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List Building Messiah How To (LEGALLY) Use Content Created By Other People To Build Your Email List In Any Niche And Make $5-$100 Daily In The Process
Mk Akan
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Short Introduction
Hi my name is Mk Akan.
Before I started building a list, I was scared of so many things.
The main fear was …fear of not being a guru.
This made me delay building my list.
Fortunately I began building a list after a while …and these 2 secrets helped me OUT. Read it and take action.
2 Way To Legally Use Content Created By Other People To Build A List In Any Niche And Make Money At The Same Time
Most people who want to build a list believe they have to be called experts before they can do so.
Well you don’t.
One can still build an email list by positioning yourself as a newbie…or you can position your emails to your list as a documentary of your journey.
Here’s are the 2 ways to do it.
Method 1
The Hero’s Journey
When I was interested in creating an IPhone app, i signed up on an email list of a guy who started a blog…and positioned his emails list as information about his mistakes, discovery and journey.
He had not created an app already…but promised to share his discoveries and mistakes and successes to subscribers.
He was not an expert with building apps…but he positioned himself differently and got me as a subscriber.
You can do the same if you are just starting out in a niche…or if you are scared of calling yourself an expert.
In the first email you send your subscriber tell them you are not a guru …but you are just starting out, so you’re chronicling your journey.
Tell them you’ll reveal anything you find useful via email.
And this will help them avoid mistakes.
Tell them you will try things out in the niche and report results to them.
In the process, you can share articles you read online, courses you have bought and anything you find interesting and related to the topic.
This can work in any niche.
Method 2
The Curator Method
You can position yourself as a curator in your market place- as someone who reads about a subject and shares your discoveries with subscribers.
You can mail them articles you read, books you read, paid courses you have studied and videos (etc)…all around the subject.
So in your first email tell subscribers you are not a guru.
But you spend time studying the subject or niche daily.
And because of that you usually find helpful tips and advice from many sources and will share it with them.
This makes it possible for you to share anything around that niche to subscribers …whether it was written by you or by another person.
So YouTube videos, articles, books and courses can be emailed to subscribers.
You do not copy anyone anyone’s work.
All you do is summarize whatever you read in 1 sentence then send that mail with a link.
You’ll see the sample emails in the email folder.
You job now is to help subscribers get the best information about the subject.
With these 2 strategies, you don’t have to be a world renowned expert to build a list…you can position yourself differently and still get people interested to join YOU.
You can even combine the 2 strategies and use it to send emails to your list.
See the exact blueprint below.
The Step By Step Blueprint
Step 1
Pick A Profitable Niche
Everything starts with a niche. You need to pick a niche with people who have needs and have money to pay for it.
Think volumes of people and people who have money to pay for things.
Pick a niche with many offers and products in the market.
This training is not about niches so I’ll stop there.
If you love to learn more about picking niches, check the bottom of this page for a link to my products on picking niches.
Step 2
Pick 5-10 Experts In The Niche
Depending on the niche, there are usually people in it before you.
They may be well known and are called experts or gurus.
Pick a number of them who have these 2 things-Content and offers.
You will use their content to create your emails and will also promote their offers.
So go to or (any affiliate plaform)…and search for your niche keywords.
Click open the offers and find out if they have blogs, YouTube channels etc.
You can also search Google using your keyword. Click open the results, land on their sites, and then check if they have offers.
Just make sure you pick 5- 10 people who are well known or fairly well know…who have offers and content.
Sign up and join their affiliate programs.
Write their names and websites down on a notepad.
You’ll need it for the emails.
Step 3
Open the Email Template Bonus Document
I have added an email template to this course titled – Email Templates. It’s in Microsoft word and notepad format.
Open it. This is where you will write out all the emails to be sent to your subscribers.
I have arranged how the emails should be sent and have done some work for you. Start by adding your name or editing it to your taste.
Leave it open and do the next step.
Step 4
Pick One Expert And Study Him /Her
Now it’s time to started doing some work. Head to the content of one of the gurus you have already picked. (Blog, YouTube channel, podcast).
Read an article, Watch a video or Listen to a podcast.
When you are done, pick 3- 5 of the most valuable content and write out a 1 sentence summary of what the content is about.
Here’s an example. If you are in the golf niche and you just watched a video about putting, you can write this.
This article (video, whatever) reveals how one can putt golf balls using a new technique called balh blah.
Or whatever.
Do this for 3-5 articles or content created by that person.
Copy the link to the content, and then write these 1 sentence summaries under them.
Step 5
Modify The Email Template
Using the summaries of the content you just consumed, write out simple emails with links to the original articles.
See an example below using the golf niche.
This template is found in the email template file.
Subject- How To Putt Golf Balls Like A Pro
I just read a great article (or watched a video) showing how to (benefit of reading the article or video here)
It will help you (benefit).
Click here to go see it.
(Link to content)
Your name.
PS-there’re some more goodies from this guy/gal, I’ll share some more tomorrow or in a few days.
There is also a premium program to help you get better with your (niche).
More coming so stay tuned.
You can modify the email.
Do this for all the 3 – 5 articles you have read and summarised.
Step 6
Add The Emails To The Template
Add the emails you have written in the email file. You will now have 1 welcome email and 3-5 email from one expert.
The last 2 emails about the expert will be emails promoting his/her offer.
You’ll see how this is done using the email template file.
See an example below.
Subject- This is how to (benefit)
For the last few days you have read articles (videos) from (name of expert). Well, he has a premium program that will help you (benefit).
You can check it out here.
Link to program.
Ps- I got some more goodies coming a few days so stay tuned.
The last email from the expert will be a reminder about the offer.
You’ll see in the email template bonus.
Step 7
Create a Freebie To Giveaway
After you have set up all the emails and funnel, it’s time to create a freebie to give away.
You can do this in many ways.
Either you create it yourself or you get people do it for you.
You can even ask they experts you’re promoting to hand you a freebie. Most of them have rebrandable PDF freebies with your affiliate links.
They will willingly give it to you.
Use it build your list.
My bonus training talks more about this in details.
Upload this freebie to your website or even upload it on free sites like dropbox or Google drive.
Copy the download link of the freebie and place in the first email and the second email. (As the case may be)
See where to place in in the email template bonus file.
Step 8
Join An Email Marketing Service
You need an email marketing service to build a list. I use and recommend GetResponse.
Go here and sign up.
You’ll get a 1 month free trial.
I have added a bonus to this package that reveals how to set up your GetResponse account, setup your sign up forms, set up auto responders etc.
After the setup, copy and paste the emails you have written using the email template and queue them up.
Subscribers will receive these emails when they sign up.
I have shown how to do this in the GetResponse Setup Handbook.
Step 9
Build A Squeeze Page
There’re many tools for building squeeze page.
I have used many tools, but I now use Landing Page Monkey.
See it here - (aff)
It’s a tool that creates a squeeze page without you downloading anything.
They even host the squeeze page for you free. So you can build squeeze pages without buying a domain name or website.
You can use any other tool you like.
On the squeeze page, ensure to have a headline line connected to the free offer.
So if the free offer says, how to putt golf balls like a pro.
Make sure the squeeze page says the same thing. (Or something close).
See a sample squeeze page by LandingPageMonkey.
You can pick more gurus in the niche and slowly introduce subscribers to them and their articles. Then later promote products these gurus sell as an affiliate.
You can send subscribers to 3 articles written by a guru, then that same week promote products the guru sells.
At the same time, add you discoveries and experience. Help your subscribers and also make money.
The end.
Hope this Course has given you the confidence to start building your email list. Don’t delay. Step into action. Get started NOW.
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List Building Machine

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So we’re going to be going over 3 proven steps that, if you do them, you’ll end up with a
List Building Machine.
PART 1 -First we’re going to talk about list building basics, fundamentals, the why, what
not to do, great little things you need to know (that nobody’s telling you)… And we’ll get
into your freebie lead magnet, why it’s so important, and show you how to do it right.
The truth is that there are some mistakes with this that, if you’re doing them, you could
be totally killing your chances at building your list (and destroying your credibility in the
process)… So avoiding the mistakes is almost more important than doing it right…
because the mistakes are actually causing you damage.
PART 2 -Then we’re going to show you how to create high-converting landing pages.
This is something that a lot of people are leaving out of the equation and it’s an absolute
MUST for your list building efforts. You don’t want to send people straight to your home
page and have them HOPEFULLY find their way onto your list. You want to strategically
send people to a landing page where they have 2 options only – reveal yourself that
you’re my target market, by raising your hand and saying yes that you want my freebie –
OR LEAVE. No in between. This is what you want. You want to separate the folks hot
for you from the folks who don’t care about you. Your freebie and landing page will do
PART 3 -Then we’re also going to talk you through how easy it is to set up Facebook
ads, and how you can get a regular, steady, consistent flow of new leads coming in,
building your list like clockwork without even doing anything. You just set it, and forget
it. This is perfect for you if you’ve been feeling like your existing connections are tapped
out and you’ve reached about as far as you can reach. The potential clients out there in

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Facebook land are ENDLESS… and you can set your budget at whatever you’re
comfortable with.
Of course there are FREE ways to drive traffic to your landing page and build your list
too, and you have that in your bonus as well.
Let’s first start off by saying that you NEED to be list building. It doesn’t matter what
type of business you have… seriously. If you have a brick and mortar location, or if
you’re online only… if you’re a restaurant… a realtor… a pet grooming place… an online
biz coach… whatever.
Having a list is how you keep the conversation going with your customers and prospects.
They visit you ONCE, either in person, or online… and then they will eventually have to
leave. So what happens then?
Studies show that more than 95% of your visitors won’t buy anything on their first visit.
So they’re either just browsing, still in the research phase or not entirely sure yet that
you have what they need/want. It takes time to build trust, instill confidence and build
a relationship.
Instead, you should try to capture their email address. You know the saying… “The
money is in the list”… we’re here to tell you IT’S TRUE!
Building your list and getting their email address is your way to stay in touch with them
and keep talking to them, keep building value, build a relationship and get to know each
other AFTER THEY’RE GONE from your place of business (website). Every person on the

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planet has an email address, so building an email list is THE cheapest, quickest and best
way to be able to keep a conversation going with people.
So, when should you start building your list?
Right now. Don’t wait until everything is perfect, and until everything makes 100%
perfect sense, and until you’ve got a plan for what emails you’re going to send them
once you get them on your list… all that is important of course… but don’t wait to start
building your list.
So even if you don’t have all your back end offers and your entire funnel figured out
yet… you should still program your mind to be a list building machine from here going
Look at every opportunity, every place you go, every person you meet, look for
opportunities to build your list. (Of course, we can help you create your entire funnel
and your offers, your signature programs and all of that if you want, in private
coaching… But what we’re covering in this course is called your ‘front-end funnel’… it’s
the most important part of your funnel… getting people in the door… getting the
RIGHT PEOPLE in the door… like clockwork.)
Before we start on how to build your list…
…We absolutely have to cover what NOT to do.

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We see some pretty wacky things being done far too often and it will get you
‘blacklisted’ quicker than you can imagine. You’ll get on the radar of other
entrepreneurs and start to be known as the ‘spammer’ and all of that.
Here are some major no-no’s …
Do NOT add contacts to your list manually of people you
collected biz cards from while networking. This is NOT
permission-based marketing. This is spamming. These people gave you their biz
card, they did not give you permission to email them your newsletter and all your
specials every week. —> An alternative would be to send them a follow-up
email telling them it was nice to meet them at XYZ event, and you’d like to offer
them a great free resource, then give them the link to your freebie and let them
choose if they want to opt-in or not.
Do NOT add contacts to your list manually of people
attended an event you were speaking at (and the
organizer of the event gave you a list of all the
registrants) Again, same concept here. The better thing to do would be to
send a personally written email to the registrants, thanking them for coming out
to hear you speak, telling them how much you enjoyed it, and offering them a
link to download (opt-in) for your free gift. —> Ideally, you’d be focused on
actively collecting email addresses from the stage (where you’re in charge and
directing the room) with an order form that they turn in at the back.
Do NOT export your LinkedIn contacts and then upload
them all to your email marketing system. Huge no-no. Just
because people wanted to ‘connect’ with you on LinkedIn does not mean they

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gave you permission to email them on a regular basis with your marketing
materials. —> Alternatively, you would send an email to your new connections,
saying hello, getting to know them better, and offer them your freebie (you see
why the freebie is so important?)
Okay, so let’s dive in to how to build your email
list the right way….
You’re going to want to use a lead magnet… or we like to call it a FREEBIE… some people
call it a pink spoon… a taste test… an IFO (irresistible free offer)…. Whatever you want to
call it….
What is a freebie or lead magnet?
A lead magnet is the (free) offer you make to get visitors’ email addresses.
EVEN IF YOU HAVE ONE ALREADY >> Still listen up and go through this entire
section because I guarantee you can make your freebie better. If you’re currently
getting 10 subscribers a day, and you’re able merely increase it to 13 per day –that’s
only getting 3 more a day – but the difference in one month’s time would be almost a
hundred new subscribers (300 vs 400). So even small improvements to your systems
like that can make a huuuuuuge difference!
And I also guarantee that you can start attracting a better QUALITY of lead by revamping
your freebie in the ways we’ll lay out for you in this training.
Let’s deal with a common misconception >>>People don’t join your email list JUST
BECAUSE it’s free. They won’t join it because you have one.

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They join it if they believe they gain something valuable from it and that giving you their
email is a fair price to pay for it. They know darn well they’re making a trade… they
know darn well that you are going to email them regularly, so the fact that your thing is
“free” is not enough… it has to be WORTH IT TO THEM… they have to see the tradeoff
value… do I want this thing bad enough to be on yet ANOTHER email list?
It’s very important to communicate the value that your prospects get by joining the
email list. Start with the benefits, focus on communicating the value, solving the
problems, etc. … and then the fact that it’s FREE… that part will just help you close the
deal, you know?
At this point, it’s important to mention that this process is going to work for you
MUCH BETTER if you’re already super clear on your target market, what they want,
what they need, their problems and struggles, frustrations and all that jazz.
It’s going to make this process much easier for you… and it’s going to make your
freebie THAT MUCH MORE irresistible to them, if it CONNECTS with them.
So if you haven’t already done that, I suggest taking a step back and really digging in
to think about who your target market is, and what they struggle with, and what you
can specifically help them with.
You need to know who you can serve… and attract those people only. Your list building
should work as a ‘qualifier and a disqualifier’ to put people through a filter and it will
grab up the ones who are the perfect fit for you, and spit out the ones who aren’t.
While building your list IS IMPORTANT… and yes, you DO want to keep increasing the
number all the time… I’m here to tell you that the QUANTITY is not nearly as important
as the QUALITY. What good will it do you to have 10,000 people on your list who aren’t
even remotely interested in what you offer, and don’t even need or want it? Exactly. It
won’t do you ANY good.

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So your freebie is going to be that filter for you. Your freebie is going to be the tool that
gets people to raise their hand and identify themselves out of the crowd to say, “Yes,
I’m one of the ones that need what you have” and the ones that don’t raise their hands,
they aren’t. It’s how you ATTRACT LEADS that are hot for you… rather than just spewing
your nonsense all over the world and annoying the crap out of people. OK?
So you do not want to ‘randomly’ build your list, or just ask people to get on your list, or
just put people on your list that you know, etc. These are terrible tactics.
Here’s an example I saw on Facebook the other day… The person just asked EVERYONE
to inbox them their email address… and even said the reason why is because they were
building their list. Then they hashtagged and said it was out of the box marketing… that
is not out of the box marketing… that is out of your mind marketing!
WRONG #1–You’re just going to take anyone and everyone’s email address who
messages you. Sure, you’ll build your list, but when it comes time for you to ‘work your
list’ and sell to them… nobody will buy. You will annoy them. Your freebie would fix this
WRONG #2–It’s all about you. It’s all about what you want, what you need, and how
you’re building your list. WHO CARES? Really. Nobody is going to bite this. It’s
ridiculous. It just SCREAMS, “Hey, I’m going to spam you all the time and I don’t even
care who you are, I’m going to spew my stuff all over you, if you let me.”

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The only people that MIGHT have responded are only going to be your friends out of
support for you (and they won’t buy either). You’ve just let me know that you’re all
about you, you have nothing to offer me. Your freebie would fix this problem.
So having a FABULOUS lead magnet freebie is going to solve those two issues real easily.
OK so back on track… Many folks make the mistake to think that just because their Lead
Magnet is FREE – a bunch of people are gonna jump all over them. Keep in mind that they
still need to be “sold” because not only are they giving up their email address… but your
prospects will be spending their TIME going through the material, and time is very valuable.
So having a HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE lead
magnet is ESSENTIAL to building your list…
Some examples of your lead magnet could be:
Email training series
Video series
White paper
Product Demo
NEVER, EVER just your newsletter!
Your lead magnet has a bigger purpose than
just simply ‘getting leads’…

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You’ll see a huge boost in your visibility, credibility, client attraction and sales if you
realize that your lead magnet is about so much more:
Getting leads
Giving value
Giving folks a taste of what it’s like to work with you
Actually helping folks with problems right now (free)
A way to ‘let people in’ to your heart & mind to connect better
And the biggie that most people leave out… a top of the funnel tool to lead to the
next thing you offer.
This is NOT a lead magnet:
A newsletter is not ‘value’ in today’s world… a newsletter is waste of space. In fact,
statistics have proven that using the word ‘newsletter’ in your email subject lines is the
FASTEST WAY to get your emails DELETED and not read. So if that’s true, and people

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don’t even like receiving anything deemed a ‘newsletter’… then obviously how much
more true is it that they sure as heck won’t want to opt-in to it either.
So you’ve got to do this the right way. ALWAYS, ALWAYS GIVE VALUE. Seek to be of
service. Seek to be a giver. People will gladly want to be on your list if you’re always
seeking to help them be better people, help them build their businesses, help them
make more money, help them in whatever way.
BE SURE >>> You need to be sure that you actually deliver on your promise of value.
Under delivering will result in a ‘dead list’ which is just people on your list who are not
impressed with you at all, and probably don’t even like you and they’re just too lazy to
unsubscribe, and wont unless you really annoy them.
So delivering your value is so important because
– Money is not just in the list, but in the relationship
with your list. You want to have an impressive start.
We seriously have people email us ALL THE TIME and post on our FB about how much
value we give, and how they can’t believe we gave them that for free, they think they
should have paid for it. And let me tell you, it makes getting clients VERY EASY 
You know the old saying… “People don’t care how much you know… until they know
how much you care”…. This is YOUR TIME… your FIRST CHANCE…. And also most likely
your ONLY CHANCE to really impress upon them how much you care – to build trust –
how much you rock – what an expert you are – and have them open to doing business
with you.
So we’re going to give you an assignment to create and build your lead magnet and of
course it won’t leave things to wonder… we will break it down very precisely for you…
but there are certain things you want to think about when doing your assignment…

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This goes without saying sometimes… but it’s important for us to say it… and for those
of you that may have a lead magnet already… make sure it is highly specific to your
target clients. You don’t want the magnet to be attractive to everyone, just your ideal
Sure, you could give free movie tickets for anyone who joins your list, but how many of
them will want to buy your product? You could have drawings for free iPads, but that’s
going to attract MASSES of people who just want that free thing, and probably couldn’t
care less about what you really offer 
Lead quality is very important and you only want to focus on your target group. Because
think of the bigger picture… bigger than just building a ‘list’ for the sake of building… you
want people who would BUY FROM YOU  So offer something that clearly leads to
your product.
This is so important that you should even try to think of ways that your freebie would
turn offfolks that aren’t your target market…. Being uber-specific is the best way to
capture a specific audience (for example: “If you’re a red-headed single mom who is in
Direct Sales, you need to watch this”…. “If you’re an over 50-year-old realtor who works
from the right brain, likes coffee and hates rainy days… this training is for you”)…
Of course we’re just being funny to drive the point home… just over-exaggerating to be
funny… they say any time you LAUGH is a teachable moment But you get the point…
the more specific you are… the more likely that these ‘leads’ will buy from you 
Here are some other things to think about…
Ask yourself: what’s the one thing that would be insanely useful to your
audience, and that you could even charge money for (but won’t)?
It has to add as much value as possible. The better the offer, the more people will
take it.

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You want people to think, “This is really free?! Holy Crap!” the emotional
reaction is very important when it comes to this.
You want people to go through the lead magnet, and learn something – gain
something useful, experience “aha” moments.
The bigger the positive impact of your lead magnet, the better push you have
given the prospect down your sales funnel.
I understand that if you’re new, you possibly don’t have a ‘funnel’ yet and you might not
have a signature product or program yet, and that’s okay.
So if you DON’T HAVE ONE… maybe just spend a few minutes thinking about what it
would be… what it would be about… but don’t spend too much time on it where it
paralyzes you from doing this assignment…
And if you DO HAVE something that you know you’re going to offer people next… you
would want your freebie to be a ‘mini-version’ of that… so that your next offer is a
NATURAL EXTENSION and a natural progression from the info they just consumed, you
Be ready to work hard. There are no shortcuts. The more effort you put in, the better
the outcome. If you want to create a killer freebie, be ready to sweat. Building the best
possible freebie takes time.
But what we REALLY WANT YOU TO TAKE AWAY as you do your assignment is that
ACTION is sooooo important…. Getting this done and out the door is soooo

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important… you CANNOT get into perfection paralysis and overanalyze the crap out of it
until you think it’s perfect…. You’ve got to make a start.
It’s okay to start with something NOT as good as it ideally could be – so you can capture
at least some emails while you’re working on the killer magnet. Because you don’t want
to KEEP LOSING opportunities and losing the visitors that are coming now if you have
nothing while you are working to get the ‘perfect one’.
SO IT’S OK to not have something PERFECT >>> you absolutely have to get one made….
So just keep in mind though, that there are people on BOTH sides of the spectrum and
you need to know which one you are….
There are those who never implement because they want it all to be perfect….
And then there are those that are ok with temporary solutions and putting things out
fast…. Buuuuuut these guys on this end of the spectrum have a sneaky little enemy….
And that’s because the temporary solutions can have the ability to become permanent
ones. You just put it out there and never return to making it better….
So if that’s you… know that any lead magnet is better than none… but don’t settle for
a mediocre lead magnet… because the reality is that if you have one good enough… you
OK, so off to create your SUPER FAB FREEBIE!!!!!

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Ideas for Freebies
If the concept of a lead magnet or freebie is new to you… we’re going to help you out
with some suggestions below…
Here is a short list of suggestions for different categories, so you can get the idea and
get the ball rolling. All of the listed items are what you’d give in exchange for an email
These are coaches, trainers, mentors, consultants and everybody else who sells
information or transformation.
E-books and whitepapers
Email courses via drip campaign
Video or video series
Audio recording or podcast
(Free education in any format)
Free course / webinar
Assessment or test
Template or swipe file
Small list of tools you recommend
Small list of other things you recommend
NO FREE CONSULT >> This is not good enough for a lead magnet – you can have a
free consult but it doesn’t suffice for your lead magnet 

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These are people who sell products online.
Getting the very first purchase is the biggest challenge. This is especially true for smaller
stores that the buyer has never heard of. If their first experience is positive, they’re
much more likely to want another experience and BUY 
Educational content on how to achieve / build stuff with what you sell
Guide to saving money when shopping for X
Educational material related to the need they will solve with your product.
Free sample
Free coupon
Demo of product
Free gift with the first order
Membership (make prospects feel special, invite them into your insider’s circle
where they will get EXCLUSIVE bonuses, advice + DISCOUNTS that aren’t
advertised or given to anyone else, etc.) – this requires more back end things to
pull off and ongoing things to deliver … keep in mind for this… you will need to be
emailing them regularly 
Free shipping –this one works but isn’t as powerful

—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–

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Service Business (non-expert)
This is a BROAD group of folks who basically trade their time for money. Hair salons,
vets, plumbers, mechanics, etc. If you’re a consultant or business coach, although you
do trade your time for money… you would fall under the “Expert” category where YOU
Free coupons
Educational content for DIY projects
How to be a smart buyer of X
Things you need to know before buying Y
Free online tools (home decor planner, pet optimal nutrition calculator, car
online custom tuning, etc.)
Free trial
The first and foremost thing to remember is that successful marketing has THE POWER
OF ONE And that means there is ONE clear benefit… ONE clear problem solved… ONE
main promise you are making…
This will make your next step (creating a landing page) much easier for you… because it
needs to be HIGHLY FOCUSED on one thing. One thought, one solution… JUST… ONE!
Any words you put on that page that do not support your ONE THING will be removed 
So you need to start by knowing your ONE THING 

—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–

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Think about all our writing about this program… we talked about ONE THING you’d get…
LEADS … building your list  Everything was highly focused on that.
Without knowing this answer… this ONE THING first… you’ll be setting yourself up for
headaches and ineffective landing pages later on that don’t convert well.
Before you start, you need to think hard about your customers, their end goals and how
you can help them.
COOL NINJA TIP IF YOU’RE IN THE ‘transformation’ or ‘information’
Know the difference between what people WANT and what people NEED.
People will buywhat they WANT…. You deliverwhat they NEED.
For example, you WANT clients, craploads of them, tons coming in non-stop and not to
worry about it anymore. I know that what you NEED is to learn all these detailed
strategies… but you probably wouldn’tbuy that if I said, “Hey, I’m going to give you
detailed explanations and strategies” –because it doesn’t hit home with what you
For example, a single man WANTS a girlfriend… you might know that what he NEEDS is
confidence… but he’s not going to BUY confidence. You could have a webinar that
promises to teach men confidence… or you could have a webinar that says it will help a
man get a chick… which one do you think they will be lining up for?
For example, a woman WANTS to be thin, sexy, attractive and alluring to men. You
might know that what she NEEDS is to eat right, make low-calorie meals and exercise
daily… You could have a webinar that promises to give a woman tools on counting her
calories… or you could have a webinar that promises to have men drooling over her and
turning heads when she walks through the door. Which one will folks be lining up for?

—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–

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What you SELL PEOPLE… what you TALK
ABOUT… is the thing they WANT.
But what you DELIVER to them once they
buy from you… is the thing they NEED.
So be clear on that in your marketing and you’ll be light years ahead of the game!
Use the section below to type out & plan your freebie. Get it all organized and thought
out – these questions are going to help you really hone in on the perfect freebie.
The ONE MAJOR STRUGGLE OR PROBLEMTHEY HAVE– that I am going to solve is…
ONE THING they NEED(this is what I’m actually going to give, teach them)…
ONE THING they WANT(this is the angle and what I’m going to talk about themost)…

—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–

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The format I will be using is (example: audio, video, PDF, emails, product, etc.)…
These are 3-5 TANGIBLE BENEFITS they get (these all should support your ONE THING – if you
read them and they have nothing to do with your one thing… remove them and try harder)…
Think of listing out bullet points, if someone asked you, “What will I get out of reading that?”
What would you say?

—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–

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Start brainstorming ideas for what you’re going to call it
Use your BONUS “Hot Words That Work It” Resource that wegave you for this. It’s real
You could have an AMAZING offer…
but if the name SUCKS… people won’t opt-in for it 
~~~ No pressure or anything, haha 
Use the area below to write the better ideas down, and format them as titles, names or
headlines (for example: “21 ways to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks”or “21 proven methods
to spread your message fast & attract hot leads” or “Hot Words That Work It” (but
notice this one has a tagline with it that is more descriptive… “Proven Words & Phrases
for Hot-Selling Copy”…)
Just start writing like crazy… then look at them and scratch off the crappy ones… until
you have the WINNER!

—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–

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Testing the Idea of Your Lead Magnet Before Actually
Creating (optional – but – recommended)
Way before you spend a lot of time writing content and making things look pretty and
using a lot of energy, you can do some pre-work to see if your people are going to be
responsive to it. If you’ve done deep work with your target market, chances are that
you will NAIL THIS and of course they will want your freebie….
But it’s important for us to point out that there is a slight risk if you immediately run
with the first idea – you might end up putting in a lot of effort to develop the content –
and in the end nobody wants it. So to avoid this possible waste, do a little TEST  (if you
Survey some folks that fit the profile of your ideal clients (the more you ask, the better,
statistical significance matters). If you don’t know how to find them, a good place to
start is with your existing / former clients.
You could ask them in person, on the phone, just pose the question on social media… or
even get fancier by using surveying techy tools online.
You’re not asking their opinions on anything other than – if they saw a free thing named
XYZ –does it looks like something they’d need, would they be interested in reading it, if
they would want to watch it, if it appears to be something of value to them, etc.
WHEN YOU CONFIRM IT’S A WINNER… then start creating it.
Now go share your biggest takeaway from Part 1 in the Facebook Group – CLICK HERE

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What’s up y’all. Welcome to List Building Machine, Module 2. I am Mike with and as always, I’m alongside of my lovely partner, sidekick,
associate and lovely wife, Mrs. Robin.
So in the first module we walked you guys through your freebie, lead magnet and all
that good stuff. So now that you have your freebie lead magnet – so now it’s time to
start getting you guys into a place where you’re getting people to raise their hand and
say they want it, right?
This is the time to take the tool you just built and get the people on your list –and we’ll
do that using a landing page.
There are all kinds of names for ‘landing pages’ and people get them confused often…
You’ll get all kinds of definitions all over the place… landing page, lead generation page,
lead capture page, opt-in page, squeeze page, etc.
The truth is… there are slight differences but they don’t matter that much. The same
key principles apply to each one. That is that you want the visitor to convert (take
action)… in this case, you want them to give you their email address.
Just keep in mind that of all those I just named off (they are not your normal website
pages)… A landing page has NO NAVIGATION… and that means… someone can ‘land’
there… they have to either take the action you want them to take… or leave.
There’s not a menu bar at the top like you have at your website. They just go to one
page and they are not able to navigate around your website as a whole. They are just
here for this one purpose, and they say yes, or they say no… and you want it that way.

—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–

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The name of the pages are self-explanatory… they are for getting leads, opt-ins, building
your list… it’s for giving something FREE… and typically freebies don’t require very much
info to get someone to take action. There’s not much decision-making at stake.
You DO have to be compelling, persuasive and hit home the value… but it’s not like a
sales page where you’re selling a $2,000 product, if that makes sense.
So what these pages look like, or what they will contain varies… there’s wiggle room… it
depends on your actual freebie… and as with all marketing… different audiences react
differently to different things… so there’s no ‘set in stone’ way that you have to be
squeezed into a cookie cutter box here when it comes to your landing page.
We don’t have a cookie cutter way, and if you’ve worked with us before, you know we
don’t like to squeeze folks into a box–so we’re going to show a couple different options
of page types…
There are super short ones – headline only
There are super long ones – lots of story-telling and personal connection
There are ones with impactful pictures
There are ones with no pictures
There are ones with headlines + bullet points

—————————————————–Page 25—————————————————–

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So how do you know what type to use?
Well you don’t yet. And that’s not a bad thing. And it’s not a hard thing to get an
answer to, so don’t freak out. But the truth is that ALL MARKETING is only hypothesis
until its first touch with humans…
ALL MARKETING is only hypothesis
until its first touch with humans
So the key is in ACTION, and getting something out there and watching and measuring
your results.
Simple answer… just make a regular one with headline + bullet points…. And also make
a super short one with headline only…. And see which one starts getting you more
That’s such an awesome perspective for you to get with your marketing… that all
marketing is theory until it makes contact with humans. We never REALLY know what’s
going to work, until we’ve tested it, until we’ve tried it, until we get some data to
determine what works and what doesn’t.
Of course there are systems, right, we’re teaching you a system in this program… so
there are systemsthat are proven and that work… but when it comes to all the little
teeny tiny details… if anyone tells you that there is just this ONE WAY, run for the hills!
Because every business is soooooo different, and every audience is so different, and the
way that the audience is going to respond to a particular offering is so different.

—————————————————–Page 26—————————————————–

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So there is wiggle room there, but there is a structure and a system to follow, so we
want to definitely take the time to point out to you WHERE the system is (your three
main steps)… but we also want to show you where the wiggle room is and where there’s
room for you to not be shoved into a cookie cutter.
In a few minutes, we’ll go over how you can tell what info you need on your page, and
what info you don’t needon your page…
Remember to start any page with clarity of focus in mind. Focus on giving your visitors
exactly what they need in order to make the decision.
Second-guessing yourself is going to kill you. Over thinking is going to kill you. Over
writing is going to kill you. You’re going to try to cram so much on that page because
you don’t have the simplicity of clarity and then your visitor is going to be frozen with
the all the info as well, and you won’t get results.
Remember… the only thing you’re selling is the opt-in.
That’s your only focus. That’s the only thing you’re trying to ‘sell’ here. That’s the only
thing you’re asking for, it’s the only thing you’re going for… the opt-in.
You’re not selling Facebook likes here…
You’re not selling all the other ways that you can/will change their life once they’re in
your tribe…
You’re not selling the next thing in your funnel here…

—————————————————–Page 27—————————————————–

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You’re not selling some new ‘thought leader idea or philosophy’ that you want folks to
get on board with and rally around…
You’re simply selling the OPT-IN…
You want to give just enough info… and clear enough info… and compelling enough
info… for one purpose…
To get the email address.
How much do you need to overcome?
Just the idea of ‘is this going to be worth it –or a waste of my time?’
That’s pretty much the only thing you need to overcome on your landing page.
This isn’t the place to ‘make a point’ or do any educating… your communication and
copy should be in terms that people can get with… things that people understand
already – and no beating around the bush – tell them exactly what they are going to get
(hopefully it’s something they really want).
In fact, with most of the testing we’ve done with our pages, and our clients pages…
Landing pages with LESS COPY tend to perform better. Of course the thing to really hit
home here is that pages with LESS COPY work well… IF AND ONLY IF… your copy rocks!
This is where a lot of folks get tripped up, especially if you’re like me… and you’re the
‘teaching type’… you’re the ‘inspirational type’ and ‘transformational type’… because
you have so much in you that you want to give and help people… and when you open
your mouth or start writing, it pours out… you want to help, help, help, give, give, give,
teach, teach, teach, haha….

—————————————————–Page 28—————————————————–

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All these qualities are GREAT but you’ve got to learn how and when to reel that stuff in
and stay focused on what you need to accomplish. It’s just not the place to do all that
giving, teaching and inspiring… it’s just “BAM! Here’s what you’re going to get… give me
your email address.”
So let’s talk about the main things here. We’re going to cover 3 areas:
Other Supporting Copy
These are the real key points.
Go back to your power of one! You need to know the ONE MAIN THING they will get
out of whatever you’re ‘selling’ or giving away.
Let’s say your freebie is an eBook… If I ask you… “What will I learn in this book?” or
“What will I get out of this book?” Or “How will this book help my biz or my life?” you
should be able to…. BAM! Blurt out ONE THING… ONE POWERFUL… CLEAR… CONCISE
Of course the reality is that folks will most often get more than one benefit out of your
thing… but you’ve got to FOCUSON ONE MAIN ONE… THE main one.
And the reason is because that ONE THING is going to be your guide to make sure that
all your copy is STRONG & POWERFUL  See the genius-ness here?
When you get this clarity for yourself, it’s going to make copywriting so easy for you.

—————————————————–Page 29—————————————————–

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Of course your freebie, free report, video series, etc. most likely helps people with
MORE THAN ONE THING… and that’s going to happen… but you’ve got to hone in the
While all these other ‘benefits’ are TRUE about your freebie … it won’t be as powerful
of a message…
So again, if I ask you… “What do people get out of this?” and you start listing off a
million things people get out of it…
You MUST get more specific… pinpointing the ONE… MOST POWERFUL thing that
people get from it…
And if YOUcannot pinpoint it… neither will your
prospects… they need to be able to know instantly
that this has what they want or not…
Think about this program… it’s all about BUILDING YOUR LIST, right? The benefit was
super clear and focused…. YOU BUILD YOUR LIST….
Of course you guys ARE getting more, right? You’re getting clarity… you’re getting
understanding… you’re learning copy writing fundamentals… you’re learning techy
things about your website… but talking about ALL THAT just dilutes the power, you
So you should have already written down, from the last module, what your ONE MAIN
THING is that people get out of your freebie… But if you didn’t… or were having

—————————————————–Page 30—————————————————–

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will make or break you.
OK, so once you have your ONE THING…
I might go so far as to say that your headline is probably *THE* most important part of the
conversion process. A lot of times people will only read the headline, and if doesn’t grab them,
they move along. No pressure or anything, haha 😉
If writing headlines freaks you out, paralyzes you, gets you into perfectionist mode, or any of
that… don’t worry… we got your back.
There are actually PROVEN headline ‘formulas’… and even PROVEN words and phrases that are
designed to get results.
So we find, that if you look at a formula, and plop in your own information… you’ll be golden.
There’s no need to recreate the wheel here… this stuff works… plain and simple… you’ve heard
all the testimonials from our clients… so don’t question the system… it will be super fast and
painless…. Go with it and put it to action.
No need to be quirky or get any writing awards…
Follow the formulas…
So we have for you as a BONUS RESOURCE to this program…

—————————————————–Page 31—————————————————–

Page 32 of 92
-Hot Words That Work It–it’s a great swipe file of headline starters… phrases… and
words that get attention and get results.
-Headline Formulas– then we also have for you a resource that has several different
‘angles’ of headlines and ways that you can write them. These are literally just plug and
play… you plug in your relevant info and keep the formula.
-Headline Examples: And then there’s even some real-life examples of powerful results-
getting headlines that you can just look at and read for inspiration and ideas 
This is going to depend on what kind of page you use… and we’ll go over different designs and
layouts in just a few… but just know that sometimes the only copy you need is JUST THE
HEADLINE… and then other times you may want or need a little more copy.
So for the copy… Remember…
The goal is to get conversions –
-Not creative awards
Copy matters most – It’s first priority

—————————————————–Page 32—————————————————–

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You can only write excellent copy if you understand your target audience – again this is
why we stress this so much.
If you haven’t figured that kind of stuff out yet… before even trying to write copy, you really need to
spend some time figuring out your target market, what makes them tick, what they’re afraid of, what
they love, and all that. Knowing your target market and having a profile is going to be important for what
you’re going to learn on Module 3 too, when it comes to targeting your ads, etc. so it’s really important
from the beginning, all the way through this process.
Yeah, so this whole thing will be easy as pie for you if you already know all that about your target market.
But if you’re at a position in your business where you don’t have that figured out yet, we’re always
available for you for private coaching calls. You can go right to our website and schedule a call with us We can help you work through that
and determining who your target market, if that’s something that you need more help with.
But back to the other supporting copy on your page…
Depending on how much info is needed to get the opt-in… you may also want to
communicate a few other things in the copy on your landing page…
Connect: why you created this and for whom
Key points: issues & solutions, could be in bullets
Social Proof: testimonials & social shares
Trust Factors: your credibility, security badges, privacy statements, etc.
So these are things that you might want to have in addition to your headline, supporting
copy is what we call it.
So how do you know what info should be on the page and what shouldn’t?

—————————————————–Page 33—————————————————–

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Here’s a super duper easy trick that we use:
Whenever we’re doing a landing page, we go over all the different elements one at a
time and ask — “How will this element specifically help people make the decision I want
them to make?”
If the answer is “Uhhhh… Good question” or “Hmm, I’m not real sure – but it looks
cool!” or “I don’t think so but that was a really good statement I wrote and I didn’t want
to leave it out”…. then you have to reconsider whether that element actually has a role
to play and whether it really deserves to be on the page. If not, kick it to the curb, fast.
The things that you’re considering adding to your page… if they’re not specifically
helping someone make the decision you want them to make… you get rid of it. And you
use that as a hard and fast rule.
So this way you don’t get emotion involved. Because the one that Mike said always
happens to me. The one that says, “Uh, I’m not really sure if it’s going to help them or
not, but that was a really good point I made.” Or “That was a really good sentence I
wrote, I’m really proud of it, I don’t want to leave it out” Right?
Your emotions get attached to it and you’re kind of attached to what you’ve written,
and that happens a lot. So if you keep this hard and fast rule, and look at each element,
each separate part, headline, sub headline, bullet point 1, bullet point 2, picture,
testimonial…. Each element… if you can’t look at it and know for certain… this is going
to help them make the decision to give me their email address… just get rid of it.
It’s that simple. No need to have a poo-poo crybaby fest because ‘you worked so hard
on that sentence’… just get rid of it.

—————————————————–Page 34—————————————————–

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We are going to have in your assignment some templates that show you how the layout
should be… we’re going to give you some tools and things you can use to create landing
pages… cool techy things… and all that good stuff… it will be in your assignment…
We’re going to cover the basics, so that whether you use the tools or not, you’re
empowered, you’re in control of your marketing. A lot of times you can use tools
because they’re great and they kind of do all the work FOR YOU, but if you don’t
understand what parts are important or what’s really doing the work, you’re still kind of
flying blind.
So what we’re going to do is, we ARE going to suggest to you tools that make this
process soooooo, so easy so you don’t have to think so much… BUT… we NEED YOU to
understand what works and why. Every part about the design, about where the things
are placed on the page, why they’re important and why they work.
So you have two options. You can use the tools and be very well educated and
empowered to know what about those tools is working well for you, and have
everything be built very easily lickity split… OR… you can choose not to use the tools
and go the do-it-yourself route and build your own pages on your wordpress or
whatever, and then you know exactly what should be on them as well.
So this will help both types of people. But we’re really big advocates that you can’t just
do something because “Oh, this tool says”… I’ve seen a lot of tools out there that are
geared to help you build websites and things… but they are not built with conversion
goals in mind.

—————————————————–Page 35—————————————————–

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So this is really going to empower you to notice right away if that tool is leading you in
the right direction because you never want to give your power away, right? You don’t
want to give your power to some tool and just blindly follow the way that it tells you to
do it.
When we say ‘design’ we’re not talking about some artsy fartsy cute stuff here… we are
SPECIFICALLY talking about what’s considered “Conversion Centered Design” (CCD)
Your landing page should use congruent design — working toward a single collective
purpose — to usher your visitors toward the finish line… getting that email address.
So there are lots of design elements that drive a visitor’s attention toward ‘bullseye’ and
that’s your desired area of interaction… The place they will be taking action.
So let’s go over 4 main design elements you need so you can start designing landing
pages that actually convert.
#1 – Encapsulation
This is a classic technique used to hijack your visitors’ eyes and create a tunnel vision
effect. You can think of it like creating a window on your landing page where your call-
to-action (CTA) is the view.
So what should be encapsulated is your FORM. The place where you’re getting their
name and email address. It kind of creates a frame for the feature, preventing your eye
from wandering elsewhere. You can literally see this form area POP and JUMP OFF the
page on good landing pages…. Your eyes just go to it and you don’t even recognize the
drawing power.

—————————————————–Page 36—————————————————–

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It will pop off the page because it looks like it’s a separate element and it draws
attention for you.
And again, like we said, a lot of the tools that we’re going to recommend for you… they
have their forms already created like that. But we want you to be educated in this
because all tools are not created equal. We’re going to recommend to you tools that
we use every day and tools that we recommend to our private coaching clients, so we
have personally vetted them, and we know that they are excellent high quality… but just
be cautious because there are tools out there that exist that do not follow these
Conversion Centered Design principles, and they’re actually going to bite you in the butt
in the long run.
#2 – Contrast and Color
Using contrast is a fairly simple concept. The more you can make your call-to-action
stand out from its surroundings, the easier it will be to see. You always want your
button or CTA color in HIGH CONRTAST to the main colors on the page.

—————————————————–Page 37—————————————————–

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Look at a color wheel or color spectrum, you can go to sites like
and it’s a great tool for colors. Basically… what the main color is… you have to look for a
color on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the wheel to choose for your CTA area.
Color can ALSO be used to create an emotional response from your visitors. Orange, for
example, is known to generate positive feelings and can be a great choice for the color
of your CTA. The psychological impact of color in design is noted in the following list.
Red: danger, stop, negative, excitement, hot
Dark Blue: stable, calming, trustworthy, mature
Light Blue: youthful, masculine, cool
Green: growth, positive, organic, go, comforting
White: pure, clean, honest
Black: serious, heavy, death, or luxury
Gray: integrity, neutral, cool, mature
Brown: wholesome, organic, unpretentious
Yellow: emotional, positive, caution
Gold: conservative, stable, elegant
Orange: emotional, positive, organic
Purple: youthful, contemporary, royal
Pink: youthful, feminine, warm, cheerful
Pastels: youthful, soft, feminine, sensitive
Metallics: elegant, lasting, wealthy
But the main point here is to let your primary conversion target (the form and the
button) dominate the page. And I mean DOMINATE… you should do a ‘6-feet test’ and
literally stand 6 feet away from your computer… see if that target area just SCREAMS AT

—————————————————–Page 38—————————————————–

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#3 – White Space
White space is another way to make your action areas pop off the page… the more
spacing there is around a button, or around your form, the more it pops and you take
notice to it –so that it’s not in a crowded jumble of stuff getting lost.
You could also call this ‘blank space’ because it doesn’t necessarily need to be white.
The purpose is to use simple spatial positioning to allow your call-to-action to stand out
from its surroundings and give your eye only one thing to focus on.
#4 – Directional Cues
Directional cues are visual indicators that point to the focal area of your landing pages.
They help to guide your visitors toward what you desire them to do, making the purpose
of your page as soon as they arrive.
Arrows are about as subtle as a punch in the face, which is why they work so well.
Arrows let you say, “Ignore everything else, and pay attention to this please.”
Always be careful with arrows… sometimes they’re overused… sometimes your use of
them can conflict, making people look every which way. Always keep in mind that you
want them looking at the place to take action! So only point the arrows to the things
that will make them take action. There’s no need to point an arrow at your picture, or
at a certain word… point them babies at your form and your button!!!!
OK, so there you have info about the most important things you need to know for
booty-kicking, list building landing pages… copy… headlines… conversion centered

—————————————————–Page 39—————————————————–

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So now we’ve got some action steps for you to follow step-by-step to create your own
landing pages.
We’re loading you up with everything you need to be successful with this. Techy tools
you can use that take the guesswork out of everything (even the one that we use to
create landing pages in SECONDS)…. And also ways that you can build your own from
scratch if you don’t want to invest in the tools… and we’ve got all your bonus resources
for headlines and all that jazz…
So don’t skip forward to module 3 just yet. Follow the action steps on the next few
pages to create your landing page. And if you already have a landing page… I’m sure
you wouldn’t have invested in this training program if it was working well for you, right?
Haha 
DO THE ASSIGNMENT…because that’s how you get the result, right? You don’t get the
result by listening and feeling like you’re smart, and convincing yourself that you’re
doing things for your business. You get the result by doing the actions.
So don’t skip this thinking you already have a landing page… get making a better one!
Have fun –and we’ll see you on module 3– where we talk about how to get craploads
of never-ending traffic to that awesome landing page of yours!

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First, check out these Top 5 Tech Tools We Recommend for list building and email
If you’re going to be using the main landing page tool that we recommended… then
everything will be self-explanatory…. You will be able to skip all these action steps
because it will walk you through everything easy as pie.
When you sign up for LeadPages and sign into your account… All you’ll need to do is
check the box to ‘sort’ the landing pages by the HIGHEST CONVERSION RATE… then
choose one that works well for your lead magnet, and the content you need to give
(whether video, image, text, etc.) and just plop in your info where it tells you.
All those pages have already been tested, tweaked and PROVEN to convert like crazy for
the world’s top internet marketers, so no need to reinvent the wheel there, just follow
the layout they provide… piece of cake.
But for everyone else who has chosen a different option…
just remove the navigation and create a blank page on your
site… and follow the below checklist as a guide.
Here are two of our landing pages you can look at as an example…

Freebie: How to Get Clients

—————————————————–Page 41—————————————————–

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Step 1 Create a powerful benefit-packed headline
Go back to your ONE MAIN THING… the ONE PROMISE… the ONE THING that people will
get out of your freebie… and this is where you really want to use it… make sure you
‘announce’ the RESULT/BENEFIT/THE ONE… they will get right here in the headline…
Use your ‘Hot Words That Work It” resource and choose words that are truthful about
your freebie, and that are powerful.
Remember to write for your AUDIENCE FIRST… write for clarity first… write for benefits
first… and THEN you can infuse your headline with some power words… but don’t let
the words get you sucked into a trap where you’re forcing them in where they don’t
make sense and sound weird, ok?
Step 2 Create a powerful benefit-packed sub-head if you can
Again, it needs to support your ONE MAIN THING 
Step 3 Create a short intro paragraph
This is where you want to ‘connect’ with your target market more… talk about WHY you
created this… and WHO it’s for… use the ‘what would come out of their mouth’
language… touch on their problems/struggle and your solution and make sure this is
also connected to your ONE MAIN THING.

—————————————————–Page 42—————————————————–

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Step 4 Write 3-5 BENEFIT-oriented bullet points
Use bullet points to describe your benefits, it’s much easier to read and absorb. Keep
them clear, concise, and try to make sure they back up and support your ONE BIG
PROMISE/CLAIM. Any bullets that don’t have to do with your one promise… remove.
Step 5 Insert any additional media
Use your images or videos on the page (if you have them).
If it’s a digital training, information, something to download, like an eBook, or an
audio, etc… it’s real important to have a tangible image like a 3D book cover …
and ipod with earbuds, etc… because it builds value and lets the visitors mind
connect to what they are really getting.
If it’s a product, images of a person using the product are best.
Also keep in mind that your image should match and correlate to the overall look
and feel of the ads you may be running to this page as well.
Step 6 Use Conversion Centered Design (CCD) for your form.
When you add your form to the page, make sure the design is in such a way that’s going
to facilitate high conversion rate. Here are three ways you can do this…

—————————————————–Page 43—————————————————–

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Make sure the form is encapsulated with some type of border
Make sure the color of the form is in high contrast and stands out

—————————————————–Page 44—————————————————–

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Use directional cues, like arrows and things to draw the eye down to the action button
Step 7 Add credibility & trust factors
You’ll want to add elements to the page in short snippets that build trust so that your
visitor feels safe. You don’t need to add a bunch, but just make sure you have some.
These credibility and trust factors are things like:
A pic of yourself
Testimonials (with pics & logos of customers)
Any media mentions you may have received
Social proof (sharing buttons that have counters)
Public comments
Anti-spam statement
Security badges
Another good example might be if you had a ‘preview’ of the book they’re going
to download or something like that

—————————————————–Page 45—————————————————–

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Step 8 Do the 5-second test
Get a buddy in the group who has not seen the page before, ask them to look at your
page for 5 seconds and then x out of the page. After 5 seconds, ask them to tell you
what the page is about. If they can’t tell you after 5 seconds of exposure (the typical
amount of time a visitor will stay if your page isn’t clear), then your core value
proposition (headline) isn’t clear enough. If this happens repeatedly, rewrite and start
again. Do this until you have a very clear page.
Step 9 Do the 6-foot test on your important areas
For this one, you need to stand 6 feet away from the page and see what the most
dominant areas on the page are. The CTA, buttons/form and headline should jump out
to you, and you should see them from 6 feet away. They would ‘catch your attention’
from that far away because of their size or color, etc.
If the CTA doesn’t stand out enough, you should consider adding more contrast, size and
some whitespace around it.
Similarly, if the headline is buried, add some more whitespace to make it stand out as
well and make it more easily readable.
Here’s what we mean by ‘whitespace’ in this image below… spacing in between lines…
spacing in between paragraphs… even spacing around your buttons… it HELPS 

—————————————————–Page 46—————————————————–

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Step 10 Go back and make sure it is EASY to take action
– Only ask for necessary info in your form (name & email)
– Make sure your form and CTAs make sense and are clear
– Remove things that aren’t necessary towards making the decision
– Make sure everything is technically working
We’ll also give you some basic sample layout examples
on the next few pages to make it easy breezy for you.
And don’t forget you can always choose to invest a couple bucks and
use the same tool that we use to make all this super easy for you. It
literally takes us 5 minutes to put up a high converting landing page.

—————————————————–Page 47—————————————————–

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Here are two of our landing pages you can look at as an example…

Freebie: How to Get Clients

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—————————————————–Page 49—————————————————–

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—————————————————–Page 50—————————————————–

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Hi, I’m Mike Pisciotta from along with my super fabulous
wife, Robin. Welcome to module 3 “Tons-O-Traffic”
Ok so in module 1 we went over your lead magnet, your freebie, and the ultimate way
to qualify the right people, as well as disqualify the wrong people… and give them some
incentive to raise their hand and willingly WANT to be on your list.
Then in module 2 we went over the best way to convert these people and get them
onto your list by using a landing page, rockin’ headlines and great copy.
Now in module 3 we’re going to show youhow to keep fresh & new… and also
INTERESTED people… coming into this system like clockwork… with tons-o-traffic 
Why you need traffic
OK, so you need to get this. This is where most people STOP SHORT. You create your
freebie, you make a landing page… and then… NADA.
Simply putting up a landing page – or even putting opt-in forms all over your website is
not ‘list building’. Of course, don’t get me wrong, those things are smart to do, and if
you’ve done them, you’re way ahead of the game than most people are…
But doing those things are really just the beginning of your list building endeavor. It’s a
pretty passive way to get subscribers. And furthermore, it relies solely on your web
How much web traffic are you getting?
How many unique people visit your website per day?
How many people will visit that exact page where your opt-in form is located?

—————————————————–Page 51—————————————————–

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How many people will even notice that opt-in form in the midst of all the other things
on the page screaming for their attention?
For a more intentional and aggressive approach that guarantees a never-ending supply
of new subscribers, you need to be driving targeted traffic to your landing page.
OK, so the landing page is a tool… but you have to USE IT NOW… So we’re going to show
you how to get targeted traffic to that page…
Free vs Paid
There are tons ways to drive traffic to your website… there are free methods… and
there are paid methods. The free methods include social media marketing, search
engine optimization, blogging, video blogging, podcasting, speaking online, speaking
offline, and a whole slew of other things.
We’re not going to spend much time on this module going over all the free ways to get
traffic because we’re actually going to give you a giant bonus that lists a bunch of free
ways to get traffic to your landing page.
We’re actually going to give you a BONUS with all the free ways to get traffic to
your landing page.It will show you exactly what to do with your landing page, where
to plop the link to it, so that you can get traffic for free.
The thing is that the free methods of driving traffic work… and we DO think you should
be doing some of them… but they take time and consistency… and they typically don’t
produce immediate results. So they are ‘free’ inasmuch as they don’t take any money
directly out of your pocket… but they definitely are not free… because they take a lot of
your time (or your team’s time)

—————————————————–Page 52—————————————————–

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So that’s why we’re going to spend the bulk of this module talking about paid methods
of getting traffic… and more specifically… the one we find is the BEAST of all paid traffic
sources… Facebook Ads.
There are a lot of ‘fears’ and misconceptions around paid advertising… but the truth is,
you can bring in a steady and consistent flow of new leads with as little as $5/day.
You don’t have to go balls to the wall with it and invest tens of thousands of dollars for
traffic. Although, once you have your ‘system’ figured out and found your ‘sweet spot’ I
sure as heck would not stop you from investing that much, it would actually be smart,
and here’s why…
If you could pay $100 to make $150 – would you do it?
That’s a guaranteed $50 profit, right?
So now, if you have a guaranteed $50 profit, what is your next step?
Most people will say ‘figure out how to make more than $150’ or ‘increase your profits’.
But the real answer… The smart answer… The systemized answer is…
Figure out how to spend that $100 MORE TIMES 
When you start to understand that in smart business, replication is needed, you will
start to think and act differently.
So with paid traffic, in the beginning, there is some testing, some figuring out, some
experimenting… but it doesn’t last very long. You can very quickly find your sweet spot
where you know EXACTLY how much money it takes to get 100 new people on your
list… and you will know EXACTLY how much money you will make from those 100
people… so all the fear disappears… all the emotion disappears… it’s simply math.

—————————————————–Page 53—————————————————–

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It will be no longer ‘scary’ to fork out money for ads because you are not guessing, or
playing, or hoping… you have a system… and it works like clockwork… and you know
exactly how much you’re going to make each time.
So anyways, back on track here… as I was saying… You can very easily bring in steady
and consistent new subscribers with as little as $5/day…. And it DOES give you
immediate results. Your list grows before your eyes, every single day. You don’t have to
wait to build up anything.
Basics About Facebook Ads
So let’s get into some basics about Facebook ads. The reason we’re going to use
Facebook ads as the PRIMARY FOCUS of paid traffic is because it is, by far, the BEST
PLATFORM you can use to target the crap out of people… down to every last detail of
their life… so you know you’re getting the right people on your list.
There are all kinds of Facebook ads – for events, for offers, for getting likes, for boosting
engagement and all kinds of things… But for the sake of this program, we are going to
simplify and focus on ONLY what matters for BUILDING YOUR LIST.
When you go to create an ad… Facebook now gives you nine objective options:
1.Clicks to Website
2.Website Conversions
3.Page Post Engagement
4.Page Likes
5.App Installs
6.App Engagement
7.Offer Claims
8.Event Responses

—————————————————–Page 54—————————————————–

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Basically each thing you choose gives you different types of ads and capabilities under
each one. So Facebook is really just finding out what you want to do first before
presenting ad options.
This can be good and bad. It’s good for folks who are newbies and it makes it very use
friendly. But this will make you limited to what Facebook shows you to do.
So once you get more advanced and you know what each ‘objective’ will allow you to
do… you aren’t choosing them based on what your real objective is… you’re choosing
them based on what you want the ability to do… if that makes sense 
So you’re driving the machine – instead of Facebook. Again, this can be a good thing or
a bad thing, haha, depending on how well versed you are in this.
So for this training – for building your list –you’re only going to want to use the first
three objectives.
Clicks to Website
Website Conversions
Page Post Engagement
So how do you know which objective to choose?
Well it depends on what you want the ability to do…. How big of an image… how much
text… where it will be placed, etc. So to give you a cheat-sheet… These are the
capabilities of each one…
Clicks to Website:
Page post linked to your website (eligible for News Feed)
Domain ad linked to your website (Right Column only)

—————————————————–Page 55—————————————————–

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Website Conversions:
Page post linked to your website (eligible for News Feed)
Domain ad linked to your website (Right Column only)
Page Post Engagement:
*This is the one you will use the most – you have way more options and capabilities 
For a Facebook Page using a post
Sponsored story about people liking your post
Sponsored story about people commenting on your post
Sponsored story about people sharing your post
There are 3 places that your ads can show, called placements.

—————————————————–Page 56—————————————————–

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Right Hand Side
The right column is often called RHS (Right Hand Side). These are the 7 tiny ads that you
see on the right side. A cool thing we like to point out, I don’t know if you’ve ever
noticed, but those right side ads only show up on desktops. So if you open up your
mobile phone and start scrolling down Facebook, there are no ads on the right side,
they don’t show up on mobile.
They are only for desktops, they are very small. Another thing to note about them is
that there’s typically no more than 7 shown at any one time to a user.
Newsfeed Ads on Mobile & Desktop
The other 2 types of placements you can have are in the newsfeed. I’m sure you know
what a newsfeed is, that’s where you spend all your time, scrolling down looking to see
what everybody’s doing.
So you can have ads that are actually in the newsfeed. The thing to keep in mind is that
you do not want to run mobile placements unless you have a mobile-responsive site or
landing page. In other words, if you squeeze your site down to a couple hundred pixels
across in your web browser (to simulate looking at it on a phone), does it render okay?
Out of these 3 placements, which one should you choose?
For the purpose of this training, we aren’t looking to get higher reach, or more
engagement or all that other cool stuff. We are specifically looking to drive more
profitable traffic and leads.
So placements won’t really matter as much to you, you’ll just have to kind of test what
combinations work best for you. And I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s

—————————————————–Page 57—————————————————–

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the truth, and we’re here to teach you correctly and not blow a whole bunch of fluff at
you, right?
So when we get to your action steps, you’re going to want to create right hand side ads
AND newsfeed ads and then gauge which one is performing better for you. And I
promise you, it won’t hurt, it will get you good at understanding data and recognizing
these things.
Just like we said in the beginning you’re going to need to do some testing and trying out
things, starting with some educated guesses in the beginning… but it does not last long
at all. You’re just going to make some educated guesses, try a few different variations,
and then you’ll be off and running to the races with a proven system that works like
OK, so now you know a lot of basics about the ads, let’s talk about the STRATEGY
BEHIND THE ADS… We’ve got some great examples of real-life ads that us, our clients,
and our colleagues have done… But as we’ve mentioned before, modeling things can be
dangerous if you don’t know WHY it worked, or with some that you see out there, you
don’t even know IF they worked at all.
So we don’t want you flying blind trying to copy every Tom, Dick and Harry out there…
So if you follow along in the workbook, we’re going to show you examples, but we’re
also going to break them down and show you why they work – and what specifically
about each one works.
So we’regoing to go over 3 main components to your ad strategy…
copy, images & scent.

—————————————————–Page 58—————————————————–

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This might be one of the most important sections in learning about ads, so make sure
you don’t have any distractions because your ads can’t do what you don’t know.
The first important part of your ad is copy. Just like with your landing page, you should
most likely test out short copy and longer copy to see how much information you need
to get the click.
Now remember, just like on your landing page, the only thing you are selling is the opt-
in… well, on the ad copy, the only thing you are selling is the click. You are after the
click to get them to the landing page so it can do its job.
If you’ve done your work right with the copy on your landing page, the ad copy will
pretty much write itself… no extra work involved.
In fact, it’s actually BETTER if you model your ad copy straight from your landing page
because of a thing called ‘ad scent’ that we will go over in a few minutes–there’s got to
be congruency in what they see & read on your ad, in conjunction with what they see &
read when they get to your page.
The best ad copy will accomplish a few things – all with very few, clear & concise words.
Call out your target market explicitly
Make one big laser-focused promise
The offer is clear – what you are giving is specifically stated (free report, video
series, cheat sheet, etc.)
Demonstrate how yours is different or better than the others out there
Clear Call To Action
And some longer copy ads even throw in some bullet points with power-packed
benefits (only use your strongest ones)

—————————————————–Page 59—————————————————–

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It’s not typical that you’ll come across an ad that accomplishes ALL THESE THINGS at
once – with very few words –carefully crafted with pure genius… but you’ll notice that
most of the great examples we found have MORE THAN ONE of those key elements in
their copy.
Another thing to really pay attention to is the meta description area. EVERY SINGLE
GOOD AD THAT WORKS makes good use of the meta description area. Use it to
reiterate your call to action, use it to reinforce your offer and your one big promise.
Here are a few good examples you can model after…
Explicitly call out your target
“Entrepreneurs who want to…”
Bullet points with strong benefits
Clear, concise call to action… take
charge… say exactly what you want
them to do… don’t assume they
will know…
Great use of meta description area
One small thing about this ad that
can hurt your conversions… she’s
trying to ‘sell’ more than the click…
She’s ALSO trying to sell ‘page likes’
so it divides attention anddilutes
the power

—————————————————–Page 60—————————————————–

Page 61 of 92

—————————————————–Page 61—————————————————–

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Right side ad – calls out target
market perfectly. Has what it is,
benefit AND call to action – with
very little words 
Very specific benefits in the
Showing results of clients
Bullet points of what they will learn
(although not show in this pic)
Excellent way to use the IMAGE to
draw attention to the ONE MAIN
RESULT “publicity”– makes the
target market take notice
Great use of meta description area

—————————————————–Page 62—————————————————–

Page 63 of 92
Super specific in calling out the
target market – entrepreneurs who
want to get a SPECIFIC THING
Bullet points of what they’ll learn
Uses image to reinforce brand +
Great use of meta description area
Can’t get more specific than that
target, right?!
Uses the image to reinforce his
brand + authority as well as
speaking to a specific group of

—————————————————–Page 63—————————————————–

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Now the next important element to your ad strategy is the proper use of images.
Nailing your image choice can easily get you 15-30% MORE people to take notice and
click through to your landing page, if you know what to do.
There are a few things you want your image to do for you…
1. Create a pattern-interrupt. People are not on Facebook for the ads. They have a
million reasons they could be there, so it’s your job to get noticed… but not just get
noticed… that’s not enough… you need to stop them in their tracks.
Most people are skimming through their newsfeed super fast, they might be looking for
specific things, they might be mindlessly skimming hoping that something will jump out
at them, or whatever. So your image should literally JUMP OUT and stop them dead in
their tracks.
You can do this by using bright and bold colors… offset angles… big borders… arrows or
attention-getting things… even shocking images that someone won’t expect.
Here are some great examples of images that use a pattern interrupt…
This was a newsfeed ad:

Bold color

Arms wide open – not
your typical human ‘pose’

Offset, slanted image

—————————————————–Page 64—————————————————–

Page 65 of 92
This was a right side ad:

Bold color

Bold border

Upside down – not normal
This was a newsfeed ad:

Gorilla holding man – very
different – attention getter
(important to note that he talked
about the gorilla in his post – so
there was still a connection in

Great use of white space to draw
attention to the elements

Bold color on button
This was a newsfeed ad:

Great use of white space

Hand drawn “messy” arrows
make you take a second look
more than fancy professional

Bold color

—————————————————–Page 65—————————————————–

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2. Make it evoke emotions. Choosing images that people relate to will help evoke
emotions, getting them to want to know more. Pictures of people work very well. It’s
important to make sure the people in the images are making eye contact, looking
straight forward, you don’t want side profiles.
3. Communicate The Overall Message. It’s important that your image communicates
the main message you’re trying to send in your ad. You want to keep it in line with the
main benefit that they’ll get.
Sometimes your image can communicate the negative sideof the problem they’re in,
like frustration or overwhelm, etc. or your image can communicate the positive
benefits. (We tend to find that focusing on the positive benefits works better, but
again, it depends on your target market and what you’re offering, sometimes the
negative ones can work for you, so just keep those in mind.)
But the key here is that there should be a match in message and image.
For example, one time we were launching our Marketing Game-Changer Program and
the program has a whole ‘theme’ around sports. When we created ads in the beginning,
we wondered why we didn’t get any clicks. It’s because the ad image that we chose, it
was a woman’s foot up on a football with a high heel show on. Real cute, right? It stuck
with the ‘theme’. And we had some other women with foam fingers, like “we’re #1”
and wearing sports jerseys and these kinds of things. So we thought it was too darn
cute, it was ‘right on theme’ but the big problem is … who cares about your theme if
nobody understand what the heck your ad is about or what the heck your offer is.
There was nothing about those images we chose, that made someone think or know
that we were offering anything to do with marketing or making money or business.
So we changed the ad, and instead we used pictures of us with money falling down from
the sky and things like that, and voila, we started getting clicks.

—————————————————–Page 66—————————————————–

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Who the heck who wants to know about online marketing or business is going to click
on it when you just see this high heel show on a football?
Your mind can tell you, “Oh, it’s cute, it’s right with the theme of my program”…
butit doesn’t make sense with the message that you’re trying to send.
Here’s the new kind of vibe we changedit to…

—————————————————–Page 67—————————————————–

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Another example is that one of our clients is a relationship counselor, and she had
something that was themed and quirky about ‘spring cleaning your relationship’. The
image she was using was just like a mop bucket, a mop and some rubber gloves.
So think about this… if I was skimming through my newsfeed, and I had relationship
problems, or was the perfect target for relationship advice… would a picture of a mop
make me stop dead in my tracks? Or give me some kind of indication that it was about a
topic I’m interested in? Of course not. So we had her change the image to a couple that
was arguing, and voila, worked like a charm.
One is clearly about couples & relationships while the other looks like it’s only about cleaning.
So you see you have to have a connection to the message in your image, unless of
course you’re a personal brand… then there’s a bit of an exception, and that’s what
we’re going to talk about here in #4.

—————————————————–Page 68—————————————————–

Page 69 of 92
4. Reinforce Your Brand & Authority.If you’re a personal brand where you’re an
expert, authority, consultant, coach, etc. it’s important for you to use the opportunity in
your ads to build your brand as well.
If you fall under the category of ‘expert’ then you need to use pictures of yourself as
much as humanly possible. People need to see your face with your message… a lot.
But on the flip side, if you’re not the ‘face of your company’, then it would be kind of
stupid to put your face on the ads, make sense?

—————————————————–Page 69—————————————————–

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5. Try Amateur Photos
Another good idea is to try to use amateur photos wherever possible. Time and time
again, we see how amateur-looking photos have higher CTR’s than cheesy-looking stock
Whether it’s the relatability factor or the novelty of a homespun photo, no one knows,
but I bet it’s a combination of the two. But it tends to get you more clicks, and has more
trustworthiness to it, like you’re not just some big, untouchable corporation with your
cheesy stock photos.
This was a newsfeed ad:

Hand written

Sloppy paper

Looks like a candid snapshot

—————————————————–Page 70—————————————————–

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This one is the most important of all. Scent is a funny word and most people don’t really
understand it. Let’s just think of congruency, and continuing a conversation from one
place of contact to the next.
There should be a seamless flow. Nothing should be different and shock me from point
A to point B. You need to give me confidence that I’m in the right place and that you’re
not lying or tricking me.
Scent will make or break all of your marketing campaigns… it’s THAT important.
Have you ever clicked on a link that promised you about “joining a community” and
then when you click it, it’s all about a “free video series”.
Or the ad tells you it’s all about filling workshops… and then when you click it, it’s all
about sales.
Or even worse, the link tells you it’s about rainbows, butterflies and happiness… and
then you end up on a gambling or an erectile dysfunction site. Hahaha That’s just an
extreme example, because you know how they say, anytime you laugh, you remember
stuff better.
But seriously, those kinds of things stink, right?
Those kinds of things don’t convert well either.
The scent from what was promised to what is delivered is so incongruent that virtually
every single visitor is going to bounce immediately.

—————————————————–Page 71—————————————————–

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Think of how many people are already afraidthat they’re going to be taken advantage
of, tricked, or some malware is going to be installed on their computer when they click,
etc. The best way to instill trust online is making sure that you have a good scent.
Almost every single private client we’ve worked with (and most examples we see online)
really could improve their scent.
The key to getting the scent right is to understand the importance of maintaining the
scent for these three major elements…
1.Design & Imagery
You need to maintain scent in all three of those things.
Design Scent
Your prospect won’t even know why they left when the design isn’t congruent. It’s not
going to stick out to them and they’re not going to know consciously. It just won’t look
right to them and they’ll back away.
Consider keeping the following elements in your design consistent along your path…
Color scheme
Font Selection, Size & Color
You wouldn’t want your ad to be red and orange, because maybe that’s just the color in
the picture you chose… and then your landing page is purple and blue because those are
the colors of your brand. It’s a big difference from one spot to the next. The same goes
for the pictures that you choose, even down to the font!

—————————————————–Page 72—————————————————–

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Here’s a path from Purina with good design scent. This is a banner ad leading to a
landing page.

—————————————————–Page 73—————————————————–

Page 74 of 92
You see it’s the same colors. It’s the same lady. It’s even the same dog. This is a perfect
example of keeping the scent. Do you think that you’d have trust and confidence when
you go from that ad to that page? Of course.
Benefit Scent
A good car salesmen will listen very carefully to what you say. He’ll study your body
language. He’ll try to find out if you’re more interested in horsepower or gas mileage…
luxury or economy? And then he’ll craft his pitch around the benefits you care about,
because you told him.
Your ads serve the same purpose. When someone clicks your ad, it’s an indication of
interest in the benefits you mentioned in that ad. And the ‘pitch’ that comes next on
your landing page should be consistent with the benefits you promised in that ad.
Here is a great example of the benefits NOT matching…
This is the scent of this path from an ad to a page for GoToMeeting. Again, this is a very
big brand, a big company. This is a Facebook sidebar ad on the right hand side, and the
benefit that they’re ‘pitching’ is ‘mobile meetings’ or ‘handheld meetings’ and all this…
but when you go to the landing page, the scent is broken.
The ad was clearly about ‘handheld meetings’ and the landing page is NOT. The landing
page is just about their regular service. The headline, the subheadline, the image… they
‘smell’ NOTHING like the ad that I clicked on. I don’t see a picture of a mobile phone
The ‘mobile meetings’ benefit is mentioned NOWHERE other than being hidden way
down there in the tiny, tiny text in the second bullet point, at the bottom of the ad.

—————————————————–Page 74—————————————————–

Page 75 of 92

—————————————————–Page 75—————————————————–

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So you see, the ad is good. The landing page is good. But together they smell kind of
stinky, and when that happens… YOU LOSE.
Offer Scent
It’s surprising how often marketers get this wrong. If you make an offer in an ad,
maintain the scent of that offer from the ad to the landing page. Otherwise, it’s bye-bye
traffic, you’re a spammer, you pissed me off, nice knowing ya!
The easiest way to do this is to use the exact same language from ad, to landing page, to
headline, to call to action. Use the exact same phrases, the exact same language.
Even the tiny little nuances in mismatches can cost you.
If you’re saying “FREE WEBINAR” in your ad… say it the exact same way on your landing
page. Don’t say “LIVE WEBINAR”. It’s a very subtle difference, but it matters… a lot.
If you’re saying “25% OFF” in your ad… don’t say “$10 OFF” on your landing page (even
if that $10 really does equal 25%)… there’s a mismatch. You have to use the same exact
In your ad, if you’re saying “Download the free report” in your ad… don’t say “Get the
free eBook” on your landing page.
You absolutely must use the same lingo from point A to point B. Call things the same
thing. Make sure the call to action and the offer are the same in both spots.
It blows my mind how often the big wigs and major corporations that are putting ads
out there get this wrong! I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “Holy crap, I wish I
could get my hands on their marketing!” I can smell the bad scent a mile away and it’s
no mystery why they’re not converting as well as they could be.

—————————————————–Page 76—————————————————–

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You guys are learning this the right way and you guys are going to have the upper hand
over the ‘big guys’.
Here’s a perfect example of even the big guys getting this wrong. This is an ad path
from Universal Studios, this is Universal Orlando Theme Park.
The ad has an offer for $769 for a family of four.
The ad says 30% off.
But when you get to the landing page there’s nothing about these offers anywhere.
That stinks… literally, hahaha  Iwould leave that page immediately, thinking that they
tricked me.
You really have to make sure that you’re taking the time to ‘smell’ the path of your ads
from point A to point B, make sure they’re carrying on that same, congruent,
conversation. Make sure that it keeps visitors confident and trusting in all those ways…
with your design… your benefits… and your offer… and this is going to get you fabulous
On the next page is the ad from Universal Orlando…

—————————————————–Page 77—————————————————–

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—————————————————–Page 78—————————————————–

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How to target
This is the coolest and most powerful part of Facebook ads… targeting. Success and
failure will be determined by how well you are able to zero in on the audience that will
respond to your messaging.
It reminds me of a quote that says “Facebook ads don’t fail, advertisers do” And that’s
because the tools are available for you to do some amazing things, if you use them
Real quick… because we’re starting to get into a real ‘technical’ section… I
just want to let you know in advance that we actually have individual and
specific walk thru training videos for how to research good targets, as well
as how to use them in your ad manager…
So I want you to know this UP FRONT because I don’t want your mind
wandering as we’re talking through this section, and trying to figure things
out, or getting frustrated thinking there’s pieces to the puzzle missing…
because THERE IS a method to the madness… and this is THE BEST WAY to
distribute the information to you.
You need to understand things first… you need to listen first… you need to
know the whys… and the why nots… so please just listen through these
more technical sections… and then don’t worry because the actual how-to
and the walk thru is going to be given to you in separate videos. We have
them all categorized and everything so you can just pick what video you
want to learn and you’re well served.

—————————————————–Page 79—————————————————–

Page 80 of 92
OK, so there’s several different kinds of targeting in Facebook. The kind that YOU are
going to choose is going to be based on where you are in your business and what assets
you have already.
So here are the different ways of targeting in Facebook, there are 8 of them total.
2.Custom Audiences (your existing email subscribers)
3.Website Custom Audience (people that visited your website)
4.Lookalike Custom Audiences
The first four that I mentioned are the most powerful. But they can only work well for
you if you have great assets in those areas. For example, if you have lots of Facebook
fans already, if you have an email list already, if you get lots of traffic to your website
So the first four are the most powerful, but don’t try to use them if you don’t have great
assets in those areas.
If you’re just starting out, for example, you don’t have anyFacebook fans, you don’t
have anybody on your list, you’re starting from scratch, from zero… then you’re going to
want to use the last four. You’re going to want to start with those when you’re
targeting people.
So let’s talk for a second about each particular type of targeting in a little bit more

—————————————————–Page 80—————————————————–

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Now, that’s also why it was important to be targeting a very specific interest to start. For
example, I was targeting a group of brands that includes Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield
and Social Media Examiner. The audiences for those interests changed very little, if at
all. But if you targeted something more broadly (like “social media marketing”) you’ve
likely seen effectiveness decrease.
1.Fans –This one is self-explanatory.You’re targeting people who have liked your
Facebook page, and most of them have NOT YET opted in to your list. So if you
have a lot of them, it would be smart to target them. When you target users that
already have an interest in you and your brand, you’re much better off. Your fans
are the people most likely to buy from you, and most likely to want your offers.
We’ve found this time and time again. You can get incredible results running ads
to your existing fans.
2.Custom Audiences (Your Email Subscribers) – This is where you upload a .csv file
of your contacts into Facebook, you create an audience that you can run ads to.
(In the training video we’re going to show you how to do this a little more in
depth.) Also you don’t run ads to this list if you’re looking to build your list –
because they’re already on your list… But we had to include this targeting option
because once you upload this, you can do other cool things with it that we’ll
show you in just a minute.
3.Website Custom Audiences (Website Visitors) – This one is really cool. You can
actually create an audience to target people who have visited your website. So
let’s say that you read our last blog, I can now target you within Facebook with an
ad to download my freebie. You’ve seen me before, you’ve read my content, and
you’re more likely to get on my list. (we’re going to show you how to do this too,
but you pretty much install a little tracking pixel on your website and you can
track all your visitors and then add them to your custom audience).

—————————————————–Page 81—————————————————–

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Another thing to note about this one is that it can be much more effective if you
‘customize the scent’ like we talked about before. So the scent of where they
came from, they first came from your website and now you’re ‘re-targeting’ them
back on Facebook. So you kind of want it to be like “Hey, you read my blog, why
not check this out too” and that kind of vibe.
Even if you don’t get much website traffic right now, you will want to watch the
video and set this up as soon as you can because it will take some time for this
audience to build up.
4.Lookalike Audience –This is when Facebook itself generates an audience you can
target, who are similar to one of the custom audiences that we just talked about.
We can assume they do this by combining, and looking, and combing through
mounds of data that will include interests, demographics, page like, etc. The key
here is that you aren’t guessing which brands to target. You are using your
proven customers or website visitors as the starting point for this lookalike
So once you upload your email list, Facebook is going to do all the hard work for
you and great a big giant audience of people that are very similar to the ones that
are already on your list, or similar to the ones that visit your website.
How the heck do they do that? Facebook knows all kinds of creepy things about
us, haha, way more than we can even imagine. So when you let them do the
work, it’s a good idea and a good way to leverage your existing list to come up
with a larger pool of people to run ads to, rather than trying to guess, test, and
figure out.

—————————————————–Page 82—————————————————–

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So those top four that we just went over – those are going to be your go-to
ones if you have those resources available. But if you’re a brand spankin’
newbie… then here are the four for you to start with…
5.Interests – You can target people by the magazines they like, TV shows they
watch, books they read and all kinds of other things. A really cool one is that you
can target them by other Facebook pages they’ve liked. So if you know of a
major competitor, or people that share the same audience as you, (and you know
they have a crapload of fans)… it’s pretty genius to target them. They’ve done
the work of building an audience for you, they’ve already spent the time and
money to build up their ‘likes’.
Now, what if you don’t know what pages your target would like? What if you
don’t know what magazines they would read? Well there’s a thing called Graph
Search, and we’re going to show you how to use it to go on a ‘recon mission’ to
gain info about what specific interests to target.
As I said before, Facebook knows everything, right? You can literally go in and
type in the search ‘pages that my friends like’and it’s going to show you all of
them. You can type in something even more specific like ‘magazines liked by
people who also like internet marketing’and it’s going to give you all kinds of
cool information. So If I wonder what kind of magazines that internet marketing
people like… BAM! Go to Graph Search.
6.Behavior – You can target people based on what they DO online. Even freakier,
right? There are tons of categories with this… The main one you’re going to want
to use, if you use this option, is ‘purchase behavior’ because you can target
people that have interest in specific topics AND are known online buyers.
Beautiful, right?

—————————————————–Page 83—————————————————–

Page 84 of 92
When you click ‘purchase behavior’ a whole world of other options and
subcategories open up, and we’re going to give you a video on this too.
7.Demographics –This one is self-explanatory.This is where you can target people
based on their demographics like age, sex, marital status, etc. It’s cool because it
actually goes a little bit deeper and you can target people by their political
preference, how much money they make, and even their job title (which is one
we’ve used often).
8.Location – Again this one is pretty self-explanatory. You target people based on
where they live. This is great for you if your business is geo-specific. And we’ll
show you where to do this targeting on the video where we walk you through
creating ads.
How to bid
Now let’s get into the nitty gritty and learn how to bid. There are two terms you’ll need
to be aware of – CPM and CPC.
CPC is ‘cost per click’ and that means you pay every time someone clicks on your ad.
But be careful with this here because it doesn’t ONLY mean clicks through to your
website. You are paying for each click… and that means for news feed ads, it could
include clicks on…
“See more”
Likes, comments and shares
Clicks on the Page name
“Like Page”

—————————————————–Page 84—————————————————–

Page 85 of 92
So keep in mind this means ‘cost per click’ but it’s not ONLY clicks to your website… it’s
literally every click.
CPM is ‘cost per mil’ and that means that you are paying for impressions. You pay
money for every 1,000 people that your ad is delivered to, whether they click it or not.
There is a time for running ads for impressions, and there’s a time for running ads for
clicks. Again, this will take a bit of testing for you. We personally recommend that you
run BOTH for your first time creating ads.
When you’re running ads for clicks (CPC) – you want to make sure that your maximum
bid per click is almost 3x as much as the high end of the recommended bid. For
example, if Facebook tells you that your recommend range for bidding is $0.50 – $0.75,
you’ll take the high end ($0.75) and you’ll multiply it by 3, and set your max bid at $2.25.
And don’t worry here because this DOES NOT MEAN that you’re actually going to pay
$2.25 per click… This simply means that you’re willing to pay that much per click.
Because in essence, you’re bidding, so you’re in a competition with other people for the
same audience. So other people want to run ads to that same audience you do… and
you want to win! The fact that you’re willing to pay that much, Facebook is going to
start showing your ad to people in that audience a lot faster, so you can start getting
some action a lot quicker.
If you don’t do this… and you skip this… and you don’t go 3x the highest number… you
might notice that your audience could be 300,000 and you’re like, what the heck?
Wondering why your ad is only being shown to 10 people.
So if you see it happening that your audience is huge, but your ad is only being shown to
a little bit of people… that means that you’re losing the competition. That means you’re
losing the bids. Other people are getting THEIR ADS shown to that audience more than

—————————————————–Page 85—————————————————–

Page 86 of 92
you. (Facebook is only going to show about 7 ads to one person at any given time) So
make sure you’re doing 3x the maximum.
When you’re running ads for impressions (CPM) –it’s really best to let Facebook do this
for you and choose ‘optimized CPM’ and they will determine the bids for you according
to your ad and audience. That’s the best way to go for CPM because it can get real
complicated. Just let Facebook do it for you and keep an eye on it.
It’s very important to talk about budgets now. You set your budget at the campaign
level (again, this is something that will be in the videos). Once your campaign has a
budget, it doesn’t matter how many ads you have under that campaign, it will not spend
more than your daily budget. So you’re totally safe here. (Although, it’s always best to
keep a close eye on it anyways).
Let’s say I have a campaign budget for $10/day. Under that, I could have 12 ads but that
doesn’t mean that I’m going to spend $10/day for EACH of those 12 ads, okay?
So you set your budget for the whole campaign.
Now the age old question – what should my budget be?
There’s no way in the world I’m going to tell you what your budget should be. It’s your
money, it’s your investment, you have to do what you’re comfortable with.
But what I CAN TELL YOU IS >>> In the beginning when you’re testing what’s working
and what’s not… you need lots of action. You’re not going to get lots of action with a
small, tiny budget.

—————————————————–Page 86—————————————————–

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So with our private clients, we recommend that they set their budget for the first day or
so about 4x higher than their regular daily budget… or at least $100-$200 a day.
This is because a little thing is going to happen, the more action you get. The more
clicks you get, your CTR (click thru rate) is going to go up. As that CTR goes up… the
price you pay for clicks goes down.
So it’s really a way to ‘frontload’ your ads to get them getting lots of action and clicks
because they are going to drive your CTR up, so the amount you pay to go down.
Because that’s what you want. You don’t want the amount you pay per click to be very
high. (Shoot for a CTR of at least 1%)
So you’ve got to crank up your budget for the first 2-3 days so that you have some good
data to look at and go by. Now you can lower your daily budget as low as you want
after that. We usually keep ours at just $5 a day… that’s it(unless we’re running a big
launch or something). And even at $5/day it brings in a regular, steady flow of leads,
every day.
So that’s the nuts and bolts. Next we’re going to give you some action steps and the
links to the walk thru videos and you’ll be on your way to creating your own Facebook
ads and cranking those bad boys up!
So you might want to go watch the videos, and then come back and listen to this and
read along in the workbook a SECOND TIME before you do it, so you can make sure
you’ve got it all under wraps.
I know it’s a lot of information, if this is completely new to you, but it’s all here…
everything you need is here… there is nothing left out… not one thing. So if it feels
overwhelming, that’s ok, that’s normal. Just give yourself the time to soak it in and
grasp it before you go spending money.

—————————————————–Page 87—————————————————–

Page 88 of 92
So take your time… and most importantly… GET IMPLEMENTING!
The “Machine” only works… If you TURN IT ON!
We’re excited to hear about your successes…. As you get implementing, please come
and share in our “Marketing Megaminds” Facebook Group when your optins and
subscribers start pouring in, so we can all cheer you on!
And remember, if you have any questions… don’t be afraid to reach out…
You can grab us in the Facebook Group(we’re in there all the time)
Or you can send an email to or
Don’t forget to come share with us the results that you’re getting… EXCITING TIMES!!!

—————————————————–Page 88—————————————————–

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ACTION STEPS >> Facebook Ads
Set Up Your Facebook Ad Account
Click on the dropdown carrot in your FB account… you will choose ‘create ads’ or
‘manage ads’ or ‘create ad account’ (it might show something different for each person,
depending on what you already have set up. But this is where you will choose to start.
Then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your ad manager account, it will only
take you a few minutes.

—————————————————–Page 89—————————————————–

Page 90 of 92
Install Power Editor
Before doing anything you should install Power Editor. You can only use it through
Chrome browsers. Install the plugin here.
Once installed, you can access Power Editor by going to
Using Power Editor
I won’t get into the teeny tiny details of using Power Editor because you can read the
Power Editor Guide for that.
Walk-Thru Training Videos
Facebook Custom Audience (email list)
Facebook Website Custom Audience (website visitors)
Facebook Lookalike Audience
Using Facebook Graph Search
Creating a Facebook Ad In Power Editor

—————————————————–Page 90—————————————————–

Page 91 of 92
Create or Choose Your Ad Images
Be sure you use the bonus zip file that has templates for the correct image sizes (and
you can only have 20% text in the images, the text has to be in certain grids, so these
templates will make sure you’re in compliance)
Prepare Your Ad Copy In Advance
It’s a good idea to write it in advance and run it by some folks for feedback before
creating your ad. Feel free to post it in our Marketing Megaminds FB Group for
feedback. Just be sure you put {Mike & Robin gave the ok to post this – I’m going
through module 3 in the List Building Machine Program and would like some feedback
before creating my FB ad}
You will want to write ad copy for several types of ads for your first time:
– Right hand side – you’ll be limited on amount of characters
– Long Copy Ad
– Short Copy Ad
Decide on Your Targeting
Remember if you have assets, use the 4 most powerful (custom + lookalike) audiences.
If you’re starting from scratch, you will want to use Graph Search to determine interests
to target. There is a walk-thru video for this.

—————————————————–Page 91—————————————————–

Page 92 of 92
Create Your First 4 Ads To Start Testing
– Objective: Page Post Engagement (newsfeed placement only)
1.Long Copy Ad
2.Short Copy Ad
– Objective: Clicks to Website (newsfeed placement)
3.Will only allow short copy
– Objective: Clicks to Website (right hand side placement)
4.Will only allow short copy
Monitor which TYPE of ad wins…
When you know which type (objective) won… Then try running more ads of that same
winning TYPE – but run to different audiences now to see if you can find a winning
Rinse + Repeat

SmartList Training

Table of Content
………………………………………………………. 1

………………….. 4

………………………………………………… 5

Create, Apply, and then Teach.

The List
……………………………………………. 7

Why a list is the most important thing for any business in any niche?
……………………………….. 7

How to build one of those Super Buyer List?
…………………………………………………………………… 8

Marketing Research and Niche Research
. 9

The concept
……………………….. 9

Case study 1:
……………………… 9

Case Study 2:
……………………. 10

………………………. 10

What’s the idea behind Niche & Marketing Research?
………………………………………………………. 11

“3 Stages
……………………. 11

The avalanche effect
…………. 11

Problem Solve Research
…….. 12

How to Use SEMrush: Competitor Analysis Made Easy
………………………………………………………. 13

1. How to Use
……………. 14

2. Analyzing Search Positions with
SEMrush………………………………………………………………….. 17

3. How to Use SEMrush Data
…. 19

A. Keeping Ahead of Your
Competitors…………………………………………………………………………. 19

B. Checking Source Code
……. 19

C. Backlink Analysis
…………… 20

D. Compare Domains
………… 21

4. Keyword Research using SEMrush
……………………………………………………………………………. 23

Product Creation Suite
……………………… 26

Are you the Expert? If not Find One!
……………………………………………………………………………. 28

How to develop your product:

Tools for Audio
……………. 29

Tools for Video Record
………. 29

Tools for
……………………… 29
Sales Letter / CopyWriting – The Conversion tool 1
……………………………………………………………………….. 30

The Sales letter Bullet-Point Check List
…………………………………………………………………………. 31

Golden Rules for Master the
Copywriting……………………………………………………………………… 32

Headlines Matter: Think Out Side of the
box…………………………………………………………………. 34

Split Testing (A/B Test) – The Conversion tool 2
……………………………………………………………………………. 39

In Depth A/B Testing
…………. 40

…………………………………….. 51

The 100% Commission Method,
Leverage!……………………………………………………………………. 51

Where To & How to- Find the Goldmine Affiliates?
……………………………………………………………………….. 53

Another Way to Find Goldmine Affiliates
…………………………………………………………………………. 56

………………………………. 56

Affiliates Daily Goal
…………… 59

Sales Funnels
………………………………….. 59

One time Offer, Extra income. ( Optional )
……………………………………………………………………. 59

Think of a sales funnel just like an ordinary
funnel…………………………………………………………. 60

The Power of Content
……….. 62

Nurturing Your Prospects
…… 63

The Ultimate Sales
……….. 64

Take Action Now
………………. 65

Website Automation
……………………….. 66

What to include in your Affiliate JV PAGE

Instant Commission
……………………. 68

…………………………. 68

……………………………………….. 68

……………………………………… 69
This book comes with personal use rights only. Please do not attempt to redistribute this
publication in any form, written or otherwise. No part of this product comes with giveaway, resell,
master resell, or private label rights.
Please enjoy this book. Apply its contents. But also be aware that you follow it entirely at your
own risk. The author assumes no liability for any time, money, or business lost as a result of you
following the guidance set forth herein.
Understand that no income guarantees have been, nor will be made.
Your own skill level, work ethic, niche selection, time investment, startup capital, and/or luck
may all play a role in your success, or lack thereof. The author’s results are not typical.
The author may have affiliate relationships with proprietors of goods and/or services mentioned and
linked to from within the pages of this guide. He may be financially compensated via affiliate
commissions for sales or actions generated via such links.
Hello, my name is Isaac Vega, and this is my story.

I born in a third world country, which is for me the most beautiful country on this wonderful
world, but here the value of the money is very low, this piece of earth is called Costa Rica.

Like all my young days I was completely out of pocket, I got plenty different credit debts, in
fact, the way I was looking for money and pay for that bills, believe me or not was to sell my
stuff, from my T.V , to my clothes…

My stuff who took me years to get, sold in just 2 days… Awesome, don’t it? Well, here in my country
at this time, the average monthly salary is $600 – $ 800 not bad here, but for keep a family and
give them the appropriate live style they deserved, it’s very low…

Then I decided to start learning something, and it was English, it open me a few doors to work in
the contact center industry, at the age of 18, I got to move to the capital San Jose, I love my
town, but if I didn’t move, I didn’t make any cent, so it took me 1 full year to get back my stuff
once again, I was living with my love Maria, she’s my wife who always help me succeed.

One day I started to look for online possibilities, then I double my debt, yep, I was broke to
almost dead, why? , because I was following the wrong people, with the wrong information and also
in the wrong time.
I remember I took an online video course who were $497, the half of my monthly payment, I got
inspired, finally I got $100 back to my pocket, it was amazing for me and my wife, the second month
I got $132, and I said “Thanks my lord, I’m really start banking!”, it were like that for about 4
months, and then, without advice, my website crashed, my money gone and I still have debts to pay.
I were calling my mom almost crying telling her that I had a very difficult time. My mom is an
incredible woman, she’s a life-fighter and she told me 3 words that completely change my mind and
keep my trying one more time, those words are:

Create, Apply, and then Teach.

Since there, something has changed.

I saw an advice in the jobs platform I used, and it were an Ad regarding a “new” type of work, it
were about traveling, meeting people worldwide, well I said why not?,

I got a call, then an interview, and finally the job!, the boss told me that it were more than 100
people in contest with the job. In my very first month I started traveling all around the world,
from Mexico to China, from Vegas to Dubai, knowing people that are brilliant and experts in what
they do.

One day I got a meeting with a client in Panama, the guy is an internet marketing expert who had
earn millions of dollars and he is younger than me, really? that crack me so much.

I started asking to him how he did it,… the young man that day change my life forever, he teach
me everything from what to do with an email list, to how to use Facebook as a Traffic generation,
but he really focus his time and money into one single thing…
The List

Yeap, have you ever hear this expression before?

“The money is in the list”?

Well that day he explained me a unique way to generate thousands, or even millions of dollars with
just an email list, but not a regular list, the guy was referring to it as “SmartList”.

He basically use a perfect system to bank over and over again with a push of a bottom, this little
boy freak me out and open my mind to a new world of possibilities, and bring me peace on my heart
and this is what I’m going to teach you today and also how to implement it to Every single niche
you can imagine, this is the SmartList training…

Why a list is the most important thing for any business in any niche?

Having an email list is like having a powerful tool to generate money, because you will have your
OWN traffic, you see, you can disable my webpage, burn my hosting service, you can go and try to
turn off all my accounts in all different commission platforms I have, BUT if I have my own list
every time a send an email to them, that becomes money.

In fact, having a SmartList as the one I going to teach you today, having that power in your hands
and leverage the traffic to other people for free, you will end with your own money making machine,
as simple as that.
Ok now let’s do a simple exercise, just for clear your mind and get the perspective that little boy
gave me, think about which are your most in-depth wishes, now think about your possibilities in
order to get it live, can you invest in your online presence (Hosting, Domain, website outsource ?

Imagine that you have a business ready to start, that you just need an internet connection, a
computer and put some effort on the road and you will be getting thousands of dollars and building
you own SmartList, do you’d like it?.

How to build one of those SmartList?

Like everything in this online & offline business, people often want money now, of course you can
have money now, but are you willing to put some up-front work in order to achieve it? There are
people that may say yes, but every 100 people who say YES, only 40 or less actually start working
and only 10 or less finish it. Why do I tell you this?, well I want to reward my customers with the
most straight to the point training they can learn, and a have you focus in a step by step program
that can bring food in your table.

Remember that people fail because they want to, everybody can do what I’ll teach today, so put
attention because in the next minutes at the very end of this training, I promise you a change in
your online marketing concept, I’m more than sure it will blow you away.
Marketing Research and Niche Research
The concept

First Step to list building is to have a clear thought in what you want to create, it could be a
hobby, a passion, a dream or something you are familiar with. The main key of this is to have you
working in something that you actualy enjoy instead of something boring or useless for you.

For many years the “Gurus” explain niche & marketing research in so many different ways that people
end mess up and confused, but NEVER think niche research is complicated, but before I proceed with
this module, I going to explain you I little bit more. I like to use case studies as a point of

Case study 1:

Mark is in the weight-loss niche, mark want to start selling a Recipe Guide that made him loss
80 pounds, he did his product BEFORE he do a market research, he write his sales letter without any
advice or research and he didn’t realize that his sales letter had a bad formatting, also a bad
bullet points, and even a bad sales pitch, he bought a domain name, hosting, and he launched his
product, a few weeks after he made ZERO dollars.
But he noticed that “Competitor A” havs a good sales funnel with an strong sales letter, and the
“Competitor B” have a pretty well written sales letter and a membership site, and both of them are
making huge amount of money…

But his product is not working, he screams like monkey in the jungle because his product has a
“similar” quality over his competitors, but he still broke. Now Mark is skeptical to continue
developing more, but he start researching about what is the difference between his product and
Competitors A & B and he end up with tons of information but nothing he can use and take action…

What’s happen to him?…
Case Study 2:

Lilly is in the same niche, weight-loss , she is graduated from a prestigious university, she’s the
kind of person who likes to read and have in-depth knowledge before start anything.

Lilly search all over the web about similar products she want to tap into, she study the
competition sales letter, she even buy their product, buy the up sells they offer , she analyze
their members area and how there are doing it, now she have a descent amount of valuable
information about her competition ,

She realize that all of them are making money, so she follow their way to sell, market and product
creation, now she end up with a very specific product about weight-loss , with a well written sales
letter, a valuable product for the market and a good sales funnel, and she’s now making $40.000 a


Do Case studies sound familiar to you? Niche and market research are simple, if you don’t do a
niche research before investing, you will never EVER have success in any niche, you see, Lilly had
the opportunity to study before she invest her time and money, she learn, apply and
teach, but Mark is the guy that want money now, now, NOW!, so he end up looking for a 8 to 5
regular job instead. Now you fill me?
A good SmartList, always have a good market research.
What’s the idea behind Niche & Marketing Research?

“3 Stages Down”

Let’s do this in a very simple concept:

1. You live in the Earth ( BIG-SIZE )

2. But you don’t live in all the Earth, you live in NORTH AMERICA (MID-SIZE )

3. But you don’t live in all North America, you live in NEW YORK ( SMALL-SIZE)
You see, that simple concept is the same but applied to business. This practice is simple but
powerful in the niche & marketing research, this concept of “3 stage down” I use it for every
product I’d help to develop and also with my own stuff.


If you apply this system to your business could be something like this:

1. Health Care ( BIG-SIZE )

2. Weight-Loss (MID-SIZE )

3. Natural Diet & Yoga ( SMALL-SIZE)
You see is not rocket science, but by simple doing this, you will be one step plus over the rest of
people that hates do this simple market research

The avalanche effect

This is something you have to keep in your business, this is other benefit when you do a
correct research, and I’d bullet point other factor, this avalanche effect happens when you do a
correct research since the beginning, because:

1- You write the correct information to the hungry market you want to get into
2- You write the right sales letter
3- You start driving the affiliates
4- Affiliates see your sales letter and review you product
5- They say wow this have QUALITY and POTENCIAL!
6- Affiliates start promoting your product in the correct market place
7- The people start coming, read the sales letter and they get excited because you will give them
what they wanted…
8- They buy from you so everybody is happy, and you will add a new customer to your
super buyer list!
Problem Solve Research

Other trick you want to apply, is think about which are the problems in that market you want get
into, people often use an expression of“ I need help with “ or “ How to”, so try to read and
understands which are those problems and build a product around that topic. For example:

Robert want to learn “ how to build a WordPress landing page”, he go and start looking all over the
place and he find a product with that title, he goes and click the ad and he buys the product, he
use the “ I need help with” or “ how to” in order to find his solution.
Other Try to look who are the sellers in your smaller sub niche, investigate which people are in
your smaller niche, and even think about what problem are addressed to those sellers, you may want
to become the solution of their problems, you fill me? Go and type in google find those sellers
asking them, go to relatives forums.

I mean, this is for your business goodness, because remember people hate do this, but for you
it’s an advantage!.

Try to do a market analysis, read competition sales page, join their list, buy their products,
study their sales funnels, become an member of their membership sites, look how they follow you up
with emails, what other sellers are selling.

If you do this you will have a serious advantage, believe me, other think you may want to do is
elimination, this is when you go everywhere to see what’s better for you and discard the ones you
don’t want. Remember that you have unlimited options but always try to look for those that are
passions, hobbies or your career knowledge.
So remember, this

1- Pick you Niche and start research
2- Write a value and quality product
3- Design your sales letter based on you quality research and product
4- Start getting affiliates go to your product
5- Affiliates read how well it’s the sales letter and review it
6- Affiliates start promoting your product
7- The market involves the product
8- The market buys your product
9- The people be happy with your product, and share how are their experience with it
10- You get paid for all your effort, time and quality deliver to them!
Remember people hates do this, which is great for you because you will have serious advantage over
other people who hates do a research. I’d create this module to erase mistakes; this took me years
to dominate until I discover this.
How to Use SEMrush: Competitor Analysis Made Easy

Knowing how to use SEMrush correctly can make competitor analysis very easy. This SEMrush Tool
focuses on how to use the tool to analyze what your competitors are doing to get their web pages
indexed and listed on the Google search engine results pages. If you want to be successful with
online business or professional blogging it is very important, probably even critically important,
to know what your competitors are doing to attract traffic and get high Google rankings.
It is not a comprehensive instruction manual, but designed to highlight some of the more useful
aspects of SEMrush and how you can use them push yourself ahead of your competitors for specific
keywords in Google’s rankings.

A major focus of SEMrush is to enable you to analyze how your competitors use keywords. Part of
this analysis involves the use of keywords in Google’s AdWords PPC program. You can establish if
and how each of your principal competitors uses AdWords, the main keywords they use when
advertising and how much each click is costing them. All successful internet marketers and
bloggers understand the importance of keyword and competitor analysis, and SEMrush offers an
excellent and very effective means of doing this.
The application allows you to identify every keyword/search term used in the top 20 Google search
engine results for any keyword. Yes, it focuses on Google, but most people use Google when
searching for information online. A top 20 ranking on Google is worth more than a high- ranking on
all the other search engines combined. In fact, some of the minor search engines use Google

1. How to Use SEMrush

Here is how to use SEMrush using as an example. When you login you will find this
Simply enter the domain you want to analyze and the version of Google you want to use. You can
analyze a specific domain or URL, or you can enter a keyword to carry out keyword research, for now
i shall focus on analyzing a competitor’s website or even your own. You can also
use SEMrush to compare two sites such as yours and a competitor’s.

Here, we have chosen to analyze Google US traffic (, though you can select any Google
region from the drop-down menu provided, including You will then find an initial overview
screen providing a number of reports relating to your chosen URL:

Here is an example of part of the initial overview screen you see when you click ‘Search’ after
entering your chosen domain.
i have chosen a six-month report, but you can select any of the time periods shown. The blue line
shows the organic search traffic, and the orange line is paid traffic from the Google AdWords PPC
program. There is no orange line because this site had no Google AdWords ads running over this
Other features of this initial overview screen include an indication of the keywords that generate
most organic traffic to the site and also a list of the site’s 5 main competitors. The latter are
fundamentally the top sites using common keywords that these competitors and your chosen subject
site are ranking for in Google’s top 20 listed results.
Note: these are two different reports, so the Competitor does not relate to the Keywords. Knowing
what keywords your main competitors are ranking for provides you with two options: a) Optimize
pages on your own site using these keywords, or
b) Ignore them, and try to dominate for keywords your competition is not using.
The fact that these keywords are providing your competitors with traffic does not necessarily infer
that they are all being used by the top five listed. To find that information, simply click on
these five sites one at a time. You will then be presented with the same Overview results for each
competing site you click. These may or may not present your site as a top 5 competitor for your
chosen competing site.

However, that’s not the objective here. Your objective is to find out who your competitors are and
what keywords they are ranking for. By clicking on each result you can go deeper still and check
the same results for these 5 main competitors. Using these two results sections you should be able
to find all your significant competitors and also the keywords that are providing them with the
bulk of their traffic.

Saving Results: A useful feature of SEMrush is that you can download all of these reports as a PDF
file for future use. For example, you can use previous reports to compare last year’s main
competitors with this year’s, or how the sources of your traffic have changed over the years. The
results might be a snapshot, but by retaining them in your files and comparing them snapshots can
offer excellent trending information.

2. Analyzing Search Positions with SEMrush

The positions or ranking of your site pages is also very useful information. You can check these
your own site or a competitor’s by again clicking search ‘Positions’ in the screen below:

You will find the same graph as previously and also data presented in the following format:

The various columns are:

 Keyword: the keyword that brings users to the website from a Google search using the chosen
Google region.
 Pos: The position the domain holds in Google SERPs for the period stated – the previous
position is in brackets.
 Volume: The average volume of monthly search queries for that keyword over the past
12 months.
 CPC: The average price paid by advertisers for each click in Google AdWords.
 URL: The landing page URL on the stated domain shown in the search results for that keyword.
 Traffic %: The percent of total traffic to the stated site provided by that keyword.
 Costs %: The estimated proportion of the total site advertising cost for that keyword.
So 40% would indicate that – that keyword is estimated to take up 40% of the total advertising cost
if all keywords were used in AdWords.
 Com.: Competitive density for the keyword – how much competition is there for each
keyword, with 1 being the highest possible competing sites using that keyword in
 Results: The Google results in organic search for that keyword – the number of URLs listed
for a search using that keyword.
 Trend: The trend of popularity for use of that keyword in search.
 SERP source: A snapshot of the search engine results page for that keyword.
 Last update: The date when the results for that keyword were last updated.

All of this is extremely useful information for anybody carrying out analysis of a competitor’s
website. It’s also extremely useful for your own website, because never forget that you can also
carry out such research to learn more about the performance of your own domain and each page within

3. How to Use SEMrush Data
SEMrush enables you to use this data in a number of ways, and can also be used for keyword
research. This enables you to choose keywords for your blog or website with a good balance between
demand (people using them on Google) and supply (competing sites using the same keyword).

In addition to carrying out the above analysis on your own and your competitors’ websites, here
are some specific uses of this service.

A. Keeping Ahead of Your Competitors
SEMrush enables you to establish who your main competitors are and what keywords are providing them
with the bulk of their traffic. By knowing their main ranking keywords, you can focus on these
yourself and work on outranking them.

To do this:

 a. Enter your own URL into the main search box, and select the area you wish to target.
Most people use USA as being the largest western source of online traffic.
 b. Check your top keywords (SEMrush lists the 5 that generate most organic traffic to your
website) and make a note of these.
 c. Check your top 5 competitors.
 d. Click on each of these in turn and note the same information. It’s useful to find out the
top 5 keywords they are using, and also their top 5 competitors.
 e. Compare their keywords with yours.
 f. Click on ‘Positions’ in the left hand menu, and examine the more detailed information
on your own site and that of each competitor. This will give a more detailed
understanding of the performance of the various keywords each is using.

You should also compare their traffic with yours and any paid traffic they have. This should give
you enough information to compare how well your competitors’ sites are performing relative to
yours, and what keywords they are making best use of.

B. Checking Source Code
Once you know your competition and the keywords they are ranking for, you can visit their website
and check their source code: right-click on a webpage or blog post then click on ‘View page
source’. You can examine the page’s Title tag and Description Meta tag in the head section of the
HTML. Take note of how they use the ranking keyword in these Meta data.

Also check the Keyword Meta tag for information on any other keywords the page might be targeting.
No major search engines ever use the Keyword tag these days, and it is generally best to leave it
blank. Then you won’t be giving away your major keywords to your competitors. Sure, they will
eventually find them, but why make it easy for them!
You can also check on how much on average they are spending on advertising, particularly on Google
AdWords. The higher the cost per click for a keyword, the more important they might believe it to
be for them. That’s information worth knowing. If you are new to a niche, and are unsure what
keywords to rank for, fire up SEMrush and find out what keywords your competitors are using and use
the same.

C. Backlink Analysis
Backlinks from authority sites are a significant factor in your Google ranking. Links from poor
sites, adult and gambling sites, link farms and any page that Google believes to be suspicion or in
breach of its TOS can drop you down the rankings and even result in your entire domain being
deindexed. So it is very important for you to regularly check up on where your backlinks are coming

We should stress here that it is individual pages or posts on your website or blog that Google
ranks, and not your entire domain. However, while such individual pages can also be deindexed
because of bad links, Google does have a history of deindexing entire domains for a breach of its
Terms of Service by just one page if it believes that breach to be severe.

To analyze your backlinks and those of your competitors, SEMrush provides a ‘backlinks’ menu
in the left hand navigation section:
The ‘Overview’ provides information on the total number of backlinks to the domain, along with
other useful information. The split between ‘Follow’ and ‘Nofollow’ links is shown, along with
other data such as the geographical distribution of backlinks and their TLD authority (.com,
.net, .gov, etc.). In Google’s hierarchy, it is believed that .com sites tend to be given a higher
ranking weighting than .net and the others. That is just one of over 200 ranking factors of course!

You can use this area of SEMrush to compare your backlinks with those of your competitors. You
might have to improve your linking strategy for example, or to improve the ratio of Follow to
Nofollow links. Google also prefers the links back to your site to originate from an eclectic range
of sources, so everything else being equal, a page with backlinks from all over the world may rank
higher than one with links only from the USA.

Naturally, the authority of the link sources with respect to the topic of your domain will also be
a very relevant factor. This is where an analysis of the keywords and Google ranking of your
backlink sources will help you understand your own ranking better.

By clicking on ‘Referring Domains’ you are given a list of all the domains giving you a backlink
along with the number of backlinks from that site, and also when SEMrush first and last detected
the link. While this is all useful information, the most important aspect is that you can analyze
where your competitors are getting their links. You should be able to use that information to your

D. Compare Domains
You can compare domains for a number of factors such as where they are ranked by Google for
specific keywords.
Click on ‘Tools’ and you will find a number of options as shown. Some may be currently in Beta
(test version), and once you have registered with SEMrush you can play around with these and find
out whether or not they are useful to you.

The tool we are concerned with here is “Domain vs Domain” where you can compare the ranking for
specific keywords between up to five different websites or blog sites. Click on this link and you
should see:
I’m using two sites, but you can use up to five. This comparison is based on keywords used in
organic search, but you can also select to compare the results from keywords used in your AdWords

The result you get when you click “Search” will look something like this:

It shows the relative SERPs ranking for that keyword for each site. The report includes the average
number of searches for that keyword over the previous 12 months, the average price per click paid
by AdWords advertisers for that keyword, the competitive density for the keyword (1=highest
competition), the number of web pages using that keyword (Results) and the trend of use of the
keyword by Google users over the past year.

The information you get from this analysis can help you to improve your keyword analysis, and to
improve your website to make better use of your keywords than your competitors are making of

4. Keyword Research using SEMrush
If you are new to internet marketing and are unsure how to begin choosing the best keywords for
your web pages, then SEMrush offers a very useful tool to help you out. In fact, even experienced
bloggers and internet marketers are unaware of the best way of selecting keywords. They often begin
with some popular and obvious choices, and try to outrank mature sites for them – then wonder why
they are failing!

You can take a more intelligent approach with SEMrush and its keyword analysis tool. Search down
for ‘Keyword Research’ on the left hand menu of SEMrush, and click ‘Overview’. Enter your main
keyword (I used ‘blogging tips’) into the top search box and click ‘Search’.

You will then find a number of results boxes providing you with information on that keyword,
including its CPC price for AdWords and other information such as the phrase match report:

This offers variations on the keyword theme. ‘Volume’ refers to the average number of monthly
search queries over the past 12 months, while ‘CPC’ is the cost per click of that keyword if used
in an AdWords advert. ‘SERP source’ gives a snapshot of Google’s results page for a search using
that keyword.

This report gives you an indication of how many searches are being carried out each month using the
keyword you are analyzing. It also offers variations of that keyword/phrase you could use instead,
or in addition for other pages or blog posts. Another report that shows on the same results page is
a ‘Related keywords report’:

This provides details of related keywords you might want to consider. Click on any one of the
keywords included in the above reports, and you will receive the same information using that
selected keyword as the standard.

If you click on ‘Related’ in the Keyword Menu, you get a report including related keywords and
terms as below:
This offers even more suggestions for potential keywords, and if you click on ‘Full Search’ in the
same menu, you get the same information but for your ‘Phrase Match’ keywords.

There are many other menus and options in the full SEMrush program. You will have a great deal of
fun working your way through them and finding out they will help you. Interactive Help is provided
all the way through, and there are also videos to help to make the best of this amazing suite of
SEO tools.

You can start with a free account, allowing you to carry out 10 searches each day and see the top
10 results. Beyond that there are a number of options according to how professional a site you have
and how many results and keywords you want to analyze.

SEMrush offers a unique suite of tools that enable anybody to carry out effective analysis of the
keywords and backlinks their competitors are using to achieve their Google ranking. It also offers
a good insight into how their competitors are using AdWords to advertise their site – or even if
they are using it! It is also an essential tool for those offering SEO and keyword analysis

Perhaps one of the most useful tools for beginners is the keyword research tool, enabling you to
select the best keywords for your site based upon supply and demand. It is well-known that the best
keywords have a high demand (large numbers of people using them in Google’s search box) but with as
low a supply (as few competing sites using these keywords) as possible.

This is fundamentally how to use SEMrush for keyword and competitor analysis. Once you get into it
be very careful, because it is so fascinating a set of tools that you can spend a great deal of
time playing with it. Ascertain those parts of the suite that will assist you most, and then play
with it once your website is ranked higher than at least the majority of your main competitors.
Product Creation Suite

There are literally unlimited ways to create a product, you can writing about something you like,
it could be a hobby, something you love to do, a passion, artistic talent…, you can also create and
bundle a packed for example, a few months ago I worked with a guy who is a video producer, he buys
a software to develop whiteboard animations, he bundle a package of 4 animations ready to sell,
each animation he created were generic video-commercials for dentist, plumber…, so the people who
buy his product receive the copyright for reselling those videos, the people could sell it each
video for $297. The very first week he lunch it, $59.638 were straight to his pay pal account.
That’s a simple way to create a product if you have the knowledge and creativity to build it.

I remember other story about a lawyer, Steven, he’s a business man, but he didn’t even know how to
use a webpage to market his services, then he came to me and asked how can he build an online

I explained him that he would need to do a research, create a value product, create a sales letter,
buy a domain name, pay for hosting and hire a guy to create his webpage, but not only that, he
explained to him that he had write a short eBook about something in his field that he dominates, it
has to be high value to his clients and also bring knowledge to them, I also offered him help to
market his ebook, so Steven realize that selling Lawyer services would be something added, instead
of adding to the gazillions of lawyers selling services at the same price, and the same

He realized that an eBook added to his website could generate him an extra income, he did it, and
he bank over $30.000 in his very first month, he use the expert knowledge he had to create
something with value and interesting for the people.

Another example, Larry is software developer, he design a Software that’s able to grab amazon’s
information about the most searched keywords, then he follow my system and right now he lives in
France with his family.

The best thing here is that having your research done you can easy write, develop your product in
hours, because you’re focus about deliver quality and value to your customers. With that said,
let’s go to the next chapter of this module…
Are you the Expert? If not Find One!

Now apply this with you, what about if ask you something that you are not expert in?… Well you can
go a find the expert with knowledge ask him a couple of questions, interview him by Skype and
record that conversation, get the most of him and then sell that information, or you can become
partner to someone you already know and get him or her write the eBook and then you market it and
go 50 / 50!.

There are hundreds ways to do this, the thing is go and do it, some people are lazy (I am.. LOL)
but you have to quit that because if not, you will never make any money, almost anywhere.

It’s hard to do all the same, but if you can schedule yourself to write / interview, sales letter
then outsource the webpage and all tech stuff… you will make bank!.

You have to focus on your wishes, goals and speciation but never forgive quality and progress.
How to develop your product:

1. Study your market and do your research!
2. Learn about the problems, and find a solution ( One problem, One solution ) e.g : – Tom writes
about a how to train bulldogs puppies, you see, he address that his training is
for puppies and is only for puppies, other example could be, – Tom start his video
series about adult bulldog training. Once again this is only for “adult bulldogs” but Tim realize
that his puppies bulldog training audience may need in the future about adult dog training also and
he creates a new product for that audience… “ One problem, One Solution “
3. Always try to write or record in a quiet place, when you feel good and try to never
exaggerate what you trying to teach, writes or develop about, be ALWAYS realistic and deliver
4. Try to keep it simple, the fancy stuff confuse people
5. Have time pre-established to become progressive, have a schedule to write, other for
outsource, other for sales letter…
Let you imagination and talent work in harmony with your hands, the best you write the best your

There are 4 ways to deliver your product to your customers, it could be audio, video, written
software, but first 3 are the most important, because always are people who some channels works
better over others, some of they prefer audio, others video… so try to deliver your
product in the first 3 of them, audio, video and written, this is something the i call full
multimedia package.

Tools for Audio Record:
1- Microphone
2- Headset or speakers
3- FREE Audio Recorder ( You can use this for Expert interviews and for your voice recording ) –
here :
Tools for Video Record
1- If you want to shoot a video of yourself a video camera, try to look for an HD
camcorder, you can find for a low price at amazon
2- If you want to record you screen, then download the free screen recorder here :
3- Try to have a guideline and the bullet points for an screen recording, if better, write a
script about what you will be talking and showing
4- If you have and interview use skype for do it better:
Tools for Writing
1- You will need a text software, I recommend Windows Office Word and the convert it to
PDF for free here :
2- If you cannot buy or not have installed Windows Office Word, then you can download one free
text software here

The way you create you product is completely your decision; certainly, there are types of ways to
create a product:

1- Fill in blanks
2- Interview the author
3- Interview with expert
4- Partner with expert
5- Outsource it
TIP 1: There is a 6th option, asking to your customers what they want, if you don’t have buyers
that’s ok, if you have a couple of them create a survey free here ,
and ask them if they like your last product and what they want next!
TIP 2: You can find the experts around the forums related to your niche, try to search in
google “ Niche name + forum “ you will find many results.

Sales Letter / CopyWriting – The Conversion tool 1

The sales letter is one of the most important thing you ever have to do, imagine having your
personal sales agent working for you 7 days a week for 24 hours, without stress or get tired, it
have to be more than good.Remember that your sales page is where all your traffic lands, here’s
when your future super buyer decides to buy or not, so this is climax point. If you do this wrong
your conversion will be terrible, in fact a bad sales letter may cause lose sales and that the
affiliates never promote you.

But did you remember your research? Here is when this start working in a different way, you already
did your product base on your market research, and you end up with a high value product to that
audience, you already knows that your main key is having your own traffic in your super buyer list,
and that your affiliates are more than happy to work with you because you create a value product,
now is time to you sales letter automatically sell for you.
Here the details, think a sales letter as a bullet point check list, yes, in fact I’m about to show
you what one of the biggest marketers are using for their own sales letters, I’m also use this and
believe me this works and plug a very good conversion rate over other methods I’d use.

Sales letter may be unique, uniform, and straight to the point.
The Sales letter Bullet-Point Check List

 Pre Head – Call out the problem
 Sick and Tired of “Gurus”
 Attention “Fishers” ( Your Niche Audience )
 Head line –>The Big Benefit
 Get “x” result in “y” time
 Discover how to get awesome result without negative things.
 Subhead –> Deck Copy = Augmentation of the big benefit
 Even better you can do this if you’re a moron
 Even better you can drive 360 yards with one leg
 Intro
 From
 RE
 Establish positioning
 Yourname
 Big this is it’s a letter
 Who you are
 Your credentials
 But it wasn’t always like that
 Build empathy and it’s not your fault
 Your story
 Butthenitallchanged
 How you got your lucky break
 How the product came to be
 Introduce theproduct
 Explaintheproduct
 Benefits and bullets
 Allthedifferent modules
 Teaseprice
 Butwaitthere’s more
 Bonuses
 Reveal price and price justification
 $5k to $10
 Price hike
 Reveal price
 Guarantee
 Crossroads close
 You can either pick this up and be awesome. or continue to struggle.
 Sign off
 Benefits
 Assume the close
 Nothing to lose – risk free
 Ps logic close aka you risk nothing
 PS two emotional close, what will happen if things stay the say
 Kind close
 Lazy man’s to riches close
Now you have a clear knowledge about how the professional marketer does, you see, if you keep it
simple this will works for you. I recommend you as a first option, you can read several ebooks on
the internet, Dan Kennedy it’s one of my favorites

You can also use the second option which is outsourcing, you can find people at , , , try to look for the people who have very good rate and
a good “hired” hours.

Golden Rules for Master the Copywriting

You could spend thousands of dollars on advertisement and have extremely low or no results in sales
because of your poor planed copy. You shouldnt be amazed by the fact that huge corporations all
over the world do that mistake and waste millions of dollars on false advertisement campaigns.

However, how can you write good sales copy, killer ads that get the attention of people? There are
no magic recipes for that, but you can follow some fundamental rules, which can lead to you to
success if you adapt them properly.

1) Have a good product. Be honest and mean what you say or what you offer. Avoid the exaggerations
and hyped claims. You stake your reputation and your business offline or online it doesnt make any
2) Have a plan on your trial and error period. Dont expect to write your first copy and be a golden
one. You will alter it many times, test it, retest it try a new one and so on. Set a schedule for
that. Do not fool around.

3) AIDA. Its the proven and the bedrock of the copy process. Always follow it. AIDA A= Attention.
You must grab it instantly or you dont have a chance.
I = Interest. You grab and keep their interest. If they get bored, they will leave. D= Desire.
Interest must be transformed into desire for what you offer.
A= Action. You must convince them to act now. Not tomorrow, next week e.t.c. They will forget it
few hours later.

4) Always work on your prospects emotion. Most of the people buy something emotionally and then
justify it rationally.

5) Headline is the Key. If it doesnt grab their attention then theyve gone away. Your headline must
be a killer one.

6) Promote your best and strong benefit at first, not last. Thats how you are going to create
interest and then desire.

7) Tell stories. Thats an excellent way to rekindle their emotion or even their passion. Stories
always inspire.

8) Answer all the objections and questions you think your prospects could have. In that way you
will gain their trust.

9) Use bullet points for each of your benefits and bold, italics fonts for your text. Use the
underline feature but not so often.

10) Give time limit. This is an excellent tool for calling your prospects to act now!

11) Offer testimonials. It is the mother of gaining trust tools. Especially, if it is from someone
important in your field.

12) Make them easy to buy. Dont let them get lost in your web site. Make it as easy as possible.

13) Avoid graphics. They wont help you. People are looking for information not images.

14) Give guarantees. Research has proved that when you have a long guarantee your client feels
safer and that leads to fewer refunds too!

15) Never assume that your prospects know what you want to say. Always be specific and clear about
your product or service.
16) Have your copy or ad checked by your friends, colleagues e.t.c. Its better to have other views,
after all its a part of the testing process.
Headlines Matter: Think Out Side of the box

Whether you’re going to write copywriting headlines for your blog posts, subject lines for your
ebooks or simple sales letter material, knowing the most effective marketing headlines can be
essential to your success.

Several studies and experiments have already proved that the most important element of an article
(whether that is a sales letter, a blog post, an affiliate offer or anything else) is the headline.
Making even just a tiny little change to your headline can increase (or decrease) your sales by as
much as 800%.

For example, if you develop a huge list of subscribers, but don’t know how to write copywriting
headlines that get your readers to open your emails, 90% of your work can easily go to waste. What
a shame…

So to prevent this from happening to you and to ensure your success, I decided to list here the 7
most popular copywriting headlines. Naturally, there are hundreds of other headline formulas like
this, but this topic is so big, I’m probably going to cover the whole scope of marketing headlines
in another ebook. 🙂

1. Something Every [blank] Needs to Know


Something Every Internet Marketer Needs to Know Something Every Single Man Needs to Know Something
Every Married Couple Needs to Know Something Every Schizophrenic Needs to Know
This subject-line formula is very effective, for obvious reasons: it directly addresses the target
audience (every “something”) and compels them to read the rest of the article as well.

After all, if you were a single man and you received an email with a subject line like the above
one, could you resist opening it? I highly doubt it, since you probably wouldn’t want to miss out
on finding out what all single guys need to know.

It could be important…

2. This [blank] Tip is Almost Too Easy


This Internet Marketing Tip is Almost Too Easy This Email Marketing Tips is Almost Too easy This
Knitting Tip is Almost Too Easy
This Golfing Tip is Almost Too Easy

Again, the power of this headline is quite obvious: who wouldn’t want to know about a “secret way”
to do something, that’s not only easy to do, but also brings some very great results.

Just try it yourself: send out a newsletter issue with this subject line to your list, and
you’ll see how hard they’ll find it to resist reading the rest of your message.

3. For [blank] This Works Like Crazy


For Baseball Players This Works Like Crazy

For Work-at-Home-Moms This Works Like Crazy

For Soccer Fans This Works Like Crazy

For Diabetics This Works Like Crazy

Again, I don’t feel the need to explain why this type of headline is so effective: it clearly
addresses the target audience, and conveys a huge benefit to reading the rest of the message (wait,
I explained it anyway).

4. How I [blank + desired benefit] in [short time/little effort]


How I Made $2.367 Online in Six Months

How I Cured Myself from MS in Just a Few Weeks

How I Grew a List of 3.000 Subscribers in Just 45 Days How I Became a Millionaire Working Only 5
Hours a Week How I Met Your Mother (sorry, I couldn’t resist it 🙂 )
The key to this headline is that you include a desired benefit that your target
audience wants, plus a surprisingly short timeframe to achieving it.

Also, it’s important to start the subject line with “How I”, since it will imply to your readers
that you’re about to tell a personal story from your life: and stories inspire people so they’ll
want to read it.

5. The Best Way I Know to [blank]


The Best Way I Know to Succeed Online

The Best Way I Know to Stay Healthy

The Best Way I Know to Find Your Soulmate

The Best Way I Know to Watch Free Movies Online

Here’s why your readers will want to open an email with this subject line: You’re the expert.
Obviously, you have tons of experience under your belt related to your niche. If you know something
to be the best way, you’re probably right.

So if you manage to come up with a nice desired benefit for the end of the headline, this could
work magically for you…

6. A Great [blank] Resource I Just Found

A Great Email Marketing Resource I Just Found

A Great Copywriting Resource I Just Found

A Great Bodybuilding Resource I Just Found

A Great Traveling Resource I Just Found

Short, clear and to the point: who wouldn’t be willing to take 30 seconds to open this email and
see what resource you’re talking about? After all, you’re the expert:if you think that something is
a great resource and you’ve just stumbled upon it yourself, it will surely benefit your readers as

7. This Ruins Most [blank]


This Ruins Most Work at Home Parents

This Ruins Most Marriages

This Ruins Most Family Vacations

This Ruins Most Self-Publishers

This is one of the most effective copywriting headlines: it’s based on our fear of loss. Obviously,
we don’t like to mess things up, and we’d rather learn from the mistakes of others than our own
trial and error.

So if you – the expert – know something that’s a very common mistake and ruins most people’s
success, your readers will surely be intrigued to find out what it is
and how they can avoid it.

As a result, this headline formula is almost guaranteed to achieve an at least 80%
open-rate for you.
“How to” Headline Formula Bonus 1. Copywriting Headlines Examples:
How to Win Friends and Influence People
How to Build a List of 100.000 Subscribers

How to Install WordPress in 10 Steps

How to Get a Girlfriend

The “how to” headline formula is probably the most widespread copywriting headline in the world: if
you haven’t been living under a rock, you must have seen a bunch of examples yourself.

It’s easy to understand why marketers like using it so much: people can’t resist clicking on “how
to” headlines.

Why? “How to” suggests that the article writer is about to explain a complex process in a
step-by-step, easy to understand way. It clearly states what benefits the reader gets by reading it
(ex.: How to get a girlfriend).

The only thing you need to pay attention to when using this headline is specificity. You must be
very precise in your promise: the more specific you go, the better.

For example, “How to Make $9.999 in 2 Weeks” is always going to get more clicks than “How to Become
Rich”, because the first one states a more specific, more tangible promise (whilst rich can be

Top X Ways to [blank]

This is why some copywriting gurus suggest you write your headlines (or subject lines) first, and
only then should you write the article body. This way, you’ll already know what promises you have
to deliver on, and you’ll be able to write your article with that in mind.
Split Testing (A/B Test) – The Conversion tool 2

What is Split testing? , well basically it’s the application of multiple ways to sell one single
thing, let say you have a new product and you write a sales letter who convert 23 % every 100
people, that’s very high number in fact, but if you re-write the sales letter and the new one
give you 48% every 100 people, equals more sales!, split testing is using extra details , re-
writing , adding sales videos to sell the same product but in a different way, one recommendation
to you, try this in sales letters, e-mail swipes, and headlines, if you do this you will be one
step plus over the competition, let’s do a test right now, tell me which is better..

1- Comprehensive guide to how to make money online with emails by XYZ
2- How to build your online money making machine sending emails report
3- This guy is banking over $3,567 every single day, with 100 buyers email list
You see, I’m selling an internet marketing course, it could be audio, ebook or video, but which one
of those above grab your attention? , this is all about conversion rate, and psychology of the
buyer, if you do a correct market research before you start, you will be notice that the 3rd line
have a number in dollars which grab your attention to it, also tell you when he does and with how
many people works ,it use a subject also, You see, it’s simple never be afraid to change something,
actually do it!.
TIP: There are several studies by shows that a video converts over 220 % more
than just text, so a sales video would be a perfect option to do this, I recommend you go to , where you can find people to do this for just $5 and hire someone to outsource it.

TIP 2: Go to your email inbox, I’m more than sure that you will have at least one of these
affiliates promoting others people stuff, try not to look it as a customer, try look it as a
Marketer, which headline grab your attention over the others?, which email content may cause you
buy from them?, do they are selling value stuff or just junk?… This is how the businesses works,

In Depth A/B Testing

You’re probably sitting there thinking, “A/B testing my emails is hard!” or “Where do I
even start with A/B testing my email campaigns?”

The truth is, most online businesses could spend a lot more time testing their email marketing
campaigns, and this means you can stand out from the crowd by being one of the companies that does.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to test, here are five things you can experiment with —
they’re likely things you have never tried.

Let’s break each idea down and throw in a few examples so you can learn to harness the full power
of A/B testing for your email marketing campaigns.

1. Split Your Primary CTA Into Deeper Links

It’s always a good idea to focus on a single call-to-action, as this will generally increase your
email marketing conversions. However, there are times when you can drive click-throughs and
conversions even higher by splitting your primary call-to-action into parts.

Take this example from

As a reader, I find this email very engaging — it not only reduces the number of clicks I have to
make, but also makes it perfectly clear what the goal of this campaign is and how I can reach it.

Amazon is no stranger to this concept, either. When you purchase a book on your Kindle, Amazon will
generally send you an email a little like this:

…however, they also test a variation that looks like this:

As you can see, they are clearly breaking up the call-to-action into a series of “deep links” —
links that take the customer further down the funnel. When you click “Rate this book” in the first
email, you are taken to a page where you select the rating (out of five) and, optionally, leave a

In the latter email, a click and a step are removed so you have to do less. This is a fine example
of the KISS principle at work: keep it simple, stupid. By making it extremely clear what you’re
getting yourself into when engaging with this email, Amazon nails the split CTA.

A final example of splitting out the primary CTA into deeper links comes from Badoo with their
social “rate another profile” update emails:

So, next time you’re setting up an A/B test, ask yourself: are you able to break out your CTA into
more detailed links? Can you help your customers “skip a step”? If so, test this for an extra boost
in conversions.

2. Repeat Your CTA In Your Signature Or Postscript (P.S.)

Even if you can’t split out your CTA, you should certainly try repeating it!

Including too many links is overwhelming — but having just two or even three links pointing to the
same ultimate goal generally leads to a lift in conversions rather than a drop-off.

This message from KISSmetrics is a classic example of a long-form email that ultimately ends with a
simple call-to-action — in this case, to join a webinar. You will note the repetition of the CTA in
the postscript. A postscript (or P.S.) is a magical device, as readers are visually drawn
to them, even when skimming through an email. If you want to drive a point home, repeating it in
the P.S. really helps.

The Ultimate Guide to SaaS Pricing – A KISSmetrics Webinar

Lars at KISSmetri田 110匂剛 坦 to jam白 2・

Sett ng your pr巴e is about as scary as it gets
This one little detailcan ∞mpletely determine the late 01your SaaS business

No pressure

Setyour pr出e too low…and you’lI never generate alarge enough cash fiow to build a business on

But set it too high…and you’lI never get any customers in the irst place

Yup,absolutely no pressure whatsoever

And there aren’t any reliable guides lor how to set a pr巴e.It seems like a bunch 01voodoo black
5omehow,we’re supposed to magi岨lIy ∞njure up a supply and demand curve,calculate the pe何ect price
or our market,and spit out a number that will bring us glory and riches

R1川1川11川11川川川川iight. How on ea門h are we supposed to do that?
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Here’s some 01the highilghts I’m going to ∞ver:

• The right and wrong ways to set a pri曲
• The 2 stages you’lI go through when setting a pri曲
• The rules you 国 n rely on when setting your pri国 lor the lirst time

Since every business model is different,1’11 be locusing heavily on SaaS businesses to give you
s廿ategies and tactics that you 国 n use right away

The last time we ran one 01these webinars,we maxed out the number 01attendees.A bunch
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Lars Lolgren Marketing Analyst KISSmetrics

P.S.Reoister lor mv next Iree webinar to learn how set the riaht 町田e lor vaur SaaS business.
Feb 22 ・R、eply …
You can see that repeating the call-to-action isn’t too difficult. The most common ways to
frame the call-to-action in the P.S. are:

Offering a discount or bonus. E.g., Remember, the first 10 people to click through get an extra
10% off!

Adding a personal touch. E.g., I can’t wait to see these five tips help transform your email
conversions. Sign up and let’s talk.

Creating a sense of urgency. E.g., Don’t forget that this offer ends in 12 hours.

All of these can be effective, but one thing is for sure: you should test whether including a CTA
a second time, as part of a postscript or footer, lifts your conversions.
3. Test The Variety & Order Of Your Secondary Links
Lots of campaigns, particularly those that use standard templates, contain a series of secondary
links located in the header area. These are designed to give the customer options or to take them
down different paths to the same goal (e.g., purchase).

Here’s an example from Net-a-Porter:
Here’s a second example from Amazon:
Aside from testing whether removing these links entirely increases conversions, you should
definitely test the order and contents of these links.

In the Amazon example, there are a number of interesting links in the header, including a link to
personal recommendations, a link to sign up for Amazon Prime, a link for free UK delivery, and a
series of three links for “MP3,” “Deals of the Week,” and “See all departments.”

There is a lot going on there. What if you were to change the order of these links? Should men see
the same links as women? Should people under 30 see the same as people over 30? Is including a link
to Amazon Prime cannibalising the Prime conversions?

These sorts of tests are becoming easier and easier to build, as you can use advanced templating
languages to include or exclude content based on various parameters. Even having two basic
variations – one with links A, B and C, and another with links D, E and F — will tell you a great
deal about what works!

This doesn’t just apply to complex templates. In this blog update email from KISSmetrics, there is
a link to sign up in the footer.

A/B testing the order and format of every piece of content and every link in your campaigns allows
you to make informed decisions on these questions!

4. Ask Questions

“Questions are worth a thousand opens.” Perhaps that should become a new email marketing

The truth is, asking questions is really powerful. This is particularly true when it comes to
subject lines. Rather than writing:

Find out if your blog is growing fast enough

…you might write:

Is your blog growing fast enough?

It’s a subjective difference, but the question implies a call-to-action. Litmus pulled together an
awesome email marketing infographic that also emphasizes the power of questions.

This doesn’t just hold up in email subject lines but is a great way to approach new content.
Flightfox doubled their conversion rates on his lifecycle email marketing campaign using a
question-and-answer format.
They understood that customers are looking to be educated. By finding the most common customer
support questions, Flightfox was able to pull together a campaign that truly answers customers’
questions and focuses on them.

Next time you send a campaign, run a simple A/B test on your subject line or body content that uses
questions — you may be surprised by the results!

5. Go Mobile With Responsive Templates

As mobile devices take over the world, it is more important than ever to ensure you maximize your
conversions for recipients reading their emails on mobile devices.

Up to 65% of emails email opens already occur on mobile devices. That’s a hugepercentage — so you
should definitely track what devices your customers are using. It is worth conducting an A/B test
with a responsive template to see the impact.

Litmus recently blogged about the success Deckers had with the email marketing campaigns for their
Tsubo and Ahnu clothing brands. Using responsive templates, they were able to increase
click-through rates by 10%. That’s a nice bump simply from using a little extra CSS to style the
campaign. Here’s an example they published from Tsubo:

,-1t.U $,”U”‘” 噌@・,..ε特定TII拘H’
勢ar o( rhe ,gnaμ
一剛山旭町 t ‘ u .

hが 1・h均・
hmJ 1.・h町・

時晴 叩 1明

-・・IIID,u ,’ – ,停,, ,
$ t’1・F・0..,..”5.ltI . ,.
&院制・-・.,,仰抑制時恒例凶 “”曙 雌H 0岬…..
E九一九一一 ・- “ー
……- 。岨 eω”‘_.

-抑制帽岡山附川 田
Campaign Monitor has an awesome guide on mobile template design. So get inspired!

Now is Your Turn! 

Traffic Generation

The 100% Commission Method, Leverage!

Let’s talk about this, which is one of the biggest traffic sources on the internet? But hold on, I
didn’t finish that question, Traffic Source for FREE ??.

I’m not referring myself spamming others people or register to 1000 forums or post Ads in major
Search Engines , or even buy traffic from solo ads, Facebook, Twitter, Google…

No way!, the best way to start building your list for free is leverage your offer to AFFILIATES,
who already are active marketers that OWN traffic ( BUYERS LISTS) and let them send you
tons of PRE-QUALIFIED prospects instead of you paying for traffic that may not buy from you or even
worse, lose money!…

Attracting this gold machines aren’t easy, but you can increase the possibility by giving them
100% commission in the gateway platform (E.g Jvzoo, Clickbank, WarriorPlus) it may cause thousands
of new buyers on your SmartList.

You could probably say – “ Isaac is Crazy…

I won’t never pay 100 % to affiliates, because I won’t get a dime!”, well my friend, your money is
not on your product value, it’s in the LEAD or Buyer who got your product… WOW?

What’s that ?

Let’s say you have a SmartList with 1000 customers, you give to the affiliates 100 % commission in
order to get back those 1000 Customers ( Affiliates pay for the promotion, pay for facebook ads, do
solo ads… they do all the hard work in exchange the commission) but you get those people in your
Auto-Responder ( Email Manager).

Now let’s say you launch your second product, and you send to those 1000 people to your offer by
sending an email ( Remember they already are buyers, “ a buyer is buyer”) and let’s say the
conversion rate you got were 23% of those 1000, that will be 230 sales so far, if you launch a
(($29 product * 230 sales = $6.670))


You fill me again.!

Well, a newbie internet marketer NEVER learn from the “Gurus” something like this and let
me tell you something, in this industry “IM”, there will never would be a single “Guru”, they
are just people who have more EXPERIENCE than you, or people who had the heart to sell you
Crap instead of giving you value.

So throw that out of your head, and even more, try to blank your mind for a second , ok, leave all
worries, all the pain, all debts, everything, just follow this lines, you’re an star about to

TIP: The first time you create your product, try to sell it as a high quality, but low priced, this
is a method which buyers see a potential information and just because is low cost the can afford to
buy it, and also for the affiliate becomes easier to sell a low price but high quality product.
Where To & How to- Find the Goldmine Affiliates?
Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make money online, affiliates are marketers that promote
other marketers products, as simple like that, and affiliate marketing is a lucrative opportunity,
every single day more people become doing this.

Affiliate that have potential are the people you always want to target, you see, in any niche you
can imagine are people willing to promote your work, they want to spend money by getting back more

Many of these marketers already own traffic, they have their own list with buyers, but not only
that, they also use different strategies to promote products here is a brief of those:

1- Solo Ads
2- Email Marketing
3- Forum Marketing
4- Facebook Ads
5- Google, Bing, Yahoo Ads
6- Website Banners
7- PPC
8- Review Sites

And so on… You see, every single time an affiliate promote your product, they are sending you
Traffic, the benefit for you is that by having active affiliates you will never have to spend money
to get buyers, they spend their time,money and work to get back the commission you pay to them.

That’s way we need to give 100% + Commision and populate the benefit they get when
promote your product.

Other benefit for you is that when they send you customers, those people want always talk about
your product, so you will be getting REVIEWS from customers, and due to you made a quality product
and made a good impression for them, hopefully they will be telling to the world how good you are
doing it.

Be always open to hear people’s opinions.

But not all those affiliates will work for you, try always to look for active marketers, but how
can you realize which are?
Well, people who write REVIEWS are the one you want to target, this people are active affiliates
because they do WORK for get a commission, you want hard workers for your business, and in fact, if
they do reviews they also do other marketing strategies we spoke before.

Simply implementing an affiliate system is not enough for a successful affiliate program. In order
to have a truly successful affiliate program, you must recruit those affiliates that will work hard
to actively promote your software. In the past, we’ve given some best practices on how to create
effective affiliate marketing pieces. But once these are done, how do you find affiliates to sell
their products? We’ve put together some good methods to help attract new affiliates to sell your
Advertise For Affiliates (PPC)

Just as you can use Pay-Per-Click to attract website visitors and downloaders, you can also use
Pay-Per-Click advertising to gain the attention of affiliates to your affiliate program. Bid for
terms and phrases that relate to your program, along with “affiliate”. Those that click through on
the advertisements will typically have a clear understanding of how affiliate marketing works.
Participate in Affiliate Forums

There are a number of online forums that are specific to affiliate programs and affiliate
management. Participate in these affiliate forums, because they are where many of the more
successful affiliate marketers spend time. Include a link to your affiliate program in your forum
signature to further draw attention to your affiliate offerings. Check out these affiliate forums:

5 Star Affiliate Program Associate Programs Affiliate Spot
Affiliate Talk Affiliate Programs Australian Affiliate Forums
Seek Out Super-Affiliates

Super-affiliates are the top affiliate performers. They have artfully mastered the concept of
affiliate marketing, and can generate significant revenue for those merchants that catch their
interest. Super-affiliates will look for programs that have a high conversion rate, along with
those programs where the merchant shares a decent percentage of revenue with the affiliate.

It is best to approach super-affiliates directly with agreement terms that will be certain to
capture their interest. Super-affiliates will often try promoting a program, and then drop it if it
does not perform up to their standards, never giving it a second look… so make sure you have
quality collateral and a solid conversion rate before you approach them.
Competitive Analysis

Look into which affiliates are promoting your competitors’ products, and contact them directly. Try
offering the affiliates the opportunity to earn more with your software than the products of your
competitors. It’s a good way to capitalize on an already- established vendor.
Attend Affiliate Conferences

There are conferences dedicated to affiliate programs. Many merchants and super- affiliates travel
and use the conventions to network with their current or potential partners. Networking at
affiliate-specific conferences can be a great place to find affiliates. Here are just a couple such

Affiliate Summit (Affiliate East / Affiliate West) A4U
Incentive Contests

Running a contest with cash prizes for the top performers will often entice affiliates to perform
well. Incentives and contests can also inspire affiliates to push specific merchants on their

Recruiting and maintaining effective affiliates is a sure-fire way to see incremental revenue for
your business. While it does take some time and effort to build the base, the results should be
well worth the investment. Do you have any other effective measures? Share them in the comments
section below!
Another Way to Find Goldmine Affiliates

Here is when your last work take care for you, let’s say you already made your product and you are
ready to lunch it and start making money, I going to show you the best way to find this people in
almost no time.


1- In your Google homepage, look for your niche related sellers. The best way to do this is by
finding competition products, for example, in google search I’d for “List Building + REVIEW”, I
found something like these:

As you can see the Google search results shows me more than 82.600 results with that term, you if
you are in other niche go and find those websites by following the same.

2- Now when you have a product name related to your niche, go and type one of those Competitors
product names ( Could be anyone Related) in this way: “ Product Name + Review”, I went in one of
those websites in it show me something like this:
3- Now, as you can see, now we are in an active affiliate website, so the last step is to get
their contact information and save it.

Now by having their email address, we need to start collection more in the same way, look for
affiliates that post reviews and the owners of those products too! You really want to establish a
conversation also with your competition, this way, you both can get benefits,

In the years I been doing this, I created an spread sheet in the member area resources in order to
have a control over the affiliates you got, this is a time saver tool and also an organizer, so you
must take a look. (I’m also include a short training along with this spread sheet)

Now, having a bunch of potential affiliates emails your primary action is not to go crazy and just
simple send emails telling them “ Promote me”, not!, in fact if you do that you will face the worst
case of rejection ever, why? Well no body will even look at your product if you go like that; you
have to be smart to have a conversation with them about a business opportunity you’re working
before even tell them to start promoting you.
So go and look resources “Affiliate Email Swipes”.
Affiliates Daily Goal

The Millionaire boy recommend to start looking to affiliates as a daily goal, let say every day
your task would be getting 50 new affiliates emails, and start asking them as we talk before. You
can actually outsource this to somebody to reduce your work and have more time to dedicate to other
Sales Funnels
One time Offer, Extra income. ( Optional )

Other great thing is having a sales funnel with 2 or more OTO ( One time offers) , it could be more
of your products or complementary products from other sellers, with this trick you will increase
the opportunity to get them promoting you because if their customers upsell for OTOs, they will get
more money, SIMPLE. But like I said this could be optional for you. Try to follow this in order to
get them exciting:

1- First OTO – 100 % commission
2- Second OTO – 75 % commission
3- Third OTO – 50 % Recurring Commission ( Membership Site)

The key is to be GENEROUS with affiliates and pay them even more!. Believe me, when you got a list
of 10.000 people that every time you send an email you get thousands of dollars back… The more the
affiliates you pay, the most effort they do… it simple worth.

Marketing your website is a complex process. As SEO becomes increasingly difficult and Social Media
becomes increasingly time-consuming, nothing could be more important than spending time mapping out
your very own “Content Marketing Sales Funnel.”

I’ll walk you through the essential steps for building an online sales funnel to help you convert
more of your tire-kickers into happy, repeat customers with massive Lifetime Customer Value. And,
while I’m at it, I’m going to show you more pictures of funnels than you’ll probably ever see
again. 🙂 Let’s get started…

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing system. It’s the “ideal” process you intend your customers to
experience as they go from Prospect to Lead to Customer to Repeat Buyer. Sales funnels have been
around much longer than web marketing, but the online world is the best thing to ever happen to
sales funnels because websites and email marketing make sales funnels easier to build.
Think of a sales funnel just like an ordinary funnel.
The purpose of a funnel is to make things easier and cleaner. When you put fresh, new oil in your
car for example, you don’t want oil spilling all over your engine. So what do you do? You use a
funnel to increase the likelihood that ALL (or most) of the oil will go straight to its
Sales funnels work the same way — they help you avoid “spilling” (or losing) potential customers.
The idea of using a funnel as a metaphor for Sales & Marketing processes in business really stems
from the classic Marketing concept, AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. These 4 elements
generally describe how you build customer relationships, but they can also describe lots of other
things too (like how to structure a really good sales letter or sales pitch).

Here’s a quick example of a sales funnel:

Let’s say I’m in the travel business. I’m a travel agent with my very own website where I
offer some basic information about me and my services.

A simple contact form or phone number listed on my travel website MIGHT help me get a few new leads
here and there. But instead of just waiting for people to pick up the phone and call my travel
agency, I offer a free report all about a topic of great interest to my target customers.

The report is called “How To Save 50% On Your Next Family Vacation” (or something to that effect).
I make the report available to any website visitor in exchange for their first name and email

This is an example of a LEAD MAGNET. (I firmly believe virtually EVERY website should have a lead
magnet in place.)

Then, every week (or every month) I send out my travel newsletter to everyone on that
list. Periodically, I also send out special surveys, limited offer coupons, prizes, other special
reports, and much more as I’d talk before.

Since, in this example, my main business is booking travel, my ultimate goal is to convert
newsletter subscribers into travel bookings. But if I develop a more sophisticated sales
funnel, I can start to segment my list and target my marketing even more carefully to my “hot
leads” and my most active subscribers. This way, I can begin to learn more about my list to offer
well targeted new products and services.

The Power of Content

As my example illustrates, the most critical ingredient in virtually every sales funnel is

If you want to attract more prospects to your website in the first place, you need
(Blogging, for example, allows you to leverage “public content” to attract more site visitors.)

If you want to turn more prospects into leads, you need CONTENT.
(Offering a free report or e-course allows you to capture more email addresses with
“exclusive content.”)

And if you want to turn more leads into customers, you need CONTENT.
(Sending out periodic newsletters is a great way to build a stronger relationship with your

Content is so powerful that I much prefer the term “Content Marketing” over the term “Internet
Marketing”. Great marketing has always been (and always will be) about CONTENT.

And today, your ability to share great content with your prospects will determine the outcome of
your online business operations.
Nurturing Your Prospects
I first really understood the idea of “nurturing prospects” It’s a great way to think about the
process of how someone moves through your sales funnel: From (1) Website Visitor to (2) Email Lead
to (3) List Subscriber to (4) Customer and (5) Lifetime Customer.

When you NURTURE prospects, you give them what they need to grow strong and healthy. Obviously not
every prospect will grow into a “Lifetime Customer” regardless of what you do. That’s just the
nature of lists, email marketing, and all the rest. Still, it’s so important to remember that a
list of 100,000 weak and “under nurtured” prospects will never stand up against a list of just 100
“strong and healthy” prospects.

Nurturing is the opposite of abusing. This is the greatest problem with most “Internet Marketing”
approaches to list building and email marketing. Instead of nurturing prospects, online marketers
often “milk the list” for all its worth and then go out and build/buy/acquire a new one. That’s
abuse, folks – not marketing.

Nurturing takes time, thought, and care.

One important warning: Let’s not forget that you are in business. And as a business owner you have
something of value to offer your customers in exchange for their cash. That’s a fair and equitable
relationship. So please don’t take my nurturing metaphor too far here. Your goal isn’t simply to
placate your list — your goal is to build a profitable business that provides VALUE in exchange
for VALUE.
The Ultimate Sales Funnel

So far, we’ve looked at the essential elements for creating the most basic sales funnels. You
definitely need to work at putting these key ingredients into place before moving forward — great
content, a lead magnet, and email marketing.

But the real power of the sales funnel is in growing your Lifetime Customer Value.

In the previous section, I listed a few steps of nurturing your prospects. The ultimate goal of
that process is to create Lifetime Customers. As you can imagine, those lifetime customers will be
major contributors to the long-term growth of your business. This is where a lot of businesses
fail. It’s a lot easier to sell lots of your best products and/or services to a small group of
raving fans than it is to sell just one item to masses of new customers.

For example, let’s say your goal is $1,000,000 in annual revenue. If your Lifetime Customer
ANNUAL value is $1,000 per year, then you only need to do $1,000 in sales every year to
1,000 customers. If you can keep those 1,000 customers around for 3 to 5 years, then your only job
every year is to keep those 1,000 spots filled with nurtured prospects.

On the other hand, if you only focus on generating one sale with each of your customers and that
sale is only worth $100 in revenue, you’re going to need 10,000 customers to reach your $1M revenue
goal. And every year, you’ll have to find 10,000 MORE customers.

This failure is why MOST small businesses fail within 5 years or less.

A strong sales funnel will make it far easier to increase Lifetime Customer Value and help you
reach your annual sales goals. This means nurturing those customers, yes, but it also means working
on developing new backend products and services you can sell to ADD MORE VALUE to your lead

The term “Sales Funnel” refers to this exact process. For every 10,000 prospects you put into the
top of the funnel, only 2,000 will become leads. And of those 2,000 leads only
1,000 will buy your lead product. Then, only 200 will buy your backend product and go on to buy
more from you over the years to come.
These numbers are always different for every business. But you can be sure about one thing — the
more time you invest into building and fine-tuning your sales funnel, the more successful you’ll

Take Action Now

I always like to return to what I call the 3 most important questions in business — “How do you
attract more leads?” and “How do you convert more leads into customers?” and
“How do you convert more customers into lifetime, repeat buyers?”

The answer is my motto — “Convert With Content.”

Take time right now to map out your online sales funnel. Here are some questions to ask yourself
and some quick ideas to help you with each item…

1. How are you attracting new visitors to your website?
-Blogging / Product creation are the best ways to attract new visitors.

2. How are you converting website visitors into leads?
-Lead magnets are the best tools for capturing email addresses.

3. How are you building a relationship with your leads?
-Providing value and information (without just selling) is critical.

4. How are you learning from your leads & customers?
-Surveys and phone calls are a great way to learn more about your list.

5. And how are you turning first-time customers into happy, repeating customers?
-Focus on creating backend products that solve your customers’ greatest problems. Get to work on
these items right away.
Website Automation

The automation bring freedom to the people who knows how to use it, the best way to do this is
having a 4 page system, what is this?, well let me explain you as simple it is:

PAGE 1: Landing page, where people read your sales letter, price, testimonials, sales video and
there is your “ BUY NOW “ Button

PAGE 2: Your Sales Funnel, when your buyer got your product, you show some others offers they can
upsell or Down sell if they don’t want it.


– OTO 1 / $17 – 100 % ,

– OTO 2 / $19.95- 75 %

– OTO 3 / $ 27 Per / Month ( Trail $1 for 72 Hours ) – Membership site

PAGE 3: Your Download page, try all ways to give FREE bonuses ( 2 or more ); this is powerful
because the people feel that they are actually getting more for what the pay!, this bonuses must be
valuable information.
PAGE 4: Your affiliate sing up page, request for they email address by telling them that if they
don’t sing up, they would not be eligible to promo, really you don’t want to miss people who are
promoting you and bringing you traffic, also is perfect for your future products because every time
you create and start selling your new product, you already had your last affiliates working for you
once again, you can do this over and over again.

TIP: Request for name and email, you can do this creating a form with your auto responder. ( Due to
I don’t know which auto responder you use, please go to their help desk and ask how can you create
an opt-in form.

What to include in your Affiliate JV PAGE

Think about this; if you were the one promoting other people stuff, do you really want spend time
creating stuff to market it? That’s why you want to include all the possible information you can
provide to them, the most you give them, the most the will use to promote your quality product. Try
to include:

1- Email Swipes: Create Email Swipes in a sales form; try to engage your audience by telling them
something catchy. 3 or more email swipes will be perfect ( TIP: Analyze your competition Email
Swipes, see what’s going on, which one make you click, check their headline, and the email body )

2- Banners: There are affiliates that have their own websites, they really like to post banners,
try to create eye-grabbers banners. ( TIP: You can outsource this at, for just $5), create or outsource at least 6 of this banner, each one with
different headlines.

3- Headlines: Always create different headlines, is very important you split test this in order
to have a better conversion. TESTING is the KEY for SUCCESS so be CREATIVE.!
4- Inform your future affiliates which are the benefits when they promote you, provided
with the EPC ( If apply) the sales funnel you have ( If apply), a brief description of your product
and when did you lunched it, also include the link to your Jvzoo Affiliate Request page.

Instant Commission Platform.

Warrior plus
This is the way you connect your product, tracking data, click & sales data, affiliates payments.
You see, this is my favorite platform.

few others like:

1- ( They just allows 75 % commission)
2- ( Hard to get in)
3- ( Up-front cost, may be up to $10.000, just for set up)

So let’s talk about , these guys design one of the best system to the affiliates get
paid, and also to have a 100 % opt-in rate, this is because the people of
partner with Jvzoo, and this is something incredible because jvzoo is the unique platform that have
an integrated auto responder, this means, every time a customer buy your product 100% of them will
be added to your list, in other platforms, this is something critical due to if a buyer don’t open
their email and click the confirmation link sent by the auto responder they do not are added to
your list so you will be losing customers!.

Also they design a useful system to track your affiliates commissions, clicks got from them,.. in
general, a system like this is complicated to have, and track all of this information may be a
pain, but the team of GetResponse and Jvzoo did a wonderful job, you must take a look, there is a
cost for the autoresponder, but they offer a 30 day-trial, so there is no way you can dismiss this,
but if you want to use another auto responder and platform you’re allow it too. To learn more about
this visit their webpage.

NOTE: We are NOT Affiliates to their system, this is what I recommend to use in your campaigns.


The boy teach me every single detail of his business, I still meeting each other once every 6
months, he is my couching mentor, and every day I learn from him then I apply, and finally I teach,
the first months I’d tried this I could generate my SmartList and everywhere in the world I go to
spend my time, if I need money I just need to send an email and bank in autopilot.

It is a dream for many people and a life-changer, I wish everybody can create ,apply,and then teach
but just the people who really want to succeed become successful .

Now you have this entire knowledge in your hands, never forget to donate a few bucks to charity,
the karma will pay you double if you do that I swear!

Well thank you so much for buying my SmartList Training, I hope this can change your mind and

Solo Ad Arbitrage 2.0


Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton I @2015 AII rights reserved.
Solo Ad

Arbitrage 2.0
By: Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
Table of Contents

What exactly is a Solo Ad ………………………………………….4

What is Solo Ad Arbitrage 2.0 ……………………..……………..….4

Free Tools You Will Need ……………………………..…………….….6

Solo Sellers Sales Page ………………………………..………..……… 9

Features You Can Offer Your Buyers …………………..…………10

Where to Find Buyers………………………………………….……11

Facebook Groups.…………………………………..………….…………12

Dealing with Vendors………………………………………….…..……12

How Do I Get Testimonials…………………………………………..14

Steps to Making a Solo Ad Sale from Sale to Complete..15

Extra Tips & Tips………………………………………………………….16

Build Your Own List For Free……………………………………….17

Facebook Mastermind Group……………………………………..17

Solo Sellers to Stay Away From…………………………………..18

Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
What exactly is a solo ad?

A solo ad is a type of paid advertisement that is used to drive targeted traffic to a product or
service using email traffic.
Solo ads are a type of PPC (pay per click) advertising. The solo seller is paid per click to send
an email to their list of subscribers.
Solo ads can range in price from .35 to .75 cents per click. You can find solo ads higher or lower
depending on what they are offering to deliver. There are a few variations as far as traffic goes
that we will go over a bit later.
Your typical transaction may look something like:
Becky pays John to run a solo ad for her. She buys 100 clicks at .40 per click. They schedule a
time and day for the email to be sent. Becky sends John a tracking link and possibly ad copy that
he can use to mail to his subscribers. When the solo ad is complete he will send Becky a link that
shows the traffic has been delivered.
John just made $40 for mailing to his own list. You can see how this would be something that is
very profitable, and how fast the word would spread if you are delivering quality traffic.
Solo ads have become an increasingly popular way to drive targeted traffic to an offer. People are
always in need of good traffic that converts so they can build lists and sell products.
Solo ads are relatively inexpensive and extremely targeted, making
them one of the best sources of PPC traffic out there.

Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
What is Solo Ad Arbitrage 2.0 all about?
To sell solo ads you need an email list of subscribers. The most profitable way to make good money
is to send lots of traffic in a short amount of time. You would need a large list of subscribers to
make this happen…. or do you?
In Solo Ad Arbitrage 2.0 we are going to show you how to benefit from the massive need for solo ads
without having a list. Also you won’t have the expense of all the tools that a solo seller needs to
keep their business operational, such as autoresponders, and shelling out money
to build your own list.
I know you’re asking yourself… how can this be possible?
Brokering allows you to buy traffic low and sell high. Just like your major retailer, they buy for
one price and sell for a higher price. You can apply this method to just about anything including
solo ads.
So for example, you can get solo ads anywhere from .35-.50 a click all day long on a regular basis.
Essentially you get buyers that pay you .50 per click for a solo. In turn, you go to one of your
solo venders and pay them .35 per click. You just scored a .15 per click profit. Easy Peasy!
Let’s do some math for a moment.
Solo ads typically sell in packs anywhere from 100-1,000 clicks at a time
or more (those are the more common sizes but it’s not hard to find
people buying bigger).
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
From the places I will show you, it’s of little effort to sell 300-1000 clicks a day, with only
about 3 hours of work per day (or even less).
So let’s say you sold a 300 clicker for .50 a click and paid .35 a click.
Your profit is .15 per click multiplied by 300 = $45
You just made an easy $45 for simply facilitating the deal.
Let’s take it a bit further. Let’s say you sold 1,000 clicks a day (not hard to do at all). With
the same math you would make $150 from those 1k clicks.
For a solo ad seller that is not brokering they have to maintain a large list so they can deliver
1,000 clicks within 24 hours. With Solo Ad Arbitrage 2.0 you don’t have the limitations that a list
owner does. You can sell as many solos as you want because you can
broker the clicks from multiple vendors at a time.
I bet your mind is going crazy with the thought of how super easy this is to run and profit from.
You can sell as many clicks as you want because you have multiple people delivering them for you.
It really just depends on how much time you want to put into it and how much money you want to
Free Tools That You Will Need.
There are a few tools that I suggest you grab. They will come in handy!
SKYPE – Skype is a free messenger that allows instant messaging, voice
and video calls. Skype is a major tool used by solo ad sellers to keep in 6
contact with their customers and for customers to reach them. This
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
really is a necessary tool as you will be contacted mostly by this method.
If you don’t already have Skype or have it but don’t use it … you should
start getting familiar with it now.
Google Calendar – You need a calendar to keep all your solo sales in line. When you sell a solo you
should mark it on your calendar right away. I always make sure that I record their name, how they
contacted me (Skype, Email, Facebook) number of clicks they purchased and any special notes that
you need to remember about that particular solo.
I find Google Calendar the most effective and convenient because
1. It integrates with all Google Apps and uses my existing Google login and work with my Gmail so I
can get email reminders.
2. Works nice on mobile, and from the cloud so you can access any device
3. You can share calendars, so if you are accessing this you and your outsourcer can be looking at
the same calendar in live time and you can update details in live time also.
Link Trackers – You will need a link tracker so you can assure all the clicks that each customer
purchases are being delivered. You also need to be able to show your customers your tracking stats.
Being able to track clicks is vital to selling solos.
Click Magick – Is the most recommend tracker to use for tracking. You will get a free 2 week trial
at signup.
ClickMagick gives you that ability to track the clicks while filtering the
bot clicks that do not count. It also gives you the ability to Geo Target
and provides your customers a Top Tier percent. Plus they have a share 7
feature that you can send a link to your customer to view their stats once the solo is complete.

Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
Free Trackers – Here are some trackers that are completely free to use.
2. TinyURL
3. Pretty Links – WordPress plugin.
While free trackers can be used in your startup… it is recommended to
use a paid tracker list ClickMagick to take advantages of the features available.
Facebook- You will need to use your Facebook to post into the groups and make connections and
sales. If you don’t have a Facebook account now is the time. You will want to use your information
and a real
picture of yourself. People like to know who they are working with. You can make many connections
that will help you grow on Facebook.
Hosting with Hostgator– You can get 1 moth at Hostgator for .01 cent if you use the coupon code
SoloAdArbitrage. You will want this if you are planning on hosting your own solo ad sales page.
Domain Name from Namecheap – Name cheap is the best place to purchase your domain names. Although
they are not free you can visit Name Cheap Coupons
and get the current coupon code. It is best when buying your first domain to purchase your name. So
if your name is Mike Jones you would want to try to purchase if your name happens to
be taken you can always try to add your middle initial and full middle name. You do want to
purchase a .com. This will help with your branding.
Get Response Autoresponder – If you would like to build a list of solo
buyers this is the perfect tool. When you sign up you get 1 month for
free. Building a list of solo buyers is beneficial to you so that when you 8
want to run a “sale” all you have to do is mail your highly targeted list
of solo buyers.

Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
Solo Seller Sales Page
Most solo sellers have some sort of page or place that displays testimonials from their previous
customers. This will give you a place to show potential customers that you’re clicks are good and
you are not in the business of scamming folks.
You don’t have to put buy buttons on your page but most sellers do put
buttons on their page. You can also just put your contact information on the page and have them
contact you after they have looked at all your testimonials. When they contact you and you have
sorted out the details you can have them send you the payment via your PayPal email address.
You also have the option of setting up a thread at the Warrior Forum in the Classified section.
This is a great place to get exposure and needs nothing fancy. Just your
testimonials and some contact info.
If you aren’t able to get a page right away you can put up a free blog on and host your page there till you can have one made.
We do have our OTO pack that supplies you with a HTML template that you can use as is or edit it.
You can get some examples of solo ad pages by Googling “Solo Ads”
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
Features You Can Offer Your Buyers:
We should go over a few of the features that solo ad buyers want from their solo seller. Also the
definition of some of the terms that will be used.
1. Top Tier Clicks orT1 or Geo Tracking: This all refers to the
countries that your solo buyer receives. Most buyers want at least
75% Top Tier. So you will want to post this on your page or in the Facebook groups. Top Tier
includes the top 5 countries US ( United States) UK (United Kingdom) CA (Canada) AU (Australia) and
NZ ( New Zealand)
2. Unique Click: Most trackers will give you 2 stats for clicks, Raw Clicks and Unique Clicks. Raw
clicks are all the clicks that a page received. Unique clicks are Unique to each person that
clicked on the link. Example: You have 148 Raw clicks and 110 Unique Clicks.
1 person can click the link multiple times. Only their first click would count in the unique
clicks. Where all the clicks would count in the Raw clicks. When you sell a solo you are selling
unique clicks. This means you had that amount of visitors to the page.
3. Email Swipe or Ad Copy: The ad copy or email swipe is a copy of the email that people want you
to send with their link. You will then pass this on to the person that is delivering your clicks.
4. Tracking Link: When your customer purchases the solo from you they will most likely give you a
tracking link. You will then want to track this link before you give it to the person that will be
delivering the clicks so you can monitor it.
5. Over delivery: Is any clicks that are delivered over and above what they paid for. If your
customer bought 100 clicks, and you deliver
110 you gave him 10 extra clicks for a 10% over delivery. You 10
should always over deliver a bit because different trackers track
different ways and you could be short a few clicks according to
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
your customers tracker. The industry standard is 10% overs delivery.
6. Bot Clicks: Bot clicks can come from various places. Bots, search engine spiders, anti-virus
programs, ad networks, and other automated systems that may load your URLs. These should not be
counted as clicks to your customer. ClickMagick does an awesome job of keeping them out of your
Where to Find Buyers.
The best place to start your advertising efforts is in the Warrior Forum and Facebook.
The Warrior Forum: As we spoke just a minute ago about the Warrior
Forum Classifieds you can post your offer on a thread there and this will be seen by the many users
that are constantly browsing the form and looking for traffic.
Facebook: There are quite a few groups were made to sell solos. All you need to do is join the
group and post your message and a link to your page if possible.
You will want to ask the people that may see your post to PM you
which means Private Message.
An example of your ad can look something like this:
*** 75% Top Tier Solo Available Now! Up to 500 clicks! 10% Over
Delivery! PM me or visit my page**
When you visit the groups you will see how other people do their posts. 11
There is no “rule” how to make a post, what it should look like, or how
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
it should read. Just get it posted and get all the benefits of running a solo with you, out there.
Facebook Groups
You will want to check out the Facebook groups and join them ASAP. This is where you are going to
make quite a few interactions with people and see how thing work.
1. Solo Ads Peer Group
2. Solo Ads and Adswaps
3. Solo Ads
There are over 50 groups that deal with buying and selling solos. For
the full list, visit our OTO page.
Dealing with Vendors
Finding a good vendor is the key here. You can find vendors in the same place you can find buyers.
You have 3 main goals when looking for a good vendor.
1. Price – You are going to want to find clicks at the cheapest
possible without compromising quality. It is not uncommon to find people selling clicks for .30 to
.35 per click. It is also not uncommon to find them for .50 to .80 a click either.
2. Quality – There is a very good chance that you will sacrifice quality when going cheaper, but as
a broker you are selling those clicks at a higher price so your main benefit to the end customer is
providing quality clicks. That means providing traffic that will
produce higher opt-in rates (conversion rate). When looking for 12
vendors, make sure they have plenty of good testimonials and
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
that their testimonials are quoting an average conversion rate of
60% or higher. The higher the better.
3. Reliability – You want to find vendors who can provide quality clicks on a regular basis. The
key here really is to hook up with multiple vendors so that you always have someone to go to after
you make a sale. One vendor may be booked up for the week so you might have to go to one of your
others if you are booking for that day or that week for example.
4. Offer Types – A good majority of solo sellers won’t mail for certain types of offers because
they get so many of them. When advertising your solos, be sure you know if your vendors will
facilitate these offers or not and advertise accordingly.
Now of course the question arises… should you tell your buyers and
vendors that you are brokering.
For your buyers… no, as far as they are concerned they are buying the clicks from you. I’m not
saying to flat out lie or been skeezy, but if they don’t ask then there is no need to tell.
For your vendors, it’s not so bad. You certainly don’t “have” to tell the vendor… you are buying
clicks, they are making money, but I do recommend at least having a couple that do know.
I say this because reliability is something to look for. If you explain that you are brokering then
the conversation changes a bit. 1) You may be able to get a discount if you can provide more
customers. 2) You can have a better conversation on arranging and streamlining booking.
If they know you are brokering for example, you may be able to arrange something like where they
share their calendar and paypal with you 13 and you start booking on their calendar
in the manner I described
above and just send them the payment.

Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
In their eyes it would be like them having a solo ad manager (which many do) and you are basically
bringing them more customers and profit. They could care less that you are selling the clicks for
higher; they are still making more money than they would have.
My suggestion is the first time you buy from a vendor; don’t tell them you are brokering. Just
facilitate the transaction, buy the clicks from them as a normal buyer would and that way you can
test their list to see the quality and so forth.
If they did well then you can start talking about a brokering partnership.
How Do I get Testimonials?
If you are just starting out, you won’t have any. It’s imperative to focus on getting testimonials
from your first couple customers and every one after that. ALWAYS get a testimonial.
If you are just starting out, your first one or two deals, your main goal should not be to score a
profit, rather to get their testimonial. So drop your price, even if it’s at cost and you make no
profit. At this point the testimonial is more important.
It’s also ok to be honest and say you are just starting out and you would
like to give them a deal in order to gain their patronage.
Also be creative. Those first two sales will be the hardest to get, so
think outside the box. For example, what can you give them in addition
to the clicks that other solo sellers don’t?
1. Maybe a short PDF on “10 ways to increase your conversion rate”
2. Maybe you can give them a PLR ebook/squeeze page pack
3. There are a bazillion PLR products on that
you can give to them for free as a bonus.

Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
4. Maybe you can offer to also send a tweet to your xx twitter followers.
Basically, anything. 99% of solo sellers don’t give you anything but the clicks. Whatever you put
on top of that will instantly set you apart from the rest.
The bottom line: DON’T let this small hurdle hold you back. Once you have testimonials you can
really start rolling. A few of my customers have come back and said they’ve already booked several
orders within just a day or two, and they started from zero. You can do it too.
Steps to Making a Solo Ad Sale from Sale to
1. Customer contacts you.
2. You work the details of how many clicks, when the solo will be sent, payment, and link and ad
3. Track the link your customer gave you
4. Contact vendor to purchase clicks and send them link and swipe.
5. Contact your customer and let them know when the solo has
6. Wait till vendor is finished delivering
7. Contact your customer again and provide them your tracking stats.
8. Ask customer for a testimonial and find out how the solo went.
9. Done
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
Extra Tips & Tricks
Always over deliver – If you want to keep buyers coming back always give them more than what they
paid for. Make sure you find vendors that over deliver.

Also, if your customer gets a very poor opt-in rate (less than 30%), it’s probably their squeeze
page at fault, but you might consider sending them a few extra clicks just to show that you are
willing to provide good customer service and that you will go above and beyond.

Customer service is your golden ticket – As with any business, customer service is important. In
the solo business, it is your livelihood. It’s what determines if you make or break it. There is a
lot of competition in the solo world. Lots of buyers, but lots of sellers as well. Buyers can go to
any number of people so the most important thing that sets you apart is customer service.

Be friendly, be easy to work with, be fast and prompt, and answer all their questions.

Get lots of vendors – You want to have plenty of people lined up to
facilitate clicks on demand. If you can position yourself to where you
can sell virtually unlimited clicks on a daily basis then there is no limit to the amount of money
you can make. When you first start showing up in the groups able to sell clicks make sure you don’t
go overboard right
out of the gate. Offer a few hundred clicks for sale at first. Then once you have a few sales under
your belt make your amount able to be sold

Be diligent and take action
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
You can spend as much or as little time on this as you want. It all depends on how much you want to

Get in a bunch of groups and post in them every day. Get customers and keep them. In short, hustle
your ass off especially in the beginning and you can make a ton of money.

DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by. This is essentially free money; you just have to put in
the effort. No excuses. Now get your butt out there and kill it!

Build Your Own List For Free

It’s nice to be a broker, but wouldn’t it also be nice to have your own list as well, in addition.
And now you can build it for free, well except for your time.

This is pretty simple. Just take the profit you’re making from the clicks
you sell and buy some clicks for yourself.

So if you facilitate a 300 click deal and make $60… take that $60 (or part of it) and buy yourself
150-200 clicks toward building your own list. All you did was broker a deal and now you can build
your list and still keep some profit at the same time.

That’s a win win win.

Facebook Mastermind Group
We also have a Facebook Mastermind Group that has solo sellers
waiting to work with you and sell you traffic. No only that but we will 17

Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.
be able to assist you with additional questions, help you stay away from bad sellers and get your
new business moving in the right direction.

If you would just like to purchase a list of approved solo sellers that are waiting to serve you,
you can find that list here

Solo Sellers to Stay Away From

Getting to learn the ins and outs of solo selling are not as hard as it may seem. It will not take
long for it all to fall into place. There is one thing that every solo buyer and seller must watch
out for and that is the bad sellers. There are people who do try to sell bad traffic. Most solo
sellers do book out a few days and most will be in the .35 to .60 range. If you find anyone selling
traffic for less than .35 I would do a little research first to try to verify if they are a good

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we wish you much success in your new business.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our support.

Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton 18
Jeremy Kennedy & Andrea Fulton | ©2015 All rights reserved.

No Brainer List Cash

Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
By reading this E‐book, you have agreed to the following terms and conditions.
Under no circumstances should this E‐book be sold, copied or reproduced in any way except when you have purchased the Private Label Right (PLR) to this report.
“No-Brainer List Cash” and all of its contents are protected by copyright law. Copyright information contained in this report may not be reproduced, distributed or copied publicly in any way, including Internet, e‐mail, newsgroups, or reprinting. Any violator will be subject to the maximum fine and penalty imposed by law.
Purchasers of this product are granted a license to use the information contained herein for their own personal use only again except those who purchased PLR to the report. Any violators will be pursued and punished to the fullest extent of the law. All results described in this report are accurate to the best of my knowledge, and should not be considered “typical”. As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your background, dedication, desire and motivation. Any testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. You may also experience unknown or unforeseeable risks which can reduce results. I am not responsible for your actions. The material contained in this report is strictly confidential.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Table of Contents
Introduction ………………………………………………………………………. 5
Step 1: Creating Your Account on Opt-Intelligence ………… 7
Step 2: Creating Your First Campaign ……………………………. 12
Step 3: Creating Your High Converting Offer …………………. 19
Setting up your autoresponder ……………………………………….. 20
How to find the demographics of your offer? ………………….. 22
How to write a good description? ……………………………………. 32
Step 4 – Add A Welcome Email to Your Autoresponder .. 45
What to include in the welcome email? …………………………… 45
What kind of offers can you promote? ……………………………. 46
How to make money with it? …………………………………………… 46
Other Co- Registration services ……………………………………….. 47
Conclusion ………………………………………………………………………. 48
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Hey Fellow Internet Marketer!
We Tom, Gaurab and Venkata welcomes you to this awesome step by step list building training that is going to sky rocket your leads in any niche you want.
We want to quickly thank you for choosing to pick up your copy of No Brainer List Cash. In this guide, we’re showing you the exact methods that we use to generate high quality leads while spending the least amount possible. This guide includes every detail, step by step, that you will need to start generating leads, growing your lists, and profiting from your new prospects.
Even if you’ve never created a fan page, a squeeze page, or built a list, we’ll show you the easy way to get started. No hype. No fluff.
Nothing but solid, actionable information.
Let’s get right into it!
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Regardless of what niche you choose to build a business in, you must build a list of prospects and hungry buyers. While you can do this using SEO or social, both can be a drain on your time and human resources.
When marketers are first getting started they need a quick source of traffic, to build their list quickly, and get sales so that they can finance the building of their business. One of the best ways to do this, is using co-registration.
Co-registration is probably one of the absolutely simplest way to build your list as a marketer. What you are doing is that you are utilizing the list building skills of an online marketer and paying for the leads that they have already generated.
This is a great way to do paid advertising, because you’re not paying for prospects that never become part of your list. You are actually only paying for those who join your list.
Co-registration is better than some of the other methods that new marketers tend to use.
Ad swaps, while cheaper, take a considerable amount of time to put together and finding a partner to do them with can be challenging. Matching those with list size that are similar and getting them to agree to reciprocate your offering, is not always straightforward.
Solo ads, can be extremely effective when marketers understand exactly how they work. It involves finding good solo ad providers, and good email copy to get people to your squeeze page.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
The problem with solo ads tends to be, that individuals that respond to these kinds of emails, are not always the most responsive when it comes to an actual offer.
Co-registration takes the guesswork out of building your list and working with partners.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Step 1: Creating Your Account on Opt-Intelligence
In this guide, we will discuss using the website called Opt-Intelligence as a traffic source. Opt intelligence, is a site that will allow you to purchase leads in a targeted fashion and place them into an existing autoresponder.
Go to:
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Upon arriving at the website, you will notice that you are going to be given the opportunity to become part of opt intelligence as either an advertiser or a publisher.
In our case, you will want to sign up as an advertiser. Your ad will be placed before those that are already signing up for offers, instead of having ads placed on your website. So you’ll first want to start the process of going to leave serve and signing up as an advertiser.
Your account at Opt-Intelligence will be free. Therefore, once inside you can enter the “Free Leadserve” Link. At certain times, the company has run promotions giving individuals incentives for actually doing an adpsend. That will not always be the case, but you can look for it before you sign up with the company.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Once you are inside of the free Leadserve Advertiser page, you will want to fill in all of the appropriate information. There is an application process, but most marketers are approved. This is another case where having your website in place will help you if there is a problem with your application.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Once, you’ve gone through the application process you will need to confirm your email address in order for everything to be processed. Naturally, if you don’t see your confirm email, you’ll want to check your spam folder.
Click the link inside of your email to confirm it and to complete your application:
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Once you’ve confirmed, you’ll be ready to sign in for the first time.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Step 2: Creating Your First Campaign
Once inside, you will be brought to your dashboard. Your email address and account information will show at the top; and you won’t see any activity in your account. Now would be a good time to check out all of the links and investigate the site.
Make sure to carefully read the terms of service for the site and for the company. Since this is going to be such a valuable source of traffic and list-building, you won’t want it to be shut down just as you are beginning to see profits. If you have any questions, make sure to reach out to their support and/or contact.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
First, you’ll want to start inside of Leadserve by going to the Campaigns and Offers tab. For the sake of clarification, Campaigns could also be called categories. One way to think of them is the niche that you are operating in.
If you’ve chosen the Insurance niche or the Weight Loss Niche, you’d keep all of the ads you were running to get those sources together. The individual ads you run within those categories or campaigns are called “offers” in Opt-Intelligence.
The benefit of this categorization is the analysis that you’ll be seeing in your dashboard in Opt-Intelligence. You will be able to see at a glance how one offer is doing versus another similar one.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Therefore, you will start the Leadserve process with a “Campaign”. Start by writing in the way that you will categorize your traffic processes. The best way to do it is to get down to the most specific niche that you can.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
All of your campaigns/categories will then be in the Campaign and Offers Section as you categorize them. Clicking the Campaigns and Offers link will get you to this page:
You will now want to click on one of your Campaigns, doing this will allow you to see all of the offers for traffic that you have. Of course, since you are just starting, you won’t have any offers here. But you now have a sense for how Leadserve is organized.
Note that you have both an overview and statistics tab, which will be particularly helpful when you are comparing performance of your various offers.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
You are now ready to begin the process of creating an offer for traffic.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Important Tip:
Some of the offers that work well from our experience are:
 Biz opp / Internet Marketing affiliate offers
 Weight Loss / Fat Loss products
 Coupon / Free giveaway offers
 Sports related Offers
Also, you can look for offers related to recent trends to promote.
Let’s see how to create an offer in the next step.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Step 3: Creating Your High Converting Offer
What you’ll want to do now is to click the link that says “Create A New Offer” to go to the next step.
You’ll notice that your campaign is named NICHE + THE NUMBER ONE. You can certainly change this if you like. This is a default setting.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
It is necessary to point out here that in addition to the skill of email list building, you’ll want to have the right tools too. That means having an autoresponder company ready to receive your leads.
Setting up your autoresponder
There are many choices marketer have available to them in the way of an autoresponder, but those that use Opt-Intelligence seem to agree that GetResponse works best.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Create a Constant Contact account if you’re not comfortable with Getresponse, I will let you know why later.
Now that you are inside of your first campaign, you will want to set up your Start and End Date. This will be the period of time that you want your campaign to run. You don’t have to worry though about spending too much during a period of time. There will be a place for you to indicate your budget which will dictate ultimately how long you campaign will run.
At this point, if you want to change the name of your offer that is appropriate. Keep in mind that no one will see this anyway. It’s now time to click next and head to Section Three, where you will select the category where you want your traffic to come from. Stay as close to your niche as possible.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Now is where you’ll need that demographic information you gathered. Use it to decide who you want to pull in as a lead. Because you can run different campaigns, it will be a good idea to test different sets of information.
How to find the demographics of your offer?
This is very simple. If your offer/product is a weight loss product, then find a popular weight loss site or forum, note down their url
Go to and
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Put the url and check the demographics like sex and age.
If you are not able to find the enough data, just use your common sense to know to what category of people your offer will suit the best. Think of points like who will need it the most, who will have the money to buy it.
In your “Data Points” section, you’ll notice that you can ask for all kinds of information. As an internet marketer, you can get by with just an email. You may want to go as far as getting a name and email address. As you do your campaigns, you’ll want to segment your lists to see which converts better.
If your conversions are the same or better just getting the email then, consider only seeking that particular information. One thing you will want to note is that the more information you ask for, the more your cost per lead. So you will have a budgetary issue to consider here.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Now, what you’ll want to do is to consider what you’d like to pay per lead. Typically, you won’t have to or need to change the default setting based on the information you’re asking for. In other words, you can typically put the same information in the “My CPL” Category from the “Minimum Price” category.
So now what you’ll want to do is the cap the budget at what you’re willing to spend PER DAY. This will supersede the other categories. Make sure that you’re okay with going with this as a daily number for your campaigns.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Opt-Intelligence will give you other options to set limits though. If these limits work better for you then use them. Typically, you will not be using them until you have figured out how the marketplace works and how it makes you money. However, it is helpful to know that this option is here, when or if you’re every ready to set and forget your traffic.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
To move forward in the process now, you’ll want to type in the cost per lead. Remember, this number will probably not need to be different from the Minimum Price. You will rarely have cases when you’re learning this network that you will need to bid higher than the minimum. Once you understand how your particular funnel makes you money, you may want to come back and test this feature. You are now ready to create your Ad by selecting images and creating your copy.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Of course, as you pick your images, you’re trying to make sure that you catch the attention of the site visitors’ eyes. This will typically bright provocative colors contrasted against the color of the content on the image.
You’ll then want to think about what your headline will be. Writing an effective copy headline is a challenge if you know you’re going to issue a call to action in the end, and that action is something that people will be initially reluctant to do like subscribing to an e-newsletter or buying a product.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
If you want your readers to do something, you need to convince them right away and starting with the very first word of your headline.
Here are some other tips to writing a good headline:
Offer Something Right Away
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
If you have something to offer to your readers, something they need and in exchange for what you’re going to ask them to do, make it immediately clear with your headline. When people start reading something online and they aren’t actively seeking information, they want to know what they’re going to get if they continue reading and they want to know what it is right away.
Make It Urgent
People are generally prone to take action if they know they’re running against time. Create a sense of urgency with your headline by telling your readers that your offer only stands up to a certain date or that you’re fast running out of stocks. You can also make it a do-or-die offer; if they let this opportunity slip them by, it’s gone forever.
Take care, however, when using this type of headline as it comes with certain responsibilities. Make sure you withdraw your offer at the stated time. If you’re going to extend the deadline, you better have a good explanation ready so as not to lose your credibility.
Keep It Simple and Powerful
Online copies have to be simple and as headlines are a part of the copy, it stands to reason that they have to be simple as well.
Don’t bother using long and difficult words. They won’t make a difference if no one comprehends them. Aim for powerful words instead. These words inspire action and call strong images immediately to mind. “Make Your Business Live Longer” as a copy headline can be improved, for instance, if you replace passive-sounding words with forceful ones. “Make Your Business Survive” has greater impact compared to the previous headline, don’t you think?
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Keep It Short
Yet another requirement for online copies is brevity and naturally, headlines must follow the same rule. As a rule, online readers scan what they read and consequently, they’ll be able to understand a five-word-headline more quickly than a ten-word one.
For a good copy headline, try to lessen the use of particles, prepositions, linking verbs, and other words that won’t make a difference to your readers.
Don’t Try Too Hard
Naturally, funny and witty headlines are better but trying too hard could backfire on you. If there’s no way to make a headline funny or clever then leave it simple. If you manage to get your message across then you’ve done your job.
Use Numbers
They’re easier to recall and they sound more impressive. Instead of simply headlining a copy with “Tips for Gardening”, you can substantially improve it just by adding a digit. “6 Tips for Gardening” encourage people to read more because they know they have six (more than one’s many!) tips to look forward to in a single article.
Now, you will need to write a brief description. You don’t have much space here, but you will want to keep basic copywriting and ad copy principles in mind. Second to the headline, this will be the thing that convinces the visitor to go forward or move on to something else.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
How to write a good description?
If you are stuck on how to get something effective into the description box, here are some basic pointers that you’ll want to follow. Of course, a copywriting is a course of study all by itself, but you can do well with your description if you think through these things:
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Be Emotionally Compelling
Your words must have power so people take action and buy. Don’t be dry, stuffy or boring. Rock their world. What you think is a little “over the top” is probably just right. Show them empathy, caring and concern that makes them feel connected and helps them quickly suspend their rational disbelief. Use Magic Words not Tragic Words
Use words like “amazing, discover, breakthrough, free, happy, money, you, yes, incredible and others. Magic words positively pre-dispose people to your message. Don’t overuse but don’t underestimate how far a little hype can go. Also, use vocabulary at an eighth grade level or less. Ask Questions
Questions draw readers in and make them get involved. The smart money is on asking only questions you know will get a “yes” answer. Get potential customers in the habit of saying “yes” so when you ask them to buy they are positively prone to say “yes” again. Write to One Individual Reader
Address your copy to one person. “You” not “the public” or the mythical “they.” You’ll create a more personal relationship. People buy more from people they feel they have a relationship with. Brevity the Soul of Wit?
Your copy must take reader through the natural buying steps of attention, interest, desire and action. So brief may not be best. Answer every question in your marketing message so they can naturally take action.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
You will now want to Load in the Default Privacy Text. If you have text that you’re more comfortable with, you can use it.
Important Tip:
#1 – Input a price in your ad copy. Do this to weed out the freebie seekers from people who are actual buyers. You won’t completely weed them out and using this method won’t guarantee you 100% buyers, but it certainly helps. Test out different price points from $10 to $50.
#2 – Input it somewhere in your ad copy that they agree to receive daily emails from you. This will further qualify the right people for you since you’ll be emailing your list multiple times a week, if not daily, then you want them at least aware of this fact before they even subscribe.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Once you have this text in place, you can click “Next” to move on to the next section. Before you do so, make sure that your images are loading and appearing properly.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
You will now be at the stage where you have a confirmation email sent to your subscriber. With this kind of traffic, you may be complicating things. The best practice of marketers is NOT to send this confirmation email. Of course, this is an individual campaign. Since you need to test everything, this too is something that you want to see if it affects conversions.
You are now at the point at which you will need to connect your autoresponder. Opt-Intelligence has a list of providers they connect with. However, if you don’t want to work with coding and long battles with
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
support, consider using GetResponse (as stated earlier). When the site asks you whether you are managing by third party service, you should say yes.
Once you have done this, you’ll want to go to the Drop down box and select the provider that you have. For the sake of simplicity this guide will show you how to connect GetResponse. Other autoresponder companies will have similar processes.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
GetResponse will allow you an easy and hands free way of managing the leads. You can literally have your leads distributed into your autoresponder in real time instead of having to upload them by using a file. To start this process, you’ll want to first go through to GetResponse and create a campaign:
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
After you have created your campaign, make sure you tick off “Email subscription” and “Web subscription” inside the permission
This is to make sure the single optin works properly while integrating with Opt-intelligence. With double-optin people will get a confirmation email and you might lose few leads this way as not everyone will confirm their email.
While paying for leads you need to make sure you are getting the best results. Always use single-optin for your campaigns.
You then want to enter inside of your GetResponse profile. Find the appropriate drop down arrow year the avatar.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Once you have done this you’ll want to go inside of your integrations link. This will take you to the information you’ll need for Opt-Intelligence to connect with GetResponse dynamically.
You will then want to click on the GetResponse API Link:
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
You’ll then want to copy the Secret API Key to the clipboard. Make sure that you don’t give this information to anyone.
Once you have this information, you can close out of GetResponse. You can then head back over to Opt-Intelligence to enter your API information.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Once you have entered this information, you can then click next to make your offer go live in Opt-Intelligence. Of course, you can set up multiple offers if you’d like to test them, but it is recommended that you allow the first offer to run so that you can get the gist of how they operate.
After clicking the next button, you should check your email for a confirmation of your campaign. Make sure all the details in them are correct.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Important Tip
If you’re building your list in any other niche than Internet marketing or make money online, then Constant Contact (they don’t like MMO & IMers) is another good option. They work the same way as GetResponse and all your leads will be added to your constant contact account on live.
In order to use Constant Contact, select No as third party service. See below
It is at this point where you will start seeing new leads into your autoresponder.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
If you’re getting a ton of leads each day just from one campaign and you’re looking to scale up even more, they may limit how many subscribers you can get each day from just one campaign.
There’s a simple solution to this – Set up another campaign with another offer.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
Step 4 – Add A Welcome Email to Your Autoresponder
Don’t forget to put a welcome email to your autoresponder. Welcome email is one that subscribers get as soon as he/she is added to your list.
Give your subscribers what you have promised them in your advertisement.
Make sure you use relevant “From” and “Subject line” so they can instantly recognize you.
What to include in the welcome email?
Thanks and welcome them for signing up to your list, introduce yourself in few lines, tell them what they can expect with the offer in few lines and then forward them to their offer. Simple enough?
Good idea is to use your “ad heading” as your subject line in your welcome mail and keep the name as your brand, maybe something like that tells them they will be receiving daily or regular emails from you.
E.g. Daily Deals, Fitness Daily, Best deals, XYZ News etc.
The best thing to do is to buy a good domain name like Create an email address with that domain and use that in your senders/from address.
This will insure maximum delivery and add more credibility to your emails and offers.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
What kind of offers can you promote?
CPA offers
Affiliate offers
Local business offers
Any kind of offer you want
How to make money with it?
Typically CPA offers works best with this method in case you’re looking to make some quick commissions.
e.g. you spent $50 to get 100 leads.
20 of them complete a CPA offer that pays you $5 per lead
You make $100. That is $50 profits and 100 new subscribers. Now you can send them few emails every week with related offers and make even more money.
You can find a lot of good CPA offers at or get an account with Peerfly <- they are a good company with lots of good offers and pay on time. You can also promote an affiliate offers to them.
e.g. you again spent $50 to get 100 new leads.
5 of them buy a $40 product with say 50% commissions You still make $100 as commissions.
That’s $50 profits and 100 new subscribers.
You see the power of this method.
Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
There are lots of affiliate network you can be a part of. Few of them are:
Warriorplus, JVZOO, Clickbank, Markethealth, Clicksure
Let’s do the math again
Once you have a list of 1000 subs, you could easily be making $500-$1000 per month (maybe much more) while you would also be profiting while building your list.
Any time you feel like adding more revenue to your income, just buy more leads, repeat the process and enjoy a nice monthly income.
Expand it as many times you want. Build a huge list and make daily commissions.
Here you will find some other Co-Registration services to expand your email lists even further if you want:
Other Co- Registration services

Copyright No Brainer List Cash. All rights reserved.
We’ve given you all the tools and information you need to get started, so now it’s up to you to take action. If you can do this consistently, you’ll find co-registration to be a profitable form of marketing.
It is like everything else in internet marketing and life.
Take action now!
Tom, Gaurab & Venkata

Easy List Cash Eruption

Easy List Cash Eruption
How You Can Get Paid To Build Your List In 2015 And Beyond
Philip Schaffer |
Page 1 |
Table Of Contents:
Introduction To Easy List Cash Surge
Overview Of The Method
Squeeze Pages (Landing Page, OptIn
Thank You Page
CPA Program
Overview of PPL
Building Your List With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
Step By Step Guide To Success
Step 1: Enroll in PPL programs
Step 2: Get your autoresponder set up
Step 3: Create a squeeze page
Step 4: Create a thank you page
Step 5: Get a free product to entice subscribers
Step 6: Drive Free Traffic To Your Squeeze Page
Other Free Traffic Source For Building Your List
Participate In Giveaways
Become Active In Relevant Forums
Write Quality Articles & Reports
Become A Guest Blogger
Offer “Subscriber Only” Discounts
YouTube Videos
Making Money From Your List
Selling Solo Ads
Selling Funnel Clicks
Sending traffic to affiliate offers
Final Words
Page 2 |
Introduction To Easy List Cash Surge
Welcome to Easy List Cash Surge, your ultimate guide generating
ultra targeted free traffic to your email list. If you’re reading this
guide you may have already realized how much potential there is
in building an email list. One just has to look at the sheer volume of
businesses out there applying this same exact method. Despite all
the earnings waiting to be made, you might not know exactly how
to jump in and get started to grab your slice of the pie.
Follow this report and you won’t need to worry about any of that.
You can use this manual as your one stop guide to getting your
email lists and sales funnels off the ground. We’ll go over the exact
same methods I use to generate real, tangible revenue every
single month.
Before we dive into it all, I’d like to thank you for downloading this
guide, you’ve made an important first move to becoming financially
independent. Simply by taking this step, you’ve started on the road
to being your own boss one day. If you can take away one lesson
from this report, make it this one: Take Action. Take your ideas
and actually implement them, your first try doesn’t have to be
perfect. What’s important is that you actually get something out
there. You can improve on it next time. Who knows, after your 4th
or even 100th try, you may have something amazing on your
Page 3 |
Overview Of The Method
The whole point of this guide is to get you paid while you grow your
list using free traffic methods. Essentially, getting paid to build your
list. Remember this is a brief overview, we will dive into the details
later on but for now I just want you to get familiar with the
Starting out you’re going to need a couple things:
need an autoresponder
need a squeeze page ( email opt in page )
need a thank you page
need to sign up for PPL programs
Once you have those things, this method first involves driving
traffic to your squeeze page so that you can get subscribers.
People that subscribe to your list will be automatically redirected to
your PPL program. A portion of those subscribers will enter their
email on that PPL page, getting you paid. This is essentially you
getting paid by having someone subscribe to your list. From then
on, you now have that subscriber as part of your email list.
And this is where the cycle repeats itself, you’ll use the relatively
passive free traffic methods of this book to constantly drive new
subscribers to your list. And while this is happening, a portion of
your new subscribers goto your PPL pages and make you even
more money. It’s a perpetual system!
Page 4 |
But not only are you getting paid to build your list, you now have
these subscribers on your list to do anything you please with.
That’s the basic formula in a nutshell, getting you paid, to build up
your list.
So I know that may have sounded a little hectic but believe me
doing all of that is easier than it sounds. We’re gonna dive into
each component that you need in detail now.
Page 5 |
An autoresponder is a service that allows you to build email lists
and send subscribers emails. If you’re serious about your business
then you need one of these. These services allow you to send
follow up series to each individual subscriber so that every one of
your potential customers will be sent every offer you want them to
see at the exact time you want.
I cannot stress how enormously helpful these tools are to your
online business! There are many different autoresponders out
there, some of the more popular ones are Aweber and
GetResponse. I personally use Aweber as they’re established,
they’ve been around forever and are one of the original
autoresponders. GetResponse is another which I’ve personally
heard good things about. Aweber allows you to get started for $1
for the first month and GetResponse lets you get started for free.
Page 6 |
Squeeze Pages (Landing Page, Opt-In Page)
A squeeze page serves one purpose, to turn potential leads into
list subscribers. At the most basic level, a squeeze page will
consists of a single opt in box where a prospect can enter his or
her email address. Once the potential lead enters their email
address, they become a subscriber to one of your email lists.
A squeeze page convinces your potential customer to give up their
email address (and sometimes other information) in exchange for
something the prospect finds irresistible. Typically it’s some sort of
free product that your potential customer would find useful.
Good squeeze pages are not difficult to make once you get used to
creating them but there a few important principles you should keep
in mind when making them. First, less is more when it comes to
squeeze pages. There have been studies done that show that the
more clutter you have on a opt in page, the worse it converts
(meaning the less people that enter their email address to become
a subscriber). Now obviously I’m not saying this is the only way to
lay out a squeeze page, but the following method works
swimmingly for me and a whole lot of other marketers out there.
First, simply have a single opt in box on your landing page where
the user can enter his or her email address. You can also allow
them to enter their names but I typically reserve this for my buyers
lists opt in boxes. Last, have a great, catchy above your opt in box
like, “Make $100 tonight using this free method!” (change that to
reflect your field or niche as needed). That’s it, squeeze pages
don’t need to be difficult. Check out the pictures below for some
Page 7 |
ideas on how easy it is to make a great looking, high converting
squeeze page.
Page 8 |
Freebies go hand in hand with your Squeeze Page. What better
way to convince someone to join your list than by bribing them with
some free content? A freebie typically promises to give information
that your potential customer will find enormously helpful.
Try to keep your freebies short but value packed. Give the
prospect some genuinely useful information that makes him or her
interested in what else you have to offer. There are two great ways
to get this content to give away (so that you can entice people into
becoming subscribers). The first method is making the freebie
yourself. If you already have a product that you’re gonna be
offering your potential customers, a great way to make a freebie is
by giving them a stripped down version of your product. Or
alternatively, by giving away the first section to your product. Then,
in your freebie just add a section that mentions that all of the
freebie content is expanded upon inside of your main product (with
a link to the sales page for that product of course)
Another fantastic method of creating freebies is by purchasing PLR
(private label rights) products. There are TONS of products out
there (related to your field or niche) that you can purchase rights
to, rebrand, and give away (or sell) as your own products! If you go
this route, I highly recommend using masterresalerights.
com as
they have tons of quality content for rebranding purposes available
on the cheap.
Once you have your giveaway, it’s simply a matter of advertising
the freebie on your squeeze page and driving traffic towards it.
Page 9 |
Thank You Page
This is an extremely simple page that is shown immediately after
people opt into your list. A thank you page can be useful in a
bunch of different cases but for our purposes we will typically have
a very simple page that looks something like the following:
Now what are those bonus links you might be asking yourself?
Those are simply links to your PPL programs! 🙂
Page 10 |
CPA Program
CPA stands for Cost Per Action. You can read that as how much
you get paid when one of your subscribers completes some sort of
action on a page you send them to.
These “actions” can be a whole range of things. A common action
is entering an email address in a web form. This form of CPA is
known as Pay Per Lead (PPL). Pages which ask for an email
address are going to be the ones we deal with throughout this
guide. Later on, I’ll cover the best places to sign up for PPL
The takeaway to remember here is that you are getting paid when
one of your subscribers completes some sort of action on a page
you send them to. It’s crucial to getting you paid to grow your list.
Overview of PPL
So now that you know what CPA is we can cover the main way
you’re going to make money from building your list with this guide:
PPL Programs. PPL stands for Pay Per Lead. PPL is just a form of
CPA in which you get paid by directing a potential lead (customer)
What this means for the purposes of this guide is you get paid
when you get someone to enter their email address into an opt in
Page 11 |
Now, how do you sign up for PPL programs? There are various
places where you can find them but I’ve found the absolute best
place to do this is in the “Pay Per Lead Insider” group on facebook.
This group provides a curated spreadsheet with the best and
highest paying PPL programs. It also helps protect you from any
potential scammers as the the group members are very vigilant for
any funny stuff.
You can find the direct link to the group here:
I highly suggest you request access to the group now, it should not
take long before you are granted access.
Again, we’ll circle back to this in more detail later and you’ll be able
to follow a step by step process for finding and signing up for the
best PPL programs.
Page 12 |
Building Your List With Amazon Kindle Direct
This is definitely one of the “newer” methods of getting highly
targeted traffic to subscribe to your lists. It’s a really simple method
but extremely powerful. The basic formula looks like this:
Step 1) Write/Get an eBook
Step 2) Place A Link To Your Squeeze Page In The eBook
Step 3) Publish your eBook on Amazon KDP
Don’t worry about writing or getting the eBook just yet. I promise
it’s much easier than you’re thinking it is and I’ll show you exactly
how to do this soon.
Again this is an extremely powerful method that can eventually
help you bring in hundreds of subscribers a month.
The real power of this method is in Amazon’s Free Book Promotion
which can net your books thousands of downloads. And when
those thousands of people read your book, a percentage are
almost guaranteed to click on the links to your squeeze page which
are contained within which leads to fresh subscribers for your list!
Now unfortunately you can only do a free book promotion once
every 90 days with KDP. That’s why in order to truly see great
results with this method you should have as many books as
possible, ideally enough to do a free promotion every week.
Page 13 |
This ensures free targeted traffic to your list every single week!
And as an added bonus, while your books are not in a free
promotion, they’ll be available to buy through Amazon. This means
you’ll be earning passive income AND growing your list for FREE
all year round. I hope you’re seeing how powerful this method is. If
you take one thing away from this book, let it be this method.
Now that you have the basic idea behind this method, let’s go
through each step of the process.
Page 14 |
Step By Step Guide To Success
Step 1: Enroll in PPL programs
The first step in this process is to get your PPL programs set up.
Go to the Pay Per Lead Insider group on facebook here:
Click on the files tab in the group and then open up the PPL
Programs Master List.xlsx. This is the curated spreadsheet with
approved PPL programs. You should see a spreadsheet like the
This spreadsheet shows the various PPL programs that you can
enroll in. Simply click on the “Link to sign up to the PPL Program”
for the program of your choosing.
Page 15 |
As for choosing a program, I’d simply say that you should go for
the ones with the highest “Earning per lead”. But also make sure
the program is “single opt in” I’ve personally found that I make
more money on the Single Opt In programs but feel free to try any
of them out.
A personal favorite that I have used is Yadira Barbosa’s Easy
Cash Leads program (still active as of 04/01/2015) so feel free to
consider that one “extra verified” ;)
Once you’ve signed up, feel free to message the program owner
on Facebook to expedite the approval process. Once you are
approved, you’ll be given account access and be able to login.
Once you login, grab the referral URL from account page. Copy
that referral URL down, you’ll need it later. See the example
screenshot below:
Page 16 |
Step 2: Get your autoresponder set up
The second step in this process is to get your autoresponder up
and running. Your autoresponder will allow you to start gathering
the email addresses of your subscribers. There are numerous
services that you can use, here’s a list of some popular
I personally have been using Aweber since I first started getting
into email marketing and haven’t looked back. That being said, I
have heard good things about all of these services from several of
my colleagues in the internet marketing field. Most of these
services have a free 30 day trial or allow you to get started for just
$1. Believe me however the cost of these autoresponders is well
worth the money. I should also note that ListWire is a completely
free service.
For the purposes of this guide I’m going to assume you have
Aweber but all of these other AutoResponders will follow the same
general template.
First, in Aweber, we’re going to create a new list. Start by logging
into Aweber and clicking “Manage Lists” in the top right corner.
Then click on the “Create A List” button.
Page 17 |
On the next page you’ll need to fill out some basic information
about yourself. Pay careful attention to the sender email. This will
be the email that people in your list will be seeing it as from. Once
done click “Next Step” and again enter the basic information
required on the next page. Then click “Next Step” one last time. On
the next page just immediately scroll to the bottom and click
“Approve Message & Create List”.
Once the page loads, you’ll see your new list selected as the
Current List. Now again near the top right, hover over the List
Options menu and select List Settings.
Page 18 |
On the new page, click on the “Confirmed OptIn”
button and then
scroll down to Step 2 where it says, “Require OptIn
on Web
Forms” and toggle the button so that it says “Off”. This will disable
the pesky double confirmation on your list (which hurts the overall
number of subscribers to your list). You should do this for every list
you create from now on. Make sure to save your settings at the
bottom of the page!
Ok awesome! Now you have your very own email list. Now you
need to create a web form. This will allow you to place a list
subscriber optin
form wherever you please on your website.
Whenever someone enters their email address into the form, their
email will get added to your list and you’ll be able to send them
Start by clicking the Sign Up Forms button at the top of the page.
Click the “Create Your First Sign Up Form” button. On the next
page, you’ll want to follow the screenshot below as a template.
Click the X button on form elements as shown below so that only
the email field and sign up button remain. Then click the “Goto
Step 2” Button. On the next page, you can enter a name for your
form and select a custom page for the user to goto after he or she
has subscribed. You should select your thank you page that you
made earlier so that when someone opts in to your list, they are
automatically taken to your thank you page. Typically the confirm
page will take the user to a “thank you” page that gives a download
link to the free product that enticed the user to subscribe in the first
Page 19 |
Save your form and click the go to next step button. On this page
you’re gonna want to copy and paste the form code from the
section shown in the screenshot below. Copy the raw html from
where it says “<form method…” all the way down to where it says
“</form>” and save the snippet for later.
Page 20 |
Page 21 |
Step 3: Create a squeeze page
For this step you’ll need to have a website. If you don’t have one
already I highly suggest you get one as soon as possible There’s
plenty of domain name registrars and web hosting out there (and
plenty of tutorials on how to get your basic website setup on
google). Personally I used HostGator to register my domain as well
as for my web hosting and have never had a problem. However
there are a bunch of great, well known providers out there.
GoDaddy is another popular service you have probably heard of
Once you have your basic website setup, I highly, highly
recommend you buy the OptimizePress theme. This WordPress
theme allows you to craft high quality sales and landing pages in
minutes by yourself (even if you don’t have any design
experience). It also lets you create beautiful squeeze pages very
If you don’t want to make the investment in OptimizePress, you
can also easily follow this step by using SqueezeRobot , a free
service that allows you to create Squeeze Pages in seconds.
For the purposes of this guide in general, I’m going to assume
you’re using OptimizePress (trust me it is well worth the money if
you’re serious about creating your online business).
Once you have OptimizePress installed, start by going to your
WordPress dashboard and create a new page hovering over the
OptimizePress menu button on the left side and selecting the page
Page 22 |
builder button. In the screen that pops up, enter a name for your
squeeze page and select the “Blank Page” button at the bottom.
Then select the “Proceed to Step 2” button. On the next page
select the “Landing Page” button and then the “Proceed to Step 3”
button. Finally select the top left most template on the next page
and then hit “Proceed to Step 4” button. On the final page, just
select the “Save Settings & Launch LiveEditor” button.
On the LiveEditor screen that comes up next, hover over the optin
form like the screenshot above and click the pencil icon. On the
pop up that comes up, make everything look like the screenshot
below (make sure to check the “Disable Name” field!) and then
Page 23 |
take that opt in form snippet you copied from Aweber previously
and enter it into the Form HTML field shown below.
Then simply hit the insert button and voila! You have a squeeze
page with a working opt in form tied directly to your list. Obviously
you need to modify the page a little bit more to make it look
presentable. Modify the page elements (headline text, logo) by
clicking the hovering over each individual page element and
clicking the pencil icon. In the pop up that appears change
anything as required and then click the “Insert” button. Finally
when you’re all done, select the “Publish” option from the drop
down on the left, and save the page. You can now access the
squeeze page from the URL you set up earlier in this step.
Page 24 |
Remember when dealing with squeeze pages less is more so keep
it as simple as possible. Have a good enticing headline that hooks
your leads, an email form, and a pretty background picture. That’s
all you need, really. See the screenshot below for an example of a
good squeeze page:
Page 25 |
Step 4: Create a thank you page
Now we’re going to create our thank you page. Again you should
follow similar steps to the above section and create a page that
looks similar to the below image:
The thank you page doesn’t have to be anything special and like
squeeze pages, typically the simpler they are, the better they
perform. Now remember when we copied our PPL links earlier?
We’re about to use it here. See those bonus links in the picture
above? Those links should all point to the PPL programs that you
signed up for earlier.
By the way, if you haven’t already, make sure the you set the
custom page I mentioned in the opt in form section earlier, to the
thank you page you just created!
Page 26 |
Step 5: Get a free product to entice subscribers
This step is super easy. You simply need to get your hands on a
small little free report that you can use to entice your users to
subscribing to your email list. So once they sign up using your
form, you offer a link to this “free” product.
Now you can go ahead and create this product yourself. But lately,
my favorite method is to go to masterresalerights.
com , buy a
cheap book on the niche that I’m appealing to, and give that away
for free. Whichever method you go with, don’t spend too much
brain power on this part, you just need something decent to
actually give your subscriber once they sign up.
Create a follow up email:
Ok so now you need to create a quick follow up email to send to
your list once they subscribe. This email will contain the actual
download link to your free product from the previous step as well
as more “bonus links” just like your thank you page. To create a
follow up email, goto Aweber again and click on the follow up
series button as shown in the image below.
On the next page click on the Create A Follow Up Button. On the
message crafting page that pops up next, you should craft a
message that looks similar the one below:
Page 27 |
This is actually the exact follow up email I send to one of my solo
lists today! Now obviously you should modify this slightly. For one,
the subject should match the headline that you used on your
squeeze page. And the body should be modified to match the
squeeze page as well. Finally, you should change the links. The
download link at the bottom should point to your freebie from
earlier. And the bonus links should point to your PPL program just
like on your thank you page. Finally, hit the save button, then the
Page 28 |
next button, and finally the save & exit button. On the following
screen you should see something similar to the below:
Ok congrats! You now have the basic funnel all setup! Now let’s
talk about driving free traffic to your squeeze page!
Page 29 |
Step 6: Drive Free Traffic To Your Squeeze Page
This is where our various free traffic methods come into play. Once
again, I’m going to focus on the Amazon KDP method here as I
think it’s one of the most surefire methods of building up your list.
Remember, the process will look like this:
Step 1) Write/Get an eBook
Step 2) Place A Link To Your Squeeze Page In The eBook
Step 3) Publish your eBook on Amazon KDP
Write/Get an eBook:
Now you’re probably thinking to yourself now, “do you really expect
me to write an entire ebook?” Now let me tell you about the
process that’s gonna make the “writing” process a million times
What you’re going to do is find a PLR book in the niche you’re
working in. Now, you’re not just gonna change the title and publish
it on the store as this is against Amazon’s policy. But you are going
to go through the book section by section and rework the content.
You can literally go through the eBook paragraph by paragraph,
paraphrasing and changing up sentences as necessary. By doing
this method the “writing” process becomes a much quicker affair
and allows you to publish new books constantly and quickly.
So let’s get right into it, first I want you to go to
com . NOTE: Any PLR selling website is fine,
I’m just using this site as an example because I am very familiar
Page 30 |
with it. On masterresalerights.
com , click on the “private label
rights” button in the menu. On the new page that comes up you’ll
see a search box on the right hand side. Simply enter keywords
related to your niche in the search box and go. On the search
results page, look for a PLR book that grabs your attention.
Once you find the book that appeals to you, add it to your cart and
and checkout. As for the cost of these books, don’t worry about it.
Page 31 |
You’ll be getting paid to grow your email list using these $5$
books so it’s more than worth the cost. So skip the afternoon
coffee one day and invest in your list. Trust me it’s worth it.
Once you’ve picked up the book, download it your computer and
open it in your document editor of choice. Once open I want you to
go through each paragraph and change the wording up as
necessary to make it your own book that you can publish on
Amazon KDP. Here’s an example of how I would I go about
changing my a paragraph using this method myself:
Here is a paragraph from another product of mine:
“Just follow the very easy instructions on the page to create your
advertising account. Once again Google will ask you to enter some
basic information about yourself as well as some tax information.
Once you’ve completed this and have your account, pat yourself
on the back, you’ve just completed ALL the basic foundational
work required to flip apps! This part is a one time thing (unless
you’d like to make accounts for a different company) and you’ll
never need to do this again! With that being said, there’s a lot more
to go so onto the next section.”
I would change that paragraph to something that reads like this:
“Follow the simple instructions on that page to create your
advertising account. Again, Google is going to ask you to enter
some information about yourself including some tax info. Once
you’re done and have your account set up, give yourself a pat on
the back as you’ve just finished all the foundational work required
Page 32 |
to flip apps! This section only needs to be completed once! But
there’s still more work to do so let’s get right into the next section!”
As you can see although the sentence structure is different the
underlying content is essentially unchanged. I wrote that “new”
paragraph in about 30 seconds so you can see just how quickly
you can write entirely “new” books that can be published on
Amazon KDP.
Also keep in mind that the PLR books you’re working with aren’t
hundreds of pages long. Most usually max out at 20 40
which is more than enough. You can honestly rewrite an entire
book in a couple sittings. I told you, it’s much easier than you might
have initially thought 🙂
Once you have your “new” book rewritten,
it’s time to add the
crucial links to your squeeze page. I personally like to give the
reader as many opportunities as possible to get directed to your
squeeze page so I place a link in the intro of the book, in the final
words, and in a footer that’s on every single page.
This will give your reader plenty of opportunities to become a
Page 33 |
So now that you have your book set up and ready to go, let’s go
through the process of publishing on KDP. The first thing you’re
going to need is a publisher account on Amazon KDP. Start by
going to . This is where you can sign up to
publish your books on Amazon.
If you need to create an amazon account click the button that says
Sign Up. If you already have an account simply click the Sign In
Once you have created the account or signed in with your existing
account you’ll be brought to a terms of service page. Review the
terms and agree. Finally, before you can publish your books on
KDP, you’ll have to fill in your address and bank account
information so that they can pay you for any books that have been
Congratulations, you are now a publisher on Amazon KDP! Now
it’s time to publish your book. Click the “Add new title” button to get
the process started.
Page 34 |
You’ll be brought to a page where you enter all the information on
your book, as well as upload the actual file. Make sure you check
the KDP Select Box as shown in the screenshot below:
Page 35 |
The KDP Select program gives you the ability to enroll your books
in a Free Book Promotion which is what’s going to people squeeze
page. Make sure you tick that box!
Fill in all the required categories and any of the optional ones you
would like as shown in the screenshot below:
Page 36 |
Page 37 |
Make sure you enter keywords into the “Search Keywords” box!
This is what’s going to help potential subscribers and buyers find
your book. Enter keywords that are specific to your niche. For
example for my app flipping books, I enter the following keywords:
“App cloning, app flipping, android, reskinning, app reskinning,
skinning, reskinning”
Simply apply the same strategy to your particular niche.
When you get to the book cover section, I highly recommend using
KDP’s built in cover creator. It’s easy, fast, and the results look
pretty good in my opinion. But if you have a cover already created,
you can upload that one alternatively. If you want to create your
cover using Amazon’s tool, simply click the “Launch Cover
Creator” button.
This will bring you to a screen where Amazon will walk you through
each step of the process of creating your cover. Trust me it’s very
easy just like the screenshot below shows:
Page 38 |
Once you’ve filled out all your book details on Step 1, save your
changes and goto the next page in the process: Rights & Pricing.
On this page simply fill out your information as shown in the
pictures below:
Make sure you select Worldwide rights, this will allow the
maximum amount of people access to your content. On the next
step, selected the 70% Royalty option. This simply means that
when someone purchases your book you will get 70% of the
money from that purchase, with the other 30% going to Amazon.
Put your price at $2.99. This is the lowest price you can put for
books at the 70% royalty option and is a good balance between
Page 39 |
low barrier for entry for potential customers and a decent payout
for you 🙂 Don’t worry so much about the pricing though, any
money you make from book sales is just a nice extra perk. The
main thing we want from Amazon here is the Free Book
Page 40 |
Once you’ve filled out all the pricing information, scroll down to the
bottom and click the “Save and Publish” button. Congratulations,
you’ve just published your first book on Amazon KDP!
It’ll take a few hours before the book is visible on the store as
Amazon usually reviews everything before allowing it to go live.
But in the meantime, onto the next step: Starting your free book
At the top of the page, click on the KDP Select Benefits button and
you’ll be brought to a page like the following:
Select the Free Book Promotion option and then click the “Create a
new Free Book Promotion” button. On the next page you’ll be
asked to enter a start and end date for your Free Book Promotion.
Choose whatever dates you would like and click the Save
Changes button as shown below:
Page 41 |
Once you have done that you are all set. The promotion will start
and you should starting seeing downloads of your book that same
day. One those people start reading your book, a portion will click
the links to your squeeze page and become subscribers.
And a portion of those subscribers will enter their email on the PPL
pages you direct them to after they subscribe to your page, making
you money!
As an added bonus once the 5 day free promotion ends you will
probably starting see sales and book “borrows” as well. Both of
these result in money being credited to your account and you’ll
eventually start seeing monthly payouts from Amazon. Another
income stream that you get for building your list! Awesome isn’t it?
Now let’s talk long term strategy now. If there’s one downside of
Free Book Promotion program it’s that you can only enroll your
book once every 90 days. So I bet you’re already realizing that the
more books you have, the more chances you have to run the free
promotion that builds up your list.
Page 42 |
Once you get to around 10 books published in the store, you’ll be
able to run promotions fairly regularly, allowing you to be
constantly driving free traffic to your list. But obviously the more
books the better.
In addition, once you get to that amount of books published, you’ll
be earning a nice passive income simply from the KDP sales of
your books alone. So the moral of the story, keep publishing those
books 🙂
Page 43 |
Other Free Traffic Source For Building Your List
Participate In Giveaways
You can generate traffic to your website and recruit new leads just
by participating in giveaways.
Giveaways allow contributors to offer a gift to visitors in exchange
for each member joining their list. It’s a great way to build your lists
quickly but keep in mind that “freebie seekers” aren’t always the
easiest to later convert into buyers.
Still, it’s a simple way of jumpstarting
your list activity and giving
you the opportunity to gain experience from sending out
broadcasts, split testing campaigns and developing a relationship
with your list.
Page 44 |
Become Active In Relevant Forums
Forum marketing is an effective strategy for driving in fresh traffic
to your squeeze page and building your list, but it also helps you
build brand awareness in your niche market.
By being an active member of relevant community forums, you can
spread your marketing message quickly, while finding potential
joint venture partners and networking opportunities.
Just make sure that you include a direct link to your squeeze page
in your forum signature (when permitted) and that you do your best
to contribute quality, and useful information that will add value to
the community.
Page 45 |
Write Quality Articles & Reports
One of the main reasons people join mailing lists is to receive
fresh, quality content on a regular basis.
You first want to develop a content schedule that is consistent, so
that subscribers become familiar with your updates and know what
to expect, but you also want to make sure that you stay in close
communication with your subscriber base.
Consider sending out 23
emails a week that offer free content,
balanced with promotional based emails every 23
days. The more
value you offer your list, the more responsive they will be so you’ll
want to strike a good balance between free information and
Consider offering an ecourse,
where subscribers can receive
regular lesson plans, checklists, action plans and tasks lists that
help them learn more about your niche market.
You could also create short reports that provide valuable
information, while monetizing your content by embedding affiliate
links into your report, leading readers to external resources that
offer more information or enhance the material found in your free
Page 46 |
This strategy involves creating a blog post about something related
to your niche. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy in depth
but make it tantalizing enough for your reader that they would want
to learn more. Then suggest throughout the blog to opt in to your
squeeze page ( and for the love of god add an opt in box to your
blog page! ) This is another great way to generate clicks to your
squeeze page. This is a great method to combine with forum
posting as well. Once you create the blog post, definitely post to
forums and social media!
Page 47 |
Become A Guest Blogger
One way of gaining exposure and generating traffic to your
squeeze page is by signing up to become a guest blogger on
relevant blog communities. You can offer to write posts or update
content in exchange for a prominent link on the blog, directing
readers to your squeeze page.
Becoming a guest blogger will benefit you in many ways apart from
the fresh exposure you’ll receive and the opportunity to add new
subscribers to your mailing list.
As a guest blogger, you’ll also be able to build credibility within
your niche market, while “piggybacking” off of the popularity of the
blogs you are writing on.
Your posts should always be unique and provide quality
information that will genuinely help those reading your articles.
To find blogs that accept guest blogging contributions, run a
search through google for “your niche+guest blogging”, replacing
“your niche” with your primary keyword. You can also search using
the following queries:
[] guest post
You can also contact the administrators of blogs you frequently
visit and ask them if they accept guest bloggers.
Page 48 |
Make sure that you become familiar with the blogs content and
writing style so that you can retain consistency when submitting
your own guest posts.
Administrators are far more likely to accept your contributions if
they match the existing content and quality of their website.
Page 49 |
Offer “Subscriber Only” Discounts
One great way of boosting list activity and motivating visitors into
becoming subscribers is by offering “subscriber only” bonuses,
discounts or coupons on paid products and services.
People are always interested in getting a deal and by offering price
reductions on popular products and services, you’ll be able to
entice visitors into subscribing to your list.
Furthermore, you’ll maximize your income by increasing your
chances that these subscribers will purchase your products. After
all, they are joining just to get the coupon or discount!
YouTube Videos
For this method, you’re basically creating a little video in which you
cover a certain topic related to your niche and posting a link back
to your site/squeeze page in the description. Again, it doesn’t have
to be anything super extensive, just give a decent amount of info
on something in your niche that will leave the viewer wanting more!
Page 50 |
Making Money From Your List
Even though this isn’t the main focus of this guide, I wanted to
leave you with some ideas of how to make money off your newly
built up list. Below are some of my favorite ways of profiting from a
list built using free traffic methods
Page 51 |
Selling Solo Ads
Again as a recap, selling solo ads involves you selling your traffic
to someone else, effectively “selling” or “renting” your subscribers
out to another person. Someone pays you to send an email to your
list with a link to their page or product. This a great, guaranteed
way of generating revenue from your list. There will always be
people willing to buy fresh new leads to their page or product in the
hopes of making money or gaining new subscribers.
It’s really easy to get started selling solos. Again my recommended
method of selling solos involves facebook groups. Of course there
are other websites that you can try to sell solos on such as the
warrior forum. But personally facebook is the easiest method for
Start by doing a facebook search for solo ad groups. Join as many
groups related to solos as possible. Once you’re accepted to a
bunch, you can start posting to these groups a message like:
“ I have an opening for 50 200
clicks that can start immediately.
Minimum 75% T1 and overdelivery
Check my testimonials here: LINK TO TESTIMONIALS
First come first serve. PM me for discount prices! “
Since you’re new to sellings solos, and you don’t have any solo
testimonials yet, you might want to mention that you’re new to
selling solos, looking for testimonials, and willing to offer a big
Page 52 |
discount for people that go with your ads. This is just a temporary
thing for until you get a few testimonials so that you look somewhat
You may also eventually want to create a sales page to direct
potential customers to. You can see my sales page here:
In general your sales page should be as simple as possible. Don’t
try to distract them with other products/blogs/ads on your solo ad
sales page. My sales page follows this format:
Again, keep it short, simple, and straight to the point!
Getting started is definitely the hardest part, but once you get
enough testimonials and clients, people will start coming to you as
you become more and more of a known seller. Remember though
the key is to be consistent! Don’t get discouraged in the beginning
if you’re getting new customers left and right. It will come with time.
When you get your first customers, DON’T just send their link in an
email to your list. What you should do is create a “Solo Ads” rotator
Page 53 |
and add their link to the rotator. Then, take the rotator link and put
that in the email to your list. Do the same for any other links your
customers give you. This way you prevent any wastage!
Page 54 |
Selling Funnel Clicks
Very similar to selling Solo Ads, this method is essentially selling
clicks from people that click on your “bonus” links on your thank
you pages. You can follow the same method as above for solos.
Just search for funnel click groups on facebook and post a similar
message as your solo ads post. Since you already setup your
rotator for your thank you page earlier, you can just add your
customers URLs to that rotator without ever touching your thank
you page. Simple isn’t it!
Page 55 |
Sending traffic to affiliate offers
The hallmark money making method for tons of internet marketers
is to direct their list to affiliate offers. What is an affiliate offer? An
affiliate offer is simply one in which when the customer buys it, the
referrer ( The person that sent the customer to the offer ) gets a
There are plenty of websites to get affiliate offers to send. I
generally stick to the well known sites, like warriorplus and
clickbank . Once you sign up for a particular site, you usually need
to request permission to sell a product by becoming an affiliate for
that product. Once you become an approved affiliate for a
particular product, you’ll get an affiliate link. This link is important! If
someone from your list buys an affiliate product after you directed
them to it, your affiliate link allows the product creator to know that
YOU sent that buyer.
An example affiliate link from
Page 56 |
All you need to do is send an email to your list ( with a nice,
enticing email that make them want to buy the product! ) with your
affiliate link. If anyone from your list buys that product after clicking
your link, you’ll get paid a commission!
Page 57 |
Final Words
After reading this report, your head should be full of ideas. Do
yourself a favor and write them all down while they’re still fresh.
Then simply take action and begin to implement.
There’s no good reason why you can’t do something big this year,
whether it’s with list building or another field where you feel you
can do something great.
Make big goals, follow your instinct, and let your purpose motivate
You may be amazed at what happens next!
If you ever have questions about where to go next or how to
properly implement one of your ideas, feel free to drop a line at or check out for
tips on how to take your business to the next level 🙂
Page 58 |

7 Steps To Massive Lists

7 Steps To Massive Lists

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by shenlong
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©Copyright 2015 Kevin Strong 1
Installation Instructions
Step 1: Editing Your Report
You will need to open the .doc file you received for your report and edit your name and affiliate links.
– There are 2 places to edit your name, the very top and the very bottom
Also be sure to remove the last line in the report after you’ve downloaded your font.
©Copyright 2015 Kevin Strong 2
– There are 3 affiliate links you need to edit inside of the report. Pages 8, 10 & 14.
After that, just save it as a PDF!
Step 2: Editing Your Squeeze Page
Next you will need to link your autoresponder to the squeeze page.
Aweber Users:
©Copyright 2015 Kevin Strong 3
You will need to replace the following information with your autoresponder information:
Web Form ID: Your unique web form ID List Name: The name of your autoresponder list OTO URL: The website URL of your pre-thank you page
You can find this information side of your aweber account:
©Copyright 2015 Kevin Strong 4
©Copyright 2015 Kevin Strong 5
GetResponse Users:
You will need to create a new webform for your campaign and then go to SETTINGS> Custom Thank You Page and enter the URL for your pre-thank you page.
After that, click on PUBLISH and you will need your WEB FORM ID & your CODE.
Open up your GetResponse squeeze page in your favorite HTML editor and scroll down until you see the following code:
©Copyright 2015 Kevin Strong 6
You will need to copy and paste your web form ID into those 2 spaces where it says “WEB FORM ID” and also paste your code where it says CODE.
Step 3: Editing Your Pre-Thank You & Thank You Pages
Next you need to edit the affiliate links provided on our thank you pages.
On the pre-thank you page, you need to edit your affiliate link and your ‘no thank you’ link.
Replace AFFILIATE LINK with your affiliate link for “Death of Solo Ads”.
Then replace “#” with a link to your download page.
On your thank you page, you need to edit the affiliate link and download link.
©Copyright 2015 Kevin Strong 7
Replace AFFILIATE LINK with your affiliate link for “Invisible Optin”.
Replace DOWNLOAD LINK with a link to your report. (Be sure to edit your report first!
Step 4: Uploading Your Funnel
After you are finished editing everything, you need to upload the funnel!
I recommend using an FTP program like Filezilla. (It’s free!)
If you aren’t sure how to use FileZilla or any FTP program, I recommend watching this very easy to follow video tutorial:

If you would rather have an expert install this funnel for you, please click here and we’ll be glad to help.

500 Subscribers in 24 Hours

Over 500 Optins in 24 Hours Resource Guide
This brief resource guide contains every resource mentioned in the main video. You can find most programs that I talked about here. FYI – some of these links are my affiliate links. Anything I recommend I stand behind it 100%.
Email Marketing
Squeeze Pages
Optimize Press (amazing WordPress tool for creating unique squeeze pages) (great offers for listbuilding) (plr squeeze pages)
Traffic Source

Buyers List Renegade

Buyers List Renegade
© 2015 1
—————————————————–Page 1—————————————————–
Table of Contents:
The Legal Stuf………………………………………………………………………………………………..3
Welcome To Buyers List Renegade!…………………………………………………………………..5
Do What The Gurus Are Doing………………………………………………………………………….6
Creatng A Product Just Made Sense, But Was it Necessary?………………………………..7
Method #1: Rinse & Repeat…………………………………………………………………………….10
Method #2: The Bonus Spot…………………………………………………………………………….12
Method #3: Be A Renegade!…………………………………………………………………………….14
More From Mark!……………………………………………………………………………………………27
© 2015 2
—————————————————–Page 2—————————————————–
License Terms
This course is for your own personal use ONLY. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to reproduce
the content enclosed herein or to distribute this course to any third party, or via any
third party website.
All content is protected by Copyright ©.
Income Disclaimer
This document contains business strategies, marketng methods and other business
advice that, regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same
results (or any results) for you.
I make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied that by following the advice
below you will make any money or improve current profts, as there are several factors
and variables that come into play regarding any given business.
Primarily, results will depend on the nature of the product or business model, the
conditons of the marketplace, the experience of the individual, the applicaton of said
principles, and situatons and elements that are beyond your control.
As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money
based on your own discreton and at your own potental expense.
Liability Disclaimer
By reading this document, you assume all risks associated with using the advice given
below, with a full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may
occur as a result of putng this informaton into acton in any way, and regardless of
your interpretaton of the advice.
You further agree that the author cannot be held responsible in any way for the
success or failure of your business as a result of the informaton presented below.
It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and
successful operaton of your business if you intend to apply any of this informaton in
any way to your business operatons.
© 2015 3
—————————————————–Page 3—————————————————–
[NO] – Can sell this product directly.
[NO] – Can add to a paid membership site.
[NO] – Can sell for personal use.
[NO] – Can put your name on sales page.
[NO] – Can be ofered as a bonus.
[NO] – Can be packaged with products.
[NO] – Can sell resale rights.
[NO] – Can sell master resale rights.
[NO] – Can sell PLR.
[NO] – Can sell via aucton sites.
[NO] – Can add to a FREE Membership.
© 2015 4
—————————————————–Page 4—————————————————–
Welcome to Buyers List Renegade!
Hi there!
I just want to say that I’m truly, very excited to bring you “Buyers List Renegade”. I’m
going to show you a couple methods I’ve been using to build my buyers list including a
third method that will allow anyone to get started building a buyers list right away…
We’ll get to all this buyers list excellence here in a bit, but frst…
Let me introduce myself…
My name is Mark Lofis. I’ve been in the Internet marketng biz for a while now, the
majority of that tme has been nothing but an epic failure.
I’ve EASILY spent over $2000 on my Internet marketng educaton. Countless WSO’s,
coaching, an email and afliate marketng course that cost me a cool $300. Sofwares
and plugins and outsourcing projects, OH MY…
© 2015 5
—————————————————–Page 5—————————————————–
I wish I could go back.
My frst real success? Creatng my own product. Everything up untl that point just
didn’t work.
I had built up a non-responsive list, I tried Fiverr, I tried MLM and some other network
marketng stuf, lots of money wasted on trafc, CPA, etc. But something was missing.
And I desperately NEEDED to make this work. I had invested far too much tme and
money to just give up…so I started to really “dig in” and did my research…
Do What The Gurus Are Doing!
It’s proven. It’s time tested. It WORKS.
I started to observe all the “top guns” out there. The ones that were seemingly doing
very well, and had built up a long term and sustainable online business.
They had built a following. People liked them. People listened to them. And people
paid for their products/services – this involved having a blog/website, quality content,
getng involved in the forums, Facebook groups, etc.
I just started to take massive acton to get these things in order and really focused on
building my brand and reputaton.
Something else I did was purchase a WSO by Phil Steptoe called “Buyers List Arbitrage”,
and another by Lee Murray called “From the Top”…
These things combined were a game changer for me. I fnally realized that the formula
for long-term success online was actually very simple…
I had to take something I knew VERY well and had a lot of experience with (something I
felt confdent to teach others) and organize that informaton into a product. Afer
someone purchased that product, they would be added to my autoresponder.
AKA: I needed to build a buyers list.
© 2015 6
—————————————————–Page 6—————————————————–
I don’t think I need to explain why a buyers list is so proftable, but in case you don’t
know…a buyers list is basically a group of people who have a history of actually
purchasing products. In other words, they’re not afraid to pull out their wallet to learn
something new!
Compared to the freebie seeker who opts in to your list in order to snag a free report,
audio, training, etc. – I mean the two just don’t compare. That’s not to say a freebie list
is worthless (or that you can’t convert these leads into buyers)…
But basically, the botom line is…you really need to focus a lot of your tme and efort
on building a list of BUYERS, even if you’re just startng out!!
1) It’s low cost
2) It’s faster to proft from a buyers list
3) It’s less work (if you use what I show you at the end of this report that is)
I can relate to the “buyer”, because I am one. And if I’m on your list, I’ve probably
bought a product or two (or 5 or 6 haha). And that’s exactly who I want on MY
list…people just like ME!
So just to clarify, these are people who are driven, and are constantly pursuing a goal.
Money just doesn’t get in their way. SO…once I understood the value of having a list
like this…
Creating A Product Just Made Sense
But was it really necessary? More on that later.
Honestly, it didn’t take me very long to complete my frst product.
Here’s why…
While building my list – I invested in some training covering high convertng squeeze
pages. I had tested several diferent styles, bought a ton of solo ads – and had come up
© 2015 7
—————————————————–Page 7—————————————————–
with a style and system that worked so well I could easily accomplish >50% conversion
rates on a consistent basis (my highest was over 60%).
So it was a no-brainer.
My frst product was going to be over something I could talk and/or write about all day
long. How to create high convertng squeeze pages (and do it using free tools, which I
had been doing).
What DID take a lot of tme were things such as becoming familiar with the W+
platorm, writng my own sales copy, graphics, OTO’s, creatng the videos, etc. Anytme
you do something for the frst tme, there’s obviously that learning curve.
I was also having some confdence issues right before I decided to go live with it. You
tell yourself things like “Nobody’s going to like this” and “I don’t think I provided
enough value, it’s not ready…”, or “Why should anyone listen to what ‘I’ have to say on
this issue” etc.
You basically have this ongoing batle where you are constantly tweaking your product,
adding more to it, trying to make it “perfect”. I’m not sure if there’s any way to avoid
this…it’s just human nature (mainly with your frst product) but it defnitely makes the
process longer.
So once I felt like it was worthy, I posted it as a WSO for $20, and the reviews and
purchases started coming in. I skipped the whole JV page and all the typical launch
stuf…and just opted to go for organic trafc and reviews on the WarriorForum.
I made that $20 back in no tme!
I could have more than quadrupled how many sales/buyers I gained by ofering
incentves for afliates to promote it, 100% sales funnel, etc. (and I regret not doing
this), but I was SOOO desperate to see results at this point I just launched it as soon as I
fnished. My structure was 100% on the F/E → 50% OTO.
© 2015 8
—————————————————–Page 8—————————————————–
Here were the results:
So as a result I added 90 buyers to my list and generated $568.65 in funnel sales. My
proft was about $300 and the rest was paid out to afliates who naturally found my
ofer on W+.
Wow! My frst major breakthrough! I made a decent amount of money online AND I
built a list of buyers (which is the main goal here).
I started sending promo emails, and I was actually making money from this super tny
list! This product creaton and buyers list stuf was IT. This was something that worked!
I was feeling accomplished, like my hard work and perseverance was fnally paying of. I
had sent out a high convertng ofer about 3 days afer building this list, and actually
made about $50 on a $5 WSO (100% f/e commission, 50% oto’s). I even had one buyer
purchase all 3 OTO’s and one or two had purchased the frst OTO.
Now listen…I understand that’s not very much money compared to what we see online
everyday on Facebook, sales pages, etc. But I’m talking about the potental here!!
I’m not going to sit here and feed you a bunch of B.S. about how you can make this
method work overnight and generate $1200 proft, because it’s probably not going to
happen…not at that kind of speed anyway. But stll, this happens prety fast. And we
haven’t even covered my “renegade” method yet :]
Just remember you need to follow a system and stck with it. I’m going to give you
some info later to really skyrocket how fast you can build a list like this, but frst I want
you to realize why this is worth pursuing, and why you should start ASAP afer reading
this report…
So….that was just a list of 90 buyers! Imagine if you had a “super list” like this of
2500+?? You could literally quit your job, and be making more money than you’ve ever
dreamed of right from your laptop!
© 2015 9
—————————————————–Page 9—————————————————–
Method #1: Rinse & Repeat
Just keep creating my own products, right?
Yes, absolutely. This is obviously the #1 way to build a buyers list. Selling products. And
I did just that. I did a $1 WSO which works very well and a $5 WSO. I created these very
quickly (about 1-2 days spent on each report…stll provided value of course).
As a result…
So I contnued to proft, which went right back into my advertsing – it was just another
$20 to “bump” the ofer right back up to the #1 spot in the WSO secton of the
WarriorForum. And I added 65 more buyers to my list on top of the original 90! Plus I
made an extra $161.50.
As long as I keep bumping these original products, and keep pumping out MORE
products. I’m well on my way. And I’m building my buyers list for FREE. Actually it’s
beter than that…
I’m building a buyers list and getting PAID for it!
© 2015 10
—————————————————–Page 10—————————————————–
My promo emails are stll convertng, and the larger my list grows…the more
commissions I’m earning as a result!
A quick summary of this method:
Create your own product covering a topic you are familiar with and feel confdent
teaching others (can be an ebook, audio, video, etc.). Ideas include product
creaton, squeeze pages, graphic design, copywritng, how to xyz, conductng an
interview, etc.
Study some sales copy and do it yourself or outsource it (Search for copywritng
in the WarriorForum)
Create an account at WarriorPlus or JVZoo. Use platorms like this to set up your
OTO’s, buy butons…basically to combine your products and construct your ofer.
Afliates are naturally built in.
Post as a WSO on the WarriorForum. Great opton for frst-tme product creators
in the IM niche. Lots of targeted trafc.
Sign up with GetResponse (30 day free trial), create a campaign then integrate
with WarriorPlus to have buyers automatcally added to your email list afer
Overall, I highly recommend creatng your own product to build your buyers
list…eventually getng to the point where you can do a very BIG launch with a JV page
and network like crazy to recruit big afliates. A well executed product launch can add
500+ buyers to your list in a very short period of tme.
A crucial part of making this work is joining FB groups, building relatonships with other
marketers, etc. So…
**Create a separate FB account strictly for your online business. Then, >click here< to
add me as a friend (this is my FB account strictly for IM). Add all of MY friends then join
all of the groups I’m involved in. Begin to network and strike up some relatonships.
© 2015 11
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
Cons to this method:

Time consuming. Especially if you’ve never done this before…it can take weeks.

Requires some expertse. If you’re going to create a product, you really need to
“hit the books”. Sometmes this requires spending money to gain the expertse
you need, and a lot of trial and error.
Method #2: The Bonus Spot
Hijack some launches!
So this method is obviously very popular. I’ve seen quite a few buyers list products in
the past and many of them talk about this method exclusively.
Why? Because it’s that darn efectve. Plus it’s simple, and easy.
So conventonal wisdom tells us this…
1. Create your own product (like we covered in Method #1).
2. Communicate with other marketers who are about to do a product launch, and
ask them if they would be interested in adding YOUR product as a bonus (which
will be added to their download page). You might send them some reviews of
the product and a copy for them to make sure it’s quality content, etc.
3. If they accept, you send them the image of your product and create a “bonus
squeeze page” so that when buyers of that product click on your bonus, they are
sent to an opt-in page. From here they enter their email and receive your free
bonus. Presto! You’re adding proven buyers to your list. If the product launch
you scored the bonus spot on does very well, you could potentally gain
hundreds of buyers.
© 2015 12
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
Places to find upcoming launches include:
JV Launch Calendar
Warrior JV
Facebook groups
Below is an example of one of my squeeze pages for a bonus
spot I’m on…for all my bonus pages, I use something similar to a
template provided by Lee Murray in his book “From The Top”
© 2015 13
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
The two methods we’ve just discussed are dependent on ONE
thing: A PRODUCT.
We’ve discussed some pro’s and cons of creatng a product, and I think it’s obvious that
it’s a tme consuming process. Even if you have a killer idea or have some experience
like I did and could create a product very quickly…
You stll have to write the sales copy, become familiar with platorms such as JVZoo or
W+, you need an external sales page or be familiar with bbcode to post it as a thread in
the WSO secton…then you have to keep creatng more products, etc.
But what if you’re just startng out and aren’t ready to create a product? Maybe you
don’t have the confdence or the know-how at this point in your IM career, but you
realize the income potental of a buyers list and are done wastng your tme with
freebie seekers. SO…
What if there was a way to build a buyers list without having to
create a product?
Method #3: Be A Renegade!
Screw the conventional way of doing things.
Let’s get right to it…this method is a “twist” on the frst two methods we’ve already
I’m going to show you a very low cost and legitmate way to actually own your very
own product.
And NO, I’m NOT talking about PLR ebooks/reports!
It’s very high quality and something you can slap your name on and be proud of.
And yes, it will be YOUR product – and NO product creaton is required.
© 2015 14
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
You could use “Method 1” and sell it (and I encourage you to do that), but I’m actually
going to recommend “Method 2” and use this product to start hijacking some product
launches. It’s much faster and you can get started building your buyers list right away.
Internet marketers will have no problem saying YES and adding this as a bonus to an
upcoming launch…
Why you ask? Because it’s in demand and has a high perceived value…
“So…What is it Mark?!”
I’m talking about WordPress plugins!
© 2015 15
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Why plugins?

It sells itself

Don’t need a reputaton. The plugin you’re ofering either does what you say It
does, or it doesn’t. Plain and simple. No track record needed, no income proof
required. 100% newbie friendly.

High perceived value (plugins sell anywhere from $17 to $97 or more)

When ofered as a bonus, it’s going to convert. You’ll get a lot more buyers on
your list with a plugin than with a report or ebook that is usually specifc to a
single niche. Everybody loves plugins, they’re like candy!

So yeah, this can work in any IM niche! Whether you’re trying to build a list for
SEO, list building, web design, copywritng, etc. Internet marketers have websites
and the super majority of them use WordPress. Plugins make using WordPress
easier and more advanced.
You have some optons here…so I’m going to cover them very quickly.
To wrap it up I’m going to cover what I personally recommend, because it’s fast and it’s
only going to cost you $7 (for a very high quality plugin):
Open Source Plugins
If you look in the plugin directory: htp://
All of the free plugins have a General Public License or GPL. That means the code is
“open source” and can be used in “derivatve works”. Basically this means you can use
it for your own plugin. You could just outsource it ( to have the code
modifed, then give it away as a bonus for a launch or sell it.
Problem with this is pricing. I’m not sure how much a project like that would cost, but
I’m guessing it would be pricey…and overall would end up taking a couple of weeks.
© 2015 16
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
License a Plugin
If you go to CodeCanyon and click on WordPress, there are thousands of plugins you
can buy the rights to. An “extended license” is going to cost you anywhere from $70 to
$100 or more. An extended license will allow you to use the code for your OWN plugin.
Con to licensing a plugin is obviously price.
Create a plugin from scratch??
Not to menton these will all require you to outsource which includes choosing the
right programmer, and that’s a task. And don’t forget it can take a week or more to
Even afer all this…the plugin could potentally have bugs or other issues…sounds like a
Do this instead: Membership sites!
There are several PLR WordPress plugin membership sites that will develop a unique
and fully functonal WordPress plugin once a month for you to download, slap your
name on it – and basically do with it whatever you’d like!
Sounds expensive doesn’t it? Not quite.
The best one I’ve found so far (mainly because of price and the name behind it):
htp:// (no af link)
This membership site is run by Suzanna Theresia (Developer of InstaBuilder,
InstaMember, Easy Video Suite, InstaTheme, etc.)
© 2015 17
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
So there’s no doubt the plugins are going to be very high quality and 100% original.
**Disclaimer: I am in no way afliated with Suzanna or any of her products. If you sign
up for this membership site, I receive zero compensaton. I am simply sharing with you
what I have found to be a great deal at a great price combined with an excellent brand
that you can trust.
The frst month is only $7, and you’ll have immediate access to your very own plugin.
Full rights and unique source code, the whole package.
If you choose to remain a member, you’ll receive a 100% original plugin developed by
Suzanna and her team on the 24th of e/ month for only $27 recurring.
But don’t forget, the frst month is just $7. Maybe you just want the plugin that comes
with signing up? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. That would only cost you $7. I mean
it’s totally up to you.
Here’s what it looks like inside:
© 2015 18
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So when you scroll down you’ll see where you can download your plugin .zip fle (next
If you’re a Windows user, you’ll need to go to htp:// and download 7-
zip in order to unzip these fles so you can access all the goodies…
Download area including description:
And here’s what you get:
© 2015 19
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
So the plugin I’ve downloaded is called “WPPopUp”.
Ugly cover right?
First thing I would do with this is head over to and look for lahmohd and
have a brand new cover made for this plugin – it will just cost you $5, and a new cover
will drastcally increase perceived value. I would also change the name (pg 23).
Something else that’s very important is we want to take a look
at our license…
© 2015 20
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
You Get “Unrestricted Private Label Rights”
I’ve highlighted some important parts of this license:
[Yes] – You can add your name to the salespage and brand as your own!
[Yes] – You can set your own pricing on either of these packages. $17.00+
[Yes] – You can ofer them as a bonus to a paid ofer.
[No] – Can be sold as a WSO
[No] – Can ofer as a bonus to a WSO, or resell on the Warrior Forum as a classifed.
So we can’t sell this partcular plugin on the WarriorForum.
I do know there is a new rule about selling PLR…so to be on the safe side, if you opt to
sell any of these plugins, I would recommend an external sales page every tme.
You CAN ofer it as a bonus like we discussed in “Method 2”, but you can’t ofer it as a
bonus to a WSO.
This won’t be a problem. Just about every single launch you fnd on MunchEye is an
externally hosted sales page!!
© 2015 21
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
Want to re-brand the plugin and change the name? No problem.
These instructions come with your plugin!
So like I said, on the 24th of each month you’ll receive a brand new plugin. Use it as a
bonus, sell it, build that buyers list…
© 2015 22
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
About a week later afer signing up for the $7 trial, it happened to be the 24th. So I login
to the members area and…
Here is the second plugin I received (no additional cost)…
© 2015 23
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
Here’s my license:
The only thing I can’t do is resell/giveaway the PLR, or give the “full version” away for
free. Seems to be even beter rights than the frst!
This product CAN be sold in a dimesale, and I don’t see anything in the license that says
you can’t ofer it as a bonus to a WSO. Overall this is a really sweet deal, and the plugin
works great!
How cool is that? Two brand new WordPress plugins with “Unrestricted Private Label
Rights”, and 100% unique source code.
Change the name of it, slap your name on it…and these plugins are all yours.
Just like that, you have 2 high quality products branded as your
own and developed by one of the most successful and trusted
brands in the industry…and it only cost $7.
© 2015 24
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
Let’s wrap this up so you can get started!

Always upload these plugins onto your own WordPress and become very familiar
with them. Shoot some ‘how-to” videos of you using the plugin, and send these
to your buyers along with the download link in your frst follow up email.

If you’re not familiar with uploading .zip fles, creatng bonus pages, using an
autoresponder…just send an email to and I’ll help you out.

Once you start building that buyers list, don’t be shy! Start sending some promo
emails of other products you’ve tried / products that have been getng some
great reviews! But I would recommend only doing this afer providing some
valuable content for about 1 week before doing so. Just make sure your
ofers/content is quality stuf, and something your list will be interested in.
So to summarize, in the beginning of this report I covered two of the most powerful
methods the TOP internet marketers are doing to build their buyers list:
1. Creatng and selling products
2. Using those products as bonus spots for upcoming launches
As a third method, I showed you how to skip the product creaton process and gain
access to unique WordPress plugins with unrestricted rights that you can re-brand and
use as your very own product.
It’s obvious that the number one reason people postpone building a buyers list is the
fact that they don’t own their own product. Having access to these plugins solves that
Moreover, you don’t need any income proof or even a proven track record if you’re a
newbie. The plugin you’re ofering as a bonus or selling as your own just has to do what
you say it does!
Good luck with building that buyers list! If you have any questons whatsoever, feel free
to contact me (details below).
© 2015 25
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To your success,
Skype: marklofis10
Add me on Facebook!
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More From Mark!
Squeeze Page Trainer
Let me show you how to create a high convertng squeeze page
from scratch using FREE tools.
I’ll even show you how to convert the trafc you drive to that page
into a proven buyer.
> click here to get SPT! <
See next page for additional training/resources…
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A few services I recommend plus additional training…
From The Top
by Lee Murray
Buyers List Arbitrage
by Phil Steptoe
Goofall’s Guide ReLoaded: Email Marketng for the Bada$$
by Mark Tandan
Recently switched from Aweber to GR and highly recommend
Namecheap Hostng
A non-EIG host, very dependable. Recently switched to Namecheap
from Hostgator.
For creatng bonus pages, download pages, basically your entre
sales funnel.
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Done For You List Building Funnel

Done For You List Building Funnel
Killer List Blueprint
Copyright © 2014
Killer List Blueprint
Introduction: The Most Important Chapter of this course
Hi there. Thanks for downloading my report. You just made a wise move, because I’m
about to show you some very practical ways to build a responsive email subscriber’s
list. And with it, a permanent income stream for you. But before I jump into things, I’d
like to tell you one thing, you should listen to this carefully- this introductory section is
the most important part of this report. Let me repeat, this introductory section is the
most important part of this report. So, please pay attention. Try to grasp everything I
discuss here. If you do, list building would be a “no problemo” thing for you.
Listen, when I started to build my own list back in 2009, I went through several courses
to master the techniques and to jump start my List building efforts. The courses were
from very successful Internet marketers. Some of the courses were video courses, and
some were just reports. Every angle of list building methods and strategies were
discussed in those courses. However, I noticed one thing common in all of the courses.
Almost half of the course materials were dedicated to a motivational purpose, to
motivate the readers on list building rather than teaching the readers different list
building methods. That means that they spent half of the course to motivate the
readers to stick with the techniques they are going to teach in the latter half of the
course. In a 12-part-List-building-video tutorial, I noticed that the first 5 of them were
motivational. They utilized all their experience, all their enthusiasm, and all their wits to
motivate us towards building an email list.
Sales funnels, JV giveaways, Solo ads, product launches, etc. are some of the proven list
building methods. But no methods will build us an email list of subscribers, unless we
go for it, unless we take actions, and unless we stick to our actions. How are we going
Killer List Blueprint
to stick to our actions? We have to be focused enough; we have to be motivated
enough to stick to the list building process.
So, what could motivate us the most? Well, they knew it all right! Money, what else! It
is the most powerful motivator of all time. It is true for almost everybody. That’s what
they were trying to do! They were trying to convince us that there is money in the list.
And if we can build one, we could earn money from it.
In most List building courses, I noticed an almost identical introduction. First, the writer
or the coach will introduce himself or herself. Then they will share his or her life’s story
– the story of that time when they hadn’t started list building and making money. They
would mention their financial and general condition and their social standings with
Why? Why did they bother to share their lives with us? Because they wanted to show
us that they were at the same position as we are now. To show us that they were not
super humans, but rather ordinary human like us; who made mistakes, felt frustrated,
and felt lost. Still, being an ordinary human being like us, they could build a list and
make money. Why it would be different in our case? They did it from scratch, and we
can too!
Next, they would discuss how they started their List building; their initial successes and
failures; how they were further motivated by their first successes, and how they
overcame their failures.
Why? Because, we will be experiencing the same successes and failures if we are going
Killer List Blueprint
to build our list. They discussed the exact incidents that are going to take place in the
case of our own list building efforts.
Next, they would show us some proof of their earnings from their subscriber’s mailing
list. Not only that, there would be examples of their students, who are successful list
builders by now, and are making money from it. This is a very interesting and highly
motivating move. This is when most of us decide that we are going to go for it.
So, as you can see, we can build a money-making list of our own if we try. But there are
conditions. They have indicated those conditions in his or her life stories. The purpose
of sharing their life stories with us was merely an attempt at pointing out the
conditions related to our list building. Their point was “unless we fulfill these
conditions, we cannot be successful building a list.” So let’s see,what the conditions are
that we can summarize from these life stories:
Condition 1: We have to convincingly believe that a list of subscribers will make us an
income stream.
Condition 2: We have to believe that, like Tom, Dick, and Harry, we too have the ability
to build a list.
Condition 3: We have to take list building as any other business where many obstacles
may arise, and we have to be determined enough to overcome them.
Fulfill these conditions, and we can build a list of 100 subscribers very quickly. Stick with
the process, and our list will reach 5,000 subscribers in no time!
So are we ready to start our list building? Are we ready with these three conditions? If
Killer List Blueprint
yes, we’ll move forward together to our success.
Note: Many terms may seem unfamiliar to us if we are just starting out our Internet
marketing journey. We may not understand many words while going through this
report. Don’t bother and just go on! We are going to grasp every term by the time you
reach the end of this report. Don’t let a small obstacle stop our journey to success.
Alternately, we can always Google any term to know what it means!
So, what are we going to get from this course?
Firstly, we are going to show you some simple list building techniques that just about
anyone can do, but more importantly, they are DEADLY effective when it comes to
having a responsive email list, and building an online business.
Secondly, we are going to show you how you can build a list in 90 days that will earn
you at least $3,000 per month. That means, if you follow this course and put into
practice what is said here for 90 days, you will be able to build a list that will give you at
least $3,000 per month, and your earnings will grow from there with the numbers of
your subscribers.
I know; you are thinking: “would it be possible for me to earn $3,000 per month after
90 days?” Yes, it would be possible. Just get the list built, and the money will roll in. It is
that straightforward. It is simple math! I am going to show you right now how simple it
Killer List Blueprint
Let’s say that our target after 90 days is to earn $3,000 in one month — so we have to
earn $100 per day.
Let’s say that we have a product that gives us a $25 commission per sale. Yes, yes; I
know we don’t have any product right now. But let’s assume that we have, because we
are going to show how we can have one in this very course! Now, we have to make four
sales a day to earn $100 per day as commissions from our product.
If the conversion rate of our product is 1%, (that means our product makes one sale in
100 clicks), our offer will need 400 clicks per day to make four sales. Now, if only 10% of
the total subscribers of our list click to our offer, we have to have a list of 4,000
subscribers. So, you see, we have to build a list of 4,000 subscribers to make $100 per
day or $3,000 per month. Is it possible in 90 days?
Okay, to build a list of 4,000 subscribers in 90 days, we need 45 new subscribers per day
from our sign up form (opt-in form) at our site. At a 30% opt-in rate, we will need 150
targeted visitors per day to get 45 new opt-ins per day! Simple! Does it seem impossible
to us now?
Let’s Grasp the List Building Process
You see, there are only two basic parts involved in the list building engine. They are:
1. Traffic and
2. A Sales funnel
We have to attract traffic in and drive them out through our sales funnel. That would
Killer List Blueprint
build our list, and make us money. We are going to make money while we are building
our list; i.e., building a list and making money simultaneously! Then we are going to
utilize our list to make money repeatedly. That’s true. We will make money out of our
list, as long as they keep our subscription. But first, we have to understand what a sales
funnel is and what it does. We will discuss the methods of driving traffic into a sales
funnel after that.
Sales Funnel
If we want to keep it simple, we can say that a sales funnel is nothing but a series of
web pages. These web pages are arranged methodically one after another, interlinking
with each other. If the traffic passes through the pages, they transform from random
prospect to qualified leads and finally, to buyers.
Say some web visitors visit the 1st web page (squeeze page) of our sales funnel. At this
time, we can call them “random visitors.” If they go to the 2nd web page of our sales
funnel passing through the 1st page, they are no longer a random visitor. Their interest
on the issue on the 1st page drove them to the 2nd page, and turned them in to “leads”
or “prospects” to us. By the time they reach the 3rd page of our sales funnel, they
would become our “buyers,” because we would put some products on our 2nd web
page of our sales funnel. They could not go to our 3rd web page, unless they buy that
product. The interesting thing is our buyer bought one product from us so far, but we
captured their email in the process. Now, we can send them emails with our other
offers, our own or affiliate, any time we want.
Below is a step by step example of how sales funnel works.
Killer List Blueprint
We are going to discuss how we can set up a sales funnel for us that is similar to this
right ahead.
The sales funnel is a series of inter-linking web pages. But there must be some
important and interesting elements in these pages that would entice the visitors to visit
one page after another. We must prepare these elements before we put together a
sales funnel. The elements needed are:
1. A free giveaway product
2. A product to sell and make money
3. A series of pre-written emails
4. Services of an email auto-responder company and
5. Services of a payment processor
1. A free giveaway product
This product can be a report on a specific issue of Internet marketing, a video tutorial,
or it can be software that solves specific problems. If a visitor is interested in learning
Killer List Blueprint
specific things and getting it for free, he or she generally jumps for it, giving away their
name and email address. And that’s the exact thing we are trying to capture; their
names and email addresses.
2. A product to sell and make money
After we get the name and email, we place this product in front of the visitors to buy.
Some of them buy immediately, and some decide not to buy at this point.
Note: We will discuss how we can make the products we need for our sales funnel.
3. A series of pre-written emails
We have to prepare some strong, motivating emails that discuss the benefits of our
paid product. We are going to send these emails to the people who did not buy our
paid product the first time we placed it before them. They may change their mind after
learning the benefits through the emails we sent.
4. Service of an auto-responder company
An auto-responder is a compulsory tool for every list builder. An auto-responder is a
software database for email and an email list management system. We keep our list of
subscribers in this account. It collects and manages the sign-ups for us. We can set a
pre-written email sequence to send out to our subscribers with the auto responder.
Despite the pre-written email sequence, we can send a special email called “broadcast
email” with our offer any time we want.
We have to pay monthly fees to use an auto-responder service. This is the only monthly
investment we have to carry in this business model. Charges are different for different
companies and vary from $10 to $20 per month initially. There are many autoresponder
companies on the market. Aweber and Getresponce are the two best, in my
opinion. I use both, but prefer Getresponce over Aweber because I can buy some
Killer List Blueprint
cheap leads from Getresponce that converts well for me and makes a few bucks!
Moreover, there are some excellent training videos in the member area!
5. Service of a payment processor
We will need a payment processor to get paid for our products. We need a payment
processor, so that we can put a clickable link for “pay now” on our product pages for
our visitors. We will use PayPal for this purpose because it is internationally accepted
and easy to use. Therefore it is important to create an account with if we do
not have one already. There are categories for the accounts at PayPal, depending on
the purpose. We need to pay or receive payment. So we need a “Business account.”
However, a basic account could be upgraded to a “Business Account” any time needed.
There will be easy instructions of how to generate codes for “pay now” buttons in the
PayPal dashboard. All we have to do is follow instructions to generate a “pay now”
button code and place it in appropriate places on our web pages.
How to create Give away and paid products and the
Pre-written Email series
We need a product to give away for free in exchange for the emails, and we need at
least another product to sell to them. Let’s say, we offer a free report on “How to build
an email list fast” in exchange for their emails. But if they find the report not intriguing,
they will “unsubscribe” from our list as soon as they finish reading our report. To keep
them on our list, we should make them think, “Oh, yes, I can build a list and make
money with this!” The same goes for the product we are going to offer to them to buy.
Killer List Blueprint
If we are just starting out the journey, my advice is to pay the experts in the relative
fields to create the products. It will cost us $200 to $500. We can find someone on
oDesk, Elance, or the Warrior forum to make our products.
But there are ways we can put together a report for free as well. W90e need to spend a
bit of time, and do a bit of research for that. First, we are going to find some contents
on the subject from the web. We can find many places with such content from a Google
search. We have to go through them to make a complete picture of a subject and then
we have to write our own report from the findings. It doesn’t have to be a very long
report! 20-30 pages will be enough!
An easier option will be to buy a Private Label Rights (PLR) report similar to our subject,
and then rewrite it to make it unique. , http://master-resalerights.
com and are some of PLR sites. There are many sites on the
web that sell PLR products. We can acquire a report or two for $5-$10. A piece.
Making a unique free giveaway product that has some value is the key to list building.
We are expecting names and emails in exchange for this product. This product is
compulsory for a sales funnel.
The product that we want to sell to our list will have to be on same subject as our free
report. It may be an extension, a step by step tutorial, a video tutorial, or software that
supplements our free report. This product is called a “one-time time offer” or “OTO” in
the sales funnel. We cannot compromise with its quality if we want to make some
money out of it. We can write a free giveaway report from scratch, but making a
product to sell is a different issue. We would advise goinjg to an expert to create our
Killer List Blueprint
first paid product. Like I said, it may cost between $200-$500. We can be assured that
we can earn many times more shortly if we invest this amount initially. Experts can be
found on the places like oDesk, Elance, the Warrior forum, and marketplaces similar to
We recommend that we obtain our own product to sell to our list. We can maximize
our profit by taking the full advantages of our subscribers. But we can place an affiliate
product there to sell as well, if we are short of investment right now to create our
product. In that case, we have to find a product from the market related to our free
report. The owner of this product is somebody else, but we can place it on our thank
you page and make an affiliate commission on any sale.
There are many places that we can find a similar affiliate product of high value. Click
Bank, Digiresults, Warrior Forum, Rap Bank, and JVZoo are a few popular places. Just
find a related product from there, and become an affiliate. We have to place the
product on our web pages with the affiliate link to make a commission out of the sale.
It was mentioned earlier that we need some motivating pre-written email sequence to
place in our auto-responder. We can make our pre-written email sequence via the same
method we use to create our free and paid products.
Now we know about the elements that are needed in our sales funnel. Let’s get to the
web pages of our sales funnel. The web pages we are going to make initially are as
1. A squeeze page
2. A thank you page with OTO and
Killer List Blueprint
3. A product download page
1. Squeeze page
Check the picture below, it is a screen shot of a Squeeze page.
What do we see here that is important? A web page containing a beautiful picture of a
tropical sea beach in the background? Okay, this is important too! The eye-catching
background gives us a pleasant experience, changes our mood, and maybe entices us to
visit those kinds of places! But the center of attraction is the rectangular box hanging in
the middle of the picture with some easy to understand text written on it. The message
is very clear and to the point. It says, take this report for free! Yes, for free! Free for you
if you are interested in learning about the list building system. Well, leave us your email
here so that we can deliver the report. We are also going to send you a series of related
content that will supplement this report and your list building efforts.
Killer List Blueprint
Effective Squeeze page Tips
 Use simple and basic design
 Use a simple auto-responder web form
 Start with an intriguing headline
 Provide benefits in bullet form
 Include a specific call to action
 Include an image of a free giveaway product
 Add an introductory video
 Guide the visitor with an arrow mark
 Include a “Disclaimer” and a “Privacy Policy”
We do not have to add all these features in one squeeze page, but only what is needed.
We can discard many features if we add an introductory video that describes the
benefits of our report.
2. Thank you page & One-Time Offer (OTO)
The Thank you page is another web page like our “Squeeze page.” We send the visitors
to this page immediately after they agree to take our Free Report and give us their
names and email numbers at our “Squeeze page.” The page is meant to thank them for
downloading our report for free. We also thank them to give us the opportunity to send
them additional tips on list building.
One-Time Offer (Instant money maker)
Killer List Blueprint
By this time, we already gave away our free report and captured their emails. We also
thanked them at our “Thank You page” for downloading our free report. Here, in this
very thank you page, we are going to offer our paid product with a discount. We sell
this at higher prices at other places. This offer is called a “One-Time Offer” or OTO.
They can see this OTO only once. If they take it now, they will get it at a discounted
price. If they don’t, they will lose the opportunity to buy it at a lower price. Conversion
of OTO into sales is much higher because of the psychology behind the process.
Placement of the OTO on the “Thank you page” gives us the opportunity to start
earning right after our visitors decide to grab the free report at our squeeze page.
We need a convincing sales letter for our OTO product. We can outsource our sales
letter or create it for free at
We should also familiarize ourselves with two terms, upsell and downsell, that will
come in handy at the next stage. An upsell page is a web page with our payment
processor, where a visitor can purchase one of our products. If they do not buy it on the
upsell page and try to move away, they are redirected to another web page called the
downsell page. Here, they can purchase the same product at a reduced price (and
possibly with reduced features).
Here is a screen shot of a Thank you page:
Killer List Blueprint
3. Product Download Page
This web page is the web page where we keep the link of our product to download. The
visitor is sent here if they buy our product at our thank you page. They can download
the product immediately after they make the payment at our thank you page. Here is
an example page:
Killer List Blueprint
Many visitors can opt not to buy our OTO product at our thank you page. But we can
place our product in front of them many more times. We will send them a series of
emails telling the benefits of our product with a link to buy our product.
Now, our simple sales funnel is complete with these three simple web pages, a squeeze
page, a thank you page, and a product download page. Driving traffic to our squeeze
page will build us a list at the same time as making us some money. We will discuss a
killer sales funnel strategy later in this report.
How to Design Our Web Pages
Killer List Blueprint
Our Squeeze page is the most important element of this business model. It is our
greatest tool to convert our visitors into our subscribers. So, we recommend you go to a
professional to design your squeeze page if you have some money to invest. But there
are tons of free ways to get an effective squeeze page if we do not want to invest
money at this point. We are going to discuss the two best ways to generate a simple
squeeze page.
Free Template
Don’t be fooled into thinking that we need to have web design skills to develop a
squeeze page. There are plenty of templates available that we can use. We recommend for free squeeze page templates. We can sign up for
free, and follow the instructions to set up a simple squeeze page. Just spend some time
and play a bit with the templates and tools until you are satisfied with the squeeze page
you generate.
There are tons of free squeeze page templates on the web. All you have to do is Google
search “Free squeeze page templates,” and select one you like.
Using Word Press Platform
If we go for the simplest way to get a squeeze page, this is it. The only thing we have to
do is install Word Press software. There are tons of free manuals and Youtube videos on
how to install Word Press. There are tons of free and paid Word Press squeeze page
themes on the Internet too! Just Google it to find it and use it to generate your squeeze
Killer List Blueprint
page. Here are some free and paid Word Press theme sources we can utilize:
Free WP Squeeze Page Themes at
– Optimizepress at
– Squeeze Theme at
– Flex Squeeze at
Similarly, we can generate our thank you page and download page using the same
Now that we have our sales funnel web pages at hand, we will need some additional
tools that are a must to set up our sales funnel. We need a domain name and a hosting
account to upload our web pages. And we need the service of an auto-responder
company to send our emails with offers in bulk to our list.
First, we need a domain name to keep our web pages recognized on the web. Choose a
domain name of your choice. A domain name with the extension of dot com, dot net or
dot org works best on the web. We have to register the domain name to make it our
own. There are many domain registrant companies but I use and We need a hosting company after we acquire a domain.
There are many web hosting services on the market. I use Host Gator. We can start with
Host Gator, paying as little as $ 3.96 per month. Blue Host is also a good option. These
two are the best and the most professional on the market. But that’s my opinion. We
can choose any company we want. Just make sure the hosting company we are
choosing is supported by the c-panel system. We have to sign up for a hosting account
choosing a suitable package and upload our Squeeze Page, Thank You page, and
Killer List Blueprint
Download page to our hosting account. In our hosting member area, we can find some
video training on how to upload our files in our c-panel. There are tons of videos on the
YouTube site as well.
Killer Sales Funnel Strategy
We have discussed how to make a simple sales funnel already. Now we are going to set
a killer sales funnel strategy. The idea is to place our offer in front of our visitor as many
times as possible. That will increase the possibility of our sales. We have created this
funnel based upon the trial and error systems over the years, and it works great for us.
We need a few more web pages and a few more products to implement our killer
strategy. We don’t have a few more products? Not to worry, we can always use affiliate
products and make commissions! Now, look at this diagram below and try to
understand the flow:
Scenario 1
Killer List Blueprint
(1) OTTO: We got the email address we are looking for, as soon as someone signed-up
at our squeeze page. We will immediately send them to our thank you page with our
OTO. Let’s say we sell a list-building report at our website for $37, and we are giving
away the same for $10 at our OTO page.
(1.1) Upsell: Congratulations to us for our first sale. A subscriber has just become a
customer! But why stop there? Let’s grab the opportunity to place another product
before our customer!
1.2) Upsell 2: If they bought the OTO and Upsell 1 then there is an opportunity to show
them the Upsell 2 products.
Scenario 2
We sent our subscriber to our thank you page with OTO; it’s turned down. It can
happen. But in that situation, we will send them to our downsell page, where they can
buy the equivalent product (with reduced features) at a lower price. We will include a
downsell page after every Upsell page on the same principle.
There will always be some subscribers who end up purchasing nothing. But we can send
them our convincing pre-written auto responder emails to persuade them.
Methods of Driving Traffic to your Sales Funnel
Now that our sales funnel is complete, our primary task will be driving traffic to our
squeeze page, as many as we can, in as many ways as we can. More traffic to our
squeeze page means more sign ups, and more sign ups mean more sales.
Killer List Blueprint
There are many proven ways to derive traffic to our squeeze page. Some generate
random visitors and some targeted visitors. Some are free methods and some need
investment. A successful list builder hardly uses all the methods to drive traffic. It is a
bit difficult to master and run all the methods simultaneously. Mastering one or two
techniques is more convenient, and brings a satisfactory result as well.
We are not going to discuss all the methods in depth here. Discussing each traffic
driving method in-depth would require a separate report for each method! We are
going to discuss two free methods and two paid methods of traffic generation. We will
take it a step further and actually disclose which four strategies have worked the best
for us and which ones have brought the most subscribers.
Free Methods
1. Blogging
Blogging is one of the best free methods for getting targeted traffic to visit our squeeze
page. We already have our domain name and hosting account. Now, we have to setup
a Word Press blog. There are many video tutorials on how to set up a Word Press blog
on the net. We have to post new and fresh content daily at least twice, the more the
better, always with a link or two to our squeeze page. We are going to add our autoresponder
opt-in form at the side bar of our blog as well.
A Word Press blog always gets traffic. Whatever we post on our blog, there will be
visitors to read it. We are going to post content related to our gift if we want targeted
traffic at our opt-in form. Let’s say our gift is a report on list building. We should post
contents that are related to listing building. This way, the reader will know what to
Killer List Blueprint
expect from our gift before they opt-in. That makes them a targeted prospect, and we
can consider them our valuable leads.
We have to write our content that we are going to post at our blog. The interesting
thing is, most of us think that we do not have any writing ability what-so-ever. But in
the end, most of us (Internet marketers) become pretty good writers! The thing is, we
can write if we try to write. Initially, it won’t be easy but with practice and persistence,
it comes out fine! We cannot write, say on list building, if we do not know anything
about list building. The key here is to find valuable contents on list building and read
and research the subject. We can always write or rewrite on an issue of list building in
our own words if we know about it.
There is the alternate way to get content if we do not want to write ourselves. We can
invest some money to get content written by others. It may cost $3- $10 for a 500 word
article. There are marketplaces for these writers often called “ghost writers.” We can
find them at, or even at Another good place
for cheap content is Here we can get a 500 word article for $3 apiece.
Traffic generation with blogging is the most stable way to get targeted traffic. This
method alone could fulfill our target of 45 subscribers per day. Setting up a blog with
the first content may not bring expected visitors. But the number of visitors grow very
fast if we post our contents regularly. Visitors increase with the age of the blog as well.
Overtime it collects visitors from search engines.
The ey to the success with the blogging is the consistency; that is posting fresh content
at regular intervals. That being said, there are many rules, good practices, techniques,
tricks and tips for blogging successfully. Going through a course on blogging is a good
Killer List Blueprint
idea to take full advantage of blogging. We recommend the best course in the current
market named, “Blogging to the Bank.”
2. JV (Joint-venture) Give away
JV Give away is the event where some Internet marketers come together and submit
their gift. These gifts could be a report, a video tutorial, or software or any IM related
element. All the gifts of the contributors are kept in the JV Give away site, that is, on a
web page. Everyone on the Internet is free to visit this page and download gifts for free
in exchange for their email. Not only that, all the contributors (who obviously possess a
considerable sized list of subscribers) are bound to drive their own traffic to the page.
Now, we can get many sign-ups for free if we become a contributor and submit our gift
for such an event.
Where to find these JV giveaway events? There are two kinds. One is public, and
another is private. Public JV Giveaway events are open for all to contribute, and many
events could be found at any time from a Google search. Just type “JV Give Away
Events.” Each event may have different rules, so we have to go through their terms
before we decide to submit our gift. Here are few popular public JV Giveaway events:
Private JV Giveaways work like public JV Giveaways. But the role of a contributor is not
open to all. Each day, many private JV Giveaway events take place. All we have to do is
find them. We can find them by searching Google or by building personal relationship
with Internet marketers. There are a number of JV groups on Skype. We can find a
Killer List Blueprint
highly active Skype group with the purchase of a JV giveaway event hosting plugin on
Wordpress named JV Giveaway plugin.
With this plugin we can run our own JV giveaway events and request other contributors
to join in. WP Venture is a similar plug-in. These plug-ins are easy to set up and come
with an instruction manual.
These are the two best free list building methods. These have proved to bring success.
We were heavily dependent on these two methods for our own list building at the
initial stage. We are using a few paid methods currently, but we never stopped using
the two free methods we discussed here.
Paid method
1. Solo Ad
We are starting to build our subscribers list, but many marketers have been doing it for
5 or 10 years. They have huge numbers of subscribers on their list. One of the many
ways to earn from the list of subscribers is to send another person’s email for a small
fee. The people that are paying the list owner generally attach few links to his or her
squeeze page in the email. This system of advertisement to another person’s
subscribers is called a Solo Ad.
There are places where we can buy at $30, $100, or $300 a Solo Ad from the sites like,, or Directory of Ezines.
A Solo Ad is one of the cheaper and effective methods of building a targeted list very
fast. We can easily fulfill our quota of 45 subscribers a day with this system.
Killer List Blueprint
2. Free WSO
This is a cool way to get targeted subscribers, and we have been doing it over and over
since 2009. I am talking about offering our gift to, WSO section for
free. WSO stands for Warrior Special offer. The general rule is to offer a deal for Warrior
Forum members at a much lower price. That means the deal is offered at higher price
on some other websites or marketplaces. WSO is a privilege for the Warrior Forum
members. We can offer a deal as WSO and earn money but there is also an option to
offer a WSO for free.
Why bother to offer our gift to Warrior Forum? It’s because of the traffic. 20 to 30
thousand or more people worldwide are logged in at any given time. We have the
chance to place our offer in front of 20 to 30 thousand pairs of eye. Isn’t that intriguing!
Do we need more traffic to fulfill our quota of 45 subscribers per day?
Running a WSO, free or paid, requires special skills and understanding. We can go and
try to post an offer (which will cost $ 40 per WSO) at Warrior Forum and learn the
process with trial-and-error methods. This has been the process since 2009. We can
also take advantage of our step by step video tutorial on how to create a product, how
to post it as a WSO and how to get most out of our WSO. Our tutorial can be found
Subscribe & Unsubscribe
You see, some of our subscribers will unsubscribe from our list. There is an option to
unsubscribe from the list at the bottom of every email we send through our auto-
Killer List Blueprint
responder account. Unsubscribing happens to every list builder in the world. It is
normal. We subscribe to a newsletter because it appears valuable to us. We expect
valuable content related to the product we are interested in. But after some time, the
newsletter may not appear as valuable as it looked before. Or we may lose interest to
the product or the niche related to it. We generally unsubscribe in this situation. So, we
cannot afford to stop our list building efforts. We have to look out for new subscribers
all the time. A number of new subscribers with a few un-subscribers will keep our list
healthy and on the rise.
That’s all from “”. But don’t forget to check our tutorial “”. (Insert your product page link
Final Statement
We are going to build a list of at least 4,000 subscribers in 90 days, if we put into action
what we have learned here. We are going to earn at least $3,000 a month with our list.
What that means is we have to setup our sales funnel and make it fully functional first.
Then we are going to use the traffic driving methods described in this report to derive
traffic for our sales funnel for 90 days. It would be easier for us if we follow the action
steps below. We have to complete one step before we move on to the next.
Action Steps
1. Prepare/outsource a free give away report
2. Prepare/outsource a related product to sell or find a related affiliate product as an
Killer List Blueprint
3. Prepare/outsource a sales letter for your OTO product
3. Prepare/outsource a series of pre-written emails
4. Prepare/outsource a Squeeze page, thank you page, and product download page
5. Buy domain name, hosting account, and auto-responder account
6. Upload the web pages to the domain and hosting account
7. Set thank you page with OTO and email sequence at the auto-responder account
8. Test the sales funnel
9. Start driving traffic for 90 days
10. Don’t stop there, keep driving the traffic. :D)
———That’s all folks! Happy List Building!——–
List of Resources:
Domain name Registrant:
Hosting account:
Payment Processor:
Killer List Blueprint
Outsourcing Marketplace:
PLR Sites:
Marketplaces for affiliate products
Resources for html Squeeze page
Sales page creator
JV Giveaways
JV Giveaway event word press plugin
WP Venture
JV Giveaway Plugin
Killer List Blueprint
Solo Ad Resources,
Directory of Ezines.
Resources for word press hosted Squeeze page
List Building
This will be more than enough to get you started with building your list efforts, but if
you’re eager to take your list building and Internet Marketing profits to the next level,
we highly recommend checking out the offer below.
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