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Pitch It: How To Ride The Media Wave
To Free Traffic And Publicity
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It is important for you to clearly understand that all marketing activities carry the
possibility of loss of investment for testing purposes. Use this information wisely and
at your own risk.
Thanks for downloading this report. If you follow the steps laid out, you’ll have the ability to
generate press coverage, and more importantly, targeted traffic, at will. The strategies
outlined in this report have resulted in media coverage for everything from tech startups to
mobile apps to fundraisers for art galleries, to crowdfunding projects and they can work for
you too.
I’m not a fan of long introductions where the author tells you their life story, so let’s just jump
right in and get started.
A Quick Overview
Let’s take a quick look at what we’ll cover in these pages:
the right media outlets
the “hook” for your story
your media contact list
a press kit
to write press emails that get results
your emails
Choosing The Right Media Outlets
The first step to getting media coverage for your business is choosing the right media outlets.
Not every newspaper, major blog or TV station is a good fit to cover your business or product.
But if you do the work of selecting the right media outlets, the chances of you getting
coverage go up dramatically.
So how do you choose the right media outlets?
There are actually two aspects to this. You want to choose the right outlet in terms of the topic
they write about, and in terms of their position in the media hierarchy.
What this means is that you want to target media outlets that write about a topic that’s closely
related to your product or business, and initially, you want to target outlets that are lower on
the tier in terms of popularity, and will usually be more likely to write about you (Don’t worry,
though, you’re going to use these lower tier outlets to help you get published on larger and
larger media outlets like major blogs and news sites. I’ll show you how later in the report.)
Example: If your business is a marketing company that helps small businesses get more
customers, you obviously want to target media outlets that write about business and
marketing topics, or target local news outlets. Targeting websites that write about golf or
fitness won’t make sense because they probably aren’t going to be likely interested in writing
about your small business marketing company.
Likewise, The Today Show probably isn’t going to be interested in covering a small local
business at the outset because they’re a major national outlet with a national audience, so
you’d be more likely to get a response from reporters who write about issues in your local
So how do you find the media outlets that would be most interested in writing about you?
It’s easy. We’ll just use a handy little tool called Alltop.
Alltop is a blog aggregator that lists all the top blogs online (hence the name).
I’m going to show you how to use it in combination with another free tool to compile a list of
blog and media outlets to write about your company or product.
That other free tool is the Scraper Extension for Google Chrome.
You can download Google Chrome here if you don’t already have it on your computer. You
can just follow the installation instructions on the Chrome website to install it on your
Once you have Google Chrome downloaded and installed on your computer, launch Chrome,
and click here to install the Scraper extension.
Once the scraper extension is installed, go to Alltop.com. In the search bar in towards the
upper right side of the Alltop home page, type in a term for the niche you want to target (think
broad terms, like “business” or “health”). For example purposes, let’s do a search for the term
Below, you’ll see a snapshot of what Alltop’s business section currently looks like:
The business section includes blogs from a variety of different websites, including Inc.com,
Business.com, Hostgator.com and others (you may also see a few blogs that aren’t business
blogs. That’s ok, just ignore them).
The next step is to rightclick
on one of the blog section headers, as seen in the screenshot
on the orange header text and you’ll see a menu box like in the screenshot above)
Select “scrape similar” from the menu.
This will open the scraper tool, which will scrape the list of sites into a list. Next, you want to
export the list into a format that’s easier to work with. So click the “Export to Google Docs”
button near the bottom right of the scraper window.
Great! Now you have a Google Docs spreadsheet with a list of blogs that already reach your
target audience. But we’re still not done yet.
Next we want to scrape Google News for relevant news sites. In order to do this, we’ll have to
go through a very complicated process and spend a bunch of money to hire a web developer
who knows how to pull data from the Google News API.
Just kidding! 🙂
We won’t have to do that at all, because someone else already has.
We’ll just use this tool from Customer Developer Labs. Enter the search term you want, and it
uses Google News to look for news stories worldwide and in the 10 largest US cities. For
example, I’ll do a search for SEO:
Notice that the search returns 648 articles with the term “SEO”, with the top ones being from
sites like Forbes and The Huffington Post. The tool also lets you export the tools to a CSV
document, and if you want to spend a few bucks you can even upload the CSV document to
Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program and have outsourced staff go through the CSV and find
the emails of each reporter or writer so you can contact them. Of course, you can also go
through the list and get the emails yourself if you don’t want to spend any money. It’s your
So now, you’ve got a list of hundreds of potential blogs and media sites you can reach out to
who might be interested in writing about your business.
But before you reach out them, you need to make sure you’ve given them a reason to want to
write about you, and that’s what we’ll be covering next.
Choosing Your Angle or “Hook”
If you want the news media to write about you, you have to give them what they want:
something that’s going to make them look good to their audience. This means you can’t just
send a blogger or reporter a blatant sales pitch for your product or business and expect them
to cover you. Make it about them instead, by creating an interesting story around your product
or business that would appeal to your media contact’s audience. This is your angle, story idea
or “hook”, and it’s how you get media coverage.
According to Public Relations expert Ben Kaplan, there are four main types of news angles
you can use to create great hooks that will get reporters and bloggers interested:
Let’s look at an example of each one.
Breaking This
is a major news story that’s just happened or is ongoing, such as a weather
event, an announcement by the President, or a celebrity awards show like the Oscars or MTV
Awards. You can piggyback on breaking news by tying a story about your business to the
For example, as I write this, a major story in the news is that Sony Pictures was recently
hacked and had many confidential emails stolen and distributed online, exposing private
communications between movie executives, directors and other major players in Hollywood.
How could you piggyback on this story if you specialize in offering marketing consulting to
small businesses? Well, small businesses can be vulnerable to hackers stealing information
just like Hollywood studios can. Your hook could be a short list of ways that small businesses
can protect themselves from getting hacked like Sony did, and you could pitch it to blogs and
news outlets that reach small business owners as well as to local media. Of course, you can
mention that you help small businesses with their online marketing and other issues like
keeping their website secure.
The key with creating a hook and story to pitch to the media is that you pitch them on the idea
of the story, not your business. In the example above, the story you’re pitching is about how
small businesses can protect themselves from hackers, but you just happen to specialize in
helping small businesses secure their sites to keep their data safe.
One other thing to note: If you choose to use a breaking news story as your hook, be sure to
do so in a way that’s tasteful. You don’t want to tie your story to a breaking news story about
something tragic that happened in a way that makes it look like you’re being exploitative or
trying to profit off the tragedy of others.
Seasonal Seasonal
news covers topics like holidays, summer vacations and other topics
that tend to get covered at certain times of the year. Again, let’s use our small business
marketing company example. If Christmas is coming up, you could create a seasonal hook for
a story involving a small business marketing company could be pitching an article about how
small businesses can use Facebook or Twitter to attract more Christmas shoppers.
Trend Trend
news covers trends that are new or unusual. These could either be general
trends or trends specific to your industry. A trend that’s popular right now is the growth of
mobile apps, and keeping with the same example of marketing consulting for small
businesses, you could create a story hook around showing how small businesses can benefit
from using mobile apps in their business, and of course, your business just so happens to be
able to help them with that.
Personal Interest People
love reading stories about other people, especially their struggles
or things they had to overcome, and journalists know this. By framing the story of your
business or product as a personal story that other business owners can relate to, you
increase the odds that journalists will want to write about you.
Sticking with our same example of consulting small businesses, a hook using the personal
interest approach could be “10 Things Being A College Dropout Taught Me About Business”,
and the story idea you pitch would focus on your experiences after you dropped out of college
and tried to start a business, including your successes and challenges. Of course, you’ll also
mention that you use the things you’ve learned along the way in order help other small
businesses become more successful.
Obviously the specific hook you use will depend on the type of business or product you have,
and I can’t cover all possible hooks you could use, but these are four hooks that are proven to
work, and it’s easy to create a short story idea that integrates your business or product into
the story as well.
You want to take the hook you create and write a brief pitch for a news story based around
that hook. This pitch is what you’re going to send to the bloggers and journalists you reach out
to. I’ll talk more about this later in the report, and if you’re not familiar with writing content like
pitches, blog posts, and articles, I’ve provided a list of resources in the “Additional Resources”
section at the end of this report that show you how to do it. Don’t worry, you won’t be writing
Shakespeare, just a brief outline of a story idea based on the hook you come up with.
Once you have your hook, it’s time to put together a press kit so that journalists or bloggers
will be able to quickly get all the relevant information about your company or product.
Your Press Kit
The purpose of having a press kit is to make it easy for the media to find out the basic details
of your product or business all in one place, which makes it easier for them to write about you.
Putting together a press kit can be done in just a couple of hours.
The press kit should include the following:
of founders or team.
brief overview of you or your company.
screenshots, photos or videos of your product.
previous mentions in the press, or blogs that have written about you.
It’s not essential that you have each one of the above items, but the more you can provide
reporters/bloggers with, the better.
Writing The Email
So now that you’ve got a list of potential media contacts to reach out to, and you’ve got your
hook and your press kit ready, the next step is actually creating your email to send out to
them. This step is extremely important, and I’ll include some sample email text to give you an
idea of how your emails should be structured.
Sample Email
Hi [Name],
I’m Joe Smith from Digital Biz. I’m a consultant who helps small businesses get more
customers and I have an idea for an article that I think your readers would benefit from. With
Christmas coming up, a lot of small local businesses are having to compete with large
retailers like Amazon. My article would be about 5 ways small businesses can beat Amazon
this Christmas by using Facebook to target shoppers in their local area and get them to come
in and buy. I’d love to send you a brief draft of the article for you to take a look at if you’re
interested. Let me know.
P.S. I have a press kit available here if you’d like to know more about me: [link to your press
The key to getting bloggers and reporters to respond to your emails is to keep your email very
brief. Just a quick intro, a bit about your story hook, and ask them if they’d like you to send
more information. You just want to pique their interest enough so they reply: “Sure. Send over
what you have.”
How To Send Your Emails
So now you’ve got your list of publications to target, your story hook, your press kit and your
email text. The last step is to actually send your emails out to those publications. Fortunately
this step is pretty easy to do.
The first step is to get the email addresses of the publications you want to target. You can
either do this manually by going to each site and finding the email address, or by using a paid
tool that I’ll show you in a moment.
Manually finding emails for each site you want to target is more timeconsuming,
but the
benefit is that it’s free. So if you’re on an extratight
budget, that’s the way to go. You can
usually find a publication’s email address under their “contact” section. However, some larger
news sites will have a “Submit a tip” link where you can email your pitch to. If you go this
route, just be sure you’ve addressed your tip to the attention of the reporter who covers the
appropriate beat.
If you’re not able to find the reporter’s contact information on a website, you can always reach
out to them on Twitter (pretty much any serious journalist or blogger working today will have a
Twitter account.), let them know you have some cool information about something they
mentioned in a previous article, or a tip about the topic they cover, and ask what’s the best
email address to send it to.
The two articles below have some more great tips on finding anyone’s email, including
reporters and bloggers you want to reach out to:
If you’d like to save a lot of time, there’s a paid tool called Buzzstream that automates a lot of
the process of getting emails and sending them out. At the time of this writing, Buzzstream
also has a 14day
free trial.
If you sign up with Buzzstream, simply load up the website url links from the Google
spreadsheet you created earlier with the scraper or from Google News. Run Buzzstream and
it will generate a list containing the website url, social media accounts and email addresses
for each of those sites. You can then paste your story idea pitch into an email, personalize it
and send it out to your blogger/reporter list using Buzzstream’s BuzzBar option (Obviously
you can still do all this stuff manually if you choose not to use Buzzstream).
Once you start sending out emails, you should start getting responses back anywhere from
within a few hours to 23
days, depending on the site. I can’t really give you a template here,
because the exact process will differ somewhat depending on the publication and the type of
story you’re pitching them. But generally if they’re interested, they’ll request more information
about your business, or ask you to send over the tips you wanted to share if you were pitching
them on an informational article, etc. You want to just keep the communication open and
remember to make their job as easy as possible, which will make them more likely to run the
story. Most of all, make sure your website has a landing page where you offer something for
free in exchange for people’s email address, so that when people do read news articles about
you, and they come visit your website, they’ll have a reason to subscribe and get on your
email list.
A great thing about your business or product getting media coverage is that coverage tends to
beget coverage, meaning that once blogs or news sites start writing about you, it will make it
easier in the future to get coverage from even bigger and more established news sites, local
and even national TV news and radio.
In fact, once a smaller blog runs a story about your business or product, the very next thing
you should do is send an email including a link to that story to reporters at larger publications
who cover that topic and pitch it as the basis for a related story, repeating the process so that
you get even more coverage. Social proof goes a long way with the media, and reporters will
be much more likely to write about you if they see other people are already talking about you,
because it gives you more credibility. This is how you can go from getting blog posts written
about you on small, local blogs to getting coverage in larger national media outlets.
So what should you do with the surge of traffic you get from all this media coverage?
The best thing to do is to set up a landing page on your website where you offer a free report,
video or newsletter that’s related to the topic of the article. Using the small business marketing
consulting example, you could build on an article about how small businesses can use
Facebook to get more Christmas shoppers into their stores by offering a free Cheat Sheet
with even more tips, such as how to create great Facebook ads, how to get customers to
spend more money once they’re in the store, or how to turn those Christmas shoppers into
repeat customers who keep buying for years to come. Whatever you do, you want to be
building a list, because that’s where you’ll make your real money.
I can’t cover list building in full in the pages of a short WSO like this one, but if you’re
interested in learning about that topic, I recommend picking up a copy of Chris Rempel’s
Rapid List Profit Formula, which teaches you how to build an email list of subscribers and get
them to buy from you again and again.
You now have in your hands information that you can use to generate a flood of traffic any
time you want. If you follow the steps in this report, within days, you can contact dozens or
hundreds of journalists and popular bloggers who need new content to write about or report
on. By making their jobs easier, and providing them with hooks and article ideas that you’ve
already practically written for them, the odds of them covering you go up dramatically.
Getting media coverage has a huge advantage over other forms of advertising because in
addition to bringing in thousands of new visitors to your website overnight, it also makes
people see your business as more credible and can brand you as an expert in your field.
This is potentially lifechanging
information. Use it and let me know how it works for you.
To your success,
Questions/Comments/Success Stories? Send them to pitchitreport@gmail.com
Additional Resources
I’ve included below a list of extra resources that can help you get a better understanding of
how to effectively get media coverage. These are strategies that have worked for companies
as diverse as tech startups and American Apparel to get tens of thousands of and generate
millions of dollars in sales, so they can work for your business too.
(This is a great Slideshare
presentation by Ryan Holiday, author of Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media
Manipulator, who worked as marketing director for American Apparel. His campaigns using
the media helped the company generate millions of dollars in sales)
(This is another Slideshare by Ryan Holiday, where he shows you how to
influence blogs to write about you)
ours/ (This is the story of how a startup company unexpectedly got 60,000 new users in 60
hours Read
the part on “PR Hacking”)
(This is an
article by Neil Patel, of Quicksprout, on how to write great blog posts use
this as a guide for
creating quick drafts of story ideas to send to your media contacts)
(Here’s a bunch more tips on
writing articles and blog posts by Darren Rowse of Copyblogger You
don’t need to know all
this stuff to get started, though. Just follow the steps in this report and get started getting
press coverage. You can always go back and work on creating better story ideas for your
pitches later…After you’ve already gotten featured in the news :))
http://buzzsumo.com/ (This is a HUGELY useful tool for coming up with great story ideas to
pitch to the media, because it allows you to search by topic to find news articles and blog
posts and see which ones are getting shared a lot on social media, allowing you to find out
what topics are already hot within your niche. BuzzSumo offers both free and paid versions.)
(This is a list of contact information for hundreds of
news websites and bloggers, mostly in technologyrelated
Below are three additional resources with tips specifically on how to pitch the media your story

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In this course I will give you the exact site and ad layout that I use so
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Go have a look at those sites and you will see that they are basically
scouring the internet and especially Youtube and Facebook to see
what is popular at the moment.
They then take the topic or video that is hot and curate it as a new
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Creating the curated content is also very easy. I will show you how
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They then have Adsense ads, Yahoo/Bing Ads and other Ads from
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The post goes viral and the site gets lots of additional traffic and
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They also have their own Facebook Fan Pages, Pinterest and Twitter
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Your site can also have a popup which invites people to join your
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Those people then also share the content on Facebook and Twitter
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This is how you eventually grow into a media powerhouse. You can
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Ok, so after you have created your site, optimized it with ads and
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Getting traffic for these sites is extremely easy.
If you go to any of the web’s most popular sites such as Yahoo.com,
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You will see that at the end of their content they have content
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You have probably seen these before on sites you frequent. Here is
an example from a post on Yahoo.
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See where it says, from around the web? That is where you will
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The way I like to monetize the site is to have Adsense ads above,
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If you do not have an Adsense.com account, try and get one. If you
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Once your site is generating some traffic go ahead and apply for an
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Or/and you can join Yahoo/Bing ad network on www.media.net. I
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There are also other ad networks such as https://www.chitika.com/
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Then, at the bottom of your site’s content, just below the Adsense
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Every time a visitor clicks on one of the stories in the widget you get
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Once you have built up your newsletter you can also start sending
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This is very lucrative especially if you have a responsive list, which
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If you have a list of say 10k- 40k or more subscribers, there are
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your earnings, Newsletter subscribers and Facebook Fans even
Viral Adsense Cash 11
Once your site has a million or more page views per month you can
exchange the content.ad widget for the Taboola widget which pays
Once you get to this stage my friend, you are a Big Dog.
You will have the financial freedom you’ve always dreamt about
while having plenty of free time for yourself and your family. That is
what it is all about at the end of the day, for me at least.
Anyway, after the Content.ad widget I like to have the Disqus widget
as well. It is also a content recommendation widget that works well.
They also pay you for every click plus we use Disqus as our
commenting platform on the site.
Ok so that’s the strategy. Don’t worry if you feel a bit overwhelmed
at the moment, I am going to show you exactly how to do it and how
easy it really is to build one of these sites.
Decide Which Type of Site to Create
There are 3 types of sites that work well from my experience. You
can choose to emulate any one of these types of sites to quickly build
yourself a money generating machine.
Viral Adsense Cash 12
Read though them carefully and choose the type of site that you
would like to build for yourself.
1. Viral content sites.
These are sites that post funny, controversial, news or any
other types of written or video content that is designed to
trigger an emotion in people.
People share the heck out of these types of posts which is great
for the site owner.
Examples of these types of sites
are www.firsttoknow.com www.upworthy.com www.viralnova
.com and www.knoworthy.com
The site that I grew from $0to $6k per month is one of these
viral sites.
Here’s how to easily create viral content for your site.
Every day you browse through the other viral sites on the net
such as the ones listed above.
I follow them on Facebook and get their new posts on my
Viral Adsense Cash 13
I would then check what story is popular for the day which can
easily be determined by checking the number of Likes and
comments the story receives on social media.
I would then create my own post about that story.
It is important to note that you should never copy the work of
other people. Create your post about the same topic but make
the post unique.
Write it in your own words, put your own spin on it and use a
unique headline and image in your post.
That’s it. Boom! You have a hot new post on your site that has
been proven to be popular.
Another even easier way that I use to create very popular posts
is to check which videos are going viral on Youtube.
Find a video that is popular at the moment and create a new
post on your site about the video.
One example could be the video that is going viral today about
the shark attack on an Australian pro surfer here in South
Africa during the JBay Pro Surfing Event.
Mick Fanning was surfing in the final when he got attacked by a
huge great white on Live Television.
Viral Adsense Cash 14
He got knocked off his board and started punching the shark.
Luckily he got away with just a few scratches.
See the little description I just gave about the video?
You can create a new post on your site with a Catchy Headline
such as…
“Caught On Live Television – Huge Great White Attacks Pro
Then you grab the embed code of the video on Youtube and
paste it into your post.
Here’s a screenshot of how to do that in WordPress.
Viral Adsense Cash 15
Click on the share button below the video and then click on
Copy that piece of code and paste it into your WordPress post.
Make sure you paste it into the text part of your post. That is
where you can post html code.
Viral Adsense Cash 16
Then you can click back on the visual editor and write up a
description of the video.
Make the description about 300 – 400 words long.Then click
The video will then be embedded into your site for everyone to
People will watch it, share it with their friends, comment on it
and of course click on ads.
The video strategy is awesome because you can create a hot
post in about 15 minutes.
Viral Adsense Cash 17
Share it with your followers and start making money right
away. There are literally thousands of viral videos on Youtube
you can create posts about.
I suggest you mix up the video posts with longer article type
The videos work well though. That was my main strategy for
quickly growing my site to the $6K per month mark.
2. Alternative News Sites.
These sites publish up to date news that you will not find on
the main stream media sites.
The demand for these sites are exploding as more and more
people realize that it is important to get both sides of a story
and that most of the main stream media is completely biased
towards pushing the agenda of their owners.
Here are some examples of very successful Alt News
Sites… www.zerohedge.com www.infowars.com www.trueacti
To create content for these types of sites you just do the same
thing again.
Viral Adsense Cash 18
See what’s hot on other sites and also on Youtube and create
your own unique posts.
Aim for at least one a day. It will take you 20 minutes to an
hour to do.
3. General Information and Numbered List Sites
These sites would publish general information that the vast
majority of people are interested in such as life hacks,
relationship advice, travel tips, numbered lists etc.
Example sites are www.listverse.com and www.toptenz.net
Numbered list type sites works really well and all they do is
publish content such as..
– Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands Of The World
– Top 10 Richest People You Have Never Heard Of
– Top 10 Most Popular Hair Styles of 2015
– Top 10 Best Beaches In Thailand
– Etc.
People love reading these Top 10 types of posts especially if
you add nice pictures in there.
Viral Adsense Cash 19
People read the posts share them and click on the ads.
That’s a winning combination for the site owner.
All you have to do is create 1 new top 10 post per day and
share it with your followers on social media and on other
traffic platforms.
You can create the content yourself or you can outsource it to a
professional writer for around $10 to $30 each.
Lately I have seen a couple of these top 10 sites sell for big
money. They work well.
How To Build Your Site
Now that you’ve decided which type of viral site you want to build it
is time for me to show you how to build the site and how to
monetize the site.
I am going to give you the exact ad layout I use on my site.
From Lots of Testing I have come up with a layout that works well.
I use WordPress to build all my sites.
Viral Adsense Cash 20
Wordpress is super easy to use and you do not need to be a techy at
all to learn it.
The whole system is template based and very straight forward.
I have added 22 WordPress Tutorial videos as a bonus to this course
which you can go through.
The videos will show you everything from installing WordPress on
your Hosting account to making new posts etc.
I use the Thesis theme for all my sites because of it’s awesome
A lot of the really big authority sites you see on the net are built on
the thesis theme.
The code is really clean, the design is great and the search engines
love sites built on Thesis.
There are also a lot of really talented designers that can design you a
beautiful site based on Thesis.
I just used one of the out of the box skins to build my viral site on.
No need to hire a designer.
Viral Adsense Cash 21
All I had to do was upload my logo to the site and it was done.
Another awesome theme that a lot of these viral sites are using is
from Studio Press.
Go have a look at their awesome themes as well.
If you do not want to spend the money on Thesis, that is fine as well.
There are plenty of free themes on the net that you can use to get
your site going.
Then once you made some money you can use the profits to upgrade
your theme to the Rolls Royce of WordPress themes.
For hosting I use Hostgator. You can get the most inexpensive
account to start with.
Once your site grows really big you might have to upgrade your plan
but for now, the small plans are just fine.
The small plans cost around $9.99 a month which is very
The next thing you will need is a catchy domain name.
Viral Adsense Cash 22
I buy mine through www.namecheap.com and they cost around $10
per year which is also very reasonable.
Have a look at the domain names of other similar sites in your niche
and then come up with something similar.
Finally you will need a nice looking logo for your new site.
You can find lots of people that will create a nice logo for you
without charging an arm and a leg.
I use www.Fiverr.com and www.elance.com to find people to design
my logos for me.
I also use Elance to find high quality writers to write my posts for
Once you have your logo and WordPress installed on your hosting
account it is time to create your first post.
Go ahead and create your first post with a nice catchy featured
The WordPress tutorial videos will show you how to do that if you
don’t know.
Next it is time to insert your Adsense ads.
Viral Adsense Cash 23
I have created 2 plugins that will put your ads where they should be
automatically into each post.
The first Ad I put right below the menu on your site.
The ad is the 728×90 one you can grab from your Adsense account.
This way, people will immediately see an ad when they come to your
Just click on create ads and choose what size you want.
Viral Adsense Cash 24
Then copy the ad code and paste it where you want it to appear on
your site.
Some themes let you easily add the Adsense code to the top of your
site just below the menu. That way the code will automatically be
there on every page and post of the site.
On thesis it is quite complicated to do that. My employee does it for
me with the use of hooks that is built into the theme.
You can have my employee do it for you for $20. Just email us
at support@authoritysitesecrets.com
Otherwise you can just manually post the Ad code to the top of every
post. Make sure to also use the text editor when you do that.
The second ad I put just below your post like so..
Viral Adsense Cash 25
You can just manually add the code into the bottom of your posts or
you can have us add it in there for you permanently just like with
the ad code on the top of your posts.
We will include the bottom one as well for the $20.
Below the last Adsense Ad I have the Disquss Widget show more
related content from around the web.
You can grab that widget here.
Every time someone clicks on one of those related stories, you get
Below that widget l have the comments section which also runs on
Viral Adsense Cash 26
This will happen automatically when you install Disqus on your site.
It is straight forward to do just like Content.ad.
You will find that people will start discussing the content on your
site which is great because they keep coming back to your site for
the discussion each day which drives up your traffic numbers and ad
Then finally below the comments I have the content.ad related
content widget.
Every time someone clicks on one of those stories you get paid as
In the sidebar of my site I will have a large 300×250 Adsense ad on
the top like they do on this post.
See how they have the Facebook Like Widget, Recent Posts and Also
a 300×250 Adsense ad in the sidebar?
It works! Do something similar with yours.
Viral Adsense Cash 27
I put the Facebook like widget on the sidebar as well. This widget
shows how many people have liked my page and it also makes it
easy for people to like your page with just one click.
Remember, one of your big goals is to get as many Facebook
followers as possible.
This way you will get an instant surge of traffic and Ad clicks to your
new content when you share it on your Facebook page.
Below the Facebook widget I will have a list of the most recent
and/or most popular posts on the site.
This way, people can easily read more of your content.
It is also important to add Privacy, Contact Us and About us pages to
your site.
Congratulations! You now have a site that can earn you a ton of
All that’s left to do is to keep adding new content each day and
getting traffic to that content.
Traffic Getting
When it comes to traffic you have a few choices.
Viral Adsense Cash 28
You can pay for your traffic, get free traffic or do both like me.
Let’s start with Paid traffic.
I love paid traffic because it allows you to quickly get large amounts
of traffic to your site and start earning money from day 1.
I use 2 traffic networks to drive visitors to my content.
1. www.Outbrain.com
2. www.Taboola.com
Like I mentioned in the beginning of this course, Outbrain and
Taboola have their related content widgets installed on thousands of
high quality websites such as CNN, Yahoo, Seattle Times, GolfWRX
and a ton more.
I bet you have seen these widgets on a lot of sites that you frequent.
Us as advertisers can then have our content appear in those widgets
and pay a fee every time someone clicks on our content.
Since our content is awesome and interesting, people click on them
like crazy.
Viral Adsense Cash 29
I have discovered a way to pay as little as 3 cents per click for my
Make sure to upload at least 2 different titles for your article and
make the titles as catchy as possible.
Do the same thing with the image. Upload at least 2 catchy images
for your article.
You can do this from within Outbrain’s interface. I also suggest you
watch their training videos on how to do these things in your
Now, start your bid at around 11 – 14 cents per click and run it for a
few hours to a day.
Set your daily budget to $10.
After you’ve reached your daily budget, look at your ctr for your
article. If your CTR is above 0.4% then you are doing great and you
should drop your bid to $0.07.
Then run your content again for another day until you’ve spent your
$10 budget.
Viral Adsense Cash 30
If by then your ctr is still above 0.4%, go ahead and drop your bid to
$0.03 per click.
You should then be able to get 3 cent clicks for as long as you want
to that article. If not, just raise your bids a little bit until you see the
traffic coming in again.
I suggest you start with Outbrain first.
Put 5 new posts on your site and add them to Outbrain like I show
in the course.
Go to your Adsense account and add those 5 post urls to your url
When you add a url to url channels on Adsense, it will track all the
Adsense earnings for that specific post.
Viral Adsense Cash 31
This way you will know how much each of your posts is earning on
Let’s do some Math.
If you have a post promoted on Outbrain and you got 200 clicks to
that post at a cost of 3 cents each, it will cost you $6 total.
Now, if you make that $6 back or more with Adsense earnings you
are in the profit.
Because remember you still have Content.ad and Disquss Related
content ads making you money as well.
Unfortunately those platforms do not allow us to track our post
earnings individually but that is fine. Adsense is the main earner
Let me show you an example of one of my post earnings.
This was over a 2 week span.
Viral Adsense Cash 32
If you look at the first url channel you will see that it got 91,064
visitors and 10,666 clicked on an ad which resulted in me earning
$3,140 on that post.
I paid 3 cents per visitor from Outbrain and Taboola at a cost of
That left me with a profit of $409.00 from Adsense alone.
This is awesome because remember I am also earning from
Content.ad and Disquss.
Content.ad earns much better so let’s have a look at the average
earnings for the site during the same 2 week span.
Viral Adsense Cash 33
As you can see on Average 7.16% of people who visit my site clicks
on a Content.ad story which earns me $0.11 per click.
So, from my first post we can say that 7.16% of the 91,064 people
clicked on Content.ad which is 6,370 clicks and earned me 11 cents
each for a total of $700.00
I made $400.00 profit on Adsense and $700.00 on Content.ad plus a
little bit on disquss for a total of around $1,100.00
That’s not bad for a post that took me 20 minutes to create and
another 20 minutes to add to Outbrain and Taboola.
Now, I have a lot of other posts running as well.
Viral Adsense Cash 34
Lots of them are also profitable and some of them aren’t.
If a post is not profitable then you just pause it on Outbrain.
If you find a winner then you immediately add it to Taboola as well
to get as much traffic as you can.
You only need a handful of posts to be winners in order to make
great money with this method.
Set your initial budget to around $5 or $10 per day just to test until
you find a winner.
Then up your budget and turn the traffic loose.
Btw, that post I just showed you was a simple post I made by
embedding a popular Youtube video and writing a 300 word
I hope a lightbulb just went off in your head.
Can you see how easy and profitable this can be? It’s all got to do
with some basic math.
Viral Adsense Cash 35
This is exactly how I grew my site to $6K profit per month within 3
I tell ya, I love paid traffic because I am in control and it is an instant
thing. You add your content to Outbrain and Taboola and turn the
campaign on.
Within hours you see floods of traffic coming to your site.
It is awesome!
Free Traffic
If you do not want to spend money on traffic, that is fine as well.
You can totally grow your site by just using social media sites to
promote your content.
This is something I am also actively doing while my paid campaigns
are running.
Create a nice Facebook page for your site and also a twitter account.
Start following the other sites in your niche and befriend their
Viral Adsense Cash 36
Comment on their Facebook pages and follow their fans on Twitter.
Lots of them will start to follow you back and also like your fan page.
Do not go out there and post links to your stuff on other pages.
That comes across as being spammy and it will get you blocked
Leave insightful comments on their pages and become part of the
People will start to take notice of you and like your fan page or
follow you on twitter.
Then they will start seeing the content you post on your Fan page
and Twitter page.
If you post good content with catchy headlines like I showed you
then the people will click on to your site and start sharing your
Before you know it you will start seeing traffic and earnings coming
in. Then as you go on it will start to snowball and get better and
better all the time as more and more people start following your
Google will also start sending you traffic once it sees that a lot of
people are liking and sharing your content.
Viral Adsense Cash 37
They will rank your pages for a lot of related searches on Google
which will result in a lot of good free traffic over time.
The thing with free traffic is that it will take some time.
You have to be prepared to stick with it and be consistent for a while
until you start developing a following and then you will start seeing
There you have it.
Create one of these sites and stick with it for a few months to see
how your financial life changes.
I hope you enjoyed this course as much as I enjoyed making it for
Talk soon,
Jan Roos
Viral Adsense Cash 38
Viral Adsense Cash 39

My AutoPilot Business System

My AutoPilot Business System
]That I Use To
Generate Massive
By Jason Richardson
● Introduction/ForewordWho
am I?
● This WSOThe
Key to Running Your Business on
Autopilot 24/7
● The Business Model
● How the internet works
● How my system works
● Process for going from 0 to 1 million in 12 months
● What is the most important question you need to ask
yourself daily?
● Proven ways to scale your business
● Bottlenecks
● Ways to optimize your time
● Hiring your first employee
● Structuring your business for success
● Key pointsPutting
it all together and creating that business
you’ve always dreamed of.
My name is Jason Richardson and anyone who knows me, is
aware of my passion, business. I am passionate about sharing
ideas which have helped me and countless others along the route
of business success.
It has been my observation that people search for success and
money through the same lens by which they see life. If your lens
is in focus on the correct means of getting that success, sooner
or later you will get there. However, that oftentime is not the
case. Many lenses are focused on the goal and not the means to
get to that particular goal.
After deciding during my law degree that conventional job types
and myself were a mismatch, I stumbled upon the world of
virtual business. I had a mental coup d’etat; and although I saw
my degree through to its end, my mind was now fully occupied
by internet basedbusiness.
However, as with anything new, I had to learn the ropes and
started off putting in painstakingly long hours with little to no
tangible success. I jumped from niche to niche with the hopes
that the newest one would offer me my long awaited
breakthrough. Now, sitting here a few years later, did I hit
success? Some would say yes, of course. I generated over two
hundred thousand (200K) in revenue after having started with
nothing to invest (the budget of a university student).
Noteworthy, is the fact that between December and February of
this year alone I systematically generated $108,533. I would like
to share with you the key elements which I had to put in place in
order to get me there. The same key elements which have helped
numerous, if not all, multi millionaires and billionaires to get to
their positions today and throughout history.
The Key to running your business on autopilot, online 24/7
You need systems, teams and processes to run a business. You
need to understand what your time is worth. Understand that
some activities are more productive than others. Therefore
which ones do you focus on. Which ones bring the biggest
return. You need to think like an investor; looking for low risk
opportunities and building businesses that bring repeatable
In this WSO. I am going to show you how the above can be
done. So you can free up your time, spend more time doing what
you want and build an autopilot income.
The Business Model
I’m going to teach you step by step the system I use to generate
passive income online. It is a very simple concept and no client
or customer of mine has information overload. They have sheer
laser focus.
So what business model do I use myself?
If you want a business that is scalable, automated and leverages
the skills and time of others, you need systems. They are the best
way to scale with minimal work.
I call my systemDOING
The number one reason why most people fail is because they do
not get any profitable actions done. They focus on the wrong
aspects of the business. The parts which generate no income.
They worry about traffic, creating perfect products, not enough
time, rather than just creating the product and the sales letters.
How The Internet Works
What do people browse the internet for?
The entire internet is simply people wanting stuff. Any
successful online business fulfils some need that people search
the internet to solve.
Therefore, your job is to provide that what people want. I would
actually take that one step further to say that your job is to
provide what people want online without lifting a finger: i.e., via
the use of a system.
Follow a system that already works.
Everything in life is simply a system. The more efficient the
system, the more effective the outcome.
Think about this for a second, what is the first fast food chain
that you can think of?
Does their menu change on a daily basis?
Let us take KFC as an example. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Where
would they be without a system? Imagine if you walked into
KFC today and they sold pizzas. Then tomorrow you returned
and their menu was Italian food? Would they be any bit as
successful as they are today? No!
They must implement a system made up of processes that any
new employee, any new manager, any existing customer can be
used to. Without a proven system, how can they implement the
same system in every KFC outlet?
Online business is no different. Your internet business is no
different. You need to implement a system which has already
been proven and which will guarantee that it can be replicated
where necessary. For example, a coupons website which has a
proven system to providing customers who come online in
search of products, a means of accessing coupons daily.
The internet is a chance for everyone to make money online. An
unlimited pool of wealth waiting to be deposited into your bank
account. The key is to unlocking that specific system which will
generate the income you want.
How my System Works
These are the stages to creating a business that runs on
1. Create a system that leads to/ results in creating products
2. Create a system that leads/ to results in marketing products.
However, before this you need to understand four specific
Your Market; Your Marketing Strategy/ Components; Your
System, The Team.
Key questions you need to answer.
1. What is the Market you want to dominate and who do you
want to serve?
2. What are the ads, sales letters, landers, offers you are going
to use to convert them into buyers?
3. What is your daily systems procedure that you follow to get
your daily desired outcomes?
4. Who are the people you need to hire to follow these
systems so you can hit your desired outcomes (products,
marketing), daily.
In the end you want to set up everything so it can run without
your input.
Process for going from 0 to 1 million in less than 12 months
1. Location: One proven location where you can place your ad
2. Offer: Make sure there is a market for your product by
assessing what is trending in the market
3. Price: identify the most competitive price for those
products in market
4. Copy: create the sales copy (ads/sales letters) to convert the
people in the market into your customers.
Let me give you an example:
If you have identified the information product niche as your
The location which best suits your market is the warrior forum.
In order to know whats the best selling products you can go
here: h ttps://www.jvzoo.com/products/topsellers,
h ttps://warriorplus.com/wso/ and
https://payments.warriorforum.com/marketplace .
By looking above, you can see what people want and are
buying. At least you know there is a market for your product.
Categories of offers that are profitable include offline business,
adsense, clickbank and Facebook traffic.
With all of these in place, you have followed a proven system
that will lead to you creating products that people want, and you
can sell to them where they are located.
Now each of the above processes has specific steps you can
1. Identify the competitors in you market. Then
you can go to Alexa.com as an example and
under referrals it will tell you where they are
getting their traffic from.
2. Record traffic sources in excel spreadsheets
and see if each traffic source has a place you
can advertise or sell your product.
1. Identify the best selling products
2. Improve them (if you have experience in
that market) add
your own angle
3. Brainstorm a few product ideas
4. Create a simple PDF to get started. (within
24 hours) the
quicker you get feedback, the
quicker you can improve and sell. (Ebook
1. Identify what the going price is for similar products and
make it the same. As it has already been proven that this is
the most attractive price point.
COPY; This process is a bit more complex and will be discussed
What is the most important question you need to ask
yourself daily
How can I generate more sales?
Thats it! You need to be thinking, what can I do to generate a lot
more sales.
Some examples of people following this process:
8 million door
to door selling organic fruit boxes (product organic
fruits 80%
of time selling)
took 6 months to perfect selling strategy.. One
product one
channel (door to door) selling
= keep it simple. (Abel & Cole)
or one mailing list and one product cheap
perfume 12
to 1 million
The key here is that he worked on his selling strategy and spent
most time writing ads and sending out.
or advertising company call
up companies that match criteria
or need help with advertising (most of time calling and speaking
to companies) and sell (80% of time)
Another interesting way of looking at it is this:
One Offer + One Channel that
can scale to 1 million
So for example One proven Offer on One proven traffic source
can get you to 1 million in sales.
e.g ONE warrior forum offer wso selling
in the WSO section.
Or ask yourself: W hat is the one most profitable thing I can do
now that will lead to the biggest results.
Some tasks that lead to massive results
e.g Write a sales letter
create a product
write an ad
hire a person to follow a proven process
All the above are assets once done will continue to make you
money without you.
Other questions:
How sales are doing? What new products can we launch? What
is our main advertising campaign (that is generating the most
Proven ways to scale your business
There are three ways to scale your company:
1. sell to more customers
2. higher prices
3. increase frequency of sales.
Other proven ways:
1. Identfiy new profit channels (Alexa.com choose
biggest channel of your competitor)
2. Expand profits exponentially.(analyzing, measuring,
identifying and
then replacing underperforming
parts of
your business including things such as selling, marketing,
advertising, or operations with alternatives that perform
better). e.g You could have an ad running but because you
have the wrong headline it underperforms by as much as 20
or 30 times. So the first thing you change is the headline.
Everything can be tested; for example One price point can
pull a 3, 10, even a 15 times difference. That’s how you get
a 3,000 or 5,000 percent increase.
3. Do any one of these processes and you can grow in a linear
manner. Do any combination of the three and you grow
exponentially. You either increase the number of
customers, increase the unit of sale, or increase the amount
of times a customer will buy from you.
I believe that there is always ONE thing holding anyone back
from achieving their goals.
You need to ask yourself → WHAT IS THE ONE THING
Most times the answer lies in sales generation.
So the second question would be:
What is your sales process?
Don’t have one? Well lets create one now.
Specific steps to convert warriorforum customers into buyers.
1. research top sales letters (WSO’s)
2. take all of that information (benefits, structure) and use for
the bases when creating your own sales letter
3. write a sales letter that has these components
● Headline
● Opening
● Bullets
● Testimonies
● Guarantee
● Offer
● How To Order
4. Submit WSO.
Now you can break down each part of the sales process and
identify any parts that are underperforming.
OK, go through the process. How many signups? How many of
those converted? Then, rather than give up, realize there’s only a
few basic steps here. So test each one and try to optimize each
one. As you optimized each one you will eventually get the
formula right. That is a huge insight. IF YOU DO NOT DO
This is the mindset you have to have: w hen I started my
company, there were other companies already doing similar
things. I just did it better. No excuses.
Remember, your first objective in business is to get the first sale.
Only then do you know that there is a market for your product
and you can get feedback to improve it.
Ways to optimize your time
This is a method you can use to go FROM 1K A DAY TO 5K,
10k A DAY.
I set a goal:
Long Term Goal: e.g Get Affiliate Offer to 10k a day revenue
by a specific date.
Specific Short Term Goal: Identify one proven method to that
can be scaled to 10k a day revenue.
Fill in the blanks:
Keeping in mind my long term goal, I chose to concentrate on
ONE short term goal………
These are the things i must do to accomplish it, and the time
limit for each step:
This allows you to focus on finding that ONE THING that could
get your marketing, business or life to the next level.
Everything in life is ONE Big system. You need to focus on
finding the system to get the results you want.
Next, you want to start with targeting buyers probably
the key
to the whole system since without them you do not have a
What is the ONE most effective way to get buyers?
These people are in your market, they buy similar products and
many times you can target their fans (facebook).
This is what sets apart failure from success. If you implement
these processes, you increase your chances of success.
Another method I use is to w hen trying to identify your ideal
customer profile (e.g your profitable customer) is to record what
criteria your most profitable customer has. For example a re they
dentists, number of customers, or age etc.
Make Every Action Count. DON’T WASTE TIME!
Then you want to create highly profitable ads/landers. You do
that by studying what ads are working now and then using
specific tactics to make the ads convert even better.
● add something new to headline
● add a specific benefit to headline (like make $270 dollars in
an hour)
● add a new benefit to the headline
● change the call to action.
= Profitable process that leads to you hitting your goal.
This is the most import part of online marketing and there is far
too much to learn to put into this course.
The components of a sales letter are as follows:
● Headline Copy
proven headlines make
them better
● Opening a
story about you or the someone overcoming
the problem faced by your customer.
● Bullets the
biggest benefits to the customer (e.g save $400
dollars each year on gas now)
● Testimonies satisfied
● Guarantee e.
g double your money back, no questions
asked refund
● Offer what
are you offering? A service, a product and
how can it help the customer.
● How To Order This
is where you tell the customer what
they are ordering and how they can complete the purchase..
The components of an ad are as follows:
● Headline This
should be your biggest, most effective
● Subheadline More
benefits and a little bit about your
● Call to action Telling
the customer to click here, join now.
A command to get an action.
● Image what
is going to attract and convert my customers?
This is the process for most ads and sales letters. There is more.
But if it is structured like above you are starting in the right way.
Hiring your first employee
There are many sites you can use. By far my two favourites are
odesk.com and onlinejobs.ph. (If you are on a budget you can
hire someone on online jobs for 3 dollars an hour but you have
to pay a signup fee 1st).
Now when you hire an employee you have a proven process for
them to follow. You can even create a process for hiring new
employees. For example:
1) Go to onlinejobs.ph
2) search for someone who has marketing skills
3) contact them through the site which forwards an email
4) ask them specific interview questions
5) if you have an employee doing this process, let them
forward the successful interviewees for a final interview
with you.
You are looking for hard working employees who are eager to
So the end result is a business that works without you on
autopilot 24/7.
The job of your business is to create financial freedom for you
so if you choose to you don’t have to work. And you do this by;
A business system is leverage that removes the key constraint of
everything relying on YOU.
Remember, it’s not hard to create a system, but the key is
creating a profitable system that works without you: The steps
are simple.
Do the proven things that will make you predictable profit. As a
result, you won’t have to do the work yourself and your time can
once again be your own.
My Facebook process I used to get to 2k a day within 30 days.
● Identify proven ads and budget
● Identify proven interests and ages
● Identify best time to submit ad
● Identify best time to increase budget of ad
Best time to submit ad is 5.am
Budget 10 dollars
If ads hit CPA objective (eg 100% roi) increase the budget at
7.40 am (Pacific time) to 200 dollars.
This is a proven process and has lead to 1k days.
Another Facebook Profitable Process
● step 1identify
proven (longest running) ad in prospective
niche (manually research or spytool)
● step 2identify
competitors (fan pages of company running
● step 3 set
up 10 dollar ad targeting the fans of these
competing companies
● step 4 increase
the budget if leads objective is met.
2k a day fb identify
new proven age each day to target
(variation of what works)
This is how I break down my day.
A activities (most time is
spent here)
Super profitable time
creating sales letters/ads
B activities (also productive,
but not in top 1%)
creating the offer
C activities (1. write systems
for all these tasks 2. hire
others to do.)
creating landing pages
hiring employees
D activities Any tech work
replying to emails
● reading emails
● studying without using it in your business
● checking facebook.
I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.

Fiverr Madness

100 Fiverr Gigs You Can Start Selling NOW!

Let’s Start …

Fiverr allows for 20 gigs per account, and a lot of users only create 2-3 gigs total! To best optimize your earnings potential on Fiverr, I’d recommend using up all 20 gigs. This tutorial will help you find other gigs you can easily sell on Fiverr, many of which only require a few tools on the internet and little skill.


This is gonna be short and sweet.




Creating fiverr account is rather simple, so I’ll just skip it. Let’s head directly to the list of things you can sell. You’ll find different sections.

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Writing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Creative
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Digital Products/Downloads
  • Misc


Graphic Design


Graphic Design Gigs (Click to Hide)

  1. 3D Book MockupThere are a lot of authors on Fiverr looking for things like e-book covers and even mockups for their books. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or Photoshop whiz to be able to create a great looking 3D book mockup. You can find a lot of templates on Graphic River but you have to be careful with their usage and licenses. There are also free templates on the internet if you search for them.2. T-Shirt MockupA lot of people want to see their logos/designs on t-shirts and you can easily whip up a mockup using a template. You can buy a t-shirt mockup template from Graphic River or find a free one on the internet with a Google search.3. Product/Packaging Mockup 

    Business owners and software developers come to Fiverr looking for mockups for their product and packaging. You can find paid packaging and box mockups on Graphic River but again, there are free alternatives on the internet if you search for them.

    4. Website Mockup

    There are templates on the internet that can mockup a website by displaying it on a laptop or computer screen. This is useful for webdesigners who want to show their clients their design and how it would look on a computer. Graphic River has these kinds of mockups but again, be sure to see licenses regarding usage.

    5. App Mockup

    Many app developers like to include mockups of their apps shown on a tablet or smart phone for the screenshots on their website or on the app’s listing itself in the Google Play store or Itunes App store. Graphic River has some excellent mockup templates but again you can find some free if you search for them.

    6. CD/Album Cover Mockup

    Musicians, rappers and DJs are another great demographic of buyers to create gigs for. You can quickly and easily create a 3D mockup of their album cover and cd case using a template from Graphic River or one you find for free online.

    7. Logo Design

    Logo design is one of the most in-demand gigs on Fiverr, if not the most indemand right now. You don’t have to be a graphic designer or even own any graphic design software to create logos either. Use a free website like LogoYes to create logos for buyers on Fiverr.

    8. App Icon

    App developers that don’t have any graphic design skills look to Fiverr to outsource their app icons. There are a lot of ways you can go about creating one, including generators online, but the best way is to find a template and use it.

    9. FB Timeline Cover Photos

    This is a surprisingly in-demand gig and it is very easy to do. There are a lot of free tools you can use to generate a great looking timeline photo. Cover Junction, Timeline Cover Banner, Pic Scatter, and FaceitPages will all do the job.

    10. Ad Banners

    Look for free templates online that are the most common dimensions for ads and use those to create simple ads for your buyers.

    11. Favicons

    You can create one from scratch or ask your buyer to send you a logo/image that you will then convert to a favicon for them with a free converter.

    12. Word Cloud Image

    A new trend for a lot of blogs and websites is to display create Word Clouds for their website for either the most popular/common words used on their website or just words they wish to include in the Word Cloud. There are a lot of free tools online, like this one, that can do it for you.

    13. Photo Touchup/Red Eye Removal

    If you’re skilled or experienced with Photoshop, retouching is a highly sought after gig, especially for something such as red eye correction which can easily be corrected in Photoshop or even with a free online tool.

    14. Simpsons/South Park Character

    Another easy to make yet surprisingly popular gig is to take someone’s photo and creating a Simpsons or South Park character based on how the buyer looks. Using this Simpsons character creator or this South Park character creator, you can complete an order in 10 minutes.

    15. Edit Photos/Graphics

    Simple graphic design jobs like saving images in different formats, changing the color of objects, and deleting the background from images are all quick jobs you could charge $5 for on Fiverr.

    16. Turn Photos Into Digital Paintings

    Quickly and easily turn someone’s photo into a digital painting with either Photoshop (lots of tutorials online) or with a free tool.

    17. Turn Image Into ASCII Art

    Turn someone’s photo to an ASCII art in seconds with text-image.com.

    18. Turn Image Into Mosaic

    Turn someone’s photo or art into a mosaic with click7.org.


Web Design


  1. Design a website

Using Photoshop you can recreate existing PSD Website templates.


  1. Code a websiteIf you have knowledge in programming, than this is your gig! If not, there are hundreads of tutorials briefly explaining how to learn to code in less than a month!


  1. Design a website + code itSet the starting price for this gig at $20.










  1. Write/Spin ArticlesThis is very much in-demand. You can choose to either write the articles from scratch (recommend 100 words per $5) or spin them with WordAi (recommend 500 words per $5). Spinning essentially involves finding an articles from a site like EzineArticles.com related to the niche your buyer wants, then using a spinner or rewriter like WordAi to rewrite the article for you so it passes all plagiarism checkers and duplicate content checkers.23. Edit ArticlesIf you have the patience to proofread and edit people’s work, you can use advanced editing software like Grammarly to edit 1000 words in 10 minutes.24. Book Reviews

    Kindle book reviews on Fiverr are really big right now. Be sure to offer a verified review (a review where you actually purchase their book and then review it) and in your gig extras, allow buyers to cover the cost of their book if it’s not free.

    25. App Reviews

    App reviews are big on Fiverr, especially for the Android. If you have an iPhone but not an Android device, I would recommend downloading the Android emulator BlueStacks to leave Android app reviews. Remember to include gig extras or encourage multiples to cover the cost of paid apps.

    26. Listing/Directory Reviews

    A lot of businesses have listings on sites like TripAdvisor, Google Places, and FourSquare with no reviews and often times to come to Fiverr looking for someone to leave a review. This is an easy copy and paste gig.

    27. Press Release Writing/Press Release Submission 

    Google “Press release template” and use that for this kind of gig. You could also submit the buyer’s press release as a gig extra or a separate gig altogether. Here’s a good list of sites to distribute to that are free.

    28. Write Sales Copy/Headlines/Taglines

    If you’re great at writing sales copy (or even decent at it) this is great, short work.

    29. Comments On Blogs/Videos/Social Media

    Leave comments on people’s blogs, YouTube videos or even Instagram photos. Works better if you use multiple accounts and use proxies. For cheap proxies, I like to use BuyProxies.org.

    30. Indiegogo Campaign

    Contribute $1 to Fiverr user’s Indiegogo campaigns, share campaign on Facebook and leave a comment for $5 on Fiverr.

    31. Transcribe Audio/Video

    Transcribe 30 seconds of audio for $5. This is a really great gig that can make you a nice hourly rate, especially if you’re a good typer.

    32. Write “About Us” Page

    There are a lot of templates you if you search on Google for “About us templates” that you can use to write up great About Us pages for company websites that require it.

    33. Write “Terms And Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”

    Search for Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policies “generator” or “template” to quickly whip up these highly sought after pages for companies and web designers.

    34. Write Resume Or Cover Letter

    Ask your buyer what kind of job they are applying for and ask for their work experience and education and insert that into a resume or cover letter template for the kind of job or industry they’re applying for.

    35. Critique Resume

    You don’t have to be a job expert or a recruiter, you can quickly critique a 1 or 2 page resume for $5.

    36. Translation Services

    If you are a bi-lingual this is a great in-demand gig. You could even use a free translator and correct the translation so that it is correct. I would recommend 50 words for $5.

    37. Article Submission

    You can manually submit articles as either a gig extra or separate gig for your buyers.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


  1. Keyword AnalysisUse a keyword analysis tool like Ultimate Niche Finder to create excel reports for buyers showing keyword competition. You can also use Google’s Keyword Planner tool.39. Domain ResearchCreate a gig where you will do domain research for a company and create a report showing which domains are available for their brand/niche that would work best. I like to use Who.Is.40. Niche Research

    Perform niche research or supply buyers with a niche that has a good average monthly search on Google and a high CPM for advertisers, meaning it’s a great niche to build a website for and place Adsense ads on. Ultimate Niche Finder is a great tool for this.

    41. Backlinks

    Find backlink packages for $1 on SEO Clerks and resell them on Fiverr for $5.

    42. Send Traffic To Website

    Find traffic services for $1 on SEO Clerks and resell them on Fiverr for $5.

    43. Submit Businesses To Listings

    A lot of small and local businesses don’t have listings on websites like Yellow Pages and Google Places. Create them for them for $5.


Social Media


  1. Tweet Messages To FollowersIf you have a lot of Twitter followers or create an account and buy a lot of Twitter followers for it, you can sell Twitter messages/ads to your followers for $5.45. Social SignalsBuy social signals to a website such as Facebook shares and Google pluses from SEO Clerks and resell them on Fiverr for $5.46. Twitter Followers

    Twitter followers are highly in-demand. There are a lot of $1 gigs on SEO Clerks that you can resell for $5 on Fiverr.

    47. Facebook Likes

    Resell Facebook page and post likes on Fiverr from SEO Clerks.

    48. YouTube Views/Likes/Subs

    SEO Clerks is a great place to resell YouTube services from. YouTube views are highly in-demand, especially high retention ones.

    49. Vine Followers/Revines

    Vine services are still new and not highly in-demand as other social media sites, but as Vine grows, so will the demand for these gigs. SEO Clerks has a few $1 gigs to resell.

    50. Instagram Likes/Followers

    Instagram is very much in-demand, especially Instagram likes. Resell $1 SEO Clerks Instagram gigs for $5 on Fiverr.

    51. Pinterest Followers/Repins

    Again, SEO Clerks is a great place to resell from on Fiverr.

    52. Create Facebook Fanpage/Page For Business

    You’d be surprised how many business owners don’t know how to even create a Facebook page for their own business. This is a great easy business.

    53. Setup Social Media, Create YouTube Channel

    Better yet, you can have a package where you create pages on all major media services for the buyer’s small business on sites like YouTube and Twitter either as a gig extra or separate gig.

    54. Manage Social Media

    Create a gig where you will manage a company’s website for a day.

    55. Share Links/Promos To Twitter/Facebook

    Share a link to a company website to all your Facebook friends and all your social media profiles.

    56. Create And Sell Accounts

    You can create accounts for social media websites and sell them on Fiverr. You may need to use proxies and create email addresses for each account. You may need to phone verify accounts as well.




Video Gigs (Click to Hide)

  1. Video Testimonials/Spokesperson/ReviewThis is very much in-demand and very easy to do. I highly recommend this gig for newbies on Fiverr to start making some money.58. Product TestimonialsAsk for your buyer to mail you a physical product, or record yourself using a virtual one, such as an app, website or game. The idea is to record yourself using the product while providing a testimonial.59. 5-Minute Video Critiques

    Instead of writing a critique for something like a website, product or app, why not record yourself offering one? It’s much more personalized and it is unique.

    60. Whiteboard Animations

    This is very easy to do and very much in-demand. Go to Sparkol, sign up for a trial and learn the software in only minutes. It’s very easy to use and great for creating brilliant animations. I would recommend $5 for 10 seconds of animation.

    61. Edit Video/Add Music/Graphics

    If you have Windows Movie Maker, you could do easy video edits for $5 such as adding music to videos, adding a watermark, etc. You could also use premium software for more options such as Camtasia.

    62. Convert Audio/Video Files To Other Formats

    There are a lot of free converters online but you’d be surprised how many people pay for a service like this. You can convert .AVI to .MP3, or even a YouTube video into an MP3.



  1. VoiceoversYou don’t need to be a professional to do this. You could offer 30 seconds of a voiceover for $5.64. Use Pets For Videos/PicturesIf you have a pet, you can use them in creative ways for things like signs, videos, photos, etc. and buyers and Fiverr love stuff like this.65. Take Picture Holding Sign/Message/Logo

    This is not as in-demand as video testimonials, but it is still a gig worth trying out if you do video testimonials as well.

    66. Logo Advertising On Body/Hand/Car/Creative Way

    Fiverr loves this stuff and there is a demand for it if you are creative enough. There are a lot of successful sellers that offer something like this. Basically you can either paint the logo onto yourself, draw it on yourself, digitally put it on yourself or put the buyers logo on other things such as a car or wall.

    67. Spell Out Name/Logo In Rice/Alphabet Soup/Other

    This is an easy gig and Fiverr loves gigs like this and they often feature them. It just requires for you to spell out the buyer’s name or logo in a creative way and taking a photo of it. For example, spelling out the buyer’s name or logo in rice.

    68. Sing Happy Birthday

    You definitely don’t have to be a good singer to offer this. You could have a terrible singing voice, it might even help you sell more. If you get creative with it and wear a costume on video, you will have more success.

    69. Help Brainstorm Company Names/Slogans

    If you consider yourself a creative person, many people come to Fiverr looking for creative help. You could offer 20 company names or slogans for $5. The potential for different kinds of gig extras are limitless here as well.


Virtual Assistant


  1. Give AdviceWhat do you do for a living or have a passion in? You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in anything to charge people $5 for advice. Are you good with cars? You could give people car advice. Are you good at dating or relationships? You can offer people relationship or online dating advice.71. Do ResearchThere are many users who come on Fiverr looking to outsource research work before writing a book or putting together a project. If you’re really good at using Google, then you could easily do this. You can claim $5 for 30 minutes of research, but it won’t have to take you that long to research a topic.72. Research Amazon Keywords/Niches For Writers On Kindle

    There is software that will allow you to find what keywords and niches are indemand. A lot of Kindle authors, many of whom use Fiverr, would kill for this kind of information. Kindle Samurai is amazing for this. It allows you to easily research a niche or keyword for sellers then export it to an Excel file to upload it to your buyer. 5 minutes of work for $4? I’ll take it!

    73. Teach Lessons/Language

    If you are bilingual or know other languages besides English, you could offer short lessons on Fiverr for $5 over Skype. This also has the potential to allow for some nice expensive gig extras.

    74. Test/Do QA For Apps/Software

    A lot of developers need users to test their apps and software to find bugs and provide feedback. So much so, that they are willing to pay for it.

    75. Virtual/Remote Computer Repair/Cleaning Service

    You can use software like TeamViewer or LogMeIn to remotely access a buyer’s computer and quickly install software like CCleaner and do some registry cleaning. If they’re having errors, and you are good at diagnosing and solving problems (a quick Google search solves most PC errors) this would be a good gig for you that you can charge a lot for in gig extras.

    76. Virtual/Remote Virus/Malware Removal

    This is the same idea, using a remote access software like TeamViewer or LogMeIn and instead, repairing a buyer’s computer from viruses and malware using software like MalwareBytes. Again, nothing a quick Google search can’t fix yet most people are willing to pay for it.

    77. Post Ads To Craigslist/Kijiji

    Yup, people pay for this and it’s more in-demand than you might think. A lot of business owners want users to post Craigslist ads across many different locations, you could do this yourself easily for $5.

    78. Submit Free Ebooks Promo To Websites

    A lot of Kindle authors will put their books free for a limited time to drive traffic and reviews to their e-book. Often, they’ll submit this promotion to many of the free ebook websites out there. Because this can become a time consuming task, you can offer to do this for the author, here’s a list of sites to submit to.


Digital Products/Downloads


  1. Graphics PackageIf you are a graphic designer you can put together a package of templates or logos that buyers can get for $5. You could also scour the internet for private label rights graphics and resell them on Fiverr.80. SoftwareSearch for PLR software on the internet or sell your own.81. Proxies Lists

    There are tons of free proxies on the internet that you could sell on Fiverr for $5. Use a tool like a proxy scraper to gather proxies into a text file and sell that to users.

    82. PLR Articles

    Download or buy PLR articles and resell them on Fiverr. You will need to sell them in large quantities per order for buyers to want to buy them.

    83. PLR Books

    This is the same idea, download or buy PLR books and sell them. You can sell these individually however and they don’t need to be bundled.

    84. Write Your Own Books

    You’ve probably never thought about using Fiverr to sell your book, right? While Kindle is a great platform, you could sell small report books in PDF format instead of uploading it to Kindle or another platform.

    85. Exercise Plans

    If you are into fitness, this is a great way to make money on Fiverr. You could also research exercise plans for say people who want to put on muscle or lose weight, create an exercise plan that is detailed and sell that on Fiverr.

    86. Diets

    There are many ways to create a meal plan online. I like Swole.me. Ask buyers for the desired caloric intake, their number of meals, what kind of foods they prefer and create a meal plan for them on Swole.me and put it into a document and upload it to them.

    87. Recipes

    There are a lot of PLR recipes out there but you could also share your own or use ones you find on the internet. Recipes themselves are free from copyright, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything sketchy.

    88. Powerpoint Templates

    If you’re good with Powerpoint, this sells very well as it’s cheaper to buy Powerpoint templates on Fiverr than anywhere else.

    89. Repair Guides/Manuals

    You can find information on how to repair and fix commonly damaged items like an iPhone or PS3 and sell that information on Fiverr for $5.

    90. Ideas For Businesses/Campaigns For Specific Niches

    You can have stock marketing plans and business plans for specific niches or niches you are interested in and sell that on Fiverr.

    91. Resume/Cover Letter Templates

    Very much in-demand, a lot of users come on Fiverr are looking for help to find work or make money. You can either create your own resume or cover letter templates or find some that you are able to resell on Fiverr.

    92. Leads

    Email lists are very popular on Fiverr, if you have your own or find ones to resell, this is a great way to make money on Fiverr as the email lists on Fiverr are cheaper than what you’d find elsewhere.

    93. Business Strategy

    You can have stock marketing plans and business plans for specific niches or niches you are interested in and sell that on Fiverr.

    94. Site Lists
    Create a list of websites/resources for specific niches and sell that on Fiverr. For example, 100 tools for your business’ social media or 100 websites for entrepreneurs. Many buyers will be glad to pay for a useful like that.

    95. Tutorials

    Write-up a tutorial, such as how to create a WordPress website or how to start publishing on Kindle and sell it on Fiverr. Any short tutorial, as long as it’s informative and teaches something can be sold on Fiverr, especially if the right information is hard to find on the internet.




  1. Critique WebsitesThere are a lot of web developers and business owners on Fiverr, so it would be a good to offer a website critique. You can critique the website through the eyes of an average visitor and offer suggestions and corrections to the design and function of the website.97. Facebook Wall Posts / Relationship StatusesThis is going to be a weird one, but it actually sells well. If you create a fake Facebook profile of an attractive woman, Fiverr users will pay you to be in a relationship with them for 2 weeks or to write things on their wall. I know, it may sound crazy but this is a super easy gig that actually works really well.98. Give DropBox Space Using Buyer’s Referral Links

    Everyone by now uses DropBox but not many are willing to pay for it to get increased space. DropBox increases your free storage space whenever you refer someone to the service. If you’re good with VPNs or Proxies, you can sell increases space on DropBox by allowing the buyer’s to send you their referral links to increase their storage space.

    99. Send Postcards / Create Postcards

    If you live in somewhere outside of the US, this gig actually has a lot of potential. It’s a new trend on Fiverr and it sells well. Offer to send someone a postcard from your location/country and have them pay for shipping when you create the gig. You can also offer to create a postcard and send it to them as well.

    100. Create/Convert To PDF

    Offer to convert Fiverr users’ documents, powerpoint presentations and excel files into PDF. You don’t need to be skilled to do it either, there are a lot of free tools online that can get the job done like this one.




That’s it, start taking action today and be creative. If you liked the thread please post to keep it alive. Regards.