lickBank Formula 3.0

ClickBank Formula 3.0

ClickBank Sneaky Cash
I’m writing this report sharing the method which most of the successful marketers are doing it to generate steady income with ClickBank and the beauty of this strategy the simplicity of it 
Through this simple report I’m going to carry you over my shoulders and show you in simple steps how you could generate you first commission with clickbank if you never made a single one or if you made one then, this will double your income super quick.
I want to draw your kind attention at this point; this tactic has nothing to do with KEYWORD RESEARCH. This is one of the headache parts when it comes to making money with clickbank and building any niche site and this method also has nothing to do with Google Panda updates! I’ll show you how through this report and I’m sure you will be happy 😉
Basically, we are going to build a snipers blog targeting the upcoming products two weeks ahead minimum, and create commissions from these blogs and building fresh hot buyers list, so we can promote to them other products wither our own products or other affiliates products to earn commissions or even to expand our list through solo ads swap and I’ll elaborate on steps through this report.
Well, I think this is enough introduction let’s move to the point … Good Luck!
Step 1:-
In this step we need to look for an upcoming lunch so our blog will target this product in other meaning we are going to build the whole process targeting one product so the best place I usually refer to is called .
As you can see there are punch upcoming launches our aim is to target a product which will be launching two weeks ahead from the current day in your case you
will have to find a product two weeks later from the date you are reading this report.
Now when you see VIP NEW HOT = that’s mean the JV Invite page is available which you will find your affiliate link on that page and now a days they will ask you to enter your name and email address make sure to type your good email address and that’s because those marketers sometimes they will send you private invitation to promote their upcoming product which might not be listed on JV sites so this will give you A+ point as your competitors will be 1%-4% because this is considered as hidden launch 😉
And when you see VIP HOT NA= that’s mean the marketer has already reserved or locked that date for his product launch but his JV page is not yet been created.
Well, as example I’m going to promote Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 which will be launch in 16th Oct. then I clicked over JV and I’ve been redirected to the JV page invitation of the product as you can see below
I’ve marked some important links you have to go through it you have to Register and also you just have to get some idea about who will be on the leader boards and that will give more idea about how strong this JV is going to be , because the more internet marketer famous names are there the more searches and queries’ will be there because each marketer has good thousands of people in his list to promote his product to them or lunches like the one which we are promoting now so the people in that particular list they will go to Google and type some key phrases related to the product to get more information about it and then the winner who will be his blog ranked #1 on Google’s page 😉
If we go through JV page, it has contained some information about the product so we can use it later to build our SNIPER BLOG and also to PACKAGE our BONUS as it has to be related to the product! DON’T WORRY I’ll show you how to do that! 😉
Now let’s move to step 2…
In this step we are going to reserve a domain name now I’ll not say that the free sub-domains such as blogspot,wordpress …etc it doesn’t work but when you have your own domain for example is better than having a subdomain like : because Google will give priority to the first option in other hand you will be having the full control of your blog .
My favorite place I go for it when it comes to domain selection is Godaddy
When I personally go for selecting domain name I get the best results when I select domain name that contains the keywords of the product and in our case we are going to promote Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 so the suggested names might be like:-
Now I hope you got the point; as it doesn’t make sense to select your name as a domain name and promote this product?!!
After you find the suitable domain you have to go for registration and before the final step in your right hand the will ask you to enter a promo code to get a discount of your purchase so all you have to do is to go to and type this: godaddy promo code 2012 – and then you will find some options you go through it and try to enter the promo coupon code most of the times you $3 discount not bad at all I believe 😉
If you don’t know how to reserve domain from Godaddy then, you can watch this quick tutorial after you do this step you need to host this domain I use HostGator, so what you have to do is to host your domain with hostgator and hostgator has got the same promo code option which you can Google it as most of the time you can host your first month for only 0.01$ cent!!!
You will have to click over webhosting and then you will be redirected to this page…
I would recommend you that to go with Baby Plan as you can host unlimited domain with monthly fees of $6.36 monthly. Click on order now…
If you didn’t choose to register your domain with Godaddy then you can do the full setup through hostgater by selecting option #1 or if you have pre-registered your domain with godaddy then you have to choose option #2 and don’t forget to
add your coupon code after you Google it in the designated place as marked above and then continue to the following steps of your registration process then you will be receiving an email from HostGator with your account info all you have to do is copy the servers names of HostGator and login into your Godaddy account manage your domain and set the name server then you will enter Hostgator servers names and then go to hostgator and add your domain name via your hostgators’ Cpanel.
I think I’ve gone in detailed info in this step if you feel you can’t make it then email me and I’ll be ready for your assistance. 
Then you will have to setup your WordPress blog in ONE CLICK! All you have to do is to click over Fantastico
Then you will be redirected to this page …
Click over WordPress and then install your blog complete the rest steps.
You should be able to sign in as per your selected Username and Password which you have selected at the time of installation of your WordPress and to login to your blog you will have to go to the link then the first thing you’ll have to do is to update whatever updates required which will appear automatically in your Dashboard.
Click over Plugin >Add New as you will have to install these important plugins as it’s going to help us with our SEO “Search Engine Optimization” then search for those plugins Install and then activate.
1. All In SEO Pack
2. Blogger High SEO
3. Contact Form 7
4. Pretty Link Lite
5. Text Expander
6. TinyMCE Advanced
These are all the required plugins as of now. Now click on Settings >Permalink then type is code /%category%/%postname%/
Then click Save Changes. Click over All in One SEO now here you will have to be creative and use your maximum skills to write eyes capturing titles, descriptions in order to get more visitors flow to your site however, what I do sometimes is go to Google and find some old launched products and go through the Titles and Descriptions of those competitors’ sites and I can reword or write the same as the main keyword which it’s the product name will be different that’s will be fine 😉
So here are some keywords I always use it keep in mind that our main keyword is the product name and in our case it’s Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 so here are the keywords…
Kindle cash flow 2.0 review
Kindle cash flow 2.0 bonus
Kindle cash flow 2.0 scam
Kindle cash flow 2.0 download
Kindle cash flow 2.0 video
Kindle cash flow 2.0 purchase
Kindle cash flow 2.0
Kindle cash flow 2.0 Ty Cohen + Sean McAlister
Kindle cash flow 2.0 order
So these were the keywords which I’m using to promote a specific pre-launch product. Then tick the options below…
Then click Update Options.
Click TinyMCE Advanced and here are the options which I do use
Then click Save Changes.
Step #5:- Theme Selection
I personally use Thesis and some marketers recommended using Socrates Theme but it’s up to you.
Step #6:- Post Creation
Click on post > add new and then create your first post have a look at one of my sniper blogs to have an idea then go to search for an article related to the topic of the product and then copy it put before you copy it type this code on the post page
[EXPAND .] past your article here and then close the code [/EXPAND] now you have to amend few lines to match our keyword . When you click review post you will not find this article appear because we just post it as hidden by inserting the above code for sake of SEO but you will find it as small dot if you focus you can catch it. You will have to take care of main things because it’s playing a major role to rank our sniper blog higher on Google.
1- H1 tag e.g Kindle Cash Flow 2.0
2- H2 tag e.g What Is My Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 Review About?
3- H3 tag e.g Is My Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 Review a Scam?
4- H4 tag e.g Who are Ty Cohen and Sean McAlister
5- You should have BOLD keyword e.g Kindle Cash Flow 2.0
6- You should have an italic keyword Kindle Cash Flow 2.0
7- You should have an underlined keyword e.g Kindle Cash Flow 2.0
Repeat the step by selecting different article and post it this time on the newly create PAGE not Post!
On each post you have to write separate title and description and insure to write catchy ones to drive more traffic to your sniper blog. Use the previous hint go through old sites for old launches through Google and get some ideas about how people they write their own nice Titles and Descriptions.
Till here if you feel you are confused or you need any further assistance then, please don’t hesitate to reach me on my email noted at the end of this report. 
Step #7:- Packaging Your BONUS
Well, if you put yourself in buyer’s shoes you will need to have strong reason to order through that affiliate link! Let’s think for a moment if the visitor landed on one blog has effective review only and he visited other blog where he found review about the product even if the review wasn’t that perfect but he has got great bonuses that worth more money than what he invested which one you think he will go with?!
Absolutely… he will go with the one which has got bonuses and there are two main factor keys you have to take it in your consideration when it comes to packaging your bonus:-
1- It’s related to the product in our example case we are promoting Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 so you will have to find a bonus product related to kindle.
2- Make sure the bonus is not crap or containing some old information, the buyer is too smart so you will have to find a bonus that really worth it.
There are many places to get your bonuses from but first let me list for you what type of bonuses that you can have on your site:-
– It could be a recorded webinar.
– Software
– E-book
– Video training serious
– PLR ” Private Lable Right”
– MRR “Master Resell Right”
All these you will find it at very cheap price through the below websites:-
And more you can find if type in Google’s search box PLR product or MRR product.
Have a look at one of my sniper blog bonus page how I do instructed my bonus page 😉
By now you should have setup your Home page, Review Page, Bonus Page the remaining are two pages which are Privacy policy and Contact me page.
Well, for privacy policy you can copy mine just do little change and substitute my email address with yours and you can find the privacy policy on my sniper blog .
To create contact me page you have got installed the plugin earlier called contact form 7, now go to Contact you will find it on Dashboard menu
Then you will find this page …
Click on contact form 1, then you will be redirected to the page below…
Copy the highlighted text and pasted on your new page name the new page Contact, then click publish.
Now, we will have to install one more plugin, go to Plugin > add new and then search for plugin name Google Sitemap XML and install it.
Go to Settings then Sitemap XML and then click build sitemap.
You can even scale up this process by building fresh list if you want to and that by installing a plugin called PopUp Domination 3.0 you can buy it
from for only $5 here is simple video tutorial about this plugin how great it is.
To increase your conversion even more effectively, I would recommend to you that to Install exit splash
Moving to the next part the more critical part of this process…
Step #8:- Backlinks Building
It’s now the time to rank our sniper blog and get on Google’s first page by building backlinks to our site as when Google see that our blog has got many links pointing to it especially those links are coming form an authority sites then Google will rank our site super high.
There are various ways to do this step by installing software like Senuke, Sick Submitter, Magic Article submitter or you can ask someone to do it for you for only $5 and get quality backlinks to your site I’m very lazy and I don’t have problem to invest $5 to get my work done! You know what! No matter how active you are but there are lots of professional who will finish this job in a record time.
If you are interested to invest $5 to get quality backlinks then my source for that is call you can type on search box backlink building and then go through the services and select your one.
Hint! I prefer to use Senuke service provider so I get better results.
Another place you can go visit is Warrior Forum you can find some people out there to get your work done but it will be more costly but the service worth it.
I would recommend that to sign up for Google analytics and install your tracking code as a widget script to track your traffic and to get detailed information about traffic such as where are they coming, countries…etc
Then drag to the sidebar the below widget and past your Google analytics Code.
Step #9:- YouTube Traffic
You can create a quick clip you can use Animoto or windows movie maker all you have to do is to gather 6 to 7 images about the product add it to the application which you are going to use to create your clip then upload it to YouTube make sure when you write your Title and description it contains the main keyword which it the product name with call to action and also add your site link in your video description.
This method does really work and here is proof for one of my sniper blogs ranked #1 on Google 
This was little sneaky way to collect some quick commissions from Clickbank and I hope this report was good enough for you to understand the concept of this strategy.
All you have to do now is put in action what you have learned here and I wish to you all the best.
If you feel you missed some point or you are confused at some point, please do not hesitate to reach me on my email
To your continuous success
The Rich Mama

ClickBank Domination

ClickBank Domination

Terms and Conditions
Ok here is the page of boring legal terms that you have to pretend like you’re reading. Once you finish pretending to read everything, dive into this report!
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional. In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly.
This material is not for resell, nor can this be reprinted or copied under the name of another individual. You have no rights to sell this material elsewhere. It is intended for your eyes only. This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting and finance fields.
This book is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Copyright © 2015 The ClickBank Domination. All rights reserved Worldwide. We encourage you to print out this book for easy reading and note taking. ©
Let’s get straight to the business Without wasting our time. After all time is money right…
So here is what you will be learning in this book…
1) How to find highly converting offers on ClickBank in merely minutes.
2) How to set up Your Bing ads account.
3) How to make use of affiliate resources section to make your campaigns even faster
4) How to set up a complete profitable Bing campaign for a particular ClickBank product.
5) How to research highly profitable keywords in under one minute.
6) Tool that I personally use to multiply the number of keywords generated.
This will literally fast track your success when it comes to making money online. This is very fast model that works. So let’s just dive into it right away.
Firstly you need to create a account. For those of you who don’t know, it is free to create.
Step 1: Choosing A Right Offer To Promote
Simply follow the steps below
Go to which is the best website to find out highly converting offers on ClickBank.
After clicking Browse button, you will find that there will be a number of categories displayed on the screen. You can choose
any category that you are interested in but since health offers are highly converting, I will pick up health category. Click the health link which you will find after scrolling down a bit.
Then go ahead and click on the averages section on the top right corner. This is very crucial step as this let you know about the various parameters required to judge the competition.
Immediately after clicking averages, the below screen will pop up and then you will need to click on gravity. Remember this is a very crucial factor for you to decide which product you should pick and what not. The gravity indicates how many sales the particular product has made for last week. The higher the gravity, the higher the sales the product is having and the higher is the competition because there are a lot of affiliates promoting that product.
What I recommend is that you choose the gravity below 60 and this work really well for you.
In this case we will choose the below circled product.
Once we click on that product we will be taken to the page below and then on the right side you will find the information about the affiliate resources. Take that web address and open in your another browser.
Once you open the affiliate resources website, you will find some resources for your PPC campaigns. You can straightaway take this info as this will help you to create your Bing ad.
Once you have that resources, you come back to the cbengine product page from where you took the affiliate resources info. When you scroll down, you will see that Get affiliate link section. Just click it.
Simply fill in the information and then grab your affiliate link.
Now that since we have obtained that the affiliate link. Now is the time for generating keywords for our campaigns. For this we will be using Google keyword planner. Head over to it and click on the section shown below.
Then type in your main keyword which in this case is how to grow taller. Make sure you select country united states and then click on get ideas.

You will see a lot of keywords coming up. No here is the job, you have to go through first 5-10 pages and remove negative keywords. Means you will delete those keywords which are irrelevant to campaign. Then download the keywords on google drive.
Copy all the keywords and then head over to where you click on section mentioned below and then paste your keywords.
After pasting the keywords, just click on below mentioned section to generate exact and phrase match keywords as well.
Copy all this data and save for using in Bing campaign.
Now go to and create your free account. Then once your panel is opened, click on create campaign section.
Give a name to your campaign. Make sure in daily budget option you select accelerated mode. Then follow the red circles down shown in picture. Make sure you select these options.
While creating a copy make sure you make full use of the affiliate resources you got. And do not simply copy the Ad title and description. Just for training purpose I have used the exact but you have to tweak it a bit.
Remember we copied the keywords from jumbo keyword planner. So here is exactly where we will paste that.

Remember that there is a rule that I have for myself. Whenever you put a search bid always keep the price 1% of what commission you will get after a product is sold. It works very well. So in this case I have just written 0.30 but you have to check what commission you are getting. For content bid just keep it standard for 0.15
Once you have saved the above. Then click on keywords section on top right. There you will see all the keywords you have put in your campaign. The Bing automatically set the bid prices on those keywords so you will have to change that.

To change the bid prices, just select all the keywords.
After you select keywords, click on edit and then change current bids. Don’t put any value there and just click save, it will automatically set all bids to your set bid while creating your campaign.

Now campaign is ready. To make sure it is enabled, just click on campaigns and then see that green icon which shows you are ready to go.
Important: Make sure that you monitor your campaign frequently and keep eliminating the keywords that are not generating any clicks. You must spend some time every day and keep tweaking the campaigns.
How to Double and Triple Your Income within Days
Alright guys so till now we were talking about the direct linking methods with Bing ads where you direct link your click bank offer with Bing ads. This is the easiest way to get started on Bing and make some money.
But now I will tell you something which will not only make you money upfront but it will also provide you long term income and in fact will double or triple your income.
Yes so here is a breakdown of what you have to do:
1) Create a Squeeze Page. You can copy high converting designs to get max conversions.
2) Attach a Lead magnet to that squeeze page. Can be an eBook or Video presentation etc.
3) Get the subscribers and direct them to your Click bank offer or simply get them to your thank you page where you have multiple offers to promote.
4) Many times it happens that the customer doesn’t buy the stuff at one time and so you will have to keep reminding them about the product. So when you have them as your subscribers then you can follow up with them. So now you have chance to promote them over and over again thereby maximizing your profits.
Bing Traffic
Squeeze Page
Thank You Page
This information provided to you is truly actionable and 100% results driven if you take action. But I still know that a lot of people are having questions in their mind for ex:
1) I don’t know how to create a squeeze page.
2) I don’t how can I create a lead magnet.
3) What if I don’t get results in spite of doing all in this training?
4) I don’t have much money to spend on Bing traffic.
5) How would I know which keywords are actually driving me sales? (Biggest question in many marketer’s mind)
But Wait a Second!
What if I say I don’t want you to give any excuse and so I have decided to do most of the work for you. So you will have to only plug and play…
Look what I am providing you to solve all the above problems you are having between you and your financial success. Click here to know what I have for you that will make it super easy for you to get started as soon as within an hour from now. And you won’t have to spend even a dollar of your own.
>>>Check it out here<<<
Note: Now there is nothing better than if someone take you by hand and show you how you can accelerate your business. If you want watch over the shoulder training on Bing advertisement then we highly recommend that you get our One Time Offer.
We look forward to hearing about your accelerated success via all of your PPC campaigns.
We wish you nothing but complete success and look forward to seeing you at the top.
Kash Khullar Sudesh Gamage Alex Langidis
P.S. If you’d like to expand your online marketing results, scale your online business up to the next level, and receiving group Skype coaching and business acceleration calls then – Contact Us fill out a brief application for a FREE Business Acceleration Session. You Can reach Out To us At

Video Marketing Game Plan

Video Marketing Game Plan
Legal Notice
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, neither the Author nor
the Publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject
matter herein.
This publication is not intended for use as a source of legal or accounting advice. The Publisher wants to
stress that the information contained herein may be subject to varying state and/or local laws or
regulations. All users are advised to retain competent counsel to determine what state and/or local laws or
regulations may apply to the user’s particular business.
The Purchaser or Reader of this publication assumes responsibility for the use of these materials and
information. Adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, federal, state, and local, governing
professional licensing, business practices, advertising, and all other aspects of doing business in the
United States or any other jurisdiction is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser or Reader.
The Author and Publisher assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of any Purchaser
or Reader of these materials.
Any perceived slights of specific people or organizations are unintentional.
Video Marketing Starter Tools 8
Types of Videos 13
Specificity Is Key 16
An Active Niche 17
Is The Niche Profitable? 18
Pick A Niche That You Like 19
Understanding Your Audience 19
What Is The Most Popular Niche 20
The Giveaway 22
The Sueeze Page 27
What You Need 32
Google Adwords 51
5 Simple Steps to Create Google Adwords Campaign 55
Ad Rank in Google Adwords 59
Content of Follow-Up Emails 64
Affiliate Offers 67
Chapter 1:
Video Marketing Game Plan
Video marketing has become one of the highest rising and most
popular traffic generations. You’ve made the right decision in investing
in this course where you’ll learn how to get torrents of traffic in just a
few easy steps.
Video Marketing Game Plan is the key to your marketing success. With
it, you will find out how to grow your mailing list, generate massive
traffic to your website, increase the conversion and purchase rate, of
course, so much more.
The best part of video marketing is you can achieve all these by
broadcasting a short video that is not that hard to produce and get a lot
of free traffic from a simple video. I am going to lead you through these
amazing traffic-generating techniques throughout this book.
I believe that most of you had the experience of watching a sales video
in a sales page, or in other social media platforms. And you know how
powerful it is to have videos to do the selling, because nowadays, a
500-word sales letter just doesn’t cut it anymore. Now, we use a 1 to 2-
minute videos instead.
Here’s how powerful videos are as a communication tool:
– YouTube has more than 1 billion users all over the world.
– Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on
YouTube and generate billions of views.
– The numbers of hours people are watching on YouTube each
month is up 50% year over year.
– 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
You can see how powerful it is to have your own videos for marketing
purposes. This is the trend now. People are switching from reading to
watching instead. Without further ado, let’s move on to the course.
Why is Video Marketing the Right Way to Go?
So now we gather that video marketing is hot and it is the ideal time to
take advantage of this fast growing advertising medium. But why is
video marketing the best option to market your products?
Video is the best approach because the average attention span of a
web user today is measured by seconds. As I’ve mentioned, people
nowadays are used to have instant access; they want things to be fast.
Visuals always work better than text in this case.
There are tons of information out there on the Internet and many of
which cause the users to have an information overload. If you could
summarize a 3-page website into a 2-minute video, definitely people
would choose to watch it. Why tell when you can show? Users have
the tendency to browse and skip through information.
However, if you are able to engage the users and present your
information in visual form, then you’re a huge step ahead. People
would prefer to watch a short video instead of reading a long text.
Furthermore, visuals create an experience to the audience if compared
to text. People could actually imagine and realize that what your
information is about. For instance, if you were to sell a product online,
instead of telling them in words, you can tell them by showing them
exactly how the product will be like in the video.
This way, the people wouldn’t have to put in much effort in grasping
your messages.
Video Marketing Starter Tools
So, now that you already know the reason why you need a video for
your marketing. The next step is to prepare the necessary tools. Here’s
a list of things that you need to prepare.
#1: Niche
This is especially for newbies – find a niche for your business.
Choosing a suitable niche is the utmost important task you should do
before anything else. Some of you may be in the business long
enough, but let us revise a bit on the niche research.
One of the criteria of niche is that it must be an active niche. The
reason you need to choose an active one is because the chances that
you are going to get active buyers from it is obviously higher when the
niche is highly active. Almost every single marketer would tell you that
growing a list of active buyers is better than getting a long list of
passive subscribers.
Moving on, you must have a targeted niche – more specific niche. It
would be a bad idea to get a general niche. There are many reasons
for this. One of them is that the market is huge, so you’ll face large
competitors from all over the world. Another reason is so that you’ll
know who to target.
You’d want a specific target audience who demand a specific thing.
What you can do is find a specific, targeted niche, such as Internet
marketing niche. This can be said an evergreen niche that could will
remain significant for a long, long time. This way, when you are
creating product for this niche, you can focus on any Internet
marketing-related topics.
Now, you may be wondering how to find the suitable niche to start your
business, and how to ensure the status of a niche, whether it is an
active or a passive niche. You can start with joining the Facebook
groups. Search for keywords in Facebook, you can see that some
groups show up in the results.
Some of them may be a closed group. Send them a request to join
their group. Do not hesitate to join them. These groupswill be the key
for you to understand and connect with your niche.
One way to build the relationship with them is by demonstrating your
value to them, by promoting their launch first. This is how you win their
trust and establish credibility. Especially when you are new to the
business, always provide value FIRST.
#2: AutoResponder
Next thing you need to prepare is an AutoResponder account. An
AutoResponder is basically an online service that manages your
mailing list. Instead of mailing out to the subscribers one by one
manually, you can do it all at once. The software is a huge time saver
that saves you a lot of work and time for other important tasks.
You can simply upload your mailing list to the AutoResponder, and
then the emails that you want to mail out to them. It will then take care
of the rest for you. Isn’t this amazing? If you have a series of emails
lining up to send, you can even schedule the dates you want to mail
out to them.
The recommended AutoResponder are Aweber and GetResponse.
#3: Squeeze Page
After you’ve created an AutoResponder account, you’ll need a
squeeze page or landing page now. A squeeze page is basically there
to collect the emails of the visitors, and grow your mailing list.
As you already know that building a list is very, very critical to the
success of any business, regardless an online or offline one. So, a
squeeze page is definitely a must.
A squeeze page must be straight to the point, simple and looks great.
The only thing you need to include in the squeeze page is the opt-in
form for them to fill in their name and email address, and the features
and benefits.
In addition, if you are going to offer them a free product as return of
their subscription, you can mention about it in the squeeze page as
well. I am going to talk about free products later.
In your squeeze page, do not make them read too much. You should
make their focus on the opt-in of their email address. Some squeeze
pages require a 2-step opt-in, but from my own experience, a simple
opt-in in the main page will bring the same result.
A small reminder here, remember to ensure the opt-in form is
connected to your AutoResponder. If you do not link the opt-in form to
the AutoResponder, you will not get the email address from them.
Hence, the traffic would be wasted.
#4: Free Report
As mentioned just now, you can offer a free product in your squeeze
page. When you offer a free product, you make them more tempted to
subscribe to you. The free report can be in any form, to give them
basic information on what your product is.
For instance, if you were to offer them the lead generation course in
your one-time offer page later, you can offer them a free report on 20
Reasons To Have Your Own Leads. This would give them an idea on
what it is all about after they’ve subscribed to your newsletters.
The visitors will get the free report with access to the collection of
powerful Internet business tips, updates and articles simply by
subscribing to you. Remember, this offer is a free offer. You can’t lose.
Your free report could be in any of these forms:
– E-book
– Video courses
– Report or case studies
– Software, or
– PLR products
#5: Download Page
Right after they’ve opt-in their email address, you’ll lead them to the
download page to get their free report. This is really important. You
need to be sure that the product gets delivered to them. If you make a
mistake here and create a bad impression, the follow-up emails you’ll
send to them later will be ineffective.
The download page can be in 3 forms:
– Attach download link in email, send through the first email
– One-time-offer page, which I highly recommend
– Through a Thank You page
If you are choosing the first method, you can send them the link via
email. Once they’ve clicked on the subscribe button, they’ll receive an
email from you with the attach link to download the product.
The content of the email can be a simple one. It can be just to express
appreciation to them for their subscription to your newsletters, and
along with a link for them to download their free product.
The second method is a highly recommended way to send them their
download link. You are going to offer them another product with special
discounts just for the subscribers. Remember, to make the one-time
offer irresistible by implementing the scarcity factor, which will create
the sense of urgent.
Thirdly, simply direct them to a thank you page with a download link
attached in the page. I am going to explain more on this later in
another chapter.
#6: Generate Traffic with Videos
This would be the core of the whole course – generating massive
traffic through your videos. The higher rank of your video, the higher
chance it can bring you organic traffic. An organic traffic is a massive
number of free traffic generated through the video itself without you
paying a single cent.
Isn’t this exciting? Of course, there are many other ways to generate
traffic to a website. But in this course, I am going to talk about video
marketing only.
In a worst-case scenario where your video couldn’t bring much organic
traffic to your site, you’ll need to spend a little bit money on buying ads
from YouTube or Facebook. You’ll be shown the steps to create an
advertising campaign and set up your budget in their respective
Types of Videos
Before you start your production, the first thing that you should do is to
decide on the type of video that you want to create. There are several
types of videos you can consider:
– Screencast / Video screen capture
– PowerPoint / Keynote slides
– Talking Head
– Interviews
– Livestream/ Webcast
– Animation
The first one is screencast, or video screen capture. It can be used
to demonstrate a product of tutorial. You can do this by recording your
screen of the product and narrating at the same time about your offer.
This is one way you can do with screencast.
Other than introduce and demonstration, you can make it an on-screen
tutorial as well, where you walk the audience through a series of
videos on how to use a particular product or training. This type of video
is very effective for training purpose, because users will be able to
watch the video’s step-by-step activities on screen.
The recommended software to use for the video screen capture is
Second type of video is PowerPoint or Keynote slides. Basically
you’ll deliver your message to your viewers through PowerPoint or
Keynote slides as you narrate. This type of videos is extremely
effective if you have a really long and extensive topic to share. You can
even make it a series of videos to share with them every week or
month when thenumber of followers increases.
With bullet points and guided text, your viewers will be able to follow
through your presentation easily.
Moving on, the next one will be talking head. This is a type of video is
very good for personal branding, because the audience can see what
you look like and how you interact with them.
You may use this method to either share on your tips, advices or invite
them to your upcoming launch or webinars.
Besides putting only yourself in the video, you can create a video
where you are interviewing someone. This would be the next type of
video – interviews. There are 2 ways to conduct the interview, either
to interview an expert in your business field to endorse your services or
your customers for testimonials as a social proof.
The impact is always greater when someone else endorse your
product than talking about it by your own self.
Next, you can choose to put the video on live in the net, which is called
livestream or webcast. Webinar is the trend now to interact with your
subscribers or viewers. Unlike a live seminar, you’ll be spared the labor
of event organizing. To conduct webinars, all you need is a laptop with
a decent webcam and dependable Internet access.
Go to or, and you can record live video of
yourself or an interview with expertise online. Viewers can have access
to that video with just a click.
Finally, if you are not so keen on appearing in person, you can use
animation instead. There is plenty of software available online that
could make your work easier, such as Video Maker FX.
Select the angle of the story that suits your topic, there will be a series
of short clips you can use to complete your video. You do not need to
have the skill on designing and video filming; all of these are readymade
for you.
Now that you have the general idea of what you’re going to do, it’s time
to jump in to the rest of the course.
Chapter 2:
How To Find Profitable Products To
Your whole marketing campaign including all the details such as the
scriptwriting of your video making will base on your niche. So, the first
thing you need to do is to find a niche and to have a strong
understanding on the market.
In this chapter, we’ll take a look at how you’re going to find the perfect
niche and how to determine whether they’re profitable or not. It’s a little
detour from the main topic which is Video Marketing but this chapter
wouldn’t be here if it’s not important.
Specificity Is Key
When it comes to a niche, you need to be as specific as you can. The
market of your choice is huge, competitive, and most likely saturated.
It’s easier and wiser to have a specialized and focused target rather
than being too general.
If you have a specific field that you are interested in, you’ll have to
break it down and choose a more specific niche. For example, if you
want to go through with the “Make Money Online” niche, you can’t be
too general and just make products about various ways of making
money online and sell them to a general niche. Chances are, your
sales will be unremarkable.
Be more specific with your niche and product. For example, instead of
just going for the “Make Money Online” niche, choose “Affiliate
Program” instead. Now, it’s more focused and it will be easier for you
to target the market.
Or, if you can go even further, it would be better. Instead of just
focusing on affiliate programs, that is still quite general, go even more
specific. Perhaps, you can cater to the digital products affiliates. What
is important here is that you know who to approach with your product.
This is why you need to be as specific as you can.
An Active Niche
Now that you’ve gotten an idea of which niche you want to choose,
next, you have to make sure that the niche is active.To find an active
niche, you would need to monitor their online activities. There is an
easy way to do this, which is through the most accessible social media
platform there is, which is Facebook.
On Facebook, you can just do a quick search in the ‘Groups’ search
box for your niche. For example, ‘affiliates program’, then Facebook
will show you the search results that are probably by the dozens or, if
you’re lucky, by the hundreds. There are two types of groups; one is
private and the other is public.
A private group with thousands of members is privatized usually
because they don’t want any bot or spam account to join their circle.
First, make sure you have a legit Facebook account first before you
request for access.
Anyway, this is one of the easiest and accessible ways you can
determine whether a niche is active or not. If there are still activities,
especially online, that means the niche is definitely viable. But how do
we know whether it’s profitable?
Is The Niche Profitable?
The only way to find out is by monitoring the products sold to that
niche.For example, the affiliate program niche, which is an information
product. You can go ahead and find products that are related to this by
a search on a marketplace like WarriorPlus, ClickBank, or JVZoo.
These marketplaces have an eclectic collection of products that you
can find. They cater to almost all niches you can possibly find.
After you’ve found these products, you can go on to look for their
reviews and ratings. In fact, if you can find them in the marketplace
that means there is demand for the products. It’s best that you look at
the products that are top sellers and sell products on that niche. You
can find them in the main pages of all the marketplaces.
Here, in these marketplaces, you can learn a lot about your niche and
the products that are related to them.First of all, you can look at the
sales pages of these products and read the copy and watch the video,
if there are any. Do it with as many products as you can for your niche
so that you’ll learn how to approach them and ‘speak their language’,
so to speak.This will help you to design your video sales letter or even
help you write the video.
Pick A Niche That You Like
In school, you’ve probably been told by your English teacher to “write
what you know”. Why do they encourage this? Well, because when
you work on something that you’re familiar with, or interested in, you’ll
be motivated to work harder and you’re more likely to deliver a better
quality work.So, if you’re going to invest money, a lot of time, and
energy, might as well do it on something that you enjoy.
However, this should come last. The first thing you need to consider is
the profitability of the niche. Most of the time, what we like doesn’t
really bring profit.
Understanding Your Audience
Now that you finally know your niche, it’s time for you to a bit deeper
and know your target audience. You can’t be generic when it comes to
target audience. For example, if your niche is affiliate program, it’s not
enough to just target “people who are interested in affiliate programs”.
You have to know their gender, age group, nationality, language, and
many other specifics.
To do this, it usually takes experience and lots of research. The best
kind of research is when your rub shoulders with your target
audience.You can do this by joining Facebook groups, forums, and any
other type of discussions you can find online. This is how you learn
their attitude, their language, and most importantly, their concerns.
Use your online reach to expand your knowledge and understanding
on your target market. You will need to interact with them. Not only
that, you can also take the opportunity to network and strengthen your
presence in the market.
It’s important to know your audience well so that you would know how
what kind of approach you should use and what is it that appeals to
them.The best way to approach this isby making a customer avatar. A
customer avatar is a representation of your customers.You have to
personify your whole target audience.
How does this work? It’s easy. All you have to do is to imagine a
person that represents your customers to be their avatar. So, you’ll
need to find out their age, gender, average income, lifestyle, etc. From
all those information, you create an avatar that represents most of your
customers. With a customer avatar created, it will be easier for you to
do creative work.
You might think that it is a folly idea but it will really help you in writing
promotions and having a deeper understanding of your audience.
Besides, it’s easier to write for one person than imagining the whole
audience.Remember, all the videos and sales you’re going to make
are all about them.
What Is The Most Popular Niche
If you go through all the marketplaces that have been recommended
and you look at all the top selling products tables, you’d notice a
pattern in all the ranked products. They are all related to the Make
Money Online niche.This has always been one of the most profitable
and popular niche you can find.
If you want to start a lucrative business, one of the safest and surest
ways to achieve success is by choosing this niche. The competition is,
of course, more fierce than other less popular niches, which is why as
mentioned earlier in this module that you need to be more specific
when choosing a niche.
However, it’s still entirely up to you which niche you want to venture in.
This is just a recommended niche.
Chapter 3:
Crafting your Offer
The Giveaway
Now that you’ve found your niche, the next thing you need to do is find
an appropriate giveaway item. This will be the item that you offer your
prospects for free on your squeeze page, in exchange for their name
and email address. We’ll talk more about squeeze pages a little later
For now, let’s focus on finding the right giveaway gift. It’s not as simple
as just picking up any random item from an online store – especially if
you want to get the most out of it.
Firstly, you need to determine which types of content work best for
your targeted audience.
Here are some popular choices for giveaway content:
 Ebooks
 Audio books
 MP3 downloads
 Blueprint
 PowerPoint slides
 Video Tutorials
 Free Report
 Software
 Mobile app
Ask yourself, what sort of media would appeal more to my visitors? Are
they busy, on-the-go businessmen who would prefer an audio file
which they can listen to while commuting? Maybe they are motivational
speakers or counselors who want to insert slides into a PowerPoint
Presentation for their presentations? Would they want to use your
content as PDF handouts for a training workshop or seminar?
Once you have a clearer idea of the sort of media which appeals to
your audience, you can then move on to finding the right topic to cover.
You’ve already identified your niche but your need to narrow it down to
a more specific topic because you don’t want to be giving away an
encyclopedia which takes a whole month to read or a 5 hour long video
For now, let’s say your niche is gardening. What you need to do is
discern which gardening topics your visitors would like to learn more
One way to find out which topics are in hot demand is by paying
attention to the frequently asked questions or comments on gardening
sites and Facebook groups. You can then find out which area of
gardening is being talked about the most.
Try also going through recent emails that you’ve received from your
leads. Is there a common question which keeps coming up? You can
also consider setting up a short survey or poll on your landing page to
find out which gardening topics your visitors would like to find out more
People love learning and finding ways to improve on their passions.
Think about offering content highlighting the “Best Practices” or “Worst
practices” of everyday gardeners. These types of content tend to get
many downloads, as learning the dos and don’ts help one better hone
their craft. Tips and guidelines for beginners and intermediates is also
a topic which has proven to be profitable.
Content which is timely or immediately relevant also have the potential
to sell very well. If you’re setting up this offer to go live in the late
summer, how about offering your visitors an e-book on the best ways
to grow produce in the fall? Maybe there’s a popular agricultural
festival coming up soon – you can offer them a free report on the best
ways to get their booth noticed at the upcoming festival.
You’ve found your niche, you’ve discerned which mediums work best
for your target audience and you’ve narrowed down your giveaway
content topic. It’s now time to create your giveaway product.
Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when creating content:
Audiobook or MP3 file –
 If you are camera shy, but you have a good voice, you can
create an audio MP3 file or even an audiobook.
 Remember to script down what you want to say before you start
recording so that you can focus on just reading material allows
and you won’t have to worry about coming up with things to say
on the spot.
 Be sure to also pronounce your words clearly and to try
speaking in an even, consistent tone and volume.
 Create a report, shoot a video about it, take out the audio from
the video and create a multi format gift. Make it easy for your
subscribers to consume it.
Ebook, Blueprint or Free Report –
 Share info which you either have some extensive knowledge on
or have done significant research about.
 Make sure the gift you giveaway is closely related to what you
are thinking of promoting to your list in the future.
 Have it in PDF! It’s easy to work with and accessible across
more platforms than Microsoft Word.
Powerpoint Slides and Video Tutorials –
 If you’re offering a live action video tutorial, be sure to have
enough lighting and a good microphone.
 Keep PowerPoint slides light and easy to read – avoid using
animations and make sure your text never takes up more than
80% of any one slide
 Convert your PowerPoint slides into a screen capture video
using Camtasia and add audio (more on this later)
Not feeling the creative juices flowing? Not to worry – you don’t need to
create the products yourself, thanks to PLR content.
PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR contents are contents,
which, once purchased, you are legally allowed to manipulate and
publish as your own. You may even include your own name as the
creator or author. That is to say, that when you purchase PLR content,
you then own nearly all of the rights in the work, often including the
rights to attribution, resale and so forth.
PLR products are a great option for giveaways, as they don’t cost very
much to purchase. The price can range anywhere from 1.00 USD to
15.00 USD, depending on the type of content. You must be careful
though to ensure that the item you purchase also comes with the rights
to offer the item as a free giveaway. Most PLR websites will usually
provide a list of rights, which come along with the purchase of one of
their PLR products.
There are loads of online stores from which you can purchase PLR
products. Here are some helpful links to start with:
Regardless of where you choose to get your product, be sure to vet
through it for quality, before offering it as a giveaway to your visitors.
You don’t want them to receive a freebie from you which has no real
value. In fact, this rule applies whenever you are handing your viewers
any product, whether you created it yourself or purchased it from a
PLR site.
The Sueeze Page
Example of a standalone squeeze page.
The first part of creating your offer was finding a suitable giveaway
item. The second part, which is in no way less important, is building
your squeeze page.
A squeeze page is a landing page designed to capture opt-in email
addresses from potential subscribers. The goal of a squeeze page is to
convince, cajole, or ”squeeze” a visitor into providing their email
address in exchange for a free product or giveaway. This e-mail
address is valuable as it will help you expand your mailing list and,
hopefully, score some sales later on.
With minimal to no other clickable links except for the opt-in or submit
button, a squeeze page is a kind of ultimatum. Visitors need to make
the active decision to either input their details in exchange for receiving
your free gift or leave the page completely.
While you can set up a standalone squeeze page such as the one
pictured above, there are also two other options – splash pages and
pop-up pages.
Pop-up pagesare small windows that ‘pop up’ on top of web pages in
your internet browser. These sorts of squeeze pages tend to be not
very popular with visitors.
A survey conducted by Jakob Nielsen found that 95% of users found
their online experience was negatively or even VERY negatively
affected by pop-ups. Equally horrific, it was found in another study that
over 50% reported that pop-ups negatively affected their opinion of the
These statistics speak for themselves – pop-up squeeze pages are a
bad idea! So, unless you’ve set up a standalone squeeze page, we’d
recommend that you use splash pages instead.
Splash pages are custom pages which you redirect your users to when
they initially visit your homepage. If you use a splash page, do include
a clearly visible button for your visitors to opt out and return
immediately to your homepage – it’s much better for them to head
back to your website than to just close the tab on you and lose interest
in your business completely.
Also, make sure the design, copy, and feel correspond with your
regular homepage. You don’t want users to wonder where they are
and to dismiss your splash page as spam. You may also consider
using an internet cookie so that your visitors aren’t redirected to your
splash page again when they visit your homepage a second time.
Let’s now talk about what sort of information you should have on your
squeeze page.
Firstly, have an image of the free item that you are offering your
visitors. Whether it’s an e-book or video tutorial, do ensure that the
image you use is one that looks professional. Packaging can be the
make or break for you in this case.
Next, create bullet-point copy that highlights not only the features of
the product, but how the item can benefit your visitors. People want to
know why they should get this item, so make try to make your copy as
convincing as possible. Find ways to emphasize how easy your
information is to absorb and use.
If you have any testimonials, you may also include some short snippets
on your squeeze page. Do limit it to just one or two though as more
than that might create too much clutter – which is the last thing you
want for a squeeze page.
An Internet user’s data is extremely important in today’s day and age,
which is why many people think twice before sharing their email
addresses. To counter this, add a link to a page containing your
privacy and data policies.
Lastly, have a Name and Email Address field for your visitors to input
their details, along with a button for them to submit their information.
Important to note that you should only ask for their Name and Email –
asking for more information will cause your visitors to be suspicious
and wary.
You may even consider having a two-step opt-in format. Instead of
having the name and email address fields for your visitors on your
splash page, get them to click on a button which then opens a small
pop-up window, for them to insert their name and email address.
This two-step opt-in is a popular choice because it takes minimal effort
for someone to click the button on the squeeze page and when the
pop-up window appears, a lot of visitors think “Well, I’m already this far
in, so I might as well continue”. It’s simple psychology at its best.
For someone who is knew to lead generation and list building, it could
sound daunting to create a squeeze page from scratch. Thankfully,
there are many websites which make creating your squeeze page a
piece of cake (for a price).
Here are some, which we would recommend for their easy to use
Another facet to squeeze pages which you might want to consider is
setting up an autoresponder to deliver your free giveaway immediately.
You can choose to manually send your giveaway content to those who
opt-in, but an auto-responder saves you a lot of time and effort.
The way it works is the minute a prospect submits their email address
to you, the autoresponder will send them an email from your own email
account, with the attached PDF or audio files. This goes without saying
but you can, of course, choose the text and contents that go into the
automatic emails ahead of time and the auto-responder will take care
of the rest.
Some page building websites come with their own auto-responder.
You can also check out these links to other popular autoresponder
Chapter 4:
Creating Videos The Easy Way
Making videos, with the proper know-how, can be a real walk in the
park. You don’t really need to invest, without guarantee of quality and
effectiveness, in hiring professionals anymore. Plus, usually when you
outsource a video production project, it would take a very long time to
be completed. Before you know it, you’ve wasted a lot of time and
money already.
This is why it’s best that you make your own video instead. That way,
you don’t have to wait for the video to complete. You’ll have the full
control of the video and on top of that, you can ensure its quality. It
may seem daunting because it sounds hard, isn’t it? But, it’s actually
not. With the right mindset and determination, anything is possible.
In this module, you are going to learn about making videos in the
easiest of ways and, of course, that will bring you big profit. You will be
introduced and guided through various dependable and popular videomaking
What You Need
So, now, as promised, you’re going to learn about making videos
yourself using nothing but affordable, accessible tools and resources.
Just a little head’s up, for hardware, it’s best that you get a good
microphone, though. All laptops and desktop computers come with a
microphone now but it’s best that you find one with a higher quality. If
you’re planning to do a Talking Head video, where you appear as a
speaker in the video, it’s best to get a good camera, as well.
Tutorial Videos – Camtasia
Now, with that out of the way, let’s jump into what you need in making
a tutorial video. The best video editing program you can use for a
tutorial video is Camtasia. It’s highly recommended and it’s very
Camtasia allows you to do an on-screen recording. For those who
don’t know what this is, it’s a recording of your computer screen as you
go. In other words, it records your screen activity. It’s perfect for when
you want to give a guided tutorial without going through the hassle of
Plus, it records your voice, too. As you go on giving the on-screen
tutorial, you can provide comments vocally. With the help of visual and
audio, your presentation is more comprehensive than just presentation
It’s great for if you’re teaching your audience on some hands-on work
like, for example, image editing. We all know that image editing can be
a real piece of work. It’s no walk in the park and teaching people how
to use it using only text doesn’t really help for most. The audience
needs to see how things are done step-by-step so that it’d be easier for
them to absorb.
Why is it hard to explain using only text for programs like editing tools?
Well, like Photoshop, for example, there’s an array of tools to be used
that the user has find in the cluttered interface where vital tools are
sometimes hidden. The interface can really be confusing for someone
who is new to it.
Speaking of tutorials, Camtasia works well for presentation slides, as
well. Remember, Camtasia allows you to do on-screen recording. If
the content of your video is just presentation slides, you can play those
slides in full screen while you give a voiceover elaborating your points
on top of those slides. Think of it as a live presentation. You have full
control on your slides’ timing and you can go on your comfortable
It also allows you to perform basic editing on the video. For example, if
you want to make adjustments to the sound or cut some scenes, you
can do it on Camtasia without having to access to other video editing
A lot of tutorial videos are presented this as audience finds it easier to
listen than to just read.
Sales Videos – VideoMakerFX
VideoMakerFX is an excellent program. With real basic editing skills,
you can produce an animated video in literally within minutes.
It provides templates of characters and animations. We all know that
sales videos need a little personal touch in order for it to be appealing.
What VideoMakerFX lets you do is to incorporate animated characters
or customer avatars into your video. Not only that, it makes it easy for
you to add animated texts on your videos too. You can also upload the
image your company logo in the video.
Most importantly, all of this can be done with just a few clicks. You
don’t need any intensive training or comprehensive understanding of
the program to operate it. All the functions and tools are very direct. All
you need is just basic editing knowledge and you’re good to go.
Now, these characters that you can choose in VideoMakerFX are
animated with multiple choices of emotions and actions. One character
can be happy, sad, worried, and many others.
Hence, with basic editing knowledge, you can rearrange these
sequences to form a complete video. For example:
1. If you’re selling a slimming product, you can choose a character
that appears to be overweight.
2. This character is animated with emotions, so you can display
that they are sad with text appearing on the video, “Meet Emma.
She’s been trying to lose weight.”
3. Next, you can display your product along with its logo.
4. Then you can choose a thinner version of the same character to
visualize your product’s effectiveness.
There’s a wide range of choices of characters you can choose from.
You can cater to whatever niche you want as there are a number of
avatars. There are avatars of construction workers, professionallooking
man and woman, an average Joe and average Jane, and
many more.
Not only you can animate the characters and texts, you can also
animate the background. If you’re planning to make a video that is
solely texts, having an animated background is great to make it less
It is also highly customizable. You can choose fonts, colors, and size
for your text. There’s also a wide range of options for you to choose
the background art, color, and animation.
The best part is that VideoMakerFX it is not high-priced. It’s definitely
way cheaper than other programs like MoviePlus and Pinnacle
Talking Head Videos
For those who have not heard of the term Talking Head video, it is
actually where the speaker (usually the product vendor) appears in the
video in person.
When it comes to adding a personal touch to a sales video, there’s
nothing more personal than a talking head video. This kind of videos
really helps businesses where personality and credibility play a crucial
role, for example, coaching programs and webinars.
For this kind of video, there’s no way to make production easier with
programs like VideoMakerFX. Instead, it depends heavily on you, the
presenter, to be charismatic enough to sell. A talking head video needs
a strong script and topnotch equipment. Lacking one of those would be
a big problem to make sales.
The editing programs for a talking head video would be basic tools
because it’s not as complex as using animation like VideoMakerFX.
In fact, if you record using a phone, you can edit directly from it.
However, if you’re after some more complex editing, you can go for
programs like Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or Sony Vegas. Any of these
programs is fine.
Outsourcing Your Work
If you don’t have the time or completely have no knowledge in the
technicalities of video editing, you can go ahead and outsource the
There are two popular websites where you can easily find and hire
freelancers, which are and
On these websites, you can find freelancers from all professional fields
like writing, editing, designing, voice acting, and many more.
Now, we’re going to talk about what you have to do after you’ve
completed shooting the video.
In every video production including films, there are three stages that a
project goes through, which are:
1. Pre-Production
This is the preparation stage. This is where you plan your video that
encompasses all aspect of the video including writing the script,
drawing storyboards, budgets (if you have any) and all that is similar.
2. Production
This is where you actually record the video, the filming stage.
3. Post-Production
This is where you put together all the footages shot into your final
product. In other words, this is the editing.
What we’re going to talk about now is the post-editing stage, which is
the post-production. Now, we’re not going to talk about how you want
to arrange sequences for your video as that is entirely up to you.
But we’re going to talk more on the branding side of your video. It’s still
important to have branding in your video just like all of your products.
You’ll want these to be recognizable so that your presence in the
market would be stronger, giving a great boost in sales.
What you should include in your sales videos are texts, images, and
videos. All the editing programs that are listed above allow you to do
this. Seasoned entrepreneurs know that a sales video does more than
just selling the product. It’s also about selling your brand. However, it’s
not a good idea to abuse the feature by bombarding your video with
logos, texts, and images of your brand.
For the VideoMakerFX program, you can do this rather easily. The
whole video is about inserting text. Putting text is so easy in it; it’s just
a matter of a few clicks. It also allows you to upload images of your
brand logo.
The most basic element you can include in your video to strengthen
your brand is a watermark. It’s not really a tough task to do and it
doesn’t seem like it’s of great importance. In fact, some may forgo the
idea. But, as mentioned, it’s just something to make it your brand more
Chapter 5:
Marketing Your Video Part 1
We’re now going to go into the nitty gritty details of how to run ads for
your videos via Youtube. There’s a two-step process to this. First you’ll
need to set up your Ad details on Youtube, then for the second step
you will be required to create or sign into a Google AdWords account,
as all billing will be facilitated through AdWords. We’ll talk more about
the AdWords side of things a little later on.
Now, we’re going to take a step by step look into how to run your ads
with Youtube. These ads will help your videos get more views which
can translate into more contacts to add to your list. For the purpose of
clarity, we’ve include some photos to guide you.
To get started, go to your Youtube channel where your video has been
pre-uploaded and click on the “Video Manager” button. Find the video
you want to promote, click the “Edit” tab and then select “Promote”.
This will then bring you to a Welcome page, introducing you to
promoting your videos. Click on the ‘Create a campaign’ button, which
will then bring up the following page.
This is where you can specify your budget. You have an option to set a
daily budget or an overall campaign budget. If this is your first time
promoting videos, we’d recommend that you start first with a daily
budget, as it gives you a little more flexibility.
After selecting your choice of currency, input the amount of money you
are willing to spend per day on ads in the “Your budget” field. This
amount can be anywhere from a dollar to a thousand but we’d
recommend you start small. 5 US Dollars a day is a good, safe amount
you can start with. It might seem like 5 Dollars a day for a whole month
is quite a bit, but remember that the point of these ads is to build your
list – you will make up for the money spent on advertising via the sales
you acquire through list-building, so it all works out.
Try running the campaign at 5 dollars a day and after a week or so,
check to see if your list has grown, or if any of your backend products
have been purchased. Once you start gaining significantly more sales,
you can then consider upping your daily budget.
For setting your audience, you can choose either of the options
provided. For now, just selecting “Everyone” will do. You can refine
your target audience Demographic, Interests, Keywords s later on in
Google Adwords. Once you’re done, click on the blue button to move
on to the next step.
This next step is all about designing your ad to promote your video
First and foremost, you need to come up with a suitable headline.
Think also about the keywords that are used in this niche and see if
you can include them in your headline – this will increase the likeliness
of your video turning up in Youtube searches. You also want
something that sounds exciting and relevant to your target market to
entice them to click on the ad.
The same can be said about your description lines as well. Only this
time, try to explain a bit more about what your video has to offer your
You’ll also need to choose a video thumbnail. Youtube will have
narrowed down some options, so you’ll not need to spend too much
time on this. We’d recommend choosing a thumbnail image which isn’t
too text heavy. Visual work better than copy, unless you have
something very powerful to say which can also be digested in the 3
seconds it takes someone to skim over your ad.
The column on your left will show you an estimate of the amount of
people who will see your ad and the estimated number of views your
video will gain from it. Beneath that, there’s a preview of how your ad
will look like to viewers. Once you’re happy with the design of your ad,
click the blue button to proceed to the next step.
This page will prompt you to sign into your Google AdWords account. If
you don’t have one yet, you will need to create one which will take no
more than 5 minutes. Be sure to have your billing information on
standby as you will need to link up your credit card before you can
launch your campaign.
Once you’ve completed your AdWords sign up, you will be brought to a
review page, where you can then hit the “Create and Launch
Campaign” button. You will then be brought to you AdWords Campaign
If you look at the Status column towards the bottom right corner of the
page, it will inform you that your ad has not yet gone live and that it is
currently under review. It shouldn’t take more than a full business day
for AdWords to approve your ad, unless you have gone against some
of their advertising policies.
The main thing we want to do with AdWords is sharpening our
audience targeting group. However, we can also use it to send viewers
to our squeeze page. Hover over your video ad to bring up the pen
icon, which will bring you to the edit page.
In the in stream section, insert your homepage or company website in
the display URL field – this will create a link in your in-stream ad which
people can click on. In the final URL field just below it, insert the link to
your squeeze page. This way, whenever someone clicks on the link
displayed, it will send them to your squeeze page which can help you
grow your list. This is a really basic marketing tool, but it can greatly
help with driving traffic to your squeeze page.
Once, you’ve done this, you can start targeting your ad, so that it
reaches all the right people. Start by clicking on the Settings tab so that
we can refine the countries and states you would like to target.
Targeting locations is especially handy if your business only ships to
certain countries or if you’re offering a face-to-face consultation in your
home state.
In the settings page, look for the section on locations. Click on the edit
button. Next, select the “Let Me Choose” option and start typing
countries or states you’d like to target your ads to. When you type in a
country or state, you will be given the option to either “add” or
“exclude” this country from your targeting group. This can help you
filter out countries which you don’t want to advertise to.
We can further narrow down who we would like to see our ads, using
the “Targets” tab. This is one of the most important tools when it
comes to successfully advertising your video. To get started, click on
the “tab.
Google AdWords has provided four main criteria which you can
determine when it comes to setting your targeting group, aside from
Under the Demographics section, you will find variations for age
groups, gender and parental status. Check the details with correspond
with your target market. Once you’re satisfied, click the red “+
Demographic” button.
For Interests and Topics, you can also find variations which Google
AdWords has prepared for you. It works similar to the Demographics
section except instead of check boxes, the variations are presented to
you in the form of lists. Go through the list and select the topics and
interests which are related to your video.
When it comes to targeting Keywords, the mechanism works slightly
different. Start by typing out a keyword which is relevant to your video.
AdWords will then suggest other related keywords based off the
keyword you just typed out. Go through the suggestions and add the
ones you want to add to your campaign. Be sure to only pick key
words which are related to your video to get the most out of this
Once you’ve narrowed down your targets, your video should show up
in all the right searches to guarantee you more views. It’ll also help you
save on marketing, as you won’t be wasting your money advertising to
people who have little to no interest in the sort of content you are
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Google
AdWords can lend to your video marketing efforts. In the next chapter,
we will give you a broader understanding of how AdWords works and
explain more about the functions which you can customize to maximize
your marketing potential.
Chapter 6:
Marketing Your Video Part 2
I hope you already get the concept of video marketing. You already
know what are the tools that you need to prepare to get your videos up
to the platform, and you know what a squeeze page is and how to
make an irresistible offer by give away free product in your squeeze
Now, here we continue to cover the core of the course – traffic
In this chapter, you will learn how to generate enormous number of
traffic through Google Adwords. This is one of the techniques used by
most of the marketers. Besides getting organic traffic from the video
alone, they pay to get traffic to their site as well.
Google Adwords
If you are new to the Internet marketing, you might be wondering what
this Google Adwords is. For another group of people that already have
some exposure in buying adverts from Google, you may have the
rough idea on what Google Adwords is all about. But, let us revise the
idea of Adwords before we go any further.
Google Adwords is a keyword planner. You will choose your own
keyword in the title of your video and bid on it with the purpose of
moving your site to the first page by significance or even top of the
search result page in YouTube. This would be extremely essential
especially newbies, because it gives you the idea on what kind of
keyword will be best in your niche.
Once you’ve created the campaign with Google Adwords, your video
will appear as an advertisement depends on the types of
advertisement you choose when you are setting up the campaign.
However, you must know that bidding isn’t the only factor that
determines where your site will appear. The placement of the site,
whether on top, bottom or side will be determined by Google based on
the relevancy of the search request. This is why researching on
keywords is important to get higher rank in Google Adwords.
Google Adwords is a recognized paid advertising platform and it’s not
like getting free organic traffic. With the huge number of users, Google
can be said to be the most significant search engine in the world.
For your information, Google has 86% of the market in search engine,
far more ahead from the other search engines. More than three-quarter
of the people in this world use Google search engine in their daily life.
You can imagine how much traffic Google can actually drive to your
site. Not only the chances that your advertisement posting with Google
Adwords can be seen are higher, the traffic to your site can be doubled
or even tripled.
Moreover, Google Adwords advertise with SEO, the search engine
optimization. To further understand the concept of SEO, you need to
study more about the keywords in your niches in order to get a good
result for SEO. However, I will not talk much about SEO in this book
because it is a whole different ballgame from the video marketing
You may be wondering how much you will need to pay for Google to
advertise for you. Do not worry about it; the flexibility of setting up your
budget with Google Adwords enables you to have full control on the
budget you are going to spend for the advertising campaign. You get to
set your own daily budget or campaign budget for the whole campaign,
which I will talk about this further in details later in the chapter.
So, how exactly the advertisement campaign works? When your site
has met all the requirementsset by Google, your video will standout in
the search results. Hence, boosting the exposure of your video to your
targeted group based on the keyword searched by the users.
The competition with Google Adwords is going to be tough, because
you are competing with millions of webmasters to fight for the ranking.
Therefore, you need to be careful not to choose highly competitive
Now that you know how effective it is to use Google Adwords to bring
massive traffic to your video, and, of course, you know that good things
will never come for free. You need to pay a price based on your bid to
Google based on how many views they managed to send to your
video, which is called the cost-per-view.
This linked back to the daily budget I’ve mentioned about just now. For
instance, if you’ve set the daily budget in $5.00, and cost-per-click is
10 cents, Google will stop sending traffic to your video after 50 views
on that particular day.
Other than appearing on top of the search result page, Google do
advertising in other people’s video page as well. You can choose the
type of advertisement, in-stream or in-display, to advertise in other
people’s page. You need not to worry about getting permission from
the site owner; Google already did that for you.
This is how Google Adwords works in a nutshell. I hope you already
get the concept of Google Adwords by now. The next thing you will
learn is to create an Adwords campaign for your videos in YouTube.
Without further ado, let’s move on to the steps on how to create the
5 Simple Steps to Create Google Adwords
To start the advertising campaign with Google Adwords, you just need
to follow 5 simple steps.
Step 1: Create Adwords Account
Create your own Adwords account will be the first thing to do. No
worries, creating this account is free. In addition, it is extremely easy to
create the account. Google had made the sign up process as easy
where you only need to key in your email address and your password.
Google will automatically fill in the other fields for you if you are already
a Gmail user.
Even if you are not a Gmail user, all you need is to fill in the other fields
and click on submit button. Within a few minutes, you are now in for
the competition.
Step 2: Choose Video Campaign
For some of you who are already in the business for long enough,
you’ll know that Google Adwords is not only a platform to advertise
your video, it can be a platform to advertise your websites as well. So,
the second step after you’ve created your account would be switching
it to create a video campaign instead of website campaign.
A website campaign and video campaign would be a total different
ballgame. You can refer the previous chapter.
Step 3: Select Daily Budget
After you’ve selected on video campaign, you’ll be directed to another
page where you get to select your budget for the video campaign. You
can set your daily budget or campaign budget based on your financial
You can do it in 2 ways. First is by expecting the views that you are
going to get from Google and set your budget, and second is by setting
up the maximum daily budget without expecting how much traffic
Google can drive to your video site.
To make things clear, here’s an example for each of the situation. For
the first situation, you’ll bid for 100 views per day, and the cost-perview
is 10 cents on average. Your daily budget will be 10 cents times
100; it sums up to $10 a day.
For the second situation, you’ll set your maximum daily budget. Let say
the maximum you can put is $20, the maximum traffic Google is going
to send will be 200 views a day. You do not expect how many views
you want it to be in this situation.
Of course, after some time of testing over the traffic, you can then
change your daily budget from Google Adwords anytime to increase
the views to your video. There’s no limitation on changing your daily
budget for the campaign.
Step 4: Choose Delivery Method
You can choose the delivery method. There are 3 methods:
– YouTube Search Page,
– YouTube Videos Advertisement,
– Video on Google Partner sites, apps, and display network.
You choose this based on what your target audiences are in your
niche. However, if you do not know which one would bring the best
result, you can choose all of them.
Under the same page to choose the delivery method, you can choose
the locations you want your video ad to be shown as well as the
languages your target audiences speak. This is a simpler version of
setting up your audience definition.
Under the advanced settings, you can schedule your start date, end
date, and ad scheduling. It is advisable to have an end date for it, just
in case if you forgotten to end the campaign and charged extra from
the campaign.
Step 5: Choose the Type of Advertisement
As mentioned, you’ll get to choose what type of advertisement you are
going to use for your video. There are 2 types of ads:
– In-stream, and
– In-display.
The in-stream video ad plays before another video on YouTube videos.
Viewers can choose to skip your ad after a few seconds. You are going
to pay only if a viewer watches for 30 seconds or to the end of the ad,
whichever comes first.
On the other hand, if you choose the in-display video ad, it includes an
image and some text. This ad will show differently, depending on
where on YouTube it appears. Either in the search results page,
YouTube related videos, as a YouTube overlay, or on partner
websites. You pay only when someone clicks your ad to view your
Ad Rank in Google Adwords
The ultimate goal of doing all the bidding with the keyword is to move
your video to the top of the Ad Rank. This is the competition in
Adwords. The higher your rank is the better exposure of your site.
Ad Rank is decided by Google. You might be wondering on how this
actually works. You will see later on.
For Google to determine the placement of your ads, it depends on a
few factors. One of them is, obviously, the auction for views, which is
how much you bid on the maximum cost-per-view. Every user gets to
choose how much to bid. However, it is not only based on how much
you’ve bid, as mentioned.
Now, you may be asking how to get a higher rank for this, is it the
highest bidder gets the highest rank. This is indeed the biggest myth
with using Google Adwords. This is not true. Google wants to show
only pertaining videos to their users, and avoid advertisers to simply
buy over and fill the ad space with irrelevant ads.
The Ad Rank Formula
So, here’s how you can move your video up to the top in ad rank if you
follow this ad rank formula, which consist of 3 elements. If you manage
to master the skill to balance up all these 3 elements, you are going to
get yourself up to the top of the rank.
#1: Bid
This is the bid of your maximum cost-per-view. As you already know by
now, you are at the same time competing with millions of advertisers
all around the world, so make sure you do the calculation of your own
financial budget before you put in the price for it.
For instance, if your ideal cost-per-view is 20 cents, you can set 20
cents as your maximum CPV. Hence, you’ll pay a maximum of 20
cents when someone watches your video. I hope that you already have
a clear idea on what bidding on maximum cost-per-view is.
#2: Relevancy of Video
Google analyze the relevancy of the video by reading the language in
the site. This is related to the headline and text you are going to put
under your video. Once again, this proves how important it is to choose
your keyword wisely according to your niche.
It is really important to do the keyword research beforehand, because
this will determine whether how well your video will be rank.
Here are some tips for you when you are doing the keyword research.
In general, Google tends to use video results for the types of
– How-to keywords
– Reviews
– Tutorials
– Fitness or sports related
– Funny videos
These are some of the usual keywords that will rank high in the results
#3: Performance Factor
Final element to rank high in the search results page is the
performance factor, such as view rates. Google will evaluate your
videos with the keywords you’ve set and calculate the expected view
rates of your video.
This is really unpredictable by us, because it is determined by Google
based on their own prediction on how many views they expected can
be sent to your video. Google does not simply evaluate your video.
They conduct surveys to their users every once in a while to collect
data for the evaluation.
Conclusion: All these elements will sum up the ‘quality score’ of your
video advertisement. The higher the quality scores for your campaign,
the higher your ad rank will be.
Google Adwords Dimension Tab
There are many amazing features in Google Adwords that enables you
to check on the conversion rates, click-through rates, and the other
statistics for your campaign. Among all those, I would highly
recommend you to use the dimension tab in Google Adwords.
The main function of dimension tab is to analyze, from the account
level up to the campaign level. It analyzes everything that is related to
your advertising campaign. It consists of 3 parts:
– Time Analysis
– Geographic Analysis
– Search Terms
#1: Time Analysis
The first element that dimension tab analyze is the time. To further
refine the performance of your ads, the time analysis tab enables you
to see when the best time to put the ads on is. From hour of day up to
year, they analyze and will present you the data.
Do you remember the advanced setting that allows you to schedule
your ad? You are able to know exactly what time is the time that most
users are active through the statistic. This way, you can schedule your
ad time ahead. For instance, the result shows that Saturday has the
lowest performance, you may pause your ads on weekends.
#2: Geographic Analysis
While time analysis is vital for the refinement of your ad performance,
geographic analysis is as important especially for businesses that sell
across the world. You can check on the geographic analysis tab and
know in which area of the world your ad performs the best.
When you know where your video performs the best, you can then
target your advertisement to be shown in that particular area when you
are setting up your target audience in the future.
#3: Search Terms
The last feature in dimension tab is the search terms. The search
terms analysis allows you to know all the other search terms that
triggered your ads from multiple views. It is so important to mention
once again here, choose your keywords wisely. It is vital in your ad
rank as well as the impression to your audience.
At this point here in the search terms analysis chart, you may see what
kind of keyword the users usually search in the search engine that will
lead to your site. You may find some useful keywords here for future
use as well.
Besides, if you happen to find some irrelevant terms, you can negate it
right away. This way, your video will not simply appear in the search
results with irrelevant keywords. It is better to be accurate and create
great impression than high exposure with bad impression because of
the irrelevant search terms.
Chapter 7:
How To Increase Your Sales
Now that your audience has received a free gift that you provided,
went through the one-time offer page and now you have their emails in
your list, what’s next?
You now have a list of subscribers. Your list is your asset and it’s
actually a yardstick for your success as an Internet marketer. But the
list shouldn’t be left to be cold. You need to have email activity so that
you don’t have all those subscribers for naught. There is a way for you
to monetize your list of subscribers.
This chapter will focus on how you’re going to make the best out of the
list you’ve grown and also a little bit about affiliate programs or the
important bits of it.This will be a great way to get income while you wait
for any future products.
Content of Follow-Up Emails
For those who are not familiar with follow-up emails, they are a series
of emails that are sent to the subscribers. You’ve probably received
them after making a purchase online or when you subscribe to a
The contents of these emails can be anything from a newsletter, blog
posts, articles, to offers. The purpose of these emails is so that the
subscribers don’t subscribe for nothing. You have to give them
something in return and you need to constantly be engaging with them.
Another reason to send follow-up emails is so that the subscribers
don’t forget who you are. They are your subscribers, which means they
are most likely interested in any product you are going to sell in the
future. But you can’t be quiet and suddenly pop up one day with an
offer. You have to keep in touch with them.
What you should do is to have content ready for the series of emails.
As mentioned, they can be anything from a newsletter or blog posts.
They can be anything that is related to your niche. For the content, you
can choose to write your own. Perhaps if you have insights, opinions,
or tips, you can share them with the subscribers.
However, if you have trouble coming up with content, there is an
alternative. You can always purchase Public Label Rights (PLR) from or any other PLR that you might find.
There are various products of PLR you can find including ebooks.
However, when you’re looking for content for your follow-up emails,
you should go for articles. There are articles sold as PLR in bulk. For
articles, they don’t cost as much as an ebook.
When you find a PLR package, it usually contains 10 to 15 articles
about a certain topic. For example, if your niche is ‘fly-fishing’ you can
search for PLR articles on You’ll be able to find articles
that are related to fly-fishing in no time. What you should look for is a
package with the most articles.
Why choose a package with the most articles? This is so that you have
abundant content to share with your list. Let’s say you purchase one
with 15 articles about fly-fishing and you email your list twice every
week, you have at least 7 weeks’ worth of emails already. Easy, isn’t
it? All you need to do is just purchase the PLR product. It sure beats
coming up with your own content.
A little word of caution here: Even though you have ownership and
rights on your PLR, it’s still a good idea to read and peruse through
any terms and conditions and legal notice from the provider. You do
not want to transgress any copyright law because there will be legal
Once you’ve made sure you’re in the clear to use the PLR product
however you want it, it’s time to send them to your list.
There are various ways to send them the content. One way is that you
can just send them as newsletters. This way, the subscribers get the
articles instantly, which makes it more likely for the customers to read
them. One extra thing you can do in your newsletters is to include a
link to your Facebook page or group that they can ‘like’. If you have
them on Facebook too, you’ve made your reach even wider.
Another way is that you can post the articles on your blog on your
website and share the link to that blog through the follow-up emails.
This is a great way to maintain traffic coming in to your website. The
customers will get familiarize with your website if they visit it often and
this indirectly builds trust. Trust leads to sales.
Affiliate Offers
Now, we’re going to divert from the main topic, which is video
marketing, in case you’ve forgotten amidst the excitement of learning
about follow-up emails, a little bit further.
From this list that you have, there is a way to monetize it without
having to wait and work on a new product. When you don’t have any
product to sell, you can participate in an affiliate program.
For those who do not know what an affiliate program is, it is a sales
program where an affiliate sells products online for commission.
Anyone can apply to be an affiliate and it’s just a matter of approval
from the vendor before you can get down to business.
To apply to be an affiliate, you can go through these marketplaces:
Of course, you would want to sell to your subscribers the products that
are related to your niche. To find those products, just go on any of the
marketplaces listed above and do a quick search. You will definitely
find the products there.
Depending on the niche you’re doing, look for products that are
related. It can be anything from tutorial videos, documentaries, or even
membership sites where users can gain access to exclusive content.
You can participate in affiliate programs for physical products however,
it’s better that you just go with digital products as they prove to be
more profitable than physical products on the Internet.
Once you’ve found the product you want to sell, you’ll have to apply to
be an affiliate and wait for the vendor to approve your request. When
your request is approved, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link. You’ll
want your customers to click through that link so that when they make
a purchase, the commission goes to you.
What happens after that? You start selling.
In previous pages, we’ve talk about follow-up emails. Now that you
have a product to sell, you can include the product offer in between the
follow-up emails. For example, after two follow-up emails of articles,
post the offer after that before going back to posting articles.Establish
a pattern that you find most suitable for your subscribers.
There are various ways to get your subscribers to click through your
affiliate link. If your follow-up emails are the PLR articles you’ve
purchased, you can just send include the link in the article itself.
Or if your follow-up emails follow the nature of a newsletter, you can
advertise the link of the product directly there. This makes the product
you’re selling more visible than just a link.
If your follow-up emails are instead linked to your blog and website,
you can instead advertise your product there. There are many ways to
get your subscribers to click through your affiliate link. It doesn’t matter
which way you choose to do as long as you get them to click through.
With all the follow-up emails and articles ready, and with products to
sell, you’re pretty much taken care of. You don’t have to worry about
your list of subscribers being left cold.