Email Launch Mastery

Email Launch Mastery
Michael Harris
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Write A Highly Responsive Email Campaign that will create a
Buying Frenzy on Launch Day
About the author
My name is Michael Harris, author and internet marketer.
Back when I was a newbie, I used to struggle a lot with
internet marketing.
I would buy all sorts of ebooks, WSO’s, video courses,
memberships, and everything that I thought would help.
But I was always seemed to be missing something that would
keep me from succeeding.
It really got me upset to the point that I started creating
my own products. I was tired of “the gurus” who seemed to
have all of the answers, but provided little value.
I now feel that I make a difference by providing helpful
content for my audience.
To your success,

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First, I want to say a huge thank you for purchasing this WSO
today. It means a lot that you put your faith in me to show you
unique way of building your internet business.
Today I’m going show you special formula that you can use
anytime you’re creating emails to send to your list for a
product launch. It doesn’t matter what product that you’re
selling because it works well for most of them.
As you probably know, you can have the greatest product on
earth. But if your subscribers aren’t getting excited about your
upcoming launch, clicking on your links, or making purchases
– then what does it matter? This course will show you a
proven way to create high-converting emails that will get your
subscribers to start taking ACTION after they read your
We are going to look at a unique way to structure your emails
so that they get maximum conversions for your offer.
This product will show you how to do it. As long as you
approach this with an open mind and take action, you will see
some awesome results.
So let’s get started…
Implementing the
Step-By-Step System That
Converts Your Email List Subscribers
Into Link-Clicking Buyers
Here Is An Overview of this 4 Step System:
1. Identify your subscriber’s problem.
2. Look at your sales letter for email ideas.
3. Pick paragraphs out of your sales letter to use
as emails.
4. Create an email campaign based on your sales
Ok, let’s show you how to set each one up correctly…
Step 1: Identify your subscriber’s problem.
So, the first thing that we need to do is figure out our
subscriber’s problem.
Why do people buy products?
To solve a problem.
People who are wanting to solve a problem quickly will buy a
short PDF or video because they don’t want to research a lot
and they want a quick answer to their problem.
You can come along and give it to them in the form of a
So one of the first things that we need to do is figure out what
their needs are in relation to the product that you’re creating.
One of the first steps that I take when promoting a new
product is to send out an “I need your help” email.
This is where you send an email sent to your list asking them
about their frustrations with a certain problem.
You are wanting to know about their frustrations and
difficulties with a certain area in their lives so that you can
know what areas to help them with. Also, you can use these
same frustrations later whenever you write your sales copy.
There are 2 main questions to ask in the “I need your help”
1. Where would you like your business to be in the next
6 – 12 months?
2.What is holding you back from achieving that goal?
Now, there’s a lot of psychology that goes into these 2
On the first question, we’re trying to get them to think about
what they really want. No one will buy from you if they can’t
see what they really want AND feel like your solution will get
them there.
The second question gets them to think about, “Why am I
not already there?” They start having a conversation with
themselves in their mind about why they haven’t had success
At the end of this first email, you want to say to them, “Just
hit ‘reply’ to this email, and I’ll respond to you personally.”
The reason for this is to get a high response and participation
rate with your subscribers. Also you want to find out 2 things:
1. What to put into your product.
2. Build relationships
You want to build relationships in this way because once
people start talking with you, they begin to trust you more.
People simply buy more whenever they trust you more.
By doing this process, you’ll have your subscribers thinking in
their minds, “Wow, if they give me this much attention for
free, then I wonder how much attention I’ll get if I PAY for
You want this idea to click in people’s mind so that they say,
“I trust you.”
By getting out there and creating a dialogue with the
subscribers on your list, they will learn to trust you and
eventually spend more money with you in the long run.
So, what I’m going to do now is share with you an example of
what this first email should like like based on my product,
“Super Simple Short Reports.”
Email 1:
Subject: I need your help today…
Hey there,
I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to believe how time keeps flying by. It seems that whenever we start a new
month, it passes quickly and another one begins.
As I was thinking about this earlier today, I realized that a portion of this year is already over and I began thinking
back to some of my New Year’s goals that I set earlier this year.
My personal goal is to help you have a better year for your business that will produce a nice income for yourself
and your family.
One of the best ways that I know how to do this is by creating your own products.
So, I’ve decided to create a new training program that shows you how to create simple short reports and sell
them to others. This would allow you to not only to make sales from your own product, but also build a buyer’s
list in the process.
Unlike what you may have been told by other “guru’s” out there, whenever you have your own product, you can
get more control of your income. This is because you’re not waiting around on others to come out with a product
for you to promote or tell you how much you can make (as in affiliate marketing).
When creating your own products, you’re the boss.
I really want to make sure that this new training has exactly what you need in it so that you can take action.
So, I need your help today and I have a couple of questions for you:
1. Where would you like for your business income to be in the next 6 – 12 months?
2. If you could achieve your goals by creating short reports, what are the 3 things that are holding you back from
accomplishing that?
I know these may not be easy questions to answer at first, but they are important if you want to take your
business to the next level this year.
Take a few minutes to think about this. Because it could make the difference between having a great year, or
looking back at this time next year and wishing things were different again.
Let me know your thoughts.
Sometimes it helps to just talk to someone about these things, especially
if no one else will listen.
Just hit reply and let me know how I can help. I’ll respond to you personally.
Talk soon,
P.S. – I’m still developing this next training and I want to make sure that it has exactly what you need for your
Just hit reply and I’ll answer your questions personally. We can talk about your specific situation
and what you’d like to accomplish next.
Now, be sure to set some time aside in your day to answer
these emails. The interaction that you get from these
conversations will be invaluable for your business. You’ll be
able to build relationships with your subscribers and get ideas
on what should be in your next report. You’ll also get new
ideas for some future products as well.
After you send out the “I need your help…” email, and you’ve
gone through some of the responses, then you want to send a
second email to your list.
Now in this second email, you want to express some of the
frustrations that your subscriber is having with their problem.
This is a very important email because it gets your reader to
FEEL their problem.
Why is this important?
Because people buy based on emotion.
You see, in order to get someone’s attention, you have to
interrupt their “normal” daily life pattern.
One of the ways to get someone’s attention is through
So, if you are trying to change the reader’s life for the better,
you have to interrupt their current pattern and make them
think about the problem that they are having.
You have to agitate their problem with your email with
emotion in order to get them to the point of “breaking out” of
their daily pattern and really wanting to solve it.
Since your product is truly going to solve their problem, you
are helping them have a breakthrough in their lives so they
can finally solve their problem.
They have to understand that they need your product in their
lives and the only way to do that is by tapping into some of
their emotions. So here’s how your next email will look…
Email 2:
Subject: Still Frustrated with Creating Products?
Thanks so much for your response to my last email on achieving your goals. It was good to talk to so many
people on the different ways to help them in their businesses.
Many people told me that they’d like to have help with creating their own products this year.
In fact, some subscribers said that they have an idea for a product, but the hardest part for them was trying to
figure out how to put it into an ebook. They have ideas, but there not sure how to put it in the proper format.
So let’s talk about that for a moment.
Many people know that if you can create a helpful ebook, and put it out there, then you’ll have a great chance of
Often people are actively searching for an answer to a problem and if you have an ebook that solves their
problem, then they’ll buy it to save hours of time in figuring it out for themselves.
But what’s often missing in many trainings on writing ebooks is the fact they don’t show you how to organize
your thoughts or create them quickly.
Have you ever felt like that before?
Isn’t it frustrating because you want to create products for sale – but don’t know how?
Is it irritating to you that others are able to create their own products quickly while you’re still trying to
figure it all out?
Trying to figure out how to create your own ebooks can be very frustrating, so I’ve decided to create a new
training on this, but I could use your help.
Just hit reply to this email and let me know what some of your frustrations are having with creating ebooks or
creating your own products for sale in general.
I want to be sure that the next training I create has everything in it to meet your needs.
Tomorrow, I’ll let you know some of the responses that I have received as well as any solutions that I’ve found
with creating products quickly.
Remember that in the first email, we asked our subscriber to
tell us some of their problems or frustrations that they were
Now, in the second email, we’re simply going to mention those
problems and heighten them with emotion a little bit. Also,
we’ll continue our conversation with individual subscribers to
get a better feel for their problems and how we can solve them.
Optional (but powerful) Step:
Now during these conversations, you may answer someone’s
question or give some advice that is very helpful to an
As you are answering these questions, you could send out an
email next saying something like this:
Subject: Have you ever had this problem?
One of my subscribers send me a question today. When I answered it, I was thinking about you and thought that
you might need this information.
Here’s what I wrote to my subscriber…
[ Copy and paste your conversation with that subscriber and your answer in this place]
Talk soon,
Now, how personal it that? How powerful is that?
It shows that you were thinking about your subscriber and
trying to give them advice that will benefit them.
Keep in mind that every single email that you send out should
be written in such a way that it’s personal.
Step 2 – Look at your sales letter for email ideas.
Ok, so now that we know how to write the first 2 emails in our
sequence, let’s talk about what’s next.
Our next set of emails will be based on our sales letter for the
Now every sales letter is a little different but they usually
follow the same basic format. They have certain elements to
them that are common:
1. It should peak their interest with a headline.
2. It should identify a particular challenge.
3. It should tell how you’re going to solve their challenge.
4. It should tell you what’s in the product.
5. It should tell them to imagine what their life would be
like if they had the results of your product in their life.
6. It may have testimonials or case studies.
7. It should have benefits or results someone should get.
So, in the pre-launch sequence of your emails, it’s important to
cover all of these topics.
You could send an email out talking about the benefits
someone will get if they use your product.
Another email may ask your subscribers to imagine the results
they’ll get if they applied your product to their lives
Another email may contain some testimonials…
Another email could tell about some frustrations that they may
have in their lives about this particular challenge.
>>Even though you may not cover every possible point, you
will be sending emails out that, quick frankly, cover most of
the major points of your sales page.
Step 3 – Pick paragraphs out of your sales letter to use
as emails.
So, let’s look at an actual sales letter that I’ve written for my
product, “Super Simple Short Reports.”
Since we’ve been asking our subscribers about their
frustrations and challenges in the first couple of emails, now
we’re going to mention their frustrations again and tell how we
used to be frustrated, also.
Then, we’re going to tell them how we overcame that
frustration and found a solution.
Next, we’ll let them know that we came up with a training that
will help them overcome this problem, too.
So let’s look at that section of our sales letter and write our
next email about it:
Example from “Super Simple Short Reports” –
Let’s focus on this section:
In this part of the sales letter, I talk about some of the frustrations with not
knowing how to create reports quickly and my discovery…
In the next section, I tell them what I’ve created (a video) and how it will benefit
them if they choose to get this training…
In this section of the sales letter, I tell them “the truth” that others have been
withholding from them. Also, I ask them if they could copy what I do…
So, let’s see how we can put all of this together to write our
next email…
Email 3
Subject: Still Frustrated With Creating Products? Here’s the answer…
Hey there,
Yesterday, we talked about some of the frustrations with creating products.
Many people have emailed me and said that they are frustrated with wanting to create their own products
– but they don’t know how.
Some even find it irritating that others are able to create their own products quickly while they’re just still trying
to figure it all out.
Many people said they are trying to find ways to organize their report, but they’re not sure where to start.
Does any of this sound familiar?
If so, you’re not alone.
I understand how you feel.
When I first got started, I had no clue how to create a report that would be interesting enough for people to buy, written well
enough for someone to read, or even organized so that it made sense to the reader.
I remember going through a bunch of trial and error, copying what I saw others doing, and working hard for very little results.
It used to take me hours to figure out what to say, how to say it, and organize my report into a product that I could sell.
But one day I discovered a unique system that would allow me to instantly know how to organize my thoughts, write quickly,
and create a high-value short report for my buyers.
So I thought I would create a video of my discovery that has helped me create several short reports quickly and make some
nice profits along the way.
Would that be helpful to you?
Here’s the thing, perhaps you’ve heard that it’s important to build a “buyer’s list.” And it’s true that creating a WSO and other
products can be a great way to do that.
Because once people purchase they can automatically be added to your email list for future offers.
But for most people, the process of creating products can be difficult.
It can be hard to know what to write about, how to organize your thoughts, and how to put something out there that people
will want to buy.
Some people claim that you can just throw a report together, and it’ll eventually get sales. Most “gurus” tell you to “take
action” and see what happens. And while I agree that taking action is better than just sitting around doing nothing, it’s only
part of the story.
You see, here’s the truth:
Unless you have a system in place, it can be difficult to create even a short report that people will want to buy.
And, quite frankly, it takes more than one report to build a buyer’s list big enough to make a good income online. So it’s
important to create good reports quickly and easily that people will want to buy.
You see, no matter how many subscribers you have, no matter how much traffic you have, no matter how cool your products
or sales pages are….you are only as big as the number of products you have to sell.
If you only have one product – your subscribers can only buy one product from you.
But if you have 12 products…they can buy…12.
Let me ask you…how would it FEEL to you if you could create a new product NEXT WEEK?
And you could launch it on the Warrior Forum the following week?
So let me ask you this:
If I showed you in a short video how I create a simple report that you could sell on internet, could you copy what I
If so, you are going to LOVE this report.
Because that’s EXACTLY what I do.
I structure my reports by using a simple formula so that people will WANT to take action, get results, and then buy more
I have to go now but I’ll share more information with you tomorrow about my discovery and the new report that I have coming
Stay tuned,
P.S. – Look for my email tomorrow afternoon for more information about this discovery…
As you can see, what we’ve just done is taken out some
paragraphs in our sales letter and made it part of our prelaunch
email sequence.
Now, for our next email, we’re going to list the bullet points
that’s in our sales letter and tell them what they get whenever
they purchase your product.
So, if we look at our sales letter again, here’s what part of it
looks like:
There are more bullet points, but you get the idea.
I’m simply going to list the bullet points from the sales letter
and put it into the next email.
So, here’s what we write for next email…
Email 4
Subject: Here’s what you get with the Super Simple Short Reports system…
Hi there,
So that past couple of days we’ve been talking about creating our own simple reports that actually builds your list of BUYERS
and creates cash like clockwork.
We’ve talked about how I had a hard time with this until I came upon my discovery that changed everything.
So today, I’m going to share with you what’s in this report that I’ve created to help you create simple short reports for sale in
less than 1 hour.
Here’s what you’ll see me do in “Super Simple Short Reports”:
1.) Show you how to create powerful reports quickly and easily.
2.) Demonstrate a proven way to outline your report so that you can create it FAST.
3.) Structure your report so that you know exactly what to say and when.
4.) Implement a proven, step-by-step system for creating reports quickly and easily – allowing you to make money faster.
5.) Learn how to convert your reports into a PDF format for free!
6.) Set up several of these short report cash machines each week.
7.) How to write the words in a certain way so that people will want to taking action, get results, and buy more reports from
8.) Discover the simple 8 step system that I use to create reports fast that lead to multiple sales.
You’ll see me:
9.) Create a short report in less than 1 hour with solid, no fluff instructions!
10.) Show you how to create a great report, even if you’ve never created one before. You’ll see how easy it with these simple
11.) I’ll even teach you how to use short reports to take your business to the next level.
12.) I’ll show you the 2 best ways to organize and format your report from the beginning.
13.) I’ll tell you exactly what to say at the end of your report so that people will take action on your advice, get results, and
buy more reports from you!
14.) You’ll see me create a real-life report from scratch including researching it, organizing it, writing it, and publishing it.
15.) Use my example to follow and copy your own reports after. You’ll KNOW by the time you finish this course how to do this
and there’ll be nothing left to chance.
16.) You’ll get my email for personal support whenever you need it.
Basically, everything you need to create super simple short reports that people enjoy and puts money into your bank account.
We will be live tomorrow at 7 PM Eastern.
Stay tuned,
So I listed the bullet points from our sales letter and told them
that the product will be out tomorrow.
I also told the reader to stay tuned which builds suspense for
the launch.
Email 5 – Launch Day
Now on launch day, we want to send our subscribers a
reminder in the morning that we’ll be launching later on that
day and to keep an eye on their email.
In this email, I like the reader to imagine what their life will
like once they have the results from my product.
Also, I like to cover who this product is for.
So, let’s take a look at our sales letter again that covers those
Ok, so here’s how our next email will look:
Email 5
Subject: Who is Super Simple Short Reports For…?
I’m just sending you a courtesy email to remind you that “Super Simple Short Reports” goes live later on today at 7 PM
Eastern (U.S. time).
This is the system that I’ve been talking about during the past few days that gives you a system to create short reports that
actually builds your list of BUYERS and generates cash like clockwork.
We do this by following a very specific outline that I give you in the course.
During the past few days, I’ve received some questions on who is “Super Simple Short Reports” for?
Good question!
It is for you if you have never created your own report and want to create one today.
It is also for people who have created reports in the past, but have been hesitating because it took too long.
But imagine if you could create a sales letter in a certain way where people WANTED to look at your offer, click on your links,
and make plenty of sales?
How many of these quick sales letters could you create in a week or month?
How many sales could you make this week, or this month?
Could this possibly transform your business?
If so, frankly speaking, you should just take action now and get this training.
You see, this training will likely change someone’s life. And it could be you. And in fact, if you create several sales letters as a
result of this training, it might change the course of your internet career.
It goes live tonight at 7 PM Eastern, so be on the lookout for it then.
Since it’s on a dime sale, the price will increase whenever someone buys. So you’ll want to be sure to get in early.
It’s starting out around $4 and will increase from there.
I’ll send you a reminder email about an hour before launch.
Talk soon,
As I mentioned earlier, we’ll want to send this one out in the
morning on launch day – around 9 am.
Let’s get ready to write our next email…
Launch Day – Email 6 – 1 hour before launch
In the next email, we simply want to remind our subscriber
that our product will go live 1 hour before launch time.
So, we simply write an email like this:
Email 6
Subject: [$4 Dimesale] We Go Live In Just 1 Hour…
Hey there,
Quick heads up – we have one hour to go until
“Super Simple Short Reports” Goes live
Remember this is on a $4 dimesale, so get there quick to get the best possible price.
My next email will have your early bird link
Can’t wait for you to see this one 🙂
Michael Harris
Our next email will be the one announcing that our product is
live and ready to buy:
Email 7 – Launch!
Email 7
Subject: [$4 Dimesale] We Are Live…(your early bird link)
Hey there,
We are now live:
>>> Here Is Your Early Bird Link
Come join the fun 🙂
Michael Harris
Remember to put the link to your sales page in this email.
There you have it!
The 7 Step Email Pre-Launch Sequence.
Why does this sales letter/email system work?
Now what happens pychologically is this: as people are
reading these pre-launch emails, it’s like they’re pre-digesting
the sales letter.
They’re already getting the sales letter and agreeing with each
part through your emails.
When they finally read the “real sales letter” during your
product launch, they’ve already seen those same words before
through your pre-launch emails.
So every paragraph will seem very comforting and familiar to
them when they read it for the first time.
Because your subscriber has already had an opportunity to
“pre-digest” the information!
They’ve already had an opportunity to “taste” and become
comfortable with the information that you’ve already given
them. And you’ve given it to them a little bit at a time with
each email.
So, because they have already got it, they don’t have to think
so hard while they’re reading the sales letter to understand
everything in the sales letter.
They’re able to read through the sales letter and when they get
to the end, they’re able to say, “You know, I’ve wanted this the
past few days. I’ve been getting these emails and thinking
about this all along. Yes – I’d like to go ahead and buy that
This is a significantly different situation than if you just send
that sales letter out “cold” and they haven’t had an opportunity
to taste and “pre-digest” the information that’s in that sales
letter ahead of time.
Step 4 – Create an email campaign based on your
sales letter.
We’ve already created the emails based on our sales letter in
step 3, but here are some sample times and days that I use to
send out these emails.
First of all, I like to launch on Thursday evenings. This is
because all of the bigger launches are usually during the day
around 11 am.
So I like to launch in the evenings to allow those bigger
launches to go first (so that I’m not competing with them) and
then have people look at mine.
If I’m launching on Thursday evenings at 7 pm EST, then this
is what I like to do.
Sunday afternoon – 3 pm – “I need your help email”
Email #1 – Send this out asking people about their greatest
Monday afternoon – 3 pm – “Frustrations”
Email # 2 – Send this one out talking about frustrations that
people have written to you back about. If you already know
some of these frustrations in your niche, you could just start
talking about those. This will get your subscribers thinking.
Tuesday AM – 9 am – “Still Frustrated With (xyz)?
Here’s the answer…
Email # 3 – Send this out talking to people more about their
frustrations and then a general answer to their problems.
Wednesday – 3 pm – “Here’s what you get with the
XZY System…”
Email # 4 – Send this out with the bullet points of what’s in
your product.
Thursday – Launch Day – 9 am – “ Who is XZY Product
Email # 5 – Remind your subscribers of your product’s launch
time and also who this is for. Tell them to imagine what their
life would be like if they had this product in their lives.
Thursday – 6 pm – 1 hour before launch – Reminder
Email # 6 – Remind your subscribers that your product
launch is in 1 hour and they need to get in fast before the price
goes up with each sale (dimesale).
Thursday – 7 pm – Launch!
Email # 7 – Tell them that your product is live and they need
to get in now.
That’s it! You now have the recommended days and times to
send out your emails.
Post Launch:
After you launch your product, you’ll want to send out a
few emails reminding people that your product is available.
The order of these emails can vary but here’s what I like to do.
I usually send a couple of emails out on the day after the
launch. These can simply be an email listing the bullet points
of your product again or a list of frequently asked questions.
It’s good to include a list of FAQ’s in your sales letter anyway,
so just simply copy and paste that and send it as an email.
If you have any testimonials, include those.
Final Notes:
You now have a system in your hands to make as many email
launch sequences as you want.
But you also have to put it into practice for it to work.
So, let’s quickly review your action plan:
1. Identify your subscriber’s problem.
2. Look at your sales letter for email ideas.
3. Pick paragraphs out of your sales letter to use
as emails.
4. Create an email campaign based on your sales
After you get into the swing of things, you can easily send several of
these emails to make sales from your list every month.
Quite frankly, the more product launches and emails that you send
out, the more chances you have to make money!
You could create several profitable emails series per month for each
product launch and have multiple streams of income coming in a
regular basis from your efforts.
Imagine how you’ll feel whenever you’re finally making the money that
you deserve!
Now, it’s time to get to work and put this plan to use.
The main thing is start taking action today!
To Your Success,
Michael Harris
P.S. – I’m not someone who likes to hide behind my products or
services. Don’t be afraid to reach out!
Contact me at if you have questions.
Also, visit my blog at for more info.
Or, if you’d like more individual
help in setting up a customized plan for yourself that will take your
internet business to the next level.
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This comprehensive video series covers everything that you need to
know to start creating review-style videos in a variety of niches. It’s so
easy to get started and you can have several videos up and running
this weekend by using the information in this course!
Tube Ranking Secrets:
Tube Ranking Secrets – Discover how to turn your video into a Google
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Holiday Hangout Cash:
Holiday Hangout Cash – Learn how to make Holiday Cash Machines
in less than 45 minutes. Including: Selecting Products People Want,
Driving Traffic To Your Offers, and Getting Paid Over and Over –
All without the hassles of creating your own website, buying domains,
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This course can applied to any time of the year, not just Christmas!
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Hey guys, William Fletcher here and first of all I would just like to thank you for
purchasing this training. What I will be covering in this training is how to write high
converting promotional emails.
Copywriting is something I am always learning and improving on. This guide will take
everything I have learned about writing high converting promotional emails and lay it all
out for you.
I have made this training as concise as possible. I wanted to give you exactly what you
should focus on for best results. I could have went on and one with various elements of
email marketing but most of that other stuff doesn’t impact results that much. This
training will focus on the things that will have the biggest impact on getting you
awesome results.
I want you to be able to write promotional emails that get people excited and motivate
them to take action. Because that is what gets people to buy from you again and again
and makes them a fan. How awesome is that! People love you for promoting to them. If
you do it right that is exactly what happens. And that is what I want to give you in this
Also, please note that I am here for you. If you need anything at all don’t hesitate to
reach out. You can email here:
Wishing you the best,
© 2015 William Fletcher &
An introduction to writing promo emails
I will start with an introduction on how to get started writing promotional emails and then
get into the different ways you can craft them and finally, we will get into how to actually
take your results and improve them for maximum conversions.
And what I am showing you in this training is exactly what I am doing with my own
promotional emails with great results.
People are building a list with one of two methods:
1: Building a list of buyers by selling their own products
2: Building a list by putting out free content
And what often happens is people get that initial burst of excitement as they see their
list start to grow. They know the money is in the list and now they are building their list.
But then that excitement wears off and fear sets in as they realize “Oh wow, I have a
list….what now?
They know they have to deliver content to their new subscribers and write promotional
emails but have no idea how to actually do it.
Now they have a list and now they have to write emails to that list. Whether it be
promotional emails or content emails they have that list now that they need to promote
to. And this is where many people get stuck and they struggle to get that content out.
And unfortunately that list they started to build, that list they have worked so hard to get
goes to waste because they don’t keep in contact with their subscribers. They don’t
send them a content email. They don’t send them a promotional email. They don’t send
any kind of content and that list quickly goes to waste.
And at that point the money is no longer in the list. And at this point you have a dead list
that is going to be unresponsive and completely useless to you.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
I dont want this to happen to you . I want you know exactly what you are going to
send to your subscribers once you have that list and get them buying from you.
Deliver The Benefit
I could have added this section of the training later on. But it is so important that I want
to give it to you now and build a mindset that you should use in every single email that
you write.
With everything that you write for your subscribers you need to convey what is it that
they will get. Everyone is interested in what’s in it for them . And if you approach every
email you write focusing on what’s in it for them your results will be massive.
You need to give people a reason to open your emails. You need to give them a reason
to click your link. Give them what’s in it for them.
Here’s the thing. People don’t buy based on a feature…they buy the benefit they get
from that feature. When you bought this training you bought because you wanted to
make more sales from writing high converting emails.
When you buy a video creation software you are not buying a feature of the software.
You are buying the fact that it will help you market to your audience with awesome
And that is what you have to think about with every single promotional email that you
write. People are going to open up, click your links, and buy the products you
recommend because of what they are going to get from doing so.
Establishing Credibility and Building A
Now this is a training about writing promotional emails and making sales. And to be
honest that is the sexy part about this training. But there is some ground work or things
you need to establish first before you start getting into writing those promo emails.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
Here is what you have to think about…when someone first hits your list do you think you
should just hit them right away with a promo email? If you send them a promo email the
same day or the very next day or even a couple of days after they join your list what is
their opinion going to be of you?
If you said they are going to think you are someone who is going to constantly promote
to them or someone that is spammy and always going to be promoting then you are
right. Because what you have to do is warm your list up first. You don’t just want to hit
them with promotional emails right out of the gate.
Now what I am saying here is that you have to give them a little bit of content and
introduction about you before you start hitting them with promotional emails because
this going to set up the groundwork for you to send promotional emails in the future.
And they are going to be warmer to it and more likely to buy something you recommend
because you have already started to establish a relationship with them.
Now, the best way to do this is with an autoresponder and since you are going through
this training I am going to go ahead and make the assumption that you already know
what an autoresponder is. Because you are looking to make money with email
promotions so I am making the assumption that you already have an autoresponder.
If you don’t you can go out and learn how to do that on your own but its simply a matter
of signing up with a company such as Aweber or Get Response….and there you go,
you have an autoresponder and you are ready to get into this training.
If you don’t have one right now definitely don’t let that hold you back. Go sign up for one
right now and lets get this party started!
Your initial emails
© 2015 William Fletcher &
What I recommend that you do for your first couple emails is send out some content and
some introductory information about you and/or the content they purchased from you.
The way you acquired someone for your list is going to give you some direction for that
As an example: If you released an ebook on how to make money with video marketing.
In your first email you are going to welcome them and say thanks for buying your
product. You’re going to let them know you are going to give them some more awesome
content in the coming days on video marketing. And you are also going to include a link
to download their purchase.
It is as simple as that.
This gives them the impression that they are a valued customer, you told them where to
get their purchase if they haven’t got it yet and you told them to expect some great
content on the topic in the near future.
In your second email the day after that you can send them some additional content.
This content can be in any format you prefer but the key thing is that you are giving
them more value and building that relationship even further.
Now you can just simply write them an email with a few more tips about your topic. In
this example you would give them a few tips on video marketing that you haven’t
covered in your product or you could expand on the content in the training they have
already purchased. It doesn’t have to be anything mind blowing. Just give them so
additional value that is going to help you establish that relationship with them.
Remember, this can be in any format you prefer. Instead of a complete email with all the
tips you could send them one paragraph or couple of sentences that sends them over to
your blog or to a Youtube video you created giving them some additional tips.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
It doesn’t matter what it is that you are sending, what does matter is that you are giving
them some good content that is highly related to the product they purchased from you.
You are building that relationship that is going to help you tremendously when you start
sending out promotional emails later.
It works the same way if you are building your list with free content. Maybe you are
giving them a free report or a free video training on a particular topic. You follow the
exact same procedure. You give them that first welcome email that establishes
credibility and tells them where they can grab their free download if they haven’t already
downloaded it.
And again the next email would build on what you gave them in the free report.
Now, what I want to point out at this point is that this is YOUR business. In my business
I send out a welcome email that builds credibility and I follow that up with a powerful
content email that really builds trust and credibility.
At that point I start promoting to my subscribers. And occasionally I will send them
content in between promotions.. but for the most the majority of the content I send out is
in those first two emails.
Now the reason I am saying that this is your business is I want you to find what works
best for you. Some people deliver a lot more content than that. They run a complete
credibility campaign that expands out over a week or more that includes tons of content.
I personally don’t use that because I have found it to be unnecessary. I have found that
more than that isn’t necessary and actually leads to more unsubscribes than if I just
started promoting to them at that point. But you may find in your specific niche a longer
credibility campaign works. Use this as a model but certainly modify it to enhance your
business needs.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
But at minimum you need to do the two content emails…whether they are a free
subscriber or a buyer this is the way to go.
As soon as they get on your list you give them that first welcome email. This happens
as soon as they subscribe. Then the very next day you deliver them a content email.
This is a powerful combination that works extremely well.
You can easily set this up in your autoresponder. For example, in Aweber you set it up
to go out one day after the previous email.
Now I know this is somewhat of a long introduction but I can’t stress enough how
important this is for setting yourself up for success later. As this is going to get your list
to respond well to your future promotional emails. It may seem like it is a little bit more
work but the results will speak for themselves.
It really is the best way to set yourself up for high converting promotional emails.
Finding your angle
Now lets talk about how you are going to write your promotional emails. The first step in
writing any promotional email is coming up with a unique angle. This will be the angle in
which you promote the product you are writing about.
Let me put this out there up front. The problem with most people when they get started
is they go out there and they do what everyone else is doing. Not saying that it doesn’t
work because it does, but the results are way less than someone who approaches
every product they promote with an angle.
So what am I talking about here?
Coming up with an angle is finding something unique or one specific thing about the
product you are promoting and using it as the angle in which you promote that product.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
Now why is this important?
Well here is what most people do. Most people find a product that they want to
promote…something that is hot for the day, converting well, and all they do is take a
look at some of the sales copy or go grab a swipe from the JV page they plug it into
their autoresponder and send it on. Or they craft a boring message based on the sales
“Hey this SEO product is going to help you discover the keywords that will drive the
most traffic to your website…and its going to show you how to get the most backlinks
yada yada yada and on and on and on and boring and boring and BORING.”
Now this works and I have done it before too. And this is how a lot of people promote
especially when they are just starting out. And a lot of people still do this with success
but if you really want to take things to the next level and start writing great promotional
emails you need to come up with a unique angle. Or a specific thing you are going to
focus on every single promotional email that you write.
And here is the thing too. A lot of you are going to sit down to write that first promotional
email and have no clue what you are going to write. It’s the nature of the beast. It
happens to everyone at some point especially when you are just starting out.
You will be sitting there staring at a blank screen wondering how the heck you are going
to write an email that makes people want to buy the product you are promoting.
When you come up with an angle you give yourself a direction to write that promo email
right from the beginning and there is no guesswork about it. You pick one simple
feature, one specific element and you just go for it.
And when you do this you are not looking at the entire product wondering how you are
going to write an email about all the different things that make this product special.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
You are going to focus on one specific aspect of that product and this is going to make it
simple to write your promotional email.
When you write a promotional email around a unique angle you can choose one of
many things to discuss and focus your promotional email strictly on that.
The Feature/Benefit Angle
With this type of email you are going to focus on one specific benefit or feature. Not
every single thing about the product…just one.
For example:
If you are promoting a product about affiliate marketing you could specifically focus on
the amount of money you could make with affiliate marketing. So instead of telling them
everything about the product and everything they will be able to accomplish if they buy
that product you can specifically focus your email on the amount of money they can
make with affiliate marketing.
Now, this may sound simple or silly but your email is going to stand out. While everyone
else is out there trying to tell them every single little detail about the product you can
focus on that one benefit that they will get excited about and want to buy that product.
This same method can be applied to any other benefit of the product. To find these
benefits you can simply go down the sales page and look for different things. Lets say
for example you are going promote some type of software product that is going to save
people a ton of time.
Instead of listing every single feature about that software you can simply focus your
promotional email on the amount of time people will save using it.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
Another great thing that you can do instead of focusing on a benefit is focus on a
specific feature. Lets say you are promoting a complete video marketing software. One
of the benefits is that it makes it really easy to add graphics to your videos.
That is one feature of many things that software does but you can focus your promotion
on that one specific feature. That will give you enough to write a great promotional email
and when people get to the sales page and see the additional features it has that is a
bonus for you that is going to help your conversions.
Another great angle to take is the respected marketer angle. Lets say that an authority
is the product creator. An authority in your niche created a product that you are
That is a type of angle you can use to promote the product. Instead of focusing on what
the product does and all the benefits and features you can simply talk about the
authority the product creator has.
● You can tell them the success stories of that product creator.
● You can write about how they have the best products in your niche.
● You can talk about how many success stories they have created.
● Or how they are the best in business at training others.
You can specifically focus on that person’s authority and let that make the sale for you.
Often times these type of emails convert really well because people know that if they
are buying from an authoritative figure, someone who really knows what they are talking
about that it is going to be great content. This can really make people want to buy and
that makes it a great angle to approach a product promotion.
The Personal Angle
© 2015 William Fletcher &
And then you have what I like to call the personal angle. And this ties in the relationship
that you have with the product creator. Maybe they are your coach or mentor. You are
one of their students and someone that has learned from them for a long time. This is a
great personal angle to take.
Or even if you don’t know them personally you can talk about how some of their
training’s have helped you breakthrough or impacted your business significantly.
So again, instead of focusing on aspects of the product you can focus on the
relationship you have with the product creator.
As you get more involved in your niche you will be building more and more relationships
with other people and product creators. And as you start to know the players in your
niche you can use those relationships when you promote a product.
Hopefully by now you are already starting to see how you can make your promotional
emails stand out from all the other affiliates out there doing the same type of thing.
As everyone else is out there doing the same thing you will be coming up with a unique
angle on every promotion that you do. This will set you apart from the other affiliates.
And as I have started doing this with my emails I have really seen a change in the way
my subscribers respond.
The thing I love about these types of promotional emails is that people relate to them
more. You start to tap into emotional triggers that get people interested in the emails
you are sending. Its not about features or the product it is about connecting with your
subscribers while promoting great products at the same time.
Since implementing this strategy I have gotten more people to click through my links,
buy more products that I recommend, built a closer relationship with my subscribers,
and had a hell of a lot more fun in the process.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
How to write a promotional email from
start to finish
Now I want to breakdown a promotional email step by step starting from the very
beginning and going through the entire process of writing a great promo email.
As I go through this things might seem a little bit out of order than what you might be
used to or if you visualize the process of writing a promo email. This is because we
arent going to start at the subject line and work our way down to the close. There is a
very specific order that we write our promotional emails to get awesome results.
So keep this in mind as we go through the training.
The first step in the process is choosing your angle. So before you even think about
writing your promotional email you want to come up with that angle you are going to use
for your promotion.
Once you have done that it is time to start crafting your promotional email. I don’t like to
start with the subject line. I like to write the content first and then focus on an appealing
headline later. I dont want to rush through the headline to start my email because the
headline is what gets people to open your promotional email.
What we will do is write our content first and then we will comeback to the headline
afterwards. This also makes it easier to come up with a great headline because you will
be 100% focused on it and you have content to work from and generate ideas from.
So once you choose your angle it is time to start crafting your promo content.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
Now, please remember we are trying to set ourselves apart from other marketers. Since
you have already chosen an angle to use for your promotion you are already moving in
the right direction. But lets take it one step further.
Most people are just writing a few sentences on features and some bullet points and
doing the same kind of thing. But you can take your angle and start forming small
stories for your content. Now I am not saying you have to be extremely creative with
amazing stories. But use simple stories using your angle. This will make for a nice
flowing email that is going to get people excited to read it and excited to buy through
your link.
And since you already have an angle for your email writing a short story will be much
Lets look at an example.
In this case you will be using the personal angle we discussed previously. So you have
some type of relationship with the product creator that you are going to share in your
promo email.
You could go in there and craft a nice message about how you have purchased one of
their products and how it has helped you overcome the problem the product solved. And
you could really get personal with it. You could say how that persons product changed
your life or your business. Get really personal with it.
Then your transition into the sale.
“And (name of product creator) just released their next powerful training on (product
topic). I just picked up my copy today and this new product has some great strategies in
it that I will be implementing into my own business. I highly recommend you give this
training a shot”
© 2015 William Fletcher &
So lets recap.
You give them the story and then you transition into the sale. Note that I also mentioned
that I also purchased the training and got value out of it. This shows that you are not just
promoting products. This shows that you are recommending things that you have
personally used and believe in. And combining that with your personal story can really
provide a lot of credibility for your promotions.
Now lets take the feature angle with the software example from earlier about how to add
graphics to videos. You could craft a story out of this as well.
It might read something like this:
Hey there, I hope you are doing well today!
I just grabbed this new software today that is pretty awesome and wanted to let you
know about it. I have been big into video marketing for a while now but one thing that I
have really struggled with is creating nice looking videos with great looking graphics.
With this new software it has really changed the quality of my videos. I am now creating
professional quality videos. And the best part is it has made my life easier as it is
extremely simple to add in these high quality graphics.
If you want to make professional videos too I highly recommend you take a look at this
>> You can grab your copy right here
To your success,
© 2015 William Fletcher &
[Sign Off]
And I am sure you can see that this is much different than just talking about the features
of the product. You are actually tying a feature into how it has personally helped you
using a simple short story. People will relate to this kind of email much better than one
that is bullet points of the features. And not only will they relate to it better but they will
convert better :).
Call to action
Since we just discussed the promotion aspect of promotional emails lets dig a little
deeper into the call to action. This is what gets people to click your links so its very
important that we talk about it.
The call to action is all about getting people to click the link. So first and foremost it is
very important that we bring the subscribers attention to the call to action. There are
many different ways to do this but I want to give you the two things that have had the
best results for me.
First and foremost I bold every call to action. This makes the link stand out and looks
good when you bold the link and get that bold dark blue link text.
The other simple thing that I do to every call to action is include a couple characters that
draw attention to it such as:
So you put the two arrows a space and then your call to action text.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
It sounds simple but these two simple tricks draw a lot of attention to the call to action.
Some people put multiple arrows on both sides, make their call to action a header text
and just go overboard with things.
I don’t like do this as I find it to actually be too busy. I like to be a little more passive with
it but still draw attention to it.
Here are some good call to action examples to get you going:
>> Get my proven formula here
>> This is a must see!
>> Check out this complete system
>> Grab It While Its Still Available
>> Grab It Now
>> Click here to get started
>> Go here to get started
>> See just how easy it is
>> Here’s the proof
>> Get Access Right HERE
At this point you have your angle and you have your story. You have also transitioned
into the promotion.
Now there are a couple of different things that I want to talk about that are also going to
enhance your emails.
The Subject Line
First up, the all important Headline or Email Subject line.
Well now you have your content to work from to create an appealing subject line. This
content can give some great ideas.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
The key thing that I want to point out here is that you can have the best promotional
emails ever but if no one opens them, nobody is reading them, and no one is clicking on
your affiliate links. That is why the subject line is so important. We have to get people to
open our emails.
Different ways to craft subject lines that convert
There are many different types of subject lines you can use to get high converting
emails. In this part of the training I want to give you my secret weapon for getting people
to open my emails but…before I do I want to get into some of the things that make
people want to open.
Interest While
this sounds like common since so many people don’t focus on this
enough. This is all about writing subject lines that the people on your list are interested
in. Think about the people on your list when your write your subject lines.
What will make the people on your list want to open your email. What benefit will they
get by opening your email. How will it help them get what they want?
If you can nail that in your subject line you can have a sure winner.
Curiosity Want
to skyrocket open rates? Get people curious to see what’s inside.
However, this is one you have to be careful with. As if it is overused people will quickly
become blind to your emails. And if you do it too often you will usually make quite of few
people angry and your unsubscribes will go up.
I like to use them occasionally to mix things up but not go overboard.
What is a simple way to make people curious? cut off the end of your sentence with a
cliffhanger and end it with “…”
For example:
© 2015 William Fletcher &
This best method for pulling in big affiliate commissions…
3 Insanely simple techniques for getting targeted traffic…
Another great way to get people curious is asking a question. When you ask a question
you get people thinking and then they want to open up and see what your answer is.
Is this the best way to build a big list?
Have you grabbed your copy yet?
Proof Have
some awesome proof or results that are going to excite your prospects?
Yes, Awesome! This can be a great way to get people to open up your emails. Hint at
the poof in your subject lines and get people interested to see how they can get the
same results.
Urgency Get
people moving to take action. Give them a reason to open your email.
This can be done when things are time sensitive or there are only a certain number
available etc.
This is another one that can get great open rates. Just be careful not to use this one too
often as well. If everything is urgent then it loses its value, cool?
For Example:
This product is on a dimesale meaning the price will increase with every purchase
Only available for 24 hours
Early bird pricing [2 hours only]
Statistical/Numbers For
whatever reason we love numbers! When we include
numbers in our subject lines it really gets people paying attention. I think the big part of
the success while using numbers is based on the specifics of them.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
When you say something about a certain dollar amount they can make or how many
days it takes to do something it is very specific. People like specific numbers as it gives
them direction.
Earlier when I talked about creating the content for your emails I said you want to steer
clear of just going over to the sales page and grabbing some facts and plugging them
into your email. However, with your subject line that can be a little bit different. Because
with your subject line you really want to capture people’s interest and get them to open
the email.
And often times the sales page can give you some great ideas for your email subject
lines as an important part of the sales page is to capture peoples attention. So this can
give you some great inspiration. On the sales page you will have the main headline and
the sub headline and often times those two places alone can give you great ideas for
your subject line.
Another great place to get inspiration for your email subject lines is the JV page of the
product. Most JV pages have swipe files for affiliate to use in their mailings. Now I don’t
recommend you grab the full email from the swipe files or the full subject lines but they
can be use to get some ideas for your own subject lines.
So you take the inspiration from those places and your email content and formulate a
subject line that will get people interested in opening up.
With your subject lines you want to keep them short, punchy, and grab peoples interest.
I have to say one of my favorite subject lines to use is a simple “How to” subject line. If I
am promoting a product about video marketing I might write a headline like this:
How to get the MOST out of video marketing…
© 2015 William Fletcher &
How to double the amount of traffic you get with video marketing
Or you could even leave out the fact that you are promoting a product about video
And write something like this.
How to DOUBLE the traffic you get to your website…
This type of headline doesn’t deter people who may not be interested in video
marketing. And after they see your content they may decide that they could do video
The How to type message works really well because people want to learn how to do
things. Especially when you have built a list of targeted subscribers that are interested
in the types of things you are promoting. You are telling them right in the subject line
that you are going to show them how to do it.
And once they open your email they will find a link to a product that is going to teach
them exactly how to do something they want to know.
Simple but powerful.
And then you have your shocker style subject lines.
Now, I want you to know that I am not a huge fan of these but a lot of people use them
with great success.
Subject lines like this
WHOA….you must see this
© 2015 William Fletcher &
Hey you have to read this NOW…
THIS is serious…open up
URGENT…you must read this email
That kind of shocking style subject lines. There are many different ways you can put
together these types of headlines. But I am personally not a fan of these. Although they
get a lot of opens they also get people to unsubscribe. I also find them to be annoying
and somewhat demeaning to my audience so I try to stay away from them.
Now that doesn’t say that you can’t use pieces of them with success. For example: you
could use URGENT from that last shocking subject line and still craft a nice more
friendly subject line such as:
URGENT…Grab this video creation software before they take it down
Now these are just some basic examples but I’m sure you get the idea.
The biggest thing with subject lines is just delivering what your prospects want. If your
list is interested in video marketing then I am going to send them offers that teach them
how to get better at video marketing or emails on video marketing tools.
If you’re sending your list the right kind of offers then open rates will handle themselves.
You don’t have to tricky or sneaky just to get people to open. If you are frequently
© 2015 William Fletcher &
sending them high quality offers that they are interested in they are going to want to
open emails from you.
So the big thing is really focusing on what your audience wants and deliver on
that. When you do this simple subject lines work well. The easy how to headlines make
it super easy for you to write a subject line and get people to open.
So if you are building a targeted list these types of subject lines are going to convert
well for you.
Now I want to move on because I don’t want you to get too caught up on subject lines.
Focus on grabbing their interest and deliver on what you claim. This will have awesome
The Opening Sentence
The very next important element of your promotional emails is your opening sentence.
At this point you have your angle, your subject line, your story, and now you want to
craft your opening sentence. This is the first sentence in the content area of your email.
This is important because its going to be the first thing people see other than the subject
line. Using this method you can get your reader instantly interested in reading the rest of
your email. This day and age we have to capture peoples attention fast before they
move on.
So you get them interested with the subject line and reel them in with the opening
sentence. It is also important to note that the opening sentence is often displayed in the
preview of an email message. So your opening sentence can actually build off of your
headline and help you get more people to open and read your emails.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
Let me give you a quick example of one that I have used. I was promoting a product
about affiliate marketing. And the opening sentence of my email said…
Real Proof…Real Results
This was the entire opening sentence and basically what I was referring to is that when
they get to the sales page they were going to see some legitimate screenshots of how
this method had gotten great results.
This was an easy way to get people intrigued to read it and it as easy for me to write
because I got the idea just from taking a quick look at the sales page.
Let’s take some other examples:
People think I’m crazy for doing this…
This is the last time…
I didn’t see this coming…
Can it really be this simple?
Wish I would have know this before now…
With your opening sentence you want to hook the reader in and get them interested to
read the rest of the email.
Basically at this point we have everything ready to go for our promotional email. We just
have to sign off and add a P.S. if we want to.
Now here is some advice that I always do with every email I send. When I send an
email not only do I want people to recognize me but I also want them to recognize my
© 2015 William Fletcher &
business as well. So I brand every email as me and my business. So when I sign off an
email I say.
To your success,
Authority Powered With William Fletcher
So I am branding my business and my name. I do all that in one shot. You can create a
fancy signature that has all your website details etc. but I find this works really well
because it focuses on just me and the name of my business. And people remember
When you just sign your name you get lost in the shuffle. Most people don’t know who
the John is that is emailing them but a name like Authority Powered will ring a bell.
Think about all the emails you get…your subscribers will be the same way. So again you
want to make yourself stand out by branding yourself as you and your business.
Alot of my customers don’t remember my name at first but they do remember they
bought a product from because it is branded on every page of
the ebook they purchased or every video they watch.
This is going to give you a slight advantage and get people to recognize you a little
more. This is going to get you more opens and reads on every email you send.
Especially when you are providing them quality information and products that they want
to buy.
So I recommend that you sign off your emails with your name and your brand.
The P.S
© 2015 William Fletcher &
Some people claim that the P.S section of your promo emails are the most important
section. While I agree that they have some importance I wouldn’t go as far as others
and say they are the most important. However, I do find them very useful for
accomplishing certain tasks.
I find them great to add one more call to action to every email. This call to action could
be the same or similar to the ones you have used earlier on in your promo email. That
way you are given your reader one more chance to click your affiliate link.
Another great way to use the P.S of the email is to create a sense of urgency. Are your
promoting a product that is on a dime sale? Are your promoting a limited time offer or a
limited copies offer? The P.S section of your email is a great place to put those as it
gives them a sense of urgency to buy the product before its too late or the price
This usually works well because if they have read that far they are most likely interested
in the offer you are promoting they just aren’t convinced to pull the trigger yet. And
sometimes that sense of urgency gives them that final push.
P.S. Examples:
P.S. This is your last chance to get this before he raises the price
P.S. I have to warn you this is on a dimesale
P.S. People are lining up to buy this…price will increase fast
P.S. Check it out before they take it down
P.S. This is on a dimesale…grab it while its still cheap
P.S. If you act now you are going to get a MASSIVE Bonus package
The POWER of words
In this part of the training I want to dig into the power of words. Earlier we talked about
some things that trigger people to react:
© 2015 William Fletcher &
● Curiosity
● Interest
● Proof
● Urgency
● Statistical/Numbers
Now I want to get into how certain words can play into that.
Certain words and the way that we use them motivate people to take action or get
engaged. And when we write promotional emails we want to use those words. These
words can and should be used in both your subject lines and throughout your
email content.
I want to give you some examples of certain types of words and words that fall under
each category. But I highly encourage you to expand on this list and integrate them into
your own promotional emails.
Powerful words
Lets start with some powerful words that emphasize how important or great something
is that we are promoting.
This is one that I use a lot because it really expresses the importance and value of
something. When you use this word you are indicating that something you are
promoting is life changing or profound.
Here are some examples:
Powerful new training reveals exactly what you need to know about pulling in big
affiliate commissions.
This is the most POWERFUL list building training I have seen in a long time
© 2015 William Fletcher &
This indicates how fresh and new something is. It also implies that it is one of the best
ways to do something right now.
Here are some examples:
Groundbreaking new video creation software creates amazing marketing videos in
Groundbreaking new training builds your buyers list faster than I ever thought possible
These types of words will talk about how complete something is that you are promoting.
As we both know there are many products out there put together quickly to make a
quick buck. So when you promote a product that covers something thoroughly these
types of words are great to use.
Here are some examples:
This is a great example of completeness because it talks about how thorough a
products is.
This indepth
training covers everything you need to know to create great products that
people want to buy.
This indicates how detailed a training is. Many people want thorough instructions how to
do something. This lets them know that is the case.
This detailed 60+ page guide covers everything you need to know about affiliate
© 2015 William Fletcher &
This lets people know they are going to get step by step instructions on how to do
something. People feel at ease knowing that nothing is left out.
This stepbystep
training takes you through launching an authority blog from start to
This training is a stepbystep
blueprint for building a massive list
These types of words focus on how new something is. People like new methods . This
plays into them getting the latest and greatest or even giving them the edge on their
Just released
This is one of the best power words for letting people know about the latest training
[Just Released] Powerful new training reveals the best method for pulling in CPA
commissions on autopilot.
I love using this terminology. Not only does it let them know they are getting the latest
but also the greatest.
new graphic creation tool allows you to fire your graphic designer
system reveals how to pull in big commissions using YouTube
Plain and simple but it work like crazy. People want the newest system, software, or
training out there.
New system pulls in more leads with less traffic…
© 2015 William Fletcher &
New traffic method for getting thousands of visitors…
These type of words build trust. People want to know the product they are purchasing is
reliable. These types of words do the trick.
This word lets people know that a system has worked before and will work again.
People want proven systems that they can make work.
Proven method for building a massive list with free traffic
Proven techniques for driving traffic to your authority blog
Note that the list here is just a small sample of the power words you can use in your
subject lines and email content. Do your research and always find new words to excite
and motivate your subscribers to take action.
These words are going to tap into the emotions that make people buy. This is very
powerful :).
Get Specific
One very important thing I have learned about email marketing and copywriting in
general is that people like specifics. If you are promoting a product that generates a
certain dollar amount a day mention that dollar amount in your emails.
If you are promoting a product about how many leads someone can get, how much
traffic they can get, how many days it takes, etc. mention those specific numbers.
How I am making $325 a day promoting evergreen affiliate offers
© 2015 William Fletcher &
$781 in 2 days…is this really possible?
Build your list to 1,000 subscribers in 30 days
And getting specific with your emails doesn’t just have to do with numbers either. Be
specific with all of your content. When promoting a system or a tool get into the details
of it.
Don’t promote an affiliate marketing method.
Rephrase it say “Powerful system reveals how to make big commissions with affiliate
The more specific you get the more interested people get. Also, the more realistic your
specifics are the more it will interest people. Emailing that you made $1,000 is much
different than saying you’re made $979.83. This is more specific and more believable as
that is the exact amount you made.
Your subscribers will love when you get that specific.
Two email combo that converts like
When it comes to writing promotional emails you have two kinds of marketers. Those
that promote something different with every promo and those that maximize every
promotion with multiple emails.
I would say that I am somewhere in the middle. I don’t do what a lot of people call a
“crush campaign” where you send upwards of 7 to 10 emails per promotion. But I do
find multiple emails for the same offer beneficial.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
And for me that magical combination always involves a presell email followed with a
promotion. It sounds simple and in all reality it is simple. Business is simple. And often
times people overcomplicate things and make them more complex than they need to
Now, taking this one step farther and adding a few additional emails to every campaign
would yield even better results…but if there is one change I recommend you make for
higher converting promo emails it would be adding a presell email.
Here is how it works:
The day before your promotion you are going to send an email to your list that warms
them up to the offer you are promoting. This is going to be a content style email.
And with this content we are going to give them a taste of what the product as to offer.
But, were going to do it in a way that makes your subscribers curious and leaves them
asking more questions than the answers we are providing.
Not to say we aren’t going to give them good content but we want to do it in a way that
builds excitement for what you will be revealing the next day in your promotion. Keep in
mind with our presell email we aren’t hard selling anything. We are educating and
informing them about awesome things they will learn how to do in your promotion email
the following day.
When you do this you are going to build trust and credibility that makes people more
comfortable to buy from you. And you’re also going to get them excited about the topics
the product you will be promoting cover.
We are playing into some serious factors that make people buy. But before we close our
presell email we are going to let them know we are going to reveal to them or share
something with the the following day. And let them know to keep their eye open for it.
So let’s look at an example. Here is a presell email I did for a list building product.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
Any successful marketer will tell you how powerful an email list is.
And if you have been around a while I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it. But at the end of
the day an email list is where the real money is.
And if you want to be successful building an email list is the fastest way to get there. But
you know that, you’re a smart marketer.
But maybe something is holding you back?
Or maybe, you’re struggling to figure it all out?
And I can’t blame you because almost all the new list building products I see come out
are garbage. Most of them say the same thing and have no real results to back them
You see, I know the power of an email list. If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this right
now. It’s fast traffic, it’s fast money, and its an asset that will pay you month after month.
Tomorrow I will be sharing with you one of the most powerful methods to build a list.
This has been a long time coming and I can’t wait to share his with you.
Stay tuned…
This was a very powerful presell email that tapped into a lot of things.
First of all, it educated them. It told them that list building is one of fastest ways to
Then, it tapped into pain points by saying something might be holding them back or
maybe they are struggling to put the pieces together.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
Next, I talked about how most list building products are garbage (which I honestly
believe…not that good ones don’t exist but they are few and far between).
And then I let them know I am going to be sharing with them a better way.
Finally, I built up anticipation by saying it has been a long time coming and that I can’t
wait to share it with them. Then I said stay tuned so they knew to watch out for my next
The following day it would be a simple email because all the hard work is done.
Promo emails that look like content
ALOT of people are saying every email should be a promotion. And I would challenge
that and say every email should be valuable content . And that’s not to say that every
email can’t be a promotion. It can be, but at the the same time every email you send can
teach a lesson or give value even if it’s a promotion.
Want your list to love you and jump on everything you promote? Always give them a
valuable lesson even when you promote :). People will love you for that.
People seem to have this misconception that promotional emails have to follow the
same format.
● Few sentences
● Call to action
● Few more sentences
● Call to action
● Few more sentences
● Call to action
© 2015 William Fletcher &
● Sign off
● P.S
And maybe that is what most trainings are teaching. And even I teach that to a degree
but the fact of the matter is you can inject content or lessons into every single email.
With that being said let’s talk about how you can write content emails that are still
promotions. This is a great way to promote products and still deliver value to your
subscribers. The goal here is to promote to them without them even thinking that they’re
getting promoted to.
There are a couple of different ways I like to do this. The first way is to write a normal
content email. Something that is very helpful. And then at the end of the email make a
recommendation about how they can learn more or take things to the next level.
The ending of the email will be where your promotion is. It can even be in the P.S.
The next way is one of my favorites. With this method you will send them a short email
that sends them to a blog post on your website. On the blog post you will do the same
thing we did with the content email that we just talked about except this time it will be on
your blog. You will deliver the content and at the end make a small promotion about
where they can learn more or take the next step.
The beauty of this is when you send someone to your website to a blog post they’re
expecting content from you. And when they get there that’s exactly what they’re going to
get. But, we are also going to be doing a slight promotion at the end of the blog post.
This is a great way to deliver great content and value to your subscribers but also sneak
in a promotion.
And not only does this benefit you but it benefits your subscribers. You are giving them
some great content and great value and at the same time you were telling them where
© 2015 William Fletcher &
they can learn more about that topic or take it to the next level. This is a winwin
situation for both you and your subscriber.
Swipes to get you started
What I see a lot of people do is read a training like this and never actually put it into
action. Taking all of it in and putting it into action can be difficult as copywriting can be
such a complex thing.
I don’t want you to fall into this trap. I want you to take what you learned in this guide
and put it into action. I can’t stress enough…the more you do it the better you get.
I want you to hit the ground running. So I want to give you a small set of swipes here to
get you started. And remember, swipes are their to give you ideas. Use these to come
up with your own unique subject lines, call to actions, P.S, Triggers, etc.
Subject Lines:
100% Unique traffic generation strategy
Simple system to generate over 4 figures a month…
How to completely automate traffic in 2015
Get this 5 figure blueprint for just $7
Discover the HOTTEST traffic source this year…
[REVEALED] Fastest way to $100/Day
This WSO is a MUST see
[SIMPLE] Impossible not to have success with this method
Complete Method to make $200/Day
How to get cheap targeted traffic…
This WSO is a steal at $7
SIMPLE Copy and Paste Method
One Of A Kind WSO Just Launched
Only 5 bucks…Get it Now
How to instantly drive TRAFFIC to any site
BEST Source of traffic in 2015?
Call To Actions:
© 2015 William Fletcher &
>> Get my proven formula here
>> This is a must see!
>> Check out this complete system
>> Grab It While Its Still Available
>> Grab It Now
>> Click here to get started
>> Go here to get started
>> See just how easy it is
>> Here’s the proof
>> Get Access Right HERE
Dominate any niche right now
Here is my top secret formula
This is how to do it the right way
Cutting edge training
You haven’t seen anything like this before
Wow, noone is doing this
This is EXTREMELY important
Why you have to see this
Here’s how he did it
This training reveals it all
This is a proven system
This is truly game changing
Complete cutting edge system
I know I am going to be using this
This is where the money is
The results speak for themselves
Start today…Get results today!
Lets change that right now
This could change your life forever
I haven’t seen anything like this
He’s giving away everything
Can you spend an hour a day on this?
© 2015 William Fletcher &
P.S. This wont be on the market long
P.S. This is your last chance to get this at this price
P.S. This wont be here for long
P.S. I have to warn you this is on a dimesale
P.S. People are lining up to buy this…price will increase fast
P.S. Spots are filling up fast
P.S. Don’t miss out on this opportunity
P.S. Last chance to get this before the price goes up
P.S. Price goes up with each sale
P.S. People are seeing massive results with this method. Get it before its gone!
P.S. Limited copies available
P.S. Hurry before the price goes up
Not only do you get better at writing promo emails as you go but you also acquire more
and more data that you can use to analyze all the emails that you send. There are so
many thing thats you can analyze and it can become time trap if you are not careful.
I want to give you the things you must be analyzing to make sure you are always
optimizing the emails that you send.
First and foremost you should look at the offers you promote over a period of time. We
are looking for trends in the data.
● Is there a certain type of product that usually does well with your list?
● Certain email formats that seem to get the best results?
● Are certain types of call to actions getting more clicks
● Is there a trend in the subject lines that are getting the most opens
How everyone tracks this information is different. Most of your sales data can be found
in your affiliate program stats. Unless you are using advanced tracking this is the
easiest way to see what type of offers are working best for you.
© 2015 William Fletcher &
To find out your open rates and clickthru rates you can typically get them right from your
For example, in Aweber I can see every single promotion I have sent and see the open
rate and clickthru rates for those emails.
You want to always be improving those stats. I always go to my high converting offers
and analyze those in comparison to my promotions that didn’t go so well. Finding those
trends allows you to really improve your promotional emails.
And last but certainly not least act on what you find. When you find a trend in the data or
certain types of offers that work well with your list make that a focus in your future
I really hope this guide has inspired you to take your email marketing game to the next
level. Implement things in small chunks. If you try to implement every single strategy
you learned in this guide right away it will be overwhelming.
Focus on one improvement at a time and once you master one thing move onto the
next. Becoming a master copywriter and converting subscribers into $ amounts takes
time. Email marketing is a skill you build up over time and implementing the strategies I
taught in this training will shortcut your success with it.
As always, if you need anything know that i am here for you :). I take my subscribers
well being very seriously. If you need anything reach out to me.
You can email here:
Wishing you the best,
© 2015 William Fletcher &

small business inte

Email Maestro

Email Maestro
Rob Stafford
© 2015
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Here it is. No Fluff. I’ve designed this product deliberately so you can consume it quickly and easily while it provides maximum value that you can take and use today. Below I’ve updated and edited the transcript from the videos I created. I’d highly recommend watching the videos first here or following along with them with th transcript below
Video 1:
Video 2: Ready? Let’s do it. Firstly, thank you very much for picking up Email Maestro. I know you’re going to get a lot of value out of this. I really want to take you inside this system that I’ve used to build incredible engagement with my subscriber base once I’ve built a list. This is really fundamental how you actually build your relationship with your list, how you position yourself, how you hook them into your story. I want to show you some real life examples, as well as some real life stats from this as well. I thought I’d take you through a campaign, a follow-up sequence campaign I set up that gets incredible engagement and is actually the primary source of traffic used to build this list was actually Solo Ads. Solo Ads are notorious for having low engagement. However, using this system and this method, I’ve been able to get somewhat incredible engagement with my list and my subscribers and being able to cultivate that relationship. I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve done that and give you a system for you to also copy and follow that hopefully gives you a bit of a framework to build out your own autoresponder sequence. On my screen here, we actually have my Aweber account. This is the exact sequence I’ve used when building my list with Solo Ads. When I buy a Solo Ad, I’ll send it to a squeeze page. That squeeze page then captures their email address.
When people opt in for the free gift, which is about list building. They opt in for that free gift, and once they opt in, then they start actually receiving follow-up emails from me. I’m going to
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show you these emails and why they’ve been so effective in terms of actually those open rates and engagement. We’ve got them listed here. We’ve got 7 emails ready to go, so not a huge amount of emails, just 7 tightly worded emails and not a massive 500 follow-up sequence or anything too daunting like that. Just 7 just to keep me fresh in their mind and position myself as a trusted adviser in this space. Let’s go into this first one here and see how the very first email is laid out and I’ll break it down for you. Really in terms of actually creating this it didn’t take me much time at all. Firstly, let’s look at the subject line, “Your High Converting Squeeze plus Drugs?” Instantly, that’s a pretty captivating subject line. We’ve got the gift, “Your high converting squeeze page … That’s the gift they opted in for … Plus drugs?” Drugs, why are we suddenly talking about drugs here. It’s a little bit controversial. So that might capture people’s attention, something that entices them to open that email. Then we’ve got part 1 of 6. It instantly sets it up as a bit of a serial. This is the first part and there’s more parts to come. Let’s just see, go back to the first screen. Let’s see the actual open rate of that, but keep in mind this is off Solo Ads. That gives an open rate of 54.9%. That is absolutely ginormous.
 Email 1 – 54.9%
 Email 2 – 37%,
 email 3 – 30%,
 email 4 – 29%,
 email 5 – 27%,
 email 6 – 26%
 email 7 – 32%.
I’ll show you a pretty interesting psychology behind that as well. You can see a pretty impressive open rates when you think Solo Ads, some people are getting 1% or 2% open rates. These are well into the mid ranges there in terms of open rates. Let’s investigate specifically what’s happening I’m going to break down the email piece by piece. Let’s get under the hood and into the anatomy of this email!
1) The Subject Line:
Your High Converting Squeeze Page Plus….Drugs? (part 1 of 6) Straight away there are elements of psychology going on there – curiosity, controversy (drugs) and a serialised email (part 1 of 6)
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2) What’s in it for them – straight away answer that:
We then start with a bit of an intro about my goals to help them and then specifically what they’re going to get out of this email series. They are going to get a hands free money making system online. I truly believe following the system, that is exactly what they’ll have. Quite a nice carrot for them to actually follow along. That’s the goal there.
3) The Six Part Serialised Email Series
We then break down into exactly what they’ll be getting in this 6-part series. If they follow these 6 parts, they’re going to have this automated funnel set up to make sales, hands free online, targeted towards newbies. Here we go. Here’s the exact emails they’ll be receiving. We’ve got:
1) “High Converting Squeeze place plus Drugs.”
2) “Use This. It’s Super Powerful”
3) “It’s a Thrill”
4) “Creating Your own Product – Powerful lesson inside
5) “Don’t Make This mistake” then tying it all back together and saying –
6) “You Remember the Drugs.”
I’ll include the exact order you’re going to see so you can deconstruct it yourself in other PDF that comes with this product, but just as we’re running through this, that’s the main part. You see why that’s powerful there. You’ve got the 6 parts laid out for the exactly what they’ll be getting, how they’ll be getting it, when they’ll be getting it, and what they’ll get at the end of it as well. It’s a pretty kind of up front bonding experience straight away. To eliminate some of their worries, if they’ve got any tech issues, we’re going to cover outsourcing and then get into the meat of it.
4) Relating to the reader
Then we get into some more text directly from the email and start relating to the reader.
“How’s it coming along for you? I know it’s a real struggle for a lot of people. You’re opting in to learn about List Building. It’s a struggle to get started.” There’s uncertainty. There’s fear. You struggle. I remember when I first started it was just an absolute mine field just
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spending hundreds of dollars on solo ads I didn’t even have an OTO set up would you believe? I’ve been there. Don’t worry about that. I know exactly the struggles that people encounter. This is all true. I really didn’t know what was going on. Then it started to click and here’s a bit more of the story about how it all started to come together.
5) Benefits of building a list
Some of the benefits of List Building, choice, freedom, building, options, it really is if you have a list you can literally do this anywhere in the world. In Thailand, India, you can travel to South America and just have your list and be focusing on that. These really they are some of the benefits. These are quite an incredible asset to build up.
6) Link to free gift
Giving them once again access to the free gift, they opted in for, just to make sure they have it ready to go, once again keeping that value going.
7) Removing any tech barriers (obstacles for not proceeding)
What’s more you can do this through outsourcing for around $3. Really removing the barrier creates if that is an objection. That the tech is not possible.
8) Cliffhanger element and engagement
This is like drugs for your subscribers, so there’s something I’m going to reveal. This is where it comes into a bit of the cliffhanger element. It’s enticing this line because drugs can be addictive. They’re desirable for some people. If you can create something that’s like a drug for people. That’s quite appealing. I’ve got a secret that I’m going to reveal that keeps my subscribers engaged. It’s like a drug for them – they have to keep coming back for more! Once again, and really tying that back into drugs. Subject line, and then also the final email as well.
9) Monetise the email – A paid product (upgrade of free product)
Page 6 of 9
There is a premium version of that. If you don’t want to deal with this HTML version that I offer in the squeeze page, the premium version, there’s a link to there, which is a WordPress plug in, so just monetize the first email a little bit.
10) About me section
Then the final thing I close out with is actually a bit of an About Me section. This is a really personal video I’ve created of my life. Once again, just harnessing that engagement. If they do want to know, “Who is Rob Stafford? Why is he out sending me emails?” Then they can follow this link and it takes them to an About Me page, but it’s even more than that. It’s a personal video about my life. You can just see. If they click this, this is the link it takes them to. This video here is my pregnant wife on the rocks with our son Indy, just before we had our second child. This video here is all about 1 second out of my day, every day. It’s a beautiful video.
I’m just going to play a little bit of it in terms of, it captures 1 second from my life and it just helps to actually … I’m a real person, real activities, there’s a lot going on in my life. I’ll leave it there. You can watch it in your own time. I’ll send the link, that as well ( It’s just about humanizing that relationship, humanizing that I’m a real person. I have a real life. Here’s that aspect of it as well. Hopefully you understand, it’s a pretty powerful first email.
11) Bringing it all together
Let me just run through it again:
 We’ve got the captivating subject line, drugs.
 We’ve got the story follow up sequence there.
 We’ve got the benefits of what they’re actually going to get by following this short 6 part series.
 We have links to the gift.
 We have also the About Me page at the very end there as well.
Instantly you can start to understand why that might be getting such a high open rates and why you’re also really designed to capture and hook in the subscriber into my life, my story, my autoresponder sequence and help me to bond with them almost instantaneously. I’m going to deconstruct a couple of other emails now and show you how you can do the same and then I’ll do that in video 2.
Page 7 of 9
Part 2 – The Sting in the Tail I just want to run you through the final two emails of that sequence that I’ve just spoken about. All the middle emails are great and take time to go through them and have a look as they build on each other, but in the actual PDF download, these final two, really there’s a couple of magical things happen here. The final two emails Firstly I’ll take you through number six, the subject line: Email 6 – ‘First Name’ you remember the drugs? Here I basically tie it all back into together, so finally I’m answering this drugs question. You remember this title’s talking about drugs, well simply the relationship you have with your list can be like a drug for your subs. Finally I’ve relieved that tension, people are thinking, well what is it? What are you talking about? What do you mean? What is this thing? You ask a question, they psychology is, the human brain needs it to be answered. At the end of the final sequence, I finally answer, there it is. What I opened in that first initial subject line, here we go, we’re finally going to close it off and answer it. The relationship you have with your list can be like a drug for your subs and if you position yourself in the role and actually really, really can be. They can be looking out for more information and got to explain a little bit more about why that relationship is so important to kind of cultivate. A lot of internet marketers online just fire out email after email after email in this churn and burn model, which sure, you can be effective but what are we building here? We’re building a money making system, we’re building a business, we’re building a churn and burn. It’s up to you to really decide, but for me, I’m looking to build a long term business and really make a difference in this space. The relationship with my subscribers is something I take very, very seriously. This is where that all gets tied together. I tie in here as well a little bit of back to some of the stories I’ve been talking about where it just emphasizes the ability to live or travel anywhere. It’s a non-location specific skill set we’re building here, where you’re building an email list that you can really do from absolutely anywhere in the world. These images here, just kind of reiterate that fact, that you can travel and really do this. That’s here, just me and a couple of, Sydney, Morocco, Paris, Cannes, just travelling around.
Create a little bit of that desire as well. Remember the motivation, why we’re doing this, it’s to create something better, stick with it, we’re going to get there and here is something that,
Page 8 of 9
here’s a little bit more of a carrot. You can travel, we can have freedom, we can have choice, whatever that choice is for you. Whatever freedom is to you, that can signify it. This is kind of a, this is the original final email. A couple of things to build relationships with list, provide value and then create stories and that’s what this is all about, is creating stories with these cliff hangers and these parts to it. This is a six part story we’re going through with that cliffhanger at the beginning that ties it absolutely all together. Now, I didn’t create this story stuff, actually I learned it from Andre Chaperon there’s an affiliate link in here to monetize that, give them an alternative source to buy and then once again, giving them the option to buy List Smasher X to monetize that solo ad traffic that was coming through. That’s really that second last email that they see. As you can see, incredibly powerful stuff. Really ties it all together, makes sense, creates desire, gives credit where credit is due, due to Andre Chaperon in the form of an affiliate link and hopefully they really kind of engage and connect with me at this time. They’ll either purchase these list building videos and therefore I’m building my list and making money or breaking even but really cultivating that relationship, or they will not have purchased. If they haven’t purchased, that’s where this next email really comes into play to give them a bit of an okay, this is it. Let’s have a look at it. Email 7 – Disconection Notice (final) The email number seven, this isn’t part of the story, this is just here, so disconnection notice, final and just see this open rate spike up again a little bit on this. Disconnection notice, final now. This isn’t something I invented, this is something that I learned from Ben Settle, also an excellent email copy writing master. He’s kind of, and I think he took this from someone else even, so disconnection notice final, so it’s a little bit nasty this one, because who, disconnection notice, that’s something that really is attention grabbing in a negative way. What am I being disconnected from? What is this notice I’ve been given and why is this the final warning? It gets that little bit higher open rate. It really is, from my point of view as well, they’ve been through six really considered, thought out lessons that I’ve been taking them through and then this is really, why, if they haven’t bought now, they’re probably not going to buy, so this is me telling them okay, well, we’re done here. You’ve been getting my free tips, you know, you’ve got everything you need to be building this list. This is the method that a lot of the big guys are doing it, you know, but there is that desire, however, if you haven’t bought by now, you’re done, so we’re going to disconnect it. I’m giving you a final offer to pick up List Smasher X at an incredibly discounted rate and otherwise you either pick it up or you become a customer or we’re done. If you can’t afford the five bucks or you don’t want to put the five buck down investment into yourself and into coming into my tribe, then best we part ways. This email, let me tell you, you get some incredible response. It’s something that you can also tack at the end.
Page 9 of 9
The amount of emails that you get back saying, “Rob, don’t disconnect me, I’ve purchased”, “don’t disconnect me, I’m going to buy tomorrow” or just actually straight sales from this email. It gets both an emotional response and it also gets a buying response and those are the two things that you really want to be cultivating in your emails. Emotional responses, attract people you want to attract to and buying responses. Make sure you’re making those sales as well. This little email here does an absolutely excellent job of doing that. Once again, it will be in the notes and the PDF, so take a look at it, see how you can use it for yourself and then really see how powerful it can be for just kicking those people over, just a final hurdle to either get off your list or become a customer. This is as good as it gets, so come on, get on board. Summary Deconstruction of the email sequence that creates extreme engagement and relationship building. Very powerful stuff. Check out the 2 videos here:
Video 1:
Video 2: Hit me up with any questions! Rob Stafford

Email Cash Blueprint

Email Cash Blueprint
#1: 7 Days of Content Emails
makes your customers know, like & trust you more. Establishes you as the expert.
have to be 7 days, can be 3 or so. Whatever works best
email provides value on a certain topic
can lead the last email into a promotion
#2: 3 Day Pre-Sale Emails
boosts your conversions on the offer.
can also be valuable content, which makes your customers like you more.
this to capture interest in an offer. Build up anticipation for the launch.
emails should convince people why they need to grab the offer when it’s released.
email can state the problem, 2nd email can state the offer as a solution, 3rd email
can give more info on the offer & lead into the upcoming launch.
#3: Sell High-Ticket Offers
way to make $1k is to sell something for $1k.
though the price is higher, the offer will still convert.
can open your own highticket
offers, or even promote someone else’s offer.
can be a ‘doneforyou’
offer. Coaching also works great.
can always have a link to this under your signature in emails.
#4: Involve Scarcity Into Your Emails
converts into sales. It’s proven.
can raise the price at a certain point, or close the offer.
countdown timer will really help to improve the effect.
warn them to take action before the timer runs out, or they’ll miss out.
can add this into just about everything you’re promoting.
#5: Involve Curiosity Into Your Emails
will drive people to open, click & buy.
don’t give too much away in your subject lines or emails.
them a reason to click to find out more.
will boost open rates & click through rates.
subjects: “WOW! I Did Not Expect This…” or “Boost Your Profit With THIS…”
#6: Add Bonuses Into Your Promos
people a reason to buy through your affiliate link rather than someone else’s.
works especially great on affiliate promotions.
will give you an upper hand on big launches.
can give out anything as a free bonus when people buy through your link.
the bonus relates to the offer you’re promoting, it will do great.
If promoting a list building offer, give out some of your own list building tips.
If promoting a subject line swipe file, add in your own subject swipes.
can give away something that you’ve released before, and that works great.
out PLR is also a great solution.
you give out something high value or never released before, it does extremely well.
#7: Bold Your Entire Link (Including The Arrow)
helps to boost your CTR.
people don’t feel like reading the whole email, they can easily find & click the link.
==> Click Here To Learn More!
==> Click Here To Check This Out!
to do this on every email that you send out.
#8: Add Special Symbols Next To Your Name (*)
makes you stand out in people’s inboxes.
are getting hundreds of emails every day, so you need to stand out. This helps.
*Temper Thompson*
#9: Mail Every Single Day (Or More)
people read their inbox and open emails every day, whether you mail or not.
worry about bothering them, because they open & buy anyway.
you don’t mail for an offer one day, then they’ll buy it through someone else’s link.
you don’t mail regularly, people will start to forget who you are.
every day keeps you fresh on their minds.
#10: Mail “RE:” Emails To Unopens
is a great way to capture missed leads.
“RE:” part often gets great open rates, and better responsiveness.
never really have a reason not to do this, so go ahead. You’ll pick up extra sales.
can easily mail just to unopens through most autoresponders.
take the take subject line as before, then add “RE:”.
can also use the same email as before, but put this in the beginning:
“Hey, I noticed that you missed my last email. This is really a great opportunity and it
won’t last forever, so I just didn’t want you to miss out:”
#11: Always Give a Reason To Mail
matter what it is, you can always have a reason to mail.
can do this whether it’s a content email or a promo email.
are some examples:
didn’t want you to miss out on this…
are only 12 hours left, so I just wanted to make sure that you’re not left out.
just got some great news!
just got some pretty bad news.
just found something great…
#12: When Something Works, Do It Again
something does well for you than you should always do it again.
no need to reinvent the wheel. You can just do the same thing that worked.
a launch converts great, then launch it again in 6 months or so.
a subject line gets a great open rate, then use it again later.
#13: Add 21 Spaces Below All Text (Above Unsub)
provides a nice spacing between the end of your text body & the unsubscribe link.
lowers your unsubscribe link, because it’s not in their plain sight.
newer people don’t do this, so I wanted to add it in.
#14: Survey Your List (Give What They Want)
is a great way to find out exactly what your list wants, then give it to them.
can use this to get ideas for products, highticket
offers, etc.
you know what they want, then you know exactly what you should sell to them.
also boosts your customer relationship, because it’s 1on1
can also boost your delivery rate, because people are replying to your emails.
#15: Give Out Occasional Content Emails
you deliver valuable content in your emails, it gives a reason to stay subscribed.
will get your customers to pay more attention to you, so open & CTR with go up.
content email can be based off anything, as long as it’s relevant.
example, you could let your list know about a useful article, a trend, etc.
works great if you can lead it into a sale.
the content you provide is relevant to the offer you promote, then it will work great.
#16: Lead Every Email Into a Sale (Even Content)
email should be able to drive sales.
in the email itself doesn’t link directly to an offer, then the email can build
anticipation for the upcoming promo email.
if the email isn’t leading into anything, if it’s just a oneoff
content email, then you
could just drop a link to a highconverting
offer under your signature.
#17: Create Empathy & Sympathy With Your List
really works great in the longterm.
makes your customers know, like and trust you.
can make an avatar of your target customer. Then every time you write an email,
write it to that person. This makes your customers feel like you’re writing to them.
let them know that you’ve been in their position, you know what it’s like.
Like most people, when I started out list building, I wasted tons of money but ended
up nowhere.
Isn’t it frustrating when lots of people buy your Kindle book, yet none of them leave a
review? I’ve struggled with this issue for a long time, so I know exactly how it us. Luckily,
I’ve recently found a great solution.
#18: Add “Stay Tuned For My Next Email”
works really well. It boosts open rates by building anticipation for the next email.
can put this at the end of your email text, above your signature.
works great on a launch. It builds anticipation so that people look forward to your
first email and buy from it right away. It makes them plan & expect to open your email.
works really well on a presale
series of emails.
can say “stay tuned for my next email tomorrow at 11AM!”
long as your next email will be related to your current email, add this in.
#19: Use Crazy, Funny & Unusual Subject Lines
is similar to the “involve curiosity” strategy.
makes people curious, so that it subtly forces them to open your emails.
your subject line stand out, so that it’s something they don’t often see.
wouldn’t do this with every single email, but you can do it often.
Subject: LOL!
Example Subject: WOW!
Example Subject: RIPOFF!
Example Subject: Screw You, Google!
Example Subject: I fell out of my chair when I saw THIS…

22 Copy And Paste Email Swipes

22 Copy And Paste Email Swipes
22 Copy And Paste Email Swipes
These are 22 emails that convert VERY well.
I have tested them
myself and can confidently say as long as you follow the methods in
the main guide you will get results from these emails.

Each of these emails is set up in the Email Triad sequence which I talk
about in the main guide.
You will see a link to request affiliate
approval for each product you will be promoting.
If you want to
substitute that product for another product you can, I just linked you
to the products I promoted and got great results with.

Good luck and have fun!
Link To Request Affiliate Approval: https://warriorplus.
Email 1
Subject: Turn Twitter Into An Explosive Cash Machine?
Hi again!
We all know about Twitter.
But did you know you can turn
twitter into a 24/7 cash machine?
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Twitter has been around for a long time, and many
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Well, hello there!
Yesterday I sent you an email about a product about turning
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I just went through the course a second time today and
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When you pick this up you are REALLY going to enjoy the section
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Welcome back!
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Email 1
Subject: Yes, Words Have Power!
Words can make you laugh…and they can make you cry.

Words are powerful.
They can bring out certain emotions
in us and put us in a different state of mind…
And yes, this means they can put us in a “buying” mindset.

You can use words to make people FLOCK to buy your
product or an affiliate product.

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Don’t underestimate the power of certain words! When
used properly they will make a MASSIVE difference in
your conversion rates.

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powerful words can literally double your conversion rates!
Email 2
Subject: You Have 6 Seconds To Make Money
Whether you are creating a sales page or writing an email,
you have 6 seconds to capture the readers attention.
In fact,
most people that make a purchase decide that they will
purchase the product within the first 6 seconds.

>> Click Here To Learn How To Grab Their Attention In 6 Seconds
The words you use are what will make the biggest difference
in whether or not they make a purchase.

Matt Bacak just came out with a brilliant product called
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It’s called Email Boosters but it works great for selling affiliate
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Email 3
Subject: Give Your Email Campaign Some Extra Muscle!
Copywriting is one of the hardest things any marketer
will ever learn.

Sure, you can always outsource it…but very few people
actually have the budget for that!
Luckily Matt Bacak created a product that makes writing
your emails and your sales copy a piece of cake!
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I am already
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If you purchase through the link in this email, I will
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When you combine the list building techniques in that
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After you order just reply to this email with your
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Subject: Build A List of 23,232…For Free?
Fancy seeing you here 😉
We are going to keep this email nice and
short and get straight to the point.

You all know the money is in the list…right?
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You are in control of when to send the traffic
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Problem is, list building is expensive right?
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This is perfect for those of you who have never
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Bryan takes you by the hand
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Get in now while
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Email 2
Subject: The Money is in The What Now?
Welcome back!
Glad you decided to open up this email and join
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Here’s the deal…
Most of you guys already know how to set up
a squeeze page (although if you don’t that’s ok).

The main problem is getting traffic to the squeeze
Most people are never able to build a list
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Sure, you can always purchase a solo ad and get
traffic to your squeeze page, but that costs way
too much money.

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In Bryan’s List Building Breakthrough guide, he goes
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I can’t go into too much detail about what the traffic
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Email 3
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I am not sure how much longer Bryan is going
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Email 1
Subject Line: Get Paid By Tomorrow?
Hey hey!
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My buddy just put together the ultimate affiliate funnel.

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Email 2
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Email 3
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(Includes 4 emails because it converted so well)
Email 1
Subject: $100+ Per Day Using Solo Ads?
Everyone seems to think making $100/day in the online
world is super hard.

Truth is, it’s actually kinda easy.

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Solo Ads have received a bad reputation lately,
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Even I use them just about every day to make
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Email 2
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Email 3
Subject: This Is As Fail-Proof As It Gets
When I was first getting started online, all I wanted
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I had no problem putting in the work, I knew I would
have to work hard if I wanted to make a lot of money,
I just didn’t know what strategy I should follow.

My good friend James put together what I believe is the
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Email 1
Subject: Get Your Video To Page 1 Without Getting Banned
Creating simple little videos and ranking them on Google
is one of the best and easiest ways to make an income
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Profits Vault 2015

Email Course 1

Email Course

How to Setup an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Program!”
Email 1 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 1: Arrange the

Email 2 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 2: Familiarize Yourself With Platforms ………………….5
Email 3 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 3: Furnish The Affiliate Center……………………………7
Email 4 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 4: Ignite Your Program

Email 5 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 5: Launch Your Opportunity …………………………….11
Email 6 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 6: Invite Super Affiliates
Email 7 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 7: Aid

Email 8 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 8: Treat Affiliates Well
Email 9 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 9: Enlist an Affiliate Manager……………………………20

Unlock The Door To Online Success…
“Success is Inevitable if You Apply These Bite-Sized Daily Doses of
Information, Inspiration, And Ideas”

You Get Access to the Latest Information on ALL Topics Related To
Internet Marketing

We’ve made learning how to make money online affordable, regardless
of your current level of experience.
Information. Inspiration. Ideas… in bite-sized chunks.
J oin no w, y ou won’t beli eve t he pr ice!
Disclaimer and Copyright Notification:
Copyright © 2015

The contents are based on the author’s personal experience and research. Your results may vary, and
will be based on your individual situation and motivation. There are no guarantees concerning the
level of success you may experience. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background,
dedication, desire and motivation.

NOTE: Some of the recommendations in this report might contain affiliate links. If you click on the
link(s) and purchase such a product based on my review and/or recommendation, I will receive a
referral commission. Whether I receive a commission or not will not have any effect on the purchase
price of the product. Additionally I am sometimes offered a complimentary product to review. My
decision to promote these products is based on my own satisfaction with the products. I do not
recommend crap,
and any review I make will be based on my own experiences, which are not typical. You could do
better, you could do worse, you could do nothing at all, and that is totally out of my control.

We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our products and services. There is no
guarantee that your results will match examples published in this report. Some links may change or
even not work for many reasons beyond the control of the author and distributors. They cannot
guarantee or otherwise be responsible for what
you might find when you click through to sites not under the control of the publisher of this
How to Setup an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Program!”

Email 1 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 1: Arrange the Details

Hi [Name],

Welcome to “How to Setup an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Program!”

I’m really excited about this course, because setting up an affiliate program is one of the best
ways to get a lot of warm, highly targeted traffic to your website. Even better, a lot of this
traffic will arrive on your sales page with their credit cards in hand, so you’ll get great
conversion rates.

So let me give you a quick overview of what you’ll learn over the next nine lessons. You’ll get the
complete formula for setting up an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program, which includes these nine steps:

Step 1: Arrange the Details.
Step 2: Familiarize Yourself With Platforms
Step 3: Furnish the Affiliate Center
Step 4: Ignite Your Offer
Step 5: Launch Your Opportunity Step 6: Invite Super Affiliates Step 7: Aid Affiliates
Step 8: Treat Affiliates Well
Step 9: Enlist a Manager

You’ll find out what each of these steps entails as you go through the course. By the time you’ve
finished this course, you’ll know how to set up an affiliate program that can easily bring you a
whole lot of warm leads, customers and cash in the bank.

Today we’ll start with Step 1, Arrange the Details.

This is your most basic step. Before you can even think of setting up an affiliate program, you
need to figure out what you’re going to offer to your affiliates. Specifically, how much money will
they get when they make a sale?

Here are the factors you need to consider:

 The commission rate. If you’re selling digital products, then you should be offering at least
a 50% commission rate. You may offer more to select super affiliates. You might also offer more
depending on the other factors below…

 The price of your product. For low price products (such as $7 products), consider offering
100% to affiliates. Otherwise, most affiliates won’t be interested in promoting your offer if they
only make a few dollars on each sale.

 Residual commissions. If you’re selling memberships or anything with recurring fees, then
offer your affiliates residual income. In other words, instead of giving them 50% for the first
month and nothing ever again, give them a 50% commission for every month that their referral
remains a paying member. This is easy money for an affiliate, and you’ll have affiliates working
hard to promote your residual offers.

 Upsell/backend commissions. If you have an upsell on the order form, then be sure to offer
your affiliates a cut of these sales as well. These commission rates don’t necessarily need to be
the same for the front and backend. For example, for a low-price frontend offer with an upsell, you
might offer 100% on the frontend and 50% commissions on the upsell offer.

That’s it for this time. See you soon…

[sign off]

P.S. Keep an eye on your inbox, because next time you’ll find out which affiliate platform is a
good choice for you. Pick the wrong one, and affiliates won’t trust you. Get this step right by
checking out the next lesson.
Email 2 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 2: Familiarize Yourself
With Platforms

Hi [Name],

Welcome back to the “How to Setup an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Program” course! Last time we talked about
how to set your commission rate, pricing and other factors. Now this time we’ll look at Step 2 of
the process, which is to familiarize yourself with affiliate

Let’s jump right in…

The first thing you need to know is that there are two main types of affiliate platforms:

1. Self-hosted platform. This is where you install an affiliate script or plugin to run your own
affiliate program off your website. Note: you’ll need some technical expertise or you’ll need to
hire someone to manage your database and keep your website secure.
2. Third-party platform. This is where you entrust a third party to track affiliate links,
payments and so on.

If you’re just getting started as a vendor, I highly recommend you choose a trusted
third-party platform instead of a self-hosted script. Here’s why, in one word: trust.

If affiliates don’t know you, they won’t completely trust you. And that means they’ll be reluctant
to trust your self-hosted script for tracking their commissions, plus they won’t trust you to pay
them what you owe them.

End result? You get a low number of affiliates joining your program, and often these affiliates are
low-producing affiliates who don’t stand to lose much if your script’s tracking is faulty or if you
don’t pay affiliates what you owe them.

So let’s avoid all of this by using a trusted third-party host instead. Here are some of the
popular options from which to choose:

 This is one of the most trusted and longest- established affiliate
platforms. While the fees are higher than some other platforms, ClickBank handles absolutely
everything for you, from tracking links to issuing customer refunds to cutting affiliate checks.
Affiliates put a lot of trust in this platform since they know without a doubt that they’ll
get paid for their sales.

 This is a third-party platform with a lot of features such as the ability to
send instant payments to affiliates (which isn’t recommended unless you know and trust the
affiliate), profit sharing with JV partners and a sales page generator for those who don’t have a

 While this platform isn’t as well-known as the above two, it’s gaining ground.
That’s because it too has a lot of great features such as setting up sales funnels, one-click
upsells, generating comprehensive reports and much more.

So which one is right for you?

That’s going to depend on what you’re selling, the price and your business model. So take a few
minutes right now to visit the above three links to fully familiarize yourself with each platform,
and then decide which platform is right for you.

Once you’ve decided which one is the best fit for your particular business model and goals, then
you can move onto the third step of this process… which we’ll talk about next time, so stay tuned!

[sign off]

P.S. In Step 3 you’ll find out how to furnish your affiliate center. This is an important part of
making your affiliate program attractive to the best affiliates, so don’t miss this next email!

Email 3 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 3: Furnish The Affiliate

Hi [Name],

Welcome to the third step of setting up an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program, which is to
Furnish The Affiliate Center.

The affiliate center, which is sometimes called the affiliate dashboard, is the place where your
affiliates can get materials to promote your offer. This includes everything from Twitter tweets to
product reviews to graphics.

It’s your job to make it as easy as possible for your affiliate to promote your offer. They should
be able to just copy and paste ads, emails and other swipes. That’s why you’ll want to stock your
affiliate center with as many of the following swipes and creatives as possible:

 Solo emails. These are stand-alone promotional emails your affiliates can copy, paste and send
to their lists.

 Autoresponder series. This series might be a multi-part ecourse, such as “The Five Secrets For
Losing Fat Fast.” Each email would include a tip, a strategy, or other how-to information along
with a pitch for your product.
 Blog posts and other articles. Here you can offer a variety of articles including promotions,
how-to articles, tips articles, a product review article and similar. The content articles (such as
the tips articles) should naturally lead to recommending your product.

 Social media blurbs. This should include both short blurbs for Twitter tweets (maximum 140
characters), as well as longer tips and promos for other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

 Rebrandable reports. These are short reports that are useful yet incomplete, meaning your
product solves the rest of the reader’s problem. This may be a tips report, how-to report or
similar. (E.G., “How to Get Rid of Aphids in Your Organic Garden,” or “101 Ways to Get More
Traffic.”) Naturally, affiliates will be able to rebrand the report, meaning they can insert their
affiliate link and then distribute the report.

 Promotional video. This might be a demo video, how-to video, product review, tips video or
similar. Don’t include any links within the video itself. Instead, tell viewers to use the link “at
the bottom of this video.” This allows affiliates to embed your video on any page of their site and
include their affiliate link at the bottom.

 Graphical ads. This should include graphics of varying sizes, from regular banners to smaller
squares that affiliates can post on their blogs and elsewhere.
 Live events. You can offer yourself to affiliates for events, such as webinars and other

You don’t need to have your affiliate center completely stocked before you launch your affiliate
program. However, at a minimum you should include:

 Two or three solo emails.
 A rebrandable report.
 Two or three blog posts.
 Two or three graphics.
 Two or three social media swipes.

Once you have these items in place, you can launch your affiliate program. Just be sure to commit
to continually adding to your affiliate center so that both new and existing affiliates always have
fresh swipes to send to their lists, followers and visitors.

That’s it for this time. See you soon…
[sign off]
P.S. Keeping your affiliate center fresh is just one way to ignite your affiliate program and get
the traffic and sales rolling in. To discover some other amazing ways to do this, keep an eye on
your inbox, because next time you’ll find out what the smart vendors do to create successful
affiliate programs!

Email 4 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 4: Ignite Your Program

Hi [Name],

Welcome to Step 4 of the “How to Setup an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E.” course. This time you’ll find out how
to Ignite Your Affiliate Program. In other words, you’re going to find out how to make your program
as attractive to potential affiliates as catnip is to a kitty.

See, here’s the thing…

There are plenty of other vendors dangling some mighty attractive offers in front of your potential
affiliates. Some of your best affiliates are going to pick one product and promote it like crazy.
Obviously, you want them to choose your product. So here’s how to make your offer attractive…

Be Sure the Product is Awesome

Create something that is better than all the competition, and then use a USP (unique selling
proposition) to ensure the product stands out from the crowd.

This is common sense, and yet so many people try to make a fast buck by putting out subpar
products. Don’t do that. Instead, strive to have the best product in your niche, and you can bet
you’ll have plenty of affiliates.

Here’s how:

 Read reviews of competing products. Find out what people really like about these products and
what they really dislike. Then be sure your product includes the strengths while improving on the
weaknesses. As the old adage goes, your job here is to build a better mousetrap.

 Add value. The idea here is to give your customers a lot of value for their dollar. For
example, if your competitor is selling a home-study course, then you can offer a home study course
that includes a weekly coaching call.

 Bring in beta testers and reviewers. Get your prospective customers into the product
development phase to tell you how to make the product better. That way, you’ll be confident that
you’re launching exactly what your market wants.

Now that you have a great product, here’s the next tip for attracting good affiliates…

Create a High Conversion Rate

Don’t let your affiliates down on the sales page. If you don’t know how to write good sales copy,
then hire someone who can. And while you’re hiring a professional copywriter, be sure to also hire
a professional web designer to create a polished site that leaves a great impression.

TIP: Be sure to also track and test your sales copy so that you get as high of a conversion rate as
possible. The higher your conversion rate, the more money everyone makes. And the more money your
affiliates make, the more likely it is they’ll keep promoting your offer.

Make it Worthwhile

There’s no sense in having a great product and a sales page with a high conversion rate if you’re
offering your affiliates peanuts for commissions. Make it worth their while to promote your product
by offering big commissions. For digital products, this should be
at least 50% commissions on the frontend. Be sure to offer your affiliates a cut of the upsell
profits too.

So that’s it for this time. See you soon…

[sign off]

P.S. You’ve got a good offer and a good affiliate program. But how do you get your affiliate
program in front of good affiliates? That’s what you’ll find out next time, so keep an eye on your
Email 5 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 5: Launch Your

Hi [Name], Welcome back!
At this point, you have a really good product with a good conversion rate and attractive affiliate
commissions. You just know affiliates will love promoting this offer. Which brings us to the next

How do you recruit affiliates? There are two ways:
The first way is to personally recruit them by sending emails. This is the approach you’ll take
when you’re working on landing super affiliates. You’ll find out how to do this in
the next lesson.

The second approach is to launch and advertise your affiliate opportunity. That’s what you’ll find
out how to do in this lesson. Take a look at the simple steps you need to take to launch your

Get It In the Marketplace

Many affiliate platforms (such as Clickbank and JVZoo) let their vendors list their products and
opportunities in a marketplace. In some cases, the platform may list your opportunity
automatically, while in other cases you may need to request a listing. Either way, be sure your
products get listed.

Tell Existing Affiliates

Do you already have a list of affiliates from a previous offer? Don’t forget to dash off a quick
email to let them know about this new offer. Be sure to give them all the benefits of promoting
this offer, such as your attractive conversion rate and solid product.

Tells Your Subscribers, Followers and Visitors

The idea here is to simply tell everyone you know about your offer. This includes:
 Mentioning the affiliate opportunity in your newsletter.
 Blog about the opportunity.
 Tell your social media friends and followers.

Next up…

Guest Blog About it

For this method, all you have to do is locate blogs that cater to affiliate marketers (e.g., search
Google for “affiliate marketing blog”), check if they accept guest articles, and then submit a blog
post with affiliate marketing tips. You can then use your byline to promote your affiliate

Here’s an example byline:

Put these proven affiliate marketing tips and tricks to use today to pocket $54 commissions for
every sale. Find out more about this exciting opportunity by clicking here.
Tell Affiliate Communities

Still another way to get the word out about your affiliate opportunity is by advertising it in
affiliate communities, such as on affiliate marketing forums and Facebook groups. There are three
ways to advertise:
 Purchase advertising in the group where applicable.
 Place a free ad where permissible.
 Join the discussions and post a signature file with a link to your advertising opportunity.
(Hint: you can use the article byline from above
for your signature file.)

Get an Affiliate Broker

Is there someone in your niche who has a lot of connections to affiliates? Then you can offer this
person a cut of the profits if he or she helps you build your affiliate team. For example, you can
give the affiliate broker a 10% commission for every sale made by one of the affiliates he or she
brought to your team.

TIP: One way to do this is by setting up a two-tier affiliate system. Another way to do this is by
using JVZoo, which allows you to share profits with certain partners.

That’s it for this time. See you soon…

[sign off]

P.S. Next time you’ll find out how to recruit the super affiliates into your affiliate program.
This is one of the most profitable strategies you’ll ever discover, so don’t miss it!
Email 6 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 6: Invite Super Affiliates

Hi [Name], Welcome back!
In the last lesson, you learned how to advertise your affiliate offer so you can build your
marketing team. However, you won’t find your very best affiliates that way. That’s because the
super affiliates don’t spend a whole lot of time scoping out opportunities.


Because the opportunities come to them. Every week, they get plenty of joint venture and affiliate
proposals crossing their desks. They have more products then they have time to promote. And if you
want a shot at having them promote your offer, then you’ll need to approach them directly and
persuade them to join your affiliate team.

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Find Super Affiliates

The first step is to find super affiliates in your niche. Chances are, you probably already know
about the bigger marketers. Add these folks to your list, and then use these other strategies to
find more affiliates:

 Search marketplaces (like and to find out
who’s selling popular products. These vendors are all potential affiliates.
 Use Google to uncover popular blogs in your niche. For example, search for your keywords (such
as “weight loss” or “gardening”) alongside the word “blog.”

 Search Google for marketers with newsletters. E.G., “weight loss newsletter.”

 Search Facebook to find relevant Pages and Groups in your niche. The people who own the most
popular platforms on Facebook are potential marketing partners.

 Ask existing partners to introduce you to their partners. You might also ask your prospects
and customers to tell you about their favorite blogs, newsletters, products, groups, authors and
marketers in your niche.

Next up…

Step 2: Build Relationships

This step is optional, but building relationships with potential affiliates before you ask them to
join your affiliate program will help you get more “yes” responses. This is particularly important
if you’re approaching the super affiliates, who’re inundated with affiliate requests every day.
Simply put, they’ll be more likely to say “yes” if they know, like and trust you.

TIP: This isn’t something you do in a week. This is something you do over time by chatting with the
prospective affiliate on social media, commenting on his or her blog, talking to him or her at
offline events, and similar activities.

Last step…

Step 3: Send Them a Proposal

Once you’ve gathered up a list of super affiliates (and perhaps built relationships with them),
then the last step is to send an affiliate proposal. Keep these two tips in mind:

1. Send the product. Super affiliates shouldn’t have to purchase your product to see if it’s
something they want to promote.

2. Give them something special that’s not offered to the rest of the affiliates,
such as higher commission rates.

Here’s an example email…

Subject: Snag $xx commissions with this new opportunity…

Hi [Name],

It’s [your name] here from [your website], and I’m writing to tell you about a new affiliate
opportunity that both you and your customers are sure to love. Let me explain…

First off, let me tell you about the product. It’s called [name of product], and [say in a
line or two what it does].

You can check it out for yourself right here: [download link]

I think you’ll agree that this is an awesome product and a great fit for your audience. But what
makes this opportunity even better is the sales letter is converting at [%]. And with a [%]
commission rate that puts [$x] in your pocket for every sale, you can see how those commissions
will stack up fast.

Sounds like a good opportunity for you, right? Let me sweeten the pot with these added benefits:

 Backend commissions. [Explain the percent and amount of commissions they can earn on the

 You get a personalized landing page which is sure to give your sales a nice boost.

 [Any other benefits you’re offering to this affiliate, such as instant
payments, affiliate contests, etc.]

If you like what you see, then all you have to do is get your affiliate link right here to get
started: [link to affiliate program].

Thank you for your time, and let me know if you have any questions! [sign off]
P.S. You’ll find everything you need inside the affiliate dashboard to promote this offer. It’s
easy! Check it out now at [link to affiliate program].

Email 7 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 7: Aid Affiliates

Hi [Name],

You’ve been learning about how to set up your affiliate program, including recruiting affiliates
and super affiliates to join your team.

At this point, a lot of vendors stop and leave their affiliates to their own devices. That’s an
option, of course. But if you want a successful affiliate program with affiliates who keep on
promoting for you, then you need to take this seventh step, which is to aid
your affiliates in any way they can. After all, the more money they make, the more likely it is
they’ll keep promoting. And that puts money in your pocket and grows your customer list.

Earlier in this course you found out how to stock your affiliate center, which makes it easier for
your affiliates to promote. That’s one good way to aid affiliates. Here are three more ways…

Create Training Materials

Sure, your very best affiliates certainly don’t need to know how to promote your affiliate program.
However, there will always be a few people who join who don’t really know what to do. You can help
them out by providing a free affiliate marketing guide for them, including a monthly planner that
outlines exactly what to do every day for a month to start bringing in affiliate sales.

TIP: You don’t need to write this guide yourself. You can purchase private label rights or the
resell rights to a good guide. You can outsource it to a competent ghostwriter. You can even
partner up with someone who’s written a guide where you get to give their guide away for free, and
they get the backend profits from the links in the product.

Next up…

Make Yourself Available

When I say make yourself available, I’m referring to the following:
1. Make yourself available for interviews and webinars. This will help you and your affiliates
sell more products.

2. Make yourself available to answer questions from affiliates. In other words,
provide good “customer service” to your affiliates and handle all their
inquiries promptly. You can hire an affiliate manager to do this for you (which
you’ll learn more about just a bit later in this course).

Next up…

Motivate Your Affiliates

You should be sending out regular emails to your affiliates, which makes announcements about your
affiliate program, tells them about new offers for them to promote, lets them know when you’ve
added new swipes and creatives and so on.

Another thing you’ll want to do in these emails is motivate your affiliates. One very
good way to do this is by showcasing the success of their fellow affiliates. You can send out case
studies or other motivational articles or videos which interview some of your top affiliates about
how many sales they’re pulling down and how they’re doing it. A good story like this every week (or
at least every month) will inspire your affiliates to work hard promoting your offers.

Hold Contests

Still another way to motivate affiliates is to hold affiliate contests. Every contest should
include two components:

1. Prizes for the top affiliates. This promotes competition between your best affiliates and gives
your sales a nice boost during the contest period.

2. Random-drawing prizes where all active affiliates are eligible. Basically, everyone who makes
at least one sale during the contest period is eligible to win a prize. This motivates even your
smallest affiliates to promote your offer during the contest period, as they’ll still have a shot
at winning a prize.

That’s it for this time…

[sign off]

P.S. Next time you’ll find out how to keep your affiliates happy and promoting like crazy
for. Keep an eye out for it!

Email 8 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 8: Treat Affiliates Well

Hi [Name],

Welcome to the 8th step of the setting up an A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program, which is to treat your
affiliates well.

This seems like common sense, right? And yet so many vendors take their affiliates for granted. As
mentioned in the last lesson, these vendors build an affiliate team and then just leave them to
their own devices. But that’s a mistake.

You see, it’s no secret that your affiliates joined your affiliate program because they want to
make money. But showing your appreciation to them and making them feel special goes a long way in
keeping them interested promoting your offers. In short: treat your affiliates well.

Here are three ways to do it…

Be Accessible

Sometimes vendors hide their contact information behind multiple FAQs and resource documents, as
they’re hoping their affiliates won’t “bother” them. Don’t do this. Instead, do the opposite by
posting multiple contact methods within your affiliate dashboard. This may include:
 How to reach you on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

 How to reach you via email (or via a help desk).

 How to reach you by phone or even by text message.

 How to reach you by Skype (include a “click to call” link to make it easy).

Naturally, you should make it a point to respond quickly. Don’t be the guy or gal with the one-week
response time, as that’s not acceptable. Aim to answer within one business day, and let affiliates
know how quickly they’ll get a response.
Encouraging your affiliates to get in touch is a good way for you to develop a good reputation in
the market, plus this sort of personal interaction also helps you build relationships with your

Which brings us to the next point…

Drop a Personal Note on Occasion

Obviously, you can’t write to each and every one of your affiliates personally, especially if you
have hundreds if not thousands of affiliates. However, you can make it a point to stay in touch
with your top affiliates. From time to time, drop them a note with one or more of the following
 Thank them for their hard work. Make this part personal. Show them what their partnership
means to you.

 Ask them if there is anything you can do for them. (And make this offer genuinely.)

 Ask them about personal things. In other words, nurture the relationship.
For example, if an affiliate told you about an upcoming vacation cruise, ask them how they enjoyed
the vacation when they get back. Or if they just had a baby, ask how the baby is doing. In short,
be a friend.

 Offer extra perks. From time to time, you may offer extra perks to your best affiliates, such
as bonuses and bumped up commissions for a set period (such as one month).

And finally…

Pay On Time

This is so easy, but so important. If you’re running an affiliate program where you’re responsible
for paying affiliates, then always pay on time. This gives you a great reputation among affiliates
in your niche, which builds trust and helps you grow your affiliate team.

That’s it for this time. See you again soon…

[sign off]

P.S. There are a lot of steps in building a successful A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program, but it’s
well worth the effort when you see just how profitable it is to build a good team of
affiliates. Still, you can make money without doing hardly any of the work. How? That’s
what you’ll find out next time, so stay tuned!

Email 9 – A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. Step 9: Enlist an Affiliate

Hi [Name],

Throughout this course, you’ve been learning how to set up and run a successful
A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. program. It’s not hard, but it does take some time to do it right.

Now here’s the good news…

You don’t need to do it yourself.

That’s right, you can enlist help to build and grow your affiliate program. All you have to do is
hire a good affiliate manager.

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Get Clear About What You Want

Affiliate managers can do as much or as little as you need to help you grow your affiliate program.
That’s why you need to get clear upfront about what all duties you want your manager to do, as not
all candidates are qualified to perform all tasks.

Take a look at some of the possible tasks:

 Advertise your affiliate program and personally recruit super affiliates.

 Create (or be in charge of outsourcing) the needed promotional content, such as solo email
swipes, reports, videos, graphics, etc.

 Managing affiliate contests.

 Maintaining an affiliate blog and mailing list.

 Sending out announcements and motivational materials to the affiliate blog and mailing list.
 Creating training materials for new affiliates.

 Coming up with new ideas to breathe life into an old offer.

And so on – an affiliate manager can handle a few key tasks (such as recruiting
affiliates), or they can handle your entire program. It’s up to you.

TIP: You may offer some form of a salary plus commissions for these tasks. For example, a straight
salary will cover tasks such as creating swipes, while offering a cut of the commissions will
motivate the affiliate manager to prioritize building relationships with affiliates and recruiting
super affiliates.

Step 2: Cast a Wide Net

Next, you need to look far and wide in order to find as many qualified candidates as possible. Cast
your wide net using the following tips:

 Spread the word to your fans, followers and visitors. This means blogging about it, telling
your email list about the position, and mentioning it on social media. Be sure to ask your readers,
subscribers, fans and followers to share this job opening with others.

 Advertise in affiliate and business communities. You can place paid advertising for the
position, or ask the community owner to announce the opening on your behalf.

TIP: Work at home forums and communities (such as are also good places to advertise these
sorts of opportunities, though you may need to do a lot of training if you’re pulling applicants
with very little to no experience.

 Post a project on a freelancing site like and
This works particularly well if you’re looking for someone to help you with
a few key projects (rather than hiring a full-time employee).

 Post local ads. This includes advertising your opportunity on sites like, as well as local websites and newspapers.

And finally…

Step 3: Hire the Right Person
Be sure to do your due diligence by researching and interviewing top applicants. If you’re hiring
locally, then meet them in person. If you’re hiring remotely, then get on a phone or video
conference. Be sure to also ask for references (and follow up with these references) to learn as
much as possible about each candidate before you make the
final hiring decision.

Take your time at this step, because hiring the right person will make all the difference to your
affiliate program.

That’s it for this time – see you soon! [sign off]
P.S. You’ve finished the A.F.F.I.L.I.A.T.E. course, so now there’s one thing left for you
to do – take action on what you’ve learned. Because the sooner you do, the sooner you too will be
able to start and grow a successful affiliate program!

Are You…
You Can Do What I Do…

Click Here For More Information

Email Inboxer

Email Inboxer


3. Introduction
4. Sign up to FeedBurner
5. Configuring FeedBurner
10. Create an Opt-in Form
15. Test the Opt-in Button
16. Install Elegant Subscription Popup
17. Configure Elegant Subscription Popup
21. Customize Elegant Subscription Popup
23. Scheduling Posts
24. Increase Inboxing Odds
25. Technical Notes
26. The End
Are you looking for a way no-cost way to update and build multiple email lists?
This strategy guide details how to setup a newsletter subscribe form on WordPress that will
automatically send an email to your list of subscribers every time that you post a new blog post.
Even better, you will be able to schedule the posts like an auto-responder would. – At absolutely
no cost.
Should you choose to accept this mission you will need to collect the following items:
 WordPress self hosted blog.
 Sign up for a FeedBurner account.
 Elegant Subscription Popup plugin.

The whole process of setting everything up should take under an ½ an hour to complete.

Great! I am glad to see that you have chosen this mission. – We need more people like you!

Okay, so first things first, you will need to signup for a FeedBurner account using your Gmail

Now that you have signed up for a FeedBurner account go ahead and grab your WordPress blog’s feed
and paste it into FeedBurner to burn your blogs feed. Your WordPress blogs feed should look like

Next, give your feed a title and create a FeedBurner address.

Click the next button…

You will be redirected to a new page.This page asks if you would like to track your feeds stats.
Again,click the next button.

助出illOij[ ?)F

1. Claim your feed 2.Enhance Your Stats
Congrats! Your FeedBurner feed is now live. Want to dress it Up a little? Subscribe to your feed
(and share with others!) a t:

For your convenience,FeedBurner has applied the following services to your new feed:

• BrowserFriendly improves your feed’s appearance in most web browsers and makes it easier to
subscribe to
• FeedBurner Stats tracks basic feed traffic statistics

You control your feed. AII se刊ices are optional and can be changed at any tirr官

You have completed Step 1 of 2. In Step 2,you may consider adding
additional free FeedBurner Stats options for a more richly detailed view of your feed readership.

Next ))j ωkipd附 tly to feed ma判明酬
@2004- 2015 Google (Terms of Service・Privacy POlicy)

The next page that comes up will be where you will choose the stats that you would like to track.
Most people choose to select all of them.
Click the next button after you have chosen all of the stats that you would like to track.
Within the next page that you are brought to click the “Publicize” tab. Then, click the “Email
Subscriptions” tab. – And activate the email subscription option by clicking the “Activate” tab.

The email subscription options are now activated! Let’s create a way for people to subscribe to
your blog.


Now that the email subscription options are activated it’s time to create a
newsletter opt-in form for you blog.
You can either choose to use the default FeedBurner subscribe form or you can choose to use your
own custom subscribe button. (Another option is to install a subscription popup. See page 16)
To use your own custom designed subscribe button first copy your FeedBurner subscription link. (See
image below) The red highlighted link below is the link that will be used to make the subscribe

The easiest way to create a subscription button for your sidebar widget or elsewhere is to use the
html editor of a post or page within WordPress.
On the lefthand side of your WordPress dashboard click on the “Add New” page tab. Within the new
page click on the “Add Media” tab to add your pre-designed subscribe button to the page.
A new screen will pop up. This is where you upload the image of your button. (See the next page)
This is the Add Media page within your WordPress dashboard. Choose the image that you would like to
upload for your custom subscribe button.
Insen Medla Insert Media


5et Featured Image
Insert from URι
υRL h民p:lJblog.四 daJ.ops ∞mN

Tltle st都町民888



Oe poon



Cef’”閉 .

Choωe the cu武om url opuofand paste in your FeedBurner un.

Eυ5tom URl

Fu!l 5・Ic-21S’” 121 ・
Your custom subscribe button is now ready to go. To access the html code click on the “text” option
within the Add New Page screen. Copy this html code and save it to be used in your sidebar or

*You can delete the page that was used to create the subscribe button if you would like to because
the button has been uploaded to your media library.
向r this 猷ample we have placed the subscribe button code into the sidebar.
Our example blog can be seen here: btto:/ /bl
iSOCIAl:-OPg w…OT in 1脚 rnet …ing – R…w!
– – 且ー ———–ーーー ーーーー- — –ーー ー ー-・.・・ー- – ー – – ーーーーーーーーーーーーーー–・・・・・ー- – —
Social-Ops Internet Marketing NEWS 810g – Industry NEWS delivered to your inbox everyday.
You have just discovered the premier intemet marketing NEWS blog where you will hear
it here れrst. Everything from

the latest email marketing strategies,social media guides , to who’s-who,this is where it
is at! Subscribe Now.
Subscribe Now!

The latest internet marketing NEWS delivered
to your inbox everyday!

Copywriting ‘
.. Leave a comment


When the website visitor clicks on the subscribe button the FeedBurner opt-in page will pop up.
The subscriber will then need to confirm their email address like any other auto-responder or
newsletter opt-in process. Test the system to check its functionality.

Don’t want to mess with designing and installing an opt-in form? Within the WordPress plugin
directory there is a free FeedBurner subscribe form popup plugin called Elegant Subscription Popup.
You can search for it in your WordPress dashboard or you can download it and manually install it.

Elegant Subscription Popup

Install and activate Elegant Subscription Popup like any other WordPress plugin.


Now that Elegant Subscription Popup is installed and activated you need to configure it. First grab
your FeedBurner ID. Your FeedBurner ID can be found by clicking on the RSS icon within the
FeedBurner dashboard of your feed.

After you click on the RSS icon within your feed dashboard your feed page will popup in another
screen. From here you can grab your FeedBurner ID to be used to configure Elegant Subscription
Your feeds URL will look something like this:
The portion highlighted in red is the FeedBurner ID.

Now that you have your FeedBurner feed ID you can setup Elegant Subscription
Popup. (See below)

As you can see Elegant Subscription Popup is easy to setup and configure. Best
of all it’s free!

おT卸his is what Elegant Subscription Popup looks like on the Social-Ops blog.
OT ar刷 ng – RightN州

ubseribe’For f α,

test Updαtes

Vault Brewing
Signup for our newsletter and get notified when we publish new articles for free!


of-the-century traditional bar upscale dining
live jazz music

Enter Your EmaillD Here..
Owner宮 and
their customers as an opportunity to create a unique,personal
connection and gain feedback. And they use email marketing to
nu巾 re every one of tho鵠 relationships.


If you are familiar with CSS the code for Elegant Subscription Popup can
customized from the plugin’s page within the WordPress dashboard.

Click the edit button to edit the CSS code of the Elegant Subscription Popup plugin. (Seen above)

InvutpL’l」vJ-MPMH-VF」this instance we modified the popup to include the content that we want to
use.戸Itat・巾 is possible to change the colors of the button and all of the other
variable「sdm北陶川within the plugin editor using C55 code tweaks. It now looks like this.
lSOCIAl:Opg w OT in Internet Mght Now!

ubs(!ribe 70 Our 810タf
Get what’s HOT in internet marketing delivered to your inbox everyday!

EnterYour EmalllDHere.. Wc
Owner冨 and
their customers as an oppo代unity to create a unique,personal
connection and gain feedback. And they use email marketing to nu比ure every one of those

While this no-cost system does not offer the ability to start the subscriber at the beginning of an
email sequence it is possible to schedule WordPress posts to offer some level of email scheduling.
Scheduling WordPress posts is easy. When creating a new post you can schedule the post to be
published at the date and time that you would like. (See below)

To increase the odds of your FeedBurner blog posts/messages getting inboxed it is suggested that
you place your businesses name, address, email address and other contact information at the bottom
of every new blog post that you create.


Within the email branding configuration screen we suggest inserting the following code into the
Email Subject/Title: ${latestitemTitle}
Inserting the above code will place the last posts title into the title of the email that is sent
to your subscribers.
There are several other configurations that can be made to custom tailor FeedBurner to your
specific needs. Spend some time inside FeedBurner to get familiar with the different options that
FeedBurner offers.


No, this is just the beginning!
All effective marketing strategies take proper planning.
While this no-cost strategy may not be quite as effective as some of the expensive auto- responder
systems out there it will return significant results with the proper planning.
Best of all, this strategy can be used on as many WordPress websites and blogs that would like. –
So why not install it on all of your blogs?
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mail Campaign Series

Email Campaign Series

Email 1
If you have a coaching program that you administer
online, and you want to take it to the next level,
you are in the right place!
Hi, my name is Sean Mize…
and since you are reading this, it means you have
recently joined my coaching training email
Basically what I do is once per day, for about 30
days, is send you an informative email that (hopefully)
teaches you something useful you can use in your
coaching business.
Everything I will teach you in the first 30 days
are things that I personally use in my own
coaching business….
You will find that many of my techniques are so simple,
yet when you implement them, you will get great results
in your coaching program.
I will be teaching you easy methods of delivering
your coaching…
…a super-simple way to outline a 13 week coaching
program in less than one hour…
…how to use my secret email exchange method to find
prospects fast…
…the exact outline of the script I personally used to close
$5000 – $12,000 coaching clients…
…secrets of writing an email sequence to sell your coaching
…how to do an easy 30 day launch for your coaching business….
….and much, much more!
You will find that each day you are wishing that tomorrow’s email
would come…sooner!
Here is my advice to you:
Each day when I send you a training, read it, then ask: “how
can I implement this in my business today to
fast-track my coaching business?”
And of course – you may find that you want deeper instruction on
each of my techniques than you can receive in a 200-word email –
and you might want to consider enrolling in one of my
high-level coaching training courses….but of course
that is optional…if you apply what I send you in the
email training, you can double or triple your coaching income fast!
Ok, that’s all for today….
tomorrow…the roots of my coaching system…how to build your
coaching business 3- 5x faster using my proven simple system…
Till tomorrow,
Sean Mize
Email 2
Super Simple System for Your Coaching Program
Ok, yesterday I promised that today I would show you my
super simple system for your coaching program….
So let’s dig in…
By the way – don’t be alarmed at the simplicity of my system.
You see – simplicity is good.
The more complex your coaching program is, the harder it is
for you to implement.
And the harder it is to implement – the harder it is to do…
I remember when I launched my first coaching program….
more on that later….
Anyhow..back to simplicity…
There are 5 core parts to your coaching program:
1) your core idea (or outline)
2) your delivery method (meaning, email, video, audio, etc.)
3) your feedback method (meaning, email access, telephone access, forum or blog
access, etc.)
4) your selling method (sales letter, one-on-one phone call, teleseminar, etc.)
5) the results your client gets
Each part must remain simple….
…for example, your core idea should be solid and created once, not redesigned monthly
(although you CAN make changes from time to time)
…your delivery method must be something that can easily be automated…
…and so on…
over the next few days I’ll be sharing with you
my own personal method for each of these…
Back to my first coaching program…
I didn’t even know I was going to launch
a coaching program!
Prospects were asking for help…and I had
been helping them for free via email…
So I just asked… would you be interested
in coaching????
And so many people said “yes” that I wrote
a simple application letter and over 60
people filled out the application!
And within about 2 weeks, I had 22 clients from those
Anyhow…that was fun!
Of course, since then I have gone on to
scripting much bigger coaching programs,
at higher price points…and
getting great results with my clients when they
do the same…
Ok, well, I guess this is enough for one day!
Till tomorrow…
Sean Mize
P.S. tomorrow….my super simple method of
outlining…including a pdf guide…
Email 3
How to Outline Your Core Coaching Premise
Well, you chose to open this email…
I guess that means you are getting
something useful out of reading them 🙂
So yesterday I told you I would show you
how to outline your core idea –
and to make it really easy, I have attached a pdf
that shows you how…
it’s the first of 2, I will send you the second in a
couple of days….
Here’s the thing…it’s my 10 x10 matrix….
It seems so simple that you will laugh (go
ahead, lol now!!!)
But…once you have done it…you will have
AMAZING clarity on your business and what
you can deliver to others…
and once you have that clarity, it will be incredible
how much faster you can move in your business….
Ok, download, read, study, and implement the 10 x 10
In a few days, I’ll send you part 2…
(tomorrow – designing your coaching program)
For now,
Sean Mize
Email 4
Designing Your Coaching Program
This email is going to be a little tougher
(by the way, you like yesterday’s email???
10 x 10 matrix?
did you write your own yet?
if not…you are missing out! )
So…once you have done your 10 x10 matrix –
you have to decide how you are going to deliver
your coaching –
some choices –
length of your program –
pricing –
email, audio, video
how are you going to communicate???
So let’s get started on these…this will
likely take a few days…
so first, length of your program –
It kinda depends on how much you want to
share with someone in their first connection with you –
Meaning that if someone has just found out about
you – they might not really want to commit to a year –
but 6 weeks might not be long enough to really
help someone get results –
I really like a 13 week coaching program for my
clients –
Because it is long enough to get your clients
great results,
but short enough they aren’t afraid of committing for
too long
Make sense?
Another great option…if you are willing to just
teach one key thing…is a 30 day starter program –
The way it works is you teach them one key idea –
they implement it, get great results – then they
want to enroll in your 13 week program –
After the finish your 13 week coaching program, they
got results, now they want more…then they trust
you enough to enroll in your year – long program –
Ok, I’ll leave you now so you can think about
how long your programs should be…
Till next time,
Sean Mize
be thinking about that…what price do you
want to charge for your coaching?
Email 5
How to Price Your Coaching, Part 1
Yes, this is going to be a little convoluted, confusing, and
will take at least 2 emails.
Because pricing isn’t one size fits all…
So I am going to ramble a bit more than usual –
Because I want you to get a feel for what
then you can decide how you want to go with your
prices –
So….imagine you have 3 coaching programs –
a 30 day intro course that teaches one concept and gets
your clients results in that one thing
(it is far better to get your clients total results in
one thing in 30 days than to give them partial
results in a bunch of different things. Prove to them
you are the right coach for them – then they will
enroll in future coaching…and stay with you for a long
time as you keep getting them results)
next you have a 13 week coaching program that gets them
another 1-3 results (depends on your niche)
then you have a 12 month (or open-ended) coaching program
You want to stair-step the pricing
For example, if the 30 day intro course is $500,
the 13 week might be $2000, the 12 month might be
$5000 – $10,000
For now – start thinking about the stair stepping –
what will you teach for results in each level?
Till next time,
Sean Mize
P.S. How is that 10 x 10 matrix coming along?
I’ll be sending part 2 soon…..
Email 6
10 x 10 Matrix – part 2
Ok, today’s email is short…
Here’s why…by now you should have finished your
10 x 10 matrix –
And today’s download reveals how
powerful is your 10 x 10 matrix…
download it now
write a statement about what the 10 x 10 means to
you –
what are you going to use it for?
has it helped you?
Ok, that’s all for today….
tomorrow…pricing, part 2
To your coaching success,
Sean Mize
Email 7
Pricing – Part 2 (how to choose YOUR price)
So by now you have thought about your
stair stepping
Meaning 4 weeks – get one result – $500
13 weeks – get 1-3 new results – $2000
12 months or more – $5000
So…how do you price it for YOUR niche?
Obviously, because we are just communcating
via these emails, I don’t know your niche
But I have developed a simple exercise that works
well with my clients to help illustrate your
value – and once you know your value, it’s
easy to assign price (easier, anyhow!)
here is the exercise:
1) take out a sheet of paper
2) write on the paper what someone will get
out of working with you (results…list them
all out – what are all the results someone will
get in working with you)
3) what will those results mean for your clients
(go deep on this….what do those results really mean
deep down inside for your clients?
4) what would it be worth to someone to get those
results (not what do you want to charge…and not
what do you think they will pay for x number of weeks –
just base this on the results – what will they pay for
the results?)
Ok, that’s all for today – tomorrow I will
give you an example to make it clearer – note:
if you have actually done this assignment by tomorrow
you will get better results
By the way – speaking of results – are you doing
what I show you?
Did you do the 10 x 10 matrix?
Did you plan your stair step?
Did you do this exercise?
Because if you aren’t…frankly you are wasting
your time reading these emails
Because reading emails isn’t going to get you
results in your coaching program…
but taking action, doing what I teach…WILL
get you results…
Ok..take action today!
Till tomorrow…
Sean Mize
Email 8
Example of pricing for your coaching program
Ok, so yesterday you did the exercise for what
your clients’ results will be in working with you, and
what those results are worth right?
if not…don’t even think about
reading this email, go back and do the
So now that you have done the exercise….
I am going to give you an example from the weight loss niche (there
are hundreds of niches, I had to choose one….and since I’ve recently
lost a lot weight, it’s been on my mind 🙂 ….
Weight loss niche…
result – lose 50 pounds
what does that mean to your client?
look better to the opposite sex – change relationship dynamics
be healthier – feel better – live longer – stay out of the hospital –
avoid heart attack – avoid death due to heart attack,
have more energy – spend more time
with grandchildren, not get so tired –
NOTE: this is just a partial list….
but what could all of this be worth to someone?
Let’s go one by one here….
what could it be worth to someone to be more
attractive? $1000? $5000?
think that’s too much?
do you think someone would be willing to gain 50
pounds for $100? gain 50 pounds for $1000?
No? then why wouldn’t they pay $1000 or $5000
to get rid of it?
They hate being overweight –
What about health?
if they stay 50 pounds overweight, they increase the odds
of a heart attack. If they have a heart attack, they might die.
They might not get to see their grandchildren grow up.
They might have to live with a pacemaker for the rest
of their life
They might have chest pain for the rest of their life
If they have to have open heart surgery it might cost $50k –
$100k, right?
They might die on the operating table.
Solution: YOU – they take action, get coaching from you, and safely
lose the weight
How much is that worth?
What will someone pay to live longer?
To see their grandchildren grow up?
To not die before they are ready?
YOU are the answer.
What is it worth for someone to change their life?
So maybe you are saying…I’m not a health coach…
ok, so you are in a different niche…
go deep –
figure out what your results could mean for someone….
if you are a business coach…what would it be worth
for someone to make an extra $50k per year?
if you are a relationship coach, what would it mean
for someone to NOT get divorced (do you know how
much money a divorce costs, when you add up
the cost of losing a house, your best friend, split
your kids….on and on…what would it be worth to
avoid divorce and start loving each other again?
if you are a sales coach…what would it be worth to
someone to to make $50k more in sales?
if you are a cancer coach…what would it be worth
for someone to beat cancer and not DIE?
if you are a martial arts coach…what would it mean
for someone to be able to defend themselves if they
are attacked on the street?
I could go on and on…
what about YOUR niche….what would it mean for
someone to get YOUR results?????
Till later,
Sean Mize
Email 9
Short email
Here’s the thing…yesterday’s email was LONG…
So this one is SHORT….
One question…did you do the exercise yesterday?
if not, go back and do it.
If so…
2 questions:
1) what kind of results will someone get in working with you?
2) what would it be worth to someone to get those results?
That’s all for today,
Sean Mize
P.S. tomorrow….how to price your coaching
based on what it is worth to your clients….
Email 10 – How to Price YOUR Coaching based on results
The last few days we’ve been talking about what
it’s worth to your clients to get your results
And maybe you are thinking…yes, but just because it’s worth
$50k doesn’t mean they will pay that, right?
Well, maybe.
But some people really do charge $50k or more
for coaching.
I know them.
I have sold $50K and up packages.
For a lot less results than saving someone life 🙂
Here’s the thing…if you want to make real money in
your coaching…and get your clients results…
you must charge based on results, not time.
You want to know why?
I’ll share that with you tomorrow 🙂
Today –
You must charge based on results not time.
If your client is willing to pay, let’s say $2000
for a given result, should it matter if it takes
30 days, 13 weeks, or 12 months to get the
I mean, if you think about it…if you can
get someone a $2000 result in 30 days, you should
be able to charge MORE than if it takes
a whole year to get the result, right?
And if you could get the result for them in one day,
then you should charge MORE, right?
Look, I know that’s counterintuitive.
But your clients want results.
They don’t want to spend forever trying to get them.
They want them now.
Think about this…which would you rather pay?:
$1000 to work hard for one year to get a certain result?
Or $1100 to get the same result in 24 hours with no work?
of course that’s an exaggeration…but the point is clear…
people should pay MORE for FASTER results.
So get over charging based on how long and how much
time you put into your program
Next….why your clients get better results
Next after that…how to choose how to charge for each of
your programs….
Sean Mize
Email 11 –
Why your clients get more results if you charge more
Because your clients will get more results
if you charge more.
Yep. that’s right.
Let me ask you this….if you pay $5000 to learn
how to do something, are you more
or less likely to DO it and get results than
if you paid $7 to learn the same thing?
Think about it.
Of course you will work harder, because you want
to get your money’s worth.
You see, if you underprice your coaching…your clients
will get LESS results.
so what about me?
let me ask you this…what kind of results can you get for
someone in their life?
go deep
how much do you need to charge to make
sure someone is SERIOUS about doing the work
and getting results?
I mean, seriously, wouldn’t you rather work
with a smaller number of clients who pay MORE
and get MORE results than to give away your coaching
and people hardly get any results????
Till later,
Sean Mize
Email 12
How to Choose Your Stair Stepped Pricing
Ok, after long last…here it is…
how do you choose what to sell YOUR coaching for?
Note: this is going to be very generally, because it’s different
for every niche.
I go into a lot more detail in my home study course…it’s
just hard to get this one concept across in 500 word
emails when it takes an hour to teach someone one-on-one…
Anyhow – let’s try.
Let’s imagine your result is worth…$20k to someone.
Maybe losing 50 pounds
or making $100k more per year
or saving their marriage
or meeting the love of their dreams
whatever your niche is, let’s assume a $20k result
meaning it would be worth $20k for someone to get that result.
of course, we know that even if it is worth $20k, they
might not pay $20k.
At least it will be a lot more work to sell
(of course, some coaches I know would rather have 10 $25k clients
per year than 250 $1000 clients……)
Imagine the result itself is worth $20,000…
what if you slashed the price and made it 90% off…
just $2,000 for that result?
Now we’re talkin’, right???
So…how long will it take you to get that
result for someone?
13 weeks?
could you do it in 30 days?
or will it take you a year?
THAT is how you decide on price.
Till later
Sean Mize
Email 13 –
More on Stair Stepped Pricing
I kind of left you in a lurch yesterday, didn’t I?
The reason is I REALLY wanted you to think about
So let’s continue…
NEVER price your coaching based on how much time
you put in.
ALWAYS price your coaching based on results.
Why? Because how much time you put in is irrelevant
to how much money you make.
Think about this..
a farmer works 40 hours a week for 50 weeks…2000 hours
to create…let’s say 10,000 bushels of corn.
He makes $50,000 at the end of the year when he sells the corn.
that’s $25 an hour
(I know these are crazy numbers, but it’s just an illustration)
The merchant on wall street that buys his corn for $50k and
sells it to some cornflake factory for $100k…makes $50k for
one hours work.
The time you put into something is totally irrelevant for pricing issues.
It’s all about results.
Charge for results.
Then determine how to get the training out to your client in the
easiest way possible for both you and your client.
That’s right – the more they pay, they easier your coaching should
be for them!
And if it’s easier for them…it’s usually easier to deliver for you!
So you make MORE money in LESS time!
That’s all for today!
Sean Mize
Email 14 –
Email Coaching Programs
Email coaching programs are for beginners who
are scared to talk to people on the phone.
Email takes the most amount of time, and people
will pay the least for email access compared to telephone
or webinar.
So why sell email coaching?
Beginners sell email coaching because they can answer the
clients questions whenever they want to…
If they don’t know the answer, they can find out without the client
knowing they don’t know.
But trust me, once you have more than 50 clients, email
gets real old –
Next – I’ll teach you about my favorite coaching – telephone
And why
Till later,
Sean Mize
Email 15
Why telephone coaching is my favorite
Here’s why telephone coaching is my favorite:
Because it is so easy to deliver, and you can
scale it to thousands of people.
Here’s how it works:
Let’s say 100 people need to get coached
on the same thing.
You enroll all the clients in one program, you
agree to meet at the same time on a conference
call, you teach them all at one time, a few
people ask questions, you record the whole
thing so you NEVER have to teach
on that topic again.
Anyone else that EVER wants to learn that
topic gets to learn by listening to the recording.
IT’s better for you (self-explanatory)
It’s better for them (instead of having to kowtow to
YOUR schedule, they can listen whenever they want to)
Next…how to answer questions if you deliver your
coaching via recorded telephone calls…
Sean Mize
Email 16
How to Answer Questions From Recorded Coaching Lessons
In the previous teaching email I sent you, I showed
you how to deliver coaching through recorded lessons
of your live coaching.
So what if someone has questions?
Here’s what I do:
First, some background.
Let’s imagine you have 1000 clients taking your
recorded-lesson coaching.
They all started at different times.
Some started a year ago. Some 3 months ago.
Some yesterday.
But no matter where they are in your program –
or WHAT program they are in (I have several
programs that feed into the same coaching call)
You hold a weekly q and a live coaching call for
one hour where you answer anyone’s questions.
It’s at the same time each week.
If they can’t make the call, they get the recording.
They can ask anything they want.
Their needs are met.
You work 1 hour for 10 clients, 100 clients or 1000 clients.
Totally scalable for you.
Total value and access to them.
Just do it
Till later,
Sean Mize
Email 17
Video Coaching
Video coaching – I almost just skipped this email.
But then I remembered I told you I would cover it.
But the thing is, there isn’t much to cover –
Here’s the thing –
NEVER use video if you can get away with audio.
Video is HARD to do live.
Trust me – do it for 10 weeks, you are virtually
guaranteed a failure one week of some kind.
So unless you are a swimming instructor
or you HAVE to show what you do…use audio.
You can do 90% audio – live – and then just record
the one thing you want to “show” them.
ALWAYS record the video ahead of time if you can.
Remember – simplicity –
hey, that’s a good idea for tomorrow’s email – simplicity!
See you later 🙂
Sean Mize
Email 18 –
Ok, by now, are you starting to see how SIMPLE I make it?
Everything is simple.
A simple 10 x 10 matrix that gives clarity.
A simple coaching program model – recorded lessons, one
weekly q and a call for all coaching clients at one time
A simple results – based pricing method
Keep everything simple
Here’s a question to ask about EVERYTHING –
How could I make this simpler?
What could I take out and it still works?
How could I make this simpler?
You see, the simpler it is, the easier it is
for the client to get results.
And if the client gets results faster and easier…they come
back for more coaching.
Sean Mize
Email 19
More on simplicity
I really think most coaches make all of this
much harder than it needs to be.
Keep it all really simple.
Make simple lessons.
Why take an hour to teach something when
you could do it in 15 minutes?
So what if one client gripes that they didn’t get
their money’s worth because it only took
you 15 minutes to get them results?
The other 99 who LOVE you because
you got them results faster than anyone else
on earth with stay with you a LONG TIME.
So who cares if one person doesn’t like your simplicity?
I mean, really, would they REALLY like to
take LONGER to get the same result?
They are irrational, peevy, nagging individuals who
don’t belong in your coaching program.
Let them suffer in someone else’s long, drawn out,
complicated coaching program where they might NEVER
get results, and they can complain about that
too, because they are chronic complainers.
Stop catering to the 1% who complain,
Instead, make your coaching GREAT for the 99% who
To your success,
Sean Mize
P.S. How do you like the trainings so far?
Do you like these emails?
Do you want me to keep writing emails like this and
sending them to you?
Email 20
How are you going to communicate with your clients?
This email really should have gone out
much earlier.
But I got so involved in some of what I was teaching
that I never really go to it.
And of course by now you know how you should
be communicating…
as easily as possible.
As easily as possible.
For you AND the client.
That usually means a group telephone call.
That takes the least amount of time for you.
And gives the client the best chance of getting direct
access to you, especially if you have 1000 or more
You just can’t talk to them all one on one, or
do email coaching to all 1000 every month!
I sure hope this helps,
Sean Mize
Email 21 –
Unlimited Email Access
Ok, so what gives?
Earlier I told you email coaching was for beginners.
Now I am talking about unlimited email access?
Ok, first – delivering your coaching and all response
and help via email IS for beginners.
But….if you have less than 500 clients AND you don’t
mind spending an hour a day on email to accomodate
you can use unlimited email in conjunction with
group telephone calls.
Here’s how it works:
1) It is unlimited. Unlimited sells better than promising
one email a day
2) After the first few days, people rarely ever ask you any
questions via email.
And most questions are one line answers anyway – so you can
quickly answer most emails anyhow.
If they do – ask them if it’s okay to answer their question on
the next group call and send them the recording. They almost
always say yes.
Whoa! You say, but that’s not really unlimited then…
It is, if you are willing to answer their question if they don’t
want to wait until your live call.
And like I said – this is only if you have a small coaching
If you have tons of clients, this doesn’t work.
Of course, you can offer “unlimited email access to my coaching
staff” and hire a couple of coaches to answer emails.
And if you have 1000 clients paying $300 a month, you could afford
a couple of coaches, right?
Be creative.
Get out of the box.
Till later,
Sean Mize
Email 22
You are morally obligated to sell your coaching
Here’s the thing…you know how to do something
your clients DON’T know how to do, right?
I mean, you have the answer to their problems, right?
In fact, not only do you have the answer…you are ethically obligated
to help people
Because if you know what to do to help
someone…make more money, save their
marriage, not die, lose weight, change their
life…and you don’t help them…you are
personally responsible now for their failure, right?
Think about it.
Here’s the thing…if you are going to hang your shingle and
call yourself a coach and get people on your list…
you are then morally obligated to help them.
And the only way you can help them is if they
sign up for your coaching.
And they are only going to sign up for your coaching if
you write a compelling sales letter, do a compelling
teleseminar, or do a compelling one-on-one
phone consultation, right?
So I believe it is your responsibility to learn how to
sell effectively…
Sorry, the truth hurts sometimes 🙂
Sean Mize
Email 23
How to Deliver Your Coaching
Here’s a really easy way to deliver your coaching:
let’s imagine a 13 week coaching program.
You need 13 one hour lessons.
That takes 13 hours to record 13 hours.
Just set aside 1 hour a day for 13 days.
Then put those 13 lessons in an autoresponder spaced 7
days apart.
Everyone who joins your coaching program, you
put them in the autoresponder.
Every week they get the next lesson.
Then schedule a one hour q and a call for each week.
I use instantteleseminar to deliver my weekly call.
That’s it.
I think so!
To your coaching success,
Sean Mize
Email 24 –
How to Find Prospects Part 1
I have an easy way to find prospects for your coaching program?
Want to know what it is?
Ok….twist my arm… 🙂
Here’s how to do it:
3 steps:
(I’ll teach one each day for 3 days):
1) Build a list of people who have the kinds of needs
you meet in your coaching
2) Write a 35 – email content campaign to build trust
and relationship with them
3) Send out a simple email (I’ll teach you how) to find
out who needs your help now
Tomorrow…I’ll teach you how to build the list
To your coaching success,
Sean Mize
Email 25 –
How to Build a List of Prospects for Your Coaching
So yesterday I told you I had a 3 step system
for finding coaching prospects…
today – step 1
you gotta build a list of people who need what you coach
You see, it’s not about niche marketing
In fact, you don’t even need to create some customer avatar
(although you can if it helps you)
You don’t need to widen the net.
All you need to do is find people who need what you
teach in your coaching program
Namely – you need to find people who have the kinds
of needs your coaching program solves.
The way to do that is to create a 10 page giveaway guide
that gives 5- 10 solutions to the kinds of needs
people have if they need your coaching.
In the 10 page guide, you are going to tell them what
the solutions are.
You can even tell them a little bit about
how to solve their problems.
But let’s face it – if someone needs your 13 week
coaching program to fully solve their problems,
your 10 page guide is just going to whet their appetite, right?
That’s the idea….
Tomorrow..exact instructions
Sean Mize
Email 26
How to Give Away Your Prospect-Finding 10 Page Guide
In the last email I gave you formula for finding prospects.
The first step is to give away a 10 page guide
that gives some solutions to the kinds of problems people
have if they need your coaching.
You need to do 3 things to make this happen:
1) Write the guide
2) Create a squeeze page to give away the guide from
3) Send targeted people with problems to your squeeze page
I have attached my classic squeeze page tutorial which will teach
you 1) and 2)
Unfortunately, 3) is going to take a lot more than a few emails to
teach…driving targeted traffic takes time, experience, and you
simply have to learn it if you are going to scale
your business….
Now, I do have a traffic training, you can take a look at
it here:
Also, Marlon Sanders has a great training (tell him I
sent him your way, he’s likely to give you
a hint or two if you find him in his hiding places online….)
To your success,
Sean Mize
Email 27
How to Find Prospects Part 2 (write an email campaign)
Ok, now that you are building a list – you need to write an
email campaign.
Because you have to build trust and relationship.
Just like I’ve been doing by sending you these helpful
emails each day or from time to time (they are
helpful, right?)
So how to do you do it?
I am going to give you the quickie version here.
I have created about 15 hours of recorded training on it….
so it’s going to be hard in an email to fully exhaust it!
Here’s the basics:
1) Create a storyboard of what you want to teach in
the first 35 days someone is on your campaign.
This might be based on an overview of your system,
the steps someone might take to fix their problems in your
niche, etc.
Then write a 100 – 500 word email for each of the 35 days
teaching one thing.
Use some open loops.
Create curiosity,
Give people a chance to buy your training if they want more
(The things you see me doing each day 🙂 )
2) Put these emails in your autoresponder, timed
according to how you want people to get them.
3) Keep an eye on open, click through rates, and buying
conversion rates to determine
which emails are effective and which are not
Ok, those are the basics…like I said, it’s just too much for a
couple of emails…I hope you understand 🙂
I DO recommend my email writing training program:
To your success,
Sean Mize
Email 28 – My Prospect – Getting Formula – Part 3 – the Secret
Ok, I know, I know.
A secret.
Everyone has one.
This one works.
In fact, I’m not sure I really want to put
it into the campaign.
But I am – maybe I’ll take it out into the future.
Here’s what I do:
I send out an email asking people what their challenges are.
When they respond, I ask them more questions.
When they respond again, I tell them I can help them but
it will take more than a few emails bouncing back and forth.
Let’s get on the phone and I’ll help you.
When we get on the phone I enroll them in coaching.
Why? Because they need it or they wouldn’t have challenges.
Ok, I know this one was short…
But trust me, send the email asking for their challenges.
Do exactly what I taught.
You will get people on the phone.
Follow my instructions for doing the free consultation call and you will sell coaching
Sean Mize
Email 29 – What to say on the phone with your prospects
Ok, in this email I am going to give you the outline to script
I use on the phone to sell coaching. I close 44% of the qualified
prospects I talk with.
You can too.
Here’s how to do it:
Important: the phone call is NOT about selling coaching.
The phone call is about finding out if or how you can help them.
If you can help them, enroll them in coaching.
If not, tell them you are not a good fit for them.
Recommend someone else.
Recommend a book.
But by all means do NOT try to get them to buy coaching they don’t need.
Here’s the formula:
1) Introduce yourself, tell them you are going to ask some questions to find out if or
how you can help them
2) Ask them questions about their problems.
3) Ask them if they would like the solution to their problems
4) Ask them what it would mean for them to solve their problems
5) Dig DEEP on the prior 3 sets of questions – multiple questions, DIG DEEP
6) Ask them if they would like you to work with them and help them with their problems
7) If they say no, wish them a good day. GET OFF THE PHONE FAST (but not rude)
8) If they say yes, tell them about your coaching
Next…I’ll help you with some common objections
To your success,
Sean Mize
P.S. Was this helpful????
Email 30 – Answering common objections when selling coaching
Okay, this is going to seem canned.
It’s not.
That means you have to get the flavor of what I am teaching, not just memorize words.
Here’s the thing to remember – if they told you
they want you to help them solve their problems, and they
told you they want to get rid of their problems,
you MUST assume they want to work with you if they
can afford you.
That means that if they ask you a question, it’s not war.
It’s a question.
Answer it.
Enroll them.
It means if they tell you they can’t afford it…trust them.
Find out what is affordable.
They didn’t let you tell you about your program if they
can’t afford anything (ok, some jokers will, but very few
are like that)
So if they ask you any question not related to money…answer it.
If they tell you they can’t afford it…
Say something like this:
Hey, I understand that.
Sometimes I want something I can’t quite afford.
But obviously when you asked me to tell you about
my coaching, you had some idea in mind of what
you could afford…
So…what were you hoping my coaching would cost
so you could get started?
Whatever # they give you, ask them this:
So if I could tailor my coaching to fit into that budget, you
really want to get started, but you just can’t afford (your price)
If they say no…maybe they are wasting your time.
But most people will say yes.
So change your terms of your program to meet their needs.
let’s assume you have a 52 week coaching program that is $10,000
It comes with 52 lessons and 52 weekly calls, plus some extra training.
They can’t afford $10k.
They tell you they were hoping for $500 a month.
Ask them what they like most about the training.
They’ ll tell.
Build the program on that….
For example – they like the weekly calls –
But don’t need all the extra training –
You could suggest 6 months of weekly calls and weekly
training, minus the bonuses…for $500 per month for 6 months.
You win…you sold $3000 in coaching.
They win…it fits their budget and they solve their problems.
yes, it sounds too easy to be true.
it’s not.
It’s what I used to do to sell 44% of the qualified people I talked
with on a coaching program.
You can too.
Till later,
Sean Mize
Email 31 –
You Need Some Products to Sell To Your Clients
Well the subject line pretty much says it all.
But really, you need some products to sell to your clients.
What if you were to record for one hour per week for 10 weeks?
You would have a 10 hour home study course?
What if you did that for one year?
You would have 5 10 hour home study courses.
How many of your competitors have 5 10 hour home study courses???
Just do it!
Sean Mize
Email 32 – Write an Ebook
That’s right – write an ebook.
How fast do you type?
20 words per minute (slow)?
then you will write 1200 words per hour.
That’s 50 hours for a 60,000 word (200 page) ebook.
Type 40 words per minute (faster) – 25 hours
Type 80 words per minute – 12.5 hours.
Look, just do it.
Type for 12 hours a week.
Every month you would have a new ebook to sell.
How many of your competitors have 12 ebooks?
Just do it!
Email 33 – More on writing an ebook
Okay, so I left you hanging a little bit yesterday, huh?
Ok, I’ve fixed it…I’ve attached my classic ebook writing tutorial.
Use it.
Write an ebook in the next 30 days.
To your coaching success,
Sean Mize
Email 34 – are you getting anything out of these emails?
This isn’t a trick question –
Do you like getting these emails?
On my count, this is your 34th content email.
Unless I’ve juggled some things since writing this.
But serious, do you want to get more
email based training…or do you want me
to take you off the email training list?
Let me know….
To your success,
Email 35 – what is the best part?
So…I see you are still here.
So…what is the best part?
What is the best part about reading these boring emails everyday
from me?
What do you like most?
What do you like least?
What do you want to change in your life?
What is the biggest thing you have done in your coaching business in the last 35 days?
What is the one thing you could do in the next 7 days to be able to call this a really
successful week?
Ok, just some random questions.
I do random questions. Sometimes.
Sometimes they really help.
I must be delirious.
Sean Mize