Mobile CPA Dominator

Mobile CPA Dominator

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Mobile CPA Dominator
Table Of Contents
10,000 Foot View
Join The CPA Network
A Good Offer
Mobile Traffic Source
The Callback
First Campaign
The Planner
Split Test
Mobile CPA Dominator
Hi, Tyler here and I want to welcome you. If this is your
first time with one of my products then welcome. If you
have picked up a report from me before, then welcome
I really like to cut all the fluff and stuff and get right to
business. But I wanted to just share some things about
what you will get from this report first.
This is all about CPA offers and using Mobile as the traffic
source. Combine these 2 and you have a lethal profit
machine banking you cash daily.
If there is anything I want to stress to you, it’s this.
Marketing online is very simple and the formula is this.
Targeted Traffic + Conversions = Money
I want you to make Big Time Money. That really is the
end goal for all of us. And this report will give you just
A tool you can use to make more money online.
Mobile CPA Dominator
So in the report I will show you Targeted Traffic and how
to Convert that traffic. And so when you know how to do
both, then you can make profits day and night.
I shouldn’t have to spend too much time explaining to you
that Mobile traffic is HUGE. Just take a moment and think
about all the people who have cell phones. And they
don’t have to all be smart phones. Even dumb phones
you can make money.
The numbers are ridiculous when you step back and think
about it. The good thing about Mobile is there is so much
traffic and it’s dirt cheap. And more people are doing stuff
on there mobile phones than on the computer.
Ok let’s continue.. But before we do. I want you to
understand that some of this stuff may be hard to
understand. And that is OK, only because it’s new.
Anything new will be difficult. So I want you to not be
afraid to try things, if it does not work, then change it up a
bit until it works.
I will do my best to give you the Newbie a very simple step
by step plan.
Mobile CPA Dominator
But you have to know that it may not work perfectly as I
describe it. That’s because you have different levels of
technical knowledge than me. So don’t get frustrated or
upset. Just keep working until all the pieces fall into place.
I know you are going to be great!
Now let’s move forward and upward.
10,000 Foot View
This is what I call the sky view. Or a look from above. It’s
important to see a visual of how this simple process
Mobile CPA Dominator
Advertiser This
is the company or person who creates
the offer. The advertiser is responsible for creating the
landing page, and converting the lead into more money.
Affiliate Network This
is the company that is the middle
man between the Advertiser and You. They handle all the
traffic flow. The network is responsible for making sure
you get accurate stats and get paid. The advertiser will
pay the affiliate network, and the network will pay out.
This way you know for sure you are dealing with a
company who has lots of cash and will always pay.
You It’s
your responsibility to find the traffic and drive it to
the offers. When you find targeted traffic you send that to
the Advertisers offer. The network tracks everything for
you. And the advertiser will make sure you get the best
possible conversion.
Ad Network This
is a company that has all the traffic.
They are responsible for finding the best places to get the
best traffic. You can go with a good network and know for
sure you are going to get high quality traffic to any Mobile
Mobile CPA Dominator
Mobile User This
person is the one who downloaded an
app to there phone. Inside the app will be banners. When
a user clicks on the banners and perform an action.
Usually it’s giving away their email address. Then you
make money.
3 Steps to make this all work!
Step 1: Find A Great Offer I
will help you pick out a
Step 2: Get Traffic For
this system to work you have
buy media mobile traffic. I will help you get that in a bit.
Step 3: Optimize Change,
Tweak, Just keep trying new
things to optimize your campaigns for max profit.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Join The CPA Network
Great News!! I’m going to show you a CPA network that
anyone can join. Yes you will be in the system in the next
10 minutes.
The Best mobile Network at this time is MobPartner. The
system is so easy and they offer a huge range of offers
that cover the entire world.
Go Here and register at Mobpartner
When you register make sure to put real information. If
you put in fake info then you will spend all this time and
your account will eventually get shut down.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Everything is easy to fill out. Under account type click
Once inside go to traffic sources and create a new traffic
source. Choose Buzzcity as the source.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Next is to create a new pool. Name it Buzzcity and All
That is it for joining and getting the first part setup inside
your CPA Network Mobpartner.
Next will will go over the Offer and setting up your first
A Good Offer
Finding a good offer for Mobile CPA is huge. And the good
news is I will give you one of the best converting offers.
First click on campaigns.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Next I want you to find the keywords and enter this inside.
When Mozook offer comes up click on the subscribe
Then wait a few hours and it will be ready to promote.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Mobile Traffic Source
The next step is getting Targeted Traffic. And the best
source for Mobile CPA traffic is buzzcity.
Same process here. Give them all your real information.
Register Here
The part that asked “I wish to signup as a” check
After you get inside your account, the first thing you want
to do is fund it. Start off with $20.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click on the link next to Ad Credits Balance. Then Click
on “Top Up Now”
You will have to wait a bit for them to verify a new account
and new purchase. But after that it will take a lot less
There, now you have an account with Buzzcity and its
funded ready to setup your first campaign.
Mobile CPA Dominator
The Callback
Let’s setup a call back from buzzcity to Mobpartner. This
just lets these 2 websites talk to each other about your
campaign. This way you can see what is converting.
Click on Advertiser on top and then Settings
Next click “Enable Clickcode” and Clickcode for CPA
networks. The first one that comes up is MobPartner
Mobile CPA Dominator
Put a check market in for your email and then hit “Submit”
Now got back into your Mobpartner Account. We will
setup the callback url.
Stay with me, this is easy and its necessary.
Click on “Traffic Sources” and Call back url
Click on Get the Buzzcity Callback URL, Enter in your
Buzzcity Partner ID
Mobile CPA Dominator
Ener both Partner Id and Hash into Mobpartner area
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click on Generate UR
Copy and paste the url into the left area. Turn on
“Advanced Mode” Copy the generated url in the “When
the transaction is created”
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click Save Configuration
Now you’re all set for the Call back between mobpartner
and buzzcity.
First Campaign
Your first campaign will be inside Buzzcity. There you will
send Mobile traffic to your Mozook offer inside Mobpartner
First click on “My Campaigns” then “Create a New
Setup your campaign with a daily budget of $5. You can
scale up later.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Now Go back to Mobparter and search under campaigns
for Mozook. When it comes up then click on the “Promote
it” link. We need to get the banners that will be inserted
into buzzcity.
I haven’t talked about the country yet but I want you to
choose India for the creatives
Mobile CPA Dominator
Download the right banner sizes and then upload them to
Buzzcity will fill in some of the other spots. If the banner
doesn’t look right then upload the exact size.
Next is the target url
Mobile CPA Dominator
Expand the countries and find India under Asia. Put in
Mobile CPA Dominator
Next is the Device. Select Platforms and choose Android
and Exclude Proxiedbrowser
Mobile CPA Dominator
Next select all channels except Adult, NO ADULT Traffic
to this offer
Mobile CPA Dominator
Hit submit and your campaign will be finished. Now just
wait for Buzzcity to approve the campaign.
The Planner
At this point you have your first campaign up and running.
I could just end this and say scale up from here. But I feel
I need to expand on that.
If you want to make the big bucks. You’re going to have to
spend money. As you make money you need to reinvest
your profits into more traffic.
You have 2 options. You can find other offers and repeat
the process of setting up a campaign. Or you can take
this one campaign and fine tune it until its profitable.
Mobile CPA Dominator
I think you can figure out how to find a new offer inside
mob partners and add it to buzz city. But let me show you
some tools you can use that will help you make the
Mozook offer profitable.
Go to the front page of buzzcity then scroll down until you
see “Campaign Planner”
Click View Planner. Inside you will see a map of the
world. Here you can zone in on what each country is
doing. I picked Iran because it is NOT one of the Big ..
USA, Canada, UK, countries. Iran has a lot of traffic
inside of buzzcity.
Mobile CPA Dominator
But what if your campaign is not producing profits like you
want? What can you do? Start buying traffic from
another country.
Don’t just get stuck on one country, you may find another
one that will give you a better return.
Lets click on India, you can see that county has a ton of
traffic. And very cheap.
Next click on “More Info”
This information is a goldmine. Remember how I had
you click only Android? Well I got that from here.
Click on Platform/OS, Android Kills it.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click on Handset Model. You will see that Samsung is the
So with this data you can adjust your settings inside of
Buzzcity to only target specific Mobile Phones.
See the Power in this? Target it down and you can make
a killing.
Again if India is not producing results then pick another
country and adjust the Mobile Phone specks.
Mobile CPA Dominator
Split Test
The last part I want to cover is split testing. What you are
going to do is split test different banners to see which one
is pulling in all the conversions.
How you split test is to setup different campaigns for
different banners and see the ones that pull in the most
At the end of our URL you can add in anything you want.
Add in banner 1, banner 2, etc…
Mobile CPA Dominator
Click on Clone and you make duplicate of the first
campaign. The just change the banners and the end or
your link and hit submit.
You will see the stats inside of your mobpartner account
that shows the banner that is converting.
Then just play around with the devices, country, operating
system. Find that sweet spot from all the data you collect
from the planner page.
Ok so I said in the beginning that if this is new then it
might come across as difficult. But it’s not.
Just follow everything I have laid out for you. Then
everyday adjust until you make is profitable.
You’re not going to hit a homerun the first time you buy
media traffic and send it to your offers. But as you see
Mobile CPA Dominator
what is working and dump what is not, then you will have
massive success.
To Your Future Success
Tyler Pratt
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Mobile CPA Dominator

Make Money Using CB

Clickbank Affiliate Sales 2015
Note: This e-book is short but very powerful.
Please do not limit the power of this e-book due to its page length.
Hi, and welcome to Clickbank Affiliate Sales 2015. You have just made an excellent decision on
making large amounts of money promoting just 2 Clickbank Vendors just like I do everyday which
earns me over $100,000 year after year.
Lets Get Started
Regardless of your experience on making money on the internet you have no worries as I am going to
show you exactly what I do step by step that earns me over $100,000 yearly just promoting two
Clickbank Power Vendors Online!
I am not going to sit around and give a bunch of unnecessary information just to make you think you
are getting your monies worth out of my E-book. I have been Self Employed since joining Clickbank
in 2002 as an Affiliate and I have probably read more money making E-books then the average person
on the internet.
I have even purchased some of the Most Popular Money Making and Marketing courses that I received
by mail that actually had some good information, but did not have all of the Meat and Potatoes if you
know what I mean. But I did get pieces here and there in order for me to by successful online.
OK, let’s make it HAPPEN! If you are not already a clickbank affiliate, please go to this link to create
an account and a clickbank nickname: Click Here – Clickbank Affiliate Account please
complete this step before you continue.
Now, if you already have a clickbank affiliate account or just created one, it’s time for you to jump on
my back and get ready for the ride.
Remember, regardless of what goes on I am going to by here to give you one on one VIP Support until
I have you making money within your Clickbank Account. I Love Helping People and I want you to
succeed. I am going to give you my 13 years knowledge of making money on the internet. Even if you
have some other opportunities going on in your life, feel free to ask me anything and I will give you my
knowledge from my money making experience online and off. Just call me Your Coach for Life!
It’s time for me to reveal my Top 2 Clickbank Vendors who I promote daily that makes me over
$100,000.00 yearly and where I promote them, and what system I have put together to make it work.
Then you can learn it and do the same thing and make good money online within your clickbank
affiliate account.
Clickbank Power Vendor Seller #1:
Clickbank Power Vendor Seller #2:
Now that you know what two Clickbank Vendors I promote as an Affiliate, it’s time for you to duplicate
my system. OK, I am going to make this simple, so beginners can follow my system. I am going to lay
everything out in steps so it makes it easier for you to follow.
Let the Steps Begin:
Step 1: When promoting my Top 2 Vendors I like to Cloak my affiliate link. For those who are not
familiar with cloaking your affiliate link, it is when you take for example a clickbank affiliate vendor
link of: and instead of promoting your affiliate link let’s
say in a text ad, you promote your domain you own like for example:
So, instead of promoting your clickank affiliate link in a text ad, you promote your which will be directed to your clickbank affiliate link.
Let me give you two ad examples below to make it clearer for you.
Ad #1:
Get Paid To Take Pictures
Earn $300 Daily – Non Cloaked Affiliate Link
Ad #2:
Get Paid To Take Pictures
Earn $300 Daily – Cloak Affiliate Link
I personally cloak my clickbank affiliate links to hide my affiliate link as I think it looks more
professional. So when someone clicks on my example site of: they actually will
be directed to my clickbank affiliate like of:
Also, when promoting the Clickbank Power Vendor Seller #1:
I would purchase a domain name similar to the site I am promoting.
Example: Here is a one of my personal domains I use to promote Clickbank Power
Vendor Seller #1: If you click on my site you will see that it directs to
my affiliate link. http://getpaidtakingpictures.c om/special-discount.php?hop= 1cbsales which you will
see my clickbank nickname of 1cbsales in the link above which I have highlighted for you in Yellow.
Now, you don’t have to cloak your affiliate like I have done in order to make money. I do it because
from my testing, I actually make more money because when placing the ads I am going to show you, if
people believe you are an affiliate of the site you are promoting, a lot of people will move on because
of not wanting you to make money off their purchase which I think is SAD!
If you want to Cloak you affiliate link just like I do, you have two choices. First, you will need to
purchase your own web hosting and domain name. I highly suggest you obtain your domain name and
web hosting from the same company I use at this link: you can just
sign up with the Baby Package and be sure to purchase a domain name also.
Remember, when purchasing a domain name, you will need to make it similar to My Top 2 Clickbank
Power Vendor Sellers Sites you are promoting below.
Clickbank Vendor #1 Site: – My Domain:
Clickbank Vendor #2 Site: – My Domain
When you purchase a domain name or two, just make sure you make it similar to the two Clickbank
Vendor site you are promoting. Then when you have completed obtaining your domain name and web
hosting account you will just need to send me the complete ftp log in information the company will
send, your domain name(s), your clickbank nickname and I will cloak your domain name(s) for you
and have you ready to start promoting.
Step 2: The second option you may want to do is just obtain a domain name from
Once you have done this, you can pay me a one time fee of $25 at this link:
and I cloak your domain name and also host your domain name for one year.
If you don’t want to do either of the Two Steps Above, you can just use your affiliate links below.
Step 3: If you don’t use either Step 1 or 2 for your domain name setup.
To Promote Vendor #1 Site:
This will be your Clickbank Affiliate Link:
Just replace the “YourCBNickName” with your clickbank nickname.
To Promote Vendor #2 Site:
This will be your Clickbank Affiliate Link:
Just replace the “YourCBNickName” with your clickbank nickname.
Let’s Continue:
At this point, you will need to have decided if you are going to use a domain name to cloak your
affiliate link or just use your direct affiliate link to place your ads.
Important: If you have decided to purchase a domain name, you need to submit it to the search engines.
There are some free search engine submission tools on the internet. But, if you want to get your
domain in all the search engines fast and receive free search engine traffic, you can obtain the service at
this link
Now that we have all of that out that way, it’s time for me to show you the exact places I use to market
My Top 2 Clickbank Vendors that earn me over $100,000 yearly.
Note: I will show you where I market Free Ads and Paid Ads. If you don’t have any marketing money
don’t worry as you will make money from the Free Advertising. Then if you want to Earn Larger
Profits, You can take your earnings from your free marketing and place some paid ads to Make More
Let’s now get started with the places I market my Top 2 Clickbank Vendors for FREE!
Below are the Free Sites I use to Advertise My Two Affiliate Links
1. – Not Accepting Cloaked Domains – Just use your
normal affiliate clickbank. Example:
2. – Note: Change Category to Business Opportunities
3. s – Note: Select Your Country, State, City, Post to Classifieds.
what type of posting is this: gig offered (I’m hiring for a short-term, small or odd job), have a
service to offer, financial services – Then Place Your Ad.
4. – Register free account.
Log-in at – Click on Post Ad at the top of pages. Fill out information
and place ad in “Business Opportunities”.
5. – Repeat the Process at #4 Above.
Paid Ads where I advertise My Top 2 Affiliate Links
1. Visit: – Premium Package – Great Traffic for
only $9.99 monthly. Well worth the monthly price.
2. Visit: – Place in Category – Business & Industrial – Internet
Businesses & Websites for Sale
3. Visit: – Amazon is an Internet Traffic Boss! – To truly learn how to
sell on Amazon Kindle You Should Visit the link below where I have learned some
Amazing Secrets which I have to tell you, It is Well Worth It!
4. Last But Not Least! – Crazy Google Search Engine Web Traffic!
Visit: – In order to benefit from this service,
you will have had or have to obtain a domain name and web hosting from this link: or obtain a domain name from Once you have done this, you can pay me a one time fee of $25
at this link: or you can send $25 by PayPal to and I cloak your domain name and also host your
domain name for one year.
Here are the Two Ads I Use in My Advertising for Both Clickbank Vendors I Promote
You Can Come up with Your Own Ad if you like
Note: You will see that I Cloak My Affiliate Link With My Own Domain Name
Make over $3,647 with Your Cell Phone
Upload pictures to Your Smart-Phone
Note: If you don’t have a domain name and web hosting account or just a domain name
to cloak your affiliate link, you will do your ad like below.
Make over $3,647 with Your Cell Phone
Upload pictures to Your Smart-Phone
Earn $3,460.25 In 24 Hours? (It’s Yours)
Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make!
Note: If you don’t have a domain name and web hosting account or just a domain name
to cloak your affiliate link, you will do your ad like below.
Earn $3,460.25 In 24 Hours? (It’s Yours)
Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make!
If you want to Cloak you affiliate link just like I do, you have two choices. First, you will need to
purchase your own web hosting and domain name. I highly suggest you obtain your domain name and
web hosting from the same company I use at this link: you can just
sign up with the Baby Package and be sure to purchase a domain name also.
The second option you may want to do is just obtain a domain name from Once
you have done this, you can pay me a one time fee of $25 at this link:
or you can send $25 by PayPal to: and I will cloak your domain name
and also host your domain name(s) for one year.
If you decide to use the cloaking domain name service for your clickbank affiliate link, just send me an
email at: and I will get you setup usually within 48 hours.
The Secrets above that you have just witnessed, is the exact system I use to earn over $100,000 yearly
with Clickbank as an Affiliate Promoting My Two Top Clickbank Vendors!
I wanted to make my system simple as possible without unnecessary content. In these days and times
people are very busy with either their families, work, school etc. So, I wanted to get straight to the
point to helping you make money just like me, in a short learning session.
Put my system to the test and see that you don’t go into your current employers office in time and tell
him or her, I QUIT! – Kiss My A** – Back Hand Slap! – Etc. You get my Point! LOL
Well, I will close it here. Remember, you will have Life Time VIP Service as I will be here to always
give you my 13 years of Money Making Knowledge on the Internet. If you have any questions or need
any advice on anything that you may be doing or come across on the internet, please feel free to send
me an email and I will Love to Help You!
When you email me, please address me by the “Mystery Man” thanks.
Mystery Man

Easy CPA System

Welcome to the Easy CPA Systemreport, and don’t be surprised if it is the
only one you need. You will find all the most important information within
these very pages. Not only will you pick up all the most necessary tips, you
will be guided through the archaic process of getting access to the largest
email lists, and collaborating with their owners – who will send out your
pitch. Of course, that pitch will be read by thousands and receive the most
genuine traffic.
You’ll realize how easy it is to truly make the most of your investment, and
you will be wondering why you did not find such a jewel sooner!
How are you supposed to set such a lucrative opportunity into motion?
Simple, you will need a CPA Affiliate Network account, an account with, only $150 to begin, and a domain name (This one is
not necessary, but is helpful).
This is how your earnings may look like
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
Let me introduce you is a major PPC Ad display and email PPC network; it
provides you with a multitude of ads to choose from, Banner Display Ads,
Full Page Interstitial Ads, Photo Text Ads, and the one we will be working
with, Email Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC).
There are many reasons to work with AdClickMedia, but the main reasons
revolves around the fact that through AdClickMedia, you will get plenty of
high quality traffic. Now, we’re not just saying they will provide you with
high quality traffic, we know it. Why? Because they have over 900 million
ad impressions, and 37 million email data records that we can get access to!
All of that is for rent, which will bring in more than enough traffic. Those
amazing numbers do not include the 18 million plus email records they
have in the Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet Marking niche – keep in
mind that is only one niche of the many to choose from.
Though, it gets even better, they have anywhere from 2,000 to over 50,000
publisher list sizes, the BIG Email Publishers lists escalates ranging from 1
million to 10 million list sizes. Overall, they have over 300 hundred email
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
publishers to choose from. This should be plenty to impact your CPA offer
With the ability to email out your own list or to rent one that someone else
has compiled, you will not find a higher quality traffic. But not only will
you rent their list, you can have them send out the email for your offer and
watch as the traffic piles on! That easy. You only have to lift a couple
fingers to make the magic happen.
Don’t forget that this is 100% opt-in Email Traffic, if it was possible to
reach 150% you could guarantee we would be giving you those numbers
too! However, this is the highest quality traffic, that you can get your hands
on, and don’t miss the imperative information found on “The Money Is In
The LIST” – We wouldn’t be surprised if you had read that prior to this
eBook, however, don’t take the information with a grain of salt, rather it is
the truth that will increase your traffic exponentially.
Moving on, we can now discuss one of the relatively higher quality traffic
strategies. Now, don’t think that increasing quality does not increase the
price tag, because all the best things are not free. Email Buys can be more
expensive in the beginning, but provide better quality traffic when
You can’t find many advertising networks that will provide you with all
their secret data, especially not for free. You cannot just waltz into an
advertising network and buy all their email data or rent their email lists for
your own offers. That would take away their advantage! They make money
from their own lists.
Even top marketers have their own email lists, which is of course their
pride. When they want to make an impact, they bring out their lists, and
recommend a product. They do not just send something out and see no
results, it works, and that is why everybody continue to use it. There is no
use in having a list that does not receive.
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
The big Publishers in AdClickMedia don’t take this lightly. They use the
sacredness of a list to their advantage. If the marketers were reckless about
their lists then no one would want to click on the offer that is provided, all
emails would be ignored. That is not what happens. When a marketer
releases an offer to their niche, it is taken seriously because there is a solid
relationship built between emailer and receiver.
Solo Ad providers have proven lists, much like Frank Kern, and that is why
we go to them to promote our offer. Solo Ad providers have made money
of their own lists so they know they work, and can sell them confidently.
AdClickMedia Email PPC does the same thing, but on a much larger scale,
meaning that they have so much more to offer than just a normal Solo Ad
provider. With tried and tested lists that have been built from the bottom up,
you could not expect better results, reliable enough for the people who
make them, they are reliable enough for you.
Now you can get excited as we
can start setting up your first
Below is a list of trusted and widely known CPA networks. If, you haven’t
joined some of them already, you can do it now.
 Neverblue
 Clickbooth
 Adscend Media
 W4
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
 ClickDealer
A few of the more common Niches that can be seen in the above
recommendations include; Biz Opp/ Make Money Online/ Internet
Marketing/ Forex/Binary, Insurance/Zip submits, Dating, Weight Loss/Diet,
and Online Educations. These are some of the more population niches that
you will find while searching through the publishers lists, but of course
these are not the only ones.
We also recommend going to CPA Review sites to make the most of the
available niches. You can have a look at OfferVault and –
there you will be able to explore all the CPA networks and niches that
would be the best for your offer. This will help you to get prepared when
you sign up for a particular CPA Network.
How to get accepted in the CPA
Have you heard that it is impossible to get into CPA Networks? That only
the truly dedicated can weasel their way in. But that is not true, it is easier
than it looks. You just have to answer the questions with the right mindset,
for instance
Do you have incentive offers on your website?
ALWAYS SAY NO! It’s just like for google adsense, you cannot
tell people to click on your ads. Though now we are seeing more
and more content locking CPA networks so in that case,
incentivizing offers would be OK (through offering guides or
other downloads).
Are you with any other affiliate companies?
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
The network is looking to see if you are new to CPA or if you
have experience. It’s best if you say you are apart of two or three
other ones. Choose whatever ones you’d like. This is to show you
have experience and that other networks have put trust in you.
There’s a sticky thread here that lists a whole bunch of them (the
network you are applying to will not check to make sure you are
apart of the ones you say you are).
What kind of offers are you interested in?
The network is looking to see what your niche is. If you’d
promote anything, just say you’re interested in promoting high
converting offers.
What is your internet experience?
The network is looking to see if you are a total newbie to CPA.
Even if you are it’s not that big of a deal. Just tell them how long
you have been interested in internet marketing (1+ years is ideal)
How did you hear about us?
This is more of a casual question. Just say their network was
recommended to you or that you searched for a good one in
Google and theirs came up
How do you get traffic?
Your response should be that you own an email list in a specified niche, and
that you do Email Marketing. Email marketers are a soft spot for the CPA
networks because email is one the best traffic sources, and the ad networks
drool over such credentials. Keep your answers honest, but remember the
audience that you are trying to reach and trying to convince with your
With this in place it will be no time before you have a strong relationship
established with the affiliate managers in the network. You will not be
disappointed when you build a relationship with the affiliate managers, this
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
is always a good tactic as you will make the higher payouts. Never forget
the importance of relationships in business.
Another Tip:
Don’t forget to follow up, this is a good relationship building technique that
will help you promote yourself within the network. Remembering to be
courteous and respectful is key, not only do you want to follow up and tell
them that you are happy to be a part of their network, but also that you are
available if they have any questions or concerns.
Another Tip:
Though this may not be the first idea that comes to mind, calling them is
also a fantastic way to set yourself aside from the crowd. When you want to
show that you are truly dedicated and serious about the position calling can
be a great way to accomplish exactly that.
Writing Email Copy That Converts
It will take a little work to master the art of writing Email Copy like a
professional, but with practice it will work out. Try to keep the email
creative, and remember that the copy will create the conversions because of
higher click rates.
Here is an example how an email copy should look
Subject: Facebook hack gets click for a penny!
Got a penny? Then that’s what you need to get serious
clicks for your facebook page
Time is of the essence so check it out asap:
—————————————————–Page 7—————————————————–
Facebook Hack To Drive Converting Traffic For Less
Than A Penny…
{Your link here}
Send serious amounts of Facebook traffic to affiliate
offers…or your own page.
Better yet! Offer this to your offline clients and
mark up the hell out of it.
Good email copies are short and sweet and to the point. They don’t take up
too much of the reader’s time, and they are engaging and interesting. The
above copy is also realistic, it does not promise outlandish dreams.
Each section is divided with links, with only short text between them. This
promotes action rather than passive reading, and there is no need for long
texts of explanation and persuasion. Then just opt-in for the CPA/CPL
offers and build your lists. (CPL means Cost Per Lead)
Don’t sell a product, free is always more appealing than putting a price on
something. Free CPA/CPL offers are a great starting point when considering
email marketing campaigns. Why? Because free provides a higher turnover
than products that require a purchase. People prefer and don’t mind free,
thus it acquires more converts and each convert will be $1.50 – $12 on most
The above example is applicable for anything in the following categories:
Biz Opp, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing and or Forex/Binary
—————————————————–Page 8—————————————————–
Email swipes should absolutely never be copied and pasted. What happens
if you are reaching the same people from a list, then they will know that one
is an exact replica of the other. It will be ignored, it won’t offer anything
new in the aspect of interest. Make it different and eye catching. You don’t
want someone’s offer chosen over yours because you only copied and
pasted. It is copy to use one already done as a template though.
The point is to get clicks, not over-looked.
However, you don’t have to make each copy completely unique, they can be
wide-ranging as in, easily applicable to other niches. That makes it easier to
quickly make a few edits and complete many copies in a shorter amount of
For the complete beginners, we suggest that you go to the niche you wish to
reach, and find the proven email swipes, that way you can see what works,
and model your copy after that. We suggest sites like, ClickSure, ClickBank
,JVZoo, WarriorPlus, these work wonders for the Biz Opp niche. Specially,
ClickSure will provide you with emails that you can learn from quite easily.
Setting Up Your First Campaign
Signing Up:
First of all, we have to create an AdClickMedia.comaccount.
Don’t forget or lose your information!
—————————————————–Page 9—————————————————–
This is how the sign up page looks like
Fill your real info and then login at
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
Choosing the correct offers:
VERY IMORTANT: We cannot just choose some random offer from the
CPA network. We have to put a little more thought and effort into the
process. We want to know the most lucrative offer, whether it is for the past
week or two weeks. This is valuable information in choosing an offer, also,
any one you may have had an experience with would work just as well.
Here is our niche recommendations:

Biz Opp/Make Money Online/Internet




Weight loss/Fitness

Online Education
Don’t be finicky! Be steadfast, and stick with chosen niche until reaching
success (that is why it is so important to choose a good niche from the start!
Then, begin small. The key is to choose offers that do not require a lot of
commitment on the part of the clicker. People are more willing to fill out
the offer that asks only for an email address, or ones that ask for a name,
address or zip code. These kinds of offers are not painful on the clicker.
This is not as invasive as the offers that are more time consuming and
lengthy, or even the ones that ask for credit card information.
Once you are more comfortable with the simple offers, then you can use the
Credit Card/Sale offers because these do work very well, but testing the
CPA/CPL offers first is a great way to get used to the name of the game.
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
Our personal favorite is the CPA/CPL offers that are free for the subscriber,
it is a win win for us and them. The CPL offers are Cost Per Lead, which
are free for the subscriber and still provides you with money.
You can see why these are the preferred offers.
Ad Creation and Swipe
Finally, the good part begins. You will get to set up you CPA Email PPC ad
campaigns and you will get to choose what offers you are going to promote
to your lists. Since you have already chosen a Niche offer, we kindly
remind you to stick with it! Though, we are going to promote to the niche
on AdClickMedia Email PPC.
Keep in mind that when you choose a CPA offer, you will want to make
sure that it will accept Email Marketing traffic, if you don’t check you
never know what kind of work you will complete without a turnover!
Though, that usually will not be a problem because email is the highest
quality traffic, and who doesn’t want that?
So, login to the Advertisers Panel (it is the same information from your
AdClickMedia account, – the same information will also get you into the
Publishers Panel.
Then scroll to “EmailPPC Advertising”
On the Right Side it will say, “New Campaign”
Click the Blue button and you will be taken to a screen with plenty of lists
and categories choose from.
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
This view will show the average CPC rates, this will fluctuate, and you
don’t have to worry about this. The system will take care of all the number
crunching, and leave you with the pretty product. You will see the averages
before you start, within your chosen niche of course.
While on this page, we want to select the Niche or Category you decided
upon, then you will have your offer selection. Thus, if you were to go after
the Biz Opp, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing niche, you would
select these 2 categories in the screenshot below:
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
Then click “View Lists” to show.
Then you will see the total amount of subscribers for your Niche.
The above picture shows the Biz Opp niche as having more than 18 million
subscribers. As we stated in the beginning, there is more than a plethora of
lists to choose from and you will not run out of subscribers.
This page is the focal point of our operation, we will be able to get all the
necessary steps completed, promoting offers, building lists, all here. All the
best traffic is found here.
Remember in the beginning we stated you would need funds for your
account? The best traffic and the true act of making such money first
requires some investment. This is where the $150 come into play. You can
fund your account through a credit card, or PayPal. $150 is the minimal
investment possible.
Click “Start Email Campaign” found at the bottom of the page, to add the
funds your account.
Or, click the “Funds Tab” this will allow you to add your investment
through either Credit Card of PayPal.
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
Getting Your Ad Approved
We get to do the most engaging part yet, setting up your Ad for approval.
To get to the nitty gritty:
Under “Offer Name” you will be able to give your campaign a Name.
Publishers will use this to see what your offer is. Some people have a harder
time coming up with something catchy, so if you would rather you can just
put the name of the offer you are promote. For start you can just copy and
paste the name of the CPA offer into the field.
Under “Offer Description” you will be able to give your campaign a short
description. This should explain what your offer is. For the Biz Opportunity
niche you really can just put Business Opportunity, or if you’d like to be
more thorough look at your offer and find out the landing page is all about.
This will provide you with the necessary information to create a wonderful
Now onto, “Ad Design Service” Do not change this… unless you would
like to pay them to write your email. – If you plan on writing it yourself,
leave it as is:
“No, use the ad above. “
Next in line, “Landing Page URL” This is the fancy term for the link of
the offer (or opt-in landing page, etc) you are sending your desired traffic to.
Either copy or paste the link for the desired offer in the space provided, or
hide your affiliate link by using a tracking link. Don’t worry if that does not
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
make sure, Tracking Links are explained in Step 4.
Publishers will not be able to view your Affiliate link nor the Networks
you’re using.
Moving onto, “Restrictions” This is important in providing the publishers
will instructions on what to do with your offer. You will be able to tell them
whether or not you want them to just email it out, and provide you with
email traffic only, if you would like something like incentivized clicks as
well. Typically though, we just want “Email Traffic Only. No Incentivized
Clicks.” – That is what we want.
Now to “Geo-Targeting” The last official step is choosing the GEO
Targeting options. This is very dependent upon the offer that you have
chosen because sometimes offers are localized to general regions or
countries. If that is the case then you need to put which country is being
targeted. If the offer accepts all major countries, then you can specify that or
target the “USA Only”.
Believe it or not, the United States of America is the top converting country
that provides the highest possible traffic to the emails. Thus, we suggest
putting “USA only”.
Before you submit! As with every copy, proof read, proof read, proof read!
Make sure there are no spelling mistakes, and as little grammar errors as
possible. The subscribers may not click on an offer if they find that the
email has very obvious errors. Time and effort are key.
Once you know that your copy is at its peak of perfection, you can click
Submit For Approval. After it is submitted for approval you will have to
wait for it to be approved this process is conducted by the wonderful staff at
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
AdClickMedia, and may require some patience. However, the good news is
that you can expect your approval or refusal within a day or two.
You will be alerted to all the necessary changes that may have to take place
on your campaign, but once those changes are made you can submit for
approval again, and finally you will be live.
The staff at AdClickMedia does not approve emails that are similar to spam,
these emails would ruin their reputation and their business, and thus they
cannot let them be sent. Be careful not to use words that sound like spam!
Though, usually there are not many if any changes that are required for
Typically we have noticed a 10% or more conversion rate on average,
but when you build your own lists, you will see a 30% increase, after
the opt-in. These offers are free CPA offers that do not cost the
subscriber anything, and only ask for small information bits. These
offers payout from $1.50 to $12 or more. As stated before, getting
people to simply put an email address down is much easier than asking
for a credit card number.
Also remember that places such as Clicksure, Clickbank are great
resources for a creative copy email template. Once you alter these
enough, you will be able to come up with creative content all on your
The CPC bidding is taken care of by their system, don’t worry about
that! Your focus should be on controlling your spending, and your
Just as we walked through, all you have to do is choose a niche, set up
the email, restrictions, geo-targeting and you are ready to start making
money for your efforts! Then conversions will turn into payouts. After
that we can ‘scale’ our campaigns, manage the amount we spend, and
put more campaigns into play that will bring in even more money!
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
The key is to be steadfast! Continue with the same offer, find new
offers, utilize all the possible resources and continue to expand and
Checking Your Campaign
Your campaign has been approved, now what? You will be able to see it in
the Campaigns Tab under, Email PPC Ads.
You will have access to all of the statistics of your campaigns from Clicks
conversions if you setup your Tracking Pixel (this will be explained later),
the cost, and the status of your campaign. If you feel for some reason you
need to pause your campaign, you can do that too! Quite a convenient tool.
How to track success
Though this may seem confusing at first glance it is really pretty simple.
All you need to do to track your conversions is in your campaigns get the
tracking pixel and paste it into the Offer Tracking Pixel in the CPA
The key is getting the tracking pixel! Go to the Dashboard Advertiser Panel
and find your Email PPC Advertising, click Conversion Tracking Code.
The next screen will load and show the tracking pixel
Then just copy and paste the code into the tracking text field on the CPA
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
Network. Then you will be able to hide your affiliate links. The tracking
services that are free are: and Tinyurl. Hiding your affiliate link is
not mandatory, though some may say that it is a good idea. With this
tracking you will be able to compare the statistics.
And To Summarize
You have been shown how to set up your AdClickMedia account, with
campaigns that are sure to bring in conversions. You are now able to set up
your own niche, offers, campaigns, write emails, send them out, and watch
as the results come flooding in.
Don’t forget the resources provided to you throughout the book, to help you
write email copy if you are not used to it and much more.
Since you are equipped with the knowledge, set up the CPA commissions,
and always remember that time and effort pays off in the end.
Keep in mind that different offers will have different results, and it may
take a few tries to truly get the hang of writing email copies and getting the
most out of each email, but nonetheless, do not give up. Keep with a niche
until you have found success in that niche.
Try multiple offers, give it a few week, have patience.
Advertising is a trade, and no one masters a trade on their first day. It takes
some advertisers years to master their skill, and even so they will would
never have dreamed that they could have it as easy as AdClickMedia makes
it for all of us.
Remember that without investment there can never be profit, so after you
are comfortable with the money you have made from your $150
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
investment, “Scale” up, investment more, and expect more in return.
Keep in mind the free offers! Free CPA offers convert more, we iterate
specify that enough! Later, once you have more experience (with the task
of advertising) you can attempt sale offers. Maybe they work for you! You
just have to try. Though on average, free CPA offers get 10%, and Sale
Offers only get 1%.
Thank you for reading Easy CPA System
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–

CPA Traffic Mayhem

Cpa traficf mayhem

All Rights Reserved
This information is for your eyes only. This eBook is for your own personal use and is not to be given away, traded, or distributed without the written consent of TONYMAC. This eBook does not come with and resell rights whatsoever. There are no guarantees of any kind, especially no income guarantees and you agree that our company is not responsible for the success or failure of your business decisions relating to any information presented by our company, or our company products or services. This eBook is to remain strictly in your sole possession.
Table Of Contents
Module 1: Getting set up……………………………………………………….5
Module 2: CPA networks………… …………………………………………..8
Module 3: Step by step guide ……………………………………………….12
Module 4: Picking the right keywords …………………………………..21
Module 5 landing pages & emailing………………………………………29
Module 6: maximum profits…………………………………………………41
Hey its tonymac here…
I’ve been online since 2007 and make a living by making money online…
And helping others just like you do the same.
I want to start off by congratulations to you for getting CPA traffic mayhem
In case you haven’t figured it out yet…
This system is all about using Bing ads to make money in a simple step by step guide.
You see, Bing ads is an absolute goldmine just waiting for you to start with.
Which is why I’m happy that you put your trust in me and picked this up.
If you are a newbie… then this system is for you
If you have some experience…. then this the system for you as well
And even if you are a veteran marketer… this system is for you too.
The best part about Bing ads is that the clicks are super targeted and really cheap…
You literally can’t get this type of quality traffic anywhere else.
So please, I ask that you treat this system like gold and keep it safe..
As using it is going to make you some serious amounts of money.
The only thing I ask of you…
Is that you promise to take action.
Making money online isn’t all that hard, but it does require action.
So as long as you promise to yourself that you’re going to put this into action…
Then the only way to fail is by simply quitting or moving to something else new shiny object……
(Winners never quit & quitters never win)
And I know you’re not going to do that when you see the power of this.
Here’s to helping you make money…
Thanks for being a customer.
Module 1: Getting set up……………………
In case you were wondering what this step includes…
It consists of signing up for a few sites.
First and foremost you need to sign up for Bing ADS (CLICK HERE)
I’m not going to run through the entire process because it is self explanatory…
But you are going to want to click on the Sign Up button.
(The setup page might look different depending on your country)
From there, the next page should offer you a $50 coupon to get
Started with if not contact the support team and they will set it up for you
Make sure you put in your information to get that $50
Now remember you have to put some money of your own into your
Account to get the $50 coupon also if you use HOSTGATOR.COM
They have a $100 coupon on offer to use on bing ads, or you could
Google bing Ads coupons there is a few places that offer a Whooping
$400 coupon But you have to go thru someone else’s system No matter
What something is better than nothing to help you reinvest back into
Your campaigns. Aside from all that, go ahead and create your account…
It’s easy and self-explanatory but don’t forget to contact the support
About your $$$$ coupon….

Next you want to sign up to clickbank you may already have an account
Here if you have just open it up…click here
Go ahead and click the SIGN UP link on the top right…
Once again, the sign up part is super easy.
Why Clickbank?
Well Clickbank has just about every niche you can ever think of…
And the amount of money generated by them is absolutely in the billions.
A Top clickbank marketer can make over a $50,000 in a day from 1 product launch when done right…..
Just to give you some perspective about the money being payed out there.
Ok Last but not least…
We have CPA networks.
CPA networks actually have people look over your applications to pick you out…
So unlike Clickbank that is free to sign up…
There’s a chance you might not make the cut with a few specific networks.
Don’t worry about that as there is loads of cpa networks to choose from.
I must be a part of about 10 CPA networks so I know what it takes to get in…
Module 2 cpa networks……………….
First and foremost, here is a list of awesome CPA networks…
Ones that I am a part of and also, recommend to you:
Max Bounty
Peer Fly
Ok now here are the goods on how to get accepted…
And I’m going to break it down into a few important tips.
So if you don’t know exactly what you will be promoting then…
Think of something, stick with it, and write it down on your application.
(Making money online is a always a good niche to start with)
Know Your Traffic Source
Let them know that you will be doing Bing PPC (pay per click)…
Just this one traffic source should be enough for them to set you up a account
If you go to an affiliate network and say you are going to do…
Facebook ads, Instagram, adwords, Bing, email marketing, etc…
They will know you are full of crap
They have seen thousands of applications before and they can sniff that out…
So aside from just putting down your one traffic source…
Be honest with your affiliate manger as they will tell you what is working with bing ads just ask them……
I have to accept and deny affiliates all the time for my own products…
So I’ve been on the other side…
And I truly know when someone is just going to waste time.
Affiliate managers take acceptances very seriously…
Because they want to protect their people from other people going out and spamming links.
Last but not least, sign up for as many networks as you can.
Some will accept you, some won’t… and that’s just the way it is.
Either way, following what I showed you above will put you ahead of everyone else.
So now that you know how to sign up to CPA networks…
Let’s look at some types of offers that work best with this system.
Lead Generation / Email / Zip submit
This is where you get paid to get someone’s email…
And many times you might need to get more information as well.
Full name, address, email, and a few more.
These can offer payouts anywhere from $1 – $10 (and even higher sometimes).
The great thing about lead generation is that it’s easier money.
Just think about it, what is more likely to happen…
Get someone to put in their email or have someone put in their credit card details
However, since the clicks with Bing are so stinking cheap…
You are going to want to make the best of both worlds.
This is basically every offer on Clickbank.
You get paid a commission whenever someone purchases through your link.
TIP: When it comes to sale offers…
Many of them either have pages that auto play videos or have exit pops…
When it comes to Bing ads they don’t like that kind of stuff…
So make sure the offer you send out doesn’t have either of those as they won’t allow your ad to go live.
Module 3: Step by step set guide…………….
So we’ve made it… not so bad, right?
This is where I walk you through setting up a simple campaign.
I happen to pick an offer from Clickbank just so you can follow along.
TIP: I’m not saying this offer will convert so don’t copy it when you go…
It’s strictly just for showing you how to copy my process.
The offer I am going to use is for YOGA….
This can be found by going into Clickbank then Marketplace at the top…
From there simply search for YOGA and you can find it.
Now back to Bing… You are also going to click on ‘Create campaign’…
Then you want to always click on ‘Search & content campaign
Next we go to the campaign settings:
Campaign Name: Give it a name called your offer.
Time Zone: Enter the time zone you are in.
Campaign Budget: $5.00 (this is only to start with until you build it up)
Ad language: English
Locations: This one is important.
Now if you are running a CPA offer, they will tell you what countries are
Allowed like United States, or Canada so make sure to check the cpa offer.
Now for Clickbank offers, you want to use the 5 top tier countries.
These are the top tier 5 countries that always seem to buy.
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia
Type those in or click browse and select them by clicking target…
Next click show ads to people in your targeted location
Now we move onto the next section, creating an ad.
So Ad Type will always be Text Ad.
Ad Title: you always want to use something that gets people’s attention…..
For this example I used: Get the sexiest body ever
Other types of titles can be pointing out their problems like
“Burn fat using yoga” you get the idea
Ad Text: I simply got this from the headline on the sales letter…
You will get a lot of ideas from the sales letters…
So make sure to have a good look over the sales letter for inspiration when creating an ad.
Display URL: Simply use the URL from the sales letter…
You need to use this as bing ads will not allow something else
Destination URL: This will be your affiliate link.
Now click on the PROMOTE button…
After doing that, you should get taken to a page that looks like…
Your account nickname is where your account nickname goes…
Then for tracking id put in something you will understand.
Now you don’t have to use a tracking link but it helps you know where all
Of your sales in Clickbank come from.
Then you click create and this page will appear…
The link on the TOP is the one you use; copy that, the other one you only use on a website…
Once you have it copied, paste it into your destination URL.
So when it is all done, here is what that section looks like again.
OK so let’s move onto the next section.
This section is all about keywords…
And I’ve come up with a few different ways of doing this…
The first way is to search with Bing itself now there is a few ways to do
this the first would be to click on research keywords and the second is by
entering a keyword and using some of the results that bing shows you on
that keyword, and you can also enter the url of another website and get
the keywords related to that website and use them
ok so click on Research Keywords then…
Find keywords containing a word or phrase
So you can also use the destination url to get some more keywords
Now you should have few keywords by now but that is not enough as
You are going to need about 300 at least so next you will go to
Google keyword planner
You’ll need a gmail account which is easy to sign up for once you get that
done then sign up for a google adwords account and go to the tools
section at the top of the page and you will see key word planner
So now I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do.
On the main page, you are going to want to click on…
Search for new keyword and ad group ideas…..
Once you click on that simply enter 2 or 3 keywords to get more ideas…
Don’t worry about anything else then click on Get ideas
Next you want to click on add all that is highlighted in red
After you have done that you can either download the keywords to your
desktop or click copy to clipboard
This is what you will see after you click copy to clipboard
And you can copy those to notepad.
You now have a TON of keywords to put back into your campaign.
TIP Be sure to copy and paste anywhere from 50-100 into Bing at a time
as to many keywords at once can make them freeze up
Now that you have all of your keywords…
Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Save
The only thing you need to do here is Uncheck ‘Content network’
This will automatically take away the content network bid.
(the quality of traffic is not that good which is why we won’t be using it)
After that, you want to scroll down and click on Save and you’re
Now you are going to be taken back to the main Campaign page…
You want to immediately click on your campaign link you made (yoga)
Then click on Keywords…
As shown in the picture
Next Click on the Select All check mark shown on the left…
Then click on the ‘Select all rows on all pages’ link.
What that does is select EVERY keyword that you have and from there…
Next we go to edit and click on change current bids…….
Now this is where we change are bids on each keyword to 0.05
(YES only 5 pence) this is because i,m based in the uk if you’re in the usa then it would be 5 cents
And then click Save and your campaign is now complete… well almost
Now we are are going to have a look at
Advanced Targeting
Once you have basically created your campaign with bing you then need
To go back to the settings page and fix it…..
So let’s do that, while still in your campaign, click on Settings.
Here is an example since we are using a yoga offer i feel that it is aimed
More for females and i don’t think there is to many 18-24 years olds
Doing it as we decrease that age group and increase the other age groups (but it all depends on your offer)
This is important to do if your offer is gender specific.
Aside from everything else in the settings tabs, this is the most important.
You can mess with mobile device if you like…
But FINALLY, you have now finished your campaign…
Just be sure to click Save on the bottom of the page
Module 5 landing pages & emailing………………..
In this module we will talk about how to get a domain name and hosting
And build a landing page with banners and place optin form so that you
will be able to build a email list and email more offers to your list
The software that i use for this method is
I find that this software is the best for building landing pages, sales pages
Squeeze pages, funnels etc the reason why is that it’s a wordpress plugin
And its alot cheaper than leadpages and clickfunnels and does the same
Thing for a one of payment
Ok so hopefully you have got your hands on instabuilder as for the
Domain name i use or as for hosting i use as i feel that they are the best around, remember when i
said about the$100 coupon with hostgator its there waiting for you.
Ok so i,ll not bore you With the details as ill assume you understand how
To pick a domain Name And link it to you hosting account using
nameservers if you don’t Just go to youtube as they have loads of videos
on how to do this Also as a Bonus With this ebook i have thru in a
wordpress video Course just to help You understand wordpress abit
More and to help you out. Once you have set up your wordpress site and
Installed instabuilder also with instabuilder they show you the best ways
Of how to install there software with step by step tutorials.
From the wordpress dashboard click instabuilder
After that then click on to new page
You could use one of the templates but for this example we are going to use create from scratch as seen below
Now once you have done all this you will be left will a blank website page like this
This is where you start to build you landing pages by using the elements
On the left hand side. In instabuilder there is loads of tutorials and
Videos that will show you how to do this, so please play around with it abit and learn how it works.
I have created this landing page as an example that has been approved
by bing here is the website address
You get the idea now this is only a rough example that i made hopefully
You will be able to create something better, next you will need to add
Some content that relates to your offer, now if you are good at writing
Content then this will be easy, if not then don’t worry we have got that covered.
Here’s what you do, go to google and look for articles that relate to your
Offer make sure to add the word articles at the end of your search, also
Try ezine articles they have loads of articles that you can use. Once you
Have found a article then just copy and paste that article in to a notepad.
Next you will want to change that article a round abit maybe take some
Lines out of it and add some to make it your own or you could use a free
Article spinner to do this, just type into google free article spinner and
You will get one. After you have done that just copy and paste that article
Into you instabuilder landing page.
Now with instabuilder the easiest way to copy and paste is to
(ctrl + c) to copy
(ctrl + v) to paste
Now you have your content added you should also have your optin form
Added as well you will get this from autoresponder in the form of html code,
This is the important part to get bing to approve your landing page you
Need to add a privacy policy and optin disclaimer and terms of services
So go back to your wordpress dashboard and click on pages then click on
add new page
Once you have done that then i want you to copy and paste this privacy
policy template that i have set out for you and add your own website
Personal identification information
We may collect personal identification information from Users in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, when Users visit our site, place an order, fill out a form, and in connection with other activities, services, features or resources we make available on our Site. Users may be asked for, as appropriate, name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card information. Users may, however, visit our Site anonymously. We will collect personal identification information from Users only if they voluntarily submit such information to us. Users can always refuse to supply personally identification information, except that it may prevent them from engaging in certain Site related activities.
Non-personal identification information
We may collect non-personal identification information about Users whenever they interact with our Site. Non-personal identification information may include the browser name, the type of computer and technical information about Users means of connection to our Site, such as the operating system and the Internet service providers utilized and other similar information.
Web browser cookies
Our Site may use “cookies” to enhance User experience. User’s web browser places cookies on their hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about them. User may choose to set their web browser to refuse cookies, or to alert you when cookies are being sent. If they do so, note that some parts of the Site may not function properly.
How we use collected information
YOUR WEBSITE HERE may collect and use Users personal information for the following purposes:
 – To improve customer serviceInformation you provide helps us respond to your customer service requests and support needs more efficiently.
 – To personalize user experienceWe may use information in the aggregate to understand how our Users as a group use the services and resources provided on our Site.
 – To process paymentsWe may use the information Users provide about themselves when placing an order only to provide service to that order. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to provide the service.
 – To share your information with third partiesWe may share or sell information with third parties for marketing or other purposes.
 – To send periodic emailsWe may use the email address to send User information and updates pertaining to their order. It may also be used to respond to their inquiries, questions, and/or other requests. If User decides to opt-in to our mailing list, they will receive emails that may include company news, updates, related product or service information, etc. If at any time the User would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, they may do so by contacting us via our Site.
How we protect your information
We adopt appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information, username, password, transaction information and data stored on our Site. Sensitive and private data exchange between the Site and its Users happens over a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures.
Sharing your personal information
We may use third party service providers to help us operate our business and the Site or administer activities on our behalf, such as sending out newsletters or surveys. We may share your information with these third parties for those limited purposes provided that you have given us your permission.
Third party websites
Users may find advertising or other content on our Site that link to the sites and services of our partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, licensors and other third parties. We do not control the content or links that appear on these sites and are not responsible for the practices employed by websites linked to or from our Site. In addition, these sites or services, including their content and links, may be constantly changing. These sites and services may have their own privacy policies and customer service policies. Browsing and interaction on any other website, including websites which have a link to our Site, is subject to that website’s own terms and policies.
Ads appearing on our site may be delivered to Users by advertising partners, who may set cookies. These cookies allow the ad server to recognize your computer each time they send you an online advertisement to compile non personal identification information about you or others who use your computer. This information allows ad networks to, among other things, deliver targeted advertisements that they believe will be of most interest to you. This privacy policy does not cover the use of cookies by any advertisers.
Changes to this privacy policy
YOUR WEBSITE HERE has the discretion to update this privacy policy at any time. When we do, we will revise the updated date at the bottom of this page. We encourage Users to frequently check this page for any changes to stay informed about how we are helping to protect the personal information we collect. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this privacy policy periodically and become aware of modifications.
Your acceptance of these terms
By using this Site, you signify your acceptance of this policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our Site. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes to this policy will be deemed your acceptance of those changes.
Then create a new page again and call it opt-out disclaimer and copy and
Paste this template into it but don’t forget to add your website address and email address You may “opt-out” of receiving promotional emails from your website here by following the instructions in those emails. You may also send requests relating to promotional messages and your permission for sharing information with third parties for their marketing purposes by emailing email address here Opt-out requests will not apply to transactional service messages, including messages about your current website address here and services. Just one to go and your finished create another new page and this time
Call it terms of service and copy and paste this template into it
Terms and Conditions
In using this website you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:
The following terminology applies to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and any or all Agreements: “Client”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person accessing this website and accepting the Company’s terms and conditions. “The Company”, “Ourselves”, “We” and “Us”, refers to our Company. “Party”, “Parties”, or “Us”, refers to both the Client and ourselves, or either the Client or ourselves. All terms refer to the offer, acceptance and consideration of payment necessary to undertake the process of our assistance to the Client in the most appropriate manner, whether by formal meetings of a fixed duration, or any other means, for the express purpose of meeting the Client’s needs in respect of provision of the Company’s stated services/products, in accordance with and subject to, prevailing English Law. Any use of the above terminology or other words in the singular, plural, capitalisation and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as referring to same.
Privacy Statement We are committed to protecting your privacy. Authorized employees within the company on a need to know basis only use any information collected from individual customers. We constantly review our systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our customers. Parliament has created specific offences for unauthorised actions against computer systems and data. We will investigate any such actions with a view to prosecuting and/or taking civil proceedings to recover damages against those responsible
We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and as such, any information concerning the Client and their respective Client Records may be passed to third parties. However, Client records are regarded as confidential and therefore will not be divulged to any third party, other than [our manufacturer/supplier(s) and] if legally required to do so to the appropriate authorities. Clients have the right to request sight of, and copies of any and all Client Records we keep, on the proviso that we are given reasonable notice of such a request. Clients are requested to retain copies of any literature issued in relation to the provision of our services. Where appropriate, we shall issue Client’s with appropriate written information, handouts or copies of records as part of an agreed contract, for the benefit of both parties.
We will not sell, share, or rent your personal information to any third party or use your e-mail address for unsolicited mail. Any emails sent by this Company will only be in connection with the provision of agreed services and products.
Exclusions and Limitations The information on this web site is provided on an “as is” basis. To the fullest extent permitted by law, this Company:
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 excludes all liability for damages arising out of or in connection with your use of this website. This includes, without limitation, direct loss, loss of business or profits (whether or not the loss of such profits was foreseeable, arose in the normal course of things or you have advised this Company of the possibility of such potential loss), damage caused to your computer, computer software, systems and programs and the data thereon or any other direct or indirect, consequential and incidental damages.
This Company does not however exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence. The above exclusions and limitations apply only to the extent permitted by law. None of your statutory rights as a consumer are affected.
Cash or Personal Cheque with Bankers Card, all major Credit/Debit Cards, Bankers Draft or BACS Transfer are all acceptable methods of payment. Our Terms are payment in full within thirty days. All goods remain the property of the Company until paid for in full. Monies that remains outstanding by the due date will incur late payment interest at the rate of 2% above the prevailing Bank of England’s base rate on the outstanding balance until such time as the balance is paid in full and final settlement. We reserve the right to seek recovery of any monies remaining unpaid sixty days from the date of invoice via collection Agencies and/or through the Small Claims Court in the event that the outstanding balance does not exceed £3000. In such circumstances, you shall be liable for any and all additional administrative and/or court costs. [Amend as appropriate]
Returned cheques will incur a £25 charge to cover banking fees and administrative costs. In an instance of a second Returned cheque, we reserve the right to terminate the arrangement and, if agreed to, we shall insist on future cash transactions only. Consequently, all bookings and/or transactions and agreements entered into will cease with immediate effect until such time as any and all outstanding monies are recovered in full.
Cancellation Policy
Minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation required. Notification for instance, in person, via email, mobile phone ‘text message’ and/or fax, or any other means will be accepted subject to confirmation in writing. We reserve the right to levy a £30 charge to cover any subsequent administrative expenses.
Termination of Agreements and Refunds Policy
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These terms and conditions form part of the Agreement between the Client and ourselves. Your accessing of this website and/or undertaking of a booking or Agreement indicates your understanding, agreement to and acceptance, of the Disclaimer Notice and the full Terms and Conditions contained herein. Your statutory Consumer Rights are unaffected.
© YOUR WEBSITE HERE 2015 All Rights Reserved Dont forget to add your website name to the bottom of the page after you Have done all that then go to your landing page and at the bottom of the Page add a text element and type in the names of your pages one by one And then click the link icon that i have pointed to From here just add the link of the page that you have just created
Do this again for the other two pages, the reason for these pages is that
You are complying with bing ads guidelines and once they see these
Pages they will approve you, one other thing is when you fill in you
Display url in bing ads always use your domain name in the display url
But in the destination url you can use the name of you website page and
It doesn,t matter what you offer is as you can create as many pages as
you like all relating to different offers,
Once you have all that set up then its down to placing you ad and once
People start to see it they will start to sign up to your email list and this is
Were you continue to email offers that relate to them and by doing this
You will start to see your profits increase in a big way.
Module 6 maximum profits……………..
This section is going to be quick and easy…
All because I have shown you how to setup a campaign…
But not only that, this section is ALL about putting in more money…
And getting a more back in return, Once your campaign starts running…
You are going to notice that some keywords get traffic and some don’t.
What you want to do is start deleting some keywords doing nothing…
And with the top keywords, what you want to do is create new campaigns for them.
So let’s say the keyword ‘learning yoga’ was going well.
You would create an entire new campaign around only that 1 keyword.
And use that keyword for your tracking ID….
That way you know which keyword is bringing in sales for you!
So aside from doing that…
You want to base your Ad Title around your keyword as well
Last but not least, you can bump up your spending on that keyword
on your daily budget so if you were bidding $5 per day… do $10…
If you were bidding .05 on your keyword… bid .10
The thing with Bing is that scaling isn’t the fastest in the world…
However, it allows you to spend less to get the maximum profits…
It really doesn’t get any better than this…
Where else can you get targeted buyer clicks for only 0.05?
I’m so glad and grateful that you have made it this far and have taken the
time and effort to do something about you own financial wealth and for
that I congratulate you
This is all a learning experience at the start so please do not give up or
move on to something else just take action and do it as I really do hope
that you use the information in this ebook and produce some great
results and income streams for yourself and you online business
Until the next time
Take care and focus and take action in life

CPA Ultimate

CPA Ultimate

The Internet’s BIGGEST secret: CPA (Let the internet work for you.)
Copyright © 2015 by Matthew Ooi All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods including information storage and retrieval systems, without the prior written permission of the publisher.
PROLOGUE As you‟re reading this, I would like to congratulate you on taking your first step to financial freedom. Before we begin, I would like to assure you that as long as you stick to this system, you‟ll make constant and consistent PROFITS and with extra knowledge you gain along the journey, improvise and scale up your work; you‟ll make it. Keep telling yourself that and keep grinding. I‟ll be on Skype/AIM and will answer your e-mails whenever I can. Make use of that. Don’t. Give. Up.
Table of Contents Getting started …………………………………………………………… 1 VPN Installation …………………………………………………………. 2 Nord VPN …………………………………………………………………. 5 Tracking software setup process (CPVLAB) …………………. 11 Getting into a CPA affiliate network …………………………. 28 Offer selection and Traffic sources ……………………………… 40 Pay-per view(PPV) Traffic Source: 50OnRed ……………………………………….…49 Creating a profitable campaign …………………………………… 55 Special Tricks and Tips ……………………………………………. 66 Traffic Source: (Adult Traffic)……………85 PPC (Pay-per-click) Traffic sources… ……………………………. 94 CONCLUSION… …………………………………………………….. 95 BONUSES…………………………………………………………..…..96 ADVANCED SECTION……………………………….……..…..97 50OnRed Intext……………………………………..……….………..98
Some terms that will be used LEGENDS:
 CPA – cost per action
 CONVERSION –when a sale is made or lead is generated depending on the product/offer you‟re promoting. (Basically, you get paid if you get a conversion when a visitor finishes that “action”)
 PPV – Pay-per-view
 Display – Banner advertisement
 PPC – Pay-per-click
 Landing page – the page that a visitor lands on or sees
 Affiliate network – the „market place‟ that allows you to choose what kind of products/offer to promote
 Keywords – used usually in PPV and PPC traffic, they‟re what visitors search for in their search engine which triggers our advertisement
Getting started
Now, the following items that I am going to introduce to you are ESSENTIAL software to succeed. I will not cut cost for you; this is a NO BULLSHITsystem. If you read on, you‟ll understand why the following software/tools will help you in your journey and the products that I‟ve sourced for are value for deal.
However, optionally, you may choose to ignore BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO. These are tools that every successful marketer should have. If you decide to scrimp and save on these tools, do not blame anyone but yourself if you ultimately end up asking why you do not make any real money online.
You’ve paid for this eBook and I am eternally grateful and in your debt, you’ve made my dreams come true slowly with this purchase and now it’s my job to make yours come true, so I need you to trust me and stick with me.
Great! (Finally time you moved on to the real deal huh you naggy old man…) Before we really jump into the content, I need to warn you again, these‟re several things that yourequireabsolutely (if you want real profits) before we can begin.
First, we need a VPN. What‟s a VPN? It‟s a Virtual Private Network.
Why is it useful for me and why should I pay for it?
Later in the section, we‟ll talk about joining a CPA affiliate network. In a CPA affiliate network, there‟ll be lots and lots of offers/products for you to promote. Some will be familiar to you, some will not. Remember, the offers/products come from ALL OVER THE WORLD. That means there‟re offers/products in the Southeast Asia, Italy, Germany, United States, Canada, Spain etcetera and the affiliate network acts as a market place for us to choose an offer to promote and earn moneywhile the affiliate network itself takes a small cut from it. Still, what’s the use of a VPN?See, some offers are GEO-TARGETED. For example, if an offer is TARGETED to visitors in China, you‟d have to be located in China in order to view the offer/product‟s landing page. (A landing page is a webpage the visitor arrives on.) Even if a visitor from Germany or any other country decides to buy the product, YOU WILL NOT BE PAID. Chances are, they won‟t even get to view the landing page.
Let me show you what I mean. For instance, here‟s a screenshot I captured from my affiliate network. It‟s a coffee subscription offer worth $8 of pay-out if a sale is made.
Stay with me, it gets tricky from here on as things will get a little bit technical, but nothing we can‟t handle.
I‟m going to go ahead and preview the offer‟s landing page and this is what I‟ll see.
It‟s a dead-link. The advertiser has blocked out visitors that‟re not in the United States, refer to the red box that is arrowed out for you. The advertiser wants only SPECIFICALLY visitors from the US.
This is where VPN comes into play. I live in Singapore, a part of Southeast Asia, which is why I couldn‟t view the offer‟s landing page. Now assume it was the opposite, you‟re living in the US and you‟re trying to view an offer that is targeted in my country. It is again, ESSENTIAL that you do not lose any MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY. Do NOT assume that you will only want to do offers from the country you‟re from and forsake the other geo-targets. This is GRAVE MISTAKE #1for CPA marketers.
Your affiliate manager (also known as account manager) is assigned to you once you get accepted into the affiliate network. He/she will send you TOP performing offersand there will be INTERNATIONAL offers and if you only engage in offers in your country just because you want to save the cost on VPN, you will lose out. Those are essentially money left on the table waiting for someone to take and that person isn’t you. We’ll talk more about the affiliate manager later on in this system but now, let’s stay focused.
This is one of my favorite VPN to date. Rated highly by and it comes at a really cheap price. Go ahead and search the reviews if you don’t believe me. (ONLY $8, even cheaper if you opt for other duration.)
Once you’re ready to move on, go ahead and visit this link:
By visiting this link and purchasing the software, you’ll allow me to earn some coffee money.  (CPA marketing at its finest heh..)
BUT.. if you think I don’t deserve it, you can still visit the webpage itself without following the given link. 
This should be the page you arrive on. Go ahead and pick the plan that is most suitable for you. After you’re done, create your account and pay for it.
After you’ve made payments, you’ll be re-directed back to NordVPN.
Go right ahead and login into your account. Head over to the “Download area” and pick a download most suitable for your OS.
Launch the application.
Enter your account details and login. What you’ll see is a list of countries that you can connect to. (And yes.. you can use the VPN for various reasons…. I shall not elaborate on that…. )
Look at the box that I’ve highlighted. The example offer that we’ve selected only allows visitor from the US, so let’s connect to that.
VOILA! You’re now VIRTUALLY in that country. (or whichever country your offer wants you to be.)
Now I’ll go ahead and preview the example offer’s landing page again and let’s see what I’ll get.
NowI‟m able to view the offer‟s landing page correctly as compared to previously the dead-link. I can see what I am promoting and how to properly sell my product; Angelino‟s Coffee. Pretty sweet, isn‟t it?
The next part of this system is the TRICKIEST and MOST technical intensive section, so please pay close attention.
At this point of time, follow the steps closely and you’ll be fine.
Also, a reminder, if at any point in time you get lost, feel free to hit me up on Skype or e-mail me your question. I‟ll get back to you as soon as possible to answer your question, please be patient with me. If you really, really detest waiting, hit up the support desk; they‟ve experienced staff that can help with whatever questions you have. By far, they‟re the best crew I‟ve ever worked with hands down. Let‟s move forward!
Tracking software setup process
The software we‟ll be using is called: CPVLab
I‟m sure you‟ve heard of other tracking software such as Prosper202 and such but believe me when I tell you this is one of the best out there and worth every single penny you pay. It is user-friendly, easy interface to use and basically almost everything is PREPARED for you. The question you might have now is: “Why do I need a tracking software? What am I tracking exactly?”
When you‟re promoting an offer, you should‟ve known by now, we‟re using Paid traffic but that‟ll be explained later on in this eBook.
We want to know what is CONVERTING for us and WHERE does the traffic come from in order to optimize our campaign. If we‟re able to know what helps us convert and where does the traffic come from, we‟re able to work on it and MAXIMIZE our profits.
Allow me to show you an example.
Let’s say I am promoting this product: McAfee Anti-virus
What CPVLab does for me is that it receives the information on what converts for me and what keyword is the one responsible for it. Here‟s a screenshot from the statistics in my CPVLab:
I apologize for the image quality, I‟m working on limited resources but bear with me. Let me enlarge it for you.
Here‟s a better one, we can see the top performing keywords for me on this campaign. On „norton‟ there is 2,239 views, „mcafee‟ has 2,555 views and „antivirus ned‟ has 748 views. The conversions are 2, 1, 1 respectively. What does this mean? It goes to show that, everytime whenever a visitor searches for „norton‟, „mcafee‟ or „antivirus ned‟ they will be shown MY ADVERTISEMENT for McAfee and when they decide to purchase it, I will earn money and every visitor that buys is ONE conversion. In this case, „norton‟ has 2 buyers while the other two has only one buyer.
CPVLab ALLOWS us to optimize our campaign for McAfee. I know now which keyword earns money for me and which doesn‟t. THIS IS CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT. The reason why it‟s called PPV is because you‟re paying for EVERY view(pop-ups) a person sees. Now, I know what converts for me and I can go ahead and delete keywords that‟re NOT convertingfor me so that I can stop wasting money.
This is how powerful and essentialthis software is. In essence, it also helps you keep track of your earnings and where the
visitors come from. In cases, some offer allows geo-targeted INTERNATIONALLY but what if only one country specifically converts more for you? You can find that out as well. This way you can delete the countries that‟re not converting for you and save a lot of money.
I will teach you more about the functions later on. Like I said, everything is optional and if you feel like you don‟t need them, go ahead and skip this but I will recommend you not to and stick to the system.
If you‟re ready, let‟s move on.
CPVLab has to be installed online onto a web hosting server, you can then view it online anywhere and anytime you want. (Even on your mobile phones.)
In this case, if you have a web hosting server of your own, use it. If not, I‟ll recommend BeyondHosting. I‟ve never had any issue with this web hosting for as long as I‟ve started doing CPA marketing. It also has one of the best support team. You can skip this part if you have your own webhosting and proceed to installing CPVLab. For those who don‟t, stick with me for a little while.
Go ahead and click on this link or paste it into your browser:
Also, this helps me again with a bit of coffee money, if you think I‟m undeserving, visit Beyondhosting‟s website separately. 
This should be the page you arrive on.
TIP: Here‟re a few promo codes that I‟ve found for you and you can use them when you check out to save some money.  1: 25OFFQUARTER
5: BHCLOUD30 1: Quarterly Billing – 2 billing cycles at 25% off. 2: Semi-Annual Billing – 1 billing cycle at 35% off. 3: Annual Billing – 1 billing cycle at 45% off. 4: Monthly Billing – 1 billing cycle at 50% off. 5: Monthly Billing – 1 billing cycle at 30% off.
You can only use one code. Pick one wisely and use it. (promo code may expire but a simple google search should get you their new promotional codes.)
Ok, here‟s what you need: 1. Domain 2. Single SSL Certificate 3. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Let‟s start with Domain. Go ahead and click on “DOMAINS & SSL” on the top tab. (Highlighted in red box) Click on „register a domain‟, you‟ll arrive at this page.
Register a domain of your choice. It can be anything you want. They would give you a few recommendations such as .net .org .pw etcetera but just choose .com for simplicity sake. This is the page you arrive on.
Tick on the free addons. Proceed to update cart. You should see this page now.
Do not pay for it yet, we still need SSL Certificates and VPS. Go straight back to the top tab and click on „Domains & SSL‟ you will arrive on this page.
Go ahead and click order now on ‘Single Domain SSL Cert’.
Here‟s what you‟ll see.
Proceed to update cart.
Lastly, go back to the top tab again and go for VPS. Click on „Managed Linux VPS‟. I repeat, „Managed Linux VPS‟. It doesn‟t matter what OS you are on.
This is what you should see.
We will go for the „STARTER‟ package.
Click on ‘Order now’.
Use the domain that you‟ve registered. “” is an EXAMPLE that I‟m using. Please do not use this if you‟re confused.
Go ahead and pick the billing cycle you’re more comfortable with and click on Add to Cart.
This is the final page we should all arrive on. The total amount should be $119.99 USD. Double check and confirm. BUT WAIT… Go ahead and scroll down; fill in your PROMOTIONAL CODE that I‟ve provided above.
When you’re done, complete the order and voila! We’re done. 
Check your e-mail for this mail titled ‘Getting started.’
It should look something like this.
When you receive this e-mail, we’re ready to install our tracking software – CPVLab.
When you’re ready, let’s move on.
I can’t reiterate enough, this is the most important tool in our system or any successful CPA marketer. If you’re not going to purchase this, think twice. Remember, this is a ONE-TIME payment only.
Proceed to visit this link:
Yup, this will also allow me to gain some coffee money BUT..
I‟ve a great deal for you.
Use the promotional code: MATTHEWOOI
to receive a $50 off the total. This will only work in conjunction with my link. See, I came through for you right? 
However, if you still think I don‟t deserve it, go right ahead and purchase it normally. 
This is the page you arrive on. Scroll right to the bottom of the page and click on „Get it now.‟
Go right ahead and pay for it. You should receive a few e-mails regarding your recent purchase shortly.
Return to and login. Go into your client area section on the top tab and click on ‘Account overview’.
You should see this, click on ‘Need help?’ then you will arrive on this page. Click on ‘Technical Support’.
You should see this.
Enter the subject as ‘CPVLab Installation’, related service is your domain that you just bought, priority set it to high.
In the message, tell them that you need their help to install CPVLab onto their web server and they’ll do it for you. Easy peasy, huh? This is why my system works for everyone, even if you have zero technical knowledge.  Provide them with the necessary information given in the CPVLab e-mails. (PLEASE PROVIDE ALL LICENSE INFORMATION INCLUDING EMAIL ADDRESS AND OR SERIAL NUMBERS.)
Now we’re all set!
We’re ready to move on to the world of CPA and earn some real money! 
We are now ready to join a CPA Affiliate Network, are you excited? Joining a GOOD CPA network is really important, why? You want to make sure that they pay you on time and a good affiliate network does that.
A good CPA network also has a variety of offers and the BEST pay-outs as well as management team.
However, joining a good CPA Affiliate Network isn’t easy. They screen for new affiliates very strictly and most of the time they will REJECT you based on your application. They do not want newbies or newcomers to spoil things up for them and in time, destroy their relationship with the advertisers. So they will look very carefully when choosing new affiliates to join their network.
This allows the network to know that you are REFERRED by me;I am literally putting myself on the line for YOU.
You should arrive on this page.
Let‟s do this step-by-step.
Enter your details accordingly and correctly. (Skip Title/Function in organization)
Choose AIM as your IM service. That‟s usually the way you contact your Affiliate manager. (We‟ll talk about that later)
Scroll down and we should see this. (next page, image is too big)
On „organization name‟, enter your own name. (FULL NAME)
After that, tick „Copy from Contact Information‟. I assume we‟re all individual affiliates. If you‟re doing this as an organization, enter details accordingly.
Tick „Payable to whom – tick person, again, I‟m assuming we are all individual affiliates.
On General Marketing Information: In website URL, enter the domain we registered previously.
Ignore „Site Category‟ and „How do you market your site?‟
Here‟s the important part – I need to dedicate an entire page for this, head 2 pages onward.
In the ‘Comments’ section: Type as follows –
I am referred by Matthew Ooi. (Affiliate ID: 105055)
I am going to promote the offers and products on through Paid traffic such as PPV, Display, Search and Intext. I will be following strictly the methods that he has taught.
Some of the example of traffic platforms I will be utilizing are 50onred, Bing ads and
Enter your „Login setup information‟ and don‟t miss out the part whereby you need to enter your NAME intials.
For example if your name is, Peter Logan, enter PL in the box highlighted in red above.
Go ahead and click ‘Submit’.
Great job for reaching this far.  You’re almost there to making some big money for yourself.
What‟s going to happen now is that an account representative is going to give you a phone call when they can and when you can. Check your e-mail.
What happens during the phone call is that they will ask you some questions, just answer accordingly. They will also ask you how you will promote their offers/products.
Refer to this again.
“I am referred by Matthew Ooi. (Affiliate ID: 105055)
I am going to promote the offers and products on through Paid traffic such as PPV, Display, Search and Intext. I will be following strictly the methods that he has taught.
Some of the example of traffic platforms I will be utilizing are 50onred, Bing ads and”
It is hard work trying to get approved into a good affiliate network but trust me, it’s worth it.
It will probably take a few days for this to happen, be patient.
Now, when you‟re finally approved, you will receive this e-mail.
Next, search for this e-mail it should be sent at the same time.
E-mail title should be: “Welcome to W4!”
If you have any questions, feel free to ask the sender, also, he will have ALREADY introduced you your Affiliate Manager already. In my case, mine was Dylan.
Add him up on AIM (go download AIM if you haven‟t already) to communicate effectively with your AM. (Affiliate manager)
For convenience sake his AIM username is:
Let‟s move onward to the MONEY MAKING PART. (That‟s our favorite part isn‟t it?)
Go ahead and login into your w4 account.
It shows you who your affiliate manager is on the top and if you haven‟t already contacted him/her, do so immediately. They.Are.Your.Best.Friend.
Why? They‟re able to send you the TOP/HOT offers and products that are happening in the network now and what converts most. They‟re able to give you tips and tricks. They‟re able to give you some information on what works, heck they even tell you what TRAFFIC SOURCE converts! They can also do one more thing, I will tell you in the bonus section. 
Ask your AM for a TOP OFFER list now, they will send you one through e-mail.
On the „REPORTS‟ tab, it shows you and earnings and clicks, some very basic statistic. The detailed ones are in your CPVLab which you (hopefully) purchased.
Go right on to Campaigns, we‟re ready to start aren‟t we?
You will see a series of category and when you expand them, they‟re all offers. In your mind you should be thinking this right now, “Wow, there‟re so many offers, which one do I choose?”
Here I will teach you how.
1. Remember that Top offer list I asked you to acquire from your AM? Utilize it. Here‟s an example of how it looks like:
There are FOUR things we look for in this e-mail.
The first one is Campaign Name, when you have chosen an offer that you like; enter it on in the Keyword search:
Next, look at the Conv. (This refers to the conversion rate)
The higher the Conv. this means that A LOT OF PEOPLE are MAKING MONEY off this offer/product.
This is good in a sense that it means that the product/offer is easy to sell or promote. It is definitely worth a try.
In another sense, it may be a little too saturated and competition is tight.
Depending on the pay-out, which is the third thing we look out for, take a look at the first two campaigns; McAfee US and Roblox Games converting at 2.36% and 4.55% also $20 and $1.40 pay-out respectively. I would definitely try McAfee, you will need at least 18 conversions from Roblox compared to 1 conversion of McAfee to make as much money. Its simple math, some calculations and we‟ll know which one is more worth our time.
(In all sense, I am speaking from a LIMITED RESOURCES point of view, that means I want to save as much money whilst earning as much money as possible. IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF MONEY, please go right ahead and test as MANY offers as possible)
An example is let‟s say an offer is on selling Cigars, I‟m a non-smokerand I would naturally assume that no one on the internet would buy cigars off the internet. Why not just go to a shop and purchase one?
Lastly, the Channel notes.
The e-mail on Top offers even tells you which Traffic platform converts for that particular offer. That‟s almost all the work done for you. In CPA affiliate marketing, Traffic sources/platforms are the secret weapons. If you know the source, you are already half way getting tons and tons of conversion. (The second half, you‟ll learn shortly in the system.)
Let‟s say we‟ve chosen the offer McAfee US. Hop on over to and enter that in keyword search.
Let me take this time to explain what some of the terms mean – Description is the product details. Pay CLOSE attention to the Traffic Allowed, in this case, it
The geo-targets define the country you will be targeting.
Pay close attention to the restrictions placed and you will be fine. Conversion tells you that you will be paid when a visitor makes a valid one-time purchase. You earn $20 per sale on this offer as stated.
Go and click on „Preview‟.
You should be brought to the offer‟s LANDING PAGE. This is what visitors will see when you promote your product through traffic platforms. (I only cropped a partial of the website) Now, we‟re doing OFFER SELECTION. We‟re trying to determine if this offer is worth our time trying.
Use this free tool:
It is a traffic ranking website that will help us, this is what you should see.
Copy and paste the link on the preview page we landed on previously. (Highlighted in red box)
Paste it in the “Enter a site” box. (Highlighted in green box)
You should see this statistics. (A lot of useful information on this website)
We can see that McAfee is ranked 1,253 in the United States. That is very, very impressive. Why? It means that the offer/product is branded and well-known. When a product is this well-known, it means people are MORE inclined to purchase it since the brand has already done all the work for us. (This explains the high conversion rate.)
I will usually NOT try any offer that has a rank of more than 100,000 IN THE SPECIFIC GEO-TARGET the offer expects me to. (For example if McAfee was ranked 100,000 in US, I will not give it a try. Ignore Global Rank.)
This is how the ranking works:
Rank 1 being the best in the country while anything further away from Rank 1 means it doesn‟t fare as well as Rank 1 in terms of visitors.
You have some work to do now, go ahead and select several offers, save them in a Notepad for future references. When you‟re done and ready to move on, let‟s go!
**WARNING: The given instructions for offer selections are guidelines and serves to help you on your journey, if at any point, you feel that an offer will work out even if they do not fit into my guidelines, follow your gut instincts and try it out. My guidelines are made through painful hours of trying and testing and what works for me but sometimes there‟re exceptions. Go for it.  **
Great! So now, we‟ve learnt how to choose a right offer to promote, let‟s introduce the key players of this game shall we? They are the PAID traffic sources responsible for ALL of your conversions; it‟s safe to say that they‟re the ones helping you make your money. 
Let‟s start off with my favourite! Pay-per-view (PPV) The great traffic source that I‟m going to introduce you here is,
What you need to know: 50OnRed is NOT limited to just PPV traffic model. It has…
all these.. but today we‟ll just stick to Pops (which means pop-ups/pay-per-view) don‟t worry, I‟ll also include a tutorial on the rest in another file if you‟re interested to learn, just e-mail me, it‟s free. (It is always good to test and try all different methods, who knows? Maybe you‟ll find something valuable there.)
Just tell me tell you first-hand, in order to dive right in into this traffic source; the cost is $500 deposit. (The $500 is used as they drive the traffic to your product, you will see how later on; however, they require a $500 deposit upfront BUT subsequent top-ups will ONLY be $100.) **WARNING**
50OnRed is the Traffic Platform of my choice that allows me to make 400-800% ROIs EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.With just ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.
Made your choice? Great, I hope you‟ve decided to stick to this. Let‟s get started:
Firstly, you‟ll need to register for an account.
Head on to this link, don‟t worry, this doesn‟t allow me to earn some coffee money, it does, however, earn both of us an additional $50 to spend on this awesome traffic platform! Here‟s how: If you manage to spend $500 in 30 days, both of us receive $50 extra in return. 
Let me share with you some insights for 50OnRed and this should be a general direction to take for all other different traffic sources you will use in the future. In the span of 30 days, TRY YOUR BEST to create as many campaigns on 50OnRed, as many as possible, this way, you‟re able to quickly and efficiently FIND OUT which OFFERS are actually EARNING you the MOST money. You‟re then able to optimize and scale them up accordingly from thereafter.
Let‟s sign up first.
Fill in your details accurately in the blanks, as for Company; use your own name if you‟re using it as an individual. Sign-up when you‟re done.
Next, it‟ll be the terms and privacy policy, read it through if you want to, go ahead and input your full name and proceed.
This is what you should see after. Go ahead and verify your identity and add a payment type.
Now, I understand the concerns regarding the payment method, they accept debit/credit cards. I want to assure you that it‟s 101% safe to share the details with them. (I‟ve been working with them for years, e-mail me for proof if you still feel unsure.) However, they also accept wire/ACH transfer. If you still feel unsafe, go ahead and Google 50OnRed, there‟re lots of positive reviews and customers. Once again, I reassure you that it‟s very safe. Before proceeding to create our very first campaign together, let me show you quickly first, how to pay a one-time deposit subsequently after your first payment. Head to the top right corner.
You‟ll see your name and a small arrow.
Click on it to view the menu.
Click on „Funding & Payments‟.
You will see this small little „One-time Deposit‟. Click on it in the future to make only one-time payments of your choice amount if you do not want to set-up recurring payments. 
Now, let‟s go back to the top left corner, click on „Pops‟ and let‟s finally get started!!!
You should see this, the overview page!
As you can see, it says that I‟m making a loss of -$0.94, don‟t worry about that, it is because we have our very own tracking software and we‟re not using the platform‟s statistics, thus, it can‟t track our earnings. Click on „Campaigns‟, we‟re ready!
Click on „+New Campaign‟.
Now pause for a minute, remember our tracking software? Since we‟re about to start a new campaign, we want to track the statistics so we‟re able to optimize!
Go right ahead to your CPVLab.
Click on „Settings‟ first, choose the last option, „Traffic Sources‟.
You will see this page filled with blanks, now I‟m not sure if CPVLab has pre-set the settings for you, check your current traffic sources,
IF IT ALREADY HAS 50onred POP listed, please skip this section. If you do not see 50onred on your current traffic sources list, follow the next step.
Fill in the blanks like the above screenshot and click „Save‟. 
Go right back to the top and click on „+Add Campaign‟. Don‟t be daunted by the many blanks and unfamiliar terms! You don‟t really need to remember or fill in a lot of things. Just follow my lead, it‟s actually very simple really. 
You should see this page now. You only need to change a few things. — Input your Campaign name; for example if we‟re doing McAfee, just type in McAfee or anything that is easy for you to remember. Predefined source – Select 50onred POP Lastly, Campaign Type: Tick DIRECT LINK, not LANDING PAGE.
The result should look like this.
Simple, right?Now, onto the next portion.
(In the offer row, you can fill in accordingly.)
As for the URL part, how did I arrive at my URL? Remember that it is all in your w4 account. At the offer you‟ve decide to promote, (shown next page) Click on the „=‟ sign and it should automate it into 100% Share, enter the pay-out given by w4 accordingly. (This is only for your data stats, simply put, for your eyes only; even if you input $20,000, it doesn‟t mean a thing. W4 only pays you what is stated.) Network: choose w4 instead of Ads 2 Ads. (If you can‟t w4 in the list, go two pages forward.) SAVE CAMPAIGN WHEN DONE.***
Click on „Links + Creatives‟. Go to the „Links‟ tab.
COPY IT ONLY UNTIL THE c1= PORTION. Copied link should look like this:
(Just in case) CPVLab should have updated their list of affiliate networks, if they haven‟t just follow this steps to add w4 into your network list. On CPVLab, head to the top tabs and click on „Settings‟ choose the 2nd option. (Affiliate networks)
Enter as shown, easy, click „Save‟ when done.
Next, we need to fill in a pixel fireback, so we know when there is a conversion. Head back to the „Links + Creative‟ area as done previously but this time, click on the „Pixels‟ tab.
Click „Add New Pixel‟ at the bottom.
Input anything, as in literally anything as the pixel name. Select „Post Back‟ and the URL to post sale data to should be
Remember that you signed up for a domain? This is the exact domain used for your CPVLab. Enter the name of your domain in the format given above replacing „YOURDOMAIN‟ with your actual domain name. For example, if my domain name is, the actual URL to post sale data to would be: (Fun fact: note that it is only until c1, which is why we only need to copy the offer URL until c1.)
Let‟s hurry on to make some money, I bet you‟re already impatient already right? All these technicalities but I assure you that it will be worth it. Remember, wealth doesn‟t come easy, it requires effort and hard work. Bear with it. It‟ll be worth it.
Back to where we left out, You should be at 50onred‟s traffic platform and the „Pops‟ tab, now click on „+New Campaign‟.
Campaign name is anything that helps you remember what offer you‟re promoting.
Start date choose 2 days before the actual day. For example, if it is 10th May 2015, choose 8th May 2015. This helps to start the campaign immediately once it‟s approved.
Leave the End date blank. You can always stop the campaign at any time, you can leave the end date empty so it keeps running until you stop the campaign manually. Unless you have special
reasons such as being unable to monitor the campaign due to you being overseas etc, feel free to choose an End date.
Choose whatever Timezoneyou‟re comfortable with, for me I choose (America, Los Angeles) because it matches w4‟s timezone.
Status, select enabled.
Rating, decide whether the offer you‟re promoting is adult or general. Rule of thumb, if it‟s not adult, any other offer is considered general.
In Locations, select ONLY the countries that the offer is interested in. Any other geo-targets that are not wanted in the offer is voided.
(Next Page)
Look at the MINIMUM biddings for each countries, – United States ($0.01) – Canada ($0.005) – Germany ($0.002)
What Minimum bids mean is the lowest amount you can pay PER pop-ups. (Pay-per-view remember?)
From this 3 example that I‟ve selected, Germany appears to be the CHEAPEST.
The special trick here is, look at the offers in w4. Here‟s an example, This is a dating offer from w4, look at the Geotargets. It allows a few selected countries. Here‟s what I will do, I will start with the CHEAPEST geotarget FIRST.
The reasoning is simple. There‟s LESS competition there and it COSTS me LESSER to experiment with it. Subsequently, I will work my way into the more expensive countries if it is bringing me results. This is a good way to ration your money wisely.
For budget, using the example that I‟m promoting McAfee UK I‟m choosing UK as my geotarget, the minimum bid is $0.005, UNTICK „Unlimited Budget‟ because unknowingly, leaving your campaign overnight will LOSE you a lot of money if it is not optimized properly. Don‟t do unlimited budget until you‟re sure of your campaign‟s profits.
For Daily Budget, I like to judge it carefully by using 1/4th of the offer‟s pay-out to test; McAfee UK pays $20 per sale so I‟m setting it at $5 daily to test. (You can set it whatever you deem fit, this is just my style.)
Leave Total budget blank. As I‟ve said, you can stop the campaign whenever you wish, so putting a total budget is pointless unless for whatever reasons.
As for Dayparting, it allows you to choose WHAT and WHEN to run your campaign. For example, on Monday 8:00am to 8:00pm, you receive the highest conversion, you can set that as well. Personally, I don‟t tweak or adjust it.
For Frequency caps, it means how many times a user can view your Pop-ups in a span of time. Remember, this is situational. Think about the angle. For example, if I‟m promoting a dating website and the person has successfully converted, that means he/she is already a user of the website and I won‟t get additional money from him/her since they‟re already signed up, if I do not cap it, they‟ll still be viewing our Pop-ups and in turn, we are wasting money on a ALREADY converted customer.
To play safe, I set it at 1 click per 24 hours. There‟s nothing else to fill in now, go ahead and click „SAVE‟.
You will now be brought to the „Creative‟ tab. This is the easiest part, click „+Add Creatives‟.
Input anything into the „Name‟. For destination URL, remember your CPVLab McAfee UK setup?
The „Destination URL‟ is shown in the red box. Copy that and paste it into the „Destination URL‟. Click „Add Creative‟.
Onwards to the last part of the campaign, you should be at the „Targets‟ page, if not, click on it, it is just beside the „Creatives‟ tab.
Click on „Add Keywords‟. You should see this huge box.
Here is the part that requires tremendous work. Don‟t give up.
Here, I have a few tools to help make our lives easier.
There‟re two tools here to choose from, you can choose either, they are free to use too! –
I prefer using the 2nd one, Google Keyword Planner.
Let‟s start with first. Head on to the website.
Here, you can play around with the keywords, if you aren‟t already familiar yet, in keyword bidding, for example if you bidded on the keyword “McAfee UK”, every time a person with adware searches for “McAfee UK” on his/her search engine, your Pop-up will appear and they will decide whether they want to buy it, if they buy it, it‟s a conversion and you receive money.
So here, go ahead and play around with the possible keywords and angle you can think of. Great examples may also include, “Antivirus”, “Virus remover”, “Make my PC Faster”. There‟re a million angles to look at, be sure not to leave out anything and let your creativity flow.
Once done, go ahead and click search.
You should see a long list of keywords. SELECT ONLY those that you think ARE APPLICABLE.
For example, look at the keyword “McAfee uk telephone number”, I feel that it is not as viable, if they want the telephone number, chances are they might already have purchased a copy of their own McAfee.
Once you‟re done with your selection, paste them back at the „Add keywords‟ box on 50OnRed.
It should look like this.
Click „Add Keywords‟ when you‟re done.
For the Second Tool, Google keyword planner, it is slightly complicated but worth it.
Here‟s how: Sign up for a Google account if you don‟t already have it.
Sign in if you already have.
You should see this. Click on „Search for new keyword and ad group ideas‟.
There‟re two ways to work around this, read carefully. Also, open up the offer‟s preview page, in our case example, it is McAfee UK. This is the preview link:
Take note of a few things: You can enter the product name. (Shown in the red box)
You can enter the product‟s LANDING PAGE. (Shown in the blue box) *It is the preview page web URL.*
I‟ve changed the targeting to „United Kingdom‟, take note of this game changer.
In the Language, if you HAPPEN to be promoting a GERMANY product, of course you‟d want to include Dutch in the language.
Isn‟t that awesome? (To be sure that you‟re not using a useless keyword, try Google translating the words that you don‟t understand.)
Also, in „Keyword options‟, SELECT „Only show closely related ideas‟.
Click on „Get ideas‟ when you‟re ready.
You should see this, click on „Keyword ideas‟.
On the next page, you should see a long list of keywords as well. The hassle about Google keyword planner is that you can only download the keywords into an Excel file. If you have it,
then great! If not, maybe you can think of ways…. (not implying anything….)
You should see this on the right hand middle corner.
Click on „Download‟ and save it as an Excel file. Open that file.
You should now have a jumbled and messy excel file with keywords in it like this.
Delete the currency column. Right click on „C‟ column and delete.
Read the instructions carefully.
Highlight Column „A‟, „B‟, „C‟ then go to the top right hand corner, click on „Sort & Filter‟ then „Custom Sort‟.
In the Sort by box, select „Avg. monthly search‟ ignore the middle box and in the last box, select order „Largest to Smallest‟.
Now you‟ve a list of popular keywords ranking from the highest search target to the lowest arranged properly.
Select the ones you like, filter through the popular keywords, some of them are useless actually.
When you‟re done, do the same, paste it back onto 50OnRed‟s keyword box.
Wait, we’re not done yet.
During the „Add keywords‟ part, you should have seen „Add domains‟ as well, right? I personally don‟t have that much success with domain targeting. But you can try, who knows?
Domain targeting are slightly easier, for example, if we‟re doing McAfee, what I will target are some of the other popular antivirus‟s websites. E.g., just to list some examples. In domain targeting, omit https:// or www. they‟re not needed. Just input domain plus .com/.net etc.
Also, check out they provide some great insights. Ask me anything personally on Skype if you‟ve any questions.
Now all you have to do is simply, wait. Wait for the 50OnRed team to approve your campaign and your campaign will be live! Traffic will be flowing in, monitor them through CPVLab and scale or optimize accordingly. Let me show you how to create a profitable campaign now!
Head on to your CPVLab.
At your CPVLab homepage,
You should see this small symbols right by the end of your campaign.
The first one stands for „Statistics‟, followed by „Reports‟, „Trends‟, „Settings‟, „Clone‟, „Delete‟ and „Reset‟ respectively.
Feel free to play around with them, just don‟t delete or reset it though. Deleting deletes the campaign permanently while resetting resets the data collected.
When done, go to statistics.
Take a look at one of the campaign I‟ve done. 
As you can see, the keyword „Fairprice voucher‟ earns me a WHOOPING 218 conversions. While the other keywords perform only mediocrely. For example, take a look at the
highlighted keyword, „sheng siongsingapore‟, it has but low views and zero conversions.
So, what should we do here to scale up our earnings and make MASSIVE profits?
The direction to take is… REMEMBER THIS AT THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD.
“REMOVE USELESS KEYWORDS AND COMPETE FOR THE EARNING KEYWORDS.” With these said, let‟s go back to 50onred, back to your first campaign created.
Go to your targets, it should have probably been approved already.
You should see this.
Ignore my keywords, these are examples.
More importantly, have a look under the „Approval‟ tab.
„Below Smart Bid $0.xx‟ means your bid is lower than the supposedly first bidder, which means he/she is paying the highest for that particular keyword.
Reasons that this happen could be that the particular keyword is converting REALLY well or… they‟re just high-baller. The latter one seems to usually be the case.
Here‟s how the bidding system works: The highest bidder receives MOST or ALL of the traffic until his Daily budget is up, followed by the 2nd highest, 3rd, 4th so on and so forth.
A very good gauge would be, click on the rocket icon highlighted by the green arrow.
Usually, I am fine with 40-50%. Remember, competing with the top bidder may wound you severely if you do not have enough capital or resources to spend. Play it cool and play it safe, you do not necessary need to be first bidder unless the keyword is really helping you profit like crazy.
This is how I make insane ROIs with just $100 USD per month.
Easy money eh?
My tutorial on PPV(Pay-per-view) channels are over.
Oh yes, some offers on w4 requires approval, don‟t be daunted. Just click on it and in the comments section, explain as SIMPLY as possible. For example, if you‟re using 50onred PPV, just type in „50onred ppv‟ and click submit. That‟s all.
With that said, I‟ll introduce you a few more traffic to try and avoid.
The top PPV traffic source you should definitely try is – it is said to be the biggest and best PPV advertising firm. Beware, big fishes lurk there, competition is very intense. It also requires a hefty deposit of $1000 USD. Proceed at your own risk but risk usually rewards very well..
Avoid – this traffic has done nothing but drain me dry with crappy conversions. Only requires $200 USD deposit. Great for starters but I‟d suggest not to waste your time. Just dive straight into 50OnRed.
Ask me anything on Skype!
Without further ado, let‟s move on to Display traffic shall we?
As for Display, you should have noticed, 50OnRed has its very own display traffic.
However, it was only recently released, I haven‟t had the chance to try it. Let me know how it works for you if you‟ve tried it okay?
I‟ll introduce you one that I‟ve worked with and had great results!
This traffic source is
Go right ahead and sign up for an account, sign-up as an Advertiser.
I‟ll leave it up to you to fill in the forms, it should be simple and easy by now to the point that it‟s actually boring.  (Ask me on Skype if anything unusual happens.)
Once your account is approved, you should see this. What‟s good about this traffic source is that it requires only $200.00 USD to get started. 
Click on „CAMPAIGNS‟, let‟s get started!
Before that, you would need to do one thing. Add the traffic source into CPVLab.
Follow this and you‟ll be good to go.
Also, follow the same steps as with the 50onred campaign. Create the campaign in CPVLab first in order to track your results. It should look something like this.
Notice the extra tokens, follow as shown.
Once you‟re done, go straight back to and into „CAMPAIGNS‟ tab.
Click on „Add new campaign‟.
Just to be clear, TrafficHaus provides ADULT TRAFFIC. That means they place your display banners on EXPLICIT websites.
If it is against you or your morals, skip this immediately and try the display traffic channel on 50OnRed.
If not, this is however, actually really profitable. Because sex sells.
This is what you should see, for example, I am promoting the offer on eHarmony dating site.
On device type, tick only „Desktop‟. Personally, I‟ve tried the mobile and tablet device type, didn‟t really work out for me. (May work for you though.)
On Ad size, choose „ABOVE THE FOLD BANNERS‟ 300×250 size.
Select appropriate countries.
There‟s no need to set frequency cap on this.
Click „Continue to step 2‟.
Edit nothing here. Go on to Step 3.
Set bid amount on the range of $0.020 to $0.040 to TEST. Increase only when you see profits. The daily and total budget are fine, they won‟t exceed AT ALL as long as your bid amount stays within the range I‟ve stated.
Usually, it‟ll cost only $1-$10 depending on the bid amount.
Go to the last step.
The destination URL is the one you find below your save button in CPVLab, similar to the one you‟ve done in 50onred except this is for another campaign.
For the banner part, let‟s get us some 300×250 size pictures shall we?
In this case, we‟re doing eHarmony‟s dating site, let‟s search the keyword „eHarmony‟ onto Google.
Click on „Images‟.Et Voila! Thousands of pictures but that‟s not what we want.
Click on „Search tools‟.
You should see a couple of extra options showing up.
Click on „Size‟, select „Exactly‟ and input 300×250 in the box that appears.
Choose the ones that appeal to you and save the image. 
Did I mention, TrafficHaus accepts Animated image? (aka GIFs)
On the options that show up, click on „Type‟, select „Animated‟.
Animated images are the BEST display banners in getting conversions. Nothing speaks to you more like an animated image.
With your newly saved images, return to TrafficHaus and Drag-drop your image files onto the „Upload Banners‟ section. Submit campaign and wait for approval!
Display traffic is easy right? I have to tell you though, I have earned a lot from Adult display traffic but on some days I don‟t earn as much. It is slightly inconsistent but I love it anyway because money is still money.
With this, I would like to sell you something. This is not an UPSELL or a DEFINITE MUST BUY thing.
What I am selling you is my EXCLUSIVE set of Display Banners.
I‟ve banners for ALL geo-targets and these banners have been tested and they convert CONSISTENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY.
You can USE THESE BANNERS FOR EVERY SINGLE CAMPAIGN. Adult dating/Non-adult dating.ConvertsEvery. Single. Time.
I am selling this package of banners for $15 USD. Drop me a message on Skype if you‟re interested. You do not have to spend extra time testing and wasting money; start receiving profits right away! 
Let me tell you now, what traffic source to try and what to avoid.
There‟re simply too many adult traffic source to try, here‟s some notable ones that has good reviews and raves about them.
TrafficJunky, TrafficFactory and Exoclick. I haven‟t tried them personally but go right ahead if you have the extra resources. You might find something valuable.
IGNORE EVERY OTHER ADULT TRAFFIC SOURCES THAT YOU‟VE NEVER HEARD ABOUT. They‟re usually junk traffic that wastes nothing but your resources.
Warriorforum is a great place to read on the traffic‟s review and comments. Start there.
And lastly,
The last traffic source I should touch on would be PPC (Pay-per-click).
Unfortunately, PPC traffic sources have been on a decline and profits have literally been non-existent. I am unable to recommend any traffic source of such. Although, if you were really keen to try one, look for BingAds.
Some warriors from warriorforum seem to have found success with BingAds, I‟ve tried it but it sucked for me.
Let me know if it has worked out for you if you decide to try, also with your skill set, you‟ll be able to tackle any traffic source easily. Just refer to the above steps, they‟re all the same. Remember, you can ask me anything on Skype.
I‟ve reached the end of my system my beloved, well I hope I can count on you and call you my friend. Simply by purchasing this system, you‟ve helped me a lot getting closer to my dreams and I sure as hell hope that I‟ve helped you get closer to yours.
Remember, there is NO get-rich-schemes. Every single method requires effort and hard work. Keep grinding and you‟ll see results.
One day, we‟ll probably see each other posting on forums sharing our results and our 5 figure PASSIVE income while travelling around the world with the ones we love.
Success doesn‟t come easy but it‟ll come surely for the ones who persevere. I am here because I do not want to be stuck in the rat race, in a 8-5 office job and struggling to pay bills. I am here because I want to be free and there‟s so much life has to offer to us. I want to be out there and try new things every day, spend time with my family, buy my dream car and dream house. I hope you share the same sentiments as me and here on out, I wish you Godspeed.
My dear comrades, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
(Read on for Bonuses)
In this section, it contains various tips that could essentially help you!
Do you know? You can ask your affiliate manager in w4 for a pay bump! For example if you‟re doing McAfee UK, you have several conversions, ask your affiliate manager for a pay bump! Instead of receiving $20.00 USD per sale, he/she can increase it to $21 or even higher! (Depends on your conversion rate)
Do you know? Some offers has several landing pages, you can actually split test them!
Take a look at this, normally we only fill up the first one but in this case, I filled all 3 up. Notice the Share % too. What happens in this scenario is that Visitor 1 visits the first Landing page, Visitor 2 visits the second Landing page and Visitor 3 to the third one. In this case, you‟re able to determine which
landing page is best for you and you can optimize it. Take note that you only add &lpid=XXXX after c1=
Also, do you know TrafficHaus provides a direct 30-day network ad placement sale?
Remember we‟ve our CPVLab tracking? CPVLab is able to determine which website is making the sale/conversion for you. With that information, go ahead and speak to a TrafficHaus representative and make a buy on one of their website to place your banners for MASSIVE PROFITS and at a cheaper price too! (You can talk to me about this for more information.)
If you haven‟t already understand the concept of Display banner ads, it is that they put your banners across their inventory of websites and the one that converts, let‟s say for example, on, one of their inventory, someone clicks and signs up for a dating site that you‟re promoting you earn money. This goes to show that on, you‟re enjoying conversions and you can specify that you‟d like your ads to be placed ONLY on
TrafficHaus has a dozens of different inventory and none of them works the same. Be sure to track your data properly.
50OnRed Intext
I‟ve never touched on this traffic method previously because I‟ve had fluctuating success with this and I believe this is an intermediate traffic method if you were to try and use it but here, I‟ll teach it to those who‟re interested. Remember that I‟m here for the sole purpose to help you. 
Let me show you an example of an „Intext‟ advertisement.
This is an example of an „Intext‟ ad. As you should already be familiar with 50onred‟s system, we as advertisers, we bid on keywords and in this example, the advertise has specifically chose a few keywords, those highlighted in green.
This way, when a unsuspecting visitor visits ANY page on the internet with the keyword such as “South Wales”, it will be highlighted in green and your advertisement will appear.
In a sense, this is a great traffic method since it is very targeted and 50onred will only deduct your credit only if the visitor clicks into your ad.
I‟ve had fluctuating success because the bid prices are very high on intext so I haven‟t been able to get around and discover the winning or earning factor.
Go ahead and try it if you like.
The campaign-building process are mostly the same, with what I‟ve taught you, you‟re most certainly ready to tackle it.
One tip though: For example if you‟re promoting an offer on McAfee and you do not know what to write in the subtext or the headings, just google McAfee. You may copy and paste the descriptions you find and modify it to your liking. That is about all.
Have fun friends!