Content makes the web go round.
And if you’re an internet marketer that means
you have to create the content, or pay someone else to create it for you.

This is either (or often both) time consuming and expensive.

But it’s also where PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS (PLR) material comes in (although it’s
not the ideal solution – read on to find out why)
PLR products are digital products such as articles, ebooks and reports that are
sold to you in a way that you can easily change them.

These days they usually come with graphics, and sales pages provided..
not always.

Depending on the ‘license’ that is issued with the PLR product, you can use the
material in various ways – sell them to other people as ‘end users’.
Or sell them to
other people to sell on again (resell or master resell rights), or you can break them
up and use the content is different ways.

PLR is like having content ghostwritten for you..
Except it’s a lot less expensive
because you have to share it with other people, depending on how many licenses
are sold.

Which is the main problem with how most people use PLR.

To start from the top again, I said
‘Content makes the web go round’
It doesn’t – UNIQUE content makes the world go round.

Here’s how I do it.

There are more than 7.

But these 7 are the ones that prevent most marketers from making a single penny
from their PLR efforts.

These are the same guys you will hear talking about how PLR ‘doesn’t work’.

They’re wrong with a capital ‘rrrrr’
Avoid the things below and you’re halfway to becoming a PLR boss.

#1 Stop Buying Cr*p.

Selling PLR is a good way to make money.

Which means that a lot of low life marketers will throw packages together just to
make a quick buck.

If you’ve bought much PLR in the past you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Poor content, bad grammar, typos, damn-near impossible to read and on the
whole pretty worthless.

The only solution is to bin the whole package.
If you try to rewrite it you’ll just get
bogged down in the mire.

Throw it out and put it down to experience.

Why? Because you might be tempted to recoup your losses by reselling it.

If you purchase junk PLR, repackage it and sell it on to your customers then expect
to ruin your rep.
Even if you don’t have a reputation, you won’t get any repeat
business from customers who purchased your product made from junk PLR.

Reputation is everything in this business, don’t lose it.
And if you don’t have any
sort of reputation, then build one for yourself by providing VALUE.

You can avoid buying crap by either using only people who you can Google and
see that they’re established PLR sellers, or by contacting unknown or new writers
and asking for a sample.

You WILL buy some crap PLR at some point.
It’s a rite of passage, but don’t be
scared of asking for samples or asking for testimonials from previous customers.

It’s your money.

Don’t be tempted by less expensive PLR unless it’s from a trusted source.

You do get what you pay for where PLR is concerned.

PLR MAGIC TIP – Give a rookie a break.
Use little known writers (get samples
first) to produce your PLR for you.
You’ll get great quality work at low prices -at
least until they recognize their worth and ask for more money, but they’ll thank
you for giving them a break.

#2 Buying PLR then leaving it for dead.

PLR MAGIC TIP– If you buy it, USE IT WITHIN 14 DAYS or it’ll likely just get left,
gathering legendary ‘cyber dust’ and you’ll never profit from it.

Too many marketers purchase PLR material on impulse and then they decide to
not use it.

Or they just completely forget.

Before you purchase PLR material, take a few minutes to decide if you actually
NEED it.
If you do go ahead with your purchase, save your PLR material to your
desktop, so you’re constantly reminded to edit your PLR product.

Have an idea before you buy what you’re going to do with them.

Decide for example BEFORE YOU BUY, how you will repackage it to sell.

If for some reason, your business plan changes or you decide to go in a different
direction, then at least get some use from your PLR material by adding it to a free
blog or something – only if you’re allowed, of course.
(See the rights section later
on for more details on what you can do with PLR).

#3 Not putting your ‘stamp’ on it
PLR content should be a ‘rough blueprint’ for an original product.

– Your product.

If you can’t write get a freelancer to add / subtract material to make it unique
The very least you should do is to retitle it – if you Google the PLR you’ve bought
you’ll see a shedload of entries for it.
If you retitle it then make some minor
changes to content and graphics.

You have an original product.

You can compete by not being as lazy as your competitors who will just leave the
package as it is, upload it and try to sell it.

PLR MAGIC TIP– Whatever else you do, make sure you at least retitle it,
preferably change the graphics and do a rewrite or partial rewrite too!
#4 Getting the graphics BADLY wrong.

Let’s face facts here.
no one in their right mind wants to see poorly created
graphics, it’s extremely unprofessional.
When I say poorly created graphics, I
don’t mean plain and simple graphics, sometimes they can work well.

I mean graphics that are low quality due to wrong file formats.
Graphics that look
like they’ve been created by a 5 year old are not acceptable either (so DON’T do
’em yourself unless you’re good with Photoshop) or any of the plethora of other
graphics tools that are available in the marketplace.

Even if the PLR owner did provide you with the best looking graphics on the
planet, then you’d still need to get your own graphics for your own UNIQUE
product, or at least edit the PSD files.

If you do go ahead and use the poorly created graphics that are provided with
your PLR material, then chances are you’re going to fail, simply because the
customer is going to assume that your product is of the same quality.

If creating graphics isn’t your thing then hire a professional.

PLR MAGIC TIP– The graphics make the package.
The best PLR in the world will
never get read if nobody gets past the crappy graphics.
If you’re on a budget
spend it on the graphics.

#5 Providing Lame Bonuses
I don’t always give away bonuses with my products as this gives my product the
impression of being a top-quality, stand-alone package.

You may disagree – that’s cool.

But if you DO provide bonus products, make sure they reflect the quality of the
main package.

Customers can spot a ‘lumped on without thinking’ bonus a mile away and it’ll
reflect on the quality of your main package.

#6 Competing On Price.

Only amateurs compete on price.

If you follow the instructions in this book you shouldn’t need to compete on price
anyway because you’ll have developed your own unique PLR product.

If you buy a PLR package then discover that it’s all over the internet (sold as an
end-user ebook) ranging from $47 down to $7 you’d be crazy to try to sell it at $6.

Instead retitle it, rewrite it or at least add some of your own content including
your experiences and ideas, get some new graphics made and come at the market
with a brand new unique product.

Not only will you be able to sell this at a much higher price, but nobody will be
able to undercut you unless you decide to sell the PLR license to your new, unique
product (which of course you could do, for a large profit)
#7 Know what you’re going to do with your PLR
There’s little worse when it comes to PLR than buying a nice new shiny PLR
package about dog training or hair loss then discovering that you have no
knowledge of the subject, even less interest and the niche is saturated beyond

Before you buy, make sure you have an inkling of where you can sell your PLR.
you have a list in the self-help niche then a nice PLR package on time
management or relaxation techniques might fit very very well alongside your
existing products.

If however you have a list of people interested in weight loss products you might
not get very far with a PLR package titled ‘1001 chocolate recipes).

Then again.

Look at the condition of your PLR package
As mentioned before, one of the worst things you can possibly do is to try to
rewrite seriously BAD PLR.

You’ll be at it forever and the end content will be a mess.

Dump it and either move on, or start from the beginning again.

You could perhaps use any titles, chapter headings, and other index/content
notes that the original writer has included, as a pointer about where to start

You have to be brutally honest about the condition of the PLR package you buy.
it’s DIRE, then don’t waste your time with it.

If it was written by a non-native whose grammar and use of language make it
sound odd, then you can pay a freelancer to correct this.
It’s actually quite
inexpensive too!
Don’t create a product that nobody wants.

PLR MAGIC TIP- PLR creators are often writers, NOT marketers.

This means that they sometimes do not fully understand what constitutes a
profitable niche.

Don’t assume that because a PLR package exists it will sell.
Existence of PLR has
nothing whatsoever to do with how profitable that particular niche is!
Maybe the guy wrote it because he’s interested in designing clothes for turtles,
but don’t buy it without researching the niche first.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make money in most niches.
But you can’t sell a
digital product in most niches.

In some niches the market is just looking for free information, hint, tips and
tricks etc.
In those niches a simple website containing Google ads would be

How can you check if there is demand for a digital product in your niche? Well
there are a couple of ways to go about checking if a niche is profitable.

You can go to Google, type in your main niche keyword to check if there are any
sponsored ads on the side of the results page.
If there are you can almost
guarantee that there is money to be made in that niche since those website
owners are paying good money to be on the sponsored ads list.

You can also check to see if there are any competitors selling digital products in
your niche.
Competition usually means people are making money by selling a
similar product to what you’re going to sell.

If there aren’t any competing websites, then you can probably assume that
other marketers have tried to make money from that niche but have failed.
these cases, it’s better to stay away from that niche.

or you’ve found the legendary untapped niche.

Probably not though 🙂
The main thing that usually happens to PLR is that it gets left untouched and
unloved on your computer desktop.

By actually using it you’re lifting yourself into the 10% of so of people who actual
DO something with their PLR.

This is where most PLR goes.

#1 E-Books
Much PLR actually comes as an ebook with graphics, salespage etc.

And a lot of it goes straight back onto the market as an ebook, whether it’s
changed or not.

 Doesn’t take much work to bang an ebook out into the marketplace even if
you retitle it and tweak the graphics.

 You won’t be able to charge a premium price, because you’re likely to be
limited in the rights set by the PLR owner
 If you sell it straight out of the box, it won’t be unique (think you’ve
guessed by now you shouldn’t ever do this)
#2 Turn An Ugly Duckling Into A Swan
This is the way to go (in my opinion) with PLR
Read the license carefully and see what you’re allowed to do with it.

If you’re allowed to change the way it’s presented then think about turning it in to
a series of videos or audio recordings.

I know of people who have even had simple software made to work alongside PLR
packages, added video and have turned a simple $97 PLR package into a premium
high ticket item priced at $497 and over.

It’s easier to add to a product than it is to create one from nothing.

 You’ll be able to charge more
 Because you’re charging more, you’ll get a lot of attention from affiliates as
their commission will be quite high
 Customers will be happy because you’re providing a wealth of quality
 More time is required to develop the product
 You’ll also need to develop a brilliantly written sales letter since the
product is going to be of a high price (this can be outsourced)
#3 Recurring Income
One of the best business models is the membership model, simply because of the
recurring income.
You sell to a customer just once and you hopefully keep them in
the membership site for more than a few months.

You’ll need a lot of content, and regular content, to run a membership site, so a
lot of work is required.

If your rights allow you to you can take chapters out of the PLR ebooks and create
articles out of them, and send those articles to your customers on a weekly basis,
or stack up your membership area with them.

If you get hold of a PLR course then you’re laughing.

Include video with the content (you can get PLR video too) and suddenly you’ve
got a decent membership site with very little work.

I reckon that if you’ve got three months worth of content you have enough
breathing space to sell your memberships.

As long as you stay a couple of months ahead you should be fine.
you’ll have to constantly source more PLR in the same niche to keep filling your

 Recurring income
 You’ll attract more affiliates because they’ll be receiving recurring
income too
 You can purchase a lot of PLR material for your first few months of
running your membership site, which will allow you to focus solely on
promoting your business.

 A lot of work is required to set the membership site up
 A lot of work is require to produce content on a monthly basis
(unless you launch it and find the content as you go)
#4 Give Your Product Away For Free – Viral Marketing
and List Building.

You can use your PLR material to create an ebook that you can give away for free.

In some cases you’ll actually make more money by giving it away for free rather
than selling it.
Why? Your free book is going to be seen by more people than if
you were selling it.

Then you can monetize the e-book by inserting affiliate links to related products
AND you’ll be building a prospects list as well.
What you need to do is create a
squeeze page with an opt-in form.
They enter their name and email address into
the form to receive the ebook.

Then you have those prospects on your email list, so you can keep in contact with

You can provide them with more free content, promote your own products or
simply promote other peoples as an affiliate.

 Less effort, because you don’t have to persuade them to buy
 You build a list of prospects that you can contact at any time
 Because you’re providing your prospects with something of value for
free, they will be more inclined to buy anything you recommend
 You don’t earn any money upfront
 The people who sign up are not proven buyers
Here’s an excellent guide that shows you how to
#5 Website or Blog Content – for flipping.

Check the rights in your PLR license first to see if you’re allowed to do the
following, and if you are.

THIS is one of the best uses for PLR is to build blogs and website to sell.

The same rules apply of course – make it unique– because search engines aren’t
keen on duplicate content.

But why use rewritten PLR in an ebook and go through the hassle of selling 50 at
$27 when you could make twice that building a blog or website and ‘flipping’
(selling) it as a ready made site?
Especially if you monetize it by adding paid advertising slots or establishing traffic

There’s a lot of money to be made selling ‘ready to go’ websites.
If you can show
that website bringing in $200 a month from paid advertising or by selling a simple
report or ebook then you’ll make much more profit.

#6 Create a Physical Product
Not many people do this at the moment but with service like Kunaki for selling
physical (‘real’) products then I predict this is going to be one of the biggest
growth areas on the internet this year.

Not many people – even experienced marketers – use PLR as their framework for
physical products.

It’s crazy, because in many cases you don’t even have to rewrite the content – you
just make it into a video, audio or do an Skype interview with a friend and record
And of course the obvious advantage is the high perceived value of physical
products as opposed to ebooks and reports.

PLR GURU TIP– Creating a physical product automatically sets you above 90% of
the masses! You gain credibility and become an expert overnight.

#7 Use Your PLR ebook as a Bonus
I mentioned earlier that you’re probably better off having no bonuses than having
crappy ones.

Of course if you have a good PLR package that you rewrite and retitle you could
use it as a VERY effective bonus to give away alongside any of your own products.

It sets you apart because you wouldn’t be giving away the same old crummy
bonuses that everyone else seems to.

Rights, Licenses and other pains in the butt.

Recently PLR packages seem to have been constructed by drunken arrogant
The bizarre, overly restrictive, draconian rights that seem to accompany most PLR
products these days are just silly.

When I started buying and using PLR rights, it seemed that PLR seemed to be
exactly that – something that you could use as you wished and you were only
limited by your imagination.

These days it seems that there are some PLR packages out there that you can’t
even sell resell rights to.

Personally I don’t think sites like this will last long, but who knows.

With every set of PLR material you purchase you should receive a list of rights,
often called the ‘license’
Quite often you’ll find the list of rights on the sales page.
But sometimes you
won’t see the list of rights until you’ve gone through with your purchase.
and to
be honest, that’s no good.
That means you only discover what you’re allowed to
do with the PLR material when you’ve paid the money.

Many marketers including myself, only purchase PLR material when the rights are
listed on the sales page.
If they’re not, you can go ahead and request them from
the PLR owner.

If for some bizarre reason, they don’t let you look at the rights then it’s safe to say
they’re trying to hide something.

When a PLR owner doesn’t list the rights on the sales page, too many marketers
just assume what the rights are going to be.
It used to be true that the majority of
PLR owners used the same rights, so you can see why marketers assumed what
the rights were going to be.

Not any more so you shouldn’t make this mistake.

Okay, let’s have a closer look at some generic PLR rights.

[YES] May sell at your own price
[YES] May put a different name on as the author
[YES] May change/add to/remove content as you wish
[YES] May be added to PAID membership sites
[YES] May be converted into multi-media products and sold
[YES] May be offered as a bonus with other PAID products
[YES] May sell Personal Use Rights to others
[YES] May sell Resale Rights to others
[YES] May sell Master Resale Rights to others
[NO] May give away for FREE
[NO] May be added to FREE membership sites
[NO] May be sold on auction sites
[NO] May be added to bundles of more than 4 products
[NO] May claim copyright or sell Private Label Rights (Not unless you change over
50% of the content to your own)
These are the rights that you’ll typically be provided with.
shall we have a closer
look at what each one means?
[YES] May sell at your own price.
this one doesn’t need much explaining.
basically allowed to sell the product at any price.
But please take care.
people who have purchased the same PLR package as you may set their price to a
dollar or something.
So it’s important you repackage your PLR product, so it’s
unrecognizable from the original.

That way you won’t be directly competing with low prices.

[YES] May put a different name on as the author.
PLR owners almost always say
yes to this.
But in some rare cases the PLR owner will say NO.
In that case it’s best
to avoid that product.
Because if you can’t put your own name on a product, how
are you meant to build credibility?
[YES] May change/add to/remove content as you wish.
this is pretty much the
standard amongst PLR rights as well.
It’s not very often a PLR seller will say NO to
this, but you never know.
I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if a seller did say NO.

If they do, you know what to do.
avoid them and their PLR products!
[YES] May be added to PAID membership sites.
I’ve rarely seen a PLR seller say
no to adding the material to a paid membership site, although I’ve done this
recently to try and control distribution of my products.
I’ve have seen many PLR
vendors discourage customers from adding the material to free membership sites,
but that’s understandable, since there is generally going to be a lot of members
apart of a free membership site.
so more people get their hands on the material
for free.
And that devalues the product.

[YES] May be converted into multi-media products and sold.
this mean you can
take the PLR material and convert it to different media formats.
So if you’re using
the material for an e-book.
you could take each chapter and create video or
audio from them.
Video is big right now.
Customers love content in the form of

[YES] May be offered as a bonus with other PAID products.
this is quite similar
to the paid membership site rights.
PLR sellers don’t want their material given out
for free because too many people are going to get access for free.
It rings true in
this case as well.
they only want their content given out as a bonus when the
customer is paying.

[YES] May sell Personal Use Rights to others.
this means you can sell the book
onto other people.
They’re only allowed to use it for personal use.
They’re not
allowed to re-sell it.

[YES] May sell Resale Rights to others.
this means you can sell the book onto
other people, and then they’re allowed to sell it on to people who can only have
personal use rights.

[YES] May sell Master Resale Rights to others.
this means you can sell the book
onto other people, and then they’re allowed to sell it on to people, but those
people will only be allowed resale rights and NOT master resale rights.
hope I’m
confusing you too much.

[NO] May give away for FREE.
this one is quite obvious.
PLR owners don’t like
people giving their material away for free because it devalues the content.
when you see this, you’re NOT allowed to give away the material for free just to
build your list.
Most of the time you’re allowed to offer the material as a bonus
when accompanied with a paid product OR give away to subscribers, who have
purchased something from you, as an unannounced bonus in the follow up
Autoresponder campaign.

[NO] May be added to FREE membership sites.
again, this one is obvious.
owners object to it because of the reason stated above.

[NO] May be sold on auction sites.
an auction website like eBay is really great
for bargains.
If PLR sellers said yes to this right, then you’d have a few people who
bought the rights sell it for $0.
I think you’ll agree, this devalues the product as

[NO] May be added to bundles of more than 4 products.
you won’t see this
right very often, it’s rarely used.
But I don’t blame PLR sellers who do say no to
this right, because some marketers like to bundle over 50 products together in
one package and then they sell it for a low price.
Again, this devalues the product.

[NO] May claim copyright or sell Private Label Rights (Not unless you change
over 50% of the content to your own).
this basically means you can’t change a
few words around, give it a new title and then claim copyright for the product.

And you can’t resell the product as PLR.

It’s absolutely vital that you check the rights to your PLR before you do anything
with the material.

Okay, shall we proceed onto the next section.

Here’s where we make some money from PLR by being a ….


PLR is not a long term income source.

I’ll say that again with a slight change unless you’re selling PLR to other marketers,
PLR is NOT a long term income source.

So you need to get your ‘wham bang thank you ma’am’ head on.

It’s all about quick turnaround.

I’ve seen marketers buy a PLR package then spend two months fiddling with it but
basically changing nothing, then bring it to market only to find out that 100 other
people who bought the same package have been in, made a profit and saturated
the market with the same ebook, and now it sells for $1.

You have to be quick.

And really that involves building a list.

I have a list of people who regularly buy my PLR packages.

I have the PLR made by partnering up with someone (or buy it and make it
unique) then offer licenses to it.
I’ve sold over 1000 units from my last two!
Not too shabby eh!?
You could also sell the personal right to the ebook (ebook alone) for $17 then sell
the PLR rights as a one time offer to everyone who buys, priced at $37.

To build your PLR list you need.
What’s the best way to build a list of buyers – offer them them exactly what they
want for free.

Give away a quality PLR package for free, requesting just email details and name
in exchange.

Then when you’ve gathered maybe 500 names, buy and tweak a PLR package so
it’s unique, and offer it to your list.

You should make more than enough profit to cover any costs and the cost of your
next PLR package.

Many well known marketers make a very nice profit doing this.

Consider offering a limit to the number of licenses you offer to create a ‘scarcity’
atmosphere that will encourage people to buy, and to be fair, you’re also giving
much more value for money if you only issue a limited number of licenses.

PLR is a great way to get started in internet marketing and an even better one to
include in your marketing ‘arsenal’ if you’re already in the game.

The golden rule is to never use the PLR as it comes – always tweak it, improve it
and make it unique.

It’s a gold mine!
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