote your free offer to their list. You’ll find you ‘click
better’ with some marketers than others and who knows where this can
Remember when you approach someone for a Joint Venture partnership there’s
a good chance you’re not the only one who has asked them. Think about what
makes you so different?
Write good articles, post them to your blog, stick them on
—————————————————–Page 45—————————————————–
Affiliates and Associates
The biggest and best internet marketers I know of use Joint Ventures and
affiliate partners to a huge degree. You can get affiliates to promote your
product several different ways.
1.Add a link at the bottom of your sales page for affiliates they can click on
to find out more.
2.List your product on an affiliate network like Clickbank.
3.When someone buys your product let them know you have an affiliate
program they can join to earn back the money they just spent.
4.Approach the owners of websites who promote rival affiliate products
(they may want to change or diversify).
5.Contact other product owners (your rivals) who will probably have a list
they can promote your product to.
6.Create a new product teaching people to be an affiliate and then
recommend they start their affiliate marketing career promoting your
The list is endless and, like speaking to Joint Venture partners, it takes a
little tack and patience when approach real people.
Everyone is busy but the easiest way in my opinion is to make sure your
affiliate program is visible to everyone, the commissions are good and the
product converts to sales!
Push Button Traffic – Your Email List
We’ll talk about building lists later on. An email list is push button traffic
and a whole lot of power. In less than 200 words and by pushing ‘send’ you
can have traffic pouring on your offers for the next 24 hours.
Make sure you are always building your list, keep in touch with your
subscribers and build a deepening relationship with them to keep it responsive
and active.
Paid Traffic Sources
First off – there really is no such thing as free – it usually costs you time
and effort. My dad has this notion that I should fix my car because then “it’s
free” when
a)I’ve no idea how to fix my car and…
b)It’s quicker and easier to pay someone to fix my car and…
c)If I spent that time working on my business I’d earn the same or
more than the amount of money I’m paying someone else to do
the work (without the stress of making a mess of it)!
Solo Advertising
—————————————————–Page 46—————————————————–
Forum Advertising
Adwords & Pay Per Click Networks
Banner Advertising
Facebook Advertising
—————————————————–Page 47—————————————————–
Section Three
Researching Your
—————————————————–Page 48—————————————————–
Researching & Making Notes
enough is good enough.”It’s very easy to get caught up in research, make
pages and pages of note then get bored and put your project aside.
Keep an eye on your time and be disciplined.
It’s better to have to go back and get some more information than it is to
do hours and hours of research, end up with material you never need and get
bogged down in a world of overwhelm.
Your first task is to get ‘just enough’ information to get a first draft
together and see what your product looks like from there.
Organizing Your Information
You’re going to start with a process of accumulation.
Accumulating information and compartmentalising it as you see fit.
Don’t get hung up on the detail right now. Just collect relevant and useful
information, put it where you think it should go and get your product
You can always change it, move it and amend things later.
Here are my two favourite ways to collate and organize the information
for my products.
Make 10 Word Documents Called Chapter 1 – 10
You create 10 word documents – one for your table of contents and
introduction, one for your conclusion at the end – the other 8 are going to be
your chapters.
10 is a good number to start with. You can always make it longer or
shorter, just be careful not to get overwhelmed by the work at hand.
With 8 chapters all you have to do is write 500 – 1000 words per day and
you’ve got a 10 – 20 page product done. You can always come back and add
more to each chapter later but your first goal is to get it done and see what it
looks like.
It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start researching your niche market.
But before going any further, take a step back and remind yourself “Good
—————————————————–Page 49—————————————————–
As you research information you’ll start to recognise themes and these will
become your chapters. Copy and paste the information your find into the
relevant Word Document and keep them organized.
You may be tempted to use one large Word document instead of 10 and
to scroll through chapters. In my personal experience it gets very difficult, you
get lost and it’s hard to keep track of where you are.
With 10 individual files you can visualize your product as 10 articles 500
– 1000 words long. Focus on one chapter/article and get it finished. You keep
everything separate in nice, neat little piles to work on.
Use a Mind Mapping Software
This is my preferred method because it’s very easy to get a top-down
view over your work and move things around. You have the benefit of
breaking your work into smaller chunks (like using 10 different Word
documents) but with the additional benefit of being able to see everything in
one place.
There is a screen shot from one of my mind maps below.
You can see I’ve created 10 chapters and added my notes and research
1.Create a new fold for
your product
2.Create 10 individual Word
documents for your table
of contents, each of your
chapters and summary at
the end.
3.Paste all your research
into the appropriate file
and treat each chapter
—————————————————–Page 50—————————————————–
into branch. Many of the components are based on questions people have
asked on forums and blogs around the internet.
The nice thing about Mind Mapping Software is the ability to see
everything and move information about. You might start with something in
chapter one and later decided to move it to chapter four – all you have to do is
drag and drop it.
One tip is to use either the Word Document method or the Mindmap
method because if you use both it’s a little like wearing two watches that both
have different times.
You really want to keep all your information together as best you can and
work on each segment, each chapter individually with 100% focus until they’re
the free version of Xmind and Freemind is a totally free open-source
If you’re interested in trying Mind Mapping Software the image above is
—————————————————–Page 51—————————————————–
What’s Your Market Asking You For?
your keyword into the search engine and hit return.
Scroll through the results and what you’re looking for is forums, message
boards, blogs and social interaction where real people are meeting online and
asking for help.
If you don’t find anything first time, don’t forget to use Google’s
‘discussion’ and ‘blogs’ settings to narrow down your search results.
Click More on the left hand side of the screen…
This is easy. You stroll on over to Google and you type a question with
Click on Blogs or Discussions
—————————————————–Page 52—————————————————–
they’re innermost secrets online, even with a stranger, simply because there is
no embarrassment online. You can hide behind a computer screen, use a fake
name, fake location and be anyone you want to be.
As you search keep an eye out for posts on Amazon, Yahoo Answers and
when you find a blog, make sure to read the full post and ESPECIALLY the
comments. This is where the real action takes place.
Copy and paste all the questions people are asking.
Copy and paste all the answers people are replying with.
It’s important that you copy and paste simply because you’ll see the
language, jargon and words people in your niche are using. This is important
when you write your sales copy because you want to connect with future
buyers, build rapport and for them to trust you.
When you copy replies to answers I’d try to remain impartial to the
advice offered. Some will be good but there will be a lot of ‘misinformed’
individuals out there. Take note because this is a great way to find a
combination of real world information gleamed from experience as well as the
myths circulating the world.
Information from real world experience and breaking myths are both
great for including in your sales letter as well as interesting information for
your product.
Don’t Forget Social Media!
Real world conversations are already happening on Twitter and Facebook.
Find online and offline businesses building relationships through
Facebook and Twitter then listen in and see what people are saying. I recently
discovered a new tool called Tweet Grid which is a great way to search and
listen in to Tweets already happening.
You’ll find random tips, trails to good sources of information, myths and –
again – you listen in to real world conversations. What people are saying, the
problems they’re having and the EXACT words they use to describe those
Leverage Your List with a Survey
There’s a Pay Per Click expert called Jim Yaghi.
Once upon a time, he and his colleagues discovered a lot of people were
searching online for lessons in Arabic. They set up some simple adverts on
Forums and discussion boards are great because people will share
—————————————————–Page 53—————————————————–
the internet and started driving traffic to a squeeze page, built a list and
started to watch what happen.
Turns out these people – from around the world –weren’t interested in
learning Arabic for tourism. They were interested so they could read Arabic
What a huge difference!
The same market but two different niches:
How to learn Arabic for tourism
How to learn Arabic To Study Scripture
If you’ve already got a list in your niche, go and survey them right now!
If you’ve got a Twitter or Facebook followers, send them to a survey and
find out what they want to know right away. This will save you a ton of time
and make your product uniquely different!
If you’re familiar with list building, Facebook or Twitter why not start
building your list (or followers) right away starting now? You can still work on
your product and then tweak and adapt it as you get feedback.
Your market, your feedback is coming from the people you’re going to be
selling your information to! Think how much easier it will be to sell your
product when you already know EXACTLY what they’re looking for!
Build Authority into Your Work
The other day I had someone tell me that Bruce Lee was 99% muscle.
I raised my eyebrows and smiled politely. As the guy carried on talking
he said that Bruce Lee had 1% body fat. He’d obviously decided to work
backwards and deduced that if he had 1% body fat the other 99% was muscle.
No bone, no blood, no veins, no organs… Bruce Lee was 99% muscle and
1% body fat 
Be sensible when you do your research, don’t take everyone’s word ‘as
expert’ and remember in most instances (this goes for newspapers and
television reports too) the information you read is only someone else’s opinion.
Separate Fact from Editorial Opinion
Blogs, forums and messages boards definitely have their fair share of
experts, people who’ve been around years and are often more than qualified to
give advice. Find those forum experts –the one’s others respect – and read
their posts, their replies and their opinions.
—————————————————–Page 54—————————————————–
Find out what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s misunderstood.
Find established websites offering information and offering services. You
can find a wealth of information on the websites of companies who are using
this ‘soft information’ to educate and build trust with new clients. This is
especially useful for the health niche where research papers and medical
journal are referenced.
Websites providing real reviews on products in your niche (think Amazon
and not affiliate review sites biased by making the sale) are another great
source of information.
Check Your Book Shelf!
If you’ve decided to pick a niche you’re already an expert in or
passionate about then there’s a good chance you have a stack of books on it
If you don’t have books on the topic just ask some friends, buy them or
go visit the library!
As I glance over at my bookshelf I see row upon row of books on martial
arts, self-defence, fitness, microbiology (my old profession), business and
personal development.
Here’s an example for you…
Martial artists are scared about Staph infections. They pass around the
gym, they can happen to anyone – famous fighters have had to pull out of
competitions because of infections – and they are potentially life threatening.
I know martial arts and I know microbiology.
Clickbank already has more than one digital product on Staph Infections
and I’m sure the other networks do too!
—————————————————–Page 55—————————————————–
A quick Google search reveals a fair few forum threads about Staph
infections amongst martial artists and it seems it’s a question that crops up
virtually every year!
Right now I’ve got pretty much everything I need to make a product.
some will be really bad. The bad advice is GREAT because it’s a chance for me
to debunk some myths around the infection.
I’ve got personal experience in Microbiology, a University Degree and a
stack of books on the topic. My girlfriend still works in Microbiology I can chat
to and I’ve had friends down the gym with Staph Infections. I can ask them
what the doctor said and the frustrations they had (ie. not being able to train).
The final thing I would do is buy the product to get a feel for how long it
is, how well written it is and the information inside it. I can find weaknesses
and improve them, I can add value where it’s lacking and I can even learn
from it – reference it – and promote the rival product inside my own.
The hard bit is having the discipline to sit down, compile and create the
product this is where you have to remind yourself about the money, the
lifestyle and the holidays you’ll be having in the sun!
I’ve forum posts with questions and advice – some will be good and
—————————————————–Page 56—————————————————–
It’s time to research your product and compile your data. The most important
thing is that you build your product around the questions your market is
already asking.
This will make your product unique and easier to sell.
1.Decide whether you will use Word Documents to make your notes or a
MindMap to brainstorm your product.
2.Check Forums, Blogs, Twitter and Facebook to find out what your market
is asking. Note their fears and frustrations – all the emotions that are
driving them to search for their solution.
3.Look for recurring problems lots of people are experiencing.
4.Copy and paste the answers of these questions into your notes and look
out for the real experts and common myths or misunderstandings in the
5.Find genuine authorities on the subject through their website, your books
or the library you can check the quality of information against and use in
your own product. It’s a good idea to reference this work.
6.Buy a rivals product to find out how they’ve laid it out and structured.
The quality for the information, the size and format it uses. Does it
include any audio or video training?
7.Don’t collect too much information. Keep a note of your references
because you can always go back and get more information if you need
Remember: You’re not creating an all encompassing product that covers
everything. Focus on a specific problem you can sell through a short report
you can build upon later.
—————————————————–Page 57—————————————————–
Section Four
Creating Your Product
—————————————————–Page 58—————————————————–
Creating Your Product
While it might not feel like it… when you’ve complied your research the
hard work is done. All that’s left now is to organize your information and write
out your notes.
This is also the step where many end up with a half finished product.
Stick a picture on the wall or put a post-it note on your computer reminding
you WHY you’re creating this product. The time, the money, the lifestyle or
simply because you hate your job.
If you find yourself thinking negatively – kick those thoughts out of your
head – they won’t help you and they’re only getting in the way. I like to give
my head a quick shake, re-focus and then get back to work.
My girlfriend sings the Indiana Jones theme tune to motivate herself –
each to own I guess.
As you write out your notes remember think of this as your first draft.
Don’t fuss and don’t worry about editing as you go. That will only slow you
down. Instead get into the grove and just start typing.
Organizing Your Product Chapters
Information products can be broadly divided into four different types of
layout listed below:
2.Step by Step
3.Frequently Asked Questions
The most common format you’re likely to be using is number 2, the step-
by-step guide.
List Products
The most obvious list products are “The Worlds 50 Richest People” and
these are good product ideas in themselves. Some niches lend themselves
well to this –Top 100 Traffic Methods Online or 10 Ways to Lose a Pound of
Fat a Day.
Instead of a singe traffic generation technique you know about… you
could share your best 25 ways to get 100 visitors a day to your website. You
can list the methods randomly, you could start with the hardest and finish and
finish with the easiest.
—————————————————–Page 59—————————————————–
by starting strong with your best methods, then you add in the less popular
methods and then you finish strong so your readers go away “pumped” and
ready to take action.
If you look after children, work from home and have to stop-start
frequently then list products are really good to try because they’re easier to
pick up where you left off.
Step by Step Products
Most products fall into this category and it’s the one we’ll focus on for the
most part. How to build websites, chicken coops, raised flower beds, garages,
sheds or learning how to pack on extra muscle.
Step by step guides you follow in a logical order and the secret is to
make it as clear as possible what action the person needs to take after each
section or chapter.
Recipes are probably the clearest example and a very good model to
follow. You have to make them ‘idiot proof’ so anyone can follow them while
(at the same time) cooking.
Frequently Asked Questions
Imagine a gardening book for beginners who’d like to grow their own
vegetables. You ask the keen gardeners you know, you check forums and see
the most commonly asked questions and problems are.
You can ask gardeners what they’re top tips for new vegetable growers
would be, what mistakes they made and what they would do if they were to
start from scratch.
Then create a product where you type the question and then answer it.
The A-Z of Judo sits on my bookshelf and runs techniques in alphabetical
order. Or a cook book where A is all the recipes whose key ingredients are
Aubergine, Apples and Almonds.
Baby names, dog breeds or the A-Z Guide to a Richer Life. There’s not
much more to say!
Time to Start Writing
Whether you create a list, step-by-step, FAQ or alphabetical product will
largely be determined by your niche and the information you have.
You want to motivate your readers to keep reading and you can do this
—————————————————–Page 60—————————————————–
on with writing them – each section is a small chunk – and you know exactly
what is going into that chunk (eg. All the word beginning with A will go into
the A chapter).
When it comes to creating a step-by-step guide you have to think of your
chapter as a miniature version of your entire product. Each chapter will go
through the points – step by step – and where possible in a logical order.
It definitely helps to have a structure to stick to. If you’re an
experienced article writer it may be that you use what already works for your
articles for your chapters.
Until you find your own system try this…
Step 1 –What’s in it for me?!
As nice as it would be – not many people just get on with something until
they know what’s in it for them. Your reader might be motivated by money,
power, relationships or make a contribution to others that makes the feel good.
Or maybe they’re really lazy and just want reassurance they can do this!
It helps to start your product and each chapter by explaining “Why” they
should do what they’re about to read.
It’s good for you too because if they understand “Why”they’ll feel more
motivated and be more likely to use and apply your product. That’s good for
testimonials, future sales and your karma 
Step 2 –Give a quick overview of what they’re about to learn
Instead of going in cold – give your readers a quick overview of what
they’re about to learn. You don’t have to go into detail, just give them a bird’s
eye view of what lies ahead of them.
It’s a good idea to whet their appetite and make them a little curious so
they want to find out more and remind them again about the end result to
keep them motivated and on track.
Plus it’ll give them a skeleton they can flesh out as they work through
your product and deepen their understanding.
Step 3 – Your Step-By-Step Product Structure
This is where you organize your notes and thoughts. In the same way
that you have organized your chapters in a sequential order… organize the
information you’ve collated into a logical order than flows.
The great thing about lists and alphabetical products is you can just get
—————————————————–Page 61—————————————————–
around and get ready to start writing it out in your own words.
This is how I organized information into a step by step plan for
this product and then I simply flesh out the individual components
with notes and personal experience.
1.Motivate and give a reason why
2.Give them an overview
3.Reveal step two
4.Reveal step three, four, five etc etc
5.Add relevant examples, references, stories or pictures
7.Give them an action to take
Remember to relate back to your market. If they’re beginners remember
to break everything down, step by step and don’t worry about it being too
simple. If your audience already know a section then they can skim through to
the parts they don’t know. It’s better to be thorough then it is to assume your
reader already knows.
Greg Davis (the Super Affiliate Rockstar) once told a story about writing
sales letters. A friend of his writes sales letters for products and then sits a
potato in front of the computer.
If the potato understands –it’s good to go – if the potato doesn’t
understand then he starts writing the sales letter again.
It may be a silly and patronising story but it’s good advice to make zero
assumptions and break everything into their most basic element so everyone
can understand. No one will ever complain your product is ‘too clear’ or ‘too
easy to understand’.
Step 4 – Add Relevant Stories, Examples, Quotes or Pictures
If you’ve ever read a sales letter and got sucked in there’s a good chance
it’s because of a compelling story. One of the most common stories on sales
letters in the Internet Marketing niche is “I was broke, now I’m not – If I can
do it, you can too”
If I’m honest I don’t quite understand why stories are so powerful even
though I love going to movies which are stories. And I appreciate that much of
our ancient history, myth and legend are all stories passed down from
generation to generation until eventually they were written down.
Just accept stories create pictures in our minds and we’re wired to tune
in. When you come across stories, case studies examples, quotes or pictures
make sure to use them. They add value to your content, if they make
understanding it easier and put information into context.
To start with you simply need to cut and paste, move your information
—————————————————–Page 62—————————————————–
too. If people enjoy your product then they’re more likely to talk about it,
recommend it and buy future products you create.
Stories, examples and case studies enhance your text, motivate your
readers and make it different from the instruction manuals you’d expect with a
washing machine!
Step 4 – Summarize your chapter and give them help with the tough
One of the best bits of advice I ever read for article writing was as simple as
1.Tell them what you’re going to tell them (the introduction)
2.Tell them what you want to tell them (the body)
3.Tell them what you told them (the conclusion)
A summary at the end of your chapter is the perfect place to put everything
together, round it all and tie everything together as a neat little package. We
don’t have the best of memories so it’s also a great place to remind people of
the most important points and what to do next.
I learned (or learnt) from Jason Fladlien.
Add some coaching in your product. If you know your market and you
know their pains and frustration there’s a good chance you also know exactly
where they’re going to stumble.
For internet marketer’s the biggest problem is always taking action and
following through to the end. It’s why you have to remind them constantly to
take action, finish their products and not to get drawn away by shiny new
objects like a moth to a flame. That the money is in making progress.
Finish your chapters by picking some of the biggest stumbling blocks
they’re likely to overcome and reveal what they need to do to overcome those
What To Do If You ‘Can’t’ Write
“Write fearlessly, edit ruthlessly…”
It breaks the text up, makes it more enjoyable to read and memorable
– Source Unknown
don’t worry just open up your Word processor and get ready.
As you sit down to write your mind may well go blank.
You might sit there wondering where to start and what to do… relax,
—————————————————–Page 63—————————————————–
33 seconds and then just sit there…
… with nothing other than a screen in front of him until his mind got so
bored his mind would simply start to work.
Start to “write fearlessly” it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to
be grammatically correct… just write based on the notes you’ve made for that
chapter. Don’t think too much (you’re only tidying up the notes you’ve already
written out) and just start typing.
Minimize the amount of time thinking “What next” by sticking to your
step by step product structure.
Open your Word Document up, start writing and explaining why they
need to take this course of action, the run through the step-by-step guide and
finish up with a summary and overcome the stumbling blocks they’ll likely
Stick to a plan, a routine and a system that eliminates ‘thinking time’ and
lets you get on with taking action.
Legendary copywriter, Eugene Schwartz, set a timer for 33 minutes and
—————————————————–Page 64—————————————————–
“Writers write, actor’s act and fighters fight”
– Geoff Thompson
the next step is to start writing out your notes and creating your product.
With your niche chosen and your research done – now is the time to start
fleshing out your product. Simply start adding your information together…
start to write (video or record) ruthlessly… leave the editing until later… it will
only slow you down.
Get into the ‘zone’ it’ll take a moment or two and let the words start to
flow naturally. Don’t allow your concentration to break until your timer goes
off or you’ve completed your goals.
If you can complete your product in one day… GREAT!
If it takes a few days then keep writing, stay disciplined and stay
focused. Make a commitment to yourself to get it finished as quickly as
possible – stick a post-it note on your fridge, your mirror or the ceiling above
your bed.
Do whatever it takes to get your product finished.
Make a commitment to write a chapter a day per day (or if you’re aiming
for a 25 page report simply write 5 pages per day and it’ll be done in 5 days).
Have focus, have discipline and remember… writers write, actors act,
fighters fight and product creators… create products!
As a product creator and internet marketer I hope you appreciate that
—————————————————–Page 65—————————————————–
Edit Your Product – Ready, Fire, Aim!
Million in No Time Flat” it’s a good book and worth reading.
The majority of us see an opportunity, get ready, aim…aim some more…
keep aiming and by the time we’re ready to take action the opportunity (or
enthusiasm) has been and gone.
It’s definitely true that we all spend too much time thinking,
contemplating and then failing to hit the target or even pull the trigger. We all
need to think Ready, Fire, Aim.
For that reason a lot of very successful marketers out there will
confidently create a product in one sitting and then sell it, no editing and
minimal proof reading. I remember buying one for over $50 where one of the
chapters was half repeated later and even had some notes to his virtual
assistant still in it.
It bugged me a bit and it’s not my style but it highlights what I’m talking
about. Personally I think you owe it to your readers to have at least one proof
read of your product but just don’t waste too much time fussing.
Here’s how you edit your product.
Read it out loud and hear the words flow.
When you come across extra words and sentences that don’t make sense
or blocks of text that are just too big – edit them.
Be ruthless with your editing.
If you’ve really been writing fearlessly then there’s a very good chance
you’ve got too many this, that, like, if, but, what, when and other filling words
that do nothing. They’re the written equivalent to umm, ahh and errr.
Cut them out and make your sentences short, active and punchy.
Keep your paragraphs short and relevant.
I’m not author, no trained writer and I know my writing is FAR from
perfect but I also know that long sentences, long paragraphs and big blocks of
writing put people off.
I’d rather irritate a few with one line sentences than huge paragraphs!
Especially if you’re product is likely to be read on a computer screen.
Use your computer’s spell check and grammar check to iron out the
Michael Masterson wrote a book called “Ready, Fire, Aim – Zero to $100
—————————————————–Page 66—————————————————–
creases. If the odd their, there and they’re get mixed up… don’t fret.
You’re readers are paying for a solution not an English lesson.
Proof Read and Edit Once – Edit NOT Rewrite!
This is my Achilles heel and every time I create a product and go to edit
it I find myself ‘re-writing it’. If you find yourself doing this… STOP.
Accept that you’ll never be 100% happy with your product, you will
always want to change it and neither of those facts will stop it from selling.
The other day I read about this guy who’d finally finished his product
after a year working on it. A year! It’s probably perfect and I really hope it’s
good because if his first product – his market test –fails then that’s a whole
year down the drain.
Only after you have sold your product, only after you have received
feedback and you’re confident it’s worth the extra time and effort can you
improve it further. This is where you tell yourself “Ready, Fire, Aim!”
Package it up and get ready to start selling!
—————————————————–Page 67—————————————————–
First off… let me say that some really respectable internet marketers go
with their first take. They create the product and start selling immediately.
Personally, I recommend editing your report a day or so after you’ve
finished it – especially if you’ve started and finished the report in just one day.
If you edit it immediately you will fail to see mistakes because everything
is so fresh in your mind. The information you’ve compiled may read and sound
right to you but give it 24 hours and you’ll notice silly words and sentences
that don’t roll off the tongue too easy.They’ll even be parts that don’t make
Right now you’re trying to build yourself a loyal fan base who like your
information and want to buy from you again in the future. The very minimum
you owe them is to spell check and read through your product at least once.
1.Leave your product 24 hours before going back to edit it.
2.Read your work out loud and clearly –it’s amazing how you read
sentences in your head fine but they sound cumbersome and awkward
when reading them loud.
3.When you edit don’t start to re-write your product – good enough is
good enough – and big changes can wait for version 2.0
4.You will think of extra information and tangents as you edit your work.
Have a notepad to hand and jot these ideas down… they can become
upgrades to your work or give you ideas for brand new future
products to sell.
—————————————————–Page 68—————————————————–
Fonts & Formalities
product to make it sell or look professional. Let me give you an example:
One marketer once said to me “You should always have a professional photo of
you in your product. Not one with your girlfriend, wife, sitting at your desk or
whatever because they’re unprofessional”.
Here’s why that’s wrong.
Because it’s all about YOUR market and it’s all about testing and they are
(ultimately) interested in them – not you!
Some tests on sales letters discovered that pictures of you with a dog
increased sales! I don’t know why, it just did. If you got a picture of you and a
dog on your sales letter, why not use the same photo in your product? Saves
time, effort and procrastination!
I’d rather take action and creating a useable product you can sell first
and play around with later. That’s a lot better than worrying about finding a
professional photographer so you can stick a nice picture in your eBook!
The most important thing about your product is you want people to find
it easy and enjoyable to read.
Arguably the biggest factor here is the fonts you use and the layout of
your product.
Strangely enough it’s a component your readers are unlikely to notice.
What I mean is they may find it hard to read something or notice their
eyes are getting tired and not realized it’s because the font used was not
designed for a specific purpose like headlines, sign-writing or novelty.
Imagine reading this font! For a long period oF time… sucks right?!
More on that later so let’s start at the beginning of your product.
Table of Contents
It might sound obvious to include a table of contents but I’ve seen many
an eBook and real book without a table of contents. Ultimately it’s down to
you but I strongly recommend you provide one so your users can quickly skim
through your information.
Not only does it help them build a mental picture of what’s coming up in
the chapters ahead it’s also useful for speed readers who can digest the
It drives me crazy when people say you must do X,Y and Z to your
—————————————————–Page 69—————————————————–
information faster.
With a little bit of imagination you can give your chapters interesting
names (or write them like a “How to…” bullet point). This is a great way to
increase curiosity and encourage your buyers to actually read and enjoy your
Font Sizes and Styles
I don’t know where he gets his information from but Michael Campbell is
a master when it comes to techie stuff like this.
If your report is likely to be read on a computer it makes sense to use a
font designed to be read on a computer screen.
Try one of these three:
Trebuchet MS
When it comes to font size – 12 – is always a good option although you
can go bigger if your market is a little older. Of course your readers can
always zoom in if they’re reading on their computer screen although they may
prefer to print it out.
Picking the right font and the right size is probably the most important
thing you can do for your reader!
Headings, Sub-Headings and Body Text
It’s never a good idea to go ‘over the top’ with different font styles.
Again, three is the ‘magic number’, you can use one font for headlines,
one for sub-heads and one for the main body of your text. Once you start to
use more it starts to interfere with readability.
Keep your documents clear and clean – focus on content over style. One
of the reasons Thesis is such a popular WordPress Theme is because it allows
you to present you content very clearly… if your eye is not being drawn to the
text then it’s being drawn elsewhere. You product is the exact same.
One of the fonts I like using for headlines is Impact. It stands out really
well but isn’t good for creating a book with. If you do use Impact don’t use it
BOLD because the words start to blur together.
Author Introductions and Biographies
There are some internet marketers who always open with the same story
—————————————————–Page 70—————————————————–
of how they went from zero to hero online. When I know the marketer, have
bought several of their products and heard the story several times over – it
bores me to tears!
However I remember listening to a story by Terry Dean. He used to
always open seminars and products with ‘his’ story of how he went from Pizza
Delivery Driver to internet marketer. Then one day he stopped telling his story
and his income started to drop.
It might be boring, you might have buyers who already know who you
are… but you’ll also have people who don’t know who you are, need to be
inspired and need to know they should listen to you.
Opening with your story is a great way to bolster business, connect with
your market and brand yourself. If you’re going to use an author introduction
make sure to add a photo too (it’ll help your market remember you and put a
face to a name when you contact them again in the future).
Graphics, Pictures & Covers
Many products will have a front cover with either a graphic book cover or
a flat cover that has been designed to increase the perceived value and buyer
A little like professional PDF templates.
Flat covers are a nice complement to your product but second only to the
information inside it. Your buyers will only see your front cover after they’ve
bought the product and started to read it.
Graphics, pictures, headers, footers and eCovers are part of a bigger
overall picture based around testing what helps generate the most sales and
least refunds.
Once upon a time someone told me a picture of your digital product on a
squeeze page will increase conversions. The reason is simple. It creates the
feeling of a real product you can hold in your hands – like a book.
Squeeze Page Definition: A squeeze page is a lead capture
page designed to capture the personal details of your
visitors so you can contact them in the future. At the
very minimum this is usually an email address and can be
as much as your full name and postal address.
So I decided to test this and had one squeeze page with an image of my
special report and one without.
During tests the image actually lowered conversions of visitors to
subscribers. The image was bad for my business!
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I’ve also known product vendors talk how they had nice header and foot
graphics designed – not to increase conversions on a page – to please and
attract the affiliates who will send the traffic.
The header and footer reduced sales BUT it was worth it because they
got more affiliates and more traffic.
Ecovers often increase ‘perceived’ value of your product and make a
downloadable product look like lots of REAL material. That $97 course that
comes complete with 10 DVDs, 16 CDs and 5 manuals is actually just a bunch
of electrons saved on your computer.
It’s not a physical product, you don’t have anything delivered to your
front door and (for a time) it might feel like you’ve got ‘nothing’ for your
money. The images of the package on the sales page create a visual
impression that can stack the value and may help your sales.
Remember to think about your market and what they are likely to
respond best to. Some markets may not care about fancy stuff while others
may crave it.
Remember this all comes second to creating your product and is
something that can always be added later!
Promote Products Inside Your Product
Create a product littered with affiliate links and you’ll alienate your
readers. Create a product which references useful tools and sources of
information that is relevant and you’ll do just fine.
The websites, products and services you refer to should enhance the
experience and complement your product.
Better than promoting other people’s products is promoting your own. If
someone bought your product and they’re happy with your product then you’ve
become a trusted source of information. It’s better to promote your own stuff
(not just for profitability) and easier to sell to a happy buyer.
If you promote someone else – well your buyer now has to start a NEW
relationship –may be cynical and ‘not sure’ to start with. That’s a slight
barrier to making the sale.
Plus you’ve just added your buyer to someone else’s buyer list and now
you have to compete with that person for your buyers attention!
How do you promote your other products? Easy!
A full-page advert before your content and at the end of your content is a
good place to put these adverts. Since you know your market well you should
—————————————————–Page 72—————————————————–
create adverts that complement the product they’ve bought and is well suited
to the market.
Jimmy D. Brown does this exceptionally well in his infoproducts. If
you’ve created a product on anger management then you could promote your
8 week membership course – highlighting all the benefits – at the beginning
and end of your anger management product.
This is a great way to provide more value and a better service to your
customer as well as making more money per buyer.
Did You Know: Last time I looked there was an anger
management membership site on Clickbank? There’s a niche
for you and a desperate one because anger gets a lot of
adults and children into a lot of trouble.
Another good place to promote your other products is using a short line
of text that draws the eye and generates curiosity in the footer of each page.
All you need to do is create a captivating line that builds curiosity and
include a link in your footer.
Add Text Boxes, Indents, Bullets, Bolding and Italics!
While I’ve already talked about using three different font styles or
heading sizes to create your report… at the end of the day it’s YOURS so you
can do what you want. Just make sure it’s always easily readable.
A nice way to add to your report is with text-boxes, indents and quotes.
These make elements of your text stand out from the main body of your
I’ve used a few within the chapters in addition to some short lists and
bullet points to make information a little easier to read, break up the text and
hopefully make it easier on the eye.
Unfortunately this isn’t something you can test –it’s an individual ‘thing’
– you have to gauge for yourself based on what you like to read and how you
like information laid out.
Different ways you can highlight and improve your information
1.Add a list and use bullet points.
2.Include text boxes (these are called Johnson boxes on sales pages) and
add colour to them.
3.Use italics, bold or underline – be careful not to overdo it – otherwise
your readers will simply switch off to them and they’ll lose their effect.
4.Indent your text and change to another font style.
5.Include quotes and put them in italics, centre the quote and make sure
to add the person who said it.
—————————————————–Page 73—————————————————–
Don’t forget to use examples, definitions, case studies, proof, references,
quotes and stories to improve readability. These are all examples of items you
can add in text boxes or indent and change the font. They’ll improve
readability and make your work different.
How to Create a PDF
Not all Word programs are created equal! From what I can gather many
of the newer versions all have the ability to select “Save As” then select PDF
and your computer. Make sure you always keep a .doc format you can edit
and PDF version you can package as part of your product.
Open Office is a free alternative you can use to “Export” your files as
PDF. Again make sure to keep your files as an .odt (specific to Open Office), I
recommend saving a .doc file you can use with Microsoft Word and the .pdf file
you’ve just created.
There are other free pdf creators out there including Cute PDF. You can
download it for free and install in on your computer. Using Cute PDF you have
to select “Print” and instead of choosing your printer you choose “Cute PDF”. It
converts your document to a pdf format and asks you where to save it.
There are free online pdf converters you can use. These can distort the
layout of your document so make sure to check the formatting and layout
Professional PDF Templates
As time goes on and you want to brand yourself, stand out from the
crowd. Increase the perceived quality of your product and buyer satisfaction.
In the words of Brad Gosse –“People want things presented to them
nicely. Otherwise the iPod would be a black box with a headphone jack.”
Nothing to worry about right now – just something to consider when your
product is selling and you’ve seeing results.
There’s an example of PDF templates here at the Warrior Forum for
Internet Marketers – read the post and click on the link with the two PDF
examples: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-
Now it’s time to sell your products. If you want to know
how to do it step-by-step you’ll need the Profit Magnet
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