Extreme Viral Blogging Blueprint

Extreme Viral Blogging Blueprint
I have recently added this one element to my site and it has caused my site to
absolutely TAKE OFF in terms of how much traffic it is getting.

But when you
combine the original product with this one method, your traffic can
potentially double! And the best part is this method is really easy to
All the information
in the world is pointless without action.

Alright, alirght.
I know you guys are anxious to dive in so let’s get started
shall we?
The Power of Weekly Giveaway
I really don’t know why I didn’t think about doing this sooner, but there is a
lot of power in having weekly giveaways.
Or heck, if you are really
ambitious you can even do a “giveaway of the day”.

For example purposes, let’s say you give away a new product every week
(that is what I do).
Basically each week you will find a new PLR product for
really cheap that is relevant to your niche.

You will then add a new section to your website called “giveaway of the
This page will show a picture of this weeks product and a short
description of it.

However, instead of someone paying for it with actual money, they “pay” for
it by either tweeting out your website or sharing your website on Facebook.

When this happens, they will then be able to download the giveaway of the
week, and since they shared your site you will get even more visitors, and
those visitors will share your site, so on and forth.

It is a VERY powerful strategy when done right, and the best part is there is
an awesome tool that can automate this for you.

Seriously guys, I am not joking when I say you can increase your traffic by
1,000% when you apply this technique, so don’t take it lightly.

Now before you get started, it is important you have your blog the set up
the way we talked about in the main guide and a couple PLR ebooks to
give away.
You only have to give 1 away per week, so finding just 4 of
them is good enough for the first month.

If you aren’t sure where to get PLR content, my two favorite places are
com and http://ExclusiveNiches.
Now just create a Giveaway of The Week page on your website and put a
link to it on your Navigation Menu.

Here is what it looks like in my Nav Menu:
Don’t worry about actually filling that page up with content yet, we will get to
that in a bit.
For now I just wanted to make sure you have the page ready to
go and in your Nav Menu.

Once you have that set up, it’s time to talk about how to automate this
Meet Cloudflood: Your New Best Friend
CloudFlood is a website that you can go to that will generate a button for
you that you can put on your site which will unlock a your giveaway in
return for a Tweet or Facebook Share.

When you go to that site, here is what you will need to fill out:
Here’s what you need to fill out for each section:
Name of Freebie: Whatever your PLR product is called
Direct Link To Freebie: Upload your ebook to your website and then
provide the exact link it’s on.

Message That Will Be Tweeted/ FB Shared: This is very important.
is what the user need to tweet out or share on Facebook in order to
download your Giveaway of The Week.
I am in the internet marketing
niche and I want everyone who see’s that Tweet or Facebook Share to go
to my home page.
So this is what mine say “This is an awesome blog I
found today that shows you how to make $100/day from scratch.
Check it
out at http://Your-Site.
Be creative with this.
It’s important your text
says something that will make others actually want to click through to your

Your URL: This is where you want the traffic to go.
Like I said I want them
going to my homepage so I just link to my homepage.
However, it’s best if
you use a URL shortener like bit.
So head over to bit.
ly and create a
shortened URL of the page you want to take them to and leave your bit.
link in there.

Now just choose the color of your button or design your own if you want.

Then enter the crazy code that takes 500 attempts to figure out and click
“Create Button”
Here’s what mine looks like when it’s finished:
Once you click the “Create Button” link it will generate a code for you.

That’s the code you will place on your website so go ahead and open a
Notepad document or something and paste that code in there.
Here’s what
it should look like:
Now that you have your code, it’s time to move onto creating your
Giveaway page.

Making An Awesome Giveaway Page
You want to keep this page as simple as possible.
I like to include the
name of the Giveaway product, A short description of what it’s about,
instructions on how to download it (VERY IMPORTANT) a picture of the
product, and then the button so they can “pay with a share”.
You can also
add a “countdown” timer so they can see how much time they have left to
download it.
This might sound silly but trust me, putting that timer in there
really does help!
Here’s what my page looks like, feel free to create a very similar type of
page for yourself.
Sorry it is really small, I had to keep zooming out to make
it fit the whole screen ;).

And that’s it!!
Once you get that page on your site, that’s all you need to do.
Traffic will
come to your site using the methods in the main guide, then they will see
the “Giveaway of the Week” page in your Nav Menu and click on it, then
share it to get their free gift and you will get an EXPLOSION of free traffic
almost instantly.
I know this method sounds simple, and that’s because it is!
However, just because it is simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
Having a
giveaway on your site where people can pay for it with either a “tweet” or a
facebook share is incredibly powerful.

And the best part about this is once you get it all set up there really isn’t
much additional work.
All you need to do is change the giveaway once per
week but that takes no more than 10 minutes.
I don’t know about you but I
don’t mind sacrificing 10 minutes of my week to basically double my traffic

Remember, take action on this.
I don’t want this to be another method you
learn about and then don’t apply!
And as always, if you ever need to contact me for any reason at all, you
can reach me at my support desk here: