11 Retargeting Hacks

11 Retargeting Hacks
With the overtlow of ways to advertise and bring traffic to your site,
sometimes advertisers can fail to dig deep and f1nd the quick hacks that the
pros use to make every campaign profltable.
In thist raining,w e l’ show you 11 retargeting hacksw e have discovered or
learned which pay 0仔ina big way when it’s time to do more with the traffic
we already have.
Visitors who make it to your shopping cart and then abandon it are some of
your hottest prospects. They have told you that you provide something that
theyl ike,a nd the price mayb e rig .th Now,y oum ays ay,t heya bandoned the
cart! They aren’t interested! But the fact is, there are a million reasons
someone might not 1fnisha t ransaction,m aybe theyn eed to okay it with a
partner,m aybe theyh ad ap hone call theyc ouldn’tp ut off. You just don’t
know. 50,re target them! Theyl iked youe nough to nearlyb uy,a nd the right
messaging and placement can absolutely sealt he de .la

To do this,y ou will want to create ac ustom audience through Facebook and
put the audience pixel in the header of your shopping cart. There are several
ways to make sure that the right product is shown in the ad,b ut regardless,
make sure you are retargeting them with the product they nearly bought.
Again,w ew ant to target these “near misses” because they have proven they
are interested in your product,a nd the price was either right,or just barely 0仔.
One cool tip we use to push customers over the edge is to add a bonus or a
small discount through your retargeting,s omething that doesn’ts teal much
from your bottom line,b ut incentivizes them to 1fnish what they started.
Dot his,a nd weg uarantee that your near miss customers will be flocking back
to you!
This next idea takes one step back from retargeting shopping cart
abandoners. 1ns tead,le t’sg o ahead and build an audience in Facebook,a nd
put retargeting pixels in your product pages. This way you can target visitors
to your site based on what products they have been looking at.
To take this one step further,yo u can even choose to only target visitors who
have visited ap articular product more than once! Thisw ay,y oua re isolating
people who are in a decision making phase and have elected you as one of
their main choices,a nd mayb e vacillating between ac ouple of options.
As wem entioned in the firstp ost,w hen your etarget,co nsider giving them a
sma l bonus or incentive to engage with you. Another way to use this
audience ist o build some trust with them,so in your creative highlight things
like your service,d elivery speed or warranty. Thisw ay youc ans ety ourself
apart ifyourp roduct iss imilar to whateverel se theya re considering.


Wet alk al ot about upsells,b ut here’s one great way to use retargeting to
drive upsells.
Imagine you se l shaving supplies. A customer may initially buy a starter kit,
which comes with a handle and a couple of razors. Assuming the initial
purchase goes off without ah itch and theyl ike the product,p ackaging and
fulfillment,y ou now have as atisfied custo .mre
This customer is now ah uge opportunity for retargeting. So,w hat you need
to do is create an audience based on what product they have bought. Our ad
creative w li nowp romote ap roduct whichc omplimentsw hat your customer
has already purchased from you.
Toc ontinue this example,yo ur user now has as et of handles and razors from
you. What else couldt hey need? I’m sure you’re la thinking,s having cream
and a brush! So for your retargeting to this particular customer,y ou can
retarget them with ads for shaving cream and brushes to compliment the
razors they already have!

So,to reiterate,se t up ar etargeting audience based on what your customers
have already purchased fromy ou,a nd serve them ad creative that pitches
complimentary products.
With Black Friday in the rear view mirror,I’ m sure al ot ofyou saw at on of ads
for specials,s ales etc. Now,t o take that one step further,l et’sr un special
retargeting ads based on visitors to a sales page.
Assuming you are running ads for Black Friday,le t’sa dd ar etargeting pixel to
your sales page. This new audience will get tailored ads based on your sales
page which urge them to come back,ge t the sales while they are available,or
even give them an additional bonus or percent 0仔’.One more cool trick,m ake
the countdown to the end of your sales a part of the advertising creative to
drive urgency.
Most of what we talk about is sales related, coupon codes, product
retargeting etc. But let’s change gears here. Not all consumers are having
issuesw ith whatt o buy,or how muchit costs. Sometimes,it’s where tob uy.
Thisc an be an issue for an umber ofr easons,s ometimesit’s shippingo ptions,
sometimesit’s warranties. You gett he picture.
So for thiss egment,le t’s build an audience based onv isitorst o our shipping
optionsp ages,o rF AQp ages. Ana udience who have expressed interestin
more service related issues.
1 1 「EE–EE–EE–Ef—EE–EE–EE–EE–l
「一-EE–4–EE–十-EE–EE—EE–E l
‘-ーーーーーーー-“ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー目. nu
For thisa udience,y our creative should focuso n the service aspects of your
business,d oes your shipping come free ofc harge while your competitor
charges? That could be all it takes to push an interested shopper over the
edge. Orm aybe it’s your warranty,if youg o above and beyond on standing
behind your product,m aybe that’s the kind ofc onfldence ac ustomern eeds
to decide to give you a shot.
Thiso nes omewhats peaksfo rit self.If youa res ellingo nline trainingc ourses,
whent hec ourse isc omplete,ru n ads targetingp eoplew ith then exts tep,o r
the next course that wil get them where they want to go. If you are selling
consumable products,if gure out when usersw il be finished with the
producto na verage andt argett hem then.
Seta udiencesb ased on timeframesf ort he sale,s o if someone buys in
January and users typicaly /lcomplete” your productin 2m onths,w ait until
February to run retargeting ads with creative that invites them back for”the
nexts te :’p
mn || わι 門
Imagine you are selling survivalt ools online.Th is has grown to be ah lUge
market,a nd people are constantlyb uilding and comparing “kits”w ith each
Let’s say one ofyour biggest selers is au tility belt for survivalsi tuations. The
basic model you s lecomes with as imples et oftools. However,t hrough your
site you slle add ons which enhance thek it for the more intensive users and
Go ahead and build an audience ofyour customers who bought the basic se t.
Now,ru n retargeting ads that s lethe enhancement accessories which fit into
their current kit. Your creative can reference something they already own and
enjoy,w hile teasing the next upgrade which w li take them fromb asic to
You can even try running sma l discounts or loyalty benefits to you customers
through your advertising creative.
If you are selling as ubscription based product,s uch as LeadPages,y ou may
have higher levels of the subscription with more features,b etter service etc.
This is another thing we can promote via retargeting.
For this one you want to build custom audience ofyour users at each level of
Once you have these lists built,g o ahead and target your customers with
creative that sells the value ofthe higher level subscriptions. Once users click
through,b ring them to an easy upgrade page where they can enhance their
Ifyou are in ap romotional season,co nsider doing seasonal upgrade bonuses
and discounts,th ese make good ad copy because they are seasonal,a nd your
customers expect to see special 0仔ersand are conditioned to take them at
certain times in the yea仁

A simple one but a powerful one. A lot of us run our advertising on a tight
budget,s o do al ittle resear仁hand build ab uyer persona for your visitors and
customers who are typically your big spenders.
Once you identify who these people are and how they act on your website,
set up a custom audience targeting these big spenders.
When you build your advertising budgeting,y ou can then confidently give
this group a bigger slice ofyour advertising budget and expect a better ROI
as they outspend your average custo m.re
• 》ぞ
• –
Al ot of you in the Internet Marketing world run episodic promotions,v ideo
series,m onthly trainings etc. Wec an use retargeting to make these types of
promotions even higher impact.
Typically once someone is on your retargeting list,t hey may see the same ad
for am onth at at ime,a nd after af ew impressions,m ay tuneit out. Now,if you
are running ad ynamic training or promotion,yo u can set it up so that your ad
creative changes every single week with the new content.
This way,yo ur potential customers will see what you’ve got going on and that
you are putting out new content weekly. This has a couple of benefits. Firstly,
it let’s your prospects know you are an active and engaged advertiser and
that they can expect to see new and exciting content from you regularly,
that’st he kind of business people want to learn more about. Secondly,if your
first message doesn’t entice them enough to click through and engage with
you,y ou have more opportunities as your promotion changes each week.
Customers are getting more savvy to retargeting,s o this opens up ag ood
opportunity for us to provide medium specific incentives.
If youa re running creative to an audience,y ouc an tell them in the creative
that you are offering “Display Network Only!” bonuses or discounts. Wlhen
theyc lick through the ad,y ouc an take them to as peciallanding page which
has promotions that are only available to people who engaged with your
retargeting ads.
A benefit of this,is that it trains your customers to paya ttention to your
retargeting ads,w hich can pay 0仔bigtime when youa re launching an ew
product and need a high engagement rate to jump start things.
Ifγou read through these and feela il ttle overwhelmed,t hat’s
okaγ.Ju s tp icko ne or twoo ft hese to get started with andγou’l
see big returns. Each one of these strategies alone wil be
enough to pump up the ROIo nγour retargeting campaigns
There’s al ot wec an t le γou to do,b utw ぜIlleaveγou with our
one biggest tip. GET OUT THERE AND EXPERIMENT! You
won’t knowu n litγou try,a nd l awec an do is giveγou some great
ways to gets tarted

101 Digital Affiliate Hacks

2 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
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101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 3
GUIDE overview
This guide is split into 4 main sections
Picking Products
learn how to pick high converting affiliate products
Building Your Email List & Email Marketing
you need an email list as an affiliate learn how to do it properly
discover how to get converting traffic to your affiliate offers
Increasing Conversions & Sales
increasing conversions and sales means more money, learn the best ‘hacks’
Master these 4 elements and you’ll be a super affiliate in no time.
4 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
digital products
It’s pretty damn trying to sell
as an affiliate.
I think you’ll agree with me when I say:
Or is it? Well, not really…
Actually you can easily pick high
converting digital affiliate offers, get
traffic to them whilst building your list in
the process and sell products in volumes
usually reserved for super affiliates and
gurus….even when you’re a newbie.
And in this report I’m going to show
you how to become one of these super
affiliates for yourself even if you’re new
to affiliate marketing and don’t know
where to start.
Knowing which products to promote is a mystery in itself.
How to get traffic to the offers even more complex.
Learning how build your list so you can promote via email is
beyond difficult.
Then actually getting that traffic to convert into sales is
mission impossible.
For More Affiliate Sales
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 5
affiliate marketing
should I even listen to you…
what do you know about
Why Should You
Listen To Me?
So you might be thinking…
So let me tell you why you should listen….
I’ve been doing this affiliate marketing stuff for a few years now. Particularly focusing
on digital products the past 2-3 years.
And I’ve gotten quite good at it.
And that’s a fair question there are a lot of fakes in this
industry teaching stuff they don’t know.
in fact…
In the last 18 months since NicheHacks started on JVZoo alone (just 1 of the
many affiliate networks I promote products from) I’ve sold 2,491 products.
And made a total of $32,954.22 in commissions
(and counting) to date.
6 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
Not to mention the thousands of dollars in bonus commission and cash prizes
for winning or placing in affiliate launch leader boards.
Often beating “super affiliates”, gurus and big names who have been around
longer than and have bigger lists than me.
Look at some of the names on the list below – huge digital-product vendors like
Memberspeed Inc, Shawn Casey and Walt Bayliss
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 7
Some of these guys have been selling digital products for years and have lists in
the tens or hundreds of thousands filled with proven buyers.
My list is much smaller and compiled almost exclusively of blog subscribers,
what most people refer to as “freebie seekers” which you’ll often hear touted as
being as good as worthless.
Yet I can still outperform these super affiliates, win the contests and make the
big cash prizes when promoting affiliate products.
Product vendors love it when I join their product launches just look what Adam
Nolan had to say after I joined his 7 day launch for the last 2 days only.
I promoted just for 2 DAYS yet won the contest
by a mile.
8 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
In fact product vendors love me so much that names like Adam Nolan and Alex
Jeffrey’s recently offered to do private promos of my products as a favor to me
because I send them so much traffic and sales.
When it comes to affiliate marketing particularly selling digital goods like infoproducts,
tools and software, I can sell them in high volumes.
Convinced I know what I’m talking about
when it comes to selling digital products as an
Good then continue reading this guide to learn my 101 BEST “HACKS”
that if you put into practice will push you towards ‘super affiliate’ status too.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 9
No one is surfing the internet thinking “I want to give someone money”
and they definitely don’t want to hand over their hard earned cash to
someone like you (no offence), especially if you are currently a stranger.
Most of time people surf the internet looking for solutions to problems.
That’s WHY they buy products because they believe that it will solve a
problem they have.
So don’t go looking around the internet for “affiliate products to
promote” go looking for problems and then find the products which
offer the solution.
Then when you present these products to people as a solution to their
problems they will bite your hand off to buy them.
Without trust and credibility no one is going to buy through your
affiliate link or on your recommendation. Why would they?
Who are you but a random person on the other side of the screen (and
possibly world).
You’re not a trusted brand like Amazon and you could be
recommending them any junk to get a commission. You need to build
up your trust and credibility. It takes time but it pays off.
■■ Make sure EVERYTHING you put out online is honest and true.
■■ Don’t promote junk.
■■ Don’t put out low quality content.
■■ Don’t sell something just to get a commission only promote
10 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
products you believe in and stand behind.
■■ Products you’ve used yourself or will be happy to use.
Affiliate marketing is ALL about delivering value.
As you’re not the end retailer and not an established household name
you’re simply one of thousands of other affiliates promoting the same
And to do that you have to be someone other than another “me too”
affiliate who is only interested in making commissions.
You have to stand out by providing value in everything you do.
So what exactly is value?
It could be top notch content that you can’t find anywhere else (like I
have on NicheHacks)
Better customer interaction and relationship building than everyone
else (replying to all emails, interacting on Facebook, chatting on Skype,
getting on webinars with your audience etc)
Or going the extra mile with everything you do.
Stand out. Deliver value and people will come
to trust you.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 11
You might find the best product in the world but if that sales page
doesn’t convert then no matter how much traffic you send to it you’re
not gonna see many sales.
Pick products with a high conversion rate and strong EPC (earnings per
click i.e. the amount you’ll earn for every click / visitor you’ll send)
As a digital affiliate it’s easier to find this information than as a physical
product affiliate.
In the online marketing niche platforms like JVZOO, W+, Deal Guardian,
PayDotCom and so on all give you this information.
Sadly the biggest digital platform, Clickbank, does not. Annoying.
But you can use tools like CBEngine.com find out some information.
Don’t get caught up in just looking at the conversion rate and EPCs
because if the product has a high refund rate you’re gonna lose a load
of that commission
And have pissed off customers too who won’t trust you to buy a second
So wherever possible get information on the refund rate. JVZOO, W+ etc
in the IM niche give you this information.
Again Clickbank doesn’t but you can try and contact the product vendor
to get the details and any honest vendor with nothing to hide will reveal
this information.
If they don’t then be warned they have something to hide.
12 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
Recommending something blind is a sure fire way to piss your
customers off.
If you haven’t even seen what the product is offering or can do how do
you know it will help the person you’re recommending to?
The sales pages can, and often are, misleading.
They make promises they don’t deliver on and you don’t get what you
paid for.
So ALWAYS buy (you can refund if it’s a big expense to you) or ask for a
review copy (most vendors are happy to give them if they have nothing
to hide) and go through it before promoting to check it is a valuable
product that delivers what it says.
No matter how good a product is if the customer support isn’t there,
the product vendor has a history of abandoning products a month
after launch or spams everyone to death afterwards then you’ve shot
yourself in the foot.
Check out previous products and see what the refund rate is like.
Google their name for reviews and opinions on them.
Check forums in your niche to see what people say.
Join their mailing list or buy a previous product to see how they
conduct themselves.
I’ve made this costly mistake in the past by promoting a product that
was good on first use but that actually had many major flaws and the
vendor had a chequered history.
Cost me a lot of fans – don’t make this mistake. Put an extra hour or so
into researching your product.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 13
I touched on this above but it’s worth mentioning again (and again and
again). Products MUST solve problems your audience have.
And it must be a problem they are very aware they have and actively
looking for a solution to otherwise they aren’t going to buy from you.
If someone hasn’t yet realized they have a problem they don’t feel like
they need a solution.
No one buys digital products for the sake of buying them (unless they
are an addict and that’s a problem in itself) so you’re going to struggle
even the most amazing one to them.
Sales page looking good and product being good isn’t the only thing to
What’s the whole set up like? Are there 27 one time offers to go
through? Can you instantly access the product after purchase? Do you
get what you were promised or need to chase it up?
If the set up annoys you it’s going to annoy your audience even more.
So even if you got a review copy and are happy with the product still go
through the complete process to see what happens.
Nothing worse than getting a great product then finding out the vendor
mails nothing but promos, junk or spam to his list. Sign up before hand
and watch what he sends and if he seems like a list you’d like to stay
subscribed to.
If not then re-consider promoting their products.
14 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
There’s money to be made on single products but when it’s low priced
you really need to be adding in upsells, one time offers, downsells and
so on to maximise earnings.
A high converting sales funnel is almost necessary so look out for them
before you promote the product.
Would you recommend a product you’re about to promote to your
audience to your grandmother?
If that answer is NO then don’t send it to anyone else either.
This is a good way to get you thinking about whether something is
worthy of being promoted or not.
picking products
So we’ve covered how to pick digital affiliate products.
And that’s all well and good for the first step.
But what’s next?
Well, now it’s time to cover traffic and how you’ll get visitors to the
offers you’re trying to promote.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 15
No matter where your traffic is coming for before you send it direct to
sales pages make sure you capture an email address from your visitor
If you don’t you’ve essentially wasted all of that traffic.
Sure you might get a small number of sales (1-2% max most likely from
cold traffic IF you know what you’re doing) but then those visitors are
lost forever afterwards.
The product vendor gets their customer details but you won’t. So they’ll
be able to sell to them again and again and you (who did all the hard
work acquiring the customer) never will.
Send any visitor to your own website / blog or opt in page and capture
their email address before sending to product sales pages.
I send all my traffic to my blog where people can engage with my
Well there’s a right way and a wrong way.
In this section we will cover the correct way to drive traffic as an affiliate for digital
So read on….
any affiliate products.
you will never
16 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
This warms even the coldest traffic up and makes them WANT to join
my list.
From there I can further engage with them and eventually recommend
an affiliate product when they are at their most engaged meaning
increased sales.
To further touch on the point above about not sending traffic direct to
sales pages.
If you do that you do not have a business.
Without customers details (name, email address etc) you have nothing.
You’re just someone who builds other peoples businesses for them by
sending them customers.
Every real business, offline and online, has a customer list. If you don’t
you’re just “making money” not running a business.
And if somehow your source of “leads” dries up (i.e. Google kicks you
out of the rankings or you get banned from the FB Ads platform) then
you have nothing to show for it.
I might be biased on this point being a blogger but I think it’s justified.
Whenever I enter a product launch affiliate competition I come in the
top 3 spots. More often than not being 1st or 2nd (and usually missing
out by just a sale or two on first place).
I out-place affiliates who are big time digital product vendors, gurus
and super affiliates, and have been around for years.
Many of them have much bigger lists than me (my list is relatively
small) and lists solely of buyers (of their products) so they should be
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 17
beating me in these competitions.
My list is made up just of blog subscribers. 99% of my list have never
bought anything directly from me (I’ve not been selling products all year
until now).
This is because I run a high quality blog filled with free, valuable,
I give away a ton of value upfront before even asking you to opt in let
alone buy anything.
This builds up a lost of trust on the front end.
So when I finally do come to promoting an affiliate product most people
don’t even think twice about buying, they trust me enough to purchase.
That’s why I believe running a blog is the best way to make affiliate
sales. Not through giving away a freebie on a squeeze page or selling
digital products to build your list.
Both those methods CAN and DO work but not nearly as effectively in
my experience as using a blog to generate traffic.
This is such a touted method by people claiming it’s a great way to
make money from affiliate marketing.
But really it sucks and I haven’t seen it work for years.
If you’re sending cold traffic to a squeeze page / email capture page in
exchange for a freebie then trying to follow up with affiliate emails then
you’re in for a tough time.
Cold traffic to a colder squeeze page is a hard way to build a responsive
Sure squeeze pages can get up to 70-80% opt in rates if highly
Most of those people who opted in did so to get something for free not
because they wanted to get follow up emails from you.
18 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
They have no relationship with you and more often than not have no
idea who you are.
Many will enter fake or secondary emails or unsubscribe / mark as
spam any emails you send them.
So even if you do give them a real high quality freebie it changes
nothing as most won’t and don’t want to read them.
People do not value free stuff so many will never read it anyway, they
just grabbed it as it was on offer and then stored it on their hard drive
for it to gather digital dust and never get read.
This is a HARD way to build a responsive list who wants to open your
emails and buy through your affiliate links.
When you’re starting you’re probably not going to want to spend money
on traffic or understand HOW to do it anyway.
So free traffic like from content marketing, social media, video, forums
etc is likely your method of choice.
This is fine but it takes time AND never ever sends this traffic direct to
affiliate products.
Always send back to your own website first so you can capture emails
and engage with them to warm them up.
This is the grand daddy of all affiliate traffic – EMAIL TRAFFIC!
The traffic that will buy more than any other form of traffic.
Why? Because for someone to give you their email address and then
open and read your emails is the ultimate sign of trust.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 19
No one wants their inbox bombarded with junk emails. It’s hard enough
for most of us to keep up with the good stuff we want to read.
If someone has WILLINGLY (not been FORCED to just to get some
information) joined your list they like you and want to hear more from
you in most cases.
So they are warmed up and engaged and ready to hear what you have
to say.
And that means they are very close (if not ready) to buy from you if you
recommend something.
It doesn’t mean you can simply bombard them with affiliate offers as
soon as they join your list, that’d be stupid and counter productive.
You still have to nurture them with high quality content, value, and email
exclusives too.
Email traffic is far more engaged than any other source and gives a far
better return on investment than any other traffic.
Build up your email list and build up that relationship then when it
comes to time to promote something your list will bite your hand off to
Real business can afford to pay for advertising.
If you’re running a business then so can you.
Before you start throwing money at paid ads you need to know your
How much is a customer worth to you?
When you know that you then know how much you can afford to spend
to acquire a new customer.
Digital Marketer explains this process much easier than I can here….
20 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
Paid traffic is great as it can be scaled up almost indefinitely when you
know your numbers and have your ads in place.
If you know a customer is worth $20 to you and you’re able to get a new
customer through, let’s say a Facebook Ad for $2 then you’re going to
make $18 profit for every new customer you get.
But remember EMAIL TRAFFIC is the most warmed up traffic and likely
to buy so get that paid traffic onto your email list BEFORE you try and
sell to them.
It’s very hard to convert cold traffic into sales anyway. I know guys who
make a very generous living from this but they know their numbers to
every last detail, have tiny margins and they spend a LOT of money in
tracking and testing things before they have a profitable campaign.
And really they don’t have a business as they aren’t building a list so
if their traffic source was turned off (banned from FB Ads for example)
they’d suddenly not have any income.
This is not sustainable.
Capture emails and further build relationship BEFORE trying to send to
a sales page.
So now you know how to get traffic as a digital product affiliate.
But getting that traffic is only 1 part of the puzzle.
You have to capture that traffic and turn it into
loyal and raving fans if you want to have any long
term success with affiliate marketing.
So how do you do that?
Build your email list and watch as your traffic (and
income) soar.
Let’s do this…
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 21
We’ve touched about this earlier in the report but to give you a little
more insight into it…
All traffic, whether from SEO, paid, social media or whatever should be
funnelled towards a content rich site that gives away value up front for
After they’ve consumed your free content you ask them for an email
Either through:
■■ A pop up offering a problem solving lead magnet related to the
type of post they use (e.g. a post on blog traffic should offer a
Well there’s a right way and a wrong way.
In this section we will cover the correct way to drive traffic as an affiliate for digital
So read on….
Without an
you don’t have
22 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
free report on how to get more blog traffic).
■■ A content upgrade offering some additional content related to
the post that they can only access by entering their email.
The best example I can show of this is on this post on NicheHacks
which the pop up converted at 81.30% (crazy!)…
I showed people how to write emails that win affiliate competitions then
as a content upgrade I exchanged their email address for the 6 emails I
used to make over $8K and win a recent product launch competition.
It’s an irresistible incentive that people will happily enter their email
address in to get.
This is the best way to build a responsive email list that loves to buy
your affiliate recommendations.
In order to sell affiliate products via emails people obviously have to
open your emails.
If you’ve built your list properly (via a content rich site like I’ve talked
about above) this is much easier.
Solid headlines with proven formulas are a guaranteed way to increase
your open rates and get more people seeing your affiliate links.
Use this guide to instantly write better headlines that are proven to
increase open rates (and therefore increase affiliate link clicks)…

101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 23
I do a lot of testing when it comes to email marketing.
One of my most recent tests was to see if adding “modifiers” to the end
of headline titles would increase open rates.
If you’re on my list you’ll have seen me using [Fresh Content] and [New
Content] among others at the end of my headlines.
Turns out these modifiers NEVER lower open rate but can increase open
rates up to 6.25%
Here’s the best modifiers…
■■ [In-Depth Content] – 6.25% increase
■■ [Most Loved Content] – 5.26% increase
■■ [Not Available Anywhere Else] – 5.26% increase
■■ [Popular Content] – 4.76% increase
■■ [Fresh Content] – 2.78% increase
■■ [New Content] – 1.7% increase
So if your open rates are up more people are seeing your affiliate links
and more likely to click them.
This is a sneaky little trick I haven’t seen written anywhere else but
works like crazy. People open your emails because they liked the
Turn your link into a call to action using the same headline for increased
clicks. So if your headline was “31 Ways To Promote A Blog Post” that
should also be your link text.
This gets more people clicking on your affiliate links.
24 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
People are enticed to click images. Even basic images made in paint
increase conversions.
I used images like the following and saw an increase of 5% in clicks….
Imagine if you created something which actually looks good?
Nothing gets people clicking more than urgency.
If the offer you’re sending is time sensitive or limited in time then really
push that
home to get people clicking NOW.
You don’t want them delaying until later.
Don’t use this when there is no sense or urgency however as it leads to
But if that offer is about to expire or increase in time make sure you
hammer that point home and explain if they don’t take the action now
they’ll miss out.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 25
There’s nothing like telling people something is in high demand but low
availability to get them to snap it up.
Only use when it’s genuinely scarce otherwise it just become a scammy
sales tactic.
If it’s limited to 100 copies or ‘X’ amount of copies before a price rise be
sure to really focus on that and you’ll increase your affiliate sales.
Not every headline will appeal to all your subscribers and sometimes
we miss emails or were too busy to read it.
So 12-24hrs later you should re-send the same email with a different
I often double my open rates using this method.
In the example below you can see how on a recent promo campaign I
received a 55.8% total open rate through re-sending twice to unopens.
If I hadn’t re-sent it would have stayed at 24.4% which was the original
open rate
26 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
I often see people say that including images in emails lowers open
rates because messages are more likely to go to spam yet I’ve never
seen any of them back it up.
Amazon has images in all their emails.
Digital Marketer, email marketing gurus, always have images in their
emails and they test EVERYTHING.
My emails with images always have normal open rates and INCREASED
click rates.
Images work. People click them.
It can be a simple image with a call to action. It can be a screenshot or
some date. It can be purchase proof.
People click images so use them to increase click through rate and up
Unless you’re testing and tracking you’re not a marketer.
Marketers make decisions based on data and results not on feelings.
You’re just throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks.
When you test and track you can get systems and formulas in place
that you can copy over and over again to see guaranteed results.
Test and track what makes people open your emails, read your posts,
click your links and do more of it.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 27
I have 6 different email formulas I use in most
promo campaigns
■■ results
■■ FAQ
■■ bonus
■■ final warning
■■ checklist
■■ story telling
more revealed below…
I have outlines for each of these email types that I use in every
campaign changing details where necessary. It speeds up creating my
affiliate promo emails by ten times at least.
A sure fire way to increase clicks & make more affiliate sales is to
segment your list into groups based on interests.
You can do this based on emails they’ve opened and clicked before.
So you know if someone clicked an email about Amazon marketing
they have some sort of interest in the subject and probably would take
interest in a product about it.
If you’re whole list is unsegmented and you have people into Amazon,
SEO, Blogging and a dozen other subjects you’re going to have a lot of
people totally uninterested in what you’re promoting to them leading to
low conversion rates and a lot of unsubscribe and complaints.
Next time you’re sending out an Amazon promotion or topic send it to
this segment and watch click rates soar, conversion rates skyrocket
and commissions increase.
28 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
The only thing worse than a marketer who emails too much is one who
doesn’t email often enough.
If you don’t stay fresh in the mind of your audience most of them will
forget you.
They are on dozens of lists and are joining more day in day out – don’t
get forgotten.
How many times has it happened to you that you’ve received an email
out the blue from someone whose name you don’t recognize and you’re
not sure if it’s spam or something you genuinely signed up for?
You just end up unsubscribing or hitting spam.
Mail regularly. At least twice a week.
If you want people to buy your product recommendations you have to
send them stuff other than promotions.
If you’ve got a blog you’ll send them notifications about new blog posts.
But you should also send them email exclusives so that it’s worth them
being on your list and makes them feel like unsubscribing would be a
bad choice.
During product launch competitions you should email once in the
morning and then again at night.
I’ll either email 2 totally different emails to all my list or if emailing
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 29
the same email again do a re-send to unopens with a completely new
headline totally different from the first.
I can double or even triple my open rates doing this and my complaint
and unsubscribe rate is very low.
As I mentioned above if you’re re-sending an email or a very similar one
make sure the headline is very different from the first.
The reason?
A lot of people didn’t open it as it didn’t appeal to them so they probably
aren’t going to open up a near identical one.
We’ve all seen countdown timers on sales pages.
But what about in emails?
Yeah the Digital Marketer team have just released a great new plugin
called OuttaTimrr that lets you add a countdown timer inside your
Guaranteed to increase urgency and shoot up email open rates.
30 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
The best way to keep your list engaged, opening and clicking, and
buying what you recommend is to keep it SUPER relevant to what they
signed up for.
If they opted in to hear about video marketing then sending them emails
recommending Kindle products probably isn’t going to appeal to most
of them.
Stick with something super targeted and you’ll make more affiliate
Now you know how to pick high converting offers, how to get traffic
and build your list.
But what’s next?
Well now you’ve got to actually send that traffic to
offers and make it convert.
It’s not as simple as just blasting your audience with affiliate links.
So here’s what to do:
Use my affiliate hacks to increase conversions and
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 31
One of the best ways to make increased sales as an affiliate is to pick a
profitable affiliate niche to begin with.
Remember this quote and you’ll do well..
“Everyone wants to get paid, laid and live forever” – if your niche falls
into any of these areas you’re onto a winner.
Some niches just aren’t designed to make money or don’t have enough
affiliate products.
Put these into action and watch your affiliate commissions soar.
Let’s do it….
more sales
my best hacks to
you conversions and make
as an affiliate.
In this section we’re going to…
32 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
Stick with niches within the following
industries / markets:
■■ Health & Fitness (weight loss and diets, bodybuilding,
embarrassing problems)
■■ Wealth (online marketing, forex, gambling, lottery, employment)
■■ Romance & Relationship (online dating, marriage, adoption,
pregnancy, get ex back)
■■ Interests (sports, activities, skills, hobbies)
There’s more on this topic here:

Another key way to making money from affiliate marketing is to make
sure your business model is suited to affiliate marketing.
The 5 main affiliate businesses are:
■■ Affiliate Blogs
■■ Product Review Sites
■■ Coupon & Discount Websites
■■ Comparison Websites
■■ Unusual Product Site
You can learn more about these here and how to put them into action….

Nothing works better than a strong results based email where you say
real life results from using the affiliate product in action.
People can refuse to believe your words but they can’t argue with raw
data and results.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 33
If a product made you sales show your Paypal account.
If it ranked your website show it in Google.
If it helped you lose weight put up before and after shots.
Results based emails are the biggest sellers in my affiliate campaigns
accounting for 30.85% overall on average.
Review the products in your emails. People like to read honest reviews,
good AND bad, of products. Give it a fair evaluation and not just being
positive to try and secure the sale.
In every single 1 of my email affiliate campaigns I will include an email
dedicated to hammering home the exclusive bonuses I’m offering.
Make them relevant and unique and well worth buying alone. Then send
out an email or two about them solely as well as mentioning them in all
other emails.
These account for 10.28% of overall sales I make on every campaign on
34 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
Everyone loves a story and yours are unique.
Write about something that happened in your everyday life and tie it in
with a lesson to be learned.
It’s easier than it sounds – what’s been going on in your life? What
major events have happened? What’s currently trending?
Talk about it and then tie it in with a lesson.
The first thing to do before you go writing a story is to work out what
lesson you want to teach first.
Is it that if you hesitate you miss out when it comes to investing in
That you have to do more of what works in marketing?
That you should copy those who have already achieved what you
want to achieve?
That business owners invest in their business?
Work that out first and then think about the story. It makes it much
easier to tie in your message.
Story emails count for 10.24% of all sales on average in my affiliate
Everyone has questions about products.
In fact for most products in your niche the questions will be quite
similar time after time.
Create a list of common questions and re-use them with some changes
to suit the product launch.
Here are the most common in the online marketing niche..
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 35
These are the most common questions asked in
any launch IME
■■ I’m on a budget can I do this on a shoestring?
■■ I’m not a good writer can I still do this?
■■ Are there upsells needed to get this to work?
■■ Can this be done in ANY niche?
■■ Is this product really responsible for people making $X or
achieving ‘X’ result?
■■ Is EVERYTHING I need included in the product or do I have to
buy additional stuff to get it to work?
■■ I’ve no existing list or audience is that OK?
■■ Can a newbie who’s never done this before really do this?
■■ I’m not very technical can I manage this?
■■ IS this legit as it seems too good to be true?
■■ Is there any proof this works?
■■ Are there any bonuses available with this?
■■ Are there any upsells and OTOs?
These FAQ emails account for a big 11.65% sales on average in my
Most affiliate sales will come on the first and last day of the promotion.
When the launch is about to come to an end and the price rise or it goes
offline people buy for fear of missing out.
I usually send 3 emails on the last day to catch anyone who didn’t buy
yet and can often get a third extra sales on this final day.
These emails are nice and simple just warning people that it’s about to
go offline / rise in price and that they need to act fast.
They count for 21.65% of all my sales on average in affiliate
36 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
Everyone loves a case study.
Show you or another member of your audience using the product.
Put it through its paces and see what happens.
They convert much better than bland and generic hyped up emails with
no substance.
High quality, unique, bonuses can send
conversion rates and sales through the roof.
People buy products I’m promoting as an affiliate just to get the
bonuses even though they don’t want the main product.
So we’re not talking about a load of junk PLR you have clogging up your
hard drive.
We’re not talking about generic bonuses for every promo.
But solid high quality bonuses closely related to the product.
Some recent bonuses I’ve given away were:
115 Profitable Info-Product Niches on a launch of a product on how to
create an info-product.
A FB ads case study showing how I went from my ads converting at
less than 1% to over 5% on a launch about Facebook Ads.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 37
What’s better than showing people you
have actually bought the product you’re
I know I’m more likely to buy when I see the affiliate has stumped up his
own hard earned cash and thinks it’s worth an investment.
Show receipts and purchase proof in your content and emails for
increased sales.
Don’t ever just have one links tucked away at the bottom of your email.
Always have multiple links for increased chances for people to click and
use both naked URLs and in-content links.
Most people won’t make it to the bottom of your email so make sure
they don’t have to with a way to click early on.
We always talk about the importance of having links and email opt in
forms “above the fold” (where someone can see it without scrolling
down) on websites.
Well the same applies to emails – have them throughout the whole
Digital Marketer tests show that 5 links per email is the best amount for
increased click through rates.
Conversion rates can almost always be improved. And this should be
something you’re working on before sending more traffic. More traffic
doesn’t necessarily mean more sales.
If a product is converting at 0% sending more traffic means it’s still
going to convert at 0%.
38 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
So work on conversion rates first.
If you were selling your own product you’d work on the headline and
sub-headlines first (this is the only thing EVERYONE will read) then
focus on other parts of the sales page.
As an affiliate you can’t change the sales page but you can improve
your own content to see if you can increase clicks.
■■ Try putting links in different areas of your page / email.
■■ Use images and buttons.
■■ Change your anchor text and call to actions.
■■ Try different layouts.
■■ Always keep testing and trying to increase your conversions.
Once your conversion rates are sky high you’d want to look at ramping
up your traffic. Look at what sources of traffic are converting into sales
best and do more of it.
See if you can ramp that traffic source up or do more of it.
If you have a high converting affiliate product then you don’t only want
to have 1 single piece of content promoting it.
Create more with different angles.
Case studies.
Customer Feedback & Testimonials.
Stories related to the product or vendor.
Add more blog posts. Write more emails to add to your follow up
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 39
A great way to sell affiliate products, via both a blog or email, is to do
in-depth reviews.
Look at the product features and benefits, the pro’s and con’s, the price
and guarantee, customer feedback, what it can be used for and more.
A lot of people struggle with just how to get started and use products.
Walk people through it step by step.
A post or email with lots of screenshots and images.
A video or screencast.
These sell affiliate products like crazy.
Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome makes over $50K a month from
Bluehost affiliate program by showing people how to set up a
WordPRess website with them.
People love simple to digest checklists.
Creating promotional emails that work as a checklist allowing people to
mentally “tick off” what NOT to do then telling them to click the link in
your email to find out what to do next works like a charm.
40 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
Telling stories sells.
People have heard the hyped up claims and other nonsense before.
They haven’t heard your personal story about how you came to know
the vendor, what you did with the product or the marketing lesson to be
learned from something that’s happened in your life.
I’ve learned a lot about selling through story telling from Michael
Most people don’t buy on the first exposure to something.
Especially online with digital products.
They want to check multiple sources, read reviews, get more opinions
and make sure it’s really something they want.
Never just send your visitor to an affiliate sales page once and then
that’s it.
Expose them to it multiple times.
Create lots of content about it.
Send multiple emails.
Retarget them across the web to get them back to your pages.
When mailing a promotion be sure to send them multiple different
emails taking different angles so they get lots of different reasons to
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 41
What’s the one thing better than a one time sale?
Recurring income.
Software. Tools. Membership sites.
Find products that pay month by month and you’ll essentially get a pay
rise every month without any extra work.
Try getting that in your day job
Are you scared to promote high end products to your audience?
It’s a common thing.
People either think their audience aren’t going to buy anything high end
(because they can’t afford to)
Or that they won’t see the value in it.
This isn’t true for most audiences.
There are always people who are willing and have the ability to buy high
end products.
In fact a lot of your audience are looking for higher end more complete
products and trainings that give them EVERYTHING instead of having to
buy dozens of $7 ebooks and piece everything together.
Hunt them down and promote them. You’ll be surprised at the results.
42 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
It’s best to have multiple different lists for each of your different
products or categories on your blog so that each person ends up on a
list tailored to their interests.
If you’ve a list filled with lots of different people looking to get
information on a range of different topics then the best way is to set up
different lists for different interests then send them to a squeeze page
for each one.
Whoever opts in is interested in that topic. Anyone who doesn’t isn’t.
Them mail content and promotions related to that topic only.
When you’ve used a product yourself it’s so much easier to convince
others to buy it.
You know WHY it’s great.
You know WHAT is does.
You know what problem it solves and why that’s beneficial.
Images (of purchase proof, data, call to action buttons) can be a great
way to get more people clicking through to a sales page.
Use them in emails.
Animated GIFS work amazingly well too but try not to use them in every
email as it becomes too much,
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 43
The only thing EVERYONE will read is your
And if they don’t like it they won’t bother to open that email and you’ve
100% missed out on any chance of a sale.
Spend more time working on that email headline than anything else.
Write 20 different possible topics and perfect them.
Get a second opinion on what’s best.
Here’s the ultimate guide to writing headline formulas..

Make sure your links actually look like a
clickable link.
Always have a full URL for someone to click on at least once in the
A recent test I’ve been running is split testing naked URLs vs. anchor
When using the naked URL I saw an average increase of 0.30% in clicks.
Not huge but it adds up over time and cannot be ignored.
44 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
Psychological triggers are subtle words and sentences that people
react to without realizing they are reacting to.
They include power words like…
Discover, Instantly, Imagine
There’s 317 of them here…
But also using visualization to make people picture the outcome you
want them to achieve in their minds.
“Picture yourself casually strolling up to that girl at the bar,
spitting the pickup line you’ve just learned, and asking her for her
number then her giving it to you without hesitation”
And using subtle sentences like “by now you are realizing the power of”
The “by now” sounds like “buy now” and when used just before a call
to action or buy button can increase the chances of a purchase being
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 45
There are 4 people every marketer
has to deal with.
■■ The worrier: worries they can’t do what you’re asking them, they
are confident enough, that it will cost them money etc.
■■ The procrastinator: Puts everything off until later. Highlight how
urgent it is to take action NOW.
■■ The Sceptic: Doesn’t believe anything you or anyone else says.
You need to assure them you’re the real deal, legit, and worth
listening to.
■■ The person who doesn’t know they need help: This person is
content and not actively looking for solution because they don’t
really know they have a problem. Make them realise that their
problem is and why it needs addressed now.
By addressing all 4 of these people in your email copy and eliminating
their issues you’ll see a massive increase in clicks and sales.
Would you believe that selling less actually sells more?
I know what you are thinking:
That doesn’t make sense.
So let me explain…
If you try and sell to someone on the first time they encounter you it’s a
bad first experience.
You’re effectively trying to f*ck on the first date and whilst it will work
sometime it’s not going to work with most people.
If you’re ALWAYS trying to sell then you’re just coming across as a
chancer and an opportunist looking to make a buck.
Sell less often and don’t try to sell on the first encounter.
On your website just offer up valuable content on at least 90% minimum
46 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
of your posts.
Then funnel people onto your list and start building a relationship with
Once that relationship is cemented THEN sell.
And never try and sell high end stuff to people you’ve just met for the
first time.
If the first time we meet I try and sell you something for $500 you’re
probably going to be laugh at best or be offended at worse and you’re
not going to give me any more time.
Start by selling small, low priced items, at first THEN work your way up.
It’s called the Affinity Pyramid and we’ve explained it more

The best way to sell affiliate products is to
always be giving out value.
Lots of valuable content for no charge.
Free tips and advice.
Great customer service.
Interaction with your audience.
Making yourself seems like a real person who can be contacted.
This build trust and shows you’re someone worth listening to.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 47
Banner ads have stupidly low click through rates and aren’t an effective
way to sell affiliate products.
Stick to putting links throughout your content.
Use links throughout your content and keep them in content.
It’s fine to have a few big call to actions followed by a big link especially
at the end of the review or promotion but not constantly throughout the
content as it just looks spammy and sales-y.
There’s nothing worse than when an affiliate just copies the sales page
or uses swipe files to promote it.
It shows no thought has gone into the promotion and probably means
you haven’t really used it.
Be original. Write your own thoughts about the product not what the
product vendor wants people to hear.
When your audience see you’re just using swipe files or copy by the
product vendor they’ll lose faith in you.
48 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
No one wants to hear or believes that every product is perfect.
They want the honest truth and will value your recommendations more
if you’re truthful about it.
Tell people about the products weak points and what you don’t like
about it.
No one will refuse to buy it because you simply mention a few
You aren’t a sales man.
You are a person who recommends products in order to solve
Knock off the car salesman pitches and stick to showing results and
providing solutions.
If you promote anything that pays you a commission you might do well
for a short while but it’s short lived and you’ll live to regret it.
I understand it’s hard at first if you’re desperate for cash or just want to
make some money.
But in the long term you’ve shot yourself in the foot because when
someone buys something that’s junk they realize you just promoted it
to make money and not because it was useful.
Only promote products you believe in, have preferably used and got
results from yourself, and that will most importantly benefit your
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 49
If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer you have to be testing
and tracking everything.
Tracking each affiliate link you put out onto the internet so you know
which link or email campaign converted into sales.
Which promotion resulted in the best conversion rate?
Which bonus offer works best?
What email type produces the most sales?
Test everything and record everything then do more of what works.
One great way to sell a product is to compare it to other similar
products especially if it’s better than the competition
I do this all the time where I’ll say there are similar products such as
XYZ however they are higher priced and offer less value or don’t offer as
many benefits as this one (if that’s true)
When you’re in niches you know nothing or little about it’s VERY hard to
write a convincing email, piece of content, let alone a promotional email
or affiliate pitch
You just cannot identify with the problem your audience member faces
or WHY they want to find a solution.
You don’t know the correct terminology or words people within this
niche use.
When you stick with niches you know well you can easily write the
content and pitch to them in a way they identify thus increasing affiliate
50 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
People are far more likely to buy from someone they relate to and have
a common bond with than someone who is nothing like them.
Find something you and the bulk of your audience have in common – a
shared interest, a similar struggle, a same experience and relate that
back to them.
If you’re in the online marketing niche you can tell them that when you
started out you were in the same situation they are – broke, scared,
desperate and with little hope but you overcame this by doing XYZ (the
If in the weight loss niche you tell them about how you too were
overweight, embarrassed about your body and self conscience in front
of others but you conquered this by doing ABC (the solution)
You get the idea I think?
Something most struggling affiliates do is talk about product features.
…and I bet you do this too.
You’ll say…
“This SEO tool can add keywords to your content, tell you
how many times you’ve used your keywords in a piece of
content and makes it easy to see where you are ranked”
Those are product features. No one buys a product based on its
features. They buy it because they think it will benefit them. Talk about
the benefits.
So you say…
“This SEO tool can add keywords automatically to your
“It will tell you how many times you’ve used keywords
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 51
“Makes it easy to see where you are ranked WHICH
To keep it simple just remember to use “so that…BENEFIT” after you list
every feature.
This will increase your click through rate and sales to the affiliate
Affiliate marketing is about having a conversation with your audience.
You’re not a salesman you’re someone who guides and helps your
Always use “I” and “we” and “you” in your promotional emails and
interactions with your audience.
It’s personal.
Using “we” makes it seem like you’re all in it together.
“You” making it seem like you’re talking directly to that subscriber and
not thousands of people on a list at once.
“I” makes you seem real.
People are motivated by pain and pleasure.
A great way to entice clicks on your affiliate link is to use the ‘PAS’
Problem + Agitation + Solution = CLICKS
52 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
State clearly your readers’ problem
i.e. “No one clicking the links in your email?
Then agitate it…
“Low clicks means low conversions, low sales and
ultimately less money in your bank account every month
which could lead to you struggling to pay the bills”
Then offer a solution…
“But don’t worry the solution is available on the link below
>> LINK”
More on PAS here:

This is a powerful copywriting technique from Kevin Rogers that anyone
can put to use with thanks to a fill in the blank template.
60 Seconds Formula:
■■ Introduce Yourself
■■ Tell your reader about the problem you struggled with and how
bad it was / pain it caused
■■ Tell them now you’ve discovered a solution (without revealing
what it is)
■■ The result now you’ve solve the problem (i.e. the benefits to your
■■ Call to action on where they can get the solution and what the
benefits will be.
You can get the 60 seconds sales hook + template here:
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 53
People need to be told what to do and when to
do it.
Have strong multiple actions throughout your content and emails.
Instruct them to click that link and click it NOW before it’s too late and
the product goes offline.
People aren’t stupid. Most of them will get that fact you get something
out of promoting a product.
So be honest and up front about it.
I talk about on my about me page and welcome email that I do.
This makes you transparent and more trustworthy.
Lying about it will not help.
Not mentioning it will make you look suspicious.
The online marketing niche is rife with this.
Nothing but hype.
You know the type…
“Making $10K whilst you sleep with a click of a button”
Hyped up nonsense. Avoid it. Just say things like they are.
You’ll get more respect for it and people will trust you more.
54 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
Hundreds of affiliates are mailing these swipe files and if you are too
you’re no different from them.
Just another spammy, no use affiliate, that’s going to forever be broke.
You can take inspiration from them. You can mould your ideas around
But don’t straight up copy n paste.
I used to be guilty of this too.
I’d come up with 1 angle and talk about it in every email with just a
different headline.
It’s boring. It’s repetitive. People don’t want to hear about it over and
over and will get pissed off, unsubscribe and complain.
Come up with multiple angles and promote that way for more effective
If you’re promote a different product every day or even multiple times a
week you just look like a chancer looking to make a buck.
There are not that many good products out there that you’ve used and
had results from.
It’s not believable.
Choose your products wisely and gain respect for only promoting stuff
you believe in.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 55
If you’re promoting a product during a launch period don’t just send 1
or 2 emails about it,
Most sales will come in the last few days after multiple exposure to the
Promote every day of a launch competition (I do twice a day and then 3
on the last day usually)
A lot of “marketers” are afraid to promote for fear of offending their
Don’t be. If someone gets offended at you trying to sell them something
then they weren’t the type of person you wanted as an affiliate in the
first place.
Anyone who is happy to consume all the free content and value you put
out without giving anything back doesn’t deserve to be on your list.
Let them unsubscribe as they are doing you a favor.
Another major mindset issue for marketers is that recommending
anything or trying to sell makes them a dishonest and slimy salesman.
If you are recommending genuine products which solve your audience’s
problems and will benefit their lives then you shouldn’t be ashamed to
recommend stuff.
56 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
One way to sell more affiliate products is to ask your audience what
their main concerns are then find products which solve them. No point
in guessing when you can just ask.
A great way to come up with new promotion angles and sell more is to
ask people who’ve bought the products what they’ll use it for.
Then create promos around those angles. It can be a great way to
discover new angles you would have never considered before.
You should always prepare your affiliate promos in advance.
I like to ask my audience a week or so before the promo if they’ve ever
used the product (if it’s been released before) or other products by the
vendor and what their thoughts are.
I’ll then use their comments as testimonials in my promotions and
proof the stuff works. Like this testimonial from Ifran…
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 57
And this one from Jeremy…
These both were used in results based emails to show that NicheHacks
tribe members were using these methods with success.
It makes your promotional campaigns real.
It’s one thing to SAY you achieved ‘X’ results.
Another to show proof.
Take screenshots where possible to show your outcomes from using
the products.
I do it all the time and it works like crazy.
No one can refute the fact that you have achieved the result when you
show a screenshot (and those that would claim screenshots are faked
are too sceptical to buy anything anyway)
58 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
You need to get people thinking positive and saying YES to as much
as possible throughout your affiliate campaigns so that when you ask
them to buy they are already on the YES train and primed to buy.
This works great in FAQ style emails where you should rephrase all
common questions so that the answer is YES.
If you don’t own the sales page you can’t put a countdown timer on it,
The following plugin allows you to put a countdown timer on ANY page
even when you don’t own it without having access to the code..
One of the best ways to easily increase conversions is to make your
affiliate links, call to action buttons or even opt ins stand out so people
can’t miss them.
Make them bold and ugly.
Make them big.
Make them shake (Use the Animate It! Plugin for WordPress)
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 59
If you’d like to get a really high conversion rate (perhaps to impress
a product vendor) then instead of sending all your clicks direct to the
sales page do this…
Send all them to a bridge page where you instead have a short review, a
video pre-selling the product or a bonus which then leads to the sales
That means anyone who does eventually click through is pretty much
ready to buy meaning a very high conversion rate.
Your job as an affiliate is not to sell the product, that’s what the sales
page is for.
But to sell the click.
To make people click that link.
Focus on why people should click the link and less on why they should
In some cases (depends on the affiliate network if allowed or not) you
can send your traffic direct to the payment processor cutting out the
sales page.
Why would you want to do that? Well it could be that the sales page
isn’t a high converter but the product is great.
Or that you know you can sell your audience much better than the sales
page will.
Or simply want to cut out that extra step where they could get
60 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker
In this section we’ve covered the best ‘hacks’ to shoot up your
conversion rates and increase sales.
Put these into action and you’re a rockstar level
affiliate in no time.
Combined with the product selection, traffic
and email marketing hacks you’re ready to win
affiliate competitions.
101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker 61
But what’s next?
Well there’s only 1 thing really…
You have to get out there,
And are ready to put these
So hopefully by now you’ve a pretty good idea what it takes to become a
“super affiliate” promoting digital products.
into action so you can easily pick
pick high converting offers
drive traffic
build your email list
watch as you rack up commissions
62 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks by Stuart Walker

viddy Click

Viddy Click
Let’s make this short and simple to understand.

This information is for educational purposes only. All claims made are my own and true. By using
this information you are not guaranteed to make any money as results are not typical. It all
depends on you and how much work and dedication you put forth.

This information is copyright of the creator. If you feel any of the information violates a
copyright that you own you may send a detailed notice to Derek Allen at convertedclicks@gmail.com

Please respect our intellectual property and we will respect yours.

Refunds: refunds are granted at the sole discretion of the creator and owner of this material.
While there is a guarantee and valid refunds will be granted within a timely manner, people with a
known case of serial refunding will be denied (regardless of if you file a Paypal dispute or not).
If you bought with the sole intention on refunding this product please email me and be honest with
you. I will then politely give you your money back and then blacklist your Paypal email so you
be allowed to purchase from me again. More, I will also submit your email to the community
blacklist so you can’t buy from some of the most popular sellers in our marketplace.

Other than that – enjoy!


©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Thank you and congratulations on investing in this training. My name is Derek Allen and I’ll be the
one guiding you through this slick video marketing method.
Because you are reading this right now that tells me that you know that video is the content king
at this point. Even better, it’s only going to get bigger in the years to come. Despite what many
think video marketing has yet to hit it’s full potential. So whether this is your first try at
video marketing or a seasoned vet, you should be excited that you are a part of the video marketing
Now, I know what you’re thinking… What is THIS particular strategy about?
Well, did you know that Youtube is also a search engine? It’s actually the second largest search
engine in the world.
And with this strategy we are going to treat it that way.
You’ll simply be matching videos to search phrases for product keywords that people are typing into
However, there’s a nice twist that my partner on this project, Mike, came up with that sets this
apart from other “create a video and rank it” courses out there. It’s been his little secret for
many years.
With this little trick your viewers will have no choice but to
click your links to go to your products or affiliate products so you can earn those commissions!
One other thing you should know before you get started… Those slideshow videos where we put text in
a Powerpoint presentation, or images, those won’t work here. Trust me. I tried.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
But that’s not a bad thing because with the way Mike does his videos, it gives it a true “human
feel” to them which build trust with viewers so they do click on your links.
And you’ll be able to leverage $5 dollar bills to get other people to do 85% of the work for you as
far as video creation goes. So that’s a plus. These videos are the kind of videos people want to
see when they do their search on Youtube.
Really the whole concept around this strategy is managing those small $5 dollar bills and a slick
marketing technique to get two of the biggest sites online to promote your videos… Youtube AND
This is a simple strategy that is meant to be fast, scaleable, and to get results in the fastest
most efficient way possible without you having to play babysitter.
Just set it up, let roll, and create another one!
So from here we’ll start step by step. In each step we’ll have some text and a video for each step.
As long as you follow them in order you should understand every bit if it.
Just remember to go through everything once while taking notes. Once you are finished with the
training you can get started and refer to this document as needed.
So from here we’ll start step by step. In each step we’ll have some text and a video for each step.
As long as you follow them in order you should understand every bit if it.
Just remember to go through everything once while taking notes. Once you are finished with the
training you can get started and refer to this document as needed.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS

Remember, we are treating Youtube like a search engine. So if we were to try to rank for a keyword
on Google for a traditional site,
we would look for buyer keywords that actually have the searches, right?
No different here.
When selecting a niche for Youtube itself you have to take into consideration what people on
Youtube are typing in that has some sort of buying intent AND fits a Youtube search.
Let me give you an example…
If you were selling a book about “The Top 50 Paleo Recipes Of
2015” you wouldn’t go to a car collectors forum to pitch it. The reason is because while some of
the people on that car collector forum would probably be interested in Paleo, they are not there
Paleo. They are there to talk about their cars and such.
The key to a successful Youtube video promo is to sell to people exactly what they are looking for
in the place they are looking for it. Be where they already are, and have what they know they
already want.
There are also a couple of golden rules you must abide by. I’ve learned these the hard way through
much trial and error so I’d like to save a ton of frustration for you and just lay them all out.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
The 3 Golden Rules To Dominating With Youtube Marketing: Rule #1 – The Product You Are Selling Must
Be Tangible
This might sound crazy. But I’ve found that when I’m marketing for Youtube and not trying to do
affiliate marketing for digital products, my sales are exponentially better when selling a real,
physical product that people can order, have it shipped to their house and hold in their hands.
The reason? Because the best niches that work best for Youtube searches are usually physical
product niches. If someone is looking for reviews on a certain physical product and we try to sell
them a product on Clickbank, do you think they are going to buy the Clickbank product? No,
negative. Not unless the person is super rich and just likes to give away money.
Also, when we get our visitor over to Amazon it’s much easier to let Amazon do the selling for us
because people know, like, and trust Amazon.
Now we are in no way saying you shouldn’t promote digital products because you should. Just not
with this strategy. This is best suited for Amazon and other sites like that.
Rule #2 – The Product You Are Selling Must Be Available To
EASILY Buy Online From A Trusted Source
This is a big rule and it’s something that if you miss, you won’t get very far so make sure you
note this.
With this we are selling physical products. And I know that you being an internet marketer and me
saying something like “it must be available to EASILY buy online” sounds stupid.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
But it’s really not when you think of it like this…
There are certain product that marketers jump head first into that will make them next to zero in
sales because not all products are created equal.
If you were in the market for a new cell phone, wouldn’t you want to visit your nearest mobile
retailer to play with phone first? Get totally hands on before you commit to buy?
Of course. You wouldn’t go online and buy it as soon as you got the urge.
There are just somethings that people want to test out before they buy. Things like cell phones,
furniture, expensive clothing and shoes, jewelry, or other super expensive purchases.
But there are exceptions. Most people will go get hands-on with most consumer electronics in store
to find what they like and come home to look for reviews and cheapest prices. And those are the
people we want.
So keep this rule in mind because if you are promoting or thinking about promoting a product like I
mentioned above, stop or don’t because your conversions will suffer.
Just ask yourself when picking your niche, “Would I want to see this for myself before making a
purchasing decision?” and if you do that you will be fine.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Rule #3 – The Product Your Are Selling Must Be Something
People Are Actively Seeking Reviews For
Smart online shoppers look for reviews on most products. Most of the time though the product is in
the $20 dollar or higher category. For products cheaper than that you can count on most people
impulse buying the product without researching any further.
And anything new that has hit the markets or is causing a stir, people will generally seek out
reviews first before buying.
Review seekers are great for people like you and I because we can’t get in front of them pretty
easily (especially if the product is new and we go after a product name + review keyword on
Oh… and where do people generally go to search for reviews? AMAZON. See where we are going with
Now if you pick a niche and a product following those 3 golden rules you can’t fail with this.
But what exactly is a good Youtube niche?
I’ve already touched on the difference, but there are some markets on Youtube that just shine in
the physical product category.
Here’s a small sample of some of the best performing niches that
I’ve found:
1.Workout Supplements
2.Cooking Contraptions
3.Fitness Equipment
4.Books Based On Movies (small commissions but they sell)
5.Make Up
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
6.Video Games
Workout Supplements – This niche is great because guys and gals who are looking to get fit or add
muscle are always looking for an edge. Plus they are easily reviewable. There’s a ton of different
supplements out there with more being released everyday so you’ll never run out of this to promote.
Cooking Contraptions – Cooking is a passion niche for most but a hassle to others. You can play off
of any of those angles to sell something to someone. This is a HUGE market with all the gimmicks
and gadgets out there. And if you look on Youtube there are tons of videos out there for these
things. Again, there’s no shortage.
Fitness Equipment – Now this market is tricky on Youtube. There’s tons of fitness equipment out
there. And usually it’s expensive. Most people like to buy these types of things online because
some of the equipment is quite large and they can have it shipped to their door without the hassle
of doing it themselves. But because some of these things are so pricey and because there’s
so much, people like to do their homework before they buy. Plus, just like the supplement niche
people are always looking for the next great thing so they are always buying. Just make sure
whatever you promote in the fitness niche is priced $50 or higher.
Books Based On Movies – Or movies based on books, however you want to say it, always do well
because people on Youtube are always looking for movie trailers, book reviews, etc… and people who
are fans of these books always seem to turn into their own little “cult” so that’s good because
they are spreading the word for you and when people catch wind of a book you can be right there on
Youtube waiting on them to come to you. Commissions on Amazon are embarrassingly low, but it can
add up.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Make Up – Point blank. People are getting rich on Youtube doing make up tutorials and selling make
up products. Make up is one of the most popular search terms on Youtube. There’s no reason you
can’t get a piece of the pie online. Plus because women are
always looking for the next “miracle product” your videos can catch some serious steam. Also
consider the fact that make up is something that women will need to buy more of when they run out
and you’ve got a winner. Make up products can be very expensive and if you speak directly to a 20
something who is un-married and out in the dating scene, you can’t go wrong. And there’s
something new coming out everyday.
Video Games – Just like make up, video game videos get MILLIONS of views. When the next big thing
game comes out Youtube practically explodes. People don’t like to just watch gameplay though, they
like review videos. And then once they do get the video game in their hands they want strategy
guides and whatever else they can get their hands on. If you focus on the newest games, they don’t
even need to be mega-popular new games either, you can get tons of traffic to your videos and
clicks on your links.
Toys – Oh my goodness. Did you hear about that lady who sits around and plays with Play-Doh and
other Disney toys all day long and made roughly $7 MILLION DOLLARS in 2014? Well it’s true. This
mystery lady was in the list of the top 10 highest earners on Youtube. She even beat out Taylor
Swift. While it’s a little creepy to watch grown adults sit around and play with these toys like
they are 6 years old, the proof that it works is there. If you can find someone to review the
latest Ninja Turtle toy or whatever is trending at the time you can turn that into a ton of views
from the Youtube Search and related videos along with some serious commissions.
If you already have a niche that fits the requirements discussed

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
above then stick with it. But if you don’t have a Youtube niche yet or want to dive into something
new, you can’t go wrong with the one’s above.
So at this stage you should pick a market using the criteria above. Find a product on Amazon to
promote. And get ready for the next step.
If you aren’t a part of the Amazon Associates Program you can find the link to sign up here:
It’s easy to join but you will have to make some sales for them to keep you on. If you don’t make
any sales for like 6 months or something you’ll have to reapply.
And if for some reason you can’t join Amazon you’ll need to find a site like it.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Step 2: Get Your $5 Dollar Bills

Is there something that you’ll gladly take time out of your day to go get that cost $5 bucks? Maybe
it’s a coffee or maybe a value meal at a fast food restaurant.
Whatever it is… if you see $5 dollars as a stretch, sacrifice one of your daily rituals until you
save about $20 bucks to get a couple of videos created for you on fiverr.com
Because if you do you should get many $5 dollar bills back in return.
Now there is a specific strategy we are going to use with our video here. All you need is one video
review of whatever product you chose to be created by a fiver provider.
But why pay someone? For one it frees up our time and allows us to scale this method. Two, if you
want to jump into a ton of different niches there’s no way you’ll have these products sitting
around your house. But on Fiverr you can probably find someone who does.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
So if you don’t have a fiver account by now (who doesn’t) then go to the link below and sign up:
Watch this quick video for a more in-depth explanation of the exact process you should do to find
the best candidates for your video creation job:

But what should you have your provider say in the video they are creating for you?
It’s really simple. Just tell them you need a 2 minute video of them giving a review of a product.
Just tell them to keep it genuine.
These videos are not full on sales videos. They are supposed to be real and that is what makes them
so effective because they are coming from real users. No call to actions are needed because you are
going to add those in yourself.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Step 3: Getting Easy Traffic To Your
Youtube Videos

The beauty of this strategy is it’s speed. The faster you get your videos up, the faster you can
get more videos up. And the faster the traffic comes and the faster you get clicks and commissions.
Now this is the part of the training where I’m supposed to make things really technical and
difficult to follow. I’m not going to do that here.
There’s been a thousand and one guides, reports, and video courses out there that teach you how to
optimize your videos to rank in Youtube and Google. Let’s just keep things simple by showing you
one trick that worked 3 years ago and still works today.
But promise me you won’t fall to the floor when I tell you this big secret…
I told you we would keep this simple.
Now before you throw your hands in the air let me explain how to use tags with THIS system.
Lately, I’ve been seeing people preach tag jacking (that’s what the cool kids call it) a lot
lately. People have even created and sold thousands of copies of software that find the tags for
But you don’t need to pay for any software to find the tags a video is using or to find the most
popular videos.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
There’s also another cool little trick that you can use that involves titles.
Watch the video below to find out how to find these tags and
EXACTLY how to use them with this method:

Now there’s a lot of different data points that we could go into about how Youtube determines
related videos and how watch times matter and all that, but for now this is all you need. And the
even better news is that if your title and video image catches a users eye and they watch your
video as a result of another video… your video is only going to boost in even more related video
I will give you one more important tip here about what not to do… And I should have covered this in
the video above but it slipped my
If you are searching through videos to find the newest video with the highest number of views and
you land on another video where ALL the related videos belong to the owner of the video you
currently pulled up (like the example in my video), move on and find a different video to copy
tags. The reason why is because
Youtube has tracked user data and found that if a person watches one video from a creator and they
usually watch another video
from the same person Youtube only shows visitors videos made by that creator in the related videos
section. Make sense? So it would be tough for you to land there.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
Step 4: The Special Sauce Alright. So up to this point you should understand the working parts so
But what is the secret sauce that makes this so effective?
Well you could do everything I mentioned above and get people to click your links in your Youtube
website annotation links or description links, but that can usually result in a low click through
rate, and we want to maximize those click through rates to put people who were already interested
in the product you are promoting on a page where they can easily buy the product.
So essentially you are taking people and putting them through a nicely engineered funnel while
allowing Youtube to promote your video for you to get the clicks and for Amazon to promote the
product you are selling for you to turn that click into cash.
That’s the entire goal here.
By the time you get to this step you should have already had someone on fiverr to create a video
review (with their face on camera) of some kind of product you chose in a market that meets all the
criteria above.
Good. You’re well on your way now. Here’s where this is going to get good. Have you ever heard of a
cliffhanger video?
In a brief nutshell, it’s when you promise to give somebody something but you make them do
something else in order to get it.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
You see cliffhanger primarily on t.v. shows where something crazy happens but you have to tune in
next week to see what it was while the whole week your looking forward to watching the show again.
Well that same principal works incredibly well with video marketing too.
I’ve shared this strategy before when it comes to list building, but never with physical product
This cliffhanger strategy is commonly referred to in the copywriting world as an “open loop”.
It’s where you tell people something. Get them fired up about it. And then tell them they have to
wait to see what it is, or again, do something else in order to fulfill a need.
The reason cliffhangers work so well is because we are playing on the psychology of the human
As humans, when we start something or get interested in something and that something ends without
resolution it drives us crazy. When something is started in the brain it has to cycle all the way
through in order to find that resolution, or close the loop.
If you think about it, when was the last time a friend was telling you juicy story or came up to
you and told you they had a secret but suddenly somebody interrupted the conversation and you
weren’t able to find out what the ending of the story was or what the
secret was?
Did it drive you nuts? Was your brain churning with thoughts of what the ending or the secret was

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
I’d be willing to bet it was.
So that’s exactly what we are doing to our viewers on Youtube. We are creating that open loop and
the only way for the viewer to
find resolution is to click out link. We are practically forcing people to do it. Thus, resulting
in much, much higher clickthrough rates and sales.
It looks like this:

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
But how exactly do you do this with your videos?
Watch as I breakdown all the steps and tell you exactly how to pull this strategy off and make it
all come together.

©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
So that’s it. A completely simple strategy that you can get started on in a matter of minutes. And
is super scaleable for passive income for years to come.
Before we end let’s do a quick recap:
1. Pick a good Youtube niche that fits the criteria mentioned above. Start with one of the 7
listed in this guide if you aren’t sure or just want to dive into a proven niche.
2. Hop on over to Fiverr and post a gig request to get providers to come to you. Tell them you
need a review video of a certain type of product.
3. Take the video that the Fiverr provider sent you and split it into two videos with something
like Camtasia or Screenflow. Upload the hook video to Youtube with a call-to-action slide telling
viewers to click your cloaked Amazon affiliate link for part 2 of the review. Upload the second
part which is the main review of the product to Amazon so that you can put people right on the page
where they can buy said product.
4. Get traffic for your Youtube video by way of tags for popular videos and using the title tricks
in the video above.
©2015 Derek Allen & ConvertedClicks™ VIDDY CLICKS
I hope you enjoyed this training and that you get incredible results with it.
It’s simple enough that anyone can do it and there’s no doubt that it just works.
Thanks for picking it up and let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at:
Talk again soon,


PayMe Instant Profit Spree

PayMe Instant Profit Spree

PayPal is a service that everyone who has been online for any amount of time
knows about. If for some reason you don’t know what PayPal is, or you have not
signed up for an account, then you should know that it is service that allows
people to make transactions online securely. With PayPal you can not only buy
certain products, but you can use PayPal as a gateway, to offer your own
products and get paid instantly. Since PayPal has been around for such a long
time, it is trusted and it puts users at ease, knowing that a professional service
is over their money distribution. Another thing that people can do is send money
to other users of PayPal.
That is what we will focus on in this exclusive report. Sending money through
PayPal. Now we will not be using the original PayPal website. What we will be
using is a new platform, just introduced by PayPal called PayPal.me. This new
platform is modern and easier way to get people to pay you or send you money
that you are owed.
See PayPal acquired a mobile payment app last year called Venmo, that has
been a popular option with people that use smartphone devices. Venmo is an
app that allows users to request and send money with the tap of a few buttons.
This makes it an easier way to send money, instead of having to log on to
PayPal.com and taking time to fill out a form, which can be a hinderance to
people paying you back faster.
What PayPal.me was created to do was integrate the Venmo app into the
PayPal.com platform. This becomes an easier way to request your money from
someone or simply use a specific link, to send money to people that you owe.
It’s free to sign up with PayPal.me and after that you can create your own
unique link. Once you get your own personalized link, you can email it, text it,
tweet it or post it where ever you want online. When the person gets the link,
they can pay right there on the spot, making it much more faster to get paid
By now you should be getting a clue as to how we being Internet Marketers, can
use this new service to or advantage. That is what we will be focusing on in this
exclusive report. Since this unique link goes back to your PayPal.com account,
you can have people paying you through your link directly. This makes
spreading out your link online to potential customer more profitable.
PayPal.me allows users to send the request themselves directly from their own
email or phone number. Since most people are in constant proximity to their
smart devices at any given time, this makes getting paid, so much easier. Now
you can collect money instantly.
Being online as a product creator or even an affiliate, you have to sometimes
wait for your payment processor that you are affiliated with, to pay you. This can
be a Net15 or Net30, which means that even if you make a sale that day, you
still have to wait 2 weeks
or at the end of the month to get paid. When you have bills that need to be paid
or you just need your money right then and there, then PayPal.me becomes the
best option, to get paid instantly.
How Does PayPal.me work?
All you have to do is sign up for a PayPal.com account which is free, if you don’t
already have one. When you get to PayPal.com, select Personal Account even if
you have a product to sell. Then click Continue and finish filling out the form
and you will be set up and ready to go, to use the PayPal.me service.
Now that you are set up with your PayPal.com Personal Account then go to
PayPal.me. Once there, you click on Get Started.
You will be directed to a page like the screenshot below. All you have to do is
make your own personalized unique link. After that, you will put in your
PayPal.com account information to link your unique PayPal.me link with your
PayPal Personal Account. When you make your link, you have to choose one
that is personalized to you or it may already be taken. If that is the case, just
make it something else that will help you remember what the link is for.
Once you fill out your PayPal.com information on the next page, you will be
directed to the page below. On this page you can upload your picture, so that
people know that the payment request is coming from you. If you are sending
money, click Friends or Family. For us however, we want to click on Goods &
services. This will allow us to get paid instantly through our link. If for some
reason you want to change your link, you can do so on this page, as this will be
the last time you can change it.
Once your link is set and ready to go, now you can share your very own
PayPal.Me link (paypal.me/YourName). It is this link that you will give to your
customers and they can send you money for any service or product that you
have for sale. It is with this link that we will find out in this exclusive report, many
ways to get paid online.
What makes this better than the old way to send money through PayPal.com is
that your customers don’t have to know your email address or mobile phone
number, or even have the PayPal app to send you money. Now all they have to
do is click or tap on your link, go to your PayPal.Me, type in the amount, and
send the money.
If you have your own business, then you also have the option to set up a
PayPal.Me/YourBusiness and get paid quickly for the goods or services you sell.
With the business account however, you can only choose the Goods &
services payments option. You don’t have to do that however, for what we are
doing, we just want a way to get your customers to purchase through your link,
and you will get paid instantly. So for now, you will choose the personal
PayPal.me option.
Your Unique Link
When it comes to your link, you can have it for long as you want, and it will
never expire. You do want to be choose your personalized link carefully, as you
can’t change it once you have created it. You can turn your link on and off
whenever you choose to do so.
Make sure not to use anything offensive or derogatory, or else your account can
be suspended, so keep it clean and use something that reflects the purpose of
what you are using your link for.
Another thing you need to be aware of is that you only get one active link per
PayPal.com account. You can however make this link active or non active
whenever you want.
You don’t need a bank account to use this service, but you’ll need to link your
bank account or debit/ credit card in your PayPal.com Personal Account, to send
money or withdraw the money you receive. If you have your bank account linked
to PayPal account, then you can transfer the funds instantly to your bank.
Since the money goes straight to your PayPal account, you can log on to find
out what your balance is. This will be the same as any other PayPal transaction.
You can also log on to your PayPal.me account to check your balance.
When you set up your PayPal.Me link as a “Friends & Family,” it’s free for you
to receive money from people in your same country. If you choose the Goods
and services option there is a standard PayPal fee of (2.9% + $0.30)
If the person paying you back with the “Friends and Family” option, then
chooses PayPal Purchase Protection, the payment then becomes a “Goods
and Services” payment and you’ll have to pay the standard PayPal fee.
How to Make Money With PayPal.me?
Ok, now that we understand what PayPal.me and how it operates, now we need
to find out how we can actually go about making some money with this new
platform. What we want to do is, use the latest IM strategies to utilize this
service to our advantage.
Below we will go through the many ways you can make money, as soon as
today and have money sent directly to your bank account. This money can be
used to pay bills, spend however you want, or put back into your ad spend, to
send even more people to your unique link and make more money.
l Product Creation and Upsell
1.. If you are a product creator and have a product, one thing that you can do
with your PayPal.me link, is pitch your product with a discount. Offering your
customers a discount, will go a long way to building up trust, in you and your
brand. Customers love knowing they are getting something at a lower price. All
you have to do is let them know the regular price of your product and then
reduce the cost. Let them know that if they order through your unique link only,
they will get a discount for your product.
2. If you are not a product creator or don’t have a product, then you can offer
One-on- One coaching. This can also be added to any product you may have as
an upsell. This will add value to your front-end product. People in IM, charge
from $500 to $10,000 for One-on-One coaching. Some charge even more, but
this is around the average. Use Google Hangouts to do live calls to your
prospects. Using Google Hangouts is easy to use. Just go to https://
hangouts.google.com/ and follow the instructions on how to get started so that
you can speak to your potential prospects and get paid.
3. Another upsell option would be to offer a paid Skype call. Being able to give
your prospects personal access to you, allows you to charge a premium price
for your time. When you Skype, you can charge from $100 to $5,000 an hour,
depending on the perceived value of your information. On Skype you have the
option to do voice calls and video calls. You can choose which will work best for
you. To get started, go here http://www.skype.com/en/ (for English countries)
sign up to Skype, if you haven’t already. It’s free to sign up. Use this as your
platform to offer your paid Skype call. Just give your prospect your unique
PayPal.me link to get paid instantly into your account.
4. Having a low cost front end product, will allow you to promote a product like a
bootcamp, that you can create with a discount. Of course this would be an
upsell that you can charge a few hundred to a few thousand for. Your customers
will welcome a discount to a high ticket offer. A bootcamp usually has PDFs in
modules or videos that your customer can access. All you would need to do is
after your customer pays for your low end front product, then send them to a
page describing your bootcamp product, and then have your PayPal.me link, in
order to get paid straight to your PayPal account.
l Solo Product Creation
5. When you create a product, a way to get interest in it initially, is offer a prelaunch.
One way to offer this pre-launch to your customers is use a PayPal.me
link. You will offer a pre-launch discount for those who get on board early. By
having a product in demand that customers can get access to for a discount,
will get the interest needed upfront, so when you launch your product, people
are already familiar with it. All you would do is set-up a page on your website
for your pre-launch and let people know how long it’s going to be available for
the discount. Place your personalized link on this page and receive payments
to your account, as soon as they pay.
6. As a product creator, you probably have products that you have sold, and put
back on the shelf. Well now you can blow the dust off these old offers by
revitalizing them with a PayPal.me link. With this, you would take an old course
you used to offer, and spruce it up a little bit with the latest strategies that you
can look up online. Just repurpose your old content and add version 2, part 2 or
change the title completely, to make it unique to your customers. Also add some
new updated graphics to your product, which can be gotten for a small price at
fiverr.com. You would then change out your old payment
processing links and replace those with your new PayPal.me link.
7. Another way to add value for your customers, and make you more moolah is
create a bulk discount PayPal.me link deal. To do this, you will take a few of
your courses, and offer a bulk discount for purchasing them all at the same
time. With this strategy, you want to make sure your bundled products are
congruent, or at least have something to do with each other. You don’t want to
put a weight loss product, bundled up with IM products. Just keep it consistent.
8. Another thing you can do if you don’t have a bunch of products to offer your
customers, is to sign up for a PLR membership site. With a PLR site, you can
choose from an assortment of ebooks and products, focused on specific niches.
When you sign up to these membership sites, you pay a monthly fee, in order to
get the best products. Some PLR websites will allow you to join free, but in order
to get the newest premium products, there maybe a monthly fee. Just take the
best products from a particular niche and then add them as bundle on your site.
With PLR, the most effective way to use these products, is to have different
graphics for the products to make them unique to your buying customers. Once
you have this set up, set a higher price for retail value, but let your customers
know that you are giving them a discount. Once you place your unique link on
this page, you are ready to start receiving money.
9. There are always times where you can add seasonal promotions, like Black
Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. with a PayPal.me link deal. Whenever that seasonal
time period comes about, you can offer a discount on your products or services.
This will help you get buyers fast because one is a discount, and people love
getting discounts, especially during seasonal promotions. Most consumers
already have their credit card in hand,
ready to shop online. You just need to show up with your discount PayPal.me
link and a good offer to have money deposited to your account.
Crowd Funding
10. If you have not heard of crowd funding, you must just be coming from up
under a rock, or haven’t dabbled online in IM. This is a way for people to give
you money for a particular issue. You would ask for support for whatever issue
you may have, or even during a health crisis. All you need to do is use your
PayPal.me link. Once they send you the money, it is yours to keep. Of course if
your issue is real, you would want that money to go to that issue, or health
crisis.Your link makes it easier for people to send you the money instantly.
11. Another way to use crowd funding is to ask for support for other colleague’s
health crisis. When you do this, make sure you have your link available. By
letting people know that the money they are sending is for a very important
reason, most of the time people will not hesitate to offer you money. If you don’t
have an issue or health crisis, then find someone who does. After you collect the
funds allocate the money needed for
the issue and the rest you can keep for the services you provided for this
12. When it comes to crowd funding, there are incentives that will prompt people
to give donations and that is to give away something. One thing that you can
give away is your own product for free when it is released. Just give them the
ability to get your newly-to- be-released product for free, for donating to your
crowd funding project. This is a great incentive to get people to give money on
your behalf, and if you set it up through your unique link to receive payments,
then you can have that money sent instantly to your account.
13. There may be a charity dear to your heart that you would like to raise money
for. If you have a cause in mind, more than likely there is a charity for it. You can
ask for charity donations for your favorite charity. This is an effective way to get
people through your link, and do some good work for someone in need. Let
everyone know the charity that’s dear to you, make a unique link for it, and then
post it to all the different places you think those people would be interested.
Some of the best places are on websites, Facebook, twitter, forums, and You
l How To Get Paid From Friends, Family or Colleagues
14. If for some reason you have dinner reservations that you want to discuss
business over, or to become more acquainted with colleagues or business
partners, then there is way to collect everyone’s money at the same time. Now
this is a way to collect money, but if you want to make money with this method,
then charge everyone a little extra as a fee, for your service, to make it easier
for them. Just let them know you have a unique link that they can pay through
and since you get fees for certain transactions, then ask for extra money. Then
use your unique link to collect the group’s dinner money.
15. You can also use your new link to collect retirement party money. Just let
people know what your budget is for the party, this way you can use your link to
make sure everyone you sent it to pays. You can send the link to their phone,
through texts, through email, or even on Facebook. If you want to earn money
from this method, then you would of course ask for more than what it would cost
to throw the party. After all, you are the event co-ordinator and you should get
paid for your efforts.
16. If you are good at party planning and things like that, then you can get paid
right away for your services using your link. A good way to do this is by
collecting money for a baby/marriage/celebration party. Since these parties can
run into the thousands, you can make money by getting the money upfront, and
then using it to pay for the party. What you have left over, you can put into your
bank account for your services rendered. As a matter of fact, you can turn this
into a business, by offering your services locally through your newspaper or any
other local ad channel.
17. You can use your link to collect Fundraiser money, so you don’t have to buy
Girl Scout cookies or Marching Band Candles. Just let the people know that you
are into fundraising and let them know your cause. Offer them your unique link
and if the cause is worthy, expect money to be hitting your PayPal account that
How To Make Money With Seminars
18. You may have something that you want to share with the world that would be
helpful. The best way to monetize your knowledge is to have a paid seminar.
What you would do is put an ad in your local newspaper, talking about your
niche, and then letting your potential customers know, if they pay before the
actually date, they will get a discount. Have them either come to your website for
more information, or have your unique link in the ad, where they pay right then
and there, to attend your seminar.
19. Another way to make money with seminars is to offer it for free. By offering
your seminar for free, it will attract more attendees, however it might not be that
many buying customers in the audience, it will work out with the averages of
having more people attend. Just have an upsell once you are through giving
your presentation. You can offer One -on-One Coaching, a high ticket product, a
membership product, services that may be helpful to your attendees, etc. for
more ideas, see the earlier options to make more money with your unique
PayPal.me link.
20. With seminars, you can charge even higher prices, if you have a seminar
that lasts more than one day. The best way to do this is have very valuable
content to deliver to your audience. Then once you get to the best part of your
presentation, stop the seminar and tell your audience to get the second day
information, that they must attend your special V.I.P. Presentation that only
paying members will be able to access. They will be eager to get this new
information, not only that, they will feel compelled to return the favor of
delivering great content. Have them pay through your link right there on the
spot. Depending on your information and niche, you can charge anywhere from
$50 to $5,000. This will be money going instantly into your account. You can do
this each week and have a full time income.
How To Make Money With Live Streaming and Videos
21. If you’re on the latest “Periscope / Meerkat / Blab / Live Streaming” craze…
While on a live broadcast, sometimes you ask people to tap the screen or “like”
the broadcast for appreciation. Well now you can easily say “Hey, if you thought
this content was valuable, send me a donation to {insert paypal.me link here}.”
22. A well known guru E. Brian Rose (co-founder of JVZoo) recently posted on
FB that once he sent a PDF short report to his email list and attached it to the
email as a test. In the email he said “Here’s my latest report. The cost of this
report is $7. If you like it, click the link below and pay me. If you don’t like it,
please delete it from your hard drive.”
This resulted in over 200 sales from a list of about 2,500 subscribers!
With your new PayPal.me link, doing that just got 3x easier.
23. We all know YouTube videos can bring mad traffic but aside from ads it’s
hard to monetize without creating a web page to send viewers to. Now you can
make videos and put your PayPal.me link in the description for donations if they
like the video.
24. Another idea with You Tube videos is to have a 2 part series, where you
leave a cliffhanger at the end of the first video, and then ask for payment to view
the second half of your video. By leaving people in suspense, it will certainly
make them curious to want to see the rest of the video, especially if the
information is useful and compelling. At the end of your video, you will have your
unique link available, once they pay, give them access to part 2 of your video. At
the end of this report, you will find a way to link your PayPal to your phone, so
that you will be instantly notified as soon as you get a payment through your
PayPal.me link.
Well hopefully you have seen that you can use this new PayPay platform to get
money paid instantly to your account. Take your time and go through each one
of these strategies, and then put the best option for you to use, to start making
money today. If you have valuable information to share, then you can make a full
time income out of it. This is one of the quickest ways that you can make full
time income, online and offline. It won’t happen if you put this exclusive report
down, and don’t put it to use. If you want the fastest way to make money, this is
it. I wish you well in all your money making endeavors.
Bonus Information
If you want to get a text to your phone whenever you get a payment from your
customers click the link below to add this SMS to get text to your phone.
Text me when I get a PayPal payment
Notes: Great for eBay dealers (or anyone accepting money through PayPal)
who want to get a text whenever you receive money on PayPal and the funds
are available.
If want to get your payments sent to Google Sheets, then click the link below.
Parse Received Paypal Receipts in Google Sheets
Notes: This recipe will take emails you receive from Paypal notifying you of a
payment and put them into Google Sheets. The additional formulas parse out
the fields in those Paypal emails.

Plugin Blueprint

Copyright Derrick VanDyke. All rights reserved. No part of this course may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without expressed written, dated and signed permission from the author.
Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 3
Step 1: Decide on an Idea ………………………………………………………………………………… 3
Open Source Plugins …………………………………………………………………………………….. 3
License a Plugin ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 6
Replicate a Plugin …………………………………………………………………………………………. 7
Keep it Simple ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 9
Step 2: Create the Project Description ……………………………………………………………… 9
The User Interface …………………………………………………………………………………….. 9
Step 3: Post Your Project ………………………………………………………………………………. 12
Step 4: Choose a Programmer ……………………………………………………………………….. 14
Working with the Programmer ……………………………………………………………………….. 15
Project Milestones ……………………………………………………………………………………. 15
Beta Testing ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 16
Step 5: Create Video Tutorials ……………………………………………………………………….. 16
Step 6: Create a Sales Page …………………………………………………………………………… 17
The Key Elements of Your Sales Letter ………………………………………………………….. 18
1. The Big Promise ………………………………………………………………………………….. 18
2. Proof of Your Claim ………………………………………………………………………………. 18
3. Social Proof …………………………………………………………………………………………. 19
4. Video Proof …………………………………………………………………………………………. 19
5. Features and Benefits …………………………………………………………………………… 19
6. A Risk-Free Guarantee …………………………………………………………………………. 20
7. The Pricing Structure ……………………………………………………………………………. 21
Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 21
Resources …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 22
You’re about to discover the secrets to designing and creating your own WordPress plugins. This report will show you how to come up with a profitable idea, outsource the work, and get your plugin on the market in the shortest time possible.
First I’ll show you three methods for generating ideas for your plugin and how to make sure it will sell before you even get started. Then I’ll help you drill down your target customer and develop the marketing plan.
Next, I’ll show you how to design your plugin to make it super simple and user friendly to avoid or eliminate most customer support.
Then I’ll show you how to create a project description, submit it to Freelancer.com, analyze bids, and select a programmer.
Once your plugin is developed, it’s time to test it, work out any bugs, and get some reviews to use in your sales copy.
Finally, I’ll give you a few ideas for selling your plugin and show you how to write the sales copy.
Are you ready? Let’s get started…
Step 1: Decide on an Idea
Coming up with ideas is easy. There are thousands of free plugins in the WordPress plugin directory that you can modify and sell. You can also license plugins at Code Canyon and use the code in derivative works. Finally, you can find a plugin at JV Zoo or Warrior Plus that’s already selling well and put your own spin on it.
Open Source Plugins
First, let’s look in the plugin directory: http://WordPress.org/extend/plugins/
At the time of this writing, there are 33,209 free plugins that have a General Public License (GPL), which means the code is “open source” and can be used in derivative works (i.e. your plugin).
I’m not an attorney and this isn’t legal advice. But it’s my understanding that you have the right to distribute and/or sell any WordPress software that is released with the GPLv2 (or later) from the Free Software Foundation. And if you use any of the code, you are required to include the original GPL license with your software.
When looking for ideas (or plugins to modify and sell), I browse the Most Popular plugins. But I don’t start at page one because those plugins are too well known and general in application. Instead, I start on page 20 and work my way down.
Tip: add the page number to the end of the URL in your address bar to skip to any page. http://wordpress.org/plugins/browse/popular/page/20
Here’s something interesting on page 25:
The plugin allows you to export your database, media files, plugins, and themes. So now we have an idea.
Next, we validate our idea by finding similar plugins that are already being sold. Just go to Google and search for keywords like backup, restore, clone, migrate WordPress site.
A quick search reveals several sites with a wide range of prices:
 Backup Creator: $47 to $147 per year
 WP Back it Up: $39 to $199
 Backup Buddy: $80 to $150 per year
 WP Twin: $97 to $297
 Press Backup: $8 to $25 per month
That’s enough to indicate there is a market for a similar plugin. But the key is to create something that is specifically designed to help your target buyer solve a problem, save time, save money, or just make their life easier.
A quick search on JV Zoo reveals that a basic backup plugin sold less than 10 copies. So we would have to position this plugin differently.
Who is our target customer?
How about developers who want to clone a WordPress site including the theme, plugins, media and settings to save time when deploying the site for a client?
How about marketers who create and flip sites?
What if you created a plugin that allowed marketers to set up and clone a reseller site in WordPress. Then sell a deployment plugin that re-creates the reseller site. The end-user would just add their name and payment link and be ready to sell.
With any of these ideas, your challenge is to give your prospects an idea, paint a picture in their head that illustrates how they can use your plugin to make money, save time, or just make their life easier.
You’d also need to make step-by-step video tutorials to show them how to do it (or you can easily outsource that on Fiverr).
License a Plugin
The second place to get ideas is at: http://codecanyon.net
Just click on WordPress in the main menu to browse nearly 3,000 commercial plugins that you can buy rights to.
Here’s one on the first page that is a potential hot seller. And you can buy an extended license for just $70, which allows you to use the code in a single product that can be sold as your own.
We already know that Facebook is a hot topic, so it wouldn’t take long to validate this idea with a few diligent searches. And it already has a marketing hook, “Increase Facebook Page Likes by 1000%”.
Replicate a Plugin
Another easy way to get an idea for a plugin is to look at what’s already selling well and figure out how you can make it better or easier to use.
Ask yourself these questions…
 Are there features you could add to make it better?
 Are there unnecessary features that make it too complicated?
 Is there one feature you could extrapolate and turn into a new plugin?
 Can you create a new design, templates, graphics, etc.?
Just to show you the massive potential WordPress plugins have, here’s a screen shot of the top-selling plugins on JV Zoo.
However, I wouldn’t recommend that you attempt to compete at this level – especially when you’re first getting started. High-end plugins can take months to develop and thousands of dollars to outsource the work.
Look at plugins that have 100 to 500+ sales. If the conversion rate is over 5% and the EPC is over $1, then you have a potential hot seller. Any of the plugins below could be easily replicated with a new twist and a different marketing hook.
Keep it Simple
I had this BIG IDEA to create a plugin that had everything you need to create sales funnels including sales pages, squeeze pages, download page, exit popups, countdown timers, video players, and dozens of additional features that I thought were super cool.
The only problem…It took me two years to complete!
I’m glad it’s finished because it’s a high-end plugin that I can sell at a premium price. But as with any complex software (even Microsoft Word), there is a bit of a learning curve.
The more features you have…
 The more likely it is for bugs to occur
 The more confusion you’ll cause your customers
 The more support questions you’ll have to answer
Step 2: Create the Project Description
The next step is to create a project description. You want to be as clear and concise as possible when you create your project description.
The User Interface
For the user interface, you can do a mock up in Photoshop, use an HTML editor, or simply include screen shots of an interface that you like from another plugin.
I use an HTML editor called Kompozer to create the forms and tables for the admin and/or user interface. Then I take screen shots and add them to a PDF file with detailed instructions.
Below is a screen shot of the document I submitted for a simple plugin I had created for just $25.
Notice that I also took the time to illustrate what the short code might look and provided the code that you would normally place on a web page to show the Plus One button, which saves him time and me money.
If you want to replicate a plugin, you can simply take screenshots and explain each feature to the programmer.
Here’s an example description for my +1 plugin…
I need a WordPress plugin that makes it easy for someone to insert short code into any post that will display a Google Plus button. Options are size, target URL, redirect URL, or locked content
1. The GPlus icon will appear in the WP post editor.
(you can find free icons at http://iconfinder.com or http://findicons.com)
2. Clicking the icon will open a dialogue box.
Button size is required. Default is Medium.
Show count shows the number of +1s
Target URL is optional. Default is the current WP page.
Redirect URL is optional. Visitor will be redirected to the URL entered 1 second after clicking the +1 button.
Locked content is optional. Content entered will be hidden initially and revealed after the visitor clicks the +1 button. User can enter any HTML code. Below is a screenshot of the dialogue box from a similar plugin.
Step 3: Post Your Project
Freelancer.com recently acquired VWorker.com and scriptlance.com. So it’s really the only place you need to post your project.
If you’re looking for a part or full time programmer, Odesk.com is a good choice. They even have an app that you can install on your computer to track your worker’s hours and progress.
First, select a category for the work you require. For plugins, I select “Websites IT & Software” and then “Write Some Software” as the Job.
Next, enter a description. You should clearly describe what you need in as few words as possible. Workers will see your description when browsing through jobs.
Here’s a fill-in-the-blank example:
I need a WordPress plugin created that makes it easy for someone to _____. The user must also have the ability to 1) _____, 2) _____, and 3) _______.
I want a simple and intuitive user interface. See the attached PDF document for more details.
If you bid on this project, I need you to answer the following questions:
Will you be available for bug fixes and future updates?
What is your estimated time to completion of a beta version?
Why do you think you’re qualified for this job?
Are you willing to post updates on your progress at least 3 times per week?
Enter keywords for the skills required for the job such as PHP, WordPress, HTML, and Software Development.
Next, enter your description that we discussed earlier. Below is the description I used for the +1 plugin.
I need a WordPress plugin created that makes it easy for someone to Insert short code into any post that will display a Google Plus button. Options are size, target URL, redirect URL, or locked content.
Finally, select “fixed price”, select your budget, and submit your project for approval. Your listing will go live as soon as it’s approved.
You can also select “Custom Budget” and enter a price range.
Step 4: Choose a Programmer
You should have several bids within hours of posting your project. I usually wait 2 days before accepting a bid.
Some workers will answer your questions and may have a few of their own. That’s good. It means they actually read your description and are interested.
Others will simply place a bid without any comments. Be skeptical because they probably didn’t read your project description.
If you get a bid from someone who simply pastes their company’s credentials in the comments, that’s usually a project manager. I delete those because they obviously didn’t even look at the description.
Don’t just take the lowest bid. Look at work history, ratings and reviews. In the screen shot below, you can see this developer was rated 5 stars on all his projects. He has 24 reviews. Click that link to see his client’s feedback.
Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few programmers, make your selection based on the amount of their bid and the answers to these questions:
 Did they answer your questions in the project description?
 Were the answers satisfactory?
 Do they have good ratings and reviews?
Once you make a selection, you will be prompted to transfer money from credit card or PayPal into an escrow account. The money will not be released to the programmer until either a milestone is reached or the project is complete, which is subject to your approval.
Working with the Programmer
For simple projects like my +1 plugin that take less than a week, you should follow up in a few days after settling the bid to get an update on the estimated time of delivery and answer any questions that might come up.
For more complicated projects, you may need to require regular updates (at least 3 times per week) so you can keep the programmer on track. You could also meet periodically on Skype to discuss any sticking points that could be holding up progress.
Note: always correspond with your programmer inside Freelancer.com so you have a record just in case there is a dispute.
Project Milestones
If you submit a project that will take three weeks or more, consider breaking it into three phases and pay the programmer after each milestone.
For example, if your project bid is $600, you could pay $200 when they complete the admin interface, $200 when they complete the user interface, and then the remaining $200 when the project is complete.
You can also add milestones to pay for additional work that was not in the original description. You simply negotiate a new bid price.
Note: make sure to negotiate any changes inside Freelancer.com so you have a record.
Milestones remain in escrow until the work for that phase is complete and you release the payment to the worker.
Beta Testing
Before you release the remaining funds, you need to install and test the plugin for bugs. It’s also a good idea to have a few friends test it after your programmer fixes any bugs you may find.
Once you’re satisfied with the plugin, you can release the remaining funds. Make sure to leave a good review. If your programmer did an excellent job, you can also give him a bonus that’s tracked through the system. That’s a good incentive for him to be around for updates or future projects.
Step 5: Create Video Tutorials
If you already know how to create video, you can do this part yourself. If not, I would recommend hiring someone at http://Odesk.com. Just search for “video tutorials”, “web tutorials” or “software demos”.
In the screenshot below, notice that prices vary from $18 to $35 per hour.
Step 6: Create a Sales Page
Selling a plugin or any software is a little different than selling an information product. You don’t really need to connect with your audience or tell your “rags to riches” story. You just need to demonstrate what your plugin does, how it can benefit the customer, and why they should buy.
If you don’t know how to write compelling sales copy, I would recommend hiring someone on the Warrior Forum. Go to Advanced Search and enter “copywriting” the keyword box. Select the “Warriors for Hire” forum under Warrior Special Offers.
In the screenshot below, you can see there are 98 results with prices as low as $100 for a sales letter.
The Key Elements of Your Sales Letter
Now I’ll list the 7 key elements that you’ll need to give your copywriter or include in your sales letter if you write it yourself.
1. The Big Promise
What is the main thing that your plugin does and how will it benefit the user? What is the big promise that you can make?
For example, the plugin we discussed earlier creates viral contests on your WordPress blog. The biggest benefit is that it enables other people to build your list for free.
So your headline might read…
“New WordPress Plugin Creates Viral Contests that Build Your List at Lightning Speed for Free!”
2. Proof of Your Claim
If you make a claim that your plugin will generate traffic, make you money, or build your list, proof screen shots will definitely help conversions.
The best proof you can show is results that back your big promise. For example, if you used the plugin to run a contest and tracked your subscriptions, you could take a screenshot of your statistics.
Then your proof element would read, “431 Subscribers in 7 Days for Free”.
3. Social Proof
Testimonials or reviews are a great way to show social proof that your plugin works. Just give the plugin to your marketing buddies and ask for a rave review that you can add to the sales page.
You could also send it to your list or ask for a review in the Warrior Forum (limit the review copies to 24 hours and then shut it down).
If you run a WSO, you can ask your friends to post a review in the forum thread as soon as you launch.
4. Video Proof
Demonstrate that your plugin works by creating a video that shows people how it works, how easy it is to use, and how they will benefit from using it.
Paint a picture in the viewer’s mind of how it will produce the results that you claim it will.
Again, you can easily outsource a video demo for your sales copy at http://odesk.com.
5. Features and Benefits
You want to list each feature and its related benefit. These will be the bullet points for your sales copy.
Here’s an example for a viral contest plugin:
 Feature: enables you to run a contest
 Results: builds your list for free
 Feature: let’s contestants refer other people
 Benefit: creates a viral list building affect
So one of your bullet points might read…
 Easily set up a viral contest on your blog and get hundreds of people to share your page and refer their friends creating an unstoppable wave of fresh, new subscribers!
6. A Risk-Free Guarantee
People want to know three things before they purchase:
1. Will it work for me?
2. Can I get support if I have questions?
3. Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work for me?
Here’s how I answer these questions:
[Plugin Name] is Guaranteed to Work for You
This software has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it works under a variety of different circumstances including different hosting companies and different WordPress versions…
However, in the strange and highly unlikely event you encounter any problems or have any questions about this software…
You Get 24/7 Dedicated Support!
We have a dedicated support staff / help desk. If you need ANYTHING, you can contact us/me for assistance, day or night, any day of the week.
And of course, you’re totally protected by my…
100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee.
Try this plugin for 60 days. If for any reason, you want your money back, just let me know and I’ll promptly return every penny of your purchase.
7. The Pricing Structure
In general, software has a higher perceived value than information products. So you can and should charge more. For example, a simple 15-page report might sell for $7 to $10 where a simple plugin could sell for $17 to $27.
You can sell different types of licenses. For example, a 10-domain license for $17, unlimited domains for $27, and developer rights for $37.
For more robust plugins, you can charge $47 to $297. It just depends on the market demand and what your competition is charging.
You can sell PLR or MRR. You can charge even more for rights to resell your plugin. In fact, I sold a very limited number of rights to one of my plugins for $497.
But you have to be careful when you sell rights to others because, if your plugin is complicated to use, your resellers and your reseller’s customers will come to you for support.
I gave you three methods for generating plugin ideas and how to make sure it will sell by validating your idea.
Then I showed you how to create a project description, submit your project to Freelancer, and choose the right programmer.
Finally, I showed you how to write your sales copy and gave you several options for pricing and licensing your plugin.
So right now, you can do one of two things. You can close this document and let it collect virtual dust on your computer.
Or you can TAKE ACTION and complete the first step right now. You can come up with an idea today, submit the project tomorrow and have your first plugin ready to sell next week!
To your plugin success!
Derrick Van Dyke
WP Sales Copy – sales funnel creation plugin
WP Gold Member – membership site management plugin
WP License Code – plugin license management plugin
Freelancer – hire a programmer
Warriors Forum – hire a copywriter
Odesk – hire a video expert for tutorials and demo
WordPress Plugin Directory – open source plugins
Code Canyon – purchase a plugin license
JV Zoo / Warrior Plus – find successful plugins to replicate
Kompozer – free HTML editor
Find Icons / Icon Finder – free icons for your plugin