Creating the Mindset for Your Internet Business

Creating the Mindset for Your Internet Business
Chapter 1:
Creating the Mindset for Your Internet Business
Building your mind to understand that this is what you want to do.

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Creating the Mindset for Your Internet Business
We all have heard how many people have become successful in their internet
Perhaps, you have also tried getting into the online market yourself but
unfortunately, you were not able to succeed unlike the others.

Starting a business online is just like starting a physical business, except that you
will have to do all your transactions online and you are able to reach a global
The same difficulties may also be experienced when starting an online
business although you do not have to worry about putting up establishments or
renting stalls.

However, one thing is the same for all different types of businesses so that they
can become successful – the right mindset.
When you do your startup with the
right approach then you will be able to get ahead in the race.

What are the qualities that you should possess in order to succeed in
an online business?
Before you go about things, it is also important that you have the right knowledge
when it comes to doing an online business.
You cannot just take on the offensive
side without making the right plans.
The lack of planning when it comes to taking
actions into your business, without that you are likely to fail in the industry.

Starting up any business, whether online or in the physical world, would also
need a lot of determination.
Although people may say that fate determines how
your business would go, you can actually alter the destiny of your company,
especially if you are determined in making it successful.
It is very important that
you take away all the negative vibes that you have and feel confident about what
you are about to undergo.

– 7 –
Discipline is also needed to become successful in your online business.
In a
physical business, you will have to get up every morning to visit your
establishment and see how things are going around.
When you have it online, you
can check out any transactions anytime of the day giving you more freedom when
it comes to managing your time.

However, this would sometimes make one lazy and complacent on the comings
and goings of the business.
Since you can have the luxury of time, you are likely to
put off the things you would have to do for the day and instead get them done
Transactions are also made online and various tools can be used to
make managing of the business a little easier.
This enables you to manage the
entire business on your own and without the need of help from any other person.

Unfortunately, you could not have anybody else with which to entrust the
transactions of your business and you cannot get help in case you are not able to
fulfill your role.

While the right mindset in having an online business would make you more likely
to succeed in the undertaking, you must still remember that it is not a walk in the
You would still need to exert some more effort as you would in a physical
business to ensure that you succeed in your online business.

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Chapter 2:
Your Internet Business – How Far Can It Take You?
Open your eyes to how far Internet marketing can take you.

– 10 –
Your Internet Business – How Far Can It Take You?
Now that you have already decided on setting up an internet business, you may
be asking where it can take you.
It is normal to feel a little hesitant during this
phase, especially if it is your first time to try out on this venture.
You may feel a
little stressed out about the whole thing but do not worry, you will be able to
manage everything.

Where the Business Can Take You
Any type of business can bring you success, whether it is an online set-up or a
physical store, if it is managed the right way.
Remember that it does not only take
time to reap good benefits, it would also need some effort from you.
around does not increase your chances in having a successful internet business
(although you may take lots of breaks if you want to).

When you have become triumphant in your online business venture, where does
it lead you? Most people would agree that it will give one the most freedom when
it comes to managing your time.
If you are the type of person who would love to
stay at home and be with the kids and family, this is definitely the best job for
In addition to that, you will already have the luxury of time to do all the
things you want to do but neither had the time nor the money to do so.

Not only is it beneficial for you in terms of your time, you will also start to
experience financial freedom.
Of course, it is what we all want.
Reaping lots of
cash without having to work too much for it is definitely a tempting offer and the
closest way to achieving this goal is through a successful online business.

People Who Have Succeeded
– 11 –
Although most of us are hesitant about having a business online, many people
have bravely took the risk and reaped many great benefits because of it.
All their
efforts have paid off as they already start to experience having financial freedom
and the luxury of time to do the things they want.

What is Their Secret Formula?
These people did not have lots of experience in marketing or handling a business.

However, the courageously took the risk and the uncompromising determination
that they possessed proved the decision right as they became successful in their
business venture and continue to enjoy the advantages of it.

For this reason, there is no place for you to have apprehensions because it is
possible that you also achieve the same thing as they did.
If you are equipped
with courage and determination to undergo this seemingly daunting (but not
really) task of taking on an online business.

If you read on, you will be able to get some more pointers that you can add to
your determination and mindset to help you become triumphant in having a
business online.
Now that everything is within your reach, you must grab the
opportunity that may come only once in your life.

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Chapter 3:
Unleashing the Power of the Law of Attraction on Your Internet Business
We cannot understand the Law of Attraction must there is much talk about it

– 14 –
Unleashing the Power of the Law of Attraction on
Your Internet Business
As you start to go about your online business, you may start to realize that there
seems to be too much to do.
It can be a big problem to figure out what to do and
how to get them right.
With all the many business sprouting like mushrooms all
over the Internet, competition can be tough and it is very critical that the right
things be done in starting up your business.
If it fails from the start, you might
never have the chance to get back on your feet again.

However, did you know that Quantum Physics has had to do with your online
business? Now, do not be scared about this question.
You do not have to go back
to school just to be able to learn this and make your online business successful.

The theory that will be introduced here is quite simple and can easily be
implemented by you even if you did not have too much knowledge about
Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics’ Big Secret
There is a law that claims to have its roots from Quantum Physics.
According to
the Law of Attraction, every single thought of a person has an energy
accompanying it and this energy can be used by that person in order to attract
other people into what he or she is thinking.
Because of this, it is very important
that one knows how to make use of this possibility so that it can be used to one’s
prime advantage.

For one, it is very important that one knows what one wants to get.
When you
have realized this, you can ask the whole world for it and feel as if that goal you
want to achieve or the object you want to have is already with you.
Now, you will
have to open yourself to receiving that goal or that object but let go of any
attachment that comes with it.
Thinking about negative thoughts would result to
– 15 –
a negative outcome but if you follow these principles and think about what you
want to have, your desires will come to you.

How This Law Can Bring You Success
In the same manner that the Law of Attraction works, your thoughts can also
create success in your online business.
Now, being apprehensive about starting
the business may only cause you to not perform well or even fail in your business.

However, if you have the clear goals that you want to achieve, it is likely to you
can reach them.

However, you should be careful in setting goals and avoid moving targets.
It is
hard to set your eyes on something that is not fixed as it could ruin the game plan
that you have already planned to reach the goal.
Once you have set a goal, reach
it, and when you do, you can set a higher goal so that you can achieve much more.

This way, you know what you want and start believing that you already have it.

When you do, you will naturally do things that can make you reach it and your
success follows!
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Chapter 4:
Looking for the Right Internet Business Opportunity
Find the right opportunity and you will be hooked on for life.

– 18 –
Looking for the Right Internet Business Opportunity
Now that you are already equipped with the right mindset in starting an online
business, the next thing for you to decide is what type of industry you should be
While it is important that you have some background knowledge on the
type of trade you will be undergoing, there is not much need for it as there are
already many tools and online help you can get.

Besides aptitude, inclination into the work is also needed.
Surely, it is boring to
do something you do not really like to do, is it not? It would help a lot that fun is
mixed with your job so that it will not feel like such a burden.
When you do not
like the nature of your business, you are likely to tire and soon enough, you will
have to stop pursuing this endeavor.

Unfortunately, even if you have found the right online business for you in terms
of aptitude and inclination, it is still not a guarantee that you will succeed one
hundred percent in it.
Many people have abused the popularity of online business
that they too have made a moneymaking scheme out of it.
What hurts is that you,
the person who is looking for a good business opportunity to start with, are the
one who gets affected.

This is the reason why everyone is advised to be careful in picking the right online
We can easily be swayed by the number of advertisements promising a
quick return on investment and even gets it doubled, without much effort.
have to remember that not all of these offers are genuine; some of them are just
frauds and scammers.

When you look for the right online business for you, make sure that you get one
from a reliable source, which will be discussed later on in this eBook.

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– 20 –
Chapter 5:
Internet Business – Preliminary Steps
How do you begin?
– 21 –
Internet Business – Preliminary Steps
Since you will be starting an online business, naturally, you will need a computer
that is connected to the Internet.
This will be your first step in making a
connection into the Internet world.
Through this, you can also have access to the
many wonderful opportunities that having an online business can bring you.

Now, it is important that you are careful with your choices of where to start your
online business.
Otherwise, you could be scammed, as they will only make a run
on your money.
Fortunately, many sites can already be trusted in providing you a
good start in your online business.
Below are some examples:-
1) GetAFreelancer (http://www.
GetAFreelancer, or GAF as it is more popularly known to its users, is a
well-known site where freelancers and service buyers meet up.
If you are
starting an online business that aims to provide any Internet solution, then
you can get lots of buyers as well as providers for a job here.
You can
register in the site free which makes it ideal when you are just starting out
your online business.
However, you may also pay a minimal fee so that you
can bid on more projects and get many more privileges.

2) EUFreelance (http://www.
EUFreelancer is the European counterpart of GAF.
It works just the same
way as GAF does, only that the currency used in the transactions such as
payments to a service provider or payments from a service buyer is in
Euros because this is a site that is geared for the European market.

3) ScriptLance (http://www.
ScriptLance is also another great site that you can use for your online
You can also sign up for free, bid on the projects and then are
– 22 –
paid for your services.
If you want to be the service buyer for you online
business, you can also get cheap providers from the site.

Many other sites can also help you in starting your online business.
While these
sits are already trusted, it is still a wide idea to be educated when it comes to this
business because you could still be scammed by the service buyers.

– 23 –
– 24 –
Chapter 6:
Taking Your Internet Business Forward with Social Networking
Social networking is the blessing of the Web 2.
0 generation.
Here’s how you can
use it for your own business.

– 25 –
Taking Your Internet Business Forward with Social
Taking the offensive is not the only thing you will be considering when starting
your online business.
Sometimes, you will have to do certain things in order to
lull employers and service buyers to get your service.
Here are some ways you
could do it:-
1) Creating a website
This task may sound a little hard and daunting but it does not have to.

There are actually many premade sites available over the Internet and all
you really have to do is add content to your website.
The good thing about
these sites such as Webs (http://www.
com) and many others provide
premade templates and you can register on the site free.

Content is very important to promote your online business.
First, you will
have to make sure that it becomes visible by using certain keywords in
your website that are centered on your online business.

2) Making a blog
Another great way to promote your online business as well as your website
is to make a blog.
Just make sure that when you create content for your
blog, you do not make outright selling but instead do it with subtlety.
can do this by talking about a topic that is close to what your online
business is offering and then place links to your site in the blog entry.

– 26 –
Blogspot (http://www.
com) and WordPress
com) are the most popular sites giving free blog
accounts to its users.

3) Using social networking sites
A good way to connect to a wider audience is through social networking
You can connect with potential customers by making a Facebook
account (http://www.
com) and Twitter
They are easy to use and you can register
through these sites free.
Then, you can make status updates and other
news updates centered on the topic through these accounts to attract a
bigger audience
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– 28 –
Chapter 7:
When You Love Your Work, You Don’t Work Anymore
This old adage never seems to become timeworn.

– 29 –
When You Love Your Work, You Don’t Work
The best way that you can enjoy work is to think that you are not doing work at
When you feel like you are having fun with what you do, it does not become a
burden anymore and it would just seem like you are doing a pastime and start
earning something from it.

When it comes to your online business, the same principle is also applied.

However, you do not have to worry about what opportunities you will be
undertaking because there are a lot of these in the Internet.
The sites that offer
work has a wide range of opportunities so that it is possible for you to choose
which aspect you like and accept work from there.

We all know that aptitude and inclination is important when you take on an
online business.
However, it is more important to have the inclination because
knowledge can still be worked on.
If you are not interested with a certain
opportunity online, it is likely that you will get tired from doing things repeatedly
and you will have to quit later on, leading you to failure in your online business.

Sites such as GAF and ScriptLance give you the chance to choose from among
many categories to which your expertise falls in.
Of course, your expertise would
also include those that you are interested in doing (which you should also have
certain knowledge on).
After which, you can start bidding on projects related to
the category and then accept work that you like to do.

You can then gauge the level of knowledge and interest you have based on the
project and if you feel that you are not up for it, you can cancel it else you risk the
However, if you do like it, it is likely that you would also be able to
produce good quality without having to exert too much effort.
After which, your
employer should become satisfied, get more of your work and then you succeed in
your online business.

– 30 –
– 31 –
Chapter 8:
Balancing Personal and Professional Life
The right balance is needed for progress.

– 32 –
Balancing Personal and Professional Life
Work can often get in the way of the things you want to do in life.
In fact, it is only
when people retire that they are can do what they have always wanted to do, but
never had the luxury of time and money.
If you are one with a top rank in your
company, it is unlikely that you have enough time to spend with your kids, your
wife, and yourself.

However, everything will change when you go into online business.
Because work
can be done through the Internet, you can easily work from home without having
to wake up so early to prepare, eat, dress up, and travel to the office.
You do not
have to worry about being caught in heavy traffic because you will not ever have
to if you stay at home.

Thus, your online business will give you more time to take care of yourself, get a
good night’s rest and take your time.
You can even manage your time whichever
way you want it to.
Just so long as you are able to commit to deadlines and
submit your work on time, you can have the luxury of time to spend for other
more important things like self and family.

While you might think that your online business will not be able to generate as
much income as your day job would, think again.
You can still earn as much
depending on how much time you spend in work.
You may also be able to get a
provider that offers to pay higher rates for your services especially if they find you
reliable and a provider of good quality services.

Now, your wife or husband does not have to nag you so much or quarrel you
about not being able to spend time with him or her.
Your kids will never have to
get mad at you for not playing with them.
If you are single, you can spend more
time with your partner, your friends, or yourself and do anything you want to do.

– 33 –
– 34 –
Chapter 9:
Taking Second Chances – When Primary Efforts Fail
If you fall, don’t forget to get up again.

– 35 –
Taking Second Chances – When Primary Efforts Fail
Whether a business is based online or has a physical outlet, it is still not safe from
drawbacks, losses, or failures.
Now, if you are one who is still starting or planning
to start an online business, you must face it that it is inevitable to have failure.

However, it is how you get back up again, and this is what actually becomes the
measure of your triumph.

Many great businesses have had major losses when they were still starting out.

Even if they have been established companies, they still are not safe from
experiencing a loss or failure in the business.
This is the reason why you should
be able to prepare for this first so you can make a great comeback even if you fail.

It can be disheartening to see your online business crumble to pieces after much
If you are freelancing on your writing services and saw that your clients
have started to withdraw their job orders from you, do not lose hope.

After a major crisis such as this, it may help that you take a break first and think
things clearly and thoroughly.
You might want to determine the causes of your
Why did the clients withdraw their orders? Was it because of the quality
of your work? Was it because you did not submit work on time causing a strain
on their business?
When you have figured these things out, decide on how you can improve the next
time around.
You might decide on taking lessons to improve the quality of your
You might also want to be able to manage your time better.
If you believe
that you cannot do the jobs on your own, try to recruit other reliable people and
form a team.

When you stage a comeback, it can be hard to get the clients back.
You might
want to reassure your former clients that you will try to do better this time.
If you
– 36 –
get new clients, you could also promise them quality and work on that promise, in
order to revive the reputation of your online business.

– 37 –
– 38 –
Chapter 10:
What to Do When Your Internet Business Becomes a Success
Here is where the true meaning of ‘unstoppable’ comes into the picture.

– 39 –
What to Do When Your Internet Business Becomes
a Success
Now that you have started reviving the state of your online business, you should
do your best to keep the momentum.
When you become a reliable provider of
services, continuous workload will come to you.
This assures you that you can get
work every day and not have to worry about getting a dry spell.

However, when such workload comes to you, there could be a time that failure
comes back again.
Your success could overwhelm you and you might start
accepting projects after projects that you are not able to catch up anymore.
can do this only if you believe you can fulfill each work guarantee you give to your
If you cannot, you had better know how to decline them.

We all know that success could take us as far as we want them to but accepting
too many projects in a single time does not always guarantee success to your
online business.
You should be able to control the comings and goings of your
online business to maintain the success.
One wrong move can make it crumble so
you better had to be careful.
Once you are able to work with what you have and
work well with it, because it is what you want to achieve, you will surely reach
that goal.

Now, it is also inevitable that your online business will need to have upgrades
occasionally to keep up with the times.
While for you, this could mean another
expense to pay for, think of it the other way.
While you may be investing your
money, you will be acquiring the knowledge you need in order for your success to
be maintained.
Besides, you will be able to reap the benefits soon enough and for
a one-time fee, you can actually be able to take twice, or three times the money
you have invested.

– 40 –
So now you have all it takes to launch a great online business and to keep it
Use these steps immediately and add more value to your life.

All the best to you!!!
– 41 –

Ready to Turn Leads Into Dollars?

Ready to Turn Leads Into Dollars?

The biggest frustration that marketers invariably come across when building their lists is that
of conversions.
It can be absolutely agonizing to see hundreds of new subscribers being thrown onto your list,
without a single one of them buying a damn thing from you.

I’ve identified two major challenges that bring this about…

1. Your audience is indifferent to you.

This means that you didn’t make an impression. Either the information you’ve presented to
them was outdated, ineffective, or irrelevant… or you just presented it in a really boring, dull,
cookie-cutter sort of a way.
If this is the case, you really need to step your game up. From your squeeze page to your
freebie to your follow-up and promo emails, you must strive to inject real personality into your
marketing. Open yourself up. Seek first to entertain… then to educate. In that order!
2. Your audience doesn’t like you.

Many factors can contribute to a marketer falling out of favor with his or her email list. For
starters, being just blatently promotional without injecting any personality, value, or empathy is
just plain wrong. People who take this approach don’t stay in business very long.
Another reason why some marketers develop rotten reputations is that they promote crap. If
you don’t believe in a product with every fiber of your being, then it’s very likely that the
people to whom you “sling” it won’t believe in it either. Then, they’ll wonder why you
recommended it.

When it becomes clear to them that you’re only in this for the money, and that you’re just
looking at them as a bunch of ATM’s, you’re gonna be in real trouble.
Sadly, this is how many marketers approach their lists right out of the gate, dooming
themselves to fail before they ever really had a chance to get started.
So What’s the Solution?

Well, if you really want to engage your audience, make them fall in love with you, and have
them buying every little thing you recommend, then I suggest that you take a look at people in
your life who already love, trust, and respect you.

What is it that you do to make these people like you? Are you funny, playful, generous,
gracious, humble, real? Whatever it is, this is what you need to bring to the table in your
marketing. It’s the only way to beat the “low-conversion blues.”

Introduce you really great course that goes into the specific details of this. It’s called
Email advance. I also gives you some extraordinary mix n’ match content that you can use in
your own marketing to boost your conversions. It’s definitely worth a look.
Otherwise, just remember to be yourself. Your BEST self.
Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.
Until next time,