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Welcome and thank you for purchasing this amazing guide. After a few minutes of reading, you’ll know you received a great deal. This method has been tried, tested and proven to return results! We made this guide as short and concise as possible without skipping any detail. So let’s get to it!
Table of Contents Introduction Overview Requirements Method Optimization Scaling
Traffic Sources Profitable Countries Common mistakes Advice
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Many marketers approach CPA marketing with this concept:
Traffic—Landing Page—Offer— Affiliate Network—Commission
Not only is that process exhausting, but also more risky. As marketers, we aim for the lowest risk possible. This strategy is much more simple, with an approach such as:
Traffic  Commission
Making this strategy perfect for marketers who don’t like: creating landing pages, finding new angles, writing sales copy, dealing with affiliate networks, picking offers and all the other tedious work needed to prepare an offer. That’s everyone right?
Strategy Overview: You will be sending tons of cheap traffic to various CPA offers optimized and managed by a company called YTZ International. Your main goal is to find the cheapest human traffic and optimize it for the best ROI. YTZ monetizes over 200 different countries, so there are plenty to choose from. In short, you’ll be turning every advertising $1 into $2+ commission.
Requirements: Free account with YTZ international. Free account with Voluum tracking. Free account with DNTX, Zeropark and 50onRed (to start out with, more later on). At least $500 to start buying traffic.
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Step 1. Create a publisher account with YTZ International.
It may take a couple days to get accepted, but you shouldn’t have any issues. (Skip to step 3 while you wait)
Step 2. Create a campaign.
Once you get accepted, login and create a new campaign.
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Select yes to tracking by domain names on the next screen. Now wait until campaign is approved.
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Step 3. Open advertising account with Zeropark and DNTX
This shouldn’t be hard.
Zeropark manually verifies new accounts, so be available for verification. Also, you need at least $200 to fund your account, don’t worry you’ll see results with that $200.
DNTX shouldn’t be hard either. Their minimum deposit is $50, but I recommend you start with at least $100. The more the better.
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Step 4. Open Voluum account. (Start with the free account.)
You’ll need a paid account as you progress with this method.
Step 5. Create a campaign in Voluum.
First, we need to set your postback URL in YTZ. Login into your Voluum account and click on the settings icon then select the setup tab.
Scroll down to your server-to-server postback URL.
Default server-to-server postback URL in Voluum
http://???? PTIONAL&txid=OPTIONAL
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Copy your link.
Paste it into the YTZ postback link section.
Insert {SUB1} after cid=
Insert {REVENUE} after payout=
Delete &txid=OPTIONAL
(See pic above)
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5.1 Setting up campaign in Voluum.
Return to your Voluum account and select add affiliate network.
Do the same for DNTX via the traffic source tab. Zeropark does not need to added, since Voluum owns them.
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Now select create a new campaign.
I’ll be sharing a campaign that has always made me money to get you started.
For this campaign group you’ll be tracking Norway, Finland, Malaysia and Singapore.
Create a separate campaign for each country.
I named the first campaign in Voluum, DNTX-NORWAY-YTZ RON.
I always name my campaigns so they are easy to find and segment because you’ll be creating many campaigns.
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Select Direct Linking then select New Offer
Insert your YTZ campaign link. (You get this after your YTZ campaign is approved.) Your campaign link will be used for all countries because YTZ redirects traffic to specific offers based on the detected country (country redirect). The only time you’ll need a new campaign link in YTZ, is when you use a different traffic type. So you can use the same link for all the countries you test with Zeropark and DNTX.
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{clickid} has to be the first sub id {s1} for tracking to work properly!
I also track the IP address in YTZ just in case. Voluum will automatically track everything else.
(See offer pic above) Save the offer.
Now copy your Voluum tracking link.
Step 6. Set up campaigns in DNTX and Zeropark.
Again, the key to this strategy is to send traffic from different countries then optimize them for the highest ROI. The most important part in finding profitable countries is your data. Start with one or two traffic sources and master them. This campaign will generate revenue, as well as get you familiar with this method and analyzing data.
YTZ monetizes all types of traffic: search, banner, pop-ups, pop- unders, mobile, direct navigation, email, SEO, dating, you name it. To start out, we’ll be focusing on direct navigation as it tends to have the highest conversion rate on cold traffic.
Create a new campaign in DNTX.
Page 13
Leave those options as is.
I usually manually start and stop my campaigns, but you can set up day parting if you want. Select the times and days as shown above if you are in the central time zone. I had the best ROI MONDAY-SATURDAY from 12:30am-7am central standard time. For example, it would be around 8am-2pm in Norway, 9am-3pm Finland, 2pm-8pm Malaysia and Singapore. (See pic above) However, with new countries you should run your campaign as
Page 14
long as possible throughout the day for a week for good data, so you can optimize effectively.
Next set your daily budget. I recommend $25-50 to start so you can gather some data and see what’s converting the best. (More info on this later)
De-select “include tablets” and target Norway, Finland, Singapore, and Malaysia. These were my control countries
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Start with a bid that is slightly higher than the minimum bid, otherwise traffic will be really scarce (ignore the High Bid). Paste your Voluum tracking link from the previous step. Complete!
Create separate campaigns for each country. This will make things easy to manage.
You can set the same campaign in Zeropark. Zeropark has much more traffic available, more specifically poor traffic that you’ll have to filter through (don’t worry its easy). However, Zeropark is a goldmine once you have your campaigns optimized. I’ll go over optimization next.
Now you have one campaign that will generate commissions.
To sum this section up: you are creating campaigns in DNTX and Zeropark,
sending traffic from the 4 countries I gave you. All traffic is being sent to your
YTZ campaign link. From there you just wait for conversions to come in then
optimize, repeat and scale.
Target whatever countries you want to test at any time. You have over 200 to choose from. There are so many possibilities here to make easy money with this CPA method.
Take a look at one of my weeks. (11 days to be exact)
(Sometimes YTZ reports a country as XX or AA, make sure you coordinate your stats with your tracking.)
When trying to optimize cost, the two most importatnt factors are CPM and RPM.
RPM= revenue per thousand visitors CPM= cost per thousand visitors
It should be obvious that you want a high RPM and low CPM.
So, YTZ is paying me $8.64 for every 1000 visitors I send from the US. My job is to make sure that I pay less than $7.00 for those thousand visitors or $.007 per visit, so that I have a reasonable profit.
One thing to know is that YTZ only tracks unique visitors, so there will be a discrepancy between your tracking stats and YTZ report. I found that the average was 10-15%
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Next, optimizing traffic.
Optimizing traffic is very easy with Voluum, after you have a decent amount of data. The key areas that you want to look are:
Hours of the Day Days of the Week Browser Type
These are the most common parameters you can filter with most traffic
Now, take a look at my stats from a very small campaign I ran. (Norway)
Notice my conversions came in the morning hours. If I ran this campaign for a week, I would definitely see an hourly pattern that I could capitalize on. Also, notice the non-converting hours as they provide insight on other countries in the same time zone. Remember, your data can often times be used for other countries.
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In Zeropark, you have the option to manually bid on targets. This is great, but also time consuming when you have a larger campaign.
After you have gathered data, you can simply go into Zeropark and cut the losing targets.
Important! As soon as you find a pattern in your data, implement it into your campaign and stick to it until it fails or you find a better pattern from your data. I found after a week or two of data (over 10,000 visitors) patterns form, allowing you be to create a precise campaign and eliminate losses.
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There are two types of scaling, Vertical scaling and Horizontal scaling.
With vertical scaling you simply increase your campaign budget to get as much traffic as possible. This type of scaling is best used when you’re optimizing landing pages and other back end areas. Since we are only optimizing the traffic, vertical scaling is not the most effective.
In my own experience when trying to vertically scale a campaign with this method, I found I was actually buying all the traffic I was optimizing against. There won’t be a plethora of traffic for every country and buying it all won’t necessarily make you the most money.
With horizontal scaling you take an optimized campaign and run it across many traffic sources, keeping a similar budget per campaign. This allows you to get diverse traffic.
For example, say you have a campaign that gets the most conversions Monday thru Thursdays between 12pm-4pm on desktop computers with Chrome browsers..etc. This data is not limited to the one source because this is data about internet users in that specific country. This campaign will more than likely perform the same on a different traffic source.
I found it easier to maintain a $20-$50 a day profit campaign (per country), than trying to get $200-$300+ a day profit campaigns. Not only do such campaigns require a much higher budget, but also if the campaign goes bad you are left with a big loss, which has happened to me.
I became satisfied with $20-$50 a day because it would only take 3-5 optimized countries to hit $60-$250 profit overall per day with minimal risk.
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Traffic Sources That Work:
2. Zeropark
3. Popads
4. Wigetmedia
5. 50onRed
6. Media Traffic
7. Revenue Hits
8. AdOn Network
9. Traffic Match
10. 7 Search
11. Affinity ( In-domain ads)
12. Infinity Ads
13. Trellian (I’ve done limited testing with this network)
14. eDomz (I’ve done limited testing with this network)
15. CPMoz (I’ve done limited testing with this network)
These are just a few good ones, but don’t them all at once. That would be a costly mistake.
Dating Networks To Sign-up 1. Slut Roulette 2. Live Free Fun 3. Catholic Soulmates 4. PinkWink Lesbian Dating 5. 6. OutPersonals 7. CharmingDate
Page 21
Other CPA Networks To Promote:
Here is a list of other CPA networks, sign up and look for dating websites to promote and apply to the method.
Some Countries That Work:
1. Norway
2. Finland
3. Singapore
4. Malaysia
5. Sweden
5. Australia
6. Canada (mainly with Zeropark)
7. France
8. Belgium
9. India
10. Brazil
Again, this a very small list of countries that are profitable. Simply test any country you choose.
Common mistakes:
The biggest mistake I ran into with this method was managing my overall budget. I would set a daily budget of $100, then suddenly I would get a good amount of conversions and my ROI skyrockets. So the next day I’d be excited and raise my budget to $500-$600, but the results weren’t as expected. The next day I’d lowered my budget to $50, I kept repeating this pattern for a couple weeks, until I was losing too much money. I got back on a consistent budget and followed my data accordingly. That’s when I started to see a consistent ROI.
Key Lesson: Follow your data, even when you have really good days. Your data (best conversion times, browsers, countries, etc.) is your money. Be consistent. If you’re fluctuating your budget constantly, then your data will give you bad patterns that will cost you!
Another common mistake is, cutting new countries too soon. In the beginning, I was testing many countries and if a country had no conversions after the first day or two, I’d cut it. It just so happens that my testing days were the non-converting days for that country.
Key Lesson: Run new countries consistently for one week. I also noticed that I didn’t start seeing conversions until after 800-1,500 visitors.
Here’s a little advice before I send you off.
• Stay in contact with Kate Porter the Account Manager for
• Make a monthly budget, and STICK TO IT, as YTZ pays
• Remember, small gains add up to large gain.
• Only test new countries when have 1-5 working countries, this will help you maintain your set budget.
• Don’t give up on this method, but do not cling to a country that is inconsistent and costly.
1. Create a publisher account with YTZ
2. Create an account with Voluum for tracking
3. Create advertising accounts with DNTX and Zeropark
4. Create campaigns in YTZ, Voluum and DNTX
5. Set up post back URL
6. Run campaign for one week
7. Analyze data to find patterns to implement into campaigns
8. Optimize campaigns
9. Scale horizontally by finding more traffic sources to run optimized campaigns on.
10. Continue to analyze and optimize
11. Test new countries
12. And of course repeat (6-10)
After one week you’ll have enough data to start optimizing your campaign. Test different countries and be consistent. This is the key to success with this method. You WILL see results, if you follow this guide. You’ll have great days, good days and bad days. Its all part of online marketing.
Well, thanks again for purchasing this guide. You should definitely make your money back and more. Good Luck! Go make some easy money.
Extra Note:
If you need a valid copy of CPVLab, please email my friend at, he has a nulled latest copy 
If you have any issues with this method, need help
or advice email:
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CPA List Cash Surge

by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
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CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
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CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Dear list builder,
First of all, we want to say a massive THANK YOU for buying this guide.
Our names are Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko…
We are really excited to spend the next couple of hours with you to take you
through our latest discoveries in list building.
We will show you a really cool way to build your list at either very little cost
or (after some tweaking) even while making money.
WARNING: The stuff we are going to show you is EXPLOSIVE.
It is not common knowledge, it is not some rehashed garbage, it’s stuff that
works today, in February 2015.
That’s why we are really excited to be sharing my information with you,
because we know that if you take action and implement this you will find the
course useful, concise, and easy to follow.
A bit about us…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Greg Kononenko: “I first started dabbling online around 2006, and bought a
couple of information products explaining how to do Pay-Per-Click
advertising. I picked a dog training product on Clickbank, drove about $150
dollars’ worth of traffic to it and made one sale with a commission of
something like $25.
Was it a failure?
Possibly, but it also proved to me that people buy stuff online and there is
money to be made.
Since then, I tried a few different models… I built eBay mini-sites and did quite
well off them. But just as things were getting good, Google de-indexed all of
my sites.
I also tried creating tiny laser-sharp product review mini-blogs. Again, they
did very well, but due to Google changes they kept getting deindexed or just
dropped off the first page of Google for no reason.
It was crazy – I never felt like I was in control of my business or my income.
I needed to find a way to be able to predict my income with certainty…
That’s when I found list building.
Since 2013, I have been working with list building. And I have to say – this type
of business has been the most successful form of online business that I have
had so far.
The benefits are numerous:
 You have direct access to your list, and you don’t depend on Google for
 You are in control of your traffic and therefore in control of your income
 You can send an email and you can be pretty certain how many clicks
your email will get
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 If you have a list and a monetization system in place, then all YOU have
to worry about is driving more traffic into your funnel. The system will
do the rest
 If you can grow your list, you can grow your income – there is no need to
have a pretty website or to continue posting content on your site
Since 2013, I have built a huge email list in a couple of niches.
I sell solo ads. My list I growing by hundreds every single day, and it’s like a
massive snowball – the bigger my list is getting, the faster is growing.
That’s why, if you don’t yet have a list – I highly recommend you start building
one TODAY!”
Stefan Ciancio: “I got started online selling physical products. Nothing
glamorous- I was a reseller for products I found for cheap prices at garage
sales and thrift shops. Not that I didn’t love haggling with soccer moms to sell
their sons old video games for big profits, but I felt like maybe I was onto
something with the whole make money online thing.
I took to e-book publishing on Kindle, which was amazing to me, because the
selling of digital goods meant no storing of inventory and instant shipping.
How awesome is that?
Soon, I discovered the wonders of building lists. The true power of a list is
incomparable, especially when you’re free from Google changing one little
thing and you losing your business overnight.
I now love list building and email marketing. I market to a couple of different
lists on a daily basis. I also have released numerous products on the topics of
list building and email marketing.
As Greg mentioned above, we really recommend you build a list!”
How did we get into CPA?
We both have grown huge email lists over the past 6-8 months.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
We used to use “Clickbanking” (and still do some of it), which basically
involves swapping traffic with others (and is a whole different story to what
we are going to show here).
However, Clickbanking is quite time consuming. Once you have sent someone
100 clicks, you often have to wait for 2, 3 or 4 weeks for them to return your
traffic. And sometimes partners completely disappear to never be heard from
So we started looking for better ways to make money with our lists.
That’s how we got into CPA – we get paid straight away, and if we choose to
utilize paid traffic to grow our lists, we can simply reinvest the money we
make into more traffic.
No dealing with Clickbanking partners…
No time wasted waiting for them to return your traffic…
You get cash into your account, and do whatever you want with it.
So we now want to share our learnings with you.
So please read the material carefully, absorb it all, follow the “assignments” at
the end of each chapter and get ready to build a MASSIVE LIST!
Your assignment from “Preface”:
 Grab a beer (wine, coffee, or whatever your prefer)
If you are worried about whether it’s going to work for you or not, then
remember this:
The only sure-fire way to FAIL is to take no action
Without any further delay, let’s get into the details!
To your success,
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Disclaimer and Terms of Use ……………………………………………………………………………………… 2
Preface: Welcome! ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 4
A bit about us… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 4
How did we get into CPA? ………………………………………………………………………………………. 6
Your assignment from “Preface”: ………………………………………………………………………….. 7
Lastly… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 7
MODULE 1: Outline Of The Model ………………………………………………………………………….. 13
Objective ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 13
How it will work …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 13
Some high level calculations ……………………………………………………………………………….. 14
Your assignment from “Module 1”: ……………………………………………………………………. 17
MODULE 2: What you need to get started …………………………………………………………….. 18
Domain and Hosting ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 18
Autoresponder ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 19
Done For You Templates………………………………………………………………………………………. 20
Your assignment from “Module 2”: ……………………………………………………………………. 20
Cash Network …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 21
Clicksure ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 21
Clickbank …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 22
Your assignment from “Module 3”: ……………………………………………………………………. 22
MODULE 4: Create Your Optin Gift …………………………………………………………………………. 23
But what will people think about my report?.. ………………………………………………… 23
OK, so what do I put in there? (the hard way) …………………………………………………. 24
And now – the easy way ……………………………………………………………………………………….. 25
Your assignment from “Module 4”: ……………………………………………………………………. 26
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
MODULE 5: Your Squeeze Page ………………………………………………………………………………. 27
How to make a squeeze page ………………………………………………………………………………. 27
What to include ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 28
Technical setup ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 28
What to do with this code now… ………………………………………………………………………… 34
Your assignment from “Module 5”: ……………………………………………………………………. 36
MODULE 6: Your Thank You Page ………………………………………………………………………….. 37
Done For You Thank You page ……………………………………………………………………………. 38
Another alternative Thank You page layout ……………………………………………………. 38
Where should the links point? …………………………………………………………………………….. 39
Your assignment from “Module 6”: ……………………………………………………………………. 39
MODULE 7: Follow Up Message In The Autoresponder …………………………………….. 40
Let’s get started – first message………………………………………………………………………….. 41
Your assignment from “Module 7”: ……………………………………………………………………. 42
MODULE 8: Finding CPA Offers ………………………………………………………………………………. 43
Clicksure ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 43
CashNetwork…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 47
One more method… ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 50
What to do now… …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 51
What’s a good EPC …………………………………………………………………………………………………. 51
Your assignment from “Module 8”: ……………………………………………………………………. 51
MODULE 9: Clickbank Offers …………………………………………………………………………………… 52
What’s “overflow” traffic? ……………………………………………………………………………………. 52
How to find good Clickbank offers……………………………………………………………………… 52
Pick 1-2 good offers ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 55
Your assignment from “Module 9”: ……………………………………………………………………. 55
MODULE 10: Tracking ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 56
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Tools of trade ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 56
Rotators ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 56
What’s so cool about it? ………………………………………………………………………………………… 57
Let’s get the rotator going……………………………………………………………………………………. 57
How will the rotator work? …………………………………………………………………………………. 60
Conversion tracking ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 61
Tracking your funnel …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 62
How many clicks to send ……………………………………………………………………………………… 63
Link all of the funnel links to the rotator ………………………………………………………….. 64
Can I do this for free, without a rotator? …………………………………………………………… 65
Your assignment from “Module 11”: …………………………………………………………………. 65
MODULE 11: Free Traffic Methods …………………………………………………………………………. 66
Free Traffic – Guest Posts ……………………………………………………………………………………… 66
What to do if you run out of guest blogging sites ……………………………………………. 67
Kindle Books …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 67
MODULE 12: Buying Traffic …………………………………………………………………………………….. 69
Why Funnel Clicks? ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 69
Why do they convert better? ……………………………………………………………………………….. 70
Let me show you… …………………………………………………………………………………………………. 70
One more reason… ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 71
Select your provider ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 72
Let’s find a candidate …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 72
Contact the seller and buy ……………………………………………………………………………………. 74
Review your results ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 74
Your assignment from “Module 13”: …………………………………………………………………. 75
MODULE 13: How To Avoid Scammers …………………………………………………………………. 76
What to do ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 76
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
How to spot fake traffic that has been sent to you …………………………………………. 77
Your assignment from “Module 12”: …………………………………………………………………. 79
MODULE 14: Emailing Your List ……………………………………………………………………………… 80
What is broadcasting? …………………………………………………………………………………………… 80
How to structure your messages ………………………………………………………………………… 80
How will this work ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 81
What to write about in your broadcasts …………………………………………………………… 82
Automation ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 85
Your assignment from “Module 14”: …………………………………………………………………. 87
MODULE 15: The PROFITS Module ………………………………………………………………………… 88
Option 1: Automated Profits ……………………………………………………………………………….. 88
Option 2: Pay Per Lead offers ……………………………………………………………………………… 89
Option 3: Sell Solo Ads ………………………………………………………………………………………….. 90
Your assignment from “Module 15”: …………………………………………………………………. 90
Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 91
Recap ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 91
What’s next? ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 92
How to contact us…………………………………………………………………………………………………… 92
THANK YOU! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 92
Resources …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 93
The “Done For You” pack ……………………………………………………………………………………… 93
Essential! You Need Tracking Software ……………………………………………………………. 94
Want To Know More Tricks With This Mehod? ………………………………………………. 94
Need traffic fast? …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 94
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Welcome to Module 1!
In this module, we will get straight into the “meat” of the model so you can
start implementing this method as quickly as possible.
We will present you with “big picture” on how this will all work, before we
dive into the details of every step.
If anything sounds confusing, don’t worry: we will go through the details in
the later chapters. Also, don’t forget about our awesome Facebook group
where you can always ask for help.
With this method, our objective is to build an autopilot cash generating
We want to build a large list using the most hands-off techniques currently
known to man.
And we want to build a large list- our “magic” number is 5,000 subscribers.
Once you hit 5,000 subscribers, you can do a lot of very cool things with them
– but let’s not skip ahead of ourselves….
Don’t worry if this sounds like a large number – you can actually get there
pretty quickly, and we will show you exactly how.
Once you get your first 1,000 subscribers, things get much easier and quicker.
Once you hit 5,000 then you can get to 10,000 or even 20,000 fairly quickly.
It’s like a snowball – the more subscribers you have, the more money they will
generate for you and the quicker your business grows.
How it will work
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
We are going to be using something that has been working extremely well for
us recently – CPA.
In case you are not yet familiar with CPA – it stands for “Cost Per Action”. In its
basic form, CPA simply means you will get paid when the traffic you send to
the owner of the CPA program converts into a sale.
And we are going to be building our list using traffic from free and/or paid
sources, while monetizing our list and our traffic using CPA.
However – we will be doing it using a very specific, very precisely constructed
setup (called ‘funnel’) which will make us money while the traffic is flowing
through the system.
This is step by step how we will do this:
 Get traffic
 Give away a free gift in exchange for an email address
 After they opt in, we will use a special “formula” that will help us get
more than 1 click per subscriber to a number of different CPA offers
 They will go into our autoresponder
 We will continue marketing to these subscribers via emails
 We will show you a way to automate vast majority of this process
Some high level calculations
Just in case you’re a mathematical type… Then here is an overview of how the
system will flow:
 Let’s use 100 clicks as an example of how much traffic you will get
 100 clicks will come in
 You will set up a squeeze page and optimize it so that it converts at a
minimum of 50% (in fact you can get as high as 60-65%)
 100 clicks x 50% = 50 subscribers who join your list
 They will immediately be redirected to the Thank You page
 On the Thank You page, they will see four Bonus Links structured in a
very particular way
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 These bonus links will actually point to our CPA offers (explained in
detail in a later chapter)
 Our thank you page will be optimized until we get 1.5 clicks on average
per subscriber that joins our list
 So with the 50 subscribers, at 1.5 clicks per subscriber, it means we will
generate 75 clicks to the CPA offers.
 Once our subscribers sign up, they will be sent a message containing an
attachment with the free gift and 4 more links to more CPA offers
 With our current setup, 20% of the subscribers will also click those
links, so that’s another 50 x 20% = 10 clicks
 That brings the total clicks generated to CPA offers so far to 85
 You will then send broadcast emails to your subscribers, twice a day
(more on that later – and we will also show you how to automate the
message so you don’t have to log in and send them)
 Your minimum goal should be to generate 1% click through on each
email you send
 50 subscribers x 1% click through rate = 0.5 clicks per broadcast email,
twice a day, making it 1 click per day
 When you think of your funnel, the initial clicks you get are only the
beginning. Your ‘funnel’ actually also includes 30 days’ worth of
broadcast or follow up messages meaning another 30 clicks to the CPA
offers, or a total of 115 clicks (30 + 85).
 So here are the results:
o We brought in 100 clicks from our free source (or bought 100
o We have ended up with 50 subscribers
o We have also sent 115 clicks to our CPA offers
 The earnings per click you can see from the CPA offers is in the range of
$0.25 – $0.60 per click
 So these 115 clicks may generate you between $28.75 and $69 in
earnings throughout the life of the 30-day funnel. Of course there are no
guarantees we can give on your earnings – this is purely what has been
happening for us.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 If you use free traffic sources, then the whole amount of earnings is pure
 If you use paid traffic, we will show you how to get traffic for as little as
$0.30, so you can very easily end up in profit WHILE growing your list
 Don’t forget – all of this is happening while you’re also growing your list
 And you will still have your subscribers on your list after that 30 day
“funnel” has run its course
 So then you can cash our your earnings from the CPA program and
either reinvest into paid traffic and continue growing your list, or just
continue using the free methods that are working for you
LASTLY: We will also show you how you can place the whole thing ON
That’s right – you can use autoresponder to basically avoid sending any
messages manually. All you’ll have to do is just bring the traffic into the
squeeze page, and let the funnel do the work.
So we hope you can see just how powerful this strategy can be!
Plus… the results above are not unachievable. These are a pretty modest EPC
just because we don’t to hype up the expected results too much.
Here you can take a look at what a typical week looks like for us:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
In fact, it is entirely possible to get your squeeze page conversions even
higher, meaning your results will be even better.
You can literally explode your list building and your online business using
Your assignment from “Module 1”:
 Understand the model that we are going to use
 Move on to Module 2
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Here we will cover the basic setup that you will need to get started.
Domain and Hosting
If you are already have these, then you can skip this section.
Greg Kononenko:
I recommend you register both the domain and the hosting together. The
reason I recommend to do that together, is because you will generally get a
great deal – as you read my example below, you will see that you can save
around $10 immediately that way.
Your Domain is the web address, for example Google domain is
Hosting is a service that actually contains the information that your website
consists of. The website consists of folders and files, just like the files on your
The hosting company holds them for you, and makes them available to the
whole world to browse.
So if someone types in into their browser, they will see
your website – and your website will be shown to them by your hosting
You need hosting, there’s no way around it 🙂
I personally use Siteground – they are an absolutely awesome company, and
they are very cheap. I’ve been with other hosting companies (Hostgator and
NameCheap Hosting), but SiteGround are cheaper and their websites are
Get their cheapest package, it’s only $3.95 per month, and they will give you a
free domain.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
You can get creative with the domain names, but I recommend registering one
quickly so you don’t waste too much time.
You may come across some popular names that are taken, so just keep
searching till you find something that’s available.
Something like “” or “” will work
just fine.
Select the “.com” option – it’s the best and easiest to remember.
Follow the prompts to buy and pay for it.
Your account should get set up in 1-2 hours, you’ll get an email with advice.
The whole thing should only cost you $3.95 for the first month – hardly
Sign up page here (this is not an affiliate link).
In my view, there are only two real choices in the marketplace –
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
They are the only two serious competitors, and I strongly urge you to have an
account with one of them.
While there are many other competing products out there (MailChimp and
others), these two are by far the best – they offer the highest % of emails
delivered, best functionality, good pricing, etc.
They have been in business for decades, and are not going away any time
soon, so you can easily trust them.
So I suggest you make a choice and register for one or the other – it doesn’t
really matter which one. Personally – I use Aweber today.
Done For You Templates
If you have not yet picked up our “DONE FOR YOU” templates, then you can do
so here.
The will help you get started as soon as possible and will be a great time saver.
Your assignment from “Module 2”:
 If you have Autoresponder, Domain and Hosting – no need to do
 If you don’t have them yet, register Domain and Hosting
 Sign up with Aweber or GetResponse
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok so let’s go ahead and register on all of the required networks. That way, if
you do this RIGHT NOW, you will probably be accepted very shortly after you
finish this report. Or possibly even while you’re still going through it.
Cash Network
Cash Network is one of our two favorite CPA sites.
They pay weekly, and we have never had any issues with receiving payments
from them. They have pretty helpful affiliate managers too who will answer all
your questions.
So head on over to CashNetwork and fill out the application form.
This is our other favorite network. They actually have many offers that have
been producing spectacular EPC’s. They are a little bit newer to us than Cash
Network, but we have been very happy with them so far.
They have a lot of what’s called “Binary” offers which normally pay a
commission of about $200 – $250 or even $300. Binary offers have to do with
trading foreign currency and options online.
However, we recommend you initially stay away from binary offers, simply
because yes they pay out a lot of money but they also convert at less than 1%.
You can make good money with them, however to truly test the offer you will
have to send 500-600 clicks to it, and that’s a lot of traffic for someone just
starting out.
As your list grows, 500 clicks will not be such a huge deal to you anymore so
you will be able to experiment with the higher end offers.
So you can head over to Clicksure and register as an Affiliate.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
You may be thinking… “What, Clickbank?? Isn’t Clickbank dead?”
No – it’s more alive than ever! In fact, it’s doing very very well for us, because
they have some really hot offers that convert EXTREMELY well for traffic that
is interested in making money online.
We will show you the exact best way to set up which traffic goes to your
Clickbank offers and which traffic we will send to CPA.
For now – please head over to Clickbank and register as an affiliate.
Your assignment from “Module 3”:
 Register at Cash Network
 Register at Clicksure
 Register at Clickbank
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The optin gift is a very simple report, which you can quickly create yourself in
30-60 minutes.
Alternatively, you can just buy it as PLR (Private Label Rights).
Since we will be working in the IM niche, here is a quick list of topics that will
always do quite well:
 How to make money with…
o … Affiliate marketing
o … Social Media
o … Fiverr
o … Facebook
o … YouTube
Most of the people on your list will be complete newbies, so you don’t want to
choose an advanced topic like “product creation”.
But what will people think about my report?..
Here is a little secret for you…
We have been closely tracking all of our stats, and here is what I have found.
You may be disappointed, but if we look at our history from the last couple of
weeks in the tracking software, only 14.74% of people who have joined our
list have actually clicked to download our report.
As you can see, I (Greg) have had a total of 1,302 subscribers join….
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
And only 192 actually downloaded the guide:
So that’s 14.74%.
And I bet only something like 2-3% will actually look at it.
So you don’t really have to worry about the content that much! Unfortunately
or fortunately, not many people will even look at it.
OK, so what do I put in there? (the hard way)
Well – now the weight is off your shoulders, right? Pretty much no one is
going to look at it, so it doesn’t matter what’s inside 
But – all jokes aside – you should be able to punch out a 2-3 page report one of
the topics suggested above in less than 30 minutes.
Just go to the Warrior Forum and read a few posts related to the topic.
As an example:
 Maybe you’ve chosen your topic to be “Fiverr”
 You can title your report “How to make $50 per day doing fun, simple
micro jobs”
 Then you would head over to Warrior Forum and search for “fiverr”
using advanced search
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
This is one of the results:
You can just go ahead and buy the report for $5, read it, and reword some
points from it into a 3-4-5 page guide.
DONE! You don’t need to make it any more complicated than this.
And now – the easy way
OK – we recommend you don’t waste your time and just buy a PLR report.
Save time and invest a few dollars to get started quickly.
Check out these 2 sites:
Browse to the internet marketing category, and check the license.
You need to have permission to “give away” the report for free.
That’s the easiest and quickest way.
Here is an example to a product that ticks the boxes:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Your assignment from “Module 4”:
 Buy a PLR Report
 If you don’t want to spend a few dollars, then just write a 2-3 page
report on one of the recommended topics
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Just in case you’re not familiar with a squeeze page – it’s a page whose sole
purpose is to capture the email address of the visitor.
This is what it may look like:
How to make a squeeze page
There are dozens of options for how to make a squeeze page…
There are lots of free options… For example, we have attached 5 HTML
templates which you can use as you like – you can edit them, change them in
any way using a program called “Kompozer”.
Alternatively, you can pick up our “Done For You” pack which already
contains a squeeze page.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The option that we are using ourselves are a paid WordPress plugin called
Epic Squeeze as well as LeadPages.
It takes us less than 5 minutes to set up a page that looks similar to the page
What to include
Squeeze pages are a whole science in itself. True masters of the art are able to
optimize and create squeeze pages with conversion rates of over 65%.
For our purposes, 40-45% is quite good. You can always tweak the squeeze
page down the road to increase the conversions.
Here are key elements:
 As little text as possible
 Try to make it sound exciting
 Don’t ask for the name (in my experience, you get higher conversions if
you only ask for the email)
 Put in 1-2 benefits of your free gift into the headline
The simpler – the better, this has been proven time and time again.
Technical setup
If you use our HTML templates, then you can follow the video instructions in
order to be able to integrate the squeeze pages with your Autoresponder.
If you decide to use Epic Squeeze, it comes with instructions on how to set it
up – just follow those.
Here are a few critical elements that we wanted to call out:
1) Make sure you turn off the “Confirmed Optin” or “Double Optin” in your
auto responder
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
In case you have not dealt with Confirmed Optin before – if you leave it ON,
then once your subscriber enters their email address, they will be presented
with a page that will advise them to go into their email and click a
confirmation link.
Then the autoresponder will send a confirmation email.
The subscriber will not be added to your list unless they click that link, and
you will lose as much as 50% of your potential subscribers if you leave
Confirmed Optin option as ON.
This is why it’s industry practice at the moment to turn the Confirmed Optin
option OFF.
Here is an example of how to do it in Aweber:
You can choose the “list” that you have created, then go into the List Settings:
Then choose the “Confirmed Optin” option:
… and then turn it OFF:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
2) After people opt in to your list, they need to be taken straight to your
Thank You page
Here is how you can do this in Aweber:
As you already know, to set up a squeeze page, you will need Aweber to
generate what’s called “sign up form”.
When you are creating the “sign up form”, here are the step by step
Create or choose the list that you would like to use for your campaign:
Then go into Sign Up Forms -> Create Sign Up Form:
Choose Design -> Popular
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Then choose “Basic”:
Remove name field:
In a similar way, remove Header, Footer, Privacy statement, and the Aweber
link until you only have the “Email” field left:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Click Go To Step 2:
Give your form a name, any name, and also choose the “Custom Page” for your
Thank You page:
Then in the Custom Page field, enter your squeeze page URL:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Do the same for your Already Subscribed page:
Go to Step 3 and choose the option “I Will Install My Form”:
IMPORTANT: Then choose “Raw HTML”, and make sure you untick the
“Include beautiful form styles” option:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
What to do with this code now…
Ok – now you have set up Aweber so that your subscribers will be added to
your list immediately, without confirmation.
You also now have your code in such a way that the Squeeze Page will redirect
straight to your Thank You page with the Clickbanking partner links after
someone enters their email.
Same thing will happen if they enter their email and someone is already on the
list – they will still go to your Thank You page with the Clickbanking links.
So now you can do one of the two things:
 Use our HTML template pack and follow the video instructions in the
pack – it will show you exactly what to do with that code and how to set
up the templates
 If you decide to invest into Epic Squeeze, then you also just need to
follow the video instructions that come with Epic Squeeze, they are very
easy to understand
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
One thing we wanted to highlight about Epic Squeeze which confused us a bit
initially, is this:
Under Autoresponder, you should choose “Other”, even though there is
“Aweber” option. I’m not sure why, “Aweber” option just didn’t work for us.
Then you should paste the code from the previous step into the box.
And enter the URL of your Thank You page into the third box.
It’s all shown here in a screenshot:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Your assignment from “Module 5”:
 Set up a squeeze page
 Ensure your autoresponder Confirmed Optin is set to OFF
 Test your squeeze page with your email to make sure everything is
working as it should
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Alright, so this is the most important page after your squeeze page.
This page will take one subscriber who opts into our page and turn that
subscriber into 1.2 – 1.3 or even 1.5 clicks to our CPA offers.
As you know, we have been using a pretty specific page for a while, and here is
exactly what it looks like. It’s remained unchanged for a few months and is
still working really well.
What will happen is that people who opt in to your list will see this page as
soon as they enter their email and hit “submit” on the squeeze page.
These people are excited because they have just got something for free. Now
they will see some bonus guides, and they will be very keen to get their hands
on more material.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Each of these links will go to a rotator and that rotator will send the clicks to
the CPA offers, and we will explain exactly how it works in the later chapters.
The main thing you need to remember right now – the above layout works just
Don’t be alarmed by the fact that it looks really basic, or “too simple”. It works
– and that’s all that matters.
NOTE: We are giving you Greg’s actual current page in the example above.
Please DO NOT copy it. Change a few things – like layout, design, fonts,
colours, wording.
This ebook is likely to sell well over 500 copies, so if everyone starts doing the
exact same thing – everyone will lose.
We will all be sharing many of the same visitors, and it won’t be good if their
visitors see the thank you page, then go to another person’s page and see the
exact same thing.
Done For You Thank You page
If you would like to get an HTML template of the Thank You page in the
required format, you can grab our “done for you” pack.
Another alternative Thank You page layout
Our good friend and brilliant solo ad coach Scott Price has recently released a
WSO which was awarded “WSO Of The Day” award on Warrior Plus.
Scott has built lists well into tens of thousands of subscribers, and is an
absolute gun when it comes to building lists.
He has let us mention his product here and tell you about the Thank You page
layout that he’s currently using. He has built this page using “LeadPages”.
This is what his Thank You page currently looks like and you can build it using
Lead Pages in 2 minutes:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Either layout will work, but if you don’t want to muck around with HTML,
then grab LeadPages (LINK) and grab Scott’s guide (LINK) and you’ll be up
and running in a matter of minutes.
Where should the links point?
In one of the later chapters we will explain how to set up your CPA offer
rotator in the best possible way.
For now, just set up this page without the Hyperlinks. You will add the
hyperlinks later, when we go through the instructions in detail.
IMPORTANT: if you end up using WordPress to do the Thank You page, make
sure you don’t have sidebars or header so that people don’t get distracted. We
want them to click the links and not to end up browsing your site.
Your assignment from “Module 6”:
 Set up your Thank You page. You can use one of the HTML templates we
include, or create your own, or use WordPress
 Make sure each of the link descriptions are exciting, yet generic enough
to work for pretty much any kind of offer
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
We like to keep things simple… That means automation.
You’ll remember from the 1st module that we need to have 30 days’ worth of
follow up emails, twice a day. That means 60 emails (also called ‘swipes’).
Ok… who wants to write 60 emails before you get started????
Yeah I know… It’s an absolute nightmare!
That’s why we’ve got an “easy way out” for you:
So here is our plan for those who are brand new to this:
 Set up just one immediate auto responder
 Log in to your autoresponder once a day and write 2 emails (We’ll show
you how to write them)
 Each email will link to the same CPA rotator (more detail in a future
 Schedule them as “broadcasts” to go at 7am and 7pm
 Repeat the process for 30 days
 By the end of this 30 day period, you will have 60 emails
 Then just take these emails and put them all into your autoresponder
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 Schedule them to go 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm based on local time of each
 Now you have 30 days’ of automated messages
 Then just take the same swipes (emails) and copy them to create a new
30 day cycle. Continue doing this until you’ve got several months’ worth
of follow ups
That’s exactly how it works – everything will be completely automated.
We will go through this in more detail in the “Broadcasting” module.
Let’s get started – first message
The very first message is going to be a very simple message that just thanks
people, gives them the PDF report as an attachment, and also contains a
couple more links, leading to the CPA Rotator.
Make sure you attach the PDF (and not link to it) – we will explain why in the
Module on “Broadcasting”.
You need to set this message to go out immediately after the person opts in.
Here is an exact copy of the email message Greg currently uses:
Thanks – Here Is Your Guide
Thanks for your interest in “Cash Getting Tricks” – your report is attached to
this email.
Here is how to get started FAST:
Step 1:
>> Grab this bonus (expiring in 2 hours)
Step 2:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
>> Easy newbie profits guide
Step 3:
>> Read the testimonials
Enjoy the read and speak soon!
To Your Success,
As you can see, it is all very simple.
The links starting with >> need to point to the CPA rotator, and we’ll go
through that in a later section.
Your assignment from “Module 7”:
 Write up a “Welcome” message
 Use “Thanks” in the subject line
 Schedule for it to go out “immediately” in your autoresponder, so your
subscriber gets it straight away
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The first network we will go over is Clicksure.
You should have already registered at Clicksure when you were reading the
beginning of this guide. If not – then please register as Clicksure Affiliate now.
Clicksure is a great CPA platform. However, they seem to specialize in “binary”
offers (we went over that at the start of the guide).
So when you’re just starting out, we recommend you look for Clicksure offers
which are not “binary” – and they are easy to tell, you just need to look for a
payout that’s under $200.
What’s good about Clicksure is that they put their best converting offers on
the front page of the log in area:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So now you can just click on each one of them and view the affiliate
In the example above, we clicked on “Verified Trader” and here is what we
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
It actually says that this is a “binary” offer and pays $250.
Looks great, but if you’re new, you might want to skip it, because in our
experience, you may get a conversion on your first 10-20 clicks, but you may
also need to send 300-400 clicks to this one to get a conversion. And it may be
very daunting for you to send so much traffic and see $0 commissions.
So let’s move on to the next one…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
This is what it looks like:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok looks like we’ve found a good offer – pays $120 commission when
someone buys the main product for $49.
This is really good.
Make note of this one.
So then just follow same steps and pick 2-3 offers that fit the above criteria
and are non-binary.
We love Cash Network.
They have MANY offers and they have a great variety of non-binary offers as
Here is how to find good offers…
Once you’re inside the account, click on the “News” section:
That will bring up the following page:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So now you just need to decide which ones out of the top EPC offers you want
to promote.
Go to campaigns…
… and in the window that comes up, start typing the offer number, say “1129”:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The predictive search will bring up the name, as soon as that happens – hit
The offer window will come up:
From here, you can go to “links + creatives” and preview the offer details, their
sales page, and in general what the offer is about.
We LOVE to promote “trials”. The reason is simple – they convert really well.
There are some offers that are requiring the subscriber to pay $5, $7 or $9 as a
trial, however you get the full CPA commission of $30 or $40 or more.
That’s because their sales funnel is so well perfected, that they know they will
make much more from each client in the future.
So to take advantage of the “trials”, simply start typing “trial” into the search
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So from there you will need to scroll through and take note of several offers
that relate to “make money online” niche, such as “earn at home club trial”…
Look at this – beautiful!! $4.97 trial and we get paid $37.
Do you think some people are willing to spend $4.97?
Hell yeah!   And we get the full fat $37 commission.
One more method…
Ok so this method works on both Clicksure and CashNetwork.
Make sure you keep an eye out for emails from both Clicksure and
CashNetwork. Every couple of days, they will send you emails with some “hot”
high converting offers. You want to take note of those, because they will also
give you an indication of EPC’s that they themselves are getting with those
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
What to do now…
Out of the offers you’ve looked at – pick 2-3 from Clicksure and 2-3 from
Get the affiliate links for each of them and store them somewhere handy. We
will soon set the up on the rotator.
What’s a good EPC
With these offers, essentially it all comes down to how much per click you can
We would say that anywhere from $0.30 is pretty good. $0.30 will mean that
you are very close to breakeven over 30 days, even if you’re buying traffic
(depending on your squeeze conversions).
However, many offers for us are currently doing $0.40 and over, which means
that we are able to get into profit by the end of the 30 day funnel.
Which means that after 30 days, we have subscribers on our list, and we have
made some money, even when using paid traffic.
Your assignment from “Module 8”:
 Find 4-5 total “non-binary” offers from Clicksure and CashNetwork
 Get the affiliate links
 Store them in a safe spot
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
“You’ve gotta be kidding me, Clickbank????”
But yeah, funnily enough, Clickbank is still very much alive and kicking some
serious ass for us.
The reason for that is pretty simple – we look for high paying offers, and send
all “overflow” traffic to those offers.
What’s “overflow” traffic?
You may have already noticed that most of the “CPA” offers have a note on
they saying that they only accept “US / CA / GB / AU / NZ” traffic.
Those signs stand for United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New
These 5 countries are known as “Tier 1” countries (abbreviated T1). T1
countries are the countries where there seems to be the highest number of
people who are willing to spend money online.
So a visitor from a T1 country is worth more, on average, than a visitor from a
non-T1 country, because givens same number of targeted traffic, T1 country
visitors will always buy more stuff.
So what we have found works really well for us is to send T1 country visitors
to the CPA offers, and any non-T1 traffic to Clickbank offers.
For some reason Clickbank offers sell pretty well to non-T1 audience. And
Clickbank offers don’t discriminate – they will pay you commissions
regardless of where the clicks came from.
And the rotator will help us split off non-T1 traffic really easily – the details
are in the following chapters.
How to find good Clickbank offers
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
First you’ll want to go into Clickbank marketplace:
Then on the left hand side you’ll want to click the “e-business and emarketing”
… and the sort the results by Gravity:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
If you’re not sure what Gravity is – basically just tells you how many people
have promoted this product and made a commission in the past 8 weeks.
So here you’ll be able to see that Google Sniper currently has Gravity of 341
which means that in the past 8 weeks 341 affiliates have made commissions
selling this product.
And of course they wouldn’t be promoting it if they weren’t making money
with it.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Pick 1-2 good offers
What you’ll want to do is skip through maybe 5-10 products, look at their
sales pages, and pick 1-2 products that will appeal to most people: those that
have a great sales page, decent Gravity (say over 50), and when you are
reading that sales page actually make you want to buy the product.
Once you’ve done that, grab the affiliate link and store it in a safe place
somewhere, we will use it soon.
Your assignment from “Module 9”:
 Find 1-2 good offers on Clickbank
 Make sure that their sales pages actually strike a psychological chord
with you and make you want to hit the “buy button”
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
This is a numbers business, which means that you NEED to track everything:
your incoming clicks, the quality of the incoming clicks, outgoing clicks and
quality, as well as how many people click each of your links etc.
Tools of trade
We personally are using a tracking tool called ClickMagick.
It really is an awesome tool which lets us do every single thing we need, and
still has power to do stuff we don’t really need right now.
So a truly, truly powerful package – and it’s only $17 a month.
There are competing packages like QCC (Quality Click Control) which are a
one-time fee, but the cost is $279 at the time of writing.
It’s up to you and how serious you are about this business. If you would rather
pay a one-time fee and NEVER have to pay a monthly fee again, then QCC is
also very good and you can use it.
But… It’s a lot of money to pay in one hit, where as $17 a month for
ClickMagick is much more palatable.
(It does go up in price after you hit over 10,000 clicks per month, but to be
honest if that happens then you will be making more than enough to pay for
that increase. Plus you can always switch to a different tool after you do 10k+
clicks a month).
ClickMagick comes with a ton of instructional videos, and they do a much
better job explaining how to set it all up than me.
So what we will do is go through the critical things for you to know and a few
examples – and you can learn the details from ClickMagick training videos.
The feature of ClickMagick that you will use to send the clicks out to your CPA
offers is called “Rotators”.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
A rotator is a really useful feature. Here is what it can do for you.
By now you should have found 4-5 great CPA offers.
You have got the links for them as well. You can add all these tracking links
into the Rotator. You can specify, for each link in the rotator, what % T1 traffic
to send to that link, and how many clicks to send.
The rotator will then produce a URL for you.
All you need to worry about from now on is just sending traffic to that one
Remember all those places where we said we would insert links to the
 4 bonus spots on our thank you page
 Welcome email
 The follow up emails
… all of these places will actually be sending links to this one rotator.
What’s so cool about it?
Well – if you ever want to change what offers you promote, you don’t ever
have to change your funnel.
All you will have to do is go inside the rotator and put a new offer in. That’s it,
easy as that. So your whole funnel, once set up, will never have to be changed.
Let’s get the rotator going….
There are a few different types of Rotators you can set up, we recommend
using “Spillover” – because it will help you “prioritize” the first offer in the list,
while at the same time maximizing your click power.
Here is what we mean by that:
Let’s say you have Offer 1, Offer 2, Offer 3, Offer 4, Offer 5.
You will set them up in the rotator as follows…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
And enter these details:
You will give it a name (CPA Rotator or anything else you want). Enter the
“link” – we have used “cpa1”.
Use the “Spillover” option.
And enter your Clickbank offer affiliate link into the Backup URL.
What this will do, is if one of the clicks the rotator receives doesn’t “fit” the
criteria, for example, it’s a non-T1 click, then that click will go to a Backup URL
(in our case, the Clickbank link).
Then you will need to enter your 4-5 CPA offers as follows…
Click the little dropdown arrow…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
And choose “add URL”:
… and then enter the URL from Clicksure or Cashnetwork here:
Set T1 to 100%.
Repeat that until you have all 4-5 offers in:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Then you can grab the rotator URL from here…
Click once on the rotator name:
It will give you the Rotator Link:
Now all you need to do is insert this rotator link into all of the places we’ve
covered before:
 Thank you page
 Welcome email
 All broadcast / follow up emails
How will the rotator work?
Here is how the rotator will manage these clicks in the best possible way:
 It will start from the first CPA offer you have entered – the one
appearing at the very top
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 If the same user (based on a cookie) clicks on another link in your
funnel, then they will see the second CPA offer. If they click again, they’ll
see the 3rd CPA offer etc.
 As an example, that same user may have clicked on Bonus Link 1 on
your Thank You page, and then clicked on Bonus Link 2, and then maybe
they might click on a link in your welcome email.
 That would mean that perhaps they didn’t take action on the first CPA
offer – and we are putting more offers in front of them – increasing the
chances that they’ll actually see something they like and end up buying.
 NOTE: Don’t forget to enter the Clickbank offer URL in the rotator as the
“backup” URL –so you don’t waste any clicks that potentially don’t fit
into any of the URLs that are above it (for example non-T1 clicks).
This is how you can leverage the clicks in the best possible way, because some
of your subscribers will clicks on multiple clicks of yours.
ClickMagick stores a cookie on their computer, and will keep sending them to
a different offer every time. At the same time, it will try to fill your first CPA
offer, so that you can actually get a good number of clicks to that offer quickly.
Conversion tracking
We also strongly recommend you use tracking to see the % conversion for
your squeeze page.
Here is how to do it – luckily it’s very simple.
Under any of your links, click this button
You will get this code:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Enter this code into your “thank you” page code – anywhere within the “body”
There are lots of instructions on the ClickMagick site on exactly how to do it
for HTML pages as well as for WordPress sites, so I won’t bore you with the
detail here.
We just want to stress that it’s important to do this, because you will need to
know exactly what your squeeze page conversion is.
Tracking your funnel
The other elements that we STRONGLY urge you to track is the elements in
your set up – the Thank You pages, Welcome email links etc.
You can use a ClickMagick feature called “Links”
Create a separate link for the bonus links on your Thank You page – Bonus
Link 1, Bonus Link 2, Bonus Link 3 etc… And a separate “link” for each of the
links in your first welcome email.
You can see how we’ve done it here, here I can see how many times each of
the links on my Thank You page has been clicked:
And this is how we’ve set up each individual link:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So when a user clicks the “bonus” link, the link will redirect them to the
Rotator URL and they will just go to whichever partner it’s supposed to go to.
What we get out of doing it through the tracking link is that we can actually
see how many people have clicked each link.
If we connected each “bonus” on my Thank You page straight to the rotator, it
would have redirected them to the Clickbanking partners too, but we wouldn’t
be able to tell how many people have clicked each individual link.
NOTE: you don’t need to set up this sort of tracking for your broadcast and
follow up emails apart from the very first immediate email. The reason we
want to track the very first email is because it’s where the large % of your
email clicks will come from, so we definitely want to track that.
Your additional emails can simply point straight to the rotator – Aweber will
tell you how many clicks each of them generates, so no need to track them
through Clickmagick.
How many clicks to send
We would recommend to start out by sending 200 – 250 clicks to each CPA
offer before declaring it a winner or a loser.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
If you haven’t had a conversion after 250 clicks on a $60 offer, then probably
it’s not going to convert very well.
Remember that after you’ve sent 200-250 click to each offer, you need to log
in to your Clicksure or Cash Network account and check your EPC.
As we discussed in one of the earlier chapters, your goal is to get over $0.30
Discard the offers that gave you a lower EPC after 250 clicks, and test out
some new ones.
Those offers that give you the highest EPC – place them as #1 into your
That way you will maximize your earnings – remember that the Spillover
rotator will give priority to the #1 link in the rotator (which should be the
highest paying offer, until you’ve found another one that pays even higher).
Link all of the funnel links to the rotator
Now that you have your rotator set up, you should go back into your Thank
You page, and link each of the links from your thank you page, via a “link” to
your “rotator”.
Like this:
TY Page Bonus 1 => Via Link 1 => CPA Rotator
TY Page Bonus 2 => Via Link 2 => CPA Rotator
TY Page Bonus 3 => Via Link 3 => CPA Rotator
TY Page Bonus 4 => Via Link 4 => CPA Rotator
And do the same thing for your welcome email:
Email Bonus 1 => Via Link 5 => CPA Rotator
Email Bonus 2 => Via Link 6 => CPA Rotator
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Email Bonus 3 => Via Link 7 => CPA Rotator
This will help you understand how many clicks each of the links in your funnel
is generating and which ones are underperforming so that you can tweak
Can I do this for free, without a rotator?
We get asked this question a lot – what if I’m on a really tight budget?
If that’s the case, then you can definitely still implement this method, but will
just need to insert direct affiliate links instead of the links to rotator.
So what you would do is take your best converting CPA offer (or the one that
you want to test first), and insert the direct affiliate link into the TY Page
Bonus 1. Then you can take another offer and insert the affiliate link as TY
Page Bonus 2.
Then you can wait till you’ve sent about 200-250 clicks to each offer, and
determine if the conversions are good enough to keep the offer.
Then you could simply swap over the links manually if the offer wasn’t good
enough, and start testing another offer.
Your assignment from “Module 11”:
 Set up your Rotator
 Add the CPA offers with 100% T1
 Add your Clickbank offer as “Backup URL”
 Set up the tracking for your whole funnel – create a separate tracking
link for each of the links on your Thank You Page, and your Follow Up
emails – they all need to point to your Rotator link so that all the clicks
go to your partners
 Hyperlink all of the links on your thank you page and in the welcome
email to be redirected through the ClickMagick tracking links and into
your rotator so you can track all of the stats
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok so now we are ready to get into the really exciting stuff – to actually start
driving traffic into our funnel.
The good news is that we have now set up our profit machine, and really all
you need to now worry about is just driving the traffic through the funnel.
Let’s talk about a few cool ways to drive traffic for free.
Free Traffic – Guest Posts
This section will be presented by Greg Kononenko.
Greg Kononenko:
Let’s talk about a method of getting traffic that I used with a lot of success
when I first started out. This method is guest blogging.
The idea of this method is that you will find a popular, high traffic website,
which accepts blog posts from guest bloggers. Then you will write a blog post
for that site, and place the link to your squeeze page somewhere in that post.
People will read that article, and come to your blog.
Here is a list of blogs that accepts guest posts in the “Make Money Online”

100+ PR1-PR8 Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

and here are some more…

List of Guest Blogging Sites (140+ best sites)

If you run out of ideas, just google “sites that accept guest posts” and look for
lists of sites relevant to your niche.
Next, familiarize yourself with their requirements, register, and then write a
post. Incorporate your links in the post, and submit it.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
You can often get easy 20, 50, or even 100 new subscribers just by doing one
guest blog. And don’t forget, that out of every 100-200 subscribers, you are
likely to get a sale giving you $30+ commission, as well as some “backend”
sales from all of the subscribers going through your email sequence.
What to do if you run out of guest blogging sites
I don’t believe you’ll run out of sites any time soon… If you search the way I’ve
outlined above, you will find dozens of blogs, and you can write for each of
them multiple times.
But – just in case you want to venture out into something else…
Here is what you can do. Find a top ranking, high traffic site related to your
niche. Look for a high number of comments, high number of social shares of
posts, high ranking for various search terms related to your niche.
Then find the “contact me” button on the site. And then send them a message
telling them that you are running a business in the XYZ niche, looking to
collaborate with other websites, and wondering if they need any unique
content. Tell them that you can write a high quality article for them for free –
you just want to be able to link back to your page.
Not everyone will respond, however with this tactic what you need to do is
contact 10-20 websites at a time.
You will generally find that 1 or 2 out of 10-20 will reply and say yes.
It only takes 30 mins max to contact 20 websites – just type up the same
message and copy and paste into each contact form.
From there, you can write an article, they’ll post it, and you will get visitors to
your squeeze page.
Kindle Books
This is definitely one of my favorite methods. I used this a lot in June / July
2014, and got a ton of traffic with this.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Basically it all revolves around publishing a short book for $0.99 on $2.99 on
Amazon Kindle. However, you will be given an opportunity to make a book go
onto a “free giveaway” promotion for 5 days out of every 90.
And you will get a ton of downloads of that book in these 5 days. Inside the
book, you can make reference to a “bonus” and put a link to your squeeze
Done! A huge wave of free subscribers on autopilot 
You can read about this method in a huge amount of detail in Bryan Harkins’
WSO titled “List Building Breakthrough”. I have made a deal with Bryan where
he has agreed for me to give you access to that WSO for free:
>> Grab Bryan’s “List Building Breakthrough”.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Paid traffic is our favorite, because it’s just so simple and easy.
It’s a little nerve wrecking for beginners to start paying $50-$100 for traffic,
but once you’re a bit more established and are actually making money, it’s
much easier to just take a % of profits and reinvest it into traffic.
It will cost us a little bit of money to buy the traffic, however it is money well
spent – because you can get that traffic quickly and you don’t have to waste
time trying SEO or other tactics trying to get the people into your list.
Why Funnel Clicks?
We love “Funnel Clicks”. Everyone these days talks about Solo Ads, however
we are actually falling more and more in love with Funnel Clicks.
This is definitely, and by far, our favorite method.
What is the difference? Well, Solo Ad clicks come from broadcast emails.
Funnel clicks come from the clicks in your funnel, such as Thank You page
The reason why we love Funnel clicks much more than Solo clicks is because
they tend to give a much higher optin % on your squeeze page.
Typically, when you buy a solo ad, you can expect 35-50% conversion on your
squeeze page (of course assuming your squeeze page is decent quality).
With Funnel clicks, the usual option % is 55-65%, so much higher, and that
just makes such a huge difference to how quickly you can grow your list and
make money from it.
With 35% conversion you are looking at getting 350 subscribers to your list
from every 1,000 clicks, and approximately 805 clicks to your CPA offers over
the course of 30 days. Not bad.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
With 65% conversion, you’re looking at getting 650 subscribers and 1,495
clicks to your CPA offers over the course of 30 days.
As you can see, the difference in both subscriber numbers and clicks out to
CPA offers is astonishing.
Why do they convert better?
Well it’s because of psychology.
Solo Ad traffic is “cold traffic”.
Imagine you’re getting a broadcast email in your inbox saying “blah blah blah,
make $100 per day, blah blah blah, on autopilot etc”.
You’re probably thinking to yourself “Hmmm ok I’ll check it out”. You don’t
have any emotional attachment at that point yet.
You see the squeeze page, and you may or may not opt in.
You will only opt in if you are REALLY excited by the headline on the squeeze
Now if you’re actually excited enough to optin to the squeeze page, it means
that the squeeze page was good and it struck an emotional chord with you.
So once you’ve opted in, you will be excited about seeing what it’s all about.
And right at that point you’ll be presented with an opportunity to get more
cool stuff for free.
And because of that emotional attachment, funnel clicks convert much better.
People are thinking “Awesome, I’ve just got this cool report, and here is an
opportunity to get even more”.
So Funnel click traffic is “warm traffic”, with emotional attachment, and that’s
why it converts so much better.
Let me show you…
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
We always like to show my results of what we are talking about, so here it is –
a current solo ad and a current funnel click deal that I (Greg) have got running
right now.
This is what the solo conversion looks like:
And here is what the funnel click deal looks like:
Hope you can see a massive difference  And that’s exactly why we LOVE
funnel clicks!!
One more reason…
Ok and there is one more reason why we prefer funnel clicks, and it’s a
massive reason – PRICE.
For some reason, solo ad clicks are priced from $0.35 to $0.50 with average
being about $0.45 per click these days. We think they just got very popular in
the last 12 months, and everyone is going nuts over them.
Funnel clicks, on the other hand, are going for $0.30 to $0.4., with average
being around $0.35.
Why? Well, it’s demand and speed of delivery.
One of the advantages of solo clicks is that they are generally delivered within
a short time period. Solo sellers can control their lists – they know how many
clicks per email they can generate. And the current market expectation is that
they will be delivered within 24-72 hours.
So the solo sellers will not sell 1000 clicks if they know they can only do 200
within 24-72 hours.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
However, with funnel clicks, the delivery timeframe may be a lot longer. It’s
quite normal for funnel clicks to take 10, 15 or even 30 days to be delivered –
because they will get fulfilled whenever the seller has incoming traffic into
their funnel.
So, what do we have? Higher optins and lower price? Sold!! 
Select your provider
Ok, so we will want to find a high quality funnel click provider.
Here are two groups in which you’ll need to register right now:
You will be looking for the testimonials on sellers in those groups.
You should also register in this one:
This is a buy / sell group, where you can check out the current offers of any
potential vendors.
Let’s find a candidate
You should go into the Facebook group, and browse around:
Once you’re in the group, you should do a search for a keyword “sales” in the
top right corner:
This will bring up a list of testimonials which mention getting sales.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
The reason why we want that is because unfortunately there are some sellers
out there that sell fake “bot” traffic.
However, if someone’s traffic is reporting to bring sales, then chances are their
traffic is real.
The very first result that comes up:
Yes, fair enough, the optin is not very high, however this is something that
could have been caused by the specific squeeze page.
So let’s do a search on “Delgado” and see what else he has delivered:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok so another person got 52% so that’s pretty good. We’d definitely add Jorge
A. Delgado to the shortlist.
So go ahead and find 5-6 providers who consistently have sales testimonials in
the group.
Contact the seller and buy
Contact them via PM and ask about their prices and packages.
Avoid paying more than $0.35 cents per funnel click ($35 per 100 clicks).
Once you’ve agreed, they will ask you for the tracking link – so you can use the
instructions from a previous module to set it up and give it to the seller.
You can set that up in ClikMagick.
Before you hand it over to the seller, test the link and make sure that it’s
redirecting to the right squeeze page, and that the click is being measured
properly (you can then just reset the ClickMagick stats back to zero).
Review your results
You might not get an amazing result straight away, but if you’ve done
everything correctly and have followed my advice, here are the results you
should be seeing:
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
 Squeeze page converting at 35-45% or better
 From every subscriber, you should be generating 1.3-1.5 clicks to your
CPA offers
Your assignment from “Module 13”:
 If you are going to use funnel clicks, then find a great funnel click seller
 Contact them on Facebook
 Buy the clicks (don’t pay more than $0.35 per click)
 If someone tries to charge you more than that, just ask more people for
 Review your results and tweak the funnel
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Ok, here is the unpleasant part about buying funnel clicks – you have to be
VERY careful and avoid scammers at all costs.
There are quite a few people out there that send “fake” traffic.
Basically what they do is they use a software program which creates lots of
email accounts, and then uses automated browser which will opt-in to your
page, and enter the email address.
Depending on the sophistication of the scammer, that automated program
may also click some links on the “Thank You” page, which means that you will
think that you’re getting clicks to your CPA offers and they offers are just not
What to do
So you have to be extra-careful.
Firstly, never buy solo traffic from people who are not trusted.
Here are some tips to help you:
 Avoid the following people:
o Those who joined Facebook less than 12 months ago
o Those who have “solo” in their Facebook profile
o Those who have a rockstar or a sexy woman photo as their profile
– it’s probably fake
o Those who have less than 20 personal photos on their Facebook
 Do the following checks:
o Ideally, only deal with people who have sales testimonials in the
“Funnel Click Testimonials” group. Robots don’t buy anything, so
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
if the user sends clicks which buy offers, it means that the traffic is
probably ok
 Never just say “yes” to people who approach you. Do your due diligence
on them first
How to spot fake traffic that has been sent to you
Here is a very cool way to identify face traffic that we have been using.
In ClickMagick, stick the following bit onto the end of the URL:
As you can see, we have added “?id=rt1119” to the end of the URL which we
have given to our seller.
This is just the squeeze page URL, but with that “?id=xxxxxxx” bit on the end.
The squeeze page will work as normal, but here is the cool part…
In Aweber, you can “search” your subscribers by a number of different
One of the searches you can run is to search for all subscribers whose “signup
URL” contains certain characters.
So if you enter that ID, in our case “rt1119” into the search criteria, then you
can find all subscribers that have been sent to you by that seller.
How cool is that?
But WAIT – it gets even better…
You can then search for those of them who have opened your first follow up
So if you have a seller who has sent you traffic where 0% of the subscribers
opened your follow up message, something strange could be going on.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Here is an example:
You can then actually click on the subscriber names to bring up some further
information, like this below:
You will be able to see exactly what was sent to them, and when they opened
As you can see, this seller has sent me traffic that opens emails, so it’s
probably ok.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
IMPORTANT: as you have read in the earlier module, only about 10-30% of
the people will actually open your follow up email. It’s just how things work –
they get bombarded with so many emails and it’s hard to cut through the
So don’t be alarmed if after you buy 100 clicks and only 5 or 10 of their leads
have opened the emails, it’s normal. You just need comfort that at least some
of them are actually opening your emails.
Your assignment from “Module 12”:
 Familiarize yourself with the content
 When you buy funnel clicks, make sure you enter the “?id=” feature in
the URL so you can track the opens by traffic source
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So if you have followed the steps in the guide so far, you should have a really
good idea on how to set up your funnel, and get some traffic in using free or
paid methods.
You will now start having some subscribers come onto your list.
One last thing that is remaining for you to do is to broadcast email messages
to your list.
What is broadcasting?
Well simply put, this is a one-off email message that you can send in your
autoresponder – like Aweber, GetResponse or another email management
program of your choice.
Broadcasts can be sent either immediately or at a certain future date and time
to your whole list.
How to structure your messages
Here are two very cools tricks that we’ve learnt just recently and they are
working very well for me.
Trick 1: Give something away
In every email, we give something away. We have bought a collection of 500
PLR products in the “make money online” niche, and in each email we give
away one of those reports.
This achieves two things – first of all, your subscribers start to like you,
because you are actually giving something valuable.
And don’t worry that it’s PLR – most of your subscribers will be absolute
newbies who know nothing at all, so they’ll actually enjoy the read.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Secondly, the fact that you’ve given them something away for free will actually
make them more likely to click the link to the paid offer and take action,
because in their head they are thinking “wow, this guy / girl is good, looking
after me, I really want to see what else he / she’s got”.
Trick 2: Attach the gift as PDF, don’t insert a link to the gift
What you will want to do, is to attach your free report as well as all future
Never link to the download page – just attach the report as PDF.
If you link to the report – you will waste a valuable click.
So as an example, with the initial welcome message, previously we used to
send people to a “download” page to get their guide, however we have
recently changed the approach. Now we attach the guide, and we have seen an
increase in our clicks to the CPA rotator.
So that’s why we want to just attach, and then all links in our email will
actually point to the CPA rotator.
How will this work
We broadcast twice a day, once at 7am US EST time and 7pm US EST time. You
can experiment with other times if you like to get an idea on when your list
responds the best.
Inside each email, you will place links to the same CPA rotator link that we set
up in earlier modules.
Our aim is to get around 1% or higher click-through rate with each broadcast.
If you love numbers, that means then if you have 100 subs, you will only
generate about 1 clicks per broadcast.
This is not much, however it will grow very quickly as your list gets bigger.
It is important to start broadcasting to your list from Day 1 – that way you will
keep your name in front of their minds.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
If you go for a week or more without sending a broadcast to your list, then
they will be reading someone else’s emails. Your subscribers may forget who
you are in 1-2 weeks, and then when they get your next email may mark it as
Also, if you get into the habit of broadcasting from Day 1, then you will very
soon have enough emails to put into your 30-day autoresponder and you
won’t have to send the messages manually anymore.
What to write about in your broadcasts
Well, here we have arrived to a topic with many different answers, where no
one way of doing it is right or wrong.
Many people have different styles and the best thing to do is to find what
works for you.
We will however do the following two things:
 We will tell you what we do and what works for us
 We will also then give you some guidance on how you can quickly learn
other methods
Personally, we like send stories about every day life.
You see, people love stories. If they feel that every time they open your email,
there is an interesting story there, they’ll probably click on it.
We then tie that story to online money-making opportunities, and connect the
links within the email to the CPA rotator.
Let us give you an example email, so you can see what we do.
“I got ripped off today!..”
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
First of all… I am very annoyed today!
But we will get to it later.
I wanted to open up by saying that I have just sourced an
awesome Twitter Traffic Secrets PDF for you.
It’s attached to this email – I really do hope that you find
great value in it and take action.
Now… About me being annoyed..
Yesterday I took my car for service, just a regular
yearly service.
And… they called me and said yes, it’s going to
be $320 which is a normal price…
The also said that my windscreen wipers need to
be changed and that will be an extra $90.
I know more about internet marketing than cars,
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
so I said “yes”.
Today I took my daughter to our local playcentre,
it started raining and I turned the wipers on…
… One of them FELL OFF!
Turns out they don’t fit the car at all…
Now, luckily, not everything is so bad in the online
business world…
You can still find some good information out there,
which doesn’t cost a thing… Like this one:
>> One of a few remaining no-cost resources
To Your Success
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
P.S. I am going to take my car back to these
bastards… I bet they gave me the wipers for $5
and charged the rest for labour…
What a rip-off…
As you can see, what we are doing here is giving away the PLR PDF that we
have previously purchased.
That instantly builds trust with our subscribers.
The link in the message will need to go to the CPA rotator that we set up in an
earlier chapter.
Writing stories like these is good enough for the system to work.
Here are some other ideas for you to get inspired:
 Write about something funny that happened
 Something negative that happened
 About your family, dog, cat, fish
 Share some tips (I do that as well, for example, where to get traffic etc)
NOTE: perfection is the worst enemy of progress. Just do it – assess the results
and tweak later  If something works – do more of it. If something didn’t
work – that’s also a lesson.
Often “good enough” will take you better results than trying to get awesome at
what you do but never actually getting around to taking action.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Once you’ve got about 60 broadcasts that you’ve written, here is what you can
Create 30 days’ worth of automated auto responder messages (follow ups) in
your autoresponder. Just take your broadcast messages and change them up a
little bit – like a new subject and a few words in the body. (Experts say it’s
good to change them up to avoid spam filters).
You will want to send the between 6am-9am and 6pm-9pm local time for all
your subscribers.
This is how to choose those options in Aweber:
So you would choose a message to go to 1 day after previous, between 6am
and 9am.
Then create another one to go “0” days after previous, however make the time
on it to be 6pm to 9pm.
That would send both of those messages same day however about 12 hours
Then schedule for them to go out twice a day automatically for 30 days.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Then simply replicate them once again to go out as follow up messages for
another 30 days, again changing a few words and subject line.
You can continue doing this until you’ve got several months’ worth of
That way you can create an automated marketing machine that is very much
NOTE: if you like to take a shortcut, then you might want to check out these
147 pre-written email swipes. They are of pretty good quality
Your assignment from “Module 14”:
 Start broadcasting twice per day at 7am and 7pm
 Once you have 60 messages, set them up as automated autoresponder
messages, for 30 days, twice a day.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
You now know everything you need to know to be grow a list and get nice CPA
commissions while growing the list…
If you optimize your funnel well enough, then you should be able to grow your
subscribers numbers fairly quickly.
If you use paid traffic, you should pretty quickly get to a stage where your CPA
payouts are covering the cost of your traffic expenditure. That way you can
just reinvest into more traffic to grow a larger list quicker.
So let’s now talk about what to do with your list…
Option 1: Automated Profits
This is something that we are doing right now and we LOVE the results.
Basically over the past month we have automated all our follow up messages,
so we don’t have to log in every single day and send emails.
Then we simply have all those clicks go to CPA offers.
This means that if we want to go away for a weekend, there is no need to log
in and type up emails, and this is AWESOME – truly hands-off profits.
If you pre-program your list for 90, even 180 days worth of emails, you can
simply change the offers in your rotator or add more offers, and you will
continue getting clicks and getting paid.
You will have subs coming into your funnel and they’ll just continue clicking
the links in your follow up messages.
And the good thing is that you will have many subscribers that will end up
clicking 3, 5 and even 10 or more links over their lifetime as subscriber. That
means that they’ll continue seeing new offers that they have not seen before –
because you will have a great selection of offers lined up in your rotator.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So it’s true hands-off profits.
Option 2: Pay Per Lead offers
We have recently found another option that works really well – Pay Per Lead
(PPL) offers.
You have a list of people who are not yet proven to be buyers… However, they
are proven to be interested in checking out free offers.
So you can give them EXACTLY what they want – free offers, and you will get
paid for them just doing so.
Pay Per Lead programs, if you are not yet familiar with them, are programs
which will pay you if you refer someone to them and they sign up for an offer.
The good thing is that a lot of PPL programs actually only require an email
address. Or a name and email address. They don’t require anyone to purchase
You can get as much as $0.75 to $1.50 for someone to just submit their email
address, even without them clicking a confirmation link.
So you can send an email out to your list, in one of the formats I discussed
earlier in the guide, and instead of linking to you Clickbanking partners, link to
the PPL offer.
Once someone leaves their email, you will get credited the agreed amount.
Here are some PPL programs:
Three Mouse Clicks
Kenny Tan is running a very high converting, profitable program where he
will pay $0.75 for a non-confirmed lead from a T1 country:
Mega Cash Leads
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
John Horan is running a very good program paying $0.75 as well for a nonconfirmed
The way to implement them would be to add them into the rotator just like
the CPA offers.
Option 3: Sell Solo Ads
You can cash in on the crazy surrounding solo ads right now, and start selling
You can charge anywhere from $0.35 to $0.55 per click – depending on your
experience and testimonials.
Once your list gets to about 5k, if you are hitting 1% click rate per broadcast
and you are broadcasting daily, you can generate 100 clicks per day. So you
can easily start selling 100 clicks every one or two days (allowing for a
variation in your click rate so you don’t accidentally fall behind).
That’s an additional $35 – $55 per day, depending on your price, which you
can reinvest back into your list 
Your assignment from “Module 15”:
 Decide how you want to monetize your list
 Implement one of the above models
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
So – this is the end of this guide.
Thanks for reading the whole 90+ pages. Wow, it really ended up being quite
long, but we sure hope that you have picked up some useful and profitable
Let’s just do a quick recap of the method and we can call it a night 
So here is what you would need to, if we were to summarize the whole
 Register in Clicksure, CashNetwork, and Clickbank
 Register in the FB Funnel Click Testimonials Groups
 Get hosting, domain and autoresponder
 Create an optin gift (your own or PLR)
 Create a squeeze page
 Create your thank you page
 Create your immediate email
 Find 4-5 offers from ClickSure and Cash Network
 Find 2-3 offers from Clickbank
 Set up your rotator to send 100% T1 traffic to the chosen CPA offers
 Set up your backup URL with the Clickbank offer you want to test first
 Create a separate tracking “link” for each link in your funnel
 Connect all “links” from TY page and the immediate email to the rotator
 Start driving traffic (free or paid) – using listed methods or your own
 Once you’ve got 50-100 subscribers, start broadcasting to your list
 Once you’ve built a library of about 60 broadcasts, copy and paste them
as autoresponder series
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
That may look like quite a bit of work…. That’s because IT IS. However, once
your funnel is set up – it will do all the dirty work for you.
There is no such thing in this business as instant riches. They just don’t exist.
However those who are ready to take massive action upfront, can set up
everything in a very smart way and are going to enjoy some really cool handsoff
profits using these methods.
What’s next?
It was a pleasure sharing this information with you and we really look
forward to hearing about how you have put it into practice!
Like all of our WSOs, we know this stuff works because we are using all of
these things ourselves. So the only thing you have to do is put it into practice –
and the success will come.
If you ever get stuck with anything – just give me a shout in the Facebook
Join the Facebook Group
You will have the opportunity to network with fellow list builders in the
group, ask questions and share ideas.
We strongly recommend you join!
How to contact us
If you need to contact us, the best way to do that is through the Facebook
group – we will be hanging out there networking with you all and answering
any questions you have.
If you need to contact us privately, our email addresses are below.
Thanks for reading, and see you around 
To Your Success!
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Black Belt List Building Secrets Facebook Group (join the group to stay
connected with like minded list builders and to get help)
Here are some of the tools which we have either mentioned in the guide or
think will work extremely well with the methods described in the guide:
The “Done For You” pack
If you want to get started as fast as you can – you can grab our pack which
already contains HTML templates for the squeeze page, thank you page and
the download page. They have the right layout and will help you get going as
quickly as possible.
You can easily edit them to change a few elements so that your pages look
You can find that pack here.
CPA List Cash Surge by Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko
Essential! You Need Tracking Software
You MUST track your funnel, clicks, opt in rates.
You also have to have a way to manage your Clickbanking Partners.
And to do all of that, right now nothing beats ClickMagick. Simple interface,
very reasonable pricing, and amazing functionality. They are offering a 14 day
free trial as well.
There are competing packages like QCC (Quality Click Control) which are a
one-time fee, but the cost is $279 at the time of writing.
It’s up to you and how serious you are about this business. If you would rather
pay a one-time fee and NEVER have to pay a monthly fee again, then QCC is
also very good and you can use it.
Want To Know More Tricks With This Mehod?
There is another AWESOME WSO by Winson Yeung called “Copy My
Template” which shows some alternative techniques which are very
complimentary to the method I teach.
Winson has mastered this type of funnel, and can get 181 clicks for each 100
subscribers that join his list.
He won WSO Of The Day for this WSO, and is giving away his exact templates
to those who buy the WSO. So we highly recommend you pick it up.
Need traffic fast?
Here is an EASY solution for you: FAST TRAFFIC SECRETS

CPA Click Profits

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Damon Korte
Earnings & Income Disclaimer
First of all, I would like to say thank you for purchasing the
CPA Click Profits report. I hope you enjoy and get some valuable information out of the report to start scaling your CPA campaigns.
In this eBook, I am going to be revealing to you step-by-step on a different way of Renting BIG email list owners and getting them to send out your offer.
Where we only pay for the Clicks we receive and never pay for fraudulent or bot traffic ever! Only the highest quality Email Traffic you can find from selected Publishers from: If you have not heard of AdClickMedia before, you’re missing out big time. Not that long ago, AdClickMedia brought out a new Advertiser/Publisher Email side where we can rent big Email Lists and only pay for the quality Clicks we want for our selected Niche.
This is what I’ll be revealing to you in this eBook on how to tap into the Millions of Email Data they have available and get quality traffic to our CPA/Affiliate Offers and or build massive email lists.
So, first things first, some things you will need to get up and running…
Here are some things you will need:
 A CPA Affiliate Network account (Go Below To See Recommended Ones)
 Account at
 A small budget of $150 to start (Remember you only pay for the Clicks)
 Domain Name (Only if you want to build a list and not direct link)
(All from AdClickMedia Email Traffic)
LLLeeettt”’sss GGGeeettt SSStttaaarrrttteeeddd!!! WWWhhhaaattt iiisss AAAdddCCCllliiiccckkkMMMeeedddiiiaaa EEEmmmaaaiiilll PPPPPPCCC………??? is a HUGE PPC Ad display and email PPC network that has many different types of ads to choose from such as:
Photo Text Ads
Banner Display Ads
Full Page Interstitial Ads
Email Pay-Per-Click Ads (This is what we’re going to be doing only!)
Some stats you will want to know about this network…
They have over 900+ Million Ad impressions being served and they have over 37+ Million Email Data records we can buy/rent from.
That’s a LOT of email Data we can rent for our CPA/Affiliate campaigns don’t you think?
In just the Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marketing niche alone they have more than:
18+ Million Email Records
That we can advertise too and choose from. That’s just ONE niche!
With over 300+ Email Publishers in their network to choose from, where most publishers list sizes range from:
2,000 – 50,000+ and the BIG Email Publishers lists go up into the 1-10 million list sizes.
So, do you think we can get enough high quality traffic now for our offers? I don’t think there will be a problem to really scale our CPA offer campaigns.
Remember this is all 100% opt-in Email Traffic, this is the highest quality traffic you can ever buy, and if you have not heard it yet, you need to read it again!… “The Money Is In The LIST”
I am sure at some point online you have read or seen this from other email marketers, but you just didn’t believe it.
Well it’s time you believed it!…
When you can email your own list or Rent someone else’s list that they have built 100% opt-in and get them to send out an email to one of your offers, you will start to see great results.
Email Buys can be a little bit more expensive sometimes in the beginning. WHY? Because Email traffic is very high quality traffic, when you want quality traffic you need to pay for it.
Why do you think you can’t find many advertising networks that allow you to buy email data or rent email lists for your offers?
Because they make alot of their money from their own lists…
Why do you think Frank Kern has an email list? Not for fun and games, it’s his pride and joy! Because, when he recommends a product or a new product he brings out, what happens??
His list… Listens to him.
He has a, “Relationship”, with his list. Just like all these big Publishers in AdClickMedia, they have a relationship with their lists, so when they promote your offer, it converts much higher, because they’re proven to convert in your chosen Niche/List chosen.
It’s just like when you go buy a Solo Ad for example, what are you going to them for?
You’re going to a Solo Ad vendor who has a proven list they have built themselves and is making money with their lists that they promote to, CPA offers, Affiliate offers, their own offers and so on…
This goes the same with AdClickMedia Email PPC, all these Publishers have built their lists from scratch and are now giving YOU the chance to tap into their lists for your Offers or your Opt-in landing page to build your list.
I hope that has explained a good amount how AdClickMedia works and how email traffic is such high quality, towards any other traffic sources you choose.
LLeett”ss ggeett tthhiiss mmoovviinngg ffoorrwwaarrdd ttoo ggeett iinnttoo tthhee
ffuunn ppaarrtt,, sseettttiinngg uupp
yyoouurr ffiirrsstt ccaammppaaiiggnn…… EENNJJOOYY!!
CPA Networks
Recommended CPA Networks:
Above I have recommended some CPA Networks that have a good amount of the Niches/Offers I have recommended in this eBook, ones like:
Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marketing/Forex/Binary
Insurance/Zip submits
Weight Loss/Diet
Online Education
Another way to find more CPA Networks and Offers/Niches in the recommended ones above, are to go to CPA Review Sites such as:
Than you can start to figure out what CPA Networks you need to be in and what networks have the offers and Niches you want to go after before going and signing up for a CPA Network.
Tips on getting accepted into CPA Networks:
Getting accepted into any CPA network is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. If you do find it hard in getting accepted into CPA networks, it’s because you’re doing it all WRONG!
Let me give you a tip… When the CPA network asks you questions like…
How are you going to promote our offers? OR What is your main traffic source you use? OR How long have you been online for and your experience? etc.
Best thing to tell them, you do Email Marketing and you own an email list in (choose a niche).
CPA networks love email marketers, as email is one of and still is the best traffic source, every ad network loves email, believe me. So if you have trouble, try saying you do email marketing but other than that, try and keep it as HONEST if you can when signing up to any network.
This makes it easier to build a strong relationship with your affiliate managers in the networks. When you build relationships, they will usually be more than happy to give you higher payouts that others are not getting.
Another Tip:
What you should always do, as soon as you finished signing up to any CPA Network, always follow up with a quick email telling them…
You just signed up and am very interested in getting started and getting into their network. Also tell them, if they ever need to contact YOU, please just let you know and you will be happy to answer any questions they have.
Another way to get accepted faster is to call them, this can really speed up the approval process, as they see you’re series and want to get started as soon as possible.
TOP Niches To Go After
Choose Your Niche:
• Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marketing/Forex/Binary offers
(These above are by far the BEST converting niche I have found with AdClickMedia)
• Insurance (Zip submits works great)
• Dating (none adult)
• Weight loss/diet/fitness
• Online Education
Write Email Copy That Converts!
How To Write Email Copy Like a Pro:
Here I am going to go over how important it is to learn how to write good email creative’s, and learn from your bad email copy to get better at writing good email copy that converts.
Good email creative’s and email Subject lines =
Higher Opens/Click rates and higher conversions on your offers.
Example of good Email Copy:
Subject Line:
[Open] Your request is inside…
Would you like to be our first BETA Tester?
… Go Here to Request
Simply fill out your info on the next page
and press the BIG Orange button to book
your seat…
… Go Here to Continue
As you can see in the email copy above you can see it’s short, straight to the point and doesn’t ramble on about this and that or how you can make a million dollars.
You can also see how there is, one line, then LINK with call to action, then 2-3 lines, then LINK with call to action.
When you get better at writing good email copy, short copy like the example above, is all you need, to get them to opt-in to your CPA/CPL offers or opt-in page to build your lists.
Keep it short, to the point, with a good call to action to get them to click and take action…
You want to write email copy that is not trying to sell them a product, you want them to know, what’s on the next page, it’s FREE, ” NO Cost”.
As, in this eBook we are 100% concentrating on Free CPA/CPL offers to begin with.
We’re not trying to go for a sale, you can do campaigns/offers that you have to make a sale to make money on that offer, that’s fine and up to you…
But, in this eBook, I will be 100% concentrating on Free CPA/CPL offers in the niches I explained more throughout this eBook, because free offers are much higher converters and much easier to convert too.
Most free CPA/CPL offers will payout anywhere from, $1.50 – $12+ for a simple free lead.
Now, this exact email swipe above I have used for many CPA campaigns. This same swipe can be used for anything in the niches of:
Biz Opp, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing and or Forex/Binary offers.
Don’t just copy and paste any email swipe and use it word for word, NEVER DO THIS! BAD!
You should always change up any email swipe you find to make it unique and put your own touch and spin on it.
Because, if you just use the same email swipe that thousands of other people can just find from Affiliate/JV pages…
And, you email the same lead that someone else has on their lists with the same swipe, then the Subscriber is going to either only pick one and miss yours altogether.
We Do Not Want That Do We!?
So, you need too, ” STAND OUT “, and to do this, change it up, use the swipes to go off and then change it to how you would do it.
Try to write swipes that are generic, as in, can be used for many different offers and not just targeted to just one offer/niche.
So if you’re rotating many offers, a generic swipe can convert for not just one CPA offer but many many offers at once.
To find good email swipes if you do not know how to write any email copy at all, the best places to go to are, finding offers in your Niche and go to their Affiliate/JV pages and find proven email swipes they give out.
Places to find good email swipes to learn from and go off are places like:
If you’re going after the top niche I talk more about of, Biz Opp/Make Money Online, these above networks are perfect for this niche.
You will find many high converting proven emails swipes in ClickSure you can learn from easily.
OK OK! – You’re now ready to get into the Step-By-Step setup of your campaigns:
Setting Up AdClickMedia Email
Steps For Setting Up Your Campaigns:
Step 1 – Let’s Get Signed Up:
Go here to sign up and create an account at AdClickMedia:
Fill out the sign up form, make sure you put in all real information.
This will be used to login with, so make sure you save down your login information for future use.
Once you have created your free account, Login Here:
Step 2 – What Are The
BEST Offers:
VERY IMORTANT: This is the most important stage and it is the most important part you need to think of before you do any kind of advertising online.
Don’t just go choose any random offer in your CPA network. NO!!
First, you want think of a niche that you may have tested in the past and done well with or you know from looking at top converting offers in your CPA network is converting well and is a strong offer.
OR… You have contacted your CPA Network Manager and asked them what are their top converting offers for today or this week. (They will know)
Here are some Top Converting Niches to go after for AdClickMedia Email PPC I have tested myself and recommend are:
• Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marketing/Forex/Binary offers
(These above are by far the BEST converting niche I have found with AdClickMedia)
• Insurance (Zip submits works great)
• Dating (none adult)
• Weight loss/diet/fitness
• Online Education
When you choose a Niche, stick with that niche until you have had success with it before testing multiple niches one after another.
Trust me on this, if you keep going from one offer to another and another, you will start getting very frustrated.
So start small, test…test…test, then once you find that winning offer, scale from there with raising your spend.
Above are a few niches which work very well with AdClickMedia Email PPC. I would recommend sticking with simple, easy to convert offers.
As in, offers that have a simple Email Address only field or, ones that ask for first name, email address or even just Zip Code.
Not ones that ask for 10+ fields to fill out or ones that ask for their credit card.
Credit Card/Sale Offers, these work very well, but you first need to test free CPA/CPL offers so you can first get used to this traffic source and find easy winners and expand from there.
Once you find the good Publishers and winning offers, you can then either keep going and keep finding more free CPA/CPL offers to promote or you can start testing sale offers.
That part is completely up to you, but as I said in the beginning of this eBook, I mainly concentrate on free CPA/CPL offers, that does not cost the subscriber anything for us to make money.
By CPL I mean, ( Cost Per Lead ), if you are not sure what CPL stands for, Cost Per Lead are free CPA offers, where it costs the Subscriber/Your Visitor, nothing to opt-in for you to make money.
These are the offers we want to be going after…
Step 3 – Email Copy & Ad Creation SetUp:
Now it’s time to get into the fun part, setting up your CPA Email PPC ad campaigns and choosing what offers we are going to promote.
By this time you should already have in mind what Niche/Offer you want to go after and promote on AdClickMedia Email PPC. If not, choose one from above and stick with it.
A reminder… When choosing any CPA offer, make sure it accepts Email Marketing traffic. Almost all offers will allow email traffic, as it’s the highest quality traffic, but it is always best to check.
Once you have created your free AdClickMedia account, use the same username and password to login to your Advertiser Panel and Publisher Panel.
We want to Advertise, so, login to the Advertiser Panel and you should be at the Dashboard Welcome area.
Once there, go down to where it says, Email PPC Advertising
Go Over to the Right Hand Side where it says, New Campaign, (Same Line), and click the Blue button, you should now be at a screen with lots of lists and categories to select your Lists, like this:
As you can see, there are more than 37+ Million Subscribers in their network we can advertise too!
You can also see, the average CPC rates, these rates will go up and down when you start advertising.
You do not need to worry about CPC rates at all, their system takes care of all this for you, but you can see the average CPC rates there above in your chosen categories/niches before you start.
The next step on this same page is to first select the Niche/Category you want to go after, so this is where your Offer selection as I said above is important and you should already have one by now.
So, if you were to go after the Biz Opp, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing niche, you would select these 2 categories in the screenshot below:
Once you have your categories you chose, click the, View Lists, button to show…
This will then bring up the total amount of lists/subscribers for your Niche.
As you can see above, there are over 18+ million subscribers in just this niche alone for, Biz Opp/Make Money Online etc, and…
In just the first 10 lists alone, there are lists from 300,000 and up to 6 Million.
This is where it’s at and these are the lists we want to advertise too, to get massive exposure for our offers, affiliate offers, build massive lists, whatever we want.
These are all 100% opt-in, personally built and personally manually reviewed by AdClickMedia to get you the highest quality traffic as possible.
Once you have chosen your Categories, it is now time to go to the next step, but before we can do this, we need to first Fund our account.
Reminder: You cannot get to the next step with setting up your campaign until you have funded your account!…
Now, if you cannot fund your account with Credit Card, the best and other option is by PayPal, but they will need to manually put the funds onto your account for you.
If you use PayPal, make sure you put in your AdClickMedia UserName and then contact them with your receipt.
So, to start click the, Start Email Campaign button right down the button of the page to fund your account first:
You can also fund your account by just going to the, Funds Tab and choosing either Credit Card or PayPal that way too…
Remember, the minimum amount to start an Email PPC campaign is $150.
Next Step:
Step-By-Step Campaign Setup
Now it’s time to get into the next step, setting up your Ad for approval.
If you look at the screenshot below, you will see what needs to go where, I will explain in more detail below:
Now, Let’s start from the beginning so nothing is missed…
Give your campaign a Name, this is for Publishers to see what your offer is, so what you can do is, just put in the Offer Name you’re promoting if you cannot think of something catchy.
For example, if you were to do a Biz Opp offer called, Profit With Michael, well know Biz Opp offer, that is what you can just put in as the Offer Name.
Or just, New High Converting YOURNICHEHERE Offer
Give your campaign a short description on what your offer is, if it is a Biz Opp offer, you can just say, Business Opportunity, or look at your offer you chose to promote and look at the landing page, what does it talk about?
Then put in what it is offering, so if its offering, How to make $1k Per Day sending Emails from home, put that as the description.
Or, New work from home opportunity. Anything will do.
Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a short description telling Publishers what it is.
This is the first step and the FIRST most important part you need to make sure you have good.
This is your Email subject line, this is what the subscribers will see in their Inbox to get them to Open your email.
So, this needs to be something catchy to get them to open.
If you remember the Email Creative example at the beginning of this eBook, that is what this is.
Example I used was:
[Open] Your request is inside…
Nice call to action, catchy and telling them, your request is waiting for them, so they need to Open the email to see what’s inside.
This is just an example, never use exact email swipes as I explained in the beginning of this eBook.
This is the second step and the SECOND most important part you need to make sure you have good.
This is the part where, once the subscriber Opens your email, your email creative is what is going to get them to Click to your Offer, Opt-in Landing page or whatever you’re promoting.
Keep it short, to the point with a good call to action, don’t ramble on about this and that, remember, I explained more about this at the beginning too.
Example I used was:
Would you like to be our first BETA Tester?
… Go Here to Request
Simply fill out your info on the next page
and press the BIG Orange button to book
your seat…
… Go Here to Continue
It’s short, to the point with a good strong, call to action, to get the visitor/subscriber to Click to the Offer and convert.
Remember, this is just an example, never use exact email swipes as I explained in the beginning of this eBook.
If you’re stuck on email creatives, I also explained in the beginning on how to find proven email swipes to go off and change them up, to make them unique and stand out from the rest for your campaigns.
Never Ever use exact email swipes from scratch!
This you just leave it as is:
No, use the ad above.
Unless you want to pay them to write your email copy for you, then that will be an extra fee, but you do not need too. So leave as No.This is where you’re going to be sending these high quality subscribers too.
Your Offer, Opt-in landing page to build your list etc.
You can copy and paste your direct Affiliate link in there or Opt-in landing page domain or you can use a tracking link to hide your Affiliate link…
So Publishers cannot see your Affiliate link and see your Networks you’re using.
I explain more on Tracking Links below in Step 4.
Here is where you will be telling all publishers who promote your offer what you do not want them to do.
It will already have something in there as:
Email Traffic Only. No Incentevized Clicks
Just leave it as that, as that is all we want.
Last step is to choose our GEO Targeting options.
This is where your offer you chose comes into play.
So, you need to check your offer and see what countries it accepts.
If it accepts all Top Countries as in, USA, AUS, UK, CA, NZ
You can put all if you like, but what I mainly do is target USA ONLY.
As, USA has the highest quality traffic from all countries alone, and it is the highest converting country by far.
Stick with just USA if your offer accepts all Top Countries.
The last thing to do now, after you have double checked your email copy to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, if it’s all good.
Then, all you have to do is click the, Submit For Approval, button and wait for it to be manually approved by one of AdClickMedia’s staff.
It usually takes 24-48 hours at most.
If there are any fixes needed, they will let you know.
If they do want you to fix something or update, go back into your campaign and make the necessary changes and submit your campaign again so it can be approved and go live.
Most the time there will not be any changes that is needed, but if they ask you to change your email copy because it’s to spammy…
Edit your email creative and just change a few words to remove the spammy words if needed.
You do not need to change the whole email creative, just adjust what you have and go from there.
It’s always best to keep your email creatives clean and not full of spammy words, we’re aiming for subscribers who read our email creative and the email creative, this will do its job to get them too,
Click >> Convert.
It’s really that simple.
Easy conversions then equals? More money for you…
Most CPA offers while running multiple ads with AdClickMedia Email PPC, I have found average conversions of anywhere from, 10%+.
With building your own list after the opt-in, I have seen 40%+ conversion rates from, opt-in to then the free CPA offer.
Remember, these are free CPA offers here, ones that just ask for email address or first name and email address usually, with payouts ranging from $1.50 – $12+
It really isn’t that hard to convert from Email Traffic to a free CPA offer.
It’s all about your email copy, work on that, learn from your mistakes if you do not know how to write good email copy…
Then go back up to the beginning of this eBook where I talk about how to find proven converting email swipes such as…
Clicksure, Clickbank etc, use them as a guide to go off and change them up to make them unique.
It’s the best way to learn fast without trying to think from complete scratch.
You also do not need to worry about any CPC bidding whatsoever, their system takes care of all that for you.
You just control your spend and your ads.
Just choose your categories, setup your email creative, restrictions and GEO targeting and you’re good to go.
Once we start to get some winning conversions on our offers, we can then optimize and scale our campaigns from there from spending more and setting up more offer campaigns.
If you have one winner, you’re not going to just stop there are you?
You’re going to keep going, keep advertising that same offer, and finding new offers as we go to expand.
Checking Your Campaign
Once your campaign is approved, you will see it in the Campaigns Tab under, Email PPC Ads.
Here you will see your stats from Clicks, conversions if you setup your Tracking Pixel (see below for more info), costs and status of your campaign.
You can Pause your campaign at anytime if you need to change anything.
Step 4 – Set Up Tracking:
Here I am going to go over tracking your conversions in AdClickMedia.
If you want to track conversions in your AdClickMedia Campaigns, all you need to do is get their tracking pixel and paste it into your chosen Offer Tracking Pixel area in your CPA Network.
You will find this in your CPA Network, simply paste the pixel in the tracking pixel area in your CPA Offer you chose to promote.
To get the tracking pixel from AdClickMedia, simply go back to your Dashboard Advertiser Panel and go down to your, Email PPC Advertising area and click on the, Conversion Tracking Code, button as shown below:
Once you have clicked on that button, you will be taken to another screen where you will find your tracking pixel, you can then copy into your CPA Network Offer you chose to promote, should be like this:
Simply copy and paste that code above into your Offer tracking area inside your CPA Network and you’re good to go.
Below, you do not need to do this but it is sometimes a very good idea to hide your affiliate links.
If you would like to hide your affiliate links and not just paste your affiliate link as the direct link in your campaigns, you can use a free tracking service like:
To hide your affiliate link in your campaigns if you like, you don’t have to but, it is there and free if you want too.
Sometimes it is a good idea to do this so the Publishers/Email list Owners, cannot see the affiliate link and CPA Network we’re using.
So, it is completely up to you.
It is a good idea to hide your affiliate links in my opinion, but again, it is your choice.
This will give you more tracking from, your tracking and then in your CPA Network tracking to compare stats.
Want To Build Long Term Profits?
Build Your List!:
Direct linking CPA Offers or any Affiliate Offers is a great way to make quick and easy money, and it’s what this eBook is all about, making you easy CPA commissions.
But, if you would like long term profits, building an email list is by far the best and only way to go.
Because, when you start building an email list from any traffic source like AdClickMedia, you can then promote to those same subscribers long term and keep making money off them for years to come.
If you do run your own Opt-in landing page campaign, what I recommend you do, as I do this myself too, on the next page when the new subscriber opts into your opt-in landing page, is…
Redirect them to a CPA Offer straight away.
You will see insanely HIGH conversions from doing this. I’ve seen anywhere from 40%+ conversion rates from, opt-in to CPA offer.
For example, if you have done any kind of Solo Ads before, what do you usually see or what would you do after the visitor opted in?
You would see an offer after they opt-in and you would also have follow ups setup to make more money on the backend.
Opt-in to any page promoting something, almost every time it will go to some offer, if it’s not after the opt-in, it’s in the backend in the follow ups.
WHY Does This Work So Well You ASK??
Because, the visitor/subscriber who just opted into your opt-in landing page, has now been pre-warmed.
So, when you have an Affiliate offer, a free CPA offer after they opt-in, it converts much higher simply because they got something for free first and were…
“Pre-Warmed”, and now they trust you more to follow what is on the next page after they opted in.
This is a great tip if you do any kind of list building, no matter the traffic source, to remember to always offer something on the next page.
Let’s Sum It Up
OK… we are now at the end of this awesome eBook.
I have gone through and shown you everything step-by-step on how to setup your campaigns with
How to choose your offers, setup your campaigns, write awesome email copy and how to find email copy if you do not know how to write email copy at all and much more…
Now it is your turn, time for you to get this into Action and set this up for yourself to start ranking in those easy CPA commissions.
Everything in this eBook works. It will all come down to you, how much effort you want to put into getting a profitable campaign up and running.
Every offer will always convert differently of course! So remember that…
Remember, don’t just do 1 day of testing and say, this does not work.
Don’t just try one offer and give up!
When you go and advertise on any advertising network for example, do you ever just do one day of advertising or one offer and just give up and tell yourself, this doesn’t work??
You need to test, test, test, it’s the only way you will learn from your mistakes and learn how to choose great offers and write great email copy to have successfully great campaigns.
As, that is what it all comes down too, find a good offer, write great email copy, and the traffic will do the rest for you for great conversions.
There are thousands of advertisers who advertise on this network, this network is full of Affiliate Marketers promoting all kinds of Affiliate offers.
So, you’re in the right place to get your Affiliate offers in front of millions of people.
Once you have tested a campaign or a few and you found a winning campaign, that is getting you conversions, making you money…
We want to Scale Up, start spending more than $150. Only scale when you’re comfortable and have found some offers that are doing good for you.
As in, they’re making you money and you’re profiting.
I highly recommend sticking with simple free CPA offers, before going for the straight sale offers.
Once you master the easy CPA offers, you can then test sale offers later on. I only stay with free CPA offers as they are much easier to convert and there are thousands to choose from which can do anywhere from 10%+ conversion rates easy.
Whereas sales offers you would be lucky to get 1% conversion rates. So keep that in mind when choosing your offers.
Now, it’s time for you to start implementing the methods I’ve shown you and….
Need Help?
If you need any help setting up your campaigns etc…
Please contact me at:
To Your Success ! 🙂
Damon Korte
CPA Click Profits © 2015
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written permission of the author.
Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
This report is for your personal use only!
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CPA Cash Storm

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Making money Online
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redistribute this publication in any form, written or otherwise. No part of this
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Please enjoy this book. Apply its contents. But also be aware that you follow it
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Understand that no income guarantees have been, nor will be made. Your own skill level, work ethic,
niche selection, time investment, startup capital, and/or luck may all play a role in your success, or
lack thereof. The author’s results are not typical.
The author may have affiliate relationships with proprietors of goods and/or
services mentioned and linked to from within the pages of this guide. He may be
financially compensated via affiliate commissions for sales or actions generated via such links.
Your support is greatly appreciated.
Alright, enough the mumbo jumbo. How about you? If you seriously just read all this stuff, you are a
special indeed, my friend.
But that’s of little consequence with what we / you are about to embark on. Just don’t be a jerk
biscuit… mind your P’s and Q’s. Try your best. But don’t blame me if you don’t get it right the first
time. 😉
Legal page… done.
Right well let’s get into it with gusto and haste.
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About Me, if you care to!
You’re not here to hear about me and I’m not going to bore you. However there
are a certain types of people who digest information if they have a bit of
background information on just who put all this together.
My Name is Ian, and I got involved in the Internet Marketing World in January
2007. I started out like most thinking I was going to conquer the world and live
the life of Riley in a matter of weeks and spend the rest of my days lying around
the pool sipping my favorite beverage and watching my bank balance grow by
the minute.
Well believe it or not that did not happen and I ran from one shiny object to
another. All that did was see my bank balance head in a downward spiral my
hopes disappear into the distance and get me mightily frustrated.
Sitting down and having a serious chat with myself I realized that for things to
change something had to change. A light bulb moment you could say, so that’s
when I decided to do some market research and find out exactly what those so
called guru’s do. Long story short got myself hooked up with a mentor who
guided me in the right direction to make it in the IM world and after sorting my
head out the first thing we did was you guessed it, was how to make money with
So what you are about to embark on is me showing you how to ‘make money
with CPA’ avoid the pitfalls and do it right .
5 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
I’ve done the hard yards. It’s up to you to do what you’re about to
discover step by step. So lets get cracking and take some action NOW.
Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Ketchup Ketchup who?
Ketchup to me and I will tell you.
Woo hold on there partner this is serious stuff so lets get into the saucey (no
pun intended) bits and get going.
6 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
So you want to make a sh*t load of cash right. Great and you want to be able to
do it from home or whilst lying on the beach. Well I’ve good some good news
and some bad news, the good news – you can do that and lots of dudes out
there are doing just that.
However here’s the bad news, to do what you want to do there is a step, or in
some cases, a huge leap to get there. So what are you on about I hear you say.
Well it is the Be-Do-Have step (leap) yep still with me, hang in there brother and
it will be clear as a bell shortly.
7 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Well to have what you want to have “You’ve got to Be before you can Do and do
before you can Have” Now if this all sounds mumbo jumbo you’re no orphan
there partner (it did to me when I first learnt this stuff). It’s not that bad as I am
about to explain. I know this will be a bit of a paradigm shift but hey its worth it.
Here’s how it Works
So you want the life of the rich and famous, well if not then how about work
from home making a good quid with enough to pay the bills put food on the
table, pay the bills some beer in the fridge and have some loot left over at the
end of the month.
Okay let’s get real here, most, or is that everyone, wants to have a million
dollars in the bank and then they will feel like a millionaire…. Unfortunately life
doesn’t work like that.
Here’s the catch first off – You must BE the millionaire , yep thats before you
actually have the dollars in bank. Damm it.
So how does this work – here are a couple of examples. First off lets say you
want to be a millionaire.
● $1 million in say 3 years. That’s the result required – the HAVE
● So to get there, you have to BE proficient at what needs to be done and to
act do as a millionaire would and to implement what needs to be done to
achieve just that.
In a nutshell to BE the WHO, that can DO what it takes to reach the HAVE
If you are looking to make a living with online marketing and you aren’t there
yet then you need to create a new reality. By using the Be Do Have. You must
Be that person and Do the things that person would do first before you can
HAVE the life your are looking for.
8 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Using a smoker who wants to quit smoking as an example. They will quit for
awhile and then restart some 10 or so days later. Why-because they are caught
up in the DOING of a smoker. For change to happen they have to have the
mindset of BEING a non smoker.
On the other hand a person who is an exercise nut has no issue with getting up
early and going for a run. If you’re not a person of exercise and it is raining one
morning it all becomes too hard, you roll over and go back to sleep. Whereas
the runner made the decision to be a runner long ago, so gets up and goes
running because that’s what they do.
They also do things that runners do like – eat healthy foods, read running and
exercise books/magazines, associate with other runners, check out running
clothing stores, have multiple pairs of running shoes.
As you can see it is all about who you are BEING.
So if you want to be successful in this business don’t sit around waiting for the
results to appear like magic. To be a success you must BE the person that goes
about their day as a success, one that makes the decisions a successful person
makes on achieving their goals. To be a success you don’t make decisions based
on money you make decisions based on whether you are moving closer to your
goals, that’s your HAVE.
9 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Putting it All into Practice
Get yourself a sheet of paper then draw two vertical lines down the page so you
now have 3 columns. Label the first column BE the second DO and the third
HAVE. In the Have column list all the things that you want to have, then in the
DO column all the things you would have to do to have those things. Now all you
have to do is identify what it is that you have to BE so that you can DO so you
can HAVE
Are you still with me, if so well done, I will have lost about 95% of my readers by
now as they are looking for a fast fix and will be off buying the next shiny object.
So you’re about to enter some rarified atmosphere my friend as you stick it out
to the end and get some well deserved results (code for CASH) coming your way.
Well what are you waiting for, if you want to Have, this is what you have to
BEcome and Do.
10 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
What the Hell is CPA Marketing?
First off CPA stands for Cost Per Action referring to a type of marketing where
you generate leads for a business and they give you some of that cold hard stuff
when you generate a lead for the business.
This way of making a dollar has been around for a long time now and has
become very popular as lots of internet marketers saw the opportunities that it
created to make a profit.
The fact you don’t actually have to sell anything to get paid is of great attraction
as it is a lot of fun and you make money to boot.
So it works like this you generate traffic (leads) from one or several places which
you send to an offer. That offer is usually for some freebie, free trial or some
such thing that the lead needs to fill in a questionnaire, sign up for a newsletter
or in most cases just give their email address in order to receive their gift. When
they do that you get paid. Yeah about time
Okay how much do you get paid – well it varies from around $1 up to $30 or
$40, but before you get too excited those high payouts are very competitive and
the lead needs to jump through lots of hoops before you get to see any money.
So we’ll be sticking to the low hanging fruit where we know there is plenty of
easy pickings.
11 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
See This is How it Works
Lead visits landing page
Clicks on affiliate Link
Lead Enters their details
You Make Money
12 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
What Do I have to Do Now
If you are brand new and don’t know the difference between a domain name
and mySQL the let me show the way. If you already have a website and know
your way around wordpress then we will see in a short while when we get stuck
into the juicy bits.
Okay lets get into this – first up you will need a domain name nothing too fancy
something like “” will do, you will need to register your
domain name and then get yourself a hosting company.
I use name cheap to register a domain name . To save yourself a few pennies,
check out this site coupon promos for the current month’s coupon to get
yourself a discount.
Once you have done that if you don’t have a hosting company you will need to
get yourself one of these fan dango thingos.
There are a multitude of them around however it is best to play it safe and go
with one of the bigger ones. You won’t go wrong if you choose one of these
Host Gator or Go Daddy or you can check out Mid Phase you will be given heaps of options
but you are only after a real basic hosting plan at this stage. You can upgrade
later when the need arises so just look for the shared hosting option .
Now you’re in business – well almost. Next off you need to transfer your
nameservers across to your hosting company. To do that you need to get into
your account at your domain name register ( in my case that’s name cheap) and
setup your DNS (domain name servers) it is always 2 sets of numbers and almost
always starts with the letters NS then a number. Here is a link to how its done
for doing it with Name Cheap .
13 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
You will find more help if you google how to change nameservers (for your
hosting company).
Next step is to load the wordpress platform onto your site from your cpanel. You
will find a very helpful tutorial here on youtube
Once you have done that you need to access your wordpress installation and
make some basic changes so that it looks a bit more professional than it does
out of the box. Here is a video on how to make those changes
Great having got this far is an achievement in itself. If this is all brand new to you
it will all become second nature very soon as you navigate yourself around the
wonderful world of internet marketing and all it has to offer.
14 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Ready Set Go
The first thing that you need to do is join a CPA network these are the guys who
have lots and lots of offers for you to promote and then they pay you for the
clicks you generate.
Make sure you sign up as an affiliate sometimes referred to as a “publisher” not
advertiser as it is you the publisher who is publishing ads on your site, emails etc
using the pay per click advertising. Got it – that’s what were doing here.
Simple as. So who are these CPA guys – well there are quite a few around, some
great and some not so.
Plus they are a little picky on who they accept into their network. So there is a
bit of background work to do before we go in with all guns blazing.
Things that help getting accepted are :-
● a website that has been active for some time
● heaps of traffic to the site
● a large email list 5000+
Cricky I am brand new give me break! No sweat….. we are lookin out for ya
here so don’t despair. I was in the same boat when I first started out so what I
did was, be honest. Told them about my marketing plan and how I was going to
promote their offers.
Even got you a sample to use as a guide as to what to say when you fill in your
15 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
One of the questions will go something like this. How are you marketing online
currently and what websites do you plan on using?
Your response can go like this:-
As a newbie and just getting started in the online business I
currently do not have a website. However my plan is to implement two
major strategies.
I will be building websites around certain niches then have SEO’d
articles written as the sites content. I will also do some off page
SEO to get the websites ranked with the intention to get some organic
traffic to the sites.
By having a good CTA as the sticky post I will then be able to
generate a steady supply of fresh leads which I will then send follow
up messages to with the offer links embedded in.
I also intend to build a good squeeze page and optin
form from a
autoresponder which will capture more leads. I will send traffic to
the squeeze page with both free and paid traffic in the form of
Facebook, Google Adwords and Twitter. These subscribers will enter
their email details in exchange for a free gift.
Once these subscribers are on my list I will be sending them follow
up messages containing the link to offers.
Once I have more experience I will be trying some more methods as
Now that you have submitted your application it is a good idea to actually get on
the phone/skype be proactive give them a call. Best to wait about 15 minutes
then get on the blower and ask if they can look at your application with a view
to getting it approved more quickly.
This shows them that you are serious about business, are keen to get it done
right and care about your application and the CPA business.
16 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
CPA Networks
You will find the signup page for Never Blue here
ClickBooth’s homepage is here
Convert2Media can be found here
The publisher signup application for Commission Junction
Cash Network publisher application form
Application page for publisher on Peerfly
If you find a network that has a great offer you wish to promote and you aren’t
too sure that they are the real deal head over to Odigger
click on network reviews
17 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Here you can see the results for peerfly
If you have a bit of a dig around on oDigger you will soon discover that there are
lots of networks and quite a few of them are a bit suspect. You have been
18 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Which Niche’s are Best
The life of a CPA marketer is all about making money so unlike affiliate
marketing where the niche selection is more to do with what interests you.
In the CPA business it’s all about what makes the most money.
To this end the best areas to look for offers would be in :-
● Health
Stress relief
Healthy eating
● Relationships
● Money
Make money online
Real Estate investing
Managing money
● Personal Development
Self esteem
19 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
So Where’s the Money
Picked your niche then the best way to find where the loot is hiding is to
do a bit of research. Head over to Google Trends
In the example below I have searched the personal development area and
the search term spirituality then chosen from the drop down boxes to
search worldwide and for the last 90 days.
As you can see from the graph there is a upward trend so this looks
promising. However more digging required. Fortunately google trends has
more info for us.
20 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Here we can see the top 5 countries are listed as to where the traffic is coming
from. As I mentioned earlier some offers only accept traffic from tier one
countries so using this tool we can see whether a niche would be suitable for us
or not.
21 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
You will also be able to see what some related searches are which may prove of
use in your research. As well as top searches you can see what is in the rise.
Another feature that comes handy is the ability to drill down and specify a
country and see what city or regions the searches are come from.
Here I have chosen the United States from the drop down menu
It is also possible to drill down and get a list of sub regions as well.
22 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
What’s the Best CPA Offer
This is where we do a bit of digging around to find the best deals for us.
Fortunately if you know where to go it is all there for you. So lucky for you we
are heading over to Offer Vault and it’s free though if you wish to use the
advanced search options you need to join which is also free. As you can see in
the screen shot below I typed Business in the search box and showing I am not
biased selected Peerfly as the CPA network from the drop down box
Now this search returned 49 different offers that we could use from the Peerfly
network starting off with a payout of $164 for a lead, however as I stated earlier
23 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
these are highly competitive and we will be going after the low hanging fruit. So
I scrolled down the page a bit and found one that could be a nice consistant little
money earner. Yep that’s the little sucker highlighted below in yellow and if you
were to click on the Offer Name you get another screen telling you just what it
Offer is Success System Revealed paying $2 a lead (email submit)
24 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Describing what the offer is about
25 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Another site you can check for offers is oDigger here it is, the
same as offer- vault, plug in your search details and prefered
affiliate network and you will get a list of appropriate offers, see
the screen shot below.
Screen shot of the oDigger website
You will notice in the screenshot above that the Linking Home
Incom e offer has some letters after it. This indicates that the offer
is only available to persons who reside in those countries. In this
case it is CA Canada, SG Singapore, AU Australia and NZ New
A lot of offers will only accept subscribers from Premium
countries like the USA, Canada , Australia and the United
26 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
However in some cases but not all there will be an international
offer for non premium countries. The payout will be substantially
lower than that for the premium countries but at least you get
As we saw when doing our research with google trends the
regional interest screen shows us the countries with the greatest
number of searches .
27 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Keyword Searches
Finding out how many searches are done for a particular keyword can be helpful
in your quest for online glory. Unfortunately the better keyword tools are paid
services today mainly google adwords however you can get a resonable idea
using a free tool Trellian Keyword Discovery , you will need to sign up to use it
but as I say it is free
Here we can see a total of 93 for spirituality
28 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
The dating niche seems a lot more attractive with 1071 searches
29 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Free Traffic versus Paid traffic
The old chestnut yep traffic the lifeblood of any online business. This is a whole subject just in
itself. Maybe another day however for the purpose of CPA Cash Storm we will have a look at
some of the options available and what is best suited to your situation whether you are a
newbie or an old hand at this caper.
Just to name a few of the more popular and most successful ways
to generate free traffic.
30 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Article marketing this entails writing articles and posting them on article
directories like Ezine directories an having a link to your site in your signature. If
you like writing one page articles not a bad option
SEO which amounts to you optimising your website so that it ranks on page one
of google and people then go to your website. Not as easy as it sounds. SEO is a
science in itself and google love em they keep moving the goal posts
Video marketing is where you make a video on the product /service you are
promoting and then you leave your affiliate link in the description which leads
them to your website.
Forum Posting is another popular way to connect with likely customers. On
forums you need to build up a level of credibility before you go in promoting
stuff. So you will need to get on appropriate forums where people have an
interest in what your product or service is and start to leave feedback on
questions and comments people are leaving before you start promoting your
website in your signature.
Paid Traffic
PPC or Pay Per Click yep this cost money. Guess what google is where most of
the action takes place though of late Bing is starting to become more prominent
in this area so are worth considering. Anyway with PPC you create an advert in
Google or Bing then when someone clicks on your ad Google / Bing get paid and
the client is sent to you website.
31 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
PPV – Pay Per View this model works where you pay every time someone views
your ad. Not recommended when you first start out or even with a new ad. Best
to only use when you know that an ad is popular and works
Media Buying this is where you buy advertising space on websites, be it banners
or display ads.
This isn’t the best model to start with, however it has been proven to work and
once someone has cut their teeth on a more basic CPA model sooner or later
they usually end up using media buys.
Social Media facebook is a good way to go if social media is your style.
On the page you will find lots of information on not only brands but also
products. You will also find celebs athletes even politicians. Apart from these
you will be able find trending twitter users in the sidebar.
32 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
So we now have a dilemma Free or Paid. Just how free are the free methods you
may ask.
FREE traffic costs TIME
33 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
PAID traffic costs Money
So which one is it to be
Do you have a job a family and social commitments. Do you have the time to
write articles sit on forums and blogs writing articles and making comments.
On the other hand do you have the money to invest in your business, to do the
PPC on google and / or Bing.
Can afford to run a few test campaigns to see what works before you spend on a
larger campaign. Maybe even be able to pay someone to write article’s so you
can post them on an article directory.
With paid traffic methods you will see results in one or two days. Whereas with
article marketing it could be several weeks before you start to see any results.
Still not sure which way to go and you have a few dollars budgeted for this then
may I suggest you ask yourself this. “How much is my time worth?”
34 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
● Set realistic goals
● Do something – choose a niche and do it
● Keep educating yourself – forums and blogs to name a few
● Use your affiliate managers – keep in touch and ask for advice
● Don’t lose focus
● Don’t give up
● Don’t over complicate things – keep it simple
35 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Fast Start
8 step quick action plan to get you going once you have applied and got
approval for your chosen network. Nothing too hard as it’s really quite simple
you just have to do it.
● Log on to your prefered network
● Check EPC to see which offers have the best conversions
● Use this information to determine your niche
● Look for 3 or 4 free offers in a sub-market with high earnings per click
● Create a website based on the sub market
● Create content promoting the offers
● Send free traffic to your site
● Rinse and Repeat
Once you get yourself organised and get the hang of what you are doing you can
then move onto some of the more advanced methods we covered earlier on.
36 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
Yep this is it !
You have made it this far and for that I am grateful. It heartens me that you have
taken the time and effort to do something and for that I congratulate you.
I know if all this is foreign to you it is a bit daunting at times however if you stick
it out the rewards will be there for you in the end.
Persistence is the key and that means not giving up. So if one campaign doesn’t
work that doesn’t mean the system doesn’t work. You just need to get back on
the horse and get better with the next campaign.
I believe there is no such thing as a failure only a learning experience. Except of
course if you give up and quit. Quitters lose and Winners are Grinners.
So what’s next well if you flipped thru the book and came here first then high
tail it back to the beginning and get stuck in as you’ve got some catching up to
If that’s not you it would be a good idea to go back to beginning and complete
the steps as you work your way thru the book. I am hoping you do use this
information and start to produce an income from your online business and you
Become the person you need to Be and Do what you need to Do so you Have
what you want to Have.
Always Looking out for Ya
Ian Kane
37 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here
RED HOT Resources
WPtwin this is a great tool for backing up and cloning sites a real time saver.
Namecheap a good place to get your domain name from
Get Response the preferred autoresponder and the first months free
OptimizePress2 get your squeeze pages looking great with No Fuss
MidPhase Hosting my preferred host, been using them for years with no issues
Funnel Kit Create Killer Sales Pages (great value at a low price)
38 Copyright © 2015 – Ian Kane All
rights reserved Get the latest updates Here

CPA List Revolution

CPA List Revolution
By Yair Dolev

1 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
This publication is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized
Reproduction is Strictly Prohibited.
The information contained in this publication and the accompanying materials is for general
information purposes only.
While we endeavor to keep the information up-to-date and correct, we make no representations or
warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability,
effectiveness, suitability or availability with respect to this publication or the information,
products, services, related graphics, or any contents contained in this publication for any
Any reliance you, the reader, place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. If
you wish to apply ideas contained in this publication, you are taking full responsibility for your
actions. We disclaim any warranties (express or implied), merchantability, or fitness for any
particular purpose. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including but not limited
to; indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of
data or profits stemming from or in connection with the use of this publication.
We cannot guarantee results as results will differ from person to person
and will depend on the effort taken. You are taking the decision to try these
methods, and there are no guarantees to your success. Nor are we responsible for any of your
actions. As always, the advice of a competent legal, tax, accounting or other professional should
be sought.

2 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Table of Contents


Table Of Content

Table Of Content

Table Of Content




What are we going to learn?

Mindset, the 4 mistakes that prevent you from

The 5 step process you’re going to use

Few tasks to complete before you

Few tasks to complete before you

The Complete Funnel

Let’s start (Conclusion)

Module One

Choose a

Join a CPA Network

How to get accepted to CPA Network

How to choose a CPA Offer

How to choose a CPA Offer

How to choose a CPA Offer

Module Two

Squeeze pages

How a squeeze page should look

Exit redirect

The leadmagnet

The leadmagnet

3 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package


Track, yes, and tweak


Traffic overview



My best traffic sources

My best traffic sources

My best traffic sources

Keyword research

Keyword research

Keyword research

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Setup Traffic Campaign

Tracking, testing,

Scaling it

Scaling it


Paid traffic is easy

Paid traffic is easy


Why does building a list is so

The type of lists

The type of lists

Email your list

Email your list

Email your list and promotion template
4 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Double your list

Double your list

Double your list

Double your list

Double your list

Double your list – turn them on you

Module Five

Outsource and scale it up

Outsource and scale it up

5 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
First of all, I’d like to thank you for buying my eBook. I’m going to do my best to make sure you
won’t regret this decision.

Let me tell you more about myself. My name is Yair Dolev and I’ve been
making income online for a few years now.

Personally, I have seen and bought a large collection of methods in hope that they would result in
me generating a stable and fair income. However, next to none of them worked. And that’s how this
method was born. I truly do know what you feel, and I know you heard it 1000’s of time. But you’re
not here to read a story, so let’s get to the real business right away.

Sometimes, it’s not the written quality of the method which is slated, it’s actually the customers’
skills that are tested in the E-Book, which results in failure to earn. Some E-Books have set
requirements, such as skills or possibly investments which make the person able to earn.

If you are the kind of person who gives up after a couple of attempts, then maybe you shouldn’t be
thinking of earning online. Online income often takes up lots of time, but also produces a huge
amount of success and income once completed.

I will now teach you and give you my knowledge, which resulted in me generating around $100-$1000
every day, with as little work as possible using CPA offers and building my list in the process.
Before I start, I’d like to introduce you to two groups of people. Group 1 – forfeiters, people who
read a method, test it, and give up once they encounter the tiniest of
issues. Group two – hard workers, people who read, try, and overcome
obstacles and problems which they may face down the line.

You can have the best money making method known to mankind, but if you
don’t apply effort correctly, you won’t make a dime.
This isn’t just your average “Get Rich Quick” scheme thrown together by
some 12 year old on a PC. This is essentially a business within a few
thousand bites of text.

6 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Let me make something else clear for you, it really doesn’t matter what your experience level is to
do this course. I’ve made this course simple to follow and easy to understand, so whether you’re a
beginner that never tried CPA or an advanced Internet Marketing, you’ll have no problem doing this.

A huge number of people buy methods like this, however they never attempt them. You must apply what
you learn.

Don’t hesitate if you don’t know where to start, because I’m going to make this program
step-by-step, all you’re required to do is follow and take action.

The information provided below isn’t just a rough idea that came to my mind; it is accurate
statistics based on my head-on experience with the industry itself.
I also would like to reassure you. I’m here to watch over you. Every step you take, I will assist
you in your hour of need. Simply email me, I’ll do my best to reply within 24 hours.
7 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Zero

What are we going to learn?

The methods I’m going to show to you in this E-Book are possibly the easiest and most profitable
CPA and List building methods you’ll ever come across. They are LONG-TERM. You see, that’s what I
love about CPA and being an affiliate. You make quick money, and you can easily repeat that. But
repeating that all the time might become annoying, that’s where most of the people give up. And
guess what, I have a solution for that.
I’m going to teach you a lot stuff, so let’s get to it.
We’re going to use CPA and List building. Yes, you heard me right. CPA known to make easy and fast
cash, and list building known to be the ultimate thing as everyone says these days “the money is in
the list” and they’re right, it’s the best income for long-term profits.

I found a great combination of both, and I’m going to teach you exactly how
to do it.

Picture it. Imagine you could actually live off that email list. Imagine that you could click on
one button, and see after few hours hundreds of dollars in your CPA network. The best part is yet
to come; you can repeat it OVER and over again and SCALE it up!

If you don’t understand, please don’t worry. Keep reading and I ensure it’ll
be crystal clear soon enough.
8 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

I know some of you hate all this mindset stuff so I’m going to keep this short, but you do really
need to read the four things that prevent you from succeeding.

(#1) Negativity. If you’re hesitant, skeptical and have a negative attitude, you need to change
now. Being negative would not earn you anything.

Start getting motivated and be optimistic, I promise you that you can make money, and you can make
good money. You just have to trust on me on this and know when to apply the skills you learn here.

(#2) Over analyzing. CPA and List building is by far one of the EASIEST ways of making money
online. Also, after you have set everything up, it is nearly auto-pilot!

(#3) No self-belief. Believe in yourself! A lot of the people I know have a very negative attitude,
as well as a lack of faith in themselves.

(#4) Thinking you need experience. On my first introductory attempt with this method I made around
$500. It took me a huge amount
of time at the start, mainly because I didn’t have a guide like this to help me
along the road. This is why I’ve created this E-Book to save you time and effort. I’ve been able to
help those who aren’t making a single dime, to those who are making $100+ a day, and I guarantee
that I will be able to do
the same with you.

9 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The 5 Step Process
Step 1 – Choose a niche

You will choose a niche, join an affiliate network (CPA Network) and choose
the offer you’re going to promote

Step 2 – Create your squeeze page

You will create your squeeze page, your lead magnet, and learn what the full funnel talked about in
this Ebook is about

Step 3 – Traffic

Traffic! A major issue for some people, well, not anymore. I’m going to
cover how to send the best type of traffic.

Step 4 – Your email list

You’ll learn how to setup your email list, what to email them, and even how to DOUBLE or TRIPLE
your list size. This is the profit module, a lot of important information is contained here.

Step 5 – Outsourcing and scaling up

Making some money? Good, I’ll show you how to double that, or triple
that, every DAY!
10 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Few tasks you need done

Alright, so we’re at the point in this course where we are starting to understand the basics, so
it’s time to get started! Before we get started, however, you are going to need a few things.
Please set aside 5-30 minutes to complete the following tasks. These tasks are very important to
ensure your success!

Task 1: Goals

It’s important to set realistic goals. In this step you need sit down and really think about what
you want from this process. Consider how much time per day you can allocate to this method and set
realistic goals from there. Please do not expect to earn $200/day if you refuse to work for longer
5 minutes
Task 2: Hosting

There are many web-hosting companies out there. I and many other Warriors are using HostGator.
CLICK HERE FOR A DISCOUNT. They can easily handle with almost any amount of traffic and you won’t
have any problems with them. Just go over to the link I gave you. And unclick the following
features so you won’t be charged for stuff we don’t need.
Task 3: An auto responder account
11 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
There are few great auto responders, I personally recommend Aweber. You can get yourself a trial
Aweber Auto responder account for only $1.

Simply go over to and do it. It is a really important step, without an auto
responder you won’t be able to have a successful business. Aweber has plenty of options and it is
user friendly, when your list grows you’ll have even more advanced options there. You can also use
GetResponse. Both of them are really good, so just choose one.

Setting your auto responder messages sometimes can be complicated if you’re un-experienced. If you
do need any help just contact your auto responder company, they will support you. It’s really so
easy and once you understand it you’ll be on your way to make money just with one click of a
button. Also, make sure to go to your list settings on Aweber and under the confirmed opt-in tab
turn “Require Opt-In on Web Forms” to “off’.
You don’t want people to get messages like “Are you sure you want to be on this list?” most of the
people will give up and won’t confirm this, so
make sure to put this on OFF.
12 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The sales funnel

This is the complete funnel you’re going to use, using a funnel like this one will maximize your
profits big time.

Exit redirect to CPA offer
Squeeze page
After they opt-in they’re in
your list
Day 0: Once they opt-in send the lead magnet

Day 1: Free Content Day 2: CPA Offer Day 3: CPA Offer Etc…

Redirect to


Make more money and…

Email them

Even if you pay $1 per click on paid traffic with this funnel (which is a lot), you almost
can’t lose, you can sell them FOREVER, as long as they stay in your list.
13 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Let’s go

As you already know we’re going to focus on a few things. First of all, growing our email list,
with our sales funnel. With an email list you can sell your own products, affiliate offers, CPA
offers and more.

Some of you may be confused at this point, but I have only briefly touched upon some of the basics.
As this E-Book continues, I will explain every step in detail in order to enhance your knowledge in
list building and CPA. This is a proven, easy, reliable and most important of all, steady method of
making a great amount of money.

This is also a good way to gain knowledge which will benefit you heavily in the future! It really
can’t get any better than this. You are barely doing any work for the results you can get. And this
is a good way to take your first steps in the list building world.

Once you have wrapped your head around what we will be doing, move onto the next section because
things are about to get intense.

As you know, the devil is in the details so in the next few sections I’m going
to teach you absolutely everything I know about this industry and how this
will ensure your success.

14 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module One

Choose a niche

Choosing a niche is a very simple part. You just need to focus on a few things.

Ideally, you want something that’ll make your money over and over again, and that you would like to
work in. Remember, you’ll make money from that list over and over again so choose something that
interest you.




Health (How to lose weight, gain weight, etc.) Soul, Spirit, Happiness, Self-Improvement, etc.
These are subjects that people have always been interested in, and will
always be. I know that probably one of your biggest struggles is choosing a niche, but it’s
actually easy. And let me make it even easier for your, choose one of the niches above, and I’ll
show you in the next few pages to narrow
it down to a sub niche.

Once you have your niche, I recommend to buy a domain name. You can get a domain at $1-$2 at
godaddy (Search in Google for coupons.)

The domain name you should buy can be anything related to your offer, if your niche is health and
you find an offer that’s about “how to lose weight without working out” your domain can be
“” or anything like that. Just make sure that it is actually related to the
offer and to the niche.

There is a reason why this page is so short, that’s because choosing a niche is SIMPLE! Don’t
15 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Join a CPA Network
The first thing you’re going to need is a CPA account on a CPA network. Don’t hesitate if you
haven’t found a website. I’ve made a list of many sites
that will accept you in a matter of minutes. You will need to join one in order to access to
different offers and get paid for them.

There are many other CPA networks out there. As long as you can get accepted, it doesn’t really
matter which one you join. You also in the end want one that will actually pay for your work.

Personally, I use Peerfly and Maxbounty but that’s up to you. They’re simple to get accepted into.
Just search around on Offervault. It’s a great site. There are loads of options located there. (We
will use it as well when choosing the offer)

Here is a list of CPA networks:
16 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Few tips to get accepted to them
Here are few tips to get accepted to the CPA networks.

 Use a professional email address. “” isn’t going to get you accepted to
anywhere. Use something like your “firstname+lastname+2digits of last year and you can even use a
domain name if you have it. For example, looks professional, and even more. You don’t really need to spend money on it, but if you already have
one feel free to use it.

 Always call them. They don’t care how you sound, how you speak, how your accent is like, so
don’t worry about it. Call them up, tell them you just registered and ready to start driving
traffic to their offers using PPC, and they WILL accept you, easily. They want to know you are
honest marketer with quality traffic sources, and not a
spammer, that’s it.

17 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
How to choose a CPA offer

One of the things you can target is offers that pay per email/zip submit, or 1 step survey. You can
also target per sale, that’s up to you. This is EASY stuff! And a great place to find those offers
is OfferVault. This tool compares offers, and help you choose the highest converting opportunities.

This is an example of an offer as I explained.

With the funnel in mind; first the visitors will see an opt-in page and only after that they will
see the offer itself. There is an option, when the users will put their email in the squeeze page
and opt-in. They will only have to click “submit” and their Email will be added to the CPA offer.
This raise up conversions like CRAZY!

I’m not so sure if everyone allows it but a lot of the email submit offers should, you will need to
contact your CPA Network or your affiliate manager and ask him about a specific offer.

18 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Email submit offers are one of the quickest ways to make money, also one of the simplest. I found
this to work the best, and have the least resistance from the visitors.

In the niche part I talked about narrowing it down to a sub niche. For example, if you’re in the
health niche and you see an offer about “how single mothers can be happier” and you want to promote
it then single mothers in the health niche is your sub niche. You can advertise a lot of offers
that are related to single mothers.

Just to go, then search for email submit offers: Click:

The main reason I love these offers is essentially because your audience are only needed to enter
their email in order to make you money. These offers usually pay around $1 to $7 just by inputting
an email. 1 step offers work great as well, you want something that won’t be time consuming and
won’t require them to spend any money.

So you searched for the niche you’re interested in, and you got some really good offers but how do
you choose from them? There are a few things you’ll want to look on.

1. Is the CPA Network reliable? (Will they actually pay you?)
2. Are they paying $1 + per lead?

19 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
3. Is the offer easy to complete?
4. How much EPC’s do the offer have? (earnings per click)

That’s what I’d look at when choosing an offer, especially an email submit offer.

This is one of the quickest ways to make money, also one of the simplest. In this method, I’m going
to teach you how to make an opt-in page. Not only you are getting paid for the email input, but
also getting paid for building your list, how great is that? Just imagine having a list of 10,000
people that are seeking for free offers. What’s in it for you, you say? Well, we know
that they are interested in free stuff and most likely they are short on money. So we can send

– Other CPA offers later (free iPhone, free iPod, free Xbox and etc.).

– Business opportunity offers (Clickbank)

– Solos (Selling clicks) and a lot more…
20 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Two

Squeeze page

After you have successfully joined and been accepted into a CPA network of your choice, you’ll need
to set up your landing page, which will basically generate the leads to your list.

When setting up your landing pages, you need to remember two things.

1. Offer free reports, videos, or anything like that (lead magnet)
2. Capture the email

The thing is about opt-in pages, which those that are offered by companies such as Get Response, or
Aweber aren’t made by marketers and they’re not converting very well. That’s why I always recommend
to get a good one. You can get a ready done for you squeeze page from the DFY package or you can
buy one/find free ones online.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE DONE FOR YOU PACKAGE Just remember, in the squeeze page, you want to:
1. Keep it simple (I mean really simple, a background image, nice
headline, and a box for the email address)
2. Address the solution
3. Get the email address (this is what our goal is)
21 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
How a squeeze page should look
So to break it down:

Headline – should attract the user’s attention, get them to keep reading
and make them know that it’s relevant for them. (Note: I could’ve made the headline red, to attract
more attention, but I choose to go on with a really simple version right now, you can use red in
the headline) Also make sure that your headline will be relevant to the CPA Offer! The FIRST word I
is FREE, people want free stuff, and they will feel attracted to it, that’s the
nature of humans. So always use “FREE” as your first word.
Background – Something that is relevant to them, when using the making money online niche, a
beautiful car. When using the health niche, a fit girl or guy, you get the idea.
Call to action – “Take advantage of the secret formula” and “YES! LET ME IN” are perfect examples.
You tell them to take action, then you show them exactly how to do it.
22 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Exit redirect

As you know, people will come to your opt-in page first, and then to the
CPA Offer.

And 50% or more will leave the page without putting their email and opt-in. So in order to make
money of them, you will want to put an exit redirect.

It means that when someone clicking the X button to close the page, they’ll be redirected to the
CPA offer itself, so you can still make money out of them if they don’t want to be in your list.

Make sure to do it in order to maximize profits!

You can do it in WordPress, or with basic HTML coding. Like you know, I don’t like going in to the
technical stuff in the eBook because simply you can find it free on Google and even get 1-1 help
from the company itself. I like to keep stuff straight to the point.
I personally use WordPress for that, you can use whatever you want. This is how an exit redirect

23 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Lead magnet

So you got a squeeze page, how do you get people to put their email in the box? How do you get
people to opt-in? You will need to offer a lead magnet.

You need to offer your audience something free that they have interest in, and then you want to
capture their email.

So you must give them something like an E-Book, a report, or anything like that. As long as they’re
getting something valuable in return they will have no problem submitting their email.

You can get some reports at some sites as Fiverr, theplrstore, and even free
PLR sites. Or you can just create them, it’s simple.

Keep in mind that the EBook or report you’re offering them has to be related to the interest of
your opt-in page visitor. So if you’re promoting a how to lose weight in 10 days offer, you can
give them an EBook about few tips to lose weight, or anything like that.

A lot of people are willing to submit their email just because they will get the EBook in return.
You want to offer something that has a high value, and once they are in your list you can start
showing them more offers. It has to be to be a free, irresistible offer.
The content in your lead magnet should be super valuable. You want your visitors to think that is
was an awesome product and
they can’t wait to hear about more stuff from you.

24 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
So decide what you prefer:
1. You can create your lead magnet (It can just be a short few pages eBook that has value) in my
opinion long lead magnets are the worst, you should offer something that is valuable to the visitor
but its content shouldn’t be long

2. Offer a PLR as a leadmagnet and tweak it a bit (you can get
PLR stuff from theplrstore, fiverr, etc. PLR means that you
can use an eBook or a report like you are the author of it)

25 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

So let’s say you send the paid traffic to the squeeze page, try to get that squeeze page to convert
at 50%. That means out of 100 people that visit your squeeze page 50 of them will enter their name
and email to opt-in.

It’s not overnight, it takes tweaking, and testing, and tracking, and then you can get to 50%. You
got to focus and tweak and test and then it will convert for 50%.

When people opt-in to your list, you are going to market to them OVER and over again and continue
to sell them and make more money ongoing via your list.

So they opt-in to your squeeze page with their email, hit enter, and then you hit them with the CPA
offer and make money, from the CPA offer while building your email list at the same
time. You need to test, test, test and test! You want to track and tweak and test until it WORKS.

Most people quit before they even try to tweak with it and test it. Meanwhile people like me and
hopefully you keep going, because if you quit you’re never going to succeed!

So if you never quit, you’re going to get there.
Even if you send paid traffic to the squeeze page at $50, get 50 leads, out of them you make $50+.
You will make money, and build your list for free at the same time!

And if you don’t you just email them until they buy!

So if you want to pay for traffic, you got to have that sales funnel.

If you can’t make that squeeze page convert, or if you’re already using a converting one, you’re
not going to make any money. Most of the people will start from scratch, they will ignore what I
just said and they won’t make any money, they won’t test and
they will just throw money… Don’t be like them.

26 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The key is conversions. Period.

Even my 10 years old cousin can go and setup a campaign with $50 to spend and drive traffic to any
site they want, traffic is easy! You can get traffic within a few minutes. The key is conversions.
Too many people think traffic is the key, it’s NOT!

So make your squeeze page convert, test and tweak, and don’t start
from scratch.

Start making your sales funnel, and test it, and tweak it, track it, until it converts and once it
does then you hit the jackpot. You’re going to make money so you can pay for traffic much as you
want, then it’s just a matter of scaling up.

Most of the people don’t follow these steps, they’re looking for
schemes and loop-holes that’s why most people FAIL.

The real gurus out there, are tweaking and testing, and they’re working and not quitting no matter
what, no matter what personal problems, fears and challenges they had. They kept going until their
sales funnel converted really well and made them tons of MONEY. But to get there, you want to focus
on conversions!

If it can’t convert, the traffic is worthless, and if you don’t have a sales funnel, it’s just a
waste. But if you have a plan, and you are trying to build a real business and a sales funnel, your
funnel will convert.
27 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Conversions, track, test, tweak

So you probably know you need to track and test, but how do you do it? Like I said, track, test,


Aweber/GetResponse: Your autoresponder can track it for you, I personally don’t track with my
autoresponder, but if you don’t want to pay for a tracking tool, it’s a very good option.

Google Analytics: Amazing tracking tool, you can track conversion there and everything. Here’s a
great YouTube guide about how to do it ( if you are
really a technical newbie you can even call them and they will guide you through it.


Test the conversions with: (One at a time)

Different headlines Different headline colors Different call to action buttons Different
Always split test and see what converts better for you, and then it’s time to


Does the squeeze page have a higher conversion rate with red headline? If yes, change the headline
to red, and continue to test until you reach your conversions goal which should be 40-60%
conversion rate. And once you got a winner, all you got to do is send more traffic and enjoy the

28 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Three

Traffic Overview

In this chapter I will talk with you about the different ways to get traffic to your opt-in page.
Traffic = money.

You need to do it once you got an awesome squeeze page that converts like crazy, a sales funnel,
etc. Now you need people to see your opt-in page…

Here are the traffic methods we’re going to use…

PPC (Cost Per click)

PPC is not easy at first, if you stick to it and focus on it you can get this to become easy
traffic and easy money, you got to be patient, Start small and grow over time.

You got to track, test, and tweak, like always. But do not worry, I will show you exactly how to do

29 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

A lot of people are very scared to enter this field. Paid Traffic is one of the best ways to be on
your way to 6 figures online income.

Most people fail when it comes to paid traffic because:

• People just flinging traffic, being lazy, and looking for a quick fix without a system in
place. They just slinging traffic and hoping it converts.
• Afraid of spending money and investing, life is too short, go for your dreams and take a little

Let’s say you drive some traffic to your squeeze page

Most of the people that fail on PPC do so because they barley try, they lost
money, they couldn’t make it work and they gave up.

Most of the people don’t even want to spend money on traffic,
but let me ask you this.

If you spend a $100 a day, on traffic and you make a $1000 a day based on that traffic, would you
keep spending that $100? Would you even scale that up?

So people quit because they spend $20, and in the next day, again, and again, and they start
getting scared and they cancel the campaign, delete it and give up.

The reason why it’s not working, Is because their conversion don’t work,
and they simply aren’t doing it right.

Most of the people that are trying to make money online are quitters, actually sticking to PPC is
extra ordinary.
I can teach you how to sign up to a traffic platform, and show you
how to setup a campaign, ad group etc. That’s not the point,
everyone can do that. If I want you to succeed, I want you to

30 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
understand why everyone else is failing, because traffic is a matter of tracking, tweaking,
testing, and conversions!

What you need to understand, is that it is going to require discipline, and consistent work even if
you fail.

31 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
My best traffic resources
In PPC we want to start small, there are few sites you can use.

• Clicksor

• Bidvertiser

• Adbrite

• Infolinks (.02 per click traffic!)

• Bing

Infolinks requires a one-time $25 fee, completely worth it. It’s a
great place to get really cheap traffic to get the ball rolling.


This is a different site, you can put advertising on their sites, and put keywords that will show
up in articles in really high traffic websites.


I don’t really have much to say about this site, I personally never
used it but heard good reviews.


This is a really good site, they even advertise at big sites like
32 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Just go ahead to Outbrain, and click acquire traffic.
Then click “Get Started”
33 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

The recommend price is .15 cents per click, but you can go down to even 5 cents.

In BuySellAds, you can buy banners and more. You can search the marketplace there and see all kinds
of big sites you can advertise on, including via apps and tweets!

I strongly recommend you to get an account there, it’s really useful.

One of the best! I really recommend it and you can get really cheap clicks.

34 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Keyword research

How many of you hated this word? Keyword research, sounds so complicated.
Don’t freak out! It isn’t a rocket science, it’s actually really easy. So let’s start, here’s the
best place to get keywords:

Make sure to sign up with an Adwords account if you don’t already have one. We only need this for
our keyword research.

Once you do that, click on “Search for New Keyword & Ad Group Ideas”

35 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

You want your keyword to be VERY general, basically EXACTLY what it is. For example, I choose lose
weight. Then click get ideas.
36 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Now click here, so it can sort by only the highest monthly searches:

You want to go through it and select each keyword that has 10,000 searches a month.

You can go and search with your sub niche as well. Let’s take the example we started with, losing
weight for single mothers and search results to that. However, usually writing down the general
idea works.

Don’t worry, about the high CPC (cost per click), a lot of the networks you’ll use aren’t as strict
as Adwords and are going to let you get these clicks at a really cheap price.

For now, add as many keywords as you can that have high search volume, because the more visitors,
the more money you will make.
37 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Setup Traffic Campaign (Example)

I’m going to show you how to create a campaign and get traffic cheap with Bing for this example.
You can use any other traffic source, the process is very much alike.

We’re going to use BingAds, the #2 PPC network in the world. BingAds minimum CPC is $0.05.

Go over to BingAds and sign up, I don’t think I’ll have to walk you through that. If you don’t know
how, there are plenty of tutorials out there that will teach you how to sign up, but I don’t
believe you’ll need it, it’s very easy to sign up to there.

After you signed up, go ahead and create a campaign
After you click that, you will need to choose your campaign settings, keywords, etc.

In campaign settings:

38 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Just choose a campaign name, and add your options. I recommend starting with $5-$10 daily budget
and scale it up as you go and test your system. After you choose options for the first step.

(If you’re a beginner I recommend to go on $5.

Now in “create an ad” we’re going to do something a little bit tricky, let’s go to Google and
search for our niche.

39 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Go to the ads section, you’ll find good example to take from there. Just do your research and put
some of the top keywords, this is just a quick example that I wrote, spend some time on it and find
the right choice.

Add all the keywords that you collected from the last section as well.

40 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
In the boxes below create one 01your ads Remember you can always create more ads later TlpS on
wntlng great ads

Ad type Text ad
• ø
Ad tltle MaKe Money From Home
5 Characters remlunl1g

2 characters re咽 .tng
Ad text • Learn how to maKe $5.000 a month. wtlh Just
Dlsplay URL • yourdomain com

21 ct祖国cters remalll1g

Destmatlon URL • yourdomaln com/Keyword

1002 characters rem&l”Il”1g
These ad preview layouts mlght be dlfferent than what you s田 on Bing or
Yahoo! Leam more
Slde ad

Make Money From Home yourdomam com
Leam how to make 55 000 a month,
with Just one hour a day. for free!

Malnllne ad
Make Money From Home Iyourdomam com
41 I P a g e
B y Y a i r D 0 I e v
save work and make more monev with mv Droven and Done For You Packa e:e
In the type just leave it as that.

42 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
If you make a money making campaign, just include everything related, such as: Make money, money,
job from home, make income, work from home, how to make money from home, earn, cash etc.

Make sure not to choose too many specific keywords, you want to try to include long tail keywords
and general broad keywords also.

You need to find the right keywords, in order to do that simply google the keyword you want your ad
to be in and see if there’s any competition, if there is it means that it’s a good one because
people are probably making money from it.

Now you’re only going to bid $0.05 per click, you will only know how much your keywords cost until
the clicks start to kick, but if your conversion is good you won’t have any problem.
After that you can add targeting options, I recommend you to follow my picture:
43 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
I also recommend to use Demographics and target only the people from the country that your CPA
offer allows, otherwise you might lose money.
Now all you got to do is click save and add payment, and start to work! Remember what I told you
about tweaking, and testing, and
tracking? You got to do it! You can’t just choose keywords and let
your project run, you want to monitor you keywords and pause
the ones that aren’t converting for you.

Start with $0.05 minimum bid, and scale it up. You can setup even
100 of those campaigns, the idea is to setup a lot of them. Once
you find out those that work for you, all you will need to do is scale it up.

Check your campaigns and give it a few days to run, remove the poor performing ads and keywords. If
something makes you money, increase the bid by couple of cents. And remember: TEST, AND TWEAK,
continue to tweak and test your squeeze pages and optimize them for a better conversion!

It is amazing how a few minutes of correct keywords research and the right tracking can insanely
boost you earnings!

I know you maybe want to throw things around and start ASAP, but believe me when I say this, start
slow and scale it up, it will pay off big time.

44 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Tracking, testing, tweaking
If your keyword is highly competitive, you won’t receive much clicks for
$0.05. If you are not receiving clicks, bump up your bid a couple cents each time until you start
getting some clicks.

For example, start at 0.05, and if you’re not getting any clicks, bump your
bid up by 0.01-0.03 cents each time.

So 0.05 to 0.07 to 0.09 until you find the best bid! Once you find it, stick with it.
Don’t spend too much money testing offers, if you’re promoting an email submit offer which pays
$1-$7 give it a $5-$10 budget and let it work for you, if you don’t get a single conversion, ditch
it and create another campaign.

The goal here is to TEST A LOT OF OFFERS, and find the winning ones.

Once you do, don’t even think about the cost per click, just the return on investment, if you’re
making your money back and more, then it’s time to scale the campaign and let the fun begin.
45 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Scaling it up
Time to scale everything up.

Imagine you started with $5. While testing, you finally found a winning campaign that generates you

On day 2, increase it to another $5 to $10, nothing else. On day 3, increase it to $15
On day 4, increase it to $20

On day 5, increase it to $25

You want to burn out your daily budget, that way you’ll get many clicks and
make more money.

It’s a simple concept, the offer converts, you get leads, you make money, you build your list and
you tested everything, now you just need to send as much traffic as you can.

If by the end of day 5 you aren’t burning your daily budget, increase the
CPC by 0.02 cent, like I talked about before.

Now that you got a campaign that will cost you $25 everyday, let’s say you’re getting 250 clicks
from it (if you’re paying 0.10 cent per click)

Time for Yair’s Math Class 😉

So 50% of them will opt-in (assuming you tracked, tested, and tweaked your squeeze page) and some
of them will exit redirect to your CPA offer, that’s about 125 MINIMUM clicks to your CPA offer.
And if your CPA Offer has 0.40 EPC, that’s 200% Return on investment when building your list!
125 x 0.40 = $50.

Now you’re probably saying that $25 a day is small.

46 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

But that was just with 1 campaign. That’s $750 a month with 1 campaign, and THOUSANDS of people to
your list that will continue to fill your CPA Offers. So after 1 month you will have over 3,000
people in your list that will want to fill your CPA Offers and make you money.

Now, 1 campaign is easy.

If you make 5 campaigns, and test each of them, well… Do the math
yourself, but you will definitely be happy to hear those numbers.

The bottom line is that you’ll need to test before scaling up, and make sure
everything is going like planned. The fun begins once you do scale up.

The main goal is to build your list!

The list is the real profit, even if you’re making $1 a day and building your list in the process,
you’re going to make a lot more from that list later on.

47 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
You’ll need to give the EPC a good attention. EPC stands for “Earnings per Click.” EPC is directly
proportional to the amount of money an affiliate can make per lead. Technically speaking, EPC is
calculated as an average based on all affiliate traffic sent to a merchant within a specific period
of time.

So to put it simply, EPC means how much are you earning per click.

Let’s say you’ve made $1500 promoting an offer, and you got 1000 clicks.

$1500, divided by 1000, that’s $1.5, that means you are earnings $1.5 for every click you send to
that offer.

When choosing a CPA offer, make sure to focus on the EPC and not on the payout!

When buying paid traffic, your goal is to pay the minimum and get the maximum. That way, you will
get a higher EPC.

You also want to test, for example if you see an offer with EPC at $1 (here’s
an example of where the EPC can be found)
48 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Paid traffic is really easy, I just shared one of the best resources to get a lot of cheap traffic.
This will help getting the ball rolling.

If you want to use JV affiliates, you can initially use cheap traffic. After that you can build a
subscribers list and start with JV. You can then make yourself some solo ads and build a list.

A list is everything, once you got a big good list you’re deep in
the game, you can say a famous IM “Hey, I got a list and that and that I will promote for you if
you’ll promote for me” and you can double your list and keep doing it. You can potentially get to a
situation where you can click one button, push one email and make thousands of dollars.
But it all starts with the first thing, you got to get the traffic rolling, you got to have
conversion, get people to opt-in and now you have a list. You can start with really cheap traffic,
2 cents, 5 cents, build yourself a list, make sure your squeeze page is converting really good, get
the ball rolling, and get your list going and you’re in the game!

It can become realistic, and paid traffic is easy to get started, but most people quit, they quit
too soon.

 Conversions
Is not easy.
 Paid Traffic is easy!

There’s not any secret resource, traffic isn’t really the big deal. Paid traffic is easy if you can
convert, and must people suck at conversions.

Most people want to make money while continue sucking at conversions, it’s harder to work on
conversions than it is to convert. What you need, is conversions.
49 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The difference between successful people and failing ones is not talent, IQ, experience, or
anything like that. The difference Is, that the successful people didn’t QUIT, they just kept going
and going, they’re not quick quitters.

The people that succeed online had the same challenges, obstacles, and learning curves you had, the
difference is that they don’t quit, they stick to it even if they need to work harder, even
if they have personal problems, they stick to it. That’s why they’re
making money.
If you want to be successful with traffic, you need to be successful with conversions.

When you get good at conversions, traffic is easy as hell!
50 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Four

Your email list

Why is building your lists so important?
This course is focused on building your lists for various reasons:
Selling affiliate products
You can actually go to Clickbank, or Warriorforum, or any place you want, find a product you want
to promote, send an email to your list and in few hours your PayPal will blast with payment
notifications. How cool is that?
There are people that are making really good money from affiliate
marketing, and it’s a really good way to make some quick money.
CPA Offers.
You can simply send CPA offers to your list and make some good money from it.

You can sell clicks (if it’s a freebee seekers list) and make good
money as a solo ad vendor.

Having a list is such a powerful tool, once you will start growing your list, you will be in a
situation when you send your list a CPA offer or an affiliate offer and you will be able to make
3-4 figures overnight…
You can be at a situation when you’re clicking a button and
making thousands of dollars from your list…

51 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
The type of lists.
There are two types of lists, most of the people just use one of the two lists but understanding
that there are actually two types will save you a lot of time and effort. You saw that I talked
about buyers list and freebee seekers list, let me explain what each one is.
Type 1: Freebie Seekers

Freebie Seekers are the people that sign up to your list in exchange for an E-Book, a report, a
video, or anything like that. There are a few important things you want to remember with those
Since they didn’t spend any money to get into the list, you don’t know who of them are actually
willing to spend money for affiliate products or for you own.
Since they have no problem to opt-in into pages to get free stuff they’re really great to send solo
ads to, as well promoting CPA offers. Many of them just spend their day reading emails and
opt-in to the offers that sound good. That’s why solo ads and
email submit CPA offers work so good with them.
Type 2: Buyers

Buyers are people that bought something and got in to your list. It means that they’re in your list
because they bought something from you or opt-in in your “freebie-seekers” list and then purchased
something from you.
If they purchased a product from you before and they’re satisfied, they will do it again. That’s
why the buyer list are the “gold mine”.

52 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

You can create multiple list in one autoresponder account or have
2 autoresponder accounts, so this allows you to separate your list into two parts. One for Freebee
Seekers, and one for buyers.
This will save you time and effort, and even make you more money because you will know who to send
the right email.
Let’s say you want to promote a CPA Email submit offer, there is no point in sending it to the
buyer lists, right? They’re too valuable for this and you don’t want to lose them.
In another situation, you released a free product and got some opt-ins, after that you sent a paid
product to that list and had some buyers, those buyers should go to the buyer list, because if you
want to promote that product from time to time you don’t need to resell it to the ones that already
bought it. So once someone buys it and he is in the buyer list you want to sell other
stuff to them.

53 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Email your list
Once you got some subscribers, you’ll need to email them on a daily basis.

Also remember to setup a welcome email in your auto responder with a link to what you promised.
You’re establishing a relationship by having the visitor take that first action on something you
have offered. Psychologically, this will instill positive feelings regarding future email offers
you send to people on this list. (An email from you means something GOOD and not SPAM.)

Once you’ve added new members to your email list you need to start emailing them on a daily basis.

Usually people are setting up one week pre-written emails to go out each day as the person opts in
the list.

So everyone will get emails as a person opts in to the list. This is how it goes!
Email number one: Welcome email Email number two: Value email Email number three: Sell Offer Email
number four: Sell Offer
Email number five: Sell Offer

Email number six: Give something for free.

Note: this isn’t math, mix up your emails, sometimes send free content and sell stuff that fits to
your list when you can or send CPA offers daily.

The first email you send should be a welcome email.

So after they opts in and subscribing to your list, you want to send them something like that.
54 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
So Day number 1:

“Welcome, I’m so glad you were able to get this book and I was able
to help you achieve your goals at XXX, you will get this in a second. Here is your access to XXX
P.S: I like to keep in touch with the people on my list, so I will keep in
touch with you at a daily basis with new tips and EBooks at XXX” XXX = your niche/offer/whatever…
The next day, they get email number 2, and you want to make a habit of them to open your email, so
you want to give them a
quick tip about your niche, just something valuable so they’ll open
your next email and buy/opt-In what you sell.

Now, you have created a lot of trust, and you will get a lot more open rate and conversions.

So now you can keep selling them stuff, and from time from time give them a valuable tip, don’t
just sell to them and advertise to them.

Also, sell only affiliate offers or CPA offers that fits to your list, doing that and that also
adds value to your list.

The key here, is emails, you got to make those emails really good, get those people to know, like,
and trust you, that’s the key!

Brand yourself to those people, be visible to them, do live calls, training, anything, get them
stuff, engage with them and they will buy from you.

Don’t send them TOO much free stuff also, but once in a while
send good free quality eBooks, or anything like that.

Once you got much subscribers on your list it will basically be a money making, full income
provider list. With one button, it can
generate you many sales.

55 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
So you can start promoting your CPA offers there, your products, or other someone else’s products.


1. DO NOT email your list more than 2 times a day.
2. Send them a free quality eBook about your list’s niche.
3. Keep engaging with your list page on a regular basis.
4. Keep sending traffic and keep growing your lists. Traffic = money, and when your list is bigger
your pocket is also bigger.

Promotion template

You’re probably wondering how to write an email promotion… well it’s
pretty simple, use this template.
Subject: (Your subject goal is to attract the visitor’s attention. Get them to keep reading, and
make it relevant to them! Nothing else.)

First part: Tell them what the offer is, and how great it is.

Call to action: Tell them to take action (e.g. “click here to get this now”) this is important! If
you don’t tell them what to do, they won’t do it.

Second part: Tell them the benefits of the product (how will it help them? Not the features, the

Call to action (different call to action.

Sign off.
56 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Double your list
Once you have about 500 subscribers to your list what you want to do is Ad-Swaps. Swapping daily is
the fastest way to grow your list.

You may be wondering what Ad-Swaps is, let me explain.

– An “Ad Swap” is the same idea. However, two people exchange each other’s lists in order to
advertise. If one has a much larger list than the other, the one with the smaller list may need to
mail twice, to send a fair amount of
traffic. They will send an email with a recommendation
and link to your free opt-in offer squeeze page, and you will exchange clicks.
By far Safe-Swaps is the BEST site for this, and this is the site we’re
going to use.

Believe it or not, most of the TOP marketers and best sellers are in SafeSwap, that’s why most of
them are not talking about this because it is so powerful.

You can also find people from the Facebook groups:
And more, search for “swaps” or “click banking” for more groups.

It’s the best place for doing Ad-swaps, or buying solo ads. So you can expect your list to build in
a super high velocity.

Before starting, you need to be sure of the following:

57 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Make sure that…

1. Your opt-in page is up in your hosting and domain and working correctly, just opt-in to your
own list and check if you’re being redirected to the Facebook fan page.
2. Your auto responder is working well and everything is okay.
3. You got the freebie you are exchanging with the visitor for his/her name and email address. Can
be your own product/E-book or a PLR you have giveaway rights too.
4. At least 300-500 subscribers in your email list.
Alright so let’s get you some subscribers, first go over to Safe- Swaps and sign up.

After signing up you will need to create your email swap. For example:

Subject: $350/day With 3 simple steps? Copy This FREE report To
Make 5 Figures a Month
Body: Have you ever wanted to make money online as an internet marketer but failed miserably?
Well now is your chance to uncover the truth about making real money on the internet…
==> Click Here To Get Instant Access
This free $5K/Month report reveals the “techniques” super affiliates use to bring in between $5,000
– $20,000 profit each and every month.
58 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
I’ve not seen anyone talk about this before (and I’ve seen a lot of suffering as a direct
==> Click Here To Get Access Now
To your success…


Anything like that would work, of course don’t use these exact work just spend few minutes and
create your own one.

After you’ve build your email swipe and you are happy with that, go over
to settings.
Than to my swipes.
59 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

To do so, just mark the part where you want the hyper link to be, click the icon and add your
opt-in URL.

You will see tons of potential swap partners that have the same goals you have, make sure they have
one + positive rating for previous steps they’ve done, you don’t want people to not actually send
clicks back at you.

Just go to their profile, by clicking their name or avatar, then click on
BOOK AD SWAP and choose an available date.

After you did that you’ll be able to send him a message, just ask him if he’s interested on
swapping and if he got any questions he can let you know.
After your partner has accepted your swap request, go to
“Partner’s swipe” and copy the tracking link.

Copy and paste it under your Aweber (if you’re using Aweber) under your

Make sure the tracking link looks like:
60 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
After you have your partner swipe waiting in your broadcasts click on the “I AM ALL SET” button so
your partner knows their swipe is ready to go in your autoresponder.

Make sure you don’t send his swipe to the list before the swap date, because safe swaps doesn’t
start tracking clicks until the swap date starts.

Also, don’t click on your swap partner’s tracking link after the swap date starts.

61 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Turn them to you
• If you’re renting a list, you got one email. Don’t just drive traffic to your squeeze page,
turn those prospects on YOU as well. They don’t know you, they don’t like you, they don’t TRUST
you, and so they are not likely to buy from you.
• You want to get the new leads to know you, like you, and TRUST you! You want to turn them
towards you. If you can accomplish that, they’re going to buy a ton more from you!

But, but Yair… How can I turn them towards me?

• GIVE! Help people, give, give away your best stuff, solve problems, teach and solve needs, give
advice, unconditionally try to help people.
For example, do you have a way for people to lose weight? SHARE IT! Don’t hold it, don’t even sell
it, just share it and people will want to pay you money to coach them or get more information.
• Get them to know you – Talk about you, where you live, who you are, what you like, what you do,
your story, stories, etc.

62 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
Module Five

Outsource and scaling it up

So you’re making some money, and you understand everything about this method from A-Z. What now?
Rinse and repeat? Sure, that would be nice, to do it again and make the same amount of money.

But what if I told you, that you can double it, and work LESS?

What you want to do, is outsource. Don’t panic!

You can hire FULL TIME 40 hours per week workers for $300-$400 a month. Imagine how much money you
can make with 1 worker? Or with 5, or with
10? That will go and all day, manage your campaigns, build your squeeze pages, drive you traffic,
and do all the work for you.

The workers here are from the Philippines, a country that is full of absolutely wonderful, kind,
and intelligent people.

Nearly everyone speaks English (some of them extremely well). Not only that, but most people from
the Philippines are very loyal and dedicated to having a paying job. Now, you can get workers on
per-job basis, but I like to have people on my team full time.

If you’re looking for 1-time work I recommend you check out the following sites:
63 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package
“How can I trust them?”

No matter what, give them a trial test, teach them what to do, if they do it right you can hire
them full time. Once you have success with one guy, you just start scaling it up and make more
money… Don’t go overboard and hire few people at the same time without even knowing them, take it
easy step, by step.

Philippines are trusted (most of them) and they’re just looking to make
$300-$400 a month. You see, where they live, it’s a lot and enough to provide for their families.
They don’t want to open and start managing a business.

I know a guy that asked his worker if he wants to learn how to make money and that he will teach
him to do what he does, free, but the worker wanted just to keep working for him for the $300 a
month that he got, and he was super happy! They are just not entrepreneurs. They just want to get
their stable income and think it’s too risky to try it on their own

Think about the potential and what you can do with this, scaling up easily, making it your own
auto-pilot business that makes money when you sleep, and when you sit back and relax.

They literally do almost everything you need them to do, and if they can’t,
they will after you will teach them a bit.

64 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

That’s the end of this, I hope you will take action and start banking big time
and building a huge list!
CPA and List building are the most exciting ways to make money online, so take advantage of what
you learned!
Make sure to download all the templates and tools. If you’re ready to take
your business to the next level, and save a lot of time and a lot of money, use the done for your
you package!
Just a quick recap…
1. Choose an offer, make sure it pays over $1 per lead and has high conversions rate
2. Once you did, you create a squeeze page, link it up
3. Drive traffic
4. Customize, test, track, tweak.
5. $$$$$$$$$$$
6. Scale it up, double your list and more!
It’s really easy as it sounds, and the sky is the limit….
If you need support feel free to reach out to me at any time:
-Yair Dolev.

65 | P a g e
B y Y a i r D o l e v
Save work and make more money with my proven and Done For You Package

CPA Income Boss

—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–

CPA Income Boss
Hey Guys, Jason Finley here on behalf of my partner Sam, I would like to thank
you for INVESTING in CPA Income Boss. Before we get started, Let’s make one
thing very very clear. We like to keep things simple and straight to the point.
No fluff, no BS. Just pure content.
Making money online can be very easy once you have a system in place, and
for me I believe paid traffic is the fastest and easiest way to money online
period. I like to set up paid traffic systems that give me consistent ROI,
meaning for every $1 I spend on advertising, I receive $2 or more back each
With this system we will be advertising Simple CPA Offers on AdPad, very few
have heard about this traffic source and no one else is teaching it. AdPad is
keyword based advertising just like Google and Bing.
AdPad traffic is very affordable and best of all you can get started advertising
on AdPad for as low as $1, yes you heard right only $1 single dollar bill. I would
recommend spending at least $5 or more to test out different keywords to
find the most profitable ones.
AdPad accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal as account funding
options. AdPad has a very user friendly and easy account dashboard, and you
are also assigned your own personal dedicated account manager, who will
assist you with any questions you may have.
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
Now in this section we will go over what is required of you in order to profit
with this super simple system I have set in place for us.
You must sign up for an AdPad advertising account since we will be advertising
CPA Offers on AdPad.
Since this is paid traffic you will need to a have an advertising budget to start
with, but as mentioned before AdPad accepts PayPal payments as low as $1. I
do recommend starting out with at least $5+ to do some testing with different
CPA Offers. (Recommended amount is $30)
If you have to start small that’s fine. The key is to continue to test different
offers until you find winning campaigns, a winning campaign is any
campaign that is giving you positive ROI.
As long as you’re getting back more than your putting in that is a winning
campaign and when we find them we want to ramp up our efforts on them to
achieve higher and higher ROI.
Once you have those 3 simple steps in place you are ready to profit with this
great money sucking system.
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
1. You need an AdPad Account. Don’t have one? CREATE ONE.
2. Set a Marketing Budget in mind. Whether it’s $5 or $30 (recommended),
keep it in mind. You can easily TEST around 6 – 8 campaigns with $30 and once
you find a winning one that is generating good ROI, we will scale it up.
Here is the EXACT system, broken into simple steps.
Step 1. Getting Into A CPA Network
Step 2. Picking An Offer
Step 3. Researching It
Step 4. Setting Up The Ad Campaign
Step 5. Tracking
Step 6. Scaling
Step 7. Guide To $300 A Day
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
If you do not currently belong to a CPA Network, here are some top networks I
The main thing they are looking for is to make sure you are an honest
marketer that advertises with quality traffic sources, and that you’re not
someone who goes around spamming people.
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
Here are the top performing categories I personally use.
If you want more offers… check out
Simply go through the listed offers and join the related network to promote it.
—————————————————–Page 7—————————————————–
Don’t freak out. This isn’t rocket science research.
You see, AdPad is a KEYWORD BASED ad network kinda like Google Adwords.
So before we get started building our campaign, we need targeted high
volume keywords.
Best Place to get keywords:
Make sure to sign up with an AdWords account if you don’t already have
One. We only need this for our keyword research.
—————————————————–Page 8—————————————————–
Make sure you sign in. Once you do that, click on “Search For New Keyword &
Ad Group Ideas”
—————————————————–Page 9—————————————————–
You want your seed keyword to be exactly what your offer is, so using our
example offer we would enter in itunes. Leave the settings as they are and
click Get Ideas.
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
Now, Click on “Avg. Monthly Searches” to sort by Highest Searches.
You want to go through the keyword list and select every keyword that fits
your ad and has a search volume of 10,000+, if you’re using a smaller niche,
you may add keywords that have 1,000+.
Now note them down in a text file/notepad.
AdPad is not strict like AdWords so you don’t have to worry about quality
scores or sky high CPC. We want to add keywords that have a high search
volume cause the more visitors equals more $$$ for you.
Time to create your first campaign. Sign into your AdPad account and hover
your mouse over Campaign MGMT, then click on Create a new campaign.
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
Now you will be taken to the Campaign Wizard.
Setup Your Campaign
Pay Type : CLICK
Name your campaign something you can keep track of.
Select Automatic as your start up.
Set Daily budget to what you are comfortable with. I personally recommend
$5.00+. Start max CPC at 0.05 to analyse your data. Not a penny more, not a
penny less.
You want to only target to allowed countries by the offer you choose and to do
this click “Advanced” in the Geography section.
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
Then click on Country Targeting, type in the first few letters of the country you
want to add. It will auto populate and then click on the country you want.
Keep doing this until all countries (that your offer accepts) have been added.
Part 2 : Define Your Ad Group
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
Name your Ad Group something you can keep track of.
If you are using an adult offer please select yes for adult content.
Part 3 : Build Your First Ad
Model your ad after the offer you choose to promote.
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
Title:Click Here To Receive A $100 iTunes Gift Card
Description:Enter Your Email To Receive Your $100 iTunes Gift Card Today!
Main thing you want with your ad is something that will catch their attention
you do this with the Title.
For the Description you want to include a call to action like I did in the example
Visible URL : should be clean, so according to our example offer, use
something like this:
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
Click URL : This should be your Affiliate link for the CPA Offer you chose to
If you want to track your campaigns in detail, here is a great video by Luke
from PeerFly explaining how to use prosper202.
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
Part 4 : Keywords
Simply copy and paste the keywords you gathered in STEP 2 and paste it into
the Keywords field. One per line.
And THAT’s IT. Time to fire up your first campaign.
Take a deep breath (optional  ) and Hit the CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN button.
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
If your keyword is super high competitive, you won’t receive much clicks for
$0.05. If you are not receiving clicks, bump up your bid a couple cents each
time until you start getting some clicks.
Example => start at 0.05 if not getting many clicks bump up your bid by 0.02
each time
0.05 => 0.07 => 0.09 and so on until you find the “sweet spot”.
Once you find a good CPC, stick with it.
Please not that you will have to do this for each and every campaign you
promote because you will be targeting different keywords with different
competition. Hope that makes sense?
Do not spend too much $$$ on testing offers. You should know when it quit.
If the offer you’re promoting pays $2.00 a lead, give it a $5 budget and let it
If you don’t get a single conversion at the end of the campaign, ditch it and
start a new campaign with a new offer.
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
This way, you can test a lot of offers and find a winning one that generates
Once you find a winning offer/campaign, do not look at CPC, do not look at
anything… just look at the ROI. If it’s positive, the campaign IS A GO . Let it
run. We will talk about taking it to the next level in the next step.
Once you find a winning campaign, scaling is absolutely easy.
Let’s say you started with $5. After a bit of testing, finally found a winning
campaign that generates POSITIVE ROI. Congrats.
On Day 2, increase the budget to $10. Don’t touch ANYTHING ELSE.
On Day 3, increase your budget to $15
On Day 4, increase your budget to $20
On Day 5, increase your budget to $25.
Now, if you aren’t burning your daily budget at the end of day 5, it’s time to
increase your C-P-C. Like I mentioned before,
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
Raise it by 0.02.
The thing, you want to burn through your daily budget… well daily. This way,
you can increase your CLICKS & PROFIT.
The logic is simple. The offer converts. Now all we need to do is send as much
traffic as possible while still maintaining a good ROI .
Pulling in around $300 a day is pretty easy.
All you need is around 6 campaigns each on a $25 a day budget generating an
easy 200% ROI.
Even if you couldn’t find 6 campaigns in a week, I am pretty sure you can find
atleast one? And that right there is an easy $1,500 a month.
That’s pretty crazy considering the fact that YOU ARE NOT selling ANYTHING.
Rinse and Repeat from STEP 2.
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
Find Offers, Research, Set Up Campaigns, Track, Scale .
That’s it.
A really cool trick is to check your CPA NETWORK account dashboard and you
will see something like this.
This is the list of all the top performing offers in the CPA network, scroll
through this and copy all the simple CPA submit offers you find. I would keep
all the offers that are about 3 fields or less.
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
We want to use these campaigns because it is telling us these offers are
working for others promoting them so with our quality traffic source we
should have no problem getting those offers to convert for us.
Focus on offers that are currently TRENDING. They tend to convert
For example, Currently the NFL season is underway and American
football is a very popular sport this time of the year, what makes the
sports niche so great is that people are very passionate about their
sports and put a lot of emotion into it.
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
What is great about that is emotion drives action so when someone
is emotionally into something they are more likely to take action
which is great for you because that means high conversions, here is a
great offer to use.
CPA Network: A2Ads
Payout: $1.40
Sign Up URL:
You can find similar NFL offers on tons of networks just search on and
You can also search for similar offers in the sports niche I
recommend using MLB,NBA,Soccer offers because they are very
popular sports and the offers convert very nicely.
To take your profits to the next level, I highly recommend building a list.
No doubt about it you can make a nice income direct linking to CPA offers just
fine, but if you really want to ramp up your income building a 3list is the best
thing you can do. By building a list you have an asset that will continue to make
you money, the bigger you grow your list the more your profits will continue to
fly through the roof. To build a list you will need an auto responder and the
one I personally use and recommend is GetResponse.
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
Free 30 Day Trial + $30 Account Credit when using this special link.
What is really cool about GetResponse is you can build capture pages right
inside without having to host it on your own. Another way to build your list
using CPA offers very easily is to just create a simple webform.
Using our example iTunes offer you can just create an ugly quick webform as
shown below, we want it short and straight to the point. We don’t really care
how pretty it is as long as it serves it’s purpose for us and that is getting their
What is nice about using webforms is that they look great on mobile devices.
Now regardless what they do after this point, you now have their email which
you can continue to market relevant offers to meaning if you create a list in
which the audience is interested in freebies. You will want to send them other
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
freebie offers in the future. The best thing about this is you can grow lists in
any niche you so choose just make sure to only send relevant offers to that list.
This is a very simple system I have laid out in front of you, go out there and
make yourself some profit.
This is a very nice hidden traffic source that no one is talking about, this traffic
source is totally untapped with a ton of potential for you to have $100+ days in
no time.
Once you get the hang of it try testing out different offers such as high paying
trial offers like diet and skin care offers as well as insurance offers, these offers
can be very lucrative paying on average $10-$20+ per conversion.
If you have any questions I am always glad to help out with anything you may
There is no such thing as a dumb question so don’t be afraid to ask me.
—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–
To Your Greatest Success,
Sam Mann & Jason Finley
—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–

CPA Commission Takeover

CPA Commission Takeover

By Kevin Brown
Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.
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Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Brown and I want to start off by saying a big THANK YOU for putting your trust in me and into this CPA blueprint. Get ready for a wild ride with this income producing cash cow!
Making a full time income online, especially a PASSIVE one is an amazing feeling and my goal with this guide is to get you on that path to freedom as fast as possible.
One of my favorite and easiest ways to build up a fat income online is by jumping into the CPA game. I love promoting CPA because:
 There are generally offers to promote in every market
 There is ALWAYS a network that you can get into (and eventually all of them will accept you once you get some experience under your belt)
 There is very low resistance in order to get the conversion with CPA (email submits, zip submits, free trials etc)
 You get paid every 7 – 14 days with most networks
Once you find a few converting offers you can easily be making upwards of $200+ a day just by scaling up the traffic. It’s so dang easy once you do it a couple times that it almost seems unfair to everyone out there slaving away at their 9-5 J.O.B!
What You Will Be Able To Accomplish After Reading This Blueprint
Once you have learned the methods I am about to expose you to you will be able to easily:
Get accepted into a CPA network
Filter out bad offers and locate top converting offer to promote
Get an avalanche of laser target traffic to your CPA offer
Supercharge your earnings on autopilot with free traffic from Google
In other words, once you are finished with this guide you will know exactly how to go out and set up little cash cows that bring you in money night and day over and over again. All you need to do is SCALE UP to your desired income. This system, when
implemented with intention will blow the roof off what you thought was possible to make in earnings each month.
What To Do Now
Before you begin, I want to you take a few minutes and take care of anything that might distract you over the next 30 mins. I want to have your full concentration for the next 30 minutes so you can learn this system. Get out a notepad on your PC and take notes, seriously! You WILL forget things that you read in here if you don’t take notes and you won’t even realize your forgot it until you come back 2 months from now and re-read this guide. Don’t let yourself do that, take this seriously as if you are in college taking notes for an exam. Alright, ready? Good let’s go.
What Is CPA?
Before you get into the main system I want to touch base on a primer of what CPA is all about and how to get into a CPA network. This way you will have all the information you need.
If you are already familiar with CPA you can skip this section but if you’re new let me explain what CPA is and how it works.
CPA is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money on the internet. What it consists of is you sending traffic, usually from paid sources such as advertising networks or from free sources such as an email list or SEO, and directing that traffic to a form that the visitor fills out. These forms can be simple forms such as entering an email for a free gift card, all the way up to complex forms such as an auto loan. The more complex the form is, or in other words the more pages the visitor has to go through and the more actions they have to complete, the higher the payout is for you.
Higher payouts don’t always mean more money for you though so understand that. In fact, the easier forms that don’t ask the visitor for money, a phone number, or their home address and personal info, convert much easier. That is why so many people like to promote email and zip submit offers because it’s easy to get a person to give you their email address or their zip code, but it can be a challenge to get them to pull out their wallet.
There are ways to make getting higher conversions easier and one of my favorite types of offers to promote are free trial offers. These can be for health supplements, work from home kits, and anything else that the company is willing to offer a free trial for.
The most common ones are in health supplements such as weight loss pills. The person can pay shipping and handling and receive a free trial of the product and when they fill out the form you make anywhere from $20 – $45.
In the system I will be sharing with you here, you will be using all of the above to maximize your earnings.
Getting Into A CPA Network
Many people have this fear about CPA networks because they think they are difficult to get accepted into. Most of them are NOT, some of them can be very picky but who cares, there are plenty out there for you not to worry about the ones that won’t accept you. I recommend you start with:
Those are 2 great places to “get your feet wet” and they have plenty of offers for you to test. Later in this guide I will show you a site that you can use to find many more CPA networks to sign up to.
How Do You Get Accepted?
Don’t stress! All these networks are trying to do is keep out spammers and let in serious marketers who are going to help sell the offers they have in their database. The interview process is simply to make sure you are serious about promoting the offers and you are not a spammer looking to make a quick buck by cheating the system.
They want to know if you have any type of experience online and they like to hear they you DO. If you have read anything on the internet about marketing, setting up WordPress sites, traffic generation, etc. Then you have PLENTY of knowledge to get accepted. Just tell them you have been marketing online for ‘x’ amount of time and you are now looking to expand your business (yes call it a business, that is what you are building here right!) by offering CPA offers on your website.
Tell them you will be creating specific landing pages for each offer you promote in order to maximize the conversions.
Also, let them know you plan on using high quality paid traffic and SEO to drive traffic. Lastly, mention that once you go into a niche you will be split testing different offers to find the best converting offers and would appreciate it if they would let you know which offers are converting the best because it will help you weed out the less performing offers faster.
They like to hear that you are interested in the best offers because they make their money when you make money so by having a team of good affiliates they get paid more. By you saying all the things I just mentioned, you will have no problem getting into networks.
Once you get inside you first CPA network the fun begins. Go ahead and sign up to the 2 above and let’s get into how this CPA system works.
The System
System Part A – Paid traffic for quick profits
To start out you want to find the offers that convert and you want to do that in the shortest amount of time possible so you can focus your attention on scaling up for bigger and bigger money. How do you that? I am sure you have already figured it out from the title but you do that with paid traffic, now there are plenty of places that you can get the paid traffic from but the network that I like the most for quick, cheap, and effective traffic is called:
I like AdPad because you can get super cheap and targeted traffic which is perfect for CPA offers because if you are targeting say an offer that pays out $1.50 per lead you don’t want to be spending .25 per click just to send traffic to the offer. With AdPad you can get traffic similar to the same prices you get with PPV traffic at rates between .01 – .10 per click.
Alright so go and sign up for AdPad here
Once you’re signed up it’s time to pick a CPA offer to promote and find out if it converts. In other words what you are using AdPad for is
1) To test and filter out CPA offers as fast as possible to find the ones that convert well for you for part B of this system
2) Bring you in money quickly
So head inside your CPA networks and pick 5 offers to test. These offers can be dating offers, gaming offers, health free trial products, insurance offers, home business type offers, and weight loss offers. Those are the niches that seem to do the best for me and that is what I recommend you start with.
Offer Criteria
Now I hesitate to give you strict guidelines to go by because honestly you just don’t know if an offer is going to convert well or not until you try it and if you go in with the mindset of “I am going to test as many different offers as possible” you will find little gems that nobody else is finding because they are skipping over them.
That being said, here IS a criteria I want you to keep in mind when choosing your offers:
Stick with zip code submits, email submits, and free trial offers. Don’t waste your time with full blown questionnaire form type CPA offers. Those pay out more but are much harder to convert and you want to follow the path of least resistance with CPA, especially when you are paying for the traffic!
So again zip code submits, email submits, and free trial offers.
Once you have an offer to test it’s time to set up your first campaign and find out if it is a winner or not so you can either move onto the next offer or move on to part B.
Setting Up Your First Campaign
Setting up a campaign is pretty darn simple…
1) Inside your dashboard click on “Campaign Mgmt” and select “Create New Campaign”
2) Name your campaign something you will be able to keep track of. For instance if I was going to be promoting this Samsung galaxy zip submit offer from Peerfly that you see below, I would name my campaign “samgalaxys4-esub-032415”.
esub stands for email submit and 032415 is the date I started the campaign. This is just my personal way I like to do things so I can keep track of what each campaign is at a glance.
Leave “StartUp” alone and for the end date make it 7 days from the day the campaign starts, this way you are giving enough time to get results but also making sure the campaign will eventually stop if you forget about it. (since you are not sure its profitable you want to make sure you do not blow through all your money with a run-a-way campaign.)
For daily budget I suggest you make it 3 times the payout of your offer, so my offer pays out $1.40 and 1.40×3 = 4.20 so I like to round up to $5.
For the CPC I recommend starting at .03 and if you are not receiving much traffic raise it by .01 each day until you start getting enough traffic.
Now, one rule of thumb I like to go by is keeping the CPC BELOW the EPC of the CPA offer. So in my offer the EPC is .09. EPC = Earnings Per Click…so what they are telling me is for every 100 people that click the offer is converting roughly 6 of them. Which equals out to around .09 per click. So if that doesn’t makes sense here is another way to look at it.
You send 100 people to the email submit offer and 6 of them fill out the offer. You make 1.40 x 6 = $8.40
So it took 100 clicks to make $8.40 so 8.40/100 = .084
It cost you roughly .09 per every visitor you sent to the form
If that still doesn’t make sense you don’t need to worry about it, just know that you want to keep your CPC lower than the EPC. 
I like to keep it .02 lower and at worst, if I HAVE to no higher than equal to it.
So for this campaign my goal would be to start at .03 and raise it by .01 until it got to .07 CPC. If I was either not receiving any traffic or not making enough conversions to be in profit, I would scrape the offer and test a new one.
Don’t get caught up on if the offer converted or not, seriously. You will find A LOT MORE offers that DON’T convert than you will find offers that do. Just understand that and find as many bad offers as fast as possible because each bad one is one step closer to a killer converting one! Think of it like digging for gold.
Moving on….
Fir the Ad group, just name your adgroup something to help you remember the campaign and if you are promoting an adult site, make sure to select adult content.
Creating Your Ad
Creating your ad is pretty simple, you just need to look at what the landing page is for your offer and write something similar. You see, these companies that have these offers have already been testing the best text and what to say to get the form to convert so you just need to copy them.
*The reason an offer might not convert is the traffic source, some traffic converts better to certain offers than others
Here is my ad text:
The visible URL can be anything as long as it is not a real registered domain (unless you use one of your own real domains) just make it relevant to the offer as you can see I did
above. Before I chose that I went to Google and checked to make sure it was not already registered:
To get your keywords you are going to head over to the Google Keyword Planner and type in your offers main product and or theme, so in my example I would type in Galaxy S4 or Android phones.
Click on “Keyword Filters” and put in the first box 1000 so you only get back keywords with at least 1000 searches a month.
From there click “Get Ideas” and grab all the keywords that are relevant to your niche. If the person is interested in an Android I would grab the keyword.
After click on “Create New Campaign” and you’re done!
While Your Campaign Is Live
Once your campaign is live, if it is not receiving any traffic raise the bid by .01 per day until it does. Once you spend your daily budget, so if it takes 3 days or 1 day to spend $5, it doesn’t matter just once you have spent your daily budget the first time, check your campaign stats and see if you made $$$. Did you?
If yes, were you in profit? If not, then try lowering your CPC by .01 a day until you either get into profit or stop getting traffic. If you stop getting traffic ditch the campaign and start over.
Once you find a profitable campaign, keep it running and if you are able to be way under your EPC try increasing your CPC so you can get as much traffic as possible while still making a good profit.
So raise the CPC .01 per day again until you notice you were making more money at a lower CPC and lower your CPC back down to that mark and leave the campaign alone and either repeat the process or move onto part B of this system!
System Part B – Killer keyword research + Easy SEO + proven converting CPA offer = easy first page rankings and passive CPA profits
Alrighty, welcome to part 2 of this system! Now that you have found a profitable campaign it’s time to start bringing in the free traffic along with the paid traffic so you can really start getting the $$$ rolling in!
To do this you are going to focus on building a tiny 5 – 6 page site and going after long tail keywords that most SEO’s are ignoring but that are getting searched for enough to make you a great profit. Now there is a sneaky trick here so don’t assume this is standard long tail keyword SEO.
You are going to be putting together a site that gets you 1000’s of visitors a month from long tail keywords and you are going to shuttle those visitors to your CPA offer that you already know is converting! CHA-CHING!
Now to switch it up a little bit in order to show you guys different types of offers to promote and since I am bored of talking about Samsung phones, in this example I am going to use a free trial offer to build the site around.
The concept is the exact same as I would do for the Samsung offer that I just showed you however I just want to talk about a different niche now to mix it up 
Part B
For this example I am going to choose “Lavo Smoke” – an e-cigarette. Now again, let’s assume that I started at AdPad and ran my campaign test and this offer was converting for me so here I am with it in Part B. Here is the payout for the free trial offer:
You can see that it pays out $35.00 every time someone signs up for the free trial.
Now what you want to do is take a look at the landing page for you offer that you are going to be building this site for.
Now rather than heading over to the Google Keyword Tool and typing in the first word about e-cigarettes that comes to your head like I did when working with AdPad, what you want to do is look over the page and look for keywords you can use. In other words, you get your keyword ideas from the landing page itself first. This helps you separate yourself from your competition who are most likely NOT doing this.
From looking at this page I see the keywords:
 Electronic Cigarette
 vaporizer pen
 vaporizer kit
 Vape pens
 Smoke Juice
 pure liquid nicotine
Write down the keywords you see and then let’s head over to the Google Keyword Tool and paste those keywords into the search box. As you can see these search terms return quite a few searches but you don’t just want to grab those search terms and call it a day. What you want to do is use those search terms as your root keyword and find other keywords that consist of the root phrases.
To do this, you choose one of the search terms, such as “smokeless cigarettes” (as you can see from the image above) and you take that over to and put it in the search box. When you do that Google will give you a list of suggestions that people are typing into Google.
These suggestions are what you are looking for.
We will make a list using them and that will be your keyword category for your webpage. By doing this the SEO competition will be very low in most cases.
Don’t stop there…another great way to find even more keyword ideas that every other SEO is not paying much attention to is by looking at the related suggestions at the bottom of the page.
I just typed in “e cigarette reviews” and used the suggestion box to find this phrase, “e cigarette reviews best vapor”:
Once I clicked on that term, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and look at what I found:
Notice the keywords “vapor cigarette free trial” and “vapor cigarette starter kit”…PERFECT!
As you can see there are plenty more keywords that I can go after. You can literally do this all day and find endless untapped keywords!
Moving on…
Quickly Checking Competition
You will then run each of the keywords you choose through a backlink check and make sure the top 3 results don’t have over 100 unique backlinks pointing to them (most of the time you will find that they have 40 or less).
If you run into an instance where that happens then just pick another root keyword to start with and grab some other suggestion phrases using that root keyword.
Ok, so what you are going to do is take each keyword and type it into Google, no quotes or anything, just paste the keyword in the box and hit search.
Now what you want to do is take a look at the top 3 domains and make sure the competition isn’t too hard to beat. What you are looking for is to make sure that these pages that are ranking don’t have hundreds of backlinks pointing to them.
That is the only criteria I like to look for when it comes to these long tail types of searches. The reason I only check the number of backlinks is because I will be sending powerful backlinks to my own site (as you will to) which will beat the competition for these types of search terms quite easily (more on that later).
To check the backlinks let’s head over to a free tool called Open Link Profiler:
Once there, insert the full domain of the page ranking in the #1 spot for our search term: “best electronic cigarette review” and click “Get backlinks”. Once the results pop up scroll down to the Filter Backlinks section and check the box that says: “Only unique domains”.
From the results you can see that this page only has 16 unique domains pointing to it. That is great! Now if that would have said 100 or more I would try to find a new keyword with less competition. The lower the unique domains the easier time you will have beating the competition.
You want to shoot for 2 – 5 keywords per root keyword because you will be using these keywords to create your broad targeted web page to absolutely kill it in the search results. More on that in a moment….
Now you have a list of keywords to use:
 smokeless cigarettes
 smokeless cigarettes review
 smokeless cigarettes Walmart
 smokeless cigarettes where to buy
 smokeless cigarettes brands
Now go through and do that same process for the rest of the root keywords. Use the suggestions to get even more ideas. You will see that it is easy to find more than enough keywords here.
Here is the list I came up with. Now most of these keywords are buyer keywords, meaning that when people are searching for these terms they are looking to buy or are on the verge of buying and just need a little push to make the decision:
Group 1:
 best electronic cigarette brand
 best electronic cigarette review
 best electronic cigarette juice
 best electronic cigarette
 cheap electronic cigarette
 cheap electronic cigarette starter kit
Group 2:
 smokeless cigarettes
 smokeless cigarettes review
 smokeless cigarettes walmart
 smokeless cigarettes where to buy
 smokeless cigarettes brands
Group 3:
 vapor cigarette
 vapor cigarette starter kit
 vapor cigarette reviews
 water vapor cigarette reviews
 vapor cigarette free trial
 what is the best water vapor cigarette brand
Group 4:
 cheap vaporizer pen starter kit
 vaporizer pen starter kit
 best vaporizer pen starter kit
 best vaporizer pen
Group 5:
 pure liquid nicotine
 best place to buy pure nicotine liquid
 buy pure nicotine liquid
Group 6:
 e cigarette liquid reviews
 e cigarette liquid
 best e cigarette liquid
 e cigarette liquid flavors
 e cigarette liquid cheap
 buy e cigarette liquid online
That is 6 groups of keywords you can use to create your affiliate site.
Each group will count for a single page on your site. So in this case you will have a 6 page website (not including privacy pages etc.).
How to Structure Your Page for Broad Rankings
* Since most marketers these days use WordPress or a similar type of blogging platform I am going to assume you will to. If you are using standard HTML make sure to put your title in an H1 tag and your description will be in your meta description tag.
How do you structure your on page SEO so that you can rank for multiple keywords instead of just 1?
It’s easy, here is the key.
You need to have your keywords in either the title or the description and they don’t have to be in order. Not having to put them in the exact order they are displayed in lets you create much more NATURAL titles and descriptions.
Let me show you an example:
I am going to use the keyword group “e cigarette liquid” for this example. Here is the list of keywords that need to fit in the page Title or Description:
 e cigarette liquid reviews
 e cigarette liquid
 best e cigarette liquid
 e cigarette liquid flavors
 e cigarette liquid cheap
 buy e cigarette liquid online
Here is the title I would use:
“Buy E-Cigarette Liquid at a Cheap Price”
As you can see I have just taken care of the keywords ( I bolded them to make it easier to see):
buy e cigarette liquid, and e cigarette liquid cheap
Key point:
As long as the words are in there somewhere, in any order it counts! So I just needed to make sure I got e-cigarette, cheap, and buy in the title, in any order it doesn’t matter.
I could have made the title: “Looking for Cheap Liquid E-Cigarette Juice? Buy It Here!”
That title will work just as well.
If you can get them in there in the exact order do that, but if not, it’s OK to make it sound natural.
We tell Google what you want to rank for with your anchor text backlinks. You just need to show Google that your page is relevant to what you want to rank for by having the keywords somewhere in the title or description.
Now for the description:
I still need to hit the keywords, best, reviews, flavors, and online.
Here is what I came up with off the top of my head:
“Read your e-cigarette reviews and learn which brands and flavors are the best and where you can get them online for free.”
You don’t want to put the exact keywords in there over and over, that will get you penalized for over optimization.
Mix it up and just write naturally like I did above and you will be just fine. Don’t be afraid to use keywords that you aren’t trying to rank for either. If it sounds natural and makes sense use it!
How to use the keywords in your article body:
Now when you write your article you want to sprinkle your keywords throughout your article 1 – 2 times each. Make it sound natural again but this time put them in there exactly as they appear. So if your keyword is “buy e cigarette liquid” you want to place it in the body of the article just like that. This just helps increase the keyword density of the exact phrase you are wanting to rank for.
So to recap:
Titles and Description: Use keywords where you can and if you need to switch around the keywords and just make them sound natural, as long as they are in the title or description you are good.
Body of article: Try to keep the keywords exactly as they appear and sprinkle them throughout the article 1 – 2 times each.
Pro Tip:
Once you are done writing your article if you want to view how Google sees your webpage, go plug it into the Google Keyword Planner under the “Search for new keyword ideas” section.
If Google returns a bunch of keywords that re relevant to what your webpage is about you did a good job and the Google bots will understand what you are writing about.
If you see a bunch of words that are NOT what you are writing about and that don’t make sense, then you need to re-write your article and sprinkle in the main keywords a couple more times because it’s not clear enough what your site is about to Google.
What Can You Expect?
So let’s take a look at what you have here in terms of search volume:
If you paste the keywords into the Google Keyword Tool and add up the search volume you see that you are looking at a total search volume of 55,290 searches a month!
Now keep in mind that is including the root keyword which will be the toughest to rank for in the beginning.
Let’s take out the root keywords from the search volume and get a better idea of what you can expect in the beginning before you start ranking for the root keywords.
So without the root keywords you are looking at 4,760 searches a month from easy to rank for and PROFITABLE keywords.
This guide isn’t meant to teach you all about backlinking but I will give you a quick overview.
What I always do before starting any anchor text specific backlining is create a Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus profile really quick and link to my sites URL from those pages. This build trust and authority for Google.
Next I like to go on Fiverr and get a $5 gig that send PR1+ web 2.0 links to my site in a link wheel fashion. The KEY here is to use what’s called a ‘naked URL’ for the anchor text. So DO NOT use any keyword anchor text links…just give the fiverr guy your website URL and some random keywords like “click here”, “here”, etc.
This build a layer of links pointing to your site that helps make sure you don’t over optimize your backlink profile when you start sending keyword specific anchor text links to your site.
You want to keep your keyword specific anchor text ratio under 2%. So if you have 100 web 2.0 ‘naked’ links…you can send 2 anchor text specific links to your site. If you need more just buy another fiverr gig first.
For backlinking, go out and send a couple high quality, keyword relevant, high Page Rank backlinks to your page and you’re in the money use your exact keywords in your anchor text and try to fit as many in there as possible.
You don’t need to backlink every single keyword either. Just send a couple high PR 2+ (PR = page rank) backlinks and see what happens after a week or two. If you need more send more, it’s simple as that.
I like to use a site called Links Management to buy my PR links:

Buy DA40-DA100 Backlinks from $1 per Link Using One Way Link Building Service

You can get some powerful links for $5 – $10 per month on that platform. One thing to know is when you find a powerful link, jot it down and you can use it for all your future sites as well.
Using this strategy you only need to create a single page and a single 500 word article for each keyword group and you will dominate the search results with multiple rankings and send a rush of traffic to your site.
Talk about a lot less effort!
Let’s have some fun and do some quick math here. If your website ranks in the top positions for each of your pages (which won’t be difficult to do since we chose long tail
easy competition keywords) and you get 40% of the monthly traffic to your page (statistics show that the #1 position gets 30 – 40% of search traffic).
So 4,760 x .40 = That is 1,904 visitors a month to your site.
Let’s assume you did a decent job writing a pre-sell offer and you are getting 30% of those people to click on over to the landing page and 10% of those people take the free trial.
1,904 x .30 x .10 = 57
That means we are looking at 57 sales a month from a little 6 page website.
57 sales x $35 per sale = $1995 a month! …and that’s not including when the search volume picks up from our root keywords improving their rankings.
This can easily turn into a $3000 a month website in no time with proper backlinking.
Even if you only got a 3% conversion rate on the free trial offer that’s still $600 a month profit.
That is all not even including Part A of this system…are you excited yet?! 
Now, if every site you built in Part B of this system made you $500+ a month, you don’t need that many to get the allusive “internet marketing lifestyle”.
Go out there, start using the entire strategy A & B from this guide and start killing it!
Here’s to your success!
Kevin Brown

CPA Expressway

Ezra Wyckoff
I can not guarantee you will make any specific amount of money with the information
presented in this training guide. Results will vary from person to person and is heavily
influenced by the amount of effort youput forward. Any example of income associated
with this product is only to be used as a reference to what is possible with this training.
Most income references are that of myself and/or my customers and does not mean you
will see the same results. You may not copy, rewrite, edit or share this training guide
with anyone without proper permission
Thanks for picking up CPA Expressway! I’ve been away from spotlight for a while
and haven’t launched anything in quite some time. The reason being my attention
has been laser focused on my Teespring, eCom and CPA business.
Launching courses is fun but it can get old pretty fast, so I took a break and decided
to put all my focus on my business for a while. And it has seriously paid off. I
worked on a ton of new theories and ideas for techniques to make money with the
big 3, Teespring, CPA and eCom.
I think I’ve done a really good job managing my time to be able to work on all 3 of
these business at the same time and I want to share with you one particular method
that has been one of my long running, consistent go-to methods.
Now, trust me, you might be shocked at just how simple all of this will sound, but all
YOU need to do is follow the steps EXACTLY as I suggest and watch the magic
happen. Don’t stray far away from my suggestions as they are given from tons of
experience over the past few months of doing this method.
The work involved in this method is easy, however, there will be people who fail.
Why is that? There’s ALWAYS going to be people who fail and most of the time it has
nothing to do with the product but ALL to do with what that person did with the
product. Most of the time that is NOTHING, sometimes people try it a little bit, but
certainly not enough to be able to say they gave their best effort. Most people just
aren’t cut out for this game – they quit when a campaign fails or when something
doesn’t go how they expect.
Also, a lot of times it IS because of the product. It sucks. Just a bunch of theoretical
ideas that have never actually been tested. So there’s the biggest problems – before
we move on to the actual method, let’s address them.
First of all, the following technique has been tested rigorously. The way it’s set up
right now is NO WHERE NEAR how it started. That’s how things go when you
actually test things. It almost never works out right in the beginning. The true
winners stick it out, learn from failures, test new angles and figure it out.
I admit, it took me a while to figure this method out. But after a few weeks of tuning
and tweaking and tuning and tweaking I finally started to get leads pouring in. I
learned from a ton of mistakes FOR YOU and made sure to lead you down the right
path with this course, so FOLLOW it!
And when it comes to the first problem that some people just aren’t cut out for this.
This is the closest you can get to a fool-proof method of making money with CPA
and if you are reading this that means YOU can be successful with THIS method.
BUT… if you are in the area of someone who has tried a lot of different techniques, I
just NEED you to make a commitment to this method. Just give it 3 weeks. You will
be glad you did! If you are into Teespring or eCom stuff, this is a perfect method to
simply include to your daily schedule as it flows in perfectly with what we’re
already doing.
There’s two parts of this method, part one is simply setting everything up so you
can start making money and part two is getting traffic! Remember, keep it simple
and just follow the steps. If you get stuck or need help in between steps, please
reach out and ask for help! I want a very high success rate with this course, help me
reach that goal by making a commitment to stick at this for a few weeks.
Ready to get started? Let’s go!
Part1: Setting everything up
First, we have to get the entire method set up. Once you’ve got everything set up,
you’re ready to make money – you just have to figure out how to get high quality
traffic to your page!
The very first thing you need to do is sign up for two incentive CPA networks:
These are two networks that I personally use and can vouch for as great CPA
networks for all experience levels. They are not snobby when it comes to accepting
affiliates – as long as you at least know what you’re talking about and not “faking
the funk” completely, you should have no problem being accepted.
It’s very simple to be accepted to both of these networks. I believe CPALead accepts
everyone. I’m not sure if it’s instant(it used to be) but I know they hold their door
open for all experience levels, as long as you are performing within their TOS.
Which is pretty easy to do as they have a pretty loose TOS and breaking it pretty
much means you were doing something illegal. With AdWorkMedia, they are just as
open to letting you in, but you definitely need to put the right stuff in the
application and at least know what you’re talking about when it comes to Internet
Marketing in general.
When you sign up, the most important thing for you to do is to let them know that
you plan on using mostly paid forms of traffic like PPC, PPV, Display, etc. The main
portion of this method uses free traffic but there is a section later on covering a way
to profit using PPC. Most people reading this has enough knowledge to sign up to a
CPA network with truthful answers. Most of you have experience with FB ads, let
them know this. Let them know how long you’ve been into Internet Marketing and
that you’re really interested in checking out the CPA side of things.
So, if you don’t have an account with these two networks. Go ahead and sign up for
them right now and then come back to continue.
Alright, now you’re signed up. Take some time to snoop around each site, get used
to the interface, look around the offers, etc, etc. Once you are signed up to CPALead
and AWM, you have a plethora of offers sitting there waiting for you to promote.
It’s important to be signed up with both of these networks because I use them both
in different situations. Sometimes CPALead is the best option and sometimes AWM
has the best options, you want to make sure you are using them both so you’re
grabbing all of the potential money sitting on the table for you.
Signed up? Great.
Next, you need to go grab a .com domain. You can pretty much always find a $0.99
domain coupon laying around for GoDaddy or NameCheap. Make the name
something pretty general but having something to do with contests. Take a few
minutes to come up with something that sounds decent, looks official and is short
and easy to remember. Example: – thought of this split second
while typing, it doesn’t mean anything in particular but it is short and concise, easy
to remember and brand. And it has the “contest” ring to it with the Raffle word.
Got a domain? Great.
Alright, we needed that domain to create our offer pages. On these offer pages we
will be offering something of value to a niche audience. This “thing” has to really be
something they want. Not just something they like a little bit but something that
they want to point where they feel like they need it.
This creates a sense of desperation within your targeted audience, the more
desperate they are to own the “thing” you are hanging out as bait, the higher your
conversions will be. It’s easy to make money with this method, but it was profiting
that took me a while to understand. The main traffic we will discuss today it free
traffic(meaning NO ads) from Instagram and Twitter. We will also talk about one
paid form of traffic that works really well.
Now that you’ve got your domain ready to go, you need to get your first offer page
ready to go. Once you have your first offer page up and everything looks good,
you’re ready to start sending traffic and that’s where the money is made.
To create your offer pages, I suggest Profit Builder or a similar tool like Click
Funnels. I use Profit Builder, which I’m sure can be found with a quick Google
search. It’s simple, easy to use and does exactly what we need.
These offer pages are extremely simple. Headline, 2-column content, and a call to
action. That’s it. It’s important to keep it very simple. Your traffic will land here in
the mindset of checking out the price of your “bait”. They’ll hit this page and get
thrown into this contest funnel. At this point you have an option to capture a sale
before the customer continues, it’s totally up to them but it’s a win-win for you.
This all may sound a bit cloudy right now but it’ll all be crystal clear as you continue
reading through the course. For now, we will come back to this step.
Choose a niche
There’s a ton of ways to promote CPA – sometimes you just promote the offers
directly to an audience that isn’t any particular niche and sometimes you want to
get focused in on ONE particular niche until you have it down pat. For this method
we’re going with the latter.
Choose ANY niche that interests you AND that is profitable. Make sure it’s a decent
sized niche so that you have a big audience to advertise to. Don’t trap yourself in a
small box by going after tiny niches with this method. Use Facebook Audience
Insights to research any niches you aren’t sure about to make sure they have a nice
audience size.
This step is really self explanatory and shouldn’t be over-complicated, you’ll see
several examples later.
Got your niche? Great.
So I want to make sure you are keeping up with me and not letting the simplicity of
this method fly over your head, so I will use an example scenario to keep up with
the steps.
So, I’m John and I just signed up to CPALead and AWM.
I got accepted and I looked around at the cool members area of both networks.
I got Profit Builder so I can create my “offer pages”.
I decided on Wine as my niche.
Now I’m at this step reading about myself.

So now you want to think about the kind of offers you are going to promote here.
This part took me a while to get right. Lots of testing, lots of money down the drain
spent collecting data to find what works. Here’s the answer.
Whatever the network says is converting well.
For a long time I was direct linking to offers and trying to test which angle would
work best instead of REALLY taking advantage of the tools and technology that
returns big profits.
The real key is to use the Link Locker feature with CPALead/AWM and let them
show whatever offers are converting well. These offers will range in payout but the
real important thing is how well convert and they take this into consideration
automatically with the offers they show in the link locker. So I tried overcomplicating
it in the beginning and searching for specific offers to test one by one
and it turns out letting the Link Locker work is by far the best way to go.
So right now what you want to do is get your first link locker set up. Choose one of
your networks to start, for our example let’s roll with AWM. Setting up Link Lockers
for both is pretty much the same.
Check out these two videos on setting up your Link Locker to CONVERT:
Part 1
Part 2
Ok, got your Link Locker set up? Great.
So now we want to put this Link Locker at the end of an opt-in form. This is
NEEDED in order to properly carry out the method and keep things completely
ethical and built for the long-term.
Any autoresponder will work, I recommend Aweber or GetResponse because those
are the ones I’m familiar with and they have decent service. So all you need to do at
this step is set up a List for the niche you are on and then set up an opt-in form.
Check out this quick video covering the simple steps of setting this up.
Got your List & Link Locker set up? Great.
Now, let’s take it back to the offer page step. Now, we’ve got to get an offer page
built with a picture of your bait, a video walking your visitors through the process
and and a link to enter your contest. Fortunately, I won’t leave you with the duty of
creative a video as you can just use mine. It works, it’s been through a ton of testing
to get where it is, so why not just grab what I’m already using.
Click here to download your Walkthrough video that goes on every offer page you
set up from here on out for future niches you explore.
This video is universal to whatever bait you choose in whatever niche. Having this
video is key. We went a long time without it, testing different headlines, trying
dozens of unique angles but what we needed was a video that walks them through
the entire process beforehand, so they know what to expect.
One of the biggest hurdles of this method was trying to overcome doubt and
uncertainty. We went through a ton of testing to get to the point where we can send
cold traffic to our offer page and quickly develop a bit of trust before they even go
any further. I take a number of objections head on in the video and go with a really
straight forward approach that converts.
So you already have the video, which is one of two pieces of content needed in the
2-column landing page set-up I use for my offer pages. The only other thing needed
is a picture of your bait. So let’s talk about this bait.
The bait is something you are going to offer in return for your visitors filling out
your CPA offer. Now, this HAS to be something that passionate people of your
chosen niche really wants. Stick to items under $10. The cheaper the better but
remember what I said above. It has to be something they truly WANT. This can be a
t-shirt, phone case, necklace or a keychain to name some of the main ones I use.
I really like to do cool lower priced items around $1 – $2 most of the time because
the profit is awesome so I recommend starting with something priced below $5.
You can find some amazing deals for some reaaally cool things on AliExpress. If
you’re into eCom then I’m sure this is a website you are all too familiar with.
If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, just see what’s selling in the eCom
world, look for those hot items that are selling, and go after the virtually untapped
freebie seeker portion of that audience. You’ll get a nice amount of buyers along the
way if you put the optional buy link at the bottom btw 😉
My suggestion is to find something I listed above on AliExpress for under $5. Take
your niche to the search field and do some digging. If you’re new to AliExpress
you’ll be surprised at the amount of awesomeness you have access to for such a low
So to make this visually stimulating let’s choose as an example to roll with. Here’s
an awesome wine phone case that I know converts well and it costs about $1.50.
This particular case has a ton of life in it as it’s still a fairly new concept so a lot of
Wine drinkers have yet to see this and this is something most wine lovers would
really want when they see.
So this is an example of something that definitely passes qualifications to be your
bait. Not to mention, this thing cost a buck – that makes for an awesome return.
The above picture is just fine for a picture to use as the other piece of content in the
2-column landing page set-up on your offer page. It’s like this:
(optional: skip to buy)
The page is set up in very simple format on purpose. It controls the visitors
attention to exactly where you want them to be. The optional part at the bottom IS
recommended, you always want to leave the window open for people who want to
skip the contest and buy.
Please check out this video walking you through the setup of your offer page.
Freebie seekers are the big target here. For those current Teespring/eCom folks,
this is a great method for those shirt/items that get a good response but no sales. If
you’ve ran any Teespring campaigns you know how BIG the “freebie” seeking crowd
really is. It’s those people who comment saying they want it or wish they could get
it, the people who tag their friends and ask them to buy for them, the thousands of
people who click over to your Teespring/product page and leave after seeing a
price outside their budget.
Ask an eCom guy about how many people they see adding things to the cart and not
buying. Or ask a Teespring guy how many times they’ve had a campaign with a lot
of “I want this” comments but no sales. Even the most successful campaign ever will
have waaaaaay more add to carts than checkouts. The checkouts are the buyers and
the others fall into the category of a freebie seeker. And there’s an enormous
amount of those people in every niche.
It’s not very hard to reach these people. The good thing is… the best way to reach
them IS through free traffic techniques as opposed to paid traffic.
Before I move on, I want to bring in the John scenario again to make sure things are
clear at this point.
So yeah, I’m John, I’m now a member of CPALead and AWM. I got a domain called to host my offer pages. I got ProfitBuilder so I can build those
offer pages. I chose Wine as my niche. I set up my Link Locker. I created a webform
in aweber with my Link Locker as the “Thank you” page. I found some cool Wine
cases for my bait and finished setting up my offer page.
Part 2: Getting traffic
Getting traffic is really simple. Free traffic really seems to be the best route with this
method, even after me trying almost every paid traffic source known to man testing
this technique, none of them returned a greater profit than the simple FREE
methods that follow.
Our focus in Instagram and Twitter.
Create a new Instagram and a new Twitter to match your current niche. It has to be
named something that will catch your target audience attention. Example: Wine
Lovers of Instagram.
First you HAVE to build the page up a bit. You NEED social proof before anyone
even sees your page so get some posts up on your page related to your niche. On
instagram just post at least 5 – 10 cool pics/meme/ecards etc that have something
to do with your niche. On Twitter, just make a few tweets related to your niche, you
can even go to another (Wine) page on Twitter and just use a few of their tweets
where they post an interested article or photo. You can also post the same memes
and ecards that you posted on your IG on your Twitter.
Make this a quick step, don’t get caught up on something simple like this. Sit down
in one sitting and spew out some content on your IG and your Twitter so it doesn’t
look like a ghost town. Make sure you follow some people to make your profile look
natural and of course you NEED to get followers before promoting. You need these
initial followers for social proof so it doesn’t matter if they are quality followers or
not, just grab some followers using a “Get Followers” service and presto! You’re
ready to go!
Try for Instagram followers. Great timing because their prices
just went down for an October blow out sale. Having this social proof is vital, people
will visit your page to determine if you’re legit or not. This is a clear cut situation, if
they go to your page and you don’t have many followers, you’re X’d out
immediately. If you have a good number of followers, you will appear more legit.
This is just how it is in today’s generation where follower count is something they
take very, very serious. For most of the general population, when they see someone
with a lot of followers, they automatically get a sense that they are important. And
when someone arrives to a page with 43 followers, they’ll take that person or
business less serious.
For this to work, you have to look good. The biggest hurdle of this method was
getting people to trust me. Getting them to trust the process enough to spend a
minute or two entering a contest that they might not win. EVERYTHING must be in
place exactly how I suggest for this to be profitable for you and one of the most
important things to have in place is to have at least a couple thousand followers on
Instagram and Twitter.
As far as Twitter follower services, they are everywhere. Really easy to find those, a
bit harder to find the IG services which is why I let you guys know where to go for
that. Just look around anywhere on Google or Fiverr for Twitter followers.
Got your followers up? Great.
Once you’ve got things looking good on your Instagram and Twitter, meaning:
– You’re following people
– You have a lot of followers
– Your profile looks professional
– You have a decent amount of social content related to your niche
…then you’re ready to get started. Think of this like setting up a Facebook fanpage.
You’ve already got a niche in mind, you choose an attractive name, you pretty up the
page a bit, choose a niche profile picture and then you’re ready to start running ads.
With Facebook it’s pretty much the same except you don’t need to build any content
or get pre-existing followers for it ads to work. It’s a MUST that you get this social
proof already going beforehand though with THIS method. Get this done quickly.
The IG service I gave you is very fast. And you can find an express seller on Fiverr
for Twitter followers.
One thing I almost forgot to mention, on Instagram, make sure you find a quick
Fiverr gig for Instagram LIKES. You NEED to have likes on the initial photos you
post up before starting. This is another important part of social proof that connects
the dots.
And…I’m John, I’m now a member of CPALead and AWM. I got a domain called to host my offer pages. I got ProfitBuilder so I can build those
offer pages. I chose Wine as my niche. I set up my Link Locker. I created a webform
in aweber with my Link Locker as the “Thank you” page. I found some cool Wine
cases for my bait and finished setting up my offer page. I created a Wine Lovers
page on Instagram and Twitter. I prettied them up, chose a good profile pic and put
up some good content. I got a lot of followers, my pre-existing photos on IG has
likes and my pages look professional.
At this point you are pretty much done with every aspect of setting up. If you
followed my suggestions to the TEE, you will be in the position to CONVERT like a
mad man.
What you need to do here is get a post up about your bait, leading to your offer
page. For instagram, just post a picture of the bait with a simple CTA in the
description leading them to your BIO(put your offer page link in bio). For Twitter,
just make a simple but descriptive tweet with a photo of your bait attached and PIN
it to the top of your profile.
Getting traffic to your page at this point is all about consistency and patience. You
want to start building up your pages with real followers that are laser targeted to
your niche using the almighty power of hashtags.
You need to set aside time everyday for each of these social networks to work on
your following. I suggest putting at least 15 minutes to each. The more time you
spend, the faster your following will grow but 15-20 minutes per day for each is
fine, I personally don’t work on this for much longer than that.
There are two different techniques you want to work on at the same time and that’s
building your following using hashtags and connecting with other authority pages
within your niche.
Build your following to develop a real, consistent income stream long down the line
instead only running flash in the pan campaigns. Commit to the niche you choose
for this method, this isn’t the kind of method where you hop around from niche to
niche, which is why I told you to make sure you chose a niche with a nice sized
audience and one that’s proven to be profitable.
The jumping around will come in to play when you’re testing different bait items.
Test everything you think is really cool that will get your target audience excited.
Like I said, I’ve had and am having a ton of success with keychains, necklaces,
phonecases, and shirts. Don’t stop there though, I’ve also had a lot of success with
other outside the box items you can find on AliExpress like toys or little gadgets for
an example.
Connecting with authority pages
This is 1 of 2 traffic getting techniques you need to work on during your daily CPA
Expressway time. You MUST connect with pages in your niche that already have a
decent following.
This is easy. Just search for pages in your niche using the search feature – when you
find pages, be sure to write them down somewhere in a list. As soon as you find a
page, just start liking a bunch of their pictures(IG) or retweeting and favoriting a
bunch of their tweets(Twitter). This will grab their attention.
It may not get their attention on the first day. But if you continue to show them love,
without a doubt, you will get their attention. You want to show love to your list of
pages for at least 2 or 3 days without saying a word. Within that time frame, you
should notice some of your love being returned in the form of them FOLLOWING
you back or liking some of your pictures/tweets or in the best scenario possible,
sharing your “bait” post.
During this 2 or 3 days of showing love to your list of pages, you also want to snoop
around their posts/tweets and FOLLOW the people who are liking or
retweeting/favoriting. You can also just go the pages FOLLOWERS, and start
following them from there.
After this 2 or 3 days passes, it’s time to reach out to your list. Whatever means you
have to contact them do it. For those of them who followed you back, simply send
them a Direct Message. For those who didn’t follow back, just drop a comment on
an old picture(IG) or just send them a tweet(Twitter).
I’m really not going to tell you guys EXACTLY what to say because the specifics
aren’t important and also we don’t want a thousand people sending the same
worded message over and over on IG or Twitter and letting their filters catch up.
Use your own words and simply let them know about what you’ve got going on.
You’ll be surprised how many people will respond back quickly with lots of interest.
This is a set-up that impresses a lot of these pages so they would love to offer it to
their following because it will help them look good to their fans.
And of course, money talks. Make sure to include that you are willing to do a “pay
for post” situation where you pay them a couple bucks to post your ad. 75% of
people I reach out to turn out to be interested. Depending on the size of the pages at
hand, I’m usually willing to pay anywhere around $5 – $25 per post. If it’s a really
huge page, into the hundreds of thousands or millions, I’d definitely go higher
because the return would be astronomical regardless.
This kind of traffic converts GREAT – and just like running ads, the more traffic you
send the more you will make. With the CPA Expressway method, any investment for
traffic you do make is always far smaller than every popular paid traffic source out
For most niches you can find a bunch of niche related Twitter and Instagram pages,
you want to reach out to all of them. Yeah, some of them will be marketers who are
already making money from the page, that’s fine – you’ll find a some of them being
interested as well and willing to work with you. You’ll run into this scenario every
once and a while, these people are a bit more saavy and probably won’t go for the
pay for post model. When you run into this situation, just try to work with them!
Even a 50/50 will mean profit for you! You’ll reach all kinds of people who react in
different ways but NUMBERS should be your focus. Get out there start talking to
Build your following with hashtags
All the while your doing the above, you want to make sure you are building your
own following so eventually you won’t have to depend on anyone for traffic and you
have a solid, consistent income stream in a profitable niche.
As I said earlier, you want to always remain super active liking, retweeting,
favoriting, and just showing a lot of love to authority pages AND their fans. When
you see someone who’s your prime target, just shower them with some love on
their page and often times you will get a follow back. Especially on Instagram.
Using the search features on Instagram and Twitter and searching using different
hashtags related to your niche is very effective in finding those prime targets of
people who you want seeing your bait. Simply showing them love will often get love
back in the form of a follow to start, and when they see your bait, you’ll get love in
the form of CASH!
So I’d search hashtags like #winelovers, #ilovewine #ineedwine, #wineenthusiast
and anything else I can think of. Anyone posting these kind of hashtags is usually
someone I want seeing my bait.
Do the same thing here, simply go to people’s page who post these hashtags related
to your niche and show them love. You can follow some of them as well, but lean
more towards showing love because there are restrictions with how many people
you can follow per hour on Twitter and Instagram and that changes all the time.
Currently, I believe it’s around 30 for Instagram and right around the same for
Maintain a nice mixture between seeking out and contacting pages in your niche
and siphoning fans by snooping around their pages and by finding people through
hashtag searching and you will have a nice sized authority niche page in NO TIME,
trust me!!
Bonus: Paid traffic that works
Okay, so there’s one way to get a boost by using paid traffic but this is THE only paid
traffic source/technique that I actually make good money with and this all started
more recently. I tried my hand with Facebook for a while and spent a lot of money
without any significant return. In the end, I figured out the only way to put up a
fight with Facebook ads is to run video ads and you’ve got to make sure you’re
getting penny views.
This isn’t about FB ads though, it’s tough and I’m still doing a bunch of testing
trying to get to the point where I’m make a good return. However, there is one
traffic source that is newer and on the rise that I am just going googly eyes over and
that is Pinterest Ads.
Not talking about “buyable pins” but “promoted pins” where you actually post a pin
and promote it with ads. I don’t think this is publicly open to where you can just
walk up and open an ads account like Facebook but I think it is pretty easy to get in.
All you have to do is go to Pinterest and sign up for Promoted pins. They take a few
days to a week or more to get back to you but everyone I’ve told this to so far got
accepted pretty quickly.
Once you’re accepted you can get started by posting your first pin and promoting it!
As far as setting up ads go, it is SO simple. I love it. It’s kind of limited on features
and stuff, no crazy targeting capabilities like Facebook but that’s not needed over
here. Target broad. Broad!!
You can get a TON of engagements and clicks at a low price if you’re bait is
something that people really want, which will get people clicking through to your
website from your pin.
This is just $15 of ad spend on ONE campaign. To be clear, that’s 31k impressions
and 1.7k engagements for 15 bucks! And these are HIGH converting clicks. Of all
those engagements I had about 200 clicks to my website. I didn’t have a conversion
pixel set up so it shows 0 but I made about $70 from this $15 spend. This kind of
ROI in the CPA world is pretty much unheard of.
Here’s a quick walk-through of setting up a Pinterest ad. First you need to post a
pin, which is just a pic and a description just like any other ad.
Choose Get traffic to your website.
Click Create a new traffic campaign
Enter as many keywords related to your interest as you want. I suggest 5 – 10
keywords per ad set. These are Pinterest search terms. Head over to Pinterest and
start searching different terms for your niche and check out some of the
suggestions they give as well. Pinterest ads are just a little bit different from
Facebook ads in the way you want to approach the targeting in that you want to
always go as broad as possible.
Start each ad at a $5 daily budget with no more than 10 keywords(interests). If
more keywords remain, launch another ad at $5 for those seperate keywords. Do
this for however many keywords you can find and for however much you want to
commit to spending every day. I bump the daily budget up slowly every other day if
my ROI is positive. Simple as that.
Then, choose your location, language, device and choose a specific gender or both.
Lastly, you choose CPC bid. I suggest bidding at the top end of the suggested bid.
This traffic convert great and sometimes I even go above the suggested limit to bid
strongly and get even more traffic.
PINTEREST ADS ROCK. They are converting great for me promoting both sale items
where people have to pull out their credit card AND this CPA Expressway method
where they just have to enter a contest to win.
That’s it!
Don’t hesitate, hit the ground running and follow everything you just went through
to the TEE and just WATCH the magic unfold! Make sure you choose a profitable
niche and go hunt for some awesome bait!!!!!
Contact me any time for support:

Complete CPA Domination

Complete CPA Domination

By:Vivek Narayan
Complete CPA Domination
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
By: Vivek arayan
Notice:You don’t have the right to reprint or resell this
guide. You also may not giveaway or share the content
However you can promote this WSO as an affiliate and
get MASSIVE 100% commission on all the sales,paid
directly in to your PayPal account.
Besides the commissions,you can also win up to $2,500
in PayPal cash as JV bonus.
There are a total of $10,000 in CASH PRIZES Up For
Grabs…For All The Details Of The Affiliate
Competition,Please Go To:
If you have access to the Warrior Plus affiliate
system,just send me a request and I’ll approve you right
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
© Copyright 2011 Vivek Narayan
The information presented herein represents the view of the author as of the
date of publication. Because of the rate at which conditions change,the author
reserves the right to alter and update his opinion based on new conditions.The
report is for informational purpose only.
While every attempt has been made to verify the informations provided in this
report,neither the author nor his affiliates assume any responsibility for
errors,inaccuracies or omissions.Any slights of people and organizations are
unintentional.If advice concerning legal or related matters is concerned ,the
services of a fully qualified professional should be sought.
This report is not intended for use as a legal or accounting advice.You should be
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in your country and state.Any reference to any person or business whether living
or dead is purely coincidental.
All Rights Reserved
No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form
whatsoever,electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by
any informational storage or retrieval without express written, dated and signed
permission from the author.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
The system that I am going to discuss in the next few pages is probably the
simplest,easiest and one of the most potent moneymaking system that you’ll ever
come across.
The potential is so great that you can create a consistent six figure a year income
out of this system alone and the best thing is that it generates autopilot
income…Meaning you just set up the system once and it’ll bring you thousands of
dollars month after month without needing any effort on your part.
Another beauty of this system is that it suites all kind of marketers…Even if you
are a complete newbie,you can implement the full method within just a few
minutes and it doesn’t require you to invest a dime upfront.
In the case you are already making money with IM,you can use this method to add
another five to six figure a year income stream to your existing revenues with just a
few minutes of work a day.
The System In A utshell
In this method we are going to take massive leverage from online blogs to send
thousands of laser targeted visitors to our CPA offers and make a six figure
income just by being a middleman.
There are billions of blogs online.You can find millions of them in any big
niche.Most of the blogs are built on the wordpress platform and many of them
receive tens of thousands of visits ever day.
Blogs allow their owners to share their knowledge, thoughts and emotions with the
world and most of the blogging platforms include several interactive features to
felicitate maximum interaction between the blog owner and the readers as well as
among the readers.
Established blog owners are perceived as the top authorities in their respective
niches and their recommendations are rabidly followed by their devoted readers.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
If you carefully look at some of the blogs in any niche,you’ll find that most of
them are monetized with Google Adsense(now Adchoices) ads…So although
the owners of these blogs know how to monetize their content and traffic,they
know nothing about CPA marketing.
With Adsense,the publishers have to wait for several months before they get
their payment and their earnings and accounts are always on the mercy of
Moreover the EPC these guys get with Adsense is always abysmal …Even in the
highly lucrative niches,Google doesn’t pay their publishers more than a few cents
per click(there is a big-2 difference between the CPCs of Adwords and
Adesnse)…Overall result is that most of the blog owners never make more than a
few hundred dollars per month.
These guys are your easy prospects and once convinced with the moneymaking
potential of your offer,they’ll do everything under the Sun to send you leads and
put thousands of dollars in your pocket,on autopilot.
What we’ll be doing here is convince the blog owners that they are losing tons of
money every month by being content with displaying Adsense ads and that your
offer can make them thousands of dollars a month without any extra effort on their
So basically the blog owners will be sending traffic to your CPA links and in
return,you’ll be giving them 50%(at least) of the commissions you make.
Most of the established blog owners build mailing lists and some of them may
have tens of thousands of subscribers.So a single deal can bring both of you
more than $5,000 in pure profits.
There are many CPA networks that will pay you within 24 hours (of getting your
payment request) and here you are going to use this facility to your maximum
advantage and build a six figure a year business by just brokering traffic.
Whenever you approach any potential partner,you’ll promise him to pay his
earnings within a couple of days and that he’ll be able to track all his statistics
…The lure of getting their money in such a short period of time and the assurance
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
of being paid for every lead they generate,will make these people literally begging
you to provide them your CPA link.
Now let’s proceed to actual implementation…
Follow The Steps Below To Successfully Implement This System:
Step1:Find High Traffic Blogs
The first step is to search for high traffic blogs in your niche.To do that,type the
“name of your niche(or some related keyword)+ blog” in Google.
So if I want to search for popular blogs in “weight loss” niche,I would type:
Weight loss blog
Fat loss blog
Fitness blog
Health tips blog
Lose weight blog
Workout blog
For the illustration purpose,when I type “weight loss blog”,105 million results
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
The first one is
The blog looks very nicely designed and well written…To ascertain how much
US traffic it gets,I go to
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
(For CPA systems, provides superb indication as majority of
the CPA offers are intended for the US traffic).
Sorry,this site is not quantified…Let’s search for the 2nd link.The URL is:
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
This site is also not quantified.
Let’s search for the third one…The link is:
This reaches to around 5,400 US people monthly.It’s global reach is around
9,100 people monthly.
ow these are not very high figures but still it receives a couple hundred
targeted visitors every day.Also the blog owner has a “subscription” option
for her visitors and I am pretty certain that she has gotten a few thousand
subscribers and followers in various channels.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
If you look at the blog,you’ll see that the owner is using Google Adsense(ow
Adchoices) to monetize it…
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
…And I am certain that she is not making any significant income through it…This
is the PERFECT OPPORTUITY for you…
You can find dozens of weight loss/health&beauty offers in any big network(even
the smaller ones have a few)…Just pick a couple of them with high EPCs and
contact her with your JV proposal(you’ll find it’s “How To” in the coming page).
So in the same way,you’ll ascertain the traffic figures for different blogs.I
would advise you to do it for at least all the sites listed in the top 5
pages.You’ll notice that many lower ranked sites get more traffic than their
higher ranked rivals.
ii)Contact Them With Your JV Proposal:
Once you have ascertained that a particular blog is getting enough traffic to make
you at least a couple hundred dollars,the next step is to find the contact information
and present your JV proposal.
In most of the cases,you’ll find the “Contact Us” link to be situated at the bottom
of the blog:
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
However,in some cases,the “contact” link may be located at the top of the
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
The Magic Formula To Get Partners In Droves:
Everyone loves to see quick results…No one wants to wait for several months to
get their earnings….But these guys are forced to do so.
Now this thing provides you an opportunity to play on their need and build a very
profitable,long term business without doing any hard work yourself.
So when you approach these guys,always make sure that you tell them that
they’ll be paid within a couple days(or a week at the most) of sending traffic to
your offer…Also,always make sure that your prospective partner has a
subscriber list(as a substantial portion of your profits will come from his
recommendation to his list).
There are many networks that will pay you within 24 hours (take Peerfly for an
example)) and once you get your earnings,you can pay your partner via PayPal.
In fact,I would advise you to go one step further and give away all of your first
time earnings to your partners(if you can afford to do so)…The point is to make
them believe that promoting your offer is the best thing in the world to do.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
By doing this,you’ll of course lose a little bit money in the beginning.But you’ll be
able to make it back,dozens of times over…Just try to focus on the big picture.
These two messages will close the deal for you, most of the times.
The Initiator:
The purpose of your first message is to generate curiosity.You’ll accopolish it by
making a big promise while at the same time appearing trustworthy.
It can be something like this:
Title: Can I Send You $1,000 Via PayPal?
Hi {first name},
Just came across your blog and I must admit that I am highly impressed by your
knowledge of the subject and your concise way to explain things .You have done
an excellent job and I am certain that your readers love it.
Why not make a couple thousand dollars by monetizing your content?
{first name},I have a free offer for your readers.It can easily make you $1,000-
$2,000 or more while providing great value to your visitors…The best thing is that
you don’t have to wait for months to get your earnings and you’ll be able to see all
your stats in a detailed way…I’ll be paying you once in every two days via
Just let me know me know if you are interested and I’ll set everything up for you.
Looking forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship…
{Your Name}
Once he replies back you can be ascertained that 90% of the job is done.ow
you just have to provide them the links where they’ll be sending the
traffic…Your final message will be something like this:
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Hi {first name},
Thanks for accepting my proposal…You can get your affiliate link from {your
HasOffers} link.
You can promote this link anywhere you like(The best place is obviously your
newsletter).I have gotten a few high converting banners that you can place on your
blog.Just copy-paste these codes at appropriate places in your blog.
{include the banner codes}.
Let’s make tons of money together…
{your name}
Squeeze Every Penny Out Of The System:Places On
The Blogs Where You Would Like To Have Your
Just closing a JV deal is not enough…Just be a little pro-active and persuade your
partners to put your links/banners at every place in their blog(that gets significant
amount of traffic).
Once you start implementing this system,you’ll learn that most of your partners
don’t know where and how to place your offer links/banners in order to engage the
visitors in the best way and generate maximum no. of leads.
So I would advise you to point them where on their blogs they can advertise your
offers to generate the maximum amount of profits.
Obviously you are not going to do all this in your first contact.But as soon as a
partner starts sending traffic and you pay him for the first time,it’ll be perfect time
for you to persuade him to advertise your links/banners at the following places:
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
i)The ewsletters:
If you look at any popular blog,you’ll notice that it has a subscription form and the
subscribers get a newsletter at regular intervals(may be twice in a week,weekly,biweekly
or monthly).
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
For example,I am a subscriber of the newsletter(weekly) and they
always include 1-2 offers with every edition of it.
Just see how Clickbank advertises offers in its newsletter:
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
These newsletters are the best places to advertise your CPA offer.They are
read by hundreds of thousands of readers and a single promotion can make
you $5,000+ if you get your offer link included in any popular newsletter.
So whenever you implement this method,be certain to persuade your partner to
include your offer link in his/her newsletter.
ii)On Top Of The Blog:
An attractive banner on top of a high traffic blog will bring you thousands of
visitors and leads.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
A close look will show you that most of the established blogs use one or more
banner ads to monetize the space on top of the page…Now all you have to do is
convince them that placing your banner will make them much more money than
putting an Adsense banner.
iii)Get A Review Post Done:
The third best way is to get your offer reviewed by the blog owner and the post
featured on the homepage.
If you visit,you’ll notice a “Reviews” link at the bottom of the
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Click on that link and it’ll take you to a page where a lot of product reviews are
Now click on any link and you’ll see an impartial review of that product/service
written by the blog owner (without affiliate links).
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
How Is It Done?
There is a site named where you can order a paid review of
your product/offer/service on your selected blog in your niche.The blogs are
ranked according to their scores from Alexa,Technorati and the number of RSS
The amount you need to pay depends on the amount of traffic,no.of RSS
subscribers,link popularity and the main theme of the blog.
Once you pay the fees,the blogger will write a review post about your
product/offer/service and it’ll bring you targeted traffic for years to come.
ow you don’t have to do anything with this site for now.What I wanted to
illustrate is that you can get a review post done for your CPA offers in the
same way…You can get your offers reviewed by authority blogs in any niche
by offering a cut of the profits.
It is a proven fact that posts on the homepage get the most amounts of traffic and
getting your CPA offer reviewed on the homepage of a few popular blogs in your
niche virtually guarantees that you’ll make a few thousand dollars a month in CPA
iv)Thank You Pages:
The fourth best way to siphon traffic from popular blogs is to get your CPA offer
link(or banner) placed in their “thank you” pages.
During my research,I have found that more than 80% of the blogs carry a
subscription form to build their mailing lists by offering a free report or e-course or
I have also found that most of them don’t have anything to monetize their “thank
you” pages (where the visitors are re-directed after confirming their subscriptions)
and are thus leaving thousands of dollars on table.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Just look at the screenshots below:
The site above promotes several products in their “Thank You” page and you can
get your CPA offers promoted in the same way.Just ask your partners to use your
links and banners to monetize this space.
iv)Side Banners and Links:
The fifth best way is to get your CPA banners placed in the side of the blogs.Most
of the blogs carry advertising space in the right hand side.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Both medium sized banners and skyscrapers(big vertical banners) can be easily
placed in the sideways.Many of the CPA offers provide such banners to their
affiliates…Otherwise you can just hire a freelancer to create a couple of custom
banners for you.
v)Links At Appropriate Places In The Posts:
Having your CPA links embedded (hyperlinks) in the blog posts can bring you
some of the most targeted traffic.
Just see the screenshot below to learn how to use this kind of advertising:
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
First, the word “network” has been highlighted and a hyperlink has been embedded
beneath it.
Once your mouse hovers over this word,a pop up ad will appear like this:
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Many bloggers are already using hyperlinking and sliders ads to generate extra
revenue from their blogs and a little bit persuasion on your part will easily
convince them to use your CPA links instead of ads from banner networks.
vi)Links and Banners In the Starting Of The Post:
vii)Links/banners In Between The Posts:
Another great place to advertise your links is the space between two posts.Most of
the bloggers place Adsense links and banners in this space.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Just convince them to place your CPA links and banners instead and see your
commissions going through the roof.
viii)At The Bottom Of The Page:
Many blogs have just one post per page,some have 5 and others may have 10 posts
per page.
If you take a look at any blog,you’ll notice that most of them have links/banner ads
at the bottom of every page.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Now what you have to is persuade your partner to replace his low paying,existing
ads with your CPA offer links/banners…In order to maximize the profits,you can
also suggest them to end their posts in such a way that the readers are motivated to
click on the links/banners.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
4)Track The Stats and Let Your Partners See
Tracking and detailed stats are crucial both for you and your JV partners.Accurate
tracking is almost compulsory if you want to work with multiple partners and build
a five or six figures business.
Proper tracking will allow you to focus on the channels that generate you best
conversions and highest amount of profits, and it’ll go a long way in increasing
your credibility and infuse a sense of loyalty and belonging in your partners.
There are three ways to track the stats and allow your JV partners to see their
i)Use HasOffers Software:
This tool is used by most of the CPA networks and is probably the most
sophisticated affiliate tracking software available in the market.
Now I am not going to tell you to create a CPA network but you are going to use it
to track your JV partners stats(and allow them to see their stats as well) in a
detailed manner.
HasOffers has a one month FREE trial so can avail this facility(and see it’s
effectiveness) for full 30 days without paying a dime.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
In order to start using this software,click on the “Start Now” button and create your
Once your account set up is complete,you’ll be able to log in,create your offers(just
a simple description of the CPA offer that you are going to promote) and provide
the URL where you want the traffic to be sent(your CPA affiliate link)…Now your
partners will be able to sign up as your publishers and get their affiliate links.
This system will also allow you to let your partners refer other bloggers as their
sub-affiliates and grow your income virally without any effort on your part(I’ll be
discussing this thing in the coming pages).
ii)Get A JV Account From Your Affiliate Manager
and Use Domain Re-direct:
If you don’t want to use HasOffers,just ask your affiliate manager to setup a new
account just for this purpose so that your JV partner can check the stats without
having access to your main affiliate account.
Just be sure to not include any real personal information in your JV account.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
With regards to your affiliate link,I would advise you to use domain re-direct.You
can purchase a .info domain for that purpose.
Below is how to set up a domain re-direct…
1)Register your domain(you can use a cheap .info domain for this purpose)
2)Host it at .Use the coupon code “1CentCheapHosting”
(without quotes) to get your first month for $0.01
3)Login to your Cpanel at:
4)Once you are inside,click on the “Redirects” link under the “Domains” headline
5)In the next page,you’ll be filling up your re-direction specifics.
Fill in your domain name and your CPA affiliate URL in the boxes as shown and
hit the “add” button
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
iii)Use An URL Shortener:
The third and probably the easiest way is to use an URL shortening service like
bit.y or Tinyurl…Besides shortening and cloaking your affiliate links, will
allow you and your partners to see the stats.
Whenever you use,I would advise you to customize your links in such a
way that they appeal to your target audience.
For example,when I shorten a random link via this service,it generates
a link like this:
Now this is a generic link and doesn’t carry any special appeal.
There is an option of creating a custom “alias” for your link.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
This option will allow me to create a custom alias like “MakeMoneyFast”.It’ll
require you to sign up(which is free).Once you are signed in,you’ll be to create
custom aliases and track your stats.
You should always create custom aliases in such a way that they match and appeal
to your target audience.For example,if you are creating an alias for an offer related
to weight loss niche,your link should look something like :
I would advise you to create one separate account for each partner so
that both you and they can see their individual detailed stats.
There is a link named “info page”,click on it and you’ll be able to see the stats
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
What Offers To Promote:
Whenever you apply this method,I would advise you to stick to the offers in same
niche(the niche to whom your partners belong).For example,if you intend to JV
with blog owners in “Relationships” niche,dating related offer will yield you the
maximum amount of profits.
However in some cases(like in case of celebrity blogs or music blogs),you can
promote any e-mail/zip submit offer with broad appeal.Ringtone offers will also
work very well with this kind of audience.
Also,as the traffic will be very targeted,you should test all kind of offers(e-mail/zip
submits,short form submits,long forms and free trials etc) to find the one that
generates you the best ROI.You can determine this with the traffic from just one
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
The “Loyalty Booster” Technique:How To Make AT
LEAST 300% More Money From Same umber Of
JV Partners
If you ask any successful internet marketer,he’ll tell you that more than 50% of his
income comes from his existing customers/clients…If you don’t create recurring
income streams from your existing customers,you’ll be spending tons of
money/time in finding new customers and you may not be able to build a
reliable,consistent income that let you get rid of your day job.
The same applies (to a lot extent) with the above mentioned method too…Your
aim should be to build long term relationships …money will follow automatically.
When you apply this method,be sure to pay your partners their share as soon as
you get the commissions…These guys will make you money for a long time as you
can find multiple offers to promote to their visitors.
For example,if your partner has a blog related to “dating”,you can promote
multiple dating related offers to the same prospects.Also,other broad appeal CPA
offers related to “health &beauty”, “ringtones”, “biz opportunity” and many “email/
zip submits” and “short survey” offers will do well with this audience.
Everytime you make a few hundred dollars from the efforts of your partner,I
would advise you to give him at least $100 as bonus ,besides his 50% of the
profits…This will go a long way in strengthening your relationship and they’ll
be more than happy to promote multiple offers from you….In that way,you’ll
make a consistent income without having to search for new partners every
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
Put The System On Autopilot and Let Others Grow
Your Income For You
The HasOffers software has a very powerful viral feature that will allow your
partners to refer their friends as their sub-affiliates(for 5-10% of lifetime
commission on their 2nd tier affiliates).
Most of the reputed bloggers are well connected with other influential bloggers in
their niche and just a little incentive will be sufficient to provide you dozens of
mighty affiliates,without any effort on your part.
As soon as you pay any partner for the first time,tell him that he’ll receive 5-
10%(whichever you feel comfortable with) cash bonus on any money earned by
the affiliates referred by him…This much incentive will enough to get you 5-10
more affiliates for the one you get from your own efforts.
All the major CPA networks have used the “two-tier” commission structure to
build a force of tens of thousands of devoted affiliates and you can use the same
trick to grow a five figure a month business in no time.
Re-invest A Portion Of Your Profits and Grow a Six
Figure A Month Business…
Finally I would advise you to re-invest a portion of your profits to buy advertising
in high traffic sites…
This strategy has two advantages:
1)first you’ll not have to persuade anyone to send you traffic for a cut of the
2)In most of the cases,you’ll find that buying traffic is much more profitable
strategy than sharing at least 50% of your profits with someone.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
For example,you JV with a person who can send you 1,000 leads with a single
mailing to his subscribers…Now these leads are worth $6,000 in CPA
commission.So your share will be $3,000.
What if you purchase a solo mailing to the same list for just $500?….In this
case,you’ll make a cool $5,500.
So as soon as you have made enough money to fulfill your needs, I would advise
you to re-invest a portion of your profits back in your business and make more
money by simply buying solo mailings in high readership newsletters and
advertising space in high traffic blogs.
That’s all…ow you have all the information to make hundreds (even
thousands) of dollars a day in CPA commissions for very little work…Your
job is literally reduced to just copy-pasting.
This is probably the easiest and most powerful moneymaking method I have
created till date and the scale up potential is almost infinite.With millions of high
traffic blogs online,this method alone can make you a five figure income per
ow if you liked this guide,you may also want to get my Complete CPA
Domination(Twitter Cash Avalanche) guide too.
This guide will allow you to take huge leverage from the massive traffic power of
Twitter to make $1,000-$2,000 Per day with CPA,with just a few minutes of work
a day.
You can get this guide from the link below:
Complete CPA Domination(Twitter Cash Avalanche)
Also,I would like to remind you that the “CPA Cash Avalanche” WSO will be
live on Tuesday next week(20th December)) at 11:30 AM EST…This system is
even MORE POTET than the one you just read and will allow you to build a
$50,000-$100,000 A Month CPA empire,starting with zero money.
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan
So for now,enjoy these two guides,implement the methods and make some easy
money…Then grab your copy of the “CPA Cash Avalanche” as soon as the WSO
is live(there are only a limited no. of copies and the price will be increasing after
every sale) and build a SEVEN FIGURE CPA empire with minimal effort.
To Your Success,
Vivek arayan
Complete CPA Domination By:Vivek Narayan

Simple Profit Formula

Free CPA Training
Free CPA Training Seating Is Limited
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Table Of Contents
The Offer
The Offer Setup
Review Landing Page
Traffic Sources
FREE Traffic Source #1
FREE Traffic Source #2
Paid Traffic Source #1
Paid Traffic Source #2
Paid Traffic Source #3
Free CPA Training
Thanks for picking up Simple Profit System. If this is your
first time getting a product from me then Welcome. If you
are returning Welcome back.
I like to get right into the action, and not spend too much
time on myself.
But if you have to know, here is the quick version.
Started online in 1997 and have been full time making
money from the internet. I have a family to support over
those years and it wasn’t always easy.
I had to try, and try, and try, a lot of stuff to see what
works. And now I am hear to give you all I know.
These are the same strategies I used today, and have
perfected over the years.
See, now that was short, right?
Ok let’s get right into the action. But I want to just talk
with you for a second. Again really quick because it’s
Free CPA Training
I will show you a few offers that you can promote from
“one” CPA network. I’m not in control of these networks
so I can’t guarantee you will be accepted. So if you’re not
accepted to the network I use, don’t get frustrated. Some
networks like you, some don’t. Just don’t take it
But the Good News…
… is there are close to 300 good networks that you can
apply. And I will guarantee one of those will be a match
for you.
And also the Great News…
There are over 41,000 offers you can chose from and
make money off.
The Offer
If you have picked up any of my others trainings you know
I want you to stick to 4 of the top niches for maximum
Free CPA Training
Dating is one of the top 4 niches that has the most buyers
and that means you can make the most money.
I’m going to show you 3 different offers that I put onto a
review site. I have found that when people are presented
with different choices they are more likely to chose “one”,
instead of nothing.
This means that if 3 offers are on a page, they will get
clicked on at a higher percentage than if you have one
leadpage with only one offer.
You give options, A, B, or C. Give the visitor options.
Dating is crazy huge and there are so many sub niches
that it’s almost scary the amount of money you can make.
Christian Singles, Singles over 50, Senior Dating, Dating
for Golfers, Fitness Dating, Hookups, Flirt Buddies, Black
People Dating, Asian Dating,
Etc, Etc….
You get the point. The sub niches are huge.
And, And…
Free CPA Training
The Traffic to dating sites is Huge. There are way more
people looking for dating online then there is marketers
like you and I who can supply that demand.
The offer I use are from the CPA network, CPA
Prosperity. They have some really niche offers.
Visit CPA Prosperity Here
If you can’t get accepted into CPAprosperity then you will
have to search for another Network.
Let’s find some dating offers
Go to offervault
Click on Advanced Search
Choose Dating, United States, Lead, and max $10
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26 Offers come up. These are the offers to choose from.
Under $10 are easier to convert because they are always
free for the user to signup. But you still get paid for the
Choose a Network, apply, and then start collecting urls to
add to your landing page.
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The Offer Setup
I’m going to show you the setup using CPAProsperity and
there offers. If you have another CPA network just apply
what I am going to show you using similar dating offers
that are in your network.
Search and find these 3 offers
(2004) Flirtbuddies DOI
(2655) Desktop
(2220) IHeartBreaker DOI
When you find the offers click on the link. A window will
open up and ask you the traffic source. From the drop
down click on PPC
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Next you will have to wait for your account manager to
approve the offers. It wouldn’t hurt to reach out to your
account manager and let them know you need to get
these offers approved.
Once the offer is approved click on the link and get the
links to add to your landing page.
Click on creatives, then copy the link inside.
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You should have 3 links from 3 different offers. Also if
you can find the link that leads directly to the join page.
Your conversion will increase if you can go straight to the
join page.
Review Landing Page
Now I want to show you the landing page I use and how
you can setup your own. If you are not able to setup your
own landing page, here are 2 sites that you can get
programmers to build a site for you.
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Upwork will give you some great programmers to help
build you a review site.
Here is how you want your review site to look like. And I
will explain everything on here.
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*** Do you want this exact same landing page so you
don’t have to hire a programmer to make it for you?
Click here and you will be able to download the exact
page, plus the 5 articles.
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The next chapter I will talk about driving traffic to this
review site. But first let me break down each section.
I have a section for articles. This is the part the search
engines love. Plus this helps when buying advertising
space on Google and Facebook. It shows that you have
real content.
You can get programmers from upwork to create some
unique content to put on your review site.
*** How would you like a package of over 200 PLR dating
articles to add to your review site?
Click here to get ready to go articles that will give your
review site some fresh dating articles. Then you don’t
have to hire a copywriter to write them for you.
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Under the articles I have “Dating Sites’. These links will
rotate between the 3 different offers.
The top banner is 468X68 size and can also rotate
between the 2 different offers.
The main section is the most important. What this does is
give the visitor a choice between the 3 different offers.
When people have a choice they are more likely to take
Free CPA Training
These are just the 3 dating offers I use and they work
great. You can pick them or use any, but the important
thing is to have choices.
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People love review sites because they feel like someone
else has put in all the work for them. So they can just click
on the offers and take action. Then you get paid.
If you don’t want to create this landing page yourself, or
hire out a programmer. You can click here to get this
exact same landing page ready to go.
Traffic Sources
Driving massive amounts of quality traffic to your landing
is really the easy part. The hard part is converting the
traffic into leads so you get paid. But I have already laid
out a winning landing page that converts.
So now all we have to do is talk about traffic sources.
You only have 2 options when it comes to traffic. Buy
traffic, (easy and fast way) and Free Traffic (slow and hard
Either way works. It’s just up to you if you have the
patience or time to work on free traffic.
But I will talk about both. Let’s talk free traffic first.
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With dating sites you have a few options, but first I want to
show you a stat on one of the CPA offers you will be
This is who is going to the website
You should notice that 95% of the traffic is Men. So when
you are working on free traffic sources, and paid, you
need to be targeting MEN. I’m a man, and I have no
problem doing what is takes to attract Men to an offer. I
want to get paid and so should you. And my wife does not
care how I attract Men to an offer also.
Ok, now that I got that off my chest. 🙂
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FREE Traffic Source #1
First option for free traffic. Set Up an instagram account
as a female. Female picture and female name.
Remember you trying to attract men and using Free
If you don’t like these methods then just pay for the traffic.
Once you have your instagram account setup put your
landing page link inside your Bio. Now go out and ONLY
follow men. Once you start following men, try and follow
about 300 new users per day.
Everyday you can post photos of hot girls. NO NUDE,
just pretty girls. You can even call your instagram
username something like, “hotcaliforniagirls”
“beachbikinigirls”. Anything to attract MEN. Why
because men are the target audience.
You could build up a pretty big follower base if you are
posting everyday and following new MEN.
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I know you may be asking how do I get photos of hot girls.
Go to google image and search.
FREE Traffic Source #2
Ok so using an instagram account with a female photo is
not your thing. Well then become an expert in the dating
Go to youtube and post a video each day, you talking into
the camera. Give tips, and strategies on how men can
find dates online.
Inside the description of your video put the link to your
landing page. Create one video every day until you have
a massive flood of traffic.
Are you thinking to yourself “1 new video a day what? that
is crazy” Well to get a flood of free traffic you have to put
out a massive amount of content.
Instagram and Youtube are the 2 biggest places to get
free traffic. I wouldn’t waste my time with facebook.
Facebook has closed down the free traffic sources and
squeezing everyone into a pay model.
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Paid Traffic Source #1
If you want to get to the people who are actively looking
for dating related stuff online the #1 place is to find them
on search engines. Search engines like Google and
Bing are the sources people all over the world a going to,
to find stuff.
So naturally you can put a small “advertisement” next to
the search with your offer. And since your review landing
page has articles, well the search engines love websites
with content.
I feel that Google is way overpriced, so next will be Bing.
You can sign up for a FREE bing account here
Once you are inside the bing admin area it’s time to pick
some keywords and place your ad.
I could spend the next 5 pages going through in detail on
how to setup a bing campaign. But the best way to learn,
is just get in and set up a new campaign.
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Send your traffic to your review landing page, and make
sure the keywords are dating related.
Keep trying new combination of things until you find a
When you find the right Title, Description, and Keywords
all of it will come together and give you a nice return on
your investment.
Paid Traffic Source #2
My next favorite traffic source is going to be Facebook
Ads. Now you might be thinking that I just said NO to
Facebook. Yes I did, but that was to try and generate
Free traffic.
Paid traffic on Facebook for Dating offers is the Money!!
Facebook is the only advertising platform that lets you
target specific groups, like MEN!
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When you setup a campaign inside facebook. Start with
MEN only, duh, I know. Next you can segment out 3040
year old men. Or 4050
year old men who only live in the
state of California.
Use the News Feed ads and not the sidebar ads. News
feed ads work better.
Choose Desktop only, No Mobile, unless your landing
page is Mobile ready. And use the photos that Facebook
has in their stock image library. A good looking female
could work great in the ad.
Same rules apply here. Keep trying new things until you
get the right combination to work. Once it works then just
increase your ad spend.
Paid Traffic Source #3
My third best and could be #1 paid traffic source will be
This advertising platform really rocks it. You can target
specific website to place banners on.
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Here is an example of a website you could put your dating
banner on.
25 million impression available. That is a huge amount of
people to get your offer in front of.
This website is so simple. Pick the banner size and
placement. Upload your banner with link and you’re good
to go.
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This is all you need to be up and running and have a
profitable CPA campaign.
Find dating offers that convert. Usually under $10 is the
sweet spot. Those offers are always free to the end user,
but you get paid for the lead.
Set Up a review website to give your traffic some options.
With options people are more likely to click and take
Add some articles to your review site then start sending
quality traffic. The search engines will love your site for
the fresh content you provide. The advertising website
will also love your review site because it gives value to the
end user.
If you need a programmer to help with this setup then use
upwork or fiverr . Both have some really good people who
can help you out.
So take action on what you learned. Keep trying stuff until
you get the sweet spot of becoming profitable.
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To Your Future Success
Tyler Pratt
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