Secret Offline Weapon

Secret Offline Weapon 2015
First of all, I want to thank you for purchasing this. You’ve taken a major step forward to finally building a consistent, passive monthly income.
Before we begin, I want to address something very important.
Some of the sales techniques presented in this book are very advanced and I urge you to use these techniques with caution. Please you the information presented in this book ethically. I only say this only to benefit you in the long run.
On Selling SEO
I refrain from identifying myself as an only an SEO specialist because it can sometimes turn business owners away from you since they have been pitched SEO services over and over again.
This depends on your location and/or which market you are going to target. If you are targeting businesses in a popular city and you know there is a chance your potential client has been pitched SEO before, then don’t say it.
Give yourself a unique title.
I always identify myself as a “Search Engine Consultant” or “Digital/Online Growth Consultant”. If you must have SEO in your title, then add something else along the lines of “SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant”.
You’ll be surprised how many more business owners talk to you when you are not just another guy selling “SEO Services”.
Another reason not to identify yourself as an SEO freelancer is…
Business Owners DO NOT CARE About SEO
No. They care about getting new customers in their business. This is just another reason to stop selling business owners on buying “SEO Services”. Instead sell them on “getting new customers from the ever growing Internet”.
Consider the following. Which statement is more appealing?
1. “We provide SEO Services.”
2. “We help small business owners find, connect and get new paying customers from the Web.”
No contest there.
Positioning plays A HUGE part when selling anything. Period.
Ok. There are just a couple of things that you need before you get this method up and running.
1. A reputed SEO/Web designer etc that can deliver for your clients.
We want to sell SEO and possibly other online related services to Offline clients. First step is to find a reputable re-seller. I use:
You want to find someone with a lot of positive reviews and someone who’s been around for a long time. I HIGHLY recommend you go for a seller that sells High PR Private Blog Netword (PBN) links. Why? Because they work in getting ranked.
You want to get results for your clients to keep them happy so they can send more referrals your way.
Don’t use this method to sell crappy, cheap SEO and other services as it will only tarnish your reputation and hurt your business in the long run. Not to mention it’s very unethical.
Contact the seller and let them know you are interested in reselling their service. Ask them for some proof that the service works and some samples etc. In most cases you won’t need this, but some clients will ask you for previous work and you can show them this proof.
2. A Simple 4 Page Website With A Free WordPress Theme
Simple enough for most. Get a domain with wordpress installed and install a business oriented theme. I like Tatva Lite, but any theme will do.
I am not going to fill this report with fluff by going through the details of installing a wordpress blog. There are virtually thousands of free tutorials online to help you do that. If you don’t know how to setup a simple wordpress site, go to youtube and you’ll find plenty of easy to follow, newbie friendly tutorials.
This website needs 4 main pages. Home, About Us, Services and Free Quote. Since you are going to be reselling, you can take hints form the reseller’s website on what to place on those pages. DON’T COPY.
If you want to take it a step further, just put a few articles or content on it.
Don’t fuss too much about the site. It’s not that important. It’s just to show to the clients.
On the Free Quote Page, use a simple Contact Form plugin to collect information.
This shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to set up.
Step 1: How To Choose Clients
Ok. Our main aim here is to get 3-4 high paying clients so you can have a full time monthly income as soon as possible.
Ask yourself. What kind of clients can afford to pay upwards of 1k, 2k or even 5k on SEO and other digital services?
Answer: Business owners .
For example, a new customer to a dentist equals to $1000 – $5000 or upwards in revenue. That’s just from ONE customer. On the other hand a new customer to a restaurant owner means less than $100 in business.
See the difference? The dentist can afford to spend a couple of thousand dollars on SEO because they know their average customer value is high.
I am going to include a list of high end businesses at the end of this guide.
Nevertheless, this guide can be used to sell any type of business really. Just don’t expect low customer value businesses to shell out $2k or more easily.
How To Reach Them
I primarily use Facebook Ads.
I know what you are thinking. “Wait…I have to spend money?”
Listen if you are completely strapped for cash, you’ll have to get creative and get traffic from other sources or cold call. And don’t listen to anyone who says cold calling doesn’t work, it’s tedious but it works. I know because I build my business ground up from cold calling. If you are completely strapped for cash, pick up the phone and start dialing.
Otherwise Facebook traffic is seriously dirt cheap. I’ve paid less than 10 cents a click on several occasions. It’s easy and there is virtually traffic on demand.
Again, I am trying to keep this report short and to the point. There is really no mystery in using Facebook ads, it’s so simple a child could do it. I’ll give you a few pointers on how to write the ad.
The ad needs to be targeted to them specifically. For Example:
Headline: Attention Contractors
Body: Free 15 Minutes Google Strategy Session Could Double Your Income This Year. Click Here
I’ll explain what the Ad leads to in a minute.
Just keep it simple, keep your target audience in mind and the fact that what you have to offer could really help them.
If you are really struggling for cash and have no money for advertising at all, then you will have to cold call. I explain my 48 hour method at the end of this book.
Alternatively if you want to pick out manually and cold call only highly pre-qualified prospects then do the following.
Type in “location” + “profession” in google.
So for example, “Seattle dentists” or “saint louis landscaping”.
Go through pages 2-5 and collect phone numbers and email of potential clients and start dialing.
Oh and don’t listen to anyone who says cold calling doesn’t work. It works, it’s just tedious.
Step 2: Prepare Bait
By now you are probably wondering where to send the traffic.
Good question.
We are going to send the traffic to a squeeze page that offers them a “Free 15 Minute Strategy Session” to double their business.
Sounds like a pretty big promise, doesn’t it?
This strategy session is nothing complicated, anyone can do this.
Basically a few minutes before you get on the call with them, go to the Google keyword tool, type in “location” + “profession” and pick out a couple of moderate competition keywords which if the client ranked for, could potentially increase his business. Don’t pick something that’s too difficult, remember you have to be able to deliver.
The Strategy session is nothing more than a quick keyword research through the free Google tool. Again, tons and tons of free content out there on keyword research.
Piece of cake, right? Remember most business owners are not savvy enough to use the Google keyword tool so don’t worry if it sounds too simple.
The keywords are new news to most business owners.
I use Aweber to set up my squeeze pages, you can use any auto responder you like.
Again, I want to keep this report short and to the point. Tons of tutorials available online for how to build your squeeze pages.
Step 3: How To Get Clients To Buy From You Over The Phone
The following script was the result of over 50 hours of research. I went out and bought a bunch of best sales training material, went through tons of scripts and picked out the best stuff and the result is what you are going to see below.
Just to name a few, there are techniques in his from Frank Kern, Jordan Belfort, John Carlton, Thor Saleswarlord and a few others.
If all this sounds hard, don’t worry. I have laid out the exact script in front of you so that this will all be a breeze for you.
If you are one of those who feels uncomfortable talking to clients on the phone, let me assure you that I was the same way. Once you practice it a few times, it will come naturally and you’ll start signing up high paying clients in no time. 
State of mind
I don’t need to tell you this but we, as humans, are VERY quick to judge someone. Yes, even on the phone. Within seconds of getting on the call, your prospect has already made judgments about you based on the tone of your voice and how you sound.
You need to use this knowledge to your advantage and paint the right picture in your prospects mind.
I don’t need to say the obvious, but you have to appear confident and position yourself as an expert on the phone with the potential client.
Just read the script out aloud a few times till it sounds natural and flows nicely.
THIS WILL NOT WORK if it seems like you are reading from a script. It is a big turnoff and the client will most likely call you out on it or hang up on you. Use the
script I provide below only after you’ve practiced it a few times. Make sure you sound natural.
There are two main things that need to happen before clients will buy anything from you.
Here they are:
1. Clients need to see the value of what you are selling and how it will benefit their business.
2. They need to trust you.
Before the sale can take place, you need to make sure those two things are established. I’ll show you how to establish both of those things in this guide.
Secret Script – Your Powerful Weapon
You: Hi, is this [first name]?
Potential Client: Yes.
You: [first name and last name]? (Enthusiastically)
Potential Client: YES!
[You are trying to get him/her to agree with you right off the bat. It’s an NLP technique called a “yes ladder”. It doesn’t matter if it’s a trivial thing such as their name. ]
You: That’s great! You are exactly the person I am looking for! You’ve opted to know more about how you can use the Google to send a ton of customers your way. I am very excited to share this some of this information with you today.
[Introduce yourself here, who you are etc and let him do the same.]
You: Today’s call is to find out exactly what your goals are, how you can get to them and to see if there is any common ground where we can work together, if not, that’s okay too. I don’t want to hassle you, but I would love to know a little more about your business to see if I can help. Sound fair?
[We don’t want your prospect to think this is going to be a pushy sales call, so we add “if not, it’s okay” too. This is to take the pressure off and let the person open up to us. Always end with a “sound fair?” or “sound ok? With a disarming tone – also, questions help keep their attention.]
Potential Client: Yes, that sounds good.
You: Great. I am going to ask you just a few quick questions so I can help you better.
[You and the potential client go back and forth here for a couple of minutes. Your task is to find out the 3 following things:
1. Where they are right now, and more importantly where they want to be.
2. What current measures and plans are they taking to get to their goal?
3. How much time/money do they currently spend on their online marketing? (some business owners are sometimes uncomfortable to share this, so soften it by using language such as “ just a ballpark” or “approximately”)
Other Sample Questions:
 How long have you been thinking about increasing your web presence to get more customers in your business?
 What would you change or improve about your current situation?
 What is your ultimate objective/end goal?
Don’t just fire the questions to them like it’s an interrogation. Weave them into the conversation.
This section is very important, you are gathering important knowledge about your prospect that you will use later to literally force him into becoming your client.
Using the information he/she provided you can now make a fair guess as to whether this person is a good fit for you. For instance, in 2. Above you want to find out if there is someone currently doing any SEO or digital advertising for them.]
You: So just to make sure I got everything right, you want [quickly mention what their goals were]. Right?
Potential Client: [Agrees]
You: Great! Let me ask you this. According to you, what do you think an average person searches for online when they want to find [mention his industry here (dentists, chiropractors etc)] in [name of his location]?
Potential Client: [He’ll give you some answer, it doesn’t matter what it is – the purpose of this question is to get him thinking about keywords]
You: What do you think about [mention obvious keyword 1 here]?
[This is the part where you discuss some of the keywords that you researched. The purpose is to make it seem like it’s his idea. Always get the clients agreement before moving on with statement like – “does that work for you?”, “sound good?”]
Potential Client: Agrees.
You: [name] according to my research there are [number of searches] people a month looking for [dentist in Denver, etc]. [name of client], would you agree your business would greatly improve/double in size if you just got a fraction of those [number of searches] customers?
Potential Client: Yes.
You: Normally our ideal clients are in a position where they are:
1. Really motivated to have a web presence that gets them a constant flood of customers.
2. They are looking for a long term solution that will help them on an ongoing basis.
3. They don’t want to have to deal with a lot of complicated tech, software and guides and just want results.
Which one is true for you?
Potential Client: [At this point, whey will agree with all three points as they hold true for virtually all business owners.]
You: All three? Great! Well [name of client] based on everything you’ve just told me, this is a perfect fit for you. And let me ask you this [name of client], if you had a way to get spread your brand online, where you know you’ll have a constant flow of new leads and customers that you can rely on to grow your business exponentially, and you finally [repeat this goals, in his words], what would that mean for you? How would that impact your business and your life? Are you interested in learning what I have to offer which can help you get those things we talked about?
[This is where you are leading in for the pitch. So far we’ve given him the free keyword session that we offered, found out what his goals are (very important), got him to logically and emotionally admit that his life and business would be better if he reached his goals that your consulting/seo service will deliver. The next step is simply tie in his goals with the service that we are going to give them!]
You: Great! [name] Let’s talk hypothetically for a moment, if you were get on the first page in front of [number of searches] potential customers. What do you think would be a fair number of customers you might get out of the [number of searches]?
Potential Client: [Four possible answers here:
1. He gives you a fair number.
2. His number is too high.
3. His number is too low
4. “I don’t know, you tell me”]
You: If the answer is:
1. You are correct! We’ve been able to consistently get x number of new customers for businesses like yours.
2. I appreciate that you think I can deliver such amazing results but in my experience for a business like yours, we can steadily get x number of new customers. Can we agree on x?
3. X is a fair number. Maybe too fair. In my experience, we’ve gotten at least y number of new customers. Can we agree on y, or do you want to stick with x?
4. Ask him one more time, if he still insists on you telling him use say “With a business like yours, we’ve been consistently able get x new customers a month. Does that sound like a fair number?”
Notice how we always get the person on the phone to agree with this. This is crucial. We have to make it look like the idea was his all along.
Follow up with this: [name] if you aren’t too uncomfortable to share this, would you share what an average new customer is worth to you?
Potential Client: [They either tell you the amount – which is 90% of the time or they aren’t comfortable sharing this information– then just ask them to keep the number in their head]
You: Ok [name] Now I want you to multiply these two numbers together. The amount of new customers you can expect times the average value of the customer. What does it come to?
For a dentist it might go like this:
15 new customers a month x $1000 (average new customer value).
That’s an extra monthly income of $15,000.
Potential Client: [Eyes wide, amazed and now is running the numbers in his head] $15,000!
You: Remember this was a fair number. It could easily be higher. Let’s calculate this for a year. Times that by twelve, and what do you get?
Client: $150,000!
You: Exactly! I want to get that result for you. [name] based on what you have heard so far and keeping the $150,000/year in mind. What would you think is a fair investment for a result like this?
Potential Client: [Three possible responses.
1. He gives you a fair number that’s close to your price
2. Number too high
3. Number too low]
You: “[name] I want to get you started in our grow your business from the web/seo for dentist’s/increase your web presence program right way and get you that $150,000 result. Getting started is simple, it’s just a matter of getting some of your basic information and your card details. The price is only [your price] and if I do even half as well for you as I have with my other clients, you are going to be very very impressed. Sound fair enough?
So would you like to use Visa or Mastercard Today?”
[Try to match your price around the client’s estimate – never exact. If the estimate is too high then it means more money for you!
However if the estimate is too low, make a comparison with the yearly new potential income and ask them to re-think their figure. Then go for the close]
How To Handle Objections
There is a good chance that on the first time you pitch them and ask for the order, they are going to throw an objection your way. Some clients have multiple objections before they buy.
Don’t freak out, this is normal.
Most buyers have objections before they finally make the purchase.
This next section I am going to show you how you can deflect those objections, show them that your service will help them get to their goals and get them to buy.
Objection: “Let me think about it…/I am not sure..” or anything along those lines
First of all when trying to close people on the phone, you have to remember that people don’t buy from you because they don’t know and trust you.
Think about this for a second…
Imagine you had a friend, whom you knew for a long time, and you would trust this person with your life. Imagine this person called you up one day and said that he has just come across this amazing business program that changed his life and could potentially change yours.
Given that he’s a good friend, you’ll probably give it a shot.
Why? Because you like and trust this person.
Whenever you get an objection like “Let me think about it…” or “I am not sure…”, 90% of the time it’s because you haven’t established enough trust. Here is how I handle this objection.
“I hear what you are saying but let me say ask you this. Does the idea make sense to you? Do you like the idea of having a constant stream of new customers in your business?”
Exactly. You see the true beauty of this program is that in addition to the __________we talked about. You’ll get a lot more customers through our social media campaigns, because that’s just one of the other strategies we implement for you.
I am sure you are aware that social media sites like Facebook are pretty popular, right?
[Yes! Very rarely you’ll get a No or “I don’t know” here – just briefly explain in 1-2 sentences the benefits of social media]
Exactly! Your customers are hanging out there as we speak!
[client name], if I had been your Digital Consultant for the past 6 months, consistently getting new customers in your business and increasing your overall revenue, you wouldn’t be saying “Let me think about it…/his objection here”, you would probably say “This program sounds wonderful [your name], sign me up for it!”. Am I right?”
“[name] I get it, I don’t have the luxury of a track record with you. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. By now, you probably forgot my name. My name is [name], I work for [company name] and I pride myself in having long term relationships with my clients and getting the best possible results for them. I’ve been a Digital Consultant/SEO/Marketer/Web designer for x years now and I plan on being the top consultant/etc in my company this year and I won’t get there by not getting results for my clients. And as far as my company, we’ve worked with dentists/surgeons/etc all over the country and helped them get more business and
make more money. Our support team is available to answer any concerns so that our clients get the best experience.
Listen to me, DO THIS. You will not be sorry. ”
Objection: Money
“I hear what you are saying – it’s a lot of money. [name of client], first of all, thanks so much for being honest and open with me on how you feel about money.
This is one of the common concerns that most of my current clients had before they signed up. They now make a lot more money in their business from the new customers as a result of this investment, clients who at first thought [your price] was a lot of money.
Thank you again for telling me that price is an issue for you. I want you to see this from another perspective [name of client], what are you comparing [your price] to? What if you compared it to the [future pacing] you could potentially make if you were on the first page getting all the traffic instead of your competitors, would only [your price] still sound like a lot of money?
Which position do you want to be in a couple of months from now? Do you want to still be sitting back, freaking out and wondering where to start and thinking [your price] is a lot of money. OR… do you want to be making that extra 15k per month we talked about?
And let’s face it, you got on the call because you said you were totally over one-on-one and that you’d love to be able to do talk about how what I do can double your business?
[name] give me one shot. If I even do half as well as I’ve done with my other clients, the only problem you’ll have is that I didn’t call you 6 months ago and get you started then. Sound fair?
Would you like to use Visa or Mastercard?”
Objection: Partner
“Ok, so you aren’t sure if your husband/wife/partner is going to be okay with it. I hear what you are saying and you know what? This is one of the most common things I’ve heard from my clients who now work for me and are really profiting from their new online presence – but initially weren’t sure if their partner would be okay with this decision.
Thank you for sharing this time. I can’t imagine how it would feel a little uncomfortable say that you need permission from your partner for something that you know is going to benefit both of you in the long run. And just to be clear, the reason you came on this call is because you’d love to get a flood of new customers/sales online and potentially double or triple your business. Am I right?
Let me tell you a story, I was once put in a position like that. I wasn’t 100% in charge of the finances when I had a small consulting business at the time and my wife thought it was a hobby. I felt insulted by this, quite honestly. I knew I just needed the right direction and a good program that would kick-start my business and take it to the next level. One day, a friend recommended a business coach. Once I got on the call with her, I found out she could help me in the areas I was lacking and I was really keen on signing up right away. Since this was a pretty big decision, I knew I had to talk it over with my partner and it wasn’t going to be an easy conversation because her program cost $3000.
I decided I was going to sell it to my partner. I talked to him and told him how great this would be for the business.
I put the deposit down with her and ended up making 3x more money over the next few months.
You need to ask yourself, did your partner/husband/wife marry a woman/man who thinks for herself and is determined to get the success she wants, or one who is willing to put her dreams on hold and lose her real drive and desire?
Just so you know, I know you are not sure. And you know what, you probably won’t be, until you start seeing the new customers that you’ll get as result. But if
you don’t invest in your business, you won’t get the results we talked about because nothing would have changed.
And on a scale of 1-10 do you want to be the kind of person who lets their dreams slip away for fear of what someone else will think or say, or the kind of person who says to hell with what anyone thinks, not in a nasty way, but just in absolute certainty that this is my life and I need to live it on my terms?
And do you think that in working with me you’re going to actually create life and business on your terms, where you make that extra $15,000? And feel amazing to know that you can trust in yourself and have faith in your ability to live life your way?
So do you prefer Visa or Mastercard?”
Objection Handling Formula
1. Acknowledge their objection – whatever it might be.
“I hear what you are saying and…”
2. Thank them for their honesty
3. Let them know they aren’t the only one…
4. Tell them a similar story of someone who had that objection and later it was dissolved when they saw the results
5. Remind them of what will happen if they don’t act NOW, less customers etc. Hit the pain points
On Closing
There is a lot of talk around forums and these new self-proclaimed gurus that you can “sell without selling”.
You know what I say? Utter bulls*it.
Yes, you may be able to get a few closes here and there but with years of sales experience under my belt, I can tell you this – you need to ask for the sale. A call to action. Be unapologetic. Don’t sell from your heels.
Big mistake rookies make. The fail because they just don’t ask for the order.
The solution to this is simple. It’s what I call having a “doctor” mentality.
When you are sick and you go the doctor, she is not going to say “I think you should really try this medication…”
No, she is going to hand you a prescription and tell you to “You need this, go over to the pharmacy and buy it”.
Think about this next time you hesitate to ask for the order. You should have the same mentality.
You are an expert, an authority. Do not hesitate when asking for the order.
If They Still Don’t Buy…
Not everyone is a buyer. You can’t close every person you get on the phone with. That’s unrealistic and anyone who claims to do this is flat out lying.
But you can increase your odds.
A portion of the clients won’t buy because they simply don’t believe it will work.
Here is how to deal with those clients:
Offer them a $30 “trial” where you rank them for a super easy term like their business name and their zip code, for example “tony’s pizza 12903”. Or a long tail keyword with little to no competition.
Buy a couple of Fiverr gigs that offer High PR links. Since the keyword is very easy you don’t need that many links.
Once they are on the first page, call them back with the results and pitch the full service again.
Additional Techniques
Success Stories
Use these to counter objections. Tell a story about how a previous client said/felt/thought the exact same thing but his opinion changed after trying out your service.
Future Pacing
Statements like;
“After you start getting more traffic…”
“After your website is on the first page…”
“As soon as you start getting more leads…”
Our goal is to paint positive scenarios of the future that will come as a result of buying what we have to offer.
Possible Upsells
 Mobile Site
 Reputation Management
 E-mail/Web copy
 Newsletter
 Paid Advertising/PPC
 App Creation
 Website Redesign
48 Hour Client Method
This method is for those who are completely strapped for cash and have no money for advertising.
This method includes cold calling but it’s very profitable for someone just starting. You just need to make a couple of quick changes in the opening section of the script. Say that you are calling business owners and offering Free sessions on how to get more customers from the web.
When cold calling you’ll have to learn how to get past the gate keeper. Be patient and ask for the owner/person in charge of customer acquisition.
1. Scrape leads off Yelp/Google Maps
Go to:
I am not affiliated with them in any way. You can request a free trail and that should be enough. Pick a niche from the list of high paying client niches and scrape leads from multiple cities.
2. Get a Phone Burner Account
Go to:
They have a 7 day free trial as well.
3. Load the leads in phone burner and start dialing.
Final Words
Do not get discouraged when someone says “I am not interested” and hangs up on you. Cold calling is a numbers game. Every “no” is just one step closer to a yes. With phone burner you can easily dial about 50 calls an hour.
How often you get a sale will depend on how good you are with the script but typically it takes a newcomer about 350-400 dials to make sale. That can be easily done with phone burner in 2 days. Heck, it can be done in a day if you really wanted to.
You made it this far! Congratulations!
Remember, reading this alone won’t make you rich. Go out there and use these methods to get clients!

Offline Gold Blueprint

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How Anyone Can Build A Profitable Business!
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Step 1 – Preliminary ………………………………………………………………………………. 8
Step 2 – Prospect List …………………………………………………………………………… 10
Local professionals. ………………………………………………………………………….. 12
Trades / technical / crafts people. ………………………………………………………. 12
Restaurants & caterers. …………………………………………………………………….. 13
Step 3 – Marketing ……………………………………………………………………………… 13
Step 4 – Implementation ……………………………………………………………………… 14
Step 5 – Upsells …………………………………………………………………………………… 16
Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts ……………………………………………………… 19
Hiring Salespeople To Do The ‘Dirty Work’ ……………………………………………… 19
Wrap-Up ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 22
One-On-One Coaching! ……………………………………………………………………………. 23
“Offline Gold Blueprint”
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First, let me say “Thanks” for purchasing ‘OGB’ (“Offline Gold Blueprint”)!
This is a FANTASTIC blueprint & business model THAT WORKS! It works so well that if you were to read through the blueprint today, you could put it into action beginning tomorrow, and start making money almost immediately!
Here are three things I can tell you with 100% confidence, based on a LOT of ‘real-world’ experience, both that of my own, and dozens of people I’ve taught this model to:
1) If you put this blueprint into action, and I mean actually do it, you’ll get the same extremely successful results we’ve seen every single time!
2) If you apply yourself, there’s no reason you can’t start making $500-$1000 per week, almost immediately!
3) If you apply yourself and keep at it, there’s no reason you can’t turn this into a 6- or 7-figure business your very first year!
DON’T do what so many others do – buy something like this, think about it for a while, do nothing, then move on to the next thing.
Two guarantees I can give you:
1) If you implement this blueprint, you will be successful.
2) If you don’t take action, you won’t ever succeed.
Premise and Summary
This blueprint is something I’ve personally done many times, and coached friends & relatives who were looking to start their own business. It is both an ideal ‘entry-level startup’ business model, and one that can legitimately be built into a 6- or 7-figure business.
The “Offline Gold Blueprint” revolves around a very low-pressure, high-value sale, positioned as a ‘freebie’ that is almost too good to pass up. The initial ‘sale’ then becomes the entry point for follow-up to significant additional products & services.
Best of all, you can easily hire salespeople on a commission-only basis – I’ll show you how – who will eagerly & effectively do all the cold-calling, closing, and any other customer interactions – meaning you can launch, build, and grow this business without ever even having to solicit or talk to anyone else!
This Blueprint is truly “easy money” since the initial offer is so attractive that few qualified businesses will refuse it, and nets $100 profit (or more!) right off the bat, even without any additional selling or follow-up.
Following “Offline Gold Blueprint”, you’ll be offering a “free” website for local small businesses. In the process, you’re simply getting businesses to sign up for an $8/month hosting account, while you install and set up their business website – a simple, quick & easy WordPress blog – ‘for free’.
The hosting contract goes through your hosting affiliate account, netting you $100 or more right away, just for that $8/month sign-up.
You will then assemble some of their business materials, install & set up WordPress on their hosting account, and use their materials as the basis for the site’s content.
Once they are up & running, having received an excellent, high-value service for you already at essentially no cost, you will easily be able to add on additional products and services such as ongoing updating & maintenance of the website, customer marketing via auto-responder, etc.
The reality is that there are so many local businesses and professionals that don’t yet have a web presence, and the prospect of the free website is so attractive, that you can earn substantial revenues simply presenting that pitch with no further selling, follow-up, etc. That said, the additional ‘add on’ sales are equally easy and incredibly lucrative.
From the initial sale, you can then offer a series of high-value, high-margin ‘upsells’, providing real and practical value to businesses, while generating significant profits – and building a long-term, sustainable business at the same time!
There is an entire range of products, offers, and services that you can piggyback on top of this, to build a business of virtually any size.
In fact, not only have we done just that, we’ve built an entire product offer, a “Business-in-a-Box”, based around this type of offer.
Though I’ve said this about some other blueprints and it held true there, I can tell you with complete sincerity that if I were in a position to have to start out again from scratch, lacking resources, this would very possibly be the business model I would pursue. It’s that easy, and that lucrative.
The Blueprint
Step 1 – Preliminary
In order to “sell” hosting, you’ll need an affiliate account with a hosting provider. There are dozens and dozens of hosting providers, some with their own affiliate program. For this Blueprint (and other hosting affiliate sales), I have had great success with Hostgator through Commission Junction. Host gator is a well-known, strong hosting provider; Commission Junction handles their affiliate program. This means you will have to sign up for a Commission Junction account if you don’t already have one. Once you’re signed up with Commission Junction, you must “apply” for entry into host gator’s affiliate program, however it is auto-approved instantly.
Commission Junction/Hostgator currently pays $100 commission on a basic $7.99 hosting account. They also have a number of special deals that you can “pass through” to your clients, giving them even more value, and a greater appreciation and willingness to do business with you. For example, there is currently a “one penny for hosting” that gives them the first month for one cent, while still paying you your $100 commission.
If you don’t have a Commission Junction account, open one – they’re free:
Once you have your Commission Junction account, do a search and look at the various hosting offers – there are plenty – and pick one of the reputable providers
with the highest commission. Some of the current offers pay $100-$150 just for a basic sign-up.
Since you will be dealing with clients that don’t yet have a web presence, they may not have the means to get online. This can make it difficult for them to actually click on your affiliate link to sign up! One way around this is to set up a one-page website for yourself, that has your hosting affiliate link on it, and take a laptop to the “close” meeting with the client.
Alternately, you can simply print out host gator’s agreement, take it to the client meeting, and get their information and credit card number. Then you will set up a free e-mail account for them, such as Gmail or Hotmail, click your own host gator affiliate link, and sign up for an account with their information.
You’ll also want to create a few “dummy” pages that will illustrate the free website you are offering; these can be printed out for when you meet a client, or shown on the laptop.
To create these “demonstration” sites, you will set up a WordPress blog for a few different types of businesses. Since you only need to show the homepage, you won’t need a lot of content. You can pick from thousands of WordPress themes that are available for free, and either ‘standardize’ on one, or choose to use a different one for each “demo” to show variety.
Step 2 – Prospect List
The next step is to develop a prospect list, companies and or professionals to pitch.
There are a number of good ways to develop a prospect list. The Yellow Pages is an excellent place to start. Any ads that don’t have a website address are ideal prospects. When you find those, make note of the other listings that do have websites, as it provides excellent social proof marketing when you show a prospect that their competitors have a website and they don’t.
Along those lines, you could do local searches on Google. You’ll see loads of listings for businesses that don’t have their own website – listed via local online Yellow Pages and directories and the like.
Simply walking down the local business district if you have one, and jotting down the names of businesses, which gives you the added benefit of being able to make some notes through observation.
It is even possible to develop your prospect list without any cold calling or cold visits – and have potential prospects call you!
You do this by creating ads and/or flyers. Ads can be posted online, on craigslist for instance, the local town or newspaper website classifieds, etc.
More effective than online ads, you can print up flyers to distribute. These can be as simple, to the point, and strong as the following:
Don’t Lose Any More Business – Grow Your Business Instead!
Local business consultant & internet expert looking to develop new relationships will design, install, and set up your business website – for free!
You’ll get a professional internet presence, no strings attached!
I can only do this for a limited number of businesses, on a first-come, first-serve basis, so don’t hesitate!!
Call me today at: 555-1212 and we’ll get your business online right away!
There are a few types of business that are relatively easy to target and close with this offer. These include:
Local professionals.
Insurance agents – these are often individuals or small businesses that are essentially ‘affiliates’ for many insurance underwriters. They understand the need for, and often spend the lions share of their business budgets, on marketing and acquiring new leads & customers.
Accountants, lawyers, tax preparers – similar to insurance agents, these local professionals are always looking for ways to bring in new leads & customers. These professionals are particularly cost-conscious, making them very willing to jump on anything ‘free’ that they feel will be professionally handled.
Clubs, organizations, local non-profits – these groups will often have a web presence that a group member volunteered to do, and are often very amenable to having a ‘professional’ take over or re-do it, and are especially open to this ‘free’ offer.
Trades / technical / crafts people.
This group includes everything from the local re-upholstery shop, to locksmiths, crafts producers such as individuals with their own business making & selling virtually anything, as well as the local plumber, handyman, electrician, etc. Because the initial perceived cost is zero, they will all be willing to hear what you
have to say. And the ‘easy close’ is to convey the fact that more and more people are searching online when they need their services rather than using the Yellow Pages or local paper.
Restaurants & caterers.
Again, an easy sell when you get across the ‘zero cost’ of the offer. Providing a simple website listing their menu, being able to list specials, and create a mailing list by offering coupons and thereby marketing to diners that they have never been able to do before is very compelling.
Step 3 – Marketing
Marketing consists solely of getting your offer in front of your prospects. You can do this a number of ways. The easiest method is to visit the business and talk to the business owner; if you cannot get to the business owner, you simply leave your flyer. Make sure you keep notes listing where you visited, who if anyone you spoke with, and when. This lets you follow up with a phone call or subsequent visit.
One easy and effective way to generate your prospect list is to go through local Yellow Pages and local papers, see who is advertising, and check to see if they have a website. Any advertiser who doesn’t have a website is an ideal prospect; those with ‘bad’ websites are equally good prospects.
Another good opportunity is to join the local Chamber of Commerce. This gives you access to the local business people who are proactive about promoting their business, and provides excellent networking opportunities.
And speaking of networking, every time you close one of these deals, simply ask the business owner, who knows many other local business owners, “Is there anyone you think would benefit from having this, and would you like me to contact them?” It works like a charm because a) they know who to refer you to, b) they get the benefit of bringing something of value to someone in their local business network, and c) personal referrals have sky-high closing conversion rates.
Another option is to post your flyer. Local libraries will usually have a place to post local announcements, etc. Most supermarkets also have a ‘community bulletin board’ and will let you put your flyer up there.
Step 4 – Implementation
Creating the site is simply a matter of installing WordPress, and appropriate free theme, and importing or transcribing the business is existing materials as content.
Once a business signs up, you’ll ask for their hosting account information. Hostgator and most other providers use cPanel and Fantastico, making WordPress installation a single-click breeze.
Depending on the business, you can almost certainly find a business specific free theme, or simply use an appropriate and professional looking general theme.
The site you are creating is what’s referred to as a ‘billboard’ or ‘business card’ site: its purpose is to list the business, some pertinent points and or marketing such as services offered in the case of a professional business or a menu in the case of a restaurant, and contact information such as phone number and address.
You can browse through some excellent free themes here:
If you’re not comfortable setting up a WordPress site yourself, you can easily – and inexpensively – outsource the whole process on Fiverr! Here is a trusted Fiverr Gig that will do a full, secure install of WordPress for just $5, and can install & configure your chosen theme for just an additional $5:
Once WordPress is installed, you simply take whatever printed material the business already has – brochure, menu, etc., – and copy it to create a Page in WordPress, add their phone number and/or whatever contact info they want on their site, and you’re done!
There are many free themes designed specifically for these one-page ‘billboard’ sites, where all you have to do is essentially ‘fill in the blanks’ to get a polished, professional-looking site up.
And if you don’t want to do that yourself, you can again easily outsource all of that on Fiverr!
Step 5 – Upsells
Once someone has agreed to your offer and you have them ‘on the hook’, you can propose additional appropriate services. One of the easiest to sell is an auto-responder service.
Most of these local businesses either already try to communicate with their customers via flyers and mailings, etc., or wish they had some way to. Suggest that they can regularly communicate with their customers by using an email service to collect email addresses and an auto-responder to send out information, updates, offers, discounts, etc. You’ll also find many of these businesses don’t have any sort of customer list, and never really considered it because they have no idea how to go about it. Telling a restaurant owner that they can send out coupons or special offers to bring in diners during slow days enhances your
standing as a professional able to help them build or improve their business, and will legitimately improve their bottom line. As such, it is a very easy sell.
You can provide email / autoresponder services in two ways: charge a fee to create and set up an opt-in on their ‘free’ website while having them sign up directly with an email service such as Aweber or GetResponse, or preferably offer to do the set up for ‘free’, create or use your own email service account, and simply mark up the monthly cost.
For setup/installation where you have them sign up for the service directly, $99 will get you nearly 100% sales. Alternately, $199 will still garner a very high percentage, and of course put more money in your pocket.
In the case of ‘marking up’ the service and handling it yourself, you can comfortably propose $25 to $49 per month.
Site updating & maintenance is an easy upsell, particularly for businesses that have time-sensitive pricing, or products & services. A good example is restaurants. By including their menu on their initial website, you can offer weekly updating to accommodate changes in the menu, pricing, specials, etc.
Pricing for this upsell should be based on the time you anticipate spending. Depending on whether you are going to do updates weekly or monthly, a good price point is $99 per week or month, depending. These updates shouldn’t take more than an hour or two.
Depending on the business, you can offer SEO/ranking services very easily. Since these are local businesses, they can benefit tremendously from getting ranked for their business offering or type. Regardless of the type, you can almost always get
them ranked easily for “business type” plus “location” keywords, which is how local people would be searching. Examples would be variations of keyword phrases like “San Antonio Dentist” / “Dentists in San Antonio”, “San Antonio Plumber” / “Plumber in San Antonio”, “DUI Lawyer in San Antonio” / “San Antonio DUI Laywer”, etc.
You can generally achieve Page 1 rankings for these types of keyword phrases with a simple campaign of Social Bookmarking, RSS submission, and article marketing.
In addition, you can get the business listed through Google Places, which also ‘shows’ really well – bring them a screenshot showing their business listing or bring it up on screen, and you’ll have a happy, impressed client!
By ‘bundling’ the Google Places listing with your SEO/ranking services, you’ll be able to show them tangible results (the Google Places listing) very quickly, giving them a sense of value for their expenditure.
More Easy Money…
I recently looked at some local businesses that had websites already – and found that most of them weren’t “responsive”, meaning they didn’t resize for mobile viewing. That means anyone visiting their site using a mobile device couldn’t really see or navigate their site – and none of those business owners realized or understood!
With an increasing majority of people using their smartphones, particularly when checking for restaurants, local services, etc., this represents a literal treasure trove!
And all it takes is to go to one of the ‘mobile simulator’ sites you can Google, then print out what their homepage looks like on a mobile device and show it to them!
All of a sudden, you have an easy sale – and easy implementation – simply set them up with a ‘responsive’ WordPress theme!
Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts
 Hiring high-school or college kids to do ‘windshield flyers’ in mall parking lots, stadium parking lots, etc. is extremely effective if you have the right offers, and create effective flyers (think split-testing). You’ll need to be careful with this as it may be illegal in some locations.
 “Tear-offs” – those ubiquitous flyers you see in supermarkets, train & bus stations, etc., usually advertising baby sitting or yard sales, with a name/phone # printed vertically along the bottom and cut for easy tear-off.
 Craigslist and other free classifieds work beautifully and doesn’t cost a thing!
 Local events offer excellent opportunities to distribute your flyer.
Hiring Salespeople To Do The ‘Dirty Work’
Many of us blanche at the mere thought of ‘cold calling’. After all, cold-calling by it’s very definition entails a lot of rejection, some of it terse and uncomfortable.
On the other hand, there are certain types of people who thrive on the challenge, particularly where they are compensated for their efforts.
And they become very good at it – those who consider themselves “people persons”.
If you’re a ‘people person’ who doesn’t mind, or even loves approaching people in ‘cold-call’ situations, then you’re already set – and you’ll do extremely well with this.
For all the ‘rest’ of us, there is an easy, effective solution: hiring commission-only sales people.
If you’ve never looked or been in a position to hire sales people, you may be surprised at how many there are, and how easy they are to find.
One of the best resources is Craigslist.
Go to Craigslist in any large-ish area and check out “Jobs – sales / biz dev” to see tons of ads posted for commission-only sales people.
Check out “Gigs – computer”, “Gigs – labor”, and “Resumes” to find sales people looking for work.
Better still, post some ads on Craigslist and you’ll be absolutely inundated with replies!
The ad itself can be very simple & basic:
Commission Salespeople: I’ll Pay You To Give Away Our Custom Websites To Local Businesses
Are you a sharp, friendly salesperson comfortable calling on local business owners?
We’re looking for an exceptional commission-only salesperson to help us give away a custom website to local businesses!
You’ll earn $50 for every taker of our FREE quality custom website service – and potentially hundreds of $$ more for each additional option!
An easy $1000/week for the right candidate, and the upside potential is unlimited!
Call Joe at 555-1212
By giving up a 50% commission, you’ll get plenty of takers, and once you explain the business and upsells, you’ll have a selling machine!
A single good sales person can literally earn you thousands of dollars per month.
But why stop at one?
There’s no reason to limit yourself to your local geography, particularly once you start hiring salespeople.
A good sales person – once they understand the model – can easily sell by phone to anywhere!
Remember, these are sales people, and they’re money-motivated. Give them a solid product and a strong value-proposition – which is exactly what this is – and they can expand your business without limits!
This is a GREAT model and business – it works, it’s proven, and it’s incredibly lucrative.
But all is for naught if all you do is read this blueprint. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!
You’ve landed one of the true wealth-generating, business-building opportunities. It’s time to stop looking, and start doing!
One-On-One Coaching! To help maximize and insure your success, there are a LIMITED number of 1-on-1 coaching slots…
“Offline Gold Blueprint” Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching!
It’s the BEST way to GUARANTEE your success!
Though ‘OGB’ is a proven, tested model, I know that for many of you, the best assurance for success is to be personally coached by someone who’s “been there, done that”, which is why this coaching is being offered.
Unlimited Time.
You’ll get an initial one-on-one session via Skype (phone & email are available if Skype isn’t an option for you).
During that call, we’ll go over EVERY aspect of the blueprint, answer EVERY question you have, and help you through EVERY area that you want help with.
After the initial session, you’ll have UNLIMITED access to me for AT LEAST 30 days.
Limited Slots.
Because of the time commitment involved, I can only accept a VERY LIMITED number of people.
PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this coaching offer, you’ll download a brief questionnaire for you to tell me a little bit about you and where you’re at; once you return that to me, we’ll schedule your intial session at your convenience.
After that initial session, you’ll have unlimited access to go over further questions as you move forward, any obstacles you encounter, etc.
Absurdly Cheap.
One-on-one coaching is never cheap, however I REALLY want you to succeed with this – that’s why I’ve priced it at just $37.
You can sign up for coaching here:

Local Crusher

Hello and welcome to Local Crusher. In this book you’re going to
learn the exact same strategy that we use day after day in our
business to generate leads and clients almost on demand, but before
you start reading, I must give you a warning:
This technique is one of those methods that are so simple that you
may say why didn’t I think of it before, this is not something new
and certainly it is not one of those loopholes or anything like that
but don’t let the simplicity fool you.
If you apply what you’re going to learn, it can be so powerful that
you could even end up with a 6 figures month in profits. It is that
Why I’m telling you this?
We’ve been doing this for over 2 years now and it still is one of our
main sources of leads and even some of our highest paid clients have
come from this method, so that being said, even this is so stupid to
do, simply take action and you’ll have results. Period.
The only way for you to not succeed following this method is if you
let this book die in your computer. I hope you enjoy the reading and
use the knowledge to take your business to the next level!
Module 1: Foundations:
The first thing I want you to understand is the process we’re going to
follow in order to get clients. If you’ve read other book of this serie,
and you already know the foundations, you can skip this chapter.
Although this method is basically targeting local business owners,
we’re doing it on a special way that includes affiliate marketing and
online marketing mainly and we’re always following this process:
1. Step 1: Tripwire
2. Step 2: Core Offer
3. Step 3: Measure and Scale
As you can see we have 3 simple parts in this funnel, in this book
we’re going to go through each part on a step by step way. If you
don’t understand everything at the beginning, please don’t panic,
read everything twice or more and you’ll get clear for sure 😉
Part 1: Tripwire:
A tripwire is ideally a low ticket offer that we use to separate simple
leads from buyers leads. The idea behind a tripwire is only to get the
sale. When you get a sale, even if it is a $0,01 sale that transaction is
like magic. Why? Because since that very same moment, your
relationship with that lead changes forever. Now the lead has
become a buyer and a BUYER is up to 20 times more likely to buy
again from you.
This is the reason why you may have seen special offers from
Mcdonalds almost everywhere. Have you noticed how difficult is to
get inside a Mcdonalds and buy only a single hamburger? They’ve
done their positioning so well, that it would be almost stupid not to
buy the fries and the coke. They know their numbers, and that’s the
key. They use a single hamburger as tripwire so they can upsell you
later fries and coke. On this way they can measure how much people
buy the entire offer and therefore how much they can invest to get
that client.
Let me show you in numbers:
If every ten people who buy the $1 deal in Mcdonald’s, 6 of them will
also buy the core offer for $7 bucks and 3 of them will upgrade to the
full offer of $9 bucks, they end with $58 in revenue instead of $10 of
the initial offer. On this way, they know that each client who comes
for the $1 deal is really worth $5,8 instead of $1. Not even counting
that 89% of Mcdonald’s customers will return within less than 60
What you’re going to learn here is the exact same strategy. How to
structure your funnel in a way that you can also know your numbers
and know exactly how much you can invest to get a client. You’re
going to provide your clients with an irresistible service as a
tripwire, it is something that they need offered at a ridiculous price
so you can later upsell them to a higher paid offer.
The tripwire will basically allow you to get that buyer lead knowing
that this new buyer lead is 20 times more likely to buy again from
you and that’s the reason why this tripwire should be cheap and
deliver an outstanding value.
Part 2: Main Offer
Once we have a buyer lead, we’re going to upsell them with the Main
Offer. This is actually where you’re going to make the most of your
money. By following our method you can upsell your buyer leads
with several products or services. Optional if you want, you can
download a copy of the exact same service we use to upsell our
clients , or you can choose other option or even build your own offer.
The key of this offer is that you must use a high ticket
product or service.
Why? Keep in mind that this deal is going to be offered only to
BUYERS who already trust in you and they’re 20 times more likely
to buy again from you and guess what:
It’s way, way, WAY easier to get a business owner to pay you $2k
than to get 20 business owners to pay you $100 each. Don’t be afraid
to charge high prices, as long as your product or service is really
worth it of course.
The way we use to determine the price of our upsell is based on the
VALUE that we provide to our clients and not in the cost that we
have to deliver the service.
As for instance:
I could install an optin form in 5 minutes in a website. I could charge
$1 to do it, but if the website is getting thousands of visitors per day,
it will represent hundreds, or even thousands of extra subscribers
per day that will become thousands of dollars in revenue. Do you
think I could charge $97 to do that simple job? Yes I can, do you
think there are business owners out there willing to pay $97 or more
for a simple optin form? If you don’t think so, think twice because I
have charged 10 times that for that exact service.
Sometimes we’re too immerse in the Internet Marketing community,
special offers and all that kind of stuff. In the local world, things are
different. Business owners are VERY used to invest and pay high
services as long as they get real solutions.
Part 3: Measure and Scale
A few years ago, a smart man told me: If you don’t measure, you
don’t have a business. This is where the magic happens. If you’re
investing $1 and getting $3 in return, just invest $10.000 and get
$30.000 get the idea right? The only way to achieve that is doing the
right measures.
Remember Mcdonald’s? Ok That’s our Goal. The beauty of this
system is that you can and MUST know exactly how much you can
invest to get the client. Once you have that magic number, then the
Sky’s the limit.
So now that you know exactly how everything works, lets go into the
Module 2: The Road to Success
Part 1: The Tripwire
Ok so let’s go to the meat and potatoes. What you’re going to offer is
a special t-shirt contest campaign. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard from
Teespring, there are thousands of peoples making a huge income
from it. That means people are BUYING t-shirts online, but what
about the local stores selling T-shirts? What If they could have an
option to sell their t-shirts online? Yea, you’re going to use a special
software to allow local t-shirt sellers to promote their t-shirts online.
I know, you might be thinking, Adla I don’t know how to do that! I
can hear you, don’t panic, I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.
In this product you have a special guide on how to use this software.
Please finish this book first and then read that guide to start taking
Let’s continue…
The Twist!
You’re going to contact local t-shirt sellers and offer them the chance
to promote their t-shirts for free. This software will help them
tremendously to get viral, gain more traffic and sell more t-shirts so
they will LOVE you for your help. I have included the exact swipes
we use attached to this book to approach the business owners so you
can use them too. They key is that you first set everything up as a
demo so you can show them what you have done for them and we’re
going to give it away for free. Why for free? Because on this way
we’re building instant trust. Think about it:
We have helped them in advance and without asking for anything in
return. We will just say we hope they count on us for future
marketing advice, and guess what: 9 out of 10 clients will WANT
MORE! Check the swipes to understand exactly what you’re going to
By the time the business owner watches his campaign
LIVE with their brand on it, and people interacting it will
be a total no brainer for them to say YES! I want that.
Part 2: The Core Offer
This is where the magic happens. By giving away the tripwire, you’re
building the most powerful lead’s list ever. This is not only a list of
proven buyers, but also a list of business owners who are used to
invest in their businesses because they MUST do it to grow and
make money.
The reason why this is important is because now you’re going to
present them with an irresistible offer.
You can offer services like:
● Create more campaigns promoting special deals
● Advertising
● Email Follow up Campaigns creation
● Retargeting Advertising
● Traffic Generation
● Adwords / Facebook / Youtube PPC
● Backlinks
and those kind of services will convert like crazy! Why? Because they
fit perfectly with the tripwire, they NEED these services to take the
most out of their brand new video promoting their business. I hope
you start to get the idea.
Now, it is very important that you don’t forget what we previously
discussed here. Do NOT be afraid to charge high prices to deliver
this kind of services. They will be happy to pay for it on MONTHLY
basis. If you don’t know how to provide those services, there are
literally HUNDREDS of service providers you can find on fiverr for
$5 to $50. Don’t look only for the $5 gigs, the betters are on the $25
to $50, they provide top quality service that you can charge a lot
more. As an example today, february 5th we sold a backlink package
that we bought on fiver for $50 in $1,997 and guess what, the client
hired us to do it during 6 months. That’s almost $12k for only $300
in total costs. Not bad uh?
Optional: you can get an exact copy the service that we use to
convert almost 9 out of 10 clients to high ticket happy customers
Part 3: Measure and Scale!
Ok so at this point you’re already getting buyers leads and
converting them into high ticket customers. Now is your turn to
scale the business. They Key is to start creating a few campaigns per
day and follow this very same system. It is a total no brainer for
business owners because it is their brand on it, they can’t let it go!
That’s why we see conversions of up to 90% every time we contact a
new business owner.
Module 3: Promote your Machine!
Part 1: Promotion Advices
If you want to speed up your resources, you can optionally download
our Outsourcing strategy where we teach you how to outsource the
entire business WITHOUT ANY UPFRONT COSTS. Get it here .
Part 2: The Map to Success
Ok this is going to be kinda a challenge but if you take action, you’ll
get awesome results and I would be VERY surprised if you cannot
get at least 2 or 3 clients.
● Step 1: Make a list of 10 businesses selling t-shirts in your
● Step 2: Visit them and show them their campaigns
● Step 3: Choose your Upsell and Offer the upsell ONLY to those
who accept the tripwire.
● Step 4: Send me your success story to my helpdesk and I’ll
send you a bonus system to make 10 times more money as a
gift for being an action taker!
There you have it. You’re only hours away of your first 4 or even 5
figures client. There’s nothing to stop you from making at least $10k
this month with a very small amount of work. If you REALLY want it
bad, you will achieve success. This system is proven to work for me
and my company again and again day after day. Go a claim your
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did writing it.
See you soon,
Adla Tor

How To Get Thousands of Offline Leads in 2 Hours

How A Struggling Website Owner
Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract
Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of
Solo Ads
And how you can too with this
simple, easy to follow step by step guide
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Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………4
Getting Website Traffic …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….6
What are Solo Ads? ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….8
The Sales Funnel ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………9
Finding The Right List ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 11
Structuring a Solo Ad …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 13
Example Solo Ad …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 15
Example Landing Page …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 16
Placing Your Solo Ad ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 18
Getting Started With Udimi ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 19
Follow Up To Your Solo Ad …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 23
And Finally …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 25
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 4
It took me a long time to discover the power of Solo Ads, many years in fact. It
was a term I had come across occasionally but I had never tried to use them.
To put that statement in some kind of context I have had my own successful
business providing consultancy and services relating to IT and the Internet since
Along the way as part of my ongoing education I bought a lot of courses about
making money on the Internet and traffic generation, but somehow none of
them had any focus on Solo Ads.
I have had clients ranging from startups through to multi-national corporations,
much of my work relates to building websites and software, and I have done a
lot of work with optimization to pull in organic traffic.
One of my long term clients is an original panelist on Dragons Den, I look after
all of his websites. I tell you this not to show off but to make the point that I am
a serious professional and have spent many years learning my trade.
Those clients who have wanted to buy traffic were all mainly interested in using
Google Adwords.
One of the campaigns I was involved with had a PPC budget of $40,000 a month
and we hired a specialist agency to oversee some very detailed testing and
tracking, you would not believe the amount of work that went in to it.
I do build and make money from my own websites as well as working with my
clients to help them do the same. Part of my business strategy is to have
multiple sources of income, but it also means that I am constantly able to learn
and get better at what I do.
Despite all my experience and training I was really struggling to make money
with a few of my niches in competitive markets. Getting decent volumes of
organic traffic was way too slow and involved more work than I had time
available and frankly was even willing to put in. Other paid traffic techniques
were not really working for me either.
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 5
I can honestly say that starting to utilize Solo Ads has made a huge difference to
me, not least in building my mailing list and the speed with which I have been
able to do so.
Like anything new there is a learning curve with the process and understanding
the tricks of the trade, and I hope to save you a lot of time and effort in trying
to work it all out for yourself.
I have invested in training on this myself, and I am also fortunate in having a
leading marketer as a mentor who has helped me along considerably (in fact it
was he who introduced me to the idea of running Solo Ads).
All this learning is incorporated here.
The fact that you are reading this shows that you already understand the value
of investing in yourself and learning new skills and techniques. Mastering how
to drive traffic to your site puts you on the fast path to achieving business
It is fair to say that Solo Ads are a fairly well kept secret for most website
owners, but they have their origins in well proven direct marketing principles
and can be incredibly effective.
When I did discover Solo Ads and work out how to use them properly they
rapidly became my favourite way to generate traffic quickly.
I will explain why and take you step by step through how to do this yourself.
Also I am going to show you a brokerage site you can use that takes away a lot
of the hard work and risk, and to help things along I have used actual examples
of what worked for me.
None of this is technically challenging, you just have to think hard about your
marketing – like any form of advertising you need to understand why someone
would want to buy your particular product or service, and give them compelling
reasons to do so.
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 6
Getting Website Traffic
If you were to survey an average group of website owners and ask them their
biggest day to day challenge, most would tell you that it was getting regular
good quality traffic.
It takes time and effort, and often money, to build a decent website. You will
have ambitions for it to do really well, the future of your business may even
depend on it.
From a lot of the adverts and media messages you see for tools, designers, and
developers there is a perception that if you build a really great website the
visitors will come.
No they won’t! At least not without you taking action to publicise your site and
finding ways to attract traffic.
Many website owners hope for free traffic from the search engines. The holy
grail for traffic generation is to have Google sending you high volumes
completely free, we would all love to have this.
Here is the problem. High volumes of traffic only tend to exist in markets with
high volumes of competition, this makes it very difficult to get the page
rankings you need for visitors even to find you.
This is the whole subject of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which I won’t go
in to here – suffice to say it is tough and time consuming, and if you are up
against big players with big budgets it is a battle you are unlikely to win.
What a lot of people don’t factor in is the value of their own time. Seriously, if
you spend an hour or two a day writing blog posts or articles, and doing SEO
related activities is that really generating ‘FREE’ traffic? What value do you put
on an hour of your time?
Of course if you build your own email list and get a reputation as being an
expert in your field you will have an easier time with getting free traffic, but this
takes time.
If you do have a market with high demand and very little competition, I salute
you – please let me know how you found it!
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 7
If however you have written an ebook about how to teach Giraffes to swim
under water, you may not have to worry about competition but you won’t be
planning early retirement on the sales.
In the online marketing world you have the option of either throwing time and
effort in to trying to get free traffic (with very little guarantee of results) or you
have to pay to get your visitors.
There is another big downside with organic traffic from Google. You can spend
months putting a lot of time and effort in to getting page 1 rankings for some of
your top keywords only for Google to change their algorithm, causing your site
pages to lose all their traffic literally overnight. Many site owners have lost their
businesses this way.
It’s vital that you have multiple ways of bringing visitors to your site, you can’t
afford to have all your eggs in one basket.
Which brings us on to the subject of paid traffic. I am most definitely a fan as it
allows you to bring traffic to your site very quickly. I have been fortunate to
learn from a number of successful marketers, they all without exception make
use of paid traffic (think about that for a moment, it is an important fact to
digest if you want to be successful online).
Here is the thing, if you knew that every time you spent a dollar on traffic you
would make that back plus a profit would you have any second thoughts on
doing so? It’s self evident that you would buy as much traffic as you could in
order to increase your profits.
I will come on to testing and proving that you can make a profit with paid
traffic, but without doubt you can grow your business and start making sales
massively faster with paid traffic than you will be able to do with the many free
traffic generation methods.
If you can build in to your marketing a mixture of free and paid traffic
generation methods you will have found the best of both worlds. This will give
you good growth and sustainability and help to maximise your profits.
As with free traffic you have many different ways of paying for traffic. Probably
the best known is Pay Per Click (PPC), the Google Adwords system being a good
example. Facebook have their own version of this and there are many others
such as 7Search.
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 8
However there is quite a lot involved in setting up a successful PPC campaign
and many people will find it daunting.
I have an Adwords ‘How To’ guide I refer to that is literally hundreds of pages
long, there is fair bit of learning involved.
By contrast learning how to drive traffic using Solo Ads is a lot easier, and they
have other benefits that I will explain as we go along here.
My aim here is to give you a good understanding of –
How Solo Ads work
Why they could be an effective traffic generator for you
How and where to run your own Solo Ads
How to maximize their effectiveness and make you more money.
What are Solo Ads?
This is a concept that has existing in the mail order industry for decades.
If you want to send out a sales letter in the post you can go to a mailing list
broker who will rent you a list of names of people who have previously bought
or taken an interest in your particular industry or sector.
You pay so much for each name and address and hopefully you now have a pre-
qualified list of potential buyers. The direct response industry continues to
operate this way, for the simple reason that it works!
Solo Ads work on the same principle. Successful online business owners who
have built large lists of buyers and subscribers can offer to send your advert via
email to their lists, this is a Solo Ad.
So if you want to sell an exercise plan you could for instance find a website
owner who has a list of people who have bought other exercise plans or
something directly related such as weight loss products.
This is a highly targeted advert going to individuals who are already motivated
to take action, you have the opportunity to not only sell to them but also get
them on your own email list.
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 9
The beauty of Solo Ads compared to traditional mail order is of course the
massively reduced costs. Mail order has significant postage and printing costs,
as well as the labour costs for addressing and stuffing envelopes.
The finances alone around direct mail require precision engineering, you have
to have a deep understanding of your margins and conversion rates to avoid
running up large losses very quickly.
You can run a Solo Ad for as little as $10 or so, AND (read the following
sentence carefully) you get a guaranteed number of visitors to your site!
How good is that? With a normal advert you might get no response at all.
I recall placing an offline advert many years ago that I was very pleased with. It
was a box ad in a regional paper that I spent weeks pulling together, all linked to
a self improvement product that I thought could not fail. Total sales from the ad
were a big fat zero! I even ran it again in another paper, convinced it was a one
off failure and got exactly the same result!
With a Solo Ad you buy a certain number of clicks through to your site and the
advert keeps running until you get them.
All you have to do is write a short email advert (I will come on to this with an
example of one of my actual successful ads) and put a landing page on your
website with an offer that you direct the traffic to.
The Sales Funnel
Before you start placing Solo Ads it is important to have a clear understanding
of the financial aspects.
This is true for any form of paid traffic and you need to be very aware of it.
If you have been involved in online marketing or any form of sales for any
length of time you will be aware that it is a numbers game.
Only a small percentage of the visitors to your site will purchase something, this
will vary according to your market and the price of the product or service.
When running Solo Ads I have these objectives –
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 10
Add subscribers to my mailing list
Sell a small volume of a low cost initial offer
Start a long term relationship with new customers
Overall I expect the actual Ad to make a small profit or break even, but I can
now make money by marketing follow up offers to my list (the saying that ‘The
money is in the list’ is very true).
NOTE – If you want to send your visitor on to a Sales Page, you can deliver the
free offer via an attachment or as a link in your Thank you email following their
This is the sales funnel and you should have additional, and generally higher
price, offers that you can sell following your initial offer.
As an example let’s assume the following –
1.Your initial offer is an ebook you sell for $17
2.You spend $40 buying 100 visitors to your offer
to your
Mailing List
Thank You
Sales Page
Automated Emails
Sell your own
Endorse as an Affiliate
& Up-sells
Solo Ad
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 11
3.30 visitors provide their email address and get added to your list
4.You get a 3% conversion in to buyers, this earns you $51
So in this example you made $11 in profit . This might not look very exciting but
you also added 30 new subscribers to your mailing list.
You can now make additional offers to your list with follow up emails, this will
cost you nothing. A higher priced follow up offer can make you hundreds, or
even thousands, of dollars very easily.
You only have the one product or service? No problem. Just sign up as an
affiliate for other associated products and services already on the market and
sell those.
You won’t make as much as an affiliate as you would with your own product but
it is all profit, and you can always add in your own stuff later.
Generally you will make a lot more money with follow up offers than you do
with your initial offering. In any business most of the marketing costs go in to
acquiring a new customer, the real money is made in selling more to those
same customers.
Finding The Right List
Now we get to the interesting part, the actual process of placing a Solo Ad.
You are going to be asking another marketer to run your advert in an email to
their list.
I am going to be taking you through the nuts and bolts of a platform called
Udimi that makes finding a list and doing all of this very easy for you, but it is
important that you understand the basic principles of how this all hangs
The first thing you need to do is find an email list that is already highly targeted
to your offer. If you sell Judo instruction videos you don’t want to send an offer
to a general Martial Arts list that contains mainly Karate enthusiasts.
Having found a potential list you now need to get some very specific
information about the list –
—————————————————–Page 11—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 12
1.How recently was the list built?
2.Does the list contain buyers as well as subscribers
3.How often are new buyers added and when did they last buy?
4.How much did the buyers spend?
5.What is the geographic composition of the list?
6.How often does the owner send offers to the list?
The aim of all these questions is to make your offer as targeted as possible, you
want a list that is regularly updated (i.e. has many additional subscribers every
day) and is used to receiving offers but is not bombarded.
If the list is full of people who signed up for free or who only bought very cheap
offers, they may well be very hard to sell to if you are hoping to sell a product
for $497.
You don’t want to be advertising to a list of people who only respond to free
offers, ensuring there are people who have been actual buyers will greatly
increase your chances of making sales.
Also if the list is full of buyers in Europe and you want to sell in North America,
you don’t want to find this out after your Solo Ad!
Pre-qualify the list, it could be the difference to you making or losing money.
The whole power of this is that it is in your hands to make your Ad as targeted
as possible. You are able put your offer in front of a specific crowd of people
you already know have previously bought related products or services.
Like all forms of marketing you need to do some testing here. I buy a small
number of clicks to a list to see what type of response I get and check where
subscribers are actually located.
Always start small and build up gradually. If you find a really responsive and
appropriate list that is making you money you can of course scale up, just don’t
take unnecessary risks with your initial Solo Ads.
There is another very god reason why you might want to stick to buying
relatively small numbers of clicks. If you buy 50 or 100 clicks you often find you
actually get at least 10% more than you pay for, i.e another 5 or 10 clicks. Buy
1000 clicks and you probably only still get 5 or 10 more. So buying 10 tranches
of 100 might well get you 1100 clicks rather than one tranche of 1010.
—————————————————–Page 12—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 13
The Udimi platform I am going to be showing you solves the problem of where
to find lists, but you do not have to limit yourself to this.
You could approach other list owners in your sector and see if they would be
willing to advertise to their list. If you sell dog training and they sell dog
products it could be a good fit for both of you, they get something else they can
offer out of the deal. When your list is big enough you can pay nothing but just
swap clicks to each other’s lists.
Also you can look in Internet Marketing forums (find them by doing a Google
search on “Internet Marketing” inurl:forum), and look for recommendations.
On Facebook I know of at least one group that exists purely for the purpose of
giving reviews on Solo Ad sellers, so if you hunt around you will find other
Structuring a Solo Ad
These are the component parts of your Solo Ad –
1.The email advert
2.The Landing page on your site (also known as the Squeeze page)
3.The Sales Page for your product or service
4.A follow up sequence of emails to visitors who subscribed or bought
I will explain each of these steps in detail.
At step 2 visitors either join your list and become subscribers, or they leave the
page and head off elsewhere.
Subscribers go on to step 3 to see your offer. This is a really important point to
grasp, whether they buy or not you now have another subscriber who you can
follow up with using email.
Even if you just break even with initial sales from your Solo Ad (or even make a
small loss) you have subscribers who you can now build a relationship with, and
when you get them in to your sales funnel this is when the big money can come
Let’s start with looking at the structure and content of your email advert.
—————————————————–Page 13—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 14
This is the email that the owner will send out to their list. It needs to be concise
and focused. It will contain a link to your Landing page, so bear in mind that you
are effectively sending them on to another advert.
The email is the place just to grab their attention or curiosity enough to click on
the link.
The list owner is of course going to want to review your email before he sends
it out, so it could get rejected as not deemed appropriate for the list. The owner
may also make changes to your Ad such as putting their name at the end rather
than yours, or in extreme cases writing their own Ad.
You have to remember that whilst trying to make money the owner also will
usually want to try and guard their reputation with their list. So it is down to
you to decide if you want to run your Ad with any amendments they request.
When placing a Solo Ad (often referred to as a ‘Swipe’), bear in mind that you
are buying a certain number of clicks through to your Landing page. So even if
your Ad is not fantastic you will still get the traffic, you need to focus on then
converting those visitors in to subscribers and buyers.
A really good tip here is to pre-qualify potential subscribers at this point. By
which I mean actively discourage the ‘Tyre Kickers’ and other individuals who
would be inappropriate for your list.
How to do this? In the advert be specific about who your offer is for (or
alternatively who it is not for).
You want the people clicking through to be as targeted as possible for your
offer, you are paying for each click through so you don’t want visitors being
directed to your Landing page who are not likely to buy.
As an example if you sell dog training don’t write an Ad that appeals to dog
owners generally, make it clear that your offering is about training.
Your email Ad should lead into your Landing page which in turn leads in to your
Sales page. Keep them all to a tight theme, don’t meander between different
products or you will confuse people and lose them at some point in the process.
—————————————————–Page 14—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 15
Example Solo Ad
Let me show an actual Ad I ran recently.
When I last ran it this Ad achieved nearly 50% opt ins on the Landing page that
the traffic clicked through to.
To make the point that different lists you advertise through will perform
differently, the previous time I ran exactly the same Ad with another seller I got
just over 30% opt ins.
Test, test, and test some more!
Apologies for stating the obvious but don’t forget to add the link to your
Landing page in your Ad, and then check that it works!
A previous version of this Ad that I tested was identical but without the third
paragraph where I actively discourage inappropriate visitors. That previous
version achieved a best opt in rate of about 25%, so that paragraph insertion
had the desired effect.
—————————————————–Page 15—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 16
Example Landing Page
This style of landing page is commonly known as a Squeeze page or Lead
Capture page.
Having now brought the visitors to your website you of course want them to
take some action.
The tried and proven way of doing this is to send them to a squeeze page with
the intention of capturing their email address.
As a side note, some Solo Ad sellers will only let you make a free offer as they
don’t want their list to get jaded. Your squeeze page may make a free offer or
lead on to a low cost initial offer.
In the example squeeze page I am about to show you I offered a free report as
an extra incentive to join my list and then sent them on to a sales page for a low
cost offer.
This also meant I did not have to worry about finding a Solo Ad seller who
would not allow paid offers.
This is the page that my Solo Ad sent visitors to.
As with the Ad I have tested a number of variations of this page, this is the one
that has so far worked the best.
—————————————————–Page 16—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 17
With copywriting it is important to use a mix of compelling sales points with
powerful psychological triggers. Many people who create a squeeze page miss
either one or both of those elements.
These psychological triggers include the following, try to get one or more in to
your copy –
Reciprocity. This is particularly powerful and often undervalued, a favour
given demands a favour in return. Just think about it and how it applies in
the rest of your life.
Fear of loss. For some reason people are more motivated to prevent loss
than to make a gain.
Scarcity. The fear of missing out. You will have seen this many times in
the form of ‘Only 10 remaining’, ‘One time not to be repeated offer’, etc.
Social proof. People follow the crowd and also like evidence.
Testimonials, or ‘10,000 copies already sold’, ‘Our most popular program,
Similarity. People do business with people they like or who are like them.
‘Dear fellow gardener’, ‘Like you I had trouble for years with back
problems’, etc.
Contrast. Show what good value you offer by comparing your product to
others. ‘Half the price of xxx’ or ‘Proven to work twice as quickly as’,
‘Lasts twice as long as xxx’ etc.
Also make sure that you have a compelling call to action. Take your visitor by
the hand and tell them exactly what to do, just make sure you use language that
suggests they are about to get something of value not have to buy something.
Words such as “Get Instant Access” or “Download Now” are very different to
“Give Your Email Address”. Psychologically we are giving in the former but
taking in the latter.
Another factor you need to consider and test is having got a visitor to give you
their email address, are you going to set up your auto-responder for single or
double opt in?
If you are not familiar with auto-responders these are handled by email
management software that capture the email address, send automated follow
up emails, and send the visitor to your Sales page or Thank You page.
—————————————————–Page 17—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 18
I use a service with who are a market leader that I highly
When you get a subscriber good practice says that you send an email back to
them asking them to confirm that they wish to continue. It is very likely that you
have been a recipient of these yourself.
This stops fake email addresses being used and also stops people from using
somebody else’s actual email address.
However there is a downside in that confirmation emails often do not get
opened. If you have your service set to double opt in, even though your visitor
has provided their email address they do not become part of your list until they
click the link in your confirmation email.
Your auto-responder service will show you who clicked but did not confirm, so it
is something else you are able to track and test.
So generally a double opt in will produce a lower percentage of subscriptions
from your Landing page. You need to decide how you personally want to handle
Placing Your Solo Ad
As mentioned earlier I am going to show you step by step how to place your
Solo Ad using
This a fairly new platform that offers a lot of advantages if you are new to Solo
Ads. Not least of which is that you can find a lot of sellers all in the one place.
Udimi is basically a brokerage that matches up buyers and sellers and,
importantly, controls the payments. It has some really nice features such as the
Stats pages which show you each of your clicks and the exact location they
came from.
Udimi also provides Escrow Payment Protection. Any money you pay for a Solo
Ad is not sent to the Seller until all the clicks you bought have been delivered,
this prevents you from being cheated or in any way defrauded. This is very
important when you are just starting out and learning the ropes, you have the
peace of mind that comes with knowing you are safe.
—————————————————–Page 18—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 19
All Udimi users also benefit automatically from an arbitration and dispute
All of this protection of course will deter unscrupulous sellers from registering
on the platform in the first place, they will not last very long. So you have the
comfort of knowing that not only are your interests are being looked after but
that unethical sellers simply won’t be able to survive on this platform.
If you cut your teeth and gain your confidence using Udimi it will then be a lot
easier for you to find sellers and run your Ads elsewhere.
I have shown screenshots and referenced the Udimi menus to help you along.
Being a fairly new platform the site owners may make changes that impact
these, but the principles will remain the same.
Getting Started With Udimi
Unsurprisingly when you go the first thing you need to do is to open
an account.
Of course you should spend a little time finding your way round the site and
going through the menu options, there are a lot of features to get familiar with.
Before you place your first Ad you are going to have place some money in your
account. The platform works with USD and the minimum amount you can top
your account up with is $50.
In the Internet Marketing niche which I have been using for my examples here I
typically pay somewhere between $0.30 and $0.45 per click. Click costs vary
quite broadly across the platform as a whole.
Udimi refers to your actual Ads throughout as Swipes. You can set up as many
of these as you like and then when you buy a Solo Ad from a seller you just
select which one to use.
When you sign in to Udimi this is the first page you are presented with, note
that I have edited out the names and pictures of the sellers being displayed. I
have not used any of these particular sellers and I don’t want this screenshot to
be misinterpreted as any kind of recommendation or sales pitch:
—————————————————–Page 19—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 20
The next step is to click on the My Settings option in the left hand menu.
On the top menu click on My List and select the niche you want to advertise in.
To set up your first Ad click the My Swipes menu option, this page will show you
a list of any Ads you have set up previously.
You will now see a blue button titled ‘New Swipe’ on the top right of the screen.
Clicking on this will present you with the following screen.
—————————————————–Page 20—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 21
As you can see it is a very simple screen that you just enter your proposed email
title and content in to.
Now when place a Solo Ad any ‘Swipes’ that you have created will be presented
to you to choose from. Note that you cannot place an Ad until you have at least
one Swipe already set up.
On the very top menu you will see the options ‘Find Solos’ and ‘Solo Deals’. The
‘Find Solos’ option will show you a standard listing of sellers, and ‘Solo Deals’ as
the name implies gives you a list of sellers who are pushing Solo deals at that
Below is what the ‘Find Solos’ screen looks like.
Check the List Niche field carefully and make sure you have selected the correct
one for your offering.
Now you can scroll the list of sellers and click on each one to find out more
about them.
Clicking on a particular seller shows you when they next have availability to run
a Solo and will then take you on to details about them and their list. Here is an
example on which I have again edited out the personal details.
—————————————————–Page 21—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 22
These are the selection criteria that I use when finding a seller-
Read the reviews given by buyers and look for consistent good feedback
Check the top tier percentage in Countries (if you click on this you will get
a global map covering their list), I look for at least 70% as I don’t want opt
ins from subscribers that are less appropriate for my offering
List size of at least 10,000 and also I like to see commentary that they are
getting a good volume of additional subscribers each day
I want to see that they have buyers on their list, I want subscribers who
are proven to spend money in my niche already.
If the detail page for the seller is not specific enough to answer the questions I
outlined earlier you can send them a message and get these questions
answered before you commit.
It is always nice to find sellers who state that they over-deliver (ie they will give
you more clicks than you actually purchase), a few do state this in their profiles.
All you have to do when you have found the seller you want to use is to click on
the buy button. You will be taken to a screen displaying calendar dates and
—————————————————–Page 22—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 23
availability, select the date you want and you will be taken to this screen where
you can buy your Ad.
The Ad will be pre-populated with the Swipe you already set up.
Just be careful with the number of clicks you select, you get options depending
on the minimum and maximum that particular seller accepts. When you have
chosen this the price of your Ad will be confirmed.
When testing a new Ad or seller I only generally buy 50 clicks, but you will find
that some sellers have a minimum that is higher than this.
All you have to do now is wait for confirmation from the seller. If they don’t like
your Ad then can refuse to run it. I have not had any refusals but am very
careful not to make any false promises or put anything contentious in my Ads.
If you Ad is accepted you now get to look forward to monitoring opt ins and any
sales the day the Solo Ad runs.
Follow Up To Your Solo Ad
After your Solo has run you will be asked to give feedback about the seller, they
in turn will give feedback about you as the buyer.
—————————————————–Page 23—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 24
It is generally something short like “Good solo, nice over-delivery”. If for any
reason you are unhappy with the seller I recommend that you take it up with
them directly or contact Udimi before you think about making critical
Generally I have had all my clicks delivered in the space of about 24 hours. The
seller is given a maximum time limit to deliver.
Things can go wrong for technical reasons, if you don’t get all your clicks in this
time contact the seller to find out what is happening, although I would hope a
good seller would contact you!
You can track the progress of your Ad on Udimi in the My Solos area, and you
can see how many clicks you actually received.
On the My Solos page all of your Solo Ads can be seen, this is a screenshot from
my page.
By clicking on Statistics for a Solo you can see exactly where in the world each
of your clicks came from.
With any form of paid traffic it is critical to track results. You now know how
many clicks you got. How many of them subscribed to your list? How many
went on to buy something?
—————————————————–Page 24—————————————————–
How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 25
By analysing your numbers you will know how much on average it costs you to
add a subscriber to your list. When you have made some sales of your initial
and follow up offers you will also start to understand whether your Solo Ad
campaign is profitable.
If you are making a profit you can scale up, buy larger volumes of clicks, and
make even more profit. Just don’t forget to test individual lists carefully with
small volumes first, you can get radically different results from different lists.
If you are new to marketing on the Internet make sure you focus on the fact
that when you have added people to your mailing list with your Solo Ad the key
now is to keep in touch with them.
Whether or not you made a profit with the Ad itself make sure that you have an
auto-responder sequence in place to deliver follow-up emails which reiterate
your original offer or sell them bigger and better things.
Don’t get in the mindset of feeling pushy. You have product(s) or service(s) that
solves people’s problems, so you need to tell them about it and they need to
get familiar with your name and the quality that you offer.
My auto-responder sequences typically follow up daily with new subscribers for
at least 10 days and I then keep in regular contact.
And Finally
Don’t forget to test the whole sequence end to end ensure your links all work,
there is nothing much more annoying than running paid advertising that you
later figure out sent visitors to the wrong place!
I hope you have found this useful. I have tried to avoid using too much jargon
but inevitably I have had to reference some technical terms – it is the nature of
the beast we have been dealing with here.
If you have enjoyed and benefited from these tips any kind of Testimonial or
Endorsement would be very welcome! You can do this or give comments on my
site here –
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How A Struggling Website Owner Learned To Easily And Quickly Attract Unlimited Traffic Using The Power Of Solo Ads Page 26
I can also be contacted via email – support at, and
will be happy to answer any questions or assist you.
If you have taken the time to read this report you are clearly about making the
effort to get visitors to your site.
There are a multitude of other sources of traffic, and the following links provide
a lot of further information about this –
The Internet Marketing Review
The Copy and Profit Blueprint
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Effortless Consulting Formula

Effortless Consulting Formula
Earnings & Income Disclaimer
Table of Contents
Introduction – How To Build A 7-Figure Consultancy
The purpose of this book is to help you. It’s here to help you get started as a high paid consultant for businesses.
I will walk you through step by step a proven formula to find businesses that are in need of a service…
…reaching to them and getting them to pay you to help them…
…and how to fulfill this need to create a win/win relationship between you and your clients.
Before we get our hands dirty with the specifics, I want to give you a birds eye view on the consulting business works. This way, you will understand all the steps involved before you start taking any action.
Find a Hungry Audience
The first step in building any business (including a B2B consulting business) is find a hungry audience. By that I mean you need to find a group of customers who have a need that is not being filled.
Notice I did not say you need to find a product or a service to offer…
If you can find customers who have an unmet need or desire, coming up with unique products and services are easy. (Necessity is the mother of invention after all)
Luckily in this guide I am going to not only show you a group of over 800,000 businesses that are in need of something… But I am also going to show you how to find them with a simple Google search.
AND you are going to learn a simple service that fulfills this need… One that can be outsourced for as little as $5. More on that in just a minute…
Direct Advertising And Sales
One of the biggest problems my coaching students have is NOT having something to sell or a service to offer, but finding people to sell too.
Now if you followed the advice in the previous section – finding a hungry audience BEFORE you start building your product or developing your service than selling your service is as easy as reaching out to that audience directly.
With the effortless consulting formula, the hungry audience will be handed to you on a silver platter and all you have to do is reach out to them offering a solution. We will be using a ‘cold email’ strategy to get our prospects attention, and selling them over email and phone.
Find Services You Can Outsource Or Automate
As consultants our jobs are identifying win/win opportunities.
Finding a group of businesses that have a problem that needs to be solved…
Finding people or software that can solve this problem inexpensively…
And connecting the two together for a profit. (This is the part we call sales)
In this guide I will be showing you how to service your clients yourself, as well as how to find outsourcers on Fiverr and other sites to automate the process. You’ll also learn about some cheap software that can be used to build business mobile apps, a service you can upsell to your clients for even more money.
Increase Your Client Value
This guide will teach you how to sell a service that costs the client’s $497 a month, and costs you around $5 per month if you decide to outsource the fulfillment.
The secret to building a 7-figure consulting business is NOT to try to book as many clients as you can, but rather to earn as much money from each client as you can.
In the section on outsourcing, I am going to show you a few places you can find salesmen to do all the selling for you and your business on a commission basis (which means they cost you nothing until the book you clients). The higher your value per client, the more money you can pay your sales people in commissions and the more clients you will end up getting (not to mention the more money you can spend on fulfillment.)
In this guide I am going to recommend some software that you can use to create business mobile applications that business owners are paying as much as $10,000 for.
Find Businesses In Need
This section is going to explain the service we will be offering as well as how to find businesses who are in need of this service using a simple Google hack. At the time of this writing there are over 800,000 businesses in need of this service, and that number will continue to rise as new businesses are formed and get index by both Yelp and Google.
Untapped Service To Offer
Reputation management has become a multi-billion dollar industry over the last few years with the emergence of review sites like Yelp, and Google Places. For a local business, the quality of reviews on sites like Yelp can mean the difference between being flooded with customers, or being avoided by customers.
The service we will be offering, is claiming and maintaining a business’ listing on the site
If you are not familiar with Yelp, it is a local business directory site where customers can leave reviews:
Fact: Businesses have closed their doors as a result of bad reviews on Yelp.
Yelp has a built in system where business owners can claim their listing on their site, and there are millions of businesses who have not yet claimed their listing!
Claiming your Yelp listing allows you to (list take straight from
• Immediately update business information like menus, hours of operation, phone numbers, address, website (all vital to generate more customers from the site).
• Respond to reviews and privately message customers (this allows a business to have bad reviews removed, or at least explained publicly)
• See the customer leads their business generates (Leads that the business owner is completely missing out on)
• Monitor how many people view your business page (being ranked on Yelp easier, and generates more traffic than SEO)
The service we will offer local businesses for $497 a month is to claim their business listing for them, and monitor their listing for negative reviews.
Understand the Value On Their Terms
Business owners generally care about two things: More customers, and more money. You must translate the benefit of whatever you are selling into those terms for the business. For us, selling Yelp management translates to more customers in the following ways:
• Claiming the business listing allows more control and better ranking of the listing which means more customers will find the business.
• Removing or commenting on negative reviews will entice people reading the reviews to visit the business.
• Monitoring the leads generated on Yelp will allow the clients to generate more leads
Whenever you are talking to a client or potential client, always remember to explain thing in terms of new customers or making more money.
How to Find Clients
Ok… We will be offering Yelp listing and management services, so how do we find clients that are in need of this service?
Well, any business that has not claimed their listing on Yelp is missing out on a potential influx of customers and so they would be easy sales.
We can find businesses who have not yet claimed their listings by entering the following search string into Google: “Claim your business page and”
This search will only search on, and is looking for the term “Claim your business page and access you”. Any page with that text is clearly an unclaimed page.
You can add a specific location to the search at the end of the term, for example: “Claim your business page and” New York
Would return only businesses in New York who need this service. On that page, you will find a listing that looks like this:
This means the listing is unclaimed, and we can contact this business to claim it for them.
The next step is to get their contact information (specifically their email) and luckily, yelp provides us a starting point. In the upper left hand corner of the site, you will see the business’ contact information including a phone number and web address, like in the example below:
You can cold call the business if you want to get in touch immediate, however I prefer using cold emails to cold calling, as it will allow me to work faster since I will only ever talk to interest prospects.
Browsing to the company’s website will usually provide you with a contact email address, if it doesn’t work you can use the site to find alternative email addresses.
Cold Email Approach
In the previous section we found businesses who have not yet claimed their Yelp page listing, and gone to their website to get a contact email address. I would recommend putting together a list of at least 20 emails before you start sending them out.
The next step is to send the business an email using a fear tactic. Prospects will generally respond better to the fear of loss more than they would the potential to gain.
Let me give you an example:
Let’s say you saw an ad for a brand new ride on mower… Something you have been looking to buy for some time. And in this ad, they promised you can get this ride on mower for only $20 if you show up to their store within the next 3 hours…
How likely are you to stop whatever you were doing, get in your car and ride down to the store?
You MIGHT take a trip down there, depending on what you were doing that very minute or you might simply pass up what is an incredible offer for something you already are in the market for.
Let’s take another scenario:
Let’s say is 3am and you asleep in your bed…
You hear a noise outside, and looking out your window you see someone trying to make off with you old, broken down lawn mower that barely works.
How fast would you leap out of bed to stop them?
The lesson here: People will be more motivated by the fear of loss than the possibility of gain.
Sending A Cold Email
We are going to send a cold email to our prospects explaining how they are missing out on customers, and potentially ruining their reputation.
Send these emails one at a time, don’t bulk send. Be sure to address the company by name, or if you have it from then name of the business owner in your email.
Here are some of the best subject lines that have worked for me in the past:
“You are losing customers…”
“I want to refer you new business…”
“Did you see this scathing review of your company?”
“This person is badmouthing you”
“This is losing you customers…”
These subject lines have had the highest open rates in my tests for this method.
Once they open the email, our goal is to get them to reply back or to give us a call to sell them on the phone. I like to pre-sell as much as possible in the initial email this way the only people who contact me are ready to do business. Here are a few of the things you want to mention in your email in order to presell the client before he replies back or calls:
1. Explain how he is losing money/missing out on customers
2. Point out a specific bad review in the email (This proves your claim)
3. Talk about the benefits of taking control of the yelp account (handle bad reviews, appear higher in Yelps listing.)
4. Tell them about your service
5. Mention the price of the service
6. Ask for the order
7. Provide contact information
By telling them the service and the price in the first email you will prequalify the prospects so only the ones who are ready to buy from you will respond.
Pro Tip: This 7 step email formula can be used to sell any B2B service via cold emails.
Here is an example email you can use to send to business owners:
My name is {YOUR NAME HERE}, and I am writing you today to warn you about a problem I found with your business on the site If you are not familiar with this site, Yelp is an online directory that customers go to place a review of the businesses they frequent.
The reason you currently have a problem on this site is twofold: You are losing money from the unclaimed leads that are being generated here, and you have a number of negative reviews that are turning away customers. I have attached a screen shot of one bad review in particular that must be dealt with promptly or it may not get removed from the site:
By claiming your business’ profile on Yelp, you will be able to reply to this reviewer and possibly have this review removed completely. You will also have the chance to optimize your listing to appear higher in Yelp’s results, giving you more exposure and ultimately more customers.
My company provides Yelp listing and management services for local businesses in the {BUSINESSES TOWN} area, and would like to offer you a discounted rate. Our service will:
• Claim your listing on
• Optimize your listing to appear higher in Yelp’s results
• Respond to any negative comments and attempt removal as they happen.
• Provide you with a monthly ‘Reputation Report’ that will give you a snapshot of mentions of your business online.
Normally we charge a monthly fee of $997, with a setup fee of $1,497. However since your account already has a few negative reviews on Yelp we are waving the setup fee and dropping our monthly price to $497.
I am making you this offer because I know our service will make a dramatic difference in the number of customers coming in your door, and I believe that once you see this difference, you will be willing to recommend our service to colleagues.
However you must reply back to me by {DATE 4 DAYS FROM DATE SENT} in order to get this discounted rate. The sooner we can get started, the easier it will be for us to handle the bad reviews on your account.
Please reply back to this email or call 555-555-5555 to get started.
I look forward to working with you,
You can modify this template however you like, as long as you keep with the 7 steps mentioned above.
Closing The Deal
The business owners that call and reply back will be presold on your service and you want to assume the sale with every reply. Whenever I get a reply email, I usually reply back with something simple:
Thanks for writing back. In order for us to get started, you can sign up here: {LINK TO YOU CHECK OUT PAGE}
Once you have signed up we will get started and claim you listing immediately.”
You may get the occasional objection or question about the service, the trick is to always answer his question, and follow with an assumed close. An assumed close simply means we are assuming he wants to buy, and we provide him the means to do so.
Closing the deal on the phone is no different than over email, just assume that the business owner is calling to make his payment and ask for the order. (I normally don’t include my phone number in the cold emails since it is just as easy to close the prospect via email alone).
Getting Paid
Once you have sent an email asking for payment, you will need to send the client to a checkout page that collects their credit card information and bills them monthly. You can use whatever merchant service you currently use, or if you are new to the consulting business, I would strongly recommend using PayPal.
PayPal makes it easy to set up recurring payments for your client. You can read about their system here:
Once the client is set up and paying, it’s time to claim their yelp listing and provide them with monthly reports.
Servicing The Client
As soon as you receive a notification of client payment, you want to claim the clients Yelp account and reach out to them for more information.
Claim the Business Listing
Claiming a business’ page is as easy as clicking the link on their page:
Once you click you will be prompted to create a business account for the owner and will need to verify the account by receiving a phone call. This whole process only takes about 5 minutes, and they will call the number listed for the business so make sure the business is available to receive the call.
And that’s all it takes to claim the listing!
Provide Reports
After claiming a business’s listing for them, there are two services you will be providing for your $497 a month fee.
First we will be replying to all negative reviews both publicly, and privately. Replying to negative reviews publicly will allow anyone who stumbles on a bad review to see the other side of the story and minimize the damage.
You will also have the ability to message reviewers individually when using a business account. Simply reaching out to the disgruntled customer is usually enough to get them to delete their review. If the business owner will allow it, you can give the reviewer something free (like a free meal for a restaurant) as an apology for bad service, in order to attempt to win them back.
The second thing we will offer the business owner is a monthly report of all mentions and reviews of their establishment. You can compile this report yourself, however I recommend using this service to do it for you each month:
Reputation Report Service
Outsourcing The Business
This business model is extremely easy to build into 6 figures recurring income very quickly without any outsourcing or hiring. The secret to taking any business to 7 figure and beyond, as well as being able to work less in the process is knowing how to outsource, and how to hire great people to do the work for you.
Outsource The Service
In the previous section, I provided you with the resource I use to produce reputation reports for only $5. There are a few others you can use as well, depending on the size of your client:
Yext Partner Program
Vendasta Partner Program
WhirLocal White Label Program
These programs offer more than just basic Yelp management, you can sell a variety of reputation management packages.
I would also recommend hiring a full time virtual assistant to help you claim listings and respond to client emails. Here are the top places I go to hire my VA’s:

Virtual Staff Finder – Virtual Assistant Match-Making for Busy Entrepreneurs
Outsource Sales
Using The Google hack and email templates I have provided in this guide, you already have a fairly automated system for finding and selling clients on your service. Once you have booked a few clients yourself and have perfect your own versions of these templates, you can easily hire a virtual assistant to handle the bulk of the work for you.
Here are a few tips when hiring someone to handle the sales:
• Always hire sales reps that speak fluent English
• Always get on a skype call before hiring a sales rep
• Pay sales reps a commission for each client they bring in with the methods
• Always ask for, and check references from previous employers.
One of the best places I have found cheap, available sales help is in the Philippines. Simply post an ad looking for online sales reps on craigslist in Manila:
This system is easy enough for any outsourcer to do most of the work for you.
Upselling And Cross-selling
Once you have a client paying you $497 a month for reputation services, you have an open door to offer them other services and products.
Listen: I have had coaching students earn over $400,000 a year from only 10 clients in the past. The way they accomplished this was focusing on providing more value for existing clients, than trying to acquire new clients.
In this section, I am going to give you a list of some of the best and highest converting services I offer to my clients after they have signed up for the $497 reputation service.
Mobile App Services To Sell
Building mobile apps for a business is huge. You can charge over $10,000 to build an app that costs you a fraction of that fee to build online, and collect recurring revenue providing business owners ‘push notification’ services.
Here are some of the online app builders I use to create apps for clients:

AppMachine Reseller Program

These services will have you earning more money from every customer you pull in with this movie.
In Conclusion
That’s it for my effortless consulting course!
I’d love to hear from you personally, your successes, your troubles, and any suggestions you may have for me.
If you have a question or comment for me directly, feel free to drop me an email here:
I do get a lot of email, but I try to check it every day and respond when I can.
If you need faster help, submitting a ticket to our help desk is the fastest way to get a response:
And remember, the more action you take… the more money you will make.

Local Marketing Arsenal

Offline Phone Scripts

Before you attempt to use these phone scripts, you NEED to practice them aloud at least two or
three times. More is better.
The last thing you want is to sound like you’re reading a script once

you have the business owner on the phone. This is a major turn off and makes you sound too
Instead, practice this with a friend or alone so that it will sound as natural as possible when you
have them on the line.
It’s best to use these as guidelines for the conversation, but a little improvisation probably goes
a long way and you should be ready to think on your toes a bit since you don’t know what kind of
responses to expect from the lead.
If this is something you are less experienced with in general, then you can find some awesome
additional tips by visiting this link.
Offline Script #1

“Hi, .

My name is from
(your company name)
in _(your city)_.

Is this a good time to talk?”

If they answer No:

“No problem, is there an email address I could reach you at instead?”

(If they provide you with one, send an immediate follow up and call them later instead).

If they answer Yes:

“Great! I know your time is valuable, so I’ll keep this brief. We’re a _(your city)_ based company
providing web design services for small businesses, and we noticed that you don’t currently have a
(If they have a website, inform them that you noticed some SEO areas that need some improvement to
help them rank better in search engines).

For example, something like:

“After a quick review of your website, we found several aspects of your SEO that could use some
improvement to help rank your site higher in search engines.”

“Would you be interested in a free consultation with one of our expert SEO or web design
If they say no:

If they don’t have a website, offer them a free mockup design.

Say something like: “Since we know how important it is for any business to have an online presence,
we would like to offer you a free mockup design to show you what we can do for you. Does this sound
like something that might interest you?”
If they need help with SEO, offer to provide them one day of optmization services free of charge.

Say something like: “Ranking well in search engines is crucial for any business website, and we
don’t want you to miss out on all of that traffic, so can we offer you a free day of SEO service?”

If they take you up on one of the offers:

“I would like to arrange a free consultation to discuss your business objectives and help you out
with your website/SEO. Are you available for a quick fifteen minute phone call with our founder
tomorrow around 3:00 pm?”

After you have agreed on a meeting time:

“Fantastic! May I please get your: name, email address, phone number and a backup number where you
can be reached?”

In closing:

“I am looking forward to working with you on your website/SEO, have a great day and thank you for
your time.”
Offline Sales Script #2

“Hello, my name is ; I am a business manager with _(name of your company) . I
am calling because I just visited your company’s website and noticed several ways that we could
help your online presence.
I’d like to offer you a complete mock up design to show you how we can revamp your current design.”

If they say no:

“I understand. I also made a note of several ways that we could help you improve your search engine
rankings, so that more people are able to find your business when they search online.
Might you be interested in a free day of SEO service to help you boost your rankings in just 24
Remember that both of these offers are completely free of charge and there is no obligation to you
if you choose to take us up on either one…”

If they say yes:

“Great, can I please get your name, email address, phone number and a backup phone number where you
can be reached at?
…I know you are a busy person, but we’d like to set you up with a fifteen minute chat with the
founder of our company. We’re happy to work around your schedule, do you prefer mornings or

After you have agreed on a meeting time:

“Fantastic! I’m looking forward to working with you on your website design/SEO. Have a great day!”

Google Map Placement Service Package

Google Map Placement Service Package

Introducing your
Google Map Placement Service
Edited and Additional Information by Joe Broon

Google Map Placement Service Letter
As somebody who lacks the confidence to go out selling and absolutely hates cold calling, I devised
a letter and marketing campaign that would effectively introduce me and my services to potential
clients…. and better still, get it actually read by them.
I found that using ordinary introduction letters describing my services and how I could help them
were either being ignored or worse, not getting read at all and the response was very poor.
The problem I found was that every man and his dog seems to be promoting SEO these days.
Most of the clients that I have spoken to (I’m based in the UK) are sick to death of receiving
emails and letters promoting SEO services. They receive emails, letters, postcards, telephone calls
and salesman almost every day telling them they need SEO help.
Contrary to most of the reports that I have read, these business owners
DON’T snap up your amazing offer when you tell them what you have to offer. They are NOT in awe of
your online marketing skills and knowledge as some offline advocates would have you believe. SEO
easy pickings are a myth.
The clients I spoke to simply didn’t care about SEO. They
switched off when it came down to anything to do with the Internet or websites.
The fact is, promoting SEO marketing is very hard work and you are fighting in a competitive field
when promoting to offline clients.
After months of fruitless effort, I experimented with various marketing techniques and gradually
refined them.

I knew that I had to come up with something that would grab their attention and give them a shake
from the apathetic attitude that a lot of business owners have regarding online advertising and be
motivated to take action.
I realised that the only way that I could do that would be to actually use their own advertisement
attached to a personal letter, which would instantly peak their attention.
I tried a number of formats and gradually refined and adapted the letter until I started to see
good results.
The template and method that I have included for you here is the
exact one that I used to get a minimum of 4 jobs per week charging at least £149.99 set up fee and
£149.99 per month there after. Over the course of a year you can see how it mounts up.

How My Method Works
I put in a lot more work into this marketing campaign than I do with a conventional mailing. With a
generic direct mail campaign all it requires is a letter to be printed, placed in an envelope,
stick on a stamp, post it in the mail box and that’s it. Just hope and pray that I
get a response.
This mailing that I send out however is a laser targeted individualised letter with their very own
advert attached to it. It is guaranteed to be noticed and works exceptionally well.
The actual letter, combined with enclosures of compelling internet proof is a powerful package that
makes it extremely hard for the recipient to ignore.
Each letter, complete with the inserts, takes about an hour to complete but the time and effort
involved is worth it as the response rate speaks for itself.
When I initially started using this method I started off by going through my local Yellow Pages and
choosing a niche.
I then cut each of the larger ads out (anything bigger than the standard free line that the
businesses get) and used these as my basis for
writing to the companies.
While the response was good, it still wasn’t as high as I wanted. (I still recommend using this
method to supplement the other method I am going to show you because it still generated a lot of
business for me).
My biggest response came from doing the same thing with adverts in the local newspapers and
advertising publications. I cut them out and write to each company individually.

The reason why this works better is because the Yellow Pages had been paid for months ago. It is a
past expense and the urgency with that ad is no longer there.
However, freshly placed advertisements receive a lot of attention from the business owners. There
is more anticipation to see how the advert does. It is usually the result of a telesales phone call
from the ad team at the newspaper or it is because they are trying to generate extra business right
now. Once that advert is placed they are eager to see what kind of immediate results it is going to
bring in once it has been placed.
The picture above are two typical pages from my free local weekly newspaper. Each week it is jam
packed with hundreds of local businesses. Not one of those adverts on those two pages will have
cost less than £150 (approx $238).
In addition, we have a daily local morning newspaper, an evening paper and numerous smaller
advertising publications so I never run out of businesses to contact. I am sure that your area will
have similar publications. As most of the pages have ads on both sides of the page, I always get my
hands on two of the publications or buy two copies if need be.
Once I cut the advert out I then go to Google Adwords and enter in typical keywords that potential
customers would use to find that particular business online. (Notice that I use Google Adwords for
my results. I do this because your average business will not have heard of tools like Market
Samurai or any of the other tools. They can easily check the results for themselves in Google
Adwords and lets them see for themselves that they really do need your services).
I print off the Adwords results and highlight the relevant results that show just how many people
have searched for their business online within the last month.
I then go back to Google and enter the same keyword phrases again. To add credibility and to really
highlight the point that I am trying to
make I don’t choose any vague keyword phrases. I use real phrases that their clients would use.
Again I print off the results for each of the keyword phrases. I normally choose a maximum of 4 as
this is sufficient to hit the point home.
In almost all cases…in fact in EVERY case….the client that I am writing to is not even listed
on the first 5 pages of Google, even using broad common phrases that their clients would use to
find them.
This information really knocks a powerful punch when they see it in hard print. The facts are hard
to ignore and this is what motivates them to pick up the phone and book an appointment.
Once I have all of this information I add the details to my template letter.
This is a sample of the letter that I sent to an executive chauffeur company (I have removed the
clients main location but you get the point and you simply change the information to suit the
business that are writing to).
I’m sure that I don’t need to say this, but just in case, the notes in red are for YOUR information
only and are not to be used in the letter 
Your Company Name Address Telephone Email Website

Dear Business Owner (*if you can get the business owners name please do so)

I noticed that you had placed an advertisement in the local (name of town) “News Advertiser”
publication. (*this is a local publication with a circulation of around 25000 and it cost him
around £175, approx $282 for a small ad. You can see why he is going to be disappointed with the
lack of response  )

Are you pleased with the response or has the lack of interest in your advert disappointed you?

You won’t need me to tell you that traditional advertising formats such as the Yellow
Pages and local newspaper adverts are becoming far less effective.

Times have changed. Nowadays most people, including many of your potential clients, tend to search
on the Internet for services such as yours. However, when I looked on Google earlier today I
couldn’t find your website listed.

I have attached a print out of the Google page that I personally used to try and find your website
online using the typical search phrases that potential customers would use when looking for your
business. (*This is the first bit of hard proof that they will see and you can guarantee that they
are going to check this themselves)

The phrases I used in Google were: (*Always use typical search phrases that their clients are
likely to use. Don’t be tempted to use vague or unlikely search terms as it will spoil the impact
and will dilute your message)

 Executive Chauffeur cars in (town)
 Executive Chauffeur cars in (area)
 Wedding Car hire in (town)
 Executive chauffeur cars in (town)

As you can see from the print out, it features all of your competitor’s details but your own
company website isn’t listed anywhere on the first 3 pages of Google. (You can try this yourself,
or get somebody else to try and find your website, by typing in the key phrases that your typical
customer might use to search
for your business, like the ones I used above). (*a savvy business owner is going to take you up on
your challenge and either do this themselves or ask a friend or relative to do it, who will confirm
what you are saying)

Your competitors who currently dominate the top 3 listings in Google are ranked highly because they
have listed their websites in Google Maps (you can see the map on the right hand side of the Google
search with the letters showing clients exactly where to find them).
As you have probably now realised, they will be attracting the most attention from potential
clients because of where they are. Although it is not too difficult to add your business to the
Google Maps in order to be listed, it is time consuming and requires some knowledge of how the
search engines work in order for your website to be easily found by customers actually looking for
you. (*when they penny finally drops and they realise that they can’t be found you are telling them
not to worry because you can do something about the situation they are in).

My company specialises in promoting local companies here in the North East of England on the Google
Maps feature and we can greatly improve your visibility online. This will significantly increase
the chances of your website being found by potential customers actually looking for a business like
yours and who will be eager to do business with you.

I hope that I haven’t worried you too much about the poor positioning of your website on the
Internet as this can be easily corrected, but I hope that this might explain why some of your
competitors may be doing better than you because of their search engine ranking.

If you want to know more about how I can help drive thousands more potential clients to your
website every month, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Yours Sincerely

(your signature)

Joe Broon

PS. As I know that you have just spent a significant amount of money on your local advertising and
you may have found that it was not as effective as you had hoped, I have put up a personalised
special offer totally unique to your business. This special offer created exclusively for
(, will be open for the next 7 days.

This month alone, over 600 people actively searched on Google for a chauffeur business in (your
area) and they couldn’t find your website. I hope that I proven to you just how effective my
services will be and how I can significantly increase your sales.

Please take a few minutes to look at the exclusive offer I have created for ( If
you have any questions or would like to start raising your online presence and attract more
business please don’t hesitate to give me a call. (*The very fact that their website name is
mentioned here means that their interest is going to be piqued to see what offer you have created
for them so you get another bite of the cherry when they
visit your site. On this page I generally repeated when I said in this letter and gave them a time
limited offer with a 20% discount off the price. You can easily create a personalised video if you

As you can see, the letter is highly personalised.
1) It grabs their attention immediately as they see their very own advertisement attached to the
letter with a paper clip, so they know that this letter is just for them (see picture below).
2) It quickly addresses the disappointing results that they will have no doubt of had regarding the
advertisement. Seriously, I have yet to meet a business owner who can tell me whether or not they
have seen a significant increase in sales as a result of the advertisement.
3) I also go to great lengths to show how much trouble I have had finding their website online. I
provide printed proof that is hard for them to ignore and that they can easily see for themselves
if they search for their business online too.
4) I explain this in further detail below, but I always play fair and choose the most likely
keyword research phrases as I can, rather than vague keyword phrases that would dilute the
point that I was trying to make and give them a reason to ignore my letter.
5) Again, this will be explained in further detail, but I also show them actual proof of what their
current situation is online. In almost every case, their competitors always feature highly while
their own website is nowhere to be found. This is very worrying to any savvy business owner who was
unaware of the dilemma that they are in.
6) Then to make sure that the point hits them firmly between the eyes, I show them just how many
LOCAL people were actively searching for their services and emphasise how these people just could
not find their website and no doubt went to their competitors instead.

7) As the point of my letter is to motivate them to ring me, I
make a point of trying to alleviate any concerns that they have by showing them that there is a way
to greatly improve their search engine ranking and that my company can solve their
All of this plus the visual impact of attaching their own company’s advertisement to the top of the
letter with a paper clip ensures that you letter is read and taken seriously.

Google search Print outs
Tip: On the Google search print outs I use a highlighter pen on the actual search box and then just
above it I neatly write the keyword phrase that I was using, as in most cases you will only see
part of it when you print it off, particularly if it is a long search phrase. This means that they
can enter the same phrase themselves if they decide to confirm what you are saying is true.
If there happens to be a Google Placement map on the page (I usually aim for niches that do have
Google maps so that they can see what I am talking about), one thing that will happen when you
print off the page is that the letters indicating the locations of the companies listed on the map
will not be visible when your print the page.
I outline the listings with a red marker pen to indicate which businesses feature on the maps.
Again, they will see this for themselves when they do their own search (see picture below)
This is very important as it is emphasises the situation and shows exactly how much of an edge
their clients have on the first page of Google.
Beside the red box I usually write something along these lines:
“All of these competitors are on the very first page of Google because they feature on the Google
Map which is on the top right side of the page. Type in (the phrase term that you want them to use)
and see for yourself. This is the reason why I decided to write to you about my services as I can
put your business there too.”
For extra effect I also attach a yellow Post It note to the page explaining that this is just page
one of the search and that I had looked at x amount of pages and still hadn’t found them.
What it says is this:
“This is just page one of the Google search results. I haven’t printed all of the pages but I got
up to page (Insert the number of pages you searched) and still couldn’t find”
I position it just under the Google map on the right hand side, so that I have my handwritten
message about their competitors on one side and the fact that I can’t find their website on the

Handwritten notes are almost always read. Added to the fact that it is on an eye-catching yellow
post-it note and their name is screaming off the page is a real winner and they WILL read further.
How about that for a reality check when they realise for example that they are not even found on
the first 5 pages of the search engine.
Google Adwords Keyword Planner Results
I use the exact realistic keyword search phrase examples as I use in the letter.
I don’t use the option to use the exact phrase only, as I want to impress them by showing how they
can find out exactly what terms are being searched for on the Internet. It emphasises to them how
the Internet works. Most businesses just assume that what kind of phrases that people will be using
to find their businesses and this information really opens their eyes to the real phrases people
I print out the keyword planner results to include in the pack and highlight the phrases relevant
to their business. For example I choose their region, locality, plus any other relevant keywords
that would fit their business. They can see for themselves just how many people online are
searching for their business compared to the tiny results
that they get from offline ads featured in low circulation, seldom read, publications. Tip: print
it in landscape to ensure you get all of the results.
So that’s an overview of how I get my business. I send out an attention grabbing package
consisting of:
 A personalised letter complete with their own advertisement attached to it. The letter is
specific to them. It shows that I have tried and failed to find their business online, offers a
solution AND contains an extra bite of the cherry by offering an exclusive offer on my website that
they will want to go and view.
 Google search print outs to prove that their site is not featured highly on the search engines
but their competitors are.
 Google Adword results showing them just how many people are actively searching for their
business and emphasising just how much businesses they are losing as a result of not using my
As I mentioned, each pack takes around an hour to produce but the results are phenomenal. I get far
more clients ringing me for business as a result.
It is an amazing feeling, especially as I am not having to go out and actually sell the idea to
them, which I found very hard to do.
Anybody will be able to generate business using this method.
All it requires is investing an hour and putting together a targeted, personalised package like
this. I guarantee that it will impress your potential clients and generate a lot more business than
your current mailing campaigns.
As an overview, let me guide you through the letter and show you why it works for me:
1) I stress yet again that the custom written letter and special offer page was created exclusively
for them.
2) I DO spend a lot of time on the information packs and they will realise that when they receive
it, so I tell them why I do it. I also remind them of the fact that their advertising costs are
expensive and that people are now using the Internet instead.
3) I point out again the undisputed proven facts in the report about how many people were searching
for their business or service and challenge them again to try the results for themselves.
4) I play on their fears and disappointment when they see that they are not being found but their
competitors are.
5) I explain how they are missing out by quoting statistics showing how many people search online
and what their spending habits are.
6) I give them another challenge to find out how many of their friends and family use the Internet
as yet more proof that they should be online.
7) I remind them that the internet is here to stay and that the number of people searching online
is only going to grow.
8) I move in for the kill by saying that I can snatch the business back from their competitors.
9) I know that by now they will want to use my services but will be afraid about cost so I create a
special offer just for them.
10) I stress again how much time I spent on the report and why this is great for their
business. It not only makes them feel guilty if they don’t use me but also confirms that I am the
best person to help them because of the hard work that I put in.
11) My PS message explains in a very effective way the reason why the offer is only open for
7 days and ends with a call to action.

It really does do all of the hard work for you and is an excellent pre- selling tool.
By the time they ring you they are already sold and are keen to go ahead.
I’ve put a lot of work into this report and tried to explain things as I do them step-by-step.
I really hope that you think that it has been good value for money and start putting it into
action, as the potential is huge.
Thanks for not only buying the report but also for taking the time to read it.
If you have any questions, please email me at and I will do my utmost to
try and help you as much as I can.
Thanks for reading and I really hope that you won’t just put this to one side but you actually use
the report and send the packs out to businesses in your area.
Bonus Chapter
This bonus chapter fills in all of the blanks and gives you additional ideas to help you start
running with the plan immediately and not have to second guess any of the steps.
This chapter also includes some refinements to the pack that I have been testing and found to work
exceptionally well.
The first improvement I made, which has proven to very effective is a
Title Page cover for the pack.
Previously when I sent the pack out the first thing the client saw was the letter with their ad
attached to it.
This worked really well and was an attention grabber because they were intrigued about why their ad
was on the top of the letter and it encouraged them to read it.
Then I started testing a title page cover and the results were excellent. Here is the cover (below)
and I will explain why it does so well:
Important Information About (Business Name) on the Internet
This is what I discovered about your website……….
The impact that this title page makes on your customer is diluted when you just see the words
“Business Name”. However, once you add the client’s name I guarantee that you will have grabbed
their attention.
Why is it confidential? What have you found out about them? Is there anything wrong with their

Immediately they are trying to open up the pack to see what it contains.
As they handle the pack they can already see a paper clip attached to their advertisement on the
very next page.
This is a double whammy.
They want to know what the letter is about. However, even if they don’t immediately read it word
for word and quickly just scan over the pack to see what it is about, they will see references to
their business name peppered all of the way through the pack.
At this stage you have got their interest and they want to know what this information is about.
However, even this is not the whole story………
As well as the covering letter I wanted to make even more of an impact and have been testing 3
different formats for the presentation pack.
None of them seem to be performing better than the other one, so I would suggest that this comes
down to personal choice as to which format you personally think is the best one for your target
The formats I am using (which I will explain in more detail) are these:
 Folder from Staples
 Pack with band (2 different ways to do this)
 Homemade folder
You are probably wondering why I go to such lengths. Surely this is just adding yet more work and
Well, yes you right. It does add more work and it is more
expensive……but it works!!

My packs will significantly out-perform any generic letters that you may have previously sent out.
They will also blow any SEO competitors sad efforts out of the window. Your potential client can
see how much trouble you have gone to, to
create this personalised pack for them.
Generic letters usually end up ignored or put straight in the trash can. Not this one!!

From the minute they open up the envelope they can see that this is no standard letter. They can
see that you are professional, have done your research and know all about their business.
Everything about the pack oozes confidence and professionalism.
They might not have even considered SEO services before, but they will now because you have shaken
them up and made them lift their heads out of the sand and see the reality of the status of their
business online.
Here are photographs and step by step instructions showing you how I present each pack. As I
mentioned, I haven’t been able to detect any significant changes in the results for each one that I
tested so suggest that you choose which one appeals to you most.
Format One: Pocket Folder
1) Take an A4 sheet of paper in a contrasting colour .

2) Fold in half width ways to form an A5 sheet

3) Turn the paper round so that the fold runs down the left side as shown in the picture.

4) Take the top right hand corner and fold it diagonally toward the fold leaving approximately 2cm
away from the crease (as shown below).
5) Cut off the folded section and discard.
6) Glue along the bottom inside edge and fold down to form a sealed bottom edge creating a pocket.
7) Wait until the glue dries and then insert your pack into the pocket folder. It holds the info
together and fits into a normal large envelope.

Format Two: Staples Plastic Wallet

This plastic wallet is only 30p from Staples. It is the ‘Osni’ A4 swing clip file and looks
effective with the covering title page.
It certainly isn’t necessary to spend money on presenting your pack but I do tend to send these to
more prestigious clients such as car dealers, Real Estate agents, Solicitors etc.
By the time you add your time creating the pack, buying the envelope and paying for your postage
you might not want to spend additional money on this folder, but if you just get one client from
each of your mailings then it has made for itself many times over.

Format three: Banded Pack
This is very simple but adds mystery….. The client is totally unable to resist opening the pack
to see what is inside.
1) Take a sheet of A3 (twice the size of A4)

2) Loosely fold in half being careful not to crease the centrefold and cut a strip approximately
3cm wide from the longest side.
3) You will now be left with a long strip of paper.

4) Place your pack face down in the centre of the strip keeping the strip
below the title of your cover.
5) Fold the ends of the strip round the back of your pack. The ends won’t quite meet so I use a
piece of contrasting paper to create a tab for the client to pull apart in order to get into the
6) Seal the tab into position with a small piece of sticky tape.
You now have a banded, sealed pack. I defy any business to ignore this. They won’t be able to
resist breaking the band and seeing what is inside.

It looks much better in real life and the photos seem to create the illusion that is it was quite
loose. It wasn’t. I make sure that the band is tightly
sealed together so that the client has to make a determined decision to open the seal.
Of the three presentation packs, this and the other variations of this format (see below) are my
favourite ways of presenting the pack, simply because it creates mystery and intrigue round the
pack and is almost
100% guaranteed to be broken and read.
I was initially unsure how my title cover would be received so I used this band format. However,
instead of a tab on the back I sealed the band with my business card reminiscent of letters of old
which were sealed with wax.

(This is the back of the pack)

I also added the business card to the front of the band.
It looks good, however I think that it detracts from the mystery of the envelope and lets the
client know that this is sent from a business, especially if the card describes what services you
do, like my card does.

Test if for yourself. You might want to reassure the client that the pack is from your business,
but I think that it works best if you keep the air of mystery and suspense as they open the pack up
to see who sent it.
You can use this for other mailings that you do and is a nice touch.
I know that some of you will be tempted to by-pass the formats above and be tempted to take short
cuts to reduce how long it takes to produce each pack, however I really urge you not to.
You mustn’t forget that each client you get is going to be worth hundreds, if not thousands of
pounds (dollars etc.) once you have them on board.
These packs do all of the hard work for you (the selling) and make sure that you get an outstanding
return on your investment and time.
You wanted to know about the Post-it Note Message
The other addition I wanted to make in this chapter was the inclusion of the post-it note that I
stick on the Google search results page.
It isn’t a huge part of the marketing strategy but I like it because it attracts the client’s eyes,
especially when they are having a quick initial skim through the pack before they read it.
You can see where I position it here:

What it says is this:
“This is just page one of the Google search results. I haven’t printed all of the pages but I got
up to page (Insert the number of pages you searched) and still couldn’t find”
I position it just under the Google map on the right hand side, so that I have my handwritten
message about their competitors on one side and the fact that I can’t find their website on the
Handwritten notes are almost always read. Added to the fact that it is on an eye-catching yellow
post-it note and their name is screaming off the page is a real winner and they WILL read further.

Let me guide you through the letter and show you why it works for me:
12) I stress yet again that the page was created exclusively for them.
13) I DO spend a lot of time on the information packs and they will realise that when they
receive it, so I tell them why I do it. I also remind them of the fact that their advertising costs
are expensive and that people are now using the Internet instead.
14) I point out again the proven facts in the report about how many people were searching
for their business or service and challenge them again to try the results for themselves.
15) I play on their fears and disappointment when they see that they are not being found but
their competitors are.
16) I explain how they are missing out by quoting statistics showing how many people search
online and what their spending habits are.
17) I give them another challenge to find out how many of their friends and family use the
Internet as yet more proof that they should be online.
18) I remind them that the internet is here to stay and that the number of people searching
online is only going to grow.
19) I move in for the kill by saying that I can snatch the business back from their
20) I know that by now they will want to use my services but will be afraid about cost so I
create a special offer just for them.
21) I stress again how much time I spent on the report and why this is great for their
business. It not only makes them feel guilty if they don’t use me but also confirms that I am the
best person to help them because of the hard work that I put in.
22) My PS message explains in a very effective way the reason why the offer is only open for
7 days and ends with a call to action.
I hope that you now have enough information to put this marketing method to work.
It really does do all of the hard work for you and is an excellent pre- selling tool.
By the time they ring you they are already sold and are keen to go ahead.
I’ve put a lot of work into this report and tried to explain things as I do them step by step.
I really hope that you think that it has been good value for money and start putting it into
action, as the potential is huge.
Thanks for not only buying the report but also for taking the time to read it.
Kind regards