Ultimate Ebay Guide 2015

Ultimate Ebay Guide 2015
The ULTIMATE Guide to Drop shipping on eBay

Using Amazon, Wal-Mart and the BEST China Drop Shippers
By David Hobson
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Welcome to my guide on drop shipping on eBay using places you never even thought of such as Amazon
and Wal-Mart. In this guide I will be going through everything you need to know about drop shipping
and giving you ALL of my favourite sources, including the BEST china drop shipping websites that
ALL the top eBay sellers are using.

This eBook will most likely annoy some of the biggest sellers on eBay as I’m going to reveal the
suppliers they don’t want you to know about.
Before we get started I wanted to show you a few screenshots from my new eBay account ive been
using to prepare for this Wso. The screenshot below shows the sales on this account over the last
120 days including the last 24hrs (28-Feb-2015)
The following screenshot shows Februarys sales.
Let’s Get Started:

The first step as always is to open your eBay and PayPal accounts, 99% of you will already have
these in place.

The next thing you need to do and its very important is to apply for a PayPal Access Card, not all
suppliers accept PayPal. For those that don’t accept PayPal the PayPal access card enables you to
purchase items using the funds in your PayPal account.

If your unable to get the Access card don’t worry too much there are ways around it. Most
people will be accepted.

New to eBay and PayPal:
If your just starting out with eBay and PayPal you are going to have some restrictions on your
account, such as restricted selling limits and payments being placed on hold for 21 days or until
the buyer leaves feedback.

I go into more details later in this guide on how to lift the selling limits. For now the first
thing you want to do is remove the payment hold as soon as possible. The quickest and easiest way
of doing this is take a look around your home for unwanted items that you can sell on eBay.

Sell items at low cost to quickly get some sales and start growing your feedback. New seller status
ends once you’ve met all the following criteria:
 It’s been more than 90 days since your first successful sale.
 You’ve completed more than 25 domestic sales transactions.
 You have more than $250.00 in total sales.

Once you have met the above criteria your payments will no longer be placed on hold and you will be
able to start making more money by listing bigger items from over sources.

New account holders are also limited to selling 10 items per month or $500, once you have a few
sales just ring the eBay customer services and ask for your limits to be increased, tell them you
have had a few sales and have more products in stock that you would like to sell.

They usually increase your limits by 100 items per month until you reach a certain point and all
restrictions are lifted.

Once we have found some amazing products to sell we will go into more detail about listing them on
eBay towards the end of this guide.

Finding Products Part 1:

The first place we are going to be looking is Amazon; there millions of products available on
Amazon and many are available with free shipping and gift wrap.

Amazon is a great place to start and build your reputation, you’re not going to make thousands
every week using Amazon but it’s a great starting point.

The first thing you want to do is sign up for an Amazon Prime Trial, Prime gets you free next day
delivery on most items.

Once your trial ends you can either subscribe to a monthly fee or simply cancel Prime all together
and just go with products over $35 to get free shipping.
For a more in depth look into the Amazon to eBay method check out Empire 21, Great videos and

Finding Products Part 1-1:

Start by going through the various categories on Amazon and look for items that you want to sell on
eBay. Once you have a product go to eBay and do a search to see if it’s available on eBay and if it
sells at a higher price.

Below is a prime example, The item is on offer on Amazon and is Prime eligible and has the gift
wrap option which makes it a perfect item for listing.
The next screenshot id for the same item this time on eBay and as you can see the seller has
already sold the item 4 times.
So the seller is buying the item on Amazon for $13.99 and selling on eBay for $18.99. After taking
into account eBay and PayPal fees the seller is making around $1.76 per sale, so times that by 4
and you get a profit so far of $7.04.

Now I know some of you will be thinking that’s not a lot of profit, however look at it this way
you are building up your eBay profile by starting small and building trust.

Another way of looking at it is this, what if you have 10 different items for sale on eBay and you
make $7.04 profit on each item every week, that’s $70+ profit.

That’s a great starting point; you’re getting lots of sales and your building your feedback and

Let’s take a look at another item this time on Amazon UK.
As you can see the item sells on Amazon for £27.50 is Prime eligible and has the Gift Wrap option.
Now let’s look at the same item on eBay.
The seller is selling the same item on eBay for £35.45, so after you take away the PayPal and eBay
fees you get a profit of £2.64.

Again doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a profit and don’t forget your building your reputation.

Finding Products Part 1-2:

The next place we are going to be looking at is Wal-Mart. Not many people talk about Wal-Mart in
there guides because you can make big profits and they like to keep the best to themselves.

If your using Wal-Mart then be sure to join Dubli and earn cash back on EVERY sale.

Wal-Mart has hundreds of items for sale, what we are looking for is items over $50 so that we can
get free shipping, let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Below is an image from Wal-Mart, as you can see the item sells for $178.00
Below is the same item on eBay.
And as you can see the seller sold this item twice at $239.99, after taking away Fees the seller
was left with a profit of $28 per item, so for selling just two items he made a profit of $56.
Now imagine making a $56 profit on 1 item 7 days a week, that’s $392 profit every week on just one
product, I’ll let you do the math’s if you were making that profit on multiple items every week.

Let’s look at another Wal-Mart example, below is a screenshot of a television selling on Wal- Mart
for $139.00.
And the same item sold on eBay for $174.50
So again after taking into account your fees, you’re getting a profit of $10.64 per sale.

You WILL find items on Wal-Mart that will bring you over $50 profit per sale; you just have to
research and research to find some amazing products.

For a more in depth look into the Wal-Mart to eBay method check out Empire 21, Great videos and

Other websites you can use to drop ship from:

Sears Overstock k-mart Rakuten
Finding Products Part 2(China):

In this section of the guide we are going to be looking at drop shipping items from China using
only the BEST websites, including ALL of my favorites that I use on a daily basis, including some
that only the biggest eBay sellers are using.

The majority of china drop shipping websites work on a level basis, the more you sell the higher
the level they put you on which get you more and more discount.

Below is a screenshot of what a lot of these websites do.
As you can see this is from a website I’ve not been using for too long but have ordered 141 items
from them totaling over $2300.

Below is the chart from the website showing what you need to move up to a higher level and the
discounts you will get.

I will show you a couple of examples from each of the websites that I reveal.

Site 1 My Personal Favorite: (Accepts PayPal)

The first website we are going to be looking at is Banggood.com they are one of the biggest
websites in china, and they also have warehouses in the US and the UK. This makes selling items
even better as you can offer 3-5 day delivery instead of the average 25 days when ordering from

All products come with free shipping and an express shipping option and there customer service is
second to none when it comes to returns should this be needed. The majority of the times if it’s a
low value item they will simply send a replacement with no need to return the original.

Banggood is so easy to use, once you get a sale on eBay simply add the product to your cart on
Banggood, enter your customers shipping address and tick the dropship order box for 3% discount.

So let’s take a look at a couple of examples, the one below is for a Teclast x80 Tablet
As you can see it’s available for $118.99, however Banggood give a drop ship discount once you add
items to your shopping cart.
So the item costs you $115.42. The same item is selling on eBay for $153.99 and the seller has sold
4 already.
After fees the seller make $16.56 profit per item, so he has sold 4 so far making him $66.24.

If you’ve been keeping track of the profits from all the examples so far you will see that you’re
starting to get a nice steady income.

Let’s take a look at another example. The below example cost $145.99, but doesn’t have a free
shipping option due to its size.
So once you add on shipping and then takeaway the drop ship discount the item costs $153.25
The same item on eBay sells for $189.99
So after fees the seller makes $9.70 and he’s sold three so far making him $29.10

Banggood has thousands of products that you can sell and make some really good profits and
that’s why it’s my No.1 site for drop shipping from china.

Site 2: AliExpress
The next website we will be looking at is Aliexpress.com; this website is part of the Alibaba
network and offers thousands of different suppliers that drop ship items all in one pace.

This site does not accept PayPal so you would need you Access Card.

So let’s take a look at a couple of items, the first item sells on AliExpress for $47.70
And the same item sells on eBay for $79.92
The seller has sold 5 items so far each making a profit after fees of $20.51 each so that’s
$102.55 profit on selling just that product alone.
Let’s take a look at another product from AliExpress, for this example we will look at the price of
a 64GB SD Card selling on the website for $20.90

And selling on eBay for $35.93
As you can see the seller has sold 42 items, after fees he makes $9.44 each 42x$9.44=$396.48

I could go on and on showing you product after product but then you would spend all your time
reading and not taking action.
Site 3: DhGate

Dhgate.com works like our previous website where as they source thousands of suppliers all into one
place. DhGate unfortunately doesn’t take PayPal so again you would need your PayPal access card.

DhGate is slightly different than the other 2 websites that I have mentioned, the majority of items
on here are sold in bulk. The idea is you buy a large amount at low cost and then sell them once
you have received them.

This is a great idea once you have built up a good reputation and have money in the bank, it’s
also a method used by the very big eBay sellers. Additional sites:
There are a couple more websites that I have used but don’t use as often as the 3 mentioned

Chinavasion.com this is the very first website I started with. Although one of the best and most
trusted websites in china they don’t offer free shipping and so products can become a little too
expensive for easy once shipping is added to the total.

That said you will still find some excellent products.

Lightake.com this is a very good website for puzzles and I have sold many in the past, my only
concern with this website is shipping can be very slow at peak times. It’s always worth paying the
extra $2 on here to have tracked shipping just in case of delays in shipping to your customers.

EforChina.com not one of the cheapest but very reliable, a good place to go if your main source is
out of stock.

A couple more worth a look are.




Listing Your Items for Sale:

Now that you have found some great items to sell its time to get listing them on eBay and start
making some sales.
If your listing from Amazon Uk then you only want to ship to the Uk, if your using Amazon US or
Wal-Mart then same again only ship within your country.

If your listing from a china drop shipping website the to maximize your sales you want to choose
worldwide shipping in all your listings.

A lot of guides will tell you to just simply go ahead and copy and paste everything straight into

EBay can and will penalize your listings if it simply just a copy paste, this means it may take
longer for you to appear in the search results. It will also mean your item might not show up very
high in the rankings when buyers are searching.


Always re-write the title of the product you are listing, you want to optimise it for search as
much as possible without making it look too spammy.

Example: Wltoys V222 2.4G 6-Axis RC Quad copter With Camera LED Light RTF

There is no need to have the manufactures make and model in the title; eBay lets you add item
specifics to listings so use them to add model number, make, dimensions etc.

Use Google’s Keyword Tool and see what the top search terms are for a quad copter, the most
searched terms are ‘best quad copter’ ‘quad copter helicopter’ ‘radio controlled drones’.

So your new title could be ‘The Best Quad Copter Helicopter And Radio Controlled Drones’, in that
title you have included the three most searched terms increasing your chances of getting more
traffic and sales.


ALWAYS rewrite the product descriptions to be at least 75% different from the originals, yes it can
be time consuming but you want maximum exposure on eBay.

Simply copy and pasting from the supplier’s website can affect your listings rankings; it also
helps your competitors find your suppliers if you just copy and paste, as they simply need to copy
it into Google and look for your supplier.

Auction Types and Durations:

It’s always best to list an item as a Buy It Now, you will see some sellers list as Auction style
you’re at risk of losing out if your item doesn’t sell at a good price.
When listing products for the first time I always like to put them on for 7 days to see how they
do. If an item sells well then I will relist the item for 30 Days.

Best Time to List:

Yes there is a best time to list your items; you want your items to be ending at a PRIME time of
the day when most people are at home.

That time is 7pm on a Sunday night, use the scheduling option to start all your listings at 7pm
it’s a free option so make use of it.

There’s no point having a listing end at 3am in the morning on a weekday, where will 99% of
your potential customers be……..IN BED.

And as 90% of your sales will come in the evening towards the last few hours then you want to end
it when most people are home and online.

Listing Templates:

I always like to use templates when listing my items on eBay as these make you look more
professional and also make your listing stand out.

My favourite place to get templates from is ebay-templates.co.uk, however you can find hundreds of
free templates just by searching Google.


Hopefully you will take a lot away from this guide and will find some great products to list and
start making some good profits.

I have tried to keep this guide as brief as possible, I could have gone on and on for another 200
pages but everything you need to know is mentioned in the 16 previous pages of this guide.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me then send me an email to